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"' "l:':..-v- sv 1.-""1.-'-Ag-n',,':".-'. . --gv 1-'wo w 54,-K .f "iAL '!, -Q.. -,T -f-- 1. V- V .-.f- -Eq- 'Av nc -I --wwff.-.s.:.Sas-x-fs. -Q+a.:c:Q,v..s. w n:'sS.Me,..: 15.11425 V.-J 2-T,fr:z.:f. .- , 12,12 ,- gw:r..:.9.-". 'f?3xWa.cQ 3542-5-i:.2n .11 'Q K 2 K 1,....,.,m...N.W Mm,,,,,,,,. ,,,,,...,.......-- -wwf-"" Z ,f,g,AZ, wmiwsmswszn Ill 52" R. W A -wHa,iS ' Q 1 E v..asf.un....4uu,,N .. f " ,L..,,, W, .NT TH 57 V- W-. 5-w CG'he Seniors of 1 959 Qresent F 'Ghe golden Szfaze 57.iDsczlm oflizfe Tell me not, in mournful numbers, Life is but an empty dreamle For the soul is dead that slumbers, And things are not what they seem Life is reall Life is earnest! And the grave is not its goal, Dust thou art, to dust returnest, Was not spoken of the soul. Not enjoyment, and not sorrow, ls our destined end or Way: But to act, that each tomorrow Find us farther than today. Art is long, and Time is fleeting, And our hearts, though stout and brave Still, like muffled drums, are beating Funeral marches to the grave. In the world's broad field of battle, In the bivouac of Life, Be not like dumb, driven cattle! Be a hero in the strifel Trust no Future, hoWe'er pleasant! Let the dead Past bury its dead! Act, M act in the living Present! Heart within, and God o'erhead! Lives of great men all remind us We can make our lives sublime And, departing, leave behind us Footprints on the sands of time. Footprints, that perhaps another Sailing o'er life's solemn main, A forlorn and shipwrecked brothers, Seeing, shall take heart again. Let us then, be up and doing, With a heart for any fate, Still achieving, still pursuing, Learn to labor and to Wait. -Henry Wadswo if 2Dedzcati0n In honest sincerity and deepest appreciation we, the Senior Class of l959, dedicate our yearbook to Mrs. Grace Waechter and Mr. Wayne Yager, who have struggled with us through the last years at our high school lives, and Without whose constant friendship and aid the path would have been a rough one to travel. We hope as they watch our footprints fall on the sands of time, our love leaves with them a golden haze of memories. Cgontents f70ll0fw 'Ghe f?00t .Prints '701'6cZQJ01'd Dedication f7acu lty Seniors Sen im' Ynterests 'Zfnderelassnien Wetivi ties .Wth letics Student .liife Wdvertisemen ts Mr. Deaton Principal Mr Deatcn has been our friend and adviser through our school yccrs He has taught elementary, except Grades l and 2, and High School Social Sciences, except Chain stty, Plow Ln his 31st year of teaching, he has acquired ia fB.S,'E. 12 1932 from Manchester College, and an MS E, in 1945 from lndiana University. He started Teaching in 1928. Mr. Rouch Superintendent Mr. Rauch is cur Superintendent ci Schools, and without him cur way would have been much harder tc travel. 'We have appreciated his leadership and we hope that he continues in his success, guides Known as those who guide .ls and instruct us, our teachf ers are really much more. They are the supporting pillars of all cur endeavors, helping us lay the foundation for our many castles in the sky. Because of this, their memory will be with us always, but we will remem- ber them also for their unique personalities. Personalities that could not be hidden by the arade book, but are portrayed by their many hobbies and characteristics. Many times their ways affected us more than their words. Mr. Luckenbill Trustee Mr. Luclceztbill, trustee ct Akron High, has just joined us tc jcurney through years that will lie alcna the ,paths of future graduates We have enjoyed his friendship and audcnce :Ind wish hiri 1 successtul fiifxirv Ute OE! Jovi jim WW Days .7 long SEPTEMBER - 9-lst day of school I8-Assembly Program - Ray Bagardas 28-Henry Township S. S. Convention 29-Democratic Rally OCTOBER - 2-Farm Bureau 4-H Achievement Program 21-22-Senior Play 23-24-Teachers' Convention 25-Pancake and Sausage Supper 28-Teachers' Party 29-County Citizenship con. - Parent-Teacher, etc. 31-Lions Halloween Party NOVEMBER - 1-Aubbeenaubbee 3-P. T. A. 4-Hi-Y Initiation 5-7th Grade Party Iunior Turkey Supper 7-Silver Lake 10-9th Grsade Party ll-lunior High - Kewanna 12-Open House 14-Claypool Iunior Sock Hop -Sunshine Formal Initiation -lunior High - Fulton 19-8th Grade Party Pictures - undergrad 21-Bourbon 25-Iunior High - Rochester 17 18 26-Roann 27-28-Thanksgiving Vacation DECEMBER - I-P. T. A. 2-lunior High - Aubbeenaubbee 5-Kewanna 9-Iunior High - Larwill l0-Band Concert I2-Clay Township I3-Noble Township 15-Teachers' Party 16-Iunior High - Woodrow 17-Hi-Y Basketball 19-Argos 22-Iunior High - Talma 23-F. F. A. Basketball 24-Start of Christmas Vacation 26-27-4-Way Tourney 30-Sock Hop IANUARY - 5-End of Christmas Vacation P. T. A. 7-Iunior High - Gilead 9-Talma 41 'Che Road Explorers Sock Hop 10-Iunior High County Tourney B-Team 4-Way Tourney 14-15-17-County Tourney 23 -Gilead - Cancelled because of weather 24-Record Hop 26-Beginning ol Second Semester 28-Richland Center -lunior High - Beaver Dam -North Manchester Iunior Class Hop 31-Vocal Solo and Ensemble Contest 29 30 FEBRUARY - 2-P. T. A. 3-Richland Center Group Pictures 6-Shrine Circus for 3rd Grade Fulton SSS Sock Hop Instrumental Solo and Ensemble Contest 9-Mothers' Club Program in Gym 12-Assembly Program 13-Grass Creek 15-Iunior High - Burket 20-Pierceton 21-State Music Contest 2526-27-28-Sectional Tourney MARCH - 2-P.T.A. 4-County Athletic Banquet 5-5th and Sth Grade vs. Beaver Dam 13-County Music Festival I9-Assembly Program Teacher Banquet at Grass Creek 27-Good Friday - no school APRIL - 1-Sorority Card Party in Gym 3-Athletic 6. Band Fish Fry, Lions Club and P. T. A 4-District Band and Vocal Contest 6-P. T. A. 9-10-Iunior Play 11-State Band and Vocal Contest 17-Farm Bureau Meeting SSS-Hi-Y Banquet 24-Band Concert 26-May 3-Senior Trip MAY - 4-P. T. A. 6-County Track Meet 8-Chorus Program and Art Exhibit Sophomore Sock Hop I5-Iunior-Senior Reception 17-Baccalaureate 22-Last day - Commencement When school opened in the fall of l959, Akron High School had a new look. There were new windows that did not allow the cold winds to sweep across the rooms. The walls had all been decorated. There were new desks and the whole building was relighted. All this was done through the efforts of Mr Cumberland, Mr. Paul Fites, Mr. Roy Groninger, and Mr. l-larry Burdge. Now we are snug as a bug in a rug and can see on dark days. For all this We say"Thanks." Srfigh School Quides Mrs. Grace Waechter Akron, Indiana Manchester College Butler University AB. Taught 23 years Latin and Mathematics Mr. Wayne Gilbert Yager RR, l Craigsville, Indiana Manchester College B.S. Taught Zlfg years Geography, Civics, Phy- sical Education, Health Mr. Lawrence Cushman Akron, Indiana Ball State BS. Taught 7 years Bzclogy, Science, and Psychology Mrs. Bernice Striggle West Sth Street Road Rochester, Indiana Indiana University Manchester College BS. Taught l ye ar English Mr. Frank Edward Tufts Elkhorn City, Kentucky Anderson College BS. Taught l year History and Physical Education Mrs. Martha Shireman Akron, Indiana Purdue University BS. Taught 4 years Home Economics Mr. Douglas Van :xtor Akron, Indiana Mancrhesiter C3 lege BA. First year ol teaching Chemistry, Phy sics, Math Wigh School guides Mr. Allred F. Mathiesen Akron, Indiana Wisconsin State College Purdue University Manchester College B.E. Taught 2U years Industrial Arts, Agri- culture Mrs. Mary Howard Chili, Indiana Manchester College B.S. Taught 35 years Music, Physical Educa- tion, English 'ine-Q' Mr. Roy E. Meredith RR. 2 Akron, lndiana lndiana University A.B., M.S. Taught 28 years plus in the Army History and Math Miss Mable Bevington 3610 Raymond Avenue Fort Wayne, lndiana Manchester College B.S. in Education Taught l4 years Art and English Miss Imogene Mavis 307 West lZth ,Street Auburn, lncliana Manchester College B.S. in Music Taught 13 years Band and Chorus Mr. Gordon Heltzel Akron, lndiana Manchester College B.S. Taught 9 years English and Library Mr. Iohn Elliott Turner Muncie, lndiana Ball State B.A. Taught l year Commerce 3 Glass of 1 959 lack Boyer. Vice-President Kent Groninger, President Kama Hoffman. Secretary: Eldon Hager. Treasurer: Pat Kuhn, Reporter These Seniors leave their footprints and will meet the challenge of the vast scene of life. Their path through school days now leads them into a mighty and oft times, forbidding future. They did not quake at the thought of future paths, but faced the new with hope and determination and a keen yearning to discover what lies just over the next horizon. Beverly Powell C l a s s Officer, Student Council l, Class Reporter 2, Yell Leader l, Play Cast 3, 4, Commencement Usher 3, Aero Staff Z, Aero Editor 4, Haze Staff, Copy Editor 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4: Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Office Work 4. Eldon Hager Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Class Treasurer 3, 4, Play Prompter 3,-4, Haze Staff 4, Band 3, 4, Chorus l,4, Mixed Chorus l, Boy's State 4. Kent Groninger Hi-Y Z, 3, 4, HiY Reporter 2, Class Officer, Student Council l, President 3, 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Track l, 2, 3, 4, Baseball l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball King Candi- date 2, Play Cast 3, 4, Com- mencement Usher, Lead in Couple 3, Aero Staff l, 2, 3, 4, Haze Staff, Business Manager 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Band Officer 3, 4, Chorus 1, 3, Mixed Chorus l, 3, 4, Volleyball l, Z, 3, 4, Boy's State Alternate 4, All Coun- ty B. B. team 4. COMPLIMENTS OF AKRON EXCHANGE BANK Patricia Kuhn Sunshine, 2, 3,4, Class Offi- cer, Student Council 2, 3, Class Reporter 4, Yell Leader l, Basketball Queen Candidate 3, Play Cast 3, 4, Comrrencemerit Usher 3, Aero Stcff, lunior Co-Editor 3, Proofreader 4, Haze Staff Photographer 4, Band l,2, 3,4, Chcrus l,2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Girls State 4. Class of 1 959 Pat Overlander Sunshine 2, 3, 45 Aero Statt, Assistant Editor 45 Haze Staff, Art Editor 45 Chorus l, 2, 35 Play Usher 3, 4. Iohn Stanley Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 1, 2, 45 Bas- ketball King 45 F.F.A. l5 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Chorus 1, 45 Mixed Chorus 1, 45 Play Usher 3, 4. Frances Lewis Sunshine 2, 3, 45 Play Cas. Ierry Kuhn Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Basketball l, 2, 3 4- Haze Sltatt Calendar 3' 4? Trask 1' 21 3' 45 Haze 45 Cfhorus 1, 2, 42 Mixed Staff, Photographer 45 Cho- Chorus 2, 3' 4. rus l, 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3, 45 Play Usher 3, 4, Bob Kirk Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Class Officer, Vice-President 2, 35 Basket- ball l, 2, 3, 45 Track 1, 2, 45 Basketball King Candidate l5 PPA. l, 2, 3, 45 F.F,A. Officer, Secretary 2, 3, Pres- ident 45 Haze Staff 45 Band l, 2, 3, 45 Chorus 1,25 Mixed C.'1::,1s l, 2, 3, 4. Icxck Royer Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y President 45 Class Oiticer, Vice-Pres- iderit 45 Play Cast 3, fl: Haze Staff, History 45 Band 3, 4. Esther Landis Sunshine 2, 3, 45 Haze Statl 45 Play Usher 3, 4. Kcrrna Hoffman Sunshine 2, 3, 45 Class Offi- cer, Reporter l, Secretary 3, 45 Yell Leader 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball Queen Candi- date 25 Play Cast 3, 45 Com- mencement Usher, Lead in Couple 35 Aero Statt, Iunior Editor 3, Proofreader 45 Haze Staff, History 45 Band l, 2, 3, 45 Chorus l, 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 45 Men- ione Egg Show Candidate 3 7,, , Glass of 1 959 Phyllis Murphy Aero Staff 4, Haze Staff, Wills 4, Play Usher 3, 4, Iim Swick Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Basketball l, FEA. 2, 3, 4, Haze Staff 4, Chorus l, 2, 4, Mixed Cho- rus l, 2, 3, 4, Play Usher 3, 4 Ienny Lee Barnes Sunshine l, 2, 3, 4, Sun- shine Treasurer 3, 4, Class Officer, Reporter 3, Play Cast 3, 4, Aero Staff 3, Feature Editor 4, Haze Staff Iunior Editor 3, Haze Editor 4, Cvhorus l, Z, Mixed. Chorus 2, Girls State Alter- nate 4, DAR Candidate 4. Bill Burkett Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Class Officer, Student Council 2, Play Cast 3, 4, Baccalaureate Usher 3, Haze Staff, Sports Editor 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Band Officer, First Lieuten- ant 3, Chorus l, 2, Mixed Chorus l, 2, 4. Larry Kuhn H1-Y Z, 3, 4, Basketball l, Manager 2, 3, 4, Track Manager 2, 3, 4, Baseball Manager Z, 3, 4, Corn- rnencement Usher 3, Haze Staff, Sports Editor 4, Cho- rus l, 2, Mixed Chorus l, 7, 4. Merlee Smoker Cla s s Officer, Student C o u n c 5 l 4, Basketball Queen Candidate 4, Play Cast 3, 4, Baccalaureate Usher 3, Aero Staff 3, Haze Staff, Senior Play Summary 4, Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Mixed. Chorus 2. 3, 4, Max Helvey Mary Ellen Maxwell Akron Sunshine 2 4- Play Hui-Y 2' 3' 4: Basketball If Cast 4.4, Haze. Staff' Proh- ilGB?'GIiFTt23'3 13223 phecy Band l, 2, Chorus cer, Captain 4, Chorus l, 24 iralmgf Play CU? gmc: 42 Mixed Chorus 1- ca auireate Usher , T.ge. Tracks 3, Band 3. Linda Nelson Sunshine 2, 3, Sunshine Officer, Historian 3, Play Cast 4, Aero Staff, Art Editor ' 6 ' vi Cornmikee 4, Libranan l, 2, Ch 3, Chorus l, Play Usher 3. 4, Haze Staff, Art S Cllass 0f19 9 Bill Whittenberger Hi-Y 3, 4 Basketball Man- ager l, Baseball 4, Haze taff 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Mixed orus l, 2, 3, 4. Gloria McCloughcm Sunshine 2, 3, 4, Play Cast 3, Play Prompter 4, Aero Staff 4, Haze Staff, Art Committee, Iunior Play Summary, Feature Editor 4, Librarian 3, 4, Chorus l, 2, 4, Mixed Chorus 3, 4. Bob Burkett Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Class Officer, Vice-President l, President 2, Student Council Presi- dent 4, Basketball 1, 2, 4, Track 2, Baseball 2, 4, Play Cast 3, 4, Baccalaureate Usher 3, Haze Staff, Adver- tising Manager 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Softball 3. l l Cecil Kelley Play - ' Usher 3, Aero Staff 4, Haze Staff, Art Editor 4, Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Play Uslher 3. Iohn Mccloughqn Cast 4, Baccalaureate Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Haze Stott 4, Stage Manager 3, 4, I aaa lohn Hartman Shelby Smoker Basketball l, 2, 4, Track l, 2, 4: play Cast 4, Aero Play Cast 3, Aero Staff 4, Staff 4, Haze Sfflfl 4, Play H222 Staff 41 Chews 1, 2. Usher 3, Bgssiwii 4, 31 4: PHY Usher 4' Glass of 1 959 Marla Hammond I h rm Play cast 3 Aero s att 4 0 n 1 e I Haze Staff Wills 4 Cho us Rocheser 1' 25 Akron' Fay 3 4 Play Usb 4 Usher 3, 45 Haze Stat. 4. Paul Scott Shoemaker girly Sliver H Y 2 4 T k 1 3 FFA a arusai Class President 1 Haze gffff 4 Sm e 1, Bqsfketbqii i, Track lg Manage 4 Tennis, Captain l5 Akron: Haze Staff 45 Play Usher 3. Larry Sheetz Hi-Y 45 Basketball l, 25 Play Cast 45 Haze Statt 45 Canteen Manager 3, 45 Stage Manager 3. Karen Kreighbcxum Sunsfhine 2, 3, 45 Aero Staff 45 Chorus 45 Play Usher 3, 45 Haze Staff 4. Dan Flohr Hi-Y 3, 45 Hi-Y Vice-Presi dent 45 Class Officer, Stu- dent Council 35 Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Track 35 Baseball 2, 3, 45 Basketball King Candidate 35 l7'.F.A. l5 Play Cast 35 Haze Staff 45 Cho- rus l5 Mixed Chorus 15 Master ct Ceremonies at Play 4. Frank Uzbahns Bushville: Hi-Y l, 2, 35 Bas- ketball 3, Track l, 25 Base- ball l5 Play Cast 35 Corn- rnencement Usher 35 Cho- rus 35 Mixed Chorus l, 2, 35 Student Manager 15 Cross Country 15 Football l5 Akrori Hi-Y 45 Class Officer, Student Council 45 Baseball 45 Play Cast 45 Aero Staff 45 Haze S-tall, Prophecy 45 Mixed Chorus 4. CG,1'd7J6l0g'Ll6 of Seniors As we were awakened bright and early on a September morning of 1946, few of us realized that we were about to experience one of the most sig- nificant days of our lives. Fifty-six of us were intro- duced to the process of education by Mrs. lrelan and Miss Bollinger. After our adventures with Dick and jane, we were greeted in the second grade by Mrs. Mathieson and Mrs. Becklehimer, formerly Miss Bollinger. We were ushered through our geography and science by our third grade teachers, Mrs. Kuhn and Mrs. Hodson. During this year, the construction of the new grade school building was completed. lt was here that we finished our elementary education. Having absorbed, adequately, the three R's we were welcomed into the fourth grade. We were di- rected through our multiplication and division fundamentals by Mrs. Merley and Miss Bevington. Miss Rose and Miss Bevington aided us through our fifth grade learning. As big shots of the grade school, we were the power of the safety patrol and got our first taste of inter-scholastic basketball. We were helped through our new experiences by Mrs. Kinder and Mr. Parker. Now we're in the seventh grade. Boy, are we scared! The idea of finding a different room every hour seemed impossible until Miss Keyes and Mr. Parker, our sponsors, explained to us that the first digit of the room number corresponded to the floor. After learning the ropes, we sailed smoothly to our eighth grade graduation. Among those who passed through our class dur- ing our first eight years were: Nancy McHatton, Laniese Myers, Ann Friend, Sandra Stewart, Toe Dale Miller, janet Moore, Tom Floor, Susie Barnes, Merl McGee, Iudy Walters, David Floor, George Mollencup, jacob Darling, Gary Parker, joe Made- ford, Don Wallis, Ieannette Lynn, Donnetta Chap- man, Ianie Willard, and Rhoda Gates. We started a new era in our education with new sponsors, Mrs. Dyer and Mr. Heltze-lg new subjects, and a new name - FRESHMEN! We elected our officers as follows: President, Gary Sicksg Vice-President, Bob Burkett, and Secretary- Treasurer, Catherine Byrd. Our graduation day seemed much closer as we took our places in high school. During this year we lost Paul A. Shoemaker, Mary Worden, and Le Roy Martin. With the coming of our Sophomore year and gaining Larry Stiver, we began our long climb to- ward financing our Senior trip. Our first step in this climb was the traditional all-school skating party. Mrs. Dyer and Mr. Wilcox were our sponsors this year. Our officers were: President, Bob Burkettg Vice-President, Bob Kirk, and Secretary-Treasurer, Catherine Byrd. Finally we entered our junior year. Our sponsors were Mrs. Waechter and Mr. Yager. Things really started to boom! The boys in our class were promi- nent on the basketball team. Many of us spent our nights for several weeks knocking on doors, selling magazines, but our star salesman, Bob Burkett, did his selling while lying in bed with a broken leg. During the second semester we could be seen at ballgames calling our wares of popcorn, ice cream, and cokes. When our sales began to lag, Larry Sheetz, our canteen manager, gave us a pep talk to encourage us to greater sales heights. On March l9 we started our preparation for our play, "The Little Dog Laughed," under the direction of Mr. Yager. During the three weeks of play prac- tice we learned many things about some of the kids in our class. One of which was that Bev Powell, Merlee Smoker, and Bill Burkett seemed to be expert painters! ln the spring of the year we decorated the Steer- Inn and invited the Seniors to an evening of dining and dancing. All of these events might have been more difficult for us without the help of our sponsors, Mrs. Waech- ter and Mr. Yager, who walked along with our offi- cers, Kent Groninger, President, Bob, Kirk, Vice- President, Karna Hoffman, Secretary, and Eldon Rager, Treasurer. We ended our junior year by giving the Seniors a semi-formal farewell dance immediately following their graduation. Eleanor Hopkins, Catherine Byrd, Wilma Sterk, Bill Iunkin, Gary Sicks, Gale Cox, and Dale Cox left us during this year and Frank Urbahns, Paul S. Shoemaker and Cecil Kelley joined us. SENIORS, the goal which we had set as under- classmen, having been reached, we caught sight of a new goal - Graduation! Mrs. Waechter and Mr. Yager helped us to pre- pare for this goal. At our first class meeting we elected our class officers: President, Kent Groningerg Vice-President, jack Boyer, secretary, Karna Hoff- man, and Treasurer, Eldon Rager. Realizing that we still needed money for our Senior trip, we continued to w-ork in the can-teen. We supplemented our income by sponsoring a sock hop and selling ads for our yearbook. One of our most enjoyable money-making projects was our Senior play, directed by Mrs. Striggle. ln April many of us attended our last Sunshine- Hi-Y Banquet, and in May, instead of hosts, we were guests at the junior-Senior Reception. Sunday, April 25, we gathered at the Akron depot with families and friends. Amid the last minute goodbyes, we boarded the train and began our Senior trip, which took us through Washington and New York. ln one short week we spent all of the money which we had been earning for the past six years. On the night of May 22, as thirty-six of us, having gained Mary Ellen Maxwell and lost lack Shoe- maker, received diplomas, we realized that even our goal of graduation was not as significant as it had seemed. We understood that a goal is not a place to stop and put ambition aside, it is only a stepping stone in the path to higher goals. Only as we realized this did we capture the ful-l, meaning of our class motto: "SO LITTLE DONE, SO MUCH TO DO." l .Beyond 'Ghe .Worizon I have just returned from a world tour and have had the most rewarding experiences, but 'lei me tell you how it all began. First, I saw lim Swick who is in charge of the depot at Akron. Akron is a thriving metropolis now and Iim has many res-ponsilbilities, "There have been only two wrecks a year, since I started here," 'he said. lust then the train pulled in and I 'had to hurry to get on it. My baggage all stowed away, I sat down and began tc read a magazine. Soon I heard the familiar, "Ticket-s? Tickets?" as the conductor passed down the aisle. I opened my purse -- no ticket! I looked on my lap - no ticket! The conductor was beside my seat. "I just can't seem to find - wthy, Iohn Stanley! What on earth are you doing?" I exclaimed. "I-t looks like .I'm collecting tickets," he laughed then went on to exipllain, "My father-in-law owns this railroad line and I'm getting my start by working from the 'bottom up'." Having seen two of my former schoolmates, I began to wonder wthere the rest were living and what they were doing. T-he nextt time Iohn came past my seat, I asked if he knew anything concerning our 1959 Akron High School classmates. "Well," he said, "now let me see. Cecil Kelley tis a leading fashion designer for a prominent New York firm, and Ienny Barnes - Oh, yes! Ienny is the ed-itor-in-chief of the New York Times." "Wonderful! Have you heard how lohn Little is getting along?" "Io!hn? Let me see. I remember hearing his name spoken just the other day. Oh, yes! He is in partnership with an lt1ali'ian and together they own a chain of ,pizzadpie drive-ins. It seems that they had a pizzta-rpie eating contest a few days ago and Phyllis Murphy won by eating 77 pies." Before I could ask if she became sick, the train pulled into tthe New York depot, I bid Iohn farewell. I found a taxi to take me to tthe Slkyiway Hotel, the best in ,the city. But why not? It is owned and operated by those two little old maicls Shelby and Merlee Smoker. I would have liked to talk to 'them but they had gone to ,San Francisco for a vacation. That afternoon in ltlhe lobby I recognized Iohn Hartman and Bob Kirk. It seemed that they had come to New York to be on the newest quiz show, "What Can You Lose?" and had won several million dollars. Close behind them was Eldon Ruger who worked for Uncle Sam in the Internal Revenue Department. Alter going through tthe necessary red tape and cus-toms, I finally got my passport and was on board the ship that was to take me to Europe. It was a spacious, luxury liner chri-stened the S. S. Frances after our former classmate Fran- ces Lewis whose husband was its multi-millioniaire owner. On -board I was in for another pleasant surprise, for one of the passengers, famed for sculpturing, was none other than Kent Groninger. We had a long talk one afternoon and he said that he had seen Gloria McCloughan. a fellow artist, at an annual Art Convention held in Paris several months ago. He said she was a wonderful portrait pa-inter and had a very wealthy clientele. Finally alter what seemed a long time, but in reality was relatively short, I reached England. I had always wanted to exiplore a castle, so I 'hired a car and chauffeur and went castle-thiuntiing. Some of the castles were crumlbling and run- down, but one was in excellenlt condiition, the furniture in place and the anoienit but well-'preserved tapestries were on the walls. A man stood guard at the entrance so that vandals would not destroy this work of art. When I inquired who owned the property I was told that it belonged to Paul Scott Shoemaker who at the present was in ndtia hunting for a temple or monument to resurrect. Also, while I was in England, I visited Oxford University and found that Dan Floor was one of the best science teach- ers in England. At a large city hospital I found the world- famed surgeon, lack Shoemaker. I Paris came next on my itinery and I discovered Linda Nelson modeling for a large clothing concern. Sthe informed me that Pat Overlander was also in the city and that she was one of the most popular beauticzians in all France. Italy, at last! This was a favorite ccuntry of mine. I hurried to a restaurant whose advertisements read "Roberts, the Spaghetti King." I expected to find a small, dlark Italian pro- prietor, but instead, the owner and manager turned out to be a tall, blonde, American, known to AHS Class of '59 as Bob Burkett. While I late he told me ot several other people including his cousin Bill Burkett. Bill had a large cattle ranch in Argentina and was a skilled bolo zhrower. Kama Hoffman had gone on the stage and was on cr world tour, and Karen Kreiglhbaum was a famous opera singer, now playing in Brussels, Belgium. Having finished my lunch, I toured Italy to my satisfaction and a few weeks later found myself on a ship crossing the Mediterranean to Egypt. In Cairo, as l was sigth-teseeing and trying to find some ivory souvenirs I was directed to an ivory collector who had a shop on the m-ain drag. This man was dressed in Eastern fashion, but it seemed to me that I recognized him, All of a sudden it came to me. "Why, Max Helvey. of all people!" And sure enough it was Max. He had tired of t-he rat race of American Civ-ilization and had come to Cairo to relax. As with every tourist, I wanted to ride on a camel so I set off with the next group going for a week's journey on the desert ship. I found the camel a very unpleasant creature who was very lousy and who kicked, bi-t, and spat at me constantly. On our journey we were to rest and relax for a day at an oasis and also we were to visit Sliiek Fer Anck and his harem. You can imtagine my surprise when I dis- covered Fer An-ok was our guides mispronounoiiation of Frank, for our host was Frank Urbahns. Soon I was traveling again, this time my destination was somewhere in darkest Africa. I met :ny guide and collected supplies and started. My first stop was a diamond mine owned by Larry and Ierry Kuhn and managed by their cap- able friend Larry Stiver. After Larry Stiver had taken me or a very interesting tour of the mine and had given me a couple of souvenirs I con- tinued my canoe trip dtown river. One night we happened ulpon the cam-p of a ,pair of ibrig game hunter-s. At first I didnlt recognize them in their Bermuda shouts and jungle hats, but they soon gave themselves away and I realized that they were Iohn McCloughan and Bill Whittenburger. 'Iliring of the African jungles I struck off in the direction of China and India. Here I had heard about a giant agriculture experiment operated by an American farmer to see if Chinese soil could not support the Clhinese population. Of course, it was Larry Sheet: and he was being helped by the Secretary of Foreign Aid of the U. S., lack Boyer who gave him many bushels of surplus grain. Striking off again, this time in the direction of Australia, I wondered which of my classmates I would find in this coun- try. On a wild hunch I tpicked up o newspaper -to see if I would find anyone I knew in the Australifa News. Sure enough, before I had hunted long I fcund the article entitled: "Hamimond's jumper Wins First Prize." Reading further I found out that Marla Hammond had been experimenting in crossing Australian lack Rabbits with Kangaroos ftthis animal is called a Kangarabbitj ianid had won first prize in n animal show. By now I was tired of traveling for a while so I struck out west and nort-h aiming rto lfand on the southern coast of the United States. As luck would have it, a hurricane blew up and we put in at Rio de Ivanerio for supplies. v As I was walking through the city I saw two women, obviously very wealthy, walking French poodles in a park. I beaan to get that old feeling of believing the ladies were familiar and this time, too, I was right, For these were Pat Kuhn and Beverly Powell whose husoandts were partners in a giant Brazil nut pltanftation. Loiokfinig at my list I found only two classmate-s wthose wthereatbouts were unknown to me. but Pat and Bev soon supplied the information Esther Landis was the proud owner of seven oil wells in Texas and Mary Ellen Maxwell was a nurse in a mental institution and a part-time author. With a sigth, I boarded the boat and started for home. MARY ELLEN MAXWELL ' 1 Freasures .feft Beh ind I, Frank Urbahns, beting of weak mind and one puffed up sore toe nail, w-ill to my brother, john, one slightly used '51 Goose, so that he may drive from the drug store to Parkers Restaurant without tiring himself outt. Also I would like to wi-ll to Mr. Deaton my love for Physics so that he can always rememtber me as an ??'??? .... . .- --- -- --- .- --- -- I, Gloria McCloug4h'an, being of sound mind, will my abil- ity to be embarrassed and not .blush to Duane Smiith who .needs i-t in the art roo-m. Also my bookkeeping to any Iumor who wants it. I, Iim Swick, bei-ng of sound mind, I thtink, hereby will my government book to any Iunior wh-o wants it, and my ability to setay oust of trouble to my brother, Tom, and also Ricky Braclway who needs it. Also my ability to svttick it out at AHS to anybodiy. I, Esther Landis, be-ing of sound mind, will and bequeath to any next year Senior girl, my Senior cords in hopes that they can think of something to put on them. Also, my Book- keeping Book to any next year Senior that wants it, in hopes they can get more from it than I did. I I, Pat Overlander, being of sound mind, do hereby will and bequeath nothing becau-se there is nothiing leftt to will! I, Mary Ellen Maxwell, in a moment of madness, do will and bequeath my ability to write acceptable themes to my brother, Kenny, my ability 'to talk and not get caught to Margaret Moore, my Chemistry book to some poor unsus- pectting Iunior, and my pet peeve, Billy Murphy, to Mr. -Cush- man to put in a big tbottle of formvaldehyde for furither biology classes to study. I, Linda Nelson, hereby will and bequeath to Mr. Mere- dith, my ability to write answers to questions I don't know anything about! To Larry Daine a gold plated "Woman Hater" pin tbecause I feel that he needs onel. To Allen Smith - all the green apples he can eat! And las-t, but not least, to Mr. Turner .my ability to swipe pencils Csince he was the victim of so many lossesll I, Pat Kuhn, will to Randy Sriver and Cvarolyn Myers my job as soda jerk, because they spend more time in there than I do. Q I, .Shel-by Smoker, in my poor, confused and undecided mind, hereby bequeath my typing erasers to Mr. Turner so he won't have to charge his students Sgt for using his. Also my typing book to my brother, Eddie, so that he may remem- ber my trouble in it so as to do befttter. I also will my ability of getting along wit-h the teachers to anyone who may like to talk like I do. I, Cecil Kelley, do will and bequeath my position as one of the art chairmen, on the annual, to Ianet Teel when she reaches her Senior year, and my ability to get along with people to anyone who needs it. To anyone who is bashful, I give my "talking eyes" which I've been told I have. To the Seventh Grade girls I will my knowledge of sewing. We, Merlee Smoker and Bev Powell, being of weak minds and unusually strong jaws, wish to will to Wendell Kuhn and Bob Powell our ability 'to get along "so well" with our teachers in hopes that they won't get into any more trouble than we did. And tto anyone who is interested, we will our many good times rodding around. We also would like to will our ability to 'be engaged in our Senior year to swell guys, to our ol-d school buddy, Melba Morris. ' I, Bob Kirk, being of evil mind and mangled body, do hereby will and bequeath my ability.to get two broken bones 'in both my Iufnior and Senior years to any Iunior bias- ketball player who can use it better than I, and to Ioe Mad- dux for fit happens to be a good way to get out of typing class. ' I, Phyllis Murphy, being of sound mind, will and bequeath my typing er:'t::ri: to Mr. Turner after lim through with them, and also my 5 cents which he is charging 'to shtarpen them. I al-so will my ability to Alyce Murphy for -her to get her driverls permivt and not to be as scared as I was. I, Frances Lewis, master of my tsane or insanel mind, hereby will my Bookkeeping book to any junior who has the ability to add and suvbtract backwards, and to Merlee Smok- er my future years of being an old maid, and to Mr. Mere- dith my dancing shoes so he may dtance for the next 30 years. hast of all, butt not least of all, to anyone the will to get out of school and make their first million. I, Dan Flohr, having a m-angled body and a few shingles loose elsewhere, do here-by will and bequeath my United States Citizenship papers to Charley "Foreign Legion" Brown alias Charles William Wlhittten-berger, in hopes he will find a use for them in the boon docks or wherever his line of duty may call him. To C'harley's mommy I leave my 1959 V28 CV stands for Vanatorl camel wi-th low built-in humps, for an extra smooth ride, and also an extra large radiator that replenishes any water that may be used. I leave my looks to any boy who wishes never to be trapped by a girl, and my figure to any gvirl whose ambition is to become an old mtaid. 'Ilo Glary Bradtwiay I will my height and my ability as a basketball player in hopes he will give me his in return. To the Kuhn girls, Pam and Cathy, I will my flat top which I know they always liked so well. til-lall I, Ierry Kuhn, being of soundi mind, body, and hairy legs, will my ability to come in first in the cmile to Gtary Parker, who, with luok, manages to come in last, and lastt of all, I will my hairy legs to "Curley Kerr" and hope -it helps to make a man out of him and -keep him warm. I, Bill Burkett, being of ,poor mind and weak body, do hereby will to Allen Smith my billfold in case he has to play any fines. To Wendell Kuhn my ab-ilitty to get along with all girls in case he needs it and to Gordon Helitzel a pal to run around with in school as "Frog" and I have. I, Bill Whittenberger, do -hereby will my position of first tromibone in the high school bland to Gary Bradlwtayg and my position as official scorekeeper on the baseball team, when not playing, to -anyone who is silly enough .to do it. Being U person of few words I wiill .my job as Hi-Y reporter Ito Bolb ,I-Iuppert, 'a boy of -more words 'than I fam. I, Iohn I. Hartman, lbeing of strong body -and weak mind do thereby will and 'bequeath my ability to run tthe mimeo- graph machine to 'anyone who wants it, and my car to "Curly" Kerr. I, Eldon Rager, being of superbly 'strong mind and unbe- lievable weak fbody and spirit dfo here-by will and bequeath my position of Senior Class Treasurer to Ianyone w1ho wanrts to make money easily but not honestly, my heightt fI've been sickl 'to any girl who is tired of looking down on 'her boy- fr-iend, and my position of l-st 3rd trombone 0t1h'atIain't goodl in my Senior year to my livtitle brother, Philip. I, Marla Hammond, being of sound mind and weak tbo-dy, do hereby will and beq-ue-ath my ability of going steady in' my junior and Senior years, ftto .the some lboyl 'to my cousin, Karen Hammond. I also will my 'typing book to any junior who may do better in tit fthlan I did. I, Bob B-urkett, hereby will my "cocky iatlti-tude" to Walt Hollingsworith Cas he could use ittl. I also will vmy 'ability to find enou.gh women in one night tto last ia tmontnh to Ly-nn Smith 'althou-gh he seems tto be getttling along 'fairly welll. I, Iohn McCloug1han, being of strong body and weak mind do 'here-by will my history Ebook to anyone that could do better in i.t than I did. I, Larry Kuhn, will my steady .hands tand thorough knowl- edge of medicine to 'all student managers Ithat may follow. Ialso will my "Frog Sticker" and "Woman I-Iater's Pin" to Guppy in .hopes that he may 'fight them 'all oftf. I, Karna Hoffman, not all sure 'of fthe -condition of my mind, will my blue and lavender nail polish to "Myrtle" Drudge, my ability to get along with the teachers f?l to "Mag" -Moore, and the good times I've had at A.I-I.S. to all future .Seniorsl I, Paul S. Shoemaker, ibeing in an unquestionatble stiatte of mind do hereby wi-sh to will my -chopped down Lincoln rod and my hot-rodding ability to Allen Smith because it seems to me he has a good start. Also -I wish to will my police recorgl tto him. 'It will 'take him a mlonltrh of 'Sundays to read all o it! I, 'Iohn Litftle, being of 'weak 'body -and insane mind, do 'hereby will and bequeath -my ability to "chirp sweet notes" to my past instructors about the time grade-s we were sup- posed ito have earned were issued sand also my just plain good luck to have made it 'through 'the last .four years to any poor guy that could make good use of either. We, Larry Sheetz 'and Kent Groninger, possessing superior hearing, do hereby will and ,bequeath our enormous ears to "Guppie" 'I-Iuppert, "Simitt4ty", "Shrimp" McCutcheon, and "Kerrly" in hopes that our ears will hold their 'hats up above their eyes -as well 'as they 'have held up ouns. I, Karen Kreighbaum, will a wad of gum do the future fCont'inu'ed on Paige 591 The simplicity of reflections focused on traditional sand cortluroy from the pool of our high school tlayscc- What activities, studies, and interest did each senior have? Band, chorus, basketball, subjects from English to Trigonometry, class plays, canteen, popular songs and singers-hall are found painted on our SENIOR CORDS. The , Semors THE LITTLE DOG LAUGHED MHere l am home from College," declares attractive Laurie Huntington, Karna Hoffman, o sophomore motoring psy- chotogy, "expecting to find a normal, well-adjusted family! And what do l see instead? A bunch of - of psychological KNOTST Actually, of course, things aren't quite that bad, Sid Hunt- ington, lack Boyer, her fatiher, isn't gtite his normally joculoi self because Ted Wood, Kent Gron nger, f'Deadwood", his hated rival in the used-car buslness, is about to snatch up a much coveted dealership, and Sid is touchy and petulant because he fears his much needed lcan from the bank won't ao through. Martha, lenny Barnes, Lcurie's mother and Sid's ordinarily poised, gracious, and warm-hearted wife, is over- anxious, overworked, and much too rervous about the tea to which she has invited Walola Breckenridge, Shelby Smoker, wife of the bank president, as well as Amelia Dennis, Gail Cox, a catty kibitzer, Caroline Blake sly, Marla Hammond, a foolish matron, also Grace Schoenbeck, Gloria McCloug'han, wife of the department store owne', and Therese Browr., Frances Lewis, Wolola's maiden sister, Wally Huntingtor, Bob Burkett, Laurie's ycunger brother, though usually fun- lowfng and easy-going, is in the family dogihouse because he insists on going "steady" with cute loan Wood, Beverly Powell, De-adwoods Daughter So - l.aurie, confident that her college courses in psy- chology, fully qualify her to straigthten out her tamily's tangled lives, goes zealously to work Almost before you car. say "Pavlov's dog," she has convinced them they must find their Nenergy peaks." The house becomes a jumble of note- books and strange looking blocks, and everybody is getting word association tests "blood-to-the-brain" tests, irxtctloance tests, and plenty of endurance tests, even Horatio P. Honey- well, Max Helvcy, the bird watcher, looked for his "energy peak " l..CILtT1CftS interference completely finishes off Wallv's ro- :nance with foanie. The maid CGusl Gustavesky, Mcrlee Smoker, convinced by test that shes a genius, is off to col- lege! And then, at the all-important tea and wlhile Martha is out of the room, Laurie administers the Zombrouski lnk Blot Test and lays devastingly bare the "inner personal- ities" of her mothers astonished guests. lnfuriated, they stalk from the house while Miartha looks on helplessly and Laurie does a ''wash-them-out-of-my-hair'' dance to ,purge her emotions! That night, after Laurie has gone on o date with handsome but moody Mark Bradford, Bill Burke t, the family decides to do a little "purging" on their own. Vtfally stumbles inadvert- ently upon -W and reads aloud to his' stunned parents -- l,aurie's professional notes in which she has relentlessly lfpsychologizedw them all in terms of 'fassetsu and "liabil- ities" This is much too much' They conspire to teach her ri lesson, and when Laurie returns with Mark at one-thirty itz the morning, they put on o "show" that Laurie w1ll rfoubtlessz remember for a long time io come. Carrying to ribtickling extremes the ctharacteristicrz Laurie has attributed to them and broadly satirizina her theories, they climax the demonstration with an unforgettable "Purge Polka." Mark leaves hurriedly, and Laurie, humiliated beyond en- durance, soon follows. The distressed faimily, tearing they have overdone matters, spend a wor'ied dozen hours await- ing her return. Meanwhile, Wally, tal-ing a leaf from Laur1e's notebook, decides to "take Fortunes bull by the horns" and boldly invites UDeadwood" and his lagressive wife, Lillian, Pat Kuhn, to the Huntington housei Before that fateful meeting is finished, both Sid and 'led apply some psychology -- as well cs some other things -- to each other! Happily as well os prospects ot a new partner The return-ing Laurie, cognizant now that a little psychology is a dangerous thing, finds forgivnefs and love from family - and Mark? Walty and foannie fave rediscovered each other through "mutual crisis," and almost everyone has fearned something riew and helpful about himself By Gloria McCloughan iaresent DON'T TAKE MY PENNY 'Dent Take My Penny" IS o three-ant play wzth Penny, played, by Karna Hoffman, as the lealna character, determined that she was qoirta to Holly- wood and play the part ol Dimity Wen' from thc book, "Stars ln Her Hair," Ioanna, Pennyf: best qirf friend, played by Merlee Smoker, was completely devoted to Penny, and llke Penny was :aure Penny was qaina to Hollywood. Bob Burket', as Kerry, Pennfs resourceful bay friend, had different ideas, he wanted Penny te play in the tennis tournament with him and maybe marry him some day Greg, played by Kent Groninger, was Ioannah boy IrLend and also a pal of Kerry's, with different ideas. Both boys tried an imipersonatien to discourage Penny from goina to Hollywood. Kerry ,played the fake part of Harrison Day, the real author ol l'Star:: ln Her Hair," played by Max Helvey. Grea played the fake part of one of the models, played by Linda Nelson, as Clair, Frances Lewis, as Elsie, and Cecil Kelley, as Lucille, brouaht to the Prinale home to model some clothes for Penny, by the famous French designer, Monsieur Henri, played by Prank Urbahns, which was a real riot! Red, played by Larry Sheetz, was the delivery boy for Penny. He had a very rough time delivering all those boxes Lydia, played by lenny Barnes, and Caleb, played by lack Royer, Penny's busy mother and father, had no time for their children. Mark, for instance. played by Bill Burkett, was wantina to buy a :thick- en farrn for Sally, played by Beverly Powell, the Pringle maid, for their future together Norman Porter, ,played by Iohn Hartman, was sr: publicity 'nan who wanted Sally to play the part et Dimitv West, but as you can see Sally was more inter- ested in the Chicken farrn and Mark. lt was Gram, played by Mary Ellen Maxwell, who straiqhtenerl out the Whole mixed-up Pringle family, when she lectured Lydia and Caleb on bringing up their children instead of worrying about their jobs so much. The climax of this play was when Harrison Day discovered his real Dimity West, Mavis, Penny's attractive sister, and a radio actress, played by Pat Kuhn. ln the end the whole family was finally straightened out and all was well in the Pringle family. By Merlec Smoker f,71'iencily Photos Q fs: J. J' N ,S Q Q if EJ J 5 E H 'z E 'S i 55.2" V , gv,.pv HMG? C1--5 481 2 COMPLIMENTS OF LAKE CITY CANDY CO. MAlBEN'S - LAUNDERERS 4 CLEANERS - FURRIERS 'EK f 5Lf0use of Representatives lt is or hectic hill to climb, this steep oscent to Seniorship. One with otll the Worries, trustrotions, ond bioloqy projects conceivolole. But just when you dive up oll hope, the goinol lS mode eosier by the various footholds encountered oxlond the woy. The dcrnces skcttinfl Dorlies, ond trip cfre os much 0 petri ot the under! clossrnctrfs lite cs the Physics test. And when cr lcist surnznit LS rffnehed ond the ctool is in sloht, the cxccorniolishment will be even more sotistyrnd when you recxlize thot the hord work was very often offset by the good times, then suddenly you will loe ff o senior! Excelsior? COMPLI MENTS OF JOSTENS FINE CLASS RINGS, ANNOUNCEMENTS, AWARDS Class of '60 Ianice Miller Dennis Thompse: Sfella Harizler Allen Heltzel Sharon Mcrsteller loe Madelorcl Karen Martin Ioe Macldux Helen Arnei Winston Oliver Alice Smith Stanley Singpiel Willodean Cor: Randy Sriver Suzanne S-Wick Fred Shewman Carolyn Overlander lim Harsh Iudy Leininger Mike Metzger Iudy Hairrell Bob Huppert Sharon Iunkin Gary Parker Patsy Hartzler Dutane Smith Susan Boswell Lynn Fenimore Mary Lou Gaod loyce Smith Pauline Cox Richard Funk Diane Drudge Allen Smith Harriet Ba Ners Gary Bradway Sandra McClougr1an Gary Hutppert Karen Hammond Mary Ann Meredith Glass of '61 Walter Hollingsworth Bonita Helvey Tom Hatfield Wendell Kuhn Howard Kerr Alyce Murphy Monte Utter Linda Madeforcl Mike Freese Robert Funk Steve Sheets Karen Secor Iames Ameigh Lynn Smith Alona Kessler Carolyn Myers Phil Eber Ianet Teel Phillip Murphy David Parker Ted McCloughan Norma Hiers Kenton Krott Ronnie Hoffman Nancy Terrell Kenneth Maxwell Marcivlle Reed Billy Murphy Robert Sterk Margaret Moore Roger Swick Iim Barr Marsha Sriver Kay Colbert luanita Burkett Eddie Smoker Glass of '62 Bonficl Swick Don Nicodemus Vivienne l-lol' Peggy Hcxrltzler Mrrfilolcx Funk Mickey Bowers Carolyn Heltzel loe lerni-gun Pczfly Holloway Bev Ginther lohn Davis Morlhcr Oliver Claudio Klise Don McCutchen ludly Young Dick Scxyger Bobbelle Ameigh Kay Miller Dickie Rhodes Belly Hauser Iudy Hutchinson Tom Swick loan Crill Lyle Butt Sharon Holman Iomel Cverlofnder lack lunkin Susie Marlin Palsy Cox Michcxel Floor lvof Lone Lo Vczdcx McEvoy Barbara Gray I 4 Glass of 1 963 'YE Q9 "4-fi? Leclah Stuclzer Randy Hartman Kay Me-tzger Don Martin Cassy Hairrell Larry ,Shoemak lerry Shoemaker Linda Crockett Larry Daine LuAnn Nicodernus lim Utter Donnie lones Peggy Lane Alvin Putr am Sandra Hopkins lohn Urbahns Mar lyn Rhodes Danny Henderson lane Cox Kenny Miller Phyllis Smoker Mike Stephen Pauline Murvhy Bomb Sausciman Sheila Mccloughan Michael Reed lean Cox limmy Murphy Mary Alice Maby Pthil Freese Miriarr Kessler Frankie Hall Polly Fites Dennis Groninger Susie Hcward Ricky 'Bradway Donnie Arnett Philip Gray lane Ann Stanton Dee Skil en ludy Eurns Bolo Powell Glass of 1 964 Wayne Willard Patty Nicodemus Dennis Drudge Anna Sue Hauser Iudy Swihart Wayne Funnell Brenda Doub Robert Thompson Susan Keirn Philip Rager Donna Marlett Kerry Flohr David Bussard Martha Ann Cox Max Good Georgia Barnes Nancy Hanson Io Ann Weidta Bert Sterk Marcella Rudd Ran-dy Hoffman Brenda Brown Lee Funk Rhonda Rhodes Iimmy Bryant Donna Hamper Io Ann Broiford Patricia Severns Merl .Smith Diane Kerr Gary Kamp ludy Hartman Paul Miller Barbara Van Curen Dennis Helvey Dana Rhodes Slheilia Leckrone Pamela Kuhn Terry Dixon Linda Morris Ronnie Smith Barbara Howard l w Mrs. Helen Irelan Akron, Indiana INesfern College Butler University Taught I4 years Grade I Mrs. Neva Kinder Mrs. Eva Mathiesen Mrs. Donna B. Miller Akron, Indiana Akran, Indiana Manchester College Butler University BS. BS. Taught 25 years Taught 25 years Grade I Grade 2 Mrs. Lenora S. Burke Akron, Indiana Pikerville College Morehead State Teach- I227 Lake Shore Drive Rochester, Indiana Ball State Manchester College BS. in Education Taught 7 years Grade 2 Wore guides Mrs. Lena Kuhn Akron, Indiana Manchester College Taught 33 years Grade 3 ees College Mr. Ernest Becraif Mrs. Maxine Hehzel Manchester College Rochester, Indiana Akron, Indiana Two years Normal Ball State Manchester College Taught IU years Taught ll years Taught I3 years Grade 4 Grade 5 Grades 5 and 5 Mrs. Hazel Savage Macy, Indiana Manchester College Indiana University Two years Normal Taught I7 years Grades 3 and 4 Mr. Albert F. Giniher Box 52 Akron, Indiana Manchester College Ball State BS. Taught I5 years Grade 6 Glass of 1 965 Cathy Derring Torrnmie Boswell Carolyn Katz An-theny Willard Donna Love Doug Moore Reggie Hartman Iimmy Rayer Sandra Parker Paul Sahipper Narcy Norman lohri Hartzler Karen Floor Linda Rage? Ton Tucker Cristirie Sanders lohrny Willard Kathy Goyich Randall Pcrvey Phil ip Maxwell Diana Utter Rex Utter Chr.stine Wise Gere Strevy Beverly Huppert Margo Barnes David Sheetz Thetessa Wilderm Roland Powell Karen Utter Sharon Floor Lowell Salford Delores Barnes Kerry Daine Marilyn Smith lim Kendall Martha Hiers Pamala Iordan Richard Iolhnsori Iene an Foor Iimimy Smoker Phy lis Cox Mary Io Bryant Danny Hoffman Rose Buckheister George Reed Marilyn Reed Sitexe Slaybaugh Suse Funk ut Glass 0f1 966 timmy Little Sharon Le-'ckrone Asa Broftord Wanda Hiers T'hom'as l"lut'tman Ella lean Burnett Linda Little Arnold Sheets Cheryl Flohr lohri Conner ludy Hall Norris Keirn Cathy Kuhn Terry Mclntyre Carolyn Burns Ronnie Howard Diana Diltts Thomas Budd Mo Stherril Benson Larry Sausaman Maurine Funk Devon Utter Phylltis Craig Danny Cox Claudia Masteller Billy Leininger Connie Hoffman Bobbie Rudd Peggy Rhodes Rex Bussard ludith .Sayger Gail Hammond Mary Shamtbaurgh Steve Kendall Laura Hager Leon Whetsftone Diana Severns Michael Kuhn Gloria Arnett Dana Severns Alberta McClough OPS CIF! Glass of 1 96 7 Courtney Rhodes Linda Lane Don Hunter Linda Nichols Rodney Conner Marla lean Eaton Ricky lenkins Patty Price David Gall Vicki Cox larry McCu'tchen linda Draloenstc David Bowen Darlene Whetstcn- Donnie lackson Lynne Utter Ronnie .Smith Becky Gast Iahn Weida ludy Swihart Gary Wliittenberger Vickie Baber Mike Deardorlt Roxy Arnold Mike Flohr Rarbara Brodway David Swick Darlene DeTurk Dennis Smoker Kathy Howard Kim Fl-ohr Dianna Goss Tommy Plohr Cathy Sander: Douglas Niofsior Sharon Halloway Calvin Reese lanice Smith Bruce Reed Pamela Swope Mark Wilidermuth Darrel Manns Andy Freese Charlotte Nicodemus Hugh Funk Nancy Vanlaue David Reed lanet Strevy Kathy Sriver :Randy Lytle Shirley Iordan lorry Kreighbaunz lane Smith Billy Craig Calais of 1 968 V Michael Bowers Ioyce Kroft Larry Hartman Conne Daine Sieve Hammond Sue Bussard Dick Moore Sara Io Roberts Iohn Gray Linda Cox Lee Sterk Doris Derring Michael Wise Patricia White Bruce Hoaue Kay Meredith Ronnie Arnett lacqueline Hoffman Gary Harshmari Bonita Woolley Dennis Op-ple loyce Hatfield Sidney Lewis Cathy Love Dennis Spice Suanzne Slaybaugh Barry Thompson Terrell Runkle Steve Sausamari Randal Schipper Robert Craig Gary Groninger Steve Hapner Ieffrey McFarland Iohnnie Iackson Kenneth Moudy Charles Drudge Richard Hiers Danny Harper Danny Riley Glass of 1 96 9 Gary Funk Sandra Nicodernus Kim Lewis Dianne Brodway Perry Cushman Barbafa Eaton Andy Shewman Deborah Conrad Stephen Ellis Nancy loan Frye Pete Sanders Linda Bertram Rick Shafer Connie Manns Teddy Cox Lynn lackson Kerrick Deardorft Linda Lewis lerry lenkins Bonnie Hiers Linda Swartz lames Willard Peggy Utter Steve Lane Colleen Whittenberger Mark Flohr Thomas Say-ger Sora lane McCloughcin Terry Murphy loyce Maby Mike lernigan Marlyn Smith Nancy Buckheister Allen Bowman Shirley Hunter lackie Rudd Vickie Carpenter Larry Swihiart Willard Mahony Barbara Butt Kent Howard Linde Grass Orvil e Reese Sandra Flohr Victoria Overton Richard Sec Connie l-liers Arno d Deering Linda Howard Marion Kendall Richard Utter Carat Bowen lomes Rogers Mari yn Overlander Bancy Burns Penry Swope Gale Barnes Sheryl Lytle David Cox Sharon Lyitle Gregory Leininger Mama Stephen Andy Woods lan Schipper Iohn Merley ludy Funk Ielf Craig Peggy Landis Ichn Gerig Nancy Lee Kuhn Tommy Ellis Barbara Barnes Benny Murphy Kay Hall Thomas Bunkle Lisa Lewis Michael See lane Marlin Edward Foor lo Ann Moore Boibby Bryant lane Ann Wildermuih Roberi Dale Hiers Beverly Brown Dickie Geiger Mary Ann Ruff Terry Smoker Melissa Gasi Rex Allen Ameigh Nancy Sierk Mark Drabenstot Brenda Shepherd Iake Shepherd Cat-herine Murphy Tim Benson Debra Groninger Stephen Fellers Wayne Alan Gross Larry Whiiienberger Ianet Kroft Phillip lordan Marjorie Kendall Rodney Severns Sue Ann Iohnsoii David Pavey Debbie Hapner Bonnie Huffman Cindy Gearhari Daniel While Michele Gearhari Ardella Ramsey Tommy Henderson Debra Rhodes Randy Reese Karen Budd Wayne Arneii Diane Buckheisfer Special .Days gn grade School Start with a group ot chtldreng add a lot at good timesg combine with hard Work and interestg include whole-hearted enthusiasm and a zest for fun and you have a school dedicated to learn and get along tor the betterment at the carnrnunity, As numerous os footprmts oh the steps of Akron I-hgh School our orgoruzohorms ore the crest of school life. They odd to the emoyment the hurry cmd the b ttermeht of eoch doy At Work ond ot ploy olmost twenty-four hours oround the clock they keep hfe busy ond school sprru soormg h1gh .70-'fy President Jack Royer Vice-Presiden? Dan Flohr Secrefary-Treasurer Fred Shewman Sergeanf-af-Arms Gary Hupperr Cha Iain P Max Helvey Reporter Bill Whiffenberqer Sonq Leader Bob Burkeff 51111- shine Presidenf Karen Hammond Vice-Presid-fn+ Sandra McCIouqhan Recording Secreiary Susan Boswell Corresponding Sec'y Diane Drudge Treasurer Jenny Barnes iieporfer Mary Ann Meredifh Classes Where can adventure be obtained. From city smog to mountain air: A journey spent in many lands. But never leave your easy chair? You can visit Europe and hear tales told ot the country's personality, it's people, take a trip back through time and review the geometric principles related from the lips ot the great Archimedes and Pythagoras themselves, invent and discover scien- Senior j Snglish Mrs. Striggle is a new member ol the iaculty this year, but already we feel that we're "old iriends"- Her striking person- aliiy has captured the loyalty ot her many students. iD7'0j6Cfi-O72iSfS These iellows work the visual aids with their sponsor, Mr. Mathieson. So it was a common sight to see them going to room lO wih the projector, loud speaker, and screen. These boys have helped in class work discussions by showing the movies trom which we accuired a better understanding ot the subject. tilic laws along side ot Boyle and Faraday, travel through the ages ot man and civilization or inter- pret the reasons tor today's actions, enter the field ot man's mind and classify his problems, uncover and imply the rules ot etiquette and dress, enter into the tield oi the modern business world, inspect the secrets ot organized and well-managed tarm- ing, self-encourage the rnanne:'isrns ot a more per- fected speech, or just wander into a state of tictional bliss. Where, but in the magiiticency of a book! Qe0met1'y Mrs. Waechter has come to be our personal counselor. She has acquired the respect ol the students. As a wondertul Math and Latin teacher, she has led us over many rouah trails. Glasses Zzfistory Mr. Meredith discusses worldly events, adding his hurnoring touches, and tells "how it used to be". Biology Mr. Cushman heads this ex- ploring party as they tread out into the animal Wilderness, occasionally tripping over un- usual plants. .7300kkeegbing Mr. Turner lands in a turmoil of questions as he explains "why" you put "What" in 'lwhicliu account. flirt Miss Bevington finds talent hidden in our students as their hands Splatter the paint and pound the metal to please her, nw N vat, f v kv 1 C if?hen1i.9t1'y Mr. Vghotor ond his closs ol riihe plus orie, struggle through the world of little "people" wondering through everydoy lite. .fPhys. Ed. Mr. Ygger Hcrgclcs the whip" os the looys go through their pgces, someclgy to be the sportsmen ot Akron, COMPLIMENTS OF LIENINGERS AND SONS CONIPLIMENTS OF EAT RITE CAFE 27-fame 80. Mrs, Shiremom tells the secrets ot turning g house into g home, ond gddihg touches to their owri persoriolities. iuhys. Sd. Mrs. l-loword "refs" gs the girls tumble tl rough the period ot the doy when they become stgrs in the sporting world. Student Cbuneil Our Student Council has performed many services to help make Akron a better school. lt was designed to give its members more responsibility and to assisl in solving school problems, This vear, led by Bolo Burkett as President, they have chosen outstanding assembly programs. Science Colub X newly formed club, spon- iored by Mr. Cushman. They .zieet once each Week They Ure to work on an original :cience project during the roar. FFA. The Future Farmers of America:-was founded to increase the ideas ot better farming interests Our chap-- ter, led by Mr. lvfatheisen, has made many larming improvements in their own minds. Welpful ibeople We eet .7ll0ng The 'Way These ladies can be lound in the kitchen getting lunch lor us each day. ll you come into the building between ll and l2lO and see a line, you would have known it was all ol us heading for the cafeteria. Nellie Martin, Arvada Iones, Lucile Meredith Mary lane Thompson Through sunshine, rain, snow, or sleet these bus drivers have transported the lvlr. Becker Ctfld l'1lS Wife, MTS. H Mr, Crockett was Care-taker Seckerl keep our High School students safely to and trorn at the grad? Schooll clean and comfortable. school. Floyd CMikeD Krieg Russell Bacon Marvin Ballenger Walter CBrownieJ Zimmerman Albert Cox Lorraine Opple Gordon Groninger Louis Alt Md-IATTON'S STORE BEST WISHES -- BAKERS OF STEWART'S ENNER-JEE BREAD - Where your dollar buys more-special prices fo young couples - glffusic One reason that Akron had a good band is be- cause of the capable leadership of Miss Imogene Mavis. Her cooperativeness, cheerfulness and friendliness has made her a leader to all the students. She was responsible for musical talent in our school, and the marching at the ball games re- flected her leadership ability. From filling uniforms, to taking students for "first place" in state music Thanks from all of us. Thanks for all of us. ?7Vfaj01fettes Duane Smith Drum Major Alona Kessler. Barbara Gray. Kay Metzger, Nancy Terrell. Compliments of CANADA DRY BOTTLING CO., OF WARSAW, INDIANA Beverages and Warsaw-Maid Ice Cream Phone AM-7-532I 4 57le1'011 Wigh junior .7-f l School J3and From the beep, honk, loang, and squeaking of the seventh grade up to that proud moment at the Band Festival our band has done its best to represent its alma mater, under the capable guidance of Miss Mavis. The band has excelled in their colorful halt time shows flavored with the high-stepping major- ettes, Their concerts also rate high honors --A Tops! grade 8ch00l .Band l Lift your Voices, raise them high Spiral echoes to the sky ----- A top-top from the instructor brings or silence to the mossive group os the notes swell horrrioniously, The thrill ot being cr port of this orgonizotion is ropture in itself. 495919 'i,f Qirls Chorus Boys Chorus ilflixed Chorus jr. ZW i Chorus From the beginning untrained noise to the gran- deur oi the traditional finale, the County Music Fes- tival, making footprints on the side-paths of seventh period We've Worked under Miss Mavis' guidance to make this a community interest as well as a school function. The last note sounds, this year has ended But all through life voices are blended. COMPLIMENTS OF EARL W. HAMER - YEARBOOK PUBLISHER 'G'1'z 19 Ze- lanet Teel Norma Hiers Nancy Terrell Aloha Kessler luanita Burkett Carolyn Myers Alyce Murphy Marsha Sriver Karen Secor Sextet Karen Hammond Diane Drudge Sandro McClougha71 Janice Miller Suzanne Swiclc Patsy Hartzler Along with Band and Chorus, Miss Mavis takes time to work with the Triple Trio and Iunior Girl Sextet. The Sextet won First in both district and state contests. The Band and Girls' Chorus Won a Firs in the District Contest. iw Congratulations from the DEAN MILK COMPANY 0 1 0 Cl no C'Ucz1'si ty Katha Hoffman Iuanita Burkett Iucly Hairrell The quiet serenity ot the bleachers before a big game soon gave way to interruption ot many enthusiastic students and fans, all rooting for Akron and Victory. Many times We Watched baskeball and experienced the sheer joy of Victory and the biter taste ol defeat. Yes, the athletic scenes of Akron pass in review. These are the teams of your school days f l .B-'G'eam Claudia Klise Linda Mudeford Nancy Terrell jr. fffif Miriam Kessler Polly Fites BEST WISHES FROM AKRON EXCHANGE BANK Cooczch 'Guft lv .7fk1'0n Flyers u DN!! aol" X COMPLIMENTS OF AKRON EXCHANGE BANK tn I Wuvurll riff? K Xfffl Q AKRON AKRON AKRON AKRON AKRON AKRON AKRON AKRON AKRON AKRON AKRON AKRON iKlCZ?iDTJ AKRON AKRON AKRON AKRON AKRON AKRON AKRON AKRON AKRON AKRON AKRON L 3 WON 8 4-WAY 4-WAY COUNTY COUNTY SECTIONAL LOST 15 'NE THEY AUBBEE 67 78 SLVER LAKE 63 61 CLAYPOCL 55 68 BURBON Q2 46 ROANN 47 W KEWANNA 57 87 CLAY TVVP. 40 67 NOBLE TWP. 50 56 ARGOS 50 90 BEAVER DAM 39 47 HLVER LAKE 52 54 TALMA 54 64 TATLMA 60 56 AUBBEE 45 T01 IMOHLAND CENTER Sl 56 NORTH MANCHESTER 46 47 GILEA-D 48 52 FULTON 57 53 GRASSNCREEK 60 73 PPERCETON 57 56 GHJEAD 63 45 CPHLI 51 50 PERU 61 75 'MK COT? CDoubIe O.T.D COMPLIMENTS OF HOFFMAN BODY SHOP '175 " Team l First Row tlett to rightl: lack lunkin, Mike Metzger, Gary Parker, Kenny Maxwell, Eddie Smokers, lim Barr, Lyle Butt, Larry Kuhn, Second Row: Mr. Deaton, Wendell Kuhn, VValter Hollingsworth, Donnie Nicodemus, Dick Say- gers, Denny Thompson, Bob Sterk, Lynn Smith, Coach Tutls. It's all tor tun-and tun we've had. Perhaps we didn't beat 'em all or set any records, but these boys have pro- vided the excitement that builds school spirit. Cliiith f7'fO7107'S 'Go fjfou Iohn Stark, an ardent tan, who can always be tound in the same row, on the same seat backing the boys in his quiet manner. To him Mr. Deaton presented him a lite time season ticket. He has at- tended games since l9U8 and only missed two home games. Coach Cjfagefrk Cnub f7lye1fs Mr. Ygger coached the Iunior High through the yegr, marking crnother step in the preparation of tomorrow's Akron Flyers. COMPLIMENTS OF GEORGE STEPHENS-TIEXACO DEALER jimior Hi Senior Hi Base Ball Huppert, G. 9 3 Parker. G. 17 8 Sianley, I. 16 6 Metzger, M. 21 7 Hartman, I. 9 2 Burkeit. B. 12 3 Sriver, R. 20 8 Harsh. I. 9 5 Whittenberger, B. 7 2 Parker. D. 19 8 Groninger. K. 17 8 Urbahns, F. 4 0 Singpiel. S. 7 1 Bradway, G. 6 1 Sunslzine - Yvzitiatiovz - Eel? Session - f?u1z 5711 go along the steps to success. HW? -Qbaf iq, A -l- P A s I 'She Qolden Sfzfczze lust as a shell is tossed to and fro, polished by many hands until it bears the hallmark of every member, so the I-laze has finally been completed. Even as the deadline arrived, our heads were swimming with plans and ideas. Not We, the statt, but you, the Students ot Akron have Written this, your yearbookg We have only compiled it tor you. You have forged another year in the golden chain that makes us a school. It is a record ot your Work, your tun, your aims, your projects, and your achievements, and it is with pride we otter to you- this, your '59 GOLDEN HAZE Continued from Page 15 TREASURES Biology class so that they may stick to it as long as I did and my leotards ito Alice Smith so her legs won't get cold wfhiile Walking uptown at noon. I, Max Helvey, 'hereby will Gary Bradway my ability to seek more information of a tgirl before Wasting gas to find out something that turned out in an altogether dittterent situation than exipected. Also to Pat Hartzler I will my seats in all the 'classroom-s as a sensation ot promotion. Ienny Barnes, Editor Grace Waechter, Sponsor I, Io-hn Stanley, do hereuby twill my place on tihe bleachers at noon, to any ,boy who can get Maher" do silt there. I, harry Stiver, will my blue 'bookkeeping book to a future lunior to enjoy. Good luck! I, Ienny Lee Barnes, do thereby will and bequeatlh my de- sire for education to one wtho didn't want it, and my dreams to those who have few. I, lack Boyer, ido thereby will and bequeath a detailed description for literature class. Also my ability to be chosen tor the itather parts in class ,pl-ayts. . Compliments of Wfaechters Barber Shop i I lg 03611 glqineis. Bglllltil S1225 1 I v ry mg 1n u y s -. W 7.7. , I ,, ,, , MW., .Mn .,,,, 7, M. Wile and Son Etta Kuhn Dress Shop I Everything in Ready-to-Wear y Heyde Brothers Filling Station p South Main Street Rochester Baldwin Motors I Rochester, Ind. Compliments of Dorothy's Beauty Salon Tom Thumb Restaurant Rochester, Indiana A. 81 P. Store Rochester, Indiana Compliments of Dr. Miller , A .lohn Bay ---- Gravel and Cement - Phone TW 3-3477 y I Earl Quick and Son I Fence Supplies y lv Ed Wilsiff y Meyer's I. G. A. Super Market Everything in Clothing for Men or Boys i Mentone, Indiana Rochester's News Stand I ii I of Evelyn Harsh Every Paper or Magazine yYour Avon Representative TW 3-289414 , , W, ,, 1 ,M ,,,, . 7, ,W ,, , , , Kenneth Luckenbill I Compliments of Fashion Beauty Shop Trustee I lAthens, Indiana CA 3-3980 Teitelbaum's Department Store A. B. Shore Clothing Store lst National Bank The Book Store B. 6 B. Clothing Store Adler Style Shop McConkey Auto Salvage C. R. Barkrnan Enyart Motor Sales .Boosters Iohn C. Glaclanan, M.D. Larry Evans H. I. Lease-Oiiice Machinery Calvin cmd Myers Rual Snack Bar Rochester Armature W. G. Evans Gravel Island Park Gas Evergreen Cale Geiger Filling Station Florence Beauty Shop Irene's Beauty Shop Ierry and Sally Hoffman Roger and Ianet Gearheart Shipleys Store Zolman's Standard Service Iennings Motor Corp. Mirima's Beauty Shop Whit Gast Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ke-im KEIM GULLIGAN Soft WZIIBT SBFVICB Rochester, Indiana Compliments of UH. DEAN K. STINSUN Compliments of HUGHESTEH GHEENHUUSE Say It With Flowers Phone CApital 3-3146 Corner Ilth and Fulton Sts. Rochester, Indiana We Telegraph Flower Around the World MILUIHK FEED Mlll. BOB WOODCOX Manager ,, 1' GEHIG - LEININGEH INS. AGENCY AKRON INDIANA Phone TW 3-211-15 Wutogmplzs SWUPE SERVICE STATIUN TANK WAGON SERVICE GENERAL AUTO REPAIR SICKLE GRINDIN G WELDING Akron, Indiana KA H l GA S I Akron, Indiana PLUMBING -- HEATING Westinghouse -- Maytag Appliances , fl Q Q , I 'gf 'X ' A Y' it I X ' .. A wi I X ,lg wmv FN af! u L E . -af ' N Cfzpl, Advtlllitvi Elthflrlge lhC l957 TRULY AMAZING . U . u A little-sung miracle of modern medicine is the way the cost I life-saving drugs has b brought d wn within th each of ery one. It IS a FACT- your prescription dollar BUYS MORE CURE today than ever before. Recovery is surer - swiiter - saving you the expense of a d awn-out illness and loss of income. And when you have your prescriptions filled here. you enjoy the further economy ol our lair and reason ble prices. For Your Every Need MISHLEH DRUG STUHE Phone TW 3-3341 Akron Indiana Your Home for Genuine Chevrolet Parts and Accessories NEW CARS -- NEW TRUCKS OK USED CARS -- OK USED TRUCKS BAHN EY CHEVROLET SALES SERVICE F OR ALL MAKE CARS, TRUCKS, TRACTORS Remember -- Chevrolet, the Lowest Priced Car, is the Car that Most People Choose to Buy. Greater Savings In All Future Operations NEW COMPLETE WRECKER SERVICE The Place Where Friends Meet Friends Akron Phone TW 3-2755 Compliments of l.UWMDN'S UDHNER Akron Indiana Phone TW 3-241-73 Compliments of AHTEH'S DRUG STDDE Earl Arter and Stephen Arter Registered Pharmacists Store TW 3-5121 HAt your service day or night" Akron, Indiana Covers by DELUXE DRAFT MFG. DD. 1579 Milwaukee Ave. Chicago 22, Illinois WILSDN DUAL Xu GRAIN Rochester, Indiana Compliments of HDMER SANER gb SDNS Wiell Drilling and Repairin Phone TW 3-3899 TW 3-3104 TW 3-3105 SLDYBDUDH AND SDNS Specializing i11 LIVESTOCK HAULING Since 1925 Lewis 31 Richard Akron, Illd. Compliments of VEHN'S TV SERVEUE Vern Deering Phone TWV 3-3253 DELUXE DLEANEDS Your Clothes Best Friend Moderate Prices f Ph. EL 3-4415 Menmm- Ind Huppert Shoe Store is our agency WILSUN UUAL 81, GRAIN Rochester, Indiana Compliments of JIINES IMPLEMENT GU. CA 3-2131 Rochester Indiana THE FARM STURE Akron, Indiana GRINDING and MIXING BABY CHICKS FARM AND POULTRY SUPPLIES Weecl Killer Headquarters GENUINE RED BRAND BALER TWINE FENCE PURINA CHOWS STATE PILOT FEED Phone TW 3-4355 Compliments of FARMERS AND MERGHANTS BANK Rochester and Kewanna Member of Federal Deposit Insurance C ot T9 fxo ws BA Y' V . Q , Afgavzt 'Sw-' K ll - W E - B A CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH PARTS -- SERVICE MEANS THE BEST IN MAUEFURD MUTUR SALES Since 1925 AKRON CANNED AND FROZEN FOOD FRANK JoE 5 GET MORE OUT OF LIFE T ND A VIOVIE HUPPERT SHCE STCRE AT E 1 AT THE TIMES THEATER ANU SHCE REPAIR OR THE DELUXE nav CLEANING AGENCY LAKE SHURE DRIVE Rochester, Indiana I Akron I d MILLER 81, MITCHELL BILL SKILLEN INSURANCE ACENCY SAW- FILING MODERN All Kind INSURANCE PROTECTION BILL SKILLFN 616 Main Street I Akron, Indi Rochester Indiana Phone TW 3-5554 Congratulat ions and Best W ish CS Pike Lumber Company, Inc INSURED BUYERS OF TIMBER MPIKE BRAND" NATIVE BUILDING LUMBER AND MANUFACTURERS OF INDIANA'S FINEST Akron, Indiana 1904 C0mP1imCHfS Of AHIHUWS SINULAIH SERVICE Your Friendly Ford Dealer Complete MOTOR TUNE UP suum fun Mamas R RRRRR RRRRIR RALPH SHEWMAN MUFFLER and EXHAUST PIPES Akron Phone TW 3-4591 I Slim and Harvey Compliments of Compliments of YV. S. HARRIS EBEWS and "DICK" DRUDGE 5c to Sl.UU STURE 1 SIANUMIU Ull. PHUUUCIS Compliments of Sealed Power Corporation Manufacturers of all types of CYLINDER SLEEVES Rochester, Indiana I DRINK Compliments of I LEMLEWS MARKET Mentone, Indiana R EL 3-4725 Tel. Surge Milking Equipment and Repair Man I nm Lswls ' Akron Indiana A IN BQTTLES COMPLIMENTS OF OUR BUS DRIVERS: Floyd Krieg Russell Bacon Marvin Rallenger Walter Zimmerman Albert Cox Lorraine Opple Gordon Cronin C1 Louis Alt lIAMBLIN'S FURNITURE -- APPLIANCES FLOOR COVERING 806 Main St. Ph. CA 3-21144 Whse. Store 116 W. 9th Street Rochester Indiana SGHUALTZ BRUS. GU. THE BIG 54 TO 31.00 STORE School Stationery Boys' and Girls' Clothing Toiletries The Finest in Candies J. W. GUTKNECHT, Mgr. Rochester Indiana BAXTER DRUGS and PEUPLES PHARMACY PRESCRIPTION SPECIAISTS Rochester Indiana PEKINGESE YARIJ KENNELS Cherry Street, Akron, Indiana Phone Akron TW 3-4065 AKC REGISTERED AMQPEKINESE PUPPIES . ' Congratulations to 1959 AHS Grads from .IUSBDRRIB and Theodore RURRISUR '- of". L ..., . , C AKRCN IMPLEMENT CC. Your International Dealer Full line of Machinery and Parts Lorin 81 Jack Stucker Phones: 3-3535 and TW 3-277g'or TW 3-2771 Akron, Indiana ' 'A BE HOLSUM LOOK HOLSUM BUY HOLSUM INCIZCRS Bakeries, IRC. Compliments of lECKRONE'S HARDWARE HARDWARE SUPPLIES APPLIANCES Akron, Indiana Compliments of ATHENS CARACE L. ALT, Prop. Athens, Indiana Compliments of R. B. HARLAN CIRCLE H CCAI. RANCH Akron Indiana AKRUN LCCKER PLANT PROCESSING ' SLAUGHTERING Phone TW 3-3635 Akron Indiana I H. Sr. G. ULIVER SALES FOR Compliments of THE FINEST IN - , DUUTUR HERRIGK FARM MACHINERY Athens, Indiana AKNUN JEWELRY Akron, Indiana I Compliments of p BULOVA -. ELCIN DIAMONDS -- GIFTS A RECORDS Watch, Clock, Jewelry Repairs E Phone TW 3-5515 A WI. Groninger Auto 81 Truck Farmer,s Liability A Life n Hospital Q Compliments of Fire -- Windstonn -- Hail 1 I N S U R A N C E S NIUHULS HEHSUHEI. 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Rochester, Indiana BAHTEITS LAKE VIEW UIIBHAHIJ R. R. No. 1 Rochester Indiana T BETTY IIIIIUIIEMIIS AGENCY TALL LINES 1NsURANcEp Real Estate -- Farm Loans Abstracts Prepared ax Work, Public Accountant and Social Security Consultant 1021 S. Main Street Rochester, Indiana Dial CA 3-5010 FULTUN AVE. GITEENHUUSE Vegetable and Potted Flower PLANTS Across from Sale Barn Phone CA 3-5413 P Rochester, Indiana EUHAUSEIT HATIIHEIIIES, ING. 311 East Ninth Street Rochester, Indiana . HYQLINE LAYERS STATE PILOT FEEDS . . POULTRY EQUIPMENT REM EDIES 81 SERVICE BAIlEY'S HARDWARE PAINTS ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES Phone CA 3-2415 Rochester Indiana WEHNER WELDING SHUP 608 East 9th Street Phone CA 3-5790 Rochester Indiana FANSLER LUMBER 00. 'fone-sf0,f' Building service Complete line of BUILDING MATERIALS PAINT -. MILLWORK ROOFING and SIDING APPLIED Phone CA 3-2151 Rochester Indiana May each member of the Class of 1959 have a most successful career oyer ga .Naulaerf unera! .Nome Thomas E. Haupert, Director Akron, Indiana SAUSAMAN ANU SIINS BUYERS OF P O U L T R Y Phone TW 3-4405 Akron UHIIHI.IE'S CITIES SERVICE TIRES -- BATTERIES AND ACCESSORIES 5th and Main Rochester, Indiana Charles Clevenger, Mgr. Compliments of SHEETZ FUNEIIIII HIIME Dale and Edith Sheetz Phone TW 3-3205 Akron, Indiana Compliments of PIINIIAU 81, IIIIIIIIIAII, ING. HIIGK IAKE IIIIIIEIIIIAUE Clarence and Theda Hairrell GOSODYVILEJ1 USE? IIARS I ermce t at satis les v Phone TW 3-3255 . Phone CA 3-2126 Akron Indlana Rochester Indiana BEIIII. TIRE SHIIP KUHII'S IMPIEMENT SIIIIIE U. S. ROYAL TIRES You can't buy a better tire to save your life 606 N. Main Rochester, Indiana YOUR ALLIS-CHALMERS DEALER Rochester Indiana Compliments of HFult0n C0unty's Leading 1 Fashion SIOTRI, 8, WOMENS APPAREL CHILDRENS WEA-R Lumafn cnmmw 708 Main St. Ph. CA 3-3211 I Rochester, Indiana I WE BUY A TIMBER AND HARDYVOOD Compliments of I LUMBER THE mom ' JUST GOOD CLOTHES I Akron Indiana Fon MEN AND BOYS I l Phone TW 3-5535 Rochester, Indiana H RTMAN REP IR HEATING AND PLUMBING GENERAL CONTRACTING Phone Akron TW 3-5272 Akron Indiana . -11 WAM- llllrlln. W. M , N, .,..,.J..5..,vv W. .v.,V , v ..v .. , 1 , iq!!! M- E , ' 'ff -V-s"3't:-...lv .49 lfQSTra6::.afsxn L-in Nuim ..A'.mx'9!fm -GF" 'di' "HS-1'1"1 6-fin 3.31 mf' 3351- 4144?-,.'.., 4. 'w.g.igg,-.Mpx ray-'G' ,P "bg,-,,' 15-Sli fin-YE .hw Hr, .Q Hd -Mft' if F4335 Q2-5533.3 3.31921- P-ffffl an 532-'35 3 a ! . 1 5 5 3 1 2 4 3 fl s 5 s F 2 1 6 I 4 ! 'I E S 5 i 5 I i N : Q S ! 1 9 ! 1 5 3 1 S a H 5 I I 1 H s 5 A z ,l J f b 4 2 5 . 3 A 1 5 I 1 -1 9 s I 1 4 n R mf.. ,145

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