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 - Class of 1949

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l e LC6LfLOIZ We the June Class of 1949 dedicate this issue of the Senior Forge to M1 J Ray Stine principal of Central Mr Stine has strn en alu ays and unceaslngly to obtain the best for Central His energy knew no bounds when he thought he might be able to make Central a better school A sincere man strong 1n h1s convictions Mr Stlne has left ln the hearts and minds of those with whom he came into Contact a deep impiession that will not be forgotten I I High from 1931 until his retirement in 1949. ffl gacuffy Fust row MIS Edlth WCSICI MlSS Sa1a Chapman M1 Geo1ge Capes M1 Kenneth Moore M1ss Maxgaret Conley M1ss Mar1e Wakef1eld Second Mrs Helen Gu1nther M1ss Ruth Hames Henry Mr M11fO1d Terrass Thlrd MISS Ma1ga1et Alexander M1ss Alma Cortellessa MISS Beatrxce Spxague MISS GIHCS Dean M1ss MQIIOD Vo11s M1ss Pea1l D1ews Fou1th M1ss GladysPa1shall Mrs M1ld1ed XV6HthCl fOld M1ss LOUISE Hamilton Mrs Isa Udell MIS Laurette Ha111son Flfth Mr Waltex Fxye P11n C H Vmcent M1 Ma1k Thomas M Kenneth Sk1nne1 M Romer Pa1ent1 M1SSlHg flOI'I'l the DILIUIG Mr James Appleby 'VI1 Flo ance Hull M1 Lachman Mr FQIIX Latona M155 N ncy 'Vlettler M1s Ma1garet Overholt M1 Challes Que1 ry MISS Ruth Seymour M155 Mu11el Walke1 Page 4 THE FORGE : . ' , ' ' . , . 1: - ,. I.. J Mrs. Elsa Shafer, Mrs. Blanche Brady. M11 Howard , - gareweff essaqe To the Qtudents of tenti al High School It vs as my wish sn hen I came to Cential in 1932 to uphold in ex eu wx ay the fine t1ad1t10n that has been built into the school organwation and to encoui lgc the addition of new ictixities fiom time to tlme to keep the school piogiessixe We haxe added some fine extia tuuiculai 3.CtlX1t169 and set nun standards ln a numbei of fields especully in issemblx pio I h uc enioyed throughout the veais the spuit ot friendship which pievalled and the esteem which students continuously manifested towaid their teatheis I hope vou may continue to uphold the fine traditions of Central High School and that you will make it youi pei sonal concern to see that Central may make piogiess I vslsh foi you the xei V finest leadership IH the school but gool le 1de1sh1p can onlv succeed mth loyal and dex oted followers May I ulge the same support to and cooperation with your future leadei that you haxe gn en me in the past My yeais at Central meant much to me My heart and soul xx ere in the woik I endeax ored to gixe you the best I had I shall continue to be lnterested in you1 welfare My very best wishes to all of vou Sinceiely yours 6937 K A. ' j .. 'i . ' 1' 7 ' v . t - ' ' v ' ' i ,ZH it Z..7..Lv . t. . A 1 ral .Tl 7 S . N-. Q .v..k grams, visual education, music appreciation, and the like. . . V Q . . . V' - v . ' ' ' 1 2 ' ' ' I - " f . my I 7' 1 K 7 . V . Cs'-o y y . . ' ' 5 1 'f . . ' . ., g raguafes Q55 IUNE BILL PRITCHARD Buffalo Blll Favorlte persons P and M boys Pastune Euchre and poke1 Pet peeve Women drlvers who thmk they can drlve MaJor accompllshment Class presl dent Ambltxon Marry a r1ch gxrl Cgood lookmgj NICOLETTA CAPRIO Nickle Favo11te pe1sons Famlly PFD s Helene Uxy and Bob Sedrnack Pastlme Try1ng to convlnce Anna Pet peeves Mumless Smlth BO Pxats and PU Clegg Magox accompllshments Secretary of class Nat1onal Honor Socxety Arfgbmgn To baby Slt wxth Don Bar er r LCZVS 1949 NAOMI WRIGHT Noml Favorlte persons Farmly crazy glrl fr1ends Past1me Helpmg Debble get Pat and Ada through school Tet peeve People l1ke Jan1e and J1mm1e who wont let me look m 1n1rrors Major accompllshment VICE plesldent of class and Nat1onal Honor Soc1ety Ambxtxon Hlgher educatxon and fal away places BILL OYSTON B1 Favol 1te persons Old folks at home Pastlme Dave s telev1s1on Pet peeve Women drlvers twelfth grade hlstory Amb1t1on To own a dependable car ass omnziffees BANQUET Patty Adklns Lols Hxsey Maly Ellen Smlth Deloles Graham Ada Kurllck Jerxy Sabaka Jack Cole PROM Phyllls Lamont Marllyn D1r11g Genevxeve Shahmouxadlan Jack Evans Maurice Stevens Don Lambmg Tom Davxsson PICNIC Geme Prats Anna Belle Brooks Loxs Stoffer Ruth Ann Rlggs Bob Rock Ken Kershner Page 6 BACCALAUREATE J1mm1e Smlth Margaret FG1St6l B111 Law Gene Strassner WAYS AND MEANS Margaret Fexster Ada Kur hck Delores Troup Donna Mock Betty Phelps JaCkle Abel GIFT Ralph Varney Dlck Stouffer Patty Clegg ADVERTISING Jackle Abel Margaret Fexster Wayne Whlte B111 Law Pat Burke Bob Rock Tom DHXISSOD Jack Cole Phyllls Lamont THE FORGE I - . . . . .ll Belle 'that I can run my own life. Major accomplishment: .Passing U Y A ! b 1 v 1 I 'Y D 7 ' 1 . s 1 - . 7. , , , Y . v. y MARION JACQUELINE ABEL Jackie Favorite persons: My family of 6 and the PFD's of course. Pastime: Writing nice long letters. Pet peeve: Sitting on a hystricomor- phic and having ichthyornis smile at me. Major accomplishment: Going horse- back riding every Sunday with the gang. Ambition: To become a successful interior decorator and to travel. PATRICIA ADKINS Pat Favorite persons: Mom and dad, all the family. TXF, Mr. Querry. and Philip. Pastime: Listening to baseball ga.mes. Pet peeve: Two-faced people and getting up in the morning. Major accomplishment: President of Biology Club and my job. Ambition: To always be happy and to be as wonderful as my Mom. HAROLD ALBRIGHT Jack Favorite persons: Family. Pastime: Helping Riley up the flag pole. Pet peeve: Work. Major a.ccomplishment: Graduating. Ambition: None. KALLIOPE ANDRICO Callie Favorite persons: Mom and Dad. Pastime: Working. Pet peeve: People who gossip. Major accomplishment: Graduating. Ambition: To be a successful artist. PAUL JOHN ARTHON ARMSTRONG, JR. P. J. Favorite persons: M.E.S., family, and C. R. gang. Pastime: Talking about Louisville, Ky. Pet peeve: Shaving and "Gay" char- acters. Major accomplishment: Five dates with M.E.S. Ambition: Get married and have 100 kids fbabies that isl. MARY KATHRYN ARNOLD Kate Favorite persons: Babs and family. Pastime: Working. Pet peeve: Teen-agers who smoke. Major accomplishment: High school. Ambition: To attend Moody Bible Institute. BETTY ANN BARRY Red Favorite persons: Family, buddies, and LGSC. Pastime: Horseback riding. Pet peeve: BRN'S. Major accomplishment: Putting up my hair once a week. Ambition: To marry a millionaire and own a stable of thoroughbred hors'es. 9 .-v- 5 l ,,. 653 4 , if up-auf '19 3 'l' FLEANOR BLAZEFF Favorite persons: Bob Walker, my twin, Nancy Kinley, Mom, Dad. Pastime: No time to pass. Pet peeve: Girls who say they don't like boys. I 1 l Major a.ccompl1shment: Passing his- tory. Ambition: Marry a certain boy. AGNES BOWDON Aggie Favorite persons: Mary and Johnny. Pastime: Running around. Pct peeve: People who argue. Major accomplishment: Graduating. Ambition: To leave Akron. MORGAN BRIDGE Chuckie Favorite persons: Parents an d Laura. Pastime: Casbah. Pet peeve: King's corners. Major accomplishment: The babe in New York. Ambition: Own my own Casbah. PATTY LOU BRINEY Favorite persons: Family, Lillian, and the Lahrmerettes. Pa.stime: Dancing lessons and Sr. Choir. Pet peeve: Girls who wear jeans to school a lot. Major accomplishment: Getting con- tact lens'es. Ambition: To go to New York. ANNA BELLE BROOKS Little J. Favorite persons: Don, Mrs. B., and PFD's. Pastime: Running Nickie's life, swimming, basketball. Pet peeve: BO Prats, Mumless Smith, Two Ton Caprio, Little 'P.' Major accomplishment: Engagement to Don and two May courts. Ambition: To marry Don and get away from PU Clegg. ROBERT H. BRYANT Lover Favorite persons: MD, JH, and MB. Pastime: Playing football, basket- ball, baseball, and running Cafter girls of coursel. Pet' peeve: Smart, conceited girls. Major accomplishment: Graduating in 3M years. Ambition: To get a job that pays plenty of money. PATRICIA ANN BURKE Patty Favorite persons: Family, Dot, Junior, and Dude. Pastime: Dancing and Junior. Pet peeve: People who make fun of those who try. Major accomplishment: Graduating in 356 years with about 40 credits. Ambition: Be a good nurse and later teach nursing. RICHARD BUSBY Dick Favorite persons: Mom, the rest of the family, and CR gang. Pastime: Singing, CR gang. Pet peeve: History and work. Major accomplishment: Rating an I at B.W. Ambition: To get into music. ESTHER CARLSON Q Essie Favorite persons: Family LGSC s, Nancy. Pastime: CH and getting in trouble. Pet peeve: Apple polishers, rainy days, and asparagus. Major accomplishment: Making Rue Nelle and Ruthann mad and someone from South Akron. Ambition: Live a successful, happy, long married life. THOMAS CHRISTEN Tom Favorite persons: Anyone. Pastime: Sleeping. Pet peeve: Girls who flick. Major accomplishment: Graduating in 4 years. Ambition: To be a real estate and insurance salesman for my dad. LFNORA CLEEK Favorite person: Lois Barnes. Pastime: Radio. Pet peeve: Narrow minded persons. Major accomplishment: Graduation. Ambition: To be a bum. PATTY CLEGG Favorite persons: All my crazy girl friends. Pastime: Keeping Naomi, Jimmy Lou, Janie from getting kicked out of the Royal. Pet peeve: Dumb girls like Ada, Debbie, and Genie. Major accomplishment: May Queen. Ambition: To go on Anna Belle's and Don's honeymoon. JOHN N. COLE Jack Favorite persons: Family, certain others. Pastime: Extra-curricular activities. P eve: Conceited eo le et. pe . p p . Major accomplishment: Student Council president, Hi-Y president. Ambition: Graduate of Cornell in mechanical engineering. JOHN COLGAN Hogan Favorite persons: P and M gang, 316, and I-Iogan's Alley crew. Pastime: Y and Hogan's Alley. Pet peeve: I don't even have a pet dog. Major accomplishment: Honor stu- dent. Ambition: To hear Baxter make a 45 minute speech. 'X' J 'v V! ti BILL CRIST Bid Favorite persons: Mom and Ed. Pastime: Photography. Pet peeve: Girls who smoke. Major accomplishment: Graduating in 356 years. Ambition: To own a '49 Cadillac and the Standard Oil Co. to run it. GLENN S. CUSTER General Favorite persons: Shirley Fain, Mom, and family. Pastime: Shirley. Pet peeve: Girls that smoke. Major accomplishment: Graduating in 3 years. Ambition: To change Shirley's last name. MARY DAHM Dutch Favorite persons: Mom, Dad. Pastime: Going to the show. or jeans to school. Pet peeve: Girls that wear slacks Ma.jor accomplishment: Graduating. Ambition: To be an artist. GLADYS DAVIES Happy Favorite persons: Danny, family, TXF. Pastime: Danny. Pet peeve: People who get mad for no apparent reason. Major accomplishment: G o i n g steady for over a year. Ambition: To marry and have a happy life. HELEN DAVIS Pete Favorite persons: Irene, Hez, Delor- es, and Bud. Pastime: Bud. Pet peeve: People who don't laugh at my jokes. Major accomplishment: Capturing Bud. Ambition: To be serious just once. THOMAS DAVISSON Tom Favorite persons: Norm, Bob. Pastime: Shooting pool with MHL. Pet peeve: Girls that don't mind their own business. Major accomplishment: Driving 2 years without an accident. Ambition: First million dollars. LA VON DILLON Favorite persons: Family, friends. Pastime: Listening to Audree talk on the phone. Pet peeve: When people call me "LaVonnie." Major accomplishment: Graduation. Ambition: To be a success at what- ever I do. MARILYN DIRRIG Susie Favorite persons: Family, TXF, Fred, Barb. Pastime: Isaly's No. 14, Fred. Pet peeve: People who wake me up. Major accomplishment: National Honor Society. Ambition: School secretary, my own football team. DICK DIRRIG Cork Favorite persons: Hulda, Mom, and Dad. Pastime: Fishing, fishing, fishing. Pet peeve: Waking up. Major accomplishment: Graduating in only 5 years. Ambition: Go to heaven. NORM DIXON Curly Favorite persons: Jean, Bob and Tom. Pastime: Shooting pool with MHL. Pet peeve: Girls that insist on minding other peop1e's business. Major accomplishment: Winning the "Whitie" Moore trophy. Ambition: To own a harem. IDA MARIE DOUGLAS Sister Favorite persons: WF, BF, EJ, Mom, and Dad. Pastime: No time to pass. Pet peeve: People who class them- s'elves better than others. Major accomplishment: Graduating. Ambition: To be successful in what- ever I undertake to do. HARRY DUGAN Red Favorite person: Dugie. Pastime: Looking at new cars. Pet peeve: People who say "Huh" after you tell a joke. Major accomplishment: Driving the Plymouth four miles with no hands. Ambition: Success. LARRY DUGAN Dugie Favorite person: Harry. Pastime: Going to school. Pet peeve: People who think they are big shots' when they aren't. Major accomplishment: Being a 12A. Ambition: To be somebody. BARBARA EKSTEDT Little "P" Favorite person: Norm, buddies, Nancy, HFH. Pastime: Keeping "Little J." out of trouble. Pethpeeve: Buchtel! "Little J." Major accomplishment: Success in "driving" to banquet. Ambition: To get rid of Buchtel. NANCY ELLIOTT . Nan Favorite persons: Family, Eddie, buddies at school, and LGSC. Pastime: Going out with Eddie and writing letters. Pet peeve: BRN's. . ' Major accomplishment: Being in the May court for 3 years' and sen- ior attendant to Homecoming Queen. Ambition: To have a sun tan all year 'round. JEAN ETLING . Jeanie Favorite persons: Family, TXF. Pastime: Trying to find time to get everything done, working at Robinson School and Federman's. Pet peeve: Busses, insincere people. Major accomplishment: President National Honor Society, 2 years in senior choir, one semester on Forge Staff. I Ambition: Graduate from Otterbein College. JACK A. EVANS, JR. Al Favorite persons: Family and op- posite sex. Pastime: Working, swimming, and shows. Pet peeve: Girls that smoke. Major accomplishment: Making 95 in physics. Ambition: Graduate from Akron U and become a teacher. MARGARET FEISTER Maggie Favorite persons: Mom, Bob, Sis, Mrs. Hull, and PFD's. Pastime: Swimming, wishing Bob were here. Pet peeve: Narrow minded, preju- diced people. Major accomplishment: President of Y-Teen and designing flowers. Ambition: To be a successful air- line-nurse-hostess and then make an Olympic swimmer out of Rob- ert Moore, Jr. NAOMI FIELDS Na Favorite persons: AD, SD, CJ, WM, G and WL. Pastime: Going to club meetings and eating. Pet peeve: Conceited people. Major accomplis'hment: Graduating. Ambition: To be a successful social worker. HAROLD FULLER Teen Favorite persons: JH, YM, LL, ME. Pastime: Studying, pool and girls. Pet peeve: People who live in glass houses and people who throw rocks. Major accomplishment: Graduation. Ambition: To be rich and live in a penthouse. ROBERT GERRY Bob Favorite persons: Anne, and the gang. Pastime: Writing letters to Anne. Pet peeve: Conceited girls. Major accomplishment: Passing American literature. Ambition: To join the Navy and be stationed at Norfolk, Va. DELORES GRAHAM Debbie Favorite persons: Family and bud- dies at school. Pa.stime: Helping Naomi help Pat and Ada graduate, and movies. Pet peeve: People who tease me and front seats. Major accomplishment: Being elec- ted editor of the Forge. Ambition: To be a success' in what- ever I do. LINDY GUTHRIE Clavicle Bones Favorite person: Dad. Pastime: Wishing, waiting, and dreaming. Pet peeve: Girls who like to go with three guys. Major accomplishment: Hi-Y, and being on two championship foot- ball teams. Ambition: To be like Coach Latona and to settle down anywhere. LILLIAN HARRISON Annie Favorite persons: Dad, Betty, Pat- ty, and Hazel. Pastime: Friday nights at Kippy's with Betty. Pet peeve: Snoopy people. Major accomplis'hment: National Honor Society. Ambition: Be happy. BILL HAUFE, JR. Slim Favorite person: Everyone. Pastime: Sleep. Pet peeve: Girls who smoke. Major accomplishment: Getting out of school in four years. Ambition: To get a job. MARY LOUISE HILL Mary Lou and Louie Favorite persons: Family, my bud- dies at school and work, LGSC gang. Pastime: Writing letters. Pet peeve: BRN's and Renie's and Nancy's corny jokes. Major accomplishment: Attendant to May Queen. Ambition: To own a bungalow in Cuyahoga Falls in three years and to have a successful marriage. LOIS HISEY Favorite persons: Family, TXF's and Jack. Pastime: Clubs, baseball. Pet peeve: People who are never on time. Major accomplishment: Na.tional Honor Society. Ambition: To go to college and be as wonderful as my mother. RICHARD DONALD HOCHEVAR Dick Favorite person: Margaret. Pastime: Working on my car. Pet peeve: Girls that smoke and drink. Major accomplishment: Gra.duate in June. Ambition: Be a good mechanic. ROBERT JOHNSON Waxie Favorite person: IW, AD, EB. Pastime: Working. Pet peeve: Girls that talk all the time. Major accomplishment: History. Ambition: To get rich. RUBY JONES Red Favorite person: Nobody in particu- lar, everybody in general. Pastime: It passes itself. Pet peeve: High heels and slacks. Major accomplishment: Passing his- tory. Ambition: To be a dietitian at City Hospital. ROBERT KEEN Hill-Billy Favorite persons: The Smokey Mountain Boys. Pastime: Hill-Billy musicj Pet peeve: People who don't like hill-billy music. Major accomplishment: 200 hill- billy records. Ambition: 'Live in the Old Smokies. BERNIECE L. KELSEY Punk Favorite persons: Dick, family, and buddies. Pastime: Being with Dick. Pet peeve: BRN's. Major accomplishment: Winning volleyball trophy. Ambition: To marry Dick and be happy. KEN KERSHNER Shnerker Favorite persons: Mick, CR gang, family. Pastime: Je. 9620. Pet peeve: History. Major accomplishment: Going steady with "Her Highness." Arrbition: My own car and music degree. ELLAINE KIEKHAEFER Rusty or Red Favorite persons: Peggy, family, TXF gang, Smoky. Pastime: Writing letters. Pet peeve: Fried onions and R. Major accomplishment: Gold A, get- ting to go to Valpo. Ambition: To be a teacher. RAY KILGORE Shorty Favorite persons: Janet, Mom. Pastime: Breaking speed limits. Pet peeve: Sunday drivers. Majog accomplishment: Earning my m. free o Ambition: To own a Buick con- vertible. GERALD KING Jerry Favorite person: Mildred Miller. Pastime: Music "hillbilly." Pet peeve: Stuck-up women. Major accomplishment: Get out of school. Ambition: Radio. PETER KING Abe Favorite persons: People and teach- ers. Pastime: The Casbah. Pet peeve: HR 313. I . Major accomplishment: Being in HR 316. Ambition: Join an injun tribe. NANCY KINLEY Blackie Favorite person: My husband, Bob. Pastime: Learning to cook and playing pinochlc. Pet peeve: People who don't like girls who smoke. Major accomplishment: Finishing school after I was married. Ambition: Five beautiful baby boys to play basketball for Central. TOM KIRN Moose Favorite person: Tom Kirn. Pastime: Sleep. Pet peeve: Tom Kirn. Major accomplishment: To gradu- ate and sleep. Ambition: Sleep. FREDERICK KRAGER Fritz Favorite persons: Family and Nancy. Pastime: Basketball, Nancy. Pet peeve: Not having enough time to take a shower. Major accomplishment: Being on the basketball team. Ambition: Instructor of gymnastics. ADA KURLICK Stuff Favorite persons: Mom, Dad, Deb- bie, and gang. Pastime: What pastime? Pet peeve: Tomatoes and facing Deb's jokes. Major accomplishment: Graduation and no detentions. Ambition: To be happy and a suc- cess. DON LAMBING Donnie Favorite persons: Mom, Delores. Pastime: 26892 Crosby Street. Pet Peeve: Girls that don't like to be called "baby." Major accomplishment: Being a soloist. Ambition: To marry my dream girl fif she keeps making her w1shJ. 7...- T V' --arf' af 1 if .- V 5 . 1 .,.., . ,. , 'I' ,... X ,-n-.,, la. PHYLLIS LAMONT Inky Fa.vorite persons: Family and TXF gang. Pastime: Royal Theater, Pet peeve: People who are always gfiping CRD. Major accomplishment: National Honor Society. Ambition: To be a success. BILL LAW Kathie Favorite persons: My Dad, Kathie and fa.mily. Pastime: Being with Kathie. Pet peeve: The DeLuca Distributing Company. Major accomplishments: Kathie and graduation. Ambition: To marry Kathie and have eight kids like Jimmie. AUDREE H. LAWSON Favorite persons: Mom, and my friends. Pastime: Keeping the telephone busy. Pet peeve: None. Major accomplishment: Graduation. Ambition: To be a success' at what- ever I do. KEN LEITER Moose Favorite persons: Family, Al, and buddies. Pastime: Watching Baldino comb his hair. Pet peeve: Girls with nicotine on their fingers. Major accomplishment: Passing his- tory and graduating. Ambition: To be a trillionaire. RALPH LIMON Favorite persons: My parents and some girl. Pastime: Girls. Pet peeve: Don't have a car. Major accomplishment: Trying to learn to jitterbug. Ambition: My graduation. CHUCK LLOYD Favorite person: Everyone. Pastime: Loafing. Pet peeve: Bob Gerry. Major accomplishment: Graduation. Ambition: Ten Cadillacs. HAZEL LOCKHART Hilda Favorite persons: Family and B-L- G-P-J-K-C. Pastime: Not much to pass, but I like all sports. Pet peeve: Nothing special. Major accomplishment: Golden Horseshoe and National Honor Society. Ambition: To be happy. BOB LOOPER Loop Favorite persons: Gwynn, Norm, Tom. Pastime: Shooting pool with MHL. Pet peeve: Girls who don't mind their own business and police sergeants. Major accomplishments: Editor of Senior Forge and WAND announ- cer. Ambition: To make good in radio and to be able to stay awake on Saturday nights. JAMES MARSHALL Jim Favorite persons: Family, Janet, and the "Boys". Pastime: Eating and sleeping. Pet peeve: Getting up in the morn- ing. Major accomplishment: Graduating from high school CI hopel. Ambition: To get a good job and a new car. ROBERT MARTIN Bob Favorite persons: Muscles and Little Muscles. Pastime: Sleeping. Pet Peeve: "Till Then." Major accomplishment: Graduating. Ambition: Mattress tester. MARY K. MAYER Kitty Fajlorite persons: Family, Joan and an. Pastime: TXF, Rainbow, and Cen- Teen. Pet peeve: Uncooperative people. Major accomplishment: Nationa.l Honor Society and office in Rain- bow. Ambition: To be a success. DELORES RAY McCORMICK , PeeWee Favorite persons': Bob Kane, family, DMJS. Pastime: Bob. Pet- peeve: Summer sausage. Major accomplishment: Graduation in years and being engaged, Amb1t1o.n: To get married and learn to swim. DOROTHY McDONALD Dodie Favorite persons: Mom, Betty, and Mrs. Bob Kane. Pastime: Dancing. Pet, peeve: Bernie Coudriet. Major accomplishment: Graduation in years. Ambition: To coin blue nickles. DOROTHY MAE McMILLAN Dot Favorite persons: Family, Miss' John- son. Pastime: Home. Pet peeve: People who carry gossip back and forth. Major -accomplishment: Graduating. Ambition: Go to college and learn o sew. gl .., Nw , Y Li, . as f. ,ug 4- Kg .I ,. . 23.4 of 'ik I Q r :H if fffmf 3 Y ' 1 J? ., 4 5 4 V g Q l 5 5 GRACE MEAUX Moe Favorite persons: Family, WL, GL, NF, PC, PS. Pastime: Spent with the gang. Pet peeve: Conceited people. Major accomplishment: Finishing school in 316 years and N.H.S. Ambition: To become a stenog- rapher. TOM MERZWEILER Favorite person: Mom. Pastime: Sleeping. Pet peeve: Girls who smoke. Major accomplishment: Passing his- tory. Ambition: To be a millionaire. DONNA JEAN MOCK D.J. Favorite persons: All my buddies, especially FM, DD, and MW. Pastime: Just having fun and telling corny jokes. Pet peeve: People who gossip! Major accomplishment: Graduating from C. H. S. and Y-Teen model. Ambition: To make somebody happy and to succeed in everything I do. WANDA PEYTON Freckles Favorite persons: Bob and grand- parents. Pastime: Loafing and hoping. Pet peeve: Conceited people. Major accomplishment: Passing his- tory. Ambition: To become Mrs. R.W. VONADELL PHARES Tootie Favorite persons: My little sisters, Andy, Mom, Dad. Pastime: Date with Andy and play- ing basketball. Pet peeve: Conceited people. Major accomplishment: Being en- gaged and getting through school. Ambition: To marry Andy. BETTY PHELPS Bets Favorite persons: Family, Lillian, Hazel, Patty Lou, DeDe. Pastime: Friday nights a.t Kippy's with Lillian. Pet peeve: People who don't finish something they start to say. Major accomplishment: Forge Staff. Ambition: To be an air hostess. JAMES L. PORTZ Jim Favorite persons: Mom and Dad. Pastime: Sleeping and loafing. Pet peeve: P.K.'s jokes. Major a.ccomplishment: Graduating. Ambition: Become a millionaire quick. FLORENCE POWELL CIQBY Favorite person: George, family, and PFD gang. Pastime: George. I Pet peeve: Students who disobey cafeteria rules. Q Major accomplishment: National Honor Society and George. Ambition: To be successful and happy in wha.tever I do. EUGENIA PRATS Genie Favorite persons: PFD gang and family. , Pastime: Swimming, dancing, and arguing with Little Pet peeve: Little "J," 2 ton Cap- rio, Mumless Smith. Major accomplishment: Homecom- ing Queen, National Honor Society. Ambition: To go to college, to travel through Europe. JACK PRITCHARD Pritch Favorite person: Anyone thinking same of me. Pastime: Oh, this and that, and P and M. Pet peeve: Sisters that wear your clothes. Major accomplishment: Decorating the Sr. Forge with my picture. Ambition: To be a multi-millionaire. HELEN QUATTROCCHI Favorite persons: Family and D. S. Pastime: Doing my homework and art work. Pet peeve: History. Major accomplishment: Gradua.ting. Ambition: To do advertising illus- trations. RUTH ANN RIGGS Ruthum Favorite persons: Family, TXF, LGSC, buddies at school. Pastime: Convincing people I have a brother. Pet peeve: BRN's and Esther's corny jokes. Major accomplishment: Accom- panist of Senior Choir. Ambition: To take a rocket trip to the moon. MARK RILEY Peeper Fa.vorite persons: Mary and family. Pastime: Flag pole sitting. Pet peeve: P.K.'s lousy jokes. Major accomplishment: That other babe in New York. Ambition: To own 10 Cadillacs, a harem, and a key to Ft. Knox. JAMES RITTENOUR Hunter Favorite persons: Tom Lentz quar- tet. family. Pastime: Going out with a certain girl in Ellet. Peg peeve: Girls that think they're i Major .accomplishmentz Graduating. Ambition: To get a job and get married. BOB ROCK Rock Favorite person: Charlotte Stewart Pastime: Playing cards Cwith Char- lottel. Pet peeve: Glass windows on doors or playing tag will Bill, Tony, and Dick. Major accomplishment: G 0 i n g steady. Ambition: California. BILL ROUNTREE Favorite person: Carrie Tanney of Silver Lake. Pastime: Eating, playing records, and talking to Ralph Limon about Mexico. Pet peeve: Twelfth grade history and Bill Wheeler going fishing. Major accomplishment: Going steady and Hi-Y initiation. Ambition: To be a success and make 5B999,999.99. MARIETTA RUSSO Merita Favorite persons: TXF gang, family, and Mr. Querry. Pastime: Trying to find time to pass. Pet peeve: Moody people, also those who crack gum. Major accomplishment: President of Squire and Scroll, three years in Choir, and N. H. S. Ambition: To study music and to live a long and happy life. RUE NELLE RUTHERFORD Roonie or Ronnie Favorite persons: Dale Allen, fam- ily, LGSC's and TXF's. Pastime: Dale and trying to keep "Essie" out of trouble. Pet' peeve: Roberta, prevaricators. Major accomplishment: Attendant to May Queen and going with Dale two years. Ambition: To make a certain won- derful guy a good wife. JERRY SABAKA Flash Favorite person: Everyone I know, especially Mom, Dad and a certain someone. Pastime: Women. Pet peeve: Drizzly rain. Major accomplishment: Being elect- ed vice-president of Student Coun- ci . Ambition: To become a multi- billionaire by the age of 21. PATRICIA SCHULTZ Pat Favorite persons: Mom, Dad, Mar- ilyn. Pastime: Rainbow, doing history outlines. Pet peeve: 12A history-106. Major accomplishment: Worthy Ad- visor of Rainbow. Ambition: To go to New York after graduation and get married Cof courseb. GENEVIEVE SHAHMOURADIAN Gennie Favorite persons: Family, buddies, LGSC. Pastime: Dancing. Pet peeve: People who feel superior to others. Major accomplishment: Being on six championship teams and an at- tendant to May Queen. Ambition: To live with Betty when she marries a millionaire and to MARY ELLEN SMITH Marie DOLORES SIIANABERGER Dee-Dee Favorite persons: Mom and Dad. Pastime: Writing to four soldiers. Petpeeve: Little sister CEstherJ. Major accomplishment: Being able to take jokes. Ambition: To keep little sister out of my clothes. KEITH SHERMAN Speed Favorite persons: Mom and Dad. Pastime: Sleeping. Pet peeve: Getting up. Major accomplishment: Inheriting S5Q,000. Ambition: Own a flea circus. GAILUE. SHOLLEY Dusty Favorite person: One special girl. Pastime: Working, sleeping, and eating. Pet peeve: Getting up in the morn- ing. Major accomplishment: To be a success in anything. Ambition: Get a ca.r with cash. BETTY SICKELS Bubsey Favorite persons: Family and Rec. gang- . Pastime: Dancing. Pet peeve: History, No. 106. Major accomplishment: Graduating. Ambition: To be happy and a suc- cess in life. MARY LOU SIMMONS Slim Favorite persons: Family, Jean, Pa.t, and BOYS. Pastime: The Bun and Gray's No. 67. Pet peeve: Boys who just can't tell the truth. Major accomplishment: Graduating at the ripe old age of 16. Ambition: To be a success. PATRICIA LOUISE SIMPSON Pat Favorite persons: Lenny, Mother, Mary Lou, Dorothy. Pastime: Lenny. Pet peeve: Nasty people. Major accomplishment: Graduating. Ambition: To be a success at what- ever I do. JIMMIE J. SMITH Lou Favorite persons: Family and all the crazy girl friends. Pastime: Playing it cool. Pet peeve: For my sister to wear my clothes. Major accomplishment: Learning to control my temper. Ambition: To graduate from col- lege with an M.A. and have a career. mini ,,,.v .,.,.,. ,mi J MON 5 xv 2 5 H - me :ny ' , ai. ' V, , fs-:- -I Favorite persons: Gay, family, Mr. Querry, "Pop," PFD's, and L.T.G. Pastime: Writing letters. Pet peeve: Tooth Pick, Abel, BO Prats, Little "J," and Two Ton Caprio. Major accomplishment: May Queen court. Ambition: To go to college and to get my man. RONALD SPEICHER Spike Favorite persons: Family. Pastime: Sleeping and eating. Pet peeve: Women. Major accomplishment: Graduation. Ambition: Be a success. MAURICE STEVENS Whitey Favorite persons: Pa.uline, family. Pastime: Talking on the phone and going out with Pauline. Pet peeve: Nosey people. Major accomplishment: Going steady with Pauline. Ambition: Make a success of life. LOIS JANE STOFFER Jan Favorite persons: Kitty and TXF's. Pastime: Youth Fellowship, U.C.Y. C. Pet peeve: Uncooperative individ- uals. Major accomplishment: National Honor Society, Forge Staff, Treas- urer of U.C.Y.C. Ambition: To travel through the U. S, A. RICHARD STOUFFER Dick Favorite persons: My mother and the right girl. Pastime: Being with the right girl. Pet peeve: Girls that think they are it, but are a long way from it. Major accomplishment: Getting up in the morning when my mother Calls me. Ambition: To raise trained mer- maids. GENE STRASSNER Favorite persons: Family. Pastime: Keeping out of trouble. Pet peeve: Girls that wear jeans and their dads' shirts. Major accomplishment: Graduation. Ambition: Make good in a big time dance band. LOIS SUMMERFORD Toothpick Favorite persons: Mother, Dad, and Mrs. Ha.rrison. Pastime: None to pass. Pet peeve: Girls that smoke. Major accomplishment: 40 credits, and eating so many carrots. Ambition: Stenography. dietetics, a husband, and four kids. ANTHONY SUSO Tony Favorite persons Family and P L Pastime Resting Pet peeve Gay JOke1S Major accomplisment Keeping my average over 90 Amb1t1on Go to college and get a degree in med1c1ne DOLORES TROUP Dee Favorite person George Pastime Trying to guess what George 1S thinking Pet peeve The nickname Dody Major accomplishment Going steady with George Ambltion A house with a big pic ture window and a fire place HAROLD VANCHURA Spunk Favorite person Anyone and every one Pastime Dont have any Pet peeve People who are always in a hurry Major accomplishment Graduating in four years Ambition To own a service station RALPH B VARNEY Pinhead Favorite persons Mom and Jane? Pastime Opening the Y Pet peeve Old ladies getting off the bus Major accomplishment Playing on Centrals varsity basketball team Ambitlon Speed boat driver JANE WADE Janie Favorlte persons Family Ray Hec ker USN crazy girl friends and Jack Pastime Homework writing let ters and going to the Royal with Patty Nomi and J1mm1e Lou. Pet peeve: History natch! Major accomplishment: Getting more letters from Ray than Jim- mie Lou gets from Dick. Ambition: Private secretary. Pictures not submitted by FRED BERRY and RICHARD WADDELL BARBARA WALRAVEN Barb Favorite persons Family Betty Barron Pastlme Working as a student sec retary at M1ller School Pet peeve Conceited boys M3101 accomplisment National Honor Society and passing dr1v ing course Ambition To be a successful secre tary BAXTER WATTS Bud Favorite person 316 P and M gang Mom Pastlme Y Pet peeve Which one? Majox accomplishment Graduatin without making a speech Amb1t1on To become ambitlous OLIVER WEINSHEIMER 1 Favorite person Nickle Pastime Working at the store Pet peeve " Major accomplishment P A n nouncer Ambition Radio announcer DONNA WEST Favorite person Mother and Dad Pastlme Working at F W Wool worth s Pet Peeve Men who think they re Gods gift to women MBJor accompl1shment Passing history Ambition To own a Buick converti e WILLIAM WHEELER B1 Favorite persons Mom and Dad Pastime Basketball fishing Pet peeve: Getting out of bed. Major accomplishment: Graduation. Ambition: Travel the U. S. WAYNE WHITE Favorite person: Joan. Pastime: Evening on West Hill. Pet peeve: History. Major accomplishment: Gradua- tion. Ambition: To own a new De Soto THE FORGE Page 15 61644 Bello! W1tt16St Best I 1ne Prettlest Ha1r Most Popular Prettlest Smlle Best I ook1n Best Dressed Lxkellest to Succeed 'Vlost Ve1sat1le qmallest Plettlest Eyes Best IJance1 Most Domestlc Vlost Co operatne Most Reselved Best Athlete Host Talented fLl0CkWlS6l Esther Carlson Jerry Sabaka Patty Clegg Norm D1xon Anna Belle Brooks Gene Strassnel Patty Clegg Blll Pr1tchard Mar1etta Russo Ralph Lunon Rue Nelle Rutherford Norm Dlxor Nancy Elhott B111 Oyston Pat Adklns Jack Cole Nlary Ellen Smlth Bob I ooper Maurxce Stex ens Anna Belle Brooks Tom M9TZW6lll61 'VIar1etta Russo B111 Oyston Eugenla Prats Gene Strassne1 Gladys Dav1es Tony Suso Margaret F6lStQ1 Jack Cole LOIS Stoffel Baxter Watts Grace Meaux Bob Rock Eugenla Prats Ken Kershner Page 16 THE FORGE oyzzf 1 Grams by Nlcoletta CRDFIO Delores Graham Naoml Wrlght We the June Class of 1949 of weak m1nds and a1l1ng b0d16S do hereby bequeath to the lucky left beh1nds th1s our last w1ll and testament So to begm Paul Armstrong bequeaths h1s magn1f1cent charm for the opposlte sex to handsome Bob Steele Marllyn D1rr1g leaves flnally taklng he1 brother D1ck who w1lls h1S flshlng pole to Glenn Bennett D1ck Busby w1lls h1s love for smgmg solos to Andy Tolas vsho IS st1ll look1ng for a Dorls Day Patty Clegg bestows her ablllty to Sklp f1rst and second perlods to anyone else who can t get up early Robert Brvant w1lls h1S f1ne clothes to Br1an Cawthorn Jack1e Abel glV6S her love of dogs fand mon vrelsj to Sk1ppy Dunlap Norm Dlxon bequeaths h1s Sports Edltors 1ob to the next w1ll1ng guy Nancy Elllott bestows her good taste fo1 clothes upon Jo James Jack Cole QIVQS h1s all around personallty to Jack Berry Kalllope Andrlco leaves Wlth pa1nt box and brush ln hand Coach Latona and hands down the d1st1nct1on of football star to the lucky lad who can quallfy Patty Burke bestows her ablllty to dance to anyone who enjoys It as much as she does Helen Dav1s leaves st1ll trylng to be sober faced Jack Evans bequeaths h1S lazy southern accent to Floyd Lockhart Margaret Felster w1lls her love of sw1mm1ng to MISS Cortellessa Ada Kurllck and Debble Graham leave to gether st1ll happy st1ll fr1ends Lmdy Guthrle leaves hlS love of gomg steady to R1chard Wolfe Naoml F1elds leaves her Job ln the cafeterla to those who l1ke to eat Morgan Brldge goes on st1ll day dreamlng about the lovely gals he left behlnd on h1s naval crulse B1g ol AnnaBelle Brooks bestows her SIZE on 111 ol Carol Ratchff Johnny Colgan leaves h1s Wlt and humor Wlth Danny Korfas Agnes Bowden leaves her buddy Mary Mor ton Fred Berry w1lls h1s ablllty to make long shot baskets to Ray WlXC6y Robert Johnson leaves with two empty bags whlch he hopes to f1ll soon Wlth cold cash Lllllan HHFTISOH bequeaths her beautlful smxle and dlmples to cute V1v1an Gerry Larry Dugan leaves nothlng beh1nd cause he s taklng tw1n Harry along THE FORGE Pat Brlney w1lls her wonderful danclng legs to graceful Glor1a Moran Kathryn Arnold leaves to become a m1ss1on ary B111 Cr1st leaves h1s place 1n the band to some wllllng freshle Gladys Danes bestows her domest1c1ty upon -VIHFIC Conley B111 Haufe leax es h1S ab1l1ty to rec1te 1n h1s torv to Pat Pr1tchard Ida Douglas leaves her qulet and unassumlng ways w1th WIHHIG Lynton Tom Dav1sson leaves Janet Peoples all alone Tom Chr1sten g1VeS h1S ab1l1ty to sleep 1n class to Pete George Esther Carlson leaves her pet book How To Be Humorous to V1 W1d1C2H Tom Klrn leaves h1s twm Ray Mered1th Barbara Fkstedt leaves st1ll carry1ng the to1ch for Norm Mary Dahm bequeaths her art1st1c ablllty to Helen Thompson Bob Gerry leaves hlS frlend J lm Forst behlnd Betty Barry bestows her bountlful red locks upon Audrey Nord LOIS HISGY leaves to Jom Jack Schwllk at the Holstead Mary Lou H111 leaves Pau11ne Taylor her A 1 pr1or1ty on sun burns Ken Kershner w1lls h1s place ln the cholr to Alan Vanchura NlCkl6 CRPFIO bestows her personallty upon Helene Ury Gerald Kmg leaves behmd h1m the glrl of hlS dreams M1ldred Mlller Bernlce Kelsey gladly puts down her books to Jo1n her flance Dick Jones Jean Etl1ng leaves her ambltlon for studymg to her slster Allce D1Ck Hochevar goes st1ll saylng nothlng Pat Adkms leaves her Job 1n the 0fflC8 to some lucky sen1or g1rl Harold Albr1ght and h1S pal leave the flag pole st1ll to be Cllmbed Ruby Jones goes to work at Clty Hospltal Fred Krager sadly leaves Nancy Gr1gsby to walk the halls alone Nancy Kmley departs to become a full t1me housewlfe Glenn Custer leaves for Garfleld st1ll trymg to change Shlrley Fam s last name Elame Klekhaefer leaves all these teachers to become one herself Pete Kmg goes away leavmg room 316 wlth out a Joker Eleanor Blaveff leaves to Jom her tw1n Mary LaVon Dxllon leaves her buddy Donna Dllworth st1ll slav1ng away at hlstory Ray K1lgore leaves a Free man' Page 17 f I . - , , ' ' 1 7 . , . n a q , n - i i Y, . . . . . , U. i , i . I , , . Y . .. . . . - , Y . . l I . v A 1 1 K n . . 9 ' I' W 7. . . - ' H ' X ,, . . . , . u 5 ' . , . D . . . . . 1 ' a ,A 1 ' , HU as Harold Fuller leaves, much to the dlsmaylof Bob Keen gives his Ui humor Ui to David i . K v y . . - n . 9 - ' ' ' - . . I. , . .n 0 1, 1 , n I n . ' I , . n 0 Q , - ' c . u .. , , . Q ., , . , - . , . . u . . , I 1 . l 7 . ' . . . ' 4 . l . y . ' . ' Q 0 n 4 . , , , , ' 9 . . Leaflng through the pages of tlme We turn to the year of 59 T1me does fly t1me does pass Here 1S the future of our 49 class Vonadell Phares IS a wonderfully happy house wxfe S1nce she marr1ed Andy she has a full l1fe WAKR s new announcer 1S Bob Looper He Wows the aud1ence Wlth a VOICE that s supe1 Jlm Marshall has a wonderful Job and a C31 So he gets a long vacatlon and travels very far Phyllls Lamont IS secretary to a m1ll1ona1re Her bonuses are 1ewels that make people stare Dorothy McM1llan has two college deg1ees She worked hard for her d1plomas for evelyone to see Wanda Peyton has fun Wlth her fam1ly of seven It mcludes her husband and SIX sweet ch1ld1en W1th all her puplls she 11ngs the bell' Jlmmle Smlth has slaved to earn he1 masters Wow she can beg1n her career all the faster lVIaur1ce Stex ens successful ln so many ways He loves hlS Pauhne ever more day by day D1ck Stouffer now has a one man trade Of teachlng h1S merma1ds how to wade Mlss Wade IS so happy ln her Off1Ce large and a1ry And Jame we hear makes a perfect secretary Dr Anthony Suso reads the slgn on the door Hls evergrowmg pract1ce 1ncludes r1ch and poo1 Ronald Spe1cher to our despalr stays a woman hater Glve the femsabreak Ron or you ll be sorry later Dale IS m1ghty proud of h1s pretty Wlfe Rue Nelle The Rugherfords hated loslng her we th1nk It s swe Page 18 C-ufure Je1 ry Sabaka has made h1s f1rst t11ll1on Wh1Ch he now shares W1th h1s sweet l1ttle L1ll1an A new DeSoto so shmy and b11ght Makes a happy man out of prospelous Wayne Wh1te And Pat Schult7 1etu1ns from New York Wlth a trousseau And a V1S1t w1th Happy Songblrd Marletta Russo A harem 10 Cadlllacs and to Fort Knox a key A16 1n the POSSCSSIOH of our Mark Rlley We f1nd No Fllt CIFCUS hand Kelth Sherman Pe1suad1ng h1s fleas to dance the Can Can Propr1etor Vanchura IS known oer the nat1on He owns not one but a chaln of gas statlons Dolores Shanaberger owns a sma1t dress stole So he1 slster wlll bor1 ow he1 clothes no more Baxte1 Watts has p1oven that m1racles can happen trappln Tom MQYZWCIICI has two mansxons of gold F01 a m1ll1on bottles of grow up ton1c he s sold HIS love to travel made B111 Wheeler declde To lne ln Slam as a cross country gulde Speed boat dr1v1ng as well as deep sea d1v1ng Make the k1nd of a l1fe on whlch Varney IS thr1v mg Donna West IS so happy her dream has come true A Bu1ck convert1ble of heavenly blue As an opera star Don Lamblng s a sensat1on He s slnglng for Queen Ellzabeth s coronatlon Mr and Mrs B1ll Law have been marrled ten years And they have been blessed w 1th exght l1ttle dears The famous comed1enne Audree Lawson s 1n town To play m the hlt The Desolate Clown THE FORGE 0 , y . . , ' 4' 7 Y 5 , K . A u 4 v ' ! 7 ' . . . . , , ' - . Y -. Q , ' cz ' ya ' ' ' ' ' l . o - Q , , . , A - ' " 3 . . v ' 1 7 Q . 1 v G M ' . Y H- - -' , - y Centlalsnew gym teacher, race 93UX,1S we , For ambmous hes become and the gn-ls hes A ' 0 7 , . ' 7 1 . 1 P Y 9 ' . I 2 7 H H ' n I , ' ' 1 v 9 . . ' ' 1 1 - , 7 ' ' 66 H QIZCLES by Margaret Fenster Betty Phelps Lols Stoffer If a nurse you need whenever you re 111 Just phone Dot McDonald and shell glVG you a 1 Gettlng up and around ln th1s world IS Chuck Lloyd Slnce 10 C'1d1llacs are h1s prlde and 1oy Ken Le1te1 who once was nobody from novs here Has 1ust nova become the famous tr1ll1ona1re Slnce commencement Bob Martm has had a soft o He s a mattress tester that s our frlend Bob We flnd that Mary Mayer has been very lucky She s ra1s1ng w1nners at her horse ranch 1n Ken tucky If you see a lovely woman 1n a fash1onable frock Shes the famous model Donna D J Mock As a homemakel Dee McCorm1ck IS xe1y con tented Slnce Bob Kane asked the questlon and she con sented Through h1s natlve land MEXICO Ralph L1mon travels The mystery of Amerlca he unravels Betty Phelps and Hazel Lockhart have Jobs on a1rl1ners For treat1ng a1r slckness there s no one any f1ne1 We flnd that J1m Portz the famed b1l11ona1re St1ll has after taxes a few b1ll1on to spare Forever advanclng to pol1t1cal helghts Is attractlve Ohlo Senator NaOml Wr1ght Helen Quattrocchl does advertlslng 1l1ustrat1ons And Gen1e Prats has traveled all over the nat1on On our see all set Loxs Stoffer appears To descrlbe her l1fe at her home ln Alglers We VlSlt6d the Beckers Mary Ellen and Gay They showed us a great txme 1n the1r SOCl3bl8 vsay THE FORGE B111 Pr1tchard has just marrled a very llCh glfl W1th her he f1nds h1S l1fe a mad whlrl At the Statler ln Cleveland they re g1v1ng a hand To Gene St1assner and hlS groovy sw1ng band Ruth Ann Rlggs w1ll dellx er a lecture soon When she returns from her tr1p to the moon And Gennle Shahmourad1an from her comp tomete1 course Found out hows to get Betty Barry on a horse Florence P011 ell IS happy for she got George To proxe hu lovalty she st1ll buys the Forge Gall Sholley has a car and pald cash for lt too It s really a beautlful rob1n s egg blue The James are noted for the1r modernlzed nu1 sery COll,f:,l2ltS Dee and George on your flfth anmver In a haven her own a wonderful pos1t1on Seuetary Barb Walraven has fulf1lled her am b1t1on On d1et6tlCS LOIS Summerford has lots of knowledge Now she cooks for her hubby whom she met 1n college Jack Prltchard the fabulous mult1m11l1ona1re Gaye Central a stad1um that s beyond compare Golden VO1C6d Welnshelmer of WADC Turns platters and brlngs us the news expertly Mary Lou S1mmons manages Gray s Drug Store Wh le Betty Slckels beams on her fam1ly of four Tlmes change but love remalns for B111 Rountree He s always seen Wlth h1s gal Carr1e Pat S1mpson has gone to Kent to 11ve For to Leonard her heart she glV6S J1m Rlttenour now marrled and w1th a flne Job Is manufacturmg the Rlttenour reel and rod The marnage of Charlotte Stewart and Bob Rock Has become the t0plC of Hollywood talk Page 19 A 7 Y y ' ' . 3 , o n n , , . . . , . . 7 Q . . ." . . . K ' 7 c 1 1 ' . 1 7 ' . ' 1 v v y , , v I . . 4 A, Y - Jb, , ' . 7 w ' , . A , . , 1 . y v ' 7 1 . . . - ' v Q 9 - , . . , I . 0 v T' . . - CC 97 7 , , 7 . , . . . sary. r 1. ' ' 1 v - 1 i ' I T- . , A ' ,.- 4 ' - 1 . . ' . . I - , . . . 7 ! 4 I , . . , - , . Y . , . . . , . , 1 n 1 n a l ' Y ! ! l ' . , . ' . . A n y . 7 I , . . . . , , 1 ! K - Y . . . . . . . . . . , , '. . . ' 2 V . Jack1e Abel Love Letters Pat Adklns S0ph1st1cated Lady Harold Albrlght Qulet Please Kalllope Andrlco My Pet Brunette Paul Armstrong When My Baby Smlles at Me Kathryn Arnold Betty Barry Fred Berry Eleanor Blazeff Agnes Bow don Morgan Br1dge Pat Br1ney Anna Belle Brooks Robert Bryant Pat Burke Dlck Busby Nlcoletta Capr1o Esther Carlson Thomas Chrlsten Lenora Cleek Carrot Top Horses Lazy Put That Rlng on My Flnger He s My Guy Laura Ballerlna Bell Bottom Trouse1s Dreame1 I Wlll Dance Wlth a Song 1n My Healt Snootle Llttle Cut1e I Love Llfe Sleepy Tlme Guy Hurrah' I m a Bum Patty Clegg How Many Hearts Have You Broken Jack Cole Tlme on My Hands John Colgan Personal1ty B111 Cr1st Smoke Gets ln Your Eves Glenn Custer For Me and My Gal Marv Dahm It s a Grand Old Name Gladys Davles Danny Boy Helen Davls Th1s Is a Qulet Gal Tom Davlsson Pennles from Heax n La Vonne D1ll1on Frlendshlp Marllyn D1rr1g You Gotta Be a Football H 10 Dlck D1rr1g Cabln 1n the Sky Norm Dlxon J eanle wlth the L1ght Brown Ha1r Ida Douglas My Buddles Harry Dugan My Brother Larry Dugan School Days Barbara Ekstedt I Stlll Get Jealous Nancy Elllott Callfornla Jean Etllng Off to Work I Go Jack Evans Georg1a Margaret Felster Ill See You 1n My Dreams Naoml Flelds M1ll1on Dollar Baby Robert Gerry Salllng Sa1l1ng Delores Graham Someone to Watch over Me Llndy Guthrle Dream L1ll1an Harrlson I Dream of Jerry Wlth the Dark Brown Ha1r B111 Haufe Lazy Bones Mary Lou H1ll Can t You Read between the LIDSS LOIS Hlsey Jack Jack Jack Rlchard Hochevar Ever So Qu1et Bob Johnson Money Song Ruby Jones That s My DGSIIG Bob Keen Hllls of Home Bermce Kelsey I Wanna Get Marrled Ken Kershner Mlckey Ellalne Klekhaefer In My Adobe Haclenda Ray Kllgore Racmg w1th the Moon Gerald K1ng I Wanna Go Back to West V1rg1n1a Harold Fuller Penthouse Serenade Pete KIDS P1gfoot Pete Page 20 . F - - , 5 , , v 7 ' ' ' ' ' 7 9 . , . . - o n l - ' ' , ' ! ' - .. - - - - I - y - - - - - , 6 - - - . . , . - - . 72 , - - , ' ' ' - e' Vonadell Phares - In Love with a Wonderful . , - . . , . . ' ' , ' T . ' , 1 a - Q c - , , - H - . . , . . , , - - - . ' ' - ---- ' - - I as - ' u - ' Q l . . . , . - . ' ' ' 1 1 ' l -' : ' , .Q . - ' , 7 ' - - - . ' . . -I - , . - - 4 ' - - 7 Kuff dale Nancy Klnley Can t Help Lovmg That Man of Tom Klrn Fred Krager Ada Kurllck Don Lamblng Phyllls Lamont B111 Law Audree Lawson Kenny Lelter Ralph Llmon Chuck Lloyd Hazel Lockhart Bob Looper J1m Marshall Bob Martln Ma1y Mayer Delores McCorm1ck Do1othy McDonald Dorothy MCMlll3H G1 ace Meaux Tom Merzbeller Donna Mock B111 Oyston Wanda Peyton Betty Phelps J1m Portz Florence Powell Genle Prats Jack Prltchard B111 Pr1tchard M1ne Sleep Dark Eyes My Happlness Dolores B111 The Glrl That I Marry Be a Clown Smoke Smoke Smoke That Clgarette Certaln Party of Mme Its a Blg Wlde Wonderful World Off We Go 1nto the W1ld Blue Yonder Hot Llps Its My Lazy Day T1red Pussy Cat Song The Boy That I Marry Danclng w1th a Deb I m Working My Way To ward College Golden Days Shorty s Got to Go You Ought To Be ln Plctures Put Your Shoes On Lucy Weddmg March Guy When Irlsh Eyes A1e Smlhng B1d1n My Tlme Chloe Lady of Spam Gotta Be ThlS or That Somebody Loves Me Helen Quattrochl My Guy Ruth Ann Rlggs Stalrway to the Stars Mark Rlley Jeepers Creepers Where d You Get Those Peepers J 1m R1ttenour Scatterbram Bob Rock Charlotte Town B111 Rountree Carrle Me Back To Old Vxrglnee Marxetta Russo Great Blg Beautlful Eves Rue Nelle Rutherford My Pretty G1rl Jerry Sabaka All for the Love of L11 Pat Schultz Sldewalks of New York Genny Shamouradlan Genevleve Dolores Shanaberger My Slster and I Kelth Sherman You ll Nex er Walk Alone Gall Sholley Oh How I Hate to Get Up ln the MOTH1Hg Betty Slckels My Own True Love Marv Lou Slmmons Slender Tender and Tall Pat Slmpson Put That Rlng on My Flnger J1mm1e Smlth Klss Me on My Llttle Dlmple Mary Ellen Smith For He s a Jolly Gay Fellow THE FORGE Ronald Spelcher Vlaurlce Stevens Low Stoffer Dlck Stouffel Gene Strassne1 LOIS Summerford Tony Suao Dolorea Troup Harold Vanchura LLIZ65 Wme Women and Song Ralph Varney H ur of Gold Ey es of Blue You Was lame Wade Anchors Away Far Away Placeg Ea1lEaraWVVLagl1awen Secretagly Seng ax 61 a Q 5 uy My Buddr Olllel Welnqhelmel Yes We Haxe No Young Man mth a Horn Bdnanaq My Dream Donna Weet Found X NI lllon Dollar Baby IH Doctor Law yer Indlan Chzef 5 Sz 10a Store So 1n Love B111 Wheeler There I Go Agam F1fteen Kwses on a Gallon Wayne White Joan Ch Gfm .Maier we PY-msg, lf gg, our ol ma. lvlfl T9-'S OU' lil JD' Um.-Q m Son we, rouse, our gm-l'5 Q lle.el walk ofcl mir fllll 0, lu n e call mg pg 40.55 Ffvm gear To gear fllou. guial- csl' us,TlnrauSll all our jugs and le.o.v-.sg lvle. P-lrVF"'fr I-lljfrlcli o-l- lungs will YC' New-ber 5ouL Through Gul' flue. com-ms 90115- THE FORGE Page 21 6 Cl gflllf ll ill gil iffy lf ill gfJll,flf ll any ip.-.,e---my . A gfllfrl Errflf all W Gfbfe Gflflzfefes SENIOR LETTERMEN Fnst row Kelth Sherman Bob Rock Tom Klrn Harold Vanchura Maurlce Stevens Norm Dxxon Gene Strassner Second row Glenn Custer Fr1tz Krager J1m Portz Harold Fuller Ralph Varney L1ndy Guthrle RESERVE CHEERLEADERS VARSITY CHEERI EADERS Carol Parsons Jackle Che lt G nau race Manthe Stu Terrass Frances Center Patty Clegg Al Arens Marllyn Schultz V1olet WldlC8H THE FORGE Page 23 Missing from the picture: Fred Berry, Jerry Sabaka. Baxter Watts, Chuck Lloyd 1949 BASEBALL TEAM i Front row: Howard Prease, Teddie Bar- Back row: Dick Stouffer, manager, Fred ber, Tom Roy, Fred Hartline, Max Berry, Bill Carr, Don Rimmer, Jack Hayes, Williams, Tommy Barber, Dick Ekstedt, Skippy Dunlap, Don Ries, John Oden, Bob Ray Tippins, Jack Lytle Schutzbach, Howard Fahrer Page 24 ify goofbaff Front row: Bill Carr, Harold Fuller, Dick Ekstedt, Tom Bomar, Bob Rock, George MacDonald, Keith Sher- man, Bob Schutzbach, Bob Golden, Mike George, Tom Benford. Second: Ray Wixcey, Herbert Johnson, George Manos, Fred Berry, Don Reese, Nick Vanchoff, Adolph Cendro, Tom Barber, Charles McDonald, Norm Dixon, Andy Tolas. Central, 0 - St. Vincent, 19 Central, 12 - North, 0 Central, 19 - Cuyahoga Falls, 12 I2 5 FELIX LATONA JAMES APPLEBY Football, Baseball Coach Basketball, Track Coach ampimzs, 194 Third: Jack Mudurian, Ray Merideth, Phil Ficele, Gene Strassner, Ma.urice Stevens, Art Rocco, Dick Seay, Skip Dunlap, Fred Hartline, Chuck Lloyd. Fourth: Dale Taylor, James Marsh, Howard Prease, Paul Boak, Fred Walraven, Ruben Maloyan, Dick Davis, Jack Holmes, George Mihavics, Jim Forst, Don Bailey, Cloice Ausherman. South, 13 Central, 19 - West, 0 East, 20 Central, 19 - Garfield, 6 Alliance, 20 Central, 6 - Kenmore, 6 West, 7 Page 25 CI ASS Y OLLEYBAI I C CLUB VOI LEYBAI L CHAMPIONS 1948 CHAMPIONS 1948 G Sh h d Bermece Kelsey Captaln Captalinevleve a moura lan Team Goldle Pamter Mar Team Dora Jean Daugherty 1lyn Phares Ruth Rodecker Gen H len Gehm Loretta Harrold evleve Shahmouradlan Bernlece Kelsey Glor1a McPher ran Helyn Shaughnessy CI ASS BASKETBAI I CHAMPIONS 1949 C CI UB BASKETBAI I CHAMPIONS 1949 F1I'St1OW Mary Ellen Ezell Patty Clegg F1rst row Patty Clegg Anna Belle Brooks Genle P t Second low Ella Mae G1ll Frances Fostex Janet ra S Farley Joann Farley Jackle Abel Second low Margaret Fexster Mary Lou Sxmmons Mary Ellen Smlth Grace Meaux Jackle Abel Page 26 THE FORGE I 7 J JJ 4 J 1 9 . . Y I . ' 1 ' . . ' ' 1 1 ' D . . N' ' ' 7 - 1 1 A AJ , 11 1 JA , ' 1 ' - 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 4 1 ssorfea qcfivifies ,vnu .wh ART CLUB NATIONAI HONOR SOCIETY Fust row Betty Sm1th Jo Anne Emerson Thall Fust xow L1ll1an Haruson Marxetta Russo Phyll1s Kaltueder Ada Kurllck Delores Graham Donna Lamont Sally Moran Ce-cel1aHalacheff K alser Second Hazel Lockhart Eugema Prats Patr1c1a Second R1taShenk Janet We1del Mary Dahm June Adk1ns Lo1s H1sey N1ck1 Capr1o McAfee Wanda W1l113IDSOU Chr1st1ne Ruley Th1rd LOIS Stoffer E1la1ne Klekhaefer Mary Mayer Fl P Thud Don Halfen Elmer smnh chuck stewart Glace Meaux Naomi Wught Creme Owen Bob Stull Fred K1ager Fourth Jack Cole Bob Rock Bob Looper STUDENT COUNCII F1rst lou Colleen Lewls Nancy Halas Eugenxa Th1rd Mary Lou Dllworth Naom1Wr1ght Howard PINS NHHCY EHIOU Sally Moran Mafllyfl Schultz Hatherlll Evaday Bragg Hllda Lockhart Bob Looper Vlolet Wldxcan Second Lum Mmk Mary Ellen Smlth Helene Um Fourth Rlchard Elhs Ollver W91HShC1m6T Jack J3Ck18 Chenault Andy Tolas Chrlstme Ruman Cole Page 28 THE FORGE 2 4 5 ,W 25920 4' 5 Q 5 1 -9 -2 -3 'Q " dd' ,MW 1 l M., , J 1 V: a 1 C' 1 1 - t 1 J ' V 9 Y Y ' - 1 1 v r - - - - l - 1 , , , ' Q . ' , , ' ' 7 7 Y . . . , , . 1 1 ' 'I 1 y 3 y y Y -f ' 7 ' , , . . : .Y 1 y - ' ' ' TICKET SELLERS AND ANNOUNCERS CAFETERIA ASSISTANT S Standxng James Goldsm1th Clyde Strassner Larry Flrst row Delores Troup Phyll1s Lamont Audrey TO1b9I'f Stu TSFFHSS June Full Jerry Busby Nold Naoml Flelds Seated Jack Cole Bob Looper Second Anna Marle Zlnkhann Petsy Meyers Renle Buerhle Chr1st1ne Ruley Nancy Shoemaker Thlrd L1ll1an Harlson Florence Powell FIRST AID ASSISTANTS I IBRARY ASSISTAINTS Flrst row Sally Moran LOIS Summerford Eugenxa Fxrst row Nancy Elllott Nancy Shoemaker Naoml Prats Anna Belle Brooks F161dS Second NlCk1e Capr1o Patty Clegg Margaret Second Bob Rock Jerry Sabaka Howard Hather11l Thlrd Florence Powell Mary Ellen Smlth SQUIRE AND SCROIL Flrst row Cathy Hellmexer Betty Watts Marllvn Schultz Ruth Kerfer Eugema Prats Marletta Russo Nancy Elliot Anna Belle Brooks Second Dorothy Mlles LOIS Stoffer L1ll1an Har r1son Mal 1lyn St1nson Jack1e Abel Loxs Summerfo d Phvllls Lamont N1ck1e Caprlo Debb1e Graham THE FORGE Th1rd Helene Ury Gladys Davles Velma CHPIS Wanda Peyton LOIS H1sey Jane Wade Jnnmle Smlth lNaom1 Wrrght Fourth Betty Henry Pat Prxtchard 'VIary Mayer Ellame Klekhaefer Chr1st1ne Ruley Exaday Bragg Florence Powell Page 29 , ' Y S ' 3 , , y y 7 - , . Y J ' 1 r ' Y A : , , - , , Ferster. J ' Y 7 .1 ' 7 ' ' 7 . , . . ' 1 1 ' - a r - 1 7 Y ' 7 7 7 3 . , , - - JUNIOR A CAPEI LA CHOIR Fnst IOW R MIHICK L Chr1sten M Deger N Bressler M Dreher 0 Lowers R Coughenour J Balley N Halas G Dlngey R Hales M Roth B Hoff man A Tldyman M Chapm Second J Browder A Ethng A Tesher W Smlth M Ruester B Rufflng N Corts J Strlcklen C Parsons R Ham1lton C Parsons P Ware S Durkxn S Dawood Thlrd D Klem N Duer L Mmk J Stucco R Hale J Housel B Llddle M Keen R Speelman M Roselle F Pollock Fourth D Holcomb D Van Tassell J Evans M Brrdge J Lytle J Holmes P Rxchards P Labbe A Louls J Long B Cawthorne M Dawk1ns R Wllllam son R Sedrnack Flfth A Mundy W Burke G Moore N M1ller J Jackson D Mathrs H Hanna F M1ller R Border L Bland SENIOR A CAPPELLA CHOIR M Aronhalt M Moss K Rlchardson M Ireland B Ekstedt M Russo C Halacheff P Br1ney D M1les Second P Emmanuel N Blazeff M Schultz E Myers M Felstex N Caprxo M E Sm1th M Wrxght H McDonald R A R1ggS M Davxs V Wxdlcan S Nord Thnd V Carls E Bragg C Cummmgs D Solana P Adkms L Hlsey N Gr1gsby E Carlson H Ury M Mayer L Stoffer A Campbell Page 30 D R1es F Haxtlme G M1haV1CS D Korfas S Terrass F Krager B Looper D Halfen D Lamblng B Law F1fth MISS Sprague J Evans P Armstrong B Chandler B Steele G Bennett R Wolfe D Mahan 'VI Stevens D Tayler B Cawthorne Slxth J Almstlong J Purdon D Cuckler P Kmg K Kershnex L Tolbext A Vanchura C Stewart J Berry C Azax THE FORGE i A ' ' ' 'z . ' ' , . ' , . , . 3, . , . ' , . , . , - I, . , . , . , . , . . , . , . , . , . , . - I . . . , - , - l . . 7 ' Y ' I Y ' Y ' ' ' 7 ' 3 ' 7 ' 5 ' 7 l . ' . . ' ' v - a ' v ' x ' First row: S. Wileman, R. N. Rutherford, F. Pollock, Fourth: N Hartline, D. Busby, P. Ficele, M. Bridge, . . . , . I , . , . . l , . ' . , . - l , . , . , . : . , . , . , . ' : ' , . , . , , v - is - v - ' 1 ' ' y f - - 1 ' 1 - 1 . , . . , . . , . , . . l . , . , . . - y - v - r - a ' 1 - v ' In - I v - v ' I 1 , . , . . . , . '. MAJORETTES Nancy Yeater Petsy Meyers Sally Moran Dottle Fagerstxom Anna Zmkhann Seated Shlrley Fornaby BAND Fust IOVK Nancy Yeater Eleanor Myers Sally Moran Dorothy Fagerstrom Anna Marre Zlnkhann Second Janet Strlcklen Ernrrajane Kxger Joann Ew11s1zer Margome Keen John Hotchko Jack Archxal Terry Hogan Shlrley Formby John Veller B111 Crlst Brll Oldfxeld John Quattxocchl Shlrley Wlleman Lydxa Markov Thxrd Le Roy Brown Bob Askew Paul Armstrong THE FORGE Glenn Howes Ot1s McGhee John Cleek Jm my 'Vllller Ellame K1ekhaefer Mllan Markov John Harrxs Alma Thrssen Patty McBr1de Fourth Jerry Busby John Brandt Jeux YIcElfresh Edward Dav1s Davld Mxtchell Glenn Gray Ken Kershner Mr Capes Harold Kullman Paul Nowhn Ronald Cook Howard Prease Gene Strassner R1chard Deltle Page 31 52' M 4 ,Mt ,L 1, ? LW, xv.-1 gl v v 1 ' V 1 Y 7 ' 4 . . ' I ' A . . . A ' . . . ,. ' . - , ' ' ., v ' . , , , , . l A . . . . , , . - y - , y - v' . ' v n . y V ' y 1 - y v ' - 1 - . A ' - v r ' 1 ' v ' , , , , . , . . . , , . ' 7 H 7 ' DRAMATHICLUB Flrst Row Cathle Hexlmeler Monoca Moss Sally Moran Jackle Abel NlCk16 CHPFIO Margaret Fe1ster Joseph1ne James Vlolet W1d1C8D Second Patty Clegg Mary Ellen Slmth Maureece DBVIS Dorothy Mlles J1mm1e Smlth Marllyn Stmson Helene Ury I OIOGY Flrst Row Nancy Elllot Patty Brlney Mar1etta Russo Genle Prats Sally Moran Bernlce Hackm Josephlne James Cathle He1lme1e1 Anna Belle Brooks Betty Brooks Second Evelyn Jones Barbara Ekstedt LaVon D11 lon Cecel1a Halachoff L1ll1an Harrlson Hope McDonald Dorothy Mlles Frances Center Monoca Moss Th1rd Barbara Scott Vonadell Phares Debble Graham Naoml F1elds Mary Ellen Sm1th Jlmmle Smlth Maureece Da IS Mrs Brady Loxs Stoffer Fourth Bettv Watts Mary Lou H111 Hazel Lockhart Margaret Felstel NlCk1e Caprlo Mxckey Wrlght Audree Lawson Florence Pollock Page 32 Thlrd Don Corbett Marllyn Schultz Florence Powell M1ckey Wrlght LOIS Hlsey Andy Tolas Fourth D1ck Busby Paul Armstrong Mr Querry Tony Suso Harold Kullman Flfth Jack Berry Larry Tolbert Ken Kershner CLUB Flfth Glenna Phllpott Ada Kurhck Jackle Abel Eleanor Myers Donna Mock Ruth Kelfer Mary Mayer Audrey Nord Slxth Phyll1s Lamont Lo1s HISQY Patty Clegg P tty Adklns Gladys Davxes Pat Prltchard Nancy Shoemaker Marllyn Stmson Seventh Grace Manthe Florence Powell Ellalne Klekhaefer Betty Hemy Joanne Adams Evaday Bragg Helene Ury Elghth Naomi Wrlght Hllda Lockhart Jo Ann Koczur Jackie Chenault Margxe Denham Chrlstlne Ruley THE FORGE - 1 1 ' 7 ' 1 ! 7 1 ' 7 y ' , . l . . . , 1 - 1 - 1 1 4 1 1 1 1 . , y , . 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . , 1 1 . , , . I - 1 1 1 l ' Y - U . . . . . I I a 7 7 7 ' 7 1 1 1 1 M y ' ' I 1 1 - . . . . I y Y - 1 1 . . . .... Y Y , , 1 1 1 1 1 . . , . ' -1 Y 1 y ' Y ' ' 1 4 1 1 , , . 1 . . -L L- 'Hb WW sfw aw ,wife MEGAPHONE CLUB Flrst row Dave Johnson Inez Gwen Lorena Berry Cathy Hellmerer Bernrce Hackrm Carol Pavsons Vrolet Wrdrcan GCDGVICVQ Shahmouradlan Josephlne James Shlrley Formby Nancy Ellrott Second Betty Brooks Joann Wrllrams Paulrne Tay lor Debbre Graham Hope McDonald Mrckey Wrrght Donna Mock Margaret Whrte Betty Sue Watts Al Arens Thrrd lNancy Yeater Loretta Harold Ada Kurlrck Pat Arthur Mary Lou Hrll Nancy Shoemaker Audrey Nord Grace Manthe Dottre Fagerstrom Fourth Velma Carls Petsy Myers Chr1st1ne Ruley Marllyn Strnson Helene Ury Pat Prrtchard Betty Henry Betty Barry Frfth Tom Wrlllams Marllyn Schultz Exaday Bragg Renre Buehrle Margre Denham Paulrne Emman uel S1Yth Harold Kullman Norman Drxon Chuck Stewart I ATIN QI LB Frrst roxy Cathy Herlmerr Bernrce Hackrm Monoca Vloss Josephrnc James Margre Drcher Ruth Kerfer Second Loretta Chrrsten Shrrley Wlleman Phyllrs Lamont Marran Larexx Hope MacDonald Mrckcy Wrrght Carolyn Ocheltree THE FORGE Thlrd Loretta Harrold Barbara Hassrg Carol Parsons Shrrley Nord June Full Audrey Nord Fourth Naomx Corts Nancy Grrgsby Lee Herman Margre Denham Velma Wlles Chrrstrnc Cummrns 'Vlarrlyn Strnson Flfth James Purdon Pete Klng Kenneth Morrrson Page 33 , ,W .., 'ww-1 f .,,, , in fe .1 w W W5 A W a . A . ,A x, , 1 - r W f ,E ' z wi , ' . 4 , 4 . . A . 1 1. I , - .,., ' ' -'-"" - 1 Wizai. ' I.. ff ' - 'Ziff ' Jr ,J Q ,,,., W, W3 , 1 ,ZA 1-,..f' , f ig J , a f 2 if 2 , ' - - 31 A J ,,., ,. ' J K lx ' vs... ,. ' ::,,:,A.",,.:':'::4i-I-2-:Q f V' 'V g 2 V- ,En - ,V ' v v - ' . . 1 4 7 . . ' v ' 3 7 ! L 7 Y ' 3 Y 'i 7 1 . ' ' ' v . . . . . - 4 , , , 7 1 ' ' ' A . . , , - , . U v ' ll A . ' . . , , ' a 1 v v ' . l. A ' 9 1 I 3 ' ! Y Y l , - ' ! 7 ' ' ' 7 7 , , , . , . , 14 A A a - 'Z Q uv I ' 1. w ' ' y f - I w v 1 X v v F . , . A Q . . x Q . i A i . Y' . . F . ' - ' 7 . , . . . . ' . ' , . . , . , V . . - , , , Q .I h V. . , I ' 5 . , I Q - JUNIOR Y TEENS First row Nancy Evans Loretta Christen Peggy Shirley Nord Carole Parsons Barbara Rufflng Iima Wallace Donna Kaiser Second Marian Larew Helen Sanders Shirley Wileman Ruth Minick Betty Smith Mary Ellen XVEISQHITIIIIEI' Anne Tidyman MBFIOH Chapin Bonnie West SENIOR Y First row Cathy Heilmeir Patty Briney Donna Wilkinson Cecilia Halacheff Genie Prats Marietta Russo LaVon Dillon Nancy Elliott Anna Belle Brooks Second Dorothy Miles Lois Stoffer Marilyn Schultz Josephine James Audrey Lawson Hope McDonald Violet Widican Barbara Ekstedt N1Ck18 Caprio Third Bernice Hackim Betty Sue Watts Mary Page 34 Hassig Marlene Roth Martha Ireland Rowena Arnold Pat X. ie Janet Bailey Laverne Douglas Fourth Elmena Martsoff Nancy Grisby Janet Housel Jackie Noriis Barbara Stuck Noami Corts Sylvia Durkin Lucy Mink Fifth Madeline Shoemaker Thal1a Kaltreider June Bisson Rebecca Speelrran Phyllis Norman Crystal TEENS Dahm Donna Mock Hazel Lockhart Pat Pritchard Lois Hisey Delores Graham Fourth Mary Mayer Jackie Chenault Jackie Abel Donna Dilwoith Jane Wade J1mm1eSm1th AdaKu1l1ck Fifth Margie Denham Nancy Shoemaker Helene Ury Petsy Myers Mary Ellen Smith Naorri Wright Loretta Harrold Pauline Emmanuel Sixth Betty Henry Christine Ruley Evaday Bragg Florence Powell THE FORGE v v v N TIES - a ' , - - 3 l , y , , , A , l 7 7 3 : 7 Y ' 7 j 7 7 Third: Alice Etling, Frances Anthony, Barbara Parsons, Janet Hanley, Patti Gaugler. D : . . 7 . 3 Y 7 7 . 3 , V , , 7 - 9 Y 7 ' Z 7 7 ' l -- - - I 1 1 1 I - . , , . Q . - - - . - 7 Y 7 4 7 ' v 1 ' I D I ! D I 7 E : 7 7 ' LL..-ww GQ Q!- , ll' Q, Ql- ,Jim WSW!!- 5""K -K-1 mm , Hx' 4 if Ita.. 0, , . mx, "new HI Y Ama 9'U F1rst row Norrran Hartllne Robe1t Looper Bob Th1rd Harry Ducan Terry Hogan J1m Fo1st D1ck Gerry B111 Oyston Dor Larrbmg Davls Jack Cole Second Ph 1 Flcele Llnay Guthrle Chuck Lloyd Four h La1ry Dugan Norm D1xon B111 Cr1t B111 Bob Colllns Budoy Ha he 111 Gene Strassner Prltchard Bob Rock Fred Walrax en L CLUB Flrst row Anna Belle Brooks Nancy Elllott Betty Jos phlne .lame Cathy He1lme11 Delores McCorm1ck Genexlexe Shahrrouradlan Second Mar1lyn Schultz JdCk19 M3I1lD Doxothy Mlles Patr1c1a Burke Beve11y Hoffman Mauleece Dans Wlnnle Lynton Naoml Flclds France Center 'PHE FORGE Th1rd Evelyn Jones Hazel Lockhart Jean Folk Bonnle Grant Grace Meaux Grace Manthe Wanda Peyt n J1rnm1e Smlth Fou th Pat MIHHIG G11ff1ths Wxlght F1fth Helen mons Pat Clegg P11tcha1d June Full Ca1o1 Ocheluee Many Ellen Srn1th Jackle Abel Naom1 Clark Pat S1mpeon Mary Lou S1m Margle Denham Page 30 5 ' f: .. ' , ' , . ' 2 D , , ' ' . A 1 1' ' . ' ' ' , ' . 1 I ' , A , ' 1 'S, A ' , l t T' , . ' , , 1' - 1 I 'I ' , h . I 3 , - Y W'attS. Genie Prats. Bernice Hackim. Margaret Feister, Y ' ' ' ' 3 . S. v . .-3 , . 1 ' o , . v' - 7 I '. X- I -' ' V , f - 1 . Z I ' v 1 I 1 . u ' 'I . - ' A V . ' . , ' ' . ' - , . ' A 'l 1 I I - I 1 1 3 - . . ' ' . ay new oarf, 1949 Suriounding May Queen Rosalie MOIIIS who 1S seated in the center are of honoi Vivian Gerry second maid of honoi Gloria Dingey lady in waiting and Betty Brooks honor sophomore Page 36 THE FORGE Helene Ury, first maid of honorg Patty Clegg, crownerg Mickey Wright, third maid LASER AND RHjY NORKA BEVERAGES HARDWARE 414 E MARKET STREET AKRON OHIO STORE 608 SPICER STREET THE FORGE BEST OF LUCK, SENIORS lp..,1 Work Done H hlle lou Wan' Sutter Shoe Service 775 lohnslon Sl A GOOD PLACE TO EAT TERRY S PLACE 257 E Buchtel Ave UPHOLSTERY SPRING SALE Davenport and Chaxr compleiely Rebuxlt and Recovered ln Fabnc or Plast c 5125 00 I5 months to pay EAST AKRON UPHOLSTERY 157 S College St rn 7687 Haig s Grocery The BFS? 171 Fme Foods 644 East Market St The Corner Store Bl N ADAMS Sl' IE 0509 Akron I Ohio -FB YOU HAVE LIVED AND LEARNED IN CENTRAL HIGH TRULY A WONDERFUL SCHOOL IN A CONVENIENT LOCATION WE TOO ARE IN A CENTRAL LOCATION TO SERVE THE FAMILIES AND FRIENDS OF EVERY GRADUATE GOOD LUCK AND SUCCESS TO YOU ' DON R. l0NG FUNERAL HOME 293 E MARKET STREET IE 8119 HAMBULANCE SERVICE" Page as THE FORGE SHRIBER Iewelry Priced from 53375 E M k in fd' FR 7512 Bonduranl s Servrce PURE OIL PRODUCTS S F g S ei IE 0197 HE 3309 RETAIL WHOLESALE DEPARTMENT Slore Unron IACK STANLEY Slanley Heallh Sludro 56 EM kiSt I Akron Panls Co 32 S HOWARD ST THIS EDITION OF THE FORGE WOULD NOT BE POSSIBLE WITHOUT THE S HELP OF THE ADVERTISERS Sandwrch Shop I 401 E Ma k I St ee! ICE CREAM AND PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS AND TELL THEM SANDWICHES You SAW THEIR AD IN THE FORGE SDEZZSLTY Amalgamaled Clolhrng Workers OI Amerrca C. I. 0. ORGANIZING COMMITTEE cl L 0' I I . . A -" ia .if x I - General Auto R p ' T ' g d Emerg y R d S ' Sl o I cl Il on 1 I Compliments Of Cong t'1ations, Seniors' I cxgsy I I M . ar e ree ' ' Co. I 12 . ar et St. cl. e . on ' T I I . 1' e r l Compliments of I THE FORGE Pg 39 FoE YoUE FLOWER NEEDS FISHER 5 238 N Arlmgton St Grocenes and Meats Pruns and Vegetable 139 S MAIN STREET Orders over S5 OU delxvered free after l o clock Store IE O32O Res HE 2796 P0 2Oll S 5 BUSINESS TRAINING PAYS 5 S Actual offers Day and Nlght Classes 1n prepar at1on for Ofhce Employment as Clerk Secretary or Accountant Approved for Veteran Tra1n1 g Free Employment Service To Graduates Register Now New Classes Begm Tune 20 ACTUAL BUSINESS COLLEGE INC MARY COYLE STORES KUCKO FUNERAL HOME l SEE . I . . A S ' The - . . I1 . S , - l Page 40 THE FORGE Congrcxtulatrons Seniors' PAUL S CASH MARKET Corner Carroll and Brown Carl s Barber Shop HI U FOOD SI-IOPPE IIA IIBURGS DINNERS TTI' 4K9 155 S College Street IE 0293 Cor of Ellwood and Carroll Woodburn s Market 28 N Forge St BEST WISHES SENIORS' WE CONGRATULATE OUR FUTURE TUXEDO RENIAI SERVICE CITIZENS ZENON S DRIVE INN 22 N MAIN STREET FR 6512 DELICIOUS SANDWICI-IES Your Favorite CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS' DEPENDABIE MILK SI-IAKES AND SUNDAES Featuring ITALIAN SPAGHETTI EMPIOVMENI SERVICE MEET THE GANG AT ZENON'S I333 S. ARLINGTON STREET Pag E I I - 1 I . - I 1 I .4 Complete Food Jlarlrel , . I I THE FORGE Franz Beauty Shop 416 E. Market St. FR-3412 Y Appl. Until 9:30 P. M. B. and L. Cleaners 236 E. Exchange St. The Best in Cleaning and Service We Operate Our Own Plant 3 24 Hour Service T BL-1482 University Cleaners GLENN BILBREY, Prop. 362 Carroll St., Akron 4 O CARPENTER BROTHERS BARBER SHOP 466 rr. soum srnrzsr NEW STOCK IUST ARRIVED' BASEBALLS SHOES UNIFORMS Team or Ind1v1dua1 WARNER BOAT HOUSE BEST WISHHS local Number5 SENIORS Unrled Rubber, Cork, lrnoleum, FROM and Plaslrr Workers ol Amerrra George R Bass Presldent G deon Lowe Secretary I F Delaney Treasurer Page 42 THE FORGE rouuur ron co-ovrnrrlvf S Mr. and Mrs. M. T. Abel Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Adkins Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Adkins Mr. and Mrs. lay W. Adkins Patricia Adkins Warren Adkins A friend of the Senior Class Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Berry Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Brooks Buchtel Ave. Market Mr. and Mrs. George Capes Cargo Trailer Manufacturing Inc. Mr. and Mrs. I. E. Carlson Carroll Food Market Carroll Cleaners Congratulations! Seniors Miss Alma Cortellessa Mr. and Mrs. David Davisson Mr. and Mrs. Leo Dirrig Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Dixon Miss Pearl Drews Iessie Ellis Mr. and Mrs. I. A. Evans M s. I. O. Feister Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Flaherty FORGE PATRONS Georges University Store Mr. and Mrs. Warren Grimm Miss Ruth Haines Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Halien Hamptons Market Mr. and Mrs. Eirnest Hickman Homeroorn 313 Mr. and Mrs. Iohn Ielus Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. King Mr. and Mrs. Steve Kolnik Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Lambing Mrs. Lizzie Longfellow Andy Mayton Mr. and Mrs. H. L. McCormick Mr. and Mrs. Ralph McKean Miller's Service Store Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Moore Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Morgan Mrs. Hulls 23 angels National Sports Center National Sports Center Bud Nester Perez Family P.F.D. Club Mrs. Margaret Overholt Mr and Mrs Iames Steele Mr Mr Mr M r. Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr M r. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. H. E. Phares L. D. Phelps Q. M. Pritchard and Mrs. Iohn Quattrochi and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. Thomas Rock Iohn A. Russo R. S. Rutherford Daniel Sabaka Iohn Sabaka C. W. Schultz Tyson Schakleford Mrs. C. A. Shetter Miss Betty Slinger Miss Beatrice Sprague Mrs. Mildred Stoutfer Mr. and Mrs. T. D. Summerford Floyd Tschantz T.X.F. Club Mrs. Edward Vanchura . C. H. Vincent . and Mrs . and Mrs . O. C. Weinsheimer and Mrs. . Roy Walker Ronald White and Mrs. Iohn Yazvac Mrs. Hull s 23 Problem Children USTON PUG CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIORS N Z Service Slore GOOD LUCK I B R 0 W N S Dance Sludlo 35 S Mann Street Akron. Ohio HIGHEST QUALITY ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT 897 E MARKET STREET The Finest In T H E U N cLAss AND vmtsrrv swnmnns D R V E I N WITH US SPORTING GOODS IS A BUSINESS AKRON S BIGGEST 5 SANDWICH NOT A SIDELINE 518 E SOUTH STREET CURB SERVICE OPEN 24 HOURS A DAY Mr Mr Mr Mr I' MI' I ' l E I l I I THE FORGE page 43 MILLER S PATENT MEDICINES SUNDRIES FOUNTAIN SERVICE AND LUNCIIES FLOWERS Clg IE 0565 Fo Fve x Occas on SPICER Fl0RISI COLLEGE SODA GRILLE 174 S College St 373 Spicer Street Bud Trlton s Sunoco Servrce B tt BL 0251 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS A PORTRAIT BY PECK Is The Frnest In Photography PECK S STUDIO AKRONS LEADING PHOTOGRAPHER 82 South Howard Street BL 5613 E zeys Beauty Shoppe 635 Iohston St F crtunng he H r Fa h ons IE 9439 BEST WISHES ron Ambulance CRISPY mme Polalo Chaps Personal Prlnl Shop msc.u.,g.,st m1.h..sf..,sf AKRON CENTRAL FORGE PRINTERS FR 2139 EM g CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS' 597-99 Kenmore Blvd. Akron. Ohio FROM DAVISSON CABINEIS 221 E. Center Street I l I I C ' ' 'I d I' , g I I . Tires, cr eries, and Acces ' Opposil City H 1'tZ , ! I I I I . . e ' t Latest in ' s i - - om i ns f ' Ak I N l I I I I P g 44 THE FORGE Harsha s Drug Store Pm rr r1fIz011 Compoundmq Mr Harsha and Mr Schray Regxstered Pharmaclsl 282 E Exchange Sl Phone FR 0123 Be Well Dressed Graduate 1n a Ta11or Made Sult of the Latest Styles and Fabr1cs CITY FLORAL I-Ioum foz 411 Occastons Foureagee Our Speczalty See Margaret Fexster for orders 525 E Market Sl HE llll2 UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE e tend to the Fzrls of Icnfral Illgh the Courtesy Ise of a buttm hole' maker The Akron Sewing Heard the Bug News? Instead of dreamlng about that out of Eh1S world offlce pos1t1on Ive up and done somethlng about t Yep Just enrolled at the Comptometer School Swell deal too' In a matter of weeks Ill be come a graduate Comptometer operator a sure nuff flgure wor k specrallst Understand bosses are really houndmg the Comptometer Schools free place n ent SEFVICG for operators these days and paymg good salar1es too Can you blame me for be The COMPTOMETER SCHOOI Machlne Company J C Sllvester Manager 212 S d N t I Bld 818 E Igxgggfge Sf PheEii1'm.15'5'R?, g one FRankl1n 2913 BUDGET SUPER MARKET To Serve You Better To Save You More Meats Groceries Produce Drugs 589 U Akron Ohlo Open Sundays IU a m 3 p rn THE BEST OE' LUCK FROM VICTORY MARKET BEST WISHES SUMMIT COUNTY 224 EAST EXCHANGE STREET FR 8300 HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT ARTHUR F. RANNEY SUMMIT COUNTY ENGINEER THE FORGE page 45 I I I v .1 . . A r - 1 . J I l A, . - - . - . - . . y . . S , - , - - . . W HJ- , ,' ' - . , ' . 7 ' ' A , ' ,-' I . . T r ', Y ' 1 in Ulu' Store ---- X0 Clltlfgfl. ing. excited? I I J . . , . . . , . l.'f-flvwmlhlgf I'r'r-cd I I I I I P5011 Sf- l 391 Park IE-0035 I ' . . H U S T 0 N S Blackstone BUTLEB S Cleaners BENZOCO SERVICE 400 M G Ch ld GREASE o L GAS 1 154 1 n 1 sa nl. 1 HANDY PHARMACY FAST CHARGE 51: to Sl Store D gg t Y p 5 Ig 1 5 427 E SOUTH STREET 'l' il tn h IE 1092 BL 0126 EDITH LENTZ STUDIOS ANTIQUES GIFTS CURIOS SEW ON A 166 FIR HILL AKRQN QHIQ SINGER SEWING MACHINE IE 6280 AND You sEw on THE BEST F F LENTZ H M GBAVEN C d I P t C d B tt if FRANIVS MARKET SINGER SEWING CENTER FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES AT A FAIR PRICE us saufh Main sheet IE-6181 Au. :mms or MEATS 984 East Market St. HE-3848 208 NORTH ADOLPH STREET IE 0249 Page 46 THE FORGE I I You Hare Tried the Rest, N ' T th .Z Men's, Women's, Boy's Ou! ry e Beg c owcm St. i ren's Furnishings - I - 58- o ns on . - -228 Presfription ru is.: H fs dau ' 9 - -E 5 P- - Hy- ure Drugs - c oo uppliel - Sg.9..t9p,, Sundries-oe'es 765 Io nston St. - ' I urrier an ves rin s urios an u ons 0 ang ape you 1 elf! THE FORGE Fd1to1 Bob Looper N1Ck19 Capmo Norm Dlxon Margaret Felster Delores Graham Betty Phelps Joan SISCO Lols Stoffer Naom1 Wr1ght Photographs Peck s Studlo Mllford Terrass Wllllam Chandler Page 47 S I , M '. Zh gorge Sfaff

Suggestions in the Akron Central High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Akron, OH) collection:

Akron Central High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Akron, OH) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


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Akron Central High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Akron, OH) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 46

1949, pg 46

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