Akron Central School - Akronite Yearbook (Akron, NY)

 - Class of 1971

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Akron Central School - Akronite Yearbook (Akron, NY) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Cover

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Aga-Q-qf,qag,gfc:-gk: ext 1. -f, .fx -l-- . ".:L'i3Xl"W! cp -06 X Q+:'f2ijQN' xx EDITORS! :runNlTA BREWER I-IND LAURIE 90K'0'W'-0 'BMSINESS DMNHGERI LINDA PERRY AKRON CENTM-L HIGH Sobel. HKRvm,NEW YORK .ff 3513 ynaff 1, i I 33 :3 ' 2 'Q . 1 avw-4.4 .,: 1 4, 'kmms 41 bv, 3 cs 65-91. 93-109 ......... 110-133, 136 .... ....... S parts . . . . . . Dalicatiou 138- 139 .... .... ,A ctivily Directory 140 ...... .... S 10.115 Hompany 137 ....... 141-143 . . . ........ Patrons n f, X 1 -Qxlii gk 'li lx Y if X ox f 1 K, ' X r jc 'IX x W X. XX' 'fix y i,, e X f' ak X lx. O lf' 9 3 Nu., . ci" xx Q VA ,iz ". . . And let today embrace the past with remembrance and the future with longing." From THE PROPHET, by Kahlil Gibran. "Youth is a beautiful dream, on whose brightness books shed a blinding dust. Will ever the day come when the wise link the joy of knowledge to youthis dream? Will ever the day come when Nature becomes the teacher of man, humanity his book and life his school. Youth's joyous purpose cannot be fulfilled until that day comes. Too slow is our march toward spiritual ele- vation, because we make so little of youth's ardor, From THE WISDOM OF GIBRAN Edited by joseph Sheban 1937 National Honor Societv? was 5 , "To be, 1 ! if Therc's got to be a way to smoke this thing! S , 1 Watch those hands! "That's a spicy meata bal1a!" or not to be." Yul Brynncr in disguise?" What you see is what you get! 1. .il JOSEPHV ABRAHAM ' Q CARQLE BARKEWITZ Sueeeeding After givin I 1 , ' . ' 'A ROXANNE ADAMKOWSKI CAROLYN BARBER 411.75 km! Satisfacfim DOROTHY BEGIERS CHARLES BEST MICHAEL BASSANELLO 1 " I SHIRLEY BISHOP TERRENCE BLISH THOMAS BRACKETT learning C0 five With ,4 Sifuafio LAURIE BORDONARO DEAN BOW s Part Of Our fdumtiarz nl 5 "STV MICHELLE BRUNING PATRICIA BURDICK ,X -IUANITA BREWER JAMES CARGES NANCY CEISNER CARY CRANE SUZANNE COFFTA ,4 Warm Smile Spa: CURTIS COLOPY Sauder 5711111 Wards. A -JOANNE DCYOUNG WAYNE DIEDRICH V HARRIET DELELYS LAURA DIETERLE DENNIS DIETZ YS! DONNA FINK v Keys Open ,4 lac X X ww if , . 'V ff: fi A? x'..-'sick' ,I s'M?,'u Qs Wm 035513 Nwf STUART ESTLER REBBECCA FELDMAN fmrwledgc' Opens ,4 Mimi KX fb- A RICHARD FREY BRIAN GERSTUNG A N MARY FORRESTEL with., DAVID GERSTUNG JAMES GOLPL 12,9 ,- l6'c Sure Of your ivan 4 ,' .xgf fy AU I .. KE.:-,,fS DENNIS HEBERLING f--iii. HK' LAWRENCE GOLPL YVETTE GRABENSTATTER More you Hluzllengc' Others NANCY HOLTZ EDITH HOULIHAN STEPHEN HOLOVICS WARREN IULG MARY ANN JALITUS KAREN KARCHER Stand On Maur 01 Hy Leaning C VICKY JOHNSTONE DAVID JONES bu 61114 'f Gain Ground 717160115 Ska ' 4. .Hx PETER KEPPLER SUZZANNE KNOP ANNA KELLER JAMES KOEHLER ,,, . 5Q'?"'f' ' '1, n 'f Vw ,ew . R 2- ,ag ., : ax 1. may .4 .L DARLENE KOONS DEAN KUMRO ?1 Qf 5-2 L ' ff ' . r ' JOANNE KOSTANCIAK Z0 Chem We Lam Che Days Of C A JEAN KRESS Viflzzrul flesilafiou nd Speculation X KATHY LFAVITT NANCY LEAVITT DAVID LAYCOCK MARY LOU LIEB MARY ELIZABETH LLOYD ELAINE MALONEY Cake Uma With your Sncmy JAMES LOCKHART THOMAS LOTZ fau 61111 Kath llse ,4 ?rieml WAYNE MARKEK SHARON MARTIN JEAN MANN SUSAN MATTIOLI PATRICK MQCONKEY ROBERT NEI-IRBOSS 5'ar ,4 Pragrcssivc L1 Present And U ,M 3 ,. f MARK MIDECKE PATRICIA MONTVILLE a Keep Zflb' Pash Play Che br Zhi? Qufurcz L SHIELA OLDENSKI DAVID OTTAVIANI DEBRA NICGSIA MARTHA PARZYCH DAISY PASK CYNTHIA PECK Eiriendshgu ,7s Che Gram LAWRENCE PASK LYNN PASK Wt you 61111 Giva JILL PETERS MICHAEL POULOS LINDA PERRY I X J f ADRIENNE PRINTUP JOHN RAPISARDI NOLAN REUBEN ,4 Ward! Of Peace ,limi Happine JEFFREY REGEN BRENDA REMINGTON ifas ,Nat lla! Keen Discmfered MICHAEL RIBBECK SANDRA ROGERS GLORIA RIBBECK NEAL ROLL RONALD SCHAFFER LINDA SCHOENTHAL ,4t Same Paint During L1 its ffming JAMES SCHEPPERLY WILLIAM SCHNABEL M H111 Will 2766! Pain, And In W!! End Komfvrt TERESA SCHUMACHER WARREN SKYE TIMOTHY SCHUBEL CHERYL SMITH LEO SMITH gt' ,:' Q' LAUREE STANLEY ,U Y.- Wlzerz Che Uma Homes 4 Qc' Jr if . DAVID SOWINSKI DANIEL SPEARS Vive - Give Of lloursey LINDA STUCHELL MOLLIE SUNDOWN NICHOLAS STEIMER DAVID SWIATOWY KATHLEEN SWINIARSKI PATRICIA THOMPSON When you look Jura ,4 Mirr 1311! yaur lnnersef Zlaur AMA LINDA SY WILLIAM SY be ,Not Ouq yaur Reflection buf J-leaf! ,And your Saul MARY JANE TURNER MICHAEL ULJANOV WILLIAM TIPPETT BETTY WEAVER I I MARGARET WEBSTER RODNEY WHITING .7l Orzq Cakes A lztflc' 50 Zfuru into LINDA WERNER JAMES WHITBECK 70 Star! Somcthing Chat may Zfeiime Of Pleasura 1lY"""" CAROLYN WINTER -IANICE WOLTERS MARYLOU WIDEMAN RICHARD WOMACK RHONDA YOUSEY MICHAEL ZOLA Sducafiorz ,7sr1't ,4 System, Jfis' V4 1702 DAVID ZAJAC WAYNE ZITZKA ow 1 T Barkewitz Manng C. Winterg N. Ceisnerg C. Barkewitzgj. Downeyg S. Rogersg K. Cafferyg L. Paskg T, Coughlin. ow II M Poulos W Leeg W. Syg M. Liebg T. Brackettg M. Parzychg S. Kleing L. Perryg C. Swiniarski. Row IIL' D. Laycockg Bordonaro Row IV C. Peck, T. Thompsong-I. Brewerg L, Schoenrhal. STAFF OF AKRONITE: Co-Edilars Juanita Brewer Laurie Bordonaro Tom Brackett Stu Esrler Mary Lieb Martha Parzych Lynn Pask Cynthia Peck Linda Perry Linda Schoenrhal Bill Sy Pat Thompson Cathy Swiniaski STAFF OF A.C.S. C0-Eiilorr Carole Barkewirz Sandra Rogers Tom Barkewitz Karen Caffery Therese Coughlin Janice Downly Stu Esrler Nancy Ceisner Edith Houlihan Sarah Klein Anne Lauriclsen Daniel Lauridsen David Laycock Mary Lieb jean Mann Martha Parzych Lynn Pask Michael Poulos Carolyn Winter Bill Lee Y 6 Fa l T" l A 'ff' r Xa' CLASS OFFICERS 1971: Michael Poulos, St. Courtg Darlene Koons, Secretaryg Martha Parzych, Presidentg Shirley Bishop, Treasurerg Mary Forrestel, Vice Pres- identg Bill Sy, Sr, Council. SENIOR BOARD: Terry Blishg Mrs. Gaclclisg Mr. Helwigg Miss Galenteg Vicki johnstoneg Sandra Rogersg Daniel Lauridseng Edith Houlihan. X enior Activities "I think wc got it Pete." This is the Senior Lounge? Yum W... ff A A KB "Yo Yo" Game 'B 91 Mr. FlSl'l BOARD OF EDUCATION Sealed' Dr. C. F. Philips, Vice Presidcntg Mr. Arthur Charles, Presidcntg Mrs. Louise I' Clerk. Slanding: Mr. Walter Abrams, Mr. Glenn Pack, Mr. Richard Brown, Mr. Richard Diylrift Prinqbal Mr. Martin Mr. Hire jr.-Sn High Princpal Elementary Prinrpal 40 A Mr. Eckcrson Mrs. Laese 551, High Sfhool Prinrqml Elemenlmy Superuimr Mr. Victor Businm Manager Mr. Bello Mr. Lucia Media Caordimzmr Gujddnre Director 1 Mrs. Rudolph ,ff", Mrs. Becker MFS. 5WHil1 sry, Tn ' W W1 T-Y' Q: IWT1, 4 - .' 21. ' f'fRi'. Q if sf MMI., K'-'B -' 'K X . VV -Q H ' -. A , ,. . - .' '. s J, . , H.. .X -s,-. , . .. , .V .' ,Zan ' n.o.,wh "a:u . 2 - 4.131 L-.'.'.f, :-. ,f 3,-,, g.. .. ,ty - ,- gg, vw 5 P, . - :F , , ., rig-J, Q ,M f J, six- X A' 'gif' . Qgiymf' F! A 'G' V Lt.. r -' v D - 1... ' ,fr Nu Mrs. White Miss Reber Mrs. Bernsdorf Miss Green And today they tell me there was no film in the camera. 3 is .-. If he lS mdeed wrse he does not brd you enter the house of h1s wrsdom, but rather leads you to the threshold of your own mind? Kahlil Gibran ,Jr-""" A hi ,atf - " k K Q ,,: .L ,A Come on now, I'm not ibut irresistible. History Row 1: Mr. Martin Belscherg Mr. Frank Helwig, International Club. Row 2: Mr. jerry Draycr, Grant Club Yorkers, jr. and Wrestlingg Mr. Lawrence Stock, Octagon Yorltersg Miss Nancy Sutter, Senior Class Advisor, Chcerleadingg Mr. Willard Mr, Thomas Usiak. Row 1: Mrs. Mona Gaddis,-Junior Class Advisor, French Clubg Miss Patricia Galenteg Mrs. Margaret Manton, Sophomore Class Advisorg Miss Kathleen Kcnneyg Miss Hazel Ellsworth, Librarian, Library Club, Raw 2: Mr. Jerold Edgar, Cross Country, jr. and Sr. Wrestlingg Mr. Walter Tomczakg Mr, Albert Vossler, journalism, Chess Clubg Mr. john Rex. 44 Sngish And way Mufh l And Science Row 1: Mrs. Gladys Brown, Biology Clubg Mrs, Myra Stapleton, Drama Clubg Mrs. janet Sharpg Mrs. Annette Mellor. Row 2: Mr. Douglas Randellg Mr, Myron Dembrowg Mr. Henry Carges, Ticket Sellersg Mr. Daniel Becksrromg Mr. George Martinyg Mr. jo- seph Thoman. Row 1: Mrs. jane Rebsamen, Student Council Advisorg Miss jean Bassinger, FHA. Row 2: Mr. Richard Rozelle, FFAQ Mr. Richard Latko, Model Clubg Mrs Ellen Brusky,jr. High Councilg Mrs. Ann Ludwigg Mr. Marvin Suttelg Mr. Kenneth Ulrich. Vacatiamzl Physical 8dumfiar1 ,And Health Row 1.' Mrs, Lucille Bachellor, Health Staffz Future Nurses, Jr. Red Crossg Mrs. Janice Williams, Girls Intramuralsg Mrs Drier, Girls Intramurals. Raw 2: Mr. Thomas Wetzen, Boys Intramuralsg Mr. Jack Silvernail, Boys 'Ioumalismg Mr. Angelo pa, Boys Intramurals. Row 1: Mrs, Nancy Groves, Varsity Chorale, Freshman Chorale, Sr. Girls Glee Clubg Miss Marilyn Harlin, Sr. High Enscmble,Jr Orchestra, Elementary Srringsg Mrs. Millicent Burg,jr. Girls and Boys Glce Club. Row 2: Mr. joseph Valente, Informal Art Club Mr. Theodore Stapletonhjr, and Sr. High Band. 'var -,ff ,Ng,g,,K.' ' ,fax ,gif 5 ar 1 " ?..Nx V , 46 Ar! And Music Special ervicss Row 1: Miss Genevieve Kozuchowski, Guidanceg Mrs. Nancy Chambers, Speech Therapisrg Mrs. Myra Stapleton, jr. High Guid- ance. Row 2: Mr. james Remsen, Special Educariong Mrs. Ellen Brusky, jr. High Guidance. Zfcaclzcr Aids 47.- zs by If, X 1,ig3i,T, VA M , . Q' XQ33f52ii6f.s4W Mrs. Mona Snyder Mrs, Jeanette I-1311 Mrs. Evelyn-Harrwig T, V. Center Ljhmo, Sindy Hall 47 48 Grade Sleafen class of 1972 President ...,.... Many Ann Stapleton Vice President ......... Karen Cdjfkfjl Secretary .... . . .Michele Mareoni Treasurer ..,.. . . .Peggy Bedprd Student Court . . . . . .john Rogers iofjnnioUnniorjuniofjuniofjnniofjnniofjnniofjuniofjnniofjnniofjnniofjnniofjnniofjnniofjuniofjnni Row 1: Madolene, P.g Campbell, B.g Downey, -I.g Richards, V,g Barkewitz, T.g Wehling, D., Ormsbee, R.g Shrock, K., Abrams, G4 Ellis, P.g Schep- perly, T., O'Conner, B.g Bow, L. Row 2: Braun, K., Schoenthal, S., Flading, D., Glena, C., Koss, j.g Winnie, P.g Farrel, D.g Frye, D., Mello, A.g Covel, K., Keppler, M.g Yaiser, D.g Flanders, S.g Rogers, -1.5 Lockhart, T.g Keller, M., Welsh, P. Row 1: Garrison, jg Sowinski,j., Forrestel, R., Shisler, B., Brust, C., Fitzsimmons, P., Skomski, M., Pitas, P., Wright, Row 2: Olzewski, E., Walk- cr, S., Rauch, B., Bohn,j., Wright, B., Cofftahj. Row 3: Varo, L.g Babel, Mgjohnson, B., Laycock, K.g Spillman, L., Mecca, S., Tiedt, B., Socha, L., Harris, L. Mrs. Manton period seven Row 1: Klehn, S., Colopy, M., Stapleton, M.g Marconi, M., Bedford, M., Davis, D.g Cross, L., Gallo, L. Row 2,1 Krzykowslen, N., Kmgsley, S.g Brom- stead, D.g Kumm, P., Blasko, K., Yousey, M.g Caffery, K., Lauridsen, A. Row 3: Gronau, G., Capan,j.g Matter,j,, Kowalrk, B.g Hensel, R., Cough- lin, T., Abrams, F, Mrs. Manton period one in!! -nu lwl --up 4. 'vel isa, 2 5 IF! If X N.. . xx! Row 1: Shaffer, Sq Wands, S., Pacer, S., Burns, S., Casseri, D., McNiff, S., Murphy, Lg Cummings, M. Rvw 2: Lafosse,j.g Knopp, M., Fisher, D., Cummings, B., Miles, S., Cantie, C5 Noody, P. Rmu 3: Karmer, D., Jones, T.g Covel,'I. Row 4: Mayer, R., Krusche, K., Roberts, N., Maloney, F., Kolipinski, C., joy, C.g Feldman, P. Miss Galame period 2 Row 1: Bradley,J.g Bedford, L., Poodry, P., DeLelys, B., Snyder, S., Bower, B.g Stuchell, A., Brunner, N.g Porter, A., Burns, 5,5 Weston, W., Wide- man,j.g Matinkahl. Row 2: Miles, R4 Bcrghom, D.g DeYoung, D., Stock, D.g McCollister,-I., Turner, F.g Estler, K., Kostanciak, G., Parker, D. Mrs. Manton 4 period I ' Grade Cen class ef I 973 President ..... . , .Cbeoyl Wagner Vice President ..... .... T om Scbuler Secretary ............. Carol Reichert Treasurer ....., Lorraine Kumvzkiewiez Student Council ...... Pain Barsanello iS qDlo0m0reS 0ploom01'eS qI1!90moreS opl90moreS 0pl90m01'eS ophomoreS qpb0m0reS 0pb0m0reSojJb0moreSqfJh0more Row I: McNiff, C3 Croemer, P.g Trigilio,'I.g Betry,lS,g Bramley, Hgulacobsen, V.g Arnold, S. Row 2: David, .lg Coffta, M.g Shrock, A.g Bender, R.g Nash, P.g Hellert, B.g Rudolph, B.g Kuraszkiawicz, L.g Betzold, Mg Stapleton, K.g Lockhart, Mg Dieterle, S.g Noyd, D.g Michalek, L.g Hart, M. Mr. Edgar 2 4 l x ec-.Q X,SeA4iT53" Q -- . Row 1.' Claude, C., Zajac, T., Ribbeck, V., Reuben, V., jemison, V. Row 2: Rebman, R., Kraatz, C., Yohn, D., Lega, S., Asmus,-I., Fry, N., Pixley, R., Knapp, S., Schuller, T. Raw 3: Steimer, C., Radirns, N., Thomas, D., Weston, B., Gonsowski, D., Bluhm, M., McNurr, V., Holtz, D. Mr. Edgar Row 1: Ormsby, A.g Forrestel, A., Klingel, C.g Smith, S., Kazmierczak, S., Gerstung, D., Pogel, G., Pollack, S.g Roberto, L. Row 2: Polous, S.g Reichart, C.g Graves,j., Peters, M., Bruning, E., Baker, B.g Gogolak, P.g Allen, C, Row 3: Brown, M4 Liften, R., Parzych,j., Lucia, R., Bedford, G., Scuber, D., Brockway, E., Doctor, R. Mr. Edgar Q W-A Q ffl nf. Swiatowy, C., Muchow, M., Steiner, D., Keller, K., Doty, T., Bluhm, J. Row 3: Nayman, H., Hartl, T., Brady, R., Miller, S., Garrison, W. Row 4. Ceisner, K., Wight, W., Stuchell, H., Wronowicz, Mr. Vossler Row 1: Peeples, R., Bruning, H., Ctiswcll, B., Horning, L., Maloney, D., Kennedy, M., Golding, G., Spillman, D, Row 2: Best, D., Swift, M., Schultz, R., Harrwig, L., David, D., Stocker, M., Oliver, M. Grade 9-10 Mr. Tomczzk tha Row 1: Martino, G., Pann, C., Hofmeier, R., Abrams, A., Hammond, P., Blish, R., Sigmon, C., Colopy, D. Row 2: PCICYSJ-L ASbfCk,,l-S Rirecz, Grade ine class ef 1974 President ..... .... M ark Novak Vice President. . . .... Carole Pallerson Secretary ..... . . .Rebecca Garvey Treasurer . . . ...,. Fred Daley lfesbmanFreflamanlcreslomanFreshmanFre5bmanFre5bmanFre5l9manFreshmanF1'e5lamanFre5lJmanFre5bman l Row 1: Blish, D.g Zazac, T.g Daley, F.g Crowell, B4 Stratton, M .5 Bauman, C.g Coffta, 1.5 Childs, L. Row 2: Bauerline, S.g Litfin, N.g Lemanski, S.g Koeller, N.g Newman, D.g Ribbeck, A.g Ciametti, A.g Campbell, R4 Pask, L.g Campbell, R.g Rosenecker, C,g Domon, Dawn. Row 1: Doctor, A., Kasperek,j., Brackett, D., Rice, M., Bajak, S., Robnett, V., Steiner, S., Newman, jonathamj.: DCM, R- Row 2-' Ribbffk, B- Snell, L., Garvey, R., Best, C., Brengel, B., Muchow, M., George, F., Georger, C., Wilson, D., Whrtrng, N., Sevor, C., johnson, C., McLeod, S. Valente, A., Vanice, M., Confer, K, Mr. Tomczak Row 1: Luketic, Pokorski, D., Meinzer, K., Mandolene, P., Smirh, M., Doxtader, L., Johnathan, K., Graves, C., Wideman,j. Row 2: Swiatowy, G. Gillmeister, P., Pickwick, C., S Rx S hl R: ' ' ' ' ' y, , ta , , Berghorn, D., Sprllman, D., Alexander, D. Row 3. Yagcr, R., PeQueen, G., DeYoung,j,, Keller, T. Carges, T., Rogers, G., Patterson, C., Ribbeck, D., Abraham, G. Mr. Tomczak Row 1: Swiatowy, T., Kelly, M., Lacki, T., Brewer, W., Reigle, S., Penko, M., Koss, B., Schrock, R.g Porter, A., Ball, W., Cory, A. Row Laskeyf, R.g Blackman, A., Coughlin, G., Lauriclsen, M., Cummings, D.g Reuben, V., Mitten, L., Carl,.I.g Bromstead, D., Yousey, D., Morgan, T., Nicomcttr, D., Staebell, B., Pohl, S. Mr. Tomczak Row IJ Morrison, R.g Miles, M., Pollack, S.g Diererle, R.g Ground, C., Kinne, C., Bonnie, W., Beckwirrh, R. Row 2: Murrey, B.g DePoy, L.g Peruzz- ini, D., Rogers, K., -Iuliano, A., Skye, M., Louva, 1. Raw 3: Caprio, j.g Soika, K., Zimmerman, K., Bruner, D., Novak, M.g Scarborough, D. Row 4: Wilkins, C., Sweirzer, W., Ground, M., Kumro, C. Mr. Tomczak . ' A' 22 ij 5 5 58 Row I: Frey,J., Murphy, M., Palizay, K., Ewald, K., Chevacci, M., Baeh, K. Row 2: Klawer, B., Hansen, C. Row 3: Kelly, C., Kress, D., Schnabel, L., Homesburger, G., Milam, R., Noody, T. Row 4: Blasko, K., McNiff, C., Eldrecl, L., Criswell, L., Hitchcock, T., Graff, C., Spears, L., Zitzka, T., Lorwa, M., Jones, A., Smith, G. Mrs. Gaddis Gmdyuni0rHzgloEzglJIlJGmde junio1'HiglaEightlJGmc!e jzzni0rHigloEigbfl9Gma'e juni0rHz,gbEigl9tloGr Row lr l-lomesberger,j.g Wesey, T., Marquardr, C., Stapleton, M., Carrubba, j. Raw 2: Price, R., Medole, N., Rogers, S., Eddy, N., Burrows, E. Row 3: Murray, S., Kumpf, K.g,Schaffer, D., Pask, J., Anderson, R. Row 4: Hake, R., Fry, L., Remington, P., Bruning, W. Row 5.'josey,j.g Peters, T., Kaufman, C., Skellon, B. Mr. Rex ' Qliws Row 1: Leclcrhousc, L., Bradfie1d,j., Tobin, D., O'Dell, S. Row 2."Iohnstone, B., jago, B., Kelley, R., Paxon, R., Massaro, R., Bushhammer, R. Row 3: Pohl, A., Smith, M., Socha,,I., Adamkowski, C., Diedcrich, D, Childs, P,g Ribbeck, R., Babel,'I., Rewaldt, T. Raw 4: Farrell, D., Wilson,j.g Shis- ler, j. Mr. Rex Row lr Hush, K., Easton, D., Croakman, A., Sigmon, K., Santoline, M., McNun, F., Pann, D., Robncrt, R. Row 2: Bohn, J., Oakes, C.g Karcher, R., Stabcll, L., Hoste, R., Weaver, V., Stanley, T., Caprio, M, Row 3: Buchholrz, C., Kopp, K., Achuff, R., Anderson,j.g PeQueen, P., Frey, M., Mar- coni, M., Wirkop, V., jackson, G. Miss Kenney Row 1: Carmer, K., Little,j., Trigilio,j., Forresrel, R., Bluhm, T., Sy, D., Randall, S., Pacer, A. Row 2: Welch,-I., Wright, M., Snyder, L., Hartl, P., Eckerson, S., Davis, T., Burg, G., Kolipinski, M. Row 3: Reimer, D., Cummings, C., Fry, K. Row 4: Chapman,j., Bluhm, M., Rebwalelt, B., Francis, V., Brady, M., Heli, K., Pastelli, S., Griffiths, C., Powell, J., Hudso,-I. Mr, Rex Rona 1: Patterson, D., Weston, B., Eldred, R., DeFries, B., Ottney, J., Schnabel, G., Reynolds, M., Hammond,j., Hudomint, D., Childs, W. Row 2: iqmith, S., Stagman, L., Bmnmg, S., Garrett, M., Meyer,j., Lacki, P., Liftin, D., Rohloff,-I. Row 3: Newman, G., Keller, K., Alexander, D., Arnold, Mr. Rex K M '5"'x" 'fu Row 1: Baehr, D.g Gonsowski, N.g Parzych, D,g Wurthman, M.g Brengel, B.g Bcrnsdorf, R4 Ottney, K.g Gates, D.g Haseley, W4 Milani, T. Whitlocke, W, Row 2: Prinrup, L.g Karcher, C.g Caple, C5 Fiegel, C5 Philips, Dgjohnson, D. Row 3: Stegman, D.g LaFaive, L.g Hyde, L.g VanBuren P.g McNutt,j.g Smith, R,g Sescil, D.g Kinne, -1.5 Rood, D,g Cramer, E. Row 1: Host, R.g Ground, C.g Brunner, D.g McNurr, F. Row 2: Peruzzinni, D-Q SWUTYZCY, W-5 Kumro, C. Row 3: Soika, K.g Skellon, B. jlfiolfifars Row I: Allison, B.g Pacer, P.g Schcppcrly, R,, Sigmon, B., Mondello, D., Mauldin,j. Row 2:jones,,I., Rusnak, V,g Payng, P., Crossley, K4 C2Pf1n, K-S Bradley, L. Row 3:,Ioika, K., Klawer, L., Womack, D., Poodry, L., Luchtcrhand,j., Jamieson, S. R010 4: Dylag,j.g Fladrng, CL BCg15f5, D-3 Rice, B-S Cummings, E., Tordy, G. Mr, Rex de jzmi0rHigl9Swen1fb Gmdqjuni01'HiglaSe11enthGmdejjzmi01'HigfaSe1fem'b Grade juni01'Higl9Se1fen1fl9Gm R0w 1.' Karl,j.gA Bachr,,I,g-Ribbeck, C., Legal, B., fisher, S., Gcorger, C., Spillman, C5 Russncck, E., Heberling, C., Marinaccio, L. Row 2: Siufbell, C4 Abrams, A.,' Wzgbl, B., Butov, A. g Pafk, D. 5 Bennie, Cf Cummingr, S. Raw 3: Yager, R. Goesekc, B., Pawlick, D,, Putzbach, B., Muggelburg, S.g Con- ner, D.g Knopp C Row 4' Kung, D ,jack Ax Victor,j ' Phillips, M. Ca rio, C. Mr.Edg2r Y A I A , i V, Q P , , ,Q V - -.4 . - k 4- -Dwi x Row 1: Fitzsimmons, W., Palizay,-I., Nice, M., Gerstung, M., Schultz,j., Borden, B., Hitchcock, D., Fisher, S., Brust, L. Row 2: Swiatowy, D., Bell, G., Kasperek, P., Lotz,j., Kress, E., Ground, G., Wurthman, L. R010 3: Richardsonhl., Lemanski, G., Abrams, A., Nixon,-I., Coffta, C. Row 4: Ray- kowski, R., McClintock, H., Stackhouse, A., Pickwick, T., Ward, I., Miss Kenney Raw I: Schrock,-I., Valente, P., Giesler, L., Flanders, E., Bower, L., Kroemer, P., Hofmeier, D., Stahl, D., Roehling, M. Row 2: Stanley, D., Keller, J., Wesley, D., Burck, T., Rastelli, V., Oliver, G., McLeod, P., Noyd, L. Row 3: Downey, K., Parker, D., Coughlin, E., Broen, D., Stahl, D., Achuff, D., Lummel, K., Rehwaldt, B. Miss Kenney Slerhehtery ?eehlty ,llhet Stuetehts "yeh rhey yiee thelh yeur leee eht het yehr thehyhts, ?er they heee their eufh thehyhts. lfeh they hehee their heeties hut het their settle. " gftflhl the Pre,ehet Kehil Giertzh jaaiar Orchestra ,Meaacea Slelaeaiary Orchestra Zreale Klef Ehair Sixth Grads Baud gffllfffl Grade Klwir Slcmeufary Hand Grade Szlffh Row 1.' Mrs. Rcbrovich, Mrs. Downey, Mrs. Brady. R010 2.' Mrs. Fare, Mr. Wolfe, Mrs. Thoman. Row 1: Mrs. Stapleton, Mrs. Stage. Row 2.' Mrs. Allen, Miss Muchow, Mrs, Hartzlcr. with 6 fade 9010111 Grade . 1 x iv Row 1: Miss Winston, Mrs. Weeks. Row 2: Mrs. -lost, Mrs. Glenn, Mrs. Mauldin. Row 1: Mrs. Airey, Miss Klaibcr, Miss Brewer, Row 2: Miss Graf, Mrs. Rcmscn. +9 4. Q? Zfhird Grade Sewnd Grade A 'S 4? , QNX .arf 3 Row 1: Miss McEwan, Mrs. Reichert, Mrs. Pafk. Raw 2: Miss Ogden, Mrs. Marina, Miss Uzar, Row 1: Mrs. Siemesz, Mrs. Ford, Mrs. LaFlamme. Row 2: Mrs. Putney, Miss Eaton, Miss Gere. lI'S fads Kinder- garferz Row 1: Mrs. Pentecost, Mrs. Maul, Miss Benson. l Row 1: Mrs. Gilbert, Remedial Readingg Miss Mitzel, Musicg Mrs, Brackett, Mr. Scheich, Physical Education. Abxentr Mrs. Walters, Physical Education. Nurse. Row 2: Mr. Manton, Musicg Mrs. Garvey, Artg 1 'ttf Special Services Grade 72 Row 1: Patterson, R., Hansen, E., Shisler,-I., Cummings, C., Mangani,j., Snyder, S., Forrestel, C., Rehaldt, L. Row 2: Sowinski C., Rosenberg, M., Conibear, M., Trigilio,j., Fish, M., Childs, C., jones, L., Riemer, M. Row 3x Dean, L., Meinzer, K., Cum- mings, R., Stevens, M., Ballow, J., Garrison, -I., Ncary, L. Raw 4: Rice, C., Buchholz, C., Taylor, B., Sregman, L., Stocker, K. Stahl, K. Abram: Mondello, K., Schmigel, M. Teafber: Mrs. Rebrovich Row 1: Fix, V., Ribbeck, L., Morrison, H., Nicomeri, A., Murphy, K., Brucker, D., Wilkins, C. Roux 2: Weston, B.,jonarhan, B., Hollenbcck, A., Yoder, Y., Holovics, R., Corcimiglia, M., Smith, G, Row 3: Rohloftf S., Frey, j., Hopkins, T., DeYoung, E., Wissingcr, C., Campbellhj. Row 4: VVhirlocke,j.,.Iemison, P., Oppel, A., Goodrige, S, Abrent: Klehn, M., Smith, D. Teacher' Mrs. Brady i Row 1: Hartung, R., Borden, K., Reuben, R., Hudomint, M., Dembrow, M., Bruning, C., Palizay, R. Row 2: Pollack, N., Sankey, M., Morgan, P., Barone, R., Schnitzer, R., Bello, L., Rosenecker, Row 3: Knapp, P., Hensel, K., Richardson, J., Walker, T., Pohl, R., Witkop, V., Claude, T., Payne, S, Row 4: Little, C., Lauridsen, R., Stratton, D., Greincr, C., McCAfferty, S., Davis, V., Roth, R., Smith, A. Teacher Mr. Wolfe Row If Achuff, D., Murphy, K., Smith, T.,jones, S., Zajac, S., Conpenclis, L., Ellis, S., Turner, N. Row 2: Rapisardi, T., Weh- ling, P., Parker, ul., Michalak, R., Strzclczyk, W., Newman, M., Peeples, L. Row 3: Covel, C., Bramley, M., Socha,j., Karcher, R., Cheavacci, M., Dean, B., Wagner, R. Row 4x Anderson, J., Smith, B., Logan, E., Bajak, C., David, L. Abfenfs Bucceri, D. Tearher: Mrs. Fare V l Row 1.' Kazmierczak, L., Corbett, C., Hansen, R., Bennie, S., jemison, F., Knop, T., Murray, C., Lobur, R. Row 2.' Lindke, S., Ground, R., Smith,j., Skomski, M., Bushhammer, D., Pechuman, L., Eddy, D., Spillman, R. Row 3: Bruning, W., Sruchell, C., Domon, B., Campbell, R., Childs, T., Parker, S., Baker, F. Row 4: Berghorn, D,g Vanice, L., Morrison, P., Printup, L., Tordy, T. AbJenl.' Smith, D. Teafber: Mrs. Thoman Row 1: Lucia, E., Kostanciak,j., DePoy, C., McClintock, D., Bassanello, D., Kinne, R., Meyer,j., Marquardr, T., Bradley, M. Row 2.' Abrams, B., Koons, D., Rohloff, D., Eldred, T., Barber, E., Bedford, B., Neider, T., Swiarowy, H. Row 3: Wolfe, D., Mor- rison, V., Bruner, N.,'Young, B., Roggen, E., Boskar, P., Blackman, A. Absent: Bedford, S., Rogers, T. Tearber: Mrs Downey 6' Row 1: Blackman, C., Stanley, A., Anderson, C., Fisher, W., Swiatowy, M., Sigmon, M., Ellis, M., Campbell, H. Raw 2.' Parker, A,, Koehler, B., Mondello, T., Kumpf, C., Hammond, J. Row 3: Schnitzer, J., Blish, D., McCorquodale, J,, Gibbs, T., Neider, M., Whiting, D., Knytcr, M. Row 4: Lippert, E., Darling, J., Smith, D,, Farrell, D. Abfenlr Frey, C. Teafher: Mrs. Stage Row 1.' Childs, T., Gates, N., Bramwell, E., Achuff C., Bailey, C., Brust,J., Santolini, P., Bushhammer, F., Wideman, R. Row 2.' Schwartzkopf, C., Koons, R., Raye, S., Cummings, R., Bradfield, S., Yaiser, B., Eddy, M., Parker, L., Brodka, J. Row 3: Rudolph, T.,Jones, S., Poodry, G., Milam, M., Stackhouse, K. Abmzlx Allen, M., Amcrine, D., Eldred, M., Nicometi, C. Tearher: Mrs. Stapleton Raw 1.' Rosenberg, D., Dudziak, D., Patterson, T., Spillman, R., Kolipinski, C., Vanice, L., Nagy,j., Deleys,j. Row 2.' Colopy, M., Bender, P., Whitnauer, L., Nice, L,, Schalge, R., Remington, J., Hake, S., Bernsdorf, V., Stanley, D. Raw 32 Carges, P., Frey, J., Schrock, T., Peters, G., Wfhalen,-I., Clary, D., Oliver, J., Allison, AbJml,' Kelley, D., Nehrboss, P. Teacher: Mrs. Allen Row 1: Bassanello, M., Ribbeck,j., Tobin, W., Gerstung, R., Newman, M., Goodwin, L. Row 2: Aquino, C., Bmning, D., Roeh- ling, K., Groff, T., Schroeder, J., Palizay, J., Roggen, R., Kipp, O., Rebmann, D. Roux 3: LaFaive, D., Corbett, -I., Kinne, B., Kopp, R., Anderson, D., Alexander, R., Schrock, D., Carges, P., Smith, T. Absent: Amerine, C. Tearher: Mrs. Hartzler Wade Row 1: Bruner, N., Knop, L., Wagner, C., Lewis, T., Radomski, P., Richardson, J., Fish, M., Mangani, H. Row 2: Valente,j., Payne, M., Forrestel,j., Schumacher, D., Frey, R., Reichert,j., Sweeney, W., Lummel, K., Hitchcock, L. Row 3: Routledge, M., Parzych, D., Nicosia, J., Victor, K., Finger, D., Capan, S., Kasperek, E., Sweirzer, B., Hyder, D. Teafben Miss Muchow Row 1: Hartung, S., Bower, L., Weston, R., Schnabel, P., Bruning, D., Nicomeri, T., Abraham, J., Kinne, J., Miles, S. Row 2: Nagy, L., Gabby, S., Estler,j,, Kelley, K., Aquino, P., Snell, D., Whiting, M., Schaefer, J., Pann, M. R01113: O'Melia, M., Strzelc- zyk, F., Rosenecker, B., Hyde, N., Boshat, A., Conibear, T., Roberto, S. Row 4: Pogel, E., Reuben, A., Lacki, K., Caple, Tearber: Miss Winston Row 1: Marinaccio,J.g Eldred, B., Forrestel, S., Schultz, K., Smith, S., Snyder, Rgvlonathan, P., Biro, L., Meahl, K. Row 2: Bauder, Dgjankowski, S.g Baker, C., Randall, J., Uljanov, L., Gersrung, R., Stahl,,I., Hammond, L., Schumacher, L. Row 3: Criswell, S., Hersee, D., Karcher, M., Seuor, E., Grifhth, K., Schuler, C., Stock, K., Brown,J. Raw 4: Bower, S., Flacling, E., Fiegel, SQ Brack- ett,.T.g Noyd, Abyenf: Klchn, P.g Klingele. Tearber: Mrs. Weeks Row I: Bordon, K., Spillman, S., Pixley,-1.3 Kipp, L., Ribbeck, R., Murray, R., McConkey,j.g Turner, S., Fix,j. Row 2: LaDuca, M., Barone, K., Wilson, C., Childs, P., Eddy, R., Szmak, K., Jonathan, B., Schultz, K. R010 3: Rauch, il., O'Connor, P., Cum- mings, C.g Rehwaldt, P., Schrock,.I., Abrams, A4 Frey, M., Sword, Row 4.',Ionathan, L., Durst, R., Kress, B., Stackhouse, C., Tucker, E. Teafber: Mrs. Glenn Row 1: Childs,j., Schultz, D., Bernsdorf, D., Mann,j., Milani,.I,, Hake, S., McMahon, M., Stapleton, L. Row 2: Kazmierczak, M,, Tippctt, A., Neary, K., Printup, T., Phelpshj., Bradfielcl, N., McNutt, M., Meyer,j. Row 3: Falker, S., Amerine, E., Bistofi T., Farewell, R., McCat'ferty, P., Babiarz, W., Bruning, R., Darling, T., Bartlett, E. Row 4: Smith,j., Warren, D., Hyder, Lgjones, C., Logan, G., Faulring, K. Tearber: Mrs. Mauldin Row 1.' Abrams, T., Hollenbeck, T,, Lacki, G5 Giesler, V., Anderson, M., Lotz, T., Carrubba, D., Ground, T,, Marquardt, K. R010 2: Dembrow, M., Rehwaldt, F., Morrison, G,g Willdns, T,, Walters, D., Schafer, B., Williams, M., Cummings, T, Row 3: Caplc, M., Reuben, W., Edmister, M., Frey,j.g Brodka, D., Cheavarci, S., Snell, D., Kelkenberg, B., Boskat, A. Row 4: Odell, A., Oppcl, R., Soika, M., Schrock, P., Ribbeck, B. Teurber: Mrs. ,lost Grade 80 Row 1: Tobin, C., Bramwell, E., Sanderson, C., Anderson, C., Bartram,'I., Childs, A., Sweeney, C., Lega, C., Reinhardrhj. Row 2: Smith, K., Bruning, S., Edwards, L., Amerine, P., Reimer, T., Capan, D., Baker, R., jasinski, S., Confer, C. Row 3: Burke, W., Nanni, L., Jacobs, A., Noody, R., Akin, J., Allen, A., Rebmann, C,, Parker, M,, Stanley,j. Row 4: Achuff, L., Cowan, R., Meyer, B., Routledge, Tmrhen' Miss Graf Row 1: Witnauer, S., Bower, L., Henry, C., Newman, M., Kolipinski,j., Sanderson, C., Biro, S., Schnirzer, D,, Schalge,j., Smith, D. Row 2: Whirlocke, L., Klawer, S., Roth, L., Ground, M.,.Ionarhan, D., Kaufman, R., Wilson, S., Brewer, B., Warren, S. Row 3: Roberto, C., Gellarr, K., Fisher, T., Mazza, D., Geddes, -I., Newman, S., George, T., Groff, K., Eulenberg, R., Pope,j. Teufbers Miss Klaiber Row I.' Graves, M., Kazmierczak, N., Eldred, W., Breton, D., Bennie, L., Kenyon, K., Smith, R., Roggen, L., Cummings, L., Greiner, M. Row 2: Oldenski, R., Borchert, D., Lewis, M., Glomb, B., Palizay, P., Robnett, W., Kelkenberg, C., Blish, W., Print- up, K, Row 3: jones, M., Logan, L., Sweitzer, L., Kelly, A., Hartwig, B., Fogel, T., Allison, M., Coffta, K., Stuchell, D. Row 4: Graff, D., McNutt, P., Brown, M., Kruschke, C. Tearhen' Mrs. Airey Row lx Hersee, D., Snyder, K., Medole, S., Reuben, C., Gates, S., Bates, T., Keller, C., Parker, K.,jonathan, D. Row 2: Smith, R., Patterson,j.,'Shrock, R., Rickwalt, C., Kirk, C., Shultz, D.,-Iimerson, K., Anderson, J., Spring, N., Rapisardi, M. Row 3: Novak, K., Hopkins, G., Rohloff, M., Sescil, P., Strzelczyk, G., Wagner, M., Wekcnmznn,j., Cinothr, V., Owen, T., Yager,j. Tearhen' Mrs. Remsen Grade 82 Row 1: Stanley, V., Roggen, L., Fisher, L., Edgar, D., Bailey, S., Hyde, -I., Marquardt, G., Rogers, L., Pacer, M., Burck, K. Row 2: Adamkowski, C., Campbell, R., Hope, S., Criswell, L., Carnegie,j., Brewer, R., Mondello, R., Sarterlee, D., Wik, D., Drachen- berg, L. Row 3: Peters, D., Grimm, R., Hake, B., Gallensdorfer, E., Stock, D., Hansen, C., Lirfin, L., Montville, -I., Griffith, D., McCafferty, S., Reichert, D. Teacher Miss Brewer Row 1: Silvemail, S., Edmister,j., Bell, T., Fogal, G., Blish, -I., Nice, L., Smith, R., Prinrup, D., Farewell, M., Pollack, M. Row 2: Sevor, H., Phelps, L., Drayer, S., DeYoung, C., Valenfe, M., Gabbey, R., Pixley, S., Rood, K., Lippert, L. Row 3: O'Melia, L., Stahl, L., LaDuca, G., Prim-up, T., Witkop, V., Gothard, S. Abrmtr Hyder, L., McAfee, M., Lay, D. Teurbebf: Mrs. Pafk Row 1: Burg, Kgjonarhan, M., Covel, -1.5 Esrler, N., Milam, B., Wickham, S., Leaderhouse, V.g Hawes, B., Vanice, C., Penepenr, R. Row 2: Doman, L., Gibbs,j.g Akin, A., Ward, L., Philips, P., Gorhard, A., Rosenberg, D.gj0hnSOrl, AA Gibbs, A- RW' 3" MUS' carella, A., Cherry, A., Reuben, G., Shrock, R., Anderson, S., Hen, D., Clary, D., Scholl, R. Absent: Szymanski,j. Teacher: Miss Ogden Rm 1: Mondello, C., Weston,j.g Lederhouse, B., Sarterlee, D.g McNurt, S., Sanderson, C., Haney,j.g Frey, D., Reinke, T.g Hake, K. Row 2: Srrzelczyk, D.g Kelly,j.g Smith, L., McCune, T., Sword, B., Snell, S., Rogers, D., Oldenski, M.g Weatherbee, M. Row 3. Rosenecker, B., Palizay, T., Mecklenberg, D., Bracken, Absmtx McClintock, P.g Tordy, D, Teacher: Mrs, Reichert I Row 1: Regan, S., Perry, B., Groff, C., Price, P., Bender, N., Smirh,j., McAllister, S., Odell, M., Womack, M., Fenton, S. Row 2.' Poulos, D., Srollsteimer, M., Roduns,-I., Pope, L., Ranney, S., Wurrhman, T., Prinrup, P.,jankowski,j., Warren, D. Row 3: Sow- inski, -I., Hire, W., McConkey, G., McCann, M., Hoffman, T., Ribbeck, D., Ribbeck, R., Smckhouse, D. Absent: Abrams, C. Teufherx Miss McEwan Buth, , Young, L, Graff, M., jonathan, R., Trosrerud, J., Pixley, C., Baker, K., Lederhouse, R. Row 3: Boseck, L., Knyrer, S. Rice, D., Kanehl, T., Baker,j., Clarke, D., Doty, M., Gibbs, T., Zarnoch,-I. Absent Dudziak, D. Tearhen' Mrs. Martina Raw 1: Rollain, D., Schultz, D., Burke, W., Keller, R., Brewer, C., Klingele, S., Whitesell, L., Hendrick, S., Sundown, S. Row 2. l R010 1: Dabb, E., Milam, L., Kenyon, Kgjonathan, D., MCCOnkey, Cg Roder, D., Szmak, B., Baker, T., Wetzen, A. Row 2: Kirk, D., Brown, M., Casseri, C., Schnabel, R.g Murray, D., Garvey, D., Bnming, D., Nanni, M.g Holtz, ,I.g Gabby, M. Row 3: Groff, S., Durst, S.g Wilt, G., Brady, D., KumpQ S., Drayer, K., Kumro, E. Teafbef: Mrs. Ford Row 1: Criswell, C., Smith, T., Mcallister, T., Breton, K., Hake, D., Roeh1ing,j.g Lederhouse, L., Bruning, M., Cummings, D., Bower, j. Row 2: Schmidt, M., Hake, K., Kelly, P., Rehwaldt, Mg Smith, S., Strzelcyzk, K., Albrecht, C., Wekenmann, R., Hatcher, L. Row 3: Boseck,j.g Pozda, K., Packman, T., Conaver, A., Bedford, L., Darling, P. Teacher: Mrs. Siemesz Raw I.' Kirsch, A., Golding, R., Folger, D., Dalley, D., Schultz, T., Tobin, K., McNutt, M., Borchert, R., Barone, D. Row 2: Claude, R., Bower, E., Cikin, T., Fish, M., johnson, M., Lewis, A., Taylor, S., Owen, J., Bradley, B. Raw 3: Zimmerman, M., Wajmlski, F., Reinhardt, D., Abrams, S., Hammond,j., Meinzer, H., Reuben, C., Babcock, j. Absent: Cinotti, A. Tearber: Mrs. Putney Row l.' Cummings, D., Smith, D., Logan, C., Hartung, T., Ceisner, M., Marquardt, V., Hollenbeck, M., Schultz, D., Downey, L. Raw 2.' Snyder,-I., Schumacher, W., Kelkenberg, S., Beyser, M., Gibbs, T., Lay, R., Hendrick, D., Oldenski,J., Young,J., McCaf ferry, P. Row 3: Kaminski, A., Bates, K., Benteen, M., Falkner,j., Berghorn, D. Absent: DiChristina, J., Ground, H. Teacher: Mrs. LaFlamme Grade 88 Row 1.' Yoder, CQ Wcssinger, M.g Biro, D.g Cinclerson, M.g Amerine, K.g Bedford,-I.g Spillman, Kgjimerson, D.g McCune, H.g Baker, Row 2: Meyer, C.g Blackchief, A.g Gallard, Pgjasinski, P4 Groof, R.g Peters, T.g Smith,j.g Smith, C.g Printup, A. Row 31 Lobur, R.g Bruning, E.g Peters,-1.5 Stoldt, H.g Koss, ,Ig Sundown, G.g Reuben, B. Tearher: Miss Eaton Row 1: Clarke, Wg Engle, T.g Karl, K.g Geddes, Ng Faucett, W.g Smith, Wg Eldred, T.g Swader, B.g Litfln, C.g Nugent, M. Row 2: Bennie, P,g Burres, A.g Edgar,-l.g Bergman, Kg Shrock, R.g Henry, S.g Midecke, Mg McNutt, 'I'.gjankowslti,j.g Stuchell, M.g McCann, 1, Row 3: Reinke, K.g Cianfrini, M.g Ballow, M.g Sowinski, J. Tenfhen' Miss Benson 5 sr 3. Row lx Lombard, A., Glenna, R., Parker, J., Srrzelczyk, P.g Ribbeck, K.g Griffith, D.g Miller, M.g Achuff, B.g Hillman, D. Row 2: Bruning, H.g Kelkenberg, A., Callahan,,I.,jasinski,j.g Peters, L.g Sarterlee, M.g Podgers, T., Lederhouse, C., Frey, D, Row 3: Lip- pert, F., Cory, 1.5 Poole, C., Cheavacci, K., Riemer, M., Rice, D. Tearben' Miss Benson Row 1: Baumgartner,j.gjohnson, R.g Lotz, T.g Lummel, L., Peruzzini, D., Sylor, D., Hanson, R.g Dembrow, M.g Mangani, V., Muscarella, M. Row 2: Medole, M., Hoffman, T., McNurr, S., David, D., Hire, K.g Auanger, L.g Ross, C., Crowell, L., Zielienski, K., Blish, K. Tmrben' Mrs. Maul A 'Y' ........,........i 1 f J. 'W W ' v R: 5. 4-. Row 1: Groff, H., Bower, C., Payne, S., Glena, W., Wekenmann, P., Schreiner, R., Abrams, D., Bradfield, S., Vanice, B. Row2 Benteen, A., Smith, D., Schultz, R., Ground, F., Hollenbeck, R., Murray, M., Cowan, M., Stahl, R., Schumacher, P. Row 3: Poo dry, L., Colopy, R., Wood, S., Cummings, R., Middaugh, M., Gerstung, S., Covel, W. Teacher: Mrs. Maul Row lx Bulden, A., Belcher, J., Schoeneman, T., Mann, D., Kumpf, A., Kelley, K., Lotz, T., Cummings, Lgjohnson, R. Row 2 Price, G., Rudnicki, D., McNutt, B., Yaeger, L., Cinotti, G., Wagner, D., Drachenbcrg, D,, Stackhouse, L., Eulenberg, D., Nich- ols, H. Row 3: Maloney, G., Samanka, D., Brawdy, J., Penepent, E., Omviani, C., Schmidt, R. Teacher: Mrs. Pentecost 1' 'S 0 V lr r , 1 43 ,f C :gi it Y' , f Row l: Bistoff, T., Kamehl, G., Reuben, J., Kinney, C., Womack, A., George, R., Hollenbaugh, S. Row 2: Kelley, A., Mondello, Lgjones, G., Steimer, R., Schultz, D., Davis, D., Little, S., Wagner, M., Earle, W, Row 3: Graff, K., Botchert, D., Rosenberg, G., Hunsberger, G., Coffta, M., Strzelczyk, P., Skye, S. Tearhen' Mrs. Pentecost Special 8ducafiar1 611155 Row 1: Colopy, C., Allison, C., Spillman, C., DePoy, D. Row 2: Cummings, M., Stanley, E., Colopy, A. Row 3: Tearhen' Mr. Rem sen, LaFosse, J., Clark, J., Bedford, W. E'.':?EI." Gyn .M- fi! fi , Q' JZ 7 23113 'E ' if -f' fizunun-v f.:h ., fb A 1 .1 ,Sn . n 1 I , I ,. -b ,... 4 342,47 . 'lb 5 bigk Qrexn-isx T'i -, x, ze The musician may sing to you of the rhythm which is in all space, but he cannot give you the car which arrests the rhythm nor the voice that echoes it? Kahlil Gibran 'E N H ,vs .wx. ,I ,, .. Q I V, It 'x Q 'h ,1 ia, Q' A xiwgx V iii .. . .r 5 1 it Q W iii Zn W1 3 ii 2 Varsity . W . W--vu Marylou Wideman as Laurie Michael Uljanou as Ali Hakem As juniors, the present Seniors were featured in the 1970 production of 'Oklahoma' Oklahoma' Chorus Varsity Chorale is the cream of Akronis vocal musicians, a selection of mixed voices chosen from grades ten through twelve. This year they were a featured part ofthe annual Christmas and Spring concerts and, in addition, were participants in the Erie County and All-State sectional festivals. They also provide the major part ofthe cast for the biennial musicals. Under the dedicated direction of Mrs. Groves they are preparing for the next musical in 1972. A special highlight of the year was the selection of Laurie Bordonaro to the All-State Choir in December. Brenda Remington has accompanied the chorale for two years. Klzrfralv Senior Girls W fav if w A a f A, C56 Q 63 QE 535555 ,X Qrashmuu Hhamlc' I-jf .:v.-:Lei ,p ' Glen' 61116 I 1 lx Q 5' ' ' ' gf! W junmr Gulf Glas gfllb ADJ if ff QW Hays' juniar High Qx 5166 glllb A o of , N3 55 :7 0 , Q53 junzor High Hand A Senior J-liglr Kg Orchestra fu wil, K N :NJ J - ee Senior High J Hand ,I ,A N- e ' ' ,, ..- ve 'N an 9 4 fn i HMC X , sm U i - . ' if f' uw u 1. M, A N 'H' -'ff2f2un9sQ.x.w:: V H gf V ,N -mansaquiy Irv, .49 'Y ef' c 8, Q Z 1 am is year, with Mrs. Brown heir advisor, the tional Honor Society has ted the West Seneca me for Retarded ldren, and the Niagra iabilitation Center. ey have offered mselves as tutors, ped teach kindergarten .ses, revised their mstitution, sponsored a IC to collect gum ppers for UNICEF, and l induction ceremonies 'anuary instead of in e. ' ,National J-lanvr Sacicfy .hztermztivmzl glllb The International Club, under the direction of Mr. I-Ielwig, is working toward a Model United Nations, held at Buffalo State College at the end ofthe school year. This year the club will represent Italy and will attempt to solve its problems through the United Nations, 101 IIHIUI' fy , i lfvrkers flzgh The eighth grade Yorkers, under the supervision of Mr. Stock, raised money by selling candy for a trip to the Eastern part of New York State in the spring. Among other places, the Yorkers visited Albany in hopes of learning something about the state government. 102 Fe, Q M? I 2-f' it A IJ ti f at L si The seventh grade Yorkers, under the supervision of Mr. Drayer and Mr. Usiak, raised money for a trip to Cooperstown in May To learn more about the history of New York State the Yorkers visited the Holland Land Office the Niagra Historica Museum, Niagra Falls and therSkylon Tower. Grade Seven Grade fzyhl Art Club is designed to ' students a chance lc on individual ects. Some of their lc is displayed around school. The Art Club, :r the direction of Mr. znte, has also decorated school for the holidays. dir! 61116 Phofagraphy 61116 The Photography Club, under the direction of Mr. Bello, has taken candid pictures throughout the year for the yearbook. Some ofthe members have worked with developing and printing as well as the taking of pictures. 103 The French Club is an attempt by Mrs. Gaddis to give French students a chance to receive special help in learning to speak French. The club also experiments in French cooking and works on individual projects dealing with France. 104 Ghess 61116 bench glllb The Chess Club, under supervision of Mr. Voss learns more about the g of chess by continual practice and also has the opportunity to play agai other schools. ie Biology Club, under 3 direction ofMrs. own, has taken numerous ld trips throughout the ir, and the members have vrked on individual Jjects dealing with :logical science. library Kiology glllb fag' A if . xk 15? . ,.., The members ofthe library staff help Miss Ellsworth and Mrs. Hall in keeping library materials in order. They also try in any way possible ro facilitate the use of the library for students. 'I05 The supply office stuff, under the direction of Mr Victor, have the responsibility of running the student supply center during the school year. IO6 ie Future Homemalcers, der the direction ofMrs. ssinger, learn how to ipt to the new and erchanging field of home Jnomics. They try to iderstand people so that ey may learn to become -tter involved in mmunity and domestic fairs. - lm sh P ?uture J-lawmakers ?ufurc Zzrmers : Iguana The Future Farmers, under the direction of Mr. Rozelle, study the everehanging field of farming. They also strive toward higher ideals and goals in our society. l07 P tihaaraheet agility aaa strehgth are hat harh ih ah athlete they are aehieaea ahh after ihaeh saerihee aha desire --:qt . ' 1 . 5 Vntlavz.. zT"r ,E O Mya Pita 1 kr, , ' fi? 1 Y -1,,Rx ' - ' b . ,J Q '. rs -3- Varsify Hardball The Tigers fought hard all season, but due to a relatively young team they were unable to corne through with a winning record. Next year hopes are high for a victorious season. Larry Akron Akron Akron Akron Uger Scoreboard DeSales Starpoint Albion Newfane Akron Akron Akron Akron Wilson 6 Roy-Hart 0 Medina 12 Falconer .QA . Z 40 14 V 10 Denis Dennis 1 Pat Danny . Q, ,Lup- -f"fT....-11. ai' ' m":f'lf" gn A A P - . 1 - X x -., . ,.. 'XI -' uf 1 . U, I . 5 ! I r pn 1 4 .pm 1.4 sf-3 M., WT 'serif . A W x 4. .1 I 4'W,,.,, ,, ek ,ZW '57 , - '-,ap '25 1 a ,f M ' 34' ESP? , gm: I N .Q qx,: if , X x e , ' af gf ' Y 1 ' 3, gm, A , f' 5' - , j 1 W fr ' L --.-f-sr" ga,A,f, f '3 , -,, ' a M , , 1 n - 4ff Q' - fs , .. Ar -1.4, fi' 'fc ng J. ' 'i ff f - ., .. f' M ,Q n 'S qi? Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Varsity Swimming The Tigersharks, under the fine coaching ability of Mr. Carl Schleich, finished the season with a record of During the year numerous school and pool records were broken by the members of the Varsity team The team will be a young one next year due to the loss of ten outstanding seniors. Zigershizrks Smsau 64 Barker 29 66 Albion 29 61 Alden 34 31 Iriquious 64 41 Cheektowaga 54 68 Albion 27 36 Clarence 59 47 Royhart 48 55 Barker 39 48 Oakfield 47 26 Clarence 69 49 Oakfield 52 53 Roy4Hart 42 5' 9 las l :F l '51, " l H13 , l H4 H we 7 . f 4. ,, ,T ff " ' 45341 aka I, ,,,, , 34 'Kr 'W t , 'F' ' , W -v - 31 xg " X J: ,-,ga . w ,V .- 3 . 'fs -Q .54 . 5 1' bi-5 .M ,- , x, 'VS , ., kk -1' -V . ,K if wi, A A .f ,- ,Aff 4 ,f.f3x?T,vY W K ' x ' ,ij X f 'lg' sql. W Q k." Q ,V m ,. W, ' , V f ,ig ' . I ' ,fs 955' ,av if , 3 . w ,Q, .- 4, Q Q. A ' ' .Et A 1 X Qx, ,gf 5 ,. xzv. .,f, , I -y K ,, A. , J, ,Q A F , . Y 5 le V- 1. ,giuswz 322' ' 4.1 , VY: :..:m',: x y ,I V., Q . wkxs al if ii? Varsity Basketball The Tigers gave their opponents a tough time all through the 70-71 season. The shooting and rebounding ability of the seniors will be greatly missed next year. Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Starpoint Roy-Hart Newfane Pembroke Gibbons Albion Alden Medina 'N ,M 5 Mike Cha Uacrs Season 75 Akron 76 Wilson 68 Akron 50 Starpoint 83 Akron 54 DeVeaux 58 Akron 76 Park 68 Akron 78 Newfane 52 Akron 52 Albion 70 Akron 63 1 Medina 65 Akron 64 Alden Akron 85 Wilson f"Xf,. f- W V . mf Al l 'I A 4 Nolan Denis !' .! 3 Q Q I 1, - r' -,Q ' Q Li, , :N .N Q , w v X. 4 , 'QQ' . :H jLi 6 Q09 flig .ff X, 8 ,,lQ" xQ .vi wg NA., ,N fe .:sz1:sQ2f19f"M X 13 .5?Q3K.?LR.f 5-'L. Ill X. zu 513.1 Y g 2 , . ix:-4 f Q 1 3:4 i 5 . Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Varsity Wrestling ,Akron ,Maman is Season Albion Starpoint Roy-Hart Newfane Albion Medina Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron David Wilson Starpoint Nichols Wilson Roy-Hart Newfane The Wrestling team finished their season with a record of 2-12. Under the direction of Mr. Drayer, the team has been progressing and becoming more popular over the years. The team will this year lose seniors from four different weight I ' v x D 1,94 . ,. .J-vu-P" . , . - 0. 4 Q!!! 'ips if xv a' Even though the hockey team was plagued by ram every game of the1r season they managed to emerge from the mud undefeated for the 70 71 season Wlthout the extraordmary coachmg 3bl11IlCS of Mrs Wllllams hockey camp 111 the summer and the co operatxon of Mrs Walters fhlS spotless season could never have been a reahty Akron Akron Akron Akron Linda Cmd Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Grass Kvurzfry .This year with the extraordinary coaching of Mr. Jerald Edgar Akron's Cross Country Team had a very successful season. Bob Kowalik was 2nd in the Section VI BBB Race at Elma Meadows. He was Akron's lst representative ever to compete in the state meet, where he finished 80th. The team loses seniors jim Schepperly, Mike Bassanello and Co-Captain Terry Blish. Scare Alden 30 Newfane 16 Medina 41 Nichols 21 Medina 38 Roy-Hart 26 Buzzard Mike ID Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Score Albion Lyndonville Pembroke Starpoint Wilson Akron Akron Akron Akron 'Q :J W 1 I Ising Crack The track team finished their season with a record of O-7. The team's fixture looks bright with the addition of fresh blood and obvious potential from the underclassmen. 59 Barker 50 Albion 62 Medina 54 Starpoint Scoreboard 68 Akron 45 Newfane 86 Akron 46 Wilson 72 Akron 29 Roy-Hart 82 A Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Clarence Wilson Srarpoinr Roy-Hart Newfane Medina Albion Wilson Srarpoinr Roy-Hart Newfane Medina Albion Wil son Starpoin r Roy-H art Ncwfane Medina Cl arencc Albion Wilson Starpoin r Newfznc Roy-Hart Medina Albion Q MQ, KRW Egg? Q b 55 if 2 ,Q M, Q g 1 W PI? if ,xg JN! L L 'ik 'Y Wm QX33 '.'l AJ jaaiar Varsity Basketball jaaiar Varsity Wrsstaaa 5 Girls' zfmffy l6'askc'tluzl! Akron 19 Elba 28 Akron 9 Pfmbfokf 45 Akron 29 Attica 39 Akron 17 Warsaw 27 Akron 28 Oakneld 21 Akron 23 A1CX2f1dCf 35 girls' Ccwzis Synchronized Swiinrning With the help of Mrs. Dricr, the synchronized P P d swimming organization in March. ut on a ro uction The j.v. girls finished the record of 3-6. Girls' jnnivr Varsity Bnskvtbnll 707 h jr. Hgh Swimming ,714 ffzyh Wreswng Che athlete is the man in the S,l7l7fHgfIf but turn your head and Ieek ie the sidelines - vb. Q.. is 9 ef, .' f 3 'wily' 11 5 ggi: gxiff Hlzcerlczzders FOOTBALL Caplaim. Mary Forrcstcl Sandy Schoenrhal ,I.V.: Calptuim: Mary Valentc Andrea Valcnte WRESTLING: Captain: Cheryl Wagner Susie Berry Varsity Zfotball SWIMMING: Capmin: Cheryl Brust BASKETBALL: Captains Sandy Rogers Linda Cross j.V,: Caplaim: Mary Valenre Andrea Valentc juuivr Varsity ?a0tIuzll -kr W' -4 -X, 41.1-2. N'v"'4 "1-'fu pfff ip? Y f 1' xg? - I' V if shui me au! fzg in flvui ki the wif tv Wim at wok him in! Sdufiu ,Markham v:M""" sw: ,WRX ., 136 ' Varsity Kaskefbull junivr Varsity Easkctball ,, ,QM L n fDedica17b,, Co Xveryauc 27551275164 C24 "Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible without surrender be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearlyg and listen to others, even the dull and ignorantg they too have their story. Avoid loud and aggressive persons, they are vexations to the spirit. If you compare yourself with others you may become vain and bitter, for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep interested in your own career, however humbleg it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time. Exercise caution in your business affairsg for the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtue there isg many persons strive for high idealsg and everywhere life is full of heroism. Be yourself Especially do not feign affection. Neither be cynical about loveg for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment it is as perennial as the grass. Take kindly the counsel of years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth. Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with imaginings. Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness. Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself, You are a child of the universe no less than the IICCS and the stars, you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. Therefore be at peace with God, whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul. With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful. Strive to be happy. From the POEMS OF MAX EHRMANN Activifz SENIOR HIGH ORCHESTRA Row 1: M. Wideman, K. Burg, D. Spears, S. Knop, T. Lockhart, C. Pann, D. Flading. Row 2: M. Marconi, M. Peters, M. -Ialitus, K. Stapleton, B, Baker, D. Pokorski, K. Covel, N. Schnabel, M. Hart. Row 5: T. Schubel, M. Uljanov,j. Brewer, S. Flanders, B. Garrison,,I. Downey, K. Schrock, H. DeLelys, A. Schrock, D. Steiner, S. Niezgoda. STUDENT COUNCIL Row 1: D. Cummings, S. Lemanski, W. Sy, C. Riechert, S. Eckerson, T. Peters, M. Dembrow, D. Stapleton, D. Brown. Raw 2: S. McLeod, R. Ritecz, B, Hellert, M. Marconi, V. Pafk,j. Victor, B. Rudolph, C. Wagner, T. Coughlin, B. Brengel. Row 3: B. Klauer,j. Meyer, S. Bishop, M. Parzych, M. Wide- man, R. Yaeger, C. Brust,j. Wright,j. David, S. Lega. Raw 4x-1. Koehler, L. Pask, D. Bromstead, N. Schnabel, P. Remington, B. Paxon,j. Mauldin, R. Ormsby, E. Houlihan, S. Berry. Row 5: Mrs. Rebsamen, T. Schubel, M. Stapleton, C. Barkewitz, T. Mello, M. Uljanov, M. Forresrel,-I. Downey,,I. Trig- ilio, M. Rapisardi. INFORMAL ART CLUB Row 1: K. Karcher, W. Schnabel, D. Steiner, A. Keller,-J. Kostanziak, W. Sy, W. Fisher. Row 2.' Mr. Valente, M. Babel, L. Michalak, L. Pask, K. Staple- ton, D. jones, R. Diterle, P. Weaver, S. johnson, R. Hofmeier. SUPPLY STORE Row 1: P. Ellis, K. Blasko, D. Bromstead, D. Cummings, K. Smith, L. Kuraszkeiwicz. Row 2: Mr. Victor. FRENCH CLUB R0w 1: S. Klehn, M, Keppler. Row 2: M. jalitus, H. Bramley, C. Bmst. LIBRARY CLUB Y. Grabenstatter, D. Scarborough, Miss Elsworth, Ottney, Mrs. Hall, K. Ottney. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB Row 1: S. Klehn,-I. Brewer, L. Pask, Mr. Bello, S. Bishop, L. Bordonaro, Row 2: K. Swiniarski, M. Parzych, L. Harris, P, McConkey, M. Lieb, C. Peck, L, Schoenthal. BIOLOGY CLUB Row 1: M. Hart. Row 2.' Mrs. Brown, K. Burg. Row 3: P. Kroemer, D. Sutton, S. Arnold, D. Wehling. Row 4: D. Noyd, B. Hellert. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Row I: L, Santolini, S. Pacer, D. Fink, L. Pagels, E. Maloney, S. McLeod. Row 2: D. Noyd, H. Bramley, S. Herrod, D. Nicosia, B. Cummings, P. Cum- mings, A. Stuchell, H. DeLelys, Y. Grabenstatter, Miss Bassinger. CROSS COUNTRY Raw l.' L. Roberto, T. Shepperly, M. Bassanello, P. Kroemer, Row 2: Mr. Edgar, A. Forrestel,J. Coffta, R. Forrestel,'I. Shepperly. Row 3: Sowinski, T. Blish,'I. Wright, B. Kowalik, P. Mandolene. JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL Row I: Mr. Silvernail, Parzych,J. Bower, B, Fisher, Trigilio, Wronowicz, T. Bassancllo, Asmus, R. Karl, Mr. jenkins. Raw 2.' A. Ormsby,j. Dylag, Caprio, K. Zimmerman, B. Dean, T. Carges, R. Liftin, A. Schumacher. Raw 3: Palizay, K. Morrison, T. Lukatic, M. Stratton, W. Ball, T. Hitchcock, M, Novak,j. Karl, D. Brackett, C. Patterson, T. Morgan. VARSITY FOOTBALL R010 1: D. Deitz, L. Pask. Row 2.' Mr. Scappa, McCollister, P. McConkey, D. Lauridsen, D. Heberlinghj. Rogers, R. Ormsby, Mr. Wetzen. Row 3: D. DeYoung, S. Flanders, Koss, P, Winne, K. Rausch, B. johnson, D. Yaiser, A. Mello, T. Lockhart. Row 4: A. Schumacherhj, Bower, T. Bassanello, M. Keller, D. Farrell, R. Blish, T. Schuler,j, Bradley, R. Tiedt. Raw 5: A. Ormsby, K. Morrison, G. Abrams, R. Liftin, R. Lucia, D. Swiatowy,j. Wronow- icz, Trigilio. irecmry TICKET SELLERS Row 1: Mr. Carges, V. Kraatz, R. Willeams, L. Witnauer, C. Hansen. Row 2.' D. Peruzzinni, M, Bedford. Raw 3: S, Snyder, T. Mitten, D. Btomstead, B. Baker. Row 4: S. Pohl, D. Bromstead, C. Allen, K. Blasko. Row 5: N. Schnabel, D. Noyd. FOURTH GRADE CHOIR Row 1:J. Marinaccio, L. Schumacher, C. Baker, D. Schultz, L. Bower, D. Bernsdorf, S. Smith, D. Bauder. Raw 2: L. Kipp, R. Snyder, P. Jonathan, R Murry, S. Miles, V. Giesler,J. Phelps, S. Forrestel,J. Mann, B. Eldred. Row 3: D. Bruning, S. Jankowski, K. Meahl, C. Schultz,J. Kinne, R. Gerstung, D Snell, C. Cummings, P. Rewaldt. Row 4: A. Tippet, W. Babiarz, T. Wilkins, C. Wilson, K. Ncary,J. Randall, C. Schuller, M. McMahon, Estler, E Seavor. Row 5.' L. Uljanov, N. Hyde, K. Stock, K. Griffith, S. Fiegle, T. Conibear, E. Flading, S. Bower, D. Walters, M. Karcher, K. Faulting. Row 6:J Brown, E. Pogel, M. Caple, J. Sword, A. Reuben, M. Soika,J. Smith, D. Warren, B. Ribbeck. TREBLE CLEF CHOIR Row l.' W. Tobin, D. Achufh M. Bassanello, C. Wagner, E. Bramwell, L. Banice, K. Swattzkofi Brust, E. Hansen, A. Stanley, D. Schumacher, For- restel. Row 2.'J. Richardson, M. Sigmun, R. Hansen, H. Nangani, W. Fisher, M. Payne, W. Sweeney, R. Schnitzer, C. Bailey, M. Ellis, L. Warren, B Koeller, A. Peters, T. Groff, H. Campbell, B, Frey, J. McCotquodale. Row 3: J. Reichert, T. Gibbs, L. Hitchcock, K. Lummel,J, Schnitzer,J, Remington , K. Hensel, L. Nice,J. Corbett, C, Sowinski, T. Schrock, K. Stackhouse. Raw 4: S. Raye, C. Forresrel, M. Routledge, R. Cummings, L, Parker, D. LaFaive S, Bradfield, P, Morgan,J. Mangani,J. Richardson, M. Fish,J. Ballow. Rauf 5: C. Childs, S. Capan, V. Bernsdorf, L. Dean, M. Conibear, Trigilio, L. Re- waldt, T. Claude, E. Lippert, M. Knyter, E. Kasperek,J, Nicosia, K. Victor, T. Rudolph, D. Smith, C, Buchholz, C. Griener, C. Wissenger,J. Allison,J Garrison. ELEMENTARY BAND Row 1: P. Jonathan, R. Snyder, K. Meahl, R. Gerstung, C. Schuler, S. Forrestel, K. Stutz, E. Flading. Row 2: D. Schultz, D. Bernsdorf, A. Tippet, S, Hake, M. McMahon, D. Snell, S. Fabbey, M. Whiting, W. Babiarz, Row 3: C. AchufQ R. Bruning, M. Fish, R. Wideman, M. Payne, C. Kumpi M. Pann, R Roggen, R. Kopp. Row 4: M. Sigmon, M. Ellis, P. Schumacher, D. Whiting, T, Grofi D. LaFaive, M. Routledge, D. Dudziak,J. Randall, Raw 5: L. Ulja- nov, S. Fiegal, T, Brackett, R. Oppel, M. Dembrow, F. Rehwaldt, V. Giesler, L. Hitchcock, M. Colopy,J. DeLeys. Row 6: E. Kasparek, K. Victor, T. Ru- dolf, Nicosia, D. Finger, G. Poodry,J. Frey, D. Stanley,J. Allisen,J. Remington. SIXTH GRADE BAND Row 1: C. Sowinski, P. Morgan, R. Palizay, L. Kazmierczak, B. Lucia, M. Houdimint, R. Reuben. Row 2: C. Little, L. Jones, Triligio, T. Walker, C. Stu- chell, M. Fish, T. Eldred. Row 3: A. Smith, J. Garrison, E, DeYoung, R. Lauridsen. ADVANCED ELEMENTARY ORCHESTRA Row 1: Meyers, L. Stapleton, D. Bauder, M. LaDuca, A. Stanley, H. Campbell, M. Katcher,J. Brust. Raw 2.'J. Forrestel, K. Stock,J. Valente,J. Palisay J. Richardson, H. Mangani, B. Frey, Mangani. Row 3: R. Cummings, K. Lummel, L, Parker, E. Lippert, M. Knyter, L. Rehwaldt, D. Smith, B, Kinne. Row 4: R. Cummings, M. Riemer, K. Meinzer, P. Schrock, M. Stevens, L. Stegman. JUNIOR BOYS GLEE CLUB Row 1: R, Hoste, D, Parzych, D. Cesil, D. Hofmeier, R. Smith, P. Remington, Mrs, Burg. Row 2: G. Burg, S. Murray,J, Ottney, M. Nice, D, Stapleton, S. Ecketson. Raw 3: J. Ttigilio, T. Peters, W. Johnstone, J. Richardson. JUNIOR HIGH BAND Row 1: L. Bmst, C. Georger, D. Hitchcock, M. Wright, D. Patterson, P. Kroemet, M. Stapleton, D. Stapleton,J. Shisler, A. Croadman. Row 2: D. Stan- ley, L. Fry, Little, P. Kasperek, D. Kazmierczak, R. Brent, G. Burg, R. Yaeger, K. Frey, D. Remet. Row 3: K. Sigmon, S. Randall,J. Meyers, M. Dem- brow, B. Wright, K, Arnold, S. Ecketson, T. Peters, Ttigilio, C. Buckholtz. SENIOR HIGH BAND Row 1: H. DeLelys, D. Steiner, A. Shtock. Row 2: M. Jalitus, N. Ceisner, B. Stabell, M. Peters, K. Burg, L. Shoenthal, D. Noyd, K. Smith. Row 3: D. Sut- ton, A. Valente, S. Arnold, S. Steiner, M. Hatt, T. Hartl,J. Wronowicz, P. Pafk, C. Johnson, D. Gerstung, B. Rudolph. Row 4: J. Downey, K, Shrock,J. Trigilio, T. Hitchcock,J. Brewer, M. Uljanov, W. Iulg, S. Flanders, C. Patterson, Jonathan, L. Bordonaro, D. Parker, Wright, B. Garrison. Row 5: Mr. Stapleton, T. Schubel, M. Zola, B. Brewer, W, Wright. 1 y s 61. flomontory Hill!! 54'f100f Hofotoria Stay ELEMENTARY CAFETERIA STAFF: Row One: F. Zolag E. Foresrnerg F. Abrahamg L. Reggiog D Dudziakg V. Drachenbcrg, Row Two: V. Bush hammcrg M. Printupg C, Zimmermang S. Lipperr A. Lowder. J-fwh School dlcaniug SMH HIGH SCHOOL CLEANING STAFF: Row One: E. Klawerg G. Scharlarg A. Arnoldg N. Snyder. Row Two: A. Cheavaccig V, Waltersg Cescon. Row Three: A. Begiersg I, Ciamettig B. Bowcrg Mattie. dzfofcrio Stay HIGH SCHOOL CAFETERIA STAFF One, V. Hopkms,j. Younghl. Bell, E, ..,..,. M. Kinncg S. Wolack. Row Two: B, Leavitt Panng F. Wydcrg Iulg. Slcmonlary Glooniug SMH ELEMENTARY CLEANING STAFF: Fm! C umn: V. Ruggg M. Ellisg V, Drachcnbcrgg Zola. Sea Column: S. Manng G, Lecg G. Poulosg DeSimone. l5'us Drivers BUS DRIVERS: Row One: McCafferryg Achuffg E. Pohlg H. Boskett. Row Two: T. machcrg M, Bakcrg T. Seimcszg D. Farrellg Freyg W. Goeske. x, GOLD PATRONS BANK OF AKRON - CLASS OF I97I COLD SPRING CONSTRUCTION COMPANY STRIPPIT-HOUDAILLE STUDENT COUNCIL SILVER PATRONS AMAX SPECIALTY METALS DIVISION C 81 E TV, APPLIANCES, AND FURNITURE CORBETT LUMBER AND BUILDERS SUPPLY FORD GUM AND MACHINE COMPANY, INCORPORATED GEORGIA-PACIFIC BESTWALL GYPSUM DIVISION HELLERT'S DAIRY HESS AND SWEENEY FORD, INC. LAWING STUDIO NATIONAL GYPSUM COMPANY PERRY'S ICE CREAM CO., INC. PIXLEY'S BELLS IGA SUPERMARKET, INCORPORATED ROCHESTER BUTTON COMPANY DIVISION OF DUPLANE WHITING ROLL-UP DOORS SALES CORPORATION U. S. ARMY RECRUITING STATION-SSG TURNER 3047 Bailey Avenue-837-5I I5 or 837-SI I9 l PROFESSIONAL PATRONS Mr. A. E. Vossler-Journalism Advisor Akron Rule Corporaiion Akron Agway Akron Greenhouses Akron Oil Corporafion Akron Opiical Company Akron Service Garage Akron Shopping Guide Alex Ulianov, M.D. Al's Barber Shop Al Zimmerman Oldsmobile, Inc Bernhardi Funeral Home Bosco's Delicaiessen BrackeH' Bro+hers Corbe'H' Brofhers Dande Farms Golf Course Da-Ni Res+auran1' Dye Insurance Eddie's Jewelry Farrell's-Bike and Hobby Floyd Hiichcock, D.V.M. Fred E. Thomas Agency, Inc. Guy's Submarine Kendall's Express lncorporafed Kranh Anfiques Osborne's Oasis Park Super Park View Beau+y Salon Pe+erson's Pharmacy Ross Funeral Home Salva'I'ore's Barber Shop San-Dee's Beauiy Salon Sherwood Hardware Swanson's Oil and Gas Ted Ceisner Plumbing and Hea'I'ing PRIVATE PATRONS Juanifa Brewer and Pal' Thompson Dino Mr. and Mrs. Roger F. Downey Mr. and Mrs. John l. Eclcerson Mr. ancl Mrs. William A. Hile Joe and Linda Mr. and Mrs. Allen C. Laese Libby, Bull, Nancy, and Carolyn Mr. and Mrs. George Marfiny Maria B. McEwan Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Parzych Pilh and Core Pussiclc, Pedro, and Boom Boom Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Randall Mr. and Mrs. George Rebsamen Carl Schleich Mr. and Mrs. Jack Silvernail Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Sfaplefon Nancy K. SuH'er Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Thoman Marfha Vefler John Michael Walfers Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wefzen Merle and Janice Williams I4 gareufell ta yah ahd the yaalh .7 have speht with yea. 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