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,s Rx n. w gn WA "9! A"'9-nv-J 3:2791 'W 4 ,.. wp. w-A!! my ,mum 'Vi' 'UW' ,aah H' f-We will mvufu. 'MMM MQ .sw --'f if 'lk ,aw me ff ' W Q. . M if -1 n 1 u f"UQQ? gif: 5254:- 'Fa' 4 , V5-14 f 'A . 'fvs un .,, 7' .- N - .Sv',2,, , '5 F fr' ,Ji 75. ','L "W 2- J lg if -ri "' 'f Q ..-.X .. V -' - 4' 'v-'?"' - ' ,LW, Nw- as-fn-Q x.. .gy 1 .X ?fa..n .. -w- K Q-, '."ylQ.:,.xe- , 4, gg: Q A ,SQ 4 Q lx g 9' , x . 1 ?'i'QTSS5fY Y AI A c ' -if we f spy k" ' m vqafiw XA ' f f A 'N MMWQYNN Q-.5 , .xx Q-ff Q .fx my XSS' Nw 3, f V -, , V. , ,- -.,. . ,. .3 V tm w-, wx M , , K fx Q., vw, x .,, , :K , ix gjmg 5 ' - 4 Q . N , xv .,,,-. ss A 5 3 2 Q ",.x11-C3?,gfx', X - . ,. ,-x ww' ,ax agj 2 ww X A f'i.uus.kY"f l'm.,+..... A 5 X 5: , Nr kwa' -dw , W' H. v ln.-.1111-:'Zi ' M, N, .. xr . g 'I I .5 ,1. A., Fil. . ,. lrf' A iii. ., as V A . '1 ss V " ,lpn x . - L. - ,w. ,.,w,.q.. ww, , af. -V - Q -.',- 4, 1 , . , ' .fx . , 1 -' ' ,:f-5.5 , A 1 -L '4 I 5.4 .. , . L v f .,x . , ,Fm ,,,, , , 1 1 . , . ,, A. . K' ,J D Haze of '58 1 . , , rri ua P These students left their private limousines for a busy day at school. There was one advantage to this type ot travel f the teachers couldn't keep you after school. AGE 2 Emi A K Wosn't it ornozing thot the Senior boys never seem to be in or hurry except when dismissal bell rang. "Did the first bell ring?" was o question thot might be heord os these Senior girls hurried from their lockers, COMPLIMENTS OF GEORGE STEPHEN - TEXACO DEALER orning C awed Senior English e- We were few but We were trying for the lost time in high school to leorn our English. Miss Colbert Helped us qualify os QI secretory through prcrctice training in typing. Con Shewmgn and Dan Flohr proved io Mr, Hel? zel lhol They understood Physics very well, COMPLIMENTS OF AKRON JEWELRY, Wayne Groninger, Prop. FW' Late cwoin 2 .f4cu clemfc' armed MATH I' - 1 '1-I11- "1 "l"'fA"N '111 ' IM'- . ,., II 1:1 .111 . -1 'fI"1'- I'-'11 " 'N 2- I1 " GOVERNMENT I t ll 1 If: '11 H '1 1 " 1 1 I1 'f' ' I ., .1- H.. II 1.. I 'nw LI' If BIOLOGY 1 1 1 1 I f'1I1'1 " I I' 1 .,1. 1 1 .1 , 11 I - 1.1 I1-'1-1' We learned aII we could the time was short for us ta prepare for the future I:1 1111s CSPODIIYSILTCII year when everyone is talkina about "Satellites and 511-11t:11Ics," We have 111uCI1 ahead QI us. ,M I Cornplimenis of DELUXE CRAFT YEARBOOK COVERS, Chicago, Illinois PAGE 5 0011 CANTEEN We had a good time se-Iling togeiher in the canteen, and with Terry direciing the sales We made a Iarge sum for our senior Trip. ff' Ani. - :I Come and gei it! But -f if you've forgotten your lunch tickei, you'II have to go io the end of the line. LAKE CITY CANDY CO., INC. - Road I5, S. Warsaw, Indiana PAGE 6 Macc! fiona K Lgyugjecfqi COMPLIMENTS OF VERN and ERDA ROYER ELECTRICAL SALES AND SERVICE PAGE' 7 BOOKKEEPING Bsokkwopzru may be hclg tu! t: us :ri qvtizmw .1 PL but lfi thcso fzmus we 1 zwurst be bookkucpvrs Ms Colbert gave us A gov mcthod by whith is kcv backs HOME EC. All url: havv 'hw .wuxbzki Cf bniriq C1 hcxlscwife. VN 1v.1":Pil 'O 533k ami sw 1" Chu Hszuv H: i-Npxt T!l:'!'f Wlflflzxf' Mis Shtromt SHOP The boys zri shop mid JJ' ruffurc lodrrioi for M Mcwfhzosmz ways and moat 32 xioinq Thxrtas with The hszrxils, OAW erio A 0 fA0 ag PHYS. ED. Phys. Ed., push-ups, games, Halloween, and ploy were all necessary lox' cz well- fourtsled school ye-or. PAGE B WMF STUDY HALL .25 otuay Hill was piece 1: :ohh up o ?1:mewo'k",re:1cltl'1el1 est iews, whlspe' C1 b lil some-fimes sl p, C0l'lfel'lt5 ECIIWAIIIJ AIIMINISTIIATICN FACULTY SENICIIS UNIIEIICIASSMEN SCHCCL CALENDAR CHAIJE FACULTY ELEMENTARY CLASSES SCHCCI PEIISCIINEI ACTIVITIES MUSIC SPCIITS AIIT 0I'elll0l' The seniors of 1958 presen-t the Golden Haze to reflect the godden haze of memories, on its thirty-first anniversary. Thirtyeone years ago a group of the graduating class od 1927 put their heads together to combine their ideas into one, that of constructing A'kron's first annual. Sponsored by Robert Allen the staff was composed of: Editor-in-Chie-f .............. -- --- Herrell Berger Business Manager ........ .....,..... H arold Bowen Circulation Manager .... .............. R obert Flohr Art Editor ........ . .... .... C harles Wthittenfberger Socicnl Editor ........ ...... P auline Hammond Ioke Editor --, .... .. ...,.... -- ..........e Mary Fox Literary Editor .....,........ .... H elen CBaumI Irelan Mu-sic and Dramatic Editor --- ....... Thelma Smoker Snapshot Editor --. .....,.. ........ Qp al Kencher Athletic Editor ............... .. .............. Harold Kuhn Engraving Editor .......................... Kathleen Hammond Calendar -.. ......,..,......................... Beatrice Shimer H g Advertising .....,,.. Merril Berger and Marian IBurroWsl Gerig They asked for ideas from the class for its name and decided on "The Golden Haze" in association with the haze, carved in gold in each student's memory. Tfhe theme of that first Golden Haze was of gypsy ideas which, aside If-rom looking back, gazed into the future. This future must have been the year of "Satellites 6- Sputniksf' "Punk" Kinder was photographer and the book was published in the local newspaper office. Together with the efforts of the class, totaling 27, the staff produced our first annual, easily covering 'their expenses' and left a bal-ance to be added to the advancing class's funds, by which -to better their book. On t'his, the thirtxy'-first anniversary of our year book, we hope the Golden Haze of 1958 will bring back memories to cherish in the years to come. PAGE 9 I'l'lU1L:5fl'6Ltl0lfl Mr. Rouch For many years Mr. Rouch has been Superintendent ot the Fulton County schools. He brings to this school experience and understanding, and We thank him sincerely. Mr. Cumberlcmd Our trustee had the respon- sibility all tour of our High School years ot keeping us comfortable and providing tor our many needs. We thank him Whole heartedly. Mr. Decrton As the principal of Akron High School, Mr. Deaton has coped with the problems ot teachers and students With a deep understanding of the needs of our school. Mr. Deaton strived ever to broaden the opportunities of the students of Akron High School. Mrs. Walter Cumberland Our school secretary ac- counted for our money, an- swered our many questions, and gave us a slip to get into class. PAGE 10 K Lech ca f I on Mr, Meredith has taught 27 years and is a dedi- cated teacher to the success and well being of each boy and girl. Miss Bevington has taught l3 years. She has a sincere Way oi helping us over the rough spots and auidina us to better living through cooperation. The Senior Class of '58 dedicates this Golden Haze to our sponsors who helped give us l'Dernocracy's Greatest Gift to Civilization" - Education. JOSTEN'S TREASURE CRAFT JEWELRY AND STATIONERY Owatonna, Minnesota PAGE 11 Mr. Roy E. Meredith RB, 2, Akron, Indiana Indiana University AB. and MS. Taught 27 years plus 3 in Army Histo-ry and Mafhernatics Miss Mable Bevington 3610 Raymond Avenue Fort Wayne, Indiana BB. in Education ,Manchester College Tauglht I3 years Art and English Mrs. Grace Waechter Akron, Indiana Manchester College Butler University AB. Taught 22 years Latin and Mathematics Mr. Lawrence Zachary 508 Binford Street Crawfordsville, Indiana Central College AB. Taght 3 years English Mr. Lawrence Cushman Akron, Indian: Ball State BS. Taught 6 years Biology, Science and Psychology Miss Donna Colbert RB. 2 Taylor University BS. in Business Adrnini and Music Taught 3 years Business Courses Mrs. Martha Shireman Akron, Indiana Purdue University BS. Taught 3 years Home Economics Mr. Gordon Heltzel Akron, Indiana Manchester College B.S. Taught 8 years Library, Physics and Eng PAGE 12 stration lish Nr" Miss Imogene Mavis 307 West l2t'h Street Auburn, lndiana B.S. in Music Manchester College Taught 12 years Band and Chorus Mr. Allred F. Mathiesen Mr Ted Dunn Akron, Indiana Purdue University Taught 2 years Akron, Indiana Wisconsin State College Purdue University BE. Taught 19 years lndustrial Arts and Agriculture Health, Physical Education and Drivers Training Mr. Brad Moore Rapid City, South Dakota Taylor University First year History and Physical Education Mrs. Mary Myers Howard Chili, Indiana Indiana University Winona College Purdue University Manchester College BS. 35 years English 8, Elementary Music, and Physical Education Mr. Wayne Gilbert Yager RR. l Craigsville, lncliana Manchester College Taught llfg years English and Speech COMPLIMENTS OF VALENTINE ELEVATOR, MENTONE PAGE 'IS .Mafory of Cfaaa of 1958 We, the Seniors of '58, began our academic career when forty-six of us entered the first grade in September, 1946. The teachers who helped to push us over the rough spots in the three r's were Mrs. Irlan, Mrs. Mathiesen, and Mrs. Hodson. Our fourth 'year in school was highlighted by moving to the new grade building in mid-term. Say, do you re- member the many art projects we had under the supervision af Mrs. Yager. Our enthusiasm knew no bounds, -but Mrs. Yager had to draw the line when we started applying drawings to the new building with rocks. Another memory of the grade Zyears is the paddlings administered by +Miss Rose, our fifth grade teacher, for failure to learn our multi- pl-ication tables. Many will remember the operetta "Season of Happiness" presented when we were big sixth graders. Channing Utter, janet Hammond, Steve Harris, and Ruth Mohler starred as the sea- sons. Also in the sixth grade, five black marks on Williamsons citizenship chart meant a trip through the paddling machine unless you had them irased by doing good deeds such as Washing the ' lacleboard. -, 'Among those who passed through our class in the grade years are Ben Salyers, joe Dale Miller, Sandra Saggers, jo Ann Fites, Sandra Van Lue, jim Reed, Carol Smith, Lester Howard, Gloria McCloug- han Patty Floor, Wilma Ruff, Gloria Creveston, Vera Auker Larry Arvin, Larry Leininger, and jo Ann Ameigh. The year 1952, we entered the high school build- ing as little seventh graders. Mr. Mathiesen and Miss Bevington were there to guide us, as our sponsors, throughout the junior high school years. Sports was one of the main interests and with the coaching of Mr. Buzzard, our boys were able to win the county junior high softball tournament. The basketball record was six wins and six losses. On May 14, 1954, forty-three boys and girls, with shining faces, and wearing their new suits and dresses, filled the front row of chairs and anxiously waited for the awarding of diplomas. Little did we realize how short the time would seem until we would be occupying the chairs on stage. It was 1954 and we found ourselves as Freshmen, class officers were elected, they were: President, Charles Millerp Vice-Presidnt, Paul Hltzelg Secretary- Treasurer, janet Hammond. lMr. Meredith joined us as sponsor. During this year, Sandra VanLue, a member of the freshman class, became Akron's first queen of the lvfentone Egg Show. Overcoming our greenness, we found ourselves as sophomores and in the real swing of high school activities such as Sunshine, Hi-Y, and the All-School Skate. Class officers were: President, Paul Heltzelp Vice-President, Mary Newcome, Secretary-Treasurer, Sharon Royer. juniors! A big sounding word: our school days were limited. At the start of our next to the biggest year, jim Reed was elected Presidentg Ross Burdg, Vice-President, Sharon Royer, Secretary, and janet Hammond, Treasurer. janet Hammond was also selected as our yearbook editor and Terry Wal- gamuth was selected to manage the canteen for us. Magazine sales was a big project of the year and Carol Whittenberger's team proved to be the best salesmen. Channing Utter was top salesman of our class and received a watch for his efforts. The tur- key supper and class party were combinedp the losing sales team headed the serving of the food and also the dish-washing. Class rings of the "New Twist" style were selected and after what seemed like years, we rushed up to Groninger's jewelry Store and traded our hard-earned money for shiny new class rings. lln April, 1957, we presented our first big dramatic production entitled "The Brain- storm." As zero hour approached, many of us wished we had put away our water pistols at prac- tice and paid more attention to the directions of our sponsor, Miss Bevington. We were hampered by inclement weather on opening night, but, neverthe- less, it was highly successful. In May, we took a sizable portion of our project money and entertained the Seniors at the Culver 'Inn on Lake Mafxinkuckee. This, as well as the Sunshine-Hi-Y banquet, was part of a memorable and successful year. Speaking of memories, how about the ice-skating party at Rock Lake and the operating of the canteen, all parts of our next to the last high school year. The days sped by and suddenly we realized we were in our last year of high school. Class officers for the final chapter were: jim Reed, President: Char- les Miller, Vice-Presidentg Karen Thompson, Secre- taryy Carol Whittenberger, Treasurer. Our dramatic efforts went into the showing of "Rest Assured" which dealt with a money-mad tycoon and his dream. One night after play lpractice we held a sur- prise birthday party for Miss Bevington, with plenty of ice cream and cake for refreshments. At the end of the semester we reluctantly turned the canteen over to the junior class. Our great expectations were finally fulfilled! The time of the trip for which wie had been scrimping and saving for the past six years had finally arrived. At the Akron depot we 'bid good-bye to our families and friends and left the juniors as the big shots of A.H.S. for a week. Returning, a week later, we had many tales of bustling New York and historic Wash- ington to tell the underclassmen. Not many days after the junior-Senior reception we found ourselves with a diploma in one hand and a Bible in the other. lf we were to name some memories that are not so important, but nevertheless, all part of our school years, we would start with our first day of school. Channing started his first day with a -bang by turn- ing -on the fire alarm, putting gravel in the drinking fountain and getting into a fight with Steve Harris. from which he received a bloody nose. By the way. Con, do you remember the second grade music class? Especially the time you were chewing gum and Mrs. Rader was going to make you put it on your nose, but you ran out of the building and clirribed a tree and later went home. I hear you had to apologize or take the consequences. Don't laugh. Roy Lee, because you cried and hid behind the door when you were supposed to have make-up applied for the zoperetta. ' Thus the history of the class was closed and this group no longer was as one-The Seniors of 19-58. PAGE 1 4 enior arm 0 icem Charles Miller, Vice-President lim Read, President Karen Thompson, Secretary Carol Whittenberaer, Treasurer This quartet of Senior officers seemed to typity the spirit ol the class as they faced the job of leading a Senior class through their liazal year. Many times lim had to be tirmg Carol had to inform us about our financesg Karen kept a record ol how we votedg and Charles backed up lim in his decisions. COMPLIMENTS OF EBERS Sc - XL00 STORE PAGE 15 1958 Channing Utter Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Songleader 4, Boys Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Class Reporter 3, 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, Baseball l, 2, 3, 4, Softball l, 2, 3, 4, Ping-pong tourney champ 3, Volleyball 3, 4, Haze Staff 4, Play Cast 3, 4. Don Overlander F.F.A. 3, 4, Class Reporter l, Haze Staff 4, Cake Mat. 3, 4, Stage Hand Icmet Hammond SS S. 2, 3, 4, Girls Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Play Cast 3, 4, Comm. Uslher 3, Yell Leader l, 2, 3, 4, Haze Staff 3, 4, Aero Staff 4, Clas Tre-as. 3, DAR. Candidate 4, Band 4, Sedy-Treas l, Salutatorian Karen Thompson Girls Chorus l, 3, Mixed Chorus 2: Play Usher 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Znd Lt., Student Council l, 3, Class Seoy 4, Haze Staff 4 Charles Miller Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 3, Chaplain 4, Play Cast 3, 4, Comm. Usher 3, Mag. Sales Capt. 3, Class Pres. l, Viice- Pres, 4, Student Council 3,, Vice- Pres. 3, Track 2, 3, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Varsity 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Softball 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 4, Haze Staff 4 Steve Harris Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Boys Chorus l, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Play Cast 3, Haze Staff 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Bas ketball 4, Varsity 4, Softball 4, Base ball 3, 4, Band l. Melba Cummins SSS. 2, 3, 4, Girls Chorus l, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Play Cast 3, 4 Yell Leader 1, 2, 3, 4, Haze Staff 4 Aero Staff 4, Class Reporter 3, Stu dent Council 2, Office 4, Play Ushe 3. Betty Maddux SSS. 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4 Aero Staff 4, Girls Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Play Usher 3, 4, Haze Staff 4. Compliments of DR, VIRGIL MILLER PAGE 16 798 Con Shewmcm ll:-Y 2 '3 4 ID H Cllffll.'3 l, 2, 3 4, Mixoil Z:Tf,'.f'1ll , , 4, SUV- b III 1,7 'l 4, blillfl Hxrzi 3, 4, Vol- l -vll :fl l 1,4 Devon M1ller H'-Y 2, 3 4, Hi-9 Sfrff 4, FFA. 2, 3 4 Scmdrcx Myers SSS Q 3 4, Cllcrus l, 2 J 4, Mixed Cllflwl' 7 7 4, PAV Prorlwfvr 3, 4, ff: 4 1 Y' fwlljf' 4, H12-9 SUN 4 Carol Lee Hutchinson SSS 2, 3 4, Cortes Sedy 3 Riccrdzrlq Sefy 4, Chorus l, 2 3, 4 Mlxed Chorus 3 4, Play Cust 3, 4 Ccrum Ushc' fl, Haze Stull 4, Aero Stall 4, Aff 2, fl 4 Roy Lee Swick H1-Y is 4, vv-ew 2 1 A+- PIM' Uulw' Q .ml , X, x,f.,,w.z Wy Terry Wcxlgamuth Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Chorus lg Baca Ushe 3, Track l, Haze Stull 4, Softball l 2, 3, Volleyball l, 2, 3, 4, Play Usher 3, 4, Carton Mfxirzoev 3 4, Base lull 2, 3, 4 Bernice Sterk Play P':r:zpH-' 3 l"l'TZ"' S112 4 Aer: cH..,,, 4 4 ..,l Erma Sue Hcxrtzler Plwy Usher 3, Bzskelboll Queeii 3 Haze Stall 4, Acts Stull 4 PAGE 'I7 798 Norman Stanley Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Sgf.-af-Arms 3, 4, Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus l, Z 3 4 Bacc. Usher 3, Track l, 2, 3, 4, Haze Stall 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Varsity 3, 4, Volley Ball 2, 3, 4, Sfage Mgr. 3, 4, Play Usher 3, 4. l H1-Y 2, 3, 4, Chorus l, Z, 3, 4, Mixe l Ch Lyle Bammerlin orus l, 2, 3, 4, FFA. Z, 3, 4, Vice Pres. 3, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Siudeit Mgr l, 3, 4, Stage Hand 3, 4, Haze Siaff 4 Bonnie Louise Gray SSS. 2, 3, 4, Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Play Cast 3, Leader 4, Haze Stall 4, Aero Twirler 1, Z, 3, 4, Librarian 3, Usher 3, 4, Drum Major 4, maker of Tomorrow 4. Richard Smoker Mixed 4, Yell Staff 4, 4, Play Home- Iudy Luckenbill SSS. 2, 3, 4, Chorus l, 2, 3, P Casl 3, Haze Staff 4, Aer: Sfali 4 Art l, 2, 3, 4. FPA. 1, 2, 3, 4, Treas. 4, Play Promipter 4, Hi-Y 4, Haze Stal fl 4. Larry Powell Hii-Y 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 4, Cactus l Mixed Chorus l, Play Casl 3, 4 Track l, 2, 3, 4, Haze Stall 4, Ban l, 2, 3, 4, Varsity 3, 4, Capfain 4 Softball l, 2, 3, 4, Baseball l, 2, 3, 4 Volleyball l, 2, 3. Beth Sicks SSS 3, 4, Play Promoter 3, 4, Haze Staff 4, Aero Stall 4, Twirler 3, 4. Moved February 24. Carol Ann Whittenberger S.SS 2, 3, 4, Recordiig Secy 3 Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3 4- Pla Cast 3 4' Y ll ' :le l , y , , ei Lea r Haze Stall 4, Aero Slalf 4, Cla Treas. 4. PAGE 18 cl lay d 1 5'l Sec'y arid Treas. l, Reporter 2 S Ross Burdge 7958 H1-Y 2 3 4, Pres 4, Chorus 3, M:xe,1 Chorus 3, 4, Play C 4 . as. 3, 4, Cornni Usher 3, Basketball Kina 4, Traok l 2, 3, Softball 3, 4, Base- ,-.Q v- ,no ball 3, 4, Volleyball 3, 4, Class Vice- Pu 3Siie Co C' 4Pes4 ll 'xi S'1i: 4, Vars- Loretta Young Paul Heltzel Sharon Royer unil , 0 .,y 3, 4 Gary Brown H1-Y 4, l7'.F,A. l, 2, 3, 4, Track l, 2, 3, 4, Aero Statl 4, Haze Staff 4, Varsity 2, 3, 4. SSS 2 3 4, Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Play Stall 4, Aero Stott 4 Mary Newcome SSS 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, Mixed Cho- rus 2, Baca Usher 3, Haze Statt 4, Aero Staff 4, Class Vice-Pres. 2, Play Ushfrf 3, Eaq Queer, Candidate 3 , , Mzxel Chorus , ,Bari l, 2, 3 'utlenf Council 4 Larry Iohn Rhoades Chorus 2, Mixed Chorus 2, FFA. 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres 4, Track 2, Varsity 3,4, Baseball 4 SSS 2, 3, 4, Corres SeC'y 4, Play Cami 3, 4, Coinin Usher 3, Haze Stall 4, Acro Strzit 4, Editor, Class Sec'y 2, 3, Chorus 2, 3, Art l, Grade School Sf' 4, Viwimtorian. Marvus Hively Zimmerman S SS 2, 3, 4, Reporter 4, Chorus l, Z 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Play Cast 3, 4, Baca Usher 3, Haze Stott 4, Aero Staff 4, Librarian lg Student Council 4 I9 Tom F1165 PFA. 2, 3, 4, Pres. 3, 4, Haze Staff 4. Clyde Reed 1-li-Y 2, 3, 4, Stage Hand 3, 4, Track 1 2- Haze Staff 4. Betty Dcrwald 4 H Staff 4 Aero S.S.S. 2, 3, , aze ' , Staff 4, As-ststant Editor 4, Band 1, 2. hm Reed H1-Y 2, 3, 4, Play Cast 3, 4, Lack 1, 2, Haze Staff 4, Student Council 1, 2, Class Pres. 3, 4. Randall Leininger Hi-Y 3, 4, Sec'y and Treats. 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 4, Play Cast 3, 4, Track 2, Haze Statt 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Capt., Varsity 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Sottball 1, 2, 3, 4. Stanley Utter Chorus 1, 2, lvhxed Chorus 1, 2, Haze Staff 4, Track 1, Z, 3, 4. Compliments of ROBERTS STUDIO, II37 Barr St., Fort Wayne 2, Indiana I3 PE Eli M019 ecy I, Channing Utter, stepped lightly from my one-man rocket plane and flexed my muscles. Being cramped into that tiny space ship for a flight from Neptune to Earth is still tiresome, even though I had made the trip in a little under two hours and fifteen seconds. I rem-owed my helmet and bazsked in the rays of Earth's sun forthe first time in forty years. It didn't seem possible tlhgtn:oHrr3ii1ch time had elapsed since I had graduated from As I walked down the main street of town, I saw Leininger 61 Sons. much like it had been before. Inside l found "tooth- pic'ks" himself, I staggered in befwilderment for he was old, gray and wrinkled. Then I realized -that anyone wrho spent the past forty years on Earth would be changed, but not I, for in space there is no age change. After Randall and I got reacquainted we began asking each other about our class- mates. He wanted to kno-w about Terry, Charles, Lyle, Erma Ianet, Bonnie, Karen and Dick Smolker. First oftf, I told him that Terry and Charles got themselves banished to lower Sloibbovia for "drag racing" their Mutnilks down the milky way. They weren't too sad -about the incident because being Earth people they were treated royally in Slolbbovia. Lyile is manager of the famous "Earthettes" who recently won the Solar System basketball tournament. Fame has finally hit Erma. She has just returned to -Neptune after completing a solo flight around the universe in 80 'hours, in Sputnik LIX. lanet and Sandy, you know, are making a great deal of money as a result of their trip to Uranius, where they learned the secret 'formula for the solution which restores youth and beauty. Randall quickly mentioned that maybe he could try some of their solution. Bonnie married the King of luplter and moved there. She and her .six dfaugthters are among the l5 best dressed ladies in the universe. Space travel and living was getting difficult with the passing of time because of the number of people inztenested in it. Karen decided a new code of law was necessary. She took the task of writing some that would tbe suitable for the whole Solar System. She is expecting to finish this enormous job in about a year. At the present she is having trouble trying to solve the speed lifmit problem between Mercury and Saturn. Dick holds the ihi-ghestposition possible in the lnter Planetary Police Patrol. ln his -spare time he patrol-s the constellation Southern Cross, 'he just can not separate work from play. . Now, I 'begin to ask Randall about some of our classmates that stayed here on Earth such as Gary, Paul Mel'ba, Con and Larry Rhoades. 'He said, Gary Brown is nofw a midget due to an accident that occurred in Steve Harris' chemistry lab. Gary .fell into a reducermix being concocted to reduce the size of :termites and now Gary can be seen on Saturday nights at the midget races. As for Steve, he discovered a new rocket fuel by mixing one part layne Ma-nsfield's ohieese- cakes with three parts TNT and 'has taken up a happy li-fe of chasing Martian girls. Randall continued, 'Paul Heltzel has finally realized his lifetime ambition, to be an engineer, he now commutes ifactory workers to the new Hydro-statomatcal Superjet Aircraft Corporation from Disko, Athens, and Mt. Zion areas on the early morn-in-g 5:15 express. Melba, Betty D. and 'Betty M. are officers of the now ifamed "Bro-kenhearted Old Maids Clubs" with the motto "We will get our man." Their husbands-to-be -became enthralled with Steve's new lark of chasing outer space girls and joined forces with the old boy. Randall sort of giggling contin-ued, Con, lim, and Roy Lee combined -their three talents, beauty, brains and brawn to form a corporation that makes a new kind of fountain pen that writes on outer space. Remember how Larry R. and Tom iF. used to like FFA. Well, they are atomic farmers raising fabulous corn crops which yield up to 18 gallons to the acre. As I left Leini-nger's Store I was in a happy mood. I bought a newspaper and decided to 'sit and read awhile. The headlin-es read "Two of Akron's Axlutmni Novw World Renofwnf' Ross and Norman 'have become fabulously wealthy from their new invention. They found that if they mixed chloroform, ground up Elvis Presley records, fall out and two snorts of "Old Factory Whistle", with 3 oz. ether, they had -a perfume with 100 times more power than "My Sin" and "Better Not" put together. These boys got their wealth not only .frofm the fact that the perfume is so powerful, but they can get as .much as S25 a -fifth from all the local boys who want to go out on a big, 'big, jag. On the society page I read an article about Carol Lee. She is a famous arti-st because she discovered how to mix stardust and moon glow to produce a new kind of lipstick. Right below the article about Carol Lee was a clipping about Iudy and Loretta. lt seems that they tried their luck at 'Broadway and now are starring in the new production of "Hamlet" or -better known as "Call the Pi-gs Home You-All." Ais I walked on dtowin the street I ran into my old friend Stanlev Utter. Stanley told me that he 'had gone to Pluto to study hair styling. il-le returned to Athens to out the hair of the poor unfortunate Earth people who hadn't as yet adopted the new hep cat hair style that closely resembles the after- math of an Australian bushman-gorilla fight to the death. Stanley also t-:id me "haf Clyde and Devon had m-oltvored over to see ho-w the cats on Mercury were -making an easy living. Devon discovered that the Merc. lboys hadn't yet heard of pizza so the opened a pizza house on the hot side of Mercury and hired Clyde as bouncer. Unfortunately, Clyde's weak- ness for pizza put the whole works out of Ibusiness. Now the boys have 'formed a corporation with Bernice who is selling air conditioners to the .Merourian-s. l hear they are getting quite wealthy because of the weather conditions on that planet. Stanley asked me if I heard from Don O. I told him Don was a wandering minstrel. At the present he is enter- taining troops stationed on Rosconal, a new fplanet. Those Rosconalions are really gone on 'him. He was voted the most popular minstrel in space. Carol Ann has the Inter- staler Hotel on Mars, which is famous for its Zorzel steaks an-d Mars candy -bars. Creatures come from all over the universe to eat 'her Zorzel steaks and the Maritians think the candy bars are great. As I walked on down the street, taking in wi-th amazement the changes in Akron and all of my old friends in the past 40 years a messenger came running up to me with a terlef gram from Neptune. -. ADVISE YOUR IMMEDIATE RETURN STOP BIG BUSINESS DEAL STOP BRING SAMPLES OF EARTH MONEY, EARTH FOOD AND EARTH WOMEN STOP IF LOW ON :ROOM IN S-PACE SHIP FORGET MONEY AND FOOD STOP LIKE I SAID - BIG BUSINESS DEAL STOP ' SIGNED AXOLOTYL STOP - As I sorrowfully shoved the telegram into my pocket and headed for my space ship, I heard a loud deafening roar and ducked just in time to miss -getting hit by what appeared to be a vagabond -spaceship. As this antiquated battered-up ship landed, who should stagger out of it but Sharon and Mary. As I heard earlier, these two 'had been missing for 30 years and -people assumed that they were dead. After a short conversation I 'found out that the two girls had gone out in search' of Sputnik antenn-as and ran out of fuel while cruising around in outer space. If they hadn't drifted into lower -Sldbbovia they would still be drifting around. Mary and Sharon indicated that the time on board wasn't totally wasted. 'Ilhey had developed a secret formula for a 'health tonic. This new tonic was called "Old Wagonrwheelsu. I would have liked to stay 'longer and talked and sampled their infven-tion ibut the urgency of my telegram forced me to ,push pleasure aside and head for Neptune. As I walked up to my space ship -wiho should be standing there but Larry Powell. Aifter a brief talk I found out that Larry wanted me to drop him off at Jupiter. He wanted to take refuge there to escape paying alimony to four ex-wives and judgments from 'four breach-of-promise suits. As Larry and I boarded my space ship I took on-e last look at Akron and thought over the .happy experiences of the last few days. - O minus 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-0 -- Bramm m-mmmmmmm - whoosh. PACE 21 A f V' I I i .Q . xi! 9-.rl : 5. .Janssen .L ..f-1.59 'i 1 'i Kagan . 'MA I I, Carol Lee Hutchinson, being ol sound mind and very healthy ot body do hereby will and bequeath six inches oi my pony tail to Margaret Moore so that she can have a "two toned tail" just to be different. Also I would like to will to all IFITIUTS art students the tun and enjoyment I had while in art c ass. I, lsyvle Bamtmerlin, will my place in band ttirst chair cor- netl to Bob Burkett hoping he will do ta better job and have a lot more lun than I did. I, Norman Stanley, do 'hereby will to the junior class my idea on how to build new stairs tor their play. And my ability to get into trouble without being caught to lack Shoemaker. And to Mr. Dunn an elect-ric alarm clock tor early morning practice. Last, but not least, my ability for rabbitt -huntting to Allen Smith, I, 'Betty Dawalcl, will my ability to drive to LaVad'a McEvoy in hopes that when she 'becomes 15 she will get her drivers license instead of waiting until she is 17 as I did. Also I will my job as assistant editor ot the Aero, to any junior who might like the job and enjoy it as much as tl do. I, Roy Lee S-wick, hereby will my ability and time to any- one in Bookikeeping who lags behind. I, Betty Maddux, being of sound 'mind and -strong body, do hereby will my Home Ec. grades to anyone who teels the urge to use tthevm, and my ability to attend school talmostl every day to my brother, loe, whom I teel will need it. -I, Clyde Reed, being ot sound mind t?l do -hereby will my ability to run out of gas to anybody who can make better use of it than I did, my -grades in government to Dale Cofx and my V8 "gas hog" to anybody twho can attord to run it. l, Sandra Myers, do hereby will my blonde hair to Helen Arnetteg to Ifuanivta Burkett, my stale chewing gum which she always needs, and "scatter brained" ideas to Bonnie and Marvus which they cton't need. I, Devon Miller, do will and bequeath my job as movie machine operator 'to 'Kent Groninger, in hopes he will enjoy it as much as I did. I, Iudy Lu-ckentblill, beting physical tit and very sound ot mind t?J hereby will .tio Iudy Young tour usted 'horse shoes, and my shorthand book to anyone who tfhinks they can tind the right pages, because I couldnit. I, Stanley Utter, will my pole-vault ability to all future graduates ol A.1H.S. w'ho are interested and not atraid ot heights. Good Luck. l, Bonnie Gray, being at sound rnind, do 'hereby will my ability as drum rmajorette to Nancy Terrellg my ability to be dheer leader 'to any girl w'ho would like rto have it, my gov- ernment book to my -sister, Barbara, who will have to take in her senior yiear un-less she can find ta way ot gettting out ol it, and last, my baton to Mr. Dunn so he may practice the :linger twirls. I, Beth Sicks, being at sound mind, do hereby will some ot :my shortness ito Linda Nelson. My ability to attend school every day, and to get along with the teachers to my brother, Gary, who dettinitely .needs it. And my baton to Mr. Dunn tin -case he wears out the one Bonnie willed to himl. I, .Steve Harris, 'without the usual comme-nrt about being sate, sane and in other ways at normal, do hereby will and bequeath my abilities to stay out of ditches -to Kent Gron- inger -and Bill Burkett, who I am sure need it. Also, I would like to give to Alan Simitlh my ability to get along with girls and teachers and not get kicked out ot classes. We three, Larry Rhoades, Tom 'Fites, and Do-n Overlander, being ot weak minds and strong bodies, wish to will our ability to discuss things with Mr. tMatlhiesen in Agriculture class and get away with it, to Dale Cox, "Munk" Swiok, and "Rod" Kirk. .fpf f' I, Bernice Sterk, being ol sound mind and messy fingers hereby will my ability as printer ior the Aero to anyone who likes to get their hands dirty. l, Mary Newsome, being ol sound mind, will my -lull name "Ruth Mary Louise Newcome" 'to Iuanita Burkett, my ability to be ready and waiting for the school bus to Alvlax Helvey, and lastly an ability, I didn? have but always wanted, to be in the junior and Senior Plays, to anyone who might need it in 'hopes they can do more with it than I did. I, Randall lLeininger, do hereby twill and bequeath my good behavior in band to "Lib tTigerl Whittenbergeru in hopes he can escape conviction as I was never able tot I, Lorretta Young, being ot sound mind, hereby will my school books to my sister in hopes that she will get m-ore out oi them than tl -did. Also I will my place in ltront at the mirror to Sandra McCloughan and my gray curl to anybody that c-an use it. I, Terry Walgamuth, do will the canteen to Larry Sheetz and hope that he will be a better manager but enjoy it as I did, my fiat to "Curly", and my name "Fats" to any person who tits the requirements tor this name as well as l do. l, Karen Thompson, do hereby will my position as first tlute in the band with this sole encouragement "Keep Tooti-n'." I, Channing "Chaunce" Utter, 'being ol evil will and on the verge oi mental collapse from brain in-filtration-, do there- by will and :bequeath to .Steverino "Madtball" Stheetz, any and all of my ttalentts concerntin-g hamfpslter raising, house- wreckintg, woman chastintg, money printtintg, drag racing, horse tradinfg, and my special secret formula: E-MC3, In this iormful-a, E equta-ls excellleration while 'sllicling drown the seconid story bannister. I, lanet Hammond, being mentally -stable, wish to will six years ot cheerleading to Miriam Kessler, who 'already has a nice start. Also to my sister, Karen, I will the 'keys to the "Green Hornet", so that she can "rod" it around. I, Richard Smoker, do hereby will my reserved seat at noon in the Agriculture room to anyone needing extra time for study. ' , We, the Senior Boys, being ot scattered intelligence sizes small 'th-rough large bodies, wrill and bequeath "plow jcakey jackets", levis, and an allarm cloak, 'that works, to Coach Dunn. I, Marvus tHivelyl Zimmerman, being ot particularly sound mind, do here and now will and bequeath to lim Swick my Government book in hope that he will get something out od it, and my ability to get a diamond in my Ir. year to any forthcoming lr. girl and 'hope they will get as nice a guy as I did. I, Larry Powell, being of warped 'mind and mangled body will and bequeath my ability to do one push-up without dropjping a knee to "Curly", my ability do stay out ol trouble in chorus to Kent, my 'height as a guard to Alan Smith, my mou-thvpiece from my trombone to Barley Chown - lor he sometirnes looks like he might eat his, and last but not least, my "Little Black iBook" to lack, "Beer", and Dan in hopes they will ttind a better use lor it than I did. I, Gary Lee Brown, being out sore mind and weak body do hereby will and bequeath my basketball ability at 'center to Lynn Smith, l3f4 inches ot my height to Mr. Dunn, and last ot all, my ability tt-o gent ourt ot class at the -end of tithe period to Bonita tl-Ielvey. I, Paul I-Ielltzell, being ot insane mind -and unconquferable soul, will my unearthly possessions, extcept my lB.A., to Bert Sterk, who i-s about to come into this ,world of gratt ind corruption which ll am leaving. My apprentice members ip in the Channy Yudder Chapter ol the 'Royal -Order at B.A.'! I leave .to ,Stkee Dillon, who has been waiting to get in very 0Contintued on Page 661 PAGE 22 .geo anJ.Nauin9 .14 gooc! jme uf-.ggi Q Q . 5.x V Rh" 'W ..... -tug PAGF 73 A lot o' paint and rnucii time went into the making cf the Senior cords Cords seein to be a tradition at Akron and many times each year, these fascinatin ideas, oictures and savinas were seen dt school and baiiaarnes Chorus, Band and play casts were indicated by a few flicks of The brush unior may Willie lnner Willie Mcxrybelle Chuck , , Ralph , , Harvey ,, Aunt Hesfer Aunt Louise Aunt Olga Couch Scilly H, Loitie U, Marion U Dorothy W Anne H, Koy Hank lohnny ,, RUBY'S BEAUTY SHOP PAGE 24 THE BRAIN STORM Randall Leininger Steve Harris , Lore-tio Young , Larry Powell ,, , Ross Burdge Paul Hellzel ,H Iznel Hammond Carol Whittenburger Karen Thompson , , , lim Reed Carol Hutchinson Sharon Royer , Iudy Luckenblll ,, Bonnie Gray ,, Mcirvus Hive-ly Melbox Cummins , Channing Utter Charles Mille: REST ASSURED Mr, M3rl:3k Ms Mcrlaek Mary lessici Lu1g1 Lai: Martha Larson C be Lim: Luazfer George Mildred Miss Akers Doctor Brown Mr. Blafk Mrs Schuliz lake Mrs Frzrmfk Channing Uiier lahef Hammond Qee Huichinson Melba Cummins Paul Hellzel M., A .3 Whittermberger Larry Powell Charles Miller andall Leininger Laretla Young , Sharon Royer ., lim Reed Ross Burdge Marvus Hively Clyde Reed Boihie Gray Complimenfs oi MODERN DAIRY BAR-Rochesfer . 'EQ 'W ,ML njog .gzicoofanfl izbaferi +2 1 K mhfwgi wi?i'X ig? 'iw PAGE 28 JUNVORS -Kvnf fc y Kmms J fr Pu-s--Bob Eldon cm Ummm SOPHOMORES Sec'y-Treas,-Pa? Pres.-Allen Vice-Pres.-Sandra -+ FRESH MAN Pres.-Dave Sec'y-Treas.-Bonita Vice-Pres-Juanifa 4- EIGHTH GRADE Vice-Free.-Lyle Pres,-Beverly Sec'y-Treas A Lfavuda 4. SEVENTH GRADE Vice-Pre: -Ricky Pres.-Mike Sec'y-Tre-as,-Jerry li PAGE 29 Complimenis of HOFFMANS BODY SHOP PAGE 30 uniorfi lorry Kuhn Larry Sheetz Pai l'uhn lorry Kuhn Cecil Kelley Frank Urb a-'nn s Karna Hotrtman lack Shoemaker Kenit Groninger Marla Hammond Boib Burkett lim Swick Gloria MCCrlouhan Eldon Rager Frances Lewis lenny Barnes Catherine Byrd Dan Flohr Eleanor Hopkins lohn Stanley Shelby Smoker Bob Kirk Esther Landis Larry Stiver Phyllis Murphy Dale Cox Merlee Smoker Bill Burkett Max 'Helvey Wilma Sterk Gale Cox Bill Whittenberger Pat Overlanoler lohri Little loihn Hartman Karen Krieghbawn Beverly Powell Gary Sicks Linda Neilson lohn M'cCloughan lack Hoyer 4 fl' UI'l i0l"5 - P98 AP? GHC! wel? C I ffl B fyShp-I JI: Cp! f5D Shp-ENKh PACE 31 PAGE 32 0l"Q5 Karen Martin Ioe Madeford Helen Arnetie lim Harsh Karen Hammond Sandra Mc'Clough:rn Denny Thompson Stella Hartzler Gary Bradway Mary Lou Good Allen Smith Alice Smith Fred Shewman Susie Boswell Bob Huppert Patsy Hartzler Sianley Singpiel Suzanne Swick Gary Parker Harriet Bowers Allen Heltzel lanice Miller Buddy Hammond Willodean Cox Winston Oliver Sharon Iunkin Duane Smith Sharon Masieller Ioe Maddux Carol Stringer Gary Huppert Carolyn Overlander Randy Sriver Ioyce Smiiiih Richard Funk 'Mary Ann Meir Lynn Fenimore Pauline Cox Mike Metzger Iudy Leininger Diane Drudge edith 5 '-- -3+-. Nm ,L swf 'YQ N PAGE 34 jI"Q5Alfl'l6ll'l Dzvzd Parker Alono Kessler Billie Murphy luanitof Burkefi Kay Colbert l-loword Kerr Lefha Sohrome 'Nolfer l-lollingsworlh Loretto Eperson lim Bor: Phillip Eber Robert Funk Eddie Smoker Carolyn Myers Ronold Holfmciri Mzxrshcx Sriver Kenton Krolit Karen Seoor Moniie Utter Margaret Moore Sieve Sheets Charles Arrieigh lorries Ameigh Linda Mcxcleford Phil Murphy Normcz Hiers Mickey Bowers Morcille Reed lerry Kuhri Nomcy Terrel Ted McCloughc1n Lynn Smith Bob Sierk Donna White Roger Swick lonei Teel Wendell Kuhn Alyce Murphy Mike Freese Bonita Helvey Donny Wiloircl Tom Hatfield QNX. .f Aw YU! Oh K 3 A I, RX' xi nf! ' ll 5 PAGE 36 gift 8 Beverly Giniher lames Utter Betiy Hauser Clauolia Klise Bobetfe Ameigh Don McCuichen LaValda McEvoy lack lunkin Vivienne Hall Matilda Funk Sharon Hallman Lyle Butt lanet Overlander Susie Martin Patty Holloway Phil Gray Carolyn Glaze Iowhn 'Davis Peggy Harlzler Barlbalra Gray Michael Floor Loretta Mowrer Kay Miller Tom Swilck Patsy Cox Don Nicodemus Bonita Swick Iudy Young Dick Rhodes Carolyn Helizel ludy Hutchinson Don Iones Martha Oliver Dick Sayger ludy Burns PAGE 37 QUQI1 QPU Ll? Mike Stephen Marilyn Rhodes Donnie Arnette Kay Metzger Bobby Sausamari Polly Fites Frank H'all Carol Oden Iimmy Murphy Ledah Stucker Kenny Miller lane Cox Donnie Martin Linda Barnes Phil Freese Pauline Murphy Ricky Bradway lane Stanton Danny Henderson Mary Maby Dee Skillen lean Cox Bobby Powell l..incl'a Crockett Michael Heed Shevlia McCloughan Randy Hartman Sandy Hopkins George Retlert Larry Daine Susan Howard Ierry Shoemaker Phyllis Smoker Miricnm Kessler Dennis Groninger Lou Ann Nicodemus Alvin Putman T GLLHCJQF AUGUST lANUARY 30 Organization Day 1 NO School 3 Akron vs. Noble Twp. 8 Akron vs. Richland Center SEPTEMBER 10 Akron vs. Talma W 13-14 Exams 2 Labor DQY mo Schooll 14 End of First Semester 3 First Day of ,School 24 Senior Pictures OCTOBER 2-3 Undergrad Pictures 9 Irunior Class Rings Ordered 10-ll Senior Play - Rest Assured 11 End of First Grading Period 24-25 Teacher's Convention CNo School? 28 Sophomore Skating Party 29 Freshman Party NOVEMBER 1 Akron vs. Aubrbeenaubbee 4 S.S.S. Initiation 6 Iunior's Turkey Supper 8 Akron vs. Silver Lake 12 Group Pictures 13 Open House 15 Akron vs. Claypool 19 F.F.A. Party 21 Senior Class Announcements Ordered 22 End of Second Grading Period 1 22 Akron vs. Bourbon 27 Akron vs. Roaznn 28-29 Thanksgiving Vacation CNo Schooll DECEMBER 4 Band Concert 6 Akron vs. Kewanna Band Fish Fry Akron vs. Clay Twp. S.S.S .Caroling Party Eighth Grade Class Party Akron vs. Argos Christmas Vacation Starts 27-28 Four-Way Tourney at Akron 30 Return from Christmas Vacation 9 13 17 18 20 20 Complime 15-16-18 County Tournament 23 Group Pictures 24 Akron vs. Gilead 27 F.F.A. Party 31 Akron vs. North Manchester FEBRUARY l Piano and Vocal Contest 7 Akron vs. Fulton 8 Instrumental Contest 14 Akron vs. Grass Creek 21 End of Fourth Grading Period Akron vs. Pierceton 26-27-28 Sectional Tournament MARCH 1 Sectional Tournament 5 County Athletic Banquet at Richland Center 7 F .F.A. Party 8 Regional Tournament 14 County Music Festival at Fulton 17 Seventh Grade Party 19 F.F.A. Chil Supper 26 Freshmen Record Hop 28 County Volley Ball and Table Tennis Tourney 29 Band and Vocal Contest APRIL 3 End ot Fifth Grading Period 4 Good Friday tNo Schooll 10-11 Iunior Class Play - The Little Dog Laughed 18 S.S.S. and Hi-Y Banquet 25 Spring Concert 27 Seniors Start Trip MAY 4 Seniors Return From Trip 6 Chorus Program 9 Ir. and Sr. Reception 1 1 Baccalaureate 14-15 Final Exams 16 Commencement CNo Scholl 17 Last Day nfs of LECKRONE'S HARDWARE PACE 30 gjiatllffff j6lCLl, I rin cilza Mr. Albert Ginther Akron, Indiana Manchesfer College Ball Slale BS Taughl I4 years Grade 6 Mrs. Hazel Savage Rochesfor, Indiana Manchester College Indiana Universify Two years Normal Tauqhl I6 years Grades 2 and 3 Mrs. Helen Irelan Mrs. NGVG Kmdel' Akron, Indiana Akron, Indiana Weslern College Manchesler College Bufler Universify 3-5- Taughl I3 years TBUQITI 24 Y9d'5 Grade I Grade I A Mrs. Eva Malhiesen Mrs. Lena Kuhn Akron, Indiana Akron, Indiana Buller Universily Manchesler College B.S. Taughl 32 years Taughl 24 years Grade 3 Grade 2 x, fi If Mrs. Lenora S. Burke Mr. Ernest Becrall Mrs. Maxine Heltzel Akron, Indiana Rochesfer, Indiana Akron, Indiana Pilrerville College Ball Slale Manchesler College Morehead Slafe Teachers' College Taughl I0 years Taughl I2 years MGVICIWSIEV College Grade 5 Grades 5 and 6 Two years Normal Taughl 9 years Grade 4 PAGF 30 PAGE 41 .SQAJA glade Susie Hauser Dennis Helvey Nancy Hanson Roberi Thompson Susan Keirn Vlfayne Willard Pamela Kuhn Terry 'Dixon Patricia Nicodemus Brenda Doub ludy Swiharl Dennis Drudge ludy Hartman Bert Sterk David Bussard Iames Royer loAnn Weida Lee Funk Marsella Rudd Georgia Barnes m Barbara Howard Paul Miller Diane Kerr Brenda Brown Philip Hager lcAnn Brollord Kerry Fldhr Martha Mowrer Sheila Leckrone Ronnie Smith Barlbara Van-Curen lill Byrd VVayne Furmell Rhoda Rhodes Max Good Linda Morris .PAGE .SMA aww! gracle Carolyn Magigert Randy Hoffman - Sth Dana Rhodes - Sth Hose Buckhevister Martha Cox - Sith Barbara Floor -- Sth Donna Harper - Sth Merle Smith -- Sth Iimmy Bryant - Sth Iirnmy White - Sth Patricia Severns - Sth Deloris Barnes Gracie David Sheetz Christine Wise Anwtaheny Willard Tommy Boswell Ienean Poor George Reed Sue Kay Spurlock Dickie Iohnson Tommy Tucker Carolyn Katz Paul Schipper - Diario: Utter Nancy Norman Iimirny Smoker Sandra Parker Linda Rager i lggllggwaul PAGE 43 iw, gauze Bobbie Rudd Sharon Floor Iohnriy Willard Martha Hiers Susie Funk Barbara Iackscn Stephen ,Slaybaugh Theretssa Wilcierrriuth Iohn Hartzler Lowell Stattlord Phyllis Cox Doug Moore Karen Floor Kathleen Goyich Willis Ifaokson Beverly Hurprpert Gene Strevy lames Kendall Margo Barnes Reggie Hartman Karen Utter Catherine Derring Danny Hoffman Mary Io Bryant Marilyn Smith Randall Pavey Cristine Sanders Roland Powell Marilyn Reed Iudy Glaze Rex Utter Parnalta Iordan Kerry Daine rf PAGE 44 0M,l"tA gift Je Diana Severns lohn Conner Mary Shambaugh Daniel Boone Laura Hager lerry McCutcl'1en Carolyn Burns Ronnie Howard Sharon Leckrone Iohn Oden Connie Hoffman Buclld Moore Iuidy Hall Dana Severns Cheryl Flohr Steve Kendall Linda Little Asa Broltord Gloria Arnett Mike Kuhn Phyllis Craig Larry Sausaman Peggy Rhodes Devon Utter Iimmy Little Terry Mclntyre Ella lean Burnett Leon Whetstone Maurine Funk Rex Bussarol Alberta McClougl'ian Danny Cox Claudia Maisteller Billy Leininger Arnold Sheets x Cathy Kuhn Tommy Huffman Wanda Hiers Diana Dilts Gail Hammond Iudith Sayger Norris Keirn PAGE 45 fjkzwl Qu e Charloffe Nicodemus Hichard Ienkins Kathy Howard Don Hunter Andrew Freese Kim Flohr lean Eaton William Craig Darlene Whetston Bobby Howard Patricia Price Donnie Iacksan lane .Smith Mark Wil-de-rmuth Linda Niclhols Lynn Uttter Courtney Rhodes Sharon Holloway lu-dy Swithart Douglas Neister Victoria Baber Robert Chaddock Bruce Reed Kathy Sriver David Bowen Diana Goss Dennis Smoker Randy Lytle Della Derring David Gait Gary Whittentberg lanice Smith Michael Flohr Roxy Arnold Michael Deardortt E E PAGE 46 .7lzirc! gracle Ianet Strevy Ronnie Smith Cathy Sanders Beech Howard Larry Maggart David Heed Barbara Bradway David Swick Shirley Iordan Hugh Funk Vicki Cox Iorhn Weida Linda Drcxbensiot Ierry Kreighbaurn Ioe Woliters Becky Gost Rodney Conner Nancy Vaniue QCOIQJ gin Ierffrey McFarland Sheri Eiiiis Leo Glaze Suzie Slayrbsaugh Kay Meredith Lee Sherk Ronnie Arnett Terry Runkle Danny Harper Iacqie Hoffman Cafhy Love Knot 'picturedi QCOILCI QITLCIQ ,Siclney Le-Wis Bonita Woolley Gary Groninger Bruce Hogue Iackie Rudd Kathleen Chaddock Gary Harshman Conne Daine Randy Schipper David White Barry 'Tlhompson Ioyce Kroft Bobby Craig Michael Bowers Lind-a Gross Ie-ffery Timberman Doris Derring Denis Opple Richard Hiers Sara Io Roberts Iohn Gray Richard Moore Sue Bussard Steve Hammond Patricia White lohnnie Jackson Larry Hartman Linda Cox Chuck Drudge Michael Wise loyce Hfatfield Steve Sausarnan Dennis 'Spice Kenneth Moudy PAGE A-B giraf gm e Randtaltl Burns Diane Bradway Terry Munplhy Detbo-rath Conrad Marion Kendall 'Richard Utter Penny Swope Ialmes Rogers Andy Woods Carol Bowen Arnold Doering Lynn Iackson Mina Eiltts Perry Cushman -Sara Iarre McC1ougxhan Wayne Arnett Howard Shewman Bonnie Hiers 'Gary Funk Linda Swartz Linda Howard Wayne Gross A Peggy Utter Sandra Flohr Victoria Overton Rodney Sevterns Linda Lewis Peter Sanders 'Colleen Whittenberger Iames Willard PAGE '45 grdf gl'a6!e Carol Reed Larry Swihart Sandra Nicodemus Shirley Hunter Gerald Ienkins Marlyn Smith Rick E, Shafer Barbara Barnes Barbara Ruff Allen Bowman Janice White Steven Maggart Danny Groninger Joyce Maby Steplhen Ellis Iudy Funk Nancy Buckheister Teddy Cox Marilyn Overlander Kim Lewis Connie Hiers 'Ilhomas Sayger Nancy Frye Kerrvick Deardorrff Barbara Eaton Benny Murphy Vickie Carpenter Ronnie Huffman .SZAOOK QPJOILIQQ Mesdames Martin, Iones, Meredith. Thompson Each day our cooks prepared meals for about 400 including themselves: and it takes a good cook to eat her own "vitt1es." Mr. Becker Mr. Crockett f Mr. Becker found shoveling tons of coal a Wearisorne task. ,, In addition, he and Mr. Crock- ett Walk, miles sweeping and dusting. Diefzen's Bakeries, Inc., H2-I23 West Jackson Street, Kokomo, Indiana BE HOLSUM, LOOK HOLSUM, BUY HOLSUM PACE 50 .S?ucL1nf Cinurzfl' Pres.. Ross Burdge Sponsor. Mr. Denton Qu" .wfudwnf L fll' . N mdx ' gnu hx Il ' mmkv X1 c1fw'1s'm 11, 53, T 4 A . s A V, ww M-N x w ,,11dw:x.N I. w 1 Wm, fd so . V,,, .... S130 f: N1 I uv n Q 5 'lf Q , L, "1 inu-11, 011113 gi: jf FZ-v.s.s Editor, Sharon Boyer Sponsor, Miss Colberi Izzy- i 'fmt '21'- Awrfu f' mn- fm' 1111-wrt 1 pm-10d ofq111eXtforTl1vstL1dx 11 w Y ' N M-1"11'-7.2 All Inf-1: "I1IY.1f'9'WUTVWI1lOSStd IH r -Uildlflkl tho school papvr ul I lfU"l"LCll lftlflfl Ql"f5 0l"8 Clll APE? 5 ' O 17 ,7 l PACE 52 For a while the school office was near wrecked as Melba, Sharon, and Sandy invaded if for experi- ence ix oflrse work. Before long they gave us great help by typing and mimeographing fe s f s, checking papers, and geieral office work. New l k::w theres a book in the lzbrary thai will help me Wifh fhis assiahmehif' Sure The librarians were hear by to helpg ahd if they could hot, Mr. Helfzel could assist. As we rushed down ihe South hall, many iimes We stopped af Room 9 and looked af fhe many arf projecis. There, Miss Bevingfoh has mofbiles sculpfure, rnasaues and designs. They have made many beautiful scenic pictures. There was not room on the walls to display all Work jxoduced, 1"0Cll0l".5 O! 0 QJOZLIQI1 LIZ? Editor, Ianet Hammond: Assistant Editor, Ienny Barnes ULD: Sponsor, Mrs. Waechter. QQ ..A'.'y' , 'QS' uv LJA HJC. it f-"" o Imftt md in-7 :af .ff tIff"!I1tftf'd to portray H13 6-vmttzs ot the Goopttvsiraf Yo tr 't'l1-- pwffttrwfs fffttttrwdr1f'?1d01mCFmd200611 tit-1 ot tho school, Art uttorf 1.x :tt :fin tw g lt: :gmt-tatw of 1-vary studvnt in tint book Many svniors found t-'::t::tttvw: ' kv ff-"vt f-.':t:::t:2, ,-:.1twsrrmc":w, rrtftrmxwrs and o:x1c,tmzo:'s Vtfo 'N :fix " ' :Nxt ffw idviwt P1 MFI XvW.TNf'ltffxf its st10d1ro:'fwd time J PACE 53 JA il -U F 'la w v ri 0 if TNI Xi K , X 'Q Norman Stanley. Sgt.-at-Arms: Randall Leininger. Treas.: Charles Miller, Chaplain: Mr. Cushman. Sponsor: Ross Burdge, Pres.: Larry Kuhn. Vice-Pres.: Channing Utter. Song Leader. "To create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, the school cmd the community, high standards ot Christian character" is the purpose ot the club. Sophomore, lunior and Senior boys are members at will. .760 Jsh- ygfriued or .gclea .6 un5Aine l'With love in our hearts" we successfully carried out a proaram ot im- provement ol the schoolg favors for those in nursina homes and the Rilev Hospital. Our bake sales and sock hops brouaht in some income tor use these worthy projects, Mrs. Shireman. Sponsor: Ienny Barnes, Treas.: Karen Hammond, Vice-Pres.: Betty Maddux. President: Carol Hutchinson. Recording Sec.: Sharon Boyer. Corresponding Sec.: Patsy Hartzler. Song Leader. Mr. Mathiesen. Sponsor: Dale Cox. Sentinel: Bob Kirk. Sec.: Dick Smoker. Treas.: Tom Files, Pres.: Larry Rhoades. Vice-Pres. Durina the year ol '57 and '58, the PFA. group planned a chili supper, sponsored basketball aames, and helped at the Akron Fair. The latter was d bio project that consisted ot takina veaetables and flowers and arranging them in an exhibit. u7Wu5ic ,Nadi 5A6ll"I1fl H MIXED CHORUS IUNIOR HIGH CHORUS t r if f f U AWQQQVQSB iQ HH H it Music opportunities in Akron Hloh School were opened to dll talented students throuoh chorus olnd bctnd. These oroups broudht honor to the school and enjoyment to the community through their concerts, programs, and indlvt- dudl performances. All divisions of the music de-,odrtrne-nt were under the named 4, , vs , en 5506 vt! H 42' t ,Q A . v- 1' ,5 i , S 5 is vw, u v M.:a:' Immwlr 4- M'1v.s-: Mc-rubs-rs portif,:pC1fe'd ar: sole and f mi' Q1 Ikrm- wi f.r:1I:1, ifizuf rs dad mit, but this did mo? dISC'O1lTf7k1 1 m 1 All M'Yf'1"k fw try r1"'L'f1f1' yelfxr PAFF' GIRLS' CHORUS BOYS' CHORUS M' .M Auf L x ,, my . M , x . My Q f ff J ' ' 42"'m,'f'14fff,,,,.+-" , M ' .N Mn " ,.-p-uv' AJ? ni f f E3 3? 4, ,,g1ff.L ,X FN i .J xx " il Q' X igjifg? X, 5. 3 x M X an . kiwi' Ji VM 'MN aw M ' I 1 I . . , X X A Y 'X N R +. 4' 1 xx MM X2 I ww g ,,,. ' J ' W gp fm 4 p ,,, ,W as Q is xx R K X f X w E: 4 iwwgiw-A if 1,3 ' N ukgqrx GZ Mlwwf 4 W4 X9 lm' 5 5 Q , A , W ,,, 2 , 5,5 Y ' s 2, :X ' my V ,,. A ' gg N' A',' ' K - W -f'- .2-- 9 X, E Zfwfx- x F5332 N Q g Q 5 A N7 1 - llfll' l'l'J W u E ir, In Alonu Bonnie Nancy 4 Exe To Mmss Mavis ooes the credit for flue loroe Czroup of music students. She handles the bonds, choruses, :md special groups. Conqrafulafions To Akron School Akron Exchange Bank PACE 59 IUNIOR HIGH BAND GRADE SCHOOL BAND M No 1 wmv U DE C Lai iii s :LJ 'T U ' 1-was lgj i Eu i f vp ' I I Q f 5, E K i , .e- ,' ML 7 .ga Q uf ,- Q , ,tis yi r,- aM,,,. g,. T E M5115 .2 'PN z"A 1 'A ii, i I 3 ,g 551 1 ' f 4 A Q xf Sf' .!4Ll"0lfl yQl"5 f B Conqraiulaflonsf S Cl I95 Akron Echang B lm- Ei bl' h d I89I PACE 61 en i or ya C40 .ALPOH MOD! W vQ6Ll'l'l AKRON AKRON AKRON AKRON AKRON AKRON AKRON AKRON AKRON AKRON AKRON AKRON AKRON AKRON AKRON AKRON AKRON AKRON WON 9 - LOST 9 31 AUBBEENAUBBEE 43 SLVER LAKE 31 CLAYPOOL 22 BOURBON U ROANN N KEWANNA 21 CLAY TWP. E ARGOS 32 NOBLE Z4 K4-WHY, SILVER LAKE 31 C4-Way? MENTONE 23 RHCHLAND CENTER M TALMA 33 GILEAD 29 NORTH MANCHESTER 25 FULTON 33 GRASS CREEK 30 HERCETON Complimenfs of House of Harier - Goshen, Indiana lndiana's Largest Wholesale Sporfing Goods Disiribufor unior 434 Diana JJ 6Z?"f7 Luuor L94 eam COACH - BRAD MOORE C DI f fMAIBENS CLEANERS PACE G3 5488106 JM esiioof cieefzgalfert Melba Ianel Kama Bonnie --.....wf The best in the county displdy the trophy presented to the cheer section and themselves dt the county tourney. l'. 'M QQFLCLJQF5 Peppy dhd dlert cheerleaders certainly did ledd the Wdy toward mcmy victories for the team. Nr: :A Marian Polly Kay S 51,4 M Name MILLER LEININGER UTTER SI-IEWMAN FLOHR BRADWAY BURKETT GRONINGER HARRIS SINGPIEL POWELL SRIVER WON 2 - LOST 4 Games At Bat Hits Runs Walks Percent 6 I4 2 6 I6 3 5 IO 2 6 I9 5 3 8 O 5 7 U 3 IU I 6 I5 5 4 7 2 3 8 I 6 I6 4 5 20 3 Compliments of DR. VIRGIL MILLER PACE 65 'IM 5 lContinued from Page 221 badly. My memories are for Curly fit he can remember theml and the birds. I, Sharon Boyer, being of unbelievable sound mind do hereby will and bequeath to Ienny Barnes my ability to dis- cuss things in English class. CI hope 'she doesn't get into as much trouble as I didl and to any underclassfman who thinks he -needis it, I will imy excess weight. I, Melloa Cummins, being out exceptionally sound mind do hereby twill and rbequeath my ability to get engaged in my Iunior year to Norma fHeirs, who Ifm sure will love it as much as I dog my jolb as copy editor ol the Aero and Haze to any one who has a lot ol -spare time, also my job as one oil the grade school oiflice girls to any girl who likes to sleep first period. I, Con Shewman, will my :ability to "customize and soup up" Merc's to the Kuhn Brotthers. I will my ability to stay out ot the reacth of the cops -to Bill Burkett. I will my ability to run into moving vans to Bob Burkett. fThey don't move very easii.ly.l I will to Charlie Brown my ability to keep my pants dry in Physics class. I, Charles Miller, being disturbed ol mind and 'high of spiriit, :hereby will and ordain my complete Ivy League ward- rotbe to Gary Parker, the -keys to the gallant goose to Lynn Fenimore, one ,very bad attitude to Charley Brown and lastly my ability to get to school on time to Gordon "'Buy 'em by the carton" Helttzel. I, Carol Ann Whittenberger, bequeath my treasurer's job of the Senior Class to anyone who would like to tackle it and has tfhe time. I, Jim Reed, hoping to be of sane mind, d-o write this will. I would like to 'pass on to anyone of the Iunior class who has a large resource oil patience, my position as Senior clalsts President. I, Ross Burdge, being ol questionable intelligence and battered body, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to say "not right" as well as Mr. Heltzel, to Kent Groninger, my size "30" swim trun'ks to Ted McClou-ghan, my position in front oi Mr. Deaton's desk to Dee Skillen, my last picture of Meliba M. to Gary 'Huppert and lastly, imy emerald-plated Woman Hater's Pin to Larry "Frog" Kuhn. .1411 l0gl'Cll9A .5 an eduecz tion is priceless. . . use it wisely! Q SUNOCO 5 PRODUCTS 5 COMPANY : Akron, Indiana BOOSTERS Iohn C. Glackman, M.D. Robert E. Peterson Ralph V. Iohnston Berkway Supermarket George Brown and family Taylor Shoe Store Blue Products Co.-Ianitor Supplies Riches Dry Cleaning Service Robert W. Whittenberger and family News Sentinel Coopers Store Old Dutch Mill General Store C. R. Barkman - Lincoln-Mercury Emest Nichols Zolman Standard Station A. B. Shore Clothing Company Rochester News Stand Florence's Beauty Shop Iosephine Merely McConkey Auto Salvage Adler Style Shop B 6 B Store Warner Welding Shop 6 Employees Whit Gast First National Bank of Rochester Calvin 6 Myers Hupperts Shoe Store Mr. G Mrs. Dean Utter Harvey's Dime Store Rochester Armature Neuhauser Hatcheries Hoftman's Store Ed Wilson - Men's 6 Boys' Wear Dr. Whallon Stuart Supply Enyuart Motor Sales Miriam's Beauty Shop gAmenfAaf3 "Fulton County's Leading Fashion Storev HEATING and PLUMBING WOMEN 'S APPAREL ' 5 CHIILDRENS WEAR Phone TW 543972 Main St. Ph. CA Akron Illdialla Rochester, Indiana Compliments of LIVESTOCK I-IAULING BULLS T0 LOAN MOBILIGAS -- IVIOBILOIL M-OBILHEAT Akron Phone TW 3-3062 . Akron Illdlalla Congratulations and Best Wishes Pike Lumber Company, Inc. Insured Buyers of Timber and Manufacturers of Indiana,s Finest 6'Pike Brand" Native Building Lumber Akron, Indiana Since 1904, AKRIIN LIJGKER PLANT PROCESSING SLAUGHTERING Phone TW 3-3635 Akron Indiana BEALL TIRE SHIIP U. S. ROYAL TIRES You can't buy a better tire to save your lite 606 N. Main Rochester. Indiana WILSIIII IIIIRL 81, GRAIN Rochester. Indiana Compliments oi SPIJRT SPIIT 900 South Main Rochester Indiana Compliments of MERRILL KENIJIILL Manager KROGER STORE I McHATTIIN'S Complete Line of F U R N I T U R E Big Discount to Young Couples I Phone TW 3-4915 Where Your Dollars Buy More I Akron, Indiana sm-cum BEAUIY sHuP Next to Arlington Hotel Rochester. Indiana I Specializing in Permanent. Waving. Hair Cutting and Manicures . I JEAN ANN WALTERS CA 3-2517 I I A mv' VYYY YY I Y I HASKETT 81. SMITH, ING. I I I COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE I I Rochester, Indiana EIIRL QUICK IINII SDN Everything in Fence Supplies Automatic Stock Fount-Plastic. Pipe CA 3-3015 Rochester, Indiana SWIIPE SERVIIIE STATIIIN GENERAL AUTO REPAIR MEATS - GROCERIES ICE CREAM WELDING - SICKLE GRINDING Akron, Indiana Doering Radio EG? Television iiSales With A Service MOTOROLA CAR RADIOS PHILCO REFRICERATORS RCA COLOR TV WHIRLPOOL WASHERS Akron Rochester Phone TW 3-2185 Phone CA 3-6112 Your Home for Genuine Chevrolet arts and ACCCSSOFIP NEW CARS ---- NEW TRUCKS OK USED CARS ---- OK USED TRUCKS Bahney Chevrolet Sales SERVICE FOR ALL MAKES CARS -- TRUCKS -- TRACTORS Remember -- Chevrolet, the Lowest Priced Car, is the Car that Most People Choose to Buy Greater Savings In All Future Operations N' EW COMPLETE WRIECKER SERVICE The Place Where Friends Meet Friends Akron Phone TW 3-2755 Compliments of Sheetz Funeral Home Dale and Edith Sheetz Phone TW 3-3205 Akron, lndiana Fulton County Community Sale Rochester, Indiana SALE EVERY SATURDAY No Consignment too large or too small to warrant our personal attention Compliments of ROY HOMER HUMEH SAMETT 81, SUNS Homer Sauer. Mgr- UUUPERATTVE ASSJN DEILLINXCAVSE 1TEI13AImNG R 6. W WATER SYSTEMS Memone Indiana PAYMENT PLAN Akron Ph. TW 3-2899 Compliments of lllWMAll'S BURNER Akron, Indiana Phone TW 3-2473 Compliments oi RUGK LAKE RULLERGAIJE Clarence and Theda Hairrell Phone TW 3-3255 Akron Indiana MANITUU MUSTU UU. 923 East 9th EVERYTHING IN MUSIC Phone CA 3-1307 Rochester Indiana Compliments of TRAVIS IMPLEMENT STURE "Your Iohn Deere Dealer" Rochester Ph. CA 3-2301 Compliments of SUTTER'S DAIRY Max Gearhart Akron Ph. 3-3555 MR. NED J. SMITH ANIJ SUNS BREEDER OF AYSI-IIRE CATTLE Dealer oi PIONEER SEED CORN and HY-LINE CHICKENS Akygn Indiana GAMBLlN'S FURNITURE - APPLIANCES FLOOR COVERING 805 Main St. Ph. CA 3-2114 Whse. Store 116 W. 9th Street Rochester I1'lCliUI1CI Compliments of The RAGKET IUST GOOD CLOTHES FOR MEN AND BOYS Rochester indium Compliments of NEFF 81. MURPHY IUMBER UUMPANY WE BUY TIMBER AND HARDWOOD LUMBER Akron Indiana Phone TW 3-4035 Congratulations and Best Wishes INUIANA METAL PRUIJUGTS UU. Manufacturers of SHEET METAL, MACHINE and WOOD SCREWS Thread -- Cutting and Seams Phillips -- Clutch -- Slotted -- Hex On Route 31 Rochester Indiana HARPER'S SERVIUE GOODYEAR TIRES 81 BATTERIES Phone TW 3-9155 Compliments of RUYLUN 'INSURANCE AGENCY Phone TW 3-3715 Akron Indiana Akron I"dia'1a A s BAXTER URUUS AND PEUPIES PHARMACY Congratulations WI-he Milk with the Bird PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS On the Mail Box" Rochester UEAN MILK UUMPANY . Indlana Rochester, Indiana Compliments of K El M sumaf nmnv FARM EQUIPMENT GULLIGAN SUFT WATER SERVICE Rochester and Akron Compliments of AKRUN NEWS Auto 81 Truck Farmer's Liability Life - Hospital Fire - Windstorm - Hail INSURANCES HERSGHEL FENSTERNIAKER R. R. 2 Akron, Indiana 'Compliments of R. B. HARIAN CIRCLE H COAL RANCH Akron, Indiana Compliments of YOUR FRIENDLY FORD DEALER SUUIEI ENR NIUTURS RALPH SHEWMAN Phone TW 3-4591 Akron, Indiana JIM LEWIS, DEALER Phone TWT 3-4705 Akron, Indiana Compliments of ARTER'S DRUG STURE Phone: Store TW 3-2021 House TW 3-4625 A3 your service day or night Akron Indiana Compliments of LEWIS SRIVNRE UU. Jeanette - Elmer - Sidney Kim Lewis MN LESNINGER 80 SUNS DEPENDABLE MERCHANDISE At Reasonable Prices Akron, Indiana MANITCU FARM EQUIPMENT Clay Smith, Owner YOUR FORD TRACTOR DEALER Rochester, Indiana i 4 AKHCN AUTCMCTIVE ELECTRIC Howard Philabaum, Owner AIR COOLED ENGINES I LAWN MOWERS CHAIN SAWS t AUTOMOTIVE ELECTRICAL SERVICE Compliments 1419 Main St. Ph. CA 3-5310 Phone TW 3-2735 uutuu rturrrurur dn. , YOUR INTERNATIONAL DEALER F ll Li 1 MACHINER3, REIERIGERATION AND PARTS Phone TW 3-3815 Lorin 6 lack Stucker Phones: TW 3-3535 6 TW 3-2772 Akron Indiana Akron Indiana Compliments of ar W- S- HARRIS INSURANCE AGENCY H lfmd MODERN DICK DRUDGE msURANcE PROTECTION Standard Uil Products 616 Main Sffee' Rochester Indiana SCHULTZ BHCS. CC. K THE BIG 56 TO 51.00 STORE Complimenls of School Stationery Boys' .md Girls' Clothing WALTER wufgmgg Toiletries I The Finest In Candies t 1. W. GUTKNECH-f. Mgr. BARBER SHUI' Rochester Indiana at E 1,1 O 1,,,,-,-A R S 6 e Kuuus ruurrurrrr stuns Gust Furniture Banter ' Rochester YOUR l ALLIS-CHALMERS GOOD FURNITURE , RUGS - CARPETS 1 DEALER WESTINGHOUSE - MAYTAG 1 Rochester Indiana APPLIANCES FANSLER LUMBER GU. W Compliments of '6One-bmp" Building Service Complete line gf BUILDING MATERIALS PAINT MIALLWOARIQ Nlfs worth your while ROOFING and SIDING , to stop at Wilesi' APPLIED Phone CA 3-2151 Rochester Indiana Rochester Indiana Compliments of 1 PARK WAY RGGY SHGP FARMERS ANG AAERGHANTS BANK i Rochester and Kewanna I 24-HOUR WRECKER SERVICE Member of Phone CA 3-5017 Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. DIAMONDS WATCHES I W SH-VERWARE --e- LIGHT HEAT POWER f I X51 i X f 1 ruunn cnumv tn. E. M. n. xj V' ,V Q 1 A W Rochester-Indiana Rochester, Indiana i Complimenfs of HUPPERT SHGE STGR ATHENS GARAGE ANG SHGE REPAIR L, ALT, pmp, GELUXE GRY GLEANING AGENCY Athens Indiana A AKRON INDIANA V I' 'll Member of the Class of 1958 H A Most Successful Career. MOYER EQ? HAUPERT Funeral Home A kron, Indiana Walgamuth Pony Farm Mr. and Mrs. Fred Walgamuth and Sons Phone TW 3-4521 Akron, Indiana Compliments of Sealed Power Corporation Manufacturers of all types of CYLINDER SLEEVES Rochester, Indiana The Farm Store PURINA CHOW S WEED KILLERS BABY CHICKS RED BRAND FENCE FARM AND POULTRY SUPPLIES CERTIFIED SEEDS Akron Indiana Phone TW 3-4355 For Your Every Need MISHLER Get more out of life attend a movie at the TIMES THEATER or the LAKE SHUHE UHIVE Rochester, Indiana STOP - LOOK and READ SHIRE Before you take any medicine -whether it be a prescription or a home drug - STOP . . . Loox . . . and READ me label! Phone , Know WHAT you are taking C0l'l'lpllIIlCl'ltS Of . . . and what you are taking it - for! Know HOW it should be TW 3 3341 taken . . . and take it accord- ing to directions. The direc- Ak ' t' s are for your guidance T011 d protection. They are neat- K ly typed on o prescription - ' 1 ben then d by sc a A Indlmm t p lo p t blt t' Compliments of RAlPH'S l.V. Xa APPUANUES Rochester, Indiana TW 3-3104 TW 3-3105 SLAYBAUGH AND SUNS Specializing in IJIVESTOCK HAULTNG Since 1925 Lewis X1 Richard Akron, Ind. KARL SAST GUMPANY WESTINGHOUSE and MAYTAG APPLIANCES HEATING and PLUMBING Akron Indiana Compliments of EAT RITE SAFE "Where the gang all meet to eat' Davis and Parker 9 Congratulations to 1958 AHS 'Grads from l0SBIJhiII8 and IIIBUUUIB RUIIIIISUII of , , --.. ,. -,, ....,, -.. ,,... , ,nv . , ,, . I H..- AA. . Md.-. A4.,.....4.m...A... .... -M ,,..-..,..,....-..,. ....... -QA .......... ,....x. LwMMMw,,M A,, ,Nw ,,.,,, I ,W T WA-...,.-,.,..,,.---,, Pekingese Yard Kennels Cherry Street, Akron, Ind. Phone Akron TW 3-4065 AKC Registered Pekinese Puppies JllNE'S IMPLEMENT GU., INC. IHC FARM EQUIPMENT INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS Phone CA 3-2131 Rochester, Indiana IHELAN 81. BAUM, INC. Akron, Indiana GRAIN -- FEED -- SEED BUILDING MATERIAL and HARDWARE sl K Q- 4T"Ear: ' . .3- "ff 3 ' Q' 516- J'3"13P::Lv!ifwEf'S4i' ..!4lfLt0gl"6Ll0A5 94' ng, . I . 4 . v 'xx- f. 'H , vm 1 f v 1, , rf' k MJ, 1 15, Q 2.1, -if-42 , ' slag -mg NL , ,cym.' 1 , ., .3,.z...r, -u-, fmmfa ,, A 5" TW' :vm -1 1 F a x Ill' - -kg--P' 9, "' wig Q 1 if f . V wg W-uf , 1 3 -. .. 1' ' ,Y 5- ., , ww -, Q 1 ,. 5 ,, ' , bww 5 S1 0 W E, -'jf' " ,UN - 1, r'-vu, W pw .Mx ,V .xg V 3' 'N .. ,...,,, - Q 9,45 ?4r,A"L, f, in 1 4 Gx ww hae!-M . ,A " Gnu " .., . W Q. -vm' -.. 3-S H-w "'L- Wo- A . f , .f , Q, K 1 , 0- ,. W... .gj nf :QL 5, 1 ,dl 6 'Q' 1' 3...,Y-F 4, ' . W , .,. ,i ,., M In ,"'A -,q,5m,,H4V 4 pi 'Q Q rift' M., , an , 0 W H: 2 A "' 1 W A Q K .. - r 2- -Q' - .5 . 3 was ,C 3, ',.-, ' . .A , g - .,' I , 4 -. 1 'L A 1' 0 -W W 0 . 'f L a I J bm Q W ' MT' .. ,M , if 'Q ' ""'?"' A 'ml' i .vm az: If sf' --'Q' A .K 2 - WW 1 ,WW 'Q-aZf','u'5aff':av' .wif 59 -fr-W rim: N. ff? ww 7' W 'Wi P? A k I . mggmgff if y 'Nw at f. yfsgu M , i mf.. W- 2' V, . . .pry JW f 5 'ffff , ' V K 293525-f 1544: Q4 ,-. swag! "

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