Akron Central High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Akron, OH)

 - Class of 1949

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Akron Central High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Akron, OH) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 17 of 48
Page 17 of 48

Akron Central High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Akron, OH) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 16
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Akron Central High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Akron, OH) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 18
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Page 17 text:

oyzzf 1 Grams by Nlcoletta CRDFIO Delores Graham Naoml Wrlght We the June Class of 1949 of weak m1nds and a1l1ng b0d16S do hereby bequeath to the lucky left beh1nds th1s our last w1ll and testament So to begm Paul Armstrong bequeaths h1s magn1f1cent charm for the opposlte sex to handsome Bob Steele Marllyn D1rr1g leaves flnally taklng he1 brother D1ck who w1lls h1S flshlng pole to Glenn Bennett D1ck Busby w1lls h1s love for smgmg solos to Andy Tolas vsho IS st1ll look1ng for a Dorls Day Patty Clegg bestows her ablllty to Sklp f1rst and second perlods to anyone else who can t get up early Robert Brvant w1lls h1S f1ne clothes to Br1an Cawthorn Jack1e Abel glV6S her love of dogs fand mon vrelsj to Sk1ppy Dunlap Norm Dlxon bequeaths h1s Sports Edltors 1ob to the next w1ll1ng guy Nancy Elllott bestows her good taste fo1 clothes upon Jo James Jack Cole QIVQS h1s all around personallty to Jack Berry Kalllope Andrlco leaves Wlth pa1nt box and brush ln hand Coach Latona and hands down the d1st1nct1on of football star to the lucky lad who can quallfy Patty Burke bestows her ablllty to dance to anyone who enjoys It as much as she does Helen Dav1s leaves st1ll trylng to be sober faced Jack Evans bequeaths h1S lazy southern accent to Floyd Lockhart Margaret Felster w1lls her love of sw1mm1ng to MISS Cortellessa Ada Kurllck and Debble Graham leave to gether st1ll happy st1ll fr1ends Lmdy Guthrle leaves hlS love of gomg steady to R1chard Wolfe Naoml F1elds leaves her Job ln the cafeterla to those who l1ke to eat Morgan Brldge goes on st1ll day dreamlng about the lovely gals he left behlnd on h1s naval crulse B1g ol AnnaBelle Brooks bestows her SIZE on 111 ol Carol Ratchff Johnny Colgan leaves h1s Wlt and humor Wlth Danny Korfas Agnes Bowden leaves her buddy Mary Mor ton Fred Berry w1lls h1s ablllty to make long shot baskets to Ray WlXC6y Robert Johnson leaves with two empty bags whlch he hopes to f1ll soon Wlth cold cash Lllllan HHFTISOH bequeaths her beautlful smxle and dlmples to cute V1v1an Gerry Larry Dugan leaves nothlng beh1nd cause he s taklng tw1n Harry along THE FORGE Pat Brlney w1lls her wonderful danclng legs to graceful Glor1a Moran Kathryn Arnold leaves to become a m1ss1on ary B111 Cr1st leaves h1s place 1n the band to some wllllng freshle Gladys Danes bestows her domest1c1ty upon -VIHFIC Conley B111 Haufe leax es h1S ab1l1ty to rec1te 1n h1s torv to Pat Pr1tchard Ida Douglas leaves her qulet and unassumlng ways w1th WIHHIG Lynton Tom Dav1sson leaves Janet Peoples all alone Tom Chr1sten g1VeS h1S ab1l1ty to sleep 1n class to Pete George Esther Carlson leaves her pet book How To Be Humorous to V1 W1d1C2H Tom Klrn leaves h1s twm Ray Mered1th Barbara Fkstedt leaves st1ll carry1ng the to1ch for Norm Mary Dahm bequeaths her art1st1c ablllty to Helen Thompson Bob Gerry leaves hlS frlend J lm Forst behlnd Betty Barry bestows her bountlful red locks upon Audrey Nord LOIS HISGY leaves to Jom Jack Schwllk at the Holstead Mary Lou H111 leaves Pau11ne Taylor her A 1 pr1or1ty on sun burns Ken Kershner w1lls h1s place ln the cholr to Alan Vanchura NlCkl6 CRPFIO bestows her personallty upon Helene Ury Gerald Kmg leaves behmd h1m the glrl of hlS dreams M1ldred Mlller Bernlce Kelsey gladly puts down her books to Jo1n her flance Dick Jones Jean Etl1ng leaves her ambltlon for studymg to her slster Allce D1Ck Hochevar goes st1ll saylng nothlng Pat Adkms leaves her Job 1n the 0fflC8 to some lucky sen1or g1rl Harold Albr1ght and h1S pal leave the flag pole st1ll to be Cllmbed Ruby Jones goes to work at Clty Hospltal Fred Krager sadly leaves Nancy Gr1gsby to walk the halls alone Nancy Kmley departs to become a full t1me housewlfe Glenn Custer leaves for Garfleld st1ll trymg to change Shlrley Fam s last name Elame Klekhaefer leaves all these teachers to become one herself Pete Kmg goes away leavmg room 316 wlth out a Joker Eleanor Blaveff leaves to Jom her tw1n Mary LaVon Dxllon leaves her buddy Donna Dllworth st1ll slav1ng away at hlstory Ray K1lgore leaves a Free man' Page 17 f I . - , , ' ' 1 7 . , . n a q , n - i i Y, . . . . . , U. i , i . I , , . Y . .. . . . - , Y . . l I . v A 1 1 K n . . 9 ' I' W 7. . . - ' H ' X ,, . . . , . u 5 ' . , . D . . . . . 1 ' a ,A 1 ' , HU as Harold Fuller leaves, much to the dlsmaylof Bob Keen gives his Ui humor Ui to David i . K v y . . - n . 9 - ' ' ' - . . I. , . .n 0 1, 1 , n I n . ' I , . n 0 Q , - ' c . u .. , , . Q ., , . , - . , . . u . . , I 1 . l 7 . ' . . . ' 4 . l . y . ' . ' Q 0 n 4 . , , , , ' 9 . .

Page 16 text:

61644 Bello! W1tt16St Best I 1ne Prettlest Ha1r Most Popular Prettlest Smlle Best I ook1n Best Dressed Lxkellest to Succeed 'Vlost Ve1sat1le qmallest Plettlest Eyes Best IJance1 Most Domestlc Vlost Co operatne Most Reselved Best Athlete Host Talented fLl0CkWlS6l Esther Carlson Jerry Sabaka Patty Clegg Norm D1xon Anna Belle Brooks Gene Strassnel Patty Clegg Blll Pr1tchard Mar1etta Russo Ralph Lunon Rue Nelle Rutherford Norm Dlxor Nancy Elhott B111 Oyston Pat Adklns Jack Cole Nlary Ellen Smlth Bob I ooper Maurxce Stex ens Anna Belle Brooks Tom M9TZW6lll61 'VIar1etta Russo B111 Oyston Eugenla Prats Gene Strassne1 Gladys Dav1es Tony Suso Margaret F6lStQ1 Jack Cole LOIS Stoffel Baxter Watts Grace Meaux Bob Rock Eugenla Prats Ken Kershner Page 16 THE FORGE

Page 18 text:

Leaflng through the pages of tlme We turn to the year of 59 T1me does fly t1me does pass Here 1S the future of our 49 class Vonadell Phares IS a wonderfully happy house wxfe S1nce she marr1ed Andy she has a full l1fe WAKR s new announcer 1S Bob Looper He Wows the aud1ence Wlth a VOICE that s supe1 Jlm Marshall has a wonderful Job and a C31 So he gets a long vacatlon and travels very far Phyllls Lamont IS secretary to a m1ll1ona1re Her bonuses are 1ewels that make people stare Dorothy McM1llan has two college deg1ees She worked hard for her d1plomas for evelyone to see Wanda Peyton has fun Wlth her fam1ly of seven It mcludes her husband and SIX sweet ch1ld1en W1th all her puplls she 11ngs the bell' Jlmmle Smlth has slaved to earn he1 masters Wow she can beg1n her career all the faster lVIaur1ce Stex ens successful ln so many ways He loves hlS Pauhne ever more day by day D1ck Stouffer now has a one man trade Of teachlng h1S merma1ds how to wade Mlss Wade IS so happy ln her Off1Ce large and a1ry And Jame we hear makes a perfect secretary Dr Anthony Suso reads the slgn on the door Hls evergrowmg pract1ce 1ncludes r1ch and poo1 Ronald Spe1cher to our despalr stays a woman hater Glve the femsabreak Ron or you ll be sorry later Dale IS m1ghty proud of h1s pretty Wlfe Rue Nelle The Rugherfords hated loslng her we th1nk It s swe Page 18 C-ufure Je1 ry Sabaka has made h1s f1rst t11ll1on Wh1Ch he now shares W1th h1s sweet l1ttle L1ll1an A new DeSoto so shmy and b11ght Makes a happy man out of prospelous Wayne Wh1te And Pat Schult7 1etu1ns from New York Wlth a trousseau And a V1S1t w1th Happy Songblrd Marletta Russo A harem 10 Cadlllacs and to Fort Knox a key A16 1n the POSSCSSIOH of our Mark Rlley We f1nd No Fllt CIFCUS hand Kelth Sherman Pe1suad1ng h1s fleas to dance the Can Can Propr1etor Vanchura IS known oer the nat1on He owns not one but a chaln of gas statlons Dolores Shanaberger owns a sma1t dress stole So he1 slster wlll bor1 ow he1 clothes no more Baxte1 Watts has p1oven that m1racles can happen trappln Tom MQYZWCIICI has two mansxons of gold F01 a m1ll1on bottles of grow up ton1c he s sold HIS love to travel made B111 Wheeler declde To lne ln Slam as a cross country gulde Speed boat dr1v1ng as well as deep sea d1v1ng Make the k1nd of a l1fe on whlch Varney IS thr1v mg Donna West IS so happy her dream has come true A Bu1ck convert1ble of heavenly blue As an opera star Don Lamblng s a sensat1on He s slnglng for Queen Ellzabeth s coronatlon Mr and Mrs B1ll Law have been marrled ten years And they have been blessed w 1th exght l1ttle dears The famous comed1enne Audree Lawson s 1n town To play m the hlt The Desolate Clown THE FORGE 0 , y . . , ' 4' 7 Y 5 , K . A u 4 v ' ! 7 ' . . . . , , ' - . Y -. Q , ' cz ' ya ' ' ' ' ' l . o - Q , , . , A - ' " 3 . . v ' 1 7 Q . 1 v G M ' . Y H- - -' , - y Centlalsnew gym teacher, race 93UX,1S we , For ambmous hes become and the gn-ls hes A ' 0 7 , . ' 7 1 . 1 P Y 9 ' . I 2 7 H H ' n I , ' ' 1 v 9 . . ' ' 1 1 - , 7 ' ' 66 H

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Akron Central High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Akron, OH) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 22

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Akron Central High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Akron, OH) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 22

1949, pg 22

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