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,f 1, n presented by the Journalism Class of Akron Central School editor-in-chief business manager JoAnn Trigilio Paul Mast STAFF Debbie Bucceri Royce Payne Betty Goeseke Danita Ritecz Mary Hammond Mona Rudolph Carol Kopacz Gail Schultz Peggy Kyser Kathy Tippett Michaelene Niezgoda Dale Wight .lean Odell lVlelvin Zimmerman advisor, Mr. J. Edgar Forma As we, the Senior Class of 1967, roam the halls of Akron Central, from old building to new, We find that our final year has ended all too quickly. Through our 1967 AKRONITE we hope to preserve the memories, large and small, of our high school days. The Journalism Class now presents to you a book of lasting memories for the Seniors, and one which we hope brings to the rest oflthe student body anticipation of their future high school years, Our sincere appreciation to all the Akron faculty and administration for their unmeasurable help and co-operation in the compiling of the AKRONITE. Also, the journalism Class wishes to express their sincere thanks to all businessmen and patrons who, with generous support, helped to make this book possible. 2 afar forg t Her g d h Dczdicahon -4 Facullfsj 7 SQJWKOFS I5 y UnfSe.rcXassme.n 57 Ekmeniarmj 68 Qc:+ivi'x'ie.5 h SI b Spov'X'S IQI P9'f'r'oUS '23 y 3 Not h 1 f t f y With Ak p May h gl y g 1 b g May h d y b f For th th t We'11 1 y h t b b k And g 11 blk A :lisa 'nn Proudly we, the journalism Class, dedicate this, the 1967 AKRONITE, to Mrs. Janice Williams, in appreciation of her years of service to the physical ed- ucation of the students of Akron Central. Mrs. Williams graduated from Brookhaven and came to Akron Central in 1953. She has been teaching physical education ever since. She was advisor of the cheerleaders for several years, and has put on many water ballets for the entertainment of the students and their parents. Despite her busy schedule, in and out of school, Mrs. Williams still has the time to listen to and take an interest in each student. We, the class of '67 feel it a great honor to dedicate our yearbook to a truly deserving teacher, Mrs. Janice Williams. p 4 is ., Q' K X N Mr. Vincent Espers en Mr. Harold Johnson Mr. Edward Allen Jr. - Sr. High School Principal District Prir1CiP81 Elememafy principal board of Qcl u ca'l'ion First Row: Mr. Richard Mr. Roger Kraatz, Mrs. Louise Harrington, Mr. Arthur Charles. Second Row: Forrestel, Mr. Henry Weiler, Mr. Plinn Witt, Mr. Norman Schleef. ellees . ra ,tt .,.,, .S ,,,-, ., i, ' , ,fi' I W. ,W V, ' f it . ,.,, w s carh , U H ' , , in ssrr WV ' A 5 A ctr i 11 7435, Khin 'V Mr. Stanley Victor Business Manager Mrs. Lillian Laese MY- Albert L11Cia Primary Supervisor Guidance Director 6 5 2 2 2 J K 1 1 1 5 1 2 f s 5 E E z s Q E 5 E X 5 X . A,,..,, A H ww , Q . - - A - Hunnius fmmx SCIENCE ' First Row: john Eckerson, Mrs Gladys Brown, George Martiny Second Row: Douglas Randall, Myron Dembrow, Henry Carges Fred Kryman. LANGUAGE ARTS First Row: Mrs. Mona Gaddis, Miss Hazel Ellsworth, Mrs. Arlene Pacheco, Mrs. Mary Cooley. Second Row: Jerold Edgar, Albert Vossler, Walter Tomczak, Arthur George, John Rex. MATHEMATICS First Row: Miss Frances Par- melee, Mrs. Myra Stapleton, Mrs. Mary Free., Second Row: Leland Meyer, Mrs. Verna Smith, Grover Bates. SOCIAL STUDIES First Row: Miss Nell Brown, jerry Drayer, Miss Catherine McHugh. Second Row: Frank I-Ielwig, Lawrence Stock, Martin Belscher, Willard Crosby. ART Richard Jenkins joseph Valente. MUSIC Mrs. Nancy Groves, Miss Mar- ilyn H31-lin, Absent: Frank Columbus. SPECIAL SERVICES Albert Lucia, Guidance Directory Miss Genevieve Kozuchowski, Guidance Counselor, Mrs. Janet Morgan, Psychologist, Mrs. Myra Stapleton, Guidance Counselor. VOCATIONAL First Row: A.I. MacCoy, Marvin Suttle. Second Row: Richard Latko, Richard Rozelle, Leon Hollenbeck. W, , , W, 5, . , ...,:,,,. , +1 Q K ' S' Fifi.. 7 ,'Yfirny frm. 2,1 n wil. ' - ill. it ' ' Q - E., gr ftifmgww 1,52 V13 , , A M AAAM 5, . r 1 - i rvtf 5 J fi, Q' 'J 5, a 1 L . HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION First Row: Mrs. Janice Williams, Mrs. Lucille Bacheller. Second Row: Thomas Wetzen, Angelo Scappa, jack.Silvernai1. SIXTH GRADE FirstRow: Mrs. Eileen MacCoy, Mrs. Helen Shisler. Second Row: Mrs. Catherine Bates, Mrs. Nancy Brady, Mrs. Alice Mc- Cool. FOURTH GRADE First Row: Mrs. Lois Mauldin, Mrs. Louise Hume.Second Row: Mrs. Arlene Weeks, Mrs. Diane Juliano. FIFTH GRADE First Row: Miss Karen Muchow Mrs. Carole Kumm. Second ROW Mrs. Moneda Hartzler, Mrs. Isabel Stage. Absent: Mrs. Bonita jones. SECOND GRADE First Row: Miss Maureen Mc Ewan, Mrs. Majorie Pafk. Se cond Row: Miss Statia Ogden, Mrs. Sidney Russell, Mrs Pauline Atassi. THIRD GRADE First Row: Miss Shirley Graf, Miss Ruthann Klaiber. Second Row: Mrs. Gladys Yocum, Mrs. Martha Wacker, Mrs. Mildred Matteson. FIRST GRADE First Row: Mrs. Joyce Ford, Mrs. Carol Helmer. Second Row: Miss Marcia Gere, Mrs. Eleanor Putney, Mrs. Gladys Siemesz. KINDERGARTEN First Row: Mrs. Helen Pente- cost, Miss Dorothy Benson. Second Row: Mrs. Angela Jost, Miss Lucia Churchill. SPECIAL SERVICES First Row: Mrs. Emma Gilbert, Remedial Reading, Mrs. Doris Brackett, Nurse. Second Row: Mrs. Claudine Williams, Span- ish: Mrs. Janet Morgan, Psy: chologistg Mrs. Ellen Garvey, Art. MUSIC AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION First Row: Mrs. Albertina Espersen, Musicg Miss Joyce Mitzel, Music. Second Row: Mr. Carl Schleich, Physical Edu- cationg Mr. Theodore Staple- ton, Music, Mrs. Maxine Walters, Physical Education. 6 ko X4-6 xoivwg 6 oak oiixca 656 96 6 qjycwseei Q4 100 eee wav '50 we 'N 'VW '35 X: W, 11, WEWMIE HW 5 wfvmwwfw QD 1 Yf 1 -WW' I A 15141 1 K 7 liz K,Z6'S- 449, oe-M... X0 P' '09 Kox we awe- . 6 Qi QQQ K1 QS 1 Q0 O QMKXQ, x9 X O0 O S16 9 is QQ, te 41 wiv. 661 21 e,XXe6 1.4.6 exeoiso 1? SE gas fx: 3? 5 72 E1 E 1 x S x 5 QE it xx - f -f ,W J V . X Q- Q -. ,, Wmm,,,,1e DENNIS ABRAHAM I meant to do my Work today! Quiet inclass--but oh, afterwards! DENNIS ABRAMS Eat, drink, and be merry and sleep the rest of the time. MICHAEL ABRAHAM WILLIAM ASMUS A nice friendly fellow with a good sense of humor. The best girls make the least noise. JUDITH BABEL JOYANN BARTRAM A little bit of mischief, a little bit of sass, brought this mighty senior up from the Freshman class. RONALD BAEHR Listen, my children, and you shall hear, a crash, bangg Ron's car is near! Smiles may come, and smiles may go, but giggles go on forever. ELAINE BEDFORD PAUL BERNIER It takes a great man to be a good listener. ' ' Fond of fun as fond can be. CONSTANCE BOHN A little nonsense now and then is relished by the best of men. DARRYL BLACKMAN ROGER BOHN God bless the man who inv sleep. ented Little man, you've had abusy PAUL BORK JERRY BOWER Man of few Words. day. r S HACK BOWER The world is ugly as sin and al- most as de lightful. ' ' A little bit quiet, a little bit shyg nevertheless, he's a wonderfu1guy. WILLIAM BRADLEY SHARON BRAYLEY Life is what you make it. Silence is golden, but Debbie never seemed to like it! DEBORAH BUCCERI A smile for every girl and two for every guy. NANCY M. BR UNING CHARLES BURCHELL Studies, studies, go awaygChuCkie only wants to play. From a little spark may burst a mighty flame. JUDY BURT ANITA CANTIE Happiness is her middle name. CATHY CARGES Devi1try plays upon her mind. Quiet on the surface, but a devil beneath. PATRICIA CARROLL TIMOTHY J. COUGHLIN Life is my collegeg may I graduate with honors. ' ' He never seems to worry and is seldom in a hurry. DARWIN CUMMINGS Her ways are ways of pleasant ness. KAREN COVERT LINDA CUMMINGS Happy I am from care I'm free. One who has lived obscurely and quietly has lived we11.', MILTON CUMMINGS GARY DIETERLE Wake me up at 3:25. KATHY DEINHARDT Sparkle, pep, vim and vigor, all wrapped up in a pert little figure. High school days have their de- lights, but they'1l never compare to high school nights. JOSEPH D. FIORE BRIAN DURSKI Never a dull moment when he's around. A good sport, a fine friend. HAROLD FINGER Full of spirit, full of fun, full of pep that gets things done. BEVERLY A. ELDRED PATRICIA FORD She has a heart with room for everyone. A credit to his school, a top notch guy. STEPHEN FORRESTEL MICHAEL GEORGE To know him is to like him. WILLIAM FROST Pm as sober as a judge. True to her work, her word, her friends. BARBARA GLOMB 'EM Em BETTY GOESEKE 1: Happy-go-lucky and full of fun, pep and ability all in one. The only way to have friends is to be one. ANN MAR IE GROFF A gentle heart and a mild manner. LOIS GRANKE VALERIE GROUND Ideas die quickly in some heads because they can't stand solitary confinement. Few words but many thoughts KAREN HAAS EKG' I 5 s CRAIG HALL All he wants to get out of school is himself. MARGARET HALECKI Her warm personality shines through her quietnes s . ' ' Music is well said to be the speech of angels. MARY HAMMOND Wherever there's mischief brewing, Harv's usually doing the stirring. DAVID HARVEY HARRY HARTWIG Let every man practice the art he knows best. Athletic, good looking, popular, all Combined, an up to date man of the very best kind. JOHN HAWES 1' DAVID HOCTOR My interest is in the future--I'm going to spend the rest of my life there. Silence is as deep as Eternityg speeches as shallow as time. SHARON HOSTE FRANCIS HOULIHAN The door of knowledge is labeled, 'Push'. KAREN HUDSON Her smile is worth 1,000 words. The happier the time, the more quickly it passes. EDWARD HUSING We know nothing of tomorrowg our business is to be good and happy today. CARIN JOHNSON '- ns DIANNE IULG Her quiet dignity was her admira- tion. 6 Youth is wholly experimental. CHARLES KEPPLER CAROLINE M. KOPACZ As many friends as freckles. big man casts a large shadow. DALE KRUSCI-IKE MARY LaROCCA takes life to love life. DIANE KURASZKIEWICZ Let this be a world of friends. Old friends are true friends to have at your side. ELIZABETH LAESE PAUL LEAVITT A sportsman completeg a hard one to beatf' Them-e's time for work and time for playg I'll take whatever comes my way.1v PHILIP LEWIS All great men are dying, and I feel a little sick myself. FREDERICK LEGA LA URIE LLOYD Why be disagreeableg with a little effort I can be impossible. If tion. MONA LOGAN Few have such a happy disposi- FAYE LOWDER UF1111 of fun and fancy free. PAUL LUKETIC Wherever he is you're sure to find a teacher trying to make him mind. It isn't your position in life, it's your disposition. ANTHONY MARTINO H JERRY MARTINO Life without sports is not life. My brain is wonderful. It starts working in the morning when I wake up and doesn't stop until I'm call- ed on in class. MICHAE L MATYNKA Live dangerously, die young. PAUL MAST MADELINE MCCORMICK She has a certain way all her own 6 We pf A .Ms th xffmfj aff chief MW? gypalfwff X aw PAUL MIRRIONE The best way to get ahead is to use the one you have. QAM! 35 MARTIN MILLER Confidence is the companion of success. Nothing in the world is so conta- gious as good humor. SANDRA MONTVILLE RICHARD MUCK Knowledge is power. That all-American guy. GARY PAFK A quiet, hard working girl PAMELA NOODY Full of mischief, full of fun. Girls like E-Elaine? There's only one! ELAINE PARKER DAVID POGEL If you're a man of few words, you won't have to take so many of them back. ROYCE PAYNE H times gay, but we like him just that way. HLose no timeg be always employ- ed in something useful. DONNA REIGLE He's sometimes serious, some- ROBERT RIBBECK Pleasure and action make the hours seem short. A good character shines by its own light. MICHAEL ROBERTS Hlndividuality is the salt of common life. DANITA RITECZ WE LYNNE R OLL She smiles at many just fOr fur! but we all know there's only one. Success begins with a fe11ow's wi11.', MARK ROOD HOWARD ROSENBERG The secret of success is con stancy to purpose. MONA RUD OLPH A good reputation is Worth more than gold. A true friend never offends. BONNIE SCHOENTHAL CARL SCHOENWETTER Sing away sorrows, cast away cares. It's the spirit, not the size that counts. GAIL SCHULTZ He that asks no questions, isn't told a lie. JOHN SNYDER MICHAEL STAEBELL I try all thingsg I achieve what I can. 0 How pleasant is Friday night when I've tried all week to be good. JAMES STANLEY 5 1 A a EDWIN SUTTON Never leave well enough 810116- Well enough isn't good enough. JAMES SUSFOLK God helps those who help them- selves. A blonde with a grin with the devil packed inf' KIM TAYLOR S KATHRYN TIPPETT Why should the devil have all the good times! There is nothing Worth more than the laughter and love of friends. JO ANN TRIGILIO l... 'E I have never been hurt by any- thing I didn't sayl DUANE TOTTEN QE RICHARD VAN BUREN Not so much noisy, but far from glum, school without him would be less fun.', The most useless day of all is that in which we have not laughed. TIMOTHY VAN BUREN SHERRY WANDS A quiet but friendly person to know. PAUL WAGNER Be silent and safe--silence never betrays you. A benefit received should never be forgotten--one bestowed never re- memberedf' LINDA WEBSTER DAVID WEID MAN On their own merits, modest men are quiet. Nothing endures but personal qualities. PAUL WHEAT The next day is never as good as the night beforef' MICHAEL WELSH THEO WHITING It's nice to be natural when you'r naturally nice. Full of fun and good times is he. DALE WIGHT CHRISTINE WOLTERS Cheerfu1ness smoothes the way of life. MARY WINTERS Mary--as sweet as any name can be. ll Studies, wit, and fun, niceness, wiseness--all rolled into One, FRANCES WRONOWICZ ROBERT WYDER Pd rather be thought true than a genius. A courteous grin, a friendly smile to all his friends all the while. SOMCHAI LERTRAPUND MELVIN Z IMMERMAN No evil can happen to this good man. Akron's foreign exchange student this year has been Somchai Lertprapund of Thailand. Chai has been staying at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Mike Mc- Leod, and has been attending classes here since September. Chai's family, including his brother and sister lives in the Phrom Phiram District in Thailand, in the province of Pisanuloke, a rural section of the country. He feels his time in Akron has been a valuable experience to him, and he has found the people here very friendly. Chai has certainly represented his country well, and we of the Senior Class wish him the best of everything. n Memoriam GARY M oWEN 4194 em holy hrllp He who walks blamelessly and does what rs rrght and speaks truth from h1s heart Who does notslander w1th h1s tongue and does no ev1l to h1s frrends nor takes reproach upon h1s nerghbor He who honors those who fear the Lord He who does these thmgs shall never be moved L: I . s - 9 , Lord, who shall abide in thy tabernacle? Who shall dwell in thy 47 senior darec:'l'or ABRAHAM, DENNIS: Basketball C155Football Cl,2,3, 455 TSHFHS C1,2,3,455 Yorkers C1,2,355 Senior Intra- murals C1,2,3,455 Swimming C3,45 ABRAHAM, MICHAEL: Football C1,2,3,45, Baseball C1,2,3,455 Basketball C155 Sr. Boys Intramurals C1,2,35 ABRAMS, DENNIS: FOOfb8ll C1,2,355 Industrial A1-t5 Cl,2,355 Chess Cl,255 Intramurals C35 ASMUS, WILLIAM: Football C1,2,3,455 Baseball C1,255 Intramurals C1,2,3,45 BABEL, JUDITH: Freshman Chorale C155 Poster Club C255 Art Club C3,455 Sr. Girls C45 BAEHR, RONALD: Basketball C155 Track Cl,2,3,455 2YZF2Sggi11g C2,3,455 Intramurals Cl,2,3,455 Industrial Arts BOHN, CONSTANCE: Freshman Chorale C155 Yorkers C153 Monitors C2,3,455 Hi-Y C3,455 Ticket Sellers C2,3, 455 Dramatics C455 Biology Club C255 Audio-Visual C15 BOHN, ROGER: Chess Club C255 Biology Club C253 Intramurals C2,3,45 BOWER, JACK: Intramurals C1,255 Football C2,355 Basketball C2,355 Industrial Arts Club C2,35 BOWER, JERRY: Junior Model Club C1,255 Industrial Arts C1,25 BRADLEY, WILLIAM: Audio-Visual C155 Yorkers C355 Track C353 Cross Country C45 BARTRAM, JOYANN: Art Club C25 BRAYLEY, SHARON: Girls Intramurals C155 Poster Club C2,355 Wafer Ballet C2,355 FHA C3,455 Dramatics Club C45 BRUNING, NANCY: Freshman Class Cabinet C155 Freshman Chorale C155 Marching Band C155 Intramurals Cl,2,3,455 Cheerleading C1,2,355 Sophomore Class Treasurer C255 Archery C255 Sr. Girls C2,3,455 Junior Class Cabinet C355 Student Council C455 Monitors C455 Ticket Sellers C455 Hi-Y C45 BUCCERI, DEBORAH: Intramurals C1,255 Freshman Chorale C155 Ticket Sellers C2,3,455 Archery C255 Dra- matics C453 Monitors C455 Class Cabinet C2,355 Baton Twirl Twirlers Cl,2,353 Yorkers C153 Basketball C255 Sr. Girls C45: One Act Plays C255 Class Treasurer C35 BURCHELL, CHARLES: Yorker Club C1,2,355 Intra- murals Cl,2,3,455 Cross Country C1,2,355 Basketball C155 Track C1,255 Student Council C1,255 Tennis C355 Class Cabinet C35 CANTIE, ANITA: Freshmen Chorale C155 Lettering Club C253 Marching Band C2,355 Intramurals C45 CARGES, CATHY: Freshmen Chorale C155 Ticket Se11erS C2,3,455 Nurses Club C45 CARROLL, PATRICIA: Intramurals C155 Ticket Sellers C3,455 Future Nurses C45 COUGHLIN, TIMOTHY: Audio-Visual C155 Intramurals C155 Baseball Cl,255 Basketball C1,255 Biology Club C255 Cross Country C2,3,455 Student Council C2,3,455 Science Club-vice president C355 Swimming C3,455 Tennis C3,45 COVERT, KAREN: Freshman Chorale C155 Hi-Y C3,45 CUMMINGS, LINDA: Freshman Chorale C155 FHA C3,45 CUMMINGS, MILTON: Intramurals Cl,2,3,453 Industrial Arts Club C2,3,455 Treasurer C255 Vice-president C355 President C455 Model Club C355 Track C35 DEINHARDT, KATHY: Freshman Chorale C155 Sr. Girls C255 Intramurals Cl,255 Cheerleading Cl,255 Ticket Sellers C3,455 Hi-Y C455 Student Council C2,3,455 Treasurer C35 DIETERLE, GARY: Football Cl,2,3,455 Baseball Cl,2,3,453 Basketball C155 Intramm-als Cl,2,3,45 DURSKI, BRIAN: Basketball Cl,2,3,453 Football Cl,2,3,455 Intramurals C1,2,3,45 ELDRED, BEVERLY: Intramurals C155 Freshman Chorale C155 Yorker Club C155 Poster Club C155 Freshman Class Treasurer5 Student Council C1,2,355 Ticket Sellers C2,3,455 Marching Band Cl,255 Class Cabinet C255 Hi-Y Treasurer C355 Hi-Y President C455 Monitors C2,3,455 Dramatics C45 FINGER, HAROLD: Football C1,2,3,455 Track Cl,253 Tennis C3,455 Basketball C2,455 Class President C255 Student Court C455 Intramurals C1,2,3,45 FORD, PATRICIA: Intramurals C155 Freshman Chorale C153 Career Club C155 Art Club C255 Senior Girls C2,35 FORRESTEL, STEPHEN: Swimming Cl,2,3,453 Tennis C1,2,3,455 International Club Cl,2,3,4-President59 IH' tramurals C155 Sr. Band Cl,253 Chess Club C2,3,4- President55 Biology Club C255 Student Council Repre- sentative C2,355 Student Council President C455 Cross Country C45 FROST, BILL: Football C1,2,3,455 Wrestling C2,3,455 One Act Plays C25 GEORGE, MICHAEL: Intramurals C1,2,353 Cross Country Cl,2,3-co-Captain53 Track Cl,2,35i Swimming C155 Student Council C1,355 Freshman Chorale C155 Class Cabinet C255 Class President C3,45 GLOMB, BARBARA: Library C155 Supply Store C25 GOESEKE, BETTY: Class Cabinet C1,255 Ticket Sellers C3,455 Marching Band C155 Senior Girls C2,3,455 Varsity Chorale C2,3,455 Freshman Chorale C155 Hi-Y C455 Poster Club C155 Student Council C455 Yorkers Cl,455 Sharpetts C155 Finians Rainbow C355 Intramurals C15 GRANKE, LOIS: Freshman Chorale C153 Senior Girls C2,3,455 Future Homemakers C2,3,4-Vice-president55 Poster Club C355 Supply Store C3,455 Dramatic Club C455 Nurses Staff C45 GROFF, ANN MARIE: Freshman Choral C153 Marching Band C1,255 Senior Girls C2,3,45 HAAS, KAREN: Senior Girls C255 FHA C455 Dramatic Club C45 HALECKI, PEGGY: Freshman Chorale C155 Intramurals Cl,2,355 Marching Band C1,2,355 Senior Girls C3,455 Poster Club C25 HALL, CRAIG: Band C1,2,355 Orchestra C1,25Q All State Band C253 Lil' Abner C255 Poster Club C25 HAMMOND, MARY: Orchestra Cl,2,3,453 Sharpettes C155 Freshman ChoraleCl55 Biology Club C255 String Quartet C1,2,355 Future Nurses' Club C255 Senior Girls C3,455 Student Court C45 HAWES, JOHN: Intramurals C153 J.V. Basketball C153 Student Council C1,255 Freshman Chorale C155 J.V. Football C155 Track Cl,2,3,455 Varsity Football C2,3,453 Varsity Basketball C35 HOCTOR, DAVID: A.V. Club C155 Chess Club Cl,2,3,4- Vice-president55 Student Council Cl,255 Biology Club C255 International Club C2,3,45 HOCTOR, DAVID: A.V, Club C153 Chess Club C1,2,3- Vice-president,4-Vice-president53 Student Council Representative C1,253 International Club C2,353 Jr. Vice-president Student Council C353 Student Court C3 4 Chief Justice5 Sr Science Club C3 President 1 ' - - 53 Monitors C3-Captain53 Sr. Vice-president C453 Tennis C3,45 HOSTE, SHARON: Freshman Chorale C153 Poster Club C253 FHA C2,453 Dramatic Club C45 HUDSON, KAREN: Freshman Chorale C153 Orchestra Cl,2,353 Lil' Abner C153 Sharpettes C153 Senior Girls C2,3,45Q Biology Club C253 Future Nurses' Club C253 Finian's Rainbow C35 HOULIHAN, FRANCIS: Yorkers Cl,253 Chess Club C1,2,3,453 Biology Club C253 Cross Country C3,453 Swimming C353 Tennis C3,45 HUSING, TEDDY: Freshman Chorale C153 Poster Club C153 Yorkers C253 Ticket Sellers C35 IULG, DIANNE: Starpoint C1,253 Senior Girls C453 Class Treasurer C453 Poster Club C45 KOPACZ, CAROL: Yorkers C153 Biology Club C253 Intramurals C1,3,45Q FHA C353 Track C35 KRUSCHKE, DALE: Band C1,2,3,453 Chorus C1,2DQ Orchestra C1,2,3,453 Biology Club C253 Science Club C353 Tennis Cl,2,353 A.V. Crew3 Yorkers C153 Chess Club C1,2,3,45 KURASZKIEWICZ, DIANE: Freshman Chorale C153 Poster Club C251 Senior Girls C2,3,45Q Hi-Y C3,4-Vice- -president53 Library Club C35 LAESE, ELIZABETH: Freshman Chorale C153 Senior Girls C2,3,453 FHA C3,45 LaROCCA, MARY: Lane High School Va. C153 Future Nurses C3,453 Student Council Representative C353 Secretary C353 Intramurals C45 LEAVITT, PAUL: Basketball C1,2,3,453 Baseball C1,2,3,453 Intramurals Cl,2,353 Football C3,453 jr. Vice- president C353 St. Council Representative C35 LEWIS, PHILIP: Intramurals C1,25Q Audio C153 Biology Club C253 Science Club C353 Yorkers C3,453 Basketball C15 LLOYD, LAURIE: Freshman Chorale C153 Yorkers C1,25Q Senior Girls C2,3,453 Varsity Chorale C2,3,453 Lettering Club C153 Hi-Y C3,453 Ticket Sellers C2,3,453 Fr. Vice-president C153 Dramatics Club C45 LOGAN, MONA: Freshman Chorale C153 Career Club C153 Intramurals C2,3,453 Sr. Girls Basketball C25 LOWDER, FAYE: Intramurals C1,2,3,453 Freshman Chorale C153 Student Council C153 Senior Girls C2,3,453 Cheerleading C2,353 Vice-president C253 Varsity Chorale C353 Finian's Rainbow Future Nurses C45 MARTINO, ANTHONY: Library Club C153 Industrial Arts C1,253 Audio-Visual C1,253 Yorkers C2,3-President5 MARTINO, JERRY: Basketball C1,353 Intramurals Cl,2,3,453 Baseball C153 Football C2,3,45 MAST, PAUL: Wrestling C153 Baseball C153 Freshman Chorale C153 Student Council C153 Intramurals C1,25Q Career Club-President C153 I Varsity Chorale C2,353 Biology Club C253 Finian,s Rainbow C353 Yorkers C453 Drama Club C45 MATYNKA, MIKE: Tennis C2,3,453 Intramurals C2,353 Varsity Chorale C3,453 Finians Rainbow C353 Drama Club C453 Student Council C453 Vice-president C453 Red Cross Representative C45 MCCORMICK, MADELINE: Poster Club C153 Freshman Chorale K C153 Intramurals C1,453 Biology Club C253 Library Club C2,3,45 MCLEOD, PAMELA: Career Club C151 Yorkers C153 Twirling C1,25Q Marching Band C253 Hi-Y C3,453 Drama Club C45 MILLER, MARTIN: Freshman Chorale C153 Audi0-ViSI-181 Cl,2,3,453 Varsity Chorale C2,3,45Q Industrial Arts C253 Senior Science Club C3,45 ' MIRRILONE, PAUL: Freshman Chorale C153 Biology Club C253 Varsity Chorale C2,3,453 Finians Rainbow C353 Science Club C3,45 MONTVILLE, SANDY: Freshman Chorale C153 Senior Girls C2,353 Poster Club C253 Ticket Sellers C45 MUCK, RICHARD: Freshman Chorale C153 Yorkers c1,25Q Chess Club 85 Team Cl,2,3,453 Varsity Chorale C2,3,453 Finians Rainbow C353 Biology Club C253 Science Club C353 All State Sectionals C45 NOODY, PAMELA: Freshman Chorale C153 FHA C2,3- Secretary, 4-President53 Post Club C2,3,453 Supply Store C353 Drama Club C45 PAFK, GARY: Football C1,2,3,453 Basketball Cl,2,3,453 Baseball C1,2,3,453 Intramurals C1,2,3,453 Student Council C2,45 PARKER, ELAINE: Freshman Chorale C153 Intramurals C1,2,45Q Band C1,2,35Q Skotball C253 Senior Girls C253 Future Nurses C3,453 Red Cross C3,453 Clinic Staff C3,453 Student Council C45 - PAYNE, ROYCE: Freshman Chorale C153 Yorkers C1,2,3,453 Biology Club C253 Cross Country Cl,253 Audio-Visual C153 Baseball C153 Student Council C453 Drama Club C45 POGEL, DAVID: Yorker Club C1,2,3DQ Model ClubK Cl,2,353 Biology Club C253 Science Club C35 x REIGLE, DONNA: Concert Band C1,2,3,45Q Poster Club C253 Monitors C3,453 Symphonic Band C3,45 RIBBECK, ROBERT: Model Club C153 Audio-Visual C153 Wrestling C153 Yorkers C353 Science Club C3,45 RITECZ, DANITA: Yorkers C1,253 Freshman Chorale C153 Varsity Chorale C2,3,453 Senior Girls C2,3,45Q Biology Club C253 Finian's Rainbow C353 Hi-Y C3,453 Drama Club C45 ROBERTS, MIKE: Freshman Chorale C153 Intramurals Cl,2,3,453 Football C153 Varsity Chorale C2,3,453 Track C3,453 Industrial Arts C25 ROLL, LYNNEr Freshman Chorale C153 Senior Girls Glee Club C2,35 ROSENBERG, HOWARD: Freshman Choraletllyssfiiof High Boy's Intramurals Cl,2,3,455 Varsity Swlmmlflg Team C1,2,3,453 junior Varsity Baseball Cl,253 Varsity Baseball C1,253VarsityChorale C2,3,453 Future Farmers c2,3,45Q Finnian's Rainbow C35 RUDOLPH, MONA: Band C153 Freshman Chorale C153 Varsity Chorale C2,3,45Q Senior Girls C2,3,453 Future Nurses C253 Biology Club C253 Hi-Y C3-42? Fimuanys Rainbow C353 Student Court C45 SCHOENTHAL, BONNIE: Sharpettes C153 Senior High Yorker Club C1,25Q Freshman Chorale C153 Career Club C153 Poster club C1,2,45: Hi-Y C3,453 Varsity Chorale C45 SCHULTZI GAIL3 Freshman Class Cl-President53 Senior Yorkers C1,253 Senior Girls Glee Club C253 Hi-Y C3-Chaplin, 4-Secretary53 Ticket Sellers C1,2,45Q Ca- reer Club C153 Cheerleaders C353 Intramurals C35 STAEBELL, MIKE: Swimming Team C1,455 Industrial Arts C1,2,455 Model Club C155 Drama Club C455 Tennis C15 STANLEY, JAMES: Intramurals C155 Freshman Chorale C155 Yorkers C155 Football C155 Track C153 Basketball Drama Club C45 SUSFOLK, JAMES: Football Cl,2,355 Freshman Chorale C155 Intramurals C155 Track C155 Swimming C1,255 Varsity Chorale C2,355 Tennis C35 SUTTON, EDWIN: Intramurals C1,2,455 Bioloby Club C255 Chess Club C255 Yorker Club C45 TAYLOR, KIM: Freshman Chorale C155 Senior Girls Glee Club C2,3,455 Intramurals C1,255 Ticket Sellers C3,455 Monitors C455 Hi-Y C455 Student CouncilC1,2,3,455 Student Court C355 Sophomore Class Cabinet C255 Junior Class Cabinet C355 Dramatics Club C455 Freshman Class Secretary C155 Sharpettes C155 Sophomore Class Secretary C25 TIPPETT, KATHY: Ticket Sellers C1,2,3,455 Career Club C155 Freshman Chorale C155 Hi-Y C3,455 Dramatics Club C455 Student Council C25 TOTTEN, DUANE: Future Farmers of America C1,2,3, 455 Reporter C255 Treasurer C35 TRIGILIO, JO ANN: Freshman Chorale C155 Sharpettes C155 Yorkers C1-President55 One Act Plays C255 Var- Sify Cl'1Ofale C2,3,455 Senior Girls Glee Club C2,3,455 Biology Club C255 Finnian's Rainbow C355 Student Council C355 Dramatics C455 Student Court C455 Hi-Y C455 Ticket Sellers C45 VAN BUREN, RICHARD: Football C255 Wrestling C2,3,45 VAN BUREN, TIM: Football Cl,2.3,453 Wrestling C1,2, 3,455 Track C1,2,3,455 Intramurals Cl,2,3,45 WANDS, SHERRY: Freshman Chorale C155 Senior Girls Glee Club C2,3,455 Hi-Y C3,45 WEBSTER, LINDA: Intramurals Cl,2,455 Freshman Chorale C155 Future Homemakers of America C3,4-Se- cretary5 WEIDMAN, DAVID: Yorkers Cl,2,355 Biology Club C25 WHEAT, PAUL: Football 415, swimming CL25: Indus- trial Arts C155 Track 42,355 Cross-Country C35 WHITING, THEO: Art Club C255 Synchronized Swim- ming C255 Nurses Club C-3,45 WIGHT, DALE: Freshman Chorale C155 Yorker Club C1,2,3,455 Industrial Arts Cl,255 Intramurals C155 ANCHO- Visual C155 Drama Club C45 WINTER, MARY: Freshman Chorale C155 Poster Club C255 FHA C3,455 Library curb C35 WOLTERS, CHRISTINE: FHA C155 Lettering Club C25 WRONOWICZ, FRANCES: Intramurals C1,2,3,455 Fresh- man Chorale C155 Hockey Club C1,2,3,455 Senior Girls C2,3,455 Student Council C3,45 WYDER, ROBERT: Cross-Country C155 Track C255 In- tramurals C255 FFA Cl,2,3,45 ZIMMERMAN, MELVIN: Cross-Country Cl,2,3,455 Track C1,2,3,455 Industrial Arts C1,2-President55 Varsity Chorale C2,3,455 Finnian's Rainbow C355 Lil' Abner C15 Q mvzlt AU fa .fr M Cfasaagj l-I-5812371119 Paul Leavitt leaves all his scholastic, athletic, and social accomplishments to Dennis Remington. Mike Abraham leaves his ability to eat, at lunch, to Bill Hawes. Mary Hammond leaves a book on How to Make Your Experiments a Success to Mr. Martiny. Nancy Bruning leaves a stack of swimming passes to Mrs. Williams. Betty Goeseke leaves her Dristan bottle to any junior with a stuffy nose. JoAnn Trigilio leaves her job as editor of the Akronite to any unsuspecting junior. Sherry Wands leaves her Sth period shorthand class to Mr. Hood. Ann Groff leaves all her English compositions to her sister Beverly. Mick George leaves 400 years of a wonderful marriage to Nancy Dear. Judy Burt leaves all her senior privileges QD to any lucky junior. Melvin Zimmerman leaves his VarsityChorale seat to any junior tenor who wants to sing soprano. Mary LaRocca leaves her holy stocking to Mr. George. Debbie Bucceri leaves her ability to make Mr. Edgar laugh to anybody who has patience. Diane Iulg leaves her ability to break noses to any junior who is likewise coordinated. Richard Muck leaves a used bookbag to anyone who is willing to carry it. Anita Cantie leaves a dark blue gym suit to Mrs. Williams. Mona Logan leaves the dryers in the girls' locker room to any junior who has to take swimming 4 years. Laurie Lloyd leaves the privilege to walk in the halls barefoot to any junior girl with cold feet. Kathy Tippett leaves a bucket to the Maintenence Department. ' Val Ground leaves. Kathy Deinhardt leaves her two year old chemistry lab book to any two time loser. Bill Asmus leaves his football spikes to any junior who won't get them dirty. Bill Bradley leaves his chickenman costume to any- one who's pure in heart. -Barbara .Glomb, Tony Martino, and Lois Granke leave their seats in the senior homeroom to juniors who have never had claustrophobia. h D Robert Wyder leaves his marriage counseling for any junior who gets married, Duane Totten leaves a passport to Prussie, .Paul Mast leaves a bottle of aspirin to the next Business Manager of the Akronite, Bev Eldred leaves her physical fitness to any unfit, needy person. Kim Taylor and Mike Matynka leave a year's supply of old Newsweeks to the library. Lynn Roll leaves her P.O.D. notes to Pat Witkowski, hoping she'll understand them better. Dale Wight leaves 13 years of nothing to no one. Elizabeth Laese leaves to any junior, all the days she came to school tired. Carol Kopacz leaves her authority and front seat on Bus 55 to some deserving underclassman. Joyann Bartram leaves her English notes to any junior who can understand them. Elaine Bedford, jerry Bower and Sharon Hoste leave their morning trips to Harkness Center to any junior who can get up early enough to get on the bus. Mona Rudolph leaves her place in Varsity Chorale as the only senior in the alto section, to any deservingjunior. Ed Sutton leaves his place on the absence list to any deserving junior. Peggy Halecki leaves her gym locker to Janice Keller. Sharon Brayley leaves the Grapes of Wrath to who- ever can read it. Pat Ford leaves all her experiences in Cosmetology to anyone in the junior class. Mary Winter leaves her typewriter, which hardly ever works,to any unfortunate junior. Connie Bohn leaves her grades and her -ability to do homework to Kenny Denton. Teddie Whiting leaves her ability of going around the corner of Meahl Road to Bobby Bartram. Gail Schultz leaves her job as the editor of the A.C.S. Review to anyone willing to improve it and hear the complaints she did. Dannie Ritecz turns in her art drawers and Varsity Chorale music with a sigh and moves on to greater advent- ures. Pam McLeod leaves her well worn seat in Chemistry to anyone who wants it. Christine Wolters leaves all the great times in the art room to any junior who will be taking art. Linda Webster leaves her seat in Business Law to any junior who wants a big headache. Howard Rosenberg leaves his centerfield position to the next deserving underclassman. Dennis Abrams leaves all his mishaps to any fortunate person who could be unfortunate. Pam Noody leaves her dirty locker to anyone willing to clean it. The Sociology Class leaves Mr. Crosby a bottle of tranquilizers and bundle of 2 points. The Class of '67 leaves its reputation to good old A.C.S. Senior Class High ISHS As Freshmen, the Class of 67 started its trek through time, wondering if we would ever reach the peak and reign as seniors. A stationery sale was held in our freshman year under the advisorship of Mr. Roger Farr. Class officers were: Gail Schultz-President, Laurie Lloyd-Vice President, Kim Taylor-Secretary, and Beverly Eldred-Treasurer. In our Sophomore year, we found ourselves encompassed in a world of julius Caesar, frogs, and theorems. To raise money, our class spon- sored a dance under the supervision of Mr. Van- Swift. Class officers were: President-Harold Finger, Vice President-Faye Lowder, Secretary- Kim Taylor, Treasurer-Nancy Bruning, and Stu- dent Court-Kathy Deinhardt. As Juniors, we had quite a busy year. The Class of 667' had two highly successful dances: Greenwich Village and the Battle of the Bands, which had two bands participating. These two dances aided us in financing the jr.- Sr. Prom. The highlight of the year occurred when we received our class rings. In our junior year, our class advisor was Mr. John Rex, and the class officers were: President-Michael George, Vice President-Paul Leavitt, Secretary-Mary La- Rocca, Treasurer-Deborah Bucceri, and Student Court Representatives were Kim Taylor and David Hoctor. Our Senior year proved to be the most ex- citing. Many were surprised to see that they had reached their goal. We started our money raising campaigns quite early by selling refreshments at the home football games. In late October, we started selling Christmas cards, and on Novem- ber twelfth, the Class sponsored the annual Sadie Hawkins Dance. By December, we received our Senior pic- tures, just in time for Christmas! College appli- cation deadlines were in the air, and time seemed to fly by all too swiftly. Before we realized it, the football season had ended. Mid-terms were upon us soon after Christmas and all too soon the traditional activities to end our year of glory were here. These included the jr. - Sr. Prom, the Senior picnic, the Senior Ban- quet, and finally, Graduation. Our four years sped by filled with cherished memories for all. Our dependence on others has ended and our future success rests upon our own individual abilities. Y Togetherness ? Come seven or eleven... JR. - SR. PROM The Jr. - Sr. prom, Tender is the Night, was the highlight of the 1966 school year. The gym, decorated in blue became a highly romantic and impressive 'setting which those who attended will remember always. At the stroke of twelve, royality was crown- ed and seated upon their thrones. They were: King, john Oweng Queen, Nancy Robnettg Prince Gary Pafkg Princess, Nancy Bruning. J FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP The Akron Tigers did it again, only this time they didn't settle for any ties, they won all eight games to give us the '66-'67 NiagralOr- leans Championship. The Tigers fcught with all their might and they were supported by the cheering Akron fans. Seniors john Hawes and Gary Dieterle were named to the N-O Honor Team. John Hawes led the N-O league in scoring and Bob Zimmerman ran a close second. 53 SADIE HAWKINS DANCE On the count of three the boys were off and the girls after them. In no time at all Daisy Mae, Nancy Bruning, hooked Little Abner, jack Bower, and dragged him to Marry'n Sam, Tim Coughlin. Bales of straw and country setting created a Dog Patch atmosphere which was enhanced by country music. 3 by 'Pied' UYQS 1. Carol Kopacz 2. Melvin Zimmerman 3. Dennis Abrams 4. Madeline McCormick 5. Lynn Roll 6. Lois Granke 7. Tim Coughlin 8. Tony Martino 9. jo Ann Trigilio 10. Robert Wyder 11. Laurie Lloyd l2.Gail Schultz 13. Harry Hartwig 14. Peggy Halecki 15. Sherry Wands 16. Charles Burchell 17. Kim Taylor 18. Mary Hammond 19. Diane Kuraszkiewicz 20. Dianne Iulg 21. Betty Goeseke 22. Harold Finger 23. Beverly Eldred 24. Fred Lega 25. Faye Lowder 36. Paul Mast 27. Karen Covert 28. Pam Noody 29. Howard Rosen- berg 31. Michael Abraham 32. Sharon Hoste 33. jerry Bower 34. Christine Wolters 35. Mary Winter 36. Bill Frost 37. Royce Payne 38. Edwin Sutton 39. Ann Groff 40. Mike Roberts 41. Connie Bohn 42. Donna Reigle 43. Danita Ritecz 44. Mona Logan 45. john Hawes 46. Valerie Ground 47. Gary Owen 48. Anita Cantie 49. Mona Rudolph 50. Pam McLeod 51. Debbie Bucceri 52. Elaine Bedford 53. Bill Bradley 54. Theo Whiting 55. Judy Babel 56. David Weidj an 57. Richard VanBuren 58. Kathy Tippett 59. Patricia Ford 60. Bonnie Schoenthal. , ,f 7 - .f.:, . ..- NE wild D H se pla ,. ven t as an en my few' I . . , . , 60. Nancy Brumng 61. jim Stanley 62. Michael Welsh 63. Kathy Deinhardt 64. Judy Burt 65. Michael George 66. Cathy Carges 67. jerry Martino 68. Gary Deiterle 69. Craig Hall 70. Elizabeth Laese 71. Gary Pafk 72. Mary LaRocca 73. Francis Wronowicz 74. Dennis Abraham 75. Duane Totten 76. Linda Webs Sharon Brayley 78. Mike Matynka 79. Barbara Glomb 80. Sandra Montville -995. ':, . f f : ',.r f::1, f,-1.5 H I ,M 5' -iisilli V me . 4' F' 'ff' f :'f A jd a K1 fr ,fl EZ. 1 b . 4 Hai . -,,A -,. ..- - ..' 3 ,.. 13 Wanna see me N I hold my breath MAST With WHITE hen there were some until I turn arties! blue? ybody bottom .WH , ,, ..,,, ,.., . .- -- f ,awf fy 1 .fvw14w.:f- wgw .. 221 , , AJ' 1 19 Mg. 2 1f1f at Wffffff W 1 7 if 96 , , 'ff 1 li f 1 f W 1 ,1 -.ff Ap- . Q-ZW4 Vfsanl . ,. ,Q W 1-1- 3 1 wi' W 'S ffm , Q4 1 Q ,,,' .1 ..,. Z A 1 1 ,Q That's woman! 1 my ,3 93 w -'az-5. . , Z M1-sfgzlfwarffi 1effb3A,Mg,12f fg ' X Once a dunce, always a fy' dunce! Meet the swinger! ,f ' wa. f :ag ' 211.--I ' ,, V ' 'I ,,', PROVE that's not my pretze1! SOCKS?! 81. Pat Carroll fthe endj lo s 0 g ter 77. 4.2-f 4' wie.-H , . , .,,. . .. .. a W 1 2. , , f ,ff 4.23 egg 1 ,Sf WZ, Wa-2ViFa?ial , ,,.,, , ,, W i f !5?M ' A U 12211 I could have sworn there were ' buttons there last I AM night! ff beautiful! ' i ew? Vw y , - f IE-WW t 1 ,1 f we 'f f -rf , 4.1,-M11 w - - ,, .,. .. an . . If you like the tie, I got the pants See--Right Guard really t t hw o ma c . does work afterall! A star is born. l Stood UP again! Why am I always stuck with the dog? I think I was here first--- I'm in SHE'LL just have love! to Wait! 'T 5 5 E I L. I 5 w V 1 . 4 I 56 :unless First Row: H. Bedford, A Forrestel, M. Sundown, B Martiny, M. Brust, S. Ceis ner, S. Pagels. Second Row Mr. Rex, D. Gallo, L. Kling elsmith, C. Kubis, M. Por- ter, S. Walters, M. Staebell J. Odell. Third Row: J Eckerson, L. Lauridsen, R Jemison, D. Dietz, G. Stone R. Hammond, M. Wilson, R Manning. First Row: L. Ottaviani, S. Cummings, A. Kelkenberg, K. Pawlick, M. Muggel- berg, M. Schukraft, A. U1- fanov. Second Row: Mr. Martiny, R. Snell, C. Strat- ton, P. Kyser, L. Cantie, B. Cowan, S. Armstrong. Third Row: N. Baker, D. Reming- ton, P. Witkowski, T. Lau- ridsen, B. Kenny, D. Cory, J. Griffiths. 58 First ROW: B. Corbett, M. Cummings, K. McLeod, S. Bassanello, S. Blish, K. Fiegl, J. Smith, S. Steiner, B. Totten, K. McGregor. Second ROW: R. Moore, W. Hawes, T. Prysbos, K. Mc- Leod, J. Finch, M. Witkow- ski, M. Shisler, P. Hibbard, D. Pask. Third Row: R. Kumro, R. Zimmerman, W. Young, K. Bordonaro, J. Kostanciak, D. Altrogge, R. Doktor, L. Draper, Mr. Roz- elle. First Row: P. Dean, J. Law- rence, J. Keller, M. Niez goda, S. Sprecker, C. Fink. 'W Second Row: Mr. Crosby, M Carroll, C. Sutton, D. Pafk, R. Peters, M. Brauen, D Nicosia. Third ROW: R Brege, C. Miller, B. Schuler, J. Remsen, R. Berry, A. C ovel, S. Zimmerman. Junior Class Cabinet First Row: W. Young, President R. Peters, Court, W. Freeman, Vice President Top Row: B. Kenney, Court, R. Mecca, Secretary, W. Hawes , Treas urer, K. McLeod, Court 1 First Row S Geddes J Socha M. George S. Ber- gers M. Riggio L.. Hartwig. Second Row: Mrs. Ludwick, T. Welsh, C. Doxtader, M. Best, C. King, J. Goeseke, M. Brewer. -.i Q 3 .LM First Row: D. McLeod, T Golpl, C. Abrams, C. Netz ley, D. Cummings, K. Pogel W. Brust. Second Row: Mr. Edgar, K. Anderson, B Powell, R. Swader, D Kumro, J. I-Ionesberger, J Rosenberg, A. Morrison. Third Row: D. Stegman, M Logel, J. Schumacher, D Martin, W. Kepler, S. Bork, T. Swift, D. Mietz. 'r S sa- ,ww 9 , 1 First Row: S. Kwiakowski, P. Zola, M. Wagner, S. Lowder, J. Capan, B. House, N. Eckerson, N. Yohn, C. Geyer. Second Row: Miss McHugh, R. Bartram, B. Jago, T. Fen- ton, D. Didion, K. Baehr, L. Winters, S. Brant, K. Parker, D. Swimline. Third Row: E. Wolak, J. Keller, J. Logan, G. Schultz, J. Holtz, A. Corbett, B. White, B. Hollenbeck, B. Wilson. 60 First Row: B. Roberts, L Schafer, B. Cummings, J Keller, G. Wetmore, S Thompson, J. Lloyd, G Staebell. Second Row: Mr Vossler, M. Bartram, L Groff, L. Spears, N. Parker J. Olszewski, B. Skye, A Mattei. Third Row: C Victor, D. Schmigel, D DeFries, E. Muck, J. Bruck er, C. Gronau, L. Jacobsen Fourth Row: E. Dennis, G Jones, C. Ciurynski. First Row: B. Yousey, P. Overholt, V. Sword, P. Balch, M. Bordonaro, A. Cometto, J. Mattioli. Second Row: E. Berghorn, K. Lind- ke, B. Groff, S. Jemison, T. Troyer, L. Peck, D. Rogers. Third Row: R. Remsen, M. Heberling, M. Noody, R. Kelly, D. Rung, J. Hurne, S. Kraatz. I 3 . m First Row: S. Wands, R. Mecca, L. Bettio, H. Pechu- man, S. Knapp, L. Hofmeier, L. Mauldin, E. Winters, R. Krupsk, D. Edwards, Mr, Belscher. Second Row: B. Lindke, B. Domon, F. Wet- more, C. Abrams, C. Ritecz, D. Pixley, M. Ribbeck, A. Claude, T. Blacklock, D. Leavitt. Third Row: J. David, T. Arnold, D. Rem- mington,lVI. Brege, R. Steiner, J. Schrock, T. Yousey, M. Wik. YB First Row: D. Brackett, J Keller, L. Noody, D. Swader M. Ellis. Second Row: B Socha, S. Bable, P. Smith 1 1 B. Horning, M. Scrogg, L. Wronowicz, Mrs. Cooley Third Row: K. Kasperick W. Rietcz, D. Pafk, F J Koons, D. Covel, C. Bur- chell. Fourth Row: M. Pacer P. Witkowski, K. Rudolph J. Miller, J. Adler, T Stuber. 1 1 61 First Row: D. Mecklenburg, K. Kenney, M. Springer, R. Regan, R. Muggelberg, C. Furminger, L. Doman, J. Bitterman. Second Row: D. Johnson, K. Babel, K. Covert, N. Johnson, S. Cummings, M. Schoenthal, K. Frey, M. Hartl. Third ROW: K. Ewald, D. Bow, K. Denton, C. Logan, J. Abra- ham, C. Russell, B. Nehr- boss, R. Borden.. First Row: T. Shisler, E. Praprost, A. Kopacz, P. Forrestel, C. Rebman, P. George, K. Schultz, L. Weaver, Mr. Tomczak. Se- cond Row: J. Johnson, N. Kraatz, J. Yousey, J. Kahl A. Bower, S. Starr, R. Haas 1 C. Zimmerman. Third Row: K. Pawlick, S. Parker, E. Werner, G. Stanley, M. Gronau, R. Hutchinson, R. Kelkenberg, M. Houlihan P.. Battaglia.. r First Row: B.. Conrbear, B. Borden, B. Betzold, J. Schumacker, D. Blackman, C. Rosenberg, L. Bradley, D. Bluhm, Mrs. Free. Second Row: S. Holovics, R. Asmus, T. Kennedy, D. Cummings, K. Finger, S. Baker, J. Gas- bill, F. Giertz. Third ROW: J. Dennis, L. Reuben, B. B. Glomb, A. Foster, D. Hart. , First Row: D. Altrogge, B. Gerstung, J. Parker, N. Cope, M. Hoctor, R. Bed- ford, S. Porter, P. Noody, M. Hatswell. Second Row: Mr. Helwig, J. Brockway, B. Loctor, M. Downey, N. Finger, C. Childs, S. Kow- alik, D. Odell, D. Jones Third Row: R. Webster, D Stone, J. Freeman, T. Richardson, D. Peters, G. Bernier, T. Geddes, J. Kress, J. Bower. fi ara Fzrst Row C Crane L Bordonaro, M. Forrestel, S Kenney, P. Lega, N. Ceis ner, S. Bishop, L. Stanley, L. Schoenthal, L. Perry Mrs. Smith. Second Row: C Winter, D. Fink, P. Burdick, J. DeYoung, J. Brewer, C Colopy, D. Sowinski, C Barkewitz, E. Houlihan, S Oldenski. Third Row: Sy, J. Carges, T. Blish, Parzych, M. Uljanov, C Peck, J. Mann, K. Swiniarski First Row: E. Stanley, C Bruning, T. Horner, . A. Printup, S. Rogers, M. Leib K. Benteen, Mr. Jenkins Second Row: E, Webster, W. Tippett, D. Ribbeck, T Ellis, D. Gerstung, W. Mar- kek, D. Rumro. Third Row. K. Leavitt, R. Weiler, R. Schafer, L. Pask, L. Werner, M. Guizzotti. 63 if I.,-,,,- First Row: Mr. Dembrow, D Nicosia, M. Ribbeck, D Swiatowy,B. Bower,P. Mont ville, P. Poodry, J. Reagan. Second Row: L. Dieterle, S Parker, E. Maloney, L. Smith, C. McGregor, R. Fry, B,Wea ver. Third Row: D. Adler, R Witnauer, D. Ottaviani, J Whitbeck, N. Holtz, J.Kress. First Row: M. Zola, S. Knop, S. Martin, L. Pask, D. Lau- ridsen, D. Herberling, C. Garrett, K. Karcher. Second Row: P. McConkey, D. Spears, D. Slade, N. Reu- ben, V. Johnstone, M. Reinke, G. Granke, D. Mietz. Third Row: R. Yousey, T. Schubel, N. Steimer, M. Jali- tus,W. Schnabel, L. Stuchell, R. Nehrboss. 1 S Y Fzrst Row Miss Brown S Dye, M. Bassanello, W Iulg, R. Wolfe, D. Koons, M. Wide- Eigff ,V . C 'n man. Second Row: C. Parker, L. Sy, D. Begiers, P. Ah- rens, N. Roll, H. DeLelys. Third ROW! A. Keller, G. Smith, N. Kedzierski, A. Keller, C. Rosenberg, M. Hoehman. First Row: Mr. Dembrow, R. Adamokovvski, J. Wolters, M. Midecke, W. Skye, B. Lloyd, G. Ribbeck, R. Womak. Second Row: D. Reuben, M. Bruning, D. Pask, T. Brackett, T. Lotz, J. Abraham, D. Jones. Third Row: W. Morrison, M. Rib- beck, F. Clear, R. Pechu- man, S. Leeds, B. Groff. il grae! Firsi Row: C. Joy, T. Her- rington, J. Wideman, L. Rib- beck, J. Covel, D. Sescil, L. Gallo. Second Row: P. Hammond, S. Schafer, M. Jonathan, R. Bork, S. Pacer, A. Porter, 1. Brege. Third Row: D. Stock, L. Wik, J, Ribbeck, L. Socha, M. You- sey, K. DiFiore, Mrs. Gaddis. First Row: T. Barkewitz, J, Downey, K, SCl'1I'OCk, S, Snyder, A. Lauridsen, J, Capan, D. Frye, M. Bed- ford, N. Brunner, R. Ormsby. Second Row: Mrs. Groves, J. Case, S. Walker, M. Col- opy, G. Weiter, D. Brom- stead, L. Varo, S. Wands, D. Flading, M. Marc Oni. Third Row: S. Klehn, B. Cummings, K. BFHUGH, J- Koss, F. Abrams, N. Krzy- kowski, B. johnson, D. Farrell, N. Brunner. 65 First Row: S. Burns, B. Wight L. Bedford, J. McCo11ister, Mr Drayer. Second Row: C. Brust 1 1 r S. Schoenthal, W. Reuben. Third Row: B. DeLeys, D. DeYoung, P. Krantz. Fourth Row: R Hensel, J. Rogers, S. Barone Fifth Row: J. Matynka, R Kowalik, D. Swiatowy.Sixth Row: V. Wissinger, I. Stanley, G Logan. Seventh Row: S. Bedford . 1 S. Kelley, E. Easton, G. Gronau. First Row: D. Domon, M. jones, T Skomski.SeconcI Row: M. Haas, S. Shaffer D. Berghom, Third Row: B. Bower, S Mecca, R. Robnett. Fourth Row: D Parker, J. Burt, J. McC011ister. Fifth Row. Mr. Meyer, K. Kruschke, I. LaFosse. First Row: P, Fitzimmons, L. Cross, D. Carmer, R. Forrestal, A. Melco, M. Keller, P. MCConkey. Second ROW: Mr. Carges, A. Stuchill, L. Bow, P. Casseri, K. Covel, S. Flanders, J. Bohn, W. Paxon. Third ROW: J. Wright, J. Sowinski, G. Abrams, M. Stapleton, M. Babel, S. Kingsley, D. Fisher. JR. HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL First Row: S. Kenney, J. Bohn, B. Pechuman, J. Wright, D. Frye. Second Row: L. Varo, C. Brust, J. Walters, P. Montville. First Row: P. Noody, L. Murphy, M. Cummings, S. Burns, B. Crisweli, K. Kenyon. Second Row: T. Schuler, P. Winnie, C. Kolipinski, W. Ground, D. Wehling, S. Niezgoda. Third Row: Mr. Stock, R. Whiting, F. Maloney, P. Pitas, D. Stegman, C. Cantie, D. Reuben. f-grale First Row: D. Starr, W. Ground, F. Daley, C. Pann, R. Shaffer, C. Swiatowy, J. Bower, R. Boskat, R. Holdridge, M, Skye. Second Row: M, Vanice, T Bassanello, K. Roggen, E Steimer, A. Reinke, A. Ormsby L. Childs, D. Thomas, J, Scotland, V. McNutt. Third ROW? J- Dylag, D. Gerstrung A. Scrogg, K. Keller, G. Far- rell, D. Holtz, J. Baker, T. Wittcop, B. Koons. 1 1 First Row: M. Valente, M. Hart, D. Bradfield, R. Williams, K. Stapleton, A. Blackman, C Klingelsmith, H. Stuchell, A Abrams. Second Row: A. For restel, S. Lega, C. Claude, L, Kuraszkieurcq, K, Burg, K Johnstone, R. Allen, N. Brock way, A. Wright. Third Row: B Hellert, B. Rudolph, D, Sutton L. Johannes, S. Berry, S. Miller, K. Pafk, C. Allen, B. Rehwaldt. .1 First Row: M. Flanders, V. Kraatz, P, Krolmer, C. Miles, R. Ritecz, W. Wiglet, R. Pixley, B. Baker, J. Wronowicz. Second Row: H. Nayman, T. Hartl, R. Brady, J. Bedford, M. Blumn, L. Snyder, E. Brunning, C. Wagner, M. Betzold. Third Row: J. Sweitzer, N. Schna- bel, J. Trigillio, M. Brown, S. Dieterle, L. Goerlitz, K. Smith, R.B1ish, M. Lockhart. 68 First Row: L. Santolin, M. Murphy, G. Homesberger, D. Colopy, T. Vanice, J. Dye, D. Rosenberg, J. Peters, R. Hofmeier, V. Jacobsen, T. Goodrige. Second Row: R. Skellon, S. Johnson, R. Lucia, D. Bontrager, P. Troyer, C. Ribbeck, D. Stuber, C. Wissinger, P. Cummings, F. Reuben. Third Row: J. Parzych, M. Muchow, P. Weaver, A. Doctor, J. Pruner, J. Heberling, B. Nixon,J.Brad1ey, C. Kraatz. First Row: D. Wilson, R. Milani, K. Ceisner, M. Odell, S. Kazmierczack, V. Reuben, D. Printup, D. Olsun, K. Rogers, C. Ground. Second Row: V. Ribbeck, M. Peters, D. Yohn, M. Cummings, H. Bramley, S. Arnold, L. Pagels, D. Gonsowski, L. Knapp, E. Hoeman. Third Row: N. Raduns, V. Jemison, M. Ground, R. Doktor, D. Steiner, R. Rebmann, B. Cummings, A. Ribbeck, R. Kress. , vale First Row: R. Nichols, H, Bruning, K, Horner, C. Bauman, D. Lindke, J. Jones, F. George, R. Hoste, T. Johnson. Second Row: D. Farrell, L. Ahrens, R. Garvey, L. Schnabel, L. Snell, R. Morrison, J. Lorwa, R. Wittcop, D. Newman, Third Row: D. Nicometi, G. Golding, P. Krantz, R. Stahl, D. Ribbeck, J. Kasperek, L. Eldred, D. Berghorn, L. Hartwig, K. Ewald. First Row: M. Regan, L. Doxtader, T. Noody, D. Yousey, G. Rogers, C. Kinne, D. Brunner, A. Porter. Second Row: B. Murray, L. Spears, K. Meinzer, T. Carges, D. Kress, C. Hoeh- man, L. Scrogg, T. Lacki. Third Row: R. Campbell, S.' Pohl, A. Jones, D. Alex- ander, L. Morgan, M.Kennedy, R. Sy, J. DeYoung, J. Al- brecht. First Row: D. Kenney, A. Valente, M. Vanice, W. Ball, S. Steiner, T. Swia- towy, R. Jost, D. Cummings. Second Row: J.M. Penko, P. Pafk, C. Hansen, R. Dean, G. Olson, K. Palizay, M. Cheavacci, K. Baehr, M. Lauridsen, M. Rice. Third Row: N. Koeller, D. Brom- stead, C. Johannes, S. Reigle, J. Herrington, D. Gillmeister, B. Koss, C. Kumro, M, Muchow, W. Sweitzer. 69 First Row: R. Holdridge, V. A A 4 Q ' Robnett, A. Blackman, G. Abraham, R. Dieterle, S. Mc- Leod, C. Kelley, D. Peruz- zini, G. PeQueen, Second Row: R. Campbell, D. Milam, D. Blish, M. Smith, R. Kas- perek, G. Smith, M. Lowra, J. Jonathan, V. Reuben. Third Row: J. Laffosse, D. David, C. Graff, R. Gaskill, T. Kel- ler, C. Wilkins, C. Pickwick, R. Schrock, L. Horning. First Row: D. Blackman, D. Domon, K. Jonathan, T. Hitchcock, T. Morgan, B. Ribbeck, L. Rosenecker, Second Row: R. Campbell, A. Cory, B. Klawer, J. Frey, S. Lemanski, J. Wideman, D. Scarborough, R. Yager. Third Row: K. Zimmerman, M. No- vak, B. Brengel, L. Criswell, D. Pokorski, K. Soika, M. Stratton, C. Johnson. 1- fade First Row: J. Homesberger, L. Brust, C. Marquardt, A. Pohl, R. Eldred, P. Payne, J. Wilson, S. Odell, C. Adam- kowski, J. Socha. Second Row: B. De Fries, R. Kelley C. Holdridge, R. Karcher, S Smith, L. Jordan, R. Greiner N. Medole, C. Albrecht, F Mc Nutt. Third Row: V. Wit kop, S. Bruning, J. Rohloff, R. Massaro, W. Childs, J. An- derson, G. Jackson, B. Mil ler, M. Garrett, K. Morrison First Row: R. Robnett, J. Powell, M. Kolipinski, L. Snyder, D. Pann, L. Fry, J. Chapman, J. Carrubba, T. Case. Second Row: T. Bluhm, J. Babel, J. Little, K. Car- mer, T. Bontrager, K. Frey, D. Riemer, B. Rice, D. Sy. Third Row: C. Griffiths, K. Soika, R. Paxon, K. Arnold, R. Forrestel, A. Pacer, J- Trigilio, J. Luchterhand. 70 First Row: P. Muck, J. Wel- ch, M. Wright, P. Childs, K. Heri, M. Reynolds, J. Mauld- in, D. Hudomint, W. John- stone. Second Row: G. Burg, K. Kurnpf, C. Cummings, C. Campbell, R. Berent, R. An- derson, L. Stegman, V. Wea- ver, S. Randall. Third Row: P. Hartl, S. Eckerson, C. Elading, M. Bluhm, M. Brady, L. Jamieson, V. Francis, B. Rehwaldt. First Row: J. Lacki, D. Hit- chcock, T. Milani, J. Shaffer, M. Childs, S. Smith, S. Hor- ner, C. Karcher, J. Starr, M. Kelly, L. Giesler, Second Row: L. Vanice, M. Goerlitz, D. Ahrens, D. Gates, R. Wit- kop, J. McNutt, J. Keller, E. DeYoung, S. Muggelberg, W. Fitzsimmons, G. Bell. Third Row: H. McClintock, E. Roll, R. Gillmeister, D. Stegman, J. Richardson, J. Victor, B. Putzback, C. VanBuren, D. Bruning, D. Rung, D. Brown. First Row: S. Cummings, D. Eastton, C. Kaufman, W. Bruning, L. Ward, P. Lacki, D. Ahrens, B. Giertz, R. Rib- beck, D. Schafer. Second ROW: N. Burt, G. Didion, S. Williams, T. Peters, R. And- erson, K. Huth, J. Bradfield, K. Keller, D. Begiers, J. Mey- er. Third Row: K. Allen, D. Alexander, J. Josey, M. Mar- coni, G. Ground, D. Pawlick, M. Santolini. First Row: R. Hake, L. Le- derhouse, C. Ribbeck, M. Stapleton, J. Eastwood, W. Olsen, S. Murray, A. Wadel, G. Schnabel, E. Burrows. Second Row: J. Pask, S. Rog- ers, J. Bowers, D. Wissinger, D. Tobin, J. Davies, P. Pe- Queen, D. Womack, L. Klaw- er, D. Bushhammer, D. Mar- quardt, W. Jago, T. Rehwaldt, W. Whitlocke, S. Jemison, B. Skellon, E. Cummings, D. Apa, N. Eddy, J. Bohn. First Row: S. Bedford, T, Marquardt, N. Gonsowski, S. Fisher, K. Joy, T. Burck, J. Baehr, P. Wheling, L. Bower, B. Domon, D. Reuben. Second Row: R. Karcher, J. Nixon, M. Gerstung, J. Lotz, F. Luns- ford, T. Jones, J. Schultz, M. Roehling, J. Parker, B Young. Third Row: W. Camp- bell, P. Morrison, J. Alexan- der, E. Logan, A. Womack, S. Cummings, L. Bruning, E. Kress, J. Kinne, B. Brengel R. Bernsdorf, A. Oppel, G. Lemanski. 1 First Row: B. Wight, D. Pen- nock, K. Ribbeck, T. Heber- ling, L. Marinaccio, C. Fie- gel, D. Berghorn, B. Abrams, J. Hollenbeck, D. Hofmeier, V. Pafk. Second Row: L. Kumpf, T. Bistoff, A. Abrams, B. Dean, G. Oliver, D. Sescil, L. Wurthman, B. Baker, M. Dembrow, J. Gerstung, B. Wit- tlinger. Third Row: R. Spill- man, K. Borchert, E. Roggen, D. Smith, M. Koss, H. Snow, L. LaFaive, T. Pickwick, L. Danser, R. Yager, C. Caple, L. Heri. First Row: E. Flanders, B. Danser, K, Murphy, B. Lega T. Heri, M. Jost, D. Eddy, B. Jonathan, R. Hoste, C. Stu- chell, J. Young, Second Row R. Wruck, P. Shaffer, P. Val- ente, D. Fisher, C. Meahl, D. Parzych, D. Baehr, M. Lyon M. Spagnuolo, L. Printup, D. Kasperek. Third Row: D. Sta- hl, R. Smith, M. Mattioli, D Johnson, D. Parker, A Abrams, L. Schubel, M. Cum- mings, B. Goeseke, B. Teh- waldt, K. Downey. First Row: B. Borden, M. Wur- thman, S. Fisher, L. Wetzen W. Haseley, C. Spillman, D Drachenberg, J. Palizay, D Stahl, P. Kroemer, K. Paw kick. Second Row! J. Ander son, L. Kerr, D. Kazmierczak P. Van Buren, H. Swiatowy A. Blackman, R. Doctor, P Boskat, M. Nice, D. Swiat owy, D. Stapleton. ThirdRow G. Garvey, D. Pafk, D. Stan ley, J. Covert, J. Darling, B Wright, L. Hyde, S. Goodrige T. Rogers, J. Clark. -5' sraele First Row: M. Hudomint, K. Murphy, F. Jemison, S. Jones S. Lindke, R. Ground, L. Rib beck, K. Hensel, C. Murray D. Rininsland. Second Row: C. Kwitowski, S. Snyder, R Wilson, P. Carges, D. Roh- loff, V. Bernsdorf, R. Laurid sen, P. Morgan, R. Kopp, P Knapp. Third Row: V. Mor rison, D. Allen, R. Pohl, C Wilkins, C. Rice, N. Spag- nuolo, M. Schmigel, R. Holo- vics, R. Wagner. ' . First Row: R. Spillman, P. Santolini, M. Dembrow, E. A al ..-s Hansen, S. Hoste, T. Knop, D. Koons, R. Roggen, C. Cum- mings, V. Witkop, D. Wolfe. Second Row: C. Kumpf, L. Rehwaldt, J. Rosenecker, K. Johannes, T. Eldred, J. Snow, D. Schrock, S. Ribbeck, M. Rosenberg. Third Row: C. Ni- cometi, C. Wissinger, S. Park- er, L. Scrogg, M. Riemer, W. Bruning, B. Bedford, J. Bal- low, S. Payne. - First Row: C. Corbett, R. Pa- T ,... Q L - lizay, C. Bruning, H. Mor- K. Meinzer, M. Joste, M. Brad- D. Brucker, M. McGinley, B l D. Chaffee, s. Rohloff- First Row: C. Greiner, P. - A Reynolds, D. Stratton, M. Bramley, L. Jones, K. No- watchik, B. Taylor, T. Walker, K. Stahl, L. Stegman. Second Row: C. Kwitowski, R. Camp- bell, R. Barone, R. Cummings, T. Rudolph, D. Bushhammer, A. Nicometi, D. Rebmann, D. Anderson, N. Bruner. Third Row: R. Reuben, D. Bassanel- lo, D. Kelley, S. Bradfield, J. Meyer, M. Eddy, J. Parker, R. Hansen, K. Borden, R. Lobur, M. Milam. 73 rison, G. Allen, C. Stuchell, ley. Second Row: T. Claude, D. Smith, T. Wacker, A. Hol- lenbeck, C. Childs, C. Little, Starr. Third Row: R. Schnit- zer, J. Campbell, P. Jemison, C. Guizzotti, J. Socha, R. Jo- hannes, F. Baker, M. Eldred, . 1 First Row: D. Rosenberg, W. Tobin, K. Marquardt, R. Eddy K. Barone, S. Belfield, C. Cummings, C. Bailey. Second Row: J. McCorquodale, M. Colopy, S. Raye, K. Lack, S. Hake, M. Edmister, M. Payne, J. Bulman. Third Row: J. Pal- izay, T. Cummings, D. Brun- ing, A. Odell, J. Caple, M. Jordan, A. Boskat, M. Soika, C. Showers. First ROW: T, Childs, V, Johnson, M. Allen, B. Jona- than, R. Starr, T. Lotz, D. Scoma, N. Brzdfield, S. Miles, J. Abraham, J. Richardson. Second Row: L. Warren, D. Martinez, P. Rodomski, J. Brust, K. Olson, B. Ribbeck, M. Williams, T. Case, D. Clary, J. Nicosia. Third Row: D. Farrell, L. Parker, M. Routledge, K. Beyer, D. Hyde, S. Jones, E. Goerlitz, T. Al- brecht. ..f,.....s.. First Row: J. Ribbeck, D Shukraft, C. Johnson, W. Gro und, L. Kazmierczak, D. Mc Clintock, Y. Yoder, J. Rich ardson, O. Kipp, G. Peters Second Row: D. Nehrboss, J Mangani, M. Mc Gregor, L Dean, C. Sowinski, M. Skom- ski, M. Conibear, R. Kinne, L Pechuman, T. Baehr, L. Brun- ing. Third Row: M. Stevens B. Chaltron, L. Neary, J Frey, G. Smith, B. Johnson T. Childs, J. Whitlocks, L Printup, A. Smith. 74 First Row: C. Blackman, L Knop, J. Pixley, N. Brunner M. Becker, E. Ground, L Spagnuolo, C. Frey, M. Brege Second Row: A. Stanley, N Hyde, J. Valente, S. Bartholo mew, F. Bushhammer, J. More head, R. Kerr, T. Conibear L. Jonathan. Third Row: K Farrell, M. Knyter, R. Frey T. Gibbs, R. Koons, P. Car ges, R. Alexander, K. Victor J. Darling, D. Hyder. First Row: L. Vanice, S. Bro- mstead, M. Pann, K. Kelley C. Kolipinski, M. Kenney, R. Wideman, P. Childs, J. Schnit- zer. Second Row: L. Rice, L. 1 Daley, R. Gerstung, D. Schu- macher, J. Brand, J. Corbett, R. Durst, J. Oliver. Third Row: H. Mangani, A. Boskat, P. Albrecht, P. Schrock, J. Frey, B. Kinne, A. Muck, E. Kasperek, D. Whiting. First Row: T. Klingele, K. Schultz, D. Blackman, R. Bak- er, P. Cummings, M. Caprio, R. Gerstung, L. Stapleton. Second Row: S. Criswell, S. Hake, J. Randall, D. Snell, G, Morrison, J. McConkey, P. Klehn, C. Oakes. Third Row: R. Meyer, C. Jones, E. Pogel, S. Fiegel, L. Hyder, B. Ros- enecker, T. Darling, B. Kel- kenberg. First Row: C. Vazquez, N. Gates, H. Campbell, J. De- Lelys, S. Herrington, C. Wag- ner, A. Abrams, D. Parzych. Second Row: C. McGinley, J. Printup, R. Shalge, L. Henderg shott, A. Peters, D. LaFaive, L. Nice, L. Hitchcock. Third Row: D. Smith, C. Reynolds, R. Cummings, T. Shrock, L. Campbell, B. Koeller, S..Cap- an, A. Vazquez, B. Sweitzer. First Row: J. Smith, J. Golpl, V. Johnson, L. Schumacher, K. Meahl, C. Kelkenberg, R. Allen, S. Spillman. Second Row: S. Falker, M. Anderson, M. Kazmierczak, K. Stock, F. Rehwaldt, M. Olaf, T. Holen- beck, W. Callahan. Third Row: K. Neary, J. Karl, E. Flading, J. Schafer, B. Kress, S. Chea- vacci, D. Snell, E. Bartlett, R. Oppel, G. Thompson. ., in ln. First Row: J. Hyde, B. El- dred, S. Forrestel, T. Abr- ams, T. Nicameti, J. Mann, S. Jankowski, D. Brackett. Second Row: J. Parker, W. Robnett, D. Bauder, K. Bor- don, S. Smith, C. Wilson, A. Courig, M. McNutt. Third Row: R. Barie, J. Meyer, D. War- ren, D. Mickalak, B. Hake, K. Schultz, B. Hartwig, G. Lo- gan, A. Reuben. First Row: R. Brege, P. Sch- nabel, A. Ground, D. Berns- dorf, D. Carruba, D. Lortz, A. Tippett, M. Dembrow. Second Row: P. Ross, M. McMahon, L. Bower, M. Funk, A. Jac- obs, J. Milani, M. Whiting, M. Ferger. Third Row: C. Stae- bell, M. Surman, P. Poodry 1 W. Babiarz, L. Simpson, W Reuben, B. Burrows, D. Her- see, D. McGregor. First Row: R. Holdridge, R. Giesler, R. Chaffee, R. Jona- than, J. Capan, J. Phelps, C. Schuler, J. Olszewski. Sec- ond Row: T. Fisher, R. Mur- ray, L. Biro, L. Uljanov, C. Rininsland, K. DeSimone, T. Wilkins, M. Horner. Third Row: S. Bower, J. Frye, D. Johnson, E. Jost, R. Stone, R. Bruning, D. Lunsford, J. Smith. First Row: J. Marinaccio, G. Lacki, M. Pacer, D. Schultz, D. Smith, C. Baker. Second Rh: J. Kinne, T. Bistof, R. Kaufman, J. Stahl, S. Gabbey, G. Strzelczyk. Third Row: M. Karcher, L. KiPP, R. Ribbeck, D. Dans'er, M. Caple. W. MQ.'isili-,WS-::,'g' 41,213Qj 73ni'G'1!'i: f ,IQ Atmiiif-5Jiei,'3w--fiEiVfsf'iZQ.5wQ.f-' LW! Z-QL-uiVQlL:if-Afff'1-,Ni:,1i2,L?f,f'if5Ti' K ' ' MZ MzMmw 'fMW' L' Wm 'mwW V cn- QQ BEGINNERS BAND First Row: M. Marconi, J. Wilson, J. Little, R. Hake, T. Case, P. Muck, J. Welch, M. Stap- leton, D.Pann, M. Wright, L. Snyder, Mr. Stapleton. Second Row: L. Klawer, L. Berent, D. Bushhammer, P. Hartl, D. Tobin, D. Sy, B. Rice, S. Bruning, S. Murray, S. Jemison, G. Burg, R. Anderson. Third ROW! J. Trigilio, S. Eckerson, K. Arnold, N. Eddy, C. Albrecht, J. Josie, S. Randall, D. Begiers, V. Francis, T. Peters, A. Pacer, J. Luchterhand. ELEMENTARY BAND First Row: M. Regan, M. Valente, M. Hart, V. Kraatz, R. Hofmeier, M. Lauridsen, P. Pafk, D. Bradfield, J. Jonathan, D. Blish, R. Dieterle, A. Valerite, S. Steiner, T. Hitchcock. Second Row: S. Reigle, W. Ball, M. Penko, R. Yager, C. Pann, D. Colopy, B. Klawer, R. Ritecz, J. Frey, L. Spears, R. Jost, S. Lega, C. Claude, Mr. Stapleton. Third Row: D. Gerstung, J. Kasperek, K. Palizay, T. Hartl, G. Bedford, M. Peters, J. Wronowicz, W. Wight, C. Johannes, L. Kuraskiewicz, D. Scarborough, J. DeYoung, T. Bassanello, M. Bluhm, K. Roggen. Fourth Row: B. Rudolph, K. Pafk, K. Smith, R. Blish, T. Witkop, J. Trigilio, M. Brown, S. Dieterle, S. Sutton, B. Brengel, C. Johnson, L. Criswell, M. Strat- ton, D. Steiner. ' 78 FOURTH GRADE CHOIR First Row: L. Brust, A. Pohl, M. Wright, P. Payne, J. Welch, S. Williams, M. Strapleton, P. Muck, K. Heri, K. Adamkowski, L. Snyder, J. Powell, R. Eldred. Second Row: D. Pann, J. Chapman, J. Davies, D. Wissinger, W. Olson, R, Karcher, C. Cummings, S. Randall, T. Bontrager, S. Murry, D. Hudomint, J. Mauldin, R. Greiner. Third Row: J. Josey, L. Ward, P. Hartl, C. Flading, M. Brady, K. Soika. Fourth Row: L. Jamieson, K. Arnold, M. Bluhm, S. Eckerson, J- Trigilio, B. Rewaldt, B. Miller. TREBLE CLEF CHOIR First Row: M. Betzold, G. Olson, D. Blackman, D. Domon, A. Blackman, P. Pafk, C. Han son, D. Cummings, K. Baer, M. Lauridsen, D. Lindke, K. Stapleton, T. Hitchcok. Second Row: R. Jost, M. Odell, D. Yousey, B. Klawer, J. Frey, G. Rogers, D. Blish, J. Wideman, D. Scarborough, S. Lemanski, N. Koeller, B. Brengel, L. Snell, C. Wilkins, C. Pickwick B. Baker, R. Hofmeier. Third Row: C. Rosenecker, C. Pann, J. Dye, L. Eldred, L. Pagels E. Bruning, C. Johannes, V. Ribbeck, C. Rogus, D. Alexander, D. Kress, J. Albrecht, M Novak, L. Spears, Snyder, V. Jacobson, M. Muchow. Fourth Row: W. Sweitzer, S. John son, L. Kuraskiewicz, J. Wronowicz, R. Williams, C. Klingelsmith, J. Peters, D. Sutton M. Peters, K. Johnstone, A. Wright, S. Berry, S. Miller. Fifth Row: D. Bontrager, V. Jem ison, J. Sweitzer, N. Schnabel, P Troyer, D. Thomas, P. Allen, T. Hartl, H. Nayman, J. Parzych, L. Johannes, D. Gerstung, S. Dieterle, M. Brown, J. Trigilio, M. Lockhart, P Blish, B. Koons. 79 First Row: M. Wright, M. Murphy, W. Ground, V. Reuben, M. Lauridsen, K. Stapleton, C. Kling- elsmith, D. Bromstead, C. Wagner, C. Ground, Mrs. Garvey. Second Row: K. Burg, M.Betzold, D. Colopy, K. Roggen, A. Ormsby, S. Lega, M. Bluhm, V. Jacobsen, R. Hofmeier. Third Row: A- Wright, J. Sweitzer,N. Schnabel, A. Ribbeck, K. Pafk, L. Johannes, M. Ground, S. Berry, C. Ribbeck, S. Dieterle, L. Goerlitz, J. Bradley. ART CLUB BEGINNING STRINGS First Row: R. Robnett, M. Roehling, N. Gorsowski, F. Lunsford, L. Kerr, B. Lega, S. Williams. Second Row: D. Stapleton, K. Heri, R. Karcher, P. PeQueen, K. Carmer, R. Nichols, D. John- son, C. Meahl, Mrs. Espersen. Third Row: L. Jamieson, D. Pokorsky, C. Flading, W. Swietzer, B. Rehwalt, M. Bluhm, K. Downey. Fi1'Sf ROWS C. Hansen, K. Baehr, S. Kazmierczak, K. Stapleton, B. Baker, C. Kinne, Mrs. Es- persen. Second Row: R. Campbell, C. Graff, L. Snyder, M. Muchow, K. Burg, R. Dean, L. Johan- nes. Third Row: E. Bruning, N. Schnabel, J. Sweitzer, M. Lockhart, M. Muchow. 80 ADVANCED STRI ,V-Zaikin A fm. . ,,m?511i2zgQ www-?i.s'?:1zz.m., xp-ww-fwifaffsgg,w?m::w.zv1sMz1fB,fS-s1rxP3mZfwfSr4gP?A!LH55?alfvn!'hBQmfmfweizsxisst,waz:emi1522iiRafwzsxkxez-..c:,-:siiaheeJam:rea:e.cfw.zma-W'fmfwwnz STUDENT COUNCIL First Row: M. Matynka, S. Pawlick, S. For- restel, Mr. Rex. Second ROW: P. Witkowski, B. Cummings, F. Wronowicz, T. Coughlin R. Payne, J. Eckerson, R. Mecca, W. Free- man. Third Row: J. Smith, N. Carroll, C. Sutton, R. Peters, S. Steiner, A. Uljanov M. Bordonaro, D. Martin, P. Milani, N. Ec- kerson, P. Forrestel. Fourth Row: K. Fur- minger, K. Deinhardt, B. Goeseke, K. Tay- lor, N. Bruning, G. Staebell, M. DeYoung, D. Fry, J. Wright, J. Bohn, T.'Richardson, B. Borden. 1 v STUDENT COUNCIL CABINET First Row: K. Pawlick, S. Forrestel, D Hector, Mr. Rex. Second Row: F. Wronowitz D. Brackett, A. Forrestel, M. Matynka. STUDENT COURT First Row: K. McCloud, B. Kenney, D. Hoc- tor, H. Finger, Mr. Drayer, Second Row: M. Rudolph, J. Trigilio, M. Hammond. MONITORS First Row: K. Pawlick, P. McConkey, P. Zola, D. Heberling, C. Garret, L. Schafer, B. Tip- pett. Second Row: S. Ceisner, J. Smith, J. So- cha, B. Yousey, K. Taylor, V. Johnstone, R. Schafer. Third Row: P. Witowski, L. Cantie, B. Powell, C. Bohn, D. Bucceri, N. Bruning, D. Re-igle. TICKET SELLERS First Row: S. Ceisner, K. McGregor, G. Sch- ultz, J. Smith. Second Row: J. Odell, B. Cor- bett, B. Totten, L. Lloyd, K. Taylor. Third Row: C. Kubis, K. Tippett, C. Bohn, N. Brun- ing, D. Bucceri. l HONOR SOCIETY S. Forrestel, R. Muck 83 CHESS CLUB Seated: F. Houlihan, D. Hoctor. Stand- ing: K. Rudolph, D. Kruschke, M. Hats- well, S. Forrestel, Mr. Vossler, R. Dok- tor, R. Muck, M. Houlihan. AUDIO-VISUAL First Row: C. Ciurzynaki, H. Hartwig, M. Miller, D. Kruschke, E. Wolak, D. De- Fries. Second Row: Mr. Eckerson, M Noody, M. Loge-1, W. Ritecz, F. Koons, R. Thayer, E. Berghorn. BIOLOGY CLUB First Row: Mrs. Brown, C. Netzley, A. Mattei, J. Capan, A. Cometto, S. Thomp- son, K. Pogel, D. Brackett, C. Geyer, J. Lloyd. Second Row: J. Hume, L. Jac- obsen, B. Hollenbeck, T. Fenton, E. Muck, D. Didion, S. Babel, P. Overholt. Third Row: D. Pafk, W. Ritecz,j. Miller, M. Pacer, C. Victor, F. Cowan, S. Kra- atz, A. Corbett, R. White. SENIOR INDUSTRIAL ARTS First Row: Mr. Holienback, K. Frey, K. Brunning, J. Goeseke, H. Hartwig, M. Cummings, F. Rebmann, D. Miller, R. Baehr. Second Row: R. Kumro, M. Stae- bell, M. Best, R. Moore, C. Schoenwet- ter, D. Altrogge, G. Becker. JUNIOR HIGH MODEL CLUB First Row: R. Fry, D. Swiatowy. Second Row: Mr. Latko, J. Whitback, D. Otta- viani, W. Sy, D. Sowinski, D. Swiatowy. Third Row: L. Smith, T. Lotz, R. Womack. . ,,,, . Wx naman QM JUNIOR INDUSTRIAL ARTS First Row: Mr. Suttel, E. Berghor, B. Wilson, R. Swader, S. Kwiatkowski, R. Golpl, Second Row: G. Schultz, D. De- Fries, D. Schmegel, J. Furminger, B. Hollenbeck, J. Schumacher, C. Ciurzyn- ski. SENIOR HIGH YORKERS First Row: A. Matte-i, P. Overholt, N. Eckerson, P. Milani, M. Bordonaro S. Ceisner, J. Smith, S. Thompson, A Commetto, J. Capan, G. Staebell, J Mattioli. Second Row: S. Kraatz, D Bucceri, A. Corbett, R. White, B. H01 lenbeck, B. Powell, L. Peck, T. Gol pl, D. McLeod, S. Lowder, R. D0kfSf J. DiFiore. Third ROW: E. Sutton, M George, D. White, D. Pogel, D. Steg man, M. Welsh, C, Keppler, P. Mast D. Harvey, D. Martin, W. Ritecz, M DeYoung, B. Goeske, R. Payne. INTERNATIONAL CLUB . First Row: D. Pafk, P. Forrestel. Second Row: D. Hoctor, R. Mecca. Third Row: S. Forrestel, Mr. Hel wig. FRESHMAN YORKERS First Row: R. Mecca, B. Conibear, A. Ko- pacz, B. Borden, B. Betzold, L. Domon, R. Muggelberg, M. Hoctor, N. Cope, S. Knapp, L. Hofmeier, L. Bettio. Second Row: P. Forrextel, K. Kenney, C. Reb- rnan, D. Cummings, J. Bower, D. Bluhm, S. Holovics, T. Blacklock, K. Schultz, C. Furrninger, J. Kahl, K. Finger. Third Row: J. Gaskill, N. Johnstone, M. Schoe- nthal, N. Finger, N. Kraatz, B. Lindke, L. Mauldin, C. Childs, S. Kovvalik, H. Pe- chuman, P. George, C. Ritecz. Fourth Row: R. Steiner, D. Remington, D. Lea- vitt, C. Zimmerman, E. Werner, S. Baker. GRANT CLUB YORKERS First Row: Mr. Drayer, J. Case, J. Wide- man, C. Kolopinski, R. Forrestel,D. Frye, T. Barkevvitz, J. Downey, S. Schoenthal, C. Brust, Second Row: N. Brunner, L. Va- ro, R. Kowalik, M. Marconi, N. Brunner D. Bromstead, G. Weiler, S. Pacer, A. Porter. Third Row: S. Kingsley, M. Stap- leton, L. Wik, W. Paxon, J. Wright, B. Johnson, L. Socha, S. Kelley, S. Schafer. OCTAGON YORKERS First ROW: S. Dye, W. Iulg, M. Wideman K. Karcher, L. Pask, M. Forrestel, T Brackett, W. Tippett, S. Bishop, R. Adam- kowski. Second Row: L. Stanley, L. Sch- oenthal, B. Weaver, H. DeLe1ys, M. Zola D. Sovvinski, C. Barkewitz, M. Jalitus W. Schnabel. Third Row: D. Pask, E Houlihan, K. Leavitt, C. Rosenberg, M Parzych, R. Weiler, T. Blish, M. Ujal anov, R. Yousey, C. Peck, K. Swiniarski SUPPLY OFFICE STAFF L. Granke, K. Feigl, Advisor: S. B. Victor. LIBRARY STAFF First Row: S. Cummings, R. Haas, S. Starr, L. Domon, B. Betzold, C. Fink, Miss Ellsworth, S. Armstrong, A. Kelkenberg. Second Row: L. Jacobsen, E., Honesberg, D. Reuben, E. Werner, S. Baker, M. McCormick. 88 FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA First Row: J. Socha, C. Doxtader, J. Ros- enberg, L. Webster, L. Granke, P. Noody, J. Keller, B. Cummings, J. Keller, S. Spr- cher. Second Row: M. Winter, B. Domon, S. Cummings, L. Cummings, A.Kelken- berg, L. Schafer, D. Swader, C. Fink, A. Bower, M. Hartl, Miss Churchill. Third Row: S. Clark, S. Starr, M. Brewer. A. Mor- rison, B. Socha, S. Brayley, M. Clark, S. Armstrong, S. Hoste, K. Baehr, M. Ribbeck. fri A I 1 3ri.JHie:H!iJ5 135941354-Y'5Lm FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA First Row: R. Wyder, H. Rosenberg, N. Baker, R. Blickensderfer, M. Logel, R. Remsen. Second Row: F. Koons, B. Gers- tung, E. Winter, C. Rosenberg, R. Thayer, D. Nicosia, D. Krupski.Third Row: P. Zo- la, D. Covel, M. Wik, D. Totten, J. Sch- rock, Mr. Rozelle. FUTURE NURSES CLUB First Row: M. Hansen, V. Sword, B. Starr, L. Weaver, A. Bower. Second Row: R. Ha- as, C. Netzley, N. Yohn, L. Jacobsen, J. Brucker, A. Covel. CHI OMEGA HI-Y First Row: D. Kuraszkiewicz, B. Eldred. Second Row: A. Uljanov, R. Peters, G. Schultz. Third Row: C. Stratton, N. Bruning, J. Trigilio, B. Goeseke, C. Kubis, Mrs. Stapleton. Fourth Row: B. Martiny, C. Bohn, J. Smith, S. Ceisner, K. Tippett, K. Deinhardt, K. Tay- lor, N. Carroll. Fifth Row: S. Pagels, S. Wolters, B. Schoenthal, P. McLeod, L. Lloyd, K. McLeod, M. Porter, M. Shisler. Sixth Row: A. Forrestel, K. Covert, S. Wands, M. Rudolph, M. Brust, S. Steiner, J. Odell, D. Pafk. M W. ' 'Bm 'f . ..., .,M...,. A W Egg:-W'aW3A5.,iww5ZiJ..m. 5 .,..,.,e,.,,,,,,. ' 'A .Www f ff M5563 ., WW W . W MW.. WWAWW .,...,,..LL. ....,W... ...M .,M.,.M,..,.,. ,, MWWWX WDW A UF '3?i'if'w?3j555kf iliihilf W ff 2V??fZf?2fJ1fJZZp.W. ,Qgji ,,,, , Q ,.,, . , VARSITY CHORALE First Row: J. Rosenberg, D. Riteoz, S. Bassanello, L. Lloyd, A. Uljanov, S. Leptrapuhnd, S. Kraatz, A Corbett, R. White, H. Rosenberg, W. Hawes, J. Hume, G. Staebell, C. Geyer, N. Eckerson, B. Roberts. Sec- ond Row! B. Powell, R. Peters, B. Corbett, B. Cummings, T. Fenton, D. Pafk, F. Koons, J. Finch, L. Klin- gelsmith, P. Mirrione, W. Young, E. Muck, B. Martiny, J. Lawrence, P. Dean, L. Ottaviani. Third Row: D Pafk. L- Spears, B. Jago, M. Brauen, R. Mecca, R. Muck, K. Bordonaro, J. Wilson, J. Remsen, M. Miller, W. Freeman, J. Logan, K. Rudolph, J. Miller, C. Pawlick, K. Wagile, M. Rudolph. Fourth Row: A. Forrestel C. Sutton, B. Schoenthal, J. Trigilio, B. Goeske, M. Zimmerman, D. Dietz, J. Adler, J. Abraham, M. Matynka M. Roberts, R. Jemison, D. Kruschke, C. Stratton, M. Staebell, P. Hibbard. 1 f 90 FRESHMAN CHORALE First Row: M. Hoctor, B. Borden, L. Hofmeier, B. Betzold, J. Bitterman, P. Noody, P. George, K. Kenney, C. Rosenberg, S. Wands, R. Mecca, B. Conibear, N. Cope, S. Porter. Second Row: L. Bettio, J. Kahl, B. Do- man, S. Knapp, T. Kennedy, K. Schultz, H. Pechuman, D. Attrogge, T. Blacklock, N. Johnstone, R. Bed- ford, J. Yousey, N. Kraatz. Third Row: D. Bluhm, M. Schoenthal, C. Ritecz, C. Abrahms, D. Stole, D. Bow, S. Kowalik, D. Cumming, N. Finger, C. Childs, M. Hartl. Fourth ROW: K. Furminger, S. Baker, K. Finger, B. Doctor, J. Freeman, R. Webster, C. Logan, D. Remington, D. Leavitt, C. Zimmerman, E. Weiner, K. Covert, J. Gaskill. SENIOR GIRLS GLEE CLUB First Row: J. Mattioli, M. Riggio, K. Deinhardt, C. Geyer, D. Ilug, G. Wetmore, A. Cometto, S. Steiner, B. Roberts, K. Pogel, J. Keller, B. Cummings, S. Pagels, S. Wands, K. Brahmer, N. Yohn, M. Wagner, S. Ceis- ner, J. Smith, K. Hudson, J. Capan, V. Sword, V. Ground, L. Lloyd, K. Taylor, L. Ottaviani, F. Lowder, D. Ritecz, B. Eldred, B. Goeske. Second Row: L. Bishop, N. Eckerson, G. Parker, G. Staebell, A. Uljanov, D. Cummings, S. Babel, S. Bassanello, M. Brust, S. Thompson, A. Mattei, K. Wagile, L. Granke, D. Brackett, P. Milani, B. House, K. McLeod, B. Corbett, M. Bordonaro, L. Peck, L. Spears, D. Bucceri, A. Forrestal, J. Lawrence, S. Blish, M. George, S. Cummings, M. Shisler, N. Bruning. Third Row: J. Keller, F. Wronowicz, E. Laese, A. Groff, M. Bartram, B. Powell, A. Morrison, B. Schoenthal, L. Cantie, M. Rudolph, D. Kumro, B. Yousey, S. Geddes, C. Sutton, R. Peters, M. Staebell, B. Martiny, D. McLeod, P. Ove-rholt,S. Jemison P. Smith, C. Lindke, K. Anderson, K. Pawlick, C. King, G. Wetmore, D. Rodgers. Fourth Row: J. Trigilio, C. Burchell, B. Cowan, M. Brauen, T. Fenton, P. Halecki, D. Kuraskiewicz, M. DeYoung, T. Troyer, P. Hibbard, J. Rosenberg, L. Jacobsen, E. Honsberger, B. Jago, B. Groff, M, Porter, N. Carroll, P. Kyser, C. Stratton, D. Martin, C. Kubis, M. Witkowski, R. Snell, B. Shuler, Mrs. Groves. 91 JUNIOR GIRLS' GLEE CLUB First Row: L. Gallo, C. Brust, S. Schoenthal, P. Fitzsimmons, L. Bordonaro, S. Burns, L. Cross, S. Sch rock, L. Bedford, M. Cummings, B. DeLelys, K. Clark, A. Lauridsen, S. Snyder, L. Wideman, B. Lloyd, M Forrestel. Second Row: D. Coons, P. Noody, S. Pacer, A. Porter, M. Jonathan, P. Bedford, N. Brumner, M Babel, L. Bow, D. Casseri, D. Reuben, D. Flading, G. Weiler, D. Bromstead, A. Stuchell, M. Stapleton, D Fisher. Third Row: L. Varo, N. Bruner, C. Cantie, M. Marconi, M. Yousey, S. Martin, L. Pask, S. Wands, J Matynka, K. Brauen, L. Socha, D. Begiers, V. Wisinger, V. Johnstone, L. Perry, S. Schoenthal. Fourth Row J. Brewer, D. Fink, P. Burdick, J. DeYoung, P. Montville, T. Ellies, S. Kingsley, M. Lieb, D. Stegman, J Kress, K. Rosenberg, E. Maloney, L. Dieterle, D. Pask, R. Weiler, J. Mann, C. Peck. wr Si. E? ' . ,,,,,.,.., wmv JUNIOR BOYS GLEE CLUB First Row: J. Wideman, R. Forrestel, S. Niezgoda, D. Sescil, R. Womack, B. Cris- well, K. Kenyon, C. Kolipinski, C. Joy, T. Herrington, P. Krantz. Second Row: K. Benteen, D. Ribbeck, D. Swiatowy, M. Medecke, J. Rogers, K. Covel, S. Dye, W. Skye. Third Row: G. Gronau, C. Parker, L. Pask, N. Steimer, R. Schaefer, T. Sch- ubel, D. Spears, G. Abrams. 92 CONCERT BAND First Row: S. Steiner, J. Brockway, L. Bishop, M. Downey, D. Cummings. Second Row: S. Zimmerman, K. Fry, M. Uljanov, D. Reigle, K. Anderson, S. Cummings, B- Wilson. Third Row: N. Parker, J. Bitterman, P. Kyser, K. Finger, S. Bishop, S. Park- er, E. Praprost, B. Nehrboss, D. Stone, R. Steiner, K. Kasperek. Fourth Row: C. Sch- oenwetter, L. Mauldin, P. Forrestel, S. Bork, L. Brewer, B. Groff, P. Zola. - .fmwaifa MW., ww, ,, . ., W.. -mi ' Y , . ' , W., .- W 'N' mmmaW!Rf?:fz:1iaamwfEzwm2e.2W:5:rf:12cimzxsa A .n K TIL.. , 1 SENIOR ORCHESTRA First Row: J. Bitterman, S. Steiner, M. Schukraft, J. Lawrence, L. Spears, M. Dow ey, M. Schoenthal, B. Lindke, D. Slade, D. Cummings, K. Covert. Second Row: B. Ja- go, T. Fenton, M. Brown, K. Kaeperek, S. Zimmerman, R. Mecca, R. Peters, M. Ham- mond, J. Brockway. 93 CADET BAND First Row: M. Parzych, L. Bedford. Second Row: S. Schoenthal, L.Schoenthal, S. Bishop, L. Bordonaro, M. Reynolds, J. Brewer, S. Flan- ders, B. Criswell, J. Sowinski, T. Schuller. Third Row: W. Morrison, S. Kenney, A. Mello S. Nzie, J. Wright, D. Parker. 1 SYMPHONIC BAND First Row: M. Jalitus, N. Ceisner, M. Forrest el. Second Row: S. Kowalik, M. Wideman, T Blacklock, S. Bishop, C. Barkewitz, H. DeLe- lys, J. Brewer, M. Uljanov, S. Schoenthal, C Childs, J. Bitterman. Third Row: C. Colopy B. Gerstung, E. Parprost, B. Nehrboss, L. Bo- rdonaro, S. Flanders, J. Carges, C. Crane, R Negrboss, A. Claude, W. Ilug, J. Sowinski, T Schuler, L. Schoenthal. Fourth Row: L. Maul- din, D. Stone, K. Schultz, M. Zola, E. Wolak B. Groff, A. Mello, J. Wright, D. Parker. JUNIOR ORCHESTRA First Row: G. Weller, J. Downey, M. Marconi K. Covel, P. Pitas, T. Scxhuler, D. Swaitowy Second Row: H. DeLelys, M. Hoehman, M. Jal- itus, J. Brewer, D. Slade, M. Wideman, S Knop, D. Spears. Third Row: D. Flading, L Cross, T. Blish, S. Dye. rg..,y1,.ff 511 .1 g, ,fx ., mam f 2 K, K ix,-g . L, , Q Eejiiwmy if 9 3? as V- -I 11-,. ,Q-SEQ. -: f- 7 L., 5-fr I i if -T' ' . . ,, , ..:-1 e , .,,, ' H2 '- -.f ' 5' 5- I ff! 1, 13,-3.:f xxg:: .- ' x, ' A 1 K I3 2- EA-...i' :.,-a, ' z , a, . , , ,, , . .. . . T 535955 p A 'lr-i,jgl.::k:fQ,,' : 5 H rw 5 E me E f i AKRON CENTRAL MARCHING BAND Akron Central Marching Band...Shown above are units of Akron's Marching Band as they approached the finish line of the judging area at the New York State Band Competition at Syracuse. Cnote the judges walking with the Band? CU The Color Guard CZD The Shields Q35 Twirling Team C45 The Instrumentaiists CSD Lined up at the staging area. 95 euvnalisun 'ist of ' The journalism staff, under the guidance of Mr. jerry Edgar, started the first week of school to plan a new 1967 Akronite. We have tried our best to represent the faculty and student body of A.C.S. in a memorable light. This year we have added several more pages of faculty and senior informals. While turning out the Akronite we have tried to keep everything as informal and natural as possible. With hard work, our limited staff of thirteen turned out a completed 1967 Akronite. All our time was not devoted to our yearbook. We also took on the task of presenting a month- ly newspaper to the student body. In the A.C.S. Review, the Journalism Class attempted to cover all the activities of our school. We also added several new specials and gave the students a chance to participate by the use of a suggestion box. With a great deal of planning, hoping, and hard work the journalism Class finished not only the yearbook but also nine issues of the school paper. First Row: Gail Schultz, Paul Mast, JoAnn Trigilio. Second Row: Mel- vin Zimmerman, Betty Goeseke, Kathy Tippett, Dale Wight, Royce Payne, Carol Kopacz, Mona Rudolph, Danita Ritecz, Mary Hammond. 96 f X f . .- A ,. M., merf-.mfs.:X-2-mrs:-Sze-1-fgms:rg:is-1,atssmgr-:gg,fg15,f , ...W , I ,kiwi 3 'iii lg ,JTTSN The Journalism Class was kept busy continuously through the year. Gail Schultz, the editor of the school paper, was always trying to meet a deadline. Paul Mast contacted patrons for this Akronite. Royce Payne was always running around snapping pictures. The editor of the Akronite, JoAnn Trigilio, was under the constant pressure of time trying to meet the deadlines. 97 CAF ETERIA STAFF First Row: Mrs. Keller, Mrs. Lea- vitt, Mrs. Whitbeck, Mrs. Wolak Mrs. Zola, Mrs. Baranich, Mr Herrington, Mrs. Halecki, Mrs 1 Wyder, Mrs. Kinne, Mrs. Iulg, Mrs. Fa lsioni. 2 f K ,K CLERICAL STAFF First Row: Miss Bower, Miss Re ber, Mrs. Becker. Second Row Mrs. Swain, Miss Green, Mrs White, Mrs. Rudolph, Mrs.Covel .af v an 21- f 'I r 'AN 1 Af' ' 2 Y ' A A I W wi fi Aw -fl fl ew .Iw,.i,..m..f1.f.asf ,,i...3Im..f....,..,W.5r.,g ww I ., ,., . . , . . . . , , , . f? Q2E553E5?3Qi59553F2if2535iQ532El3E3235ii5E55SEgi5l52533EHiQ3??E???533:22g3?Efi?i?3s2Zfg,isgfsf2ss.1:fIe'1.qw isxi.SfiII?532ILif2192135ffifzeff5527i2f5253?5??i2l5H53f55555l?f?f?3Eff3g53553?.5155353555555 if 1 5' TMI! xfliiliilllfiiiffsfQl??Pf6l5fl51l55issfviitiliffififhimatelf!ia?-IsS5.iYiziI1.1ITSwfwr. ,NYS 119346 QW Wi' SJW 1 fig : gg 5,5 gg lg Isl .53 5 .i!,,1l,gg5?f?...m gwbiai,,rs5E,,12,WesI,w.g1SfQtmp:'i.,.icI.r1I:n1I, W.-,.t, . M I :QI XII '- A q - '11-IM.1-,f.14LElf,i?4f.'gIIf:f'mmrfMK2gr5ga,gN,qgs5.gE3,Qg,152,:lgF35,gs39!gg.ftsrigrigiglggglggg 5553915 sf - I2 fi.: . QI vim-L.'raMIZ?IwsIiif-.JediisEls,r:zIi:fai.f5sTf-.riffHIS' 11,i,I22z.Ig'I,1-'if'-C -, 'vI'flii.?i'-ifII.:I3..isz2ai45,2EIli'iQi3f1?fa5?fvilfmme 'MI IAltIZf.Z.mzrf..fezfarms. me 5 fl .X Igglg Stal MSWslri9.sSfrSAelIqs.w s.ix.,w.ssI..e.I......,...IfKIm..I,.Iz II - MIrwfr.II.wxiwlfwertrsy w9U.z..Jr!iri5r.9Q...r..ifl.rsir.r.ef.,ff. if IS U Y A. ref al-fi Iii gs Lame. fclff?IrmI sMl'fKf'a1IIrsI,f,n s,..U..Ww.- wfI.s,I.fr.I,.-I.,1K.I, . MIIIwi-f.I...i,i.mIQIISWMWmfwirrm2....Ir..g,.l,..-,Ir.i.W..WS. 5' Y Q 555 ff? fm .Isliw iw 51 WmHr!?'xz'f1':a'm,,ffw ,gfrwiz2ii:ws'gzf'i.f'I,uw . , . 'II-wss1.f'z.2 Irfiww1iIe?if1s?i. wi' .1 .vig Sig, I--wild 5IirEMfzIw5Ir!ILf5.1 hi .4332 Q39 it I X , , 5 A55 55 , gig egiigrgmfl 5,gl,1,W.,fy..!j,..ii,W,,3.,s5.,,.,S.,.g,1..,...i,..i,i......,. ,,.,.,..r,w9m.,2S.,is,5.i,g,l,gs2..r3i.z,lr,2..r..Xgirl,griii..,.1gg.,fjWf1.,, ' X 'x P 'iw mul i Pm' HWS' ' ' llYI ?.1 .'irf'l9 -' ' :ff:'E.:?i:7i'i,il3:'?zfi' 92 557'-U ii' 74 V Vmsfi3...i.?.FLZ WFS. 13.337 W gl igigfsgr5gz??,12,f22a2Esf2i I e .2 5- 'iiiif.5tis?iigfifxiifiigglfijff 5 '55li5?E2f?f55ifE2iQl?i52E5 1. '1Iff-wwfgzw -- Ea. ' isifdiflwl 1. ,I ,-. rahisiiiff ' , F' ., 1 if 7 V 4 . I 1 x xvx x x . gsirfifgslfiiiflz 2 , x,,g,.5iga5.g5giggiQ2 , 32513sfK2.If5gfg,g+gjz,' ' MX' -Y 5 'C I- I 'Z 'il 1,724 WV: 5 :' Elf' ' f'1g3f f ' ' I '35 'ln' 'f U9f.iy'iU'l 575 . 'V '1r.g 53g4f3Zl:f 'f 12? . !'2fi?fS'Q?554?i?e?2fif . wfgnfiffiiiifgffig ' . L ..,, ' ,. I ffz,m,m:,.. Urfiirilivliw - , . - , . - A ' .II.., I, Mg, .lv-,Ep: ,.E. ,, i ,. ' , gm . .. . . . fg:.,a.-f'.e,gf5..Q:' . 4 T . . F F Q . ' I f ' E? ' f ' W . ' 'Qi I l s vm gn 5,15-ii , fairitifgeiiif f :EV I ' , I- 7 gl ' re .2 -, We -. If ' 'r . ' . - A ' II I .sw - 'I lg fr i K , 3 1 .- W. .1 ,iw - . ' II I, . K EM- -:W . Y mn. ' if If 1. ' . U . '1 -. if i w ., , - r g? vm fI I I , . xi . fha .: li 4: ,tg fm- YW- F 5 .- . . . If wig 3 Q - . 4 A l 2 5215 ' . ' Jil.. sf 1 fees W SG . iii iisg' - I ,. I 3259225 '1 f ai I f iisiffff T 1 gpg 1 fr . -.1rQgel.rzl g - 1. ' - . 'I - if gli ,, fiulgvg' . . . of-, I ' v fr e, I . Ir: ,. F W Mlwiiit I PEM ' . I. , K V , A V . 'Ziyi . .Vh.L U . -Izgyf.. . I -2-I. .. 5 ,- - wr - n... .M -.vs . I-I-Q K I- it .,,.. I f ,,,. M . 98 ELEMENTARY CAFETERIA STAFF First Row: Mrs. Drachenberg, Mrs. Riggio, Mrs. Eddy, Mrs. Bar- anich, Mrs. Goeseke.Second Row: Mrs. Swiniarski, Mrs. Lowder Mrs. Porter, Mrs. Covel, Mrs. Ab- raham, Mrs. E ldred. BUS DRIVERS First Row: Mr. Mast, Mr. Baker, Mr. Babel, Mrs. Pohl, Mr. Everett, Mrs. Groff, Mrs. Heard, Mrs. Sch- ultz, Mr. Pixleyf ELEMENTARY CUSTODIAL STAFF First Row: Mrs. Drachenberg, Mrs. DiSimone, Mrs. Strong.Sec- ond Row: Mr. Blish, Mrs. Swin- iarski, Mrs. Ellis, Mrs.Lawrence. CUSTODIAL STAFF First Row: Mr. Cescon, Mrs. Chea vacci, Mrs. Begiers.SecondRow: Mr. Herrington, Mr. Jalitus.. ' F5 ,:QgafiEffi.: 9ii5?2f:5'fixx 2 - . N 3 I , NLM .... is 3 sf: 3, :ith N S 5? me 35: S if R E S fig: Mr 521 is 3? E sri QS? 95' ae First Row: B. Durski, G. Pafk, W. Frost, J. Martino, M. Abraham, G. Dieterle, J. Hawes, W. Asmus,lI-I Finger, D. Abraham, J. Abraham. Second Row: Coach Scappa, L. Klinglesmith, G. Stone, R. Jemison, L Draper, W. Young, Coach Wetzen. Third Row: T. VanBuren, R. Mecca, R. Manning, J. Newcomb, J. Finch J. Remsen, R. Zimmerman, D. Dietz, W. Freeman, W. Hawes. VARSITY FOOTBALL In an exciting football season, the Tigers streaked to a perfect 8-0 season, marking the first perfect season in the school's history. This unblemished record enabled the gridders to capture their second consecutive Niagara-Orleans Crown. The potent Tiger offense rolled up 190 points to lead the league in scoring, while the Tiger defense limited their opponents to a mere 71 points. One of the highlights of the season was the Tiger victory over arch-rival Medina, 20-13. John Hawes and Bob Zimmerman both enjoyed an excellent season, finishing one and two in team points scored. Zimmerman gave an outstanding performance by scoring five touchdowns in the Albion game. The perfect blending of superior coaching and team spirit were the hallmark of this years squad. Prospects for next year are good, since the return of lettermen Bob Zimmerman, Bill Free- man, Walt Young, and Ron Berry will provide a sound nucleus around which to build a powerful squad. 1966 CHAMPIONSHIP SCORES Akron 13 Royhart Akron 20 Medina Akron 33 Barker Akron 35 Starpoint Akron 41 Albion Akron 27 Newfane Akron 21 Wilson 4' Akron 19 Alden ff non-league 102 Gary J ohn C0'CaPt- co-Capt. tighffnd halfback W' lj 9 r 1 . l ' m fs? x,,L , Mike Fr e d guard K J, 1 guard f S I ' Tim Brian gn ar d s afe ty b , r Qu- 1 rf Bill H jerry defensive-end center , Lf' i I A 92 'Q Bill l . 1 l right ta ck le - Gary Dennie quarterback tackle 103 First Row: J. Remsen, R. Berry, B. Durski, G. Pafk.Second Row: H. Finger, D. Dietz, J. Abraham, J. New- comb, Coach Silvernail. VARSITY BASKETBALL The Akron Tigers completed their '66-'67 season with a record of four wins and ten losses. The nucleus of this year's team were the seven juniors all of whom did fine jobs and gained valu- able experience with each game. The Tiger scoring leaders were co-captains Joe Remsen with an average of 15.5 and Bob Zim- merman with an average of 11.7. Both these boys did excellent jobs and Zimmerman also did a superb job in capturing a total of 215 rebounds during the season. The seniors, Harold Finger, Gary Pafk, and Brian Durski, have performed well through the years and their experience will be missed next season. 104 2 6 ' f , fl I W i N, M b f m m 41 ,QZQYKQ my 0 4, f W . W , U ri! H 4 1 ,L -H MV f , 'fy ff f fl W 4 1 ww? J 54 57 41 46 so 57 68 57 43 66 50 69 44 86 63 53 58 57 oe co-capt. Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Barker Lyndonville Medina Wilson Starpoint Fred Akron Royhart Akron Newfane Akron Albion Akron Barker Akron 66 Lyndonville 77 Akron 39 Medina 53 Akron 84 Wilson 69 Akron 61 Clarence 8 1 Akron Starpoint Akron Albion Akron Royhart Akron Clarence Akron Newfane 6 nnnnr ,zu A m N, Brian GUY First Row: J. Kostanciak, K. Rudolph, M. Zimmerman, T. Coughlin, S. Forreste1.Second Row: Mr. Edgar, J. Hurne, F. Koons, B. Bradley, F, Houlihan, M, Pacer. CROSS COUNTRY This year's Cross Country team got off to a slow start and lost their first four meets. The Tigers were not discouraged, however, and came back to win their last three meets and finish fifth in the Niagara Orleans League. Mr. Jerold Edgar did a fine job of coaching the Tiger team for the first time. A11 the team members will remember running the 2.5 mile course at Elma Meadows in two feet of snow to finish fifth in the Section VI meet. Akron 60 Albion 56 E Akron 48 Starpoint 15 Akron 43 Medina 21 Ak ron 48 Royh art O 15 Akron 25 Newfane 32 fl 'i ' Akron 27 Barker 28 Tim Akron 2 1 Wilson 34 i l I ' 5 1 6' Q 'Q .fn r,. .?i,.,s,. ii -nag! . 'em .Yr N5 rr . i 'T Mel co-cept. co-Capt. A11 League Run 5th Sectionals 5th 7W7f'W' I I , ' U, ' 'K ,- , L' 2, . -- T , . .f..,, ,, ffrr , . W- V Wm , ff... , ,f fr .. ' mi ,' wfff7fQi' ' J Mm- I .1 f, f.- Blll M Steve Frank 106 First Row: J. Griffiths, J. Capan, S. Lertraphund, K. Kenney, M. Springer, R. Golpl, F. Koons.Second Row: T. Mello, D. Pafk, J. Goeske, C. Abrams, K. Schultz, J. Abraham, J. Bower, J. Schumacher, S. Kraatz, K. Bordonaro. Third ROW: J. Hume, R. Kelley, A. Foster, K. McLeod, T. Stuber, D. Altrogge, W. Freeman, T. Van Buren, R. Mecca, Mr. Drayer. WRESTLING In an outstanding season the Tiger Matmen scored a 9-5-0 record to place third in the Niag- ara-Orleans League. ' The team finished fourth in the B-sectionals, where Tim Van Buren went on to be sectional champion in the 168 lb. class. Bill Frost C10-1-OJ, Mike Springer C10-2-05, Ron Baehr C7-4-D, and Bill Freeman C9-1-lj shared excellent seasons in their individual classes. The return of Mike Springer, Ron Manning, and Bill Freeman, as nucleus, plus veterans Rich Golpl, Curtis Abrams, Fred Koons, Bob Kelley, Doug Pafk and John Hume in combination with a seasoned J.V. squad, will assure success in the coming year. SCORES Akron 35 Royhart 20 Akron 29 Barker 23 Akron 28 Albion 22 Akron 25 Medina 32 Akron 19 Starpoint 33 Akron 5 Starpoint 50 Akron 26 Barker 24 Akron NeWfaY1e Akron 14 Clarence 32 Akron Alb101 l Ak,-on 18 Clarence 27 . Akron 26 Wilson 22 V Akron 25 Royhart 17 frififiififffflfr Akffm 34 Newfane 20 . .. ,r.,, X, ,slid ,gl n ,Q .4 9-.5 tl l , fi-SK Q Q ,,v.. I l i ,- li s v J 4 A V .. - 'ff'-ra itti - ri at lfilkaf .... . ..rr .. ., s-r,...g?S l 'rim Bill co-Capt. A co-capt. C i 107 3 1 E i 9 Q Z 2 1 ii i S 5 5 5+ 2? Z First Row: Coach Schleich, R. Lauridsen, S. Forrestel, C. Keppler, T. Coughlin. Second Row: R. Keppler, T. Lauridsen, R. Brege, B. Kenney, D. Remington. Third Row: D. Keppler, J. Lloyd, T. Golpl, J. Holtz. SWIMMIN G The '67 Akron Tiger-Sharks hammered out an 11-4 record to finish second in the Section VI Class A Sectionals. The Sharks will cherish their win over Springville during the season. Seniors Tim Coughlin, Steve Forrestel, and Charles Keppler, who holds the sectional record for the butterfly, will be sorely missed. The 11-4 record this year reflects the hard work and dedication of about a dozen swimmers and hopes run high for successful seasons to come with the return of Bill Keppler, Jim Holtz, and Pete Forrestel, plus a fine group of seventh and eighth graders on their way up. SCORES AKRON 72 CHEEK TOWAGA 22 AKRON 75 ALDEN 16 AKRON 77 OAK FIELD 18 AKRON 76 BARKER 19 AKRON 32 CLARENCE 63 AKRON 41 IROQUIS 51 AKRON 62 CHEEKTOWAGA 33 AKRON 51 SPRINGVILLE 44 AKRON 62 ROYHART ' ' 33 AKRON 61 BARKER 34 AKRON OAKFIELD AKRON CLARENCE AKRON SPRINGVILLE ,AKRON ROYHART AKRON ALDEN Steve M, mfr vel x PM l A A 9 . V 1 K -gi . My-M- fi wi r' al v iw 'l A M 311-' tl Q Ft .-,.,.X, ,,r,.w ,,,, T lm Corky f Q VARSITY CHEERLEADERS First Row: N. Carrol, K. Pawlick, M. Staebell, B. Totten, B. Corbett. Second Row: S. Ceisner, M. Riggio, C. Sutton. JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS First Row: T. Fenton, B. Powell, P. Milani, D. Brackett, C. Geyer, L. Bettio. Second Row: S. Kowalik, B, Borden, G. Staebell, J, Kahl, VARSITY HOCKEY First Row: S. Steiner, C. Burchell, A. Forrestel, P. Kyser, N. Carroll. Second Row: B. Martiny, M. Staebell F. Wronowicz, C. Lindke, P. Balch, L. Wronowlcz, M. Sundown. TWIRLERS First Row: M. Roggen, L. Bettio, T. Horner, L. Domon. Second Row: K. Abrams, P. Overholt, J. Kahl, K. Furminger, M. Parzych. Third Row: D. Rogers, S. Rogers, T. Troyer. 112 In Water: S. Shaffer, L. Varo, M. Marconi, C. Winters, J. Matinka, E. Houlihan, A. Laurdison, M. Brunning, S. Oldeuski, L. Bordonaro. On Deck: A. Forrestel, B. Domarx, M. Bordonaro, R. Peters, S. Steiner, M.De- Young, C. Burchell. SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMING 113 J. V. FOOTBALL First Row: Coach R. Jenkins, C. Victor, C. Abrams, J. Bower, R. Borden, A. Corbett, T. Golpl, D. Leavitt, R. Steiner, J. Abraham, Coach J. Silvernail. Second Row: B. Glomb, K. Kenney, P. George, S. Kraatz, D. Altrogge, J. Schumacher, F. Cowan, J. Lloyd, C. Rebmann, K. Schultz. Third Row: T. Blacklock, E. Wolsk, T. Stuber, C. Logan, H. Pechuman, R. Asmus, L. Bradley, D. Mecklenburg, D. Remington, R. White. Fourth Row: A. Claude, N. Kedzierski, K. Bauman, T. Arnold, R. Kelkenberg, R. Hutchinson, J. Peters, D. Stone, R. Kowalik. J. V. BASEBALL First Row: C. Victor, P. Feagles, D. Remington, J. Keller, M. Pacer, D. Deitz, J. Miller, G. Stone. Second Row: K. McLeod, K. Bordonaro, B. Hawes, J. Schumacher, A. Corbet, J, Remsen, B. Kenney, C. Abrams, D. Gallo, J. Abraham. 114 ,W TR ACK First Row: B. Hammond, K. RL1dO1Ph, M. Roberts, E. Wolak, P. Witkowski, T. VanBuren, W. Freeman, M. White, B. Kwandrans, R. Jemison. Second Row: Mr. Swift, J. Hurne, B. Bradley, J. Kostanciak, M. Wilson, J. Newcomb, J. George, R. Baehr, R. Blickenderfer, R. Mecca, T. Var1Buren, J. Hawes, B. Mazzi, Mr. Scappa. TENNIS First Row: T. Coughiin, J. Susfolk, J. Eckerson, D. Kruschke, M. Matynka, H. Finger, D. Abraham. Second Row: Coach Schieich, R. Doktor, S. Forrestel, D. Hoctor, C. Keppler, J. Holtz, W. Keppler, F. Houlihan. 115 First Row: M. Lauridson, B. Zimmerman, M. Abraham, P. Leavitt, G. Dieterle, T. Newcomb.'Second Row: Coach Wetzen, D. Wolfe, R, Berry, B. Durski, H. Rosenberg, K. Litfin, W. Young- VARSITY BASEBALL For the first time in the history of the school, the 1966 Tiger baseball team, as arl A-school, won the League Championship. During the Season's play the team finished in a three way tie with Albion and Starpoint and went on to shut out both these teams in playoffs and finished with a re- cord of 16-4. Sophomore Bob Zimmerman did an excellent job of pitching these shut outs. In the sectionals the Tigers went eight innings to defeat a strong Cheektowaga squad to rap up the schools first sec tional title. The return of Bob Zimmerman, Walt Young and Ron Berry provides a good nucleus for the '67 team. Akron 7 Notre Dame 5 Akron 12 Wilson 2 Akron 1 1 Alden 3 Akron 9 Starpoint 2 Akron Wilson W Akron 6 Royhart 0 Akron 1 Royhart 2 Akron 1 Newfane 2 Akron 1 Starpoint 3 Akron 13 Medina 3 Akron 8 Newfane 3 Akron 7 Barker 4 Akron 5 Medina 0 Akron 1 Albion 4 Akffm 12 Clarence 4 xAkron 5 A1biOr1 0 Mark Akron 5 Barker 3 i'fAkron 2 Starpoint O Paul CO-Capt Akron 7 Albion 5 XAkron 3 Cheektowa ga 2 co-c apr. Pk play offs M won by forfeit Newk Ken Duane 116 GIRLS BASKETBALL First ROW: F. Wronowicz, P. Dean, K. Parker, N. Carroll. Second Row: L. Webster, K. Pawlick, P. Kyser, K. Lindke, M. Sundown. JR. HIGH SWIMMING First Row: D. Heberling, P. McConkey, Coach Schleich, M. Reinke, R. Orinaly. Second Row: J. Abraham, J J. Wide-man, J. Sowinski. Third Row: R. Whiting, J. Brege, R. Schafer, T. Lockhart. 117 JR. VARSITY BASKETBALL First Row: J. Rogers, B. Kowalik, F. Cowen, D. Steiner, A. Corbett, D. Leavitt, D. Hutchinson, J. McCol- lister. Second Row: Mr. Randall, P.Battag1ia,J. Peters, K. Rudolph, C. Victor, M. Pacer, P. Witkowski, J. Keller, D. Stone. JR. HIGH BASEBALL First Row: W. Schnabel, R. Webster, L. Feagles, J. Whitbeck, L. Pask, J. Abraham, M. Uljanov, J. Johnson F. Clear, N. Kedzierski, J. Freeman, L. Reuben. Second Row: K. Kenney, W. Skye, G. Granke, D. Heberling D. Lauridsen, P. George, M. Reinke, P. McConkey, L. Bradley, T. Blacklock, L. Brewer, D. Dietz, W. Tip pett, N. Reuben. Third Row: J. Peters, R. Hutchinson, T. Yousey, D. Leavitt, R. Borden, D. Bow, R. Stei- ner, C. Logan, G. Smith, R. Nehrboss, M. Bassanello, C. Rebmann, L. Smith. 118 J SR. HIGH BOY'S INTRAMURALS First Row: D. Leavitt, W. Moleski, G. Pafk, K. McLeod, D. Dietz, R. Berry, J. Abraham, L. Draper, G. Stone, T. Lauridson, W. Frost, H. Finger, B. Durski, J. Martino. Second Row: R. Hutchinson, J. Keller, D. Abraham, K. Bordonaro, W. Young, J. Remsen, C. Rebmann, P. George, F. Cowan, D. Stone, R. Steiner, D. Altrogge, J. Bower, J. Abraham. Third Row: R. Mecca, J. Millon, D. Covel, J. Kostaciak, M. Wilson, R. Ham- mond, M. Roberts, T. Yousey, D. Cory, D. Gallo, J. Griffiths, J. Hurne, C. Rosenberg. Fourth Row: T. Stu- bon, D. Pafk, R. Bordon, J. Freeman, M. Zimmerman, D. Remington, S. Walker, K. Kenney, D. Blackmann, H. Pechuman, D. Bow, T. VanBuren. Fifth Row: A. Corbett, P. Wi tkowski, M. Springon,J. Newcomb, R. Zim- merman, R. Manning, P. Leavitt, J. Bower, R. Webster, P. Lewis, W. Asmus. Sixth Row: R. Jemison, J. Lo- gan, C. Abrams, C. Logan, G. Jones, M. Pacer, J. Dennis, R. Keller, J. Goeseke, L. Klinglesmith, J. Wil- son, R. Kelkenberg, J. Kress. Seventh Row: K. Altrogge, F. Koons, G. Bemier, R. Asmus, K. Denton, S. Holorics, F. Giertz, R. Baehr, M. Cummings, G. Dieterle, S. Hollenbeck. Eighth Row: S. DiFiore, B. Glomb. JR. BOYS INTRAMURALS First Row: K. Grownow, K. Kruschke, D.. Fry, J. Koss. Second Row: B.Criswell, T. Crane, M. Uljnaov, K. , Kenney, T. Schubel, N. Kedgerski, M. Skimer, P. Zola, M. Reinke, D.Laurdsein, D. Neberling, D. Deitz, J. Granke, W. Ground, D. Spears. Third Row: E. Easton, T. Schuler, R. Ormusby, J. Case, J. Carges, T. Blish E. Snobbie, N. Rueben, K. Neubous, R. Forrestal, G. Abrams, D. Doman, M. Knopp, B. While. Fourth Row: J. McCalister, N. Roll, W. Iulg, L. Spillman, S. Niezoda, F. Maloney, P. Winny, D.Wehling,M. Bassanello, R Witenhaver, D. Parker, J. McFoss, P. Welsh, J. Capan. Fifth Row: J. Bohn, J. Keller, S. Berowe, C. Joy, C Kolipinski, K. Kenyan, P. Pittis, J. Lockhart, J..McCalister, B. Hensel, K. Covel, L. Ribbeck, D. DeYoung D. Schultz. Sixth Row: R. Whiting, J. Brege, J. Weidman, J. Rodgers, B. Johnson, D. Farrell, J. Lockhardt C. Parker, J. Smith, T. Jones, R. McGregor, B. Kowalik, J. Regan, J. Wright, A. Mello. Q ff.- GIRLS INTR AMUR AL S 120 wunmmewfsxa .-.. Wi, ff M W-ff- -' 6' 2 lf Only the model hadn't been so ugly! '5This is the last time I'1l help you--now my finger's Caught. I '53,OO1 .... 3,002 .... 3,003 .... So what if there's no food, Ma .... you've got me. C5 There--I tumed it on---what next? 'fOh no! If Batman doesn't get out of this one, I'll kill myself! 122 E 5 H E GOLD PA TRONS BANK 0f AKRON SENIOR CLASS, 1967 STUDENT COUNCIL STRIPPIT-DIVISION OF HOUDAI LLE I N DUSTRI ES 124 SILVER PA TRONS Akron Jaycees Buffalo Sheet Metal, Inc. C Sz E Television and Appliance Q Cold Springs Construction Company Corbett Lumber and Builders Georgia - Pacific Bestwall Gypsum Division Robert E. Killip, Jostenis, Inc. Lawing Studio Bert Mesler Ford, Inc. National Gypsum Company Perry's Ice Cream Company PiXley's Bells l.G.A. Supermarket, Inc Rochester Button Factory Whiting Boll-Up Door Sales Corporation 125 PROFESSIONAL PA TRONS AAKRON RULE CORPORATION AKRON AGWAY AKRON GREENHOUSE AKRON LUMBER AND BUILDERS AKRON OIL CORPORATION-SWANSON AKRON SERVICE GARAGE AKRON SHOPPING GUIDE THE ALADDIN SHOP AL'S BARBER SHOP S. B. ANDERSON AND SONS GROVER H. BATES-LIFE INSURANCE BERNHARDT FUNERAL HOME BEYSER BUILDING PRODUCTS BLEW EQUIPMENT R. F. BURCHELL, D.D.s. CARBORUNDUM METALS CIAMETTI'S BARBER SHOP CORBETT BROTHERS CONCRETE AND HAYDITE BLOCK MANUFACTURING DA-NI RESTAURANT EASY-COIN LAUNDROMAT EDDIEIS JEWELERS EXCEL INDUSTRIES FLOYD HITCHCOCK, D.V.M. HOWIE'S BARBER SHOP INSURANCE BY DYE, INC. jOE'S DELICATESSEN KELLY'S ALLEYS KENDALL'S EXPRESS GLENDON H. KLINGELSMITH, D.C. KRANZ KOIN LAUNDRY OSBORNE'S OASIS PARK LUNCH RESTAURANT PARK SUPER INCORPORATED PARK VIEW BEAUTY SALON PETERSON'S DRUG STORE MAX PHELPS' DR. C. F. PHILLIPS RENN AND CEISNER ROSS FUNERAL HOME, INC. SALVATORE'S BARBER SHOP SCHOOLHOUSE GIFT SHOP SHERWOOD HARDWARE STONE'S DRUG STORE SWEENEY CHEVROLET, INC. ALEX C. SMITH, INC. RALPH G. STANBURY CHARLES F. TAYLOR INSURANCE FRED E. THOMAS AGENCY INC. VILLAGE LIQUOR STORE PRIVATE PA TRONS Mr. and Mrs. Edward Allen Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bartels Mr. and Mrs. Ellsworth Brown Nell D. Brown Mrs. Ellen Brusky Mr. and Mrs. Henry Carges Miss Gertrude Churchill Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. Richard Ernest Cooley . Roger F. Downey jerry Edgar Roger Free Gaddis Arthur B. George Robert Hammond jenkins Miss Catherine McHugh Mr. and Mrs. George Martiny Mr. and Mrs. Leland Meyer Mrs. Arlene Pacheco Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Scappa and Family Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Schultz Mr. and Mrs. jack Silvernail Mr. and Mrs. William Tippett A. E. Vossler Mr. and Mrs. james K. Webster Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wetzen Dale, Mel Carol, Mona, Dannie Kathy, Gail, Laurie JoAnn? Betty, Nancy Mass, Pain Q r xv W W.'nA--... -A --sl- H 6 v

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