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31 P F? T53 A XT jx! . 5 :Egg f Nr 5' iv ,qw-lv 7 K M QI' l 5 is R Es 6 M R C3 O IX When September ,arrives And activities starr, Much fills our days, XVe can't tell them apartg We cherish them all, But our memory's not clear, So in order to keep them, W'e've stored them in here. Now as they all happened, We've recorded each treasure. Arid when we have finished, You can read them with pleasure. cqiffgirz, D212- we Eff xgllzif WLN , E V. -.ff:2,E5 ' W Sa , I f ' , - Ea: . ' Eg., t gg 5 E E es 2? FP 4 . 5? yn, fied? wwf wx, PRESIDENT Terry Rhodes VICE PRESIDENT STUDENT COUNCIL John Newstrom ,f" Rich Fannemel W, 54 E do K1 If I I , SMCREITARY I kde -J TREASURER Pat Ware Ax ' ef! 'Curt Wilson C LCQJ ADVISOR ADVISOR Mrs. Anderson Mr- Sylvestel .mio 'za COLOR Turquoise and Black MOTTO Forward Ever, Backward Never: Within Ourselves Our Future Lies. FLOWER Talisman Rose MASCOT Chuck Rroman ALLIE, ROBERT-Good humor makes all things tolerable. Wrest. 12. ANDERSON, LAURA-I was a girl scout till I was sixteen, then 1 became a boy scout. Choir 10-12, cheerleader 10-12, A Hook 10-12, Madrigal. ARNESS, JOYCE Careful studiousness she cannot hide, but we all know she has another side. AV 10-12, FHA 11- 12, Lib. C. 10. BANKS, .MAXINE-Here's a gal who's a wee bit shy, but if you look twice tl5ere's a twinkle in her eye. A Book BLOMQUIST, JOHN-Sometimes I sit -md think, but mostly I just sit. FB 10-12, WVrest. 10-12, Track 10-12. Letter- znan's C. 11-12. BRIDGEVVATER, DOUGLAS - Trou 'never bothers me, I simply grin and it be. AV 10-12. CARLSON, PAT-Cute and sweet is this sal, you can't find a better pal. A Book 12, Lib. C. 10-12. CARLSON. ROBENA-Laughing and pretty hair, pronounce her 3 beyond compare. FHA 10-11, Hi-Lite 11. 4 -KRTIYE BARBARA Good things come in small nackages A Book 12 LATLID., LILLIANfI-ler ways aie the Ways of pleasantness. FHA 12, Spanish CATLIN, ROBERT-Life process of getting tired. Patrol 11-12. COPLEY, JESSE-Sweet .wh so polite: these days her eyes are bright. FHA 11-12. COPLEY, MARGARET-Oh loolgy here, Marg is writing again, this ga'l's ot talent and it's not all in the pen. F A 10, Span. 11-12, Hi-Lite CHRISTIAN, DAVID - The unSD0k9U word never does any harm. FFA 10-12. CLUFF, CATHI-The word "impossi- ble" is not in my dictionary. Sr. Class Play, Jr. Class Play, Band 10-12, Clar- inet Duet 11-12, Band C. 10-12, Clarinet Quart. 10-12, A Book 10-12, Co-Ed. A Book 12, FHA 10-12, State FHA Pres., NHS 11-12, Stud. C. 10-11, I-Ii-Lite 10-12, GAA 10-12, Debate 10, FTA 11, Bottle Band 11. is one long AV 10-12, Bus and pretty and if 12. 12. 2sv .,at ,i--'Q-xaw-as as Qin.. uf . L nl 1.-1 Wvsffafnlx DUMMER, RUTH-She is full of fun as can be, and is always talking busily. FHA 10, Nurses 12, Span. 11-12, Hi-Lite EDQUIST, ROBERT-I-Iere's a guy who as nice and kind, his type is hard to find! FFA 11-12, Wresvt. 12, Track 12- iv .3 UUMMINGS, KEVIN.-His eyes are real- ly blue, and oh what those blue eyes t-an do. Class Off. 11, FB 10-12, BB 10, XVrest. 12, Track 10-12, Stud. C. 11, Let- zerman's C. 11-12. DOTZLER, WILLIAM-Die, I like the wide open spaces! VVrest. 10-12, FB 10- 12, FFA 10-12, Track 10, Baseball 11- 12. EDQUIST, SHIRDEIY-In school She's -luiet and demure: outside we're Yl0t S0 sure. FHA 11-12, GAA 10. m.. K .. W -, 2 EI-INE. CLARA-Shy? You just don't know her! EGGERS, GRACHIA,-Full of fun, goofy and gay, we'11 never forget she was the star of our plays! Sr. Class Play, Jr. Class Play, Cheerleader 10-12, A Book 12, FHA 10, Span. C. 11-12, Stud. C, 12, GAA 10-12. SI".U2VV.ikBDS, tTERRANCEl-I come to c oo o ge a genera 'd f 'th' . FFA 10, Patrol 11-12. I ea 0 mgs FALK, ARDIS-Some say she's quiet, but if they only knew her, they'd deny it. Lib. C. 10-12, Patrol 11. FAIRCHILD, DENNIS-VVhere there's, Dennis, there's men-ace.'s C. 10-12, FFA, 10-12, Wrest. 10-12, Track: 11. 'il ip iw in FANNEMEL, RICHARD-Happy, gay, never blue. You'll never know what Rich will do. Class Off. 11-12, SF- class p1ay, FB 10-12, Choir 11, BB 10-12, Track 10, Baseball 11, A Book 12. Stud. C. 12. I-Ii-Lite 12, Letterman's C. 11-12. FERGUSON, DON-Don is the type of guy, who makes any girl sigh- Jr. class play, FB 10-12, Wrest. 10, Track 10-12, Hi-Lite 12, Letterman's C, 11-12. FRIDGEN, .GERALD - Always leave them laughing. Stage hand class play, AV 10-12, Choir 11-12. EISCHER, ROGER - Responsibility walks hand in hand with capability ,and DOWCT- AV 10-12, Band 10-12, Choir 11- 12, Jr. Class Play, Baseball 10-12, Class Off. 10-11, Stud. C. 11-12, Pres. 12, Band C- 12. BOYS Quart. 12. FOSTER, JOHN-I never let school WOI'k interfere with my social world. Patrol 10-11. GRUHLKE, LEROY-There's a lot of fun in this world if you know how to find it. AV 10-12, FFA 10-12. GROSS, DONNA--But I am impatient- l want to laugh now. Sr. class play. Jr. class play, A Book' 11-12, FHA 10-12 NHS 11-12. GUNDERSON. KAREN-Looks like an angel, acts like one too, KHAZ5 But you never can tell what an angel might do! Class Off. 10, Band 10-12, FHA 10-12, Sax. Quart. 10-12, Choir 10-12, A Book 10-12, Stud. C. 11, Hi-Lite 10-11, GAA 10, Bottle, Studio and Jazz Band, Co-Ed. of A Book. H . T5 JIM--Little we know of 3011. what we know is good, FB 10, K EAULT, ROBERT XX hats life an argument FB 10-12, BB 10, 11-12, Track 10-12, Baseball 10- 0-12, Span. C. 11-12, Hi-Lite 12, n's C. 11-12, Chess 10, 12. HALER, GEORGE A little shy, but a wonderful guy. FB 10-12, Lette-r'man's 1' 12 Qvience 11 OUIST JOAN A fxiendlv smile and is sweet shes Just the hind we 0 meet A Book 10 1" PH-S, GARDNER, DOUGLAS-A little non- sense now and then is relished by the best of men. Choir 12, FB 10-12, Base- ball 10, A Book 12, AV 10-12, Span. C. 11, Lettermaxfs C. 12. G-ARLINGHOUSE, ROBERTA - Th 9 world was made to be erljoffed- and I am making the best of it. Choir 11-12. A Book 12. GLAD, JEFF-Evel-yone's friend and no .me's enemy. BB 10-12, XYrest. 10. Track 11, Baseball 10-12, L9tl9I'IT18I1'S 12, Span, C. 11-12. ?igihW?3s'f .- wi-,,. -. Wh - . - ,lk 1 1, 5,:,vf!y4-,1 54, I 1-1':""", wif if-.11. lil 'im HALL, DOUGLAS-A good student, a good friend, he'll stick by you until the end. AV 10-12, Science'10-12. HAM, BARBARA-Good girls love their brothers, but so good am I that 1 lov. other girls' brothers. Band 10-11, 10-12. Hi-Lite 12. HANDT, RON-Quiet on the outside but a good fellow all the way -through. HANSEN, CAROL-All the World loves a quiezt girl. FHA 10, Lib. C. 11-12, Pa- lrol 1 . HASSELIUS, BRUCE-I'd y 1'3.fih9I' sit than stand, when I Cant 116 down' Wrest. 11-12. HILL, BARBARA-A changeable mood, a gay sense of humor, if you heard she stopped talking, you know it's a rumor. Band 10-12, A Book 11-12, AV 10-12, Hi- Ifiti:212, Lib, C. 10-12, Chess 12, FTA l-IENSEL, SIDNEY-N0 one believes it but I am naturally bashful. Jr. Class play. FB 10-11, VVrest. 10-12, Track 10, 12, Baseball 11. HILL, BEVERLY-Laughing, talking, having fun, life for her has just begun. -Fr. Class play. Band 10-12, Choir 12, A Book 11-12, AV 10-12, FHA 10-12, Stud. 13. 12, Hi-Lite 12, GAA 10-12, Lib. C. 10- 12, FTA 11-12, Studio Band, Frengh Horn Quartet 11-12. HOLM, KARLEEN-Jolly and cute and .-lever to boot. FHA 10-12. HILL, MICHAEL - Helpful, handy, Lrickv too, camera in hand, he's got lots io do. Sr. class play, Jr. class pla Rand 10-12, Choir 12, A Book 12. 10-12, Stud. C, 10-12, Hi-Lite 12, Patrol IU-12 Chess 12. HOWARD, DIANE-I'm not brainy, I'm not dumb, I'm just out to have fun. A Book 11-12. FHA 10-12. HURD, GARY-Here s 3 guy who's loads of fun. He's got a smile for everyone. PFA 10-12. I-IUBER, PAT-VVhere hear-.. are true few Words will do. Choir 12. 'A Book 12, FHA 10-12. HUBER, JAMES - Hes the thinklesi thinker that ever thunk! Track 12 Baseball 11, Chess 12. HOXVE, OLIVEANNE - It is a quiet worker who succeeds. Span. C. 11-12. v'ALTI, DON--There's room at the but who Wants to climb. Wrest. -12, Track 11-12, AV 10-12, Letter- s C. 11-12, FFA 10-12. GARY-I like work, it fas- me, I could sit and look at il . Choir 12. JOHNSON, MILTON-Quiet as a mouse but no trap has caught him.'FB 10- 12, Baseball 10-12, Lettermarfs C. 12. mwsewvavnmvzsfseasi' JACOBS, LUIS-Sugar and spice and oh 50 nice, she never makes the same mis- Lake twice! A Book 11, FHA 10, 12. JANZEN, BARBARA-1 may not be a Ford, but I rattle on and on. Sr. class play, Jr. class play, A Book 11, FHA 10-12, Hi-Lite 12. KEIL, LORETTA-She can be as wise as We and wiser when she wishes. A Book 12, FHA 10-12, Span. C. 11-12, Sci- ence C. 10. JONES, ARLENE-Her favorite foods are dates. Sr. class play, Jr. class play, Band 10-12, A Book 12, FHA 10-12, Hi- Lite 11-12, Lib. C. 11. LAIDLAW, ALMA-Late hours aren't JOHNSON, MURIEL-Thy gentle mind by gentle deeds be known. Band 10-12, Btrass Sextet 10-12, AV 10-12, FHA 10- 1... KELLY, DARRELL-There's no wealth like a. quiet mind. FFA 10-12, KELLER. Kms-Giris are gathering by the tens, Kris must be telling stories ag-ain! German exchange student, Cholr 12, Debate 12, AV 12. S., -mix, Ww a2f4ez'1w .. i5Eg?7.,.' fe- ' . ---?fE"iSi I-7552 lfiffh . ,':"sh,7fs2 gli good for one, but ,all right for two. Class Off. 10, Band 10-12, Sax Quart. 10-12, Choir 10-12, A Book 10-12, FHA 10-12, Stud. C. 10-11, Hi-Lite 10-11, GAA 10, Studio and Jazz Band. LAMKE, DENNIS-All I know is that I know nothing. AV 10-11, FFA 10-12. it ' -H - f-ff figs. w as X f - Z, -f--1 ...4 - .-ff ,:,, . . -.1- tu . - . nw f-V 'cffili inf ' Q sf 5255 ..,,.. 7, V .,.... ,.. . ' :"f'I! a ' , ...C .,... 0 1 slt... . ., f 1-3 , . Mgn wx. 1. .E K H ' 5,Q,,s41iif?,f3.sw K 53251-1355 5 mf... , .W N55 m,fe,m. , s 2 3. films vzgfifstlvit K 2 ssl' ' fszfiwfk . lll9lf'1l1i+'4' s .ef 3 . g '?if1t5?.,,?i.?I2 7 - 1 I 52 5,035 as 2 fu ., A of 5. 3. . ,i E L li QQ' N ,saggy 1 sig, me if if 1 A f gi V' s Eli f Ji A! . '- ' wfflfgg - 125.- , . . X .,,. ,,MW. . . .. . ..g,i,?5m? smflsgif - .5 'sf ' f.,.f.-1: -15.3155-.1 ' KEPHART, JEANIE-True blue, de- pendable is she: the kind'we would like to be. Sr, class play, Band 12, Choir 12, A Book 12, FHA 12, Hi-Lite 12, GAA 12. LADD, LOIS-You manufacture blonds, but red just comes natural, A Book 11- 12, Lib. C. 10-12, FTA 11. LAMSON, HENRY-I'l1 get there, slowly but surely. Jr. class play, AV 10-12, FFA 11-12. LARDY. LORRAINE-A portrait of in Bmence but W0 know better, FHA 11 LOREN-If I am studying come, Wake me up. C-hoir 10- 10-12, BB 10-12, Track 10. LARSON, PEGGY -- Cheerfulness is a. sunny ray of life. FHA 12. SHIRLEY-Full of pep, vigor 1 the lifrht on her future is not very Jr. Class Play, Speech Con. 10, Biand'10-12, FTA 11-12, Hi-Lite 10-12 1 MACGREGOR, ROBERT--Pray you use your freedom and, so far as you please, allow me mine. BB 10-11, Track 10-11. IJINGROTH, DANIEL-Well . , . Ah, You see it's this Way . . . AV 10-12, De-- hate 11-12, Science 10-12, Chess 12., MARSH, RICHARD-You can tell the kind of wheels he has in his-head by the "Spokes" that come out of his mouth. AV 10-12. V!'lal'18.g'8. QENNETH-A 'boy is, of :s, the most difficult t MEJDRICH, PAT-Nice to talk to, nice to see, she'1l get where she wants to be. Sr. class play, Band 10-12, Clarinet Trio 10-11, Choir 10-12, A Book 11-12, FTA 11-12, Science 10, Madrigal 11, Girls' Quart. 11, Girls' Trio 12, Mixed Quart. 12, Clarinet Quartette, Bottle Band. MCCOY, KENNETH-The hardest tum- ble a man can take is to fall over his own bluff. Sr. class play, Band 10-12, Wrest. 12, A Book 12, AV 10-11. NHS 11- 12, Debafte 10-12, Patrol 12, Science 11- 12, Chess 11, One Act Play 11- We NIONSON, HARVEY-Independent people make good bachelors. Class Off. 10, FB 10-12, Baseball 10-12, Letterma,n's C. L0-12. MORGAN, TERRY-In school he may seem quiet. but out of school he's a riot, FB 10, Wrest. 12, Track 10, 12, Leiter- man'S C. 10. NEXVSTROM, JOHN-One in ,a, mllllon a fellow like he, to the door of success he has the key. Class Off. 12, Sr. Class Play, Jr. Class Play, Band 10-12, A Book 12, Hi-Lite 10-12, Ed. Hi-Lite 11- 12, NHS 11-12, Stud. C. 11-12, Debate 11, FTA 12, lladrigal 12, Choir 10-12, Brass Sextet. NISTLER, KAREN-"School's all right," she relates, "but I can hardly wait to graduate." FHA 11-12, Hi-Lite 11-12, NOLLETTE, JOANN-It's nice to be natural when you're naturally nice. AV 10-12, FHA 10-12, Span. C. 11-12. OAKS, ROBERT - Somewhat quiet, somewhat shy, he'll get over it by and hy. Choir 10-12. NORGREN, GERALD-A nice guy with loads of spunk- FFA 10-12. OLSON, MARGARET-Always chatter- ing, always gay, friendly and witty throughout the day. Sr. class play, Jr. class play, A Book 12, FHA 10-12, Span. C, 11-12, Hi-Lite 11-12, FTA 11-12. PASELL, JUDY-Ill do anything once, and twice if I can get away with it. Choir 12, A Book 11, FHA 10-12, GAA OTTO, KATHERINE-High school days have their delights but they't com- ,nare with high school nights. Choir 12, A Book 11-12, Hi-Lite 12, FTA 11- ,xv 10-12, Patrol 10-12. PETERSEN, FRED-Not that I love study less, but that I love fun ITIOPB- PEARSON, ROGER-He's such a bash- ful boy, to tease him gives the girls much joy. Wrest. 12, Track 12, AV 10- 12. FFA 10-12, Patrol 10. f 2 PIERCE. SHARON-Sweet and attrac- tive, ready for fun, she has a smile for everyone. A Book 10-12, FHA 11-12, Span. C. 10-11, Hi-Lite 12. w -' 'ARREN-Chase me girls, QRTOEESREZ X23 10-12, BB 10-12, '1'rack ifj-12, Baseball 11-12, Letterman s C. l-12, Homecoming' KWH'- LINDA-Free from sorrow, care, with laughing eyes and hair. A Book 12, FHA 11- PATRICIA-She's got music and mischief on her play, Jr. class play, , Book 12, FHA 10-11, span. Hi-Lite 12, Debate 10. REEM, THEODORE - Brown eyles, nrown hair, the answer to 'a maiden's prayer. Band 10. PURANEN, .JAMEb-Thele is 5, twinkle in his eye, could mischief be the rea- son why FFA 10-11. RECKARD, JOHN41'm here even if l dou't tell anyone. RHODES, VIRGIL-If you want learn- ing, you must work for it. Ciass Off. 10-12, Sr. class play, A Book 11-12, De- bate 10-12, NHS 11-12, Stud. C. 10-12, Chess 10-12, Science 10-12. RIGGS, RONNIE I might be better if I could, but it's awful lonesome being good- FB 10-11, BB 10, Wrest. 10, Track 10. FFA 10. REVARD, DOUGLAS-H ' h With 8 "real hot" bug-afasivg got End yOu Wrap tight in a. rug. Choir 10- RODEN, DONALD-Test may come and rests U19-Y EO, but I'm asleep so I don't KIIOW. AV 10-12. ROSENBAUM, ROBERT - Remember, great oaks grow from nuts like me. Class Off. 12, Sr. class play, Choir 10- 12, BB 10-11, Span. C. 10-11, NHS 11- 12, Stud. C. 12, Mixed Quart. 12, B0y's Quartet 12, FTA 11-12. SCHMIDT, RAY-Big game hunter. FFA 10-12, Patrol 10. SCHULTZ, DANNY-Girls are so un- necessary. SMOOTS, MAXINE,-The mildest man- ner and the genvtlest heart. Choir 10-12 A Book 11-12, Lib. C. 10-12, Girl's Quart 11, Solos and Ensembles 10-12, FTA 11 be SIEMERS, NANCY-A bushel of fun, a worker too. she's game for all you want to do. Band 10-12, Choir 10-12, A Book I0-12, FHA 10-12, Stud. C. 10, French Horn Quart. 10-11, Class Off. 10. SKOG, RICHARD-I'm not shy-just reserved. FFA 10-12. sTRIEMER ROGER I cant get p with the sun I stay out too late with the daughter AV 10 12 AWANSON, WAYNE The world knows little of its greatest men. Jr. class play, Wrest. 12, Track 12, AV '10-12, Stud. C. 11, Debate 11, Science 10-12. TEIKEN, GERALD I never let my studies interfere with my education AV WARE, PATRICIA - Like granulated sugar, sweet and -refined. Class Off. 10, 12, Band 10-12, French Horn Quart., A Book 11-12, FHA 10-12, Hi-Lite 12, Homecoming Queen. VIRKUS, THERESA--She has a. heart that can speak though the tongue be silent. FHA 11. WATSON-DONALD-I never think of the future: it comes soon enough. FB 10-11, Wrest. 10-12, Baseball 10-12, Let- l0-12. 10-12. TIBBETTS, RICHARD Silence is more eloquent than words FFA 10 12 TORGERSON, FLORENCE--A woman of few words is hard to find, but Flor- ence is one when she's around. Lib. C. 11-12- teI'man's C. 10-12. WATSON, KILE-A strong bodv and mind makes a good wrestler. FB 10, Wrest. 10-12. Baseball 10-12, Letter- man's C. 10-12. WATSON, KATHY-She is a. quiet girl -at times. Lib. C. 10-12. XYAY, DALLAS-I'm rather small but size 1sn't all. Choir 10-12, Baseball 11. XVAY, RUSSELL-The less I learn, the less I have to remember. Choir 12, FB 10-12, Wrest. 10-12, Letterr-1an's C. 11- WILLIAMS, PAT-Class periods should be 10 minutes long, five to come and five to go. FB 10-12, Wrest. 10, 12, Track 10, 12, Baseball 10-12, A Book 12, Let-terman's, C. 11-12. WESTVIG. KAREN-The more I see of men, the more I like dogs. A Book 12, span. C. 11-12, Lib. C. 10-12. WILSON, CURT-Aw Shucks! If we say VVEDEL, DARLA-Full of pep and non- sense, too bad we'l1 never know what she'd be up to next. Choir 11-12, A Book 11, FHA 10-12. WEDEL, ELAINE-A girl both good and true, a pal and hard worker too. Band 10-12. FHA 11-12. VVELCOBIE, DENNIS-He's small, like a stick of dynamite, W'rest. 10-12, Track 10-12, Lettermarfs Club 12. anything about him 'h'e'11 blush. FB 10-12, Wrest. 10, Track l,etterman's C. 11-12. wwf Ys'i215Ef'35Xwi-fmar,f z lue1fl7lmfvscgawmamf .1 f 1 10, NHS 11-12, WILSON, KAREN-Education is nice butt I don't let it interfere with my "studies," FHA 10-12, Nurses C. 11, Lib. C. 10-12. WILSON, HELEN-Laugh and she'll laugh with you. Cry and you'll cry alone. FHA 10-12, Nurses C. 11, Lib. C. 10-12. -vaamufamwwm.-ff.. uunnwwzmw WOLF. CAHQL.-A ine-rry heart makes A Chl-erful gi-iiiiteriance. PHA 10-12- WRIGHT, JOANN-She's thoughtful and sweet from her head to her feet. Sr. class play, Jr. class play, Majorette 10- 12, Choir 12. A Book 11-12, FHA 10-12, Hi-Lite 12. GAA 12. NYRIGHT, THOMAS-He is going for- ward to something great. Sr. class play, Band 10-12, Cornet Trio 10-12, Brass Sextet 10-12, Choir 10-12, Track 10-12, Stud. C. 10, 12, Hi-Lite 12, De- biate 10-12, Science 10-11, One act play 1 . YAGER. TIM-He did his lessons, he was never late, he always knew 3he'd graduate. AV 10-12, Science 10, 12, Chess 12. FTA 12. LEE, JERRY-Talk is so futile, inef- fective and wasteful! Chess 10. 12. 5772 ZILVERBERG, SHIRLEY-A sense of humor is the oil of life's wheels. Band 10-12, Sax Quart. 10-12, Choir 10-12, A Book 112, FHA 10-12, Span. C. 10-11, Hi- Lite 1... O an qfwicuzfon ROGER CATHI 'Come oooooon Roverl" Y4919i-Wqfz-55'fWAlPK??lf5"E5?5f4'Wi . I::?ff3FT'fV3vZi?y H I BEST LEADERS Arlene Jonesx Barbara Janzen Grachia Eggers Pat "Ware Barbara Janien ' Karen Gunderson Laura ,I Anderson f Joan Hagquist Karen Gunderson Pat Ware Arlene Jones Grachia Eggers Alma Laidlaw Cathi Cluff Jo Wright Sharon Pierce Arlene Jones Pat Mejdrich Donna, Gross Pat Ware Barbara Janzen riathi Cluff P-XT --They really measure uDl" L,i,e BEST ALL AROUND Il of MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT CUTEST CLASS COMEDIANS MOST DEPENDABLE MOST ,CAREFREE BEST LOOKING BEST SPORTS ' PRETTIEST HAIR NEATEST BEST PERSONALITY MOST HAPPY-GO-LUcHv .CLASS ATHLIEITES PRETTIEST EYES FRIENDLIEST BEST DANCERS MOST. CO-'OPERATIVE WITTIEST CLASS MUSICIANS FUNNIEST LAUGH MOST THOUGHTFUL NIOST CATCHING SMILE BUSLEST BOB XV A LL Y '-Wh M11 ya md? .-XRLENE MOST LEKELV TO SELL BROOK L Y Roger Fischer Kevin Cummings Gerald Fridgen John Newstrom Robert Allie' Curt Wilson Curt Wilson Harvey Monson Kevin Cummings Bob Rosenbaum Warren Petersen Warren Petersen Ted Reem Bob Rosenbaum Mike Hill Kris Keller Gerald Fridgen Tom Wright Gary Hyytinen Kris Keller Bob Rosenbaum Terry Rhodes N BRIDGE WAI1 "Watch that stuff' ii!-34" DIANE JOHN 'vliAl'lilA favorite pastime! Y Y' BIGGEST FLIRT ' I ILXSS At"l'Ol!S WAYNE "Heavy job" MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED L JUDY GERALD f'Nice things come in small Hackers" MOST MISCHIEVOUS DARLA GA RY KEVIN KAREN "Shoe shine girl" BEST DRESSED Lose something MOST FORGETFUL LILLIAN RICHARD "Fountain talk" SHY EST KEN "Y8.k! Yak I Yak !" MOST TALKATIVE BEV PAT KRIS "What's going on here?" BEST MANNERED Music for the neighbors, aye 676161 if ffm Christoph Keller, our foreign exchange student, hails from Munich, Germany, where he lives with his parents and four brothers. His father is Professor of History and Art at Frank- fort University. Christ as he is better known .to us, came to Aitkin early in August of 1959, to spend one year at the Melvin Forsberg home, He was sponsored by the MYF of the Methodist Church. 'In comparing his own school, "Berchtesjoben," 8 private school for boys, with AHS, Chris slaiid, "ln Germany you go to school to learn," then he quickly added, "Oh yes, you learn here too, but you have fun along with it. Here school is like a. second home!" His subjects this year included: American History, English, social, solid geometry, chemistry and choir. In addition, Chris is taking French, Latin and physics by cor- respondence. Most surprising thing about America: "Not all things are big!" Most interesting experience: "The warm-heartedness of the people." New tihings Chris has done since coming: Water-skiing. trombone lessons, cfurch and school choir, debate, public school games sand dances, and attending the Minnesota State Fair! 1It was terrific and biglj Chris feels th-at he has learned a lot from his stay in Amer- ica, but we at AHS feel thatChris has done a lot for us. Know- ing him has been a valuablgfexperience for us all, and we sincerely hope he'l1 always have a soft spot in his heart for Aitkin and Aitkin High Svhool as Je sw Q97 dying K' , iii ' E55-T VT1if15Si??3??ii5isi-2 ',2gLQ1g1 : f-W ii5,222241?H'25f2,..q:- felis 75-Q f rr Wipe' Nploosh' ' 4' . f-s s-1. 11ers-f fuff.-fifr if L ' A H . ,., ,.,, """'f' f 1 I - liggliitf lif ' ' Ci e, 'lin g' f5f,'.ilLf' Wf fdisi K . f i s ' "if K ' Y . .. - . - - f , ..' ,. .. . g .,,, l ,ll . Q - - - 1,4 25 Kris and Monica lexchange student from Finland .at Vir- ginial sing at a District MYF meeting. MYF Dresen MYF Halloween Party, is Kris with 3, Bij L ookout, Kris is at it again!! b Kris on the Air at KLIZ X Y K li ,M v' W yur-' Q A 4- -it ,Q ',,'l,-ws. i 'Q 549825 if-ink 'f -'rf-I M57-W Kris takes the part of in a. live Nativity Scene -,-1 , "S if-Z' f X ' ,ef L w xgxx KX lf f X X I, I "1 5,-U ,i4jf'11e' lf' f f ' 1 S J JS 15, 1 Heaven is not reached by a single bound: f But We build the ladder f by which we rise ,'F1'0111 ti lowly earth f ,f A ,f X to U16 vaulted Skies. And W6 ll20llI1l' to its gummit 1-oulzd by round. ,Q Q Fw J, me. f 5 Z- 51 ' l , ef ff C , ami 'f L f f N' 1 1 f' nk N X Offzfff xkK if f vf! ff xi-if ff L4 E f f' ff? X fy!! ff f 1 '1T"""f! J .J ff 1" - XW.. 'J i ,-, 1 'Y' f 57 5 Aff 5. X if 2 ff? lun- ' 942+ x 9 M," Lk fa' ,"n L' ,f ,I 1 'T f ef R 4 ' ffi' fo: ' V' .1 Q n lf f -' 1 Q I ' 74 . ' ' 4 J 5' K jfffl ,J 'f frf, 1 ,. , , fad- f - V U f' . ff :fi ,',f4v 'Amxfffjig' I X 72 ff: ,Y , I lziffllrkf l q,i , ld ff' 'f ,fl 4, I' L'- Q 2' 3 ff " ff' W K I fl , .-yr' if I I I I UJZLO 'Zi oyerl E. Cousins, M. Farlee ADVISOR SECRETARY V. PRESIDENT ADVISOR nffivlfiggr Mr. Lantto Carole Chale Barb Butler Miss Elnes TREASURER ST.. COUNC-IL PRESIDENT Ken Kellerman Mlke Cartxe Mike Hanlon ROW rB.fCarlEIonkJl 1I?odle,JK.JIT1ranzen, J. Carlson, E. Ackerman, D. Amundson, L. Klingel- , o er,.'. . e c' am, . 0 nson, L. Johnson. ROW grldgwxatfg, Anderson, C. Chale, T. Albin, D, Boyer, B. Butler, M. Carlson, C, Holm, . egman, ., anzen. 'ROW M. Cartie, B. Cook, G. Enberg, L. Bolster, R. Flowers, M. Anderer, J, B TLOVV H. Fellerman, ll. Elling, K. Johnson, R. Anderson, B. Anderson, D. Hogan, L. Hakes, T. Cummings, G. Fowlds. A. Ebnet ROW ROW ROVV ROVV . P. Lamke.,.K. Laukkanen, M. Herr, J. Kenermgm. J. Nix. S. Gramm, P. Hill, -I. Clasdn T.. Klinzelhofer, M .Johnson, L. Sandberg, B. Pickles. . M. Olson. M. Jewett. K. Moriarty. R. Jacobs, K. Hoffman, A. R h, H. J h . - vig. L. Lindeman, J. Greener, B. us O nqOn'E'H01m - 0- Kuntz. K. Kellerman, J. Pratt Vvilkei P. Nglbezf. , , B. Ne son, . 'runenwald, M. H 1 , L, Llhdgren. E. Haveri, .T. Phegley, T. Wi1li'8ITlS. an on Ladd' K Galfmfeavlf- G- Halfk. A- Gruenhagen. K. Lidherg. J Nignow, ll. Hietala. .T. Hollingsworth, D. Jenkins, T. Oltman, D. Johnson, 9. Lamson, R. foszy gzcuzcg of Enowfscfga wgicff a goof! man oiasmaa, gs may ajblbfgj bo ioms goocf Pwzlbois. Full of fun and hard work, the Junior Class started the. year off oy Winning a prize on their Homecoming window. All through the year they were very busy sponsoring dances, selling onnoessions, to prepare for the Jr.-Sr. prom andfbanquet of which they are in r-harge. ROW 1. B. Puranen, K. Oleson, S. ROW 2. B. Thorne. P. McGuireM- T9ikGh. fl. Thomas, L. Tyren, B. Liljerrquist, M. Zilverberg. S. Lake .l. TXV911 Nelson, C. Reese, J. Wiederholt,' .T. Zimmerman. J. Tibbetts. Vfitt D. Buhlmann lr. Howard E. Wischmann, A. Saari. -l. ROW 3. L. Lamke. J. Laird, B. Tell, J. Siems, M. Tedman, M. Sharp, L. Landrus, VV. Paajanen. R. Thompson Hou' 4, R. Wrlrves. J, Pearson, R. Piispanen, R. Wagner. TT. gllmvan- R. Menzel. R. Larson, J. Vest H. Sanheclc. J. Schmidt. D- Cary- ADVISOR M.I'. Field .. if isyfigsliggnibf lr? sz 51431-!5z zfyirgnggi.. . ,,,..,. .ss gralggg ST. COUNCIL Noel J ones TREASURE-R Bert Watson V. PRESIDENT Tom Hanlon 012601110 'zazx N H athg G1 uenhagen PRESIDENT Sharon Olson 'I'h-- Sophoinores, an active -I' ' f, Ass, nave added many new "branches of knowledge" this year. lhere are many new suhjw-ts fm- them to choose from and they are eligibl - ' activities. e fo1 all extra g10W 1, L. Johnsgorl, rv. Lidsxrom D. Lidstrom. J. Rush, C. Larson, S, Larson, B. Lamke. S. LIHGRPPU- ll. Carr ROVV 2. J. Gunderson,L. Pratt, B. Grubb, K. Gruenhagen, P. 0'Neil, S. Olson, J. Pearson.-S SNOSSTG ROVV 3. D. Lundeen. S. Hensel,fL. Linn, R. Gross, '11 Hanlon, A1 Havisto, C. Lyons, D. LLIHGQUISI- ROVV 4. T. GOFSUCU J. Hedberg, W. Graton, H. Hasskamp. B. Kast, N, Jones, D, Holm. T, Nistlei' TIONV ROXV ROYV I IONV E albflfy fo iam.: goocf flwa 1015 ROVV RO W' ROWV ROVV ADVISOR Mr, Houle ADVISOR Hr. PL r ROVV 1. J. Carlson, M. Carlson, G. .Burr-is, S, Amundson, L.fBanks, L. Dierks, C. Coleman, S. Honnold, K. Hogan. ROWV 2- C. Bonneville, D. Fielder, D, Curtis, K. Christensen M. l3ank,s,4P.' Hammbnd, S. Hammond, L. Copley, RI. Green, R. Dixon, .l. Gardner, ROW' fl. J- T4Y""YlH'V .T. Carlson, A. Arvidson, G. Cartie, S. Ahrens, D. Rlll'g'WB.ld,T'u4 iqlmnr G. Euwurds. Ii. Dummer. .', P0 ' imimw. ' 155, H253 SECRETARY Shirley Kellerman VICE PRIEQSIDENT Bob Salo TREASURER Nancy Ware STUDENT COUNCIL Shelia Honnold ROVV 1. C'. VVatson. D. Revard, R. Thompson, L. Teiken, N. Ware, C. VVest0n. H. Zilver- berg. D, Vveimer. ROW' 2. P. Watson. S. Vaith, K. Workman, -7- R6-PYTL S. VVo0d, C. Reinhardt, D. Rude. J. Rosenbaum, K. Wright. Row 3. W, win, S. Nix. 'r. Nidmler. 1.. Vifeimer, R Halo, D.Thcmpsnn. ll. Quarie-. P SID u.' . . ,QFS h1fxT Row 4. T. Rikala, n. rihbens, R. Rukavma, n.Wi11. ' U C age! Nm'riea1n.G. Lamke, G. Lindgren. . 1 4f2rl-liste . af - XV 4- D. BankS,E. Davis, I' llrune-ilw,aifi How Row How How The Freshman Class got off to a good wtart by wmmng a pr-lze on thelr Homecommg wmdow Through the year they ve had reple-'lenratlxes m band cholr debate Science and Chess Club FHA G-XA ahd cheerleaders Also they have some g.,ood athletei ln basketball and football commg up ROVV ROW ROW ROW V. PRESIDENT Bruce Norby ROW ROW ROW ILOVV PRESIDENT Bernie Bolster STUDENT COUNCIL Doug Risch SECRETARY TREASURER Jerry Ackerman Jerry Broselle ADVISOR ADVISOR Mr. Emerson Mr. Hagestuen 8 A-D G. Kumz, M, Nicko, V, Fellerman, C. DeShaw, B. Buckman, K. Hills, J. Bender, M' Larson D L' d . , . ln em-an, S. Jornlin, M. Snodgrass, L. Leh k N Bur T. r e, , Garlinghouse. 1. Glidden, C r, Hagman. , T. Hogan:S. Pearson, T. Ful-ton '13, W ' , elmer, B. Norby, T. P'almer.E. Straight L- J0hTlS0n- J. Hendrlckson, RA Kellerma , J, ' n Rroselle. T. Klmgelnofer. J. Ackerman. T5. Risch. H. Tibbetts .Mw- ROVV RO VV ROW ROW I ROW 1. ROW 2. ROW 3. ROVV 4. 8 B-D 1. .gendstermaken D. Strum. Ia. S0ShDik, B. Peterson, P, Peterson, B. Pickles, B. Wunri. enen 2 Hill, R. Soshnik, M. Vest. J. Tholen. L. Steinke, S. Ziske, C. Pratt, V. Phegley. 3 VJ0l1l1S0Yl, 15, MillBr, Anderson, L. Gehrels. J. Schultz, I. Hollingsworth, R. Tell. 4. A.dHakes, T. Landgren, J. Paulus, R. Hidden, l.. Doten, R, Newstrom, G. Nyquist. S. Sogard, n erson. U15-WS-lr' gif. noi wgaf man. cfosi axaffa Elm, gui wgaf man. woufc! cfo. And what those Sth graders would do! Tney found' they could enjoy AHS though, and benefit by mistakes as new experiences unfold around them. 8 -D K. Erickson, K. Kelly, E. Zilverberg, J. Wilson, A. Rush. J. Gross, B. Fearing, V. Hasselius, J. Tibbetts. C. Arness' D. Blazina., Tl. Dyrkopp, L. Fossum, S. Wedel, K. Peterson, M. Underhill, C. Schreiber, S. 'Wil- liams. ' W. Johnson, R. Olson, R. Hyovalti, R. Jerome, M. Killeen, E. Williams. R. Beadle, K. Klingel- hofer.B. Ernst ' . R. Greenbush, O. Espesf-th, D, Purfis, M. Miles. I. Hansen, fl, Ott, R. Beal R. BOISWPM. llidllll-1Y'l 1. li 292.1131 li wicillilii . fiEEe iHi' ' 7 A-D ROVV 1 P Heft A. Paulson, L. Beal, E. Dotzler, E, Dotzler, PRESIDENT: Charles Tibbetts ' Yi Peerson, K. Hefr, B. Wagner, J. Cluff, .s. Williams, V. PRESIDENT: Yvonne Pearson TREASURER: Lynn Hill SECRETARY: John Thompson ADVISOR: Jlr. Bentson xDVISORr Mrs. YVarner .ar 7 C-D HOW 1. M. Cartie, S. Johnson, D.Gehrels, M. Race. K. Beneke, l1.Fuller, E. Sandberg, 11 Hanks Row SIM, ware. R. Mellf-ma, ft. liiley, 31. , Howard, D. llaymon, li. Straight. ll: linden ROW il. K ' cGuire f' Landru-4. . Smith, J. M ,, 1. ' . A. Peterson, R. Mattson. B. Shields C' VVurrey, M, Pratt, .l. Nlessersrnith G. Nix. ROW' 4. R Lindblorn, D. Lehrlge. IJ. Curtis B. Sergefnt, R. I,i1'uenhagen.lf- Nlusil, T'. Lemirs-. S. l'f-arsuvri. F. yin., 7 B-D B. Amidon. RONV 2. L. Hill, N. Lafferty, P. Hock, B. Backstrom,'fEl. Fearing, A, Holden, R. Vaith, S. Mariner, S. Graton, G. Zilverberg. ROW 3. G.'Fischer, G. Nix, D. Reich, T. Gardner, R. Childs- J- Nelson, J, Thompson, B. Snodgrass, C- Eikbom, D. Carlson, L. Kellerman. now 4. W. Hejny, R. skog, R, Hejnjv, J. Hannpfh, N. T-Iulin, S. Beal, J. Blake sley. M. Kelseyp K. llazelton. Uaffy Ho, an away we go! The 7th graders have enjoyed their new freedom and added sense of responsibility. X ROVV l. D. J0hnson,K. Graton, S. Miller, J. Banks, S. Arness, l3.,Ba,nkS, L. Wihlarton, J. Erickson, B. Bodll-, K. Heijar ROVV 2. R. 'Pasell, D. Johnsrud. H. Lam. ke, P. Kellerman, C Tibbetts, C. Petersen. C- Sharp, D. Morgan, I Hizgdler, ROW 3, A. Pearson, J.,Davis, S. Shirilla D- Olsen' B- ACRIGY. G. Wlnnks. Sfiihert, H, Newstrom Ml gch,-mit' ROWV 4- J- Th0mDSOn, D. Jones, D. Schla gel. P. Fleming. D. Peterson, M. Howe, P. Halverson, S. SU-nmherg P. f'hris-xtiansnn, R. Ruzek, J. Da- vis-1. K f 4' f 'A gfyoq 42408 Aiwwlgqg, iff Gaim 5342 M252 fzcffgi lj cf' sgqfgz f ,, 1 , f X 1' iwff l f- X Q I S v----- -I v ,1 Without the Board of Education our public schools would have a slim chance for existence. We Americans proudly boast of our free education. The in-:rl elected Lu this office must be courag- eous, dependable and trustworthy. The highest standard of education, as well ,as many school functions, lie in the hands of these few men. The Board of Education deals with all problems confronting our school. We are grateful for the careful consideration the Board gives in arriving at each decision MR. FLOYD HOGAN has been an Aitkin resident since 1922. He operated a, photographefs studio and was in the lumber business before going into dairy farming, which occupation he has followed for 20 years. He has served as secretary of the board for 3 years. M1gia5f2X!fOgEi34DLE is a former police- . Ontana- They moved to thelr lake home on Farm Island lake in 1949 and Mr. Beadle is employed as a laboratory clerk. Two years have been Spent as a school board member, DR. RICHARD BURMAN, a native of Malmo, is an A.H.S. graduate. After completing his medical training, he returned to Aitkin to practice his DT0' fession in 1957. He has served as a School Board member for 2 years. MR. R. E. FRANCIS came to Aitkin in 1954 from Kenosha, Wis., and oper- ated a. clothing store. He is at pres- ent serving his first year on the school board, filling an unexpired term. MR. BOYD HAK'E-S moved to Aitkin in 1940 from Windom and operated the Mutual Creamery of Aitkin. At pres- ent he is the buttermaker at Land 0' Lakes Creameries. A school board member for 7 years. he has Served 2 years as chairman and at the present time he is the clerk. MR. ERNEST PEARSON came to Ait- kin 30 years ago from Duluth where 'he was an employee of the N. P. Rail- way. Here in Aitkin he became freight agent at the N. P. depot. He has been a. member of the school board for 21 years and has served as treasurer for 17. Quite a record! OLIVER P. BAKKEN, originally from Pequot Lakes, graduated from the University of Minnesota and has been superintendent of Aitkin High School for ten years. He enjoys fishing as one of his hobbies, .f 'aim ifz WARREN LUNDQUIST, Swanson. A graduate of Augsburg College. Has taught Social 12 for 13 vrs. Asst. Sr. High Principal and Guidance. 'OHN MACDONALD, Aitkin. A gradu- ate of Moorhead State College and has taught Einglish and Reading 7, Social 9, Jr. High Principal for 6 years. IELMA HEINEMAN, Aitkin. A gradu- ate of U.M.D. Grade principal for 10 years in Aitkin. A favorite pastime!! I! RUKAVINA, Chisholm. A gra- of St. Cloud State College. Has Sr, High Principal for 17 YGHPS- . duate OSCAR JOHNS Skate College and has r ON Braham A gra- raduate e of St. Cloud nd Physics for -3 ROBERT E1NIIE5iRSONkISli.t GA g'a1SCi of UM D. an as aug ever ' -:RACE PEHRSON t ence 7 8 and 9, B.B. gor 2 years. Ad- of Gustavus Ad.0EE:iCgaCOll?eggad1i?.t sth Gfa 9- been Librarian and AV Supervisor vlsor of the 14 years. AYLAND HALTER, Glenwood. A gra- duate of St Cloud State College and has taught- American History and 2 ars in Aztkm. Sup- Speech for ye ervisor of Debate and F.T.A. LOLA NELSON, Milaca. Graduated from St. Cloud State College and has taught M S , , 12 - . 'f-my I,5:,:,w ' v if 8 Q , ' 4 Ag gg jf . 1 I M W, af ft f 1 as fs' was 5 ff 57- 5 ff. Y gill w ' ,. if als' ' ia 2 5 f if E44 A 1 fk--' 'Z othing Oh, Oh taught Biology 3- f Chess and SCI, years. Supervlsor 0 ence Clubs. What s g01Dg here duate f Concordxa College Has t taught English 11 and World Hls ory for 2 years Dlrector of the Sr Class play N Wmcehali swi MRS HAZEL KAPLA ll an Graduated from St Olaf Co 939 has taught Eng 10 and 11 for 5 YI' ln Altkln English 7 and 8 for 1 year in Axtkm. -'il -YQ' '- A , , ' ' gn 'Z MAJEL ANDERSON, I-Efitterdale. A gra- , o , 'L -ti ng? ' - F gf ' in KH . -F 0 Q' ml eq., .gsiwf HENRY SCHULVDT, St. Paul. Graduated from the U. of M. and has taught rnu- sic for 7 years in Aitkin. Supervisor of the F.T.A. Looks interesting! RUTH PETERQON Crosby A graduate FRANCIS YVETTSTEIN, Brandon. Gra duarea from sr. Cloud sr. couege and has taught Typing and Bkkp. for 4 years. Supervisor of the Hi-Lite staff. VARL SPAETH, New Ulm. Graduated from Stout St. College and has taught Sr. High Ind. Arts for 19 years. y an as NPEILEP FL05TEfRMBatt1e Lake. A gra- taught D T f 9 ua e o . o . and has taught Conn m A,tkmmffri3 ,f,'a.ff,nH.2gB Ogoachyefrfs Math., Gen. Math., Elem. Alg.. HB. Class Advisor 10 ' and for 2 years. "Yuki Yak! Yak!" , ., - 'ZWSESSV -. -so-f,-:X A I Pretty Cute, Eh? VIRGINIA ELNES, Hibbing. A graduate from St. Cloud and has taught .Phy Ed. and Health for 'one-half year in l Aitkin. KENNETH LANTTO, Coklato. A gradu- ate of Stout State College and has taught Ind. Arts 7 and 8 for 3 Years. ROBERT MCCLEARY, Watertown. graduate of Hamline University has taught boys' Phy. Ed., Sc. 7 8 for 4 years. JEANETTE ZILVERBERG, Moorhead. A graduate from N. Dakota Ag. C01- lege and has taught Sr. High Home Ec. for 11 yrs. Supervisor of F.H.A. ESTHER WARNER, Minneapolis. Gra- duated from the U. of M. and has taught History 7 and 8 for 31 years. Just relaxing! ky ,,,h., km iliw, 2 1 za. - iswifgf kifsiisiigiil Eff .ygqiififf .gg21.gg51ggg,q.gEL xii: ffsftciiikiliiirfp. -kazaa.. mag... .. .. 1, . , fl. fft..E.zggt4tgasv - Beware.. f 1 S ff wwe "'- sts 5 ' DOROTHY ANDERSON, Fergus Falls Graduated from Macalester Colleg and has taught Eng, 10 and 12 for yrs., Sr. Class Advisor. ALVIN HOULE, Hugo. Graduated from St. .Tohn's University and has taught Spanish I and II, English 9 for 1 year. Advisor of tihe Freshman Class. JHN DURHAM Brainerd A graduate of Concordia College and has taught UOREEN JUNDT, Devils Lake, N, D. A graduate of the U. of N.D. and has taugiht Vocal Music and Typing in Aitkin for 1 year. NIURIEL FOSTER, Battle Lake. A gra- duate of Stout State College. Has taught Jr. High Home Ee. and has been supervisor of the hot lunch pro- SFHITI f0I' 2 years. Advisor of the Jun- ior class. Looks interesting! HOWARD SYLVESTSR, Glenwood. A graduate of Concordia -College. Has taught World History and Social 12 for 1 year in Aitkin. Supervisor of "A" Book Layout staff. l C K-XPLAN Owatorma Graduated QIOHV fiom U of M and has taught Ae. Mg for 5 years in Aitkm Supervisor of has F F A and lt's a boy! M ,.., Wikvwrafis :M- it .. W, - 'j r I 'nm . 7 ' 4 1. ' 2 ei , VV Z.-wit'-7: , V i'2b,eff-'fra f . ' rf ' - 'm'i?rf:fft.:Y.4i'e- 'S' I , I ,,,, xt . 7 1 ' M "3 " ' 4 ' :'.:E!:E'f:"5'5f.:'5 'S '9 4 mi 1 E is Y I, -4-ki 2 f f f , if .. 9 255 iffsff1:E.s2EisfEeiRa KAY MESSELT, Winger. A graduate of Concordia College. Has taught Eng- 9 and 12 for 1 year. Director of Junior Class play. FREMLING, Glenwood. A gradu- of -St. Cloud State College and taught Trig., Pl. Geom., Adv. Alg. has coached wrestling for 2 years. in OFFICE HELP QLIVER BENTSON, Cogswell, North Dakota. A graduate of St. Normal and Ind. College and has taught Ind. Arts 9, Math 7, and Metal I for 4 years. Advisor of the 7th Grade. fxce help to our school W3 -X rflff, f ' ,-f.g1QfivgiQiQ . K . 1 - ' l , S 92 ' J .,1 , 'M ' 'Q 4. ,NK , ,Kr ,X A, ww , Q if K K I :,, NY. MARTHA SUNDBURG O 082,001 ANS JOE STUARD TOM ROGERS ED HENDERSON x f X ff Qf x Q f 3 Ecfizfofm am! 04306501 MV- Sylvester, Karen Gunderson, Cathi Cluff. -cz -ouf cqfaff The A-Book Lay-out Staff is in charge of the make up of the whole book. It is re- sponsible for the book exactly as it is published. Their ideas are used for the layout -'if all pictures, club descriptions, senior sayings. and pasting the final dummy. This yea.r's hook was under the direction of Co-Editors Cathi Cluff and Karen Gunderson. P. Hill, J. Clasen, M. Nelson, B. Hill, R. Hill. K' Otto' M. Chale H: Johnson B Butler- ?I:lrLgl23egrgr.T.DJr2liInOsSovi, E. Holmvig, J. Kellerman, M. Carlson , ' . ' ' 1 . 1 , . I s, K. Moriarty, S. Olson, B. T'bb tt . fi Zag' M' Olson' I" Eggers' R' ranmlmpl' J. Rhodes, A. Jones, J. Newstrom, P. YVare, J lalpiliait, ' A 'Lol B. lVill-ce f 1 .f P. Brgagwa-ge' U , , . - LX D X-AUM . F- Axbx ' -Y, E' Yeswigbvfe, Til- ffatlio iw, Ka-XY 2fnW"g Caf K9 G- 'iaeiimu LX B. cgug Ecfifou M, Carlson. J. Wri ht g . G. Eggers, P. Hill, D. Gross, B. Hill, B. Lidf ors, M. Olson, mE. Holmvig. J. Clasen, A. Laidlaw, Xxvxsoixqg S Nxxllirdxev' iguwzzm cgfaff f. he Business Staff of the "A" Book works as the right arm of the Lay-Out and Copy Staff, They take care of the finances by selling subscriutions to the students and solicit. mg' donations from the businessmen. Serving as Business Manager ' is Joan Hagquist Qc-cretar ' and y IS Lorene Sandb erg. Mrs. Peterson is their advisor. Cw'V1P'L- L?6diaPiC"' smwf-' B gfiulgx' N' ua wwf! ' 2 ii. K- B- .c, . A , X v an. T' xieldr -ndem HG Olsor. Galarne,anlt, J. Newstrom, Mr. XVettstein M. Johnson, B. Buhlmann. 0LfL-lifi Although the Hi-Life is always busy gefting the next issue ready and trying to meet their deadlines, they still find time to sponsor a dance or sell concessions ,at a game to iaise money for the paper. Tne paper always seems to come out with something new and different. This is the second year John Newstrom has served as Hi-Lite editor. Row 1 J. Kephart, P XVare. K. Otto. D. Buhlmann. F. Graton, M. Zilverberg, S. Teiken, J. Bodle, M. Heft, M. Carlson, S. Lake, M. Johnson, J. Flowers, R. Dotzler. Row 2 C. Cluff, B. Hill, J. XVI-ight, P. Prindle. A. Jones, M. Copley, L. Tyren, S, Anderson, D. Bover, J. Carlson, B. Hill, J. lViederholt, M. Chale, L. Pratt, M. Gnahn. ' Row 3 S. Zilverberg B. Ham, M. Olson, C. Chale, A. Rush. K. Laukkanen, J. Soshnik, K. Moriarty, B Janzeu. P. Fear-izng-, lr. Dar-Ison, K. Nistler Row 4 D. Ferguson, R. Gu,laz'neault, J. Newstrom. T. Yvright. E Gqucfio Laua The Audio Visual Club is one of the many service organizations in A.H.S. The club always maintains a. smooth-running: program, of Showing movies for any 16.801161 fr0II1 grades 1-12, making tape recordings, and Setting UD any equipment the teachers Should want each year. The club maintains avivg One of the largest mem berships ln Minnesota. the record or h A-V OFFICERS T. Pearson, W. Swanson, M, Johnson, R. Fischer, K. Johnson. Row 1 J. Nollette, L. Klingelhofer, L. Klingelhofer, P. Lamke, B, Hill, L. Johnson, P. Nyberg, J. Ar- ness, F. Christensen, M. Johnson. Row 2 L. Gi-uhlke, R. Thompson, K. Kellerman, H. Fellerman, R. Arvidson, M. Cartie, J. Boyer, E. H,averi, R, Tlbbetts. Row 3 A. Landrus, J Sunis, D. Jenkins, D, Bridgwater, D. Hall, D. Hyovalti, J. Pearson, M. Grunenwald, H, Lamson, K. Johnson, D. Carr, T, Hollingsworth. Row 4 R. Catlin, R. Pearson, D. Lingroth, R. Flowers, B. Nelson, T. Yager, R. MHVSN, F. Peterson, VV Swanson, R. Striemer, R, Gzilnrneault, D. Rnden, D, Gardner. T. Galarnozuilt, G. Fi-idgen, G. Teiken, J. Johnson, Tl. Buhlmann, L. Catlin, L. Cook, J, Flowers, J. Rush, J. Edwards, J. Gunderson, P. 0'Neil H. XVilson. E. Holmvigf,,D, Gunderson N. Siomers, A. Laid1aW.'P. Huber, B. Lamke, S. Edquist, K. Laukkanen, J. Zimmerman, C. Cluff, S. Toiken, A. Rush, J, Bodle, A. Jonrls, M. Olson, B, Hill, K. Holm, J. Carlson D. Lidstrom, P. Larson, L. Lardy, L. Johnson, P. Lamke. P. Nyhergr, D. Howard, L. Siemflrs, C. Roioh, M. Chalo, M. Johnson, .T. Arnoss, C. VVolf, D. Stapleton, E. VVPdGl, D. XVoclol. J, Foshnik. Bow 1 K. Graton. A P ulson, B,.Bodle, B. Ruzek, L. Iohrke, M. Mattson. S. Pearson, C. Banks, B. Sergent. S1 Marinpg, B, Ainidon. M. Carlson, L. Huff, K, Beneke, C. XVatson, M. Cartie, E. Sandberg, C. Johnson, P. Hgft. 1-:ow 2 K, Erickson. L. Steiuke. R. Soshnik, B. Peterson. S. Miller, M. Midthun, A. Riesh, B, Ernst, E. Zilverberg, L. Dierks, M. Just, R. Soshnik. B, Fearing,J. Cluff. li. Hurd, T. Hagman, C. Burr. L. XVharton Riow.3 J. Tholen, B. Pickles, TI. Dyrkopp, C. Howard, A. Holden, K. Peterson. V. Fellerman. S. Burr, C. Sehilla, L. Teiken, C. Reinhardt. G. Burris. 'S, Kellerman. J. Reem, S. Johnson, J. Banks, Y. Pearson. Bow 4 V. Hasselius. B. Lindeman, D. Strum, B. Roden, J. Hegman. 'C. Coleman, B. Johnson, C, Pratt. B. Buckman, ' ' 'lx H in ck S. Jornlin. D. Fuller. '. stroiu, N. VVare, TD. Lehrke, D, Curtis. K.Heft, E. F6-2 M. Baker. og: , P, Peterron, B. The Senior High F.H.A. is always helping the school or community, whether it is putting up a fair booth, or sponsoring a dance for the students. This year they had a Show boat Dance which was a success along with their Talent Show for the March of Dimesmut the hi-light of the year came when delegates from Jr.-Sr. High Were sent I0 the State Convention in Minneapolis where they saw Cathi Cluff preside over 1,40Q girls around the state. The spring always brings in the annual Style SHOW which keeps the girls hustling and bustling throughout the early Spring months, and is always a. huge Success. Qufuta omama au of Qqmaziaa Row l J. Gross, S. Hon nold, L. Fossum, S. RVN Iiams, D. Fielder, J. Rosen baum. S. Futhey, D. Hold er, C.Bonneville, J, John sou, J. Carlson, P Christ innseu, Tilfemire, K. Kelly Vow 2 C. Zilverherg. .T. Erickson. N. G'u'lin':'houFf'. C. Kuniz. S. Vaith. G. Lei bold. Tl. XVuori. D. Cruhlki' D Revzird, E. Nix, Z. Hyo valti. D. Blazina, P. Hook vow 3 L. Hill. J. NEWS trom,-R. Dixon, R. Green. TC, Wright, B. Thompson, J. VVilson. C. Schreiber. derhill, J. Tibhetts, R. Lindquist. C. Paajclnen. S. XV0od, S. Stromberg. S. Ziske, K. Peterson 4 S. VVe del. Row 4 G. Mule-1-, M. Lindhart, V. Phegley. M' Larson, L. Beal, P. Hill verson, S. Groton, J. Piia panen, S. Geske. A. Lyman. T. Peterson. .T. Leiviskn, C. Vifestnn, J. Nistler, T. Ken-I am, N. llafferty. OFFICERS ...... Row L, S L. D. Row S. R. J. M. B. Mr Nuff. Honnolcl. Possum, Fielder. -m XVilliams, Soshnik. Hosenhfi Carlson, il IN, Fearing. s. Foster. The Junior High F.H.A. ,assists the Senior F.H.A. throughout the school year' Thev send delegates to the district meetings which was held this year in Little Falls, and go the state meeting in Minneapolis. They check coats at all the basketball games and get UD B booth at the fair each year. They take part in the Talent Show and work hard on the annual polio drive. .L D. Buhlmann, K. Otto, M. Olson, B. Rosenbaum J. Newstrom, P. Fearing, P. Hill, S. Lake, L. Hakes, M. Hanlon, M, Chale, B. Anderson, T. Wri ght, S. Teiken, M. Cartie, J. Bodle, T, Albin, E. Wischman, B. Hill. Qufuza ' .sac 815, of Gqmazica There's a. new club in the halls of A.H,S. All the students who are interested in be- ooming a, teacher some day go to meetings every month. They help the teachers with anything that has to be done and get an idea what their future career is like. FTA OFFICERS M. Olson, D. Buhlmann, J. Newistrom, B. Rosenbaum. afcona ofzsnzic -aa ua F Thompson R Johnson, J.Bod1e. B Rosenbaum 1VIr Halter, T. Rhodes, K NIi.Coy B Bevreuther, S. Olson. YFIThe National Forensic .League is a national speech organization. Members of the 1 D . . . . . . earn points by participating in speech festivals, tournaments and various other speech activities. The number of points attained qualify a member for Degrees of Merit, Honor, Excellence and Distinction. The students having degrees of Merit are B. Beyreuther, F. Thompson, S. Olson: De- grees of Honor are J. Newstrom and 'W, Swanson: Degrees of Excellence are T. Wright and T. Rhodes, and Degree of Distinction is Ken McCoy. . The Debate Club in its third year at A.H.S. had a verv successful vear They placed third in regional i K compet tion and advanced to the, State Tournament held .at Macalester College, St. Paul. The team, under the very fine coaching of Mr. Halter, participated in debates at Duluth, Brainerd, Minneapolis, St, Paul and Moorhead. 11, Jacobs, Mr. 'Toule, E. Ackerman. S. Graton, D, Ihyer, G. Bridgwater. K. Ffllk. C. ThOl'!1G- M. Nelson, B Fr-nner, B. Carr, L. Kell. C. Reese, J. Tyren. M. Copley, J. Nollette, G. Eggers, R. Dummcr, J. Hagquist, J. Witt, K, Westvig-5 P. Anderson, VV. Paajanen, R. Galarneault, T. Hollingsworth. B. Kast, T. Galarneziult, J. Oltman. VV. Graton, J, Glad. The Spanish Club which consists of students taking Spanish, try to learn many things about the language rand ways of liv Ing. They sponsor a Spanish countries. Shania Spanish countries. They learn about their customs fiesta fdancej during the year where the students get to see what the members have learned about -effezman 5, y boy who has earned a letter ln sports throughout the :year belongs to the Let Tho npson lk Johnson, T. Albin, K. Hdpan T Tlbbetts pygmnn D TN mmer. U lsinmn C' Thorne, S. Larson, 1, Huf 13 Tlbly imder T .Wri'gY.1', G.YES,'2'+'Y'S- wdlth, J.,Leiviska, A. Lynmn B Beyieut ic-1 O qpn I Pfam, L. Nelson. Once a week all the girls interested in spoits mathei undey the ioof of -KH Q to Participate in games and other enteztamment It is a club organized for girls from grades 1 19 They 316 Split into Junlor and senior groups which meet at different times Lidberg, T. Cummings Flowers. Bolster, R. Wagner, M, F.:Lnnemel. Welcome. P. VVilliams. I?Y0US. J. Laird. .UYllITllY13IS. H. Monson HHRGS. L- Lamke. Halek, D, Vifatson, K. VV1tson C Vvllgon Blornquisl. Johnson. H. f"ook. G, SllHlX'lll X Pinenha en X' 'xl Pratt T. Williams, J. Tibbetts, J. Hagquist, L. Ladd, PA CHTTSOI1. Carr M. Smoots, S. Sogard, A. Falk. Westvig, H. Wilson, K. Wilson, F. Torgerson, C. Hanson, H0lm M- Chale. J. Pearson, K. Schmitt, C. mich, kellerman, M. Jewett. L. Lindeman, Mrs. Pehrson, Buhlmann. L. Sandberg, P. Nyberg, E. Ackerman, D, Amundson Klingelhofer, K. Taylor, S. Lindgren, B Lilgenquist, M. Ketcham, D. Christian, J. Gunderson B Thorne. M. Johnson, C, Thorne, ' Serving the Students and faculty every hour of the school day are the Library Club members. They take turns helping in the library during their study halls. Although they have Christmas parties and other entertainments for themselves. their main purpose is to help us with anything we may need in the library. The Student Council, a group of energetic representatives from every class and Club in school, is busy all year planning Homecoming festivities, giving' clubs and classes con- '-essions at games and all the other various jobs around school. The Student Council sends delegates to the State Student Council Convention and also to the Governor's lYorkshop- each year. baum T Phmqes 17 yew-SU-0111 11. Fzinnemel, M. l-lill, K. Hazelton, R. Fischer 1 L ' ' ' B. Rosei ,- ' ' ' . . XV. Paaianen.'1XL Johnson' B' Joheb' k. Pete Eeaers. 90' 1 1 .All il Clit! ill' Kite-I illwh. l-Il llll llii iuhli 41? Non B, Janzen, S. Honnold, Th Carlson, B. Tibbetts, K. Riley, B. Butler. J. Kelltiiniu GTYQ4 Mr. Kaplan, D. Lardy, D. Anderson M. Jenkins, G. Lindgren, D. Tib- betts, G. Cooper, C. Hyytinen. D. Enberg, D. Ebnet, J. Howard, B Nittler, E. Vall, F, Lardy, L. 'Wei- H1612 J. Carlson, R. Rukavina, NV. Nelson D. Thompson, T. Nistler. The Future Farmers of America is a national organization which works with the ag- 'icultm-al departments. They encourage establishment in farming and take part in judg- ,ng contests, and other projects. To get to know other chapters they have basketbaii games with many F.F.A. chapters throughout UAS BT92- Mr. Kaplan, D. Gravelle, T. Catlin, H. Lamson, S. Lamson, D. Kelly, G. Norgren, R. Piis anen D Faire 10 , . hild, D. Lamke, B. Edquist. H. Fellerman, G. Hytelia, M. Carl- son, M. Sharp, R. Skog, VVharton. B. VVatson, D. Christian. R. Flow- ers, J. Pearson, L. Gruhlke, B. Dotz- ler, G. Hurd, D. Hyovalti. T, Beal, K, Hazelton, R. Childs. 5, Homme, T. Rhodes. K. McCoy, W. Swanson, H. Newton. C The Science h under the leadership of Mr. O. Johnson, riagwbi-wveekiv meetings where a program of scientific interest is presented. The club attends the regional science fair in which many members exhibit their science projects. claims 5m:,L i La sq 0, SL X wg if LJ!! A X H i xii Xa sz: f J 'W 7 ' ' ffm, 1 . ,iff-if, . ,iffaivxii A ,fm Xzmx if :Wasil E is Sk ' ff 1, Af 6 wi .X ww 4Qf , 5? . :- ' . X1 -'fEQ if Ei 5 in: J. Newstrom, R. Vvagner 'ti R. Fischer, F. Thompson T- lvfightf T, Prindle, T. Rikala. a'u.fomz5 J. Keiiel-man, .I. Clasen, QI. .iol1m'o1i, H' Johnson' 'Lifldg cijfomna -Tlvflroznari. R' Nienowl B' Anderson' N. XXYPLTQ' D. Hogan, -C. Brognan, L, Hegman, N, Siemers. D, Weimer. A ax P. 'VViar9. B. Hill S. Kellermztn, M. Thinks, M- Z11vf1fw's-Y . T. XVilliams, G. Sc-nl-lgel, li. 5CIll8.f"PI, D. Buhlmann, K. Gunderson, L- Huff' J'M93dr1Ch- fr. Alt'll4lXN!, A. llyrnan, G. Hietalai A. Laidlaw, S. Zilverberg The band has been a very active organization this y4co.r. Its first activity ,was an hour long performance at the State Fair. During football season they put on half time shows and during basketlnl' season they also performed. They had a very successful w'nter concert on January 28. They received an "A" rating at the district contest held February 13. On March 26 they traveled to Minneapolis to the Kay Bank Studio where they made a record. The state-regioral contest was held on May 6, ,and band received an "A." Their spring concert was held Miay 17, and it vias a big success. Their final appearance for the school year will be Commencement exercises on May 31. and Clounci Congratulations to Mr. Schuldt! gvlfufa Umio Y JMC! Oziffgff C. wick, P. Hill, B. .ramen Karen Jo Y . . Q1 df , X 6' Mg! cvwzsf Qucvzfsf K' P. Mejdrich, B. Lidfors, C. Cluff, J. Tibbc-tts r - . ' Q 6 U53 n I f 'ZOH2 OIZE 'ZLO IF. Thompson, T. Prindle, T. Rikala. 'ldfii EIIZLEHZEZE T. Wright, J. Kellerman, L. Henman, P. Ware. B. Anderson, M. Johnson, J, N6xXX'SlI't5IY1. J. Newstrom, G. Fridgen, L. Larson, T. XVright. P. Nyberg, C. WVick, B. Lidfors, L. Hegman. Jlffacfzi cz C. 4WiCk. R. Lidfors vii? .sxfsfts J. NVl'ight, P. Nyhf-rg-. P. Hin, J. Greenmx L. Hegmnn, M. Chale. 95151 I 11:0 P- 5ll'jdl'i1'P1, V. Hill. l.. Ilcgxnzm. 5 3 ll 5 5 M. Smoots, H. Jerviss. L.. Johnson. T. Wright, This year the Choir has taken a part in many activifies. They held Athm2lFJ annual Christmas concert 5 5 . Nyberg, M. Zilverberg, P. Mejdrich, C. Wick, J. Wright, R. Garlinghouse. . Hill, J. Greener, J. Kephart, JSA Olson, N. Siemers, C. Cluff, L. Anderson. . Johnson, S. Lake, B. Elling, T- Gorsuch, B. MacGregor, D. Gardner. G. Hyytinen, G. Fridgen, C. Keller. 675061 cember 18. The choir traveled to Staples on Januaiy 29 for their dlstrlct contest where they received an "A" rating. Their spring concert was held May 5, at d the state reglonal contest was on May 6, Where the choir received tt "B" rating. Their final appearance will be Commencement exercises on May 31. PRESIDENTS ROGER FISCHER, BOB ROSENBAUM, FILE CLERKS MARILYN CARLSON, BECKY LIOFORS. SECRETARY-TREASURER CA1-H1 CLUFF CHOIR ROBES KAREN GUNDERSON X ., ,sf -. ww if is 5? 315.2 J, ,. 1 -A f S 493 V' wi 5 ,sm ,. , L.., if -: e is 'S' , g lg-va A , ..,, Q Z . fm.. Qfiiilgg 1 - E- I si L1 fi fi-firiig 1 35 yea ?f9 M, ' . 1 'f .1 fi f' is 5 . 'S f L -PH! an V fe 'ref' FE' 3 ' . .mf 'jg si -.2w!.,, -5 fi -- st Q -ww' we Q, Q , M . 1, 1 f 5 5 x ,L ,QW 1+ film yi? I X81 ist px Q s QMW Www 1 The breaks of life 2 Illegal entry ED .3 After the ball is over- O-51,9 ay 4. Pensive Patti 5 By Gosh-Little Judy Greener! 6 Ah, Who could this be? 7 "Now let's look at it this way . , ' 8 Sardines? 9 Workin' hard 10 Drama in the making, aye Haz and Rog? 11 Which class is it this time, Reg? i2 Do-si-do 13 Ah, Sweet mystery of life! 14 Skippin' choir? 15 "Now let me see - - ." 16 Mr. S. and he's not making out a test, either! 17 Just a little party, 18 Good old Joe! 19 Milking time again! f I 1, -.,., V . a if 1,-,,g'f ' ff NE 'E s. P M if ,swf 1 'Z if -- SZWQV I 4 1 ,M r 1, if agisf ggi 4 E 1 . Q ,, ..,s , fxffxx fx J jf Gi at Kb! li c 5, ff U ECU72 Oofgczff H . During the "59" grid season the Gobbler eleven showed fight, determination and spirit, even if the win-lose" record wasn't the best We've had. The Gobblers' coach, Mr. Conner, and his assistants, V. Foster, B. Emerson and J. Fremling, worked hard with the boys and taught them much. At the close of the season with two victories in eight starts, the Gobs wound up third in Mid-State Conference and in the cellar in the Central 6 loop. Aitkin 0, Grand Rapids 34 -Aitkin 13, Park Rapids 0 -Aitkin 6, Crosby-Ironton 25 7, Little Falls 33 Sept. 4- Sept. 18 Sept. 25 Oct. 2-Aitkin Oct. 9-Aitkin Oct. 16-Aitkin Oct. 21-Aitkin not R0-Aitkin 6, Staples 26 0, Brainerd 7 20, Wadena 7 0, St. Cloud 13 "It's not that you won or lost, but how you played the game." Uoaagsa Mr. Foster, Mr. Conner, Mr, Emerson, Mr, Fremling Sn Q X ,J 'W H2-4 W' Q f X " 5, Ex ,, f, . A Um 7 LQ 153' Sf 4 ., A? 'sz 3' 3 X JN Ai 15 9 1 i .. Ewsifaiiif gfsx , giffggssfx Uisa f- zfw V,zizg ,g -- , -v,.wWm,.f,w,f f -fan, .. 1 ivisgisgiiizfigigqfii an-!5i,5. - . -' Ls-. S , Qiaiifwbr 4 - iw U , . ,L , 1 Q1 11 MW 2 . ,5 5 E 5 3 Sidi x ,A S 1 - lyk X2 A "5 H ,E ff My 0 ., E-3-ri Kg N3 44 E 'Y mf Cya on B. JI? t Dug QEOZH5 za uafLnq Co - Qafzfaina ani ou wzf: 0'-'LU uid Y Bw aug x w ff ll E3 Umm ff U C ganna f f U ELU72 C70 - falbfaina aigefgaff CAM 5' Wag? From the standpoint of victories, the 1959-1960 basketball season was not too successful, but from the play of the Gobblers in every game, one could have never guessed it. Overall the team finished the regular season with a record of two victories and fifteen losses. Several of the games were very close and could have been victories for the Gobblers, but it just Wasn't in the books. The Gobblers lose two regulars, Captains Warren Petersen and Rich Fannemel, along with Loren Larson, by graduation this year. This loss will be felt next year, but the prospects are still bright for the coming year. 320151 NOV 20-Aitlrin 38, St. Cloud Cathedral 48 Nov. 28-Aitkin 49, Park Rapids 65 Dec. 4-Aitkin 41, Crosby-Ironton 58 Dec. 11-Aitkin 53, Staples 66 Dec. 12-Aitkin 38, Wadena 42 Dec. 18-Aitkin 41, Brainerd 82 Jan. 8-Aitkin 37, Little Falls 46 Jan. -Aitkin 39, St. Cloud Tech 56 Jan. 22-Aitkin 39, Crosby-Ironton 61 Jan. 23-Aitkin 48, Grand Rapids 62 Jan. 29-Aitkin 42, Staples 46 Feb. 5-Aitkin 41, Brainerd 74 Feb. 6-Aitkin 54, Wadena 49 Feb. 12-Aitkin 63, Little Falls 62 Feb. 19-Aitkin 41, St. Cloud Tech 82 Feb. 26-Aitkin 43, Tower-Soudan 65 Feb. 27-Aitkin 53, Virginia 64 Mar. 1-Aitkin 53, Coleraine 63 fzacfuafi my ZS an Low .fozan qflfalziy X H U B USGJIZ D. -Gross, WVR Paajanen, D. Welcome, D, Hyovalti, K. Vvatson, M. Hanlon. D. VVatson, P. Anderson, J. Pearson, J. Blomquist, R. Flowers. Mr. Fremling, B. Cook. H H 50,172 'lfliifgfl The Aitkin matmen had another good year with several victories in their meets. Several into-V ual performers came forth with outstanding records again, among these were Don Hyovalti, who was ff chosen the outstanding wrestler in the District 24 tourney, Mike Hanlon who was runner-up in the 133 pound division at the state tourney, and Wayne Paajanen who finished fourth in the 120 pound division at the state. Under their coach, John Fremling, the 1960 matmen did an outstanding job. R Landrus D Gravelle T Ladd M Jenkins C Hyvtinen Q Hensel - i - , -1- , +A. ., , Q , , -. '- 'T r,.w.1.,t in -ri-..,.,.A1:..- n 1x-.-v,,, - N . . .. -- .. .. in , , WW, 5 60151 Manager Bill Cook Nov. 26-Aitkin 31 Park Rapids 23 Dec. 4-Aitkin 30 Coleraine 13 Dec. 5-Aitkin 16 Hibbing 25 Dec. 11-Aitkin 58 Staples 0 Jan. 12-Aitkin 15, Brainerd 27 Jan. 22-Aitkin 54, Staples 0 Jan. 26-Aitkin 37, Wadena 11 Jan. 29-Aitkin 14, Crosby-Ironton 30 MidJState Conference: C-I, lst: Ait kin, 2nd. Feb. 2-Aitkin 18, Brainerd 22 Feb. 6-Aitkin 17, Grand Rapids 22 Feb. 12-Aitkin 47, Mora 3 Central 6 Conference: St. Cloud C-I, 2nd, Aitkin, 3rd, District: C-I, lst, Brainerd, 2nd kin, 3rd. Region: C-I, lst, Moorhead, 2nd kin, 3rd, State: Aitkin tied for 11th place St. Cloud. , lstg 9 Ait- I Ait- with Coach Mr. Fremling WENT TO 'STATE Wayne Paajanen, DOD HYOVHIU, Mike Hanlon- GQK E DISTRICT May 19 Staples .....................,..... CENTRAL SIX CONFERENCE c-1 . ................ MID-STATE CONFERENCE Brainerd M 10 Little Falls .... gt Cloud ......... 3 ........... ....... 5 3.1 May 16 Sebeka ...,........... Staples .................... ....... 4 8 Staples ............................ ......... 6 9 Pequot Lakes ...... nrosby-Ir0l1t0n ....... ....... 4 1.6 C-I ....................... .. ......... 65M Pine River ..,.... ,. liittle Falls ......... ....... 3 4.5 Park Rapids .... ........ 2 8973 Menahga, ..,,,..... Brainerd ............ ....... 2 0.6 Aitkin ............ . ...,.... 25M Vey-ndale ,, .......12.2 Wadena .........2054 Aitkin Aitkin 29W 24 53 36 1756 1555 1155 7 6 3 u i a Y: Ni? fe K 39A"If'z guyz . -pity 'ur' - ,Q f r - , f , - A iiunnf'-if The Gobblers baseball team didn't win every game, but here again they showed persistence and fight all season long, Under Coach Foster, and with Don Watson doing most of the pitching, they showed some good ball playing at times. One of the better games was a one-hitter victory ag2liI1St Crosby-Ironton. 'ZCLCQ The track team of 1960 had its good and had Cays on the Cinder path as they won first places and th f. . h . . . . . en mis ed lower down in the standings at times. With returning lettermen Rich Nienow, John Blom- -quist, Ladd Hakes, Roger Wagner, Tony Cummings and Kevin Cummings, Coach Conner built his team up and got them to come a long way by the end of the ea Tl s son. iey didn't get to the regional meet this year, but we are always building for the future. f MSEQZZ' au. 'za 11,09 46 H U C7655 zfaacfazi X21 QQ? Come on Gobblers, let's go! These words were leard at every basketball and football game as the Aitkin High School Cheerleaders boasted the s7iir'L of the team and Gobbler fans. They keep busy during the year selling concessions and planning pepfests. The B Cheerleaders assist the A cheerleaders at pepfests, in leading the school song at games and cheering at B games. The C squad cheerleaders work hard at learning the tricks of the trade and thinking up new Cheers. They're the ones that keep spirit alive at the Jr. High Football and Basketball games. -Z' B U C7Eas'zf.sacfam O43 51-,L10,YL 62252 0'-fa IDQQL W 6-52 Q45 gf OZQQ. yu 061455 Bad' 670' YW "C " Ugaszfsacfsza ,af CL V5 -ff-,QQ AX W W1 'A Wx fx 93 X '-'N A '1 A W W LQJ Q 5 nf Hi omaaomilz 7 Q60 Our 1960 Homecoming was officially opened with an energetic pepfest put on by our "A" cheer- leaders. Chosen as our royalty to reign over the festivities was our much admired and respected Pat Ware and Warren Petersen. Making up our program were skits put on by the speech class and the cheerleaders. Also speeches were given by Coach Bill Conner and Co-Captains OC the football team Curt Wilson and Kevin Cum- mings. The climax to o,ur program was the crowning of the King and Queen. The night was begun with a rin-roaring bonfile, led by the cheerleaders and the band. Our day was completed with an exciting game with Little Halls. Afterwards a dance was sponsored by the Student Council. R. Fannemel, G. Eggers, C. Wilson. Omaaoming cgoyaffkzj Homecoming candidates were, from left to right: L. Anderson, H. Monson, K. Gunderson, K. 'Cummings D. Gross, W. Petersen, P. Wa.1'e, B. ROSQHDRHHI, C' Cluff, "The Family Nobody Wanted," was the name ofthe play selected by Miss Majel Anderson for the senior class. It was the realistic story about a min-ister and his adopted family and the many problems which confronted them. Some situations were hu-morous and others touchin Q 512601 .mfg lf U55 Qami LL! fflfolloff KVVQIZLSJ REV. CARL DOSS ............ ........ .JOHN NEWSTROM MRS. HELEN DOSS ....... ......,........ J O WRIGHT DONNY DOPSS ............ ....... R ICH FANNEMEL NA.N JOHNSON ....... MR. JOHNSON ..... ......DONNA GROSS ........TOM WRIGHT MRS. JOHNSON .. ....... PAT PRINDLE MRS. REILLY ...... ....... C ATHI CLUFF BILL THOMAS ........ .................... M IKE HILL MRS. PARKINSON ..... ......... G RACHIA EGGERS MRS. ALLEN ......... ......... J EAN KEPHART MRS. HARDY .... ........... M ARG OLSON DIANE ........... ......... A RLENE JONES LAURA ..... ........ B ARB JANZEIN RITA ..... .......... P AT MEJDRICI-I TED ,,,, BOB ROSEINBAUM ALEX .........TERRY RHODES 'iff i -Q, . :A jp .. ' r 2 , ,gf fa 1 ft Vyyk Wy A A gfzf mmmA ' tiff? i l Sw V . SUS , at Align Sm at XX! eiilx X wok I want my brothers and sisters . . . all over the place ,.n......... - .fy Would you care for an old beat . p.z,aiM'-5 3 v4W",,"L..l.f I'm here on business. They elected me a committee of one up class ring? Itjs something-11 son like YOU! W'e're proud of you. Q. fy Nha Luziofz Qing MR. MORROW ..... ......... R OBERT ANDERSON MRS. MORROW ....... ......... H AZEL JOHNSON ll 50-gnfggnfg Awunznzgz H ANGIE MORROW ....,.. .................. P ATTY HILL KITTY MORROW ....... ........ D IANE BUHLMANN JACK ....................... .. ........... DAVID HOGAN The Junior Class Play this year, "Seventeenth Summer," was under the MARGIE ......... ....... J UDY GREENER direction of Miss Messelt. The play is about 3 girl, Angie, her first romance LORRAINE ........ .......JACKIE CLASEN and the heartaches that went with it. TONY MIKE HANLON It was also the story of her sisters, ' """"""' ' "" their problems, and Angiehs friends in- MARGARET ...... ........ s ANDY ANDERSON terference. Miss Messelt and the cast an ex. ............. . .......... cellent job and it was enjoyed by all. JANE KAREN LAUKKANEN MARTIN ....... ............ R OGER WAGNER ART .............................,............................ LARRY LAMKE DIRECTOR - MISS MESSELT duzfain gay Don't think you're the only one who can hold a man! Now what are you domg with that bike! Everybody take a, look at my b1ke' this is the Angie I've been hearing so much about! Itq omg to be lonely without Angie No wonder I'm getting grey! gd-01:55 gqafzafcf goin 128 directed by Miss Anderson "The Shoema.ker's Wife" is a farce which takes place in a medievzih cobbler's shop. Hans is afraid his wife doesn't love him and sets out to prove once and .for all that she does. Hg-:decides to play "dead" and see Whe ther his pretty wife will mourn ana prepare 3 P1'01H'V funeral for him. Before lonff there is a rollictk-ing battle between Fritz aT1,d.Ha,ns- The Castxyon second place at the distrwi. contest in Little Falls. age 6715011 C746 .qbfcz ,UAS cggosma 87,2 ifan f Hans, Tom Wright the cobbler, che wife Ja-ckie Clasen Fritz Gerald Fridgen glzom game! dmcvzcg CLyOl2CL'ZCL 670051 and qfffaifzsaiaa Cfkmig, fZkmqQc anquaf IATA 311 '57-1' Q 'zcmcf Jlflczxzafi glzom E czfiona, onofz octet The creed of the National Honor Society is based on the four cardinal principles, which are: schlll- arship, as a, means of achievementg character, as the foundation of lifeg leadership, as an aid to piog- ressg and service, as an object and end to living. Old members were Cathi Cluff, Donna Gross, Ken McCoy, John Newstrom, Terry Rhodes, Bob Ros- enbaum and Curtis Wilson. JUNIORS Robeit Anderson Diane Buhlmann William Cook Ladd Hakes Gertrude Janzen Larry Lamke Kenneth Lidberg Roger Wagner SENIORS Ruth Dummer Loretta Keil Maxine Smoots Karen Gunderson Lois Ladd Wayne Swanson Muriel Johnson Alma Laidlaw Patricia' Ware Arlene Jones Richard Marsh Thomas Wvright Patl mia Prindle Margaret 015011 Off! Jlflgmligu J, Broman, L. Hu ff L. Fossum T. Anderson B. Fearing S. Honnold D. Weimer afionaf 51710301 ociaflf B. Newstrom J' Pratt S. Ziske, C. Bonneville, D. Fielder J. Rosenbaum M, Carlson, J. Le-iv iska gfvzw Jmzmgsia K. Hazelton R. Vaith E. Fearing K K. J. M. V. Wright Hogan Wilson Midthun Hasselius G- Sclnaguel D. Draper B. Pearson A. Lyman B. Buckman P . Christiansen S. Stromberg To the strains of "Pump and Circumstanneu the 1060 Senior Class finall m d th l I -I i . L y 21 e e Ong march down the aisle of the AHS ,auditorium for the last time. "Graduation or Commencement," was the title of the graduation address given by Dr. Briggs of the University of Minnesota, Morris. "You seniors have a big decision to make," stated Dr. Briggs. "What will it be, the end or the beginning?" Stressing four important principles he encouraged us to be individuals to learn to establish personal l h' h h goa s ig enoug to stimulate a challenge, to have self-confidence and cultivate the ability to logically make sound judgments on existing facts. John Newstrom and Loretta Keil, our valedictorian and salutatorian, gave addresses thanking our par- ents, teachers and friends for all their help and telling the future plans of the class. The awards ,and scholarships presented were: American Legion and Auxiliary awards- Outstanding senior high boy John Newstrom ' Outstanding junior high boy Bruce Pearson Outstanding senior high girl Cathi Cluff Outstanding junior high girl Diane Weimer D. A. V. Award- Outstanding junior high student Susan Ziske P.-T.A. Scholarships- Robert Rosenbaum 7 Tim Yager Hospital Auxiliary Scholarship- Lois Ladd limMXwmawmmiEslfm Evil si ,..,,. rw 55 1. FVVE Begin Gqyam Youth is an island bright in the sun across the sea, but there is no returning: the convoy moves relentlessly into the west and over the wake the seagulls crying. Better a hope lost than a life of lying, of all man's wisdom, truth is best. Small consolation, but the broken water glistens against the green stillness and the clouds are buoyant in the blue. Thus the vision, this the craving, and in the no-man'-s sea between, no flashing light, no harbour promised,- no course foretold but as the wind speaks to the calling birds. The island recedes, the familiar beauty fades, brilliant as June once and maiden-fresh, captive no more the hundred graces led in delight along the dappled lanes, with youth exalted in the morning sun. All this is gone now, and with its daring, the certain truth, the known shape of language bright on the lips of men. Farewell, then Time to turn from the dwindling vision, the grey ghost of failure, the dusk of youth, knowing that words are laggard movers out of their time and place, resistant always to a new meaning. The old hunger stays to meet the new craving: all else is gone. It is time to move. J 1 WW 7 ' Qlaaae gjafzontza Dui 5f20'2iO'li Phe students of Aitkin High School wish to thank the following business organizations for sponsoring .the 1960 A Book: 'HHH S10 contribution 'Wi' 8 contribution Aitkin Bottlegas, Inc. f Deerwood Lumber Co. Security State Bank 2 Aitkin Bakery Aitkin Dairy Northwoods Studio, Crosby Gambles Sothers Studio, Brainerd I+' First National Bank Royal Station Sz Cafe Sorensen Funeral Home 4 Francin's Butler's Variety Store Hanlon's Pharmacy Buss Rexall Drugs Palisade Co-op Oil Association A SL I Business Service Gravelle Plumbing gl Heating Mr. Oswald H. Wik, A Photography Royal Clothing House North Star Co-op Society Land O' Lakes Creameries, Inc. Aitkin Independent Age Joseph Ryan Potter Company Tip Top Cafe . Riley Bros, Auto 'Supply Mille Lacs Region Co-op Burns Manufacturing Co. Aitkin Surplus T. J. Sullivan 8: Sons W 5 contribution "' 3 contribution Haas Memorial Funeral Home 'Ford Garage Dr. R. E. Burman Coast-to-Coast Store S. 8: Q. Hardware People's 'Standard Service Santell's Shoes Red Owl Store Sugar Bowl Aitkin Cleaners Thomas B. Cline, Lawyer Northern Service Co. Aitkin Iron Works Aitkin Drug Store Glen's Pure Oil Production Credit Association of Aitkin Swanson Motor Ka Electric Dr. H. W. Holmgren Rialto Theatre Sanbeck's Music Shop Dr. R. D. Orazem Jackson's Grocery, Palisade Palisade Co-op Society Wakefield's Standard Service Palisade Co-op Creamery Assn. Aitkin Feed Store Smith's IGA Market Pioneer Northern Telephone Co. Dr. L. V. Peterson Clinton W. Wyant Stan's 66 Service Dk :lf HF Pl: wk 2: HF Bk ik sk if Pk 41 Pk PF 41 SK 54 ik Pk HF DF HF Pk sl: lk 8 lk Ili Quale's Mobil Se1'vice Paynter's Television 8L Radio Service Forsberg Barber Shop Aitkin Furniture Store Radke Jewelry Mack's Hamburger Shop Gene Hogan, Barber O'Brien Paint Shop Mel's Body Shop Schmitt Furniture 8: Jewelry Ben Franklin Store National Tea Co. Bob's Standard Station Ziske's Lala's Style Shop Holden Hardware Ruprecht Real Estate SL The Shopper Hoga.n's Furniture Dr. F. C. 'Closuit Fred's Cafe Graham Floral 81: Photo Shop Weisbeck Lumber Co. Lampert Lumber Co. Northtown Motor Co- Hill's Tire Service Sammy's Beauty Shop Cummings Bros. Zeese's Shoe Store Power Tool SQL Service Aitkin Skelgas Ellais Beauty 'Shop Dr. Petraborg V , ff E2 n ex 352 5 Y 3 wg . Q, 6? ei 5, E FEW x fx, 1 P W Aki

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