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wmww iMm sv ' jM,mnSA js , CREW ' S , . ORBIS TERR. L ( DE. ' CRlPTrO DUO Ill IS PLANI5 hemlsph.Criis comprefesa d i ' anf rj i r.lHT HJCUJ, 7IP ' ATLA " • ' : " .. TiCtJtvi g-X UfL ' : i: ? . l ' 1 Lvo; . : " ' -- " !::.- : 0-- ■ O tOC E A NUSi » c»V ,Vn XI . A ' O .li ■ A .® v ' v C I; LVJ C .i 1 : coq, rf.i £ « T I " ' ic ' =•! •«o. ' M - ' - ..A . • EDICATION , IS book is dedicated to our ' es, Parents, and all our loved nes who unfailingly reminde ' mMMAlNDIMC CAPTAIN P. L. FULLINWIDER CREW ' S BOOK 1974-75 commemorates another foreign cruise of the good ship AJAX in the service of her country and our Navy. For this one period, we ARE AJAX; and the work and adventures pictured herein and experienced by all, are peculiarly our own. Yokosuka, Japan; Subic Bay, the Philippines, and Kaohsiung, Republic of China ; were the ports visited, each presenting widely differing challenges of work and play. The Pacific Ocean was AJAX ' s major challenge as we marshalled our best repair efforts to get moving at full power in only 30 hours after suffering a major engineering casualty. A truly remarkable achievement and a forerunner of the fine repair work we performed on the many ships of the SEVENTH FLEET in our seven and a half month deployment. We left the SEVENTH FLEET in better condition than we found it, and AJAX returned to San Diego, herself much improved both in material and in train- ing. This after all is our mission - Repair; and while it was hard work for all, the CREW ' S BOOK pictures will trigger for years to come the special memories of foreign travel, different peoples and the good cameraderie of AJAX Crew 1974-75. Peter L. Fullinwider Captain, U. S. Navy Commanding { 1 Ai 1 B s Er M I d I inl EXECUTIVE OFFICER COMMANDER W. E. WELCH CDR WELCH entered the Navy from Atmore, Ala. in June 1948, and was advanced to Chief Petty Of- ficer in November 1957. He was commissioned as En- sign (LDO Engineering) on 1 January 1960. In November 1963 he changed his designation to an un- restricted Line Officer. His shore duty tour was as the Production Officer, Defense Contracts Office, Cedar Rapids, lA. 1969 - 1971. The remainder of CDR WELCH ' S Naval service has been on sea duty in the following commands: USS MOCKING BIRD (AMS- 27); USS FLAMINGO (AMS-11); Mine Sweeping Boat Division 113; USS PRESTIGE (MSO-465); USS BOLSTER (ARS-38); USS ALAMO (LSD-33); MINE SQUADRON THREE Staff; USS HAYNSWORTH (DD-700); DESTROYER SQUADRON 28 Staff; and USS AJAX (AR-6). I LCDR HOWE LCDR FELL LCDR OIEN LCDR HESBY LT McNAB LT MARVIN LT FLAKES LT MEPOMUCENO lO K N G I D N K K P h: A R R I T N M G K N T 11 Damage Control Shop 12 " My old Pal Clint " Electric Shop 13 " A " Gang 5 ¥ W Jl ' Jr l V ■ liii " - ' a ' ti i S, —is " " vW " iBv -J J " C R " Shop 14 Maybe I need a bigger flame ... " 15 " IC " Shop [1 16 " SomeLunes I think the Chi takes P.M.S. Evaporator Crew i I I MMl Rohbock performs a chloride test on Boiler Feed Water 18 I MMC Abriam adds technical assistance Forward Engine Room Machinist ' s Mates 19 :,er r ire Rocvrb. Alter Engine " No it ' s not soup yet! " 22 23 R E P A I R D E P A R T M E N T 25 Repair Office LCDR Oien OMl Burns YN2 Long 1 26 YN3 WRIGHT 27 R-1 Office Carpenter Shop Shipfitter Shop 1 m 11 " tM Lagging Shop Pipe Shoppe 30 Sheetmetal Shop 31 R-2 DIVISION Engraving Shop I f Lower Machine Shop L 1 Upper Machine Shop 33 Outside Repair r ' % -mfv iytUJI II II 11 II »! -.iiMO HU. Governor Injector Shop 34 Boiler Repair Shop Engine Shop 35 R-3 DIVISION Electric Repair Shop H »s Hbg 9K JB Bp j " 1-- ■■•■« Hp 36 Gyro Repair Shop Projector Shop 37 R-4 DIVISION I Electronic Repair Lab 38 I ab 39 Teletype Shop 40 Electronic Calibration Lab 41 R-5 DIVISION R-5 OFFICE Print Shop 42 Draft Shop Watch Repair Shop Optical Repair Shop 43 Typewriter Shop is p " ' 7 - 9 i BS iK . Diving Locker Public Affairs 5 ' • 44 Photo Lab MIRCS Lab Fire Control Shop 45 ma I 11 6650-i»y7-79l PBXSM.KnOO 50 £ACH ,IOCjloi,,75.j ;?3 9 on 0009 S-1 DIVISION 48 !.. f ' ■I ■49 S-2 DIVISION } I i 50 S-3 DIVISION 51 s 52 i. I S-4 DIVISION I I P ( 53 1 S-5 DIVISION I 54 S-6 DIVISION 55 DECK DEPARTMENT First Division I 56 ffM H ' " - MV Second Division 57 Sure! I use Ajax! I. Third Division 58 59 DENTAL MEDICAL DEPARTMENT Dental Division 60 I Medical Division I k 61 OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT ' 1 1 I OPERATIONS is responsible for the collec- tion, evaluation and disemination of combat and navigational information, as well as com- munications afloat and ashore. 63 ADMIN. DEPARTMENT Career Counselor Race Relations Specialist Ship ' s Librarian Master At Arms Force 64 I 1 I I i Personnel Office Drug Representative in Post Office c Master Chief Petty Officer of the Command 65 «4 i 1 4i fc K f k. •k, AJAX DEPARTS SAN DIEGO 6 JULY 1974 I y«3iaf r USA. HAWAII PEARL HARBOR SAN DIEQO A JAX UNDERWAY While underway, the ship exercised maritime drills such as General Quarters, Refueling, and Highline Transfers. . . .ALL HANDS MAN YOUR BATTLE STATIONS " .„ THIS IS A DRILL! THIS IS A DRILL! MAN OVERBOARD! 72 Together with . . . USS TOLOVANA (0-64) 73 AJAX Arrives In Yokosuka, Japan 74 Much of our spare time was spent wander- ing through the Navy Exchange. As you can see here, there was a wide variety of merchandise, keeping us occupied for hours. 75 76 77 PHILIPPINES I 79 Grande Island was the sight for the ship ' s picnic. 80 [ -J fodke 81 AJAX UNDERWAY FOR KAOHSUING, TAIWAN 82 83 84 II! 85 Kaohsuing, a city of enchantment, offered friendly people and a warm at- mosphere. It was not uncommon to be greeted with friendly smiles. 86 a i C t ,J| e ' Vo e CHRISTIAN CH LOffe;;yV s- t: v.- i L AJAX personnel volunteered a help- ing hand to restore one of Taiwan ' s many orphanges. Undertaking this task, they not only refurbished buildings to make them safer, but were accompanied by a team of Corpsmen to provide Medical Care. 87 Return To Subic Bay 88 It was good to return and see old friends and make new ones. ' m, 89 DEPARTURE FROM WESTPAC 90 We speak for most of the crew when we say that, though we thrilled at the thought of going home, our hearts ached at the thought of leaving. 91 J- PEOPLE AND PLACES 92 93 rf f i ■ ■ ■ 94 95 1. " Here I am, the greatest radio operator in all the world, maybe even in all Connecticut, monitoring the calls to the " states " for those poor homesick sailors who can ' t hack a little Japaneese culture shock. At any rate, here I am - Your Knight with a Mike, Your Dear Abby with a beard. Your Don Quixote with head phones, ready and willing to fight the evil of incommunicability ( ). Here to treat even your most trivial phone conversations with the utmost secrecy, to ensure . . . brrrrinngg . . . Excuse me . . . 2. M.A.R.S. Radio station, May I help You? Yes Commander. Why certainly Commander, I ' ll connect you right away. 3. ... Hey Sidney, you gotta hear this, this guy ' s wife just drove his new Mercedes through the wall of the house into the kitchen, hit the dog, the dog ran out of the room and ran smack in the middle of the piano, knock- ing over his .$400.00 prize collection of . . . huh? 4. Yes sir, but . . . but . . .1 understand sir, . . . Yes sir . . . May I ask why you want this information????? sir 96 5. You don ' t suppose he really will report me to the CO.? Do You? 6. Oh well, that ' s the way the micro wave bounces. WELCOME TO JAPAN 98 Mt. Fuji, some primitive stone sculptures and the beautiful setting sun. 101 t V % . ' ij m ' «! Vt ' JOt, -r. 4 sa-f • .«n f» J AJAX VISITS SUBIC BAY, REPUBLIC OF PHILIPPINES ■ •x y 7 ' jr.. " ■.: , , . 7 V J ' ' ■ r w vvV m 9 " I ' V - ' -. ' . ' tii. ' |1l9 . 4i ' ' ll ' ' . ifc»: i 1 CLUB I i£;;ssiMA : n}: ! ] 1 n rrii lL m i 1 Olongapo, a city of jeepnees, beggars, bargains, sidewalk vendors, souvenir shops, bars and monkey meat. 1 £ p n it 1 i 1 ' 1 ' ilii ' ittM ' I • ♦,♦: • ' l t II) n Lii i I ' wt . % .-fi .X ' ;i; rS2fyv, ' s rrr A ' r -JP - KAOHSIUNG, TAIWAN A ' CHINA ' S FREE PEOPLE 106 .. 107 Kaohsiung is a city of working people their own merchandise. 1 %W ymm i p ■ ' m 1 f i i r yt,- M 3 St. i - 3L. i -1 Viii 1 - ? 1. lU f 7c,- . " . ft-jLft ' TAI I ' C j lis ' y jii ■mmm JtA. U i After a short stop in Hawaii, we arrived in San Diego on Feb 16, 1975. r- -V; " !.; . i .A i I m Farewell Sweet Orient. Farewell. Once again we have experienced a different life style truely rare in quality. belonging to You alone. We sincerely appreicate discovering Your many treasures. Your unique ancestors-. and most of all. Your friendly hospitality. Savonara 113 AJAX SPORTS The AJAX Flag Football Team played 9 games scoring a total of 32 touchdowns, giving up only 14. 114 115 lajTiliMiiMir I iinTii niiii 116 I 3B " ' " ' -■■ ' ' ' -;■ ' » " ' . .■ Ui ■ 9 siP ' » " ii - i ' iy ' v ■;! " »j ' i •• tt ' :- y. M k tot 1 F r -. " - jf " . ' tr -T iSKiS ' .« ' " , i» " 1 rl ll T 1 J ■- M w - 19 i y 117 118 l 119 ■ . .: » f., I I ,v T « ' :- i t YOKOSUKA PAN TAIWAN KAOHSIUNG SUBIC BAY VIETNAM IPHILIPPINES ..• • ' •■ • - . • •■0 ' -5 AUSTRALIA ' ■ ■. .1 .♦, , - ,; ; HAWAII PEARL HARBOF? SAN DIEGO It was almost mid-day as we entered San Diego Harbor. We were all straining our eyes to see, welcoming the sight of the ones we left behind. f I M • ' vz B P SI J:4. , •! J - ' ■ ds. MY ' % ■ I 122 ib " . . . and there they were. Arms out-stretched, smiles on their faces, and love in their hearts. 123 AJAX arrives in San Diego, Feb. 16, 1975 124 L :i: ' lilKIII, ' ' ' ;i:IWli::; II 125 p - AI -P mi ■T a 126 127 126 SAILOR OF THE CRUISE I Our " Sailor of the Cruise " is the man amongst many who exemplified Navy Professionalism and demonstrated the finest attributes of the American Sailor during this cruise to the Western Pacific. Petty Officer Second Class Gary G. Foster has been selected as the " Sailor of the Cruise " from amongst a host of outstanding professional men serving in A J AX. Petty Officer Foster ' s selection, to represent what is best in AJAX, is fitting and proper in that he performs his ser- vice in the Repair Department. Petty Officer Foster has established a remarkable record of sustained superior performance throughout his 42 months of service onboard USS AJAX and has continually distinguished himself through an ex- emplary attitude of dedication to his work as a Machinery Repairman. During this deployment he continually sought out uncommon and difficult production jobs and there after, combined his technical skills and " can-do " attitude in a finished product reflecting his pride and dedicated craftmanship. In ad- dition, despite his busy schedule, he was ever willing to patiently instruct and assist the men in his shop. Petty Officer Foster always seemed to " have a minute " to provide technical guidance or to listen to other peoples problems. Petty Officer Foster and his wife Judy hail from Blue Ridge, Georgia. In addition to their 4 year old son Van, the Foster ' s are presently providing a foster home for two children in their home in San Diego. PH3 m 130 PH3 Box CREW ' S BOOK EDITORS A special " Thank You " to PH3 McCartney YN3 Overturf PH3 Morgan PMl Jellyman and PH3 Butcher YN3 Perry 0M2 Ramirez 131 BLIRTON. THOMAS B. CALVERT. ARTHUR P. HUMPHREY, ALONZO PERDl ' E. WILLIE J. F POOLE, JERRY W. B TUCKER, CHARLES B WARD, KENNETH J VALDEZ, CARL R. KTF AP AL BRCV R2 AL MOTl MP AL Rl AL X AL HTl Rl AL 3 Si AL S2M AL AZ ANDERSON, IRVIN FF ASHBY, SAMUEL M. FN MP BARELA. JOHN lU FN R2 AZ BARKER, FRANCIS M. FN R2 AZ BRODE, BR.ADLJ5Y C. EMFN R3 AZ BROWER. ROGKR A. FA DC AZ BROWN, RODCfeR A. FA DC AZ BRUNSON, C ORGE A. ETl R4 AZ GONZALES. HUMBERTO B. SN 3RD AZ GREYEYES, -lOHN N. FA DC AZ GUY, CALVIiAiL FA MP AZ HADDOX, Di TD " X ...,MMFA MF AZ HEARD, ROBERT D. Mte- AZ HILL, SHERMAN V. SA 2NI LAWSON.UAMES W. EN3 tt2 AZ LEINNEWEBER. JIMMY D. 0M2 R3 AZ LONG. PAJJL R. YN3 R5 AZ McGEE. JOHN M. HTC DC AZ PATTER N, DAVID L. SR 2ND AZ PEARSO K ROGER W. SN 7 S2C AZ REESES, iONALD J. DMS R5 AZ RIGGS, STEVEN R. FA k AZ RLTZ. FRA «:iSCO J. FA R1 AZ RUIZ, RUDOTaBH A. SN S2C AZ SHUPE, WAW ER R. IC3 rA AZ SLAY. RICHARD I. IC3 DC z SOTO, NORMAN S. MM3 R2 NAZ STILLION. DA jIEL L. DP3 S5 z WOQLL BRANDON C. MR3 R2 f AN. LARRY L. EN3 R2 A CORBIN L. EN3 R2 AZ 4ANC. BM3 1ST AR SRRY W. BTFN MP AR S OTWtfSSr- ARLOB E. JR. ETR2 R4 AR RIDDLE, TERRY it SA S3 AR ROGERS, ROY E. NIMFN R2 AR SMITH, JOHN H. FN R2 AR STRONG, GABElfSKl 9 AR .iJm T. tWILSON. WILLI „. AaRWiOT, LUZUIMINDO, 0. NMRSON, JERALD R. - " ■ irtTNOLD, PAUL S. HTFA R MR( S3 AR K MP CA R2 CA CA BALAGTAS, MARCELO C. MS( BALDERS, GARY W. BT2 R2 BARTH, RICHARD L. FN R2 BENAVENTE, MARK T. ML2 Rl CA BENNETT, TERRENCE L. FR DC CA BIAS, MARK S. FR Rl CA BLUE. DONALD L. MM2 MP CA BOGGELN, JAMES M. FA R5 CA BOLING, WILLIAM E. JR. HT3 Rl CA BOLTON. GARY R. HTFN Rl CA BOOTH, CLYDE D. SR 2ND CA BOX, JEFFREY J. PH3 R5 CA BOYER, CLARENCE R. MM3 R2 CA BROWNELL, NORMAN G. FR MP CA BRUNO. PAUL A. FA SI CA BKLNSON, STANLEY D. FN MP CA BUCK. MARVIN E. FR MP CA BUNDS, JAMES W. FA R2 CA BYBEE, CHARLES L. MR3 R2 CA CAIN, FRANK L. HTFA DC CA CAIN. WILLIAM C. HT3 Rl CA CALLEN. GREGORY T. BT3 MP CA CARRINGTON. MATTHEW EMI X CA CASTRO. CRISPULO N. MM3 R2 CA CAUDLE. VERNON D. HT3 Rl CA CLIFFORD, ESCOE F. MMFA S2M CA COBB, GARY L. FN R2 CA COLEMAN, ROBERT A. MRFA R2 CA CORTESE, THOMAS B. FA S2C CA COWLE, GERALD A. MR2 S2M CA D AMES A. SH3 S3 CA CRAWFORD7TrErPH-M.. HT3 Rl CURTIS, DAVID L. FA DAVIS, MICHAEL C. MMl MP C DELAY, JACK H. QMSA ON CA DEPRETTO, GREG W. SA S2M C; DIXON, STEPHAN A. HN H CA DOWEN, ROLAND G. BTFA MP DUEVER, DUANE D. FR MP CA DUNIVENT, ROBERT J. FN R2 CJ DUNKIN, CLINTON W. FA MP DVORAK, RICHARD B. MM3 R2 ERNSTO LOYD W. FA DC CA Rl FALEN BRUCE A. HTFA " rT FISH, Clifford r. fr mp ca FLEEMAN, GERALD E. SN S2C FORD CLAUDE M. MR2 R2 CA GILMftRE, RICHARD E. ICl DC ICA GIOTTO, THOMAS S. ETN2 R4 [CA GRAJ BUSCH, STEVEN P. SR .3R| R, ANTHONY L. FN Rl tA HESfiY, DONALD A. LCDR CA HI C S, S TEVE A. FA S2M CA HOB iTrm: ipiiiirru, fr mp ca CHARD atrick r. HOFFMAN, HORWATH. HUGHES. LdONARD M husted, dIvtd W huyek. jaiies a. IMLER. MApK A JACKSON, JELLV-MA JIMENEZ. JOHNSON ALONZA L. JSON JEFFREY R, EN3 MP MSSN S2C CA HT2 Rl CA QMSA ON CA DR3 So CA lODNEY I MMFA R2 CA WILLIAM G. PMl CA JOSEPH P. SN 1ST CA HTFA Rl CA FR SM2 CA J0LLETrTBRRiU- aA S3 CA JONES, BpGER M. 102 KANE, ROBERT D. DPSN S5 CA KARLOUBKY, ALLAN J. FR R2 C, LARSON LOLTS R. MMFA MP C FA R3 CA FR DC CA HTFA Rl CA RMl R4 CA EMI DC CAJ LEE, ANfrHONY D. LEVINEJDAVID W. LEWIS. ROBERT J. LINKEM ROBERT LIZOTTE, DUANE S. LONG, ALLEN R. SN LUCAS. SCOTT M. IC3 LUNGI«:N, RICHARD W. DAVID W. FR maie; MAIR MARI MATT] 1ST R3 DS3 MP BTFA CA CA S5 CA MP |CA C SN X Ca Tl DC CA HT3 Rl CA N R2 CA MDl Rl CA MMCM X DH3 S5 C S5 " CA PRESTON E FRANK l iEVVg «IEST H McCALL, MICHAEL B Mccarty, daniel j McCOY, WILLIAM L. McDowell, Raymond c. mmcm x ca McNALLY, WILLIAM L. MEADE. DAVID A. DR3 MESEROLE, ROBERT J. SN SST ' CA MIRAMONTES. DELFINO RM3 ON MITCHELL, MICHAEL C. SA MONAHAN, RICHARD I SKi iB CA ' MORALEZ, RICHARD C MORALEZ, SALVADOR C. BTFA WP CA MORELAND, TOD C. MR3 R2 CA MORRIS, RICHARD L. FR MP CA NANEZ, CRUZ NMN MRl R2 CA NUCHOLS, GUY D. FA DC CA ONEAL, MICHAEL J. HTFR DC CA OVERTURF, ANTHONY M. YN3 ON CA PADILLA. PERFECTO G. SA S3 CA PARSONS, GLEN A. BTFN MP CA m TEX m m m III ZIT CUE Diri ELII m m SEX 132 PATRICK, JONATHAN C. SA 3RD CA PAYUMO, CONRADO B. DK3 S6 CA PERRY, JAMES G. YN3 DC CA PHIPPS, DANIEL E. FN S2M CA PLATT, RAYMOND L. IM2 R5 CA POLIN, ROBERT D. HTl IlZ, JOHNNIE NMN f4. M P0UftC iM7£ T D. RMBA S2M PRUITTE, RO Y C- ' - M 1) DC CA PRYOR, CHARLES JAM BM2 2ND CA RADLEY, RAYMONdX HTlj JL CA RILEY, CARL A. MM3 RIMMER, MARVI » i.-«MCS ROBISON, MICHi L E. DR3 S5 ' CA ROBLES, RAUL MMN MS3 S2C CA RODRIGUEZ, WTOY NMN BM3 2ND ROGERS, KEMNETH A. SK3 Si ROMDALL, ALAN D. 0M3 R5 C, ROMINES, JAMES L. FN H CA ROOF, EARL L.V FR MP CA ROWAN, WILLIAM-Q. HT3 DC QA RUBLE, AARON F JPNCS X C " lAlV L HEA, G lLHg frr miN FA S2 l C jSCHWINGHAMMER, JAMES FA J CA fSEAREY, GROVER L. JRX ilEA—SiSM C] sHELTON, KENNETH V. FA MP CA IITH, ANDREW FN Hi CA IITH, PATRICK J. IV R2 CA ?IETH, DANIEL E. NfMFA R2 CA STEMPINSKI, SCOTT Pj FA S5 CA S TfcVENS. GAR -W -- SN S6 CA STREETER, RAYMONP J. BMSN ISTA CA TAL TATT ;RT, JAMES D. )R, TIRRELL, NJ •INY, JACKIE N WY C. GMG3 TEN THARP THOMPSON, ROBERT E. THORN! ON, MICHAEL L TOTTEN ROY E, RMSA TRAMM|L, GAYLE O CROME IMl R5 CA HTFA Rl FR S2M CA 2 Rl FA R S CA HTl C CA R, JAMES P. BMSN mfc CA :R, HERMAN L. HTC ULRIC HNPAVm M. MUa- USLER, ARTHUR L. EM2 R3 VALERIO) BENJAMIN P. SA VAZQUEZ, RAUL NMN ENFN VITANCCM., CRISCENTE FN WATSOnI CHARLES F, FR DC CA WELLS, WAYNE H. SN IND CA WESTFAlL, MARK R. JOS ' R5 CA Wtij;PJl JAMES W. fa) DC CA WCKwSkEL ALLAN D. MRFN R2 $A WOOD, BERkAB P P ' SR -J2ND CA WRIGHT, J MES A. SN Tt5 CA WYCKHUY ' iE, STEPHEN G.J FR DC kCA ZUCHOWSI JOHN M. Dir2 D CA BEATTY, ROTBERT T. FW MP CO BLUE, DONAMD M. FA MP CO CREGO, GARYEL FN DICKERSON, pHRIS M. 0M R5 ELLIOT, RONALD D. FN R2 HOLMBEEJiriOBER ' n . J. FR Dt CO howa bTrichSkm. " 3 s: LOWMRMAN, GARY D MQ(MSs, MICHAEL L. R5? Rl ...iWTON, JAMES W. SNO S2Gj| ODOM, EDWARD M. ENl BC g PETTINGER, CLARENCE KT O ' PORTILLOS, FRANKLIN FA Rl RICHEY, ROGER D PM3 Rl CO SENNA, RONALD C. JR. SA 1ST CO ULIBARRI, JUAN HI HTFA DC CO VIGIL, GREGORY L. FA MP CO VOSS, WILLMM C. RMl ON CO WILSON, PINK NMN FA DC CO ZELLER, GLENN M. DT3 D CO HANLEY. EUGENE J. BT2 R2 CT OqoO p CO LLOYD, GLENN C. DP3 S5 CT TONNESSEN, ARNT H. IMC R5 C PALMER. MARK L. SA 1ST DE CURTIS. JAMES E. FN R2 DC GUMMING, JAMES G. FR MP FL FOREST, BRUCE S. FN R2 FL HYRES, DAVID A. FA R3 FL JOLLY, LARRY V. ETR2 R4 FL MENCHION, ALEX ETR3 R4 FL PRAHM, DARRELL L. FN DC FL REIFFENSTELN, FRANK SN S3 WILSON, JOHN N. FA ALLEN. CHARLES R. , BENNETT. CLALT)E SOWMAN. RALPHJ N lEAL, MILTO! f- r FA ?OSTER RAGSD TER CR B, urp: ' A lY B ANTH GER ARD M LEER. " SV R3 G SK2- S1 OSl 0N MP MR2 R2 Y G. FA FA MP FN Rl FN DC HI JOHN R. J£C R3 X [ERL R. FR MP FOHN P. QMSA ON OD OILMAN. GILBERT G. FR D KELA-EY, BRAD D. EN3 R2 )ID ' KNAUSS, ROBERT D. HT3 Rl KUNl. BRADLEY J MAPiks,- i erwrEr fn McA«Bg.JiAii»-W SA D PI CE, GAIL E I1N DC HRAPER, IVfVTD WARNER, GKORGE W. E WILLIAMS. BUSTER J. MR BRUST, ANTHONY F. HT: URNS GEORGE L. OMl ARTHUR W. B, WESLEiJi: F R4 XQHr-fiCrmL. BM3 1ST G ULT, ROBERT F. LTJG - J IL AZIANO. LARRY J. LISN fe2M IL ILBRICH. GREGORY A. FA) MP IL ING UM B IAN K. SA TO IL KWOOD.-SrEf iiEN L. TiTl Rl IL KULACH, CHRISTOI UPKA, WALDEMAR iONARD, OZIE Ff LOP Z, FRANK 9«3 McBRlDE, DANIEiTR. MMFA J HT3 DC R2 IL S3 IL FN Rl IL ' 0 McMANA) MORRIS NICHOLSO REED. JERi SCHAULT SKUBL K, SMITH, Ji AY, lyAVTD W lyLIP NMN RANDY K. .•E E FR RUSSELL R. )OUIiLAS A TYUS, FREEMAN ..yiLEY, CLAUDE E VRBROUGH, ME BEFELL, RUSn-Y T CLAMi, CHARLE6 D essary, patrick h finley, robert haleVbennet R holwager, roy kinsersxelly j richardson, andr sego, ernest l. SWIFT, DAVmL TIESO, ANDR3W L TURNER, L, VILLIARD, C IL G BAUMBACH, BRUCE MR2 R2 CHAMPION, DAVID W. OMSN DAUGHERTY, MAXIE L. SMC HM3 H EN2 DC FTGS X R3 IL LTJG MM3 MP SA S3 IL ENS IL SA 2ND IL ,FN Rl IL D. LM2 BTFA MP SKC SI IN MM3 MP IMSA R5 I W02 IN EMFA gN ON FA ' 3 DC SN S4 SH3 S3 EMFA MS2 IL IL TE " IN DC IN 2ND IN IN IN S2M IN S2C IN IN lA R5 lA X lA 133 FORBES, STEVEN R. HANSON, ROGER D. OMLAND. KENNETH ROBERTS, STEVEN F WEIG, MICHAEL E. WELLS. GEORGE L. ALLISON. MARTIN D. BELZ. ROBERT W. J GEIGER. RONALD IKENBERRY. HAR0LD LAMB. WAYNE A SK3 2M lA RC 2 L X L SN S2C lA 1 X L R:3 R2 L N3 DC KS A MP KS SN -fii.O S MMFA " SI KS , LEWIS. RICHARO H. MONAREZ, LOUIS J. MOVERS. JAMES E. SHIPLEY, ROpr lE R SWINSON. JACK E. WOOTEN. JAMEY K. BARKER, M iklE W. DORTON. TE».iiJVIN HARRISON, CLIN SUCIETTO JOSEPH W. BRADFIEL0. RAYMOND SMI ON KS RM3 ON KS MRFN R2 KS BM3 1ST KS EM FN R3 KS SR S2M KS EMI R3 KY SA 1ST KY SA 1ST KY ND KY SN FINK. CHKRLES J. GRIFFIN, PAVID L. LEBOElf TARPLE i TAYLOR. ETSA H4 LA EN3 R LA JOHNSOM R.AYMOND FA DC LA KERETZ.yOHN H. MMFN MP LA WESLEY P. ETiy2 R4 LA , RANDY H. Sr iST LA " ARL E. 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MU3 Rl TX GARZA, MARIO FR Rl TX gordon. joseph b. lt tx grimes. bobby r. fr mp tx hill, john m. fa mp tx hollomon. samuel j. sn r5 tx hullum, joh nathan d. sa x tx hurtado, manual r. mm3 r2 tx jannamon, john q. jr. dpsn s5 tx johnson, james c. sr 2nd tx kerschner, harrison ltjg tx lackey, jody d. lil r5 tx lopez. jesse g. mlfa rl tx mancillas. francisco dn d marias. jaime n. fa rl tx McCartney, benny r. ph3 rs misenhimer. james r. fn rl mitchell. david a. enfa mp montemayor. danial m. sr s2m tx MONTEMAYOR, RENE L. FA MP TX MORALES, FRANK J. MR3 R2 TX MORRIS, ELIHAJ NMN FA DC TX NEWMAN, MARK H. FA X TX PARISH, JAMES W. MMC DC TX RAMIREX. LEON 0. 0M3 TX RAMIREZ, MIGUEL A. FR R2 TX REEVES. JOHNNIE D. FR MP TX RENOMERON, COSME A. MMCS R2 TX REUE, JERRY L. HT2 Rl TX REYNOLDS, GARY W. SR 2ND TX RYAN, LILBURN T. IMSA R5 TX SALINAS. ESTOLFO NMN FN R2 TX SALLEY. GARY R. FA R4 TX SHIRLEY, GEORGE A. BMl Rl TX SKAGGS, KENNETH W. MM3 MP TX SMALLEY, MICHAEL L. SR 1ST TX SPAETH, WILLIAM S. ENFN R2 TX TATUM, RAYMOND YN3 X TX YOUNG, SAMMY J. RMSA ON TX BROWN, GEORGE E. FA Rl UT TX TX TX TX BROWN, HOWARD W. JR. FA Rl UT CARRELL, KEVIN K. EN3 R2 UT CLARK. ROGER N. FN Rl UT DUKES, MICHAEL D. FA MP UT GALLEGOSI. RANDY FA S2M UT IKER. RICHARD D. HT3 Rl UT JENSEN. KEVIN L. FA Rl UT MARTINEZ, THEODORE R. FA DC UT ROHBOCK. ROBERT H. MMl MP UT BRIERE, MICHAEL J. EN2 R2 VA CHAPMAN, WILLIAM H. EN2 R2 VA NEWMAN. JOHN G. SR SI VA ABELL, WILLIAM V. MU3 Rl WA BAYNESS. WILLIAM R. ETN3 R4 WA BECKER. EUGENE E. FN R3 WA BUETHASE, JAMES P. SA 1ST WA CAIN. THOMAS E. MSC S2C WA CAMPBELL, DAVID L. HT3 DC WA COLLINSWORTH, RICHARD BT3 MP WA DERR, JIMMY B. EM3 R3 WA ENGLE, MELVIN J. IC3 RB WA FEAR, MARK E. RMSN ON WA GRAY. RONALD D. PMl Rl WA HERRIN. RICKEY D. FA Rl WA OVERMAN. FREDERICK A. MRFA R2 WA TURNER, LARRY A. HT3 Rl WA VIPPERMAN, DONALD W. BMSA 1ST WA YOUNG, RANDALL A. FA Rl WA SNYDER, MICHAEL A. MR3 R2 WV SWAFFORD, CALVIN N. FA MP WV VASQUEZ. ROBERTO C. FR R2 WV BEACH. PATRICK J. MMC MP WI BEAN, WILLIAM B. SN ON WI BENTLEY. WILLIAM E. PHI BOTSFORD, JOHN T. ETN3 CLOUTIER. ROBERT W. FA DAHL, CHRISTOPHER T. DA FAAS, DUANE A. FA 2ND GROESCHL. RICHARD W. HT3 Rl WI HARIED, DAVID A. SN 2ND WI HERZER, DONALD R. BMC R5 WI KEUSCHEL, GARY P. MS3 S2C WI LENZENDORF, RODNEY J. HT3 Rl WI McEWEN, JOHN M. FA R2 WI RILEY, WILLIE E. SR Si WI SCHENDEL. .lAMES W. HTFN Rl WI TENNEY, MICHAEL A. MM3 R2 WI TROBAUGH, RANDOLF J. FN R2 WI WAGNER. GERALD E. MM3 R2 WI WILDES, DONALD M. MSSN S4 WI DEMPSTER. RICHARD G. FN MP WY KLEIN, KEVIN F. ENFA R2 WY McCALLUM, GLEN A. FA R2 WY X WI R4 WI 2M WI D WI WI 136 WALS WORTH PUBLISHINC COMPANY mCriime B x k Salefl OfficM 44;i8 InKraham Strv«t Suite 205 San Dieitn. Catifomia 92109 ORBIS TERR ' AI DE-sCRIPTIO IS PLAN15 HEMISPH. RIIS COMPREHESA V ' AUI WORTH PUBLtllHINO COM KANT ♦

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