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 - Class of 1968

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'Vf . L Q. .ht ' V 1:4511 1 ur, . XR ,K -,r 1 ns f . - V' 't , If -Q My 54. . - , . I-""', 1 S 's 15-5 ' rx., A A " 'W T' Q. .'1,- X A 'aff N r.. '- rv s Q 183 -,fr ,. Q- ,. 1+ f f "H-A-0,51 iviv, r, 4 -. , " u-in ':-gw ' ' 'N xii?" ' -fiffm ,-A 1 A-I L JA Y. - , ,J-l 5 'ia -'Q . f rf-1 iv . -SL 7 . W AX' "f- 1 v"'?fi'nf-gi W. A. 1 A I V 5 X961 Q' " 12' ' uflfxqn '5 -W . Y ' " Q -h x"g " " f 'I-V ,.1,'A!"',ff-f I'-fy 4 1 "u V N 1 ' -. " J -- rg, , .A-Q ,Q 1 -ff'-fa A-.. ., kgf,f'm-,,'A., f. Ni: lx:-'N ' -- ., J V -h -v wif r. fgt .. f . I. . v QL P Y 4 Q 1 J vi -- -1 I'-"Q 9' ,, ., -,..g'r-495,-5" .av A5 '...JLJ ' 1 .Q ,, Q' " ff' ' , 'W '2..I,5'Y' ,. ff -14-ew ' 'W J 13' "'-4-- ':v'P'.:- -S - A ' X I M-4. ' f WIA A .J-,. -V, - -L T ' Q - , . " '-""i""1 -e ' 'W f 3Aw9fQ2i' , 9, 'Aw A 1 -- P ,V ' 15, A fb --W, V' w: .-.1,f 1 , -,..1--H . , , ' . . s " 'U-J' ' v , ' ' Q- - NN4- 'V ' Fi' . A , ,, 2 .,, 1,4 f 9, , W. ,..-, yawn, " ,. A . A V' ' . '11 fl. ,sk ixhp , ,,. ,. ,Q . , A 'J-J.. . M' ---- 'N' Q k " ' I - . A fx " ' ff. ' W., K - ' ' 518 - ' N t Jw -,Mil ' ' .AA 2 5 UTA, 1 -. K 'N' A I 4,39 fR..u ww' . I 'Y' H 5 1 ,V f"'+gws-fh4w- , . Mu... --. N.. -A. - h ' ,V X '-my ...f- W M if . Vg Nj' f-1p.p--: A F - g- -1 5 V " ... -'N 'Iv ' - .-... I .9-s- ,nw X gp 3- ' 'M A .iv ' H' V in I N - ' -' ' Q mu- A! 1. 'f 'W x 6 Ni an N vqillyv' Q .. T, 4 ., t wh A . f N - ,Ml K Y,-'WM la., nr" und-,.,,, .., wh uhm a--W H A nk, 1 , aqntw Q ' v -,Amps . . N, a A X I ,, n T V ' -Ig, ,, . M .V 'V , V' f - . 'X 4 1'-L' ' "' X . ds 1. ,,,-'mu gi' 'I ,p ?, fkwqgyg ' V 'x ' 4' r . , wx ' fr '- v A -' 'Q -Q Q., in' f,1W"' 7 .W A -- mu , iff-,A 'lull F . ' ' , 'V' x is 16.53" 3, Jig? ,H ry? Q jig 'V I I , X X k 'Q 'X Q 4' ' S fl? Q-yuh Af C f' 4 5 , ski. 2 nl t i W ,M if in , f . W N iii? F ' -:H , 'W i. in 1 x. 1 'I 'IQ , ' WX 6 , f L ig 1 mx .,- .f'Wl"fY.f 1. r-nv, -1--- .. :wrxanxyfh-NA vin' b r-"+ 1-sag... 'WN--w-.VV I., I 527' Vi' ".'l-551,545 if ' W. 11. 4 P il 1- ,im H-sf., n.'AftK'2eQI -Q -.3 , 'W' W,-fro N fin,-Q C ..'-W . -cr' , 'fffvf wi.-fy., -, , lxx- ' ' f,. -1' f 9-3 .va-61. - mf' 31? 'N f' - f gen. A 'V vm 'wwf-N ff' S 5 : - fp ' , :, -'vi .vip-L'1v'0xf.,..,,g1 -,'u,,-45.5-v-,g-9 'N ,1 , , -1 -:Jw ' ,A Q .4 . ugh. eg: g :ig-3.33 ,QA " ,A fygvwff ' MfS5ggf,,4,,,ig , ,,,g,,, 1 K Y. , X if 1 '-4:2 .ughbfng -,' eyfqvgn Q-1 fig, N f-fr' 5, : ' A, -f- .w.ffx2,,,W,s3g5 mx ' - v . . W .--V V ' 1-gk? A ,J-3. N ' 'f f--Q f'- .g,-fp-M V , -, ' ,ff I 4 ' .KK - I -"'wif'?g,Qf'M'T'7f.:w3.n-,,h.- ff-fgf-Wh, N '-1 'i Q W., -. 6 M' " - 'ff 5 88 w f 4 - twxQfg:'?"?51':'5-visit, M4 - , . ff M' iv ' fe A, - I 1 I . ' ,M -'ffm W ,-rQ,..:,1 ,M , ,,, -. P 3 , .. W . , -u. - , 5 .,4L.-- , ,,,4::' q3ii11'm,f-:?'?f,i., - 4.,:N..,,,., ffpw-, 3'-'iw ' ' , M , ,. . X1-.31 ' , QQ, f. J' " "",,i:'-"",S-4f2i,"K"' 'M-1 'L V? ?"'2 -,.., -1, , . lm 1-f.,., 1 , 9 4,4 - .vw -'L-' fx, fwf 9' 7 'M ,,,.iff--'.m::"f q,,,,r,,-1 L: L15 16, f. .4 'Q Y, Q V --Jia ,. rs A . ' TTT vi P1 1-4 fx . J f' Wi-'Eze-'.fU7M.. "'?WI-mwgzff I . , , Y 1 . . , , 'Wm i 'Af V3 fH'.'?f'fa -1- 'fm 7. f - - ,f. , .- ,MSN sq- x 2, A 1 ,-,5f'Ziff5s21g,mg.l,f5f?-QWIW5 . A w v -4 W X .. y . H+ ' ' f- 2 ibm 'Q . if 1- "+.f"'-' ,gm-. "257""' .. L . - f --u ' x- '1',' f., L. 1.4 "fm lf '-, k .ww--,,,q-,W 1W,, mw1gj5g4W,q" ff m5g:Qf3w,,-'f, f v 1 'Q -VX' tis- lin "QF-1,.' 'Q Qi! ,f 'wma- gq V - ,M QV - H u ,. ' :+,,'mi:.,..,,, ', - ff? N, '- - -"""'. ' - f'1"++- 4 ,!:539i"W. ,xrw1M,,'3:v-N-.,f minus- :ag L. 4 'N ww.. 'f' 1. - V -K 1 SIL- f"'f- Zi' 'f'4'f'L '51, 'Q-1-1' N - ' ai wwf f. . Q was-15 YQ . x.,+ ::+fw.::M yin-.Q in V. e . , f .,.q,"5,.:ff Ai 1f:qa , L:-W' -a Elf xi,A Mg, V -:ga-,,,-gk X N ,Irvs 'ZJS1 K 412w,fm.Wj,i - ie.. ', mQQmEe-1ve,,se.'4Zi . 3 - , ' . 55,5 , ,A , wg , , "isa ,fl W, V 3- mln -.. 3' Aww 1 H fly-.i' 5-'ifl ff' -V . w '- -' is . , M' ,Aa I M' N '- ' 1.5 , W av' 4, , , R-'A ,gf ,sxrb-ff, ' .'?'1" .. .. ' . 'W'- - 4, f. " , K ",'- Q -4 ,. , .- , A , Q N .fin 6 - , '4 f -V - 'W -'fy , fm M, .ff ,R v 'uf f -.V .Q Mpgglgaw, e ' 'S 2' www - . Y, . 1, 'X fi - 5' -"2-in-IW x . ,HT 1, M511 "Q, A Q "' " yi -., ,ik xl, 4, V, , A. ,gui N M ,Y 1 1 .,, . My 5, WY, vp -. "' Q" m?"g " "'H. "f1-' . E ' ', 'J ' E,-. 'N gl F,53'7,.sv 'nfl . +- :fb ' , xii ' ff Alf! 'K V -.. Qigg Aim? V 6 V, K ' .Qrh iv V1 V. -, nw , ' ,L -SQL '- ' ,'a ,f WL, Q ' 1 Q A K t.f,,,B-guys , , ,. w , L 'v ., , :V N L, . Q 9 Xujjm ins , , wgufuaw' lf 9'-+ gt N M asf-F X 4-' fi 4 me -N Y-ffgg, " " g 1 Air' , , . WMM if avg H an , im? w,4,,,,V,i 'N gwyg W A., Y A A V if .kim F Y' V A A ' ' 2, " A if ' ,, my , X' Y V , ,gf M V - g1W '2g V,, 'QWk V , V1 W-S , 'FN 5 ,iefgql-ff. , 1-M, -. V 'f 3354, " ' f 1 . 2. is Q ' 'X ' V 4 2 '- A m E , - ' M, -, N, W, M, fr ji, , , ! ,' 'fr Q ,i,,, W' L 2 "' 97' mi a w L 3 , i ' W 1 7 XR V X f , ' '- 11-. ' Ilf ' Q - " ' 'W K f 2 -Q L.V.k,a H ' I ' K swf L N, 'Wx , 5 'A ff , 'f N. V 5 2 A ggiihl ' ' I 'Vi 'W W aim' . W. we ' , ff' ' F, ' wsu? L. . Y V M . L . ,, .A mi . , f T4 . H if A' HV- . V 7 ,1 an J Li' Q.. V :5 Y 1f:,g1"-1552 wr ' A QQ W, Nggf-QQ , 54 - f Q y ' f m , wi 'UT 2 ry , in may N KW "-, 1,57 -,-' iff- ' - ' A .Mi L A . mi i I K E I I r I968 AKRONITE presented by THE JOLIRNALISM CLASS of AKRON CENTRAL SCHOOL ADVISOR: MR. JERRY EDGAR EDITOR! JUDY SMITH BUSINESS MANAGER: ROGER MECCA MR. JOHN ECKERSON THE ECKERSON FAMILY 'YZF DEDICATIO As the advisor to the class of 1968, Mr. John Ecker- son's continued acceptance of our ideas and support of our plans have instilled in us a deep sense of gratitude and respect. Therefore, the Journalism Class decided to dedi- cate this issue of the Akronite to him. After graduating from A.C.S., Mr. Eckerson attended Syracuse and Cornell Universities. He obtained post graduate instruction at Canisus College and the University of Buffalo. Mr. Eckerson has been teaching science at Akron Central since 1948. We, the class of '68, deem it an honor to dedicate our Akronite to Mr. Eckerson, who has been a continued source of inspiration and enthusiasm to his students for 20 years. OUR FEARLESS LEADER MEMCRIAM LELAND MEYER To the man who himself strives earnestly, God also lends a helping hand. JUDY CORY PATRICIA BALCH And, while with silent lifting mind I've trod A person's real possession is his memory, The high untrespassed sanctity of space In nothing else is he rich, in nothing else is he poor. Put out my hand and touched the face of XON A +""" I MR- HAROLD JOHNSON MR. VINCENT ESPERSEN JR.-SR. HIGH SCHOOL PRINCIPAL MR- EDWARD ALLEN ELEMENTARY PRINCIPAL DISTRICT PRINCIPAL BOARD OF EDUCATION Row 1: Arthur Charlesg Mrs. Louise Harringtong Norman Schleefg Row 2: Roger Kraatzg Richard Forrestelq Jarvis Brand: Absent: Plinn Witt MRS. LILLIAN LAESE MR. ALBERT LUCIA PRIMARY SUPERVISOR MR. STANLEY VICTOR GUIDANCE DIRECTOR SS MANAGER V'? ' ?5i?Ef ' I sie- . 5 5 gm SEEK' PE' 1 . E! E GLISHA DLA GLIAGE Row 1: Mrs. Mona Gaddis, Mrs. Arlene Pacheco, Mrs. Barbara Dabolt, Mrs. Mary Cooley, Mrs. Ann Brooks, Row 2: Albert Vossler, Arthur George, Jerry Edgar, Wal- ter Tomczak, John Rex. SCIENC .ow iz Henry iarges, Mrs. iladys Brown, ieorge Martiny. .ow 2: Myron Pembrow, John ckerson, Douglas Randall. f 7 HISTQRY Row 1: Miss Mary Richardson, John Kelener, Wil- lard Crosby, Jerry Drayer, Miss Linda Smith. Row 2: Martin Belscher, Frank Helwig, Laurence Stock, Dennis Lane. MTH Row 1: Miss Nancy Vogt, Mrs. Mary Galandak, Mrs. Myra Stapleton. Row 2: Mrs. Mary Free, Grover Bates, Mrs. Verna Smith. ii"ss,' -. il , VOCATIONA Row 1: William Enser, Miss Gertrude Churchill, Mrs. El- len Brusky, Mrs. Ann Brooks, Mrs. Ann Ludwick, Albert MacCoy. Row 2: Mel- vin Hood, Leon Hollenbeck, Richard Rozelle, Richard Latko, Marvin Suttel. PHYSICAL EDUCATIO AN HEALTH low 1: Thomas Wetzen, Jack Silvernail, Angelo lcappa. Row 2: Mrs. Janice Williams, Mrs. Lucille Bacheller. MUSIC gow 1: Frank Columbus, Miss Marilyn arlin. Row 2: Richard Jenkins, Joseph Valente. SPECIAL SERVICES low 1: Albert Lucia, Miss enevieve Kozuchowski. ow 2: Mrs. Janet Morgan, rs. Ellen Brusky, Mrs. yra Stapleton. in 5423.115 IXTH GRADE Row 1: Mrs. Catherine Bates, Mrs. Alice McCool, Mrs. Helen Shisler. Row 2: Mrs. Eileen MacCoy, Mrs. Nancy Brady. FIFTH GRADE Row 1: Mrs. Carole Kumm, Mrs Bonita Jones, Mrs. Moneda Hartzler bel Stage. FOURTH GRADE Row 1: Mrs. Jane Holliday, Mrs. Lois Mauldin. Row 2: Mrs. Arlene Weeks, Mrs. Angela Jost. Row 2: Miss Karen Muchow, Mrs. Isa- THIRD GRADE Jw 1: Mrs. Ruthann Stowell, Mrs. Gladys Jcum, Miss Shirley Graf. Row 2: Mrs. Mildred atteson, Mrs. Florence Albright. SECOND GR DE .ow 1: Miss Maureen McEwan, Mrs. Iajorie Pafk, Miss Statia Ogden. Row : Mrs. Sidney Russell, Mrs. Pauline .tassi. FIRST GR DE 'ow 1: Mrs. Carol Brady, iss Marcia Gere, Mrs. yce Ford. Row 2: Mrs. ' ladys Siemesz, Mrs. Elea- or Putney. KI DERGARTE ARTA D HEALTH Row 1: Mrs. Helen Pentecost, Miss Dorothy Ben son, Mrs. Doris Brackett. Row 2: Miss Luci Churchill, Mrs. Ellen Garvey. PHYSICAL EDLICATIO A DMU I Row 1: Mrs. Maxine Walters, Mis- Joyce Mitzel, Mrs. Albertina Espersen Row 2: Theodore Stapleton, Car Schleich. SPECIAL SERVICE Row 1: Mrs. Emma Gilbert Mrs. Nancy Chambers. Ro 2: Peter Sloan, Mrs. Lourde Busch. OFFICE STAFF Jw 1: Mrs. White, Miss Green, Miss Reber. Row 2: Mrs. Vain, Mrs. Rudolph, Mrs. Bernsdorf, Mrs. Becker. iD' 3LIS DRI ER .ow 1: Mrs. Pohl, Mrs. Boskat, Mrs. Heard. .ow 2: Mr. Phelps, Mr. Bates, Mr. Mast, Mr. teiner, Mr. Tkaczyk, Mr. Baker. IAAINTENANCE STAFF Row 1: Mrs. Zola, Mrs. Drachen- berg, Mrs. Lawrence, Mrs. DiSi- mone. Row 2: Miss Mann, Mr. Blish, Mrs. Swiniarski, Mrs. Ellis. I FETERIA TAFF Row I: Mrs. Iulg, Mrs. Eddy, Mrs. Printup, Mrs. Zola, Mrs. Drachenberg Mrs. Cummings, Mrs. Forst- ner, Mrs. Leavitt. Row 2: Mrs. Wolak, Mrs. Go- eske, Mrs. Riggio, Mrs. Young Mrs. Keller, Mrs. Lowder, Mrs Covel, Mrs. Abraham, Mrs. Fal- sioni, Mrs. Wyder, Mrs. Halecki Mrs. Kinne, Mrs. Schultz. I3 1 SY, NIGER YOU STAND AT THE PINNACLE A CHANNEL FOR MIGHTY OF LIFE, AND YOU CAN BE STREAMS OF POWER." SANDRA BEGIERS RONALD BERRY DEBRA BENZIN GER ROBERT BREGE MICHAEL BEST ,,x.,. we -N., . , ,. ,V f, f .f J A THING T0 WEAR R ,, 1, ,,-f . ,.f .1 ,,g,, - ,... ,.W, U AVKA. ,,m,, AX kvk. , Vk.k KT ki idk. ,W .-Wi: if-f.f5f?2 iEIXZ .EL-fffii Ying '51 fy f - '..tf,,f,.i- i YGLIR DREAMS COME TO TURN THEM SUSAN BLISH 3 3 sign!" Q 5 KEITH BORDONARO TRUE WHEN YGU ACT INTO REALITIES." KATRINA BRAHMER MARY BREWER MARSHA BRAUEN KEVIN BRUNING g 2 - W - MARY BRUST NANCY CARROLL EVERY MAN'S WORK IS A Ess3ii,.,,,,,.4.,2 SANDRA CEISNER PORTRAIT GF HIMSELF ANN COVEL 'll DAVID CORY BRENDA COWAN 2I "A MAN IS RICH HE IS, NOT ACCGRDING MARSHA CUMMINGS PATSY DEAN ACCGRDING TO WHAT TO WHAT HE HAS." E LAWRENCE DRAPER ONE OF THE BIGGEST FROM DOING DARRYL ERRICK I' I. JAMES FINCH THRILLS IN LIFE COMES A JOB WELL." CAROL F INK WILLIAM FREEMAN "IT'S RIGHT TO BE YOU HAVE BUT NEVER CONTENTED WITH WHAT WITH WHAT YGU ARE." JAMES GOESKE ROBERT HAMMOND "SUCCESS IS GETTING HAPPINESS IS WANTING PAULA HIBBARD RONALD JEMISON WHAT YQU WANTs WHAT YOU GET." CHERYL KING JOYLEEN KELLER LARRY KLINGELSMITH 29 THE GREATEST CALAMITY BUT T0 HAVE CAROLYN KUBIS S NOT TO HAVE FAILED FAILED T0 TRY." RONALD MANNING LIFE IS IOM WHAT YOU MAKE KEITH MCLEOD KATHLEEN MCLEOD ROGER MECCA 'IH I DAVID MIRRIONE IT AND 90W HOW YOU TAKE IT." WILLIAM MOLESKI 3 3 I E ! JAMES NEWCOMB MARY M UGGELB ERG BARBARA NEWMAN THE MQRE DIFFICLILT THE ONE BECCDMES AFTER MICHAELENE NIEZGODA OBSTACLE, THE STRCDNGER HLIRDLING IT." DEBORAH PAFK DEVEREUX PASK SUSANNE PAGELS KAROL PAWLICK 35 CHARACTER IS PRCDPERTY NOBLEST QF MARGARET PORTER FREDERICK REBMANN IT IS THE POSSESSIONS." DOUGLAS REMINGTON DIANA REUBEN JOSEPH REMSEN MARLENE RIGGIO WEEE EE "THE REAL PURPDSE QF MAKE A LIVING, BUT TC WELL- ROUNDED, OUR EXISTENCE IS NOT TO MAKE A LIFE- A WGRTHY, USEFUL LIFE." SHIRLEY STACKHOUSE i THERE lSN'T ANY MAP GN YQU HAVE TO FIND MARDELL SUNDOWN - THE ROAD TO SUCCESS YOUR OWN WAY." CHRISTINE SUTTON A ..:' if f ' I BONNIE TOTTEN KAREN WAGILE SUE WALTERS "WHEN SUCCESS HEAD, HE IS FACING TIMOTHY WALKER u 1, ,A.A f xl. g -J, ..,. A 4 PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE JAMES WILSON TURNS A PERSON'S FAILURE." MARK WILSON 1 I w MARY ELLEN WITKOWSKI WALTER YOUNG , I PATRICIA WITKOWSKI ROBERT ZIMMERMAN MARGARET WAITHE 5 STEVEN ZIMMERMAN 6' ' This year Akron was proud to have as its foreign exchange student Margaret Waithe of Barbados, West Indies. Margaret is staying with the Edward Yousey family on Hunts Corners Road and has four American sisters and one brother. Back home Margaret, being the oldest, also has four sisters and a brother. Her father is a jeweler in Barbados. One of Margaret's most memorable experiences was seeing Niagara Fallsg she also enjoyed the first snow that fell in Akron. Margaret finds school here very interesting and the students friendly. She feels very honored to have had this experience in America and hopes to return someday soon. All of us join in wishing Margaret the best of luck in the future. Nfxfia 'A - wa , 13253 5 aw SENIOR BABY PICTU RES 1. M. Brauen 2. P. Witkowski 3. M. Shisler 4. J. Kostanciak 5. A. Forrestel 6. R. Snell 7. M. Porter 8. C. Kubis 9. N. Carroll 10. M. Niezgoda ll. J. Eckerson. class advisor 12. J. Lawrence 13. P. Kyser 14. M. Cummings 15. D. Pask 16. D. Pafk 17. K. Fiegl 18. C. Stratton 19. S. Bassanello 20. R. Brege 21. B. Eckert 22. R. Mecca 23. K. Borden 24. R. Zimmerman 25. L. Cantie 26. J. Odell 27. J. Abraham 28. K. Pawlick 29. K. Wagile 30. B. Totten 31. T. Walker 32. B. Newman 33. R. Hammond 34. K.8aK. McLeod 35. S. Pagels 36. D. Benzinger 37. S. Cummings 38. M, Muggleberg 39. S. Begiers 40. M. Staebell 41. M. Brust 42. M. Riggio 43. P. Hibbard 44. W. Young 45. B. Corbett 46. J. Smith 47. S. Ceisner 48. N. Baker 49. C. Sutton 50. A. Uljanov 51. B. Cowan 52. R. Peters 53. J. Keller 54. D. Nicosia 55. B. Schuler 56. J. Socha 57. C. King 58. D. Remington 59. M. Wilson 60. R. Kumro 61. W. Hawes 62. R. Berry 63. M. Brewer 64. B. Martiny 65. D. Dietz 66. L. Ottaviani 67. M. Witkowski 68. K. Brahmer 69. F. Rebmann 70. S. Steiner 71. Cv. Cummings 72. S. Zimmerman. iw'-. ,,. sw-I ' 1 5, 'V 1 sa SEN i IOR CLASS HIGHLIGHT f i QW- tap W- ' "uf ' '15f1t.4ir,'-' wwigzwf' A tuwi' ,Q 1.-n,?eifeg I Q V , mv. fi - Q1 Gi s l,.i1:.t.t,.. ff un ...S ll kgs? i 1511 VT , ..x, it new W rf, rm. if nl - V , If has been Saidl be 'iff'Yoiiieecan tell a freshman by his inexperienced lookg Zne, , , Ae Zii 1 el, 5 ,,h 5 You can tell a sophomore by his jaunty walkg S iiiiise Woufean tell a junior by his confident airg syi i.,sri , ,sis yi,r sBuf Wu Cafff tell 3 SENIOR anYthlng-N -,i, WYI ,.rf 2 ivyy r.1,- 1-2'-1'-lf I if we sponsored an informal winter dance under the srih P jauhty sophomores, we held a very successful dance, "Surfin' Safari," .Qlli Qlgii ofleetourtjunior year included two dances under the themes "Psychotic x HQ . ' . ortly after, the ever-confident junior boys tackled r'1t with is-Eqtvtwfi' , i ,s .,-X , ,V ,V ,,. gi'ffEithrE5r p rl S he Public health with a bake sale. The J unior-Sen- will 1 , ,fril- - -6 uv, y Nlys end to., ities of our action-packed junior year. l erti if A t . .s . . . '1AsrrourQlTrnaliyear dawne , 3, r 1tlS,, set in, and we were soon caught in the swirl I -"t - 'nfl - . ' - - tv asurements, and the ordering of graduation an. iiii' Menibersitof t Q -f f class cabinet were as follows: Qeri is L 1 - ,,.f s- .fi ,::V. 1 P . W v - sls. e,,, ,1,. V? - - - - v elrl esldent: William Freeman TQ gg f - ident: William Hawes 'iyz - - Q ,s e - Secretary: istine Sutton , er: , 215 ara Eckert X yt xgi, waz'f'.'-:il5,v,,Q.,m l..,. A 'W . S 'lt sire e i l1IZtf?QtZBprf-rsgtrlftat es: arolPawl1ck ,lps ,oyy 1 y y eith McLeod r lf,e, r J Q 9' n6iI?31i resernra ve: K ser re ,, . it 'A W 2 W ' wt", 'af L " M--L-'l'M l7f'Ql f f", ver- 1 - f 4 sssl 1 aal'l 2 wg,,.,v e 50 N A V X uztvlxgg. . , - . ., ,.,,,su.,,: ,. 2 f at - - ieea S as . , ,Wag s , ,ilu .-1e -1 ' ., may . f 55 at , -f . 1 4 K ' ,g Qr,l 1 was filled. activities including a "Love-in', dance,ga "so featured local pop bands, a chicken barbecue and a sucoessfulfeeyeaniendedfvvith the Senior Banquet, Senior Picnicifiand Prom with the theme "Driftin, and Dreaminlf' 'p,, to exipressiiilts sincerefgratitude to all its student officers and to Mr. Eckerson, who have made its four high school years well vvorthigemembering. ' S -5 S JR.-SR. PROM June, 1967, was the long awaited date. As the clock 9 p.m. the front walk began to fill with anxious ready for a memorable evening. Decorated in hues of red and pink to the theme of ll nr and Roses " the cafeteria was the scene of Moon g , uch merriment. As midnight approached, excitement ounted to its peak. At twelve the court chosen to eign over the Prom was crowned. The King and Queen ere Michael George and Diane Iulg. Thomas Lau- idsen and Nancy Carroll were chosen Prince and Prin- CSS. This delightful evening came to a close as the court d the final dance. SENIOR CLA SS FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP As the football season ended the Seniors were well represented. Through a fine team effort, Akron again felt the impact of a victorious season. The picture shows co-captains Bill Freeman and Bob Zimmerman receiving the trophy for Akron's cap- ture of the N-O League Championship. Seniors named to the All-Star Team were: Joe Remsen, Bob Zimmerman, Walt Young, Bill Freeman and Jim Abraham. ACTIVITIE THE LOVE IN As love is this year s world wide motto the Senior also contributed its share of love A Love in REFRESHMENTS During the past year the Senior Class has been focusing their efforts toward the selling of refreshments featuring the Plague was held in October. Hip and the mod generation showed up for the fun and All in all the Love-in truly proved to be successful. at various games and dances Their weekly efforts were not in vain as the sale of refreshments was beneficial to the class treasury as well as refreshing to the crowds. 1- P 01111 A "5Q fo63 if G A 'F K o ff.w-zsaezmf 'if - fi V' H, g i A x ,.A.. jf f' -?f7'gig'- L I I ' iT'.'.'1ii1lQQ' Wi- --4-f ia' J- f' ' y f WJ f gi VK lv I gwx -F n. , R -iff A-wx , f - -,N - X 1, , sb' 3 N , 1 XA I Qffghqmuu yn :iggLAP,Qf..- fad: rv ' f' 5 X Wh 54: 1 mi Wx x dl X 1-e":'I,: xsucmgs' " fl ww V O 3 N wamxlf if Miwisgw ,, K' s Q51 K ' WAS- Ta 5' 1 ? gl Q s 4' the T1ger atr Hiif' ' A 4, 'Zxf ' .L faq AK-P 9' Wfqf 9' T' Q2 - 0 Q 9 A ' af P QZQQ um " A SSL jsrrong .1f2Eggems2A1' for the . was: A ' ,.:f51gan!s"'Y ,Q-2' . i,Xw1zL- Wil sci' 7? V S The ug Mecima .st two' looting of lme imp in r' .ES . Foury guref use vfem 10. 1 HWi tim' ,1'al1iTfan 82,3 of I P 9 E W" ix A vb ODP, to stopifther L ' ,.,.,corcgq anqyher 580' M WilSon"'SPAextfQa,,,' L 'QP' -was good, and af 009 CLASS GF I969 In their freshman year, the class of '69 was advised by Mr. Canfield. After getting organized, they held a dance featuring the Druids. As sophomores, they held a dance in the spring featuring the Spectres. The class was advised by Mr. Enser. This year, again under Mr. Enser's "watchful eye", they sold sweatshirts and booster buttons, held a dance, and had a carwash-bake sale. They also purchased class rings and helped sponsor the annual Jr.-Sr. Prom. It proved to be a very busy year for these kids, especially the cabinet: PfCSid6I1I2 Gretchen Staebell Vice-president: Sharon Lowder Secretary: Bonnie Powell Treasurer: Janet Matrioli Student Council: Debra Martin Student C0l1rt: Thea Fenton Sharon Thompson Row lg Capan, J: Babel. S: Overholl. P: Milani, P: Keller, J: Capan, J: House, B: Bordonaro, M: Golpl, T: Mr. Martiny Row 2: Frank, P: Wronowicz, L: Socha, B: Lowder, S: Fries, D: Groff, B: DeYoung. M. Row 3: Kraatz, S: White, B: Kasperek. K: Schmigel, D: Moleski, W. Absent: Poulos. K: Starr, B: Sundown. V: Miller, C: Remsen, R. Row lg Bishop, L, Pogel, Kg Yohn, Ng Cummings, D, Olszewski, J, McLeod, Dg Mr. Rex Row 25 Burchell, C, Anderson, K: Ciurzynski, C, Wilson, B: Muck, E, Kwiatkowski, S. Row 3: Dennis, Eg Holtz, Jg Keller, J. Absent, Geyer, C, Honsberger, Eg Keller, J 3 Smith P5 Swimline, Dg Winter, L, Richardson, B, Logan, J' Schultz, G: Swader, Rg Fry, K5 x a 54 li.. ' Row l: Staebell, G. - Schaefer, L.: Brackett D.: Eckerson, N.: Zola P.: Yousey, B.: Baehr COWHIL F.: Miller, J. ViCf01'. C.: Absent: Wag ner, M.: Bork, S.: Gopl R.: Pafk. D.: Rung. D. Becker. G.: Stuber, T. Row 1: Mattioli, J.: Brust, W.: Lloyd, J.: Sword, V.: Spears, L.: Jemison, S.: Peck, L. Row 2: Fenton, T.: Garrison, E.: Berghorn, E.: Abrams, C.: Hurne, J.: Schumacker, J. Row 3: Corbett, A.: Hudomint, O.: Noody, M.: Ritecz, W.: Logel, M.: Thayer, R.: Mr. Rozelle. Absent: Bartram, M.: Cummings, B.: Hanson, M.: Noody, L.: Rodgers, D.: Roggen, M.: Witkowski, P.: Freeman, W. 55 K.: Parker, K.: Mr. Hel: Wig. Row 2: Groff. L.: Morrison. A.: Powell, B.: Knumro, D.: Clark, S.: Llndkc. K.: Koons. F. Row 3: Martin. D.: Moore, R.: Jacobsen, L.: C ASS QF I9 O In their freshman year the class of '70 was quite busy. They held a combined bake sale, car-wash in May which was very successful. They also took up a collection for Melvin Brege. This year, under the capable guidance of Mr. Crosby, the sophomores had a bake sale, a dance, and a car-wash. The officers for this busy year were Row 1: Furminger, C., Coni- bear, B., Kopacz, A., Hoc- tor, M., Domon, B., Swader, D., Bluhm, D., Muggelberg, R., Mr. Vossler. Row 2: Re- gan, R., Noody, P., Altrogge, D., Pechuman, H., Zimmer- man, C., Baker, S., Geddes, J. Row 3: Kelkenberg, R., Bernier, G., Leavitt, D., Claude, A., Werner, E., Rus- sell, C., Houlihan, M. Row 4: Winter, E., Reuben, L., Skel- lon, R., Gronau, M. Absent: Swiatowy, S., Bower, J. Row 1: Wands, S., Bower, A., Bettio, L., Grabben statter, Y., Kraatz, N., Hatswell, M., Mecklen- burg, D., Schumacher, J. Row 2: Johnstone, N. Richardson, T., Borden, R., Downey, M., Ritecz, C., Covert, K., Troyer, T., Moleski, C. Row 3 Pawlick, K., Giertz, F., DeVille,-R., Brewer, J. Abraham, J., Webster, R., Bitterman, J. Absent Battaglia, P., Edwards, D., Freeman, J., Peters, J 56 President: Sue Kowalik Vice-President: Diane Bluhm Secretary: Barbara Borden Treasurer: Ken Bauman Student Council: Dennis Remington Student Court: Nancy Finger Row l: Reynolds, M.: Bet- zold, B.: Prapost, E.: Abrams, C.: Haas, R.: Pix- ley, D.: Mauldin, L. Row 2: Kenney, K.: Finger, K.: Cummings, D.: Blackman, D.: Schultz, K.: Schoenthal, M.: Kahl, J. Row 3: Johnson, D.: Kress, J.: Denton, J.: Steiner, R.: Asmus, R.: Yousey, J. Row 4: Foster, A., Parker, E.: Hart, D.: Stanley, Cv. Absent: Brant, S.: Ger- stung, B.: Parker, J. Row l: Borden, B.: Bedford, R.: Cope, N.: Weaver, L.: Hofmeier, L.: Domon, L.: Kowalik, S.: Rosenberg, C. Row 2: Nehrboss, B.: Gaskill, J.: Brockway, J .: Holov- ics, S.: Ribbeck, M.: Fry, K.: Doktor, B.: Logan, C Row 3: Peters, D.: Bauman, K.: Walker, S.: Glomb, B. Ewald, K.: Adler, J.: Remington, D.: Wik, M. Absent Starr, S.: Bow, D.: Shisler, T. 57 v CLASS OF I97I This year's freshman got a good start in th f e art o profit making Under Miss Richardson, the class had a bake sale in December which proved to be successful They also sponsored a dance in February. This eager class was led by a fine CHblHCtCOl'lSlStlI1g Of: Row l: Bordonaro, L., Koons, D., Regan, J., Stan ley, E., Voigt, G., Skye, W. Parker, C., Thompson, P. Mr. Tomczak. Row 2 Wolfe, R., Schoenthal, L. Winter, C., Dieterle, L., Lau ridsen, D., McGregor, C., Granke, G. Row 3: Kedzier- ski, N., Uljanov, M., Groff, B., Stiles, L., Jalitus, M., Ol- denski, S. Row 4: Mann, J. Remington, B., Peck, C., Yousey, R., Ribbeck, M., Crane, C. Absent: Burdick, P., Doctor, H., Leeds, S. Row 1: Clark, K., Mattioli, S., Ribbeck, M: Ken ney, s., srrrcheli, L., ooipi, J., Fink, of Karcher, R., Mrs. Free. Row 2: Zitza, W., Horner, T., Lieb M., Barkewitz, C., Swiatowy, D., Carges, J. Brewer, J. Row 3: Lotz, T., Hoehman, M ' Kress J., Peters, J., weiier, R., Blish, T., Morrison, wf Row 4: Laycock, D., Smith, L., Pechuman, B., Adler, D., Schafer, R. Absentees: Best, C., Par- zych, M,, Reuben, D. 58 1 r Michael Uljanov Laurie Bordonaro Martha Parzych Cindy Peck Mary Forrestel Robin Weiler 1 Garrett, C., Walters, J., Knop, S., Nicosia, D., E., Pask, L., Bishop, S., Wideman, M., Mrs. Row 2: Houlihan, E., Dye, S., Colopy, C., Lea- N Gerstung, D., Ribbeck, D., Rapisardi, J., Row 3: P., DeYoung, J., Printup, A., Bruning, M., B., Jones, D., Row 4: Ottaviani, D., Schubel, T., R., Spears, D., Webster, E., Sy, L., Rosenberg, Absent: Kumro, D. Row 1: Golph, L., Keppler, P., Forrestel, M., Lloyd, B., Bruning, C., DeLelys, H., Cotfta, S., Mrs. Brooks Row 2: Bassanello, M., Montville, P., Leavitt, K., Whitbeck, J., Nehrboss, R., Keller, A., Dietz, D. Row 3: Poulos, M., Pask, D., Schnable, W., Sow- inski, D., Sy, W., Roll, N. Iulg, W. Row 4: Begiers, D., Zola, M., Reuben, N. Wert ney, L., Swiniarski, K., Mar- kek, W., Holtz, N., Absent: Clear, F. Row 1: Womack, R., Ribbeck, G., Ceisner, N Lega, P., Stanley, L., Perry, L., Bower, B., John stone,, V., Mrs. Cooley Row 2: Brackett, T., Mar tin, S., Kostanciak, J., Weaver, B., Frank, C., Ellis T., Rogers, S., Midecke, M., Adamkowski, R Row 3: Steimer, N., Abraham, J., Fry, R., Dennis J., Keller, A., Walburn, R., Pask, L., Heberling 59 Row 1: Garwol, S., Burns, S Noody, P.g Cummings, M GRADE 8 Row 1: Schrock, K.g Barkewitz, T., Bedford Frye, D., Capan, J., Lauridsen, A., Weiler Downey, J. Row 2: Marconi, M.: Wallfer Klehn, S., Bromsted, D., Colopy, M.g Fladmg Glena, C. Row 3: Brunner. N., Varo, L.: Bru N.g Cummings, B.g Brauen. Kg Wands, S. Row Krzykowski, N., Johnson, B.g Koss, I.g Farrell Abrams, F. Murphy, L.g Coffta, J. Ground, W. Row 2: Winnie, P., Rogers, J.g Harrington T., Niezgoda, S.g Kolipinski, C., Wehling, D. Row 3: Can- tie, C., Matynka, 1.5 Barone S., Pitas, P., Maloney, F1 Whiting, R. Row l: Wight, B., Brust, C., Schoenthal, S., Reuben W., Bedford, L., Burns, S. Row 2: McCollister J Krantz, P.g DeYoung, D., Wissinger, V., Stanley, Kelley, S. Row 3: Beutler R: S ' , , w1at0wy,D.gHensel, R., Lo G.- W' - gan, , lk, L., Gronau, G. 60 1: Fitzsimmons, P., Cross, L., Mello, T. R: Carmer, D., Flanders, S., Keller, M K., Bohn, J., Paxon, B., Welsh, P. J., Sowinski, J., Ormsby, R., Babel, M 3: Stapleton, M., Snyder, S., Casseri, . Abrams, G., Lockhart, T. D , , L., Stuchell, A., Fisher, D. Row 4: Kingsley, l Porter, A., Pacer, S., Jona than, M., Bork, R. Row 2 Ribbeck, L., Benteen, K. Covel, J., Wideman, J. Voigt, R., Hammond, P. Yousey, M. Row 3: Schafer S., Shaffer, S., Jonathan, M. Socha, L., Ribbeck, J. Smith, G., Stock, D. Row 1: Skomski, M., Kenyon, K., Jones, T., Knop, M., Ellis, P., Davis, D., Garrison, J., Joy, C. Row 2: Berghorn, D., Spillman, L., Robnett, R., Bower, B., Mecca, S., Haas, M., Parker, S., Stegman, D. Row 3: LaFosse, I., Parker, D., Kowalik, R., McCollister, J., Schultz, R., Krushke, K. "' M' Row l: Gallo, L., Bradley, J., DeLelys, B., Poodry, P., s Row 1 Murphy M Mlles C Kraatz V Stuchell H Abrams T Baker B Wllll1mS R Plxley R Row2 Rltecz R Colopy D Wlght W Brockway N Frtz simmons L Allen Hellert B Sutton Row 3 Brown Dleterle S Allen Coffta M Pafk Relchert C Smlth Blrsh R GR DE Row l: Valente, M., Hart, M., Stapleton, K., Kling mith, C., Snyder, L., Blackman, A., Kroemer, P., Fl ders, M. Row 2: Forrestel, A., Hartl, T., Nayman, Wronowicz, J., Claude, C., Bradley, R., Lega, S., Bedfc J. Row 3: Bluhm, M., Bruning, E., Wagner, C., Kurz kiewicz, L., Burg, K., Johnstone, K., Wright, A., Sweit J. Row 4: Miller, S., Trigilio, J., Berry, S., Schnabel, Lockhart, M., Goerlitz, L., Rudolph, B., Rehwaldt, I Rowl Zrtzka T Shaffer R Bower J Prlntup D Pagels L Swxatowy C Ground R Row 2 Cummings M Yohn D DeV1lle G Reuben F Lucla R Bassanello T Garrlson W Row3 Scrogg A Rrbbeck C Vamce M Dye J Ho ehman E Knapp S Gonsowskl D Row 4 McNutt V Jemxson V Cummmgs B Schuler T Parzych J ler, B., Ground, M., Noyd D., Ribbeck, A., Stuber, D Row 3: Doktor, R., Sigmon C., Steiner, D., Weaver, P. Keller, K., Witkop, T., He berling, J., Kress, R. Absent Wissinger, C. Row 1: Homesberger, G., Reuben, V., Odell, M., Starr, D., Kazmierczak, S., Peters, J., Reuben, D. Row 2: Rosenberg, D., Hofmeir, R., Bontrager, D., Childs, L., Ribbeck, V., Troyer, P., Steimer, E. Row 3: Rebmann, R., Brege, J., Gerstung, D., Nixon, B., Frank, L., Bradley, J., Kraatz, C., Far- rell, G. Absent: Sesal, D. 63 Row 1: Santolini, L., Cris- well, B., Boskat, R., Reinke, A., Ormsby, A., Scotland, J., Michalek, L., Peters, M. Row 2: Ground, C., Bram- ley, H., Jacobsen, V., Beut- x "Just think, two more buttons and we get a free f Rocket space helmet!" Best In Men's Wear, 5012, Off!!! ", . . and I definitely refuse to run for Presi- dent of the United States!" A ..s,---- Isnt it amazing what these new sewing "I'll glVC ya thls horsie for that machines can do?" pretty red castle, FACULTY MEETING "Vot's Comrade Nikita cloink in " then he Opened his cape der?" y and bit my neck!" 64 "Look!! Mrs. Williams finally blew her top!" GRADE l: Baehr, K., Ball, W., Cummings, D., Vanice, M., 2: Lauridsen, M., Rice, M., P Jost R Swiatowy T., Steiner, S. Row 3: Reigle, enko, J.M. Hansen C., Palizay, K., Koeller, N., vacci, M., Koss, B. Row 4: Kumro, C., Muchow, M., D., Bromstead, D., Dean, R., nte, A., Kenney, D. Row y -Z i -S i J . , , 1 itzer, W., Gillmeister, rington, J. Row l: Wesley, T., Regan, M., Noody, T., Doxtader, L., Yousey, D., Kinne, C., Porter, A. Row 2: DePoy, L., Kress, D., Murray, B., Carges, T., Rogers, G., Schultz, K., PeQueen, G. Row 3: Meinzer, K., Scrogg, L., Hoehman, C., Campbell R., Bruner, D., Lacki T. Jones, A. Row 4: Pohl, S. Spears, L., Kennedy, M., Sy R., DeYoung, J., Albrecht J., Alexander, D., Morgan 9 y L. Row 1: Blackman, A., Beutler, A., Dieterle, R., Robnett, V., McLeod, S., Smith, M. Row 2: Reu- ben, V., Blish, D., Healy, M., Jonathan, J., Oliver M., Abraham, G. Row 3: Miliam, D., Peruzzini D., Lorwa, M., Kasperek, R., Frank, M., Horning L. Row 4: Graff, C., David, D., Keller, T., Skye M., Coffta, J., Wilkins, C., Pickwick, C., Schrock R. Absent: Kelley, C., Newman, M. 65 x 1 Row l: Nichols, R., Bruning, H., Horner, K., Bauman, C. Johnson, T., Morrison, R. Wittcop, R. Row 2: George F., Lorwa, J., Kranz, P. Salim, S., Daley, F., Smith G., Golding, G. Row sf Busch, G., Schnabel, L., Garvey, R., Newman, D., Nicometi, D., Snell, L., El- dred, L. Row 4: Ribbeck, D., Kasperek, J., Hartwig, L., Stahl, R., Berghorn, D., Ewald, K. Absent: Whiting, N. GRADE Row l: Muck, P., Hake, R., Welch, J., Wright, M., Childs, P., Heri, K., Kumpf, K. Row 2: Berent, R., Cummings, C., Hudomint, D., Reynolds, M., Mauldin, J., Johnstone, W. Row 3: Burg, G., Weaver, V., I-Iartl, P., Stegman, L., Randall, S., Jamieson, L. Row 4: Bluhm, M., Flading, C., Brady, M., Rehwaldt, B., Francis, V., Eckerson, S. 66 1 Row l: Blackman, D., Confer, K., Jonathan, K., Dom D., Hitchcock, T., Morgan, T., Frey, J. Row 2: Ribb B., Rosenecker, L., Cory, A., Wideman, J., Klawer, Gaskill, R. Row 3: Yager, R., Campbell, R., Zimmerm K., Lemanski, S., Scarborough, D., Criswell, L. Ro Novak, M., Brewer, W., Brengel, B., Pokorski, D., St ton, M., Soika, K., Johnson, C. ? Homesberger, J.: Strzelczyk, J.: Eldred, R.. A.: Marquardt, C.: Wilson. J.: Odell, S.: . D.: Payne, P. Row 2: DeFries. B.: Karcher. Witkop, V.: Bruning, S.: Farrell, D.: Adamkow- C: Albrecht, C.: Socha, J. Row 3: Childs, W.: R.: McNutt, F.: Allison, B.: Smith, S.: J. Row 4: Jackson, G.: Medole, N.: M: Anderson J.: Miller, B.: Morrison, K. Row 1: Lederhouse, L. mack, D.: Jones, J.: Klawer Queen, P. Row 3: Kopp, K. Ward, L.: Skellon, B.: Jago waldt, T.: Whitlocke, W Row 4: Apa, D.: Jemison, S. Cummings, E.: Schwartz G.: Eddy, N.: Bushammer rows, E.: Eastwood, J. Row 1: Robnett, R.: Pann, D.: Kolipinski, M., Snyder, L.: Powell, J.: Carrubba, J.: Little, J.: Fry, L. Row 2: Chapman, J.: Babel, J.: Bluhm, T.: Carmer, K.: Bontrager, T.: Frey, K.: Rastelli, S. Row 3: Sy, D.: Paxon, R.: Riemer, D.: Rice, B.: Griffiths, C.: Luchterhand, J. Row 4: Hudson, J.: Soika, K.: Forrestel, R.: Trigilio, J.: Pacer, A. 67 Cummings, S.: Wissinger, D.: Sigmon, B.: Tobin, D.: Hammond, J.: Marquardt, D. Row 2: Bower, J.: Wo- L.: Pask, J.: Rogers, s.: Pe: W.: Rosenberg, D.: Reh- D.: Bohn, J. Absent: Bur- GRADE 4 Rowl Lackl J Wurthman M Shaffer J Marmacclo L Danser B Kron K Hen T Wesley D Bor chert K Row 2 Jones T Domon B Young J Ba ehr D Wehlmg P Pallzay J Hass J Jonathan B Sescll D Row 3 Lyon M Kelley M Parker D And erson J Starr J Pafk D NICE M Karcher R Blst off T Row4 Blackman A DeVille D Lummel K Wade1A Goeseke B Km ne J VanBuren Kumpf L Hyde L Rog ers T Row 1 Morrison P Burck T Hofmexer D Murphy K Baehr J Boroen B Rlbbeck C Bedford S Heberlmg T Milam T Row 2 Smith D McClnntock H Dean B Keller J Alexander J Womack A Eddy D Horner S Hammond L Row 3 Rahwaldt B Clark J Raplsardl M McNutt J Boskat P Stapleton D Spagnuolo M Karcher C Row4 Logan E Rrchardson J LaFa1ve L Danser L Abrams A Vanlce L Haas R Abrams A Noyd L Absent Rastelh V Cummmgs M 68 Row l: Stapleton, M.g Williams, S., Santolini, M., Schaf D.g Sigmon, K.g Murray, S. Row 2: Schnabel, G., Grour G., Lacki, P., Pawlick, D.g Ribbeck, R., Allen, K. Ro Keller, K.g Meyer, J.g Bruning, W.g Alexander, D.g East D., Blakeslee, K. Row 4: Josey, J.g Anderson, R.g Begi D., Haddow, J.g Peters, T.g Huth, K. Absent: Giertz, Hefner, V., Marconi, M. ' l 1' l , H 5 5 1 'S 1 J -1 1 -Q 1 -S 1 -1 1 -1 1 -I 1 -S ' 1 - 5 1 -1 1 -Z 1 -1 ' 1 -Q 1 -1 1 -1 1 -1 1 -Q 1 - 5 1 -S 1 1 -1 ' 1 -Z 1 -1 1 -S 1 -S 1 -S ' 1 - 5 1 -Q 1' fl 1 -1 1 -1 1 -1 ' l , .g , P., 1 -1 1 -1 ' , . 1 1 .5 1 -5 ', .Q 1 -1 1 -Q 1 -Q 1 -1 1 -1 1 -1 1 - 5 1 -1 1 -l 1 -Q 1 -Q 1 -1 1 -1 1 -S 1 -1 . .1 - 5 1 -S 1 -Q 1 -1 1 -1 1 -S 1 -1 1 -I 1 - 5 1 -S 1 -I 1 -Q 1 -Q 1 -1 1 -1 1 -1 1 -1 1 - 7 1 -1 1 1 V UN ,ml , . Wal. M.- l Wight B Joy K Fisher S Pennock D Stahl Kroemer P Bower L Roehlmg M Row 2 Lotz Fiegel C Reichert E Stuchell C Nixon J Muggel S., Witkop, R., Bernsdorf, R. Row 3: Gates, D., D - Baker B ' Bell G - Gillmeister R - Bruning li 'i 1 -, 1 -, , -, , Van Buren, C., Brengel, B. Row 4: Yager, R., Kas- P., Brown, D., Coffta, C., Downey, K., Stahl, D., Row l: Hitchcock, D., Fisher, S., Schultz, J., Lega, B., Fisher, D., Haseley, W., Blish, D., Reuben, D., Rib- beck, K. Row 2: Kazmierc- zak, D., Gerstung, J., Jost, M., Childs, M., Goerlitz, M., Pafk, V., Dembrow, M., Swiatowy, D. Row 3: Printup, L., Pawlick, K., Parzych, D., Stanley, D., Mattioli, M., Koss, M., Fitz- simmons, W. , Roll, E. Row 4: Schubel, L., Caple, C., Darling, J., Victor, J., Wright, B. Absent: Wetzen, L., Reuben, D., Covert, J. Row 1: Marquardt, T., Brust, L., Gonsowski, N. Flanders, E., Spillman, C., Drachenberg, D. Smith, S., Abrams, B., Reisman, D., Gerstung, M. Valente, P. Row 2: Meahl, C., Geisler, L., Parker J., Oliver, G., Swiatowy, H., Kerr, L., Campbell W., Young, B., DeYoung, E., Garvey, G., Shaffer P., Rung, D. Row 3: Kress, E., Smith, R., David L., Kopp, C., Pickwick, T., Mandolene, J. Kennedy, L., Bruning, D., Stegman, D., Goo dridge, S., Oppel, A., Stackhouse, A. Absent Wruck, R., Wurthman, L. 69 a a s Row l: Spillmnn. R.: " Demhrow. M.: Cum- mings. C.: Koons. D.: Kuinpf. C.: Roggen, R.: Knop, T.: DePoy. C. Row 2: Hansen. E.: Eldred, T.: Bruning. W.: Scrogg. L.: Wolfe. D.: Strzelczyk. W.: Greinez' K.: Schrock. D. Row 3: Rilwl-week. Rosenberg. M.: Witkop. V.: Rose- necker, J.: Forrestel. C.: Rehwnldt. L.: Allison, C. Row 4: Wissenger. C.: Bedford, B.: Riemer, M.: Parker, S.: Bnllow, J,g Sochn. J.: Payne. S. l Row l: Hudomint, M., Murphy, K., Jemison, F. Ground, R., Lamont, R., Morgan, P., Ribbeck, L. Murray, C. Row 2: Jones, S., Knapp, P., Kwitow: ski, C., Snyder, S., Lindke, S., Hensel, K., Berns- A dorf, V., Wilson, R. Row 3: Rininsland, D., Allen D' Spillman R- Trigilio J' Schmi el M Rice, -i , -y J -i g , -Q C., Lauridsen, R., Spagnuolo, N. Row 4: Morrison V., Rohloff, D., Holovics, R., Kopp, R., Pohl, R. Accordino, C., Wagner, R. Absent: Wilkins C. 70 GRADE 3 Row 1: DeVille, T., Allen, G., Corbett, C., Bruning Palizay, R., Ellis, S., Stuchell, C., Claude, T. Row Wacker, T., Jost, M., Morrison, H., Hollenbeck, Brucker, D., Childs, C., Little, C. Row 3: Rapisardi, Schnitzer, R., Eldred, M., Baker, F., Campbell, Meinzer, K., Berghorn, D., Rohloff, S., Smith, D. Ro McGinley, M., Babel, T., Jemison, P. J n f L., Stahl, K. Absent: Greiner, C. l: Reuben, R., Haas, J., Kelley, D., Hansen R., ' D., Borden, K., Eddy, M., Meyer, J. Row 2: R., Kwitowski, C., Bushhammer, D., Campbell, Lobur, R., Parker, J., Cummings, R., Rebmann, D. 3: Reynolds, P., Nicometi, A., Hefner, C., Milam, Walker, T., Nowatchik, K., Jones L. Row 4: Roggen, Stratton, D., Bramley, M., Taylor, B., Bruner, N., Row l: Ribbeck, J., Kaz- mierczak, L., Yoder, Y., McClintock, D., Skomski, M., Mangani, J., Miles, D. Row 2: Kipp, O., DePoy, D., Peters, G., Kinne, R., Pechu- man, L., Sowinski, C., Smith, G. Row 3: Stevens, M., Coni- bear, M., Nehrboss, D., Ba- ehr, T., Richardson, J., Dean, L., Bruning, L. Row 4: Neary, L., Frey, J., Covel, C., Childs, T., Johnson, B., Whitlocke, J., Smith, A. Ab- sent: Garrison, J., Printup, L., Schukraft, D. GR DE2 Row 1: Wagner, C., Gates, N., Ground, T., DeLe- lys, J., Campbell, H., Printup, J., Amerine, D. Row 2: Herrington, S., Blish, D., Abrams, A., Parzych, D., Schultz, B., Schalge, B. Row 3: LaFaive, D., Cummings, R., Peters, A., Hitchcock, L., Koeller, B., Reynolds, C., Beutler, M. Row 4: Shrock, T., Smith, D., Capan, S., Finger, D., Stanley, D., Sweitzer, B. 7l Row 1: Rosenberg, D.: Tobin, Reisman, D.: Lewis, T.: Barone, K.: Cummings C.: Sigmon, M.: Bailey, C Row 2: McCorquodale, J.: Ellis, M.: Raye, S.: Hake, S.: Edmister, M.: Caple, J.: Hammond, J. Row 3: Odell, A.: Bruning, D.: Stalica, T.: Palizay, J.: Bulmahn, J.: Payne, M. Row 4: Cum- mings, T.: Stiles, J.: Ru- dolph, T.: Showers, C.: Allison, J.: Stackhouse, K. s l Row 1: Knop, L.: Pixley. J.: Blackman. C. Bruner. N.: Dudziak. D.: Kron. J.: Frey, C. Brege, M. Row 2: Valeme. J.: Bushhammer T.: Conbear, T.: Spagnuolo. L.: Stanley, A. Kear, R.: Parker, J. Row 3: Morehead J. Farrell, K.: Reichert. J.: Koons, R.: Alenian: der, R.: Knyter. M.: Gibbs, T. Row 4 ' Frey, B.: Kennedy, R.: Carges, P.: Victor, K.: Darling, J.: Hyder, D. 72 1 Row 1: Kenney, M.: Vaniee, L.: Kelley, K.: Kolipinski, Childs, P.: Pann, M.: Wideman, R.: Gerstung, R. Rovi Schnitze, J.: Greiner, T.: Daley, L.: Luckman, D.: Sc macher, D.: Brand, J.: Mangani, H. Row 3: Rice, Corbett, J.: Amerine, C.: Kinne, B.: Nicometi, C.: perek, E.: Oliver, J. Row 4: Anderson, D.: Soika, Muck, A.: Albrecht, P.: Schrook, P.: Frey, J.: Whiting, . ,W X is . ff w l: Childs, T, Starr, R., Abraham, J., Allen, M., Lotz, Scoma, D., Bloom, J. Row 2: Santolini, P., Brust, J. domski, P., Warren, L., Richardson, J., Williams, M. w 3: Lummel, K., Busch, P., Parker, L., Hyde, D., r es P.: Farrell D. Row 4: Routledge, M., Nicosia, J., S r 1 , es, S., Blakeslee, T., Clary, D., Goerlitz, E. , r .. 1 Y GR DEI Row 1: Hyde, J., Jankowski S., Reynolds, W., Nicometi T., Jonathan, P., Mann, J. Smith, S., Borden, K. Row 2 Abrams, T., McMahon, M. Snyder, R., Stapleton, L. Bauder, D., Miles, S. 3: Brewer, R., Eddy, R. Allison, M., Reuben, A Strzelczyk, F., Ribbeck, B. Row l: Marlnaccio, R., Brege, R., Kelkenberg, C., Spillman, S., Hollenbeck, T., DeVille, C., Allen, R. Row 2: Schumacher, L., Kazmierczak, M., Jacobs, A., LaMont, B., Brand, R., Allison, M., Stock, K. Row 3: Rehwaldt, F., Neary, K., Faulker, S., McGinley, C., Schafer, J., Hyde, N., Flading, E. Row 4: Bartlett, E., Kress, B., Sword, J., Lacki, K., Thompson, G., Oppel, R., Snell, D. 73 y 1 McNutt, M., Meyer, J. Row Whiting, M., Warren, D. Hartwig, B., Schultz, K. Burrows, B., Hake, B. Row 4: Logan, G., Lamont, R. Row l: Gerstung, R., Jona- than, B., Schultz, K., Klin- gele, T., Szmak, K., Meahl, K., Blackman, D., Wilson, C., Criswell, S. Row 2: Car- rubba, D., Milani, J., Hake, S., Snell, D., Converso, K., Morrison, G., Baker, R., Hyder, L., Boskat, A. Row 3: Noyd, J., Marquardt, K., Fiegel, S., Babiarz, W., Jones, C., Clear, C., Meyer, R., Brun- ing, R., Kelkenberg, B., Faulring, K., Darling, T. Ab- sent: Rosenecker, B., Ran- dall, J. Row l: Bernsdorf, D- Giesler V- Murr R.- -, J -y ZY, , Printup, T., Anderson, M., Schnabel, P - Amerine E. Row Z: Stalica, C., Biro, L., Chaffee, R., Phelps, J., Uljanov, L., Jonathan, R., Fisher, T. Row 3: Wilkins, T., Horner, M., Schuler, C., Hammond, L., Rininsland, C., Dembrow, M., Johnson, D., Michalek, K. Row 4: Smith, J., Frye J - Durst R Stone, R., Boskat, A., Stockhouse, Absenti Barie, R., Bower, S. 74 GR DEI Row 1: Jones, H., Eldred, B., Childs, J., Pacer, M. Schultz, D., Lacki. G., Smith, D. Row 2: Bruning D., Bower, L., Baker, C., Bistoff, T., Stahl, J. Tippett, A., Kinne, J. Row 3: Strzelczyk, G., Rib beck, R., Kipp, L., Gabbey, S., Karcher, M. Novak, D., Hersee, D. Row 4: Walters, D., Reh waldt, P., Reuben, W., Danser, D., Caple, M. Jonathan, L. Absent: Hefner, T., Anderson, J. E 4.1 3' Row 1: Bower. L., Hope, S., Jonathon, R., Henry, C., Fisher L., McCune, T., Wetzen, M., Faucett, R. Row 2: Goerlitz, K., Bates, T., Brant, T., Shrock, R., Kirk, Litfin, K., Smith, R., Apa, R. Row 3: Schultz, D., Weiler, S., Bontrager, D., Klawer, S., Abrams, C., Black, D., Rohloff, M., Clary, D., Gellart, K. Geddes, J. Row 1: Witnauer, S., Brege, E., Stalica, T. Medole, S., Reuben, C., Gates, S., Kowalik, D. Lega, C. Row 2: Cummings, L., Schnitzer, D. Jonathan, D., Logan, L., Schalge, J., Biro, S., Jim- erson, K., Printup, K. Row 3: Noody, R., Waite D., Adamkowski, C., Rininsland, T., Miller, K. Ciametti, N., Edgar, D., Wetzel, D. Row 4 Brewer, R., Warren, S., Litfin, L., Hansen, C. George, T., Piscitelle, S., Stackhouse, D. Kruschke, D. Absent: Putzbach, T. 75 Row 4: Groff, K., Rapi- sardi, M., Gibbs. T., Bartels, E., Routledge, J. Absent: Allen, S., 1 1 Row lc Eldred, W., Kenyon, K., Kazmierczak, N. Strzelczyk, D., Daley, D. Borchert, D., Roggan, L, Salim, J. Row 2: Smith, R. Poulos, D., Kron, C., Wik D., Womack, M: Oldenski R., Rosenberg, D., Con- verso, A. Row 3: Glomb, B., Lewis, M., Ribbeck, C., Sweitzer, L., DePoy, J., Printup T ' Blish W ' Fo al y 4, y -, B , T., Palizay, P. Row 4: Jones, M., Coffta, K., Graff, D., McNutt, P. Absent: Greiner, M. Row 1: Edmister, J., Tobin, C., Anderson, C., Baker, J., Bruning, S., Lederhouse, R., Amerine, P., Anderson, R. Row 2: Kanehl, T., Kenney, M., Bartram, J., Lindke, J., Whitlocke, L., Confer, C., Riemer, T. Row 3: Reinhardt, J., Childs, A., Bul- mahn, K., Akin, J., Stanley, J., Kipp, R., Reb- mann, C., Wilson, S. Row 4: Capan, D., Allen, A., Gothard, S., Yager, J., Cowan, R., Callahan, W., Parker, M. Absent: Jasinski, S., Palizay, T. 76 1 1 KI DERG RTE Row l: Jones, R., Stanley, V., Roggen, L., Olaf, J., Bai S., Criswell, L., Marquardt, G. Row 2: Kolipinski, Campbell, R., Rogers, L., Accordino, M., McClintock, Burke, K., Satterlee, D. Row 3: Blakeslee, D., Stiles, Ribbeck, D., Sword, T., Edwards, L., Vankuren, E. Row 4: Eulenberg, R., Na L., Drachenberg, L., Stock, D., Ribbeck, R., Reichert, Barie, N., Gallensdorfer, E. Absent: Carnegie, J., MCC key, G. BEGINN Row l: Hitchcock, D., Marrinaccil, L.: Schultz J Wight B'H'tseley W Bo , ., 1 , ., wer, L.,Witkop, R., Borehert, K., Flanders, E., Pafk, V, ' ' - . Kroemer P Pawlick K. Mr Sta let R . p on. ow 2: Gerstung, lvf., Jones, T., 'Jost, M., Gerstung, J., Fiegel, C., Dembrow, M., Stapleton, D., Valente, P., Shaffer P: C , , ampbell, W., Pafk, D., Mattioli, M. Row 3: Fitzsimmons, W., Kazmierzak, D., MUSICAL ERS BA D Childs P' Goerlitz M S , ., , ., tanley, D., Beutler, A., Frey K., Kinne, J., Putzback, B., Bernsdorf, R., Blakeslee, K Easton, D. Row 4: Kasperek, P., Bell, G., Gillmiester R., Victor, J,, Goodridge, S., Schaartz, G., Lemanski Yager, R., Kasperek, R., Schultz, K., Hudson, J Brady, M. -13 ' ELEMENTARY SENIQR BAND Row I: Mr. Stapleton' Wright M ' Hak R , , ., e, ., Snyder, L., Pann, D., Stapleton, M., Wilson, J., Regan, M., Murray, S., Fry, L., Burg, G., Valente, A. Row 2: Little, J., Hitchcock, T., Albrecht, C., Jost, R., Berent, R., Dieterle R., Klawer, L., Randall, S., Pafk, P., Ball, W., Steiner, S. Row 3: Klawer, B., Frey, J., Blish, D., Jonathan, J., s Hartl, P., Wideman J, Bushham , . mer, D., Penko, M Palizay, K., Trigilio, J., Peters, T. Row 4: Brewer, W Eckerson, S., Scarborough, D., Pacer, A., Luchterhand J., DeYou J ' ' ' ng, ., Pohl, S., Spears, L., Francis, V., Bren gel, B., Johnson, C., Eldred L nf' 9 '9 a v fr Q 'x -s s , . FGLIRTH GR DE CHOIR Row l: Hitchcock, D., Lega, B., Reuben, D., Pafk, V., Rennock, Row 3: Parzych, D., Smith, S., Fitzsimmons, W., Roll, A., Nixon D ' Jost M ' Gerstun J. Giesler L ' Danser B ' Kell M. Row J Johnson, D.: Pafk, D, Kumpf L., Wright B, Brengel B 'H - 1 'Q gl i 1 -J 1 -, yy -i Q - 1 1 ' 1 - 2: Prmtup, L., Pawlick, K., Lotz, J., Fisher, D., Jonathan, B., Baker, B., Downey, K. Row 4: Blackman, A., Fiegel, C., Gates Marinaccio, L., Starr, J., Kromer, P., Swiatowy, D., Koss, M. D., Pickwick, T., Bernsdorf, R., Stegman, D., Kennedy, L., Goo- Row 1: Robnett, R., Muck, P., Blackman, D., Stapleton, M., Welch, J., Wright, M., Payne, P., Confer, K., Nichols, R., Payne, P., Eldred, R., Snyder, L., Williams, S., Pann, D., Powell, J., Chapman, J., Heri, K. Row 2: Wissinger, D., Burg, G., Murry, S., Johnstone, W., Kumph, K., Karcher, R., Adamkowski, C., Carruba, J., Blackman, A., Domon, D., Vanice, M., Pafk, P., Horner, K., Johnson, T., Jost, A., Mauldin, J., Hudomint, D., Albrecht, C. Row 3: Brontragu, T., Frey, K., Lauridson, M., Josey, J., Hitchcock, T., Doxtader, L., Jamison, L., Robnett, V., Smith, S., Peruzzini, D., Nicometti, D., Golding, G., Rogers, G., dridge, S., Brown, D., Caple, C. TREBLE CLEF CHCIR Yousey, D., Randall, S., Rice, B., Griffeths, C., Cummings, D., Koeller N., Flading, C. Row 4: Hudson, J., Brady, M., Rosennecker, L., Frey J., Klawer, B., Lemanski, S., Brunner, D., Harth, P., Paxon, R., Ecker- son, S., Soika, K., Bluhm, M., Wideman, J., Kress, D., Trigilio, J. Novak, M., Scarborough, D., Lacki, T., Rewaldt, B. Row 5: Snell, L. Sweitzer, W., Spears, L., Wilkins, C., Brengel, B., Kumro, C., Pickwick C., Muchow, M., Eldred, L., Pokorski, D., Miller, B.: Soika, K. Johnson C. ADVANCED STRINGS Row 1: Robnett. R.: Gonsowski, N.: Lega, B.: Williams, S.: Roehling, M.: Kerr, L.: Heri, K.: Meahl, C.: Mrs. Espersen. Row 2: Johnson, D,: Karcher, R.: Carmer, K.: Baehr. K.: Wittcopp, R.: Kinne, C.: Downey. K.: Flading, C. Row 3: Bluhm, M.: Hansen, C.: Graff. C.: Rehwaldt, B.: Sweitzer, W.: Pokorsky. D.: Muchow, M. l V i 80 ' BEGINNER TRINGS Row l: Hansen, E.: Hansen, R.: Forrestel, C.: Wilso R.: Pennock, D.: Mangani, J.: Rehwaldt, L.: Paliza J.: Mrs. Espersen. Row 2: Cummings, R.: Jost, Lotz, J.: Richardson, J.: Baehr, J.: Stevens, Riemer, M.: Stuchell, C. Row 3: Darling, J.: Blish, Taylor, B.: Baker, B.: Bruning, L.: Kennedy, L.: Sch bel, L.: VanBuren, C.: Wagner, R.: DePoy, L. RT CLLIB Row l: Wright, M.: Kroemer, P.: Lega, B.: Goerli M.: Nichols, R.: Hofmeier, D.: Kelley, M.: Matti M.: Bluhm, T.: Wright, M.: Kroemer, R. Row 2: S towy, D.: Valente, A.: Horner, K.: Morrison, Ground, G.: Bauman, C.: Lauridson, M.: Cummin E.: Ball, W. Row 3: Swiatowy, T.: Vanice, M.: Pa P.: Jost, R.: Smith, G.: Caple, C.: Lemanski, S.: Bro stead, D.: Hoehman, C. Row 4: Sweitzer, W.: Jon A.: Wilkins, C.: Criswell, L.: Stratton, M.: Hartwig, Morrison, K. IVI GRANT CLUB YORKERS OCTAGON YORKERS li WlMUllU5f!i!l fillllllllll ,U ur: nfs. STUDENT COUNCIL CABINET STU DENT COURT STUDE OLINCIL NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY I OO ? MONITORS Agn IQ? Qfeux. 9 - 1- faqe N f x I oF""01v o -'g-px, X A ll 70's Q9 1 I J, CHESS CLUB INTERNATIGNAL CLUB HI Y CLINIC STAFF JUNIOR RED CRQSS FUTURE NURSES J LIBRARY STAFF SUPPLY OFFICE STAFF f 1 , AUDIO-VISUAL SENIOR MODEL CLUB JUNIOR MODEL CLUB F? Q I I SENIQR INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB JUNIOR INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB 9I JUNICR GIRLS GLEE CLUB SENIOR GIR JUNIOR BUYS GLEE CLLIB LEE CLUB VARSITY CHORALE THESE are "Bloomer G l FRESHMAN CHORALE TICKET SELLERS ' rs ' 5 1 SYMPHQNIC BAND CGNCERT BAND MARCHING BAND Q N16 THE STAGE IS SET SSS SSSS STSTT T A S '25 .Ng if W g 98 .ly ff' 2aJ!2?4iJazi1 ew 4 if -I - . f 4 I LQ. 3? X5 l T,TTf?T?Hm SFEES? ZQQEMEMMHHHTHEEQHEH K 9.--- . , 41 1 fx , 1 S . AND THE HOUSELIGHTS DI M 5 4' vii J SENIQR ORCHESTRA JUNIOR GRCHESTRA S p ORT s Row 1: Reuben, L.g Wilson, M.g Hammond, R.g Rudolph, K., Eckerson, J.g Battaglia, P. Row 2: Coach Edgar, Mello, T., managerg Springer, M.g Pacer, M., Parker, S., Schuler, T., manager. V511 Bo CRGSS COU TRY Akron Akron Akron Akron John Mark This year's Tiger harriers, captained by Bob Hammond and Ken Ru- dolph, finished their season on a winning note, despite several frustrating injuries. On their way to an 8-6 mark, the squad was paced by senior John Eckerson and sophomore Loren Reuben. Coach Edgar was quite pleased with the season and has high hopes for next year's returning veterans. Roy-Hart I7 Starpoint 27 Newfane 15 Medina 30 Sectio Akron 15 Barker 48 Akron 19 Albion 46 Akron 20 Wilson 36 All-League Run: Fourth nals: Fourth I 'Y' 1 it T.. I G WN a K H ,,.,. 1 1 X wi f dir' AN M. J Peggy .leak s M... Nancy fcapm Anne Barb Barb VARSITY H OCKEY my .,... For the second consecutive year, the Akron Varsity Field Hockey y f ' Team finished their season as champions in the Tri-County League. Under lid the able coaching of Mrs. Williams, Captain Peg Kyser led the squad to a Rhonda Kmanagerl Anita fmanagerb . 1 t 3-l-2 record. Even though over three-fourths of the Varsity squad will '- graduate, Mrs. Williams still has hopes of another championship season next , N' 1 year. , Sherry "'- ' Dliifla ., ,.. t....,. Jean Av B , Chris Joan Mardell Mary Row One' Steiner S' Burchell C' Forrcstel, A.g Kyser. P.: Carroll. N. Row 'I-'woz Mrs, Williamsg'Staebell,,M..l: Corbett..B,:HLindke. K.: Martiny. B.: Sundown, Mg Houllhnn. E. -.W M 'VW Q """ GRIDIRO , 1 Q Q1 w 5 A xi I ae, H . I I I v f' 1 Dave GUE HAMPS Bill fco-cnptj fp, . K 5, ,I . ' . h f 1 -r f , ,,.. Xk,4 . ----fffmw-2-4 Ns T 'V N f M K, H V, J f 'B ff 1 K Q A' - 3 x f ,, if , Q ,, K , Walt 1-... R011 :QQ Q2 .. . , E Q . , If iv X V! . .:, 'X Fw ' l Jo e ji Roger ..., V . A R S W I R T E Y S T L l . B if B mV'i '1,, V i , M - ' ll ' . Y . he Q Y Bill Cco-capt.3 J if iii Roger Cco-capt.J 26-Albion 19 Q1A" 10-Barker 29 8-Medina 38 Jim 31-Wilson 19 The young Akron wrestling team, guided by Coach Drayer, 13'5tafP0im 39 pinned down a successful season, placing a solid fourth in the N-O 27'R0Y'Hal't 23 League. Oustanding this year was senior Bill Freeman, who placed second in. Section 6 Intrasectionals. Row one: Abraham, J., Stuber. T., Hurne, J., Smith, G.: Blackman, M., Abrams, C., Kenney, K., Springer, M., Kenney, S., Row two: Freeman, W.: Roll, N., Pzulccr, S., Pnfk, D., Coach Drayer, Asmus, B., Griffiths, J., Schumacher, J., Wolfe, B., Mecca, R. AKRON 23-Newfane 1 25-Alden 19 8-Barker 44 16-Medina 30 15-Starpoint 18-Alden 28 ,E ,,f, wp .5 V il , W,.. "'4AAh:"A1'A W ". . W an A., f f new f s I 4 fi 1 1, w .MW 1 Wy 1-ge.. . B' i N www 135 ,rk . L I 1 e 4 ff, 2 0 lb . k'n: ,'fh ffi 1 1 M 4 eff JK. .X Center Coach Randall Row one Young W Jemlson R DlCtZ D Zimmerman R Vlctor C Rudolph K Keller J Remsen J Berry R VARSITY BASKETBALL The 1968 basketball campalgn stands out as one of the flnest ln the school s hlstory Under the dynamlc guldance of Coach Randall and sparked by conslstently outstandmg performances by senlors Bob Zlmmerman Joe Remsen and Ron Berry the Tlgers hammered out a 13 5 record fmlshlng ln a t1e for flrst place ln the Nlagara Orleans League 1 I,-9 , ,g ,.g ,.g ,. l l l l l 1 l l THE SCOREBOARD 1 A if 1 ' ' ' ' l ' ' l l l l l l 7 l Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron 46 Lyndonvllle 55 95 Alblon 51 65 Pembroke 73 85 Barker 40 60 Medma 61 60 Wllson 52 54 Starpolnt 60 55 Roy Hart 54 72 Pembroke 60 Akron 66 Lyndonvllle Akron 77 Alblon 64 Akron 64 Newfane 57 Akron 59 Barker 50 Akron 81 Medlna 42 Akron 76 Wllson 50 Akron 60 Starpolnt 70 Akron 73 Roy Hart 6 Akron 81 Newfane 62 Row 1: Reuben, L.: Asmus, R.: Springer, M.: Koons, F.g Krupske, D.: Finch, J.: Glomb, B.: Altrogge, D. Row 2: Rudolph, K.: Roberts, M., Wolak, E.: George, M.: Witkowski. P.: Stone, D.: Bradley, W.: Stuber, T. Row 3: Coach Scappag Hammond, R.g Jemison, R.: Hurne, J.: Manning, R.: Leavitt, D.: Kostanciak, J.: Cummings, M.: Zlmmer- man, M.: Mecca, R.: Hawes, J. TRACK The Tiger Track Team, under the capable coaching of Mr. Scappa and Mr. Drayer, finished their '67 season with a respectable 3-4 record. Outstanding in league competition were seniors John Hawes and Mike George, and junior star Bill Freeman. Despite the loss of five key seniors, Coach Scappa is optimistic about the 168 campaign. Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron . . . makes perfect! THE SCORECARD 58 Wilson 74 94 Barker 42 70 Medina 64 74 Newfane 61 17 Roy-Hart 119 53 Starpoint 83 56 Albion 76 League Meet: Fourth This year's netmen, with seniors "CorkyH Keppler and Steve leading the attack, fashioned a 4-6 record for the '67 season. in experience and desire, the squad met and defeated several schools in their travels. Coach Schleich is sorry to lose six of nine through graduation, but he is also confident that their replace- will perform with equal zeal and vigor. TENNIS THE SEASON ff 4 Albion 1 O Wilson 5 p 3 Starpoint 2 l Royhart 4 3' 2 Medina 3 Akron 3 Albion 2 2. 4 if Akron 2 Starpoint 3 Akron 0 Wilson 5 Akron 3 Roy-Hart 2 Akron 1 Medina 4 Row 1.' Coughlin, T.g Keppler, W.g Eckerson, J.g Griffiths, J.g Hoctor, D. Row 2: Forrestel, S.g Houlihan, F Coach Schleichg Keppler, C.g Kruschke, D. W. Akron 6 Akron 2 Akron 10 Akron 0 Akron 6 Akron 6 Akron ll Akron 2 Akron 6 Akron O Akron 7 Akron ll Akron 4 Akron 5 Akron 0 Akron 5 Akron 9 Akron 7 Row l: Berry, R., Hawes, W., Kenny, B., Gallo, D., McLeod, K., Remsen, J., Rosenberg, H. Row 2: Coach Wetzeng Pacer, M., Zimmerman, R., Abraham, J., Dietz, D., Stone, G4 Young, VARSITY BASEBALL The Varsity Baseball Team, with Coach Wetzen at the helm, etched impressive 10 6 mark in league play In addition the squad went on to captt the Section VI title, defeating Cassadaga, 7-5, in the final contest. Outstandi in the season's play were juniors Bob Zimmerman and Ron Berry. Eleven bc will return in '68. A FINE SEASON Notre Dame Albion l Wilson 2 Clarence 6 Starpoint O Roy-Hart 4 Barker 0 Newfane 3 Wilson 4 Medina 2 Starpoint 2 Roy-Hart O Albion 5 Newfane O Medina 4 Barker 6 Allegany 7 Cassadaga 5 Kfglf, 1 Q. rw igerAk1'011 Qagg T W iii op Wiison 60-SQ !'l"1'EI' Triumph Again Akron's Varsity team completed their league schedule wir Albion and Behlld th ',,-anti mi 5 ef In th ' T ' tinued to play aggressive T Alghough they had a . advantage, the if Jnly one more reboun ffQgf5e Tigers: an Akron hat deserves recog mon -NSW' . .,e. .. T T , ' n Zimmerman led in r0nA Akron os s N J Wre K5 e Leagu. 'li ,Mk T n Tigers Clinch ITL 1,011 QM. Varsity Field Team Tied YE T is-if GSI h1s op FUN nr Ak fc W 'km-on Wrestling team clinched their season opener i against Xlbion here on Friday, Dec. 8. ' held a close edge over Albion throughout the entire me secured Akron's 26-19 victory in the final pone . Mike Sp ' . I'OX'l 5 ranger and Roger Mecca also pin: restlers Win Upene Yi ,Tigre rs led a to Joe s r ron Trlu hur Two TD Passes Ak ' mph k au Rams D3 GI' I'10 1 CPS ied For Y-UI! Q gg, IM 48 ROW ONE: Webster, R.: Hutchinson, R., Borden, R., Bower J,g Remington, D., Shultz, K.g Abraham, J., Bradley, L. Logan, C.g Steiner, R., Stone, D.: Leavitt, D. ROW TWO Coach Silvernailg Wittnauer, R.g Pask, L., Bow, D.g Pechu man, R., Giertz, F.: George, P.: Bowman, K., Blackman, M. BA EBALL ROW ONE: Cowan, F., Rebmann, C., Bowman, K., Schumaker, J., TWO Webster R Victor C Keller J Corbett A Hutchinson Parker, S., Logan, C., Abrams, C., Kress, R., Abraham, J.g ROW R Miller J Remington D Bow D WE 'a Q KP 4 , ,air 'I 445: 55 wg: .444 W ua are-wi 1 far 2 ff' ,,,- 1 , 64 ,S is , ii? VK., , . V' V e , - , 211 f Q f: Q, ' It E Wxzf' Marlene Row one: Riggio, M.5 Powell, B.g Staebell, M.g Lowder, S.g Geyer, C.g Brackett, D.g Row two C.g Staebell, G.g Carroll, N. H E E R L E EX 0 Nancy Ccaptj Mary .LLL LLM A , i, .,.. A . g. fff. 1-L 'lx 58,1- 'Q' 1 SENIOR HIGH INTRAMLIRALS All 1-vw ' YPKT RQ GOLD PATRONS BANK OF AKRON SENIOR CLASS, I968 STUDENT COUNCIL STRIPPIT DIVISION OF HOUDAILLE INDUSTRIES SILVER PATRONS BERT MESLER FORD, INC. BUFFALO SHEET METAL, INC. C 8. E TELEVISION AND APPLIANCE COLD SPRING CONSTRUCTION COMPANY CORBETT LUMBER AND BUILDERS SUPPLY GEORGIA-PACIFIC BESTWALL GYPSUM DIVISION JOSTEN'S, INC. LAWING STUDIO NATIONAL GYPSUM COMPANY PERRY ICE CREAM COMPANY PIXLEY'S BELLS I.G.A. SUPERMARKET, INC. ROCHESTER BUTTON FACTORY WHITING ROLL-UP DOOR SALES CORPORATION PROFESSIONAL PATRONS AAKRON RULE CORPORATION AKRON AGWAY AKRON GREENHOUSE AKRON LUMBER AND BUILDERS AKRON OIL CORPORATION - SWANSON AKRON OPTICAL COMPANY AKRON SERVICE GARAGE AKRON SHOPPING GUIDE AMAX SPECIALTY METALS, INC. ALEX ULJANOV, M.D. AL'S BARBER SHOP AL ZIMMERMAN OLDSMOBILE, INC. BLEW EQUIPMENT CHARLES F. TAYLOR INSURANCE COACHMANS INN CIAMETTI'S BARBER SHOP CORBETT BROTHERS CONCRETE AND HAYDITE BLOCK MANUFACTURING DA-NI RESTAURANT DR. C. F. PHILLIPS EDDIE'S JEWELERS EXCEL INDUSTRIES FLOYD HITCHCOCK, D.V.M. FRED E. THOMAS AGENCY, INC. I30 GLENDON H. KLINGLESMITH D C GRANT'S AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE GROVER H. BATES - LIFE INSURANCE GUY'S SUBMARINE JOE'S DELICATESSEN KELLY'S ALLEYS KENDALL EXPRESS, INC. KRANZ KOIN LAUNDRY MAX PHELPS OSBORNE'S OASIS PARK LUNCH PARK SUPER INCORPORATED PARK VIEW BEAUTY SALON PETERSON'S PHARMACY RALPH G. STANBURY RENN AND CEISNER ROSS FUNERAL HOME SALVATORE'S BARBER SHOP SHERWOOD HARDWARE STONE'S DRUG STORE SWEENEY CHEVROLET, INC. THE ALADDIN SHOP VILLAGE LIQUOR STORE Mr. and Mrs. PRIVATE PATRONS Edward Allen Mr. Martin Belscher and Mr. Willard Crosby Ray Brunner - Sweet Kleen Mrs. Ellen Brusky Mr. and Mrs. Nig and .Norma Cheavacci Miss Gertrude Churchill Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Columbus Ernest Cooley Howard A. Covel Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Fourth Grade Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Arthur B. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dabolt John Eckerson Jerry Edgar William Enser Vincent Espersen Teachers Robert Gaddis Robert S. Galandak George Michael George Richard Groves Mr. Frank Helwig J. Melvin Hood Mr. and Mrs. Harold Johnson Junior Class Mr. and Mrs. George Martiny Stephanie, Daphne, and Dara Pacheco lvlr. and Mrs. Raymond Porter Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Randall Miss Mary Richardson Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Scappa and Family Second Grade Teachers Sophomore Class Mr. and Mrs. Jack Silvernail Miss Linda Smith Mr. and Mrs. William Smith A. E. Vossler Mr. and Mrs. James K. Webster Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wetzen Barb, Chris, Anita Mary, Sandy, Judy Nancy, Doug, Chris Brenda C., Rosanne, Brenda S. Joan, Susanne, Sue Kathy, Peggy, Sue l3I ACTIVITIE DIRECTORY 7th Grade Yorkers-ROW I: Ritecz, R., Thomas, D., Snyder, L., Klingelsmith, C., Kraatz, V., Pann, C., ROW II: Mr. Drayer, Muchow, M., Jacobson, V., Doktor, R., Pagels, L., Johnstone, K., Pixley, R.: ROW III: Pafk, K., Trigilio, J., Sutton, D., Berry, S., Wright, A., Smith, K., Sweitzer, J.: ROW IV: Nayman, H., Kroemer, P., Claude, C., Schnabel, N., Burg, K., Dye, J. 8th Grade Yorkers-ROW I: Paxon, B., Pacer, S., Mar- coni, M., Barkewitz, T., Frye, D., Forrestel, R. ROWVII: Mr. Stock, Bronstead, D., Shaffer, S., Wright, J., Wide- man, J., Babel, M., Downey, J. ROW III: Farrell, D., Socha, L., Johnson, B., Kingsley, S., Matynka, J., Varo, L. 9th Grade Yorkers-ROW I: Schoenthal, L., Printup, A., Forrestel, M., Kenney, S., Bordonaro, L., Wideman, M., ROW II: Leavitt, K., Coffta, S., Leavitt, N., Barkewitz, C., Weaver, B., Pask, D., ROW III: Yousey, R., Uljanov, M., Parzych, M., Weiler, R., Houlihan, E., Lieb, M. ROW IV: McConkey, P., Zola, M., Keppler, P., Blish, T., Swi- narski, K., Peck, C. ROW V: Nehrboss, B., Schnabel, W., Sowinski, D. Sr. High Yorkers-ROW I: Thompson, S., Weaver, L., Eckerson, N., Mattei, A., Hoctor, M., Pixley, D. ROW II: Childs, C., Kraatz, N., Abrams, C., Betzold, B., Bluhm, D., Finger, N., Zimmerman, C., Miss Smith. ROW III: Schmigel, D., Forrestel, P., Blackman, M., Bordonaro, K., Kraatz, S., Keppler, R., Ritecz, W. Student Council Cabinet-ROW I: Bordonaro, M., Eck- erson, J., Uljanov, A., Brackett, D., Finger, K. ROW II: Forrestel, A., Mecca, R., Mr. Rex. Student Court-ROW I: Pawlick, K., McLeod, K., Eck- erson, J., Fenton, T., ROW II: Thompson, S., Forrestel, P., Finger, N., Mr. Drayer. Student Council-ROW I: Uljanov, A., Stuchell, H., Rib- beck, V., Johnson, S., Kenney, S., Forrestel, M., Dye, J. ROW II: Thompson, S., Pogel, K., Smith, J., Iulg, W., Bordonaro, M., Brackett, D., Kraatz, N., Kyser, P. ROW III: Ceisner, S., Steiner, S., Johnstone, V., Trigilio, J., Mecca, R., Forrestel, R., Cummings, D. ROW IV: Finger, K., Staebell, M., Peters, R., Carroll, N., Forrestel, A., Weiler, R., Fenton, T. ROW V: Manning, R., Burchell, I32 C., Martin, D., Schubel, T., Uljanov, M., Bordonaro, K., Young, W., Eckerson, J. Honor Society-ROW I: Smith J., Brust, M., Young, W., Mecca, R., Eckert, B., Pagels, S. ROW II: Cummings, S., Pawlick, K., Corbett, B., Forrestel, A., Shisler, M., Brauen, M. Monitors-ROW I: Pacer, S., Garrett, C., Montville, P., Brackett, D., Schaefer, L., Kopacz, A. ROW II: Mr. Hood, Swader, D., Johnstone, N., Bower, A., Schafer, S., Cummings, G. ROW III: Kowalik, R., Domon, L., John- stone, V., Rogers, S., Yousey, J., Cummings, S., Powell, B. ROW IV: Farrell, D., Pawlick, K., Socha, K., Cantie, L., Witkowski, P., Socha, J., Yousey, B. Chess Club-ROW I: Houlihan, M., Shisler, T., Forrestel, M., ROW II: Griffiths, J., Keppler, W., Manning, R., Sy, W., ROW III: Mr. Vossler, Doktor, R., Col0pY, C. International Club-ROW I: Barkowitz, C., Forrestel, M. ROW II: Mecca, R., Ritecz, C., Bluhm, DF ROW III: Eckerson, J., Mr. Helwig. Hi-Y-ROW I: Mrs. Stapleton, Peters, R., Smith, J., Brust, M., Uljanov, A. ROW II: Bishop, L., Cometto, A., Thompson, S., Eckerson, N. ROW III: Pagels, S., Pogel, K., Steiner, S., Ceisner, S. ROW IV: Brust, W., Ellis, M., Bordonaro, M., .Mattei, A. ROW V: Forrestel, A., McLeod, K., Pawlick, K., Milani, P., Martiny, B. ROW VI: Kubis, C., Odell, J., Carroll, N., Cummings, S., Jacobsen, L., Stratton, C. ROW .VII: Shisler, M., Walters, S., Porter, M., Martin, D., DeYoung, M., Waithe, M. Future Farmers-ROW I: Blickensderfer, R., Sentinel, Zola, P., Secretary, Baker, N.: President, Logel, M.: Secre- tary, Schrock, J.: Reporter, Bartram, R. ROW II: Covel, D., Krupski, D., Winter, E., DeVille, R., Nicosia, D., Mr. Rozelle. ROW III: Adler, J., Wik, M., Wilson, J. Future Homemakers-ROW 1: Miss Churchill, Rey- nolds, M., Haas, R., Keller, J., Cummings, B., Cum- mings, S., Ribbeck, G., Bower, A. ROW II: Iago, B., Rosenberg, J., Morrison, A., Sy, L., Printup, A., Kel- kenberg, A., Fink, D., Hartl, M. ROW III: Witkowski, M., Wagner, M., Socha, B., Baehr, K., Ribbeck, M., Fink, C., Cummings, G., Winter, L., Schafer, L. Junior Red Cross-Ceisner, S., Smith, J ., Klingelsmith, L., Arnold, T., Mrs. Bacheller. Clinic Staff-ROW I: Jacobsen, L., Borden, K., Bas- sanello, S., Smith, J. ROW II: Mrs. Bacheller, Rosenberg, J., Keller, J., Pixley, D., Weaver, L. Future Nurses-ROW I: Haas, R., Borden, K., Bas- sanello, S., Grabenstatter, Y., Ribbeck, G. ROW II: Mrs. Bacheller, Kelkenberg, A., Bower, A. Audio-Visual-ROW I: Richardson, B., Ritecz, W., Mr. Eckerson ROW II: Niezgoda, S., Kolipinski, C., Odell, R. ROW III: Griffiths, J., Abraham, J. ROW IV: Wolak, E., Ciurzynski, C. Supply Office Staff-ROW I: Thompson, P., Fiegl, K., Keller, A., Montville, P. ROW II: Mr. Victor. Library Staff-ROW I: Grabenstatter, Y., DeLelys, H. ROW II: Cummings, S., Clark, S., Schafer, L., Ribbeck, M., Werner, E., Werner, L., Mrs. Hall, Betzold, B. ROW III: Hart, D. Junior High Model Club-ROW I: Wight, W., Mr. Latko ROW II: Brockway, N., Flanders, S. ROW III: Berghorn, E., Fitzsimmons, L. ROW IV: Pitus, P., Hellert, B. ROW V: Swiatowy, D., Gronau, G. Senior High Model Club-ROW I: Womack, R., Swia- towy, D., Mr. Latko ROW II: Fry, R.,Ottaviania, D. ROW III: Ciurzynski, C., Lockhart, J. ROW IV: Glena, R., Miller, C. ROW V: Hudomint, D., Altrogge, D. Junior Industrial Arts-ROW I: Pechuman, H., Asmus, R., Schumacher, J., Holovics, S., Denton, J., Mr. Suttel ROW II: Glomb, B., Reuben, L., Stanley, G., Altrogge, D., Geddes, J. Senior Industrial Arts-ROW I: Wilson, B., Hudomint D., Kwiarkowski, s., Befghom, E., s d , R, G 1 1 if ROW II: DeFries, D., Ciurzynski, Cjvlleerinis, ,E.,0R1i1hg, D- Schultz G ROW III Altro e D Rebman '3 ' ' : 9 'i , Best, M., Becker, G. ROW IV: Cglgena, R., Fry, K? GO- eseke, J. ' Junior Girls Glee Club-ROW 1: Gallo, L., Pann, C., Kraatz, V., Starr, D., Hart, M., Blackmore, A., Staple- ton, K., Ground, W., Rogers, K., Klingelsmith, C., Williams, R., Snyder, L., Pagels, L. ROW II: Baker, B., Cummings, M., Bruning, E., Printup, D., Ribbeck, V., Raduns, N., Swiatowy, C., Marconi, M., Johnson, S., Burg, K., Ribbeck, C., Ground, R., Cross, L., Cas- seri D., Bow, L., Schrock, K. -ROW III: Weiler G., Snyder, S., Thomas, D., Hofmeier, R., Johnstone K., Bedford, P., Babel, M., Glena, C., Wright, A. Arnold, S., Cummings, P., Bramley, H., Downey, J. Bromstead, D., Bontrager, D., Santolina, L. ROW IV: Muchow, M., Wagner, C., Schweitzer, J., Dieterle, S. Troyer, P., Gerstung, D., Kowalewski, S., McNutt, V. Schnabel, N., Allen, C., Sutton, D., Rudolph, B. Michalek, L., Cummings, B., Bibbeck, A. ROW V: Jacobson, V., Cantie, C., Shaffer, S., Bower, B., You- sey, M., Berry, S., Varo, L., Matynka, J .3 Schafer, S., Kingsley, S., Nixon, B., Lockhart, M., Smith, K., Socha, L., Jemison, V. Senior Girls Glee Club-ROW I: Bettio, L., Borden, B., Steiner, S., Hoctor, M., Cope, N., Ceisner, S., Hofmeier L., Uljanov, A., Sutton, C., Staebell, G., Bishop, L., Con: nibear, B., Thompson, S., Pagels, S. ROW II: Kahl, J., Yousey, J., Bassanello, S., Kowalick, S., Cummings, D., Babel, K., Spears, L., Mattioli, J., Cummings, S., Smith J ., Geyer, C., Knapp, S., Cummings, B., House, B., Cor- bett, B., Doman, B., Kraatz, N., Betzold, B. ROW III: Sword, V., Porter, M., Brahmer, K., Bitterman, J., Bor- donaro, M., Eckerson, N., Pogel, K., Mattei, A., Blish, S., Overholt, P., Babel, S., Childs, C., Finger, K., Forrestel, A., Yousey, B., Johnstone, N., Domon, L. ROW IV: Bluhm, D., Peters, R., Pawlick, K., Ottaviani, L., Mar- tiny, B., Stratton, C., Martin, D., Kyser, P., Lawrence, J ., Ritecz, C., Brockway, J., Cummings, D., Jacobsen, L., Witkowski, M., Groff, B., DeYoung, M. ROW V: Cowan B., Snell, R., Schuler, B., Werner, E., Fenton, T., Kumroi D., Brauen, M., Downey, M., Kubis, C., Pafk, D., Peck, L., Shisler, M., Gaskill, J ., Zimmerman, C., Jago, B., Cov- ert, K., Witkowski, P. Junior Boys Glee Club-ROW I: Odell, M., Kroemer, P. Rosenberg, D., Criswell, B., Sescil, D., Cummings, M. Yohn, D., Stuchell, H., Wronowicz, J., Bassanello, M ROW II: Reinke, A., Boskat, R., Scotland, J ., Steimer, E. I33 7 Niezgoda, S., Kolipinski, C., Bower, J ., Forrestel, R., Pax- ton, W., Reuben, F., Col0pY, D., Doktor, R. ROW III: Dye, J., Knapp, S., Hellert, B., Coffta, M., Wideman, J., Covel, K., Farrell, G., Wissinger, C., Doktor, A., Swia- towy, D., Gonsowski, D. ROW IV: Miller, S., Trigilio, J., Witkop, T., Kraatz, C., Blish, R., Gronau, G., Lockhart, T., Schuler, T., Hammond, P. Varsity Chorale-ROW I: Cummings, B., Smith, J., Bet- zold, B., Hawes, W., Logan, C., Mecca, R., Eckerson, N.- Kowalik, S., Staebell, G., Geyer, C. ROW II: Peters, R., Uljanov, A., Kahl, J., Hurne, J., Muck, E., Young, W., Klinelsmith, L., Blacklock, T., Pafk, D., Johnstone, N., Lawrence, J., Forrestel, A. ROW III: Bassanello, S., Spears, L., Corbett, B., Pafk, D., Sutton, C., Fenton, T., Pawlick, K., Martiny, B., Overholt, P., Peck, L., Wagile, K., Roberts, B. ROW IV: Garrison, E., Shisler, M., Jago, B., Rosenberg, J., Brauen, M., Dean, P.,: Ottaviani, L., Covert, K., Stratton, C., Hibbard, P., Waithe, M. ROW V: Abraham, J., Jemison, R., Adler, J., Rudolph, K., Lo- gan, J ., Miller, J ., Hutchinson, R., Bordonaro, K., Kraatz, S., Dietz, D., Arnold, T. 7 Freshmen Chorale-ROW I:: Wideman, M., Bordonaro, L., Koons, D., Mattioli, S., Garrett, C., Karcher, K., Horner, T., Ceisner, N., Lloyd, B., Bishop, S., Montville, P., Johnstone, V., Knop, S. ROW II: Pask, L. Fink, D., Perry, L., Printup, A., DeLelys, H., Winter, C., Stanley, L., Schoenthal, L., Bruning, M., Dieterle, L., Brewer, J., Nicosia, D., Begiers, D., Jalitus, M., Oldenski, S., Sy, L., Hoehman, M. ROW III: Peters, J., Coffta, S., Rogers, S., Keller, A., Rosenberg, C., Weiler, R., Parzych, M., Tip- pett, W., Lauridsen, D., McConkey, P., Brackett, T., Schubel, T., Pask, L., Paulos, M., Kenney, S., Womak, R. ROW IV: Kress, J., Houlihan, E., Mann, J., Leeds, S., Uljanov, M., Kedzierski, N., Pechuman, R., Sy, W., Schaefer, R., Zola, M., Remington, B., Peck, C., Yousey, R., Swiniarski, K. Ticket Sellers-ROW I: Muggleberg, R., Hoctor, M., Bet- zold, B., Ceisner, S., Smith, J., Bettio, L. ROW II: Ellis, M., Capan, J., Childs, C., Totten, B., Lawrence, J., Yousey, J. ROW III: Covel, A., Odell, J., Yohn, N., Netz- ley, C., Bluhm, D., Kraatz, N. ROW IV: Kubis, C., Peck, L., Covert, K., Rogers, D., Overholt, P., Finger, K., Fin- ger, N., Swimline, D. Concert Band-ROW I: Jalitus, M., Ceisner, N., Forres- tel, M., Bishop, S., Steiner, R., Kasperek, K. ROW II Zimmerman, S., Bitterman, J., Brockway, J., Bishop, L. Downey, M., Cummings, D., Nehrboss, R., Adler, D. Iulg, W., Praprost, E., Crane, C. ROW III: Finger, K. Kyser, P., Parker, N., Colopy, C., Fry, K., Bordonaro, L. Schoenthal, L., Wilson, B., Cummings, S., Downey, J. Claude, A., Gerstung, B., Nehrboss, B., Parker, S., Stone D. ROW IV: Blacklock, T., Kowalik, S., Wideman, M. DeLelys, H., Barkewitz, C., Fenton, T., Uljanov, M. Brewer, J ., Schultz, K., Bork, S., Adler, J ., Groff, B., Zola P. ROW V: Mauldin, L., Brewer, L., Zola, M., Forrestel E., Mr. Columbus. Symphonic Band-ROW I: Hart, M., Sutton, D., Peters M. ROW II: Hartl, T., Wronowicz, J., Trigilio, J ., Dow- ney, J., Schrock, K., Bedford, L., Sowinski, J. ROW III Rudolph, B., Ellis, P., Steiner, D., Kuraszkiewicz, L., Ger- stun , D., Flanders, S., Blish, R., Bassanello, T., Lucia, R. Smitii, K. ROW IV: Witkop, T., Bedford, J ., Mello, A. Parker, D., Wright, J., Garrison, W., Claude, C., Colopy D. ROW V: Garrison, J., Criswell, B., Kress, R., Wight W., Mr. Columbus. Twirlers-LEFT ROW I: Troyer, T. ROW II: Horner, T., Bettio, L. ROW III: Berry, S., Keller, A., Furminger, C. RIGHT ROW I: Roggen, M. ROW II: Domon, L., John- son, S. ROW III: Rodgers, D., Rodgers, S., Abrams, C. Shields-Troyer, P., Steiner, S., Bow, L., Nixon, B., Thompson, P., Rogers, K., Steiner, D. Color Guards-Swader, D., Johnstone, K., Lieb, M., Mecca, S., Snyder, S., Garrett, C. Senior Orchestra-ROW I: Mecca, R., Hurne, J ., Brauen 7 M., Cummings, D., Lawrence, J., Hoehman, M., Peters, J., Wideman, M. ROW II: Covert, K., Schoenthal, M. Knop, S., Peters, R., Bitterman, J., Zimmerman, S., Jali- tus, M., Downey, M., Brockway, J . ROW III: Spears, L. Jago, B., Downey, J., Cummings, S., Zola, P., Kasparek K., Fenton, T. STANDING: Steiner, S., Yousey, M., Eck- erson, J., Swiatowy, D., Marconi, M., Dye, S. I34 7 9 7 9 7 5 ALITGGRAPHS May her days be For the memorles 5QVe'11, always wish And where'er we Her orange and TER fancy we'll Cherish, back. we'l1 n,er forget va-.A -1. . .-Xnx , --5, ' - ' . - TY- -, V+. .- :E-3-z--if-.f M -pw 5 .i4T,4,'-. .l .W-In--H sT.gf'2 V A' f 'A ,L . -Y . 151. ,tl-V Nylg Jtx if'--.Tl-.Q .1 V- -' .,.'-1-.1-2-' V crwlf - ',,.... ,JMY 4 1-V :V '-43V7fbE',.-'aff-'Q 1 , v, . A' . .5-.Vw ,Haifa , --N:-,J ,p V .. P A uf: f ,ng ja' , -.L ' 1 ,-fx V.:-, ,,44g: x- 64 W lf ii' .' " --.7 ,B 75m '- ,'-" , 'v'g'.'f's-7.3 Y--4 -' 54 '- gasp, . 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Suggestions in the Akron Central School - Akronite Yearbook (Akron, NY) collection:

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