Akron Central High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Akron, OH)

 - Class of 1949

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Akron Central High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Akron, OH) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 20 of 48
Page 20 of 48

Akron Central High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Akron, OH) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 19
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Akron Central High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Akron, OH) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 21
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Page 20 text:

Jack1e Abel Love Letters Pat Adklns S0ph1st1cated Lady Harold Albrlght Qulet Please Kalllope Andrlco My Pet Brunette Paul Armstrong When My Baby Smlles at Me Kathryn Arnold Betty Barry Fred Berry Eleanor Blazeff Agnes Bow don Morgan Br1dge Pat Br1ney Anna Belle Brooks Robert Bryant Pat Burke Dlck Busby Nlcoletta Capr1o Esther Carlson Thomas Chrlsten Lenora Cleek Carrot Top Horses Lazy Put That Rlng on My Flnger He s My Guy Laura Ballerlna Bell Bottom Trouse1s Dreame1 I Wlll Dance Wlth a Song 1n My Healt Snootle Llttle Cut1e I Love Llfe Sleepy Tlme Guy Hurrah' I m a Bum Patty Clegg How Many Hearts Have You Broken Jack Cole Tlme on My Hands John Colgan Personal1ty B111 Cr1st Smoke Gets ln Your Eves Glenn Custer For Me and My Gal Marv Dahm It s a Grand Old Name Gladys Davles Danny Boy Helen Davls Th1s Is a Qulet Gal Tom Davlsson Pennles from Heax n La Vonne D1ll1on Frlendshlp Marllyn D1rr1g You Gotta Be a Football H 10 Dlck D1rr1g Cabln 1n the Sky Norm Dlxon J eanle wlth the L1ght Brown Ha1r Ida Douglas My Buddles Harry Dugan My Brother Larry Dugan School Days Barbara Ekstedt I Stlll Get Jealous Nancy Elllott Callfornla Jean Etllng Off to Work I Go Jack Evans Georg1a Margaret Felster Ill See You 1n My Dreams Naoml Flelds M1ll1on Dollar Baby Robert Gerry Salllng Sa1l1ng Delores Graham Someone to Watch over Me Llndy Guthrle Dream L1ll1an Harrlson I Dream of Jerry Wlth the Dark Brown Ha1r B111 Haufe Lazy Bones Mary Lou H1ll Can t You Read between the LIDSS LOIS Hlsey Jack Jack Jack Rlchard Hochevar Ever So Qu1et Bob Johnson Money Song Ruby Jones That s My DGSIIG Bob Keen Hllls of Home Bermce Kelsey I Wanna Get Marrled Ken Kershner Mlckey Ellalne Klekhaefer In My Adobe Haclenda Ray Kllgore Racmg w1th the Moon Gerald K1ng I Wanna Go Back to West V1rg1n1a Harold Fuller Penthouse Serenade Pete KIDS P1gfoot Pete Page 20 . F - - , 5 , , v 7 ' ' ' ' ' 7 9 . , . . - o n l - ' ' , ' ! ' - .. - - - - I - y - - - - - , 6 - - - . . , . - - . 72 , - - , ' ' ' - e' Vonadell Phares - In Love with a Wonderful . , - . . , . . ' ' , ' T . ' , 1 a - Q c - , , - H - . . , . . , , - - - . ' ' - ---- ' - - I as - ' u - ' Q l . . . , . - . ' ' ' 1 1 ' l -' : ' , .Q . - ' , 7 ' - - - . ' . . -I - , . - - 4 ' - - 7 Kuff dale Nancy Klnley Can t Help Lovmg That Man of Tom Klrn Fred Krager Ada Kurllck Don Lamblng Phyllls Lamont B111 Law Audree Lawson Kenny Lelter Ralph Llmon Chuck Lloyd Hazel Lockhart Bob Looper J1m Marshall Bob Martln Ma1y Mayer Delores McCorm1ck Do1othy McDonald Dorothy MCMlll3H G1 ace Meaux Tom Merzbeller Donna Mock B111 Oyston Wanda Peyton Betty Phelps J1m Portz Florence Powell Genle Prats Jack Prltchard B111 Pr1tchard M1ne Sleep Dark Eyes My Happlness Dolores B111 The Glrl That I Marry Be a Clown Smoke Smoke Smoke That Clgarette Certaln Party of Mme Its a Blg Wlde Wonderful World Off We Go 1nto the W1ld Blue Yonder Hot Llps Its My Lazy Day T1red Pussy Cat Song The Boy That I Marry Danclng w1th a Deb I m Working My Way To ward College Golden Days Shorty s Got to Go You Ought To Be ln Plctures Put Your Shoes On Lucy Weddmg March Guy When Irlsh Eyes A1e Smlhng B1d1n My Tlme Chloe Lady of Spam Gotta Be ThlS or That Somebody Loves Me Helen Quattrochl My Guy Ruth Ann Rlggs Stalrway to the Stars Mark Rlley Jeepers Creepers Where d You Get Those Peepers J 1m R1ttenour Scatterbram Bob Rock Charlotte Town B111 Rountree Carrle Me Back To Old Vxrglnee Marxetta Russo Great Blg Beautlful Eves Rue Nelle Rutherford My Pretty G1rl Jerry Sabaka All for the Love of L11 Pat Schultz Sldewalks of New York Genny Shamouradlan Genevleve Dolores Shanaberger My Slster and I Kelth Sherman You ll Nex er Walk Alone Gall Sholley Oh How I Hate to Get Up ln the MOTH1Hg Betty Slckels My Own True Love Marv Lou Slmmons Slender Tender and Tall Pat Slmpson Put That Rlng on My Flnger J1mm1e Smlth Klss Me on My Llttle Dlmple Mary Ellen Smith For He s a Jolly Gay Fellow THE FORGE

Page 19 text:

QIZCLES by Margaret Fenster Betty Phelps Lols Stoffer If a nurse you need whenever you re 111 Just phone Dot McDonald and shell glVG you a 1 Gettlng up and around ln th1s world IS Chuck Lloyd Slnce 10 C'1d1llacs are h1s prlde and 1oy Ken Le1te1 who once was nobody from novs here Has 1ust nova become the famous tr1ll1ona1re Slnce commencement Bob Martm has had a soft o He s a mattress tester that s our frlend Bob We flnd that Mary Mayer has been very lucky She s ra1s1ng w1nners at her horse ranch 1n Ken tucky If you see a lovely woman 1n a fash1onable frock Shes the famous model Donna D J Mock As a homemakel Dee McCorm1ck IS xe1y con tented Slnce Bob Kane asked the questlon and she con sented Through h1s natlve land MEXICO Ralph L1mon travels The mystery of Amerlca he unravels Betty Phelps and Hazel Lockhart have Jobs on a1rl1ners For treat1ng a1r slckness there s no one any f1ne1 We flnd that J1m Portz the famed b1l11ona1re St1ll has after taxes a few b1ll1on to spare Forever advanclng to pol1t1cal helghts Is attractlve Ohlo Senator NaOml Wr1ght Helen Quattrocchl does advertlslng 1l1ustrat1ons And Gen1e Prats has traveled all over the nat1on On our see all set Loxs Stoffer appears To descrlbe her l1fe at her home ln Alglers We VlSlt6d the Beckers Mary Ellen and Gay They showed us a great txme 1n the1r SOCl3bl8 vsay THE FORGE B111 Pr1tchard has just marrled a very llCh glfl W1th her he f1nds h1S l1fe a mad whlrl At the Statler ln Cleveland they re g1v1ng a hand To Gene St1assner and hlS groovy sw1ng band Ruth Ann Rlggs w1ll dellx er a lecture soon When she returns from her tr1p to the moon And Gennle Shahmourad1an from her comp tomete1 course Found out hows to get Betty Barry on a horse Florence P011 ell IS happy for she got George To proxe hu lovalty she st1ll buys the Forge Gall Sholley has a car and pald cash for lt too It s really a beautlful rob1n s egg blue The James are noted for the1r modernlzed nu1 sery COll,f:,l2ltS Dee and George on your flfth anmver In a haven her own a wonderful pos1t1on Seuetary Barb Walraven has fulf1lled her am b1t1on On d1et6tlCS LOIS Summerford has lots of knowledge Now she cooks for her hubby whom she met 1n college Jack Prltchard the fabulous mult1m11l1ona1re Gaye Central a stad1um that s beyond compare Golden VO1C6d Welnshelmer of WADC Turns platters and brlngs us the news expertly Mary Lou S1mmons manages Gray s Drug Store Wh le Betty Slckels beams on her fam1ly of four Tlmes change but love remalns for B111 Rountree He s always seen Wlth h1s gal Carr1e Pat S1mpson has gone to Kent to 11ve For to Leonard her heart she glV6S J1m Rlttenour now marrled and w1th a flne Job Is manufacturmg the Rlttenour reel and rod The marnage of Charlotte Stewart and Bob Rock Has become the t0plC of Hollywood talk Page 19 A 7 Y y ' ' . 3 , o n n , , . . . , . . 7 Q . . ." . . . K ' 7 c 1 1 ' . 1 7 ' . ' 1 v v y , , v I . . 4 A, Y - Jb, , ' . 7 w ' , . A , . , 1 . y v ' 7 1 . . . - ' v Q 9 - , . . , I . 0 v T' . . - CC 97 7 , , 7 . , . . . sary. r 1. ' ' 1 v - 1 i ' I T- . , A ' ,.- 4 ' - 1 . . ' . . I - , . . . 7 ! 4 I , . . , - , . Y . , . . . , . , 1 n 1 n a l ' Y ! ! l ' . , . ' . . A n y . 7 I , . . . . , , 1 ! K - Y . . . . . . . . . . , , '. . . ' 2 V .

Page 21 text:

Ronald Spelcher Vlaurlce Stevens Low Stoffer Dlck Stouffel Gene Strassne1 LOIS Summerford Tony Suao Dolorea Troup Harold Vanchura LLIZ65 Wme Women and Song Ralph Varney H ur of Gold Ey es of Blue You Was lame Wade Anchors Away Far Away Placeg Ea1lEaraWVVLagl1awen Secretagly Seng ax 61 a Q 5 uy My Buddr Olllel Welnqhelmel Yes We Haxe No Young Man mth a Horn Bdnanaq My Dream Donna Weet Found X NI lllon Dollar Baby IH Doctor Law yer Indlan Chzef 5 Sz 10a Store So 1n Love B111 Wheeler There I Go Agam F1fteen Kwses on a Gallon Wayne White Joan Ch Gfm .Maier we PY-msg, lf gg, our ol ma. lvlfl T9-'S OU' lil JD' Um.-Q m Son we, rouse, our gm-l'5 Q lle.el walk ofcl mir fllll 0, lu n e call mg pg 40.55 Ffvm gear To gear fllou. guial- csl' us,TlnrauSll all our jugs and le.o.v-.sg lvle. P-lrVF"'fr I-lljfrlcli o-l- lungs will YC' New-ber 5ouL Through Gul' flue. com-ms 90115- THE FORGE Page 21 6 Cl gflllf ll ill gil iffy lf ill gfJll,flf ll any ip.-.,e---my . A gfllfrl Errflf all

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