Akron Central High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Akron, OH)

 - Class of 1968

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Akron Central High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Akron, OH) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 152 of the 1968 volume:

'WEKFQ -" V-I-Awswfw ,Q - v, , ,,, . .A . a- M ,WQQKMW , A , Af "A 'VV MA-fa A V' ' ww. ' ' 4' . ' . , " 1 least! -' A,"3.Vf -H-any -" " ,. ' z ' ' 'H ' f,zfp,,' CQ, p ,, Af' A W 1, v AV V N, " .. ar, AXA, A 1 h VJ., A! N J A, g W ,, ,Wi 'VV ffiwff ,lf 4 ,- " " 'MI-f"A"1 1 Lian. 'Aw f. ,. 4- v ivrv f. , ' WV -Ax f.J'f.Af'f ' 4 V 2 Yi A A ,4 Ay, 'Riff Na' A V 1- "3-1' if VZ' , N, i In fgi-fag?-. 4' K- galffy 31- 47v?,,i ,, 'P , , "+A VW..V.n...,,-A A A- A- 11" WL' 1 A ':.. pt, v- ..A,. A ,il A,'f'.?W .4kJf,f':,."A'!"'.. ,,,' .Haw -. ' , wf',.n,. ' 4 -Af, LA?" ff' 1 ,fl W- 'Vw ' HN m- ,V.,V4.wA :gf mf ,,wA.zf'f Vw wif, ' in , 1-fggga v-A ,-VL, J' 35,14 - V Ezfgyjj fsfjui g-ZJV-i 'Q AA 4' AQ A A MVA fa ,V A V 'S 'V-. V ' .. 'I 'f' " -v"4?". ,If V1 1 z3?b"f":"' ?f?,V'+V'ffJ-f" " ia' an A , 5:93 ,QJQJWA-,, -,nv 4-g.Y.pf,k . fi . V-7:5 . it A iw ,,,,, 'V 'm 1 ,... A ,new .-," Af ,nv 31,1-fa -'A-1 ,A Q, Q4 f, .yy--..'VQ, A, , .w"1'- 1 s I Iymptngiyg 'f K, K5 V k:iAaBL.,Kf:"?q,,xQ55-MA. .Q1 , g. Q ,qw .r V It, ,Mi-,2'.M , w.L.w:I'.'5f A ,AA - A 'Aifw WW' .. -AJSY1-Q, .si-',S1Fv'-ff'VA-dA, -"',"fS'ff+-w'5?:'sf":. f'. fa 'e.6'zff2"f"V'--5 W 'Asp' 417 .W-,, .5 .N ., Y., ,.g-A 4.'AA. .. arg, AA., , , , ,mf -V". 57532 V ' -z:f?'4C'QEAf5?f.?v1 ff ww' Af"'5'A-q5J"'13?i.w,V 3" ""' A fbi"-A AL: '1j- .V 1-gg fvfag' "limi ' V- " 1,9 A. vs ff" .',.tg5,f,v- 'IA ,,"Q '-f 3, .QW ,,gf3Ew:.i:'LQL-A..'?.g Q. r' 7. L' .,Q: "ff ,, VL 8-Maw Aw- ' -ff-MA1?5.Bf', .Q'A"'x7':--"'L'- A' A " SV -g nz x ' A' SAA V" 'Y Aw A 5 Af ww Ar,gya :SLA V",yV ,gf , Lp ,f"i'P5,-,1i:v"AifH3f3Ag- Aim A - ft' 'ffw f.-,V N A - ,-A,:AaFA wif," 'A:":g .,n.f"f',A-Aw' QQ,z:,"5,7 1 V .limi M.. ,ff54e,,:V yifiz 5.55 .tafdfw-gi . A gs,.A,4,f ,.., V1 A-'ff N 6 ,, 4,k,jfGv A , .. 1, ,. 1, A-, ,' H-WA" "-"" -A'-JV 'wf'VA-:- ' '1 ,QW-X' A-Q' .. , Q' V.i ' "A" fy ',,, -v 1 7 V," 'K ,f V ' .V 1 , " fu? ., Qc-AV: ,, ' V '+g.xw'1f AxA'f'-f'1A-,:V- ,f-V,z-AV-:V,,A.A,-1 ,V V-:S"A-A,-5'A-' . , -p:'-,VV"'V.A-- 1- A.-Af--.. A f 4 A VV ' AV ,H A ,- Air -' A- gi"vp.3:,A5:,,g5 V '4'.N,z-A,-5,fj,?gfA3g:1q,Q-2:25-V ,:fi5,553',1ffQ,r,,5'.Q?7Qg:fLb 5.A,,5.lj"Q.ng4q,A,3ifZrx -, J. , X, 5-my zfjfwh' ,gqi.:,i.:,:.w,,.a,VA,fAh gil, 5.5.2 37,h4.LQj:-,:gm,.. .,3,M..: ,tv-g13.wl3,9.v?kMm- ,g,,4.i3:y-nw, A P, A ,VA 1? .V , Q. 02, -A...A'J 7.,,::L,V , .rf -.,V , gglh 3:-, ,165 v-fx ,ff N4 ,..,, .jfs 1:-, A x,, l, 1V .jg , " x M ,, - , .Q "Vg V wf,-g-s'-,"A, LJ., 15-A ,. 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D-J ' .A V "" A A ' 'K ' .V, V V - fm- VA-A, 'A ., 12 'A VN , 'dz A ,,,. -AA' ,fw V 'V - 4 ' A ,, 'Q Q-'QA ., , f is q W Q VA g Q., V fAL,g:y,,M,?v5-, W, A Q, , V. ., M ,, ,Lffigfv E H' , l ff, 41 eff" Y' , Ax 'Am ' , Je' A 3, X1 -, 'gg ,.v,j',,-1,-ima , ,- AV f 'V iw ,vga f " ' ,,, M V ' 1,Awg,4f,.5,..m . ,Mm . A , . " ' , f V-AA? 9 !f',f'7" -' 51 , Vi - 'W'-A if 1 WLT! q i: 5-'li ,in fb' '- "ls: e A . ' A "1 : 3? 5 A' W' .V i , AM 7' W in if, ,j R Au ir 55,1 L-,as f Y "X "Avd,..U.- AM. r X 'fgzlh ' ' ,ya 4 VL Ai. 54,21- 1 1 ' HV . ' 'v . V '1 NEI" V 7 K Q' " , " " if ' 1 , , . ,,A, , , ,V , ,V i - UA Aww- . A.-A., -I-A . fe, -V , . V , LV ,V VV, A AA-A V wr, AMSAVAV V 5 -W , V A AAA- Y' V - 7:25, .Q .- . 6 V V I dk ,gg V. . lx, A A if Q NJ, : V iv l . A h, X g , V W 'A -V , 1 '.- ' ,J ' 'ii 4QAY F 'fm ., ASV.. ' W" ., ,. ,,.. 1, N A A 1 ,M mwah: . . , W ' U f f W Q 1 YT .' L f 'ikfVjfff " ' if YW GJ wc J is W u5"EfMfw WM ' G Q22 7 QV t ,UMM 10,9335 M W W My 'W DffZifWJ5fOM'W QNSW3 s NS vw img fm if 5 2 MSW sk xx- 'S Qffiii' gxgfgmwigwg Nw Si iwwxggis wwf sg? at Q S- 5? My 46 ffm Q f Xp xx I Qld? ff- lf? ,Frm ,Y X 2 JF" 23 ff w fy J6 2 J 356 Wojdpilxffdjiw jg ffffQ ,QM3 fag Ap ga 9 H if MMM! Eigffffivc ELWQH V nf 'ff' Q 65523522 Qfrf KW gags? In 1 df U A fL A + - + M nihahnuan-buds.. ,wif ' X Hynix S xi-fu. ' i ax W ,fy SE '51 , Q' W , W ,., QNJSMAS nj 4 Ykwb x by ffiw LO4.w'5 N My ,J :ful KVM c,.'5'5 , M O , Lcasbe? wif X , ,L WH C lwvfw m Uyuzffvwijfnl 011 l Lib! J ' MVV V 4 . .5 gb' f w, x Ubi' Q . gig fi 2g1 N E 'SK -3 '2X- iffx-QEFXRQBSZX A 'KA B Q14 , 'afwx V. gg, N 4554743 P QL! wfgxffgggia 2 iw T35 ZX - sig Contents Theme pg. 4 Administration and Faculty pg. 17 Activities pg. 25 Royalty pg. 39 Organizations pg. 49 Athletics pg. 65 Underclassmen pg. 123 Advertisements pg. 133 Seniors pg. 85 . ,,. ,Z 4 'G ., M., W 44 4, ' nf, , v ' f , , s my , f' fu V ' Wa We Praise Thee, Our Alma Mater 5-as f H. K1 I X Lai FSS: .NJ REQ ,. Our voice in song we raise, Af 4,7 A fi i' W, ffm. ff W2 gf fy I , iii Q 'ff 14' . ffiy if M f ff X? ff, gl QV 'iw 4 "2 Pork 'W 4 ,lp aess us ll V -f ? ge iff 3 gig sa ,sg 1 H631 M2 f 2 ' 3 , s 5 f 3 g y A 5 H15 2 I f ig ' Q .,.,, . Zfffxf S' . ",,.4-"' Our hearts filled with admiration Recalling happy days from year to year thou guidest us, an it ff A, 4 , .,, ., ,, f, f f f ,554 W Wim , fain Maia? W, "film, Q Tv www ,J M, f ,.,.V through all our joys and fears .K , ,..L N,W, , W,,,,WQ-'W vf'f - W fm sf' ai! if Zgs N W :Fx 37: M V 7 f, 2' X, fi E 2 E s z E E ' 2 , if v s 1 X , 1 1 P t . P V P ' e K . I 2 'E i- N 1 S x i P I E Y r ' 'I 4 l Y we always will remember you My A ,iw .14 N in-. fir ' -J' A ,xv V. 3' . 4 Q Y, ,4,"l79- 7 'K ,JB 'mi 4004- QA. ' -13 - . X 'O ,3 ,R 6. f L -5 'H . if 1 , , .mv Y 1 4' L rm . 'i A1' 1 1-1' TA 3' 1 ' '54 'iw -1 .Uv Q fvh ' kts' Yew' Q. y . Wy-3 If .' ' :'wfi,a. , 4 Q 2 it if se , ' . f, ,, if ' U. , , Mx' in ! ,, 5 . J' i,A as 9 '4 .W R. 5 2 ' A . "A M. ,, x wmmwz V .- , A fx , ,V ,,,Sr,A W, A , ,.v,' vx,,'1i,',, f H' A L' wiewfy K ' Q iw V Ma , ,. we Q4 ss, fy , :Ll 5 if sis-1-an Mr. Kenneth Moore Principal dministmtiue Heads guns- Mr. Frank Hanson Assistant Principal nuv""'3""'-3 MR. JOHN LEHMAN Boys Counselor ss "-S.. MRS. MIRIAM ISHAM Girls Counselor Counselors and Secretaries MR. JAMES SCOBIE MRS. THORN, MRS. HARGROVE Freshman Counselor Secretaries as X--, E XX ' ., H I A rfrff x ffj, V ,V ,,.,, ip 1f.ff'! J' ,f f www MISS ALINLI BACLAWSKI MRS. BERNIECE BLICKLE MRS. JUDY CHAPMAN B.S. Western Reserve University B.S. University of Akron B.A. University of Akron M.A. University of Chicago M.E. Kent State ,war -nk 12 1 are f .1-1 W MRS. ANNA CONTI MR. JOHN DOLENSKY MR. WAYNE DOUGLAS A.B. Pembroke College B.S. University of Akron M.A. Kent State University M.A. Radcliffe College M.E. Kent State University 7 be 9 A 15' I w , f 'CML HU umm MRS. EILEEN DUBE MR. FRANK EPLIN MRS. PAT FISCHER B.A. University of Akron B.A. Morris Harvey B.S. Bowling Green University M.A. Ball State University if MRS. BRENDA GLOVER MR. JOHN GONDORCHIN MRS. FRANCES GORDON B.S. University of Akron B.S. Shippensburg State B.A. University of Akron MR. WILSON GRAHAM MR. RAYMOND GROSS MR. HAROLD HANNA B.S. Kent State University B.S. Kent State University B.A. University of Akron MR. LEE R. HAYNES MR. ROBERT HENDRICKSON MR. FRED HEYBURN B.A. University of Akron B.S. University of Akron B.S. University of Akron MR. ROLAND HILL MRS. VLORIQNCIQ HULL B.S. Kent State University B.Ii. University of Akron NLE. Kent State University 5 Hg 3 K MRS. liLIZABliTll KINII B.A. University of Akron .45 12 'T? X MR. PATRICK KING MRS, ROSE ANN LOWE MR. GEORGE LUNDSTROM B.A. Westminister College M.E. Kent State University B.A. University of Akron B.S. University of Akron ,rf-A-2' ,,,...,,....-- was ...f-"" MA ' MR. FRED MALIGIO MRS, PATRICIA MARMADUKE B.S. University of Akron B.A. University of Akron M.E. Kent State University MR. BRUCE MOORE B.S. University of Florida C? MR. WILLIAM R. NICIIOLSON MR. ROMEO PARENTI MISS LINDA PATTON A.B.,B,S. Bowling Green University B. A. University of Akron B.A. Youngstown University A,M. University of Michigan s... 4 Xi, MRS. JOAN ROBERTSON MISS MARGARET ROYKA MR. JOHN SAMPLES B.A. College of Wooster B.A. University of Akron B.A. Salem College M.A. Ohio University MR. NORGE J. SANTIN MR. JAMES SCOBIE MISS ILA SHRIVER B.S. Ohio State University M.E. Kent State University B.S. University of Akron M.S. University of Akron MR. .IOSLLPH SIIQGVERTH Q MRS. MARJORIIL SPLICHER MR. JOHN STONIC B.S. Bowling Green Univehifyi Mil- B.S. Bowling Green University B.S. University ot'Akron Kent State University . 'g5'?'rm er f I" '69 ! i I MQW MR. M. Ii. Tl-LRRASS MRS. DARLENIC TROYER MR. RON VARGO B.A., BJC. University ot' Akron B.A, University of Akron B.S. Kent State University M.A. University ot' Kentucky MR. JAMES WASIL MRS. HERMINIA WILLIAMS MRS. RUTH ZUIIZLSDORF B.A. Kent State University, M.A. B,S. Kent State University BA- U11iV6TSiQ' of Akfim, Mif- Univgrgity 0f1AkrOn Kent State University A ,V ,W f A.,,,Mwm W4WffNzfwzffgxnW 3 A W ei "Caddy Awards" lst Place F.T.A. The Dirty Dozen 2nd Place e Booster Club The Russian Ballet 3rd Place e Chess Club Awards to Unsung Heroes .mfs fr 1 Whatever happened to Baby Jani? Our next hero is . .. They could have danced all night! Pictures by Rick Ackern Here she comesvMiss Universe! Club ight How about you, Number Gne? Has Sparks missed his shoes yet? Once upon a time . . . 0 QA. nj.: WL.: 1,3 'Nw fight to the end to find the candy fo in the city dump. Candy Sale Assembly The Lost Formufa A QE The MacAfees discuss a fain- ily problem. Albert Peterson Rose Alvarez . . Conrad Birdie . Kim MacAfee . Mrs. MacAfee . Mr. MacAfee . . Randolph MacAfee. . . Hugo Peabody. Mae Peterson. . Gloria Rasputin Mayor ...... Mayorls Wife . . Ursula Merkle . Reporters. . . Sad Girls . . . CAST . . . Tim Miller . . . . Brenda lson . . . . .Steve Nelson . . . .Linda Klespies . . .Anne Speharovic , . . . .Gary Weiss . . . Pat Finley . . .Jim Hodge . . . . . Netoslilones . . . . .Connie Culver Leonard DeBenedictis .Mary Ann Gebhardt . . . . . . .Dee Powell . . .Herb Eldridge Ed Eitner Russell Carr . . . . .Barb Ashbee Becky Johnson Tired of waiting for her Hband of goldl' Rosie goes out on the town. K Stage directions are given by Mr. Hill "Bye B ye Birdie QSBYUQS FRONT Terri Patterson Kathy Hengle Clarice Hanks BACK Becky Johnson Sue Hamric Jane Finney Senior Debbie Galbraith, Captain "Willie,', Peggy Johnson Barb Ashbee, Senior Carol Varner, Senior W., 'ff M, Barb Rezack "69" Bren da lson "68" The l96 -68 H igh-Stepping Judy Edmond "68" Head Majorette M ajorettes Central's 1967-68 high-stepping majorette line was carefully chosen May 21, 1967. Each of the girls was required to learn two routines and to organize their own feature routine. Beingjudged on their poise, ability, appearance, scholastic and citizen- ship grades, give the girls something to work for. For the most part, each majorette sets an example for all Cen- tral girls. Being a majorette is not all glam- our and no work. The majorettes held summer practices for parades and extra practices for the games in order to perfect their difficult rou- tines, A few of their feature numbers this year were "Swing Low," "Walk on the Wild Side," "Joshua," and "Pink Panther." Nancy Garrison "68', l. Netosh Jones, Brenda Ison, Nancy Garrison, Barb Rezack, and Donna Price. Cen ter, Head Majorettegjudy Edmond. Donna Price "6S" Netoslr Jones MGS" Q D D S Boy's Quartet Leonard DeBenedictis, Don Mercer, Ed Eitner, Tim Miller. Symphonic Choir Acappell Vocal Music Department The choirs at Central have had a busy year. Highlights of the 1967-68 school year included two performances of "Bye Bye Birdie," concerts at Thanksgiving and Christmas as well as Easter. Central has been well represented at many outside func- tions around Akron throughout the year. The Acappella Choir did a half-hour T.V. show on Channel 23 at Christ- mas time and performed for P.T.A. groups, Alumni associa- tions, and Akron Council P.T.A. Founder's Day. Something new was added this year for May Festival. l The Acappella Choir participated with eight other high , schools in a "Choir in the Round" program at Firestone Ch O I l' High School, May 10, 1968. There were other changes in the music department. The names of the choirs were changed to Acappella, and Sym- phonic Choirs. This was done to allow more students at any grade level at Central to participate in the choral program. G i rl 'S Sextette Roland Hill, Director Anne Speharovic, Beverly Ray, Jackie Williams, Althea Ro- per, Becky Cooper. NOT PICTURED: Cynthia Johnson. ROW TWO1 Tom Peterson, Herb Eldridge, Bob Dolan, Don Long, Steve Nelson, Joe Griffith, Tom McLaugh- lin, Tim Miller, Leonard DeBenedictis. ROW ONE: Netosh Jones, Brenda lson, Janet Booth, Terry Jones, Anne Speharovic, Jackie Williams, Becky Cooper, Mary Ann Gebhardt, Shirlee Kaylor. Mixed Ensemble 25? PWM K, The l96 -68 Wildcat Marching Band MAJORETTES: N. Jones, B. Rezack, N. Garrison, Head Majorette: Judy Edmond, Brenda lson, D. Price. BAND FRONT TO BACK: T. Peterson, A. Vertueci, B. Rutan, B. Baylor, J, Soros, J. Jones, G. Ulil, Director Mr. Fred Heyburn, L. Abrams, S. Roberts, C. Ford, T. Caldwell, N. Canterbury, R. Way, L. Weller, B. Ford, C. Baldwin, J. Hudjins, D. Pulos, A. Young, M. Sen- ko, B. Nolan, L. Klespies, E. Downey, P. Motz, D. Walker, B. Byrnes, K. Gill, L. Shipley, J. Woofter, J. Byrnes, D. Hollinger, J. Sharpe, B. Shipley, J. Hodge, C. Ford, K. Kelley, R. Cooley, R. Little, A. Kirbawy, J. Beard, B. Beard, M. Rozzano, R. Cooley, T. Sustar. ROW ONE: E. Downey, B. Nolan, M. Senko, J. Sharpe, B. Byrnes, J. Hodge, K. Gill. ROW TWO: A. Young, J. Hudgins, R. Little, B. Rutan, J. Beard, Director Fred Heyburn. Stage Band w 1 . 7 x A .L .5 Q lv 3 v 4. 3 Uh, Ah S A h , A A in .Q a 2 f ,,1- fi' Q -' r , 3: - f- - H Wx fi Q ,. ' im fig K , if uv J it 5-9"lu,,f x'?'Q5??s'lf 'Z' - W ' I 4 K 'ia . lla .4 A .. ,ii We v y igimy li il ' , ,L fi, he ' V it -i fr ' 4 ' 2. , E:-.: -, BACK ROW: Pat Crawford, Bonnie Carr, Carol Varner, Queen, Candy Griggs, Crowner, Pat Kemble, Cynthia McAvoy, Sue Hamric. FRONT ROW: Betty Brown, Chris Acker, Debbie Galbraith, Joyce Crosby, Donna Gorslin, Connie Kinney. Our I96 May Day The May Day celebration originated in 1923 with Miss Marion Conner reigning as Queen. The festivities were then held in the Union Park and weren't held indoors until May of 1925. Many changes were made in the May Day celebration by 1954, when each class began presenting its best talent for the Queen. According to tradition, May Day honorsthe gentleness of women and the chivalry of men. The Queen represents the beauty and poise this honor deserves. We the student body of Central High owe much appreci- ation to Mrs. Florence Hull for the loveliness of our May Day, and the work she has put into the preparation ofit. 4'Misty Rainboww served as a theme for this year's 45th May Day. Chandeliers, roses, and soft music set the appro- priate mood for such an enchanting celebration. Reigning over our I967 May Day festivities was our Queen, Miss Candy Griggs. a 4 P .844- O 1 ,.,.f .,. .. ' I.. n.: nf-Z"4 sigh ?l 2 , 'inf QQ Q Acts to Honor the Queen l967 May Day W wk 0 4,7 . I W is ,A 5,3 f 1 , W, Our H67-68" Football Homecoming began with a tear and ended with a crown. Each year brought memories with it, but the class of 1968 will look upon its Senior year as the most memor- able of all with its many events. A crown, an assembly, and a dance in her honorf these were the emblems ofthe memorable 1967 Foot- ball Homecoming at Central High School. While the band played "May You Alwaysf' with insurmountable pride we presented our lovely Home- coming Queen, Miss Barb Ashbee and her court. The I96 -68 Football Homecoming Queen Barb and her escort Bill Seay enjoy the dance. Miss Barb Ashbee, Queen ofthe 1967 Football Homecoming. The royal court of "Hawaiian Sunset"ffROW 1: Elaine Posey, Karen Lewis, Carla Rakicli, Sue Singleton, Patty Babak Jo anne Greatliouse. ROW 2: Brenda Crosby, Barb Martin, Candy Griggs, Barb Aslrbee, Pam Pisciotta. Marlene Savage, and Linda Lockette. Seniors Pam Pisciotta and Mark Hansel. Seniors Sue Singleton and Den- ny Sigmund. They Entered in Royal Elegance . Queen Barb and her escort, Bill Seay. Seniors Candy Griggs and Phil Russell. ,. ke Seniors Lexie Felsinger and Larry Anderson. A6 ll, i Club Queen Candidates Vicki Shawl, Queen Dixie Felsinger Ruth Way Barb Ashbee Jackie Williams Linda Kelspies Brenda lson Elaine Adkins Judy Edmond Joann Greathouse Cheryl McKibben Rita Sweeney Jane Sutton Cynthia Johnson Art Service Club Anvil Band Booster Club C-Club Chess Club Choir Commercial Club Dance Club F.T.A. Latin Club Red Cross Squire 8t Scroll Y.F.C. Gary congratulates Queen Vicki 1968 Pal-O-Gram Day King and Queen JIM HODGE and BRENDA ISON Highlighting Centralis 11th annual PAL-O-GRAM Day, February 14, 1968, was the traditional sending of Pal-o-Grams, a noon dance, and the crowning of the 1968 King and Queen. Entertaining at the dance was a "sou1', group known as the 'Tee Jaysf, The festivities are sponsored each year by the Forge Staff. 1968 Gollgwog Day King and Queen BOB ELEFRITZ and LINDA KOVACH Gollywog Day is a long stand- ing tradition at C.H.S. The very beginning of Gollywog Day is not known, although records of it have been traced as far back as 1936. As tradition stands today, Gollywog Day is held to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. A dance is held on that day to honor the 1968 King and Queen. 'N f,,, www-M, I MH WE' W? QM, 2 ,f 4 ly: N1 7 ff if Wu , , V fd ..,,,g, Xi? 'K 6? xp 4 : X 1, kn-fs 5' A X L' f N Q A x f r xg' X fs' ,Q ff,-mul I. 3 'Q KL ' V .. .1-, ' 11 " like , wx ,f Ccntvnl Pgigly 1J1'sZ:TCUt1T -nlxmif Dcpl . 13 lpxi?i5?"V? 'cfeafxsv -d 0 K Pr? -me f b'v-5:11 If IV EQI , Qc? A380 W, , A , , WT 0 eff QW,- Kg! 43,5 Aly Student Council Officers Leaders Thoughtfullu Plan . . . Executive Council 5 General Council This year Student Council has achieved its goal to make a better Central for the Student body. We sponsored our traditional May Day, Club Nite 'lCatty Awards" Derby, Candy Sale, and Christmas Door Decorating Contest. Student Council also supported student-mined activities such as buses to games, a Stu- dent Council charter. field trips, selecting underclassmen's pictures to be photo- graphed in color, and dances. Surely this year has been a stimulating year for the council but it could not have been possible Without our enthusiastic advisor. Mr. Gross. Gary Weiss Student Council President . . . While Followers Carry Out Executive Council ooster Club Booster Club is an organization of Central High which is open to all students willing to workin boosting school morale. lt sponsored the Football Homecoming, where Miss Barbara Ashbee reigned as queen. The Club also paints posters for football and basketball seasons, and sells buttons, streamers and shakers to be used at the games. This organization can only succeed through the support of every loyal Wildcat who is true in team spirit and sports- manship. Chris Acker President 1 Stage Construction Commercial Club I 14425011 Latin Club f' I 1 f 1 W X w , A Noon Movie Proiectionists Movie Cashiers Ticket Sellers ,-my Anvil Staff Wildcat Staff 5, 3,-. gf-Q Office Messengers Dispensary Staff ...ln Gym Assistants Library Assistants H V Dance Club Art Service Chess C1ulJ hLI1.S. Squhe S Scroll Youth For Christ Future Teachers Of America Red Cross C1ub CouncH Quill S Scroll Forge Sta History Club 4 Y Spanish Club Treasurer's Assistants I Student Council Booster Club Club's and Presidents Commercial Club Latin Club Anvil Staff Wildcat Staff Chess Club Dance Club Art Service National Honor Squire 8L Scroll F.T.A. Y.F.C. Red Cross Club Council History Club Spanish Club C Club Quill 8r Scroll Forge Society Gary Weiss Chris Acker Paula Walker Ramona Cooley Janet Lucas Mark Hansel Joe Griffith Barb Ashbee Paulette Ziegler Bob Elefritz Linda Kovach Mary Mihaly Judy Sharpe Mona Woods Nancy Canterbury Margaret Boatner Christine Begunich Mona Woods Pat Lewis Bill Kiser 63 C Club Track Team Basketball Team Volleyball Team A' Lf"T'g1,1,Q,g,,QQ ' asv' fan. Football 3'--gr' YW rw' f FRONT ROW: Coach Vargo, A. Bushner, L. Anderson, D. Sigmund, A. Carter, H. Lampley, P. Russell, K. Gary, T. Champion, R. Young, R. Payne. SECOND ROW: H. Ford, S. Griffin, B. Salem, L. Saddler, A. Turner, P. Griffin, B. Corley, D. Long, B. Bray, B. Baxter. BACK ROW: Coach LkllVlOlllC21,COi1ClT Stone, E. Litner, L. Dasho, P. Moore, L. Culver, P. Anderson, C. Pool, M. Donley, B. Pope, E. Helms, T. Russell, K. Cook, Couch Tumor. . Q A . 2 ve P: 3 e- . 3 X , A... Q., M. Co - C ap ta i n s Phil Russell Handy Lampley -.,. Senior Lettermen , l Kaiser Gary Denny Sigmund Larry Anderson Phil Russell Handy Lampley, All City, All District Allen Carter Ron Young, All City, All District Ed Eitner A 133 Harold FO,-d Coaches: Townsend. Stone, and Tu- Roy Billfle mor. Reserves . ,, - 1 a- v-wx N gs , V .iw . VM. v Q .gf ' 2 f in V1 2 V 0 Yin: " ' W .f . f M ,W ff my-4 .i I ,fa 1 TOP: B. Lundstrom, Coachg D. Aleman, G. Ballis, J. Hodge, R. Drumm, L. Stephens, R. Thauken Dave Tale BOTTOM Kuzmik, B. Corley, L. Critchfield, T. Calfce, Harold Pu1os.fPicLure by Rick Ackerj T ef .A 70 46 'ff' at J. , H ,. WNW. Cross Country BACK ROW: R. Chambers, Coach SiCgfCI'th,D.AlClH21l1,.I.T2l!'Vil1, FRONT ROW: B. Rutzm, T. Miller. R. Drumm 1' I W, I Wann, . mfg: ' s Q I ' Jam. as I-M 7' 5, f V 7 ' ww , up A , Tennis I96 '-'NM BACK ROW: Asst. Coach Rick Lamp, Larry Nousce, Terry O'Conner, Roy Baine, John Cuckler. FRONT ROW: Mark Han sel, Bob Ashbee, Dallas Aleman, Louis Marino, Don Mercer. Roy Baine and Mark Hansel volley. if Tennis team huddles with Coach Lundstrom Tennis Record Hoban Firestone Falls East Solon Norton Columbus Bexley St. Vincent Columbus Worthington Western Reserve Garheld Kenmore North Solon Norton Wadsworth Western Reserve Coshoctan Kenmore Canton Glenwood Barberton Barberton Cloverleaf East Solon Buchtel I WMWWWWMW M BACK ROW: Coach King, B. Salem, J. Redd, A. Carter, H. Lampley, J. Gibbs,T. Champion, K. Rudd,Asst. Coach Seigferth. FRONT ROW: J. Weiss, K. Cook, B. Rutan, T. Miller, J. Williams, P, McDaniel, Mgr., J. Calondo. ,7 s 4 J 1 +2594 Yv N ,.. ,, ,. , , H. 512:11 inln i Oops! Bill Salem breaks the tape. Track I96 1 . 'ff ,gy v V 132.1422 W" 'YV ' 21-, f ' " ' , ,AV . 'rt ' 1 91 . , ,A .3 f ,,,,,,.aw -et M .1 .. '10 as . , tw V . f W 1 , yitgwy gem , ,W , ,.,, , if . ,. .. VV,,V h,t:L.:Mm A ,. 7v9'f:9?'2K - 7- 1. e.. I 'Sf , ,-aw .M f' , M W 4' 13 91' ? Wwmjllfr 2 ' 3 VY we W gfmlai ,, ,- V, 4. - army N r A U 2 I if Lit' M, 4? A K .4 J A4 1. - 2 . . ga ' " 'N U if f f+,mv,4ffn.,.,w if , 1 g n q,f3V 5,La"fg"Nf A W zfleliwe f 1Wg.1"'24??T Tim Miller Adolf Turner and Byron Bray. Jake Gibbs Coach Hilling times Handy. Y John Redd and Allen Bushner The l967 Track Team ended the season by defeating Manchester 84-43. This year in the city track meet, Jake Gibbs took third place in the shot put, Handy Lampley took third place in the 440, and Tim Miller set a new school record in the two-mile run. Baseball l967 gf BACK ROW: T. Sutphin, S. Griffin, J. Lippe, Coach Malugio, R. Volllmer, P. Russell, L. Bradley, T. Blasdel, D. Parkins. FRONT ROW1 P. Griffin, P. Moore, D. Long, G. Utterback, J. Maczko, W. Singleton, R. Tripoli. Y0u're Out! Strike TWO! Wesley Singleton O Gary Utterback , ,M .V 1 . C . M. .hw q -,gif 'ini Paul Moore rounds tllirdl Warm ups Bob Dolan, Bill Kiser. Ron Smith, Dave Olcs. BACK ROW: Mgr. M. Hansel, H. Lampley, R. Vollmer, W. Sparks, P. Meade, J. Foster, H. lvery, Mgr. A. Mack. FRONT ROW: D. Worontshak, D. Long, R. Small, J. Dobbs, E. Crosby. iffy! .... . , , ,.i 1 Handy Lampley Henry lvery Jim Dobbs gMmxg M gr .N ..-Qwwvuni 533.3 Coaches Mr. Siegfcrth, Mr. King, Mr. Moore C o C a P I a i n s Rick VOHIIIGI Walter Sparks ax, l lwwf W WM 'Iwi - W , James Foster Paul Meade Dave Woromscllak Earl Crosby, Don Long Richard Small x SQ kk .Xi W .Fx QSQYUQS ROW ONE: R. Williams. B. Ashbee, A. Bush, D. Worontschak, P. Moore, R. Small. ROW TWO: M. Manley, B. Edwards, D. Parkins, D. Jeffries, K. Lyons, C. Pool. Fresh m en 4 5 ROW ONE: K. Mooris, J. Jones, B. Kerns, D. Buchanan. ROW TWO: S. Oldfield, R. Cassel, C. Riley, J. Stone, L. Pudlik NOT PICTURED: N. Cook, K. Moore. ' :Qin W 4 'Vbl!D"":' sf View nidlwiw Sensors Linda Absalom "Lynn" ACTIVITIILS: Booster Club, 4. Y.I'.C., 4. Squire and Scroll, 4. Senior Choir, 4, Red Cross, 4. I".T.A., 4. WILL: Success to all graduating seniors, all the fun Ilve had to my sister, Cindy: hap- piness and fulfillment always to my won- derful parents. Richard Aeker "Aeker" WILL: To Garfield, I will our football lscores. To Mr. Terrass, my position as Iforge photographer, and all my love to Rosemary. Larry Anderson 'Heike' ACTIVITIES: Football, 2,3,4. Track team, 4. Bowling team, 3,4. WILL: I will Lexie Ifelsinger all my love. and my little brother, Paul, best of luck in his oncoming football seasons at C.II.S. Ronnie Anderson ACTIVITIILS: Hall Guard, 4. William Ashton "Denny" QS Christine Aeker 'glieyneei ACTIVITIIZS: Y.If.C., I,2,3. Squire and Scroll, 3,4. Booster Club, 3,4, President, 4. I'.T.A., 3,4. Commercial Club 3.4. Band, I,2,3,4, Movie Cashier 3,4. Dance Club 4. Dispensary Assistant, 4. Club Council, 4, WILL: Nlr. Sicgferth, a bow and arrow: Barb A., someone as wonderful as Barry. Mr. Lundstrom and Mrs. Hull, happiness. Barry, my love and life. Elaine Adkins "Shorty' ACTIVITIIQS: Y.I'.C., 13.4. Squire and Scroll, 4. Booster Club, 2,3,4, Commer- cial Club, 4. WILL: To all the upcoming seniors a great year. To Dorothy and Iohnny, happiness. Paula, a man. Chris, a life with Barryl Barb, a blonde. Bye! Margaret Anderson Barbara Ashbee "Little Chestnut' ACTIVI'I'IIiS: Booster Club, 2,3,4, Secre- tary, 4. Chess Club, 2. Movie Cashier, 2,3. .I.V. Cheerleader, 2,3. Student Council, 3,- 4. Squire and Scroll, 3,4. Dance Club, 3,4, President, 4. Varsity Cheerleader, 4. Ifoot- ball Homecoming Queen, 4. Club Council, 4. Commercial Club, 4. WILL: To Bonita and Dave: double bumps: Mr. Lundstrom, Mrs. Hull: the happiness they deserve: Debbie: L'SWIlf'I'- nessf' Paula: weightlessnessg and safety to our boys in Viet Nam. Linda Auth "lack, WILL: Love and a job to Joe: and Donna and Sue, a membership to L'l.A.I.121l1tl a bakery to Rosy. Phhht! Q as Robert Autry 'gliobby WILL: John Horshach, my ability to grad- uate from Central High School. Juanita Banks "Gwynn" AC'l'lVlTIl"S: C Club, 3,4, C Teens. 2,3. Spanish Club, 2,3. Gym Assistant, 2,3,4. Student Council, 4. Varsity Cheerleader, 4. Booster Pep Group, 2. Y.l'.C., 3. WILL: To all my friends, good luck in the future years. To Brenda Y.: Bobbie Brooks. Cookie lfelton: Twiggy, 19692 Andre, many boxing championships! John Beek "Papa" ACTIVITIIQS: Spanish Club, I. Hall Guard, 2,3,4. N.H.S.. 4. WILL: To my brother, Tom, good luck in the futu re. To Bob, a big headache, The best of wishes to the graduating class of '68. Walter Blanks "Louie' WILL: I will all my love and kisses to Car- olyn Hill and my track abilities to my brother, Larry, My clothes to my brother, Sherman-"68-69". Jane Bolyartl 'tGidget WILL: To all the fabulous servicemen, Ar- my, Navy, Marines, and Air Iforce: May God Bless and keep you safe always, espe eially my brother. John, serving in Ger- many. Roy Baine "Beaver" WILL: Mr. Douglas: Paul and my singing talents: Mr. Lundstrom: better luek with the "Chumlies"1 Debbie V.: all my love. Good luck underclassmen. You'll need it. Roy Battle "Bats" WILLt The best ol' luck to J.B. and L.l:l. My young age and vast talents to Central High School. Steve Begunieh WILL: I will all my love for learning to future Wildcats and for Mr. Nlaligio. anoth- er student like me. Linda Boatncr "Pugsly" WILL: All the great times at Central to my sister. All the happiness in the world to Larry and Lcxie, and ALL the tlickers to Mr. llanson, Lynn Boyle "Boston ACTIVITIES: Latin Club, 2. Booster Club 2,3,4. Squire and Scroll, 3,4, Secretary, 4. l".T.A., 3,4. Chemistry Club, 3. Spanish Club, 3. WILL: To underelassinen, the suecess I've had in Physics: Beeki, the willpower to stop the tag habit: Lynnette, more good times, and all my love to John. 1, William Breedon uBill" WILL: I will better football seasons to Coach Stone: also good luck to my little sister. lively n B rownswortl "Iiv" ACTIVITILS1 Booster Club, 3,4. Iforge, 4. Dispensary Assistant, 3. WILL: To Rosie, another experiencing summer: to all underelassmen, as wonder- Iiul a time at Central as l've had. To my brother, a great senior year. Betty Byrnes ACTIVITIICS: Band, l,2,3,4. l-'.T.A.. 3,4. N.H,S., 4. Stage Band, 4. Y.lf.C., 2,3. Forge, 4. Squire and Scroll, 4. Chemistry Club, 3. WILL: I will my sister, JoAnn, curly hair and all thc happiness in the world. "Con- nie", a boyis trumpet: Seniors, the very best ofluck. as Ramona Calhoun uMona ACTIVITIES: Student Council, 4. WILL: .Ioyce C., Brenda Y., and Terry K., rides and parties forever. To Diane J., Juanita B., Denise G., Ann L., good times. Mike M. and Linda L., better things and better times. Allen Carter "Moose" WILL: I will Elaine Posey, all my love, and to P. Pisciotta. a tall feather. rv David Brown "Ace" WILL: To my best friend, Bob E., best ot' luck: to Papa J., lots ot' stamina. To all un- derclassmen, a large amount ol' patience. Allen C. Bushner "Al" Barbara Caldwell "Barb,' ACTIVITIES: Choir, l,2. Wildcat Repre- sentative, 2. C Club, I. WILL: I will my brother, Terry, the best of luck in his remaining two years at C.H.S. and the very best of everything to my parents. Nancy Canterbury ACTIVITIES: Band, 2,3,4. Y.I".C., 2,3,4, Vice-Pres., 3,4. Student Council Vice-Pres. 4. Forge, 3,4. Squire and Scroll, 3.4, Trea- surer, 4. N.II.S., 4. Senior Senator, 4. Club Council Chairman, 4. WILL: I will success and happiness to all Wildcats: to our lunch table, many more years of fun, Brenda S. to pester Rob in Band. Tom Champion "Champ' WILL: I will Ron Young to any girl who will have him. And all my love to T.P. 1 Pat Chaney 'iSexy" WILL: I will the best otiluek to ,l.C., with our seeret. To the underelassmen. the best they can do at Central. Myself to Lee Ii. Victoria Christian uLittle Bit" WILL: I will luek to my brother and sis- ter: all my love and devotion to Detllrow Jaekson. All the happiness to G. Y. and K. L. Geraldine Cook "Jean' ACTIVITIILS: Track, 3,4. Volley Ball, 3.4. C. Club, 3. WILL: I will my brother, Nathan. and his friends the best of years to come at C.lI.S. and my heart and love to L. S., now and forever. Ida Cooper Larry Creekrnore a www, Joe Chiaramon te Joyee Collins WILL: I will to liva, a passing grade in Chemistry. To Jack and Jaekie. my love and my life. Beeki Cooper "Piekles,' ACTIVITIES: Choir. 2.3,4. Sr. Ensemble, 4, Booster Pep Club, 2,3. Booster Club. 3,- 4. Chemistry Club, 3. I'.T.A., 3,4. Squire and Scroll, 3.4. C Teens, 3. Iforge, 3.4. Student Council Representative, 4. WILL: To Lynn B.. happiness with J. B. always. The Mob, Dave, Bob, George: Lynn R., Pierre, and Montreal. To my one and only, my life and love forever. Janet Coriea "Misty", WILL: Pat C., a warehouse hill of wheat that her and my secret may be kept for- ever. May the underelassmen have fun with Mr. Hanson. Barbara Crooks "Barbie" ACTIVITIES: Choir, l,2. Library Assis- tant, 4. WILL: All the good days at Central High School to the underelassmen. May they enjoy all the good days at Central as I have. Patty Crooks ACTIVITIES: Choir, l,2. Library Assis- tant, 4. WILL: I will all my books to the under- classmen. a Connie Culver "Wholesome, ACTIVITIES: Y.F.C., 1,2,3. Spanish Club, l,2, President, 2. Choir, 2,3,4. Red Cross, l,4. WILL: A good seat to Chip and Barry: a Beautiful Letterman album to Karen, luck to Bill, and all my sex appeal to Mrs. Isham. a Randall Cunningham 'IRandy' WILL: To all the prcsentjuniors all the ed- ucation I missed, and to my teachers, thanks. Evelyn Davis "Evy" ACTIVITIES: Choir, I. Office messenger, 4. WILL: I will great times like I have had to future seniors. Lots of luck to Jan and Gary, and all my love to Mark. Judith Dean 'L-Illdii' ACTIVITIES: Choir, l. Booster Club, 4. Gym Assistant, 4. Noon Movie Cashier, 4. Library Assistant, 4. Bowling Club, 4. Red Cross, 4. WILL: All the fun that I have had at Cen- tral to Dee Powell and all the underclass- men. My intelligence to Mr. Eplin. 'sw -rw-su... s Joyce Crosby "J oy' ACTIVITIES: Student Council, l,2,3,4. Booster Club, l,2. C Teen, l,2. Latin Club, l,2. May Court, l,3. Senior Senator, 4. Y.- F.C., I. Choir, 1,2. Booster Pep Group, 2. WILL: To Ramona, Brenda, Voncille, and Juanita, my everlasting friendship and a love life full of satisfaction: and to Earl and Beaver, a realization to study books- not girls. Jeffrey Cunningham "left" ACTIVITIES: Reserve Basketball, 2. Hall Guard, 2,4. WILL: Best of luck to the oncoming Se- niors and to the fun-lovingjuniors-a course in Chemistry. Ed Davis "Layman'l WILI.: I bequeath all the fun and good times that I have had at Central, also all the talent to some boy who will use them. Leonard Davis 'ILenny" WILL: To my brother, Russ, a rewarding future at Central: to all upcoming football teams a much better season, and good luck to all underclassmen. Bill Dolan WILL: I will to my brother my ,58 Chevy, and all the good times I have had with it. A big cigar to Bruce R., Jim G., and Roach. Edith Downey "Ethel" ACTIVITIES: Latin Club, 2. Band, 2,3,4. Stage Band, 4. Booster Pep Group, 2. Chemistry Club, 3. Y.F.C., 3,4. N.H.S., 4. F.T.A., 4. WILL: To Mrs. Dube, the "College Hos- teln, J. C. S., patience and understanding towards me: Joy and Trish, the guys they want: Mom, my thanks and love for every- thing, and to Dave-"Ethel". Stan Dumanski 'iStan, the man" WILL: I will Doug Rose and Bob Dugger all the apple beer they can drink, and all the luck they need to become Seniors. Judy Edmond uCassius', ACTIVITIES: Dance Club, 4. Y.F.C., 1,2 3. FootballCourt, 2. Band, l,2,3,4. Major- ette, 2,3,4, Head Majorette, 4. Senior Sen- ator, 4. Latin Club, 1. F,T.A., 3. Choir, 1,- 2,3. WILL: I will the future head majorette, another high-steppin' lineg to Ruth, all the happiness in the world: and all my love to someone special. Lynda Edwards "Big-E ACTIVITIES: Student Council, 1. May Court, I. WILL: A. E. R. to Nancy, slim mints to Judy, a crib for Mooney, all of the fun in the office to R. D. All my love to that cer- tain person. Bob Elefritz "Elf ACTIVITIES: Chemistry Club, 3. N.H.S., 4. Wildcat Staff, 4. Squire and Scroll, 4. Senior Senator, 4. Football, l,2. Choir, 1. Hall Guard, 3, 4. WILL: To Dave, plenty of girls: to John, an impossible math problem, to Harold, a trained turtle: to Linda, happiness, and to all underclassmen, joy at Central. as fir 19" 'lun Qi? 1. 2 Charlene Dulabhan "Charlie" WILL: To Mildred, the best ofluck in her years at Central, and for Kathalene, too, if she makes it. All my love to Terry. Darlene Duncan 'gDawn" ACTIVITIES: Red Cross, 2. Cafeteria worker, 2. Library Assistant, 3. WILL: Brenda St. C., Joe P., Donnie M., and Viv P., remember all our great times in 3rd period Bookkeeping. For Bambi, a chance to go to high school. George Edwards "Babe Ruth" WILL: To my sister the best ofluck at Central. I wish the best of luck to the Bookkeeping Teacher in the future. Edward Eitner "Eit" ACTIVITIES: Football, l,3,4. Choir, 1,2,- 3,4. Booster Club, l,2,3,4, Executive, 3,4. Student Council, 2,3,4. WILL: I will to Rick Vollmer my ability to block and to my brother, Paul, all the fun I had at Central. Mary Evans ACTIVITIES: Booster Club, 1,2,3,4. Y.F.- C., 1. Choir, l,2. Dispensary Assistant, 4. Yearbook Representative, 2. WILL: Patty, a happy senior year. Mom, Dad, and Linda, much happiness. Pam P., a gossip column. Brenda S., 7th period. And George, all my love. I I l Ladonna Everson "Pocohantas" ACTIVITIES: N.H.S., Secretary, 4. Volley Ball, 3. WILL: My good times at Central to on- coming seniorsg to Benny, Mary Ann, Car- ol, all the happiness in life they can find. To Gene, my love. Dixie Felsinger "Dix" ACTIVITIES: Anvil, 4. Booster Club, l,2,- 3,4. Chess Club, 3,4. Dispensary Assistant, 3. Y.F.C., 2,3. Squire and Scroll, 4. Li- brary Assistant, 4. Forge, 4. Chemistry Club, 3. Latin Club, 2. WILL: My smile, carefree style, and all the past fun to Connie Peavler, to make her future a bright and happy one. Also, luck to L. F. and L. A. Joyce Forrester "Speedy" WILL: Mrs. Dube, the "College Hosteln, Ethel, enough patience. Trish, all the luck with that special guy: Becky, a sour pickle: J. C. S., all the luck in the world. Juliette Fox "Sister" ACTIVITIES: Caf. Worker, 3. Office mes- senger, 3. Booster Club, 3. Y.F.C., 3. Squire 8a Scroll, 4. F.T.A., 4. WILL: Central, all good times to brothers, Harold and James: Fun and success to GAI- var'g Future with Herbert: luck to Eddie Fox, and thanks to Mom. Frankie Franklin "Smiley" WILL: I will all my good times at C.H.S. to my sister and to the great class of 1970: also to the underclassmen. Ka J s .. X . lx fe . in-. ,S ir! me if . K '?"'?Y Laura Fahrer "Laurie ACTIVITIES: Office messenger, 2,3,4. Booster Club, 3,4. Commercial Club, 4. N.H.S., 4. Ticket Seller, 4. Girl's State, 3. Student Council, 3. Senior Senator, 4. F.- s.A., 3,4. WILL: Mitzi, Margie, and Carla, a great Se- nior yearg Donna and Diane, the best of happiness and best of luck in IBM School. as Lexie Felsinger "Sexy ACTIVITIES: Bowling team, 3. Booster Club, 1. Library Assistant, 4. Homecoming Court, 4. WILL: All my love and thanks for all my happiness at C.H.S. to Larry Anderson. And best of luck to Michelle Sholley, always. James Foster "Butch, WILL: I will to all of the students what I got-a headache from all of the teachers. Sam Fraley Debbie Galbraith ACTIVITIES: French Club, 1. Choir, 1. Commercial Club, 3,4. Red Cross, 1,2. Booster Club, l,2,3,4. StudentCounci1, 2,- 3,4. Y.F.C., 1,2,3,4. Office Messenger, 3,4. Yearbook Staff, 4. Cheerleader, 1,2,3,4. J.V. Captain, 3. Varsity Captain, 4. May Court, 3. WILL: To Pam, a new set of Hoban boys: to Donna, more fun at our Senior prom: and to Ruth, an everlasting friendship. sa w Michael Garner 'iMike" Jo Garrett WILL: I will the comb I used this year to Etta Mae Levin so she can comb the teach- ers out of her hair. Kaiser Gary "June" WILL: I will my football shoes and No. 24 to anyone with great ability and my love to C. K. Gerald Gates ACTIVITIES: Booster Club, 3,4. Squire and Scroll, 3. Football, 3,4. Red Cross, 2,- 3,4. Choir, 4. Mary Ann Gebhardt "Rosie" ACTIVITIES: Choir, l,2,3,4. Wildcat Rep- resentative, 2. WILL: I will happiness to my sister: luck to Ladonna Everson, Carol Koeberle, and Dennis Davis. All my love to that special guy in my life. Denise Garrett "Deen ACTIVITIES: N.H.S., 4. Y.F.C., 2. Jr. Choir, 3. WILL: Gail Price, another ride to school next year, for I definitely shall not be here. To Cleo Poole, all good things in life. Good luck, Seniors! Nancy Garrison ACTIVITIES: Y.F.C., 1. Forge, 4. Band, l,2,3,4. Majorette, 3,4. Squire and Scroll, 4. F.T.A., 4. WILL: To all the students, I will the fun and excitement of being a SENIOR: and to any upcoming majorettes, an electric blan- ket and courage. Linda Gaskins "Lyn" WILL: To my sister and Rence, happiness, always: Diane K., an everlasting friendshipg Alicia, lots of luck and to that special guy, the happiness he wants. a Lothar Gebauer "Low' WILL: I will 35 rooms of chalkboards to anyone who wants to wash them, and all my good times at Central to Wendy. a Dennis Geiger "Den Ben' ACTIVITIES: Football, l. Choir, 1. Latin Club, 1. Y.F.C., 3. WILL: Wes, Dave, and Foy, a friendship forever. To Margaret, my life, in hopingl can give her everything in life she deserves, including our little Tammy. Keith Gill "Alawicious" WILL: To "Rosie" a strong constitution to stand up to the wills ot' Merc and Hodge: and to my sister, Dawn, the "hap- piness"ot' high school. Jim Goins "Goins" WILL: Best ofluck to the upcoming se- niors. To Ron R., Ll good-looking car. My brother, Bob, all the good-looking girls. Donna Gorslin ACTIVITIES: Booster Club, 2,3,4. May Court, 3. WILL: I will to Evelyn B, and Debbie G.. the man ot' their dreams, and to the Grid- ley St, gang, all my love. Alma Grogans Hliuddi' ACTIVITILS: Student Council, 4. WILL: I will to all Central home economic students my talent and ability to get good grades. All my love to C. Brenda Hammons WILL: A BIG thanks to my parents: titty grandchildren to my mother-in-law: and all my love to Fred. Dorothy Goekler "Dothy ACTlVl'l'llfSi BoosterClLib, 2,3,-4. Squire and Scroll, 2,4. Y.I".C., 2,3,4. Library As- sistant, 4, WILL1 'Io upcoming seniors-fun: to 'LShorty". ll man: to Candy. Phil. Io Mar- garet, Denny: to .lohn Cuelsler, a lite as happy as hels made mine. Dolores Colson 'kPuekie ACTIVl'I'lliS: Gym Assistant, 2. Library Assistant, 2. C Club, 2. Y.l'.C., 2. I",T.A., 4. Red Cross, 3. Booster Club, 2. Squire and Scroll, 3, WILL: ltlyselt-my mother, love, tood, clothes, white on white in white ulildora- dow, home, money, men and their money, white mink: love to Terry Reed, YA! Candy Griggs "Chubby' AC'I'IVl'I'IlfS1 C. Club, 3. Gym Assistant, 3. Student Council, 2,3,4, lix. Council, 3. Choir, I, Red Cross, 4. Basketball Home- coming Court, l. May Court, 2. May Queen, 3. Iootball Homecoming Crowner, 4. Student Council Recording Secretary, 4. WILL: To Sue-happiness. Dorothy, .lohnl Debbie, our NHC-Nltlllwl Mr. Stone and Mr. Vargo, a golden football: to Phil-nic. Phylis Guthrie WILL: A neu Central lligh School to Mrs. Kline. a great teacher. I wish you success in future years ot' teaching. Mr. Wasil, the things you taught nie. John Hanna ACTIVITIILS: N.H.S., 4. WILL: I will all my fun and good times at Central to all underelassmcn. w Mark Hansel "Markle" ACTIVITlIfS: Wildeat liditor, 4. Iforge, 4. Tennis, 2,3,4, Captain, 4. Basketball Mgr., 2,3,4, Head Mgr.. 4. N.H.S. Vice-Pres., 4. WILL: I will 1,000,000 packages ol' Ro- laids to Mr. Sicgtertlil l,000,000 basket- ball statistic forms to Mr. Lundstroml Si- lence to Debbie G.: and good fortune to Margaret and Iilf. Larry Haymond "Alvin" WILL: I will Tom M, a cheese sandxyicli, Bruce H., a bottle OIlL,ISICfIllC1I1lltl Tim C., a bar ot' soap. Paula Hazly "Pinky" ACTIVITIES: Booster Club, 3.4. C, Club, 4. Oflice Messenger, 4. Gym Assistant, 4. Chemistry Club, 3. WILL: I bequeath to my sister all the good times I had at C.II.S. To Iiarl Crosby, a mugglel to Mr, Gondorchin, another fun- tilled Chemistry Class. Bruce Hitehings "Baldy', WILL: I will my good looks to Rick V., and hope he finds a girl soon: Larry H., a washcloth: Mr. T., a pair ol' new glasses. Lillian Hollinger "Lukic" ACTIVITIICS: Y.If'.C., 2. Red Cross, 2. Booster Club, 3. Squire and Scroll, 4. Li- brary Assistant, 4. Choir, 2. Cafe Worker, 3. WILL: My old lock to my sister, the best things in life to my mother, and all the pretty shades of blue to Kenneth I. no-9' xv, Theresa Harrison uTerry" ACTIVITIIQS: Dispensary, 3,4. WILL: To I". S. H., more dispensary assis- tants like Brenda and me. Good luck Blanche, Carole, Alice, and Mike: Love to my family, and happiness to Tom. Willie Haywood 'SWillie T" WILL: I will all my love to Pam. Dobie, a rap to the women and Carl, some height. sa .loseph Henico NJ oe WILL: I will all ofthe happiness and best ot' luck to my sister, Toni. A better school for the upcoming Centralites. sa Jim Hodge "Hodge WILL: Physics to a genius or a fool: a friend to Frank: to Rosie, a psychiatrist, and the tirst halt' of 81.50-right, Merc . .. Alice Horchler ACTIVITIES: Commercial Club, 4. Office Messenger, 4. WILL: Luck to the class ot' '68: all the fun I had to the class of '69: and all my love to the guy in my life. Janice Hubener ulilnn ACTIVITIES: Choir, I. WILL: All my good times at C.H.S. to my brothers, and best ofluck to Eve and Mark, and, naturally, all my love to Gary. John Humansky 'KWino,' WILL: I will my body to the girlas home and my liiks to my brother because I've al- ready got them and he needs them. Brenda Ison 'KRosie" ACTIVITIES: Band, 3,4. Majorettc, 4. Choir, 3,4, Treasurer, 4. Ensemble, 4. F.- T.A., 4. Wildcat Staff, 4. WILL: To Jim, his own private hairdresser, meg Gary, Judy, and our Senior Table, the successful future they all deserve: to Mom Dad, and that special someone, my love. s Ronald Jackson HRV' ACTIVITIES: Cross Country, 3. WILL: I will all my love to my girl, Anita, and the best of luck to my sister, Karen, and all the underclassmen at C.H.S. Don Johns 4'Don Juan" ACTIVITIES: Swim team, 2,3,4. WILL: I will 1000 free rides to Louis C.: to Mike S., his driver's license back, and all my love to Cindy A. Good luck, upcoming seniors-you'll need it. Dennis I-Iuff "Huff" WILL: Mr. Gross, a pair of roller skates when his wife has thc car: Miss Royka's fu- ture P.O.D. classes a YliAR'S supply of LSD. Carl Ingram "Handsome' ACTIVITIES: Track, 2,3. Football, 4. WILL: I, Carl W. Ingram, hereby leave this school ot' beautiful moments to go and live in the tlax, drive my pink hog, and do I0 Henry Ivery "Ray Millandn WILL: To my sisters, the chance I had to walk through the halls ot' this great delapi- dated building called Central High. All my lovc to Dot Dyson. Willie Jemirson uCheeseburger' WILL: I will all my dance steps to Jett' Davis and Judy Lotz. My voice, Nancy Stetler. My friendliness to anyone able to handle it. Bill Johnson WILL: To Karen Davis all the love and happinessl can possibly give her. We stand together and together we are one. K. li. D. W. C. J. s a Cynthia Johnson "Cynt" ACTIVITIES: Student Council, 2,4. Y.F.- C., 2,3,4, Vice-President, 4. Volleyball, 3. C. Club, 3. Track, 2. Senior Senator, 4. Choir, 4. Basketball, 3. WILL: I will my lock to anyone who thinks they can open it and all the books inside after they open it. Dianne Johnson "D.J.,' ACTIVITIES: Y.F.C., 2. Bowling team, 3. Oftiee Messenger, 4. WILL: The problems of C.H.S. and the nice-looking girls to Eric and Mike Manley. Heat to the underclassmen. Best of luck to graduating seniors. Peggy Johnson "PCglCg' ACTIVITIES: Art Service, 3,4. Booster Club, l,2,3,4. Cheerleader, l,3,4. Red Cross, l,4. WILL: A tree for Gary's leaf: Pam P., a tuff Da ro' Mrs. Cha man a fast two years, E - P 1 the spirit of Central to the upcoming stu- dents. Netosh Jones "Mae" ACTIVITIES: Cheerleader, 1,2,3. Major- ette, 4. Red Cross, 2. Y.F.C., l,2,3, Vice- President, 3. F.T.A., 3,4. Band, l,4. Boost- er Club, 2,3,4, Executive, 2,3,4. Pep Group Chairman, 3. Forge, 4. Squire and Scroll, 4. Commercial Club Secretary, 4. Choir, 1,3,4. WILL: To Rosie, all of thejobbies in the world: Mr. Hill, a heart full of Maesg Gary, happiness: Thanks for a wonderful life, Mom. Ken Kimberlin L'Mr. Sparkle WILL: I will to Pinky, three pieces of but- terscotch pie and six quarts of apple beerg and Here, ajob. Good luck with C. V. 1- ix Diana Johnson "Susie" WILL: I will my senior parking plaee to anyone who can get into it. I will all my happiness in high school to Kimberley and Kevin. Margaret Johnson "Margie" ACTIVITIES: Y.F.C., 2,3, Vice-Pres., 4. Choir, 2. Booster Club, Z,3. May Court, 2. Ensemble, 2. Wildcat Staff, 4. Senior Sena- tor, 4. Squire and Scroll, 4. Senior Class Secretary, 4. WILL: Dorothy, Linda, and Wes, happi- ness forever. To Denny: I return all love, understanding, and happiness he has shown to me: and someday a little Tammy. Earl Jones HJ ilk? WILL: I will all the underelassmen the privilege of walking through the decrepit halls of this dilapidated building and the things you put up with. I will leave C.H.S. gladly. Al Kemp "Kemp ACTIVITIES: Art Service Club, 2,3,4, Vice-President, 4. Track, 4. Cross Country 3,4. WILL: I will to Peggy J. all the bushes in the world. To Ron J., more money for his Vette. To Bill B., more energy. Patty King "Twiggy ACTIVITIES: Squire and Scroll, 4. Y.l-'.C 4. Red Cross, 4. Booster Club, 4. WILL: To all underclassnien, better looks and better times. To all Seniors, best of luck always. To myself, money, love, and more money. as s v Debi Kinney 'iLS21d foot' WILL: To Connie Peavler, an infinite friendship, and all of the fun in the world in her senior year. All my love to that very special guy. Carol Koeberle ACTIVITIES: Choir, l. Volleyball Tour- naments, 2. WILL: All the good times at Central to Johnny and Weezieg and a long life filled with happiness to Maryann, Viv, Cindy, and Ladonna. Linda Kovach "Linny" ACTIVITIES: Squire and Scroll, 3,4, Pres- ident, 4. Booster Club, 2,3,4. Red Cross, 2,3, Sec.-Treas., 3. Commercial Club, 2,3. Student Council, 4. Club Council, 4. C- teens, 3. F.T.A., 4. Forge, 3,4. Quill and Scroll, 3,4. Ticket Seller, 4. Noon Movie, 4. WILL: To Jane and Paula, future happi- ness: Mary and Pat, a "hot notel' and more good times. Bob, a wish for a successful future. Handy Lampley 'iEi11iS,, ACTIVITIES: Football, 2,3,4. Basketball, 2,3,4. Track, 2,3,4. Booster Club, 2,3,4. Visual Aids, 4, Senior Class Vice-Pres., 4. Red Cross, 3,4. Student Council, 2,3,4. WILL: I will all my athletic ability and brown eyes to my brother, Larry, so he may use them wisely: and all my affection to A. T. Patrick Lewis 'Tat' ACTIVITIES: Club Council, 4. Y.F.C., 2,- 3,4. Forge, 3,4. Booster Club, 2,3. F.T.A., 3,4. Squire and Scroll, 4. Quill and Scroll, 3,4, President, 4. Chemistry Club, 3,4, Vice-Pres., 3, President, 4. Student Coun- cil, 4. Senior Senator, 4. WILL: Mary: Candy-coated carpathian thwarterg Bill: fertile lields to sow his seeds: Gary: Gartman's super deluxe pizza Linny, Patti, Brenda, Janice, Lynn and Connie: LUV. 1 "lk 'Q' KAY' Bill Kiser "Curly' ACTIVITIES: Latin Club, 2, Treasurer, 2. Red Cross, 2,3,4, Vice-Pres., 4. Student Council, 2, Ex. Council, 3, Treasurer, 4. Forge, 3,4, Editor, 4. Booster Club, 3. Quill and Scroll, 3,4. Squire and Scroll, 4. Y.F.C., 3. F.T.A., 3,4. Chemistry Club, 3. Stage Crew, 3. Golf Team, 3. WILL: I will that Connie Culver finds un- derstanding, Lynn Boyle finds time and place for her sex appeal, and half my fer- tile fields to Pat Lewis. Marilyn Koeberle "Spunky' WILL: I will to my sister, Delora, and Mary Louise, the ability to keep warm in class when it is so cold it snows in class. Diane Kuzminsky "Kuz' ACTIVITIES: Booster Club, 2,3. Y.F.C., 3, Dispensary Assistant, 3,4. Squire and Scroll, 4. WILL: A future full of happiness to Linda G. Good luck to Donna and Laura. A fun- tilled senior year to Bea. Charles Lester "Chuck' WILL: I hereby will all underelassmen the best of luck here at C.H.S. in the years to come: and all my love to L. G. Carolyn Likely "Ann' ACTIVITIES: N.H.S., 4. WILL: To Ramona Calhoun, a hearing aid To Margaret Anderson, the ability to get along with and keep D. W. To Allen Walk- er, all my love. Judy Lotz 'gTwiggy" ACTIVITIES: Library Assistant. 3,4. Booster Club, 3.4. Office Messenger, 3,4. Commercial Club, 4. Y.l".C., 4. WILL: To Penny Yost, luck and hap- piness the rest of her life. Nancy Stet- ler, a life with Ron. Paula W., my beige suede shoes. Judy Dean, a better future. Janet Lucas "KXRVZ" ACTIVITIES: Y.F.C., l,2. Choir, l. Booster Club, 3. Anvil, 3,4, Editor, 4. Commercial Club, 4. Quill and Scroll, 4, Vice-Pres., 4. F.S.A., 3,4, President, 4. Senior Senator, 4. Wildcat Staff, 4. WILL: Good luck to Denny, Joanie and Mary. A smiling cat to Jill: the Lone Star to Patty: seven more to my parents: and a Sunshine Girl to Carl Petersen. Debbie R. Lugaro ACTIVITIES: Choir, 2,3. Y.F.C., l,2. Booster Club, 2,3,4g Cheerleader, 3,43 Stu- dent Council, 3. Gym Assistant, 4. Wild- cat Representative, 2. Commercial Club, 4. Squire and Scroll, 4. WILL: Penny: a happier life, Barb: a special someone: Mr. Lundstrom, Chris, Barry, Bonita, Dave: happiness. Paula: longer bangs. Jane: Dave's love. Jeff: all my love. a Gregory McKinney "Greg' WILL: I will all my books and teachers to my brother, Steve. John Mack "Blue Gill" WILL: I will to Coach Siegferth, a 100 x 100 picture of myself: and to Paul Eitner, my all stars. To the underclassmen, best of luck. ,W 1 A+ xv-"Y cr' f . H , hu M 5. A .499 , W, .V ' .X ,, P V at f ,,..5 g,, .,,,,,, . ,V ,ai L' Y Q' ' . . at 'K Qhv Mis Tom Lowry Russell Lucas Kathy McGuinness "Tassels' ACTIVITIES: Booster Club, 4. Anvil, 4. Squire and Scroll, 4. WILL: All my everlasting love and happi- ness to Karl. To my brother, Mike, all the fun I've had at C.H.S.g and to my amigoes happiness. Tom McLaughlin "Brain' ACTIVITIES: Choir, 2,3. Senior Choir, 4, Librarian, 4. WILL: To Kathleen Gauder, a dozen red roses: a bottle of 7 up to Judy: and a giant roll of masking tape to Mr. Lund- strom. Linda Markle "Windy' ACTIVITIES: C Club, 3. WILL: To Colleen, an apple a day. To Wendy, 12 inches To Mrs. Dube, another pest like meg and to Daryl, a 396 and all my love. Antonio Martinez, Jr. "Tony" ACTIVITIESi Student Council, 3. WILL: I will all ot the fun I had, it' any, to all upcoming Seniors. Best of luck to Dan- ny. All my lovinl goes to Sherry. a Don Mercer I'Merc' ACTIVITIES: Tennis. 2,3,4. Band. 2. Of- tice Messenger, 3,4. Y.lf.C., 2,3. WILL: I will to Rosie, the second half ot' 57.50, so she can have a night oft' work, To Ifitz, all the 7Up he can drink. Pattie Milan "Pat" WILL: To my sister, Janie, the best ot' luck in all her remaining years at Central: and to Willy and Marty Stinker. a fabulous senior year. Tim Miller 'LMario" ACTIVITIES: Choir, l.2,3,4, Viee-Pres.. 4. Iinsemble, 4. Cross Country, 2.3,4. Track, I,2,3,4. Booster Club, 3,4. I".T.A., 3,4. Wildcat Staff, 4. Student Council, 2. WILL: To all underclassmen, a great senior class like oursg to Coach, a new cupid's bow, and happiness to all who seek it. Linda Moore g'Londa" ACTIVITIES: Pep Group, 3. Choir, l,2,3,- 4. WILL: I will a happy life with R. A. W. The best of luck to my sister. Helen. Lots of fun to Cynthia, Gail, Hazel, and Ray. 'tk Alicia Matchyshyn Mary Mihaly "Mare' ACTIVITIICSZ Choir, 2,3, Vice-Pres., 3. Iforge. 4. N.H.S., 4. Quill and Scroll, 3,4. Treasurer, 4. Squire and Scroll, 4. Anvil, 2,3. Iiditor. 3. I7.T.A., 3.4, President, 4. Student Council. 3,4, Secretary, 4. Chem- istry Club, 3,4. Latin Club, 2,3. Club Council, 4. WILL: To Patrick, some Russian lepre- chaun to keep his Irish eyes smiling. To Linny. a lifetime supply ot' 'lhotl' notes and good lovin'. To C.ll.S.L immortality. Voncile Millender "Bunch" WILL1 To Michael Cook, all my love and happiness for the both of us in the future. To Mrs, Chapman, and all my friends, hap- pmess. Colleen Mooney "Mooney,' ACTIVITIES: Booster Club, 3. C. Club, 3. Red Cross. 2,3. Gym Assistant. 3. WILL: I will Rosie Dugger a 500 lb. bag of rice. My brains to anyone who likes to get good grades. A happy future with .lim Scalia. John Morris Patriea Motz HTFISII ACTIVITIICS: Booster Club, 2.3. Squire and Seroll, 3. Chemistry Club, 3. Band. 4. Pep Group, 2,3. WILL: To Mrs. Chapman, my squirrel, Denny: Mr. liplin, another great 7th peri- od Iinglish elassg and to Mrs. Dube, the College Hostel. To Pat L., many more FUN years. Larry Muekus WILL: To Connie Kinney, I will my lock- er, that is, if Mr. Hanson doen't eateh her using it. To Jill, best of luek with Denny. Delores Myers "Dee" ACTIVITILS: Booster Club. I,2,3. Y.l".C I,2. Red Cross, I,2,3. WILL: I will to my future husband, Ron, twins: to Larry, a wonderful girl: to Mi- chelle, a man ofher dreams: to my sister, Linda, a graduation day. lfaye Odie WILL: To every underelassman, a sueeess- ful, joyous, and eventful high sehool ea- reer. Deborah Oliver aa X' Luk 1' R I Wa Dave Moyers ACTIVITIIQSZ Swim team, 3. Tennis team. 3. WILL: I will all adventure loving seniors to eome. an exeiting and eleetrifying eourse in I'.O.D. I also will another stapler to Mr. Luntlstrom tslaples alsol. Carol Muftley "MuffIes" WILL: To Blanehe, a heater for her ear. To Terry, 'Take off the brake!" To Aliee, good luck at Coventry. To Don, a senior year like mine anti good luek with Pattie. Steven Nelson I'Doe' ACTIVITIES: Choir, 13.4, President, 4. Y.I'.C., 2,3,4. Basketball, 2. Ifootball, 2. Spanish Club, 2. Ensemble, 2,3. WILL: To Mrs. Chapman, mueh happiness. To Baby Legs, all my love, the best of ev- erything, and a long happy life by my side. David Oles g'Dave" WILL: I will a eurse to every teaeher who has ever Sent me to the offiee for some- thing I didn'1do! tlf there are anyl Harry Orr WILL: I will all my luek and wishes, for what it's worth, to the elass of '69, and all the girls to "Roaeh,' at Akron If s Diane Palmer "Cookie" ACTIVITIES: Red Cross, 4, WILL: To Rose, luek and love with John. Sandy, nothing but happiness. Chris, a wonderful life with Riek. Debbie and Viekie, all ol' our good times. s Vincent Payne t'Puneliy' ACTIVITIES: lfootball, l. Baseball, I. WILL: I will all my good times that I had at Central to all the underelassmen in the coming years, espeeially Patty, in her last year. Pam Piseiotta "Roadrunner" ACTIVITIES: Art Serviee Club, 2,3,4. Booster Club, l,2,3,4. Cheerleader, 3,4. Red Cross, 4. Ifootball l'Iomeeoming Court, 4. WILL: Debbie Galbraith, another Whiskey Sour. Mary livans, another tree night. Pat Taylor, my cheering oxfords. My sister and Peggy Johnson, a lite that knows only hap- piness. Donna Priee HSateli ACTIVITIIQSZ Band, 2,3,4, Maiorette, 2,3 4. Y.I".C., 2,4. Booster Club, 2. WILL: To Barb, the best maiorette line at C.H.S., and all happiness with Joe. Miteh, all the fun and tu ll' girls at C.l'l.S. Chris, rotten peaches! Ellsworth Pulos WILL: I will all my happiness and good times at C.H.S. to my brother. And, to Bob lzlefritz, I will the world's largest slide rule. 'NSYQP Vivian Palmer 'tvit-Ric" WILI, 1 To Debbie Smith, I will Denny Sig- mund. To Cindy Wyant, a tall guy with IIIUIIUY. To Rose, Cookie, Carol, and Marv- Ann, love and happiness. .Ioe Petryshak tlooi' WILL: I will to Barb, R., myself, and to the class ot' '69, good luek. 'Iliey need it. To lfvelyn, a water but't'alo! Charles Pitts 'SPee Wee WILI-: I will my heart, kisses. and mostly love to Jeannette Swoope. I also will my ability to learn to Delbert, and gratitude to Mr. Moore. Linda Priteliard HPy1tgh ACTIVITII-'Si Red Cross, 3,4. l'.T.A., 3. Library Assistant, 3. Noon Movie, 4. WILLi I will my ability to get up in the morning to Vieky Cullen. To Cheryl Cul- len and Chuck Blasdel, a beautiful Mareh wedding. lfoy Quesenberry "Loy Boy WILL: An alert Pliysies elass to Mr. Gon- dorehinl Ifrank, be reinearnated as a hu- man being. To Den, Birdman, Ules, lastin friendship. Ron Radoichin "Roeah" ACTIVITIES: Basketball, 2,3,4. Hall Guard, 4. WILL: Best of luck tothe upcoming seniors. All of the good lookin' girls to Birdfeather, and a 6-pack of applebeer to J im G. Beverly Ray "Baby Legs" ACTIVITIES: Choir, 3,4. Y.F.C., 2. Latin Club, 4. Chemistry Club, 3. Student Council, 3. Track, 2. WILL: To every underclassman, I will for them true happiness and much success. To Doc, all my love. a John Redd K'Johnny, WILL: I will to future Central students that Central High falls on its own accord. Barbara Reger WILL: I will all the success and happiness in the world to D. M. Rosalyn Robinson "Rosic' WILL: I will all my love to Louis Price and my mother and father. My locker to my cousin, Shelline Debbney, whom I love very much. Uv naiv- Wlunv? Mi Mme? A V V 'K . fic, Bruce Ralston "Grandma' WILL: To the upcoming seniors, good luck. To Sandy M., the 7 Up bottling company, and to Mrs. Kime, a better homeroom in the years to come. Blanche Ray "Paula' WILL: To Terry and Carole, lots of help. Alice Smith, good Iuek in your senior yearJ69. All my love to J. G. Linda Riddell "Sue WILL: To Joanne, all the luck in the world next year, and to Alice H., I'd like to wish her happiness in the years to come. Lavonne Roberts "Mongie' ACTIVITIES: Student Council 4. WILL: To G. R. and M. R., all my good times at C.H.S. To my close friends, happiness throughout their entire life. To Darlene, Jimmy G. Althea Roper "Alfie' ACTIVITIES: Choir, 3,4. Ensemble, 3,4. Red Cross, 3. Booster Club, 3. Student Council, 4. C Club, 3. Y.I".C,, 3,4. F.T.A., 4. Squire and Scroll, 4. WILL: I will all the future students my sense of humor. To our rat pack, better times in the future. To A.S., B.B,, good times. a Judy Rowe "Frog" WILL: My very best of luck to Connie Peavler and Debbie Ruggeirri. because they'll need it. My bottle caps to Ellen, and all my love to "Daddie.', Phillip Russell "Phil" ACTIVITIES: Choir, l,2. Class President, 2,4. Ex. Student Council, 3. Baseball, 2,3,4. Football, 3,4. Basketball, l,2. WILL: To Ron Young, all the girls at Central High. To Mr. Stone, a winning football season: and my love to Candy M. Griggs. Mary Sapper 5'Trudy WILL: I will the best of luck to my brothers and sisters who will be coming here soon: and my love to that one certain guy. John Sehramm WILL: I will Mike S. a big luxurious Volks- wageng to Rick S., a broken leg: and everything else to a special person at Fire- stone. " Judith Sharpe 'LPres" ACTIVITIES: Band, 2,3,4, Stage Band, 4. Art Service Club, 2,3,4. Y.F.C., 2,3,4, President, 4. Chemistry Club, 4. Club Council, 4. WILL: I will Miss Baclawski someone to climb her 12, ladders: to Mrs. Dube, the "College Hostel": to the Chapmans, the Holiday Inn in Montreal, Canada. as ill soup-5 Jill Russell 'gCornell WILL: To Denny: my life, all my love, and best of luck with the Marine Corps in years to come. To Janet: a handful of moon. -: : - .--.f .s 5 J. - 6 ... Dale Santee t 1 , rf' WN 'Tef- Nur Mary Schrader ACTIVITIES: N.H.S., 4. Student Council, 2,3. Commercial Club, 3,4. Ticket Seller 3 WILL: Happiness and luck to Carla, Karen Lanice, and Hower "Gong" Peace to the war in Vietnam. Success on drums to Lonny. Fun to all underclassmen. Mike Serdinak WILL: I will Coach Stonejoin the Class A League, and the underclassmen the best of luck at Central. Michelle Sholley "Mickie" WILL: To Ron 84 Dee, all the luck and happiness in the world. All my love goes to Kenny Kimberlain. Best of luck to all my friends. Gerald Shumaker "Jerry" WILL: I will Central High School to all the future freshmen who will attend it some- day. Sue Singleton 'fSooty" ACTIVITIES: Choir, 2. Cheerleader, 2. Booster Club, 2. C Club, 2. Y.F.C., 2. Homecoming Court, 4. Squire and Scroll, 4, Anvil, 4. Gym Assistant, 4. WILL: To my brother, Don, happiness. Phil and Candy, luck. Mr. Vargo, a quick action dress. Mrs. Robertson, a new watch. To my parents, much love. Carla Smith "Hillbilly" ACTIVITIES: lf.S.A., 4. Choir, l. Com- mercial Club, 4. WILL: Happiness to Karen, Mary, and Lanice. Ifun and success at C.H.S. to Nicky and Lonnie. Peace to the world. To my family, happiness and love. Jack Soergel "Snorkal" WILL: I will Mr. T., a new room. And luek to the upcoming classes, especially the sophomores, they need it. Anne Speharovic "Austrian" ACTIVITIES: Choir, l,2,3,4. Ensemble, 3,4. Red Cross, 4. WILL: I will everlasting peace and eternal happiness to all people in the world-- someday. Dennis Sigmund "Denny" ACTIVITIES: Choir, l. Football, l,2.3,4. WILL: To Brenda Shipley that she can teach Terry Testa how to pucker up, for her sake. Mary Evans and Brenda St. Clair, a very happy future. Wesley Singleton uliird feather' ACTIVITIES: Baseball, 2,3,4. WILL: I will a city series championship to Coach Malagio: all the happiness to Denny and Margaret: and to Ronnie R., all the good looking girls. Debbie Smith "DCU WILL: To Phil, a lot of Candy. Our He- Man, a girl. Vickie and Farmer, happiness. Cookie and Sue, love. Denny Sigmund, a long life span. Diane Spangler 'tSpang' WILL: Mike S., a bigger car. Best of luck to my friends in the class of'68. L. P. to Cliff. Mr. Hanson, my absence. Best of luck to Vicky next year. Arlena Stafford "Hipo' ACTIVITIES: Yearbook Representative, 2. WILL: I will all my cousins, my books, pencils, and ink pens. I also will all my love to M. M. 1 1 Richard Stagner "Rick' ACTIVITIIZS: Stage Crew, 3,4. WILL: I will that Mike S. get a new skate key for his car, and that John S. get new tires for his Grand-Prix. Brenda St. Clair 'KBertha" ACTIVITIES: Spanish Club, 1. Band, l,2, 3. Y.F.C., 1,2. Choir, 2,3. Red Cross, 2,3, Assit Secretary, 3. Dispcnsary, 4. Library, 2. Booster Club, 1. WILL: Mr. Lundstrom, a room of Donnies and Brendasg Kleenex to Denny: Mary, fun 7th period. Leroy, the 4th tloor. Mike tongue depressersg Bill, my love. Leonard Stephens 'gCountry' ACTIVITIES: Swim Team, 2. Baseball, 2. Spanish Club, 2. Y.I'.C., 2. WILL: I will my nice white teeth to Bobby Heller, so he can eat his food with- out gumming it to death. Nancy Stetler "Doll' ACTIVITIES: Dance Club, 4. Commercial Club, 4. Booster Club, 4. C Club, 3,4. Y.F.C., 4. Chess Club, 3,4. Chemistry Club, 3. Red Cross, 4. WILL: P.L.D. to Big Eg diet pills to Judy Deang a Vette and all my love to R.E.A. Veronica Stone 'lStarr' ACTIVITIES: Choir, 2,3. Ensemble, 3. Track, 2. Basketball, 2. Student Council, 3. C Club, 2,3. Red Cross, 2. Booster Club, 2,3. WILL: All my love to Henry Robinson in hoping that we will be together forever. Lance and Wayne, the ability to stay captured. Debbie, Bit, and Ruby, my girls. ws., , 1 sf ' X .FSFX fl? ii ,lea fi ' .Yarn es i Q, a , ig . 1 A . .ff if il' ,Q Q .f Patricia Statler uMousey' ACTIVITIES: All my love to Walt G. and Darrell B. The future to Mom and Dad. I-'rench Fries to Flo. Randy Decker to Nancy Davis. Marriage for Kenny H. Liz Stcmpfel "Bubba' ACTIVITIES: Choir, 3,4. C Club, 2,3,4. Volleyball, 3. Basketball, 3. WILL: I will to Twikky, Sister Bryan, Mona, and Mr. Haynes, all my friendship: and to Ifr. Stauder and Mr. Hendrickson, good luck. Lanice Stepp ACTIVITIES: Choir, 4. WILL: To Central, a football team. To Karen, Mary, and Carla, luck. To Helen, a Greek. To Larry Caley, all my love and someday a little Brent. s Mike Stewart uStew WILL: 1,000 tree rides to Louis C. All my books and classes to the upcoming seniors with my regards, Karen Sturm l'Red' ACTIVITII-IS: I".S.A., 4: Commercial Club, 4. Ticket Seller, 3. WILL: Janet, good luck at Central. Happi- ness to Lanice. success to Carla and Mary in their secretarial work. A successful mar- riage to Dave and Bonita 1 Ray Summers WILL: To Central High, a new place in the city, and to Metz's and Diane, a place in someonels life. Rita Sweeney 'gBobby,, ACTIVITIES: Booster Club, 4. Red Cross, 4. Squire and Scroll, 4. Y.I".C,, 4. WILL: I will to the man I love, our own K'private" Utopia. Love and happiness to Mom: and the girls, my ability to mingle and tlirt! John Szablowsky WILL: To Mr. T., a year's pass for free haircutsg and I wish Linda T., a scholarship, Pat Thompson i We SAA' -'WS . h R .1,:' 5 a t K. Jean Trimble 1 ' ,ati X: . ses . l M K , . ,3 . r F' is + f Jane Sutton HJ anie' ACTIVITIES: Booster Club, 2,3,4, Squire and Scroll, 3,4. Vice-Pres., 4. Office Assistant, 4. Commercial Club, 4. WILL: Happiness to a very deserving Mr. Lundstrum. Good luck at Central to Jill: and a future of love and understanding to Dave. Mike Szabot "Za" WILL: To Don Johns and Mike Stewart, 101 steel wool pies down at the Y. A year's free rides to Lou. and Vietman after Mike and Don get done eating. Patrick Taylor "Retro" WILL: That Mr. Maligio's boys make the Series. To Rick, two bikinis, one Hsoekf' To Dave, my new gym towel. To the "B", a new Mattel Creature Maker. Karen Towsley ACTIVITIES: Red Cross, 4. Booster Pep Group, 2,3. WILL: I will the best of luck to my sister at Central next year. To Mrs. Dube, a nice homeroom. To Mrs. Isham, an efficient helper. Abe Tarvin Kim Trent i'Big T" WILL: I will all my fun times at C.H.S. to my brother, Kevin. My laugh to Mr. Eplin and all abilities to Bobby H. Donna Umberger 'fTurtle Dove" ACTIVITII-lS: Ticket seller, 4. F.S.A., 4. Booster Club, 4. Commercial Club. 4. Squire and Scroll, 4. WILL: To my sister, Mitzi, the ability to quit talking: Diane, height and long hair, Laurie, a new Firebird: to all Wildcats, happiness. Carol Varner l'Carol Sue', ACTIVITII-LS: Cheerleader, l,2,3.4. Boost- er Club, I,2,3,4. Choir, I. Y.I'.C., 2. Red Cross, 2. Track, 2. Basketball Court, 2. May Court, 2,3. Football Court, 3. Com- mercial Club, 3,4, Vice-Pres.. 4. WILL: All my everlasting love and eternal happiness to Jimmy, hoping things turn out much better. Success to my brother, Terry. Luck to Pat and Mark. Paula Walker "Polly ACTIVITIIiS: Y.l".C., 2. Squire and Scroll, 3,4. Booster Club, 2,3,4. Commer- cial Club, 3,4, President, 4. Noon Movie, 2,3,4. C Teens, 2,3. Student Council, 2,3, 4. Office worker, 2,3,4. Ticket Seller, 4. Dispensary Assistant, 4. WILL: Greg, eagerness to study. Bonita, a fast two years. Shorty, oldies but goodies. Janie, ajoyful life. Barb, Chris' 2,000 in- sults, and Mr. Lundstrum, happiness. Ruth Way ACTIVITIES: F.T.A., 2. Band, 1,2,3,4, Secretary, 3, President, 4. Club Council, 4. WILL: To Judy and Debbie G., all thc luck and happiness in the world. To Loraine, a bushel of S'Tulips". To Mr. Heyburn, good luck. Q- Regina Turner ACTIVITIES: Track, 2. Volleyball, 2. C Club, 3. Gym Assistant, 3. Office helper, 3. Gary Utterback WILL: I will all the fun to my sister who will attend C. H.S. next year. My great shortstop ability to Mark Love. All my love to Dave. David Walker "Herk' WILL: To Patrick, newjockey briefs, To Mr. Sparkle, a new job at the A :Sr P. To Gary Utterback, six quarts and all my love Dotty Watkins "Dot" WILL: I will my will power to get through these last three years of school to all up- coming sophomores. My heart and love to Bobby. Jim Wearley WILL: I will the back row seats in all my classes to anyone who likes to sleep, in hopes they put them to good use. Gary Weiss ACTIVITIES: Y.I".C., 3. Chemistry Club. 3, Treasurer, 3. Booster Club, 3. Stu- dent Council, 3,4, President, 4, Club Council, 4. N.H.S., 4. Choir, 4. WILL: Mr. Gross, a rocking chair. P. L., 1,000 tons of t.p.: and to B. R., my brothers and sisters, and all my dear friends, happiness and success. Sandra White l'Sandi" ACTIVITIES: Office helper, 3,4. Senior Choir, 3,4. Cafeteria, 3. Ensemble, 4. WILL: I will all my love to Wesley Lewis, and Wish all the happiness for Pat Williams and Reggie Smith: also, happiness for my family. Art Williams Jacqueline Williams "Pat' ACTIVITIES: Choir, 1,2,3,4, Ensemble, 3 4. C Club, 2,3,4. Track, 2,3,4. Spanish Club, 1,2. Red Cross, 3. WILL: To Reginald Smith all my love in hoping to become his wife. To Mary, my brains. Happiness to my brothers and sis- ters: and to Sandra, Wesley. Mona Woods "Monie' ACTIVITIES: Red Cross, 2,3,4, Vice-Presi- dent, 4. Forge, 3,4. F.T.A., 3, Vice-Presi- dent, 4, Gym Assistant, 3. Student Coun- cil, 3. N.H.S., 4. Choir, 2. Quill and Scroll, 3,4. WILL: To Linda, an argument. Curly, hair straightener. Bubba, Mr. H. Pat, an otl fiee drawer below mine, and underclass- men, my prayers. AA 2, .,.. E V 'wiv r M., 3 ' lf" I esil we if Ronald White 'gMaestro" ACTIVITIES: Hall Guard, 4. Office Help- er, 4. WILL: I will all the underclassmen my pencils, and books, and the best of luck at C.H.S. But most of all, I will all my Warm and tender love to L. C. John Wilkins HAI" ACTIVITIES: Basketball, 1. Track, 1, Manager, 3. WILL: I will to the underclassmen a lot of homework from teachers: and a lot of friendships and happiness. Bonita Williams g'Bonnie" ACTIVITIES: Movie, 2,3,4. Ticket seller, 4. Office helper, 4. WILL: David, a faster two years, a David Jr., and all my love as a wife. Barb, a big- ger chestnut, and Paula, a filled-in tooth. Brenda Wilson "Brendy' ACTIVITIES: Choir, 1. Art Service Club, 2,3,4. WILL: Happiness to my sister, Linda, Diane S., Squeak, Laura S., our great student council President Gary, and home room 108. Miss B., another great A.S.C. like ours, '6 8. Cindi Wyant ACTIVITIES: Library Assistant, 3. Senior Senator, 4. WILL: A bottle of Excedrin for everyone Cespecially Mrs. Chapmanj who visited Montreal in October. May the headache of the Hostel soon be eliminated. Brenda Yancey ulrenel' ACTIVITIILS: C Club 2,3,4gGym Assis- tant 2,3,4g Volleyball 3g Pep Group 3, C Teens 3g Squire and Scroll 3. WILL: To underclassmen, better times. To Delon, goodness. To my friends, happiness in the future. Juanita Banks, money and more money. D. G. ,the Hi-Hat. .ludy Young Gloria Young Paulette Ziegler "Squeaky ACTIVITIES: Art Service Club 2.3,4. WILL: To C.l-I.S., the resistance to that old swinging iron ball. Miss B., a red apple Nerve pills to Brenda, and to Ronnie, love and weight. Manhood and Womanhood Phil Russell -vt E. ,,,.,-fii - '--, , . if k ,... afm.. K. N Nancy Canterbury The Class of '68 Leads Senior Senators s -..- - - , e-.- -- sys ROW ONE: Margaret Johnson, Phil Russell, Handy Lampley. ROW TWO: Joyce Crosby, Judy Edmond, Cynthia Johnson, Nancy Canterbury, Kim Trent, Laura Fahrer. ROW THREE: Janet Lucas, Bob Elefritz, Pat Lewis, Cynthia Wyant. Business Representatives ROW ONE: Blanche Ray, Juanita Banks, Cynthia Johnson. ROW TWO: Nancy Stetler, Joyce Collins, Nancy Canterbury, Anne Speharovic. President Phil Russell Vice-President Handy Lampley i i ll Secretary Margaret Johnson Top Ten As we go to press, these students represent the top ten ofthe Senior Class. Their class rank was determined atter seven semesters of grades Final selection ol the top ten is not known until graduation Boa ELEFRITZ F I I' st Future plans: Attend Akron U lor a eareer in either Chemistry or Engineering LADONNA EVERSON Future plans: Become a later marry. V"' gi yr.-avr WMV' M,aus-v S LYNN BOYLE Sixth Future plans: Attend either Akron U. Or Boston College and become a lawyer. he M. - N K N .X K .K N . . 3 . S .V . . ie.: it J I do K JOHN BECK SQUQHIPI Future plans: Attend Akron U. to study Aeronautical Engineering. JOYCE COLLINS Ten th Future plans: Attend either Akron U. or Business School and later become a secretary. lj NX. BETTY BYRNES Future plans: Attend Akron U. and later become an English teach- er. JOHN HANNA Nm th Future plans: Attend Akron U. to study Engineering. 4 Well! lim glad I passed inspection! Cast Sl. Elmer . . ....... Jim Hodge Angel ..... . . . Lillian Hollinger St, Jose ......... Handy Lampley Gloria Smith ....... Connie Culver Melody McGinnis ..... Mary Mihaly Lottie Smith ...... Anne Speharovic Martin Smith. . . ..,... Tim Miller Randy Smith ........ Denny Geiger Cousin Lucy ..... Nancy Canterbury Dean Eldred ....... Donnie Mercer Shirley Smith ..... Debbie Galbraith Joanne Lane . . . . . .Dixie Felsinger Angus Carter ........ Allen Mack Patrick O'Hara ....... Eddie Eitner Caroline Cartwright . . . Netosh Jones Larry Hunter ....... Harold Pulos Utopia, Inc. This year, under the direction of Mrs. Darlene Troyer, the Senior Class presented Utopia, Inc., a three act comedy. The play revolves around St. Elmer, who comes down from Heaven to help the Smith family find happiness on Earth. It's-UNHEAVENLYY ,wh zffmw Maw f , uf. 4 ,M 3 K if 3722" ' Z! 1 HIYQZQZVZHW f-'K?5YVZm?1? Mr. 8 Miss Central Phil Russell Candy Griggs Best Looking .lane Sutton Ronnie Radoichin Prett i est Denny Geiger Senior Best Debbie Galbraith E y e 5 Carol Varner Superlatiues Dressed Prettiest Hair Leonard Davis Donna Gorsliu Most Winning Sm iie Wesley Singleton Barb Ashbee Gary Utterback IT if Y M 'WI Most Shy Ron Young Betty Byrnes Most Intellectual Most Likely to Succeed Bob Elefritz Lz1Donna Everson ' Mary Mihuly Mark Hansel Friendliest Most Talented Joe Petryshuk Debbie Lugaro Netosh Jones Steve Nelson Class 1 Fllrts - Sue Singleton Jim Hodge L ,L 2 ,A .WH A f f f we ,7 f ff f as s ,ef 544m f,Q'33"V,,,1f,f ti :V 4, W We A w,...g-.-----w -I Teachers Pests Karen Sturm lnseparable Mike Stewart Elaine Adkins Pat Taylor Most Athletic Liz Stempfel Handy Lampley ,Z,..-ilfffwfy , . s a Mary Schrader Best Dancers F ri end s Mike Szubot Kim Trent Dave Walker Most Feminine 8 Masculine Wilbert Owens Ruth Way "3 fi ,M ., I .X I 5 I Y -fi fy , Vw 11. " U' i M, f , I , ff U- ,, ' . "wi MM, jf ff ,f .lf Most Gullible M0513 Polite Linda Kovack Pat Lewis Bonita Williams Rick Acker Bill Kiser Paula Walker Most Talkatiue o 'f Mnderclassmen A 5 ,W . Juniors R. Adams, J. Addison, D Aleman, D. Amato, J. Anderson, N. Awalt, P. Balcbalg, G. Ballis, C. axter, T. Beck, . Beeler, P. Beers, J. Bennett, K. Bentz, D. Berry. X: i . ,ray efffll f 1 :il J A 2 s Y 1 3.1.4 R12 4 L 5 3 r g. . A .3 Egg gg ig, 15f?Q?em?i'i'. . G. Carver, W. Chapman, L. Chrapke, S. Conner, J. Cook, K. Cook, P. Cook, J. Cooley, J. Collins, B. X N .5 v Corley, C. Coughenour, K.. Cowan, M. Craven, P. Crawford, E. Crosby, C. Cross. '+P S os E 'V ,gs ef J + 'f ss J A 4, ' , ,F . as A " X . f K '. A err s 4 . f . ,.. ""w frm ir f gg? l l P dl by JT ' - .X frrrrr - F J ll l ' ' in Y X We ,ev Q- 1 .www F wmzh it J r.,.,.-fs. .A E ?A .ss ifffiyif- 34 ,- N. Q X .C ,J P' Q Er' 5 f 3 A J. Blair, T. Blasdel, S. X.. ,. .af Q., ,,i J Z, Boddie, J. Booth, M. Boyd, B. Bray, P. Bray, D. Brobst, L. Brown, F. Buc- cigross, J. Bircham, B. A , , Burkhammer, A, Bush, E. .1 C., Butler, T. Calfee, T. Carr. X Y ff-Q . B ,fx ve YF 'E .2 ,Q ' ' X 5, P J . S . ,, . INC! 1 L- P P Q. K ,A px ' P D. 5 7 al sv . 2.. " A r VV., . , , J , K . ' sfffvs ' ' ,V . 2 +5 ' L1 -L K-1eQfQr?3w :.s fl '22 i G gf" .gf . if Sl . . ::'2 A X Q r.s .,,.r V. Cullen, H. Curtis, S. ir ' . s 1 ' Dabney, L. Debenedictis, i Sgjiffk lm' L. Deel, M. Dillon, J. , ' B 'P . m,,,,.,a Dobbs, B, Dolan, R. . ' Drumm, A. Dulabhan, R. ,su Y ff A ' sa., J' F' ,, Dugger, C. Drylund, C. 'rig ' V ss- ll. 5 , J .N ' Edmond, P. Evans, A. ei W ' Q . ,,.. Y R., J l Finizzi, P. Finley. 9 V 1 - . 5 so 'w we " .. . J " - rrz , 'Q . 'J ' , ., .. . , ....: I ,,, f 1 Fortune, G' Foster, H' ,K A llll fl ., 99 i . .l' ..: 1 i f flf . .. FOX, J- FOX, J- Frye, P. -t.' .t'-- W . 41" ff - uf .'a.. 1111-Stiff .ff-fa. .ariffwifff--f':-"-A Fulton, F. Gary, T. Ged "' " oai' A J xl' J J ,G A E deS, R. Gibson, G. Grad- M T. ' K f ison, J. Greathouse M. - -W N - f, . f a ,P l g 'Q . ff ef". ,. . Green, C. Greenwood, G. ' Q- . .. 'L I kk 5, ,,,sr 5 Greenwood. 'F s ' gf X. , W it , ,,- 2 ...-- i J. Griffin, P. Griffin, S. Griffin, C. Hall, S. Ham- ric, R. Hartley, N. Hay- den, L. Hayward, A. Henice B. Hickman A. .sv YE . " X : .-h. , gn- "" . 5 - es: t iff.. . .. 3735'YfF.Eiill1Y'Yll'1'it .1 ..i ..,. . iknubQa,D.iknung2n R. rW" ar i 4, i. L,,, , gif, n X, , Howe, J. Huffman, M. " A , "': . , , , Ivanoff, Jackson, il. , s ri .k k, 'L -first! V.-, K -gf! li f'ie News A C D ..-Q ef- - .i,,, . .2 ,W . X7 ,, - A , . Il. .Q fe I M. James, B. Johnson, R. i 'riff .::' Jones, T. Jones, L. Jun- Ii' Irr kins, K. Kapper, S. Kay- ., lor, B. Keene, K. Kelly, xii' 'HS' m 9, liuz q ,, - K. Kinsinger, D. Kee- A I berle, C. Kostich, H. Le- W- A. 4 F Grair, L. Lemke, S. Lewis gy, F. Lichtenberger. J ..e eiasiiiii Jgg gi ggigggs iii X R. Liddle, J. Limppe, D. Long, J. Lough, C. Low- ery, A. Lunsford, M. Lun- sford, N. Lupica, J. Lynch, M. Lytle, E. Man- ley, S. Manus, L. Marine, R. Marisavisevich, P. Markley. 4 wr: .3 see K 3 R -if "' f QM: A ,, Q Q'i'rQQ,,,?4f':'f. ' .Qgay-fs. grey.- I 4 -gil-.,1'c.., f M. O,Conner, J. Palfy, D. Parkins, C. Peavler, R. Peoples, S. Pelfrey, G. Perkins, D. Pitner, E. Plummer, W. Poe, C. Por- ter, E. Posey, D. Powell, G. Price, D. Propst, A. Raheem. , ,,. S re rn- Nx . . 1 3 Q . , X W ca. ii, . p .. Q, li.s V 22 ...ei - I 5 5 ' 1 .. xwvf' Q A rri"i 1. 5 L' A ,-.:, ' ' fer . . -' Y , . 5 , saaeeus. i A A -.... - nn ..' 2 A ' Q iz 'K A 1. . E:.e if me X I 1 J' 1-A J-w ,,4, m '..'., pfvrffw -W 'llf ' .. X uf Vyy B. Martin, S. Martin, D. , ,, , Q. : ,,., M Martinez, R. McCartney, ,fi n , P . . S. McKinney, S. Melton, if 4. . C. Messenger, D. Metz, L. Mi11ef,J. Mitchell, C. .- J Mobley, S. Moore, V. f alls? Moore, D. Muffley, N. J ' Nicholis, W. Noland. A: 2 if .vga Mig PE' it Lggf F . C Z. 5-I 1 I to ' A N , . . . .. . 4. . ,gl . 5 . .. S ,. 5 " Sr. . ff K -i X .. si ,R Rfk re fi? mrP5f i Qi A'fW iii in . Q ,iff we X, . 4. 5? ,..- 'S f M -Q J,, z ' -r" 5' H 'Ii -' . .J J J' iii.. -f Q 5 S ir rafirsge . fr o .5 CKE? f- Pink B i P. Ralston A. Reid B. Ritter S. Roberts D. . ,,.,,,.,.. . ---- - --- -- Rezack, Di Richmond, L. Rudd J. Ruffin V. Rus- sell, B. Rutan, L. Sadd- ler, B. Salem, P. Sam- mons, M. Santy, D. Sch- midt, S. Scott. ,Q 'Q 'K .V M., H, . .N J.. , J f ii if X 'VL' F is 'ii ' 1 MM 1 . A S55 Q A55 fs. .N-Q N-revs? . P is I in iwegg J. Tarvin, T. Testa, R. Tezel, D. Thorpe, M. Tierney, M. Tiptom, K. Trachsel, L. Trezic, R. ,V ti, ,,s .. " is J it ..... 1 -K i n K p p N 1 . .E . K 25 Q . -K-.Q x. .iz ' . . . .I . L if . A . ,.., r ,.x, A Xp 1 3- 3: Eg-, pi -- . p if E. Seabeck,.M. Senko, V. ' ...,,,, div if' J 2,-' R f pp S Q .t t ee' Shawl, B. Shipley, L. ,.., V it . . .L Y Q Shipley, D. Slonaker, A. .'-Al. Y 1' Smith, A. Smith, S. ,mug - J . Smith, J. Soros, P. '." V SPHU1diHg, N- SPSS le, G- . qi, - .E-Sui? L ., W A g A . zqn pnpz I i s! 'Y Stafford, M. Stecker, T. . ..., p f , '-" fx' p j Stoebermann, M. Stump. , Q -if . E if A f ..,: a -- x:,i K K. ,Z . , :4 . f' . it Y ' f - 1 to 9? - ' -. . .S . . L Q,-1 5 1, has 'ieii 1. 2 . it 'ft 2 Tripoli, P. Tummel, R. ,H Turner, R. Tye, C. Un- 'X I . derdown T. Upshaw D. or f R-fi .-. - , ff? ,P . W ' J f Q fs. .:.. 1 . . 1 '- Vance R. Vannoy. 4. ae., M if y R K is M. 2 1 ,W , .MV , ,L yiigiyz.. I N- . ,K I h ii Q it f ii J A . ,V 'K W .4 ' i s . :,. A 3 ,pu X if "A S K , -, P. 4 , S2 D. Vinson, R. Vellmer, Y. A ,-.I f D H... 'Q K R... S " of S Waddy, T. Walker, T. . qzi, ..,, a .. ,Eg j 1 Q, S Walker, J. Wallace, L. X . ' -ff f ass.. is Ware, H- Watson, C- . J . Weekley, J. Weiss, L. Wel- ...,. agp ..-, V v let, D. Werntz, B' Wil- ' . liams, S. Williamson. -Pe A i i J , 'Y .ii if.. it I f 5 J .R ff- , ift . A V. Willis, J. Wilson, P. Wilson, D. Woodard, J. Yarbrough, S. York. .W , .. --W f 0 Ni. . X .-if in ., . s f Q i A N 3 X .. Q. .5 Q 7 . ..-. - - ii ii -.,. - - i X f . is Q -.Aa Sophomores B. Addison, B. Adkins, I. Adkins, P. Albanese, F. Alexander, D. Alford, P. Anderson, J. Apazelle, B. E . Q if 4.-1 .-f y 4? .. ,I Q f ,ff -W, ,r r a- 3 3, V ,F . ,fa f.... am , .. .... , ,V , , V: fr . if Ashbee, J. Babak, C. 5 Z Baldwin, B. Ballew, M. M if . ,. . Barauskas, B. Baylor, R. 5,31 8 E, Beard, C. Begunich. . ,,,, . Vi -fr irr- A . . B . "E V r , "5 'J 5 ,,,- . a I ,-lr. B. Benham, R. Bennett, A Agia, 'B if B f Q S. Bennett, G. Bertsehi, , , G. Black, J. Black, D. ' ' it ,y F , 2 V Blakney, S. Blacks, D. . . V 5 Lg . Blasdel, M. Boatner, V. V : ZZZ - Boddie, J. Bogle, W. A iw V ,Wi .. A E W: .. ,,., .,,, , W I Bogle, Boldena Bol- .... Yafd-W-B0Se1Y- ' . ..,. . .... .. . f- - ..'i , ,,i. . .., V ..rr , 2? VZ!! wi X A . . VV 7 .-:E Akl. 1 . ',,.. . . L. Bradley, W. Braziel, J. 1 , . an 'i ' N ,l s N ... U Brice, E. Brooks, B. leg Y f - ei, A A ' v aw A a, fa, gv . . Brown, M- Brown, T- ef' 'W - J ....- f! . . L V . Bruchschologle, M. Buc- r--' f - -B - J' rlli il . ' . cigross, F. Butler, J. Ji' fi r i .5 - 3 Byrnes, T. Caldwell, W. 1 . A , V Carroll, D. Carter, R. ,ff .J Q l Chambers, J. Christian, R. ' 4' , 4. i s --, 4 , A l Christian. , , VAA Z S AA' V V 'VV Q?,..f 3 4 yi? 5, , 4 ,gi . .. '53 ,X NH , . X ...fi t --'- A? A ... , fl f ,.-- 1 '. "1 f l M A 9- 'fu :Lg I V 74, , . T- . . , --. 'wrt' - -- - . - it ii J f " J . Dolan, T. Doolin, B. 1, P Dugger, W. Duggin, M. Dulabhan, B. Edwards, H. Eldridge, E. Eubank, M. Farner, R. Fela, T. Fel- ton, F. Fink, K. Finley, B. Fisk, F. Fitzgerald, B. Ford. P. Clendenim, T. Clifford, M. Cook, S. Cook, R. Cooley, R. Cooley, W. Copelan, R. Copeland, D. Coppinger, J. Costello, L. Culver, L. Dasho, J. Davis, R. Davis, J. Dills, M. Donnelly. f r, gms .. ' glam A S - . - Y . s g ,A J s I l w. V. I 5 M A 'I I2 7 if C. Foster, D. Fox, D. i 5, Lal! 'A" 'W Franklin, M. Gault, K. J , , W T 1' Gauder, A. Gebhardt, D. iw , , Gibbs, W. Gibbs, T. Gil- ri ' 2 ' '. M i .1 'f i. bert, B. Glenn, C. Green, W M. Greenwood, J. Griffith, ., . H A 4 i . ., 'r'r 2 R. Griffin, L. Griggs, T. J ,A .J ay , '- ff gy ., , Gove. , , AMD ,gi N .I ,. 9,0 H in 35' V. ff tw , - Vk.i g I . VV V , V ' A ' if ' . . Q ag aw, nf Q . J. Groves, R. Gruccio, K if , J G,,, ,y M :AV ,,, F, Hambrick, C. Hanks, D. , ,gf r ,S,gil, . i E i'i.. ' A' Harkness, E. Harris, R. 'L L 5 Harris, V. Harris, D. My 1 ' L Harrison, J. Harrison, M. . . 'P' r Y Harvey, C. Hastler, D. . E Q am L", ' 2 Hatch C. Hayberg L. A . , , , . . ,, J I of , , W2 ,iii V wa if is if K . Hayden, R. Hazly. ' ii E53 5 2 ll' .sf i . . L. Hefflefinger, C. Heller, 55' J biV,,,,,i n 2 , ' E. Helms, M, Hendriy, K. G ' I ' . I ,L .J 1 Hengles M' C- , , A Hill, T- H01lidHY, A- 5 2 3 3' 1 M I iizii ' Hopkins, W. Irvin, K. J J i 2, A Jackson, R. James, J. 14, A , . Jett, J. Johnson, M. i if rf ' L V"iM,' , 'Qi J V ' M M, ' Jones, R. 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Exchange At Summner Corsages Our Specialty BL 3-9579 or BL 3-3623 Home Ml 4-6l28 The Finest In Beauty Care RUBY AND LUCILLE'S Hair Stylists Dress Shop lOO2 E. Market 535-8600 RALEY PHARMACY 282 E. Exchange St. Jerry Raley JoAnn CSoerglel Raley II I95Ll,u Congratulations SENIORS Congratulations UNIVERSITY CARDINAL MKT. From RIGGS LEMARR BEAUTY COLLEGE 2M9 Spicer St. 39 S. Main St. 535-8161 Goodluck Wildcats Basic Training in the High School Manner Bill And Dan John Semilia President 5 Director LITTLE FOREST Medical Center, Inc. The pattern of rare and treatment given to earl: patient at Little Forex! Medifal Center iJ bavfed upon the fundamental fonreptx of rerpert for the mired value of life, ineftimtzble worth of lyznnan dignity, and the inlyerent right of all rnen to live to tbezr fuller! rapanty. 797 E. Market Akron, Ohio M5305 CONGRATULATIONS To The Senior Class of H68H CURT SOLE BUICK INC. 745 E. Market St. Akron, Ohio Phone 535-5131 JIM AND JAY AUTO PARTS METZGER Ph t S I C an ZMO E. Exchange St. 0735 E?pMZrkZTp Y Phone L'3L"5l5' Chapel Hill Mail Parking Open 7 DGYS io A.M. - 9:30 P.M. 8 to 8 Week Days 535-2693 633-7666 8 to 6 Saturdays Terms 9 to 3 Sundays , i p -sk JULIUS RAZZA REALTY CO. Realtor And Builder General Real Estate Insurance 678 N. Main St. Phones: 376-2880 376-9697 PATSCH PURE OIL Automobile Repair Work Road Service Cars And Batteries 322 E. Exchange M34-9088 l M M,5W HUSTON'S 54 to Sl.OO Store Women's,Girl's, Men's Boy's Clothing 5 Notions Paint and Hardware Radio Batteries 758 - 764 Johnson St. 253-2287 Open 9am - 3pm Daily Let us dress up your Whole Family THE ADAMS FUNERAL HOME 79l E. Market St. Earl S. Hollen Families throughout the Akron area appreciate the convenience of our central location near the Akron Expressway. 1 I I L 1 j L 'J f A 'L 4 A L QI f LA L ,I W L. ' A I I . I 5 I I I .I INNO N R I ,O ' I ' ,gi jirii LfLCgi4QgrQtuIOgiQI4s 4 Z' A If .if XA? 1 A ,1 A X . A A I O5 Q x I A 'I ' X! I ,f I" If VJ!! fy W VII, " I4fl7L'Aff: wwf? I I mu! J 7 ff ' O1 QI J Central HIgh m'! PQ O CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATING CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS TO THE GRADUATING NELSON PERSONNEL CONSULTANTS SENIOR CLASS OOO Ist NATIONAL TOWER STUDENT COUNCIL ARRON, OHIO 376-6861 l l l l l l l l l l 1 L. 140 Congratulations Kathryn Adams Mr. 8: Mrs. Gerald A. Acker Karen Acree Mr. 8: Mrs. Bob Alexander Denny, Kathy, Mark, Charlie Amison Mrs. Georgia'Applegate Mr. Michael Lee Arnold 8: Alice Mr. 8: Mrs. C. Ashbee Mary Ann Ashbee Sue Singleton Branson Mr. William Bealer Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles R. Blasdel Mrs. Berniece Blickle Bowman,s Market Brobst, Felsinger, Peveler, etc. Mr. 8: Mrs. William Burley Mr. 8: Mrs. James Burns Mr. 8: Mrs. David P. Buhalak Mr. 8: Mrs. George T. Cairno Mrs. Irene Canterbury Mr. Carmen Mary and Bill Carr Tom Casale Mr. 8: Mrs. R. A. Ciarrochi R. B. Clark Family Constantine's Florist Mr. 8:vMrs. C. M. Cook Voncile Millender Cook Becki Cooper Mrs. Elizabeth R. Cooper Mildred Copeland Mr. 8: Mrs. John D. Cutlif Mr. D. W. Davis Mr. 8: Mrs. Samuel Davis Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph Dipold Mr. 8: Mrs. Fred Dixon Mr. 8: Mrs. James P. Donnelly Mrs. Ann Dorcey Mr. Wayne Douglas Mr. 8: Mrs. Darrell Dube Bob 8: Cindy Durbin Dorthea Dutro Ricky Earick Mr. 8: Mrs. Lloyd Elefritz Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert Elefritz Mr. 8: Mrs. James C. Evans Mr. 8: Mrs. Henry Fahrer Laura Fahrer Mary A. Fessler Phyllis Fishman Mr. 8: Mrs. Edward O. Flowers Wess Foster Mr. 8: Mrs. Paul A. Fritz Mr. 8: Mrs. Darrell K. Fultz 8: Famil Mrs. Ann Gates Ann Marie Gebhardt Mrs. Betty Gehbardt Mr. F. F. Gebhardt Mary Ann Gebhardt The Goodrich Gang of 766 Mr. James N. Goumas Jimmie 8: Helen Gee Francis J. Greissing 1 Joseph Griffith A' .. 'i Mr. 8: Mrs. Clarence Hanks Miss Anesie Hanna Mrs. Evelyn Hanna Y John Hanna Mrs. Norman Hartline Mr. 8: Mrs. John Helfrich Mr. Robert Hendrickson Mrs. Eleanor Hesson 8: family Mr. 8: Mrs. O. J. Hodson Mr. 8: Mrs. David L. Holliday Trevor Holliday Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph Holliday Homeroom Library North Mrs. Edna J. Horchler Miriam Isham Mrs. Ruth Ison Mr. 8: Mrs. John M. Iyoob Miss Sandra Jasper Mr. William C. Johnson Mr. 8: Mrs. William H. Johnson Mr. 8: Mrs. David Kastner Mr. D. Kearns Mr. 8: Mrs. Richard Keele Mrs. Elizabeth Kime Mr. 8: Mrs. Clarence King Miss Carole Koeberle Delora 8: Joe Koeberle John Koeberle Mary Louise Koeberle Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert Koeberle Mr. 8: Mrs. Thomas Koeberle Mr. George Koroly Mr. 8: Mrs. J. C. Krayeski George Laktash Mr. 8: Mrs. George Laktash Tony Laktash Rick Lamp Mrs. May Lathrope Miss Judy Lotz Mrs. Rose Ann Lowe Mr. 8: Mrs. Dwight M. Lucas Mr. 8: Mrs. Richard D. Lucas Debbie Lugaro Mr. George Lundstrom Charles J. Maggio 8: N.Y.C. Staff Miss Sandy Manus Ruth Marciniak Mrs. Pat Marmaduke Miss Elizabeth McCann Lorraine McClellan Mr. Tom McLaughlin Marian Messner Mr. 8: Mrs. E. F. Miller Timothy Wayne Miller Cynthia Mobley Mr. Kenneth Moore Jean Muffley Mr. 8: Mrs. John Muffley Gail Murphy-St. Mary's '69 Mr. 8: Mrs. James Ohlinger 8: Family Mr. 8: Mrs. Lynn S. Oles, Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert J. Otterman Mr. 8: Mrs. Orlando Palmer Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph Pavlich Mary Pavlich William E. Perry Petersen 8: Lucas Mr. 8: Mrs. Lewis Philips Mr. 8: Mrs. Posten Linda Pritchard Seniors Mr. Ross Princiotto Kenny Rager Mr. 8: Mrs. Paul G. Rager Rainbow Grill-Bill Powell Ray's Market Miss Barb Rezack Mr. 8: Mrs. Gerald Rezack, Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles Robenalt Mr. 8: Mrs. James F. Robertson Andrew Royka, Jr. Margaret Royka Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles M. Russell Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles M. Russell Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles Russell Mr. 8: Mrs. Dwight St. Clair Mr. John Sandrene Ray,s Sangittis Capri Pizza Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert W. Schwenning Mr. James Scobie Mike Serdinak Mike Serdinak. Miss Ann Shaheen I Mr. Joseph Shaheen Judy Sharpe The Sharps 8: Sharpettes Marching Unit Mr. Harold Shaub Jerry Shumaker Naomi G. Shumaker Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph Siegferth Mr. 8: Mrs. M. G. Sigmund Danny Skidmore Henry Skidmore Mr. 8: Mrs. Richard L. Smith Mr. 8: Mrs. Frank Smoot Bradley 8: Brian Snyder Mr. 8: Mrs. Steve Speharovic Mr. 8: Mrs. John L. Stone, Jr. 8: Kids The Stein Family Rena Hastler Stricklen Mr. 8: Mrs. Frederick S. Sutter Mrs. I Sutton Mrs. Hazel Swain Jeff Swift Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert Swift Nejosh Senior Tamburiztans Mrs. Leona Thompson Mrs. Elsie Thorn Mrs. Virginia Threath Miss Kim Trent Russell Tripoli Mrs. Darlene Troyer Diane Vance Mrs. Augusta Vinson Mr. 8: Mrs. Calvin Walker Lyn L. Walker James A. Wasil Mr. 8: Mrs. Richard G. Weiss Mrs. Douglas Woods Freda Workman Mrs. Daisy Yost Nancy fKellerj Zedak Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert Zedak Bernard Zendlo-Institute of Computer Tech. 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Suggestions in the Akron Central High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Akron, OH) collection:

Akron Central High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Akron, OH) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Akron Central High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Akron, OH) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Akron Central High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Akron, OH) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Akron Central High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Akron, OH) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Akron Central High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Akron, OH) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 147

1968, pg 147

Akron Central High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Akron, OH) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 55

1968, pg 55

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