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akronite, 1961 presented by the iournalism class of akron central school akron, new york cQ-edif0r5 business manager ruth brown, leon weaver click white assistant editor circulation managers i0CIl'Ifle ltellert ted stapleton, pat caputo foreword Moments to remember is the theme of the '61 AKRONITE. In this motif, we present pictures which We hope will stir the thoughts of Akron students in the future as they occasionally reminisce on the significant steps of their high school career. We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to the administration, faculty, staff, and all concerned for their cooperation and assistance in the production of this book. To the businessmen of Akron and vicinity, for their enthusiastic and generous support, we would also like to give a special word of thanks. alma mater Not a school in fact or fancy, With Akron can we compare. May her glory go on shining, May her days be fair. For the memories that Weill cherish, We'll always wish to be back. And where'er we go we'll ne'er forget Her orange and her black. i dedication In an effort to congratulate and thank one of the most qualified and capable members of the A.C.S. teaching staff, the Journalism Class proudly dedicates the 1961 Akronite to MRS. ELLSWORTH BROWN, wife, mother, teacher, and civic leader. Mrs. Brown is a graduate of Cuba High School, in Cuba, New York. She received her Bachelor of Arts de- gree in chemistry after the completion of four years of study at Houghton College and has done graduate work at the University of Buffalo. Mrs. Brown taught science at Friendship Central School after graduating from Houghton. Following her marriage, she taught part time at Pine Valley Cen- tral School and at Olean High School. Mrs. Brown also taught part time at Akron after moving here in 1950, and finally began teaching seventh grade social studies full time early in l954. She taught this subject four and a half years before taking over as biology instructor three years ago. Last year Mrs. Brown formed the Bi- ology Club here at school and this year has undertaken the teaching of advanced biology, a college level course open to a selected group of seniors. Besides her work at school, Mrs. Brown was the leader of the Senior Girl Scouts for eight years and is presently troop consultant for Akron. Mrs. Brown also teaches an adult Bible Study group at her church each Sunday. She is to be congratulated also, for her part in the founding and promotion of the Newstead Historical Society. Mrs. Brown is the wife of Mr. Ellsworth Brown and the mother of three children. Mr. Brown is the A.C.S. Director of Guidance. The children, Roger, Charles, and Nancy, are all graduates of A.C.S. Roger gradu- ated from Antioch College, married, and is now doing graduate and research work at the University of Chi- cago. Charles graduated from Ohio Wesleyan, married, and is presently teaching junior high science at South Euclid, Ohio. Nancy, a 1958 graduate of A.C.S., is in her second year of college at Houghton. Congratulations, Mrs. Brown. The Class ofl96l in memoriclm BRUCE MERRILL C1943-19605 And, when the stream Which overilowed the soul was passed away, A consciousness remained that it had left, Deposited upon the silent shore Of memory, images and precious thoughts, That shall not die, and cannot be destroyed. Wordsworth, The Excursion 4 ka Yxfnafbi Sim-,L ix Wu M-mwtxg ,. K, ?sgf.sgf75fQl-gjf i CI d mi n i 6 Q5 ff? mf any -kbs. MR. JUSTUS PRENTICE Jr.-Sr. High School Princural MR. EDWARD ALLEN Supervising Principal MR. VINCENT ESPERSON Elementary Principal BOARD OF EDUCATION-Row One: Mr. Roger Kraatz, Vice- Presidentg Mr. Arthur Charles, Presidentg Mrs. Louise Harrington, Clerkg Mr. Robert Kraatz. Row Two: Mr. Plimm Wittg Mr. Richard Forrestelg Mr. Norman Schleef. MR. STANLEY VICTOR MR. ELLSWORTH BROWN MRS. LTLLIAN LAESE Business Manager Guidance Director Elementary Supervisor ef , -F. 'Q-.9 Q. 1 ,M - :vt Wx 4 Q an Eid! Wav :S ri-l1,,5 ' zmlixzgf-,,':.e1 fe V 15? - g 1' sh H ' ,, W- 4- Q. --5 ,m a , " Q 155531 t 3 ff f ' QF 37,2 ,gig-Q wk ' i "Z 7 L .: -Tk: 3,5 ,ff,5, ff- .. Vt, - Q! f,kAR. ,,, - t S54 .3" f?i? K - 3 ggi . L 'Q ' 4 fn ' if W, Y , , 5 ,...W, ' ,,, P uw-v english and languages The A.C.S. English and Lan- guage Departments meet for a group shot. They are Mrs. Fran- cis Hoag, Mrs. Jeanette Burgel, Mrs. Caldwell, seated, and Mr. Roger Farr, Mr. Henry Su- stakoskig Mr. Lawrence Stock, Mr. Albert Vossler, and Mr. Walter Tomczak, standing. science Faculty members of the science department meet in the physics laboratory to hear Mr. Martiny explain one of the latest develop- ments in the world of science. Seated, from left to right, are Mr. Henry Carges, and Mrs. Gladys Brown. Standing are Mr. John Eckerson, Mr. Walter Roemer, Mr. Myro Dembrow, and Mr. George Martiny. mathematics Mr. Grover Bates meets with Mr. Leland Meyer, Mrs. Myra Stapleton, and Mr. Walter Roe- mer to confer on the math pro- gram at A.C.S. . 475 physical education and health Meeting together for a group shot are the members of the Health and Physical Education Department. Seated from left to right are Mrs. Janice Wil- liams, and Mrs. Lucille Bach- eller. Standing: Mr. Richard Jenkins, Mr. Thomas Wetzen, and Mr. Angelo Scappa. 'Q 4' Nj, VW' 'QT' sp-4 4.--Q AJ iff 46' rw. T If 'Q 'kv- -ss....,,w '-t X history Miss Nell Brown, Mr. James Monahan, Mrs. Harriet Fowler, seated, and Mr. Norman Hos- tetter, Mr. Richard Genor, and Mr. Frank Helwig, standing, meet in the library for an in- formal shot. . W! . . M, ,X Q-uv vocational The members ofthe A.C.S, Vo- cational Department, meet to- gether in the homemaking room. First Row: Mrs. Ann Ludwiclt. Mr. J. Melvin Hood, Mrs. El- len Brusky, Miss Gertrude Churchill. Stana'ing.' Mr. Rich- ard Rozelle, Mr. Richard Latko, Mr. Thomas Walker, Mr. Mar- vin Suttel, Mr. Leon Hollenbeck. pate in special services The faculty members who pro- vide special services for the A.C.S. students arc: Left to right, Mr. A. I. MacCoy, Miss Hazel Ellsworth, Mrs. Jean Stricker, Miss Elizabeth Berger, Mrs. Janet Morgan. wav- cart cmd music Members of the Music and Art Departments confer in the li- brary. They are: Left to right, Mrs. Nancy Groves, Mr. Jo- seph Valente, Miss Frances Ridley, Mr. Frank Columbus. elementary Three Akron kindergarten teachers are: Left to riglzi, Miss Dorothy Benson, Mrs. Helen Pentecost, Miss Lucia Churchill. elementary The sixth grade teachers at Akron are: Raw One: Mrs. Margaret Shepard, Mr. John Field, Mrs. Helen Shisler. Standing: Mrs. Dorothy Web- ster, Miss Anita Swyers. I L M Members of the faculty teach- ing fourth grade are: Seated: Mrs. Arlene Weeks, Mrs. Olive Shelly, Mrs. Louise Hume. Standing: Mrs. Viola Swarts, Mrs. Claudine Williams. 2, A Members of the elementary faculty are: Seated: Mrs. Isa- bel Stage, Mrs. Mardell Fix, Mrs. Mildred Wade. Standing: Mrs. Catherine Bates, Mrs. Moneda Hartzler. K' il WJ? 'Dir' fiff? Elementary second grade teach- ers are: Seated: Miss Maureen McEwan, Mrs. Sidney Russel. Standing: Miss Avis Wickwire, Miss Marjanne Townsend. Na it nr- E elementary Elementary first grade teachers are: Mrs. Joyce Ford, Mrs. Doris Gerber, Mrs. Margaret Blackmore. Standing: Mrs. Ei- leen MacCoy, Mrs. Eleanor Putney. Third grade teachers are: Seated: Mrs. Joanne Sweitzer, Miss Lucille Schafer. Mrs. Emma Gilbert. Standing: Mrs. Mildred Matteson. Mrs. Gladys Yocum. elementary Among Akron's special teach- ers are: Mrs. K. Charles, jr. high guidance direetorg Mrs. A. Esperson, elementary instru- mental teacher: Mr. T. Staple- ton. elementary instrumental teacher: and Miss C. Brown. elementary vocal music. - . .x lffxrr' R' x , fe? . 1 . , A ,. ef-3 4 .X -C s, w wt ' ' ' W" . Z .l -wa i fl ' 'N 7 "HI N if i X l .. 'J 335533 'chef 5 iffglg I P ' . I fsfigz' it "4 exft office staff Alxron's etlieient otlice stall' is comprised of the following peo- ple: .S'mrad.' Miss C. Mitlclaugh. Miss P. Clark. Miss H. Rehcr. Sftllltlllltl' Mrs. M. White. Mrs. C. Swain. Miss M. Green. Mrs. C. Becker. Among the Elementary School Faculty are: Mrs. J. Hessler. Mrs. E. Garvey. Mrs. Bach- man. Mr. Carl Sehleich. 9. Q . ,.,m'N'-by es. sf. ' r xxx. N-pa maintenance Ron' Uma' J. Blish. M. Ellis. J Ceseon. Row Two: V. Strong, H. Medole. J. De Simone. C' Cupornli. A. Weatherbee. C' Siverntiil. Run' Tlzrtftf: C. Mu tuselt. S. Mann. 5 , Y K 4 Q ,WW A . ' Ml t K 5- - ' H W V., Af g. "mv ' " 3 its YES? bus drivers Row One: B. Cope. L. Kopp H. Bable. J. Smalley. R. Hoste R. Pixley, M. DiI-uzio. Ron Two: E. Pohl. Ci. Wight. I. Coulson, R. Eldred. M. Barker F. Gerber. B. Long. li. Bates cafeteria staff The busy cafeteria stall' take time from their many duties to pose for za picture. Row Oma- M. Bow. L. Riggio. F. Zola. A. Lowder. H. Jonathan. C. Por- ter. P. Pingitore. E. Covel. L. Brightenficld. B. Weiler. F. Abraham. Row Two: B. Tow- ner. H. Medole. P. Straw. B. Zimmer. A. Dctthn. D. Lung, H. Goeske, I. Cinmmetti. A. Falsioni. F. Wyder, D. Huledki, F. Young. B. Schurr. M. Bow. -WW'-"ffiFs,1L..J , , rr 3 T M.. .V - Qi, in 'vu W., V-..,.m.,.,.. 5 I ,gb if sensors W? .M , 2 Ski .fir W 1 -viii fl EM ii ,mx 92 1 4225 1 f 1 w , T im , -. 512 21-11- 5 '-3.11 5? if: .f 4,- 325 all 721' 21' de -- 'Q"k' F P531 w Ti .gf"fz,x , ' .Ez n VS?-,W A , .?f3ief?1f'a. fiegfijff M 1 Am .Q f 51 hge WE: Y. ,Q 3.33 3, sr Wu. W, a wi JANE ASMUS Her very frowns are fairer Than the smiles of other maidens are. Members ofthe period 6 English IV class. QQ .M 332 il ,'-', s,'h" f!fff?f J,A: I I 'T I fin f L 5 . , 'lf irri 7 4 ff' K ,ff , EDWARD ALBRECHT BETTY BEDFORD Give the world the best you have Silence-a woman's best adornment. And it will come back to you. 16 CHARLES BABEL The quiet mind is richer X than a crown BONNIE BENTEEN Lose no time, be always employed in something useful. K ...Q ii JAMES BARTRAM Whatever one does, one should do With all one's might. X Q Q X DONNA BRACKETT A clever girl who turns g into little ones. reat troubles 'Q RUTH BROWN NORMAN BLOSSER NANCY CAMPBELL We think she'll make a good writing Sometimes I sit and think, Studies, wit and fun, niceness teacher, Other times Ijust sit. Wiseness,-all rolled into one. For she loves to make "eyes." 17 PATRICIA CAPUTO The distance is not great, from her head to her feetg but what there is of her, is indeed very sweet. JOHN BOHNHOFF MARJORIE CUMMINGS Do good and care not to whom. Fond gf fun as fgnd can bg, DANIEL CUMMINGS Youth is wholly experimental. l THERESA ECKERT LESLIE CUMMINGS Old friends are true friends to have at Smile darn ya, smile. your side. 18 CAROL GROVER BARTON ELDRED CYNTHIA GRUBER The most USCIGSS day Of all is that ill How pleasant is Saturday night, when Always happy, always free, always full which we have not laughed. l've tried all week to be good. of merry glee. Lee Weaver and Anita Keehn inspect Akron's Christmas Scene in the main hall. i MARY HARRINGTON Hurry, Mary, and bring with thee, laughter and youthful jollity. fX A.,.m-en'!!!""" .ima . to Qxxs 2 XXX wifi wus X we WX? 'EQ :k'. Y N ' .N N to we 'R JOANNE HELLERT She does the most and says the least of herself. Mr. Genor instructs a class of seniors in the new history class of- fered, Problems of Democracy. ROBERT FINGER It isn't your position in life, it's your disposition. LINDA HELLERT JAMES FOX A good flame is like 3 DfeCi0US Oifif- His mind proves all his thoughts ment. 20 'luv JEANETTE HUDOMINT JAMES GERBER ANITA KEEHN Why Hfefff they all C0f1iCH!Cd like me? There is no substitute for work. Doing easily what others find difficult is talent. W JEAN KELKENBERG Kindness is wisdom. .,4n9L,fff'f FREDERICK HAUN SHAREN KRAATZ Never trouble trouble until trouble Full of energy, dash and gog She's clif- troubles you. ferent from the rest you know. 21 f::E :H I -,QE-: fin 5 , Q EI. , .':5f.' .::f':: V WQA--WQQQQ U : , we WW. A .I5ffEI5E5"5Q3,f5,":5?f:..- , m,.w,W .W .. , 1. ,t .,.. l iagmgfggggtlwale . - A11 my if m y ,imma Wmmmwaman 5,w,sim1ismi,M..aM ,,,.:: Se, A k-,f ,,,,fwt Wmg,.maim,s f sw . , ftsa15,mw,i1s ,,.. 1: ,wg .1 ifmysm,aw,,.t X f, fi www .1amim,4mt,,.t - , 'Ht W Q U .fwzwwzw w mm, , ,gamut -f wma w fmgstmz 1 .. emma- ff mmtmn . V- - mzwflz 112 I. W :mg 1 1 ff--ff wgwza N 2 ,Q . F. gin L Q N ,t , , is I Q- 2 iiegtgiifi-1' Tas' ash 156551, F- , A, . fffwf- " "ii b VY' W5 5VT5ii5x.,ge':i.v2iv9: L Ag? 595 Qflglivw A .f-- ' A - 'L 'tlSwiswgQgXgg5,g.iaa2a1esi1a?lsi2t?2 FY YA 1 iemegwigum21m1fa,,.2,t1f, 9- . ., , . . . .. , ,. it 1MQw2,3m-21,fa,1 1f, mt i gg, 1.7 A, K .H 3 ' we-:-: Y -. is ' els ...Hz . . ta mgf'7Q5Wft"' n fais1f,g:s2'2gsL t -1 ' ' tg ,wwfetw ::w,,::52f5, A ,metazm fsiwfvswigig? m f .211 ,sag f " ww :ZIP . ,ifiiieiagiwiisif tf1ts2l111i?S?:z.,, '22-fm . .- gszgwf-ff-'tstt-f.f 1 :az.e1ixisQ:w- ,iw-Y GORDON KELKENBERG The blush is beautiful, JAMES JULIANO JEAN LINDKE Mighty good looking, mighty well liked Life is a jest and all things show itg And mighty unconcerned about it all. I thought so once but now I know it. but sometimes it is inconvenient. JUANITA LOGAN GERWALD KERN, EXCHANGE SHIRLEY MARKEK Her trademark is her smile. STUDENT B6 checked fOr Silence, A thousand friends suffice thee not. Never taxed for speech. 22 MARILYN MARTINY Charm strikes the sight But merit wins the soul. ROBERT KLEPAREK The deepest rivers flow wi noise. Members of the girls physical ed. class, period 6, enjoy a game of basketball. RUTH MAST th the least Straight and sedate yet fond of fun. 23 l W "'v.... MORLEY KRIEGER Coniidence is the companion of success. SHARON MEDOLE Mildness governs more than LAWRENCE LUCZAC Come what will tomorrow for I have lived today. VIOLA MOORE The rule of my life is to make pleasure a business, and business my pleasure. lv ELIZABETH PAGELS Love makes those eloquent that love it. 5'3- hu- nun...- 5 DAVID LUDWICK The fflllh, F10 matter Wh0 it hUftS Of Why should the devil have all the good harms. times. DONNA NEWMAN ALLEN NICE An angelic boyhood becomes a Sa- JENNIFER PENTECOST Life is my college, may I graduate with IHIIIC old. honors, 25 RICHARD OWEN Good comes down in the rain, and the crop grows tall-this is the country faith, and the best of all. Corky Robnett, Ed Albrecht, Jenny Pentecost, and Dick White during a practice for the Senior Play. GAIL PINGITORE STANLEY PARKER RUTH REBOVICH And her sweet disposition withstands The deed is everything, the fame is If you make the world smile you win all competition. ngthing. 26 SUSAN REMSEN GLENN RICHARDS CORDELIA ROBNETT Her smile is like the sun, ever bright Everyone is the architect of his own A bashful maiden, meek and mild, with and shines on everyone. character. ne'er a word or action wild. DAVID RICKWALT SHEILA ROESCH VAUGHN RUGG Pleasure and action make the hours Chats little but knows much. When you call me that, smile. seem short. 27 JUDITH SANDERSON THOMAS SCHLEEF PAM SCHUKRAFT Cheerfulness smoothes the way of life. His whole time is devoted to art. The early riser is healthy, cheerful and WILLIAM STANBURY Good, better, best, never let it rest, till your good is better, and your better best. industrious. JANE SURMA Honesty in little things is not a little thing. 28 THEODORE STAPLETON Brevity is the soul of wit. JOAN SURMA The good you do is not lost, though you forget it. Boys '4Ballet" class? ? ? JANICE SYLOR I'll walk where m be leading. 'va 15 56-f 'buf EUGENE SULIMOWICZ WINIFRED VAN PELL y Own nature would Worry and I have never met. There is nothing Worth winning but laughter and the love of friends. 29 IRVING SUNDOWN BARBARA WEBER CLIFTON TADIO An exception to the rule-that good On and on she smiled and he was Thinking in its higher forms is a kind things come in small packages. blessed. of poetry. What's the journalism class so giddy about? BARBARA WEILER There's no royal road to geometry. X RONALD TRINKL KATHLEEN WINSLOW RICHARD TRUGLIO I regret that I have but one heart to How that girl can playg we expect Living will teach you how to live better give to the ladies. she'll be giving organ lessons soon. than a preacher or a book. GEORGE WAGILE JAMES WAGNER GLEN WEAVER A little nonsense now and then There's time for work and time for Jack of all trades, master of none, is relished by the best of men. playg I'll take what comes my way. He'll make his mark when he settles on one. 31 LEON WEAVER BARBARA WITT RICHARD WHITE Gifted with fare IJOWCFS Of SPCCCII- A lovable girl with heart full sincere. Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, I've got a lot to do before I go. EDWARD WILLIAMS LINDA PRINTUP DAVID ZGODA RCHSOII is 1101 measured by Size 01' Life is what YOU make it- Not so much noisy, but far from glum, height but by principle. School without him would be less fun. 32 . I t '52-M X R1 5' va.. Z it -H-2-N. '-e tl, " senior class highlights In 1957-1958 the Class of 1961 held a record hop in the spring and served re- freshments at the Jr.-Sr. Prom. Mrs. Sylvia Cummin was the advisor. As Sophomores, the Class of '61 held a roller skating party and sponsored the annual Harvest Moon Hop. Under the advisorship of Mr. George Martiny, the Class sponsored the Harvest Moon Hop and presented two plays, "Who Murdered Whoj, and 'life O' the Party." The Class also sold refreshments at the baseball games. The prom "Some- where Over the Rainbow" was partly sponsored by the Junior class. Early in the year the class rings were purchased. As Seniors the Class of 1961 held the Sadie Hawkins Dance, sold Christmas cards and sponsored and presented the Senior play, "Cheaper By the Dozenf' Refresh- ments were sold at football, basketball, and baseball games. The Seniors also took care of the cloakroom. On May 19th the Jr.-Sr. Prom was held,"W0nderland By Night? The Seniors also held a Senior picnic and Senior banquet. 33 senior JANE ASMUS I Ticket sellers 1, 2, 3, 4, Jr. Girls Glee Club 1 , Sr. Girls Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Nurses Club 1, 2, 3, Jr. Red Cross 1 , Chi-Omega Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Student Council 3, 4, Student Council Treasurer 3, Sr. Cabi- net 1, Jr. Play 3, Sr. Play 4. JAMES BARTRAM Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Football 4, Industrial Arts Club 1, 2, 3, 4. ' BETTY BEDFORD Jr. Girls Glee Club 1, Sr. Girls Glee Club 2, 3, 4. BONNIE BENTEEN Jr. Girls Glee Club 1, Drama Club 1, Nurses Club 1, 2, Jr. Red Crossl, 2, Intramurals 1, Poster Club 1, Student Council 1, Folk Dancing 2. NORMAN BLOSSER Future Farmers of America 1, 2, 3, 4. JOHN BOHNHOFF . Intramurals 3, 4, F.F.A. 2, 3, 4, Varsity Chorale 4, Biology Club 4, "Plain and Fancy" 4. DONNA BRACKETT Jr. Girls Glee Club 1 , Sr. Girls Glee Club 3, 4, Varsity Chorale 4, Library Staff 2, Clinic Staff 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 1 , Baton Twirl- ers 3. RUTH BROWN I Jr. Girls Glee Club 1 , Sr. Girls Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Varsity Chorale 2, 3, 4, "Plain and Fancy', 4, Intramurals 1, 2, Future Nurses Club 1, Chi-Omega Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y Historian 3, Drama Club 1, Sr. Play Prompter 1, Sr. Play 4, Jr. Play 3, Monitors 3, Great Books Club 2, 3, Synchronized Swimming 2, 3, Ticket Sellers 3, 4, Student Council 4, Secretary of Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3, 4, Co-Editor of Akronite 4, Class Secretary 3, International Club 4, Chartered Organizations 4, Class Cabinet 4, Varsity Chorale Librarian 3, 4, Girls Hockey Club 1. NANCY CAMPBELL D Jr. Girls Glee Club 1, Sr. Girls Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Library Staff 2, 3, Library Staff Treasurer 3, Baton Twirlers 4, Sr. Play 4. PATRICIA CAPUTO 1 Transferred from Buffalo, Sept. 1958, Monitors 3, Library Staff 3, Library Staff Corresponding Secretary 3, Jr. Cabinet 3, Jr. Play 3, Sr. Cabinet 4, Student Court 4, Chi-Omega Hi-Y 4, Circu- lation Manager of Akronite 4. DANIEL CUMMINGS . Intramurals 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 4, F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, F.F.A. Vice President 4, Sr. Play,4. LESLIE CUMMINGS Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Poster Club 2. MARJORIE CUMMINGS , Jr. Girls Glee Club 1 , Sr. Girls Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Varsity Chorale 2, 3, 4, "Plain and Fancy" 4, Monitors 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 1, 2, Ticket Sellers 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Cabinet 1, 2, Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3, 4, Jr. Play 3, Sr. Play 4, Co-Edi- tor of A.C.S. Review 4, Foreign Exchange Student Committee 3, 4. THERESA ECKERT Jr. Girls Glee Club 1 , Sr. Girls Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 1, 2, Class Cabinet l, 2, 4, Chi-Omega Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Student Council 2, Chairman of Publicity Committee 3, Nurses Club 2, Clinic Staff 3, 4, Monitors 3, 4, Ticket Sellers 3, 4, Jr. Play 3, Co-Editor of Orange and Black. ROBERT FINGER Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, Track 3, 4, Class Cabinet 1, 2, 4, Yorker Club 1 , Camera Club 1, 2, Boys Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Chorale 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Court 3, Student Council 3, Jr. Play 3, Sr. Play 4, Marching Band 3, Biology Club 3, 4, P.A. Announcer 4. JAMES FOX Intramurals 4, Baseball 1, Track 3, 4, Jr. Boys' Glee. Club 1, Sr. Boys' Glee Club 2, 3, Sr. Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Trumpet Trio 3, Wood- wind Ensemble 4, Varsity Chorale 1, 2, 3, 4, "Plain and Fancy' 4, Advanced Biology Club 3, 4, Jr. Play 3. JAMES GERBER I Sr. Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Sr. Band Librarian 3, Marching Band 1, 2,.3, 4, Varsity Chorale 1, 2, 3, 4, Sr. Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Sr. Science Club President 3, 4, Sr. Science Club Student Council Represent- ative 2, Camera Club 1, 2, 3, Jr. Play 3 , Sr. Play 4, Science Con- gress Finalist 1, 3, National Honor Society 3, 4, Student Council 2, 3, 4, Student Council President 4, Audio-Visual Aids 3, 4, Woodwind Quintet, Orchestra 3, 4. CAROL GROVER . Jr. Girls Glee Club 1 , Sr. Girls Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Varsity Chorale 2, 3, 4, Monitors 1, 2, 4, Ticket Sellers 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 1-3 Class Cabinet 1, 2, 4, Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Jr. Play 33 Chl' Omega Hi-Y 4, Biology Club 4, "Plain and Fancy" 4, A.C.S. Review Managing Editor 4. CYNTHIA GRUBER Jr. Girls Glee Club 1, Sr. Girls Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Intramurals a 1, 2, 3, Poster Club 4. MARY HARRINGTON Jr. Girls Glee Club 1, Sr. Girls Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Varsity Chorale 2, 3, 4, J .V. Cheerleader 1, 2, Varsity Cheerleader 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Cabinet 1, 2, 3, Class Treasurer 1, 2, Student Council 1, 2, 3, Biology Club 3, Sr. Play 4, "Plain and Fancy" 4. FRED HAUN Intramurals 1, Swimming 2, F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, F.F.A. Reporter 4. JOANNE HELLERT Jr. Girls Glee Club 1, 2, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Monitors 3, 4, Great Books Club 3, Advanced Biology Club 3, Junior Play, Senior Play, "Plain and Fancy" 4, Chi-Omega Hi-Y 4, Journalism 4. LINDA HELLERT Jr. Girls Glee Club 1, Sr. Girls Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Varsity Chorale 2, 3, 4, Future Nurses 1, Chi-Omega Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y Secre- tary 3, Hi-Y Vice-President 4, Class Vice-President 2, Student Council 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Honor Society President 4, Princess of 1960 Prom 3. JEANETTE HUDOMINT Jr. Girls Glee Club 1, 2, Sr. Girls Glee Club 3, 4, F.H.A. 1, Li- brary Stall' 2, Intramurals 2, 3. JAMES JULIANO Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Boys Glee Club 1, 2, Varsity Chorale 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Cabinet 1, 2, 4, Class President 1, 4, Sr. Play 4, General Chairman Prom Committee 4. ANITA KEEHN Jr. Girls Glee Club 1, Sr. Girls Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Varsity Chorale 1, 2, 3, 4, Sr. Girls Glee Club Student Director, Sr. Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Woodwind Ensemble 4, "Plain and Fancy,' 4, Marching Band 2, Sr. Band Secretary 2, Class Cabinet 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Vice-Presi- dent 1, 3, Chi-Omega Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y Chaplain 3, Hi-Y Presi- dent 4, Jr. Play 3, Sr. Play, Biology Club 4, Biology Club Secre- tary-Treasurer 4, Co-Editor of Orange and Black 4. GORDON KELKENBERG Intramurals 2, 3, 4, Track 3, 4, Football 4, F.F.A. 1. JEAN KELKENBERG Jr. Girls Glee Club 1, 2, Nurses Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Jr. Red Cross 1, 2, Monitors 3, 4, Intramurals 2. GERWALD KERN fA.F.S.J Swimming Team 4, Sr. Boys Glee Club 4, Varsity Chorale 4, "Plain and Fancyi' 4, Student Council 4, Chess Club 4, Interna- tional Club 4, Class Cabinet 4. ROBERT KLEPAREK Industrial Arts Club 4, Intramurals 4. SHAREN KRAATZ Jr. Girls Glee Club 1, Sr. Girls Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Varsity Chorale 2, 3, 4, "Plain and Fancy" 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 1, 2,f, Water Ballet 2, 3, Chi-Omega Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y Secre- tary . MORLEY KRIEGER Intramurals 1, 2, 4, Football 2, Baseball 1, 2, Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4, Tennis 3, 4, Sr. Band 2, 3, 4, Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Camera Club 2, Student Court 1, 2, Biology Club 3, Sr. Science Club 4. DANIEL KURASZKIEWICZ Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Jr. Boys Glee Club 1, Sr. Boys Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Boys Glee Club President 1, Varsity Chorale 1, 2, 3, 4, Folk Dancing 1, Monitors 2, Class Cabinet 2, 3, 4, Class Vice- President 4, Camera Club 3, Jr. Play 3, Sr. Play 4, Advanced Biology Club 3, Marching Band 4, "Plain and Fancy" 4. JEAN LINDKE Jr. Girls Glee Club 1, 2, Sr. Girls Glee Club 3, 4, Varsity Chorale 3, 4, Jr. Red Cross 1, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 3. JUANITA LOGAN Library Staff 1, 2, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. 2, 4. DAVID LUDWICK Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 3, Tennis 2, Science Club 1, 2, Varsity Chorale 1, 2, 3, 4, "Plain and Fancy" 4, Class Cabinet 1, 2, 3, 4, Class President 1, 3, Jr. Play 3, Sr. Play 4, Prom Committee 3, 4, Indus- trial Arts Club 3, 4, Sports Editor for Akronite, A.C.S. Review, Orange 8L Black, and Tiger Times 4. SHIRLEY MARKEK Jr. Band 1, Sr. Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Sr. Girls Glee Club 4, Intramurals 1 , Jr. Red Cross 2, Library Staff 2, Marching Band 2, Monitors 4. MARILYN MARTINY Jr. Girls Glee Club 1, Sr. Girls Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Varsity Chorale 2, 3, 4, "Plain and Fancy" 4, Class Cabinet 1, 2, 4, Class Secre- tary 1, 2, 4, Student Council 1, 2, 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Moni- tors 1, Great Books Club 2, Chi-Omega Hi-Y 3, 4, Biology Club 3, Sr. Play 4, Synchronized Swimming 2. RUTH MAST Jr. Girls Glee Club 1 , Sr. Girls Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Chi-Omega Hi- Y 2, 3, 4, Future Nurses Club 1, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Advanced Biology Club 3, Chairman of Chartered Organizations Com- mittee 4. activities SHARON MEDOLE Jr. Red Cross 15 Future Nurses Club 1 5 Intramurals 35 F.H.A. 3. ELIZABETH MCGEEHAN Sr. Girls Glee Club 3, 45 Baton Twirlers 2, 3, 45 Folk Dancing 25 Monitors 2, 3, 45 Biology Club 45 Chi-Omega Hi-Y 4. VIOLA MOORE Jr. Girls Glee Club 1, 25 Sr. Girls Glee Club 45 Library Staff l, 25 F.H.A. 35 Clinic Staff 4. DONNA NEWMAN Alden Cheerleader 15 Alden Intramurals 15 Alden Sr. Choir I5 Alden Class Treasurer l 5 Alden Student Council 1 5 Sr. Girls Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Varsity Chorale, 3, 45 Intramurals 2, 3, 45 Cheer- leader 25 Jr. Play 35 Sr. Play 4. ALLEN NICE Intramurals 1, 3, 45 Jr. Boys Glee Club I 5 Sr. Boys Glee Club 2, 3, 45 F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. RICHARD OWEN F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 F.F.A. Treasurer 45 Class Cabinet 3. ELIZABETH PAGELS Jr. Girls Glee Club 1 5 Student Council 1, 25 Yorker Club 15 Intra- murals 1 5 Class Cabinet 1, 25 Camera Club 25 Camera Club Secre- tary 25 Baton Twirlers 35 Monitors 3, 45 Chairman of Sadie Hawkins Dance. STANLEY PARKER Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 45 Football l, 2. JENNIFER PENTECOST Jr. Girls Glee Club 15 Sr. Girls Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Varsity Chorale 2, 3, 45 "Plain and Fancy" 45 Intramurals 1, 25 Chi-Omega Hi-Y 2, 3,'45 Hockey Club 25 Synchronized Swimming 25 Biology Club 35 Sr. Play 45 National Honor Society 3, 4. GAIL PINGITORE Jr. Girls Glee Club I 5 Sr. Girls Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Varsity Chorale l, 2, 3, 45 Sr. Band l, 2, 3, 45 Intramurals 15 Cheerleader 25 Yorker Club I5 Synchronized Swimming 15 Marching Band 15 Class Cabinet 2, 3, 45 Jr. Play 35 Sr. Play 45 Biology Club 35 Biology Club President 35 Chi-Omega Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Co-Editor of Tiger Times 45 Prom Committee 4. LINDA PRINTUP Sr. Girls Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Library Staff 1, 25 Intramurals 35 F.H.A. 4. RUTH REBOVICH Jr. Girls Glee Club 15 Sr. Girls Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Varsity Chorale 2, 3, 45 Jr. Red Cross 15 Drama Club 15 Clinic Staff 4. SUE REMSEN Jr. Girls Glee Club 1, 25 Sr. Girls Glee Club 3, 45 Varsity Choir 3, 45 Jr. Band 1, 25 Sr. Band l, 2, 3, 45 Clarinet Quartet l, 2, 35 Yorker Club 15 Marching Band 1,2, 3,45 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Sr. Band Librarian5 Monitors 35 Jr. Cabinet5 Jr. Play Prompter5 Sr. Play Prompter5 Twirling 45 Plain and Fancy5 Woodwind Trio 4. GLENN RICHARDS Football I, 2, 3, 45 Track l, 25 Tennis 3, 45 Science Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Sr. Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Camera Club I, 25 Ticket Manager Jr. Play5 Ticket Manager Sr. Play. DAVE RICKWALT Intramurals l, 2, 3, 45 Football 2, 3, 45 Agriculture Club 15 In- dustrial Arts 2, 4. CORDELIA ROBNETT Orchestra 1, 25 Girls Sports 2, 35 Honor Society 2, 35 Internation- al Club 35 Yearbook 35 Guidance Monitor 35 Hi-Y 45 Senior Play 45 Student Court Clerk 45 Girls Volley Ball 4. SHEILA ROESCH Sr. Girls Glee Club 45 Freshman Cabinet Member5 Intramurals I 5 Jr. Red Cross 15 Great Books 15 Monitors 3, 45 Honor Society 3, 45 Honor Society Secretary 45 Jr. Play Prompter. VAUGHN RUGG Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 45 Industrial Arts 1, 2, 3, 45 Boys Glee Club 1, 2. JUDITH SANDERSON Jr. Girls Glee Club 1 5 Chartered Organizations Committee l5 Jr. Red Cross 15 Intramurals 1, 2, 35 Nurses Club 15 Camera Club 25 Camera Club Secretary 2. TOM SCHLEEF Intramurals, Volleyball 3, 45 Jr. Boys Glee Club I5 Sr. Hi Poster Club 2, 3, 45 Chess Club 25 Sr. Poster Club President. PAM-DARLENE SCHUKRAFT Jr. Girls Glee Club 15 F.F.A. I5 Great Books Club 25 Biology Club 35 Chess Club l,' 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM STANBURY , Intramurals 15 Football l, 25 Swimming 1, 25 Baseball 15 Tennis 25 Chess Club 2, 3, 45 Camera Club 1, 2, 35 Boys Glee Club l, 25 Varsity Chorale 3, 45 Biology Club 35 Jr. Play5 Jr. Class Cabinet 35 International Club 3, 45 Sr. Class Cabinet. THEODORE STAPLETON Tennis 25 Boys Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Science Club 15 Great Books 25 Ticket Seller 3, 45 Jr. Play Stage Manager5 Varsity Chorale 3, 45 Circulation Manager for Akronite. IRVING SUNDOWN Sr. Boys Glee Club l, 2, 3, 45 Varsity Chorale 2, 3, 45 "Plain and Fancy" 45 Librarian of Varsity Chorale 4. JANE SURMA Jr. Girls Glee Club 1, 25 Sr. Girls Glee Club 3, 45 Varsity Chorale 3, 45 "Plain and Fancy" 45 Class Cabinet 1, 35 Intramurals 15 Monitors 2, 3, 45 Jr. Play 3. JOAN SURMA Jr. Girls Glee Club l, 25 Sr. Girls Glee Club 3, 45 Varsity Chorale 3, 45 "Plain and Fancy" 45 Intramurals 15 Monitors 2, 3, 45 Class Cabinet 25 Jr. Play 3. JANICE SYLOR Jr. Girls Glee Club l, 25 Sr. Girls Glee Club 3, 45 Student Council 1, 2, 3, 45 Student Council Secretary 25 Student Council Jr. Vice President 35 Intramurals 15 Jr. Red Cross l, 25 Nurses Club l, 2, 35 Synchronized Swimming 25 Jr. Play 35 Jr. Red Cross 35 Jr. Red Cross President 35 Nurses Club 35 Nurses Club President 35 Monitor Captain 35 Supply Office 3, 4. CLIFTON TADIO Football l, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Baseball 25 Track 3, 45 Sr. Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Varsity Chorale 1, 2, 3, 45 Science Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Boys Glee Club 15 Biology Club 3, 45 Biology Club President 45 Class Cabinet 3, 45 Jr. Play 35 Honor Society 3, 45 "Plain and Fancy', 4. RONALD TRINKL Class Cabinet 1, 25 F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 F.F.A. Vice President 35 F.F.A. President 4. RICHARD TRUGLIO Intermurals 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 3, 45 Yorker Club 1, 25 Model Club 15 Industrial Arts Club 2, 3, 45 Chess Club 35 Class Cabinet 2, 35 Student Council 4. WINIFRED VANPELL Jr. Girls Glee Club 15 Sr. Girls Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Varsity Chorale 2, 3, 45 "Plain and Fancy" 45 Class Cabinet l, 2, 3, 45 Nurses Club I5 Intramurals l, 2, 3, 45 Synchronized Swimming l, 2, 35 Chi-Omega Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Great Books Club 25 Sr. Girls Glee Club Librarian 35 Varsity Chorale Librarian 35 Monitors 35 Biology Club 35 Hockey Club 3, 45 Student Court 45 Ticket Sell- ers 45 Jr. Red Cross 45 Co-Editor of A.C.S. Review 4. GEORGE WAGILE Sr. Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Jr. Boys Glee Club I5 Sr. Boys Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Varsity Chorale 1, 2, 3, 45 Brass Quartet 1, 25 Marching Band 2, 35 Sr. Band Vice President 35 Jr. Play 35 Biology Club 35 Sr. Play 45 'lPlain and Fancy" 4. JAMES WAGNER Football 2, 45 Intramurals 45 Industrial Arts Club l, 2, 3, 4. GLEN WEAVER Football 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Monitors 1, 25 Sr. Band l, 25 Intramurals 3, 45 Class Cabinet 3, 45 Sr. Play 4. LEON WEAVER Intramurals 1, 2, 45 Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 15 Track 35 Tennis 25 Jr. Boys Glee Club I5 Sr. Boys Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Var- sity Chorale l, 2, 3, 45 Varsity Chorale Manager 3, 45 Varsity Chorale Student Director 3, 45 Sr. Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Sr. Band Presi- dent 45 "Plain and Fancy" 45 Class Cabinet l, 2, 35 Great Books Club 2, 35 Jr. Play 35 Sr. Play 45 Prince of 1960 Prom5 Co-Editor of Akronite 4. BARBARA WEILER Jr. Girls Glee Club I, 25 Sr. Girls Glee Club 3, 45 Sr. Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Yorker Club 15 Synchronized Swim- ming 25 Chi-Omega Hi-Y 3, 45 Monitors 3, 45 Baton Twirlers 45 Sr. Play 4. RICHARD WHITE Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 45 Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball l 5 Boys Glee Club l, 25 Varsity Chorale I, 2, 35 Class Cabinet I, 2, 3, 45 Class President 2, 35 Business Manager of Akronite 45 Sr. Play 45 Prom Committee 4. EDWARD WILLIAMS Intramurals l, 25 Swimming 45 Model Club 3, 45 Science Club 3, 45 Jr. Play 3. KATHLEEN WINSLOW Jr. Girls Glee Club 15 Sr. Girls Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Varsity Chorale 3, 45 Sr. Band l, 2, 3, 45 Marching Band, l 2, 3, 45 Poster Club l, 2, 3, 45 Poster Club Secretary-Treasurer 45 Camera Club 3. BARBARA WITT Sr. Girls Glee Club 3, 45 Jr. Red Cross l, 25 Nurses Club l, 25 Nurses Club President 25 Monitors 3, 45 F.H.A. 4. DAVID ZGODA Jr. Boys Glee Club 15 Sr. Boys Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Varsity Chorale l, 2, 3, 45 Varsity Chorale Librarian 35 Varsity Chorale Secretary- Treasurer 35 "Plain and Fancy" 45 Folk Dancing I5 Class Cabinet 1, 2, 35 Science Club 15 Jr. Red Cross 1, 2, 3, 45 Jr. Play 35 Busi- ness Manager for A.C.S. Review 4. The Senior Play, under the direction of Mrs. Theodore Stapleton and Mr. Henry Sustakoski, was presented on December 2nd and 3rd, The name of the play was "Cheaper by the Dozenn and was written by Ernestine Gilbreth Carey and Frank Butler Gilbreth. The entire story takes place in the home of Mr. Gilbreth, an eiliiciency expert who is determined to make his family the most expertly trained, time-saving household, regardless of the conse- quences, in existence. He is doing this because of the realization that he does not have long to live due to a bad heart and he wants to make sure his twelve children will not be too much of a burden on his wife. The play ends with a touching scene in which the father explains all of his seemingly odd meth- ods of running a family. The Senior Class grossed over S400 and it was an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Father and Mother are shocked that their eldest daughter would class of 1961 senior play Members of the cast of "Cheaper by the Dozen" pose for a formal picture. Row One: M. Cummings, "Brandy," M. Harrington, L. Weaver, A. Keehn, J. Gerber, R. Brown, D. Newman, J. Juliano, D. Cummings, R. Finger. Row Two: Mrs. T. Stapleton, E. Albrecht, R. White, C. Robnett, J. Pentecost, D. Ludwick, C. Tadio, W. Van- Pell, G. Wagile, G. Pingitore, G. Weaver, Mr. G. Martiny. Row Three: M. Krieger, T. Stapleton, J. Asmus, M. Martiny, J. Hellert, S. Remsen, B. Weiler, N. Campbell, Mr. H. J. Sustakoski. Joe Scales CBob Fingerj leads a cheer as the Gilbreth children observe, unaware think of wearing the teddies that Father holds up for the whole Anne is caught cheating on an exam by Miss Brill and her Mother Gilbreth clan to observe. and Father. WE' 'St -'K midnight. sadie hcawkins dance The annual Sadie Hawkins Dance was held November 26, 1960 by the Senior Class in the Elementary School Cafeteria. Betty McGeehan was chosen "Daisy Maei' and Clifton Tadio as "Li'l Abnerf' '6Marryin' Sam" was Dick White and Danny Kuraszkiewicz portrayed "Divor- cin' Dan," Ken's Western Ramblers pro- vided the music. The gym was decorated with schmoos and other characters from the Al Capp comic strip. 1960 ir. - Sr. prom The theme for the 1960 Jr. Sr. Prom was 6'Somewhere Over the Rainbown and was reigned over by Queen Jane Remsen and King Ronald Shimmel. The Prince and Princess were Leon Weaver and Linda Hellert. The gym was dec- orated in pastel shades of blue, pink, yellow and green. The high- light of the decorations was a Linda Hellert and Lee Weaver were the Princess and Prince for last year's rainbow made out of angel hair. A marriage is being dissolved by Di- hlm off to Marrymg Sam vorcin' Dan at the annual Sadie Haw- kins Dance. prom. This page Courtesy of Bank of Akron, Main St., Akron, N. Y. Jvi, iEf?1Tkif5dlI'9wwwi-k - . ,I 1. Z.:-Tl: The Queen Uane Remsenj and the King CRonnie Shimmelj of the 1960 Jr. Sr. Prom were crowned at 12 00 1. baby pictures 4 Q 6 it 5 -ii +445 ,Ma-...ann--Y .- -fry " ,. :ajft Ai A 5,31 ' 4 1 ' 1 e .b ...Q 12.114 - 4 Q 4, :af MX .. lf....,q 16' H Wf1 if sfll 1. Cynthia Gruberg 2. Ron Trinkleg 3. Linda Hellertg 4. Pat Capulog 5. Betty Pagelsg 6. Jean Lindkeg 7. Ed Albrechtg 8. Irv- ing Sundowng 9. Jean Kelkenbergg 10. John Bohnhoffg 11. Dave Zgodag 12. Dave Rickwaltg 13. Sheila Roeschg 14. Nancy Camp- bellg 15. Donna Newmang 16. Betty McGeehang 17. Jim Foxg 18. Joanne Hellertg 19. Ruth Mastg 20. Pam Schukraftg 21. Sue Remseng 22. Donna Brackettg 23. Marj Cummingsg 24. Dan Cummingsg 25. Allen Niceg 26. Gail Pingitoreg 27. Jane Asmusg 28. Bob Kleparekg 29. Fred Haung 30. Richard Oweng 31. Win- .. 'S , f ' nh N 7.,,v-ff., I. t, 3. X ,, . V, 9 ll' .. ., 1 i Ke m, 3 M 52 .. ,i , u .. 'K 12': . wif My 5. 'a Q7 u-'Q ...Je we lv 3-aa 13 'xi X , ,S fgk, .4 I . ,,,. .bmi Q4 ' N.. , F M S . , -u 1 -L,,, XX x 46 'K sag may nie VanPellg 32. Dan Kuraszkiewiczg 33. Bonnie Benteeng 34. Mary Harringtong 35. Ruth Browng 36. Marilyn Martinyg 37. Morley Kriegerg 38. Sharen Kraatzg 39. Jack Weaverg 40. The Surma Twinsg 41. Anita Keehng 42. Lee Weaverg 43. Barb Wei- lerg 44. Bob Fingerg 45. Shirley Markekg 46. Judy Sandersong 47. Gary Kerng 48. Cordelia Robnettg 49. George Wagileg 50. Ted Stapletong 51. Juanita Logang 52. Carol Groverg 53. Ther- esa Eckert. This page Courtesy of Buffalo Sheet Metals Inc., 303 Central Avenue, Buffalo 6, N. Y ' 1 tx' 1. .v,gf.f . -' ,ff we .v I fs 41 '60-'61 I fo re I g n e x c h ca n g e d e yifgy gy Hi L , I M green, z:vAf' . . .,,.f :'i 4 L,L',1 B :" igfw-Au. ul L'AL'1h5 5 L", 1 it '. S "",.: Q' "" ' ""' W This year our foreign exchange student resided at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Glen Weaver. Members of this family are, Seated: Dr. Weaver, Gary, and Mrs. Weaver. Standing: Kathy and Jack Weaver. For the fourth year in a row, Akron Central School has partici- pated in the American Field Service program. Gerwald Kern, our foreign exchange student from Celle, Germany, is staying with Dr. and Mrs. Glen Weaver of East Avenue. The other members of the Weaver family are Jack and Kathy. In Germany, Gary lives with his parents, Wolfgang and Thea Kern, and his three brothers, Wilfried, Reinhard, and Hartmut. He attends the Hermann-Billung-Schule, which is a high school for mod- ern languages, mathematics, and science. Here at Akron Gary is studying problems of democracy, English IV, advanced algebra, trigonometry, American history, driver edu- cation, and typing. His activities include Varsity Chorale, Glee Club, International Club, Student Council, National Honor Society, Chess Club, and the Sr. Class Cabinet. Gary also participated in the musi- cal HPlain and Fancy." The whole school has enjoyed having Gerwald here for the year and all join in wishing him much success in the future. Members of Gary's real family in Germany are, Rein- hard, his mother Thea, Hartmut, his grandmother Ger- trude, his father Wolfgang and Wilfried. This page Courtesy of Ben DeYoung, Mechanic St., Akron, N. Y. Student host Jack Weaver and Gary are caught doing one of their household tasks. This page Courtesy of C. 84 E. Television and Appliances, Main Street, Akron, N. Y N-Mmm 45,3 W '-S: Row One: Left to right, D. Cope, M. Fahey, K. Kenton, K. Schleef. Row Two: J. Camp- bell, D. Dickenson, D. Giesler, M. Huth. Row Three: Mr. Rozelle, G. MacCoy, A. Leaf, L. Cummings, T. DeYoung, N. Sundown, R. Ro- zelle, C. Edwards, Row One: Left to right: L. Wheeler, G. Jones, J. Sundown, B. Witkop, S. Scotland. Row Two: Left to right: P. Deinhardt, S. Ewald, E. Pe- Queen, R. Glena, R. Cook. Row Three: Left to right: P. Babel, V. King, R. Campbell, R. Witt, R. Skye. Standing: Mr. Frank Helwig, L. Cowan, L. Cummings. O O I u n IO rs Row One: S. Cory, L. Bower, G. Hersee, A Perry. Row Two: C. Bitterman, R. Wronowicz, J. Roll, C. Espersen, G. Place. Row Three. E. Charles, S. Furminger, J. Wikar, P. Wik Standing: Mrs. Burgel, N. Abraham. it--...J Row One: J. Zimmer, M. Parker, J. Ceseon, L Peters, C. Sundown, D. Weipert, M. Long, A Riggio, B. Bower. Row Two: Mr. Walker, W Davis, R. Packman, E. Kozloski, B. Ceisner P. Teller, D. Harvey, K. Whitbeck, D. Tink- ham, D. Bower. sophomores Row One, sealed across: D. Hibbard, S. Klawer S. Ciurzynski, M. McLeod. Row Two: J. Poodry L. Glena, W. Enstrom, M. Edwards. Row Three S. Johnson, J. Ross, P. Klcparek, J. Woody. Row Four: M. McGeehan, N. Rosenberg, R Smith, G. Summe. Standing: Mrs. Brown, S. White, P. Aldred, A. Rader, N. Hessler. ,4 'Aff Row One: E. Hyder, B. Martin. Row Two: P. Yoder, M. De Young. Row Three: D. Cham- berlain, G. Hulbert, M. Tinney. Row Four R. Casseri, J. Mansell. Slanding, Row One: C. Sundown, C. Daguano, J. Schlcef. Standing, Row Two: Mrs. Caldwell, K. Fox, E. Hall, G Kent, C. Rudnicki, N. Markek, S. Truglio, J. Burdick, F. Nice, M. Yacger, R. Brahmer. ,fix A Row One: B. Pingitore, M. Schumacher, B. Par- ker, C. Niezgoda, J. Lombard. Row Two: B. Kleparek, M. Keller, V. Hinds, M. Groff, A. Gerace, A. George. Row Three: D. Frodin, L. Fotheringham, L. Prinzbach, H. DeFries, M. Chapman, J. Abraham. Standing: M. Pask, S. Sutton, W. Wilson, J. Place, Mr. Hostetter, D. Leeds. Nggd Row One: L. Medole, N. Reynolds, P. Moro- tchic, K. Errick, M. Wilson, G. Juliano. Row Two: D. Hudson, A. Printup, L. Clear, V. Wheat, P. Foster, D. Logel. Row Three: Mr. A. Vossler, D. Cheavacci, D. Aquino, D. Roco, H. Thunnell, R. Miller, D. Remsen, G. Rooney, B, Downey, S. VanBuren, L. Beyser. Row One: M. McConkey, A. Printup, B. Ra- duns. Row Two: P. Giesler, J. Goesek, L. Logel, R. Kelkenberg, R. Kubis, R. Parker. Row Three: J. Cummings, P. Doxtader, J Esperson, E. Geagles. Row Four: G. Abrams S. Becker, D. Bucceri. Standing, left to right J. Blickensderfer, G. Baehr, J. Cummings, A Carroll, J. Zurlo, A. Flor, Mr. J. Monahan, L. Zimmerman, C. Yousey, L. Swertzer, D. Teh- waldt, D. Shearman, M. Schmigel, Absent: T. Prinsbach, D. Johnson. freshmen Row One: M. Johnson, C. Smith, W. Glena, J. Drachenberg, J. Honsberger. Row Two: G Behe, M. Mansell, C. Campbell, D. Coulson, D. Schultz. Row Three: D. Lindke, E, Bed- ford, G. Bedford, L. Bedford, J. Bednar. Stand- ing: K. Wagner, Mr. W. Tomczak, B. Stevens, R. Rosenberg, J. Matusek, H. Finger, M. King, R. Fotheringham. .1 4 V I .31 It .il I I ,V 5' ' . . ..,,,, . . gS1w,'-...gg, gg 'fr 7? ff. g, , , , - V fag 1 Urn 5 X . ':"'x. -TEV.. " , ., I 'Q V... .Q ' A S' W . f S ""'-r-ef, if .fy uf rf if E ,, ,Q we l. , is ' lf af' J :gal f ,.,, i ef .. eee. 8 Q. . Y I rl, K. .K :,.VQ' if. . 'we YT fs 5 :1 My ' 'S ',-: 4--M-1 ...., .41 .5 .. ' Y. ,'., . - , . i .... 4 iii . t 2 f I 4 U , 1. A .. - , 34 . Row One: Left to right: J. Brand, S. Trinkl, G. Bitterman, M. Pafk, A. Cummings, R Grover, C. Walters, B. Bruning, M. Marioni R. Schukraft, A. Frodin, J. Asmus, R. Yaeger. Row Two: R. Rodgers, L. Babel, J. Furminger K. Kasperek, S. Dickenson, M. Gibbs, C Reese, S. Tryon, K. Kelly, R. Groff, D. Ra- duns, D. Kozloski. Row One: J. Flint, G. Iago, D. Lombard, D. Pokorski, D. Bedford, G. Babel. Row Two: J. Grifhths, H. Snyder, J. Bero, P. Rosenberg, L. Logan, J. Cory, B. Hartranft. Row Three: D. Zimmer, L. Mietz, C. Drachenberg, B. Mac- Coy, B. Houlihan, D. Finger, R. Graybeal, S. Smith, D. Black, N. Kinney, R. Yaeger, K. Nanni, Miss Churchill. .silislf?llg1..1fs.gl55sE Q?sv tif' .,... W. 'mime .e .. '-'fW'i31aESw?M salem.. .. .1 Row One: Seated: C. Walker, H. King, S. Snell, L. McCoy, L. Schultz. Row Two: Mrs. A. Ludwick, S. Cummings, D. Wronowicz, S. Thomas, B. Curphey, P. Hinds, L. Foster. Row Three: J. Bartel, R. Marble, P. Wheat, D. Jemison, J. Berry, J. Willard, D. Fix, R. Swa- der, G. Cummings. eighth Row One: N. Keller, C. Kyser, L. Moleski, M. Mansell, J. Kaufman. Row Two: D. Er- rick, D. Niezgoda, T. Houlihan, G. Jufer, J. Rebrovich. Row Three: B. Rosenberg, D. De- lelys, A. Nicometi, J. Stilka, D. Caporali. Standing: D. Husing, J. Dean, B. Witkowski J. LaRocca, J. Edwards, M. Ground, Mrs. F. Hoag, V. Rugg. Row One: R. Lewis, L. Firich, M. Carlo, S. Nice. Row Two: H. Blueye, K. Blish, W. Matusek, E. Lang. Row Three: L. Bettio, K. Pagels, D. Roblee, R. Daguano. Row Four: R. Fisher, M. Weiler, R. Kwandrans, J. Ca- puto. Row Five: P. Cummings, G. Baehr, D. Ellsworth. Standing: R. Parker, L. Meininger, K. Sulimonicz, M. Fotheringham, D. Bern- hardt, J. Clary, B. Pask, K. Lindke, Mr. M. Dembrow. Row One: J. Tillinghast, B. Abrams, E. Huth G. Bower, G. Deahn. Row Two: M. Fahey D. Grundas, L. Hoffman, K. Meyer, J. Kle- parek, S. Lutz. Row Three: K. Daniels, P Reese, C. Parker, S. Troyer, D. Wheeler. Stand- ing: D. Chapman, J. Moore, R. Wilson, P Wagner, K. DeFries, G. Cescon, L. Moses G. Sundown, J. Young, Miss N. Brown, G Kumro. Absent: M. Krieger. Row One: D. Montville, S. Weber, P. Brege, M. Cummings, C. Tooke, J. Kelley. Row Two: D. Baich, T. Stapleton, N. Everett, C. Totten. Row Three: F. Jago, J. Heller, T. Lippant, W. Pafk, J. Ciurzynski. Standing: W. Kaise, J. Swader, C. Mecklenburg, S. Tippett, L. Abra- ham, E. Kwiatkowski, M. Leavitt, R. Kedyier- ski, T. Biernacki, G. Mann, T. Hibbard, N. Van Buren, Mr. Stock. seventh Row One, Front To Back: S. Klingelsmith, J. Flint, J. DiLuzio, J. Bordonaro, D. McCor mick. Row Two: C. Riegle, J. Spaeth, T Stone, P. Schoenwetter, J. Skellon. Row Three J. Kotharski, K. Weaver, K. Yousey, L. Neu roth, C. Schurr. Row Four: P. Mello, D. Wolfe D. Borden, S. Lattimer, J. Caldwell, S. Rey nolds, T. Van Buren, C. Bedford, F. Babel, C Crane, T. Hersee, J. Walter, M. Kingsley, A. DeYoung, Mr. Roger Farr. Row One: M. Drachenburg, C. Hogue, C Fink, M. Stanbury, P. Johnson. Row Two: K. Litfin, M. Hoifman, J. Hartzler, S. Schaller R. Cherry. Row Three: W. Bishop, L. Hurne, E. Buckley, E. Kittleson. Row Four: J. Schle gal, K. Wolfe, J. Snyder, S. Bartlett, S. Poodry M. Steves, T. Bartrum, D. Swader, L. Kraatz B. Dickinson, M. Brege, N. Poodry, R. New man, R. McLeod, Mrs. Harriett Fowler. ei g hth Row One: D. Behe, F. Martiny, M. Hutchinson R. Hollenbeck, D. Campbell. Row Two: A. Den- ton, L. Parker, D. Menns, A. Overholt, A. Odell J. Cummings. Row Three: J. Remsen, D. Rib- beck, D. Shearman, E. Wilson, G. Grabbenstat- ter. Row Four: B. DeYoung, J. Fiegcl, S. Ball, C Bitterman, H. Harvey, R. Ciurzynski, A. Edmis- ter, Mrs. Smith. Absent: E. Cummings, S. Fry J. Keller, B. McGregor. Row One: J. Baker, M. Edmister, J. Fisher, C. Hall, L. Kinney, H. Laese. Row Two: L. Casseri, F. Clark, J. Clark, B. Clear, L. Cum- mings, R. Davis. Row Three: C. Balch, A. Black, V. Bower, S. Brucker, M. Carmer. Row Four: Mr. L. Hawkins, C. Mattioli, N. Rob- nett, A. Zola, P. Luketic, B. Murray, C. Reiuke, H. Schultz, C. Yoder, M. Truglio, J. Owen, D. Schubel, M. Steves, G. Doctor, M. Welsh. jv,,,,.f- .4 . 9 seventh Row One: E. Keehn, M. Joslyn, F. Kingsley, F. Lega, D. Straw. Row Two: M. Socha, J. Kroening, L. Rosenberg, P. Schmigel, A. Wise- man, J. Cherry, T. Yoder, D. Hutchinson. Standing: J. Lawrence, B. Lindke, T. Carrol R. Ball, L. Babiarz, K. Glomb, G. Ceisner, D. Abrams, S. Ewald, J. Hart, D. Richardson, T. Newcomb, D. Lelsing, D. Skiff, M. Laurid- son, M. Lathrop, Mr. H. Carges. v ff! -9' was sixth Row One: C. Burchell, D. Doxtader, H. Finger, E. Lacse, K. Burke, P. Carroll. Row Two: V Sundown, S. Swift, C. Pesaneschi, P. McLeod, P. Wheat, W. Ludwick, P. Bernier. Row Three: L. Granke, H. Printup, J. Kwandrans, P. Noo- dy, R. Fisher, M. Clark, R. Bedford. Row Fomz' A. Abraham, B. Schoenthal. C. Schwartz, M. Cummings, T. VanBuren, C. Keppler, W Bradley. D. Hoeman, W. Groff, D. Abraham, L. Roll, Mrs. H. Shisler, K. McCoy. Absent: K. Haas. ,gs ,..--'1 Row One: B. Geracc, P. Martin, P. Grofl', F. Holecki. Row Two: L. Johnson, H. Hcrwick, M. Jumper, D. Lindke. Row Tlzrce: J. Logan, M. Leeds, J. Mann, M. Pafk. Row Four: W. Robin- son, C. Schoenwettcr, B. Schultz, K. Stabell. Row Five: M. White, E. Kwiatkowski, J. Youscy. Standing: R. Blickensderfer, B. Durski, D. Frey, G. Bell, J. George, M. Abraham, T. Campbell, K. Baker, C. Alhcri, Mr. Roemer. Row One, Front To Buck: K. Minns, C. Wolt- ers, L. Cummings, R. Wyder, M. Staebell, J Susfolk. Row Two: R. Brcge. R. Grant, P Ford. D. Mandolene, S. Sweitzer, J. Burd, D Scotland. Row Three: T. Lederhouse, H. Hart' wig, J. Bartram, A. Cantie. D. Criswell, B Doctor, J. Hawes. Smnding: D. Wicdman, K Roblee, S. Huth, A. Black, R. Baehr, C. Bohn G. Dieterle, M. Roberts, Mr. J. Fields, F Lowdcrg Mr. M. Murray. Alzsenls B. Parker, D Witkop, P. Lewis, R. Jamison. Row One, Front to Back.' L. Lester, L. Lloyd, M. Logan, M. McCormick, G. Owen, E. Park- er. Row Two: B. Eldred, A. Groff, S. Groff, M. Halecki, S. Hoste, C. Kopacz, M. La Rocca. Row Three: J. Bitterman, J. Babel, J. Bower, D. Bucceri, T. Coughlin, K. Covert, S. White. Row Four, Front to Back: G. Schultz, R. Ribbeck, D. Wight, J. Stanley, D. Pogel, S. Wands, K. Poodry, F. Wronowicz, L. Pierce, L. Webster, Mrs. K. Webster, M. Rood. lffh Standizzg, Front to Back: K. Brahmer, K. Wa- gile, J. Hollenbeck, B. Corbett, S. Cummings, Miss Ziebarth, cadet, L. Draper, Mrs. Wade, K. McLeod. Row One: S. Zimmerman, J. Finch, C. Sutton, A. Lashway, K. Pawlick. Row Two: M. Brust, J. Keller, M. Muggelberg, S. Pagels, R. Roesch, M. Porter. P. Kyser. Row Three: D. Dietz, J. Lawrence, K. McLeod, S. Blish, S. Lattimer, J. Smith. Row Four: M. Riggio, M. Schukraft, L. Klingelsmith, M. Neizgoda, C. Kubis, N. Sutton. sixth Row One: J. Hessler, D. Enstrom, D. Kruschke, M. Hammond, K. Hudson. Row Two: G. Pafk, D. Blackman, R. Muck, K. Deinhardt, J. Trig- ilio. Row Three: M. Rudolph, F. Houlihan, S. Blueye, B. Goeseke, M. George. Standing: J. Feldman, K. Tippett, H. Rosenberg, K. Reinke, D. Ritecz, P. Mast, Mrs. Shepard, D. Harvey. Row One, Front to Back: M. Johnson, E. Bed- ford, T. McNutt, M. Miller, R. VanBuren, W. Asmus. Row Two: D. Kuraszkiewicz, T. Welsh, V. Ground, P. Skye, D. Sundown, L. Frier. Row Three: S. Maida, S. Montville, K. Miller, M. Schwartzmeyer, D. Totten, T. Whiting. Row Four: J. Bower, D. Reigle, M. Zimmer- man, M. Winter, P. Wagner, D. Cummings, N. Bruning, P. Terry, R. Brucker, K, Hauser, R. Rosenberg, P. Mirrone, C. Carges, Miss Anita Swyers, B. Glomb. Absent: P. Parker. lfth Row One: K. Borden, R. Moore, T. Przybos N. Carroll, L. Cantie, D. Schultz. Row Two. K. McGreggor, J. Rizzard, A. Kasperek, A Granzow, H. Doctor, D. Leeds, J. Mandolene a J. Abraham. Row Three: B. Parker, R. Whit- ing, D. Pask, M. Noody, C. Miller, K. Brun- ing, R. Grant. Row Four: B. Newman, W. Brege, R. Fisher, D. Altrogge, W. Swader, P Haas. Row Five: E. Behe, C. Bil, W. Terry, K. Fry, S. Bassanello, W. Tooke, D. Errick A. Covel, P. Witkowski, A. Swimline, Mrs. Bates, S. Begiers. Absent: A. Klawer, D. Cas sell. Row One: D. Gallo, M. Staebell, B. Eckert, T. Lauridsen, S. Dickinson, M. Brauen. Row Two: A. Forrestel, D. Prentice, S. Steiner, J. Odell, R. Mecca, G. Stone. Row Three: R. Zimmerman, S. Ceisner, W. Young, C. Strat- ton, K. Fiegel, S. Olson. Standing: A. Uljanov, C. Lathrop, K. Bordouavo, J. Wilson, J, Ecker- son, J. Fahey, R. Doktor, Mrs. M. Fix. Absent: P. Hibbard, B. Martiny. Row One: B. Feldman, S. Clark. L. Hartwig B. Cowan, H. Russell. Row Two: F. Ground G. Becker, S. Geddes, G. Wetmore, T. Swift L. Ottaviani, P. Ranney. M. Wilson. Ron Three: M. Scrogg. R. Rehwaldt, S. Rhodes, N Baker. J. DiLuzio, B. Totten, M. Witkowski Mrs. Stage. Row Four: R. Keppler, J. Griffiths D. Reuben, R. Hammond. J. Krieger, J. Logan R. Kumro. Smtzding: J. Socha, G. Plueckhahn W. Moleski. R. Snell, S. Walters. M. Sundown M. Cummings. Row One: T. Golpl. J. Remsen, G. Jones, R Blickensderfer, V. Ribbeck. Row Two: C. Bur chell, J. Kostanciak, M. Best, R. Berry. E Reeb, T. Walker. Row Tlzree: N. Parker, A Kelkcnberg, D. Cory, C. Doxtader, P. Dean D. Clark, J. Steves. Row Fonr: T. Kaiser, B Sehuler, P. Seeley, H. Bedford, B. Skye, M Davis. L. Roll. Standing: L. Garrod, R. Glena J. Mello, J. Goeseke, W. Hawes, R. Zurlo, T Baehr, D. Mirrione. W. Freeman, Mrs. M Hartzler. J. Brucker. Row One: R. Bartram, S. Cummings, L. l-lill, F. Wetmore, F. Koons, K. Fry. Row Two: J. Keller, M. Roggen, J. Olszcwski, P. Zola S. Swiatowy, R. Swader, D. Rodgers. Row Three: R. Skellon, R. Golpl, J. Miller, F. Cowan, G. Parker, W. Keppler, B. Swiniarski. Smnding: M. Hanson. L. Wronowicz, S. Kwiat- kowski, B. Cummings, B. Yousey, B. Socha, C. Williams, E. Reuben, B. Jago, P. Witkowski Mrs. A. Weeks, S. Brant. a a Row One: B. Richardson, K. Weiler, M. Hartz- ler, S. Jemison, D. Schmigel. Row Two: M Bordonaro, J. Mattioli, D. Martin, J. Hume, R Fisher, T. Fenton, J. Jameison. Row Tlireo. J. Capan, P. Milani, W. Ritecz, S. Kraatz, D McLeod, E. Wolak, P. Feagles. Row Four: N. Eckerson, D. Cummings, G. Staebell, L Spears, P. Overholt, C. Walker, S. Babel, K. Feldman, D. Stegman, M. Pacer, Mrs. C. Wil liams. fourth Row One: A. Foster, T. Troyer, L. Jacobsen L. Plueckhans, R. Remsen, R. Mack. Row Two: C. AlFieri, T. Stuber, D. Lowder, D. DeFries, L. Bishop, C. Enstrom. Row Three: B. Truax, M. Schleef, D. Covel, W. Freiep, D. Pafk, B. Cummings. Row Four, Front to Back: B. Hol- lenbeck, D. Moore, B. Groff, L. Groif, N. Parker, K. Hoste, E. Honsberger, D. Swim- line, J. Keller, G. Cummings, K. Denton, Miss O. Shelly. x Row One: M. Hart, C. Lashway, S. Lowder, A. Corbett, L. Shaefer, K. Baehr. Row Two: W. Bil, M. DeYoung, C. Netzley, D. Dietz, C. Eason, B. Wilson. Row Three: B. Roberts, P. Smith, B. Bartrum, D. Minns, C. Geyser, K. Rudolph. Row Four: C. Abrams, J. Rosen- berg, R. White, D. Pogel, J. Schumacher, E. Muck, K. Anderson, Mrs. Swartz, J. Bitterman. -Y--if 1 94 7 fourth Row One: R. Hass, D. Hudomint, T. Groff, P. Balch, B. Doctor, J. Lloyd. M. Logel. Raw Two: Y. Grabbenstatter, L. Winter. J. Keller E. Berghorn, D. Leavitt, D. Swartzmcyer, S Alfieri, Mrs. L. Hume. Row Tlireef M. Wag ner. C. Ciurzynski, V. Sword, C. Rosenberg H. Pechuman, A. Mattei, J. Holtz, C. Lindke Smrm'ing.' N. Kaiser, L. Peck, B. Powell, M Brege. Cv. Schultz, J. Furminger, D. Kumro Mr. L. Mathews. AIISFIIIJ R. Kelly, D. Cald- well, K. Parker. Row One: S. Blake. L. Sy, K. Pawlick. K. Leavitt. D. Altrogge, C. Moleski. Row Two. A. Stapleton. C. Gibbons. S. Wands, M. Brun- ing. J. Bower, C. Parker. Row Three: J. Free- man, D. Hart, L. Ruben. C. Logan, S. Parker, F. Clear. Smzidirzg: R. Seifert. L. Weaver. T. Richardson. R. Mecca, D. Edwards, L. Feagles M. Ribbeck. T. Blacklock. K. Ewald, Mrs. J. Turk. S. Walker. rox BOOKS third Rim' Uma' T. Yousey, B. Glomb, D. Johnson C. Ritecz. B. Conibear. M. Wik. Row Tim R. Schafer. P. King. D. Bluhm. S. Baker, D Cummings. D. Ribbeck. Row Tlm'v.' R. Spaeth li. Winter. K. Finger. A. Kopacz. P. Noody R. Abrams. Row Iffmr: li. Stanley. R. Fisher D. Blackman. R. Mugglcberg. R. Asmus. R Pechuman. P. George. C. Abrams. F. Giertz Mrs. Schaeffer. B. Lindke. Alw.s'wz!: C. Childs A. Keller. S. Waketield. Run' Una: E. Hill. l.. Bradley. M. Clark, M Houlihan, C. Russell. C. l-'urmingeix Ron 'I'wn: J. Luketic. P. Reeb. D. Jones. B. Grotl R. Borden. P. Battaglia. Row Tlzrvtu' T. Maida N. Cope. D. O'DeIl. D. Bow, J. Schrock. J Burke. P. Kazody. Row Four: J. Whitbeck. J Johnson. B. Gerstung. K. Schultz. J. Geddes C. Zimmerman. D. Kumro. R. Speder, J. Brock- way. Mrs. Matteson. Q Row One: D. Stone, R. Webster, N. Finger, J. Abraham, B. Betzold, M. Mansell, R. Hutch- inson. Row Two: L. Bettio, E. Parker, N. Johnstone, D. Willig, G. Bernier, L. Speder, M. Hartl. Row Three: A. Claude, R. Clark, S. Kowalik, T. Arnold, M. Downey, F. Vaughan. E. Forrestel. Smnding: E. Praprost, M. Renolds, M. Springer, A. Bower, K. Hauser, A. Dickinson, J. Parker, D. Krupski, M. Blake, R. Seeley, Mrs. E. Gilbert. .... Row One: J. Abraham, G. Granke, G. Seifert, M. Fisher, E. Webster, N. Kedzieski, J. Carges, D. Swiatowy, D. Swiatowy. Row Two: J. Kos- tanciak, S. Martin, P. Lega, A. Keller, C. Winter, V. Johnstone, A. Ground, B. Garrod, K. Walker, B. Lloyd. Row Three: N. Smith, R. Schultz, N. Roll. C. Rosenberg, S. Leeds, M. Hoehman, E. Lowell, D. Plueckhahn, M. Ribbeck, J. Kress, D. Fink. Standing in zhe rear: Mrs. M. Townsend. thhd Row One: S. Holovics, R. Fry, D. Pixley, L Hofmeier, B. Nehrboss, D. Baich. Row Two L. Ribbeck, M. Haas, D. Mecklenburg, B Watts, G. Smith, R. Regan. Row Three: J Lockhart, M. Ribbeck, J. Cassel, D. Reuben K. Babel, C. McGregor. Row Four: B. Bower J. Guizzotti, B. Borden, J. Moleski, K. Lash- way, P. Swain, J. Schumacher, M. Schoenthal G. Stanley, R. Bedford, R. Kelkenberg, R Steiner, E. Werner, Mrs. Gladys Yocum, N Kraatz. second Row One: T. Lotz, B. Hart, J. McCollister, R. Withauer, D. Baich, D. Laycock, M. Bas- sanello, W. Skye. Row Two: D. Caldwell, N. Ceisner, D. Koons, G. Ribbeck, M. Lieb M. Forrestel, C. Cantie, C. Garrett, P. Moodyl Row Three: B. Nehrboss, J. Lowell, M. Par- zych, R. Whiting, J. Mann, C. Peck, T, Blish, H. DeLelys, R. Feldman, M. Uljanov, W Markek. Row Four: Miss M. McEwan. 1' - I S 1 A it IM. S7 .2 L. second Row Ona: L. Wik, N. Fisher, D. Lauridsen, W. Rooney. E. Rizzard. J. Golpl, M. Midecke R. Wolfe. D. Lowder. Row Two: B. Parker, N. Bil. li. Houlihan, T. Cummings, D. Pask S. Walker, S. Parker, S. Bishop, L. Schoenthal T. Horner. Row Three: D. Jones, C. Crane M. Jalitus. W. Tippet, K. Swiniarski, R. Leising D. Ottaviani, W. Sy, W. Waldorf, T. Schubel, L. Smith. Row Four: Mrs. Russell. Row One: J. Brege, P. McConkey, B. Eason, M. Scrogg, D. Tice, D. Gerstung, R. Swader, J. Regan. Row Two: D. Lowder, M. Wideman, N. Leavitt, P. Enstrom, B. Weaver, S. Kelly, L. Stanley, C. Bruning, P. Poodry. Row Three: D. Sowinski. S. Bedford, L. Pask, L. Werner, J. Ribbeck, N. Holtz, B. Fahey, P. Burdick, N. Reuben, Miss A. Wickwire. Row One: K. Hartman, S. Dye. W. Weidel J. Burt. D. Dietz. D. Spears. L. Golpl, B. Cris- well. Row Two: L. Bordonaro. K. Karcher L. Pask. A. Printup. R. Weiler. I. Stanley T. Schumacher, P. Montville, S. Mattioli. Row Three: M. Zola, P. Keppler, M. Duguay, R Yousey, K. Krusche, D. Green, M. Honathan C. Colopy, B. Litfin, Mrs. Eva Harpst lSub. teacher for S. Ogdenj. XJ first Row One: S. Niezgoda, S. Flanders, J. Mattei, J. Capan, J. Wideman, N. Ground, K. Roggen, J. McCollister. Row Two: M. Cummings, L. Bedford, H. Hessler, A. Lauridsen, J. Downey, M. A. Skomski, S. Klehn, G. Weiler, C. Brust, C. Ribheck. Row Three: D. Green, C. Glena, N. Brunner, G. Abrams, D. Stegman, R. Tiedt, J. Laffosse, B. Bower, R. Robnett, R. Kress, K. Orzel. P. Feldman. Row Four: Mrs. M. Blackmore. 1 WWE W5 Row One: F. Reuben, T. Schwartzmeyer. W. Ground, E. Hoehman, J. Baker, D. DeYoung, D. Gonsowski, A. Casseri. Row Two: E. Olszewski, M. Marconi, L. Bow, A. Ribbeck, S. Weir, B. Cummings, N. Brunner, A. Scrogg, D. Hartman. Row Three: T. Schuler, K. Brau- en, D. Berghorn. P. Swain, L. Morgan, R. Kowalik, B. Koons, S. Kingsley, G. Smith, A. Doctor, S. Dickinson, S. Adams. Smnu'ing.' Mrs. E. MacCoy. Row One: J. Covel, J. Hill. R. Wallace, P. Mandolene, M. Vanice. R. Skellon, R. Forres- tel. Row Two: D. Davis. L. Kaiser, B. Nixon, D. Flading, J. Bluhm, T. Coughlin, D. Cas- seri, M. Stapleton, W. Reuben. Row Three: R. Meiningcr. D. Parker, J. Kostanciak, J. Bradley, M. Duguay, L. Massaro, G. Feagles, K. Etzold. Srmidirzg in lhe rear: Mrs. Doris Gerber. first Row One: M. Lashway, M. Keller, J. Sowinski M. Bednar, J. Wright, T. Herrington, D. Car- mer, A. Mello. Row Two: S. Schoenthal, L. Pagels, M. Jonathan, J. Mack, S. Minns, P. n Troyer, B. Delelys, P. Fitzsimmons, L. Wit- nauer. Row Three: K. Blasko, F. Abrams, G Logan, M. Colopy, T. Witkop, B. Kittleson, D. Hoste, N. Kryzkowski, L. Varo. Row Four: Mrs. Eleanor Putney. Row One: C. Sescil, M. Terry, S. Walker, J Miller, P. Winnie, D. Wehling, T, Jones, G Homesberger. Row Two: M. Bedford, S. Mec- ca, M. Babel, S. Schafer, W. Ground, K Schrock, P, Cummings, S. Snyder, J. Bradley Row Three: E. Haas, R. Hensel, L. Socha, J Koss, M. Frey, D. Farrell, T. Lockhart, S Wands, K. Cover, M. Yousey, D. Gibbons, L Ribbeck. Standing: Mrs. Ford. l A 'Mis F' MH mv Ona: D. Wilson. H. Freier. J. Davis. kindergarten Row One: K. Ceisner. J. Buckley. A. Forrestel M. Campbell, R. Plueekhahn. .J Asmus. T Bassanello. S. Lega. M. Odell. Row Two: S Sweitzer. L. Santolini. P. King. M. Valente. C Hoehman. E. Gibbons. D. Steiner. C. Wagner. M. Hart. R. Williams. Ron' 7'lzrce.' N. Brock way. S. Johnson. P. Weaver. J. Trigilio. L Walker. R. Blish. J. Dil.orenzo. G. Lowell K. Dickinson, M. Betzold. Miller. Row Four: Miss Lucia Churchill. G. Bedford. W. Hume, R. Brady, W. Wight. Raw Two: S. Wakefield. M. Mirrione, B. Cum- Rnw One: T. Noody. D. Calopy. M. Bluhm mings. D. Newman. M. Skye. R. Grant, S Kasmierzak, R. Ground. Row Tliree: T. Lacki R. Doktor, K. Pafk, M. Antonelli, L. Simpson, C. Kraatz, M. Brown. D. Rosenberg. A. Jones Mrs. H. Pentecost. Row fJII!'.' J. Scotland, C. Claude. J. Wodowski. M. Lockhart. M. Fisher, A. Gibbons. T. Reinke. Row Tim: L. Weidel. R. Hofmeier. K. Burg. C. Ground, L. Kuraszkiewiez, B. Baker. L. Eason. V. Ribbeek. Rim Tlzrvv: A. Abrams. T. Vanice. D. Stuber. A. Ormshy. M. Egloff. G. Smith. Ron' Four: Miss D. Benson. D. Brockway. R. Parker. Row Two: F. George. E. Bruning. C. Alexander. L. Eldred. I.. Johan- nes. V. MCNUII. V. Kraatz. Row Tlircef R. Kazmierezak. D. Alexander. B. Rudolph. D. Berghorn. D. Ribbeck. T. Hartl. J. Wronowicz. R0wFm1r.' Miss Lucia Churchill. Row Ona: J. Caldwell, N. Raduns, V. Jacobsen J. Boring, D. Best, A. Blackman. Row Two: M. Swift, S. Arnold, A. Wright. D. Gerstung S. Dieterle, C. Etzold. K. Walker, M. Blasko Ron' Three: C. Kelley. G. Nowicki, R. Ritecz. M. Flanders. T. Hass, D. Holtz, J. Parzych. A Shumacker. D. Lowder, P. Kroemer. F. Daley Miss Benson. kindergarten Row 0110: L. Childs, J. Moleski, D. Caple, H Wagonblott, R. Baron. W. Hoffman, J. Dye, J Bower. Row Two: D. Olsen, D. Sutton, K Johnstone. S. Berry, D. Mattioli, L. Snyder, C Klinglesmith, K. Rogers. Row Tliree: R. Gar- rodd, G. Pogel, B. Rehwaldt, N. Alfieri, J Caldwell, K. Smith, K. Keller, N. Wolak, L Goerlitz. J. Sweitzer, L. Hartwig. Mrs. Pente- COSI. elementary building has anniversary ln February of this year, the elementary school celebrated its fifth anniversary of the new separate building. Having a building that is independent of the high school has allowed the personnel to use the available facilities to a better advantage. An activity period has been developed for the 2:20 to 3:30 period with many children taking part. Most of the activities are music organizations for the fourth, fifth and sixth graders. An excep- tion to this is thc swimming program which is available to all children in grades 2-6 inclusive. The elementary teachers also use this after school period for extra-help classes for children who are in need of more individual instruction. The elementary school is being used more and more by local groups for evening activities. ln addition a number of high school activities are being scheduled in the elementary building. g The enrollment of this building now stands at l 125. This page Courtesy of Dande Farms Country Club, Inc., Carney Road, Akron, N. Y. ,.,,w, , MN., - 1 .ii fa: .1 ,iff al X v?'nP.w L. 5 L, , v,:g,M.. . Mgfwiwfl.-, . M.-1 Q, N. Nz. -. gmgrezfw 4:- " .ez ." "6 . of 4 a -rv 51.7. R' IPI.. 'H 1 . .wg : QQ ,lil 6. Q N' smiii ' azlalwma, wr f-541-aggsg H 5, 2 Q , . S, ,QI ?l ?f wf.. firfiifffsf' 12 5: 175525 A ,V ' " Eff. .' ig 5 fif73f1f e.,a,,7S-, 13113. ,-S, f .if Af - 7 Qi. . 31 get' up M wsu, A 'if ff, IQ, ig, W , M, ,IS :gm Lazezg f"E?i?'f, f M, -515 sg.. X, .f 'fw A? if Phi! xg . 1.2. 326, as xt .f M y V, Jw .7 L32 1:0 M P... 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A .xii'fx:a?.5'5m-fefgfm, g,uJ.wf4P, fi4w,x,.5, g, Msg, W5 Q w,.2,,.v,.w,,, a,85,.1,. gs,Q,g2,Q:w1gefg?fgi5JsPwffm 2 ?'2as.r?La5,35HA:i's. ,ag,im5:3+,: .s.g:,.,1Q,M5Z'f?fJfg-QM,- zrmfg N fe, .www ...iw 1eK'?5'4?zQW3'-55 W:?gL5,1e'7w7sv,AY, -W5fgflg4f?:4L'?.Q3'f5a?iQ?5fSf5 am,fQ,f-g.Qfw-lggxkgh: fx-wfgfsxgwm-zqgs - A Vsfiiiif 4 V mfg, rm.. 5 an wfwfg, A A M W'WsfW , wfa,v,::, X UA 'SKIWQ ffm, , A S '2N3F1w,5gM V y.Wr,. ., 2,8 f. , ., Y'?S?"?13f?ss,.f4?, , N if '1f325?feP5gQPQiig3aE5fgwg am, f zfixbxilw. ,WM ,fe f ,MW f A , zeE?sX5ef?5f35fg??i5.f?3www MQ,efig,fs,3f-rggwg2Es13EQ,f 2 WM ..,. WM Sftwfufikal-azf3?fiijl. M ,a A rm ,gn . , Www., . A -'A-fs95f1aT25r?5.Qgf, .,, 3 9 f--1 , 'zffgfwf Vizfifff if e Q ifgrifssa ,mgvgez wlfef. k.s-:SEMA f:,,f3:ff.,.f. "e'f?if!'!'ff? wfiasfa '-':i5zi9'Q Sf W, 37,1 s31ef72'z. rimasf ij2,QS'i'f5iQ1 K.. A L ' ks., Qs' .HJ , .WM A 5 . W2 4, 12, Zi: .7 wg z-ssl.. ,M ,ask vs W4 ' ,, f' f fy. V, .V ' f 59" 4:55 ai 'f Z mf-L 3 1,-sf! Q f ff.: ,af 2 mag 'RS L2 un O A4 CG +-+ cn C3 U1 A 5.5,-4 L1 C1 CD I E Q-4 O SZ O u: O 0.2 .': 'U CD .-C1 4-U Class, under A E .- CYS : 3-1 : o V7 GJ 4: 4-3 .E CU OD CES eu o C1 O K K lk 'E .xg fl 5 1 , 411 I J Xa iw' N N, 'F'-W L N? U 1 -W ff A W F 3. 525' .t 1,5 X if '55 X H if " wi f 17 4. 1' 5 Q 3 L. if " f jfs A, fwf if Q3 A if --o sk 1 PJ 1 Members of the Student Council, the government of the student body. listen to President J. Gerber and Vice President E. Albrecht as they discuss affairs pertinent to school business. Row One: M. Martiny, R. Mast, L. Hellert, R. Smith tSecretaryJ, K. Bednar tTreasurerJ, L. Cowan tJr. Vice Presidentj, E. Albrecht tSr. Vice Presidentj, J. Gerber tPresidentJ. Row Two: J. Asmus, M. Pask, G. Juliano, J. Ross, M. Cummings, C. Grover J. Cescon, P. Dienhardt, J. Campbell, G. Kern, Mr. Brown. Row Three: R. Witt, R. Casseri, J. Brand, J Berry, K. Wagner, A. Flor, S. Cory, K. Nanni. The Student Council of Akron Central School formed to unify the various activities of the clubs and organizations of the school. Under the leadership of the president, James Gerber, many projects such as sponsoring the American Field Service exchange student program and giving fifty dollars to CARE have been held. There are three standing committees in the Student Council which help or- ganize activities of the school. These are: Chartered Organization Committee, the Recreation Committee, and the Supply Office Committee. The six members of the National Honor Society were chosen from the upper 25fZ1 of their class on the basis of scholarship, leadership, character and service. A candlelight ceremony to induct members is held in May. The officers are as follows: President, Linda Hellert, Vice President, William Stanbury, Secretary, Sheila Roeschg Treasurer, Jennifer Pentecost. Ron One: Roesch. J. Pentecost, W. Stanbury. Slmzdirzg' J. Gerber, C. Tadio, Mr. E. Allen L. Hellert. student councH honor society .99 ng!! no The Senior Band under the direction of Mr. Frank Columbus, plays at our assemblies and also attends musical festivals where they compete against area schools for honor awards in music. Row One: E. Hall. P. Fahey. B. Bruning, R. Fotheringham, P. McGeehan. S. White, B. McGeehan. R. Lewis. Row Two: A. Keehn. V. King. H. King, J. Ross, K. Winslow, B. Raduns, J. Drachenberg, L. Zimmerman, B. Pingitore. Row Three: J. Gerber, M. Truglio, C. Espersen, L. Wheeler, D. Jemison. senior band The Senior Band together with the Training Band played two "Coffee Con- C. Walters. S. Reese. J. Fox. G. Wagile, B. Curphey. S. Mar- kek. S. Tryon. L. Weaver. Row Four: G. Pingitore. S. Rem- sen. M. Pask. W. Place. A. Denton. B. Weiler, M. Wilson. Mr Columbus. J. Flint. J. Espersen. K. Blish. Row Five: R. Marble J. Gruber, C. Drachenberg, R. Ciurzynski. C. Tadio. G. Rich ards. Row Six: M. Krieger, R. Grover, D. Fix. Absent: S Thomas. W. Wilson. J. Hellert. SENIOR BAND OFFICERS President-Lee Weaver Secretary-Barry Pingitore certsw this year which were sponsored by Band Boosters. Both bands will par- Librarians L Z. iiciptite iii the NYSSMA spring Festival Compeiifioii held iii Eden Central High Sh. I 5 My lmmefmani School this year. If ey ryon The Varsity Chorale, under the direction of Mrs. Richard Groves, took part . h I in the annual Christmas Concert and will compete at festival for a choral rating. vqrslty C ora e They are also taking part in the Broadway musical the school is presenting, l'Plain and Fancy." The Varsity Chorale under the direction of Mrs. Nancy Groves. is the only mixed choral group at the A.C.S. high school. Ron' One: D. Dickinson. B. Martin, L. Peters, B. Bower. J. Lindke, S. White. S. Klawer. E. Albrecht, R. Rozelle. W. Davis. R. Finger. N. Rosenberg. G. Pingitore, M. DeYoung, K. Zimmerman. Row Two: A. Keehn, N. Hessler, S. Kraatz, K. Winslow. D. Hudson. M. Cummings, D. Kuraszkiewicz, G. Hersee. D. Zgoda, D. McCoy, J. Juliano, L. Hellert, V. King. M. Harrington, S. Remsen. Row Three: J. Roll, C. Sun- down. P. Foster. D. Brackett. P. Fahey, C. Grover, R. Camp- bell. D. Harvey. G. Wagile, I. Sundown, W. Stanbury, C. Tadio, J. Surma, J. Pentecost. Mrs. Groves. Row Four: M. Pask. M. Chapman. R. Rebovich. R. Brown, W. VanPeIl, N. Sundown. G. Kern, J. Fox, J. Gerber, L. Weaver, J. Bohnholf, D. Ludwick. J. Surma, E. Charles, M. Martiny. Vice President-Christine Espersen training band senior girls' glee club iunior girls' glee club Under the instruction of Mr. Frank Columbus, The Training Band prepares for its future years in our Scnior Band. Row One: S. Thom- as, E. Keehn, K. Staebell, A. DeYoung, S. Schaller, T. Newcomb, L. Cummings, B. Dick- inson, K. Weaver, J. Bordonaro, T. Stapleton, J. DeLuzio, B. MacCoy. Row Two: M. Tru- gilio, S. Tryon, L. Bettio, J. Lawrence, P. Schmigel. M. Drachenberg, S. Klingelsmith. D. Schubel, B. Curphey, A. Zola, W. Bishop. D. Bordon, F. Kingsley. Mr. Columbus. Row Tlirvvx D. Wheeler, J. Mann. L. Finch, L. Kraatz, C. Crane, J. Walters, B. Schultz, B. Murray. C. Shoenwetter, R. Cherry, D. Skiff, K. Blish. M. Pafk, D. Swader, D. DeLelys. C. Hall. R. Lewis. Row Four: M. Welsh, K. Pa- gels. R. Wilson. Ab.i'w1f.' C. Reigle, L. Kraatz, W. Pafk. Row One: Mrs, N. Groves, B. Witt, M. Moses, N. Campbell. L. Peters. N. Hessler, A. Geraee, A. Keehn, J. Lindke. M. Schumacher, B. Bower. J. Campbell. R. Wronowicz. N. Rosenberg, G. Pingitorc. M. Montgomery, D. Leeds, M. DeYoung. M. McGeehan, C. Daguano, G. Kent. G. Juliano. Row Two: J. Moore. P. Kleparek. J. Cescon. S. Hogue. D. Logel. K. Winslow. S. Van Buren, M. Pask. M. Cum- mings. M. Wilson. S. Remsen, B. Weller. L. Hcllert. J. Ross. S. Sutton. V. King, J. Abra- ham. M. Harrington. J. Sylor. L. Wheeler. K. Zimmerman. Row Three: S. Kraatz. P. Fahey. D. Brackett. S. Furminger. J. Roll. Klawer. E. Hall. C. Grover. White. Markek. J. Poodry. D. Chamberlain, K. Errick. B. Bed- ford. M. Long. C. Gruber, S. Roeseh. D. Dick- inson. M. McLeod. J. Surma. M. Martiny. Ron' Ifonr: B. Martin. C. Sundown. D. Hud- son. K. Fox. M. Parker, E. Hyder. N. Abra- ham. P. Foster, T. Eckert, R. Rebovich, D. Newman, J. Pentecost, R. Brown, W. VanPell, M. Chapman, J. Surma, E. Charles, J. Asmus, J. Hudomint, E. McGeehan. Row One: L. Hurne, S. Fry, B. Lindke, C. Alrieri, Lattimer, C. Mattioli, K. Yousey, D. Straw, J. Fiegel, J. Yousey, K. Weaver, J. Flint, Reynolds, C. Yoder, K. Staebell, P. Reese, N. Robnett, J. Lawrence, N. Corbett, C. Rienke. T. Stone, P. Johnson. Row Two: M. Mansell, P. Schmigel, E. Keehn, M. Tru- glio, L. Kraatz, P. Grofl, L. Cummings, H. Laese, S. Klingelsmith, C. Nanni, J. Cory, D. Shearman, S. l.utz, M. Leeds, B. Curphey, R. Schukraft, L. Moleski, H. Schultz. J. Spaeth, D. Ribbeck. Row Tlirvc: D. Behe, B. Gerace, M. Pafk, N. VanBuren, S. Tryon, B. Mc- Gregor, B. Clear, L. Schultz. J. Carmer, S. Ball, L. Babiarz, J. Goeseke, B. Hartranft, C. Crane, P. Martin, G. Fox, B. Abrams. B. Lanthrop, J. Mann, B. Brunning, Miss Frances Ridley. Row Four: A. Cummings, C. Bedford, D. Wheeler, A. Frodin, S. Reece, K. Baker, B. McLeod, G. Baehr, J. Stilke, H. King, G. Gerace. M. Schmigel, J. Clark, J. Asmus, J. Bero, R. Wronowicz. Row Fira: R. Fothering- ham. P. Gicslcr, M. Kingsley, D. Leising. H. Finger. B. Houlihan, M. Mirrione, L. Logel, P. Rosenberg, K. Lindke, L. Zimmerman. Ah- scnl: H. Blueye, D. Schultz, P. Wronowicz. G. Keller, C. Yousey, Mr. James Monahan is the advisor for the Student Court. The seven justices try student offenders and sentence or acquit them. From left I0 l'l'gfII.' Mr. Monahan. C. Robnett, P. Caputo, E. Albrecht, W. VanPell. Row Two: S. Cory, P. MeGeehan, B. Bower. Chief Justice of the court is Edward Albrecht. The members of this section of the Student Council represent each chartered organization in the school. Row One: C, Edwards. R. Brown. A. Keehn. L. Hellert. M. Huth. D. Cheavacci. Johnson. J. Gerber, R. Mast. Row Two: R. Witt. C, Tadio. R. Owen, J. Diluzio. A. Riggio, N. Hessler. P. Dienhardt, J. Woody, F. Albrecht, Sfllllliillltf Mr. Brown. The Junior High Eclirzw, published by the junior high school. is put out eight times dur- ing the school year. The advisors are Mr. Roger Farr and Mr. Richard Jenkins. The editor is Marlene Weiler. The publication gives junior high students a chance to publicize their activities as well as the chance to write for print and have the experience of as- sembling a paper. Sl'!IIl'tI'.' l.. Abraham. F. Martiny. M. Fahey. S. Tippet. A. DeYoung. M. Carlo. Mr. Roger Farr. .S'mmlizzy.' M. Weil- er. S. Lattimer. J. Kleparek. A. Sundown, S. Bartlett. D. Montville. M. Stanbury. R, Ke- dzierski. C. Totten. J. Caputo, M. Cummings, C. Tooke. M. Fotheringham, C. Bitterman, S. Nice, C. Riegele. K. Glomb. M. Joslyn, T. Newcomb. The Library Club, in addition to aiding Miss Hazel Ellsworth, teachers the girls library tech- niques and procedures. Row One: J. Poodry, L. Goena, A. George, J. Sundown, N. Markek, C. Rudnicki, C. Sundown, B. Parker. Stand- ing: Miss Ellsworth, A. Cummings, S. Reese, J. Cummings, K. Kasparek, G. Abrams, L. Loger, S. Smith, P. Rosenberg, J. Bero, A. Printup, S. Dickinson, S. Cummings, J. Bednar, S. Becker, M. Pafk. The chess club ponders the decisive move. Under the direction of Mr. Albert Vossier, the students learn the rudiments of the art of chess. Seated: T. Bernacki, T. Stapleton, G. Cescon, L. Clear. Standing: P. Morotchic, B. Downey, D. Rice, Mr. Vossler, P. Schukraft, J.Wo0dy. Examining a strip of tickets, the Ticket Sellers, Linder the direction of Mrs. Verna Smith, dis- cuss their future plans. Row One: W. VanPell, T. Eckert, M. Moses, S. Cory, K. Bednar, R. Brown. Row Two: T. Stapleton, J. Asmus, M. Parker, M. Martiny, J. Pentecost, M. Cum- mings, Mrs. Smith. The Folk Dancers at A.C.S. under the instruc- tion of Mr. Myron Dembrow learn to relax while learning a variety of fancy steps. Left to Right: J. Brunner, M. Wilson, W. Enstrom, M. Krieger, C. Mechlenberg, A. Frodin, B. Martin, W. Place, S. Smith, S. Trinkl, S. White, Mr. Dembrow. Ahsenr: D. Schultz, C. Smith. In the supply oflice the students of A.C.S. can buy all needed school supplies. The proceeds go to the Student Association and to the Board of Education. Left to Riglzz: J. Sylor, Mr. Victor. M. Schmegal, S. Daguano, J. Fother- ingham. The A.C.S. Monitors are charged with en- forcing the school rules in the halls and on the stairs. Row One: J. Sylor, L. Cowan. Mr. J. Melvin Hood, D. Cope. Row Two: G. Pingitore, C. Grover, T. Eckert. B. Weiler S. Roesch, J. Kelkenberg. E. Pagels, J. Hellert M. Cummings. Row Tllrrfc: D. Weipert, M 1 a Long, D. Geisler, J. Fotheringham. M. Moses. M. Parker. Furminger, C. Sundown, L. Fotheringham, A. Riggio. Row Four: T. Hib- bard. J. Caputo, M. Cummings, C. Tooke, M. Ground, N. Abraham. J. Abraham, G. Kent, D. Chamberlain, R. Lewis. folk dancers supply store 'Mb-.. "f fe?" me monitors ' fnt5.1. :sl-llz. ' I . . elementa band ir. high student council elementary string class Members of the elementary in- strumental group are: Row One: D. Hietz, A. Kasparek, B Wilson, T. Pryzbos, J. Finch, C. Victor. B. Richardson, D Gallo. J. Capan. D. Schmigel, D. Pafk, D. Lowder, R. Rem- sen, P. Zola, J. Lloyd. E. Berg- horn. Row Two: E. Wolalx. K Weiler. N. Eckerson. C. Geyer, K. Anderson, N. Parker, G Staebell. K. Wagile. A. For- restel, C. Miller, L. Prentice Ron' Tlzretfx J. Hollenbeck. L Klinglesmith, R. White. G Stone. J. Miller, B. Cowan K. Rudolph. J. Bitterman, P. Feztgles, K. Baehr, C. Netzley. M. Hart. C. Enstrom. B. Hol- lenbeek. D. Leavitt, T. Fenton J. Logan. Row Four: C. La- throp, L. Lloyd, D. Pask, B. Totten, S. Walters, K. Bor- danaro, J. Fahey, R. Remsen, J. Kostanciuk, S. Steiner, D. Rei- gle, J. Newcomb, R. Roesch, K. Pawliek. Row Five: S. Be- K. McLeod. K. McLeod, S. Zimmerman, J. Odell, D. Pafk. H. Stuebell, B. Corbett, J. Lud- wiclt, A. Abraham, B. Schoen- thal, K. Burke, D. Wight, S. Forrestel. Row Six: J. Ecker- son. W. Swader. D. Kruschke, C. Bohn. S. Sweitzer, H. Ru- dolph, B. Goeseke, K. Taylor. gress, S. Bassanello, S. Blueye M. Miller, P. Mast. M. Rood C. Stratton, P. Hibbard. S. Cum- mings. P. Kyser. E. Laese, V. Ground. L. Granke. C. Kopacz. E. Parker, M. George, Mr. Stapleton. advisor. Members of the newly organ- ized Jr. High Student Council are the following: Row One: H. Blueye. R. McLeod, R. Kedzierski, P. Schmigel. C. Matteole. Smrzdizzgc F. Mar- tiny. Row Two: D. Niezgoda. M. Krieger, J. Bordonaro, B. Schultz, Mrs. Brusky, advisor. Row One: P. Overholt, C Abrams. J. Rizzard, B. Roberts J. Rosenberg, M. Brust, A Uljanov, S. Ceisner, M. Schu- kraft, K. Feldman. Row Two. K. Reinke, K. Brahmer, J. Hurne, W. Ritecz, S. Kraatz, L. Spears, M. Hartzler, M. Bartram, M. DeYoung, B. Mar- tiny, R. Mecca, D. Enstrom. Row Three: C. Sutton, K. Borden, J. Lawrence, J. Feld- man, S. Pagels, S. Lattimer, J. Hessler, B. Jago, J. Jamieson. Row Four: Mrs. Espersen, J. Smith, C. Kubis, K. Hudson, B. Cowan, M. Hammond, M. Brauer, J. Trigilio, M. Roberts, L. Pierce, M. Staebelle. Alz- .rw1I.' B. Powell. s v Row One: Miss Coralynn Brown, W. Brusk, M. Schukraft, J. Rizzard, A. Uljanov. M. Rig- gio, K. Wagile, K. Brahmer. Ceisner. Row Two: B. Feld- man. G. Owen, S. Steiner, A. Forrestel, B. Martiny, S. Pagels. J. Feldman, A. Abraham. C. Lathrop, S. Blish, L. Hartwig. J. Lawrence. S. Lattimer. R. Muck, R. Mecca, D. Reuben. J. Hessler. Row Three: R. Rib- beek. J. Stanley, J. Smith, C. Kubis, M. Niezgoda. B. Parker, S. Clark, B. Sehoenthal, S. Geddes, C. Stratton, C. Bur- chell. D. Pafk, J. Odell, L. Lloyd, L. Cautie, D. Schultz. D. Ritecz. K. Deinhart, K. Tip- pett, B. Corbett. M. Staebell. Row Four: C. Sutton. N. Car- roll, S. Cummings, K. Paw- lick. M. Staebell, P. Mast, K. Reinke, T. Welsh, K. Taylor. P. Ford, J. Kuandrans, F. Low- der, J. Trugilio, E. Laese, P. Witkowske. S. Maida, B. Cowan, A. Covel, M. Cum- mings, L. Cummings, R. Snell. Row lfivc: B. Goeseke. P. Kyser, D. Enstrom, N. Sutton, D. Altrogge, J. Abraham. M. LaRocca, L. Pierce, M. Ru- dolph. S. Blueye, L. Roll, M. Roberts, K. McCoy. S. White. L. Ottaviani, S. Dickinson, M. Brauen, B. Newman, J. De Luzio, P. Haas, J. Newcomb, E. Husing. Row One: L. Bishop, L. Wron- owicz. G. Staebell, P. Milani, N. Eekerson, M. Bordonaro, P. Smith. E. Muck, Miss Cora- lynn Brown. Row Two: T. Troyer, L. Jacobson. B. Powell. K. Feldman, J. Hurne, M. De Young, K. Fry, B. Roberts. Row Tlzrec: T. Stuber, C. Hub- ler. D. Pisaneschi, K. Ander- son, N. Parker, M. Logel, F. Koons. B. Yousey, J. Rosen- berg, S. Kraatz, P. Overhalt. Row Four: D. Hudomint. J. Furminger, B. Jago, L. Hill, S. Lowder, K. Rudolph, C. Eason, L. Spears. S. Jemison, D. Mc- Leod. T. Fenton, D. Martin. Row Ona: B. Durski, J. Schlcg- el, J. Bordonaro, R. Blickens- derfer, B. Schultz, D. Bordon. W. Bishop, Mrs. Nancy Groves. Row Two: T. Zola, G. Bell D. Chapman, E. Buckley, C. Schoenwetter, B. Murray, D. Frey, C. Hall. Row Tlircvx J. Dean, R. Davis, J. LaRocca. J. Remsen. R. Wilson, R. Ball, R. Duguano, D. Swader, L. Kraatz. J. Owen. Row I"o11r: D. Schubel, K. Pagcls. D. T. Lippert. 1 Baich, F. Kingsley. R. Ciurzynski, M. Ground, J. DiI.uzio. D. Skiff, Alwsmzlr T. Hersee, W. Pafk. P. Luketic, J. Moore. T. Stapleton, J. Wal- ters. M. White. . '1:: :f'f' l"-441 H' 'wl- 4tl1 grade choir I l 3 s .M ir. boys' glee club J ,Q . :A Y"' I ill N- Wi' 1 chi-omega hi-y The Chi Omega Hi-Y is affiliated with the Y.M.C.A. and participates in its programs. The purpose is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community the high standards of Christian character. Under the direction of Mrs. Theodore Stapleton, the girls sponsored a Good-Will drive and their annual Winter Wonderland dance. The Hi-Y sent gifts and letters to their adopted grandfather in Wende. Besides this they held two bakesales. The officers are as follows: Anita Keehn, president, Linda Hellert, vice president, Donna Dickinson, treas- urer, Sharon Kraatz, secretary, Mary Margaret Huth, chaplain, Sandra Cory, historian. Row One: A. Keehn, Mrs, Stapleton, L. Hellert. Row Two: D. Dickinson, S. Kraatz. Row Tlzree: M. Huth, S. Cory. Row Four: P. Caputo, C. Robnett. Row Five: B. Bower, P. Dienhardt. Row Six: S. Remsen, C. Bednar, M. Long, L. Wheeler. Row Seven: T. Eckert, J. Pentecost, R. Mast, C. Esperson. Row Eight: J. Hellert, E. Charles, R. Brown, W, VanPell. Row Nine: M. Martiny, J. Asmus, P. Fahey, B. Weiler, E. McGcehan, J. Roll, L. Cowan, C. Grover. future farmers "To practice brotherhood, honor rural oppor- tunities and responsibilities, and develop those qualities of leadership which a Future Farmer should possess." The above is the purpose of the Future Farmers of America organization. Included in the accomplishments of its members in the past year are: sending 7 boys to Camp Os- wegatchie, holding a F.F.A. calf contest, partici- Row One: M. Groff, E. Albrecht, R. Cook, R. Trinkl, R. Owen, F. Haun, J. Bohnhoff, A. Nice. Row Two: L. Mietz, J. Cummings, S. Trinkl, P. Wik, G. Hersee, J. pating in F.F.A. basketball, attending a F.F.A. forum contest, the making and distributing of three hundred F.F.A. calendars, and preparing a F.F.A. crop demonstration. The officers of this club are as follows: President, Ronald Trinkl, Vice President, Richard Cook, Secretary, Edward Albrecht, Treasurer, Richard Owen, Sentinel, Mike Groff, Reporter, Fred Haun. Eldred, B. Raduns, R. J. Rozelle, Advisor. Raw Three: R. Brahmer, J. Blinkensdorfer, G. Baehr, D. Cummings, L. Bedford, J. Flint, D. Linke, L. Smith, D. Bedford. Fifa i visual aids club Dan Carlo and Robert Campbell, members of the Audio-Visual Aids Department, listen to James Gerber explain projector operation. The Audio-Visual Aids Department, under the lead- ership of Mr. John Eckerson, is one of Akron Central's student service organizations providing classroom assistance in using audio-visual aids to any teacher requesting it. iunior high model club The Jr. High Model Club and Mr. Richard Latko study the different designs of model planes. Row One: R. Blickensderfer, F. Kings- ley, R. Lewis, B. Mueray, D, Swader, Mr. Latko. Row Two: J, George, D. Abrams, T. Yoder, F. Lega, P. Luketic. Row Three: D. Richardson, N. Poodry, E. Buckley, D. Hutch- inson. Row Four: M. Carmer, H. Harvey. senior high model club Along with Mr. Richard Latko, the boys in the Sr. High Model Club tinker with various types of model planes. cars, and boats. Many models have small engines which make them very real- istic. Row One: E. Williams. R. Pogel, J. Blick- ensderfer, M. McConkey, G. Babel, Mr. Latko. Row Two: R. Kurls, L. Cummings, K. Kelly. biology club Among the activities Mrs. Gladys Brown ad- vises is the Biology Club. Its members are from left to I'ij.,'lIf.' J. Bohnhoff. T. Eckert, C. Tadio, R. Finger, M. Parker. Row Two: Mrs. Brown, S. Cory, C. Grover, J. Zimmer, S. liwald. C. Bitterman, and B. Weiler. Absent: A. Keehn. senior science club Under the advisorship of Mr. Martiny, the Senior Science Club meets weekly and works on their club projects. Row One: Mr. G. Martiny. C. Tadio. E. Williams. D. Zimmer. G. Bitter- man, G. Richards, J. Gerber, R. Pogel, M. Krieger, B. MacCoy. international club The International Club of ACS each year par- ticipates in the model U.N. General Assembly, which is sponsored by schools and colleges in Western New York. Row Ona: R. Brown. S. Johnson, I.. Cowan. Row Two: G. Kern, R. Smith, J. Brand. baton twirlers The Baton Twirlers, one of ACS' newer activi- ties, provides that added something for our as- semblies. Miss Barbara Towner assists the girls in perfecting their skills. Row One: H. Herwick, P. Reese, J. Baker, L. Moleski, D. Behe, H. Schultz, C. Reinke. N. Kleparek, M. Drachen- berg. Row Two: M. Trujilio, C. Daquano, J. Campbell, M. Leeds, H. Laese. K. Daniels, A. Denton, C. Hogue, A. Printup. Row Three: D. Logel, L. Fotheringham, S. Remsen, D. Leeds. B. Weiler. S. Whitmire, M. McLeod, M. Wilson, S. Becker, N. Rosenberg, H. Synder. P. Fahey tlnstructorl. senior poster club The A.C.S. Senior Poster Club designs many posters for special events to be held at A.C.S. Shown here are Mr. Joseph Valente and the group who assist him in this work. Ron' One: Mr. J. Valente. A. Frodin. M. Mirrione, R. Schukraft, J. Honsberger, G. Jones. V. Rugg. Row Two: N. Kinney. S. Thomas. J. Schleef. K. Schleef, E. Witkop, V. Homesberger, C. Reese. J. Sundown. R. Marble. Row Tlirvv: L. Cum- mings, S. Scotland. C. Gruber, P. Yoder, B. Martin, K. Winslow, T. Schleef. industrial arts club Along with their other activities during the course of the year. the Industrial Arts Club holds an annual fair in which neighboring in- dustries display their goods. Row Our: R. Kle- parek. G. Schlegel. D. Bower, J. Wagner, R. Miller, Secretary: B. Eldred, President: R. Grolf. Treasurer: F. Bedford. D. Bontrager. Rmv Two: E. Sulornowicz, W. Glena. J. Bartel, W. Wilson, R. Swader. J. Bower. J. Forminger. R. Rogers, J. Ketchum. Row Tl1rt'v.' Mr. Hol- lenbeck, Advisor: L. Luezak, T. Grundas, L. Babel, R. Yeager, R. Graybeal, B. Merrill, J. Burkick. Ron' l'lU1ll'.' L. Bower. M. Yueger, B. Downey. K. Whitbeek. K. Groff, R. Campbell. D. Rickwaldt. D. Ludwiek. C. Taylor. P. Teller, S. Truglio. ir. poster club The Jr. High Poster Club, un- der the direction of Mr. Rich- ard Jenkins. meets in the art room for an informal picture. Seated: J. Remsen, T. Ni- cometi, R. Lewis, Mr. R. Jen- kins, T. Hibbard, B. DeYoung, D. Hutchinson. Stariding: D. Baich, M. Hutchinson, C. Mecklenburg, L. Stratton. murder creek yorker club This year the Murder Creek Yorker Club under the advisor- ship of Mrs. Gladys Brown travelled to Lake Placid. New York for their annual trip. Row One: M. Pask, D. Aquino. S. Johnson, C. Edwards, D. Cheavacci, S. Smith. Row Two: M. Edwards, G. Juliano, D. Hudson, M. Chapman. S. Klawer, A. Gerace. Row Three: S. Sutton, D. Finger. L. Sweit- zer, G. Abrams, E. Feagles, S. Becker. Standing: F. Nice. C. Drachenberg, J. Zurlo, R. Smith, J. Brand, J. Gruber, E. Hyder, W. Enstrom, J. Ross, R. Witt, E. Hall, J. Brunner, M. Wilson, K. Fox, M. De Young, D. Fro- din, Mrs. G. Brown. senior string class Members of the string orches- tra meet in the auditorium for a rehearsal. Row One: H. Blu- eye. Trinkl, C. Reinke. V. Rugg. D. Schultz. P. Cum- mings. S. Smith, M. Dc Young. Row Two: H. F i n g c r, H. Laese, K. Yousey. Miss Ridley, B. Houlihan, R. Kedzicrski. high school orchestra Row One: H. Blueye. C. Reinke. D. Schultz, P. Cum- mings, S. Smith. Row Two: N. Finger, V. Rugg, S. Fry, H. Laese, K. Staebell, A. De- Young, E. Keehn, M. Truglio, A. Denton, J. Gerber, B. Houli- han, Miss F. Ridley. Row Three: C. Hall, W, Bishop, F. Kinsley, M. Pafk, D. Shubel. office practice Members of the oflice practice class are: Row One: J. Surma, B. Benteen. Row Two: P. Ca- puto. J. Surma. Row Three: N. Campbell, J. Moore. Row Four: J. Sanderson, S. Medole. f.h.o. Row One: J. Woody. J. Lom- bard, V. Hinds, P. Kleperek. L. Glenn, Scotland. Row Two: C. Rudnicki. B. Wolfe. J. Logan. C. Daguano, S. Hoguc. M. Keller, V. Wheat. L. Prin- tup, J. Poodry, P. Moratchic. Miss Churchill, B. Witt, grant club yorkers, section ci The members ol' the Grant Club Yorker Club under their advisor, Mrs. Harriet Fowler, par- ticipated in a number of educational and enter- taining projeets. Their main objective is to learn more about New York State, and do this through studying history and attending conventions de- voted to this purpose. Row One: B. Lathrop, P. Martin, S. Schaller, G. Fox, C. Reigle, N. Cor- bett, T. Stone, S. Klingelsmith, M. Joslyn. Row Two: Mrs. Harriet Fowler, D. Straw, P. Schoen- wettcr, W. Robinson, M. Pafk, L. Kraatz, A. DeYoung, H. Schultz, C. Mattioli. Row Tlzreef R. Cherrt, T. Campbell, W. Bishop, J. Walters, T. Hersee, B. Sckultz, D. Frey, B. Murray, A. Zola. grant club yorkers, section b Row Une: P. Sckmigel, R. McLeod, C. Crane, K. Weaver, K. Pawlick, P. GolT, H. Herwick, M. Stanbury, K. Staebell, J. Lawrence. Row Two: Mrs. Harriett Fowler, C. Fink, L. Casseri, D. Carroll, J. Bordonare, P. Johnson, M. Welsh, L. Kraatz, J. Hartzler. Raw Three: E. Keehn, D. Sckubel, R. Ball, T. Newcomb, N. Poodry, J. DiLuzio, D. Skiff, C. Sckoewettcr, B. Durski. octctgon yorkers club Row Ona: F. Martiny, M. Hutchinson, M. Foth- eringham, J. Caputo, R. Lewis, J. Remsen, C. Mecklenburg, M. Cummings, D. Montville, J. Lleparek. Row Two: Mr. Stock, L. Stratton, C. Kyser, M. Carlo, L. Abraham, L. Bettio, K. Meyer, S. Nicc, A. Overholt, J. Ciurzynski, M. Weiler, C. Tooke. Row Three: S. Tippctt, L. Meininger, D. Caporali, K. Bittcrman, M. Fahey, B. Abrams, R. Kedyierski, D. Minns, L. Finch, L. Parker. Row Four: M. Leavitt, W. Pafk, G. Grabbenstatter, B. MacCoy, J. Edwards, R. Ciur- zynski, H. Henry, D. Bernhardt, D. Niezgoda, T. Houlihan. nurses'club The Future Nurses Club is an organization to aid high school girls in choosing a vocation in nurs- ing. Under the guidance of Mrs. L. Bacheller, many girls have found the way to an interesting and important future. Row One: A. Gerace, J. Ccscon, J. Zimmer, Mrs. Bacheller, J. Kelken- berg, N. Abraham, K. Fox, M. Parker. in red cross The Junior Red Cross, among its busy schedule, annually holds the Jr. Red Cross Drive to aid the Red Cross in its beneficial aid to those in need. Row Ono: N. Robnett, P. Hinds, E. Charles, K. Meyer, A. Geraee, M. Parker, J. Cescon, M. Carlo, S. Lane, P. Giesler. Row Two: W. VanPell, M. Pask, W. Place, N. Abraham, K. Fox, Mrs. Bachcller, T. Eckert. clhic staff Along with their advisor, Mrs. Lucille Bacheller, the members of the Clinic Staff aid the students by administering lirst aid to those who need it. Row One: P. Foster, S. Johnson, R. Rebovieh, J. Moore. Row Two: Mrs. Baeheller, M. Pask, L. Fotheringham, T. Eckert. IST' f Q E tr ,fikl . .YQ X N1-,ff W 1' . fir i-BITE Lee 81 Anita 'W yy., . Ibn-nlawai Softie 9 A 'H Oh you The Watch it Gh c mon Sorry Don 't fi Ed? Hu pordnuh gon aw' 'W , he T A T jThe reb T Hczymg? .H A-M T Lee'S gc Our 'Aim Jnm 81 Betty L Nita sguy OV FOITIGFICE il O H9 eocher Lost year Now what? Q-in Three Stooges Beau ty qu een , The awww A bus IZ Kids Th rgnmc Nnce calf Another Ruthie her: This page Courtesy of Houdaillc Industries Inc., Buffalo, N. Y. W, QNX 2 N .3 ,gg ein- wg, Est Q Q Ji- xi if 3? EQ, 53 up Q gb urdick, B. Pin J B L CSI' elkenberg, D. Buc i, R. Pziccr, R. K bard, D. Clieavacc Hib er, R. Skye, D. U8 Ludwick, J. Juliano, R. Fi ver, C. Tadio, D. C21 W 0110: J Row , N nbury St G l, D. . Silxernai J F. kins, M Jen ell, D. Perry, Mr. R. tore, H. Thunn 1, G. Richards, J.Wikar, Zlffflin J B Row Two gS kwzilt, R. White, D. Cummin Ric Zurlo, le, J Gruber, G. Summe, K. Ha nberg, J Clie Dru ell. J Abrailwm, G. Burch ybeal, R. Casseri, R. Witt, A. Leaf, P. Aldred. rry, N. Sundown, R. Gra Pe A. Coy. C nd, B. Ma Ll TO und, M. G l'O J G owslowski, B. Logan, D. Harvey, B. Downey, G. ce, E. K l1rez',' A, Ni T OW R F Row Four CfZCIl T.W avis, Mr. A. Scappa, Mr. berg, W. D CH Kelk Raduns, G. SGGSOD '60-'61 ES OR SC ON AS SE FOOTBALL G61 ,6 :vi-moooovrix EPO'-'!"'l V7 'S Q.. Qs. Q :omoNm-o- Q -1 .--.fq 4-fy Q 'C 'U T12 5 352 ar me C CQ who S3 QD Le : C at' mgbo O Em-5 -as Q SJCI gang m'T ""mUiu,-.3435-D: 330 s- csc Q, ,.f:of3,,,w.-.: gl..- Qi ,E Q LLLL in 5 v f 4 J 5 1 T5 .Q li o o 5.- P- ll- 'G L U P is th returning HS I'3. vete only a few The Tigers with season, their way through a tough 60-61 ught fo ar, yC QC O Zia Q3 .376 Cf Su: 20 eul-' 'U . ,UID GE was EDO L-3 was 'EQ-. ..-,Z 385 E-cu thx: mi-5 '53 361' Ecu 'AZ' cue.: 32 'QE -SE rpm HOH- OI'lC and tie, OHS 2 losses, record was 5 wins, third position in loss. This record put Akron in league if ue's standings. ag the Le The team played from a split-T formation with the line unbalanced to the right. This was a slight deviation from the 59-60 season when they used an unbalanced double-wing formation. Juliano CS 1'1'1 Ja included aras squad ye is Seniors on th the co-captains, Glenn Richards, and Bob Finger, Clifton Tadio, Dave Ludwick, Beeman Logan, Jack HO Julia J im ci Finger an Bob SI in Weaver, and Dick White. Co-capta the WC FC and Clif Tadio a Junior, Gary Raduns, sig the ng from gainers, worki ound gl' big team,s two Kelkcnbcrg Gordon WHS Perry. Bob Finger Allyn and Juliano 6S of Jam ls HH 73 E rded the cen- 21 W and a E 2 -O cvs : cd P 4-P V7 E U J: -4-I C3 C1 s-. GJ Ps U3 Cam. T HI' d Squad of the All-St OH on the Sec r position te Dave Ludwick was awarded honorable mention as left end on the All-Star Team. r- E 'TJ X.. ..- x.. di r- CZ S GJ ..- LE 3 x .2 Q David Rickwalt dio P :: o .. P: C Ludwick Dave ingot? aff, 'X v? Ari a o :V v. mn' if 1 ai: E if K ' ET . 5- -Lf' .ggi S Q 5 SGUSOI1 '60-'61 The 60-6 Akron Cagers, coached by Angelo Scappa, came up with ,.. T.,-...1-.. 2lI'E1- ag the Ni placed last in they ough alth 5 HHCCS I'lTl fo per TIC ny ii ma 5.- 0 .Ja ,. League. CHHS Orl ding SH HSOIT SC mely rough YS EXT all had quad S l'l l'O s year the Ak hi T sses This was due to the factor of 610 l wins and rd of0 CO with a re UP U0 CI u: 3- N 4-4 U7 ,ZX C1 O OJ .E A-I GJ ff: QJC: gon NC CE 3-4 'DEE cum if SS fix 1312 G2 me Ee mu.. UE 3.5 365 -IE .L.. GJ 32 .23 52 Q91 X11 22 .IC- MAR in M.-cl 4-3 .-C. CD x: css L.. CU S O VZ 'U m 4: GJ L E- O .-CI SI u: .SI OD 4-CI O- O 4-J LIZ 72 'O ,Q F scores being 53-52, and 5 -50. the final of t: 'U E 4: 3.21 3 o 3 4-4 ff? CU E ra on r their high school ca- fo H actio ball 6I bask st boys seeing their la The Jack Weaver, Juliano, James the follow ng: Lee Weaver, 21 FC TCCI' 9-J C5 E U3 GJ Q GJ .CI +-I ln- O Cl! CJ J: E OJ E X-4 GJ E O d ce DD O y-J S: cv E cg ev CQ 'D C N .Or 'Q e- CI O L: C elle, OZ R uns, Rick ad R VY Graybeal Ga ck Di f, C21 L ndy A Allyn Perry orej ITT fa sopho Pete Aldred and Bl sh, Bill Place ..-1 Joe Wikar, Jim he T orld. W he I'S VS. t senio he t 3.5 hrillers W he league t sideligimngf fac- red O ociation spons SS udent a ther game was a st I'lO A OH W TS senio 53. Although the record upset 54 to EIS hich the Varsity W einw ITI ulty ga squad enthusiasm of the the Cate di in t HO does was one-sided, it he season throughout t The season individual high point honors go to Allyn Perry and Lee cf Cf Lee Weav all .Q -0- 0 X GD U .Q P- rsil VC dio H T Clifton Juliano Jm 60-61 SEASON FW QD C4 V7 CQ YT -H F0 CD V3 YT PN VW -A MD V1 VD MD Royalton Hartland I I1 Starpo ..-1 :- CJ A4 s-. N m 1:11 Schoo Park nee is T6 Cla Lewiston Porter aa Cen: is wo.: Z2 Akron Opponent Wilson 42 35 48 Royalton Hartland 4l 40 56 Starpoint 49 45 57 Barker 50 40 50 Lewiston Porter 52 1 40 79 Newfane 38 32 68 Medina 50 32 57 Niagara Wheatfield 37 43 46 Wilson 43 24 44 'knon league games field Cat h W agara Ni Bill duns, ver, Gary Ra C3 W mates Lee team coach Scappa and HS hot sinks a foul s Juliano Jim Rick and Perry yH All Pete Aldred, kar, im Blish, Wi .I Joe ver, Dick Graybeal, C8 W ck Place, Ja watch from the line. Rozelle CUVCF ack W .I Sitting: J. Dean, M. Krieger. M. Lauridson, H. Harvey. Kneeling: R. Ciurzynski, R. Kwand- rang, R. Cherry, D. Richardson. D. Skiff. J. Battaglia. G. Sundown. Smnding on deck: Mr. Carl Schleieh, D. Zimmer. C. Drachenberg, G. Bitterman, A. Flor, B. MacCoy, D. Bueceri G. Kern. Slunrling on board: E. Williams. B. Pingitore. T. Rader, J. Espersen, T. DeYoung D. Cheavacci, D. Harvey, M. Kreiger, D. Ludwick. Noi Pictured: N. Sundown, J. Flint, R. Lewis, D. Hutchinson, R. Davis. R. Baich, J. Orzcl, J. Logan. swimming The Akron Seals were host to the Class A Swim Sectionals this year under the leadership of Coach Carl Schleich. The Seals took a second place in the meet standings, taking a number of first and second places. Dean Cheavacci placed first in the 400 yd. Freestyle, Tom DeYoung in the 100 yd. and 200 yd. Freestyle, and the 200 yd. Medley Relay, Dennis Harvey, Alan Flor, Dean Cheavacei, and Dave Ludwick. Due to a comparatively small and inexperienced v 1 team, the season ended rather poorly for the Seals. The final season's standings were 14 losses and 4 wins. The co-captains Morley Krieger and Dave Ludwick will be graduating this year with Ed Williams and Gerwald Kern, our German Foreign Exchange Student, but the team's future looks very promising with a number of good underclassmen and an excellent Junior-High Team. Four senior members of the swimming squad line up at the edge of the pool for a quick take- ofi. From left: Ed Williams. Morley Krieger, Dave Ludwick and Gary Kern. fri' At the time of thc printing of this photograph and the compiling of the AKRONITE. thc Varsity and the Jr. Varsity baseball teams had not played any games. but they were looking forward to a successful season. Run' Ona: Mr. Dcmbrow, B. Downey. M. Tinncy. D. Chea- vacci, D. Fix, J. Zttrlo. Row Tim: W. Enstrom. J. Gruber. G. Burchell. K. Wagner. J. Willard. D, Jemison. Run' Tlirvtfx D. Johnson. B. Smith. J. Berry. J. Brand. J. Schleef. 1961 baseball Row One: Mr. Wctzen, A. Perry. J. Weaver. J. Juliano, J. Wikar. Row Two: B. Downey, J. Blish, R. Miller. P. Aldred. J. Hostc. D. Stanbury. Row Three: J. Remsen. E. Kozloslxi. R. Rozelle, R. Casscri. N. Sundown. W. Enstrom. qw 1961 track team Like the baseball team, the track squad had not participated in any meets at press time, so no season's record can be presented. Row One: R. Brahmer, J. Bartel, W. Wilson, R. Pacer, H. McConkey, Mr. Schleich. Row Two: D. MacCoy, R. Finger, A. Leaf, J. Burdick, L. Prinzback. Row Three: C. Tadio, M. Groff, W. Davis, G. Bitterman, D. Harvey. iunior high basketball Row One: P. Levitt. K. Wolf, L. Casseri, M. Abraham. J. Bordonaro, J. Schlegel, D. Wolf, P. Luketic, D. Fry, B. Schultz. Row Two: Mr. A. I. MacCoy. coach, Gary Doctor, A. Black. R. Newman, J. Owen, L. Kraatz. M. Pafk, J. Bartram. M. White, J. DiLuzio, B. MacCoy, coach assistant, M. Ground, coach assistant. iunior high baseball Row One: Coach R. Jenkins, N. Carmer, D. Carroll, K. Wall, J. Halecki, L. Casseri, J. Remsen, J. DiLuzio, F. Frey, W. Matusek, B. MacCoy, Coach Feltham. Row Two: D. Campbell, M. Steves, A. Edmister, J. Young, K. Blish, D. Swader, M. Pafk, D. Chapman T. Hibbard, K. Litlin, J. Hellert, G. Cescon, T. Burnacki, T. Newcomb. Row Three: L. Neuroth, R. Newman. R. Cuiryznski, M. Ground, G. Mann, R. Kwandrans, A. Black, T. Nicomcti. B, DeYoung, R. Wilson, J. Edwards. Row Four: M. Abraham, D. Hutchinson, J. Dean, P. Wagner, L. Wolfe, G. Bell, R. Hol- lenbeck, M. White, B. Schultz, D. Wolfe, E. Wilson. P. Luketic. E. Buckley. 9 Cheerle iders t tke time out to present one of the school's cheers. Left toRigl1r: S. Kraatz, L. Wheel- er M H irrmgton C Sundown, J. Cescon, K. Zimmerman, B. Bower, A. Riggio. O varsity cheerleaders The Akron High School cheer- leaders take it upon themselves to help to develop school spirit and school citizenship. At football and basketball games the girls led the cheers and held pep assemblies at the school. During the year they attend clinics to improve their cheering and cheering methods. .rm-xi Sm i.v. cheerleaders MW H Lrfr to Rrghf J Ross, B. Houlihan, G. Juliano, G. Gerace, S. Lane, M. Mansell. 42 5U tennis team The tennis team is in its third year of competition since its discontinuation in 1943. The members are looking forward to a year of success. Row One: I.. Prinzhach. A. Flor. G. Rich- ards. E. PeQueen. Mr. Carges. Row Two: B. Pingitore. B. Mac- Coy, L. Cummings, J. Mansell. D. Bucceri. i.v. baskelbal Ron' One: K. Wagner. J. Berry D. Aquino. D. Johnson. J Zurlo, B. Pacer. D. Perry. J Brtltld. Run' Two: D. Fix. J Gruher. G. Burchell. J. Place R. Miller. D. Frodin, D. Blade N. Abraham. B. Downey. B. Smith. Mr. Hostetter. Alnxwzr. D. Casseri. 'ic mm? aw J f 'l ,f 3,741-1 . . -v 0 girls' field hockey The Pocono hocltcy club is one of the few girls athletic pro- grams of the school. This surn- mer they will attend a confer- ence for hockey clubs in the Pocono Mountains. Pennsyl- vania. Kritftflzuy: L. Wheeler Johnson. G. Juliano. M Paflt. Sftllllllllll' M. Martiny. I Ross. M. Pasls. S. Sutton. C. Esperson. W. VanPell. M. Huth. R. Wronowicz. K. Zim- merman. Mrs. .l. Williams, S Ciurzynslti. senior boys' intromurols Row One: R. Skye, J. Juliano, captain, R. Fin- ger. captain: D. Kuraskiewicz, D. Rickwalt captain: J. Bartram, D. Ludwick, captain: J Weaver. captain, J. Bohnoff, V. Rugg, G. Hul- bert. Raw Two: J. Berry, D. Johnson, R. Grover, J. Bartel. J. Matusek, R. Graybeal, B Pingitore, R. Pacer. M. Tinney, D. Bucceri, J. Burdick, J. Willig. Row Tlzree: D. Jemison, D. Lindke. J. Zurlo, B. Stevens, D. Black. R. Kel- kenberg, S. Trinkl, L. Cummings, K. Whit- beck, G. Burchell, J. Brand, D. Fix. Row Four: J. Bower, L. Prinzback, S. Parker, A. Perry, J Wikar. R. Groff, R. Glena, P. Teller, D. Tink- ham, K. Hale, B. Merrill, R. Graybeal. Row Five: J. Gruber, L. Bower, N. Abraham, A Flor, D. Cheavacci. R. Casseri, P. Aldred. D Aquino. W. Enstrom. iunior boys' intromurols Run' Onv: L. Kraatz. C. Hall, D. Skiff, J. Borden. .l. DeLuzio. G. Mann, T. Biernacki, B. Schultz. J. Snyder. J. Remsen. B. DeYoung. T. Hibbard. Row Two: K. Pagels, J. Moore. P. Leavitt. K. Wolfe, M. Pask, L. Casseri. T. Bartrani, T. Stapleton. J. Kaufman. G. Cescon. B. MacCoy, J. Owens. Row Tlirce: J. Bor- donaro. R. Blish. J. Hellcrt. P. Wagner. E. Wil- son. R. Kwansrans. M. Lauridsen. A. Black. D. Stanhury. G. Grabcnstetter. R. Lewis. J. Logan. Row Four: R. Campbell. R. Newman. G. Sandown. M. Ground. D. Poodry. G. Doc- tor. R. Hollenbeck. J. Edwards. M. White. L. Moses. D. Wolfe. J. Cummings, Row Five: J. Dean. A. lidmister. R. Ciurzynski. L. New- rolh, A. Niemeti. R. Parker. J. Schlcgel. D. Chapman. A. Scappa. Advisor. senior girls' intromurols Row 0110: Kraatz, J. Lindke, D. Weipert, L Fothcringham, M. Long, A. Riggio, D. New- man, M. Harrington. R. Mast. Row Two: S Hogue. L. Logan, E. Charles, C. Sundown, M Moses. J. Sundown, J. Poodry. A. Printup, J Logan. B. Parder. N. Rosenberg. G. Juliano, C Sundown. Row Tlzreex E. Bedford, L. Foster Klawcr. N. Hessler, A. George. M. De- Young. S. Johnson. M. Pask. J. Ross, S. Sutton K. Zimmerman. Row Four: M. Mansell. S Lane. Reese, G. Gerace, H. Finger, E. Fea- gels, P. Wronowicz, L. Logel, G. Abrams, R Wronowicz, M. Huth, L. Wheeler. Fifflz Row P. Hinds, K. Nanni, G. Bedford, R. Yeager, B Bower, N. Abraham, B. Houlihan, D. Finger Cirrizynski, W. VanPell. C. Esperson, M Martiny. Mr. A llen when? oste Study r ,j hard Balle- rina nature girls little sister Q Where Vyavgoin ? J ."- , m f itte Slel' QUY as little Sweet dreams Blushing? YQ Young ' Grover . Bob and Peg Polka K G+ zzzzzzzi Su ?' l Q 1 Lovers 'F It unny H uli Mrs. Jimm Y 5th grade , 9 'J Mud Pig? A Sfqndin' ,M 0 he corner. in Hi that ? Q, 9 ' n Donna Q' Shutter bu mr ' .Y l Trunk o who? ZZG .. W 1. 'Q-' private sec y After the dance Mr. C nnef Ha Direct Our b ach OI' m I " ww' A. t ,f X . .,, ft. Beach comber Stop What 's A T U9 Jim JE' Well new ? This page Cozlrlexy of Wulcs-Strippitt, Buell Road, Akron, N. Y. 5-.. ,G i 5 fi fa? lm X nuff ,. ?'5!Qi ' , 42, If gil :gp 'V 'UA 02? li, if 5'-Af f -- -,wr x, 1. any g - .. ,QL gf 5 sb if S A Q 7 . V get 2 i 3-51 A Qs A wi Yi? Ar an f 5ai'E2Q?1m2 'iw iv gk... 5 5+ Q Q if NJNININJ mninnlanamiallmimimmntatnlatmmmInnlummminImalmalmalnnminimalulatmatmMmmmmninnmulnMun'mtlmllmlNuWmlmHtullunlnnluallml'unlunhmlnnl gold business and professional patrons The following have paid for one full page of the yearbook through their contributions: Bank of Akron, Main St., Akron, N. Y. Ben DeYoung, Mechanic St., Akron, N. Y. Buffalo Sheet Metals lnc., 303 Central Avenue, Buffalo 6, N. Y. C. 8m E. Television and Appliances, Main Street, Akron, N. Y. Dande Farms Country Club, Inc., Carney Road, Akron, N. Y. Houdaille Industries Inc., Buffalo, N. Y. Wales-Strippitt, Buell Road, Akron, N. Y. NININIJ AAllluIluallmtlItANmUtla0'miltonlInNmI5InWmltullInA0'InINmNmNmlmtluaIllmluatltauhm'inIfluMlmiluallmtlInlluuluullnNun'lnllualmallnoINmlunNmllaulloulliidltaallu silver business and professional patrons The following have paid for one-half page of the yearbook through their contributions: Peterson's Rexall Drug Store Chamber of Commerce Pixleyls I. G. A. Supermarket John Capan-Distributor Hitchcockls Market National Gypsum-Akron West End Sales and Service Swanson-Joslyn Oil Alex Smith Trucking A. C. S. Student Council A1 Zimmerman Oldsmobile Rochester Button Factory Perry's Dairy Cold Springs Construction Co. NINININI 'tmlnullaallInIluAIlInUmIllanllAatlnolllanlnnluwnalllaaIlInWmlmstu4allasAmuNAatlmmaatllm4Ina4lmllIn4HInllnlNAatlInAIllulllnllmllun'un0mlllinlmllInNmWoobllaalllaalltuv 90 business and professional patrons The following have paid for one-quarter page of the yearbook through their contributions Oakview Soda and Snack Bar Park Lunch Hibbard's Shoe Store Ralston Purina Checkerboard Warehouse Akron Produce Company Fro-Joy C. F. Phillips, D.D.S. Grant Club Open Air Market Gruber's Bakery Pam-Rose Shoppe Beyser's Lumber 8: Building Supplies Alts Barber Shop Hensel,s Mobil Service Sweeney Chevrolet Shaw Wood Specialties Company Creekside Gardens Charles F. Taylor-Insurance Service Glendon H. Klingelsmith, D. C. Route 5 Mushroom Growers Carborundum Metals Inc. Excel Industries Adrian E. Ross Culligan Soft Water Service Sherwood's Hardware Eddie's Jewelry Bearnhardt's Funeral Home Max Phelps' Truck Stop and Restaurant Bitterman's Dry Goods Da Ni Restaurant Glen J. Weaver, D.V.M. Corbett Brothers Akron Shopping Guide Joe Zurlo's Delicatessen R. F. Burchell, D.D.S. Akron Service Garage Methodist Men,s Club Aladdin Shop Holfmanis Dairy Mart Tryon's Delicatessen Ralph G. Stanbury Grover H. Bates-Insurance Akron Greenhouses Akron G.L.F. Co-Op Maryls Grocery Bob Brucker, Prop. Renn 84 Ceisner Akron Insurance Agency Sophomore Class T. Whiting Sales Corp. Bitterman Brothers Barbara Ann's Bridal Salon Geddes' Greenhouses Schoolhouse Gift Shop E. C. Laughlin private patrons Mr. 84 Mrs. Robert O. Anderson Anita Donna C. 84 Jim B. Theresa 84 Bob Mr. 84 Mrs. John Bradley 84 Family Mr. 84 Mrs. William F. Bradley Mr. gl Mrs. Norman C. Brewer Miss Nell Brown Mr. 84 Mrs. Joseph Brusky Mr. 84 Mrs. Henry Carges Katy, Pat, 84 Carol Tom 84 Carol Mr. 84 Mrs. Corrado Cheavacci Miss Gertrude Churchill Mr. 84 Mrs. Frank Columbus Mr. 84 Mrs. Carl Cummings Mr. 84 Mrs. Laurence E. Cummings Mr. 84 Mrs. Leon Cummings Betsy 84 Dave Ronnie, Jean, Win, 84 Dave Mr. 84 Mrs. John Eckerson Mr. 84 Mrs. Nicholas J. Eckert gl Family Hazel M. Ellsworth Mrs. Jessie Mr. 84 Mrs Mr. 84 Mrs Richard C. Mr. 84 Mrs Mr. Cgl, Mrs Mr. 84 Mrs Mr. 84 Mrs. Mr. 84 Mrs Mr. 84 Mrs. Feitshans . Henry Finger Kenneth Fowler Genor . Fred C. Gerber John Gerstung . Richard Groves Clifford Hall Marlowe Hellert Robert Hellert Frank Helwig Dr. 84 Mrs. James R. Hicks Mr. 84 Mrs. Hiram Hoag Mr. 84 Mrs. Leon Hollenbeck J. Melvin Hood Mr. 84 Mrs. J. Norman Hostetter Mr. 84 Mrs. Fred Ingalsbe Richard Jenkins Junior Class, Room 207 Rev. 84 Mrs. Walter L. Kingsley Mr. 84 Mrs. Robert Kraatz Mr. 84 Mrs. Robert J. Ludwick Mr. 84 Mrs. A. l. MacCoy Mr. Martiny's Senior Homeroom 205 Mr. 84 Mrs. Donald Mecklenberg Mr. 84 Mrs. Leland Meyer Mr. Monahan's Homeroom 203 Mrs. Janet C. Morgan Lorraine 84 Jack Nachtrieb Mr. 84 Mrs. John Orzel Bob 84 Peg Gail 84 Pete Mr. 84 Mrs. Samuel Pingitore Mr. 84 Mrs. Justus A. Prentice Miss Frances Ridley R. J. Robinson Mr. 84 Mrs. Richard J. Rozelle Mr. 84 Mrs. Ted Rudnicki Mr. 84 Mrs. Angelo Scappa 84 Family Mr. 84 Mrs. William J. Schukraft Margaret M. Shepard Mr. 84 Mrs. William F. Smith Mr. 84 Mrs. Hoover Stapleton Mr. 84 Mrs. Theodore Stapleton Mrs. Jean S. Stricker Henry J. Sustakoski Mrs. Gertrude Sutton W. R. Tomczak Mr. Tom VanPell A. E. Vossler Rev. 84 Mrs. R. C. Wacker Rev. Cgl. Mrs. Howard Ward Mr. 84 Mrs. Leon D. Weaver Mrs. Kelsey Webster Mr. 84 Mrs. Henry Weiler Mr. 84 Mrs. Thomas Wetzen Mr. 84 Mrs. A. R. White Rev. S. Wisniewski This book printed by VELVATONE, a special process of litho graphic printing. Sole producers: Wm. J. Keller Inc., Buffalo, N. Y No other printing Him is authorized to use the Velvatone method 1.4 gf: .4,.Qg:,,, 5-5.51.-5.5.2-1 .. J. ,. L .: , 1 .I f -, , V, ,. - -' 1. .. . ,..,.g:-z1:.:.. 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