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614- , ..- f'-- 3,5 wa. 303' 1, , ' 1 ' 'T ,fl ,, -4 . E, ef.: - Akroniie I 972 Akron Ceniral School Akron. New York Ediiorz Janice Downeg Co-Ediiorz Sara Klehn Business Manager: Paul Mandolene Advisor: Mr. Alberi Vossler Table of Conienis Introduction In Memoriam Dedication American Field Service Student Seniors Underclassmen Administration Faculty Staff journalism Sports Music Activities Directory Patrons Last Will and Testament - Class of 1972 2' Q ,MQ Foreword When we, as seniors, look back through our high school years, we cannot find any one sin- gle experience or idea to use as a theme for our yearbook. We present this 1972 AKRONITE with the hope that it will serve as a memory of our entire high school life - our friends, our ac- tivities, and our experiences. We leave with the hope that we may use what we have learned to the betterment of the world which we now enter. We would like to extend our thanks to the students, faculty, and administration of Akron Central, and to the local businessmen and patrons without whose help this yearbook would not have been possible. mm-W, M. In Memoriam Befh Rehwaldf mf Tl GU fl 1 xxx JMR-' . ' .f - I J x ,, x ,K Y fb? N , A4 V, X Henry Carges Thomas Carges Dedication Kenneih R. Ulrich The journalism Class would like to dedicate this 1972 AKRONITE to Mr, Kenneth R. Ulrich in appreciation for all he has done for the students. , Mr. Ulrich was graduated from St. Maryis Academy in Lancaster. He then was graduated from the University of Buffalo in 1970 with a major in business education. He came to Akron Central School two years ago to teach business subjects. l Since that time Mr. Ulrich has taken a deep interest in the students at Akron. He is presently the advisor to the Senior Class and an assistant coach of the wrestling teams. Mr. Ulrich has brought us to the realization of the importance of teamwork and effort and has also led us to a deep sense of gratitude and respect for him. Maria Eugenia Ordonez Q E 5 Dear Friends: My year in the United States is almost over, and when I think of the time I have spent here a lot of great things come to mind. I have been involved in a new life, meeting all kinds of people and talking another language. I feel I am a lucky person for coming to Akron, but words won't be enough to express how much I have enjoyed being This has been the biggest experience of my life, It was hard at the beginning because of the language barrier, but thanks the help of my American family and everybody else, things finally got a lot easier. The time goes fast, and soon I will be back in Ecuador. I have to leave persons and things that I have loved, but I am ing forward to the future in the hope that someday I will return and be able to see everybody again. Thanks to everyone for the wonderful time, because you all have made my experience a memorable one. 1959 was the magic year when the Class of 1972 started the long climb up the ladder of education. The years since then have held happiness along with disappointment, and challenge along with work. No matter where the class may go after graduation, our wonderful memories of ACS will stay with us, for this is the place where we all grew-up, laughed, cried, and most of all, learned of what lies ahead. Our freshman year started out with many workers eager to go. Their efforts were coordinated by our officers Michele Marconi, President, Mary Stapleton, Vice President, Anne Lauridsen, Treasurer, Lorraine Gallo, Secretary, Barb Shisler, Stu- dent Council Representative, and Tony Mello, Student Court. Mrs. Coniglio, our advisor, helped us make successes of our candle sale, dance, and bake sale. Our freshman candle sale had gone so well that we decided to sponsor another in our sophomore year. We also started a Class of 1972 tradition that year, the selling of roses for Valentine's Day. This project was more successful than anything we had done before. Our leaders that year were Marlene Yousey, President, Barb Shisler, Vice President, Ryan Forrestel, Treasurer, Therese Coughlin, Secretary, Tony Mello, Student Council Representative, and Karen Caffery, Student Court, along with Mrs. Coniglio, our advisor. In our junior year we had a new advisor, Mrs. Gaddis, and a new cabinet: Mary Stapleton, President, Karen Caffery, Vice President, Peggy Bedford, Treasurer, Michele Marconi, Secretary, and john Rogers, Student Court. They gave us many new ideas which got us off to a great start. We sold Rex Cleaner, sponsored several dances, and once again sold roses on Valentine's Day. The highlight of the year was the first week in October when we finally got our class rings. We ended a very profitable year by co-sponsoring the jr.-Sr. Prom f'Colour My World. When we finally got to our senior year, we found how exciting being a senior really was. We got off to an early start under the leadership of Mary Stapleton, President, Karen Caffery, Vice President, Bob Tiedt, Treasurer, Marilyn Babel, Secretary, Keith Rauch and john Rogers, Student Council Representatives, and a new advisor, Mt. Ulrich. We were in- volved in the traditional senior activities of selling refreshments at football and basketball games, making good use of the Senior Lounge, and sponsoring the Sadie Hawkins Dance in honor of our classmate, Stan Barone. We also continued our tradtion of selling roses on Valentine's Day. Our senior banquet, the jr.-Sr. Prom, and graduation provided a beautiful con- clusion to thirteen years at ACS. Through the years of work we have become 130 students united as one. We have enjoyed each otherfs company and have learned from each other. And where'er we go we'll ne'er forget Akron and her orange and her black. W5 159 ISI 4-cf ff Francine Abrams GUY Abrams Marilyn Babel Thomas Barkcwirz 1 Luann Sue Bedford Margaret Bedford Dennis Keith Berhorn Kimberly Blasko james E. Bohn Ruth Bork Brenda S. Bower Joanne Bradley Karen Michele Brauen Donna Marie Bromsread Nancy A. Brunner Norma Lynn Brunner Cheryl Brust Ted Buonanno Sandy Martin Burns Shirley Ann Burns U Karen A- CHHCYY Bonnie Campbell Cynthia Cantie james R, Capan David Carmcr Deborah Ann Casseri Cindy Chart Jim Coffta 4194! , K J Mary Elizabeth Colopy Therese G, Coughlin .Jim Cowl Kevin E. Covel f . Linda j. Cross Beverly june Cummings W Y, Mafif .IOYCC Cl-'mminS5 Deborah Ann Davis Barb Delflys David P. Dc-:Young . ww . N Janice Carol Downey Patricia Ellis Kathy Esrlcr Doug Farrell Patrick J. Feldman Dime A' Fisher Paula jane Fitzsimmons Steven L. Flanders Debbie Flading Ryan R. Forrcstcl Douglas Frye Lorraine Ann Gallo john Garrison james Golpl GUY F4 GVUUHU Linda Susan Harris .kX ,KX V Q' .x X Robcrt A. Hcnsc-1 Bruce Allan johnson U It K e 3 iff! 5? 'V 2 . at' 51: X Tom jones Steve jones Charles G, joy Michael Robert' Keller Mary Viona Kcpplc'r Sarah Kingsley ,. 1, ,, A AA , v . x Sara Anne Klchn Michael Eric Knop . xf' .,r , 1 ,C 'Q .u,.,,Mf:1'm y 3 Carl J, Kolipinski joseph S, Koss Jerome Kostanciak Bob Kowalik Kevin D. Kruschke Nancy Krzykowski Patti Kumm Anne Lauridsen Catherine M. Laycock Timothy R, Lockhart Kevin Paul Mnndolcnc Michele D. Marconi J05ffPh Maud jane Marie Matynka wr John H- MCCOIHSIC1' Susan Claudia McNiff Qfiham vifesaargkg X -ya, fi- 96 Sally jo Mecca Tony Mello 'Z Robert Arthur Milcs Sue Miles Steven Niezgoda Peggy Ann Noody Benjamin O'Conner Eileen Olszewski Maria Eugenia Ordoncz Russell james Ormsby ? 'X if David Offilviimi Sybil Marie Pacer ' I David Parker Paul H. Pims Patti Poodry Audrey L. Porter , ark F ,,x..f:' , ,ff RJ' ,, Bryan Ktirh R21uCh Winifrcd L. Reuben Rachel Robnctr john M, Rogers Sharon Lee Schafer Tim Schcppcrly ,, . 37 Sandra -I. Schoenthal Kathy Schrock Barbara ,Jean Shislcr Mary Anne Skomskx Gregory Smith Susanne Snyder ,.f james Sowinski Lawrence M. Spillman YF-'nv 'UK Mary Anne Stapleton David EA Srock Anda Sruchell Bob Ticdr Frances Turner Lauretta C Varo , ,-'A f i ,VI 'qc Lu t 4 f Roger K. Voigt Smgy Walker Safldfa LCC Wands Margaret Anne Webster David Wehling Patrick Dale Welsh Bill Weston john Wideman X in f X - ,A f-'xxxnf ,Of i ' 3 X ,i .if iiii Brian V. Wight Paul L. Winnie Jeffery D. Wright David B, Yaiser '7 Marlene Lara Yousey Seniors Noi Pioiured' Stanley Barone David Gerstung The Class of 1972 would like, at this time, to remember a fellow class- mate, Mario David Frey, who passed away October 1, 1965. He will always be remembered by his friends. l lIrIO0 I I K I+ is hard Io sag Ihank gou Io so mang people Ihal have given Iheir mosl Io me Ihese pasl monlhs. I know Ihal I am gefling beller and I know Ihal parl ol' mg progress is due Io Ihe people Ihal cared aboul me. There should be a bel-Ier word. buf all I can sag is Ihank gou. Sian Senior Aciiviiies Senior Class Cabinei Sadie Hawkins Dance Q. Q An indoor outhousc???? Li'l Abner and Daisy Mac Jr.-Sr, Prom 'SX ,f K 1 - Our favorite C???J period. Senior Lounge Selling Refreshmenis af Home Games It W 137' 'To- 0 J Junior Class Cabinel The junior Class sponsored two events this year that required extensive planning and work by many dedicated stu- dents. These events were directed by their officers Tom Schuler, Presidentg john Trigilio, Vice Presidentg Sue Berry, Secre- taryg and Betty Rudolph, Treasurer. The class started out the year by sponsoring a dance in October. It gave them the initia- tive to plan the harder projects of the year, Their first major project was the Donkey Basketball Game. It pitted the junior UI-IOII-I team against the WORLD,' team with the WORLD', team triumphing. The donkeys and players made the event enjoyable for everyone present, The second project for the juniors took approximately a month to complete. They made sitting a little softer around Akron by selling cushions. These cushions were decorated with the Akron Tiger, a Zodi- ac wheel, and the words l'Send Help, The two projects proved very profitable for the junior Class treasury. l l l l l lkow I.' B. Baker, D. Mattioli, L. Santoline. Row 2: L. Kuraszkiewicz, C. Klingelsmith, R. Ben- der. Row 3: M. Blasko, S. Dieterle. Row 4: D. iPrintup, R. Ritecz. Row 5: P. Bassanello, S. ,Kazmierczalg D. Sutton, R. I-Iofmeimer. Stand- ingf D. Holtz, P. Hammond, R. Pixley, W. Fish- cr, S. Poulos, H. Stuchell, M. Crowell, D. Noyd, C. Kraatz, S. Lega, M. Brown. Row I.' M. Flanders, A. Ormsby, R. Blish. Row 2.- 1. Asbeck, V. jacobsen. Row 3,' J. Graves, P. Kroemer, A. Wright, C. Reichert. Row 4: C. Allen, E, Bmning, S. Berry, V. Kraatz, R. Wil- liams, S. Pollack, M. Valcnte, Row 5: S. johnson P. Weaver, K. Keller, K. Smith, S. Arnold. Row I.' S. Miller, B. Rehwaldt, K. Pafk, K. Fish cr. Row 2: E. Steimer, D. Gonsowski, D. Brad field, G. Martino. R010 3: -J. Trigilio, -I. Bradley K. Stapleton, L. Snyder, M. Hart, K. Burg, 'I Sweitzer, M. Betzold. Row 4: M. Coffta, B. Hel- lert,j. Wronowicz, W. Garrison, H. Nayman, L Fitzsimmons, R. Rebmann, M. Bluhm, C Claude. Row 1.'j. Asmus, L. Pagels, J. Peters. Row 2: A. Schrock, L. Witnauer, C. Pann. R010 3: P. Krantz, T. Vanice. Row 43.1. Bower, N. Frey. Slanding: S. Poodry, A. Abrams, D. Colopy, K. Ceisner, C. McNiff, W. Wight, D. Sescil, D. Yohn, R. Boskat. Row 1.' D. Steiner. R01412: M. Zysek, A. Ri D. Thomas, B. Cummings. Row 3: V. Ri P. Weaver, T. Dory, N. Raduns, T. Good Bluhm, G. Pogel, G. jackson. Row 4: M. T. Sigmon, R. Kress, C. Swiatowy, J. So P. Cummings. Rvw 1: C. Wagner, M. Odell, L. Roberto, Weston, L. Michalek, D. Sregman, M. Mi B. Rudolph, M. Lockhart, M. Peters, V McNutr. Row 2: W. Hurne, D. Stuber, R. j. Parzych, T. Schuler, T. Hartl. Row 3: R. tor, N. Brockway, A. Forrestel, R. Brady, Bedford, T. Schumacher, T. Bzssanello. 5 Sophomore Class Cabinet The busiest group this year was the Class of 1974 under the leadership of Beth Brengel, Presidentg Carl Patterson, Vice Pres- dentg Sue Lemanski, Secretaryg Tom Hitchcock, Treasurerg Cindy johnson, Student Union Representativeg and Peggy Pafk, Stu- lent Union Alternate. The class did a lot of cooking for several bake and pizza sales they sponsored. They held two dances, one in 'arly November and one in May, to entertain the student body. In November they became ecology minded and sponsored a paper lrive. However, in December they switched their interests to gardening and sponsored a flower sale. They also helped Akron's chool spirit by selling school pennants and pins at various times throughout the school year. wftfkfi 1 , wwf Row 1: B. Ribbeck, L. Eldrecl, M. Szucs, P, Man! dolcne, M. Miles, K. Mcinzer, R, Campbell. Row 2: K. Baehr, B. Garvey, M. Smith, M. Skye. Raw 3.' K. Ewald, C. Kumro, D. Berghom, R. Sy, C. Wilkins, G. Homcsberger. Row 1: -I. Karl, A. Cory, M. Lorwa. Row 2: P. Kraatz, R. Lanrz, L. Spears, V. Reuben, L. Snell C, Graves, R. Campbell, R. Diererle, S. Steiner? Raw 3: A. Porter, R. Schrock, D. Kress, L. Childs, S. Reigle, G. PeQueen, A. jones, M Newman, D. Scarborough, B, Crowell, M. Kel- lcy, G. Rogers. ow 1: M. Oliver, G. Golding, D, David, R, hearlcy, G, Abraham, D. Ribbeck. Row 2: M. Kennedy, M. Srocker, H. Bruning, D. Maloney, D. Spillman, T. Keller, D. Best, D. Alexander. Row 1.' -I. jonathan, M. Cheavacci, T. Noody. Row 2: C. Kinne, S. Mcbcod, S. Herod, K, jona- than, V. Robnerr, F. George, M. Murphy. Row 3: R. Srahl, J. Coffta, j. Kasperek, C. McNiff, j. DeYoung, T. Zirzka. P wif'- Row l.' M. Rice, C, Baumen, R010 2: A. Ciamett' -I. Frey, C. Roscnccker, C. Rogers, L, Pask. R 3: C. Best, D. Wilson, A. juliano, S. Lemamsk' P. Pafk. Row 4.' R. Morrison, j. Lorwa, Sweirzer, D. Yousey, -I. Widcman, Row 5: Brewer, D. Gillmeister, K. Soika, R. Dean, Strattcn, Row 6: B. Murray, T. Lacki, G. Hub bard, C. Graff, T, Hume. reshman Class Cabinei The freshman class started their first fund raising with a bake sale at the Akron bank. In December the very popular Snoopy dogs went on sale, just in time for Christmas. After vacation the class came back ready to work on their second bake sale which was held in February. To end the year's work this amazing class of 175 students held its gala dance on April 14. The year's success was due to the hard working officers: Ray Schepperly, Presi- dentg Greg Tordy, Vice Presidentg jeff Trigilio, Treasurerg Sue Williams, Secretaryg and all the freshmen who supported them. Row I.' B. Weston, D. Pacer, G. Schnabel, E Cummings, D. Easton, R. Ribbeck, D. Alexan der, C. Georger. Row 2.11. Anderson, M. Frey, K Crossley, R. Milam, K. Huth, N. Eddy, G. jack son. Row 3: N. Medole, R. Kelley, D. Begiers, R. Massaro, R. Anderson, T. Rehwaldt. Silling on Slepxs S. Odell, D. Pann, j. Hon ger, L. Bradley, D. Pattcrson,j. Meyer, S. all, J. Shisler, M. Stapleton, K, Kumpf, L. D. Reimer, R. Karcher, K. Arnold. Above: B. Sigmon, j. Babel, J. Hudson, R. ent, S. Philips, V. Francis, D. Bushh Slanding: S. Murray, j. Bohn, D. Sy, j. L hand, D. Farrell. 3- saw' Row 1: K. Kopp, D. Rosenberg, M. Platten, Bradfield, W.jago. Row 2.'j. Socha, S. Smith, Marquardt, L. Lederhouse, G. Newman. Rm P. PeQueen, R, Schepperly, K. Keller, B. -I. Bower, j. josey. Row I: M. Brady, S, Rogers, j. Pask, M. Smirh, M. Marconi. Row 2.' C. Buonanno, R. Eldred, M. Miles, R, Robnett. Row 3: M. Caprio, S. Brun- ing, L. Staehell,j. Wilson, P. Childs, P. Payne, T. Wesley, j. Hammond. Row 4: D. Marquardt, T. Davis, C. Fisher, R. Hoste, R. Forresrel. Row 1: D. Tobin, T. Bluhm, M. Reynolds. Row 2: M. Kolipinski, K. Carmcr, L, Snyder, M. Wright. Row 3: P. Lacki, j. Powell, V, Rusnak, C. Oakes. Raw 4: M. Garrett, j. Chapman, S. Rasrelli. Row 5: G. Burg, C. Kaufman, Little. Row 6: K. Frey, C. Griffiths, C. Cummings. Row 7: 1. Dylag, C. Flading, K. Soika, Row 1: R. Hake, P. Muck, J. Mauldin. Row 2.' D Grimm, C. Adamkowski, D. Womack, V. Wit- kop, F. McNutt. Row 3: B. DeFries, K. Capan W Childs L Poodry R Grciner S jemison R0104 J Carmba M Santolini B Rice S Par- ker L Jamieson D Brawdy Row 5 G Tordy T Peters A Pacer W Brunmg P Remington B Allison ,if ,rxyg l LRQ-ff.. sf Senior High Special Educalion Class Row 1: E. Stanley, A. Colopy, C. Spillman, M. Cummings. Row 2: B. Bedford, B. Eckcrson, J. Clark, Mr. Rcmscn, Teacherg C. Colopy, R. Doctor. Row 1: D. Lirfin, F. Golpl. Row 2: A. Pohl, ,I We1ch,j. Ottncy. Row 33 L. Klawcr, K, Sigmon Row 4: P. Hartl, M. Bluhm, T. Tihung, C Bucholz, D. Huclomim, K. Heri, V. Weaver Row 5: R. Hein, T. jones, Trigilio, S. son, L, Srcgman, D. Schafer. Ecker- if Ll UPU 55 Row I.' T. Bistoff, L. Wetzen, M. Wunhman, K. Ottney, T. Milani, C. Fiegel, P. Vanburen, L. Printup, D. Scscil, N. Gronsowski, W. Hascley. Row 2.' D. Philips, D. Stegman, j. Richardson W. Whitlocke, E. Cramer, L. Hyde, C. Caple, j. Kinne, D. Gates, K. Pawlick, D. johnson, C. Karcher, R. Smith, B. Brengel, D. Parzych. Row If L. Brust, S. Fisher, J. Schrock, D. Hit- chcock,-I. Schultz, D. Pennuck, M. Gerstung, G Ground, B. Borden, J. Palizay, J. McNutt, -I Lutz, L. Ward. Row 2.' H. McClintock, A. Abrams, C. Coffta, -I. Nixon, D. Swiatowy, W. Fitzsimmons, T. jones, D. O'Connor. Row 3: A. Staclthouse, R. Raykowski, G. Lemanski, M. Dembrow, P. Kasperck, G. Bell, T. Pickwick, L. Stallica, M. Rapisardi, E. Kress. Row 1.' D. Zimmerman, -I. Parker, D. Drachen- berg, K. joy, G. Garvey, M. Lyon, H. Smith, K Oakes, S. Brackett, K. Becky. Row 2.' B. Camp- bell, L. Kumpf, C. Meahl, L. Hammond, D. Stahl, R. Gillmeister, E. Roll, M. Kelley, E. Re- ichert. Row 3: F. Hutchinbon, M. Pope, j. Man- dolene, R. Wmck, j. Covert, C. Vanburen. Row 1: L. Bower, P. Valente, E. Flanders, D. Hofmeierhl. Keller. Row 2: V. Rastelli, D. Stahl L. Plarren, T. Burck. Raw 3: D. Wesley, P. Kroemer, G. Oliver. Row 4: E. Rusnak, D Achuff. Row 5: K. Lummel, B. Rehwaldt, L. Bnming. Slanding: W. Price, D. Stanley, M Rochling, K. Downey, E. Coughlin, D. Parker, L. Giesler, J. Alexander, C. Bennie. Qow 1: S. Muggleberg, D. Pafk, C. Georger, A. Kbrams. Row 2: S. Cummings, C. Ribbeck, S. iisher, B. Goeseke, B. Legs. Row 3: R. Yager, B. Wight, C. Stuchell, L. Marinaccio, T. Heberling, itanding: C. Caprio, D. Blish, B. Putzbach, L. Wurrhman, D. Pawlick, D. Rung, j. Baehr, j, lictor, S. Smith, D. Brown, J. Karl, M. Philips. Row 1:j. Graves, T. Heri. Row 2:1 Darling, K. Ribbeck, D. Webster, D. Reuben, D, Baehr, D. Bruning. Row 3: C. Spillman, K. Borchert, j. Young, M. Childs, V. Pafk, M. Nice, L. Schubel, M. Koss, j. Strelczak. Slandir1g.' M. Mattioli, K. Fix, j. Gersrung, L. LaFaive, D. Fisher, A. Womack, K. Lippert, B. Baker, R. Abraham. 3-. Row I: K. Kron, D, Schumacher, R. Spillman, S Tijung, D. Buonanno, S. Payne. Row 2: D Achuff, S. Bennie, R. Barone, F. jemison, K Hensel, N. Turner. Row 3: M. Bradley, C. Wilk ins, j. Parker, W. Srrzelczyk, V. Wirltop, C. Covel, T. Knop, T. Childs, A. Blackman, B. Weston, T. Neider, S. Lindke, j. Campbell, S. Zaiac, 1. Whitlocke. Y f : Q Sitting: S. Karl, R. Hanson, D, Bassenello, L. chuman, M. Klehn, R. Schnitzer, C. Corbett T Smith, D. Caprio, L. Kazmierczalt, D, Wheatley. Standing, Row 1: L. Bello, J. Rosenelter, S M. Hudomint, T. Marquardt, T. Eldred, A Ho - lenbeck, R. Michalak. Row 2: E. Barber . Greiner, R. Pohl, R, Wagner, M. Cheavacci . Bramley, T. Tordy, D. Wolfe, D. Smith. Row 3' G. Redeye, R. Flatt, P. jemison, S. Goodridge Row I: S. Rohloff, D. Smith, J. Kostancialt Vanice, R. Kinne, D. Eddy, T. Rapisardi, Roggen. Rnw 2.' J. Frcy, Y, Yoder, E. Lucia, Bucceri, M. Campbell. Rvw 3: N. Bmnner, P Bosltar, A. Nicometi, H. Morrison, R. Hc C. Murray, F. Baker, J. Smith, R. Ground, j. Socha, D. Koons. Row I: M. McGrcgor,j, Mangani, P. Morgan, Cummings, J. Shisler, C. Bruning. Row 2: T Claude, R. Cummings, M. Fish, S. Snyder, R Patterson, R. Reuben. Row 3: R. Wilson, M, Rosenberg, -1. Trigilio, L. jones, C. Sowinski, M Schmigel. Row 4: L. Dean, vl. Ballow, D. Strat- ton, R. Lauridsen, C. Rice, C. Childs. Rvw 5: A. Smith, V. Davis, C, Bucholtz, S. Parker, K. Stocker, B. Smith. Tiling, Row 1.' D. Rohloff, S. Bedford, P. Fix, B. iruning, M. Skomski. Row 2: S. jones,j. Meyer, I. Domon, G. Smith, D. Bmcker, Row 3: P. Vehling, B. Bedford, R. Karcher, T. Hopkins. tanding: K, O'Lone, E. DeYoung, P. Morrison Anderson, D. Berghorn, B. Young, V. Morri- Jn, T. Oppel, B. Dean, T. Rogers, L. Prinrup V. Barber. 1 s Raw 1.' K. Mondello, D. Brawdy, T. Walker, -I. Richardson, D. Bushhammer, M. Riemer. Row 2: E. Hansen, C. Forrestel, N, Pollack, R. Hartung, K. Borden, M. Dembrow, R, Palizay. Row 3: M. Conibezr, L. Rehwaldt, C. Stuchell, L. Litfin, K. Meinzer, C. Little, B. Taylor, M. Ste- vens, J. Garrison, L. Neary. Row 4,' L. Bruning, M. Sankey, K, Stahl, R. Roth, S, McCafferry, L. Stegman. W f' Q Q . . 9 ' + h , 25 V A7 K Q.. .SME .wscswr Q' G d , M. W ., W, pa e . M06 DGWNYY ' Gu 6 ,Y A , O mf- in , K Row 1: T. Groff, R. Alexander, Mrs. Downey I V, , R. Koons, D. Schrock. Row 2.' D. LaFa.ive, D. A., i 3 I 'I W Finger, R. Schalge, L. Nice. Rqw 3: G. Wmck, . , , gg, M I A '-Lyn .r' C. Blackman, j. Palizay, J. Darling, R. Roggen K A' ki If if f D. Kelley. Row 4.11. Bmst, M. Payne, H. Manga- , ' ' ni, M. Swiatowy, -I. Colopy, T. Gibbs, M. Neid- A V, er, M. Routledge. Row 5: M. Karayanis, H. A V , - Campbell, M. Eddy, R. Frey, R. Grier, j. Forres- A 'L ,az Q 'ff' ' Q tel, J, Valente. ' A fg fz r r f fi. Q A 1' F F 1' . al! l l l R . 0 . , L i , iv .H .X - . f J I i A CN E.L.EMl'NV ARY SCHOOL. 'V' L fl WH Ll!-M Nu- PMNCWAA i . Row l. L. Parker, D. Hyder, Mr. Schrader, G. ', M S H 6 1 an ' 2 Poodry, D. Clary. Row 2: V. Tjhung, B. Yaiser, ff- ll 1 A M 5 ,W vi ,f P. Santolini, T. Harrington. Row 3: D. Schu- macher, G. Peters, T. Childs, L. Vanicc. Row 4, t ' V',,.fff' Q, f t T. Lewis, M. Fish, M. Allen, B. Koellef, R. ,JT . I CJ, Gerstung, M. Ellis. RW 5: T. Rudolph, M. sig- , - , js: Q l mon, M. Eldred,j. Nagy, T. Mondello, G. Print- X-,L l I . , up, B. Spillman. Absent: N. Gates, T. Fix, A. , Beck, S. Pumcker. , . . , 1. 3 9 is f f V IE X K lv inf ll A if if J . Q .N if Q . J-'S W mf A XJ...- --L if f Qllillil Q3 7 M iii sf EA , ,sl , -'ff a 1 -'f l . v-.. f ' fl ff:-Q? an fi n rm - 1? L L r' 1 'Sl 31,5 f V ,-, Row 1: L. Hitchcock, D. Farrell, Miss Caywood D. Wnlck, M. Doyle. Row 2: E. Lippert, K. Vic- tor, M. Milan, V. Bernsdorf. R010 3.' A. Peters, D. Parzych, O. Kipp, -I. Corbett. Row 4: T Smith, B. Schultz, T. Shrock, T. Patterson, -I Richardson, R. Wideman, M. Knyter, F. Bush- hammer, S. Raye. Row 5: j. Delelys, D. Dud ziak, C. Anderson, W. Fisher, D. Amerine, D Donahue, D. Bnming. Row 1: J. DiChristina, D. Blish, Mr. Wolfe, J. Hammond, P. Carges. Row 2: D. Rosenberg, R. Lobut, D. Stanley, E. Bramwcll. Rowir C. Amer- ine, C. Achuff, D. Nehrboss, L. Rice. Row 4: P. Radomslti, J. Olivct, J. Schnitzer, D. Smith, J. Whalen, J. Ribbeck, C. Frey, T. Cory, B. Kinne. Row 5: C. Nicometi, E. Kaspetek, J. Nicosia, K. Roehling, J. Remington, R. Cummings, W. Sweeny. mime S925 i fs. Q 6 ' - 7 fa- Ziff? K O PLE E Ci M W N 2' 4495 LI V1 'K 420 . .i Fifth Grade Row 1: B. Kress, R. Bellanca, W. Babiarz, Mrs. Schamcl, C. Stackhouse, M. Saika, R. Oppel. Row 2: A. Reuben, K. Marquardt, P. Mccaff- erty, K. Lacltg S. Cheavacci, J. Smith. Row 3: J. Rauch, R. Weston, T. Darling, K. Griffith, R. Hein. M. Karcher. Row 4: M. Alai, P. Poodry, N. Bradfield, R. Ribbeck, M. Anderson, R. Fate- well, S. Smith, M. Kazmierczak, K. Meahl. Row 5: W. Reuben, P. Schnabel, L. Thentland, T. Klingele, D. Bernsdorf, S. Criswell, L. Buro. til l B xu-...uf - ' M M H P ff' .t . . it . Gigi-W +L? E l +22 ii ,.4. ., ' xii , 2 2 ,-fr A . X.,J as Q . . 5? swf ' 1 f' ruff: . 1 2 3,14 , Raw 1: R. Flatt, P. Carges, K. Stackhouse, J. Frey, S. Bradfield. Raw 2: S. Hake, B. Sweitzet, NJ.f-- S. Jones, K. Lummel. Row 3: J. Parker, C. -' ' mf Kumpf, D. Anderson, J. McCorquodale. Row 43 .4-fl ' C, Kolipinski, E. Matrioli, Mrs, Thoman, B. Xl , Tobin, L. Warren, L. Knop, R. Kopp, J. Allison, J. Reichert. Rmu 5: M. Bassanello, J. Platten, R. A Buonanno, L. Witnauer, N. Brunner, D. Reb- ' ' .-, mann, A. Stanley. x ini, 421 1 MV. it ,M F3 . flaw XA' miie ,PQ .gl A gg- '4'- in . P. t. 2. ,Ia , ' 515. r' ' EQQQ I gf, lv ef Amon Q Lsmsmnnv sensor W. w,,,W.,H.1f Pawn. fn aaa Q, f lf- Mmm mm w xyf Row I: D. Walters, M. Dembrow, K. Schultz, A. 97' ' 72 Abrams, Miss Muchow, C. Cummings, j. Abra- ham, G. Logan, T. Abrams. Row 2.' M. Pann, D. ' 5 V Novak, K, McArthur, j. Frye. Row 3: M. Edmist- H K I 2 ff: er,j. Meyer, L. Nagy, R. Toczek, M. McMahon, 1, W. , ' if 1 r '7 - . 1 l 3, I J. Schafer. Row 4.' S. Forrestel, M. Allison, S. 157' ' Nl fl Tumcr, T. Intz, B. Smith, s, Roberto, N. Hyde, . P. Jonathon. Rvw 5: S. Bower, P, Klehn, K. Kel- ., Q ii' ' W lcy, P. O'Connor, M. LaDuca, D. Grice, A, Bos- ff if .- 2 ' ' kat, J. Fix, s, Ficgel. ml : - Y, cf, Q a W 'UL an . . 1 5. lx ,, W' -Nb V 'f'G f 'Z' , J ,, - ' ics! 'fffzr . P V, Y fr . ui AA we f -- IW W r 4 , ,gf R010 l.'.A.YThompsol1J'K. SchultfT. Cummings, .5 ' V 44 v , My WMM W 'FWHM Q' T' , if S. Hartung, McCErTliey,. T. Ground, D. ' W xp MN' SH K G '3 2 I V W ' Schultz. Row 2.5 l . Bisrolf,B.Y Ribbeck,NG. Mor- U Q ml lg ik 'K 2 rison, C. Wilmn, M. McNutt, D. McGregor, . Row 3: T. Brackett, B. jonathan, J. Noyd, V. 'K 11 ! f V ' Gicsler, T. Kellogg- K. Barone. Raw 4:1 Ran- I gf, VA Q' dall, I., Bower, -J. Estler, T. Wilkins, L. Ham- Ai X N' ' sr, ff , mond, E. Bartlett, E. Tucker, C. Doyle, D. ' -A McGregor. Row 5: R. Bruning, S. jankowski, M. , ,, , , Williams, K. Faulring, T. Nicomeri, B. Burl f Q' i Mk 'T , QL rows, C. jones. ' , A f A4-,, a s M , i' 9, ' ,L a.. :f ' 5. L. Ld A 'I ,il 'Q i it 5,5 I ,- ft M L I 1 .5 V 1 ' Mm Etmwm .moot 1 M... WWW W P ' Mus Sr!-or -G rw 19 4 N Row 1: J. Milani, j. Mann, K, Borden, Mrs, ' Stage, D. Bruning, T. Hollenbeck, E. Pogel. Row ,V I f W 5 2: R. Gerscung, A, Blasko, J. Pixley, S. I-lake, - Q., .K .K A 2 43 Row 3: R. Durst, J. Brown, B. Shafer, D. Hersce, ' f ,ij Qf- ff' , P. Childs, L. Schumacher. Rm 4.- s. Falker, M. Q ' G. , H f 'f h , Whiting, T. Caple, M. O'Melia, 1. Phelps, B. Roscnecker, B. Kelkenbcrg, E. Flading, L. : ' Hyder. Row 5: R. Eddy, S. Miles, J. Stahl, L. Ul- fi fs 1 V - - ..- K Q Q V A A 5. f ianov, S. Gabbcy, 1. Kron, E. Amerine. Abrenlx N' ' 4, 'ff--f K1 55, 57' K. Beyer, j. Schrock. . ' , . , Y- 1 4 ,A . I 'vii M Hariri .5 I Taj, ,609 v Q3 S A' ,j Row 1: S. Spillman, B. Eldred, R. Snyder, Mrs. xA x. Rf-if! . Amzow ekemamwv scwooL ZZ M P 1' G11 K Mm. H 4, H. wnum H., .mme x .. A G .rw 5 , J ,971 :ws ' , ' Hartzler, -I. Marinaccio, R. Murray, J. Kinne. 73 1 l Row 2.' K. Szmak, G. Lacki, A. Tippet, P. Perry- ,A man, F. Rehwaldt,j. Childs. Row 3: D. Carrub- E , jr :E k A ba, -I. Sword, L. Kipp, C. Schuler, T. Conibcar, -' 7 5,15 7 A, K. Neary. Row 4: L. jonathan, D. Snell, M. Frey, , W I . ' A A in ua E. Sevor, F. Strzelczyk, K. Stock, A. Boskat, P. llfffzf ' . . .0 5 A ' Rehwaldt. Row 5: D. Bauder, D. Snell, T. Print- K , 1, N F L . N up, M. Caple, P. Schrock, A. Odell, L. Stapleton. gi i 'H Q - . , Q . .4 13 P' 1 . , L, ... t ,,t' x s ll su . in ff ,, 'li s c. l C -....4' K 'Wm 8!'x'6 8 M Q 2 Q Fourih ffl A 'fl ' - N l Q3 I ' Q71 -su i , Y . L , X ,V Row I: R. Meyer, R. Cowan, Mrs. Weeks, A I ' if . 5' Allen, M. Parker. Row 231. Bartrum, P. Amerine 5 ,Q ,, V, az L. Edwards, A, Jacobs. Row 3: S. Snyder, S, Brun- , ,H X ef V 5 If-.Zi ing,j. Reinhardt, j. Routledge, C. Lcga, S. Zitz- fwwfwl W' V 4 K 'xl rv ka. Row 4: C. Rebmann, S. jasinski, L. Sweeney R. Noody, E, Bramwell, C. Confer, A. Childs xf 5 K. Smirh, D. Reichert. R010 5: 1. Akin, C. Ander- fl' :M 'iw I ,fro L V 'rf' son, R. Baker, L. Achuff, L. Nanni, J. Stanley if nf , V3 K , ,. I ' rf m tg, M. Rohloff. , W :fr A l f 1- E- lg is-fi 'Z' 1.4 , Q Q., S' , l 3552 25- Q Qin 1 ,.,V '-4 a Sill , . w YQ Am QM-. 1... y M , , ,V , -jf' , Q Row 1: D. Stuchell, B. Hartwig, L. Roggen, Mrs. w-,334-ff: I X-'1 'kg jost, L. Logan, P. McNurt, K. Coffta. Row 2: M. ' V ,W M A my N jones, D. Graff, M. Allison, C. Kmschke. Row ' if 3, M, Lewis, K, Printup, W. Blish, L. Sweitzer, L I Af, , an P, Palizay, A. Kelly. Row 4: K. Kenyon, D. Bre- V - - if ,X V' ' ' ' T ' mn, M, Graves, W. Eldfed, D. Boffhm, R, 01. I f' I A M M , denski, B. Glomb, M. Greiner. Row 5: W. Rob- 'ri S nerr, L. Bennie, M. Brown, L. Cummings, C. . Kelkenberg, N. Kazmictczak, R. Smith. Q Q 1 W Q g , -, -W R.: Q K - egg' ' A ,, . . .11 .1 ' A f A 'P 15? . C3 fs ' 1. f , 1.'.,s' fl 5' 5 5 4 1- sa l Q 'nl Q .. .. 1 1 1 r , M M W wh fi X ' M W G l 'f' W Row 1: C. Adamkowski, D. Peters, Miss Win- A A M ston, D. Satterlee, L. Drachenberg. Row 2: L. Lit- - ,,,, ,,,, A r fin, G. Marguardt, L. Criswell, S. McCafferty. .X .- I V x Row 3: D. Stock, R. Campbell, R. Brewer, J. A ' xg. ' ' qv li 1 -, Montville, R. Mondello, L. Roggen. Row 4: M. S If , , mm ' 1. ' Pacer, J. Camegie, K. Burck, E. Gallerdorfer, J. l' Y ' S 'A J ' Yager, C. hansen, R. Grimm, N. Spring. Row 5: D. Wik, L. Rogers, D. Griffith, Hyde, L. , l U Fisher, D. Edgar, B. Hake. M ' ,I 'Q' H, s. ' M .. '. ' Y ' - xiii: A fs A ef' -fr . V , 4, .. . . J. .- 7' A l'- ' iw? ii 3 'gg f GH' .rigs a, ' ' 'Q La A -5 , .7 .3 Q 5 . ' ' . N V S ' r glnnvmfff pr' . iw. -, M.. wnrwm P I gi 15, ' M.. GQ G .f , Q, . ' Row lr K. Novak, K. jimerson, T. Owen, Mr. ' W 5 ,I .W Golia, M, Rapisardi, B. Miles, C. Kirk. Row 2: S. Harrington, T. Riemcr, -I. Anderson, M. Sescil. tv ' Row 3: T. Bates, C. Keller, C. Rickwalt, C. Q E M I Tobin, G. Strzcelczyk, V. Cinotti. Row 4: R. , , lr . Smith, G. Hopkins, D. Donahue, S. Gates, K. . 3, ,V H iz Q .. . Snyder, C. Sanderson, II. Olaf, D. Schultz. Row!! K. Parker, J. Patterson, C. Reuben, T. Wisniewf ., ' ski, R. Schrock, D. Hersee, D. jonathan. g 'le i A gi' S fa? r :. 1 V' X-if 'fi ' 1 f f if I 1, :A del ...H sr .ie g C f--wl A .. 1' L. K ' S-if ff Avi , - Q XAX' 7 , . S 1 f Lf A , Q . H , , ,fp K xg - . ... I - 1' ' 1 3' 4 I l 0 E I ' F if A fr 4 ,, I Row 1: T: Fisher, S. Wilson, S. Allen, Mrs. l V Y K I McGovern, K. Gellart, D. Mazza, K. Groff. Row -' 5 2: S. Klawer, D. jonathan, R. Eulenberg, L. Q I Rom. Rm 3. T. George, D. Schnitzer, J. Pope, N, ff L, Q in 5 U in , R. Kaufman, T. Brant, C. Roberto. Row 4: H. .N 2' I Mr , , V7 jones, S, Witnauer,j. Kolopinski, C. Sanderson, ' A A V ' j. Schalge, -I. Geddes, L. Whitlocke, S. Warren. V Row 5: S. Biro, D. Smith, R. Bellanca, M. fsfs I Q L 4 Ground, L. Bower, R. Brewer, C. Henry. l-. Z, Q1 'V 'B Q .4 5' L., if Q -ff S ' : K L S 24:5 . la' an 1 . 1. roi 1, , 16 ' 55? 6' . ' I e ' F 4 f- ' f V ..:..i E d ga 3 r W V Grade Q Row 1: P. McClintock, T. Palizay, C. Kron, P. . 3, fr I .. Flatt, S. McNutt, D. Rogers, C. Sanderson. Row I in l 2: B. Sword, R. Glena, D. Frey, M. Oldenski. , ,ii f ' 1 - , P ' 3 l Row 351, Kelley, M. Cinorri, D. Strzelczyk, B. If 8-. 5 -P .5 . 4. Ixderhouse, C. Mondello, J. Weston. Row 4: B. 'f 314.15 .1 :Iii ' - t .. , . ' Smith, S. Snell, K. Beyer, B. Rosenccker, M. A 43 3 , U, Weatherbee, D. Peruzzini, K. Hake, T. Reinke, Q 11 if 5 D. Satterlee. Row 5: L. Smith, M. Toczek, J. 'Q 31, A, E J 1. H gifkk Brackett, D. McArthur, D. Kowalik, J. Haney, 1 32 RT' V' V ' . 2' 3,5 ' ' V. D. Tordy. A r ' r 'fn LA f Hi, is .Q , -, 1 .MQW - ff f- S .wh Si . l it K Q ig ' . r , lm' ig' I A sr E yeerrwe 'T N ii 'ff , , Q. K' ., M, .,, M C' Q it J ,vcr Row I: S. Sundown, R. Mietz, L. Shafer, T I 4 Covel, R.Jonathan,J. Trosterud. Row 23 D. Rol- l J, v lain, D. McCoy, S. Klingele, L. Whitesell, C yy if 8 I V 4 eg A 4 i Brewer, D. Schultz. Row 3: L. Young, T. Gibbs, l ', jg ig V, .C ' , ' - - 57, W ' D. Dudziak, C. Pixley, D. Fix, R. Rem. Raw 4. l D fi I M M D. Rice, S. Hendrick, J. Baker, S. Knyter, J. Zar- noch, J. Buth, M. Dory, C. Dalley, D. Clark Q , . K , Row 5: K. Baker, R. Lederhouse, M. Groff, L 1 - - 45, , ,. , , Boseck, R. Keller, T. Kanehl, c. Carnegie. '5 5 m fb f +1 A . 1 r J .. Q. -M lf., H ZF? .sa 4' ev J tv r Af? ,Q , f . ,Q .5 . Q ' 'P' . ri M' , , B .- ' Row 1: J. Smith, P. Snyder, P. Price, Mrs. Selig, - - 1 Y rg, ' P3-' S. Reagan, J. Rzduns, M. Womack. Row 2: K. 'V ' M . . Q -A 7' .J I Criswell, B. Perry, M. McCann, J. Sowinski, C. B Doyle, D. Ribbeck. Row 3: G. Meffonkey, D. V,,. Warrm, T. Hoffman, J. Schmidt, V. Farrell, L. Q pg ,nn I J - ,, Pope. Row 4: P. Printup, T, Brady, W. Hire, S. A ' ' .. .3,f L n u McAllister, J. Jankowski, C. Kumpf, S. Fenton, ,L N I M . in A ll. I M. Stollsteimer, D. Stackhouse, R. Ribbeck, T. I Wonhman, M. Odell, C. Abrams, S. Ranney, C. Groff. Q F, ,QV M2 M 4 we G . 'Q .sawn J . I M., ui- 4 t . ? ,H - 1-rj I M Win I I A ,t sf at .e -'K 1 Q rLo.tFHRC,0t TA, f ' 3 , ' 'P' , Row 1.' N, Estler, R. Kipp, L. Ward, R. Shrock, 'W T ' S. Wickham, J. Gibbs. Row 2.' T. Poodry, L. Domon, V, Lederhousc, P. Philips. Raw 3: J. 61, . ff . Covel, D. Fisher, D. Rosenberg, A, Stuchell, A. X 1 V' Q , 3 - A Akin, A, Cherry. Row 4:-I. Earle, A. Gothard, D. H ' L Wg' 'N Q' A Heri, T. Sword, A, johnson, R. School, C, Van- J, I 'I 5 M ' V 0 ice, B. Milam, M. jonathan. Row 5: K. Burg, A. Muscarella, D. Clary, G. Reuben, R. Penepent, , ' L. Ruebcn, A. Gibbs, my Z A I 'qty A 1, Q 8 '. 'i .Q Nr q I ' 4. J, 'ff . 'za' 4 ' L. QW X- 3:5 Q 'i ' 'X G V 1 N A limi 'F 51 'lv' . ., Vw Q Q. 4 A A V V, Y 1 .W ' ie 3 ' A ,. fi.. A, 5 S W, F Mmm Emo. D if A - M w H... pn...-.W 55 I ' Q GW., ' g,j,' Row IJ M, Pollack, L. Hyder, T. Printup, Mrs. I ' 797' Q 2 . f Chase, V. Witkop, S. Gothard, M. McAfee. Row 2.' S. Pixley, S. Drayer, R. Gabbey, L. Lippcrr. . -. 'V 5 L' Row 3.'j. Stanley,j, Blish, M. Fogal, L. Stahl, G. I ,' lf 2, - Q LaDuca, B. Plarten. Row 4: L. Drachcnbcrg, J. A -' 'L if Q, 715' ' Edmister, D. Poulos, M. Farewell, D. Printup,j. 3, ' , ..-wi g i , W L K L' .I t Bradficld, D. Lay, L. Phelps, S. Silvernail. Row 5: j. Barbar, L. O'Melia, R. Smith, H, Sevor, L, ' '. L fi L, Nice, C. DeYoung, M. Valentc. 6 . 5 y 15 V. 33 L., ' . , -3 K A, ' f k 7 ': . Q P' ' r Hn' - . 4+ QE.-1 J j .im SA, 1. . 3 M econ . ' fiizwl . . e M .. ,. Q X ra e gg V SA at M S G KJ xii ' 'H 3 I It V I Row 1: K. Strzelczyk, A. Wetzen, Mrs. Siemesz, J-f-S ' NJ-ff M. Rehwaldt, J. Bower. Row 2.- L. Hatcher, K. lf . llifii A A A 'Mufil Qi... Pozda, P. Kelly, T. McAllister. Row 3: C. i A My e i , T' Criswell, c, Cassell, J. Lobuf, s. Smith. RW 4.- 2 A . . . P Q E. Kumfo, D. Kirk, E. Dabb, T. Packman, B. L I K Szmak, K, Breton, M. Bruning. Row 5: D. Hake, W Q Q T. Tjhung, A, Conover, L. Lederhouse, D. Man- , '- W W ,Q . gf. E'-, H ick, D. Cummings, T, Smith. L A 1 Ah' f ' ' f L . xii' ' if' .1 f Q 16 4 . T , ami, iv .- f ... r r V s f .fini ,, gp- W if A 0 E E sermon ' M W N, Row 1.'j. Bedford, M. Anderson, Miss Eaton, C. I I tl A Mil... my M Meyer, D. Rader. Row 2.' G. Wik, P. jasinski, R. N if -if 3 ' ' l li J fl - Lobur, K. Amerine, Rvw 3: M, Gabbey, R. Hake, r,,. ,W D. Ross, J. Koss. Row 4: H. Stoldt, A. Printup, -el- -N ' ffl' I N't T A D. Biro, R. Groff, R. Lewis, j. Holtz, D. Rehao, w Juushi ' Q A -Mugh I E. Bruning, C. Smith. Row 5: T. Peters, K. Ken- X ' J..fQ ,. k il, b. 3 ' yon, P. Galland, B. Reuben, j. Smith, M. 3 A X 'J' r f Wissinger, j. Baker, 9 1,7 -sf 4-in 'zfiif is ll. A 4 s Y R' ' , 4 4.5! A :Mm - 1 M A if - 1 9 5. , R ' 3' 5- N ' .ffgi . Q Q Q f f ' MBV ' l ., 'S E I li , , MRONELEMENMRY woot ' W . 5 f ? Q. wa. wnllm um P.-www-l, Q is if z K,-lk, mm . if if 'J f ' wld LA C lm 2 l Row I: D. Smith, D. Cummings, M. Hollenbeck, M. Brown. Row 2.' M, Benteen, j. Snyder, C. , . Q5 Logan, M. Ciesner. Row 3: T, Hartunghl. Falker, Lx V-,Y l ' i , - . T. Gibbs, L. Karzyanis, -I. Oldenski, S. Durst. 'ft ' , V , f I t- 35' Row 4: D. Hendrick, M. Beyser, M. Nanni, D. is W: ,r Q If A Berghorn, P. McCaffel'ty, J. Young, L. Downey, i A V A. Kaminski. Row 5: D. Schultz, S. Kelkenberg, ' I Q - 3. ' R. Lay, V. Marquardt, W. Schumacher, J. Dc- ,jvi Q -S W 6.4 , Christina, K. Bates. ALJPYIII C. Albright. , Q . , lg., K ' ,, I J.. ' ' ,gk 'ir' Q l 2.65 fs Min , , , L . Q l L srl ,sf I A f 4 Q Q L' .32 Y' ' l A' AKRON I LE 1? A Y C OL ' .25 Row1.' G, Raduns, L. Logan, Miss Gere, K. Lit- y , ,H '37 U 'Z fin, K. Prapost. Raw 2.',I. Kowalilt, S. Kuhl, K. ' Wagile, P. Engle, R010 3: S, Rice, M. McCor- I ' I 1 M quodale, S. Groff, R. Bartram, D. Bromstead, K. Q 3 ' W K4-gs. '-96 I H VI Drayer. Row 4: D. Snyder, S. Bedford, C. Sander- ' 4+ f 5, .4 ' QQ A 5:2 son, R. Bower, B. Poole, C, Farrell, K. Koch, C. . H ' ' l in . McConkey, Row 5: D. Yaiser, K. Garett, j. Charles, D. jimerson, P, Miles, L. Rickwalt, D. . ' W C312 ,- if -A .A f fla.-:awful fe r 1-: .fx A I:.,g.. :'a..emf M-wommf w w Z, 4,1 M' uv eagffooi I, ,... .X , X -P Q. :uv . .. 1' M .5 f I 37l lf? 2 V7 ml ' i 1.1 ir, Row 1: D. Bruning, Mrs. Berczuk, D. Murray 'T'-9 as 4 3 it-is P., D. jonathan. Row 2.' H. Ground, K. Spillman 5, S ,mg I ,f, - Rm 3. L. Milam, M. MfNnff, T. Hoffman, K I y ' i Hake, B. Swader, A. Blackchief. Row 4:1 Roeh- ling, P. Darling, D. Garvey, C. Yoder, G. Sun- UQV, 1 down, S. Kumpf, M. Schmidt. Abrentf R. Gold- , .Q K If K,-if .59 W ' insa i f .nf -A g f A R W t . elf? C.. ,xv 1 V 'ex iffy:-A if . A . ,X ' ' 2 I Q 5 Q A f. :Z .sf . . . ? a an .6 tk pan. fewfmaw min L Row I: A. Reub, M. Zimmerman, Mrs. Putney, ' L- W' WMMH .47 D. Reinhardt, H. Meinzer. Row 2.' T. Akin, K. ' 1 X 'A 'm A I A 'feb' , ,Y Tobin, M. Fish, D. Barone. Rowjf D. Dalley, T. To fl- a A 5 Schultz, D. Brady, A. Cinotti, M. johnson, D. r ,,, , , Zielinski. Row 4: E. Bower, S. Abrams, R. A ' A . Claude, A. Kirsch, R. sannabei, B. Brady, s. Q - I 5 Ffa hw .., Taylor, R. Borchert. Row 5: T. Owen, M. Doyle, ' jg, - na I . W I K D. Folger, A. Lewis, j. Hammond, II. Babcock, ' W 9 V ' - W - 53-' li Z4 ' Y T. Baker. , in , ai in 1 W A .r--'- .jx , , ' - a 4,9 no A 5 lr +C? ,gi , V ., 1, 'fn- ff ' fy ,ight A X ' 1, Q ig Q 5 Firsi Grade M , MN. Wll,n.lAlIl MVTK PIMNCWAL 1 W ..,3-,, . . H MRL Plxfm GRAD? 1 5 W ,N . . 197' 1972 ' ' . , ' . 1 , 'N ' Row l.'j. Lobur, D. Rice, Mrs. Pafk, P. Strzelc- N , .Y , Q. .Y zyk, M. Ballow. Row 2.' F. Lippert, K. Chcavacci, L , T . I . 1 'J- ' ,. 'A J. Flading, K. Graf. Row 3. R. scnfock, s. Hol- '5' jullgli ,jg 3, 5 11511 L' R ' lenbaugh, G. Cinotti, K. Blish. Row 4: V. Man- ij V rf, A. N 5 1 gani, J. Edgar, D. Borchert, M. Murray, C. A ' I iw ' 'T'- 4 'Lf'-f ff' Brown, C. Dederhousc, R. Schrock, R. Glena, S. A . I , I . A Payne. Rm 5: -I. Belcher, S. Wood, T. Lotz, Y. , M g' McCoy, G. Kanehl, A. Womack, M. Cianfrini. ' I., ,ea -1 + - L+' W , N ,jr 1 '1 .JSI . .wave ' g F - 4 . ri. in 29' A A 3 68 A 4-1 faf - fi U Row l.' C. Bower, R. Stahl, Mrs. Ryan, D. Schlager, R. Stcimer. Row 2.' H. Groff, M. Reim- cr, D. Smith, C. Poole. Row 3.' B. Swader, V. Frey, R. Cummings, P. Beyser. Row 4: W. Smith, M. Miller, D. Griffith, J. Snyder, R. 5' ffl xii AK-45 I A- sid ..-L .Q M.-. W. f' - . nr -Q X Im Q ,Q an Q l l A ell Q- Q 5 MQ. wrt .- s MWQNE we elmo :1 l H M .Af I V .g ' A-T' e IIS!! ,H E R- f .. ll, ill Schultz, A. Kelley, D. Mann, M. Mmm, T. -.5 J-,A V M Eldred. Row 5: N. Geddes, D. Fronczak, M. B N-f-L .1 M Wik, L. Mondello, L. Poodry, H. Nichols, M. Muscarella. Q. - - . .J J, , ff- f -3- 'N 37 im V -- ' V' K Q T gg.-.41 5 4? M- Q Q... . ., . 5 wi ' . T- Sf M . weak. il . ' Amon zumzmmv scnoot is D K Mu. wnnm nm wk.-Mm. f mm. sum fl femur l s 3 Raw 1.' D. Drachenberg, L. Stackhouse, Mrs. ,Q .s 1, ara ' mi ' Reichert, K. Reinke, F. Ground. Row 2.' J. X I McCoy, B. Vanice, G. Price, G. Hunsberger. T I qi RW 3.- D. Hillman, M. Midefke, W. Earle, R. fl L1 W 'ftp 5--I-. Hollenbeck, K. Kaufman, A. Kumpf. Row 4: M. . , , 9, . Dembrow, P. Strzelczyk, D. Sylor, J. Parker, S. ' ' v - , ,W , 3: - t X I Bradfield, S. Little, D. Eulenberg, T. Hoffman. Row 5: R. Schmidt, J. Baumgarmer, G. Sringel, . A . Q Q Q L. Peters, M. Satterlee, R. Johnson, G. Maloney. 1. ' ' ,l b 3 Q ,.. ,il i ii L if D 'bil l Row I: D. Abrams, D. Peruzzini, Mrs. Scholze M. Wagner, M. Updike. Row 2: R. Jones, J Reuben, D. Frey, F. Ream. Row 3: W. Clark, Ti Bistoff, R. George, T. Rodgers. Row 4: P. Kron C. Rudnicki, B. Achuff, A. Bentecn, W. Covel J. Jasinski, T. Schoenemann, M. Sruchell, D Warren. Row 5: M. Seiler, R.Johnson, E. Pene- pent, S. Gerstung, L. Lummel, I. Cummings, P. Bennie. l 1 Amon zum A v scnool. . . Nm. wlrtltm fe . ummm. K , I ' Cl...- kip . l 1, gk '- Musza .1 . sg, , z T J M at .Q fir .. 2,32 . as T T 4932 ! A x..4 5Q,QaQ.a ,iff A. ll ' 7 'Lax' . ng ,sf- -, ff i ' vii A ya- ...J - ., g ---- f A ao r 1 S on C :Ku B A Y C , Q, .9 Row 1: K. Ziclinski, D.'Wentland, Miss McEw- p -' ,,-V an, M. Cowan, B. McNutt. Row 2: J. McCann, R. Colopy, C. Ottaviani, M. Coffta. Row 3: H. - J..,- ,x ' xii- Bruning, D. David, D. Schultz, L. Auanger. Row S LJ? I SJ: 4: S, McNutt, W. Glena, E. Stingel, G. Rosen- ' MHSIF ,, 5- be L Y k k, , ,. ,Q-,C hy, ' - 'A rg, . aegcr, J, jan ows 1, K. Hire, M, .iv ,-,, i X-AL ' ' .L , . A - LJ Middaugh. Row 5: A. Lombard, S. Henry, A. Kclkenberg, G. jones, D. Davis, T. Lotz, T. 6596 6, n. iff if -T 'if' ' Q - I J - 4 'A M QI..- - 45 , 69 3 , .---..f T Q Mal T-T ly .. 1 Ngr- aye 76 , 7 I it 3 it ij , T' ff, I Q Q eb ' or A . Cl A A J Km ergarien .. Q lr, I N r f-mfr.-M ,ta , M Row l.' J. Bellanca, -I. Webster, Mrs. Maul, -I. ' Walters, L. Potter. Row 2.' T. Smith, D. Bain, M. , Seaver, j. Meyer. Row 3: D. Lorenzo, M. Berg- t I t man, R. Faucett, K. Sears. Row 4: T. Roehling, 'Jullgll my ' -gush W :J D. Cummings, T. Hoffman,-I. VanHouden, M. J- T X ' Strapason, L. David. Row 5: S. jonathan, D. ' hm Mazza, L, Schnitzer, G. Perry, T. Coral, K. Gel- lart. . . lun lla P ' U rf n :iii 'L 'LM lar! 1 Q mx L ey , -, ..,- -1 -Y, Z?-M: at . Q A L. A Q 'L Q E Q . i ' ' . .- a Q Mm.. E ,A.-VSWDQL . W H P ...Ml V32 A M K Q Rmu 1: K, Keglcr, W. Reinke, E. Hart, K. Gray- beal. Row 2: B. Sweirzer, P. Raduns, J. Maier, P. if- f,-'fl' I N..L.,- Young. Row 3: K. jonathan, D. johnson, A. mi? , A MZ . - George, K. McGregor. Row 4: M. Blish, T. f' J-,N 'L ' 5 ,J-,,. T ' Coral, M. Sowinski, K. Lantz, N. Blueye, M. - AST, X.,JC , Q,-mg, X-J F6 an Lutz. Row 5: M. Shisler, L. Carroll, B. Anderson, M. Marconi, B. Groff, C. Schlager, K, Atrea. 'l V fl- .cm f 4.1 L ' -A li I - , - ,- ' ---1 . - . . ,. Row 1: S. Trostcrud, K. Smith, S. Ceisner, W. Rehwaldt. Row 2: A. Meyer, C. Kirsch, -I. Cum i mings, T. Schmidt. Row 3: R. Campbell, D. Smith, C. Doty, P. Boseck. Row 4: A. Witzlcben D. Hciderman, B. Bedford, K. Gothard, D Schultz, T. Oakes, C. Nanni. Row 5: D. Wik, B Lippcrt, T. Bower, G. Stahl, C. Klingele,j. Falkl er, C. Kinney. fl -Z.- 1 4' ?Q 0 If llili V :f i if li M 2. Q, T.: ff NJ.,- M ff ,J a C? . ., K Q-- Q. A , 1 ..,, . , , J' il Row 1.' L. Childs, T. Groff, Mrs. Pentecost, P. L 1 1, . l . A, if Q Q ' i iwnz l K Q 5 was A J 3 V M PM P Q K 4 K an l slag Q .,. ' 9 . V arhan, W. Abrams, D, Henning. Row 3: j. Litfin, . , -J . .. 5 1 S-J-, A B. Warren, M. Nichols, E. Noyd. Row 4: C. l Music Ai' 9 5 f J, i 'mush ig jones, L. Potter, R. Schultz, B. Adamczak, J. , f -J.1- . ,gh Nl..f- Riva' X..,J. .i gl! , x.,.J iii Slowikowski, R. Gibbs, R. Bartram. Row 5: M. 1 H' U Backes, K. Randall, S. jones, T. Keller, K, ' I . Tordy, G. Coral, B. Stoldt. w . . . 1 Al 5 I fair 3 W W sf: , ff' EJ Q-rw: mv E! 5 V' jiyf , ,. fl S91 9 A I ii' . .42 ' . .fa A A x WL. M A , C ff ,ot sky Q sl? Q ga? ' X413 ' ' I 1 ' f .gf rs .-ff.. Em G . . . C O SQ Q -'ay Row 1. R. Taylor, S. Glena, Mrs. Pentecost, B. ax 9, m A Reinhardt, K. Ribbeck. Row 2: E. Leppien, j. Bedford, Y. Bower, D. Mietz. Row 3:1 Engle- ,L-,., ' v,,'Q ' l XJ.,- hart, C. Buzzard, C, Kinney, T. Fiegel. Row 411. N-Ji' -V YT.. f'J7 . - .- . Mum 5 as . Musa . .C , Wik, L. Snell, H. Clark, D. jurek, R. Nicomeu, , 1 'S' A f 2: f, e.,L,. ' A 4- 'LMT at s Q ,J S. Seiler, j. Haney, Row 5: B. Honsberger, L, gl.. 49 ' , , h Stahl, T. Kamem, G. Poole, J. smifh, M. ' Meahl, M. Cummings, fy l V.. Q- , ' .' + - -r ' iff . -if fi.. ,'. -A 5 ly- Qf 1 ' 'W' 3 if be S' . . at a L F 'I' xi. X f' ' W i , .- ,Lf 'A' A , Tj 1 a+ fe 4 'Ml R K ' T 1 'CI T Callahan, T. Rickwalt. Row 2: A Carroll, D. ,Ion- YM y ,W 2 Wx I QL: KA! 1 2' tag , .,.. r-4' taxi Harkness Cenier Harkness Center is a vocational school run by the Board of Cooperative Educational Services CBOCESD. The centerr vocational courses that are supplemental to those offered by the individual high schools. Its curriculum is designed for those students who will be entering the labor market upon graduation. However, these dents can, and very often do, choose to continue their formal education before entering the labor market. Harkness Center provides high school students with the opportunity to enroll in programs that they are interested in that their individual schools could not possibly offer by themselves. k A ' V .J ' if skiiif. ' . is G . 'S 1, A.e'1-3335 . S et . - '15 f'sf ff'v . Sixty - rg , Q, . t, J, f'3Q ii v 'l ' has ,-gr' X sd We ., W-. Xs fi a gif i '1 fa X, 43: , Q-3 xy 0-Q. Ms.. 4 as YI? 'gftzwf I x an .rv ' 5 ,si 9' 1 f ' 533' fiifix' ' x E M X n , , C WSF? ' x 21 'Ffh' ,rf Ol Y , ,fr 3' gz- F ip:- - . it . .TP ' . , f .F .r as is n W .' 3. an of , -31.3 1? , rf' . David W. Fish Disirici Principal S+ ,Philip Marian William Hiie UP.-Sh High School Elemenfarg School Principal Principal Board of Ed ucaiion Seated' Mrs. Arlcnc Richardson, Mrs, Louise Harrington, Dr, C. F. Philips, Mr, Richard Forrcstcl, Stana'ing,' Mr. Walter Abrams, Mr. Glenn Pafk, Mr. Richard B wn. Mr. john Eckerson jr.-Sr. High School Assistant Principal iw Mrs. -Ioan White Business Manager Mr. Albert Lucia Mr. Luis Bello Guidance Director Media Coordinator Mr. Clarence Karayanis Elementary School Assistant Principal Fetculig R i Q -f Ll n The closer she gets, the better I can't believe I YOU mind your NOW, YOU! she LOOKS!!! ate the whole thing! OWN business, d3U8hfff - II wi a i pn Try ir, y0u'll like if! Hum . . . President Helwig. QYX 1 , M Mrs. Lucille Bacheller Mr. Martin Belscher Miss Laura Cassiano Mr. Willard Crosby Nurse History Mathematics History iff! N. Miss jean Bassinger Home Economics 5. ,yi ff f,ff ' Mr. Jerold Edgar English Mr. Myron Dembrow Miss Susan Eck Science English Mr. jerry Drayer Mr. Robert Folger Mrs. NZIDCY GIOVCS History Science Music .-3 fl A. 2 fa' f Miss Marilyn Harlin Miss Sally johnsim Mr. George Martiny Mr, Harold McWilliams Music English Science Science lai- Mr. Frank Helwig Miss Genevieve Kozuchowski Mr. Richard Latko History Guidance - Latin Vocational I iii all . if ll Q ' 113 A X, K Mrs. Annette Mellor Mrs. Carolyn Mollosky Mr. Douglas Randall MTS- Norma RCdCYf Mathematics Physical Education Science Home Ec, - Guidance Amy? as ' I Wxifi, x 4 A -'S-.M mnww. - M X we Q. gl, xi? . E Q- ,. .. so 45 S Miss Nancy Sutter Mr. Walter Tomczak MI- Thomas USi2k MF- SUUICY Victor History English History Business Mr. Angelo Scappa Mr, joseph Thoman Mr. Kenneth Ulrich Physical Education Mathematics Business 5 ,, . S ' , .L fi .. Mr. Albert Vossler Mrs. Janice Williams Mrs, Sharon Sproull MIS- ,lUdY Abfamm EI1gliSh Physical Education Reading I-ibf2fY Aide Mrs. jane Downey Mrs. Nancy Thoman Mrs, Cheryl Sqhamel Miss Karen Muchow Sixth Grade Sixth Grade Fifth Grade Fifth Grade R Mr. Robert Wolfe Miss Susan Caywood Mr. Loren Schrader Sixth Grade Sixth Grade Sixth Grade rw .445 f Mrs. Moneda Hartzler Mrs. Isabel Stage Mr. Steven Golia Mrs. Susan McGovern 'Fifth Grade Fifth Grade Fourth Grade Fourth Grade Mrs. Arlene Weeks Fourth Grade Mrs. Sally Stapleton Fifth Grade V , A Zami, -f-.-AWN., Mrs. Laura Airey Third Grade --i ' LJ if I as v Mrs. Angela jost Mrs. Candace Chase Mrs. Cheryl Selig Fourth Grade Third Grade Third Grade any Miss Henrietta Winston Mrs. janet Snyder Fourth Grade Third Grade 435, Mi55 ShiflC'Y Graf Miss M3fCl3 GHC Miss Barbara Eaton Third Grade Second Grade Second Grade O 1 YOU Q Mrs, Carolee LaFlarnme Mrs. Susan Berezuk Mrs- EICHHOY Putney MIS- P2U'iCiH 56110126 Second Grade Second Grade SCCOHC1 Grade FHS! Gfadf Mrs. Gladys Siemesz Mrs. Marjorie Pafk MIS. G2ylC Maul Second Grade First Grade Kindergarten S 1. r A s .QW kt Mrs, Kathleen Ryan Miss Maria McEwan Mrs. Helen Pentecost Miss Dorothy Benson First Grade First Grade Kindergarten Kindergarten ,.,x pw. Mr. Paul Manton Miss ,joygg Mifzgl Music Music 1,5 Mrs. Dorothy B511 Mrs. Jeanette Hall Librarian Library Aide Mrs. EHCD GHFVCY Mrs. Doris Brackett Aff Nurse ws gf Mrs. Maxine Walters Physical Education Miss Betty Warner Speech Corrections Mrs. Oria Bello Teacher Assistant .1 N, xrxi . , -.....-Qt., Mr. Carl Schleich Physical Education . 1 U ,x 'sts 5 U Fl. O -1 ru 50 'JU Q. rw 3' fb 3 Reading .2 lj W V I' W by S2 x ,f hw: t In , ., ' cr gli 2 we I , X21 ,A 5? Mrs. Lois Mauldin Teacher Assistant Miss Helen Reber Mrs. jean Rudolph Mrs. Myrtle White Miss Janice Wolters Mrs. Corrine Becker Miss Marion Green Mrs, janet Iulg Mrs. Emma Coffra E! W High School Cafeteria Qiaff Elemeniarg School Cafeieria Qiaff I High School Janiforial Siaff Elemeniarg School Janiiorial Siaff Bus Drivers Journalism The Journalism Class meets daily during the school year with three main objectives in mind. The first is to learn about ous aspects of journalism, such as writing different types of stories, the history of journalism, newspaper jargon, and the art copyreading. We then use this knowledge in the publishing of the school's monthly magazine, the ACS REVIEW. The magazine is way to keep the students, faculty, and community aware of what is going on in the school. This year the Co-Editors of the REVIEW were Tom Barkewitz and Jeff Wright, and the Business Manager was Stacy Walker. The journalism Class also is responsible for the preparation of our yearbook the AKRONITE. This is a long-range p that is not completed until the yearbooks are received and paid for. Most of the work is done by the Editors and Business N er. This year they were Janice Downey, Sara Klehn, and Paul Mandolene respectively. The Journalism Class as pictured above. Seated' Peggy Bedford, Cheryl Brust, Bruce Johnson, ACS REVIEW Sports E Mary Stapleton, ACS REVIEW Sports Editor, Lorraine Gallo, Sara Klehn, AKRONITE Co-Editor, Janice Downey, AKI ITE Editor, Smmz'ing.' Tom Batkewitz, ACS REVIEW Co-Editor, Jim Capan, ACS REVIEW Art Editor, Karen Caffery, Walker, ACS REVIEW Business Manager, Mike Keller, Jane Matynka, Joanne Bradley, AKRONITE and ACS REVIEW Editorg Doug Farrell, Lauretta Varo, ACS REVIEW Art Editor, Joe Mattei, Jeff Wright, ACS REVIEW Co-Editorg Geno tino, ACS REVIEW Sports Editor, Mr. Vossler, Advisor. Alzrenlr Paul Mandolene, AKRONITE Business Managerg Steve P Michelle Marconi. Journalism + , Q '- - - . ,QQ , ful 50,1 f.' .f 4 A A 14? 3 ,+L gill. , 6 .5 PCBSY Bedford Steve Poulos, Mr- VOSSICI, Tom Bukfwifl Janice Downey Paul Mandolcne Mary Stapleton Cheryl Brusr Karen Caffefl' Joanne Bradley Lorraine Gallo jim Capan ML Vossjcf Geno Martino Bruce Johnson Laurcrta Varo 1 8 N Tl is r 3? E4 ,lg F-A1 2 '-ep X' MQ, ,Q -.'o 7 V. ,A H 1' , , v ,. ' Q Q' X1 54 , ' ' . 19- - . ' A' ,rw -fig my D ' 9-0.3: Q E F ' ' -fi.. 455455 V ,1 If 7- , X, , v 3 A r 1-M. ' ,, 5 f ' ' ' , -. fu .: ' ' ' 1 ' ' '4 'I g ,' ' y f .. , gf - , Q y -me QQ, ,. af , 'jx -' .A 2 V -W, n ,Ag A','.:f 'H 5, A., 1 3, . f A ' X - - Vg, ,aff ' ' E ., Q : J , ' ' 335 W. ,X ,ug , , f f 'HIM rr Q 1 41. 4 v V:-r w 1. x M 7561 1 2, ,. 5. 1 wwvvA 1. ,'3-,f LM.. Cross Counhfg The Akron Tiger Runners, coached by Mr. Edgar, enjoyed one of their finest campaigns ever in 1971. Besides an eight win nur loss, third place finish in the Niagara-Orleans league, the Tigers finished fifth in the McQuaid Invitational, and captured cond place in the Section Vl Class BBB race at Emery Park, Akron's top runner was senior Bob Kowalik, who went undefeated in the N-O league, and won the BBB race. For the sec id year in a row Bob represented Akron at the state cross country meet, where he finished fifty-fifth. Seniors Tom Barkewitz rn Coffta, Bob Kowalik, Ryan Forrestel, Bob Tiedt, and Captain jeff Wright will be sorely missed by next year's squad. juniors ndy Forrestel and Ned Brockway, plus a promising group create a strong foundation on which to build next yearls team This year's j.V. squad won the league meet and finished first in the N-O league with a 10-2 record. T0m Jeff ,v X., gi kr! 5 3 Q A 0 04 ob N23 ' if ' 'MQW N, B .4 xi' is 1? lt Scores Akron 25 Newfane 51 Akron 16 Albion 45 Akron 19W Medina 59M Akron 29 Roy-Hart 26 Akron 55 Starpoint 19 Akron 27 Wilson 28 Niagara-Orleans League 5rd All-League Run 3rd Sec, VI - BBB Sectionals 2nd McQuaid Invitational ith B I gf S ob 1 I' las! Jim Q? ,f 1 7 A no s J 'Q f Bruce Doug Russ Mike Dave John vaigiigf Fooiball The Akron Tigers entered the 1971 season with high ex- pectations, but ended with only a dismal 1-7 overall record to show for their hopes. Akron finished with a 1-5 league record which put them in a tie for fifth place in the Niagara-Orleans League. The team was led by tri-captains Doug Farrell, Tim Lockhart, and Bruce johnson, who was also voted the most valu- able player. The Tigers lost their season opener in a non-league game against DeSales, but the following week it appeared that the pre- season expectations had been justified as they rolled to a crush- ing 56-61 league victory over Wilson. Akron, playing poorly, lost its next game to Newfane. From then on the Tigers played some excellent football, especially on defense, but could not put together another victory. Although they lost several key seniors, Coaches Wetzen and Scappa have many talented juniors and sophomores coming up and are looking for a good season next year. Scores Akron 0 DeSales 29 Akron 0 Albion 46 Akron 56 Wilson 6 Akron O Starpoint 12 Akron 14 Newfane 54 Akron 0 Roy-Hart 6 Akron 12 Gowanda 14 Akron 0 Medina 12 Tim '15 Paul ' Dave Sieve Ton u Joe John X , V CD U60 1 x ,G xl 9 'll' x, Varsiig Fooiball Cheerleaders Junior Varsiig Fooiball Cheerleaders thug , g , . . , e . . .,z. , A- -'ft .wif W gf.-1' Q L f. . N W. A . , ' fr 2? .g ,, ' Q- 1' ff rufij 1' ' N . , 1- 5 , , ,. ' if gg 3 ef f 4- 1 V1 - px y A - ' x ,, xg. A L: ,Q 1- , fm -- 1 A , A Y ,V ., H . lf -, fz YM '- Junior Varsiig Fooiball Junior Varsiig Hockey in -.,- Varsiig Hockeg The Varsity Field Hockey team once again had a very good season under the coaching of Mrs Williams The girls were undefeated during the regular season. The Pembroke team was also undefeated so our girls were forced to participate in a playoff game for the league trophy. Although the Akron girls gave everything they had they surrendered the trophy placing them second in the league. Scores Akron 2 Pavilion Akron 4 Batavia Akron 4 Alexander Akron O Pembroke Akron 2 Oakfield Akron 6 Warsaw Playoff Akron O Pembroke is A 1-Eg al? N T f 'ff M Q N ...X was y 1- - A Joanne Q ' -, Michele Marg Anne Kafhg Q-1. ez Va rsiig Wresil' n g The Akron Wrestling Tigers had their best season since 1966 as they finished a solid third in the Niagara Orleans 1. and ended with a 6-7 record overall. In the fourth annual Akron Christmas Tournament the Tigers emerged with two champions Tom Barkewitz C1125 Mike Keller C1385. joe Parzych C1555, jim Scotland C1675, and Ray Schrock C1775 took second place ribbons for Akron Dave DeYoung CHVY5 placed third. At the annual Niagara-Orleans League Tournament, Akronis john Bradley C1775 walked away with a league champro while Tom Barkewitz C1125 and Pat Krantz C1325 took second places and Mike Keller C1385 and jim Scotland C1675 took places. john Bradley C1775 placed first in Section VI Class BBB sectionals at Falconer while Mike Keller C1385 finished Scores Akron Depew Akron Nichols Akron Albion Akron WilSOH Akron Pembroke Akron Kendall Akron Newfane Akron Starpoint Akron Albion Akron Wilson Akron Roy-Hart Akron Roy'H2rt Akron 15 Medina ' 1 f N ee' T Mike C ' Om Dave Dgug Junior Varsiig Wresiling Junior High Wresiling Wresiling Cheerleaders Swimming Cheerleaders Varsiig Swimming For the first time in sixteen years the Tiger Sharks went undefeated with a record of 14-0 and one meet remaining. The reamls four seniors provided the leadership and mrcleus necessary for the well-balanced team. It took very good performances from all the Sharks in order for the team to place third in the Sectionals. They swam against Wvelve other schools, several of which are twice as large. The swimmers placed in nine of the eleven events against tough compe- zition. Scores Akron Corfu-Pembroke 29 Ak1'Ol'l Albion Akron Roy-Hart 33 Akron BarkCr Akron Corfu-Pembroke 36 Akron Oakfield-Alabama Akron Alden 43 Akron Batavia Akron Depew 36 Akron R0Y'H3ff Akron Cheektowaga 41 Akron Albilm Akron Oakfield-Alabama 37 Akron Bilfkffl' ff? ' X '45, . ,, K lv gil Wil fm A '3-5 if ff x - 1 3: f , - 5 Tim 'f ' 'm Bob Carl 937' 10 p Bogs' Varsiig Baskefball This year the Boys' Varsity Basketball Team compiled a 7-12 overall record in regular season play, with a 3-9 record in Niag- ra-Orleans League games. This showing was good enough for a tie for fifth place in the league. The records alone, however, do pt tell the whole story. The Tigers, led by co-captainsjohn Rogers and Bruce johnson, had several tough losses, and were only eaten four times during the year by more than 10 points. Akron won the championship of their Christmas Tournament in one of ge highlights of the season, beating Campus School in the preliminary game and Alden in the championship game. r Scores Akron DeSales 72 Akron Wilson Akron Wilson 82 Akron Starpoint Akron Starpoint 92 Akron DeSales Akron Roy-Hart 81 Akron Roy-H art Akron Campus 64 Akron Newfane Akron Alden 58 Akron Albion We - Akron Newfane 62 Akron Park -, Akron Albion 73 Akron Pembroke C Akron Medina 72 Akron Medina Akron Medina John . on qi Paul Sieve A ,Q Q , 1.. ,151 ' Bruce Tim Joe Jeff 07 3 0 I 0 G: rls Va rsuig Baskeiball The Girls' Varsity Basketball Team under the coaching of Miss Cassiano put forth an excellent effort this year Although our victories were few in number we kept the scores close in most of the games, The team would like to express their appreciation to everyone who helped during the season, including supporters who came the games. Our greatest appreciation goes to Miss Cassiano. Scores Akron Cheektowaga 29 Akron Batavia 46 Akron Oakfield 28 Akron Pavilion 23 Akron Pembroke 25 Akron Elba 24 Akron Alexander 43 Akron Warsaw 30 Akron Attica 22 . Linda Law Z' l 4. . if ' Laurel-la Marilgn Fran Varsiig Baskeiball Cheerleaders Junior Varsiig Baskeiball Cheerleaders Girls' Junior Varsiig Baskeiball Bogs' Junior Varsiig Baskeiball 22 Varsiig Baseball Junior Varsiig Baseball WRU 1580 Varsiig Track Paced by a fine crop of juniors, the Akron track team ran their best season in Akron history. The team finished a close second in the league and an even closer fourth in sectionals. Bob Kow- alik was league and sectional champion in both the mile and the two-mile. The mile relay team of Mike Keller, Russell Ormsby, Paul Winnie, and john Bradley took sectionals. With one change, jeff Wright for Paul Winnie, they took the league. Russell Blish was a double winner in the league, taking first place in the long and triple jump, while Russell Ormsby captured the league in the 880. Scores Akron Roy-Hart Akron Albion Akron Medina Akron Starpoint Akron Newfane Akron Wilson A 1 5 94 'Q Varsiig Tennis The 1971 Akron Central tennis season was highlighted by double wins over Medina and Roy-Hart. For many boys, who had had no previous varsity experience in tennis, the knowledge and experience that were gained this year will be of considerable help in preparing for next sea- son, A great deal of credit must go to seniors Terry Blish, Peter Keppler, and Bill Schnabel for the contributions they gave to the Akron tennis team this year and in previous years. With the re- turn of juniors and sophomores Andy Forrestel, Peter Kroemer, Paul Pitas, Stephen Poulos, Keith Rauch, Bob Tiedt, and Stacy Walker, the outlook for next season is very promising indeed. Scores Akron De Veaux Akron Wilson Akron Starpoint Akron Roy-H art Akron Medina Akron Abion Akron Wilson Akron Starpoint Akron Roy-Hart Akron Medina Akron Albion 9 ,g If Music Varsilg Chorale The Akron Central Senior Varsity Chorale is a select group of seventy top singers from Grades 9-12. They meet every clay for practice with their faithful director, Mrs. Groves. They give three of four concert performances each year for the student body and the public. This year two of their performances were presentations of the musical SOUTH PACIFIC. This involved the combined efforts of the chorale members and many other students in the Drama Club and various other school departments. Musicals are presented every second year and have included successful performances of OKLAHOMA, BLOOM- ER GIRL, FINIAN'S RAINBOW, LI'L ABNER, and PLAIN AND FANCY. Senior Girls Glee Club Freshman Chorale rd Grade Choir urih Grade Choir Treble Clef Choir Senior High Band Junior High Band .ff n Q fs '39 Qgi :A ,, ,I 1 n 5 R2 2 29 19 5 LA Senior High Orchesira Junior High Orchesira b Huiimiuk fpius W., A W ? YW : 'wean I xwln' xt A 1,iq' f an 5 Ag, mi' Swim' 4 , ,if SAME' gf ' .. 3' 531' 5 'gf 5? Siudeni Union Presidenh Siudeni-Faculig Forum Rgan Forresiel Represeniaiives Vice-President Michele Marconi Marg Anne Siapleion Qecreiarg: Carol Reicheri John Trigilio Treasurer: Sue Berrg Laurei-ia Varo Advisor: Mr. Sianleg Vicfor Junior High Siudeni Union Naiional Honor Qocieig Ociagon Yorkers Grani Club Yorkers Librarg Club Chess Club X 5-f x CK A ., Q5 C 2 .A X Aix y - W 3 .- X 'C - X fx, .. 'kv Q ' uf' ' ' 'if xg Iniernaiional Club Qiage Crew Fuiure Homemakers of America Fuiure Farmers of America Qupplg Office Siaff Tickei Sellers Phoiographg Club Audio-Visual Club Indian Culiure Club Siudeni-Faculig Forum I34 Fifth Grade Ari Club Third and Fourih Grade Ari Club Journalism Club Librarg Club Q U E Directorg Sixth Grade Bogs' Intramurals Row 1.' C. Nicometi,j. Remington, D. Anderson, D. Parzych, R. Alexander, j. Whalen, C. Kumpf,j. Schnitzer, T. Rudolph, M. Neider, K. Vic- tor. Row 2.' R. Koons, T. Patterson, B. Schultz, R. Spillman, R. Schalge, M. Allen, D. Blish, R. Gerstung,j. Nicosia. Row 3.' T. Lewis, M. Payne, J. Platten, D. Amerine, M. Swiatowy, W. Fisher, R. Wideman, DI. Hammond, j. DeLelys, P. Santolini, C. Anderson, -I. Frey, D. Farrell. Row 4: Mr. Schleich, Coach, S. jones, B. Sweitzer, D. Hyde, J. Allison, D. Stanley, P. Carges, G. Poodry. Treble Clet' Choir Row l.' M. Allison, V. Bemsdorf, T. Smith, D. LaFaive, L. Hitchcock, E. Kasperek, L. Parker, j. Printup,j. Corbett, j. Schnitzer, K. Victor. Row 2. R. Wideman, L. Nice, J. Reichert, K. Lummel, A. Peters, B. Koeller, N. Bninner,-I. Brown, K. Neary, D. Bruning, K. Stock, M. LaDuca, D. Whiting. Row 3: K. Borden, E. Tucker, D. Anderson, K. Griffith, L. Wetland, S. Smith, D. Bender, L. Knop,j. Mann, J. Smith, N. Bradfield, E. Sevor. Row 4: K. McArthur, P. Rehwaldt, B. Eldred,j. Kinne, K. Roehling, D. Warren, B. Ribbeck, T. Schrock, D. Dudziak, D. Snell, L. Uljanov, D. Novak, P. jonathan, D. Bernsdorf. Row 5:-J. Marinaccio, S. jankowski, P. Perryman, C. Schuler, K. Schultz,j. Randall, S. Forrestel, D. Walters, M. Edmiester, C. Baker, J. Meyer. Row 6: T. Rudolph, C. Wilson, T. Groff, T. Gibbs, S. Raye, R. Cummings, C. Amenne,j. Richardson, D. Do- nahue, A. Stanley, A. Beck, N. Hyde, R. Snyder, E. Amerine. Row 7: T. Brackett, W. Babiarz, S. Fiegel, M. Caple, M. Soika, M. Omelia, A. Tip- pett, -I. Sword, R. Murray. Fourth Grade Choir Row 1: K. Gellart, D. Schnitzer, L. Drachenberg, S. Bruning, D. Edgar, L. Bower, L. Groff, K. Smith, K. Printup. Row 2.' C. Sanderson, D. Smith, R. Cowan, R. Oldenski, L. Roggen, C. Kirk, M. Greiner, M. Graves, j. Reinhardt, N. Kasmerczak, C. Tobin, B. Miles. Row 3.' H. jones, D. Reichert, C. Hansen,j. Monteville, D. Griffith, P. Sescil, K. Novak, L. Sweitzer, T. Reimer, S. McCafferty, L. Edwards, K. Groff. Row 4:1 Bar- tram, D. Wik, C. Keller, R. Smith, C. Sweeney. I l Third Grade Choir Raw I.' S. McAllister, P. Warren, C. Camegie, M. O'Dell, D. Poulos, A. Akin, M. McCann. Row 2.' B. Miliam, M. Weatherbee, L. Warren, L. Domon, L. Boseck, S. Knyter, C. DeYoung. Row 3: D. Dudziak, C. Dalley, A.johnson, T. Wurthman, P. Gildner,-I. Brackett. Row 4: D. Printup, D. Strzelczyk, G. LaDuca, R. Schrock, L. Lippert, P. Prinrup, T. Palizay. Librarg Club Row 1.' K. Barone, J. Randall, M.,Iones, K. Meahl, M. LaDuca. Row 2: T. Groff, N. Bradfield, E. Tucker, M. Edmiester, R. Cummings, S.jankow- ski, L. Warren. l Jo urnalusm Row I: M. Bassanello, M. Fish, M. Ellis, D. Warren. Roux 2.' D. Schumacher, T. Lewis, L. Warren. Row 3: D. Hyder, P. Carges, S. jones. Sixth Grade Art Club Rm 1: D. Donahue, L. Hitchcock, D. Dudziak, L. Rice, D. Rosenberg, K. Roehling, D. McGregor. Row 2:1 Parker, G. Prinrup, T. Schrock, S. Raye. Row 3.' T. Brackett, P. Carges, T. Groff, D. Parzyeh, M. Milam, D. Stanley, C. Kumpf, D. Amerine. Fifth Grade Art Club Row 1: B. Smith, K. Marquardt. Row 2: J. Randall, E. Sevor, K. Griffith, D. Walters, j. Fix, S. Smith, D. Bauder. R01113: C. Wilson, L. Hyder, M Edmiester, D. Novak, D. Hersee. Row 4: M. Pann, D. Snell, M. Omelia, Mrs. Garvey, Advisor, j. Rauch, j. Schrock. Fourth Grade Art Club R010 I.' S. Snyder, S. McCafferty, V. Lederhouse. Rvw 2.' M. Oldenski, M. jones, G. LaDuca, D. Lay. Row 3.' A. Kelley, L. Drachenberg. Row 4.'j. Kelley, Mrs. Garvey, Advisor, D. Heri, D. Stock. Direciorg Future Homemakers of America Row 1.' K. Meinzer, C. Marquardt, S, Smith, R. Eldred. Row 2.' H, Bramley, j. Powell, P. Childs, C. McNiff, S. McLeod, Miss Bassinger. Row 3: K. Crossley, C. Klinglesmith, A. Schrock, K. Carmer, M. Garrett, P. PeQueen, M. Smith, C, Griffiths, -I. Chapman, D. Litfin, L. Spears, A. Pohl. Row 4.' S. Pacer, V, Francis, C. Cummings, D. Riemer, D. Womack. Ticket Sellers Row 1.' C. Adamkowski, P. Vanice, V. Kraatz, L. Staebell, K, Meinzer, L, Whitnauer, M. Marconi, R. Williams, M. Swift, L. Pask, Rmu 2.' D. Bromstead, L. Stegman, B. Baker, N, Schnabel, S. Williams, M, Kolopinski, D. Bromstead, P. Weaver, S. Philips, L. Schnabel. Row 3: V. Weaver, C. Allen, S. Bmning, L. Bradley, -I. Welch, D. Sutton, j. Meyer, M. Caprio, Mr. Blish. Su I Oflice Siafi' L. Steggag Sgruning, L. Bradley, S. Philips. Audio-Visual Club Row I: S. Odell, D. Brucker, F. Hutchinson, T. Walker, P. Muck, D. Scarborough, W, Bennie, K. Arnold, L. Bello. Row 2.' B, Whitlocke, R. Yae- ger, P. Valente, B. Crowell, L. Bello, G. Swiatowy, P. Kasperek, J, Whitlocke, Phoiogralphg Club Row 1.' B. Baker, V, raatz, . Klehn. Raw 2.' D. Sy, j. Downey, G. Swiatowy. Row 3.' F. Daley, B. Sy, R. Yeager, K. Rauch. Sludenl-Faculi Forum Row I,' Miss Sutter, D. Davis, Miss assiano. Row 2.' L. Varo, M. Stapleton, R. Forrestel. Row 3: S. Pollack, Mr, Bclscher, R. Schepperly, Mr, Fol- get, Mrs. Ludwick. Indian Culiure Club Rvw I: L. Printup, B.-Ionathan, T.jones, D. Parker, D, Printup, C. Ground, S. Snyder. Row 2.'j. jones, L. Parker, L. Printup, R. Ground, S. Parker, L. Mitten, R. Reuben, A. Stuchell, D. Webster, F. George. Row 3: D. Reuben, M. Webster, F. Abrams, G. Printup, Sta e Crew L. Bello, . Yaeger, B, Crowell, S. Odell, D. Scarborough, G. Swiatowy. C I Senior Class Cabinet Row IJ M. Babel, M. Stapleton. Row 2.' K. Rauch, K. Caffery. Row 3:-1. Wright, B. Tiedt. Varsil Fooiball Rm I,' A. Orms y, P. Winnie, R, Ormsby, D. Farrell, B. johnson, T. Lockhart, D. Yaiser, T. Bassanello. Row 2,' Mr. Scappa, Coach, M. Keller, S. Flanders, D. DeYoung,j. Parzych,j. Asmus,j. Wronowicz, T. Mello, J. McCollister, G. Martino, j. Rogers, Mr. Wetzen, Coach. Row 3: J. Koss, J. Bradley, G. Abrams, R. Blish, R, Litfin, J. Trigilio, B. Fisher. Junior Varsilg Foolball K0u11:j. Haddow, D. Farrell, D. Hudomint,j. Karl, C. Patterson, W. Ball, II. Babel,j. jonathan,j. Rohloff. Row 2.' Mr.jenkins, Coach, P. Pisca- telli, M. Kelley, C. Bucholtz, T. Peters, G. Tordy, A, Pacer, -I, Luchterhand,j. Bohn. Row 3: Mr, Silvernail, Coach, D. Gillmeister, K. Palizay, L. Pooclry, P. Remington, M, Szucs, R. Greiner,j. Hammond, M. Plattin,j. Trigilio, R. Forrestel, S.jemison. Row 4.'j, Captio, M. Novak, D. Brack- ett, A. jones, B. Dean, T. Morgan, T. Hitchcock, K. Zimmerman. Senior High Orchestra Row 1: S, Niezgoda, S. azmierczak, K. Burg, D, Flading, N. Schnabel. Row 2.' M. Hart, M. Lockhart, L. Snyder, T. Lockhart, B. Baker. Row 311. 139 40 Direclorg Welch, K. Covel, R. Cummings, M. Stevens, L. Stegman, C. Flading, K. Stapleton, K. Meinzer, C. Mondello, T. Claude. Row 4: T. Hitchcock, D Suttor., M. Peters, D. Steiner, -I. Trigilio, J. Downey, K. Schrock. Junior Hi h Orchesira Row 1: M. Riemer, C. tuchell, R. Cummings, D. johnson, K. Downey, M. Karcher. Row 2.' C. VanBuren, S. Thjung, M. Stevens, J. Palizay, K Meinzer, E. Lippert. R0w3.' T. Claude, C. Mondello, D. Smith, L. Rehwaldt, L. Stegman,j. Trigilio, D. Hitchcock, L. jones, P. Kroemer, M. Fish Siudeni Union Row l.' M. Stapleton, L. Varo, S. Berry, R. Forrestel, M. Marconi, C. Reichert, -I. Trigilio. Row 2.' F. Abrams, K. Stapleton, L. Gallo, T. Vanice, K. Baehr, M. Vanice, L. Snyder, P. Muck. Row 3: B. Tiedt, B. Brengel, M. Peters, C. Allen, P. Kumm, C. Wagner, j. Sweitzer, K. Rauch. Row 4: R. Ritecz, R. Schepperly,j. Wright, T. Schuler, D. Stuber, C. Claude, P. Kroemer, C. johnson. Row 5: R. Forrestel, C. Kumpf, D. Sy, K. Sigmon, L. Klawer, M. Marconi, A. Schrock, D. Noyd. Row 6: B. Klawer, G. Swiatowy. ' Junior Hi h Sfudenl Union R01111: D. Brown, B. right, P. Morgan, B. Lega. Row 2: D. Buonnano, M. Dembrow, D. Blish. Rnw 3: B. Putzbach, L. Kumpf, M. Koss, -I. Vic- tor, D. Philips, M. Philips. Row 4: D. johnson, D. Wesley, K. Oakes, C. Forrestel. U O Nahonal Honor Sociei Row 1.' K. Rauch, R. Forrestel, B. johnson, R. Tiedt, . Fisher. Row 2: j. Coffta, D. Frye, T. Barkewitz, L. Harris, K. Brauen, J. Downey. Ociagon Yorkers Row 1.' D. ennock, D. johnson, D. Hitchcock, j. Nixon, D. Wesley. Row 2: E. Rusnak, C. Fiegal, P. Kromer, A. Womack. Rvw 3: K. Oakes, P. Valente, L. Wetzen, D. Zimmerman, K. Ottney, L. Marinaccio, D. Fisher, L. Geisler, E. Roll. Row 4.'j. Covert, D. Philips,-I. Victor, D. Brown M. Philips, P. McLoud, M. Dembrow, B. Wright, M. Koss, M. Mattioli, V. Pafk, C. Meahl, D. Blish. Grani Club Yorkers Row I: R. Schnitzer, E. Hansen, P. Morgan, C. Corbett. Row 2.' M. Dembrow, S. Lindke,j. Rosenecker, R. Hartung, M. Fish, T. Eldred, M. Hudi- mint. Row 3: K. Hensel, M. Rosenberg, C. Forrestel,j. Trigilio, B. Taylor, L. jones, J. Parker, M. Connibear, S. Snyder, R. Patterson. Row 4: T. Rogers, S. Payne, R. Roth, S. McCafferty, B. Smith, L. Vanice, S. Rohloff, E. Barber, M. Bradley, j. Bellow, K. Meinzer, K. Sowinski. O Libra rg Club Row 1.' K. Ottney, Mrs. Abraham, Miss Ellsworth, j. Meyer. Row 2: K. Ribbeck, L. Hyde, L. Kazmierizak, A. Stackhouse, T. Eldred. Chess Club L. Spillman, W. Whitlocke, M. Penko, G. Swiatowy, S. jones, B. Putzbach. lniernaiional Club T. Barkewitz, W. Sy, S. Klehn. Fuiure Farmers of America Row I.' C. McNiff,j. Kostanciak, R. Schrock, D. Berghom, W. Wight, M. Coffta. Rm 2.' R. Ribbeck, D. Pacer. Row 3: B. Wight, j. Smith. Row 4: Mr. Rozelle, j. DeYoung, T. Rehwaldt, D. DeYoung,j. Wideman, D. Berghom, D. Sescil, D. Brucker. Row 5: B. Murray, W. Bnining, R. Stahl, D. Sescil, E. Kress. I C Junior Class Cabinet Row 1: S. Berry, C. Allen, T. Schuler. Row 2.' II. Trigilio, B. Rudolph, P. Kroemer. Direciorg Soehomore Class Cabinel Row I: . Vanice, B. Brengel. Row 2: D. Bromstead, C. Rogers, B. Klawer, C. Patterson, G. Hubbard. Row 3: B. Staebell, P. Pafk, D. Domon, C Johnson, S. Lemanski. Row 4: F. Daley, T. Morgan, T. Hitchcock. I Freshman Class Cabmei Row 1: K. Kumpf. Row 2: R. Forrestel. Row 3: S. Williams, J. Trigilio. Row 4: G. Tordy, R. Schepperly. High School Cafeieria Siafl' V. Hopkins, E. Forestner, B. Leavitt, A. Falsioni, J. Young, F. Wyder, J. Rosenecker, S. Wolak, M. Kinne, J. Pann, S. Cummings. Elemeniarg School Cafeieria Slafl' Row 1.'J. Bower, V. Bus hammer, S. Lippert, V. Drachenberg, F. Zola, A. Snyder, F. Abraham. Row 2: J. Nice, C. Zimmerman, A. Lowder. High School Janilorial Slaff Row l.' J. Cescon, B. Bower, A. Begiers, A. Cheavacci, V. Walters. Row 2: E. Klawer, I. Ciamerti, G. Scharlau, J. Mattei. Elemenfaru School Janiiorial Staff Row 1.' C. Roggen, F. Zo a. Row 2: V. Rugg, V. Drachenburg, J. DiSimone. Row 3: S. Mann, G. Poulos, M. Swiniarski. Cross Counlr Row 1: N. Brockway, G. Rogers, . Wright, R. Forrestel, J. Coffta, R. Tiedt. Row 2: D. Blish, S. Eckerson, R. Schepperly, T. Tjhung, Mr. Edgar Coach, A. Smith, Manager, P. Kroemer. Varsiig Fooiball Cheerleaders Row 1.' S. Mecca, L. Cross. Row 2: S. Schoenthal, C. Wagner, M. Stapleton, B. Shisler. Raw 3: S. Berry, C. Bmst, Mascot: R. Wagner. Junior Varsiig Foolball Cheerleaders Row I: S. Randall, C. Oakes, J. Frey, N. Koeller, V. Rusnak, C. Rogers. Row 2: C. Johnson, G. Coughlin, M. Muchow, A. Valente. I l Junior Varsrlg Hocke Row 1: K. Sigmon, C. Oakes, C. Confer, M. Peters, . Rusnek, M. Caprio, C. Rosenecker, B. Klawer, M. Muchow, L. Klawer, C. Rogers. Row 2. K. Soika, D. Pann, L. Pask, P. Pafk, R. Karcher, S. Lemanski,J. Pask, D. Domon, S. Randall, J. Shisler, M. Marconi, M. Vanice, L. Staebell, K. Kumpf, D. Patterson. I Va rsnlg Hocke Row 1: V. Jaco sen, Manager, K. chrock, B. Staebell, S. Pollack, M. Stapleton,J. Frey, K. Blasko, Manager. Row 2: K. Sigmon, M. Peters, S Schoenthal, M. Marconi, S. Berry, B. Brengel, M. Lockhart, M. Babel, C. Rosenecker, B. Klawer. Varsiiu Qaseball Row I: M. Pou o' Ar. Wetzen, Coach. Row 2: J. Rogers, T. Bassanello, M. Novak, J. Parzcak, J. koss. Row 3: B. Johnson, J. Trigilio, J. Wronow- itz T. Lockha' Junior Varsilg Baseball Row : C. Patterson,J. Wrdeman, D. Brackett, G. Bedford, G. Rogers, K. Zimmerman. Row 2: D. Blish, J. Caprio, T. Morgan, F. Daley, A. Porter T Schuler, N. Brockway, Mr. Edgar, Coach. , 42 Direciorg Varsiig Track Row 1: P. Winnie, Mr. Scappa, Coach. Row 2.' T. Schumacher, T. Barkewitz, J. Schepperly, M. Bassanello, P. McConkey, W. Zitka, G. Martino. Row 3.' C. Claude, T. Goodrige, A. Ormsby, J. Wright, M. Keller, T. Carges, P. Hammond, D. Gonzowski, J. Scotland. Row 4: D. DeYoung, R. Brady, S. Flanders, B. Dean, J. Garrison, R. Ormsby, R. Kowalik, J. Bradley, R. Litfin, G. Abrams, N. Roll, M. Reuben, R. Blish. I l Varsllg Tennis Row 1: K. Rauch, T. Blish, B. Schnabel. Row 2: R. Tiedt, S. Poulos, P. Pitas, S. Walker, A. Forrestel, P. Kroemer, Mr. Wolf, Coach. Varsiig Chorale Row I: P. Bedford, M. Valente, L. Snyder, L. Gallo, M. Marconi, C. Rogers, P. Kroemer, S. Murray, T. Hitchcock, J. Carruba,J. Babel, C. Bauman V. Jacobsen, P. Pafk, C. Confer, D. Flading. Row 2: M. Hart, J. Welch, A. Ciammetti, L. Ctoss,J. Coffta, G. Newman, C. Graff,J. Wideman, D Yousey, G. Rogers, A. Juliano, L. Kuraszkiewicz, S. Mecca, M. Yousey. Row 3: K. Stapleton, D. Pokorski,J. Swietzer, K. Caffery, C. Laycock,J Parzych, P. Hammond,J. Bohn, T. Morgan, M. Coffta, A. Forrestel, K. Covel, T. Schuler, K. Burg, N. Koeller, B. Staebell, C. Johnson. Row 4. Mrs. Groves, Director, C. Reichert, M. Betzold, E. Brunning, K. Brauen, A. Pacer, J. Wideman,J. Bradley, C. Kraatz, J. Rogers, S. Miller, J. Trig- ilio, Frey, T. Coughlin, K. Soika, B. Rudolph. Senior Girls Glee Club Row l.' L. Snyder, L. Michalek, B. Klawer, D. Casseri, S. McNiff, M. Marconi, M. Bedford, M. Valente, S. Pollack, V. Kraatz, M. Cummings, P. Pafk, K. Confer, P. Bassancllo. Row 2: A. Ciammetti, L. Gallo, K. Stapleton, L. Spears, E. Bruning, M. Babel, A. Valente, D. Cummings, L. Cross S. Schoenthal, A. Juliano, C. Allen, H. Bramly, S. Mecca, M. Yousey, L. Kuraszkiewicz. Row 3: C. Rogers, C. McNiff, C. Rosenecker, K. Caffery M. Betzold, C. Reichert, S. Berry, J. Sweitzer, W. Sweitzer, F. Abrams, K. Soika, V. Jacobsen, G. Coughlin, D. Sutton, B. Staebell, N. Koeller, D Flading. Row 4: Mrs. Groves, Director, S. Snyder, K. Brauen, C. Laycock, C. Wagner, K. Keller, M. Hart, M. Peters, J. Downey, T. Coughlin, M. Lockhart, D. Noyd, A. Schrock, S. Lemanski, K. Burg, B. Rudolph, J. Frey. Freshman Chorale - Row l.' K. Capan, R. Berent, M. Wright, D. Pann,J. Welch, D. Patterson, K. Kumpf, A. Pohl, L. Snyder, S. Williams,J. Wilson, K. Crossley, K Carmer, M. Stapleton. Row 2: D. Womack, D. Riemer,J. Meyer, J. Josey, S. Rastelli, M. Caprio, V. Rusnak, L. Bradley, C. Oakes, M. Marconi, K Adamkowski, P. Childs,J. Chapman, K. Heri, L. Staebell, S. Randall. Row 3:J. Hudson, M. Bluhm, M. Brady, C. Griffiths, L. Fry, C. Cummings L. Poodry, S. Murray, R. Schepperly,J. Mauldin, K. Soika, S. Phillips, S. Bruning, R. Karcher, Shisler. Row 4.'J. Trigilio,J. Bohn, S. Eclterson D. Sy, G. Newman, J. Babel, V. Francis, L. Stegman, C. Flading, B. Rice, J. Pylag, M. Smith. Senior Hi h Band Row 1: A. Valente, D. utton, M. Peters, K. Smith, D. Noyd, D. Gerstung, D. Steiner, A. Schrock, S. Schoenthal, B. Rudolph. Row 2: P. Muck, K Burg, B. Staebell, M. Hart, M. Wright, J. Downey, B. Brengel, G. Burg, D. Patterson, D. Reimer, K. Schrock. Row 3: M. Brown, J. DeYoung, S Steiner, L. Fry, C. Bucholtz, S. Eckerson, T. Hitchcock, P. Pafk, C. Johnson, J. Little,J. Wright,J. Trigilio, W. Brewer, J. McCollister, S. Odell K. Arnold. Row 4x J. Jonathan, S. Flanders, C. Patterson, J. Trigilio, A. Pacer, M. Sigmon, J. Meyer, T. I-Iurne, R. Berent, M. Stapleton. Junior Hi h Band Row 1: R, Reuben, Cgiorger, M. McGregor, L. Kazmierczak, E. Lucia, D. Achuff. Row 2: T. Knop, P. Kroemer, T. Eldred, L. Jones, C. Fiegal M. Schmigal, T. Walker, D. Hitchcock. Row 3.'J. Trigilio, E. DeYoung, B. Wright, P. Kasperek,J. Richardson, M. Dembrow, K. Downey, R Yager, M. Fish. i v , , 7 l i Direciorg ilarsiig Wresiling ow I.' Mr. Drayer, Coach, M. Keller, J. Garrison. Row 2: P. Kraatz, T. Barkewitz, D. Frye, J. Bradley. Row 3: T. Hurne,J- P2IZYCh, F- MCNUH, DA eYoung. . 1 u unuor Varsilg Wresilrng 'Zow 1: T. Mello, S. Walker. Row 2: R. Ritez, J. Asmus, R. Litfin, J. Karl. Row 3.' R. Schrock, G. Tordy, J. Coffta. Nreslling Cheerleaders low I.' S. Snyder. Row 2: J. Meyer, V. Jacobsen, H. Bramley. Row 3: C. Wagner, S. Berry, C. Rogers. Bwimming Cheerleaders low I.' M. Muchow, C. Brust. Row 2: M. Caprio, M. Marconi, V. Rusnack. Row 3.' L. Bradley, J. Welch. plarsifg Swimming low I.' J. Little, R. Schepperly, J. Rohloli, R. Forrestel, A. Pacer, D. Hudimint. Row 2: J. Hammond, T. Hitchcock, A. Forrestel, John, D. Holtz, S. Miller, K. Palizay. Row 3.' T. Schepperly, B. Kowalik, Mr. Schleich, Coach, R. Forrestel, J. Sowinski. ous' Varsiig Baskeiball Row 1: J. Rogers, B. Johnson. Row 2: R. Ormsby, Manager, K. Rauch, Manager, P. Winnie, S. Jones, T. Lockhart, R. Blish,J. Koss Wright, G. Abrams, Manager. Girls' Junior Varsiig Baskeiball lbw I.' M. Babel, Manager, M. Lockhart, C. Confer, Manager. Row 2: T. Mitten, S. Pacer, D. Domon, B. Klawer. Row 3.' C. Rogers, wer, Miss Cassiano, Coach, F. Turner, K. Soika, A. Juliano, S. Snyder. irls' Varsiig Baskeiball llow 1: M. Babel, Manager, C. Confer, Mana er. R 2: C. W iosenecker, F. Abrams. Boys' Junior Varsiig Baskelball , g ow agner, L. Harris, P. Mandolene, Miss Cassiano, Coach, L. Varo, B. S. Murray, J J. Trigilio,J C. Jonson, J. Staebell, D. Row If G. Rogers, D. Brackett, C. Patterson, T. Morgan, F. Daley, Manager, L. Pooclry, Manager. Row 2.' B. Heinz, B. Koss, T. Peters, J. Lucht- :rhan, B. Dean, J. Caprio, M. Novak. Varsilg Baskelball Cheerleaders Row I.' L. Gallo, M. Valente. Row 2: L. Cross, S. Schoenthal. Row 3.' B. Shisler, S. Mecca. Row 4: M. Babel, E. Bruning. Junior Varsifg Baskelball Cheerleaders Row I.' S. Randall, J. Josey, K. Kumpf, J. Frey. Row 2: M. Muchow, N. Koeller, C. Johnson. Row 3: A. Valente, G. Coughlin, n Ggmnashos low I.' N. Koeller, S. Schoenthal. Row 2: J. Frey, S. Mecca, L. Cross, C. Bmst, B. Klawer, B. Shisler. U I U I Girls Swimming Row I.' M. Valente, R. Weston, K. Staebell. Row 2: V. McNutt, M. Muchow, J. Josey, R. Karcher. Row 3.' K. Soika, Miss Eck, Coach, Varo, S. Bruning, K. Kumpf, A. Valente, D. Domon. 1 1 I+ s Academic Qow I.' P. Kroemer, K. Burg, Alternate, B. Johnson, J. Downey, Alternate, T. Barkewitz, J. Trigilio, Alternate. Red Cross bw I.' P. Mandolene, Mrs. Bachellor, Advisor, M. Swift. Row 2.' J. Hudson, C. Allen, S. McCleod, S. Schoenthal, R. Tiedt. C. Oakes. S. Philips, L. I4 .ff-'Sv Ffa' s' , 121 , ..f- 14' ,. Fair' w ix ' 'Wiz 'Q 'fa SQ 'r. H? 'm '5' RL .x Sly '14 -x, x' -4 'M V. I mqw M ,AA i F Senior Parents Pairons Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Roger F. Downey Harold Barkewitz C. Dee Wright John C. Brust Robert Stapleton William F. Bradley Thomas B. Walker Anthony Keller Harold johnson Bernard Matynka George Davis Domonic Buonanno . Arnold J. Handrich Robert A. Hensel Norman Yousey Dante Marconi Elwood A. Kruschke Paul DeYoung Leslie Flanders Gerald H. Fisher john A. Frye R. G. Brunner Robert E. Delelys Mom Coughlin Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Stock 'I4 Gold Pairons SENIOR CLASS OF I972 BANK OF AKRON STUDENT COUNCIL STRIPPIT DIVISION OF HOUDAILLE INDUSTRIES Silver Pafrons C 81 E TELEVISION, APPLIANCE, AND FURNITURE PERRY'S DAIRY VARDEN STUDIOS, INC. FORD GUM AND MACHINE COMPANY, INC. ROCHESTER BUTTON COMPANY GEORGIA-PACIFIC CORPORATION NATIONAL GYPSUM COMPANY 48 Professional Palrons Mr. A. E. Vossler - Journalism Advisor Al's Barber Shop - Al and Carl Salva+ore's Barber Shop Parlc Super lncorporaled Fred E. Thomas Agency lncorporaled Osbornes Oasis Ross Funeral Home Sherwood Hardware Dye Insurance Edward Mal l'ioli - Allorney al' Law Bradley and Sons lncorporaled Whiling Roll-Up Doors Manulacluring Agway Cooperalive lncorporaled Dr. Floyd Hilchcoclc, Jr. Al Zimmerman lncorporaled Dr. and Mrs. C. F. Philips Corbell Lumber and Builders Supply Guy's Drive-ln Corporalion Privaie Pairons John and Janice Mr. Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Shirley Graf Alvin Wallers Joseph K. Thoman Thomas Welzen Clarence Karayanis Rober+ Folger C. Lee Chase Douglas A. Farrell Norma Redeye John Eckerson Lucille Bachellor Ma r+ha M. VeHer Corrado Cheavaccl R. M. McKee Mr. A. H. Burg Harv and Mabel 149 Last Will and Tesiamenl - Class of 1972 janice Downey leaves a sympathy card to next year's Akronile Editor and her sister, Karen, to Miss Harlin. Lauretta Varo leaves her patience to be one of the few freaks in ACS to whoever has the head for it. Sue McNiff leaves her ability to do finger waves to Nancy Raduns and her chair in Varsity Chorale to her sister, Connie. Sara Klehn leaves the Senior Class of '73 to Akron. May heaven help the town! Debbie Flading leaves Miss Harlin the consolation that in a few years she will have a Sr. Orch. that will be able to go to festival and play a Grade 5 of music. Deborah Davis leaves her ability to talk herself out of tight situations to Carmen Meahl. Paula Fitzsimmons leaves her ability to get into hot water to Dana Printup. Teri Coughlin is leaving on her bicycle and is heading for new horizons . . . shelll get there too! Dennis Berghorn leaves his gym lock to any underclassman who can open it and his office as President of the FFA to his brother. Dave Carmer leaves the Machine Shop II class at Harkness to Ripleyls Believe It or Not. Nancy A. Brunner leaves, to move on to better things. Norma Brunner leaves her couch in the Senior Lounge to any junior next year with a hangover and love and luck to Mickey, Winnie and Keith, and Audrey and Dave. Karen Brauen leaves her ability to write poems, her love of Shakespeare, and her collection of Ben Burrough's poems to Mr. Edgar. Shirley Burns leaves all her shorthand notebooks to Mrs. Ludwick. Good luck! Joanne Bradley leaves, to any deserving girl, the luck she had in finding a guy like David and being able to keep him and to her sister Lynne the luck to succeed in her last years at ACS. Peggy Bedford would like to leave to everybody the good and bad times a person experiences in his years at ACS. Cynthia Cantie leaves her ability to skip classes without getting caught to Bonnie Skellon. Karen Caffery leaves chemistry to all of next yearls juniors and the lousy typewriters to next year's journalism Class. Maria Ordonez leaves to the next foreign exchange student all the good times she has had here and she hopes he won't have the bad time she had trying to speak English at the beginning of the year. Marilyn Babel leaves a bottle of baby powder to the Varsity Hockey Team. Larry Spillman leaves his ability to lose everythihg to his six brothers and sisters. Kim Blasko happily leaves Mr. Crosby his economics. 1 Stacy Walker leaves his T-2000 to Don Budge. Frances Turner leaves her Pyschology notes to Mr. Helwig or any undeserving student. Marg Webster leaves the Crazy Horse sticker that's stuck in her locker to the next person who gets 41103. Debbie Casseri leaves her place in the Senior Lounge to any deserving junior. Barb Shisler leaves Mr. Crosby and his Economics Class to the school, and to the football and basketball teams she leaves the boys, locker room. .Bev Cummings leaves her 'tstallu in the girls, 'Qjohn to Vicki and Cheryl. Patti Ellis would like to keep the only thing she has, the ability to hassle with teachers and win - she's got four more years to go. Cindy Chatt leaves absolutely nothing. She is taking it all with her. Marie Cummings leaves her place in the front row of Sr. Girls to any one short enough. Paul Pitas leaves his tennis serving ability to Mr. Wolfe. Sharon Schafer leaves a smile for every girl but two for every guy. Bob Miles leaves his beloved Rubber Ducky to Roger Voigt. Cheryl Brust leaves ACS with a heavy heart, a sound mind, and a perfect body. Sally jo Mecca leaves to all classes the fun of being a senior, parties, games, dances, etc. Dave Yaiser leaves to the upcoming Senior Class the right to graduate because he has all of your diplomas at home. Pat Feldman leaves his seat in Mrs. Long's Public Speaking Class to anyone who wants to Put up with it. john Wideman leaves his ability to play ice hockey to Mark Stratton. Bob Hensel leaves his ability to pass geometry, the second time through, with Mrs. Stapleton to anyone who can hack it. joe Mattei leaves to anyone who wants it the ability to get out of Akron as soon as possible. Bryan K. Rauch leaves his white walking cane to the Flash, for next year's New Year's Eve party. Brenda Bower leaves her swimming class to anyone who wants it. Diane Fisher leaves nothing to this school because it has given her nothing. Brian Wight leaves his hall lock to any little one who gets it. Y Nancy Krzykowski leaves her ability to walk into class late and get away with it to Karen Meinzer. Paul Mandolene leaves his ability to get along with Mr. Vossler to anyone. Kathy Schrock leaves to anyone who doesn't want study halls the ability not to even get scheduled for them. Audrey Proter leaves all her drinking to her hot brother Axle and to be with Dave forever and ever. Michael Keller leaves his wrestling ability to any underclassman worthy of it and his parking space to anyone with a beat-up old car. Tim Lockhart leaves his locker to his sister who had control of it all year anyhow. Charles joy leaves his ability to build a Super Bug and rear up the parking lot on weekends. Steve jones leaves his army boots to Mr. Thoman and a HOIH to the Class of '75. jim Sowinski leaves his ability to walk into swimming practice late and not get caught to anyone who likes to swim timed 200's. jim Coffta leaves his ability to block Bonnie Bellv and his eyesight to the I-Iawkf, Sybil Pacer leaves to her brothers, Dave, joe, Butch, and Dennis the will to get out of here. David Wehling leaves to the upcoming Senior Class all the glory', of being a senior. Tom Barkewitz leaves his lucky earguards to jeff Karl, his bottle of aspirin to next yearis ACS REVIEW co-editors, and one apple to Mr. Tomczak. G. F. Gronau leaves his memories of a school that used to have students who had the school spirit that ACS was worthy of. , Mary Stapleton leaves to the Girls' Field Hockey Team the determination to win the trophy in 1972, Pembroke or no Pembroke! Tim Schepperly leaves his ability to start more trouble than anyone else, along with his fantastic ability to weasle out of it to a boy after his own heart, his rotten little brother. Tony Mello leaves his ability to talk like Mr. Folger to Mr. Folger so that he may better convey his weird ideas to his physics classes. Lorraine Gallo leaves her height to Terry Newk. Michele Marconi leaves a jock strap to anyone willing to wear it. CTrig?J jane Matynka leaves a bottle of tranquilizers to the journalism Class. Patti Poodry leaves any deserving sophomore her seat in Varsity Chorale. Alma Maier Noi a school in faci or fancg wirh Akron can we compare Mag her glory go on climbing: Mag her dags be fair. For ihe mem'ries ihai we'II cherish. We'Il alwags wish io be back. And where e'er we go. we'Il n'er forgei Her orange and her black. - Bg +he Music Theorg Class of 1951 - To ihe Tune of There's a Long. - Long Trail 3 I -1 4 is 'ff 1 ,a Zn' ?T X I 4 ffj' , , , X ...- 1? LA, W2 Q! N .- -.-Me, 1 49,- . 0' zu:-7 We M.- .1 .-v-f,x-'Ao- -1 ,, -aan' gs L? ra ,av .- -I-f6??.ikt: PY 6 if ,J-' 11,4 ,911 P -Aww, -w 9-fel' Q. .W N. fix ..fx::- ,.,. ' if -iv W :1..'f' ...a . ,p. -Q.

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