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1 F I i E F I a 4: 1 O 0 0 4 K 1 U 1 97146 0 the OISQCSFS and Meng, 250 N7- of the Q. ESS tw IPPYIISIICS H my fm-S f Birth day So I Cl fl "N-. .X at L3 i "'1ff"7 45 -f ' kit I A' , 5 .1 . f +z..l A f s,1..4- 'f K f ,R-,J . rf Z, A: 1 Q gl "H z iff? During the first year, wr- lun- bt-vu cfallvd tu do many tasks, some of them of .11 vc-ry highly slpvctgtllze-d and !tft'flf'llC'4lf nature-. By catch one doing his best, has molds-cl you mm Jn conflict:-nt tvzun. Thin ls not only my opinion but tht- f'XfJfff?!-sfillld tlwtmgglst fn! thu Q- :Q-hzp:. that hzwc Called upon us for Servicc-sa. You can take' just prxde- ln thf' vmrk that han lwcn done. Your spirit :ua gn tmm will not only "furry cmd 3, hut vxcvl your past performance. l'rugrr's:Q+ nmrlamgi by dmng .l thing he-ttt-r or doing that which was Confsldc-rod prvvluufaly tw lx! lnl1pw:+llvlf'. To alll of fmt: who sffrvff on f1H.lflQi this : hip, an "Vvry Wvll Dum? from your Commanding Offlcwr. 1. L. Brown Commander, U, S. Navy Commanding Officer 4- , fiifa ,MW W 4 Q" gli 4523 if AJAX CID the Greater Greek si 1' . p , 1 l :tn the Telamon, king of Salamls. In Homer s Hlliadn he described as of great stature d an colossal frame, second only to Achilles in stron 'th and b Q, rzivery He engaged Hector in Single combat and, with thc- :iid of Athene rescued the body of Achilles from the hands of the Trojans. ln the competition between him 'ind Od 'esciis it I . 5.41.3 e ,or tie zirrmitir of Achilles, Agamemnon, at the instigation of Atliene, ri-.mrded the prize to Odysseus., This so enraged Ajax that if caused his death. Accord- ing to a later and more definite sttirjf, tmct-med by Sophocles as the basis of his drama, this disappointment drove him madg he rushed out ,of his tent and fell upon the flocks of sheep in the camp under the impression that they were the Greeksg on coming to his senses he slew himself with the sword which he had received as a present from Hector. From his blood sprang zz red flower which bore on its leaves the initial letters of his name AI, also expression of lament. He was the tutelary hero of the island of Salamis where he had a temple and an image, and where a festival called Aianteia was celebrated in his honor. 1 K.,. , - J A l o e, lfeu 4 T 2 s ...L 55- 'FH' THE AIAX BIRTHDAY --'-le , This pamphlet has been prepared to serve as gi nwmento of an busy and fateful year, one in which the AIAX has when an zictivcif part Wartime Conditions prevent including many lllllllffil whieh would add to the interest of the pamphlet. Our travels, tm- f.1.m'lz we hzzvv done, the things We have seen, all of which would nmht- ihwrwfitiritg reading, must for the present remain only in our nhe1zh,fr1es. Many of the AIAX personnel have years of service, many will return to civilian life having served only on the AJAX. The plztures herein, with the lists of friends and shipmates, will serve as a reminder of the time served in the Navy and in the AJAX. This visual reminder, with the recollections we will have, will serve to keep fresh in our memories the days when we were all together. i If ' S Q X', '. i M wg 1 A ,fx , f - .-,,- . "" '7i"'6I:?. . ," A"f"W" ".:- , , . h.--,.,.- :M 1-V , ,.,,-af "" V f guwyf U s. s. A JAX FLEET REPAIR SHIP ..,.... BUILT BY LOS ANGELES SHIPBUILDING and DR YDOCK CORPORATION SAN PEDRO, CALIFORNIA SPONSOR MRS. ISAAC c. JOHNSON at ,'r-sk 4. rc ' ' wr- Yu Q A 1 "' 94, ,Nav +- 1- V 179' gd' X, in ' 1 wg f vw' tv ' 5- x- E .- .4. pf, sa, M, ,ilu N ' ff '- """'wUln., ,,-3,,. ",,,x, xf- MH 9 ' ' , 'Mn 5' I A , ,f 'We' ,f. : 2 , S 5 Srl L5 lS :M . l i 55 E5 X? Q L! W3 if 5. gg 33? 1 5 L 7 H ,. ,c 4 4 u O ,,.. , A '1f"':':f L- -.... l Q 'hu U 1 ba ' . 1 , 1- ., QQ 2 UP" A " ' 'MIP 4-f i it 1 'un N... it 1 an I 3' 'WH will 'ws 'N Yann.. ""Y" 'SHT-er ... .5--:rw -1 f' -vs.. lf' 15 4 www XKAQ., vm-F - M, , ,A ,IN W ,yn fi ...- HK . -A ' SWAN - - , A 1rc.,..,.."uuV""" f-' ' 'O ' ',, --Q. M' , .P I -5 ,P " - .. -"' Jaw' ' n" ' N ftlj-'f,, -out Q""""5' N nk 'E' nu- -AML., Q, N, H1745 N.. M JW' A - ...F 15, ,ff v LA-vi' X ' 5 . -Ni I ,A "1 + '- ' .xv-v"'1'., ,"""'-... --H-"fp M- wr- -.f -Q - V ,an ,Mr If 4, J .-. ".f-' ,HW , Q S A D 5 :KI . X, A V Q .W Y.wMlNx., ,ff - .L H- - . i . -- ' ' " . 4... ' , - Q I 3' , 'mn' V - ,wx-f' , ' , ft' , ...av-Q 4- ..., , , ' -gf ,..a-' '-' --Q--J -A- - -- -W 41- A. -"' -...W - 1 . ,g r""0 .- ...A al ' " A-in , i 5 , 1 A Q , N , - F W- 'Qs-4 4 Q-1 v- Al Q H wr X 4-115-xg'-3, 5' ,av x W-v N nf..- ,,,,,,,,X 4 - A A X- ' "1 . ,.,, -1-'4:g...1gf ' . ff M .. .xi ,. , . fr -ff' f ' - ..svW"llQ"" 'V 2-.. -f - , in-"' - ,. ff ' Q ' ' A, WM--22--1-fv 'ui " X,-W ' ' Q 4 X- -..,-, " W" , -six """ 5'- lan. it 2.35, 5 ' Q X .Mft My ' H 'wssgnz . M 1' - A 7 'u-.'f'-QTJLL yys, 'T V T Herr: ff, ,., .., ,x na, V nn .L in . M ga n 5' if sr5:'isxnf13 H 1 1- IA' 5314.3 ix jf it ' ri 5,3 if in ' 9' 1 ,, .. :si 5 if 5 ' . ?i.,4:"t: 5 intra.. 4TI,f':..,,A:f'?: Furs Q A -sara:-ac . f 7 Am:-,4', rstgggjd K -. '. Q 'e'ig.i Si ' in Us . : T than r 4' ,.5Q,..-V Ji I '25 fi.. lkr. F h!2r r ,I+ M ,f wmv rf HHH fi QT Full? HWY Q fi F afuihcuu Till- 'Ulf , 5 gfgalza Sic' Kiqfv Amman ' WHY" Dom' 5 U DMV' CMM gnumwff CU' al NU! 'Cir crm: ROYAL COURT or NEPTUNUS REX . 'V AP 29 JANUARY, 1944 A Rrvrunus REX Machinist L' l Lv 1 A 1 , LE- Quint, USN QL ALA AMPHRITITE RJ. Smith, BMzs , . A ii.F'.:rocter, CMM Royal Baby E Johnson Ccstd -WS. oberts CB Royal Chief Bear H ' ' 'A ' L.L. Cabl MMI L .E. Moore, CMM Royal Prosecuting Attorneys: e' C Lieut. V.A. Cowart Ens. LV. Blackmon Ch. Elect. F.R. Burns F. Barlow, CEM R.F. Block, CMM R.E. Beck CMM LE. Lansford, CMM T. French, CM I Hafdee, CEM Royal Docto. - R E W ' RP. Calloway, MM1o Royal Dentist W..R.. Mgfrfsinsrl 1- MCG1' atb, CSF R0Ya1 scribe w.r. Lincoln, cv Royal Electrician W.H. Munna, CEM E I Levy, EM2c Comdr. LL. Brown, N R.G. Ballard, CBM R.L. Clemens, EM1c 0.1. Bradshaw, Cox W.E. Bengston, SC2c Royal Baby's Nurse Royal Navigator Royal Photographer Royal Admiral Royal Cannibals: LW. Hull, S!-'lc Lt.-Cdr. E. Hanan H.A. Cornelius RMI: C.J. Steward, CTM A.J. Aldridge, BM2c B.C. Coppedgc, CM M.G. Lytkowslu, CC!-ltd R.D. Vandenberge, Blc US , Royal Barber's Cat Special Counsel for Lt. Egan Royal Maids: 1. Kuhling, Ir. CPrtr C.F. Treftc, CMM S. Jennings, SK3c LA. Bertrand, CMM D.A. Yacenda, CBM T.A. Parham, EM1c Lieut. L. Alexander E. G. Shattuck, CMM B.F. Bradley, CSF A.S. Herring, MMIC D.B. Bhudr, CMM BEARS G.B. Glover, MM1c M.C. Beck, GM1c ' V Hamilton, SF2c E Heinrich, CMM C E Borgatta Slc H Brown, BM1c E Cary, M1c W A Clark, Mlc 1 M Conrad, PM2c M R Davis, TM1c P Epoch, EM2c H W Floro, SM1c C M Gardner, MM1c ROYAL LR. Glercis, SK1c A O E Gregory, SC1c G H Behrens, BM1c, V W Bialik, Prtr2c 1 M Blanton, M1c E T Bridwell, Cox C L Chovey, CMM 1 I Church, CMM T Connelly, Cox M E Dunn, PM2c H R Evans, CM3c I E Fipps EM1c H Gandara, F2c AsS1s'rAN'rs TO ROYAL BARBERS CM L T Harrison, EMU: R A Huskey' TM2c R E Hannnton, EM1o E F DPGWHMMIC L E Robbins, MM2c Rl Hodges' I. Gore, L.D. Grlmfl HIC KJ Berz7,ll1c W W Hetrigs Mille IW Bost, B2c S W Brltta, CMM R L Burrus, CMM F Clark B2c M A Cozlne Mllllc Davis, Mlllc Elya M2c JW Gahr, BIC Garcia EM2c Boyer, CM Miles BFlc JE Phipps, EMIC IR Laird Ylc D P Morris, SM1C 1 R lDentiSt Assistants to OYP1 M ,S Maman, mac G I Currier, CFC cu w L Rodm2H,MM1c F W Mmlegiaouu 1 Bon, CMM IG Gearhea1'l,BM1C E L i haf M E Madsen, BKFZC L W Townson, MM1C sg, 'IW ,z nv rnmmandmg Officer ,gq f I U ,Q n o ' ' I o - g 7 n, ,, W, . y . . A '1 Z " - ' ' ' ' 1 SRA ' ' ' I c . ,, A in 1 . . ' is .ss , , . , ,il "ri 1 'i L '. . . . . v .r is V . ' ' I CUB' A A r"A'l1.l.'74i21 ' ' , R.E. 9 Q 'li A A R ' ' . . ' ' l j if 1 ' 4 K ar . . , V , . GlEl ' Q s 1 . for ' L.R. viii" -A M . , RG. , I N . Q 0 , . . , Q ROYAL CHEC 1.13. Andre, RMZC Q - 'W W J Z . fins . - ' 'I 2 - - ' 'K .. ' ,I n . 0 I , , ' " . . ' f' af, ? , " A f - Q A V 4 0 - - 2 N ' sy-flip H. 'L . . A -..i, . , . w , I ,A- I3 . 0 n , Tlx, I I 31 I I 7, 1 1 H9 Ogg: -- K V 4 -9- 1 . x x . ' ' L xxx ,, 4- .. r vo I N Y Q YY IQ L 1 T' N I, I J ! M . , x. Y- - .5 K ,X ' S 1 W' 'W 5' X5 .Q X ' ,K 3, ,il 1 gil 'R - 'R w, R.A. Hermanson, MM1c S. Lapid, CStd R.H. Hutchinson, BM1c H.R. Johnston, Slc WJ. Kirchner, CEM LE. Lawrence, Mlc H.E. Lucas, CSF G.D. Mandin, Slc M.L Souza, MM1c L.C. Spears, SFlc B. Stanovski, MM1c R.G. Miller, SF3c A.F. Moor., MMlc LW. Thorpe, Cox LW. Mussetter, MM2c L.F. Novy, Mlc F.L Paine, EM1c LG. West, QMlc S.O. White, Cox C.B. Pieloch, Mlc F.C. Preston, WT2c B.V. Wollen, BM1c F.W. Rice, Mlc A.L. Richardson, CEM L.D. Scarborough, SM1C L.R. Slaughter, MM1c Ensign Massa ROYAL POLICE H.L. Low, CM1c R.N. Holm, SK2c W.F. Iablonski, Ptr2c L Iuliano, EM2c ' L.D. Kleier, jr., EM2c LL Lawrence, CFC M.L Lukachevich, MMlc W.R. Manus, Jr., Slc H.L. May, CMM LH. McGovern, SK2c G.A. Melichar, CM C.F. Stiles, MM2c H.A. Swearingen, CB C.,E., Moore, CMM T.W. Trissler, MM2c C.S. Veazey, Bkr2c A.R. Weigel, Slc LH. Patterson, Cox M.O.W. Phillips, CMM M.C. Wilson, TM1c D.M. Winter, BM2c N. Ramos, Ir., EM2c H.A. Yates, CWT C.C. Richardson, Cox A.A. Schellenberg, WT1c LE. Smith, SM2c LL. Hill, RM3c LF. Hulnik, FC2c M.D. Ienison, CMM H.L. Keaton, EM2c A.K. Kler, MM1c F.R. Leifheit, SF1c E.B. Luke, MM1c H. Marling, Ir., TM1c W.E. Spainhour, CEM W.C. Spencer, MM1c E.W. Starling, CFC LE. Moon, CMM LL Szakala, CCM R.W. Tone, M2c L.R. Newton, CMM LV. OyC0nnell, SM1c C.T. Werner, CM MJ. Whaley, CMOMM P.E. Williams, FC3c U.L Poeppelman, Mllc A.G. Wittman, EM3c G. Wooldridge, CMM L.C. Richards, Bkr2c M. Rood, EM2c C.P. Scott, MM1c LW. Smith, 3rd, SF2c W,A. Sorrels, EM2c SHELLBACK OFFICERS ASSISTING IN RECEPTION OF NEPTUNUS, REX ,if t..f A.L. Hipp, CQM T.L. Hupperich, Cox S.G. Jensen, MM24: B.F. Kelly, MM1c A.E. Lane, FClc D. Lord, A. Maghgikgv W.C. Mathgn5:fNPt:3c LL. Mcrarmnagrcic E.C. Mcllag, jr., CEM W.A. Stewkens, EM2c G.T. Strand, SE1c H.W. Thompson, Bmc E.F. Murray,lGM1c LH. Vallance, M2c R.M. Ward, WT1c L.w. Park,S1l: A.L Petersen, QTL! v.J. Pune, cox F. Wolfe, CSF J.L. Pru1en,cW'r E.R. Relfert, EMIC H.D. York, MMIC RJ. Ross S LW. Sinc M , l0 G.L Soffesiq, , 5 ' " 5 'vigillf W c ferr- , Commander Weldin Lieuterlilllf DQHHBBBU' Lieutenant Commander Wales Shipss Clerk Huter M21ChifliSf Barnett Ensign Schroeder Radio Electrician Waiswilos Carpenter Garcia Machinist Brown Gtuiner Heath Torpedoman Taras Ensign Ertle Ensign Dexter I C ,,,, i 4. Ji, I ., ., .L 1 The Royal Princess .5 -1 I lf gflg z il V . 1. 1 if .. ,,.A , ., , , -1, 'W , 'Q W' - ' , h ,f,w,1,MY,Q A T gl , wi F9 J Ji ylgg v. J Y fy, ,. 1 a is 1 U81 I., I S -L 1 1 ti 7 . + 6 A ' s Y ..1 . . Y , 17 . 1 - 41'-K , . M as 4 I Q AA Q L if ,. A . fr, '4 . .1 ., A X .x :wr ,AVDW ,I I X, . if f 41 ' 1 4 if " A 1 I 5 5 ' I fy f "' if fy: of ff 1 i,,.l, , ,iz I I I lv Z Vik, mf, 1 , 1-. - wwf, f P I Q'-aff., Q,h!,g ,e . ' 5: .A-2' K- .V gaghif ' Q' is 1 f My MW. 3 .dk -J .4,, sr K 4 Q ,Rip 4 r 1, ' A1 1 , 571 y?"-W! .aw H Q, lf S. S, AJAX y The Day Before the,Big Day ,i-tflflg Qzlffigbir- 'id Meri under my Command deff if Um Ship bythe Royal Ambas 1 H , , Sador D r 1 .... fb llllpgl 131 Majesty Neptunus Rexn 9 avey JOKES, and the -ue uf the Seven Seas., i. 1 rr., gi received both by radio and sound signals that at about 0330 , . H me 1 ., tu-.it-rdinary and Minister Plenipotentiar ' ,, , ,Y Y , yofhis Im 141 w ., ,, ,, r Davey jones will board this ship. He will be aclcimltnpaxnied ' A 0 1 .2113 the lloyalSc1-ibe, wcvtvti, the Pollywog Sea Watch will be sets This watch to be in ..:c:i-ms which will be issued to Pollywogs comprising the watch. will be sounded at 0820, All divisions will proceed to the super- , it, keeping clear that portion at the forward end, just zibaft tln- . i-lxecutive Officer and Iwlll take station at thutpoint :lt 0830, iI'f'lt't.'I' of the Deck will keep a sharp lookout and report over the fifl party is sighted., The party will be met at the hawsepipe hy the Deck, who will escort them to me on the Superstructure Deck. iii nur Davey jones will present the compliments of His Majesty, will personally deliver subpoenas to all Pollywog Officers :ind f .e i - :zur ciificers. Subpoenas for all others will. be delivered to the Divirftnn -nw mit zu- held responsible for their safe delivery to the men concerned. W 1 1 W ' if fha" subpoenas, certain Pollywogs will be given one hour in which to an erm and equipment as ordered, and will man their stations promptly at "' ' time that His Honor Davey jones is on board, certain Pollywogu, to he 2. y, l imder arrest of the Royal Chief of Police, The names of 1' ' .' 'im'-, will be ,gr will he announced by the Royal Scribe. , -iftf-r fir-livery of subpoenas, His Honor Davey Jones and his party will fa, nrhcnce they came. F 1,5f,f,r Davey jones has departed from the superstructure deck, accompanied r 4 5fflf"f'I' of the Deck, the divisions will return to their division parades, for -1 -if ifuhpncnas, and they will then be dismissed. 1 erm' uhfive procedure is necessary in order to please and placate His rr, 6 f2Mgf.r:f-were friend, adviser and High Counsellor, His Honor Davey 10093-h 1 ' 0' fb, 'fini imllywog watch will be set at 1000 and be secured at 1130. T e noon ,gt 13,21 in served in all messes at 1130. ' ' nd hi Royal Court S His Majesty Nepiunus Rex, Rigigrpiltgewligggggsgduiglgdaat 1230 and the divisions 1 , 1 lv t 1240 tomorrow, , . ' 1 Q eff gifdrillraicitlire deck immediately: The Executlve Offlcer and I will an ve 'iw liinyzil Throne at 1240. . - eglandiwill proceed WP R""a1 Party Wm Come abolird gixiiigf-Jgruf:rure,,Deck, through V ,i ,We ,A,,,v,,,,,,r,y 'rifle of the upper deck, iincof the Royal Throne, to be received it iii ici Himgpfmder Shop, to theivgngffgcer of the Deck Attention will be Svunded . fp- 5 'v K W- rt -M A n O l '- .gri p-. sf W' Wm tw mwrtmj bi uriizgxhes the Superstructure deck. 1 1. In the bhglfi when the Royal PHI' Y .. '- -im 75131: " 1 it gl, ' ,,,, -' -va if For The Commanding Officer ,,,....,...,.---'-w UTM, Rqyal Baby Smiles 751-1 E 'mf 1' v- , , dl x sp., I f ' 'QQ 9 rl x.. Ki In qi' X new ' jf? f I 1 i 0 0 lifaccordance with the traditions of the seven seas, and all persons ' 'execute his commands under pain ofghls displeasure The Royal Standard at once. The Ro al Co T roceed toe'-thelfllpgng and Platform and take e . .tbl .After being received by ine,-His Majesty will assume kd Y . .a.. . . 'C 18.81 A signal for all Pollywogs to report for trial will be souridedwby a Royal B Royal Whistle of the Vgoyal Chief of Police. Officers will be lniflatetilffltst Chief Pett Offlcersgjthen by the crew. v . , , . 'V' 5:7 An Assistant Scribe will be statiloned near theplatforin, to Pollywo-gs. Unless ta Pollywog is checked off, he will havevto stand trlal for the time. Uniform ls Optional.. 1' All Hands Are Cautioned Not To Have W21tchesX0r , ln Their Pockets.'fSubpoenas should not be brought to the ceremony, as they soiled. Duplicates have been made for outstanding offenders. These dbpllofates usedfby the Royal Prosecuting Attorneys. 3.0 p Division Officers will inasmuch as practicable shift watches sown will be relieved during the period from 1200 to 1600. Care must be exercised that are fully capable of performing duties of the men they relieve. T .1 4. At 1515 me semen on watch win be relieved, and will some to me platform l for trial and lnltlatlon. 5. Upon completion of the ceremony, and upon notification by Hts Majady Neptunus Rex, the Ro al Standard will be hauled down and the Ro al Part will retur y t , Y Y H I0 dw sea, whence they came. V 6. It ls particularly dangerous for Landlubbers to fllrt with the Royal or worse still, with the Queen. The Royal Baby must not be teased. I. L. Brown, Commander, U.S. Navy, Commanding. ' 'Meet The Royal "' -nz 1 f I " J N? . FL '414 Q 1- E X f ...suv .ul Q--. FZVN J' 4 f 11' 39 Ex RCPYAL iQllJ'lv'1..XlN OF NEl9'l'UiwEl,ES HEX Lieutenant W. Egan, USNR Station and Duties miilwfii Pollywog Watch, visiting all stations, makes Continuous rounds on the double. Reports each 20 minutes to Control, Lieutenant Cjgl G..E, Carroll, QMCD, USNR Station and Duties patrols superstructure deck and forecastle carrying bed pan and duck. Every five minutes reports to Control 5iAll bottoms are dry' APC wa, Goold, USN Station and Duties In eyes of ship, Reports all fish seen swimming by. Announces at 10 minute intervals--'6Oh, San Pedro, where art thou? 7' Lieutenant fjgl LS. Hart, USNR Station and Duties Smoke Watch. Reports every 10 minutes via megaphone all smoke leaving stacks, 1. watson, CMM Station and Duties lr. eyes of ship, with fishing line over the bowl, At-110 minute intervals recitesz HA-fishing in the Stratosphere, With baited hook, you little dear, With shellbacks dongt you get bold, For if you do youfll soon get told, Catch 13 sea- gulls, not one less - For theypre the ones who make a mess. F., G. Abrams, CCM Station and Duties ' Port Searchlight Platform, at 10 minute inter- vals recites: 'iSearch the horizon from beam to beam Keep the Searchlight platform clean Be respectful to Davey jones, H Gr else you'll have a broken bones, WGD. Van Hoozer, SK2c Station and Duties Inside of inboard Higgins boat., Keep record of Lt, Egan,s Inspection tripsn , , , , , ,.., .,.f,qggv-1+f'- '6Pollywog Sea Watch -- Royal Crowns 111 poimywoo W Uniform V ' r -ii' T5 ,,,, Flat Hat, Blue Jufnpgffp Drawers, Leggings, Shges be ltr 7 SQ, Uniform Surgical goivn over, uniform of the day. Onegwhite and black shoe. Uniform f fi: White shirt, black bowrr1e,sm,5 helmet, sneaks ,draweris,,,,,Binoi':u1ars made of toilet paperiirolls4'fi'-gi' Uniform W Bakers cap, blanket, trousers inside out. Megaphone Sz one white and one black shoeg Uniform I l 1 A Uniform Offidavivfithiililfiiiiowtttt raincoat and sou Wester. At - least 4 medals on raincoat. H.. " ff 1, A '51-for 2 if pf A . , . . i , 1 . t . , 6.1, . ,i W: SEQ .Ji I L , A , I Uniform t 1 U Khaki shirt, grey t1',QuSe?5'5g:fk shoes, binoculars ofr0WH'm2iiibn , broom and dust pan- Regula helmet. - Uniform sheet wrapped Over the day. Sheet V Carry bottle marked Y.-. - -. -M, xx X of N. Hartney, StM2c Station and Duties Sits atop spud crates at forward end of Superstructure deck. Says nothing, does not move. W.B. Stecher, BM1c Orderly for Lleut. Egan H. G. McFe-tridge, MM1c Takes station superstructure deck, fishing from punt, using net. Recites every 10 minutes "With lighted lantern and batted net Six flying fishes you will bet, For Davey Jones' morning repast, Falling in this you'll breathe your last" H.A. Swearlngen, CB Bridge Deck, on catwalk just aft of bridge structure. Blows fog horn every 15 minutes. At end of each blow, recite: "When fog sets in you'll blow your horn, With a moan that 's most forlorn So sound it loud and frequently, Or else the boom will fall on theef' ---andlastbutnotleast--- Lleut. W. Wheeler, tChCl, USNR Take station on topslde. Reclte the following appeal at each of the Watch Stations listed in this watch bill: "Oh, King Nepiune, as we lowly Pollywogs gather this morning, we ask that you will have mercy on our poor bodies. Foruglrdeluus our heedless words about Shellbacks. Help us through the tortures d the day. Help us to stay afloat in the tank, help our stomachs to withstand the Royal Medicine. Help Us and we will follow you and be your loyal subjects. After making complete round, repeat for Lteut. Egan. Uniform .. Sheet over uniform of the GG g V 33 Sheet marked Mahatma Gancllvg Carries bottle marked , Goat Mint" o do e Uniform of day, rain coat, sneaks, helmet. , Sou'wester and rain coat over' uniform of day. Sign around gneck saying '-:Flying Fisherman" 1 Uniform of the day, We1der's D helmet, one black shoe, one white shoe. I Uniform of the day, covered with bathrobe, using knot manila for belt. Friar hat. mb? PUUYWOES f0l' 2-HY of above watch. Ltljgl Moles, Fox, CBM,4'Bridgeman, BMICS , Cox, Dubay, Pu-lc, Nichols, BM2c, Boles, Mlc. ' w3.asg,f,.,5"i," ' :f.ns.h5R51 if at "All Above RBI-10rts and Recttals 'ro Be In clear Am su-Ong Voice!" o t i, it V: cas, gil , - " -weasel .ing ' - , "1-Liz., I - 'HF ,J , 5? IN ' 54 , , ' ' 'xgf I t 4 'wx 0 X , A ' L v ' -J' .X , J ,J v , Q Npuwif' 'j an ' fc u - ' I 44 M . ' 1. 4 I 5 V ' Y V 8 J ' ' 1. v 2 4 15 0 U ILILV ' if - W -af JW., 4 , H5 1 Af ,, A: , F L N 4 ' - I rn " A TX F5 A ,.J, I ' Q D-in D . ..-100154 - 1'-wi J"- x bg- I Y"'g - A A Wh- .gf 'bu W N 1 v ' -sl ls! ,1 , 1 W sl ly 9' I P98 Leg Pete and The Royal ' gm. , , , f- ,, yn ' sf: , 2 ,N . H wr' ,.,," , -. 1 A: vvlfwnl W 6 rl ,A H M It if ? .,g, f . N . . M , , ,f val: X 3 Q A, 1 . 4V J' -ff , h A vi 3, KW Royal Barbers At 1 V1eW Of The O P ..- Eglin D L A S-,,,,,, an ' . L f - ff . ,Hi I ' ' 1 1. a ' o N4 xx "'w"l""'x l. J 4 -hw '-- ' .M -W 9 " vu? '. -if "" 2"' I4 ,-- . ,4. x.- f -v- n. ,Dna- 'SL MZ? x 5, 0 ff 1' . 'o v , fu, , A an J' 1 .W pg 2-4' , '91 - X I, W'-if W 4' 1 1 H Q 1 in Fx, 2 491 '11, ,fha- 2- ibn Vs: 'Af Pur1f1cat1on of Po11yW08S A P if 0-cfgi, "' zkuirr' P -df I. Q, H "Q-. X + U . x J-'Z F 1 A-.f Y L A ' 555 Q ':- N "M" ' -W w-- --Q- 4 .. ,H A 1. . . f l Q, R 6 U gl A Q Q .,V. if 'Hi-0 i ,F s 5 I . F'-., .H 17 ii i 7 PROGRESS OF THE PACIFIC WAR A - I DURING FIRST YEAR OF U. S. S. AJAX A V 1 INVASIONS February 1944 Marshall Islands April 1944 Hollandia june 1944 Marianas Islands july 1944 Guam September 1944 Palau Islands and Morotai 0Ct0beI' 1944 Leyte, Philippine Islands MAJOR AIR STRIKES Truk Ialuit Wake Palau Saipan Marcus Davao Manila Zambwflga Formosa Bonins Ryukll -1 2 ilf-ji ff -i f v4 fd - -AAL E U l -1-1---4' TOMATO COCKTAIL GREEN OLIVES SWEET PICKLES ROAST TOM TURKEY CRANBERRY SAUCE GIBLET GRAVY RAISIN APPLE DRESSING BAKED VIRGINIA HAM snow FLAKE POTATOES CANDIED SWEET POTATOES FRENCH PEAS PARKER HOUSE ROLLS FRESH APPLE PIE TUTTI ERUTTI ICE CREAM ICED ORANGEADE CIGARS CIGARETTES CANDY 632- W1 -' - 113 x .--7 I if i ., - 4 il dig ' i ' is egg 0ne of the highlights of the year, from a standpoint of recreation, was the visit of Com- mander Eddie Peabody, USNR, and his music. Commander Peabody, Well known in the entertainment world as MThe Banjo Kingw, and a group of musicians entertained the crew of the Ajax with a number of musical selections, songs, sleight of hand work and impersonations. e 5 sf? T1 y wt , ,Ii . 1 s .Av LMA 'qgrstqj A id x, Jxyajl ' , ,A .1 Q gxf-, Y -I. v J I The St Louis B111 6 6 0 ' vo-li" ' T" S1e1ght Of Hand -- How To Get The . 5 , Q 'J- Y"i '-w' N . ,0- 14" X 1 .A rd J. , J' 1 B NA Q 'w- , -N . I 'HL l n. 4 3 2 V5 yi S X K i"1"'1 'q"""'l' ?'?.l 45 WEL -be ,K ,-. ,. A- N ,x 5 R A . E . 7'1" K! Lan-fu' 5 4- - f f .. -k 3" ,, N "Q,-f . . , ,KNHEHQN " S 625' ' H if "mf 1 iam. e - -U a.4A'is ,fi , ,'...., C w..4a-www ' Q K M 'SP - he Audience At The ' . .45-5, , ., H-ii", a C97 'Ti CHQ Xe he Nga, A 533-gx I eg!-I 3 A 'Q l E vi' I Lv 73, if" .gf ,F as f lv ,J 91 42, A-ff ,, , x I .ff Uv fw- ff' i,Q1,'iT?7k' - Mis: ,., 1:-Q Q., 1- 'vfrm:.ii"f' H DPR ' .fm V f+fNf3 OHicers 5159 Commander Iohn Louser Brown Commander George Carroll Weldin Lleut.MComdr. William Wyatt Wales omdr Alberton Cutler Harshman Lieut.-C . Lieut.-Comdr. Virgil Aloysius Cowart Lieutenant Harold Worth Packard Lieutenant Clarence Lee Smith Lieutenant joseph Roy Weirick Lieutenant Nigel Edgar Robinson Lieutenant james Merrit Winans Lleutljgl William Guy Moles Ensign Warren Glover Carter Ensign Leon Steward Ertle Lieutenant Philip Hance Moore Lieutenant Gordon Ellis Carroll Commander Niels Homer Martin Lieutenant Shirley Embury Mowatt Lieutenant Leroy Alexander Lleutljgl Charles Lewis Doolittle Ensign Wllllam Arthur Goold Lieutenant Wendell Carpenter Wheeler Chief Gunner Edward Hoyle Walker Chief Gunner Reo Heath Chief Torpedoman Michael Joseph Taras Chief Machinist Kenneth Brown Chief Carpenter Leslie Leno Garchia Chief Pay Clerk Arthur Frank Wall Machinist Herbert Franklin Procter SNP S Clerk August I-luter Commanding Offiger Executive Officer Engineer Officer Navigating Officer Repair Officer Asst. Repair Officer 9th Division Officer First Lieutenant 9th Division jr. Officer Communication Officer Diving Officer lst Division Officer 10th Division Officer Sr. Medical Officer Ir. Medical Officer Sr. Dental Officer Ir. Dental Officer Supply Officer Disbursing Officer Asst. Supply Officer Chaplain 10th Division Ir. Officer 3rd Division Officer 10th Division Ir. Officer 6th Division Ir. Officer 7th Division Officer Commissary Officer 10th Division Ir. Officer Ship's Secretary .--! XV' C -...ff X ..f' ' K' ....-, My 35 1 . ' gr '. , ' .- I' 1 A A 7 ' Q ' 'L '-fr! " ,gap ' A H' fix f Z' X V Src- . -""" '?'. Y 4 2.1. . ,,gjqQo N", 1. s a l Q U Q 'f ' , 9 :,,,,,V.., H Q H aim 1 7- J' -.-.Y..,. ..,,,-5 A V iff 7 G 1, I Y 1 k 'A.AAl. ,T 1. Y l sw, ' x 'N .,.--V s ,. ,.-Lug. I wa 'S-. 1.9 24-Qwifi M- .. -H-"111Wx1s,xa:mm . --u . ,, ' f- '- N-'J-fa.'.'e:L'f f. . ,J , ay '- """V. 4' .w -- .-H' ,- , -e 1 ' . .NRS U , U., ! r f . YC if H K 4, A! A xx J ,ff fm x xx Q , J L ' Y.-. 4' . if 1 1 L , A. N ' ,, 1 -- K ,cl "" - ' , " NV" ,, 'A " -..Q-vqgw Qi :F pp- ' 'V "' " F "Wu--T. "' 1.. ,,.---..., - , 7 l - .Mx ...-.... E I x WM , 42' '- -cf Y --,, ..--f - A " " -er- +M4.4. an '11- hs- Q-,-Q ..-iv' mm- ' ' .,... T. 'Ia----.. - " gf'--w , . ,.... .. , ,, . ,AWA in , , .H , , -.. ,J ,. - . .,... A -.., ,..,. -.4 ff' .V - IK " - ' 3 ' ' A '41-wr., W . ..- M f- was-Awww, Mo.vmnfm-.Q-...w....wn-Q-P..M -.W-O. A 5 L I I? Afwere- B V 'fm , 51. 7 I ffl .T 'isp' 7 .,.,. . gi lfxra Chief Petty ABRAMS, RC. BALLARD, R.C. BEZHRENS, O.H. BI.OCx, R.P. BRADLEY, BR CABLE, L.L. CHRISTIAN, E.E. CORNAELIUB, ILA. CURRIER, O.1. DAVLS, NLR. PIPPB, 1.E. OAHR, 1.w. OIIION, 1.H. CRIMES, L.D. HARVEY, P.s. HERRINC., A.s. Ir. HUSKEY, R.A. KING, R.c. HUHLING, 1. 1r. LINCOLN, w.r. MAY, H.L. MCORATH, 1. MOOR, A.I-'. NIUSORAVE, c.L. NOBLE, Q.R. PEAKE, L.A. PHILLIPS, M.O.w. PIRAzzINI, w.w. RICE, F.W. ROBERTS, C.S. SCOTT, C.P. SLAUOHTER, L.R. STECHER, w.B. SWEARINGEN, H.A. TATE, C. WATSON, 1. WOLFE, P. YATES, H.A. Mums, w.II. R ' 2 CCM CBM CBM CMM CSF CMM CMM CRM C!-'C CTM Ci-.M CWT C Y CMI CTM CMM CM CY CPI'tr CY CMM CSF CMOMM CMM CFC CMM CMM CMM CM CB CMM CMM CBM CB CSK CMM CSF CWT CEM Officers Iifu ASHCRAFT, R.C. BECK, NLC. BERTRAND, 1.A. BOYER, L.R. 1r. BRITTS, s.w. CALLAWAY, R.P. CHURCH, 1.1. COZINE, NLE. DAVIS, F.D. DUNAI, 1.L. FRENCH, T. GEARHEART, 1.G. COBCHE, C.A. OUBTAEBON, w.T. HEINRICH, E. HODGES, R.1. IENISON, IH.D. KLER, Ax. LAWRENCE, 1.1. LUKE, E.B. 1r. MCFARI..-AND, 1.1.. MOON, I.E. NIORALES, F.w. NEWTON, L.R. O'NEAL, E.A. PETERSEN, A.1-. PIELOCH, C.B. A POE, R. RIGGEN, C.A. ROSS, R.1. SINCLAIR, 1.w. SPURY, E.L. STRAND, C.T. szAHALA, 1.1. THOMPSON, w.P. WBRNER, C.T. YACENDA, D.A. YOUNG, w.T. CLABAUGB, 1.P. CRT CGM CMM CM CMM CMM CMM CMM CEM CMM CM CBM CMM CGM CMM CMM CMM CMM CFC CMM CFC CMM CM CMM CMM CTM CM CEM CSK CSK CBM CMOMM CSF CCM CSK CM CBM CCS CMI 00 1 r ,1 -"fx, 'UC i h Wfyplf lasuiifu ' ,A,.,L 7 ,wa sm. ' E :aiu 5 j' i 5 E 2 I Q I -. : "-2 .lf fi.-----w-- -' - ,A--. .... .. 7 , N . . 'uf' V' . .,E'v1 1 .. , O , ?.b'.m. ,LW 4 1 Qi- n ' If I L -NM - H! rv-'dh N.,-K xx-. li ? is W A"A "KN xx Q 'N-XS 'N ..., "-.K 'Ng 1 "Y H." I ,WJ V. -1 "'-, X I 'SML -..Rx -hs- ' 'M Xxx -sms '-1. Kgs R X S. wg ...vu ' ODI' itilg .. - ..... ---1 xx! wang sg -sr. unix '!l:.L::s5F-En: 'ss nun. , ws-.QTJLQ M v . l P1 , TW fx Jil' v y' ' . .X M- ' 'R ' nh' mn K '21 xx., x x sk' L-:W A A. , f li, ss f Nba ' ' , v. u f n fm -1--vu., ,3g,nKlf1,-,.. J- - ,, 1 ' . we 3' ' -' 'L' .af ff' .lx ., K , -- L A " 1... , -- bg' - ' f f v ,," ',m'. -M .41 - -- ' ,..,w--.,,,,.,f-N' ' V - ' ' F 2 1 5 A-war ha WWW First Class Petty Oiicers 0-.Xb ADRIAN, L,D, REITS, A.I-'. BOAG, w.L. BOLES, s.w. BOWLES, ILC. BURRUS, R.L. CARLSON, wir. CARY, R. CLARK, Rfr. CONNER, M.I:. CRITES, 1.0. DAVIS, C.R. Doon, L.s. DRAPRR, A.o. DU BAY, RG. EPSTEIN, NLR. FELZ, 1.1. FRALICK, R.A. GLOVER, G.B. GUISE, G.D. HARRIS, A.H. HEINEMAN, R. IIRRMANSCN, R.A. IIOLM, ILE. IRTT, 'r.A. KAUFFMAN, LW. KOEHL, C.M. KRENZLRR, E. KURUC, s.1. LAWRENCE, 1. LONGWORTH, H. LUCAS, MJ. MAIN, E.N. MAYNE, NLM. MC KENZIE, H.E.. MOLOVINSKY, N. MORRIS, LR. MUSSETTER, J.w 5 NICHCLSON, H,A.. lF'.J7bE MMIC MMIC EMIC Mllc SF1c CM1c EM1c Mlc CMIC MoMM1c MM1c MMIC PhM1c MM1c Ptrlc SK1c SAI1c MMIC MM1c SK1c MM1c MM1c MM1c MM1c SK1c Prtrlc MIC MM1c MM1c Mlc SK1c MM1c TM1c CM1c MM1c PhM1c MM1c MM1c CM1c BM1c BECKER, E.L. BLANTON, LM. BOBBITT, 1.1-9. BOTTIGER, H.F., BRICKHOUSE, R.T CAMPBELL, W.G. CARTER, R.N. CLARK, H.E. CLARKSON, G.S. COOVERT, E.R. DAVIDSON, T.R. DEAN, LF. Ir. DOSCOTCH, G.N. DRENNAN, E.F. DUCKER, G.H. FARLEY, H.L. FISHER, LE. GEANOPULOS, G. GORE, T.B. HAMILTON, V. HEATH, WJ. . HEIRIGS, W.W. HERSHEY, CJ. Ir. IABLONSKI, W.S. JOHNSON, R.H. KISOR, C.M. KOVACH, A. Ir. KUNKLE, A.E. LANE, A.E. LOGGINS, W.A. LOW, H.L. LUNDY, A.C. Ir. MARLING, HJ. MCFETRIDGE, H.G. IvIoIsAN, IvI.I-'. MOORE, N.B. A MURRAY, E.F. NABORNEY, M.s. NOVY, L.F. PARKER, E.W. WT1c Mlc FCIC MIC MM1c SF1c MM1c MM1c MMIC CM1c MM1c SK1c WT1c TM1c MM1c BM1c Mlc SC1c MM1c SF1c M10 , . MM1c Bkrlc Ptrlc MM1c MM1c M11c MM1c FC1c MOMMIC CM1c SK1c TM1c MM1c MM1c MM1c GM1c MM1c Mllc MM1q PARRISH, G.W. PERKINS, c.W. PILSITZ, E.F. i , RASMUSSEN,1.H. g REYNQLDSI LA- , BODIVQIN, W.L., I I SAN QRD, v.B. SCHELLENBERG, A.A. I SHERMAN, G.A. SLAUGHTER W.E. , L 3, SMITH, 1.W. III SPEARS, L.c. I STEWART, W.H. I TADLOCK, B.R. TONE, R.W. TOWNSON, L.W. , VACLAVIK, c.F. VANDENDRIESSCHE, M. WARD, H.A. WASHINGTON, S.C. , WILLIAMS, F.E. I I I WILSONg M.c. WOLLEN, B.V. G 1 ,jf ,, First Class Petty OHicers MMIO RT1c EM1c PhOM1c MM1c MM1c, EM1c A WT1c Blc MOMM1c SF1c SF1c RT1c MM1c M1c MM1c Mlc SK1c SK1c MM1c SK1c TM1c BM1c A-1 PENNINGTON, c.H. MM1c PETTIIOHN, O.G. I M13 POEPPELMAN, U J. , ,MHC REIEERT, E.R. ROBBINS, L.E. SACKRIDER, L.L. SAUNDERS, 1.M. SHAWVER, W.N. SKILLMAN, A.A. S1vIITH, LE. SOUEA, MJ. STEVENS, S.L. Jr. STILES, c.F. THOMAS, R.L. TOWLE, P.A. TRISLER, T.W. VALLANCE, 1.H. WADELTON, R. WARD, R.M. WEICH, M.R. WILSON, G.R. WINKLEMAN, 1.T WRIGHT, A. i , ,HMM A IMMIG ?M1ic 'MMIIS I SBICF i QM1c MM1c Ptrld, MM1c MM1c I MM1c MM1c , Mlc, MM192 WT1c SF1c MM1c MM1c Blc f 'I .1-ff -A K.W- Q 116114. ,.K.A.i.i xi." ' wx IDF: Q' - ' :.B Zn' 'K . . ' A Lf IL. L, Y ,M 1 ' "" ' 0 R.L. NSON C.W. GHTBILL,mM.A., E C' : ' ' ' il. J., : ' , ms, w.F. 7 AMPBELL E.L.! CHASE, EfR. CLAPP, R.G. CLINE, M.R. CCNNELDY, T. CORONA W. . w - Cox, D121 CURTIS, N.o. DELING, R.E. DoEsoN, D.A. DRAKE, R.O. f EGGER, 5 A E1.YA,R.E.Ef g Y 5 45, ' RE' , O.-:T HENSLEY, HODDER R,R, HOMSHEit, E.E, IARROTT A , E.W. 1 331 -,f'Ef1':a ff Second Class Petty Odicers Wxfb EM2c EM2c MM2c SF2c M2c B2c EM2c EM2c PhM2c SF2c M2c SF2c EM2c SF2c M2c RM2c EM2c BM2c SF2c GM2c TM2c RM2c TM2c TM2c MM2c M2c MM2c SK2C A U .SF2c EM2c EM2c BM2c CM2-c MMR2c B2c FCZC EM2c Y2c RTZC EM2c V. , .. .A f.1 ALLEN, LC. AMs'1'RUP, E.L. ANDERSON, w.A. ANDRUS, E.R. BA1LLARGEON, A. BARTON, G.R. BENEEIELD, D.J. BIALIK, v.w. BOLTE, R.w. BGYNTON, G.E. BRIGGS, F.B. BROWN, R.L. CALDERWOOD, K.B CHANEY, J.L. CHOWN, L.D. CLARK, C.E. COATES, CJ. COPELAND, G.B. CORYEA, w.E. CROW, E.L. CYRULEWSKI, A.R. DERRY, W.L. DOUGLAS, w.W. DVORAK, LJ. ELL1sON, LM. ERVIN, H.E. EXARHOPOULOS, 1. EOULES, 1.1. Jr. GAGLIARDY, J. 11-. GALVIN, W. GORDON, E.L. GREGORY, R.M. HEUCHERT, K.R. HOLDEMAN, C.H. 1-IORNECKER, 'r.H. JENSEN, s.G. KAMUF,,W.M. KELLEY, R.s. KETTERING, R.B. LAI-IR, .M ,,,,, A. 'fm CMZC MM2c B2c MM2c B2c HMZC EM2c Prtr2C Ph c ...iii SK2c EM2c RT2c MM2c M12c FC2c SF2c MM2c MM2c CMZC GMZC MM2c MM2c WTZC PhM2c SF2c MM2c EM2c SF2c CMZC EM2c MM2c PhM2c CM2c Y2c MM2c MM2c RNHC Erica' . A-.,,....-.v..,--. .-. ., JXA Second Class Petty Odicers MXL' LAUGHLIN C R IVLARINO R 1 MARTIN, W C MCFARLANE MCSHANE C V MEYER V L M1LLER,ID C Jr MORETTI N R NEIBURGER NEUER W N OIHUS, M H OLSEN G S O MEARA F D PARKS, D G RAYMOND, R A REILLY IA RICHARDSON ROAN, NC Jr ROOD M A SAVAGE, IT SCHUBERT,1W Jr SHACKETT, R E SHEETS, R F SOFFES G 1 SPECK R STEVENSON, R E RUIZ R G THOMPSON, H W TROTT, F I TURNER, IH ' RTZC MM2c TM2c GMZC RTZC RMZC EM2c c MI2C FC2c MM2c Y2c SK2c MM2c SFZC Y2c SF2c RMZC RM2c PhM2c C MM2c M2c SFZC FCZC M12c MM2c BM2c CM2c RMZC WTZC LEWIS T E MARTIN L 1 MAZUR, H 1 MCGUIRK, W W MCWHIRTER D W MILLER, A D MILLER, H R MUELLEN L C NELSON, G R NEVES, P C OKRULIK, L I OLSON H W ORPURT, C R PIROZZI, A V REGIS, C C RENSPE D F RICHMOND, G A ROMYN, I ROSE, E H SCHRAMM, F C SEVERN, G E SHADDOW H H SMITH M A SORRELIS W A STEVENS, W A SULLIVAN, B I Ir TARPLEE, C I THOMPSON, T L TRUSTY F D TUSL, W jr ULSRUD, M.C 'I 9 ' e 9 . Q 9 0 0 9 S . 0 0 . . ,Io . . 9 0 0 9 Q . 9 0 0 A . S S S , ,, 9 0 0 . . - 0 0. 9 9 0 0 9 0 . 9 0 0 0 . S . , , PLACE, E.,W. SKZC RANDALL, M. I. . . Q . 9 Q S , . . ,M.,E., . . 0 . S . , Q . . Q S . . Q Q 9 . . S S , 0 9 , . Q 9 . 0 , . . S 0 . o 0 G 9 . 0 0 0 S Q 0 ' 0 0 9 0 ' S 0 0 0 . TWEEDY, R.A, VARDANEGA, MJ., WALKER, H.L. WAMPLER, F.E. WERNETH, W,C, WILKINSON, H,C. WITTMAN, A.G. WORLEY, H.W. FCZC SF2C PMZC MM2c MOMMZC EMZC PhOM2C WAGNER, DJ, WALTER, LL. WARGOVICH, A.,A, WILKINS, WIA. Jr. WINN, R.E. WOLFORD, W.C. YORK, H. MM2c M12c MM2c SK2c SK2c SAO2c EM2c SK2c Prtr2c BM2c SF2c M2c MM2c TM2c MM2c EM2c Y2c Sk2c 'I'M2c RdM2c SK2c MM2c SK2c MM2c EM2c EMZC EM2c RT2c M120 CM2c SC2c SC2c MMR2c EMZC MM2c M2c BM2C "L Be QIXA Third Class Petty OHicers Alb ABERNATHY, s.v. Axms, RA. AMBROSINI, .-1.1. ANDREWS, FLW. ARGC1, LG. jr. AKETIN, Wil. BA1I.E'I'x'. W.E. BARIZICJS, 1CI.j. BIDIDISIJN, .-LID. BISSELL, I-115. BORDSEN, 12.11. 1.- zsR1:sr:.x1r, x.1. IJISCKESI-LIQZ, 1.5. 1.- L3l7HCH, NJ.. ZHTHNS, K.W. iil!'I'CHkIH, WJ-1. CAVAGN.-xiao, 14.1 COLBERT, ILC. COTA, AJ-'. jr. DAWKINS, D.M. DIXON, V.H. DRAKE, E.W. EVANS, H.R. FERRIERA, GJ. FISHER, W.W. FOSS, F.E. FULITANO, 1.1. GANDARA, H. GIBASZEK. W.T. GOODWIN, LE. GRAMMER, L.G. HALL, C.L. HERNAGE, LA. HORTON, I.D. Ir. HUGEN, H. INGOGLIO, A.E. ICNES, G.K. KELLER, L.E. KUBA, W c.a. 11.4.14 '!'1Il,.,. M M3c Cox M MISC SKBC I+ C llc Cox if M3 L LiMTic1r f.: if C MNH ff f 'NX' r' .., 1. MQW 4-511 3' M fi 1' WTI' M?vIQi1' ., . Q .1 .1 lid MSL' PQM31' EMBC MM3r FCLSC CMIIC SKBQ SMBC EMBC EMSC EM3c TM3c SK3c MMSC EM3c MM3c SK3c MM3c SF3c M3c MBC MM3c SF3c ABRAHAMIAN, K. .-XLDRIDGE, 1.1-2. ANDRE, 1.5. Axonfs, 1.N. .-xs'1'1.r:. 1.'r. R.-anim, 013. muxsis, 1.w. a.a..xR'rf:1.:11r:1f, E.v i5lI'31C!iFIl-ILD, V. L. zs1-.'wTL.x, 1.0. ESHECSIIT, 11.13. 11RL's'r1.1-: . w.c:. ax f -,.. . 111 I.LUk rx, .-X.In. ist!-itil-.Sr4,1.C. E.iIfi'45if!:', LF. tf,'.XIiYI'1fl'I, W.I.. f.'I...fXIii'i, i-.L. L..'UNl.L.1N, EACH. L'I'R'I'L4, CIR. U1-lwlif-TSE, T.L. UOLPHPIBNS, FJ-Y. I3RI'lISI3ACH, W.G. Fr-1:1,1., LA. F1L.LMAN,w.H. FLAHERTY, 1.v. Fosmezn, R.,x. FURCUTBAH, I-2.1. G.xNNoN, uw. GODLOVE, R.1. GRACE, L.E:. GRIESBACH, R.s. HALLIDAY, Rfr. IIINDLEY, R.1. Ross, P.L.. HUNTER, G.H. IRWIN, o.H. KANANEN, D. KILGORE, L. KVASNICKA, 1. 11-. LEARY, 'r.H. MM3c MM3c RM3c MM3c GM3c FC3c Y3c B3c Cox MM3c M3c MSc PhM3c Cox MM3c MoMM3c Bkr3c Y3c MMR3c SK3c Cox EM3c WT3c MM3c Bkr3c MM3c SC3c RT3c FC3c EM3c SK3c Cox MM3c MM3c MM3c CM3c Cox GM3c MM3c WT3c . J . -...AA e JXA Third Class Petty OE?cers ' LECHNER, R. LONDON, H. ' LONOWENUS, L.W MAIXNER, ALR., MANSON, ,IC.E. NIARg:IIS,f1.I. DAF- MccAEEE'RY, 1.A. MQIIINNEY, I.H. MOEiN,'O. MONTORO, A.A. OLIVERIA,C.A. QSFLEY, F.M. PATTEN, R.A.E... PEcORARO,.c.P. I POGORELEC, w.E POWELL, R.A.. A PROCTOR,S.L. RAGSDALE, E.E. REARDON,1.T. RHODES, LW. ROSE, G. , ROWLAND, 1.N. SATKOWIAK, AJ. scOMA,S. SKWARKOWSKI, 1.1 SMITH, 1- SPENCER, w.W. STIL,ES,,,,L,.E. T BACHMC, I- TIPTON, LF. VAUGHAN, TJ. WAGNER, A.E. WALTERS, R.L. WILLIAMS, R.A. WING, ,E.M. wo!-' I w'b , A , A tl ' i..amk....II..D........ Cox CM3c SK3c MM3c EMSO TM3c SC3c Cox TM3c M3c MM3c Cox . GM3c SCBC Scarf SF3c EM3c: Prtr3O COX . Cox MM3c I SCSI: SC3c PrtI'3c MBI: MM3c MMBO MMBO MMBO TM3c SM3c MM3c EM3c M3c SC3c Y3c SK3c QM3c GM3c LELM, L.A. LGNGORIA, C.V. I LOPEZ, Lv. MALONEY, 1.1. , MARCHAND, R.A. MARTINEZ, L. , MOBEE, W.D. MCGUYER, R.L. MILLER, R.G. MONARCH, LG. NAUGI-ITON, 3.1. OSTLER, D.C. PALMER, CJ. PAULSON, E.L. Pedersen F N POLCHOW, B.F. PRAX, B.L. A PRYOR, E.M. RANSOM, LF. REINKE, F.C. RILEY, LN. ROSS, O.D. SANDYS, D.G. SCHOPP, R.H. SIMMONS, A.D. SMITH, F.P. SPENCER, R.w. SPREADBURY, W.G. SWEATMAN, LW. TAPP, R.L. TERRY, E.H. TRITTHART, L.W. WADE, LH. WALKER, R.W. WEIGEL, A.R. WILLISON, LP. Jr.. WINGFIELD, T.D. WOLFF, LN. YOUNG, LH. Ov 4. f , .lang -7, . EM3c TM3c SC3c Rd.M3c e 'AMMSA SK3c 3 3TM3c.? S.F3cf Rd:M3c SK34: Prtr3c BkI'3cff. SIQBC RT3c S936 lr CM22, SK3c GM3c MM3c SM3c GM3c MM3c .1 -A Lv 1 an Coifif MM3c, SK3C Cox ALVAREZ, A. Axroan, B.s. BALLARD, D.O- BARECEIVSKI, LF BEWARD, RJ. BLAINE, W.G. BRYSON, M.H. BURTON, .4.W. CANNON, C.D. Ir. CARTE, H.L. CASTRECHINO, H CHURCH, R.M. jr COOK, F.H. CROFF, WV.F. DAVIS, E.E. DAVIS, W.F. DEVANEY, P.W. DICKLICH, E. DULMES, CJ. FERGUSON, LR. FLANIGAN, LD. FRANSON, E.V. GIANNOTTI, E.N. GOOD, F.C. GUNNESS, T.rX. HAMMOCK, F.C. HARRIS, S. HIGGINS, W.C. HINRICHS. H.G. HOSEA, H.E. IANAK, R.T. JOHNSON, L. JOHNSON, R.C. KEENAN, C.S. KERMODE, A.K. KLOPFENSTEIN, LARA, LJ. LOGOTETA, A. MMBBFHHALILC. . .I. M.O. QfX,-3 Seamen S2c Slc Slc Slc Slc S2c Slc Slc Slc Slc S20 Qlc 1' v gh: Slc: Slc Slc: Slc S2c S2c Slc S2c Slc Slc Slc Slc SEC Slc S2c Slc Slc Slc S2c Slc Slc Slc Slc S2c S2c Slc S2c APP, C.B. BAILEY, C.B. BARCELONA, R.1. BELL, 1.L. BLACK, K.v. BLISS, c.E. BUCKLEY, 1.C. CABILL, 15.11. C.-XRRERE, L. CARVED, BC. CHbTN-XL'I."I', 1.11. 1.L.1b::.: . f.Q1.J4-:b1 -I LYQTIS, D.H. UAVIS, IJESPMN, ELK. DIBEL1...-X, LAN. ZBITM.-KN, M.F.1r. FARHINGTQN, C. F1N1.BY, 1.v. FORD, 1.1. GARCIA, zz. KJIBSCQPN, WB. 11-. 11211561-111. 1.5. smxvzzxiffzza. CB. si.-xxesifzx, ILL. EAIASTING, 1.T. HILL, 91.12. BQQFABIJ. :1,.L. LKBLBR. D.L. jENKINS, 1.23. 1oH1wBoN, KAROLEWSKI, Z. A KELLERBERG, T.D. KING, 1.1. KNUTSON, BL. Lum, R.P. MACH, A. MARQUARDT, W .F . MASSEY, c.B. Slc S2c Slc S2c S2c Slc Slc Slc Slc Slc Slc S2c Slc S2c Slc Slc S2c Slc Slc Slc S2c S2c Slc Slc Slc S2c S2c Slc Slc Slc Slc Slc Slc S2c Slc Slc S2c Slc Slc Slc MCCAULEY, A.G. MCOLUSKEY, c.A. MCFARLAND, 1.M. Mc KNIGHT, R.L. MOORE, GJ. MORRTSON, L. NIPPER, 1.c. NUNEZ, 1.E. OBERT, R.G. OTTO, L.E. PACHECO, M. Jr. PARK, L.w. PISTELLO, T.1. RAGLAND, c.A. RANEY, H.E. ROBERTSON, M.G SIMONTON, P.C. RUECKERT, c.c. TREGLIA, A.N. BAGGIO, F.G. , .. .'............n-na.an-na -...Su-R1 .,..-...W ..,, , UNA Seamen Lxfxl S2c Slc Slc Slc S2c Slc S2c S2c Slc S2c S2c Slc Slc S2c Slc Slc Slc S2c S2c S HA1c MCCLOSKEY, c.N. MCDERMOTT, W.M. MCKINNON, N.L. MCNALLY, w.c. jr. MORENO, LM. MOYER, H.A. Jr. NOLEN, O.L. OAKLEY, M.L. OLSON, G.E. PACHECO, 1.A. PADALINO, S. , PEARSON, H.L. PLUTH, 1.K. RAMSEY, w.H. ROBERTSON, 1.0. RODDY, M.1. SMITH, R. THIELFOLDT, F.H TURK, T.E. EARLY, W.H. Q Slc S1c S1c S1c S1c A Sic Slc Slc S1c S2c S2c S2c S1c S1c S2c Slc S2c S1c Slc Bugle ALRICK, L.s. BABCOCK, 1.M. BEDFORD, O.F. BERENS, w.R. BOSAK, v.A. BURROWS, R.I2:. CONNER, 1.11. DOWNIIOUR, R.L. Fox, c. FULLER, R.L. GI-:rIL, Rc. HART, T.1. JACOBSON, NLD. IOIINSTON, II.R. LANGE, R.c. MCCULLOCII, O.A MECKEY, R.A. MINDC, R.w. NOWLING, 1.2. PARKER, w.II. RANSON, I-LT. SMITH, L.IvI. STRONG, M.T. TAINTI-ZR, R.F. TIPTON, 1.R. WILLIAMS, w.w. WRIGHT, c.w. Jr. .3 .RM . 'I , ., Q-:.IIW'3'i1.v , U'Xf4 Fzkemen Flc F2c F2c F2c Flc F2c Flc F2c F2c Flc Flc Flc F2c Flc Flc Flc F2c F2c Fic Fic Flc F2c F2c Flc Flc F2c F2c YOUNG, W.A ARMSTRONG, E.G BAYLES, 1.B. BELAIR, C.J. BETLA, L. BUCHANAN, B.M. COLTON, L. CRAIG, LW. ELLISON, W.G. FRASER, R.1. OALLROOS, B. GINDIN, C. HURTADO, L.V. JENKINS, W.W. IQASNIA, 1.5. MARSAW, E.K. McGUIRE, G.T. MERRIOTT, FJ. NORMAN, LR. OLIVER, L.H. POTTER, LD. SCHLEDER, MJ-I. STANCIL, W.L. SULLINS, E.E. THOMAS, C.K. WALK, K.E. WILTGEN, R.H. WYATT, W.F. Ir. F2c Flc Flc F2c Flc Flc Flc Flc F2c Flc Fic Flc F2c Flc Flc Flc Flc F2c Fic Flo Fic Fic Flc F2c Flc F2c Flc Flc A SteWardO and Stewards Mates BROWN, R. DILLARD, 1. JOHNSON, W. Jr. MENDIOLA, 1. NICHOLS, 1.R. Ir THOMAS, L. StM1c COATES, I.C. StM3c HOLLEY, E.L. StM2c MASON, W. Ir. ST1c MURRAY, C.T. ST3c PRIOLEAU, W. Ir StM1c WILLIAMS, I. ' '32- -905.05909- B mm, 5 3 5 Wxfxb StM1c StM1c StM1c StM1c StM2c StM1c 5 5 5 , 2 5 5 E if . J .5233 ig V ' 1 Ji ml' f ' 'f wg' ' 1'i'f:.f. , 2 , b ,.,,.L, A A-9 51' , . .nf if . ff' ' ni? JJ. -. fi J . erm., The following pages carry the Roster of Officers and men who have reported on board and are serving in the U.S.,S. AJAX since commissioningo A eff Z- '-wwf, I I, My- .- MNA OH'icers ksfkn Lieutenant Arthur Sterling Rollins Lieutenant john Paull Moore Lieutenant Raymond William McCreath Lieutljgl Richard Mayo Bowen, Ir. Ensign Mario Gene Massa Ensign Charles Ernest Bridgett Ensign Herbert Willock Berry Lieutenant Alexander R. Bell Ensign john Charles Hutzler Chief Machinist Orvil Levi james Chief Machinist john Edwin Quint Boatswain James F. Marek Boatswain Frank Vincent Sollecito Electrician Hunter Vincent Scrivener Electrician Albert Gordon Sentman Radio Electrician Ralph Cameron Olson -Q! :Q. tmmgi USN CRet.l D-VQSD D-VQSJ E-VCSJ USN E-M E-M DC-VS SC-VQSD E-VCSD USN tRet.l D-VKGJ D-VKGJ USN CRet.J USN USN is ii 5 n 4 Q 1 1 i 5 Q F Z 4 4 . Q . nf-. Mg ' 1741 : 5 '11, ' ' ia, if-1 ' W :.p:f A ' AICIN, w.E. ALT, 1.1. ANDREWS, R.L. ANIIQA, B.H. ASRLOCK, O.H. AUSTIN, R.E. EEILFUSS, E.P. EERKI, O. BE1UTER,H.L. 11- BOBEL, 1.E. EOGAN, R. BRADLEY, w.II. HROWN, C.E. BROWN, 1.13. BURGEISON, ILA. CAMPBELL, R.R. CASII, D.I+:. CIIAMDERS, II.w CLARK, w.A. CLEMENIS, R.L. CONRAD, 1.M. COvRI:DOE, E.C. Cox, O.w. CIIRIALE, R. DAUDS, ILL. DAVIS, ILC. DAY, w.s. DESSERT, E.w. DDION, A.L. DOUDNA, 1.R. DUREIN, II.C. DYMENT, O.E. ESCRO, 'r. 1r. FINNEY, C.1. FLINN, L.F. FRENCH, 'r.G. GAETH, R.R. GAUCH, ILE. GIORDANO, E.R. GLASSER, L. Crew 2g2w.fN,D Sic MMSSC MMZC SFZC SF3C MMSSC MMSZSC SZC MEC NIMBBC SFIQSC SMIC 524.3 IIIMLSC S.-UBC MBC HMBC SIC Mic I-IMIC PMIC CM MBC MMBC FCRSC F20 51C MBC S2C SIC SAI3c M3C MISC Flc EMBO SIC S2c EMIC MMS3c EM3c ALDRIDGE, R.1. ANDERSON, 'r.L. Jr. ANDRIEWICZ, P. 1r. ANTON, C.D. ATTERBURY, L.S. BEAM, w.E. 11-. BENTON, 'r.1. BERRY, 14.1. EODR, D.E. IBUIHILKEQ, E.w. EOONI-QR, 1.1-3. ISHQJOMBALIGI-1, 1.0. ISROWN, E.A. DIILYSER, CLE. BUSCH, 1.1. CAIIVALIIO, NLF. C.-XSHDOLLAR, G.E. CLARK, C.K. CLEMENTS, NLT. COLLINS, w. COOK, 'I'.E. CTCQ3H13I-Q'I'T, 1.F. c:IfcifI:R, 1.C. IJANNIiI..LI?.lY, R.F. Ir DAVIS, C.1. DAY, 1.12. DCPIRHO, D.V. DEUTSCH, W. DONAHUS, LH. DUNN, W.E. DYE, W.M. DZIERGAS, S.M. EULETT, F.M. FLAUGHER, LE. FOLEY, T.F. FRYAR, WJ. GALASSO, LA. GIBSON, E.F. GIROUX, H.W. GNIEWEK, H.T. BM1c F2c S2c RT3c Ptr3c PhM1c MM3c Mlc Slc Flc S2c S2c S2c S2c PhM2c WT3c MBC CPhM S2c PhM2c SF3c M13c M12c FCR3c MM1c F1c Flc SF2c S2c PM1c TM3c S2c MM3c Flc M13c MM2c EM3c MMS3c MM3c PM2c Qfxtqm Crew ZEXNJ GOFF, O. StM2c GOOD, G.L.E. QM3c GOSS, R.J. Jr. Blc GRAHAM, H.C.Jr. MMS3c GREEN, W.T. Slc GROSSINI, R.F. S2c GUTHRIE, J.L. F1c HALL, O.F. Prtrlc HALL, F.L. StM1c HAMILTON, H.G. EM1c HARKNES, L.A. MMS3c HARRISON, L.T. CEM HARTGROVE, L.R. MMS3c HARTMAN, O.J. SF1c HARTNEY, N. StM2c HARVEY, R.L. PhM3c HAWN, J.D. M2c HAYWARD, H.E. Jr M3c HEDEN, L.W. Slc HEDENLAND, R.L MMS3c HENDERSON, D.A. Jr S2c HENRY, M.E. S2c HOAG, R.A. S2c HOCHESTEIN, M. PhM1c HOCKNELL, C.G. S2c HOERICH, G.H. M3c HUGHES, J.K. S2c HUGHES, WJ. S26 HUPPERICH, T.L. EM2c HUTTON, R.R. S2c ICKES, J.C. FC2c IKEN, C.L. S2c JAMES, C.N. S2c JANIK, LW. M3c JANSSEN, K,R. me IENNINGS, s. sxzc JOHNSON, C.R. Jr. PhM2c JOHNSON, V.R. QM2c JOHNSON, W.O. Flc JONES, E.E. Flc JONES, J.P. MM1c KARPF, L.W. F2c KARYAKIN, S.J. M13c KEATON, H.L. EM2c KEETON, F.C. M3c KEFFORD, W.R. Flc KELLY, J. Sze KENNEDY, w.C. Sze KERWIN, R.F. Flc KESSLER, LE. Flc KETTLER, W.G. S2c KIERNAN, J.J. F1c KING, G.W. S2c KING, H.L. MM1c KING, O.F. EM3c KLEIER, L.D. Jr. EM1c KLOCK, C.L. SF3c KNOPPS, M.L. S20 KOSARICH, J.A. S2c KOSLOWSKI, G.E. PMZC KRATOCHVIL, E.W. S2c KRAUSE, J.J. MM2c LANG, P.C. MMS3c LAPH9, R.P. CSt LA RUE, W.E. S2c LETKOWSKI, E.W. F10 LORD, P.E. Lucmo, JP LUST, v E LYLE, w F LYNN, M MABEITT, W K. Flc c c c c c LOUNSBURY, F.G. LUNDE, JD LUXFORD, E N LY NCH, R S LYONS, W L MacCABE, S D 1vLM2c c c c c c . . sz , , sz . . sz , , sz . . sz ' , , sz . sz , , sz . sz , , sz A R MADDEN,1.F. szc MAGEE,G.L. S20 1 2 . ' 'X ti E c- L 1 ff' LM N f. 1 A 'wi' ' . J Jv- ' . J, F F E - an Mgrsi' A ek. e ' 0 ary AV ., .sf MAGNINAT, A.W. MAIN, D.G. MAIORS9'K'I' MALLAM8, B.H. MALOCI-I, W.H. Ir. MANASCO, O. MANNING, C.L. MARCHANT, A.C. MARCHMAN, A.B. Ir MARSH, G.P. MAYES, R.G. McCUSKER, LW. MCDANIELS, H. Ir. MCFARREN, LF. McLAUGHLIN, LR. MCMANIS, C.A. MCWHERTER, M.D. MELICHAR, G.A. MERRIKEN, W.D. MILES, R.W. MILLER, G.W. MILLER, LO. MUSCHE, V.L. NELSON, D.N. NICHOLSON, F.A. NOBLE, G.M. OBEIDIN, H.fE.E ODEN, LE. , ' PADGETT, 'D.A. PQRAMORE, R.E. PMRY,RL.H. PAUL, S.R. PERKIDB, M.R. PERRY, C.A. PHILLIPS, C.W. PORRAZZO, A.R. T, PRICE, C.T. P 1. as E L p pm. .. ,-...f:I.l1lf A Y. H 9, .. ..., , I ' :naw 5 ' , .PN A . gg ,db .-- ..,..a UXAI Crew AIX: S2c S2c S2c S2c S2c S2c S2c S2c S2c S2c Flc M3c WT3c F2c F2c Flc COX CM Bugle Flc PM2c F2c Flc Flc CM1c MM3c Flc MM3c MM2c MM2c PM2c B3c Slc Slc F2c MMS3c Slc S1c Flc EM1c MAGNER, 1.1. MAIR, D. MAKEDONSKI, s.1. MALLOW, T.D. MALTBY, E.o. 1r. MANLEY, R.M. MAPLES, Dxr. MARCHISOTTO, P.s MARNHOLTZ, H.E. MATSON, D.M. MCATEER, 1.1. MCDANIEL, S. Ir. MCFADDEN, 2.13. MCGOVERN, 1.11. MCMAHON, R.D. MCMURTRY, R.B. MEHLER, L.G. MERIAUX, P.M. MIDDLETON, H.H. MILLER, E.L. MILLER, LC. MOTILACE, B.A. NANCE, 1.w. NEWELL, G.A. 1r. NIMMO, E.c. NOE, G.H. OJBRIEN, G.M. ODLEARY, 1.F. PALMER, D.P. PARHAM, T.A. PASHMORE, 1.D. PENDLEY, H.A. PERNICE, A.C. PETERSON, R.D. PIKOSZ, F.E. PORTER, c.c. PRICE, RJ. PUECELL, L.1. QUINN, C.R. Ir. RAMSEY, LW. R.. 9. S2c S2c S2c S2c Flc S2c S2c S2c S2c QM2c Slc StM2c Flc SK1c Flc EM3c EM3c Slc Ck3c MM3c PhM1fc S2c EM3c MM3c Flc Slc MM3c MM1c PhM3c CEM RM3c Flc MM3c Flc Flc SAI3c MM3c SFI-Sf 132,194.1 ,xv ., ' lf.. 1 ,L gg. BR-, 5,2 ,, I. 3 'ff Yimg QI I Q ,X I, ,N P' '- , Q ff: - F V as .hw I, H vw? ' Izfg, ,N,!i. ,Q XSS, fQfE. I I V. ps, K,!'f71if1H, if , F2 E . , ,-if i,Ih, ff ,,, gg QMS I-Vl3 . ,I . ' , pi x "1 A R. Q,iiI,,, nk 5 , ,I 5, 5, ,, Rf? k iii. SRI 3,153 SIQQ, fy? If lk ,MAY WQW Cfe W M FII' 515136 ii.-QI' If MMM' 513120 MMZSI' 515130 M30 SZZI? EMBO RMBQ F10 MMBC PhM2c MBC S10 MM2c FCIBC MMZC Fic Y2c SIC PZC SFIO SCQC PMBC FIC M2c Sic SF2c S10 Fla M30 '1, C,Ox Fic PhM2c Ph M213 MEC, MMBI' RAUHAUSER, R.A RERUCK, W, REIDL, RW, RENNER, L,IvI, RICE, W.,-II, RICHTER, ILO, RILEY, AJ, ROBINSON, c.L, ROGERS, w.F.. ROSKE, RJ... SADOFSKY, EF. SANDOVAL, D. SCHAKE, R.L. SCHMEICIIEI., G. SCHNEIDER, A.T. SCHULTZ, c.F. SCOTT, W.G. SHELTON, C.F. SIEGLITZ, R.I-'. SIMS, S.L. SOLIS, G. STANG, LG. STAPLETON, F. STEVENS, L.L. STORIE, O.L. STROHINK, EG. STUBEUSZ, R.A. SUGG, 1.G. SUMMERS, S. RYEL, D.E. TAYLOR, 13.1. THARP, L.E. TITTLE, R.E. TOMASON, G.B. TRAHAN, A.T. Jr. TURNBERG, D.F. VINICOMBE, H.W. If- WAGNER, D -W- WALKER, L.A-I WARBINGTON, C.W. Flc S2c MM3c Flc MM3c Flc , Flc Cklc Flc Flc S1c S2c MMS3c Flc Flc Flc MoMM3c F2c Flc BM2c EM3c MM3c MM2c Slc Flc MMR3c Flc c SoM3c c HA1c MM3c SOMZC M C AerM2C c 1' Q Bgmstr3c S1 51 S2c 3 . S1 F1 S2 V we WARNER, 1.5. WEBB, LM. WEIINBTEIN, L. WHALEY, MJ. WILLMMB, s..a. wmrfgn, um. wooowmn, 1.1. zmmvzcrx, 111. S2c MMBC Flc CMQJBAM MMZC BMIC F lc i5M1c zfiurm-c, LJ. WATTERS, R.o. vxz-:1Nxsu.N, D.P. WEST, LG. WILLIAMS, L. WILLIS, LM. WOODMAN, C.R. Wx.M1.DRIDGEZ, G. Z.-YTEH, 1.1. Sic Slc S2c QM1c StM2c SF3c MM3c CMM Slc If O I A L n ' gg. b ze' 5? L .A , U? 2, ,N F if gi if 1, 4 i 5 xl. 5 Q2 -3 32, , , .E I f , in

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