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" n'- ,t Capital Appearance-The Beatles performed for a youthful audience in Wash- Opening for JuniorseThese college juniors joined ington on the night of February 12. the Peace Corps new summer project for six to ' eight weeks of training similar to that for regular 5 i Peace Corps volunteers. They later did surveying Ranger 0n Target-This is a ph0t0- work near Taos, N.M. After graduation they will graph of the lunar surface taken by be $61115 to Latin America. the Ranger 7 spacecraft prior to its impact on the moon July 315t. The area shown is about one and two- thirds miles on a side. The smallest craters are about 30 feet in diameter and 10 feet deep. Some of the large craters are about 300 feet in diameter. Family Grieves-Gust Carlson, father of Dr. Paul Carlson, medical mission- ary slain by rebel troops in the Con- go, dabbed at his eyes during a news conference in Los Angeles on Novem- ber 24. He is flanked by his daughter and another son. New Teen-Age Queen-Smiling Caro- lyn Mignini, 17, of Baltimore was Worldis Fair at Night-The New York VVorlde Fair attracted as many visitors at night crowned the new Miss Teen-age Amer- as it did during the day following its April opening. The nighttime lights set off the ica of 1965 in Dallas on November 13, beautiful pavilions constructed by many countries. t. m, "gr" t CONTENTS TITLE PAGE .. 1964 . ADMINISTRATION ' SENIORS l ? UNDERCLASSMEN GRADES MUSIC ATHLETICS 1 965 SCHOOL LIFE Aummus ADVERTISING The Akan is the Akeley Anglers' Annual and 13 published by the Akeley High School. i: k " Jupzm photographed in rcd lighl with ils satellite Gany- nudr, uppcr right, casting a shadow on the planet's surfacc, mp comer. ng. Wilson and Pakmxar Observatories L SUPERINTENDENT HIGH SCHOOL PRINCFAL Theofil J . Cuhel ELEMENTARY PRINCIPAL F.V. Thompson Rebecca Malerich ADMINISTRATION Clarence Olafson, Treasurer Ewald Semmler, Chairman Homer Beckerleg. Clerk Board of Education Henry Alm, Director Franklin Kelsey, Director Ernest Golberg. Director HIGH SCHOOL TEACHERS Ida Houchin Ruth Ressler Senior High English Social Studies Spanish Library Speech HI, I .51 Jerome 0. Johnson Commercial Arts 4 Larry Axelson 8th History Industrial Arts Assistant Coach A. Mattioli Coach Mathematics flMPlE4S I 2 3 Beatrice Berg Marion Lang Home Economics Junior High English 9th Social Studies . Physical Education Luis Ferrer Coffee Break Music David Huberty 7th Social Studies Science SECRETAR Esther Crosby Margaret Karl Margaret Egeland E E Preston Brown--Hugo Gunkel--Ralph Tatro Emil Benson MAINTENANCE 4: 1" The Solar Corona photographed during a total eclipsc from Green River, Wyoming. -Ml. W'ilson and Palomar Observatories PRESIDENT Steve Harms VICE-PRESIDENT Sherry Matteson MOTTO; "Not To Be Average" SECRETARY TREASURER Violet Gitchsl FLOWER' James Harris Red Rose COLORS: Gray and Red STUDENT COUNCIL PRESIDENT ' ' Daniel Houchin Humbert Resendiz -. SECRETARY-TREASURER Sandra Vik Darlene Dalen Beverly 086k Bonnie Johnson Thomas Malerich Sharon Oelschlager Claudia Egeland Barbara Evertz Michael Brady Frances Regnier Ruth Nauber Lynne Golberg ' Robert Gustad Kathleen Beckerleg OUR SCHOOL sgomcef Winnog, 191m! Chorus Prompters--Kathy Beckerleg Ehpo Bonnie Johnson Fred Id Sta ,, Wheelyidfaet. ikbt. EDan g 80 b one 12 ID Beulah Belle--Sandra Vik Carlotta Cortez--Violet Gitchel F1f1--Lynne Golberg SENIOR PLAY LOVE RIDES THE RAILS A real melodrama complete with all the required trappings. a hero, villain, heroine. etc., and papcorn for in-between-act snacks mad. up for a very successful senior class play under the direction or Mrs. Frank Ressler. The actors had fun and so did the audience. Railroad workera-John Dunham Charles Rich Bartender---Humbert Resendiz Simon Darkwqy--Ton Malerioh Director--Mrs. Rosaler 3? 3 3K j I : William Schweder---D1rector JUNIOR PLAY "TUNE IN ON TERROR" The story involves Jane and Ellen who spent too much time watching horror shows on T. V. and neglected their studies, so their uncle and his friends de- cided to teach them a lesson by placing them in a "haunted" house. Through the use of make- up and strange noises and ac- tivities, they were able to scare the twins into behaving. Hh St Dan Houchin---Bart Burdette Jim Harris----Pete Moss ,k i t Cluswrs of stars in the Sagittarius region of me Milky Way photographed with a 10-inch lens. -ML Wilson and Palomar Observatories Dennis Farrington Linda Lenander Melvin Goodman Barbara Bennor Betty Warnke Larry Hartman Marlys J arVa Ronald Golberg JUNIOR CLASS Ronald Goehring Linda Thompson President ------ Linda Thompson Vice-president---Ray Goehring Secretary -------- Art Richmond Treasurer ------- Louise Gunkel Student Council--Marlys Jarva Linda Lenander Beverly-Wicks Mike Semmler Ella Mae Dalen Thomas Conley Raymond Goehring Louise Gunkel Arthur Richmond - Kathy Grimler Steve Jarman Mary Regnier Richard Brown Clara Gfimler Carolyn Holland Dale Matteson Delores Gack Philip Johnson Mike Bixby Sue Olson Terry Farrington Terri Olafson SOPHOMORE CLASS Gilbert Resendiz President---------Philip Johnson Vice President----Da1e Matteson Secretary---------Sherry Andreas Treasurer-----------Steve Jarman Student Council--------Sue Olson Sheila Andres. Doug Couch Sharon Connally Jim Dunham Jim Goehring Sheryl Andress George Dippold Suzanne Kelsey FOOT WASHm-10 LIMBO? HUD PACK ANYONE? RINSE-n55t IT HAPPENS '10 EVERYONE? MODERN DANCING James Erickson Michelle Farrington Perry Jarva Meri Gack Mary Kramer Walter Kubat Dorothy Oelschlager President ---------- John Hamand Vice President ----- Perry Jarva Secretary ---------- Meri Gack Treasurer ---------- Michelle Farrington Student Council----Diane Semmler Diana Johnson J oseph Regnier Charlotte Lecy John Hamand Linda Case Harold Olson Diane Semmler Pamela Andress Alberto Ferrer Rae Gack Kenneth Gitchel Shirley Goehring Janelle Gunkel Colleen Hartman David Lenander Otto Lennberg Judy Nelson Kenneth Olson Larry Oelschlager Jon Rich Daniel Semmler Thomas Shay Susan Thompson EIGHTH GRADE Linda Vik Deborah Whitehead President ------- - ------- Bert Ferrer Vica-president ------------- Jon Rich Secretary ---------- Debbie Whitehead Treasurer ------------ JDtto Lennberg Student Council --------- Pam Andress Frances DeMars Laurel Dunham Gay Pennington Ernest Opheim Beverly Semmler David Banner Joan Hayes Peggy Johnson Roxanne Kelsey Gerald Struss Gail Pennington Hyacinth Kubat Steven Olafson Molly VandenEykel SEVENTH GRADE Jeanette Herdina President -------- Ernest Opheim Vice President--Gay Pennington Sec.-Treas.----Gai1 Pennington Student Council--Gera1d Struss i ' t k ' i i The full Alum: photographed through the lOO-inch tele- scope: on Mt. Wilson, California. iML Wilson and Palomar Observatories I i '7 FOURTH GRADE Avis Mordini FIRST GRADE Eleanor Olesen THIRD GRADE Lillian Benham A Wsza Q Jourmgq giriiAEEhm GRADE , , Elwgoii T EAC H E R3 v31: nu Inna: N :Jxmxmumzwv nuumuuxr L. French First Row: N. Splittstoesser, D. Hoag, T. Beckerleg, L. Phillips, M. Hanson, D. McAllister K' Second Row: S. Kubat. R. Spanjers, T. Parks, 5. Hartman. T. Olafson A. Tucker Third Row: R. Miska, D. Elavsky, D. Hamm, D. Peterson, C. Goehring. B. Nelson, J. Thompson - First Row: W. Vanden Eykel, J. Howard, R. Tucker, L. Hayes, L. Hoag. Second Row: D. Kriens, P. Nelson, D. Hanson, J. Roetman, J. Johnson, E. Gunkel. Third Row: C. Andreas. K. Struss, M. Johnson, D. Kramer, W. Nelson, M. Vredenburg. S. Dunham. SECOND GRADE First Row: P. Grimler. K. Spanjers, C. Gunkel, L. Johnson. . B. Nelson. J. Regnier. E. Hanson Second Row: B. Banner, '1'. Vanden Eykel, R. Vredenburg, S. Johnson. D. Moore. J. Schroeder, J . HcAllister Third Row: B. Kriens, F. Kelsey, G. Young. 0. Chase. J. Golberg, D. Parks, R. Hartman First Row: B. Tucker, D. Spandgratg, Hanson, R. Semmler, F. Regnier, H. Vredenburg, "A"'.mDunham . Kriens, J . Beckerleg Second Row: J. Nelson, D. Shay, . Hartman, G. Semler, W. Herdina, S. Roetman, C. Farrington, R. Kubat, H. Hartman, K. Semler Third Row: J. Tatro, G. Struss, J. Tucker, D. Olson, R. Peterson, R. Gack, D. Lacy, V. Brown, V. Ferrer FOURTH GRADE ...... , ..gaJvvvu ;;Q; 2w Ki , - v g" R. Warnke, R. Vredenburg, S. Beckerleg, M. Thompson. . First Row: D. Splittstoesser, A. Johnson, R. Tu ker Second Row: m. Vanden Eykelm. Johnson - , -. - :31 . Golberg D. k 9 Third Row: WF. Kramer, J. Hamand, R. Struss, J. Brown, . B. i': m. R. Semler : First Row: J. Hayes, P. Nels'on, D. Kriens, D. Brady Second Row: T. Grimler, C. Thompson, J . Kramer, C. Semmler, J . Olson Third Row: G. Roetman, M. Ferrer, L. Tucker, C. Hammad, D. Ferrer, P. Harms S IXTH GRADE .-. um, 9....muv a www.at ,....."." i k The great spiral nebula in Andromeda is believed to be much like our own Galaxy. Two satellite nebulae ap- pear. ML Wilson and Palomar Observatories Majorettes: 8. Andreas, K. Beckerleg, S. Olson, L. Thompson, C. Lecy, T. Olafson, S. Andress Seated: B. Warnke, R. Kelsey, T. Malerich, J. Hayes, B. Johnson, F. Regnier, L. Gunkel, J. Nelson, M. Johnson, D. Geek, J. Hamand, S. Goehring, Ln Lenander, J. Struss, R. Gustad, S. Matteson Standing: Mr. Ferrer, P. Johnson, Bo Gack, F. DeMars. E. Opheim, H Resendiz, S. Oelschlager, M. Farrington, L. Golberg, V. Gitchel es, Vik-absente BAND The Band has been very active this year. In Oct. they marched in the Homecoming Parade at Bemidji. They also played for all of the home basketball games. A Christmas and Spring Concert were held. A Band and Chorus Club was organized. The members are President: S. Oelschlager; Secretary: V. Gitchel; Treasurer: C. Rich; Board of Directors: S. Vik, L. Gunkel, D. Gack, C. Lecy, J. Nelson, M. Johnson. Duet: Hungry Five: Frances Regnier B. Johnson, V. Gitchel, L. Lenander, Joan Hayes T. Malarich, L. Gunkel es. Vik-absente ,vah First Row: Hr. Ferrer, J. Hayes, L. Gunkel, L. Gack, K. Grimler, S. Goehring, S. Matteson, E. Opheim, L. Case, J. Gunkel, G. Pennington, L. Vik, B. Evertz, G. Pennington, S. Oelschlager Second Row: S. Andreas, M. Jarva, P. Andreas, S. Andreas, K. Beckerleg, F' Regnier, C. Lacy T. Olafson J N 1 M. Gack, F, DeMars , ' ' e son, D. Gack, M. Johnson, Third Row: J. Harris, H. Resendiz, D. Matteson, C. Grimler, 0. Rich, R. Schroeder, P. Johnson, V. Gitchel, S. Jarman, G. Struss, C. Egeland, J. Herdina Absent-S. Vik. B. Gack, B. Wicks CHORUS TRIPLE TRIO: V. Gitchel. T. Olafson S. Oelschager. K. Beckerleg Soloist: Sherry Andress C. Lecy. M. Johnson Accompanist: Sharon Oelschlager 5. Andress, B. Gack Absent-S. Vik i ir Camd szmngham as seen in Deccmb 1940. Time exposure causes sxars to make tracks on pmlure. 7M1. W'ilson and Pa mmr Observatories A BASKETBALL The season record this year was 7 wins and 13 losses. It may not seem so impressive. but the season was highlighted by such events as the last- second victory in overtime over a good Red Lake team. 72-70. Also, the come-back victory. 58- 5k in the sub-district after two regular season defeats at the hands of Longville, the Longbow Champs . Dan Houchin was selected for the first team of the Longbow all-conference for the third con- secutive year. Injuries and the loss of several close ball- games were the heartbreaks of the 1964-65 season. Linda Thompson Lynne Golberg Marlys Jarva Sportsmanship Tro h Sheryl Andress p y M. Goodman, C. Rich, P. Johnson, H. Schroeder, J. Hamand, Coaches Axelson and Johnson. Student Managers K. Gitchel and K. Olson. T. Malerich, J. Harris, R. Goehring, H. Resendiz, D. Houchin. Pam Andress Charlotte Lecy Peggy Johnson This year we were very small and had trouble rebounding. We finished the season with 1 victory and can only go upward next year. See you then! B BASKETBALL G. Struss, A. Ferrer, J. Hamand. Coaches L. Axelson and J. Johnson. D. Matteson, J. Rich, R. Goehring. Student Manager K. Gitchel. T. Shay, S. Olafson, L. Oelschlager, O. Lennberg, J. Erickson, P. Jarva, E. Opheim, Student Manager K. Olson. Pamela Andress Janelle Gunkel Carolyn Holland JUdY Nelson , , . n Dorothy Oelschlager Violet Gitchel HUMOHOL'S INMPRETATJDN Diane Semmler Steve Jarman SERIOUS INTFRPRETATICN Terri Olafson Dale Matteson Claudia Egeland Humbert Resendiz Michelle Farrington Suzanne Kelsey Sherry Matteson Sharon Connelly Sharon Oelschlager Clara Grimler Lynne Golberg SPEECH NON-ORIGINAL ORIGINAL ORATORY Philip Johnson Sheila Andress Susan Olson Sherry Andress Charlotte Lecy Delores Gack EXTFMPORANEOUS , SPEAKING READING Hick Bowman Sandra Vik Bert Ferrer Beverly Gack Steve Harms Debbie Whitehead DISCUSSION STORYTFLLING T i h k 1 Meri Gack Hou se uun 8 Linda Thompson .Betty-Warnke Rae Gack Play School Fashion Show HOME EC. ACTIVITIES SPRING '64 SPANISH CLAS The Spanish party was held in class. Dale Matteson succeeded in breaking the pinata, which was made by Steve Jarman. The party was held to celebrate E1 Dia de Los Reyes hwhen Spanish speaking children get their gifts from the three kingsh. Clara Grimler Betty Warnken LIBRARIANS V' 1 t Gitchel Janelle Gunkel 1C e Bonnie Johnson KING c8: QUEEN OF HEARTS Ronnie Schv'oeder 8: Marlys Jarva PARTIES! FRESHMEN RETURN t t i The piano! Salum and iis Iamous rmg sysxcm as seen 1hrough the 100 nch ML Wilson telescope. ' 7M1. Wilsnn and Palomar Observatories . D a G IRLS, STATE Sherry Matteson was chosen by the American Legion Auxiliary to attend Girls' State last June. Violet Gitchel was chosen alternate. STUDENT COUNCIL Seated left to right: P. Andress, Standing left to right J. Struss, L. Len m 3-, r r L : mg, D. Semmler, 5. Olson, M. Jarva, S. Vik ander, D. Houchin, H. Resendiz 1": wax ?etf ' ; ?yv , Pres.: H. Resendiz V. Pres.: L. Lenander Sec.-Tres.: S. Vik John Olson, a sixth grader, was the winner of the Spelling Contest at Akeley and represented us at the County Contest. Susan Thompson was the alternate. B. Bowman, 0. Lennberg, J. Gunkel S. Goehring, D- Whit head, L. Gack, S. Thompson HOMEMAKER OF TOMORROW Sherry Matteson was named Homemaker of Tomorrow. She REASONABLE FACSIMILE - , received the highest score ' a ' on the Betty Crocker test. She received a pin. The test included questions on all phases of homemaking. This test was administered to senior girls only. NEWSPAPER STAFF Standing: R. Gustad, S. Matteson, D. Matteson, H. Resendiz, P. Johnson, E. Opheim, 0. Lennberg, L. Gunkel, 8. Olson, B. Gack, C. Egeland, S. Vik, V. Gitchel, S. Oelschlager, L. Thompson, L. Golberg, D. Lenander, M. Gack, Seated: K. Beckerleg, S. Harms, J. Harris, B. Warnke, L. Case. I YEARBOOK STAFF Standing: 8. Jarman, D. Matteson, P. Johnson, T. Olafson, L. Golberg, S. Kelsey, S. Connelly, K. Beckerleg, C. Grimler, S. Oelschlager, S. Olson, S. Vik, D. Gack, B. Johnson, S. Andress. Seated: S. latteson, M. Jarva, C. Holland, S. Andreas, V. Gitchel, L. Thompson, K. Grimler, B. Warnke, L. Lenander. M. Johnson, J. Regnier, R. Brown, G. Dippold, P. Johnson, G. Resendiz, T. Farrington, D. Gack, C. Holland, J. Gunkel, C. Grimler ? ' PRWJECTION CREW OD F. Regnier, M. Semmler, M. Gack, L. Hartman, J. Harris, 5. Olson, - R. Gustad, P. Jarva, D. Matteson R. Corner: D. Houchin Senior Science Club First Row: D. Matteson, T. Malerich, H. Resendiz, D. Sack, B. Gack, B. Warnke, C. Egeland, S. Olson, M. Farrington, J. Regnier, M. Regnier, F. Regnier Second Row: J. Harris, S. Harms, P. Johnson SCIENCE CLUBS Junior Science Club C. Kubat, G. Pennington, R. Kelsey, M. Johnson, Co Hartman, F. Demars, G. Pennington CARNIVAL The annual Carnival was sponsored by the Akeley P.T.A. A Queen Contest was held this year. Grades 10-12 sold tickets for their candidate with the proceeds going to the band. Sherry Andress, the 10th Grade candidate, was selected as queen and her attendants were Lmie Golberg, 12th Grade, and Marlys Jarva, 11th Grade. Other money-raising projects were Bingo, The Country Store, The Cake Walk, Penny Toss, Fortune Telling, Dart Throw. Car- toon Sketch, and others. This was one of the most successful Carnivals ever held in Akeley, thanks to the P.T.A. and all who attended. HALLOWEEN J ABBERWOCKY 196v At the spring cencert these girls performed a dance routine taken from the story Alice in Wonder- lgnd. The accompaniment was fur- nished by Lynne Golberg on the saxophone and piano and drum background. 1 7 III 5.! II , i-.. taunlx III .illlll REMEMER T $$de w 3?,13k m w 3" 10b! 8H mm, .W mammal." INDERGARTEN SPRING 1964 i i i k " The 200-inch Hale telescope on Mt. Pabmar shown pointing directly overhead. -Mt. Wilson and Palomar Observatories KONGRATULATIONS FROM PARKWAY MOTOR CO YOUR - mtnwnv DEALERS Park Rapids Telephone Minnesota 732-3373 B's H OP, S 0B A Ll T y 8 AN D Department Store ER v NZ 9 Park Rapids Telephone Minnesota 732'527? CITIZEN'S NATIONAL BANK of Park Rapids $ PROVlDiD IN YHE ANKING ACT 0' I53! "A BANK WORTHY OF CONFIDENCE AND PATRONAGE" PARK RAPIDS ENTER PRISE "An Independent Newspaper ......... Dedicated For The Past 81 Years To The Furtherance 0f Democracy By Keeping Its Readers Well Informed." BAILEY LUMBER We Would Like To Wish The Seniors Cf Akeley A Prosperous Future. Walker . Minnesota First National Bank $50M x "C; b Qt 04W CX3P1DSUEE DG$3QMBECJ 1 DROVIDiD In "If IINKING ACT 05 Ill! Q$OERAI. a: A'Ouvu "Your Friendly lst National" Walker. Minnesota Telephone: 547-1160 REALTY SALES Northern Minnesota Resort Sales Larry Dayton - Warren Greeley Walker, Minnesota Area Phone Code 218 Phone 5157-1177 Engmtulutiuus TO THE CLASS OF '65 TliE 3 3 STORE WALKER 'S "V" STORE W ALKER MINNESOTA Vik's Floral OPPOSITE ST. JOSEPH'S HOSPITAL PARK RAPIDS. MINNESOTA CUT FLOWERS, SPRAYS, DESIGNS, AND CORSAGES FLOWERING PLANTS FOR SPRING PLANTING Telephone 73 2-4276 H AMAND' S JOHN HAMAND, OWNER PHONE u68-2555 AKELEY, MINNESOTA NEVIS E. A. Cirks - Owner Walter Cirks - Manager MINNESOTA POWER PARK RAPIDS. MINNESOTA AKELEY PURE OIL Greasing, Ignition, Tires Telephone h68-2h05 Akeley, Minnesota ERICKSON HARDWARE AND FUNERAL HOME AMBULANCE SERVICE Telephone Day 012-h370 Night 012-3105 Nevis Minnesota 0. N. Erickson Earl Erickson FARMERS STATE BANK Your Full Service Dorset, Bank A! PROVIDED IN TIE BANKING ACT OF I933 Minnesota WESTERN AND NATIVE LUMBER MILDNORK-PAINT-ROOFING Builders--Hardware Plumbing Supplies Clifford Lof and Edwin Lof Telephone 652-b305 Nevis, Minnesota !, GRIFFIN MCFARREN S 1N0. ; RADdIo i RAMBLER TV ? SALES and SERVICE Philco Refrigeration Sales 8: Service Maytag Laundry Equipment, Park Rapids Telephone PARK RAPIDS MW 0 Minnesota 732-3486 9 5 TA 7312-31614 K O R N E R K4 F E ISAA::O:;::1:ITURE 1 f j I ; PROPRIE'IDRS Akeley, Minnesota 732-11161 TN! THE FICK 9w DRUG HUBBARD COUNTY INDEPENDENT E onus 57". A Newspaper That's Behind Youth all the way 732-3107 ,65 CONGRATULATES THE CLASS OF t Park Rapids Minneso a Park Rapids Minnesota SP ORTSMAN WARDS MONTGOME av WARD CAFE i I I ; I Cata1og Store Telephone 732-3336 Walker, Minnesota Park Rapids , Minna sota i I REXALL DRUG p N D ,1 x T H E s SUPER-VA LU o 39mm DRUG STORE w A L K E R M I N N. KI 7-1016 Walker, Minn. WALKER ARE HARDW CONSULT US PLUMBING-HEATING SPORTING GOODS P E T E R S O N 1 R E N N E R Walker , Minnesota Walker , Minnesota PHONE: 5u7-les9 HENDRICKS Miiiiiiza ELECTRIC CO. Akeley The Unusual Gift Items Minnesota Telephone Co FlL7-1301 ELECTRICAL PLUMBING HOUSEHOLD SPORTS PA INT AUTOMAT IVE ELECTRICAL REPAIRING James and Dorothy Hein AKELEY BAIT Jacobson C0. Pure Oil Co. Kxij 1 1 AT YOUR SERVICE N 1 1 Bulk Fuel Oil and Gasoline Phone: Akeley, HO 8-2660 Nevis. anesota Walker, KI 7-1101 Farm 9 sf W PP I G u Conrad Gustad--owner V U STAngANK PARK RAPIDS GENERAL BANKING--INSURANCE PARK RAPIDS, MINNESOTA Akeiey, Minnesota H08-3165 732-3366 SAVINGS CENTER Hmms FOOD MARKET SAVINGS CONSISTENTLY g' Telephone H08-21h5 Akeley, Minnesota Akeley. Minnesota Telephone 368-2395 PARK LANES O Akeley Seniors Congratulations to f":f , FUHR-MADSEN ELECTRIC Telephone 732-3222 Park Rapids, Minn. 732-52Q8 "52mm I ,. WALKER DRY CLEANERS Compliments of HARTZ SUPER MARKET PHONE 5u7-1707 Walker, Minnesota LUNDRIGAN'S CLOTHING SPORTSWEAR FOR MEN AND LADIES Walker, Minn KONSHOK ' 5 DEPARTMENT STORE '"lJun Bum HaAnnuJAnE Good luck to you seniors. READY-IO-WEAR 7 Ralph and Betty Nordquist DRY GOODS Park Rapids, Minnesota PARK RAPIDS, MINNESOTA MEISNER'S SPUR STATION GREAT NORTHERN CAFE PARK DRUG Russel L . Skoe Meals and Short Orders PARK RAPIDS, MINNESOTA Located 1 blocks East of Junction 71 and 34 Park Rapids, Minnesota Say It With Flowers Courtesy of Park Super Value Park Rapids Floral 8K Nursery $ Park Rapids 291 Floral Shop 8: Greenhouse - South Park Aven:le 9'39:ng We give Gold Bond Stamps atlzjgggs - We Graw dinir awn ... Park Rapids, Minn. Telephone 732-5109 I DICK 5 STANDARD SERVICE PARK RAPIDC. MINNIIOTA Phone 732-99112 ENGEL'S GARAGE ROBINSON'S GROCERY AND LOCKER ICE Phone 1468-2015 PLUMBING FURNITURE Phone 468-2855 Akeley, Minnesota USED CLOTHING Akeley, Minnesota LARSEN'S ACE HARDWARE DORVINEN ' S GRILL For fine Foods and Pastries gallium pARK RAPIDS cutgnrugb AW MINNESOTA Park Rapids Minna sota LAIS DON'S TEXACO DONALD DAVIS 6L RONALD ROMERS, PROPS. - COMPLETE CAR SERVICE - PHONE 652-4185 NEVtS, MINNESOTA J EWELRY Park Rapids , Minnesota HANSON'S Telephone 5b7-1161 Walker , Minna sota GLEN ' S MOB IL ye? ' 1 kgowow 463 eM30229 V5 Mobllgas 95 MARKET AND LOCKERS BHCM N INSURANCF AGENCY Park Rapids y ,0 QWN'! ROY'S BARBER SHOP $4 w G we ,qu5 15 Walker, Minnesota PARK RAPIDS MINNESOTA MOR V' LLE' PHIL'S RADIO AND T.V. s Authorized Service Groceries Meats Ice Cream Motorola-Setchell-Carlson-Zenith OPEN 7 A.M. to 8 P.M. Minnesota Telephone 5u7-1u3o Walker. Minnesota ROMER'S MOTEL FOOD MARKET 8c VARIETY Telephone 012-3605 Nevis, Minnesota The Home of The Square Donut Nevis mus AND LUNCHFS Minnesota Telephone 732-4270 Park Rapids, Minhesota GAMBLES AUTHORIZED DEALER THE FRIENDLY STORE Telephone 652-U195 Read and Enjoy T H E W A L K E R P I L O T Your Area Newspaper Walker, Minnesota Lemon's ;:?ah BARBER SHOP $ J NiVlS MARKET Gerald Donna Hanson U. S. Government Inspected Meats Frozen Foods Groceries and Fruits NEVIS MINNESOTE N E V I S C L E A N E R S Sam and Marian Gordon Telephone 652-h355 Nevis, Minnesota Joe----WAQ5CYH BertngAySAXF Frann-meKB Regnier SCHAPER'S RADIO T.V. Akeley, Minnesota F R E B U R G A G E N C Y TRIPLE RANCH W? Walker, Minnesota Telephone 5h7-l7h0 Frank egg Ida Houchin AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS 31,3: w w..aA A. gawk. .A. 3A.. . 3 A Chou Lislt'ns-Red Ch 9e Premier Chou En-Lai held They Died in 364- hese world hgurcs died during the 2m ea nece as he listened to an address by the Soviet year. From left are Prime Minister Nehru of India, Unioxfs new party leader, Leonid Brezhnev, during a General Douglas McArthur 0f the United States and me Iting of world Communists in Moscow on November former President Herbert Hoover. 6. Xlexei Kosygin, Soviet premier, is at right. New Presidcnt-Foreign Minister Giuseppe Saragat trigho was formally notified in Rome on the night of December 28 that he had been elected president of Italy. D5 World Events in Revz'ewe1964 Stretcher Cases-VVounded white hos- tages and Belgian paratroopers were carried from rescue plane at Leopold- ville after it arrived from Stunlcyville November 24. The paratroopers de- Pope Vixils IndiaaThe 38th International Eucharistic Congress opened in Bombay. scended 0n the rebel-held Congo city India, on November 283 In December, Pope Paul VI made the longest papal journey just as a massacre of hostages began. in history to attend 5c sions of the congress. and their quick work saved the lives of K x. ' , . . , - - hundreds. ' Alliance Tulks-British Foreign Secre- tary Patrick Gordon XVaIker, left, talked with XVest German Chancellor Ludwig Erhard in Bonn on November 15 during efforts to fmd a compromise on a new nuclear force for the trou- bled Atlantic Alliance. 3N3 5K 1.3-.3-4 .lw: K - yeugh - . f... Winnie at 90-XVinst0n Churchill acknowledged cheers 0f well-wishers who gathered OlltSlde the window of his Hyde Pirk home in London on November i . The occasion was his 90th birthday. Tokyo, fujmn-XVilliam H. Mills tlcftX 0f the U. S. X. led Mohamed Cam- moudi of Tunisia 30055 the hnlsh line to win the Olympic 10,000 meter event 0 October H. Swampy Victory-A group of Viet Cong prisoners sat quietly in Camau Inst OC- tober while guarded by armed South Vietnamese troops. The prl ners were among those captured during a major battle on the Camau peninsula. Reunions at the II'alI-An East C rmnn mother embraced her XVest German chil- dren last November at the Hclmstedt railway station after the border dividing East and XVest Germany was opened for Spmw Twun Il'r'lromed-Cosmonauts Konstantin Feoktistt t Col, Vladimir Komamv and Dr. Boris chomv, t to right, waved to the crowd from an auto during their greeting in Moscow on October 19. The trio had just returned from 21 lG-orbit flight in space in t VokShod." Change of Pmt'v' Brezhnev, 37. ', wuc named to he premier of the Soviet l'n m and secretary of the Communist party on October lht'y 100k uvcr thC pnsts Vacated In the r nation of Nikita Khrushchev. I wutuw ' . em: . f rRukrwth 7.3. v. A. A suummxm Mum. 4, . . nuTmMMMHiLw V7 1...? V , V .Rmunvxvur.

Suggestions in the Akeley High School - Anglers Yearbook (Akeley, MN) collection:

Akeley High School - Anglers Yearbook (Akeley, MN) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 54

1965, pg 54

Akeley High School - Anglers Yearbook (Akeley, MN) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 67

1965, pg 67

Akeley High School - Anglers Yearbook (Akeley, MN) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 29

1965, pg 29

Akeley High School - Anglers Yearbook (Akeley, MN) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 7

1965, pg 7

Akeley High School - Anglers Yearbook (Akeley, MN) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 62

1965, pg 62

Akeley High School - Anglers Yearbook (Akeley, MN) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 46

1965, pg 46

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