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presented by the JOURNALISM CLASS AKRON CENTRAL SCHOOL AKRON, NEW YORK Editor-in-Chief KAREN STAEBELL Editors .JOSEPH BORDONARO LYNNE KRAATZ LAURA CUMMINGS SYLVIA SCHALLER ALICE DE Toms TERRI STONE THOMAS IIERSEE KATHY WEAVER SHARON KLINGELSMITH JANET YOLSEY ALMA MATER Not a school in fact or fancy With Akron can We compare May her glory go on climbingg May her days be fair, For the mem'ries that we'll c We'1l always wish to be back. And Where e'er we go, we'll n'er forget Her orange and her black. By the Music Theory Class of 1951 Administration FOREWORD Another year has passeckall tgoguiqkllfol UQ - W staff of the 1966 Akronite. As seniors, we wanted something which we-as Well as others-could open for memories. It is with pride we present to you this book with the earnest hope that we have created such a memory. We would like to thank the administration, fac- ulty, and all others who helped our effort. In addi- tion, we would like to thank the businessmen and patrons whose support was necessary to make our book possible. herish, TABLE OF CONTENTS and Faculty ..... ................... Dedication ......................... Senior Section..... .. Classes............ Activities ............ Sports ................... Activity Direct ory...... Patronage .............. 2 ....3-11 .......12 ......13-60 ...61-82 ........83-94 .......95-111 113-116 117-120 ADMINISTRATICDN an d FACU LTY First row: Mr. Richard Forrestel, Mrs., Louise Harrington, Mn Henry Weiler Second row: Mr.. Arthur Charles, Mr., Roger Kraatz, Mr. Norman Schleef Mrs. Lillian Laese Primary Supervisor Mr. Vincent Espersen Elementary Principal Mr. Albert Lucia Guidance Director Mr. Harold johnson jr.-Sr. High School Principal Mr. Edward Allen Supervising Principal In publishing our yearbook we feel Mr. Allen deserves notable recognition. On june 30, 1966 he will have completed twenty- five years of dedicated service as supervising-principal of ACS, and has been a strong influence in the educational advancement of our area. 4 Mr. Stanley Victor Business Manager Mrs. Balizer English Nlrs. Bacheller Nurse Y K Q K S Mr. Bates Mathematics is 3 in s A .:.g, .ss Ifils Y? if Miss Brown Social Studies Mrs. Brown Biology .. -2.1. - .N as .Q Q' Q K , Science S Mrs. Cooley Language Mr. Columbus Music 5 Mr. Canfield 4, 2.5 ,S X.. -fs Social Studies Mrs. Brusky Home Economics Mrs. Borkholder Social Studies lVlr. Borkholder Social Studies Mr. Carges Science Mr. Drayer Social Studies ,X X owe' Mr. Dembrow S Mr. Eckerson Science Miss Churchill Home Economics 5 T if I i ' G ' g Miss Ellsworth L i bra ri a n ,- ,A ":.e .rfw my f 5 g ggi 1 ff , 4 ' n 5 'f r Y 7 y 53, , Nl 4-!: ..,,.,c' . N z ,Y ea 1 all i 4 , QA' a , Mrs. Gaddis English Mrs. Hoag English Mr. Latko Indus trial Arts Mr. George English Mrs. Groves Music Mr. Hoilenbeck Industrial Arts Mr. Hood Commercial Mrs. Ludwick Commercial Mr. MacCoy Driver Education 6 Miss Harlin Music Mr. Jenkins Art Mr. Helwig Social Studies Miss Kozuchows ki Guidance Mr. Martiny Science Mr. Meyer Mathematics Mrs. Morgan Psychologist I Mr. Silvernail Health and Phys. Ed. .51 Z! ,V :S , Mf' Rex Engffsh Mrs. Pacheco Language Mrs. Smith Mathematics Mr. Suttel Industrial Arts Mr. Swift Science 3' . .. i .bE,. R up XMA . Mrs. Stapleton Guidance, Mathematics Mr. Tomczak English 7 Mr. Rozelle Agriculture Nlrs. Stricker School Social Worker Mr. Tulumello Mathematics Si' ' ' ,Q Q Wig is 1- 2 W , is h Mr. Scappa Physical Education Mr. Stock English, Social Studies Mr. Va lente Art Mr. Vossler English Mrs. Bates Sixth Grade Mrs. Espersen Music Mr. Walker Commercial, Joumalism Miss Benson Kindergarten f, ' ,J . Y. em- 3 x H , Q, 9, ff f':1 ,x tp:- : , rrr Mrs. Ford Sec ond Grade C - 33+- Mr. Wetzen Physical Education Mrs. Brackett Nurse Mrs. Garvey Art 8 Mrs. Williams Physical Education ill Mrs. Brady Sixth Grade A Mrs. Atassi First Grade Miss Churchill Kindergarten Mrs. Gilbert Third Grade WM 1 1 Miss Gere Sec on d Grade Miss Graf Third Grade G Z ,,,,, A ff A 1 1 , Mrs . ,I ost Fourth Grade Mrs . Matteson Third Grade Mrs. Hartz ler Fifth Grade I .. si g 3 r Mrs. I-Ielmer Second Grade Mrs. juliano Fourth Grade G i r Mrs . Mauld in Fourth Grade Mrs. Kumm Fifth Grade Mrs. Hume Fourth Grade Mrs. Jones Fifth Grade Mrs. Lombardo Third Grade lVIrs. MacCoy Second Grade Mrs . MCC 001 Sixth Grade 9 fm I 'yi X , W Q dx. 'Z -7.4 'W 5 ' ',,:if, ff Miss McEwan First Grade Miss Mitzel Music Miss Muchow Fifth Grade K-.Fl Nl 3 QL ,f-,wr "j, ' f 975 Mrs. Putney Second Grade Miss Ogden First Grade Mrs. Russell First Grade if if t if gg Q f 2 3 W we ,kyigimifi H f r 1 fzgrf. f X9 Jar X 4 f vs' Mrs. Pafk First Grade Mr. Schleich Physical Education Mr. Stapleton Music Mrs. Walters Physical Education Mrs. Weeks Fourth Grade 10 Mrs. Pentecost Kindergarten Mrs. Shisler Sixth Grade Mrs. Williams Spanish Mr. Pettit Sixth Grade Mrs. Stage Fifth Grade Nlrs. Yoc um Third Grade Bus Drivers Clerical Staff First row: Mrs. Becker, Miss Reber. Second row: Mrs. Swain, Mrs. White, Miss Green. 6 Maintenance M. Long, Mr. Coulson, Mr Miles, Mrs. Guizzotti, Mrs Pohl, Mrs. Groff, Mrs. Heard Mr. Baker, Mr. Babel, Mr. Bates Mr. Pixley, Mr. Thayer, Mr Kopp, Mr. Mast. v v First row: Mrs. Lee, Mrs. Law- rence, Mrs. Swiniarski, Mrs. De- Simone, Mr. Blish, Mrs. Strong. Cafeteria Staff First row: Mrs. Falsioni, Mrs. Kyser, Mrs. Lowder, Mrs. Swin- iarski, Mrs. Goeseke, Mrs. Co- vel, Mrs. Abraham. Second row: Mrs. Wolak, Mrs. Wyder, Mrs. Halecki, Mrs. Porter, Mrs. Lutz, Miss Grisanti, Mrs. Eldred, Mrs. Zola, Mrs. Leavitt, Mrs. Riggio, Mrs. Abraham, Mrs. Lippert, Mrs. Kinney. LSC DEDICATION As people travel the path of life, they realize that education is a basic requi- site for happiness and success. To give the citizens of tomorrow such a rich, full education is the goal of Mr. Arthur B. George, our Senior English teacher and class advisor. From the time of his arrival here as a teacher in 1961, he has been a con- tinual source of inspiration and enthusiasm to his students. After graduating from Monroe High School in Rochester, New York, Mr. George received his Bachelor's Degree from Geneseo State Teachers College, and he has attended the State University of New York at Buffalo for post-graduate work. Be- fore coming to Akron, he taught at Churchville-Chili Central School. We the Senior Class of 1966, deem it an honor to dedicate our Akronite to Mr. George as a tribute to a fine teacher. 12 SENIGRS KATHY WEAVER As President of the Class of '66 for two consecutive years, "Weav" has been a very busy girl. She participated in sports and musical activities as well as being Copy Editor of the yearbook. Her future plans include college as a math major. 1 ALICE DE YOUNG Alice was never without a busy moment in her high school years. Her interests were very diversified, including journalism, sports and music groups, and Vice-Presidency of the Class. Next fall she intends to enter college as a science major. LAURA CUMMINGS A petite member of our class, Laura participated in choral groups, Hi-Y, was Assistant Editor of the yearbook, and Secretary of the Senior Class. Her future plans include college with a major in elementary and early secondary education. NANCY ROBNETT Nancy has proven herself a leader by being elected twice as an officer of her class. She was active in athletic events as a cheer- leader and as a member of the girls' athletic teams. After gradua- tion Nancy plans to enroll in college for a dental hygienist pro- gram. 14 MARGARET ANDERSON 7 One of our quiet seniors, Margaret was active in the hockey club and orchestra. Her main interest is Early English History, and and she has chosen this for her major in college. FLORA BABEL Mischievous and fun-loving are words that describe Flora. Her activities include Senior Girls' Glee Club, intramurals, and March- ing Band. The future to Flora is one big exciting question. LYNN BABIARZ Lynn was with us only two years, yet she was very much a part of our class. She was active in Senior Girls' Glee Club and was President of Hi-Y. Lynn's future plans include working for an air- line. JEAN BAKER Jean was the quiet girl with the shy smile. She was active in FHA and the Library Club. Although Jean's plans are undecided, she will graduate as a business major. 15 KAREN BAKER This serious but alert senior was always ready to pitch in when it came to getting a job done. During her high school years she was active in Senior Girls' Glee Club and Poster Club. She is un- decided as to whether she wants to go to business school or ob- tain a secretarial job after graduation. CATHERINE BALCH Cathy, quiet but ever-smiling, was most active in sports. She was a member of the National Honor Society and plans to attend Bry- ant 8L Stratton after graduation. ROBERT BALL Bob was one of the more humorous members of the senior class. He participated in many music and sports activities. Bob is un- decided about his future. SANDRA BARTLETT Sandy was an active member of Future Homemakers and Library Club. She is undecided in her plans for the future. 16 THOMAS BARTRAM This shy but friendly senior was most likely to be found working at the Coachman's Inn. Throughout school, Tom has taken an ag- N ricultural course and plans to work after graduation. JAMES BATTAGLIA Throughout school, Jim participated in sports-his favorite being track. Although his plans are undecided, his talents lean toward the field of art. WENDELL BISHOP Wendell was one of the scientific-minded boys of our class. A member of the National Honor Society, he was also active in the Science Club, Chess Club, and wrestling. He plans to attend col- lege as a physics major. ALLAN BLACK As well as having a sense of humor, Allan was one of the more athletic members of our class. He plans to join the Army and be- come an electrician after graduation. 17 RICHARD BLICKENDERFER One of our more studious seniors, Dick was a member of the Na- tional Honor Society. He also participated in Science Club, wres- tling, and Student Council, Dick's future plans include college with a major in either science or engineering. HENRIETTA BLUEYE An outstanding member of our class, Henrietta was chosen to rep- resent the U.S. as an A.F.S. exchange student in Bremen, Ger- many. She was active in various clubs, Student Council, Student Court, and Honor Society. Upon graduation, Henrietta plans to major in international relations. DAVID BORDEN David, one of our more studious and quiet seniors, enjoyed the challenge of school. He plans to go on to college with majors in math and science. JOSEPH BORD ONARO egy. joe plans to attend college in New York City with majors in journalism and drama. 18 A good athlete, joe helped bring the Akron Tigers their first Ni- agara-Orleans football championship with fine quarterback strat- VIRGINIA BOWER An athletic girl in the senior class, she was active in intra- murals, hockey, basketball, track, and swimming. Ginny plans to work as a secretary after graduation. STEPHEN BRUCKER One of our quieter seniors, Stephen was a member of Poster Club while in high school. After graduation, Steve wants to enter col- lege for engineering. MAYNARD CARMER Maynard, who always had a hello for everyone, has been active throughout school in the science clubs. His future plans include college with a major in science. THOMAS CARROLL Tom, better known to his classmates as Danny, will always be remembered for his friendly smile and wild sense of humor. After graduation, Danny intends to enter college in a forestry program. 19 And what did you give me for Christmas?" 'I will not write on the walls. I will not write on the walls..." ...Xe Xmu "Now the safe is right here in the Corner..." There' Yfk 41" 'Ev s one in every crowd. 'Three Blind Mice' gem 20 C55 15 'Soya we GOXG "Last time I'll help you- V5 my finger's stuck, too." f 1 -4 1 fjff I4 ff, f 'fm 1 C ,f f pf! A M2 4' If I f My ff J I 4 r J 4' H f K i X if if f we ' 'Are you sure? If that cow had only 3 legs..." Q Q ' 0 r OG 851 - f QS I f oo , . Y .A 5 , Mx sux f 1 ' -- :wa iz qi wi " J Q0 . Tfwa-aft. Q , Q, 11. GG iz 1:59 lll, "Now, we find these on farms." 'So Columbus did discover America, eh 21 KI told you I studied" ?n GREGORY CEISNER When Greg was wanted, he could usually be found hovering over the engine of his car. During his high school years, he was active in the Model Club and Industrial Arts C1ub.If Greg doesn't further his knowledge of mechanical drawing,he intends to join the Navy. NANCY CORBETT Nancy was one of the more effervescent members of our class. Hi-Y, Senior Girls' Glee Club, journalism, and Student Council were among her many activities. She hopes to become a medical secretary. MARY DENNIS Mary, one of the newer members of the class, came to Akron at the beginning of her junior year. Mary has participated in Poster Club and Future Homemakers of America. As yet, Mary is unde- cided about her future plans. BENJAMIN DE YOUNG, III Ben, known to his classmates as "Sword", added fun to his classes and was always on the go. This athletically minded student was a member of the Journalism Class. After graduation, he hopes to enter into a partnership with his father. 22 BRIAN DICKINSON Brian played saxophone for three years in the Senior Band. He also was busy helping in the Secondary Office. Brian plans on going to Bryant 81. Stratton for a bookkeeping major. MARILYN DRACHENBERG If you ever needed a corridor pass, "Blondie" was the one to see, pated in musical groups in the school. KATHLEEN DYLAG Kathy, though sometimes shy, was a strong supporter of school activities. She was a member of Senior Girls' Glee Club, journal- ism, and Hi-Y. Her future plans are undecided. ELAINE EDMISTER Mary has worked in the Clinic because she wants to become a practical Nurse. Although going to Harkness Center kept her busy she still found time for such activities as FHA and hockey. 23 since she was a member of the Office Staff. Marilyn also partici- SANDRA EWALD Sandy, a quiet, hard working senior, has concentrated on business for her major. With this knowledge, she hopes to get a secretarial job in a small office after graduation. JOYCE FLINT Joyce was a quiet senior and always willing to lend a helping hand. Her activities included Varsity Chorale, Senior Girls' Glee Club, Journalism, and being the accompanist for Senior Boys' Glee ...gk Club. Joyce plans to attend Geneseo in preparation for the teach- rs 5 A ing of handicapped children. ill ? lil GAIL FOX Gail's friendly personality and cheerful smile made her well known by all. She was one of the more active members of our class, par- ticipating in class and school activities, choral groups, Student Council, and Journalism. Gail hopes to become an assistant vet- erinarian. DAVID FREY Not quiet, yet reserved, was Dave. Besides being active in choral groups, sports, and Journalism, Dave gave a helping hand to class projects. He intends to enroll at State University of New York at Buffalo to further his business education. 24 JEROME GEORGE Varsity football and track will be losing a steady performer when Jerry graduates. He is undecided about what he will do next year. KATHLEEN GLOMB This senior,better known as Kathy, is interested in anything that has to do with business. Her activities include Intramurals and Student Council. In her senior year, Kathy worked in the Guidance Office. Her future plans include either a business or a data pro- cessing school. THOMAS HERSEE Tom, always interested in vocal music, was a spirited debater in class. As Photography Editor of the Akronite, Tom has been very busy this past year. He would like to go to Geneseo to major in 'K Liberal Arts. JOHN HART, III One of the quieter members of our class, john was a member of the Future Farmers of America and the Wrestling Team. His future plans are undecided. 25 LINDA HURNE Linda was one of our petite seniors. She has been quite active in the music department. Her future plans of nursing are indicated by her participation in Future Nurses Club and Biology Club. DALE HUTCHINSON Dale moved here from Kenmore in her sophomore year. She has taken a business course at Akron and plans to attend a business school for data processing. SYLVIA JENDRESKY Sylvia, more commonly known as "Butch", was a bright shining addition to our class. She came to Akron from Pennsylvania shortly after the beginning of her junior year. Her future plans are to become an airline stewardess. PEGGY JOHNSON 26 A bright, cheerful smile was a sign of her friendly personality. Peg, a most active senior participated in Hi-Y, Varsity Chorale, Journalism, and Monitors. She plans to work after graduation. MARCIA JOSLYN Marcia, better known as Marcie", was one of the more cheerful and lively seniors. Marcie enjoys skiing, listening to folk music, and playing the guitar. After graduation she plans to attend col- lege and major in journalism. ll ELSA KEEHN A participant in many musical groups such as Varsity Chorale and Senior Band throughout her high school years, Elsa intends to go on to college with a majorin executive secretarial studies and account- ing. ROBERT KENNEY Bob proved that studying can be fun. This alert senior was a member of Student Council, Science Club, choral groups, and var- sity sports. He plans to major in Biochemistry at University of California at Berkeley. IVIARJORY KINGSLEY Marge, a prospective practical nurse, attended Harkness Center during her senior year. She was active in Senior Girls' Glee Club, Poster Club, and Future Homemakers of America. 27 'Oh, what mighty strengthl' 'Fire drill in january?" "Now, you do the odds and I'll do the evensf' X. rf, x. 4" . '...and at the stretch, it's Beetlebaum by a lengthf' '13, I Q , Jwwww ' Fr y XX XX f Those wide-awake seniors... It's broken! 28 X Nxt b wil S-Q v xx 1 - 5 "Eve of Destruction' "That dumb little freshman..." "Put some vanilla on it. n X'-xl '-'N '- -Q ttt tt ttt I - 11 X NX v N' 1-is:--5 W-N-5.33-f 4125 N 16 -sxzfi r ,Z , WIS 13 E545 'it Sf-is Www:-, S "You S 'WH ay this is b i an 5 , ffm kt it X ned in P Snns Kgeme, meenyy mime, mouj' "What?! No more SChmidts?!" 29 ylvaniap, K Mx SHARON KLINGELSMITH Sharon was one of the perpetually smiling seniors. While being active in Senior Girls' Glee Club, Senior Band, and many other activities, she still found time to be a top scholar. After gradua- tion she plans to attend college for a course in secondary educa- tion for history or math. LOUIS KRAATZ A football player for three years, Lou also took part in Model Club, Industrial Arts Club, and Senior Band. His future plans are undecided. LYNNE KRAATZ Lyn, who always had a smile for all, has participated in many activities throughout her high school years: Hi-Y, Student Court, musical groups, and Journalism as Literary Editor of the Akron- ite. Lyn wants to attend college for a BS in nursing. JACK KROENING During his high school years, "jackie", quiet and industrious participated in the Model Club. His future plans are undecided 30 ROBERT KWANDRANS One of the more athletically inclined seniors, Bob has participated in track, wrestling, cross country, and Boys' Intramurals. Bob plans to enlist in the Navy after graduation. ELIZABETH KWIATKOWSKI With us only two years, Betty's outgoing personality made her a welcome addition. She participated in sports as well as Varsity Chorale. Next year Betty will begin a nursing career. HELEN LAESE Her shining personality made Helen a friend to everyone. Active in many musical groups and with a major role in L'il Abner and Finian's Rainbow, Helen has also been an officer of her class and princess of the prom. Naturally, Helen is planning to major in music at college. MARK LAURIDSEN Mark was one of our most active seniors. He was a member of the football, baseball, and swimming teams, and also was active in class and school activities. Mark hopes to attend Plattsburgh State University for a secondary math major. 31 JOYCE LAWRENCE Joyce was known for her friendly personality and eccentric sense of humor. Participation in Senior Girls' Glee Club, Ticket Sellers, Band, and Hi-Y kept her on the go. joyce's future plans include college as a business major. MARILYN LEEDS Marilyn is a quiet, but efficient girl who has been an active member of the Freshman Chorale, Senior Girls' Glee Club, Poster Club, and Biology Club. In the future she would like to attend either a business school or junior college for a secretarial course. , ROBERT LEWIS Bob will always be remembered for his artistic ability. He has participated in swimming, Model Club, Biology Club, and was a member of the Student Council Cabinet. After graduation, Bob plans to attend college and major in art. BETTY LINDKE One was most likely to find this petite senior cheering at football and basketball games. Betty has been very active in school in choral and athletic groups. She intends to become a medical office 'T assistant after completing college. 32 DEBORAH LINDKE After graduation, Debbie hopes to take advantage of her course in Cosmetology at Harkness Center. We are sure she will be a success as a beautician. ,LW KENNETH LITFIN Kenny, a prominent drummer in the Senior Band, was active in foot- ball, baseball, Senior Boys' Intramurals, and Science Club. After graduation, he plans to enroll in college for an engineering pro- gram. trip 532 f ,.a,,4,,.,,,,,,fg,,- an ROGER LOVE Although Roger moved to Maine during his senior year at ACS, he has not been forgotten. Roger represented Akron as a two-miler on the track team. KATHLEEN LORRAINE Kay's warm smile and friendly personality made her popular with her classmates. She attended a number of schools before coming to Akron for her junior and senior years. She's undecided about her future plans. 33 PAULETTE MARTIN Vivacious and fun-loving are adjectives to describe Paulette. Be- sides being active in Hi-Y, sports, choral groups, and journalism, Paulette was a cheerleader. Her future plans include attending college to become a medical office assistant. CAROL IVIATTIOLI Carol's ready smile and friendly attitude made her known to all. She participated in Senior Girls' Intramurals, Hi-Y, and Varsity Chorale. After graduation, Carol plans to enter college for a sec- retarial course. JUDITH MANN Judy was one of the artistic members of our Senior Class. She readily participated in Varsity Chorale, Senior Girls' Glee Club, and Poster Club. She plans an art major in college. ROBERTO IVIAZZI Although Bob has only been here a year, his cheerful smile has won him many friends. He will long be remembered as one of the best kickers Akron's football team ever had. After graduation he plans on attending a college in Italy. 34 LINDA MEININGER REBECCA IVIC LEOD "Becky", has been a member of many clubs plus Varsity Chorale and Girls' Intramurals. Her plans for the future center around a nursing career. We'll remember this carefree individualist for her fun-loving ways and sense of humor. "Lin" has participated in various sports, mu- sic and art activities. This year she was busy with a practical nursing course which she'll continue after she graduates. BRIAN MURRAY Along with Industrial Arts, Brian was active in the Senior Band and the Model Club. Brian could be found working with the stage crew quite often. Upon graduation, Brian wants to join the Air 5' "" 'tins r., . -- 5?f'57g'f?: 'L "I I Force. DIANE NEAL Diane is well-known for her friendliness and willingness to serve whenever needed. Her interest is centered around dramatics and journalism. Diane plans to major in elementary education, coupled with a minor in dramatics. 35 ....-s Benny Crocker' U M., I I 4 ' W x 1 I a OJ , , Q im.- .i ,,,M,,,,N,, M Q' H Q. O Q fllrd 'SJ' I 2, 36 This is your happy Crew..." "Y9ah??" "No-just the cloth-not the thumb." l 8 Af . 1 'We didn't do it." Croquet any one ? Q 3- 37 U7 6518 N. 'Y 4. in 5. " ' .4 fifiwa x f Learning through osmosis TERENCE NEWCOMB "Newk" was an athletically inclined student, and our championship football team took up a lot of "Newk's" time. His future plans in- clude college with a major in mathematics. LEE NEUROTH Lee's major interest is agriculture in which he has won state-wide recognition. After graduation, Lee will continue in agriculture. JOHN OWEN John has been most active in cross country, track, and FFA. He is well known for his friendly, good natured personality. john's plans are not settled. MARVIN PAFK Better known as "Pinky", Marv was always friendly and willing to lend a helping hand. It was seldom that this good-natured boy wasn't smiling. His future plans are undecided. 38 EV f" ' ' 4 T d T ff? 4 mix, wa - KENNETH PAGELS An asset to the drum sect1on Ken was a member of the Senior Band throughout high school Ken also participated in Future Farmers of America and was a member of the stage crew and the swimming team After graduation Ken thinks that perhaps he will enlist in the Air Force KAREN PAWLICK One of our more sports minded seniors, Karen has contributed much to our athletic department. During her high school years, she was most active in Hockey and Intramurals. Upon completion of high school, Karen is undecided as to whether she should enroll at IBM school or go into the service. NEAL POODRY This tall senior, known for his interest in the automobile field, was a faithful member of the model club. Neal plans to join the Army after completing his education. SUZANNE POODRY The area ski slopes are a favorite attraction for Sue. She enjoys sports of all kinds but her favorite is skiing. Her extra activities were intramurals, basketball, and track, Her future plans include business school. 39 COLETTE REIGLE Colette, a quiet, pleasant girl, was active in band and monitors. She plans to become a secretary upon graduation. GREGORY REMINGTON y Quiet is hardly the word to describe Greg. He will be remembered l as a lively addition to our class-full of fun and frolic. Attending ECTI for Industrial Arts is one of Greg's future plans. DENNIS RICHARDSON Denny, an FFA leader, has participated in Varsity Chorale during high school. At the present time Denny plans to work after gradua- tion. WILLIAM ROBINSON Bill belonged to many organizations: musical groups, sports, and science clubs. He was a fun-loving senior whose future plans in- clude college as a math major. 40 SYLVIA SCHALLER Not so quiet, Sylvia was a member of the Senior Band, Future Homemakers, Senior Girls' Intramurals, Clinic Staff, and Yorker Club during high school. Upon graduating in june, Sylvia plans to find a job. PATRICIA SCHIVIIGEL Pat was an energetic senior who has been active in Varsity Chor- ale, Senior Girls' Glee Club, Monitors, and girls' sports. She was also a Senior Class Representative and active in the journalism Class. She plans to be an airline receptionist. PAUL SCHOENWETTER Not outspoken, Paul was active in Yorkers and Industrial Arts. He was also Vice President of the Model Club. After graduation, Paul plans to work. DAVID SCHUBEL President of the Student Council in his senior year, this dynamic boy also participated in many other school activities. Dave was editor of the "Tymes '66", a member of the International Club, Var- sity Chorale, and Student Court. His future plans include attending college as a history major. 41 HARRIET SCHULTZ Harriet was responsible for Akron's twirlers receiving top honors in state competition. Upon graduation, "Sam', would like to be a beautician and later go into barbering. BRUCE SCHULTZ Bruce was friendly and full of fun. He was active in wrestling, in- tramurals, and Industrial Arts. Although Bruce likes to work on cars, his future is undecided. JAMES SKELLON Jim, having taken a business course, is planning to work after graduation. He was an active member of the Art Club for three years. MICHAEL SOCHA Mike has been an active member of the Model Club throughout his high school years. After graduation, he would like to study tool and dye making at Erie County Tech. 42 JOAN SPAETH If anything ever needed doing, here was the girl for the job. Joan, a competent worker, also found time to participate in Varsity Chor- ale, Nurses Club, and the Biology Club. Becoming a registered nurse is her future plan. KAREN STAEBELL "Stabe", an energetic and fun-loving girl, has been active in both music activities and sports. As captain of the cheerleading squad and Editor of the Akronite, she has been kept busy. Karen plans on going to a business school after graduation. MARYANN STANBURY We missed fun-loving Mary during the first part of our senior year. A member of the Hi-Y, Journalism, and Varsity Chorale, she was also active in sports. After graduation, Mary plans on becoming a nurse. TERRI STONE One of the more creative members of our class, Terri was always a main factor in the success of our class functions. She was inter- ested in musical activities and Journalism as Well as being a good student. Terri plans on attending college to study Fashion Buying and Merchandising. 43 'According to this, it's bm-lap or satin. " 1 We'll See y,3 I MF- B... is 'S Some people do anything to get out of class... 'Where is th e Silly Puffy? 71 it. If ought to do ha and a nA Chop fl a1...2"'3'.' 44 I 1911 ou 2 WL 2 " "Spra1ned fmger yoq ,D f fa Yeh, t DOUGLAS SWADER Doug, an active member of the Industrial Arts Club, also played in the Senior Band and Orchestra for four years. After graduation, he wants to go to college as a liberal arts major. ANNETTE SUNDOWN Annette has been a participant of almost every girl's sport through- out her high school years. She has also been a cheerleader for two years. After graduation, Annette plans to become a medical secre- tary. 5-4-.5 JOSEPH SWADER joe, who was an enthusiastic car fan, was often found in Auto Me- chanics. Attending Harkness Center helped him prepare for his fu- ture. EILEEN TRUAX Here's an active athletic girl who also is busy in art activities. "Eenie" has also been in Student Council and Hi-Y. Her future plans are to attend the National School of Aeronautics in Kansas City, Missouri, for stewardess training. 46 MARGARET TRUGLIO An ambitious senior who has been an active member of the orches- tra, Biology Club, and was Assistant Editor of "Tymes '66", "Mag- gie" is also a member of the Honor Society. After graduation, she wants to become a language teacher. DIANE WHEELER Diane was a member of Hockey Club and Synchronized Swimming for four years. She also was in Senior Girls' Glee Club. After grad- uation, Diane plans on college to become a physical education teacher. TERRY VAN BUREN Terry has participated in sports throughout his high school years, his favorite being football. His future plans are to enter the ser- vice. JOHN WALTERS In his early high school years, john was a member of Freshman Chorale and Biology Club. He also worked at a gas station in his senior year. John's future plans are undecided. 47 DUANE WOLFE Duane played baseball and also was a member of the cross country team in his high school years.His future plans are to work or enter the service. MAHLON WHITE For the past four years, "lVIalhoon" has participated in football, basketball, track, and intramurals. ln 9th grade he was a member of the Freshman Chorale. In the future, Mahlon plans to enter the Navy. KENNETH WOLFE Ken, an Industrial Arts major, is planning on working through the summer after graduation. In October he wants to join the service. CAROLYN YODER Carolyn's outgoing personality made it easy for her to make friends She was active in intramurals and Senior Girls' Glee Club. Her fu- ture college plans are undecided. 48 THOMAS YODER Tom has been a member of the Future Farmers of America and the Science Club. After graduation, he wants to study Aeronautical Engineering to become an airline pilot. JANET YOUSEY janet, along with being a good student,has participated in musical groups, Student Council, and was Layout Editor of the Akronite. She plans on going to college, majoring in elementary education. ANTHONY ZOLA Tony was an officer of the Student Organization for two years. He also participated in many music activities and was a member of the National Honor Society. Tony plans on attending college as a history major. KATHLEEN YOUSEY Throughout her high school years, Kathy has been a member of mu- sic groups, Poster Club, and Biology Club. After graduation, she Wants to become a nurse, 49 W A.F.S. STUDENT Roberto Mazzi Dear Friends, I would like to write something about this, my big year in the United States. It was a great experience for meg a new people, a new language, and a new way of living. It really was a little difficult the first time, but I had three things that made everything become wonderful and easier after awhile. These were: all the members of the school, all the people of my community, and over-all, my family. Every day and every hour I had smiles and signs of friendliness in front of meg it is impossible to forget such things. My biggest experience in the United States was given me by the American school. It was just wonderful, very interesting sub- jects, communication with teachers, and the real spirit of school. One thing that was new for me was the help of the guidance of- fice. My year is now going to be over and I am really afraid when I think I will have to go back home to Italy. I will have to leave friends, things that follow me all during the year and became a part of myself. One thing comforts meg this is the hope that someday I will have the chance to come back to America again and say, "Hi!" to everybody. With love, 554 Bob's father, Benvenuto Mazzi is proprietor of a store specializing in motorcycles and bicyclesg his brother Franco, 12, is a 7th grader and hopes to become an engineerg and his mother, Anna, is kept busy being a homemaker and mother. This year Akron was fortunate to have Roberto Mazzi as its foreign exchange student. Bob arrived in Akron on August 12, 1965 from his hometown-La Spezia, Italy. La Spezia stands at the head of the Ligurian Gulf with its beautiful gardens and its seaside promenade-the end really of the Riviera Levante. He made his home with the Michael George family of Colony Place and in doing so, became an inte- gral part of our community. At first Bob was confronted by a language barrier, but he went outlof his Way to become a part of the American patterns that surrounded him. Bob's classmates enjoyed his subtle wit and many of them had their horizons widened by his outstanding intellect. Unyielding in his determination to excel, Bob had been an enthusiastic AFS student and he will long be remembered and missed by all who knew him. 51 I I SENIOR DIRECTORY ANDERSON, MARGARET: Freshman Chorale C155 Chess Club C1,255 Biology Club C2,355 Orchestra Cl,2,3,455 Baroque Trio C3,455 Hockey Club C45 BABEL, FLORA: Intramurals C1,2,455 Sr. Girls Glee Club C2,355 Freshman Chorale C155 FHA Cl,255 Marching Band C2,35 BABIARZ, LYNN: Sr. Girls Glee Club C355 Monitors Cl, 355 Hi-Y C3,45 president C455 Orchestra C155 Aberdeen High School, Maryland C25 BAKER, JEAN: FHA Cl,2,3,45 vice-president C455 Library Club C2,3,45 vice-president C355 Poster Club C2,355 Baton Twirler C15 BAKER, KAREN: Sr. Girls Glee Club C2,3,455 Sr. High Poster Club C1,2,3,455 Freshman Chorale C15 BALCH, CATHERINE: Sr. High Intramurals C1,2,3,455 Synchronized Swimming C2,355 Hockey Club Cl,2,355 Track Cl,2,355 Basketball C255 Volleyball C255 Softball C1,255 Library Club C455 Honor Society C3,45 BALL, ROBERT: Varsity Chorale C2,3,455 Football Cl, 2,355 Basketball C255 Baseball Cl,255 Intramurals Cl,2,3, 455 Science Club C455 Li'l Abner C255 Freshman Chorale C15 BARTLETT, SANDRA: Library Club C2,3,45 president C355 FHA C2,3,45 president C45 historian C355 Student Council Representative C355 Poster Club Cl,255 Clinic Staff C45 BARTRAM, THOMAS: Football C1,255 FFA Cl,2,3,455 Intramurals Cl,2,3,45 BATTAGLIA, JAMES: Wrestling C255 Track Cl,2,3,455 Cross-Country C3,455 Swimming C45 BISHOP, WENDELL: Freshman Chorale C155 Varsity Chorale C2,3,455 Senior Band C1,255 Orchestra C1,255 Stu- dent Council C355 Biology Club C255 Science Club C3,45 treasurer C455 Erie County Choir C355 Allstate Sectionals C3,455 Wrestling C2,3,455 Chess Club Cl,2,3,45 president Cl,2,45 secretary C355 Li'l Abner C25 BLACK, ALLAN: Football C1,2,3,455 Baseball C1,2,3,455 Intramurals C1,2,3,45 BLICKENSDERFER, RICHARD: Wrestling C3,455 Science Club C3,455 Freshman Chorale C155 Student Council C455 Chess Club C2,3,455 Biology Club C255 Honor Society C3, 45 . BLUEYE, HENRIETTA: Freshman Chorale C155 Student Council C3,455 Student Court C2,355 Honor Society C3,455 Varsity Chorale C2,3,455 Sr. Girls Glee Club C2,3,455 Or- chestra Cl,2,3,455 International Club C3,455 All-County choir C155 All-County Orchestra 'C2,3,455 All-State Or- chestra Cl,2,3,455 Hockey Club C1,2,355 Intramurals Cl,255 AFS American Abroad to Germany C'64-'655 BORDEN, DAVID: Biology Club Cl,25 BORDONARO, JOSEPH: Baseball C155 Football C1,2,3, 455 Basketball Cl,2,3,455 Track .C355 Intramurals C1,2,3, 455 Freshman Chorale C155 Varsity Chorale C2,3,455 Band Cl,255 Student Council C455 Journalism C45 BOWER, VIRGINIA: Intramurals C1,3,455 Field Hockey C3,455 Basketball C3,455 Track Cl,3,455 Synchronized Swimming C35 BRUCKER, STEPHEN: Poster Club C355 Career Club C25 CARMER, MAYNARD: Chess Club Cl,2,355 Biology Club C255 Freshman Chorale C15 CARROLL, THOMAS: Intramurals C1,3,455 Swimming Cl, 2,3,455 Track Cl,2,3,455 Science Club C35 CEISNER, GREGORY: Industrial Arts Club C2,3,455 Model ciub Cl,2,3,45 1 CORBETT, NANCY: Student Council C2,355 Sr. Girls Glee Club C2,3,455 Monitors C1,2,3,455 Intramurals C1,2, 355 Hockey Club Cl,2,355 Hi-Y C3,455 Freshman Chorale C155 Cheerleader C255 Sharpettes C155 Ticket Seller C455 Journalism C45 CUMMINGS, LAURA: Hi-Y C3,45 treasurer C355 Intra- murals C1,2,3,455 Monitors C1,2,3,455 Varsity Chorale C2, 3,455 Student Council C155 Hockey Club Cl,2,3,455 Erie County Choir C353 Ticket Sellers Cl,2,355 Li'l Abner C255 Basketball C155 Sharpettes C155 Journalism C455 Assistant- Editor of Akronite5 Class Treasurer C1,255 Class Secre- tary C455 Freshman Chorale C15 DENNIS, MARY: Poster Club C3,455 FHA C3,45 DE YOUNG, ALICE: Freshman Chorale C155 Intramurals C1,2,3,455 Hockey Club Cl,2,3,455 Basketball C1,2,3,455 Syncronized Swimming C1,3,455 Track Cl,2,355 Orchestra C1,255 Band C1,2,3,455 Sr. Girls Glee Club C2,3,455 Moni- tors Cl,2,355 Student Court C355 Student Council Cl,355 Li'l Abner C255 Sharpettes C155 Class Vice-President C455 Erie County Band C255 'Ticket Sellers Cl,2,3,455 Journal- ism C455 Cheerleader C2,355 Volleyball Cl,2,3,455 Tri- County All-Star Hockey Team C35 DE YOUNG, BENJAMIN: Freshman Chorale C155 Foot- ball C1,2,455 Intramurals Cl,2,3,455 Basketball C155 Swim- ming Cl,2,3,455 Journalism C45 DICKINSON, BRIAN: Band C2,3,455 Biology Club C255 Coin Club C355 Secondary Office C45 DRACHENBERG, MARILYN: Sr. Girls Glee Club C2,3, 455 Intramurals C355 Freshman Chorale C155 Band C1,255 FHA C155 Yorker Club C155 Office Staff C45 Marching Band C15 DYLAG, KATHLEEN: Sr. Girls Glee Club C2,3,455 Fresh man Chorale C155 Hi-Y C455 Journalism C45 EDMISTER, ELAINE: Intramurals C1,255 Poster Club C155 Clinic Staff C355 FHA C2,35 EWALD, SANDRA: Freshman Chorale C15 FLINT, JOYCE: Sharpettes C155 Freshman Chorale C155 Accompanist for Freshman Chorale C255 Varsity Chorale C2,3,455 Sr. Girls Glee Club C2,3,455 Li'l Abner C255 Biology Club C255 Erie County Choir C355 Journalism C45 FOX, GAIL: Freshman Chorale C155 Sr, Girls Glee Club C2,3,45g Varsity Chorale C2,3,455 Intramurals C155 Biology Club C2,355 Hi-Y C3,45 Secretary C455 Ticket Sellers C3,455 Jr. Red Cross C2,3,455 Yorker Club C155 Student Council C455 Li'l Abner C255 Erie County Choir C355 Class Secre- tary C355 Town Meeting '66 C455 Journalism C45 FREY, DAVID: Freshman Chorale C155 Varsity Chorale C2,3,45 Biology Club C255 Intramurals C1,2,3,455 Baseball Cl,255 Basketball C155 Li'l Abner C255 Journalism C45 GEORGE, JEROME: Football Cl,2,3,453 Basketball C153 Track C1,2,3,453 Model Club C153 Intramurals C2,3,45 GLOMB, KATHLEEN: Freshman Chorale C153 Intramurals C1,2,3,453 Student Council C353 Yorker Club C153 FHA C15 HART, JOHN: FFA Cl,2,3,45Q Wrestling Team C3,45 HERSEE, THOMAS: Freshman Chorale C153 Varsity Chorale C2,3,453 Yorker Club C153 Class Play C353 FFA Cl,2,3,453 Journalism C45 HURNE, LINDA: Freshman Chorale C153 Sr. Girls Glee Club C2,3,453 Varsity Chorale C3,453 Biology Club C2,353 Future Nurse's Club C2,353 Baroque Trio C3,45 HUTCHINSON, DALE JENDRESKY, SYLVIA: Northern Camberia High School Pensylvania C1,2,35 JOHNSON, PEGGY: Intramurals Cl,253 Hockey Club C153 Freshman Chorale C153 Syncronized Swimming C153 Moni- tors Cl,2,3,453 Sr. Girls Glee Club C2,3,453 Varsity Chor- ale C2,3,'453 Li'l Abner C253 Student Court C153 Ticket Seller C1,2,3,45Q All-State Chorale C353 Sharpettes C153 Hi-Y C3,453 Basketball C153 Volleyball C153 Journalism C453 Class Cabinet C35 JOSLYN, MARCIA: Intramurals Cl,2,3,453 Yorker Club C153 Biology Club C253 Student Council Cl,253 Monitors C1,2,3,453 Hi-Y C3,453 Class Play C353 Synchronized Swimming C153 Journalism C45 KEEHN, ELSA: Yorkers C153 Band Cl,253 Marching Band C153 Flute Ensemble C153 Freshman Chorale C153 Varsity Chorale C2,3,453 Orchestra Cl,2,3,453 Biology Club C253 Ticket Sellers C2,3,453 Li'l Abner C253 Student Court Clerk C453 Sr. Girls Glee Club C2,3,453 Erie County Choir C17 KENNEY, ROBERT: Football C2,3,453 Wrestling C2,3,453 Intramurals C1,2,3,45Q Freshman Chorale C153 Varsity Chorale C2,3,453 Li'1 Abner C253 Student Council C2,3,453 Biology Club C253 Science Club 3,455 president C35 KINGSLEY, MARJORY: Sr. Girls Glee Club C2,353 Nurses Club C2,353 Poster Club C353 Freshman Chorale C153 Clin- ic Staff C353 FHA C2,35 KLINGELSMITH, SHARON: Sr. Girls Glee Club C2,3,453 Freshman Chorale C153 Biology Club C2,353 Band C1,2,3, 451 HQU01' SOCi9ty C3,453 Journalism C45 Photography co-editor KRAATZ, LOUIS: Football C1,2,35Q Industrial Arts Club C2,353 Band Cl,2,353 Model Club C2,35 KRAATZ, LYNNE: Hi-Y C3,453'Intramurals Cl,2,353 Band Cl,2,3,453 Orchestra C153 Future Nurses Club C453 Sr. Girls Glee Club C2,3,45Q Poster Club C453 Journalism C45 Literary Editor, Akronite C453 Freshman Chorale C153 Cheerleader C253 Student Council C253 Student Court C453 Li'l Abner C253 Hockey Club C153 Monitors Cl,2,353 Sharp- ettes C153 Jr. Red Cross C153 Basketball C153 Volleyball C13 KROENING, JACK: Model Club C15 KWANDRANS, ROBERT: Track C1,2,3,453 Wrestling Cl, 2,353 Cross Country Cl,253 Intramurals C1,2,3,45 KWIATKOWSKI, ELIZABETH: Intramurals C3,453 Basket- ball C3,453 Hockey Club C3,453 Sr. Girls Glee Club C353 All-State Sectionals C453 North Tonawanda High School 0,27 LAESE, HELEN: Freshman Chorale C153 Sharpettes C153 Senior Girls Glee Club C2,3,453 Varsity Chorale C2,3,45Q Li'l Abner C253 Biology Club C253 Intramurals C3,453 Track C3,453 Class Treasurer C353 Student Council C45 LAURIDSEN, MARK: Football Cl,2,3,453 Swimming Cl,2, 3,45 captain C453 Baseball Cl,253 Intramurals C1,2,3,453 Student Council Jr. Vice-President C353 Class President C153 Class Vice-President C25 LAWRENCE, JOYCE: Freshman Chorale C153 Yorker Club C153 Intramurals C1,2,353 Sr. Girls Glee Club C2,3,453 Ticket Sellers C3,453 Hi-Y C3,453 Band C1,2,353 Journal- ism C45 LEEDS, MARILYN: Freshman Chorale C153 Sr. Girls Glee Club C2,3,453 Poster Club Cl,2,3,453 Biology Club C25 LEWIS, ROBERT: Chess Club C253 Swimming C253 Model Club C153 Science Club C352 Bioloezv Club C253 Class Play C353 Student Council Cabinet C453 Journalism C45 LINDKE, BETTY: Cheerleader C1,2,3,453 captain C253 Intramurals C1,2,3,453 Freshman Chorale C153 Sr. Girls Glee Club C2,3,453 Varsity Chorale C3,453 Future Nurses Club C253 Hi-Y C3,453 Student Council Cl,353 Student Court C253 Hockey C153 Volleyball C1,3,453 Synchronized Swim- ming Cl53 Sharpettes C153 Journalism C45 LINDKE, DEBORAH: FHA C253 Lettering Club C25 LITFIN, KENNETH: Football C1,2,3,453 Baseball C1,2, 35453 Intramurals C2,3,453 Science Club C453. Band C1,2,3, LORRAINE, KATHLEEN: Sr. Girls Glee Club C3,453 Intramurals C3,453 Alexander High School C153 Alden Central C25 LOVE, ROGER: Track C25 MANN, JUDITH: Poster Club C1,2,3,453 Varsity Chorale C3,453 All-State Choir C453 Intramurals C2,353 Sr. Girls Glee Club C2,3,453 Freshman Chorale C153 Band Cl,253 Class Play C35 MARTIN, PAULETTE: Cheerleader c2,3,45Q Intramurals Cl,2,3,45Q Hockey C1,3,453 Basketball C3,453 Volleyball Cl,3,453 Softball C2,453 Synchronized Swimming C153 Freshman Chorale C153 Sr. Girls Glee Club C2,3,453 Future Nurses Club C253 Hi-Y C3,453 Student Council Cl,3,453 Journalism C45 MATTIOLI, CAROL: Yorkers C153 Freshman Chorale C153 Intramurals Cl,2,353 Sr. Girls Glee Club C2,3,453 Varsity Chorale C3,453 Li'l Abner C253 Class Play C353 Hi-Y C3, 453 Journalism C45 MAZZI, ROBERTO: AFS Exchange Student3 Football C453 Varsity Chorale C45 MC LEOD, REBECCA: Varsity Chorale C2,3,453 Sr. Girls Glee Club C2,3,453 Intramurals C1,2,3,453 Hockey Club Cl,253 Student Council Cl,253 Li'l Abner C353 Monitors C1,2,3,453 Ticket Sellers Cl,253 Freshman Chorale C153 All-State Choir C35 MEININGER, LINDA: Freshman Chorale C153 Sr. Girls Glee Club C2,353 Varsity Chorale C2,353 Intramurals Cl, 2,353 Art Club C2,353 MURRAY, BRIAN: Industrial Arts Club q2,3,4y, stage crew q1,2,3,45: Band C1,2,3,453 Model Club Cl,25 NEAL, DIANE: Freshman Chorale C153 Intramurals C1,3, 453 Biology Club C253 Chess Club C253 Cheerleader C353 Hi-Y C3,453 Class Play C353 Track C353 Synchronized Swimming C2 53 Li'l Abner C253 Journalism C45 NEUROTH, LEE: Football 435: wresuing C2,3,453 FFA C1,2,3,453 Intramurals C1,2,3,45 NEWCOMB, TERENCE: Football Cl,2,3,453 Basketball Cl,253 Wrestling C3,453 Baseball Cl,253 Band C1,2,3,453 Intramurals Cl,2,3 C45 OWEN, JOHN: Football C153 Cross Country C2,3,453 FFA C1,2,3,451 Track C1,2,3,45Q Class Play C353 Intramurals C4 D PAFK, MARVIN: Football C1,253 Track C153 FFA C2,35 treasurer C353 Intramurals C1,2,3,45Q Band C1,253 Orchestra C25 PAGELS, KENNETH: Band C1,2,3,453 Stage Crew C1,2, 3,453 FFA C1,2,3,45Q Swimming C1,25 PAWLICK, KAREN: Hockey Club C1,2,3,453 Intramurals C1,2,3,453 Synchronized Swimming C2,3,45 POODRY, NEAL: Modei Club C1,2,3,45 POODRY, SUZANNE: Intramurals Cl,2,3,453 Jr. Red Cross C3,453 Hockey C153 Basketball C1,2,3,453 Archery C253 Baseball C3,453 Track C3,45 REIGLE, COLETTE: Band Cl,2,3,453 FHA C153 Moni-- tors C45 REMINGTON, GREG: Industrial Arts Club C253 Yorker Club C15 RICHARDSON, DENNIS: Freshman Chorale C153 Varsity Chorale C2,35Q FFA C2,3,45Q Erie County FFA C25 ROBINSON, WILLIAM: Yorker Club C153 Chess Club Cl, 253 Varsity Chorale C2,3,453 Li'l Abner C253 Biology Club C253 Science Club C453 Erie County Choir C1,2,353 All- State Sectional C453 Freshman Chorale C153 Student Council C453 AFS Forum C45 ROBNETT, NANCY: Cheerleader C1,2,3,453 Intramurals C1,2,3,45Q Hockey Club C1,2,3,45Q Basketball C1,2,3,453 Sr. Girls Glee Club C2,3,453 Varsity Chorale C3,453 Hi-Y C3,453 Class Secretary C153 Class Treasurer C453 Student Council C35 SCHALLER, SYLVIA: Band C1,2,3,453 FHA C153 Sr. Girls Glee Club C2,3,453 Intramurals Cl,2,353 Clinic Staff C453 Freshman Chorale C153 Yorker Club C153 Marching Band C1,253 Journalism C45 SCHMIGEL, PATRICIA: Varsity Chorale C2,3,45Q Fresh- man Chorale C153 Sr. Girls Glee Club C2,3,453 Monitors C2,3,453 Intramurals Cl,253 Hockey Club Cl,253 Volleyball C1,25Q Basketball C1,253 Li'l Abner C253 Journalism C45 SCHOENWETTER, PAUL: Yorker Club C153 Model Club C3,453 vice-president C453 Industrial Arts Club C3,45 SCHUBEL, DAVID: Yorker Club C153 Orchestra C1,2,35Q Band C153 Freshman Chorale C153 Varsity Chorale C2,3,453 Li'l Abner C253 Biology Club C2,353 International Club C3,453 Student Council C3,453 Student Court C453 History Forum C3,453 Erie County Choir C153 All-State Sectionals C353 Journalism C453 Editor of Tymes '66 SCHULTZ, BRUCE: Basketball C153 Track'Cl,2,353 Foot- ball C2,35Q Wrestling C2,3,453 Intramurals Cl,2,453 Indus- trial Arts Club C1,2,45 SCHULTZ, HARRIET: Freshman Chorale C153 Sr. Girls Glee Club C2,3,453 Intramurals Cl,253 Twirling Instructor C1,2,3,45Q Marching Band C1,2,3,45 SKELLON, JAMES: Art Club C2,3,45 SOCHA, MICHAEL: Model Club Cl,2,3,45 SPAETH, JOAN: Varsity Chorale C3,453 Nurses Club C2, 353 Biology Club C2,353 Hi-Y C3,453 Sr. Girls Glee Club C2,3,45Q Freshman Chorale C153 Clinic Staff C45 STAEBELL, KAREN: Monitors C1,2,353 Freshman Chor- ale Cl53 Sr. Girls Glee Club C2,3,453 Band C1,2,3,45Q Intra- murals C1,2,3,453 Hockey Club C1,2,3,453 Cheerleader C2, 3,45 captain C453 Class Vice-President C153 Student Coun- cil C353 Varsity Chorale C453 Sharpettes C153 Volleyball C1,2,3,453 Basketball C1,253 Tri-County 2nd All-Star Hockey Team C253 Erie County Band C353 Li'l Abner C253 Journalism C453 Editor of Akronite STANBURY, MARY: Varsity Chorale C2,3,453 Hi-Y C3,453 Sharpettes C153 Freshman Chorale C153 Monitors C1,25Q Sr. Girls Glee Club C2,3,453 Erie County Choir C353 Tic- ket Sellers C1,2,3,453 Intramurals C1,2,3,453 Li'l Abner C253 Hockey Club C1,353 Basketball C1,353 Journalism C45 STONE, TERRI: Varsity Chorale C3,453 Sr. Girls Glee Club C2,3,453 Freshman Chorale C153 Hockey Club C1,2, 353 Intramurals C1,253 Ticket Sellers C1,2,353 Sharpettes C153 Journalism C45 Art Editor3 Li'l Abner C253 Class Cabinet C15 SUNDOWN, ANNETTE: Hockey Club C1,2,3,453 Intra- murals C1,2,3,45Q Poster Club C353 Cheerleader C3,453 Basketball C1,2,3,453 Volleyball C1,2,3,45Q Softball C1,2, 3,453 Track Cl,25 SWADER, DOUGLAS: Football C1,2,353 Track C2,353 In- dustrial Arts Club C1,2,3,45Q Band C1,2,3,453 Orchestra Cl,2,3,453 Model Club C1,253 Class Cabinet C25 SWADER, JOSEPH: Industrial Arts Club C1,25 TRUAX, EILEEN: Hi-Y C3,45 historian C453 Intramurals C1,2,3,453 Poster Club C1,2,353 Lettering Club C253 Yorker Club C153 Hockey Club C3,453 Basketball C3,453 Volley- ball C3,453 Track C2,3,45Q Prom Committee C3,453 Student Council C353 Ticket Sellers C353 Synchronized Swimming C35 TRUGLIO, MARGARET: Orchestra C1,2,3,453 Band Cl,253 Biology Club C2,3,453 Sr. Girls Glee Club C2,3,453 Fresh- man Chorale C153 Varsity Chorale C3,453 Sharpettes C153 Honor Society C3,453 Marching Band C1,253 Yorker Club C253 Erie County Choir C353 All-State Sectional Choir C453 Journalism C45 Co-Editor of Tymes '66 VAN BUREN, TERRY: Basketball C153 Wrestling C3,453 Football C1,2,3,453 Track C2,3,453 Intramurals C1,3,45 WALTERS, JOHN: Freshman Chorale C153 Biology Club C25 WEAVER, KATHY: Sr. Girls Glee Club C2,3,453 Varsity Chorale C2,3,453 Band C1,2,3,45Q Student Council Cl,25 secretary C253 Ticket Sellers C2,35: Monitors C1,2,353 In- tramurals C1,2,3,45j Hi-Y C3,453 vice-president C453 Li'l Abner C253 Hockey Club Cl,2,3,45 co-captain C453 Basket- ball C1,2,3,45Q Freshman Chorale C153 Erie County Choir C353 Class President C3,453 Sharpettes C153 Volleyball Cl, 253 Journalism C45 Copy Editor of Akronite WHEELER, DIANE: Intramurals C1,2,3,453 Field Hockey C1,2,3,453 Synchronized Swimming C1,2,3,453 Sr. Girls Glee Club C2,3,45 WHITE, MAHLON: Freshman Chorale C153 Football C1,2, 3,453 Intramurals C1,2,3,45Q Track C1,2,3,45Q Basketball C1.2,3,45 WOLFE, DUANE: Intramurals Cl,2,3,453 Baseball C1,2, 3,453 Basketball C153 Cross Country C1,2,3,453 Wrestling C2,3,45 WOLFE, KENNETH YODER, CAROLYN: Intramurals C1,2,353 Freshman Chor- ale C153 Sr. Girls Glee Club C2,35 YODER, THOMAS: FFA C1,253 Science Club C35 YOUSEY, JANET: Journalism C45 Layout Editor of Akronite: Freshman Chorale C153 Sr, Girls Glee Club C2,3,45Q Biology Club 2,353 Student Council C45 YOUSEY, KATHLEEN: Biology Club C2,35Q Sr. Girls Glee Club C2,3,453 Freshman Chorale C153 Poster Club C15 ZOLA, ANTHONY: Student Council C1,2,3,45 treasurer C35 sr. vice-president C453 International Club C2,3,45 president C3,453 Honor Society C3,453 Band C1,253 Or- chestra C2,3,453 Varsity Chorale C2,3,453 Student Court C3,453 Erie County Band C253 All-State Sectionals C3,453 Erie County Choir C353 Biology Club C25 vice-presiclent3 Yorker Club C1,253 Freshman Chorale C153 History Forum C3,453 Li'l Abner C25 CLASS CABINET REB N7 First row: L. Cummings, Secretaryg K. Weaver, President, N. Rob- nett, Treasurer. Second row: A. De Young, Vice-President, L. Kraatz, Student Court Representative, A. George, Advisor Senior Class Highlights The Class of 1966 was once freshmen-wide- eyed and narrow-minded. It seems a long time ago that we were confused by the unorganized class meetings. We discovered that knowing all the an- swers in eighth grade made no impression on the 811 ACS students, that high school education was work and courses were tougher. We began our high school social life by sponsoring a dance-The Maypole Swing, and a stationery sale. Our class officers were: joe Bordonaro, Pres. 3 Karen Staebell, V.-Pres., Nancy Robnett, Sec., Laura Cummings, Treas.g Peg John- son, Student Court Rep., and Betty Lindke, Student Council Rep. As sophomores, we struggled through World His- tory, memorized Math 10 postulates and read "Silas Marner' for Mr. Vossler. During the year we hurried to make decorations for our dance featuring the "Pepsi-Six" and the girls spent hours creating mas- terpieces for the bake sale. Class officers were: Mark Lauridsen, Pres., joe Bordonaro, V.-Pres., Mary Stanbury, Sec., Laura Cummings, Treas.g Betty Lindke, Student Court Rep., and Lynne Kraatz, Stu- dent Council Rep. Juniors! We anxiously awaited the arrival of our class rings. Chosen so carefully, they were worn proudly. In the spring, competition of one-act plays was held. Of course, we juniors were victorious in our portrayal of 'Caesar and Cleopatra"! Another dance, this time featuring 'The Plainsmen", helped raise funds for the jr.-Sr. Prom. Our class officers were: Kathy Weaver, Pres.,lVlark Lauridsen, V.-Pres., Gail Fox, Sec., Helen Laese, Treas.g Alice De Young, Student Court Rep., and Kathy Glomb, Student Coun- cil Rep. September of our senior year!!! Some of us felt no difference, but soon 'senioritis' set in and we found it hard to concentrate on P.O.D. after staying up half the night filling our applications for SUNY AB, Princeton or UCLA. We found ourselves caught in the midst of a building project, and while classrooms began to take shape, we were still without an auditorium. The never ending cry of 'What about OUR Senior Play?!!!" could be heard throughout senior homerooms. We, as seniors sponsored a card sale, a dance featuring "The Humansn, and the Jr.-Sr. Prom-pro- fits of which all went toward our picnic and Senior Banquet. Senior pictures were taken in September, received in December, and all at once that certain "last time" feeling hit us-we knew we were seniors. It meant the fun, the anticipation, the nostalgia-it means a new beginning. As we progressed from freshmen to seniors, we also progressed through the yearbook, homeroom pictures, candids, and the senior section, the posi- tion of honor. Now our high school education has officially ended, and it is time for us, as individuals, to make our own history. JR.-SR. PROM The gym was darkened and the music vibrated the anticipating hearts. This remodeled setting took on an enchanted hue, and the beat of the drums car- ried all into danceland. Figures blended into a rain- bow of colors, the long flowing gowns producing a momentary dreamland. Decorated to the theme of Ebb Tide, the scene was completed with a realistic dock and various shades of romantic blue. The memorable day was June ll, 1965. At the stroke of midnight, the King and Queen, Prince and Princess were seated on their thrones. Reigning were: Kinghlames Remseng Queen,Melinda Hutchinson, Prince, Allan Black, Princess, Helen Laese. HUIVIANS DANCE On November 10, our Senior Class held its first money-raising event of the year. We sponsored an open dance in the gym. It turned out to be the largest profit-making project in the history of our class. The dance featured the Humans, a shaggy-haired group hailing from Albion, New York. The six young musicians performed well, delighting all those who attended. The mood that was created was one of ex- tremely contagious excitement. The dance was a complete success and everyone present, including the band, had a wonderful time. SADIE HAWKINS DANCE On your mark!-Get set!-Go!! The boys were off and running with the girls following close behind. The Sadie Hawkins Race had officially begun. Sooner or later all Li'l Abners were caught by their Daisy Maes and were made to patiently await the marriage ceremony. The Sadie Hawkins Dance is an annual affair sponsored by the Senior Class.The scene was typical of "Dogpatch U.S.A.'complete with bales of hay and somewhat ragged apparel. This year's Daisy Mae was Kathy Weaver, Li 1 7 Abner, Mark Lauridsen, Marryin' Sam, Greg Reming- ton, and Divorcin' Dan, Ken Pagels. . 5 fri' 1 57 'R AKRONITE From the first stages of planning, the "Akronite" editors combined the chal- lenge, the frustration and the determination of producing a better edition, to record the spirit of ACS. Each person pictured in the yearbook represents Akron or its reflection upon them. Each activity is an expression of our school spirit. The staff chose to make the task more difficult by adding extra pagesg by in- cluding short descriptions of each seniorg and by including a section of senior candids. We moved ahead. The 1966 "Akronite" is finished. ,X 58 TYMES '66 "Just the facts-who, what, where, when, why, and how, and make it interest- ing!" To the 'Tymes '66' staff writers these two orders were often frustrating and and difficult to follow. The school newspaper is one of our oldest activities, and it holds an impor- tant place in Akron's heritage. The "Tymes '66' chronicled the entire atmosphere of Akron. Articles on clubs, sports, student opinions, faculty, and new educational developments ap- peared in each issue. 59 400' 4 bu 56 57 CLASSES JUNIOR CLASS CABINET First row: M. LaRocca, M. George, P. Leavitt. Second row: D. Bucceri, E. Sutton, C. Burchell, K. Taylor, Mr. Rex. CLASS CDF I967 In its Freshmen year, the Class of 1967 under the supervision of Mr. Roger Farr, held a stationery sale. The class began its sophomore year with Mr. Van Swift as its advisor. In January they held a dance. Now in the junior year, the advisor for the Class of 1967 is Mr. john Rex. The class rings were ordered and received in De- cember. In the fall, a Greenwich Village dance was held. Other events were held to help with the expenses of the junior-Senior Prom. The officers for this year were: President Michael George V. President Paul Leavitt Secretary Mary LaRocca Treasurer Deborah Bucceri Student Court Kim Taylor David Hoctor 62 First row: P. Carroll, P. Wagner, S. Groff, J. Hawes, G. Schultz, G. Pafk, B. Goeseke. Second row.' T. Whiting, C. Schoenwetter, M. Cummings, W. Bradley, K. Tip- pett, F. Houlihan, Mr. Rozelle. Third row: R. Bohn, J. Bartram, S. White, K. Haas, H. Finger. Fourth row: G. Dieterle, J. Sus folk, C. Keppler, G. Karl, P. Mir- rione. First row: M. Rudolph, V. Ground F. Lowder, P. Ford, M. LaRocCa F. Wronowicz, S. Wands, L Granke, P. Noody, L. Webster. Second row: P. Bork, R. Rosen berg, S. Brayley, K. Pawlick, N Bruning, J. Babel, K. Covert, M Zimmerman, D. Weidman, Mr. Hel- wig. Third row: D. Abraham, E Sutton, F. Lega, P. Luketic, B Frost, J. Bower, L. Lauridsen D. Cummings, B. Groff. 1 First row: M. Winter, D. Kura- szkiewicz, D. Iulg, M. McCor- mick, E. Parker, L. Cummings, A. Cantie, C. Wolters, D. Ritecz, Mr. Martiny. Second row: A. Groff, M. Halecki, M. Logan, B. Eldred, C. Bohn, P. Lewis, S. Forrestel, D. Blackman, G. Owen, B. Scho- enthal. Third row: D. Pogel, T. Coughlin, H. Hartwig, M. Matynka, J. Martino, B. Durski, D. Totten, R. Wyder, D.Abrams, P. Mast, C. Hall. Absent: J. Bower, M. Geo- rge, M. Staebell, T. VanBuren. First row: J. Trigilio, K. Hudson, M. Hammond, T. Gregg, P. MC'- Leod, E. Laese, K. Deinhardt, L. Lloyd, T. Love, Mr. Rex. Sec- ond row: S. Montville, S. Blueye, G. Hatswell, R. Payne, H. Rosen- berg, D. Wight, R. Ribbeck, R. Muck, D. Reigle, B. Glomb. Third row: T. Martino, M. Abraham, P. Leavitt, P. Bernier, D. Hoehman, C. Burchell, M. Roberts, D. Krus- chke, M. Rood, D. Harvey. l' V 1 "., ' ., x 7 W X E' LJ tl Q ,nl ' SCPHOMORE CLASS CABINET H 4 rl , L lf ' A- if . A.: 'Wff if First row: S. Geddes, C. Sutton, D. Pafk. Second row: R. Mecca, W. Young, J. Remsen, Mr. Swift. CLASS OF I968 The Class of 1968 was organized in its freshmen year under the advisorship of Mr. Allan Canfield. The class sponsored a win- ter dance. In its sophomore year, under the supervision of Mr. Van Swift, the cabinet immediately began shaping their first activity, "The Surfin Safari." Throughout the year, other events were held. President V. President Secretary Treasurer Student Council Student Court Walter Young Roger Mecca Deborah Pafk Sue Geddes Chris Sutton Joe Remsen First row: G. Cummings, A. Forrestel, C. Fink, S. Walters, R. Peters, B. Eckert, J. Keller, P. Porter, Mrs. Brown. Second row: G. Becker, C. Dox- tader, J. Socha, L. Ottaviani, P. Witkowski, C. Stratton, S. Ceisner, B. Totten, M. Muggleburg. Third row: J. Hollenbeck, T. Golpl, G. Stone, D. Dietz, J. Remsen, R. Jemison, K. Bruning, L. Klingelsmith, K. McLeod, D. Gallo. Absent: M. Sundown, R. Moore. 64 First row: M. Niezgoda, M. Geo- rge, A. Uljanov, K. McGregor, M. Brauen, A. Kelkenberg, M. Schukraft. Second row: B. Ken- ney, M. Staebell, B. Corbett, R. Mecca, M. Cummings, S. Bassan- ello, S. Zimmerman, J. Goeske, Mrs. Borkholder. Third row: L. Cantie, J. Finch, B. Cowan, L. Pierce, D. Cory, T. Walker, R. Berry. Fourth row: M. Witkowski, R. Snell, D. Altrogge, D. Mir- rione, A. David, W. Freeman, J. Eekerson. Absent: G. Wetmore, L. Fields. x Q ,N . , 4 First row: K. Wagile, S. Blish, P. Dean, K. Fiegl, D.Reuben, J. Smith, C. Sutton. Second row.' W. Hawes, J.Hamele, N. Carroll, H. Bedford, R. Blickensderfer, E. Husing, B. Martiny, K. Fry, Mrs. Cooley. Third row: N. Sutton, B. Newman, E. Dennis, R. Glena, D. Leeds, C. Miller, N. Baker. Fourth row: W. Young, F. Reb mann, W. Swader, R. Zimmerman L. Draper. Absent: C. Kubis, J. Odell. First row: K. Borden, S. Sprucker, S. Steiner, D. Nicosia, L. Hart- wig, D. Pask, S. Olson. Second row! D. Pafk, P. Kyser, C, King, R. Manning, K. Bordonaro, D. Remington, J. Kostanciak, W. Moleski, Mr. Vossler. Third row: M. Wilson, D. Schultz, B. Schu- ler, A. Kasperek, D. Errick, V. Sundown, D. Doxtader, M. Heber- ling. First row: S. Geddes, R. Smith, S. Pagels, M. Brust, S. Begiers, J. Lawrence, K. McLeod. Second row: P. Hibbard, K. Pawlick, S. Cummings, A. Covel, M. Brewer, H. Printup, T. Przybos, J. Wil- son, R. Doktor. Third row: R. Kumro, J.Griffiths, R. Hammond, J. Abraham, J. Newcomb, K. Poodry, T. Lauridsen, R. Brege, M. Best, T. Welsh, Mr. Silvernail. Absent: D. Fields, R. Fisher, R. Keppler, M. Riggio. FRESHMAN CLASS CABINET 'Q-.af First row: P. Milani, G. Staebell, C. Burchell. Second row: C. Victor, D. Martin, Mr. Canfield. CLASS OF I969 The Class of 1969 was organized in the fall under the direc- tion of Mr. Allan Canfield. In April, a dance was held. The elected officers were: President Chester Victor V. President Pat Milani Secretary- Treasurer Gretchen Staebell Student Council Debra Martin Student Court Claudia Burchell First row: J. Capan, R. Golpl, E. Berghorn, S. Kwiatkowski, D. Defries Y J. Hurne, G. jones. Second row: B. Cummings, M. Ellis, L. Noody, D. Rodgers, T. Fenton, K. Anderson, C. Parker, S. Brant, Mr. Canfield. Third row: M. Bartram, B. Groff, E. Honsberger, B. jago, T. Baehr, C. Schlegen- hauf, W. Keppler, B. Hollenbeck. 66 First row: C. Geyer, D. McLeod, A. Morrison, M. Bordonaro, D Cummings, W. Brust. Second row: Mrs. Balizer, M. Scrogg, S. Jemi son, B. Horning, T. Troyer, D Kumro, M. DeYoung, S. Babel, G. Parker. Third row: C. Abrams R. Bartram, R. Mantel, P. Zola, J. Schumacher, D. Pafk. Fourth row: S. Bork, J. Holtz, K. Kas- perek, M. Noody, J. Furminger, M. Logel. First row: L. Peck, G. Staebell, K. Pogel, N. Parker, L. Spears, J. Keller. Second row: B. House, D.Swimline, B.Yousey, D. Miotz D. Schmigel, R. Swader, D. Mar- tin, J. Brucker, B. Powell, Mr Tulumello. Third row: P.Witkow ski, B. Richardson, G. Schultz J. Miller, E. Wolak, J. Logan, W Ritecz. 67 First row: J. Mattioli, L. Bishop, J. Lloyd, M. Roggen, D. Brackett, N. Yohn, D. Covel. Second row: L. Wronowicz, M. Hanson, J. Olszewski, J. Capan, M. Wagner, D. Moore, R. White, B. Swiniar- ski. Third row: E. Muck, C. Ciur- zynski, C. Burchell, S. Kraatz, J. Jamieson, B. Socha, T. Stu- ber. Fourth row: R. Remsen, J. Keller, D. Stegman, C. Victor. First row: P. Balch, D. Swader, L. Winter, L. Groff, L. Schafer, P. Halecki. Second roW.' J. Kel- ler, A. Cometto, P. Milani, N. Eckerson, B. Skye, K. Baehr, P. Smith, Mrs. Pacheco. Third row: F. Cowan, H.Doctor, A. Corbett, C. Lindke, J. Rosenberg, L. Ja- cobsen, D. Stewart, D. Lowder, B. Wilson. Fourth row: F. Koons, R. Kelly, M. Pacer, R. Rehwaldt, D. Rung. ...fl A.. LW EIGHTH GRADE First row: D. Krupski, D. Bow, J. Kress, R. Kelkenberg, Mr.Jen- kins, D. Kumro, D. Jones, D. Johnson, C. Logan. Second row: B. Lindke, L. Domon, S. Wands, A. Kopacz, C. Kozody, S. Love, M. Hatswell, D. Edwards. Third row: N. Kolipinski, K. Pawlick, R. Hutchings, J. David, D. Jobe, S. Swiatowy. First row: D. Bluhm, C. Zimmer- man, N. Finger, K. Covert, D. Peters, R. Steiner, E. Parker, C. Russell. Second row: B. Coniber, M. Hoctor, K. Kenny, T. Black- lock, Mrs. Hoag, J. Schumacher, R. Muggelberg, E. Forrestel, E. Praprost. Third row: L. Brewer, C. Ritecz, N. Johnstone, C. Childs, J. Kahl, S. Kowalik, R. Bedford, D. Blackman. First row: B. Doctor, B. Nehr- boss, J. Guizotti, M. I-Ioulihan, B. Glomb, Mrs. Balizer, F. Giertz, B. Gex-stung, R. Asmus, R. Borden. Second row: K. Fur- minger, L. Bettio, K. Finger, A. Bower, D. Cummings, N. Cope. Third row: R. Webster, S. Holo- vics, P. Battaglia, B. Truax, C. Lowder, J. Geddes, J. Freeman. First row: T. Richardson, K. Schultz, L. Weaver, M. Schoen- thal, K. Fromm, D. Altrogge, S. Walker, E. Winter. Second row: B. Borden, A. Claude, M. Spring- er, T. Kennedy, J. Schrock, Miss Brown, D. Mecklenburg, B. Betz- old, J. Bitterman, L. Hofmeier. Third row: D. Hart, L. Feagles, K. Ewald, E. Werner, M. Downey, J. Brockway, L. Mauldin. First row: S. Blake, D. O'Mary, S. Baker, C. Abrams, P. George, Mrs. Smith, S. Starr, F. Wetmore, R. Haas, S. Cummings. Second row: J. Denton, L. Bradley, G. Bernier, B. Domon, M. Hartl. Third row: F. Clear, G. Stanley, J. Abraham, A. Foster, J. Den- nis, T.Arno1d, K. Fry, J. Bower. Absent: K. Babel, C. Parker. l L1 SEVENTH GRADE First row: L. Schoenthal, J. De: Young, C. Barkewitz, J. Swiniar- ski, P. Burdick, Mrs. Gaddis, C. Peek, M. Parzych, J. Mann, L. Stanley. Second row: L. Bordon- aro, P. Lega, S. Knop, E. Houli- han, D. Fink, S. Oldenski, L. Perry, J. Brewer, N. Ceisner, C. Winter, M. Forrestel. Third row: S. Kenney, C. Copoly, C. Crane, B. Litfin, W. Sy, M. Uljanov, T. Blish, D. Sowinski, J. Carges, M. Zola. First roW.' H. Pechuman, R. Re- gan, C. McGregor, P. Noody, C. Rebmarm, R.Mecca, M.Reyno1ds, Second row: C. Mentel, J. Par- ker, C. Rosenberg, D. Odell, S. Porter, D. Pixley, N. Kraatz, J. Yousey, Mrs. Smith. Third row: D. Remington, T. Yousey, M. Ribbeck, B. Fields, M. Wik, D. Leavitt, D. Stone, S. Parker. First row: G. Ribbeck, D. Pask, S. Leeds, D. Jones, B. Pechu- man, B. Groff, M. Bruning, D. Stewart. Second row: R. Adam- kowski, T. Brackett, M. Midecke, J. Abraham, R. Womack, J. Wolt- ers. Third row: N. Steimer, S. Schlagenhauf, M. Ribbeck, W. Morrison. 69 First row: L. Pask, V. Johns- tone, D. Slade, M. Jalitus, P. Montville, D. Heberling, R. You- sey, C. Rosenberg, L. Stuchell, D. Koons. Second row: D.Spears, W. Schnabel, S. Martin, B. Lloyd, C. Garrett, K. Karcher, K. Clark, M. Wideman, G. Granke, J.Regan, Third row: T. Lotz, D. Dietz, T. Schubel, N. Reuben, D. Laurid: sen, W. Tippett, M. Reinke, P. McConkey. First row: T. Ellis, S. Rogers, M. Guizzotti, L. Werner, K. Lea- vitt, T. Troyer. Second row: A. Printup, C. Bruning, E. Stanley, J. Christianson, Third row: K. Benteen, D. Ribbeck, R. Schaefer, D. Swiatowy, W. Markey, P. Ger- stuny. First row: M. Bassanello, S. Dye, R. Wolfe, W. Iulg, D. Lowder, H. DeLelys, R. Nehrboss. Second row: D. Begiers, A. Keller, J. Ribbeck, M. Hoehman, A. Keller, L. Sy, J. Peters, G. Smith. First row: P.Poodry, E.Maloney, J. Kress, D. Swiatowy, B.Bower, N. Holtz, L. Dieterle, M. Ribe beck. Second row: D. Nicosis, B, Weaver. Third row: L. Smith, J. Whitbeck, D. Ottaviani, J. Lockhart, R. Witnauer, S. Bed- ford. ELEMENTARY IN MEMQRIAM Mario Frey H953-I965l Laddie, beloved laddie! How should we cease to weep Could we glance through the golden gateway whose keys the angels keep!! Yet love, our love that is deathless, can follow you where you roam, Over the hills of God, laddie, the beautiful hills of Home. LILLIAN LEVERIDGE 72 er, D. Wehling, D. Reuben, M. First row: L. Gallo, B. Cris- well, M. Cummings, D. Sescil, C Brust, L. Ribbeck, R. Bos- kat. Second row: K. Kenyon, S. Niezgoda, R. Forrestel, S. Pac- Jonathan, M. Haas, A. Ground. Third row: D. Berghorn,R. Rob- nett, S. Schafer, M. Scrogg, V. Wissinger, C. Cantie, R. Kowal- ik. T. Lockhard. Fourth row: R. Whiting, R. Schultz, D. Stock. SIXTH GRADE First row:B. Wight, L. Bedford, S. Schoenthal, B. DeLelys, L. Murphy, S. Burns, J. McCollis- ter. Second row: S. Mecca, W. Reuben, A. Porter, T. Herring- ton, J. Rogers, J. Brege, J. Wideman. Third row: D. Parker, S. Kelley,T. Schuler, S.Barone, J. Matynka, J. Stanley, P. Ham- mond, D. DeYoung. Fourth row: G. Logan, L. Wik, E. Easton, I. Lafosse, D. Stegman. ,ag Ka' - .ii 4 3 First row: T. Mello, T. Barke witz, P. Fitzsimmons, J. Down ey, D. Flading, A. Stuohell, J Bohn. Second row: J. Wright, C Glena, L. Varo, S. Klehn, J Case, J. Sowinski, M. Colopy B. Cummings. Third row: M. Mar Coni, P. Pitas, G. Abrams, B Johnson, D. Fisher, F. Abrams N. Brunner, S. Kingsley, D Farrell. First row: D. Lowder, A. Guiz zotti, T. Jones, M. Skomski, S Burns, P. Ellis, D. Davis. Sec ond row: C. Kolipinski,M. Knop D. Domon, P. Noody, L. Spill man, W. Ground, C. Joy, R. Hen sel. Third row: P. Winnie, T Miller, R. Bork, T. Wittcop, F Maloney, B. Bower, M. Yousey Fourth row: J. Burt, J. McCol lister, K. Kruschke, L. Socha D. Moore. First row: K. Schrock, L. Cross, S. Snyder, A. Lauridsen, N. Brun- ner, D. Carmer, J. Capan. Second row: D.Frye, M. Keller, P. Welsh, S. Flanders, L. BOW, M. Babel, R. Ormsby, D. Bromstead. Third row: M. Bedford, G. Weller, D. Casseri, S. Walker, K. Covel, M. Stapleton, K.Brauen. Fourth row: S. Wands,J.Koss, N. Krzykowski. FIFTH GRADE flex Q- . ' First row: D. Wilson, R. Milam, S. Christiansen, K. Ceisner, M. Odell, M. Mirrione, D. Yohn. Second row: M. Peters, V. Rib- beck, C. Ground, H. Bramley, M. Skye, D.Newman, M. Vanice, M. Cummings, T. Bassanello. Third row: D. Gonsowski, L. Pagels, N. Raduns, D. LaBrum, D. Thomas, L. Knapp, E. Hoehe- man, V. Jemison. Fourth row: R. Doktor, R. Rebmann, A. Rib- beck, B. Cummings, M. Ground, R. Kress. First row: V. Kraatz, M. Flanders, P. Kroemer, D. Printup, C. Wag- ner, L. Snyder, B. Baker. Second row: E. Bruning, M. Betzold, W. Wight, R. Ritecz, C. Miles, R. Pixley, J. Wronowicz, R. Brady, H. Nayman. Third row: G. Bed-2 ford, T. Hartl, M. Bluhm, J. Tri- gilio, N. Schnabel, J. Sweitzer, S. Dieterle, K. Smith. Fourth row: L. Goerlitz, M. Lockhart, R. Blish. First row: R. Williams, M. Va- lente, M. Hart, D. Bradfield, A. Blackman, K. Stapleton, A. Abrams. Second row: C. Kling- lesmith, L. Kuraszkiewicz, H. Stuchell, A. Forrestel, C. Claude, S. Lega, K. Burg, D. Sutton, K. Johnstone. Third row: A. Wright, N. Brockway, L. Fitzsimmons, B. Hellert, S. Miller, S. Berry, L. Johannes, B. Rudolph, K. Pafk, B. Reh- Waldt. First row: R. Campbell, V. Ground, K. Rogers, D. Starr, R. Ground, F. Daley, J. Bower. Second row: G. Litfin, C. Schla- genhauf, V. Reuben, C. Pann, P. Cummings, S. Arnold, A. Reinke, E. Steimer, A. Ormsby, G. Farrell. Third tow: L. Sweit- zer, K. Roggen, L. Childs, P. Troyer, D. Steiner, A. Scrogg, D. Gerstung,K. Keller, D.Holtz, B. Koons. Absent: J. Baker, J. Scotland. First row: C. Kelley, T. Johns son, R. Dieterle, L. Doxtader, D. Easton, G. Jackson, D. Per- uzzini. Second row: T. Carges, D. Begiers, K. Horner, R. Witt- cop, J. Bradfield, R. Garvey, N. Eddy, J. Jonathan, D. Low- der, T. Keller. Third row: L. Spears, M. Penko, D. Dress, G. Smith, J. LaFosse, R. Schrock, J. DeYoung, C. Wilkins, K. Ewald, L. Hartwig, J. Albrecht. First row: L. Santolini, G. Homesberger, M. Murphy, T. Vanice, C. Swiatowy, D. Olson, V. Jacobsen. Second row: R. Hofmeier, D. Bontrager, V. Mc- Nutt, J. Peters, C. Ribbeck, D. Rosenberg, J. Dye, C. Wissing- er, D. Stuber. Third row: R. Lu- cia, J. Parzych, C. Stewart, M. Muchow, P. Weaver, J. Heber-Q ling, J. Bradley, C. Kraatz, B. Nixon. FOURTH GRADE First row: R. Nichols, A. Black man, J. Jones, M. Newman, D. Farrell, D. Yousey, D. Blish. Second row: L. Schnabel, C. Kinne, C. Hoehman, G. Pe- Queen, R. Morrison, A. Porter, D. Alexander, J. Anderson, D. Ribbeck. Third row: T. Lacki, G. Golding, S. Pohl, N.Whiting, L. Eldred, D. Berghorn, M. Mentel, L. Morgan. First row: V. Robnett, K. Mein- zer, D. Nicometi, L. Scrogg, F. George, S. Blake, S. McLeod. Second row: M. Regan, D. Linda ke, R. Kasperek, R. Hoste, H. Bruning, G. Rogers, G. Abraham, J. Bohn, M. Kennedy. Third row: A. Jones, D. Milam, R. Sy, B. Murray, M. Oliver, V. Reuben, R. Stahl, L. Horning, C. Pick- wick, D. David, T. Noody. First row: D.Kinney,S. Kozody, S. Steiner, M. Vanice, A. Va- lente, D. Cummings, P. Pafk. Second row: T. Swiatowy, W. Ball, M. Rice, K. Baehr, M. Muchow, D. Bromstead, G. Ola son, R. Jost, K. Palizay. Third row: C. Johannes, C. Graff, C. Kumro, N. Koeller, J. Herring- ton, W. Sweitzer, B. Brengel, R. Dean, S. Reigle. Fourth row: D. Gillmeister, J. Kasperek, B. B. Koss, R. Goeseke. THIRD GRADE Lffffffcts First row: D.B1ackman, K. Con- fer, D. Domon, K. Jonathan, T. Hitchcock, T. Morgan, B. Klaw-1 er. Second row: B. Ribbeck, D. Bruner, M. Lauridsen, R. Camp- bell, M. Smith, M. Chevacci, A. Cory, W. Teaven, M. Stratton. Third row: J. Frey, L. Snell, L. Rosenecker, K. Soika, W. Brewer, R. Yager, S. Lemanski, C. Hansen, J. Wide-man. Fourth row: L. Criswell, M. Novak, C. Johnson, D. Scarborough. ,wif First row: S. Cummings, D. Pac- er, W. Olson, J. Welch, P. Childs, C. Labrum, M. Reynolds. Second row: M. Santolini, R. Ribbeck, D. Hudomint, J. BOW- er, L.Hyde, K. Huth, V.Hefner, D. Schafer, M. Marconi. Third row: R. Berent, D. Reimer, L. Klawer, R, Anderson, P. Hartl, W. Whitlocke, L. Jamieson, T. Peters, M. Bluhm, B. Rehwaldt. First row: J. Little, L. Leder- house, M. Wright, B. Young, J. Starr, C. Ribbeck, L. Snyder. Second row: D. Lowder, T. Case, G. Schnabel, B. DeFries, R. Kelley, G. Ground, V. Weav- er, W. Jago, J. Richardson, S. Bruning. Third row: P. Lacki, C. Cummings, D. Tobin, D. Bushhammer, K. Soika, B. Paxa on, C. Flading, D. Rung, A. Pacer, J. Luchterhand. First row: P. Muck, J. Homes- berger, D. Hofmeier, S. Odell, R. Eldred, C. Marquardt, K. Heri. Second row: S. Jemison, D. Pann, G. Burg, S. Murray, T. Fry, L. Hatswell, S. Smith, B. Rice, K. Kumpf, W. Childs. Third row: K. Carmer, K. Frey, P. PeQueen, C. Griffith, C. Albrecht, J. Meyer, N. Medole, F. McNutt, K. Keller, B. Miller. First row: J. Edgewood, A. Pohl, J. Powell, N. Burt, W. Johnstone, J. Soika, R. Kar- cher. Second row: E. Burrows, E. Pawlick, L. Fry, J.Carrubba, R. Greiner, A. Wadel, J. Babel, W. Bruning, D. Marquardt. Third row: D. Womack, S. Rogers, C. Kaufman, J. Rohloff, J. Josey, L. Stegman, M. Brady, R. For- estel, J. Hudson. Fourth row: V. Francis, S. Eckerson, J. Trigilio. First row: R. Robnett, L. Brust, R. Hake, P. Wehling, M. Sta- pleton, J.Wi1son, M. Kolipinski. Second row: S. Williams, T. Bluhm, D. Wissinger, J. Chap- man, C. Adamkowski, J. Maul:- din, T. Pickwick, T. Bontrager, J. Pask, K. Fromm. Third row: B. Skellon, R. Massaro, T. Rehwaldt, D. Rosenberg, D. Sy, D. Alexander, E. Cummings, K. Arnold, R. Anderson, M. Stra- hin. First row: T. Marquardt, S. Bed- ford, T. Burck, N. Gonsowski, S. Fischer, K. Joy, G. Oliver. Second row: M. Newman, L. Bower, B. Domon, J. Parker, C. Wissinger, E. Kress, P. Mor- rison, J. Nixon, D. Reuben. Third row: T. Jones, F. Luns- ford, J. Lotz, A. Womack, R. Karcher, J. Kinne, E. Logan, W. Campbell, S. Cummings. Fourth row: M. Roehling, M. Gerstung, R. Bernsdorf, G. Le- manski, J. Alexander, B, Bren- gel. First row: B. Wight, T. Heber- ling, K. Olaf, L. Marinaccio, D. Pennock, K. Ribbeck, B. Wittlinger. Second row: L. Scrogg, K. Borchert, J. Gere stung, C. Fiegel, V. Pafk, D. Baehr, B. Abrams, D. Smith, D. Berghorn. Third row: J. Hollen- beck, T. Bistoff, J. Frey, M. Dembrow, B. Dean, L. Kumpf, M. Koss, B. Baker, C. Guiz- zotti. Fourth row: R. Smith, D. Sescil, L. Wurthman, L. La- Faive, R. Yaeger, A. Oppel, C. Caple. SECOND GRADE First row: T. Heri, B. Lega, E. Flanders, M. Teaven, K. Mur- phy, M. Childs, C. Meahl. Second row: M. Lyons, B. Jonas than, C. Stuchel, D. Eddy, P. Valente, R.Spillman, D. Fisher, L. Schubel, M. Spagnuolo, B. Goeseke. Third row: R. Hoste, R. Wruck, J. Young, D. Parzych, L. Printup, A. Abrams, D. Johnson, A. Abrams, M. Mattioli. Fourth row: P. Kasperek, D. Parker, K. Downey, B. Rewaldt, D. Stahl, V. Mirrione. First row: B. Borden, M. Wurth- man, S. Fisher, L. Wetzen, D. Stahl, P. Kroemer, D. Drachen- berg. Second row: H. Swiatowy, C. Spillman, A. Blackman, B. Haseley, G. Garvey, D. Staples ton, K. Pawlick, J. Palizay, D. Kazmierczak. Third row: D. Swiatowy, C. Fromm, L. Kerr, D. Pafk, P. Canfield, D. Stan- ley, P. VanBuren, J. Anderson, J. Covert. Fourth row: B. Wright, P. Boskat, M. Nice, J. Darling, T. Rogers, J. Clark. 4 'fl' First row: J. Ribbeck, M. Brege, D. Schukraft, L. Kazmierczak, Y. Yoder, W. Ground, J. Rich- ardson. Second row: D. McClin- tock, D. Miles, G. Peters, O. Kipp, M. McGregor, C. Sowinski, L. Pechuman, T. Baehr, P. Car- ges, M. Conibear, R. Kinne. Third row: L. Neary, D. Nehr- boss, M. Skomski, M. Steven, B.Johnson, T.Childs, G. Smith, L. Printup, T. Albrecht, J. Whit- locke, A. Smith, J. Mangani. First row: R.Spillman, D. Brun- ing, M. Dembrow, P. Santolini, C. Cummings, S. Hoste, E.Han- sen. Second row: C. Kumpf, T. Eldred, K. Christiansen, T. Knop, L. Rehwaldt, C. Kwitow- ski, D. Koons, J. Rosenecker, M. Rosenberg, W. Bruning, S. Payne. Third row: T. Rudolph, C. Nicometi, K. Johannes, D. Wolfe, S. Ribbeck, B. Bedford, M. Riemer, D. Schrock, J. Camp- bell, J. Ballow, S. Parker. First row: C.Johnson, J. Lacki, D. Hitchcock, T. Milani, J. Schultz, R. Johannes. Second row: S. Horner, C. Karcher, M. Goerlitz, L. Geisler, H. Mc- Clintock, S. Smith, E.DeYoung, J. McNutt, S. Muggelberg. Third row: G. Sparrow, E. Roll, D. Stegman, J. Keller, G. Bell, R. Wagner, M. Cummings, D. Gates, P. Jemison, W. Fitzsimmons. Fourth row: R. Gillmeister, C. C. VanBuren, L. Vanice, B. Putzbach, J. Victor, D. Brown, D. Bruning. FIRST GRADE .1 V First row: D. Bassanello, D. Kelley, J. Meyer, D. Rebmann, D. Anderson, R. Barone, D. Bushhammer. Second row: R. Reuben, K. Borden, R. Hansen, R. Campbell, R. Lobur, C. Kwi- towski, M. Eddy, P. Reynolds, J. Parker, D. Fry. Third row: S. Bradfield, R. Cummings, C. Greiner, D. Stratton, A. Nico- meti, R. Strahin, L. Jones, M. Bramley, M. Milam, T. Walker. Fourth row: K. Nowatchik, N. Bruner, L. Stegman, B. Taylor, K. Stahl. First row: R. Palizay, M. Tea- ven, M. Bradley, S. Jones, C. Corbett, H. Morrison, S. Ellis. Second row: C. Stuchell, K. Meinzer, T. Wacker, B. Petere son, R. Schnitzer, D. Smith, C. Childs, J. Horton, T. Claude, C. Bruning. Third row:C. Little, J. Oliver, D. Lowder, F. Baker, A. Hollenbeck, D. Chaffee, S. Rohloff, T. Babel, R. Schmelzle, M. Eldred. Fourth row: B. Starr, J. Socha, D. Brucker. First row: N. Gates, D. Parzych, J. DeLelys, K. Olson, B. Koel- ler, M. Ellis, H. Campbell. Sec- ond rovv: T. Ground, A. Kelley, L. Nice, B. Litfin, B. Fromm, G. Printup, M. Swiatowy, A. Abrams, A. Peters, L. Hitch- cock. Third row: S. Herrington, T. Swimline, R. Cummings, T. Shrock, J. Fischer, D. Stanley, S. Schlagenhauf, D. Whiting. First row: M. Hudomint, K. Mur- phy, F. Jemison, L. Daley, K. Covrig, L. Ribbeck, R. Ground. Second row: R. Lauridsen, S. Snyder, S. Jones, S. Lindke, J. Trigilio, R. Wilson, R. Koons, D. Rininsland, P. Carges, R. Kopp, N. Spagnuolo. Third row: P. Knapp, V. Bernsdorf, K. Hensel, R. Pohl, P. Morgan, C. Hefner, W. Starkweather, C. Rice, R. Holovics, V. Morrison, C. Wilkins, M. Schmigel. KINDERGARTEN A First row: J. Smith, R. Cum- mings, K. Kelley, C. Kolipin- ski, J. Schnitzer, D. Albright, L. Vanice. Second row: M. Pann, D. Schumacher, J. Brand, R. Durst, R. Gerstung, D. Calla- han, B. Kinne, H. Mangani, L. Rice, A. Muck, E. Kasperek. Third row: M. Moore, P. Al- brecht, A. Boskat, J. Corbett. First row: T. Childs, S. Miles, R. Beers, M. Bassanello, J, Abraham, A. Stanley, T. Lotz. Second row: J. Brust, D. Mar- tinez, N. Bradfield, J. Richard- son, B. Jonathon, L. Warren, J. Forrestel, L. Parker, D. Clary, R. Kerr. Third row: J. Reming- ton, J. Nicosia, M. Williams, D. Farrell, D. Hyde, E. Goer- litz, L. Weibel, M. Routledge, W. Case, M. Knyter. First row: N. Bruner, L. Knop, K. Barone, T. Lewis II, E. Ground, F. Bushhammer, N. Hyde. Second row: L. Spagnuolo, C. Frey, M.Newman, J. Valente, R. Schalge, S. Raye, A. Mando- lene, J. Parker, K. Farrell, T. Surma. Third row: T. Gibbs, B. Leavitt, T. Conibear, P. Kep- pler, B. Sweitzer, K. Victor, L. Jonathan, S. Capan, T. Cory. First row: C. Blackman, R. Rib- beck, L. Kipp, M. Kenney, R. Starr, C. Bednar, C. Strahin. Second row: P. Childs, J. Pali- zay, R. Wideman, J. Bulman, K. Roehling, B. Ribbeck, D. La- Faive, D. Smith, R. Frey, B. Kelkenberg. Third row: J. Frey, P. Schrock, J. Darling, D. Hy- der. First row: P. Kazmierczak, D. Rosenberg, M. Edmister, W. Tobin, J. Pixley, R. Eddy, C. Cummings. Second row: K. Mar- quardt, D. Scoma, C. Bailey, S. Hake, M. Colopy, R. Guizzotti, K. Lacki, C. Showers, J. Caple, A. Odell, T. Cummings. Third row: R. Alexander, M. Soika, A. Boskat. Y - r-,f:.x'si 1. Marilyn Drachenberg 2. Sharon Klingelsmith 3. Diane Neal 4. Kathy Glomb 5. Louis Kraatz 6. Wendell Bishop 7. Tom Yoder, Carolyn Yoder 8. Bob Lewis 9. Deborah Lindke lO. David Schubel 11. Flora Babel 12. Marjory Kingsley 13.He1en Laese 14.Gail Fox 15.Ken Litfin, Terry Newcomb l6.Bill Robinson l7.Janet Yousey 18. Karen Baker 19. Betty Lindke 20. Alice DeYoung 21. Becky McLeod 22. Tony Zola 23. Mark Lauridsen 24. Nancy Corbett 25. Karen Staebell 26. Bob Kenney 82 ACTIVITIES An outgrowth of the student council is the STU- DENT COURT, comprised of a Chief Justice and six associate justices, a clerk, and a faculty advisor. The court's obligation is to administer justice and enforce school regulations, under the Student Coun- cil's direction and approval. MONITORS are a familiar sight around A.C.S. They are posted at various locations throughout the school. Their function is to instruct, direct, and con- trol the members of the student body during school hours. As individual bricks are joined by mortar to form a strong building, so our students are united into one harmonious body by the STUDENT COUNCIL. This yearthe Student Council continued support- ing our A.F.S. program by actively participating in the annual pizza sale. They awarded scholarships to two outstanding students and promoted school spirit through the sale of booster pins and ribbons. Student Council officers were: President - David Schubel Sr. Vice-President - Tony Zola jr. Vice-President - David Hoctor Treasurer - Kathy Deinhardt Secretary - Karol Pawlick The aim of the FUTURE FARMERS Of AMERICA is "to practice brotherhood, honor rural opportunities and responsibilities, and develop those qualities of leadership which a future farmer should possess." The FUTURE HOMEMAKERS of AMERICA met every Friday during the seventh period. Under the advisorship of Miss Gertrude Churchill, their motto is "Toward New Horizons". The members of the SCIENCE CLUB cover ma- terial beyond classroom work. Their interests and abilities determine the type of experiments performed, under the direction of Mr. George Martiny. Formaldehyde, microscopes, mice, and fruit- flies are all familiar objects to the members of the BIOLOGY CLUB. Its members become acquainted with the various fields of Biology through first hand research and experimentation. Through their work they can begin to better understand and appreciate the complex mysteries of life. w, .,, Q9 9 o e ,vi Q ik ' Q 5 " , e 'E r ' y I 1 'gl .A I AMEUEICA I 5 1 "r- . ,. - - .. , , f I 0 '? it ,,,,, iii? If , Students in the SYMPHONIC BAND are from the seventh, eighth, and ninth grades. This opportunity gives them ex- perience in playing both popular and classical selections for future member- ship in the Concert Band. At Akron there is a place for every- one who wishes to increase his ability in instrumental music. Members of the CONCERT BAND are chosen and placed on the basis of individual tryouts. Acom- bination of hard work and determination yields the fruits of success. They per- form at various assemblies, two annual Coffee Concerts, and the Spring Concert as well as participating in the NYSSMA Spring Festivals. Small in size, our MARCHING BAND is big in quality. Our band represented A.C.S. in the Memorial Day parade, Erie County Fair, Syracuse State Fair, Gen- esee County Fair and in competition they placed lst at Wolcottsville, lst at Rapids and 3rd at Elba. They take great pride in playing good music and in executing techniques taught by Mr. C. The ORCHESTRA, under the direc- tion of Miss Harlin, provided A.C.S. with both popular and classical selections during the year. Within the orchestra there is a smaller group, the String Ensemble, consisting of musicians judged most tal- ented in their field. JUNIOR BOYS GLEE CLUB is a group of seventh and eighth graders. It introduces boys to group singing, and voice control, and it provides an oppor- tunity to display their musical ability. The seventh and eighth grade girls have a chance to display their talents by being members of JUNIOR GIRLS GLEE CLUB. As well as providing an opportun- ity for singing, it teaches them how to perform in a group and prepares them for senior high chorus groups. my ,,,,, SENIOR GIRLS GLEE CLUB is com- posed of Sophomore, junior and Senior girls who enjoy singing well. Under the directorship of Mrs. Groves, they capture the spirit of the musical world by singing selections at the concerts and some as- semblies. Singing at Akron Central means both the hard work of a practice and the satis- faction of a performance. Members of the VARSITY CHORALE are chosen on the basis of individual try outs. They perform at the Christmas and Spring Concerts, various assemblies, and give added high- lights to graduation. This year they pre- sented the musical "Finian's Rainbow" on March 25 SL 26. yyy 88 The FRESHIVIAN CHORALE performs at the annual concerts. It is a group of students who enjoy singing well and working toward future membership in Var- sity Chorale. SENIOR HIGH YORKER CLUB has carried out its purposes of expanded study of New York history and acquaint- ance with local interests by active parti- cipation in certain projects. The club has visited local industries and historical sites as a group and also attended a state Yorker conference at Buffalo in the spring. Each member is required to turn in a project during the year. In order to carry on these activities the Yorker Club raised money through sponsoring two dances, a car wash, a bake sale, and a candy sale. GRANT CLUB YORKERS is a sev- enth grade organization whose members devote their extra time each week to learn more about the history of New York State. Participants are members of the New York State Historical Association. They have taken their names from the Grant Club and Grant Pole which was erected in 1872 in support of Grant for President of the U.S. The Yorker motto is "History can be fun". Each year the Yorkers make a trip to Cooperstown, N.Y., to view the city in its great historical setting. Other trips include the Holland Land Co. Office in Batavia and visits to local industries and historical sites. OCTAGON YORKER CLUB was founded primarily for those students in- terested in local and state history. Sev- eral field trips are taken each year to nearby points of interest. Students make projects on local historical sites, indust- ries, or other interesting places in the State. The Club has attended the state Yorker conventions for the past eight years. Students hold dances, candy sales, bake sales, or other fund-raising activi- ties to raise money for these trips. The CLINIC STAFF consists of girls who are interested in the various types of medical careers or office prac- tice procedures. They assist the nurse during free periods. This work helps the student to gain experience in health prac- tices while learning to work with other administration personnel. Representatives of the JUNIOR RED CROSS participate in local, national, and international Red Cross activities in our school: a fund-raising campaign, making articles for children and adults in hospi- tals, assisting at the Bloodmobile, and collecting books for the aged. The purpose of the FUTURE NURSES CLUB is to bring together young people interested in nursing to share their inter- ests, to explore opportunities in these fields, to grow as individuals, and to learn about the community life in which they will participate. There is a group of eight seniors who have met the highest standards of character, scholarship, leadership, and service. Membership in the NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY is no small honor. It stands for an average of 8577 and higher, service to A.C.S., and personal enthusi- asm for worthwhile projects. The HI-Y aims at character growth through extending friendship and service to others. Th-e girls sponsored service projects: collecting clothing for the Good Will In- dustries, making favors for Wende, and a visit to their "grandfather" at Wende. Some of the money-raising projects undertaken this year included baked goods sales and the Winter Wonderland Dance. The INTERNATIONAL CLUB an- nually participates in a model U.N. Gen- eral Assembly sponsored by Western New York schools and colleges. It is an ac- tive discussion group. Members are en- couraged to arm themselves with as much current information as possibleg thus they develop an understanding of 20th century problems. Members of the LIBRARY CLUB learn to shelve books, alphabetize cards, and check library books in and out. Miss Ellsworth, director, depends upon the help of these students for many of the operational tasks so that she can concern herself with helping the student body, in turn, the students acquire knowl- edge of library techniques and procedures. Responsible directly to the Board of Education, the SUPPLY OFFICE is under the directorship of Mr. Victor, who is assisted by Lois Granke and Pam- ela Noody. In the Supply Office, the students of ACS can obtain all their school supplies. The proceeds of this organization go to the Student Council and the Board of Education. The CHESS CLUB was organized to further the study and enjoyment of chess in our school. Under the direction of Mr. Vossler, the Chess Club has competed with other schools for a league trophy. This year's Chess Club entered into the champion- ship play-offs. Chess can be an exciting and intriguing game, requiring careful concentration. Meetings are open to all who want to come to play and learn more about the game of chess. Under the direction of Mr. Carges, the TICKET SELLERS provided a service at Akron's athletic events. The students join the Ticket Sellers on a voluntary basis and often sell tickets in the morning period, as well as at basketball and football games and swim-meets. 92 The VISUAL AIDS CLUB is composed of boys whose duties include the operation of lights and cur- tains on the stage, audio equipment and movie pro- jectors. The main objective of the SENIOR INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB is to encourage interest in industrial activities and to bestow credit upon deserving mem- bers. This year's activities included: field trips, Carea and localj an Amateur Show, and the annual Family Night Banquet. Membership in JUNIOR INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB is open to Freshmen and Sophomores who are enrolled in at least one Industrial Arts course. Activities are based on and related to industrial processes. Field trips are made to industries, and films are often viewed to better acquaint the members with the industry and technology of our time. Members of the MODEL CLUB show and discuss various models to other members of the group such as cars, airplanes, rockets, ships, trains and other types of miniature models. At different times of the year, the main hall foy- er display case is used to exhibit work done by the students. When weather permits, the boys go out-of-doors and fly or launch flying airplane models and rockets which at times attain an altitude of 500 feet. 93 f BEGINNERS' BAND First row: D. Kenney, S. Kozody, S. Stei- ner, A. Valente, P. Pafk, T. Hitchcock B. Klawer, G. Olson, M. Lauridsen, D. Bruner, A. Cory. Second row: D. Brom- stead, C. Johannes, J. Frey, N. Koeller, S. Reigle, R. Yaeger, L. Snell, C. Pann 1 1 D. Gerstung, L. Criswell, B. Brengel, M. Stratton, M. Penko. Third row: K. Horner, J. Jonathan, C. Wilkins, J. Jonathan, W. Brewer, D. Scarborough, C. Johnson, J. DeYoung, R. Jost, R. Goeseke, R. Die- terle, D. Lowder, T. Johnson, S. Die- terle, Mr. Stapleton. Fourth row: T. Car- ges, N. Eddy, W. Teaven, J. Wideman, L. Spears, D. Peruzzini, W. Ball, M. Re- gan, J. Bohn, D. Palizay, D. Blish, C. Pickwick, J. Kasperek, S. Pohl Kuraskiewicz, L. Eldl-ed, ,L. ADVANCED STRING GROUP First row: D. Blackman, M. Newman, D. Cummings, C. Hansen, R. Witkop, K. Baehr, C. Kinne, M. Cheavacci, R. Camp- bell, K. Stapleton, M. Muchow. Second row: L. Snyder, B. Baker, C. Graff, N. Whiting, E. Bruning, V. Jacobsen, R. Dean, L. Cross, D. Davis, K. Burg, K. Johnstone, N. Brunner, C. Stewart, Mrs. Espersen. Third row! M. Novak, K. Co- vel, J. Sweitzer, M. Muchow, A. Wright, S. Miller, L. Johannes, N. Schnabel, D. Flanding, M. Bedford, M. Yousey, S. Mecca. Fourth row: M. Marconi, L, Socha, M. Lockhart, T. Lockhart. TREBLE CLEF CH OIR .. 4 ... Q. I i ...nm ....... ART CLUB First row: M. Wright, L. Gallo, C. Wag4 ner, C. Ground, R. Hofmeier, S. Schoen- thal, M. Betzold,K. Staple-ton,C. Claude, L. Murphy, A. Lauridsen. Second row: C. Ribbeck, A. Ormsby, D. Lowder, M. Baf bel, A. Wright, J. Sweitzer, L. Sweitzer, S. Flanders, R. Ormsby, M. Ground, A. Stuchell, S. Klehn. Third row: L. GoerQ litz, K. Brauen, S. Kelly, S. Kingsley, J, Lafosse, R. Whiting, D. Stock. Absentl A. Ground, R. Milam. SPORTS First row: T. Newcomb, M. Lauridsen, B. Frost, G. Karl, co'captaing J. Bordonaro, co-captainp H. Finger W. Freeman, T. VanBuren, D. Doxtader. Second row: J. Hawes, J. George, J. Susfolk, T. VanBuren, K. Lit fin, G. Dieterle, M. White, M. Roberts, R. Zimmerman. Third row: B. Durski, G. Pafk, R. Kenney, J. Martino W. Asmus, D. Abraham, R. Ball, J. Bower, A. Black. Fourth row: R. Mazzi, P. Leavitt, B. DeYoung. VARSITY FOOTBALL In one of Akron's most exciting football seasons, the Tigers compiled an un- defeated C6 wins and l tiej record for Akron's first Niagara-Orleans Championship. The offense finished first in the league with 103 points, and the defense held its opponents to only 37. The defense shut out four teams. In three of these shutouts, the Tigers scored their only touchdown in the last minute of play, John Hawes against Medina, Mark Lauridsen against Starpoint, and Joe Bordonaro against Wilson. Hard work, expert coaching, and an all-around team effort gave Akron the championship. Hopes of defending this title in '66 are high with an experienced team returning. Several outstanding sophomores and juniors will combine talents with a fine JV club for what may be two championships in a row. I965 Championship Scores Akron Medina Akron Barker Akron Starpoint Ak ron Albion Akron Newfane Akron Wilson Ak ron Roy-Hart 3'fAkron Alden 'fnon-league Bob ."1 W ,Z ,, - QQ.. 5 5 o Coach Sc appa Bob .dd Q. 4' 0. fm Aw Q j. X3 If , ' L Qs we v. M 3 Y 'i f , Joe Gary . I Co-Captain Co-Captain Q ' by fx, h ' f " - 5:42, ' " f - ' ' 5132 bv k i' I A1 1,,V,, , Ben K Q- 5475, , - :ww S Jerry Bob 'f J i ',, K s X J A . ..,, N 9 1 1 ' o V ,N Coach Wetzen Mark Kell 1' we' .9 .3 I JV ' V V I la' -4 ml' ,, , V V' , " 14,515 31, ' f M vp ,ff , ' E A 1 Wi ",L ,M k , ' Newk Jim l. Q . sr 6, A .,.. , H , 'KT Terry Malhoon 97 733 Q30 Qs First row: K. McLeod, mgr., J. Bordonaro, R. Berry, G. Pafk, J. Dean, B. Durski, W Young. Second row: Mr. Swift, coach, J. Bower, J. Remsen, J. Martino, J. Hawes, P Leavitt, M. White, R. Zimmerman. VARSITY BASKETBALL With four sophomore regulars, this year's varsity compiled a won six and lost eight Niagara Orleans League record. The team was co-captained by junior Paul Leavitt and sophomore Bob Zimmerman. Bob was also the league's leading scorer. For the first time, Akron was classified as an "A" school, but this made little difference in sectional qualifications, Wilson playing for the first time as a "B" school handily captured the League Championship. Next year's team will be playing without the services of Paul Leavitt, Joe Bordonaro, Jim Dean, Brian Durski, and Mahlon White. Showing a little favoritism OJ at the Faculty-Varsity Game-! 1uu---- iv- f i 1- 'a F1 -N 98 ,-49' jxj I M , fl ,H 'il " " Paul' 06 C 0-Ca pt . , ,.,,, . is nm W' 4 3 "Jim" "Brian" Ma lhoon AKRON AKRON AKRON XYAKRON XWAKRON AKRON AKRON AKRON AKRON AKRON AKRON AKRON AKRON AKRON AKRON AKRON 'W non-league MEDINA WILSON STARPOINT ARCADE NOTREDAME ROYHART NEWFANE ALBION BARKER MEDINA WILSON STARPOINT ROYHART NEWFANE ALBION BARKER Way to stop a one-handed push!" 'Hold em and we ve got 1t' First row: M. Lauridsen, Mr. Schleich, T. Carroll. Second row: C. Keppler, F. Rebmann T. Coughlin, S. Forrestel, J. Battaglia. Third row: M. Staebell, W. Keppler, J. Holtz, R White, F. Houlihan. Fourth row: G. Owen, R. Whiting, B. Kenney, D. Remington, J. Lloyd SWIMMING Plagued by a lack of depth throughout the year, the Akron Tiger-Sharks fin- ished the season with a won 7, lost 5 record. The team at half-strength finished third in the 1965-1966 Section VI, Class A Sectionals behind Grand Island and Springville. Sorely missed next year will be the Senior Co-captains, Mark Lauridsen and Dan Carroll. Mark holds the school and Sectional record in the individual medley and Dan is the school and pool backstroke champion. Hard to replace also will be our senior diver, James Battaglia, but the squad has a fine nucleus of Juniors and underclassmen most of whom developed very well during the season. AKRON Cl-IEEKTOWAGA 40 AKRON IROQUOIS 62 AKRON ORCHARD PARK 62 AKRON ROYHART-BARKER 69-26 AKRON CLARENCE 54 AKRON OAKFIELD 34 AKRON BARKER-ROYHART 20-57 AKRON DeVEAUX 39 AKRON CLARENCE 67 AKRON OAKFIELD 36 AKRON ORCHARD PARK 75 AKRON BARKER 37 n A A 5. Q- ' 'Q A Dan Mark Jim Co-Capt. Co-Capt. First row: H. Doctor, D. Stewart, J. Kostanciak, M. Wilson, M. Zimmer- man, F. Houlihan, K. Rudolph, F. Koons, D. Wolfe. Second row: B. Kwan- drans, P. Wheat, C. Burchell, M. George, T. Coughlin, j. Battaglia, P. Witkowski, j. Owen, A. Kasparek. CROSS COUNTRY The Akron cross-country team had one of their best seasons ever with a record of eight wins and six losses. Akron's top runner for the season was Mike George. The following seniors ran their last meet for Akron: Bob Kwandrans, jim Battaglia, john Owen, and Duane Wolfe. WRESTLING In this, our second league season, the Akron matmen succeeded in taking Sth place in the N-O league. The Akron team won six matches, lost seven and tied one. The team is losing seven seniors: Captain, Terry VanBuren, Richard Blick- ensderfer, Wendell Bishop, Duane Wolfe, Robert Kenny, Terry Newcomb, and Tom Hersee. First row: R. Blickensderfer, W, Frost, S. Kraatz, R. Kelly, J. Capan, R. Golpl, C. Abrams, S. Kwitowski, R.Kenney, W. Bishop, J. Goeseke. Sec- ond row: Mr. Scappa, W. Freeman, T. Hersee, W. Hawes, R. Manning, D. Wolfe, T. Newcomb, R. Baehr, T. VanBuren, T. Stuber, R. Mecca, T. Van- Buren, Mr. Drayer. 101 VARSITY CHEERLEADERS First row: K. Staebell, capt., P. Martin, N. Robnett. Second row: G. Schultz, N. Bruning, A. Sundown, F. Lowder, B. Lindke. CHEERLEADERS To become a cheerleader, a girl is chosen for her pep, school spirit, interest in sports, and grades. Cheerleaders are required to be present at all football and basketball games. In addition to these obligations, they have many practice ses- sions and frequently lead our pep assemblies. Our cheerleaders deserve much credit for strengthening our school spirit. JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS First row: B. Corbett, K. Pawlick. Second row: N. Eckerson, M. Bordon- aro, D. Brackett. Third row: N. Carroll, capt., M. Riggio, M. Staebell, G. Sutton. 102 Karen Capt Betty Paulette Annette Nancy 103 JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL First row: R. Mecca, D. Altrogge, A. Corbett, F. Rebmann, J. Remsen, W. Hawes, K. Bordonaro, R. Manning, R. Berry, T. Golpl, W. Swader. Second row: L. Draper, T. Stuber, T. Walker, D. Covel, L. Klingelsmith, J. Bower, K. McLeod, J. Newcomb, D. Dietz, R. Keppler. Third row: P. Feagles, W. Young, T. Rehwaldt, T. Baehr, J. Keller, R. Jemison, G. Stone, B. Kenney, J. Abraham, J. Finch, T. Lauridsen, R. Hammond, D. Pafk. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL First row: C. Victor, A. Corbett, D. Dietz, K. Bordonaro, J. Keller. Second row: Mr. Sil- vernail, coach, M. Pacer, P. Feagles, P. Witkowski, J. Newcomb, J. Abraham. 104 JUNIOR-HIGH SWIMMING First row: W. Morrison, P. McConkey, D. Lauridsen, D. Heberling, P. Forrestel. Second row: Mr. Stevens, Coach, R. Schaefer, M. Reinke, J. Geddes, J. Sowinski, R, Borden. JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL First row: K. McLeod, B. Kenney, R. Berry, J. Fahey, G. Pafk, T. LauridsenLSecond row: K. Bordonaro, G. Stone, P. Wagner, W. Hawes, j. Remsen, D. Remington. Third row: Mr. Silvernail, D. Dietz, W. Frost, W. Asmus, J. Abraham, W. Swader. V7 105 A O Q. 'ff ,ff 12, 4 ff' ,, Cathy Ginny Laura Alice O First row: T. Love, L. Cummings, C. Lindke, P. Kyser, N. Carroll, V. Bower, N. Robnett, E. Truax. Second row: J. Rosenberg, D. Reuben, K. Weaver, Co.capt., M. Staebell, K. Staebell, P. Martin, A. De-Young, K. Pawlick, capt., D. Wheeler, C. Balch. VARSITY HOCKEY "To the pitch with the mighty play on!" is the familiar cry of the Akron field hockey team. Field hockey, the only women's sport to be completely controlled by its participants has become one of the fastest growing inter-scholastic sports in our country. Although a good hockey game must have individuals, experienced in foot- work and stickwork, field hockey's greatest need is co-ordinated teamwork. This year's field hockey team was dominated by eleven vet- eran seniors allowing the team to have both a strong and smoothly functioning defense and offense. Although plagued by bad weather, poor pitch conditions, close games involving many freak goals, the "Akron Girls' were satisfied. AKRON 1 BATAVIA 2 8 OAKFIELD 1 3 WARSAW 2 4 PAVILION 5 2 PEMBROKE 2 O ALEXANDER 1 Akron Varsity 1 Area Faculty 2 Paulette Karen capt. Nancy Kathy co-ca pt new Diane x Mm Z F 2 , Eenie t mggw 7 m2:57 lf, , ' Karen First row: N. Brunner, A. Lauridsen, M. Lauridsen, P. Ellis, N. Schnabel, L. Schnabel, C. Slewart, M. Muchow, C. Pan. Second row: L. Varo, M. Marconi, S. Martin, M. Forrestel, M. Bordonaro, B. Lloyd, L. Bordonaro, P. Lega, P. Montville, S. Schafer, D. Reuben. Third row: M. Stapleton, J. Peters, G. Owen, K. Pawlick, G. Staebell, M. Bruning, J. De- Young, R. Whiler, D. Slade, A. Keller, S. Blake. Fourth row: C. Schoenwetter, R. Haas, D. Wheeler, S. Steiner, M. Staebell, B. Martiny, C. Burchell, A. Forrestel, J. Lawrence, S. Geddes, M. George, M. DeYoung. SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMING The synchronized swimming team has demonstrated the beauty of precision timing and tech- nique of water ballet in such features as "Around the World in 80 Days", "South Pacific", and this year's "Theme from Current Productionsn. The ballet program is composed of solos, duets, and several group performances written and produced by the students themselves. The existence of the Akra-Aquas has encouraged more girls to participate in swimming and has brought to Akron an appreciation of the symmetry and grace of water ballet. JUNIOR VARSITY HOCKEY First row: B. Corbett, S. Steiner, M. Bordonaro, G. Staebell, C. Geyer, B. Martiny, M. De- Young, J. Lawrence. Second row: A. Forrestel, Capt., M. Anderson, C. Sutton, P. Milani, C. Burchell, B. Powell, J. Odell, B. Kwiatkowski. 107 in 3 ..- 'ls ,. A First row: J. Battaglia, Terry VanBuren, Tim VanBuren, D. Campbell, M. Ground, B. Par ker, D. Lewis, M. George, J. Hawes, M. Wilson. Second row: A. Edmister, Mgr., R. Man ning, R. Mecca, J. Newcomb, V. Sundown, L. Moses, D. Swader, M. Zimmerman, L. Draper R. Jemison, R. Love, R. Borden, Mgr. Third row: G. George, B. Hammond, T. Carroll, D Doxtader, B. Kwandrans, M. White, P. Wheat, G. Payne, B. Freeman, J. Hellert, M. Rob berts, E. Wilson, B. Wyder, J. Bordonaro, Coach Scappa. TRACK This year's team again competed with respectable results under the skillful direction of coaches Angelo Scappa and Van Swift. The team won two of their four triangular meets and placed first in several events in both the All-League meet and sectional TENNIS The tennis team did not finish high in the league standings, competition. but the superb playing of two seniors, John Edwards and Brian Mc- Coy, kept the sport on a highly competitive level throughout the season. First row: J. Eckerson, T. Stapleton, J. Edward, B. MacCoy, D. Kruschke, M. Matynka Second row: T. Welsh, R. Doktor, J. Griffiths, D. Abraham, J. Kostanciak. :Nh A ' Q ,I Z D l ' 4 Q .. .. x at P S F I A,,'. , ' A . Mu J . ., , , you A . 108 First row: CO-Captains P. Wagner, J. Remsen. Second row: D. Wolfe, W. Young, K. Litfin, P. Leavitt, D. Cummings. Third row: A. Black, K. Blish, G. Dieterle, R. Zimmerman, Coach Wetzen. VARSITY BASEBALL In 1965, Akron had a successful season with a record of six wins and four losses in Niagara-Orleans League play. One Of the highlights of the season was the opening contest against Royhart in which Allan Black hurled a 3-0 no-hitter. In the second game, freshman Bob Zimmerman shutout Starpoint 5-0. This year the team lost co-captains jim Remsen and Pete Wagner along with outfielders Dave Cummings, Darwin Chapman. and 1st baseman Ken Blish. A fine squad is returning, paced by the Tiger's leading hitter Gary Dieterle. Gary fin- ished with a .406 average in '65, y SCORES AKRON 3 ROYHART 0 A gjgla vggg 3 J AKRON 5 STARPOINT 0 - +AKRON 8 CLARENCE 14 AKRON 15 NEWEANE 11 J A A AKRON 0 NIAGARA-WHEATEIELD 8 A AKRON 3 EARKER 2 'I' rl IH- Pete AKRON 2 ALBION 10 Ken CO'CaPtain AKRON 4 WILSON 6 XAKRON 4 CLARENCE 5 AKRON 1 MEDINA 3 , V AKRON 6 ROYHART 2 y . AKRON a EARKER 3 WAKRON 20 NORTH COLLINS 6 'K - non-league V M .rpgz ,f in ap BW - sectionals iiii I D . Dave Jim Co-Captain 109 ,. SENIOR HIGH BOYS INTRAMURALS First row: B. Kelley, R. Berry, S. Kwiatkowski, R. Golpl, D. Gallo, J. Hollenbeck, C. Abrams, R. Moore, R. Rudolf, B. Kenney. Second row: B. Frost, L. Klingelsmith, B. Hawes, R. Mecca, T. Golpl, A. Corbett, B. Moleski, T. Pryzbos, J. Griffiths, T. Lauridsen, J. Goeseke, D. Remington. Third row: R. Baehr, T. Van Buren, G. Dieterle, K. McLeod, C. Victor, P. Feagles, D. Dietz, J. Abraham, R. Manning, K. Bordonaro, J. Eckerson, J. Newcomb, M. Pacer, K. Kostanciak, R. Kumro, R. Zimmerman, W. Freeman, W. Swader, J. Wilson. SENIOR HIGH GIRLS INTRAMURALS First row: F. Wronowicz, N. Carroll, P. Kyser, K. Lindke, S. Poodry, K. Pawlick, D. Wheeler, A. Sundown, M. Bordonaro, D. Reuben, G. Schultz, A. Uljanov, P. Smith, S. Olsen, J. Rosenberg. Second row: S. Steiner, A. Forrestel, D. Pask, V. Ground, N. Eckerson, M. Sundown, N. Bruning, N. Yohn, P. Milani, S. Ceisner, S. Lowder, S. Cummings, L. Wronowicz, G. Staebell, L. Peck, C. Geyer, S. Jemison, D. Pafk, B. Powell. Third row: S. Brant, K. Parker, B. Lindke, P. Dean, J. Jemison, F. Lowder, M. Logan, B. Corbett, M. Stae- bell, K. McGregor, M. Riggio, C. King, D. Brackett, J. Lawrence, K. Pawlick, C. Sutton, J. Odell, P. Hib- bard, C. Burchell, B. Martiny, C. Kopacz, P. Halecki, M. George, B. Totten, M. DeYoung. .-...... W 110 I , www' A Q... al.. JUNIOR HIGH BOYS INTRAMURALS First row: K. Kenney, D. Blackman, W. Schnabel, P. George, D. Reuben, J. Guizotti, C. Rebman, T. Schu- macher, M. Noody, C. McGregor, S. Kenney, D. Dietz, W. Skye, M. Bassanello, E. Stanley, M. Hatswell R. Womack, J. Regan. Second row: D. Edwards, B. Gerstung, D. Krupski, B. Tippett, B. Asmus, C. Rosen- burg, J Abraham, D. Johnson, J. Kress, T. Brackett, L. Bradley, D. Mecklenberg, T. Kennedy, H. Pechu- man, J. Johnson, D. Gerstung. Third row: M. Ribbeck, F. Gietz, J. Parker, M. Houlihan, D. Peters, R Kelkenberg, L. Reuben, L. Feagles, D. Jobe, D. Remington, B. Glomb, J. Peters, J. Bower, D. Leavitt, G Smith, L. Logan. S. Walker, J. Freeman, L. Brewer, T. Yousey, P. Battaglia, R. Steiner, K. Schultz, S Parker, D. Bow, D. Stone, D. Altrogge, R. Hutchinson, G. Bernier, N. Kedzierski, T. Schubel. JUNIOR HIGH GIRLS INTRAMURALS First row: M. Reynolds, A. Kopacz, L. Domon, P. Montville, M. Wideman, M. Forrestel, S. Martin, B. Lloyd, B. Borden, D. Stewart, D. Koons, B. Bower, D. Nicosia, C. Furminger, A. Bower, M. Parzych, C. Childs. Second row: D. Slade, A. Printup, R. Haas, S. Rodgers, M. Schoenthal, J. DeYoung, P. Poodry, S. Porter, R. Mecca, K. Leavitt, M. Bruning, D. Bluhm, C. Zimmerman, S.Knopp, L. Perry, A. Keller, C. Abrams, N. Cope, T. Horner, B. Weaver. Third row: K. Swiniarski, R. Weiler, E. Houlihan, J. Mann, C. Winters, M. Ribbeck, L. Dieterle, S. Leeds, S. Oldenski, D. Cummings, N. Kraatz, K. Pawlick, N. Finger, K. Pawlick, A. Sundown, D. Wheeler, S. Blake, S. Kowalik, L. Mauldin, N. Kolipinski, L. Bettio,P. Kozody, L. Pask, C. Peck, K. Finger, J. Peters. ' 1' lll ws Fl 4 4 S 5 6 Pwr 5 5 was if Nu ww S 5 I X x X .Xi fe' A55 gb f 5 is ,gms f ACTIVITIES DIRECTORY STUDENT COUNCIL CABINET First row: D. Hoctor, D. Schubel, A. Zola, Mr. Bork- holder. Second row: K. Pawlick, H. Laese, R. Lewis, J. Yousey, K. Deinhardt. STUDENT COURT First row: C. Burchell, L. Kraatz, E. Keehn. Second row: A. Zola, D. Hoctor, D. Schubel, J. Remsen, Mr. Canfield. MONITORS First row: K. Borden, J. Smith, D. Hoctor, N. Cor- bett, J. Socha, S. Wands. Second row: P. George, G. Cummings, S. Ceisner, J. Bower, K. Denton, P. Mc- Leod, D. Reigle, Mr. Hood. Third row: S. Geddes, C. Sutton, C. Doxtader, L. Kraatz, P. Johnson, D. Schultz. Fourth row: B. Eckert, P. Witkowski, C. Reigle, C. Lowder, C. Bohn. STUDENT COUNCIL First row: K. Deinhardt, K. Pawlick, D. Schubel, A. Zola, D. Hoctor. Second row: S. Geddes, M. Staebell, C. Sutton, G. Staebell, P. Milani, S. Brackett, A. Forrestel, D. Cummings, K. Taylor. Third row: J. Bordonaro, F. Lowder, H. Laese, C. Mattioli, D. Pafk, R. Lewis, J. Eckerson, G. Fox, J. Yousey, P. Martin, S. Forrestel. FUTURE FARMERS First row: J. Owen, D. Totten, L. Neuroth, T. Bart- ram, D. Richardson, K. Pagels, Second row: R. Wy- der, R. Blickensderfer, N. Baker, R. Remsen, P. Zola, Mr. Rozelle. Third row: M. Logel, C. Ciurzyn- ski, R. Rehwaldt, H. Rosenburg, R. Bartram, D. Covel. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS First row: C. Doxtader, G. Cummings, J. Baker, S. Bartlett, P. Noody, J. Socha, L. Granke. Second row: P. Balch, W. Brust, L. Noody, S. Sprucker, J. Cum- mings, J. Cummings, D. Swader, P. Halecki, Miss Churchill. Third row: L. Cummings, L. Hartwig, M. LaRocca, M. Winters, E. Laese, B. Socha. Fourth row: S. Brayley, C. Kopacz, L. Webster, M. Cummings. SCIENCE CLUB First row: R. Muck, D. Pogel, D. Hoctor, T. Cough- lin, M. Rood, R. Ribbeck. Second row: W. Bishop, R. Kenney, R. Blickensderfer, S. Forrestel, W. Robin- son, K. Litfin, D. Kruschke, Mr. Martiny. BIOLOGY CLUB First row: S. Pagels, S. Bassanello, K. McLeod, J. Eckerson, R. Manning, B. Hollenbeck, J. Wilson. Second row: L. Klingelsmith, K. McLeod, S. Walters, P. Porter, R. Peters, M. Witkowski, M. Truglio, G. Fox, Mrs. Brown. Third row: J. Griffiths, R. Mecca, D. Dietz, R. Doktor, K. Bordonaro, B.Kenney.Fourth row: G. Stone, D. Jamieson, T. Walker, W. Freeman. CONCERT BAND First row: S. Schaller, A. DeYoung, S. Steiner, M. Downey, B. Wilson. Second row: M. Brewer, L. Kraatz, S. Zimmerman, S. Begiers, S. Bassanello, C. Reigle, N. Carroll, K. Pawlick, K. Anderson, W. Swader, T. Newcomb. Third row: R. Peters, P. Ky- ser, S. Klingelsmith, A. Kasperek, D. Gallo, R. Steiner, L. Kraatz, K. Kasperek, S. Bishop, D. Reigle, S. Parker, C. Hall, T. Fenton. Fourth row: B. Murray, K. Pagels, J. Eckerson, K. Litfin, S. Bork, C. Walters, B. Groff, P. Zola, D. Kruschke, D. Swader. SYMPHONIC BAND First row: M. Downey, L. Bishop, N. Kraatz, D. Slade. Second row: N. Parker, J. Bitterman, K. Fin- ger, S. Kowalik, C. Zimmerman, K. Fry, K. Anderson, K. Pawlick, J. Brewer, C. Geyer. Third row: T. Blacklock, S. Bishop, S. Parker, J. Peters, A. Claude, B. Gerstund, R. Steiner, K. Kasperek, A. Kasperek. Fourth row: M. Zola, P. Forrestel, L. Brewer. Fifth row: E. Prapost, K. Kevin, J. Carges, C. Crane, R. Nehrboss, T. Schubel, J. Freeman, L. Feagles, M. Uljanov, N.Roll, M. Forrestel, P.Montville, M. Wide- man, M. Jalitus, N. Ceisner, H. DeLelys, C. Copoly. ORCHESTRA First row: H. Blueye, M. Truglio, J. Lawrence, L. Spears, M. Brown. Second row: R. Mecca, C. Kubis, K. Hudson, P. Schukraft, M. Hammond, T. Blish, S. Knopp, B. Lindke, B. Jago, K. Covert, J. Hurne. Third row: S. Steiner, E. Keehn, M. Downey, S. Zim- merman, W. Swader, T. Fenton, D. Kruschke, D. Swader, A. Kasperek. Fourth row: J. Eckerson. SENIOR HIGH YORKERS First row: S. Geddes, J. Smith, S. Steiner, G. Stae- bell, M. Brust, A. Cometto, S. Thompson. Second row: Mrs. Balizer, R. Payne, D. Brackett, W. Ritecz, R. Doktor, G. Owen, D. McLeod, B. Powell, A. Cor- bett, L. Peck, Mr. Canfield. Third row: C. Burchell, P. Hibbard, B. Martiny, R. Peters, R. Berry, K. Bor- donaro, A. Forrestel, R. Manning. Fourth row: M. DeYoung, R. Mecca, P. Kyser, D.Wight, D. Abraham, C. Victor, L. Draper, P. Lewis. Fifth row: E. Wolak, B. Bradley, D. Pogel, T. Coughlin, J. Eckerson, R. Hammond, F. Houlihan. OCTAGON YORKERS First row: A. Kopacz, K. Finger, D. Bluhm, J. Bitter- man, B. Borden, N. Kolipinski, B. Lindke. Second row: N. Johnstone, C. Ritecz, R. Bedford, M. Schoen- thal, N. Finger, B. Conibear, B. Etzold, L. Mauldin, Mr. Stock. Third row: R. Regan, E. Forrestel, K. Fromm, L. Feagles, R. Hutchinson, T. Blacklock, J. Schumacher, K. Kenney. GRANT CLUB YORKERS First row: M. Wideman, M. Forrestel, S. Kenney, J. Christensen, R. Womack, L. Bordonaro, T. Brackett. Second row: M. Zola, A. Printup, T.Horner, L. Stuch- ett, L. Stanley, L. Schoenthal, K. Karcher. Third row: J. Carges, P. McConkey, L. Smith, D. Sowinski, J. Brewer, W. Schnabel, B. Tippett, Mr. Drayer. Fourth row: P. Burdick, S. Rogers, E. Houlihan, T. Blish, D. Slade, M. Parzych, C. Barkewity, M. Jali- tus. Fifth row: K. Leavitt, C. Peck, K. Swiniarski, R. Weiler, M. Uljanov. JUNIOR RED CROSS First row: G. Fox, E. Parker, S. Poodry, Second row: P. Mirrione, Mrs. Bachellor. CLINIC STAFF First row: J. Spaeth, E. Parker, S. Bartlett, H. Blu- eye. Second row: Mrs. Bachellor, S. Poodry, F. Low- der, N. Sutton. FUTURE NURSES CLUB First row: J. Brucker, T. Whiting, Mrs. Bachellor. Second row: K. Yousey, M. Hansen, B. Eckert. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY First row: H. Blueye, M. Truglio, S. ,Klingelsmith Second row: T. Zola, R. Kenney, C. Balch, R. Blick- ensderfer, W. Bishop. INTERNATIONAL CLUB First row: H. Blueye, S. Forrestel. Second row: D Hoctor, Mr. Helwig, D. Schubel, A. Zola, R. Mecca HI-Y First row: G. Schultz, J. Spaeth, G. Fox, L. Babiarz K. Weaver, K. Dylag, L. Lloyd. Second row: D. Ritecz, L. Cummings, S. Wands, N. Robnett, E Truax, C. Bohn, P. Johnson, C. Mattioli, M. Staple ton. Third row: N. Corbett, J. Lawrence, P. McLeod M. Joslyn, K. Tippett, B. Schoenthal, D. Kuraszkie- wicz. Fourth row: B. Lindke, L. Kraatz, K. Covert P. Martin. LIBRARY CLUB First row: C. Geyer, A. Cometto, J.Keller, S. Thomp- son, J. Keller, L. Schafer, P. Halecki. Second row N. Eckerson, C. Balch, N. Parker, D. Reuben, A Mattei, J. Baker, M. Hanson, J. Mattioli, Miss Ells- worth. Third row: S. Bartlett, A. Kelkenberg, D Moore, D. Kuraszkiewicz, L. Jacobsen, E. Honesber ger, J. Rosenberg. Fourth row: M. McCormick, D Kumro, K. Baehr, M. Winter, J. Brucker, L. Winter SUPPLY OFFICE First row: L. Granke, Mr. Victor, P. Noody. CH ESS CLUB First row: K. Wolfe, R. Muck, K. Anderson, W. Bish- op, M. DeYoung. Second row: D. Kruschke, F. Houli han, D. Hoctor, R. Blickensderfer, Mr. Vossler. TICKET SELLERS First row: K. Tippett, P. Carroll, E. Keehn, C. Mat tioli, N. Corbett, G. Fox, G. Becker. Second row: M Riggio, K. Taylor, L. Cantie, P. Witkowski, B. Eld red, C. Bohn, D. Bucceri, C. Carges, R. Doktor VISUAL AIDS First row: H. Hartwig, B. Murray. Second row: Mr Eckerson, D. Kruschke, M. Miller. SENIOR INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB First row: D. Swader, C. Schoenwetter, M. Cummings H. Hartwig. Second row: Mr. Hollenbeck, B. Murray R. Baehr, P. Schoenwetter. JUNIOR INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB First row: S. Kwiatkowski, E. Berghorn, R. Swader B. Wilson, B. Richardson, W. Moleski, D. DeFries Second row: G. Schultz, R. Moore, R. Glena, J Goeseke, R.Kumro, R. Hammond, M. Best, Mr. Suttel Third row: G. Becker, K. Kasperek, D. Leeds, T Walker, C. Miller, F. Rebmann, D. Errick. SENIOR MODEL CLUB First row: R. Golpl, R. Swader, D. Stewart, W. Ritecz D. Lowder, K. Fry. Second row: C. Ciurzynski, D Schmigel, G. Becker, R. Brege, P. Schoenwetter Mr. Latko. Third row: H. Hartwig, M. Cummings, M Miller, C. Schoenwetter. PAT RUNS GOLD PATRONS THE BANK OF AKRON BUFFALO SHEET METAL, INC. C 84 E TELEVISION AND APPLIANCE CORBETT LUMBER AND BUILDERS DANDE FARMS COUNTRY CLUB, INC. SENIOR CLASS, T966 STUDENT COUNCIL WALES-STRIPPIT COMPANY SILVER PATRONS AKRON CLEANERS AKRON OIL CORPORATION - SWANSON CASSIOL CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, INC. COLD SPRINGS CONSTRUCTION COMPANY FORD GUM AND MACHINE COMPANY, INC. GEORGIA - PACIFIC BESTWALL GYPSUM DIVISION ROBERT E. KILLIP, JOSTEN'S, INC. BERT MESLER FORD, INC. NATIONAL GYPSUM COMPANY PERRY'S ICE CREAM COMPANY PIXLEY'S BELLS I.G.A. SUPERMARKET, INC. ROCHESTER BUTTON FACTORY SWEENEY CHEVROLET, INC. WHITING ROLL-UP DOOR SALES CORPORATION CLARENCE WIEDENBECK COMPANY, INC. 118 PRCFESSIONAL PATRCJNS Akron Agway Akron Greenhouse Akron Lumber and Builders Akron Lions Club, lnc. Akron Service Garage Akron Shopping Guide The Aladdin Shop Al's Barber Shop S. B. Anderson and Sons Bernhardt Funeral Home Beyser Building Products Blew Equipment Inc. Brackett Brothers R. F. Burchell, D.D.S. Carborundum Metals Ciametti's Barber Shop Corbett Brothers Concrete and Haydite Block Manufacturing Da-Ni Restaurant Easy-Coin Laundromat Eddie's Jewelers Excel Industries Dr. Stanley W. Feller Floyd Hitchcock, D.V.M. Howie's Barber Shop Insurance by Dye, lnc. J 81 l Supermarket Joe's Delicatessen Kelly's Alleys Kendall's Express, Inc. Glendon H. Klingelsmith, Kranz Koin Laundry Lawing Studio Millaine Kennel, reg. 0sborne's Oasis Pam-Rose Shoppe Park Lunch Restaurant Park View Beauty Salon Peterson's Drug Store Max Phelp's Dr. C. F. Phillips Renn and Ceisner Ross Funeral Home, lnc. Salvatore's Barber Shop Schoolhouse Gift Shop Shaw Wood Specialties, lnc Sherwood Hardware Stone's Drug Store Alex C. Smith, Inc. Ralph G. Stanbury Charles F. Taylor Insurance Fred E. Thomas, lnc. Tri-City Electric Company, Inc Village Liquor Store Yousey Farms PRIVATE PATRONS Ahbott's Akron Service Garage Jumpin' Joe and Sword-dancer John Capan Kathy and Sylvia Hotel Akron Pat and Peg Park Delicatessen Mr. and Mrs. Edward Allen Rohlr-Wynn Men's Wear Mr. and Mrs. Grover H. Bates Mr. and Mrs Willard Cummings Mr. and Mrs Ellsworth L. Brown Mr. and Mrs Benjamin DeYoung, Jr Mr. and Mrs Joseph Brusky Mr. and Mrs. Harold DeYoung MT- and MTS- HGIIFY CHFEBS Mr. and Mrs Michael George Miss Gertrude Churchill Mr. and Mrs John Hart, Jr. Mf- and MVS- JGFYY DFHYBI' Mr. and Mrs Robert M. Hutchinson Mr- and MIS- J0hlI ECKOFSOII Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Johnson MF- and MTS- ROUGH GHUIMS Mr. and Mrs Richard Kraatz Mf- alll! MVS Affhllf GENES Mr, and Mrs warm Mmm Mr. and Mrs Richard N. Groves Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Owen MiSS Mafilllll Hiflill Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Edmund Schmigel Earl Schubel C. P. Staeoell Dawson Stone Michael Zola Alice, Lin and Terri Debbie and Kim Fox and Mann Kathy Dylag and Kay Lorraine Greg, John and Paul Henri, Helen and Margaret Joyce, Lynne and Nancy Mr. Frank Helwig Mr. Richard Jenkins Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs l.lr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Harold Johnson George Martiny Jack Silvernail William F. Smith Theodore Stapleton Van Swift Thomas Walker Thomas Wetzen Mr. Albert Vossler Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Daniels BABY PICTURES 1. Paulette Martin 2. Joyce Flint 3. Marcia Joslyn 4. Margaret Truglio 5. Ken Pagels 6. Joyce Lawrence 7. Colette Reigle 8. Jerome George 9. Joan Spaeth 10. David Borden 11. Joe Bordonaro 12. Sylvia Schaller 13. Ben De Young 14. Karen Pawlick 15. Lynne Kraatz 16. John Walters 17. Greg Remington 18. Kathy Yousey 19. Mary Stanbury 20. Elsa Keehn 21. Judy Mann 22. Tom Hersee 23. Dan- ny Carroll 24. Brian Dickinson 25. John Hart 26. Carol Mattioli 27. Diane Wheeler 28. Peg Johnson 29. John Owen 30. Mahlon White 31. Terri Stone 32. Kathy Weaver 33. Nancy Robnett 34. Eileen Truax 35. Henrietta Blueye 36. Marilyn Leeds 37. Dale Hutchinson 38. Mike Socha 39. Betty Kwiatkowski 40. Pat Schmi- gel 41. Allan Black 42. Jim Battaglia 43. David Frey 44. Paul Schoenwetter 45. Laura Cummings 120 L i A X i r A v

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