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F5 'Fr ,1 V 455 233 if? .4 .Q Q? Elf! QE F .1 3, E25 if M Q s if fr 4 3 95 SE i F s 52. 'I Q yr Q 'S 'S A 3 TURNTUR TUR T Y'-W-'H-'-'---H--W-M-muwwuummwmwmxwwuwmulanuxq J I I 1 UR TURN T UR The Journalism Class 0 f AKRON CENTRAL SCHUOL Akron, New York presents the AKR ONI TE 1969 0118 F ORE W ORD The theme of the 1969 Akronite is Turn, Turn, Turn. We in the Senior Class realize that there is a time and a place for everything. We think that there are many ways for the student body to branch out: To everything ftum, turn, turnj There is a season fturh, turn, turnj And a time for every purpose under heaven. A time to be born, a time to dieg a time to plant, a time to reapg A time to kill, a time to healg a time to laugh, a time to weep. To everything ftum, turn, tumj There is a season fturn, tum, turnj And a time for every purpose under heaven. A time to build, a time to break down, a time to dance, a time to mourng A time to cast away stones, a time to gather stones together. To everything fturn, tum, turnj There is a season fturn, turn, turnj And a time for every purpose under heaven. A time to love, a time to hateg a time of war, a time of peaceg A time you may embrace, a time to refrain from embracing. To everything fturn, turn, turnj There is a season fturn, turn, turnj And a time for every purpose under heaven. A time to gain a time to lose, a time to rend, a time to sewg A time to love, a time to hate, A time for peace, I swear it's not too late. To everything fturn, turn, turnj There is a season Q turn, tum, turnj And a time for every purpose under heaven. Adapted from Ecclesiastes by Peter Seeger The Journalism Class would like to thank the administration, faculty, and Patrons, without whose help, the Akronite would not have been possible. s .2 IIEHJICZIYYZY .,+:,.1 K -9 wg:.'-,.,f,' -- ' - , -- "f -...gs " 'sf' .JE wi- .sf ' -,- 'H'----'inf - J -f ,""3-4' wi-.-sf-'RT f.f'?Z3gIQF . . vs, - J' -'nr ,wc ' i ., , - -1 4-. -, - f . , -1 -a -..,., p..J-J-,1.,.," ,g,, ja-' G, . . i-13 .' f-1'-'n' " ik.fJ.'1'4.,"'f"5- . , ,-fl' -- 'ny ,kgs .Q-.p,.',v' .f-,, ,',,,4?U +1 -1- fn :1-: . -' 2 -,J :' 2-f-:GR',,'-n - -- M, -.1,,., ' ' - - W - . 1 , h Q 'a y ,, -.,-V, i -4 -, , 5 J' gg '-. H -1.4 , f- f'91f'4iM- 7-'f:i'Qgg"'5?'-'?'6'5f5.3-ff?Y2:.I'1I.'f'f:--W ww" '.-.?-,:- 1: . ' -f, ' ' ' , ig, 3. 0 iilllfg' "-Ml , 4 ,?,3W,1.fi,,f .NLQM 5,11 Mgt.. 4 ,1-.:.. sv X, 'P .wil-.g,-.' fa,izg"g.g-'Ax-,1'-.1--. K ,N ' 4ig4e,,-A5333 jj---:vp , i riff' , L, .s-'L Q 1 Q., 45.7.-ff " ---233.1-4' .gm , 1- r ' -. E -1 "' " - V H: . . -nv , .1 '-fa'-' J- .W - ,L Mi' fwfr 5.2. .,,. .. ' y 4,-LP' 3 eg, , Q L 4, --iu,,-.Th -",:,7'7,, 4 '- ' .'Q' Q,-'T A-ff'-w-1, 4s ML Ni,"--1 f ttf: 52'.,5Z",-it :z--'ff ,rr +6 ' H+' -It --Us-. '1. f, ,., it 3- ,,, -tu - 1 P ., .. z-W-,M ,, -ff ,. l.,.,g,, . t',npX.i-1nu,. ,gk.gAi',,-.ll ,gil .f in-,. iZ,,.,, . , ,M ,:l.., ,,. . . V ,MI A, ,emi W - .lf ,yy ' A M g- , .-- , - M7411 ' :fa -' , fliif i , - ' f ' '-L'w:'--1. he-jff-,-'-Z. - .vnu , - 4 ' N.,-5.-"1 -' if' ., '.v-, 5 3 if if - , f-it-...1.,?a1,fr .. M. vf f,,.e1 .5 117541 "ply , P' Yirfffgrf' 'YZF' ,girl q-1?'f0,:',,'- ' I' LC ' ' :WS .4--'xiii' J: 1- W " "Z 1 i fa,-NI ,vj , f'71j'.'7" L,,, 'f' .ZW . - .' -953 gy, ,J ,031 - , 2 1,33-gs " ,,,w , ., L, ,,, at ,,. M. 3, .KT 74 ,4-Q-C' fi QQ.f5,2S5g,3,s -e 2,1 Sig 'Q - we ww, V ,f .-2+-,,' u.----, -b fy-. 'z' Gai .51--nib:-ss?wk , - rfifgvif -ii, yy ,U wig-gg' MF' i'fl..'.'5pL'.'v53291' ,-. . - . .ws - tg. v. '-1' - ,Q v , -j Q ' -,z'g4t,'f-gsm" -lp:-Q. 'ww ami-4G 1, ' , -I ' ,1,"'?1'4+",-- W1-falfp:ra-.1.- 1. wfvy, aff, we l. id? . . . '-2.-f6if4mff9'2tf,1.1'il-iw-F -- u I-' L J .-:ix ya ylllx 13, Q15 'i?:j5'-'rj' ' " 'K' it ' -1 if -'-"' V4 if ik 22-,....,-',- ed f 'ff ,A-, .KV , if, f., 21: '- " e 'Pav' 'E' 3 rag-rr " 16:0 -L N-M - -- - , lol. v fvgs ' gl. NY. ,L K t qs. 1 H, 1 be gg -gf., ., -Nei 4 me ,fQiZ,'.f" ' J 5 ,Z , , -1 ij qf' :jay Q- N f" ' Asif j ,,,,,,hu ' K' in J QI - ' W , pf' - t it ,-AS: ,355 - ,- J 5' , 5.- 43 ll, .Vi-1' ,fu Q, ---.A I M, :xii " Q 4 in .l.r:,F-- . . 2 14. 6 2 Pa 1 15-W e .ff "?ff.:l' sf '- . 'f-,f f ffffvim E exif.. Q- "-ss-w--e---- Q , . Aff' 'Q -fglr 'Q "5 V' ' "ii ' ', ix ai--fi' Pr ' " . N LY -5 1- If i' 3Q'3f-'!,ie.Z.2., .,, 'fl ,HY 73: 55.1592 kk..-L ,,'i,5'n. A " ' ' -1-Pefify, f 4 4 gh '15, -Nu.-f.,, I , K. : 1-1' -VM 3. ,xi :- -- uf- ,fi ,,., 1-.ar , f, Ring'-,. W "-'21 gf-if J ,Q I: 'jill .K ifvjfaj ,-,?,g,ii,, girls. ff:i.3,0,'.,! 5 li I,'ftlk-1 - R. F' ' iff!" Qi, ' W- 2 ,,-,gg ff' '+ fi? , vii. M535 6 A M,Wf'. 555321 fig. 1 ,A 5,5 vc: V ."i41ff1'g yi, ,Q , 1 Av- ','g5f-- 522-M viz W fit' 1:32 5-5, f -W 2 ,fgfg -2 , . ,.'-W ., a 54311 : ' M ff--i Wfgf' 3-. , if .-. ,-i- , . Nw. ,.,qf. Q J ' ,- 9 ijl- 1 1' ZZ-H' ,2' uf ' -1 Wg 'mi' ' ' " ' ,' -fi"'iK'1'- L ffmf- ,4 "Pai ix- A A if A - f - ttyl? -- I ' f- A , ,. 7-5 --In ,Q ' wg 1,-.'. .Q 'f-..-1 e -f ,- - Ve gli. L Z 0 :" I 552. . ' v91? 5'i.,. V 31'-gzfJ'f12,, L ',V.f3.JJy.5.?,e-iff' k56l5. ,,a" iz ,' iffy, -sfvgfre--Tf. f: 'ir' U ' . .4 'T 'XB-' H, - l- -,, 1,1 '-X, - .. ,L H -A? - -x, f J-.4 , , 2 -A Jyq, -' -- Jr A .- , . , ' f . 9'-ef .. 1 '-w, '6N.,,, -rv' ' - : gf-?1'nif.:f:f-eg - ' ' if: ijw- ,' khgql' imc, v,.,' , 5-,gig fff 4' i ts my 3' f , f.. -' "'-- Lv' - ' ---if w --1' ':,- ' 1' .' 'f-.4 'xi ' , in. dr W31g,,3r,y grim , ,, Q ' X A 5,5 gk, , X? -'r.e,,j1, -, N, 'TAIKWI as .mv ,J-rv - -fe' . - M--fi 5 if if ' 42- 'W 1 - fl- , . .51 ' 4.1" - ww 1.5 .. ' S ' t- '- ' 'P' u,.f',,f' f. Yf5:hZl,-v:K4..t,i.zZQQ?l'i:?'Yviv A : EF ,Vit-5,1 it my Zh, wi, W 4? V Vx .N .. . E s 1' 4 " ,W sf: . , wrw 14 . .N . f .1 A fmsdfw.amm-fff -2-g 1 ' 555' if-fl I ,-jj, , m k,W3,A.. 1 445' 5 A W. my . - w . ,.., ,.,,4',! Henan N .V ,f ip aq 1 . 5 K- W-fm, , VE Y -, V. ' -,V 2 e- """"- f +. -f 1 ' -' -uw.-2 , ' . - Wifi K .3 gr --'1 Q., - .11 4' -2 fwfr-' .Y ' 1, ' - Y .. -1 4 w s '? - -, - - ' ,N "1 . . ,ff f K '- fi' -.1 ',. Q, , : s ---f -,sf'4,'af gf, , , ,Qt 1 ff , i ' .f.3?i'if ' jf 241621 , .f r' -'-- -- z i 5,-fx. , -' 4 'f' ' on '- ' ',i,4,:. .45 ,y Hu . V'. V ... .-if mf W1 W, J, 3 1 -,vig 1 5.15 u 'V , ', Y--. ' , ', . .- 5 1 , , 3 x- - 4' ' N-gi . -: 'Q' rf' f ' .f , 1' ' SWB' V J 'Af K' fb-11, " ' ' -ft' ,Q 1 A ' .iii 'Q 31' WA 2 I',' 'P i ' , ff .1 '-5 r 'x ' ubwufg-. V 'LM 'Q fp. .wg 'sy A H 2 ' , .4 Q-1 f 1-,K , v- I ,L -ya gg ' f ' Ygrvei, S4 N, I Kytr, 7,49 fs., , nl 4 Q, sv-. I .rg-, L V 1, , Q.. .-,cf 1 - A - ., ki - "XP 11" 2 Aff' 1' , , 2- - f Q ,, ' ' - - . .1 , : :QP ,Q ' , ' ' 1 van-f-4 He is wise who can virtuous livin . g three JEROLD EDGAR Iso in teaching it. Not only is there an art in knowing a thing but a 1 instruct and assist in the business of daily Ei .. ., J' U ., ,xx four THERE IS A TIME TO ENLIGHTEN five EDWARD ALLEN District Principal STANLEY VICTOR Business Manager LILLIAN LEASE Primary Supervisor VINCENT MARTIN BARRETT .lr.vSr. High School Principal l ESPERSEN Elementary Principal 1 WU ska BOARD OF EDUCATION Row 1: Arthur Charlesg Louise Harringtong Norman Schleefg Rdrw Dr. C. F. Philipsg Roger Kraatz: Richard Forrestelg Plinn Witt I ALBERT LUCIA Guidance Director PHYIGHQ EDMQHW9 DIHMLUY 1: ,lack Silvernail, .l.V. Football, ,I.V. llg Mrs. Janine Williams, Girls' Field y, Basketball, Badminton, Softball, Syn- zed Swimmingg Thomas Wetzen, Varsity ll, Varsity Baseballg 1: Angelo Scappa, Varsity Football, Trackg ans-I Harrigan. t: Mrs. Lucille Bacheller .HEUML ERVHES 1: Miss .lean Striuker, Social Workerg Miss :vievc Kozuvliuwskig Row ll: Albert Lucia, lance Director: Mrs, Myra Stapleton. ,lunior 1 Cuunselorg Mrs. Janet Morgan, Psychol- g Row III: Mrs. Ellen Brusky, Junior High iselor ...A fs J ,,,... ARTA D MUHC Frank Columbus, Concert Band, Symphonic Band: Joseph Valenteg Mrs. Millicent Burg. .lunior Boys Cleo Club, .lunior Girls Glee Club. Absent: Miss Marilyn Harling Mr. Richard .len- kins. E CLI H A D LA GUAGE Row 1: Kenneth Simmons, Class of 1971's advisorg Walter Tomczakg Miss Hazel Ellsworth, Library Staffg Mrs. Barbra Daholtg Mrs. Colleen Coniglio, Class uf 1972's advisor: Jerold Edgar, Journalism, Cross Country, Junior High Basehallg Mrs, Mona Gaddis, Class of 1969's advisory Raw Il: Albert Vossler, Chess Clubg Absent: Arlene Pacheco. , MM! 1, . ' MA TH A D CIENCE Row I: Mrs. Verna Smithg Mrs. Myra Stapleton, Hi-Y, Dramalicsg Mrs. Marliiil Rcbovichg Mrs. Gladys Brown, Biology Cluhg Row 11: John Eckerson, Au- dio-Visualg Douglas Randall, Varsity Basketballg Albert Javarone: John Graham 2 Grover Batesg George Mar- tinyg Myron Demhrow. Absent: Henry Carges I TORY I: Mrs. Linda George, Senior Yorkersg Miss Nancy Sut- heerleadersg Willard Crosby, of 1970's advisorg Frank ig, Student Court, Interna- l Cluhg II: Martin Belscher, J.V. etballg Jerry Drayer, Wres- , Track, Grant Club Yorkers: ence Stock, Octagon Yorkers. ri. nine VOCA TIONAL Row I: Miss Jean Bassingerg William Enser, Tennisg Row 11: Richard Rozelle, FFA: Miss Gertrude Churchill, FHA, Mrs. Ann Ludwickg Melvin Hood, Monitorsg A. I. Mat:Coyg Row Ill: Richard Latko, Model Club, Leon Hollenheck, Industrial Arts Club, Marvin Suttel. .HXTH GRADE Row 1: Mrs. Catherine Batesg Mrs. Eileen Mac- Coyg Mrs. Helen Shislerg Mrs. Nancy Brady: Mrs. Alice McC00l FOURTH GRADE Row I: Miss Diane ,lohnsong Mrs. Arlene Weeksg Raw ll: Mrs. Lois Maulding Mrs. Angela Jost: Mrs. .lane Holliday RUTH GRADE Raw I: Miss Shirley Zrebiecg Mrs. Kummg Row Il: Mrs. Moneda Hartzlerg Miss Muchowg Mrs. Bonita .lonesg Mrs. Stage SECOND GRADE I: Miss Maria McEwang Mrs. Sidney ellg -.7 YTURD GRADE Row I: Mrs. Gladys Yocumg Mrs. Laura Aireyg Miss Rulhann Klaiherg Row II: Mrs. Mildred Mattesung Miss Shir- ley Graf II: Mrs. Dolores Reichertg Mrs. Mar- " Pafkg Miss Statia Ogden FIRST GRADE Row I: Mrs, Gladys Siemeszg Mrs. Barbara Eatong Mrs. Joyce Fordg Mrs. Eleanor Put- neyg Miss Marcia Gereg Absent: Mrs. Caro- lee Lalflamme KINDER GA R TEN A R T AND H EA I, TH Row I: Miss Lucia Churchillg Mrs. Ellen Carveyg Row ll: Mrs. Helen Pentecost: Miss Dorothy Bensong Mrs. Doris Brackett SPECIAL SER VI CES Row I: Mrs. Emma Gilberlg Mrs. Janet Morgang Row Il: Mrs. Jean Strickerg Robert Wolfe li no ' A vdiz' PHYSICAL EDUCA TION AND MUSIC Row I: Mrs. Maxine Waltersg Miss Marilyn Har- 1 Y Iixziw II: Miss Joyce Mitzelg Theodore Stapletong Carl Schleich twelve ,- uv- CAFE TERIA STAFF ow I: Mrs. Rigging Mrs. Hopkinsg Mrs. Covelg ippertg Mrs. Wolakg Mrs. Kinneg Mrs. Printupg eurothg ow Il: Mrs. Forstnerg Mrs. Abrahamg Mrs. Wyderg helpsg Mrs. Panng Mrs. Zolag Mrs. Haleckig Mrs. ionig Mrs. Leavittg Mrs. Iulgg Mrs. Bushammerg owder Mrs. Mrs Mrs Fal Mrs. ' K MH f . r "'Y OFFICE STAFF ll Row 1: Mrs. Catherine Swaing Mrs, Corinne Beckerg Miss Helen Reberg Row Il: Miss Marion Greeng Mrs. Jean Rudolphg Mrs. Carole Bernsdorfg Mrs. Myrtle White MAINTENANCE STAFF Row I: Mr. Ellisg Mrs. Leeg Mrs. Zolag Miss Manng Row 2: Mrs. Lawrence: Mrs. DiSimoneg Mrs, Ellisg Mrs. Swiniarskig Mr. Blishg Mr. Klawer thirteen B US DRIVERS Row I: Mrs. H. Boskatg Mrs. R. Zimmerman: Mrs. A Groffg Mrs. E. Pohlg Mr. M. Bakerg Row II: Mr. E. Batesg Mr. W. Goeskeg Mr. A. Siemesz: Mr. R. Pixleyg Mr. R. Brucker Whiwu fourteen THERE IS A TIME FOR FARE WELLS fifteen Curtis Abrams Kristen Anderson Sharon Babel Karen Baehr Marybeth Bartram sixteen Robert Bartram year the class of 769 revived old tradition of the Sadie Hawkins ee. Held on Nov. 27 in the straw d back gym, the Sadie Hawkins nce brought girls and boys together 'vi far and near, and featured the fd of the Burlington Fields. Divor- ' Dan Jim Holtz and Marryin' Sam f Miller performed their respective emonies. .x ' 'i X' . fm, - . . l 2715,-nk R X 1 Q' 'J . L A' E . Z ' 'skg,g 3qiEg2,2A 'QT3' ' Q '-fall? ". 'y bias?-':. -' 1 f 1-sy -' Q , 3, Q " fftfffii iv, l li 'Qflff Edward Berghom Linda Bishop 1' I Shelly Blueye wt' if f seventeen Michele Bordonaro We Seniors reviewed for tests, studied for mid-terms, and slaved for finals. Our goal was a simple one: GRADUA- TION! Steven Bork Darlene Brackett JOHII BTUCICCT Wendy Brust Claudia Burchel Joseph Capan Judith Capan Chester Ciurzynski Angela Cometto Alan Corbett ninteen 4' David Covel Fred Cowan - A Carol Davis The Class of 1969 has contrib- uted many of its efforts to dra- matic productions put on at ACS. These pictures include the musical, HBloomer Girl" and the 3-One Act Plays of 1968. twenty Darlene Cummings Duane DeFries if F f Earl Dennis Mary DeYoung Nancy Eckerson Tk' ' F a l Q un 9 2 Mary Ellis Kathleen Feldman Killa? sw twenty-one ""'-0 'N One of the highlights of any studentis day at ACS is lunch. These pictures show Seniors tak- ing an active part in their favor- ite subject. ,QF :Jil ,,.r..+v"' ,MS Thea Fenton John Furminger A QW" Euam3Y Garrison Christine Geyer Richard Colpl twenty-two gawk E 1:21,-f . , f a n 5 if K hw- if n' . f AQ f - . N Q on W. Beverly Groff Lynn Groff Christine Gronau John Herod twenty-three James Holtz -Qi. V, ,M-',sv . Barbara House John Hume Lis Jacobsen Brenda J ago A, 5? Mb H95 gf 6 I Lg f 0 4 5 QM VII. F. H V: 'g f is a ff .Q ' A" ve f' . . 'Q W , ,r if .... I -i 0 Stacey Iemison ,far PZ, f twenty-four 9 Q xx ii George Jones Kenneth Kasperek Janet Keller af. ss- A' 'J 3 . I Janice Keller Joseph Keller This year, the Seniors enjoyed the newly-acquired privilege of a Senior Center. The class of '69 used the Cen- ter for purposes of a fast forty winks or a last minute study blitz with a classmate. twenty-five ,-Sf. tiff 44.46 I Richard Keppler William Keppler Fredrick Koons Steven Kraatz Donna Kumro twenty-six These candids have captured the lighter side of many personalities. Here Seniors have found a time to laugh . . . James Lloyd 1 f I 'T 'inf ,. ,.f' N w-'W Stanley Kwiatkowski Cathy Lindke James Logan Michael Logel lWCIll.y-SCVCII 53 Sharon Lowder Debra Marlin Antoinette Mattei ' 1 V 5? - Isp-..-A I If ,V 13:2 , . ' . - ,1 Janet Mattioli Karen McGregor twenty-elght w Daneen McLeod Dennis Meitz Patricia Milani Craig Miller J eff Miller Seniors were active in several musical produc- tions throughout the year, including the Coffee Concerts and the State Music Festival. Highlights of the Coffee Concerts were the bar- ber shop quartet and student conductors. twenty-nine a rl W 3'W Q Q C' a. ,S 35? Zin an . ,Qv?f4' I ' Vaqtln . sleqls-iwvf vvmswmfwf '45-fem1Pe M-iii ,.,. , .,,:1. zz , W1 lvl-1 QQ Q! Q3i1 213 , 3 3 61g 2 f ix Q 0, W? f s , , ,. ., , :ii ,.,' Bemg a takes a lot out a person. William Moleski Robert Moore J' :sm Avril Morrison Edward Muck Cindy Netzley thirty Linda N00dY Michael Noody . !, Janice Olszewski Phyllis Overholt Martin Pacer thirty-one r E r,, any ' Douglas Pafk Nancy Parker Susan Parker Lynne Peck Kathleen Pogel X , imit- i thirty-two Kathleen Poulos Bonnie Powell Richard Remsen Ellen Reuben Brian Richardson ! ami. Ng... thirty-three There is a time for everything, but most of the time, Seniors are themselves. Akron Central was visited by a team of three specialists involved in a human relations educational program. A special technique of their government-supported program was role playing, through which the students adapted themselves to particular situations and played the part of the individuals involved. Both the teachers and students became very interested in the programg all in all the project was a success. ,if .f 'yi Wesley Ritecz Beverly Roberts Darlene Rodgers Marlene Roggen thirty-four lean Rosenberg Kenneth Rudolph David Hung Linda Schafer Dale Schmigel Gary Schultz thirty-five John Schumacher Patricia Smith Brenda Socha Gretchen Staebell Thomas Stuber ' - 1' x A21 iv 19 1,501 J These pictures show the Senior lineup for shots. Everyone survived this nerve- wracking experience. ' 3l','A . .X 3 AY LeAnne Spears Ronald Swader Diane SWiIf1liHC Brian Swiniarski l1VlU6S of then' own Seniors have always found tlme to engage ln a few extracurricular ac- thirty-seven Valerie Sword v '99 Richard Thyer Sharon Thompson SUBMARINE SALE In order to raise money for poverty stricken class, we dec to offer the thriving metrol of Akron, mouth-watering marines. Early in Novelr armed with order blanks, the nior Class was off. The excursion proved to be successful. Chester Victor Mary Wagner thirty-eight Robert White 2: fi Q3 I fin. 31, Bruce Wilson Laurie Winter Eugene Wglak Lucy Wronowicz Nancy Yohn thirty-nine Barbara Yousey SENIORS NOT PICTURED: Robert Brege Randall Grant Margaret Hanson Eunice Honsberger Gregory Showers Vernon Sundown Paul Witkowski The S e n i 0 r Class Cabinet, un- der the supervi- sion of Mrs. Gad- dis, planned and organized t h e many activities of the Class of '69. The Class of '69 would like to express its appre- ciation to all the student officers and advisors who have aided the Class of '69. Paul Zola si Y. David Lowder forty t To lose a friend is the greatest of all evils, but endeavor rather to rejoice that you possessed him than to mourn his loss. Seneca Mrs. Frances Hoag Harvey Doctor forty-one JOURNALISM CLASS OF 1969 The major joh of the Journalism Class, under the direction of Mr. Edgar, is to represent Akron stu- dents in the ACS Review and the 1969 Akronile. As a monthly voice in student activity, the ACS Review keeps students posted on past, present, and future activities. Journalism also supplies school news to three area papers. Perhaps one of the most anxiously awaited days of the school year is that day when the Akronite is distributed. To those in the Journalism Class who have produced it, it means a product of sweat, tears, suc- cesses, and failures. Rau' 1: Thompson, S.g Bordonuro. M4 Powell. BJ aaa sss dd cl fff jjj kkk lll ggg He is just beginning, hut Marty is trying hard! Row Il: Mr. Edgarg Capan, Lowder, 5.5 Eckerson, N.g Pogel, K.g Bruckett, D.g Rout lll: Bishop. L.: Cometto, A.g Olszewdki, J.g Jacobsen, L.g Ritecz. W.: Paver. M-J Wolak. E-Z Miller, C-3 GLIFUSOII. E-9 M-llllflll forty-two JO URNA LI SM sf-Q! forty-three forty four W? . n , 'F I X W X . , , , V, :f?i,,.s, W , V, Wg r .tv . h A V 5? THERE IS A TIME TO DISCOVER 1. . f ,. Row I: Praprost, E.: Mauldin, L.: George, P. Bitterman, J.: Knapp, S.: Hofmeier, L.: Black- man, M.: Forrestel, E.: Raw 2: Baker, S.: Downey, M.: Bitterman, J.: Borden, B.: Parker, S.: Raw 3: Stanley, G.: Zimmerman, C.: Gaskill J.: Winters, E.: Brockway, J.: Bluhm, D.: Fin ger, N.: Row 4: Russell, C.: Steiner, R.: Brewer, L.: Webster, R.: Reuben, L.: Blacklock, T.: Peters J. CLASS OF 70 I The Cabinet for the Junior Class for the 1968-69 school year was: President: Dale Stone Vice-President: Barbara Borden Secretary: Chester Logen Treasurer: Diane Bluhm Student Council Representative: Herbert Pechuman Student Court Representative: Mary Hoctor and Keith Schultz Alternate: J im Bitterman forty-six Row 1: Hartl, M.: Conibear, B.: Kopaz Bettio, L.: Kraatz, N.: Row 2: Springer, M.: Weaver, L.: Babel Covert, K.: Pixley, D.: Childs, C.: Row 3: Hutchinson Rn Hart D.' Pee Arnold, T.: Nehrboss, B., Regan, R.: Schultz, K.: Row 5: Battaglia, P.: Remington, D.: Ec D. 1 , t , , 1 H.: Parker, E.: Kelkenherg, R.: Peters, Row 4: Bradley, L.: Asmus, R.: Shisler Bow, D.: Mecklenburg, D.: Schumacher w I Betzold B Muggelburg R Bedford Cummmgs D w 2 Rrtecz C Kennedy 'I' Johnstone Jw3 Bermer G Fmger K Schoenthal iler J Claude A Jw 4 Kowallk S Kahl J Hatswell vald K ow 5 Stone D Bordon R Yousey alker S Gronau M Rehmann C Raw I Yousey J Mecca R Cope N Snyder L Row 2 Porter S Grabbenstatter Y Rlb heck M Damon L Bower A Row 3 Cummmgs S Woods S Brant S Reynolds M Row 4 Bower J Rosenhurg C Noody P Moleskl C forty seven Row I Wands S Doktor B Domon B Abrams C Zelms J Raw 2 Fostor A Cerstung B Jones D Abraham J Row 3 Geddes J Logen C Freeman J Glomb B Altrogge D Row 4 Schrock J Krupskl D Pawhck K Wlk M Houhhan M I , -9 , -9 , .9 , -: A -' , -Z , -9 ' , .3 ., -9 , -9 I . -: , -5 , -9 , -9 I , -: , -9 , 1 . , -1' , -5 , : , 4: A V y, K.g Warner, E.g Q. , J ' r , -: . -4 ,M-: J A , -9 ., -5 1 , -4 , -4 ,M.: Q , -2 A f , -9 , .5 ,T-9 4 Q I ' I , -1 , .5 -9 , -4 , -5 I , -9 , -5 , 4: , .9 I , -5 , -9 , .9 , -: , -5 - j , -5 , .9 , -9 , .9 Y - Q 'N- P! gk Oh yeah, I could make the Vienna Boy's Choir any day! .J . A 4' Oh boy, can I bring my critters? Don t feel bad Kenny, she still might play you Advanced Ag. ? You're wrong, Kraatz. I've got the M81M's. . . . and now, this year's Honor Society . . . forty-eight IT'S ACADEMIC , at 5 I Q, This year A.C.S. was repre- sented on the local TV quiz show "It's Academici' by John Hurne, Chet Victor, and Shar- on Babel. Senior Class advisor, Mrs. Gaddis accompanied them 4.9- This year A.F.S. sponsored an exchange week when Tania Araujo, a Brazilian, visited the home of Stanley Fenton. Also pictured with our Stu- dent Council President Ken Rudolph is Nancy Eckerson. Nancy spent a summer abroad in Lima, Peru. The theme of the 1968 Prom was "Drifting and Dream- ing? The colors were blue and green. At midnight the Prom court was selected. The King and Queen were Bill Freemen and Peggy Kyser. Prince and Princess were John Furminger and Sharon Lowder. forty-nine CLASS OF 71 The Cabinet for the Sophomores for the 1968-69 school year were: Presia'enl: Michael Ulanjov Vice-President: Lori Bordonaro Secretary: Sandy Rodgers Treasurer : Kathy Leavitt Student Council: Brenda Remington Student Court: Pat Burdick Row I: Barkewitz, C.: Sy, B.: Horner, T.: Pafk, L.: Stanley, L.: Bordonaro, L.: Row 2: Spears, D.: McConkey, P.: Parzych, M.: Leeds, S.: Houlihan. E.: Row 3: Gerstung, D.: Ulanjov, M.: Laurida son, D. Row I: Roll, N.: Kress, J.: Maloney, E.: Row 2: Walburn, R.: Zitzka, W.: Crane, K.: Granke, J.: Forrestel, M.: Kumro, D.: Row 3: Dietz, D.: Ribbeck, M.: Nehrboss, R.: Williams, J.: Whitbeck, J.: Peters, J.: Lockhart, L.: Weaver, B.: Reuben, N.: Hol- ovics, S.: Row 4: Dieterle, L.: Bishop, S. fifty Row I.' Montville, P.: Karcher, K.: F R.: Mattioli, S.: Row 2: Golpl, J.: Martin, S.: Knopp, S.: stone, V.: Laycock, D.: Regan, J.: Row 3: Brewer, J.: Denton, J.: Kedzierski, Zola, M.: Lotz, T.: Jalitus, M.: Rodgers, S.: Row 4: Swiniarski, K.: Mann, J.: Schubel Steimer, N.: Adler, D.: Peck, C. 1: Golpl, L., Womack, R., Bassanello, M., mpson, P. II: Midecke, M., Heberling, D., Witnauer, Jones, D., Fry, R., Putney, J., Swiatowy Schoenthal, L., Lieh, M,, Kostanciak, J. III: Schafer, R., Pask, L. Pechuman, R.: aviani, D., Johnson, D., Blish, T., Clear, Cow I: Iulg, W., Remington, B., Nicosia, D., Pldenski, S., Hoehman, M., Coffta, S., Pask, D. 'ow II: Koehler, J., DeYoung, J., Lloyd, B., Qoons, D., Wideman, M., Ceisner, N., Perry, L. 'ow III' Delelys, H, Brunin M' S L., v - - Sf - 1 YQ Losenherg, C. Tow IV: Adamkowski, R., Begiers, D., Prin- ip, A., Fink, D., Winter, C., Keller, A. Row I: Walters, J., Lega, P., Pfohl, M., Brun- ing, C., Stuchell, L. Raw II: Poulos, M., Colope, C., Leavitt, K., Dieriech, W., Schumacher, T., Leavitt, N., Sow- inski, D. Row III: Best, C., Skye, W., Rapisardi, J., Schnable, W., Smith, L., Abraham, .Lg Schnable, W. g Markek, W. Row IV: Carges, J., Werney, N., Holtz, N., Yousey, C. CLASS OF 72 Row 1: LaFosse, I., Burns, S., Clark, K., DeLelys, B. Row 11: Murphy, L., Babel, M., Gallo, L., Stapleton, M., Cross, L. Row III: Benteen, K., Jones, T., Cas- seri, D., Kelley. S., Bedford, M., Brunner, N. Row IV: Logan, G., Parker, S., Jonathan M., Schultz, R., Voigt, R., Golipinski, C., Wright, J., Smith, G. Row I: Brust, C., Aydellotte, G., Wideman, J., Fitzsimmons, P., Covel, J., Skomski, M. Row ll: Jones, T., Cantie, C., Bednar, M., Lauridsen, A., Mello, A., Salim, E., Krantz, P., Teidt, R., Bohn, J. Row III: Ormsby, R., Keppler, M., Wik, L., Matynka, J., Garrison, J., Sominski, J., Schafer, S., Hammond, P. Row 1: Jonathan, M., Marconi, M., Niff, S., Mecca, S. Row Il: Olszewski, E., Wight, B., C W., Frye, D., Bedford, L. Row III: Kumm, P., Rogers, J., Blas Bromstead, D., Cummings, B., Krzy Raw IV: Farrell, D., Parker, D. Socha Wehling, D., Campbell, B., Swiatowy. Kostanciak, J. fifty-two gl vw I: Kruschke, K., Berghorn, D., Yousey, ., Flading, D., Downey, J., Abrams, F. ow II: Johnson, B., Koss, J., Schrock, K., Jwer, B., Bradley, J., Poodry, P., 5ny rr, S. ow III: Lockhart, T., McGregor, C., 'inne, P., Niezgoda, 5., Burns, 5., Coffta ow IV: Roberto, N., Keller, M., Voigt, R 1 Row 1: Shaffer, 5., Davis, D., Ribheck, G., Robnett, R., Laycock, C. Row II: Capan, J., Forreslel, R., Pacer, 5., Barkewitz, T., Knop, M., Wands, 5., Bow, L. Row III: Kingsley, 5., Maltei, J., Porter,, A., Bork, R., Coughlin, T., Fisher, D., Varo, L. Row IV: Pitas, P., Herod, P., 5tock, D., Whiting, R., Gronau, G., Brauen, K. Row I: Cummings, M., Caffery, K., Reu- ben, W., Ellis, P., Schoenthal, 5. Row 11: Klehn, 5., Bedford, M., Sluchell, A.g Bower, B., Brunner, N., 5hisler, B. Row III: Walker, 5.5 Carmer, D., Noody, P., Flanders, 5., Covel, K., Weston, W. Row IV: Miles, R., Hensel, R., Joy, C., Kowalik, B., Maloney. F., Abrams, G. W .,.,,1,lNLi i ,! Row I: Bontrager, D., Peters, .Lg Ribbeck, V. Row II: Starr, D., Odell, M., Rebrnann, R., Steiner, E., Kazmierczak, S., Reuben, V. Row Ill: Jack, S., Bower, J., Hoimeier, R., Bluhm, J., Nizon, B., Reuben, D., Troyer, P. Row IV: Brege, J., Farrell, G., Haas, D., Bradley, J., Kraatz, C. GRADE 8 Row I. Pagels, L., Swiatowy, C., S R., Yohn, D., Ribbeck, C., Ground, Row II: Knapp, L., Cummings, B., P S., Ground, M. Row III: Parzych J., Printu D ' s pr -1 mings, M.3 Jemison, V., Garrison, W., ben, F., Bassanello, T., Lucia, R. Row IV: Weaver, P., Sutton, D., Litfi Gonsowski, D. h nr Row I: Pann, C., Cummings, P., G W., Rogers, K. Row II: Mirrioni, M., Raduns, N., W1 R. Row III: Ceisner, K., Bassanello, Roggen K Dylag .I Witnauer L . -1 . -9 ' , .5 4 rige, T., Vanice, T., Domon, D. Row IV: Thomas, D., Johnson, S., Mum M. P Row V: Skellon, R., Holtz, D., Fisher, W Schuler, T., Koons, B. ' I: Rihbeck, A., Santolini, L. II: Jacobsen, V., Noyd, D., Ormshy, Reinke, A., Doktor, R., Poodry, S. III: Peters, M., Michalek, L., Bram- H., Criswell, B., Zilzka, T, IV: Keller, K., Scotland, .l.g Wittcop, Heberling, .l.3 Stuber. D., Sigmon, C., ss, R. low I: Rudolph, B., Burg, K., Coerlitz, L., Vagner, C., Berry, S. low II: Miller, S., Rehwaldt, B., Sweitzer, ., Wright, A., Bruning, E., Kurazkiewicz, ,., Schnahel, N., Lockhart, M. low III: Bedford, G., Betzuld, M., Staple un, K., Snyder, L., Hart, M., Valente, M., ohnstone, K. low IV: Claude, C., Bluhm, M., Hartl, T., layman, H., Brady, R., Wronowicz, J. low V: Kroemer, P., Flanders, M., For estel, A. Row I: Murphy, M., Kraatz, V., Gerstung, D. Row II: Smith, K., Fitzsimmons, L., Brock- way, N., Stuchell, H., Miles, M. Row III: Baker, B., Reichert, C., Phohl, K., Rilecz, R., Hellert, B., Coffta, M. Row IV: Dieterle, S., Williams, R., Allen, C., Allen, R., Pixley, R. Row V: Blish, R., Abrams, T.' Brown, M,, McNit'f, C., Asmus, J., Wight, W., Pafk, K. fifty-five GRADE 7 Row I: Daley, K.: Keller, T.: Reuben, V.: Williams, D. Row II: McNiff, C.: Herod, S.: Hoste, R.: Johnson, T.: Brauen, S.: Lorwa, J. Row III: Smith, M.: Meinyer, K.: Campbell, R. Row IV: Kennedy, M.: Berghorn, D.: Al- hrect, J.: Kasperek, J.: DeYoung, J.: Morrison, R. Row V: Stocker. M.: Ewald, K.: Whiting, N.: Sweitzer, W.: Pohl, S.: Sy, R.: Shrock, R. Row I: Jonathan, K.: Milan, D.: Wilson, D.: Honsberger, G. Row II: Childs, L.: Nicometi, iD.: Hartwig, L. Row III: Wessenger, C.: Eldred, L.: Hoeh- mann, E. Row IV.' Oliver, M.: Doctor, A.: Smith, GJ Pickwick, C. Row I: Brackett, D.: Blish, D.: Dieterle, Nichols, R.: Noody, T.: Yousey, D. Row II: Stahl, R.: Steiner, S.: Pafk. P Baran, R.: Abraham, C. Row III: Horning, L.: George, F.: man, A.: Sevor, C.: Skye, M.: McLeod Kress, D.: Salim, S.: Cory, A.: Morg. Row IV: Jones, A.: Porter, A.: Zelms, Lacki, T. 'uf 1: Ribheck, B., Perruzini, D., Garvey , Klawer, B. rw II: Kinne, C., Rice, M., Bauman, , Ball, W., Swialowy, T., Scarborough, D iw Ill: Graff, C., Reigle, S., Bruner, nko, M. rw IV: DePoy, L., Yeager, R., Beckwith, , Brewer, W., Caprio, .l., Palizay, K., llmeister, D., Wideman, J., Staebell, B vw V: Stratton, M., Dean, R., Murray , Zimmerman, K., Coffta, .l. 1 Row 1: Hoehman, C., Rogers, G., Lorwa M., PeQueen, C., Schultz, K., Carges, T., Rohnett, V. Row Il: Spears, L., Doxtader, L., Bruning, H., Golding, G., Jonathan, J., Schnahel, L., Ribheck, D. Row III: Ground, C., Kasparek, R., Milam, R., Snell, L., Newman, D., Newman, M., Krantz, P. Row IV: Wilkins, C., David, D., Kumro, C., Zelms, G., Alexander, D. Row 1: Cheavacci, M., Koeller, N., Cum- mings, D., Lauridsen, M., Confer, K. Row Il: Vanjce, M., Domon, D., Valente, A., Morgan, T., Hitchcock, T., Jost, R., Rosenecker, C. Row III: Muchow, M., Baehr, K., Brengal, B., Frey, J., Koss, B., Campbell, R., Gas- kill, R., Hansen, C. Row IV: Pokorski, D., Novak, M., Cris- well, L., Johnson, C. Mr. MacCoy! The paint is coming off! 3 .JRYFW Dear Ann Landers, ml", as W- J lv 'f. if And now a word from our sponsor. 3 x I'm sure it was there in the last class. I taught I saw a puddy kat! Who said that? Is the frog the farmer's friend? , 'r f 4 . y i I 'bivnfv . . " z :uf A ' ,, ,Er Q if f f' 'K 'A and now . . . The Dutch Master Singers fifty-eight 2' 4. ,x w fe ff 5. Q, 9 iw, , i , -'w ' . E 1 X Q.. X r. P fue ' Jia Row 1: Schnabel, C., Sigmon, B., Odell, S., Lederhouse, L. Row Il: Murray, S., Wilson, J., DeFries, B., Witkop, V., Bruning, S., Schafer, D. Row III: Donaldson, J., Jones, J., Huth K., Medole, N., PeQueen, P., Garrett, M. Smith, S., Rohloff, J., Klawer, L. GRADE 6 Row 1: Pohl, A., Pfohl, N., Socia, Sigmon, K., Marconi, M. Row II: Wesley, T., Hake, R., Pacer Womack, D., Kelly, R., McNutt, F. Row III: Childs, W., Jago, W., , B., Adamkowski, C., Easton, D., Meyer, 1 Kaufman, C., Ribbeck, D., Allure Row IV: Pask, J., Eddy, N., Kop Bruning, W., Dylag, J., Haddow, J., J., Diedrich, D., Rehwaldt, T. 3.23 Row 1: Powell, J., Pann, D., Koli M., Robnett, R. Row 11: Carrubba, J., Babel, J., Ch J., Fry, L., Bluhm, T., Little, J. Row Ill: Carmer, K., Bontrager, T., telli, S., Riemer, D., Sy, D., Poodry, Rice, B., Griffiths, C., Frey, K. Row IV: Paxon, R., Arnold, K., F01 R., Hudson, J.: Pacer, A., Philips, Luchterhand, J., Soika, K., Trigilio, J. Absent: Snyder, L. I: Eldred, R., Santolini, M., Strylec- J., Stapleton, M., Marquardt, C., esberger,.l. , II: Weston, B., Ribbeck, R., Shisler, Payne, P., Farrell, D., Bradley, L. III: Lacki, P., Bower, J., Allen, K., ster, D., Burrows, E., Jemison, S., lick, D., Karcher, R., Marquardt, D. IV: Newman, G., Rogers, S., Cum- gs, E., Miller, B., Morrison, K., An- on, R., Alexander, D., Skellon, B., Rem- on, P. GRADE 5 ow I: Baehr, J., Smith, B., Jones, T., ice, M., Valente, P., Haas, J. ow II: Cummings, S., Pawlick, K., Mur- iy, K., Young, J., Swiatowy, H. aw III: Pickwick, T., Kumpf, L., Abrams, .9 Smith, R., Borchert, K, ow IV: Hung, D., Caple, C., Heberling, T., ress, E., Marinaccio, L., Gerstung, M., anders, E. Row I: Kumpf, K., Heri, K., Williams, S., Welch, J., Wright, M. Row II: Hammond, J., Burg, G., Childs P., Davis, T., Mondello, D., Tobin, D. Row III: Mauldin, J., Johnstone, W., Ecker- son, S., Berent, R., Stegman, L., Randall S., Hartl, P., Hudomint, D., Reynolds, M Row IV: Weaver, V., Bluhm, M., Jamieson L., Buchholtz, C., Francis, V., Rehwaldt B., Brady, M., Flading, C., Cummings, C sixty-one Row 1: Jonathan B., Abrams, B., Rastelli V., Drachenherg.,D., Ribbeck, C., Shaffer, J. Row II: Sevor, K., Ground, G., Wurthman L., Muggleherg, S., Baehr, D., Stlichell, C., Campbell, W., Hofmeier, D. Row Ill: Jack, A., Coodrige, S., LaFaive, L., Parker, D., Stapleton, D., McNutt, J., Pafk, D., Lummel, K., Kelley, M. Row IV: Wesley, D., Brust, L. Row 1: Coughlin, E,, Nixon, J., Gates, D., Bower, L., Kroemer, P., Fisher, D., Fiegel, C., Lutz, J., Reichert, E. Row II: Brown, D., Johnson, D., Roehling, M., Bell, G., Kasperek, P., Brengel, B., Baker, B., Stahl, D. Row 111: Bernsdurf, R., Philips, M., Stahl, D., Yager, R., Coffta, C. A., Lemanski, G., Philips, D., Bruning, L., Cillmeister, R. Row IV: .l0y, K., Wight, B., Fisher, S., Pennock, D. Row I: Reisman, D., Meahl, C., Rood, Oliver, G., Heri, T., Gonsowski, N. Row II: Logan, E., Keller, Sescil, D , ander, J., Wruck, R., Danser, L., Clintock, H., Wadel, A. Row III: Kinne, J., Burck, T., Hyde, Bruning, D., Rapisardi, M., Stackhouse Downey, K., Goeseke, B., VanBuren, Abrams, A. aw I: Hitchcock, D., Lega, B., Ribheck, ., Wetzen, L., Fisher, S. aw II: Childs, M., Schultz, J., Pafk, V4 lish, D., Jost, M., Dembrow, M. ow II: Roll, E., Goerlitz, M., Haseley, ., Printup, L., Mattioli, M., Koss, M., erstung, J., Parzych, D., Reuben, D. aw IV: Stanley, D., Kazmierczak, D., Dar- lg, J., Victor, J., Covert, J., Schuhel, L., Jtzhach, B., Wright, B., Swiatowy, D. Row I: Womack, A., Danser, B., Karcher, C., Hammond, L. Row ll: Kopp, C., Giesler, L., Lyon, M., Bistoff, T., Shaffer, P., Noyd, L., Smith, S. Row II: Clark, J., Whitlocke, W., VanBur- er, C., Rehwaldt, B., Stegman, D., Richard- son, .l., Mandolene, J., Garvey, C., Parker, J. Row IV: Wurthman, M., Borden, B., Mi- lani, T. sixty-three GRADE 4 Row II: Milam, M., Morrison, V., Wolfe, D., Bloom, S., Nehrhoss, D., Newman, M., Yoder, Y. Row II: Rohloff, S., Little, C., Jemison, F., Baker, F.: Johnson, B. Raw III: DeYoung, E., Nowatchik, K., Brucker, D., Baehr, T. Row IV: Wagner, R., Hopkins, T., Karcher, R., Bosket, P., Campbell, J. Row V: Bradley, M., Morrison, P., Bed- ford, S., Vanice, L., Davis, D., Knop, T., Dean, B., Rehmann, D., Greiner, K., Don- aldson, D. Row I: Sowinski, C., Hansen, E., Stocker, K., Kazmierczak, L., Reuben, R. Row II: Hollenbeck, A., Neary, L., Coni- bear, M., Schnitzer, R., Barone, R. Raw III: Dean, L., Childs, C., Meinzer, K.' Kna P' Rosenher M. Witko V v PP, -f gs S P, Row IV: Smith, A., Babel, T., Accordino, C., Pohl, R., Bruning, B. Row V: Stahl, K., Payne, S., Buchholz, C., Stevens, M., Trigilio, .l., Richardson, J Row VI: Dembrow, M., Lobur, R., Jost, M., Morgan, P., Shisler, J. Row 1: Hensel, K., Snyder, J., Snyder Wilson, R., Forrestel, C., Hanson, R. Row ll: Lauridsen, R., Riemer, M., waldt, L., Neider, T., Mondello, K. Row III: Snyder, R., Bruning, L., Rice, Claude, T., Cummings, R. Row IV: Taylor, B., Stegman, L., St D., Garrison, J., Ballow, J., Sc M., Jones, L., Walker, T., Palizay, Spagnuolo, N. Raw V: Bruning, C., Miles, D., Kwil C., Borden, K., Cummings, C., Ma J., Allen, C. SIXIY four Row I: Bucceri, D., Stuchell, C., Haas, Corbett, C., Kostanciak, J. Row ll: Wilkins, C., Eldred, T., l' R., Nicometi, A., Ground, R., Murpl Row III: Holovics, R., Wehling, P., ford, B., Starr, B., Reynolds, P., hammer, D. Row IV: Rogers, T., Oppel, T., P L., David, L., Whitlocke, J., Childs, Starr, J., .l.3 Parker, S., Blackman, Smith, G. Raw V: Kwitowski, C., Eddy, M., M tock, D., Rohloff, D., Koons, D. 1 D.' Ribbeck, L. Allen D., Allison, C. vw I: Lummel, K., Clary, D., Coerlitz, E., rnsdorf, V., Brand, J., Routledge, M. vw II: Brust, J., Nugent, D., Allen, M., lley, L., Richardson, J., Radomski, P., arren, L., Sharpsteen, N. lvw III: Jones, S., Hyder, D., Stanley, A., lrges, P., Smith, D., Childs, T. :rw IV: Remington, J., Nicosia, J., Schnitz- J., Parker, L. - I: Rapisardi, T.,-Murray, C., Kipp, Parker, J., Ellis, S., Lindke, S., Meyer, ., Eddy, D., Pechuman, W., Young, B., Wis- Duttweiler, S., Skom- IV: Jemison, P., Socha, J., Frey, J., , Spagnueolo, M., Covel, C., Jones, S., DePoy, C., GRADE 3 Row I: Stalica, T., Schukraft, D., Sigmon M., Hake, S., Brege, M., Raye, S., Mc: Corquodale, J. Row II: Payne, M., Spillman, R., Palizay, J., Lewis, T., Rudolph, T., Bruning, D. Row III: Bailey, C., Rosenberg, D., Barone K., Reisman, D. Row IV: Cummings, T., Sword, A., Kumpf, C., Hammond, J., Tobin, W., Bulmahn J., Allison, J., Stackhouse, K. v Row I: Spagnuolo, L., Parker, 1.3 Frey, R., Reichert, J., Knyter, M.g Schrock, D., Row II: Carges, P.g Scoma, D., Gibbs, T., Brunner, N., Knop, L., Blackman C., Frey, C., Row III: Valente, J.g Victor, K., Alex ander, R., Darling, .l.g Poodry, G.9 H'de D: Bushhammer, F.g Koons, R.: Y 1 1 Pixley, J. Row I: Fisher, W., Amerine, C.: Santolini, P., Rice, L., Childs, P., Corbett,.l.3 Row II: Mangani, H.g Forrestel, J., Luckman, D., Wideman, R., Vanice, L.: Bassanello, M.g Schrnacher, D.g Grein er, T.: Raw III: Gerstung, R.g Newman, M.g Kasperek, E., Schrock, P., Anderson, D., Farrell, D., Anderson, C., Kolip inski, C., Raw IV: Eldred, M., Whiting, D.g Oliver, J.: Nicometi, C.g Muck, A.: Albrecht, P. Row I: Schultz B Gate: N T., Printup C Campbell H A., Wagner C DeLelys .I Row II: Parzych D Kelly D cock, L Nerder M De o Reynolds Row III Sweitzer, Schalge, Row IV: S., Frey, w I: Schafer, J., Neary, K., Lacki, K., vor, E., Griffith, K., Edmister, M., Brege, L Oppel, R. w II: Abraham, J., Bartlett, E., Lotz Kazmierczak, M., Spillman, S., Allen w III: Hollenheck T ' Sword, D ' H de, 1 -1 'Q Y 5 Snell, D., Jost, E., Kress, B., Sword Flading, E., Schumacher, L., Marinaci ,J. w IV: Stock, K., Rehwaldt, F., Caple, Falker, S. s s GRADE 2 Row I: Kinne, J., Bower, L., Pacer, M., Bruning, D., Childs, J., Lacki, G., Baker, C. Raw II: Kipp, L., Eldred, B., Reuben, W., Rehwaldt, P., Stalica, C., Tippett, A., Her- see, D., Schultz, D. Row III: Sanderson, C., Starr, R., Gahbey, S., Smith, D., Stahl, J., Rihheck, R., An- derson, J., Bistoff, T. Row IV: Walters, D., Caple, M., Danser, D., Jonathan, L., Karcher, M., Novak, D., Kelley, K. Row I: Gerstung, R., Carrubha, D., Hake, S., Marquardt, K., Jonathan, B. Row II: Hyder, L., Snell, D., Randall, J., Wilson, C., Criswell, S., Morrison, G., Kauf- man, R. Row III: Boskat, A., Darling, T., Szmak, K., Meyer, R., Bruning, R. Row IV: Farewell, R., Rosenecker, B., Baker, R., Babiarz, W., Kelkenberg, B., Faulring, K., Noyd, J., Fiegel, S., Jones, C. Row V: Schultz, K., Milani, J., Klingele, T., Meahl, K. GRADE 1 Row I: Barker, J., Kanhel, T., Childs A., Tobin, C., Edmister, J., Jost, T Cherry, A., Gothard, S., Row II: Reinhardt, J., Capan, Bulmahn, K., Parker, M., Cowan, Row III: Anderson, C., Lederhouse, Bruning, S., Allen, A., Riemer, Bartram, J., Amerine, P., Stanley, Row IV: Rebmann, C., Akin, Lindke, S., Jacobs, A., Jasinski, . Kipp, R., Palizay, T. 'EL ig, " 'L fg 5, '1 ., Row I: Abrams, T., Hyde, J., meti, T., Jonathan, P., Bauder, Sharpsteen, L., Row II: Jankowski, S., Schultz, Ribbeck, B., Warren, D., Borden, Stapleton, L., Smith, S., Mann Row III: Williams, M., Meyer, Soika, M., Hake, B., Logan, G., hen, W. Row IV: McNutt, M., Miles, S R., Allison, M., Whiting, M., R., Reynolds, W. sixty-eight Row I: Montville, J., Rogers, Hope, S., Stanley, V., Burck, K., wards, L., Campbell, R. Raw II: Satterlee, D., Carne Mondello, R., Marquardt, G., I hurg, L., McConkey, G., Ribbn Fisher, L., Row III: Stock, D., Reichert, D., well, L., Callendorfer, E., Ribbeck, Nanni, L., Bailey, S., Accordino, Womack, M., Wik, D., Nichols, Row IV: Roggen, L., Edgar, D. I: Whitlocke, L., Goerlitz, K. II: Bontrager, D., Bower, L., Waite, Mccune, T. III: Ground. M., Black, D., Klawer, Brant, T., Jonathan, R., Kolipinski, ates, T. IV: Wilson, S., Allen, S., Warren, S., man, S., Cellart, K., Hartwig, B., ', D., Groff, K. V: Gibbs, T., Printup, T., Geddes, Eulenburg, R., Mazza, D., Routledge, J. ent: Henry, C. :w I: Jones, M., DePoy, J., Kelkenberg , Kelly, A., Robnett, W. rw II: Eldrecl, W., Salim, J., Poulos, D., wis, M., Breton, D. rw III: Blish, W., Sweitzer, L., Rosenberg, , Kazmierczak, N., Kenyon, K., Smith , Donaldson, D., Palizay, P. vw IV: McNutt, P., Fugal, T., Graff, D., uffta, K., Stucliell, A. Row I: Jonathan, D., Milam, B., Keller, C., Weston, J., Snyder, K. Row II: Novak, K., Spring, N., Shrock, R., Hersee, D., Rapisardi, M., Parker, K., Sescil, M., Yager, .l. Row III: Rood, K., Schultz, D., Snyder, S., Kirk, C., Smith, R,, Cinotti, V. Row IV: Wagner, M., Rickwalt, C., Hop- kins, G., Vanice, C., VanKuren, E., Roh loff, M., Petty, P., Owen, T. sixty-nine Row I: Phelps, J., Murray, R., Anderson, M., Biro, L., Giesler, V., Pann, M., Dem- brow, M. Row II: Schnabel, P., Hammond, L., John- son, D., Schuler, C., William, L., Michalek, K., McConkey, J. Row III: Wilkins, T., Fisher, T., Amerine, E., Stackhouse, C., Cummings, C., Prin- tup, T., Smith, J., Uljanov, L., Bernsdorf, D. Row IV: Bowers, S., Boskat, A., Odell, A., Conibear, T., Frye, J., Durst, R., Bloom, J. KINDER GA R TEN Row I: Smith, L., Kasperek, N., Weather- bee, M., Criswell, K. Row ll: Eckerson, L., Sword, B., Brand, M., Oldenski, M., Rogers, D., Bedford, L. Row III: Kuhl, S., Hollenbeck, M., Sat- terlee, D., Lederhouse, B., Hake, K. Row IV: Mondello, C., Perry, B., Quinney, A., Kelly, J., Whitesell, L., Berghorn, D. Row V: Snell, S., McClintock, P., Rosen- ecker, B., Luckman, C., Mecklenburg, D., Frey, D., Covel, T. Row I: Jimmerson, K., Reuben, C., kowski, C., Schnitzer, D., Stalica, Raw II: Newman, M., Medole, S., S., Kowalik, D., Griffith, D. Row III: Allison, M., Hansen, C., Row IV: George, T., Printup, K J., Jonathan, D., Brewer, R., Kruse Row V: Lega, C., Sanderson C.' P R., Liffin, L., Peters, D., Logan, L. ., S l 7 Y u T., Biro, S. Absent: Stackhouse, D., Cumming S ff., seventy Jw I: Blish, J,, Phelps, L., Young, J., derhou e V Bergman R u, ll Klmgele S Nugent .l Clarke Sehumacher W Hawes B w III Stahl L Farewell M Gabbey g Moleski, D.- Carnegie Cs DeYoun , Anderson, R., Hyder, L., Pixley, S., itkop, V., Mietz, R. w IV: Earle, J. anney, S., Reisman, D., Stanley, J., : s , . , . n ' : ' , -3 , -9 , lf? ' v -Z v - N9 5 1 -Z Q -i 1 I ' , ' . , g, 0 Row I: Szymanski, J., Cinotti, M., Courig. N., Hyde, L., Albrecht, D., Printup, P. Row 11: Rood, K., Drachenberg, L., Gibbs. .l., McCann, M., Heri, D. Row Ill: Reinke, T., Nichols, D., Tordy, D., Printup, D., Keller, R., Price, P. Row IV: Dabbg Lay, D., Bartels, W., Gasperi, R., Sanderson, C. Raw I: Burg, K.: Sundown, S., Silvernail, S., Onney, J., Gibbs, A. Row ll: Lotz, B., Stuchell, A., George, M., Wickham. S., Jonathan, M., McNutt, S., Bell, T. Row III: Jankowski, J., Reinhardt, J., Domon, Reuben, G., Kumro, E., Shrock R., Philips, P., Ward, L. Row I: Ross D' Kumf S' War- , -1 P 1 -v ren, D., Hoffman, T., Farrell, V., Mc Allister, S., Schmidt, J., Reuben, Lg Row II: Reuben, A., Valente, M., De Casperi, L., Odell, M., Stollsteimer, M., Row 111: Croff, C., Caffka, W., Daley D., Litfin, A., Poodry, T., Brady, TJ Fenton, S., Abrams, C., Row IV: Regan, S., Brege, E. Row I: Covel, J., VanKuren, K., ter, S., Raw Il: Bosek, L., Baker, K., J., Poole, B., Row Ill: Haas, G., White, N., L., Nice, L., Graff, M., Wagner Row IV: Trosterud, J., Mault, Pixley, C., Pankow, D., Callah Row V: Glena, R., Zarnoch, J. er, S., Rice, D., Sword, T., Fogal seventy-two ik gms' C" 'N M 'Xf3ffffv2,Q, Mya 4, S, A YR.-5'?3v X xi: ,Q I' 1 xigiv' 4' 'X 'L ' Q, .xplw-Of: - A cv in-1 - yin .nv f ,rat t. a,:,m.. x' 2. gf gi , : w.. H V 'uv 5 4 11:1 Q25 ,Li . XXX 53.9 , if Q, wg ? I. ,,. 6 M595 I at x fag BMW 'via vi 3' 1 ,, Q new Q G ,X!.,..-f- I - -. W x .. .x . Aff' 2 JL 55 W, 4, 9 Q? Q , W iam .-f A D -ag: t' l 't, 5963.- 'ae".. D, nl xf. F58 T: ,, W fgfsajggv 'I 1' x 'N 1 if sv.: . 4 x 4 ' Q 7 L .W . ,nf 1' 55 in - U 1935 6 -llfg 5' 1 s '3 X' I Q ,G Y, Q 5 I . Q A - . : K . I. f- Any. Hg A . y '? K' :I M ' , A x K. A . f' 41- - 1. Lf? 35 tg tl-gf i is Iv, 1- V 1"f' 15:1 5 x Q . . W .2 K Q. n 2 N 1 1' 1 ' 2 ' i ' Q .. 1 2' . We fl ag? PQ N! . Q, Ngavzii. xg. . "" , "f' I ' Y ' ,lf Aj '- 1 '5 W. gif. ' Af -1 ,' - Q, ? ,fi V " 3' ' i ' , Q - x f 1 .K N. J Wx ' seventy-six THERE IS A TIME TO PARTICIPATE im S if Y v 1 .wT....L-,?,, l..,...,., - 'x ,, r-0 IIT., K 4 925' ,Q 1 as QQ 3 Q E7 if I' I ,aazllggzk qw 'Y Si 4 ,11 ,f,. .. , jg, 354 - lg! fe. ' 9 , ,J F' A 5 .9- A 5 - K6 S' Q 1 j AW' A- I :gilt .JL V V 1 eight y-two u ,.-w-n-Qqw. ..,- :5-O.: rx 13: RED S CROSS Row I: Stock, D., Shu- bel, T.g Schoenthal, M.g Row II: Weaver, L., Mrs. Bacheller mee 4... FUTURE NURSES Row 1: Mrs. Bachellerg Shisler, B.: Blasko, K.: Weaver, L.: Row II: Cummings, B.g Schoenthal, M., Grabbenstatter, Y.g Herod, P. The members of Cross represent our at the chapter in E X They lead Akron in ing at the Blood and the other Red projects. CLINIC STAFF Row I: Weaver, L.g Leavitt, C.g Bachellerg Robnett, R.g Herod, P., benstatter, Y.g Row II: Peters, G.g Campbell, B. . 1 elghty-four l T. V CENTER low I: Womack, R.9 Holovics, S.: Iarges, T. 9 'low II: Hartwig, L.g Zelms, G.: Jdell, D.g Abrams, G. Xi' TEA CH ER AIDS Mrs. Jeannette Hall and Mrs. Evelyn Hartwig eighty-five CHESS CLUB Row I: Shishler, T.: Blish, T.g Keppler, W.: Row II: William, 1.5 Bednar, M.: Whitheck, 1.3 Womack, RJ Schna- bel, W.: Adler, D.g Holtz, J.: Peters, J.: Iulg, W. 2 if 1 ff, flflfluf lzrmm, w " S-'ifgzf Q. y , .A f i 5 4 Mi er 4 9 0 Q H 0 any Ma up . :',1. , . ' Q Q 1, K ,Q EW 7 1 :Qx I, v NQV5 fi ,: ,. ,. S,i A , A ., , ., 9 1 1 5 ' " H' . M ,. L, W, Q I ' -9?-M -L i W .V 19 ' A I 'N "ivy" KW-. ,.W,. va' ' Y ,, p ' g ' W "VE V lfwikiiw illfl. - . - , t "z::..::,1:Q , uf- .mf 2' W'?55?7'EE2EZi:W+ 1-Sr 5 '?""'-xx: -ad! S2 -If 6 rx Z-,626 ,I vw ff , I I Y ' , S .f , ,. uf , .. .. 5, J' I my 0- Q t 'ii' gg.. .1 W 554 Q v X b l Q b 4 W' ' 1 we " X slfig ' 1, k 25413 v353ii,3 Q 591, wi ix g Q 1. , , 'Xt' Q xg! Q Q Q ie: "" 'liflzp ' if-Ls 3'Q,. ,r.. 3 W 1 bi 'A 4-5 1 W fa," ' , baygfn Q 1 1 ' l Q rx VV ,,. ' f' 9 Q e may .. ,fm Lv x N . Q gg ,ling Q 5 Q Q ' sv ' 'ffxyg Q! ,r Q V 8 xx . XJ x Hlgibg H., x ,Q'?f,,.. RL ,E m,,' iffflfx f,.a.,, gx ,vi , is 5' r.,. fs Gu R ? Yx f-Q f n in .1 . W7 'W Sl 'Q' K a 5 'Q I y vi 1, .ikggigz N '12 pi' Lx . u -V Y .t n "R -1 A . f?r,5' 321 -'S 35 QXSQSQ, 4 21 69 ,W J is 92? Li' Y ,, wr ',, .,1'5iP':::':r??EEEiil 'L fflzf K 'x 1: ff i s Q iii! 'um gf' 5 ' '. ful ' 92 535 v 'iw f 2 ia - G Q, . 9 'BJ Q ' ,. M4 . .fb wr, my 'hgh ff - Q If M Q 1 K Ill! H Lf!! 3, 4 Q -4 A 4' ,. W an xg f V' J x W . Q' XE 4 ao fn 0,Plll08mMg6 v If ' 8 1, Q 1 .wr Q Q 8 N Q i ix 1. I9 . - . 7' !K V , ivy f f - -k b f O , ' X 2' 2 ff Q vi -3' 5, ' ,. . " XQ' .. ni 1 V . 9 ff A .,b x 1 W 1 . mf X 'P i f-Egg, Q2 Q K-I 'I . , ?:'2 NSE- - af- , ,' :J pf -If 4. 'Ag 5,-5 ar Ewan- ' v ' F 2' 'wif in 1- f f wifssfsa I 5'9i!!'!' ' 5 x 1,3 veit 9 'Uh V x 1 X ' we xr-' fa . it it 5 I iw -fsmg. ., 1: L Q . Y -gf im if . W' v J i ? X. Ml ' fl- ...f I 1, xv 0 ai ' - Q o , . . K, x, wke V . , S f X 'Q f' XX r -1 wx , f .zen . ff F n,.- My 43-if. , kgqhflf 5 A in .Vin . Wan. fit 1-N X ,. I, I, I ' f, f f 8, f !w,,z 3 ' y ' L- b'V! L :Y ..:+ S ' 3 ,. ggwyaw iw , ,T if ,, 4 Q .f Y, f .,, - ur , , an , 'Qb 1 M 1 . ' 2 , 5. 1 4- f' , ax.. X , so 'P f' ' ' Q'-e W, .. , , , rf' . " x r VX, J' V 1, ' - K 'V-GQ' ' 4 4 M "f4f- , vllii -Z... H ' ""?f, 'L .ia if, Q' 1.. i " " -- Af -W::.ef.:fZf1.' -A ,M-, X. ,,.. L 1, LSI , , V Eguiw ..,...,.. . ,..X ., f W . 2 W ,. Q., 21:5 if L1 X ' ,.'fl'9' W, ff -r., fs' M ,An we riffs fs .x v- Q Qu 3' : 54,435 ri. . X fa. N 5 'va 'Q X Q 'xv 2? 'Z 5 X 31 i , X 2 f -wp. A v gg! dsl F sa og' Egini fyfiyg f5g:f5w gSa"u ,gf xx? af Q9 A i QQ Q ninety-six " " L .5 1 V , , , A ' ,.. . . .....,.,, . ,......,.-........d., ,,,..,..,. it .. , .. . . , . A i w. ,,,.,:'7,:A,?,r::Z,:. . ,....X7?.,5!1'......,:.':,-- 3 .37 sq- e ,N -SX I a m V v sz '-'--N-iw' , - , X- fn- V qw: " . ...M iv ljvimffifw. ,-6.21.51 , - 5g,gf, f hff ggi .,g W HY g'-la if w 'g '2- '5"""' -My-ww.1,.s' . THERE IS A TIME TO COMPET E Row I: Ormsby, A.g Keller, J.g Corbett, A.9 Garrison, W.g Row 2: Pask, L.g Abrams, C.: Kraatz, S.: Schumacher, J.g White, B.: Borden R Abraham J Bradley L Parker S Asrnus R Raw 3: Coach Wetzeng Stuher, T.: Blackman, M.g Hutchinson, R4 Remington D Victor C Wolak E Webster R Freeman Schultz, K.: Coach Scappa Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron THE SEASON 0 Cheektow 13 Newfane 12 Wilson 0 Roy-Hart 6 Medina 6 Barker 7 Starpoint 20 Albion aga L Co-captains, Alan Corbett and Joe Keller, discuss game strategy with coach Wetzen and Scappa. ninety-eight VAR ITY FOOTBALL The Akron Tiger Football team got off to a slow start this past campaign and didn't recover until late in the season. The defending N-O Champs finished the season in a flurry, winning two of their last three for a 2-5 league and 2-6 overall record. It was only good for a fifth place tie in the league, but it was an exciting and youthful team that battled hard all year. The team was packed with juniors and has a fine chance for improvement next year. They will build around the nucleus of co-captains Dennis Remington and Russell Borden. The team will miss Seniors who played their last game: John Schumacherg Tom Stuberg Chester Victorg Eu- gene Wolakg Curtis Abramsg Steve Kraatzg Robert Whiteg Joe Kellerg and Alan Corbett. 73? An unfortunate Starpoint ball carrier encounters heavy traffic against the gritty Tiger defense. The Spartans pre- vailed, however, in a typically hard- hitting contest. 1 Senior quarterback Chet Victor drives for ' short yardage against league champion Star- point. Chet divided signal calling with junior Richard Hutchinson throughout the '68 grid campaign. ninety-nine Row I : Poulos, M. Forrestel, R.g Koon F. g Wright, J.g Rol N-5 Raw II: Mr. Edgar Reuben, L.g Ribbec M., Hart, D., Pacer M.g Rudolph, K., Reu ben, N., Parker, D. Blish, T. CROSS COUNTR Y The Tiger Cross Country Team manufactured a winning season, compiling their second straight 8-6 mark and finishing fourth in the tough Niagara-Orleans League. Co-captains Ken Rudolph, Fred Koons and Marty Pacer headed a basically youthful squad who combined desire and hard work to complete a successful campaign. Next year, strong runners like Mike Ribbeck, Ryan Forrestel and Jeff Wright will provide a sound foundation for next year's squad. Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron THE YARDSTICK 38 Starpoint 2 1 Barker 38 Roy-Hart 21 Albion 26 Medina 15 Wilson All-League Run: Fourth Sectionals: Sixth Co-captains Ken, Marty, and Fred pose with Coach Edgar before the daily practice session. one hundred Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Clarence Batavia Warsaw Notingham Pembroke Alexander GIRLS VARSITY HOCKEY The girls varsity hockey team started off the school year late last summer by going to Hockey Camp in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania. Paced by co-captains Gretchen Staebell and Cathy Lindke, and ably led by Mrs. Williams, the team tied for first place with Pembroke. Mrs. Williams hopes for a successful year in 70. Sh Cathy Lindke mm Gretchen Staebell Row I: Forrestel, M.g Abrams, C.g Borden, B.g Parker, N.g Row II: Furminger, C.g Lowder, S.g Lindke, C.9 Houlihan, E.g Powell, B.g Burchell, C. 'G-3' . f 'WA , -A w"fss'ef74figgy r f N-swifff I f21Q:ifzff Y one hundred one Row I Coach Randallg Raw II Webster R.g Victor, C.: Rudolph, K.: Pacer, M.g Keller, J., Peters, J.: Corbett, A. VARSITY BASKETBALL The Akron Tigers had a very disappointing season with a 7-9 record, with one game to go. Coach Doug Randall had high hopes for a very successful season but the wrong breaks at the wrong times enabled our Tigers to lose some close ones. Perhaps the one high point of a poor season was the stunning upset of the league's pacesetting Spartans from Starpoint. lt was evident that as the season progressed the Tigers improved immensely and this upset proved that. Seniors doing a fine job this season were: co-captains Alan Corbett and Joe Keller, Jeff Miller, Marty Pacer, Ken Rudolph and Chet Victor. Coach Ran- dall hopes for a successful season next year. SCOREBOARD , Akron 544 Alden Akron Alden ' Akron 50 Newfane Akron Roy-Hart Akron 50 Albion Akron Newfane Akron 60 Grand Island Akron Albion Akron 69 Park Akron Medina Akron 47 Park Akron Wilson W Akron 54 Wilson Akron Medina Akron 50 Starpoint Akron Starpoint Akron Roy-Hart one hundred two , If X like Q Q q'i yi' ff Qs' if 'H' Q' K Al . A K A "E, ' ,f va 'Y Z Tvs 1Mvxpe.?k"' 3 5 - W :Cx 3 x . if Xt X 0 'Y I . 3, W g , f Us gh Q m 'K L . ' ,- 'wx - a 6 it at Q lg ' 'A Q g QQ 4' ' .,,,.,, . . f- -..- -qwpfw -14,1-.-1..,,,"'. ,,..,f .-,, 1 q:!.:w:X: J -- ,,,W, ,,gf',,.-- a,T3t'.'f K QW' ' af Q 'tfhlfll QQ ll Iv Q- v' tv . f' '01 K lltltll P 5 Qffffgq' ' x - 4' i 1 if i QQMQ f 9 np N' 1 i 1 x z ,I , fi? 2 1? fi H M if tu go 131 gQ?,QfQx QR E, Row I: Stone, G.g Remsen, J.: Zimmerman, R.: Young, W.: Berry, RJ Gallo, D.g Row 2: Coach Wetzeng McLeod, K.g Abrams, C., Corbett, A.: Miller, J., Abraham, 1.3 Pacer M. VARSITY BASEBALL The Akron Tigers had another very successful season in 1968 as they finished second in the N-O League for the second straight season. The Tigers battled all year after dropping their first two games, and ended up with a 10-4 record behind lVledina's 11-3. The Tigers then went on to capture their third consecutive sectional championship as they defeated Holland and then Silver Creek for the MBU crown. Leading Akron in the sectionals was Ron Berry who pitched a no-hitter in the 4-0 victory over Holland. Senior letterman having fine seasons were Walt Young, Bob Zimmerman, Ron Berry, Joe Remsen, Greg Stone, Jim Abraham, Keith McLeod, and Dave Gallo. For the 1968-69 season are Seniors Marty Pacer, Alan Corbett, Jeff Miller, and Curt Abrams. Coach Wetzen feels optimistic about the coming season. CHAMPIONSHIP SEASON Akron 5 Wilson 8 Akron 4 Roy-Hart Akron 2 Starpoint 8 Akron 14 Barker Akron 7 Roy-Hart 4 Akron 18 Newfane Akron 8 Newfane 0 Akron 5 Medina Akron 1 Medina 7 Akron 2 Albion Akron 3 Albion 2 Akron 6 Barker Akron 3 Wilson 2 Akron 4 Holland Akron 5 Starpoint 1 Akron - 11 Silver Creek one hundred six 5,2 VARSITY CHE RLEADER f This yearis cheerleading squads were under the super- vision of a new advisor, Miss Nancy Sutter. The cheerleaders sponsored two pep assemblies and an Orange and Black Day to pro- mote school spirit. This year's squad was se- lected from sixty girls. Cap- tain and co-captain were Bon- nie Powell and Chris Abrams. Bonnie Powell-Capt. Darlene Cummings Row I: Abrams, C.g Powell, B.g Bluhm, D.g Cummings, D.g Row II: Borden, B.g Kahl, ,Lg Knapp, S. , 1. 5 one hundred seven Run, Loren, Run! TRA CK The '68 Tiger Track Team forged a disappolntrng 1 7 mark and ranked seventh in the N-O circuit. Injuries and rnexperrence hurt the trackmen, but Coaches Scappa and Drayer look forward to more success in '69. Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron SEASONS SUMMARX 53 Starpoint 61 Newfane 39 Wilson 844 Barker 4-7 Roy-Hart 46 Albion 59 Medina N-O League Meet : 7 Row 1: Mecca, R.g Zitzka, W4 Wilson, M.g Springer, M,g Finch, J.: Stone, D. Row Il: Rihlweck, M.g Reuben, L.g Lockhart, J.: Newcomb,J.g Rudolph,K.g Wolak,E .lemxson R Row III: Bohn, J.: Coach Scappag Nehrboss, R.g Krupske, D.g Asmus, B.g Reuben, N. 'VIcConkey P Borden R Hurnc Coach Drayer. one hundred eight Row 1: Edwards, D.g Forrestel, P.g Schnahel, W.g Row II: Coach Enserg Eckerson, 1.5 Griffiths, J.g Keppler, W.g Blacklock, T. TENNIS The 1969 Tiger Netmen had a very disappointing season as they wound up with a 2-8 record Coach Ensers squad was headed by seniors John Eckerson and Jim Griffiths. The highlights of the season were when they shutout Roy-Hart twice for their two victories. The outlook for 1969 is bright as they will have Bill Keppler, Tom Blacklock, Dave Edwards Pete Forrestel and William Schnabel returning to bolster the A.C.S. squad. Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron THE MATCHES 1 Medina 0 Albion 0 Wilson 5 Roy-Hart 0 Starpoint 1 Albion 0 Wilson 0 Starpoint 5 Roy-Hart 4 5 5 0 5 4 5 5 0 one hundred nine Coach Ense' Tigers pull upset: edge Sta Foul Shooting Leads Akron to Vlctory Alan Corbett a 5 foot 11 inch uard converted 12 of 16 free ve ' H19 on- League Cage In 1. ns o Move eC10SeI' o Crowng Akron Wms AK Vemjw FQ'f?fT S my ALQAEAT Early m the second half c l o s i n g g a m e o I' cu!! 2 u- A .Y ' . min 5 mcg o 12 Spartan end David Nasca took Niagara-Orleans league ex r 0 WMWSN 4 51 've - 133.f,..,,a0 Eybgee fgyogwi ,R'f"'f" . Kickoff time is 2 p.m. V A' M X. 'Xie 1 The Tiger JV's were noun , W ff., . L 1 ' soundly hy, host Starpo :Q ' Safuyday, as the Spark It ill, h : mv A 'pmimeda QI?-geurne to Alba e A Q 410. W so -Y wi. J.. !...-.f,f action it f y but the ' W ' ' ' . T Q- e ' tie at halftime, .Ar 'thispoint the Mme,l0S1 M0lldUy'5 mayo Tigers wentg to work and opened Scott up an Sfpointfgap at the Xthree quarter mark. snarposnz, however, did me Choawrembwke at Blba give up as thev..aul1ed.to winbingii QF' a point, 5 Q J , K. A, A tef- defense f"7"""""' 'J,..,:eZ,f'p'rM F ,- 0"0f On Monday, Oct-723 Stowe '. f f - epikronlggt Mamvvarsnty teams rom Victor foul line. rally but them and assured. Pacer second Joe Keller Akron Selze game 'ran 1 fo chance they f furn close Into rouf a Keller had a gren on four of' exght and 14 of 18 line. Bob Webster the Tigers. Dave the Lakemensfene he scored 15. 5 The Jayvees lost up a tough batble. game is Thursday when th' Tigers host the Starpoim Spartans. JV tipoff is at 7 p.mi The Boxscore: W - DSX Wilson Tiger matmen down Wilson The Tiger matmen started the new year with their second win of the season, defeating the Wilson team, 46 to 6, at a Jan. 3 Akron home match. The seas'on's lger .A ,. Q . rent .kron ore twice ' T the Akron forbo Iriffooww-s W -fefv f. .i ..., , ,, " 'fd to eBreclks record In Individual medle Led by Peter Forrestel's with Friday, ,due to the inclemeni weather. The game, to have beer played at Akron, will be i re-scheduled later in the season. ' A J . 1 3 , the s of an Niagara-Orleans standings and the scoring averages for playersare: T. A I helped to boost lgers roar from behind, .game Row I: Maudlin, LJ 4ManagerJ Mrs. Williamsg Row II: Parker, S.g Abrams, C.g Jemison, S.g Doctor, B.g Lindke, C.g Pawlick, K.: Abrams, F.g Lowder, S.g Varo, L.g Bower GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL Under the supervision of Mrs. Williams, this year's basketball team settled' for a tie for 3rd place in the Tri-County League. The team possessed never- ending determination but were overpowered in strength by their opponents. Next year's team will be minus 5 Seniors: Cathy Lindke, Sharon Lowder, Shelly Blueye, Stacey Jemison and Kathy Parker. SEASON RESULTS Akron 23 Attica Akron 32 Batavia Akron 21 Warsaw Akron 21 Pembroke Akron 24- Elba one hundred twelve Cathy Lindke-Capt tl .lx 'A S' gals: I '-' 7:11-'4 1 Sharon Lowder Stacey .lemison Row I: Coach Silvernailg Logan, C.: Bradley, L.: Bauman, K.: Parker, S.: Pask, L.: Abraham, J-3 Claude, A., Bow, D.: Hutchinson, R.: Yousey, T.: Webster, R.: Bassanello, M. f. V FOOTBALL . V BA EBALL Row I: Ormsby, A.: Winne, P.: Dietz, D.: Kedzierski, N., Heberling, D.: Jones, T.: Garrison, W., MGR. Row II: DeYoung, D.: Abrams, G.: Lockhart, J., Farrell, D.: Johnson, B., Koss, J.: Coach Jenkins Row Ill: Coach Silvemail: Ormsby, R.: Barkewitz, T., Fry, D.: Flanders, S., Coffta, J.: Carri- son, J.: Rogers, J.: Bohn, J.: Niezgoda, S., Mello, A.: Knop, M. one hundred thirteen I .L J .1 ' 9 r V s 'L f 1 1 'S 1' A 7 qw , if Q 1,9 Q f , Y -V. ., AL K if Spar J Q wi' Qf f Q 3.36 ,,-3 tx 5' ' I4 0' ll s 0 s 4 , I ' ,,, N -3 ph. Q 'sv fi' Q. v w 1- 4 few Q ww'Q -.g,..fAq""1Ju- ft ' Ax 1, 3 ttt 4" 51' 3? f"" 1'-'f .- - , ' f 2' 115 QM 2 SENIOR HIGH INT J UNI OR HIGH IN TRAM URAL 'NIV' ' . 3 one hundred es ,, Z, X hr 4' bp JR R X 52.1304 .A.1n:v ' , . I x L ,u 4 .fi N Ji, i '3 f'f2QQ'4,"' K 'ujifigzg I fKii4l2i:,'F+ff'ra.f'r:Q'a Q w we ff g 1.',15f,ff:g1"fg2s, " I , ,,fS,fQl5.:',4 3 - x 'n ufhjf '59q,3gZff131ff,jf., Z'3fsQwQf.j'. ,, ,V ' A A " " f " A'f.f'fQx 'w'Kf'x'f' 'FQ "f21.:W' F " "4J... ,. .T-'hifi' if - y Q' ' w Us ,M-5:-yfJi'41+s 4. A . .. V, 4' g ,'5gff,jf,jj .52 f ' u, 4, x, Q-' i' 'i ' ' 4 ' 4 Fzgfff' 4- ,w.w-- fr, - , - , .' ,, 1 .. 'I . - 1' . w djs ., - . - - A f -., 2 " . L ' X 2 1 ,LAS - - ' ' ,gf X M vw ' x ,, X " X , 4 W , n .- ,-V, l seventeen one hundred elbhteen w V Y THERE IS A TIME FOR GIVING 5 Q-+S:E+i .,m.-, , ANK gp I .I , 1 Q-.W V' 2:+z1:++:+:sgq1 fig, ., AKRQNI i R ' - J -L --2r3v - - .vi-wr: f E... . ' ' Q-+,,-, ag, I , M .-m. .K ., ,na 5, if . 1: ' "MQ , 'I N .. 41335.-if jf '-2'g.a3:,g,5''igviegrge-.Ss1zZf1f'24?.E mile 1 Url' . '39 .-ft .sw 'W-nv-2:-fffvx-A4-'Jar'-11. ., 'ff if .u 9.- xi , 1 ' '-9'E"'T Ewan'-fx, . I .ff on 'X A" :Q A T 3 I : 9 si A, ,, E IQW,,:Y2q : 7 I. if 5 W I 'Q .AY Eg? fe f.i..1..f I - -1 5- Y 5- L 1 .,...Hfasi1u -, - x- E 47.4--1 f - 1 , 1 . ,E -A Lange-I , ' 1' 3, e iff f ' f -' :iff - X. A... A -my 1 H ,,:',. I M- 4 , W-...Y-off P ., , 1 T3 I one hundred nineteen GOLD PATRONS BANK OF AKRON PERRY'S ICE CREAM COMPANY SENIOR CLASS STUDENT COUNCIL STRIPPIT DIVISION OF HOUDAILLE INDUSTRIES one hundred twenty SILVER PATRONS BUFFALO SHEET METAL, INC. C 81 E TELEVISION AND APPLIANCE COLD SPRING CONSTRUCTION COMPANY CORBETT LUMBER AND BUILDERS SUPPLY GEORGIA-PACIFIC BESTWALL GYPSUM DIVISION HESS 81 SWEENEY FORD, INC. JOSTEN'S, INC. NATIONAL GYPSUM COMPANY PIXLEY'S BELLS I.G.A. SUPERMARKET, INC. ROCHESTER BUTTON COMPANY DIV. OF CAP-ROC INC. VARDEN STUDIOS WHITING ROLL-UP DOOR SALES CORPORATION one hundred twenty-one PROFESSIONAL PATRONS AAKRON RULE CORPORATION AKRON AGWAY AKRON GREENHOUSE AKRON OIL CORPORATION-SWANSON AKRON OPTICAL COMPANY AKRON SERVICE GARAGE AKRON SHOPPING GUIDE AMAX SPECIALTY METALS, INC. ALEX ULJANOV, M.D. AL'S BARBER SHOP AL ZIMMERMAN OLDSMOBILE, INC. BLEW EQUIPMENT BRACKETT BROS., INC.-EARTHMOVING TRUCKING-PAVING CONTRACTORS CHARLES F. TAYLOR INSURANCE COACHMANS INN CIAMETTI'S BARBER SHOP CORBETT BROTHERS CONCRETE AND HAYDITE BLOCK MANUFACTURING DANDE FARMS COUNTRY CLUB INC. DA-NI RESTAURANT DR. C. F. PHILLIPS EDDIE'S JEWELERS EDWARD A. MATTIOLI FLOYD HITCHCOCK, D.V.M. FRED E. THOMAS AGENCY. INC. GLENDON H. KLINGLESMITH. D.C. GRANT'S AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE GROVER H. BATES-LIFEQINSURANCE GUY'S SUBMARINE JOE'S DELICATESSEN KELLY'S ALLEYS KENDALL EXPRESS. INC. MAX PHELPS OSBORNE'S OASIS PARK LUNCH PARK SUPER INCORPORATED PARK VIEW BEAUTY SALON PETERSON'S PHARMACY RALPH G. STANBURY RENN AND CEISNER ROSS FUNERAL HOME SALVATORE'S BARBER SHOP SHERWOOD HARDWARE STONE'S DRUG STORE SWEENEY CHEVROLET, INC. THE ALADDIN SHOP THE DRUMMER BOY VILLAGE LIQUOR STORE one hundred twenty-two PRIVATE PATRONS MR. AND MRS. ROGER F. DOWNEY MR. AND MRS. JEROLD EDGAR MR. AND MRS. RICHARD GROVES MR. AND MRS. GEORGE MARTINY MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM F. SMITH MR. AND MRS. HENRY CARGES MISS NANCY SUTTER MR. AND MRS. FRANK J. COLUMBUS MR. AND MRS. JOHN ECKERSON MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM ENSER MR. AND MRS. ROBERT GADDIS MR. ALBERT VOSSLER MR. AND MRS. KENNETH J. SIMMONS MR. AND MRS. JACK SILVERNAIL MR. AND MRS. LAWRENCE GILBERT MISS DOROTHY BENSON MRS. ROBERT YOCUM MRS. MILDRED MATTESON MISS LUCIA CHURCHILL MRS. HELEN PENTECOST MR. AND MRS. NIG AND NORMA CHEAVACCI MR. AND MRS. HOWARD COVEL SHARON. BONNIE, AND DARLENE MR. MARTIN BARRETT AND FAMILY ELLEN GARVEY MR. AND MRS. VINCENT ESPERSEN MR. AND MRS. ALLEN LAESE MR. AND MRS. DOUGLAS RANDALL MR. AND MRS. LLOYD CAPAN MR. AND MRS. MARTIN BELSCHER MR. AND MRS. WILLARD M. CROSBY MR. J. MELVIN HOOD STEPHANIE, DAPHNE, AND DARA PACHECO CINDY, MARTHA AND SHIRLEY MR. AND MRS. EDWARD ALLEN MRS. LUCILLE BACHELLER NANCY, MICHELE, AND DEBBIE MR. CRAIG L. MILLER MARTY. RUDY AND MOTH HWES.. JANET, KATHY AND LINDA SHARON, ANGIE AND LIS MR. JAMES BOWER JR. MRS. J. A. BRUSKY MISS G. CHURCHILL MR. AND MR. AND MRS. MR MR. AND MRS. JERRY K. DRAYER MRS. ARTHUR GEORGE JANICE WILLIAMS JOHN GRAHAM MRS. ANGELO SCAPPA one hundred twenty-three A CTIVITIES DIRECTOR Y GRANT CLUB YORKERS Row I: Bromstead, D., Meinzer, K.: Vanice, M.: Criswell, L., Lemanski, S., Klawer, B., Ball, W.: Row II: Frey, J., Cummings, D., Hensen, C., Smith, M., Pohl, S., Snell, L., Confer, K., Valente A., Rosennecker, L., Scarborough, D., Row III: Daley, F., Wideman, J., Iost, R., Hitch- cock, J. Koeller, N., Schnabel, I..., Morgan, I. Penko, M., Newman, D., Pokorski, D., Johnson, C., Muchow, M., Absent: Zelms, D., Depoy, L., Blackman, A OCTAGON YORKER CLUB Row I: Hart, Valente, M., Stapleton. K' Klingelsmith, C., Row II: Brainley, H., Micholek, L., Betzold, M ' 's -9 -1 Sweitzer, J., Kraatz, V., Peters, M., Pogels, L ' Pixley, R., Row III.' Keller, K., Muchow, M., Hofmeier, R., Reichert, C., Smith, K., Lockhart, M., Bluhm ' Sutton, D., Burg, K., Forrestel, A., Row IV: Kraatz, C., Pafk, K., Parzych, I., Re- waldt, B., Trigilio, J., Absent: Bassanello, P., McNutt, V., Thomas, D. , J-. SENIOR HIGH YORKERS fllth and I2thJ Row I: Weaver, L., Conibear, B., Yousey, J., Kraatz, N., Row II: Pogel, K., Cometto, A., Thompson ., , S Ritecz, C., Knapp, S., Hofmeier, L., Pixley, D' Finger, N., Row 111: Mattei, A., Springer, IVI., Bordonaro, M., Milani, P., Peters, J., Blackman, M., Burchell, C ' Eckerson, N., Bluhm, D., Kowalik, S., Row IV: Rebman, C., Keppler, W., Webster, R' Keppler, R., Forrestel, P. -s 'v v Row II: Leavitt, K., Knop, S., Bordonaro, L., Pask, L., Mecca, S., Brauen, K., Cross, L., Brust C., Row III: Coffta, S., Lieb, M., Swiniarski, K., Parzych, M., Holtz, N., Houlihan, E., Peck, C., Bromstead, D., Pask, D., Schoenthal, L., Forrestel M., Row IV: Walker, S., Spears, D., Blish, T., McCon- key, P., Kowalik, R., Baran, S., Barkewitz, T., Forrestel, R., Schoenthal, S. HONOR SOCIETY Row I: Abrams, C., Corbett, A., Richardson, B., Row II: Pogel, K., Cummings, D., Fenton, T., Row III.' Lowder, S., Brackett, D., Eckerson, N., Row IV: Victor, C. STUDENT COURT Row I: Burdick, P., Lowder, S., Row Il: Forrestel, P., Powell, B., Hoctor, M., Fenton, T. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS Row I: Fink, D., Cummings, S., Keller, J., Park- er, N., Row II: Printup, A., Bower, A., Wands, S., Abrams, C., Hartl, M., Row III: Sy, L., Pawlick, K., Ribbeck, M., Bower, B., Baehr, K., INTERNATIONAL CLUB SENIOR HIGH YORKERS f9th and 10thJ Row I: Barkewitz, C., Bluhm, D., Forrestel, M., Row I: Keppler, P., Schnabel, W., Johnson, B., Row II: Victor, C., Holtz, Forrestel, P., Ritecz, Wright, J., Zola, M., C-Z Miller, .I- one hundred twenty-four HI-Y Row I: Mrs. Myra Stapleton-advisor, Row II: Cometto, A., Eckerson, N., Row III: Mattei, A., Thompson, S., DeYoung, M., Row IV: Brucker, I., Yohn, N., Bishop, L., Pogel, K., Row V: Davis, C., Betzold, B., Jacobsen, L., Feld man, K., Row VI: Ellis, M., Mauldin, L., Bordonaro, M., Martin, D. LIBRARY STAFF Row I: Delelys, H., Klehn, S., Reuben, W., Row Il: Cummings, M., Murphy, L., Thayer, R., Row III: Werner, L., Skomski, M., Mrs. Hall, Graebbenstatter, Y., Snyder, S., Cummings, B., Davis, D., Werner, E., Miss Ellsworth SENIOR INDUSTRIAL ARTS Row I: Swader R: Gol l R ' s 7 P, -s Row II: Rung, D., Berghorn, E., DeFries, D., Row III: Mr. Hollenbeck, advisor, Kwiatkowski, S., Noody, M., Schultz, G. MONITORS Row I : Garrett, S., Poulos, S., Reinke, E., Peters, J., Ribbeck, Y., Rosenburg, D., Zitzca, L., Row II: Mr, Hood, Cummings, D., Zitzca, W., Row III: Marquette, W., Kopaz, C., Bower, B., Bower, A., Yousey, B., Cummings, S., Roberts, B., Socha, L., Finger, K., Scotland, I., DeYoung, D. TICKET SELLERS Row I: Betzold, B., Horner, T., Spears, L., Reu- ben, W., Keppler, M., Stanley, L., Row II: Matynka, I., Garrett, C., Yohn, N., Ellis M., Netzley, C., Brunner, N., Row III: Baker, S., Snyder, S., Yousey, I., Porter A., Walters, I., Adamkowski, R., Hoehman, M., Row IV: Perry, L., Varo, L., Stapleton, M., Babel, M., Covert, K., Johnson, N., Remintgon B., Bettio, L., Row V: Bromstead, D., Stuchel, A., Pixley, D., Weaver, L., Cope, N., Conibear, B., Mecca, S., Childs, C., Lauridsen, A. VARSITY CHORALE Row I: Wideman, M., Mattioli, S., Bitterman, J., Betzold, B., Ulanjov, M., McConkey, P., Kennedy T., Spears, D., Hoctor, M., Bordonaro, L., Staebelli G., Pogel, K., Row Il.' Cometto, A., Kahl, J., Knopp, S., Schubel, T., Logan, C., Zola, M., Blacklock, T., Koons, F., Kowalik, S., Eckerson, N., Johnstone, V., Kraatz, N., Row III: Burdick, P., Rodgers, S., Rosenberg, J., Hurne, I., Sy, B., Webster, R., Miller, J., Freeman, J., Arnold, T., Bauman, K., Overholt, P., Peck, L., Lowder, S., Mrs. Groves, Row IV: Garrison, E., Bluhm, D., Fenton, T., Muck, E., Logan, J., Rudolph, K., Stone, D., Kraatz, S., White, R., Corbett, A., Parzych, M., Leeds, S., Covert, K. JUNIOR HIGH BOYS GLEE CLUB Row I: Sescil, D., Jones, A., Reuben, F., Porter, A., Gaskill, R., Krantz, P., Wilkins, C., David, D., Horning, L., Zimmerman, K., Kroemer, P., Forrestel, A., Palizay, K., Row II: Dieterle, R., Blish, D., Brackett, D., Jonathan, K., Williams, D., Nichols, R., Jonathan, I., Reuben, V., Homesburger, G., Salim, S., Daley, F., Morgan, T., Keller, T., Kress, D., Row III: Cory, A., Lorwa, M., Abraham, G., Jost, R., Swiatowy, T., Bauman, C., Hoste, R., Milam, R., Noody, T., Oliver, M., Newman, M., one hundred twenty-five Q 7 Row VI: Finger, K., Muggleburg, R., Peck, C., Kumm, P., Oldenski. S., Schaffer, L., Pask, L.' Yousey, D., Bruning, H., Ceisner, K., Wronowicz, J., Cummings, M., Row IV: Lacki, T., Penko, M., Reigle, S., Baran, R., Coffta, J., Wideman, J., Morrison, R., Lorwa, J., Stahl, R., Goodrige, T., Brauen, S., Graff, C., Rogers, G., Hitchcock, T., Garrison, W., Row V: Schrock, R., Kennedy, M., Berghorn, D., Zelms, D., Scotland, J., Ribbeck, D., Stratton, M., Albrecht, J., Alexander, D., Stocker, M., Hellert, B., Sy, R., Zelms, G., Kraatz, C., Bradley, J., Burg, M., Absent: Trigilio, J., Odell, M., Ewald, K. SENIOR GIRLS Row I: Wideman, M., Mattioli, J., Connibear, B., Staebell, G., Mattioli, S., Thompson, S., Cometto, A., Pogel, K., Bishop, S., Betzold, B., Hofmeier, L., Fink, D., Nicosia, D., Kowalik, S., Row II: Eckerson, N., Bordonaro, M., Brackett, D., Childs, C., Mattei, A., Babel, S., Sword, V., De- Lelys, H., Brewer, J., Rodgers, S., Schoenthal, L., Jalitus, M., Montville, P., Keller, A., Row III: Mrs. Groves, Schoenthal, M., Brockway, J., Bergiers, D., Oldenski, S., Rodgers, D., Fen- ton, T., Covert, C., Lieb, M., Rosenburg, C., Kress, J., DeYoung, M., Leeds, S., Mann, J., Swiniarski, K. JR. HIGH GIRLS GLEE CLUB Row I: Lauridsen, M., McLeod, S., Blackman, A., Skye, M., Campbell, R., Bontrager, D., Valente, M., Printup, D., Kraatz, V., Beckwith, R., Depoy L., Confer, K., Raduns, N., Pagels, L., Row II: Ribbeck, B., Smith, M., Starr, D., Rib- beck, C., Meinzer, K., Bruner, D., Peruzzini, D., George, F., Nicometi, D., Hoehman, C., Spears, L., Cummings, P., Kumro, C., Schnabel, L., New- man, D., Garvey, Row III: Bruning, E., Witnauer, L., Valente, A. Santolini, L., Doxtader, L., Robnett, V., Snyder, L., Domon, D., Johnstone, K., Hart, M., Stapleton, K., Herod, S., McNiff, C., Pann, C., Rogers, K., Steiner, S., Pafk, P., Vanice, M., Ground, V., Row IV: Campbell, R., Cheavacci, M., Sevor, C., Hansen, C., Lemanski, S., Soika, K., Ground, R., 7 S Swiatowy, C., Jemison, V., Thomas, D., Pohl, S., Snell, L., Sweitzer, J., Whiting, N., Bassanello, P., J Dieterle, S., Rihbeck, V., Wagner, C., Peters, ., Betzold, M., Michalek, L., Row V: Koeller, N., Peters, M., Staebell, B., Burg, K., Johnson, S., Berry, S., Troyer, P., Johnson, C., Bluhm, J., Pokorski, D., Eldred, L.' v Cummings, B., Muchow, M., Sweitzer, W., Baker B., Kazmierczak, S., Frey, J., Klawer, B., Cumf mings, D., Row VI: Reichert, C., Lockhart, M., Mirione, M., Jacobsen, V., Noyd, D., Bramley, H., Gerstung, D., Nixon, B., Bromstead, D., Kuraskiewicz, L., Rib- beck, A., Schnabel, N., Rudolph, B., Keller, K., Allen, C., Wright, A., Muchow, M., Burg, M., Absent: Klingelsmith, C., Arnold, S., Steiner, D SENIOR GIRLS Row I: Dieterle, L., Johnstone, V., Stanley, L., Knapp, S., Hoctor, M., Forrestel, M., Kahl, J., Bordon, B., Pask, L., Bitterman, J., Bishop, L., Koons, D., Ceisner, N., Row II: Coffta, S., Bluhm, D., Burdick, P., Martin, S., Adamkowski, R., Babel, K., Johnstone, N., Abrams, C., Perry, L., Yousey, B., Mauldin, L., Lloyd, B., Printup, A., Ritecz, C., Row Ill: Peck, C., Houlihan, E., Werner, E., Jacobsen, L., Rosenberg, J., Sy, L., Lindke, C., Garrison, E., Peck, L., Zelms, J., Finger, K. CONCERT BAND Row I: Brockway, J., Bishop, L., Bordonaro, L., Schoenthal, L., Wilson, B., Cummings, D., Row II: Zelms, J., Parker, N., Finger, N., De- Lelys, H., Jalitus, M., Ceisner, N., Forrestel, M., Brewer, J., Ulanjov, M., Fenton, T., Bishop, S., Steiner, R., Adler, D., Parker, S. Row III: Bitterman, J., Blacklock, T., Schoenthal S., Sowinski, J., Wilson, J., Downey, J., Ander- son, K., Schrock, K., Bork, S., Peters, J., Adler J., Mello, T., Wright, J., Parker, D., Zola, P., Groff, B., Iulg, W., Claude, A., Praprost, E., Gerstung, B. , Row IV: Mauldin, L., Brewer, L., Zola, M., Gar- rison, J., Niezgoda, S., Mr. Columbus one hundred twenty-six A U TOGRAPHS ww X f ' Q., . ' s, z, W 1' ' ' ' ' ' I Q 313, u-.5 av'-'wg Y? 1... A. W my .X 'X 3 Q W "XfW'!Ns A ,,,,.e W .,4v.a.W.. ,fmkwsg " Q fi sz an. Sw, 5 .6- km A 0? 4 X 3. ,. .A Q Wniip-4...., M. .ww- -ww r 4.-Q . WR' , O W, 'fi nit -Q! Jn' I' '5' . .Mx ,, Q S . , vig' : ww. -..S mug xt 1 ..,-x-siwmf ' M4 e z 3 . W ' 5 E 35 . ,-N., R x YOIKVWVEWI f'! Ref Fi, 5.-J I X? su i gs. 25451 lf: QI: ,Ez S22 1.5 1.5 EF 'Er- 1 6 1 f D . I ll UR TUR TUR TUR TURNTUR all llc!! 132 WE? gy? as EE 51 .ik ' f , S 3 5 lk E 1 "T sis? qjlj :Q ' L u ,L Ezqif ig,Q5, iIs5f zligia, 3 39? xii? 556. V vs- A '- Q a , L

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