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be: Vn(itu the mn of ajax A5 THev STORM MT fuj HISTOR Y OF THE AJAX USS AJAX (AR-6) is the fourth vessel to bear the name of the famous Greek hero of Homer ' s Iliad, The first AJAX was an Ironclad steamer of the famous Monitor class. She was commis- ioned as the AJAX in 1869 and served with the North Atlantic Squadron intermittently until 1878. From that time until being decommis- sioned in 1898 she served on the James River as gun patrol boat. The second vessel, USS AJAX (AC-14) served from 1901 until 1925 as a fleet collier and later as an Aircraft Squadron Tender, In 1908 she made the goodwill cruise with the Battle Fleet around the world. itpa Tvi to m m tie .N( The third vessel, commis- sioned in 1918 retained the name AJAX for only four days be- fore she was renamed the ROCK- PORT. Although not included in the Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Vessels she could possibly be mentioned in the Guinness Book of World Records due to the short time which it bore the name AJAX . i Repair Ships Urgently Needed While it is true that each ship has in its own force a t roup who are capable of con- ductintr certain maintenance operations and make emergency repairs, the extent of tlieM- repairs must of necessity be limited. 1 o augment the ship ' s force and to take care of major items of repair, the Navy employs a group of vessels known as repair ships. Typical of the modern repair ships are the U ' .S.S. AJAX, HECTOR and JASON, now under construction in our Yard. 1 he presence of these sh ' ps in close proximit ' to the scene of actual battle is absoluteh essential if we are to continue to exert the same daring and forceful displa of naval strength which has marked our carh activi- ties. Repair ships are a vital nccessit — NOW! ARTICLE TAKEN FROM " THE SHIPBUILDER " May 1943 issue. Mrs. Issac C. Johnson, wife of Rear Admiral Issac C. Johnson, USN, served as the ship ' s sponsor. AJAX ' s keel was laid on 7 May 1941 rDYou Built the Ajcfct, We ' ll Sail Her " .l |«T on(wl r idl. Rttlilftri -anvAraic tiufHiTT Juhn IIImIidia, the Run «hn will hr in ha ' |r nl ihr thift ' i n iprr»i.f j ' manvnr (tunnn Hlx ' liDi • MM nnrf !• ' ihr imr»ftAnt fiilt ol Kuiiiltfi lii ol jt.ui.( hr ir..«.r t ' ws» ti. i» kf:s- Mltttr Mr K» •») plrtiM .4 a.ikin itrmine (tv SJ ' iokin ind m ibr Siivlh I •m out wltrrr otHin mm lh« dUtknl, XlvtwiMM I. li ti««ipi wn trantfrrtf lA •.U U. r TV im.f (■. llkil ut tllr luAd .. 1 .,, ,K, AJA. H« tw . ' . i ' .| lU .11 titnl Mnrsti I t lM.ltiN. anJ Jm ikr .1 M r| r .Wf HnrhiNJff KrMf rfA Hrtwrn ■««■ »1 » «r and itxwn thr Nwlh Pwifk u IM Jhp tit ihv AJA. . M ' ln b«i umi pfior ID Qjf IrtiMW. |tM u hr tt tlciuit mi C | | I ' K Trrt " . tU t»»« Twi tt. rn .ft h ' t Jyl) with Ihf J- - Jrtiil, u« hn tj i datv fWt KMrd ihr I .S S. tN K- KIN. a Jntri rT tmJri. whtiti f-artinl tut kitoo liun ihr AircialT iinn LKXlNli Tl S m S« « mJ othri S P«th«M Pawifv f Mr MrrfrMM ! W«lr N. N. HM II M ll ir O l. K«. K,.l h.. Ki, u «ir, Ka ini; ;ijili. iiMtrit m fhr ti- t mil Mi«t ul ihr Juokctv Hr altai ii 4 r iT i thr Baltic -f S« .. Mul «4. -n K ..l •» I SS rilk l.»l mI .V «.. .urxl a Jap«n« c ti ' iprJ.i |v ' jn« •«! Jxtut ' i ' Mr irfmttM hfir ttii Jith iwM • mi« t tlirt hn lw t (Xir »M Mank. r . wrrftV ' r K VNmh f . T ' MMf ' n W.II.ain I lb.inp.4i «. sk • .■ • .. v. ii ni «U. Kni httn- ' ll •• ' ' M« ilnasi an ivalf ol ihr w MtJ Hi- 4 tt. .fi-n «» hr stl V " -.T ' Whrnva tp hn rj;- I -. -• ■ ( «rlir f. Hmrkitu, II. Clio Ancirlrs Shipbuilbing anb Brybdcl riubiallg inbitn you to be prrtrnt at tlfc launciiing of tljc " 11 . . JVjax " for tilt lliittcb tatca a6 alutbag, ugutt 22, 1942 6:30 p. m. San PrAro, (Califomui ;lt Corpomion I Invitation to the launching of the U.S.S. AJAX, Saturday, August 22, 1942 M. ' . »■ ' l4 4. 1 Mil klk Ot ' «»ll. -1.. ..J 1 1.. " . .k.» il. AUX • • ■ • f Jbirf » Mrf Fmilrr | l ' ««r ( . . . V . . 1 1 t 1 . A ■ H ll " M Mn HHf ir..Mf... iiH f f fhiM-nr f ) i th l«t l»l«r rA Knfca . ,:. : w The above is a page trom the May, 1943 issue of the SHIPBUILDER Magazine. The men in the photo are some of AJAX ' s " planl owners " . USS AJAX (AR-6) ready for launching at the Los Angeles Ship- building Drydock Corp., San Pedro, California, 22 August 1942. The fourth and present AJAX (AR-6) is the second of the VULCAN class fleet of Repair Ships. In her beginning, AJAX had 18 officers and 700 men in her Repair Department along with an estimated crew of 2500 for those were the days of hot bunking, hammocks and sleeping where you worked. Since 1943, well over 20,000 men have served aboard AJAX . AJAX ' s keel was laid on 7 May 1941 by the Los Angeles Shipbuilding and Drydock Corporation at San Pedro, California. She was launched on 22 August 1942 and com- missioned 30 October 1943. Her sea trial was cut short and she was sent to Pearl Harbor. Arriving in Pearl Harbor on 16 December 1943, she attracted considerable attention since she was the first of the new fleet repair ships to join the Pacific Fleet, After completing her Pearl Harbor assignments AJAX departed on 26 January for FUNAFUTI, Ellice Islands. She crossed the equator for the first time enroute on 29 January and International Date Line on 31 January, with the traditional ceremonies on both occasions. Over 1000 men were initiated into the Domain of Neptunus Rex and into the Realm of the Golden Dragon by the small number of their shipmates who had previously crossed the two lines. In February 1944 AJAX was attached to service squadron 6 in Funafuti, which had ordered AJAX to convert the forward section at the forward end of the superstructure deck into a service squadron office, and to build staterooms down the starboard side. No sooner was the job completed than the AJAX was transferred to Service Squadron 10. Since Service Squad- ron 10 knew nothing of the changes, when AJAX arrived at Majuro to report to her new duty not a trace remained of the squadron office. It had mysteriously disappeared during the transit. During AJAX ' s early adventures in the South Pacific, rumors were circulating in San Pedro that she had been sunk by a Japanese submarine. The rumors even had the strike pinned down to frame 41 , starboard side. The rumors had it that there were few survivors and those who did survive were given Navy Crosses and spot promotions. The following is a quote from a letter written 19 July 1944 by Capt. John L. Brown, the fir st Commanding Officer of AJAX, " Nothing of evil or horror has be- fallen us, all have been doing a magnificent job, all are well and all pray for the time when we will return to those whom we miss dearly. I am very proud to be the Commanding Officer of each and everyone on board this ship " -so ended the rumors. On 13 June 1944 AJAX sailed for Eniwetok with other units of SERV- RON 10 to set up an advance repair base. AJAX outfitting-San Pedro, Ca., 1943 AJAX ' s first CO, Cdr. John Brown l iSi Initiation of Polywogs Royal Baby for AJAX ' s first equator cross- ing. {k Original Insignia- drawn by a Walt Disney Artist. Banjo player Eddie Peabody entertains aboard. She worked on battleships, cruisers and auxiliary ships through August. At one time during this period AJAX was assigned exten- sive jobs on 19 cruisers and nine battleships, in August of 1944 while at Eniwetok a cruiser came along side for repair work. Unknown to the AJAX the cruiser had bacillary dysentery aboard, which the AJAX crew picked up. The following is a quote from a crew member who was aboard AJAX at that time: " At one time we had several hundred men on the sick list. Everybody took sulfaguanadyne as a preventive measure, the crew being given their pills in the cafeteria line. At first you could find lots of the pills on deck where men had ditched them. Then a man died, and the boys started using their pills. A second man died and they started stealing them from one another. In late August we were put under quarantine, the ship moved from Eniwetok to Kwajalein for quarantine and we were out of action as a repair ship for about six weeks . In May of 1945, while in Leyte Gulf, AJAX, along with the Jason, accomplished one of her most challenging jobs-repairing typhoon damage to USS BENNING- TON (CV-20). BENNINGTON had suffered severe damage to the for- ward section of her flight deck. The entire collapsed section of BEN- NINGTON ' S flight deck was cut away and replaced. ONE YEAR OLD V. S. S. AJax October 30. 1944 USS AJAX 1st birthday program I USS AJAX with USS INTREPID (CV-11) along- side for repairs 30 April 1945 At the end of World War II , AJAX re- turned to Pearl Harbor. There was a Pacific Fleet letter out then requiring any ship returning to the United States with over 250 men in the first leave party to send an Officer ahead with a list of men and their home des- tinations. The following is a quote from the officer AJAX sent ahead to Pearl. " When I presented my orders and list, a lieutenant at the desk said, ' I am sorry but there are 65,000 men on ships in the bay awaiting land transportation, and your men will just have to wait. I can only regard the AJAX, as just another ship. ' A captain sitting a couple of desks away heard him, and asked him to repeat the name of the ship. When the lieutenant said ' AJAX ' , the captain said, ' For two years that ship has been doing things for other people and now someone is going to do something for them! ' the AJAX was taken care of. Even the man with the longest distance to travel got home for Christmas 1945. " Homeported in San Diego after the war, AJAX made five tours of duty to the Orient during the years 1950 to 1958. Three of those tours were during the Korean conflict in which she provided logistic support for ' The Passage to Freedom " in Tourane, Indo-China. In 1960, during her sixth tour of duty in Japan, AJAX received orders from the Chief of Naval Operations to be homeported in Sasebo, Japan. Through the next decade AJAX would provide considerable support to the seventh fleet and perform numerous good- will visits to our allies in the Orient. In February 1970 AJAX received word that due to cutbacks in military spending overseas, her homeport was to be changed effective 1 June 1970 . On the morning of 6 August 1970, AJAX steamed into San Diego harbor to a warm welcome from a crowd of AJAX families and friends. AJAX is one of the oldest continuously commissioned ships in the Navy. She has logged more time with the Seventh fleet during the Vietnam War years than any other ship in the U .S . Navy . Altogether AJAX ' s history has been an impressive one. She has serviced everything from the smallest boat to the largest aircraft carrier in the Navy, some- times with as many as 22 ships alongside for repair. Sailors who don ' t know, look at AJAX and say " It ' s just another ship " . They don ' t realize that for 34 years she has served as a hospital, supply center and a repair facility for those ship ' s and sailors in need of her help. USS AJAX with ships along- side in Yokosuka, Japan harbor Westpac tour 1977. Page INDEX P Se 1 Dedication 2 AJAX History 11 Capt. Stefferud 12 Change of Command 14 Capt. Seesholtz 15 Cdr. IVIurray 16 Departure 19 Underway 24 UN REP 26 Univ. of AJAX 28 Crossing Date Line 30 Model Contest 32 Fun and Games 36 Spanish Cultural Club 38 Sports 45 AJAX Band 46 Tiger Cruise 48 Ports of Call 63 Photo Contest 65 Admin. Department 71 Deck Department 77 Engineering Dept. 87 Dental Medical Dept. 90 Godzilla 91 Operations Dept. 95 Repair Department 131 Supply Department 139 Blood Drive 140 Poem 141 More crew pictures 142 Homecoming 144 WestPac Summary 145 Contributors 146 Staff 148 Starship AJAX Cruise Log 24 Aug. Depart San Diego 26 Aug. UN REP with Blue Ridge 31 Aug. arrive Pearl Harbor 1 Sept. depart Pearl Harbor 7 Sept. cross Date Line 9 Sept. CHOP to 7th. Fleet 11 Sept. evade Typhone Babe 13 Sept. arrive Yokosuka 5 Dec. depart Yokosuka 9 Dec. Arrive Keelung 14 Dec. depart Keelung 18 Dec. arrive Yokosuka 25 Jan. depart Yokosuka 28 Jan. arrive Pusan 2 Feb. depart Pusan 5 Feb. arrive Yokosuka 5 Feb. depart Yokosuka 9 Feb. CHOP to 3rd. Fleet 11 Feb. cross Date Line 15 Feb. an-Ive Pearl Harbor 17 Feb. depart Pearl Harbor 24 Feb. arrive San Diego ' fj Ji jpnn ' Captain D. R. Stefferud Dear AJAX friend, This cruise book records another very successful de- ployment to the U .S . Seventh Fleet in AJAX ' s long and proud career. In these pages we have tried to incorporate memories, however imperfectly, of a dedicated and pro- fessional crew fulfilling an important mission in the ser- vice of our country. There were difficult times and long days of separation from family and friends; there were as well rewarding times when we knew we were doing tlie job, doing it wel I , and doing it together as a crew . I salute the finest ship ' s company in the Fleet, our steadfast friends at home and throughout the Navy who wil read this book, and hope that your memories will be pleasantly stimulated by the words and pictures set down here. With great affection and respect D.R. STEFFERUD Captain, U .S . Navy Commanding Officer 4 On 29 December 1977, Capt David R. Stefferud turned the Command of AJAX over to Capt John R. Seesholtz. t Capt. Stefferud says goodbye. 1 r■ . ' 1 Rear Admiral Robert B. McClinton Capt. Seesholtz says hello. CAPTAIN JOHN K SEESHOLTZ 19: llri loir Gar 19( New Commanding Officer Captain John R , SEESHOLTZ, a native of Reading, Pennsylvania, graduated from the U .S . Naval Academy in 1956, During 1956- 1958 he participated in Antarctic Operation Deepfreeze while serving in USS ARNEB (AKA-56) . A tour on the Staff of Commander Amphibious Training Command, U.S. Atlan- tic Fleet was followed by submarine school in 1959. Subsequent assignment included USS CHARR (SS-328), USS THOMAS A EDISON (SSBN-610), and Executive Officer of USS TIGRONE (AGSS-419) and USS DOLPHIN (AGSS-555). From 1970 to 1972 Captain SEESHOLTZ commanded the experimental deep diving submarine USS DOLPHIN (AGSS-555) during which period the deepest sonar operations ever carried out by a fleet unit were conducted . Captain SEESHOLTZ was a program manager with the Advanced Research Project Agency, Washington, D.C. from 1972 to 1975 where he directed efforts in sonar, missile, and Arctic research. During the period 1975-1977 he served in the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations in support of special projects. Captain SEESHOLTZ holds a 1968 Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Oceanography from Massachusetts Institue of Technology , He is married to the former Marylee Gehris of Leesport, Pennsylvania. They have two children. Amy at Brigham Young University and Daniel at Juniata College, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. Sla ' a Sep as 3 14 COMMANDER E. P. MURRA Y Executive Officer Edward P. Murray was born November 9, 1936, in Xenia, Ohio, the son of Mr, Mrs. Edward F, Murray. He is married to the former Claire L. Gionet of Newport, Rhode Island. They have five children, Jeffrey 15, Gary 13, Scott 10, Craig 8, Shannon 6. CDR Murray was graduated from Salem, Illinois, Community High School in 1954. He graduated from Southern Illinois University with a BS in marketing in 1959. Entering the Navy through Officer Candidate School, he was cwnmissioned an Ensign in February 19607 Following OCS came eight weeks of training at the U .S . Naval Communication School, Newport, Rhode Island. His first duty assignment was as Communication Watch Officer at the U .S . Naval Communications Station, Guam. Next came duty as a Com- munications Watch Officer in the CNO Com- munications Center in the Pentagon (OP-943) In early 1 963, CDR Murray was assigned to the commissiong crew of the USS WORDEN (DLG-18) as Communications Officer and later CIC Officer. Following this tour he attended the U .S . Naval Destroyer School in Newport, Rhode Island. Then he was Weapons Officer aboard the USS HULL (DD-945) from September 1965 until October 1967. A tour as a student at the U .S . Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California followed where he earned a MS Degree in Management. From January 1969 until November 1972, CDR Murray worked as a Systems Analyst in OPNAV (0P-40) and with the Operations HHI H! H| mmm mimmmgmmgm. ■j |§ H - SH 3B3|... Study Group. CDR Murray then served as Executive Officer of the USS GLOVER (AGDE-1) from January 1972 until July 1 973 . From August 1 973 unti I October 1976, he served as Chief of Production and Engineering at the Defense Contract Adminis- tration Service Office, Huntsville, Alabama, where he was promoted to his present rank on 1 September 1975, CDR Murray relieved as Executive Officer aboard the USS AJAX (AR-6) in January 1977. By virtue of his naval service, CDR Murray is authorized to wear the Joint Service Commendation Medal (second award). Navy Achievement Medal, Meritorious Unit Com- mendation (USS HULL), Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces Meritorious Unit Citation (Gallantry Cross), National Defense Service Medal, Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, Vietnam Service Medal (2 stars), and the Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal (with device I960-). 15 m ' 16 SS ' 9 A HUG Jtf . . U A KISS 17 AND AWAY WEGO... ' «•• f ' •«r. ' I 24 August 1977 ' ,? r fi j-T ' i ' i ' nmii«Bni ' n " IIIHI11l ' nUrb,iT,w;»r.v!ita " m M 18 £r Jf TTSf FAIR WINDS AND FOLLOWING SEAS i TO HA WAII 19 l! 0 I THIS IS A DRILL THIS IS A DRILL GENERAL QUARTERS GENERAL QUARTERS. 21 N f 6 Some People Will Do Anything To Get Into This Book!!! 22 t 1 . . . MORE DRILLS PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT? 23 AJAX UNREP. WITH BLUE RIDGE 24 Ji 1P 25 Mr. Walter Williams rode Ajax to teach us Real Estate and Business. U. Of Ajax PACE Courses Mr. Sam Zolezzie came to teach Introduction to Aeronau- tics. Dr. Stan Jaffee signed on for the duration of the cruise to teach Psychology. 26 ' ■■■k )a« Chaplain Richard Dwyer and his high school English Class. Dr. Stan Jaffee telling it like it is. iHllO Welding Class conducted by Ens. Jim Ham Navy Wide Advancement Exams i 27 Picnic At Steel Beach 5 Sept., 1977 ifA w Hi I { 28 Sea Bats invade Ajax 5 September, 1977 as she steams across the International Date Litie into the Domain of tlie Golden Dragon. 29 No sailor is worth his salt if he hasn ' t stood a mail bouy watch! To help those off duty hours pass while at sea, AJAX has a model contest. The models consist of ships, planes, cars, motorcycles and a painting. Here the judges look over the winners of the different classifications. 30 I X f L r 1 . r ' - ' The Winners First row L-R SK3 DePretto IV1M3 Legacki FA Segovia Not shown ET2 DIshong FA Burroughs SHI Dial SK2 Delosreyes Second row L-R EN3 Ross The over all winner GIVIGSN Solom MM3 Legacki HT3 Carrasco YNl Weig Games Of Skill And Chance Are A Popular Pastime liXhiii ,.- ' if S«tfVJL r r , y ' BW B mn- ' .i r3 K V ikf2r « t 31 u 1 ■ I H Bm ' r |HH|| 3| ' L ' -- ' H Vi 1 E j MI B HOr M a p . p Trr Fu72 730? Games 32 ■J » H S dflk l E KJpSi A - . HhIi I BM Bi ' ' f ' ' " ' ' ' ! ,A { Jj l Free T ' me 33 i ' 34 s Oh! By the way, we ' re not going to Subic. Aww shucks and heck and darn it! I think I ' m going to be sick. 35 AJAX ' S SPANISH CULTURAL CL UB El Club Cultural Espanol nacio ' un dia 14 de Septiembre de 1977 cuando un grupo de latinos se jiintaron para celebrar la Semana Espanola (The National Hispanic Heritage Week). El evento fue un 6xito completo, cuando los latinos del AJAX pudieron expresar sus ideas, costumbres y cultura quebrando la tradicional Pinata y al confeccionar una deliciosa cena latina dedicada para toda la tripulacidn del AJAX. 1 I 36 M f The Ajax ' s Spanish Cultural Club was bom the 14th. of September 1977, when a group of sailors of Spanish descent (latinos) gathered to plan the celebration of the National Hispanic Cultural Week. The event was a success and all the Ajax ' s latinos had the opportunity to share their ideas, customs and culture by breaking the traditional Pinata and by cooking a delicious Latin dinner for the crew. The activity also offered the non-Hispanic shipmates the Opportunity to learn more about this extraordinary group, who with their talent, intelect and their energy have proudly contributed to the de- velopment and freedom of our nation. There are about 80 latinos on the Ajax and this number represents 10% of the crew and this 107- have traced their roots to: Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Cuba, El Salvador, Puerto Rico, Honduras and to Texas, Arizona, Colorado, California, New Mexico and New York. 37 SOCCER The Ajax Soccer team continued its winning ways while in WESTPAC. The Ajax team played Japanese, Tiawanese, British and American teams. The Ajax team stacked up a record of 10 wins, 2 ties and 2 losses MM3 Michael Aiello-Right Halfback FTGSN Jesus Canez - Right Halfback IVIIVIS Michael Charan Jr.- Left Inside Forward FN Saul Corleto-Left Halfback MM2 Richard Cydzik-Sweeper MM2 Harry Fields-Goalkeeper SK3 Eddie Garay Jr.-Right Wing LTJG Joseph Gimma-Right Halfback MMFN Theodore Height-Center Fullback FA Michael James-Right Inside Foward MR3 Delbert Martin-Left Wing FN Jose Mercado-Left Fullback FA Frank Parra-Left Inside Forward MR3 Mark Richardson-Center Fullback EN3 Miguel Sanchez Jr.-Right Halfback MRFN John Thatcher-Goalkeeper FN Howard Tuttle Right Halfback SA John Yeager-Left Inside Foward 38 " Ui h VOLLEYBALL The Ajax Soccer Team was put together after reaching Japan, The Ajax team played teams from other U .S . ships and local Japanese teams. The Ajax team had a 14 win and an 8 loss record over all and a 13 win and a 2 loss record in the Seventh Fleet. Lcdr. Jay Benecke Cdr. Bob Connally ET2 Chris Denham DP2 Donald Gibb Lt. Brian Kozlik SHSM Steven Kuhn HT (DV) Ronald MacLaughlin FN Frank Montanez SIM Karl Prautsch Lt. Lu Quintero ET2 George Swarner HT2 (DV) Tom Vinson Lt. Lee Zielinski - Coach 39 USS Ajax Breaks Record Por Marathon Softball Story andphuio by JohnWIIIIaiDi Twenty crewmembrri. from the I. ' SS Ajax (AR-6) spent thi ifvliend together Ignorif k- ilie cold, battling plus playing sloW|. ' ih Softball, ati ' l m doing so sot a new world ' s endurance record tor the sport The record-breaking sail- ors played at Borkcy FifKlon Yokosuka Naval Base from 8 a.m. on Friday. November II to midnight im Sunday, No- vember 13 for ft n w record of M V i. bests the old re- ' nfnhours- }] , , ruused small craft warnings to be in effect through most of the weekend, and at times the temper- atures dropped to 45 degrees during the mara ' hon The two teams were com- prised of members of the USS Ajax ' s First and Electronics Repair Divisions. After 356 Innings uf play the fiiuil score stood at 244 to 239 with First Division on top. Besides setting the new record, the feat also took in S24S for the Combined Federal Cam- paign. The rules involved in set- ting the record called for two teams of tun players each and no sutMtitutes allowed If any ivers were injured or quit 1 the attempt would be off. .... .. . ... ... .1! ,,.„,) a »»■ • vrtir " ' ■ niin- ' several hours and he smaller breaks Att one. Scott Koth and Jim Trome- ler. both of First Division. were the Instigators in the record setting attempt ' We were l(n)king in the paper nnt CoU weather did not stop the Ajax player . saw some people from Vokota tried to do it and they only got 32 hours, so we Just decided to give it a try. " said Koth. It was Koth who wrote to the Guinness Booli of Woild Record! Organi. 1 out what would t- TyinR !■. -lel th- 1 Afl«r Uw sUpulatlnsu arrived gears slartiNi turning on the ship, and a grant of special liberty to certain players for the weekend netted the Ajait their new world ' s record for the longed continuously played slow-pilch softhall same — .% «k %n til -■■ J fc.ff " f n? 4 1 BASKETBALL During the 77-78 WestPac deploy- ment the Ajax Basketball Team produced a 13-3 season thus giving them first place in the Seventh Fleet, IN December the Ajax Team played in the CFAY (Commander Fleet Activity Yokosuka) Holiday Tournament. The Ajax team was the only team to beat the powerful USS Midway team but the Midway team beat Ajax in the double elimination tournament to give Ajax a hard fought second place. I, n ' m m The most valuable player of the CFAY Tournament, SKSN Charles Hardin, receives his trophy from Capt. Seesholtz and Cdr. Murray. GUARDS FA Michael Dunningham BM2 Rory Dixon SK3 Michael Fields SN Bobby Fitzgerald FA Adam Perkins FA Robert Wilmer EM3 Harry Thompson Jja ida ' f- J 1 When Ajax left Japan her Bowling Team was in first place in the Seventh Fleet League. FRONT ROW SMI Ron Schneider MR3 Jim Ward BACK ROW YNl Mike Weig DM1 Dicl Hill DPI Tom Grouse MLFA Raymond Carpenter runner up Heavy Weight Div. in the December " Smoker " . V III s I The dictionary says that a tiger is a large Asiatic carnivorious mammal of the cat family. Ajax ' s defenltion says that a " Tiger " can be any size, eats meat (especially hamburgers), usually is a male mammal from the family of an Ajax Sailor and rides aboard Ajax returning from an Asiatic Cruise. TIGER CRUISE I I ' i ■Urn. 1— f- Ml ' I M I Pearl Harbor To San Diego-17 To 24 Feb. Am 47 k I ' ' j ni ' ii PEARL mMM%n.vw HARBOR 13 SEPTEMBER Ajax sailors visit the city of Kamakura where many shrines and temples stand from the Shogun era. Diabutsu or the Big Buddha sits facing the sea, Hachimagu Shrine or Shinto God of War and the Shrine of Hase Kannon or Goddess of Mercy are also visited , Sixty four men from Ajax, along with their " Fuji Sticks " , begin the 1200 ft. plus climb. 52 The night is spent at a small wood and lava shelter with other climbers . r Jf ill rf •♦•ar ' k ' -1 Kv " 1 M £- . Hl Wp " ' 1 k- WSk ■ K i J Ijkjr— 1 m s i iM h I HAPPY BIRTHDAY AJAX On 30, October Ajax celebrates her 34th , Birthday in Yokosuka Japan. After the official ceremony the party moves to the Pier Six Pub for drinks and music by the " Ajax Band ' Our Japanese Language teacher - Miss Fusako Iwata. i V -% f © " J c ik ' e- - !» « • g ■■■■»■• ?« AJax sponors the Yokosuka Eagles. njb. f ifl e ' K? The RECORD BREAKERS! ¥ i ' y On Dec. 9th, Ajax arrives in Keelung, Taiwan for five days of liberty. A ship ' s party is given for tiie entire crew at the " China Seas Club " in Taipei. 9 December R.W Top «» ' «•» va««l F«.TU« ' e.io«.v.« £m to ec -r KUl« M.-.»c..Tc « «i jrT«»»4 Cir ft K eelung Harbor at night. The Ajax Band provides the music for tlie ship ' s party. • .i " Temples, rice fields, night markets and the majestic Grand Hotel provide the Ajax Crew with many new and fasci- nating experiences. WELCOME TEKflS TOl rases RFCRERIIONAau.- oi.QaM kORE-A. „ Ajax arrives Pusan, Korea 28, Jan., 1978 for five days of liberty. The temperature is cold but the shopping is " hot " . AJAX ' S PHOTO CONTEST 1st. Place: FN Richard Waisanen - Sunrise From Atop Mt. Fuji I m m 1 2nd. Place: HTl Don Jernigan - Taioei, Grand Hotel Gate At Sunset Honorable Mention 3rd. Place: MM3 Abel Perez - In A Japanese Garden FN Richard Waisanen Mt. Fuji Conquered HT3 John Tompkins Mt. Fuji From The Air HT2 James Pressler Night Anchorage In Keelung MR3 Mark Richardson A Japanese Harbor After Sunset R I ' Chaplain Richard K. Dwyer Chaplain Ridhard K . Dwyer is serving e twilight of hrts Navy career on Ajax. aplain Dwyer ervecl in Borneo as an en- ted man and itVas there that an Austral- chaplain planted the ministry idea As the chaplain says, " You ' ve man or Borneo? Well, he escaptec ' " It ' s beemmf ienuine ministry dor?t ' 7Lrst dealmitl Wple who go to church on Sunday. My ppWWs my ship. I ' ve been in touch with the heartbeat of people ' s lives My relation with Gotj has been a continuing marriage , Chaplain Dwyer G », yv LTJG Gimma conducting lay Catholic services. , IV CAPTAIN ' S OFFICE The Captain ' s Office is respon- sible for the incoming and out going correspondance of the ship, ad- ministration of legal services and the maintaining of the officers ' Records, YNl Weig YNSN Birtley YNSN Smock MASTER- A T-ARMS The part of the " bad guy " is played by the well known character, the ever lovely SMS Mashatt and the " frisker " is IVIRI Manez (With A funny little line over t he " n " ). FTGl ANDRUS MRl CAMPBELL FTGl DEIMHAM MAI DINWIDDIE GMGl FOWLER MRl HOWELL 68 ! PERSONNEL T A OFFICE NCI Sanders PNl Sutton PIMl White PI I2 Huntsman The Personnel Office maintains and up dates Service Records, processes leave papers, compiles the daily muster report and ensures that all files are com- plete . The Training and Advancement office maintains complete breakdowns on the Navy ' s education and career opportunities SN Gelvez PNSN Burttschell YIMSA Fields SA Mares SN Morey PNSN Palomar 69 aa . Change to off i ' 5?w 2 ' ---r« r INSURED VALUE " " ' I (U.S.J -DOLLARS AND C£NTS ffiailed e tf ' .GOLD Fi AIR r SPECIAL DEUVERY r I PC3 Wilson 1 s T D I V I S I o N Bl 12 Rodriguez BIVIS Wood SN Diaz SN Koth SA Flores BM2 Balch SN Gara SN Morris It SA Lopez BM3 Collins SN Andrews t SN Hall i I SN Oldham SA Moore BM3 Walters P SN Boyle SN Hanson SN Taylor SA Richard ' IT ' ' BM2 Oixon 2ND ,, DIVISION r BM2 Jones BM3 Vialpondo I SA Anthony SA Baker SA Be2U ' den SA Cerasoli SA Clark 74 BMSN Burke SIM Butkiewicz SM Cortez BMSN Randall SN Rush :i«t SA Florian SN Glisson f SA Janito SA Wilder h 75 3RD DIVISION Back Row left to right: GMGl Calabrese, GMG3 Anderson, GMG3 Grambusch, SN Mata, FTG3 Hinde, Front Row left to right: GMG3 Solom, GMGSN Block fJ isaSMM i CW02 Lee EMC Berthelson MMC Gemmeb leering Departmer me ,nce and repair of the main pri ion machinery and it ' s auxiliL. .. fingineering Department also upplies support for ships along side uch as: water, steam and electriratj he bridge,, in the 1 the hole, one thing t ue: Boilers move ships and men mo; ioilers. . Dan- a round tlv itrpJ Centrai maintaii for any pn " -m fifp . fli Cwicf £-o3 " ee Load P l Jka ' T Load ? SIM Shafferman LOG ROOM The Log Room is the center of all propulsion and damage control activi- ties , AC R HT2 Pressler HT3 Rice HTFN Cannady FN Davis The AC R Shop maintain and repair all aspects of ship- board air-con- ditioning refrigeration . FTFN Grisham HT3 Bennett HTFN Robinson HT3 Hartman FN Waisaen 78 ( A- GANG A-GANG is task with the up- keep and maintenance of the re- frigeration systems on board the USS AJAX . They also maintain and repair any and all of AJAX ' S plumbing problems. IVllWa Gladden EN3 Brenner EIM3 Nicosia MM3 Thomas EMI Dunn EM2 Dipasupil EM3 Aranzanso EM3 Azevedo EM3 Gregorio EM3 Holwager EIVI3 Johnson EMFN Baggett EMFN Castillo EMFN Davis EMFN Layno EMFN Mosier EMFW Murphy EM3 Straws DC ELECTRIC DC ELECTRIC is responsi- ble for the upkeep, maintenance, trouble calls and PMS of the electrical system aboard the USS AJAX. ICK IC3 80 r FA Hart FA Jarred ICl Gilmore IC2 Wilson IC3 Odom IC3 Baker ICFN Baker ICFN Kelley Let ' s get small . . IC DC SHOPS In ternal Comm unica tions Damage Control .ii . FORWARD ENGINE ROOM AND FIREROOM The men in this division operate the steam turbines in the engine room. These turbines drive the reduction gears which turn the propeller shaft. The men of the engine rooms also operate the evaperators which gives the Ajax its fresh water while at sea. The temperature in these spaces often reaches 120 degrees. MM2 Childers Ml I3 Brown BT3 Fish BT3 Adams MM3 Blue BT3 Myers MM3 Perez 82 f V u BT3 Brinson BT3 Re id I MIVIS Wampler MMFN Brownell BTFN Cumming FN Duever FN Griffin 1 . FN Pershin FA Cunningham FA Gent MMFA Konicek FR Borowsl i FN Hall FR Rieland 83 MMl Ennis MMl Thompson I IM2 Davis 9 BT2 Lebkuecher BT3 Burton IV1M3 Haddox BT3 Hicks MIV13 Earl! BT3 Ross MM2 Larson IVIM3 Escocoe IV1IV13 Staub AFT ENGINE ROOM AFT FIRE ROOM ■ -- ' m ' mc : " ' ' 1 •I If ,1] V I QP I 1 1 84 V BT3 Wantz MMFN Dishman FN Quinonez FA Siege FR Ostler a FR Fondrisi 85 EVAPORATORS BTl Thomas FN Hemminger MM2 Haun MM3 Grant EN3 Mitchel MMFIM Potter FA Smithey 8b MR3 Randolph MMFN Jayme i FA Hobaugh FR Colavoipe DICAL The recently renovated Dental Department is responsible for the oral health of Ajax as well as the ships of the Seventh Fleet. When a ship comes along side for re- pairs, her crew is screened for what ever dental services it may need. Among the duties of the Med- ical Department are administering immunizations to the crew, main- taining the health records, pro- viding physiotherapy treatment as well as keeping a constant vigil on Ajax for any health discrepan- cies. - " .™ ar Roililt 1 DENTAL DT2 Corpuz DN Acebedo FN Burroughs SR De Rosette L r 88 MEDICAL HM2 Flaig HM3 Conover is HM3 Scherer SIM Briseno r V SA Siegmann n 89 Operations Dm ' ARTMENT ' 49 ' LT ZIELINSKI ENS SAN 4 RMCM SA -r? - The Operations Department consists of Communications and Navigation. They guide the ship underway and keep communica- tions with shore stations and other ships open twenty-four , hours a day. Radio Central, Combat Infor- mation Center, the Signal Bridge, and the Charthouse are the main work centers of the operations department. The personnel of the depart- ment are made up of Radiomen, Quartermasters, Operations Specialists, and Signalmen. . - - , - " 1- . :■ concord dtS grape - iM JELLO i - 1 1 1 - . ' ; ' •1-;r! I i - i ' ' • r " .-■ -U 91 0S2 FORE QM2 SULLIVAN OSSN GORDOM QMSN GAMMAD OSSM KEMNEDY A CHART HOUSE CIC " Close the rear door good buddy, Smokey ' s on our tail! " RADIO CENTRAL RM3 GEORGE RM2 FAHEY RM3 JOIMES RM2 SAWTOS RM2 SLATER Rl 13 FORSYTHE RIVI3 TURNER RMSN HA LSEY RMSN SALAZAR WWWPW 93 SMI SCHNEIDER SMI LEWIS S1VI3 DAACK SM3 MASHATT SIGNAL BRIDGE mPf DEPARTMENT The Repair Department-and that is just what it does. It repairs everything from type- writers and binoculars to boilers and electrical motors. To get the job done the men of the Repair Department work in shifts 24 hours a day on Holidays and even in liberty ports. The Repair Department is the reason that the AJAX exists. " of REPAIR OFFICE ETC MCKEEVER f MR! CLAY ETl COSSET No, you can ' t order a Big Mac and fries on a 2 KILO! YNl STEVENS YN3 DOUGLAS Hello Stevens. Tliis is Chief Shadix. " Where in the " Hell " are You? " .C:: a 1 1 - 4 ! HTC Sloan HTl Avant HTl Martin HTFN HT2 Carrasco HT2 GroeschI HT3 Brown " Win Bfom Gtiiie SHIP FITTER SHOP HTFN Killion HTFN Rayner HTFN Rohlfing pmm HTFW Scouler HTFN Smith FN Walston FA Bove FA Cary HTFA Cable FA Cole HTFA Fresorger HTFA Grudenic FA Muniz HTFA PIttman HTFA Ross SHEET METAL SHOP I HTl Foote-now HTC HT2 Rodriguez HT2 Sullivan Sjiiitjn WcDroy The Sheetmetal Shop can make cabinets, desks or evaporator inter- nals. If it can be made from a sheet of metal, they can manufacture it. Sheetmetal to 14 gauge (.080). HTFN Pearson HTFN Taylor FN Boone FN Jones FN Kuehl FN Robinson HTFA Adams HTFA Hiigel HTFA Edgell FA Davis T ' -v WELD SHOP PIPE SHOP The Pipe Shop cuts, shapes, bends and installs pipe and tubing. HTC Sesslar HTl Biegler HT2 Spann HT3 Bias HT3 Lewis HT3 Longfellow HTFN Erhart HTFN Green HT3 Lee HTFA Groves HTFA KIrtley HTFA Roberts HTFA Warner HTFIM Parker HTFN Spring Uim HTFN Wennerstrom HTFN Springer FR Johnson FA Turner 103 W ; l Personally I think it is about " two Feet " short. CARPENTER SHOP The Carpenter Shop has various woodworking capabilities, such as: Boat repairs including wood, fiberglass and plastics plus the laying and sealing of new terrazzo deck. HTC McDermott HT3 Davis HT3 Geiger HT3 Shackelford HTFA Kickbusch HTFA Simmons I . HTl Jernigan HTl Stokes N% i HT3 Pender LAGGING SHOP HT3 Thompson The Lagging Shop lags all piping, insulates bulk- heads, makes lagging pads for values, makes flange shields and insulates steam plants and pumps. Fl l Gauges FN Norton FN Kline FA Pittman FR Keck FA Wilmer FN Ellsworth :m ' . -c- PMl GRAY PM2 GOSOM PM3 HAMMANN PATTERN SHOP The Pattern Shop forms molds for emblems on plaques and for foundry castings. r PMFN ADAMS PMFN FARR PMFIM O ' CONNOR tm MMl AYERS BMl BROWM SAIL LOFT The Sail Loft works all types of canvas and herculite. They also do various types of upholstering. 107 FOUNDRY MLCS COHEIM MLl McCOY ML2 PHILLIPS ML2 LOPEZ The Foundry molds Molten Metal into repair parts. MLFN DIETRICH MLFN MALIXI FN PARRA FN PIERSON ML3 SALINAS t MLB WILSON MLFN BELCHER FA MERCADO FR CARPENTER lOfl •0Pt2 IWAS mw MRC YAPTENGO MRl NAIMEZ MRl PARENT MR2 NIGH MR2 REYNOLDS MR2 SORENSON MRS AVELINO MR3 SMITH 9 INSIDE MACHINE SHOP The men of the Inside Machine Shop use Turret Lathes and Milling Machines to bore, thread, and turn various repair parts for customer ships. They also perform drilling and tapping of precision measure- ments. MRFN FICHARDSON MRFN WHITNEY MRFA BUKIELSKI MRFA GOODWIN MRFA HOWELL MRFA LEBLANC MRFA THATCHER MRFA WETTSTEIN 109 MRC Taylor l IR2 Consuji MR2 Wood EIVI3 Ross MR3 Santos MRFN Biocarles FN Richardson FN Segovia FA Corleto ENGRA VING CTR SHOP The Engraving Shop per- forms various precision tasks from the manufacturing of gears to the engraving of plaques and name tags. MRl Smith FN Genska FA Shoemaker MR3 Nordine " 1 n ' -f S I p V HH IL A Ji i a k. IL ' gnj MMC Fischer MMl Washington MM2 Fields MIVI2 Cydzik MIVI3 Davis MMFN Berg orcine VALVE SHOP Even a small ship can have as many as a thousand values and it is the job of the Value Shop to repair and to perform preventive maintenance on the many values, pressure regulators and safety shut off de- vices of the customer ships. MIVIFN Miller MMFN Height FA Banner FA Brown FR Endicott FR Martens P?! Ill LOWER MACHINE SHOP The Lower Machine Shop has the capabili- ties to dynamic balance shafts and rotor assemblies weighing up to 1300 lbs, and 48 inches in diameter, bore, turn and thread up to a six inch diameter, machine external and internal keyways and internal squares in valve wheels and rebuild salt water pumps. MRC Hendrickson MRl Alexander MRl Bernard MRl Basco MRl Crockett MR! Williams MM2 Abueg MR2 Anderson MR2 Bautista MR2 Legacki MR2 Straws MR2 Ward HFlpi ' MR3 Hollern MR3 Merritt MR3 Sutherland MR3 Warren FN Duplon MRFN Francis MRFNJayme MRFN Martin MRFN Miller FN Tuttle MMFN Warden MRFNWhitter FA Barreras FA Cook MRFA Fenn FA Gaffey MRFA Godby MRFA Harkinson MRFA Maloney MRFA Murphy MRFA Norby MRFA Vieth MRFA Graham 113 ICE INJECTOR SHOP The ICE shop is responsible for the testing and repair of various engines and injectors. 1 ENFN Harvard ENFM Kerr EIMFW Rhodes ENFIM Sterling ENFN Penner ENFN Wharton ENFN Pesheck ENFA Foix ENFA Johnson 114 ' OR ' jnsible MMC Bass MMl Beard MMl Callado ■« . MMl Gates OSR SHOP The Out side Repair Shop works on heavy machinery that can not be brought aboard and rebuilds pumps aboard. MMFN Scantlin MMFN White MM3 Castro FN Vonsaltza MM3 Galang MM3 Spenser MM3 Thomas MMFA Gearhart FA Ayers MMFA Tighe 115 BRCS Calvert BTCS Grandbois BTl Looker BT2 Dressier BTFN Davis BTFN Smith MRFA Dewease BOILER REPAIR Some of the many things that The Boiler Repair Shop does are to repair, install and adjust boilers, soot blowers, water gauge glass and fuel oil heaters. This Shop also does tube renewal on evaporators, heat exchanger tubes and con- denser tubes. Even when grinding one ' s hand, one should always wear safety glasses. " P!iiiiiim!«imiii El I3 Swinson EM3 Thompson KOUAH • AFtlT HLM S06J PROJECTOR REPAIR SHOP GYRO REPAIR SHOP ICC Hockaday ICC Gregory IC2 Allen IC2 Garms IC2 Williams FN Covell FN Dahl FN Enloe FN Searcy ICFN O ' Hira KICFA Trippe MB ELECTRICAL REPAIR SHOP EM2 Van Otten EM3 Carbonell EM3 Carter EM3 Ducan EIV13 Dew EM3 Morales Pl ! EM3 Mullaney FN Czech FN Dunn FN Jones FN Pimley FN Sellers 119 ELECTRONIC t ■ REPAIR SHOP ETl Chorley ETl Fisk ET2 Bayness ET2 Menchion ET2 Snyder r ET3 Saldivar ET3 Spiros r ET3 Walling ETSN Babbit FTGSN Canez ETC Smail The Electronics Repair Shop assists trouble-shooting electronics systems on board ciistonier ships. ET3 Bemiss ET3 Draper ET3 Petras ETG3 Rivera ET3 Salley ETSW Gilbreath FTGSN Nye ETSN Snider ETSM Thomas ETSN Williams CALIBRATION LAB The Calibration Lab, calibrates and does minor repairs on spectrum analyzers, electronic meters, IFF test sets and general and special oscilloscopes , ETl Young ET2 Lester ET2 Dale ET3 Grzenia TELETYPE CR YPTO REPAIR SHOP ET2 Csensich ET2 Dishons The Teletype and Crypto Repair Shop repairs, cleans and conducts operational tests. Will also arrange for certificati on in- spections with shore facilities for customer ships . 123 OMC Phillips OMl Lienneweber 0M2 Canady 0IV12 Godsey OPTICAL SHOP Pr " Om3 Paxton 0M3 Altemus OMSN Lammerding SIM Prautzch SN Daniels m TECHNICAL LIBRARY OMC Burns FTG2 Worrel The Technical Library contains the manuals and blueprints for the jobs done by Repair. FTGSN Morton GMGSN Massingill 125 LIl Lackey ' i DM1 Hill LI3 Graziano L ' -A PHAN Kenville i SA Lopez PRINT SHOP PHOTO LAB SN Stapp k. VMluf w Tons of paperwork in todays Navy requires skilled lithographers and print- ing and duplicating equipment. The print shop produces thousands of printed pages everyday. Draftsmen also occupy this work center. Photography requires the mastery of technical and compli- " cated skills and processes. Ajax photog- raphers, besides working in the dark- room, know how to operate and main- tain every type of Navy camera. PH2(AC) Westhusing i li jTiT ' eR I Ml Watterson IM2 Harston IMSM Sullivan IMl Hughes gives a lesson in gauge calibration to customer ship personnel. IM3 Coloumbe uses the nutronics calibration board to adjust a mechanical gauage. MIRCS LAB f3)i IMl Hughes IM3 Coloumbe IMSN Eaker r IMSA Grundon IMSA Collins [ HTl Rosetto HTl Kirkwood HTl Kay HTC Brumfield V HT2 Van Denbos HT3 Berskow HT3 Pena NDTLAB $ The Non-Destructive Test Lab performs ultrasonic and thickness inspections on decks, bulkheads, plates and large castings . It also inspects any nuclear or non nuclear test work up to 2 inch thick steel including magnetic material , Checks magnetic, particle and dye penetration. Has the capability to X-Ray test plates for welder re-certification , Will also interpret X-Rays , fc «sfLab I ' .also 11. Has St cation. I ' SKCS Newton SKC Joseph SKI Harina S-1 SKC Ortiz S-1 Division is the Stores Division, Its duty is to anticipate future needs for Ajax ' s general stores and repair materials , to order the items required and to main- tain a stock of required equipment on hand for issue. SK2 Johnson SK2 Miller SK2 PImentel SK3 Depretto SK3 Diehl SKI Strong SK2 Oelosreyes SK3 Fields 132 ' Of ■iais, ! SK3 Martinez SKSN Cornell SN Hardin SA Fitzgerald ' : -» - • ti SA Garay SKSA Aringdale r SR Quaid I WOM0£R IF 1 OOT A eooD UY FROK THIS Y ON MOUNT FOJLL - .- ■ Ji 133 SKI Cruz S-2 DIVISION S-2 Division is the Food Service Di- vision , The men of S-2 prepare over 2,400 meals per day and in addition keep the mess deck, galley, CPO and Wardroom areas clean , MS3 Meserole MSSN Bailey 134 I I I T i r 4 - ■■ r MSI Hippolito MSI IMelvis MSI Reyes MS2 Atrero r «f»7=T- g p - E Av s « MS2 Medina MS3 Widner MSSN Dukes S 1 SA Winchester 135 T HSCS Pearl r SHI Fields SHI Dial SH2 Botello SH2 Campbell SH2 Oehler •r ] SH2 Stratton f« ' " »f S-3 the business men of the ship. They will trim your hair, sell you pop, clean your clothes and maintain all your needs in the Ship ' s Store and all the profits go to the Ship ' s Wel- fare and Recreation Fund. SH2 WojciechowskI SH3 Andres SH3 Hamill SH3 Bartzen SH3 David SH3 Gonzalez SH3 Green r ' F ' 136 h SH3 Mendoza SH3 Milligan SH3 Morales SN Kuhn SN Pederson SN Riddle SN Booth SN Green SN McCrae SA Ector F ' n 137 DP3 Coon S-5 , S-6 DPSN Marks Both S-5 and S-6 Divisions have only one work center in each division. S-5 Division is the Data Process- ing Division, which programs the computer which coordinates the ship ' s complete supply system. S-6 Division is the Disbursing Office. It is foremost on the crew ' s mind twice each month. DK3 MONTEMAYOR DK3 VIDENA SN FULLER U8 r- ' 5IEA» -. itas ttfT : .«ldilliTtti(iiifiilR3 a. ' fimiSa i(iii «»5; n f • fl X - iiii«Sjiiiir : mtjj»a • flAmrRfey : AienHn I One of the more than 800 healthy specimens that make up the crew of AJAXi On December 12th 1977, crew members of AJAX donated 32,750CC, of their blood to the Chinese Veternas Hospital located in Taipei, Taiwan. A Chinese doctor and nurse, with the aid of Dr. Quintero and his AJAX Corpsmen conducted the blood drive aboard AJAX. The photos articles to the left were taken from a Taipei daily newspaper, i AJAX crew members have left 32,750CC, of their blood in Taiwan, but they relieved Taiwan of many roll top desks, coffee tables, grandfather clocks, bars and a partridge in a teak veneer tree. 140 r EMI Alderdyce MRl Miles RMl Minerd MS2 Agphoa DP2 Meche MS2 Pojas t :s ADDITIONAL CREWS ' PHOTOS 9 t SH2 Solis DS2 Ayers SK3 Jensen DP3 Kottas DP3 Shockey SH3 White SK3 Williams SHSN Aucayan ENFN Anderson SN Barnett FN Daggett DPSN Dean I y 7 MRFA Graham EMFN Henley FN Kline FN IVIontanez EMFN Palmere FN Schromen FN Shepherd SA Gonzales SN Solom FN Spurlock MRFA Johnson FA Knotts SN Sye FA Larson CTTSN Wilkes FN Yates FA Pressler SHSA Rogers T% . , 141 WE LCOME HOME AJAX WE MISSED YOU ■ ' I ' ji Lc. (y yyui (T K m OUO hoy 3 cij- FRIDA Y 24 FEBRUARY Sv 1 I WESTPAC SUMMARY During her present deployment, AJAX spent all of her fleet support time servicing the ships of the seventh fleet at fleet activity - Yokosuka, JAPAN . While in Yokosuka, AJAX provided 725 ships days of fleet repair services while working on a total of 41 ships. She participated in USS LOCKWOOD ' s (FF-1064) planned restricted availability, completing 12 ship alterations, worked on 3 fast attack carrier groups and one amphibious ready group. Supplying 73 days of " HOTEL " service to customer ships during her stay in Yokosuka, AJAX transferred over 200, 000 gallons of feed water and fed some 2270 rations to sailors of the seventh fleet. In support of other ships AJAX ' s cranes lifted 258,000 pounds of cargo. AJAX ' s Repair Department worked in double shifts, inport and underway. In all AJAX supplied over 16,000 man days of fleet repair services . In November 1977, there were a series of labor strikes by Japanese employees aboard the Yokosuka Naval Facility. During these strikes it was AJAX that provided assistance in the critical utility operations of the base. Twenty engineering rates from AJAX repeatedly offered their " know how " to off set the potential adverse effects the strikes could have had. Besides the important job of keeping the base utilities functioning, AJAX crew members became base firemen, school bus drivers, bartenders and AJAX even donated her band to cover one night at the Officer ' s Club, AJAX ' s electrical plant also augmented the Yokosuka base ' s shore power during one of its heaviest port loadings of the year - October to December, Since AJAX was in Yokosuka for almost her entire deployment, she became involved in the local community, AJAX supplied her mercury vapor detecting meter to be used in the Naval Dental Clinics in the Yoklsuka-Yokohama area, AJAX crew members spread paint and goodwill at the local KOBO Orphanage, sponsored the " Eagles " a minor league football team for boys ages 9-11 years and supplied 25 warm up jackets to the team members, and repaired the base high school ' s shortwave radio, A new antenna system for the radio was also built. In November 1977 twenty crewmembers from AJAX spent a weekend together ignoring the cold, battling fatigue, to play slow-pitch softball, and in doing so set a new world ' s endurance record for the sport. Besides setting the new record, the feat also took in $245 for the Combined Federal Campaign. When AJAX left Yokosuka, her basketball, volleyball and soccer teams were all in first place in Seventh Fleet competition and her bowling team and boxing team ended their season as winners. During the WestPac deployment, AJAX received the " Silver Anchor Award " for Fiscal year 77, The " Silver Anchor Award " is given to the command in it ' s particular class for having the highest retention of its crew members. While in WestPac AJAX visited two liberty ports: Keeking, TAIWAN, and Pusan, KOREA. While in TAIWAN the crew members of AJAX donated 32,750 CC, of blood to the Chinese Veterans Hospital in Taipei, AJAX left Yokosuka with a proud feeling of accomplishment. 144 AJAX RECEIMES SILVER ANCHOR While in the Western Pacific, Ajax received word that she had won . the Silver Anchor award and on Thursday March 16, 1978 RADM , William H. Rowden, USN -COMCRUDESGRU- presented the Silver Anchor Award to Ajax. Capt. John R. Seesholtz, USN -Commanding Officer, CDR. Edward P. Murray, USN -Executive Officer, NCI Sonny Sanders -Ajax Career Counselor and the Ajax Divisional Career Petty Officers were present to accept the waard. The Silver Anchor Award is given by COMNAVSUPRAC to the ship of a particular class that has the best retention of crew members for that year . The Ajax Cruise Book Staff would like to thank the following people for their contributions of time, effort and or photography. -IN ALPHEBETICAL ORDER- HT3 Richard Berskow LCDR James Buckingham H1V13 William Conover EMI Ronald DeGrazIa ET3 Mark Draper FN Robert Hemminger SA Michael Hooker HTl Don Jernlgan DP3 Steven Kottas FN Andre LeBlanc HT3 Wade Pearson MM3 Able Perez ETN3 John Petras DP2 Charles Porter HT2 James Pressler MR3 Mark Richardson EM3 Steven Ross ET3 Gary Sal ley ENS Michael Sanders SMI Ronald Schneider DPI Roger Shaeffer SA Patrick Siegmann FN Mark Sullivan MRFN John Thatcher HT3 John Tompkins FN Richard Waisanen FR Robert Wllmer i CRUISE BOOK DMl Richard Hill - Editor. The award-winning Dick Hill took up the challenge to be AJAX ' s Cruise Book editor because he once received a " hicky " while working in a dark room. Thus being " marked " for life, he is compelled to pro- duce cruise books - especially during full moons. Dick ' s favorite quote is " I know what we can do gang! Lets make a cruise book! " . YN3 Jack Douglas - Layout Finance. Jack was unanimously elected into the technical position as layout co-ordinator and business manager because he was the only one on the staff who could spell ceremoney, ceremonie, ceremonny -or whatever. A true intellect, for Jack has memorized all the scripts from the TV program " Watch Mr. Wizard " . Jack ' s favorite quote is " I ' ve got the Smithstonian Institute Blues! " . SHI Raul Botello Jr. - Art Sound Effects. Raul ' s real name is Sir Rodney X. Smythe, but he had his name changed to Raul Botello when he discovered that he spoke with a Spanish accent. This was quite strange since Sir Rodney ' s, I mean Raul ' s mother was Swedish and his father English. Raul claims he picked up his talent for drawing to scale because his mother always wrapped his lunch in road maps and told him not to hurry home. Raul ' s (an ex-marine) favorite quote is " Left-Right, Left-Right, Left-Right " . LI2 Bob Casas - Photographer. Bob was one of the pioneers in the bounce flash technique of photography. From bounce flash, Bob branched into other fields. One of the fields was that of bouncing checks. Bob is no longer in photography for he had to sell his bounce flash to cover his bouncing checks, Bob ' s favorite quote is " Things bounced higher on the Mt. Whitney " . Ml, STAFF MEMBERS DMSA Steven Lopez - Art Special Effects. Steve is the only staff member who can hum like a Moog Synthesizer. A real genius if ever there was, for one can tell by the way Steve combs his hair, Steve ' s ambition is to secretly elope with himself and to live happily ever after. Steve ' s favorite quote is " Weebles Wooble but they don ' t fall down " . PHAN Michael Kenville - Professional Photog- rapher. Mike is a Navy trained photographer. Mike can disassemble the most sophisticated camera while in total darkenss ana while wearing wooly mittens. He simply smashes the camera against something hard. No one has the heart to tell him but Mike thinks the word " Hasselblad " is German for corn-dog. One has to give Mike credit, for he is always where the action is just clicking away with his instamatic and magic flash cubes. Mikes favorite quote is " Watch the cheese and say birdie " . PH2 Ed Westhusing - Roving Photographer and Staff Marriage Counselor. Ed once took a picture of himself taking a picture of a picture but he lost the nagative of the negative of the negative. Ed has the " iron will " ability to spend many many long hours in the dark room, but has recently lost that ability since his hammock was stolen , Ed ' s favorite quote is " Just give me a camera and a few rolls of film and I can sleep anywhere " . Dr. Edward Funk - Sponsor, Since he was nine years old Dr, Funk wanted to be a veterinarian, but after less than one year in veterinarian school he was transfered to a Dental school because he showed no compassion for his patients thus qualifying him for Dental school, Dr, Funk graduated in the upper 100% of his Dental school class and then joined the Navy to practice his chosen profession-cruise book sponsoring. Dr. Funk ' s favorite quote is " This is a drill. This is a drill " . 147 This Has Been The Six Month Voyage Of The STAR SHIP AJAX I % • i .. « , -■•• at»»

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