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'F 32 ya X 1 fi 1 u If - . 4 ii A 1. -w i ors The 1960 akroniTe presenTed by The iournalism class of akron cenTraI school akron, new york d T business manag ara BIT! I b h , ioan gg william de young e iors T d T circulaTion m g IY Pafk, i ane re michael cescon foreword Modern art is a theme which typiiies a look to the future and all things that it holds. This book empha- sizes the new and challenging things to come for the seniors departing this year as we take a few moments to look back on the year past. We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to the administration, faculty, staff, and all concerned for their cooperation and assistance in the production of this book. To thc businessmen of Akron and vicinity, for their enthusiastic and generous support, we would also like to give a special word of thanks. alma mater Not a school in fact or fancy, With Akron can we compare. May her glory go on shining, May her days be fair. For the memories that we'll cherish We'll always wish to bc back. And wherc'cr we go we'll ne'er forget Her orange and her black. ' 514 '- . f f w""'W ""i"'ff I -'rg . at af ,V ,W,,,,,w" , -Q S50 N", , , ..,. W, ' i'.t,Q,Q.,,a..Ay:"tr: f mi' dedication To signify our thankfulness and respect for the as- sistance and wise leadership rendered the school, this year's Journalism Class proudly dedicates the 1960 AKRONITE to Mr. Edward Allen, who, by his culti- vated and idealistic character, has stood as a symbol of the goals for which every educational institution should strive. Mr. Allen is a graduate of the public schools of Iowa Falls, Iowa, and took his undergraduate work at Stan- ford University, California, the University of Michigan and Ellsworth College, Iowa. His graduate training in- cludes two years of work -in the Harvard University Graduate School of Education. The supervising principal was engaged for ten years in teaching and administrative work in Grosse Pointe, Michigan, in a school system which consolidates the educational facilities of five Detroit Suburban commu- nities in several elementary and Junior-Senior High Schools. Here he was promoted to Administrative As- sistant to the Superintendent of Schools. Later he be- came Director of Administrative Services of the com- plete system, followed by Supervisor of Schools in- vo- cational Iields. Before coming to Akron, 19 years ago, Mr. Allen was supervisor in charge of the selection and assignment of trainees in the Detroit Vocational Educa- tional Program for National Defense. Among the major accomplishments achieved by Mr. Allen are the centralization of the school district, and the construction of the elementary school and gym and swimming pool. During his tenure the enrollment has considerably increased and with it there has been a siz- able increase in the instructional staff and other school personnel. memoriam Every community has its outstanding teachers and Akron Central School will always be proud of the her- itage left by Miss Margaret Shepard. Devotion to school, to home, and to church keynoted the creed by which she lived. Her untimely death only served to re-emphasize those qualities of courage, honesty, and sincerity by which Miss Shepard was known and loved by all. 4 1 MR. EDWARD ALLEN MR. JUSTUS A. PRENTICE Supervising Principal Jr.-Sr. High School Principal 'M MR. ELLSWORTH BROWN MR. STANLEY VICTOR MRS. LILLIAN LAESE Guidance Direclor Business Manager Elementary Supervisor lu MR. VINCENT ESPERSEN BOARD OF EDUCATION-Row One: Mr. Roger Kraatz, Vice-Presi- Elementary Principal dentg Mr. Arthur Charles, Prcsidentg Mrs. Louise Harrington, Clerk: Mr. Robert Kraatz. Row Two: Mr. Plimm Wittg Mr. Richard Forrestelg Mr. Norman Schleef. 6 . Q If 1. .V N1 1 , L , f ' 1 A ' K lf-xi' QQ ii QSM ,M 'LX Y , if W 1? A L 5 1 , Z . ' rs H J ' iw Ag, f A i n ivfifynfi ' K- 'V' Q A w gy V Kirk, QW' , Q. X. 1 'wg 4. gd F"'g , ,ff I gr J-x .-up ,S 4 .ff J' ef .ff- if X , 5 english The English department meets in the library for a group shot. Seated: Mrs. Francis Hoag, Mr. Charles Rob- bins, and Miss Hazel Ellsworth. Standing: Mr, Roger Farr, Mr. Henry Sustakoski, and Mr. Albert Vossler. science Members of the science department listen to a topic presented by the biology teacher. Seated: Mr. George Martiny, Mr. John Ecker- son, Mr. Myron Dembrow, and Mrs. Gladys Brown. Standing: Mr. Henry Carges. mathematics A member confers with the math department. Seated: Mrs. Myra Stapleton and Mrs. Verna Smith. Standing: Mr. Grover Bates, Mr. Leland Meyer, and Mr. Walter Roemer. Members of the vocational department discuss future plans. Seated: Mr. J. Melvin Hood, Mr. Leon Hollenbeck, Mrs. Ann Ludwick, and Miss Gertrude Churchill. Smna'if1g.' Mr. Thomas Walker, Mr. Richard Latko, Mr. Richard Rozelle, and Mrs. Ellen Brusky. vocational history music and art Members of the art and music departments get together for an informal chat. Seated: Mrs. Nancy Groves, Mr. Joseph Valente, and Mr. Frank Columbus. Standing: Mr. Richard Jenkins. physical education and me-r ttst health Members of the physical edu- cation department confer with the school nurse. Seated: Mrs. Lucille Bacheller and Mr. Angelo Scappa. Stand- ing: Mr. Thomas Wetzen. Members of the history department pose for a picture. Seated: Mr. Richard Genor, Mr. James Monahan, andXMr. Lawrence Stock. Stutzding.' Mr. Norman Hostetter, Mr. Richard Vanderpool, Mr. Frank Helwig, and Miss Nell Brown. elementary Teachers Among the elementary teachers of Akron are these- Mrs. Isabel Stageg Mrs. Joanne Sweitzerg Mrs. Margaret Shephard, and Mrs. Helen Shisler. Some of the elementary special teachers are the following- Seated: Mr. Theodore Stapleton and Miss Caro- lyn Brown. Standing: Mrs. Albertina Espersen and Mr. Stanley Vnuk. Enjoying a moment's diversion are these ele- mentary teachers. Miss Avis Wickwireg Mrs. Claudine Williams Mrs. Arlene Weeksg Mrs. Dorothy Webster Some of the elementary grade teachers are the following- Mr. John Field, Mrs. Mardell Fix, Mrs. Doris Gerber, and Mrs. Joyce Ford. elementary teachers Also among the elementary teachers are these- Seated: Mrs. Mildred Matteson, Miss Statia Odgen, and Miss Marilyn Miller. Slanding: Mrs. Mildred Paugh. Discussing a primary education problem are- Mrs. Catherine Batesg Mrs. Clara Berghorn Miss Lucia Churchill, and Mrs. Margaret Black more. l elementary teachers Some other elementary special teachers are- Mrs. Eva Harpstg Mr. Carl Schiechg Mrs. Ellen Garvey, and Mrs. Maxine Walters. Posed in the elementary teacher's room are- Mrs. Moneda Hartzlerg Mrs. Louise Humeg Mrs. Emma Gilbert, and Mrs. Eileen MacCoy. The members of the elementary faculty are- Seated: Miss Anita Swyersg Mrs. Mildred Wadeg and Mrs. Marjanne Townsend. Standing: Mrs. Viola Swarts. Among the Elementary School faculty are: Mrs. June Hesslerg Mrs. Sarah Sheltong Miss Elizabeth Berger. ' -'B' ' elementary teachers Four local Akron teachers- Miss Laura San Fratello, Mrs. Carol Bohn, Miss Olive Shelly, and Mrs. Helen Pentecost. office staff The members of the proficient ofhce staff: Standing: Miss Carol Middaughg Mrs. Betty Freyg Mrs. Catherine Swaineg Miss Marion Green. Sealed: Miss Helen Reberg Mrs. Corine Becker. as .wg 7 :Ja ' yi? X15 .f x 1 elementary cafeteria The cafeteria staff of the elementary school pause in their preparation of the school lunch. Row One: Mrs. F. Zolag Mrs. H. Medoleg Mrs. M. Bowg Mrs. P. Pingitoreg Mrs. H. Jonathang Miss B. Towner Ccafeteria superintendentb. Row Two: Mrs. F. Abrahamg Mrs. D. Tupperg Mrs. A. Lowder. bus drivers Posing for a picture are the bus drivers of Akron Central School. Row One: Mr. L. Kopp, Mr. V. Davidsong Mr. R. Pixleyg Mr. R. Hosteg Mr. E. Bates. Row Two: Mr. E. Pohlg Mr. R. Blackerg Mr. B. Longg Mr. F. Gerberg Mr. L. Coulsong Mr. H. Hoagg Mr. M. Baker. maintenance Members of the maintenance staff pause for a moment's rest. Mrs. M. Kossg Mr. C. Silvernailg Mr. J. Ces- cong Mr. A. Weatherbee. senior cafeteria Getting ready to start the noon-day rush, the cafeteria ladies take time out for a pose. Mrs. A. Sylorg Mrs. H. Goeskeg Mrs. I. Ciam- mettig Mrs. A. Deahng Mrs. C. Matusekg Mrs. D. Haleckig Mrs. P. Strawg Mrs. A. Falsionig Mrs. F. Wyder. my " " A . M ' 'il Q" 4. agp, , .. . .rv .9 Q' .. 0, .. 3 ' - 6' uit gh. ' fr, E? 1 'L .iff 5. ii I if ww i . A 'Q x K 1 rl . V -ii 7 A K . ...-'. 'Y 45" gg"-:zur gl we ! ' fag' , ,K i 'Q 2 W' fbi. JANICE ABRAHAM "She smiles, and the shadows depart." Mr. Leon Hollenbeck, right, Industrial Arts teacher at Akron High School, instructs seniors Dave Swader and Louis Sutton in the use of the metal lathe. KENNETH BARTLETT CONSTANCE BARAN DONALD BEDNAR 'iMake mine country style." 'love and a cough cannot be concealed." g'He's not as bashful as he seems." 16 MARY BERNDT "What else is there good, but to live and be merry?" WILLIAM BLICKENSDERFER "Men of few words are the best of men." 3 Vi fi f: . : I ,,M'3w I , FRED BENTEEN "For let the times be good or bad, they are all the same to me." LINDA BOWER "A little nonsense now and then is rel- ished by the best of women." E -Q 17 ARDA BLACKCHIEF "I'll get by.', DONALD BURRILL "It's the little things in life that count rg' A I t 'f eg kim SP1 I 7 ,S Q73 XJ? 'wi 'K 'qgsi I Y' I :. i' ff 'J' I -' if A A .Q 5 A I W5-griww I ,ga :LM 5 in Am - W. '- BETSY CHAMBERLAIN 'lHer quiet dignity and her simple way "The first men were tillers win her admiration." DAVID BUSHOVER CAROLYN CIURZYNSKI EDWARD CAIN PATRICIA CLARK RAYMOND CARLO "One who is up and doing is never down "Small in size, but then. . .' "I like work. I could sit and loo and out." all day," 18 of the soil." "A smile with an intent to do mischief." k at it QQ. is W.. NANCY COVEL DOUGLAS CEISNER EARLINE DRAPER "What sweet delight a quiet life affords." "Now you behave yourself." "Two eyes of blue and dimples too." Mr. Marvin Suttel, Mechanical Drawing Instructor guides students in their individual projects, MICHAEL CESCON "On their own merits, modest men are quiet." ' '7"wu,,, I W . If Second period senior English class informally discusses a story. CHARLES CHEAVACCI JUDITH FLOR l'Good time Charlie, blunt, boisterous 'KSome think the world was made for and undauntedf' and frolic, and so do I." 20 JOYCE EHMANN "A face as gentle as candlelight." DALE CHEAVACCI fun "If girls interfere with your work-quit working, fool." CAROL GRABBENSTATTER 'lArt is a measure of a person's response to life." W ROBERT COOKE "Let every man mind his own business." JUDITH HALECKI "Smiles may come and smiles may go but giggles go on foreverf' THOMAS COWAN RONALD CUMMINGS LINDA HUDSON "The happiest life that ever was led, "He that asks no questions, isn't told a "A maid whose voice is softly sweet." Always to court and never to wed." l ie . ' ' 2 21 1 DAVID DEAHN "Man is the only animal that blushes. Or needs to." VALERIE LEAF "A happy disposition for everyone." NORMA JOHNSON WILLIAM DEYOUNG "I want to be naughty, but yet be nice." "Delay is always fatal to those who are prepared." RUSSELL DUNLAP KATHRYN MALECKI "Under his veneer of silence the hum of "Glamor is what makes a man ask you mighty workings go on." for your telephone number." 22 RALPH EWALD MARY MCCORMICK WILLIAM HAMMOND "Quiet but never idle." 'lNever has much to say, but is gentle "I-lenceforth, I never will be Romeo in every way." Students show an amused pause during the course of an American history lecture. LINDA MEDOLE A prisoner of love." I ,fy 23 BRIAN HARVEY PATRICIA NAYMAN DAVID HELLERT "Faith has nothing to fear from think- "Idle hands are the devil's workshop." "God bless the man who invented sleep ing? Members of Mr. Bates' trigonometry class puzzle over a set of problems. SUELLEN NG i'It's nice to be natural when you're nat- urally nice." 24 BRUCE HONSBERGER "Slow and steady wins the race." BEVERLY PAFK "Where ere she goes gaiety flows." DORIS HITCHCOCK PETER HUTH "Listening often speaks louder than "Like Nero, he just fiddles aroundf words." RICHARD HUTH CAROL PENTECOST "A woman is only a woman but a good "Always ready and willingf' cigar is a smoke." iiies A ksi' isier wr' 25 y 5 -3. Q. ' -gi gg, 2 in - :fy :lf 'X 12 5 A RALPH KARNITZ "Boys like Ralph are almost as rare as Mr. Genor explains to a group of students rules for writ- a needle in a haygtackf' ing the annual senior essay. ANITA RANDAZZO DAVID KASHUBA JANE REMSEN "Full of fun and fancy free." K'l'm willing to be convinced, but I'd "By her actions, we all know her like to see the person who can do it." 26 PHILIP KENNEDY JOANNE RIGGIO F JOHN MCCORQUODALE "Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow "As good be out of the world, as out of "To live long, it is necessary to live you may be a married man." fashion." slowly." BONNIE SARGENT BRUCE MOSES ROSE SMITH "Small, but so is a stick of dynamite." "To know him is to like him." "I find life not gray, but rosie NL 2141 27 XM.,- SUSAN SMITH "A fleeting mirth in laughter on her lips ROBERT POGEL KAREN SPAETH "A little bit quiet, a little bit shy never Kind and sweet and exceptionally nice theless, he's a wonderful guy 28 THOMAS RADUNS "A modest man with hidden pride." Students gather between classes at u favorite resting place. the hrailingf' SUSAN SUTTON WILLIAM REISTER PRISCILLA SWARTS "Some day we will see her name and 'SOh whimsical gambling adolescent, up- "Sing away sorrows: cast away cure." say-I knew her when." on what mischievous prank are you now bent." K , J,-11 V. gm.. 29 1 RONALD ROSENBERG LAURA WAGNER " lListen and learn'-and that is the "And every day is sunny. . motto of this happy go lucky lad." GREIG SHAW "Listen, my children, and you shall hear, A crash, a bang-hats off, Greig's car is passing near." Journalism students watch photographer teeter on a filing cabinet. SHIRLEY WAGNER "Position is only what you are yourself and what you give to those around you." 3 30 I Eff? i RONALD SHIM MEL "No woman can escape his charms." VERONICA WRONOWICZ "Speak kind words and you will hear kind echoes." .ff NORMA JEAN WHEAT "She who has lived obscurely and quietly has lived well." DANA SKIFF "Business goes where it is invited, and stays where it is well treated." GARY STEVENS JOSEPH SULIMOWICZ "To be a well-favored man is a gift of "Satan's got nothing on me." nature." 31 LOUIS SUTTON "The world's as ugly as sin and almost as delightfulf, WALTER TANGER HA courteous grin, friendly, and never a serious thought." F DAVID SWADER MHe looks like an angel, the little villain." RONALD WALTERS "Only so much do I know as I have lived." 32 JEFFRY SYLOR "Jeffry, Jeffry, quite contrary, always made his classes merry." DENNIS WHITE "He never troubles trouble until trouble troubles him." 3 THE SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS-Seated: Ehmann, J., Secretary, Abraham, J., Vice Presi- dentg Skiff, D., President. Standing: Wronowicz, V., Student Council Representative, Mr. John Eckerson, Advisory Tanger, W., T reasurer. senior class highlights As Freshmen, the Class of 1960, under the advisorship of Mr. John Eckerson, chose pink and black as its class colors. The class also sold stationery and served refreshments at the J unior-Senior Prom. In its Sophomore year, the class sponsored a record hop with Hernando as mas- ter of ceremonies and also sold refreshments at the baseball games. Shortly after the members of the Class of 1960 became Juniors the class rings were ordered and received. Again the group was behind the selling of refreshments at football, basketball, and baseball games. The class partly sponsored the Junior- Senior Prom with the Class of 1959. As Seniors, the class managed the cloak room during basketball season and sold Christmas cards. A record hop with Tom Shannon as master of ceremonies, a Sadie Hawkins Dance, and the annual Senior Play entitled "Absolutely Murder" were sponsored and presented by the group. Toward the end of the year, the Junior- Senior Prom entitled 5'Somewhere Over the Rainbow," the Senior Picnic and a Senior Banquet were held and attended by the Class of 1960. 33 ei JANICE ABRAHAM Jr. Red Cross 1, 2, 3, Varsity Choral 2, 3, 4, Monitors 2, 3, 4, Sr. Girls Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Senior Class Vice- President, Senior Play, Co-editor Akronite, Chairman Student Council Charity Drive 3, Co-Chairman Jr.-Sr. Prom 3, Chairman Sr. Prom 4. CONSTANCE BARAN Sr. Girls Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Girls Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Varsity Chorale I, Editor of Orange and Black. KENNETH BARTLETT Future Farmers of America I, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer FFA 3, 4, Boys Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. DONALD BEDNAR Baseball I, 2, Science Club I, Industrial Arts Club 2, 3, 4. FRED BENTEEN MARY BERNDT Girls Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Future Homemakers of America I, 2, 3. ARDA BLACKCHIEF Girls Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Camera Club 3, 4. WILLIAM BLICKENSDERFER Chess Club 2, Science Club 3, 4, Vice-President Sci- ence Club 4, Model Club 3, 4, Librarian of Model Club 3, President of Model Club 4. LINDA BOWER Intramurals 1, 2, Monitors 2, 3, Library Stall 1, DONALD BURRILL Chess Club 1, 2, Industrial Arts Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice- President of Industrial Arts Club 3. DAVID BUSHOVER Chess Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Boys Glee Club 1, Future Farm- ers of America 1, 2, 4, EDWARD CAIN Senior Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Chorale 1, 2, 3, 4, Dramatics Club 1, Student Court Justice 1, Interna- tional Club 3, 4, Ticket Sellers 3, 4, Sr. Science Club 3, 4, Sr. Boys Glee Club 4, Senior Play, Student Coun- cil Secretary 2, Student Council Treasurer 3, Council President 4, Jr. Class President, National Honor So- ciety 3, 4, Treasurer of National Honor Society 4, President of Senior Band 4. RAYMOND CARLO Chess Club 1, Senior Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Industrial Arts Club 1, 2, 3, Baseball 1, 3, Swimming 1, 2, 3, Foot- ball 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 2, 3, 4. DOUGLAS CEISNER Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 4, Track 2, Band 2, Chess Club 1, 2, 3, Industrial Arts Club 4. MICHAEL CESCON Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Science Club 3, 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 4, Student Council 4, Football 2, 3, Basketball Mgr. 1, 2, 3, 4. BETSY CHAMBERLAIN Supply ollice 1, 2, Sr. Girls Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Moni- tors 2, 3, 4, Varsity Chorale 2, 3, 4, Library Staff Sec- retary 2, 3. CHARLES CHEAVACCI Boys Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Camera Club 1, Football 2, 3, 4, Swimming 2, 3, 4, Track 3, 4, Industrial Arts Club 4. DALE CHEAVACCI Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain Football 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Swimming 1, 2, Sr. Boys Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Industrial Arts Club 1, 2, Student Council 4, Senior Play. CAROLYN CIURZYNSKI Girls Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Junior Red Cross 1. PATRICIA CLARK Library Staff 2, 3, Monitor 3, 4, Student Council 2. ROBERT COOK Sr. Boys Glee Club 1, Future Farmers of America 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary of FFA 4, Secretary of Erie County FFA 4. NANCY COVEL Sr. Girls Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Chorale 2, 3, 4. THOMAS COWAN Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Boys Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Boys Chorus 1, 2, Class Vice-President 1, 2, Industrial Arts 2, 3, Co- captain Basketball 3, Co-captain Football 4. senior RONALD CUMMINGS Science Club 1. DAVID DEAHN F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-Presi- dent F.F.A. 3, President F.F.A 4. WILLIAM DEYOUNG Varsity Chorale 1, 2, 3, 4, Swimming Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Track Team 1, 2, President Freshman Class, Chess Club 1, Sr. Science Club 3, Yearbook 4, Advanced Biology Club 4, Senior Play. EARLINE DRAPER Sr. Girls Glee Club I, 2, 3, Monitors I, 2, 3, Library Staff 2, 3, Senior Play, Secretary Library Staff 3, Sec- retary Monitors 4. RUSSELL DUNLAP Model Club 3, 4, Science Club 3, 4, Vice-President Model Club 3. JOYCE EHMANN Jr. Girls Glee Club 1, Sr. Girls Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Sr. Girls Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Varsity Chorale 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y Vice-President 4, Secretary of Sen- ior Class. RALPH EWALD Science Club 1. JUDITH FLOR Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Monitors 2, 3, Advanced Danc- ing 1, Senior Play, Circulation Manager Tiger Times 4. CAROL GRABENSTATTER Girls Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Poster Club 1, 2, 3, 4, In- tramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. JUDITH HALECKI Jr. Red Cross 1, 2, 3, Nurse's Club 2, 3, Great Books 1, 2, Great Books 4, Clinic Worker 1, 2, Library Staff 2, 3, 4, Vice-President Library Stalf 3, President Li- brary Staff 4, Senior Play. WILLIAM HAMMOND Boys Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Varsity Chorale 2, 3, 4. BRIAN HARVEY Chess Club 2, 3, 4, Science Club 1, 2, 3, Swimming Team 1, 2, 4, Model Club I, Football 1, Senior Play, Student Council 4. DAVID HELLERT Camera Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Stage Crew 1, Yorkers 1, Student Council 4. DORIS HITCHCOCK Girls Glee Club 1, 2, 4, Varsity Chorale 2, 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Secretary Class 3, Intramurals 1, Senior Play, Student Council 4, Clinic Secretary 4. BRUCE HONSBERGER Industrial Arts Club 2, 3, 4, Science Club 2. LINDA HUDSON Varsity Chorale 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, ation Committee Chairman 3. Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Library Staff 2, Student Council Recre- PETER HUTH Industrial Arts Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Camera Club 1, Swimming Team 2, Student Council 3, 4, Senior Play. ' RICHARD HUTH Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Camera Club 1, 2, Football 1, 2, Track 1, 2, Chess Club 2. NORMA JOHNSON Monitors 1, 2, 3, Girls Glee Club 2, 3, Varsity Chorale 3, Student Council 1, Journalism 4, Secretary Moni- tors 3. RALPH KARNITZ F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. DAVID KASHUBA Visual Aids 1, 2, 3, Camera Club 1, 2, 3, Stage Crew 2, 3. PHILIP KENNEDY Monitors 3, Journalism 4. VALERIE LEAF Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Yorkers 1, Poster Club 1, Student Council 1, Ticket Sellers 2, Dramatics 3. KATHYRN MALECKI Monitors 1, 2, 3, Girls Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Girls Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 1, 2, Cheerleader 3, Jr. Class Treasurer. JOHN McCORQUODALE F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Chess 1, Intramurals 2, 3, 4. MARY MCCORMICK Jr. Band l, Sr. Band 1, 2, 3, Camera Club 2, 3, Li- brary Staff 2, 3, Sr. Girls Glee Club 3, 4, Monitors 3, 4, Varsity Chorale 4, Dramatics 3, Senior Play, Jour- nalism, Treasurer Library Staff 3, Treasurer Camera Club 3. LINDA MEDOLE Monitors 1, 2, 3, Intramurals 1, 2, Secretary of Class 3, Journalism. BRUCE MOSES Sr. Band l, 2, 3, 4, Boys Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Bas- ketball I, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, Drama Club l, Student Council 2, Senior Play, Vice- President Band 3. PATRICIA NAYMAN Band I, 2, Art Workers Club 1, 2, Poster Club 2, 3, 4, Yorkers I, Library Staff 3, Intramurals 4. SUELLEN NG CFOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENTJ Varsity Chorale 4, Sr. Girls Glee Club 4, Advanced Biology Club 4, Student Council 4, Hi-Y 4, Interna- tional Club 4, Monitors 4, Senior Play. BEVERLY PAFK Sr. Girls Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Chorale l, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, J.V. Cheer- leaders 2, Varisty Cheerleaders 3, Student Council 3, Senior Play, Editor Tiger Times. EDWARD PARKER Industrial Arts I, Secretary-Treasurer Science Club 4, Treasurer Model Club 4. STANLEY PARKER Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. FREDERICK PASK Industrial Arts l, 2, 3, 4, Yorker Club I, 2, Intra- murals 1, 2, 3, Student Council 4, Football 2, 4, Swim- ming 1, Track 3. CAROL PENTECOST Girls' Intramurals I, 2, 3, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Drama Club 2, Cheerleader 3, Biology Club 4. ROBERT POGEL Student Council 3, Industrial Arts 3, Science Club Re- porter 4, Model Club Reporter 4. THOMAS RADUNS ' Baseball l, 2, Industrial Arts Club 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 2. ANITA RANDAZZO Monitors I, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Intramurals 1, 2, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, Cheerleader 1, 2, Student Council I, Co- editor of A.C.S. Review 4. JANE REMSEN Girls' Glee Club I, 2, 3, Sophomore Class President, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y Secretary 3, Great Books 2, Stu- dent Council 3, 4, Student Court 4, Cheerleader 3, Intramurals 3, Editor of A.C.S. Review 4, Vice-Presi- dent of Honor Society 4, Senior Play. WILLIAM RIESTER Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4, Model Club l, 2, Football 1, Camera Club I, 2. JOANNE RIGGIO Intramurals I, 2, Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4, J.V. Cheerleader 1, 2, Student Court 2, Girls' Glee Club 1, 3, Monitors 3, Supply Oflice 3, 4, Supply Oflice Chair- man 4, Co-editor Akronite, Senior Play, Freshman Class Secretary. RONALD ROSENBERG F.F.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Assistant Secretary F.F.A 4, Sr. Boys Intramurals 2. BONNIE SARGENT Girls Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Art Club 1, 2, Monitors 2, 3, 4, Library Stal? 4, Camera Club 4, Baton Twirlers 4. GREIG SHAW Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4, Industrial Arts 2, 3, 4, Model Club I. RONALD SHIMMEL Industrial Arts Club l, 2, 3, 4, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Court 4. activities DANA SKIFF Swimming Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Treasurer 1, 2, Stu- dent Council l, 2, 3, Chairman Recreation Committee 3, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Sr. Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Na- tional Honor Society 3, 4, Secretary National Honor Society 3, 4, Senior Class President, Varsity Chorale 3, 4, Boys Glee Club 3, 4, Intramurals 2, Monitors 2, Advanced Biology Club 4, Chess Club 4, Senior Play. ROSE SMITH Monitors 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. 2, 3, J.V. Cheerleader 1, Camera Club 4. SUSAN SMITH Intramurals I, 2, 3, International Club 3, 4, President International Club 4, Ticket Sellers 3, 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Senior Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Great Books Club 2, Student Council Publicity Chairman 3, Student Court 3, 4, Student Council Senior Vice-President 4, Student Court Chief Justice 4, -Synchronized Swimming 3, Sen- ior Play. JOANNE SNELL Monitors l, 2, 3, Girls' Glee Club I, 2, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Supply Office 1, 2, 3, 4, Nurses Club 3, Journalism 4. KAREN SPAETH Library Staff I, 2, 3, Girls Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Chorale 2, 3, 4, Jr. Red Cross 2, 3. GARY STEVENS Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Swimming Team 2, 3, 4, Science Club 3, Basketball 1, Football 4, Treasurer Model Club l, Student Council 4, Senior Play. JOSEPH SULIMOWICZ Intramurals 2, 3, 4, Industrial Arts Club 3, 4. LOUIS SUTTON Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, Industrial Arts Club 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 2, 3, 4, F.F.A. 1, Science Club I. SUSAN SUTTON Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council l, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Chorale 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Yorker Club 1, 2, Biology Club 4, Senior Play, Science Club 3, Drama Club 1, Synchronized Swim- ming 2, President Yorkers Club 1, 2, President Hi-Y 4. DAVID SWADER Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Industrial Arts Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Stage Crew 1, 2, Baseball 2, Visual Aids 2. PRISCILLA SWARTS Jr. Red Cross 1, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls In- tramurals I, Varsity Chorale 3, 4. JEFFREY SYLOR Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Industrial Arts 2. WALTER TANGER Chess Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary Chess Club 2, Presi- dent Chess Club 3, 4, Industrial Arts Club 3, 4, Stu- dent Council 3, Treasurer Senior Class. LAURA WAGNER Monitors 2, 3, 4, Girls Intramurals 1, 2, Camera Club 4, Senior Play, Journalism. SHIRLEY WAGNER Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Sr. Girls' Glee Club I, 2, 3, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Treasurer Hi-Y 4, Honor Society 3, 4, President Honor Society 4, Chairman Awards Committee 2, Chairman Foreign Exchange Committee 3, Library Staff 4, Chairman Charted Organizations Committee 4, Senior Play. RONALD WALTERS Industrial Arts I, 2, 4. NORMA JEAN WHEAT Library Staff 1, 2, 4, F.H.A. 2, 3. DENNIS WHITE Football l, 2, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Basketball 2, Indus- trial Arts Club 3. VERONICA WRONOWICZ Girls Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Great Books Club 1, 2, Cheerleader 3, 4, Student Court 3, 4, Nurses Club 2, Clinic Staff 3, Student Council4. The Senior Play, under the direction of Mr. Henry Sustakoski, was presented on November 20th and 21st, The story takes place in an old mill. Aunty Bess, an eccentric woman who likes to remodel old homes, and her niece, Kate, are being guided around by the real estate agent, Mrs. Ranch. A body, discovered in an old gunpowder box, a newspaper story about the mur- der of two of Kate's friends, and a lost knife combine to make a suspenseful plot. Lane and Sky, rivals for Kate's affections, add a slightly humorous romantic angle. To make things worse an old doctor and three feeble-minded girls get trapped in the mill and the body disappears. A fall in the lake and a stabbing also occur. Therels double surprise ending to the play when the murderer turns out to be Mrs. Ranch. The play has a happy ending when the 'fnutsi' are cured and the girl who was stabbed recovers. The Senior Class grossed over S600 and it was an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Dr. Hooker and his three charges Lorna, Nan, and Dottie, watch horri- fied as the corpse, l'Charlie,"climbs out of the chest. Kate is about to faint. flefr to riglztj Beverly Pafk CDottieJ, Sue Smith CLornaJ, Brian Harvey CDr. Hookerl, Laura Wagner CNanJ. Joanne Riggio CKateJ, Ed Cain fCharlieJ, center. class of 1960 senior play Members of the cast of l'Absolutely Murder" pose for a formal picture. Row One: Skilf, D., Huth, P., Cheavacci, D., DeYoung, W., Cain, E., Harvey, B., Mrs. Myra Stapleton. Row Two: Flor, J., Tanger, W., Wagner, S., Smith, S., Moses, B., Campbell, R., Halecki, J., Abra- ham, J., McCormick, M. Row Three: Mr. Henry Susta- koski, Draper, E., Hitchcock, D., Remsen, J., Chamber- lain, B., Riggio, J., Pafk, B., Wagner, L.: Ng, S., Sutton, S. l "The bridge is blown up," says Cordyce fDale Cheavaccil, as he explains to Mrs. Ranch Uane Remsenj, Lane Burrage tBill DeYoungJ, and Aunty Bess CJanice Abrahaml why they can't leave the island. "All's well that ends wellj, says Nurse, Judy Flor as Lane tBill DeYoungJ congratulates Sky fDana Skilfj and Aunty Bess Uanice Qfabrahamj congratulates Em meline CSuellen Ngj on their engagement. 36 dances "Daisy Mae" drags her man across the finish line at the annual Sadie Hawkins Dance at A.C.S. Suellen, amongst others, enjoying her- self at the Sadie Hawkins Dance. Daisy's "liirtin" sadie hawkins clance The annual Sadie Hawkins Dance was held November 25, 1959, by the senior class. Judy Flor was chosen L'Daisy Maeu and Phillip Kennedy as "Little Abner." Jeff Sylor portrayed "Marryin Sami, and Peter Huth, 'tDivorcin Dan? Ken's Western Ramblers provided music for the entertainment. The gym was dec- orated with colored crepe paper and balloons. Refreshments were served. l959 ir. sr. prom g'Oriental Gardensi' was the 'EJ ust Married" the theme for the 1959 Jr. Sr. Prom in which Gloria Schleef and William Cowan were crown- ed king and queen. Prince and princess were William DeYoung and Kathryn Malecki. The gym was beautifully decorated with a life-like rock garden, apple blos- som trees, Japanese lanterns, and highlighted with an eye- catching three tiered fountain. Hoagy Lyon and his orchestra provided music for the annual event. The queen and her escort Jim Sillo- way pose for a picture. The newly crowned prince and prin- cess have their dance. prince and princess Maureen pours punch for Tove and Stephen at a punch party before the prom. -f ia' I rs 3 , 4 im 4 R.. rw, it baby pictures 1. Edward Cain 2. Beverly Pafk 3. Louis Sutton 4. Linda Hudson 5. Veronica Wronowicz 6. Michael Cescon 7. William Reister 8. Joanne Snell 9. William DeYoung 10. Carol Pentecost 11. William Hammond 12. Carol Grabenstatter 13. Raymond Carlo 14. Patricia Nayman 15. Anita Randazzo 16. Betsy Chamberlain 17. Judith Flor 18. Priscilla Swarts 19. Linda Bower 20. .Jane Remsen 21. Laura Wagner 22. Karen Spaeth 23. Norma Johnson 24. Shirley Wagner 25. David Bushover 26. Joanne Riggio 27. Earline Draper 28. Janice Abraham 29. Judith Halecki 30. Doris Hitchcock 31. Linda Medole 32. Ralph Karnitz 33. Nancy Covel 34, Thomas Cowan 35. David Dhean 36. Mary Berndt 37. Ronald Rosenberg 38. Robert Pogel 39. Dale Cheavacci 40. Ronald Walters 41. Joyce Ehmann 42. Suellen Ng 43. Constance Baran 38 ai The foreign exchange student, Suellen Ng. 59-60 foreign exchange student Suellen and her family-ffrom left ro rightj Melanie, Suellen, Terence, Mr. Ng, Cheong Ling, Russell, and Mrs. Phyllis Ng. A Merry Christmas for Suellen. This year, Akron Central School was fortunate to have another foreign exchange student on its premises. Suellen Ng, exchange student from Singapore, arrived in Akron last summer. She is staying with the family of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Zim- merman of Bloomingdale Road. The other members of the family are Jon, Kay, Lucy and a married sister, Sue. While in Singapore, Suellen attended the Anglo-Chinese School. She lived with her father and mother, Mr. Ng Cheong Ling and Mrs. Phyllis Ng. She also has two brothers, Terence Ng and Russell Ng, and one sister, Melanie Ng. While attending A.C.S., Suellen has taken part in many activities including Varsity Chorale, Sr. Girls Glee Club, Advanced Biology Club, Student Council, Hi-Y, International Club, Monitors, and the Honor Society. One of the many highlights of Suellen's year in Akron was her opportunity to be in the Senior Play, "Absolutely Murder? She portrayed 'LEmmeline,,' a girl who almost proved a victim of the one-armed murderer. The whole school joins in wishing Suellen Ng the best of luck in her future years. Suellen seated with her American family-ffrom left to rightj Lucy, Mr. Clif- ford Zimmerman, Suellen, Mrs. Zimmerman, and Kay. f me ' 1- , i ,f 39 previous foreign exchange students Jesus Odriozola i l Tove Malde The Class of 1959 Senior Play was presented to the public iesus odriozola Jesus Odriozola, Akron's Hrst Foreign Exchange Student in the 1957-58 school year, came here from Victoria, in the northern part of Spain. He is of Basque descent. The Basque people were independent of Spanish rule until the revolution of 1939. The Basque people have their own language, but many of the Basque now use Spanish. Jesus, father is a geneticist and is employed at a government experimental farm. Jesus' interests are mountain climbing, skiing, and of course, girls. He goes skiing and mountain climbing in the Pyrenees Mountains, near Victoria and the Sierras. During his school year here, he took English, American history, chemistry, trigonometry, advanced algebra, typing, and driver's education. He was on the football team, swimming team, and the track team. He was also an active member of the chess club. Jesus, who contributed much to the successful launching of the Foreign Exchange Student Program through his personal popularity, is now attending' the University of Madrid where he is in his second year of a pre-medical course. By Bill Stanbury, Student host Tove malcle Tove Malde was the 58-59 exchange student. Tove was from a small town in southern Norway and adapted to Akron very well. She is remembered by her classmates as friendly, courteous, and always enthusiastic about any sug- gested projects. Everyone knowing Tove became much more acquainted with the country from which she came and her being here was a very profitable experience for all concerned. Tove took part in a great many activities while attending school here. She was a member of girls intramurals, Hi-Y, International club, student council, jr. red cross, senior girls glee club, choir, honor society and a member of the stat? of various school publications. At the Sadie Hawkins Dance, Tove portrayed the colorful character of Daisy Mae and gave Lil' Abner a good chase. The school year went swiftly and all too soon it was time for Tove to leave. She left a few days after graduation and everyone was sorry to see her go. Upon departing, Tove expressed the desire that she may some day return to Akron to renew the many friendships she found here. By Jane Remsen, Student hostess class of 59 senior play on April 20 and 21, 1959, too late to be included in the 1959 yearbook. The play presented was "Come Out of the Closet," a mystery-comedy, which earned several hundred dollars for the class treasury. The story concerned three girls who came to New York seeking various careers. They rent an apartment in a sec- ond-rate apartment house which turns out to be haunted by mysterious characters who streak through the apart- ment in the middle of the night or who flit stealthily in and out of the closet carrying mysterious bundles. The mystery is solved by one taxi-cab driver, one intellectual and one near-sighted policeman. It turns out that the apartment had been used as a storage center by a gang of counter- feiters. Assuming various roles in the production were Maureen Casseri, Barbara Cummings, Annette Bower, Carole Brand, Steve Kraatz, Dick Reno, Brenda Brucker, Bill Pagels, Dick Garrison, Carole Bushover, and Howard Covel. The student director was Suzanne Wilson and mem- bers of the backstage crew and prompters were Joe Matusek Dan Carlo, Pat Goeseke, Quentin Blueye, Bill Cowan and Donna and Nancy Wallace. The faculty director was Mr. Henry Sustakoski and make-up and assistance in direction was provided by Mrs. Myra Stapleton. The climax of the 1959 Senior Play, "Come Out of the Closet" is portrayed as Brenda Brucker, gun in hand, comes to the rescue of her partner in the counterfeiting racket, Howard Covel, second from right. She holds at bay one near-sighted cop, Dick Garrison, seen gazing down the muzzle of the gun. Also under the power of the counterfeiters are Barbara Cum- mings, Maureen Casseri, Dick Reno, Annette Bower and Steve Kraatz. Unfortunately for the counterfeiters, justice prevailed and the myopic policeman, with the aid of the others present, apprehended the criminals. ay. "Ui 1.71" yrs ,.mm+',w f f AQ A Ny' classes Row One: Caputo, P., Pagels, E., Remsen, S., Printup, S., Cummings, M., Brown, R., Tink- ham, S., Brackett, D. Row Two: Mr. Richard Rozelle, Mast, R., McGeehan, E., Ludwick, D., Truglio, R., Gerace, A., Hellert, J., Lindke, J. Row Three: Sulimowicz, E., Schleef, T., Bartram, J., Zgoda, D., Bruning, J., Kleparek, R., Owen, R. Row One: Surma, J., Witt, B., Hellert, L., Grover, C., Nichols, R., Newman, D., Eckert. T., Markek, S., Moore, J. Row Two: Mr. George Martiny, Hudomint, J., Rebrovich, R., Sundown, I., Radio, C., Richards, G., Van Pell, W., Roesch, S. Row Three: Albrecht, E., Blos- ser, N., Francis, R., Clark, L., Rickwalt, Dx Haun, F., Luczak, L., Keller, R. u 42 iuniors Row One.' Taylor, D., Printup, L., Keehn, A, Sylor, J., Kelkenberg, J., Webster, B., Camp- bell, N., Winslow, K., Sanderson, J. Row Two. Mr. Henry Sustakoski, Logan, J., Gudridge N., Gerber, J., Eldred, B., Kelkenberg, Pentecost, J., Martiny, M., Williams, E. Row mings, L., Rugg, V. Row One: Pingitore, G., Gruber, C., Kraatz, S., Surma, J., Benteen, B., Weiler, B., Schu- kraft, P., Bedford, B., Medole, S. Row Two: Mr. Thomas Walker, Harrington, M., Fox, J., Weaver, L., Bohnhoif, J., Asmus, J., Juliano, J. Row Three: Finger, R., Cummings, D., Babel, C., Logan, B., Wagile, G., Kuraszkie- wicz, D., Stapleton, T. Three: White, R., Nice, A., Krieger, M., Weaver, G., Stanbury, W., Trinkl, R., Cum- fini . sophomores Row One: Cory, S., Bower, L., Wronowicz, R., Espersen, C., Furminger, S., Powers, E., Randazzo, L., Sundown, J. Row Two: Mr. Norman Hostetter, Coulson, J., Charles, E., Pearles, S., Raduns, G., Roll. J., Abraham, N., Orvis, D., Solotes. W. Row Three: Bower, L.: Perry,iA., Wik, P., Place, W., Graybeal, R., Hersee, G., Wikar, J., Carlo, D. Row One: Campbell, J., Drachenberg, D. Zimmerman, K., Davies, J., Fahey, M., Cope, D., Giesler, D., Huth, M. Row Two: Mr, Charles Robbins, Witkop, W., Bednar, C. Dickinson, D., Leaf, A., Fotheringham, J. Kenyon, K., Schleef, K. Row Three: Rozelle R., Edwards, C., De Young, T., Zywiczynski T., Sundown, N., McCoy, D., Cummings, L. Brunner, J. li Row One: Sundown, J., Ewald, S., Babel, P., Deinhardt, P., Welch, B., Wheeler, L., Witkop, B., Scotland, S., Cowan, L. Row Two: Mrs. Gladys Brown, Blickensderfer, G., Pe Queen, E., Jones, G., Blish, J., Campbell, R., Homes- berger, V., Brackett, D. Row Three: Matusek, J., Heiman, D., Cook, R., Witt, R., Cummings, L., Hoste, J., Cummings, K., Glena, R. Row One: Bower, B., Moses, M., Long, M. Zimmer, J., Swader, E., Peters, L., Sundown C., Cescon, J. Row Two: Mr. Albert Vossler Black, J., Parker, M., Teller, P., Harvey, D. Weipert, D., Riggio, A. Row Three: Packman R., Davis, W., Whitbeck, K., Kozloski, E. Ceisner, B., Tinkham, D., Eldred, J., Bower D. 43 r a s a Row One: Sundown, C., Adams, J., Hall, E. Martin, B., Schleef, J., Chamberlain, D. Yoder, P., Montgomery, M., De Young, M Row Two: Miss Gertrude Churchill, Kaufman. V., Markek, N., Smith, R., Fox, K., Enstrom W., Klawer, R., Rudnicki, C., Daguano, C. Row Three: Bedford, G., Grundas, T., Summe G., Prinzbach, A., Groff, R., Taylor, C., Roet zer, T., Hibbard, D., Matusek, J. Row One: Kleparek, N., Schumacher, M. Routledge, N., Sutton, S., Niezgodd, C., Foth eringham, L., Pask, M., Abraham, J., Johnson, S. Row Two: Mr. James Monahan, Hinds, V. Keller, M., Gerace, A., Wolfe, B., Miller, R. Chapman, M., Lombard, J., George, A. Rooney, G. Row Three: Cheavacci, D., Thun nell, H., Remsen, D., Rice, D., Cummings, D. Downey, B., Cummings, L., Kennedy, D. Aquino, D. 44 n freshmen Row One: Medole, L., Printup, A., Morotchic, P., Juliano, G., Wheat, V., Wilson, M., Clear, L., Reynolds, N., Errick, K. Row Two: Mr. Joseph Valente, Foster, P., Silsby, R., Van Buren, S., Bushover, B., Hulbert, G., Beyser, L., Logel, D., Kaiser, C., Hudson, D. Row Three: Hanson, R., Nice, F., Burdick, J., Tru- glio, S., Tinney, M., Mirrione, R., Yaeger, M., Aldred, P., Mansell, J., Brahmer, R. Row One: Poodry, J., Cuirzynski, S., Edwards, M., Glena, L., McLeod, M., Hessler, N., White, S., Blackmore, D., Rosenberg, N. Row Two: Mr. Walter Tomczak, Klawer, S., Mc- Geehan, M., Kleparek, P., Groff, M., Frodin, D., Place, J., Ross, J., Bistoff, K.,-Hogue, S. Row Three: Drachenberg, D., De Fries, H., Granke, D., Shad, D., Baehr, H., Rosenberg, G., Prinzbach, L., Pingitore, B., Wilson, W., Soldal, R. eighth Row One: Snyder, H., Bromstead, J., Cory J., Hartranft, B., Bero, J., Gerace, G., Nanni C., Logan, L., Kinney, N. Row Two: Mr Myron Dembrow, Muggelberg, D., Grover, R. Smith, S., Houlihan, E., Rosenberg, P., Finger D., Brand, J., Nichols, G., Rodgers. R. Row Three: Bitterman, J., Cummings. C., Babel L., Kelly, K., Merrill, B., Raduns, D., Groff R., Trinkl, S., Kozloski, D., Furminger, J Row One: Thomas, S., Guizzotti, D., Curphey B., Hinds, P., Cummings, S., McCoy, L., Snell S., Wronowicz, P., Leturgey, S. Row Two Mr. Lawrence Stock, Glena, W., Sundown, R. King, H., Foster, L., Hurne, C., Barron, B. Schleef, J., Carmer, J., Schultz, L. Row Three. Rosenberg, R., Lindke, D., Pacer, R., Stevens, B., Bedford, L., Gruber, J., Drachenberg, J. Wagner, K., Behe, G., Coulson, D. S li' K lfiifk - Row One: Schukraft, R., Pafk, M., Cummings A., Yaeger, R., Frodin, A., Walters, C., Brun- ing, B., Tryon, S., Reese, C. Row Two: Mrs Francis Hoag, Perry, D., Berry, J., Wheat, P. Asmus, J., Mirroni, M., Gibbs, M., Dickinson S., Fix, D., Bower, R., Ketcham, J., Waldo, E Row Three: Cummings, G., Hudomint, M. Bartel, J., Witkowski, J., Edmister, W., Mar- ble, R., Hale, K., Willig, J., Jemison, D., Swa- der, R. Row One: Bedford, G., Fotheringham, R. Smith C., Mansell, M., Reese, S., Honsberger Two: Miss Nell Brown, Flor, A., Paugh, G. Bedford, E., Ground, P., Kubis, R., Bucceri D., Parker, R., Bednar, J., Zurlo, J. Row Three Blickensderfer, J., Raduns, B., Baehr, G. Abraham, N., Espersoh, J., Cummings, J. Johnson, D., McConkey, M., Kelkenberg, R 45 a a J., Finger, H., Johnson, M., King, M. Row 1 seventh Row One: Keller, N., Rosenberg, B., Husing D., Stratton, L., Bistoff, M., Bushover, M. Mansell, M., Witkowski, B., Moliski, L. Row Two: Mr. Walter Roemer, Niezgodn, D.' George, E., Kyser, C., Ground, M., Ribbeck E., Rugg, V., Caporali, D., Stuber, J., LaRolla J., Stratton, D. Row Three: DeLelys, D., Bell G., Houlihan, T., Nicometi, A., Poodry, D. Jufer, G., Edwards, J., Errick, D., Dean, J. Kaufman, J. Row One: Fahey, M., Tillinghast, J., Abrams B., Brackett. L., Deahn, G., Grundas, D., Dan iels, K., Kleparek, J., Reese, P. Row Two Mr. Henry Carges, Kasparek, T., Kumro, G. Bower, G., Wheeler, D., Huth, E., Meyer, K. Troyer, S., Parker, C., Cescon, G., Wilson, R. Row Three: Blackmore, J., Defries, K., Kil patrick, T., Kingsley, F., Kittleson, H., Young J., Moses, L., Wagner, P., Krieger, M., Chap- man. D., Moore, J. 46 3 gal, eighth Row One: Becker, S., Yousey, C., Shearman, D., Cummings, J., Logel L., Doxtader, P., Giester, P., Abrams, G., Schmigel, M. Row Two: Mrs. Verna Smith, Babel, G., Printup, A., Zimmerman, L., Feagles, E., Sweitzer, L., Rehwaldt, D., Zimmer, D., Goeseke, J., Lom- bard, D., Bedford, D. Row Three: Pokorski, D., Flint, J., Mac Coy, B., Kinney, C., Gray- beal, R., Black, D., Yaeger, R., Jago, G., Mietz, L., Brady, R. Row One: Behe. D., Ribbeck, D., Overholt A., Ball, S., Martiny, F., Minns, D., Hutchin- son, M., Fry, S., Parker, L. Row Two: Mr. Richard Jenkins, Fiegel, J., Hollenbeck, R., Keller, J., Edmister, A., Starkweather, R., Harvey, W., Bitterman, C., De Young, B. Ron Three: Wilson, E., Shearman, D., Grabenstat- ter, G., Ciurynskyi, R., Cummings, J., Odell, A., Campbell. D., McCormick, D., Remsen, J., Nichols, M. seventh Row One: Montville, D., Cumming, M., Everett, N., Tippett, S., Kedzierski, R., Meck- lenberg, C., Abraham, L., Tooke, C., Leavitt, M. Row Two: Mr. Leland Meyer, Stapleton, T., Mann, G., Totten, C., Brege, P., Van Buren, N., Weber, S., Ciurzynski, J., Pafk, W., Kelley, J., Kaiser, W. Row Three: Clark, F., Baich, D., Kwiatkowski, E., Hibbard, T., Jago, F., Lippart, T., Biernacki, T., Hellert, J., Swader, J. sixth Row One: De Young, A., Straw, D., Yousey J., Kraatz, L., Truglio, M., Reinke, C., Cor- bett, N. Row Two: Stone, T., Weaver, K. Stanbury, M., Staebell, K., Keehn, E., Lath- rope, B., Klingelsmith, S., Johnson, P., Fox G. Row Three: Bordonaro, J., Durski, B. Schultz, B., Fry, D., Bishop, W., Bushover, A. Hartzler, J., Borden, D., Schmigel, P. Row Four: Mrs. Margret M. Shepard, Lithn, K., Schaller, S., Crane, C., Leising, D., Mann, J., McLeod. R., Cummings, L., Lauridsen, M., Mr. Farr. .af-B. 69? . :IWW Jef' 7 figlfikla Aw! Row One: Sulimowicz, K., Caputo, J., Fother- ingham, M., Whitmire, S., Carlo, M., Pask B., Ellsworth, D., Weiler, M., Finch, L. Row Two: Mr. Richard Vanderpool, Nice, S., Blu- eye, H., Clary, J., Blish, L., Kittelson, E., Lindke, K., Bettio. L., Kwandrans, R., Baehr. G., Parker, R. Row Three: Daguano, R., Lewis. R., Bernhardt, D., Cummings, P., Fisher, R., MacC0y, B., Lang, E., Matused, W., Pagels, K., Northcut, P. Row One: Kingsley, M., Roll, L., Yoder, C. Babel, F., Stevenson, L., Johnson, L., Her wick, H. Row Two: Baehr, R., Wyder, R. Owen, J., Spaeth, J., Lindke, D., Babiarz, L. Bedford, C., Clear, B., Brege, M., Murray, B Row Three: Miss Anita Swyers, Burrill, T. Black, A., Ceisner, G., White, M., Walters J., Poodry, N., Dickinson, B., Doxtader, D. Hersee, T., Schoenwetter, C. 47 Row One: Halecki, J., Van Buren, T., Kroen- ing, J., Casseri, L., Davis, R., Bartram, T., Brucker, S., Snyder, J., Wolfe, K. Row Two: Fink, C., Alfiere, C., Joslyn, M., Reigle, C., Swanson, J., Wiseman, A., Brown, C., Baker, K., Laese, H., Poodry, S., Schultz, H. Row Three: Mr, John Field, Abraham, M., Poole, D., Skellon, J., Newcomb, T., Doctor, G., Newman, R., Karl, G., Fisher, J., Abrams, D. fifth Row One: Muck, R., Pafk, G., Ritecz, D. Row Two: Deinhardt, K., Rosenberg, H., Buc- ceri, D. Row Three: Hessler, J., Honlihan, F., Taylor, K. Row Four: Reinke, K., Feldman, J., Hudson, K. Row Five: Tippett, K., En- strom, D., Rudolph, M. Standing: Black- man, D., Forrestel, S., Blueye, S., Mrs. Mar- dell Fix, Trigilio, J., Goeseke, B., George, M., Mast, P., Harvey, D., Hammond, M., Leising, S., Sutton, E., Kreschke, D. 48 sixth Row One.' Mattioli, C., Hall, C., Luketic, P., Zola, A., Flint, D., Lindke, B., Hurne, L. Row Two: Ball, R., Carmer, M., Roggen, F., Blickensderfer, K., Bartlett, S., Yousey, K., Lattimer, S., Truas, E., Lawrence, J. Row Three: Swader, D., Flint, J., Reynolds, S., Jumper, M., Martin, P., Grolf, P., Leavitt, P., Kraatz, R. Row Four: Mrs. Dorothy Webster, Cherry, J., Witkop, C., Gerace, B., Clark, J., Skitf, D., Richardson, D., Schubel, D., Lega, F. Row One: Wolfe, D., George, J., Carroll, T., Gilbert, R., Pafk, M., Hutchinson, D., Yoder, T., Blickensderfer, R. Row Two: Bower, V., Rosenberg, L., Sundown, A., Smith, R., Edmis- ter, M., Pawlick, K., Hogue, C., Drachenberg, M., Pierce, B. Row Three: Mrs. Helen Shisler, Baker, J., Neuroth, L., Battaglia, J., Welsh, M., Hart, J., Schurr, C., Di Luzio, J., Logan, J., Schoenwetter, P., Frost, J. fifth Row One: Ribbeck, R., Coughlin, T., Wight, D., Owen, G. Row Two: Schultz, G., Groff, S., Hoste, S., Wands, S., Parker, E., Kopacz, C., Lloyd, L. Row Three: Bitterman, J., Mc- Cormick, M., Eldred, B., LaRocca, M., Poo- dry, K., Rood. M., Wronowicz, F., Babel, J. Stanley, J. Row Four: Mrs. Mildred Wade Bower, J., Lauridsen, L., Pierce, L., Groff, A., Logan, M., White, S., Halecki, M. v ,fx Row One: Sundown, V., Bistoff, J., Van Buren, T., Roth, R., Wheat, P., Hoehman, D. Row Two: Abraham, A., Ludwick, J., Ground, F., Schoenthal, B., Burke, K., Frost, W., Keppler, C., Winter, M., Granke, L. Row Three: John- son, M., Laese, E., Cummings, L., Kwandrans, J., Bradley, W., Noody, P., Meyers, S., Cum- mings, M., Bedford, R., McLeod, P., Groif, W., Mrs. Catherine Bates. Row Four: Haas, K., Pisaneschi, C., Swift, S., Bohn, C., Burchell, C., Abraham, D., Mirrione, P., McCoy, K., Brenier, P., Finger, H., Clark, M. Row One: Zimmerman, M., Smith, E., Printup, H., Bower, J., Wagner, P. Row Two: Reigle, D., Brunning, N,, Skye, B., Kuraszkiewicz, D., Montville, S., Bedford, E., Carges, C. Row Three: Cummings, D., Miller, M., Freier, L., Parker, P., Maida, S., Asmus, W., Brucker, R., Rosenberg, R., Jemison, R., Hauser, K. Row Four: Mrs. Isabel Stage, Ground, V., McNutt, T., Van Buren, R., Sundown, D., Leturgey, H., Wiseman, R., Logan, C., Whiting, T., Doc- tor, B., Pfohl, F. Row One: Minns, K., Brege, R., Totten, D., Weidman, D., Hartwig, H., Criswell, D. Row Two: Mandolene, D., Huth, S., Higgins, P., Hawes, J., Black, A., McGeehan, P. Row Three: Parker, B., Witkop, D., Wolters, C., Algrogge, D., Skye, P., Husing, E. Row Four: Cantie, A., Ford, 'P., Tupper, S., Bartram, J., Scotland, D., Fisher, R., Swader, W., Lowder, F., Brown, J., Lederhouse, T., Dieterle, G., Sweitzer, S., Fisher, R., Roberts, M., Mrs. Moneda Hartzler. 49 Row One: Becker, G., Ranney, P., Manning, R., Cowan, B., Lindke, C., Rehwaldt, R. Row Two: Swift, T., Krieger, J., Logan, J., Ottavi- ani, L., Kumro, R., Witkowski, M. Row Three: Scrogg, M., Hartwig, L., Kasperek, A., Swia- towy, F., Feldman, B., Reuben, D., Keppler, R., Wilson, M., Swader, D., Baker, N., Snell, R., Totten, B., Cummings, G., Hammond, R., DiLuzio, J., Edmister, T., Parker, K. Cum- mings, M., Mrs. Arlene Weeks. Row One: Steiner, S., Martiny, B., Prentice, D., Fiegl, K. Row Two: Odell, J., Eckert, B., Lattimer, S., Mecca, R. Row Three: Lathrop, C., Niezgoda, M., Staebell, M., Walters, S. Row Four: Olson, S., Wilson, J., Eckerson, J., Zimmerman, R. Standing: Gallo, D., Mrs. Claudien Williams, Keller, J., Brahmer, K., Wagile, K., Uljanov, A., Forrestel, A., Lauri- dsen, T., Ceisner, S., Blish, S., Maddock, E., Brauen, M., Dickinson, S., Stratton, C., Stone, G., Pawlick, K., Pafk, D., Fahey, J., Doktor, R., Hibbard, P., Young, W. 50 fourth Row One: Groff, L., Parker, B., Behe, E., Rizzard, J., Parker, G. Row Two: Doctor, H., Bassanello, S., Hanson, M., Pryzbos, T., Bil, C. Row Three: Schultz, D., Cantie, L., Miller, C., Cassell, D., Pask, D. Row Four: Mrs. Louise Hume, Klawer, A., Brege, W., Abra- ham, J., Errick, D., Witkowski, P., Haas, P., Whiting, R., Noody, M., Northcut, E., Covel, A., Fisher, R., Bruning, K., Mandolene, J., Begiers, S., Tooke, W. Row One: Kostanciak, J., Best, M., Hawes, W., Jones, G., Kelkenberg, J., Wyder, V. Row Two: Halecki, P., Blickensderfer, R., Dean, P., Parker, N., Glena, R., Davis, M., Cary, D., Clark, D. Row Three: Goeseke, J., Zurlo, R., Burchell, C., Kelkenberg, A., Doxtoder, C., George, M., Kaiser, T., Blickensderfer, V., Bedford, H., Barry, R., Remsen, J. Row Four: King, C., Ribbeck, V., Nicometi, R., Baehr, T., Mirrone, D., Freeman, W., Brucker, J., Schler, B., Mrs. Olive Shelly. fourfh Row One.' Corbett, B., Plueckhahn, G., Mug- gelberg, M., Kingelsmith, L., McLeod, K., Sun- down, M., Lashway, A., Smith, J. Row Two: Draper, L., Lawrence, J., Moleski, W., Zim- merman, S., Finch, J., Bordonaro, K., Pagels, Schukraft, M., Hollenbeck, J., Brust, M., Golpl, T., Riggio, M. Row Three: Mrs. Alice Allen, Sutton, N., Kyser, M., Newcomb, J., Dietz, D., Roesch, R., Carroll, N., Cummings, S., Kubis, C., Sutton, C., Porter, M. Row One: Eason, C., Feagles, P., Winters, L., Furminger, J., Abrams, P. Row Two: Victor, C., Kasperek, K., Eckerson, N., Taylor, B.' McLeod, D., Roggen, P. Row Three: Solotes L., Baich, D., Rosenberg, C., Witkop, L., Cum- mings, S., Freeman, J. Row Four: Cummings B., Skellon, B., Abraham, J., Brant, S. Row Five: Lowder, D., Alfieri, C., Stuber, T. Stand- ing: Mrs. Joanne Sweitzer, Remsen, R., Fen- ton, T., Ritecz, W., Bartram, R., Wronowicz, L., DeFries, D., Groff, T., Bower, A. s 1 s 1-nd. Third Row One: Bordonaro, M., Capan, J., Cum- mings, D., Wagner, M., Borden, R., Swader R., Minns, D., Schumacher, J. Row Two Bartram, M., Spears, D., Corbett, A., Cowan F., Schultz, G., Swiniarski, B., Brege, M., Doc tor, B. Row Three: Keller, J., Rodgers, D. Jemison, S., Jamieson, J., Babel, S., Baehr, K. Rudolph, K., Hoste, K., Martin, D., Witkowski P., Mrs. Mildred Paugh. Row One: Keppler, W., Roberts, B., Schaffer L., Geyer, L., Lloyd, J. Row Two: Mattei, A., Ciurzynski, C., Yousey, B., Honsberger, E., Holtz, J., Miller, J., Mietz, D., Kwiatkowski, S., Blake, S. Row Three: Zola, P., Mattioli J., Reynolds, M., Kaiser, N., Berghorn, E., Hurne, J., Milani, P., Staebell, G., Golpl, R., Bil, W. Row Four: Pisaneschi, D., Schumigel, D., Fisher, R., Pacer, M., Truax, B., Frier, W., Sword, V., Mrs. Carol SanFratello. s Q 51 1 4 I . Row One: Northcut, W., White, R., Pecku man, H., Enstrom, C., Hollenbeck, B., Swia towy, S., Foster, A. Row Two: Leavitt, D. Mack, R., Pafk, D. Row Three: Peck, L. Brust, W., Smith, P., Gronbeck, D., Hill, L. Covel, D., Hartzler, M., Wilson, B., Spears, o L. R w Four: Feldman, K., Bishop, L., Low der, S., Reuben, E., Parker, N., Kraatz, S. Lashway, C., Capan, J., Hudomint, D., Ander sen, K. Standing: Mrs. Emma Gilbert. Row One: Bettio, L., Luketic, J., Edwards, D., Clear, F., Sy, L., Weaver, L., Leavitt, K. Row Two: Parker, S., Bradley, L., Seifert, R., Gib- bons, C., Yousey, J., Ribbeck, M., Lowder, D. Row Three: Pask, L., Reuben, L., Lashway, K., Krupski, D., Altrogge, D., Richardson, T., Maida, T., Parker, C. Row Four: Mrs. Eileen MacCoy, Blake, W., Pawlick, K., Hart, D., Wiseman, R., Feagles. L., Blacklock, T., Zim- merman. C. 52 thnd Row One: Rosenberg, J., DeYoung, M., Cald well, D., Cummings, B., Muck, E., Roggen M., Frey, K., Weiler, K. Row Two: Graben statter, Y., Gerstung, E., Koons, F., Kumro D., Leturgy, T., Schleef, M., Keller, J., Logel M., Overholt, P., Pleuckhahn, L., Kelly, R Row Three: Mrs. Mildred Matteson, Richard son, B., Hart, M., Williams, C., Troyer, T. Keller, J., Walker, C., Netzley, C., Tupper R., Alfieri, S., Wolak, E. second Row One: O'Dell, D., Moleski, C., Geddes, J., Kennedy, T., Battaglia, P., Hill, E. Row Two: Northcut, T., Noody, P., Furminger, C., Bassanello, M., Burke, J., Schultz, K., Bitter- man, J. Row Three: Ribbeck, M., Webster, E., Mecca, R., Cope, N., Ottavani, D., Groff, B., Johnson, J., Begiers, D., Kozody, P., Whit- beck, J. Row Four: Mrs. Clara Berghorn, Sch- rock, J., Higgins, M., Frier, R., Reel, P., Spe- der, R., Brockway, J., Clark, M., Jones, D., Miss K. Hazelett. mall-cfiy second Row One: King, P., Childs, C., Ritecz, C. Fisher, R., George, P., Asmus, R. Row Two Muggelberg, R., Conibear, B., Spaeth, R. Cummings, D., Abrams, C., Stonley, E. Wands, S. Row Three: Reeb, P., Ribbeck M., Bluhm, D., Johnson, D., Winters, E. Pechuman, R., Mansell, M., Wakefield, S. Lindke, B. Row Four: Mrs. Joyce Ford, You sey, T., Johnson, J., Keller, A., Wik, M. Gierty, F., Finger, K., Abrams, R., Ribbeck, D., Huffman, K. Row One: Mecklenburg, D., Stapleton, A. Haas, M., Borden, B., Ribbeck, L., Hofmeier, L. Row Two: Kraatz, N., Roth, R., Guizzotti J., Bistoff, J., Schumacher, J., Bruning, M Row Three: Swaim, P., Reuben, P., Bedford R., Schoenthal, M., Nehrboss, B. Row Four. Steiner, R., Moleski, J., Watts, B., Pixley, J., Holovics, S. Row Five: Kelkenberg, R., Stan- ley, G., Cassell, J., Lockhart, J., Smith, G Smnding: Mrs. Gerber. Row One: Praprost, E., Hauser, K., Blackman D., Kopacz, A., Hartl, M., Betzold, B., John son, J. Row Two: Forrestel, P., Blake, M. Dickinson, A., Clark, R., Springer, M., Bern- ier, G., Johnstone, N. Row Three: Parker, J. Claude, A., Logan, C., Hutchinson, R., Speder L., Downey, M., Kowalik, S. Row Four: Scha- fer, R., Stone, D., Parker, E., Houlihan, M. Arnold, T., Finger, N., Bow, D., Willig, D. Noody, L. Slanding: Mrs. Margaret Blackmore firsf Row One: Bruning. C., Leavitt, N., Poodry P., Wolters, J., Kelly. S., Wight. B. Row Two Regan, J., Swader, R., Berghorn. D., McCon key, P., Reuben, N., Sowinski, D., Scrogg, M Row Three: Ribbeck, L., Burdick, P., Jones P., Weaver, B., Holtz, N., Stanley, L., Enstrom P., Gronbeck, M. Row Four: Johnson. Rib- beck, J., Gerstrung, D., Fahey, B., Bedford S., Maddock, H., Eason. B., Wideman, M Standing: Miss Avis Wickwire. 53 Row One: Dietz. D., Stanley, I., Benteen, K Row Two: Lowder, D., Krusche, K., Weidel W.: Spears, D., Adamkowski, R., Montville, P., Criswell, B. Row Tlzrec: Caldwell, G., Lit fin, B., Jonathan, M., Kilpatrick, T., Dye, SJ Hartman, K., Keppler, P. Row Four: Kedzier ski. N., Golpl, L., Laffosse, I., Karcher, K. Printup, A., Bordonaro, L., Zola, M. Row I-'ina Duguay. M., Schumacher, T., Weiler, R., Mat tioli. Green. D., Yousey, R., Pask, L. Stand ing: Miss Statia Ogden. 9 '.s,.-...L LL, f T iff irsl' Standing: Abraham, J. Row One: Guizzotti, A., Ground, A., Swiatowy, D., Johnstone, V., Whiting, R., Throm, P., Wodowski, J. Row Two: Lega, P., Kress, J., Kostaneiak, J., Car- ges, J., Keller. A., Winter, C. Row Three: Lloyd, B., Comstock, B., Perry, L., Roll, N., Schultz, R., Walker, K., Wyder, B. Row Four: Rosenberg, C., Seifert, G., Swiatowy, D., Hoe- man, M., Stegman, D., Smith, N., Kilpatrick, R., Ground, W. Standing: Mrs. Marianne Townsend. Front Row Right: Plueckhan, D., Fink, D., Fisher, M., Granke, G. Row One: Kittelson, B., Laycock, D., Nichols C., Blish. T., Peck, C. Row Two: Mrs. Mau- reen McEwan, Noody, P., Gibbons, D., Koons, D.: Balch, D., Mann, J., Witnauer, R., De- Lelys, H., Nelrboss, R. Row Three: Forrestel, M., Luthart, D., Cantic, C., Massaro, L., Gar- rett, C., Best, C., Feldman, R. Row Four: Ceisner, N., Markek, W., Lieb, M., Ribbeck G., Uljanov, M. Row Five: Abraham, S., Hart B.: Caldwell, D., Richards, I., Parzych, M Standing: Lotz, T., McCollister, J. 54 v Row One: Dieterle, L., Leising, R., Goepl, J. Row Two: Wolfe, R., Rizzard, E., Houlihan, E. Row Three: Rooney, W., Haas, E., Crane, C., Cummings, T., Pask, D., Sy, B. Row Four: Midecke, M., Lauridson, D., Jalitus, M., De- Young, J., Bil, N., Tippet, W. Left Along Window: Schudel, T., Smith, L., Jones, D., Dempsey, D., Fisher, N. Left Inner: Schoen- thal, L., Swiniarski, K., Frier, M., Wik, L., Bishop, S. Standing: Mrs. Laura Bohm, Wal- ker, S., Mack, J., Horner, T., Parker, B. I .Lx 55115 uf" kindergarten Row One.' Milam, R., Ribbeck, C., Wideman, J., Bedford, L., Lauridsen, A., Hill, J., Jono- thon, M., Pacer, S., Parker, D. Row Two: Ground, M., Scrogg, A., Vanice, M., Mitten, C., DeLeIys, B., Baker, J., Comstock, J., Kel- ler, M., Yousey, M., Kress, R., Sowinski, J., Green, D., Eldred, F. Standing: Miss Lucia Churchill. Row One.' Carmer, D., Etzold, K., Schuler, T., Capan, J., Mandolene, P., Fisher, J. Row Two: Gronbeck, F., Cummings, M., Witnauer, L., Bradley, J., Brust, C., Laycock, C., Huff- man, S., Brauen, C. Row Three: Swaim, P., Bluhm, J., Troyer, P., Flading, D., Schrock, K., Hoehman, E., Wallace, R. Row Four: Frey, M., Koons, B., Morgan, L., Bednar, M., Wit- kop, T., Lashway, M. Sealed: Mrs. Helen Pentecost. Row One.' Schoenthal, S., Kuehnlein, R., Ba- bel, M., Smith, G., Weir, J., Minns, S., Brom- stead, D., Herrington, T., Mello, A., Hartman D. Row Two: Doktor, A., Cummings, P. Krzykowski, N., Kostanciak, J., Abrams, G. Logan, G., Pitass, P., Ribbeck, A., Jones, T Szanding: Mrs. Helen Pentecost. K., Paxon, W. Row Two: Downey, J., Bedford M., Kaiser, L., Nixon, B., Ground, W., Sny- der, S., Reuben, W. Row Three: Spears, M., Lockhart, T., Hoste, D., Schafer, S., Kingsley, S., Abrams, F,, Cummings, B. 55 Row One.' Miss Marilyn Miller, Niczgoda, S., Gronsowski. D., Sescil, D., Kinney, J., Covel, Row One: Miss Marilyn Miller, Hammond, P., Gallo, L., Casseri, D., Mecca, S., Brauen, K. Row Two: Skomski, M., Miller, J., Mattei, J., Wright, J., Koss, J., Skellon, R., Bow, L., De- Young, D. Row Three: Brunner, N., Orzel, K., Brady, J., Flanders, S., Keppler, M., Homesber- ger, G., Farrell, D., Marconi, M. kindergarten Table One: Cleft, front, clockwisej Covel J., Klein, S., Bradley, J,, Feagles, G., Pagels, L. Table Two: fright, front, clockwisej Weiler, G., Brunner, N., Wands, S., Dickinson, S., Bower, B., Hessler, H. Table Three: frear, left, clockwisej Forrestel, R., Blasko, K., Glena, C., Teidt, R., Kowalik, R., Coughlin, T., Stapel- ton, M. Table Four: frear, right, clockwisej Winnie, P., Duguay, M., McCollister, J. Hen- sel, R., Roggen, K., Dahle, G. Standing: Miss Lucia Churchill. branch school Row One: Ewald, K., Socha, J., Socha, L., Martin, S., Webster, R., Pogel, K. Row Two: Schlegel, J., Socha, B., Schlegel, S., Iago, B. Row Three: Ewlad, S., Socha, M., Mrs. Eva Harpst, Webster, L., Covert, K. activities ,fy , 'lf f' 4 'eu 1. 'sn- 2? QB 4' E 3 , 1- K5 L, enry Mr. H of rection di under the m Class, als UTD Jo This year the Ut: -Cb., "':- EEZ jj. QSC 'xi-. vjru DE 'iii mi 255 HI bb-1 OC QE :ac .24 KD Z-C L.. 'EE E: .- bi E53 '11 wr: EE :N QQFYQ .JE -ij: Ov. 123 -: 22 :AO the monthly in pearing of A.C.S. news ap Page student plete Om HC krolzire. A he oft ed tion nual El I1 d the 2111 ort paper, Lockp FGVIGW vi Q ru vision of Janice Abraham nd R 60 Akronile, under the super I9 The ographs and phot ages of P extra 14 co-editors. offered anne Riggio, Jo by side pages This was made possible the addition of color on the in for the tirst operation eYoung. who pit into D Bill Business Manager. the circulation of ndled L1 h CSCOI1 Michael C system. I'l tro pa time. the andazzo. R nita A dy Flor and Ju of the aid the yearbook, with Review A,C.S Hg assembli Seniors very successful. ved T0 P SCH Cm R Jane by ed .C.S Review, edit The A co-editor of the monthly paper and Judy 215 served andazzo R nita A a new col- Baran edited as the Business Manager. Connie Halecki Us Black which appeared weekly and year, ent t ed the Orange .-4 umn this ehool ofs had a full page th. A.C.S. OH Elm HCC O the Akron Herald in Tiger Times. This was made the titled paper en rt he Lockpo sint HCW A.C.S. sen, editor 6II1 R Jane editor Beverly Pafk. by ssible PO Review t- 21 brought to the CTC W Review .S er Times, and the A.C ig The T tention of the students who attended the Western New York Inter- features having certa n outstanding .-1 Press Conference, as scholastic conference. this at it award CI' TH da 59 Akronite receive I9 The fs . t X .5 K Mary at work it orange One of the highlights of the Journalism Class was an opportunity to attend the Columbia University Scholastic Press Association in and New York City. Joanne Riggio, Beverly Pafk, Judy Flor, Michael Cescon, and Jack Weaver, a Junior, attended the conference under blaCk the guidance of Mr. Sustakoski. Jo, Lin, and The class also devoted time to the study of journalistic standards and to the criticism of our own and other publications. he various publications. I I' fo way under nts start to get plans stude SIT1 A.C.S. journali L. editor Orange Connie Baran, and Black 65 Tim Tiger Times r Tiger Pafk. edizo Beverly Row One: Mr. Ellsworth Brown, Ng, Suellen, Asmus, J., Smith, S., Cain, E., Sylor, J., Zimmer- man, K., Caputo, J., Hellert, J., Niezgoda, D. Row Two: Harrington, M., Grover, C., Sutton, S. Riggio, A., Cowan, L., Remsen, J., Riggio, J., Martiny, M., Cummings, M., Eckert, T. Row Three: Wagner, S., Huth, P., Gerber, J., Finger, R., Stevens, G., Cescon, M., Deahn, D., Wikar J., Smith, R., Aquino, D., Cheavacei, D., Harvey, B. Row 1'i01ll'.' Kraatz, S., Campbell, J., Sun- down, C., Wilson, M., White, S., Smith, S., Powers, E., Hudson, D., Zimmerman, L., Moses M., Wronowicz, V., I-Foster, L. Row Five: Haun, F., Hellert, D., Esperson, J., Harvey, H. 1 The Student Council of Akron Central School was formed to unify the various activities of the clubs and organizations of the school. Under the leadership of the president, Edward Cain, many projects such as sponsoring the American Field Service exchange student program and giving fifty dollars to CARE have been held. There are four standing committees in the Student Council which help organize activities ofthe school. These are: Chartered Organization Committee, the Recreation Committee, the Publicity Committee, and the Supply Ollice Committee. The four members of the National Honor Society were chosen from the upper 25921 of their class on the basis of scholarship, leadership, character and service. A candle-light ceremony to induct members is held in May. The officers are as follows: President, Shirley Wagner, Vice President and Student Council Repre- sentative, Jane Remsen, Secretary, Dana SkilT, Treasurer, Edward Cain. Scared Remsen J Cain, E. Standing: Wagner, S., Skiff, D., Mr. Edward Allen. 60 student councH honor society Kneeling: White, S., Fahey, M., McGeehan, B. Row One King, H., Ross, J., Keehn, A., King, V., Winslow, K., Raduns, B., Markek, S., Zimmerman, L. 'Row Two: Gerber, J., Cook R., Wilson, M., Walters, C., Feagels, E., Enstrom, W., Curphy B., Marble, R., Pingitore, B., Fox, J., Wagile, G., Tadio, C. Weaver, L. Row Three: Cain, E., Pingitore, G., Hellert, J. J Remsen, S., Pask, M., Place, B., Espersen, C., Wheeler, L. Weiler, B., Flint, J., DeYoung, T., Carlo, R., Brahmer, R. Yeager, M., Blish, K., Wilson, W., Gerace, T., Drachenberg C., Richards, G., Brackett, D., Miller, R., Hoste, J., Moses, B Standing: Grover, R., Fix, D., Soldal, R., Zimmerman. K. senior band The Senior Band together with the Training Band played two 'Coffee Concertsn this year which were sponsored by the Band Boosters. Both bands will participate in the NYSSMA Spring Festival Competition held at Amherst Junior High this year. SENIOR BAND OFFICERS President-Edward Cain Vice President-George Wagile Secretary-Morley Krieger Treasurer-Linda Wheeler Librarian-James Gerber TRAINING BAND OFFICERS President-J on Brand Vice President-Ben DeYoung Secretary-Treasurer-Douglas Fix Librarian-Hollis King training band Row One: King, H., Powers, K., Cummings, M., Mey- ers, K., Raduns, B., Zimmerman, L. Row Two: Goeske, J., Blueye, H., Walters, C., Wilson, M., Reese, S., Fea- gels, E., Enstrom, B., Curphy, B., Stapleton, T., Drach enberg, J., Ciurynski, R., Paugh, G., Miller, R., Bur chell, G., Espersen, J. Row Three: Yaeger, L., Yaeger, R., Finch, L., Stratton, L.: Jemison, D., Flint, J., Mar- ble, R., MacCoy, B., Kingsly, F., DeLeyes, D., Pafk, W., Lewis, R. 'V 'i'i.lz?if,f,:v-- . .7 12.0 fzii4?ww?se2l1..,s ' ' V "LTii,3lL1' f - -al.: ' f ' senior varsity chorale boys' glee club senior girls glee club Row One: Powers, E., Ng, S., Bower, B., Sun- down, C., Peters, L., Winslow, K., Keehn, A., Hudson, L., Grover, C., Cummings, M., Hitch- cock, D., Pingitore, G., Pafk, B., Spaeth, K., Zimmerman, K., Remsen, S., Pentecost, J. Row Two: Fahey, P., Ehmann, J., Swarts, P., Lin- dke, J., Newman, D., Kenyon, K., Covel, N., Babel, P. Brown, R., VanPel1, W., Hellert, L., Surma, J., Surma, J. Row Three: Sutton, S.' Roll, J., McCormick, M., Kraatz, S., Rebovich, R., Fox, J., Weaver, L., DeYoung, W. Ludwick, D., Abraham, J., Charles E., Martiny, M., Harrington, M., King, V. Row Four: Davis, W., Rozelle, R., Albrecht, E., Sundown, I., Kuraskiewicz, D., Hersee, G., Gerace, A., Zgoda, D., Wagile, G., Gerber, J., Sundown, N., Hammond, W., Tadio, C., Stanbury, W., Skiff, D., McCoy, D., Finger R., Juliano, J., Cain, E., Stapleton, T. Foreground: Dickinson, D., Mrs. Nancy Groves. Row One: Rozelle, R., Davis, W., Lippert, T., Mietz, L., Lewis, R., Pagels, K. Row Two: Hessler, N., pianist, Hibbard, T., Baich, D., Pafk, W.: Remsen, J., Kaiser, Wi, Chapman, D. Row Three: Hersee, G., Espersen, J., Nice, A., Albrecht, E., Cain, E., Ciurzynski, R., Welch, B., pianist. Row Four: Weaver, L., De- Young, W., Hammond, W., Wagile, G., Sun- down, H., McCoy. D., Zgoda, D. Row One: Sundown, C., Ng, S., Bower, B., Witt, B., Winslow, K., Keehn, A., Hitchcock, D., Campbell, N., Wronowicz, R., Pafk, B., Spaeth, K., Zimmerman, K., Surma, J., King, V., Dickinson, D., Wheeler, L. Row Two: Powers, E., Campbell, J., Bedford, B., Printup, L., Fahey, P., Grover, C., Bitterman, C., Charles, E., Welsh, B., Hellert, L., Pingitore, G., Gruber, C. Row Three: Moses, M., Peters, L., Lindke, J., Swarts, P., Rebovich, R., New- man, D., Cummings, M., Kenyon, K., Hudson, L., Weiler. B., Remsen, S., Covel, N., Pente- cost. J., Surma, J., Babel, P., Sylor, J., Har- rington, M., Abraham, J. Row Four: Ehmann, J., Furminger, S., Brackett, D., Eckert, T., Par- ker, M., Kraatz, S., Pentecost, C., McCormick M., Sutton, S., Brown, R., VanPell, W., As- mus, J., Roll, J., Mast, R., Smith, S.: Grabben- stratter, C., McGeehan, B. a n Foreground: Hessler, N. Row One: Mrs. Nancy Groves, Gerace, G., Frodin, A., Pafk, M., Mansell, M., Behe, D., Hutchinson, M., Frye, S., Parker, L., Errick, K., Overholt, A., Hall, E., Schukraft, R., Moleski, L., Totten, C., Poodry, J., Brackett, L., Bednar, J., Blackmore, D. Row Two: Yousey, C., King, H., Bruning, B., Blueye, H., Sherman, D., Fotheringham, R., Giesler, P., Cory, J., Reese, S., Bitterman, K., Wilson, M., Adams, J., Rosenberg, N., Schultz, L., Schmigel, M. Row Three: VanBuren, N., Baehr, G., Zimmerman, L., Finger, H., Martin, B., Kaiser, C., Klawer, S., Kent, G., Rosenberg, P., Hudson, D., Merrioni, M., DeYoung, M., White, S., Kleparek, P., Goeske, J., Dugano, C., Juliano G., Johnson, S., Abrams, B. Row Four: Fox, K., Hyder, E., Silsby, R., Foster, P., Gerace, A., Keller, J., Carmer, J., Hogue, S., Yoder, P., Logel, D., Routledge, N., Pask, M., Chapman, M., McLeod, M., Montgomery, M., McGeehan, P., Ross, J., Sutton, S., Van- Buren, S., Abraham, N. Under the direction of Mr. Theodore Staple- ton, the Elementary Band prepares students for the high school band. Row One: Steiner, S., Zimmerman, R., Bor- danaro, K., Lathrop, C., Wilson, C., Remsen, J., Niezgoda, H., Pawlick, K., Corbett, B., Blish, S., Staebell, M., Kyser, P., Odell, S., Murray, B., Stratton, C., Eckerson, J., Stone, G., Lloyd, L., Hoste, S., Hibbard, P. Row Two: Forrestel, A., Walters, S., Wagile, K., Begiers, S., Bassanello, S., Gallo, D., Prentice, D., Rood, M., Kostanciak, J., Hawes, W., Zimmer- man, S., Swift, T., Logan, J., Miller, C., Abra- ham, J., Reigle, D., Cummings, S., Borden, D., Burchell, C., Schultz, B., Hartzler, J. Row Three: Bishop, W., George, M., Plueckhahn, G., Forrestel, S., Hollenbeck, J., Parker, E., Kopacz, C., Burke, K., Bohn, C., Newcomb, J., Wight, D., Cherry, R., Zola, A., Dickinson, B., Roggen, F., Hall, C., Smith, E., Ground, V., Montville, S., Drachenberg, M. Row Four: Bordanaro, J., Hutchinson, D., Walters, J., Kruschke, D., Swader, D., Kraatz, L., Reigle, C., Sweitzer, S., Mast, P., Newcomb, T., Dilu- zio, J., Crane, C., Cummings, L., Kraatz, L., Lawrence, J., DeYoung, A., Sundown, M., Goeske, B., Keehn, E. Row Five: Schubel, D., Stanbury, M., Rudolph, M., Skilf, D., Leavitt, P., Pafk, M., Bushover, A., Sundown, D., Mann, J., Truglio, M., Klinglesmith, S., Schmi- gel, P., Lauridsen, L., Swanson, J., Sutton, N., Staebell, K., Taylor, K., Schaller, S. A recently added activity in the junior high school is the student publication, the Junior High Echoes, which is issued eight times dur- ing the school year. The advisers are Mr. Roger Farr and Mr. Richard Jenkins. The editor is Eleanor Feagles. The publication gives junior high students an opportunity to publicize their activities as well as the chance to write for print and have the experience of assembling a paper. Row One: George, E., Thomas, S., Nice, S., Whitmire, S., Feagles, E., Bedford, E. Row Two: Powers, K., Pask. B., Tryon, S., Carlo, M., Wilson, M., Gruber. J., Becker, S., Foster, L., King, M., Guizzotti, D., Mansell, M., Mr. Roger Farr. 63 treble clef choir Row One: Miss Carolyn Brown, Owen, J., Hessler, J., Skiff, D., Bishop, W., Trigilio, J., Clear, B., LaRocca, M., DeYoung, A., Staebell, K., Schmigel, P., Johnson, P., Ford, P., Kwan- drans, J., Stone, T., Weaver, K., Kraatz, L., Keehn, E., Mann, J., Crane, C., Cummings, L., McLeod, R. Row Two: Taylor, K., Deinhardt, K., Muck, R., Schultz, B., Zola, A., Maida, S., Jamieson, R., Owen, G., Hoste, S., Murray, B., Hutchinson, D., Bordonaro, J., Lloyd, L., Goeseke, B., Mirrone, D., Truglio, M., Yousey, J., Lathrop, B. Row Three: Tupper, S. Hurne, L. Lindke, B., Ritecz, D. Reinke, C., Lawrence, J., Stanbury, M., Welsh, T., Alfieri, C., Low- der. F., Truax, E., Flint, D., Lattimer, S., Schultz, H., Pierce, L., White, S., Babiarz. L., Schaller, S., Leising, D. Row Four: Diluzio, J., Pafk, M., Hersee, T., Frey, D., Hartzler, J., Schubel, D., VanBurcn, R., Laese, H., Baker, K., Roll, L., Spaeth, J., Klingelsmith, S., Straw, D., Fox, G. senior string class The Sr. String Class, under the direction of Mr. Stanley Eason, take time out from one of their lessons to pose for a picture, Row One.' Mr. Stanley Eason, Tippett, S., De- Young. M., Kedzurski, R., Smith, S., Daniels, K., Cummings, P. Row Two: Blueye, H., Por- korski, D., Finger, H., Rugg, V., Schultz, D., Trinkl, S., Ciurzynski, J. elementary string class Row One: Mrs. Albertina Espersen, Martiny, B., Uljanov, A., Brahmer, K., Pagels, S., Ceis- ner, S., Enstrom, D., Rienke, K., Weaver, K., Stone, T., Lawrence, J., Ludwick, J., Owen, G., Smith, J., Mecca, R. Raw Two: Hessler, J., Sutton, C., Feldman, J., Kubis, C., Sietz, D., Roesch, R., Hartwig, H., Lindke, B., Hudson, K., Newman, B., Rienke, C., Lattimer, S. Row Three: Bartlett. S., Trigilio, J., Fox, G., La- throp, B., Babiarz, L., Laese, H., Cherry, J., Leising, S., Roberts, M., Pierce, L., Hammond, M., Brauen, M. Alasenh' Yousey, K., Curoff, P., Brust, M., Schukraft, M. fourfh grade choir Row One: Cassell, D., Fry, K., Baker, N., Feldman, B., Rizzard, J., Riggio, M., Wagile, K., Brahmer, K., Uljanov, A., Martiney, B., Forrestel, A., Bil, C., Pagels, S., Lawrence, J., Burchell, C., Corbett, B. Row Two: Miss Caro- lyn Brown, Sutton, C., Pafk, D., Hanson, M., Parker, G., Dean, P., King, S., Geddes, S., Cantie, L., Steiner, S., Bordonaro, K., Mecca, Nicomenti, R., Smith, J., Lattimer, S., Kubis, C., Olson, S. Row Three: Staebell, M., Schultz, D., Stratton, C., Snell, R., Cummings, M., Di- Luzio, J., Noody, M., Covel, A., Ottaviani, L., Witkowski, P., Mirrone, Newman, B., Kyser, P., Dickinson, S., Maddock, E., Brauen, M. supply office The supply store, under the direction of Mr. Stanley Victor, is operated from eight to nine each morning for students and teachers, with Joanne Riggio as chairman. The proceeds go to the Student Council and the Board of Edu- cation. Riggio, J., Mr. Stanley Victor, Sylor, J., Long, M., Hessler, N., Hudson, D., Weiler, B., Foth- eringham, J., Snell, J. folk dancing In formation for one of their arrangements, the Folk Dancers under the direction of Mr. Myron Dembrow, wait for the go ahead sign. Row One: Wilson, M., Brunner, J., Martin, B., Frodin, D., White, S., Casseri, R. Row Two: Mr. Myron Dembrow, Caputo, J., Daniels, K., Thomas, S., Smith, C., Mechlenberg, C., Powers, K., Linke, D., Kreiger, M., Flor, A., Granke, D., Berry, J., Mansell, M., I-loulihan, E., Smith, S., Trinkl, S., McConkey, M., En- strom, W. Row Three: Stratton, L., Fahey, M., Foster, L., Clear, L., Schultz, D., Prinzbeck, L., Bernhardt, D., Jamison, D., Zimmer, D., Pacer, R. 65 chi omega hi-y The Chi-Omega Hi-Y is aliiliated with the Y.M.C.A. and participates in its programs. The purpose of the Hi-Y is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community the high standards of Christian character. Under the direction of Mrs. Myra Stapleton, a Good-Will Drive was sponsored through the school and an assembly was presented on dress and manner. The club sent gifts and cards to an adopted grandfather at Wende and also held reg- ular dances and other money raising events. The officers are as follows: President, Susan Sutton, Vice President, Joyce Ehmann, Secretary, Linda Hellert, Treasurer, Shirley Wagner, Chap- lain, Anita Keehn, Historian, Ruth Brown. Row One: Sutton, S., Mrs. Myra Stapleton. Row Two: Ehmann Deinhardt, P., Cory, S. Row Five: Ng, S., Pingitore, G., Pafk B., Huth, M. Row Six: Weiler, B., Remsen, J., Bower, B., Hud- son, L., Malecki, K., Remsen, S. Row Seven: Eckert, T., Esper- son, C., Powers, E., Pentecost, J., Wheeler, L., Orvis, D. Charles, E., Dickinson, D. Row Eight: Cowan, L., Kraatz, S. Mast, R., Roll, J., Van Pell, W., Martiny, M., Asmus, J. Brown, R., Smith, S. future farmers The purpose of the Future Farmers of America is "to practice brotherhood, honor rural opportunities and responsibilities, and develop those qualities of leader- ship which a Future Farmer should possessf, Among the accomplishments of the group during the past years were the follow- ing: sent ten boys to Camp Oswegatchie, had three hundred F.F.A. calendars made, participated in F.F.A. basketball, held an F.F.A. chapter meeting contest, held an F.F.A. forum contest, held an F.F.A. calf contest, and had an F.F.A. crop demonstration. The oflicers are as follows: President, David Deahn, Vice President, Edward Albrecht, Secretary, Robert Cook, Treasurer, Kenneth Bart- lett, Sentinel, Ronald Trinkl, Reporter, Allen Nice. Row One: Matusek, J., McCorquodale, J., Nice, A., Trinkl, R., Albrecht, E., Deahn, D., Cook, R., Bartlett, K., Owen. R., Groff, M. Row Two: Mr. Richard Rozelle, Brahmer. R., Prinzback. T., Prinzback, L., Kennedy, D., Granke. D., Coulson, J., DeFries, H., Eldred. J., Hanson, B. Row Three: De Young, T., Rosenberg, R., Wik, P., Cook, R., Bushover, D., Bohnhoff, J., Karnitz, R. Row I"o11r.' Cummings, D., Haun, F., Blosser, N., Hersee, G., Baehr, H., Heiman, D., Bedford, P., Cummings, K. l 5 l 5 J., Wagner, S. Row Three: Hellert, L., Keehn, A. Row Four. 1 s x The purpose of the monitors is to instruct, direct, and control the members . of the student body on school property during school hours in order to make monlrors the students comply with the rules set up by the Student Association. Row One: Gruber, G., Burchill, G.g Paugh, G., Jemison, D., Perry, D., Bracket, D.g Eckerson, J. Row Two: McCormick, M.g Eckert, T.g McGeehn, B.g Parker M., Draper, E., .S'er:rerary,' Mr. Melvin Hood, Aclvisorg Sylor, J., Captain, Van- Pell, W.g Abraham, N., Brown, R. Row Three: Abraham, J.g Caputo, P., Sullen 1.5 Grover, C.g Cummings, M., Bower, B., Weiler, B., Orvis, J. a s When students are issued tickets by the monitors, they are brought before a group of their own peers, the Student Court, pictured here during a formal session. Row One: Mr. James Monahan, Finger, R., Shimmel, R., Smith, S., Chief Jusliceg Remsen, J., Cory, S., Wronowicz, V., Clerk. court lllllllllltlllll iilll illl great books club Serving to stimulate serious student thought is the Great Books Club. Various classics are read and analyzed in regular weekly meetings. Row One: Hibbard, D., Nice, F., Brunner, J., Remsen, D., Hessler, N., Halecki, J., Mar- tiny, M., Brown, R., Weaver, L., Bednar, C., Hellert, J., Kenyon, K. Standing: Mr. Albert E. Vossler, chess club Intrigued in an exciting game of chess, the Club, under the instruction of Mr. Albert Voss- ler. waits anxiously for the next move. Row One: Rice, D., Tanger, W., President, Bushover, D., Skiff, D., Vice-President, Stan- bury, B., Harvey, B., Secremry and Student Council Representative. Row Two: Bernaki, T., Hibbard, T., Mr. Albert Vossler, Murot- chic, P., McCleod, M., Davis, W., Defries, H., Hovlihan, T. library staff The Library Staff, under the direction of Miss Hazel Ellsworth, listens as Judy 1-lalecki ex- plains a quotation from one of the many books found in the library. Row Une: Caputo, P., Sundown, C., Campbell, N., Wagner, S., Miss Hazel Ellsworth. Row Two: Halecki, J., Sargent, B., Poodry, J., Bis- tolf, K., Sundown, J., Printup, S., Kaiser, C., Silsby, R., Bushover, B., Logel, D., Rudnicki, C. industrial arts club The purpose of the Industrial Arts Club is to learn more about the various industries by tak- ing field trips and showing movies. Row One: Mr. Leon Hollenbeck, Schad, D., Bontrager, D., Pask, F., Shimmel, R. President, Miller, R. Treasurer, Sulimowicz, E. Vice-Prey identg Bower, D. Secretary, Bedford, F., Bower, L. Row Two: Grundas, T., Burrill, D., Cummings, L., Schlegel, G., Tanger, W., Huth, P., Bartram, J., Bowney, B., Groff, R. Row Three: Shaw, G., Ludwick, D., Trugilio, D., Honesberger, B., Raduns, T., Ceisner, D., Taylor, C., Eldred, B. Row Four: Walters, R., Kozloski, E., Bednar, D., Sulimowicz, J., Chea- vacci, C., Rugg, V., Swader, D. senior model club In the surroundings of the wood shop, Mr. Richard Latko explains the techniques used in building a successful plane to the Sr. Model Club. Burdick, J., Pogal, R., Dunlap, R., Williams, W., Blickensderfer, W., Mr. Richard Latko. iunior model club Learning the rudiments of model airplane con- struction from Mr. Richard Latko are these club members: Row One: Chapman, D., Kwiatkowski, E., Matusek, W., Blickensderfer, J., Harvey, H., Hollenbeck, W., Stanbury, D., MacCoy, B., McConkey, M., Mr. Richard Latko. Row Two: Rodgers, R., Kumro, G., Raduns, B., MacCoy, B., Mietz, L., Flint, J., Lang, E., Odell, H., Lippart, T. senior poster club In the familiar scene of the art room, Mr. Joe seph Valente points out an interesting art article to the Sr. High Poster Club. Row One: Gibbs, M., Cummings, S., Snyder, H., Winslow, K., Wolfe, B., Schleef, J., Sun- down, J., Mr. Joseph Valente. Row Two: So- lotes, W., Coulson, J., Schleef, T., Nayman, P., Grabenstatter, C., Marble, R., Mirrione, E., Jones, G., Ground, P., Edmister, W., Schleef, K., Witkop, B., Grabenstatter, J, iunior poster club Among the annual activities of the Junior Post- er Club is the decoration of homerooms and corridors for Christmas. Row One: Schultz, D., Smith, S., King, M., Swietzer, L., Mr. Richard Jenkins, Gruber, J., Zurlo, J., Baehr, G. Row Two: Thomas, S., Lindke. D., Wagner, K., Honsberger, J., Gies- ler, P., Schukraft, R., Hartranft, B., Johnson, D., Stevens, B., Printup, A., Gerace, G., Nich- ols, G., Swader, R., Jemison, D.: Drachenberg, J., Cory, J. 'rickef sellers Examining a strip of tickets, the Ticket Scllers under the guidance of Mrs. Verna Smith. dis cuss their future plans. Row One: Brown, R., Martiny, M., Eckert T., Pentecost, J., Nichols, R., Smith. S., Mrs Verna Smith, Asmus, J. Row Two: Frodin, D. Enstrom, W., Gudridge, N., Smith, R., Cain E., Stapleton, T., Cummings, M., Grover, C. Pagels, B. baton Twirlers Among the recently added activities of the school is the Baton Twirlers, with Miss Bar- bara Towner as their instructor. Row One: Fotheringham, R., Giesler, P., Brun- ning, B., Becker, S., McGheehan, M., Pagles. B. Row Two: Brackett, D., Furminger, S., Fotheringham, L., Tinkham, S., McLeod, M., Daguano, C., Nichols, R. Posing: McGeehan, B., Fahey, P., White, S. visual aids club Supplementing regular classroom instruction is the Visual Aids Club which services the movie projectors. tape recorders, etc. used by various school departments. Packman. R., Campbell, R., Mr. John Ecker- son, Carlo, D. camera club A popular activity at A.C.S. is making a photo- graphic record of the many activities. This task is undertaken by the Camera Club, shown here with their advisor examining equipment. Row One: Mansell, J., Riggio, A., Ciurzynski, S., Smith, R., Sargent, B., Mr. John Eckerson. Row Two: Hellert, D., Fotheringham, J., Blackchief, A., Parker, B., Winslow, K., Wag- ner, L., Campbell, R., Gerber, J., Trinkl, Row Three: Stanbury, W., Krieger, M., Wikar, J., Carlo, D., Geisler, D., Witkop, B., Packman. R., Kuraszkiewicz. D. infernafional club The International Club of Akron Central an- nually participates in a model United Nations General Assembly, sponsored by Western New York schools and colleges. Standing: Smith, R., Smith, S. Seated: Ng, S., Cain, E., Stanbury, W., Cowan, L. senior science club The Senior Science Club, under the direction of Mr. George Martiny, meets weekly for an extracurricular approach to the study of science. Gerber, J., Mr. George Martiny, Williams, E., Cain, E., Blickensderfer, W., Dunlap, R., Pogel, R., Tadio. C., Cescon, M., Richards. G., Skill. D. advanced biology club The Advanced Biology Club, newly organized this year, sponsored a Science Fair and in other ways promoted scientific knowledge. Seated: Rozelle, R., Witt, R., Van Pell. W., Ng, S. Standing: Bitterman, C., Hellert, J., Sutton, S., Pentecost. J., Finger, R., Kuras- kiewicz, D., Wagile, G., Harrington, M., Skiff. D., DeYoung, W., Schukraft, P., Fox, J., Krieger, M., Zimmer, J., Mrs. Gladys Brown. seven1'h grade yorker club 7th graders are given the opportunity to begin the informal study of history through trips and other activities as provided by the school's Yorker Clubs. Row One: Cescon, G., Stapleton, T., Cum- mings, P., Kwiatowski, E., Wilson, R., Remsen, J., Niezgoda, D., Bell, G., Nichols, M., Chap- man, D., Krieger, M., Blackmore, J. Row Two: Everett, N., Tippett, S., Weiler, M., Mecklen- berg, C., Abraham, L., Montville, D., Hutchin- son, M., Husing, D., Powers, K., Moleski, L., Kleparek, J. Row Three: Blueye, H., Bitterman, C., Tooke, C., Fahey, M., Fotheringham, M., Cummings, M., Stratton, L., Martiny, F., George, E., Abrams, B., Kedzierski, R., Carlo, M., Totten, C. Row Four: Meyer, K., Lindke. K., Bettio, L., Pask, B., Van Buren, N., Keller, J., Kyser, C., Wheeler, D., Ball, S., Troyer, S., Leavitt, M., Ciurzynski, J., Nice, S.. Overholt. A. Row Five: Campbell, D., Hibbard, T., Blish K., Harvey, H., Edwards, J., Bernhart, D., Mac- Coy, B., Stanbury, D., Dean, J., Lewis, R., Pafk, W., Mr. Richard Vanderpool. eighlh grade yorker club President Jon Brand leads the Sth Grade Yorker Club in many of its activities. The group thus far has taken a trip to Niagara County Historical Museum, and sponsored a Jr. High Sock Dance. They hope to complete a model of Akron in the near future. Row One: Sweitzer, L., Feagles, E., Finger, D., Abrams, G., Bero, J., Asmus, J., Becker, S., Snyder, H., Bruning, B. Row Two: Gruber. J., Brand, J., Drachenberg, C., Pokorski, D., Berry, J., Wagner, K., Mugglegerb, D., Zurlo, J., Paugh, G. Row Three: Mr. Richard Vander- pool, Abraham, N., Espersen, J., Babel, L., Barron, B., Burchell, G., Johnson, D., Witkow- ski, J. senior yorker club A visit to the historical museum, the Baseball Hall of Fame, and other displays, at Coopers- town, New York are among the annual high- lights of the activities of the Senior Yorker Club. Row One: Chapman, M., Deinhardt, P., De- Young, M., Johnson, S., Aquinl, D., Ross, J., Klawer, S., Montgomery, M. Row Two: Mrs. Gladys Brown, Hall, E., Juliano, G., Enstrom, W., Nice, F., Cheavacci, D., Brunner, J., Smith, R. Row Three: Edwards, M., Sutton, S., Witt, R., Frodin, D., Edwards, C., Huth, M. iunior red cross The Jr. Red Cross group pays close attention as their instructor, Mrs. Lu- cille Bacheller, explains the procedure of stufhng toy animals. Row One: Adams, J., Witkop, B., Schleef, K., Abraham, J., Routledge, N., Logel, D., Black, J., Foster, P., Mrs. Lucille Bacheller. Row Two: Keller, M., Shearman. D., Ciurzynski, S., Schleef, J., Kaufman, V., McGee- han, M., Niezgoda, C., Abraham, N., Fox, K., Gerace, A., Van Buren, S., Cescon, J., George, A., Daguano, C., Wolfe, B., Homeberger, V., Sylor, J., Silsby, R. nurses club Mrs. Lucille Bacheller, school nurse, tells the Future Nurses group about an educational health book. Row One: School Nurse, Mrs. Lucille Bachel- ler, Schleef, J., Niezgoda, C., McGeehan, M., Gerace, A., Cescon, J., Daguano, B., Wolfe, B. Row Two: Witkop, B., Schleef, K., Zimmer, J., Abraham, N., Fox, K., Abraham, J., Van Buren, S., Routledge, N., Logel, D., Black, J., Kelkenberg, J., Foster, P., Silsby, R. mm., . M-Q clinic staff Paying close attention, the Health Office Staff watches as Betsy Chamberlin takes a thermom- eter from Doris l-litchcock's mouth. Row One: Chamberlain, B., Hitchcock, D., Parker, M., Shearman, D., Randazzo, L., Nich- ols, R. Row Two: Mrs. Lucille Bacheller, Kel- kenberg, J., Randazzo, A., Gudridge, N., Brackett, D. sports AS e- O60 ,QQ NOONYR' vom-NEHG Ogxocxlxooollx 114 114 E CD u: 4-I S -G 3 3 S Simon 50.50 .232 VQZZE.: 96944 QQ? ob. 9 Jeb Q 'u--"fag 0 00,5 'E .Q -I- O O 511 P- rsi'r Va of the squad, the 59-60 Due to the lack of experience and the inadequate size CS loss 0 wins, 7 WHS record OH l seas The tina ccessful paratively unsu SCEISOH WEIS COIT1 non league tie. dl an During the opening weeks of the season, the squad was hard working and eagerly awaited the first games. As the season progressed the team thinned out but interest 2 ,Q :x o -U fe E o 5-4 Q-4 'U GJ 4-3 CU s-4 GJ D.. O rn L-4 Q2 .20 P' CD -C. P" ui s-4 GJ Pu .Ls CL CD .E .E N E GJ s-1 U J: 5-3 on s: o E CU keen ained I'l'1 I6 graduated the 58-59 season, which so successful in HS hw tion, whic 3 H1 g for win twelve seniors from the squad. co-captains Dale Cheavacci and squad included Senior members of this year's ns, VS y Ste 211' Fred Pask, G Sutton, Ceisner, Louis on :S o Q 2, 5-1 CU U as CU DC Q. CU 3 o U E o F-4 and scored, iS ,of the 43 poin 37 ored SC m Cowan To r. Halfback lo Jeffrey Sy and tion on the second string -.-4 cn O Q- .CU .E ,-C1 'U GJ CI L.. cd CU .9 JI E-' VJ L-4 eu 5-4 O o UD cu .3 on cvs 411 .-. cu .ci -A-I CI ..-. .321 4-J 10-4 U: 'O on o cvs .-4 CL the Most Valuable received team in the league. 'Tackle Dale Cheavacci All-Star, and honorable mention among tackles on the All-Star team. player award Charles Cheavacci Jeffrey Sylor Co-captains: Thomas Cowan, Dale Cheavacci Ceisner, Raymond Carlo Douglas Pask derick vens, Fre Gary Ste W. Lm V: if Row One: Zurlo, J., Mgr.,' Cescon, M., Scorekeeperg Burchill, Moses, B., Tadio, C., Weaver, L., Logan, B.g Graybeal, R G., Mgr. Row Two: Juliano, J., Sulimowicz, J.g Shimmel, R., Weaver, .Lg Perry, A., Mr. Angelo Scappa, Coach. Bruce Moses varsity basketball The 1959-60 Akron Cagers, coached by An- gelo Scappa, came up with many fine perform- ances, although they placed only seventh in the Niagara Orleans League, which consists of nine teams. The Tiger squad came up with four vic- tories out of sixteen starts, all of which were at home. One highlight of the season was the 62 to 39 upset victory over Wilson, and another was the 43 to 41 victory over Medina in a double over- time. Sidelighting the league thrillers, the varsity squad played two games, the first of which was the seniors versus the world game, in which the seniors were victorious by an 88 to 41 margin, and the second was a student association spon- sored faculty game in which the varsity was upset 51 to 48. Although the record is one sided, it does not indicate the enthusiam of the squad throughout the season. The season individual high point honors go to senior Tom Cowan who scored 161 points for a 12.5 average. His rebounding and shooting abil- ity will be greatly missed next season. The drib- bling and passing ability of Bruce Moses along with the tremendous drive of Ron Shimmel will also be missed. Juniors Lee Weaver and Jim Ju- lino and sophomores Allyn Perry and Andy Leaf will help comprise the 1960-61 team. Joseph Sulimowicz 59-60 season AKRON OPP. Starpoint 38 34 Barker 35 71 Lewiston-Porter 3 8 64 N ewfane 36 44 Medina 43 41 Niagara-Wheatiicld 34 63 Wilson 62 39 Royalton-Hartland 41 49 Starpoint 47 5 8 N iagara-Wheatfield 44 67 Lewiston-Porter 3 8 89 Medina 37 48 Royalton-Hartland 57 55 Wilson 5 3 65 Barker 5 3 76 Newfane 41 56 Ronald Shimmel Thomas Cowan Senior Bruce Moses sinks a free throw in an early season practice, while the rest of the ball club watches. Moses. along with teammate Tom Cowan, Ron Shimmel, and A1 Perry, sparked the Tiger 1959-60 season. Most of the group below will return to action next season. Lefz to riglzz: Zurlo, J., Mgr.3 Burchill, G.. Mgr., Cescon, M., Scorekeeperg Mr. Angelo Scappa. Coach. Weaver, L.g Logan, B., Tadio, C., Shimmel, R., Graybeal, D., Weaver, J.g Perry, A., Sulimowicz, J., Juliano. J., Moses, B., absent, Cowan, T. Q t 3 1 xl 'xx 1 Row One: Stanbury, W., Cheavacci, D., DeYoung, T., Lud- Young, W., Co-Captain, Harvey, D., Skiff, D., Stevens, G., wick, D., Kuraszkiewicz, D. Row Two: Mr. C. Schleich. Cheavaeei, C., Co-Captain, Harvey, B. Coach, Buceeri, D., Espersen, J., Managers. Row Three: De- swimming The Akron mermen had an even record of 7 wins and 7 losses at the end of their 1959-60 season. The team was at a light disadvantage because of size but under the direction of Coach Carl Sehleieh this factor was only a minor handicap. Akron placed 8th out of ll teams at the section IV class AA meet at Hamburg. Dave Ludwick placed 5th in the 100 yd. freestyle, Tom DeYoung was 2nd in the 200 yd. freestyle and Bill DeYoung took 2nd in F0reground.' Stanbury, B., Ludwiek, D., Esperson, J., Being tossed in the pool, Cheavaeei, C. Background and on board: the 200 yd individual medley. The co-captains Charles Cheavacci and Bill De- Young will graduate along with Brian Harvey, Dana Skiff and Gary Stevens but there are some able under classmen to take their place. This year a squad of Jr. High swimmers was started to create interest and develop ability. This team de- feated the Oakfield Jr. High in their only meet of the season. DeYoung, T., Kreiger, M., Stevens, G., DeYoung, B., Harvey, D., Skiff, D., Harvey, B. Kneeling: Caprio, E., Meyers, S. Standing: Mietz, L., Frey, N., Cory, A., Cowan, W., Smith, R., Zimmerman, J. The Akron Varsity Baseball Team had a poor sea- son with a league record of three Wins and seven losses. Their overall record was four Wins and eight losses. Akron's victories were over Starpoint, Clarence, and Wilson twice. The pitchers for the tigers in 1959 were Ron Shim- mel, Gary Stevens, and Tom Cowan. Torn Cowan who served as catcher, also pitched several times. Gary Stevens had a 2-3 record, Ron Shimmel a l-5 record, 1 Row One: Weaver, J., Bell, R., Krieger, M., Wikar, J., Blick- and Tom Cowan l-O record. Starting at the were Bill Cowan man, racked up Cory batted .323 Returning for plate and in the field for the tigers and Tony Cory. Bill, our first base- a .324 batting average, and Tony while playing shortstop. next year will be Dale Cheavacci, Ron Shimmel, Jim Juliano, Tom Cowan, Mike Cescon, and several others who Will try and fill the spikes for last seasonas senior players. Scappa, Coach, Raduns, G., Tadio, C., Hoste, J., Place, B., ensderfer, G., Rozelle, R., Perry, A. Row Two: Mr. Angelo Kozleski, E., Sundown, N., Finger, R., Leaf, A., DeYoung, T. 1:axra.wamMs1:.1m:s.n.fasnawwf M ,fu fJe.iff.iwfa:.,s - :www J.sa..r.-..sfW',-1 .f.. 1 sf :gf'.z,.tJwfff wafnsa-ww www ww awww. N M ailing.. mu- mwa-w,mw.f.M, - www-me-Www. .menu-y... wimpy., M., s -. -. .iw . 'jiri 534 Q, 2 4 in-31 1959 iunior high baseball Row One: Van Buren, J., Johnson, D., Bur- chill, G., Gruber, J., Ground, J., Swyers, W. Row Two: Cheavacci, E., Berry, I., Paugh. G., Wagner, K., Perry, D., Brand, J. Row Three: Abraham, N., Place, J., Casseri, R., Smith, R., Pingitore, B., Aldred, P., Downey, B. iunior varsi'ry basketball Row One: Rozclle, R., Leaf. A.: Smith. B., Aquino, D., Bower, D., Mr. Thomas Welzen, Cozzclz. Row Two: Miller. R., Place. B., Cas- seri, D., Wikar, J., Downey, B.: Aldred. P. 1959 'rrack team Members of the 1959 Track Team are the fol- lowing: Pask, F., Gibbs, R., Cheavacci, C., Kraatz, S., Mr. A. I. MaCCoy, Silloway, J. Posing during a time-out are: Wronowicz, V., Powers, E.g Randazzo, L., Bower, B., Moses M.g Cescon, J,g Sundown, C. varsity cheerleaders Throughout the year, the J .V. and Varsity Cheerleaders have endeavored to encourage school spirit and promote school citizenship. The girls have led cheers at football and basketball games, held pep rallies and set an example for other students to follow. They attended clinics to improve their cheers and cheering methods. iunior varsity cheerleaders The Junior Varsity Cheerleaders are: Pask, M., Ross, J., Martin, B.g Wilson, M., Juliano, G. Johnson, S. 9 V w girls field hockey Team Row One: White, S., Martin, B., Wilson. M., Wagner, S. Row Two: Martini, M., Kenyon, K., Grabenstatter, C., Wronowicz, V., Ehm- ann, J., Pask, M.Row Three: Wheeler, L., Esperson, C., Wronowicz, R., Van Pell, W., Mast, R., Kraatz, S., Ross, J., Sutton, S., Juli- ano, G., Huth, Mary M.- senior girls inframurals Row One: Geisler, D., Kraatz, S., Kenyon, K., Schumacher, M., Fotheringham, L., Newman, N.: Riggio, A., Pafk, B., Long, M., Pask, M., DeYoung, M. Row Two: Weipert, D., Morat- chic, P., Nisgoda, C., Wheeler, L., Juliano. G., Johnson, S., Sutton, S., Ross, J., Powers, E., Gruber, C., Smith. R., Pcarles, S. Ron Three: Grabenstatter, C., Bistoff. K., George Huth, M., Espcrscn, C., Sundown, C., Printup L., Logan, J., Parker, B., Blackchief, A. Ron Four: Ehmann, J., Wronowicz, R., Lindke, J. Mast, R., Van Pell, W., Cescon, J., Moses, M. Q Randazzo, L., Abraham. J., Berndt. M., Hudi- mint, J., Tinkham, S., Ciurzynski, Smmling. Martiny, M, iunior girls inlramurals Cummings, A., Bedford, E., Mansell, M. Thomas, S., Fotheringham, M., Wronowicz, P. ski, L., Daniels, K. Row Two: Cummings, E. Pafk, M., Schmeigel, M., Keller, N., Deahn G., Husing, D., Reese, P., Martiny, F.: Carmer J., Bero, J., Asmus, P., Gerace, G., Foster, L. Mansell, M. Row Three: Hulahang, B. Bistoff M., Ball, S., Wheeler, D., Leavitt, M., Finger H., Feagle, E., Caputo, J., Lotton, C., Logan L., Printup, A., Sundown, R., Parker, C., Mir rioni, M., Frodin, A. Row Four: Walters, C. Finger, D., Bower, G., Hinds, P., Bedford, G. Guizzotti, D., Nanni, K., Yaeger, R., Ribbeck D. Standing: Huth, M., Van Pell, W., Esper sen, C. A., Zimmerman, K., Bower, B., Wronowicz, R.- 1 1 w Row One: Smith, S., King, M., Ellsworth, D., a v Doxtader, P., Keller, S., Van Buren, N., Mole- 1 senior boys inframurals Row One: Swader, D., Cheavacci. D., Deahn, D., Moses, B., Sutton, L., Cowan, T., Shimmel, R., Sulimowicz, J., Cummings, L., Huth, P., Raduns, T., Wetzen, T., Coach. Row Two: Bedford, F., Cescon, M., Kelkenberg. G., Juli- ano. J., Logan. T., Aldred, P., Rozelle, R., Krieger, M., Tinkham. D., Stevens, G., Scappa. A.. Coach. Row Three: Finger, R., Carlo, R., DeYoung, W., Pery, A., Wikar, J., Cheavacci, C., Weaver, J., Sundown, N., Graybeal, R., Witkop, W. Row Four: Cummings, L., Dow- ney. B., Ludwick, D., DeYoung, T., Truglio, Matusek, J., Sulimowiez, E., Eldred. J. iunior boys inframurals Row One: Graybeal. R., Stevens, B., Kaufman J., Parker, R., Lewis. D., DeYoung. B., Rem- sen. J.: Flor, A., MacCoy, B., Brand, J., Bur- chell. G., Perry, D., Kwandrans, R., Hale. K. Row Two: Abraham. N., Baich, D.: Ciurzyn- ski, R., Ceseon. G., Campbell, D., Houlihan, T., Lindke, D., Bucceri. D., Gruber, J., Jamei- son. D., Nicholi. G., Pacer. R., Grair, R., Johnson, D. Row Three: Rosenberg. R., Ground, M.: Dean. J., Wheat. P., Hellert. J.- 1 Mann, G., Cummings, J., Blish. K., Wagner, K., Berry, J., Nichols, M. Row Four: Nicometi, T., Parker, R., Draehenberg, C., Witkoski, J., Biernachi, T., Cummings, J., Merrill, B.: Poo- dry, D., Kelkenberg, R., Zimmer, D., Millig, Wagner, P., Wilson. E., Grabenstatter. G. T., Fix, D., Drachenberg, J., Pagels, K. Tennis team The l959 tennis team played many informal games to greet the season. They were unde- feated against Royalton-Hartland, and were de- feated when playing Medina and Alexander. Row One: Stapleton. T., Richards, G., Lud- wick. D., Macfoy. B., Mr. Henry Carges, fxfitlffl. Row Two: Cummings. L., Sundown, D.: Stanbury. B.: Caprio, M., Weaver, L. if-E1il?il?33s?ES?l?2Z52 ?7ii?5ffftii'3 ' S J 5: 5,5135 t I by ,gi ., L'- gpg Jn , ia. .KHP -5 lf r"" 'A' L-Mmg, ,M -A H- .6A. , IM, KLM, A few senior girls take time out from a swim to pose on the board. ffrnnz left 10 riglill Snell, J.g Randazzo, A.g Veronica Wronowicz and Eve Pow- Malecki, KI? Riggio, J.. Remsen, J.. Pam, B. NGO Team Go" yell Varsity cheer- ers give a cheer during a time-out of leaders Cheryl Sundown and Judy a basketball game. Ccscon. sports informals Some of pose for been the X sulted in the players of the a picture. This picture was to have team portrait but half of a picture, Senior High Intramural captains discuss various plays with Coach Wetzen. ffrom left to riglztl Mr. Thomas Wetzeng Shimmel, R4 Sutton, L.g Moses, B.g Cowan, T. 59 baseball season camera failure re- During their spare time Dave Kashuba, Phil Kennedy, Dick Graybeal, and Louis Sutton practice basketball. fm I tm. A U """" I IDENTIFICATIONS-Page 92 A' f,4U 'U' ,gm 87 This page . . . courtesy of BEN DE YOUNG, INC. IDENTIFICATIONS-Page 91 Q1 4 88 lf' This page . . . courtesy of WALES STRIPPET, INC. N 'Jaw L fn A A - X5 SW' Q ,SVA 4 ,Z swf 1 Ki . gy., fa Nvivx 1 patrons The following contributions gold business and professional patrons businesses have paid for a full page through their Bank of Akron, Main Street, Akron, N. Y. Ben DeYoung, Inc., Mechanic Street, Akron, N Y Wales Strippit Inc., Buell ancl Clarence Center Roads, Akron, N Y NININJNI anlnnllnwoillunhmhmilnwndlmllmllml4mllunNmNmluulunfmNmIllaalllmhanmallnuluulun-'uaNun'ml'ml'mlluullmluulmohmIm4ImumAIanmuWmlloawmwlu The following contributions: silver business and professional p businesses have paid for a half page through their Akron Adult Activities Program, Akron High School Alex C. Smith, East Avenue Bernhardt's Funeral Home, Main Street Bestwall Gypsum Co., Bloomingdale Avenue Cold Spring Construction Company, Jackson Street Corbett Lumber Company, Bloomingdale Avenue Ford Gum and Machine Company, Hoag and Newto John W. Capan, Distributor, Jackson Street Joslyn Oil Company, Morgan Street National Gypsum Company, Bloomingdale Road Perry's Dairy, Pearl Street Peterson's Rexall Drugs, Main Street Pixley's IGA Supermarket, Cedar Street Rochester Button Company, Indianola Avenue Sweeny Chevrolet Inc., Main Street 90 atrons n Avenue business and professional patrons The following businesses have paid for a quarter page through their contributions: Abbott,s Akron Service Adrian E. Ross, Funeral Director Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Greenhouses Dry Cleaners Echoes G.L.F. Coop Service Produce Company Service Garage Shopping Guide Aladdin Shop Alex Uljanov, M.D. Al's Barber Shop Al Zimmermanis Oldsmobile Bitterman's Dry Goods Carborundum Metals Company C 8: E T.V. Appliances and Furniture C. F. Phillips, D.D.S. Coachman's Inn Culligan Water Conditioner Da-Ni Restaurant Danny's Restaurant Diana,s Ladies Wear E. C. Laughlin Eddie's Jewelry Ernst Moser, M.D. Edward A. Mattioli Excel Industries Grover H. Bates, Insurance Gruber's Bakery Hensel's Mobile Service Hitchcock's Market Hibbard's Shoe Store Hoffman's Dairy Mart Ingalsbe T.V. 84 Appliances Joe Zurlo's Grocery Store Kelly's Alleys Mary's Grocery 6 Max Phelps Truck Stop and Restaurant Nelson B. Swarts, Insurance Oak View Soda and Snack Bar The Oasis Pam Rose Shoppe Paradise Motel Park View Beauty Salon Ralph G. Stanbury, M.D. Ralston Purina Checkerboard Warehouse Ray's Tin Shop Renn 84 Ceisner R. F. Burchell, D.D.S. R. E. Robinson 84 Son Route 5 Mushroom Growers S. B. Anderson 8L Son Shaw Wood Specialties Sherwood's Hardware Key to pictures on page 88 Village Liquor Store Fro-Joy Vincent's Hair Fashions G. H. Klingelsmith, Chiropractor Glen J. Weaver, Veterinarian Grant Club Market Fred Thomas, Insurance West End Sales 8c Service Tryon's Delicatessen Nlxlxlxl ' 'MWAIIlitII'itAINtAI515165551WIIWNWNI5IMI5NWNWtIINNWNWtIWtIWMWNWMWMINNIUNI555005556WhIWMIUNIWUMWMWNWMINAAWAIINIAINMI'NNI5Ml5NlI51665546655MWNWMI We like it here. So pump the peddles It's me! Who got in early. Leaning post no. 3. Is this a pj party? We can't swim! Oh! You frightened me. Ha! almost caught ya' Startin' young. Don't cry, Denny's here. I've got the money Giddap! Looking for boys? 15. That isn't beer. 16. Musical Pafk 17. Is that you're Honey. 18. Jo-anne, really! 19. It won't fit Louie. 20. Big evening ahead. 21. The life of W.S. 22. Going somewhere 23. Our future bosses 24. Smile Mr. H. 25. Relative Jane? 26. Sing softly. 27. Collecting money. 28. Oops, wrong school You'll make it. Hi. . Come softly to me boys. Miss Medole The Cowan duet. Three's more fun, Andrea Well, Bev again. Mufiied. Did you fall? Date tonight, Joanne. Recall the past. Get on your mark. Friendship forever. Big date ahead, 44. Are you drafted? 45. Are you eating? Welcome, Miss NG. Miss Linda. Joyce. School mascot. Diedry Young Mr. Coz Constance Swim away Ed. Rose and HIM. Right from the water. Our best in Tennis. private patrons Mr. and Mrs. Michael Abraham Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas G. Abraham Clara Berghorn Mr. and Mrs. William F. Bradley Nell D. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Brusky Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Caporali Mr. and Mrs. John Cescon and Family Mr. and Mrs. Chester Covel Miss Gertrude Churchill Mr. and Mrs. Frank Columbus Mr. and Mrs. Harold De Young Miss Joanne De Young Miss Hazel Ellsworth Mardell E. Fix A Friend Mr. Richard Genor Mrs. Fred Gerber Mrs. Nancy Groves Mr. Frank Helwig Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Hoag Mr. J. Melvin Hood Mr. and Mrs. J. Norman Hostetter Hy Wynne Farm Mr. Richard Jenkins Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Keller Richard J. Latko Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ludwick and Family Mr. and Mrs. A. 1. MacCoy Mrs. Harold Matteson Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Matusek Mrs. Josephine Mazza Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Eleanor Mr. and Mrs. Leland Meyer John Paf k Fred J. Pask Putney Clark A. Remsen Mr. and Mrs. John Riggio Anita F. Swyers Mr. and Mrs. Colen Swain Jr. Mrs. Louis H. Sutton Mr. Henry Sustakoski Mr. and Mrs. William F. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Scappa Miss Barbara Towner Mr. and Mrs. Walker Mr. and Mrs. J. Kelsey Webster Mrs. Myrtle Wilder Jan and Merle Williams Mr. and Mrs. Walter Williams Mr. and Mrs. Harry Yaeger lmlllmluMnatlmWetUm4llinlulllmNmlluulutmtalllnINmlmllutllInIlmlluatlmNmllIt1I!mllmINmlmtftutlutulutllmtlmHun!luWutlllttlttttlttnitttlllotflunllulllalthtathlltl Key to pictures on page 87 17. Smile 1. Hello there, Jane 18. Where's the boys? 2. Who said I'm too young? 19. Concentration. 3. Where's the Better half? 20. Lots of luck. 4. Of course, you're lonely? 21. Dreaming? 5. Nobody hit me! 22. Exposed! 6. Comfortable? 23. Hip hip hooray! 7. Who's ready for work? 24. Oh, really, Margie. 8. Is it that bad? 25. What's the matter, boys. 9. Reading? 26. Younger days. 10. A homerun? 27. Wowdy dow! 11. Is he cute? 28. Whatcha doin'. 12. House broken already. 29. Dinner is served. 13. Louis?! 30. Frustrated! 14. Our football heroes. 31. Mug shot. 15. Look at the birdie. 32. lndustrious. 16. Uh! Oh! 33. What goes on here? Frosty. 52. I've been hung. Have a bite. 53. Laugh. George. 54. Peek-a-boo. Higher! 55. Friends. Hit it harder. 56. Dreaming of Him? Why so glum? 57. Dracula's Daughter Cozy little group. 58. Mary? Buddies 59. Miss Randazzo Young, aren't we? 60. Steven What frightened you? 61. Cadet Bill C. Think so? 62. Giggles . A minute for studies. 63. Posing for me So where's A.K.? 64. Nuts! 65. Relaxing alone. 66. . Tove! 67. Waiting for Dave Where's the comb? Onward for music We'1l never forget Jesus . lose something. 68. Baby Dave This book printed by VELVATONE, a special process of lxth graphic printing. Sole producers: Wm. J. Keller Inc., Buffalo N No other printing firm is authorized to use the Velvatone metho P 8'1-

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