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r . fcDICATIO ikl In memory of E7VF V Edson a p shipmate and friend who will be missed by all onboard the A J AX. I I A HISTORY OF THE AJAX USS AJAX (AR-6) is the fourth vessel to bear the name of the famous Creek hero of Homer ' s Iliad. The first AJAX was an Ironclad steamer of the famous Monitor class. She was commissioned as the AJAX in 1869 and served with the North Atlantic Squadron intermittently until 1878. From that time, until being decommissioned in 1898. she served on the James River a gun patrol boat. The third vessel, commissioned in 1918 retained the name AJAX for only four days before she was renamed the ROCKPORT. The second vessel, USS AJAX (AC-14) served from 1901 until 1925 as a fleet collier and later as an Aircraft Squadron Tender. In 1908 she made the goodwill cruise with the Battle Fleet around the world. Repair Ships Urgently Needed While it is true that each ship has in its own force a group wno are capable of con- ducting certain maintenance operations and make emergency repairs, the extent of these repairs must of necessity be limited. I augment the ship ' s force and to take care of major items of repair, the Navy employs a group of vessels known as repair ships. Typical of the modern repair ships are the U.S.S. AJAX, HECTOR and JASON, now under construction in our Yard. I he presence of these ship in close proximity to the scene of actual battle is absolutely essential if we are to continue to exert the same daring and forceful display of naval strength which has marked our early activi- ties. Repair ships are a vital necessity — NOW! Article taken from ' The Shipbuilder " May 1943 issue. I fan The fourth and present AJAX (AR-6) is the second of the VULCAN class fleet of Repair Ships. In her beginning AJAX had 18 officers and 700 men in her Repair Department along with an estimated crew of 2,500 for those were days of hot bunking, hammocks, and sleeping where one worked. Since 1943, well over 20.000 men have served aboard the AJAX. Laying of AJAX ' S keel. 7 May 1941. by the Los Angeles Ship Building and Drydock Corporation at San Pedro. California. s anil loys i re the Tin limit? iluttlt rtffl active %ot : ii ' H : -.■■ " Vm.y.-.n ' .i- r l«n I)rp irli £u rpuratmn , coroiallg inbitte [im to be ymtnt at Op [aiming at tip " It. S. £. Ajnx " for tlj» llnitrh Stntfi Naiij daluroaQ. Aiiou ! 22, 1912 6:30 p. tn San Jlrtro. Ca I.MIII.1 P ™.p, m» 3. «. ■ Nm i r ■ ■ i » UN V - : i T ' -» «H . ■ ; ' ,- ■ ■ : v r -| t a - The OSS W IX 15 launched on 22 Aug.. 1942. San Pedro. Ca. ' ..I i ' %,-ii| The USS AJAX was commissioned on 30 October 1943. Her sea trial was cut short and she was sent to Pearl Harbor. Arriving in Pearl Harbor on 16 December 1943. she attracted considerable attention since she was the first of the new fleet repair ships to join the Pacific Fleet. The plank owners of AJAX. AJAXs first CO. CDR. John Brown. After completing her Pearl Harbor assignments the AJAX departed on 26 January for FUNAFUTI, Ellice Islands. She crossed the equator for the first time enroute on 29 January and International Date Line on 31 January, with the traditional ceremonies on both occasions. Over 1000 men were initiated into the Domain of Neptunus Rex and into the Realm of the of the Golden Dragon by the small number of their shipmates who had previously crossed the two lines. Initiation of Pollywogs. Original insignia drawn by a Walt Disney artist. (JSS AJAX first Birthday program. During AJAX ' s early adventure in the South Pacific, rumors were circulating in San Pedro that she had been sunk by a Japanese submarine as was the case with the oiler Missisiniwa. The rumors even had the strike pinned down to frame 41, starboard side. The rumors had it that there were few survivors and those who did survive were given Navy Crosses and spot promotions. The following is a quote from a letter written 19 July 1944 by Capt. John L. Brown, the first Commanding Officer of AJAX. " Nothing of evil or horror has befallen us, all have been doing a magnificent job, all are well and all pray for the time when we will return to those whom we miss dearly. I am proud to be the Commanding Officer of each and everyone on board this ship. " On 13 June 1944 AJAX sailed for Eniwetok with other units of SERVRON 10 to set up an advance repair base. She worked on battleships, cruisers an auxiliary ships through August. At one time during this period AJAX was assigned extensive jobs on 19 cruisers and 9 battleships. The oiler Missisiniwa sinking as seen from AJAX. - m In May of 1945. when in Leyte Gulf. AJAX. along with the Jason, accomplished one of her most challenging jobs ■ repairing typhoon damage to USS BEHHIHGTOrl (CV-20). BEHrilriGTOH had suffered severe damage to the forward section of her flight deck. The entire collapsed section of BErlHiriGTOH ' s flight deck was cut away and replaced. Another challenge for AJAX. i Preparing the -Going Home Pennant. " The pennant is six inches long for each man for every year the ship was deployed. =1 f I . AJAX at anchor between a battleship and an aircraft carrier in Sasebo Japan. 1950. AJAX at Van Tau. Vietnam in Hovember 1971. AJAX ' s 5 inch gun mount removed 1973 or 1974. Homeported in San Diego after the war, AJAX made five tours of duty to the Orient during the years 1950 to 1958. Three tours were during the Korean Conflict in which she provided logistic support for " The Passage to Freedom " in Tourane, Indo ■ China. In 1960, during her sixth tour of duty in Japan, AJAX received orders from the Chief of Naval Operations to be homeported in Sasebo, Japan. Through the next decade AJAX would provide considerable support to the Seventh Fleet and perform numerous goodwill visits to our allies in the Orient. In February 1970 AJAX received word that due to cutbacks in military spending overseas, her homeport was to be changed effective 1 June 1970. On the morning of 6 August 1970, AJAX steamed into San Diego harbor to a warm welcome from a crowd of AJAX families and friends. AJAX is one of the oldest continuously commissioned ships in the Navy. She has logged more time with the Seventh Fleet during the Vietnam War years than any other ship in the U.S. Navy. AJAX ' s history has been an impressive one. She has serviced everything from the smallest boat to the largest aircraft carrier in the Navy, sometimes with as many as 22 ships alongside for repair. For the last 39 years she has served as a repair facility, supply center and hospital for those ships and sailors in need of her help. 7 U aSS AJAX FRS Subic Bay. May 1982. OSS AJAX in Diego Garcia B.I.O.T. INDEX PAGE I I A p i. 2. 9. 10. 12. 14. 15. 17. 19. 20. 22. 23. 25. 27. 31. 33. 36. 39. 45. 49. 51. 52. 55. 56. 59. 60. 63. 64. 65. 66. 68. 73. 80. 84. 96. 100. 133. 145. 147. 148. Dedication AJAX History Index Captain R.W. Kerslake. CO XO ' s Page Captains Message AJAX leaves San Diego Hawaii Underway and . . . General Quarters Navy Picnic at Sea Underway Routine Philippines Crossing the line I 29 May 1982 Diego Garcia Berbera, Somalia Return to Diego Garcia Vertical Replenishment U.S.O. Show AJAX Sports Leaving Diego Garcia Crossing the line II Singapore Hispanic Heritage Week Phattaya Beach. Thailand Tiger Cruise San Diego, Homecoming Reflections Best Photo W j More of the AJAX Crew Track Chart Wf$ Administrative Dept. Deck Dept. Dental-Medical Dept. Engineering Dept. Operations Repair Dept. Supply Dept. Crews Corner Cruise Book Staff AJAX home at Last CRUISE LOG WEST PAC 82 ' 2 April Depart San Diego, CA ? April Arrive Pearl Harbor, HI April Depart Pearl Harbor, HI 1 May Arrive Subic Bay, RP 22 May Depart Subic Bay, RP 1 June Arrive Diego Garcia B.I.O.T. 12 June Depart Diego Garcia B.I.O.T. 20 June Arrive Berbera, Somalia 26 June Depart Berbera, Somalia 4 July Arrive Diego Garcia B.I.O.T. 27 August Depart Diego Garcia B.I.O.T. 4 Sept Arrive Singapore 7 Sept Depart Singapore 10 Sept Arrive Phattaya Beach, Thailand 14 Sept Depart Phattaya Beach. Thailand 19 Sept Arrive Subic Bay. RP 28 Sept Depart Subic Bay. RP 12 Oct Arrive Pearl Harbor, HI 14 Oct Depart Pearl Harbor, HI 21 Oct Arrive San Diego, CA c. o, CAPTAIN RONALD W. KERSLAKE QSN Captain Ronald W. Kerslake. was born in Seattle, Washington, on June 25. 1934. He attended the University of Washington, in Seattle, under the NROTC Program. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business-Transportation in 1956 and was commissioned an Ensign in the Naval Reserve. Captain Kerslake ' s first assignment was with the Military Sea Transportation Service, Northern Pacific Sub-Area where he served in the cargo operations division and then on board the USNS JAMES C. O ' HARA (TAP 179) as Executive Officer. Military Department until August 1958. From August 1958 until November 1959 he served as Legal Officer, Bremerton Group, Pacific Reserve Fleet and then on borad USS POINT DEFIANCE (LSD 31) as the First Lieutenant until November 1961. While on board USS POINT DEFIANCE (LSD 31). he transfered into the Regular Navy. In November 1961 he became the Executive Officer. USS GALLANT (MSO 489). In January 1964 he was assigned to the Joint U.S. Military Advisory Group, Thailand and then back again to the USS GALLANT (MSO 489) this time as the Commanding Officer from May 1966 until July 1968. From August 1968 until June 1969 he attended the Marine Corps Command and Staff College. Quantico. Virginia. After graduation he remained with the Education Center as an amphibious warfare instructor. In June 1971 he became the Commanding Officer, USS JAMES C. OWENS (DD 776) until October 1972. From December 1972 until August 1975 he served as the Chief Staff Officer. Amphibious Squadron THREE and then to Naval War College from August 1975 until June 1976. He then joined the Military Sealift Command Europe Staff as Assistant Chief of Staff for Operations. From July 1977 until July 1979 he was assigned as Military Sealift Command Representative, Europe in Stuttgart, Germany. In July 1979 he became the Commander Military Sealift Command. Europe (Area Commander) until he received his orders to report to the USS A J AX (AR 6) as the Commanding Officer. Captain Kerslake ' s awards and decorations include the Legion of Merit. Distinguished Service Medal. Joint Services Commendation Medal. Army Commendation Medal. National Defence Service Medal. Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal and Vietnam Service Medal, with five stars. He is also authorized to wear the Republic of Vietnam Meritorious Unit Citation and the Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal with device. Captain Kerslake ' s official home is Seattle. Washington. .a 10 EXECUTIVE OFFICER Commander Joseph H. Steele III was born and raised in Wilmington. Delaware. In 1965. he graduated from the University of Delaware with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology. He was commissioned an Ensign at the Naval Officer Candidate School in Newport. Rhode Island on December 17. 1965. In 1975. he received a Master of Science degree in Information Systems-Telecommunications Management from the U.S. Naval postgraduate School in Monterey. California. Commander Steele ' s first Navy tour began March 1966. on board the USS HANCOCK (CVA19). homeported in San Francisco. During this tour, he served as the Signals and Radio Officer. He also served as the Communications Officer on board the USS MITSCHER (DDG-35). homeported in Norfolk Virginia. Commander Steele served as the commissioning Weapons Officer and subsequently as Engineer Officer aboard USS REASONER (DE 1063). homeported in San Diego, from 1975 to 1977. he served at the Naval Communication Area Master Station Atlantic as the Atlantic Communication Area Master Station Atlantic as the Atlantic Communications Area Coordinator. Prior to reporting for duty aboard the AJAX. Commander Steele served as the Engineer Officer aboard the USS GUADALCANAL (LPH-7). homeported in Norfolk. Virginia. Commander Steele ' s decoration include the Navy Achievement Medal, the Navy Unit Commendation (with a bronze star), and a Meritorious Unit Commendation. He is married to the former Ann V. Vilhauer of San Diego. They have two daughters: Tracey Leigh and Sydney Elizabeth. CDR JOSEPH H. STEELE III USH EXECUTIVE OFFICER Commander Kenneth R. Michna was born in Waukegan. Illinois, and raised in North Chicago. Illinois. In 1965 he graduated from the Wabash College in Crawfordsville. Indiana with a Liberal Arts degree. He was commissioned an Ensign at the Naval Officer Candidate School in Newport. Phode Island on 11 February 1966. In 1975. he received a Master of Science degree in Operations Research from the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey. California. Commander Michna s first Navy tour began August 1966 on board the USS SNOHOMISH COUNTY (LSTI126). homeported in San Diego. California. During this tour, he served as the Damage Control Assistant and latter as the Engineer Officer. He also served as the Ship ' s Engineer Officer on the USS BENEWAH (APB-35). homeported in San Diego California and also served as the Engineer Officer on board the USS HARLOD E. HOLT (FF 1074). homeported in Long Beach. California. From 1975 to 1977. he served at the Navy Personnel Research and Development Center (NPRDC) at Point Loma. California and from December 1977 to January 1980. he served as the Main Propulsion Assistant to USS RANGER (CV-61). homeported in San Diego. California. Prior t o reporting for duty aboard the AJAX. Commander Michna served as the Material Logistic Officer on the Staff of Commander Amphibious Squadron THREE. Commander Michna ' s decorations include the Meritorious Service Medal, the Navy Commendation Medal. Meritorious Unit Commendation. Presidential Unit Commendation. Sea Service Ribbon. Combat Action Ribbon. Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces Unit Citation (Gallantry Cross). Vietnam Service Medal. Navy Expeditionary Medal. National Defense, and the Vietnam Campaign Medal. He is married to the former Virginia Mutty of Newport. Rhode Island. They have two children: Steven Kenneth and Debra Louise. CDR KEHHETH R. MICHISA USH 12 x.o, 13 Dear AJAX Family, The history of the second deployment of AJAX to the Indian ocean is now complete. You hold in your hands the recorded memories of our voyage experiences and achievements over six and one-half months. In that period we steamed 26,364 nautical miles, 4,764 more than the distance around the world, to serve our Battle Fleets in the forward operating areas. We are proud to have served SEVENTH Fleet ships farther forward at Berbera, Somalia, than any other Tender or Repair Ship in recent history. Despite scorching heat, and daily desert sand storms, AJAX delivered the same famous " Quality Services " as in Diego Garcia or Subic Bay as firmly attested to by every ship served. Our ship is 39 years old on October 30, 1982 and has once again proven that it is quality and not age that counts. Through this book, we hope to share our cruise with families and friends who waited at home. Please share my honor and pride in being a part of AJAX. My warmest regards, RONALD W. KERSLAKE Captain, U.S. Navy Commanding Officer DAY 1 2 APRIL 1982 All visitors are requested to leave the ship. So close yet so far away. Single up all lines. 15 One last wave goodbye. JSSi Juis. - -i t— Js;. =f« iMFj »»a 7 - • J Loaded up and ready to serve the Pacific Fleet. 16 HAWAII Pearl Harbor arrival 9 April. .J tt K ,. f Beautiful Hanauma Bay A moment of silence A few days of relaxation in Pearl before heading for Subic Bay. TiDERWAY AND GENERAL QUARTERS Anyone see oscar? A PlClilC NAVY STYLE fa ' % End of a perfect day 21 Asleep on the beach UNDERWAY ROUTINE Steel beach the best place to relax. The all important mail buoy watch 22 PHILIPPINES A nice way to spend three weeks. The American Memorial Cemelary Makati. Philippines. 24 (It UNDERWAY FOR DIEGO GARCIA I ' , h Hill i : Singapore ■ Can ' t we stop for an hour? CROSSING THE LINE 29 MAY Giving aid to boat people Beauty Contest? The initiation 25 Xfclfel Down Wog! After steaming and stopping in ports for two months we finally arrived at our destination, Diego Garcia, on June 1st. Our first stop at Diego Garcia only lasted until June 12th at which time we made a short cruise to Berbers. Somalia. Upon returning to Diego Garcia on July 4th, it was apparent that all onboard AJAX had a greater appreciation for Diego Garcia. The next two months went by virtually complaint free and all were grateful for the comforts that Diego Garcia had to offer. There were many jobs to be completed onboard the AJAX that kept it ' s personnel busy seven days a week 24 hrs a day. After the completion of our tour in Diego Garcia, it was expressed by all that we served that the AJAX deserved a " Job well done. " 27 Diego Garcia from 10,000 ft Arrival. 1 June 1982. Are you sure this is the place? The Plantation A place to get away from it all Local wild life Wild native (Ens Hayes) AJAX at Play The Coconut Plantation I TMI (DV) Partain riding a sea turtle. Only ten thousand more cases to go! 30 Had enough of paradise? " f! BERBERA, SOMALIA Entering Berbers 20 June There it is! Where did you say Berbera is? w t h I dmJL Kr- - i ' . . Now that we ' re here ■ Where do we berth? Downtown Berbera 31 m — — f=- ■£ a Ju ■f j ' r- — - " ii « . h»£j H T gjygljj IB Atai Ca . ' RETURN TO DIEGO GARCIA JULY 4TH Outside Sunday service in Diego Garcia ar—i--- - i( Would you believe another working party? Pilots? " Onboard Studying Candy Gram! - . .. - a - Typical Diego Garcia beach 35 AJAX VERT. REP. m Incoming helo )6 Lift off Removing supplies from helo pad Waiting for the next helo Another successful vert rep completed 711 Diego Garcia style This is a chorus line? ' I j 38 m - 39 s A well deserved communication " c ' Meanwhile back in DC Central V t- .1 . 40 More of the AJAX team that makes it all possible. MMFN Robins and Pugal Another satisfied customer leaving the AJAX. 41 Where ' s that cockroach? 42 HT-3 Galambos and BTFti Holland getting cooled off. Not quite " Ma-Bell. ' Say what? What? Us tired? Reach for the sky! 43 Just kickin back One brass tooth pick coming up 44 SPORTS INDOOR SOCCER AJAX Indoor Soccer Team Top row: FN Baldino. FN Calkins. MMFN Fitzpatrick. ICFN Tuscano. Front row: PHAN Jonas. HTC Widtfeldt. ENFN Lopez. Missing: PNSN Sieth. EN-3 Turoczy. SN Theriot. MSSN MacWilliams. ENFN Navarro. PHAN Jonas for the score! ENFN Lopez scores again! 45 SOFTBALL 1962 Battle Group Echo Softball Champs. Top row ■ DP-1 Manquero. DPSN Tucker. MM-3 Williams. BTI Patrow. HTC McLean. FN Goetz. Middle row ■ YNI Breckenridge. DS-2 Maynard. SMI Eto. BT-3 Hill. BT-3 Simes. FN Sickles. Front row ■ DS-2 Runyan. DPI Buckman. OSSN Wheless. HT-2 Moffat. FN Duignan. Missing in Picture ■ FN Nierenhausen. ) (■ V 5 46 What wall? BASKETBALL 1982 Battle Group Echo Basketball Champs. Top row ■ FN Battle. FN Boyce. DT3 Crawford. IM-2 Abston. IC 1 Meyer. FN Duncan. HT3 Davis, FN Artis. EM-2 Walker. MS-3 Davis. MM- 1 Jordan. Middle row ■ FN Bass. SA Columbo. HT-3 Edwards. Front row ■ SH-3 Conners. FN Fife. HT-3 Edwards scoring again 3f M SH-3 Conners going for 2 more The moment of victory 47 BOXING AJAX Boxing Team Top row ■ F V Davis. BT-3 Bendall. FN Bolton. HT-3 Edwards. EMFN Wolfe. MM-3 Quails. HT-2 Ingram. Middle row ■ RMSN Brunner. YNSA Campbell. SH-2 Baum. MM-3 Prince. FA Valadez. Front row ■ FR Bell. SA Sandoval. FR Schimidt. Victory corner 48 ON THE ROAD AGAIN t r ' in S 1 m ! Ready to plot the way home. ■■• i 1 Mi -j ' ■or — r, +- ! — . i ym ' ,1 " .». - i — — : ' Ho do you spe re ie ? SIERRA One last look at Diego Garcia. Next stop Singapore. 49 MM-2 Bracken reporting to Main Control Man must be crazy Me?? Chip on this ammo-trunk. t 50 v secret admirer? Contest winners SHELLBACK II 1 I I ' T «? W 1 e A few special cases 51 SINGAPORE Sept 4-7 The Merlion Wu. ■ ... Tiger Balm Garden . Ft • J A young boys dream come true Crash course in Damage Control The last night " Pizza Night ' 59 HOMECOMING 21 OCT. - Jfe Pier 3. Home at last. ' .HI - The most exciting moment of the cruise being able to pick your love one out in the crowd. V Pfe: f! 4 V 62 Would you believe I caught this with my bare hands? BEST PHOTO Photo by FN Navarro. 64 ffiftS] N | i Depart San Diego Arrive Pearl Har6or Depart Pear! HarSor Arrive Su6icBay Depart Sufiic Bay 2 April 9 April 13 April 1 May 22 May Arrive Diego Garcia B. 9. 0.5. Depart Diego Qarcia B.9.0.5. Arrive BerSera , SomiliA Depart Ber£era , Somilin Arrive Diego (Jarcia B.9.0.5. 1 yune 12 June 20 June 26 June guly I art nit I IU J »w.w v " " 3 " agTT-- ! " ' 1 art w ar »;:■-;. , r . , .. ,, ,. . ,, „ %TT . . ,, ,-. ,. , ., T , ,. ., , . ft JBlNr ' V - = Mffi PEARL -, iWRBOR 5J " 150° 165 65° EQUATOR t. N « VI « V 15° TRACK CHART USS AJAX(i R-6 ' 180 2 APRIL - 21 165 1382 DAVIS DMSN DM3 By: DARRYL AID DONN MARTIN 5 S- v I50« I20°W 3 5 !! Diego (JarciaB.9.0.5. 27 August 1$ .September Singapore 4 September Depart SuSic Bay 28 September art Singapore 7 September Arrive Pearl Harfior 12 October ve Pfia taua,5fiailW 10Sepfem6er Depart Pear! Harfior W October ' ar Pfia taya,5fiaiianJ 4 September Arrive San Diego 21 Ocfo6er i M w. [ij vtfSrvfcS? . isF?- ' - ' ADMINISTRATION DEPT LT. M.J. Haubner (Staff Judge Advocate) LT. S. Morgan (Chaplain) L LTJC. R. Tallman (Admin Officer) S PICM G. Hand (Command Master Chief) The Administrative Department deals with the training, education, discipline, rights, personal problems and privileges of the crew. Relax Chief YN-2 Booth YN-3 Davis YNC Quichocho YN-2 Scott Yfi-3 Wilkinson y CAPTAINS OFFICE The Captain ' s Office is responsible for the incoming and outgoing correspondances of the ship, officers records, and the administration of legal services. 69 RP2 Daugherty RP1 Smith CHAPLAIN POST OFFICE The Chaplain ' s Office and Post Office work together during underway periods. The Post Office delivers " Dear John " letters and the Chaplains Office helps us to cope with them. PC 3 Craig PCI Hampton PCSN Reginaldo PC-3 Craig and PC 1 Hampton Berbera. Somalia Airport. 70 Pti-2 Brothers PNSA Castaneda PriSN Garrett PNSN Grant PNC Ferrer Pli-3 Herrera Ptl-3 Lay PN1 Mapanao I PERSONNEL The Personnel Office maintains and updates service records, compiles the daily muster report and processes leave papers. The Training and Advancement Office maintains complete breakdowns on the Navy ' s education and career opportunities. 71 PN-2 Montecarlo PNSN Rowe PN-3 Schemmer PNSN Seith NCC Shinkan PN-3 Wiley PERSONNEL CONT. MASTER AT ARMS Catching up on stateside news. Their main job is to enforce Navy regulations and to bring to justice those who violate these regulations. MAI Dassero BT I Griffith MACM Kiddy MM- 1 (SS) Marlowe OKI Paulson 72 DECK DEPT EHS. D. Blair (First LT.) ENS. J. Hayes (Ass ' t) The Deck Department is made up of the First and Second Divisions. The Deck Department is responsible for maintaining all exterior spaces of the ship, handling all crane operations, operation and upkeep of the ship ' s boats and line handling during berthing evolutions as well as bridge watches underway. % 73 FIRST DIVISION Operate the ships cranes, boats, anchors and maintain the forecastle area. 8 SN Advincula SN Arguelles BM-1 Augustyn SA Bacio SR Brewer K FIRST DIV. CONT. BAT 7 Fowler Sn Franklin SN Girsback BM I Hupf SR Jones SN Kendall S V Komarnicki S V Martinez BM-3 Minger SA Orozco r Decks debutant. (What legs!) All in a days work 75 a§ FIRST DIV. CONT. " Let go the Anchor. BM-2 Pedraza S V Petersen SA Plantillas S V Rutan S V Seward SA Sukowski BM-3 Woodard BM-2 Young Fantail at sunset. ' IRJaV. I 76 BM-1 Hupf-Cun Captain. as SECOND DIVISION Responsible for the paint locker, boat booms, the brows, and unkeep of the main deck and 01 level. . SN Anthony BM-3 Davis SA Dusenbury SA Foy SA Gilbert SA Goodell SR Harris BM-2 Henneman 77 SECOND DIV CONT. 78 SECOND DIV COIST. 88 BM 3 Schultze SA Taulllll SN Tuilagi ■■ £ y«fa V 79 DENTAL-MEDICAL DEPTS. CDR. B. Peterson (Dental Officer) LCDR. S. Faivre LCDR. J. McGinley (Ass ' t Dental Officer) (Ass ' t Dental Officer) LT. L. Harker (Medical Officer) (Medical Officer) The Dental Department maintains the oral health of the AJAX crew as well as any crew members of ships alongside. The Medical Department is responsible for the health maintenance of the AJAX crew as well as those crew members of ships alongside. B Would you believe Berbera? Graduate of the Arthur Murray " School of Baseball. DT2 ONeill DT-2 Sample DT2 Sweat DT I Williebrudo DENTAL CONT. T MEDICAL DEPT. T 82 G.Q. Casualty training MEDICAL CONT. T CHIEF SAf$, wc All GOVA Olympic coconut thrower 83 ENGINEERING DEPT. LT. B. Putnam (Chief Engineer) LT. W. Woods (Chief Engineer) CW03 J. Haddaki (MPA) CW0 3 T. Hunter CW02 G. Yeager (DCA) (MPA) The primary mission of the Engineering Department is the maintanance and repair of the main propulsion machinery and it ' s auxiliaries. The Engineering Department also supplies support for ships alongside, such as: Water, steam and electrical power. Damage Control, a part of Engineering, is responsible for dealing with any problems arising from flooding, explosion, fire, and outside attack fl JiV 84 ENFN Butler HTFN Dudley MM-3 Hernandez MM1 Jordan MM-2 Lambert AC + R %° The AC + R Shop maintains, and repairs all shipboard air conditioning, refrigeration, steam heating and galley equipment. ENFN Lopez MMFN Potter EN-2 Regan EMFN Stark MM-2 Wickliffe O DCA DIESEL Responsible for small boats emergency diesel, anchor windlass, and aft steering. FN Black FN Case ENFA Florin EN- 1 Hammond ENFN Harmon EN-2 Raines ENFN Suggs ENFA Wenzell f 86 DCA tf FN Bristow FN Christison ENFR Jensen MM-3 Parsons MMFN Puckett EN 1 Realce MM-3 Salazar EVAPS Responsible for the evaporators, upkeep of the ships laundry, and cranes. MMFN Bristow taking readings of the evaps. JUnUL DCE EMFA Allen EM- 1 Apostol EM 2 Butler EM-3 Cervantes EM-3 Engstrand EM-3 Fabian EMI Gates EM-3 Gerales EMC Gunn EMFN Keck EMFN Navarro EMFN Peck EMFN Skaggs FN Walters EM-3 Williams EM -2 Vandenberg 88 ELECTRICAL DC electric is responsible for the maintenance, trouble calls, and PAIS of the electrical system aboard the USS A J AX. Walters of Africa DCE Shop DCE IC-2 Carter Fli Griego IC1 Mayers IC-3 Thomas ICFN Tuscano ICFN Vaiadez IC-3 Washington IC I The IC Shop is responsible for the interior communications onboard A J AX. 89 DCR i C+R The C+R Shop is responsible for the repairs to the AJAX ' s hull as well as for the plumbing and soundings of the ships tanks. HT3 Albert HT-2 Allen FN Butchers HTFN Draper HTFA Embertson HT3 Fike HT-3 Galambos FH Keeter HTFN Richardson HT3 Saglett fl HT3 ST. John HT-3 Thompson HT-3 Waddell HT-3 Wilterdink 90 4 DCR HT-2 Baca HTC Bacon FR Bass HTFri Coleman HI I Cri swell HTFN Lipiarski HTC McLean HTFN Tracy »• - The DC Shop is tasked with damage control and fire fighting on the A J AX. DC ' s special effects dept " 3 MAIN PROPULSION V. MPB ?un and maintains the forward fire room, aft fire room, and oil lab with the goal of providing steam for the ships operation. Aft fire room gang BT I Alba BTFN Allen BT3 Autry FN Dey FR Dickman BTFN Els ton 92 p % ftnl k " " - 1 1 wnn MM-3 Goetz " " J P pi vi I V 1 BT1 Guarlin M l » 4 - v " % BT-3 Huddleston -y w TV. w BT1 Javier 9 Pv BT2 Kemp f r w r r . r MAIN PROPULSION " MPB BTFA Lastinger BT-3 McCargle FA Monix BT3 Reekie BTI Sells BTFN Smith 93 The AJAX Pirates ° MAIN PROPGCSION %° MMFN Artis MMFN Ballard MMFA Bick MMFA Black MR-3 Brown MM-2 Cohenno FN Fife FA Fowler MM 3 Hawley MM-3 Houston MM-3 Larioza MM-3 Lauer MPM Run and maintain forward engine room and aft engine room. P l ?? vii 1| 3 KM 94 think we need to call main control. Who ' s in charge? %° MAIN PROPULSION %°0 MM-3 Moravel MM 2 Nafarrete FA Pugal MMFN Pulido MMFN Robertson FN Robbins FA Rodgers MMFN Sanders FA Sickles MM- 1 Sid well MMFN Smith MMFN Stevenson MMFN Trocke MM-2 Williams j Forward Engine Room MM s f I r MPM 95 OPERATIONS DEPT T. B. Kra (Operations Ofl LT. D. Horns (Comm unica tions Officer) U ' ! LT. K. Shield (Navigator) The Operations Department consists of Communications and Navigation. Combat Information Center, Radio Central, the Charthouse and the Signal Bridge are the main work centers of the Operations Department. SA Frieson RM1 Giles RMSN Hanson OS-2 Nebash RMSN Pogorzelski RMSN Preston RM-3 Robins OS-3 Sanchez RM-2 Swanson OSSN Wheless CIC COMMUNICATIONS n CIC ■ Existing deep in the hallowed bulkheads of the ship where a stray ray of light dare not show itself, the Operations Specialists are found peering into the shining of a radar, watchfully guarding the tactical safety of the ship. Zealous in their pursuit of the illusive foe. they are ever alert to plot clouds and birds in anticipation of the real opponent, the unwary merchant ship. Accuracy and speed are their sword, knowledge and skill their shield. COMM.-ls responsible for processing all of the ship ' s incoming and outgoing message traffic and routing it to the various departments on the ship. Radio handled over 100.000 messages on the last deployment. QM-3 Mohlman QMC Morgan QMSN Teasley QMSH Varros NAVIGATION From San Diego to Diego Garcia B.I.O.T. and back, the ship ' s Navigators (Quartermasters) have industriously plotted courses. Schemed with engineering to get speed and intrigued at determining the ship ' s position. Most of them frequent the environs of the flying bridge mumbling scores of incomprehensible numbers, symbols and rites and plying their sextants to induce the stars, the moon and the sun to show us the way. Others are seen peering at gyrocompasses and wind birds, grimbling at the Omega or watching the clouds and waves go by in an effort to keep us on track and always homeward bound. 98 ' Simmons uses high technology cooking utensils. SM-2 Buquing SMI Eto SMSA Fisher SM-3 Gonzales SM-2 Simmons + SIGNAL BRIDGE Handles all of the ships visuals communications by flashing light, semaphore and flag hoist. They also collect information on merchant shipping traffic to contribute to a world wide ship locator. 99 REPAIR CDR. J. Sheldon LCDR. H. VanNess LT. R. Nev i LT. J. Strandquist LTJC. P. Moriwaki (Repair Officer) (Asst. Repair Officer) (Asst. Repair Officer) (Diving Officer) (R-7 Div.JffficefF 4 4 t LTJG. R. Frazier LTJG. T. Carman (R-2 Div. Officer) (R-2 Div. Officer) LTJG. G. Gumbayan (R-3 Div. Officer) LTJG. R. Aloe (R-3 Div. Officer) 1 EnS. B. Abbott (Diving Officer) CWO-4 S. Chandler (R-4 Div. Officer) CWO-4 E. Davis (R-5 Div. Officer) CWO-2 W. Watkins (R-l Div. Officer) HTC A1 (R-6 D At. Widtfeldt iv. Officer) The Repair Department repairs everything from clocks and binoculars to boilers and electric motors. The Repair Department works 2-i hours a y, 365 days per year. The Repair Department is one oi the main jns that the A J AX exists. EEL Rl Rl Division is made up of the following work center: Carpenter ' s Shop, Foundry; Lagging Shop. Pipe Shop. Sail Loft, Sheetmetal Shop, Shipfitters Shop and Weld Shop. HT-2 Hipsley HT-2 Schwartz HT-2 Stiegler HTCM Willingham Rl OFFICE CDR. I had a talk with Supply today about next years budget and OOPS! 101 R-l ! CARPENTER SHOP The Carpenter Shop is able to produce any wooden object from a plaque to rebuilding an entire boat. Their skills include working in: fiberglass, plastic, sealing terrazzo decks, and wood working. F Y Baltz PM2 Bauer PM3 Bush FA Calkins FA Foster FA Rouleau PM-3 Schoeppner PM I Tolentino FN Tucker HTC Wilson HTFN Zeigler 102 FOUNDRY }£ The Foundry melts ingots and can make metal castings out of any alloy which does not require a controlled atmosphere. The molds are fabricated out of oil-bonded or synthetic sands and the maximum capacity for a single pour can be up to 650 lbs. ML- 1 Burkiett HTFN Daniels MLFA Garrett ML-1 Gundelfinger ML-2 McMillan MLFN Racich MLC Ross ML-3 Smith MLFN Turner 103 FN Davis ready to strike. LAGGING SHOP R-l FN Alexander HT-2 Boatwright FN Curran HTFN Davis HTFA Hendrickson HTC Kutsch EN-3 Martz FN Melhorn HTFA McGlothen HTFA Nagel HT-3 Renholzberger The Lagging Shop lags all piping, insulates bulkheads, makes lagging pads for valves, makes flange shields, and insulates steam plants and pumps. 104 Yes. but do you have 2 kilo? Rl FA Abdullah FN Battle HT-3 Beyette HT-3 Bohannon HT-1 Garcia HT-3 Gordon HT-3 Kucera FA Laughlin HT-I Mangus HT-I McElroy FR Oberting FR Radford HTFA Seaman HTFN Tremaine Cleaning a clean deck? R-l We have a special today on herculite. SAIL LOFT as The Sail Loft is AJAX ' s upholstery shop. They not only work with fabric but also work with canvas and herculite on special job orders. Sti Brown BM-2 Brundige Sri Bryant BMI Qu inland SA Sandoval SN Vines SN Webb If it can be made from a sheet of metal, the Sheetmetal Shop will make it to order. They are capable of making cabinets, desks, and even bulkheads. HT-2 Boone FN Broskowski HTFN Duignan HT1 Gray HTFN Grimmett FR Higbee HT2 Keck FN Kibe HT2 Moffat HTFN O ' Connor HTFN Orrechia HT3 Park HT-3 Starling HT2 Steinke HTFA Williams 107 Rl SHIPFITTERS SHOP The Shipfitters Shop bends, shears, welds, cuts and rolls sheet to Yi inch. It also does minor forge and blacksmith work. HT-2 Aguayo HT I Arnold HT2 Bridges FA Coats HT2 Cruz FA Deperalta HTFN Duncan HT-3 Ewards HT-3 Evans HTFN Culsac HTFA Lamotte HT3 Olson HTFN Ramthum HTFN Ryan HTFN Sanchez FA Smith HT3 Smith 108 HT3 Chavez HT3 Sharp t, , A Rl WELD SHOP 2 The Weld Shop is capable of welding brackets on bulkheads or even replacing the entire bulkheads. The weld shop is also responsible for training and requalifying welding personnel from ships alongside. HT-2 Baranaukas HTC Bates HI I Knoblock HT I Marias HT2 Martin HTFN Mathewson HT2 Meyer HT3 Stoops R-2 R-2 R-2 Division is made up of several centers. They are: repair office, central tool room, lock and engraving shop, boiler repair, engine shop, upper and lower machine shops, pump shop, and valve shop. R-2 OFFICE •; • MRCM Butler CSM-2 Mayville MR-2 Seibert CENTRAL TOOL ROOM MR 1 Lowell EM-3 Poor I LOCKSHOP ENGRAVING The Engraving Shop engraves plaques and name tags as well as manufacturing gears. HT I Barrett MR-2 Huntrakul MR 3 Hurst 110 R-2 FA Parish BT-1 Pa trow BT-2 Raboy FA Rung BT-3 Simes BT I Weakly BTFN Will son BTC Ximenez FR Coverstone BT3 Follose BT-3 Jones BT-2 M a quite BTFN O ' Connell t rs BOILER REPAIR The Boiler Repair Shop repairs, installs, and adjusts boilers, soot blowers, water gauge glass, and fuel oil heaters. The shop also does tube renewal on evaporators, heat exchager tubes, and condenser tubes. G ri Super-Repairman in R-2 ENFN Anderson EN-3 Apling EN-2 Baker FN Bernard EN-3 Flannigan EN-2 Ford ENFR Hamilton EN-3 Harr FN Helm ENFN Holmes ENGINE SHOP The Engine Shop overhauls and repairs small diesel engines as well as repairing injectors. 112 ■GEORGE " at the R-2 Div. party on Diego Garcia. R-2 EN-2 Juffer EN-2 Juffer FN Kiely EN1 Manalo ENFA Moore EfiFA Myers ENFA Nuimata ENFA Waddell ENFN Walts FN Weis ENGINE SHOP R-2 ®v MACHINE SHOP k The Upper Machine Shop uses turret lathes and milling machines to base, thread, and turn various repair parts for ships alongside. The Lower Machine Shop has the capabilities to dynamic balance shafts and rotor assemblies weighing up to 1300 lbs and 48 inches in diameter and base. turn, and thread up to a six inch diameter. The shop can also machine external and internal keyways and internal squares in valve wheels and rebuild salt water pumps. MR 2 Anderson MRFR Anderson MRFN Baldino MRFN Boltz MR I Cruz MR-2 Dawson MR 1 Dulce MR 3 Elliott MR-3 Ginon MR I Cray MR I Haizlip m m i 114 MR FH Millsaps MRFN Hammontree MR-2 Hardison MR1 Javier MR-3 Kennedy MR-3 Petty micing 2 main cire pump. MR 3 Rhodes MR 1 Rivar d MR-2 Robertson i MR 3 Schooler MR-2 Sheens r MRFA Stachewicz MR-3 Sullivan MRFN Svet MRC Tipay MRI Vela sco MR 3 Vlahov Gv MACHINE SHOP R-2 k MR-3 Martin lower machine shop A v 116 MM-2 Abresch MMFN Beltran MM-2 Clark MM-1 Delarosa MMFN Ekker FA Flink MM-2 Gray MMFA Hagan MM-2 Hunter MMFA Jones PUMP SHOP %° The Pump Shop rebuilds pumps both on and off the AJAX. Those pumps that are to large to be removed from their space are overhauled in position by the outside repair crew. • 117 The Three Stooges %° PUMP SHOP R-2 .. ; li %°0 ' You deserve a break today ' MM-3 Kider MM 2 Kuyper MM 2 north MM- 1 Raroque MMC Perez MM 2 Quails FN Reed FA Schmidt MMFA Scott EN-3 Stalnakcr MM-3 Williams 118 R-2 ' 1 MM} Alfaro ■ m MMFN Chestnut MMFN Dow ENFA Gabaldon MM-2 Kroupa ' ■e ZM FA Loera MMFN Malican MM-3 Moltzan FN Newman MMFN Nordin MMSN Brown %°0 PUMP SHOP ¥ 0 The job of the Valve Shop is to repair and to perform preventive maintenance on the many valves, pressure regulators and safety shut off devices of the AJAX as well as ships alongside. + 119 MMFN Pablo MM-3 Paredes MM-3 Prince MMFN Robertson MM-3 Robinson MMFA Sanford MM- 1 Siao MM-3 Thomas FN Tibbetts MM-2 Tress MM-2 Wirth MMFN Woodruff %° VALVE SHOP %° Woody ' 120 Is this how Lawrence Welk got started? .. R-3 R-3 The R-3 Division consists of gyro repair, OSR. projector shop, site T.V., and the rewind shop. GYRO REPAIR Gyro Repair maintains the ships gyros as well as the gyros off other ships. They are also responsible for the IMC, PRA, PRT, and various other communications systems off the ship. " Sorry, this is not New York City " FA Carrasco EMFIi Thomas EM 2 Tims ICFH Cavanaugh ICFN Gadoua ICFIi Hanscombe ICC Harvard IC-3 Hollowell IC-3 Hudson OSR OSR maintains, replaces, and repairs any batteries, electrical wiring or rewiring that any of the small boats or launches may require to stay operational. - 121 R-3 tfSffo PROJECTOR tojyj shop H a 1 i 1 EM-I Abad J. ■■ £ EMFN Boyce L 1 " r ?e Projector Shop is responsible for the repair of projectors on and off the ship. They also run all movies shown on board the AJAX. SITE TV Site T. V. maintains all T. V. ' s on board the AJAX and schedules all programming seen on the site T.V. 122 JOSH Cordon-Bailey IC-2 Kucharski ET-3 Reseter JO-3 Wixom R-3 EM- 1 Albano EM-3 Andrews EM 1 Castillo EMI Deleon EM-3 Dover EM- 1 Encinas EM-3 Flores EM-3 Coains EMFli Lyle EMI Menor EMFN Moreno EMI Soriano EMFA Thompson EMFN Wolfe EM-2 Yaptangco REWIND SHOP « ' The Rewind Shop rewinds motors, generators and controllers for ships alongside as well as for the AJAX. Camera shy 123 R-4 The R-4 Division consists of: Electronic Repair. Teletype repair. Crypto repair. Calibration Lab and Support Electronics. R-4 ELECTRONIC REPAIR Electronic repair assists trouble shooting and repair of electronic systems on ships alongside. ET-1 Bier ET-2 Gonzalez ETC Moran ET-3 Murphy ETSN Schewanick ET-2 Seeboth TELETYPE REPAIR CRYPTO REPAIR RMSN Brunner ET2 Crofford RM-2 Henessy 124 R-4 ET2 Cory ET2 Knox ET-2 Roffey ET 1 Shand ET2 Snyder ET2 Wigh CALIBRATION LAB The Cal Lab calibrates and does minor repairs on electronic test equipment. ET-3 Dreyer ETI Forgarly ET-2 Luker ET-3 McLaughlin ET2 Williams SUPPORT ELECTRONICS Support electronics trouble shoots and repairs AJAX Communication, Navigation, and radar electronic systems. ET-2 Luker performing a safety check. 125 R-5 The R-5 Division consists of: Mires Lab. Print and Drafting Shop, Optical Shop. Ordinance Repair, Photo Shop, Typewriter Repair and Watch and Clock Shop. MIRCS LAB The Mires Lab calibrates and repairs precision measuring devices, pressure guages, torque wrenches, thermometers and tachometers. Fri Bolton IMSN Fields IM-3 Harmon IMC Kinne IMS A Mingle IMSN Morris I Ml Robertson IM-3 Steele DRAFTING SHOP lk The Drafting Shop is responsible for illustrations, blueprints, form design and other technical sketches. SH Davis DM3 Martin 126 OMSH Dawk ins OM-2 Penhollow OM-2 Smith OM-3 Toombs OM I Whelpley OMSH Wright OPTICAL SHOP Repairs and alligns, binoculars, sextants, compasses and other navigational aids. Optical Shop crew V 4T% ARMORY ORDINANCE REPAIR TT Ordinance Repair tests gun barrels for wear, repairs hydrolic lines, overhauls hydrolic pumps and other tasks related to the upkeep of a ships armorment. The Armory maintains small arms and weapons on the A J AX. This shop is able to handle from small hand guns to 20mm guns. MM-2 Betancourt MM 1 Jones SA Lewis GMGSN Lincoln FTG-2 Speegle 127 R-5 u 1 1 PHOTO SHOP " I w " lit 77ie Photographers on the AJAX are in charge of shooting, processing, and printing all the official photographs for the AJAX as well as for the ships alongside. LI-2 Barbuto LI-3 Pitard Sri Pope h TYPEWRITER REPAIR WATCH CLOCK REPAIR b The typewriter Repair Shop can repair not only typewriters but also calculators, adding machines, paper shreaders, copiers, and other associated office machines. PHAN Jonas PH-2 Naglish PH-3 Robinson PRINT SHOP The Print Shop can print anything on paper from books to bumper stickers. The shop is also able to print metal photographs and construct rubber stamps. Do you want to dance? IM-2 Abston IMSN Weil 3-M OFFICE i TTijP ' - ET 1 Dutton R-6 NDT LAB The !i.D. T. Lab performs ultrasonic and thickness inspections on decks, bulkheads, plates, and large castings. It also inspects any nuclear or non-nuclear test work up to 2 inch thick steel including magnetic material. They also check magnetic particle and dye penetration and have the capability to Xray test plates for welder recertification. R-6 HTl Biasi HT2 Nygren MM1 O ' Campo HTl Shrew sberry HT-2 Stevanus HTl Swaney The NDT crew at quarter R-7 The R-7 Division consists of: the Repair Office, Planning and Estimating. Technical Library, and Diving Locker. R-7 y REPAIR OFFICE y Yti-2 Adams YNSA Campbell YN-3 Deneau HTC Puzan TECH LIBRARY The Technical Library provides specific technical blueprints and technical manuals on all jobs accepted by repair. See you later R-7 PLANNING ESTIMATING Planning Estimating Office provide technical information and specific guidance on all jobs accepted by the repair department. u HT I Sullivan and EN-3 Bartruff Eri-2 Jordan EN-3 Bartruff EM- 1 Encinas ICI Hammond Eri-2 Jordan BTC Pakingan MMC Pornan MM- 1 Savier HTC Slangier HTI Sullivan 131 R-7 DIVERS BM-3 (DV) Kostelny HI I (DV) Parnell The Diving Team deals with any underwater problem that may occur to the AJAX as well as any other ship alongside. They perform underwater welding to changing out a screw on a ship. TM 1 (DV) Partain PH2 (DV) Poche ABH3 (DV) Smith BMC (DV) Tonkin EN-3 (DV) Toroczy " Diving the reefs " ft " Ho hum. another day in paradise. " , ' Hu . . SUPPLY DEPT. CDR. J. Kaufman (Supply Officer) CDR. C. Rumsey (Supply Officer) LCDR. B. Thompson (Ass ' t Supply Officer) LTJG. K. MacDonald (Sales Officer) LTJG. P. Dew aid (Food Service Disbursing Div. Officer) LTJG. R. Obershaw (Stores A DP Officer) The Supply Department orders and buys everything which comes on board from fresh fruit to repair parts. Other duties of the Supply Department include; operating the ship ' s store, cooking, laundry, stock issue, disbursing and running the data processing unit. SI SI S-l The Stores Division is to anticipate AJAX ' s future needs for repair items and general stores. They are tasked with ordering the items required and to maintain a stock of these items for daily issue. SK3 Alegado SKSA Baxter SK-2 Blackiston SK-2 Brockington SKI Candare SKC Carandang 114 SK-I Garcia SK-3 Kellett SN Laroza SK-2 Pick SKSN Morris SK-3 Mojica SKFA Mendiola SK3 Medina SKSN McGuire SKSN Mayer SKI Madriaga 135 Did I really do that CDR? SKSA Pitts SK2 Piatt SK3 Plourde SKSH Prachanronarong SK2 Reyes SK-2 Rivera SK-3 Scharschu SK I Silva SK3 Triste SK-2 Viarreal SKC Zell Another quiet Sunday on steel beach GQ S-2 S-2 the Food Service Division prepares over 2,400 meals per day and in addition keeps the mess decks, galleys, CPO and Wardroom areas clean. s-2 QQ This beats swimming with sharks. MS} Caniya MS I Carbonell MS-3 Davis MS 3 Davis MSI Deleon MS I Abeloni MS I Arboleda MS-3 Billick MS-3 Breitenstein MS-3 Cadena MSS i Calara - Proud owners of first McDonald ' s sea going franchise. 137 MS-2 Dinwiddie SN Epps HTFA Cingerich MSSA Knox MSSN Landwehr It ' s going to be GoooD! MS- 1 Arboleda and MS-2 Ridao breaking out provisions. MS-2 Lemmon MSC Libed MS-2 Lugue MSSN Mac Williams MSSN Marsico 138 MS-3 McSweeney SA Meehan MSSn Newcomb MS-2 O ' Brien MS-3 Paul MS-2 Ridao Chief Libed ■ " Pizza night on AJAX " Only 400 more to cook. MS-3 Rosenau MS-3 Samuels MS-2 Thurman MS 3 Wilson cs S-2 139 X S-3 The S-3 Division provides all the comforts of home while underway or in port. S-3 includes the barber shop, vending machines, laundry, and the ships store. S-3 X SHC Abrahamsen SH-2 Devera SH-2 Felix SHC Ford SH3 Harris SALES OFFICE SH 1 Hines SHSH McGuirt SH 1 Slingluff SH-3 Tudor MacDonald ' s house of liquors — -wN| • • IHM CDR Kaufman ' s farewell dinner S-3 SH-2 Baum SHSN demons SH-2 Connelly i You didn ' t take a picture? BARBER SHOP LAUNDRY it ■ The famous " Button Crushing " machine being operated by SH-3 O ' Conner. SH-3 Julson SHSA Lozano SHSN Nierenhausen 141 Who will get all this nice blue underwear? I S-5 S-5 Division deals with data processing. They program the computer which helps coordinate the ship ' s supply system. S-5 . .LI.A [ EH tissu; DS-3 Anderson DPSA Balliett DPSN Balliger DPC Barnes DP-2 Beebe DPI Buckman DP 1 Dwyer DPSN Gall DP-2 Highbaugh DP 3 Hosford 142 L . W E wb •1 i oP . A " V a " 1 ' - r r v S-5 DP Manquero DS-2 Maynard DPSN Monroe DPSA Ragan DS-2 Runyan DP 1 Scott DPSN Shelton DP I Slater DPSN Tucker DS3 Williams 143 S6 The S-6 Division handles each and every one of our paychecks! They also see to it that Uncle Sam gets a portion of those checks. The S-6 Division also keeps track of the leave and earning statements. S-6 A Two for you ■ One for me. , ( CRUISE BOOK STAFF LCDR John L. McGinley Predeployment occupation ■ dentist. USN. Post deployment occupation ■ cruise book editor, also photographer, graphics, sales, writer, advisor, and administrator. Looks forward with great anticipation to acquiring a masters in Public Health at Bethesda Naval Regional Dental Center. I have been proud to serve on the OSS AJAX as an Assistant Dental Officer cruise book editor. Good luck to each and everyone of the crew. DN Byron Hedenskog Gave much needed assistance as assistant editor and personal dental technician. He was responsible for assisting in graphics and assisting in excellent dental assistance. He also proved to be a constant source of inspiration and creative ideas. YN-3 Wilkinson Responsible for typing the copy on all 148 pages. Gave freely of her liberty time to accomplish typing deadlines. My personal thanks. PHOTO CREDITS CAPT. Kerslake LT. Morgan LT. Norn ' s LTJG MacDonald ENS. Abbott HT1 DV Parnell EN-2 Heeler ET-2 Gonzalez HT-2 Stevanus MM-2 Gray PH-2 Naglish EM-3 Andrews HT-3 Jackson HT-3 Olson MM-3 Prince PH-3 Robinson EMFN Peck FN Navarro FN Ryan PHAN Jonas Mr. Paulson 147 .

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