Akron Central School - Akronite Yearbook (Akron, NY)

 - Class of 1958

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Akron Central School - Akronite Yearbook (Akron, NY) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 100 of the 1958 volume:

.X ju 'T fa I 1A aw! P1 4qf yi N Sf!- PUBLISHED THE JOURNALISM CLASS AKRON CENTRAL SCHOOL EDITORS Barbara Rohr Anne Sfaplefon E I9 5 8 ASST. EDITOR Beffy ScI1aIIer BUSINESS MANAGER AIIen Huichinson CIRCULATION MANAGER Carol Cheavacci : K as X' ' ' R BY Q OF N I T 'A ",V Y 4. Y This year the .-Xkronite does not have any theme, as such. XVe at Akron Central feel that the Akronite is the means by which we assemble the year's procedure into one compact form. The yearbook itself is our theme. A theme of working, playing, and sharing responsibilitiesg of leadership, sportsmanship, and fellowship. Tn each introduction to a section of our book, we are trying to portray an activity of that section. The tiger on the cover of our Akronite is our mascot for we are the Akron tigers. The editors hope the 1958 :Xkronite will recall all the events of the 195'-IQSS school year and will liring hack memories of school days to each student, that he will not forget. fhe E difors Alma L school in fact or fancy, Akron can we compare. May her glory go on shining, May her days he fair. For the memories that we'll cherish, XYe'll always wish to be back. And where 'er we go we'll ne're forget Her orange and her black. ,ff fin. xfllr In Memoriam -XS we, thc graduumn clux or lQC8,SI1I'fUllEll1I'O the world we look back upon our last year 'lt -Xkron and sadlw rememlmr one or our number who wax mkcn IH -Xprll 1956 bs the dread dlSE?'1SC, Cancer She was Gladu 'ago Ghdu was xerw qulct but ilwus full or lun and everwone who knew her IQ a lxttle rxcher tor ll 'Io her, the ourmlnm Claw dedlcates the -Xkromte 3 sn , f 7 .Q A A V if H 4 . if , I , :L If . he V .Al rw Q' I ' I O W 0 .' ' .' .J."Ja ' , ' ' ..' .' h A .x C I I A I 'Y I. . llgujj T CLASS ' f 2 ll, 3 '. ' fp? 1- 41- - Members 0111110 11,5158 Al1111rn1111xm 111111, 115 111111 gather for ll grwup Cflh1.6I'L'Y1CL', arc the t'111l11w1n1g: 1'5f'11lfd,fto1115c1'1111Qr:1TAr,NY.:Y11cg1-r,C.:Br11n11ur,:X.:SCh1111ur,B.: 1'1r1g1111rc, K.:1'111flp1,N,5R1md3U,,, B.: Rohr, B.: Stz1p1ut11r1, 1-X.: :md 1'1L.IC1'l1Dr11T1, A. 1'.' Imzdzrzg, J to 1-1 Mr. S11.fg11U,kj, adg-111,13 C1-,Um-gqqix C.1Snnder11111,W.:Nlsdo1c,R.:1111r11,1..:fN1z11ec141,T.:Sc1111mnChcr, D.: Brand, C.:H11fre,G.:Br1.1wr1, N.: I"1f1Y'C1xl,c1., and 1'rint1111, -1, ,.- . 1 1 . . . 1 . ., 1111K ytill' r11c -111111'1111111111 111111, 1I11L1L'1' 11111 K111.fK'r1fl11 111 X111 11C11I'f' S11Nf11141111Q1, I1111111N11L'l1 11 X 1qg111111' 111f1111111vv 101111111 1111p1'1','11111' ACS R1-1'1c11: 11 111-1-1411 111111111111 111 11111 -111111111 X1-11-1 111111 C1:11'- Q1111' Prev: 1111- '111gc1' '1'1I11L's, 21 1.1111 1111g1' 111' .-1115. 11c11s 111 1111- 1,111'14p11rr p11pc1': 111111 1ll11k,'X1i1'1J111fC. Bz1r11111'z1 R1111r111111.-11111: 9111111611111 11ers 1'11-c111r111w 1111 r11c A1-gr11111rc' Berry' R1111K111fffD, c111r111' 1114 t11c 1 Re1'1c11': Berry SC11l111C1' ed1r111' 1114 "111X111c .-X.C.9." 111111 C11r111c BV111111 211111 Nancy' B1'1111'11, c111t11rx 111- r11c "'111gcr '1'1111ef." 311:11 1111t1'11f11x1111, Q111l1I'1CX Ynugcr 111111 11111111111 SC11Ll1i!'L11.I 11c1'c 13L1N1I1CNN m111111ger1 111- t11c 1'11r11111x p111111c11t11111x 111111 Li11.1'1l1 C11c111'11c111 11111 C1r1'11111r11111 x1Ll11l1gL'I'. Umm 1114 r11c 111g1111g11r1 111.1112 11111-3 11cr11'1r1cx 1111K ll 11111 :ff 111m Q1f111lIT11W1il S1'1111111xr11' Prev Aw111'111r11111 C1111- fcrcmcc 111 New York f1r1'. U111' 11K1x'15f11.: 1'c111'11111114 1111111113 13:11:11 R11111': 111111 151111111-W N1111111gc1', .3111u11 1'1l1TL'111!1X1r11, 111111 11111111125 f1111w XK11l1 z11r11rt11c11. ,1111L' 11,5H-:N 1'c111' p1'111'c11r1111c11 1'c1'1' suc- CC'5S1ALl1 1111c for 1111 t11c 111e1111uu1'1 l11A1'11C AI1111r11:111N111 L'1L1rN. 'V Z YQ 's 177 Z' Qu-xi 1 -111 np,- xi .. 1 ,I f- xl Ui NIR ILSTLS PRFNTICE NIR PDXN HRD -XI I PN NIR XINCENT FSPERSEN Hxgh School PI'Il'lC1P'1I Superxl mg Prmcxpal Hemenmrx PFIUCIPII pf' BOARD OF LDLCATIOX NI1- -Xrthur Lhlrh NIr Ycrmm I Ong 'Nlr Roger Rrutf 'NIr Norman Schleet 'NIr lean De hmm Nlr Walter B11 h NIr Rmhard Porrc rel chzurman f ,Lal 'I JZ! NIR EL1SXKOR'IHBRlJXNX I-XXI PH X IL R NIRS III I I-KN I -X E Dxrgctor of Gundmcc Cf! 6' 'NI mager Plgmentarx bupuu or in 5 . 6 H L Mt92'3' , Y. sllg X ' L "ii V5 ,. x. '11 X 1 'Q 1' I- K X .K - , ff xx . -X XX -, ,f I 75 f I .,-- fl! 0-55 English, Languages and Library NFl1lFL1.' Ure. Buxh, Mr. Suwtzniofki, Nlrx. Haag. Snznd:'r1g.' Mr. Farr, Mr. Ralwlnn Mr. Ymmlcr, Mr. Tomczuk. 5K Y 1 Q-1 N ,x ' ffm KCTS Xiiaemai Science Seated: Mr. Dembrow, Mr. Martiny, Mr. Cargex. Smnding: Mr. Eckerson, Mr. MacCoy. Hisfory Avflllflf' Nirf. Bmwn, Nliw Hruwn, Xlr, Niuhilhllfl. 5'tm1d:'r1g: Hr. Zimmer. T Y' Physical E ducaiion and Healfh Xlrx. Willizuux, Nlrx. Wlxlrcrx, Xlr. Wchlicch, Nlrx. Bglchullcr. Nlzlllrlvlvflll' Nlr. Qcuppn, Nlr, Wvcrfrn. Arf and Music Mr. Valemc, KIM. KQLIYYCY, Mn. Swycrx, Hr. -Irnkinx. 5'.'.zv11f:f1g,' Mr. Cwndurt, mx. 5,1 C.1lPh1IUbL15, wrwn, Mr. Stapleton, Mr. M afhemafics Nm.'fd: Nlrx. N. 5l'T11Yh, Mr. Harm, Hr G. Smith. Nftl7ll1If7IK.' Nlr. Nluycr. 5 x 11 2 E lemeniary Xmrfd: Mixf Shqulrd, MP. Hazrpxt, hlrx. Wrckx, Miw XYickvvirc, Mrx. MU-xryr. .Vtmzdsrzxm Mrx. Swartx, Mrf. Smgu. Mrf. Shqmrd, Mr, Mhdc, Mrf. Williamx. Vocafional .Ymtud.' Mix Churchill, Mr, Surtul, xlrx. Bruxky, Mrx. Cummin. .Ytm1d1'r1g.- Mr. Hffllunhrck, Mr, I.L1th11,NIf.Rm':Hr, N1r,Hrwd. E lemenfary Seated: Mn. Huupt, Mrs. Harrzler, MAX Mc.-Xrthur Miss McEwan. Slanding: Mixs Kellick, Mr. Koch Mrs. Mz1cCoy, Mrs. Mattcsun. ew E lemeniary Sczzled: Mrs. Gerber, Mr. Duguay, Mrs. Fix, Mrs. Ford. -g'fK171dfHg.' Miw Churchill, Mrs. Gilbert, Nlrf. Berghorn, Mrk. Batem E lemeniary Smtfd: Miss Sanlfratello, Mrs. Murphy, Min Ogden, Miss Miller. Slanding: Mrs. Paugh, Mr. Riley, Mrs. Shelly, Mrs. Pentecost. 'Yi-, 4 Office Sfaff Smfed: Mrs. Becker, Miff Green, Miss Reber, Mr Frey. Standing: Mra, White, Mixs Middaugh, Mr Swain. 'Ln Q1 . L Mainfenence 1:1 Rom: KW, H.: Wcurhurhcf, in Cuparulli, Strung, Y. lr: lfurlz' Blixh, .l.g Ccxcun, rl, ,gi ' 1' K I I ti 1 1 A f Supply Office l.U'R01L.'Rfu1I1cj',RJBI'Flf1d,C.LHLlTCh,fQ.lHwXZU, G.: Hzmwm,lugChr:LiYz1CCi,C,gSncH,.l. Senior C afeferia Hrs. Nliddzlugh, Nlrs. Smith, Shirley Mnrkck, :md Marvin Cmop. E lemenfary C afeferia Nliw Tcmncr, Nlrf. Nurnmn, Mrs. Pingitnrc, Nlrf. Blucyc, Nlrx. Tinkham. av '1" J? f .SJ WN v7h7'f XML. S 1 f ap fr I ,f K' Wifi I I AV" Class Officers President Mike Poleon Yice President Allen Hutchinson Secretary Doug Skeet Treasurer Nancy Phelps Student Court Rep. Dave Cheavacci Kathy Coughlin Student Council Rep. Bob Calzavara Class Highlighfs As freshmen we received our charter as the Class ol' i95N. That year we sponsored the Base Ball along with the sophomores and sold refreshments at the senior's Sadie Hawkins Dance. Our class picnic at the end of the year was held at Angola. Our advisor was Nlr. Tom- czak and our officers were: President, Robert Webster, Vice President, Marion Rebrovichg Secretary, Anne Stapleton, Treasurer, Nancy Phelps. ln our sophomore year we again participated in the Base Ball and sponsored a hayride. Mr. Tomczak was again our advisor and the oH:icers were: President, Bob Calzavarag Vice President, Doug Skeetg Secretary, Anne Stapleton, Treasurer, Nancy Phelps. Receiving class rings highlighted our junior year. The year was opened with the Snow Flake Ball but the main event was our junior- Senior Ball, with "Stardust" as a theme. Other events included sell- ing refreshments at the baseball games, selling pen N pencil sets and also selling charm bracelets. Ofticers of our class were President, Bar- bara Rohrg Vice President, Bob Calzavarag Secretary, Anne Staple- ton, and Treasurer, Nancy Phelps. Nr. Andre Hannotte was our advisor. The last year of our adventure proved to he a very exciting one. The main events were our Senior Play, "NVe Shook The Family Tree" and the annual Junior-Senior Ball. Our theme this year was "Blue Hawaiian Moonlight." Other activities were selling refreshments at the football and basketball games and selling Christmas cards. Our advisor for this year was Mr. Henry Sustakoski. We consider our main accomplishment, throughout our four years of high school, to be our Graduation. Clan Hixforian lf! Row: Calzavara, R.: Coughlin, K., Phelps, Y. 2nd Raza: Hutchinson, A., Po eon, M., advisor, Mr. H. Sustakoski. ,- V, PATRICIA ASNIUS Shes as swell as FRWEST BABEL I 1m as sober as 21 SANDRA BFINTLEI Her ways are they go 1nd rhls we fall know Judge ways of pleaiantness LPN I IN BI LFY I' Muixc 1nd women I cannot hut gne w1y to whatever mx lum new ns BARBARA BORLHFI Hu Dwddy I ROGER BONNI'R A ni I dxdnt hav w mt a brand new car enough on my mmd '55 11 -qi' Ni IC K U 1 , -1 . . r v v A L i . 4 A A 4. , - . A l - , an ' H nn ,I 4 . - . . Q Y ., . v , Y . H . . V , I . . , . H X v I . . H Q . , ' . . I . , - 1 . , . -W . . ki -1 H 1 H 1 V - H ,, .. . . . ki fl Jw .... I sf If f I 'K , Z e ,fig . , gin Q fx I H - A 'I I V . u. N I w - . .A .1 .I K , ir ' , I 5 5 .4 ' , ."" F.: li. J -' J: f " LiI:9f.T1',' ., , '-.I I .Q If 'Q ew M-XRIF BRIFHTFINFIEI D Mem and RODNPX BOW! R We mmm mt to lne 'N LXVCX BROWN ind LIY1CXIll'lgU1ShCd modesty make good comradex DUANI' BR-XLKPTT Is there a heart that ITILISIC cannot melt 'A 'md hwe to eat laughter sh lhCN the xkmes L AROI LHP AX -XLLI Pr: fnerofl ove ROGILR HRPXN ILR Do ll up Brewer 'xr"" 16 gg! 1 VPS 4 ,V ' ' ,A , , . I X' - v fkrf' i.,,' , ' ' , " - ' "rf .' . V T ,- ' sw . 1- . , t . ' fa. ' - L, 4 - ll x , V 1. ' , ' U -5,5 , v 4. - v X r v 4- rr - ' V v r V v .4 . . 1 , , - 1 . , . - . L . . . A - A , U - H 1- Ku Q 7 1. Y c . 7 . I ' Q . .. - - w .. , . ,, , i i . Y . . U . H . - X - f r. . g . . . ., , - s 1 Q . . , - i w' we 'T ' hzw 4 'f""e if ,V Q 5, '- if A 4 - V Q , H , B W X 2 ...QE , . x .L v . 1 5 1 .ge 5 4, K,-X'I'HI.liIiN COL'GHI,INf'K.-X way ofhcr PIDSUN BROXYN-"WhatX in Z1 name." VIRGINIA I'1IXi.-XR-"No sigm wt' Inu uwnf' ness does she xhmw, For pence shc'X rmmd 1 nice tr1Iinnw.,' -.1 HENRY BRI'CKI".R-"'Whcrc did yum get rhmc bright Ialuc cyan," xix Y XV :A L tiff K. Al..-XX BRl'NNlfR-H wlihu unlj' way cn get rid fn' rumpmriwn, if ru yigld rw ir," u SANDRA FIXDR-A"l'ix good to be marry and wiscf' LINDA FW JIJIN "My mind tw nu 1 Rf 3BI".R'IA CAI.ZA-XYAIiAs4'R:uxfin 15 nut 3-xiHgd1lITliN.U mcuxurrd by rife or heighr but Ivy principle." W 18 cz" We to-V '-ri' N' BI"I'IY AVN HAMMOND Ot ill our M -XRSH-XII CAPRIO Ihe mun w o GFRAI DINF HARLH Full ul fun and parts the eyes express the sweetest kmd of lvlushes ns not qulte 1 brute fancy free bashtulness DAXID LHP .U QALLI .XLR xmmgihlp jO-XNNI: HONSBPRCJPR Silence 1n M-XRN IN LROOP Centle ln method With in mglc to hh Cap woman IS hl-te speech ln man strong ln periurmfmce TWU? if 'H-1, vrf -4.5" I9 fl 'W GUINEVERE HOSTE If I had my life DON ALD DAVIELS The AllAmer1can to llve over Ov ARTHUR ELLSVN ORTH Ifyou re there before If S over you re on tlme JOAN JACKSON Let thls be a world of friends 2O MARGARET ILES Where dld Nou get Sour ey es of blue RON QLD GR 'XX BFAL God bless the man who 1l'lY ented sleep N J 'gf ,J X l Q Elia 5 MY' K ff A Q . gm A Y . 'sag . , A : 1 l. ff.-. - , - ,- kj' f ., V ' ' W " . u 1 ,. 5 L, xjsv" '- , , , . . , . 3 - W-4' 2 . 'Q Y f' . .n", f ' V f' 13 -Q' 9495 -' Q-..f '. lf..-,av ' .g A -- ' f4..','ff "--v1.4 .'v '1 'w ep., -V ff"-.fu ,,'I' , e '- 41.2 '. "-ffl' 'Q "U y I? 31' 51' ' V '- '. I-'NSY' '- ' " ' is Us Q Q . '. ' 1 v . ,1 - - . -f ' rw- gg fn 1 1 A '. 0 -,-5: r K Q f , 1 4- 5 - 1 - ,Q U 3 ' ,, 21: f, , ff, . ', .5177 .'.':g'3-r ' 5 , A ins 2. ' f , a 'f ' 1 . , .' J' '-fit. f 222 .. - V -M . ,. , . v '- . l . . - , . - ' Y' b H Y Y :rx ' - ' Y.. V , Y Y .. - f y -- ' 1 , 1 - u ' u ' , . H , , , , , . K if l ' z wy nw ' 1 ,A A 'few-f I 1,1-A we. . iv.: In M 6 ' . ,QQ 1 'C . K- '.v A Y 'WW DARTHFX JONATHAN-"It takes life J.-XMPS H-XLN H 'lJ'1Clx ot 'xll trade MLXBFI lxl EHN I could sly somethmsz to love llte and a Lund one at t at I llCllCYC I will DAVID HERSIffiw".-X little nonsense now and then, is relished lvy the wifext men." -as 'Us + . Li J ' M-5 0551? "Q," SHIRI PX PLXRKPR Dulltrx plux up .X 1 X XSUX ,mr on her mmd n rl UL ll' R v lttgn n ur lxrl L vs Ln xuur mmd mm I I I L xx thc Llutgh I mx rh u hr 3 lf 3-av '16 x 'V ?" UI I'-XHNI pw IH uid vx I Q rxLx N ill IL Ill 71 L Ill L Y mur rck ,.f I' -5. 'UN I NANCY l'Hffl.PS7"Shc ailxuiyx hm 'i wurd fir rum," RIAQN PINGI'I'URI"f- "Spi1rkiu. pup, GARTII NIQQUJY wimh, ulizir iiuiy iii RNI.-XX l,I'i'I'Rl'CiI"iY'-'AI cut. I drink, Vil'll,i1Hd xigur,11liwriippgdiipin gipurilirric within him hidg, rh-.ugh iingul im Tiilj ii md I xlccp wall, liiii rhzitk 3111" figure." ward side." guna-' 1...- W uf g, '?gFE'f' Y'-'I 3 .. 4 l .P K . A Q4 ' ' Y I :nh jl-IAN PRINTUP-"ll silence is golden, THOMAS MALECKl+""l'if wumnn,wum- PllAlZABl'l'I'.H RANDAXZO-UPYCYYB' f l'll be poor all my life." an, ruleb me still." Willli with, WHO' U1 talk Wlfh-H Rl DN,-Xl.l3 Nllilbl Dl,li--mllhc wurldl as ugly an xlI1,JlHd Zlllhrrxf :lx dl-lighrr'ul." 'f'S5-J' lag., 9 E ,il 5 v L w l X 34 - 'W KX ,Alva-1495. 'XIXRIUN Rl BROX ILH BL plrlgnf RX Nl! Nl S Stlll vs mfr run uv -X RPLBPX llkc IINIHE C mr rhgl fx 1 r mdrmvung xllm umua Lrg F U L rh X ill XX RILH-XRIDSHX Inrll L th IPRIS I mc Tl L lI'L QL If N I' flkl Kg Wiki' ,Q ' Jn... as , Q'-7-ag.. . A 5gqQ a,.,,-r , , ,,m'.,,:,,, ,f , - QM J. 2 rl-01 ' V: if v. 5 Ms., 1 ,T vig'-f-'QR vi, . 'EH 1 YA 1 X ' ', - if A A A' Q ' ' - 1 '- fi.-X Y . X' I 'Q 5 dnl .H RI'1'A l v iff".-Xrr, I' 1, 'A h - 11 "X," Q5 5 1' 1 " jg I -5 - 'h' '.U ,IPSIAS l DRI XUIA -f"I'h- Mft ingx in ,IAI , N . f f " l'nNu BRL' ' ' '1 f " "ull ur' fun L 1 'gnu lir'-1 -tr - rhg I urn- Nhdll 2llWAlf5 lm' "I YA H." 5 R , f by H- ,4 1 4 av f x r 1 i ? BI-ATRICIQ RIJSFXBICRCS f--"'l'lw milduxr mzmm-rx, :md thc gcnrlwr hp-nrt." 5. 4 5 I l RICHARD RA-XDUNS-'Alf xhull a1nditxh11n'rl-L-In is E 4 V ix I XIIL'H:Xl'fl, I'Kll.l4HN "HUM rhu lfwrri 1 1lIHC1IINiI1g.H he wxtty, -lI'Dl'l'H RUZI'I.l.If.--f"l1A thru lm d41r1u-bllzdfxthymic." it Zfm 'Q' i D-U ID R-XNXPX mu t gnmmh I IH Q -Xl vu In II-XXI RII I"1 I nexu' trouble trou NI' SIXII ON r tm NNI SLHL XIKLHIR LIT! U 5 H1 I gli her ln rr L vx Il ss rr xshll sg av sr- -,,, 1 Q' fu 2 ,X 1 , ,, X 'si ' c if . Q4 hy V . ' . 1 '-"lrK N A xr .1 HHIV' ' S 'H. ,I,liRf"lJffing --ll 1 d WVU. . . . . I '- - rnzlkc il dcalcffn rWCllf.n h2lPITif1L'XN2lTC rhp faxmu thing," ble: until trnulwlc rroululex mc." AN,'1 '. 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Cummingx, B.: Searcr, NY.: Cuxwri, Xl.: CllFlT1tT, D.: Dcflricx, S.: Hansen, l.. 27ld Rolf: Nliddzulgh R.: Schulrz, B.: Schultz, NI.: Ihmdry, bl.: Brand C.: Nlarlacla, B.: Hudomint, P.: Owen, C. jrd Row Nlr. Rnfullc: Mia-U, L.: Carey, l..: Sundown, D. Blifh, XY.: l.11cxe, A.: lxvlli, nl.: Cfrry, 'l'.: Gilxlu, R. Meyer, F.: Remy, R. .1'b.fer1!: Fry, C.: Clark, N. IQIROIQJl,11I'Lir.:!',lD.Ll'.ldI'Ed,N.2BX'f1WH,fX.1S11l'1IL:. S.: l.crx.rguy', vl. Jzzd Roto: BL-rndt, P.: Cnmminxgx, D.: lhzrkur, C.: Wallacf, ll.: NlcCffr.1..wc3l11lc, 'l'.: lYitlmp, .-X.: Ciwwclae, P. ,mi Rox.: Nlr. Nlgxrrlny Bazzhr, ll.: l.'1gul,C.1lxllNfIX,S.1 Brnxnfng, Nic' ffrnqri, lf.: Shqu , ..: 'll'-r, fl Q, '. .uk Roig: L' vu., H.: Chnl., NI.:Zirw:zmrmCn,,I.1 Rfliff, 5.1 Perry, 'l-.: Hmm, Nl.: l'ffrr:r, 'lf 'l'Lfz'71I.' Hundriux, R.: ljrfwlngur,l".:Smlrl'1, R.:5..llmnw1cf, R.: l.L1Rffcu:1, l'. 34 Junior Class lj: Rm.: iqlllgul. fl.: Rlmwn, N.: YYrfnf1xx:lf, -I Plwllzrulmck. l..1 Rfwmy, li.: llvnllxlcz. 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Holi: Xlr Iiclmrwn, Swlfm-X, XXHL, Rwwruh-ru, Ii., Sxgndwwn I., XIQC1-rmick, IJ, Palrkcr, Ix., Iwpur- wr1,C., I'mu-rx, Ii. jwi Roig: I,ljllI'ItN, S., Ilwxrc, AI., .-Xflrzlhnm, N., IIIIICC, WHL, Cfrxxlm-111, R., RMII, I., fmxw, cg. -jr. lax' .11 N m-.......- -.,..i..i... ,fs Rx I-4 ... ,H 1 I., XICQUI , lst Rox: Czimpm-II, VI., Ihin lr -v v -s 1 71, IJ., ISIJQIX, I.., Wr n , -. :mf Ruiz: L v.1 nu-rx, I,., Whip Lr fxwlux ., wa, I., Hr, IDL-mlmxvv. PI f urn Swzzdcr, If., Cummingx, I.., RL wx r Iprrx Nm X' A, l.-I Rox: Str'-mu. K., Il-Qxu 1 um, I'i.,5ZiIMI"NXY1,'I., Klum L I Hr IU zmz' Razz: King, If, ,Mm-N, C II rm gr L IIL'l'lfIL'f', C., IfzlI1L'I,I,.,XXQICI1 B Q NK Iir1m'n,jwI' Roig: Iiuglld, S., L1 dx 1 Ii I -X BQII, R., I'n.f,f'.u1CI1, IU., LJ I Ikrurx, K, II-'mx m IJ NNI .. , .,. 1.','Rc:.'.-bcnlrw.Ii.,l:::1::1:r 1 Ix Ur I W hciaf. X., I4-.1', K., Rw':.I: R Br Reis: IIp.:h, I., L :mg IJ.. Inu. 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Row: Glynn, NY., Znrlu, hl., Yatugcr, R., lmgun L., Cuulwn, D., NluCunlacy', NI. :mi Rox: Yanni, C., llnnuy, K., Bcdfurd, Ci., Snell, S., Cntntningx, Al., Budfurd, lf., Swgtdcr, R. jra' Kola: Flint, ll., Bar tul, ,l., Pulgurflcl, D., Fmdin, .-X., Grulwcr, il., Zim mer, IJ.,l.ngQl,I..,I'Umer,I...g1!1R0::.-jhhnxtm, R., Bl1CCcrl, ll, Halle, K., Pnnlu, R., Ground, P., Row- la1nd,,l., C1unpl1cll,lJ., Kt1l1lx,R.,NIt'. Knuh. Fiffh Grade fi III Rf, Klzttm-ru. bl., lxrtzgpt, Nl., Nuifgwdn, D Riltlwtk, lVJ.,Qll.1l'!...1Y'l, ll., N thftl-, Nl. Jud Roig Duuhn, ii., Xlztttmk, XX., Nltuklmlttzrg, C., DL lfriu, K., Nlztttany, l., Cwtnt. lf. llt-Ytmtmu. li 'l'clllt1glmNt, ,I.,:fm1' lx'f,i.: Nltflt-Al, l... Shuldnn, fi llilfli, XY., Stratton, l... lhtxk., H., Cxztnming-, I' lfdxxzttdx, Al., -Xlvrzttnx, ll., lhll. S., Kxflllcfxlxf, K Nlfx lllzidc. .JIU ROL: Nhzid-Nfl. K., Sfgltcr, -l., llux ,,, I., lntnk, lt., Il L . . yw, itll. A.. Whultr. l.., Rn-.. X Czlpf-tzzli, D., H'xtwr'l Xl ln t ax, ll. Fiffh Grade 151 Row: Fry, S., Blncl-cmure, j., Daniels, K., Davib, R., Dean, J., Reese, P., Swadcr, bl. 2nd Rox: -lohn mn, l.., Ellsworth, D., Skellon, j., Fiegel, J., Owen, J., Wiitlcowxki, B., Grundas, D., Fulcomcr, vl., Ed miner, BI. 3rd Roux- Mansell, M., McCormick, D. Keller, J., Conran, G., Bernhnrdt, D., Stevenson. I.., Wixeman, A., N10seS,l.., Mifs Hzzrtzler. 4111 Rout Yanliuren, N., Newman, R., Kittelson, F., Fixher, R., Huth, S., Cummings, j., lidmiater, A., Kingsley F., Ciurzynski, R. Q9 -..-5 F -ug - s ,.,,,,l iffjfii ffl Roar: Hruckcr, S., Smith, C., Pierce, li., Sm t R., Bull, Ci., Brugu, NI., C11wuri,l..2m1' Ro':a'.'Pz1r gr R., Yzinliurcn, 'li., Rcigle, C., Cancun, D., Dix taidcr, D., lhmlu, D., Pagclx, K., l.c:1vitt, Nl. yn Roicx' Nlrx. Stage, Hollenlwccla, R., Kwzindrzins Smith, D., Smith,P.,Pfit1lc,.-X.,Whitc, R., Haw D., Clary, bl. .plz Rolf: Kz1rl,G., Biixhhl., Bzlchr Brfmn, C., Schiirr, C., l':mdrj:, N., Bentley, lhiitlxrip, ill. lf! Rff::'.' 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Wicelaf. .ith Rox: Hurrill, T., Dickinson, B., Ha1hiar7,l.., Doctor, G., Kingsley, NI., Baker, K., Schoenwetter, P., Hnttaglia, -I. 111 lCf1:g.' llurm-, l.., Zola, ,-K., Hall, C., Hrxrdcn, ll., Rlllllltll, lf., Cinlpl, Nl., l.indkt', B. 2711! Relax' Ymifcy, K., lgmrtrncu, kl., l,ulsctiC, P., Kwizltlgmulai, B., jumpcr, NI., Bartlett, S., Bliclienxdertiur, K. jrd Rox: lirwtli, P., Kraatz, l,., Swadcr, IJ, Bull, R., l.irfin, K., Urn,-l, gl., Lcuvitt, P. 4111 Roca: Kuhn, li., lflinr, Al., Schulvt-l, D., Skiff, D., Rul-inwn, W., Riclmrdwn, Il, Lcgax, lf., Geracc, B., Witcwp, C., Nlrx. Swzirtx. liuai ,gf , I1 vlf 1:1 Rox: Biirdnncro, tl., Schultz, B., Sranlmury, NI. BiNl1np,XY,, Rcinlat-, C., Cr1rlwct1',N.3V1L1'R01L'.' Srfmu 'l',,XX'i1..,n,L'.,IitiXhintr,A., Sraiclwcll, K.,Hr1rrflt'r, v ,l., Schullur, S.,vl+ml1nvm, P. jrd Rox: Dcihting, .-X., Straw, IJ., Schmigtl, P., Klingclxmirh, S., Lauridxcn, Xl, lnirhrffp, li., Wuxuur, K., Nlrx. Xxillllillllv .jffz Au... l-niwy, il., Crum-, L., NlCl.cwd, R., l-vlxmg. U., Munn, ul., Cun1mingx,l..,l7ux,li. Q D5 ex! 1 a P' Fourfh Grade mf I LIIWL FU' I 'I ...hll' ' J Dux ral x x K 'lfll VN I XLT J Il l Ll N L L Y r NIL Xrr L riff u fr. Third Grade lffRffZL.'RL'lI'1lix', K.,firgml4u,l.., Kmxrzxxlxiusiu, ll. lluinhzlrdr, K., lliuup-mx, l'., lirunimg, X., SLllHL'l1 rhul, B., :Xl-rzmlmm, pl. .'r1fllx'ff:.: 'llpgw-rr, h.,ll.1.1N K., lfriul, 'l'., xllllllillfyll, R., Hmm-, W., -Iwrdzm, R, NIQNHIY, lll., lllcrmrlc, ll., lizllwl, ll., lllucyc, S. jwf NAIL! lirndluy, W., l'iurw, l.,, l'41rl4L-r, l'.,L'fmul1lir1 'I'., Cumminux, ll., ltlllnixrur, 'l'., .-Xxrnux, W. Nlvycrx, S., l'NFV'rIll, lJ,,X1iM Sllklhlfll. 1 1 Razz: llwru, S., Kmpurqk, .X., lfurrwrul, S. 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Schiilrf, G., Gfwral, .l., Pill-li,ci..?71d Rott: Cirmind F., Hellernf, C., Whiting, R., Smith, F., Cawidy M., Feldman, F., Wright, D. jrd Rox: Ciulpl, bl. xIfPl'lfXlllL', S., Ruud, M., Keppler, C., lauiridwn l.., Barrram, j., Bedfurd, I-1. ,uh Ruiz: Yanlluren T , Swift, S., Truglio, M., Fixher, R., Buhn. C-. Bucceri, D., Huehmnn, D., Mrf. Gill-ert. .1'L.ff'nt: hlcmivin, R., I.aRucca, M., Minnf, K., Suttiin, F. l.fIROZL'.'lXIL1Cl'l, R., lluulihan, F., Searer, M., Freier, l.., Suizitowy, F., Bitterrnan, .l., Hawex, XY. :rid RMC: Sundown, Y., Nicomeri, R., Swader, D., Winter, M., Kexsler, ,I., Trenelt, C., Hartwig, H. jrd Rott: Zetiers, S., Luwder, F., Scotland, D., Rn- dalph, M., Green, -I., Carger, C., Daviw,l,..j1l1RoLL'.' llvheat, V., Skeet, R., Logan, M., Leising, S., Burke, K., Swader, W., Alrmgge, D., Mn. Brock. Second Grade l.t1 Rate: Ilnkmr, R., Parker, K., Keppler, R., l'at'k, D., lljanuv, A., Klmgensmith, l.., Legel, M., Eclcermn, B. 271d Row: Remxen, -I., Xewcumlw, Nl., Park, D., Olson, S., Hnlecki, P., Schleef, M., Bed- ford, H., Dickinmn, S.3ra' Roux' Feldman, B., Utta- viani, I.., Fahey, ll., Rehwaldt, R., Mrs. Furd, Lathrup, C., Keller, bl., Wilwn, M., Cowan, B. .fth Roux' Hammond, R., Stratton, C., Snell, R., Row- land, T. .-Ibffnl: Dean, P., Finch, j., Lindke, C., Schukraft, M. i -I ..Q 151 Roar: Bordonaru, K., Scragg, M., Alneri, S., Clark, S., Liepe, B., Swift, T., Rosenberg, C. 271d Rolf: Mecca, R., Golpl, T., Brahmer, K., Swiarnwy, S., Reulwen, D., Hudnmint, D., Martiny, B., Bar- tram, R. jrd Rolf: Fclcermn, bl., Kumru, R., Wir' kowxlxi, M., Braucn, M., Stune, G., Diluzio, -I., Draper, l.., Steiner, .jlfz Rox: Cummingx, M., Geddef, S., Cummingx, S., Smith, nl., Pawliclc, K., Brubt, M., Fulcomer, j., Mre. Gerber. H ff V1 .K -5 14" K ' 2 N f A lm L IS rm L Il 1 N Nl ni I1 N li W1 -'J' ul L xp pr IS XI1 I' Brin lx IN lx I' Q ,'lI' 1 n T71 I I -"I f' J S , R 1 I X I rr X 'X- nv - ff., -,fr 4, Firsf Grade IJIROIL1' Huvur, .'X., I.uIwrIL', -I., XYirI4up, I.., Cum- minux, I3.,CumuunuX,5.,IYI1I1u,R.,CummIngx. II. I , V . . 31:11 lvf.:: Iizxlwp, I.., Ixrupxm, IJ., I'uIn-'11, II., ,luI1nxuu, ll., Srmtlm, I., Il:-Idmam, Ix,. IN runuvucf, I.,, Hurchingx, R. ,Wd Razz: .-XI-mhxun, -I., XMIM-11, IJ., Ifunrun, T., Kzlxpuruk, K., SI4uIIun, R., Srxdmr, 'I'., Iizuch, U., 'I'11yI+1r, II. WE Koi.: III-uIiI1zm, NI., iiruff, I., I.ImIvr'mgm, II., .'XIYIurI, I., .' A 1 , I. Riruff, W., NIuI,wd, IP., Winrur, I.. lil Ruin' I,uu:u1, Ci., XM-IIL-r, K., Ruwnlwrg, .I., I3IvuuIgl, ,I., Q zlywuud, IX ., NIuCI4, R., llux, I.. Jud' Knit. I'uIcun, P., NYz1II4ur, C., Yicrur, C., Ruggun, NI., Hume, -I., Koller, -I., XYUIAIQ, I ".. , KQTZIIHIIUFI- Nmrrcr, Y., Knuns, 15. Lyra' Rn-zo: Ciurxrung, li., Imurguy, I., .-Xnclcrwn, IJ., Negrfluy, C., Kumru, IJ., W.1lI,Ci,, Ruggcn, I'., I,2lT'IiL'I', bl. .1111 Rox: NIIH NICI'.w:m, NYiImn, B., UrunIwccIa, D., Ham, R., Kcllcr, ll., C:1IdvwII, D., Clark, R., Hurt, NI., Rich- zlrdxun, B. IJ! Row: fN1attiuIi,-I.,GuIpI, R., Blake, Nl., Guin- Zotti, J., Dclfrcis, D., Srabell, G., Dysard, If., Kwaitkowski, S. 2?1d Row: Keppler, W., Lloyd, I., Holtz, DI., Muck, R., Ulu, P., Miller, j., Berghurn, lf. jrd Row: Yuuvcy, 'l'., Spears, l.., Ruberrx, B., PIsncxCI'1I, D., Yuuncy, B., Hcllcms, C., Doctor, B., Mattei, A. 4111 Row: Homberger, Ii., Pacer, M., Meitz, D., Fcnglex, P., Truax, B., Fishcr, R., Vkvllfd, D., johnson, AI.,BI'1lHf, S., Kin. Murphy. F 4 fdiiak 15541,-wmv, nb 3 -fl 4. 151 Razr: Huxtu, K.,Duga1n,IJ.,NliIcx, K., .lcmimn S., Czuum, ul., .Ia1miwffn,,I., RwIvInNcm,R.,I'z1r'Ii,D 2nd Rolf: Iillix, -I., Qiroff, B., Cicddcx, ,I., Frier, R. Swininrxki, B., Schumukcr, j., Cummingf, D. BaIwl,S.31-dlfw.- BKJTdIIHllI'll,Ix1., Minnx, IJ., IViIi NI., Rwdgcrx, D., Cwvvzm, If., Duvix, C., Bell, NI. RuduIph, K., CIlIY'lf'DNI'iI, C. .plz Rozy: Baehr, K. Barrrzxm, M., Cummingf, S., SPCZIYN, D., liirtcrmun 46 M., Mi.. xmkwim. j., Bmmucad, ,l., Kumru, D., Curbcrr, A., Brcgu, F irsf Grade C on'f Bil, H.: .-Xlwrumx, C ,'r1ilfo:L'.' Rculmun, lig lmwdcr S.: lmxxirr, lJ,g lhrlxgr, N.: C-mul, lJ,5 Bflwur, DI. 1 lur, Xl. jlh Roca: fiurll-5, 5.3 Kraatz, 5.3 .Xndcrwrn lx.g l'ClL.lI7'IilI'l, L.: xlllfflll, llg Lblxlllg, Nl.g .luck B.g Klum Sglnfrurfllu. K indergarfen I I Reza: ll-Mlm-inf, l..g Purlxur, S. Jrm' Rox: Xl! Churchlllg l'lurL.lun, l'l.g Caldwell, Cl.g Ullmlmnx, LQ. Rculvgn, llg Suilcrt, R4 Hurlxu, -1.3 Kopucf, .-X 'jj xQ7'1l'R01L'.' Nluuglulwp-rg, R4 Yul'1rlwf,W, B4 .'xlH'1ll'!'IN ,Q -glfllrd, S.g Krew, -I.g l'r'anlfcr, D.: Uiurrf, lf. I nu, ll, .lb.wnt: llilflitf, C.: Rilvlwcla, Spvdur, l. 1 t Rolf: Nlccklcnlwrg, ll.: Him-rl.. VI.: Dickmx n X : Lcaultr, K.: NX'hirlw.-LMI.. .-Xx1u1:N,R,1 Knut. N 3 Hnrrl, NI. :mi Rug: Hlrrwggg, D.: Al"ll71NTw!h N 1 Ikuglw, l..z1ln.ui.1ni, llg Nlanwil, Nl,g KH! X, P.: lfdwgxrdx, D.: Paxrkur, l'm.j"..' NULL: Nlwlwki L g -lurdcn. llg Br-lckxvdy, nl.: lwnurr, lx.: lu-llur -X3 I'ml4, l..: Ril-lm-ck, l7,g lirurf, B4 Ward, ll.: Xliu Churchill. .lLVc'71f.' Kmnllik, S. ll! Rosa: liwwcr, Hg in-wrgc, l,.g Riuzlrd, li.: Huw wld, l'l.q llllllx, xl.Ql.'1WklL'I', llg R:1dm1nx,.l.:r1dRo:: Ywuwy, -I.g Schulrn, R.g Wirnalucr, R.: l'iKlQ-y, ll. Bluhm, ll.: llullrmx, Lfg Cwpc, N.jr'dRo1:.' Whir ing, R.g Srgmlfy, ii.g lfingur, N.: Higginx, Nl. llcllfvtuxt. lf! Roll: lfrl1Nt,u'.g ltnxrmm, C.g Yzmicc, D.: Nlwhn- xfm, ,li Sfllnluy, li. 37111, Rox: Fulcomcr, R.: Fuch- umzm, ll.: llflllcrmlwnk, Hg Puck, l..g Burden, Ru y Ilumkh.1l1n,I...1zl1lwqa.-Sm1rh,I'.gI5l.1M,S.1Ru:f lrcn, l..: flrucn, li.: lfmrur, :Lg -Iuhnwn, ll.: llurtz- lllzlflxluclx, 'l'.g llurchlnwn, R.: Srglffurd, RJ Klrx K indergarfen C on'i. 151 Rf,::',- Riqhgrrdwn, 'lfg RUIQQIII, R.: llittt-rmgtn, nl.: llzlttxt-C, lx.: Sr:1plt'trm, -X.: Sturt-th, R.: Nlztmrlng, ll Y hand R034-g ltrllgtck, R.: lfrrrrcftcl, li.: Sclrtllrrzlcllu vl.: Schultz, K.: Rmtgt, C.: Udall, lJ,1 Shttclt, ll jrd Ratt: Nllw Nlsllcr: Stung, D.: finrmt-rmam, C' Chllclx, C.: Huw, ll.: llvfllcn: l..: Nlttlt-xki, .l.: Klu- Ninger, B.: Bradley, l.. lf! Noir: Ril-lwck, Xl.: Wlrlfl, R.: xyC2lYL'f', l..1 Ai r11tux,C.:l5crtlwI,l..:Lltlnrnlings,llghltwnu, ll 321 Ruiz: Wlntnrx, lf.: lfry, R.: Schucnthztl, Nl.: Gil hum, bl.: Bcrnicr, CQ.: Bzxlwt-l, R.: l.indlit', B.j7'd Rott: MIM Nlrllerg llurmthztrm, Nl.: Rilwlwcck, lNl.:l.tfcl4h11lt ll.: Schrock, j.: Patrlwr, If.: Buttaglizl, P.: Springer, M. lr! Race: Kell-ccnlwcrg, R.: Sy, l..:Gllr:1l, D.:W:1rtX, R.: Spcder, R.: Bcglcrx, D.: Pawlicli, K.: Scmgg, Nl.: Prnpoxr, lf. 3211! Ruiz: Baker, S.: Hinmzm, ,l.: Rllwlwcl-4, G.: Ril-lwck, Nl.: Smith, G.: Chatpplnx, D.: Bcdtlfrd, xx-llliL'f:IL'ld, Klilflicli, XY.: Pac l1ITl1U1, R.: Smith, YY.: Cllllldtj A.: Swlattuwy, D.: Nlra, Pcntccmt. Branch School ru . we Wg :Haag li Xlrx. 1-larpxt - Branch Nfl, 1: The 1'-fllmving xfgflt-ntx :tru in Nlrx. llllfprflx Q 1 Rrncning, Al.: Ptrgul, D.: SflChZl, Ll.: Ihtgul lx Nchlfgfl, Schulgttl, nl.: Vfltxtttr, l..: ,lug ' ' ' ' tld 5 chat, Xl.: Lmurt, lx.: NIRIFIIN, l'.: lan: lqwr, fr. 534 A x P 'D iff RW-g Searcy, We Cummings, B.: Hitchcock, D.: Roland, R.: Briuhtenneld, NI.: Long, G.: Harch, l.: Bush M.: Park B.3r1d Roux' Bently, S.: Phelps, N.: Chamberlain, B.: Spath, K.: Keehn, .-X.: Goeselse, P.: Hammond, B.: -lonathan, D. Nlrs. Sw'yers,g:1'd Roux' Rooney, K.: Hudson, l..: Payne, C.: Clarli, N.: Baron, C.: Shepard, l..: Stapleton, A.: Brown N.: Hudomint, ll. .jtli Roux' Cain, lf.: lfhmann, -I.: Wilson, S.: Frost, D.: Honslxerger, -l.: Sutton, S.: Wiagel, ii.: Sinsel C.: Fox, ml.: Remsen, N.: fgoda, D.: Abraham, .l.: TilII1NllilCVVlCY, l,.: Rovelle, .l.: Hiddaugh, R.: Schleeli, fi.: Silloway .l.: Palmreuter, S.: Nlietf. l..: Hoste, G.: Hrackett. D. jfli lx'o:z': -luliano, gl.: Rannev, D.: Callavara, R.: Tadio, 0: Gerber bl.: De Young, B.: NIacCoy, CQ.: l.aese, .-X.: BllICf'L',fl-1 XYL'llX'CI',I..1lldI'ltJfUlZl,.l.1 Hammond, XY.: Finger, R.: Caprio, lf. Accompanists' Margaret and Ruth White. The school year Iogf-A was an interesting one for the members ot' the Varsity Chorale. Com- pared with last year it's membership increased from jo to 65. This increase made it necessary to purchase more robes. Pennants were also purchased to be worn with the robes, which were an ad- vantage to the Chorale's appearance. :X pledge was written as a promise for every member to be loyal and continually show interest in the Chorale and it's activities. This pledge increased the ideals and spirits of the Chorale memf bers and it is hoped that it will continue to do so in the years to come. Along with the Varsity Chorale, the Senior Band has spent a busy year. liarly re-organization of the various sections ot' the band, which took place in the beginning ot' the year, provided music for school assemblies and pep rallies. The band also spent much time in preparation for the annual Spring Concert. This was the year's biggest project. A trip to a Band Festival was also planned to give the band the experi- ence of performing before rating judges. Nlany of the members also participated in the Instru- mental Solo lfestival which was held at Fredonia State Teacher's College. The concluding event of the band was playing the stately Ponip and Circumstance at the graduation exercises. l.f!R0l'.'RCH1srH, N.: Hammond, B.: Keehn, A.: Nay man, P.: Gerber, ll.: Pingitore, B.: Nlarlaek, S.: Xxiinsluw, K. 271d Rffzcs . Calfavara, R.: Blueye, Q.: Pingitore, G.: Remsen, S.: Brackett, D.: Weaver, I..: Nloses, B.: Fox, gl.: Tadio, C.: Wagile, Ci.: Cummings, D.: Rugg, Y.: Hoste, ,l.: Richards, fi.: l.aese, ,-X.: Nliddaugh, R. jwz' Hellert, ,l.: De Young, B.: Wciler, B.: Cain, lf.: Markelg, H.: Place, W.: Ciesner, D.: Carlo, R.: Charles, NI.: Gerace, A.: Wicker, ,l.: NlcCormicl4, Nl.: Zimmerman, K.: Dickinson, D.: Smith, R.: Weaver, ,l.: Pagels, B.: Bell, R. l v if V4"?" Y l - A - Y , IJ! . . t , 1 9 FW 1'-fl.. le0CL'.'CLIIT1l'TllY1gN, li., Phulpx, N., XYrunwwicL, Y.,Chaml1crl4un, B., Rnlnnd, R.,Su:1rcr, XY., Hcntlcy, S S., Brightcnhcld, Xl., llw,Nl.,Il.1rch,ti., BllNh,Xl.,l71lt-li,B.,Bl.1Cl-i,Y.,Nlrx.Swj'rrX,3H11' Ruta: Hitch, , . . . , . , . . , um.,lJ.,Urg1pcr,lt.,Hanging-r,S.,.ltm1ttu1m,l..,l'r1ntup, DI.,Rwm-n,R.,l'1nu1tun-, lx., liuvvcr, .-X.,lla1rnV muncl,li.,Sfhalllt-r,.ll,,fittuxlw,l'.,,l+uu1tl1z1r1,lD.,lluduuunt,l'.jnIlx'ff5g.'Ruunt-3,K.,llutlWn,l.,,llclcl- e 1nz1n,Ci,,l'l:trlf4,Y,,li:lr1u1,C'.,lltuwun,l..,Sp.tuth,K.,l..tRucc41,lf,Wruruwvicful., Suntlftwn, N1.,C'm-ul, N., IXXINHS, l'., Run-llr, -I., Slut-ptmi, l.., lirtmwn, N., l.--nu,,I,,C:tW1:ri, Nl., RlU1Ql1ll!H,fX., Nlqllwlxi, K., n QQCNCHII,X.,,lUl1T1v1!1, N. .fth 16015:fywut-ymlxi, H., lfluu.tn, Al., lltmxlwrm-r, rl., NIuL'urn1it'k, Nl., li-ntp Cmnt, C., Schultz, ll., Sutton, S., Sinwl, C., Schultf, Nl., Rurnwn,N.,Whitu, R.,XXlutv, x1.,.'XliI'1lll1lIU,,l., F Smith,S.,Cirx1lmnxt:1ttur, C.,litml1r,l3., Schlcufv, fi., Pgllmruutur, S.,llfnxtL',ff.:Xu'11t71p11r1lxtStalpln'twl1,.'X. O f G lee u b s Boys Silluwny , tl. Accmnpnnixt, Q11lllllV1lY'il, R. Girls IJIROZL: P.1gL-lN,XY., Rnnnuy, l5.,Ca1priff, lf., Wktflplwt-r1,li., Sundown, ll., xlltlf, l.., Brxzclxt-tt, ll. gm! C Rox: Nlucftly, G., Brunner, .-X., lnluw, .-X., Yzlcmr, C., llgunrn-tml, XY., Blu,-yt-, Q., xllkltlllllklll, R., l Ciirls IJ! Row: Kleparel-a, N., lirrick, lx., Ciurzynski, S., juliano, j., Bower, B., Martin, B., Parker, M., Charles C S., Schleef, bl., Wilson, Nl., Rosenluerh, N., Hall, lf. 2nd Roar: Camplvell, ,l., Wronowicz, R., Midecke, B., lilawer, S., White, S., Sanderson, I., Clear, B., Nlclrod, M., Blackmore, D., Parker, B., Chapman, M., Hessler, N., Chamlwerlain, D., Glena, l.., Riggio, A., johnson, S., Poodry, il., Adams, sl., Mrs. Swyers. 3rd Roux' l.indke, tl., Moore, il., Fox, li., llogue, S., Deinhardt, P., Sundown, C., Powers, F., Moses, N., Hyder, E., Honeslwerger, V., Keehn, A., Shernam, D., Clear, l.., Nilfgodzl, C., Bower, l-., Hellert, l,., u Dzlguano, C., Ciurley, tl., Pingitore, fi., Nl:1ssz1ro,S., Harrington, lNl.,Pz1gels, lf., Kaul-man, Y., Klepnrelc, P., Cescon, ul., Wheeler, l.., Zimmerman, li., Randazzo, l,., DeYoung, Nl. ,zllz Razr: Relvrovich, R., b Foster, P., Fahey, M., Bednar, C., Cummings, Nl., Grover, C., Campell, N., Kelkenherg, j., Brown, R., Yanpell, W'., lvlilsf, R., Bracliett, D., Wleiler, B., Parker, M., Roll, ,l., Kraatz, S., Wlinslow, K., Asmus, ,l., Martiny, M., Alwrziham, N., Binga, K., Ross, tl., Hellert, J., Charles, lf., Alwraham, bl., Welch, B., S Cow:1n,l.., l.ong, Nl., Pentecost, hl., Scotland, S., Weipert, D., Bl:1cl4,,l., Faitheringham, l.., King, Y., Hudson, D., Sutton, Remsen, S., Witt, B., Bedford, B., Bittermzin, C., Bulmel, P. Accompzlnist, Dickinson, D. lx! Kats: Nice, F., Wihite, R., hluliuno, nl., NleCoy, D., llersee, Ci., Strong, R. 27Id Rott: Xlr. Comfort, Aquino, D., Pe-Queen, -l., Burdick, ,l., l,L1Yis,W'., Brzickert, D., Bontrager, D. ,Qrd Rf,-rc Finger, R., Bell, R., Weaver, L., Gerace, 'l'., Sundown, N., Fisher, R., Nice, A. 'X Boys Q? X I 6 lf! Rox: Remfen, -I.: Kedvierxlti, R.: Finch, l..: Thomax, S.: Ntfllgfbdll, D.: Nlawaro, N.: Powerx, Elemenfary Band Treble Clef Choir K.: Chapman, D.: Krieger, Nl.: Hutchinxon, Nl. JI111'R0ZL'.'fiCoTl1L',l'v..1C2ll'lIr,Nl.:xKllNUI'l, R.: XYeiler, K.: Zurlo, ll.: Fahey, Nl.: Cummingx, NI.: Youxey, C.: Bruning, B.: Tippelt, S.: DeYoung, B.: Nlarriny, lf.: Nlrx. Kopp.jr'dRo1c'.' Nlietf, l..: Ciurzynxlai, S.: Why ner, K.: Bcdtord, lf.: Nluclxlenlaerg, C.: Blueye, H.: Barrel, -I.: Nanni, C.: Ball, S.: Stralton, l..: Hellert, Al.: Brock, C.: Cummings, P. .fllz Role: Alwramx, G.: Kyxer, C.: Nlzmxell, Nl.: Bixtoff, Nl.: Schultx, l..: Bedford, fi.: Bettio, l..: lfuxtur, l..: Hurley, N.: Drachcnlwrg, C.: Nice, S.: Bitterman, C.: Cumminga, A.: Keller, hl. jtli Rats: Gurlwer, N.: lyhieler, D.: NYitkowxlLi, bl.: lfeauglex, lf.: Smith, S.: Zimmerman, l..: Bliah, K.: lfxperxen, Ul.: Printup, A.: Finger, H.: Schultz, D.: Got-xqke, ll.: lfrodin, A.: White, l.. Violin Class lf! Razz: lindlae, B.: Kedfierfki, R.: Stone. T.: Corbett, B,: XYe:u'er, K.: Danielf, K.: Yotiscy, K.: Lasse, H. end Razz: Nluntville, D.: Tippett, S.: Straw, D.: hlofelyn, KI.: Bahiarz, l..: Kcehn, Pi.: Lathrop, B.: Grotf, l'.,:ri1' Rox: Weiler, K.: Nlartiny, F.: Mansell, NI.: Brock, C.:Par-l-1,NI.:BIecl4lcnlierg, C.: Yousey, bl.: Carlo, NI. JM Rats: Mrs. Fxperfenz Kabperek, T.: Bedford, F.: Bitterman, C.: Paxk, B.: Wheeler, D.: Srulwer, ul.: Blueye, H.: Cll1I'lf'IhKi, S.: Fox, G. jth Rox: Cummings, P.: Polaoiwki, D.: RLlgg,xv.1SChL1lI7,Tj.lTTlUKl,S.lSIT1iIl1, S.: Finger, H.: Gurley, N.: laundson, l.. 53 lf! Roto: Leavitt, D.: Friel, Drachenlierg, C. XYlIKUW'Nlxl, Xlietz, l..: Flint, rl.: Pat-li, M. Ceiwner, Ci. :nd Rox: Pagels, K.: Zimmerman, I.. Dlclwnxfm- B-Q Dil.uLio, J.: Tryon, S.: Gruhcr, j. Muflflff, D.: Bcw, j.: King, H.: Swanson, Cum mir1gF, Nl.: Schuller, S.: Stabell, K.: De Young, A. IJIWVCNCM ,l. ,Qui Rox: Mr. Stapleton: Hutchinxfin D.: Wilxon, R.: De Young, B.: Bucceri, D.: Feaglef F.: Yllcger, R.: I-Wmer, L.: Ahramf, G.: Walterf S.: Radunx, B.: Perry, D.: Berry, j.: NIacCoy, B. Becker, S.: Stratton, l..: Blueye, H.: XYalter5, YHUEUU R-l Tl'1"fNH:, S.: Powerx, K. .ffh Roux' I.itfin K.: Harrrzim, T.: Bicrneclci, T.: Wblfe, K.: Poodry S.: Zola, A.: Reigle, C.: Roggen, F.: Schmigel, P. Flor, A.: Kraatz, l..: Schoenwctter, C.: Gerace, A. Pal-li, YY.: Blish, K.: Yoder, S.: Tinney, T.: Rod gers, R.: Ball, R.: Delrlyx, R.: Borden, D.: Schultz B.: Hall, C.: Hart1ler,j.: Cherry, R.: Ncuroth, L. Grover, R.: Drachenlwcrg, NI.: Fix, D.: Hutchinxon NI.: Newman, R.: Finch, l.. jtfz Razz? Nlurray, B. Yoder, T.: Oriel, Paugh, G.: Kraatz, L.: Cur- phey, B.: Burchill, G.: Kingsley, F.: Cummings, -I.: Gihhf, NI.: NIacCoy, B.: Esperfon, j.: Ground, NI. Ciurzynslai, R.: Swader, R.: Schlecf, DI.: Almraham,j v If fr Cowan, W., Kurasfkiewcf, l.., Ronelle, ,l., c .1 ler B., Cain, F., Nlr. Brown. .?71d Roux' Staple- A Sutton, S., Wallace, X., Grover, C., Cum- n ni. NI , Martiny, NI., Nlalecki, K., Charles, PH, I L L B ,Cowan,l..j1'dRoZL'.' Rohr, H., Asmus, P., Brown N., Schleet, G., Shepard, l.., Coughlin, K., Clark P Ciurzynski, S., Zimmerman, K., Moses, NI Briqhtenheld, M., jonathan, D. 4111 Rox: Smith, B Enstrom, B., Sulimowicz, R., Corel, H., 'Nloses B , Pask, F., Frey, N., Yaeger, C., Kraatz, S , Bower R., Croop, Nl., Cal7avara, R., Casseri, N1 NN asner, S., Reuben, R. Sfudenf Council The Student Council of Akron Central School was formed to unify the various activities of the clubs and organizations in this school. Such projects as the Community Chest Drive, Foreign lix- change Program, Splash Parties, scholarship and Career Day were the main accomplishments of this year's council. Numerous other activities took place including the running of a Supply Store, provision for music in the cafeteria, Special Awards Assembly and an Amateur Show. This was a pretty successful year for the council and the support ot' all the students was the best that it has eyer been. Having a foreign student with us, ,lesus Odrioxola, was a truly worthwhile experience and one that many ot' us will never forget. Akron Central's Student Court was organized to give the members of the student body a voice in the discipline ot' the students. If a student were given a ticket, he was to appear before the court, which consisted of Chiel',lustice, two seniors, twojuniors, one sophomore and one freshman. The defendant presented his case and the monitor theirs, and then the court was to decide the guilt or innocence ol- the student. Sfudenf C ourf liriegler. 54 Klr. hl. Monahan, advisor, discusses the aim or t e Student Court with: B. Brucker, K, Caualin B Schaller, D. Cheavacci, A. Cory, ,I. Riggio, and NI T 'Q Q 151 Row: Rooney, K., Cummings, NI., Grover, C. Malecki, K., lfldred, N., Mr. Hood, Kuraszhiewicv, l,., Johnson, N., Medole, L., Long, J., Wngner, I. end Row: Palmreuter, S., Nicometi, R., Lederhouse, S., Snell, j., Schumacher, D., Nl:1rtiny,NI., Flor, -I., Rundauo, A., Cescon, N. jrfl' RODS: Sargent, B. Smith, R., Draper, F., Bower, l.., Hanson, I.. Clark, N., Allmrecht, R., Taylor, A., Frey, N. Sillaway, J., Sliiff, D., Garrison, R., Weaver, ,l- Chamberlain, B., Casseri, BI., Pingitore, li. Monifors Chi Omega Hi-Y IJ! Row: Pres. Bentley, S. 2nd Roux' Vice Pres. Brightenheld, NI. 3rd Row: Treas. Phelps, N. 4111 Row: Sec. Brucker, B. jfh Razz: Chaplain Palm- reuter, S. lift Io right: Smith, S., Sutton, S., Staple- ton, A., Rozelle, j., Brown, N., Malecl-ci, K., Hitch- cock, D., Klehn, NI., lles, NI., Cummings, B., Park, B., Remsen, J., Wronowicz, LI., Wagner, S., Long, J., Goeski, P., Plhman, J., Hudson, l.., Wilson, S., Schleef, G. Advisor, Mrs. G. Smith. During this past school year the Chi 6511162521 Hi-Y Club, under the direction of Nlrs. Geraldine Smith, has sponsored a dance and given ll tea for the seniors. They collected clothing for Goodwill as at pzirt of their W'orld Service program. The clulu has taken several educational trips and sent representatives to the Hi-Y Conference. lndusfrial Arfs prio, F., Wagner, J., Bednar, D., Ciurzynski, l Hollenliecla. Ist Roar: Wickham, l.., Gibb, R., Yaeger, C.. ,lac son, G., Ranney, D., jones, C., Taylor,A.,W:1lter R., Schlegel, G. 2nd Row: Bower, R., Meyer, Blish, XV., Shaw, G., Shimmel, R., Sylor, nl., Carlo R., Blicliensderter, W., Bartrum. ,l. 3rd Rox: C Lggsc, ,-L, Rogers, W., Pass, F., Cvraybeal, R Cowan, T., Sutton, l.., Nliddnugh, R., Frey, Chenvacci, D., Huth, P., Ciroff, Ci., Raduns, T., lr Nafional Honor Sociefy IJ! Roxy- Wflwftcr, R., Rozclle, j., .-Xymus, P., Skeet, D. 2nd Razz: Hurchinwun, A., Stapleton, A., Ruhr, H., Brighrcnficld, M., Mr. Allyn. Infernafional Club 'Hu Ir1u-rnnri1m.x1 L'iL.l1,,x.ndur uhm wpurxixiun U IhL1r41dx1-wr, Mr.llulw'ig,diXuLrkwtwpluym-rr1r1cr1r rf, xwrld RIH-llifr. In nmuxuimrx nm' NI. IMIL-Hn, I iiUl','liC, L. Iiramd, :xml R. L:1111u.1r'1. :6 i Library Sfaff I.: Roig: Bxxxh, Nl., Qh21ITlT'L'Vl.llH, B., limrp, Cy, rx, Hmh, Smwl, C., Clark, P., 'lkxrm-r, N1. gm! lvfza: Rm-my, K., K'ilI'IIlL'l', U., Harch, ii., lludw, ntznr, l'., llmiwrn, l,., .Ifm.1rl1L1n, l.., Black, X. Brgunutf, IJ., Xlnrkuk, H., Spaurlm, K. ,mi Kola. Ilylfiw, S., Xlcllfrnnick, NL, Fnfhmur, C., Rum nn, N., Slhlllil, B., XYhu.1t, N., H11nXcm,I,,, Drqptr T7 Q-v l!'f F ufure Farmers Isl Roux' Pagels, W.: Owen, R.: Brown, F.: Brucker, H.: Witt, J.: Croop, BI.: Schukraft, P.: Hmm, F. Deahn, D. 2nd Roar: Keller, R.: Blower, N.: Bart- lett, K.: Bushuver, D.: Pussinger, F.: Kclkenlwerg G.: Muses, G.: Rickwailt, D.: Rosenberg, R.: Flls worth, .-X.: Cummings, K.: Owen, C.: Mr. Rorelle 3rd Roic: Cook, R.: Zywlczynski, D.: Karnitz, R. Wik, bl.: Kraatz, K.: Kraatz, S.: Bruning, B.: Zim- merman, J.: Carey, l..: Trinkl, R. Fufure Homemakers lf! Ratt: Tinlihani, S.: Kluwer, .Lg hlgrclgyiin, Solotcc, S.: IJLRUCCLI, P.: Hudcqminf, P., D1-Hgh- cnlwcrg, D.: Kuropatwii, Taylor, D. Zfld Ra-: Sinsel, C.: Wiallace, D.: Wallace, N.: Lederhousc S.: Berndt, Bl.: Zywiczynski, B,: W'heat, j.: Logan, ,l R C ' Mciscr, D.: Ilollcnlwck, l,.g Smith, R.: Black, Aw B.: Tcsmer, M. F ufure Nurses lf! Raw: Nichols, R.: Must, R.: Brown, R.: Van Pell, W.: Benteen, B.: Kellaenlwerg, bl.: Witt, B.: Sandcrstin, bl.: Srylwr, j.: Eckert, T.: Alulwey, S. Zlld Ro-tv: Hrs. I.. Bricht-llcr: Wheat, Ii.: Hcllcrt, I..: l.indlLc, hl.: Tinkhzlm, S.: Wilson, S. .: Printup, S. jrd Rare: Miss Churchill, Roland, .: Dclfrics, S.: I'llld'll'TllY'lI, bl.: Bcrndt, P.: Grulmer, Sixfh Grade Dancing l . Demonstrating a dance step to the class :ire , i White and B. Pingitore. 151 Row: Carlo, D., Rozelle, i R., Brunner, j.: Hoste, j., Solotes, W., Witt, R., f i Whitbeck, K., Place, W., Roland, A., Fisher, R. 2nd Row: Mr. Dembrow, Bower, B., Cory, S., Rig- gio, A., Hogue, S., Massaro, S., Long, Nl., Powers, E., Wheeler, L., Black, j., Scotland, S., Welch, B., Fotheringhnm, l.., Wierpert, D. Folk Dancing lil Razr: Brady, R.: Yeager, R.: Nlzissziro, X., Cur- phey, B., Park, Nl.: Nanie, K.gSh:1w, D., Wagner, Kg Becker, Mann, fi., linney, R.: -lohnson M., Logan, l.., Bednar, ,l., Ciiiifotti, D.: Thomas S. 3nd Row: Mr. Duguziyg liriinning, B., Parker R., Schmiegle, Nl.: Rowland, D.: Nichols, fi.: -lem ersnn, D.: Hediiird, l., Driichenlierg, C., Berry,-I. l,indlic, D., jute-r, Ci., Perry, D.: Wronowicf, P. Birtermcn, Ci., Driichenlwerg, Al., King, ll., Schleeti, il., Zurlo, nl. jrd Rox: Foster, l.., Walters, C.: Sny- der, H.: Fatheringhnm, R., lloulihan, li., Burchill G., Mansell, NI.: Hartnett,H,,Cory,.l.,Pz1cer, R. Gruber, bl., Cummings, A., Tryon, S., Bcady, D. Asmus, .l.: Poodry, D., Alvrnms, G. 401 Row: Zim- merman, l..: Xlacfoy, L., Barron, B., Carmer, j. Cooper, fi., Bucceri, D., Mncfoy, B., Wiitlaowski nl., Kow, D., Feagles, lf., l.ogle, L.: Bedford, G. Hinds, P., White, I,.g Prinrup, A.: Finger, D. Cummings, S.: Schultz, l.., Cierace, G. 5th Roux' Fspersen, ,l., Zimmer, D., Finger, H., Bromstead, ul., Trinlcl, S., Dickenson, S., Rnspericla, K., Cescon, T., Ketrleson, H.: Mnrlwle, R., Relweck, I-1.,Alimhnm, N., Cummings, ul., Black, D., Hale, K., Smith, S.: Schultz, D., Hero, j., Frodin, A. .lunior Drama Club lft Row: Long, Nl.: Sutton, S., Parker, D. :nd Roux' Bliclaensderlrer, Ci.: Carlo, D.: Riggio, .-X.: CwWi1Y1, l..: Wilson, W., Rooney, fi. i w 151 Row: Kwzlmlai, li., Trugliu, R., Harvey, D., Packman, R., Wickham, L. 21111 Raw: Mr. Latko, Carlo, D., Blickenbdcrter, G., lidmineter, W., Linke, T., Bedford, D., Burdick, J., Bower, J., Yeager, M, jrd Row: Hosta, bl., Rogan, WL, Bruclacr, H., Kraatz, K., Pagele, W. Airplane Club lx! Ro-zz: Lindke, T., Burdick, j., Bcdtbrd, F., Mr. Zimmer. 2nd Row: laters, L., lildred, B., Kashubzz, D., Swacler, D. Sfage Crew Posfer and Workers Club 151 Row' Martin, B., Park, M., Sundown, C., Mmm, NI., Xayman, P., Bentley, C., joncb, G. end Rox: White, S., Sargent, B., Grabenxtatter, C., Shankf, G., Heldmnnn, G., Baehr, D,, Sundown, jimi Roux' Mr. Yulentc, Smith, D., Trulia, S., Haun, DI., Place, B., Edmibtcr, W. 59 151 Row: Lacsc, A., Ellsworth, A. End Roux' Burrill, D., Keno, R., Bushovcr, D., Albrecht, li., Webster, R., Schukraft, P., Odriozola, J., Harvey, B., Groff, LQ., Geracc, A., Mr. Yossler, Owen, C. Chess Club 151 Row: Bontccn, B., Brown, R., Brucker, B., Cum- mings, B., Phelps, N., Brackctt, D. 2nd Ryze: Mr. Zimmcr, Ycugcr, C., Pentecost, C. Senior Drama Club 151 Rout XX hcat, h., Schumacher, D., Rohr, B lfrudin, I.. :nd Rox: Mr. Yosslcr, XYrr1n41vvicf, Y Smith, S., Rcmsen, LI., Halccki, bl., Rclvrfwich, R Yyclwstcr, R. Greaf Books Club Junior High Science Club lit Rau: Cwry, S., Blickcnbdcrfcr, Ci., Bedford, P., Powere, li., Nlr. Dcmlwrow, Bower, D., Davir, W., Cummingf, L. :mi Row: Espcrfen, C., Whrrlrcclc, R., Cciencr, B., Hurtranrit, L., Teller, P. Camera Club 151 Row: Shepard, L., Teller, S., Nicomcti, F., Rem- scn, N., Markcla, B., Czlrmcr, D., Bruckctt, D. 2711i Row: PeQueen, j., Frodin, L., Richards, G., Hcllcrt, D., Ruhr, B., McCormick, M., Gcrlvcr, j. jul Rox: Mietz, L., Sundurwn, W., Covcl, H., NTLICCUX, G., Caprio, Nl., Perry, T., Ricster, W., Lcturgy, -I., Huth, R., BlcCurquodulc, T., Mr. liclterwn, Well. ster, R. Senior High Science Club 15: Rox: Cumming, B., Brucker, B., Rowland, C. 2nd Row: Mr. Blartiny, Rrcgcr, M., Richardf, G. Smith, R., Sulimuwrcz, R., Gerber, bl. jrd Rot: Harvey, B., NlacCuy, G., Caprio, KI., Homlverger, B., Perry, T., Sl-Lest, D., Charles, BI., Skiff, D. Covel, H., Klcfforquodale, T., Stapleton, T., Wilbon S. Visual Aids IJ! Row: Kashuba, D.: Swader, D.: Mr. lfckerson: Haun, M. The Audio Visual Aids dept. directed by Mr. Eckerson has been responsible for orgzxnif zation and distribution of all materials and equip- ment ot' audio or visual nature for the secondary school. The student members of the department have performed all but major repairs on all types of equipment and are also responsible for operating the auditorium and stage equipment. The number of hours these students devote to such work is notable. Senior Yorker Club - l.SlR0TL'.'.3tlHl'2illa1"n, N.: Deinhardt, P., Wheeler, l..' Charles, F.: Moses, M.: Sundown, C.: Powers, lf.: Bitterman, C., Fwald, S.: Nayman, P.: Xveiler, B, 2nd Roux' Mrs. fi. Brown: Pask, lf.: Pingitore, G.: Sutton, S.: Zimmerman, K.: Huth, M.: Dickinson, D-C CCS OH, ,l.: Babel, P.: Remsen, S. jrd Roux' Roy, CHC, R-2 Wlkfif, ,ld DeYoung, T.: Fdwards, C.: Hei' man, D.: Witt, R.: Finger, R., Putvhach, D.: Miller, R.: Blish, -I.: Bell, R.: Cook, R.: Hersee, fi.: Brun- ner, J. Sevenlh Grade Yorker Club Lf! Noir: Blackmore, D.: Rusk, Nl.: Hyder, lf.: Kluwer, 5.1 llzill, lf.: lfrrick, K.: Chapman, NI.: Klepurek, N.:iileni1,l..:VN'ilson, Nl.: lidwards, Nl, :rid Ro-qc: Mrs. ti. Brown: iiurley, ll.: Hessler, N.: Fox, li.: Ross, j.: DeYoung, Nl.: Smith, R.: :Xbra- hnm, ,l.: Hudson, D.: Sutton, 5.3111 Razz: Aquino, D.: lrudell, R.: Rooney, Ci.: ilranke, D.: lfnstrom, XY.: Taylor, D.: lfrodin, D.: Grofi, R.: Summe, G.: Remsen, D.: Nice, F.: George, .-X.: Parker, B.: Poodry, ,l.: hluliano, Ci.: johnson, S. Fm C linlc I5.1ehum'r L'XVl.1IY1X rhe d....u .1 mul .lv K xml, 1.: lim.: L..p.uh11n, lx Nl Xlrx. H N bulhl In 1.1:h.m, D.,llu1ecAi, I. , D., lrderhoxsc, 5., Qvrlwnvzner L 'c'11.1u11cl1Lr, ll., .lCl1L'll:T, BurCl'1CI'E, B., 41 nd xs11,Nl.,Wz1wn, w J .lunior Red Cross 1,A!lfaTL.' Nledffle, S., Reiwruvich, R., S11ndcrwn,j Stahl, -I., Benteen, B., Spuerh, K., Sylf1r,MI.,AXnm j..?7I!j1cOILL.' Rww1zmd,C., Kclkcnlwrg, J., Witt, H lgudzl, IJ., Iwegl, ff., Xxllwrfl, Sq Snndzrwn, XX Hgllzdxz, rl.. NIV. Hznchullur. Tickef Sellers 15. Cfmuvm Llixplzlyx tickulx Ihr the rullwvvng wllcr Cuwzm, l.., lkrmrwmr, .I., Nlglrriny, -I., Lumming M., Ciruver, C. Sfclllzlllllf' Skeet, IX, NI.1cL'uy, fi llutchinwn, .-X., Axrnux, P., l.uz1t', Y., Swqlcrh, K Chczlxzlcci, LA., Nlrx. Y. Smirh. 'rf 535' 0 fl 0 Fourth Grade Choir l.'llx,0Ii.'l,lY1dKL',B.,Hlxllflp,XX-.Q!1vl:l,.An.Qxlilfllwll l CJHiU'flL'ff,5.1Sl'll1lfl,ll.Qlli1T'fLlUI',Al.QllllVwCN,.l. I -Imhnwn, l .4 Flint, D.: Kwandrand, Al.: l.awrence nl.: Bftfdllllilffl, Al. Jud Raza: lutten, U.1Cnrlwett, B. Truax, F.: Kraatz, l..: Cimr-F, P.: Staeltell, C. SPiltjYl1,.l.Q XYt-aver, XX'ilwn, C.: Frey, U.: Ynuxey' K.: .-Xltierl, S.: Nlurray, B. jrd Rf,:z': Nlrx. Kflpp Prentice, R.: l,aexe, H.: SCl'l2lllL'l', 5.3 Cherry, bl. Straw, D.: Ytmxey, K.: Kraatz, l,.1 Schlrnlgel, P. Delltnng, .-X.: Dickenfun, B.: Keehn, li.: Pmldry' S.: Bedrrwrd, R.: Stone, T. .1111 Rats: Baker, K. Geraee, H., Walterx, VI.: Curnmingx, l..g NIcI.eod R.: Kingxley, Nl.: Br-vwn, C.: Crane, C.: Balwiarf l.,g Swanwn, -I.: Fox, Ci.: Klinglefnlith, S.: Rall, l. Elementary Poster Club lffR0fL'.'GI'UI1d21S, D.: Owen, bl.: Nieyguda, D.: Kira. lf. Garveyx Jrzd Reis: Lauridion, NI.: Brock, C.' Blueye, H.:Hilmlw:1rd,'I'.3rd Row: Mann, nl.: Buxh, tl.: Fixher, R.: Newman, R.: Xylseman, .-X. Elementary Sewing Club IJ! Roz:-.' Nlawaro, N.: vluhnwn, NI.: XYrunuwicr, P.: Bruning, B.: Schmigel, M.: Guizmtti, D.: Yae- ger, R.: Mn. Shepard. 2nd Raw: Yousey, C.: Fox- ter, I... bagel, I..: Gerace, G.: Mansell, NI.: Cum- mingx, .-X.: Walters, C. jrfl Ro-15: Feaglex, lf.: Hindx, l'.g Wvlnte, l..: Dltlilnwn, S.: fiuexelfie, .l.L Ruxen- 1 lverg, I.: lfrudin, A. Elementary Airplane Club J- , .. l.t lv. .". ' Hamel, l..: lxittelwn, H.: Klfflwxki, lJ.g Iilaex, ll.. Hale, K.: Nlaelwy, H.gl':1eer, R.: Catnp- ltL'll,l,.1xlI'.lXlvCK.J?ltlR0IL.'Xll.lggL'liW!'g,lD.1R4JNN'- lund, -l,g hlnlynwn, R.: Drachcnilerg, yl.1 Bartel, yl. Q 1 b . s ' +'haL vw' u ' 'FSHC C , Sw I QLJKQQS . . r. . . iw , . .,-f 7 , Q f f. . f ' I , f f 2, , t wma? AA 1 , I mem VM , 2 1 fi ' A f if ,gif W 1 I , W' QVGA , V' 'y?'WGayg,,',, ' V, I ,. ,W " qffkg 'uf K ' ,x' gf! r' " fi f my f ww ' 'fwffffffwf I 2' "" , f 4, f M1 , 'WW f"' W fr I' I "'w9aas,gfm ,, 1 , - 1 , ff- f f ,,,,,, , ' f , ' VJ f,'1"gf5 f ,Z Qjf , fuk f f' ' I " 7 V ' f :V v ' V , iw M, " vf' ' My 4 i f M 'A ,I 'ff ' Af 3 52+ I ,- f ' ' 9' f f ' rf 5 r 4? 'V 'T -' mb I, 4 'Egg " , ' M ' X" 9 Q - if I ,, , . f ,:,,' V f ,- . 9 Y- f I Ak.. lc -'L lv , , , 1, f ' 8 ' 'sit ' L ,ff f Xu ,. ' , -. . ' 'r ' 'M' - ,,, , ' ' 1 , ,. V' asf" 1, fy, fi W 'fN"x'x'N"w H L IJIR Cowfm XX Blume Xxhlfk D lxrmtf 9 Deahn D Dame D Bower R Brunner 4 R1n11R 1 dulgh R B11rr1ll I 71dR0 undown F Pulern C C vmn T 1 own Con T 'Xk mln R Nluc 1 r c11oI1 1 1r11 H M Hrunr R Fre Varslfy F oofball lem 011 lor cr 'xlblfjfu St 1rpc1111t Newt 1111: X 1 Fl Nledm 1 Rm 1111111 -Xlden 1 XRROX Hlfflqlld 66 UPI' 1 . Z-ffl.-fw -. -:M ' vw! FOOTBALL l5fR0IL.'SjlvvI',,I.LI,LlNLi,I'x.1XYhTIC,ID.1Ijx.lhI1, ll.glfinm-r,I5,gSr.1nXm.rx,W.:L1-Xwn, XI.g Lhczu nur, C .1 IN1wr1,K1.:I1-gum, B.:v:.:'1'x'f.:3.-FL-himxml, R.1'I'.1df f,L1.IL1L'LNnL'T IJ.:Om-nr1,'I'.gNIH-Q, H.: RiChnrdf,KL1W:tmliwr1,lQ,3Whitu, R. BASKETBALL 1 A 7 Q, ff X ..- , -'Xa 3 ' . 1 13557 '-A--lsr :fr - ,1-1:--' --'--. via ,.-1.'- 4- ,:--4, . "-zi yf' -.-Mlmii "1f,..- TLI'::f"hLi31, ' CH,-XLII,XX1iII,f1SC-XI'I'X 6? JUNIOR VARSITY 11 lff'-N 'yy-Mk L XX 1 I I XXI llfv, R.1,lu1i41zm,-l,g Suxlirrzmxwg I-L. :mf Roig: W!rfh-xx fQ,:XU13fn, I7.1XM,w.U, I..:9..5twm.l..: Niwwx, H.: L'-ulrh VI.. XYut!rr'1. I 34 U J XQH THQJN1.-XS NH 'IYI N 151 Rculmn, R.: Bower, Ag jonathan, D.g S11lutcx,S..'?Iff Rare: lf! Ruff: Riggio, .lg Pznfk, H. 32111 Row: Harrington, Mg Kraatz Hammond, B. .-X.: Rlllldilflfl, Hg tluckwn, jnf Raza: Ccwcun, Ng Rzlnduxm, .-X.g Nlalccki, K. VARSITY JUNIOR VARSITY C H E E R L E A D E R S A I Senior Boys lnframurals 151 Row: ,lllliwffy .l-1 White, R.: McCorquodale, j. Cescon, M. L.: Bower, T.: Black, :rd Row: ,I.: Stnnliu favnra, R.: Meyers, S.: Smith, R.: Blueye, Q.: : Carlo, R.: Garrison, R. 2nd Rau-: Wills R.: Sundown, F.: Medole, R.: Mzxleclai ll.: Brewer, R.: Leturgey, bl.: Huth, l, Cnprio, Ii.: Witzlelyen, G.: Sulimowicr ry, WI: Chenvacci, C.: Stevens, G.: Cul Richards, G.: Brown, Ii.: Krieger, M. Nlr. Wetren, Instructor. .flh Row Riester, W.: Sutton, L.: Porter, T. Cnprio, Bl.: Brunner, .-X.: Sillowuy, White, D.: Cheavncci, D.: Sundown, D. 5111 Rau' Middnugh, l..: Daniels Moses, B.: R.: Riley, W.: Cowan, W.: Weaver , D.: Shaw, G.: Peris, B.: Cowan, T. Poleon, M. Q 1 Junior High Baskefbal I Nl Raw: Brhmer, R.: Tinney, R.: Mansell, J.: Cheavacci, D.: Bracl-Lett, D.: Acquino, D.: Van Buren, j.: Cnsseri, R. 2nd Row: Rozelle, R.: Smith, R.: Matusek, j.: Tinkham, D.: Witkop, W.: De Young, T.: Leaf, A.: Glena, R.: Remsen, D.: Hn- strom, B.: Massaro, M.3rd Row: Taylor, C.: Frodin, D.: Downey, B.: Groff, R.: Gibbons, L.: W'ik, P.: Cummings, L.: Hulbert, G.: Aldred, P.: Pingitore, B. 4111 Roux' Sundown, N.: Roland, A., Blish, Al.: Rchwait, F.: Putzliach, D.: Perry, A.: Bell, R.: Witt, R.: Summe, G. jth Raw: Bontrager, D.: Fd- wurds, C.: Cummings, L.: Harturnt-t, li.: Fisher, R.: Peters, R.: Zywznski: Heiman, D.: Rooney, G.: ruth Row: Trudell, P.: Place, Matusek, j.: Smith, D. Sixfh Grade lnframurals lf! Roux' Flork, A.: Wagner, K.: Rogers, R.: Schleef ,l.: Grover, R.: Zuro, J.: Paugh, G. 2nd Raw: Barry j.: Poodry, D.: Mietz, L.: Battel, dl.: Lindkle, D. Fix, D.: Nichols, G, 3rd Raw: Mr. Riley: Rnduns B.: Burchell, G.: Witkowski, bl.: Grulmer, Bucceri D.: Hume: Drzlchenberg, C. 4th Roux' Cooper, G. MacCoy, B.: Hale, K.: Marlile, R.: Black, D. Cummings, j.: Espersen, lf! Rott: Cheavacci, D, lrngrmg Kreiger, 51.5 Stan- Harvey, B4 Carlfi, R.g Slaiff, D,g Chem-acci, C.: De- Young, W. ifcu-captainig Che-avacci, D. jrd Raw: Reno, R.g Calzavara, R,g Blueye, Q. fco-captaimq Kraatv, S.: Silluway, 1.1 Odriozola-Lino, 1.1 Zim- merman, j.g Smith, R.g Pingitore, B. fmgm. Mr. Carl Schleich ix swimming cfiach and Mr. Ruger Farr ix awiwtant xwimming cfiach of the team. BOYS SWIMMING TEAM .Xl4rciri's Varsity Swinnning leani, xtill in the Ntages Qt' early development, cmn- piled a record of two wins and tive lmses. .-Xpprnxiinately twenty lwys practiced diligently under the watcliful eyes of Cciach Schleicli and liix avistant, Xlr. lfarr. lfarly in the year, Quentin Blueye and Wiilliani Deinung were elected cu- captainx. The team wax liampereti all feawn liy inxiurief and ineligilvilitiex. A fine future can lie predicted in the cuining xeawiix, Wltli milf' fllt luv ul. fllfcc Sclllritk, RulwL'I'I' LiLll7llY1lI'il, hlexux fllklltiwfulil, and Quentin Blueye. lhey will lie niiwed, lwut a fine grnup ut' frexhnien, wpliniiiures and -inn' iors can lie expected to talae up the slack. High sccirer fur the season was Richard Reno, with gn puinte, t'nllt,nved hy Brian Harvey, Stephen Kraatz, lon Zinnner- inan, Wiilliani De Young, Quentin Blueye, and Richincind Smith. .-X greatfiul tlianlu iw given tn Dale Cheavacci, Barry Pingitnre, and Turn Lindlie for their untiring help as inan- agers. liury, XYQ Lindlae, 'If fmgr. i. grid Roca: Stevenx, G4 Sporis Fun .gt O ' 'S X i 5 "Y , , - , s 1 P 4 r ,' 4 P x i If wg----., ' nr- 3 ff.- , Q .. ' I " I ' 4- rv . V ' 'Agfa' - 'F' I 7 Y W., ECW 31-KM 'M fan... fi ,w...,, Junior Girls lnframurals lf! Row: Schleef, K., Charles, S., Parker, ll., john sun, S., Nlrs. Williams. 2711i Row: George, .-X., Zim merman, K.: Sand-iwn, j., Sundown, C., Hurh, NI, Hessler, N., Bower, B. jrd Raw: Wheat, Y., Sqfir- land, S., Dickinson, D., Davies, bl., GU-acc, A-X, l.r1gcl,D., Bisrrilf, K. ,jlh Rox: Pask, Nl., Balwl, I". lfuxtcr, P., Binga, K., Fnrhuringham, bl., Zimmer -l.g Sutton, jlfz Row: Murotchic, P.g Wirknp, B. Wilson, NI., Gurlcy, j., Kenyon, K., lirricla, K, Martin, B. Girls Hockey Team l.f!K0iL'.'l,l1Cl1HN,N.QBflU1d, C., Smith, S., lihmann, .l.g XYl'4JIl4JW'lCl, Y., Gralilmnstattcr, C., Brnwn, R., Yan Pell, W., Lindkc, j., Wagner, S. v Senior Girls Inframurals lf! lx'ffI:'.' 'liaylv-r, U.: Sargant, B.: Rculwcn, R. 4, . . . V Pala, Il.: Xlawaru, 5.3 Llark, l'.3 l.1ntll-.c, .l.1l.wng ll., Nlrs. Williams. :ml Kota: Riggiu, nl., Nledfvlc, l.. Grulier, C.: Bower, l..g Wfigncr, l..g Pugcls, li. Wrontm-icy, Y.. Phelps, N.: Roland, R.: Sherman D., Smith, R. jrd Rota: Markuli, B., Printup, ,l. Blaclachief, A., Lear, Y., Hudrrmint, P., Kraatz, S. Harrington, KI.: Wagner, S., jonathan, D.. Nlqiser D.: Grayheal, Y,g Spacth, K. .115 R0-13: Eckert, T. Long, NI.: Rzlndafffr, .-X.: Nlalecki, K.: Ccscwn, N. johnson, N., Clark, Ng Guest-lie, P.: Hanson, l.. Rooney, Kg l'lammf+nd, H.: Cummings, Nl., Urn ver, C. jifz Rus: Tinkham, S.: Black, bl., Logan, .l. Hcldmann, fig Baran, C., Brand, C.1BllXhUVCl',L1. Parker, C.: Fhmann, ,l.g Berndt, Nl.: Schlccf, li. Brown, R. wh Razr: Schultz, Nl.: Smith, S.: Rum sun, N.: Alrlwey, S.: Nlartiny, NI.g Snell, nl.: Ciur zynslai, C., Shanks, G., Gralwlwcnstratter, C.: Nlast C.: Pentecost, C., lvlln Pell, W. Senior Play 4 'Qrf Junior Play The junior Class presented a one-act comedy by Thorton XVilder titled, "The Happy journey to Trenton and Camden," in an assembly program. The characters were: Ma Kirby: Carole Brand Pa Kirby: Ray Nliddaugh .-Xrthur: Ricky Smith Caroline: Kathy Rooney Beulah: Sue Wilson Stage Manager: Annette Bower Director: Nlr. Sustakoski Student Director: Loretta Hanson The Play is a comedy about the Kirby family and their trip from Trenton to their married daughter's home in Camden. X ' This year, the senior class presented the three act comedy "We Shook the Family Tree." Hildegard Dolson, aptly portrayed by Nancy Phelps, wanted to go to the Senior Prom, but no one had asked her. She told Mrs. Dolson, C.-Xnne Staple- tonl her troubles and Mrs. Dolson sug- gested Freddie Shermer, CRobert Calza- yaral. Hildegard agreed to go with Fred- die, but she didn't want to because lfred- die's mother, QKathleen Coughlinl made him wear knickers. It seemed that Hildegard made a tic- ticious speech accusing her father, QWayne Sandersonl of being a drunkard. Father heard about the speech and scolded Hil- degard for doing such a thing. Father was afraid Mr. Shermer, QDouglas Skeetl would lire him from the stall' at the bank. Bob, Q.-Klan Brunnerj and jimmy, QDavid Ranneyj Hildegard's brothers teased her about going to the prom with "short pants Freddie." Sally, QNancy Brownj support- ed Hildegard all the way. Of course Bob took the prettiest girl in school, lfllie Mae, lBetty Ann Hammondj. jimmy and Sally were too young to go to the prom, but they were gathering all the information they could about it's procedures. Fverything finally turned out though, Freddie got his long pants, Mr. Dolson kept his job and all were very happy. The play was a huge success due to the fine direction of Mr. Tomczak, and Betty Schaller and Duane Brackett, the latter two being student directors. if v- 3 ? ii at 5 A ef it , gg' sf- ' -,vw A 1 gk my W A-,. - f ! V A ' .1-S' mr' I, 'Q X L- ' ,J .4 X fq , "x 6 35 'Q I QQLI, , N X 5 qv , if ' .f if 1: I Q in W 4,0 ,lx Mx qx 1 s. .. , QP C 7, .SM xxx 29" J i A Q 'W fn o'x Comphments EDWARD A MATTIOLI Compllments BATES SELF SERVICE MARKET 61 Mam Street Akron New York Phone 2510 Complxments ROCHESTER BUTTON COMPANY Akron Dlvxslon Compllments CORBETT LUMBER AND BUILDERS SUPPLIES 17 Bloommgdale Avenue Akron New York Phone 3761 AKRON COOP G L F SERVICE INCORPORATED Akron Farm Supplles Pram Buyzng New York Pho ne 2781 THE OASIS 70 Niam Street Supplles Kodaks Sundaes Sodas C reetzng Cards of I of of . . . I Of Feed - Seed - Fertilizer ! 76 Compliments X our Local ontlac Dealer AKRON SERVICE GARAGE N XICIOII New York I hone 0660 THE FRC-JOY Lxgaxettes Cngdrs Sealtest Ice C zeam Sundries C inch Sodas Best Wnshes C radu ues PETERSON S REXALL DRUGS C omplnnents CARL D ANDRESS I IIIIIIIJIIIL, Hemng Xkron 9101 iucll Slicer Xkron New X AL ZIMMERMAN N OI IJSNICJIIII I C omplnnentw AKRON PRODUCE COMPANY Blue Coal I umbel 1nd Bulldeu SLIPPIISS Ieed ind Ferulwer f tx Fe slr fl I 1 Rnfhlo x ohn Streets Phone XLIOII New Xork 0110 71 of .-f - -. ,Ir Il ' f ' Q L C. A to , -- J of , . rw l . 'A 'I I C. I ' .' " , ' 'Ork "Sf1f'V' ' ' 'swf C, IVY" of ' -IC I " I Comphments LOUISVILLE CEMENT COMPANY Akron New York COITIIJIIITICIIIS Lomplnnents S 0 C edar Street Akron New York Appllances Sales and Servxce Compllments m8 Nhm Street Phone 3611 EDWARD LAUGHLIN 78 of of of . . 1 , of , Akron 9178 . , V A I of RALPH G. STANBURY r Compllments DA Nl 66 Nhm Street Akron New York Congratulations to The Class of 1958 WEST END SALES AND SERVICE Your Fnendly Fmd Dealer I8 Nlechanlc Street Xkron New Yolk Phone 8431 AKRON ADULT ACTIVITIE PROGRAM Hel mg Sm fe Thr Fflumlzorznl Nffdv of flu: FUIIIIIIIHIIU on C Lllll tl St ll 4121 I fill! C AIFION 1121 lSOltl IU! 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HUBERTW BERNHARDT ASSOCIATION OHTFCTS 1957 58 Prestdent r Vtce Pres I rcasurer Sectetny Xdxtsot udy Rozelle Bettx SC11I11Ll Leonard Kut tszktus 161 Nvluldlll Loman hd 1 L unc dm Ihe onrntltsm Clotss would ltke to XII Lllsworth Broun th mk the ll1lI'411 tnts ttnd bustnessrnen ol Xkton 1or then generous support Serwtng., Ihe Students Ut thu ycirhook AKRON DRY CLEANERS 31 '32 Xlatn Street Indtudu t1 Santee l311nLets Shtrts Sluts Pqms Cotnpltments Sktrts THE GRANT CLUB MARKET X eqetftbles Fresh Frutt Hats Co1ts Dm es Complete Ltne of Grocertes P Rugs N1'1ll1 Rowd -Xkron Nets Xork Phone 9061 Phone 9180 89 9 . . 1 . ' O I 542,51 ' U X Sr. Vice Pres. . I' .' 2 'A I . ' ,, , -2 . .', -' A A111 ' f I A .Q Y, , I . -. . of ,V -. ' . . . . ,- IT S .IUST NATURAL V I fo Save for fhe Fufure' H Qu ,a ff! For yourself min x e suggest our bank ix F K3 D mx x ff! eff 'R--X-,Q ANK OF KRO Mam and Monroe Akron, New York .Umnber Federal Ileposzt Insuranre C mpmatzon QO Q I I ' I' 1 f I , ' fr 'l K , I ,I Z f , I 1 i so a. 7 , , '14,- ', If , . t iigf fun .. 2, If , f o viw r u r QV 1 -- -V : r wg X li Q XX N ,"- X-Vt X W I N mx p l K :-fx WW M Q ' fg' '7 V V .'15Q" ? f '11 r J Wx dn , A xi',X l ff' xx I x 1:5 " X . k ' . , V ,, . K indergarfen QJ ? 541 YC X. . gmt XF'-1 Just Try to Forget XX X I1 Txx..-av 91 ,ffm , ' 5 . ' ci -gf, 7- , -L: v L' W- ' 4 ' n A , f , - . ' ' ' , -4 , 4 - .Q A' A 1 ' ' - " ' s fx - I I ' 41 ' ' . -1. 1 ' I U 7. .' 1 ' LM Q il E- r I . D 4 1. l ' .N 5, "' : -4- ' r 4 5 5 ' f 1 . Vx A , fx X , "' 'Q Q5 X A Q . N X, 1 'x N - - " - 4 ,' , if ' 9 -' , I . ' - ' ' ' X 4 ' V a 45, 'A ps 4 , . 'E 'i 3 4 ' T3 'J-3"1'i' Q 1 " ' ?3 " ' U r ffl . ' f, -T' ' ' ' ' A mfr N .. U 1' . N- V ' - 51, " ' - -' ,xr f. N Q 1 1" 2 '? ' "' 'f' -A Irie 'Ls f j ,' f . v f A . Ng, H W -.,-,. . g, 1 Wa" ' ' P- 1' , Al- '- ' Q A, . I 1- :- l 1 v N 1 , ' '. ' f. Y fi 5 Q U .f-A ' I Q 4 - - b 4 - s x X. 1 V A kt 8 .1 if Q Y ,N - lun - -H f f K-A AUTOGRAPHS V ,ff I X zu- . f I .J , X I A U f 'V orherp I s the YPlx'alon6rnetr1 '11 s hw lf g'.zx"Ai Tr. 'Ii -V T NI'., 'Q Kp-A. 1:11 pfwrc-ss wl'1f'h 1 grapfvf fr::.':n,: SH'-p:vf1'1 f':x VN"f3 j, K'l1ffr I:1v.,B'1fTza1w, N. Y .' ' A nnfsrzi fzrl'l11Q21'1'hrf7i7r"i ff xx V ' ' '. ' Od rf- 1 , itx lqlliglqg I Q. ,r an . Q B' E , l ,I H..--, .NJ

Suggestions in the Akron Central School - Akronite Yearbook (Akron, NY) collection:

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