Akron Central School - Akronite Yearbook (Akron, NY)

 - Class of 1957

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Akron Central School - Akronite Yearbook (Akron, NY) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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1:f:.Lv.." wwe f , .W f V 42 5ifi'f'f- jg W Wg. fg,ggg'Y25e3g:f4 g V . .f v-fVv- -b ---'--- --,-: . . ,.w,.m,g ,zz . ,A - e, ,..,, .. 44 S' of A. , xiii ix! ""fli:1gr-ifza wi wg, y W V ?ifi?:'iifs."?' f wif. f..W--Qg3QQ'QgA swifvfwz -zf':J, 1 Ce-2: an ' ffamwf y 3 W K: Q L J Q.. cm Y? x iy-...,..f,-f-.W 'lyk V ' ' Eggaixil w d : 1 -KWH ' f ' - ' b:W,, f fun 2- W . '59?'f E?i??i :rza ffigf Z 1 P . . 'izfffa 5: fm- -f1gf,f.,.g7': i 1 ?.uggezgg5m ag ,fzfgfwxw Q, g wg. 1- ..,,fzW..,,Lg, f- , .Q ,.., ,,.. Z. :ma?gfzlf1frf:wf f -waif w if, ' J S , Y Y . 5 . ww . 133 ., ix ,L 23U?5gg.1q.g.fg.,...5ff A .V y i, : Y Xa Sz' M 2 P' Q af :L if Q5 gf4.f,6k+ ,Q fx ff wg, , ag 9. gg ,M . 1 A 'G 3 2 , ' 1 if H. Q W sg 5 E Q3 X 3 3 A Y yi Q Zigi? .WE A if M2 2 L f '94 Q Nw 2 ,Q w Args W A , 4. 'E if S X W KP 26 W Q? x S E ll Y 'Sk QW as 5 ,. 1 . , 9 H xii? fy I,aq2?1.4b 1, 1?-A s f , .q A ,K . U 7 'kk zgi. 1: f Q D, ,gg sn G X rg 4 igLM1w,,, ,lf 5,sW,J2cV5f 2 EV igxmjx 6 2 5:8235 Z kffiggg- X Q5 mi 25 K f be A1 , , ,, gm? M... ,,W::fE, 2 b X Q, -i5'liW'fgg iw:V- 3 fig 5 ' Q S ,4 W , .Q 'M X Q1 H QQ U X Y Kc 5 L ,X K, hx Q .M X 4 3 K 9 V 3 . Y . , -gk 5 , ffii ,iff , 51' K ' " 35 --"f?Tff,i4l fx 5 f fifwm - -,awk mf-4 A , - xx wa... ew,.,., .,,., , .5 ., .gm 9gi.fW51Z5z?4-i g1'2f.-if iilnkffai 5' K .s.ll"'f' ' sv f fx55:Wfe:.gaf,142:1 4: wg if :Qi FW 'A : -.4 :fs mxxsmz ew- I x-YJ ff--an um M 11 fffulfs- ff , zfibffm visz mv img 5,1-,l.gi-,gym uf, vvggyg-...g.f, :,49'51g 'fgfkfvx-11Q:.zv.f5z.:S wil W .ff .-y,s,yy.1 f : y - .w,,- img- .f f . ,E Wg M .M aw- . nf ff A 5 2 Q , Q 2 Q X .- ,gg QM L J ,ef K W 9549. gn Ti? si 1,2 f Q X 5 M W? J is 'N fe 5 it ew .L ' 1 P l ragga al E ,:tQ, . .,,, . cb WW' ff 2?-4 ' V - M 1' I Cr.-M 1 ,. 1, - 2 1 1 xx' I Q X,. , as K I flow 3 JD, Q c' xr f f-.4 ,QQ f --ip ,,., , is Q fu 5' ! . X Y K .A-4:14 .ww M Y 4. F , , 'jar .. , K L -me h wwf- -- f ' ig' i Lf gli. K ,. .gi ' .vi 1 -'J2r':,L jg,.. , , , ' 9' lyk - 'g Inf 'Figif -f-?,Ag-9312" ,gsm ' ' ' 1.5313 ,K ?5' i5:" ': "-' .2 12 Tifif ..-5: . g2 .,Zg4?f7li,S5f ' A .sX"' " ' : .114 .. ' 'NE' 5 1 ' , ' ., '- X 9 K U -it f1g :5kwfi51 .,,J :L 5 5, f f ,-, A Q .. .. , , ,. 2 ,jk I 7 W... .wM.,,,., 1 , . N, ..1.....,...,,,X 3 l 5 4 . ,, .1 V,.,....1....,.Q W, 1 Y . ii I V ,, ,,w,,h,,,f,,,..M-., .km .,..W.a .. I . ,, , ., L, , 4 .MM .LJI Q 9 WH. .,,-,..,, , , .f , . . P Q4 . 'Fx . 1 -'uw'-www-up , aw , ,, .,n1.,......m.-.N...N-., . L .A-.Q-A M X W Www W w wf W W A 99 5 990232 , ., . lf, vt my 4 ' T -JJ 2 WM M' wif! I M QM Q, , ' J' ' W:?1Hf .fmW W 1' V1 M ff WNW Wu if Q W2 ,, V Q? M1 0 , IW 1 9 fff JM XX dj Qm Wfsjgf -v X A M 1 v 'J M , . ,, , A if , ww, A J 5 . , 1 , A. V P A , yL.,QQnx-5,gg,r- 3, . .. .. Www 1 g x - ,.. , , . - - - -if s -W 2 - C K' , I n ' U G ' Q 'L' . Q , 5, V9 MM , M MQ WWF QJNL, I . YZ' 'C' J wigs The lournalnsm cla ss a.,cL,.g, Q Q . A ,WJ u Q2 akron central school emwwfwwdjg Q 55 5 presents XMLJ WM 6,0-awp QMQ aww 5jUL4DQQs-Avwi , iw i 3 the akronlfe We Im www M0 cw , DU M, WJWVDMJ KW af, 01. Quiz, W-b,,J.wJs C' QW b kh df icl h gi' b g eclitor's note The theme of the 1957 fikronife is to review the expe- riences which have shaped our lives during the past I3 years from the time we entered kindergarten by show- ing the classrooms, the people and the activities that have influenced us. We would like to extend our appreciation to the ad- ministration and staff, to the faculty, and to all con- cerned for their enthusiastic cooperation in making the book possible. VVe would like to extend a special word of thanks to the Art Department and George McCormick for fur- nishing us with a cover design and to Mr. Frank Colum- bus, who took many pictures for us, for his unfailing support during the many emergencies that developed. We would also like to thank the businessmen of Akron and vicinity for their generous tinancial support. In-hs,-.4 Y N 1' alma mater Dear old Akron Central, As we enter here today We bow to thee and to all thy goals To the grads of yesterday The pride and honor shown here Should always be held high Akron Central Alma Mater, will always be our crv. Dear old Alma Mater, Good old Akron Central The orange and black are calling me back To the good old days gone by Honor, truth and glory Are the watchwords and the rules Akron Central Alma Mater Will always be my school. Though our paths may sever We'll forget you never VVe will remember all of our days In the halls that we love so well Our memories will wander To the hours spent in dear A. C. S. Akron Central Alma Mater lt's there our mem'ries will rest. -Judy Aldred Chew '55 Q. W ip dedication l if or , ' J 3 T fbfhrough the years Mr. Bates has gained the respect l he Sy of not only the math students, but every other student gy Q in the school. He has given us guidance, understanding, i X 4' , V E BQ and knowledge. To him, we, the journalism Class, ' xg proudly dedicate Ihe 1957 Akromfe. l 1 QV l JG 3 'Vir- Q' Row 1: P. Tinkham, D. Harrington, Tinney, N. Phelps, T. Delre, B. Wickham, S. Federspiel, Mr. Snstakoslci. Row 2: K. Pingitore, Randazzo, I., Burdick, K. Coughlin, D. Mast, B. Schaller, P, Covel l,. Thayer. Among the publications of the journalism class, which is under the direction of Mr. Henry Sustakoski, are: the Imifzle A. C. S. column published weekly in the Akron News with Betty Schaller as editorg a monthly issue of the school paper, The fl. C. S. Review, which is edited by Sue Federspielg and The Tiger Times which is published every six weeks in The Loekporf Sun Ami Jouwzaf, edited by Anne Staple- ton. The biggest job of the class is the publishing of the Akronife. Bev VVickham is the editor and -Ioyce Tinney is the associate editor. The business managers are Dave Harrington and Tom Delre. Pat Tinkham is circulation manager. lournalism class x V 35 5 I . .l fsf V 5 jfgfw B' SQ, wi if qw f ' 51. -ab Qi? V JH 'I 245' if avr .aA w Jumd , we .11 kf x N Wf- X -. as - '7 51 , qQFQfiSWQYA 'H iF??ggQQ. 5,., W I M .mix J f.fP'W - 8 A U 42 ' Eh 95.225 3 3?j2QggiEK j 1 . Ski' ,ml gl. vs j1ir.ki , x J' 5.3 fpffnv? ,!. r, Qr,f,'f43. " Q K.-1 QW . 5 4.21, 1 .',! 4 g5':F,rf .fi ,, , l V au. V 4 MR. ELLSWORTH BROWN Guidanre Dirertor ,J r A lf MR. EDWARD ALLEN " Superuixing Prinripu! Q MR. STANLEY VICTOR f ax Bu5ina5J .Manager Q4 f" ff r board of education Arthur Charles, Vernon Long, Roger Kraatz, Norman Schleef, Jean De Young, Walter MR. VINCENT ESPERSEN Elementary Superuixor Blish, Richard Forresrel. U5 LS .K K 53555523- H gglfsfv x ...Mf' gr M W' 'Fl mathematics lx" and science 1: Row 1: Mrs. Geraldine Smith, Mr. Henry Czirgcs, Mrs. Verna Smith, Mr. Myron Dcmlmrow. Raw 2: Mr. Leland Meyer, Mr. George Mzirtiny, Mr. A. I. M:1cCoy, lN1r. Grover Burns, Mr. john Fckcrson, Mr. Carl Schlcich. X r' , 'N - x KS.. -Q Q34 FSR 1 yfieffwffl' english Row 1: Mrs. Dorothy Bush, Mrs. Frnnci: Hoag, Mr. Walter Tomciak. Row 2: Mr Albert Vossler, Mr. Henry Sustakowski Mr. Andre Hzmnottc. 9 tx 5 WX, XL xx x ' x Q. I .' I ,f , I f ff.. .1114 4 Iac-A Aff' 2 1 vocational Row 1: Mrs. Ellen Brusky, Miss Gertrude Churchill, Mrs. Laura Richardson. Row 2: Mr. Marvin Suttcl, Mr. Leon Hollan- lmcck, Mr. Richard Latko, Mr. J. Melvin Hood, Mr. Richard Rozcllc. X liams. ow 2: lVIr. I, 1 J ff J history f Rau' 1: Mrs. Glad! rown, Miss Nell Brown. Row lr. 'erry Greenlmum, Mr. Algixflcs Mu n am. " K JN gg rw x l , WH k4'Cfd1CVLZJ gb Y L K' I 1,315,311 fll' Cr' Xxx lL"f'l'f "' I physical educafi L J ancl IV, lhealtll NUM f Row!! ' rs. Alice Mrs. . zen, AWlo lil! 1' l 2 ,J J Y music' and arf Row It Mrs. Lum: Swycrs, Mr. -lun-ph ulcntc, Dir. Frank Culumlms. Ro-:cf J: Mr. Ted Stapleton, Mrs. Fllcn Garvey. Qfrpdjffa ,pf Qfrvzfl Q in U-m,,lf7'Q'-7f"Z'f1f4 fm w lf ci 9D'vff'fV-Cffi f ffl! in fd Q LIXEKXJ is Row If Mrs. Catherine Bates, Mrs. Clau- dine Williams, Miss Margaret McArthur, Mrs. Arlene Weeks. Row 2: Mrs. Mildred Paugh, Mrs. Olive Shelley, Miss Mar- garet Shepard, Mrs. Viola Swartz. Row 1: Miss Marilyn Miller, Miss Statia Ogden, Mrs. Eunice Murphy, Mrs. Helen Pentecost. Raw 2: Mrs. Doris Gerber, Mrs. Ruth Grover, Mrs. Clara Berghorn, Mrs. Aloyce Ford, Mrs. Barbara VVetzen. f:2s4.:.z .-., . ...ff x v e e elementary Teachers Row 1: Miss Maureen McEwan, Miss Lucia Churchill, Mrs. Emma Gilbert, Miss Avis Vllickwire. Row 2: Mrs. Mil- dred Matteson, Mrs. Lillian Laese, Mrs. Eileen MacCoy, Mrs. Frances Brock. Row 1: Mrs. Mardell Fix, Mrs. Mildred Vllzlde, lNlrs. Dorothy Wlebster, lNlrs. M0 neda Hartzler. Row 2: Mr. Robert Hamil ton, Mrs. Margaret Shepard, Mr. Theo dore Duguay, Mrs. Eva Harpst, Mr. Ed ward Koch, Mrs. Eleanor Urtel. IO school services office sfaff Row 1: Miss Marian Green, Miss Cather- ine Relwrovich. Row 2: Miss Helen Reber Miss Carol Middaugh, Mrs. Betty Freyi -M1-"""""M bus drivers Row 1: E. Pohl, R. Pixley, -l. Wolak, I Riggio, P. Nice. Row 2: A. Lowder, V. Davison, B. Long, A. Mandolene, T Dickinson, E. Babel, C. Stafford. maintenance Mr. john Cescon, Mrs. Mary Koss, Mr Alfred Wezitherlmee. No! pirt1m'd: john Blish, Charles Silvernail, Nellie Calsseri, Violet Strong, Norris Webster, Mildred Fix, Jennie Desimoni. li on Q56 supply office .l. Rozelle, D. M zur, -I. Bower, P. Rooney, l..Hz1nson, B. Chumlmerlund, ,l.Sne1l, C. Chenvacci, C. Brand, K. Rooney. elementary cafeteria Mrs. Iilizzilacrli Cowl, Mrs. Lois Bright- cnficld, Mrs. Father Blucyc, Mrs. Pauline Pingitorc, Mrs. lfthel Tinkhzlm, Mrs. Gladys Norman, Miss Barbara Towncr. senior cafeteria Mrs. Audrey Sylor, Mrs. Ethel Mid- Claugh, Mrs. Dolores Capnn, Mrs. Ida Corluctt. xi-1u ,su W Q ef an .. Q x 's 'Nun x MY.,i.,x,3.,'. 5. 5 bqfzjw ,M ws GERALD ADAMS "Studies, studiex, go away Lillie Gerry wants to p!ay" BEVERLY BATES "The onbf way zo have afriend is NANCY BARTLETT lo be one" HShE,J not as baJhful as she seems" 14 GERALD BISTOFF "Give me a lever long enough and a prop .wrong enough ana' I can Jingle-handed move the world" 9 Q E if MARY .IEAN BI'l'T1iRMAN MARY JOAN BI'I"I'ERMAN LANCH BLACKCHIISF ".4!lzl1e w0r!1z"J zz stage "Love ix as sfrong df deafhn '24 11icefrie11ff0'fL'ff0'1U wifll fl HOU!! 141712, she plzzyx her part wif!" .veme of humor" t A mrjjx Q N .Z 3 . .l 53 A 5 X . O? ,. X 'bg K C V . R19QZH wid H willzazzl fame JOYCE BOVVER "Lil cz ma Jiffy" "Few wordx, but many llzouglztsn filly" Vs-f A wf""'fv Kiliman- 4' ' Q9 L,LL 4 in N, JAMES BRAND ROBERT BRUCKER LORAIN BRYCHTA "Absent in body "Not that I love studies less, "She who has lived obscurebf and But not in mind" But that I lovefuu more" quietly, has lived well" LOIS BURDICK FAY CAREY "What, when, where, and why, "From u little spark muy burst it DOLORES CARPENTER Trees are speechless, but not I" mighty fume" "Art is power" M eet, sQe A I6 MARILYN COOK FAITH CLASGENS "If silence were golden, "Mixelziey' makin' gal" Slze'fl be ez millionaire" I7 , ex Eg? K f E , X xx K x X, x, SFI .. 11 4 2 ' L-'yi HENRY CIURZYNSKI "I47lzy lake life .ro seriouxlvn PAT COVHL "As goozl be ou! ofthe 11 orlrz' ax out of Faxhionn I MARSHALL CRISWELL "Small, but so is a Jtiek of dyna- miie" RITA CUMMINGS "Wlio can enjoy alone" 53 Lf?--4 A. fukin' 'Q ,,:, ' ' ' fug,1..3f-M - - MARVIN DEAHN "V , ' ' f "Athletic, good looking, popular, all combined, An up-to-date man of zhe very bex! kind" JOANN li DELELYS "Few words, but many tlzoughlxu 1 18 K ,eww Khh K 9 1 Q54 ,,.,,,,.,Qv . A-::z.,1..f,i kk,A g-,ix K ' wi- ' 2 55 jizz: I -' 2 I U 1,3 K i kk,V 'fi' ,if , TOM DELRE "Smile darn ya, smile" JAMES DOWNEY SUE FEDERSPIEL JOANNE FASKEL "Silence is golden, Lu! Sue Hdlwayx ez lady" seemed io like il" I9 , f 1 I , 1 e rs, ff K 'Q A v assi xv .f.:. Q ' gg' xl xx' 5 , . :iz "Lge without sports is not life" 7761167 ' -. ' 55335 . gy: 2 sv Q gksiif , 4, . X 'I X PAULINE ECKERT "LQ"e is a beautyul dream" LEON FREY "I prqfesx not iezlking, only this: Le! each man do his bex!" .i,:we:,,':aN'-sf -. vim fy - Q , -- .::.:.1w:,+m, . ,wx uw Q .: A2335-.KYFSE J . Q -M.. .4 . Q1 1 I ' " 5 ' A TF- N .. .. en. QM V,,. .... ..., , ,ix MM-,,x,1. ,M 5 " LgSmef2.11::'1 A Q A 2 '31 My - he . . w ' X ' 1 , - . , 14 .gg as" is-X. ' ua N' :-- inf? ' M., .E W- 'J , 1 f' ' v A L if -L WX P -' 'A ,, Q. ., 'f tx? ul-ff" f . , K ' " J ' if tif? 5 -ks , s 4 LOIS GRANKE JOHN GROVER "Quiet on the surface, hut a flevil "Lie is my college. May Igratlu- beneath" , ate with honors" CAROL HOLLENBECK "Live while you live, the epieure RUSSELL HENDRICK woula' say, "Be silent and safeesilenee never And seize the pleasure of the pres- hetrays you" ent dayh' L 20 MW rw in DAVID HARRINGTON "Life is not lQ"e at all without de- light" SHIRLEY HOSTE "He captured her heart with a smile" . T - H 5: 1 'ifsm ' 245:21 in - ,AYm:f,,gf1, , ATNJHS? mQJSf5?:5yi1 f ggwgkai .xg -- -- if -1 .f,, iggsg,-L-5 gg .ff-- Q.. i .,.. Qi it +. 5 ,f MAURICE HVTH CHARLES KARCHER "The rule lj my IQ? is fo make 'ATa!! and .fifenljusf enough with- pleamre a hzz.fi11eJJ, out iz imre of fave man stiff" find huxinws my pfeaxureu LARRY KASHVBA 'Xlolbf his mzlure, mzwiml hi.: mlm!" Miffwfi My ,Wa- ' D fgwfff AUQZEIAM Kb:1,1gHNB1f3RG n e r w zodext men ' . AM WA re quiet" 1 , ' 5 l Q gli X,-' ' A ' 21 'hi Ab .K . . , L.,.,, M.-f,s:Nw .. I l mm KEITH KRAATZ "He never seems to worigv and is seldom in a hurry" JAMES LIPPERT "Let any man speak long enough and he will have helievers' ARTHUR KRESS "And a woman is onb a woman, but a good cigar is a smoke" DORIS MAST "But there,s nothing hay so swee in lye as love's young dream" 22 I HELEN KRULL "I like everything Q' it's devilish all around" LEGRAND MCCORMICK "Never a dull moment when he's around" v g Beal' ..,. 1" n f' . . dwg W P XVILLIAM MCCORQUODALE "One who i.m'l afraid I0 Ja-v his vs .WZ ' .5 9 RAYMOND PARKER "Evervone is llze arclzileef own forlurzen JOHN PEEL "The happiest Xie that ever wax ROGER PETERS Qf lljkf led, "Let no man do his best- am! no ziiwayx lo court and never io wed" lem" .5 -,K g 4:5 PV! i , 23 5 1 PETER PHELPS SHIRLEY REIGLE A ,DONALD RICKWALT "Always ajokcr in lhc' crowd" "Her ways are ways of pleasant- . "I like work, I could si! and look ness and all her paths are peace" at if for hours" PAT ROONEY "She is genlle, she is shyg hut therfs mischief in her eye" :fx DAVID ROSS , 'K-M NANCY SCHALLER Hljayid, Ijavilf, qufjg L-077147-fl71y, , ' ' ' Hllfifll H lo IfO 617111, Il ff? xifways made llze flames merrjvh' lfyn --' f' CAROL TANG HR K1.' e ' Q 3 M? 1 . QQ- is my if Y f" A' If A A f 5 A s FRANCIS SCHl'M.-XCHHR "There l'.f7I,f Nlllffl qf him bill fl1ere'5 zz lol I0 him" LOIS THAYFR SHIRLEY SMITH "Noi wha! we give bn! wha! we "lVlze2z kvifenre .vpezzkx-for love ,vhe "Aly hear! is fxedn share" hem' much I0 .fflyn WEA it vi 1 wg ALLEN THOMAS "His car-the .Queen of his hear!" JQYCE TINNEY PAT TINKHAM "Some think the world wax made MARILYN VVAGNER "Slim and trim, shelf :ure to win" forfun andfrolic-mid so do I" "Cum bfgndg with nice mannery' A 26 BEVERLY WICKHAM SHARON YODER Y "It's nice to be natural, when "Think not lam what I appear you're naturally nice" class highlights In our Freshman year we helped to originate the Base Ball, which is now an annual affair sponsored by the Freshman and Sophomore classes. Our advisor was Mr. DeFreis and our ofiicers were: Jean Bitterman, Presidentg Joan Bitterman, Viee Presidentg David Harrington, Treas- urerg .loyce Tinney, Secretary. As Sophomores we again participated in the Base Ball and had a bake sale. Our advisor was again Mr. DeFreis and our officers that year were: James Brand, Presidentg Beverly VVickham, Viee Pres- identg David Harrington, Treasurerg Pat Covel, Secretary. Finally we were juniors and received our long-awaited class rings. We also participated in the annual Junior-Senior Ball. Our advisor was again Mr. DeFreis. Gerald Bistotiwas President, Bill Kelken- berg was Vice President, David Harring- ton was Treasurer, and Pat Covel was Secretary. As Seniors we sold Christmas cards and we also sold refreshments at the football and basketball games. The annual Sadie Hawkins Dance and the junior-Senior Ball were the main social events of the year. Mr. Vossler was our advisor. -Class Historian senior cabinet President james Downey Vice President VVilliam Kelkenberg Treasurer Marvin Deahn Secretary James Lippert Seated: Mr. Vossler Cadvisorl, J. Downey, j. Lippert. Standing D Ross, J. Bitterman, W. Kelkenberg, B. Wickham, M. Deahn baby picfures V if J. f- ,,,,.,,,,,,g,,mgguunsun fin. 4' - . 1 kg "K" gn-...Q ,v M rar we fr f 1 - K A 'Km' Q ,1 1 if 1 .1 , V., 1' L :iii 1,1 ,A--- ' X . 1 1. David, 2. Maurice, 3. Carol, 4. Par, 5. Lois, 6. Shirley, 7, Lois, 8. Tom, 9. John, IO. Jim, 11. Par, 12. Sue, 13. Shirley, I4.J0ilI1I1E, 15. Henry, 16. Doris, 17. Bev, 18. Jerry, 19. joyce, 20. Ralph, 21. Larry, 22. jerry, 23. Nancy, 24. Marvin, 25. Faye, 26. Marshall, 2721. Helen, 27b. Sharon, 28. Lorain, 29. Lois and Lorain, 30. Peter, 31. Pat 28 ss W classes Row 1: J. Jackson, J. Alfieri, N. Phelps, J. Printup, D. Ranney, B. Borchert, M. Klehn, S. Parker. Row 2: B. Poole, A. Stapleton, M. Rebrovich, F. Zelms, Mr. Sustakoski, E. Wheat, B. Rosenberg, Faskel, M. Brightenfield. Row 3: G. MaeCoy, F. Sundown, R. Graybeal, A. Hutchinson, R. Medole, H. Bruck- er, I.. Huth, R. Bower, D. Cheavacci, C. Yaeger. iuniors Row 1: G. Hoste, A. Peters, J. Honsberger, S. Flor W. Schukraft, M. Richardson, C. Cheavacci, G Harch. Row 2: E. Brown, D. Hersee, N. Leturgey D. Brackett, Mrs. Richardson, Mr. Hood, P. Asmus J. Rozelle, R. White, E. Randazzo. Rowj: Hzlun M. Poleon, M. Caprio, M. Falker, L. Frodin, E Leppien, K. Coughlin, Blueye, W. Riley, B Peris. y v C jf ffl Lyla'-f Lf C 'Y .451 cv! L21 t cf XC! If V F4 QL.f.f,.41! i fp: :TC L-C-Q A 7 Li Row 1: B. Schaller, Y. Hartwig, M. Sundown, S Bentley, M. Witkop, K. Pingitore, M. Iles, R. Reu- ben. Row 2: R. Raduns, VV. Sanderson, R. Calza- vara, N. Brown, D. Schumacher, Mrs. Smith, B Rohr, V. Edgar, B. Hammond, C. Payne. Row 3. D. Skeet, A. Brunner, XV. Rodgers, R. Lindke, M Croop, K. Laubacher, G. Moses, R. VVel1ster, R Brewer, T. Malecki, R. Bower, D. Daniels. 30 sophomores Row 1: V. Graylieal, J. Long, Wronowicz, B. Pogels, L. Hullenbeck, V. Black, M. Tesmer. Row 2: N. YVallace, N. Remsen, D. Stahl, G. Schleef, E. Caprio, R. Garrison, M. Babel, bl. Burdick. Row 3: N. Frey, E. Poleon, ll. Black, D. Cummings, R. Ciurzynski, C. GroH', C. Jones, VV. Cowan, L. Kurasziewicz. Row 1: Y. Haskell, B. Markek, S. DeFreis, C. Owen B. Cummings, C. Frey. Raw 2: R. Reno, B. Mann ll. Pocidry, S. Palmreuter, Mr. Vusslcr, C. Brand N. Clark, P. Hudmnint. Row 3: A. l.aese, Il. Bur- rill, B. Schultz, D. Sundown, A. Cory, R. llufer, W' Blish, S. Meyer, C. Sinsel, R. Middaugh. Row 1: P. Goeseke, lN1. Fnskel, P. Cury, D. Parker, A. Bower, A. Witkup, S. Sulutcs. Rau' 3: D. XVal- lace, I.. Shepard, C. lmgcl, Mr. Monahan, S. Bru- ning, F. Nicomeri, P. l,aRucca, P. Bcrndr. Rawj: T. Perry, M. Charles, R. Hendrick, ,I. lmturgcy, F. Possinger, M. Haun, J. Zimmerman, 'l'. Porter. Row If M. Casscri, D. Cummings, l.. lVlic-rf, B Dixon, N. Fldred. Row 3: C. Bushovcr, D. Baehr B. Brucker, Miss Churchill, Y. Blickerisdcrfcr, N Reuben, L. Hanson, K. Rooney. Rowj: W. Grcincr G. McCoy, H. YanNuys, R. Smith, S. Wilson, R Gilmlis, M. Schultz, lVl. Doctor. ease Row 1: R. Meyers, K. Bartlett, S. Wagner, N. Covel, V. Wronowicz, R. Pogel, F. Smith. Raw 2: M. Mc Cormick, j. Flor, Ehmunn, Mr. Schleich, C Bziran, R. Huth, K. Spaeth, D. Hitchcock. Row 3. A. Taylor, D. Deuhn, G. Shanks, C. Pentecost, C Cheavacci, I.. Dietz, C. Gralbenstratter, L. VVick- hnm, S. Smith. Row 1: N. Cescon, L. Medole, E. Draper, S. Ku- r e ropatwri, E. Cain, D. Druchenlwerg, R. Smith, B. Paft, R. Shimmel. Raw 2: R. Shimmel, R. Carlo, L. Doxtader, G. Heldmann, Mr. Tomczak, V. Leaf, L. Hudson, B. Zywiczynski, W. Blickensderfer. Rawj: R. Cummings, Abraham, D. Kashulm, W. DeYoung, J. McCorqu0d:1le, j. Sylor, G. Poleon, W. Faskel, B. Moses. freshmen Row 1: XV. Tzinger, Remsen, L. Bower, ll. H11- lecki, D. Cummings, B. Sarge-ant, D. Burrill. Row 2: R. Rosenberg, S. Parker, S. Sutton, Mr. Han- notte,.F. Benteen, K. Malecki, A. Kugler, D. Bush- over. Row 3: T. Cowan, W. Reister, DI. Snell, P. Huth, M. Cescon, H. Cooper, D. Hellert, M. Show- ers. Row 1: A. Randazzo, R. Roland, M. Bush, D. Swader, B. Chamberland, L. VV:1gner, Riggio, P. Clark. Row 2: R. Cook, A. Blzickchief, N. WVhc:1t, M. Berndt, Mr. Martiny, S. Leuderhouse, G. NVit- zeleben, G. Stevens, N. Johnson. Row-3: H. Clark, F. Pask, D. Ceisner, D. Skill", D. NVhite, P. Meyer, L. Sutton, T. Raduns, G. Shaw, W. Hammond. eighth grades Row 1: R. Kleparek, S. Massaro, A. Keehn, J. Moore, L. Printup, R. Black, W. Abrahms. Row 2: J. Bromstead, L. Peters, K. Winslow, B. Bedford, J. Surma, S. Roesch, D. Brackett, S. Markek. Row 3: R. Truglid, J. Gerber, I. Sundown, J. Weaver, G. Schlegal, A. Nice, R. Francis, D. Stebbins, J. Hellert. Row 1: J. Bruning, C. Grover, B. Benteen, G. Wa- gile, S. Printup, C. Rowland, L. Cummings. Row 2: A. Ott, M. Hunt, R. Brown, Mrs. Smith, W. Van- Pell, C. Tadia, M. Cummings, L. Hellert. Raw 3: J. Rodgers, D. Zgoda, C. Babel, R. Mast, G. Kelken- berg, W. Stanbury, J. Kelkenberg, H. Yaeger, R. Finger, G. Richards. ,1,. Row 1: J. Hudomint, S. Tinkham, J. Jordon, Mrs. Brusky, D. Shearman, N. Blosser, C. Gruber, R. Owen. Row 2: B. Bruning, P. Poodry, B. Logan, B. Eldred, J. Klawer, E. Albrecht, G. Jackson, A. Cheavacci, R. Skye. Row 1: D. Kuraszkiewicz, R. White, P. Schukraft D. Taylor, J. Frey, T. Stapleton. Raw 2: S. Rem- sen, D. Meiser, B. Weiler, Miss Brown, F. Criswell N. Campbell, M. Harrington, S. Kraatz. Raw 3. H. Groff, J. Asmus, L. XVills, K. Cummings, F. Haun, T. Eckert, Fox, T. Schleef, M. Martiny Bartram, E. Pagels, R. Keller, S. Medole, J. Sander- son. Row 2: J. Black, J. Surma, B. Witt, B. Weber, Row 1: R. Rebovich, B. Burdick, G. Cassidy, J Mrs. Hoag, J. Sylor, G. Pingitore, Lobur, D Kasperek. Raw 3: R. Trinkl, R. Swader, N. Gud- ridge, C. Boyd, V. Rugg, R. Nichols, D. Rickwalt J. Logan, R. Glena, J. Wagner. 3 963 Q Row 1: D. Bush, VV. Witkop, P. Baldwin, E. Bur- dick, K. Schleef, B. Bower, K. Strong, E. Schmid- bauer. Row 2: K. Zimmerman, D. McCoy, L. Cum- mings, T. DeYoung, Miss Penner, M. Huth, P. Wik, M. Fahey, V. Wheat, A. Leaf. Row 3: Foth eringham, J. Blish, D. Putzback, D. Trens, G Jones, V. King, D. Cope, J. Davies, W. Cole, D. Dickinson, N. Sundown. Row 1: D. Tinkham, R. Wronowicz, Cescon, S Hogue, J. Campbell, S. Charles, B. VVitkop, J. Ma tusek. Row 2: R. Witt, L. Cummings, A. Poleon, T. Bero, Mrs. Brown, S. Ewald, P. Deinhardt, R Peters, L. Black. Row 3: F. Rehwaldt, A. Perry, R. Bell, E. Swader, A. Roland, L. Wheeler, E. Schu macher, P. Foster, E. Charles. H seventh grades Row 1: P. Bedford, R. Rozelle, Eldred, W. Solo- tes, D. Bower, J. PeQueen, J. VanBuren, D. Brac- kett, R. Packman. Row 2: E. Powers, M. Parker, C. Sundown, J. Sundown, Mr. -Dembrow, D. Grover, E. Edmister, P. Morotehic, A. Riggio. Row if M. Lindley, E. Kozlowski, B. Welch, D. Harvey, M. Long, L. Snell, J. Zimmer, M. Parker, B. Ceisner, J. Roehling. Row 1: G. Rosenberg, E. Parker, G. Hersee, D. Meyers, J. Wikar, D. Carlo, G. Blickensderfer, L. Bower. Row 2: l. Huth, C. Bentley, D. Orvis, S. Scotland, Mr. Meyer, P. Babel, C. Bitterman, L. Randazzo, S. Cory, L. Bower. Row 3: R. Stamp, J. Roll, S. Pearles, W. Place, J. Hoste, C. Esperson, R. Cook, Graham, L. Cowan, N. Abraham, G. Raduns. .F Raw 1: D. Giesler, E. Hartranft, K. Witbeck, Mr. Greenbaum, R. Glena, C. Conklin. Row 2: D. Cum- mings, R. Fisher, R. Graybeal, T. Zywiezynaki, D. Brege, V. Homesberger, R. Miller, R. Campbell. sixth grades Row 1: H. DeFries, Burdick, B. Stevens, D. Schad, D. Cheavacci, D. Smith, D. Frey, R. Weidman. Row 2: N. Kleparek tl. Allison, D. Blackmore, N. Higgins, M. Montgomery, B. Martin, B. Wilson, S. johnson, R. Casseri, Mr. Hamilton Row 5: D. Granke, Hyder, T. Cescon, M. Tinney, S. YanBurcn, C. Niezzoda, C. Daguano, D. Frodin, G. Huliert, Y Caufman, C. Klehn. Row 1: R. Hanson, D. Aquino, ,l. Mansell, D. Hilaliard, G. Baliel, 'l. Matusek, F. Bedford, L. Cummings. Row 2: ll. Poodry, S. White, B. Hartranft, S. Ciurzynski, L. Glenn, D. Chamberlain, D. Parker, K. Fox, W. Swyers, F. Hartzler. Row j: ,I. Ellis, M. Pask, M. Schumacher, B. Downey, Mrs. Shepard, K. Bistoff, C. Taylor, S. Kluwer, B. Bushover, D. Logel, F. Nice. Row 1: P. Trudell, R. Brahmer, D. Shearman, R. Kelkenberg, P. Aldred, M. Massero, D. Bontrager, B. Pingitore, T. Lindke. Row 2: E. Midecke, N. Rosenberg, J. Gruber, L. Smith, ll. Adams, M. DeYoung, C. Sundown, A. George, Ii. Hall, ,l. Schleef, Mrs. Welister. Row 3: P. Kleparek, R. Graylieal, Hilton, S. Trugilo, Abraham, D. Hudson, Ross, S. Sutton, G. Summe, P. Ground. Row 1: L. Clear, D. johnson, T. Gvundas, G. Cooper, K. Frrick, B. Enstrom, G. jufer, W. Enstrom. Row 2: N. Kinney, R. Sundown, R. Cummings, V. Hinds, P. Vaughn, M. McLeod, N. Hessler, M. Wilson, A. Printup, I.. Modole, Mr. Duguay. Raw 3: H. Bachr, R. Groff, L. Fotheringham, N. Markek, T. Rader, R. Klower, B. Smith, Place, DI. Guvley, M. Chapman, B. Wolfe, M. Yacer. it n ' az ww iswcssxwna-w.vrtr1f ,n L 1 x- sl mm ins-1 v Row 1: Drachenberg, A. Nicometi, D. Fix, Berry, R. Brady, B. Raduns, R. Grolf, R. Poleon, J. Schleef. Row 2: C. VValters, P. Rosenberg, C. Yousey, P. Giesler, S. Cummings, D. Guizzotti, L. White, B. Bruning, N. Massaro, R. Fotheringham. Row 3: Mrs. Hartzler, B. MacCoy, R. Parker, D. Kozloski, A. Edmister, D. Raduns, L. Babel. Row l.' S. Kilpatrick, D. Shaw, D. Muggelberg, C. Drachenberg, R. Rodgers, Blackmore, R. Pacer, G. Grabenstatter. Row 2: C. Walters, H. Snyder, S. Reese, M. Mansell, D. Rowland, J. Asmus, J. Bero, S. Thomas, P. Wronowicz, Mrs. Bates. Row 3: C. Reese, R. Yaeger, G. Baehr, Espersen, S. Smith, P. Graham, Bromstead, N. Abraham, P. Wheat, S. Trinkl. Row 1: R. Swader, VV. Glena, J. Flint, D. Pokorski, D. Coulson, R. Johnson, Zurlo, M. McConkey. Raw 2: S. Snell, G. Bedford, E. Bedford, L. Logan, L. Logel, J. Cummings, L. Brackett, R. Yaeger, K. Tinney, L. Foster, C. Nanni, Mrs. Wade. Rowj: R. Kubis, D. Campbell, S. Laturgey, A. Frodin, Bartell, R. Poole, D. Zimmer, K. Kasperek, K. Hale, D. Bucceri, Rowland. fifth grades Row 1: G. Bitterman, G. Nichols, T. VanBuren, D. Perry, E. Klehn, j. Honsberger, D. Jemison, G. Paugh, D. Linke. Row 2: P. Doxtader, L. Schultz, M. johnson, M. Paft, C. Smith, C. Kaiser, P. Brege, D. Beatly, M. Schmigal, Mrs. Fix. Row 3: S. Dickenson, D. Rewaldt, D. Schultz, M. Gibbs D. Finger, R. Marble, G. Burchill, D. Black, E. Houlihan, R. Bower, C. Ribbeck. 1 Row 1.- I. Blickensderfer, G. Sundown, D. Poodry L. Mietz, G. Mann, A. Baldwin, R. Rosenberg, R Hollenbeck, K. VVagner. Row 2: L. McCoy, B Curphey, D. Shearman, G. Abrams, A, Flor, G Cummings, M. Hudomint, S. Tryon, J. Cory, S Becker, Mr. Koch. Row 3: E. Cummings, J. Mes singer, L. Hunt, A. Printup, H. Finger, J. Cum- mings, R. Ott, D. Dietz, C. Cummings,'R. Jordon L. Zimmerman. fourth grades Row 1: K. DeFries, R. Daguano, D. DeLelys, J Prentice, J. Moore, T. Bartram, L. Casseri, T. Kil- patrick, T. Kasperek, D. Baick. Row 2: D. Ells- worth, S. Ball, C. Smith, L. Finch, R. Smith, M. Leavitt, l.. Stratton, C. Reigle, B. Rosenberg, A Printup, S. Fry, B. Clear, Miss McArthur. Row 3. A. Wiseman, E. Kwiatkowski, E. Parker, D. Bush- ovcr, DI. lsles, G. Kumro, VV. Pafk, F. Martiny, R VVhite, N. VanBuren, D. VVheeler, V. Rugg. Row 1: T. Stapleton, Remsen, H. Harvey, T Houlihan, C. Showers, R. Kedzierski, Hellert, D. Stanbury, N. Baldwin. Row 2: S. Tippett, C Bitterman, L. Abraham, C. Krull, M. Bistoff, S Nice, M. Weiler, M. Fahey, K. Powers, M. Hutch- inson, C. Kyser, Mrs. Williams. Row 3: J. Stuber, L. Bettio, N. Gurley, H. Blueye, G. Cescon, S. Troyer, K. Meyer, T. Biernacki, K. Blish, C. Brock B. MacCoy. 1 37 I ' Foe Row 1: D. Chapman, D. Hrrick, D. Cooper, G Conran, B. DeYoung, C. Frey, Rehrovich, M Nichols, R. Wilson. Row 2: N. Everett, M. Roland L. Moleski, Kleparek, K. Daniels, C. Snell, Mrs VVeeks, P. Reese, B. Abrams, J. Keller, Tilling- hast, B. Witkowski, F. Babel. Row 3: l.. Trens, T. Hibbard, D. Caporali, Young, D. Massaro, D Abrams, K. Lindke, G. Bower, E. Kittelson, P. Cummings, L. Moses, M. Cummings, C. Mecklen- berg. Row 1: D. Cescon, G. Bell, S. Brucker, W. Kaisep, R. Parker, Dean, D. Ellis, K. Pagels. Row 2: D. Dokstodder, A. Poole, R. Kwandrans, D. Poole, H. Bentley, M. Edmeister, B. Pierce, ll. Clary, D. Grundas, Mrs. Shelly. Row 3: j. Bush, C. Schurr, J. Cummings, F. Kingsley, N. Poodry, T. Witkop, G. Karl, L. Kilpatrick, E. Huth. Row 1: D. Niezgoda, Swader, XV. Matusek, T. Tinney, D. Burdick, F. Wilson, D. Lewis, D. Bern- hardt. Row 2: M. Mansell, D. Montville, L. Parker J. Fiegel, G. Deahn, K. Sheldon, N. Keller, E. George, D. Husing, D. Rihheck, H. Manning, M. Carlo. Row 3: R. Newman, nl. Skellon, Lang, A. Odell, B. Pask, M. Ground, R. Ciurzynski, L. Ste- venson, M. Fotheringham, S. VVeher, Mrs. Swarts J. LaRocca, D. McFarland. 1 1 Row 1: R. Baehr, J. Caldwell, R. Wyder, C. Hall, R. Henry, F. Roggen, J. George, D. Swader, M. Kashuba, D. Trotten. Raw 2: B. Lathrop, I. Benz, C. Wilson, J. Baker, C. Alfieri, Mrs. Gilbert, D. Flint, D. Straw, M. Sheldon, P. Schmigel, C. Fink, C. Mattioli, M. Johnson. Row 31 J. Logan, J. Wal- ters, K. McCoy, A. Klawer, R. McLeod, K. Paw- lick, R. Ball, R. Burrill, R. Hersee, F. Lega, S. Poodry, Mann. Row li D. Hoehman, P. Luketic, J. Halecki, B Schultz, D. Borden, A. Black, Bordonaro, J Orzel, D. Higgins. Row 2: M. Abraham, S. Huth, S. Bartlett, K. Weaver, L. Kraatz, S. Klingelsmith, J. Kwandrams, H. Laese, B. Murray, J. Lawrence, Mrs. Paugh. Row 3: Battaglia, H. Leturgey, B Dietz, J. Clark, D. Skiff, M. Lauridsen, P. Schoen- wetter, P. Clayton, J. Yousey, J. Flint, K. Baker 'rhird grades Row 1: R. Herbstritt, T. Edmister, A. Bushover, D. Wolfe, E. Jordan, C. Schoenwetter, VV. Bishop, J. McFarland, D. Hutchinson. Row 2: F. Lowder, M. Drachenberg, H. Schultz, C. Yoder, L. Searer, K. Yousey, K. Staebell, L. Rosenberg, L. Cum- mings, C. Hogue, K. Roggow, Mrs. Matteson. Row 3: D. Leising, F. Phohl, D. Schubel, M. Hellems, C. Bedford, R. Jordan, DiLuzio, S. Schaller, B. Dickinson, P. Leavitt, M. Paft, A. DeYoung, P. Skye. Raw If K. Litfm, T. Leaderhouse, R. Cherry, J. Hawes, K. Blickensderfer, H. Printup, D. Rich- ardson, H. Hartwig, P. Bernier, R. Blickensderfer. Row 2: C. Reinke, H. Herwick, V. Bower, N. Cor- bett, P. Cayton, E. Truax, P. Johnson, P. Groff, E. Kwiatkowski, M. Stanbury, Miss Shepard. Row 3: D. Abraham, C. Logan, W. Laskey, T. Stone, L. Babiarz, Dyke, C. Crane, L. Roll, M. Clark, R. Wiseman, W. Robinson, G. Ceisner. Row 1.- A. Zola, J. Snyder, L. Kraatz, T. Yoder, B. Durski, M. Cummings, K. Wolfe, L. Neuroth, V. Francis. Row 2: D. Sundown, A. Sundown, R. Prentice, D. Lindke, P. Ford, S. Meyers, Spneth, J. Cherry, M. Joslyn, E. Keehn, Mrs. Brock. Raw 3: M. Welsh, B. Doctor, G. Doctor, G. Fox, L. Cummings, M. Kingsley, T. Newcomb, T. Carroll, J. Hartzler, M. Showers. 38 second grades Row 1: E. Feldman, T. VanBuren, J. Bower, D. Wight, B. Laubacher, G. Palli, M. Zimmerman, F. Ground, C. Hellems, T. Rowland. Row 2: Golpl K. Taylor, J. Bartram, S. Montville, D. Bucceri, G Schultz, E. Smith, N. Parker, V. Ribbeck, Mrs. Laese. Row 3: R. Jeminson, R. Whiting, C. Bohn, M. Rood, I. Dixon, C. Keppler, M. Witkowski, R Lauridson, S. Swift, M. Truglio, E. Sutton. 1.3 gf Row 1: F. Houlihan, R. Muck, J. Bitrerman, F. 'X Swiatowy, R. Nicometi, V. Sundown, K. Fry, , Kelkenberg, M. Burdick, B. Hawes. Raw 2: L. Hart- wig, Green, C. Carges, D. Swader, K. Burke, J Hessler, C. Tresselt, M. Searer, M. Winter, M Rudolph, Miss McEwan. Row 3: R. Skeet, P. Wheat, J. Poole, M. Logan, D. Altrogge, P. Mc Leod, B. Swader, T. Kaiser, D. Scotland. Row 1: R. Ribbeck, B. Moore, R. Brege, G. Jones, J. Logan, D. Weidman, H. Rosenberg, G. Becker, M. Miller. Row 2: V. Ground, V. Blickensderfer, J. Feldman, D. Reigle, D. Ritecz, L. Lloyd, E. Laese, S. Wands, S. Groff, F. Wronowicz, Mrs. MacCoy. Row 3: K. Bruning, A. Black, B. Skye, K. Hudson, Sullivan, D. Harvey, R. Rosenberg, W. Aderman, P. Mast, M. George, A. Groff. Row 1: S. Forrestel, D. Witkop, F. Kasperek, M. Schleef, Bower, D. Criswell, E. Reeb, R. Frey v J. Stanley, M. Logal. Row 2: R. Brucker, M. Mc- Cormick, M. George, P. Kyser, C. Wolter, E. Park- er, S. Hoste, F. Kashuba, T. Welch, Miss Churchill Row 3: D. Kruschke, Trigilio, S. White, B. Fl! dred, P. Halecki, M. Hammond, B. Goeseke, D. Mandoline, Bistoff, K. Poodry. Row 1: B. Asmus, T. Husing, G. Owen, A. Abraham P. Higgins, T. Coughlin, B. Jordon. Row 2: L Granke, S. Clark, G. Cummings, S. Blueye, D Smith, N. Bruning, B. Shoenthal, K. Tippett, K Deinhardt, K. Reinke, Miss Wickwire. Row 3: G Deiterle, R. VanBuren, M. Roberts, T. McNutt W. Brege, L. Pierce, L. Stebbins, P. Parker, J Babel, D. Enstrom, C. Burchell. Row 1: K. Fry, D. Cory, S. Zimmerman, G. Plueck- hahn, D. Groves, W. Moleski, B. Truax, J. Hollen- beck, R. Glena. Row 2: Rizzard, A. Forrestal, D. Louder, D. Criswell, Lawrence, M. Muggleberg, C. Burchell, J. Keller, A. Kelkenberg, K. McLeod Mrs. Berghorn. Row 3: J. Kostanciak, A. Cassidy D. Swimline, C. Kubis, P. VVitowski, C. King, Abraham, M. Porter, Bromstead, D. Dietz, S. Cummings. y i Raw 1: J. Keller, J. Remsen, M. Wilson, J. Finch R. Keppler, D. Johnson, B. Feldman, D. Ward, R. Hammond. Row 2: P. Dean, J. Newcomb, L. Klingelsmith, B. Eckert, C. Lathrop, P. Halecki B. Totten, K. Parker, D. Vanice, A. Uljanov, M. Schukraft, Mrs. Ford. Row 3: C. Stratton, D. Paft P. Reels, R. Doktor, R. Rehwaldt, C. Lindke, L. Ottaviani, S. Dickinson, A. Herpstritt, B. Cowan, J. Fahey, D. Smith. J 1 9 Row I: C. Rosenberg, B. Liepe, D. Blish, S. Swi- atowy, J. Bower, K. Bordonaro, R. Bartram, T. Golpl, D. Hudomint, J. Johnson. Row 2: S. Steiner, M. Brust, K. Brahmer, S. Cummings, L. Bishop, J. Smith, S. Cummings, S. Geddes, B. Martiny, M. Scrogg, M. Herbstritt, J. Keller, Mrs. Gerber. Row 3: M. Cummings, J. Eckerson, L. Draper, M. Brauen, S. Alfieri, P. Ranney, J. DiLuzio, G. Stone, K. Pawlick, P. Poleon, D. Reuben, R. Zimmerman. first grades Row 1: J. Johnson, T. Przybos, M. Hanson, J. Kelles, J. Ellis, R. Wiseman, K. McLeod, T. Lau- ridsen, J. Wilson. Row 2: D. Pask, S. Ceisner, S. Blish, B. Corbett, S. Walter, D. Kumro, K. Borden, M. Riggio, S. Bassanello, G. Parkes, I.. Groff, Miss Miller. Row3: P. Miles, A. Covel, J. Mandolene, D. Errick, D. Schultz, P. Palmites, S. Begiess, M. Staebell, N. Krull, E. Honsberger, R. Zurlo. Ro-w I: H. Doctor, D. Beatty, .N. Baker, M. Best, R. Blickensderfer, T. Smith, J. Goeseke, D. Gallo, P. Reeb, L. Ribbeck. Row 2.' C. Sutton, M. Sun- down, S. Showers, Odell, M. Niezgoda, Miss Og- den, C. Doxtader, R. Berry, Schmidbauer, G. Miller, K. Fiegl, L. Solotes. Row 3: E. Maddock, R. Dysard, T. Baehr, B. Schuler, N. Sutton, B. New- man, C. Stafford, J. Brucker, P. VVitkowski, VV. Young, N. Carroll, P. Hibbard. kindergartens Row 1: J. Capan, D. Leavitt, C. Enstrom, A. Cor bett, C. Abrams. Row 2: G. Staebell, W. Brust, K. Weiler, P. Milani, L. Peck, M. Roggen, Olzewski F. Cowan. Raw 3: Mrs. Murphy, E. Reuben, D Covel, J. Holtz, D. Dugan, D. Schmigel, C. Victor, D. Stegmann, C. Walker. Row I: R. Fulcomer, Geddes, R. Hutchings, J Parker, G. Ribbeck, B. Hollenbeck, D. Kumro, K. Becker, L. VVinter. Raw 2.' M. Bell, B. Roberts, L. Spears, R. Mack, K. Burdick, M. Bartram, D Cummings, S. Cummings. Row 3: R. Freier, S Babel, R. Remsen, E. Wolak, R. Fisher, R. Green K. Rudolph, A. Foster, Mrs. Murphy. 9 Row I: M. DeYoung, J. Capzin, N. Eckerson, I. Reuben, E. Webster, J. Luketic, R. White, D. Mc Leod. Raw 2: Abraham, Black, Schumacher R. Swader, G. Schultz, M. Bordonaro, D. VVard, A Bower, Mrs. Pentecost. Row 3: K. Anderson, W Ritecz, D. Wilson, Y. Grabenstatter, C. Alfleri, 'I' Fenton, H. Clark, B. Groff. Row 1: C. Ciurzynski, B. Swiniarski, T. Groff, B Richardson, T. Hance, W. Keppler, J. Lloyd, D Krupski. Raw 2: A. Mattei, S. Jemison, B. Doctor N. Parker, Mrs. Wetzen, S. Curley, M. Hartzler S. Lowder. Row 3: L. Fox, R. Skellon, C. Netzley K. Kasperek, D. Martin, J. Bitterman, P. Smith M. Pacer. . 1 1 Row 1: E. Dysard, H. Pechuman, R. Golpl, N. Kaiser, L. Sheldon, I.. Witcop, M. Blake, S. Kwi- atkowski. Row 2: B. Gerstung, E. Muck, M. Houli- h."'1 an, lx. Feldman, I. Roggen, P. Cummings, D. Caldwell, R. Borden, Mrs. VVetzen. Row 3: R. Kil- patrick, K. Sullivan, K. Baehr, S. Kraatz, T. Let- urgey, M. Brege, B. Taylor, M. Clark, B. Wilson. Mrs. Eleanor Urtel-Branch No. 12 Mary Edwards, Donald Drachenberg, Darwin Cummings, john Edwards, Darryl Remsen. H um miss Row 1: B. Cummings, P. Zola, J. Rosenberg, B Cummings, Johnson. Raw 2: D. Pafk, E. Berg horn, D. Anderson, B. Yousey, M. Wik. branch schools Mrs. Eva Harpst-Branch No. 10 George Iago. 42 :mari Raw 1: Jackie Kroening, David Pogel, ,Ie1n Socha Kathy Pogel, Sandra Schlegel, james Schelgel Linda Webster. Row 2: Fred Iago, Michael Socha Karen Covert, Paulette Martin, Sandra Ewald W3 1 Q-SDF' ,.-"""" --u-...si ,r 1 I ' acfivifies Rrr1c1.' W. DcYoung, P. Covcl, A. Stapleton, I.. Thayer, DI. Sillowuy, H. Covcl, Q. Blucyc, A. Thomas. R11-zc':.' l.. li11INlllllill, l.. Misty, R. Wlhltc, M. White, N. Brown, N. Clark, D. Rummy, M. Brightcnticld, M. lfnxkul, S. Yodcr, lf. Cain. varsity choir 1J7'L'.Vfzf6VIf Dunne Brzlchett Vim' l'rc.vi11'w1l Allen 'l'l1omz1s rVt7C7'Z,fll71Y-'ll7'I'LZ.YI!7't77' Pat Covel Lz'b1'fzrifm.v .-Xnnc Stapleton Tony Cory R11-lvl: G. Wltvlclmn, nl. Romllc, S. Fcdctspicl, D. Brzlclictt, A. Cory, C.Slnscl,l,.H11th,l.. lillI'2l5ZlillI- wicz, P. Phelps. Row 3: W. Scurcr, Ci. Harsh, S. Bentley, N. Phelps, B. Hammond, D. jonathan, P. Gocskc, R. Czllnnvzlral, D. lVl:1st,G. Sfhlecl-, G. Hosta. - ln 9 l .1 MR. RICHARD SHAW Choir Dirvctar fidgayd ' -4.f.7,..,:g5-P2 42vy3Z- L74GA-MY' v f +4 P boys' g ee c ub . I I H fs. 9 . mwfwf K Q Raw 1: bl. Black, -I. Downey, M. Criswell, ,I. Adams, I.. Mietz, R. Bower, G. Witzlulwcn, A. Cory iw A. Brunner, D. Daniels, T. Malccki, XY. Kelkcnlwcrg, G. McCormick, U. Histoff, I.. Huth R Madolu Rowj: bl. Black, G. MacCoy, II. Lippcrt, M. Deahn, A. Thomas, D. Chcavacci, D. Ross, I.. McCormick senior girls' glee club Row I: D. Hitchcock, G. Harch, N. Schallcr, K. Pingitoru, V. BI:1ck,Y.XYronowicz, H. Chamberlain, C. Iangcr, YY. Scarcr I". Carcy, ll. DcI.elys, B. Park, S. Smith, Ii. Draper, I.. Hollcnlueck, S. Wagner, B. Cummings, N. Covcl. Row 2: tl. Long S. Bentley, M. Sundown, N. Phelps, M. Brightcnheld, IW. Richardson, Y. Hartwig, -I. Ehmann, P. Gocsckc, M. Ifaskcl B. Zywiczynski, C. Paync, I.. jonathan, S. Yoder, ,I. Remscn, I.. Hudson. Row jf ,l. Rozcllc, R. White, N. Iirown, M White, C. firalmenstattcr, N. Clark, V. Edgar, S. Bruning, S. Sutton, G. I'ICICIlU1lI1,,I. Faskel, B. Schallcr, K. Malccki, C Chcavacci, K. Spacth, P. Hudomint, S. Hosta. Row 4: M. Schultz, I.. Thayer, C. Sinscl, N. Bartlett, G. Schlccf, U. Ilostc C. Pentecost, S. Palmreutcr, H. Krull, S. Federspic-I, D. Mast, D. Schultz, P. Eckert, P. Covel, A. Stapleton, C. I-Iollcn heck, D. Schumacher, DI. Bittcrman. . 31. 'ki training band Row 1: F. Criswell, K. Winslow, R. Cook, W. Place, C. Fsperson, R. Campbell, Graham, D. Cope, G. Pingitore, B. Markek, ll. Hellert, S. Remsen, R. Rozelle, J. Gerber, A. Kcehn, V. King. Row 2: B. Moses, T. Raduns, W. Abrams, ll. Fox, R. Miller, YV. Cole, D. Meyers, G. Schlegel, L. Snell, C. Tadio, V. Rugg, nl. Hoste, G. Richards, L. VVeaver, N. Sun- down, D. Putzback, B. Hammond, Mr. Columbus. Row 3: R. Bell, j. VVeaver, K. Zimmerman, bl. Van- Buren, D. Carlo, P. Naymen, D, Ceisner, R. Carlo, D. Bush, S. Smith, M. McCormick, R. White, hl. Wikar, C. Roland, D. Dickinson. brass ensembles Peter Phelps, Albert Laese, Mary McCormick, Clifton Tadio, James Fox, George VVagile, Joseph VVikar. sr. band Row 1: F. Criswell, K. Winslow, P. Rooney, R. Calzavara, Blueye, VV. DeYoung, F. Cain, ,l. Gerber, R. Campbell, B. Markek, G. Pingitorc, S. Remsen, Hellert, V. King, N. Remsen. Row 2: XV. Pagels, L. VVeaver, B. Moses, G. Richards, T. Raduns, D. Brackett, W. Abrams, V. Rugg, Fox, C. Tadio, D. Meyers, G. Schlegel, G. Wagile, D. Brackett, I.. Kashuba, Mr. Columbus. Row 3: vl, VVeaver, R. Bell, R. Smith, P. Nayman, R. Mid. daugh, D. Blish, P. Phelps, R. Carlo, D. Ceisncr- A. Lease, S. Smith, M. McCormick, R. White, ,I. VVikar, C. Roland, M. Charles. woodwind ensembles Francis Criswell, Nancy Remsen, Lawrence Ka- shuba, Quentin Blueye, james Gerber, Gail Pingi- tore, Susan Remsen, Patricia Rooney, Kathleen Winslow, Barbara Markek, William DeYoung. treble clef choir Row 1: N. Massaro, P. Trudell, C. Drachenberg, M. Schmigel, L. White, B. Bruning, P. Posenberg, R. Fatheringham, E. Bedford, C. Nanni, M. Pafk, D. Aquino, K. Wagner, J. Zurlo. Row 2: J. Asmus, M. Wilson, R. Sundown, B. Martin, Bero, G. Abrams, A. Frodin, A. Printup, P. Geisler, G. Rooney, L. Zimmerman, S. Johnson, H. King, N. Rosenberg, E. Hall. Row 3: D. Parker, S. White, D. Schultz, H. Finger, J. Messenger, M. Chapman, A. Cummings, N. Abraham, A. Printup, F. Nice, S. Smith, Poodry, W. Swyers, D. Hibbard. Row W..- 41 Mrs. Pentecost, J. Espersen, J. Witkowski, N. Hessler, G. Juliano, M. McLeod, K. Fox, E. Hyder, D. Hudson, L. Fatheringham, M. Pask, S. Klawer, J. Abraham, S. Sutton, Ross, G. Goeske, M. DeYoung, B. Pingitore, L. Cummings, Mrs. Swyers. -. .asain A . - Row 1: S. Trugilo, G. Rooney, M. Yaeger, R. Poleon, K. Pagels, D. Zimmer, D. Ellis, D. Fix, R. New- man. Row 2: J. Ross, J. Bero, J. Rowland, M. Hutchinson, M. Mietz, K. Powers, D. Hanbury, M. Cum- mings, B. Barron, M. Mansell, C. Drachenberg, H. Harvey, D. Bontrager, J. Gruber, L. Zimmerman B. Pingitore, D. Massaro, D. Burdick, T. Bartram, R. Marble, E. George, R. Wilson, R. Smith, R Joldal, W. Swyers, J. Brand, Mr. Stapleton. Raw3: L. Stratton, L. Finch, D. Caporali, T. Biernacki, D Perry, D. Jemison, D. Lindke, S. Reese, C. Reigle, J. Berry, D. Bucceri, R. Brady, L. Glena, K. Errick K. Meyers, H. Massaro, A. Cummings, J. Gurley, M. Pask, B. Curphey. Row 4: R. Yaeger, J. Remsen R. Seader, T. Stapleton, S. Becker, J. Schleef, G. Cummings, G. Abrams, R. Brahmer, B. MacCoy, W. Wilson, P. Trudell, B. MacCoy, J. Zurlo, D. Granke, D. Aquino, G. Burchell, G. Paugh, D. Frodin, R Kusis, J. Fspersen, E. Lang, G. Summe, D. Lewis, A. Flor, M. Ground, R. Hollenbeck, R. Ciurzynski B. Raduns, R. Rodger, F. Kingsley, B. DeYoung, K. Bistoff, Flint, T. Lindke, WV. Enstrom, W. Pafk l.. Logel, B. Curphey. 41.1 J 3 A - ,- ,,l violin class Row 1: J. Kleparek, C. Cooper, K. Daniels, S. Smith, C. Mecklenberg, M. Fahey, M. DeYoung, M. Weiler, M. Carlo, S. Tippett. Row 2: H. Man- ning, D. Bushover, C. Broch, J. Ciurzynski, H. Blyeye, S. Nice, M. Mansell, C. Bitterman, P. Wronowicz, E. Bedford, F. Martini, M. Pafk. Row 3: E. Kwiatkowski, T. Kasparek, P. Cummings, S. Trinal, A. Frodin, D. Schuttz, H. Finger, J. Mes- singer, R. Groff, D. Pakorski, R. Parker, D. Wheel- er, M. Bistoft. sixth grade social dancing Row 1: R. Brahmer, D. Aquino, J. Mansel, D. Shearman, D. Chaevacci, J. Matusek, D. Smith, J. Gruber, G. Rooney, R. Smith. Row 2: K. Errick, S. Ciurzynski, J. Allison, N. Rosenberg, P. Cummings, M. Montgomery, B. Hartranft, M. Wilson, R. Sun- down, S. Johnson, G. Juliano. Row 3: D. Parker, B. Martin, S. White, W. Swyers, L. Clear, B. Stevens, B. Pingitore, P. Vaughn, G. Cooper, M. McLeod, P. Aldred, V. Hinds, Mr. Duguay. Row 4: J. Bur- dick, C. Klehn, K. Fox, J. Gurley, D. Granke, C. Taylor, M. Pask, N. Higgens, H. Baehr, C. Dugu- ano, D. Logel, Place, G. Summe. Row 5: S. Klo- wer, D. Hudson, T. Cescon, Abraham, R. Klo- wer, R. Groff, M. Tinney, S. Sutton, L. Fathering- ham, N. Markek, D. Frodin, S. Trugilo, B. Downwy. elementary instrumental band student court Row 1: Mr. Monahan, B, Wickham, D. Blish, D. Ross. Row 2: M. Brightenfield, P. Goeske, D. Cheavacci, E. Cain, B. Schaller. The Student Court is organized to pro- mote justice to all students. If a person was given a ticket by a monitor he was brought before the Student Court to pre- sent his case. The monitor who gave the ticket was also present. To the best of their ability, the justices were to deter- mine the guilt or innocence of each de- fendant. David Blish served as Chief Justice. student council Row 1: M. Cummings, J. Sylor, R. Bower, J. Weav- er, B. Eldred, S. Wagner, A. Kheen, R. Reuben. Row 2: Davies, R. Cummings, P. Asmus, Treas- urer: E. Randazzo, Junior Vire Prenridentg Mr. Brown, Advirorg S. Reigle, President: D. Blish Senior Vive Preridentg B. Brucker, Secretary: A. Randazzo, N. Johnson. Row 3: W. Sanderson, Bitterman, L. Brychta, S. Federspiel, H-. Krull, S. Sutton, B. Wickham, P. Rooney, L. Cowan, S. Wil- son, M. VVhite. Row 4: D. Skeet, VV. Cowan, R. Bower, R. Brewer, Grover, A. Cory, G. Bistoff, L. Weaver, M. Deahn, A. Brunner. The purpose of the Student Council is to unify all the student activities within the school, to promote the general wel- fare ofthe school, and to provide the stu- dents with a Council through which all proper problems and business relative to student activities of the school may be appropriately handled and acted upon. The main project ofthe Student Coun- cil this year has been an exchange student. student monitors Raw Ii M. Casseri, J. Long, N. Eldred, R. Cum- mings, S. Hoste, L. Granke, S. Wagner, F. Carey Row 2: S. Palmreuter, K. Malecki, N. Johnson, P. Tinkham, Mr. Hood, E. Randazzo, N. Cescon, A. Randazzo, L. Medole, M. Richardson. Row 3: R. Webster, T. Malecki, B. Bates, P. Huth, S. Brun- ing, V. Edgar, L. Burdick, A. Taylor, D. Schu- macher, T. Cowan. 1. .N Raw 1: M. Faskel, N. Phelps, N. Brown, P. Rooney, I.. Brychta, A. Stapleton, S Bentley, M. Isles, B. Wickham, V. Blickensderfer. Raw 2: M. Brightenfield, V. Fdgar, G. Schleef, P. Fckert, S. Federspiel, l.. Thayer, S. Palmreuter, S. Wilson, ,l. Rozelle ll. Goeske, B. Cummings, M. Klehn, S. Reigle, Mrs. Smith. The purpose of the Hi-Y is to create, maintain, and extend through- out the school and the community high standards of Christian char- acter. chi-omega hi-y The purpose ol' the Akron Chapter of the National Honor Societv national honor society is "to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote worthy leadership, and to encourage the development of character in the students of Akron Central." Mem- bers are selected from the upper twenty-live percent of the .I unior and Senior classes on the basis of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Seated: john Grover, Shirley Reigle. Standiz1g.' Lorain Brychta, Mr. Edward Allen, Advimr. ei. 1-9 .W .f-1 great books club ll R. Webster, Z1 member of Mr. Vossler's Great Book Club II, is explaining "The 0dy.r.vey" to L. Frodin, B. Rohr, Mr. Vossler, B. Schaller and D. Schu- macher. great books club I Mr. Vossler is explaining an incident in "The Odyi- Jey", to the following memliers: D. Bnchr, V. Blick- ensderfer, C. Bushover, C. Logel. Haiti conservation club Seated: D. Rickwalt, R. Gibbs. Standing: N. Frey R. Bower, R. Bower, R. Brucker, l.. McCormick Mr. MacCoy. 50 library staff Row 1: A. Ground, G. Harch, V. Graylmeal, W. Searer, I.. jonathan. Row 2: B. Schaller, C. Sinsel, B. Schultz, G. Hosre, Mrs. Bush, P. Hudomint, N. Remsen, V. Haskell. camera club Row 1: l.. Shepard, R. Lindke, nl. lYcnvcr, B. Mar- kek, R. Finger. Row 2: T. Mclforquoclale, L. Mictq, Mr, lfckcrson, H. Covcl, R. Webster, M. Polcnn, A. l.ncsc, N. Rcmscn, C. Pentecost, B. Rohr, C. Imgnl, T. Perry, G. McCoy, l.. Frodin, Gcrlscr, G. Richards, Wm. Stanlmury. 51 :Lim model airplane club Row 1: M. Huth, W, Reistcr, B. llalrvy, l.. Dietz. Raw 2: A. Kress, R. Ruduns, R. l.indkc, W. Rodg- ers, Mr. l,:1tko, G. Stevens, R. Garrison, I.. Wick. ham. ,, M v l ii... " - ' - iunior and senior science clubs Row 1: A. Gerace, D. Kuraskiewicz, G. Wagile, C. Esperson, I.. Cummings, G. Lindke, Frey, VV Shukraft. Row 2: VV. Blickenderfcr, DI. Fox, D. Rick walt, C. Tadioi, Mr. Carges, Mr. Martiny, L. Cow an, V. Homesborger, F. Criswell, AI. Weaver. Rowj M. Deahn, J. Grover, D. Cummings, tl. Gerber, D Putzback, R. Ewald, B. Harvey, R, Cummings, NV Kelkenberg, M. Caprio. ,M .,... - W -P slide rule club Members of Mr. Bates's Slide Rule Club are as fol- lows: D. Blish, M. Huth, B. Bates, G. Adams, and J. Bitterman. iunior red cross Members of the Junior Red Cross Group are as ful lows: Seated: D. Stahl, I.. Frodin, tl. Abraham, K Coughlin, S. VVilson, 'l. Halecki, C. Logel, .I VVronowicz, N. Remsen. Standing: Mrs. Bachellur advance dancing Raw I: P. Covel, B. Hammond, A. Hutchinson, Mr Demlmrow, P. Phelps, M. Sundown, M. Witkop, C Payne. Rota' 2: D. Daniels, T. Mnlecki, A. Brunner, 'l'. Porter, .l. Black, D. Sundown, D. Chzievncci, K Pingirore, il. Lipperr. Row jf S. Parker, ,l. Sillway dramafic club QQ , 69- Ihe following members of Mr. Tomczalis junior Dramntics Club are watching -I. Sylor read lines from a presentation of "They Shook lhe Family Tree." Sealed: B. Moses, R. Nichols, L. Cowan, B. DeYoung, B. Place, E. Cain, K. Winslow, B. Ben- teen, R. Rebrovich, V. King. Standing: S. Sutton, C. Fsperson, Fotheringham, Hoste, G. Pingi- rore, j. Sylor, G. Blickensderfer. 53 folk dancing Row I: S. Hogue, D. Carlo, j. Brunner, A. Riggio l.. Rzmdazzo, B. Bower, -I. VIIUBIIFCI1, D. Pzickmnn Row 2: P. Wik, M. Fahey, 'l'. DeYoung, Mr. Dem- Ixrow, R. Rozelle, ll. PcQueen, XV. Solotes, S. Cory Raw 3: D. Meyers, ll. Black, C. lisperson, B. Wirr R. Vllirt, l. Huth, M. Moses, S. Hwzlld, D. McCoy Pi. Powers, P. Bedford. Row 4: D. Zgoda, R. Bell I.. Cowan, B. Welch, A. Roland, W. Place, li Charles, V. Rugg, N. Alwrnham. future homemakers of america Row If F. Carey, bl. Del,elys, M. Tesmer, S. Smith V. Black, C. Tanger, S. Solotes, L. Hollenbeck, R. Roland, S. Kuropatwu, D. Drachenberg, N. Schal ler, Miss Churchill. Row 2: sl. Jackson, S. Hoste, I.. Granke, M. Wlagner, N. Bartlett, j. Bower. Row 3. S. DeFries, M. Cook, V. Haskell, R. Cummings, P. Hudomint, B. Zywiczynski, C. Baran, S. Leader- house. Row 4: M. Berndt, N. Wallace, D. Wallace E. Wheat, C. Hollenlmeck, P. LaRocca. x m industrial arfs club Row I: B. Mann, YY. Blish, R. Carlo, D. Ranney, R Bower, D. Swzzder, F. Witkop, D. Burrill. Row 2: C Nicometi, A. Taylor, G. Poleon, Mr. Hollenbeck D. Skeet, A. Thomas, Mr. Fleischman, E. Poleon R. Gibbs, N. Leturgy. Row 3: D. Kelly, R. Gray- lmeal, R. Middaugh, R. Pask, YV. Greincr, I.. Huth ll. Grover, l.. Wickham, G. Groff, Burrill, R Bower, C. Yaeger. future farmers of america Row 1: VV. Pagels, M. Criswell, R. Hendrick C Bistoff, sl. VVitt, H. Brucker, R. Hendrick. Rau I.. Sutton, D. Deahn, J. McCorquodule, R. Rosen berg, R. Cook, D. Bushover, K. Bartlett, C. Owen M. Haun. Row 3: K. Kraatz, S. Kraatz, B. Riley J. VVik, D. Snell, Zimmerman, M. Croop D Rickwalt, E. Brown, F. Possinger, D. Ceisner VN Faskel, M. Doctor, G. Moses, Mr. Rozelle. 54 international club Memlwers ot' the International Clulx are listening to Holi Calaznvznrn explaining an idea. They are as follows: A. Hutchinson, Rozelle, M. Huth, A. Brunner, K. Lziulwaicher, M. Poleon, and R. Bower. seventh grade yorker club lxow II T. DeYoung, A. Leaf, D. Heiman, K. Zim- merman, S. Cory, P. Baldwin, j. Cescon. Row 2: li. Charles, I.. Wheeler, P, Deinhzirdt, Mrs. Brown, D. Dickson, B. Welch, M. Huth. Row 3: R. Bell D. Grover, M. Long, E. Powers, B. Ceisner, A Poleon, S. lfwzild, R, Xvitt, VV. Cole, M. Lindlay. 55 eighth and ninth grade yorker club Row 1: M. Mnrriny, D. Srelwlsins, S. Sutton, Mrs Brown, S. hVilgl'lL'F, A. Keehn, ,l. Asmus. Row 2: R Trugilo, D, Hellert, R. Finger, YY. Stunlwury, R Must, -I. Hellerr, T. Eckert, G. Shanks, S. Remsen S. Kraatz, C. Grover, M. Cummings, K. Winslow B. XVeiler, li. Palgels, D. Triylor. l-w7sA f .xv-f.....1 , mxnlfw -:fl .r av li L stage crew Mr. Suttel is explaining the lighting panel to the following members of his Club: Sealed: B. Eldred, D. Hellert, j. Roehling, G. jackson, J. Jordan. Sland- ing: D. Tinkham, Mr. Suttel, C. Yaeger, R. VValters, R. Grnybeal, j. Rodgers, R. Yaeger, and P. Meyers. arf club Row 1: R. Owen, D. Shezman, C. Ground, B. Sar- gent, C. McCormick, D. Bowers, R. Brown, F. Smith, ul. Huun, Mr. Valente. Row 2: J. Frey, R Cnmpell, D. Pfohl, T. Zywiczynski, R. Skye, V. Hunesberger, P. Naymun, C. Grabenstatter, N. Gudridge, YV. Vanpell, R. Mast, F. Haun, P. Poo- dry, B. Munn, B. Logan. 56 chess club K. Laubacher, N. Leturgy, D. Ranney, and A. Brunner, who are members of Mr. Vossler's Chess Club, are playing chess while the rest of the mem- bers watch: J. Leturgy, H. Covel, J. Burrill, A Laese, J. Poleon, R. Carlo, D. Bushover, D. Bur- rill, D. Ceisner, Mr. Vossler, VV. Tanger, B. De Young, and McCorquodale. ...-.-----.. ,ir I., ,Q lx'o:c'1.' I. Iulizmo I, .'x5l'llll5 M.M:1rtim' P, :Xsnuxs Qq.c.1hL'1lNllCCi M.Cummim1s C. Ciruwr, N. ll1ll'I'iIlllfI!D, S. Pzmrkcr. . . y, . J y y . , . lx'ofz' J: Mrs. Y. Smith, Al. Run-llc, A. Hurchinwn, K. lmululclmur, M. Pulcfm, li. Mzlcfm' clinic assistants Nancy lfldrcd, Marilyn Richardson, Sue XYilscmn, Bcvrrly Xyiifkhillll, Kathy Cmnglmlizy Uizmc Schulnzlchur, l':1r Cm-L-l, Mrs. Bnchcllcr. Q-'T' G 60 4 BDI Ticket sellers ty Pufwlc, 3 an 5. Q1 fffb' ,V . A is 0. N3 'A . ff 4. iff, if , Q. Q! ...Q a 2 Q V' ' 3 M4 f' ii 1 ga f- aan fvik 9 ik 'Ke L Q .ja 1 f 1+ 5 aff 5, Q H, 'Q if ,L W- .. , f 09"-Z2 42 xr 4 F' i ff? I. P! i' 2, :sv ". ff gf 1- S 4 G " ' .Z ,. -' , , W WW ,. , B 5 g 411 fd? 'fum 5223 fi H' 'MQ X 41, ti, X .amuwmb N ' Q A X V 71" T U 1 6 v ggi- H? nf N X H5531 1 A b9.M,,1.i 11 K X , L , QS- 'H fffif ' Q ' X Q 3 , .M Aw X l X ,f . 'ff ,Q Q.. 1, ., .pf-ww Q, X 6 , V 1ipiSii,M?- -3 Y' .Q Ax. Q fL:23i3e: "i 'i 9 '- 33 A ' X ' :. 214551 S X 111 in 2 V, Wwmugsz ff d!g1Qm..,V -I 4, , -. 14 -3 :4 k' x.-mn ff, fi, Q Qs. . xii Vi f5,L ag Q fm MJE5 '?s? ., 1 1-sy. , " in 'ln'-' Sf! lafx x 'firgx s12'i,v, 2 Q 5 " S54 'f T ,, K, X ,II 'F- pu , , Xmmwefgiaw X wk "df ' 21,2--A , j QQw:,i:LIf- fi4"':e xv' rf: , ' -SFP' 'N ,--2-www 42, . V5 ,S ,114-ffejv Nl' wg I ws g--X -- , A Q-ef 'M 7 k f---sw, - ,,,.,, K ,gif ' Pi, , 49 I KWN-.X . .W ,mx ir. varsity and varsity football Ckycaptainsefhlarv lbeahn and jnn Downey AKRON AKRON AKRON AKRON AKRON AKRON AKRON PERRY ROYlhMTf LETCHWURTH ALDEN XVARSAW7 ATTTCA OAKPTFLD Row 1: D. White, G. Witzlelwin, R. Shimmel, D., Deahn, B. Har- vey, R. Myers, R. Huth, D. Che- avacci, K. Bartlett. Row 21 D. Skiff, O. Poleon, WV. Riesrer, Leturgey, L. VVickhum, D. Sun- down, R. Medole, A. Cory, Black, Downey, Co-Capt.: L. Weaver. Row 3: Coarh Wetzen, G. Bistolf, W. Cowan, D. Ceisner Q. Blueye, R. Bower, E. Poleon, W. Kelkenberg, R. Brewer, M. Deahn, Ca-Capt., R. Parker, T. Malecki, Coarh Scuppa and Schlelch. Row 45 D. Daniels, T. Cowan, A. Brunner, N. Frey, W. McCorquadale, St. Kraatz, D. Ross, L. McCormick, J. Lippert, H. Ciurczynski. ,, 2, E 5 mrez.waw.fsfwfwrnw1 -mv: N '- eg. Q., X. Q I l basketball Row 1: H. Ciurzynski, D. Har- rington, R. Medole. Row 2: Downey, Coarh Scappa, T. Ma- lecki, A. Brunner, F. Sundown, D. Ross, -I. Ijppert, G. M:1cC0y. 1? 5 Co-Captzlins-Hank Ciurzynski and IH Downey AKRON AKRON AKRON AKRON AKRON AKRON AKRON AKRON AKRON AKRON AKRON AKRON AKRON AKRON H U E6 L . XR i viy' , K F 1 E. - 3 1 . .... . ,, 1: r s g i 60 37 61 48 46 SO 44 65 45 77 SI 57 49 56 61 STARPOIN'I NEWFAN If BA R K FR WILSON MEDI NA ROY-HART LEW-PORT STA RPOI N T N EWFANE BARK ER WILSON M If DINA ROY-HART LEW-PORT iunior high basketball Row 1: E. Hartranft, R. Meyers, N. Sundown, Blish, R. Miller, B. Harvey, K. VVhitbeck. Row 2: D. Swader, T. DeYoung, R. Rozelle, Wikur, D. Tinkham, G, Poleon, R. Pnckman, -I. Matusek, A. Leaf, A. Poleon, M. Cescon. Row 3: R. VVhite, Lolmer, D. Rickwalt, ll. VVeuver, L. Wills, A. Chea- vacci, L. Weaver, j. Rodgers, G. Richards, P. Poodry, V. Rugg, R. Black, J. Bartram, j. juliano, Mr. MacCoy. sixth grade intramurals Row 1: Mr. Duguay, R. Brahmer, D. Aquino, J. Mansell, P. Trudell, D. Cheavacci, AI. Matusek, D. Bontrager, B. Wilson, D. Smith, L. Cummings, Mr. Hamilton. Row 2: D. Johnson, G. Rooney, B. Swyers, D. Schad, Al. Gruber, G. Cooper, R. Smith, R. Pingitore. R0-wj: F. Nice, P, Aldred, G. Summe, B. Stevens, T. Lindke, ll. Burdick, D. Granke. Row 4: C. Taylor, R. Grayheal, M. Tinney, D. Frodin, H. Baehr, S. Trugilo, B. Downey. 62 iunior varsity basketball Row 1: Juliano, Zllanagerg R. Shimmel, E. Caprio, G. VVitzelven, L. Sutton, A. Cory, R. VVhite, Mana- ger. Row 2: G. Poleon, Zllzznagerg Black, T. Porter, T. Cowan, S. Kraatz, T. Perry, N. Frey, G. Poleon VV. Cowen, B. Moses, Coach lVetzen. 9 in Raw 1: Captains-hl. Downey, H. Ciurzynski, ll. Lippcrt, D. Harrington. Row J: C Shaw, M. Poluun, P. Phelps, D. Chczlvncci, A. Thomas, B. Bruckcr.PRmc'j.- D. Sim down, j. Sillaiwuy, R. Mcdule, T. Porter, W. Kclkcnlwrg, M. Dcuhn, 'I'. Dclrr, D Chcavucci, R. Meyers, Coach Wcrven. senior high intramurals boys' swimming Team Row 1: R. Carlo, D. Chezlvucci, B. Harvey, R. Cook, R. Czllzzlvuru. Row 2: R. Smith, D. Skiff, j. Silluway, M. Huth, Mr. Farr, R. Reno, VV. DcYuung. Rowj: C. Shaw, XY. McCurquodule, A. Thomas, P. Phelps, Q. Blueye, Al. Zimmerman, F. Pnsk. """"-e-0, f "ESV if E A!! ,xs f 1 5 4 6 . 3. LAW I' bl 5 - ,Ny X - ,., neg. Y .. 2,1 . U 4' maysm M84- ff... Suk is 554' kL-, , , . , 5 ., K':' K ,ig..i.i ' . :,, ,TE ,.L A wyllk .,, is-it senior high girls' inframurals Row 1: S. Wagner, R. Roland, D. Hitchcock, V. Wronowicz, S. Smith, .l. Riggio, R. Smith, B. Part. Row 2: j. Bittermzm, N. Ccscon, A. Randazzo, L. Hanson, K. Rooney, J. Wronowicz, B. Hammond, N. Phelps, I.. Medole, al. Long, B. Cummings. Row jf F. Clnsgens, j. Bitterman, P. Rooney, C. Brand, D. Buehr, A. Blackchin-t', C. Parker, C. Bushover, j. Fhmnnn, K. Mnlecki, P. Tinkhnm, N. Clark. Row 4: M. Schultz, VI. Bower, S. Smith, S. Federspiel, C. Pentecost, G. Schlcef, D. Must, l.. Burdick, S. Bruning, H. Krull, nl. Snell. the girls in action . Vi! Cali. .... , . sth "'t"'xs 'ESS . , u li M 'LQ . . C A , ,..,,,, g , .... Y, ,P Q, . 3. LE i , ii? :wt -. M ' ef' '- ...gn :gif-au.. 3 .. V wx? 1 .L I H. ' . , 2 S13 V " J vm., ff X T ' ."f" f ,, ,.. .- .Go iunior high girls' inframurals Row 1: S. Mnssziro, B. Burdick, B. Poguls, S Kraatz, DI. Lindke, Cescon, E. Burdick dazzo, D. Taylor, S Roland, S. Market, Fsperson, l.. Snell, s lNl. Hutll, R. lYronowic1, -I Hoguu, A. Riggio, I.. Run Charles, B. Bower. Row J: C l.. Wheeler, R. Rttliovich, C D. Kalspcrck, M. Long, R Nichols, B. Bentcnu, C. Gruber, D. Brzzckett. Rai. 3: VV. Vzmllell, R. Brown, Kclkcnlserg, Ii Charles, P. Foster, T. Eckert, -I. Sylor, G. Pingitorc J. Pentecost, B. Wclier, ,I. Black, .I. Logan, S Printup. Row 4: M. Murtiny, ,l. Asmus, K. Bingu N. Goodrich, ,l. Fsithcringhzim, R. Must, N. Alvru ham, S. Pearls, C. Grover, M. Cummings. gk ei' i l if t l i iunior varsity varsity cheerleaders jean Bitterman, Kathy Coughlin Shirley Reigle, Rita Reuben, Dor thea jonathan, Sue Fcderspicl joan Bittermun. Clackwixcs Barbara Cummings, Nancy Cescon, Nadine Clark, JoAnn Riggio, Anita ch 1 ' ' R lIldal7O, Annette Bower, Rose Smith. Row It W. Kelkenberg, D. Harrington, M. Deahn, J. Downey, R. Harshbarger, R. Johnson, D. Rick- walt, L. Frey, T. Delre. Row 2: Coach VVetzen, T. Patterson, C. Albrecht, C. Biscaro, D. Ross, C. Casseri, R. Cory, A. Thomas, N. Printup, B. Teidt, Alanager. The 1956 baseball team placed second in the league finals. Jim Downey pitched a perfect game with Roy-Hart and Neal Printup pitched a one hitter. AKRON CLARENCE 2 AKRON CLARENCE AKRON ROY-HART AKRON NEXVFANE AKRON XVILSON AKRON ALDEN AKRON MEDINA AKRON MEDINA A KRON BARKER AKRON ROY-HART AKRON LEVV-PORT track team Members ofthe track team at the beginning of the season preparing for a meet are: Row 1: L. Huth, R. Bower, R. Reno, L. Kuraskiewicz, J. Leiturgy Dickson, C. Groff, P. Huth, D. Ceisner. Row 2: D. Sundown, T. Malecki, M. Caprio, F. Sundown Perry, M. Huth, G. Bistoff, H. Ciurzynski, Sillo- way, Coach MacCoy. Raw 3: G. McCormick, T. Porter, Q. Blueye, E. Poleon, R. Bower, G. Gibbs, and W. McCorquodale. ir. varsity baseball Row 1: D. Skirt, i'l1ur1agcr,' R. Mednlc, R. Calla vara, -I. Black, A. Cory. Row 2: M. Poleon, W Cowen, M. Falker, N. Frey, A. Brunner, T. Porter, Coach Scappa. varsity baseball champion volleyball team These boys are members ofthe championship vol- leyball team: Row 1: T. Delre, Burrill, R. Bower, D. Rickwalt, R. Middaugh. Row 2: R. Bower, A. Thomas, G. McCormick, R. Bower, P. Phelps. rm,-,r , . 4 az -4 an fa. -. ' -A J R R xv: Y-I vb 'Q' af-wi wx M. my? Q5 .N . fs Y -ax Aa . 4 F as Q N V . ,. X up . ,M .. 9 dverfisemenfs TI 1 Compliments of BAREOWS REAL ESTATE Mrs. Powers Best Wishes Akron 2512 TO THE CLASS OF 1 958 Compliments FROM Of THE CLASS OF 'I957 PIXLEY'S Self-Service Store 53 Cedar S reet Akron, New York Phone: 2511 Ralph G. Siemlaury Compliments Of Park View Beauly Salon Polly and Rose 79 Main Street Akron, New Y Ph ez 9452 Compliments . of COLD SPRINGS CONSTRUCTl0N COMPANY ENGINEERS CONTRATORS ,YW ,wg v-- -- -Yirw 1 177 -J L, gil- iff: 1- V- V -41 1, - V .V 1, Compliments of NATIONAL GYPSUM COMPANY AKRON PLANT CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF "57" REIGLE ELECTRIC ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING 101 BUELL STREET AKRON, NEW YORK PHONE AKRON 3921 Compliments Of R. R. SERVICE TEXACO GAS TIRES AND BATTERIES REPAIRS 50 CEDAR STREET AKRON, NEW YORK 71 .l.x.-.. iw, . . ,.,,. ,,. AL ZIMMERMAN INC. Compliments Uf EDWARD LAUGHLIN OLDSMOBILE "SAFETY TESTED USED CARS" Buffalo 84 john Streets Phone 2416 Compliments Akron, New York vt RAY'S TIN SHUP Akron 9778 9 Cedar Sr. Akron, N- Y Compliments Of COMPLIMENTS ERNEST MOSER of Compliments Of BERNHARD'I"S FUNERAL HQME Phone 9522 ALEX C. IVIITII Congratulations TO THE CLASS OF 1957 WEST END SALES AND SERVICE Your Friendly Ford Dealer 18 MECHANIC STREET OUR SINCEREST BEST WISHES FOR A SUCCESSFUL FUTURE 20th CENTURY' SUPPLY COMPANY 2-8 Main Street Akron, New York AKRON NEW YORK PHONE: 8431 PHONE 9748 SPORTING GOODS, TOYS, TOOLS ACCESSORIES AND GARDEN SUPPLIES Best Wishes To the Class of "57" compliments of CURLY'S FOOD SHOPPE Bloomingdale Road THE GRANT CLUB MARKET Vegetables Fresh Fruits Complete Line of Gr ooer ies MAIN ROAD AKRON, NEW YORK Compliments of PHONE AKRON 2786 EDWARD A. MATTl0Ll GROVEIYS Feed and I'-'arm Supply "CHUCK" RlGGIO'S AKRON SPORT SHOP Purina Chows Seed, Fertilizer, Baby Chicks 39 Main Street Akron, New York 11 Monroe Street Akron, New York Phone: 9462 Phone: 2351 DISTRIBUTOR FOR RAWLING SPORTING GOODS CO. PENNSYLVANIA RUBBER CO. i Compliments SPOTTBILT, INC. of SPECIAL DISCOUNT TO SCHOOL STUDENTS AI.BERT'S BARBER SHOP Success to the Class of "57" BlTTERMAN'S DRY GOODS Compliments Of THE AKRON NEWS 53 Main Street Akron, New York SHEPARDIS PHONE: 9404 DRY CLEANERS Main Street Akron, New York Serving Akron and Vicinity for Over Ten Years 74 PARK DELICATESSEN new-ses cow Cuff HIBBARWS SHOE STORE Quality - Courtesy - Service Phone 2480 Congratulations to the Class of "57" EDDIE'S JEWELRY Registered Keepsake Diamonds Remember: Locally Bought Locally Serviced Best Wishes To Graduates from PETERSON'S REXALL DRUGS Akron, New York Phone 2320 Compliments Of CONGRATULATIONS DA TO THE 66 Main Street Akron, New York CLASS OF "57" Of Martha and Mimi "THE ALADDIN SHOP" 65 Main Street Akron, New York RENN and CEISNER Compliments of BUCCERI'S BARBER SHOP Ladies' Hair Styling And Children's Hair Cutting By VINCENT BUCCERI PLUMBING HOTPOINT APPLIANCES Call for Appointment: 2737 HEATING Evenings Only DUPONT PAINTS HARDWARE Congratulations to the class Of AKRON: 9511 41 MAIN STREET Il57ll "PAM ROSE SIIOPPE" fStyle Center of Akronj Compliments of Compliments Of R. S. MILLS AND SON C QE APPLIANCES SALES AND SERVICE Compliments Of 55 MAIN STREET PHONE 3611 VELZY'S MARKET 69 Main Street Akron, New York Phone: 3981 . -mer. u 'l'y"vrF1'f'l" AKRON COOP. G.L.F. SERVICE INCORPORATED Compliments reed - seed - rernnzer Of Farm Supplies Grain Buying Akron, New York Phone 2781 SHAW WOOD 5PEC'A"T'E5 G. H. KLINGELSMITH, D. C. Machine-Shop Service Chiropractor Manufacturers of Hardwood and Softened Yard Sticks Paint Paddles - Rulers Compliments MOBIl SERVICE 0, Socony-Mobil Products w S ANSON GAS C0., INC. Grant Club Akron, New York AKRON Atlantic Gasoline A Fuel Oil Kerosene Compliments f Gooflyear Tires and Batteries o FEITSHANS' LUMBER coMPANY LW " 'US' """"Y feeds Building Supplies and Millwork TELEPHCNE 9493 Home Modernizing Materials 45 Lewis Road Akron, New York Phone 2300 77 Compliments Of JOSLYN 0Il COMPANY A Distributor of SOCONY MOBIL OIL PRODUCTS Congratulations To the Class of 1957 MAY GOOD FORTUNE BE YOURS IN THE PURSUITS OF YOUR SUCCESS Phone: 3261 Akron, New York Compliments Compliments of of AKRON PRODUCE COMPANY Blue Coal CIDRBETT LUMBER AND BUILDERS' SUPPLIES 17 BLOOMINGDALE AVENUE AKRON, NEW YORK PHONE 3761 Feed and Fertilizer Lumber and Builders' Supplies Compliments Of MAX PHELPS Rotary Gas Station Fruit Stand GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF "57" BESTWALI. GYPSIIM COMPANY Manufacturers of QUALITY BUILDING MATERIALS GENERAL OFFICES 120 EAST LANCASTER AVE. ARDMORE, PA. AKRON PLANT BLOOMINGDALE ROAD AKRON, NEW YORK Akron Adult Activities Program Helping To Serve The Educational Needs of Adults Of This Community BEE T WISHES T O THE CLASS' OF 57" And Reminding You That Education Should Be A Life Long Process 79 COMPLIMENTS OF l0UISVIllE CEMENT COMPANY OF AKRON, NEW YORK C OM PLI M EN TS OF ROCHESTER BUTTON COMPANY AKRON DIVISION Q. ,. X. ' Q 30. .IN 4. U - -. 4. 0. -.. an 4 1 . . K ' 0. .Qu y Q 4 . ' . . 4 819 4 v. x. r , Q If I. Q Q 'Q . BAN Ii . s . Q ,sv ...Q . o .- 925. + . . ,4 noi' .' s 4- ' Q. o. . so.. OF AKRON AKRON NEW omg here dld YOU . . . 0 . Q .,. . 1 . o df, NN Q' V ak' 5-,-'45.3.I.I'4:gI-141.I-2:-:.:'g.i-4g.j.3.5.-.5 :-2,5 g.-. .5.:.I-,-.-,-I. .. ,. . . I. , . I. ,. . I .. A . II , I I -1 .. . -- .' 4.-...-,. , .,. -. -. . ,Q I.I -,-3 .-.-', ,. I,'.j 9,-,I.I.g 4. I.j.' . -. 4. I.- I I. - I In- :,g.3I.j .- ,I .I+ .--I4I-,I.4,3,I,- I. 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Q Q Member Federal Deposlt Insurance Corp . . . nv . . , o A' u 0 ,. 4 n s . 5 n . - . 4 . 0 Q . ,. , 81 '9 .xc THE FRO-.IOY Cigarettes Cigars Sealtest Ice Cream ABBOTT'S AKRON SERVICE General Auto Repair Radiator Repair Atlas Tires and Batteries 10-16 Main Street Sundaes - Caf'dY - sodas Akron, New York Phone 2533 Compliments Compliments of Of KEllY'S AllEY'S SHERWO0D'S HARDWARE Fifty-one Years of Satisfied Service Compliments 01' SWEENEY CHEVROLET INC. CHEVROLET IN AKRON TI-IE OASIS 70 MAIN STREET surruss KODAKS SUNDAES A sonAs GREETING CARDS Compliments Of HI'I'CHOCK'S MARKET 68 Main Street Phone: 9683 "W'!?""V'W' Compliments to the Class of 1957 'l'l'IE CAIIBOIIIINDIIM METALS COMPANY A Division of THE CARBORUNDUM COMPANY Pioneer Commercial Producer Of Zirconium and Hafnium Metals Compliments 01' Compliments S. B. ANDERSON AND SONS of Television and Furniture Bigelow Rugs Main Road Akron, Compliments Of RlESTER'S POUlTRY FARM Main and Crittenden Road Akron, New York Phone 8411 AKRO GREENHOUSES 143 EAST AVENUE PHONE: 9711 AKRON, NEW YORK FLOWERS FOR All OCCASIONS 53 Compliments of FRED E. THOMAS AKRON INSURANCE COMPANY HOPPl G GUIDE 45 Main Street Akron, New York 8 CLINTON STREET AKRON, N. Y. PHONE: 2558 Congratulations to the class of "57" "Advertising Doesn't Cost, BEN DE YOUNG 'Nc' Your headquarters for It Pays" and New Idas Farm Equipment 34 Mechanic St. Akron, New York Compliments You Can Be Pretty And of Pracgcal If You Shop At The YOUR LOCAL PONTIAC DEALER T 67 MAIN STREET AKRON, NEW YORK AKRON, NEW YORK PHONE 9555 Kihy and Dotty Phone 2037 This book printed by VELVATONE, a special process of litho- 84 graphic printing. Sole producers: Wm. J. Keller Inc., Buffalo, N. Y No other printing Hrm is authorized to use the Velvatone method 71 iZ5V'Z gwf QblffW',Qj4vS w'V"'f LkXO PW? fM?,li5ffWW f ff?" Jffi J? ,s-ppww -Q fo f KJJQWL jf LWWWQQMJW UW Q ivy N 'QiQfZ5ZWQXQigff7fxf QE' Q My if 5 M X www-my K. W J' --'1 7, A E A Ngixi' 1 ' SH 5 a E K- w fa-felngyfy W 1-Q,-24. if 4 M Z 553812 vii.. fig! ew v 5' 4: , aw' R N4 , s-L, Q., f, K VE V i-1, :s'5':.r SW M gif ' 5.8m L1 W dike? A W LL X -' ' qi 51, w ' In .Q ' f , 1 ' 'QI J ' .f ff- ' Y . waggQ7'? .1 ' -- sf 1 'Q .5 V g, .W '.ff'z..' fg f "-xi nw-s' wr " ' av ?f.1g3?Ef Q: we 5 'ffl . .Q '23 .Jw JK' if QA .1 Q A s -I . gg 'Ti' if mfg-w 45 2 5 5 4 ' L ,. 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Suggestions in the Akron Central School - Akronite Yearbook (Akron, NY) collection:

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