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Airport Junior High School Presents the FLIGHT LOG of its Summer 1957 GRAND TOUR OF THE WORLD originating at Nine Thousand Airport Blvd. Los Angeles 45, California All journeying begins with the first inquisitive step of the curious infant. Our moving about over this planet, Earth, is only a bit more sure, and but a little swifter, than the baby's stumbling step. We are now on the threshold of one shaky step away from our planet. The first footprint in space, an artificial satellite, is soon to be launched. We hope that it is fore- runner to knowledge that will benefit all mankind. Because we should not forget the many accomplishments and feelings based on early steps, we salute all B7's, wher- ever they are, and remember their intellectual toddling in the first pages of our book. And now-around the world in forty pages, first as B7's, then as eighth and ninth graders, and finally as administra- tors of education. Agent: for S'57 Flight Log are the Flight Log clan of Airport Junior High School, Mr Willard Fiske, chief photographer, and Mn. Gene Bauer, Ar! comiiltemt. Flight Log appeefr :emi anmmllhy. ww J 3721 Ham Homeroom No. 16-Mr. Laddin Row 1: Marsha Herscovitz, James Hawkins, Craig Handy, Virginia Gallegos, Robert Gomez, Philip Edwards, Don Earhart, Richard Gregersen. Row 2: Elizabeth Gary, Pat Cummings, Charles Gibbs, Valerie Fuentes, Frances Dusch, Robert Garbisch, Mike Culbertson, Dar- lene De Silva. Row 3: Roberta Frye, Sue Dodge, Eric Dowty, Jetty Holdsworth, Delberta Hayes, Ronald de Loux, Mike Dahlstrom, Tony Dorian. Row 4: Darlene Dale, Joan Hornbeck, Billy Douglass, James Counselor Mr. Craycroft, Homeroom No. 31-Mrs. Crooke Row 1: Edward Levy, Jimmy Jay, Barbara Hunt, Judy Lesovsky, Kathy Linville, Judy Katzman, Fred Horowitz, Russell Lesko. Row 2: Lisa Levine, Susie Mazer, Suzanne Myhrwold, Sandra Hull, Jerri Lynn Myrick, Karen McCready, Steve Mayer, Kenneth Johnson. ' Row 3: Louis Lingo, Charles Lee, Glenn Jackson, Curtis Livers, Phil Ketterer, Eldon Hooton, Bill Mason, Susan Merritt. Row 4: Lynn Howells, Joe Hickenbotham, Dennis Lee, Ray John- son, Tim Knox, Mrs. Crooke. Not shown. Rocky Jamison, Donetta Moser. 9 0 332 French, Kenny Dunlap, Mr. Laddin. Not shown. Danny Gade, Carol Fallentine. f at gf ..! f O C Gmerntin agvmgsgs -. u ,L . 2 i Homeroom No. 21-Mr. Murphy Row"l: Jim Randall, Connie Pollack, Mark Pollacheck, Linda Rose, Bonnie Schulte, Sue Pennington, Ronny Murdock, Ernest Metts. Row 2: Dennis Reis, Steve Powers, Tommy Rouse, Arthur Rybin, Christine Scott, Tom Pulliam, Linda Stafford. Row 3: Susan Smock, Bert Peck, Jim Ruppert, Diane Rich, Berdette Peterson, Bill Olson, Don Page, Tom Ratcliff. Row 4: Peggy Nowka, Sharon Pound, Jerry Reis, Mr. Murphy. Not shown. Alice Pfeffer. ll 4,1 sn W.. Q l Homeroom No. 22-Mfr. Thomas ., Row 1: Larry Anderson, Bob Cassietto, Mary Bernstein, Ronny Berg, Aileen Bingham, jonathan Berge, Kenneth Carmack, Albert Burton. Row 2: Caroline Bennett, Sandra Bond, Beth Bradley, Bill Booth, Jack Albertson, Phyllis Cadman, Gail Cooper, Gary Bechtel. Row 3: Bill Adamson, james Bardary, Donald Bush, Kathryn Browne, Patricia Arpin, Sandra Ament, Cathy Caldwell, Ronnie Ahlfeldt. Row 4: David Clark, Charlene Adair, Cal Acord, Susan Berro, Robert Calderhead, Juliett Bartholomew, Mrs. Thomas. Homeroom No. 43-Mir: Tuxbom Row 1: Jimmy Swanson, Greg Smith, Stephanie Southern, Carol Williams, Donna Wolf, Charles West, Ronnie Trompeter, john Velasquez. Row 2: Emil Vasco, Norman Topp, Steven Stremel, David Witham, Jerry Wheeler, Mike Tosti, Walter Wolleat, Gary Uline. Row 3: Kay Stephenson, Jane Studer, Carol Wilson, Nancy Stef- fensen, Mike Sweetland, Bob Whalley, jerry Walker, Candy Tuttle. Row 4: Patti Youngman, Sandra Wookey, Eva Della VanKleef, Miss Tuxhorn. Not shown. Gail Weaver. , C 'mv ' E A 4 I is f I 7,5 utr- g "' get ,V ' o ' I N 'Sewer ff' ' I I 5 Z 5 V. 3 Q HOW TO TRAVEL? ' With so many methods of transporta- tion from which to choose, our B7's are gpf-CM puzzled. Which to choose? Not this old cq4'rp,7f nag on our left, even though she war 194040 645 owned by a little old lady in Pasadena. 5 Let's try our Gremlin Express, and zoom 'qi-fqq to Old Mexico. Booard! 'F I TRHN SPO QTPKT 'ON , A Fl Nt, ONE. if .J 0.5 C gl qv. ew Y' 1 1 v,ApT,'q Q MQ:-12 vt:' V D , Q as -,U Ns-Qcga 'JQQI' . 4 1 1 1 N A 6435, .XR q lvf A-7'a Salma flmdqaa Homeroom No. 33-Mr. Guzlarie Row 1: Linda Jamison, Sylvia Hill, Linda Holstin, Peter Goldberg, Gilbert Cataldo, Fred Johnson, Joan Zager, Tommy Gibbons, Row 2: Howard Guiles, Milton Goldwasser, Tommy Harper, Martin Greenbaum, Joe Gideon, Andrea Holman, Janice Hardwick, Sher- ry Lewis. A Row 3: Carol Kamenis, Herbert Geller, Donald Glenn, Lee Greene, Judith Karmasin, Ruth Higgens, Cheryl Jensen, Kenneth Crocker. Row 4: Trudy Kraus, Sharon Kenzie, Pat Klar, Kay Johnson, Ben- net Haxton, Floy Greenbaum, Sondra Howenstine. Row 5: Judith Kostelny, Steve Kreutzer, Mr. Guthrie. Not shown. Sandy Hopkins, Vicky Kirkpatrick, Roy Shear. Counselor MH. BROWN Homeroom No. Auditorium I-Mir: Cox Row 1: Hesselyn McKnight, Roger Gelatt, Sharon Janes, Stephanie Stathes, Gary Schwartz, Murray Hawley, Annegret Linde, Gary Borofsky. Row 2: Alberta Oddo, Nancy Petty, Chick Bechtold, Maureen Fitz- gerald, Richard Yahr, Nancy Vazzano, Dick Sobko, Carolyn Bucknell. Row 3: Penny Pendelton, Mickey Moore, Donna Lefller, Joan Fer- aco, Dannie Scruggs, Shirley Long, Fred Nutter, James Sovie. Row 4: Donna Bennett, Jerry Richter, Donna Eaton, Rusty Leahy, Carole Brown, Steve Saltzberg, Daryl Plueger, Judy Stewart. Row 5: Saundra Shell, Tina Robinson, Miss Cox. Not shown. Mike Holmes. Homeroom No. 41-Mr. Harloe Row I: Anita Skortrnan, Judy Saunders, Joyce Snook, Nicolas Peckin, Beverly Schirer, Paul Ramsperger, Ronald Prior, Christian Socha, Judith Sapien. Row 2: Steven Richards, Bill Sunter, Robert Spencer, Gary Ratz- laff, Mike Carlson, John Ryan, Linny Small, Nancy Robards, Rita Randolf. ' Row 3: Beverly Robin, Penny Ross, Suzanne Schmidt, Kathleen Saum, William Paloney, Lynn Slenker, Cheri Smith, Dianne Rinearson. Row 4: Robert Reed, Ric Oxford, Perry Phillips, Robert Queen, Elaine Siverts, Mr. Harloe. " Homeroom No. 46-Mrs. Hawlhorne Row 1: Diane Weltmer, Charles Yancey, Lana Woodworth, Howard Watts, Judy Whitehead, Larry Veverka, Jane Whitehead, Dennis Thomann. Row 2: Bob Thompson, Jeanne Weissbuch, Fred Suman, Charles Wisdom, Georgianna Veach, Rosetta Woodard, Lind Woolard, Ralph Williams. Row 3: Gordon Stow, Marlies Voigt, Mike Wicen, Linda Weinert, Linda Conrad, Carolyn Wilk, Joanne Wiley, Carolyn Zindars. Row 4: Diane Wetherbee, Wayne Woodworth, Sharon Spirk, Dave Vandette, Carol Wimpress, Tony Recht, Mike Thomas. Row 5: Amy Weber, Barry Weiner, Doug Townsend, Fred Thomas, Dennis Stone, Mrs. Hawthorne. Not shown. Jay Spence. Homeroom No. 40-Mr. Kurbner ' Row I: Kenny Libutti, Harley Norton, Douglas McFarlane, Ronnie Neilson, Marty Neville, Linda Peterson, Elois Reiter, Andrea Puma, Pat Rust. Row 2: Larry Moiht, Ronald Nadelberge, Diane Presley, Kathy Peckin, Anita Phillips, Barbara Rhine, Peter Offlar. Row 3: Edward Reed, Joyce Sames, Mary Ann Reed, Madeline Reed, Patty Richardson, Tom Metz, Vivion Pigeon, Martha Rickketts. Row 4: Charlene Penrod, Karen Reed, Johnny McMahan, Sharon Reynolds, Donald Robergs, Ronnie Smoley, James Moore, Rion Millen. Row 5: Gordon Miller, Charles Meitle, Mr. Kushner. Not shown. Nick Olson, Barbara Ried, Pat Sharp. Mr . Homeroom No. 28-Mfr. jackson Row 1: Henry Estrada, Larry Duke, Philip Fagan, Stacie Hunt, Carol Frigon, Claudine Flint, Beverly Gibson, Albert Ezzo. Row 2: Ann Gerrish, Bradford Gardner, Eugene Edwards, Ann Frick, Barbara Gibson, Susan Gilman, Deanna Koss, Judy Frields. Row 3: Rosann Frustasi, Wayne Ewing, David Fay, John Ford, Mike Frazier, Frank Gadzicki, Dorothy Gee, Kathryn Kelly, David Fell. Row 45 Robert Hoover, Stephen Garfield, Tommy Ford, Nancy Gibboney, Carol Gehrig, Mrs. Jackson. fs ' I X11 -, N- -, . 5? No, this is not a new A7 homeroom, but Mr. St. Aubin and the custodians who keep us ship-shape. J Homeroom No. 23-Mr. Sbevick Row 1: Ethelyn Holland, Gregory Decker, Sam Dodge, John Fragnito, Victor Ekland, Melody Fleming, Sheila Field, Christy Cowdery. Row 2: Curtis Clyne, Curtic Cronlet, Wendy' Fickle, Ann Factor, Margaret Crosby, David Conley, Billy Casady, John Cave. Row 3: Glen Christensen, Shirley Barnett, Nancy Crouch, Sheila Ellis, Della Barnett, Sue Ehrhartt, Arlene Durant, Bernadete Danteuil. Row 4: Aran Dokoung, Frank Dodge, Frances Cunningham, Suz- anne Coppinger, Sue Fife, Richard Hawes, Steve Cunningham, Mr. Shevick. Not shown, Judy Cox, Maryann Davidson, Linda Easto, Michael Cleary, Gary Colven, Allen Day. ima ta, M Homeroom No. 10-Mn. Ron' Row I: Gary Beal, Carol Amatea, Darryl Beale, Sunny Della Calce, john Hoops, Deanna Baugh, Judy Beach, Billy Lyman, Row 2: Sharon Benson, Gay Anderson, Joan Barnikel, Larry Bell, Diana Barr, Frank Bowers, Barry Anderson, Pierre Basbous. Row 3: jim Pogats, Martha Apodaca, Carolyn Berk, Danny Bearden, Ann Anderson, Kenneth Benson, Karen Bailey, Roger Adams. Row 4.' Marcia Bergeson, Laura Babbitt, Billy Ammann, Susan Anderson, Lawson Adams, Tom Beard, Jeff Benton, Mrs. Ross. Not shown. Carol Akers, Aline Battisti, Betty Blick, Mary Brad- shaw, Dorothy Drane. f i! if Homeroom No. 39-Mr. Sielter Row 1: Vicki Mueller, Oscar Nelson, Pat Mulford, Sue Mirick, Danny Mumey, Bob Herrmann, Louis Martinez, Dick Lippman. Row 2: Bill Eaglen, Bernice Erenberg, Donna Miller, Mike Kyser, Gil Le Vasseur, Vonnie O'Ha1loran, Richard Long. Row 3: Ronnie Lange, Larry Lewis, Suzanne Morrish, Diane Pat- terson, Susan Parke, Kathleen Nordstrom, Ardys Fread, Rita Noodleman. Row 4.' Patricia Nugent, Jade Neely, Sharon Ordman, Nancy Neighbors, Judy Olympius, Virginia Myers, Clifiord Thornton, jim La Rocco. Row 5: Phillip Lane, Patrick Hart, Mr. Stelter. Not shown. Marsha Podvolecky. Don't let go, or l'll crash right out of the picture! 2 R ss, Q 6 ' E!! See how sedate we can be. What a Talent Show it was! Homeroom No. 36-Mr. Sufrin Row 1: Viola Maikson, Barbara Miller, Ronald Hertz, Wilhelm Klemm, Suzanne Lacey, Anita Mitchell, Nancy McCutcheon, Karen Reed. Row 2: Sharon Reed, Donna McLaughlin, Louis Marecek, Wendy Moore, Wilson jobson, Latimer Lorenz, Marty Lunde, Benny Hernandez. Row 3: Carol Meldrum, Martin Kennerly, Dean Kimble, Russel Keller, Rusty Kern, Eileen Sullivan, Sandra Lieblick, Chuck Hayes. Row 4: Diane McPhail, Georgia Freed, Bob Drake, jay Lechner, Chuck Kagy, Patty McDade, Paul Kasten, Mr. Sufrin. Homeroom No. Z1-Mis: Voigt Row 1: Doreen Chandler, Cheryl Cole, Donald Di Manno, Gloria Brodsky, Ray Calamaro, Gary Berger, Christine Brining, Thelma Brown. Row 2: Sandra Burnside, Susan Bushell, Teresa Carr, Christopher Brown, Thomas Blunt, Bruce Cameron, Bari-Lynn Brustin, Julie Bruning. Row 3.' Beverly Brackett, Douglas Prince, Stephan Brown, Robert Biegart, Rudy Lisardi, Bonnie Boone, Lynnea Brielow, Beatrice Barlow. Row 4: Collette Currier, Bernard Blau, Richard Pisapia, Richard Butler, Carol Clemons, John Bruce, Trudy Brientell, jeffrey Bernhardt. Row 5: Marvin Brown, Robert Bullars, Miss Voigt. Not shown. Sharon Booth, Wayne Brashear, Sheila Cave. fi? I-Iomeroom No. 45-Dr. Vrmderjagt Row 1: Ronald Rowland, Diane Taube, David Sanborn, Jacqueline Studer, David Taylor, Don Searles, Elaine Shipley, john Scheid- emental. Row 2: Patty Stoner, Bert Scott, Linda Sullivan, Mike Robertson, Quinet Timpson, john Sitz, Barbara Staffler, jack Riffle. Row 3: Sonja Solaas, Wayne Smith, Francis Strike, Jerry Shanks, Kathryn Taylor, Billy Shadowens, Cheryl Teasdall. Row 4: Billy Sorenson, Philip Serlin, Jack Ried, Carol Truxal, gonnie Thompson, Susan Thorsen, Georgeanna Stark, Christine St. nge. lllow 5: Carolyn Stevens, Sally Thrall, Jackie Strosnider, Dr. Vander- agt. Not shown. Georgia Trammel, Claudette Unkrey. nu1' -L-1-1 4-- .-4. ,,.-. B-XZ 234. ,lwmyataa 3 Tfwuww? Homeroom No. 44-Mm Freed Row 1: Patty Allen, Sharon Christie, janet Driggs, Kris Berge, Larry Baker, Allen Gassman, Larry Berg, James Eddy. Row 2: Howard Gerrz, John Frields, Jo Ann Cummings, Vicki Custis, Barbara Douglas, Douglas Dunn, Clayton Edwards, Dora Lee Edberg. Row 3: Marion Domo, Barbara Champlin, Judy Corn, Neil Dough- erty, Richard Doty, Mike Frey, Judy Burgmaier, Martin Darsa. Row 4: Iris Chelner, Janet Carleton, Cathy Clark, David Anthony, james Baker, Earl Friese, Diane Clark, Mike Erland. Row 5: Miss Freed. Not shown. Rogie Coleman, Susie de Duehery, Ray Duff. 'W 2 qv.-4' - J AfricaALand of Contrasts-the dust of the desert and the fertile Nile, the camel, ship of the desert, stares at the Arabian felucca, with its strange lateen sail. And where are our wandering B8's? Taking pictures of each other standing on the pyramids, of course. Counselor MR. WENDORFF Homeroom No, Library I-Mr, Benson Row 1: Charles Brody, Mike Hale, Bill Johnson, Ward Hewitt, Bill Jackson, Linda Hoppe, Gloria Gold, Bonnie Heil. Row 2: Barbara Fluent, Lucy Gonzales, Kathy Franklin, Mary Ann Hilton, Barbara Franklin, Linda Hansen, Sheryl Ferguson, Martin Hronec. Row 3: Richard Rathburn, Charles Blick, Bob Burbridge, Mike Griswold, jeffrey Hubelbank, George McCutcheon, Grace Hayes, Michele Frey. Row 4: Jane Finch, Ronald Lambert, Nickey Lorentz, August Gul- li, Robert Bruesch, Louis Bourgeois, Don Keahl, Sharon Erickson. Homeroom No. 7-Mr. Raboy Row 1: Ronnie Wise, Ronnie Ullmann, Richard Cowan, Joyce Sklarewitz, Steve Wolpa, Steven Tronick, Jay Wechselberger, Sandy Rutecki. Row 2: Stephen Toplikar, Carol Broderick, Carol Wick, Jacqueline Waddill, Gary Tronipeter, Ted Coudsy, Marianne Woodburn. Row 3: Alan Turney, Walter South, Karen Skarseth, Linda West, Susan Powers, Karen Wolfe, Marilyn Scott, Ed Wickersham. Rauf 4: Sharon Sala, Cheryl Wetzel, Betty Brown, Beverly Scol- field, Jena Scotti, Ronald Walker, Mr. Raboy. Not shown. Donna Swanson, Norman Thompson, Michael Cohen, Winnie Searfoss. 1-. x xi Look out, Miss Palmer! Move, quick! These boys really mean to run when they hold a track meet. Homeroom No. Auditorium 2-Min Palmer Row 1: Mike McLaughlin, Jack Maloon, Pam Josephson, Charles Moore, Pat Jarrett, Naomi Josephson, Von Miller, Claudia Bean. Row 2: Ed Christiensen, Dennis Bass, Jack Matheson, Rick Man- gold, Gary Peterson, Bill Coe, David Milam, Eileen Ashelford. Row 3: Sandra Husen, Sue Hudson, Gay Johnson, Shirley Keenan, Sue Stafiler, Rickie Naranjo, Mike Petty, Sharon Bender. Row 4: Bill Petrie, Dennis Morley, Jack Uhler, Janet Krause, Dorothy Kohansky, Susan Kibler, Sharon Jones, Pat Kelly. Row 5: Linda Irwin, Miss Palmer. Not shown. Gerald Burkett. Homeroom No. 42-Mr. Sholtz Row 1: Judy Kupfer, Fred Simmons, Sandy Russo, John Spinks, James Salmon, Terry Rosebaugh, Timmy Sill, Ronnie Stith, Row 2: Milana Boyd, Susanne Lebsack, Patricia Peterson, Linda Layton, Maryann Mahafley, Karen Arvidson, Susanne Lundy, Bever- ly McKinney. ' Row 3: Sandy Lee, Paula Anderson, Pat Lynn, Milanna Nickliss, Beverly Norgren, Judy Pagen, Peggy Brickner, Linda Moody. Row 4: Bruce Sommerstedt, Kenny Showalter, Allan Rabune, Paul Smolket, Fermin Rodriguez, Danny Slater, Norman Smith, Robert Singer. Row 5: Gary Root, Bill Revelle, Mr. Sholtz. Not shown. Robert Simmons. V Y,-gy Out of the mysterious orient come customs, writing, speech, and all the other phases of eastern civilization that make the study of Japan, China, India, and other oriental lands so fascinating to the western mind. Why, some of their music sounds as though the musician were groaning, beating on a hollow log, and twang. ing an untuned guitar! Have you ever heard of such a thing? As touring A8's we much prefer our native singing for a steady diet. Isn't it amazing how differently we can express the many feelings that all humans share? Investigating these "differences" shows us that some of them are not so important, after all. The modem world moves quickly, A8's, so fai dee la, hurry up, let's get on with the tour. ,A-5"4 701 M La, flawed Salma H omeroom No. 4-Mrr. Aguirre and Mir! Yamamoto Row 1: Martin Gladstein, Janice Engle, Gwen Drobny, Don Bryan, Chris Graff, Matthew Brown, Roger Hall, Betty Cuthbert. Row 2: Charlotte Estrada, Narda DiMaggio, Nyla Davis, Chuck Hahn, Bill Green, Margaret Gibbs, Janet Clatfelter, Cheryl Elkins. Row 3: Rene Dirkmaat, Sharon Clark, Donna Cummiskey, Brad Fritzel, Bob Halgren, Steve Ginsberg, Jim Jellsett, Bill Gregory. Row 4: Johnny Jensen, Arnold Dallas, Judy Dutko, Dave Hahn, Mrs. Aguirre, Miss Yamamoto. Counselor MRS. KINGSLEY Homeroom No. 9-Min Abbott Row 1: Ronnie Sandler, Danny Flournoy, Carol Puissegur, Pat Montoya, Lee Davies, Roger Greene, Robert Palmer, Kenneth Hamilton. Row 2.' Clinton Nunez, John Nielsen, Jerry Franklin, Audrey Fahrenkopf, Nancy Dunn, Cheri Everett, Polly Greeneberg, Joyce Nolet. . Row 3: Phyllis Yungkans, Mildred Romero, Alan Hauge, Dennis Dawson, Dick Koss, Faye Morris, Judy Lytle, Leslie Bonar. Row 4: Christine Yates, Tonya Hillis, Janet Sommerstedr, Sheri Kaelke, Mike Allstead, Robin Meyer, Richard Little, Miss Abbott. H orneroom N 0. 20-Mr. Ball Row 1: Pat Klipp, Keith Lentz, Jim Marko, Linda Krebs, Pat Keys, Diane Ryan, Douglas Mclntosh, Diana Janko. Row 2: Carol Lockin, Mary McCartney, Alma Jones, Raymond Neve, David McQueen, Gail Lawton, Lynn McCreery, Dorothy Levin. Row 3-' Jerry McCreery, Julia Larson, Becky Faulk, Mary Frances Lane, Jean Jones, Joan Jonas, Don McCormick, Dave Meehan. Row 4: Dean Kemp, Bill Mead, Brent MacKinnon, Barbara Adams, Jeff Leboff, Bud Terbest, Mr. Ball. Not shown. Sammie Graf, Kris LaRocco, Melvina Bowers, Howard Manasse. What would a world encircling tour be like without good food Homeroom No. 1-Dr. Christensen Row 1: Johnny Liautaud, John Steves, John Brining, Arthur Dan- chuk, Pat Barga, Bobby Bowman, Anthony Boosalis, Dale Boschetto. Row 2: Ronnie Allison, Jeff Barbakow, Daryll Carpenter, Lanette Beck, Carol Applegate, Jackie Blehm, Merry Ann Blunt, Morrine WU Ble e . Row 3: Darlene Abramoski, Patty Allen, Clarence Affleck, Helen Barnikel, Mary Best, Marty Barnard, Marilyn Allen, Shirley Boring. Row 4: Marion Bergeson, Betty Allen, Frank Nurse, Gene Brown, Fred Borchert, Charles Boothroyd, Le Roy Barr, Dr. Christensen. Not shown. Jan Lee Johnson, Francis Adams. Homeroom No. Library 2-Mr. Grew Row 1.' Steve Zaitsoff, Sharon Wasser, Jim Winsrein, Darlene Thompson, Wesley Wolfe, Linda Welker, Yvonne Welsh, Carol Williams. Row 2: Sandra Taylor, Sue Whittington, Beverly Ross, Geneve Tuft, Larry Whittington, Janet White, Diane Thorpe, Kent Schwartz. Row 3: John Vaughn, Mike Wynne, Joe Zembik, Bill Warren, Rickey Bagley, James Weldon, Tom Wobbema, Bob Wood. Row 4: Bob Wood, Mike Gallas, Daryl Wilkins, Jerry Rigas, Art Wesselman, Bill Wookey, Elmo McGillicuddy. Row 5: Jim Weishuhn, Mr. Greve. H omeroom No. 18-Mn. Dawe: Row 1: Faye Jay, Linda Hamrol, James Joiner, Lawrence Kaluzok, Clilford Hughes, Jerri Henderson, Georgia Hansen, Jean Howe. Rou' 2: Judy Burch, David Holmes, Alan Kushner, Carol Hill, Judy Hudson, Rade Korach, Mary Howlett, Edith Jarvis. Row 3: Don Horn, Beverly Johnson, Candace Ham, Sandra Headrick, Joan Kassell, Norma Murray, Ronald Johnson, David Hull. Row 4: Gary Kuhl, Mrs. Dawes. Not shown. Gary Hubbard, Ricky Budinger. from the galley? Our fine Cafeteria staff, headed by Miss Smola, dish out thousands of meals each week, to keep us full of the energy traveling requires. But, Oh! what those irresistible pastries do to your waistline. So, let's climb a mountain and see what's on the other side. Homeroom No. 27-Mr. Lopez Row 1.' Dennis Powell, jerry Presson, Wayne Pickett, janet Pettee, Helen Brewer, Christine Pollock, Pam Olson, Ramona Ramirez. Row 2: Shirley Olson, Raymond Popp, Eileen Noodleman, Danny Watford, Julie Preston, jo Ann Sterns, Marilyn Peck, Patricia Norman. Row 3: Patty Pepper, joy Peabody, Norman Goodkin, Bonnie Olsen, Linda Poole, janet Peek, Linda Pollock, Larry Peterson. Row 4: Wayne Hughes, jim Thomsen, Earl Place, Bill Nyberg, Danny Kelly, Ronnie Radelet, Sandy Pollock, Ricky Ricketts. Row 5: Bill Unger, Mr. Lopez. Not shown. Cheryl Overose, Janice Torrey. Chinese dragons may be all right in fire-breathing contests, but when it comes to usable horsepower, a big, yellow bus hauls a lot more students. Our drivers make traveling to and from school one of the safest activities of the day, for they are skilled in driving and the navagational techniques required to "swim" through our congested, big-city tradic. Homeroom No. I3-Mr. Helvey Row I: Anita Gherardini. Rosalee Halstead, Joan Bowman, Lani Galiher, Lynne Fratus, Bonnie Galiher, Richard Ullman, Ronnie Hanson. Row 2: Eleanor Leventhal, Lenora Wingheld, Karen Gagen, Ray Horstmann, Linda Glass, Donna German, Phil Hanson, Leone Fleming. Row 3: Diane Hendricks, Tom King, jeff Hill, Terry Harper, Paul Speciale, Kim Hetland, Bill Burkhardt, Jack Harris. Row 4: Suzanne Habram, james Mignacca, Jim Kroll, Donald Overcash, Gary Hessler, Fred Haug, Mr. Helvey. Homeroom No. 24-Mr. Mock Row l.' Gary Myhre, Shirley McIntyre, Sue Nadler, Judy Lang- ham, Fayetta Crocker, Stephanie W'heatley, Roger Saterlee, Victor Nordstrom. Row 2: Michael Olson, Audrey Simokaitis, Alexandra Nickliss, Howard Owens, George Peconic, jack Peconic, Donald Meyer, Gary MuHley. Row 3: Howard Nelson, Dick Fellows, Sharon Mattice, Joanne May, Steve Oliver, Suanne May, Don Moberly, Harold Peterson. Row 4: Nancy Millikan, Heidi Naiman, Anthony Muscato, Bruce Peterson, Bob Taylor, Bob Parke, Sylvia Marsh, Pat Hopperton. Row 5: Mr. Mock. Not shown. Marilyn Mathews, Bruce Mace, Roger Luedtke. A couple of Songbirds Homeroom No. Auditorium 3-Mm Rirheberger Row 1: Robert Ward, Richard Tanger, Mike Teague, Linda Lee Smith, Judy Taylor, Barbara Othick, Sylvia Steele, Donald Walters. Row 2: Mike Stark, Mike Warr, Carl Willoughby, Bill Tompkins, Bill Brown, Tom Ward, Bob Kolbeck, Carol Smith. Row 3: Nancy Stevens, Deva Sylvester, Patty Dull, Diane Kosa, Judi Sherven, Diana Smith, Judy Smith, Jenni Shaver. Row 4: Pat Sonsini, Diane Sullivan, Ken Walker, Jerry Solomon, Roger Walton, Galen McMullen, Jerry Sommerstedt, Carol Stafford. Row 5: Miss Risheberger. - Not shown. Jeannie Singleton, James Vaughn. I-lomeroom No. 2-Mirr Waldorf Row I: Sharon Carmack, Joan Adams, William Inman, Bob Ekern, Rosalee Bulechek, Norma Browne, Mary Joe Queen, Ellen Brean. Row 2.' Roseanne Kany, Kathy Brown, Pat Boyle, Claire Brown, Judy Dasso, Bobby Dill, Doug Delio, Steve Dade. Row 3: Dennis Beaumont, W'illiam Bronson, Tom Cohn, Judy Calkins, Bill Perry, Barbara Burton, Skippy Doolittle, Donna Caldwell. Row 4: Sherry Brimi, Lynda Bush, Danny Coffman, Don Cheek, Ray Eubanks, Michael Chambers, Ronald Ciciarelli, Tim Dick. Row 5: Buddy Duncan, Gary Coppinger. Not shown. Miss Waldorf. 'i Homeroom No. 38-Mrs. Salmgb Row 1: Mike Slawinski, Mary Ellen Roys, John Wehmeyer, Marion Schottmiller, Mary Salinas, Sharon McClain, Linda Sharp. Row 2: Tony Roberts, Sandra Sandler, Burt Seidberg, Steven Shane, Danny Sirks, Terry Hester, Gerry Palo, Joanne Schlicher. Row 3: Candace Freed, Roseanne Tueller, Ronnie Mullen, Ronnie Ullrich, Linda Roberts, Anita Ulicny, Julieann Schuske, Robert Morrison. Row 4: Richard Smith, Allan Ruegsegger, Eugene Russell, Michael Royer, Robert Setnik, Dennis Shaver, Linda Rachlow, Barbara Ronan. Row 5.' Mrs. Sabagh. l Iii' 0 , S .44 'W - 3 7'a fum Gmlw, ?aem! Homeroom No. 25-Mr. Arcuri Row 1: David Nadelrnan, Randy McKnight, Marsha Malis, Janice Dunklau, Jon Pennington, Jim Mogck, Marsha Pollock, Loryene Mitchell. Row 2: Sandra Lynn, Ardean Routh, Terry Larsen, George Elliott, Liada Nadelherg, Joan Oswald, Sheila Osborn, Cathy Moore. Row 3: Merrill Mangold, Jerry McElroy, Mollie Million, Tommy Mitchell, Carl Pettit, Hans Marcniak, Richard Miller, Don Marsh. Row 4: Douglas Phillips, Paul Gaeblein, Don Long, Larry Krause, Mr. Arcuri. Not shown. Dianne Riddle. Collected for .M 77" -r B9's in ltaly find students there working on more subjects than American students work on, Remember Lelia Bonino in the lnrer- national assembly? She warned us that we would find junior high Italians working very hard. But theres time for sightseeing among the grand and famous ruins and sites that we studied in Social Studies. Soooo-grab your helicopter and follow Gremlin for a whirlwinged Cpardon the puny tour of bella ltalia. Counselor Miss SNEED Homeroom No. 3-Mn. Andenen Row I: Nancy Burton, Barbara Christie, Jeannine Brown, Dallas Beardsley, Lana Fox, Joyce Civils, Bill Toplikar, Ann Bath. Row 2: Roxie Baer, Judy Blake, Bonnie Dressler, Bonnie Cooper, Janet Draper, Bob Berger, Chris Bond, Ginger Apker. Row 3: Eugene Driggs, Doug Amidon, Jim Bishop, Sunny David- son, Linda Clausen, Frank De Grey, Douglas Clark. Row 4: Bill Brierley, Henry Graczyk, Lee Crofton, Wesley Bair, Mrs. Andersen. Not shown. Tom Boetto, Janet Bicknell, Nora Bernstein, Pat Dudney. Amount Si.,- Miss Gillis must see thousands of these. Every one is worth- Tcacher while, so smile when the envelope comes to you. Sent By Date AIRPORT JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL Los Angeles, California Homeroom No. 26-Mr. Cumming: Row I: Linda Stith, Sheila Singer, Roger Schroeder, Judy Schwartz Henry Roediget, Les Rubin, Vickey Sheilds. Row 2: Linda Yorkovich, Sue Seely, Judy Wilson, Jennifer Soward Jackie Wilde, Helene Winer, Claudia Smith, Marlene Webber. Rout' 3: Bob Steinberg, Larry Sears, Dale Small, Joe Yarchever Darlene Webber, Linda Szabo, Dennis Ralph, Ronny Zindars. Rau' 4: Lloyd Tadd, Jerry Thagard, Bill Martin, Dick Wheeler Dick Searles, Gerry Wallace, Mr. Cummings, Not shown, Margie Ternplin, Farrel Van Vliet, Phil Chapman, Doug Weitman. 'X 1 K ' , , , XJ as -- X mx xr A li? fa. " W2 ' 1 '1xXf6k Q it wg? 1 -fllln fl " fl .,ltmTl,,,.-al-rl 'Ex'-in A nqfixfl B f-'K "l-Ll Xl X Couossezo l 'F ff' 'LQ KVI. "- - me X xg. .., Z Homeroom No. 47-'A'lf.f. Bamzrer Rou' 1: Irene Gimpel, Karen Leach, Joan Long, Steve Horowitz, Vivki Houghtaling, Kevin Holmes, John Johnson, Jack Whatley. Row 2.' Bob Hall, Terry Jacobson, Ronny Carr, Diane Jackman, Marty Kaplan, Jeff Flaa, Bill Jasper, Danny Foster. Rau' 5: Sharon Fowler, Judi Greenberg, Carol Fletcher, Judy Gold- stein, Barbara Howard, Cheryl Hunter, Christie Johnson, Mike Ryan. Rau' 4: Kenny Frostad, Barry Heil, Jim Gott, Glenn Floyd, Willis Ferrel, Art Katz, Mrs. Banarer. Not shown. Rosina Bellini. Elf! 10111 g0AuyfTnoc Olympian Officers Left to right: Linda Pearson, Treasurerg Nancy Foster, Presidentg Bob Blakeman, Vice-Presidentg Marcia Hammer, Secretary, and Sherry Thomas, Historian, R . 4 'J .. rf.:-wi g' . li , it X A Aar- K l :Y QW 5 it .:,' ., . my Q l aw 2 5? gf if 415- s.. . . Q if 5 is as gr , as Ji. Cowzfelor: Miss Seymour Olympian H omeraom Teazclvert Mr. Bobick Mr. Burgess Mrs. Campbell Mr. Craycroft Miss Hancock Mr. Howenstein Mr. Kennedy " 1' - ' ' ' ' li K . -- , in ' F Q 'f 4, , ' if 'P M 5- I . . wg " as-7.1 .. .1 , New-gf? . 1. , V ' - X.. -"- 1 at , f' -- : . ' 1 ,QR if Q., ,S W' we., 'Plqh-I X a cs' 'Q x Wx i . 2 mi' 'Wrap' 1 af .NW 'z ffm lj . , l s 1 . 4: We 2 ffvdgi gg . r .Bi vfk. f" , - N ,,., V Miss Lasher Mrs. Lofdahl Mrs. Skidmore Mrs. Snyder Mr. Wardell Mrs. Wood Anna Lee Acord Norma Adams janet Allen Anita Alter Darlene Anderson Gary Anderson Margaret Apodaca Richard Asmussen Don Baker . Carolyn Banta Bruce Barnard Dick Barnes Judy Barnfather Gerald Barrett Sylvia Barry John Barrels Janice Basore Vern Bates Kathy Bauers Perry Baxter Stephen Bell Paul Benke Leigh Beveridge Faye Blackburn Karen Blain Bob Blakeman Julie Blankman Stanley Blunt Sharon Boehm Dorothy Boosalis Pat Bowman Bonnie Breckenridge Yvonne Brekke Sharon Bright Gayle Brock ,ft . Kathy Brodrick Richard Brown Sharon Brown David Bruce Charles Bruesch Bill Buck Peter Bushell Carl Campbell Jody Capriulo Joan Carleton Barbara Carlson Penny Carr Carole Casey Joyce Christensen Mary Ann Christian Kathleen Christman Alan Clark Bill Clark James Clark Sheldon Cohen Bonnie Coleman Dale Colvin Jerry Conley Gary Crowley Janice Dahlstrom Sharon Davidson Diana Davies Marla Dawn Paul Denunzio Judy De Vusser Gail Diamond Ronald Dobbins Dennis Dodge Allen Dokovna Diane Doling Sue Dowty Catherine Doyle Ted Driver Carole Eberhart Carolyn Ellett Elaine Erlandson Sandra Farley Lena Felix Jerrie Ferguson Sandy Ferrell Pat Ferrier Stewart Fischer f Bob Fisher Leonard F li gsten Lynne Foster Nancy Foster Steve Foster Susan Fox Jim Frautnick Dave Freedman Frances Fuke Phillip Gaeblein Larry Gans Randy Gardner Virginia Gardner Jan Gary Patty Gavin Linda Gerrish S. .K Q.. K. ff' Ina , ,rs -,ww-K KK 1. . --: Wh vga .. . 4: Y 5 , i A B g,K me , f it - ra --4. Vw. t--. :UH V, - K - " we 5' -' V t 'Q W. e 5' , ,W 1' " Y , g .2 -1 t, .. A -' at ' ' ' We ' -1 I .. . , ' ' 5 ' igggfv C . ., ' If fx V , -- -V k .. K K , , of . W L . ' wwf I V ,1 -- ff l J 1 A M, til, f fi, S ea L "xx 5 ' iff, ' V- A ' Ve-, V. S V- " N1 if Q .gr ' 1 Lf, 5 ' ,,,.. L YW' 'A Vw- ' ' 5 M' Y K A '- - A , gk KKK ,r .lu , :,. 3, ish K K, rN"'s 'f 5' -M ' l as 45" nl. , , TZ.. ' tri. -V V ' ' 'I , , , A - H-1 xl ii ' E" lg. gli . KWLKZ LKK -V r y K1 .J VV We r L 'K --1.-ai : rr . K , , ,. V by A V -,,. I K . K K . J ,Q , . . H ' ' 1- , gf - " ,1 KK zigw' sfgri ' Ka K 1 K fK,5K, V K , ,.,.. , , , Q J K sg ,, K . Kl q KK .M 3- 1 K KK K. . . V- talr- - ,. , I . 1 -W r ,,..,, . . ,r .. ,. v,.. :am .. , ,. , . . , KK K , K 5 -4- QQQQ WLKKKKKK - Kf K C ? tif' -N , K if V , Vi, K V V' LH V f if 'f .gift K-3 K , .K W f ' ' ,LAY . . - . - W '1s11:,1,,g,,,,-fr t Lf" .W K: , fj A . '- Ve e: , Ts ev-'1 -1' - -E 4 .. , 5 "i.' 1 V11 QW' Jill' I' .. V : J-:Y r. ..::,wV' 1 V ll E - uf 1' V V , r.-, rf .-'fi ' J , Qi me V ,Vg-1 . , " ,rn 1,,. - 'F' - . '- - mf? . " - f I ' V M .- " f Q- , ' ' 5 V . J iff ' I E , Y' - an H Q, . :MFL 9' ,W " ""i M l , N 1. . ,C S ,, ,R , , . ,I .. 3 ., :I ,V K A ' - "e, 42 - 55" H , 3 , , 'W wr 5: . I ' f --, - ., -1 ' "-- -- X , H . " V L -V ,Q , ,,.,,, an ,, -Kaz,-ft, , .,, :VY-','f':a A ,at " t ,rr,r W at : TV if 'R F- " ' iv K- V 'Q , wg E. 4 , V "" , K K' f , - ' .V V .f,,,,r -' V 1 L ' A 1 , - H1 E - 'SH H - , 1 L 'tt' 111V f , if I - H -gg WaQ.9 ,'H X L S, : , ' ' ' Vw f i' , . , 41.1 V- ' - - g ,VV, L, V "'- la , r,-V. VNV-N ,VV 1 8 ru ,f y K .. If ' iff V M V 1 wr r -QV K :el f-"' . KK 5 -:s . K195 gy wa, ta l J . 5 . A rl ,-,r.t,,. .fr . A 2 I " ' S' as -' +2 if' ,l t t 9 ,,,,.. , , tv: .:2' :,. ,- ,- -' - L -- ft Q' 1ea,ax1v1'a:f .-f, .- tiififi I t' HE? -'f- ',, i il - "-- , I I, I - "', eff . I.. aa fe it J' Q A if e J - if-fl new K , ' 4 Q , A t 'E' -if ,ff if I .6 nf- W , MW... . I ... ' ' I ' , I Yi K W . A --. ' Mi e K W: il ,K -'A--V if f, 55 V- t 1 Q I vi? if ' X' " .1 '51 c t I 'ii' -A I v 53' ,". S , I fi ' at . 'i tr H :. K A b I L, ,I . , . .V kidgrh K ,:, I K ,fl W I l wi- a t E , I s rccl t J -Wa J N-, V , , ,L.,,i , . . s, ' -J ' H -1 .: "" 3 :.' s - fi . 5:1 ,gn Vfxky V K gf M' L,,. El is in .. , is l A1,, . . . "ii ,ie . . . - Lag. ..,. JJ -:,,, L . I, . 7V"k . 'w if N I - '5- n2.I ' - inf I Jlleil' . - I - I B : . : ,: I - :M 'arf I V :iw -- J, - . . W?" 3? 'Y ' . If if: - , ,. Q E. 5f'l?:':: 5' li ' I . I f if ff- V' fe- a 'L ' Ai w ' 1 s.. , ,J a .. .,.. I ,J , , . . , H , .. 1 fi , , elif? '. ,.L .1 - I . Q a f ' I ' fs- , 1 f f 3, ' gas ., as-Min+ , K 1 K? H A . .1 V A .K t, ,y f f- 'gg :J gb mf L v. I .. is rw af' ,aw . ,Q -K.. Dean Gibbins Patl Gillotti Lana Glass I Beverly Golden Kathy Good Mary Ann Goss Gerry Allan Graham Kathryn Gray Estelle Green Rita Greenwald Pat Gudehus John Gustetter Mary Haisler Barbara Halfen Bob Hall Marcia Hammer Virginia Hammill Linda Sue Hanheide Corey Hansen Mike Harding Larry Harmell Barbara Hart Edward Haschley Carol Hasselberg Kirk Hawes Ian Henderson Michael Hendrickson Wayne Henry my Frances Hernandez Bob Hesketh Karon Higley Kenneth Hirsch Hugh Hoard Paula Holfeld Kenneth Holland Rita Holley Averil Hoops James Horowitz Sheryl Howard Irvin Howlett Kenny Hughes Stephen Hulsey Eileen Hunt Linda Imboden Marilyn Inman Kenneth Irwin Ray Jackman Charles Jamison Donna Jamison Jack Jones Kathleen Jones Vivian Jones Mike Josephson Harold Juhl Georgiann Jukkala Sharon Junge Kathie Kaiser Pam Keeffe Evelyn Kelley Jim Kelly Margaret Kennedy Diane Kent 4 Georgia Ketterer Karen Kimmerle Lynda Kozak Dianne Kremer Dennis Kuhl Joe Kunysz Mike Lambert Patricia Landreth Joann Lange John Langfitt Sally Langren Ronald Leavitt Courtlandr Lee Stephen Lee Glenn Lehmann Ken Leonard Edward Lesko Laura Lethem Bonnie Levy Darlene Lewis Eddie Lindros Ronald Lindsey Marilyn McDonald Mike McDonnell Mike McFadden Gary McLean Don McPherson Barbara Madden Larry Mahaffey Judy Malin Roberta Marcy Michael Margolis Fred Marsh Chuck Martin Maclelaine Martin Carolyn Mason Bonnie Matthews Marty Mayfield Michael Mazer Carole Mazzone Don Mead Gil Meadows Donna Menefee Donald Metzger Gary Meyers Gerry Mignacca Carol Mitchell Jean Montoya Judy Moran Wently Muerers Jeannette Mulford Gilbert Murarnatsu Paula Murphy Mike Murry Pam Myska John Nebozuk Bill Neely Dennis Nelson Vince Nelson Gary Nichols Barbara Nick Stanley Nugit Frank Null Marie Oddo ww.. S if 5 ff? Sa 3 . V F I M ., A i ww' by Www sa' Q 3 F mi wh., Jim., 1 L., as L. iiiififi l -it i 1 for 5235 51-:ir J., A :' -- J , 1 ,cj ' - . 1 J - HSM W? at P3 8 ...L a wa ,W 1 i a 'H ,rf A . - nw. V. . f,J, J, ,,. ,M K .aug - H ,,-3.1, f , I .. ' yl g f , J J ttccs it fy. 5 V- igqsi ,.,,'- ai, K ns W ,ia 5. :J W i will as as ,- J .JJ -had 2 1 Hg ,X li- 555' -lf E gf! 5 2- 21 K 5 J. ,.,, it 'lm K ".' ':::1 Bi " ' W .1 Q W Q rr - a ,L -A-A' 1 J M 1, JJ M.r r f g ggig J' ..hh A , i . 'rg H -3, 1 , 2 ww- tr ff 'Jw J ar: J ' I ' 577 A , F JV J , ,M i J ' J,5,J4f'g'i J 3 ' A .J were gl J I igsimheg J ' if A Q fee 'gf' I' A vs,,.- .. N 23 .--4 4 J .. . ,,.- Wd, .. r ff an iriff K 1 Q 'S' f x '25 ,rw , gg ,v, ,.., it K K? 'J f Q ,L i is J .Y 5 VE k fait W3 if A 'ili Q L J, X H 1 J JJ J J J - f ' ' W. M 'Da we 5 :UZ yt JJ iis, E J .J X J J Y "ww, , 3 P Q EF 2.,: ,K . P -1 -we X ,M in 'L as-geyvseffffMt-V ' ig Si vrkkt wb' WA A X P F ff 3 4 A M If ii J Z, J c,tt,., we am R -5 as V' if f-1 r 23 4 s Q ff, ea? .tr 45 5 M ar Wa at . ,..., A 5 X 1' 'wr Q aww if 5 gl B nr rmy iig 4 15 L 'ala , X - a AZZ4' f ", A V J. J ,- fij JJ J J, - V r -3? Hess ? - Q ffl r f. JM -f l? ' 12 ' ' ' W ' 7 --', . 'Jr J- - ffwa 5 Zgwni " ' 'X J J g J - 'M' is " .V ' .- V J 7 f 'V --lv Q .,,., ,... 8 A , f Hi '55 J J J VJ 3 . Q E 2 kg, .. l 'hh' 5 ir' , , 6 we Q wg f , 4' 1 .om 4 ff? i .1 J nr 1 ' gh 3 E sl i ,na W Nm. ---, ta' ,AWE :gr , - Vi 1 J 7" f --,EL A F L . .. ,g a A I, ., ,xx fi' 1 at qs s Q , 5, X i f X if I 5, Q 2 .Q Q . , it as 2,5 li -2 . we ,wi F' K, .aw .ru- 1 a w ww.. 1 t i s- if i 'S' er? 3 a 1 lm ' 'F nn ax w.aus rg f flramniea qu ia .Q - , as --,. J 4 2 " 355. 3, .,. V i. , l as 1 E J , If 21.7 .9 ,rf , , ay , 4 . , mer- ' W i aff' ' gif' 5, 'mx me M lf 9 ax ,fly .3, fm 4 i -r P if-Sr Y. . ,. if . -'- ik'-:": f 51 t Jl 'W r S as n.. . .E,,,- A . I ,na -tr ,, .N .E ti 5-g f 1 ' Nw N:-' :52if'wM it 1 Q af l .3 :z::g:.' , gg 7 'izggr ,af M ig ' A ' 'f W '35 ' ' was V - fx it ag : fascia'-' it ,,- ' , ,mw , ,A. ,,.L Q c atalysi s ii X A I N ,J K , V i we or N . K 35' gf in 5 1 Rl .55 H' gg ' ' fp-SQ 4-:rw ,rtiliif-rr - ,Flay ' 1 . In J1',,m:,?.3-Q.. r .. Jw L ostee J t Q , f-ft W' fi 'M' ,Q " 'S' . 'Ziff N .A fy ,K .2 3: NA 'IQ L . we s 4 , A . E V , 1, A - gs, - W rell f L or r Q ,Q "tr, - ..iiI1'z' ,Q ,. ,Ii-ff . . 13 455 ' 2'5- fuss fair ma.- iif r 2211 ' ' ,.i Ei - , E' :- z "' t ig 1? E E V it I vf' 5 ' Wi alan t ..:a:s-:s.n:::,,: :M-2. -iz-f5:r:f'f:: '1' H ' 1 " . -: . 'iii' ' -- " -' if - ' ,s- 1,301 'ilfflilce Olson Jimmy Osborn Jimmy Owens Richard Palmer Kent Parrick Eileen Patterson Linda Pearson Wayne Peppler Jay Perrin Bob Peterson Marie Peterson Larry Phillips Marsha Pipkin Carol Pirtle Bill Place Gayle Pool Ingrid Pratt Sheila Preston Randy Randall Linda Reinlce Janelle Reiring l Bernice Resnick Jeri Rhoads Carol Richards Susan Richardson Ronnie Richter Alexander Riell Sharon Risch Bob Rogowicz James Rothblatt Walter Rubio Rita Sholz Darlene Schroeder Wayne Schwartz Betty Sciackitano Lucille Scotti Kelly Seagraves Marty Serlin X Karen Seward Sharon Shannon Carolyn Sherman Lorraine Sherman f Jim Shockey Bill Sinatra Ruth Sitz James Skirt Alan Smiler Donna Smith Gale Smith Kathy Smith Tom Smith Sam Smolker Janice Sondreal Larry Sottosanti Wayne Southern Tom Speciale Janet Spier Janet Staffler ' Jayne Stafford vf Dianna Stagnaro Robert Steele Anita Stein Rosalind Stern Joyce Stewart Tom Stewart Bob Stringer Jon Stromsland Bob Suddaby Rita Sugar Karen Swanson Marla Tauscher Martin Tautrim Pat Ter Best Lynnea Thatcher Sandy Thomas Sherry Thomas Bill Thompson Johnny Thomsen Sue Thomson Ronald Thorne Jill Tiedemann jo Anne Turner Valerie Tutterrow Frank Vacio Fred Vanderende jean Van Eyk V Ken Vannorsdel Larry Van Pelt Tommy Van Remmen Doris Vartabedian Gary Veith Donald Ver Kruyse Mary Vige Chuck Walcott Daryold Walters Fred Watt jimmy Watts Dennis Way Kathy Weaklim George Weishuhn Kenny West Maxpaula Weston Barbara White Caroline Williams Gary Williams Peter Wilt jane Winslow Carol Wishart Barry Wolfe Tom Wood jim Woodburn Robert Woolard Kathy Wright Richard Yoshioka Gail Young Ray Young Janis Yunker Rochelle Zavat Sally Zeches Raymond Zelenka Y' ,frm ,fl A, eff VW K K . :., 3 I f' , t a ri, it ar 1 I-"Ne 1 fn, es? ' 1 2 ilei ff-+1 ' sl Q "::: yy ttt , e t y f rir I fs: 1 S si 'IV 4' K ,,,. 5 'ev , l f, ' L E 3 Q t 53 5 1 .a , Z fl-iqziffilr fi P ., -.ff A ag-Maisie! ' - . ' K in 2 Hg , .. r ,s , , lg ir li i f 1 aw, . 4 sreetets eteserls LJ r -, T Q. t ' 5 2 F ' .- Y, 1 ,25 ' :sfif i , ' L A fi - K 'as B we ' K 'rg " N-w e 's.-.z ' 9, 'L , I. j -vvaspf Hi 'ev-1' . " 4 A i i':" A , 57 'A Q r N hw , 5 -K if ' ' V , 53' - -- nnit -" A , T B , -a A..V A ...":-2 N W, el t S ,V etst ttlt A K srrl l . ii . sntst if al V S -37' 4 - ,,, V A 5 - t,r. AV.: I J ?':v 3 :sz ,Aw ' M, 1 i- ' Fx' " Q ilti if ' G ' ,, + . "f:I.iif:,-' Y Z '4 A K af li 5:1 Q I E 5 ,ai ,f T' , Q 1. 1911 an ,N l ' V, f' iivxmw z if f "-' ,g W ' B n lllt T N- --4 w' 'gl V fl 74 WM did4a't4tof2 W tie fwlie Some people move so fast that no lens or shutter can halt their images. Such travelers are these portrait-less Olympians Charles Anderson David Bass Robert Borrello Spencer De Zube Marion Dittmann Ken Dixon Beverly Gorlin Gerald Charles Graham Malcolm Graham Arthur Hawes Dennis Hettinger Judy Holmes Bryant justis Charlene Karschner Mike McComas Arthur Malm Bryan Mascoe Lee Mele Richard Mistofsky John Murphy Judy Nerkins Patricia Potter William Sandeen John Shepherd Marilyn Simon Frenice Tent Charlotte Ware Noel Weiner Gail Whittinghill James Wiley Stanley Wilson Sadness for the loss of a good friend was part of our school year. john Bobick succumbed to a heart attack on April 22, 1957. Mr. Bobick was a charter member of our faculty, having been the first chairman of the English and Social Studies department. His ever-present smile was seen everywhere about the campus, from homeroom and class, to playground and Sportsnight. With his classes he shared a wide and intimate knowledge of history. Interpreting the many cultures of the world, he could make the great ideas and the common habits of the ages vividly realistic. A great store of anecdotes from history and his own varied life served to emphasize the many truths of life which Mr. Bobick explored with his students and friends. Mr. Bobick attended the John Adams High School and the Mount Union College in Cleveland, Ohio, and received his Masterls degree at UCLA. He taught in the Cleveland schools and served with the Navy in the Pacific during World War II. He was chief of Occupational Therapy in the Brecksville Veteran Hospital in Cleveland before he came to California, where he taught in Vista before com- ing to Los Angeles. The death of a dear friend is tragic, but Mr. Bobick's teachings will remain alive in the minds and hearts of all his students. THAT'S THE GUY, YOU DESCRIBE HIM PERFECTLY Bob Fisher: "By George!" Stephen Hulsey: "Mr. Shevick, that book is all wrong!" Dennis Kuhl: About two minutes behind time. Jimmie Shockey: "Don't mess around, guys." Hugh Hoard: "Where's Karon?" Gary Crowley: Always looks sad. Ken Dixon: Love 'em and leave 'eml Alan Smilet: "Got any questions?" J. D. Clark: The shirt with the vultures. Bruce Barnard: Movie idol of 1964. Spencer De Zube: Rebel Paul Denunzio: A deal with Steverino. Ted Driver: Good things come in LP. Harold Juhl: Is he shy? Bob Blakesman: Eye of the eagle melts the heart of the doe. Bill Clark: The man with the press-agent sister. Sheldon Cohen: Who can ligure him? Leonard Fligsten: "Darn it, I got an A-!" Nancy Foster: How did she get in here? Michael Hendrickson: An omnivorous reader in non-liction. Kenneth Holland: Ditty dum dum ditty. Kenneth Irwin: Head over heels-a tumbler. Chuck Jamison: Noisy? Man, I almost hear him! Jack Jones: "If you ever need your brakes hxed-" Ronald Leavitt: Science fiction ahcionado. Eddie Lindros: The platter man. Bob Peterson: The triple threat. Randy Randall: Does he have a lirst name? Alex Riell: The politician. Kelly Seagraves: Mother Fletcher's gold star salesman. Marty Serlin: Fast man with speed, too. Bill Sinatra: Para diddle on the tympani? James Skirt: Euclid, Skirt, and Co., Mathematics. Tom Speciale: The spirit of Gremlin. Fred Vanderende: "Gee, corrrrrn!" Dennis Way: A real cool customer. George Weishuhn: "Shut up, Virginia, I'm gonna slug-ouch!" Gary Williams: A man worth while-keep smiling. Barry Wolfe: The Wolfe with the lope. Jim Woodburn: Cruel to Sharon. A9's leaving this lap of their educational tour will te- member these teachers as leaders of specialized groups and activities. Without them, our excursions would often have lost much value. Seated are Mrs. Kingsley, Guidance Direc- tor, and Mrs. Gorelick, Librarian. Standing are Mr. Pimen- tal, Director of Youth Activities, Mr. Fiske, Co-ordinator of Audio Visual, Supplies, and the Auditorium, and Mr. Brown, Registrar. Our B7's and other travelers will rely on these people for a great deal of information and assistance throughout the length of their tour. And now, on with the journey- WHO? HER? OH, I KNOW HER WELL Dorothy Boosalis: "Has the 8:10 bell already rung? Patty Gavin: Patty and Pizza. Marilyn Simon: Living out of a suitcase. Gail Young: The gum manufacturers best customer. Ruth Sitz: "Tamba." Leigh Beveridge: Typical talker. Karon Higley: Where's Hugh? Madelaine Martin: Goes skin diving in the PE Showers? Paula Hoffeld: "The Uninformed One." Sally Langren: "They're bugging you." Karen Swanson: "Oh, Willy Lump Lump." Sherry Thomas: "Well, I'm late to homeroom, again." Joann Lange: "The Prom or Icecapades?" Georgiann Jukkala: "Oh! What a joke." Wendy Mueters: Drives Miss Palmer crazy. Rita Holley: Famous for jokes. Kathy Bauers: Cookin' something up with Janice. Sharon Bright: "If I could catch him, I'd kill him!" Janice Dahlstrom: Still cookin' with Kathy. Diana Davies: The typically mean editor. Sue Dowty: Nimble lingers on the stomach Steinway. Nancy Foster: The girl with the pretty eyes. Virginia Gardner: "I'm telling you, George-!" Pat Gillotti: Dinner, anyone? Beverly Golden: "I studied for 5 hours, Miss Lasher!" Estelle Green: Songbird of the Air Patrol. Marcia Hammer: The operator. Vivian Jones: Too noisy. Jean Montoya: Even noisier. Jeannette Mulford: Got the giggles. Sally Zeches: Last, but never least. FY' ,131 d h h - The Phenomenal Paper Drive Mr. Pimental thanks Mr, and Mrs. Campbell an t e ot er per formers for a fme Srnortsnite, .....,...,.... And Still More Paper does an enthusiastic audience. L Keep moving, Harry, there's a place to dance in here somewhere. The dancing girls of the T le t Sh a n ow- mmm HW C 24 -with friends Barons, Lucky Lips, Calypso, Hula, and the Highland Fling! Camera day The Mazers, and other Paper Drive winners The ever POPUIM Canfan Cool, man, cool What pictures have you taken? . . , Don t we look mce' 25 The charmed and the charmer. r , Man listens to the music in nature, the music of water and wind, of beast and bird, and he MM yearns to be musical, too. Out of this yearning have come beautiful voices and new ways of pro- ducing musical sounds. An unusual instrument is the theremin, which produces sound when the operator passes his hands into an electrically charged area, interrupting and reflecting radio waves. In a parallel way, the branches and leaves of a tree, passing through moving air, create a sighing sound we associate with many moods. ug? K ft Dr. Herriott and members of the faculty and PTA assist Mr. Winchester, our garden expert, plant a deodar presented to the school by the local Parent Teacher Association. Some day its lofty limbs will comb sounds of beauty out of the western breezes. Miss Waldorf and the Boys Chorus Mrs. Andersen and the Junior Girls' Glee 26 The Senior Girls' Choir, under the direction of Mrs. Andersen, not only sang at many Airport assemblies, but traveled to other places to spread the musical word. Needless to say, the girls were always happy to sing and happily heard. The Boys' Glee, directed by Miss Waldorf, presented a delightful series of gay Nineties songs at the Talent Show, string ties, polka dotted Sweetheart, and all. Dr. Christensen, pictured with the Stringed Instruments group, finds his charges eager to master the mysteries of bass and treble, piano and forte. 27 J .-of ww' -M, Add wind instruments and a percussion section to the string group and Lo! we have the Senior Orchestra. Well, perhaps it wasn't as simple as that, but the music it produced was simply grand! The Senior Orchestra played for several assemblies and participated in a city-wide music festival, bringing home many honors and fond memories. The junior Orchestra looks ahead to several years of enjoyable music at Airport and, in the meantime, plays some pretty "mean" music of its own. The Senior Band enjoyed a fine semester of several activities in addition to .the day to day playing that brings satisfaction to the earnest musician and the musical hobbyist alike. 28 ?w,-Y W.-. 1 ide :Mm On our way from one great city to another, we often stop along the way to explore. Here are some of almost sixty elective side- trips offered by Airport. Some travelers hnd these more rewarding than the main tour! A hobby or craft discovered in an elective can easily become a vocation, or even a way of life. 4 1 "Stage presencef' says Mr. Craycroft, "is a gift." - 1 Q . uw , ..7sfigg?ii,.f1'f ,- V 5 L ,Q +V V' f'W"?i'if2' 1 '1-is '54, My . A H K V, .t 5 V. M . M Q 57- as niggas my .X ,- ' 1- n ' Qs, .,,..,,. ' . K muh r -. in .L . , ,, .taunt , ,Q , y wg., . 0 rr f r A WLJ5 rf DWL 1 F A M .il ."a: .,.,,,., at Aqlg :IV Az., , , H IE . W-iirfijgegft-,j' 5 ' H K I Y f rf W . . iw, Wi. . .. ? ,x fzvi .FV re Q??l51f9gQ'iIi',"i,.-Sfrrgfg' 5 . f1f5Igf?f3iflff'H1 ":5" '5:f"':f ii: 5: : -:E-"2-Et.-5.."Kg1',E: P55-,'f.,, -- 71.45.-5gQ'Vj.5t'LLx4 MT' gy .. .,,., .A ..... ,In , A--' g ' 5g,'ff1s '- -- - ' lim if- ffjg fEff,'i sf.-in f2'122t12f-2m,rf,gi' ..,grQ52,Afsw,, pg gi ,, rg , , " is N0 Overguarding here, Miss Cox. Mr. Ball, I just can't seem to receive anything. Mm -' V' ' 7' ,, r k . 1 as . "' erfbi?'.,i-5"'w f 4- 1 l'f:'e5L?7?? le was Mr Cummings, he said, "When I nod my head, you hit How do you like my cartoon, Mrs. Bauer? V ggti did! J assi Did Dennis do a funny one, Mrs. Dawes? 29 Mr, Murphy makes sure that paper is stapled, not fingers. Swimii is im? b 7m-ia, qecw-gem! -z In France, a yo-yo works just the same as it does I, ,, 1 in California, but it climbs the string with an accent! Q, E I W J "Wil , it 1 sg: 1 2 Q g 5 t "x an ,. 'U' 'g , iv ,X in -,,- ' gmwwmwihmwtf H g .,,- ,1 gint- .. K ,, 2 A lll rv vs ' 1 0, ol' mf' Pla ro. Q D 1 'x , 5 als .Sims ev '31, .gt q::...:..:.: .- U , A 1 :Ly Q, - ff lu ,r v, - ,, ,.f 0 47 'I 'wm? QW 4 xl .221 5 f IN 3 ig l I l X A l zm,.,,.-4 Iijgik QQ! ga i 951,-sf' " me ,, 1 f ff W .t Q W , ' ' vu. .1 f 11 " 1 - i W V I - f " Dr. Vander jagt, "The Congo" sounds better when you do it! 24,4 vo , Q Y . . 6 M A ' . , "I Ag Q ,0 iffy. , er . ..,L A V353 A Nl, K 1 ' V 5551, -' TSS .,,. 1 V K , ' 1115 , 549:41 ' E 'sift . "x if ,Q H Q , , :n H.ed,- I ..,. 4 . W- m5:-w,:SQ3m ,V ., may-K, f- ,,.. A H ff-- ,- S ,, - 171' ' 'K iff' V T ' Vffgfifii ' K 2 K- , '- --" - L ,,,-fi e ,V fy' BQ iV?57-flYilfzefhifiligiiifif. f7'Y5liffifHEiLI1'L M - - W 15255, - fm, kt I r 4 i . ll . E-s,f MiM W its- I f Jr --iw t .3-lu M Y IM., 575 fl "X , in yt ' K Three human yo-yos look down on Mr. Arcuri. It's the only way They look calm, Miss Palmer. Can this last all flight? they can. fl!! ..-,:::' uma ,. 5-aw..---..,. my K Is your copperworking class full, Mr. Laddin? Thfee Paif Of afSVle5 bY Chfi5UT1P1S, Miss Vfiigf? il i WHY Na K I was W .1 I 7.7 1 Mr. Olsen's wood shop boys make sawdust the hard way. 30 When may we see them in action, Miss Sneed? E K M V ,, . ..-:-..:-.-K.,-E...---3:-.'-..Qfsa..2:ii:ns.: st. t t. ,mm, . tm t. f at Sh f . 1 t ..r,. , t . W,,.,2,i. 4 wt 'L EE Q in i '. ' I ,,,,,,,, vw-M f -- E A ' ' A zfflf ' Y In fe. X 2 I K 5 . M k , V I . 1 Z 3- ff . ' in r if-' ,. W - - K 2' - M . less zm fwaf-2 . , . - ive... . ,zruqff-,fa,.,..,.,,v.-L.:--Hb. J'-:J ,g..g'-15,15 ,ffgtfgzfmff'-fe- 312, ' 5' Q.. K fr, A .g,...f. k any yrs-wgswfa-E, 'F lm, .-I . , .L f,-Q'-4 LEEgiQ'S'EQ .f35?s 5A 11esE.w5'1 my r- 'sf - - M -f 1 14 Wyre-'ffl N ' .-2-f.:-va --fvgw ww ' we 1,-lxsrfsig-, ,. ' ':-.vw-A .:"' :..:' " 1 - , mi , ,krj'-"ramp s :"v.g.'Hjf1',.1fg'.: ,ws 91 , - iff A, 'sfrvvi fsifqff 3 -:' ' twig? A - ' "2 Q, L ' f i . A fm S 'ff' ,ss . 'QW - , V 'P K ' If-fa 'mg A im V ' .f '7f3 i. ., 5' fd -gfx ii g V ' as-M.. ' s , 1" "' , NgffQ.'::j " 1' - ' LW' f ' -. '-:K :- ' .:.:., A . . . f -I t , t 'W2gg,st,1'1A2?g9114--Q - '-' -- -- 1 -, . "" W 'W A- 'A 'A' .t L' 2 +7 f - -F' - -- W ,,,..,t:'4!4-r, um, V -Vi' Misses Risheberger and Palmer checking posture. Where's Rosalie? Thafs calling ,emi Mr' Benson. .M 'figfilxfs ' 4 My , r,..,,ww,- W ,ff Mr. Shevick teaches the science of pulling strings. , Jgw Li., '7 hills? f. ,Mfg . Believe it or not, it tasted good! Right, Mrs. Campbell? K May I be a pastry judge, Miss Yamamoto? Mrs. Ross, does it always take ages to finish? we 7: ' I Z f r 4- Q66 ,M II " X1 Q if 4 0 ic-'tj I ,ax,'n V '-:Q ' ... K 70 Mr. Pimental enjoys this class as much as the enthusiastic Airport Center leaders. 31 v' I f :I , ' In '9xN,',g I V J Steady, now, Mr. Hastings has his eye on you. Mrs. Sawyer, did you hear the yarn that Pt just told? I still don't see Why it's spelled "jai a1ai", Mr. Lopez. J, r 1-rw -rx 1. is: -i V 'hffiisfwsz' 7 AHRE . My project is almost finished, Mr. Wardell. ,L1W,,,f ffm, ,x ,L1W,,,,f Finish your sightseeing and get ready to climb aboard our next vehicle. You will have time for these side tours, but 1et's go. Remember, we have to be back at Airport within forty pages. John Doe is waiting! And he is the End! Miss Abbott, I don't see how she got ibut answer. How do you draw it so neatly, Mr. Guthrie? Oops! We got on the bus to the Deep South. Isn't that a magnolia, Dr. Herriott? A graridifiora from the PTA? When you think of school service, you naturally must think first of Air Patrol. The selfless wish to serve others in a complex society is a priceless factor in the successful existence of that society. How hats are off to the Air Patrol! Pictured to the right are Mr. Olsen, Sponsor, Jan Gary, Air Patrol Captain, Wendy Mueters, Secretary, Don Ver Kruyse, Vice-President, Kathleen jones, Historian, Bill Sinatra, Treasurer, and Mr. Walcott, Boys' Vice Principal. Look who won the Paper Drive. James Mogck, of Mr. Arcuri's Homeroom, holds the coveted cup. si'-I' f :,:I:Et'!'?"'7 i ' Mrs. Shaw, will we be finished in time for Cotton Day? Will I ever type without errors, Miss Tuxhornf umm., M I li Q QP' F usa, - Abi .vi K 46 t ..,..,. t Miss Hancock advises Cash Math workers against taking wooden nickels. No money in it. -is -ft ., , Mrs. Hardy, member of the Board of Education, advises our PTA about current matters of importance to our parents and to us. - 'cf Did your girls dance over from page 50, Miss Sneed, to pose so prettily for us again? Oops, new faces. T g 465 Tame KWH Student Body Offirerr. Morrine Blewett, Chief justice, and Lynne Fratus, Historian, seated above. Standing: johnny Thomsen, Presidentg Ken Walker, Treasurer, jan Gary, Air Patrol Captaing Fred Haug, Commissioner of Youth Activitiesg Michael Joseph- son, Boys' Vice President, and Kris Berge, Junior Congress Presi- dent. Seated below: jerrie Ferguson, Girls' Vice Presidentg Jan Johnson, Corresponding Secretaryg and Anita Alter, Recording Secretary. Az right. junior Congress, made up of Homeroom presidents from the B7, A7, and B8 classes, learn government the direct way, by being part of one. Below. Mr. Stelter and the Student Court smile for Mr, Fiske's ubiquitous camera, so the verdict must have been, "Not guilty!" Mr. Raboy and his alert Tower Talk staff crowd about the re- write desks in the capacious publications office. I- 14' ' f, ,ti A ,,-14 1 .1 ,X Numan MJ VV and Yublicafzww Tours are organized by budding statesmen, judged bv Smvdem Court, and written about by Tower Talk, and Flight Log, our semi-annual. V I i Imlallation Assembly. Last semester's president, Pat Sawyer, paid us a flying visit to assist Mrs. Skidmore, Senior Congress sponsor, and Mr. Bo- bick, Junior Congress sponsor, with the always impressive ceremony of installation. The retiring oiiicers feel the honor and experience of the oflices they leave, while the incoming officers anticipate the real values of their new responsibilities. With the symbols of office before them, all of these "tourists" in government look mighty impressive, now, don't they? Ai left. Mrs. Skidmore and Senior Congress pause between two Cor morej of their many projects, to be photographed on the famous Audi- torium steps, scene of many important Airport events, as well as a convenient place on which to wait in case you ride the Metropolitan bus! Student Congress has accomplished many im- portant projects this semester, setting even higher standards for next year. Below. Anywhere you travel in the civilized and semi-civilized world, you will be beseiged by the seller of souvenirs. Most of us succumb to the charms of his books, statues, pictures, and native art work. Most of us feel the need for a symbol that will remind us of tours taken and events seen. Flight Log tries to be such a symbol and more. We hope it is a record of these events, too. Mr. Howenstein smiles at one of the many jokes his lively crew has created. Home life varies over the world, but the home is valued in every land. Industry and Agriculture have improved that home life, too. Seated: Mrs. Sawyer, Miss Voigt, Mrs. Campbell, Mrs. Ross, Chairman, Miss Yamamoto, and Mrs. Shaw, Homemaking. Standing: Mr. Ball, Mr. Fiske, and Mr. Wardell, Industrial Arts, Mr. Mann, Chairman, Agriculture, Mr. Olsen, Mr. Guthrie, Mr. Murphy, Chairman, and Mr. Cummings, Industrial Arts. How can Men get along with each other? This question has given birth to a fairly new area of thinking called Social Studies. Because Social Studies is so closely dependent on language, here at Airport we study both English and Social Studies from the same teacher. Seated: Dr. Vanderjagt, Mrs. Sabagh, Mrs. Skidmore, and Mr. Suftin. Standing: Mr. Lopez, Chairman, Language Depart- ment, Mr. Stelter, Mr. Sholtz, and Mr. Raboy, all of the English! Social Studies Department. 744 Dfawltq Music and Art are universal appeals, while Business the world over depends on the skill of the typist. Seated: Miss Waldorf, Dr. Christensen, Chairman, and Mrs. Andersen of the Music De- partment: Miss Freed, Typing. Standing: Miss Tuxhorn, Chair- man, Typing, Mrs. Dawes, Mr. Laddin, and Mrs. Bauer, Chair- man, of the Art Department. a at , As man grew curious about his planet, he developed bodies of information which eventually became known as Mathematics and Science. He tried to explain the things he observed by using these new facts. Seated: Mrs. Lofdahl, Mrs. Jackson, Mrs. Wood, Mrs. Hawthorne, Miss Abbott, and Mr. WendmE, Co-ordinator. Stand- ing: Mr. Mock, Miss Hancock, Mr. Helvey, Mrs. Thomas, and Mr. Shevick. A World of Knowledge, gathered from the foar corners of Earth, from all age! of man, for all ager to come. Modern life often leaves us little opportunity to properly exer- cise our bodies. Men have developed an infinite variety of sports to add pleasure to exercising, Both sports and routines of exercise are planned in the Physical Education Department to build our bodies to their nnest potential. Seated: Miss Cox, Miss Rishe- berger, Chairman, Girls' P.E., Miss Sneed, and Miss Palmer. Stand- ing: Mr, Benson, Mr. Pimental, Mr. Arcuri, Mr. Hastings, Chair- man of the Department, and Mr. Greve. Here's the rest of that big, big English!Social Studies Depart- ment. Every student takes these subjects every semester, so we need many teachers. Seatd: Mr. Howenstein, Mrs. Crooke, Co-ordinator, Mr. Kennedy, Miss Lasher, Mrs. Banarer, and Mr. Kushner, Standing: Mr. Harloe, Mr. Burgess, and Mr. Craycroft. Airport's Janice Basore wins a 33100 scholarship and receives the congratulations of the Scholarship Committee of the local Rotary Club, who donated the award. V 37 Airport junior High participates each semester in the training of new teachers through a cadet program in which a regular teacher and a cadet teacher work together with a class. From left to right: Mr. Stelter, Mr. Brochtrup, Mrs. Crooke, Mr. Lopez, Mr. Peterson, Mr. Pinza, Miss Tuxhorn, Mrs. Trimble, Mr. Howen- stein, and Mr. Simon. V T ,A No tour can be complete without the expert assistance of an informed guide. These are the people who show us the best path to choose from many, or where to find a path where there seem to be none. They help us to observe things along the way that we might have overlooked, and to know the importance of the things that we do observe. mm:- -nnq unusual 5 '10 1 Me+wl!- 'li 5 s,i "rt . Lppmnluli is if 1. 1'-,--L ? 1:W6? Mr. Brown, Registrar and A7 Counselorg Mrs. Kingsley, Guidance Director and A8 Counselorg Mr. WendorE, B8 Counselor, Miss Seymour, Health Director and A9 Counse- lorg Mr. Craycroft, B7 Counselorg and Miss Sneed, B9 Counselor. This semester, the Flight Log "crew" has chosen world travel as its theme. Would our pro- gram of studies at Airport in any way prepare you for world travel? Let's see. Our basic program of study requires you to take Social Studies, English, Math, Science, Physi- cal Education, and Shop or Homemaking. Certain- ly there is no better way of learning about our foreign neighbors and their countries than through our Social Studies classes. Each semester covers something new. English is our language. It has its roots in many of our foreign languages. Of neces- sity, one must refer to foreign languages when studying our own. The fields of math and science have produced some of the most well known names in history. Most of these great men and women came from foreign countries. We owe much of what we learn' in Physical Education, Homemaking, and our Shops to foreign influ- ence and foreign discovery. Through our elective program we offer a wide opportunity to learn about foreign lands. Three electives which come to my mind particularly are General Language, Spanish, and Folk Dancing. We should feel particularly proud that right within the confines of one school we can learn so much about the world around us. Fulvia Kingsley 38 Secretaries and clerks make our tour an efficient, well documented endeavour. Newcomers to the tour are welcomed and made a part of the organization. Seated: Miss Beutel. Standing: Mrs. Teskey, Mrs. Elliott, Miss Splitter, and Mrs. Bixler. fl No tour could leave home port without an executive directive. Laws are made, rules devised, and plans may be built. These remain potential values until the leader of the group directs the necessary action. At Airport we who are traveling on student visas, from B7 to A9, are fortunate that we may assist our administration in setting up our educa- tional tout. The halls of government echo to the busy steps of Dr. Herriott, Mrs. Desper, and Mr. Walcott, as they make sure we are well-equipped for our journey through the many lands of Education. MR WALCOTT MRS. DESPER DR. HERRIOTT DR. HERRIOTT Chief C oriclirctor of the Grand Tour Principal of Airport junior High Bon jour, Mes Amis-Greetings, My Friends: You were born in the Air Age. You will live in a time when the remotest parts of the earth are but hours away. Will you live in an Age of Friendship and Peace? If my generation has not made this possible, then it will be up to you to bring it about. Recuerdos de la Clase de junio de 1957, I wish you well. Arrivederci. Auf Wiedersehen. Au Revoir. Adios. M. E. Herrioli MR. WALCOTT Boys' Vice Principal Today you fly to strange far off places, to adventure, to- new worlds. You have had many exciting and interesting experiences in the last two years in our flights. You have traveled far to distant lands, you've seen strangepeople and customs. As you traveled on this amazing journey of learning, you have gained much. You've developed new friends, new understandings, new ideas and appreciations. May you continue ever to travel on toward your go al. Bon Voyage Walter C. Walcott Mas. DESPER Girls' Vice Principal "Around the World in Eighty Days" was once thought impos- sible. Today world travel, even by air, is no longer considered miraculous, it might almost be said to have become common- place. The preparations that go into a trip around the world, however, take much more time and greater inventive genius than the trip itself. Try to add up the hours and the years it takes to build a plane and equipment, to train the pilot and crew, to plot the course, and to plan for the welfare of crew and passengers throughout the journey. Is this possible? The real miracle is not in the flight itself, but in the preparation for the flight. Congratulations to you, members of the class of S '57. You have not only prepared yourselves, but you have also helped to make Airport junior High School a place for such preparation, and you now leave us to spread your wings. May your flight be successful, your world unlimited. E. Derper 11

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