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nf , . , . ,,x I , , , - W. , , , , i n , ., A, , , , L, Q T A x , I . , 4,,eyv,,T ,., V A. ,. 4 , -- .- ,UL . .gg 1 , ,f ,. 4 ,. .-can A - 'L4.x,x 7L'f91n5z.1 ' -1- . fn f 't:i'ff?f""' , ,H , y ., .Hx ., w v ,film '1K,fIa?4,n:w,: ' E, .. .V . ' 1 V1 -i g 3 V V , rim V, H 15.3, 5 ., 1 A 1 ff 7, t V -an ff ,n ..f,A,-..' , ' :I .. 5 r A A 'QV ?fE'4x,E'7? 5? f??":ff-iffgftff' 5' n"'jf:,'.'z , - . ' , , Jn'-:,., . , g ,Fw'ii'f-'5'-2'Iy.1-:VgfE?'f"'?':? -fxjzli k , v 211,-,X - 5,,geg,5.,g ffijf' Q, A gy A, f I X , ' . 5, ,, 4 va 2' 'Manx .1 - -,T ,w5',,'-,Vp .R 1. x .- , A 1 gg, A A 'f - w- . QQ ,.i,,., ,,,m 2'5, Qi,-ffj" - -'f, p1?Y'W :9,53f .. ,. 5 wx K 'NXT V' 'N' ' ' "'M"'X'1' V f1'1'5zffi 5551 - wwf! 5. ,1,i2' A. E I m y Ui,.,. ,,.x i "- ' .'-iff M-. - ii' xv-N u il'-L. i:ie, - , , ik "x V ' f' e-'x 1' A 1' 4. , ,.. , ,. . . I f,,,:'g,-f b , 55:4A.,1,:,m.,,. thx, ,f m my H A " ' ' ' 'F-?2"1wfffJ", sg Q ., , QQ: x y -af HE AKRONITE Published hy The Journalism Class Akron Central School Akron, N BW 1955 orlc nMKWWwmWww '94 m 913952591' , 9 ,14 gli, 1 lg n 'i9'5'959'01 1 1 11199919 1' 'AGM ,dn , 1 141414119 11 01 01" 1 9 9 fl ' 1' 9h 0919! 11i1!gl5,1,1551 ' M' Aw' -'-1'-1' "-err.. naw? lnulg, . 1 1, Q , 916319 91 l99h9h ' 155 gl 'gp' 'lg 49" Q5 fun Hgh 'll 119 l ,f 1' ,1 M 1 '01 . 1911 MSS' -'We 491 .Q I V91 ,a, 'ss yn s 'un 1 S O1 O 15591 1 115 191' 1 l O 19513 ,11 '1 nr. 19,51 1 10 4 gh, ,O1 1 91 ' '-gawk ' 'gxaamaf was ' bg' ho, 4 11' 5 ,'1'2,19 ' M! 1 ' 91111 9 ff' fvl 19 1 ' 191' 9 'vin' 9 ,lv ,445 99 1 1 1119, '84, QW '95 91 C 1 4 1 uf 1 , 1. I I 1,1 9 9 . :basis '1'a"6.1 Q 'H199' H911 ' ' 9 'v' 9,0 9 99, . ' ' ,919 1sl 9 X 4' ' ,1,l,l,. ' , . ' 19 1,1 9 ' '91 ' 51' l,91g 9 1' il ,,1 1 wh. Q gl O 69959 Q ' 139119 l 5 , 1 ,O O O -2' k , all 1 9 4 ,H Of gown " 'T' 1995? 1 -a 1 has X 3 1,0 I3 -1 ,, .n-',.1 ' 15,159 nh' 99' ' 9 9111 4 V19 O' 9 V4 in , 'ft' 0 I ' ' ' M1 . 1' 4 3 aff: 1' 19,11'9sf, ,MQ ,O 1,10 't Q Q ' sfgif 9 1' 94 'W' Htl 12 111 DEDICATION MR. ROBERT J. RICHARDS OBERT J. RICHARDS, President of the Board of Education has served continuously as a member of that group since 1930. He was Board Secretary from 1934 until July 1950 at which time he was appointed to the Presidency. In recognition of his Z5 years of service to the District, dur - ing whichtime he has worked persistently and faithfully in the best interests of our school, we dedicate to him this l955 AKRONITE. 3 QQ. u sl i"' .I :!EE'n'::: E-I-22 2' l u Si .I :EF l:l: Q 5:25 Q 5 u n -ENE' s gl l A Giiiiafa- E2 IE- .gzuigiglgi 'gl :Bat l.li'ulu'h'u I fi' s I" ' 'u 'u aeiegisiairi :g 'fa iliiiiglgu E, gi: li H l Egiiiil 'Liar' ..... Il! ll ET " : az -.. , B- 6. mga' --ax- lllll .-.1 1111 up 1-1 3:5 1 .- 11111 ungn 11.1. ll gn s I E I I'E'E25" I :sud-E' :Nix I -, , u 95:0 5 l u' 'u sq gs lgq . fi. " E1 ll -5. ':::i:g::: 'su' I .I 5 ug - vfx nn mu lux ti, ll .. TH TQ Gm H T. X xi -K H u" 'lg il -Ii: N QS!! ul IIQN ' lp! ul :Sain Szlgizieig :5:5:i!: L is -ua, sv.. .g .N ,ss 5 5,-QAN u ,Q ,ug 5 -imap, :E 'EE5 si:-S5555 's ' N5 ' :il BQ Agfa '25:,. :Sli n 'E-.NP s as .gl I s .N 5 2: . :lnvls q s sg:-fear, QS :' N5 -4' ' i Q. Q. .,. 1,0 ' Jgvsjf' h,':, . , 4. 1-5 73 54 ., .O Qs, . .,, ti I 3: . .- . . -... ... , fE155:iwaf::m,:4 55 ulllgglfllliq-55:u11-rnnrillnau ' Til" " 551111111 II' ll ll I' "Zn :::. 'F LLL I 1:1 11: 1 Ill rp: un 1 :Inn :ul 1:11 Q-. - fzlw 39353, ---1 -:g Q- ' n, . s,l .p "aiu, Mlm ng.. . 'lit rin,-.nil ""n'h's 'I'-Eu , g5"!0 23 "Q 23 3 'Q . .O 2' 'Z 0.9 Q.. 'Q2., 50 "Rv .,. r :ann nu u unu 1. 4. 1 "G7I1 1 ru' :nun 111111 .una :Juni ""H'l"""" 'H""""" ' ' ll.: nn lnunu ,q nun: f uunnzrzlun 'I """"' l"" 'THQ' L::A'zlu1ll1l1uu 5. ,,l,5 .,.,... ...- . .I 4 I .-,.. ,. .:..... ' LL-.. . . I - .... ----- - .- , ':"-----'.-..-::. .m......-...... ---. ...W .-.,--- . --. .-.. .... .... .... - . .... , .,,.,.,,,. . ... ....... .... ' .. ,, '6HQzw"'iu.nWn:a7Qifl--F-bf:"Miha-::::zw:.vmh1mcwm'::a. - -1 " ':.--.-...,-..-- -H - - - U , . In I H 1 I I'r7:b.' 1 -?.:'-- -.!:ul' 1--i... ,Ill U -- - 1 ......,... -1 - .. . , ,. , """:::Lzcw:., mf:.......-H Row: Mr. Freson. I.Borden, C, Second Row: B.Ciurzynski, M.Leis, C.Gibbs, B.Bart1ett, M.Bruning, R. Marks, B.Urtel, I.Si11oway. I.Flagg, C.Shaw, M. Van Buren. L.Brenner, I.Edgar, P is I N Fu V s l-...::i5 'l 'Q I 5 il- ., 5: ln I u' ai: ' gi .Ii I! fl :E ll il ' l H' HE Journalism Class, under the direction of Mr. Freson, published a hard cover yearbook with eight pages added from the previous year. Members of the class visited the WILLIAM J. KELLER CO. in November to discuss lay-out , art work, and copy with the company staff. The Journalism Class also published the monthly newspaper, THE A.C.S. REVIEW, and contributed a weekly column, INSIDE A.C.S. to the local newspaper. 4 ADMINISTRATION "Let eveay man be master of his time" MR. EDWARD ALLEN SUPERVISING PRINCIPAL MR. RICHARD BURAU DEAN, SECONDARY SCHOOL 'G' I MR. ELLSWORTH BROWN DIRECTOR OF GUIDANCE MR. VINCENT ESPERSEN ELEMENTARY SUPERVISOR BOARD OF EDUCATION First Row: Mr. Arthur Charles, Mr. Norman Schleef, MI. Roger Kraatz, Mrs. Celia Tiedt, Mr. R.I.Richards, Mr. Walter Blish, Mr, Richard Forrestel. 6 F ACU L-N Mu f Z! um..-ima 2 S he grows old eg m 2n First Row: Mrs, Sarah Osborn, Mr. Comelius Prinsen, Miss Nellie Thompson, Mr. Frances Hoag, Mr. Milo Fresong Second Row: Mr, Walter Tomczak, Mr. Leland Meyer, Mr. Albert Vossler. First Row: Mrs, Ellen Brusky, Mr. Stanley Victor, Miss Gertrude Churchillg Second Row: Mr. Leon Hollenbeck, Mr. Marvin Suttel, Mr. William De- Fries, Mr, Richard Rozelle, Mr, Melvin Hood. 8 English Vocational Mathematics and cience History First Row: Mr. Grover Bates, Mrs. Vema Smith, Mrs. Geraldine Smith, Mr. Adolph Kapuzag Second Row: Mr, Henry Carges, Mr. A,I.MacCoy, Mr. John Eckerson, Mr. George Martiny, Mr. Myron Dembrow. First Row: Mrs. Nell Brown, Mrs. Gladys Brown, Mr. Frank Helwig. 9 First Row: Mr. Frank Columbus, Mr. Richard Shaw, Mrs. Jean Edgcomb, Mrs. Lena Sw yers. First Row: Mr, Thomas Wetzen, Mrs. Lucille Bacheller, Mr. Angelo Scappa, 10 Music and Ari Physical Education and H calf Elementary Teachers First Row: Miss Marilyn Miller, Mrs. Cath- erine Bates, Mrs. Doris Gerber, Miss Marg- aret Shepardg Second Row: Mrs. Mildred Paugh, Miss Esta Wilcox, Mrs. Viola Swarts Mrs, Mardell Fix, Miss Lucia Churchill. Seated: Mrs. Clara Berghorn, Mrs, Emma Gilbert. Standing: Mrs, Yvonne Hitchcock Mrs. Eileen MacCoy, Mrs, Lillian Laese, Mrs. Arlene Weeks. Seated: Mrs. Dorothy Webster, Mrs. Mildred Wade. Standing: Mr. John Rosenbach, Mr, Robert Schlageter, Mr. Theodore Duguay. CT? First Row: Miss Statia Ogden, Mr. Ray Mann. Second Row: Mrs. Alda Merchant, Mrs. Kathryn Maher, Mrs. Helen Shisler, Mrs. Hazel Bistoff, First Row: Mrs. Lillian Brownell, Mrs. Eva Harpst. Second Row: Mm. Margaret Blackmore, Mrs. Bessie Bartram, Mrs, Mildred Matteson. 12 Branch School Teachers Branch chool Teachers Hice iaff Maintenance First Row: Miss Marian Green, Miss Catherine Rebrovichg Second Row: Miss Helen Reber, Mrs. Joyce Graff. Mrs. Mary Koss, Mrs, Gertrude Kraatz, Mr, Alfred Weatherbee, Mr. IohnCescon 13 B.Kaufman, I.Cummings, B.Ciurzynski, B. Bartlett. ,ffl Ervin Babel, Philip Nice Jr. , Burton Long, Richard Johannes, Carl Blake, Douglas Farrell, Charles Stafford, 14 afeteria Bus Drivers SENIORS 2 "Time shall teach thee ell things" enior Spotlight Ge' age! ZX Lou1e X e RHI 3,131 'Ati blue ge. Sue ow' wb afb AJ foyc qu? 2159 ary 6' Zo Q0 X ' Betglnfa e 010 6360 . - - " f , 'I A G' gl' Afyeamil' L 39' A ne' Ca Wo' O1-I. , 1717, P01 alflew B131-b en All 6996. ,. X10 I7 Mil- etle "Jack , ' B Zora, lonnfe oyce .-yon Barb, Mr. Tomczak lea 17, Myma 03121 en son 3595. I'Car1, Floyd, Wally, Richard, Milton" 'lien 16 .TUDITH E. ALDRED "Kitten on the keys" GARY L. BAKER Il Easy come easy go" JAMES F. ALLEN "That all-American boy" BRUCE O. BAKER "An independent piece of boyhood" 17 ANN LEE AYLSWORTH "Smile and the world smiles with you'f Wigw- it-f BURTON P. BACHELLER "Handsome is as handsome does" DORIS M . BLACKMER "Few have such a pleasing disposition" DOUGLAS C. BORCHERT "His ambition knows no rest" A- K1::z':--Q NW . irsezilgliv ii' - 1 1 . L Q, -, p , A Q'Af1p,.,1gf f ilk ,, ' 1 ' i K x A E: an A Qin m if if 1 X 1 THOMAS H. BATES "Life without sports is not life" M f gg: Nia, .U i 1, Q X '41 I 5 X K Q hy is , in 's X H ,it 5 if H x sb 9 we 5, . A v M1 ' ' , ri, H, W M ..f Q, 55 QW - -'., ' " I'-LI: "gif Fu, 'Num rl.:-:, - fi ,h. 'LW 'v ,V -1, 3-mm' :, qffiifg' 4:2 ' ls V 3,5 4, wx, . .. 0 4 W 1 1 7 ,TSW 'Z'-Q50 if Q ' ' J' wm- I ff i J no ,wwf .. 0412,- W 'f .affaiziwrffil if nina " .:::,. JAMES E. BORDEN "Litt1e man, you've had a busy day" 18 BARBARA LEE BARTLETT "Always a willing hand" W fa muslims Us X Q f m a ww wean? - 5.33 we 22. iii? '4 ' V -"'I:-"- , ' , Z ' -J - 5115? 'sgflifliflifi - 'iii We-M g5w,1:1m , ,-.EM w..,,z,,ffw.fM -V -- , ii'3zLQsggwf11 - -.3 af S' is ig' 5 H' A ZF QMW 8 ik ga f 3? f Q if by gh T 9' , .X My li MILTON ALBERT BOWER "A quiet, hard -working boy" VNU- LORRAINE Jo ANN BRENNER "Thy Modesty's a candle to thy merit." 2321 A A MILLICENT M . BRUNING Ever let the fancy roam, pleasure never is at home" BARBARA JEAN CIURZYNSKI "The quarrels of lovers are the renewal of love" T SW!! YVONNE F. CHEW he stars will remember" 19 as -I 2 K if pf fwx A .M 5 'lr'-MWA-fx-Q 55:2 f in wi: " JOSEPH R. CAPRIO "Let me go Lover" Q33 4, W, -Q, - 1" ' W 59' , ,X f i r I . 'evl ,, 5 M gf. M ,,, Q .V,, A QQ?-,f ' f 'f ,ri . ' J-gfxafilg-'2'q,f 5 fzxxxzfgiginf,.1A:'f::J 'Q ,f l e af gQkj24Qfff'4,jT7VF-Q' 5,354 ,, ., . ,,,SW16. dk, P5 Y 4,1 if" rf T WG' f 'iv :- .. ..v,'Z'Yk-. 2251234 r'4r J 4:5 ' -w ROBERT FRANK CARNEGIE "Each Man Reaps on his Own Farm" N 1 ii 3, ma L 6W,Q 3593 , . V 13 M NT N- Nw PU O U1 E3 HN TU U P1 F' PU P1 "Music waves an eternal wand" JOAN BARBARA CUMMINGS "Dreams are a dime a dozen" S55 .5 VV 4 ., aah? fir , . 1' ' 552 i 5'-14 ME RC E DE S Y V ONNE D OW NE Y ' A fi 33451 3424? A "Nc-kffibi-4 Ii' f 5 Nbimliwqy yrs. fi f, 'QT-r-trizqggwpzfi fa ff wN:xi,,,,,,QN ,Q W, ,, "Nothing great was ever Q, Z ,Q accomplished without enthusiasm" JEROLD EDGAR "We must eat to live and live to eat" Z0 JEAN ELIZABETH COVEL "Love deceives the best of woman-kind" SUZANNE GRACE ELDRED "A little nonsense now and then" BARBARA FINCH "My heart is like a singing Bird" ffl JANE LOUISE FLAGG "I have often Regretted my Speech--Never my Silence MURRAY E. HILL 'Still water runs deep" fm N-.W IVAN GROUND "Brer Foxg He Lay Low" Z1 CAROL JOYCE GIBBS "When Silence Speaks she has a Lot to Say" MARION GILBERT "My Heart is Fixed" MARY KE LKENBERG "Patience is the Best remedy for Every trouble" WARS ff 'X 'Q' ANNA KLAWER "Mama, Don't Cry I at my Wedding ' BARBARA E. KAUFMAN A Courteous Grin, Friendly and a Serious Thought" ee y y: yieyy F ii HAZE L LOUISE KLEHN "If Silence is Golden, I'l1 be Poor all my Life" 22 1 .- 5 if 1 4 .5 2 3 2 H gf 3 -1 4' 7 Z T Ev-Y W. , I ' fa R . F ix, , W ROBERT C . HOSTE "A good Sport a Fine Friend" .....-er PETER C . KOHLER "Nothing endures but personal qualities" I , If - - "" 5 :fy ' S551 ,H 2 " ,L X 3-, .ef A .,".'-'.. 1 T X 2 I ? L j R, ,A LAWRENCE FRANCIS KOPACZ "Ta1lest of Boys, or Shortest of Meng He Stood in His Stocking-Feet just Four Foot Tenn CARL JOSEPH LAUBACHER RUTH SHIRLE Y MARKS "Surely the Stars are Images of Love" "I am the Master of my Fateg I am jhe Captain of my Soul " 1 ve ,P 'E I Q u :H : I ff K , iz , LH's C,S1 . ,gee ,'.,k, ,gs gg rf-' 1 ,Q RICHARD N. LINDKE ll Man of Few Words Z3 MARY YVONNE LEIS "Maryg Sweet as any Name can be" LE LA GRACE LILES "A soft answer turneth away wrath" CAROL MARGARET MIDDAUGH "She has the Making of a Real Secretary" -' if A 1 -V ' . ' it - -952 ' ' ' JOHN G. NACHTRIEB "He's sometimes serious, sometimes gay, But we like him just that way." FLOYD MCNUTT "Age Also Flies as Fast as Time" LOUIS NANNI "No Woman can Escape his Charms Z4 JUDITI-I FRANCES MCLEOD "Never a Moment Without some Duty" , Y elf f 1 f F ' 9 ' I , . . :gg fr 1 5 li Hs 4 '- 15? HARRY F. NEUMAN "Strummin' On my Old Banjo" x ZO lf, , f . -L ' . -ub I 1 I "",', , A f L S a' 4.,, M ,' Y, WILLIAM G. CAKES "Happy am I, from care I'm free." RA YVONNE RE BROVICH "Giggle and the World Giggles with You" DELORES JEAN PIERCE "Fortune is like glass - - the brighter the glitter - the more easily broken" 'C' MYRNA RADUNS The very Flower of Youth" 25 "Nut . .'s,... 5 ' JOSEPH POODRY "Art for Art's Sake" ru., fl 1 Q ,, , 'Ya r 'W ' t iff-2 :W ,M fvix ' '.Vk' 1 I W3 JAMES POSSINGER vu Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life IIA ROY ROSENBERG Penny for your Thoughts JF i i , K X 5 f ,- .f,. jx t I RONALD L. ROMANOWSKI "I Meant to do My Work Today" DAVID RIEMER "A Good Reputation is more Valuable than Money '25 DONI RUGG "One Good Turn Asketh Another" Oi? ANNETTE ROSE SCHULTZ "A Tender Hearty A Will Inflexible" 26 BONNITA D. SCHULTZ "Quiet, reserved, a wee bit shy, She has a merry twinkle in her eye. ii. . it x A My . K DONALD L. SCHULTZ "To have seen what I have seen, A i Rx -X E , I n' i See what I see! ' THOMAS E. SCHULTZ "What a man has, so much he is sure of" BARBARA ANN SEARER "Individua1ity is the Salt of Common Life" WALLACE G. SWADER "Rejoice, oh young man in your youth" gy, , ..,.,, JANET GAIL SILLOWAY "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine" Z7 Wit CAROLE JANIECE SHAW "We pardon in the degree we love" who BETTY M. URTEL "We push time away from us, and then we wish Him back" ,aws- A. JANE VAN BUREN "Youth that pursues with such an eager pace" 'lx-O? ROBERT J. TINNEY "He never seems to worry and is seldom in a hurry" MURIEL J. VAN BUREN Promise is most given when least is said" Z8 ,f LEO J. TINNEY "Be silent and saf --- e -Silence never betrays you" , 'H:,'-.mx i f , ,, .Zin L i t .U--iimagiw K T 11:1 , 3 ' VINCENT WIK "All I ask is to be let alone" JEANNINE ELIZABETH WILLIAMS KATHLEEN L- WILLIAMS "Man's greatest possession "IFS the Spifit, is a Sympathetic Wifevl not the size that counts" SENIOR CABINET P.Koh1er, I.Cove1, B,Ciurzynski, I.A11en, I.Edgar, Mr. Hood, I.VanBuren, L.Kopacz, I.Ground enior Class History N 1951-52, the Seniors ------ as Freshman, struggled through their first year in Senior High School, Under the advisorship of M. R. Freson, they chose their class colors Qblue and white, and purchased jackets. As Sophomores they began establishing themselves by holding a St. Patrick's Day Dance and several bake sales. As Juniors the Class of 1955 received their class rings and operated successfully under the super- vision of J. Melvin Hood. Their major activities consisted of a Spring Dance, which they sponsored with the Sophomores, and the annual Jr. Sr. Ball, "Stairway to the Stars," which they co-sponsored with the Seniors. The Seniors returned to A. C. S. in September, 1954 and immediately began preparations for their June graduation with the fitting of their caps and gowns. In November they held the annual Sadie Hawkins Dance, besides several sock dances throughout the school year. On April Z, the Class gave their per- formance of "Pure as the Driven Snow," as their selection for the annual Senior Play. "Some Enchanted Evening," the theme of the annual Ball, was one of the season's most gala social events. Z9 E . f'- . x T ,Wiki . y - A UQYYWVV 1. Jane Flagg 2. Barbara Ciurzynski 3. Joan Cummings 4. Robert Tinney 5. Millie Bruning 6. Vincent Wik 7. Annette Schultz 8. Wallace Swader 9. Ruth Marks 10. Suzanne Eldred 11. John Nachtrieb 12. Lorraine Brenner 13. Carole Gibbs 14. Judy McLeod 15. Gary Baker 16. Muriel Van Buren 17. Jean Covel 18. Ivan Ground 19. Ann Lee Aylsworth 20. Jeannine Williams 21. James Possinger 22. Zora Rebrovich 23. Barbara Finch 24. Betty Urtel 25. Leo Tinney 26. Thomas Bates 27. Yvonne Chew 28. Lela Liles 29. Anna Klawer 30 4 - Q , ...an :Li AP'-w W' L- 1' ,-1 S .. . is JE' 3 - 1 . A .w-hcl' . -.151r I 1 if gr ' sk ,f , A M 1. Jerry Edgar 2. Carol Middaugh 3. Bruce Baker 4. Robert Carnegie 5. Robert Hoste 6. Richard Lindke 7. Myrna Raduns 8. Laurence Kopacz 9. James Borden 10. Janet Silloway 11. Harry Neuman 12. Joe Caprio 13. Mercedes Downey 14. Judy Aldred 15. Barbara Bartlett 16. Don Schultz 17. Barbara Kaufman 18. Joseph Poodry 19. Jim A11en 20. Thomas Schultz 21. Caro1e Shaw 22. Don 81 Annette Schultz 23. Carl Laubacher 24. Robert Delre 31 is 9 1 ff ff.. 1 lif .7 'NE El v fiw 1. I'm tired 2. Resting between classes 3. Future seniors 4. Studying? 5. All to myself 6. Bi11's gal 7. Where's the birdie? 8. Mary's party 9. The wrong couple 10. 1'm winning gang 11. Buying a school paper 12. Funny Joke 13. Nature girl 14. Don't fall Thelma 15. Not really, Peter 16. Lookie Me 17. Mary's childhood 18. "Tuffy" Printup 19. When lhad Long Hair 20. Summer Time 21. Wistful Burton 22. Carefree Lad 23. "Nurse" Brenner 24. Goofing off, kids? 25. Let me see now? 26. Poor Joyce 27. Careful Jim 28. OOPS! 29. Captain Ground 30. Just Relaxing 31. Closer dear 32. Hi ya, Jerry! 33. Naughty villains 34. Dig in Gang 35. Brush Cut Buddies 32 CIASSES "But all in good time" jiri fi First RowgM.Schad, P.Fu1s, M.Dickinson, P Tesnow, J.Eldred, L.Weaver, S.Graybeal, K. Asmus, Mr. Suttleg Second Row: I. Wheeler, S. Bedford, M. Keller, M. Walters, R. Cory, Third Row: R. Poodry, P,Brackett, C, Swan- son, E. Kinne, R. Summe, B.Tiedt, I. Van Buren, E.Bontrager. First Row: S.Cheavacci, F,Poole, I.Swia- towy, B.Sinsel, I.l-leldman, L.Fertick, A. Clasgens, B.Cou1son, S.Parkinson, Mr. Hoodg Second Row: M.Bruni.ng, G. Kolenko, A.Mar tie, C.Martin, B Karcher, T.Dickenson, M. Wagner, Third Row: M.Finch, R.Parker, J. Davies, A.Frodin. R.Ogilvie, H.Harshbarger, M.Barrows, W.Schultz, R.Laese. Junior Class K First Row: W. Poodry, V.Schi11er, J.Hanson, V.Mundaniohl, S.B1osser, P.Iones, A.Ground E.Smith, H,Campbe1l, Mr, Prinseng Second Row: W. Rebrovich, G. Fry, H. Hill, M. Ran- dazzo, I.Kranz, B.Reinhardt, V. Wheeler, C. McAllister, Third Row: R. Hersee, R. Burchell, T. Ketcham, B.Pixley, C.Brown, C.Casseri, C. Biscaro, A. Fisher, HE big event for the Juniors this year was the Snow Flake Ball held in December. The Class also held several Bake Sales and Co-sponsored the gala Junior-Senior Ball. President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Charles Casseri Roger Ogilvie Mary Grace Randazzo Brian Tiedt 34 -ami d . 'I i L4 First Row: F.Carey, S.Daguano, D.Schu1tz, I. Hudomint, B. Wickham, S. Reigle, S. Yoder, N.Blackmer, Mr. MacCoy, Second Row: L. Thayer, N.Bartlett, A. Heslor, D. Mast, A. Albrecht, E.Adams, A.Kress, Third Row: I. Downey, E.Whitbeck, E.Brege, B.Pix1ey, I. Donlon, L.Blackchief, M. Huth, M.Criswell. L-.....-A First Row: Mr. Helwig, C.Laubacher, P.Roo- ney, S. Sundown, R. Clark, M.Roeh1ing, C. Hollenbeck, M.Wagner, L.Brychta, P.Tink- ham, Second Row: P.Cove1, J.Bitterman, S Federspiel, P.Eckert, H,Ciurzynski, J.Grover, M.Deahn, R.Bowerg Third Row: C, Nicometi, D. Berghorn, P.Phe1ps, R. Hendricks, D. Ross, J.Lippert, G,Foga1, W.Kelkenberg, A.Thomas First Row: Mr. Freson, S. Smith, I. Delelys, D. Carpenter, M. Cook, I. Bower, L, Guild, A. Ribbeck, J. Tinney, B. Bates, S. Heslorg Second Row: D, Rickwalt, T.Patterson, R, Peters, C,Karcher, R.Brucker, R.Leder- house, D.B1ish, D. Harrington, L.Kashuba. First Row: Miss Churchill, N. Schaller, J, Bitterman, L.Burdick, S. Hoste, L. Granke, R.Cummings, F.Richardson, M.Drachen- berg, C.Tanger, Second Row: G.Bistoff, T. Hollenbeck, K. Kraatz, N. Printup, D. Clark, I. Brand, L. McClure, T. Delre. 'iff Sophomore Class HE activities of the Sophomore Class included a bake sale and a dance called a Baseball which was held to celebrate the baseball season. President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer James Brand Beverly Wickham Pat Covel David Harrington First Row: Mr. Martiny, E.Meahl, M.Rich- ardson, P.Asmus, I.Rozelle, E.Randazzo, G. I-larch, S.G1ena, A.Peters, E.Klawer, Second Row: C.Cheavacci, L.Frodin, G.Hoste, D. Hersee, D Brackett, I.Ott, T.Mundanioh1g Third Row: M, Poleon, Q. Blueye, D.Christie A.Beeman, B.Peris, E.Leppien, W,Ri1ey. 4-U First Row: Mr, Dembrow, S Parker, B.Her- ring, D.Cummings, D.Ionathan, I.Printup, P. Swift, M.Witkop, Y.Hartwig, W.Schu- kraftg Second Row: M.Caprio, R.Bower, M. Rebrovich, F.Ze1ms, M. Sundown, S.Bent1ey, M.Falkerg Third Row: B.Brown, G.Abrams, W.Cady, A.Hutchinson, G.MacCoy, W.San- derson, W. Rodgers, E.VanNuys. First Row: M. Iles, M.Light, S.Kyser, B. Lippert, V. Edgar, D.Schumacher, K.Pin- gitore, R. Reuben, Mrs. G.Smithg Second Row: G.Moses, K.Laubacher, R. Bower, D. Skeet, R. Webster, R. Hopkins, E. Worley, J. Witt, B.Calzavara, First Row: Mr. Vossler, M.K1ehn, D.Anse1, M.Brightenfield, I. Faskel, B.Rosenberg, A, Stapleton, N.Phe1ps, Llackson, D. Williams, Second Row: I-l.Brucker, C.Yaeger, B.Poole, J.Kinne, G.Jago, L.Tessinag Third Row: E. Babel, R,Graybeal, D,Cheavacci, S,Sundown G,McCormick, L,Bucci, D. Ranney, D.Frey, R. Medole. Freshman Class HE Class of 1958, sparked by an enthusiastic group of officers, published a student direc- tory containing the names and addresses of all faculty members and students, sponsored a dance with the Sophomores, and purchased Class Jackets. President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Robert Webster Marion Rebrovich Anne Stapleton Nancy Phelps First Row: C.E1dred, C.Parker, M.Casseri, D. Cummings, L. Mietz, B. Blackmer, N. Reu- ben, L.Hanson, C.Bushover, Mrs. Smith, Second Row: B.Brucker, C.Pentecost, R. Gibbs, V. Black, G. MacCoy, M. Schultz, I. Kirkpat- rick, R. Smith, Third Row: S,Wi1son, D. Baehr, V.Blickensderfer, C Snell, G. Swartz, W, Pelkey, M. Doctor, C. Deres. First Row: W. Seater, R. Summers, B.Cum mings, C.Brand, E.Draper, R. Reno, W. Blish, I.Burrill, C.Owen, Miss Brown, Second Row: A. Ground, I.Poodry, B.Mar- kek, M.Car1o, C.Fry, S.DeFries, B.Mann, J. Wik, R.Middaughg Third Row: P. Hudo- mint, C, Sinsel, S.Pa1mreuter, N,Clark, B.Schultz, A.Laese, S.Meyers, R.Iufer, D. Kelly, D. Sundown. hum. .ui First Row: W,Pagels, J.Silloway, E.Caprio, G.Kaufman, J.Wronowicz, G.Schleef, N. Remsen, L.Ho1lenbeck, Mr. Carges, Sec- ond Rowg R.Garrison, I.Burdick, D.McNutt, I.Long, N. Wallace, M.Babe1, L.Doxtader, V.Graybea1, S.Pe1keyg Third Row: C.Iones, 1.Black, L.Kuraszkiewicz, W.Cowan, C. Groff, R.Ciurzynski, D.Cummi.ngs, E.Po- leon. First Row: A.Witkop, S.Solotes, D. Parker, M. Faskel, L. Shepard, F. Possinger, S. Kraatz, F.Nicometi, A.Bower, M.Cady, Mrs.Hoag: Second Row: P.Goeseke, M.Char1es, H.Cove1, S.Zywiczynski, T.Perry, G.Lederhouse, I.Zim merman, D.l-loste, R. Hendrick, Third Row: P.LaRocca, P.Bemdt, D.Wa1lace, S.Bruning, N. Hammond, D. Snell, F. McNutt, G. Edmin- ster, A.Cummings. Ma Eighth Grades First Row: K. Spaeth, J.Ehmann, M.Over- all, R. Huth, D.Deahn, K.Bart1ett, K.Cum- mings, F.Smith, J.Herring, Miss Thompson, Second Row: R,Pogel, F. Witkop, E.Cain, R. Ewald, M. McCormick, N. Covel, S. Wag- ner, R. Walters, R. Meyers, Third Row: C. Cheavacci, J,Rodgers, C,Grabenstatter, G. Shanks, S.Brewer, V. Wronowicz, D. Hitch- ock. Absent: S. Smith, H.Yeager. First Row: L.Wickham, M.Showers, D.He11- ert, I.Don1on, D Murphy, F.Benteen, L. Bower, C.Ciurzynski, P.Nayman, I.Ha1ecki, Mr. Meyer, Second Row: D.Cummings, B. Sargent, W.Tanger, K.Ma1ecki, L.Wagner, B.C1ear, W.Kasperek, J. Raymond, Third Row: B.Logan, W.Riester, J.Sne11, T.Cowan, W.DeYoung, P.Huth, S. Parker, D. Bushover, M.Cescon. Absent: R. Rosenberg. Q...-.1 First Row: R. Roland, P.C1ark, B.Chamber- lain, B. Mills, J.Riggio, A.Randazzo, J. Rem sen, D.Burri11, B.Harvey, Mr. Kapuzag Sec- ond Rowg A,B1ackch1ef, S.Sutton, S.Leder- house, N.Iohnson, M.Bemdt, P.Berghorn, D. Swader, R.Cookg Third Row: G. Shaw, G. Witzleben, L. Sutton, F.Pask, H.C1ark, T. Raduns, L.Li1es, D.,Skiff, P.Meyers, L.Wi1Is. First Row: Mrs. Brown, V.Leaf, L.Medo1e, S.Kuropatwa, W. Abrams, G.Stevens, D. Kashuba, B.Stafford, S.Markek, B.Paik,R. Smith, Second Row: W.Faske1, G.Schege1, D.Cheavacci, B.Moses, D.Ceisner, L.Hud- son, D.Drachenberg, B.Zywiczynskig Third Row: W.B1ickensderfer, R. Cummings, F. Ketcham, J.Abraham, N.Cescon, B.Brun- ing, G.Po1eon, R.Shimme1, R.Car1o. evenih Grades First Row: Mr. Duguay, M.Harrington, I, Lobur, I. Sundown, L.Stafford, E.Page1s, B. Vereeckens, I.Pentecost, R.Owen. Second Row: A.Cheavacci, A.Ott, V.I-Iomesberger, L.Luczak, B.Burdick, T.Stapleton, Third ' Row: K. Boyce, M. Cummings, C. Tadio, S. Roesch, D.Cummi.ngs, S. Kraatz, J.Surma, R. Nichols, Fourth Row: P. McNutt, I. Fox, M. Martiny, J. Asmus, R. Swader, K. Winslow G. Wagile, C. Grover. First Row: Mrs. Webster, I.Roeh1ing, H. Groff, J,Lindke, C. Gruber, D.Shearman, D.Brackett, J. Wagner, L.Printup, M. Nowak, A.Keehn. Second Row: D.Zywiczynski, P. Poodry, R.Graybea1, W.VanPel1. Third Row B.Wa1ters, R.K1eparek, R.M.Bucci, J.Brun- ing, D. Meyers, J.Ju1iano, N.Campbe11, J. Frey, I.Brunner. Fourth Row: I.Logan, C. Rowland, J.Gerber, I.K1awer, J.Ke1kenberg, R. Brown, B. Benteen, T. Eckert. l 5--an-rf First Row: Mr. Schlagarer, J. Weaver, J, Hellert, B.Wei1er, N.Gudridge, R,Trink1e, R.Finger, R. Skye, S.Remsen, J.Sanderson, I.Cou1son. Second Row: R.G1ena, G,Jack- son, E.Hartranft, J.Surma, B. Witt, D.Gies- ler, Third Row: S.Massaro, L.Weaver, B, Weber, C.Kenda1l, G.Lindke, S,Printup, I.Hudomint, S.Tinkham. Fourth Row: V, Rugg, G.Pingitore, A.Ro1and, T.Sch1eef, B.E1dred, W.Stanbury, G. Richards, R. Mast. ixth Grades Fifth nudes First Row: N.Kinney, S.Ewald, R. Bell, C, Bitterman, D.Cope, L.Cowen, M. Fahey, A.Poleon, D.Brackett, Mrs. Bates. Second Row: D.Schad, R. Wronowicz, D.Hagen, H. Baehr, I.Fotherir1gham, J.Tinkham, L.Ran- dazzo. Third Row: C.Niezgoda, C.K1ehn, A.Shongo, M.Parker, E.Parker, F.Rehwaldt, S.Hogue, E. Kinney, K. Strong, First Row: Mrs. Wade, D.l-leiman, P,Ground, T.DeYoung, A.Perry, N. Sundown, B.Ceisner, J.Hoste, I. Berghorn, N.Markek, I.Sundown, Second Row: M.Long, L.Sne1l, D.Cummings, I.Matusek, K.Zimmerman, P.Deinhardt, S. Cory, D.Carlo, I.Cescon, K.Schleef, B.Bower Absent: L. Wheeler, D.Hamrnond, D.Dickin- son, I.E1dred. First Row: A. Riggio, B. Witkop, E.Powers, I. Campbell, M. Laycock, D. McCormick, C. Esperson, R, Miller, K, Whitbeck, Mrs, Fix, Second Row: W.Davis, J.PeQueen, P. Bedford, A.Leaf, W.Edmister, I.Van Buren, T. Zywiczynskig Third Row: B. Welch, J, Davis, E.Swader, M.Huth, L. Fotheringham, Absent: L.Bower, L.Cumrnings, E.Edmin- ster, R,Glena, D,Harvey, E.Koz1oski, D. MacCoy. First Row: Mr. Rosenbach, B.Parker, J.Sun- down, I.Zimmer, L.Black, E.Burdick, D. Orvis, B.Li1es, C.Sundown, P.Baldwin, L. Vereecken. Second Row: M.Moses, N.Abra- ham, B.Schumacher, E,Char1es, Third Row: T.Lindkc, R.Roze1le, I.Blish, R. Witt, G, Raduns, L.Gibbons, T.Bero, 40 -wwgn +4 ' Fourth Grades First Row: Mrs. Weeks, B,Martin, M.Mc- Leod, D. Shearman, D. Blackmore, N. Hess- lor, M. Pask, C. Liles, K. Fox, K. Kasperek, P.Yoder, J.Devereaux. Second Row: A. George, C.Tay1or, C. Daguano, D. Smith, R.Herring, Third Row: A. Rader, D,Buc- ceri,-D. Bontrager, T. Grundas, R. Weidman, P. Trudell, D. Poodry, R. Casseri, F. Hartz- ler, M.Hudomint, D.Cheavacci, First Row: F Nice, C.Reese, M.Yaeger, I.Gruber, N.Rosenberg, I.Ross, R. Sun- down, I.Manse11, S.Sutton, Mrs, Swarts. Second Row: A.Printup, H.DeFries, G. Rooney, A.Bucci, J,Matusek, N.K1epa- rek, E.Hal1, S.Johnson, T.Cescon, D. Frey, Third Row: P.A1dred, K.Errick, R.K1awer, N.Higgins, R.Groff, M.De- Young, R. Stover, K.Bi.stoff, S.Ciurzyn- ski. 41 First Row: Mrs. Williams, B.Pingtore, M. Massaro, D Shearman, J.Poodry, F.Midecke B.Wi1son, L.Srr1ith, N.Pa1rner, C.Sundown, D.Chamberlain, G.Iu1iano. Second Row: B.Downey, R.Iordan, P.K1eparek, J.Abra- ham, M.Deres. Third Row: D. Rice, R. Marble, S.Trug1io, D.Frodin, M.Tinney, G, Hulbert, R. Graybeal, P, Buechi. Third Grades First Row: R,Ho11enbeck, S.Trink1, D.Jem- ison, B.Bruning, R. Bower, S.Tryon, L.Mo- ses, G.Sundown, T.Nicometi, I.Ketchem, G.Paugh, Second Row: R.Fotheringham, R. Kubis, S.Sne11, L.Logan, R. Yaeger, N. Mey- ers, E.K1ehn, R.Yaeger, C.Nanni, E.Bed- ford, Miss Shepard. Third Row: M. Mansell J.Clary, I.Berry, I.Goeseke, G.Abrams, G. Grabenstatter, R.Po1eon, C.Smith, I.Esper- sen, D.Schu1tz, A.Cummings. First Row: G.Burche11, S,Becker, B.Curphey, G.Nicho1s, K.I-Iale, R.Johnson, H. Kittel- son, B.Rosenberg, S,Dickinson, G.Schu1er, P.Graham, Mrs. Paughg Second Row: P.Dox- tader, S.Reese, G.Bitterman, J.Brand, R.Rod- gers, R. Brady, R.Bucci, P,Wronowicz, M, Johnson, D.Shaw. Third Row: G.Mann, R. Swader, C.Wa1ters, J.Cummings, D.Beatty, C.Drachenberg, I.F1inr,R.Gr-off, L,Brackett, M.Schmige1, I.Cory, 42 First Row: A,Ba1dwin, K.Tinney, L.Schu1Lz, L.Whire, N.Abraham, M.Ground, G.Be11, C.Parker, P.Gies1er, D.BemharcIt, D.Sim- mer, Mrs. Gilbert. Second Row: I.Bero, A. Printup, I.B1ackmore, H.King, H. Finger, D. Rung, K.Wagner, J.ASmuS. A.Frodir1, I.Ske1- lon, R. Schurr, Third Row: I.Zur1o, S.Tho- mas, D.Perry, D.Fix, L.Zimmerman, B. Mac Coy, F, Kyser, R. Grover, S.Smith, I.Barte1, N.Massaro. Second Gmdes First Row: L, Abraham, C.Schurr, M.Brew- er, M.Bistoff, K.B1ish, H. Harvey, G.McVay, N.Poodry, K. Meyer, F.Pfoh.l, Mrs. Gerber, Second Row: M. Hutchinson, P.Reese, M. Nichols, S.Tippett, M.Fahey, I.Kellogg, R. Kedzierski, D. Errick, M. Fotheringham, S,N1ce. Third Rowg J. Remsen, C. Kyser, I. Young, D.Doxtader, S.Troyer, G.Kumro, R.Ciurzynski, C.Brown, C.Showers. First Row: D. Delelys, C. Reigle, D, Abrams, R. Smith, F.Martiny, A.Odel1, R, Daguano, F. Kingsley, G.Ceisner, D.Burdick, T. Sta- pleton, T,Hibbard, Mrs. Hitchcock. Sec- ond Rowg D,Grundas, L. Malecki, C. Meck- lenburg, J.I1es, P.Cummings, G.Doctor, Third Row: R.Cherry, M,Wei1er, M.Car1o, T. Yoder, B. Vereecken, E. Kwiatkowski, R. Kwandrans, N.Everett, B.MacCoy, K. Pagels. Absent: M. Welsh, M.Cummings. First Row: Miss Miller, I.Logan, R. White, D.Cescon, G.Conran, R. Wilson, B.De- Young, K.DeFries, D.McCormick, D.Mc- Farland, J.Ha1ecki, D.LewLs. Second Row: J.Ke11er, E.Kitte1son, G.Kar1, L.Stratton, S.Ba11, C.Frey, D.Capora1i, J.Ciurzynski, Third Row: D.Montvi11e, K.Powers, I. Kleparek, M. Mansell, C.Bitterman, L. Stevenson, B.Pask, V. Rugg, K.Burau, Absent: H,Mar1r1ing, L.Iohnson, M.Lea- vitt, L.Bettio. First Row: W. Matusek, D.Stanbury, J. Swader, E.Parker, T.Bartram, T.Tinney, N.Ba1dwin, E.Iorden, L.Casseri, E.Wi1- son, C.Pe1key, Second Row: R.Lewis, G.Cescon, J.Owen, J.Dean, T.Burri11, Mrs. Berghom. Third Row: A.Overho1t, D.E11sworth, B.C1ear, H.B1ueye, E.George S.Buechi, D.Whee1er, L. Finch, J.Stuber, A. Printup, C. Smith, B. Pierce. Absent: B.Abrams, T. Kasperek, M.Brege, S.Bruck- CI, First Grades First Row: F. Swiarowy, J.Cherry, I.George, B.Doctor, A, Sundown, F.Roggen, H. Schultz, A.Zola, G. Fox, K.Weaver, L.Kraatz, Mrs. Laese. Second Row: L. Kraatz, D. Hoehman, T. Stone. Third Row: H, Hartwig. C. Wilson, C.Woltcrs, C.Berghorn, E Smith, A.DeYoung, P.Skye, M.Kingsley, C.Crane, K.Staebe1l, S.Swift. Absent: R. Wyder, T.Newcornb, T McNutt, V. Francis, B.DiCkins0l1. First Row: D,l-liggins, M.Showers, I,Wal- ters, D,Schube1, J. Flint, M,Busch, P. Schoenwetter, C,Logan, C.Brown, D.Sun- down, L.Cummings, Miss Wilcox. Second Row: C,Hall, D.Hutchinson, F.Lowder, W.Bi.shop, M.Iohnson, T.Paugh, H.Her- wick, V.Bower, K.Roggow, T.Lederhouse, P.Iohnson. Third Row: L.Babiarz, W.Rob- inson, D,Richardson, T.Whiting, K.Baker, E.Keehn. Absent: A Klawer, I.Y0usey. First Row: I.Hartzler, I.DiLuzio, D.Abra- ham, A.Rawleigh, A.Swimlinc, B.Durski, M.Rung, S.K1inglesmith, B.Nicometi, C. Keppler, M.Stanbury, P.Cayton, Mrs. Mac- Coy, Second Row: N.Corbett, P.Cayton, R.Jordan, J.Orzel, C.Alfieri, K. Hauser, J. Spaeth, S. Schaller, B.Schultz, H.Finger, K. Liftin. First Row: Miss Churchill, D. Smith, B. Murray, M.G0lpl, M.Anders0n, C.Schoen wetter, I.Swanson, L.Searer, I.Baker, K. Yousey, R. Nicometi, I.Lawrence, P.Gr0ff, Second Row: C.Mattioli, S.Poodry, P. Leavitt, W.Groff, R.Ba1l, E.Truax, I.Mc- Farland, B.Herwick, H.Printup, I.Benz. Third Row: M.Hel1ems, J,Mann, D.Swa- der, C.Hogue, M.Ioslyn. Absent: J.Bor- donaro, D,Frey, P.Groff, 44 Kindergarhms First Row: G Jones, D.Mando1ene, V. Sun- down, P.Higgins, J. Stanley, I.Bower, F. Wronowicz, I.Go1p1. Second Row: K.Tip- pett, C.He11ems, T.Busch, D.Smith, R. Kumro, A.Groff, R. Rosenberg. Third Row: Mrs. Wetzen, L.Pierce, J,Brown, M.George, W, Swader, R, Whiting, C, Burchell, R. Fohl, First Row: M.Ha1ecki, D, Weidman. Llless- ler, G.Schu1tz, D.Yensan. Second Row: D Bucceri, R. Brucker, B.Goeseke, M.Searer, M.Burdick, W.Asmus, C.Ha11. Third Row: Mrs. Wetzen, R. Ribbeck, K.Deinhardt, G. Owen, D.Cory, M.Trug1io, D.A1trogge, D. Ritecz, D. Yensan, R. Skeet. First Row: E.Parker, J.Iohnson, V.Ground, S.Forrestel, E.Laese, G.Becker, F.Ground, I.Bitterman, I.Iohnson. Second Row: R. Jamison, L.L1oyd, S.B1ueye, C.Carges, N. Bruning, S.Groff, S.Montvi11e, M.George, I.Bistoff, B.Skye, P.Kyser, M.Logan, Mrs. Pentecost. First Row: R. Muck, K. Taylor, B,Laubacher I. Bartram, D. Blackman, D. Wight, A. Kas- perek, R.Zur1o. Second Row: S.Hoste, S. White, D. Reigle, P.McLeod, C. Bohn, S.Al fieri, M.Rood, I.Green, L.I-Iartwig, B. Scho enthal, I.Trigilio, M.Rudo1ph. Mrs. Pente- cost. 45 Branch chools K J. N Q . 'ii the fs.. Mrs. Shisler N 12. First Row: I.Edwards, D.Bushover, D. Drachenberg, M.Lauridsen, J.Snider. Second Row: I.Drachenberg, H,Snider, D.Finger, B.Bushover, D. Remson. Third Row: M. Edwards, E. Albrecht. Fourth Row: R Keller, R, Rebrovich. Standing: M.Crachenberg, R. McLeod, J. Rebrovich, M. Abraham, A.Bushover, L.Laurid.sen, D.Cummings, C.Edwards. Mrs. Merchant C 5 First Row: M. McCormick, M. Winter, J.Ke1kenberg, B.Dietz, K.Dictz, G. Deahn, T.Van Buren. Second Row: D.Muggelberg, S.Cummings, N.Van Buren, G.Kelkenberg, S.Van Buren, D, Hudson, P.Wik, I.Burdick, R.Ke1ken- berg, Mrs. Merchant, Absent: M. Montgomery, K. Hudson. Mrs . Blackmore A 7 First Row: G.Pask, N.Guerdat, J.Babel, D. Totten, M.Pafk, M.Pafk, C.Totten, C. Witkop, I. Kelley, 1,Hellert, W.Pafk Second Row: W.Solotes, G.Babel, K. Kelley, P.Pete1s, L.He11ert, P.Hes1or, C Babel, G.Heslor, T.Witkop, Mrs. Blackmore. Mrs . Bartram R 7 First Row: T. Rowland, D. Wolfe, S. Fry, K.Lindke, R. Wiseman, K. Wolfe, K.Fry, M.Sch1eef. Second Row: S.Sne1l, S. Weber, W. Snell, G.Baehr, I.Cummings A.Wiseman, J.Harnmond. Absent: R. Baehr, I,Feige1, D.Lindke, C.Fink, S. Meyers. Mrs. Harpst N l0 First Row: C.Cummings, B.Wo1fe. Second Row: I.Kroening, D.Raduns, D. Lindke, I.Schleef. Third Row: J.Schle- gel, S. Gibbons, D.Rehwalt, B.Raduns. Fourth Row: D.Rowland, I.Schleef, L. Glena, B.Stevens. Standing: D.Koz- loski, J.Rowland, S.Glbbons, G. Baehr, M.Socha, P.Martin, Mrs. Harpst, K. Cobert, L. Webster, D.Pogel. Miss Ogden N 4 First Row: P.Smith, M.Logel, J.Cum- mings, J.Blickensderfer, Second Row: M.Roberts, W.Brege, L.Rosenberg, A. Poole, I.Kaufman, A.Black. Third ROW: I.Poole, H. Rosenberg, M.Herec, R.Blickensderfer, V.R1bbeck, M.Cum- mings, D.Campbe11, K.Pawlick. Standing: Miss Ogden, G.Cummings, D.Black, M.Brege, B.Beebe, P.Rosen- berg, S.l-lanna, M. Clark, S.Snider, W.Smith, A.Black, D.Poo1e, D.Rib- beck, I.C1ark, P.Ben'1ier, ' 1, f my Z, i., . . Branch Schools .Ss , ,v 47 Branch Schools 48 Mrs. Matteson R 17 First Row: J.Mi1es, D.Borden, T,Hou1i- han, T.Beirnacki, F.Babe1, Second Row D, Keusche, D. Kiraszkiewicz, C. Tres- selt, F.Hou1ihan, Third Row: B.Houli- han, P.Morotchic, E.Lowder, L.Babe1, B.Barron, R.Hanson, D. Kuraszkiewiez, A.Nice, P.Babe1, Mrs. Matteson. Mrs . Brownell R 19 First Row: B.Ky1e,M.Edmister, D.Hu- sing, D.Cou1son. Second Row: B.Bed- ford, K.McCoy, L.Peters, B.Davis, L. McCoy. Standing: Mrs. Brownell, H. Halladay, J.Prentice, C.Kopacz, M. LaRocca, M.Dietz, T.Edmister, T.Hu- sing, D.Niesgoda, G.Bedford, I.LaRoc- ca, R. Prentice, V.Hinos. Absent: L.Kinney. Mr. Mann N 8 First Row: D. Smith, L.Medole, L.Cum- mings, V. Kaufman, G.B1ickensderfer, Second Row: E.Cummings, D.Snider, J,P1ace, C.Ribbeck, L.Cummings, Third Row: P.Brege, L.C1ark, L.Loge1, D.Brege, S.Poole. Standing: A.Cum- mings, E,Ribbeck, S.Medo1e, R.Poole, R, Black, J.B1ack, R. Francis, L.Cum- mings, G.Rosenberg, D.Loge1, Mr. Mann, B.P1ace. Branch Schools Mrs. Maher N 14 First Row: M.Rolland, L.Parker, N.Par- ker. Second Row: D.Raymond, T.Her- see, G,Summe, T.Carro1l, Third Row: R, Parker, L.Granke, D.Scotland, R,Par- ker, Standing: G.Hupif, G.I-Iersee, S. Scotland, D.Purzback, S.Pear1es, D.Par- ker, Mrs. Maher, M.Gibbs, S.K1awer, D. Granke. Mrs. Bistoff N 4 First Row: S.Bart1ett, J.Adams. Second Row: S.Confer. Third Row: N. Murphy, D.Criswell, I.Bower, I.Ca1dwell. Fourth Row: C.Bedford, R,Schukraft, R.Bedford, R. Newman. Standing: P.Schukraft, W. LaPP. F.Bedford, F.Criswel1, I.Bower, L.Bedford, L.Bower, G.Iufer, Mrs. Di- neen, G.Iones, P.Bedford, R.Pfoh1, N. Blosser, D.Lapp, R.Campbe11. r,4L'.sn-.tt sim wa. sf HE educational pattern of America has changed in many ways-curriculum-physical facilities- preparation of the lives of boys and girls to meet our modern world. The branch schools in the Akron Central System have served several generations of people. They are among a gradually dis- appearing physical plant in our educational world. However, with the introduction of centralization, they have kept abreast of the curriculum changes and preparation for our complex world. The bell rings, calling the boys and girls from their play. The typical program includes one of the following each day: music in all its aspects, appreciation, technical songs, and folk dancing. The art program presents to the branch schools opportunities experienced in our finest public schools-ceramics, weaving, painting, and metal work. The physical education program presents competitive games and an introduction to the games played by all our students. The Branch Schools number 10 with an enrollment of 263. The Christmas Programs were given December 13-14 for the enjoyment of the parents and friends of the Akron Central School System. ln June, Field Day climaxed the year. This is America at work and play, building for a better tomorrow. 49 f, i V ' st 1+2, Hernando's Hideaway 3. Little Abner and Daisy Mae 4. Lonesome bunch 5. "Ziggi" and "Love" 6. Nature Boy 7. Annette and a bit of Carol 8. Jim and Lynne 9. Carol 10. What Next?? 11. Stuck up 12. I'm tired. 13. Our boy Louie 14. "S1ick Chick" 15. Lost Love 16. Just Waitin' 17. Country Boy 18. Reverend Schultz 19. Surprised? 20. Our Business Man 2.1. Whatcha' Doin'? 22. Love's Young Dream 23. Me, Myself, and I 24. Last Year 25. Marryin' Sam flue, 26. Oh! that look 50 ACTIVITIES S W ii The happier the time the quicker ii passes" Around: L.Thayer, P.Tesnow, C.Mc- Allister, I.Covel, L.Brenner, C.Lau- bacher, I.Ti.nney, J. Williams, S.Rei- gle, L.Brychta, J,Pierce, C,Shaw, B, Wickham, S. Graybeal, J. Kranz. OFFICE RS President--Yvonne Chew Vice-President--Hazel Klehn Secretary--Lynne Weaver Treasurer--Muriel Van Buren Chaplain--Barbara Reinhardt Advisor--Mrs. Geraldine Smith Hi-Y Club HE purpose of the Hi-Y is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community, high standards of Christian char acter. To carry this out, the Hi-Y girls sponsored a roller skating party, bake sale, caroling, ushering, and checking coats at the P.T.A. Dance. One of the projects of the year was the discussion of various religious beliefs and toler- ance. First Nighfers and fage Crew First Row: Mr. Tomczak, A.Ground, I.Poodry, S. Wilson, B.Brucker, I.McLeod, B.Coulson, L. Hanson, K.E1dred, N.Phelps, D.Baehr, Miss Thompsong Second Row: G. Shaw, P.Meyers, K.Asmus, L.Fettick, A.C1asgens, L.Frodin, A.Stap1eton, I. Abrahamg Third Row: C.Nicometi, T.Patterson, C.Yeager, D.Skeet, A.Frodin, R.Ogi1vie, R.Graybea1, I. Grover, D. Skiff, 52 Clinic faff First Row: 1. Williams, J. Flagg, P. Asmus J.Roze11e, M.Wo1ters. Second Row: A. Mattie, B.Searer, M.Raduns, Z.Rebro- vich, D.B1ackmer, W.Schu1tz, P.Brack- ett, Mrs. Bacheller, Library taff First Row: P. Bemdt, S Palmreuter, P.Hu- domint, N.Phe1ps, M.Brightenfie1d, 1.1-Ioste, M.Raduns. Second Row: G.MacCoy, C. Martin, J.Swiatowy, J. Hanson, C.McAl1- ister, A.C1a.sgens, C.Gibbs, A.Hes1or, S. Glena, F,Carey, Mrs, Osborn. Junior Red Cross fa '49 ,. F..x'N.--wi 1 1 4 tw XM sa H f 'fl fo new , SL., 'gg 1 5 ,1- HESE students represented the school in Red Cross activities such as raising money, knitting articles for hospitals, work- ing with the bloodmobile program, contacting teachers in regard to project activities and the civilian defense program. Repre- sentatives attended monthly meetings at the Chapter House in Buffalo where an educational program was conducted to develop leadership ability among the members. 53 Standing: B,Poo1e, I.Kinne, M.Brighten- field, P.Covel, J.Bitterman, G,Iago, Mrs. Bacheller, Seated: B.Randazzo, J.F1agg, C.Laubacher, P.Asmus, A.Mattie, J.Pos- singer, R.Hersee, M.Roeh1ing, C.Hol1en- beck. 5 r tudenf Council HE Student Council is the governing body of all student ac- tivities. Officers: President-Louis Nannig Sr. Vice-Pres- ident-Yvonne Chewg Jr. Vice-President-Barbara Reinhardtg Secretary-Beverly Wickhamg Treasurer-Richard Laese. First Row: C Biscaro, I.Ground, Y.Chew, L. Kopacz, R. Harshbarger. Second Row: Mr. Ellsworth Brown, P.Tesnow, D.Cheavacci, D.Ross. First Row: R. Summers, A.Clasgens, S.Feder- spiel, S.Reig1e, J,Bower, B.Brucker, S.Wi1son, Mr, Brown, Y.Chew, B,Reinhardt, L.Nanni, B, Wickham, R.Laese, G.Po1eon, B.Harvey, W, DeYoung, D.Cheavacci, L, Weaver, J. Williams, M.VanBuren, Second Row: S.Kraatz, K.Lau- bacher, R,Wcbster, R.Cory, C.Casseri, M.Po- leon, D.B1ish, K.Bart1ett, Third Row: W.SChu- kraft, G.Bistoff, A.Thomas, R.Burche1l, R. Ro- manowski, H. Neuman, C.Brown, W.Cowan, J, Downey. fudent Court HE Student Court, under the direction of Mr. Brown, is the Judicial Division of the Student Association. The main ob- jective of the court is to enforce the rules set up by the Student Council and to teach good citizenship, which will help the stu- Student Monitors S 'xx ,do li'-4' i HE Monitor system, directed by Mr. Victor, is the branch of the Student Council which enforces school regulations, there- by creating a safer and better school. The monitors are assigned duties to help the teachers and to serve as a guide for students. 54 First Row: Mr. Victor L. Brenner, P. Hudomint, D. Blackmer, M. Wagner, G.Kolenko, J.Kranz, B. Reinhardt, M.Randazzo, S.Cheavacci, L.Wea- ver, I.De1e1ys, Second Row: C.McA11ister, S. Graybeal, R. Clark, R.Marks, J. Williams, I.Van Buren, Third Row: S.Reig1e, P.Tinkham, I.Tin ney, N.Bartlett, B.Urte1, M.Leis. Fourth Row: Z.Rebrovich, B. Bates, S. Federspiel, B. Wickham C.Brown, M.Bruning, L.Liles, J. Pierce, L.Tha- yer. Absent: A.Schu1tz. First Row: Mr. Hollenbeck, R.Peters, R.Poodry I.Donlon, J.Grover, A.Fisher, I.Ground, R. Me- dole, E. Whitbeck, H. Ciurzynski, Mr. Suttle. Second Row: I.Van Buren, K.Laubacher, G.Ad ams, D.Frey, R.Lindke, R,Bower, R.Bower. Third Row: C.Nicometi, W.Rebovich, R.Bow- er, J,Davis, C.Yacger, G,Fry, T.Schultz, L. Blackchief, R. Parker. Fourth Row: Mr,White- head, B,Pixley, C.Karcher, D.Borchert, D. Skeet, L.Tinney, M.Barrows, J.Caprio, A.Tho- mas, Industrial Arts Club N-.sf 'S-al Officers: President, Ivan Groundg Vice-President, Allen Fish erg Secretary, John Groverg Treasurer, Kenneth Laubacher Advisors, Mr. Marvin Suttel and Mr. Leon Hollenbeck. Future Homemekers of America Officers: President-Barbara Bartlettg Vice-President-Jane Van Bureng Secretary-Lois Grankeg Treasurer-Mary Kelken- bergg Advisor-Miss Gertrude Churchill. Future Farmers of America First ROW: G.Bistoff, L.McCormick, W.Kelken- berg, R.Tinney, M.Criswe11, E. Kinne, L.Ko- pacz, R. Hoste, B.Baker, M.Deahn, G.Baker, E.Bontrager, M.Fi.nch, G.Moses, W.Schukraft, I.Van Buren. Second Row: T.Patterson, D. Rickwalt, M. Wagner, T.Hollenbeck, D.Chea- vacci, F.Sundown, H. Neuman, V. Wik, K. Kraatz, B.Brown, R,Dar1ow, I.Witt, Mr. Ro- zelle. First Row: Miss G.Churchill, S, Hoste, L. Gran- ke, I.He1dman, R.Cummings, B.Barrlett, J. Van Buren, M.Ke1kenberg, N.Bartlett, S.Smith, Second Row: M, Cook, R. Clark, N. Schaller, F, Richardson, B, Seater, J. Delelys, A. Klawer, D.Schu1tz, B.Schu1tz, C.Gibbs. Third Row: I. Cummings, B. Kaufman, M. Gilbert, I. Swia- towy, S.Bedford, I.Bower, C,Middaugh, V. Schiller, M.Drachenberg. Officers: President-Robert Hosteg Vice-President-Bruce Bakerg Secretary-Lawrence Kopaczg Treasurer-Marvin Deahn Advisor -Richard Rozelle. 55 Mlxed Chorus First Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row: Fifth Row: Sixth Row: Seventh Row: B.Finch, G,l-loste, M.Richardson, M.Brightenfield, G.Harch, M.Sundown, F,Zelms, S.Bentley, M.Witkop, S.Yoder, N.Blackmer, D.Mast, R.Clark, M.Cook, C.Laubacher, P,Rooney, D.Wil- liams, V. Edgar, K.Pingitore. D. Ansel, B.Herring, N,Phelps, R. Marks, J. Williams, 1.Van Buren, P.Eckert, S.Federspiel, P, Tinkham, L. Brenner, P.Fuls, M.Dickinson, A. Stapleton, C.Cheavacci, M.Light, J. Rozelle, P. Asmus. I. Aldred, I. Delelys, L. Brychta, M.I. Bitterman, P. Covel, M.I. Bitterman. I.Faskel, V. Mundaniohl, A.Alysworth, M.Roehling, C.Hollenbeck, C.McA11ister, A.Mattie, B.Reinhardt, M.G.Randazzo, S.Graybeal, I.Kranz, S.Glena, G.Iago, L.Frodin, Llackson, M. Iles, B.Searer, L.Thayer, L.Weaver, B.Wickham, B.Randazzo, B.Bates. Mr. Shaw, M.Klehn, L.Liles, A.Poole, J.Bower, J.Hudomint,,N.Bartlerr, J.Hansen, C.Middaugh C.Martin, T.Dickinson, B.Karcher, J.Swiatowy, G.Kolenko, S.Cheavacci, J.McLeod, Z..Re- brovich, M.Leis, S.Kyser, D.Blackmer, C.Shaw, I.Covel, M.Raduns, A. Albrecht, I. Kinne, M. Schad, M. Keller, M. Wagner, M. Barrows, D, Ross, I.Lippert. I. Allen, D. Bracken, R. Harshbarger, J. Edgar, D. Schumacher, B, Lippert, J. Pierce, P. Swift. M. Finch, A.Thomas, C.Biscaro, C. Casseri, P.Brackett, M. Wagner, R. Hersee, R. Burchell, T. Ketcham. C.Laubacher, D.Rugg, I.Downey, R. Cory, P.Kohler, R.Summe, A.Fisher, R.Ogilvie, A.Frodin, 56 Boys' Chorus First Row: L.Wi11s, E.Cair1, I,Si11oway, R. Reno, C.Owen, G.Witz1eben, P.Meyer, M. Charles, C,Groff, Mr, Shaw. Second Row: C.Jones, l.Burrow, I.B1ack, Q,Blueye, T,Mundanioh1, E.Po1eon. Third Row: T.Raduns, H.Cove1, H.C1ark, W.Cowan, B.Peris, L.Kuraszk, M.Po1eon, D. Junior Chorus First Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row: Fifth Row: K.Spaeth, V.B1ack, B.Pafk, R. Smith, R. Roland, S, Sutton, L.Hudsor1, N.Cove1 S.Pelkey, L.Ho11enbeck, I.Riggio, I.Remsen, B. Mills, P.C1ark, S.Brewer, M.Faske1, I.Ehmann, D.Hitchcock, B.B1ackmer, V.B1ickensderfer, C.Pentecost, M.Casseri, C.Bushover, S.Kuropatwa, B.Chamber1ai.n, W.Searer, B.Zyrwiczynski, P.Goeseke, L.Shepard, G. Kaufman, Mr. Shaw. M.Overa11, M. Schultz, C. Sinsel, B.Cummings, N. Clark, K. Malecki, S.Palm- reuter, E.Draper, A.B1ackchief, S.Lederhouse, N.Iohnsor1, P.Hudomint, N. Cescon. G,Sch1eef, P.Car1o, B.Schu1tz, I.Si11oway, W.DeYoung, D.Bushover, D.Skiff, M.Cescon, L.Medo1e, A.Randazzo, I.Sne11. L.Sutton, W. Cowan, H.C1ark, T.Cowan, C. Groff, L.Kuraskiewicz, E.Po1eon, w.Riester, J.B1ack, H.Cove1, L.Liles, G. Witzleben. 57 - anim' Band 441 Wnndwill First Row: D.B1ish, H.K1ehn, P.Rooney, E.Cain, B.Moses, T.Raduns, J.A1dred, C.Brown, Second Row: J.Nachtrieb, D. Brackett, W.Page1s, R. Smith, R.Ca1zavara, K.Wi1liams, B.Finch, I.Roze11e, A.Laese, R. Middaugh, R.Laese, B.Tiedt, N.Spring, Third Row: R. Bower, F.Pos- singer, K.Pi.ngitore, Y.Hartwig, Q.B1ueye, I.Borden, L.Kashuba, Fourth Row: D.Berghorn, A.Ground, C.McA11ister, I.Burdick, J,Long, M.Light, Mr.Co1umbus, C.Shaw, Fifth Row: C.Deres, C.Iones, G. Lederhouse, P.Phe1ps, N.Remsen, D.Jor1athan, Ensemblg- i--f Elemenia' First Row: D.Bucceri, B.Pingitore, I. Ma- tusek, R.Packman, N.Markek, Mr.Co1um- bus, R. Cook, V. King, S.Remsen, B.Wei- ler, Second Row: I.Wagner, M.Nowak, K.Zimmerman, W.VanPe11, I.Gerber, I. Hellert, J.Bartram, C.Pi11gitore, Third Row: G.Lindke, D.Car1o, S.Trug1io, G. Richards, 1.1-Ioste, N.Sundown, B.Ceis- ner, B. Downey. First Row: R.Ca1zavara, K,Wi11- iams, I.Borden, B.Finch, J.Bur- dick, I.Long, D.Jonathan, N. Remsen, A.Laese, M.Brighter1- field, M.Light. ncI'rllm0!lf2l ch 99 " in-vMr,..... 58 JUfli0l' Bnml ' R Huth Q Blueye P Nayman, Mr. Co- First Row: R.Car1o, E.Ca1n, . , . , . lumbus, D.Brackett, B.Moses, T.Raduns, A.Laese, N. Spring. Sec- ond Row: R.Smith, W,Page1s, L.Wi11s, S.Wagner, S.Smith, I.Bur- dick J Long W.Abrams, R.Ca1zavara. Fourth Row: G.Shaw, C. P Phel s, N.Remsen, Dereg, biecierhouse, F.Possinger, W.Pe1key, . p P.Rooney, C.MCA11ister. Brass Quarfef 57" Left ro Right: J. Nachrrieb, R.De1re, C.Brown, R,Laese. 7 , Elementary lnsfrumenfal Class--P,M First Row: I.PeQuee Leaf, K.Strong. 59 n, W.Davis, R,Mi11er, R,Be11, Mr. Columbus, D.Cope, I,Gra- ham, D.Schad, R.Owen. Second Row: K. Whitbeck, G.WagiIe, I.Fox, C.Tadio, A. orker Club First Row: D.Burri11, R.Poge1, D.Berghom, S.Smith, D.Hitchcock, P.Nayman, S.Brewer D.Cheavacci, R. Carlo, Mrs. Brown. Second Row: D.Swader, F.Pask, G. Shaw, G.Shanks, C. Grabenstatter, C. Ciurzynski. C Cemere Club Left to Right: D.B1ish, R. Webster, R. Laese, C.Brown, C.Casseri, Mr. Eckerson, L.Nanni, R. Huth. Poster Club and Arl Workers iii! ESV ' 4-1.4 .- ef , W . J. of . Q. .. fi-353' 'A C 'Q' W3 . . . , C -f - an bm -, QQ! ill. ,., aight . ' W Q 4 gg, .re Q .. ,gg , , . - ' 1 rr' , " , f',, A . . , , . mae . C b ,J C ,ATN K 353, 5 V Y . I 4 L k .4 , 9 W , ,L ' V 2 ,:. K Q A A WT ,iigsfnfg A C A . - 3 A '1 if. K ,fx 3 Qgx. ai if ,I . 2 , ww N L I ni 1 'S-Eg. V I , ,. H C C ,Q 'fe' fwfr. wig Q I AkVkV,,V. ' Q ,,,, 'l lfigfi f 60 First Row: I.Possinger, I.Poodry, W.Poodry, A. Ground, I. Eldred, P. Bracken, M. Schad, L. Fettick, I. Borden, A. Clasgens, I, Sillo- way. Second Row: R.Middaugh, J.Burri11, R. Hendrick, I. Wik, W. Searer, P. Hudomint, C. Sinsel, Y. Hartwig, N. Schaller. Junior and Senior Science Club First Row: W.Page1s, G.Sch1eef, D.McNuu, R. Garrison, L.Meitz, F.Benteen, E.Po1eon D.Bushover, J.Si11oway. Second Row: D. Burrill, M.Cescon, B.Harvey, L.Sutton, T. Cowan, R. Huth. Third Row: Mr. Carges, B.Brucker, M.Po1eon, R. Webster, D Blish, R Bower, F.Pask, Mr. Martiny. Iide Rule Club First Row: T.Bales, R.Romanowski, B.Bac- heller, Second Row: J.Possinger, D.Riemer, P.Koh1er, J.Poodry, I, Allen, Mr. Bates, Junior and Senior Model Chun First Row: B. Harvey, E Poleon, P.Berghorn, D.Burril1, M.Char1es, M. Cescon, R.Wa1ters. Second Row: K. Cummings, C.Yeager, L. Wickham, W. Reister, I.Burril1, G.Po1eon, J.Rogers, Third Row: Mr. DeFries, G.Swarts, R.Iufer, J,Wik, D.Ke11y, F.McNutt, D. Ceisner, D.Frey, M,l-Iuth, K.Kraatz, R. Summe, G. Adams, H.Cove1. 61 Projeciionisi Training First Row: D Cummings, R.Cook, I. G.Po1eon, D. Swader, B.I-Iarvey. Second Row: 1.Smith, D.Sundown, R. Reno, L.Wickham, R.Gibbs, E.Caprio, Mr. Eckerson, R. , Ciurzynski, R.Huth, L.Liles. if' """Wb'L"'2'.u3'.E"' 'eaennuggpunalav -,1, 45:i:.v.:'irl:j1'h . 'Kill CII ,ffl fhn .u,wL f gzlfiljgig- 5 !!5'f i a? L ' 4x 'f ', , ,M 1 ,ff , ' J f. .ws , " Ae"'z , 1 Advanced Dancing Folk Dancing 62 SPORTS Pleasure and action make the hours seem short" Foofbail Varsity First Row: M. Wagner, R.Burchel1, E.Kinne, T.Bates, Co-Capt., L.Nanni, Co-Capt., D. Schultz, J Downey, Second Row: Mr. Scappa, I, Edgar, I.Al1en, W.Swader, T.Ketcham, J Davies, L.Clary, Mr. Wetzen, D.Cheavacci, Mgr. Third Row: W.Schultz, B.Bache1ler, A Frodin, D,Ross, P,Kohler, I,Caprio. Absent: C.Casseri, R. Cory, R. Hoste, OACHED by Thomas Wetzen and Angelo Scappa, and captained by Louis Nanni and Thomas Bates, the Akron Tigers churned out their second Oatka Conference Championship in three years. Although hampered by a small squad, Coach Wetzen kept the team in ex cellent shape physically and in high spirits for every game. The team reached its peak against last year's champs, Alden, and de- feated them on their own field in a hard fought game, 13-12. Seniors who donned their Orange and Black uniforms for the last time were: James Allen, Burton Bacheller, Thomas Bates, Joseph Caprio, Jerold Edgar, Robert Hoste, Peter Kohler, Louis Nanni, Leonard Clary, Donald Schultz, and Wallace Swader. Ronald Romanowski was the manager. The future looks bright for the squad because promising prospects like Sophomores James Downey and David Ross and Juniors Thomas Ketcham, Charles Casseri, and Richard Cory, will return next year. unior Varsity First Row: D.Cheavacci, L.Blackchief, L.McClure, H.Ciurzynski, R.Ca1zavara M FIHC Q.B1ueye. Second Row: I.Parker, G.Bistoff, E. Whitbeck, W. Sanderson, D.Chr1sty R Bower, M.Deahn, A.Brunner. Third Row: G.MacCoy, I.Brand, T.Ho11enbeck R Summ G. McCormick, L.Frey, W. Kelkenberg. Yfffi ffl . i Q . rf Q k......,,, .W , MY, f 'Q 5 Ja la! Basketball Varsity First Row: B.Tiedt, W.Oakes, L.Nanni, T.Bates, R.Johnson, C,Swanson. Second Row: Mr, Kapuza B,Bache11er, L.C1ary, R.Cory, P.Koh1er, D.Ross, C.Brown, C.Casseri, C.Biscaro, HE Akron Central cages of 1954-55 proved record-breakers in many departments. In a real scoring contest against Lyndonville, the Tigers rolled up an aggregate of 95 points. Carlo Biscaro proved that size isn't an absolute necessity when he broke the existing school scoring record and went on to break his own record when he netted 30 points in the Barker game. Carlo scored 2.53 points for the season averaging 18.6 points per game. Also Carlo was chosen by the coaches of the Niagara-Orleans League as a member of the first five of the All-Star Team. Next year the team will miss the ball- handling of Louis Nanni, the rebounding ability of Tom Bates, the "dead eye" of Mel Clary, Burton Bacheller's scrap, Pete Kohler's jumping, and Bill Oakes' aggressive play. Juniors Carlo Biscaro, Chuck Casseri, Rich Cory, and Sophomores Dave Ross, Jim Downey, and Jim Lippert offered potential strength and ability for the 1955-56 team. . ri 05 4. V,-:TJ 5 BG arsify First Row: D.Berghom, D.l-Iarrington, I.Downey, L.McC1ure, R.Medo1e, R.Ca1zavara M Falker. Second Row: D,Cheavacci, Mgr., Mr. Wetzen, Coach, N.Spring, W.Ke1kenberg F.SUHd0Wl'l, J.Lippert, N.Primup, B.Peris, M,Barrows, Mgr., H,Cove1, Mgr, fiffnrv-rn f 11:11,g,uJ.'4!:::f-gtgfl Akron Akron Akron Akron JkAkron Akron P'fAkron Akron Akron '4'Akron Akron Akron 4fAkron Akron P51 Non- 70 48 80 67 95 49 37 43 52 58 36 47 65 43 League SCHEDULE 1954-55 Lewiston- Porte r Wilson Newfane Barker Lyndonville Royalton-Hartland Leroy Lewiston- Porter Wilson Lyndonville Newfane Barker Oakfield Royalton-Hartland in J K, Env F J J 'J Junior High Basketball First Row: T.Delre, T.Cowan, G.Stevens, R. Meyers, D,Cheavacci, P.Berghorn, L.Sutton, G.Witzleben, D.Swader, A.Brenner, Mr.MacCoy. Second Row: D.Skiff, L.Wickham, G.Shaw, R.Carlo, C.Groff, L.Wills, M,Showers, R.Pask. Third Row: R. Smith, I.Sillo- way, L.Mietz, W.Cowan, T.Perry, N.Frey, D.Sundown, S.Kraatz, I.Black, T.Cory, H. Covel, R.Reno, Girls' Intramurals First Row: Mrs. Janice Williams, Y.Hartwig, M.K1ehn, B.Finch, H.K1ehn, J.Eldred, N. Phelps, S.Daguano, I.Van Buren, L.Weaver, L.Brenner, I.Covel, M.I1es, I.Delelys, Second Row: B.Rohr, B,Karcher, T.Dickenson, B.Poole, V.Iohnson, J.Rozel1e, P.Asmus, B.Ciurzynski, A,Stapleton, D.Schumacher, B.Scha1ler, I.Printup, D.Sundown, M.Print- up. Third Row: L.Thayer, J.Kranz, D.Mast, C.Laubacher, B.Wickham, N.Brown, M. Sundown, J.Bitterman, S.Reig1e, R. Reuben. Fourth Row: B.Reinhardt, S.Cheavacci, G. Kolenko, S.Hes1or, B.Bates, I.Tinney, B.Randazzo, S.Federspiel, I.Bitterman, F.Zelms, P.Tinkham. Champion Intramural Team First Row: J.Edgar, J.Caprio, D.Schultz, I.Allen, D.R.iemer 68 Varsrfy Cheerleaders Junior Versir?Cheerleade Nancy, Joyce, Sue, Rita, Betty, Jean, Joan, Shxrley. 69 PS gk y1,L,., mb A f M ff uf, H1 ,,.,, ,Mx T if was 33: QTY ADVERTISEMENTS "A good time was had by an" Congrotulatuons Compl 'ments fo the Class AKRON GREENHOUSES I 955 In The pursuits of your success PERRY S DAIRY 143 East Avenue Phone 711 Akron New York Flowers For all Occoslons COMPLIMENTS LOUISVILLE CEMENT COMPANY OF AKRON, NEW YORK of of May Good Fortune be yours I OF 72 Compliments of ANN 'S BEAUTY SALON Phone:32Ol Ann and Dolores Compllments NUM - NUM Potato Chips Popcorn Pretzels Earl Burrows Knapp Road R G STANBURY Phone 3516 CHUCK RIGGIOS AKRON SPORT SHOP Compliments 39 Mom Street Akron New York Your Local Pontiac Dealer AKRON Phone 462 Distributor for Rawlmgs Athletlc Equipment Converse Rubber Co SERVICE GARAGE pemylvm... 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Ask us about the Metropolitan's plans for this purpose. NELSON B. SWARTS 62 Bloomingdale Avenue Akron, New York Representing Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Compliments of BUFFALO ARMS INCORPORATED Akron , New York OO Inga" ..:b:v'- ' Q 52... OOQQ ..'..Z5Z31""" ',....gh"" N... . 04..,.. UICQ .0 ..'. 00:00 0.00 . 4. . .. . .... .. 0000 l sy- ,zzz , 6' ... ... .N -Q- -00 000 ""9 1? 331' 100 000 Jizz? ...4Z.... ....... 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E R fztoq ii' , ,g ' ' MB 'Q' ME .zz 3331? - ...... 0. 0.-.0000 0 Zfiff' 1 00 ' .230 V 0? - .0 0 Y Compliments of CORBETT LUMBER Compliments of BERN HARDT'S FUNERAL HOME AN D Phone: 522 BUILDERS SUPPLIES Compl :ments I7 Bloomingdale Avenue I Akron New York hone 3761 Complrments PARK LU N C H AKRON Atlontlc Gasoline Fuel Onl Kerosene Readrng Hurd Coal Lay or Bust Poultry Feeds Complrments W H ROBINSON Compl :ments PIXLEY S Self Service Store 53 Cedar Street Akron N Y Phone 25ll I of ., NC. , P : of . Main Street Akron, N.Y. I l of of l , . . 84 Compliments Compliments of of SCl'lUMACHER'S Garage Texaco Gas Tires and Batteries 50 Cedar Street Akron, New York 1 l Compliments of Contractors Engineers EDWARD LAUGHUN Compliments BLISH of FRIENDLY SERVICE VILLAGE LIQUOR STORE Socony-Vacuum Products 89 Main St. Akron, N. Y. Grant Club Akron, New York Compliments of Compliments of JO AND LOU RANDAZZO MAX PHELPS 40 Main Street Akron, New York Rotary Gas Station Fruit Stand NATIONAL GYPSUM COMPANY ROCHESTER BUTTON COMPANY AL ZIMMERMAN INC OLDSMOBILE Phone: 8891 Buffalo 8- John Streets Akron, New York 2416 Compliments of P. T. A. AKRON CENTRAL SCHOOL 1954-55 Annual Theme Working Together For Our School Aim Better School Relations SHAW WOOD SPECIALTIES Machine-Shop Service Manufacturers of Hardwood and Softened Yard Sticks Paint Paddles-Rulers G. H. KLINGELSMITH, D. C. Chiropractor Ford Branded Candy Coated Gum with its 6 delicious flavors has no Qunltvc ly peer. o oo .. . . 'f The flavor lasts. 'z-.,J..,' 1,jh .f " Put your pennies in the Akron ' Lions Club Gum Machine and f - get a tasty confection. ,W 1' ff.. .M -. .:' 5552 G-w E +ffA7+v iff' 3 .E '-tw .ft - ., 29 00 6 cy, IIONS FORD GUM AND MACHINE COMPANY, INC. AKRON, NEW YORK I 87 l GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF '55 CERTAIN-TEED PRODUCTS CORPORATION MAN UFACTURERS OF QUALITY BUILDING MATERIALS GENERAL OFFICES 120 EAST LANCASTER AVE ARDMORE AKRON PLANT BLOOMINGDALE ROAD AKRON NEW YORK LAWING STUDIO Compluments S B ANDERSON 8- SONS Bafavla New York TELEVISION Mann Road Akron New York Offrcual Photographers THE JQURNALISM CLASS for the 955 , , PA. ' 1 I of . I . I I 1955 Lorraine Brenner - - - - Editor - . . A I' Annette Schultz Edlfor AKRONITE Jerold Edgar Business Manager Jane FIagg Adverhsmg Manager Pefer Kohler ECIIIOFIGIS James Borden r 88 This book printed by Velvatone, a special process of lithographic printing. Sole producers: Wm. J. Keller Inc., Buffalo, N. Y. No other printing firm is authorized to use the Velvatone method , W 4 f - re' F lf? 'U " .Qi A 5 , ,, .gn -1551" T-A 4,2 'iw' fi? " aiu:-A 3 ,Fif , YY Y - -. Q I 1 1 . v 3 1 L 1 .Q I i 4 - r . ,,, ' 4 5 1 n v v U z

Suggestions in the Akron Central School - Akronite Yearbook (Akron, NY) collection:

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