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U. tx w v lx I ,., 1 15 .'A .Y gfv ' . Eg T nfs: i,,:.',: V I. . ull ' sig? 1 . . 4 QL., .wr V ,,s.,g . ,,,.,,,,. , :f-'f-:'?3'jf- 'gr .-.L ,- Q- . Ii E25 nf -, ',fw1v:f 1' X ' if fi? 1' .V ,xxx Eur: .-f- K -fy... . 'w 51737 Liv L. U J. 1, ,A ,JJ I i , f, ,Q-. A.- x 4. b., ,,'4, 1,-1 rbi, fr 'ff E IE' k. . .- -SP4 ,., -X 3. Q-.fn l'14m -L, . 1- w VW , .VY 5.1.4- 'SN' . f r' fm- J f ,, 4 w W: 3.4 w 'EU - fl Y ,,,I f' .V fi' 1: ..., 3 ,.,., 1, -. v :-. '-Hw - . 1 .. W. . , rf- J , x . , 24.1, f . , , f 5i1'Lff"f' ' 1-"J fl. 'Q' av .4-" I 1 s-flu' ' - 1 I.. . ,A-, V R. S L K. ...v if-' .1 'Vx , K , nw- is .., . Y V Y , H".-s-L mr, '.' ":5,1"i. 1, - uf"-,S-i, ',? ' , . JET: 75. Q' 5 it wI"'il . - -,,. "Wi-5, -, r R ., ,Ll-rj ZF ' 3'-,mf .zwmvff . .f . n ,-. ,, , - J, . -P. ,M M , - .QV fa, - , , X1 . 1 .4 .,. 4 ,JA . ,. .X '4 .Y ,-1. Ldv. r ., , .. , ,Tn H . .x . 1.1- JL., x.,4 ff :QF ,hail- ,1 , V ,. .1-6"r',1u .5,.l x..f'?f:' "QW , ' , .Az-, . I' .,,.. V . .. if 911'-,. A w ',.,g, , .F .-va , L. 1 rf' l.u" r. , ., . , N r five lzroni e 19 pubfzlvbecz' by the fomfmlzlvm Ckzff Akron Cen im! fchool Akron, N Y Akron Cen im! faboof EDUCATION MAKES A PEOPLE EASY TO LEAD, BUT DIFFICULT TO DRIVEQ EASY TO GOVERN, BUT IMPOSSIBLE TO ENSLAVE. - LORD BRO UGI-IAM 2. h1.5:1v:f15cp'jI'- 'Q wzf-aifif "' -1 923:32 1? ' V: wg A,5iga1y, ' i f igffix' if' ' fQ3'zf,f5y , ,,,f,ajgf.i J:lEQ11ifif'efff'15i45ffi1?i aff -' if1',527'E5P1-.' gi lf"-Xjffi' ffV"5 1 y , A i r N lv 0 Q A 'ffzffff W V If W.. , ,Q V, xsxw ow 2 N... A4 ' .fi f g 4 fx , fs w y +1 fy! Q' 1 f , ff' - 4 , Aj-,gzf ,-uv: ,f-:Q f -I,45,zf,4fs59'f5,,g15:5 f :f'?"X,g:1' gf? of 'af' 2 f Q., .f f 5 1 Q DQ 1 5' ' Q x 4 i ,-, I- ,qui G," W Qmfgfw Qc f1zj'!.,yy iiitglfv ,qxxfoffw Q35 072: , , v, V ,' A '15"yfiJ2' 417'k'u'i1f'4"'0? ws f v, ,f',1vg- ,gr 'F?55j?35i" f'n+ffffj+,2q:a3q QQ V55 r-N ?',:,a:-W 314 x m?,gw,,5,54f', , .es W ,- :Z ,a .wg ,,.. edlcaflon I 1 MARIO Q. NANNI 1933-1953 C"'o MARIO NANNI, CLASS OF 1951, wHosE LEADERSHIP, SCHOLARSHIP, AND SENSE or FAIR PLAY WILL LIVE ON IN THE HEARTS or ALL AKRON CENTRAL STUDENTS, THE JOURNALISM cLAss PROUDLY DEDICATES THE 1954 AKRONITE. 4 Aaz'mz'nz3'imizm MR. EDWARD ALLEN SUPERVISING PRINCIPAL MR. RICHARD BURAU MR. VINCENT ESPERSEN -DEAN, SECONDARY SCHOOL ELEMENTARY SUPERVISOR MR. ELLSWORTH BROWN DIRECTOR OF GUIDANCE BOARD OF EDUCATION lst row: Mrs. Ruth Nassal, Mr. R. J. Richards, Mrs. Celia Tiedt. Znd row: Mr. Vernon Long, Mr. Richard Forrestel, Mr. Walter Blish, Mr. Arthur Charles. 6 lst row: Miss Gertrude Churchill, Mr. Melvin Hood, Mrs. Ellen Brusky. Znd row: Mr. Leon Hollenbeck, Mr. William DeFries, Mr. Stanley Victor, Mr. Richard Rozelle. lst row: Mr. Charles Reiman, Miss Nellie Thompson, Mrs. Frances Hoag, Miss Irma Eckerson. 2nd row: Mr. Theodore Mueller, Mr. Milo Freson, Mr. Leland Meyer, Mr. Walter Tomczak. 8 Vocazizbnazl E 11 glzlvb fihkfozfy fczlence and Mdfb6WdlZb5 ,Wil ' Q if Ist row: Miss Nell Brown, Mrs. Janie Poodry. Znd row: Mr. Frank Helwig, Mrs. Carol Woodard. ax! lst row: Mrs. Nan Rosenbach, Mrs. Geraldine Smith, Mrs. Verna Smith Mr. Adolph Kapuza. Znd row: Mr. Grover Bates, Mr. John Eckerson, Mr. Tim MacCoy, Mr. George Martiny, Mr. Myron Dembrow. 9 ! lst row: Mrs. Lena Swyers, Mrs. Jean Edgcomb. Znd row: Mr. Frank Columbus, Mr. Joseph Pendolino, Mr. Joseph Valente. A., f L "-, , hi lst row: Mrs. Lucille Bacheller, Mrs. Janice Williams. Znd row: Mr. Thomas Wetzen, Mr. Angelo Scappa. 10 Mufzb and Aff! Heafib mm' Pbyfzbvzl Educazizbn Efemen mffy Teazabm 11 lst row: Znd row: lst row: 2nd row: lst row: Znd row: Esta Wilcox, Mrs. Mrs.Doris Gerber. Mrs. Mildred Paugh Mrs. Mildred Matte Miss Marilyn son, Miller. Mrs .Mardell Fix, Miss Margaret Shepard, Mrs. Catherine Bates. Mr. Strandberg, Mr. Schlagater. Mrs. Helen Pente- cost, Mrs. Yvonne Hitchcock, Miss Lucia Churchill. Mrs. Clara Berg- horn, Mrs. Lill- ian Laese, Mrs. Eileen MacCoy, Mrs. Emma Gil- bert. Elemen imfy T6dCb6V5 Mrs. Claudine Williams, Mrs. Mildred Wade,Mrs Barbara Wetzen. Mr. Clayton Os- terman, Mrs. Ar- lene Weeks, Mr. John Rosenbach. Branch chant, Mrs. Helen Shisler, Mrs. Alice Muck. Znd row Mrs. Hazel Bis- toff, Mr. Ray Mann Mi s s Statia Ogden. Mrs. Margaret Blackmore, Mrs. Lillian Brownell. Mrs. Eva Harpsth Mrs. Bessie Bar- tram, Mrs. Kath- ryn Maher. Office flklff Mnzniennnce - :.V: H . le J X Miss Helen Reber, Mrs. Joan Hansen, Miss Marian Greene, Miss Catherine Rebrovich. lst row: Mrs. Gertrude Kraatz, Mrs. Mary Koss. Znd row: Leopold Cheavacci, Alfred Weatherbee. 13 mx i Burton Long, Ervin Babel, Philip Nice Jr., John Riggio, Richard Johannes, Bernard Cope, Fred Gerber. .ww- S. Kellogg, A. Schiller, I. Meahl, S. Raduns, H. Blackchief, B. Heiman. 14 Bm Dffzbfefff Cakferzd SENIOR CABINET Left to Right lst row: G. Iles, N. McAllister, R. M. Aquino, S. Covel, H. Blackchief, S. Zimmerman. 2nd row: I. Chamberlain, P. Fix, D. Bulmahn, D. Packman, B. Burke, Mr. Dembrow. 5674157 Claw Hilary N 1950 the class of '54 was just learning how to work as a unit. They held a bake sale and chose their class colors. During the Sophomore year the class of 1954 began to feel stronger and took a greater part in school activities. This was their biggest year. Under the leadership of Mr. Dem- brow they held a St. Patrick's Day Square Dance, a paper drive, and a bake sale. For rec- reation, they held a Christmas party in the cafeteria instead of in separate homerooms. They held their first annual Spring picnic at Buffalo Municipal Park in Angola. In the Junior year, the class of 1954 co-sponsored the first annual Junior-Senior Ball and also began the Sadie Hawkins Dance. The biggest event in making them feel closer to their graduation was the choosing oftheir class rings. Instead of the usual type of initia- tions administered to the Juniors by the Seniors, the two classes participated in construc- tive initiations to improve the appearance of the school. In September 1953, the Seniors returned to ACS for the last time to begin their Senior year. The first step toward graduation was the fitting of caps and gowns. Later they sold Christmas cards and refreshments at basketball games. Again the group sponsored a Sadie Hawkins Dance and they hoped this established a tradition. The Seniors -sponsored the annual school play MY COUSIN FROM TEXAS. In May they co-sponsored the Junior- Senior Ball with music furnished by the Hotel Statler. Commencement was the culmination of all the years spent in elementary and secondary school. 16 ROSE MARIE GORDON LOUISE G. HUBERT I. AQUINO BELL BISCARO BLACKCHIEF RODGER A. BROWN DANIE L J . BULMAHN ,atv Ha 524 iw mas, ' . G .a f ' ,ff 52? A? if is my -V ' -' 2 . ff- ip' f v. 26 iii: 'W' -il ,:: , Q ATOM. A iz . ...., , '5 . 11 ' 'K "asf-Q , A P L- 'iflfwi ii ' ' .+ "Y 5, .QT ' . - ' ,N ' E W21,6,'::f 5.1, : -' ?5f::,f'Qv55:,'. :Q5HA 1 wi L . J- .'f,,' :wi fi A LOIS A. BRACKETT ROBERT H. BRENGEL WILLLAM c. CAROL A BURKE CADY JOSEPH A. RAY B. KENNETH E. SHIRLEY A CHAMBERLAIN CHEAVACCI COVEL COVEL SHIRLEY A. GRAESER ' KENNETH H. HERSEE ARLENE G. GEORGE GERALDINE M. VICTOR HUDOMINT HYDER ILES JOHNSON 9, f A al VERONICA JANICE L. PAUL D. EVANESHKO FEDERSPIEL FIX CLARA E. HILL JAMES J. HOLTZ DAWN Y. SHIRLEY M. JOHN R. JONATHAN KELLOGG KELKENBERG CLAUDE J' FREY ROBERT A KENWARD ROBERTA J. PAUL D. VIRGINIA L. JAMES R. KINNE LEWIS LIGHT LOBUR ISLA M. MEAHL ' CAROL A. MITCHELL DONALD JANE LUCILLE MARILYN E PACKMAN PALMREUTER PARKER POTTER Z0 E 3? ii A NS HEP w X Q is 5 ,, , , X L A A -sir "1LL ' , 2A -A f '?.4fhf ' ' 355423333 4L4 CAROL J. JOHN H. NORWOOD L. DIANE P. MAST MARSHALL Mc ALLISTER Mc LEOD EVELYN A. MUNDANIOHL JANICE L. NICE MARIAN E. SHIRLEY A. JOSEPH L. DONNA J'. PRZEPIORA RADUNS RANDAZZO REBROVICH MARY H. JOANNE R. PHILIP P. ALMA A. ROGGEN ROHLOFF SCHALGE SCHILLER MAXINE E. SUNDOWN RONALD F. THOMAS PHYLLIS M. SHIRLEY M. JUDITH A. VAN BUREN WALTERS WITZLEBEN A Z2 CARL J. MARILYN L. FRED LEAH M. SCHUBEL SCHUMACHER SIMINSKI SPRING CLARICE J. TRYLOFF KENNETH J. VAN BUREN JOAN T. LEONARD R. SUSAN R. WOLAK WUNDERLICH ZIMMERMAN Z3 , 1- gm 1. R. Aquino 2. C. Mast 3. I. Meahl 4. S. Walters 5. J. Lobur 6. C. Frey 7. J. Palmreuter 8. R.Kinne 9. K. Hersee 10. S. Raduns 11. J. Marshall 12. L. Wunderlich 13. S. Kellogg,l4. L. Biscaro 15. J. Kel- kenburg 16. J. Rohloff 17. K. Covel 18. W. Burke 19. F. Siminski 20. S. Covel 21. L. Parker 22. J. Federspiel 23. J. Wolak 24. A. Schiller 25. K. Van Buren 26. N. McAllister 27. G. Iles 28. M. Roggen 29. C. Hill 30 S. Zimmerman 24 M. Prezporia 32. J. Holtz C. Cady 34. H. Blackchief C. Mitchell 36. P. Lewis E. Mundaniohl 38. J. Witzleben D. McLeod 40. J. Randazzo P. Fix ml? 42. D. Bulmahn 43. C. Try- loff 44 J Chamberlain 45 L. Brackett 46. P. Van Buren 47 M Potter 48 J Nice 49 R Thomas .Sq 674157 Play lst row: J. Zimmerman, D. McLeod, R. M. Aquino, K. Klnne, G. Iles, I. Wolnk, S. Zimmerman. 2nd row: W. Burke, I. Lobur. P. Sclulge, D. Bulmahn, Miss Thompson. Left to Right MY Comm From Texas N February the Seniors presented the hilarious comedy, MY COUSIN FROM TEXAS. Practically all roles were main characters in the play and things became so muddled that everyone wondered how it all would end. However, the final curtain brought satisfac- tion to all. Peaceful and Eschew, played by Sue Zimmerman and Daniel Bulmahn, were particularly funny. The entire action of the play was the living room of the Scott home, lo- cated in the suburbs of a large city. Peaceful Johnson . Eschew Smith. . . . . . Sheila Scott . . Johnny Benton. . . . Lucille Scott . . . Preston Rogers . Cast Sue Zimmerman Daniel Bulmahn . Roberta Kinne . James Lobur . Geraldine Iles . Philip Schalge Tommy Cooper. Cactus Kelley . Beulah Scott . . Doris Weaver . Wilbur Scott . . . . .Rose Marie Aquino . William Burke . . . Diane McLeod . . .... Joan Wolak Jon Zimmerman Left to Right 1st row: 2nd row: 3rd row: lst row: 2nd row: 3rd row: lst row: 2nd row: 3rd row: I. Silloway, R. Marks, Y. Chew, M. Leis, H. Klehn, B. Schultz. L. Kopacz, R.De1re, B. Ur- tel, M. Coughlin, Z. Reb- rovicb, B.Bache11er, D. Schultz. B. Baker, D. Borchert, J. Poodry, F. McNutt, R. Rosenberg, Mr. Victor. A. Alysworth, J. Van Buren, B. Schultz, I. Ground, P. Kohler, J. Edgar, B. Ciur- zynski, A. Klawer, I. Flagg Mr. Bates. J. Nachtrieb, J. Cummings, c. Mlddaugh, 1.. Liles, C. Shaw, M. Bruning, B. Finch M. Raduns, M. Gilbert, J. Borden. W. Oakes, R. Lindke, W. Swader, D. Riemer, T. Bates, V. Wik, L. Tinney, D. Rugg, L. Nanni, R. Carnegie. Mr. Tomczak, J. Williams, L. Brenner, J. Allen, A. Schultz, R. Romanowski, M Sowinski, B. Kaufman, M. Printup. C. Gibbs, I. McLeod, B. Bartlett, I. Van Buren, S. Eldred, I. Aldred, J. Covel, M. Kelkenberg, B. Searer. T. Schultz, R. Hoste, C. Laubacher, I. Caprio, H. Neuman, I. Possinger, M. Bower, R. Tinney, G. Baker fumbff Clmf THE Junior Class had a very successful year. They sponsored a Sophomore and Junior Dance, bake sale and the Semor Jun1or Ball The gala event was the arrival of their class rings. V1ce President Secretary Treasurer Mar Leis Barbara Ciurzynski Annette Schultz Left to Right lst row: 2nd row: 3rd row: lst row: 2nd row: 3rd row: lst row: 2nd row: 3rd row: lst row: 2nd row: 3rd row: Mrs. G. Smith, B. Sinsel, L. Weaver, C. Swanson, B. Conl- son, I. Heldmann. I. Davis, M. A. Hammond, P. Tesnow, W. Poodry, V. Schill- er, R. Rosenberg. R. Hersee, M. Wagner, R. Bur- chell, R. Parker, C. Albright, L. Fisher. S. Blosser, J. Hanson, J. Kranz, C. Biscaro, B. Reinhardt, C. Brown, S. Sundown, P. Jones, V. Mundaniohl. Mr. Dembrow, A. Ground, I. Campbell, S. Flscher, M. Ran- dazzo, A. Rogers, C. McAllis- ter, K. Williams. A. Fischer, C. Casseri, L. Clary, H. Hill, B. Pixley, T. Ketcham, G. Smith. S. Cheavacci, F. Richardson, J. Swiatowy, R. Laese, L. Fettlck, A. Clasgens, T. Dickenson. A. Mattie, B. Karcher, G. Ko- lenko, C. Martin, M. Bruning, F. Poole, J. Meiser. Mr. Frank Helwig, N. Nicometi, M. Barrows, A. Frodln, R. Harshbarger, R. Johnson. M. Drachenberg, M. Lippert, R. Cory, M. Dickenson, B. Tiedt, I. Eldred, N. Brege, A. Srmdovm. Mr. Martiny, S. Bedford, M. Schad, P. Fuls, M. Keller, S. Graybeal, K. Asmus, J. Van Buren, J. Smith. T. Spring, P. Gibbons, R. Summe, P. Brackett, E. Kinne, R. Poodry, J. Klehn, E. Bon- trager. if 'ii fqbbomoffe Clam THE Sophomore Class had a successful year highlighted by two dances, the Sophomore-Freshman Dance and the Junior-Sophomore Dance, and a bake sale. The activities were climaxed by a very en joyable picnic. President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Conrad Swanson Charles Casseri Barbara Reinhardt Brian Tiedt 29 lst row: 2nd row: 3rd row: lst row: 2nd row: 3rd row: 1st row: 2nd row: 3rd row: lst row: 2nd row: 3rd row: Fffeybmam Clan' THE activities of the Freshmen included a skating party and a dance held with the President Vice President Secretary Jean Bitterman Joan Bitterman Joyce Tinney 30 Left to Right L. Grenke, R. Cummings, T. Delre, I. Brand, M. Bitterman, S. Hoste. Miss Churchill, C. Tanger, L. Pelkey, L. Burdick, N. Schiller, L. McClure. G. Bistoff, D. Clark, T. Hollen- beck, N. Printup, K. Kraatz. M. Cook, B. Bates, D. Blish, D, Harrington, I. Tinney, F. Meahl, S. Smith. D. Rickwalt, R. Peters, L. Kash- uba, I. Bower, H. Krull, S. Hes- lor, D. Carpenter, J. Delelys. R. Brucker, L. Frey, C. Karcher, R. Lederhouse, R. Darlow, Mr. Freson. D. Schultz, N. Blackmer, F. Carey, B. Wickham, J. Hudomint S. Daguano, S. Reigle, Mr. MacCoy. A. Kress, I. Rebrovich, F. Clas- gens, A. Heslor, L. Thayer, M. Criswell, G. Adams, L. Black- chief. E. Whitbeck, A. Wagner, J. Donlon, L. McCormick, M. Huth, I. Downey, R. Bakowski. Mrs. Woodard, M. Wagner, R. Bower, M. Deahn, J. Lippert, D. Ross, M. Bitterman, C. Laubach- er, P. Rooney. S. Federspiel, C. Nicometi, H. Ciurzynski, I. Grover, P. Covel, P. Eckert, L. Brychta, R. Clark, P. Tinkham. A, Thomas, D. Berghorn, P. Phelps, R. Hendricks, R. Gibbs, W. Kelkenberg, C. Hollenbeck, H. Shongo, M. Roehling. Sophomore s. Treasurer David Harrington Eggbzb Grader Left to Right lst row: 2nd row: 3rd row: Absent: lst row: 2nd row: 3rd row: Absent: 1st row: 2nd row: 3rd row: Absent: lst row: 2nd row: 3rd row: Absent: S. Parker, C. Snell, I. Printup, A. Hutchinson, C. Groff, M. Rebrovich, S. Bentley, Mrs. Rosenbach. D. Jonathan, B. Brown, W. San- derson, S. Meyers, M. Sundown, Y. Hartwig, W. Rodgers. M. Caprio, A. Brunner, W. Cady, G. MacCoy, R. Bower, P. Swift, D. Marble, E. Van Nuys. M. Falker, F. Zelms. SECTION 2 M. Iles, N. Brown, B. Schaller, M. Light, S. Kyser, N. Hammond, R. Reuben, C. Payne, K. Pingi- tore. K. Laubacher, R. Calzavara, D. Schumacher, V. Edgar, P. Berndt, R. Hendrick, G. Moses, Mrs. Hoag. R. Jufer, R. Raduns, R. Brewer, R. Webster, R. Lindke, D. Skeet, J. Witt, R. Bower, A. Cummings, B. Rohr. SEC TION 3 M. Richardson, P. Asmus, J. Ro- zelle, B. Randazzo, M. Poleon, D. Brackett, S. Glens., B. Meahl. T. Mundaniohl, D. Hersee, D. Clear, F. Brucker, E. Leppien, A. Peters, C. Cheavacci, G. Harch. Mrs. V. Smith, W. Riley, A. Beeman, T. Malecki, G. Hoste, B. Peris. Q. Blueye. D. Christie, L. Frodin, E. Klawer, B. Spring, N. Spring. SECTION 4 M. Klehn, J. Jackson, A. Staple- ton, N. Phelps, D. Cheavacci, J. Faskel, B. Borchert, R. Medole, C. Owen. D. Frey, C. Yaeger, H. Brucker, D. Ranney, L. Bucci, M. Bright- enfield, D. Williams, D. Ansel, B. Mann. E. Babel, R. Graybeal, G. Mc- Cormick, F. Sundown, I. Klnne, G. Jago, B. Poole, Miss Brown. B. Rosenberg. Seven lb Gmdef SECTION 1 Left to Right lst row: W. Pagels, P. Meyers, I. Sillo- way, D. Cummings, L. Hollen- beck, G. Schleef, C. Jones, E. Caprio, E. Poleon, I. Black. 2nd row: Mrs. G. Brown, J. Long, J. Wronowlcz, M. Babel, W. Cowan, N. Frey, L. Kuraszkle- wlcz, N. Remsen, V. Grayheal. 3rd row: D. Stahl, I. Burdick, L. Dox- tader, A. Steves, S. Pelkey, N. Wallace, C. Hanlon, R. Clur- zynski, D. McNutt. SECTION Z lst row: B. Rooney, A. Bower, M. Berndt, F. Nicometl, M. Cady, D. Hoste B. Harvey, F. Possinger, D. Park- er. 2nd row: E. Swimline, M. Charles, H. Covel, J. Zimmerman, S.Kraatz, M. Faskel, A. Witkop, S. Brxm- ing, Mr. A. Kapuza. 3rd row: P. Goeseke, L. Shepard, D. Wallace, D. Snell, T. Perry, G. Lederhouse, F. McNutt, S. Zy- wlczynskl. Absent: D. Cummings, G. Edmister, L. johnson, C. Logel. SECTION 3 lst row: L. Mietz, R. Smith, D. Baehr, B Blackmer, L. Hanson, K. Rooney C. Bushover, C. Eldred. 2nd row: Mr. L. Meyer, P. Huth, N. Reu- ben, M. Casseri, M. Doctor, I. Kirkpatrick, R. Gibbs, D. Cum- mings. 3rd row: C. Deres, A. Cory, B. Brucker, S. Wilson, G. Swarts, M. Schultz, C. Pentecost, E. Howes, C. Parker. Absent: V. Bllckensderfer, S. Coakley, H. Hall, F. Ketcham. SECTION 4 lst row: A. Ground, E. Draper, C. Brand, P. Hudomint, B. Cummings, C. Fry, R. Summers, W. Searer. 2nd row: N. Clark, I. Poodry, S. Defries, C. Sinsel, M. Carlo, B. Schultz S. Palmreuter. 3rd row: R. Reno, D. Kelley, I. Wik, J. Edmlster, I. Burrlll, A. Laese, Mr. Valente. Absent: R. Middaugh, W. Pelkey. lst row: 2nd row: 3rd row: Absent: L. Luczak, G. Morrell, L. Wills, D. Kashuba, L. Staf- ford, S. Brewer, L. Medole, J. Rlggio, J. Raymond, Mr. Strandberg. B. Logan, L. Wickham, D. Hitchcock, D. Skiff, D. Meiser, V. Wronowicz, J. Remsen, S. Sutton, J. Eh- mann. H. Yaeger, R. Cummings, M. Showers, R. Swader, R. Roland, F. Pask, B. Zy- wicynski, S. Tinkham, K. Spaeth. R. Meyers, B. Mills, V. Rugg. 5 1' Ib Gmdef lst row: 2nd row: 3rd row: Absent: W. DeYoung, S. Lederhouse, N. Johnson, V. Leaf, J. Hal- ecki, G. Poleon, D. Swader, L. Bowers, B. Chamberlain, E. Cain, Mrs. Fix. D. Cheavacci, D. Ceisner, I. Rodgers. B. Stafford, I. Klawer, N. Cescon, B. Mo- ses, A. Randazzo, R. Bucci. C. Ciurzynski, W. Relster, J. Snell, K. Malecki, R. Walters, A. Blackchief, T. Cowan, L. Sutton, G. Shaw. G. Shanks, P. Poodry. lst raw: 2nd row: 3rd row: Absent: L. Wagner, R. Smith, D. Kaspereck, D. Burrill, R. Huth, P. Berghom, R. Pogel, W. Faskel, T. Schleef, G. Schlegel. D. Hellert, R. Cook, M. Cescon, G. Witzleben, R. Carlo, L. Liles, C. Chea- vacci, R. Ewald, T. Ra- duns, S. Wagoner, G. Lindke, B. Sargent, Mrs. Swarts. W. Abrams, S. Parker, R. Glena, S. Smith, W. Fogal, M. Overall, R. Weiss, A. Kugler, J. Abraham, D. Shearman. lst row: 2nd row: 3rd row: Absent: 1st row: 2nd row: 3rd row: B. Burdick, S. Krautz, S. Roesch, M. Cummings. J. Surma, J. Pentecost, J. Sun- down, E. Pagels, B. Veree- cken, T. Stapleton. R. Owen, K. Strong, I. Sun- down, I. Sundown, C. Tadio, G. Waglle, D. Rickwalt, J. Lubur, Mrs. Wade. L. Kyser, C. Grover, K. Boyce, J. Asmus, M. Mar- Liny, A. Cheavacci, E. Park- er, P. McNutt, J. Fox. M. Harrington, K. Winslow. B. Witkop, P. Clark, I. Lindke, B. Clear, B. Weber, S. Kuropatwa. F. Overall, G. Stevens, L. Gibbons, D. Hammond, A. DeAnge1o, F. Smith, W. Witkop, Mrs. Ella Cummings Qsubstitute teacherj W. Bllckensderfer, V. Homes- berger, D. Cummings, C. Grabenstatter, H. Clark, F. Rehwaldt, J. Wagner. Hfib Gmdes lst row: 2nd row: 3rd row: I. Sanderson, B. Weller, C. Kendall, D. Giesler, I. Sur- ma, J. Hudornint, G. Ping- itore, S. Massaro. R. Finger, R. Novick, J. Weaver, E. Hartranft, B. El- dred, G. Richards, S. Rem- sen, S. Prlntup. R. Skye, L. Weaver, J. Hel- lert, B. Witt, N. Gudridge, G. Jackson, R. Trinkl, W. Stanbury, Mr. Rosenbach. lst row: 2nd row: 3rd row: 4th row: Absent: R. Kleparek, J. Brunlng, D. McCormick, I. Frey. I. Brun- ner, D. Walters. L. Prlntup, D. Brackett, C. Gruber, T. Eckert, A. Keehn B. Walters, N. Campbell, D. Fisher. Mrs. Bates, I. Logan, D. Zy- wiczynskl, D. Meyers, A. Roland, R. Graybeal, I. Juli- ano. H. Groff, J. Gerber, R. Trug- lio, J. Roehling, M. Nowak. R. Brown, W. Vanpell, I. Fotheringham. 1U0Ifl7"fb GVJHIKI Left to Right lst row: CW Sundown, D. Orvis, M. Schu- macher, P. Kleparek, A. Brockl S. Hogue, L. Vereecken, E. Bur- dick. 2nd row: B. Parker, D. Smith, B. Pingi- tore, D. Packman, C. Conklin, V. King, M. Moses, B. Liles. 3rd row: Mrs. Weeks, E. Charles, R. Cook, R. Rozelle, 1. Blish, R. Witt, T. Bero, C. Daguano, B. Schumacher, N. Abraham. lst row: D. Brackett, C. Espersen, L. Bow- er, D. Tinkharn, L. Fotheringham, M. Fahey, L. Randazzo, E. Pow- ers, J. Matusek, Mr. Schlageter. 2nd row: A. Withey, J. PeQueen, A. Leaf, R. Stover, R. Wronwicz, A. Po- leon, D. Schad, A. Riggio. 3rd row: T. Zywiczynski, R. Bell, B. Welch, L. Cowan, E. Swader, D. Harvey, J. Graham, K. Whitbeck, C. Klehn. lst row: 2nd row: 3rd row: D. Cope, C. Bitterman, J. Cescon, D. Trens, P. Ground P. Deinhardt, S. Cory, K. Zimmerman, B. Bower. D. Carlo, J. Eldred, T. De- Yoxmg, M. Long, I. Berg- horn. D. Dickinson, I. Matu- sek, D. Jack, D. Helman, D. Cummings. Mr. Osterman, R. Miller, B. Ceisner, I. Hoste, N. Sun- down, A. Perry, M. Laycock, A. Rader. Tbim' Grades 1st row: 2nd row: 3rd row: 1st row: 2nd row: 3rd row: Absent: 1st row: 2nd row: 3rd row: Absent: D. Aquino, I. Mansell, P. Trudell, S. Ciurzynski, D. Shaw, D. Bucceri, D. Cham- berlain, G. Rooney, C. Reese, K. Errick. J. Poodry, M. McLeod, B. Martin, A. Bucci, M.Withey, M. Chapman, M. Devereaux, A. Printup, B. Midecki, R. Johnson, Miss Shepard. R. Sundown, J. Gruber, D. McCormick, K. Hale, M. Yaeger, E. Hyder, P. Al- dred, I. Ross, S. Sutton, B. Downey. Mrs. Matteson, G. Juliano, S. Johnson, F. Withey, E. Klehn, N. Rosenberg, H. DeFries, N. Kleparek, R. Bower, E. Hall. D. Poodry, N. Higgins, T. Cescon, N. Palmer, R. Cheavacci, R. Weidman, D. Blackmore, M. Deres, D. Frey. K. Bistoff, M. Pask, R. Marble, R. Klawer, R. Graybeal, F. Nice, M. Tinney, R. Groff, C. Tay- lor, S. Truglio. L. Leddon, R. Walters. C. Sundown, L. Smith, A. George, R. Novick, B. Har- tranft, M. Massaro, M. Hud- ornint, D. Cheavacci, F. Hartzler, D.Shearman. D. Shearman, K. Kasperek, L. Clear, D. Jack, R. Cas- seri, B. Wilson, T. Rooney, T. Grundas, D. Hibbard, M. Montgomery. R. Smith, P. Buechi, K. Fox, D. Brackett, G. Hul- bert, C. Liles, D. Rice, D. Frodin, S. Corser, Mrs. Lillian Laese. J. Abraham, C. Jones. fecomf Grader lst row: 2nd row: 3rd row: Absent: lst row: 2nd row: 3rd row: Absent: lst row: 2nd row: 3rd row: Absent: 1st row: 2nd row: C. Nanni, Rosanne Yaeger, C. Smith, B. Bruning, R. Poleon, J. Clary, L. Logan, G. Paugh, Miss E. Wilcox. G. Abrams, S. Tryon, D. Ces- con, L. Moses, I. Ketcham, B. Rosenberg, A. Cummings. A. Nicometi, J. Espersen, D. McCormick, D. Jemison, J. Goeseke, D. Schultz, Robin Yaeger, N. Meyers. R. Fotheringham, D. Pohl, S. Snell, G. Conran. R. Brady, P. Wronowicz, R. Buc- ci, M. Mansell, S. Reese, R. Swader, M. Johnson, Mrs. Paugh. G. Bitterman, B. Curphey, M. Brewer, L. Brackett, G. Bur- chell, M. Schmigel, J. Flint. J. Brand, C. Drachenberg, R. Groff, J. Cummings, N. Poodry, C. Schurr, C. Walters, S. Dick- inson. G. Mann, C. Yousey, J. Cory, P. Graham. J. Asmus, F. Kyser, H. Finger, J. Bero, A. Frodin, L. Zimmer- man, K. Pagels, R. Rodgers, Miss L. Churchill. K. Wagner, G. Grabenstatter, D. Bemhardt, R. Kubis, R. Hollenbeck, D. Perry. F. Kingsley, D. Zimmer, J. Berry, S. Trinkl, G. Sundown. R. Grover. S. Becker, L. Schultz, S. Smith. J. Zurlo, B. MacCoy. J. Black- more, M. Ground, N. Massaro, C. Pelkey, S. Jack, S. Thomas, K. Tinney, D. Rung, E. Parker, G. Bell. Mrs. Gilbert. J. Skellon, C. Parker, L. Treus, J. Bartel, R. Schurr, H. King, A. Printup, N. Abraham, P. Giesler, D. Fix. ii 1st row: 2nd row: 3rd row: lst row: 2nd row: 3rd row: Absent: S. Tippett, P. Reese, L. Abraham, A. Klawer, K. Meyer, M. Fahey, C. Show- ers, J. Kellogg, G. McVay, M. Hutchinson. R. Ciurzynskl, P. Schoen- wetter, M. Bistoff, I. Rem- sen, I. Young, K. Blish, S. Troyer, M. Fotheringham, V. Sevor, R. Kedzierski, D. Chapman, Mrs. Gerber. D. LaPier, H. Harvey, D. Errick, C. Kyser, C. Brown, D.Skiff, G. Bower, G. Kum- ro, S. Nice, B. Herwick. I. Kwandrans, I. Swader, E. Wilson, L. Casseri, B. Clear, A. Overholt, L. Finch, B. Abrams, C. Novick, T. Bal' tram. J. George, B. Pierce, W. Matusek, E. George, T. Tin- ney, T. Kasperek. C. Smith, C. Salustri. I. Dean, H. Blueye, A. Printup, D. Ellsworth, S. Buechi, J. Stuber, G. Ceson, Mrs. Berghorn. D. Stanbury, S. Brucker, S. Brocki, M. Rung, R. Lewis, I. Owen. Fmi Gmcles Left to Right lst row: B. Vereecken, R. Cherry, 2nd row: 3rd row: Absent: M. Carlo, D. Grundas, D. Grudzien, M. Weiler, N. Everett, T. Stapleton, G. Ceisner, L. Moleski. Mrs. Hitchcock. M. Cummings, J. Iles, P. Caytou, M. Welsh, D. De- Lelys, E. Kwiatkowski, C. Mecklenburg, R. Kwanbrans, R. Smith, D. Burdick. F. Martiny, G. Doctor, D. Abrams, B. MacCoy, C. Reigle, T. Hibbard, T. Burrill, A. Odell, P. Cum- mings, K. Brackett. T. Yoder, R. Daguano lst row: 2nd row: 3rd row: Absent: S. Walters, S. Ball, K. Pow- ers, L. Johnson, M. Mansell, J. Kleparek, D. Montville, R. Wilson, Miss Miller. I. Halecki, B. DeYour1g, C. Frey, P. Fisher, C. Bitterman, B. Pask, D. Lewis, J. Ciur- zynski. K. DeFries, D. Caporali, J. Logan, C. Brown, V. Rugg, G. Karl, L. Stevenson, K. Burau, M. Leavitt. L. Stratton, H. Manning, I, Keller, L. Bettio, D. Mc- Farland. Kzhdeffcgzzffienf Left to Right lst row: V. Bower, K. Staebell, D. Hig- gins, D. Swader, H. Hartwig, J, McFarland. I. Bordonaro. 2nd row: Mrs. Wetzen, M. Hellems, J. Walters. S. Groff, I. Mann, T. whining, c. Alfreri. nm. at lst row: 2nd row: 3rd row: F. Swiatowy, J. Hawes, T. Mc- Nutt, B. Schultz, B. Durski, R. Wyder, S. Spaeth, A. Swimllne. C. Hogue, G. Fox, D. Smith, R. Henry, S. Poodry, S. Schal- ler, A. Sundown, D. Sundown. E. Smith, P. Skye, J. Diluzio, P. Brocki, T. Newcomb, H. Finger, L. Kraatz, C. Wilson, Mrs. Weaver fsubstitutej. lst row: 2nd row: lst row: 2nd row: 3rd row: A. DeYoung, S. Klinglesmlth, C Berghom, T. Zola, H. Schultz, N. Corbett, K. Weaver, J. Hartz ler. Mrs. Pentecost, Mrs. MacCoy, T Welsh, D. Flint, I. Orzell, M. Kingsley, B. Doctor, J. Cherry, L. Kraatz, D. Hoehman, B. Dickinson. M. Golpl, C. Wolters, W. Bish- op, K. Yousey, J. Flint, C. Hall, B. Murray, H. Herwick, P. Hig- gins, I. Lawrence, L. Wiltbruger, D. Hutchinson, I. Benz, M. Johnson. Mrs. MacCoy, Mrs. Pentecost, C. Schoenwetter, M. Joslyn, M. An- derson, E. Keelm, P. Johnson, F. Lowder, P. Leavitt, R. Ball, M. Showers, M. Busch, P. Groff. D. Richardson, E, Truax, D. Schubel, L. Cummings, W. Groff, W. Robinson, L. Bablarz, C. Mattloli, F. Lega, J. Swan- son, T. Stone, P. Schmigel. Mrs. Shisler N 12 Left to Right lst row: A. Bushover, M. Lauridseu, I. Rebrovich, J. Drachenberg, R. McLeod, M. Drachenberg, M. Abraham. 2nd row: R. Keller, D. Finger, I. Ed- wards, D. Remsen, B. Bush- over, D. Drachenberg, D. Bushover. 3rd row: R. Rebrovich, D. Bushover, B. Bruning, D. Drachenberg, C. Edwards, M. Edwards. Absent: H. Snyder, J. Snyder. Mrs. Merchant C 5 lst tow: G. Deab.n, T. Van Buren, N. Van Buren, S. Cummings, K. Dietz. 2nd row: D. Mugge1butg,R.Kelkenberg, J. Burdick, D. Hudson, S. Van Bur- en, P. Wik. 3rd row: D. Deahn, K. Cummings, G. Kelkenbetg, L. Hudson, M. Mc- Cormick. Mrs . Blackmore A 7 lst row: M. Pafk, M. Patlc, D. Totten, D Totten, M. Confer. 2nd row: W. Paflr, G. Babel, P. Vaughn, J. Hellett, J. Kelley. 3rd row: L. Hellert, K. Kelly, M. Vaughn B. Benteen, B. Pafk, G. Heslor. 4th row: F. Benteen, D. Howes, P. Howes, D. Heslor, C. Babel. Mrs . Bartrarn R 7 Left to Right lst row: S. Snell, M. McDonald, R. Wise- man, D. Lindke, R. Bachr, S. Meyers, J. Allgood. 2nd row: K. Fry, K. Wolfe, S. Fry, J. Fiegel, C. Fink, D. Wolfe. 3rd row: J. Schleef, W. Glena, J. Ham- mond, G. McDonald, K. Lindke, D. Lindke, S. Weber. 4th row: L. Meitz, W. Snell, C. Cmn- mings, D. Kozloski, D. Reh- waldt, B. Raduns. 5th row: T. Hammond, G. Baehr. J. Cum- mings, J. Willis, G. Baehr, A. Wiseman. Mrs. Harpst N 10 lst row: M. Rooney, J. Schlegel, C. Meitz, C. Meitz. 2nd row: J. Schleef, B. Stevens, L. Glena, M. Socha, P. Martin, J. Kroening. 3rd row: S. Ewald, D. Raduns, M. Huth, L. Snell, F. Iago, B. Wolfe, K. Schleef. 4th row: T. Lind.ke, E. Kozloski, G. Raduns, H. Baehr, R. Weiss, R. Glena, G. Jago. Absent: S. Ewald. Miss Ogden N 4 lst row: J. Clark, W. Brege, J. Cummings, D. Ribbeck, L. Cummings. 2nd row: J. Blackensderfer, P. Rosenberg, P. Bemier, M. Brege, G. Cummings. 3rd row: D. Campbell, D. Black, W. Smith, D. Smith. Absent: A. Black, A. Black, B. Beebe, M. Clark, A. Poole, D. Poole, E. Ribbeck, P. Smith, L. Logel. Branch fcboolf Yi 5 D I 3 3 2 Juni. tml' -.f Bwmcb fnbools 42 Mrs. Muck R 17 Left to Right lst tow: J. Caldwell, S. Confer, V. Hicks, R. Bedford, S. Bartlett, D. Lapp. 2nd row: G. Iufer, C. Bedford. J. Adams, F. Bedford, D. Bedford, W. Hicks 3rd row: L. Bedford, K. Bartlett, R. Pfohl, R. Campbell, L. Steves, N. Blos- ser, P. Thompson, F. Criswell. 4th row: M. Steves, L. Bower, G. Jones. M. Haak, W. Lapp, W. Tanger, D. Bower, R. Newman. Absent: N. Covel, M. Steves. Mrs. Brownell R 19 lst row: L. Kinney, I. Prentice, M. Ed- mister, D. Coulson, R. Davis, R. Prentice. 2nd row: B. Kyle, D. Miezgoda, F. Pfohl, M. Dietz, G. Bedford, E. Bed- ford, N. Kinney. 3rd row: C. Niezgoda, E. Edmister, L. Peters, P. Nayman, W. Dietz, P. Bedford. 4th row: I. Coulson, W. Davis, W. Ed- mister, C. Kinney, A. Edmis- ter, I. Van Buren. Absent: T. Edmister, B. Bedford. Mr. Mann N 8 1st row: E. Lowder, F. Babel, T. Biew- nacki, T. Houlihan. 2nd row: P. Morotchic, B. Houlian, B. Barron, A. Nice, B. Hanson. 3rd row: P. Babel, I. Bromstead, D. Kuraszkiewicz, L.,Babe1, R. Fisher. Left to Right lst row: N D 2nd row: T see, R. Parker. 3rd row: R. Parker, D. Parker, D. Granke, G. Hersee, S. Scotland, B. Mor- rell. Absent: S. Klawer, S. Pearles, D. Putz- back, G. Surnme. Mrs. Bistoff N 4 lst row: L. Medole. 2nd row: G. Bllckensderfer, S. Medole, D. Brege, L. Cummings, E. Cumm- ings, P. Brege. 3rd row: L. Cummings, L. Cummings, I. Black, G. Rosenberg. R. Francis, L. Clark, S. Poole, R. Poole, C. Ribbeck, D. Logel. Absent: Bmncb faboolf Mrs. Maher N 14 Parker, L. Searer, L. Parker, Raymond. Carroll, M. Roland, T. Her- CWHE seheei year 1953-54 marks the fifth year that the an-.trier eeheeis have been in operation under the Akron Central School System. There are now ten of these schools operating with a total enrollment of 247 in grades kindergarten to six inclusive. Nine of these schools are one room schools and the tenth, Sand Hill Branch, is a two room school The enrollment in these one room schools ranges from a low of 16 in the N 8 Branch on South Newstead Road to a high of 32 in the R 7 Branch in Wolcottsville. Every attempt has been made to offer the children in these branch schools the same advantages that the boys and girls in the central building have. Teachers of art, music, and physical education have been assigned to these schools on a regular schedule. The children have physical education twice a weekg music twice a week and art instruction ev- ery other week. The school nurse makes periodic visits to these schools. She is also available on call by the branch teachers. 43 5 w M 'X ?QE". A ' f 3' . . lA V 5 WWI 4. QA, Y I T +1 K vu If as H I 1 3' 34 M' Y? 1 5 4 I 5 A " " "' I - f 5 F I g, inf'-' Q' .15. ,,,.' 3 I I' . I , Mg ' 'Si Q ll , Wi. A..QQ . ,,., , 1. THE BALL. 2. WHAT IS IT? 3. OUCH! !I 4. FRED'S PET. 5 8: 6. OUR ADVISOR. 7. LEN- NY'S HAREM. 8. SUN BATHERS. 9. LONG LONG AGO. 10. BERNIE'S GIRLS. 11. MAKING OUT. 12. BRAVE MAN. 13. PALS. 14. THE THREE MUSKETEERS. 15. NOT BAD, HUH? 16. KING DANIEL. 17. THE LITTLE PAISAN. 18. NATURE GIRL. 19. EASY NOW. 20. BATHING BEAUTY. 21. DOWN MEXICO WAY. 20. EIGHTH GRADE. 44 Yearbook SMH Left to R1 sgndm Sh! 81 R, B Seated Fix-ram' R- Thomas 2 P- Van-BErl1l'ke- s P, V e . Evaneshkrg McLeod R. M. Aquinas. . Covel, ' ' Ag f"' giz Class, under the direction oi Mr. Freson, Akron's 'ilrst hard-cover yearbook. The class day at the WM. 3 . KELLER CO . learning about out ior the new type oi book. The Journalism also published the monthly school new spaper, A.C.S. Rl?-VlE-W and contributed a weekly ,.lo ,. n.t. l,l., , ,, 11' Iowmlism Class C F12 . Ml. Freson. P. Fix, Left to Right Standing: 'N . Burke, L. Wmxdexllch, S. aanaazzo, R. Btqvm, R. Thomas. . y H. Blackchief. Table 1: L. Bracken, P. Van Buren. D. McLeod, 1. Wolak, S. Covel, D. Rebxoylch. Hill, l. Wm-leben, R. M. Aquino. Table 2: G. lles, V. Evaneshko, S. Walters, C, 46 First Nigloters and Stage Crew Left to Right n lst row: R. Brown, D. McLeod. P. FDM 1, Chamberlain. 2nd row: I. Wolak. I. McLeod. M. Pot- ter, G. lles, V. Light, B. Coul- son. 3rd row: l. Marshall, D. Skeet. D. Rugg. R. Tlrmey. L Grover, C. Yea- ger, R. Grabeal. Operettol Cast Left to Right Seated: MI. Columbus. Mr.Pen dolino. Standing: I. Chamberlain, P. Pix D. Bulrrlahn, D. Mc- Leod, 1. Aldrecl, M. Randazzo, S. Zimmer- man, A. Alysworth. Mixed Chorus Left to Right lst row: V. Mundaniohl, E. Mundanlohl, R. Aquino, 1. Cummings, S, Raduns, R. Marks, B. Rein. hardt, P. Van Buren. 1. Bitter- mafl. 1. Bitter- man. I.Witzle- bell. S. Zimmer- m3H.M.Sowin- slu,B.Une1,B. Seater , L , Spring. A.Aylsworth. 2nd row: B. Schultz, l. Williams, M. Coughlin, L. Liles, G. lsles, M. Randazzo, P.. Kinne, P. Puls, S. Covel, l. Aldred, I. Palmreuter, M. Potter, P. Covel, V. Light, D. Blackmer, L. Biscaro, M. Sundown, Mr. S. Pendolino. 3rd row: P. Phelps, B. Finch, Y. Chew, C. Middaugh, C. Mast, C. Mitchell, l. Llppert, 1. Wolak, V. lohnson, A. Schultz, S. Elclred, L. Weaver, l. Jonathan, M. Przepiora, I. Van Buren. 4th row: T. l-lollenbeek, 1. Allen, P. Kohler, P. Mcrlutt, P. Schalge, P. Pix, l. Lobur, L. Wunderllch, D. Bulrrlahn, H. Neuman, W. Burke, D. McLeod, 1. Chamberlain, 1. McLeod. 47 Left to Right: D. Blish, L. Nanni, D. Rugg, Mr. Eckerson, I. Holtz, R. Thomas. fr fczknce Club Left to Rig Seated: 2nd row: 3rd row: Absent: ht Mrs. Rosenbach, L. Meyer D. Parker. B. Harvey, L. Johnson, B. Brucker, Pres. M. Poleon, S. Kraatz, J. Zimmerman M. Charles, R. Gibbs. I. Burrll, A. Beeman, D. Brackett, V.Pres. W.Ri1ey Sec.R. Webster, T. Perry, G. Edmister, F. McNutt. S. Zywlczynski. Photo Club K Y 3' f sf' sf 'Adi' i S 77 05,5 Left to Right: E. Bontrager, J. Holtz, C. Swan- son, Mt. Martiny, B. Tiedt, R. Burchell, M. Wagner. Aff! Club lst row: J. Possinger, I. Silloway, L. Fedick. 2nd row: L. Thayer, Y. Hartwi , M. Prlntup, L. S Spring, M. Sundown. 3rd row: I. Poodry. I. Kranz, M. Schad, A. Ciassgens, A. Ground, W. Poodry, P. Brackett. 4th row: 1. Smith, R. Rosenburg. J. Davis, J, Edrnister. Folk Damcem 7' Left to Right: S. Cheavacci, F. McNutt, I. Swiatowy, C. Martin, M. Randazzo, R. Romanowski, P. Fix, P. Tesnow, G. Kolenko, H. Blackchief, T. Dickinson, I. Lippert, A. Rodgers, H. Neuman, M. Keller, P. Brackett, H. Camp- bell, S. Fisher, J. Eldred, W. Swader, B. Reinhardt, J. Edgar, M. Dickinson, B. Kar- cher, J. McLeod, J. Chamberlain, P. Jones, A. Mattie, L. Weaver, I. Allen. . 49 QWW Left to Right: S. Parker, A. Hutchinson, A. Bower S. Kraatz, S. Wilson, E. Poleon, N. Clark, N. Fry, S. Reigle, J. Brand, Mr. Dembrow, P. Asrnus, I. Witt, J. Rozelle, D. Blish, S. Daguano, R. Bower, C. Brand, A. Brunner, R. Summers, C. Jones. D04n A-.. Sum ad a -5015 T Left to Right lst row: Mom l0Y5 3rd row: 4th row: .X ,na Coniicl that swdent nw! 561.11 Q the haf? nd .ay Bfand: oschoob jrgamzea a C1 ite C' 2nd row: og the hour 3 M0111 T. e Par Doon af me D rs 3,1 0515, b. 5 YC HE Monjgs signecllgw Gd' T 1 CQ mei are bein? ffriwe- rllles ai t0 dur the 6 .I 5h1? memb V. Mundaniohl, E. Mrmdaniohl, D. Blackmer, I. Covel, I. Tm- ney, L. Spring, A. Aylsworth. B. Urtel, B. Schultz, M. Leis, B.Wickham, M. Randazzo, P. Van Buren, S. Cheavacci, M. Cougllln, B. Reinhardt, I. Williams. L. Biscaro, B. Bates, G. Kolen- ko, L. Brenner, R. Klnne, Y. Chew, M. Brunlng, C. Mitchell D. Rebrovich, M. Srmdown, M. P"'zPi01'2.S. Federspiel. Z. Rebrovich, P. Covel, J. Fed- erspiel, L. Brackett, H. Black- chief, C. Casseri, A. Schultz, I. Eldred. I. Rohloff, L. Liles, C. Mast, I. Palmreuter, Mr. Victor, M. Schumacher. finden! Council CHE Student Council is the parent organization of all student activities. This year the Council sold season tickets for football and basketball, pur- chased a juke box, and sponsored a Mid-Year Fun Frolic. The Council also awarded a one hundred dollar scholarship to a worthy boy and girl in the Senior Class. lst row: S. Zimmerman, J. Silloway, C. Brown, J. Wolak, C. Frey, J. Co- vel. I. Van Buren, B. Reinhardt, E. Mundanlohl. 2nd row: D. Kirkpatrick, R. Bower, L. Kuraszkiewicz, D. Cheavacci, Y. Chew, M. Coughlin, B. Wickham, L. Weaver, D. Harrington, T. Delre. 3rd row: I. Van Buren, H. Blackchief, L. Nannl, J. Lippert, R. Cory, D. Skeet, R. Webster, R. Laese, M. Dickinson. 4th row: K. Hersee, R. Romanowski, K. Covel, R. Brown, J. Marshall, P. Fix, Mr. E. Brown. President, Claude Frey, Sr. V. President, Joan Wolakg Jr. V. President, Jean Covelg Treas- urer, Joyce Van Buren, Secre- tary, Charles Brown, Faculty Advisor, Mr. Brown. Left to Right: Geraldine Iles, Joan Wolak, Carlo Biscaro, David Ross, Mr. Ellsworth Brown, Ivan Ground, William Burke, Wallace Swader. QDQQQIZI 0577, ' . of Sumo 1019 e XX def I 5 pai! . git- 005. X on an tudefl t bel? . ,dfbefl X. C gi! S gf cl swag? we C05 Oi we we Ciadcnts Heaven 2Jr0'0XedxBfoq:,nte8Cb 5 . 'I 5 NW ' 6 l' X591 o an Cl B aascw - avec rules ul 003 he g cb tiotce 5 SXQV' CHE Industrial Arts Club had one of the most active years in its history. Besides making nu- merous field trips and sponsoring Career Day and an Amateur Show, the Club presented a Bulletin Board to the school. fndufirzkzl Am OFFICERS 1953-54 President ...... Donald Packrnan Vice-President . . Ivan Ground Secretary ...... Allen Fisher Treasurer - - - - John Grover Advisor -...... Mr. Leon Hollenbeck Ass't. Advisor. . . Mr. William DeFreis 51 Left to Right ver, I. Ground, D. Packman, A. Fischer, C. Nicometi, H. Clur- Zynski, A. Kress. 2nd row: R. Peters, J. Rebrovich, K. Kraatz. R. Brucker, E. Whitbeck R. Parker, N. McAllister. R. Poodry, A. Thomas. 3rd row: Mr. Hollenbeck, Mr. Schutt, C. Karcher, T. Schultz, L. Tinney, I. Marshall, M. Bur- rows, F. Siminski, D. Bor- chert, Mr. DeFries. 1st row: J. Van Buren, G. Adams, J. Gro- Left to Right Seated: J. Flagg, R. M. Aquino, H. Klehn, M. Roggen, R. Marks, S. Radims. Standing: J. Witzleben, G. Iles, I.Pos- slnger, J. Chamberlain, S. Graeser, C. Mast. fumbr Rm' Cmu' OCIAL, national and international services form a principal part of the Junior Red Cross program. Articles for children and adults in hospitals and other in- stitutions are made in Home Economics and Industrial and Fine Arts Classes. Jun- ior Red Cross members serve chapters in blood centers, on speakers' bureaus and disaster committees, and in some Service Groups. Members provide service to the ' armed forces or to veterans' hospitals by producing special comforts and recreation al items and holiday favors. Ml Y Q 'HE Akron Girls' HI-Y completed their first successful year as an active organi- zation. The club was certified by the National HI-Y. The major events of the year were the Poinsettia Dance, Valentine's Day bake sale, and the money raised for the Korean Relief Fund. Caroling, ushering, baby-sitting, were also a vital part of the program. The girls bought jackets to represent and advertise the club. President ....... . Joan Wolak Vice President . . . . Yvonne Chew Secretary. T reasurer Advisor - - Left to Right lst row: I. Covel, M. J. Wolak, Y. Chew, C. Mast, E. Mundaniohl. 2nd row: 3rd row: 4th row: R. M. Aquino, H. Klehn, J. Van Buren, I. Williams, B. Schultz. Mrs. Woodard, G. Iles, C. Shaw, B. Ciurzynsld, M. Coughlin. S. Covel, C. Mitchell. . . . . . Carol Mast . . Phyllis Van Buren - Mrs. Woodard Leis, P. Van Buren, 52 Fuimfe Homemaker! 0 Ameezeez Left to Right lst row: Miss Churchill, I. Nice, S. Raduns. 2nd row: M. Sowinsld, S. Kellogg, I. Van Buren, I. Meahl, B. Schultz. 3rd row: S. Smith, M. Gilbert, C. Laubacher, M. Roggen, S. Marks, S. Graser, J. Held- man. 4th tow: L. Granke, S. Bedford, R. Marks, A. Klawer, D. Schultz, I. Melser, E. Groff, V. Schiller. 5th row: A. Hudomint, B. Bartlett, R. Cumm- ings, M. Drachenberg, F. Richardson, B. Kaufman, I. Cummings, M. Ham- mond, M. Kelkenberg, S. Walters. CHE Future I-lomemakers of America sponsored two roll- er skating parties, a bake sale, and a square dance dur- ing the year. OFFICERS 1953 -54 President ............... Janice Nice Vice-President . . . . Shirley Raduns Secretary. . . . Bonita Schultz Treasurer . . . . Isla Meahl 'ST CHE Future Farmers of America conducted an active program during 1953-54. The group sponsored two sports nights, two skating parties and one square dance. Several members attended the Farm and Home Week at Cornell during March. OFFICERS 1953-54 Future Fenfmew of Ameezeez President ---- Vice President Secretary ---- Treasurer . . Advisor . . . . Kenneth Hersee . . Bruce Baker - - Kenneth Van Buren . . John Kelkenberg . . Mr. Richard Rozelle Left to Right 1str0w: Mr. Rozelle, K. Covel, J. Kelken- berg, K. Hersee, B. Baker, K. Van Buren, R. Hoste. 2nd row: G. Smith, G. Blstoff, I. Klehn, M. Finch, T. Patterson, D. Rickwalt, E. Bontrager, 1. Smith. 3rd row: R. Hendrick, G. Baker, C. Albrecht R. Lederhouse, T. Hollenbeck, L. Fry, L. Kopacz. 4th row: M. Wagner, W. Kelkenberg. R. Camegie, R. Kenward, R. Rosen- berg, M. Deahn. 5th row: R. Gibbs, H. Cummings, C. Lau- bacher, M. Bower, H. Dietz. 6th row: H. Neuman, V. Wlk, E. Kirme. .SNKWWV and 1 Band Oy mba. A. Klavler, N. Brqvm, M. Light, W. Cowan, B. Finch, S. Borden, B. Nkidaaugh, V . Light, K. Wmiarrxs, D. Bracken, Y. Yhelos, B. Tiedr, derrxorrse, Y. Korres, F. Possinger, BA. Crraries, S. Mdted, Zimmerman, B. Deke. Y. Hanwig, A. Su- L Weaver, N. Berman, 1. Burdick, er, B. Swirrxlirxe. . gm- L Kas Xer 9-. b G. Le aese, S. I Long, . , S. May heir ro VA . D. Blish, XL. Cover, . Hahn, Mr. CoXrrrDbrxs, Y. Koh , K Varr Buren, BA. Dickinson. L Nachrrie , Thomas, W. Sarmersorx, A. Lasse, B. L S Rozehe, Q. Bhxe-ge, R. Caxzavara, . C. rAoAuisrer, R. Srrrirh, D. Char es Y- rerxiiam, . Y. Boorrey, C. Son . . pleron. M. Brigh N. Nkcmtisrer, A. Ground, Abram: N. Sprxng, C. Brown. Eygwflgnlzl 10' fnfirumgnml CIW lieft to lush sg row. r 2nd lava C. Ke . dal 3rd row' B. Sun 1. B W : gen ' Bb Absent: 3' 281293. F,'1fhf'g Bgfbara wane ' ng- ' Ellenxrelllgen G In R, po ' . Radmfls - Richard gel, W A .L, We 5. C T' brahams ri a-Ho G -B. V ' Glenav, 1. glagile, grefsiken, G Li . xr My 6 aplet I ndke . o1umbus0n. . 54 Left to Right lst row: M B. 2nd row: G. fbiifllbif' Hgh Charm Klehn, B. Borchert, G. Harch, Y. Hartwig, D. Ansel, 1. Jackson, M. Richardson, P. Hudemint N Brown Schaller, M. Iles, Mr. Pendolino. Scheelf, P. Goeske, J. Long, N. Phelps, M. Srmdown, M. Carlo, M. Brightenfield, S. Kyser, B Randazzo Cheavacci, P. Light, D. C. 3rd row: S. Glena, C. Sinsel, J. Kinne, G. Hoste, F. Zelyms, G. Iago, D. Schumacher, B. Rohr, A. Stapleton P Bemdt. I. Faskel, P. Asmus. Treble C14 Chaz? "-th 55 I s . . H , f Za " ' Lb'-M. .- ...ms-f' - ff -af' , '::4..: , x l: F .V A K - , , LV? 'W fi W Ll :L . M I i J KLV1 X, J 3 'I M -.mf , i fx.. gk ll .af 1 . V N . 1 an - , A . 1 1 M 1 ' .82 75539 '16 ' 28,194 Diss 1. I DO. Z. SHUT THE DOOR. 3. CLASS PICNIC. 4. INITIATIONS. 5. THE COOK. 6. WELL, I'LL TELL YA. 7. ON MY HONOR. 8. BEFORE THE BUICK. 9. FUN IN THE SNOW. 10. MUSCLE MEN. 11. THE FISHERMAN. 12. FUNNY GIRL. 13. LOVERS. 14. EASY DOES IT. 15. LUCKY BOY. 16. OH NOII 17. TARZAN. 18. WAY BACK WHEN. 19. SMILE PRETTY. Z0. THE BEACH. Z1. HAPPY- COUPLE. ZZ. OHI DONNA. 56 7 I 3 A M I gi' . .. 52? 1 'ixfmi-1.55133971 M' ' f - Qaief 1. : ww-k1:.f,gL,Lg.g,1 U. . Nw ? .W , .. sw... I .5 5 , in .If ..!.,,.. ..., A.,, , Q A f--,, ,,.., 0 .. , I . . . ...... 1.35: . fi-7 5 I 5 Q 1 xf Q fx If I 48,1 U5 W 13 A S. S , F X 4 iw R 'ff 13,3 3 1 fw- qs. ' I x M54 L. 125 gf .fakes . M. 135. 'X 5' K sz" K 'R ' ij 2 ld --.seas M g. .Q Q Q' Y 5. 9 S25 W I ,ex pf 5 13, '31 r Q X . 4 pf -no fr 41 XXX . ,Li . -N-Nw wav 99' ". LQ 1. CUTE HUH? Z. HI-Y FOOTBALL TEAM. 3. WHEN WE WERE LITTLE BOYS. 4. IS THAT SO. 5. READING. 6. WAY BACK WHEN. 7. NAUGHTY GIRL. 8. CAROL'S PARTY. 9. BOB AND HIS HORN. 10. THE OPRETTA. 11. CLEANING UP. 12. UN DAY. 13. OH VIRGINIA. 14. SUE. 15. WI-IAT'S COOKING? 16. MRS. WILLIAMS. 17. LITTLE GIRL. 18. MR. COLUMBUS. 58 ":::' i I 00 5 H .. "H -1 ...:::::!:::' .:::::'-fff!'f" .. ,,,,, ........ , I " :Q':!:!!!:'5:::::i:::::r:- -1- ' 4 " , "'.::' mm 4737" lst ...'. -,-. . - t '.f:- , -,'.,-I ', :.,'.?': !:. , l'."T:?:i'-'-:wi-.. . ' . .. 2nd row: D. Ross, W. Oaks, D. Schultz, L. Naru1.i, V. Johnson, R. Romanowski, J. Edgar, J. Allen, D ' ' Riemer. Q- '. f' 3rd row: Coach Wetzen, T. Bates, I. Randazzo, J. Caprio, B. Bacheller, P. Kohler, W. Burke, L ' ' Clary, W. Swader, R. Hoste, Coach Scappa. ' Wifi?" A sen : R. K nward, I. L b , . Wunderlich, B. B aker, D. Packman, P. Lewis, R. Ch a acci ' , SCHEDULE 1953-54 x ' ' , "f Team Akron Opponent S Q Q ' o' ' nxgsi. Warsaw Oakfield fre -g:v,:g'..-ia-4-Q.'-P-:-1-1.33.4151-7 .f:-ig:?7'4"T- 3:-1'-.iff Perry A Attica U 1953 Varsity football squad had a new coach Q55 Albionll' r Thomas Wetzen, with Mr Angelo Scappa in Letchworth first year at Akron, as Assistant Varsity coach. Alden ff-si' team, captained by Bill Burke and Bob Kenward fin finished the season with a won-3 lost-3 tied-1 rec- 35,1-3 The Seniors who played their last game for Ak- 1-1 "5-:EE Central were Bill Burke, Bob Kenward, Don kman, Jim Lobur, Vic Johnson, Joe Randazzo , Ray - 1 , . .. .... . JUNIOR VAR ITY 4'Non Conference game lst row: 2nd row: 3rd row: Absent: P. Jonathan, C. Biscaro, L. Blackchief, I. Downey, R. Johnson, J. Brand, M. Finch. R. Cory, R. Parker, J. Bistoff, J. Davies, C. Albrecht, A. Ellsworth, R. Burchell, H. Overall, .,.,-. B. Bacheller, J. Caprio, Mr. Victor, E. Kinne, M. Wagner, J. Kelkenberg Uvlanagery L. Frey, . Hollenbeck, N. Printup. Lippert, C. Casseri. 59 N , T .-:it-:5:5:?2J'f I '-2-:'f1-'If'f:A:7:?:f:'ifE:5g.f21?F:1:'.-E132 .-Z6 1-F15-.-:Ap W-T.. .-1.5-1 ' . -:-1-3g:,.-4.-.5I.--7::gtglf-: ,.1Q.g..,:.3.:.7,.,.:...,.L..-.g.-A:.5.g.',-age... . 5.213-.::, .,3.5 .'1'Z': 1-. g.g.gq.:. .:', -71143-lb. ":',q. I-51.- .31-1-:"',,'1 ,.5i:f1fgZ1i:513:11'-j?'LyLg1-f..1:2r?-'1:1pS:5:f:Qz5:1,f525.11f'1E1'Z-1:i:ffg,5:5g3 ,4 .':-.f,f2.b 4'1:-I-2:-311-lf:-52-The2:11--r-:-I-2:1:2:f:3:25-I'-..'f252:i'a' 1:g.g1:1r1'.:f:2:-.i-1. , , 1, .,,,. I V, i Q -xg Q-lv,-,j,'.f '91,-, f,-.f'.f.'-.,m ld.: I V,-.-1-.:,:... ,:.j,-,- ..'.',',,f',: 4.3,-ffjf .-1'.j-gf!-' '-2.1-1.5!-.g'f4-1:5-gi,,":5.-',:7.,'-4. 93.1.31- 1:11-:.:g.,!yJQ ,.g,.f Q-'.g5.57.:., 35.5 5 ,gg.5.3.g,g.g5:fqgz-:g.-.g.gg,,,f ,.:.3:f:f.3-,.,:,1,Q.-:gt-3.3.3 fg.1.g.g.:,.-1 . U ... 4 ...,,, ...,....f ...Mui , , ,,,, . . . .. . . ,... .. .. . .. V. . .- ,. .3.','.'.-fag '-1.3 f:1325ff'5'f3:2f'Vi-1f5':?51l:' :Riff-iizi' ":L?':-33"'QTY:'.'ii'Z15fI2'fr?':f5f-if''?72353:5'?li1f1if:f5' -316,-5-:-.11-: ,I-7' ' -J-S-H ,v',.g1-2.9,'74-Z-:5'?,-'f-2 .-.-in' 'gLf'fJ1+:-f-Q-'-'41-:EE-I . 'Q Q. , 1 1 . Q L Q 5. gi k Q L a 'Z w 8 ,. 'L 2 R - .. J S 1 fi J . . . ,. gi I A 2 K 1 I 1 61 ,,,,.. , .A.... WH MW W ke vm Bm new Mg. Bl .. fg?33f' 9' M. vfm"I4. X4 Biawal Cimzvns c- , ' ws- COW 9. V- axscfoc I ' c It C 3 . Y- SLK? ga S25 95409 in Yomgbmam ' 1 Lg Tied! s Ch' B W' ol Bl C fumbff 15956 BJIAKZLZQZZ Left to 1Str0w: R. Middaugh, M. Polean, R. Calzavara. W. Riley, R. Medole. D. Chea 21141 row: C. Depes. M. Falker. A. Brunnez, T. Maleclu, G. Ma A. Hurchinsvn. Mr. MaCCoy. ara row: 1. siuoway. J. slack Krla Right vaccl, R, Smith. cCoy, M. Caprio, R, Bvwer, T. Cory . J. Burril. 1. Zimmerman, T. Cvwan, N. Frey, T. Pe tz, F. Ptiulnger, E. Poleln. E. Caprio. rry, D. Snell, S. 62 dfvw: Is. smith 3 Left to 1-it rvw: 211 . I. Delelys, S. Federspiel . Hdred, N. Brege. C. Lauba S. Mirks. D. sURdoW11. rd row: L. Thayer. M. Co Chew. P. R0on QM? . S. e. J. V-1nBUren. A. Ground, M. Sundo L. Sprla , M. Printup. chef. J. Wflfgzben. L. Brenner, A. Schiller, S. Heslvrub. Wlckhgn, H. K11111, Ughllq. P. Te-'nom C. Mast. B. Karcher. M. Keller, L Wolak, B. Bates, IC Ev-ineshko, Y ey. . Mm www! T M WW lom44Pi0W5mP 2 C B0 S wig' G . xx- Pihxhswn Be' 3. 1 ngex. G W' C Y-Ying. Bt xPi',:N' 151 2116 63 H0 3. C. Heil' saw: 100145 A 9069, fgZ'7:g. "if .-'fr-.L.f'jf,l'1:Q'g1:,,f:-',l'-!".-f,51-,Q-71.1'fg-Z",-3 x 09 Q12 0150 gisfzieiirzgfQfi2fSz2:22-iff,f'fzfif:fa...5iff'V.:i':f:11E1f1:J.l2Efefs1i, 'Y -fe ..AA, , QQ xg , I I , My g !,,, C161 J 6 oyce wav! nd R0 Cbeerleaderf A VARSITY JUNIOR VARSITY Around left to right: Around clockwise: R. M. Aquino B. Reinhardt G. Iles A. Mattie M. Coughlin M. Randazzo S. Covel L. Weaver J. Covel P. Tesnow Y. Chew G. Kolenko J. Van Buren C. Shaw CHE Cheerleaders with the aid of their new advisor Mrs. Williams, had a successful season of cheering for basketball and football games. The social events of the year started with a Snake Dance before the first football game, and ended with a sock dance at the last basketball game. Pep Rallies and Sock Dances were sponsored by the group. 64 SHEPARD'S DRY Compl :ments CLEANERS Mom Street Akron, New York Serving Akron ond Viclnnty for over Ten Years Compliments ALEX C SMITH DAVE S BLUE INN RESTAURANT Compl :ments Complnments MAX PHELPS ROTARY GAS STATION F"U'fSIand REN GAS CO IN Akron Atlontuc Gcsol me Compl :ments Fuel Oul Kerosene Reodung Hard Cool CHARLES E HOWARD Loy or Bust Poultry Feeds of of of of ' ., C of 66 Compliments SCH UMACHER S GARAGE Texaco Gas Tires and Batteries 50 Cedar Street Akron, New York GROVER S FEED AND FARM SUPPLY Purina Chows Seed Fertulnzer Baby chucks AL ZIMMERMAN INC OLDSMOBILE Phones: 8891 24 6 Buffalo 8- John Streets Custom grinding and Mlxlng Akron New York 11 Monroe Street Akron New York Phone 2351 Compl :ments EAST AVENUE GROCERY G S BITTERMAN 188 East Avenue CENTRAL SERVICE TV RADIO APPLIANCES Sales and Servuces Buffalo 8- John Streets Akron New York Phone 620 Compl uments S B ANDERSON 8m SONS TELEVISION Mann Road Akron New York of I I . . I . of of ' 0 67 Compluments PARK LUNCH Mann Street Akron N Y Compl uments SHE RWOOD S HARDWARE Forty nune Years of Satusfled Compluments E TELEVISION Appl uances Soles and Servlce 55 Mann Street Phone 3611 Congratulations To The Class of 54 EDDIE S JEWELRY Registered Keepsake Diamond Remember Locally Bought Locally Serviced Akron, New York Phone 2320 PARK DELICATESSEN Phone Akron 3921 Congratulataons To the Class of 5 REIGLE ELECTRIC Electrlcal Contractung Beverages Cold Cuts 101 Buell S'-reef Qualnty Courtesy Servuce Ak'-on New York Phone 2480 We Arm To Please of ' of , C 81 of 0 Service I ' 4 68 Compliments of DA-Nl 66 Main Street Akron, New York Success to the Class of '54 BlTTERMAN'S DRY GOODS 53 Main Street Akron, New York Compliments of BUFFALO ARMS INCORPORATED Akron, New York Compliments of Westinghouse AKRON PRODUCE Sales and Service COMPANY Sylvania Television Blue Coal Feed and Fertilizer Lumber and Builder's Supplies Compliments Ironrite lroners Home Laundry Service of DE YOUNG Gkovek H. BATES REFRIGERATION 52 East Avenue Akron, New York Life sneer enee sefvaee Phone: 749 31 Main Street Akron New York 69 Compl uments Compl uments Your Local KELLY S ALLEY5 Pontuac Dealer Warren B Wallace Donald A Heath WALLACE 8- HEATH FUNERAL HOME Mlddleport Phone 6 2441 Ambulance AKRON SERVICE GARAGE HlBBARD'S SHOE STORE Dependable Footwear X Roy Fltted 73 Mann Street Akron New York Compl :ments PARK VIEW BEAUTY SALON POLLY AND ROSE 79 Mann Street Akron New York Compl :ments AKRON GREENHOUSES 143 East Avenue Phone 7ll Akron New York Flowers For All Occaslons , of of Phone: 666 Akron, New York of of 70 C I COLD SPRINGS CONSTRUCTION COMPANY C C I C I I ITCHCOCK S MARKE 68 S BLACKMAN'S RESTAURANT I C F M S Ak N Y k 8.SO Compl :ments of ROCHESTER BUTTON COMPANY Akron Drvuslon RENN AND CEISNER Plumbu ng Hectmg Hardware 41 Mann Street Akron 511 Compllments VELZY S MARKET Akron, New York Compl :ments ANN S BEAUTY SALON Phone 3201 of Phone: 3981 69 Mcin Street of 72 Compl imenfs of NATIONAL GYPSUM COMPANY "CHUC K" RIGGIO'S Com::ime"'5 AKRON SPORT SHOP 39 Main Street Akron, N. Y. Phone 462 ms"i"U"" Fo' BRIARPATCH KEN N ELS Rawlings Athletic Equipment Converse Rubber Co. Pennsylvenae Rubber ce. Complete line of Equipment for Teens German Shorthair Pointers Also Beagles Corduroy Jackets Butwin Jackets Joseph A. Wolak Akron, New York Phone 3179 73 Compliments of LCUISVILLE CEMENT CCJMPANY of Akron, New York Compliments of Our Sincerest Good Wishes For o Successful Future AL'S BARBER SHOP Compliments of BATE'S SE LF-SE RVICE MARKET 20TH CENTURY AUTO SUPPLY CO. 47 Main Street Akron, N. Y. Phone 748 The Store with o Complete line of Sporting goods, toys, tools and accessories 74 Good Luck to the Class of 54 CERTAIN TEED PRODUCTS CORPORATION Manufacturers of Quallty Bulldnng Materuals General Offuces I20 East Lancaster Ave Ardmore P Akron Plant Bloomingdale Road Akron N Y Compluments WILLIAM TUNKEY CHEVROLET Akron SHAW WOOD SPECIALTIES Manufacturers of Hardwood and Softened Yard Sticks Pamt Paddles Rulers Compl :ments LOUIS AN D TONY RAN DAZZO 40 Mann Street I - . , a. - I I I I I of of in 75 BASTIAN BROS CO Rochester N Y Exclusrve Hugh School Jewelry Engraved Commencement Announcements Personal Cards Mr GeorgeD Krllrp P O BoxI70 Rochester NewYork Congratulatrons to The Class of 1954 ADRIAN E ROSS rs Better Dry Cleaning CONWAY MILLER LAUNDERERS DRY CLEANERS Lockport We Stop rn Akron Every Wednesday and Saturday Compl :ments PIXLEY S SELF SERVICE STORE 53 Cedar Street Akron New York Phone 251 I O I , . . ' ' 0 . I ' ' I I Sanitone Cleaning of I I I 76 Congratulations To The Class of 1954 WEST END SALES AND SERVICE Your Friendly Ford Dealer I8 Mechanic Street Akron, New York Phone: 8431 FRO-JOY Compliments f SEALTEST ICE CREAM o Sodas - Sundcles - Candy Cigars - Cigarettes Compliments of "THE Your Home Town Newspaper PAM ' ROSE SHOPPEH Ph : 404 one fStyle Center of Akronl Phone 2375 42 Main Street 77 Zfk :fx fs 2 5 Z fix-W I XIX .f to start saving, with your help and ours BANK OF AKRON Member Federal De t I pos: nsurance Corporation , 3 ' - 9" ' Qf Q -fl if '7'yl' If at ,gl Y I . I CT ikixiff ' -' "' ,Y,X2y , QKVT- f' ' k fr--,gif Z Q I I ll llll YOUNGSTER THRIFT THE OASIS 70 Main Street Sodas - Sundaes Kodaks - Supplies Greeting Cards AKRoN cook. G. L. F. service uNcoRPoRA1Eo Feed - Seed - Fertilizer Farm Supplies Grain Buying Phone: 3941 Akron, New York ABBOTT'S AK RON SERVICE General Repair Radiator Repair Briggs 8. Stratton Sales and Services Mobil Products Phone: 2533 78 Compliments of CARBORUNDUM METALS COMPANY, INC. Akron, New York Ford Branded Candy Coated Gum With its 6 delicious ygtllvg Q' flavors has no peer. , The Flavor Lasts . Put your pennies in the Akron Lions Club Gun Machine and get a tasty 5' I' if lj 2: f i" O 59 O 0 am 4' Q '- : 1 , ,W . 552+-1 fi j. co nf ec tion . ---:, ".-. :-1-1 ' 'f'f1 f"'H- 'ri Buy Ford Gum and help the f Lions Club carry on its 4,6 00 community service. N IIONS " CHEW FOR CHARITY FORD GUM Compliments of BERNHARDIHS FUNERAL HOME Phone: 522 Best Wishes to Graduates AND PETERSON'S MACHINE COMPANY, INC. REXALL DRUGS MUABLE, Akron, New York 79 BLISH C""'P'l"'e"'s FRuENDn.v sskvuce of Socony-Vacuum Products JOSLYN OIL COMPANY Grant Club Akron, New York Distributor of Compliments Socony Vacuum Products of FElTSHAN'S Phone: 3261 Akron , New York LUMBER COMPANY Building Supplies and Millwork 48 Lewis Road Akron, New York Phone: 2300 mr nm Congratulations ii i to the Class , . l l of Congratu ations E, to the Class . ' A . i954 You can walk m style and Comfort In KIIAPP Qtuid SHOES Of FM mwlw womzv with Velvet!-ioft, air-cushioned in- e re to 1954 l'ff1il'ff.i"rof 'l.i'iIZ'...E'll"lf.'va..,, .ri Expert Factory Fitting Service, consult Youk LOCAL SHOE couNsELLon Claude W. Shaw 26 Cedar Street Akron, N. Y. Phone: 2565 May Good Fortune be .15 yours in the pursuits X of your Success Y" MRS C W SHAW Tupper Ware Home Parties r P E RRY S DAIRY Akron, New York Phone: 2565 80 FRED E . THOMAS Compliments of AKRON INSURANCE AGENCY AKRON CENTRAL SCHOOL Student Association 45 Main Street Akron, New York Officers: President. . . . . . . . Claude Frey Sr. Vice Pres Jr. Vice Pres. . Treasurer. . Secretary. . . . . . . Joan Wolak . . . . . Jean Covel Compliments . . . Joyce Van Buren of . . . . . . Charles Brown MARTHA AND MIMI "THE ALADDIN SHOP" Serving the Students 65 Main Street Akron, New York Compliments ComPlImenI'5 of of CORBETT LUMBER EDWARD LAUGHLIN AND BUILDER'S SUPPLIES Compliments of I7 Bloomingdale Avenue W. H. ROBINSON 81 LIBRARY STAFF I I CLINIC Compliments COMPLIMENTS of OF G. H. KLINGLESMITH Chiropractor THE JOURNALISM CLASS 23 Monroe Street Akron, New York A Good Gift R. G. STANBURY for Graduation A Life Insurance policy will help start the graduate on the right road. Ask us about the Metro- politan's plans for this purpose. NELSON B. SWARTS 62 Bloomingdale Ave. Akron, N. Y. Representing Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Akron Adult Achvnhes Program A Commumty Servlce Planned For You By your AKRON CENTRAL SCHOOL BOARD Sugmfucanr Happy Careers Remember! Educahon Is A Llfe Long Process Best Wishes to the Class of '54 for 83 Autograph I Official Photographers for 1954 Akronite STAPLETCJN STUDIO I2 Clinton Street Akron, New York This book printed by Velvatone, a special process of lithographi: 84 printing. Sole producers: Wm. J. Keller Inc., Buffalo, N. Y. Nc other printing firm is authorized to use the Velvatone method .'F:. f Q 1-4 ' . n e 1 r w .. Qi. V V n . zu Fur. l. , .411 1 We A . ' -THU-E i if 34 I , v 4 v. 7,..s ' lf: 'E 1 Q1-. ' . J F 1, .I .-I N . ,. ,Mx 11 W Ira -1, ' fu ' I If 1,11 . ,X ' K4 r ::Q V . 7 ,. I fi-H ' A 1:- .'aa:2L5-1 -,grgfau A. ,., I, Y Lui. . am wan: , al "1 'W -P - uni ns, M, N' ,VJ f',14'Fd fflii- as ' P 5. ,5 , . W. . , 4 .L . , A-f V I' 'F Y ,wlwrl vf'!"'724 Sh ,:,,i. ..- -wg-afh" L . ' i 5- -. , U., :FAA , ,. , zu, -':, 'LQ V 'l'. Ill , . , . ' r W f ' ' ' In 1, T

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