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Hill t. ... ,,v iiiii . . r r ■■so ESS 35 ==. ■ i i„ Wi a— s 1 .«u k -r| ■s d| Ji T 1 a%-i • -r-L S ,t j •Hi " . ,1 ,; ' . - f J " J M • Ki ™ • •w " Si i i 3 1833 01819 8058 GENEALOGY 977. 20P AK73GH, 1966 1 -J M ' v ' .-i 3 ),, ' k. U -- - H T»-r— crjp r--V ™ V v rep- W n o oXo V onrY V vj r?p p ' rt% ' J4 U OUR AIM THE SKY OUR GOAL THE STARS O vd £a r KS s si is s ' Wi At The Seniors of 1966 proudly present for your pleasure the GOLDEN HAZE. In this book we have tried to recall some of the events and activities of the year. As you go through this book we hope it will put a smile on your face as you reminisce with us. £ JX Lo S - r J .7-10 ..11-24 — 41-50 -51-54 .55-64 -65-75 MINISTRATION «.:;; iii .» From his office in Mentone Mr. Forbes works to help Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation become a good school system . Mr. Meredith is the assistant to Mr. Forbes and a is very helpful in furthering our education. In their monthly meetings the school board makes decisions for the benefit of our school system . Due to the knowledge of Mr. Edenburn A. U.S. operates smoothly and efficiently. MR. LYLE KEITH EDENBURN Akron, Indiana, Purdue, 13 years MR. FORST DUNNUCK R.R. 5, Warsaw, Indiana, Manchester, Indiana, Purdue University, 11 years, Counseling and Guidance Mr. Dunnuck is our guid- ance counslor and his advice and leadership is often needed. PRINCIPALS The grade school is prop- erly maintained under the leadership of Mr. Rager. It is also his duty to manage the cafeteria. Mr. Alger ' s first year at Beaver Dam proved to be in- teresting and enjoyable to both him and his students . MR. DEAN RAGER Akron, Indiana, Manchester College, Indiana University, 15 years. MR. MORRIS EUGENE ALGER R.R. 1 Akron, Indiana, Purdue, Ball State, Loyola of Chicago, Manchester College, 10 1 2 years. " - li ,,« »c. v - - E s H Mrs. Hively is Mr. Edenburn ' s right hand and is often helpful to the students. Mrs. Henderson finds her new duties as Beaver Dam secretary interesting and challenging ( KUA tte Mrs. Bruner enjoys her job and is very efficient in her duties. SECRETARIES These senior girls save Mrs. Hively many steps each day by running various errands. FACULTY MR. ELIAS BAZZINI R. R. 1, Mentone, Ind . , Bethel College, 5, Spanish MR. DALE ALLEN BEAVER 202 E. Walnut, Akron, Ind. Ball State, 2, Music MR. FRANKLIN L. BYNUM Box 204, Akron, Indiana, Indiana State College, 2, Biology, Chemistry MISS SANDRA LOUISE BLUE 130 1 2 West 9th Street, Rochester, Indiana, Ball State, Govern- ment, History, 1 MR. WAYNE CUMBERLAND Box 74, Akron, Indiana, Manchester College, 4, Math Physics MRS. ALBERTA DAVIS R. R. 1, Claypool, Ind., Ball State, 7, Health, Physical Educa- tion MR. LLOYD E. FIKE R. R. 3, N. Manchester, Ind., Mt. Morris, Manchester, Ball State, Purdue U., Indiana U., 16, Shop MRS. ZELMA MC C LOUGH AN Study Hall Clerk MRS. JUNA GRAHAM Box 108, Etna Green, Ind., Manchester College, 11, Business, Typing, Shorthand, General Business MR. DANA HARTONG Roann, Indiana, Ashland College, Manchester College, 8, Social Studies MR. FLOYD E. HENSON Akron, Indiana, Indiana University, P.E., Dr. Tr., Mech. DR., Coach MR. KEITH MATHIAS Kewanna, Indiana, Manchester Col- lege, Indiana University , 8, Commerce MRS. LOIS SHULL 402 North Wayne, North Manchester, Ind. Manchester College, 7, English, Literature MRS. VIVIAN ANN SHULL Box 183, Akron, Indiana, Ball State University, 1, Biology, Home Ec. T- MR. JON DUANE SMITH Disko, Indiana, Manchester College, 2, Art A MRS. GRACE WAECHTER Akron, Indiana, Manchester, Butler, 30, Latin, Math L • In their meetings the faculty discusses teaching problems and current school business . JOHN EDWIN CONNER Chorus 1, 2,3,4 Band 1,2,3,4 Baseball 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Class Play 3,4 GLORIA JEAN ARNETT Sunshine 1,2,3,4 Pep Club 2,3,4 Aero Staff 4 Drivers Club V . P 4 Chorus 1,2 JAMES EUGENE MORGAN Band 1,2,3,4 Drivers Club 3,4 Class Play 3,4 Chorus 1,2,3 Hi-Y 2,3,4 DIANA JUNE DILTS G.A.A 2,3 Sunshine 1,3,4 Drivers Club 3,4 Pep Club 2,3,4 Chorus 1,2 j ur« j LARRY GENE SAUSAMAN Band 1, 2,3,4 Hi-Y 2,3,4 Class Play 3,4 Chorus 1,2,3 Drivers Club 3,4 WANDA DELENE HIERS G.A.A 2,3,4 Sunshine Sec 4 Class Play 3,4 Haze Staff 4 Pep Club Council 4 LEON D. WHETSTONE Drivers Club 2 Class Play 3,4 Crosscountry 1,2,3 BUNI RANAI BARBER Class Play 3,4 G.A.A. Pres 4 Pep Block Pres 4 1 2 Class Vice Pres 4 Commencement Usher 3 CLAUDIA SUE MASTELLER Art 1,4 Spanish Club 1,3 MARION REX BUSSARD Hi-Y 2,3,4 Class Play 3,4 Basketball 1,2 Drivers Club 3,4 Cross Country 1,2 CAROLYN JANE BURNS Band Chorus 1,2,3,4 Class Play 3,4 Sunshine 1,2,3,4 Haze Staff 4 Natl. Honor Society 3,4 DEVON LYLE UTTER Hi-Y 3,4 Drivers Club 3,4 ALBERTA ROSE Mc CLOUGHAN Sunshine 1,2,3,4 Haze Sales Mgr 4 Aero Staff 4 Chorus 1,2,3,4 Natl. Honor Society 3,4 ARDEN BANGHART F.F.A 1 Volleyball 2 Class Play Usher 3 Drivers Club 3,4 GAIL WAYNE HAMMOND Band Chorus 1,2,3,4 Class President 2,3 Class Play 3,4 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Baseball 1,2,3,4 SHARON ANN LECKRONE Natl. Honor Society Sec 4 Band 1,2,3,4 Class Play 3,4 Haze Staff 4 Sunshine 1,2,3,4 DANA LEE SEVERNS Natl. Honor Society 3,4 Hi-Y 2,3,4 Class President 4 Student Council 3 w ( Band 1,2,3,4 Xk ' " KAREN IRENE SURFACE Student Council Pres 4 Sunshine 2,3,4 W WP ' Ifex,. Class Play 3,4 A " " k Help A k Haze k F k THOMAS JAY HUFFMAN Class Play 3 Pep Club 3 Drivers Club 3,4 LINDA SUE MYERS Band 1,2,3,4 Natl. Honor Society 3,4 Sunshine Corr. Sec 4 Class Play 3,4 Pep Club 1,2,3 MERRILL STEPHEN KENDALL Basketball 1,2,3,4 Class Play Stage Mgr 3,4 Lead-in Couple 3 Hi-Y President 4 Chorus 1,2,3,4 LAURA LOUISE RAGER Class Treasurer 2,3,4 Sunshine 1,2,3,4 Band Chorus 1,2,3,4 4 Natl. Honor Society 3,4 Haze Staff 4 CATHY JO KUHN Cheerleader 1,2,3,4 Band 1,2,3,4 Sunshine 1,2,3,4 Haze Editor 4 Girls State 4 WILLIAM ARTHUR LEININGER Band Chorus 1,2,3,4 King Candidate 4 Drivers Club President 4 Class Play 3,4 Commencement Usher 3 PHYLLIS SUE CRAIG Sunshine 1,2,3,4 Chorus 1,2,3 Pep Block 3,4 Queen Candidate 3 Aero Staff 4 NORRIS ALLEN KEIRN Basketball 1,3,4 Hi-Y Sgt. Arms 4 Class Play 3,4 Chorus 1,2,3,4 Baccalaureate Usher 3 BRENDA JOYCE HOOKS Mixed Chorus 1,2,3 Pep Club 2,3 Sunshine 2,3,4 G.A.A 1,2,3 Class Play 3,4 ARNOLD EUGENE SHEETS Class Play 3,4 Lettermans Club V.P 3 Band 1,2,3,4 Hi-Y 2,3,4 Haze Staff 4 DELORES MANNS Sunshine 1,2,3,4 Chorus 1,2 Pep Club 2,3,4 Aero Staff 4 Play Cast 3 THOMAS BUDD MOORE Science Club Pres 3,4 Hi-Y 2,3,4 Cross Country 4 Class Play 3,4 V : KATHLEEN SUE CRIPPEN Natl. Honor Society Treas 3,4 Student Council 4 Haze Business Mgr 4 Aero Staff 4 Chorus 1,2,3,4 NANCY LEE SWICK Sunshine 4 Pep Club 3,4 Chorus 1,2,4 G.A.A 2 Class Play 3,4 DANIEL KIETH BOONE Band 1,4 Mixed Chorus 1,4 Class Play 4 lli-Y 4 Boys Chorus 1 CAROL ANN BAUMGARTNER Sunshine Treas 4 Band 1,2,3,4 Chorus 2,3,4 Aero Editor 4 k Mr Student Play Director 3,4 L j DIANNE MARIE RANDALL Play Usher 3,4 Chorus 1,2,4 Sunshine 3,4 Pep Club 3,4 PAMELA YVONNE YORK Class Play 3,4 Sunshine 1,2,3,4 Haze Staff 4 Band 1,2 Chorus 1,2 JUDITH ANNE SAYGER Sunshine 1,2,3,4 Natl. Honor Society 3,4 Class Secretary 3,4 Student Council 2 Pep Club 2,3,4 BURNETT Sunshine 2,3,4 Chorus 1,2 Play Usher 3 J . 1 A Drivers Club 4 fej Aero Staff 4 Bfc i DIANE KAY CUMBERLAND Class Play 3,4 Commencement Usher 3 Band Chorus 1,2,3,4 Haze Staff 4 Sunshine President 4 DIANA LOU SEVERNS Sunshine 1,2,3,4 Chorus 1,2,3 Pep Club 2,3,4 Class Play 3,4 Aero Staff 2,3,4 CHERYL DARLENE ELLISON Band 1,2,3,4 Chorus 1,2,3,4 Sunshine 2,3,4 Natl. Honor Society 3,4 Haze Staff 4 TERRY LYNN NEWCOMB Band Chorus 1,2,3,4 Class Play 3,4 Hi-Y 2,3,4 Basketball 1 Baseball 1 MARY LOU SHAMBAUGH Play Usher 4 Chorus 1,2,4 Sunshine 4 MAURINE LOIS FUNK WAYNE WEST Vice President 2 Projection Club 1 Drivers Club 2 Class Play 3,4 Track 1 CHERYL LYNN FLOHR Sunshine 1,2,3,4 Chorus 1,2,4 Play Usher 4 Aero Staff 4 Class Play 3,4 Ml BYRON DAVID DETURK LINDA KAY EDGINGTON Chorus 1,2,3,4 Class Play 3,4 Sunshine 1,2,3,4 G.A.A 2,4 Swing Choir 2,4 C 3M The Senior class would like to express their " thanks " to Mr. Dunnuck and Mrs . Shull for all their help and guidance. We especially want to thank Mrs. Shull for all her help in directing our class plays, and Mr. Dunnuck for all his guidance in help with college preparations. The Senior class officers performed their duties very efficiently and the Senior class extends its gratitude to them for their work. 19 BACHELOR FATHER Bentley Gregg is doing a very good job as bachelor father of his teen-age niece, Kelly. They differ at times, but over minor matters such as whether Kelly needs a new formal for the Senior Prom. And then real difficulties arise. Bent- ley is working hard to get bonds voted for a desperately needed new school. This is fine with Kelly. What makes her and her girlfriends blazing mad is that the Prom Committee (made up mostly of boys) has decided to shelve the Prom in favor of a wrangler party at a local dude ranch. Won ' t that be fun! The girls can wear blue jeans (instead of formals)and eat ribs! In reprisal the girls agree to a silent-treatment-strike against the boys. Any girl who reneges will be sent to Coven- try. But that doesn ' t bother Eileen. She ' d rather talk to boys than girls any day! Kelly leads the action to save the Prom and does it so well that shortly Uncle Bentlys ' bond issue is in danger of losing. Also Kelly resents her uncle ' s interest in Nan, an English teacher. She feels left out. So the teacher decides she and Bentley must avoid each other lest Kelly be further hurt. But the more serious aspects are more than balanced by the riotously funny scenes as the girls and boys fight the battle of Prom vs. Party. There is a great scene that follows the boys invitation of girls from a rival school to the party. Moose, a football hero, appears all set to have a " friendly understanding " and get his girl back. To Moose a friendly understanding means getting his own way. Otherwise he feels " goaded " and is likely to annihilate the opposition! 20 THE GHOUL FRIEND Is there really a monster in Lonesome Lake? Curious summer guests swarm all over the Lodge hoping to get a glimpse of it. Actually, Dan and his sister started the rumor to help business. The superstitious maid tell tales of a mad scientist who calls creatures from the deep, and of Marina, a strange girl in white " who " appears from the bottom of the lake. Dan is much amused at all these stories, but the laughter dies on his lips when the girl in white appeares at their door with a lily pod in her wet hair. Who is she? What does she mean when she says, " He called me! " ? Dan is strongly attracted to her but he has the chilling thought that she may not be " a " real, living girl. Suddenly the hoax is no longer funny. Because some guests are about to leave, Dan arranges to let them get a glimpse of a " monster " --Dan ' s good friend Bongo in a horror mask. At the same time, a press agent tries the same stunt for his own reasons. The two " mon- sters " meet and there is general panic. But all this time another " monster " is lurking nearby, watching and waiting to find Marina alone. Only the maid sees it, and nobody believes her. There is a tense scene as this monster reaches for Marina, knocks Dan unconscious, then drags him out. Now the young people are really terrified. Guests get ready to leave and it looks as if Dan ' s mother wil l have to sell the Lodge at a loss. A state trooper arrives to investigate. Then in a spine-tingling climax, the " monster " again threatens Marina, but this time Dan is ready and the mystery is solved. SENIOR CORDS Each year the Seniors are granted the privilege of painting Senior cords. On these cords the Seniors depict their classmates, teachers, activities and subjects in humorous cartoons. . I ' m sure the students of A .H.S. enjoy these cords as much as the Seniors themselves. ? l .r,r, - a A ' tiiniftiuinivTAni ' Wi + fir |8 nfBRYCHRisTnAs, il 111 11th Diane Adams, Roxy Arnold Vicky Baber, Phil Bengston David Bowen, Barbara Bradway Virginia Campbell Alan Clark, Rod Conner Vicki Cox, Mylin Cumberland Stan Davis, Mike Deardorff Darlene DeTurk Jeannie Eaton, Larry Farmer Mike Flohr, Tom Flohr Andy Freese, Joe French Hugh Funk Becky Gast, Jeff Gearhart Diana Goss, Barbara Hackworth Treassa Hall, Steve Henson Joyce Horn Don Hunter, Jerry Kreighbaum Nancy Lackey, Randy Lytle John Mahaska, John Mallott Barbara Manns Darrell Manns, Mike McFarland Bill Merley, Sue Miller Drusilla Morgan, Patty Murphy Linda Nichols Charlotte Nicodemus, John Oden Danny Owens, Sharon Parker Sherry Powell, Pat Price Doug Puterbaugh Bruce Reed, Calvin Reese Courtney Rhodes, Cathy Sanders Dennis Saner, Merl Shank Devon Smith Jane Smith, Janice Smith Glen Smith, Kathy Sriver Darwin Stafford, Dave Swick Pam Swope Luana Teel, Pat Tillman Lynne Utter, Nancy Vanlue Joe Walters, Ken Weaver Sandra Weber John Weida, Darlene Whetstone Gary Whittenberger, Steve Whittenberger Bobby Wimer, Jim Worther Susan Yarian Sherry Hohman " T- WtfAifc 10th Lois Allen, Mary Alvey Ronnie Arnett, Connie Ault Virginia Baumgartner, Lois Bengston Mike Bowers Betsy Brown, Jim Burkhardt Diana Bussard, Susan Coplen Bill Craig, Bob Craig Sue Crall Bill Davis, Dotty Derring Chuck Drudge, Gary Groninger Mike Hall, Steve Hammond Danny Harper Sharon Harrold, Larry Hartman Joyce Hatfield, Richard Hiers Dave Henson, Jacquie Hoffman Bruce Hogue Janet Hohman, Tom Hopkins Jennie Hudson, Bill Isley Kenneth Isley, Jannelle Jefferies Gloria Kamp Joyce Kroft, Mike Lackey Sid Lewis, Cathy Love Jeff McFarland , Kay Meredith Dick Moore Adria Morgan, Kenny Moudy Denny Opple, Jon Parker Larry Parker, Cludia Patterson Phil Paxton M I t nITCT W? % ' fZr f H b J aromas 4wf -. - S wiL® V Mike Phebus, Richard Piper Pam Rager, David Reed Angela Riley, David Randall Sara Roberts Diana Robinson, Terry Runkle Steve Sausaman, Randy Schipper Charles Shank, Mary Sriver Suzie Slaybaugh Dennis Spice, David Swick Judy Swihart, Denny Teel Barry Thompson, Gary Tillman Jim Weaver Duane Wagner, Mark Wildermuth Mike Wise, Bonita Woolley 9th ' aft v ;r H Linda Adams, Jacob Baker Danny Backus, Carol Bowen Alan Bowman, Nancy Buckheister Randy Burns Vicki Carpenter, Cindy Clymer Ted Cox, Brenda Cumberland Steve Cumberland, Doug Davis Joe Day Kerry Deardorff, Arnold Doering Jim Doud, Barbara Eaton Steve Ellis, Rachal Fisher Mark Flohr Sandy Flohr, David French Gary Funk, John Gray Dan Groninger, Marsha Grubb Kathy Harrold Gary Harshman, Patsy Hill Art Horn, Nancy Huntley Tom Huntley, Shirley Hunter Sue Isley Marion Kendall, Steve Lane Linda Lewis, Kim Lewis Joyce Maby, Bill Mahoney Connie Manns Dewight Manns, Diane Manns Frank Marsh, Sara McCloughan Marsha McFarland, Mack Miller Allison Morgan Jennie Murphy, Terry Murphy Marty Nees, Sandy Nicodemus Marilyn Overlander, John Parker Donna Piper Bob Randall, Wendell Randall Carol Reed, Kathie Robinson Barbara Roff, Pete Sanders Tom Sayger Andy Shewman, Virginia Shriver Marlyn Smith, Lee Sterk Larry Sutton, Linda Swartz Frankie Swope Penny Swope, Larry Swihart Peggy Utter, Debbie Walters Colleen Whittenberger, Martha Whittenberger fsmmnn . v i iii i tit W[% 29 CLASS OFFICERS Being class president is a big responsibility and these people have shown themselves very capable of their office. The vice president of each class is one of the class representatives in the student council. This office is very important and these people are very efficient. Keeping the minutes and handling the class corres pondence is the responsibility of these secretaries. The responsibility of keeping the books balanced is up to these class treasurers . 30 ORGANIZATIONS - 0 t3 All high school girls have the privilege of joining this organization which builds character and promotes good will towards others. The main project of the SSS this year was the adoption of a Korean orphan. Through this organization, our boys have become fine models of Christian character, and have created high stan- dards for the entire school. I ft ri fl r l f I S a - - I 1 Through these class representa- tives the student body is connected with school government and affairs. The officers of the student council were elected by the student body and each officer carried out his duties very efficiently. HjJSWL Honesty, leadership and a high scholastic average are a few of the qualifications these people must achieve to become members of this state wide organization. This was the first full year for Akron ' s National Honor Society and under the direction of Mrs. Waechter they hope to con- tinue this fine organization. I t t I S» " M» - »r Both Miss Blue and the students have found our librarians very helpful when using the library. 33 Future Teachers of America is another newly formed club at A.H.S. The members of this organization have expressed a desire to become teachers and together they discover more about the teaching profession. With the leadership of Mr. Fike these students have learned to operate our pro- jectors and aid the faculty in the showing of films. The members of the Driver ' s Club have helped to make student driving a more safer and convenient part of our school. 34 Mr. Bynum assists these people in answering the numerous questions that puzzle them about science. Whether it be star watching or per- forming an experiment the members of the Science Club are all glad that such a club was formed. The policy for earning athletic awards was set up by the Letterman ' s Club and each member of this organiza- tion has already earned a varsity letter. I II 1 1 | — The Dramatic Club was formed only this year and although its mem- bership is small it is expected to in- crease within the coming years. 35 Cathy has given her time unselfishly in trying to make this year ' s annual one of the best. Many headaches have developed for her, but all dead- lines were met, and the final copy has been printed. For this book of memories, the student body says thanks so much. The Staff Gary and Kathy will be next year ' s editors and they have tried to work with Cathy this year in order to be prepared for next year. Mr. Hartong gave freely of his time in order to produce the annual. We are all very appreciative of all Mr. Hartong has helped us with. The final copies of the annual were sent in under the pen of these girls. A mistake could mean beginning again, but the pages were finished and at last the work was complete. Because of his interest in photography Dana worked hard to get good snapshots for the annual. His fine work and efforts are greatly appreciated. Bill ' s help in putting together the sports section was really appreciated. His keen interest and will- ingness to work helped to produce our annual. Because of their fine art abilities Pam and Wanda did an excellent job in handling all the art work for this year ' s annual. The financial end of the annual was handled by Kathy with Mike acting as her assistant. Kathy carefully kept the books in balance and proved her- self to be very efficient. Alberta, Mgr. , Buni, Carolyn, Karen, Arnold The Sales department of the annual consisted of these students whose duties were to promote and make sales for the yearbook. 37 The girls contributed a lot of time and work in typing for the annual. Theirs was not an easy job and with- out their help the annual could not have been completed. The Aero was edited this year by Carol Baumgartner who worked with the paper ' s sponsor, Mr. Mathias, and together they published the Aero for the entertainment of the students. R O The members of the Aero Staff do the typing and writing for the school paper. Each six weeks they compile the news events of interest and prepare a satisfactory paper. 38 HOMECOMING One of the biggest events of the year is the Homecoming and the crowning of the King and Queen. The Sunshine Society sponsors this event and donates the proceeds to the Riley Hospital in Indianapolis. Each class selects a king and queen candidate to represent their class for the king and queen contest. The candidates are then voted on by penny votes. A theme is chosen each year and the classes follow this theme in the building of their floats. This year the senior class candidates, Wanda Hiers and Bill Leininger, were chosen as Homecoming King and Queen and the Sophomore ' s fl oat won the float contest. FRESHMEN SOPHOMORE JUNIOR SENIOR John and Marsha Pam and Gary Mike and Pam Bill and Wanda 39 CLASSES SPORTS If t. AKRON ALL THE WAY HEY! Cathy Kuhn Susan Yarian Kara $ ' r m m m mi a S £ l 3Gfc J S. ■ •14V 1 1JA4 Because of the efforts of Mrs. Graham, A.H.S. has a huge and enthusiastic pep block. The pep block supported the team throughout the entire season and always displayed fine sportsmanship. Thanks again Mr. Graham. AKRON ALL THE WAY HEY! EBSEB Shown here are the freshmen cheerleaders for this year. They were inexperienced in high school cheering, but proved that practice is valuable as experience. These JV girls learned many new yells and showed a lot of spirit while cheering for the Junior Varsity ball team. A.H.S. can well be proud of these varsity cheerleaders. The trophy they won at IU is a small reward for the many hours they spent perfecting yells. FLYERS v-v FOR VICTORY VAR-VAR FOR VARSITY 44 BASKETBALL J jJF, The students of A.H.S. were very proud of their Flyers when they played in the final game of the County Tourney, and we now proudly display the runner-up ball in our trophy case. Throughout the season the Flyers always displayed good sportsmanship and courtesy as a team. The members of this basketball squad added another trophy to our trophy case by being the winners of a four- way tourney at Syracuse. Their coach, Mr. Dunnuck, worked many hours with these boys and prepared them for future varsity players. Both Mr. Henson and Mr. Dunnuck worked hard to help make our basketball season a successful one. They spent many hours at school practicing with their squads to iron out the rough spots and to add some new plays. The members of their teams and the students of A.H.S. would like to thank these men for all they have done for our school. Richard, Dennis, Randy Being a Student Manager means giving freely of your time, and that is just what these boys have done. They trans- port the balls, first aid items and other supplies to all the away games, and they are always at the side of the coach and team to help in any way. The members of this Freshman team learned a lot about basketball in their season and this knowledge will help them later on in high school. These boys anxiously await spring so that track season can begin again. Their pep and enthusiasm has proved to be a great asset to our track team. 47 BASEBALL Baseball is the good old American sport and these boys seem to enjoy playing the game as much as the last genera- tion did. We are proud of the record of our baseball team and we hope that with the new season coming that they will do just as well. 48 The G.A .A . girls are proud of their track team for placing first in a track meet and winning a large trophy. Besides track, Mrs. Davis also provides the girls with badminton, tumbling, basketball, Softball and experience on the trampo- line. GAA m A k fW L t «i c Bf Bfi Br HhV k fi2tj 3i . . -i i MUSIC BAND This year the band presented colorful marching snows at many of our basketball games, performed seasonal concerts, and attended contest, thus concluding a successful year through the hard work of the band members and their able director, Mr. Beaver. During the summer months our band participated in many parades including the Akron 4th of July, the Auburn fair, Memorial Day parade, North Webster Mermaid festival and the Kewanna Strawberry festival. AHS is very proud of the fine showings our band always has in these parades. This year the choruses went on tour and you can be sure that the mixed chorus was a big success with our neighbor- ing schools . CHORUSES Audiences are always pleased in hearing boys sing. Our boys chorus is a treat to listen to. The girls at AHS are very proud of their chorus and they enjoy singing a wide variety of songs. 53 J ' ■ ' The drum major and twirlers led the band in its marching shows at basketball games and in the many parades in which the band participated. The snappy tunes of our pep band increases our school spirit at pep sessions and basketball games. The " soft and sweet " and sometimes " swinging " dance tempos of our newly formed dance band are enjoyed by many. W ith capable hands the pianists have acco mpan- ied the choruses at all their performances. The individual talents of these people are an asset to a fine music depart- ment. TPttppoptlflf . These girls enjoy singing toget- her and their music is de- lightful to the ear. BEAVER DAM ' tr p " r " ' ■ MRS. LUCILLE BEEHLER R. R. 3, Rochester, Indiana, Ball State, 22, English, Arithmetic. MISS JANET BESSON Mentone, Indiana, Purdue University, Grace College, 1, Language Arts. - m MR. DAVID A. CREIGHTON R. R. 2, Warsaw, Indiana, Indiana Cen- tral 1, Science. MR. BILL DAVIS R. R. 1, Clay pool, Indiana, Ball State, 7, General Elementary MRS . KATHRYN MC MANN R. R. 2, Akron, Indiana, Purdue University , 2, Home Economics, Art. MRS. MARY PRICE Akron, Indiana, Indiana University, 9, Typing, English. MRS. KAREN RITCHIE Akron, Indiana, Anderson College, Hunt- ington College, 4, U.S. History, World Geography . MRS. BLANCHE WHILHELM 604 E. 9th, North Manchester, Manchester College, 31, Library, English. Charles Alexander, Wayne Arnett Debra Ault, Diane Bradway Beverly Brown, Bob Bryant Diane Buckhiester 8th Paul Craft, Jeff Craig Diane Crall, David Cumberland Mark Duzenbury, Tom Ellis Paul Farmer Steve Fellers, Ed Foor Judy Funk, Cindy Gagnon Melissa Gast, Lynn Gearhart Shelly Gearhart Debra Groninger, Wendy Hall Judy Hamilton, Tom Henderson Bonnie Hiers, Connie Hiers Margaret Hill Sally Hollos, Donnie Holloway Rodney Holloway, Connie Hopkins Ronnie Huffman, Bob Janke Kathy Kline Janet Kroft, Frank Kuhn Nancy Kuhn, Peggy Lackey Greg Leininger, Lisa Lewis Brenda Loer Frankie Long, Sharon Lytle Sheryl Lytle, Bob Mahaska Jane Martin, John Merley Carol Miller Jo Ann Moore, Cathy Murphy Ben Murphy, Jack Newcomb Beverly Parker, Mike Powell Ardella Ramsey Linda Randall, Monte Rans Orville Reese, Debbie Rhodes Linda Rohxer, Jack Rudd Karen Rudd Tom Runkle, Jan Schipper Rodney Severns, Ronnie Smith Alexander Sparks, Diana Stafford Marna Stephen H C Nancy Sterk, Carol Surface John Surface, Byron Tinkey Nicky Torrence, Laura Utter Billy Wadkins Joyce Wadkins, Diane Weaver Louanne Weber, Jane Wildermuth James Willard, Larry Whittenburger Andy Woods 7th lL JteJ % £ 3 r i . I A I ' ., Larry Adams, Roger Allen Barbara Arnett, Steve Backus Willie Bailey, Tom Baker Thiry Bates Jerry Baumgartner, Allen Black Cathy Bradway, Mary Beth Bryant Marcia Burns, Joan Chalk June Chalk Paula Clark, Michele Clymer Dean Conner, Deborah Cox Karen Craft, John Craig Pamela Craig Jack Dilts, Sue Farmer Steve Fleck, Charla Gast Jenny Gast, Janice Gearhart Richard Geiger Mark Gray, Doug Grogg Greg Groninger, Danny Hale Julie Harshman, Stephanie Hartzler Charles Hileman Patty Hoffman, Jimmy Hollos Kenneth Hooks, Jody Hudson Debra Hunter, Cindy Icenberg Brenda Jackson Sue Johnson, Marjorie Kendall April Lane, Randy Leininger Mike Love, Mary Mallott Claudia McFarland David Meadows, Sue Miller Priscilla Mitchel, Pam Moore Penny Moore, Denise Morgan Laurena Moudy Mike Murphy, Peggy Murphy Tom Ousley, Susan Patterson Phyllis Prater, Candy Rader Connie Rans Dean Reed, Randy Reese Mary Ruff, Vicki Runkle Doug Ryman, Deanna Saner Chuck Sagun Jim Saner, Sheri Schivier Janet Sheetz, Janet Smith Ruby Smith, Irene Sparks Sharon Spice Carmen Strong, Mike Swartz Stepher Swope, Mike Tilden Carol Torrence, Roger Wagoner Keith Walker Diane Walters, John Weaver . C O O £ €5 Q 6th Nancy Adams, Gerald Bailey Stanley Balmer, Debbie Beasley Dennis Bradway, Janet Burns Jane Bussard John Casey, Kathy Coplen Gary Cumberland, Connie Doerinj; Jack Fetrow, Donald Funk Mike Gearhart Jennell Geigee, Shelly Groninger Duane Hackworth, Sally Harris Francis Harmon, Kathy Hartman Diane Harvey ft A fc ft ft ft m r LtfkPk ' ' £ « fl£ I m . ►% V " ,. Robert Hiers, Joanne Hill Rosemary Hollos, Larry Hunter Max Isley, Linda Jackson Dennis Kamp Robert Kuhn, Dewey Lackey Kathy Lackey, Diane Lester Steve Mahoney, Debra Marsh Teresa Mark Ricky Martin, Sheila Meadows Jill Meredith, Bary Metzger Brenda Miller, Teresa Miller Ronnie Moore Lana Morris, Kathy Murphy Richard Norman, Joyce Opple Ricky Parker, Ted Parker Dennis Powell Steven Petrosky, Mary Pratter Charla Puterbaugh, Tom Ramsey Regan Richardson, Jan Runkle Denise Saner Mike Saner, Jane Shipper Janice Secor, Faye Smith Jacqueline Stucker, Donna Swick Terry Swick Bobbly Swope, Charles Tulley Rita Utter, John Wadkins Luann Walters, Patty Weber Charles Willard Nedra Wise Mike Woods Terry Wood 60 These students are the members of Beaver Dam ' s governing body, the study council. They are elected by their classmates to this position. The members of the 8th grade elected these students to carry out the duties of their class offices. Election of class officers is very important and the 7th grade made a wise decision in choosing these people. These 6th grade officers are very capable of carrying out the duties of their offices. u l Mr. Creighton practiced many hours with these boys to help them develope good basketball skills. Beaver Dam is proud of their teams and the good sportsmanship they displayed throughout the year. Baseball is the good old American sport and these boys enjoy playing as a team. Rooting for the team is what these two squads enjoy doing most at a game. Because of the efforts of these cheer- leaders, the fans helped to cheer the Beavers on to victory . CLASSES Under the direction of Mr. Beaver the members of the band prepare themselves for when they will play in the hiah school band. BANDS grade has their own band and the members gain a valuable musical background for use in their future years GRADE SCHOOL I Mil MR. ERNEST BECRAFT 518 W. 9th, Ro chester, Ind., Western University, Ball State, 19, Grade 5 MRS. PHYLLIS GEARHART Box 458 Akron, Indiana Taylor University, Huntington College, Ball State, Indiana State, St. Francis College, 11, Grade 3 MRS. BEATRICE GRIMME R.R. 1, Claypool, Indiana Ball State, Butler University, 29, Grade 4 MRS. HELEN IRELAN 209 E. Rochester St., Akron, Indiana, Butler, Manchester College, 19, Grade 1 MRS. JEAN KERLIN Silver Lake, Indiana, Manchester College, 6, Kindergarten MRS. NEVA KINDER Akron, Indiana, Butler, Indiana University, Manchester College, 32, Grade 1 ! 66 MRS. LENA KUHN Akron, Indiana, Manchester College 40, Grade 3 MRS. ALONA LEININGER Akron, Indiana, Indiana University, Manchester College, 2, Grade 2 MRS. LA VON MARK Box 33 Akron, Indiana, Manchester College, 13, Grade 4 MRS. DONNA B. MILLER 1227 Lakeshore Drive Rochester, Indiana, Ball State, Manchester and Purdue, 14, Grade 2 MRS. KAREN NELSON R.R. 1, Claypool, Indiana Valparaiso University, 2 Grade 1 MRS. LA DONNA RADER R. R. 1 Akron, Indiana, Ball State and Manchester College, 14, Grade 5 MRS. MARYANN REED Box 204 Akron, Indiana Indiana University Elementary Music, 1 MRS. MARNA RIEDEL Burket, Indiana, Indiana and Manchester College, 2 Grade 4 MRS. JANET C. WOOD Akron, Indiana, Manchester College, 3 Grade 3 67 5th Debbie Alger, Tom Alvey Junior Arnett, Cynthia Ault Wayne Balmer, Fred Bickel Mildred Blankenship Mary Bradway, Bob Bussard Allan Casey, Steve Craft Donald Coplen, Bart Duzenbery Daniel Ellis Jerry Farmer, Deborah Fleck Greg Gast, John Gagnon Nancy Groninger, Tim Hall Jeannie Harper Mark Hartzler, Steve Harvey Christine Hileman, Nancy Hill Donna Hoffman, Sarah Jane Kamp Sally Leckrone Scott Leininger, Jimmy Long Katrina Martin, Carma Miller LuAnn Miller, Hannah Mitchell Joe Moore Quentin Moudy, Julia Murray Marcia Nellans, Janeen Newcomb Mike Randall, Carla Rans Joyce Reed Diana Roush, Kathy Rudd Tim Ruff, Brad Runge Philip Runkle, Jack Sausaman Royce Shewman Sharon Smith, Mary Smith Venessa Smith, Eddie Swick Merlee Swick, Toni Teel Shelly Utter Rickie VanCleave, Jerry Wadkins Alecia Walker, Tom Weaver Michal Weller, Karen Wright Jerry Whetstone 68 4th Terry Alexander, Wayne Arnett Ted Baker, Linda Beasley Amber Black, Susan Bowman Phillip Butts Vicki Carman, Tom Chalk Karen Coplen, Marcia Cox Patricia Dilts, Debbie Dotson David Edenburn Mark Gast, Kevin Haney Lisa Haney, Roger Harger Mark Harris, Chris Harshman Chad Hartzler Randy Hileman, Wayne Honeycutt Donnie Huffman, Mike Icenberg Cindy Isley, Garrett Jackson Steven Kamp Michael Katz, Melvin Klein Annie Kuhn, Tim Lowman Pat Luckenbill, Inez Mahaska Dougals Manns Brenda Miller, Randy Miller Kenneth Moore, Skippy Moore Michael Murphy, Patty Murphey Mike Norman Michael Ogle, Keith Packard Linda Parker, Donna Peters Kim Petrosky, Rene Rager Donney Ramsey Debra Randall, Pamela Reynolds Janet Shipper, Jackie Shambaugh Gregory Shireman, Cheryl Shriver Scott Slaybaugh Danni Smith, Larry Smith Lynda Smith, J. Swihart Patricia Swihart, Jeffrey Tilden Kathy Utter Randy Vandermark, Rita Wagoner Sharon Weaver, Brenda Wolford Peggy Woolley, Gary Wright O ft Q ft °S 69 3rd • K ft A A l ci, n 13 ft A ft ft ■W (?y O CS 4D -1 T- l i l $ ;! Philip Adams, Michael Alger Rodney Alt, Kathy Alvey Brenda Arnett, Christine Benson Janice Bradway Lynn Casey, Adele Cumberland Larry Eaton, Joyce Engle James Farmer, Cheryl Fleck Robert Gagnon Harold Gall, David Grey Tim Groninger, Henrietta Hall Mitchell Harris, Melinda Hartzler Jaime Heckaman Hal Hoffman, Richard Holloway Donald Hopkins, Bonnie Huffman Debra Hunter, Franklin Kamp Cynthia Kerlin Joan Kroft, Debbie Kuhn Judy Lackey, Anne Leininger Ricky Lester, Michael Lewis Marita Long Steve Mahaska, Kandy Mallot Eddie Martin, Gary McGee Mark Merley, Daniel Miller Kevin Miller Lloyd Morgan, Marcia Moore Wendell Moudy, Randy Moyer Stephen Murphy, Sue Nellans Becky Norman Sharon Osburn, Jessie Ousley Chris Parker, Sonia Penn Ronald Prater, Martin Randall Wanda Reed Linda Reynolds, DeWayne Roush Donna Roush, Larry Ruff Wanda Ruff, Jean Runyon David Sausaman Mary Sausaman, Steven Schipper Lana Scott, Roger Shambaugh Danny Shepherd, Edward Slaybaugh Sherri Slaybaugh Cathy Smith, Karl Smith Toni Smith, Pamela Smoker Debbie Sterk, Susan Straner Charlotte Strong Mark Swick, Michael Swick Linda Swihart, Vicki Teel Rebecca Tillman, Loyd Wadkins Dana Weaver Mark VVeller ft L)i» . slsJ 2nd Kenneth Adams, Billy Ault Jean Balmer, Jeff Beasley Jenifer Bickel, Shelly Bickel Sheryl Bickel Brenda Bradenberg, Jo Ann Brandenberg Peggy Brofford, Debra Bruner Greg Bussard, Karen Burkett Kathy Burkett Carolyn Carman, Linda Coplen Mike Coughenour, Milton Cox Rose Craft, Walter S. Cumberland Jeri Davis Kevin Duzenberry, Ann Edenburn Terry Fletcher, Bobby Funk Richard Gall, Doug Gast Matt Gast Barbara Gearhart, Melea Gearhart Michele Geiger, Kathy Haney Ronald Harlan, Douglas Heighway Ellen Howard Max Huffman, Keith Hurd Rhonda Icenberg, Frank Kuhn Jerry Lane, John Lash Gary Lipply Holly Long, Michael Luckenbill Glenda Mark, Denise Marsh Susan Martin, Dana Mattix Tina May Dennis McKee, Pam Method Deborah Moore, Gary Moyer Terry Moyer, Cheryl Nicodemus Tim Ousley Arnold Prater, Carolyn Ramsey Debbie Ramsey, Joyce Roberts David Rudd, Patricia Sanders Todd Sheetz Johnie Shepherd, Pam Shepherd Doris Sitts, Chris Small ey Tamara Smalley, Johne Jo Smith Kathy Smith Michael Smith, Kurtis Smith Michele Sterk, Francis Surface Steve Swick, Bruce Teel Lana Tinkey Morse Utter, Kurt Valentine Deanna Van Cleave, Paula Walker Larry Weaver, Tim Weaver Marsha Weller Ricky Whitiker, Larry Wright 1st Paggy Adams, Therese Alvey Eva Jean Arnett, Amy Black Theresa Boganwrite, Tammy Brandenburg, Paula Bruner James Buzzard, David Casey Kama Coplen, Kathy Coughnour Patricia Cropley, Sharon Dotson Kim Duzenberry 1st Lois Farmer, Susan Fellers Patsy Flohr, Terry Gagnon Darla Gieger, Terry Graig Becky Hackworth Lynnelle Haney, April Harlan Kevin Harshman, Cindy Harvey Lynn Hively, Dale Hileman John Hoffman Kevin Hohman, Debra Holloway Christine Horn, Rhonda Howard Wayne Howard, Mark Hurd Andy Kamp Kathy Klein, Vicki Kline Ronald Kruger, Chris Lackey Larry Lane, Bruce Leach David Long Gregg Mahoney, Davy Manns Bob Marsh, Dawn May David McDousle, Debbie Sue McGee, Jeffrey McKee Bernice Miller, Murtle Miller Sherri Miller, Tammy Miller Tom Miller, Sheryl Moore Delores Murray Jeffrey Nette, Clifford Newsome Tammy Norman, Philip Penn Joellen Perigo, Mark Powell Janet Sue Prater Cynthia Pratt, Del Rager John Ramsey, Junior Reynolds Jay Richardson, Debbie Rudd Jeffrey Ruff Dairl Sander, Dianna Saner Freddie Schambaugh, Charlotte Schultz, Mitchel Scott Debra Shepherd, Sheila Shewman Gary Smalley, Karry Smith Pay Smoker, Wendy Smith Wesley Smith, Cheryl Stafford David Swihart JUL £ 3 A n fill ■«!■ - k. a ;«;s 3i ' fe» ' i£Ll ,- h Chuck Troyer, David Weber Debbie Whitaker, Rodney Whitaker Mikel Wildermuth, Sharon Wright Charles Worman KINDERGARTEN Pi K „ ' I- - ■ te » iP -.IM v §3 Cecilia Alvey, Janet Balmer Arissa Black, Tim Boganwrite Jerry Bradway, Renee Brucker Steven Burke Carol Burns, Brenda Claxton Donna Clemens, Cindy Coby Judy Conner, Wanitta Cox Lorie Crippen Shiela Cumberland, Patty Doering Amy Edenburn, Robin Ellis Junior Fletcher, Suzanne French Sandy Gall Patty Gearhart, Joe Hammond David Heighway, Jeffery Horn Stephen Icenberg, Shasta Johnson Steve Kruger Brenda Leach, Dexter Leach Mary Helen Leininger, Heather Lonj Vickie Manns, Ronald McCain Debbie McDougle Barbara McNeely, Brent Merley Nancy Method, Bret Miller Carl Miller, Debra Miller Mickey Moore Phillip Newsome, Bobby Nichols Arthur Norman, Lynn Norman David Ogle, Sheryl Ousley Brenda Owns Rose Peters, Teresa Petrosky Phillip Pratt, Ray Rockhill Dennis Roush, Bryan Sausaman Rickie Shephard Ronnie Shewman, Ann Smith Susan Spice, Jimmy Sriver Debra Stanton, Eddie Stanton Alan Sterk Sharon Sterk, Shelly Summe Debra Swick, Scott Teel Ronnie Thompson, Julie Troyer Roy Vandermark Nicky Wahlig, Tina Ward (£f o n fi c 1 - - 75 Together Mr. Becker and Mr. Miller work hard to make our school a pleasant place in which to learn . Through his constant effort Mr. Cumberland keeps Beaver Dam clean and spotless. The safe arrival to school is assured by these competent drivers. 76 JL i, y ■• 4a Pleasant meals are prepared and served daily by Mrs. Bucher and Mrs. Butts. Each day our cooks prepare a balanced meal which we all enjoy. ta and Shirley The cooks appreciate the help they receive from these women. . o SAJl r. " i7 " 1r 78 (p b M «„.. x AUTOGRAPHSV K N v • l A v • r y y Y V T $ f K? J ■vx S sa -- V , ' n.J S. v G 5 m m ;X - c »w , ' ' i V - i y 5 £ O Ct a fgj , 6 V. " " V $ K S Yft v, nTHUBTJ r , , 1 1 ! iianij i m Sk i W ' yk 4v :, - T fl fl Hi ? j A

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