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Eg 'Wlri K. . I I 7.4, hm!! xml'u'm'l1 . 1 gi gs? , .Q llr liznhxsixlcm 403035 ,Q , 4f'71"i'A M Y R .M -If-' lou muh! W ,- wgmelfff- Ay WG k Qg?-32255 Angell 5' f imiia,e.g1.v .3 1n,.4. Q Clxixxvlpmm Nz- 4 iw .- Q, ,K . ,gn , , A, lr V Q " . ,tw '5.fr4w1n11,. -f' rw, M W, A N- ', ' : ,x , v... ...f- 1. f V , , .lv , -WA.. A .V f- , - . . .y4,,,,1, JK, I I-ih u qhf .. .- : 1"i Q , , K, -1 . wif, - . 1 A v. 1 X5-5 -' A -- 'rf' H 'A l 'W ' , ' V . X ww UQ WW' WM W, r1f.f,.Gcf!,cf ifofmu fwiss x'fe,HfmfX-4 XEMM 6 7.76 QCZZGW 23,0205 '04 Qlgblaztv W, 7' YM' ffff ,4,,3f i.,dU,f fag hm 0, 44-ff 'P'-187 may rb,,1YUUQk Lnrp,JuU nwwg JUL! MMQ. ssmz PML fjmw, gf? QF-, P N The 1959 Akronire presented by The Journalism Class of Akron Cenfral School lx fl if s 'VQIQXXV cl Eclf RyMdcl gh B B b C g L Sh p d AfEdt Pf ClfMg 1,111 M' 1- px , rw- ,.f.wwgsaisiTQ3L:g.Qe r '-"4-B' M ' A ,.., .mf A A 'i " "'f f . A' ' 1 A - - 4' Y' W ,p Q "' F' 1. . tt- ak H M. ... H--. a .- - 1. ' - - ' ' ,. -",. 4 ..,' ,iii -i nf x r K f V- W A 1, , ,-'L K '.gl,35k1f5"'f',,..,.g'. " ,xv S . , -sk 1,553 W Fm? 33235 '4::W. . Q -ww? A -ww-" ' Editor's Note Recalling our "Keys to Knowledge" is the purpose of the 1959 Akronite. Many new horizons were opened to us and it is the pur- pose of this book to help us recall these experiences in years to come. We would like to extend our appreciation to the administration and staff, to the faculty, and to all concerned for their enthusiastic cooperation in making the book possible. We would like to extend a special word of thanks to Mr. Frank Columbus for all the work and the time that he has given to the production of this yearbook. We especially feel that many of his photographs have added a great deal of interest to the book. We would also like to thank the businessmen of Akron and vi- cinity for their generous financial support. 2 Contents Administration ...... .,Ar. Faculty ...,.,.,.,... .. Seniors ,...., ......... 1 5 Classes ........ .. ....,. 35 Activities ....,...... ......... 5 l Sports ,.,.,.,........... , ..,.... 65 Advertisements ..... . .. ,... . 77 Alma Mater Not a school in fact or fancy, With Akron can we compare. May her glory go on shining, May her days be fair. For the memories that we'll cherish, Weill always wish to be back. And where'er we go we'll ne'er forget Her orange and her black. Dedication For the past three years Mr. H. Sustakoski has generously given his time and talent to the production of the various school publi- cations. In appreciation of his unfailing help, we the Journalism class, proudly dedicate the 1959 Akronite. 3 KW Row I: Mr. H. Sustakoski, Advisorg Middaugh, R.g Malde, T.3 Cummings, B.g Brand, C.: Schleef, G.g Wilson, S.g Covel, H. Row 2: Mr. Jerold Edgar, Ass't Advisorg Blish, W.g Blueye, Q.g Black, 1.3 Cory, A.: Shepard, L.g Casseri, M.: Hudomint, P.g Palmreuter, S. Assistant eds. Completing work Journalism Class Responsible for the various school publications is the Journal- ism Class. One of the major activities is the annual edition of the Akronite. The 1959 version was edited by Carole Brand with Ray Middaugh as business manager. Assistant editors are Barbara Cummings and Maureen Casseri. Editorial assistants are JoAnn Long, Sharon Palmreuter and Gloria Schleef. Circulation directors are Lois Shepard and Pat Hudomintg assistant business manager is Quentin Blueye. The monthly issue of the ACS Review is edi- ted by Sue Wlilson with Howard Covel as managing editor and business managerg Brenda Brucker is associate editor. The Tiger Times under the editorship of Barbara Cummings appeared every six weeks in the Lockport Union Sun Sc Journal. Her assis- tant editors were Carole Brand and Maureen Casseri.,Gloria Schleef is editor of a weekly Inside ACS column which appears in the Clarence Press and in the Akron Shopping Guide. She also provided weekly news for the Lockport paper. The class annually attends the Buffalo Evening News Scholastic press conference where the Akronite has won several merit awards in recent years. Articles in the ACS Review and Tiger Times also won prizes in the Erie County Tuberculosis Contest. Some members of the class also usually attend the Columbia University Scholastic Press Con- ference. Tony Cory and james Black were Sports editors for the various publications. Co-Eds. Editors conferring mm q -.,,m-2.-...f an .. Wsawfffmm-... N .., f nivrmfwafaef .-,if . ' - In L K .wk .1 m E a fy H v 1 Q ,m A I...-uw-5 g 1. f 1 2 f 4 MR. EDYVARD ALLEN, Supervising Principal 'If' ........W-,,. MFI in , '-A fi!! w , 1 ,X Iwi e 'fi L- '11 Jig., 1 , xx W ,,,A E 1' ' iii PZ. XX QT . WWW A,A. ,J-A4 4 A'f,,p-H" y -- We if,Qf.ffffli?1"''fffizoggfa MR. VINCENT ESPERSEN MR. STANLEY VICTOR Elementary Principal Business Manager MR. JUSTUS A. PRENTICE jr.-Sr. High School Principal MR. ELLSWVORTH BROYVN Guidance Director BOARD OF EDUCATION-.S'ral1'fl, left to right: Mrs. Alcan DeYoungg Mr. Ver- non Longg Mr. Richard Forrcslcl, Chairman: Mr. Roger Kraatzg Mr. Norman MRS. LILLIAN LAESE Schleefg Mr. Arthur Charles: Mr. XValrer Blish. Elementary Supervisor f at .Em Af.,-. XM- , s 51, 1 sig? .Q Q, XE L v N645 gr 35 21 .4 . ,,. sg? Z i f i?J?sj ' f b iiffsiz Prix? ,W . K E451 Z ,n Nl hmm if f,.3f,,7 3 Jliiiqig, U5w?fm 7 1 M f S KM 4 ' AJ . Q ' ' . 5 ? . ,f' Qf -M, sf" ,.J11.4"Qg5a I . f J r mg ,y . E 4 Q f-4 q iii? 9' 'fl' + MM' M en if n . if Q., 9 vm "?'lf.' ,Q I 1 Sy n V 1 V-,fl Egfr-v .fl - - :ff ff: Gm - A x M . -NM, NAV, K f' wwf," wr V! Q 1-pct' av if: i 5 P a 4. - ,- W '42 W , .,,. J., , Q Aw vi 6' A english, library Members of the high school English de- partment meet in the Library for a de- partmental meeting-Seated: Mr. Henry Sustakoskig Librarian, Mrs. Dorothy Bushg Mrs. Francis Hoagg Mr. Roger Farr. Standing: Mr. Albert Vosslerg Mr. lNal- ter Tomczak. vocational The vocational teachers include members of business, homemaking, agriculture, Wood, metal, and graphic arts shops- Row 1: Mrs. Sylvia Cumming Mrs. Ellen Bruskyg Miss Gertrude Churchill. Row 2: Mr. Richard Latkog Mr, Leon Hollenbeckg Mr. Marvin Suttleg Mr. Melvin Hood: Mr. Richard Rozelle. mathematics Shown at a meeting of the high school mathematics department are the follow- ing IllClllbCI'S-S!'I1f6'll.' Mrs. Myra Staple- tony Mr. Leland Meyer: Mrs. Geraldine Smith. Standing: Mr, Grover Batesg Mrs. Verna Smith. Q,-f music and art The secondary art and music teachers meet in the auditorium for an informal con- f6I'6IlCC-SEI1f6'fl.' Mrs. julia Grovesg Mrs. Lena Swyersg Mr. Joseph Valenteg Mr. Richard Jenkins. Strmrling: Mr. Frank Columbus. SCIGDCG The high school science teachers are the followingwSeated: Mr. George Martiny: Mrs. Gladys Brown: Mr. Henry Carges. Standing: Mr. john Eckersong Mr. Myron Dembrow. physical education and health Some of the members of the secondary physical education and health depart- ments are these-Mr. Angelo Scappag Mrs. Lucille Bachellor, school nurseg and Mr. Thomas Mfctzen. Not picluwfrl: Mrs. Janice YVilliams. Some of the. elementary special teachers are the following-Seated: Mrs. Alice Case -Nurseg Mrs. Ellen Garvey-Art. Stand- ing: Miss Carol Sutch-Spanishg Mr. Theodore Stapleton-Music. The history teachers are the following- Top left: james Monahan, Frank Helwig, Charles Robbins, Arcangelo Frisina. Bot- tom left: Clifford Rash, Richard Vander- pool, Nell Brown. Also among the elementary special teachers are these-Row I: Mr. Carl Schleich-Boys' Phys. Ed.g Mrs. Maxine Walters-Girls' Phys. Ed.g Mrs. Albertina Espersen-Musicg Mrs. Eva Harpst- Branch School, No. 103 Mrs. Kathryne Kopp-Music. X 3 - Xl Some of the plnnary grade teachers are the foll0wingAM1ss Maureen Mel' wan Grade Z Mrs Mllllled Matteson-Grade 33 Miss Statia Odgcn Cracle ,Z Mrs E1leen MacCoy C rade 1. Among the elementary teachers of Akron are tllese-Seated: Miss Margaret Shepard-Grade 3. Slrmding: Mrs. Isabel Stage! Grade 55 Mrs. Margaret Shepard -Grade 63 Mrs. Viola Swarts- Grade 4. Three local Akron teachers are Mrs, Mlldred Paugh-Grade 3 A1155 Av1s YNICICWIIAC Grade 2 and Mrs. Olive Shellv-Grade 1 Also members of the elementary faculty are Mrs. Joyce lford lrade l Mrs Emma Gtlbert Grade 35 Mrs. Doris Gerber-Grade l. -I 12? 1. pw' 1 5 Yusgzfw . . 'fa Discussing a primary education problem are Miss Susan Mowitz-Grade 23 Mrs. Helen Pentecost-Kindergarteng Miss Marilyn Miller-Kindergarteng and Miss Lucia Churchill-Kindergarten. l Also members of the elementary faculty are Mrs. Louise Hume-Grade 43 Mrs. Moneda Hartzler-Grade 55 Miss Ruth Kellick-Grade lg and Mr. Edward Koch -Grade 6. 12 Enjoying a moments diversion are Mr. john Field-Grade 63 Mrs. Catherine Bates-Grade 53 Mrs. Clara Berghorn- Grade 23 and Mr. Theodore Duguay- Grade 6. Q' Posed in the elementary teacher's room are-Front: Mrs. Marjanne Townsend- Grade 1. Standing: Mrs. Arlene Weeks -Grade 4g Mrs. Dorothy WVebster-Grade 63 Mrs. Claudine Williams-Grade 43 and Mrs. Mildred Wade-Grade 5. . 'W 5 SLAM ' r .VJ 1 ws J , PLL' Bus Drivers Among Akron's bus drivers are the follow- ing-Row I: Pixley, R.g Hoste, R.g Kopp, L. Row 2: Davison, V.g Baker, M.g Pohl, E.g Long, B.g Lowder, R.g Gerber, H. Secretarial Staff Members of Akron's secretarial force are- Fronl: Miss Helen Reber, Mrs. Catherine Swain. Standing: Miss Marion Green, Mrs. Corrine Becker, Miss Carol Middaugh, and Mrs. Marjorie Filesi. Cafeteria Staff The Cafeteria staff of the two schools gathers for a portrait-Row lg Mrs. Ethel Tinkharng Mrs. Ester Blueyeg Mrs. Pauline Pingitoreg Mrs. Mary Bawg Mrs. Audrey Sylerg Mrs. 1-'lorence Wyderg Miss Barbara Townerg Cafeteria manager. Row 2: Mrs. Ethel Mid- daughg Mrs. Ida Corbet. Maintenance Staff Akron's maintenance staff consists of the following- Row I: Al Weatherbee, Mary Coss, john Cescon, Carolyne Caporali, and Violet Strong. Row 2: Charlie Silvernail, john Blish. sy , - YQQYGC 6. fs. ...f -ft S fa.. 5 i. 4 gf n-fig, ugh-H1 wg wr ZX' will -if 'muh S-A Q ,LJ-wi X . .gl 511: iv I I ff..:.,'f 2' 1 'ni X . -f 1 . we bv sv-li ,ff if -A A ,, fm, Baby Pictures l. Sue XVilson-2. Carolyn Parker-3. Barbara Cummings-4 Sharon Palmreuter-5. Carol Logel-G. Barbara Markek-7. Shar- on Delfries-8. Maureen Casseri-9. Annette K: Ralph Bowerk 10. Donna K Nancy Hlallacefll, Pat Berndt-12. Carol Sinsel- lfl. Nadine Clark-l4. Jiin Bnrrill-15. Marilyn Schultz-I6 Dorothy Stahl-l7. joe lVik-18, Don Sundown-19. Bill Cowan- 20, Beatrice Schultz-21. Brenda Brucker-22. Jim Silloway-23 Carol I-'ry-24. Tom Porter-25. Kathy Rooney-26. Pat Hudo mint-27, Gloria Schleef-28. Loretta Hanson-29. Sandra Abbey- 30. Donald Cnnnnings-31. Steve Kraatz-32. Janice Poodry- 33. Tom Perry-34. Carole Brand-35. Pat Goeseke-36. Nancy Remsen-37. Lois Shepard-38. jon Zimmerman-39. jean XVronowicz-40. Ed Caprio-41. Carol Bushover-42. Bill Pagels- l3. JoAnn Long-44. Margery Babel-45. Mike Haun-46. Bill Blish-47. Donna Carmer-48. Richard Garrison-49. Lee Meitz- 50. Ray Middaugh-51. Charlie Owen. 14 1 A- .aft -K' Y Y 'wilt 5:-we . - 'fix ' ,Q f .if 3? S, ,yu-wW,M,,,L,, F5 39 255 E5 Seniors P' 1 l l ld? Hmm SANDRA ABBEY "Kind words are thc music of thc world." JAMES BLACK MARGERY BABEL WILLIAM BLISH "An open mind is an invitation to 'lflunnnon sense is genius in its work- A'ci2llllCI' thy roscbucls while ye may xiccf' ing dress." Old time is still a-flying." 5 -as-vw ' --' 'rr' W... 16 3 v wet .vim rf. PAI RIC I-X BERNDY 'lf- f bf .3 L iv A -' -' i as' A ' ' J l 1, A "To 21 young heart everytliing is funf DIANE BAEHR jAMES BURRILL "Have patience, all things are difficult 'tHe nexer seems to worry and is sel- liefore they become easy." dom in zt hurry." EDWARD CAPRIO ANNE'1"l'E BOWER "I wept the day I was born, and every "The first great gift we can bestow on day shows why." others is a good example," pf' 8' 17 LAXVRANCE CA REY "I profess not talking, only this: L each man do his bcstf' UNSW Xt et "Izzy All 2 in 14,- 4, Qs N r CAROLE BRAND "Only the highest and nobelesl love is without real trickery." ROBERT CIURZYNSKI "I have never been hurt by anything I didn't say." MICHAEL CHARLES "Music helps noi the tooth-ache." CAROLIQ BUSHOVER "A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches." x,,- 18, 18 V I I SHIRLEY BRIINING "A lox'er's eye will gaze an eagle blind." ANTHONY CORY "Popularity is power." H 512 .wi is I 1 w rf 11 1 nr" BRENDA ISRLJCRER HOWARD COVEL DONNA CARMER "He that sips of many arts, drinks "He who is most slow in making a "Nothing dries sooner than a tear." none." promise is thc most faithful lll ns IJClsfO1'lIl2iIlCC.u XYll.l,I,-XXI COYVAN "All great men ure partially inspired," Q f ,X u 4 ss . 1 'y x fl 1 -k W, A: 2' 1 541 0 if! 1 .f I 2 K I9 an 1. 3 "Nu 55' 3' EE A 5 .I 4 f ' 3 53,5 .hh pu F 49" inf INIAYREEN CASSERI "If there would be nobody who loxcd, the sun would hc extinguished." DARRYI, CIQMMINGS NADINIC CLARK DONALD CUMMINGS HI ann not what I once was." "Love knows no nncasurcg has no "A gentleman makes no noise." grave." if-1 20 BARBARA CUMMINGS "It's the spirit not the size that Counts." NORMAN FREY 'KA little nonsense now and then is relished by the best of men." "Surely the stars are images of love." lf DONALD FREY "Visions of a busy brain." CAROL I-'REY anus 21 1 ix -.f SHARON DEFRIES "They are never alone who are accom panietl by noble thoughts." RONALD GIBBS "Give thy thoughts no tongue." f""s ,WN. Mig In I -J, , A 'i't' 4 ' Y 'ft it n ew Ai . if K I Q 1 . ei fit ' e Hg! AW!! wx X ,113 5 ii E ,, 4, . 'V' Asif E EL R llll if N ., .,,' - gets-5 n I ' f Q -1' . ,. . E i I .53 V, A, 2 W E :Q .v 3 ' 5 we X . V. tn- NANCY ELDRIED MICHAEI. HALIN l'A'I'RICIA CLOESEKE "Wornen's sty les may clmnge. but her "On their own merits modest men are "I'l1e eyes are the znnulets cunning designs remain the same," quiet." mind." RONALD HENDRICKS VIRGINIA GRAYBEAL CRAIG JONES "Only so much do I know as I have "A cheerful face is as good us sun- "Danger will wink on opportunity lived." shine." I ' 'E . ,, "ng,-'Y 4, 0 FW.. -. xx ,Q 22 1 'FM 'ts 17 Th-div-I ., LORIZTTA HANSEN STEVE KRAATZ PATRICIA HUDOMIN1' "Love me little, low me long." "Nothing great was ever accomplished "No summer ever came hack, and no without enthusiasm." um SIIIIIIIICYS ever were alike." LEON,-XRD KURASZKIENVICZ 'KA quiet, hard-working boy." 'I 23 V 1 V 1 God: Clear CAROL LOGEL ALBERT LAESE KIOANN LONG "Nature makes merit. fortune puts it MAH are not hunters who blow the "Light is the shadow of to work." horn." ness the shadow of light." .,,, f M. THOMAS MCCORQUODALE " 'Tis an education to have been born and reared in the country." an---'vi N2 few , , L . A, NM hxk !, 'nav -fog-fag.-,g,,, ' 'fu ' L '. ,l,L...i,:..i.ig,, A . ,V fl, . n. ' ' - Ar-4 ,' L 'fx f --.fi ,id 52 UZ V N wa N gg hw TOVE MALDE GARY MCCOY "It is the mind that makes the body "Fine manners are the mantle of fine rich." mindsf, NORNVEGIAN EXCHANGE STUDENT SAM MEYER FRANCIS NICOMETI "Reckless haste makes poor speedf, "Pleasant memories must be arranged for in advance." 'Ur 25 num 'Us fix! BARBARA MARKEK "Hope is greater than history." RAY MIDDAUGH "A good sportg a fine, fine friend 'V Q, V 1"""i' 8 'kv ill' SHARON PALMREUTER ".-X good heart is worth gold." LEE MIETZ CIAROLYN PARKER CHARLES OYVEN "I'd rather be thought true than a "Laugh und the world laughs with "There is no corn sweeter than that genius." you." of your own hoeingf' 955 t 26 ' '1If"t,: f ,'!'5f5i?!Y?2 ,. .,5,..,1, M iz. ff tett. 'f 'kt' I L i .. .3-K A i es 6. '- ,Q r ' N f 2 571' s JANICE POODRY YVILLIAM PAGELS NANCY REMSEN "Patience is the best remedy for every "To a man full of questions give no "A merry heart doeth good like a trouble." answer at all." medicine." DAVID PARKER KATHY ROONEY THOMAS PORTER "Learning makes a man fit company 'LGaiety is the soul's hezilthg sorrow is "Common sense is natures gift. but for himself." its poison." reason is an art," dfwng an--w 27 1 K ,,-.,, ,J :Q :, I L,,f'f,Q,:1,'gf4i.- X V, Q , M 1-rig ,, W ,ig-aw wl.i-- V ,sg . . h 1 3? 1-ml A ., ' K LIL, f ' M ,I if, sliffiillifi' ., is GLORIA SCHLEEF THOMAS PERRY BEATRICE SCHULTZ "It is a mark of intelligence no matter "When Cupid hits the mark, he usually "Good-will, like the Wind, floweth what it is you are doing to have a Mrs. it." where it listethf' good time doing it." FRANCIS POSSINGER MARILYN SCHULTZ RICHARD RENO "Man of few words." "Laugh every time you feel tickled "I am the master of my fate: I am the and laugh once in a while anyway." captain of my soul." ?"'h"s.,V 28 W,?Z,A .Fa I a.-'ffl I is .Q r 1 .. B . I CAROL SINSEL 'fhc only way to have 21 friend is to be one." RICHMOND SMITH LUIS SHEPARD RICHARD SULIMOYVICZ "Bc great in act as you have been in "It is neither wealth nor splendorg but "A good character shines by its own thought." tranquility and occupation which give light." happiness." 5' "M I , ' -Q, Q M This-, if qifiifif- f Kath. in 'ey' . -. L f m 'Q if fy ' .ifww I 1 ' 5 Heil Q I I - xr tw. if . I 3 29 ""E?" ,4n f2fjf+s...1'Q it T 2' gb 'S W, di? fff??g5 ffffiii R lj! if if gg E egg Q DOROTHY STAHL DONALD SUNDOXVN "The heart does not lie." "Still water runs deep," SUE TEI,l.ER Mlnquisitixe people are the funnels of conversation." MARY LOU TESMER 'KI am Ei part of all that I have met." 30 Q DONNA WALLACE "God's will is the very perfection of all reason." SUZANNE XVILSON Hjoy is not necessarily associated with thinking, but joy is inseparable from love." ,sv--1. JOSEPH WIK "Be silent and safe-silence never be- trays you." JON ZIMMERMAN "It takes a great man to be 21 good listener." Y A 31 3 NANCY NVALLACE "To live long it is necessary to live slowly." JEAN WRONOWVICZ "YVhen silence speaks, she has a lot to say." HM Richard Garrison-Speak briefly and to james Leturgey-Silence is Golden james Silloway-Nothing in the world is Class Highlights the point In 1955, the class of '59 began its first year of parti- cipation in high school events. They sponsored the Chantesuta Indian Dancers, who proved to be very entertaining and they served refreshments at the Junior-Senior Ball. The following September, the Class of '59 assem- bled once again to work together. In the many events which were sponsored, a new activity was born. This new event was coat checking at basketball games and there were other activities such as selling felt letters, and a bake sale. The class held their picnic at Emery Park. The class officers remained the same with one change, the election of a new president, William Cowan, and a new vice president, Lee Meitz. In their third year of high school, the class of '59 observed the long awaited event. The class rings were received and admired-it made the struggle of the past eleven years seem worthwhile. Again the so contagious as good humor class checked coats. They also held a paper drive, a Disc Hop, and co-sponsored the junior-Senior Ball. The new treasurer of the class was Richmond Smith. The final year of school appeared and the seniors met the challenge which was before them. The sold refreshments at both the football and basketball games, checked coats, again, sponsored the Sadie Hawkins Dance. The Seniors also, provided our second foreign exchange student, Tove Malde, with her class ring, senior pictures, and other necessities. The junior-Senior Ball, the final event of the year was held in May. The class of '59 extends a hand of appreciation to these leaders: james Silloway, president for three yearsg Gloria Schleef, treasurer for two years and vice-president once, and JoAnn Long, secretary for four years. Senior Cabinet The Senior Cabinet posed as they are for their meetings-Seated: Ilruning, S.: Clark, N.g Long, 1.5 Brucker, B. Standing: Cory, A.g Mr. Marvin Suttle, advisor, Cowan, W'.g Silloway, J., presi- dent. 32 l Left to right: Blish, B., Brand, C., Burrill, C., Malde, T., Kurasldewicz, L. Left to right: Porter, T.3 Brucker, B., Silloway, J., Bower, A., McCorquodale, T., Teller, S. Personalily Pictures Left to right: Reno, D., Schultz, B., Frey, N., Shepard, L., Caprio, E. Left to right: Cowan, W., Babel, M., Wronowicz, J., Wil- son, S.g Bruning, S., Cory, A. Results of the Personality Poll. In an election among seniors, the following individuals were selected as traits: Cutest SHIRLEY BRUNING JIM BURRILL Leader SUE WILSON BILL COWAN Athletic JEAN WRONOWICZ TONY CORY Studious MARGERY BABEL GARY MCCOY Sophisticated SHARON PALMREUTER DICK RENO Outstanding A BRENDA BRUCKER JIM SILLOWAY Full of Funi BARBARA CUMMINGS RAY MIDDAUGH Flirtatious ANNETTE BOWER TOM MCCORQUODALE being outstanding representatives of the character Independent JOANN LONG TOM PORTER Figure SANDRA ABBEY NORMAN FREY Talkative SUE TELLER BILL PAGELS Youngest BEATRICE SCHULTZ LEE MEITZ Nicest TOVE MALDE LENNY KURASKIEWICZ Ivy League LOIS SHEPARD EDDIE CAPRIO Naughtiest CAROLE BRAND JIM BLACK Eyes MAUREEN CASSERI BILL BLISH -'ff -new Classes Rau' I: Mcflorquodale, J.: Bartlett, K.: Deahn D.: Bushover, D.: Walters, R. Row 2: Medole l..: Hudson, l..: Covel, N.: Baran, C.: Blackchief, A.: Ciurzynski, C.: Crabbenstatter, C.: Smith, S. Abraham, AI. Row 3: Honsberger, B.: Rosen- berg, R.: Hellert, D.: Cook, R.: Mr. Rozelle: Row I: Cain, E.: Tanger, YV.: Parker, E.: Blick ensclerfer, WV.: Huth, R. Row 2: Cowan, T. Pznsk, F.: Racluns, T.: Cescon, M.: Stevens, C. Suliniowicz, -I. Row 3: Sutton, S.: Pentecost, C.: Malecki, K.: Yvagncr, S.: Riggio, J.: Remsen J.: lVronowicz, V.: Halecki, Bush, M.: Pafk, B. Row 4: Skiff, D.: Deyoung, NV.: Mr. Mar tiny: Kashuba, D.: Harvey, B. y iuniors Row 1: Burrill, D.: Kennedy, P.: Carlo, R.: Sylor, Bednar, D. Row 2: Clark, P.: Sar- gent, B.: Hitchcock, D.: Chamberlain, B.: Spaeth, K.: Bower, L.: johnson, M.: Ceson, N.: Ramlazzo, A.: Ehmamn, J.: McCormick, M.: Snell, Row 3: Parker, S.: Benteen, F.:- Ries- ter, W.: Mr. Henry Sustakoski: Huth, P.: Chea- vacci, D.: Cummings, R.: Ewald, R. I-Zozu I: Pogel, R.: Swacler, D.: Cheavacci, C.: Karnitz, R.: Moses, B.: Sutton, L.: Hfitzleben, G. Taylor, A.: Shimmel, R. Row 2: Miss Gertrude Churchill: Smith, R.: Roland, R.: YVagner, L.: Draper, E.: Swarts, P.: Zywiczynski, B.: Flor, Wheat, Row 3: Nayman, P.: Wfickham, L.: Xvhite, D.: Shaw, G.: Ceisner, D.: Dunlap, R.: Lederhouse, S.: Berndt, M. sophomores Ron' I: Black, R.: llromstead, 1.: Nice, A. lllosser, N,3 Schlegal, G. Ron' 2: Morro, 1. 1.inke, 1.: Rowlzmcl, C.: Markek, S.: Cummings, M.: Benteen, ll.: 1Vinslow, K.: Tinkham, S. Hudomint, Kelkenberg, Newman, D. b1CG1'Cgl1HI1, li.: Van Pell, XV. Row 3: Mr A. E. Vosslerg lileparek, R.3 Sundown, 1.3 Luczak, L.: Cheztvacci, A.: Cummings, D.: Hkxgner, 1, Trinkle, R.: Zywiczynski, D.3 Truglio, R. Ron' I: Keller, R.3 Albrecht, E.: Haun, F.: Kuraszkiewicz, D.3 Cummings, K. Row 2: Medole, Sanderson: Bedford, B.: Drachen- bnrg. 13,3 Kasperek, D.: Pztgels, li.: XVitt. 15.3 Gro- ver, C.: Surmzi, 1.3 Brackett, D.: XYClDC1', 11.: Rebovich, R.3 Logan, 1. Row 3: Schleef, 1.: Stafford, 1..3 Mills, L.: Glenn. R.: Gerucc, A.: Mr. Clifford Rash: Fox, 1.: Skye, R.3 Eldred, B.: Fiegl, G. Ron' 1: Owen, R.: Cummings, 1..: Bruning, 1. Rugg, V.: Finger, R. Ron' 2: Martiny, M.: Taylor, D.: Printup, L.: Kuropatua, S.: Gruber C.: XVeile1', ll.: Surmu, Keller, 1,.3 Ground, A.: Shukraft, P.: Shearman, D.3 Campbell, N Ron' 3: Krieger. 31.3 YVagile, G.: Kelkenberg, G.: lfrost, D.: Logan, B.3 Clark, 1..: lgoda, D.3 Bohnhoff, 1.: Mr. Robbins. AI1.wnt.' Ham- mond, B.: Rickwalt, D. Hou' I: 1Vl1ite, R.: 1u1iano, 1.3 Richards, G.: Sulimowicz, 12.3 Stapleton, T.: Bartrznn, R014 2: Stzmbury, XV.: 1Veave1'. G.: Gerber, 1.3 '1'adio C.: Babel, Cl.: Ludwick, D.: KW-raver, 1.. Row 3: Pingitore, G.: Kraatz, S.: Keehn, A.3 Roesch, S.: Hzirrington. M.: Nichols, R.: Hellert, L.: Rem- sen, S.: Mrs. Gladys Brown: Eckert, Theresa: Pentecost, 1.: Sylor, 1.3 Brown. R.: Gudridge, N.: Asmus, 1.: Hellert, , Row I: Whilbeck, XV.: Daxis, XV.: Bower, D.: Packman, R.: Tinkham, D. Iiozu 2: Riggio, A.: Charles, S.: Bower, B.: Cescon. J.: Snnclown, C.: Long, M.: Moses, M.: Mrs. C. Smith: Peters, L.: Wheeler, l..: Zinnner, J.: Swzuler, Black, J.: XVeipert, D.: Parker, M. Hou' 3: Eldred, J.: Prinzback. l..: Bedford, P.: Cibbons, H.: Cesiner. B.: Haney, ll: Kozleski, E.: Teller, P.: Roeh- ling, Bruning, B. Row 1: Peters, R.: Glena, R.: Jack, D.: Matu sek, J.: PeQueen, J.: Bracket, D.: Bero, 'll Row 2: NVitkop, B.: Deinharclt, P.: Sundown J.: Ewalcl, S.: Hornesburger, V.: Black, L.: Jones, C.: Welch, B.: Scottland, S.: King, V.: Babel, P. Cowan, L. Row 3: Roland, A.: VVitt, R. Cummings, L. E.: Bell, R.: Mr. John Eckerson Cook, R.: Parness, P.: Campbell, R.: Putzbarh D.: Hciman, D. freshman lion' 1: Rozelle, R.: Brunner, J.: XVitkop, YV.: DeYoung. 'l'.: Harlranft, E. Rau' 2: Schleef, K.: Campbell. J.: Zinrnrernran, K.: Giesler, D.: Huth, M.: Davies, Fahey, M.: Bcclnar, C.: Dickinson. D.: Kenyon, K.: Binga, K.: Fother- ingham, J. Ron' 3: Fisher. R.: Leaf, A.: Blish, J.: Zywiezynski, T.: Mr. James Monahan: Mc- Coy. D.: Sundown, N.: Rehwalclt, F.: Cummings. l..: Edwards, C. 1 Ron' 1: Coulson, J.: Parker, E.: Solotes, W.: Bower, L.: Carlo, D.: Blickensclerfer, G. Ron' 2: Cory, S.: Randazzo, L.: Bower. L.: Bitterman, C.: VVro11owick, R.: lfurminger, S.: Powers, E.: Fsperson, C.: Orvis, D.: Pearles, S.: Charles, E.: Roll, J.: Abraham, N. Ron' 3: McCormick, D.: XVikar, J.: Hersee, G.: Graybeal, R.: Mr. Toni- czak: Wvik, P.: Hoste, J.: Place, WV.: Raduns, G. IH ,Y WKl 'L! .lk H YF? E eighth Row I: Malusek, J.: Vanlinren, J.: Lindke. J.: Bontrager, D. Ron' 2: Rosenberg, N.: Schlecf, J.: Clear, I..: Hinds, V.: Clianiluerlain, D.: Kle- parek, R.: Wilson, WV.: Parker, B.: Clinnmings, I.. Row 3: Croff, M.: Vzinlluren, S.: Markek, N.: Casseri, R.: Mrs. Verna Smith: Abraham, J.: Baehr, R.: Merrioni, R. Row 1: Cheavacci, D.: Swycrs, WV.: Smith, R.: Remsen, D.: Enstroni, XV.: Rosenberg, G. Row 2: Medole, L.: Errich, K.: Hall, E.: George, A.: Martin, B.: Wilson, M.: Johnson, S.: Clena, L.: Klawer, S. Ron' 3: Rudnicki, C.: Pask, M.: Ross, J.: Aldred, P.: Mr. Denihrow: Hulbert, C.: Bistoff, K.: De Young, M. Ron' 1: Taylor, C.: Nill, I-'.: Aquino, D.: Hib- barb, D.: Rooney, C. Row 2: Juliano, C.: Montgomary, M.: XVl1ite, S.: Hessler, N.: Yoder, P.: Kleparek, N.: Printup. A.: Edwards, M. Nou' 3: Hyder, E.: Fox, K.: Sutton, S.: Frodin, D.: Mr. A. L. Frisina, Truglio, Chapman. M.: Gerace. A.: Curley, Ron' 1: Reynolds, N.: Dagnano, C.: Jack, D. Mdleehan, M. Row 2: Bedford, F.: Burdick J.: Midecke, B.: XVolfe, B.: Foster, P.: Suninie J.: Mansell, J. Ron' 3: Cranke, D.: Reynolds C.: Downey, B.: Miss Nell Brown: Pintitore, B. Croff, R.: Millers, R. Ab.re1Ll: Cuirzynski, S. Parker, D.: Breger, D. .- F1 1' f A seventh Ron' I: Edmister. XV.: Babel, G.: Campbell, D. lJl'2iCllCllbCI'g, j.: Shaw, D.: Mietz, L. Ron' 2 liednar, j.: Linke, D.: Parker, R.: Giesler, P. Snyder. H.: Cory, j.: Cummings, S.: Mirrioni, M.: johnson, M.: Kenny, N. Row 3: johnson, D.: liaehr, C.: Gibbs, M.: Rehwaldt, D.: Sey- mour, B.: M'heaI. P.: jenkins, Mr.: Kelly, K. Radnns. D.: Stevens. B.: Craybeal, R.: Marble R. Ron' 1: Couslon, D.: Paugh, G.: Cummings, C. Berry, j.: Blickensderfer, j.: Swader, R. Ron' 2 Sehukraft, R.: Muggelberg, D.: Yousey, C. Cummings, A.: Reese, Becker, S.: Drachen berg. C.: Sehleef, j.: Tryon, S,: Asmus, j. Brand, j.: Barron, B. Ron' 3: Bero, lVl1ile, L.: Printup, A.: Carmer, j.: Rosenberg, P.: Mr Vanderpool: Wilowski, j.: Zimmer, D.: Babel L.: Esperson. j.: Abraham, N.: Black. D. eighth Row I: Brahmcr, R.: Drachenbcrg, D.: Hanson R.: Crundas, T. Row 2: Sundown, C.: Poodry j.: Conklin, C.: Hogue, lVheat, V.: Kaufman V.: Mrs. F. Hoag. Ron' 3: Kennedy, D.: Place j.: Roetzer, T.: Bushover, B.: Niezgoda, C. Fotheringham, L.: Rice, D.: Cummings, D. Yaeger, M. Row 1: Sherman, D.: Mann, C.: Brady, R.: Bower, R.: Behc, G. Row 2: Furminger, j.: Hudomint, M.: Curphey, B.: Doxtader, P.: Cummings, P.: Nanni, K.: Snell, S.: Rowland. D.: Kozloski, D.: Hinds, P.: Hartranft, B. Row 3: Gruber, j.: Groff, R.: jufer, G.: Bromstead, j.: Kubis, R.: Kinney, C.: Dickinson, S.: Cescon, T.: Cummings, j.: Bedford, L.: Kitllesou, H.: Mrs. Ellen Brusky. ' 'l'.iiKPL! . "iLflY . Nou' 1: Perry, D., Flor, A,, Flint, J., Bitterman G., McConkey, M., Trinkl, S. Row 2: Thomas, S., Pufk, M., Houlinan, E., Schmigel, M,, King, H., Bedford, E., Walters, C., Beatty, D., Frodin A., Honesberger, Zimmerman, L. Row 3. Finger. D,, Coeseke, J., Pacer. R., Fix, D., Pokorski, D., Nichols, G., Grover, R., Wagner K., Jemison, D., Bnrchell, C., Foster, L., MacCoy, B., Raduns, B., Hurne, C., Schultz D., Smith, S. Row 4: Mr. Henry Carges. Row I: Wilson, R., Kedzierski, R., Frost, P., Finch, L., Minns, D., Montville, D., Moleski, L., Kleparek, J. Row 2: Ball, S., Edwards, J., Cummings, P., Cummings, M., Ribbeck, D., Nichols, M., Niezgoda. D., Chapman, D., Krei- ger, M. Row 3: Marliny, F., Matusek, VV., Mecklenburg, C., DeYoung, B., George, E., Stratton, L., Deahn, G., Pafk. YV. Row 4: Kurro, C., Lang, E., Odell, A., Lindke, K., Rugg, V., Mrs. Dorothy WVebster, lVheeler, D., Pask, B., Caporalo, D., Parker, C., Bistoff, M., Weber, S. seventh Row I: Rodgers, R., Clena, WV., Bedford, D., lurlo, J., Rosenberg, R., Kelkenberg, R., Poodry, D. Ron' 2: Yaeger, R., Bruning, B., Wlronowicz, P., Bedford. G., Tinney, K., Smith. C., Shearman, D., Logan, L., Reese, C., Cum- mings, J., McCoy, l.., Finger, H. Row 3: Sweitzer, L., Cummings, C., Jago, G., Ott, R., Yeager, R., Bucceri, D., Mr. Leland F. Meyer, Hale, K., Merrill, B., Rowland, J., Ground, P., Ribbeck, E. slxfh Ron' 1: Wilson, li., Moore, J., Sulimowicz, K., Overholt, A., Daniels, K., Fry, S., Parker, L. Row 2: Rosenberg, B., Johnson, L., Ellsworth, D., Mlhite, P., Roland, M., Totten, C., Rebro- vich, J., Tinney, T. How 3: Mansell. M., Kwiatkowski, E., Leavitt, M., Nicometi, T., Tillinghast, J., Bernhardt, D., Moses, L. Row 4: Studer, J., Ciurzynski, R., Young, Mes- singer, Fisher, R., Keller, J., Edmister, ' Mrs. Margret M. Shepard. Ron' 1: Kasperek, T., Van Buret1, T., Swarder, J., Delfries, K., Grabbenstatter, C., Reese, P., Reigle, C., Keller, N., Husing, D., Witkowski, B. Row 2: Kaufman, J., Bushover, D., Behe, D., Skellon, J., Daguano, R., Errick, D., Baich, D., Everett, N., Babel, F. Row 3: Mr. Edward Koch, Kilpatrick, T., VViseman, A., Bower, C., Brege, P., Newman, R., Ground, M., Hibbard, T., Iles, J., Van Buren, N., Abratns, D., WVhite, R., Lewis, R., Fotheringham, M. F1 Fifth Grade Row l: Hall, C., Ball, R., Borden, D., Blickens- derfer, K., Kraatz, L., Carmer, M., Leavitt, P., Litfin, K., Zola, A. Row 2: Luketic, P., Lindke B., Flint, D., Mattioli, C., Lattimer, S., Truax E., Lawrence, J., Bartlett, S., Cherry, Roggen F. Row 3: Robinson, W., Schuhel, D., Clark J., Cerace, B., Lega, F., Skiff, D., Flint, J. W'ade, Mildred Mrs., Richardson, D., Swader D., VVitkop, C., Kechn, E., Groff, P., Reynolds, S., Goepe, M., Hurne, L. Sixth Grade Row 1: Hutchinson, M., Tippett, S., Abrams, B., Abraham, L., Houlihan, T., YVeiler, M., Carlo, M., Powers, K. Row 2: Kyser, C., Bierneekie, T., Fahey, M., Remsen, J., Stapleton, T., Troyer, S., Stanbury, D., Gurley, N., Row 3: Blish, K., Bettio, L., Cescon, G., Blueye, H., MacCoy, B., Meyer, K., Mr. Theodore J. Duguay, Nice, S., Harvey, H., Ciurzynski, J., Hellert, J., Bitter- man, C., Kelley, W l l Row 1: Gilbert, R., Blackmore, Grundas, D., Hollenbeck, R., Dean, J., Bell, G., Brucker, S., Del.eyls, D,, Parker, R. Row 2: Brege, NI., Stevenson, L., Edminister, M., Pierce, B., Smith, R., Brackett, L., McCormick, D., Pagels K. Row 3: Kwandrans, R., XVitkop, T., Poole A., Schurr, C., Cummings, J., Kingsley, F. Kittleson, E., Mr. John Field, Huth, E., Baehr C., Poodry, N., Brown, C., Clary, Abszfnf. Parker, E. .WAEW , Ron' I: Bower, V., Cherry, R., Lindke, D., Rosenberg, L., Kinney, L., Drachenbcrg, M., Veltz, L., Laese, H., Yoder, J. Ron' 2: Hutchin- son. D., Baker, J., Murray, B., Joslyn, M., Herwick, H., Poodry, S., Spaeth. J., Abraham M., Black, A., Bliekensderfer, R. Nou' 3: New- comb, T., Kingsley, M., Swanson, J., Hersee, T., DiI.uzi0, J., Schoenwetter. P., Doctor, G., Bur- rill, T., Baker, K., Babiarz, L., Alfieri, C., Battaglia, J., Neuroth, L., YVolle, K. Ron' 4: Mrs. Catherine Bates. Absent: Dickinson, B. v ,,,., f..m.,,m - J 1 .es 'Y I Q Row 1: Kwandrans, J., Snyder, J., Johnson, M., Totten, D., Huth, S., Bartram, T. Row 2: Bed- ford, R., Baehr, R., Carroll, T., Schoenwetter, C., Hawes, J., Pafk, M., Owen, J. Row 3: Ceis- ner, G., Bedford, C., Fisher, R., Bernier, P., Brown, C., Clark, M., Mrs. Isabel Stage, Wvalters, J., McCoy, K., Pawlick, K., Sweitzer, S., Hal- ecki, J., George, J I . i . .:.i,r,.A. vi Li. f' ' f.. : if l' --" ,,.,. Av' r .,.. o .5 t rf' U lf- ,,.. , 3 M J , J -I ' - . , 3 -fl ,. Q53 Q Q 3' ' 3. ff V ' 5. , V , ' 5, , ' ,W ,s . , ,, , , 2 , Y T 1 af.. ' ' X 1 x 5 ' .N 9 ' J3Qff" : " ' ' ' 4.-. ' rv , ,v., , ' at A Eg, ' 'M K la . ' 1 ' Q. H+ ' Z - ff' -f 'Z .. nf J 4, Y fr gist ,Ja Q 4' X 9 L JJ' I K ffl ' , 1 r 1 ,vyx R :Sn at .- V. ij 6 t. I A Y-A for Q 'A L -. K K -s 'V' 'ff X 'Q , , A , I W4 Q XY. Y -' X, 43 Ron' 1: Davis, R., XVolfe, D., Printup, H., Let- urgey, H., Casseri, L., Wyder, R., Welsh, R. Row 2: Roggow, K., Fink, C., Wlfiseman, R., Sundown, A., Hogue, C., Schultz, H., Yoder, C. Row 3: Pfohl, F., Karl, G., Doxtader, D., Mer- rill, R., Logan, J., Mrs. Moneda Hartzler, Poole, D., Cescon, D., Clear, B., Roll, L., Bush, J. Row 1: Klingelsmith, S,. Reinke, C., Johnson, P., Schtnigel, P., Bishop, VV., Bordonara, J., Harts- ler, J., Burski, B. Rozu 2: Schaller, S., Stan- bury, M., Stone, T., Corbett, N., Weaver, K., VVilson, C., Straw, D., Schultz, B., Frey D., Bushover, A. Row 3: Mrs. M. Fix, Staebell, K., 1 Yousey, J., DeYoung, A., Lathrop, B., Mann, Truglio, M., Lauridsen, M., Fox, G., Cummings L., McLeod, R., Crane, C., Kraatz, L., Leising D. Row 1: Coral, J., Bower, J., VanBuren, T., Brucker, R., Hlitkop, D., Mcfjeehan, P., Smith E., Rosenberg, R. Row 2: Swader, YV., Parker P., Bedford, E., Lowder, F., Carges, C., Ground V., Minns, K., Kepplcr, C. Row 3: Burchell, C. Fisher, R., Meyers, S., Finger, H., NVhiting, T. Merricone, P., Hauser, K., Black, A., Asmus, XV. Recb, E., Husing, E., Skye, B. Row 4: Mrs. Louise B. Hume. "Sb Row 1: Edmister, T., Brege, R., Swiatowey, F. Laese, E., Sehoenlhal, B., Granke, L., Parker, B., Cummings, M. Ron' 2: Maida, S., YVol ters, C., XVelsh, T., Ifreier, L., Altrogge, D. Haas, K., Cummings, L., WVheat, P. Row 3. Lederhouse, T., Kluwer, A., Doctor, B., Logan, C., McNult, T., Mrs. O. Shelly, Swimlinel, A. Brown, J., Swift, S., Groff, YV., Abraham, D. Brege, XV. Fourth Grade Row 1: Eldred, B., Hoste, S,. McCormick, M., Parker, E., Higgins, P., Kopacy, C., Noody, P., Hlands, Row 2: Owen, G., Hudson, K., Schultz, C., Ribbeck, R., Groff, S., Stanley, J., Coughlin, T., Criswell, D., Reiglc, D. Row 3: Bitterman, J., Mrs. Viola Swarts, Groff, A., Logan, M., YVhitc, S., Halecki, M., Babel, YVronowicz, F., Bower, J., Poodry, K., Laurid- sen, L., Rood, M., Dixon, I., Lloyd, L. wwf Row J: Abraham, A., Bartram, J., Burke, K., Brunning, N., Ludwick, Winter, M., Zim- merman, M., Cround, F. Row 2: Hartwig, H., Miller, M., Ford, P., Bradley, XV., Cummings, D., Bohn, C., Montville, S., Kuraszkiewicz, D., Mandolene, D. Row 3: Weidman, D., Roberts, M., Bistoff, J., Dieterle, G., Sundown, V., Van Buren, R., Hoehman, D., McLeod, P., Skye, P., Jemison, R., Pisanescki, C., Scotland, D., Mrs. M. Arlene Weeks. Row I: Forrestel, S., Pafk, G., Lippett, K. Feldman, J., Bucceri, D., Wight, D., Golpl, J. Muck, R. Row 2: Deinhardt, K., Feldman, E. Houlihan, F., Pierce, L., Taylor, K., Blueye, S. Reinke, K., Ritecz, D., Rosenberg, H. Row 3 Kruschke, D., Harvey, D., Sutton, E., George, M., Mast, P., Goeske, B., Mrs. Claudine Wil liams, Trigilio, J., Leising, S., Hammond, M. Enstrom, D., Rudolph, M., Hessler, J. Row l Riggio M Parker G Ceisner S KellerJ Hanson M B11 C Groff L Row 2 Behe E Parker B Bassanello S Pask D Palmimeter M Staebell M Blish S or bett B Begiers S Wagile K Fry K Row3 Errick D: Mandolene Noody N.' Wilson .' Bruning K.' Haas P.' Walters S.' Poole .' Covel A.' Schultz D.' McLeod K.' Borden .' Lauridson T.' Zurlo R.' Pryzbos T. Row : Miss Margaret T. Shepard. Third Grade Row ll: Jones, G., Zimmerman, S., Glena, R., McLeod, K., Hollenbeck, J., Prentice, D., Cory, D., Fry, K. Row 2: Davis, M., Pagels, S., Hartwig, L., Lattimer, S., Lawrence, J., Kubis, C., Muggelberg, M., Kelkenberg, A. Row 3: Forrestel, A., Swimline, E., Burchell, C., Porter, M., Blickendefer, V., King, C., Whitowski, P., Abraham, J., Mirrione, D., Dietz, D., Whiting, R., Kostancials, J., Plueckhahn, G., Rizzard, J. Row 4: Mrs. Emma Gilbert. Row I: Kasperak, F., Steiner, S., Cummings, D., Licpe, B., Golpl, T., Macca, R., Brust, M., Bordonaro, K. Row 2: Clark, S., Scrogg, M., Smith, D., Cummings, M., Smith, J., Pawlick, K., Martiny, B., Swader, D., Reuben, D. Row 3: Geddes, S., Cummings, S., Diluzio, J., Alfieri, S., Witkowski, M., Brauen, M., Kumro, R., Stone, G., Logan, J., Draper, L., Hawes, W. Row 4: Mrs. Phyllis Skiff QSubstitutej. Row 1: Logel, M., Klingelsmith, L., Keppler, R., Keller, 1., Schleef, M., Remsen, 1., Rowland, T., Finch, 1., Feldman, B, Row 2: Totten, B., Halecki, P., Olson, S., Stratton, C., Parker, K., Dean, P., Lathrop, C., Schukraft, M., Bedford, H., Uljanoo, A. Row 3: Pafk, D., Newcomb, 1., Doktor, R., Rehwaldt, R., Dickinson, S., Ottaviani, L., Lindke, C., Cowan, B., Snell, R., Fahey, 1., Kelkenberg, 1., Hammond, R., XVil- son, M., Eckert, B. Row 4: Mrs. Mildred Mat- teson. Row I: Rudolph, K., Shoemacher, 1., Capan, 1., Robinson, R., Schultz, G., Geddes, 1., W'ik, M., Swiniarski, B. Row 2: Hoste, K., Groff, B., Capan, 1., Bartram, M., 1amieson, 1., Bor- donaro, M., Cummings, D., Bell, M. Row 3: Cowan, F., Spears, D., Bitterman, XVitkow- ski, P., Baehr, K., 1emison, S., Babel, S., Noody, L., Rogers, D., Bromstead, 1., Brege, M. Row 4: Miss Nvickwire. Row I: Doctor, H., Blickensderfer, R., Miller, C., Beatty, D., Doxtader, C., Baker, N., Goeseke, 1., Becker, G., Sutton, C. Row 2: Ribbeck, V., Parker, N., Carroll, N., Niezgoda, M., Sundown, M., George, M., Odell, 1., Fiegl, K., Hibbard, P., Gallo, D., Berry, R. Row 3: Best, M., Staf- ford, C., Roesch, R., Maddock, E., Freeman, YV., Nicometi, R., Young, W., Sutton, N., Schuler, B., Brucker, 1., Kyser, P., Newman, B. Row 4: Mrs. Mildred Paugh. KN YTD Second Grade Row I: Hutchings, R., Krupski, D., Bartram, R., Abrams, P., Eckerson, N., Lowder, D., Ro senberg, C., 1ohnson, 1., Reeb, P. Row 2 Luketic, 1., Ritecz, WS, Winter, L., Witkop, L. McLeod, D., Cummings, B., Bower, A., Houli han, M., Freeman, 1., Clear, F. Row 3: Cum mings, S., Skellon, R., Stuber, T., Mlilson, D. Fenton, T., Abraham, 1., Remsen, R., Fur minger, 1., Groff, T., Kasperek, K., Taylor, B. Alfieri, C. Row 4: Mrs. Clara Berghorn. if Row 1: Truax, B., Fisher, R., 1ohnson, Mietz, D., Sclnnigel, D., Freier, W. Row 2 Sword, V., Honsberger, E., Mattei, A., Pacer, M. Brant, S., Berghorn, E., Yousey, B., Pisaneschi, D. Row 3: Lloyd, Yuosey, T., Golpl, R. Staebell, G., Mattioli, 1., Schafer, L., Roberts, B., Annis, A. Row -It Kwiatkowski, S., Miller, 1., Anderson, P., Doctor, B., Holtz, 1., Keppler, VV., Milani, P., Lola, P. Row 5: Miss Statia M Ogden. Absent: Stegman, D. Row 1: Roggcn, M., Leturgey, T,. Gerstung, B., Hart, M., Wilson, B., Logan, C. Row 2 Keller, 1., Anderson, D., Troyer, T., Netzley, C. Wolak, E., alker, C. Row 3 Koons, F., Frost, T., Grabenstatter, Y., Vellucci, M., Overholt, P., Muck, E., Richardson, B Row 4: Parker, 1., Weiler, K., De Young, M. Olszewski, 1., Caldwell, D., Rosenberg, 1., Haas, R., Kumro, D. Row 5: Miss Maureen McEwan Row 1: Curzynski, C., Paft, D., De Fries, D., Bil, W., Borden, R., 1ohnson, Row 2: White, R., Blake, S., Keller, 1., Cummings, B., Spears, Le Anne, Roggen, P., Wronowicz, L., Bishop, L., Swader, R. Row 3: Corbett, A., Feagles, P., Soloes, L., Martin, D., Cummings, S., Duggan, D., Boich, D., Gronbeck, D., Hurne, 1., Mack, R. Row 4: Miss Susan Mowitz. Row 1: Bower, 1., Lowder, S., Abrams, C., Feld- man, K., Pleuckhann, L., Smith, P., Swiatowy, S. Row 2: 1ohnson, D., Parker, N., Peckhuman, H., Brust, WV., Vanice, D., Reynolds, M., Clark, M., Hollenbeck, B., Reuben, E., Enstrom, C. Row 3: Leavitt, D., Hartzler, M., Foster, A., Hudomint, D., Leising, M., Feldman, C., Kraatz, S., Ander- son, K., Hill, L., Peck, L. Row 4: Miss Laura SanFratello. Row I: Ribbeck, L., Guizzotti, J., Fry, R., Bable, K., Haas, M., Stapleton, A., Bistoff, Reuben, D., Bower, B. Ron' 2: Bedford, R., Kraatz, N., Hofmeier, L., Brunning, M., Mecklenberg, D., Regan, R., Wlolfe, R., Smith, G., Borden, B., Schumacher, J. Row 3: Schoenthal, M., Pixley, D., XVatts, B., Stanley, S., Swaim, P., Moleski, Sartory, M., Gibbons, J., Lockhart, J., Steiner, R., Kelkenberg, R., Nehrboss, B. Row 4: Mrs. Gerber. Row 1: Lowder, D., Ritecz, C., Spaeth, R. Childs, C., George, P., Cummings, D., Xvands, S. Abranis, R., Hinman, J., Bluhm, D. Row 2 Messinger, B., Asmus, R., Smith, W., Giertz, F. Pechuman, R., Lindke, B., Stafford, R., Ab' rams, C., Muggelberg, R., Stanley, E. Row 3 Ribbeck, M., Witnauer, R., Huffman, K., Kel- ler, A., Reeb, P., Pfalzer, D., Baker, S., Finger K., Ribbeck, D., Winters, E., Wakefield, S Row 4: Mrs. Joyce Ford. First Grade Row 1: Ribbeck, M., Shock, B., Edwards, D., Jack, A., Parker, S., Seifert, R., Blacklock, T., Sy, L. Row 2: Jones, D., Bettio, L., Weaver, L., Gibbons, C., Leavitt, K., Kress, J., Bradley, L., Zimmerman, C., Yousey, J., Lowder, D. Row 3: Serogg, M., Richardson, T., Pask, L., Altrogge, D., Reuben, L., Pawlick, K., Blake, W., Wise- man, R., Hollen, L., Parker, C., Goral, D., Fea- gels, L., Schultz, R., Maida, T. Row 4: Mrs. Mac- Coy. Rau' I: Burke, Mecca, R., XVhitbeck, J., Veltz, A., Kozody, P., Bitterman, J., Cope, N., Odell, D., Begiers, D. Row 2: Schultz, K., Brockway, J.: Raduns, J., Groff, B., Ribbeck, J., Ribbeck, M., Kilpatrick, Furminger, C., Bassanello. Row 3: Hill, E., Schrock, J., Higgins, M., Speder, R., Webster, E., Kennedy, T., Freier, R., Whiting, R., Battaglia, P., Noody, P., Moleski, C., Jones, D., Ottaviani, D. Row 4: Mrs. Marianne Town- send. Row I: Praprost, E., Caldwell, G., Swiatowy, D., Rizzard, E., Dickinson, A., Cummings, R., Scha- fer, R., Hartl, M., Kopacz, A. Row 2: Forrestel, E., Kowalik, S., Bernier, G., Betzold, B., Rib- beck, G.,. Speder, L., Parker, E., Johnstone, N., Hauser, K. Row 3: Claude, A., Springer, M., Stone, D., Arnold, T., Bow, D., Finger, N., Downey, M., Ward, D., Hutchinson, R., Pruner, C., Bedford, S., Blake, M. Row 4: missing Miss Ruth Kellick. Sim' Row I C ibbons D Mldecke M Kilpatrick T Stanley L jack S Carges J Anderson C VV1tkop T Row 2 Stegman D Woltels DeLelys H Regan Perry L Koons D Lloyd B Rau 3 Colpl I Spears D Schu macher T.' Lieb M: Case S.' Parzysh M.' Weiler R.' Swinarski K: Kedzierski N.' Mad- dock H.' Sy YV: McCollister J. Row 4: Mrs Helen Pentecost. sw' ag. 'F Kindergarten Row I: Granke, G., Caldwell, D., Wright, .B. Criswell, B., Ribbeck, L., Walker, K., Reben D. Row 2: Luthart, Dg. Skye, W., Robinson N., Freier, M., Baich, D., Bil, N., Mack, Printup, A. Row 3: Miss Marilyn Miller Kruschke, K., Swiatowy, D., Adanlkowski, R. Kittelson, B., Gerstung, D., Yousey, R., Smith L. Ron' 1: Hartman, K., Cunnnings, M., McCon- ley, P., Stanley, I., Noody, P., Clark, K. Row 2: Nehrboss, R., Richard, I., Zola, M., Rooney, W., Comstock, B., Rueben, N., Seifert, G. Row 3: Parker, S., Ground, P., Burdick, P., Winter, V., Rosenberg, C., Green, D., Bishop, S., Mrs. Helen Pentecost. 1 i 1 Row 1: Mattioli, S.: Dieterle, L.: Bordonaro, L.: Ceisner, N.: Forrestel, M.: Montville, P.: Horner, T.: Nichols, C. Row 2: Plueckhahn, D.: Fink, D,: Holtz, N.: Johnstone, V.: DeYoung, J.: Dem- sey, D.: Lynn Pask: Leavitt, N. Row 3: McCollis- ter, J.: Dye, S.: Lotz, T.: Abraham, Bcnteen, K.: Keppler, P.: Duguay, M.: Uljanov, M.: Fahey, R.: Schuble, T.: Laycock, D.: Brege, J.: Blair, P. Row 4: Miss Lucia Churchill. 'ww Branch School Row I: Pagel, K.: Webster, R.: Martin, S.: Jago, B.: Ewald, K.: Covert, K. Row 2: Socha, J.: Schle- gal, S.: Schlegel, J.: Kroening, J.: Socha, B.: Pagel, D. Row 3: Mrs. Eva Harpst: Webster, L.: Covert, K.: Martin, P.: Socha, M.: Ewald, S.: Jago, F. Row I: Swader, R.: Lauridson, D.: Guizzotto, A.: McCawley, J.: LaFossc, J.: Wik, L.: Haas, E Row 2: Ground, W.: Johnsonn, S.: Parker, B., Poodry, P.: Kostanciak, J.: Berghorn, D. Row 3. Leising, R.: Abraham, S.: Houlihan, E.: Reinke M.: Massaro, L.: Kress, J.: Weaver, B.: Schoen- thal, L. Row 4: Miss Lucia Churchill. Rou I Flegal D Cummings T Pask D Keller A Bruning C Hart B Cramer D Row 2 Dietz D Henderson C Garrett C ones P Gronbeck M Enstrom P Wide man M: Lega P.' Karcher K. Row 3: Tip- pett, W.: Palmiter, G.: Crane, C.: Best, C.: Fisher, M.: Blish, T.: Peck, C.: Jalitus, K.: Hoeshman, M.: Smith, N.: Kelly, S. Row 4. Miss Marilyn Miller. 5-ug? 'AMX x, 'N J' I , , In walnw M 3 Row 1: Bedford, FQ. Grover, C., Pagels, W., Hibbard, D., Pafk, B., Remsen, J., Wagner, S., Hudson, L., Geisler, P., Hartranft, B., Bucceri, D., Zimmerman, L., DeYoung, M., Powers, E., Wilson, W. Row 2: Brand, C., Tanger, W., Moses, M., Taylor, A., Sylor, J., Kuraszkiewicz, L., Schleef, G., Cain, E., Wheeler, L., Abraham, N., Bednar, C., Rice, D., Smith, S. Row 3: Mr. Ellsworth L. Brown, Harrington, M., Cummings, M., Black, J., Bushover, C., Kuraszkiewicz, D., Casseri, M., Cowan, L., Asmus, J., Malde, T., Cowan, W., Gerber, J., Charles, .M., Mietz, L., Skill, D., Pogel, R., Bohnhoff, J., Laese, A., Burrill, J., Frey, N., Kraatz, S. The Student Council of Akron Central School was formed to unify the various activities ol the clubs and organizations in this school. Such projects as the Community Chest Drive, Foreign Exchange Program, Splash Parties, scholarship and Career Day were the main accomplishments of this year's council. Numerous other activities took place including the running ol a Supply Store, Special Awards Assembly and an Amateur Show. This'was a successful year for the council and the support'of all the students was the best that it has ever had. Having our second foreign exchange student, Tove Malde, was a truly worth- while experience and one that many of us will never forget. The members of the Honor Society are chosen on the basis of scholarship, leadership, character and service. This year it started with seven members before the annual initiation ceremonies. These, students are chosen from the upper 252, of their class. A candle-light ceremony is held in May to induct the new members. This is one of the greatest honors which can be bestowed on a student. At the head of the Honor Society is the president, Gloria Schleef, with the advisor, Mr. Allen- Sitting: David Parker, Albert Laese, Margery Babel, and Lee Meitz. Standing: William Cowan and Darryl Cummings. 4. '5"""i?Z . X Q tw 1slEl :W" 'f 'vTi,'ils-Y'-721. in I I' ' 3' ii FKIYIY' .aiw..vQ13b,l. .l11,11E:!i'?s?!9!." Senior Varsity Choir Senior Band Training Bancl Row 1: Cummings, B.: Roland, R.: Hitchcock, D.: Cham- berlain, B.: Hudson, L.: Keehn, A.: Pingitore, G.: Hudo- mint, P.: Long, 1.: Bush, M.: Pafk, B. Row 2: Kraatz, S. Swarts, P.: Grover, C.: Covel, N.: Ehmann, 1.: Cummings, M.: Clark, N.: Pentecost, 1.: Hellert, L.: 1ohnson, N.: Rem sen, S.: Harrington, M.: Goeseke, P.: Spaeth, K. Row 3 Zywiczywski, B.: Brown, R.: VanPell, W.: Wilson, S.: Rebo rich, R.: Schultz, B.: Sinsel, C.: Sutton, S.: Remson, N. Row 1: Ross, 1.: Gerber, 1.: Markek, B.: Raduns, B.: Blu- eye, Q.: Midclaugh, R.: Pingetore, B. Row 2: Keehn, A. Remsen, N.: King, V.: Pingitore, G.: Remsen, S.: Enstrom W.: Markek, S.: Zimmerman, L.: Tryon, S.: Brackett, D., Wilson, W.: Rugg, V.: Richards, G.: Hoste, 1.: Moses, B.: Tadio, C.: YVeaver, L. Row 3: Pask, M.: Cain, E.: Weiler B.: Glena, L.: YVheeler, L.: Cope, D.: Hellert, 1.: Espersen v 1 Abraham, 1.: Maulde, T.: Martiny, M.: Shepard, L.: Schleef, G.: Brand C.: Palmreuter, S. Row 4: Caprio, IE.: v Finger, R.: Meitz, L.: Skiff, D.: Sillaway, 1.: Middaugh, R. Blueye, Q.: Hammond, W.: DeYoung, YV.: Laese, A.: XVea ver, L.: Friegel, G.: Gerber, 1.: Fox, 1.: Zgoda, D.: Wagile G.: Frost, D.: Hersee, G.: Roland, A.: Kuraszkiewicz, D.: Sundown, I.: Albrecht, E.: 1u1iano, 1.: Cain, E. C.: Place XV.: Campbell, R.: Cook, R.: DeYoung, T.: Carlo, R.: Charles, M,: Drachenberg, C.: YVagile, G.: Fox, 1.: Es- persen, 1. Row -I: Goeske, 1.: Smith, S.: Weaver, 1.: Zim- merman, K.: Pagels, XV.: Bell, R. Absent: DeYoung, W.: Gerace, A.: McCormick, M.: Smith, R.: XVinslow, K.: Yae- ger, M. Row 1: King, H.: Thomas, S.: Ross, J.: Zimmerman, L.: Rcagles, E.: Walters, C.: Wilson, M.: Cope. D.: DeY0ung, Tryon. S.: Raduns, B.: YVinslow, K. Row 2: Pask, M.: Gle- T-3 Flilll, 1.3 Df21ChCIllJC1'g, CJ Gerace, AJ Bfilhlllef, R-I na, L.: Burdick, J.: YVheeler, L.: Enstrom, W.: Marble, R.: Sfhlevf, J.: Sllmlnffr J.: Paugh, G. Row 4: Smith, S.: Brand, Gruber, 1.: Pingitore, B.: Miller, R.: Aquino, D.: Burchell, J-I UTOVCY, RJ Smith, RJ Fix, D. Al1Se11f5 YHCECY, M- G.: Xvilson, W.: Espersen, 1. Row 3: Reese, S.: Perry, D.: af L WT ' .l , .ik 'i! Senior Boys' Glee Club Row 1: Albrecht, E., White, R., Rugg, V., Caprio, E., Cory, A., Witzleben, G., Brunning, 1., Kuraszkiewicz, D. Row 2: Pagels, W., 1u- liano, 1., Finger, R., Wagile, G., Gerace, A., Stanbury, W., Zywiczynski, D., Zigoda, D., Skiff, D., Fox, Row 3: Black, 1., Meitz, L., Sillo- way, 1., Middaugh, R., Blueye, Q., Tadic, C., Hammond, W., Lease, A., Wleaver, L., lfiegel, G. Junior Boys' Glee Club Row 1: Pingitore, B., Gruber, 1., Brackett, D., Brand, 1., Rooney, G., Bontrager, D., Aquino, D., Drachenberg, G. Row 2: Rehwalt, E. Bell, R., McCoy, D., lfrodin, D., Roland, A., Esper- sen, 1,, Nice, lf., VVilliam, D., PeQueen, 1., Swyers, W., Witkowski, 1., DeYoung, T., Hersee, G. Senior Girls' Glee Club Seated at piano: Mrs. Lena Swyers, director Row I: Wronowicz, V., Long, 1., Cummings, B., Roland, R., Bush, M., Prinlup, L., Pafk, B., Remsen, N. Row 2: Spaeth, K., Hndomint, P., Harrington, M., Pingitore, C., Keehn, A., Kraatz, S., Bedford, B., VVagner, S., Hitchcock, D., Chamberlain, B., Remsen, 1., Draper, li Row 3: Clark, N., Eckert, T., Pentecost, 1., Hellert, L., Rooney, K., Hansen, L., Goeseke, P Baehr, D., Remsen, S., Covel, N., VVinslow, K,, Weiler, B., Swarts, P., Zywiceynski, B., Grover, C., Hudson, L. Row rl: Abraham, 1., Sinsel C., Smith, S., Maulde, T., Schultz, ll., Martiny M., Asmus, 1., McCormick, M., Shepard, L., Poordry, 1., VanPell, XV., Pentecost, C., Rebro- vich, R., Crahenstatter, C., YVilson, S., Brown R., Schleef, G., Brand, C., Cummings, M., Ehmann, 1., Baron, C., 1ohnson, W., Palmreu- ter, S., Randazzo, A., Malecki, K., Cescon, N. Schultz, M. Z y v Elementary Bancl This orchestra under the direction of Mr. Stapleton is preparing these students for the high school band. They are as follows- Rozu I: Feldman, li.: Bohn, C.: Schubel, C.: Kruschke, D.: Swader, D.: Robinson, XV.: Pafk, M.: Blish. K.: MacCoy, B.: Dickinson, B.: DiI.ulio, Bordonaro, Stapleton, T. Ron' 2: Mr. Theodore Stapleton: Roggen, F.: Hall, C.: Powers, K.: DeYoung, A.: Staehell, K.: Ritecz, D.: Ford, P.: Lawrecne, J.: Klinglesmith, S.: Crane, C.: Schultz. B.: George, M.: M'ilsou, R.: Durski, B.: Reiglc. D.: Hutchin- son, D.: lJeYoung, B.: Hartzler. J.: Mast, P. Row 3: Cherry, R.: Y'Vight, D.: Schaller, Swanson, J.: Golpl, J.: Rudolph, M.: Bucceri, D.: Lloyd, L.: Kopacz, C.: Taylor, K.: C-oeske, B.: Blueye, S.: Delelys, D.: Bushover, A.: Lit- fin, K.: Trigilo, J.: Pagels, K. Row 4: Cummings, M.: Stratton, L.: Cummings, L.: Walters, J.: Rcigle, C.: Bier- nacki, T.: Bishop, YV.: Newcomb. T.: Meyer, K.: Mann, J.: Truglio, M.: Hutchinson, M.: Golpl, M.: Schoenwettes, C.: Schimgel, P.: Kraatz, L. Row 5: Sweitzer, S.: Murray, B.: Kraatz, L.: Zola, A.: Remsen, J.: Kinglsey, F.: Ciurzynski. R.: Ground, M.: Skill, D.: Pafk, YV.: Miller, M., Leavitt, P.: Borden, D.: Richardson, D.: Poodry, K.: Harvey, D. .lunior Girls' Glee Club Ron' 1: Dickenson, D.: Zimmerman, K.: Thomas, S.: Pafk, M.: Errick, K.: Rosenberg, N.: Hall, E.: Nanni, K.: Martin, B.: Taylor, D.: Ciurzyn- ski, S.: Parker, D.: Printup, A.: Doxtader, P. Hou' 2: Logan, L.: Bower, B.: Clear, L.: Cum- mings, A.: Yousley, C.: Priutup, A.: Coeseke, J.: Blackmore, D.: Juliano, G.: Johnson, S.:' M'ilson, M.: Montgomery, M.: White, L.: Ces- Con, J.: Campbell, J.: Row 3: Chapman, M.: Zimmerman, L.: Smith, S.: Mlhite, S.: Schultz, D.: Fiegles, D.: Daguano, C.: Midecke, B.: Chamberlain, D.: Glena, L.: Hissler, N.: Yodar, R.: Tinkham, S.: DeYoung, M.: Gerace, A.: Deinhardt, P.: Wronowicz, R.: Peters, L.: Sun- down, S.: Moses, M.: Weipert, D. Row 4: Bittertnan, C.: Ewald, S.: Hoag, S.: Lindke, G.: Kaufnan, V.: Wlheeler, L.: Niezgoda, C.: Fahey, M.: Kenyon, K.: Bednar, C.: Curley, J.: Pask, M.: Ross, Surma, Surma, Kelkenberg, J.: Foster, P.: Charles, E.: Hudomint, J.: Long, M.: Powers, E.: Hyder, E.: Fox, K.: Cowan, L.: Babel, P.: Sutton, S.: Abraham, J.: Homesberger, V.: Binga, K.: Abraham, N.: Parker, M.: Ewald, J. String Class Mrs. Espersen is the director of this String Orchestra. This orchestra is the only organization of its kind in which the students may participate. They are- Row 1: Owen, C.: Hartwig, H.: Carges, C.: Lindke, B.: Mecklcnberg, C.: Mlcaver, K.: Stone, T.: Curley, N.: Feld- man, J.: Hessler, J: Hudson, K.: Tippet, K. Row 2: Mrs. Vincent Espersen: Mfeiler, M.: Montville, D.: Logan, M.: Flint, J.: Pierce, L.: Fox, C.: Yousey, J.: Keehn, E.: You- sey, K.: Daniels, K.: Tippett, S.: Reinke, C.: Hammond, M.: Lathrop, B. Row 3: Wheeler, D.: Cummings, P.: Ciurzynski, Carlo, M.: Bitterman, C.: Rugg, V.: Van- Buren, R.: Roberts, M.: Laese, H.: Leisings, S.: Groff, P.: Babiarz, L. Fourth Grade Choir Fourth Grade Choir, Mrs. Kathryne Kopp, Dir- ector. Part of the Elementary School's program is this fourth grade choir directed by Mrs. Kopp. The members are as follows-Row 1: Mrs. Kopp, Schultz, G., Kuraszkiewicz, D., Ludwick, J., Abraham, A., Owen, G., Deinhart, K., Hes- sler, J., Swiatowy, F., Groff, S., Weidman, D., Muck, R., Ritecz, D., Feldman, J., McCormick, M., Bucceri, D., Parker, B., Lloyd, L. Row 2.' Ribbeck, R., Ground, U., Winters, M., X'Vands, S., Reinke, K., Cummings, L., Carges, C., Parker, E., Winters, M., Laese, E., Ground, M., Enstrom, D., Montville, S., Ford, P., Poodry, K., Trigillio, Goeske, B. Row 3: Bistoff, J., Haas, K., Wvronowicz, F., Pierce, L., Blueye, S., Keppler, C., Scotland, D., McLeod, P., Pisanesch, C., Hammond, M., Brown, J., Swift, S., Logan, M., X'Vhite, S., VanBuren, R., Mir- rone, P., Roberts, M. Treble Clef Choir Treble Clef Choir, Mrs. Kathryne Kopp, Direc- tor-Ron' 1: Flint, D., Hurne, L., Lattimore, S., Bishop, XV., Zola, T., Bordonare, J., Schultz, B., Kwandrans, J., Schultz, H., Kreager, M., Niez- goda, D., Abrams, B., Weaver, K., Hutchinson, M., Stanbury, M., Stone, T., Pagels, K., Welier, M., Johnson, P., Chapman, D., Mrs. Kopp. Row 2: Remsen, J., DeYoung, W., Keehn, A., Yousey, K., Lawrence, J., Truax, E., Groff, P., Wilson, S., Straw, D., Alfieri, C., George E., Lathrop, B., Toppett, S., Schubel, D., Kraatz, L., Schoenwether, P., Hartzler, J., Murry, B. Row 3: Hersee, T., Baker, K., Fry, S., Mattioli, C., Kwiathowski, B., Schaeller, S., Cherry, J., Babiarz, L., Ribbeck, D., Owens, J., Mann, J., Biach, D., Dagauno, R., Kwiatkowski, A., Frey, D., Ball, S., Cummings, P., Baehr, G. Row 4: DiLuzio, J., Kedzierski, R., Capproli, D., Bis- toff, M., Fotheringham, M., Brege, P., Nice, S., Gurley, N., Powers, K., Mecklenberg, C., Kyser, C., Cummings, M., Martiny, F., Stratton, L., Carlo, M., Fahey, M., Ciurzynski, J., Bitterman, K., Bettio, L., Skiff, D. Row 5: MacCoy, B., Cummings, L., Fox, G., Crane, C., McLeod, R., Yousey, J., Leising, D., Klinglesmith, S., Roll, L., Clear, B., DeYoung, A., Kraatz, L., Staebell, K., Schmegel, P., Swanson, J., Wheeler, D., Rugg, V., Meyer, K., Blish, K. Greai' Books Club Enjoying an informal discussion are the fol- lowing members of Mr. Vossler's Great Books Club-Nichols, R., Roesch, S., VanPell, YV., Mr. A. E. Vossler, Stapleton, T., Brown, R., VVea- ver, L. 56 Library Staff Ron' 1: Thomas, S. lion' 2: Prinuip, L., Busllover, C., Draper, E., Craybeal, V., Halecki, J., McCormick, M., Spaelh, K. Row 3: Mrs. D. Bush, Bush, M., Chamberlain, B., Roll, J., Orvis, D., Moore, J., Clark, P., Shearman, D., Huclomint, J., Tinkham, S., Schultz, B. Row 4: Naymzm, P., Kasperek, D., Logan, J., VVheat, J., Parker,.i'C., Campbell, N., JonaLhan, L., Tesmer, M., Delfries, S. Folk Dancing Group Ron' I: Cory, S., Frodin, D., YVelcli, B., Place, XV., Bower, B., Carlo, D. Row 2: Martin, B., Casseri, R., White, S., Enslrom, WV., Ciurzynski, S., Riggio, A., Fotheringliam, L., Mr. Myron Dombrow, Hogue, S., Parker, D., Owens, R., Pask, M., Aldrecl, P., XVilson, M., Truclell, P. Senior High Model Club Mr. Latko denionstrates a new engine to mem- bers of his Model Club. They are the follow- ing-liozu I: Iilickeiismlerfer, G., Parker, E., Paekman, R., Carlo, D., Blickensclerfer, W., Dunlop, R., Harvey, B., Pulzback, D., Mr. R. Latko. 57 J il .I Monitors Enforcing the rules set up by the Student Coun- cil are the members of the Monitors, led by cap- tain Art Taylor and secretary Norma johnson. Ron' I: Smith R., Bush M., Hanson L., Mr. Hood, Snell J., Taylor A., Johnson N., Taylor D., Sargent B., Clark P. Rout' 2: Goeseke P., Flor AI., Cummings M., Grover C., Bower A., Surma Surma j., Bower L., Long J., Chamberlain B., Draper E., NVagner L. Rout 3: Schultz M., Abra- ham AI., XVeaver J., McCormick M., Lederhouse S. Niconieti F., Palmreuter S., Shepard L., Albrecht E., Hudoniint P., Clark N., Randauo A., Medole L., Riggio Cescon N., Maleeki K., Rooney K., Casseri M. Slide Rule Club Training in the use of the Slide is received by members of Mr. Grover Bates' club. Shown Zll work are the following members: Row 1: Perry T., Sulimowicz R. Row 2: Bush- over KI., Hlronowicz Schleef C. Rau' 3: Mc- Corqnodale T., Cowan YV. Ron' 4: Charles M.. Mietz L. Ron' 5: McCoy G., Parker D., Mr. Grover Bates. Sfuclenl Courl' Seated in the courtroom ready for action are: YVronowicz, V., Clark, N., Schleef, C., Chief jus- tice, Bruning, S.3 Smith, S., Krieger, M., Mr. il. B. Monahan, advisor. Camera Club Members of Akron's Camera club examine some of their equipment. Row I: Packman R.: Brackett D.: Rozelle R.: Mr. Eekerson: Stanburg VV.: McCorquadale 'l'.: 'l'eller P.: Schleef, K.: Blish 1.: NVitkop B.: Cer- ber Ceisler D.: l'lOlll6I'lI1gllZllIl 1.: Pagels YV, Seated: Riggio A.: Sanderson Balckehief A.: McCormick M. Nurses Club Members of Akron's Nurses Club meet twice monthly to discuss career possibilities. Row 1.' Mrs. L. Bachellor: Moses, M.: Kelken- berg, Swader, E.: Benteen, B.: Abbey, Row 2: Rowland, C.: Esperson, C.: Zimmer, 1.: Haleeki, 1.: Nichols, Sylor, Absent: Parker, M.: Sundown, 1.: WVitt, B.: Snell, 1.: Black, L. Jr. Red Cross President, 1anice Abraham leads the Akron Chapter of the 1unior Red Cross in its many ae- tivities. Row I: Halecki, Abraham, 1.: Honesberger, Y.: Kelkenberg, T.: Swader, E.: Benteen, B.: Stahl, D.: Sylor, Malde, T. Row 2: Mrs. L. Bacheller: Roland, C.: Witkop, B.: Moses, M.: Spaeth, K.: Zimmer, T.: Roesch, S.: Markek, S. Absent: Abraham, N.: Kasperek, D.: Orvis, D.: Randazzo, L.: Roll, 1.: Sundown, 1.: XVitt, B.: Boys, Bell, R.: Skilf, D. bl s mum Q., A , lv Xf, fo. wi '. '-K4 Mb E WE? -X 'Vsfvsm-14 0 - -1- Industrial Ar1's Club One of the many projects sponsored by Akron's Industrial Arts Club is the annual Industrial Arts Amateur Show. This group is under the direction of Mr. Hollenbeck. The boys are as follows: Row 1: Honsbergcr B., Burrill J., S. C. Rep.: Bruning J., Sec'y.: Burrill D., V. President: Covel H., Pres.: White D., Cowan J., Sutton I.. Row 2: Schlegel G., Pogel R., Bartrum J., Swa- cler XV., Huth P., Wagner Shimmel R.. Su- limowicz Rugg V. Ron' 3: Mr. Hollenbeck, Advisor: Laese A., Shaw G., Pask R., Campbell R., Middaugh R., Hendrick R., Ciurzynski R., Jones C., Bednar D., Meyer S,, Tanger YV., Blickensderfer C., Mr. McClellan, Student Teacher. Ticket Sellers Providing a needed service at Akron's Ath- letitt events are these ticket sellers: Row I: Spaeth, K.: Cowan, L.: Smoth, S.: As- mus, J. Row 2: Grover, C.: Cummings, M.: Martiny, M.: Pentecost, Ron' 3: Standing: Laese, A.: Blish. J.: H'ikar, J.: Mrs. V. Smith: Cain, li., Treas. of Student Association. Chess Club Akron's Chess Club holds a practice session for one of their inter-school meets. Advisor of the club is Mr, A. E. Vossler, president is Yvalter Tanger. Row 1: Harvey, B.: Sulimowicz, R.: Burrill, J.: Powers, E. Row 2: Stanbury, VV.: Bushover, D.: Mr. A. E. Vossler: Corel, H.: Charles, M.: Laese, A.: Tanger, IV.: XVhitheck, K. In1'erna1'ional Club Akron's International Club annually participates in a model United Nations General Assembly sponsored by western New York schools and colleges. This year Akron represented Norway. Carole Brand, under Mr. Helwig's advisorship, is club president. Members pictured at a meet- ing are the following: Left to right: Cain, E.g Malde, T.g Smith, S.g Cowan, L.g Brand, C. QPresidentj. Senior Poster Club Providing A.C.S. with many of its attractive bulletin boards is one of the jobs of Mr. Val- ente's Senior Poster Club. Row 1: jones, G.g WVinslow, K.: Roland, R.g Nayman, P. Row 2: Solotes, NV.3 Clena, R., Marble, R.: Schleef, T.: Mr. J. Valenteg Graben- statter, C., Coulson, J., l'lllllllfllSlCI', W.3 Camp- bell, D. Junior Poster Club Christinas homeroom decorations were one of the activities of Mr. jenkins' junior Poster Club. Ron' 1: Foster. P.: Keller, M., jack, D., Ciesler, Pg Drachenberg, 51.3 Mr. Richard jenkins: Lind- ke, 17.3 Flor, A., XVagner, K.: Grundas, T., Ste- vens, B.: Baehr, H. . . , , , ..,.-. W.. ffl, ,K . ,, s i- wg-f3faSE515'frif?fSi . , g .mmf tw 3.-fri? ' ' , . - -1 ws Q., X ,rfwzm 5 ' ' 1 ...fi i.. fe .fi ,. f. ,W 1 ..-. 1.51 .3fS?'-i . 47 3. '41 au: - 13 F' ,L W 45 ' . Fifi? ' 'L ,, -- QL. ,raw-wr-Y we V- - 19 Chi Omega The purpose ol' the Hi-Y is to "create, maintain, and extend throttghout home, and community a high standard of Christian living." Dances, a Goodwill Drive, and various other activities are sponsored by the group. President is Brenda Brucker, ad- visor is Mrs.'Ceraldine Smith. Rott' I: Coeske, l'. Ron' 2: Yan Pell, YV.: Smith, S. Rott' 3: Mast, Future Fifteen of Akron's 1f.lf.A, members attended a Oswegatchie lf.F.A. leadership training camp for one week last summer. An- other meinber of this group. which is directed by Mr. Richard Rozelle, participated in the F.F.A. speaking contest and won the county championship. This was Steven Kraatz. The group also entered one of the projects in GLF demonstration contests. Two of the members of the group, David Deahn and Law- rence Carey attended the National Convention of the 1f.F.A. at Kansas City, They won their trip ou the basis of their success- ful judging of livestock at the Erie County Fair. They were paid fifty dollars of their expenses each, as a YCSlllt of this. President of the group is Steven Kraatz. Hi-Y R.: Malde, T. Ron' 4: H'ilson, S., Pentecost, J.: Eckert, T.g Brown, R.: Schleef, C.: Mrs. Geraldine Smithg Palmreuter, S.: Malecki, K.g Pingitore, C., Hudson, I,,3 Kraatz, S.: Hellert, I.. Row 5: Remsen, S., Remsen,J.1 Asmus, 1.5 Sutton, Row 6: Cummings, B., Hitchcock, D.: Long, J.: Wlagner, S.: Mlronowicz, QI.: Bower, A.: Keehn, A.: Pafk. B, Farmers Arranged for a formal portrait are the following members: Row 1: Richard Cook, Thomas Zywiczynski, john McCorqua- dale, Fred Haun, Douglas Helman, Allen Nice, Kenneth Cttm- mings, Thomas DeYoung, Richard Owen, Ronald Keller. Ron' 2: lidward Albrecht, Lawrence Carey, Reportcrg jon Zimmerman, Sentineh David Deahn, Vice President, Stephen Kraatz, Presi- dentg Bill Pagels, Secretary: Charles Owen, Treasurerg Kenneth Bartlett. Rout 3: Paul Bedford, Glenn Hersee, David Zywiczyn- ski, Daniel Cummings, Ralph Karnitr, Ronald Trinkl, Floyed Rehwaldt, john Bohnhoff, Ronald Rosenberg, Robert Cook, Donald Putzback, Bernard Brunning, Norman Blosscr, Mr. Ro- zelle. nm lx 'axralaxfnill 1. -'f 1-vasssw fixes was t, . a mmummam V A Fu'rure Homemakers "Toward New Horizons" is the motto that guides the F.H..-X. on their hound of activities. Row I: Wallace, D.: Leaderhouse, S.: Smith, R.: Delfries, Logan, 1.: YVallace, N. Row 2: Clark, P.: Solotes, S.: Carmer, D.: Moore, 1.: Kasperek. Rau' 3: Tesmer, M.: YVheat, 1.: Berndt, M.: Webber, B.: Keller, L.: Black, 1.: Miss G. Churchill. 8'rh Grade Yorker Club A visit to the historical museum, the Baseball Hall of Fame, and other displays, at Coopers- town, New York are among the annual highlights of the activities of the SENIOR YORKER CLUB. Ron' 1: Huth, M.: Ross, 1.: Smith, R.: De- Young, M.: Wlheeler, L.: Hessler, N.: Edwards, M.: Glena, L.: Chapman, M. Rozu 2: Hlilson, M.: Montgomery, M.: Deinhardt, P.: Rooney, G.: 1uliano, C.: 1ohnson, S.: Hall, E.: johnson, N.: Aquino, D. Ron' 3: Frodin, D.: Witt, R.: En- strom, YV.: Fox, K.: Sutton, S.: Hyder, E.: Pingi- torc, B.: Summe, G.: Nice, F.: Aldred, P.: Ed- wards, C.: Gurley, 1.: Swyers, W.: Cheavacci, D.: Hudson, D.: Klawer, S.: Mrs. Gladys Brown, sponsor. 7th Grade Yorker Club Rau' 1: Bedford Yaeger R., Zurlo 1., Brand 1., Thomas S., Smith S., Zimmerman L., VVal- ters C., McConkey M., Mietz L., Berry 1. Ron' 2: Finger H., Tryon S., Fix D., MacCoy B., Trin- kle S., Feagles E., Schultz D., Carmer 1., Abra- ham N. Row 3: Mr. R. Vanderpool, Wronowicz P., Doxtader P., Bednar Finger ll., Logel L., Frodin A., Ott R., Sehleef Snyder H., Asmus Becker S., King H., Tinney K., Pafk M. Visual Aides Mr. john lickerson, center, Director of Akron's Visual Aids Program, confers with his two stu- dent assistants, David Kashuha, left, and Mi- chael Haun, right. This program supplements regular classroom teaching by providing various instructors with projectors, tape recorders and other equipment. Supply Office Responsible directly to the Board of Education, the supply store is under the directorship of Mr. Stanley Victor, who is assisted by JoAnn Snell, Carole Brand. Joanne Riggio, Donna Tay- lor, pictured left to right, and JoAnn Long and Lorraine Peters, not pictured. Proceeds go to the Student Council and the Board. The store is operated each morning from eight to nine for the convenience of students and teachers. .Ir. Model Club Rou' I: Mr. R. Latko, Hlronowicz J., Swader R. Row 2: Coulson D., Mnggelberg. Row 3: Mc- Conkey M., Clena WV., Burdick J. Row 4: Rod- gers R., Flint J., Trinkl S. Row 5: Yaeger R., Babel G., Wheat P., Drachenberg J. sn Sports v ,R -Q Opponen k ro n A 91960019609 .-1 f-401 21 33 7 32 28 18 7 0 o :vs 'EJB 2: evil. ra 95943: DVB. 0.755 :PHQQK "'pZ..'7 L,:v,.,iIIJ 53" , 5552 .MFA pd .. 'E -f-I"' VET: .xisegg 3-omg U, 5V'U.2 gg QED-'m Q4 q,g4lJ.7 O J: r ,.'r3-pl U UGS, rn 5.425 ,J Sap .-I :S".. 4 :N-n :Ji -usb L.. SEA: C RJ .-1' Q....r1f42 -- 'NS . QE-1, og 51-7-n'Us.4 Ere.-5 ,5eQ.. C, -- c Q5'ED9? fiwegi wi, o 5.71130 .-VO-:Ma QQ APU .,,.LE'. NJ-353 SQA' N G, sv, O,-.-ro-Q :QI-SPUTI Barker tarpoint fam: Vilsou S New , ,ge 5 X Sweet Home Roy-Hart -5' Lew-Port Medina , rw ! ,Q s Q 1. K 'Q fs., ' if '21 'Mus 32,5 3-4 Q.: ..., .4 as .-1 a.: .SI .J .E rn hD CI E3 ua 5 2 U .c ... o ... 1: 3 o 'J ... ,- P S Vw ru .CI .4 53 .-4 Z EQ gr: a.a .II ... E V L4-4 CC .ig the ra G ..- V, 5-1 u 'S' 2 :J ,-. ... 9 Q V 1 D4 O .4 A 4-4 cd bb 1 , 4 fix' r . wr . wif f Q gt.: Ei QQ, s-4 O U Z' 5 P-' -cz C N 5. 9' L2-4 ,- f-. L-1 A N., Z O H E GS .EI o 0.2 13 UC CYS U .-. cu -C1 ... 5-4 O Q... cu .... .., Ia. ev: 3 ua cu 1-4 E fl U .Q E :s o 3 2,5 a il 8,4 k 2 a ,sf Mg 1 a . 3 .1 +0 fius, QQ Mi? Av ai nf-- f N RQ. Qs Q 415 The Akron Varsity Basketball team of H58-59", un- der Coach Angelo Scappa, ended its season in the Niagara Orleans League with a six win and a ten loss record. The "Tigers" ended the season in fifth placeg averaging fifty points per game. This season the Tigers have rendered Akron their best number of league wins since 1955. The last time Akron won six games before '55 was in l943. This year the Tigers had a well-rounded team. No one player excelled the rest of the teamg thus the team worked well as a whole. Four of the starting five players averaged better than nine points a game, put- ting them among the league's leading scorersg Jim Black, Tony Cory, Tom Cowan and Norman Frey. This year's team consisted of nine players. The five seniors that played last game for the Tigers this year Varsity Basketball Row 1: Moses, B.g Shimmel, R.g Black, 1.3 Cory Sutton, L.g Cowan, T.g Frey, N. were: Jim Black, Tony Cory, Norm Frey, Tom Perry and Bill Cowan. The other four players were juniors and should form a good foundation for next year's team: Tom Cowan, Bruce Moses, Lewis Sutton and Ron Shimmel. One of the highlights of the season was the Tigers upset over the "Mustang" of Medina. In the first half it was the Muntangs' game all the way as they led the Tigers by twelve points at half time. In the second hall' the Tigers staged a thrilling comeback, as they recovered and took the lead to win the game in the final minutes of the game. Every season has its heartbreak. This year it came in the second game against Newfane. After an aggres- sive and well played first half, and after leading throughout the entire game, Newfane rallied to win. l-3. T.g Cowan, YV. Row 2: Mr. A. Scappag Perry, T.g Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Season Record Barker Lew-Port Starpoint Niag.-VVheatf1eld Medina YVi1son Newfanc Roy-Hart Lew-Port Barker Niag.-Wheatfield Medina VVilson Newfanc Starpoint nA . Row I: Calzavara, R. fco-capt.j, Mcdole, R., Black, J., Mietz, L., Smith, R., Cory, T. fco-capt.j. Row 2: Frey, N., Middaugh, R., Zimmerman, Cowan, B., Cowan, T., Mr. T. Wetzan, Coach. 1958 Baseball The Akron Varsity had a good season with a league record of 8 wins and 3 losses. This rec- ord enabled Akron to go into a playoff game with Southwestern for the Class A Champion- ship. Akron lost this heartbreaker by a score of 6 to 5. Pitching for the tigers in '58 were Tom Cow- an, Norm Frey, and Jim Black. Tom was mostly used as a relief pitcher, his mainstay was catch- ing. Norm Frey also pitched but his mainstay was playing field. Jim Black, who also pitched, played in field once in a while. Norm had a 0-1 record and Black had a 7-3 record. Tom Brand had a 1-0 record. Akron scored victories over Barker, Medina, Xvilson, Newfane and Starpoint. They were de- feated by Roy-Hart, Lew-Port, Medina and Southwestern. 1958 Track 1958 AKRON CENTRAL TRACK SEASON The track team finished in third place in the Niagara Orleans Track League in the 1958 season. They had 8 N.O. meets and won four out of them. Some of the outstanding boys are as follows, Alan Brunner, 100 yd. dash and shot-put, was high scorer with 60 points, Foster Sundown, 220, Marshal Caprio, 440, Rodney Bower, discus throw, Garth Mac- Coy and Tom Malecki, 880, James Sillaway, pole vault, Alan Brunner, Ronald Gibbs, Foster Sundown, and Tom Perry in the relay, Glem Richards, Broadjump, Kuraszkiewicz, mile and MacCoy in the high jump. Row I: Caprio, M., MacCoy, G., DeYoung, W., Silloway, J., Gibbs, R., Brunner, A., Sundown, F. Row 2: Blueye, Q., Ceisner, D., Kraatz, S., Perry, T., Kuraskiewicz, L., Bower, R. Row 3: Vanllurcn, fass't mgrj, Malecki, T., Odriosola, J., Richards, C., Pagels, W., Huth, R., Sun- down, D., Porter, T., Taylor, C. Cass't mgr.j, Mr. A. I. MacCoy, coach. Posing just prior to their hrst meet is Akron's swimming team. They are as follows: Row 1: Cheavacci, D., Pingitore, B., Blueye, Qmgrjg Zimmer- man, AI.: Harvey, D., Haun, F., Pagels, WV., Albrecht, E.: De- Young, 'I'.g Mr. Stthleich Ccoachj. Ron' 2: Kraatz, S.: DeYoung, WV., Ludwick, D.g Stanbury, XV.: Skiff, D., Stevens, G.: Cheavacci. C.: Carlo, R.: Kuraszkiewicz, D., Reno, R. Swimming Team Akron's Varsity Swimming Team, still in the stages of early development, compiled a record of three wins and no losses at time of publication. Approximately seventeen boys practiced diligently under the direction of Coach Schleich. Early in the year, Tom DeYoung and Mfilliam DeYoung were elected co-captains. A fine future can be predicted in the coming seasons, with only the loss of four Seniors, Richard Reno, Jon Zimmerman, Stephen Kraatz, and Wil- liam Pagels. They will be missed, but a fine group of freshmen, sophomores and juniors can be expected to take up the slack. High scorer for the season was Richard Reno. A grateful thanks is given to Dean Cheavacci, Barry Pingitore for their untiring help as managers. Life Saving Class Graduates of a newly instituted life-saving course are the fol- lvllll3lIlSQ DeYoung YV.: Miss Crosby, Kraatz S., Mr. Suttel, Pood- lowing: ry J., Mr. Wletzen. Row I: lilueye Q., Skiff D., Draper E., Bush M. Row 2: Mrs. 1.. fm 3 rlf, 1,2 t '-fi. 'v 'VT pu- 'Q "Q-.- Girls Field Hockey Team The girls Held hockey team annually attends a hockey day camp at Batavia High School be- fore the beginning of the school year. This team takes part in the intramural program by travel- ing to different schools to represent Akron. Row 1: Zimmerman, K.: Wheeler, L.: Wrono- wicz, V.: YVagner, S.: Pafk, B.: Pingitore, G. Row 2: Pentecost, J,: Espersen, C.: Mast, R.: tlrabbenstatter, C.: Poodry, Pentecost, C.: Brand, C.: Xvronowicz, J.: Sylor, J.: Harrington, M. Sr. Girls Intramurals Row 1: Mrs. Wlilliams: Pafk, B.: Remsen, J. Pingitore, G.: Mast, R.: Kraatz, S.: Martiny, M. Pentecost, J.: Zimmerman, K.: W'heeler, L. Kenyon, K.: YVronowicz, Row 2: Black, J. Harrington, M.: Lindke, J.: Tinkham, S.: Hudo mint, J.: Roland, R.: Hlronowicz, V.: Brown R.: Van Pell, XV.: Shearman, D.: XVagner, S. Pentecost, ti. Ron' 3: Brand, C.: Malde, T. Goeske, P.: Shepard, Ii.: Hudomint, P.: Han- son, L.: Schultz, M.: Newman, D.: Graybeal, V. Poodry, J. Ron' 4: Berndt, M.: Moses, M.: Sun- down, J.: M'itkop, .X.: Schleef, K.: Logan, J.: Sundown, C.: Sundown, J.: Parker, J.: Jonathan L.: Blackchief, A. Jr. Girls Intramurals The Junior High Girls Intramurals are under the direction of Mrs. Hlilliams, who is assisted by Janice Poodry and Jean YVronowicz. Row 1: Sundown C., Bedford E., Rosenberg N., Yeager R., Xkfronowicz P., Errick K., Nanni K., Brunning B., Tinney K., Mansell M., Schmeigel M., Doxtatler P., Mrs. Williams. Row 2: Poodry J., Cummings S., Schleef J., Snyder H., Asmus P., Abrams G., George A., Bedford Clear L., Johnson S., Juliano C., Hinds P, Bromsted J. Row 3: XN'ronowicz V., Wlhite L., Printup A., Sundown R., Frodin A., Mirriones M., Bero J.. XVolfe B., Rosenberg D., Logel L., Finger D., Finger H., Midecke B. Row 4: Hesler N., Houl- ahan Schultz D., Smith S., Feagles li., Girley J., Seymour B., Ross J., Sutton S., Kaufman U., Niezgoda C., Markek N. y y v Sr. Boys Intramurals Row I: Matusek, Bower, Elclred, Xvitkop, Ro- zelle, DeYoung, Sulimowicz, Parker E., Wikar juliano, White, Fisher, Owen, Bartram, Deahn Possinger, Finger, McCorquadale, Cheavacci, Ro- land Huth, Carlo, Caprio, Smith, Sulimowicz Black, Coach Wetzen. Row 2: Sylor, Swader Kuraskiewicz, Witzleben, Jones, Shimmel, Meyer, Riester, Richards, Garrison, Bell, Perry, Blish Perry, Graybeal, Ceismen, Sundown, Place, Tel- ler, Rehwald, Raduns, Moses, Cowan, Huth Mietz, Cheavacci, Ludwick, Pask, Shaw, Weaver Cowan, Sutton, White, Cory, Frey, Stevens. Jr. Boys Intramurals Row 1: Paugh, Flor, Brady, Nichols, Grover Zurlo, Wagner, Mann, Bontrager, Bramer, Aqui no, Shaw, Parker, Berry. Row 2: Lindke, Schleef, Pacer, VanBuren, Fix, Perry, Poodry, Burchill, Baehr, Rooney, Gruber, Hanson, johnson, Mr A. Seappa. Row 3: Soldal, Bartel,, Raduns, Bucceri, Hurne, Swyers, Cummings, Kennery Pingitore, Stephens, Hale, Morril, Mr. A. Scappa. Row 4: Granke, Raduns, Place, Casseri, Taylor Truglio, Graybeal, Cummings, Downey, Miler. Intramural Program There are nearly one hundred boys participating in each of the boys intramural programs presented. The jr. high is headed by Coach Scappa on seventh periods Fridays and the senior high boys are directed by Coach Wetzen on Thursdays, seventh period. The boys meet for forty-five minutes on these respective days. In the fall they have Hag football, in the winter basketball and volleyball. The basketball and volleyball teams have as their captains varsity boys. The captains take roll call, get officials and set up rules. At the end of the basketball season the champions play against the all star team. This year it was won by league cham- pions, Bill Cowan's team. The girl's intramural program, directed by Mrs. jan Williams, is run on much the same order as the boys. The jr. high meets on Mondays seventh period and the sr. high meets on Wednesdays. In the fall the girls play field hockey, in the winter basketball and volleyball and in the spring softball. The sr. high girls have participated in several basketball games against the Finger Lakes League and have also been host to them. Badminton, a fairly new sport to ACS, is a co-ed sport. The girls and boys practice after school and take turns playing each other. The top three teams go to Batavia and play in the sectionals. .l.V. Football Row I: BllI'CllCll, G. Qmgnjg Krieger, M., Witt, R., Leaf, A., Black, R., Tinkham, D., Matusck, J., Finger, B., WVilk, L., Bower, D., fmgrj. Row 2.' Mr. Farr QCoachj, Ludwick, D., Tadio, C., Teller, P., Cummings, D., Stanbury, VV., Bell, D., Sundown, N., Mr. Scappa QCoachj. .l.V. Basketball Row 1: Roland A., Weaver J., Sulimowicz E. Wlhite R., Black R., Wikar J., Juliano J., Leaf A. Row 2: Mr. Cosgrove, Blish J., Sundown N. Place YV., Perry A., WVcaver L., Bell R., Logan B., Garybcal R., Mr. YVetzen. .l.V. Baseball Row 1: Juliano, J., Cescon, M., Finger, B. Kreiger, N., Weaver, J., Sulimowicz, E. Row 2 Stanbury, W., Fox, P., Sulimowicz, J., Deahn D., Raduns, T., Sylor, J. Row 3: Shimmel, B. Moses, B., Skill, D., Weaver, J., Glenn, R. Scappa, A., Schalgel, G., Stevens, G. Varsity Cheerleaders A.C.S. Varsity Cheerleaders who appear at the Football and Basketball games are as follows: Left to Right: Pafk, B., Captaing XVagner, S., Pentecost. C.: Remsen, J., Captaing XVronowicZ, V.: Bower, A. JUNIOR VARSITY AND VARSITY CHEERLEADERS The J.V. and Varsity cheerleaders under the direction of Mrs. Janice Williams have tried to the best of their ability to add school spirit to our students. Not only did they lead cheers at all basket- ball and football games, but they also held several pep assemblies. After the football season, the girls sponsored a dance in honor of the players. The cheerleaders had also attended several clinics where they learned new cheers and improved their techniques. .l.V. Cheerleaders Leading the cheers at Akron's athletic events are these JV Cheerleaders. Row I: Zimmerman, K.g Riggio, A.: Bower, B. Row 2: Newman, D.3Harrington, Mg Pingitore, G. X4- 1 lm im lin X, V ff fix 1:5 ra' -QCA' 15 -'H 1...- X' if ,4 wwf- uwulli v mn ll LA. 4-A .4- Lu n-nm go -wwf My 'Uh-H. Mm in Q mln- xx'.1 V4-alp'-' x xxu gk hx m lx Kux 1l1.u1 mu ,. .35 sz . f ' ' .M .,., 2, rj Q,"-gg ' 5?ifx?5-fQlQf2?i HC. 'HRQQSSS 7 . . j 5Qx,iflkQfg5g7k, ,iq - k ig , fi' 'fviyfvfswf' 1' f K. J- yew av, X , .,,., , V , f wa inf' ,.i wgrnf, 1: - .Q .. .... 1- Q- mai wait. ,. .. M, X .. U 'Y X PM 'S iwfvfxu- ' 4 .pg-.g, 5 , Q5 . 5 ' S- a m pg Qs. g 3. -1: , nil-Q Q --.1 mf wmv , ,, ,Q My .,, W. Q ! 5 . , . V ,... N. maggie? Q -ax '. -' , H -fm., gfifffgk :-..fz.f., . ml-5 gf5Q?1.f.:a swf ..:,,:.,-- Q-L .www ,s 1" ,Q gigs, 1 H: 1 , V c- x E tif " nf- eflffifnz 7 ' l f?-r ' f Lrw,':'.,--v,wg,T1f'.. 1 W-if Yi ' A . L Q, A .. " . .8 1-. s-, .gy g ' 'E ,Q A W- ' fv,?,:Qz Q"-Q. - X . f SSE? sie fa' 7 . fiing. f 5 .Qyitfg .. g 'WT -'f ' " :ww 6 , hi f i S, K, dm. 4.1, .. F239 gfigfw S 1 'E Q PM ,.. W NL ww? QQ. ,Q 1' LVV' K ,,, Q f.. .. A kg -, . -.. f . . -,ybigg Q A if: Q QE? 95 .X s g .. 4 VH! 11 T ' E egg gf-L 1 wg, L. . . ,, 54? 1 36" 5 r i ' is M .f 2 'ff . k H : , .5 . .1 ' algzgggfwk ,W img? sd: H 1-1' 4 :.f'fx :K "K Q k 'U K - gwkwfk 5-7 .Q ' -1 Q Q M: .. - w w.. x A . .. fe , .-?,,.:4.iw .4 .gli SZ. H . ' .gn ,. Q jgggxaq .V 1' 3f2kf.t5f':1 24.1 K f , X . . Q 'xy , I Q K 'Q :-' Q flk f., 1 L . .4 ..-2 ' 72 ,'A. - , '.:, s . .L T ' . C ED 1904 v . 5 5.1, W.. k, Z. -A . . f sk ,. . r f L X. . 3- L f- 1.5 ' Ag L,i.,a,.Q.. . - .,g,,,,fHa 'A 551. .3151-,T . ,gk K 3? f -2431. K .E ,W .,f' Y!- ,., . B. , ,. 322' , . Z.A. 3 355,125.3 .-5.7, ,kgfsf ,gig ffeffai v .V Q yi, mgwijw Q ., . .N - ' 1 1 ,S -,Q K 7 6 4 f AV. ,S X, A vw- ar 5 , fe,-Ji, , E32 -K fab: 15' 1' QB' Era Af , X" , W. X ff 3 as x "f iv '1' ' 9 er . W f' . - i j f 1-, ,V . I ,,..- 5 L .-L 'T' 4. ..,. , Q X 'B ..-4-"" I. 11 W ,. ,nm .-7" ' -...,..". Adverfisemenfs Compliments of EDWARD A. MATTIOLI Compliments of ROCHESTER BUTTON Compliments Ol Akron Division BATES' SELF-SERVICE MARKET Main Street Akron, New York Phone 2510 Compliments of CORBETT LUMBER AND BUILDERS' SUPPLIES 17 Bloomingdale Avenue Akron, New York Phone 3761 Compliments of AKRON COOP. G. L. F. SERVICE INCORPORATED Akron, New York Phone 2781 THE OASIS 70 Main Street Supplies - Kodoks Sundoes - Sodas Greeting Cords Compliments of AKRON SERVICE GARAGE INC. Your Local Pontiac Dealer Akron, New York Phone 9666 THE FRO-JOY Cigarettes - Cigars Sealtest lce Cream Sundaes - Candy - Sodas Best Wishes to Graduates PETERSON'S REXALL DRUGS J. Zurlo Meats 81 Groceries 55 Bloomingdale Road Akron, New York Akron 2502 Compliments of AKRON PRODUCE COMPANY Blue Coal Lumber and Builders' Supplies Feed and Fertilizer Phone 9485 AL Z IMMERMAN INC. OLDSMOBILE "Safety Tested Used Cars" Buffalo 8. John Streets PH. 24l6 Akron, New York Compliments of KELLY'S ALLEYS SHAW WOOD SPECIALTIES Manufacturers of Stone Spreaders Hardwood and Softened Yardsticks Paint Paddles - Rulers Compliments of SWEENEY CHEVROLET INC. Chevrolet in Akron Compliments of GLEN J. WEAVER Akron 9425 Congratulations to the Class of 1959 32 Main sneer Akron, New York BEN DE YOUNG INC- Headquarters for Tractors and Farm Equipment 34 Mechanic Street Akron, New York C l' t Ompolmens RALSTON PURINA , COMPANY S Checkerboard Warehouse I.G.A. SU PERMARKET Self-Service Store 53 Cedar Street Akron, New York Phone 2511 Feed 8. Farm Supply Purina Chows Seed - Fertilizer - Baby Chicks 16 Eckerson Ave. Akron, New York Phone 2531 Compliments of RENN and CEISNER FEITSHANS' LUMBER Plumbing - Hotpoint Appliances Building Supplies and Millwork Heating Do If Yourself Materials Dupont Paints - Hardware Phone 2300 45 Lewis Road Akron, New York Akron 9511 41 Main Street LATHROP MOBIL SERVICE Socony-Mobil Products Mobilubrication Tires and Batteries Steam Cleaning Service Main at Grant Club Akron 8911 Akron, New York ABBOTT'S AKRON SERVICE ESSO Products Toro Lawn Equipment Lawn Mowers Sales and Service Clinton 8g Briggs Engines 10-16 Main Street Compliments to the Class of 1959 THE CARBORUNDUM METALS COMPANY A Division of The Carborundum Company Pioneer Commercial Producer of Zirconium and Hafnium Metals I Akron, New York Phone 2533 Compliments Compliments of Ol RIESTER'S SHERWOOD'S HARDWARE Fifty-three Years of Satisfied Service Dial 9561 POULTRY FARM Main and Crittenden Road Akron, New York Phone 8411 Compliments of AKRON GREENHOUSES 143 East Avenue Phone 9711 Akron, New York Flowers For All Occasions Compliments of Martha and Mimi "THE ALADDIN SHOP" 65 Main Street Akron, New York Congratulations to The Class of 1959 EDDIE'S JEWELRY Registered Keepsake Diamonds Remember, Locally Bought - Locally Serviced Akron, New York Phone 2320 Compliments of Danny's Restaurant Compllmenls Fine Foods of Bloomingdale Road Akron, New York Akron 2394 OIL COMPANY INC. Distributor of Socony Mobil Oil Products Compliments Akron, New York of ALBERT'S BARBER SHOP Spring 7500 Akron 9474 Success to the Class of l959 Bl'l'TERMAN'S DRY GOODS 53 Main Street Akron, New York Compliments of or. c. F. Philips, D.D.S. Congratulations To the Class of 1959 May Good Fortune Be Yours ln the Pursuit of Your Success PERRY'S DAIRY l Pearl Street Phone 9588 You Can Be Pretty And Practical lt You Shop , At The HOME TOWN DRESS SHOPPE 69 Main Street Akron, New York Kitty and Dotty Phone 2037 Fred E. Thomas AKRON INSURANCE AGENCY 45 Main Street Akron, New York Compliments of Dr. R. F. Burchell D.D.S. HIBBARD'S SHOE STORE Compliments of HITCHCOCK'S MARKET 68 Moin Street Phone 9683 Compliments of SWANSON GAS CO., INC Akron Atlantic Gosoline Fuel Oil - Kerosene Goodyear Tires ond Batteries Glidden Point Telephone 9498 WALES STRIPPIT INC. A Unit of Houdaille Industries AKRON PLANT 86 CONGRATULATIONS to The Class of 1959 REIGLE ELECTRIC Electrical Contracting lOl Buell Street Akron, New York Phone 3921 Best Wishes To The Class of 1959 DR. ALEX ULJANOV Congratulations Good Luck To The Class Ot T959 to The Class ot '59 BESTWALL VILLAGE uauon stone 89 Main Street Akron, New York Phone 9468 Manufacturers of Quality Building Materials General Ofliices: Compliments 120 East Lancaster Ave. Ardmore, Pa. of Am" ""'n': PARKVIEW BEAUTY sAl.oN Bloomingdale Road Akron, New York Polly and Rose 79 Main Street Akron, New York Phone 9452 Compliments of S. B. ANDERSON AND SONS Television and Furniture Bigelow Rugs Main Road Akron, New York GRUBER'S BAKERY Wedding and Birthday Cakes Our Specialty Pastries - Cookies Compliments of FORD GUM and MACHINE COMPANY, INC. Manufacturers Finest Quality - NAME BRAND Chewing Gum Ford Boll Gum and Ford Chicle Chews sold through FORD SELF-SERVICE MACHINES 35 Main Street Phone 2443 Compliments to the Class of '59 Compliments FRED FRIEDMAN of ALEX C. SMITH Compliments of KENDALL'S EXPRESS Buftalo to Batavia Buffalo MO 3329 Akron 9612 Compliments of COLD SPRINGS CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Engineers - Contractors QUALITY PRINTING Contact us first for printing that will satisfy your needs. THE AKRON NEWS PRINTING SERVICE 8 Monroe St. Phone 9404 Akron, New York QUALITY ECONOMY SERVICE Compliments of INGALSBE'S Finest in Television and Appliances Congratulations to the Class of l959 ADRIAN E. ROSS Congratulations to the Class of '59 A Good Gift for Graduation A life insurance policy will help start the graduate on the right road. Ask us about the Metropolitan's plans for the purpose. Nelson B. Swarts Congratulations to the Class of ..59.. "PAM ROSE SHOPPEH Style Center of Akron 62 Bloomingdale Rd. Akron, N. Y. Representing Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. I Madison Avenue New York IO, N. Y. Compliments of MAX PHELPS Gas Station Fruit Stand Restaurant Best Wishes To The Class of "59" Stan Baran's Blue Inn Club Bloomingdale Rd. Akron, N. Y. Phone 8821 Compliments of Route 5 Mushroom Growers Wholesale and Retail Main Rd., Akron, N. Y. Phone Akron 2624 Best Wishes To The Class Of "59" You are now eligible to participate in the worth-while adult education offer- ings here at the school. Akron Adult Activities Program Compliments of DYE INSURANCE ompetent ourteous ounseling lOl Main St. Akron, New York Best Wishes To the Class of "59" A From the Class of "6l" Best Wishes To Class of "59" Akron Teachers Association Mrs. Eileen MacCoy-President Mr. Richard Latko-Vice President Mr. Frank Helwig-Secretary QRecordingj Mr. Roger Farr-Secretary QCorrespondingQ Mr. Lee, Meyers-Treasurer Compliments of THE GRANT CLUB MARKET Vegetables - Fresh Fruit Complete Line of Groceries Main Road Akron, New York Phone 2786 Best Wishes To The Class of 1959 Akron Junior Chamber oft Commerce Congratulations to The Class of 1959 HUBERT W. BERNHARDT The Journalism Class would like to thank the merchants and businessmen of Akron for their generous support of this yearbook. 91 I I I I I I wfwfsl Iwafril lame Mar III of 1:02 ? It ffwily ,"IQ'f1 I I I Most Folks ' Pay-By-Cheek.Do You? BANK OF AKRON AKRON, NEW YORK Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. 7- 92 Th b k p t d by VELVATONE, a spe 1 p of lth g ph p g S 1 producers: Wm. J. Kelle I B H' l N N th p t g Hrm is authorized to use th V l t Y hd mvhulx X w.

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