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E Q an 1 9 23 if X I I E 5. H E eu i 'fr I 1 if :N X 45 ,A - f 4 O A 3 1 8 1, ' --. . ,an s .TQ-x A 'J 'sq' W4-.AKRN 'N ' Q fAf'fx,. ,'-' ki P A mf. ' 5,-Iii vzbw V . R..-qs If K' 4 .., ' 2,1 Q Z Q-wr ax.. ,.V f is-Wfi 1-If., V724 t ,, Hb - . :CIS : - - ,- , -me - NL . , f ,Q , .. . - ., , ug' ,,.. Vg . s . 1, , K ,,.5 ,.,,, V -. 5 A - Q f' Q - -1 . -nj, . .f.'..,,,1 ,,,., .gg - -,. :fAg.g,,.- 3 , ' A - 'P' 5.--.1-44, 1 Av., fri:-y..,f:zl wxs?Eg' ,', , f. -gQ 4 , ,,, -' jfffiijn-K, Je, .A -Lf - V ,Lady ,nge T f Z K 3- ur -f' ,Q o 4' 9 ' tx: 9.9 fi ?'f.,,,. Q. J an Q.-IZ - ig,-r J- f- '5LF'4 L:-1 J 6 ' 'img-f? LI? ' K34',.qQg - -jf L4g,,'v ' m.,,, -'5-' 'K'-Q ,W s gi - -, Av, 4- f 'T' q'3 .-Ou 'l r 1 , - -av- . Q ,- , -Lv . 4 J '.'k ' ' its .'A Q' -4 ' H ' Q' W '.s U -qs, - J . nw' ll 1,453 Jw r ,' f 'af' 3 ..f Nf ,ffyf --M J.. 4 f -- ,V . 1, . ww A 4 F .A K., ' 3' -0 ' ., . - . ' v s jk' yf' . - Lis -. .:' 3, 5, , v ' Ek ' K X Ast, 535--5 5 7aA c'..: wi . , izaff-. - , , , ,, . , .- ' ,, Q ' 4, 'il Hx av. ' N- ff v ' , - . '?v':- 5 't ' . '2.'1'Yg-'M ' i.'5s.'L ' ' 1 'T.: T' I ' - ' Ax , :H-,lk . - Q' :Q -' 4' A Bs, 'lar 4 ,-'Q'-J ' ' Y , ' 'v N ' - ' ,'- -' ' - 7: A -,.. 4-,,J1- ',1ix7',L:Tf, ' ?5 '1 5 ' , '-f 'sz-Q ' A 'gg if 'W - ' L .'7'.m7'- ' ' U- .. A--'. - ., 0' 143' 'il - , 4- .Af-' ' - . 4 ' 1' ' 4 v W g ' ' -.- .-'Z rf 9 e- - - ' 'Q ,??'- 'A Lf f f gig' If 2I1f25,fl- x '. I , 1 ' ' A -1-fag. -M .gh , I- T ,.'..,:-uns.:-2--W . 91:1 a ,fv,,.. - .A . ' --KLA A. gf , - - '. - ' ' .9Q'f- -'--.ff - Af A ia 2 - - f F ' 2 ' . ' -Z N ' f . - . . - ' , 'f-76 ' x, -we 'j,.5' - Jvfgfi . '. ,, QP- , .Ji '4-- - - - I 'f- Q. ,. ' . x W ', .v , 2 f',,, - . -N. '. x ' ' - -8 H1-H P 'sf P+' '-21-sh -- f:ff ' +1 -. - -- moo. E' 37410 -I - ' ' I-b3'?fk30--1 f ,A 4 -' - - f 1-Qing ' . -J , U . , . - A -,f 52 . .. r . 1 ' ?' 'f A f 'p fXe ' '-' ' '15 .. BV' z '- K' -45, ' . ' ' 6 ,Q , 6 ,W 3.- ARF. I Q.: 'Y' .jf Lf., -M I .:, ' ' , -I, -' 1' . , N 'Q ' ' '11- -'A ' K ,-.av fvf--1 ,- . ' , -1 - ,. , 4 -, .3 ., p,.vh mira .,'.gf,,v. .YJ - ,a 4- , 1 A . ,- o . rf , - . . nn' - -.. N- A 1 .- -V ,Q ',,,n L.. v .,'-- ' - f 4 . , fs- 3 ,if h . K . Lbknxry :Lf L5 ffg., A , - ., 3, - - . - - - .M ,, 4 0 as -1. .- '-' s V'-' ' ',,..l'- ' -,.'- -3.4 - ' K J 'Galle Wkroiz .Wiglz School Seniors Uf 1 95 7 .iuresent 'IVIENIUIIIES IIIIE IVIIIIJE UF THIS FORWARD The rnusIcaI theme was Chosen because as musk: changes Irorn year to year we chanae, too, From the minuet to the Charleston, and on down Ihrouah the years Io the invigorating Rook and RoII . In our own Iives we too have grown from the Isi arade and I'RocIc A Bye Babyu to our Iast and IinaI yeear. Yes, our MEMORIES ARE MADE OE THIS . IT HIIII TII BE YUU Dedication . . In appreciation for the interest and encourage- ment exercised in the past six years, we the Senior Ciass, dedicate the Golden Haze of I957 to our sponsor, Miss Imogene Mavis. 2 HTHHUUGH THE YEARS INDEX ADMINISTRATION HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY CLASSES SENIORS IUNIORS SOPI-IOMORES FRESHMEN 8th GRADE 7th GRADE GRADE SCHOOL FACULTY 6th GRADE Sth GRADE 4th 6. 5th GRADE 4th GRADE 3rd GRADE Znd GRADE Ist CS 2nd GRADE lst GRADE ACTIVITIES MUSIC SPORTS 3 MR. CUMBERLAND, OUR TRUSTEE The Senior Class of l957 wish to extend their thanks to Mr. Cumberland for the Work he has done in making the school better and the surroundings prettier. HAIL TU THE IlHElF MR. DEATON, OUR PRINCIPAL ' Throuh our four years in high school Mr. Deaton has helped us to conquer our troubles and inspired us to our triumphants. We Seniors Wish to express our sincere thanks for the assistance given by Mr. Deaton from our Green Years to our Graduation Days . MR. ROUCH OUR COUNTY SUPERINTENDENT In this, his 24th year of continuous service, We wish to thank Mr. Rouch for his helpfulness. Mr. . Rauch cooperates with our school, offering help- ful advice concerning our many problems. 4 FRIENDLY PEHSUllSlUN High School Faculty 'Qi Mr. Gordon Heltzel Alcrrr ini-We Mxritli :fer Cillfh' BS Tnugh' 7 yeirs Chextizrry Eiglisr Librzry Miss Mable Bevington 36lU Raymcrzzl Avenue Fort Wayne, Indiana BS. iii Educate: Mcnchesfer Ccllege Taught 12 years Arf :sid English Mr. Wcxyne Gilbert Yuger R R l Craigsvzlle, lnjiisiti BS. Mfzrzihcrsfor CDlli'3il Tcuqhf l yec r Gecgraphy Czvgff Priysgczf Eiuccf lrlealfh Mrs. Marion Dyer Rural Route 5 Rochesfer, lndsn Albion College University of Chicag AB Taught lO years Speech :id English M 3: Imogene Mavis 307 Vv'i.f.' l2fh .l'.iir,iir l' 5.1111 HS M'11.'3 M1:'i:liLf'1'T CDH-Z-i Tiuqih' ll yi-77: Riri :Wi Cfxcrri Mr. Roy E. Meredith R R 2 X Akron lndnane AB, M.S. lniicirz Ur11vor.s1fy Tauzhf 25 yezrs lfi Arrifg Hps':ry 'zr l M152 Mrs. Mary Ginn lUU9 E. Qin Street Rcchesfcr lY.'lI iY.fT Bill SU' TC-iii Ccliciuf BS MA 'liizrzh' I4 yr- 1 l:1lF.':', 1 l'l'lQ' Mr. Lawrence Cushman Akron, Indiana B.S. Ball State Taught 5 yea: Bioloay, Science ani Psychology Mrs. Grace Waechter Akron, lnalianfi Manchester Colleae Butler University A.B. Tauahit 2l years Latin, Mathematics Mr. Alfred F. Mathiesen HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY Mrs. Noreen Erlenbach ers' HR. l Silver Lake, lndianc' BS lniiana State Teach College Tauahi 2 years Elementary Music Mr. Iohn Alden Wilcox HR. l Mooresxzlle, lnolzano MS. lnoliana State Teach College Tauaht 8 years Math., Physical Education, Coach Mrs. Martha Shireman Akron, lridiani: Akron, lnflzana Wzsconszn Colleaf Purdue University Purdue Urttverszty HS, lvlanchcstcr College lenght 2 ye B.E lnlozne Econoni Tauaht l8 years Industrial Arif: Aariculfure Mr. Waldo L. Adams Akron, lndiana Manchester College University ol Chicago AB, B.M. Tiiuaht 23 years History and Social Studies if 'T' HGHADUATIUN DAYS SE N I 0 R S fl 7 SENIUBS1 Ron :ld Kuhn Horace Barnes Hi-Y 2,345 Clfzss Se: Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Vcrsliy 3 3, Pres 45 Cheer l.e::sl- 4, lrlfxze Stall 45 Pl y er 3, Haze Skill 45 Band CHS' 3, 45 Trclek 3, 4 l, Z, 3, 45 Chsrus l, 2, Sfuiierzf Ceuicil 3, 4 3, 4, Mlxefl Cherus l, 2 Fifi Ufher 3. 3, 4, Pliy Cdr 3, 4, Pvczti 3. Marcia Renee Meredith Surwshghe 2, 3, 4, V Pres 3, Soriq Leader 45 Haze Siczfl Associefe Editor 3, Eclifor 4, Band l, 2, 3, 45 Che.ub l, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Play Ccsf 3, 45 Class Repsrfer 25 Blue Nefes 3, 4, Biff. Usher 3 Larry Krieg Class Pres. l, Z5 Sfuclerri Council 45 Plriy Cas! 3, 45 Versify 3, 45 Softball l, 2, 3, 45 Baseball l, 2, 3, 4, Vcllevbzll 2, 3, 45 Track l, 2, 3 4, Baskef- bzzll Kgig 3, Chorus i, 2, 3, 45 Mgxed Chorus l, 2 3, 4, H1-Y 2, 3, 4, SQfrGfeAfITIS 35 Haze Simi 4, C:::1:r1f-rlceruefzf Utiflif 3 Helen Elaine Huppert Surzshzfte 2, 3, 4, H1 ericm 45 Aero Sell 4 Hixze Sfcrli 4, B225 l 2, 3, 4, Ziii Sgt 4, Ch tus l, 2, 3, 45 Mzx Chcfxisa 2, 3, 4, Flex Circ? 3, 4, Blue :fig 3 4. Leroy Kirk FFA 3 4, Reporter 4 Hue Sifill 4, Sh Ferewl-rm l, 2, 35 I-lifY 3 4 SENIURS Ronald Iones l0hl'l Gllbeff l-li-Y 2,3,4, Class Sas. 6- Treas. lg V. Pres. 2, Varsxty 3, 4, Haze Stall 4, Chorus l, Play Cast 3, 4, Track l, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Scif- ball l, 2, 3, 4, Vcllcy ball 2 3 4, Ca111:11Erif9- IIlSITf Usher 3 Barbara Cshriverl Iohnson Surisnxrie 3, 4 Press :lent 4, Sfudeif Coutu- r':l 2, Ae-rc Sfafl 4, Haze Siaff 4, Chorus l 2 3, 4, Mixed Chcrus 3 4, Play Cast 3, 4, C:r11r11er1cer11or1f Ushsr 3, Basketball Queen 2 Ernie Smoker Gilead FFA l 13, Play Case 3, Tvs.-14 1, T 4 H 2 D 1+ 2, Saltball 1, 2, 3, hw lb V V1 Akron Haze Siatl 4, J 2 S 3 VC! 3 4 RFA4 3 D14 S'Vall2 SENIUHS 'ohn W. Ramsey Sill Ward HPY 2' 31 Varsity 3' 41 H1-Y 2, 3, 4, Chaplain Haze sm 4, Play ces: 41 C1255 Tfeawef 3l 41 3' 4, TTU:-k ly 2' 3' 4, Aera Sic1fl4, Haze Stall Vslleybjp 3 4, Play Cast 3, 4, Can- feer. Manaaer 3, 4 Te' Rebecca Oliver Cheer Leader l, Aero Stall 4, Haze Staff 4, Band 2, 3, 4, lst Sat. 4, Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Play Cast 3, 4, Class Report- er l, 3, 4, Blue Notes 3, 4. Bob Hattery Sfafl 4, Chorus l, Mix- , f1O.U Play Cas' 3, 4, Cam- mencezueii Usher 35 flezit Ceuhcll Reporter Karel E. Hollingsworth Haze Stall 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Play Cast 3, Siu- clenf Council Chairman 4 Charles Davxd Saner 'We 'a. - A my SENIUHS Carol Skillen Helen Louise Wood Class Sec. 6. Trees. 2, Suishine 2, 3, 4 His- Sec. 4, Haze Sfcll 4, forzzzn 3, Cheer Leader Play Cast 4, Sfudertf l, Aero Stcfl 4, Haze Council l V Pres 3. Staff 41 B375 l' Z! 3x 4: 2511i Lieuf 4, Chcfus l 2 3 4, lflxed Chsrus 2. 3 4, Play C5151 3, 4, Blue Ncfas 3, -1, Carn- rzmfricrneit Uslmfr 7 Mlke Colbert Paul Leonard Murphy Class Officer V. Pres, HPY 2' 3' 41 A975 5lUll 2, Haze sagff 4, Band 2, 42 FF-A 31 4 Tffvs 4: 3' 4? Ccpmm 4 Stcxcze Mgr. 3, 4, Slu- Iocelyn Moore Genavee COX butiinzie Z, 3, 4, A-:ro Aer- sw 4, H129 Sfalf gffff llvlilgllifd fl , T20 4: Plav Cast 4, Baci. '-WA ' W ' 24' Usher 3 Cilcrus l, 2 3, -1, Mix- ed Chorus 2 3, 4, Play Cast 3, 4, Blue Notes 11 SENIUHS AX l x ggvi'-'gk 45. Y'lNd'l'?' Class Ulliciers CAROL SKll.l.EITl Q 'a'1-'ity IOHN GILBERT Rox Lee Exler O wer Powell HAY 2 3 4, Cie'-iw H.-Y 2 3 4, Hfwris Sic.. init' S, Aer: Sffff' 4, 4, Bjwiil I 2 3 4, Chi- ,ah l-lin? Sift 4, Chime Z 'Qs 2 3, Fl' A 4, T'N1fK Q 3 4, lvlixfi C5371 1 '3 l, 2, Bin'-lull 1 2 3 4 4, PHX' CSS' 4 S?f'b'1ll l, Z, A 4 Norma Szcks Donna Rose Clark 4, l,1b i ,' Sift 4, AW: gif. 4, H125 f-- , ,N A lim 246 --me 1956 -1957 TON KUI-lil l3'951fffk' Blll WAHU V1:v Ptcfszdcrql Tfefrszirdz 4'T'T'l'Fi.' . 'f 7' ff H 1 . Q -- HMUMENTS T0 llEMEMllEll The story of the graduating class of 1957 is really some- thing. .As years have gone by, people have watched us do everything from performing in those famous operettas to having a mock election in our senior year. Now these same spectators are watching us as we venture out into this big world. Twenty-two of us have been togetfher for the full twelve years. These are as follows: Bill Ward, Iohn Ramsey, Oliver Powell, Paul Murphy, Helen Wood, Marcia Meredith, Barbara Shriver, Carol Skillen, Helen Huppert, lill Ault, Donna Clark, Genavee Cox, Charles Saner, Don Fellers, Bob Hattery, Ronnie Kuhn, Iohn Gilbert, Larry Krieg, Rex Eiler, Horace Barnes, Ron Iones, and Leroy Kirk. To go back to the very beginning, wihich started in 1945, there were 48 little angels under the watchful eyes of Mrs. Sisulak -and Miss Heltzel. lt was all very new and 'te qui lfiascgnoting to us but we soon settled down and tried very ar o remember those ABC s. Aflef Sl'-ldtfiflg our ABC's quite hard, in 1946, we found ourselves confronted with another new adventure, the second grade. Under the leadership of Miss Swick and Mrs. Bevington, we continued learning our three r's. Say, do you remember the days when we went over to Mary Beik's and bought candy with our precious pennies? All ready we were in our third year wit-h Miss Showalter and Miss Swick at the head of our classes. Do you all re member those terrible multiplication tables that were drilled into us for so long? At last we were upstairs and what a thrill! The fourth grade teachers were Miss Swick and Mr. Brewer with 45 future seniors in the classes. Say, one question to you sen- iors, did you ever have the urge to slide down that big long banister? I did! The fifth year of our schooling was really a big one! After Christmas vacation, we moved over into the brand new grade school. Miss Rose, Mrs. Becktelheimer, and Mrk Brewer helped us to become accustomed to our new build- ing. Mrs. Brewer prepared us for moving over into the high -school in our sixth year. Another big event in our lives that year, 1950, was the annual operetta, In The Land Of Dreams Come True. Steve Krieg, Ron Kuhn, Helen Huppert, and Marcia Meredith were four of the main characters, with the rest of the class backing them up. Remember the magic- berries ? Seventh grade and were we lost! All those rooms and stairs. man, we were in a dither! Our sponsor for that year was Mr. McCarter. There were 40 of us roaming around the high school building tryng our best to get to classes on time. Our eight years of school weren't much more than a pre- paratory course for the four years of high school. Our big moment in that year was our eighth grade graduation. Miss Mavis and Mr. McCarter gave us our diplomas. At last the big and wonderful high school and there we were as greenies! Our sponsors were Miss Mavis and Mr. McCarter who helped us through our first year of high school. Our class officers for our Freshman year were the following: President, Larry Krieg, Vice-President, Bob Hat- tery: Secretary-Treasurer, Ron lones. Koleen Yimeigh, Bill Iones, Steve Krieg, Charles Martin, Rose Flohr, and Pat Kelly lefft us in this year. Thirty-seven of us stumbled through our first year Latin and Algebra. S.S.S. and Hi-Y came to us in ou' Sophomore year includ- ing those horrible initicrtions. Our :lass officers for that year were the following: President, Larry Krieg: Vice-President, Ron Jones: Secret-ary-Treasurer, Carol Skillen.'Kay Landis, Betty Parker, and Gene Harper left us in this year. We had our first of many money-making projects, an all-school skat- ing party. It was a huge success despite the many falls and spills that occurred. At last to our own amazement we were juniors and having Miss Mavis and Mr. Parker as sponsors. Early in the year we elected class officers which were the following: Presi- dent, Bob Hatteryg Vice-President, Mike Colbertg Secretary, Ron Kuihng Treasurer, Bill Ward. Class rings to choose, magazines to sell, and selling att the canteen during the ballgames took up a lot of our time. To entertain the community, we chose three one act plays: Be- ware the Bear , T-he Storm , and The Trystring Place , with Mr. Parker to dire-ct them. Putting aside the first night jitters, we all had a good time doing the plays and also at the party afterwards. Remember the bets that were on dur- ing the plays! Another big event was the Iunior-Senior Re- ception at the Key Hotel art which we all seemed to have a good time. Sue Tilden left us in that year and two new mem- bers, Mike Colbert and Dick Shamp, joined our class. Our eagerness to become seniors soon came to an end as we entered this, the twelfth year of schoo1..lt isn'ft as much fun to be a senior as our underclassmen might think it is. For, now, you hold memories of bygone years and think of all the things you'll have to face in the years to come. Oh, yes, don't think it isn'ft fun to be a senior, but being one is far better than having been one. The becoming of seniors came under the guidance of Miss Mavis and Mr. Heltzel as sponsors with Mr. Deaton as Prin- cipal. As we glanced over our list of seniors, we found that there had been a slight change in the number, from thirty- four in our lunior year to twenty-eight in our Senior year. About our first class meeting we elected our officers for our final year. They are as follows: President, Ron Kuhn: Vice-President, Iohn Gilbertg Treasurer, Bill Wardg and Secretary, Carol Skillen. Marilyn Fenstermaker, Bonnie Wentzel, Charlene Iunhin, and Dick S-hamp left us in our Senior year and Ernie Smoker returned. It wasn't too long after school had started until play prac- tice began with Mr. Heltzel directing the plays. Again we gave three one-act plays and again there were the first night jitters. The names of the plays were Station YYYY7, The Ieweled Hand', and Goodnight Please. Our play practices at times were a little hectic, but we managed-to put on the plays with proceeds running into a very nice figure. Out of our class, we have had the honor to have spon- sored several Basketball Kings and Queens. They have been Horace Barnes, Larry Krieg, Iohn Gilbert, Barbara Shriver, and Erma I-lartzler. 4 Trimming the Christmas tree and assembly, producing an annual, lunior-Senior Reception, and the annual Senior Trip were also very big operations in our last year. On May 17, 1957, there were 23 diplomas handed out to us and we knew that this was it! We were now on our ow-n to make the best of our lives in what ever career we had chosen. X The class colors - Royal Bluie and White Flower - Carnation Motto - What we are is a gift from God. - What we are to be is a gift to God. This concludes the history of the Class of 1957. We, the Seniors, hope that you will gain as much pleasure out of reading this as we have in making it. 1 H I 1 ' 1 1 ' IT ISN'T HElL I couldnit 'help reflecting, as I laid aside the morning issue of 'the World Times. that only seven years ago Paul Murphy had grad-u-ated with the class of '57, now here he was, tthe edlltor of this world-wide syndicated newspaper. I wonder how his classmates have fared. So saying, I picked up my hat, went out, and was about to hail a cab when a Ford Fllatihead V8 hot rod, comiplete with dual manifold, headers, and special ignition pulled up beside me and the driver asked if he could take me someplace. Charles .Saner! I exclaimed. Yeah, I guess I can',t leave cars alone, he grinned. As I settled myself in tlhe front seat I asked 'him if he knew any- thing about this classmlates, Not m-udh. I do know Donna Clark and Karel I-lollinfgswonth fhave the K Gr D Dress Shop dhain specializing in petit sizes. Norma Sicks married and is still living in Akron. As we came to the mddle of -the block, a shapely, honey- haired dtamsel wearing dark glasses 'turned the corner ahead of uis. I had gotten a glimpse of her and ordered Charles to speed up and catch lier before she disappeared. This woman was Lili Oarla Sohillen, the renown actress tirom Vienna, she had 'told reportersl who disliked fans and uwahntted to be lef' alon'. I had seen her pictures in the paper this morning, the face was familiar and I was positive I knew 'her from somewthere, but I couldn'rt recall when or wlhere. Her hurrying footsteps were no match for the car, though, and we were beside her in a matter of seconds. Opening the car door, I asked her if perhaps she would care to ride instead of -tiring 'herself walking. Aw, turn blue! she replied and duacked inlto an alley and was soon out of sight. 'Dhen it came to me! Lili Carla was none otfher than hily Cfarol Sklillen back at AHS. From Vienna yet, I dhuckled. .Back in the car, I turned on the radio and was nearly deafened by an advertisement for Smoker Smoked Sausages. Ernie was doing very well with his business, thanks to Bar- bara Shriver Iohnson, a westdcoast housewife who had sold him her sausage recipe lor a large sutm of money. With that money she hlad backed a struggling clothes designer, now, Iill Aulrt was acclaimed by iashlion experts all over tlhe world. Bat she wasnt exclusively a clothes designer. She ilhxsftrated books and was currently in Madrid with an ex- hibition of her charcoal drawings. lust then I remermlbered a small item in the morning paper saying she would return today, so Charles and I raced to Gill:-ert's airport. Hahn had struck oil wlhile digging around and had donated part of his millions for the avirportl As the passengers left the plane, they regrertfzully said their farewells to the pretty stewardess, Helen H-uppent, and the pilots, Larry Krieg and Ronnie Iones. Finally, Iill ap- peared and after a flurry of greetings, I asked her what she knew about her classmates. Everything, she answered and rattled oft in rapid succession that: Ill Ioycelyn Moore- had gone to Paris to study music but was distracted by a Frenah sculptor. Now she's married and giving sculpturing lesson: t2l Don Fellers was a matador in Spain, t3l Bill Ward was a diplomatic courier and she had met him in Madrid where they had luncvhed together and exchanged information about their classmates. Wvhile on a mission to Britain, Bill had met Rex Eiler who had lived so long in London that he spoke with a clipped British accent - a charming combination with that red hair and regal name. 'Ilhen flying to Africa, Bill had met Leroy Kirk w-ho was on missionary dusty there. I-Ie had directed Bill to Bob I-IatJtery's lodgings. fBob was an explorer and big-game hunter along with 'his friend, 'Iack'.l The two men had lunched together and Bill informed Bob that Becky Oliver, having become disgusted with civilization and its gustration, had gone to Haiti and become a 'calypso-voodo ancer. Having told Oharles and me all she knew, Iill wenut on her way. Before leaving the airport, I picked up a box of Gena- vee's Gooey Goodies to take home. Again I turned on the car radio and was immediately enveloped by the husky, honey-dripping voice of Horace Barnes, radio's Lonesome Guy . I couldn't tolerate him, though. and switched to an- other station just in time to hear Mike Co1bert's jazz band, consisting, among others, of Oliver Powell on sax, anid lofhn Ramsey on trumpet. Charles took me home and as I stepped out, he said, Oh, I forgot to tell you, Helen Wood lhad gone outt West to be- come a cowgirl in Colorado. Thanks, I said and hurried into the ehouse, I would really have to rush if I intended to catch the early movie. Soon, I was dressed and on my way to see Ronnie Kulhn and Marcia Meredith in the most pas- sion' te remake of Camille since Gilbert and Garbo. Signed: Becky Oliver 4 .. vl- 1 ' . EVERYTHING I HIIVE IS YUUllS I, Double W WARD, being of superb mind and manly features, will my destruotive powers in physics class to Steve Harris in the hope that he doesn't get a front row seat: my messy locker and al-I the stale ice cream which the seniors couldn't sell, to Terry Watlgamiuth, and my deter- mination to love all basketball referees to Coach Iohn Wil- cox. The lucky recipients of my prized collection of Steven- son and Kefauver buttons to Messrs. Roy E. Meredith and Vern Cumberland. fI'm sure that all these things will be greatly appreciatedl I. BARBARA SHRIVER IOHNSON, do hereby will and be- gueath my degree in matrimiony and my spefoial title of Mrs. to Bet-ty Dawald in the hope that soon she will be graduated from high school and into the sisterhood of brides. I, OLIVER POWELL, will my ability to get along with Mr. Deaton to anyone who can use it - I never could! I, HELEN ELAINE HUPPERT, being in a state of confusion, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to say to the right people, the wrong thing and say it in the right place, art the wrong time, to anyone who gets as confused as I. I, RONALD KUHN, being mentally unstable and physically likewise, stand here on the threshold of AHS with sadness in my left hind pocket and white lily in my grimy little fist, for I must leave this, this . . . year! I first wlilrl my lily to Gor- don Sweet Pea Heltzel in hopes that he teaches horticul- ture, I bequeath my position as Democrat Precinct Commit- teeman of AHS to Mr. Adams, and last, I will my greatest assert. that of being a zany, to all shy, on-coming seniors. I, IOCELYN MOORE, before I pack my grits and gravy, wish to moan the following: my madness for pounding the stompbox to Ianet Hammond and my ability to cool it with the guys to Mary Newcome, who thinks she needs it. I, LARRY KRIEG, do hereby will and bequeath my motor- cycle to Mr. Deaton to help him speed up his patrolling serv- ices as he arrests guys and gals for skipping classes, also, my spot on the varsity to Ross Burdtge in hopes he doesn't get those dreadful mumps. We, IILL AULT and MARCIA MEREDITH, not being sure of our state of mind, do hereby will our ability to go to Eng-land without leaving the United States to anyone who likes to travel, also, our ability to get along with three of the Four Wonders plus one! I, DONALD TIFFY LEWIS FELLERS, hereby will and bequeath my red and lavender shirts to Charlie tSewer Pipel Miller, and a two-way radio to Mr. Deaton and Mr. Meredith so they can communicate with each other while their motor scooters through the halls. I, DONNA ROSE CLARK, being of very sound mind, will my typing book to Merlee Smoker in hopes that she gets as much use out of it as I have, and to Loretta Young I will my bookkeeping book in hopes that she gets more out of it than I have. I, RON IONES, hereby will and bequeath my free time in the study hall to Ross Burdge, the ability ,to get out of the study hall to Mary Newcome, and last but not least, dual kits to Mr. Meredith and Mr. Deaton for use on their scooters. I, HELEN LOUISE WOOD, Woody , being of particularly sound mind, so here and now will and bequeath to any forthcoming senior the undivided attention which I have so faithfully given to Mr. Adam's Government class, also, to all the senior girls, I will my uncanny ability to be in the wrong place at the night time, especially be-fore the lunch bell rings, thereby being first and foremost in the noon-hour chow-line rush at Akron High. I, BOB MARCUS HATTERY, being of insane mind, solid constitution and soggy personality, do hereby will and be- queath: my size 8112 tennis shoes to Gary Brown, my ability to charm Mrs. Dyer in Senior English class to Channing Utter, my ability .to shock Mr. Heltzel in physics class to Ross Burdge, and finally, my diamond-'studded woman haters pin to Charlie Miller. I, FE' REBECCA OLIVER, alias Becky, will to Winston my drumsticks with the hofpe that he'll find a drum for them, to Martha, I tearfullly give away my Iarnes Dean Fan Club pin hoping shelll switch her loyalty from Elvis to a more sub- dued artist, and lasvtly, I will to Charlie Cat Miller and Channing Chauncy Utter, all the freerns in my possession hoping t-hey'll know what to do with the furslugginer things. I, IOHN W. RAMSEY, being of weak mind and sore body, do hereby will and bequeath my motor scooter to Mr. Mere- dith so he can watch the Iuniors in the canteen, and my ability to get to school on time to Charlie fSewer Pipel Miller. I, NORMA IEAN S-ICKS, .being of very sound mind, do here- by will my quietness to Eleanor Hopkins with the hope that she will put it to as good use as I have. I, REX EILER, will to Gary Bradway the ability to stay out of trouble at a certain drugstore on Sunday nights when a certain person is working. I, LEROY KIRK, will my height to Charles Miller and hope that he can use it on the Senior varsity. I, CAROL SKILLEN, being of sound mind, do hereby will my' first name, Lily, to Carol Whittenberger because she is the dainty type and that is the reason the name didn't fit me, I, MIKE COLBERT, do hereby will my gift of gab to any- one who knows how to use it better than I did, also, the bun of riding .to school those nice winter days o-n my air-condi- tioned motorcycle I will to anyone wrho enjoys that kind of fun. I, KAREI.. E. HOLLINIGSWORTH, do will and bequeath my job in the grad-e school office to any lun-ior girl who will enjoy the mid-morning exercise as much as I have, and, of course, the candy and cookies which were sometimes there to nibble on. I, ERNIE SMOKER, hereby will my Government book tio 'Thomas Fites .in hope that the will get along beitter in it thxazri I did. I, GENAVEE COX, do hereby will my newspaper work to any lucky Iunior who thinks he can run the mimeofgraph machine without getting ink on himself and ruining paper by getting ink on the roller also. I I, IOHN LEE GILBERT, being of very sound mind, do here- by will my Government book to anyone who thinks that he can get more out of it than I did. UBEWARE THE BEAR CAST- Marilyri Fensterrnake lill Ault ..,..,,v,. . - ---A Becky Oliver ,, Sue Tilden ,.... Bonnie Wentzel Charlene Iunlcin ,.., Karel Hollingsworth S- Ron Iones ,,,, , ,oo, THE STORM CAST- Horace Barnes H- Marcia Meredith Iohn Ramsey Us Donna Clark ,, , Barbara Shriver THE TRYSTRING PLACE CAST- -.ie Bob Hattery U-- Helen Huppert Bill Ward ....v Larry Krieg -W Helen Wood ,o,. Iohn Gilbert -,-. locelyn Moore 16 THERE'S NU BUSINESS ou-- as Spoooli as Little Alleary -,s-,,, as Monk H-, as Kim ,Uno at Elaine as Mrs. Tuttle HMS, as Flip H, as Bill as lell HHN- as Mary ow, as The Hunter -HH as The Girl S The Woman C-, as Lancelot ., 7 ,,,, , as lessie as Mr. lngoldsby A ...,., as Voice -- as Mrs. Curtis ----, as Rupert --- as Fannie LIKE SHUW BUSINESS STATION YYYY CAST- Horace Barnes W- l-lelen Huppert --- Helen Wood --- Bolo Hattery --- Iohn Gilbert --- Rex Eiler .... -H as Mr. Winstead -,v---, as Anita ---- as Caroline --- as Herbert --- as Roger Hsu-- as Chaufler Iocelyn Moore ,,,...,, -U as Mrs. Winstead THE IEWELED HAND CAST- Marilyn Fenstermaker --- --- as Aunt Alice Iill Ault ....-..,..... ....... a s Clair Ron Kuhn .... --- as Ron Warnig Horace Barnes --- ......,. as lack Charles Saner -- - Barbara Shriver --- Cfenavee Cox ......... HGOODNIGHT PLEASE CAST- Bill Ward ,,,, .,A, a s Iohn Ramsey ci- Ron lanes ....,.. Marcia Meredith U- Larry Krieg .... Carol Skillen --- Becky Oliver --- ---- as the Cop ---- as Ann --- as Molly Meredith Whitehouse ------- as Mr. McWinkle -.. .......... as Burton as Lucy Whitehouse -,------,--- as Basil --- as Cook U-- as Vivian 17 JUST UNE UF THUSE THINGS Little Angels straight from Heaven Senior Class of '57, 'Tm not married, New York or Bust, and Too Young to go Steady are often found on a pair ol Senior cords. Friends and faces, names and places, there's room for them all. So, when you're a Senior Cyou'll make it, one dayl get your cords and really wear them. lt's a lot ot lun, we know. Compliments of Maibens' Launders - Dry Cleaners 1 8 WE'VE EHUWN ACBUSTUMEIJ TU YUUR FACE IUNIOH OPI-IQMORE F? 1'k ' K it FHZSHMAN 1:2 H :'.'g1 ' : S-1p 8th GRADE rg,-.ff T, W i' Vivii Pvke Ny 'N N Vp 71h GRADE Lula, Bw Compliments of Coca-Cola Bottling Co, 19 H- A-V P BM-M QW fx Q , 4 1 JUNIORS Roy Swick Larry Rhoacles Channing Utter Con Srhewman Larry Powell Karen Thompson Bonnie Gray Carol Huttchinson Sandra Myers Loretta Young Ross Burdge Don Keller Terry Walgamuth Stanley Uwtter Lyle Bammerlin Beth Sicks Betty Dawald ludy Luckenvbill Melba Cummzins Marvuts I-lively Clyde Reed Paul Heltzel Dick Smoker Randall Leininger Steve Harris Mary Newcome Rose Kuhn Linda Hopkins Betty Maddux Bernice Sterk Charles Miller Don Overlander lim Heed Devon Miller Tom Files Carol Whilttenberger Sharon Royer Norman Stanley lanet Hammond Gary Brown EHllZY WITH LINE 20 SOPHOMORES Paul Shoemaker Larry Kuhn Bob Burkeft lolirx Stanley Kent Granzrfz Bill Burke Shelby Srnake: Marla Harnrnorii Gail Cox Merlee Smoker Gloria McCloualr1an Karen Krexc7h'lDautn Bill Iunkin lim Swick ferry Kuhn lack Shoemaker Dale Cox Larry Sheetz Patsy Overl-ander Frances Lewis Esther Landis Eleanor Hopkins W-ilma Sterk Ioyce Whtte lack Royer Iohn McClouq'han Bill Hatfield Bill Whittenberger lim Shriver Bob Kirk Mary Ellen Maxwell Linda Nelson Phyllis Murphy Kama Hoffman Beverly Powell Patty Kuhn Larry Stiver Dan Floihr Gary Sicks Max Helvey Eldon Raqer Iohn Hatrman lohn Little Cathrine Byrd FRESHMEN Harriet Bowers Susan Boswell Karen Hammond Patsy Hartzler Ann Wildermufh Diane Drudae Iirn Harsh Allen Smith Richard Funk Winston Oliver Allen Hellzel Gary l-luppcrl Melba Morris Bonnie Koeniq Alice Smith lanice Smifh Karen Marlin Carolyn Overlande Duane Smith Gary Bradway Buddy Hammond loe Maddux Gary Parker Fred Shewm an Suzanne Swick Sandra Mcclouqahn Willodean Cox Mary Lou Good Helen Arnetie Patfy Wentzel loey Madeford Dennis Thompson Lynn Fenimore Randy Sriver Bob l-luppert Stanley Sinqpiel Mary Ann Meredith Sharon Masleller Stella Hartzler Pauline Cox loyce Smith Sharon Iunlcin ludy Leininger 8th GRADE Roger Swick Hebert Sterk Mack Murphy Phil Eber Tom Hatfield Iarnes Ameigh David Parker Charles Ameigh Iohn Kuhn Larry Howard Wendell Kuhn Linda Madeford Letha Schrome Donna White Carolyn Myers Bonita Helvey Marsha Sriver Janet Teel lim Barr Howard Kerr Steve Sheets Eddie Smoker Mike Freese Ronnie Hoffman Walter Hollingsworth Kenneth Maxwell Phil Murphy Kenton Kroft Billie Murphy Monte Utter Karen Secor Marcille Reed Nancy Terrell Norma Hiers Loretta Epperson Iuanita Burkett Alyce Murphy lack Nye Lynn Smith Ted McCloughan Mickey Bowers Danny Willard 'fl-Y LIPSTICK, CANDY, AND HUBBERSULEIJ SHOES 7th GRADE Carolyn Glaze Palsy Cox Claudia Klise Barbara Gray Dick Sayger Elmer Epperson lohn Davis Don Nicodemus Iucly Hutchinson Sharon Hoffman Betty Hauser Iudy Young Tom Swick ludy Burns Phillip Gray Vivienne Hall Bonita Swiick Kay Miller Carolyn Heltzel Patty Holloway lack lunkin Lyle Butt Mike Floor Donnie Tones Susie Marlin Peggy To Hartzler Ianet Overlander Boibbeite Ameigh Martha Oliver Dickie Rihoades 24 FRIENDLY PERSUASIUNH GRADE FACULTY Mrs. Helen Irelan -w v r HKHTY, HTZICZTYZ Wester: Ccflsqf BJTIQ-7 Unlverszfy Tnuahf I2 'jnfxr' Gf'f'.i9 I Mrs. Eva Mathiesen Alvci, India: 1 Butler Uiivfxrifv B.S Tfmclhf 23 vents Gride 2 Mrs. Lenora S. Burke Akrci, Trim: P1kQr'.'11f5 Ccflffli MCTihSGd Shift T ers' CCIIEQC Mirichester Cclluzl TWC 'fairs TQC'fI11l Tipuhf yr C:'fT3'3 -1 Mrs. Maxine Heltzel Akrcr, Iidicrn Mzizhesfer Cfllcqr 'Tw-W1-14 Tl WM... ..,a..., .. ye... GTZI9 5 Mrs. Neva Kinder .xf:' 1, fzrr Ifflf 2 5' .wir Coll .w.gf1n' 23 Yflflfli Mrs. Lena I ,.. JM. 11x12 Kuhn , ,,.,. ff C . sfo' COIL' 111 ,If mmhf 31 yfar: 3 Mrs. Hazel Savage . V . w :turn nfs -7 CDHYCIC .' ..'::1 Ur,1vwr1s1!',' 'T'A'3 'fufrrq-1 NOTIIIVIE mlilllht I5 ','c'1r:' :zu 4 TW: 5 Mr. Ernest Becraft is ':xf Ir. iiamx ., gr.,.,. 'zimhi 9 :if 'E .M . 6th GRADE lean Cox Dianna Ritchie lerry Shoemaker Terry Dixon Robert Saus na Alvin Putman Frank l-lall Sheila McCloughari Polly Fites Ledah Stucker Randy Hartman Larry Shoemaker Michael Reed Dee Skillen Pauline Murphy Sandra Hopkins Phyllis Smoker Iimmy Murphy Iack Koenig lane Cox Michael Stephens Dennis Groninger Marilyn Rhodes Phillip Freese Larry' Daine Luanne Nicodemus Linda Barnes Donnie Arriette Robert Powell Danny Henderson lane Ann Stanton Ricky Braclway Kenny Miller Donald Martin Linda Crockett IlAVY IIHUEKETTU 5th GRADE 7 N' ! l A '4 '1 , D li Georgia Barnes 'I' x. : I Dana Rhodes Ai Vqlh r - A Q D n ' Helvey 5 5 . ' , . 5 elzialnily Hoffman ' or 1 , ' . r V . r It If Q w , In ' 2 Q- Iudy Hartman ' L ' DA .e K rr V P , 4 ,I 1illrlGYll'lj Cox , '21, - x ' ,I Iimrny Royer ' 5 , ' lx ' ' ' 9 ' Q A e - X X . Dennis Drudge Lee Funk Wayne Willard Pamela Kuhn Iimmy Cormican Merle Smith . , J, Woody Riley Iimmy Bryant F 1 U is DW Barbara Floor 4 ,-L ' Sheila Leckrone ' , l Patricia Severns , Y l Donna lean Harper '-.-, M . V '4 Y ,' f Y' r , K in rw Q'.: DX XJP4- ' arxll A , 1 XX f if ' ' Brenda Doub , x Nancy Hanson A , Q' f Rhonda Rhodes gf! ' , -3 Q, loan Brolford 'L , 33,4 ,Li 1 5? f T I K D , , Ben Stark , , .- 6 2 I Susan Keim .. 4 F A ' Iimmy While , ' ' ' Barbara VanCuren Q., , , 5 K M , ,V L is ' K 'Q X- 5' ' A 'I I 3 - Philip Ruger JP Ronald smiah if g , ff Q ludY Swihart ' ' -. Z-Q 4,.-' Paul Miner r V 1 . V - A V ff' 1, ,y L 2 , 1 ' 3 Vfgp?:',',L t' . 4 I A A ', f L I ,V P'-1 V 'QJNQ wg 27 4th GRADE Sue Hauser Wayne Furxrieil Io Ann Weider v Patricia Nicodemu' Max Good Kerry Flchr lill Byrd Robert Thompson Marsella Rudd Sth GRADE Kathy Goyich Lowell Stafford Larry White Kerry Daine Pamela Iorclan Rex Utter Marilyn Smith Danny Hoffman Phyllis Cox Carol Koeriig Cristirie Sanders Theresa Wildermuth Rolly Powell Reqqie Hartman Iohn Willard Mary Io Bryant Gene Strevy Marilyn Reed .4 hx Q...- ., KN X. i' m 4 H x . vs HOW MUCH IS THAT UUEEIE IN THE WlNllllW ' 3' 4 ,, T Q v 4 . .- 1, K will HAY? ' H rx If u 2 f Q - wi- I - ll X , . - s, N , 4th GRADE Nancy Norman Phillip Maxwell Donna Love Sharon Calvin Linda Tarpey Sharcri Floor Kathy Wenfzel George Reed Paul Schipper fenean Foor Delores Barnes Anthony Willard Martha Hiers Timmy ,Smoker Karen Floor Rose Buckfheisier lohn Harfzler Dianna Utter limmie Kendall Michael Kline Tommie Boswell Linda Raqer Christine Wise ludy Glaze Bobbie Rudd Tommy Tucker Steve Slaybaugh Dickie Iohnson Beverly Huppert Cathy Derring Carolyn Katz David Sheeftz Sandra Parker 3rd GRADE Sharon Leckrone Mary Lou Sharnbaugh Peagy Rhodes Gloria Arneite Bud Moore Ella lean Burneif Norris Keirn I Dianna Dilts Michael Kuhn Dianna Severns Larry Sausaman Arnold Sheets Maurine Funk Iohn Conner Stephen Kendal 'Ilhomas Huffman Daniel Boone Claudia Masteller Iudifh Sayger Phyllis Craig Cathy Kuhn Connie Hoffman Iudy Hall Daniel Cox Faith Barber Carolyn Burns Paul Maha: Cheryl Flohr Laura Rage: Wanda Hiers Billy Leininger Dana Severns Leon Whefstone Devon Utter Gail Hammond Alberta Mclougihan ALL I WANT FIIH CHRISTMAS IS MY TWU FHUNT TEETH I 3.-A 4 . 'AAA 464331 , ' Pa K ..,S.,, Ex 'I E 'Q .205 . V7 s me Qsu 5 x 5 , i, 11- ' gg .3 I 01-3 xl Q- Znd GRADE BiIIy MerIey Couriney Rhodes Mike Deardorff Dennis Smoker Iane! Strevy ShirIey Iordan David Swick Linda Drabenstoi Doualas Niesier Ioe Walters De-IIC: Derrinq Ianice Smith Becky Gas? 5iIIy FIoor Andy Freese Beach Howard Lynne Utier Barbara Bmdway Dennis Scrner Patty Price Roxy Arnold Kathy Sriver Vicky Baber Rodney Conner Vicki Cox Charloife Niccdemus Ierry Krieqhbaum Iohn Wieda Kim FI'ohr Nancy VanLue David GQII Sharon Holloway Bobby Craig David Reed Cathy Sanders Ronnie Smith Don Iackson Fred Brown 2miGRADE Patricia Kline Randall Lytle Ricky lenkins lane Smith David Bowen Linda Nichols Mark Wildermuth Darlene Whetston Iucly Ann Swihart Bruce Reed Gary Whittenberger Diana Goss Don Hunter Marla Eaton Billy Craig Michael Flohr BtGRADE Michael Wise Dennis Spice Iettery Timberman Sidney Lewis Cathy Love Kenneth Moudy Sara Io Roberts Dorris Derrina Steve Hapner Bruce Hogue Ioyce Hatfield Bonita Woolley Gary Groniinger Norma lean Noble Patricia Wfhite Charles Drudge S I WANNA PLAY HUUSE ...ef .Qs 41 1 1 ' if lv' is ff is affee 2 A 1 f ' 3 ea ' 'Wit ig Q ,W i , il A A lfijiifififffif ' it ' Q M f . . i ik ref 'WTA we Lv f AAAQQ W, 32 LETS PLAY WE ARE SULDIEHS TALL 8 . Q ya ., G L or LLL ' uf 'Tl....-..............,.........,,m Sw . R , : Sr r tl ti LL X A 0' y ,t ' w 'SG L 'ti l1LL v xr 1L1,L, I L . J yr. nw L . lr. 1 .. ..:- ' 1 Mr A 79? In ', if' - gr I S J 1 45. 'S x , Q L - Q 3 l I 4 L 5Q....-- L L E L 3 . Q f7'L-RTI EEE Xi all 33 lst GRADE Ronnie Arenft Richard Hiers Larry Harfriian Barry Thariipscn Danel Pau Harper ...:. .4 . G. -. Kathy Rifchf Lznda Crass Linda Cox Kay Meredilh Steven Hammond Dennis Opple Iace Rudd ,Stephen Sausaman Dan Koenig Suzanne Slaybauah Conne Daine Linda Wilcox Leo Glaze Paul Gormican Richard Moore Icnney lackson Michael Bowers Randal Schipper loyce Kroit Iacquelirie Hoffman David Whiie leffrey McFarland Verqie Howard Lee Ste-rlc Terrell Runkle lah? Gray Barbara Ruff Sheri Eilfs Gary Harshman Iames Mark Willard Wanda Faye Noble Cathy Brown 1 5 N 1 1 1 1 I A 4 I ACT I fx ? E4 HRT Y FF , W, HMEMUHIES ABE MADE UF THIS' AUGUST - 30 Teachers' Meeting 31 Organization Day SEPTEMBER - 3 Labor Day, No School 4 First Day ot School 20 CS 21 Mentone Egg Show 21 Assembly Program 25 Senior Pictures 27 CS 28 Undergrad Pictures OCTOBER - 1 P.T.A. 4 CS 5 Senior Play 7 Teachers' Party 11 4-1-1 Achievement Program 12 End ol lst Grading Period 13 Twirling Contest 19 Freshman Party 25, 26 CS 27 Teachers' Convention NOVEMBER - 2 Aubbee, Basketball game 6 Group Pictures 9 Silver Lake, Basketball game 8 Iunior Class starts magazine sales 12 Open House 15 Assembly Program 16 Culver, Basketball game 21 Roann, Basketball game 21 End of 2nd Grading Period 22 CS 23 Thanksgiving Vacation 30 Bourbon, Basketball game DECEMBER - 3 P.T.A. 6 Assembly Program 7 Kewanna, Basketball game 10 Seniors decorate assembly 12 F .F.A. 14 Clay Twp., Basketball game 17 Teachers' Party 18 Iunior Party 19 Christmas Concert 20 Independent Ball game 21 Argos, Basketball game 21 Close for Christmas Vacation 28 CS 29 4-Way Tourney, Mentone IANUARY - 3 Independent Ball game 4 Chester Twp., Basketball game 7 P.T.A. 9 Richland Center, Basketball game ll Talma, Basketball game ll End of lst Semester 14 Beginning of 2nd Semester 16, 17 61 19 Tourney - Akron 24 Independent Ball game 25 Gilead, Basketball game 26 Piano and Vocal Contest 28 PTA. 30 North Manchester, Basketball game FEBRUARY - 1 S.S.S. Sock Hop 2 Instrumental Solo and Ensemble Contest 5 Assembly Program 8 Fulton, Basketball game 15 Grass Creek, Basketball game 16 State Solo and Ensemble Contest 22 Pierceton, Basketball game 22 End ot 4th Grading Period 28, March 1 :Sf 2 Sectional Tourney MARCH - 4 P.T.A. 6 County Basketball Banquet 8 Grade School Operetta 14 Assembly Program 15 County Music Festival 30 Band and Chorus District Contest APRIL - 1 P.T.A. 4 5 5 Iunior Play 5 End of 5th Grading Period 19 Gfood Friday - No School 26 S.S.S. ci Hi-Y Banquet 28 Leave on Senior Trip MAY - 8 County Track Meet 10 Iunior and Senior Reception, Culver 12 Baccalaureate Service 17 Commencement 18 Last Day ot School 36 Student Councils HIGH SCHOOL SPONSOR Mr. Deaton PRESIDENT- -Karel Hollingsworth The Student Councils, under the leadership of Mr. Deaton, High School, and Mrs. Burke, Grade School, have done many things this year for the bene- fit of the student body. They planned the assembly programs, election ot cheer leaders, the cheer block, and various other things ot special interest. The members of the councils are elected by their classes to represent them. They each have their officers and are as follows: High School Council-Karel Holl- ingsworth, President, Charles Miller, Vice-President, Patty Kuhn, Secretary and Treasurer. Grade School Council-Pamela Kuhn, President, Arnold Sheets, Vice- President, Sharon Calvin, Secretary and Treasurer. GRADE SCHOOL SPONSOR-Mrs. Burke PRESIDENT-Pamela Kuhn 37 EULllEN HAZE The Golden l-laze is a project of great under- taking. Some reliable senior must take the respone sibility, and the time to work tirelessly to put out a book, Marcia has worked long and hard as the editor oi this annual. She began during the summer months and never quit until the 225 books were in the hands ot students and friends. Every student in the senior class had some job to do and did their part to make the Golden l-laze ot 1957 the best. Each year as l take the task ol sponsoring a project that amounts to SLOUO more or less, l wonder it We can balance the budget. We have always come out on top - thanks to the help of the entire class. Grace Waechter Sponsor Haze Staff Murcia Ianet Bill Iill Karel Editor Assocmte Editor Advertising Art Senior Helen :S Ron C1rol Bob Helen Horace 6 Larry Photographers Sa es Business Copy Sports Compliments Arter's 5c - Sl.OU Store Compliments Winona Cate - Mr. of Mrs. George Harper 38 The AHS. newspaper, the Aero, is compiled and published by the people pictured below. The Aero consists of bits ot news concernlno the latest hop peninas in the classes, sports, and other activities. Mrs. Ginn is the supervisor of the publication and locelyn Moore is the editor. Haze Staff The Haze Stall is composed of the entire Senior Class. On the adiacen page are the pictures of the main editors with their dutges listed below them Mrs. Waechter su ervises the annual and liel s us to roduce the bes' I3 possible annual. 39 Office EG? Library Staff OFFICE STAFF The Office Staff is composed of Senior girls who have a free period to work in the Grade School Office. The staff grade papers and do other things of help to the teachers. Sue Skillen, the High School Secretary, not only keeps up the books but is a great help to the teachers in the high school, Sue Slcillen She is very dependable and ig always on the job to help Mr. Deaton, the teachers, or the students. Sonnie Wentzel Karel f-lollingsworfh Grade School office help LIBRARY STAFF locelyn Moore Linda Nelson lill Ault Bonnie Gray Mr. l-leltzele Librarian Susie Swick Marcia Meredith 40 Future Farmer of America The Future Farmers of America is an official organization of vocational agricul u i boys, Its purpose is to form a club of their vocational interest on the farm for social a ities. The F,F,A. participates in iriariy iudging contests for dairy, livestock, poultry, a 'l ps The F.F.A, officers this year are as follows: President, Tom Fitesg Vice-President, l ' Barnmerling Secretary, Bob Kirkg Treasurer, Paul Murphy, Reporter, Leroy Kirk, Sent el Dale Cox Mr. Mathiesen is the advisor and sponsor. C'C l 2 E i ei MS C neld ..uf cc .se, the captciiri is responsible ear Sa fet Patrol Our Sixth Grade Patrol corisists of seventeen members which includes C1 Cap ah Stuckerl and two Lieutenants, fbobby Scusaman and Mike Stepherisl Thezr duties, which fire ziiariy, require thern to miss several play sessicrs and :fs ut in all kinds ot weather Each one is supposed to keep every week presided over by These people receive nothing and the satisfaction of knowir: his :ielt neat and clean at all times An :nspectio the captain, o responsible to the captain for their actions .. The irieiribers of the patrol ar to the sponsor, Mr. Becraft. for their services excerpt a badge at the end cf 'ic g they have dorie a good job. 41 IANITOR -- GRADE SCHOOL if-X X Mr. Kihn keeps the grolde building looking nedt and cle-dn. IANITORS - HIGH SCHOOL Mr. ond Mrs. Becker who do our cleoning up ond keep the tires burning during the winter. COOKS Mrs. Mcirtin, Mrs. Meredith, Mrs. Thompson, ond Mrs. Iones, hove to listen to o lot of kidding ond griping obout the rneols, but they monoge to out up with it ond olwoys come bcrck with of iough ond good food. 42 Q Tha fu 1' S11'fi. 5 1. '1 I ' 23' ?:r.f1k'f' 'V -1 Thfiggzix I 511 Ll 1.1 . xiikf 1:Q'1' 1 , 'A',ff1'?1f.' :, fy 1 111 1' '..1:w p'S'5:'k: Gui rrwwi bmi ':1:p'4.'s-. but p11rp:1:' 'Jr wx X1 1 1 1 o . VVJY1 YOVQ 1' 13' huif fI1r11L 1r.f' - W ':' 1 'Nlfl 1 1 1141 111 I1 ::.y 1171- E1Jg1111i:f CTI kg: iv 1 ,.1 ' I ..1 :uv 2 xigi .::z1k:':1t1.3' T-.I.II.il'If':' ' .-1. L. i in .1' In fi 'iff 112 bftfitpf '. 'E1 51f'1 '::'.:1f'1 Thi 3232515-' if 2956-1957 Fifbitfi 11312, 1 Fw 111 'Ai V, 1-I 5 f :fl WH n' Rf'Q'f'1Q'1I S-- f'1r',', f f Hu' '31 ' 1 fl- ': ,I .3.11I' T7f1'1:'.11:v7 The ifixb .': .1f1 'C' bei 5.1 Lf w 1 1 1 1 21' fp'1' V 11' rfP1'TL:3C', Mrs. Sf1:rQr:13r: 1 QI' 1 QM? F KW? S zxfz ' :avg ix - !': gi i Q ., L V A , --n Q N V I' i 1 5 A 1-5 0 I l 1 .1 A . 1 ' 'S' ' 'oo 'U L Hi-Y 1 b T21 43 xi: l l l Chemistry When strongo ond obnoxious odors floot through the holls ol AHS., they usuolly come from Room l6 Y where Chemistry closses ossemble. Mr. l-leltzel is the teocher ond keeps us from blowing up the school Home Ec. Polterns, menus, planning ol o home, ore oll o port ol Home Economics, Mrs. Shiremon helps the zjirls to become better home inokers, anteen The Cenhnuous lioz' of conversotion rrigiftcd with the odors of freshly .Tried Corn flow from tzie canteen. The iiiors ruti ine Soni:-fn the lrsi half and tie INITLCTS tolze i' over for the res? ot the ar, Mr. Meredith supervises the est- -lishment ond helps each Gloss to odd iiioziey to their trerisurry Compliments of Lolce City Condy Co., lric, Road l5 South, Worsow, Ind. ,QP Students having an interest in handicrafts and arts are usually tound in room 9. All the classes in the Grade School and lr. High have an art class at least once a week. Any high school students having art ability can also take the course. Miss Bevington is the instructor and always seems to have new ideas to keep all the students busy. COMPLIMENTS OF HOFFMAN'S BODY SHOP 45 We HUNT FENCE ME IN dy X E E i 4F 'X ' . , Zu -Q8 E X 6 -Sv FN a Sw Q Q 5 XE A Q ii gi ie E S ix Sf XE I' E X 47 YUU MUST HAVE BEEN A BEAUTIFUL BABY an 44'-E v ie ye 48 S1 AJ SE in ,rr gal Q . LW X ES-J ge 51 M S W U H 1 sl N P-ff C kd 637 Q 9 LET THERE MIXED An','Orw '.'JilOilCISi1CP1Zd the Battle Hymn of iiicr Rc,-public will Viiiigii firm tin 'vipnciiios if iiixs Qiroiipw, Miss Mavis has every rigifii to feel pzciid Ci them BOYS Despite iiic cliariuirixi voices, Miss Mcivis hos managed to extract soiiifs vwry plowsiri 1 sounds from this fine lookirixi iirciip 3? ycimn :tif-ri 50 ,ff lx, Gi BE NIUSIU 4 WE? , 3 ,A GIRLS 'Vino smwlot sflmd ff ycxxri 1 MIS' xfizr-as blfllidlfi 1 12 Vfffzs mf A is Q11t'tlx:'evLX1:i mils' :l1Q:'L1s gs gk.-.x '11 ':.L:Q::1f,- p:11ui.11:1:m :A IUNIOR HIGH Hora we have G wsu cf onerucfzc yCum,: igxdxus, dl liikzzxm: fi'r .'.'1rd 1 IN 0 f1II1OTEl9Y w1U be pC1rt1Cip?1f1:m: mm me H1x:i1SfE1oo1Chor11s 51 ANU THE BAND -pwnwuw-W i H1 ' x' vw, ..l. -,ml ..1,x4 ,, 1 . . I .,,h .t ,1 .. ' r 1 1 'min 1 1- 4-1!v,.l .X.x , 4. ,l. .1 iv 1 1.11, Xi Xxx 4 ,1.. L 1 OFTYCZIYS Jslhy, HQIUZ' Yi. ' 'Juv 'nd Helen H. PLAYED UN N ,W ' ' VI ax , I Q1 , . . I 4. 1 ' '. L '51, '. , IX1 1 1 it, X ami: X 2 Iwi 't '1L::1: I' fi- ' rixifl 2 dsl? ' Pixma 'Lf ' pr.: 1 .xw xii: TX' ' .xlmf 311 1 f1 :1'.f1 .md sw 'X,' f',1:4.Z ITV .fX1.11:w ' .'.' A :,x ' N12 INTQIII5 Mmv EfK1II1l'lv flmrukrl I g'x.ff1:m: ?w if1 3 U im-5:1 To mnkw 1'-1 v.',1.wfvxw-7 ruzxd of 1111 1Y':1xx'w.1T.' I TWIRLERS Putiy Wentzel, Bonnie Gray, Beth Sicks Blue Notes Sextet .H Q Jr. High Grade School Leil to righi: Io Moore. Becky Oliver, Helen Hupperl. Marcia Meredith. Helen Wood. and Pal Kuhn: the Sth Grcde sextet consisting oi: Norma Hiers. Carolyn Myers, luunitcx Burl-:ekQ, Marsha Sriver. Icmel Teel, cmd Karen Secor, plus the Grade and Ir. High bands do much in the way oi providing music for lhe public. 54 H TAKE IVIE UUT TU THE BALL GAME Xl y Q Km S P , S W ell Q seg? i l I Akron Flyers Q A , X? X Nu 'Kg A,-MS. A fx: W 'i f f 5 E . ' xl X 4 ' s 5 . if S 5 x ' ce, rx? Q UL -in i . . s 56 gil M47 O X 2 5 . 3 G rl k' H Nd 5, :QL N X, www 5 E2 E f'-I HIGH SCHOOL IT., E. ,h.,l,., Wd L ,wmv Hxpkws ,x UL. . X .. Un.. -1, 165, -7 1xn.L.1 Hx..I.1X1.., M FRESHMEN Arm XaX'11dFIIil11f,l ,..:,1.X.. A V ... elim Cummms Sandra MsC13.1.,.mr1 Putty VXK-zxtrvl IUNIOR HI -- 1 -Y . ,V fx Xu- V .m..Lk...w M17 Alyvv TV1l1rpf1y Ckmdm RIESO Cheers M M , 57 Varsity G FGA FGM FGWZ FTA FTM FT96 PF PTS. game Brown 19 131 48'Zv 84 36 4371 46 298 15.7 Krieg 18 50 3772: 70 46 66'Z: 39 146 8.1 Swick 20 58 37749 85 44 5291: 69 160 8.0 Rhoades 21 54 32011 73 34 47'Z7 40 142 6.8 lanes 21 23 2772: 38 20 53'Z7 41 66 3.1 Powell 17 31 35'Za 42 20 4892- 30 82 4.8 Barnes 18 23 2891 47 24 51 'Za 45 70 3.9 Ramsey 16 21 2896 52 21 401721 45 63 3.9 Hcnttery 12 14 347: 16 6 3898 19 34 2.8 Stanley 11 19 537: 34 18 531: 23 56 5.1 Shewman 6 1 1372: 5 3 6071 3 5 0.8 Burdge 3 10 2 2091 3 l 33'7o 1 5 1.7 Miller 2 2 1 5091 0 0 OW: 1 2 1.0 Bammerlin and Kuhn, Managers Wilcox. Coach Akron Opponent .-- -- Aubbeenaubfbee 48 ,---1 Silver Lake .-. -- Culver ..-. -- ,.,v Roann -- --- Bourbon ----- -.--Kewanna ----- ---------------- Clay ----- -------------------- --,-Argos .------- 4-Way Tourney --------Beaver Dam - ----- -- 4-Way Tourney Menftone ----.---.--.------ ---.Cthesrter 40 45 48 46 61 39 41 50 53 43 51 ..-.. - 60 ...... 70 -------- 37 -------- 66 ---..... 56 ----- - 54 ----- 75 ----- - 40 ----. - 64 - - - .- - - , 89 County Tourney Sectional Tourney . ,-... .Deedlsville Sectional Tourney -.----- Richland Center Talma -Talma -- --.. Gilead North Manchester Fulton Grass Creek Pierceton -Butler Compliments of Modern Dairy Bar, Rochester 58 59 58 49 63 54 58 61 50 64 54 46 53 39 39 60 55 83 73 75 35 HBV? TEAM FRESH- ME -11 - x w 1 Akron Opponent IQ T ' O f x 3 .Arm , .mb WFT IU I Q Win 4 Lfif 12 CSTAQEI XWQISSX Cjjfh Yjggj Akwn Opponent 35 !X'1bbfo'1311bbc' - 39 Silver' Tasks 31 43 Culver 25 31 Rcirirz 27 31 Ezmrbcn FQ 41 K9'Nf1T'T1fI 27 125 Cliy Tw? 34 Africa 14 41 Chqst,-r 36 -4 'V'f'f' TCHY' 77 Hifhtgfnf Cf-E I7 4v'V'f':' Tfvf sh ,rw T S-mf Irzko CP -35 - Hit lf 135 Tfiifflal T -16 Gil, A! w. fI3 F1 T-Aw' - fx ss Puff FF F5 GT 1-1,1 Sfzkk -17 P1,f,zpgg Compliments of Eff' . f TEAM TEAM JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL Las? County County 4-Way 4-Way IUNIOR HIGH A TEAM 7 Tour Tour Tou Tou Opponent Talm a Fulvnv- Rxchlaid Cer? Reiter Merttcr' Peru Talma Richland Cert? Beaver Dam Peru Burton Larwell Cehfral Woclrow Norfh Manches Kewaiia HOUSE OF HARTER lz'1diar1a's Largest Wholesale Sportma Goods Dlstrlbutor Qs! in Q HIGH SCHOOL Coach Wilcox JUNIOR HIGH Couch Yeager Won 1 Sl'19VJI'1'1OI'1 Miller Krieg L. Powell O. Powell Groninger lones Fellers Leininger Sriver Burdge Stanley SOFTBALL Lost 5 GA AB H R W 6 3 7 17 4 6 18 5 6 18 6 4 13 4 6 13 4 6 19 5 6 13 3 6 12 2 3 9 2 2 6 O 2 1 O l l U 0 A 235 278 333 308 368 263 231 167 222 OOO OOO OOO 61 Congratulations to 1957 AHS Grads from IUSBDIIIIIB ZIIII IIIEUIIUIB IIUIIIIISUII of ..,....-v-v-.-..-.,.....r.-.1--.r-..,. v, ., I PBIIIIIQESB Yard KBIIIIBIS i Cherry Street, Akron, Ind. Phone Akron 4174 AKC Registered Pekinese Puppies Compliments of LEWIS SALVAGE C0. Jeanette - Elmer - Sidney Kim Lewis ZIMMERMAN BHUS. I I FUNERAL and ANIBULANCE I SERVICE I Rochester, Indiana PARK WIIY BUIIY SHOP 24-HOUR WRECKER SERVICE Phone CA 3-501 T I BOOST ERS Wall Street Barber Shop Conde D. Holloway Ed Wilson -- Men 81 Boys' Wlear Blue Products Co. -- .lanitor Supplies Werner Welditlg Shop and Employee Dr. Harold Eiler lsland Park Gas, lnc. Gleen Powell Dewey Zolman Russell Shipley Ernest Nichols Old Dutch Mill General .Store Felts Cigar Store Evergreen Cafe Rochester Armature and Ignition William H. Deniston Rochester News Agency Calvin and Myers Hardware J. E. Conaway Huhert's Shoes Robert E. Peterson B 81 B Store Nlrs. Josephine Merley Nlrs. Hilda Davis George Brown and family Gordon Groninger s Congratulations The Milk With The Bird On The Mail Boxi' DEAN MILK COMPANY Rochester, Indiana U II M B I. I N ' S FURNITURE APPLIANCES FLOOR COVERING 806 Main St. Phone 114 Whse. Store 116 W. 9th St. Rochester, Indiana Compliments of MI. and MIS. BUII MUUIB FOREST FARMS PRODUCTS Rochester, Indiana Compliments of ATHENS GARAGE -Louis Alt, Prop. TRACTOR AND AUTO REPAIR Heavy Duty Wrecker Service 24' Hour Phone 787-J Rochester Athens, Indiana MANITUU MUSIC GU. 923 East 9th Rochester, Indiana EVERYTHING IN MUSIC Phone 1307 Compliments of BEHGHUFF CAFE Rochester, Indiana Compliments of Pike Lumber Company, Inc. HARDWOOD HEADQUARTERS Since 1904 Akron, Indiana CIR-SoN REERICERAT-oRS RANGES AND EREEZERS TQASTERMASTER WATER HEATERS ELECTRICAL SERVICE VERN RRYER Compliments of WALTER HARRIS STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS Akron, Indiana IRELAN 81 BAUM, INC. Akron, Indiana GRAIN -- FEED -- SEED BUILDING MATERIAL AND HARDWARE Compliments of Your Friendly Ford Dealer SUUTH ENR MUTURS RALPH SHEWNIAN Phone 41-591 Akron, Indiana Auto 81 Truck Farmers Liability Life - Hospital Fire - Windsorm - Hail I N S U -R A N C E S HERSUHEI. FENSTERMAKER R. R. 2 Akron, Ind Phone Akron 2443 JIISTEN IILIISS IIING FINE JEWELRY To Symholize The Best Years of Your Life JOSTEN'S 1897 ---- Our 60th Anniversary ---- 1957 Bon ALBP:RTsoN, Representative I Box 9 Plymouth, Indiana National China 6? Equipment Corp. EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES For Restaurants - Hotels - Clubs Hospitals - Institutions DoN MILLER 214-218 East Fourth Street - Marion, Indiana Telephone 1130 I Compliments of UH. VIIIGIL MILLER Compliments of FHIIIIBIS allll MBfCll3IIlS Bank Rochester and Kewanna Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Compliments The First Nallllllal Bank Rochester, Indiana Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. DIAMONDS WATCHES SILV ERWARE XXXXXI I ffgf, I xy- ,A S WEWELRY Rochester, Indiana Compliments of THE HACKET JUST GOOD CLOTHES FOR MEN AND BOYS Rochester, Indiana Fulton County Farm Bureau Coop FARMER OWNED FARMER CONTROLLED Rochester, Indiana LIGHT HEAT Power: FULTIJN GUUNTY R. E. M. G. Rochester, Indiana BEAl.l TIRE SHUP U. S. ROYAL TIRES You can't buy a better tire To save your life 606 N. Main Phone 226 Doering Radio and Television Akron 3185 Rochester CA 3-6112 MUTUHULI PHILBO RBA GUIUR TV WHIRLPUUL HUPPEHT SHUE STUR ANU SHUE REPAIR DAN LEININGER DELUXE DRY CLEANING AGENCY 8 Akron, Indiana DEPENDABLE MERCHANDISE THE NEWS-SENTINEL At Reasonable Prices w Tm: BARNHAR1'-VAN TRPMI Akron, Indiana Commxv. INC. PUBLISHERS -- PRINTER TYPOGRAPHERS Rochester, Indiana Congratulations To The Senior Class Of 1957 Akron Exchange State Bank Established In 1891 C ents of CHAMBERLIN PRODUCTS CORPORATION Compliments of Sealed Power Corporation Manufacturers of all types of CYLINDER SLEEVES Rochester, Indiana Fansler Lumber Co. One-Stop Building Service Complete line of Building Materials PAINT -- NIIL-LWORK ROOFING and SIDING APPLIED Phone 735 or T36 Rochester, Indiana Huchesier Building Service, IIIC. 416 East sm Phone CA 3-ss BUILDING MATERIALS SUPPLY CENTER o. B. PUTTERBAUGH-Ph. 24ss-R HARLEY MCGEE-Ph. 332-w Rochester, Indiana 1 Compliments of Kiiiiiiii GRUGEHY AND MARKET Rochester, Indiana Phone 37 RLUMENIHAUS Fulton County,s Leading Fashion Store BAXTER DRUGS WoMEN's APPAREL AND C ILDREN D WEAR Pfnvtfs PHARMACY 708 Main Street Rochester, Indiana Rgchester Phone 170 SIIUIIZ BRUS. CU. The Big Sc to 31.00 Store School Stationery Boys and Girls Clothing Toiletries The Finest in Candies J. W. Gutknecht, Mgr. 'Phone 7963 Rochester, Indiana MINBI and MIICIIBII IRSUIRRCC AQRRCY MODERN INSURANCE PROTECTION 616 Main Street Rochester, Indiana Compliments of TIMES THEATRE Rochester, Indiana Compliments of BUYLAN INSURANCE AGENCY Phone 3715 Akron, Indiana U. Ii. UZINIRRR LINCOLN MERCURY SALES Phone CA 3-3912 Rochester. Indiana 923' K0 we BA Y . Q I li.:-zz 'fi fs.: K0-WE-BA Means The Best in CANNED and FROZEN FO0DS U. M. Whilcllmb Supply UU. School, Office, Janitor and Restaurant Supplies Trustee! Forms and Blanks L. W. lmhoff, Owner Akron, lndiana ZENU SBHULTZ LIVESTOCK HAULING BULLS TU LOAN Akron Phone 3062 Compliments of PBOpleS Bank of Ulaypoul Nlember F. Il. l. C. Phone Clzlypool 2181 Compliments of C. L. Herrick, M.ll. Compliments of Stinson and Stinson Chpitol 5010 Res. Phone 621-I BEITY NIUUUEMUS AGENCY CAII Lines Insuranceb REAL ESTATE - FARM LOANS Abstracts - Income Tax Filed Social Security Consultant 700112 Main Street Ukbove Schultz Bros.l Rochester. Indiana Compliments of l.UWMNN'S BURNER Akron, Indiana Phone 2473 Compliments of M., WILE AND SONS lt's worth your while to stop at Whilesu Rochester, Indiana Compliments of RUSCDB and UIVNIB Burkett I SAST FURNITURE CENTER Rochester GOOD FURNITURE RUGS -- CAIRPETS Westinghouse -- Maytag APPLIANCES Clay Smith, Owner Manitou Farm Equipment Co FORD TRACTORS AND IMPLEMENTS SWCD9 Service SIHIICII GENERAL AUTO REPAIR NIEAT5 - GRLICERIES ICE CREAM Welding - Sickle Grinding Akron, Indiana PARTS 81 SERVICE , Compliments Rochester, Indiana BUCK LAKE HULLEHGADE 119 Main St. Clarence and Theda Hairrell Phone 757 Phone 3255 Phone 4981 Akron, Indiana Compliments of SUTTER'S DAIRY Max Geal-hart Phone Akron 3555 Compliments AKHCN AUTCMUTIVE ELECTRIC Howard Philabaum, Owner AIR-COOLED ENGINES LAWN MOWERS CHAIN SAWS Automotive Electrical Service Phone 4423 WIISUII Goal 81. Grain Rochester, Indiana Compliments of HEYUE BHCS. Rochester, Indiana Akron .lewelry ELGIN WYLER BULOVA WATCH REPAIR DIAMUNDS GIFTS RONSON REPAIR Wayne C ninger Compliments of ARTER'S DRUG STORE Phones: House - 4625 Store - 2021 At your service day or night Akron, Indiana Surge Milking Equipment and Repair Man JIM LEWIS Phone 4705 Akron, Indiana McHATTON'S Complete line of FURNITURE Big Discount to Young Couples Phone 4915 Where your dollar buys more Akron, Indiana ROY FRED HUMER SANER Xu SUNS Homer Saner, Nlgr. WELL DRILLING 32 REPAIRING F 81 W WATER SYSTEMS Phone 3899 CI-IAS Your Home For Genuine Chevrolet Parts and Accessories NHN BARS NHN TRUCKS USED CARS Bahney's Chevrolet Sales Service for all makes of Cars, Trucks, Tractors Remember Chevrolet, The lowest priced car in its field means grater savings in all future operations Wl'he Place Where Friends Meet Friends Akron, Indiana Dial 2755 The Farm Store PURINA 'CHOWS WEED KIILIJERS BABY CHICKS RED BRAND FENCE FARM AND POULTRY SUPPLIES CERTIFIED SEEDS Phone 4355 AKHUN LUGKEH PLANT PROCESSING SLAUGHTERING Phone 3635 Akron, Indiana Compliments of VVALTEH VVAEUHTEH BARBER SHUP To the class of 1957, we extend our heartiest congratulations and best wishes for a moat Slll'l'0SSflll career Moyer And Haupert Funeral Home Akron, Indiana Compliments of Compliments of Eber's Sc to 51.60 Sport Spot 900 South Nlain Store Rochester, Indiana Compliments of R. B. HARLAN CIRCLE H COAL RANCH Akron, Indiana KARL GAST COMPANY wrsrrrrsrrrrusr run Mrrrrrs rwurrcrs Hrrrrrrs run Prurrrrrrrrs Akron, Indiana Harper's Service Station Goodyear Tires and Batteries Phone 9155 Akron, Indiana Compliments of EAT RITE CAFE Where the gang all meet to ea DAVIS and PARK ICR t pnescmvnou sfnvlcf Every Need MISHLER When you take a prescription to a Pharma-cy, you are entitled to SERVICE - to professional, dependable, prompt, and economical compounding service. We make certain that you get it. We make certain by maintaining full, fresh stocks of the finest prescription drugs . . , by giving each prescription the fullest measure of profes- sional skill and care . . . by giving our immediate attention to pre- sicriptions . . . and by pricing them fairly and reasonably. Always come to MISHLER DRUG STORE for prescription service - with the accent of service! Phone 3341 Akron Indiana Compliments of ETTfl'S DRESS SHUP Compliments of Nlrs. Etta Kuhn Walgamuth Pony Fam Akron, Indiana Nlr. and Nlrs. Fred Wulganiuth a '150'1S AKHUN IMPLEMENT GU. Your International Dealer Full line of Nlachinery. Refrigeration and Parts Phone 4521 Akron, Indiana Lorin and Jack Stocker Phone 3535 or 2771 Akron, lndiana Words for the wise . . . Stop only when it's impossible to go ahead - - Look for the best in everyone, and - - Listen to learn from those who have preceeded youl Sonoco Products Company WI f urers of Paper Tubes and Paper Sp ' l L Akron, lndiana Congratulations and Best Wishes Indiana Metal Products Co. Division of Textron, Inc. Manufacturers of SHEET METAL, MACHINE AND WOOD SCREWS Thread -- Cutting and Seams -- Phillips -- Clutch -- Slotted -- Hex On Route 31 Rochester, Indiana , KUHN'S IMPLEMENT SIUHE Compliments of R h G h You' 09 ester reel' WSE AL'LIS-'CHALMIERS say If Wim Flowers Dealer phone 152 Rochester, Indiana Corner 11th and Fulton Sts. Rochester, Indiana We Telegraph Flowers Around The World SYLVIA NUYER- Agent Rochester, Indiana Akron Compliments of Sheetz Funeral Home 'DALQE and EDITH SHEETZ Phone 320 Akron, Indiana Madeford Motor Sales Cole's Your St d d S e CHRYSLER -- PLYMOUTH Dealer Phwe 3815 Phone 3315 Akron, Indiana Akron? Indiana Frank 81 Joe Compliments of NEFF 8: MURPHY LUMBER CUMPANY WE BUY TIMBER AND HARDWOOD L U NI B E R Akron, Indiana Pohne 4035 Compliments of K U H N INSURANCE AGENCY Earl and Thelma Kuhn Phone 3335 Akron Indiana Compliments of VERN'S T.V. SERVICE Phone 3253 Akron, Indiana Don't Say Bread ---- say H 0 L S U NI Baked by Dietzenf J. P. Michael Company WHOLESALE GROCERS 441-443-445-447-449 South Illinois St. Indianapolis 25, Indiana A -I E I 5 F w Y 1 W . . t ,X ,, , ,. M N. W A .4

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