Akron Central High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Akron, OH)

 - Class of 1963

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. ,e 1 I Y 5 L nw 6:5 I ' V "' Q . . .-. 1 4, r A u. ' ' ' ' ,S ' 1' r , '- M ,X aw i Mg, L , w " - 5' Y 5. . . . Y .., ,- su 0 Q A Lf E555 H-..,,,i ffl in 5 sf? ' Q gg AT, E K V 1 , 5 1 4 1 fn- ...A H. I E515 'Q A85 .A fhwqi. fi 'Q M ff. vi 1 1 w v Q' ' f f f ffua ' Q' A V' fi A 5:15 A W .f v' . aff A-ffii A- ff'-A-1' -'A 4' ' Af i A 1fy,12E 279 1 1354-fi' r J?" . ' " 553' 1 ' A ji fs All W' fi ' 1 A 'T fi , ' , Au AA,-Ai 'q'f,,:,-f:f,g,-,gngfg ' 1 -Q ,F - 'Q F f:aA:i A A' Y gif we E- fi'-.'3Q:AAfii'i'A,524-Ai' 5 i 1 ,- A A A A94 fi , 4 Y A Z 52 ' an 'fi Ai I vu 1 12,51 A A , , ga, Air, - A A A 2 il ' - G I- gay, .54 A434-5 .fl 'l A 'f-K'?if'rXi-- ? ps , N AA, Jgvzfv: '45 f' gg SSA, 4, A ' 5- W 2 wf A A fi, f 1' f A ' Q '. 'i!5f5'e'5 A: ff- H i 1' Jn ' LX7fYg.:.e,'A:-- ggfgff-2.-A, at 'F' ' f sc- .,qffgf'.'wf ' p,e.AAnS , 4 g sf L w-kgg. Lg 3 sf' . A 5 111,522 ,A f A h , ,.,, mga, AA. A .4 AA, A ' "p5iuLfiAa,:f5AAi LAR.-14: ' J lw"."V,. x ' A -A - ' 5 ' 2 "1 'f " 'J gA ' 'Vf Q, fwg! ,tif ' f ' A 5 1 gpsVff'A.klNffjM .VU Wig 'N A J f qfF":,iSH-12? H5 242 +V? ' -Hifi' M.-1-V ' W A251 'M k J , ,X ,A ai 1 1' f M. ,Q WfwQ,w z " ifkqgifil' JK' QQWTQFWQY W' X ,':w:fh,a3f-f1n.W U A Auiiwq A 1 g ,M ,,,, 'V ,wx N 4 UQ . If -'A A A Q A924 W AEA A. AAAA 5,43 25525 ff ,ai 1: M Af I A . A 4 f I id Q as J "" A Q AA - ws 57 XA. Aft A.-gAA.A A .A-?:l- A A A " A, A, jg A AM, A ji' Q ,, ' - iw?-zvwi, M4 I , f fm A W MN' 'X .V"' , A , Q, - A , wgm 15 'X--H-wa, l i Q i 1 m X xx 'V 1 L WLK ,, Aww A M' f' Www-vw. W.. .. ug J Q A Wx Mm' Lglwi wr va. . , A 1 A '15 A K' i ir ,- 3' gr, D 1 4 ' Ra iv H' M 4 M 0 f " S' Wm V, . M. - W ry ' 5 I ' l 1 I 4 ! vm , I 1 5 3 i EL? I 4 , , f 'y ff . I Wjgqf i 1 -Y ' W A fm X 'A A v "" W hw, M . 1 U 5 . 1 ! 4 J ""H'sw' . ..'. , Ugg! X? kwa, W? ff fuk! Q f ww W1 WD W 07? f Lfzflfd ' pinky ' I W Magi if LM D JJ -' L, ,aff K IX if 2 f 'qkezf ,, fffffifg L , STQJQQVQSQQ ali, ig? , Q if 'A Q5-I X yqx-1 'FEE QL - , AA ,W J 'xx ' ,fx N ISN -25: 923101 PM Wg? K-52H.J?JUjSi'x A V. . 1 2 . iz., vMjV43J,Q0b.w-kj: H ' f y ww A 94 yweq aww! . M9811 aj Q 5 U A ,H AFLWLQLEJLQ Vid' -. Qhmuija J'-JJ: V- I I '13, WM fb g 42539 jim, Wim t yp V H90 DJ D ,, DDQ ,SJJUJO J . ' wDfJ+U?U X A 1 Q I N in 4, 754111, . . A Y H ,f - I W +93 Eff " 33 b CJM'YZ 9fQJ N , ' ' CW-3 ggi? ESQ- K ghd? saw rpgfg . U fvxifwwx nbc- X kk Q, g V xl QQ-MQ--'Q Sex gffx Q wyf J X dfbby 5 Q55 fogvw Wadi? K n I KS A ' ' f f' 'HQ Tiff. V , V , "11."f:"-.XJ "' ' ' ' 1 4 ":Q' if , HQ 'f'?"": -4'-II? 'A .' 'Pi' ' -1-54 . 55 1 ,r f A- ,. ' Gum f . .. , 4 U '- ' , " 5 1 , 1 ' ' " :vw E, af- N,-'1 ,. , Elifof in Chief' Sh ro Class Editor-Marjorie Pa sh W V L. 5PorfS Edifbr' Dave. Aquine Q35 f ag , V - , - 0 Art Managers' Jamos Place ffj?i'Ngw fi 'XX Z0 N jjbp' 3 wiagf-2,5g,JMp Bren Ja Martin ewmss mSi7..3 ef S -Nafthxa oeyo-mg x , QQ 1 NN SX Ibis fl Marmlene wllson 1 K Q2 A - 355 QQ1wffQ,fffffjfhjjM,e 414 . 4 W! JAY' f f . . 35 cf:-,C f QQ Mf' 45 M ffyfff Presented ' b 97fjZwQe f"! Journalism Class of ACS AKRONITE CQJXLf7JLA,1X . , L I , f Z1 N fdifbcfzlf-V I !Vl,i.JJL! !yLf,1QfvfLQjjf'1 cj! ,731-j:it!L 'ff,4"Q A . iCQL,.v:5fQQqL2M ffl ,jzmxaf LL f J' Dx, '47 1, ,. - . "'7f2L - X Xb? 4 iii , + U df Mixfw lv 9 J L M I Alma Moten NOT A SCHOOL IN FACT OR FANCY WITH AKRON CAN WE COMPAREg MAY HER GLORY GO ON CLIMBING, MAY HER DAYS BE FAIR. FOR THE MEMORIES THAT WE'LL CHERISH, WE'LL ALWAYS WISH TO BE BACK. AND WHERE E'ER WE GO WE'LL NBER FORGET ,Mfg . Q tr RAI S Y HER ORANGE AND HER BLACK? ,E 9 f , R I www 5 I FE YQ? .. EE'-R '.,A , ,- ' fs' X . .XL X if A, I , NE? R 5 2,1 9, 2 R R if H NYJ X D 0 As advisor to the class of 1965, his continued acceptance of our ideas and support of our plans have instilled in us a deep sense of gratitude and respect. Therefore the Seniors decided to dedicate this, their issue of the Akronite, to him. Since his arrival here as a student teacher in 1956, Mr. Farr has been a continued source of inspiration and enthusiasm to his students. The Senior Class is especially familiar to Mr. Farr since they were the first seventh grade English class that he taught upon start- ing full-time teaching in 1957. After graduating from Kensington High School, he attended Brockport State Teacher's College for three years. He finished his 'undergraduate work at the University of Buffalo and Buffalo State Teacher's College. - Since his first year with A.C.S., Mr. Farr has been in the forefront of ideas and pro- grams for the school. In 1957, he organized Akron's first swimming team and served as its coach. The summer of 1959 saw him as one of the teachers in the summer reading program of the high school. This year he served as the coach of Akron's first cross country team which was organized as a result of his efforts. During his two years as advisor to the Student Council, he has modified some student activities and initiated new ones. Young and ambitious Mr. Farr thoroughly enjoys teaching and plans to stay in educa- tion, which he believes offers unlimited opportunities. X , MMmMwu MRS. DORIS GERBER wgM3QHHHmT?Wm X V49 ' ' For those, whom thou think' h d throw Zvi jE o ., NNE , M' N " . Af ,J,1.Mjf5C7f9 bf CL Wfwfwf W - Zahn M h W Mr Wi! KM9! homo 5 'ca 4 Q33 f X. - f-S -, X 6 .A A A f Q, - Kg 4 my .e,,,- Q Z 'ff f, -1 N 7 1 , ' f:-1 Q ' W- -4 XM 1.2 KX x KA A V ., 1, -1.11 K -2 ,- , . A A V A . ,. rf, c., ,ri 4 ff 1 'Q x ' I L ' 311 fx! , " ,. f" -I w ' ' 57 ., , , . K '- M .A X-5 , -X 'Wi-fix 4 bv- N A R-5.1 M. W i, .f -- H" .f ' xx ,Ty ,T Q - fd? 5' H 1 X X -Q , fp f - - K. -in ,- ,e . , M , C.- K- X H 13- ' -,4 ., f . , ,gg . ,P n e 1 X M X ,T -Y ,X J A 4 4, I L 3 ., , p , , 5 .5 11. A Q1 ,H Q x, i , '-,kb . -:fi 'F f , -fi, X ff-ff e f XX.:' ' fl., '-J,-. - f ' . - , - x x - . . , 3 I, xx :jx 1 A L .,, X SX E X I f RVRNS, ff L ,. -.,, ' Q' , "f A X ' r- 4 K ke-f bil? f- X: Q A my - 4. Me, ZS 4 X hw: ex- A-fx ' . K 'i-. MX7 Rf' if W "' .pl D L w f " X ' in , 5 N X W ' A 2 Y " fa W f. -3 -f ' '41 V V xx: X ' f. X f 'X' 4, V, fx cw, .l n 7' 4 4, ee A - A -f' f Li , r Q hh- ' ff , Z- A ,L -N jg My x A -fix WCW, 1 I' 'CN .Q ' ,f x X in iff f- ,N Q- 4 1 ilig 'X ,M k ,ix r ,Q X A 1 L1 Q1 5 fix 'T' N f J 4 ' 1 -fi is . X V f' - 1 L 5 1 X i , RMC eva 5. ,R NL ij X we eff' - xl . 7 A X . ' 1 -- T-17 - x -' if-4 5 '-7 , -V xv ,, f 'T ff I f' X , ' fx Q LX ygzf ' . ' 3.42" 'X P' H X 'V' lAxY.' --M ,- " , 4' .. fi.f"X-f' -,ff 'iw ui, .X xy 55 fi M T1 '9Y1,fJ I - :' ' C1 -M, 4 3 K ,.,. X X X' . ff' X V 4 . K 7, .X 1 X BQ f' xg .et N f iq- L. "One more year 0,f,elirnbing up and down these stairs will' ' K age in for sure." 5 ,4-x f Q I -X, fkjf ,lnfa '?syf7 -4 ' xg," R .Q . f- ' K-x 1,7 .XL V N Q K , Q 7? 1: x -f 567' xml' .. r' -,Z K f !..5 ELLSWORTH BROWN Director of Guidance EDWARD ALLEN HAROLD JOHNSON Supervising Principal Secondary Principal l VINCENT ESPERSEN STANLEY VICTOR LILLIAN LAESE Elementary Principal Business Manager Elementary Supervisor BOARD OF EDUCATION Louise Harrington, Plinn Witt, Henry Weiler, Arthur Charles, Roger Kraatz, Norman Schleef, Richard Forrestel 6 It V MRS HISTORY MR. LAWRENCE STOCK MISS NELL BROWN MISS PATRICIA KENYON MR. FRANK HELWIG MR. DANIEL HAYES MR. JAMES MONAHAN MR. JERRY BORKHOLDER 9 LANGUAGE ARTS AND ENGLISH MRS. HAZEL ELLSWORTH MRS. MONA GADDIS MRS. ARLENE PACHECO FRANCIS HOAG MRS. MARY COOLEY MR. WALTER TOMCZAK MR. ROGER FARR MR. ARTHUR GEORGE MR. ALBERT VOSSLER SCIENCE MR. JOHN ECKERSON MR. MYRON DEMBROW MRS. GLADYS BROWN MR. VAN SWIFT MR. GEORGE MARTINY MR. HENRY CARGES 7 VOCATIONAL MR. RICHARD LATKO MRS. ANN LUDWICK MRS. ELLEN BRUSKY MISS GERTRUDE CHURCHILL MR. THOMAS WALKER MR. MELVIN HOOD MR. MARVIN SUTTLE MR. ALBERT MacCOY MR. RICHARD ROZELLE MR. LEON HOLLENBECK I I 1 MATHEMATICS MR. LELAND MEYER MR. GROVER BATES MRS. MY RA STAPLETON MRS. VERNA SMITH MR. GILBERT DODSON HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION MRS. JANICE WILLIAMS DR. RALPH STANBURY MRS. LUCILLE BACHELLER MR. ANGELO SCAPPA MR. THOMAS WETZEN MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MISS ART AND MUSIC MR. RICHARD JENKINS MRS. NANCY GROVES MISS FRANCIS RIDLEY MR. JOSEPH VALENTE OFFICE STAFFS NORMA SCHUMACHER CATHERINE SWAIN MARJORIE FAHEY MYRTLE WHITE CORRINE BECKER MARION GREEN GUIDANCE MRS. JANET MORGAN MRS. WENDY SCHROEDER MRS. MYRA STAPLETON MRS. JEAN STRICKER MISS GENEVIEVE KOZUCHOWSKI MR. ELLSWORTH BROWN MRS. ELLEN BRUSKY .,., .4 KINDERGARTEN MISS LUCIA CHURCHILL MISS DOROTHY BENSON MRS. HELEN PENTECOST MISS JANICE SPOTH SECOND GRADE MRS. SIDNEY SHEARER MRS. MARGARET HUTCHINSON MISS PATRICIA RADLOWSKI MRS. JOYCE DUNBAR MISS STATIA OGDEN MRS. MAUREEN MCEWAN I0 FIRST GRADE MRS. ELEANOR PUTNEY MRS. MARGARET BLACKMORE MRS. JOYCE FORD MRS. EILEEN MacCOY MRS. DORIS GERBER FOURTH GRADE MRS, LOUISE HUME MRS. BONNIE LOMBARDO MRS. ARLENE WEEKS MRS. CLAUDINE WILLIAMS MR. ROBERT LASKIE MRS. OLIVE SHELLY THIRD GRADE MRS. CAROL JOHNSON MRS. TOMMYANNE CARLSON MRS. GLADYS YOCUM MRS. MILDRED MATTESON MISS SHIRLEY GRAF MRS. EMMA GILBERT MRS MRS MRS MRS FIFTH GRADE PERRY FLEISCHMAN f MARDELL FIX MILDRED WADE . MONEDA HARTZLER MRS. ISABEL STAGE ART AND MUSIC MR. THEODORE STAPLETON MRS. ELLEN GARVEY MRS. ERNESTINE PRIEBE MRS. ALBERTINA ESPERSEN MR. TOM GIGLIO I2 MRS MRS MRS MRS SIXTH GRADE HELEN SHISLER CATHERINE BATES NANCY BRADY MRS. . DOROTHY WEBSTER . ELIZABETH NEAL HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION MRS. MAXINE WALTERS MR. CARL SCHLEICH MRS. SALLY SHELTON MRS. JUNE HESSLER CAFETERIA STAFF ROW 1: A. Lowcler, F. Wy- der, J. Keller, 'M. Swiniarski A. Falsioni, H. Goeseke, Fi Abraham, E. Covel ROW 2: S. Scrimshaw, B. Leavitt, A. Deahn, H. Jona- than, E. Goeseke, S. Wolak, V. Drachenberg, L. Riggio, C. Porter, G. Aldred, L. Lutz F. Zola, D. Halecki MAINTENANCE ROW 1: R. Lawrence, S. Mann, M. Ellis, C. Matusek ROW 2: J. DeSimone, C. Caporali, J. Blish, V. Strong, A. Cheavacci BUS DRIVERS ROW 1: F. Gerber, R. Hoste R. Pixley, J. Smalley, E. Pohl E. Bates, M. Baker, B. Long J. Ellis, L. Kopp lw ' ADELBERT L. BROWN He is not dead, this friend, not dead, But, in the paths we mortals tread, Got some few, trifling steps ahead, And nearer to the end, So that you, too, once past the bend, Shall meet again, as face to face this friend You fancy dead. R. L. STEVENSON L W ,Wi l Who asked you, Freshman? f4xXf,4X 15 lj!" ll 464 N .PQLYL xi ,,. ' 'll loft 'HM Qtr 5 J 4 i JOANNE ABRAHAM Always happy, always free, always full of merry glee!" . A PETER ALDRED .f C"Mighty when it comes to sports, , ,wtf sharp too!,' 3 ss s ,jf yktgilfgig lslgiu ,,." V l 'lt IALIV l 'M Q . ill: I 2' v' ynfNursess Club 1, 2g,.,,-Irl Red Crossflg Monig 5 Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 .dv 7 fqggelg, 5,1,1,,47SEcretaryX,,3, Spf Girls' Int, 53:15 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Sr. Boys' Int. 1, 2, 3, 4 GAigtls,'f"Cflee Club 1, Sf-,r:fGirls' Glee Elub, Student Court 3, 4. W '2, 3 It 45, 4 'J il is gill i A ffl' 4 .N Rl, K grid: '1 :NV!,'k,, if lf .J l Student Council 1, 3, Vice President Student Council 4, "Plain and Fancy" 23 Yorker Club 1, 2, Football 2, Baseball 1, 3, 4, Bas- ketball 1, 2, 4, Cross Country 4-Co-Cap- tain, Sr. Boys, Int. 1, 2, 3, Sr. Boys' Glee Club 1, Varsity Chorale 3, 43 All County Choir 3, 4, Sr. Class Secretary, Sr. Play, Sports Editor Akronite. Industrial Arts Club 1, 2, 3, 4. DAVID AQUINO Little man, youve had a busy ay." FREDERICK BEDFORD "A little guy, full of fun and mis- chief." LYNN BEYSER QCQVH Hi-Y 4, journalism staff of Tiger Times, Sr. Play. Folk Dancing 1, 2, Football ketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball Boys' Int. 1, 2, 3, 4, "Pla 2, Student Council Rep. 2, 3. A quiet but friendly person to know." "A quiet, hard-working boy." member, Editor 1, 2, 3, 4, Bas- 1, 2, 3, 4, Sr. in and Fancy" him." RICHARD CASSERI "Liked by everyone who knows Nothing endures but personal qualities." JEFFREY BURDICK Industrial Arts Club 2, 3, 4, Model Club 1, Camera Club 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Bas- ketball 2, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Sr. Boys' Int. 2, 3, 4. Yorker Club 1, 2, jr. Girls' Glee Club 1, Sr. Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Varsity Chorale 2, 3, 4, "Plain and Fancy" 2, Erie County Choir 2, 3, 4, N.Y.S.S.F. 2, 33 National Honor Society 3, 4. MARCIA CHAPMAN - DEAN CHEAVACCI That All-American Boy. SUZANNE CIURZYN SKI Yorker Club 1, 2, Honor Society 3, 4, Sr. Science Club 3, 4, Sr. Boys' Int. 1, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Cross Country 4, Foot- ball 2, Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President Sr. Class, Student Council Rep. 1, Chartered Organizations Comm. 2, 3, 4. Chess Club 1, 2, Library Club 1, Art Club 1, 3, Sr. Boys' Int. 1, 3, Synch. Swimming 1, Jr. Girls' Glee Club 1, Sr. Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4. If silence were golden, shed be poor all her life." Camera Club 1, Sr. Girls' Int. 1, 2, 3, 4, Hockey Club 1, 2, 3, 4, jr. Red Cross 1, Synch. Swimming 1, journalism 4, Manag- ing Editor of A.C.S. Review, Poster Club 3, 4, Nurses Club 1. Poster Club 2, 4, Industrial Arts Club 1, 3, jr. Boys' Glee Club 1, 2, Sr. Boys' Glee Club 3, 4. LINDA CLEAR A wish to do and a will to try" LEON CUMMINGS Heunever seems to worry and IS seldom in a hurry." l W CAROL DAGUANO bhe has a certain way all her own." HARVEY DCFRIES Tallest of boys5 shortest of men, he stood in his stocking feet just 4, 10.7, Jr. Girls' Glee Club 15 Sr. Girls' Glee Club Qh C1 b 1- F.F,A. 1 2 3, 2, 3, 45 F.H.A. 2, 35 Future Nurse's Club ess u i i 1 1, 2, 35 Clinic Staff 3, 4. Yorker Club 1, 24 Hi-Y 3, 4, sf. Girls' Int. Chess Club 2, Industrial Arts Club 1, 2, 1, 29 Varsity Chorale 2, 3, 45 Class Treasur- 3, 45 Student Council Rep. 15 Football 1, er 25 Student Council Rep. 45 "Plain and 2, 3, 45 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, FHUCYH 2- 2, 3, 45 Sr. Boys' Int. 1, 3, 4. MARTHA De YOUNG "A smile with an intent to do mischief. BRUCE DO W N EY I like work. I could sit and look at it all day long." d Yorker Club 1, 2, F.H.A. 4. jr. Girls' Glee Club 1g Sr. Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Varsity Chorale 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. 2, "Plain and Fancy" 2. WE MARY EDWARDS She raises your spirits from low to high." KATHLEEN ERRICK "A little gal with a lot of per sonalityf' ,Q l If V, . , . I' ,F 1 5Girls' gGleQ,ClubHl1g iSr. Girls'.LiGle,e Clubi-'2,u'3,f4, S'r.,Gii'ls' Int. lj-J"'Rla1n rieilr if if iiiir + rr'r at 4 f 'i if A A 1 is A 1 ll, 1 xx l Yorker Club 1, 2, jr. Girls' Glee Club 1g Sr. Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Student Coun- cil Rep. 2, 3, 45 Future Nurse's Club 1, 2, 3, 4-President 4, jr. Red Cross 1, 2, 3. PATRICIA FOSTER A friendly redhead whos well liked by all KATHLEEN FOX Her trademark is her smile DANIEL ERODIN Confidence is the companlon of success." ALETHA GEORGE Never a moment without some duty." Yorker Club 1, 2, Folk Dancing 1, 2, Jr. Red Cross 2, Nurses Club 1, Library 3-President 1, 2, 35 Ticket Sellers 1, "Plain Club 23 Sf- Girls, Inf- 1, 2, 3, 45 RCP- lf- and Fancy" 2, National Honor Society 3, GiflS' IDL 3, 43 5Yf1Ch- Swimming 2, 3, 4. 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3g Baseball 1. Yorker Club 2, Nurses Club 3, Red Cross F.H.A. 2, 35 Yorker Club 1g Library Club 2g 3g Sr. Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, Senior Band 1. 4, "Plain and Fancy" 2. ANN MARIE GERACE Always w1ll1ng to lend a helping hand." LOIS GLENA Mildness governs more than anger." MICHAEL GROFF Sometimes I just sit and think, sometimes I just sit." RONALD GROFF Come what will tomorrow, for I have lived today." F.F.A. 1, 2, 33 Track 1, 2, 3, 43 Sr. Boys' Int. 35 Jr. Boys' Glee Club lg Student Coun- cil Rep. 1, 3. Yorker Club 1, 2, jr. Girls' Glee Club 1, Industrial Arts Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Audio Visual Sr. Girls Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Sr. Band 2. 1, 2, 3, 45 Industrial Fair 3. ELLA HALL "She's sweet, petite, and can't be beat." THEODCRE GRUNDAS "Each man reaps on his own farm." ll f- if Yorker Club 1g Great Books Club 15 jr. Red Cross 35 Hi-Y 4g Sr. Girls' Intramurals 2, 5g Synch. Swimming 1, 3, 4g jr. Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 44 fAccompanistj Varsity Chorale 2, 3, 4g CA.ccompanistj Vice Presi- dent Fresh. Classg President Sr. Classg "Plain and Fancyu 2g Erie County Choirg Supply Office Staff 1. F.H.A. 2, 4g President 4. NEVA HESSLER "Life is my collegeg may I graduate with honors." "On their own merits, modest men are quiet." DONALD HIBBARD Great Books Club 1 VALERIE HINDS "A face as gentle as candlelight." affords." VIRGINIA HOMESBERGER "What sweet delight a quiet life OO Gel DOROTHY HUDSON Her beautiful voice is her pass port to success." Varsity Chorale 2, 5, 43 jr. Girls' Glee Club 13 Sr. Girls' Glee Club 2, 5, 4g All- State Choir 53 Erie County Choir 53 "Plain and Fancy" 23 Student Council Rep. 1, 53 Supply Office Staff 1. Yorker Club 1, 23 Sr. Girls' Int. 1, 2, 53 jr. Girls' Glee Club 13 Sr. Girls' Glee Club 2, 5, 43 Varsity Chorale 4. GARY HULBERT Good time Gary--blunt, boister ous, and undaunted." Industrial Arts Club 13 Chess Club 23 Intra- murals 1, 2, 5, 4g Camera Club 1. "Plain and Fancy" 23 Editor of Akronite 43 Sr. Girls' Int. 1, 2, 5, 43 Prom Comm. 53 Synch. Swimming 1, 23 Sr. Play 43 Yorker Club 1, 2-Dist. Vice President 1, 23 Inter- national Club 2, 5, 43 Monitors 3, 43 Hi-Y 5, 4-Chaplain 5, President 43 Cheerleading 1, 2, 5, 43 Hockey Club 23 Varsity Chorale 2, 5, 43 Sr. Girls' Glee Club 2, 5, 43 jr. Girls' Glee Club 13 All-County Choir 53 Chartered Organizations Committee 23 Clinic Assistant 2. ELLEN HYDER "Intelligent, friendly and well worth knowing." SHARON JOHNSON a person "Doing easily what others find difficult is talent." 76 90, GLORIA JULIANO "Mischief under a quiet exterior." SANDRA KLAWER "'Ambitious worker who's always ready for fun." Yorker Club 1, 2, Hi-Y 3, 4, Cheerleading Yorker Club 1, 2, Hi-Y 3, 4, Sr. Girls' Int. 1, 2, 3, 4, Sr. Girls' Int. 1, 2, 3, 4, Jr. 2, "Plain and Fancy" 2, jr. Girls' Glee Club Girls' Gluee Club 1, Varsity Chorale 3, 4, Jr. 1, Sr. Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Varsity Class Treasurer, Hi-Y Secretary 4, "Plain Chorale 2, 3, 4, Music Festival 3, journal- and Fancy" 2, Student Council Rep. 1, 4, ism 4, Sr. Play. Sr. Play. Baton Twirling 2, Synch, Swimming 35 Sf, Baton Twirling 2, Poster Club 4, jr. Girls Girls' Glee Club 3, 4, Student Council Rep, Glee Club 1, Sr. Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4 3. Supply Office Staff 4. NANCY KLEPAREK "A petite miss with dancing eyes." DARLENE LEEDS "It's nice to be natural when you're naturally nice." ""'2a-I .Wage DOROTHY LOGEL hear kind echoes." with." Baton Twirlers 1, 2, 3, Library Staff 1g Future Nurse's Club 1, Jr. Red Cross 1, F.H.A. 4, jr. Girls' Glee Club lg Sr. Girls' Glee Club 2, 5, 4, Varsity Chorale 3, 4. KENNETH LYON tent "Speak kind words and you will JEAN LOMBARD "A very sweet gal to know and be Slow and steady wins the race BRENDA MARTIN She enjoys life to its fullest ex 473 Q ffbalsx Hfwkgf 1 -, r ..y fli If 41 F.H.A. 1, 2, 3. Folk Dancers 1, 2, 3, Chess Club 2g Hi-Y 3, 4, Cheerleading 1g Art Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Baton Twirlers 1g jr. Girls' Glee Club 13 Sr. Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Varsity Chorale 2, 5, 4. QA. MARY MCLEOD "She who has lived obscurely and quietly has lived well." LINDA MEDOLE "A bashful maiden meek and mild with ne er a word or action wild. Baton Twirling 1, Chess Club lg jr. Girls' Glee Club 15 Sr. Girls' Glee Club 2. Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 25 Basketball A.F.S. Student, Hi-Y 4, Folk Dancing 1, 5, 45 Indust. Arts 1, 2, 3, 4 Treasurer 2, Vice President 3j J CSecretary 1, Synch. Swimming, Sr. Girls' Glee Club Student Council-Honorary Member. RONALD MILLER "I meant to do my work today." y ' NILZA MOLINA l "She possesses serene beauty and overwhelming popularity." Enqli MY, L, . ., Chess Club 1, 2g F.H.A. 4g Sr. Girls' Int. 1, 2. Future Nurse's Club 1, 2g Girls' Int. 1. ee PATRICIA MOROTCHIC y One who is not afraid to say her s' say." FRANKLIN NICE There IS no substitute for Work." 2, 43 Poster Club Yorker Club 1, 2g Sr. Science Club 35 Var sity Chorale 2g National Honor Society 3, 4 Twirling 2g Sr. Hi-Y 43 Art Club 4. CHRISTINE NIEZGODA Kind and sweet and exceptional ly nice." SALLY NICHOLS "What else is there good, but to live and be merry?" s2if BERNADETTE PARKER Mama dont cry at my wedding MARJORIE PASK Never a dull moment always a good time. Library Staff 2, 3, 4, Sr. Girls' Int. 1, 2, Yorker Club 2, jr. Red Cross 1, Poster Club 3, 4, jr. Girls' Glee Club 1. 1, Folk Dancing 1, Hi-Y 3, 4, Cheerleader 1, Sr. Girls' Int. 1, 2, 3, Synch. Swimming 1, Sr. Band 1, 2, 3, Sr. Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Jr. Girls' Glee Club 1, Varsity Chorale 2, 3, 4, Marching Band 1, 2, Treasurer Fresh. Class, "Plain and Fancy" 2, Journal- ism 4, Yearbook Class Editor 4, Student Council Rep. 2. Chess Club 1, Sr. Boys' Int 1, 2, 3, 4, Poster Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 5: Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4, Swim- Swimming 3, Sr. Boy's Int. 1. ming 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2. ' 1 w behave yourself." lily BARRY PINGITORE at JAMES PLACE "Art, for art's sake." 4 7 ANN ETTE PRINTUP "Her smile is like the sun-ever bright and shines on everyone." ANTHONY RADER "How pleasant is Saturday night when I've tried all week to be good." Library Staff 2, 3, 45 Sr. Girl's Glee Club Swimming 5 2, 3, 45 jr. Girls' Glee Club 1. Sr. Boys' Int. 1, 2, 5, 4, DARRYL REMSEN Let every man mind his own business." NANCY REYNOLDS Good words cost nothing and are worth much." f' M 2? DAVID RICE "Fond of fun as fun can be." NORMAJEAN ROSENBERG "A bit of sunshine to brighten your day." Chess Club 1, 2, Industrial Arts Club 2, 3, 4-Secretary 4, Sr. Boys' Int. 3, jr. High Basketball 1, 2, Student Council Rep. 1. Yorker Club 1, 2-Secretary 2, Hi-Y 3, 4- Treasurer 3, Vice President 4, Cheerleading 1, 2, 3, 4, Synch. Swimming 1, Sr. Girls' Int. 1, 2, 3, 4, Sr. Band 1, 2, 3, 4, jr. Girls' Glee Club 1, Sr. Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Varsity Chorale 3, 4, Marching Band 1, "Plain and Fancy" 2, Student Council 2, 3, 4-Jr. Vice President 3. Baton Twirling 2, Hi-Y 3, 49 Sf- Girls' Iflf- 1, 2, Synch. Swimming 1, "Plain and Fancy" 2, jr. Girls, Glee Club 1, Sr. Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Varsity Chorale 2, 3, 4- Library Staff 1, 2, 3, 4-Secretary 2, F.I-I.A. 2. JUDITH ROSS "She gives to the world the very best she has." CAROL RUDNICKI "Quiet, but never idle." ness." F.H.A. 3, 4-Treasurer 4, Baton Twirling 4, Sr. Girls' Int. 1, 2, Jr. Girls' Glee Club 1, Sr. Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 33 Synch. Swimming 2, Student Council Rep. 2. Yorker Club 1, 2, International Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Sr. Boys' Int. 1, 2, 35 Sr. Science Club 3, Honor Society 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, A.F.S. to Netherlands, Sr. Play 4, Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4-Secretary 2, Treasurer 3, President 4. MARIE SCHUMACHER Her ways are ways of pleasant SUE SCOTLAND Not that I like studies less, but that I like fun more." F.H.A.. 25 Jr. Girls' Glee Club 1, Art Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Science Club 2, 3, 4, Chess Club 3, 4, Sr. Boys' Int. 1, 2, Swimming 2, 3, 4, Tennis 3, 43 Baseball 1. ROBERT SMITH "A credit to his school and a top- notch guy." ROBERT SOLDAL N0 limits but the sky. "This GERALD SUMME Hold the fort! I'm coming. perfect secretary." CHARLEEN SUNDOWN cutie will make someone a Yorker Club 1, 2g Sr. Boys' Int. 1, 2, 33 Library Club 2, 3, 45 Sr. Gif1S' IU-f. 1, 2, 4- Football 2, 3, 4, Swimming 3, 4g Sr. Ban 13 Varsity Chorale 4, Sr. Play 4. Editor of A.C.S. Review 43 Yorker Club 1, 2g Hi-Y 3, 4, Field Hockey Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Sr. Girls' Int. 1, 2, 3, 4, jr. Girls' Glee Club 1g Sr. Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Varsity Chorale 5, 45 "Plain and Fancy" 23 Student Council Rep. 4. "Ind Srl i SYLVIA SUTTON life." A true friend never offends. cl Basketball 1, Football 2, 3, 45 Baseball 1, 25 Sr. Boys' Int. 1, 2, 3, 4. ividuality is the salt of common MICHAEL TINN EY ,ea limi 5... SAMUEL TRUGLIO "Listen, my children, and you shall hear-a crash and a bang! Hats off-Sam's car is near!" SHARON VAN BUREN "Giggle and the world giggles with you." Ind, Arts Club 1, 2, 3, Sr, Boys' Int, 1, 2, Jr. Girls' Glee Club lg Sr. Girls' Glee Club 3, 4, Sr. Band 1g Class President 1, 2, 3. 2, 5, 43 Library Club 4, Erie County Choir 5g Student Council lg Folk Dancing 1, 2, Baton Twirling 1, 2, 5, Hi-Y 5, 4, Sr. Girls' Int. 1, 2, Synchronized Swimming 1, 2, jr. Girls' Glee Club lg Sr. Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Varsity Chorale 2, 5, 45 Marching Band 1, 2, 53 Vice President Sophomore Class, Secretary jr. Classg "Plain Football 5, 4, Track 3, 43 Senior Play 4. and Fancy" 2g All-State Choir 5. GEORGE WALKER "Full of fun and good times is he." SUSAN WHITE "An impish laugh with a darling manner." Sr. Girls' Int. 93 F.H.A. 10. VIVIAN WHEAT "A closed mouth catches no flies." MARLENE WILSON "I'll get by." Folk Dancing 1, 2, 3-Secretary 2, Hi-Y 3, 4, Yorker Club 2, Baton Twirling 2, 33 Field Hockey Team lg Cheerleading 1, 4, Sr. Band 1, 2g Sr. Girls' Glee Club 2, 5, 4, jr. Girls' Glee Club 1, Jr. Class Vice President, "Plain and Fancy" 23 Student Council Rep. 15 Synchronized Swimming lg journalism 4f Camera Club lg Chess Club 2, 4g Ind. Arts Future Nurses Club 1, 45 F.H.A. 2, 3, 4, Club 2, 3, 4g Track 1, 2, Sr. Band 1, 2, 3, 43 jr. Red Cross 1. Erie County Band 3, "Plain 8z Fancy" 2, Senior Play 4. WILLIAM WILSON -A great guy with top musical abil- BARBARA WOLFF Q: Silence is golden ,Y .4 AJ-7.9. Nilza and Judy cooking. Christmas at the Ross's with ' Nilza and jucly NILZA MARTIN MOLINA This year's foreign exchange student is from Brazil, the native land of the samba and the bossa nova. Nilza is staying with the Adrian Ross family in Akron. Nilza was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and now lives with her parents and her brother, Sylvio, in a small town called Pompeia. Her father is a bookkeeper, and her brother is a dentist. While she was in Brazil, Nilza was in the last year of an elementary teaching course which has twelve subjects. When she finishes school in Brazil, she intends to go on to college, which is called faculty in her country, and major in English. Nilza has a thought she would like to pass on to all of you. It is in the following verse by Bruce Barton: "We get from people what we give, We find in them what we bring, And the changes are not changes in Them so much as changes in-ourselves." 36 The Ross family. The Molina family. Class welt We, the Senior Class of 1963, being of sound mind and body, do hereby set our seal to this, our last Will and Testament. We will to these people our well-known talents, attributes, and most cher ished possessions: I To Mr. To Mrs To Mr. To Mr. To Mrs. To Mr. To Mrs. To Mrs. To Mr. To 'Mrs. To Miss To Mr. To Mr. To Mrs. To Mr. To Mr. To Mr. To Mrs. To Mr. To Mr. To Mr. To Mrs. To Mr. To Mr. To Mr. To Mrs. Allen we leave the Akronite deadlines met, Bacheller we leave a large bottle of aspirin, Bates we leave our ability to read minds, Borkholder we leave 3,000 back issues of Newsweek, Brown we leave an Advanced Biology class with everyone present, Brown we leave our guidance folders, Brusky we leave a cooking class that cleans up after itself, Burgel we leave a copy of our favorite play, Marbezfly Columbus we leave a piano tuner, Cooley we leave one student with a perfect French accent, Churchill we leave our booming voices, Farr we leave pleasant memories, George we leave our mental health posters, Groves we leave our tardiness for Varsity Chorale, Helwig we leave some heat for the auditorium, Hood we leave our ability to talk faster than his dictation, johnson we leave Ludwick we leave MacCoy we leave Martiny we leave Monahan we leave our Economic World outlines, Stapleton, our wonderful Senior Play director, we leave the Class of 1964 and their play Tomczak we leave a class of orderly, well-mannered freshmen, Vossler we leave a new book of passes and the stapler in the journalism room, Walker we leave the deficit in the Press Club budget: Williams we leave a large supply of tranquilizers. all our compositions, one student who types without peeking atisthe keys, a safety belt, a class that doesn't hook up the bunsen burner to the water tap, Signed this day of june 24, 1963 Neva Hessler President, Class of 1965 awww., As Seniors, the Class of 1965 look back over the last four years and find it hard to realize that they are being graduated. The following is a brief summary of the outstanding activities of their past four years. In their Freshman year, under the advisorship of Mr. Roger Farr, the class enthusiastically sponsored the Dream Boy Bounce, which proved to be very successful. During the next two years, in order to build up funds for the treasury, the class held various candy, nut, and bake sales. In both their Sophomore and Junior years, they held roller skating parties which were well attended. In their junior year, class rings were ordered the first week of school and were received in November. Major activities included sales, a sock dance, and the Prom, "Three Coins in the Fountain," which they co-sponsored with the Seniors of 1962. Shortly after their Senior year began, the Class of 1963 began preparations for graduation by having Senior pictures taken. The Senior play, "Father of the Bride," and the Sadie Hawkins Dance were sponsored and presented by the class. Toward the end of the year, the junior- Senior Prom, the Senior Picnic, and a Senior Banquet were held and attended by the Class of 1963. All in all, the four years at A.C.S. went by all too fast, but they hold memories that will always be cherished. O ' P1-erident: Neva Hessler Vice P1'e.fident.' Dean Cheavacci Secrelary: David Aquino Trear1z1'er.' Sally Nichols Student Court Reprerentativer Peter Aldred Jeff Burdick 1962 Jfu.-Qu. Pfwvw This year's Senior play, "Father of the Bride," was presented on November 16th and 17th, 1962, in the A.C.S. Auditorium. The play was directed by Mrs. Myra Stapleton and was a tremendous success. Last year's Jr.-Sr. Prom was held on May 18, 1962. The queen, Sandra Cory, and the king, Rick Rozelle, were crowned. A court of princes and princesses was also chosen by the Senior class. The prince and princess, Dave Aquino and Susan White, were also crowned. Sadie Hawkins Dame This year's Sadie Hawkins Dance was held on November 22, 1962, in the high school gym. Little Abner was Peter Aldred, Daisy Mae was Sue White, Marryin' Sam was Sam Truglio, and Divorcin' Dan was Gerry Summe. The gym was decorated to suit the theme. It was a huge success and all who attended enjoyed themselves. ' Pollb , M MOST STUDIOUS MOST GIRLISH MOST HUMOROUS Lynn Beyser MOST MANNISH Sharon johnson Bob Smith Sue White Ron Miller Barry Pingitore MOST ATHLETIC 4 Sue Ciurzynski Dick Casseri MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Bob Smith Neva Hessler MOST ARTISTIC BEST LEADER BEST DRESSED Brenda Martin Sharon Johnson Judy ROSS jim Place Bob Smith Tony Rader 40 Funniest laugh Prettiest legs Tallest Shortest Oldest Youngest Biggest pest Prettiest eyes Naughtiest Silliest Biggest Flirt Most talkative Best swimmer Cutest Cleverest Most artistic Most romantic Quietest Biggest dimples 'Best figure Hottest temper Best dancer Most musical Most fun Sweetest Outstanding homemaker Outstanding farmer Professional skipper Most Freckles 'Pollb Sharon' johnson Marlene Wilson Kathy Fox Charleen Sundown Carol Daguano Normajean Rosenberg Sue Ciurzynski Nilza Molina Sue Ciurzynski Sue White Brenda Martin Sandy Klawer Sylvia Sutton Sue White Sharon johnson Brenda Martin Sylvia Sutton Linda Medole Dottie Hudson Sylvia Sutton Sue Ciurzynski Brenda Martin Neva Hessler Sharon johnson N ilza Molina Mary Edwards Sue Ciurzynski Sharon johnson Ken Lyons Dave Aquino Sam Truglio Harvey DeFries Tony Rader Dave Aquino Gerry Summe Dave Aquino Gerry Summe Gerry Summe Gerry Summe Bill Wilson Dean Cheavacci jeff Burdick Bob Smith jim Place Dean Cheavacci Harvey DeFries George Walker Pete Aldred Bruce Downey Dave Rice Bill Wilson Dave Aquino Dave Aquino Ted Grundas Ron Miller Gerry Summe E 5 Q I 5 if 5 s , 3 x 2 1 D I "Study, study, study . . . this high school work is a d0g's life!" ROW 1: Mr. Walker, C. Walker, C. Yousey, L. Logel, G. Abrams, A. Printup, P. Doxtader, P. Giesler, S. Becker, D. Rehwaldt, J. Cummings, M. Schmigel ROW 2:,G. Jago, B. MacCoy, L. Bedford, C, Drachenberg, D. Pok- orski, G. Babel, L. Mietz, D. Lom- bard, J. Flint ROW 1: R. Yeager, J. Poodry, A. Frodin, M. Pafk, C. Walters, A. Cummings, R. Schucraft, M. Keller, M. Mirrioni, J. Asmus, Mr. Farr ROW 2: D. Coulson, G. Burchell, K.' Wagner, I. Gruber, B. Bruning, L, Clasgens, J. Drachenberg, R. Bmhmer ROW- 3: R. Pacer, R. Kelkenberg, W. Glena, L. Gilbert ROW 1: J. Bednar, C. Smith, I. Martino, E. Bedford, G. Bedford, M. Johnson, D. Shearman, K. Bos- kat, M. Mansell, S. Lane, Mr. Hel- Wig ROW 2: S. Trinkle, D. Kozloski, D. Raduns, L. Babel, R. Fothering- ham, D. Schultz, H. Finger, J. Willig, J. Brand, C. Hurne ROW 3: R. Grover, G. Bitterman, R. Rogers, D. Drachenberg, D. Moore ROW 1: Mr. Rozelle, P. Wrono- wicz, P. Hinds, S. Cummings, S. Thomas, L. McCoy, S. Snell, A. Steiner, L. Foster, L. Schultz, B. Curphey, J. Carmer, H. King ROW 2: R, Swader, G. Cummings, D. Jemison, J. Berry, D. Perry, R. Marble, D. Kossuth, J. Bartel, M. Groff ROW 1: Mr. Martiny, D. johnson, J. Zurlo, P. Rosenberg, G. Gerace, N. Kinney, L. Logan, J. Griffiths, H. Snyder, D. Finger, L. Zimmer- man ROW 2: B. Hartranft, J. Cory, S. Smith, J. Bero, E. Houlihan, J. Espersen, B. Raduns, I. Cummings ROW 3: A. Flor, A. Carroll, M. McConkey, D. Bucceri, N. Abra- ham, R. Kubis, R. Groff ABSENT: C. Nanni 017 1964 Pres.-JIM BERRY Vice Pres.-SUE LANE Sec.-AVICE CUMMINGS Treas.-ROBERTA FOTHERINGHAM Student Court-EILEEN BEDFORD Student Council- GORDON BURCHELL JON BRAND ROW 1: N. Everett, C. Totton, C. Mecklenberg, S. Tippett, D. Chap- man, J. Moore, M. Krieger, R. Kedzierski, M. Leavitt, D. Mont- ville, M. Cummings, Mrs. Cooley ROW 2: P. Wagner, R. Wilson, J. Furminger, D. Lindke, K. Daniels, N. Van Buren, S. Weber, A. Reb- mann, L. Moses, G. Cescon ROW 5: K. DeFries, G. Kumro, G. Payne, I. Young ABSENT: J. Ciurzynski, M. Man- sell, C. Parker, S. Troyer ROW 1: S. Smith, J. Remsen, B. .DeYoung, B. Abrams, J. Tilling- hest, B. Rosenberg, E. George, N. Keller, S. Lutz, 1. Kleparek, D. Husing, Mr. Hayes ROW 2: R. Hollenbeck, W. Pafk, J. Stuber, V. Rugg, J. Stilke, D. Wheeler, C. Kyser, D. Caporali G. Bower, L, Stratton ROW 5: D. Campbell, A. Edmister, T. Hibbarcl, F. Jago, A, Odell, J. Cummings, M. Hudomint, R. Par- ker, H. Harvey 9 ROW 1: M. Carlo, L. Finch, L. Meininger, E. Kwaitkowski, R. Daguano, D. Ellsworth, S. Whit- mire, K. Lindke, T. Stapleton, B. Pask, M. Fotheringham, Mrs. Brown ROW 2: H. Blueye, S. Nice, K. Meyer, L. Bettio, M. Steimer, M. Fahey, R. Lewis, D. Baich, D. Stanbury ROW 3: P. Cummings, B. Mac- Coy, J. Hellert, K. Blish, W. Matu- sek, P. Wheat, T. Biernacki ABSENT: D. Bernhardt, J. Caputo I Pres.-BEN DeYOUN G Treas.-KATHY DANIELS Vice Pres.-DICK LEWIS Student Court-HENRIETTA BLUEYE SCC--CHERYL KAISER student Cotmi-ERIC WILSON ROW 1: L. Parker, M. Hutchinson, F, Martiny, A. Denton, B. Mc- Gregor, S. Fry, D. Grudas, D. Rib- beck, A. Overholt, G. Deahn, Mr. Vossler ROW 2: D. Errick, D. Niezgloda, I. Schleef, J. Keller, S. Ball, C. Bitterman ROW 3: -I. Rebovich, A. Prinzbach, T. Houlihan, G. jufer, D. DeLeys ROW 4: A. Nicometi, J. Edwards, R. Ciurzynski, M. Ground l 47 w ,M-J ROW 1: P. Mallo, C. Hall, A. Zola, V. Bower, L. Cummings, K. Yousey, H. Schultz, N. Robnett, L. Kinney, J. Baker, K. Balch, C. Mattioli, H. Laese, Mr. Dodson ROW 2: R. Lewis, R. Ball, D. Schubel, J. Hart, C. Yoder, M. Edmister, M. Truglio, J. Clark, J. Owen, B. Murray ROW 3: M. Carmer, S. Brucker, K. Litfin, G. Grabbenstetter ROW 1: L. Rosenberg, L. Johnson, B. Lindke, J. Lawrence, B. Lathrop, G. Fox, L. Babiarz, S. Ewald, D. Leising, E. Keehn, J. Cleary, M. Joslyn, K. Glomb, Mrs. Ludwick ROW 2: Jack Kroening, M. Welsh, F. Lega, G. Ceisner, D. Abrams, K. Miller, T. Carroll, D. Hutchin- son, D. Richardson, M. Socha, J. Swader, T. Yoder ROW 5: F. Kingsley, T. New- comb, M. Lauridsen ROW 1: R. Parker, E. Buckley, W. Bishop, J. Snyder, G. Remington, B. Dickinson, J. Dean, T. Bartram, L. Neuroth, L. Kraatz, Mr. Monahan. ROW 2: L. Veltz, T. Stone, J. Flint. ROW 3: S. Wall, C. Bedford, F. Babel, C. Reigle, C. Crane, K. Weaver, S. Klinglesmith, A. De- Young, J. Spaeth, M. Kingsley, K. Pawlick. ROW 4: J. DiLuzio, A. Black, N. Poodry. ROW 1: Mr. Tomczak, R. Blic- kensderfer, B. Diviski, G. Bell, R. Kenny, J. George, P. Kingsley, M. Abraham, K. Wall, D. Frey, B. Schultz, ROW 2: K. Dylag, H. Herwick N. Corbett, K. Pagels, M. Pafk M. White, T. Campbell, W. Robin- son, B. Gerace, C. Alferi, K. Stae- bell ROW 3: M. Leeds, P. Groff, D. Lindke, J. Mann, J. Yousey, P. Martin, K. Baker s 1 ROW 1: D. Neal, P. Johnson, M. Drachenberg, S. Schaller, M. An- derson, L. Kraatz, P. Schmigel, M. Stanbury, A. Sundown, S. Bartlett, L. Hurne, Miss Churchill ROW 2: D. Wolfe, R. Fisher, R. McLeod, S. Poodry, M. Stever, P. Leavitt, J. Bordonaro ROW 3: T. Van Buren, T. Hirsee, I. Walters, G. Karl, R. Kwandrans, C. Schurr, J. Skellon, D. Swader, I. Battaglia, P. Schoenwetter 01, mee Pres.-JOE BORDONARO Vice Pres.-KAREN STAEBELL Sec.-NANCY ROBNETT Treas.-LAURA CUMMINGS Student Court-PEGGY JOHNSON Student Council-BETTY LINDKE g. 4 , Y' .,, 'i . Mh' ' Y ' 5153 25 iisgi s 3 "., ' - :1fH' 1 ' 1 ,"' Q ij. f Q-V- M '-1, , V, SS' . fgg 21' gll' D - AVAX. WH gg ' 'f 2,1 :,,f 'K 29,57 V V K L. ' 9' 9.2 9 4 HW? Q, ,wt S .LJ lg xx A 15 5 3? 3 is 5 i 2 Q , Q , W lf? We? A .auMfm..,,..., . , W ., W1 W 2 K E:2lt' .'i':52Z?E ff? L Y w Wx Zu. 1 Ni. I P' Y i 1 fig? 1 5 . ' gm? S Jr .uf ms f iff' H 1 Q Q1 , ,,,, 1 xf 1 h X , f , re , f 1 E 1 5 , " x , -f ' . up Row 1: G. Owen, D. Wight, J. Ludwick, C. Fink, S. Groff, E. Parker, P. Wagner, R. Rosenberg, K. Poodry, E. Husing, S. Huth ROW 2: E. Lease, R. Bedford, W. Bradley, P. McLeod, D. Sundown, C. Schoenwetter, L. Roll, M. Clark, J. Helecki, Miss Brown ROW 5: E. Kitalson, T. Whiting, P, Burner, B. Doctor, J. Susfolk ROW 1: P. Lewis, D. Weidman, D. Hoctor, B. Schoenthal, S. Swift, M. Winter, R. Wyder, I-I. Hartwig, J. Schlegal, J. Bitterman, T. Cough- lin, M. McCormick, Mr. Swift ROW 2: M. Johnson, P. Ford, J. Bunt, B. Clear, P. Parker, V. Grounds, S. Blueye, G. Doctor, E. Sutton, M. Heberling, M. Brege, D. Poole ROW 1: D. Blackman, S. For- restel, R. Muck, J. Feldman, J. Hessler, K. Deinhardt, K. Tippett, F. Houlihan, H. Rosenberg, C. Reinke, K. Hudson, D. Ritecz, L. Stock ROW 2: G. Pafk, P. Mast, K. Tay- lor, B. Goeske, J. Trugilio, M. Rudolph, M. Hammond, S. Leising, D. Krushke, D. Harvey, M. George ROW 1: J. Bower, S. Hoste, D. Reigle, D. Pogel, H. Smith, P. Carroll, D. Bucceri, J. Kwandrans, E. Bedford, J. Stanley, Mr. Dem- brow ROW 2: D. Hoehman, F. Wrono- wicz, B. Eldred, F. Lowder, A. Groff, M, Rood, R. Ficher, R. Baehr, T. VanBuren, S. White, J. Logan ROW 3: J. Martino, G. Dieterle, P. Wheat, C. Burchell, R. New- man ' "They say that high school homework even tougherf' ROW 1: F. Cowan, B. Bartram, B. Skellon, R. Swader, S. Brant, S. Kwiatkowski ROW 2: D. Moore, P. Zola, B Socha, B. Cummings, M. Roggen S. Cummings ROW 5: C. Clark, J, Miller, P. Witkowski, C. Williams, B. Iago E. Ruben ROW 4: R. Golpl, J. Olszewski B. Yousey, D. Rodgers, L. Hill G. Parker, L. Wronowicz, B. Groff, S. Swiatowy, C. Burchell, I. Keller, D. Pisaneschi Gwdae ROW 1: B. Roberts, J. Schuma- cher, B, Wilson, C. Abrams ROW 2: I. Rosenberg, C. Lashway, M. McDermott, K. Baehr, 1. Hurne ROW 3: K. Rudolph, D. Mietz, E. Much, M. De Young, Mrs. Bates ROW 4: S. Lowder, K. Pogel, K. Anderson, J. Capan ROW 5: W. Bill, A. Corbett, R. Fisher, R. White, C. Netzley, G. Cero, L. Bishop, P. Smith, C. Geyer, M. Bartram ABSENT: D. Stegman ROW 1: P. Milani, C. Victor, D. Schmigel, T. Fenton, M. Bordonaro ROW 2: E. Wolak, M. Pacer, G. Staebell, K. Feldman, P. Feagles B ROW 3: . Richardson, P. Over- holt, D, Martin, J. Jamieson, S. Babel ROW 4: J. Mattioli, D. McLeod, W. Riwecz, S .Kraatz, C. Pifer, L. Spears, Mrs. Webster, M. Hartzler, S. jemison, N. Eckerson, D. Cum- mings, J. Capan ROW 1: L. Jacobsen, C. Alfieri, W. Brust, L. Groff, L, Witkop ROW 2: D. Lowder, N. Parker, R. Remsen,.D. DeFries, T. Stuber ROW 3: W. Keppler, L. Plueck- hahn, J. Brucker, A. Foster, P. Johnson ROW 4: T. Troyer, D. Covel, D. Pafk, B, Hollenbeck, H. Doctor, B. Truax, J. Keller, R. Mack, B. Swiniarski, C. Ciurzynski, L. Doman, M. Hanson, G. Cummings, L. Winter, Mrs. Shisler 5 ROW 1: S. Parker, L. Weaver, D. Pizley, B. Nehrboss, T. Arnold ROW 2: L. Specler, M. Springer, G. Bernier, K. Babel, M. Hartl ROW 5: K. Finger, P. Kozoda, K. Pawlick, S. Baker, E, Werner ROW 4: N. Kraatz, L. Hofmeier D. Altrogge, C. Russell, G. Stanley D. Hart, D. Mecklenberg, J. Casi sell, C. Rebman, D. Blackman Mrs. Wade B. Betzold L. Bettio J. Yousey, Wands, J? Bittermani D. Cummings, M. Downey ROW 1: M. Scrogg, B. Doman, F. Koons, J. Holtz, S. Alfieri ROW 2: M, Logel, P. Miles, K. Miles, G. Schultz, K. Parker ROW 5: A. Mattei, D. Swimline, C. Lindke, J. Furminger, M. Brege ROW 4: E. Berghorn, J. Lloyd, M. Wagner, L. Peck, B. Powell, Mrs. Neal, C. Rosenberg, J. Keller, D, Swader, D. Kumro, L. Schafer, P. Balch ROW 1: K. Lashway, R. Steiner, D. Stone, R. Muggelberg, S. Kowalik ROW 2: L. Brewer, R. Bedford, J. Schumacher, D. Bluhm, C. Zim- merman ROW 3: K. Hauser, K. Kenney, T. Blacklock, S. Walker, K. Covert ROW 4: E, Parpost, C. Ritecz, T. Richardson, P. Forrestel, P. George, R. Abrams, N. Johnstone, C. Childs, B. Conibear, N. Finger, A. Claude, Mrs, Fix ROW 1: J. Guizzotti, R, Fry, R. Hutchings, E. Winter, A. Keller ROW 2: R. McGregor, D. Drupski, B. Watts, N. Cope, R. Speder ROW 3: J. johnson, K. Ewald, M. Ribbeck, J. Brockway, D. Reuben ROW 4: A. Kopacz, S. Porter, C. Abrams, J. Bower, C. Parker, F. Clear, Mrs. Hartzler, J. Schrock, F. Giertz, 1. Lockhart, R. Hutchin- son, D. Baich ROW 1: M. Hocton, S. Holovics, L. Reuben ROW 2: J. Geddes, J. Burke, D. Jones, C, Prunner, K. Schultz ROW 5: L. Bradley, T. Groff, T. Kennedy, H. Pechumen, R. Webster ROW 4: C. Cero, J. Freeman, D. Kumro, P. Noody, F. Wetmore ROW 5: K. Denton, B. Doctor, B. Lindke, C. Logan, T. Yousey ROW 5: Mrs. Fleischmann, J. Whitbeck, S. Blake, M. Schoenthal, P. Battaglia ROW 1: M. Wik, M. Houlihan, B. Glomb B Gerstun , - 8 Row 2: D. Ribbeck, M. Clark, S. Starr, J. Parker ROW 3: D. johnson, D. Bow, D. O'Dell, I. Dress ROW 4: G. Smith, M, Mansell K. Fry, D. Leavitt, R. Regan, Ri Kelkenberg ROW 5: Mrs. Stage, M. Reynolds C. Furminger, A. Bower, L. Sy, D. Edwards ROW 1: H. De Lelys, L. Werner, R. Pechuman, E. Hill, B. Bower ROW 2: P. Throm, N. Holtz, D, Lowder, D. Gerstung, J. McCol- lister ROW 3: D. Sowinski, D. Pruner, W. Weidel, M. Ribbeck, R. Whit- ing ROW 4: M. Bruning, P. McConkey, G. Ribbeck, D. Baich, K. Kruschke ROW 5: Mrs. Shelly, D. Heberling, S. Bedford, L. Dieterle, A. Ground, R. Weiler, M. Hoehman 4 ROW 1: E. Houlihan, W. Sy, W Skye, C. Crane, R. Yousey ROW 2: L. Schoenthal, N. Reuben T. Lotz, S. Kenney, N. Ceisner ROW 3: K. Karcher, P. Burdick D. Spears, C. Peck, J. Carges ROW 4: S. Oldenski, N. Bil, N Roll, N. Smith, S. Parker ROW 5: M. Fisher, M. Zola, S Bishop, P. Lega, V. Johnstone, Mrs Weeks, K. Swiniarski, C. Garrett, P. Montville, B. Litfin, D. Dietz 1 1 ROW 1: E. Easton, L. Pask, D. Gilbert, N. Leavitt, E. Webster ROW 2: A. Printup, D. Jones, D. Pask, D. Pleuckhahn, R. Wolfe, D. Moore ROW 3: A. Veltz, D. Begiers, K. Leavitt, M. Ribbeck, R. Wiseman, L. Smith ROW 4: J. Reagan, L. Wik, P. Noody, L. Stanley, M. Wideman, S. Rogers, J. Kress, Mrs. Lombardo ABSENT: C. Cantie ROW 1: D. Reuben, R. Swader, D. Ottaviani, J. Walters, M. Scrogg ROW 2: R. Schafer, M. Midecke, R. Adamkowski, J. Burt, J. Rib- beck ROW 3: S. Leeds, C. Bruning, D. Swiatowy, A. Keller, R. Schultz ROW 4: B. Groff, N. Steimer, E. Stanley, T. Schubel, B. Weaver ROW 5: D. Swiatowy, L. Ribbeck, E. Maloney, J. Peters, S. Wall, T. Horner, P. Poodry, B. Parker, B. Criswell ROW 6: Mr. Laskie, Mrs. Hume ROW 1: T. Blish, M. Uljanov, L. Bordonaro, B. Lloyd, G. Granke ROW 2: R. Fahey, C. Winter, Ro. Nehrboss, D. Koons, R. Leising ROW 3: K. Clark, B. Tippett, C. Rosenberg, L. Pask, S. Martin, D. Laudirsen ROW 4: M. Duguay, C. Calopy, M. Reinke, M. Parzych, M. Leib, J. De Young, M. Forrestel, S. Knop, D. Fink, S, Dye, M. Jalitus, L. Perry, J. Mann ROW 1: S. Klehn, L. Bedford, A. Lauridsen ROW 2: P. Welsh, J. Laffosse, M. Skomski, R. Kress ROW 5: J. Wide-man, M. Cum- mings, R. Robnett, M. Ground ROW 4: C. Veltz, B, Bower, K Roggen, D. Lowder ROW 5: G. Abrams, J. McCol- lister, L. Smith, L. Smith ROW 6: S. Flanders, P. Pitas, J. Downey, C. Glena, N. Brunner, Mrs. Yocum 2 ROW 1: I. Stanley, G. Homes- berger, S. Mecca, S. Wands, R. Hensel ROW 2: P. Bedford, D. Frye, S. Snyder, P. Manning, M. Frey, D. Wehling ROW 3: D, Farrell, P. Winnie, J. Rogers, S. Shafer, S. Burone, T. Lockhart ROW 4: S. Walker, S. Pacer, M. Babel, M. Yousey, K. Covel, D. Doman, T. Jones, Mrs. Johnson, L. Ribbeck, D. Sescil, L. Socha ROW 1: W. Ground, E. Hoehman, D. De Young, N. Brunner ROW 2: D. Stock, D. Berghorn, K. Schrock, R. Wall, W. Paxon ROW 3: G. Smith, A. Scrogg, C. Cero, L. Bow, D. Parker, M. Lashway ROW 4: R. Kowalik, V. Wissinger, B. Cummings, H, Hessler, C. Brust ROW 5: K. Braun, S. Kingsley, J. Fisher, Mrs. Carlson, Mrs. Gil- bert, J. Koss, B. johnson, M. Mar- coni ROW 1: B. DeLelys, C. Brauen P. Fitzsimmons, L. Pagels, S Schoenthal ROW 2: M. Jonathan, A. Porter J. Mack, J. Wright, F. Abrams P. Troyer, F. Wagner, T. Schuler L. Varo, D. Fisher, T. Herrington D. Carmer ROW 3: Miss Graf, M. Keller, T. Witkop, S. Kelley M Colo , M. a - PY Krzykowski, S. Pacheco, J. Sow inski, G. Logan, A. Mello, R. Boskat 2 ROW 1: S. Lega, R. Blish, M. Flanders, R. Pixley, R. Campbell ROW 2: L. Fitzsimmons, R. Hof- meier, M. Kennedy, T. Noody, B. Koons ROW 5. K Anderson . Peters, ' - ,J K. Ewald, D. Steiner, J. Baker ROW 4: D. Gerstung, E. Man- ning, M. Brown, J. Trigilio, S. Dieterle, M. Skye, A. Abrams, G. Smith, B. Hellert, L. Snyder, J. Bower, J. Broing, K. Burg, K. Keller, V. Kraatz 1 ROW 1: K. Kenyon, A. Guizzotti, J. Brege, F. Maloney, B. Wight, R. Ormsby ROW 2: D. Bromstead, R. Leis- ing, M. Duguay, J. Case, K. Etzold ROW 3: P. Clark, B. Nixon, M. Stapleton, J. Bluhm, D. Flading, A. Ribbeck ROW 4: L. Gallo, D. Casseri, M. Cummings, R. Skellon, R. Forres- tel, P. Hammond, W. Reuben, D. Davis, J. Hill, Mrs. Matteson ROW 1: N. Raduns, C. Pann, V. Ribbeck, P. Cummings, A. Reinke C. Miles P, Kroemer K. Sta le: , , P ton, D. Olson, E. Bruning ROW 2: M. Berzold, S. Francis G. Nowicki, J. Dye, V.. Meme, T. Hartl, S. Miller, R. Brady, T. Vanice, C. Claude ROW 3: D. Gonsowski, C. Alex- ander, A. Gibbons, D. Newman J. Heberling, N. Alfieri, c. Ribi beck, C. Kraatz, C. Swiatowy ROW 4: Mrs. Dunbar ROW 1: M. Muchow, R. Rebmann, N. Wolak, C. Wagner, M. Mir- rione, J. Sweitzer 2 S Arnold A Forrestel I . 1 ' . 7 S. Berry, C. Klinglesmith, K. Cels- ner, B, Baker ROW 3: L. Knapp, S. Doctor, D. Bradfield, K. Rogers, D. Bontrager, D. Colo ROW I - 1 Wight, C. Etzold, R. Baran, A Jones, M. Valente ROW 5: F. Reuben, M. Bluhm, R. Doktor, L. Hartwig, J- Scoflafld, Mrs. Ogden PY . 4 L Kuraszkiewlcz W- ROW 1: D. Sutton, A. Ormsby, K. Johnstone, R. Williams, R Stahl ROW 2: A. Wright, V. Jacobsen L. Santolini, D. Berghorn, S. Kazj rnierczak ROW 5: V. Jemison, W. Hurne, V. Reuben, R. Milam, G. Pifer ROW 4: R. Cero, D. Stuber, C Wissinger, B. Rudolph, B. Reh- Waldt ROW 5: R. Ritecz, T. Bassanello R. Ground, G. Bedford, L. Childs G. Martino, N, Brockway, D. Morez head, L, Johannes, C. Kelley ROW 6: Mrs. Hutchinson s 1 ROW 1: K. Baehr, T. Morehead, T. Morgan, R. Witkop, R. Nichols ROW 2: J. Homesberger, K. Wall, D. Marquardt, G. Hill, D. Shafer ROXV 3: R. Schrock, C. Kinne, D. Kress, M. Garrett, N. Whiting ROW 4: G. Shaw, R. Kasperek, D. Pacheco, R. Ribbeck, P. Pafk, S. Moore, T. Carges, G. Olson, G. Jackson, R. Pleuckhahn, L. Spears, C. Graff, G. Clark ROW 1: G. Abraham, D. Scarbor- ough, M. Oliver, B. Murry, S. Pohl ROW 2: M. Stratton, E. Cum- mings, L. Eldred, M. Penko, D. Alexander ROW 3: J. Frey, M. Anderson, C. Johnson, J. Jonathan, D. Cum- mings ROW 5: T. Johnson, M. Regan, K. Keller, S. Blake, V. Robnett, J. De Young, D. Kenney, D. Begiers, P. Doctor, N. Koehller, ,M. Rice, S. Steiner, B. Miller, K. Mack, Mrs. Gerber ROW 1: D. Thomas, B. Cum- mings, E. Steimer, D. Starr, M. Lockhart Row 2: D. Rosenberg, K. Smith A. Wagonblott, J. Bradley, Di Holtz Row 5: A. Blackman, L. Weidel D. Printup, L. Goerlitz, C. Bitter: man ROW 4: S. Johnson, J. Pruner, D. Hill, W. Ground, J. Wronowicz P. Weaver, J. DiLorenzo, Odell, C. Ground, K. Pafk, H. Nayman, M. Hart, D. Wilson ROW 5: Miss Racllowski, Mrs Shearer ROW 1: H. Bruning, D. Doman, S. Ludwick, B. Brengel, M. Vanice ROW 2, G. Rogers, D. Wissinger, R. Sy, R. Kelley, V. Reuben ROW 3: C. Smith, T. Lashway, J. LaFosse, S. Lemanski, D. Black- man, W. Ball ROW 4: S. Kaxody, T. Lacki, J. Cheney, C. Hansen, S. Reigle, D. Farrell ROW 5: C. Wilkins, G. PeQueen, A. Cory, F. George, J. Wideman, B. Ribbeck, S. Wehling, Mrs. Mac- Coy 5' Sf! -R f ' 'E f as vf 54,1 .ef QV P 25 ., W . x 1125 - , . mf .-ff + fin Que 2' 4 "ff l . fx ,4 -W N ,x 2 1 ,ff , - ,- .,,- 5 f f Si. ., H f S 2229? 'Q' I ' fm ' 5 3? iwf 5 7 .V'1A-Ziff ' - ' JL' X, . ,. ,..V, ,WMM We-K 35 , V ,Z f k,.. I K . f A mwffyf '5 ' 4 h "K - fi". fvuwif 'A ML? fy 3,7 W 2 x . jijigg 'M gg? " 51,3 '- F' " 'Z - M' " ., , .Mx .. .u ' X f - V - 7, 4 'f' 4 1 S:-yan I - .. W , ,M M5 f - ., X, fe Q ' 'I SWS 1' 9 X If ' 1 ' Q , f?,f5,4,,, , X12 1 'I ' ,Mn if - Tihw iw, X wx? gf., I 4 ' Q 524+ - W - fii ii - . 532 gi, uf k . M. , af WET I i b S 52' M , affix f kv al we Qi 4 55. i "4 5 'Q , . af: ,.. -ff-Ski. F 1 3 1 T yy fi. ar. 25 3 ni W ROW 1: B. Blakely, A. Pohl, S. Ribbeck, G. Surma, F. Golpl, L. Bradley, M. Kelley ROW 2: S. Dulkiewicz, J. Wilson, D. Riemer, L. Vanice, T. Witkop, L. Klawer, E. De Young, B. Skel- ton, T. Case ROW 3: Mrs. Pentecost, A. Oppel, D. Downey, M. Minear, J. Babel, J. Carrubba, W. Campbell, E. Burrows ........ ROW 1: R. Robnett, R. Lashway, B. Dean, R. Johnson, J. Chapman, M. Spagnuola, E. Swader, B. Giertz ROW 2: Miss Churchill, L. Rib- beck, B. Black, R, Baer, P. Pe- Queen, J. Socha, D. Hudomint, J. ose Starr D Run J Y, J- , - g ROW 3: Miss- Spoth, C. Caple, D. Litfin, L. Jamieson, S. Cum- mings, L. Snyder, J. Meyer, J. Roh- loff, N. Burt, B. Greenman ROW 1: L. Lederhouse, J. Worden, V. Weaver, C, Jacobs, W. Ribbeck, M. Cummings, R. Gibbons, D. Paw- lick ROW 2: M. Bluhm, P. Boskat, J. Mandolene, S. Williams, R. Anderson, K. Arnold, D. Lowder, J. Cummings, L. David ROW 5: D. Alexander, S. Bruning, J, Kinne, M. Duguay, Y. Smith, S. Kazmierczak, W. Childs, T. Phister, A. Colopy, C. Marquardt, Mrs. Pentecost ROW 1: L. Wagonblott, J. Welch, R. Anderson, D. Hofrneier, L. Brust, R. Eldred, T. Bluhm, C. Adamkowski, T. Plueckhahn ROW 2: D. Bushhammer, T. Fry, M. Brady, P. Walker, J. Trigilio, B. Rewaldt, V. Mirrione, R, Hudo- mint, D. Rosenberg ROW 3: Miss Churchill, P. Rem- ington, M. Fahey, C. Flading, J Pask, S. Philips, L. Stegman, K Wahl, D. DiLorenzo, M. Reynolds Miss Spoth "Yak. .. Yak... Yak. .. One more meeting like this and I'l1 quit the club!" , KK A Lfgtvjvwji X veg Qi X A O- A 1 O' 'Q . CN . r , XQQM' gy 3 , Q-1,52 X, Q k ink' , J M, Q 5 ,V . ASSXP' SV V SLN Vi' m - . 'X' 9 N Cf X Gt CWM! "f Y ' i V 095 wfxjg, NP X af ' Y, - x .Lyla W 52' Jig!! Q JDJBAAJ, QSSK , Q., X iv R t:x5"i'iJ ,G , if X QF' , 1 W X, Nc! 4. ggi' P- N kt GKLJAJ Tb i SW N QQ 1 ,Qubf Kitt Bw Cf oft X . .135 STUDENT COUNCIL Chairmen of standing committees: AVICE CUMMINGS ROBERTA FOTHERINGHAM JUDITH ROSS LUCY ZIMMERMAN STUDENT COUNCIL CABINET Pres.-ROBERT SMITH Sr. Vice Pres.-DAVE AQUINO Jr. Vice Pres.-SYBIL SMITH Treas.-JAMES BERRY Sec.-MELINDA HUTCHINSON STUDENT COURT Chief Justice-DAVE AQUINO Secretary-MELINDA HUTCHINSON HENRIETTA BLUEYE-'65 PEGGY JOHNSON-'66 JEFF. BURDICK-'65 PETER ALDRED-'63 GORDON BURCHELL-'64 JOHN BRAND-'64 HONOR SOCIETY Pres.-DEAN CHEAVACCI Vice Pres.-MARJORIE PASK Sec.-NEVA HESSLER Treas.-DAN FRODIN I-II-Y Pres.-SHARON JOHNSON Vice Pres.-JUDITH ROSS Sec.-GLORIA JULIANO Treas.-AVICE CUMMINGS Chaplain-SYBIL SMITH Historian-ROBERTA FOTHERINGHAM JUNIOR HIGH COUNCIL Rotating, officers SENIOR SCIENCE CLUB Pres.-DEAN CHEAVACCI Vice Pres.-GARY BITTERMAN Sec.-Treas-DAN FRODIN Reporter-BRUCE MacCOY MONITORS Captain-SYBIL SMITH Sec.-MARCIA MANSELL FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Pres.-LINDA LOGEL Vice Pres.-JANICE CUMMINGS Sec.-CHERYL SMITH Treas.-MARIE SCHUMACHER FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Pres.-JAMES FLINT Vice Pres.-LYNN MEITZ Sec.-JOHN BLICKENSDERFER Treas.-JAMES CUMMINGS Reporter-ALVIN ODELL SENIOR YORKER CLUB Pres.-MARVIN KRIEGER Vice Pres.--DAVID NIEZGODA Sec.-REGINA KEDZIERSKI Treas.-JANE KLEPAREK INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB Pres,-JEFF BURDICK Vice Pres.-LARRY BABEL Sec.-JAMES BARTELL Treas.-PAUL CUMMINGS 7th GRADE YORKERS Pres.-KEITH BORDONARO Vice Pres.-JOEY REMSEN Sec.-ANITA ULJANOV ANN LASHWAY Treas.-ROGER MECCA Sth GRADE YORKERS Pres.-BEVERLY ELDRED Vice Pres.-GAIL SCHULTZ Sec.-JOANNE TRUGLIO Treas.-FAYE LOWDER TICKET SELLERS VARSITY CHORALE Section Captains: SANDRA KLAWER BRUCE MacCOY DAVID AQUINO SHARON JOHNSON JUNIOR GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Section Captains: CAROLYN KUBIS MARY HAMMOND CHRIS SUTTON CHRIS PISANESCHI MARY STAEBELL VALERIE GROUND SENIOR GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Section Captains JUDIT H ROSS JOANNE ABRAHAM JUDY BERO SUSAN WHITE ANN MARIE GERACE MODEL CLUB Pres.-JOHN BLICKENSDERFER Vice Pres.-TOM YODER Sec.-DOUGLAS SWADER Treas.-GORDON JUFER JUNIOR BOY'S GLEE CLUB Manager-JOHN HAWES Section Captains- CHARLES KEPPLER WILLIE FREEMAN DAVID LEEDS POSTER CLUB SUPPLY OFFICE STAFF Chairman--DARLENE LEEDS JUDITH CORY FRANCIS MARTINY JUNIOR RED CROSS KATHY Fox NILZA MOLINA JUDITH ROSS DENNIS BERNHART JOHN ESPERSON NURSES' CLUB BIOLOGY CLUB Pres.-HENRY HARVEY Vice Pres.-RICHARD LEWIS Sec.-Treas.-MARY CUMMINGS CLINIC ASSISTANTS PAT HINDS CAROL DAGUANO ROSANNE YEAGER KATHY FOX MARCIA PAFK BERNADETTE PARKER VIRGINIA HOMESBERGER VISUAL AIDS Crew Chief-JEFF BURDICK LIBRARY CLUB Pres.-CAROL RUDNICKI Vice Pres.-ALBERT REBMAN Sec.-ANNETTE PRINTUP SHARPETTES CHESS CLUB Pres.-WENDELL BISHOP Sec.-KATHY MEYER Treas.-ALBERT KWIATKOWSKI St. Council-TOM STAPLETON SECRETARIAL PRACTICE INTERNATIONAL CLUB FRESHMAN CHORALE ORCHESTRA Concert Mistress- HENRIETTA BLUEYE TRAINING BAND Section captains: MONA RUDOLPH MARY STAEBELL JEFF LUDWICK DALE KRUSCHKE' SENIOR BAND Section captains: HOLLIS KING ANDREA DENTON LUCY ZIMMERMAN BILL WILSON DOUG SWADER RICHARD LEWIS BRD GRADE CHOIR BATON TWIRLERS 4TH GRADE CHOIR TREBLE CLEF CHOIR BEGINN ERS BAND ELEMENTARY STRING CLASS 79 ADVANCED BAND ELEMENTARY BASEBALL Throughout the years, A.C.S. has always been proud of the wide range of activities it offers its students. Whether a student is sports-minded, intellectual, or musically inclined, he is sure to find an activity which he will be certain to enjoy. The activity advisors are to be greatly commended for their many hours of work. Without them, our activities could not exist. Aflawzca "How can l get my letter, staying in the showers all the time?" vwazfg ROW 1: Coach X5C'etzen, D. Kossuth, B. Downey, G. Summe, M. Tinney, P. Aldred, G. Walker, D. Casseri. IT. Burdick. B. Pingitore, G. Burchell, N. Abraham ROXW 2: Coach Swift, D. Harvey, M. Ground, D. johnson, R. Kubis. D. jemison, B. MacCoy, j. Willig, R. Pacer. D. Perry, J. Bartel, J. Zurlo, D. Bucceri ROW 3: Coach jenkins, Coach Scappa, R. Lewis, A. Rebman, D, Campbell. R. Kelkenberg, R. Moses, A. Edmister. K. Wagner, D. Drachenberg, A. Carroll. J. Gruber, M. Lauridsen After a miserable start, the Akron football Tigers finished the season with a rush and compiled an impressive 4 wins, 2 losses, and 1 tie record, which was good enough for a third place finish in the Niagara Orleans League standings. Akron's poor start was probably due to the fact that a young team was playing together for the first time and lacked cohesiveness. But coaches Wetzen and Scappa worked the team hard, and one could see that the team was beginning to jell when they played Albion. Although they were de- feated, they controlled play throughout the game. In the Tigers' next game they defeated previously unbeaten Wilson, and from this point on, there was no stopping the Tigers. The team was honored at the season's end when several of the team members were mentioned for all-star positions. Senior tackle Mike Tinney was selected for the first all-star team, and seniors Dick Casseri, Bruce Downey, and jeff Burdick were selected for the second team. Casseri was voted Akron's most valuable player by his teammates. Other seniors finishing their football careers at A.C.S. were Barry Pingitore, George Walker, and Pete Aldred. The outlook for next year is bright, with a host of new juniors and sophomores moving up. Good Luck!! "JEFF" Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Gomes Niagara1Wheatfie1d 0 Medina 31 "DICK" Albion 2 1 Wilson O Roy-Hart 7 Barker 6 Starpoint 6 "GEORGE" PETE ' ' 1 5 l "BARRY" N w I HNHKEU A .,..,..... 1 X A wifi., 1-I. ,--- .w,.- .SWIQQZK ri: 'I5E"'.:1 . 'num':ff:w'5f1525E5wa9155-.f:.".2':7IJ:-:1:"?f '..'.'i7'H"5':F: I 1 .Q ww- " , H --..v- z E". ggwkknigqggfgwwmemwnwrnmg QMS'.ik-Z"2:TfLfq ' 'V' 'I "fi f.: - ,fmzf-'M-.Q:,f:4f: E' .151-312:-is 'iazfsefili--Ei' ,,..,,K EQQ Qpasfsgk up 1 A 6 ,1Z,ZV1,gZ,,, 1 . r..,,.., , ,,.r ,.:. . Y - r : UBRUCEH 83 1 ,,,, ..j F1 Vwtsftg Basketball ROW 1: R. Smith, D. Aquino, D. Johnson, J. Zurlo, J. Berry ROW 2: L. Moses, mgr., G. Burchell, N. Abraham, D. Frodin, R. Casseri, G. Payne, mgr., Mr. Swift ' The Tigers, coached by Van Swift, came up with the best basketball team at Akron in at least 23 years as they compiled a Niagara-Orleans League record of 10 wins and 6 losses which was good enough for a third place finish. This enabled the Tigers to compete in the Section VI Class "B" Sectionals which were played after the yearbook went to press. After a poor start, in which they lost in overtime to Wilson and were soundly beaten by Roy-Hart, the Tigers hit the victory trail, winning their next three. Junior forward jim Berry showed Akron fans things to come as he came through with a school record of 32 points in the loss to Wilson. The Tigers went on to win six out of their final seven games, with the biggest win over Roy- Hart. In this game the Tigers came on to win after trailing by sixteen points in the third period. Akron's leading scorer was jim Berry, who compiled a 17.5 point average which was the second best in the league. Behind him was joe Zurlo. The major share of the rebounding was done by Dick Casseri and Nick Abraham. The outlook for next year is very good as only four seniors, Dick Casseri, Dave Aquino, Bob Smith, and Dan Frodin, will be graduating. The junior Varsity, which compiled a 9-7 record, has many bright prospects to add to the talents of the remaining juniors. " 'fAkron :f"'Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron 2 N on-League Gamer l Q Corfu Park A Wilson Roy-Hart Starpoint Barker Albion N ewf ane Medina Niagara-Wheatfield Wilson Roy-Hart Starpoint Barker Albion Newfane Medina Niagara-Wheatfield "DAVE" cones JM 1,145 ROW 1: Mr, Jenkins, B. MacCoy, H. Harvey, B. DeYoung, M. Ground, I. Remsen, T. Hibbard, W. Pafk, R. Lewis, K. Blish ROW 2: Mr. Swift, J. DiLuzio, J. Bordonaro, T. Newcomb, J. Owen, R. Ball, J. Hellert, D. Swader, L. Moses, A. Rebman ROW 3: G. Doctor, A. Black, J. Dean, G. Karl, J. Susfolk, M. Pafk, J. George, K. Litfin, T. VanBuren. ROW 4: D. Abrams, A. Black, D. Errick, J. Kaufman, M. Abraham, M, White, I.. Kraatz, F. Lega, C. Hall, H. Finger. ROW 1: B. Durski, A. Black, P. Wagner, W. Matusek, J. Remson, P. Leavitt, 1. Bordonero. ROW 2: M. Ground, M. White, T. Hibbard, K. Blish, J. DiLuzio, J. Edwards, G, Cescon, Mr. Jenkins J. in Basketball xx 3-. J" -V - :iq fisbziff' QW . .'v' Q" x .V X s . x F X x 'V R 86 ' .c,, 4 r mia ., . , M fp' -, . , VwwIt5Q ' ' ROW 1: M. Lnuridsen, B. DeYoung, J. Dean, K, Pagels, C. Drachenberg, R. Peters, A. Flor, A. Rebman, R. Parker, G. Bitterman, D. Stanbury, D. Carroll, H. Harvey, B. MacCoy ROW 2: Conch Schleich, D. Cheavacci, B. Pingitore, J. Flint, D. Bucceri, J. Willig, R. Soldal, G. Summe, B. Mac- Coy Akron i f W Akron Akron .1123 A Akron '-..f QB Akron "DEAN" Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Qcofws 64 Depew 71 Oakfield 68 Cheektowaga 65 Maryvale 58 Depew 70 Clarence 65 DeVeaux 47 Iroquois 75 Oakfield 57 Iroquois 73 Cheektowaga 53 Deveaux 60 Maryvale ' "GERRY "BOB 'BARRY ROW 1: Mr. Farr, M. McConkey, G. Bitterman, C. Hurne, G. Payne, R. Soltlal, D. Wolfe ROW 2: D. Remington, C. Burchell, Mgrs.g D. Chapman, R. Braehmer, J. Mansell, D. Aquino, co-Capt., D. Cheavacci, co-capt.g J. Berry, co-Capt.: M. George, R. Payne, mgrs. Tennis , lllh N ,...::. :MW f ADI. C 88 ROW 1: A. Flor, E. Kwiatkowski, P. Cummings, R. Soldnl, L. Cummings, B. MacCoy ROW 2: Mr. Carges, D. Bernhart, T. DeYoung, H. Ewertson, E. PeQueen, J. Edwards, P. Oduli, W. Place Vmsrtg Baseball ROW 1: R. Miller, B. Downey, D. Johnson, E. Kozloski, A. Perry, G. Burchell J Zurlo J Berry ROW 2: P. Alclrecl, D. Cheavacci, M. Laycock, R. Casseri, N. Sundown R Rozelle D Aqumo Coach Wetzen Akron 1 7 'l'Akron 4 Akron 0 Akron 9 3Akron 4 Akron 5 Akron 1 9 Akron 1 0 Akron 1 Akron 1 1 Akron 7 Akron 1 5 'WAkron 14 fF'l'Akron 4 s5N01z-league MSecti0mzl.r Qcofws Newfane Clarence Niagara-Wheatfleld Barker Clarence ' Wilson Medina Albion Roy-Hart Starpoint Roy-Hart Barker Eden Sloan fv. l-liglv Basketball 'kfsfj . .., QW ROW 1: D. Dietz, W. Moleski, J. Fahey, W. Young, J. Newcomb, R. Zurlo, J. Bower,'R. Zimmerman, J. Hawes, D. Abraham, M. Roberts, T. Swift ROW 2: G. Becker, W. Asmus, D. Hoehman, D. Kruschke, R. Baehr, G. Pafk, M. Zimmerman, H. Finger, M. Brege, K. Hammond, G. Doctor, R. Newman ROW 3: D. Doxtrader, W. Hawes, K. Bordonaro, M. Wfilson, J. Stanley, G. Dieterle, D. Criswell, P. Wagner, A. Black, J. Logan, T. Martino ROW 4: I. Logan, J. Mello, J. Remson ROW 1: B. Schultz, D. Wolfe, D. Frey, J. George ROW 2: T. Newcomb, T. VanBuren, M. Abraham, M. Pafk Qtlv Glade Basketball 90 I .nag 0 9 929 Q' . Z I xi:-f f 3-,v 36,7 KPRVPO' 999, 9 ofvzvvy f ' 9,a' i v ROW 1: S. Smith, S. Tippett, L. Logel, S. Thomas, J. Mann, L. Clasgens, L. Meininger, B. McGregor, C Totten, J. Caputo, L. Stratton, P. Fahey, R. Yeager, M. Wilson, P. Hines, D. Husing, C. Daniels, C. Weaver, L. Cummings, K. Staebell, N. Corbett, A. DeYoung ROW 2: B. Houlihan, G. Bower, M. Schmigel, G. Deahn, C. Balch, K. Pawlick, C. Alfieri, A. Cummings, M Hutchinson, C. Kyser, F. Martiny, T. Stone, L. Kraatz, C. Crane, B. McLeod, P. Schmigel, H. Schultz, S. John- son, S. Sutton, L. Zimmerman ROW 3: E. Feagles, S. Poodry, A. George, L. Logen, O. Parker, C. Bedford, F. Babel, C. Yoder, H. Herwick, D. Ellsworth, I. Johnson, M. Edmister, V. Bower, K. Fox, S. Nice, S. Ball, J. Keller, M. Carlo, H. Blueye, M Leavitt, M. Joslyn, D. Neal ROW 4: C. Walker, D. Schultz, G. Abrams, D. Wheeler, C. Sundown, B. Parker, A. Sundown, S. Troyer, G Fox, C. Mattioli, E. Truax, J. Lawrence, G. Gerace, H. Finger, D. Finger, B. Abrams, E. George, N. Robnet' M. Stanbury, P. Johnson, P. Martin, B. Lindke ROW 1: R. Pacer, T. Hibbard, B. DeYoung, J. Dean, M. Lauridsen, W. Pafk, R. Ball, A. Edmister, R. Kelken- berg, J. Bartel, G. Walker, R. Lewis ROW 2: A. Black, M. Ground, D. Lindke, D. Perry, R. Kwandrans, T. Bartram, K. Blish, J. Drachenberg, J. Zurlo, R. Casseri, D. Hutchinson ROW 5: D. Fry, D. Wolfe, J. Remsen, J. George, J. DiLuzio, J. Bordonaro, G. Burchill, B. MacCoy, C. Hume ROW 4: J. Hellert, G. Cescon, S. Trinkl, M. White, K. NX'agner, A. Flor, P. Leavitt, E. Wilson, J. Gruber, J. Willig ROW 5: M. McConky, J. Edwards, H. Harvey, B. Durski, D. Chapman, B. Schultz, D. Fix, B. Matusek, A. Odell, T. Newcomb, D. Abraham ROW 6: L. Moses, Mr. Scappa, L. Cummings, J. Burdick, B. Downey, Mr. Wetzen . I-ugly Bags ff x ' v VV! M 'IG' A A 0 I "iLf2f':' , , J " 1 ,fd sxria. 9l fu. I-liglv I rf.- '5'rr1'y. ty I, 1,031 ' KK ROW 1: N. Parker, E. Bedford, M. McCormick, L. Roll, E. Parker, M. Sundown, M. George, N. Carrol, J. Lawrence, T. Whiting, B. Totten, K. Taylor, I.. Hartwig, H. Smith, D, Bucceri, B. Martini, A. Forrestel, K. Brahmer ROW 2: K. McGregor, S. Steiner, A. Uljanov,' B. Schoenthal, J. Hessler, F. Lowcler, C.- Deinhardt, N. Brunning, L. Pierce, V. Ground, P. Parker, S. Blueye, P. Ford, P. Hallecki, A, Canti, B. Goeske, K. Wagile, S. Ceisner, M. Brust ROW 3: P. Carrol, C. Bohn, S. Aro, J. DiLuzio, L. Webster, C. Kapacz, M. Porter, S. White, F. Wronowicz, M. Rudolph, M. Hammond, P. Kyser, C. Stratton, C. Sutton, J. O'Dell, B, Eldred, S. Groff, S. Schagel ROW 1: Blackman, Pafk, Forrestel, George, Zimmerman, Altrogg, Harvey, Abraham, Berry, Cory, Moleski, Wilson, Kreiger, Mr. Scappa, Mr. Wetzen, Blqfk, Printup, Heberling, Briege, Doctor, Whiting, Rehwalt, Pluechor, Lauridson, Logan, Skye, Wight, Mirroni ROW 2: Leaderhouse, Rosenberg, Much, Houlihan, Sutton, Totten, Kostanciah, Gople, Glene, Hawes, Bitterman Hauser, Swift, Nicometi, Brege, Coughlin, Asmus, Lauridson, Brege, Coughlin, Asmus, Laurinson, Rebman, Kepj pler, Cummings, Rosenberg, Kasparek ROW 3: George, Schmigel, Zimmerman, Errick, Zurlo, Ludwick, Beahr, Payne, Mollo, Fischer, Cummings Keppler, Kumro, Mart, Hoctor, Rebbeck, Doxotden, Mirroni, Bower, Remsen, Newcomb, Fahey, Groff, Mani ning, Hawer ROW 4: Becker, Swader, Hollenbeck, Goeske, Mirrioni, Zimmerman, Reonington, jamesan, Roberts, Kinney Dietz, Klinglesmith, Mecca, Bordonaro, Eckerson, McCleod, Stone, Prentice, Best, Young, Freeman, Finger Jw. l-lfgiv B055 I an -1 'I 1 92 s vwtwg P'0Cl-'fill l 1 'll x ROW 1: K. Balch, J. Caputo, D. Husing, S. Ciurzynski, A. Cummings, A. George, R. Yeager A ROW 2: B. Abrams, K. Daniels, G. Deahn, L. Clasgens, G. Abrams, L, Zimmerman, J. Ross, G. Juhano, M Schmigle, D. Wheeler, B, Houlihan ROW 1: L. Cummings, N. Corbett, M. Stanbury, T. Stone, N. Robnett, P. Johnson, H. Schultz ROW 2: P. Schnnegle, B. McLeod, L. Meinninger, K. Weaver, A. De Young, C, Crane, C. Alfieri, L. Kraatz J. m um-J 93 vmzg SHARON" J. Ross, S. Johnson, S. Smith, M. Wilson, G. juliano UMARLENEH "JUDY J. v. L. to R.: B. Lindke, H. Herwick, N. Robnett, M. Fahey, L. Stratton, S. Tippett, M. Hutchinson ROW 1: A. George, B. Martiny, A. Forrestal, T. Whiting, B, Abrams, V. Ground, C. Alfieri, M. Riggio, L. Logan, M. Edmister ROW 2: L. Clasgens, L. Zimmerman, A. De Young, D. Husing, E. George, K. McGregor, B. Totten, M. Logan, M. Chapman, D. Neal, M. Stanbury, S. Steiner ROW 3: L. Menninger, A. Frodin, D, Wheeler, P. Keyser, H. Finger, G. Abrams, B. Houlihan, D. Finger, N. Hessler, N. Molina, J. O'Dell, J. Lawrence, G. Deahn, C. Sutton, C. Stratton, C. Lathrop Qgudveowfg Q 0 0 95 I JM ROW' 1: D. Fix, J. Willig, W. Matusek, P. Wagner, K. Wagner, J. Remsen, R. Wilson, D. Chapman ROW 2: J. Schleef, K. Blish, N. Abraham, J. Gruber, J. Brand, D. Jemison, J. Bancroft, J. Young, Mr. Dembrow JM Q o o 96 ROW 1: J. Bitterman, D. Harvey, R. Whiting, R. Nicometi, P. Mast, P. Wheat, J. Ludwick, T. Golpl, Mr Schleich ROW 2: H. Hammond, T. Walker, J. Krieger, J. Halecki, H. Rosenberg, T. Lederhouse, W. Swader my f V-my 11 'vwCl0AS ROW 1: S. johnson, E. Hall, S. Klawer, A. Gerace, S. Ciurzynski ROW 2: M. DeYoung, B. Martin. M. Pask, M. Wilson, D. Aquino, I.. Beyser, P. Aldred, J. Place, S. Sutton, Mr. Walker, Mr. Vossler This year the journalism Class, under the guidance of Mr. Albert Vossler and Mr. Thomas Wfalker Q Business Advisorj, inaugurated many innovations. Sylvia Sutton edited our monthly A.C.S. Review. For the first time the Review had tri-colored covers which were produced by Brenda Martin and jim Place. Dave Aquino handled the sports coverage and Marlene Wfilson was Business Manager. The Student Reporter, a weekly page of school news in the Lockport Union-Sun and journal, often featured articles from Akron. Lynn Beyser did the first semester's reporting, and Bill Wilson covered the second semester's activities. The journalism Class provided weekly copy for the Orange and Black column in the Akron Herald. The practice of featuring Senior Sketches was also continued. Of course, our biggest project was the Akronite, under the editorship of Sharon johnson. One of the unique features of this year's Akronite was the four-color photograph of our school on the jacket liner. Jim Place was the Art Manager. Martha DeYoung, as Business Manager, was in charge of advertising. Dave Aquino was Sports Manager, and Sue Ciurzynski handled our circulation problems. Besides their various publications, the class was taught about journalistic standards and the fine points of preparing news copy. SHHARON JOHNSON Ed.-in-Chief of Akronite SYLVIA SUTTON LYNN BEYSER Ed.-infChief of A.C.S. Review Ed.-in-Chief of Tiger Times BRENDA MARTIN JAMES PLACE Art Editors . MARLENE WILSON DAVE AQUINO SUE CIURZYNSKI PETE ALDRED Business Managers Sports Editors "Whatsa matter?" "Our business advisor." "Our editor." "Our A.C.S. Review editor putting re- views together." owuwlisvw figmazt "Our own little picker-upper." "A.C.S. Review sales." "Hard at work on the A.C.S. Review." "Ella and Sandy" "Selling Reviews again." "Putting Reviews together, again." ,, A Come on in, We have some real bargainsl' Q-oMPabwm The following businesses have paid for a whole page through The their contributions: BANK OF AKRON C S. E TELEVISION S. APPLIANCE CLASS OF 1964 COREETT LUMBER and BUILDERS WALES-STRIPPIT INC. CLASS OF 1963 qsp Qrlhwu Pabwns following businesses have paid for a. half page through their contributions: A.C.S. STUDENT COUNCIL BESTWALL GYPSUM JOHN W. CAPAN-DISTRIBUTOR CHAMBER OF COMMERCE COLD SPRINGS CONSTRUCTION CO. DANDE FARMS COUNTRY CLUB, INC. FORD GUM and MACHINE CO. PERRY ICE CREAM CO. PETERSON'S DRUG STORE PIXLEY'S I.G.A. SUPERMARKET, INC. ROCHESTER BUTTON FACTORY ROSS FUNERAL HOME, INC. SWANSON-JOSLYN OIL SWEENEY CHEVROLET WHITING ROLL-UP DOORS SALES CORP. AL ZIMMERMAN OLDSMOBILE BERT MESLER FORD, INC. Pwfessumalz Palmms The following businesses have paid for a quarter page through their contributions: AKRON SHOPPING GUIDE HITCHCOCK'S MARKET ABBOTT'S AKRON SERVICE OSBORNE'S SWEET SHOP R. F. BURCHELL, D.D.S. EXCEL INDUSTRIES PHELP'S TRUCK STOP KENDALL'S EXPRESS SHERWOOUS HARDWARE CHARLES F. TAYLOR INSURANCE GLENDON H. KLINGELSMITH D.C. HOWIE'S BARBERSHOP THE ALADDIN SHOP PARK BEAUTY SALON AKRON SHOE SHOP INSURANCE BY DYE, INC. CORBETT BROTHERS CONCRETE 8: HAYDITE BLOCKS, MFG. S. B. ANDERSON 8: SONS AKRON G.L:F. CO-OP ALEX C. SMITH, INC. DR. ALEX ULJANOV FRED E. THOMAS AGENCY, INC. DA-NI RESTAURANT AKRON SERVICE GARAGE, INC. AL'S BARBER SHOP PAM-ROSE SHOPPE RENN 81 AKRON LUMBER 8: BUILDERS AKRON CLEANERS EDDIE'S JEWELRY BEYSER'S LUMBER IOHN'S ASHLAND SERVICE KELLY'S ALLEYS BERNHARDT FUNERAL HOME BLEW EQUIPMENT, INC. AKRON LIQUOR STORE LAWING STUDIO, BATAVIA, N. GLENN WEAVER, D.V.M. CREEKSIDE GARDENS JOE ZURLO'S DELICATESSEN RALPH G. STANBURY, M.D. jOE'S DELICATESSEN C. F. PHILLIPS, D.D.S. AKRON GREENHOUSES BITTERMAN BROS. PARK LUNCH CARBORUNDUM METALS CO. SHAW WOOD SPECIALTIES, INC IiuatwPai7ums MR. AND MRS. GROVER H. BATES MR. JERRY BORKHOLDER MR. AND MRS. JOE BRUSKY MR. AND MRS HENRY CARGES MISS GERTRUDE CHURCHILL MR. AND MRS. FRANK COLUMBUS MISS HAZEL ELLSWORTH MR. AND MRS. ROGER FARR MRS. NANCY GROVES MR. FRANK HELWIG MR. RICHARD JENKINS MISS PATRICIA KENYON MR. AND MRS. GEORGE MARTINY MR. AND MRS. ANGELO SCAPPA MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM F. SMITH MR. AND MRS. THEODORE STAPLETON MR. VAN SWIFT MR. AND MRS. DANIEL HAYES MR. WALTER TOMCZAK MR. AND MRS. DANIEL HAYES MR. WALTER TOMCZAK MR. AND MRS. MERLYN WEEKS SYLVIA, SUE, AND SHARON MR. ALBERT VOSSLER MR. AND MRS. THOMAS WALKER MR. AND MRS. THOMAS WETZEN MR. AND MR. AND MR. AND PAT AND MR. AND MRS. MERLE WILLIAMS MRS. EDWARD ALLEN MRS. ELLSWORTH BROWN CHET MRS JOHN MOROTCHIC MRS. IRENE Y. BROWN MR. AND MRS. HAROLD JOHNSON HY-WYNNE FARM MR. AND MR. AND MR. AND MR. AND MR. AND MR. AND MR. AND MR. AND MR. AND MR. AND MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS. MRS. MRS MRS MRS TIMOTHY JOHNSON R. L. SMITH WILLIAM R. WILSON LAWRENCE H. DE FRIES LAWRENCE GILBERT LAWRENCE FLEISCHMANN LAVERNE PUTNEY RAYMOND T. SHEARER KELSEY WEBSTER ELMER KLAWER MISS DOROTHY BENSON MISS NANCY BRADY MISS MARGARET GEORGE BITTERMAN'S DRY GOODS PARK DELICATESSEN MR. AND MRS. BEN DE YOUNG, JR. MILLARD R. 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Suggestions in the Akron Central High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Akron, OH) collection:

Akron Central High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Akron, OH) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Akron Central High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Akron, OH) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Akron Central High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Akron, OH) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Akron Central High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Akron, OH) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


Akron Central High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Akron, OH) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 14

1963, pg 14

Akron Central High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Akron, OH) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 18

1963, pg 18

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