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3 Q ' .- .- M1 1 , ff: ,Q,c, , A --4,-.,,f -Zffj if L-', fn L kt , 1 rf ,I K: 'fr 1, . .ii . 'V - 4 , - 0 , ,, .uni 8 'ilnl Z: ,flftu We I . .Libr P ' ,I 4 , f ,, f' 'Q -' " A -- gm' . . .- Wikizmgf--1. . ' nv 1 . K. , . . y ' -aQ"'!'-Q9 H f X V-xg.. ,M 4 . . ' ' wrt? M. , F5 .wv 1,1-63. Q .hy-w 7121939 AKRONITE Published by THE PRESS CLUB AKRON HIGH SCHOOL AKRON, NEW YORK v.,....Y..M - bfi ,Q .V Bridge in Park 0 Be10W B uell St' B ridge m Tonawanda Community House Gypsum Works i , Octagon House X . E X w yss K XXX SX A 'F . i :H eike - ,egg e zz. ,--. 1 1. s ,--- EP N 'K s " 5 . R it scawrs-Ms str- X-xslt +1 1, H, , 2. - . A sts ew .-.,- 1- if We YQ lx Kiwi X s s . iv si 1 if 1. ily f is-.. 'ffzf-i 8.5 5 .xkk I K Vi-5k?5 s -.gf X A .. k.sm5NSs.,,-Q -sf ,-.. .Assy-f..1-,Q . xs,,,.xc sigwgg Es wx 8 H2012 A RELATIONSHIP between school and community is one of the cornerstones of our democracy. To love our flag, to cherish the traditions of home and school, to revere the achievements of our forefathers, has been, and always will be, part of the substance of our daily lives. With this thought in mind, we have chosen as our theme, the relationship between our school and the community in which we live. Dr. Joseph L. Wilder .gn lfemotiam pe diff tion In respect for her guiding Words of wisdom, in appreciation of many favors rendered, and in esteem for her scholarly and idealistic character, we dedicate this volume of the UAKRONITEU to Florence M. Vetter. w V l LEOPOLD, Supervising Principal URING our four years at high school, one person has been, above all others, our guide and our friend. In spite of the many contacts and associations we have, the example of our principal has been etched deepest into our hearts and minds. The memory of her, who guided us through four of the happiest years of our lives and sacrificed herself that we might come closer to our ultimate goal, will always be bright in the hearts of the grateful class of 1939. To' us, Miss Gertrude A. Leopold symbolizes the learned professor, the conscientious principal, and the understanding friend. G it r if K 3' ill! E w ,i, ,Mx .,.., BOARD OF EDUCATION The Board of Education represents the school and its relation to the com- munity. As the school reflects community pride and achievement, so does our Board of Education, whose untiring efforts have contributed so much to our scholastic welfare. Members of the Board of Education at the beginning of this year's school term were: President, Joseph Wilder Treasurer, William F. Smith Vice-President, Arthur P. Anderson Charles F. Yaeger Eugene P. Forrestel Richmond E. Schultz Secretary, Robert J. Richards H. Morton Perry We regret that the death of Dr. Joseph L. Wilder has deprived the board of a member whose immeasurable devotion to the school and community cannot be replaced. Q . if f A 1 , 4 nf N . lr . 1 "ss 6.1. 'V sax, UA ul" 4 , -wg. 4, , .,, xv , F gf 'L-..,L'--g' Ea. 'fx .xr i 5 x Yan in il Am my L . 'X I MX .N .fy k 3-t vnu., N l w " LW? Q 1 A . 1 g QS.: . N , . 4 ,Nw .in if M1 I-:LM T g. f in A -r'2m vm? - 'vmfbfifgi Q 'S LKLD' ... .u 5 X PRACTICAL ARTS Mr. Richard Rozellc Miss Ellen Cherry Mr. Milton Norris Miss Gertrude Churchill N ENGLEH Miss Irma Eckerson Mrs. Frances Hoag Miss Grace Moehlnian Mr. Maxson Greene Miss Florence Vetter g LANGUAGE Miss Estermary Brown Miss Marion Warner Miss Florence Vetter COMMERCIAL Miss Marion Warner Miss Helen Gowans uf ,K P"W gp? MLW L? f-A is?-if HEALTH AND PHYSICAL ART Miss Eleanor Wirth EDUCATION Mr. Wilbur Thomas Mrs. Nora Harris Miss Lorraine Smith MUSIC Mr. joshua Missal Mr. Frank Prough GRADE TEACHERS Standing: Miss Cleaverf-' -' Miss Cook, Mrs. Tinney, Mrs. Lapp, Miss Shores Seated: Miss Brown, Miss Murdock, Miss Axtell ,Miss Zerby, Miss Barry, I Mrs. Gerber, Mrs. Wilder, Mrs. Harris, Miss Thayer,- Miss Shepard QQJV' XXI!! yr. x x J f ' C wll3"""'A x .1 'ar' ' QQ, , f?1 5F i'1 g,,1f'S-if, 9 Lf. 1 Qfgf. 3- 115,-,5 1 ' A N .5 , ' ,Q RQ' -- 7:1 .A , ,,,.9y.ff1 'W -41 ,Q fy- - Q QV Qfeel- gi Y ' an-A .'1',,.,. -suv: NAA i 1:31 ' J"SF?X i has 1, fp I " Q , Q ,A A pf : 3 if x s S Q f 1 1 5 X Q1 1 Cornmercial Course 5, e LUCILLE MARGARET ALTROGGE fbi Homemaking Course Choral Club 12,35, Camera Club 125, Future Teachers Club 13,459 Secretary 145 A comely blonde, Lucille is a diligent worker, aspiring to the field of home economics. 3,3 L41-avr "' H -V il.. .4, , ' ELEANOR OLIVE BABEL .vsaf-:feC'kJ College En trance Course Homemaking Club 115, Future Teachers -Club 13, 45, Choral Club 13, 45, A Capella Choir 145 Little Miss Mischief, with a twinkle in her eye and a glow in her heart, is the popular Eleanor. STEPHEN BAJ lndustrial Arts Course Interclass Softball 12, 3, 45, Interclass Basketball 135, Interclass Volleyball 13, 45, Interclass Wrestl- ing 12, 3, 45, Middleweight Champion 13, 45 "Steve" is steadfast, a good worker, and noted for ' his wrestling aljility. VM ,- , J! . PERCY OLD BALL General Business Course A Football 13, 45, Interclass Football 11, 25, Inter- : f class Basketball 11, 2, 3, 45, Interclass Volley- " 1 ball 12, 3, 45, Interclass Softball 11, 2, 3, 45, Track 13 ,45, Wrestling 12, 3, 45, Heavyweight Champion 145 One of our lads who takes his sports seriously, is Percy, and truly a quiet and gentlemanly fellow. . 1 , 4 ltlftfl .4-1 914 ' If Ahif L CILLE MARIE BARTRAM College Entrance Course Choral Club 13, 45, Camera Club 135, Library Staff135, A Capella Choir 145 "Look cherfully upon me, Thou seest how diligent 1 I am" might well be her motto, for, come what may, her history was always done. 1 RICHARD RUSSELL BASOM College En trance Course Band 11, 2, 3, 45: Orchestra 11, 2, 3, 45, Press Club 145, Future Teachers Club 145, G. O. 145, Hi-Y Club 145, National Honor Society 145 The pride of the chemistry and math depart- ments, Dick has shown a brilliant mind and a versatility equalled by few. ROBERT CHARLES BASOM Agriculture Course F, F. A. 11, 2, 3, 45, President 145, Scotch Band 12, 3, 45, Band 11, 2, 3, 45, Orchestra 13, 45: National Honor Society 13, 45, Vice-President 145, Hi-Y Club 145, G. 0.13, 45, Future Teachers Club 13, 45, Class Treasurer 135 Easygoing Bob, also of high mentality, has won distinction through the F. F. A. and his infectious personality. , 1 - X 1, f " - IRMA MARY BETTIO .J f . 4 ' Basketball 11, 2, 3, 45, Volleyball 11, 2, 35, ' x Qi' Softball 11, 2, 3, 45: Ping Pong 11, 2, 45, Field F, Hockey 11, 2, 3, 45, National Honor Society 13, 45, Treasurer 145, Commercial Contest 12, 35, Booster Club 12, 35, Choral Club 11, 2, 3, 45, A Capella Choir 145, Sampler Club 115, Dramatics 12, 3. 45, Vice President 145, Camera Club 135, Press Club 145, "Stage Door" 145: State Voice ' Contest 145, G. O. 11, 3,5 Ticket Seller 1451 Vice-President of Class 145 .V 1 1 Our "Lily Pons," Irma is gifted with a gorgeous voice and a matching personality, plus a heapkof 1 dramatic ability, and has our wishes for attain- ' Q ment of high ambition. t , Y , ,.L. 2-'I ' Y' l JOHN BIENIEK Agriculture Course Interclass Football 131, Interclass Softball 1213 F, F. A. 11, 2, 3, 41 John's favorite slogan is: "Silence is golden." LEO BITTERMAN General Course Football 131: Track 12, 41: "A" Club 131: Inter- class Basketball 11, 211 Interclass Volleyball 12, 31, Chairman of Properties "Stage Door" A quiet, handsome lad, "Bit" has a way with the girls and an engaging smile which reveals his rare sense of humor. ETHELYN MARJORIE LOWERS General Course H Lb ' East Aurora High 11, 21, Choral Club 13, 413 A Capella Choir 141, Future Teacher's Club 141, Ping Pong 141 A wisp of a girl, Ethelyn is a comparative new- comer to our ranks, and we wish her luck, what- ever her goal may be. Lliiivivp LIN 7x-l il I P' I iv ' ,ELIAII PALMA ANN BORDONARO 6111! Homemaking Course ' Interclass Basketball 11, 2, 3, 413 Volleyball 11, 2, 3, 415 Ping Pong 11, 2, 41: Art Club 11, 21: "Stage Door" 1413 Booster Club 12, 319 President 131, Dramatics Club 1413 Softball 1, 2, 3, 41: Hockey 1313 Foul Shooting 12, 41: Homemaking Club 11, 213 Badminton 141g Tennis 13, 41, Ticket-seller 11, 2, 3, 41 An enthusiastic sportswcman, "Pam" has distinguished herself in the athletic field. 'w Mid Zfhfwuf ARNOLD RALPH BRUNING General Co utse Softball 111 Literally a "live wire", Arnold is short-circuited only by a deluge of homework. 0 LUTHER BRUNIN General Course Luther is a quiet fellow who makes his way un- noticed by those around him, an agreeable companion and evermannerly. ,JA X Llb ROY CALL V General Business Course i Shy and fair-haired, Roy is seldom heard from, but we feel that he has the best interests of his K I K. future at heart. ' lf , l ai 47 CJ ' 11 LLOYD CAPAN General Business Course Interclass Basketball 11, 2, 3, 41: Interclass Foot- ball 11, 2, 3, 41: Interclass Softball 11, 2, 3, 41g Interclass Volleyball 11, 2, 3, 41: Interclass Hand- ball 131g History Club 1215 Commercial contest 131 Lloyd and his shiny green Ford are inseparable. He is a willing worker and a fine fellow. 3 L9 VIRGINIA KATHRYN CAI'LE AJ College Entrance-Fine Arts Course Press Club C2, 3, 453 Editor-inachief of "Akronite" C453 Associate Editor C353 Typist C453 Student Council C2, 353 Vice-President C353 Band Cl, 2, 3, 453 Drum Major C453 National Honor Society C3, 453 President of National Hon -r 5 Jciety C453 Secretary cf Class C453 Vice-President of Class C151 President of Swimming Club C253 President of French Club C253 President of Sampler Club C153 Art Club Cl, 253 Sketching Club C351 Choral Club C253 Interclass Basketball C153 Americanism Contest C353 Dramatics Club C353 Camera Club C353 Library Staff C151 Ticket Seller C453 Bad- minton C453 Ping Pong C453 Youth Forum Con- test C3, 45 The most versatile person in the Senior Class, Virginia's flair for .art and journalism is balanced by a scholarly mind and wmsome personality. HUGO CAPORALI General Business Course Interclass Basketball Cl, 2, 3, 45, Interclass Foot ball Cl, 2, 3, 453 Interclass Volleyball Cl, 2, 3, 453 Interclass Softball Cl, 2, 353 Varsity Basketball C253 Varsity Baseball C3, 45, History Club C253 Commercial Contest C2, 35 "Shorty's" smiling face and cheery disposition make him a friend to all. PATRICK ARTHUR CARROLL Industrial Arts Course Basketball Volleyball We know takes his courteous, C353 Softball C2, 453 Wrestling C253 little about Arthur, except that he studies rather seriously, and is a gentlemanly chap. In CLARA CHEAVACCI ljcfffo 271041 Com mercial Course Bennett High School, Buffalo Cl, 253 Dramatics Club C3, 453 Choral Club C3, 453 Camera Club C352 Booster Club C353 Field Hockey C3, 453 Softball C35: Badminton C3, 45: Basketball C3, 453 "Stage Door" C453 Ticket Seller C45 Her simplicity and naturalness plus a placid appearance, have won Clara many friends. MARY CLEMENTINE CHEAVACCI Humeniaking Course Basketball Cl, 2, 3, 453 Volleyball Cl, 2, 3, 453 Softball Cl, 2, 3, 453 Ping Pong C453 Badminton C452 Tennis C3, 453 Dramatics Club C453 Press Club C2, 352 Booster Club C2, 35: Cheer leader C253 Art Club Cl, 253 Field Hockey C3, 453 Homemak- ing Club Cl, 25 Mary is distinguished as a talented artist and a fine athlete, and her slow smile and gracious ways, make her very well liked indeed. VICTOR CHEAVACCI .General Business Course I MARGARET REBECCA CONFER Cl Varsity Football C1, 2, 353 Varsity Basketball Cl, 2, 35, Basketball Captain C353 Varsity Base- ball Cl, 2, 353 Baseball Captain C353 Interclass Volleyball C2, 3, 453 Interclass Basketball C453 Interclass Football C453 Ping Pong C3, 453 Hand- ball C2, 3, 45 Varsity "A" Club President C353 Horse shoe Tournament C351 History Club C253 Interclass softball C453 Tennis C2, 353 "Stage Door" C453 Treasurer of Class C253 Press Club C45 Many are the times when Vic has won the game for the Alma Mater. His good sportsmanship plus a talent for "tripping the light fantastic" has been rewarded by unusual popularity. I :PUC College En trance Course Camera Club C253 Booster Club C2, 353 Library StaH C35 Maggie's spirit wi that Mr :wif W W' if dimpled countenance and cooperative not be soon forgotten, and we think . Bates will miss one of his talented "math" s udents. CHESTER BOWEN COVEL Agriculture Course F. F. A. Cl, 2, 3, 453 Rifle Club C453 Reporter of F. F. A. Club C453 Interclass Football C45 "Chet" is a cordial friend, a snappy dresser, possessor of a genial disposition and a happy-go- lucky air. 'J E 411'-xr-f. ..-T71 - -Tgouzmz .1--5.-iv' .-'t JROBERT JOHN CROSSEN wi 71 'f-tg .x Nga ,vi ,v ,ig . Engineering Course French Club C251 Band C2, 3, 45: F. F. A. Band 443: Hi-Y 449, Choral Club C35 Although Bob is mischievous, the constant twinkle in those blue eyes, force us to overlook the pranks the "baby" of our class has played on US. BERNARD LAVERNE CUMMINGS Science Course Hobby Club C253 Interclass Basketball C353 Interclass Football 4253 Interclass Softball 41, 2, 3, 451 Varsity Football C3, 45: Wrestling Q45, Rope Climbing Champion Q25 Bern's fleet feet have been a reat asset to our . g . football team, and his fun-loving nature and flashing smile make him one of the best. DELOS MARCUS CUMMINGS Cornprehensive Musiic Course Band f2, 3, 451 Stamp Club C2, 35: Dramatics Club tl, 355 Wrestling fl, 2, 3, 45: School Dance Orchestra 13, 45: Student Council C253 Hobby Club 135: Choral Club C3, 453 A Capella Choir C45 A perambulating encyclopedia, definitely of the loquaeious type, Delos has often amused us fl wi his outbursts of peda ogical speech. Got 406-1 fi ' Laila JEAN LOUISE CUMMINGS? College Entrance Course Sampler Club O53 Choral Club C2, 3, 45: Camera Club Cl, 255 President C252 President of Future Teachers Q3, 455 Debate Club Q25: 'LStage Door" C453 Library Staff fl, 25 An impassioned conversationalist with a mind of her own, Jean aspires to the teaching profes- sion. - -- W if O MARGARET OPHIA DIETWJD Comprehensive Music Course Homemaking Club C151 Basketball Cl, 25: Library Staff C3, 45: Choral Club 13, 455 Future Teachers Club C455 A Capella Choir i455 "Stage Door' Q45 Marg, an accomplished musician with a sunny ,dy disposition, is everawilling to lend a hand to a .X deserving comrade. PLL l ta, ETHEL DOCTOR College Entrance Course Swimming Club f3, 453 German Club Choral Club C35 Although she is taciturn, Ethel has many talents and expresses herself beautifully through her fgixsic. 'bf-5' vi Q wwf' ,lv CAROLE ALICE DO NELLY . U u Homemalung Course Band 12, 3, 453 Swimming Club Q35 'T' .W 'L Carole's attractiveness and sweetness assure this , bit of femininity long-lived popularity and friendships. W EDWIN ARTHUR DRAPER Industrial Arts Course Vice-President of Aviation Club C259 Stage Man- ager-"Stage Door" C45 A dependable person with a mechanical mind, Edwin is destined to succeed in the industrial arts field. . A - dmlvvu 'Mi 40 ERVI DEY DRAPER ' College Entrance Course 9 G, O. C155 "Band Cl, 2, 35: Orchestra Cl, 252 Interelass Wrestling C255 Baseball C351 "Stage Door" C455 German Club C3, 45 Aggressive Bud, who fills would-be dull moments with wit and who is glib of tongue, should .suc- ceed in selling the Eskinios ice for their refriger- ators. 4, Z 4' M091 KATHERINE MARY EADIE fhctfd-4 Honit-nzaking Course Swimming Club Cl, 2, 3, 452 BOOSYFF Clllb C152 Drarnatics Club Cl55 Hornemaking Club C251 Art Club C251 Camera Club C355 Choral Club C255 Basketball C355 Tennis C355 Ping Pong C35 Kathcrine's ready smile and jovial spirit- have scattered sunshine through our class activities for four bright years. JOHN IRVING ECKERSON College Enlr.'i11t'e Course I Band Cl, 2, 3, 455 Orchestra Cl, 2, 3, 455 G. O. ! CZ, 3, 45, President C455 Class President Cl, 2, 355 Honor Smitty Cl 5 ttrt ' ., 4 , S" 'tary C455 Hi-Y President C453 Press Club C355 School Dance Orchestra CJ, 45: "Stage Door" C451 Choral Club C.l, 455 A Capella Chou' C455 lnterelass Volleyball C351 Intervlass Touehfootball C355 Stamp Club C251 Ping Pong CJ, 455 Wrestling C25 A young man with a determined but gentle face, a mass of uneonlinetl blonde hair, plus the heart tm to conceive, the understanding to direct, and the lumd to execute this is the everfpopular 'tCully". EDITH ELIZABETH ELDRED .fc llonu-rnukirig Course Lxcvlrl Basketball C155 Sampler Club C151 Art Club Cl, 255 Homemaking Club C2, 355 "Stage Door" C455 Choral Club C255 Library Staff C2, 35 Full of mirth and jollity, the fair Edith will never want for friends. X, t PSI Q J -X I Q ' ff R DOROTHY E E OLD Honmniczltinfj Coursd' i I A , F I Samplcr.C'lub C155 Germany Club CJ, 455 "Stage Doon' C455 jolly and opyinistic, Dorothy has been a constant XX, source o e vor. May her future be as carefree as her do urn within these walls! X if GA 9.17, 'D O 'X " CHARLES LEON 1- wx I Agr1't'ultur4- Course X- Bennett High, Buffalo C155 Tonawantla High C255 .xx Class President C455 Vice-President of Hi-Y C455 Vice-President of Class C355 F. F. A, C3, 45, Secretary C455 Rille Club C3, 45, Captain C455 B Interelass Football C451 Interclass Basketball C455 Dramatic Club President C451 Press Club C455 Choral Club C451 A Capella Chnir C455 "Stage he Door" C455 Track C45 Q A true gentleman and an excellent leader, Charles' was elected president ofthe Senior Class although he has been with us but two years. Here's sue cess, Charles! MOSES LEO GEORGE General Business Course , Interclass Football Cl, 253 Interclass Baseball Cl, 2, J, 455 Interelass Basketball Cl, 25: Inter- Class Volleyball Cl, Z, 3, 455 Varsity Football C3, 455 Varsity Basketball C2, 3, 455 Varsity Track C3, 45: History Club C251 Commercial Contest CZ, 3, 455 lnterclass Ping Pong Doubles Cham- pion Cll. 451 Treasurer of "A" Club C3, 455 Inter- class Handball C2, 351 Baseball Manager C25 Sometimes the humorous cause ofa little vexation on the part of his teachers, happy Moe is excited only by the prospect of a day off. ,xxx 5 at 46 ,J JANICE MARIE GUY Honieniaking -College En trance Course Interclass Basketball C2, 3, 455 G. O. C3, 45: Swimming Club C2, 3, 455 Booster Club C2, 355 Cheerleader C455 Press Club C455 "Stage Door" C455 Choral Club C355 Softball C355 Future TeaCher's Club C455 National Honor Society C45 A spirited cheer-leader, "Nan" is loads of fun and a splendid dancer. -- 5- -,af .M . flag, -0 fr! K -1-.--7 li No 0 - 1 34. ' A 5,2564 L L - , , - Elvis ,55.,i.,4,,,i nr af Amr' i 'ggi V Ama. , f el A 5 5 ' , rf 1 45 J V Ge a , W 1' f,, ' 'r f . v c , ,lub Ml if-Jnc. ?22l1Bmhdvrdlv,NPek..?L, .1 ' fo girqm, ani, M PM.. Fuqoral. 5 ' ,M services Monday afternoon, at i :.,,.p1fmiD.'d6Cky4t,Dh1 the'1'owM66e r' ' " Ilythqnzan Churghf- In A uw :pf -flowers donavloris hwy be 'made C ,fU'1hie-Wowntlne utnheran D HOSTE Si1.LMvffnldlrIQg.EvmQh.. vulzlaig . Wie - - . M il .U A-Q-dl..-.J F. F. A. C1, 2, 3, 453 lnterclass Softball C3, 455 Rifle Club C35 Kenneth's energetic nature. plus his wide smile and pleasing personality, make him very welcome among us. BETTY MAE HUNT - C344-543 Home-making Course Homemaking Club Cl5g Camera Club Cl, 253 Baseball C3, 45: Basketball C453 Future Teachers Club C451 Hockey C35 Bc-tty's consideration for ber fellow classmates and her proper respect for superiors make her an tmfailing credit to her school. ORIE INGALSBE Jail' Engineering Course Football C355 Wrestling Cl, 2, 3, 45: Choral Club Cl, 2. 3, 45: Track C3, 45: A Capella Choir C455 French Club C253 Hi-Y Club C451 Band C2, 3, 45 Mischief's own accomplice, Orie lives the life he wishes, except, of course, when he is in school. His merry chuckle shall echo often in our memo- ries. JANET MARY JOHNSTON College Entrance Course Choral Club C3, 45: A Capella Choir C453 Dra- niutlcs Club C451 Press Club C455 "Stage Door" C451 Youth Forum Contest C455 National Honor Society C45 Studious, preserving, courteous, Janet's keen mind has won her a position of respect among her associates. W w X, Y A 1 D t ELLEN BARBARA KAUFFMAN Homemaking Course- College Entrance Library Staff C3, 45g Press Club C451 Future 'l'eacher's Club C3, 45 Idealistic Ellen has erected a restraining influence over many of our liberal ideas, but her scholastic record shows her to have a keen, and well- equipped mind, MARION LUELLA KINNE Commercial Course Choral Club C2 35 Stamp Club C2 35 Marion is a quiet and determined miss who makes her way calmly and quietly among the rest of us. 0, 40111 fL"'1 2-" 'DOROTHY R LLA KROENTNG Cn . ff, 4 K Homemaking Course Homemaking Club C15 Easy-going and friendly, Dot has an aversion to . study, but usually manages to get in "under the whistle . ' ' ' BERTHA LAWRENCE Home-making Course Booster Club Cl51 Swimming Club C2, 351 Choral Club C251 Basketball C2, 351 Baseball C351 Volley- ball C35 No friend of homework - Beit needs lots of noise and excitement to keep her spirits up. -. Q MILDRED IRENE MARBLE Horne-niakinpf Course Choral Club C3, 451 A Capella Choir C45 , Retiring, good-natured Mildred has distinguished herself as an active member of various chor groups. Q5 RICHARD MARTIN College Entrance Course Stamp Club Cl, 2, 55, Vice-President C25, Presi- it C351 Camera Club Ct, 35, Secretary-Treasurer 351 Choral Club C352 Press Club C251 Circulation anager C35, Assistant Editor of "Akronitc" . 5C-851 G. O. Cl, -l51"Stage Door" C451 State Music 5Contest C.l, 451 Library Staff CZ, 351 Assistant Librarian C351 German Club C3, 451Hl-Y Club C451 H Hobby Club C351 Honor Soviety C45 1- V An artist at the keyboard, well-groomed Diek 'C has partieipated in many tieltls of aetivity. We C, wish this aspiring young dovtor the best of luck F' in his future work, 5 M V do ' , T J " .Ad fry ,,.X7f.f X.,-J A , ' ,'7 X MARION JOSEPHINE MATTIE, N Commercial Course 15 r lnterelass Basketball Cl, 2, 3, 451 lnterelass Volleyball Cl, 2, 3, -l51Intert'lass Ping Pong Cl, 251 I Choral Club C3, 451 Cheerleader CZ, 3, 451 'Stage Door" C453 Sampler Club C151 Drainaties Club , C3, 451 Booster Club CZ, 351 lntervlass Softball Cl, 2, 3, 451 Hockey C351 Foul Shooting C451 kj Press Club C451 Homemaking Club Cl, 25: Camera Club C351 Badminton CZ, 3, 451 Com- mcreial Contest C45 Marion is school-spirit personified. Her bubbling enthusiasm and lusty ehet-ring have spurred our athletes on to many a glorious victory. JENNIE AMAZZA Cllr! t"f""Ollb X Holnentaltzng Course X Basketball Cl, 2, 3. 45: Softball Cl, 2, 3, 45, Batle ininton C3, 451 Volleyball CZ, 3, 451 Ping Pong CZ. 451 Txrket Seller Cl, 2, 3, 451 Tennis C351 Dramatirs Club C451 Art Club Cl, 25. Hockey C2, 351 Hotnemaking Club Cl, 151 Booster Club tz,351'1Smgt-1Jt,.tr" C45 Petite Jennie is best known by her wide, frientily smile and ber tinaffeeteti giggle. FRANCIS PHILIP MCLEOD General Course Interelass Basketball Cl, 251 lnterelass Football Cl, 251 Interelass Softball Cl51 lnterrlass Volley- ball CZ, 3, 451 Ping Pong C31 451 Handball C351 Varsity Basketball CZ, 3, 451 Varsity Football C3, 451 Varsity Baseball CZ, 3, 451 Choral Club CZ, 351 Future Farmers Club Cl, 251"A" Club C35 Sporbloving Franris, at borne in almost any field of athletics, is also esteemed for his shy, pleasant nature GEORGE MEIER, JR. Engineering Course Interelass Basketball Cl, 2, 3, 45: Interelass Softball Cl, 2, 3, 451 lntervlass Football C3, 451 Volleyball Cl, 2, 3, 451 Handball CS, 451 Badmin- ton C2, 3, 451 Tennis CJ, 45: Ping Pong Champion YU, 451 Varsity Basketball C552 2nd prize in intermural Competition C351 Draniatics Club ' , 451 Student Council C451 Press Club C2, 3, 451 viation Club Cl, 351 Wrestling C2, 351 "Stage Q-poor" C45 X A good-looking, dignified rhap, George, with his 'sparkling eyes and joyous vitality plays a mean '1 gbme of tennis and loves to -yoke. f' BERTHA JANE MUELLER j,A5,1,le+' ' lrlonieniaking Course "X Q Choral Club C3, 451 Booster Club C351 Softball XC C2, 3, 451 Basketball C251 Field Hockey C25 .,, Fun-loving Bert steers clear of homework, but always seems to be having a swell time. 21 f V WILLIAM JACOB NEHRBOSS Agriculture Course Future Farmers Club C2, 3, 45 William is little known to most of us, but his retiring nature and courteous attitude make us suspect that he is a fine comrade at heart. MARJORIE ADELIA NICE m College Entrance Course Sagnpler Club U53 Camera Club C251 Stamp Club 2 Marge revels in laughter and in thinking up excuses for not doing homework assignments. fi--lyva VJ ,E 16 A, RUBY GERTRUDE NICE gf, if, Q! Homemaking Course i dc, Homemaking Club tl, 25: Camera Club C25 Conscientious Ruby can usually be counted on to give the right answer, She doesn't even seem to mmd doing history reports. Hub ALVIN ODELL Agriculture Course WW Varsity Football C3, 45: Interclass Basketball 12, 3, 45: Interclass Football tl, 25: Future Farmers Club fl, 2, 3, 453 Interclass Baseball 42, 3, 45: Varsity Baseball t2, 45, Interclass Volley- ball C2, 3, 45 Generally silent, taking an occasional interest in athletics, bashful Alvin makes his carefree way. JACQUELINE YVONNE CLAUDETTE PACKMAN Seltnif Homemalcing Course Swimming Club C2, 35: Choral Club CZ, 3, 453 French Club t25: Basketball C351 Booster Club f2, 353 Softball Q2, 3, 45, Field Hockey 1253 "Stage Door" Q45 Vivacious "Packy" sings and giggles with equal competence. Seldom do we catch this young woman in a serious mood. -, ,Di cEc1LE PARKER YYlAlrl ll HLA College Entrance Course Choral Club 135, French Club C259 Future Teach- er's Club C45 Generous of heart, Cecile is a friend, tried and true. She has won, by her courage, the high regard and deference of every associate. N. I Bl ANNA MARIE PAVALKO Cffvlfai fpl Corrnmereial Course MV "Stage Door" C453 Interclass Basketball C45 1 h-spirited Anna never turns down hard work, A d her ability to overcome difficult situations l Q tinguishes her frcm us all. I, N- 41 ELLA MINETTE PHELPS "6 ill College Entrance Course b swimming club qc, 3, 45: orchestra 42, 3. 45: G. O. tl, 255 Press Club 12, 3, 45: Choral Club f35: Camera Club C155 Cheerleader C351 Honor Society f3, 45, Custodian 145, "Stage Door" C451 Class Secretary 1355 Class Treasurer Q45 Ella's extreme popularity may be attributed to her cheerful, sympathetic nature: Her sincere interest in others and her fertile mind assure her future success. x 'W77 ,f rt MARIE CATHERINE POODRY ill J 1-,l07Jl College Entrance Course Homemaking Club 115: Camera Club 115: 4 French Club 125: Badminton Doubles Cham- if pion 145 Rather elifticult to become acquainted with at first, Marie is a friend worth knowing. ,fl ,f NORMA POODRY Q General Course J m,f7Uv Basketball 11, 2, 3, 45, Softball 11, 2, 3, 453 Volleyball 12, 3, 451 Badminton 13, 451 Ping Pong 135: Swimming Club 11, 2, 3, 451 Tennis 145: Hockey 11, 2, 351 Dramatics Club 145, French Club 125, Choral Club 11, 2, 35, "Stage Door" 145 Carefree, but sincere, Norma has won her way into our hearts, and her cheerfulness has often kept us from gloom. WALTER POODRY Engflneering Course Football 12, 3, 451 Track 11, 25g Interclass Basket- ball 145: Softball 135 Walter has 'n unusual knack for getting into ff: trouble but Lally manages to free himself from it justiyldgtly. A if-Vi Mr t of E AUDREY PRINTUP, College Entrance Course Niagara Falls High School 11, 2, 3, 45 Although she has been with us but half a semester, we know Audrey as an intelligent, charming in- dividual well-worth knowing. WILLYS ROSENBERG S5105 uxb f. vx v f Industrial Arts Course Track 1.553 Volleyball 1352 Interclass Softball 12, 5, 45: Interelass Basketball 11, 2, 35: Inter- elass Football 125 Willys should make a good salesman, for his exvessive burden of pencils, and knack for talk- ing, seem to brand him as such. DOROTHY ADELAIDE SALVERSON General Course Blasdell High Sehool 115: Attiea High School 125: Dramatics Club 13, 451 Choral Club 13, 45: A Capella Choir 1451 "Stage Door" 145: Softball 1355 Volleyball 135, "Akronite" Advertising Staff 145 A kind, determined girl, with an amazingly pleasant disposition, Dotty puts forth inex- haustible effort to please others, never consider- ing her own interests for a moment. Mi PAY SCHALGE ,JJ Engineering! Course Interelass Football 11, 2, 35, Varsity Football 145, Interclass Basketball 11, 2, 3, 45: Volleyball 11, 2, 3, 451 Interelass Baseball 11, 2, 3, 452 Wrestling 11, 2, 3, 451 Hobby Club 12, 351 G. O. 145, Choral Club 13, 45: A Capella Choir 145, "Stage Door" 145, Track 1l, 2, 3, 45: "A" Club 135 His naturalness and naivete of manner have won for Fay the trust and fond good wishes of every- one. Honesty throughout typifies him. EARL SCHUBEL Agriculture Course F. F. A. Club 11, 2, 3, 45 Always the gentleman, rotund, reserved, Earl is evex-ybody's pal. V1 t E 3 I1 i i t 1 R Ei BESSIE NORMA SCHULTZ 2' College Entrance Course Art Club Cl1g Choral Club C215 Camera Club C2, 31: Dramatics Club C2, 3, 413 Field Hockey C2, 313 Booster Club C2, 319 Basketball C411 Softball C211 G. O. C411 Dance Club C215 "Stage Door" C41g Ticket Seller C31 Bessie has invaded many a heart with her merry smile and perpetual kindness, She has spirit and energy to a great degree. fi NORMA IOLA SEWERT . 1 iq A .r Commercial Course ' 1 " - uf,-'J Stamp Club C2, 31: Vice-President C313 Art Club C111 Camera Club C11g Dancing Club Cl1 "Good things come in small packages," they say, and in Norma's case it is true. She is a good friend and a willing worker. LELAND SLIKER General Course Interrlass Softball C2, 415 Track C41 Leland's unaffected manner and quiet coopera- tion on class projects have made him indispensa- ble. .., 'fs 4 ' u . SHIRLEY KAYE SLIKER Horneniaking Course Homemaking Club Cl, 213 Swimming Club C2, 31: Choral Club C31 Full of ringing laughter and thoroughly likeable, best describes the merry Shirley, whose whole- some giggle has brightened many an hour. IRENE ISABELLE SNYDER Conlnwercial Course Choral Club C31 Complacent Irene is soft-spoken and kind- hearted. A Q awk ,L L? Zell iff' ROBERT JAMES STAPLETON General Course Football Cl, 2, 3, 41, Captain C3, 413 Basketball C3, 415 Track C3, 41, "A" Club C3, 41: Interclass Softball C3, 413 Interclass Basketball C211 Avia- tion Club C215 Future Teacher's Club C411 "Stage Door" C413 Baseball Manager C1, 21, Basketball Manager Cl, 21 The personifieation of likeable ease and non- chalance, "Red" is extremely popular --noted for his ability in Sports and a wizard on the dance floor. 5 1 f n x X Q ? S X LAVERNE MALCOLM STRANG Agriculture Course Wrestling C41g Future Farmers Club C3, 41: "Stage Door" Verne had a terrible struggle with History but Mr. Greene persuaded this quiet, modest fellow that he'd better do it! DOROTHY MAE SWARTS Homemaking Course Homemakmg Club Cl, 21: Camera Club C21 Reproof on her lips, but a smile in her eye, D0f has had an enjoyable four years within the walls of our alma mater. w ,i .J I Q JEANETTE ETHEL SW TS M45 ' College Entrance Course '. I Orchestra Cl, 2, 3, 455 Art Club C155 oral Club Cl, 2, 3, 455 Camera Club C2, 355 Dramatics Club C3, 455 Booster Club C2. 355 G. O. C255 "Stage Door" C455 Honor Society C45 Tiny and sparkling, Jeanette chases away the blues as fast as they come along, and has an 1 amazing amount of vitality for her size. DAVID TAHAMONT C General Course Football C2, 3, 451 Track Cl, 25: Wrestling C2, 3, 45, Champion C453 Hi-Y Club C452 History Club C251 UA" Club C2, 3, 455 "Stage Door" C455 Boxing Champion C35 Dave is a good-looking, smooth chap, who hasn't a care in the world and isn't the least bit upset about it. ROBERT LEE TYLER gi Industrial Arts Course at Band Cl, 2, 3, 455 Future Farmers C2, 455 Scotch Band C2, 45 Bob has contributed a lot to our class by his support, and untiring effort. f . , ,fr 5 fmfmyfmfff. 54 55 v1oLA UPTE RAF? " VW Lf' Hon1emakingwGeneral Course Dramatics Club C455 Camera Club C25: Sampler C155 Swimming C255 Booster Club C2, 355 French Club C25 The field of matrimony looks best to quiet but cheerful Viola, and we wish her the best of luck. COLLEEN MARGARET VANDERLIP College Entrance-Music Course .gQfH4' " Choral Club C3, 45: Press Club C455 Dramatics Club C455 French Club C255 ,Honor Society C45 Colleen usually' had e r' t answer ready in History, and with chuckle, brightened the cla sro ' times. 5, f, rfffffj fi i r if5,Wf,m1, ,M MARTHA MAY WALKER. ,IMJ7 Homemaking- Science Course Choral Club C2, 351 Stamp Club C1, 2, 35: Camera Club Cl, 255 Art Club C155 Honor Society C45 Small Martha's bright and shining countenance makes her everyone's pal, and her willingness to support the class Ifrojectsijeserveslfflaim. , U1 775 Lf'e"'a' WW MARGARET ELVINA WEBER 1 . ll Home Economzcs Course Choral Club C35, Library Staff C355 Sh - hand Contest C45 Although Margaret seldom voices an opinion, her quiet steadfastness is an inspiration. AUSTIN ADAM WEILER Agriculture Course F. F. A. Cl, 2, 3, 455 Reporter of F. F. A. C355 Vice-President C455 Band C2, 3, 455 Choral Club C3, 45, RiHe Club C3, 455 Baseball C3, 45: Honor Society C45 Even-tempered "Austy" has a host of pals, and is distinguished through his vice-presidency of the F. F. A. Q4g,a,?'v4'1 tw 2204 25 ,e4ffvff1,f'! 244.0 acfwvfff W" J LIN JEANNE MARION WESEMAN LMA' MJ Homemaking Course Swimming Club C2, 3, 455 Choral Club C3, 45? A Capella Choir C45 Pretty, reticent, Jeanne is seldom heard from, but she's a real friend, and has a pleasant dis- position. I DORIS ALICE WHIPPL LN Homemaking Course we Choral Club C35 Away from us for a half semester, Doris slipped easily back into the customs of the school, and lends us her support. JOAN DORIS WILLIAMS PQI ' if . I - Science Course ' I Sampler Club C153 Band C1, 253 Swimming Club Cl, 2, 3, 453 Press Club C2, 3, 453 Future Teachers Club C453 Ping Pong C3, 453 Basketball Cl, 453 Camera Club C353 "Stage Door" C453 German Club Cl, 2, 45: Library Staii' Cl, 253 Art Club Cl, 253 G. O. C2, 35 Badminton C453 Dramatics Club C353 Tennis Club C3, 453 Ticket Seller C453 Choral Club C153 Field Hockey C453 Honor SO- ciety C45 Without Joan's enthusiastic cooperation and effervescent humor, many a class project would not have been a successi Her buoyant spirits have been an inspiration to us. 6vfVyVVVX4v N314-?af I ' fi! EMMA WINSP A j1WA,dJ 7 Commercial Course X Booster Club C253 Choral Club C1, 3, 453 Library Staff C45 A-good commercial student, Emma has individu- alism and a lot of it, and is a loyal friend. LOTTIE SOPHIE WOITASZEK ommercial Course Lottie has come out on top and has won the respect and admiration of the class and teachers by her untiring perseverance. ,Z fy CATHERINE ALICE ZRIGHT A General Course Art Club C153 Dramatics Club 3 4 ' Intercl C . 5. ass Volleyball C353 Dance Club Cl, 253 "Stage Door" , D C45 A pal, ifkthere ever was one, Kate is notedkfor activity in sports, and her cooperative spirit. -, 9 L FRANK LOUIS ZURLO l f If Comprehensive Music Course C I' Band Cl, 2, 3, 453 Orchestra C1, 2, 3, 453 Varsity Y 4' Basketball C3, 453 Interclass Basketball Cl, 253 ,A ff Interclass Softball C1, 2, 3, 453 Interclass Football ' Cl, 2, 3, 453 Interclass Volleyball C2, 3, 453 "Stage Ak, Door" C453 School Dance Orchestra C2, 3, 453 History Club C253 Honor Society C45 Frankie is serious and enthusiastic both in his sports and music. Not aggressive in any way, his energy shines forth In his fast basketball. Like "Benny" he swings a mean clarinet. -ij, 6 P JOSEPH ANTHONY ZURLO J General Course Basketball C3, 453 Baseball C3, 453 "A" Club C3, 453 Aviation Club C353 Band C1, 2, 3, 455 Basketball Manager C254 Orchestra Cl, 2, 3, 453 School Dance Orchestra C2, 3, 453 Interclass Football C1, 2, 3, 453 Interclass Basketball C1, 253 Interclass Softball Cl, 25 Another musician and a fellow who takes his sports seriously, joe has a lot of fun and isn't afraid to admit it. GLENN WILSON General Course Glenn is an inconspicuous student with a tendency to avoid the limelight. CLASSES AND ACTIVITIES i5Ms'9f" W, JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Presiden t Donna Pcrry Vice President Lucille Schalge Secretary Thelma Weiler Treasurer Geraldine Williams PN, ,Lf-f' JUNIOR CLASS SOPHOMORE CLASS -LAW I SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: Presiderit Frances Mattie Vice President Antoinette Bcrghorn Secretary Lydia Walker Treasurer Patsy Milani 28 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS: President Edward Mattioli Vice President Mary Lighter Secretary Frances Wisler '? ai g, gl -41 M . Q 9 'is C. Y if Q 9 Y' r if rs A i FRESHMAN CLASS EIGHTH GRADE EIGHTH GRADE OFFICERS: President Gerald Cummings Vice President Richard Drachenberg Secretary- Treas. Richard Hennig SENIOR HONORS E, JOHN ECKERSON ELLA PHELPS Throughouttheir four years in Akron High School, the valedictorian and salutatorian have represented all that is line in accomplishment and service. To achieve high marks was but an accompaniment, and not the theme, of their academic career. Whatever phase of extra-curricular work they undertook, it was done enthusiastically and well. This record is reiiected in their lives and that of their school, whose motto, "Achieve, honor, and serve," they have followed so faith fully. Valedictorian-JOHN ECKERSON Sal u ta totian-ELLA PHELPS Those who are to be graduated "With Highest Honor" having averages above 9091 are RICHARD BASOM IRMA BETTIO VIRGINIA CAPLE MARTHA WALKER The following constitute the other students in the senior class completing their work With Merit" on an average of 8092 and above: Ellen Kauffman Robert Basom Janet Johnston Elva Hofmeier Margaret Weber Emma Winspear Colleen Vanderlip Eleanor Babel Richard Martin Carole Donnelly Ruby Nice Anna Pavalko Marie Poodry Jeanette Swarts joan Williams Moses George Edwin Draper Janice Guy Lucille Altrogge Clara Cheavacci Kenneth I-Ioste Leo Bitterman Austin Weiler Bessie Schultz Mildred Marble Frank Zurlo Delos Cummings Dorothy Salverson Marion Mattie Edith Eldred Hugo Caporali Audrey Printup Lloyd Capan Lucille Bartram Mary Cheavacci Erving Draper Alvin Odell LaVerne Strang Ethelyn Blowers Olga Brandt .,.. Mattie Ccolored maidj ..... A Seated: D. Tahamont, J. Eckerson, I. Bettio, R. Martin, J. Williams, C. Fox, J. Guy, Ds Silverton Standing: I. Draper, D. Etzold, J. Cummings, V. Cheavacci, M. Walker, F. Schllaeggh Mazza C. Wright, L. Strang, E. Eldred, Miss Leopold, J. Swarts, M. Dietz, N. PO0d!'y,-' . UIVICCI E. Phelps, J. Johnston, A. Pavalko, R. Stapleton, M. Mattie, F. Zurfo, B. Schultz, G Meier "STAGE DOOR" presented in May, 1939 COMEDY DRAMA IN THREE ACTS Edna Ferber and George S. Kaufman THE CAST , . . .Margaret Dietz . . . .Dorothy Etzold Mary Harper QBig Maryj ........ Jeanette Swarts Mary McCune CLittle Maryj. . . . . .Marion Mattie Bernice Niemeyer ........,, Madeliene Vauclain .,.. Judith Canfield ....., Ann Bradock. . . Kaye Hamilton. . . Linda Shaw, . . . . Jean Maitland .... Bobby Melrose. . Louise Mitchell. . . Susan Paige. . . Pat Devine ..... Kendall Adams. . . . . .Norma Poodry . . . . . .Ella Phelps . . . .Joan Williams . . . . .Jennie Mazza . . .Dorothy Salverson Jacqueline Packman .. . . . . . .Janice Guy . . . . . .Bessie Schultz . . . .Catherine Wright . . .Janet Johnston . . .Edith Eldred . . . .Anna Pavalko Terry Randall. . . Tony Gillette .... Ellen Fenwick. . . Mrs. Orcutt. . . Frank .,...... Sam Hastings ...... Jimmy Devereaux .... Fred Powell ...... Lou Milhauser .... David Kingsley. . . Keith Burgess. . . Mrs. Shaw ..... Dr. Randall ..... Larry Westcott. . . Billy ..... .... . . Adolph Gretzl. . . . . . . .Irma Bettio Clarea Cheavacci Palma Bordenaro . .Martha Walker David Tahamont . . . .George Meier Robert Stapleton . . . .Victor Cheavacci . . . . .Fay Schalge . . .John Eckerson . .Richard Martin . . . .Jean Cummings . . . . .Charles Eox . . . .Irving Draper , . . . .Frank Zurlo . . .LaVerne Strang EDITORS Seated: J. Williams, C. Hutchinson, R. Martin, V. Caple, K. Regan, L. Schalge, A. Berghorn Standing: K. Dickinson, H. Richards, R. Basom lst Row: V. Oakes, K. Dickinson, C. Hutchinson, V. Caple, R. Martin, K. Regan, H. Forrcstel 2nd Row: Miss Vetter, A. Berghorn, L. Schalge, D. Perry, P. Quane, J. Guy, M. Mattie, J. Lewis, H. Swift 3rd Row: V. Cheavacci, G. Hollenbeck, R. Basom, K. Hall, E. Lcight, D. Salverson, J. Johnston, H. Richards, S. Fenton 4th Row: E. Phelps, J. Corbett, D. Salustri, C. Vanderlip, F. Mattie, E. Kaufifman, I. Bettio, C. Fox, B. Cummings PRESS CLUB During the past year, the members of the Press Club have published a monthly mimeographed pa- per, "The Akronitef' and have worked hard to make the yearbook a success. 32 ADVERTISING STAFF AND TYPISTS Seated: C. Fox, J. Eckerson, N. Enea, V. Oakes, I. Bettio, J. Cummings, D. Perry Standing: D. Salvcrson, K. Dickinson 'Sinha x X .k-- - . f Y I. T. ' L . . , iff : -, .,.. Q "" I W fl N ...... N I 9 X 1 Q ,. .. x 'Q x ' '43 . 9' -'Q .0 if X Ng Xwwfwie SY x 1 - as S Hi E ' af an N, 'X i an Q' 3 KA NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The members of this group represent the stu- dents who are outstanding in character, leadership, scholarship, and service. Election to this group is the highest honor Akron High School can bestow. President, Virginia Caple Vice President, Robert Basom Secretary, John Eckerson Treasurer, Irma Bettio Custodian, Ella Phelps lst Row: R. Basnm, E. Phelps, V. Caple, I. Bettio, J. Eckerson 2nd Row: Mr. Greene, C. Vanderlip, D. Perry, H. Forrestel, J. Swarts, M. Walker, J. Johnston, R. Martin 3rd Row: F. Zurlo, V. Oakes, L. Schalge, A. Weiler, K. Dickinson, J. Guy, J. Williams, R. Basom HI-Y The Hi-Y Club, newly organized by Mr. Greene this year, has for its pur- pose, "To create, maintain and extend throughout the school and community, high standards of Christian character," by encouraging clean speech, clean sports- manship, clean scholarship and clean living. Officers: President, John Eckerson Vice President, Charles Fox Secre ta ry, Franklin McMullen Treasurer, Gordon Dietz lst Row: G. Dietz, C. Fox, J. Eckerson, F. McMullen 2nd Row: R. Basom, Richard Basom, R. Crosson, O. Ingalsbe, S. Fenton, R. Strickland 3rd Row: R. Downey, B. Cramer, K. Klotzbach, Mr. Greene, R. Martin, C. Hutchinson, H. Richards DRAMATICS CLUB This year, the Dramatic Club, under the supervision of Miss Grace Moehlman, has spent an eventful and interesting year. For its annual production, the club presented the one-act play, "The Valiant," in assem- bly. Officers of the club are: Presiden t, Charles Fox Vice Presiden t, Irma Bettio Secretary, Virginia Oakes Treasurer, Kenneth Regan L, Seated: D. Etzold, L. Schalge, R. Buehring, E. Hofmeier, T. Weiler, M. Burdick, E. Walker, Standing: R. Martin, F. Poodry, E. Odell, I. Draper, D. Forrestel, J. Williams, Miss Vetter, H. Swift, S. Fenton, L. Poodry, K. Klotzbach, H. Richards, W. Luksch as lst Row: J. Corbett, A. Brewer, I. Bettio, C. Fox, V, Oakes, D. Perry, B. Cummings 2nd Row: J. Johnston, C. Vanderlip, K. Regan, G. Meier, O. Garry, L. Schalge 3rd Row: Miss Moehlman, B. Schultz, C. Wright, J. Lewis, V. UptegraB', C. Cheavacci, J. Swarts 4th Row: M. Walker, F. Mattie, M. Cheavacci, G. Williams, E. Leight, H. Richards, M. Drachenberg, N. Enea, M. Mattie, M. McLeod, H. Forrestel GERMAN CLUB Besides continuing the club project of correspond- ence with students in Ger- many, the members of the German Club, under the direction of Miss Vetter, prepared an assembly pro- gram of German classical and folk songs. v..,i.,. -.531 ,.., 1 " I K K 3 nl ,h , . A wg M, , Q f f' , J gp. A , 3 f Q -. ' m - ' L M- Aff A- ,.- -" L ' 21 1 ff ,Q mf. if + --4 Q- . 'J Y --it I . I ' Q, Q-1.-, P -A il! . .. K T' N' 333 W ' 5 ei X -W 9 ' V7 " MQ' V x px-, .-4 y V' N ' Af' JA "' VW 4, ' ' K 5 f L' 5' Nz' TL . , , 5. 3' A ,VX 9 5 - lui! 9 FI AAU' H43 V1 -Ax ,' E 0 u I q R. ,az i , .L W A Q !Qv' A' ' Q . I Fil , V -v - ,A 5 -I. 71 r .. 1 e 'X 1 ' L1 Q"3l ' S K' x Y W M 'G-144 - ' ,, 55' .. :Q '6:':Qf 547.935 -,. 'r 3 , i X 'v V 1-:fm w ' 4' , 1 Q, I J, - z r 1 i . K ,- G wg, Q' ix 9, if ,gf ig xx , Nw A 'A 3, s . Q vb 'L ,Q 0 ,, I QL 'iv' 1 .5 . 5 v 4, 0 , 5, -1,3 M.,Qsi:fs2Lf.s sf.gM ww K, V I liwwfzfgidu 1: xii 1 I . ,wf.3Qr4:fQ f"1. 1st Row: E. Mattioli, C. Staebell, D. Hutchinson, S. Fenton, R. Anderson, D. Ritter 2nd Row: A. Steg, A. Kietzman, A. Graf, E. Blowers, M. Marble, M. Weber, M. Dietz, L. Bertram, D. Perry, I. Bettio, J. Mattie, J. Winchester, E. Buchner, M. Caprio 3rd Row: F. Mattie, W. Downey, I. Fuller, J. Harris, J. Jeffrey, L. Walker, N. McCargar, J. Weseman, D. Salverson, J. Johnston, E. Babel, L. Schalge, V. Oakes, H. Forrestel, E. Steeprock, A. Printup 4th Row: D. Cummings, O. Ingalsbe, K. Dickinson, W. Luksch, G. Dietz, C. Fox, O. Drachenberg, Mr. Prough, R. Schackow, J. Eckerson, P. Milani, A. Kasperek, F. Schalge, B. Cramer A CAPELLA CHOIR DANCE ORCHESTRA We have a newcomer to our ranks this The dance orchestra, directed by John yearmthe A Capella Choir-made up of Eckerson and Frank Zurlo has provided boys and girls from the chorus. The choir . ' , . prepared a music drama, "Yu1etide at the many en-loyavble hours of harmonious Swing Court of King Arthur," for our Christmas for A- H- S- Hjittefbugs-H assembly. They also received a high rating in the Northwestern Music Festival. lst Row: B. Pogel, J. Guy, J. Zurlo, D. Cummings, F. Zurlo, R. Williams, H. Forrestel, D. Perry 2nd Row: S. Fenton, K. Regan, D. Salustri, J. Eckerson lf- P' l 'Y r 1. .,.-A' r . Vi. '1 FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Besides studying about their future vo- cation, the active Future Farmers have or- ganized a Rifle Club, a Scotch Band, a soft- ball team, and a basketball team. They also participated in a radio program over WBEN. As a climax to a successful year, the club sponsored its annual banquet combined with an amateur show. The club's officers are: President, Robert Basom Vice-President, Austin Weiler 1 Secretary, Charles Fox Treasurer, Howard Krull Reporter, Chester Covel 1st Row: W. Nehrboss, C. Co vel, C. Fox, A. Odell, R. Basom, A. Weiler, H. Krull, R. Strickland, K. Hostc 2nd Row: H. Sawyer, R. Crossen, L. Schultz, H. Poodry, V. Merlin, C. Swarts, W. Kucek, C. Kraatz, S. Weber, F. Murray, D. Hunt. J. Bowen, G. Wight 3rd Row: R. Blackmore, W. Luksch, J. Donaghue, A. Swarts, E. Burrows, E. Schubel, H. Goodwin, A. Pacer, R. Merlin, J. Burkhardt, Mr. Rnzelle 4th Row: G. Dietz, E. Overholt, R. Downey, L. Diver, L. Skeet, G. Tesnow, L. Swarts, H. Graeser, J. Bieniek, R. Snell, E. Odell HOBBY CLUB To further the interest of students in vo- cational hobbies is the purpose of the Hobby Club. The members have developed their talents in ceramics, Wood working, leather- craft, and metal work. Officers: President, John Holtz Vice-President, Charles Ritecz Secretary-Treasurer, Calvin Staebell Advisor, Mr. Milton Norris lst Row: C. Staebell, J. Holtz, C. Ritecz, I. Corbett, J. JeFl'rcy 2nd Row: R. Lewis, C. Kopp, J. Corbett, E. Mattioli, R. Cain, Mr. Norris, E. Tobin, R. Shanley, J. Cain, J. Harris 3rd Row: L. Altrogge, J. Schmigel, L. Corbett, D. Frey, A. Matlioli, J. Magu, R. Remsen, J. Daly V f f ,. -if 1 ' lvl Seated: V. Uptegraff, M. Mattie, D. Raduns, E. Winspear Standing: F. Zabicki, A. Pavalko, E. Kauffman, N. Sewert, A. Kaspcrek, Miss Eckerson, F. McLeod, C. Kashubu LIBRARY STAFF Of inestimable value to the student body are those who aid us in the selection of good reading material at the expense of their own leisure hours. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA To acquaint those who intend to pursue the teaching profession with their prospective responsi- bilities, Miss McMillan has organized the Akron chapter of the Future Teachers of America. The officers of the club are: . . . . . Fl President, Jean Cummings Recording Secretary, Lucille Altrogge Vice-President, Lucille Schalge Treasurer, Ella Phelps Corresponding Secretary, Eleanor Babel G. O. Representative, Richard Basom ! Faculty Advisor, Miss McMikm .Mya V' 4 IAAII1 X I5 Ist Row: A. Berghorn, D. Klotzbacli, Chappius, E. Blowers, F, johnson, N. Enea XM Znd Row: C. Vanderlip, E. Phelps, E. Babel, J. Cummings, L. Schalge, E. Hofmeier W 3rd Row: Miss McMillan, G. Newton, N. McCargar, Richard Basom, Robert Basom, M. Dietz, B. Hunt, E. Kauffman - ,s ,s 'i li 39l X I...-, will T :' H Q'-t E J ,, - I - 5 ma. af -M K E gg.. - Q... 'Q Q ,, 13 W M "H -P A . s i Q.. ' Nu 8 ., it .tux . 'AM R M555 ll V g if , l x . E 4 K if -ff 4' 13' lst Row: R. Downey, C. Koss, K. Dickinson, G. Hollenbcck, B. Cramer, D. Tahamont, A. Drachenbcrg, B. Cummings, L. Doctor, P. Ball 2nd Row: K. Mcjury, D. Salustri, A. Odell, C. Hutchinson, W. Poodry, R. Hellert, M. George, F. Schalgc, F. McLeod, M. Schalge 3rd Row: H. Swift, F. Brown, W. Stapleton, A. Kasperek, M. Diluzio, R. Brackett, M. Pisaneschi, Mr. Thomas M-.-Ti FOOTBALL Coach Bill Thomas inaugurated his 1939 sporting season by produc- ing a championship football team. The fighting Tigers enjoyed a very successful season with five wins, one loss, and a conference title. Akron High bids farewell to the following Seniors: R. Stapleton, M. George, D. Tahamont, P. Ball, B. Cummings, W. Poodry, F. McLeod, A. O'Dell, F. Schalge. The biggest event of the year was when the Tigers defeated, for the first time in A. H. S. history, the Williamsville eleven. Coming from behind, the team went to a glorious victory. Logan and Cummings led Akron's attack. Thus, a nearly perfect season came to an end, with two new glories coming to Akron High. Coach Thomas and his team deserve much credit for their courage and skill in bringing glory to Akron. Leaders of the Weslern New York Inlerseholu- lic Conference SCORES Akron 20- Springville 6 Akron 13- Medina 6 Akron 40- Oakfield 7 Akron 12- Amherst 7 'Akron 0- Lima, Ohio 15 Akron 13- Williamsville 6 'Non conference game ,, lst Row: A. Drachenberg, D. Tahamont, R. Downey, B. Cramer, K. Dickinson, P. Ball, C. Koss 2nd Row: B, Cummings, L. Doctor, B. Logan, R. Stapleton Seated: H. Swift, Mr. Cerato, Mr. Thomas, M. Pisaneschi, M. Schalge Standing: J. Zurlo, M. George, M. Diluzio, D. Salustri, W. Stapleton, A. Drachenbcrg, F. McLeod, P. McLeod R. Stapleton, K. Mcjury, A. Caporali, F. Zurlo BASKETBALL The Akron High School basketball team, came through the 1938-1939 cam- paign in fairly good style in the Northern Erie League by winning seven games and losing nine. In spite of the losses sustained, the team showed the fighting spirit for which Akron High is famous and truly served the school in victory and defeat. The team inaugurated the season in new orange and black uniforms which made a snappy appearance on the floor. The 1938-1939 schedule and results are as follows: We They We They Williamsville 23 40 Depew 14 48 Depew 12 31 Albion 30 25 Clarence 34 19 Clarence 3 1 23 Lancaster 14 30 Lancaster 1 5 34 Albion 20 23 Alden 43 2 2 Alden 47 30 Pine Hill 30 ' 25 Pine Hill 34 24 Amherst 20 2 7 Amherst 23 45 Williamsville 31 54 -,...,., .lf Hg' Seated: F. McLeod, L. Doctor, H. Dennis, P. McLeod, A. Drachenberg, J. Mattie, M. Diluzio, D. Salustri, H. Schultz, C. Koss, J. Zurlo Standing: Mr. Cerato, M. Pisaneschi, G. Hollenbeck, R. Schackow, A. Weilcr, J. Rung, D. Doctor, A. Caporali, L. Demonja, M. Schalge, H. Swift, Mr. Thomas BASEBALL When the 1939 call for baseball was made, six veterans responded, together with a large group of prospective rookies. With this start, Coach Thomas went to work in building up his pennant-bidding team. Scores and games are as follows: Clarence-4 at Akron-9 Akron-14 at Alden-10 Williamsville-0 at Akron-1 Pine Hill-4 at Akron-8 Akron-6 at Pine Hill-7 East Pembroke-3 at Akron-11 East Pembroke-5 at Akron-13 Akron-4 at Amherstkl The remainder of the schedule is as follows: Amherst at Akron Akron at Clarence Alden at Akron :Ie 7 -1,,"': 'ff 2 5.9-q 4 'ffr' ' ",,j:?. sf xl, X " . ', -A " X f 2 1. 'i we ' .'.W'4Ti!"1 -' ' lst Row: P. Milani, P. Ball, C. Hutchinson, F. Schalge, R. Stapleton, C. Hoffman, A. Kasperek, M. George M. Massaro 2nd Row: V. Cheavacci, Mr. Bates,M. Abraham, V. Bucceri, F. Brown, A. Stratton, H. Abrams, O. Ingalsbe, H. Martin, D. Stone, B. Cummings, J. Bluck, Mr. Ogden, K. Mcjury 3rd Row: C. Ellis, W. Bluck, G. Mitten, K. Buchner, A. Carroll, W. Stapleton, L. Bitterman, K. Litfm, W. Jones M. Abrams, N. Flint, A. Pacer, J. Ellis, E. Mattioli TRACK For the iifth consecutive year, Akron has sponsored a track team under the direction of Mr. Bates, assisted by Mr. Ogden. With much prospective young material, the coach plans to be able to build a team that within a few years will be invincible in Westem New York track competition. The first tri-meet at Amherst proved to Coach Bates that he needed more field power. However, Akron did well, scoring 36LQ points. Schalge scored 6 points for Akron, Cum- mings, 8. Stapleton and Hoffman each scored 3. Other dates have been reserved for meets with Lancaster, Medina, and Pine Hill, with a conference meet at Albion and a Western New York intersectional meet to be held at Kenmore at the close of the season. A new record established this season has been the mile run by Fay Schalge in 5'06". ' asv lv fx f O! .sinks 'lf ga. 4? M' .seq-. lst Row: P. Quane, V. Greene, J. Hunt, A. Brucker,'E. Walker, R. Zeiss, C. Stempien, D. Cummings 2nd Row: D. Whipple, C. Donnelly, L. Poodry, N. Sewert, R. Nice, L. Leswing, R. Phelps, C. Nehrboss, F. Raykowski, A. Berghorn 3rd Row: V. Bluhm, B. Hunt, J. Keehn, J. Bluhm, G. Williams, C. Kepner, B. Schultz, I. Bettio, F. Mattie, M. Nice, L. Schalge, J. Lewis 4th Row: E. Phelps, S. Mann, F. Kubis, R. Miller, G. Charles, Miss Smith, F. Wisler, E. Hellert, E. Wheling, J. Blackchief, D. Klotzbach GIRL'S SPORTS The girls this year have rivaled the boys in intramural sports. Tournaments in ping pong, tennis, volleyball, softball, basketball and bad- minton have kept the feminine athlete busy all year. The sophomores carried off the honors in all these sports, although the seniors gave them stiff compe- tition. Girls' track has been introduced recently. There has been more interest shown in sports this year than ever before, and the girls are improving in everything they undertake. ADVERTISEMENTS VILLAGE OF AKRON "A Splendid Place to Live" Make your home in Akron-Within a few minutes of Buffalo, Lancaster, Medina, Lockport, Williamsville, and Batavia Municipal owned and operated Water System Sewer System Electric System Two Railroads Bus System Original Mushroom Tunnels Gypsum and Cement Mines Home of Akron Falls Park AKRON Beautiful Healthful Good Homes Good Schools Good Churches VILLAGE OFFICERS Robert J. Robinson, Mayor Grover B. Meahl, Trustee Floyd Flint, Trustee Herbert M. Dickinson, Trustee Karl F. Caple, Village Clerk Sylvester Stuhler, Trustee Lloyd Schad, Street Commissioner Wm. H. Robinson, Village Attorney START SAVING NOW prepare for the future A. P. P. F orrestel W. Buckley E. Robinson N. Martin BY SAVING if ar if Open an interest account at the BANK OF AKRON E. P. FORRESTEL, President ANDERSON, Vice President and A. H. BURG, Assistant Cashier DIRECTORS Cashier C. C. A A . Wilcox . Hogerson H. Burg Anderson Compliments of FORRESTEL NURSERIES Claude Sievers Manager and Tree-Surgeon Akron, N. Y. Congratulations to the Class of 1939 from THE AKRON HOME BAKERY A. Covel and E. Covel, Props. 33 Main Street Phone 33 We Deliver Com plimen ts of DANAHY-FAXON Meats Groceries Stop That Hungry Feeling SUGAR BOWL Main Street Batavia, N. Y. TYPEWRITERS Sold, Rented, Repaired CARLTON M. SLEGHT "The Bookstore" 67 Main Street Batavia, N. Y. Compliments of LOUISVILLE CEMENT CO. Akron New York Compliments of ALEX SMITH Contract Trucking Compliments of BITTERMAN'S GRILL 199 East Avenue Compliments of DR. H. W. TRICK FAY W. GRAVES Funeral Director Lady Assistant Sc to 51.00 Store Paint-Wall Paper-Floor Coverings Electric Appliances Clarence, N. Y. Phone 215-J Compliments of For McCormick-Deering Farm AKRON INSURANCE AGENCY Implements See Clare W' Oakes HAROLD G. MCVEAN Agent Phone 116F22 Akron, N. Y. R. S. MILLS BL SON Furniture jewelry Volney L. Mills, Funeral Director Phone 99 FLINT-CHEVROLET SALES 81, SERVICE 30 Main, Akron, N. Y. New and Used Cars Gulf Gasoline Zenith Radios Easy Washing Machines Leonard Refrigerators Progress Cleaners Phone 1 0 7 FRANCIS A. UHRICH Portrait And Commercial Photographer Photographs in this book by . . F. A. Uhrich I Hamburg 714 Hamburg, N. Y. PIERRE'S SANDWICH SHOPPE Famous for Quality Since 1921 Hot Roast Beef 10c Two Miles East of Clarence on the Main Road Compliments of THE ORANGE AND BLACK INN Main Road, R. F. D. Akron, N. Y. LARKIN'S CASH MARKET Choice Meats and Home Dressed Poultry Clarence, New York Phone 281 We Deliver HENRY W. DYE Insurance Advisor 81 Eckerson Avenue Akron, N. Y. Phone 1 R. E. ROBINSON Els SON Clothing, Fumishings, and Shoes 57 Main Street Phone 79 Akron, New York Compliments of R. G. STANBURY, M. D. Compliments of WARD'S DRY MILK Akron, N. Y. l Compliments of COLD SPRING CONSTRUCTION CO. Rings Pins Keys Engraved Announcements and Stationery For School, Sorority and Club Use O CHARLES C. SPIES Representative I 267 Kinsey Avenue, Kenmore, N. Y. Compliments of C. E. TOWNSEND Open Evenings Groceries Meats Seeds We Deliver Phone 186 Akron, N. Y. H. W. BERNHARDT Funeral Home 130 Main Street Akron, N. Y. Phone Akron 22 Compliments of DR. GLEN J. WEAVER Veterinarian DRESS UP Make it early . . . but let the style be late! o MCALPINE, BRUMSTED 85 CO. The Clothiets Batavia New York ESSO SERVICE STATION P. A. Hess Gasoline - Kerosene - Motor Oils Guaranteed Batteries - Tires and Accessories Phone 1 70 -W Compliments of RAYMOND BURCHELL D.D.S. G. B. MEAHL Concrete Blocks and Ice Air Conditioned Refrigerators Akron, N. Y. Compliments of J. L. DARGAN, M. D. Pontiac Cars Sunoco Gasoline Best Wishes to the AKRON SERVICE GARAGE, INC. Class Of 1939 AKRON GREENHOUSES Phone 66 Mill and Mechanic St., Akron, N. Y. Flowers For All Occasions 143 East Avenue Akron, N. Y. MARTIN BROTHERS GARAGE 10 Main Street Akron, N. Y Try It! Compare lt! OUR HOME MADE ICE CREAM 30c a Quart THE OASIS -I DAIGLER'S MARKET M ea ts Groceries Veg e ta bles We Deliver Phone 10 Compliments of Mrs. Eva Schad-Howard O. Cline Funeral Service Paint Wall Paper Akron, N. Y. Compliments of DA-N I RESTAURANT E. W. BATES Choice Meats Groceries and Vegetables Phone 83 We Deliver PERRY'S QUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS Akron-Maid Ice Cream Milk Cream Flaked Buttermilk Creamed Cottage Cheese "Dari-Rich" Chocolate Milk "Green Spot" Orangeade Special Orders Filled and Delivered Promptly PERRY'S DAIRY Phone 88 Akron, N. Y. CENTRAL GARAGE Oldsmobile Sales Bu Service Philco Radios Kelvinator Refrigerators 29 Buffalo St. Phone 20 DONALD A. KELSEY Optometrist 5 Main Street Lockport, N. Y. Let Us Do Your Dry Cleaning CONWAY DRY CLEANING COMPANY Lockport, N. Y. Phone Akron 79 R. E. ROBINSON 85 SON Local Agents For Watches and Jewelry of Fine Quality and Good Value See HARRY HAMILL Jeweler Lockport, N. Y. HAMILTON - GRUEN - ELGIN WATCHES The Perfect Graduation Gift Edward T. Boes-Jeweler Bewley Bldg., 2 Market Street Lockport, N. Y. HARRISON ILES DRY CLEANING, INC. 67 Locust Street Lockport, N. Y. RED Bu WHITE STORE E. J. som WILLIAMS BROTHERS CO. The Style and Shopping Center of Niagara County 37 Main Street Akron, N. Y. Lockport, N. Y. THE BEST INVESTMENT! In this country more people earn money in business than in all other occupations combined. YOUR opportunity is there! Our courses will give you a superior training, and best of all, our unexcelled placement bureau will enable you to "cash in" on your investment. One and two-year courses for high school and college graduates. Summer Term opens july 10 Fall Term, September 18 Catalog on request 3 lillQ5il . , I ,LLB- , .. - - ' Q. . L chown Choo Q4 Business 734-750 Main St. WAshington 21 1 7 ESCO MILK COOLER with Kelvination Unit 4-6-8-10--12 Can Complete Line Commercial For a More Lovely "You" Get One of Our Permanents Refrigeration LEONE BEAUTY SHOPPE SALWAY'S The Big Store on a Little Street . 79 Main St. Phone 252 Batavia, N. Y. Eyes Examined Glasses Fitted Compliments of CHARLES E. HOWARD DR. GEO. J. COOK, OPT. D. Optometrist-Eyesight Specialist P. V. O'Connell. Assistant 187 Genesee Street, Cor. Elm Formerly Broadway near Michigan Phone CL. 3306 Hours 9 A.M. to 6 P. M. UNIFORMS BY OSTWALD Inventors and Exclusive Manufacturers of the "ADJUSTABLE" SCHOOL BAND UNIFORM 18 East 16th St. New York Fumished the new band uniforms for Akron High School STONE'S DRUG STORE Buy from your Local Merchants 250-Page Tablets 10c Save at Stone's General Insurance This agency wishes to express its appreciation of the business you have so kindly given us. Should you, at any time, desire to increase your line or secure other forms of indemnity, we shall indeed be happy to handle your business for you. All Big Fires are small at the start. Be Careful! MRS. JOHN F. LOFTUS Clinton Street Akron, New York SAM FREY GARAGE Towing Welding Phone 139-R Akron, N. Y. Compliments of the AKRON PRODUCE COMPANY 5 mo CLe I.LAn BAND AND ORCHESTRA INSTRUMENTS X. muflc Houma EASSREME Qggizm, QQ? .Q f' V t W l lNSTIUMl .RlED.I:S':'::MlNYS l ffl 9' ui A H.: K i ' , Pen l-M eller ' C::lllN:TS nn ' '91 732 Mmm srnssr ww. was BUFFALO, IIY Compliments ot' E. C. LAUGHLIN ACCURATE TIME Is so important in life's success. Buy your watches here with our guarantee and our credit system. STEWART'S JEWELRY STORE Main Street Akron, N. Y. Sinclair Gas and Oil Hunt's Service Station 16 Mechanic Street Used Cars Tires Phone 145 Lubrication Washing Let Us Keep Your Clothes Like New Suits - Dresses - Topcoats PARIS DRY CLEANERS Rugs-Drapes-Curtains, etc. Expertly Dry Cleaned 9 WEST MAIN STREET LOCKIPORT, N. Y . 35561 .F 59A 1 , I f ' f A v,, f ex. ,Mk it Wil? wifi' 5' ' 'I fx Q' , g 1 ' ,. 1, 19' 0150 6If7V7ffL2' 'Q 7 it I' Q ff ' 1 ' or 1 Q H' '."ffA?1-i .Q ri, fx ' ? 4- , ,"L.. ' T0 THE enioti. Congratulations on the suc- cessful completion of your course. As you embark upon your se- lected vocation you will profit by knowing that good printing and lithography are a mighty force in the business world. . Printing . . . the inseparable companion of achievement L . . is the fifth largest industry in the country. Its dominant position is the result of unceasing efforts on the part of printers and lithograph- ers like ourselves, to strive for per- fection in the printed piece. We would be happy to show you through our plant. NVNI. J. KElJ.ER INC. Commercial Printers Photo-Lithographers GR. 2164 - MAIN AT VIRGINIA f BUFFALO, N. Y. mr .

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