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, .,,., . x up .f, P ,v 1. V. 1 ' 4 N , , i1 . 1 4 I A U ' - ,I HP' li?f3l5i'BiTilZQfi,l .il-115.5 K xi. .N '-5 . 1 ' Y- .' K -' i - ' 'L' "-4'fiQ A' W 'J' " " " Qg"?'1x ' .w-10 1 D , , Rx , o , -- Q H-x . all . ' an ' , ' . , ' , Q ' 7. ' X 5 . v v x Q N, Y .H it ' ' K ' ,wg-h N' xl v 1 J' N ,r 1' 5 A 5 . P' 4, . . .. ., frr . . rn' f+: f,-W-W h Mir' -w "Yf,J" if , Q h sq- 'K -1 'Q -pxdcl , . X ,gg-r 9- . . I 'fn .-Alf' ,J r, v -'5 ' ,.-S L ,Q f 15 2 XF , H. .X 'vt K -.Sw -riff' D xx ,sf ,tx QQ fix HH3' f Si? 1 0 I. .-1 - V-1 ff V ,. . ,.,:,5x f, r 5354 Ag, ,714 . ' ,.f ' 1 'Q a LQ F' Au K. 5 Y " ,R if .f ,-ff Jf'fl?"4f"' .W X , w .v . . 1 H .. , , V . QV 5 Ao YL' i , X- 'Q , v ' ' 2- I ir 5. , x 45, . M . Eff, W MW -F ,-, .. if w. . H , , .. L9.,',2, , v 461 1 V Q- V 1, . GQ. 4 'v X if ,fn iw Q ' 1 gl Q fl . mg L, fr ' P. 4, nrf.",' 5 GU v . . 'sv fy . ,em K f gi. 'mwh' ' , N1,Mj it is , ,v fl il ,,. A ' sf 16' "AF Mi f lf?-f.wgf 1. fi' f ,Q'.ug.,,, l,,.15S141,bwm ' 45 4, ,ix + ' f ' ' w 2. fm , x Vw, ' . x., V! uv ' . L A 4 ml- ' A f L A 'W' if xx bas" -G. i"x'1'. ' f :ing 5, F ur .k H. . , W ' I, Q :L xv W l r ,Y l Ai , sa, .VLA 1 Q . ev ' " A T x U. 'KJ L, .L 7 , , fu f 447 t 4 , x b .a .ew Q M' . I :, in '- .SV Vx. ii 21. ,eg A' ' 6 .,,' -ll ,8 ah: til . , " I! w. . I . ' 4 V-4 . - w Z H W ' II x . 2 '25 Ii! Til 1 A? L' 4 . ' ' 5 ' 7 ' - MY' ,V ,. - x- "' , iv B' A41 K ' 'E ,e .s,.. .:,Q",Q1 Sffjffi ?,Q'5?g'g,Qa' 'K " SX Q! X Baa" 2 kbqm-. A . , .. m,N..,,, 2 ,sn . X 4 A K X 1-a -H ,fn lam' L.: 1, E A -' E K I g, ' ' -4 ' .. -, 9 T' 1 Ji ,ff - -:mm -..,i .' - 'ww , Q 2 -ff ' ,N ' Q31 - 53 Qiiiiiv i . ex. Wx., L 1 F '25 Q 4 ' ,A if -gfw-dh, 1 f '.E.Xl:i3q'2:Q 9'.:ff-ff 'ffl Q, i Li'x.,'k ' ' qi F, 'Il -, 4, 'W 'K "H---N. ' .A E ,ri Q13 -, .'Qt'gI A f- 5.5 ' QQ af- J' -.ifwt , ' ,' ITL: rv-W5 wif f 'Afk 'gi-t4f" 'lf' "2fWff1jg:S! gi jjj" 251, iii? 5,9 LV7 Lngki ' A4 , was yy , MUEWQJ WHL! ji if QW K W'JH YffwU ff W J UEIQgO!l!J!j3p fo h UNM M, in ' if '11 My t ,M we f x . i- l P6 UW55jQWf,Tf5W 1 l QM MM fwiL, HJZX Wwwmww 77,2100 Wim L60 QQMMLUMEWQMYL 62700113 ' alhalla Airline High School Bossiei' City, Louisiana Editor .............. DIANE BARKSDALE Associate Editor . . ...... JEANIE ALLEN Business Manager .... BARBARA FERRELL Sponsor ...... MRS. KENNETH CALDWELL THE WORLD OF A VIKING The world of a Viking encompassed so much. It was also the part of our life in which we shaped and formed our patterns which we will use in our adult lives. Our Viking world consisted of academics for a good part. In this area, we shared the agonies as well as the rewards of our hard work. We served our communities, fellow students, and Airline through our partici- pation in our clubs and organizations. As we attended our school functions and social events, we created a wealth of memories which will not be soon forgotten. We have gone through our Viking world with so many mixed emotions. Throughout all the different phases we all still remained Vikings in every sense of the word. As this Viking year closed, some of us left our Viking world to enter the adult world. As we left, we knew that we were prepared, for we had shared our Viking world and it had made us ready for our new world. The 1970 VALHALLA Staff Study halls were literally "in the halls" this year. David Hudson showed his pride in Airline by throw- ing trash into a can, U A E Jim Williams demonstrated his skill in PE. Airline, a major scene in the world of Vikings was seldom seen vacated like this. Pat Wyatt tried to get some spirit from the "Charlie Brown" skit group M2542 Mmm' : , ADMINISTRATION ACADEMICS STUDENT LIFE CLASSES TABLE OF CONTEN S INDEX HONORS 1 14 ORGANIZATIONS 144 ATHLETICS 190 ADVERTISEMENTS 222 241 I ' ' 1' ,gmiw fzagiww ,1 ,' 113 121,115 1- 11 , ,, ,...1f,. C,-.-..f'3'1Q,,r,,W,,n , 11.f4,. V wwf, , ,ff ,kv-ff 1 14 Q, 1,111 11 N-vm fr Y Vjfgfykf, 1, ww ,fu - .1 1:1 1 " 1 F :f :T " ?12'2fQffu1 '-Qf1'1sr1:s.:1 , - , S' ' 122 14' ' 3Q19f1H,f.' .Kwik " , ge' " 1' 'LSQ3-mil ' V F5512 'N ' I, if., , ' LV5"E-. Q1 ' wma 1 f H : 4 1 A 7 .T ' if 7,1 ,- A 'f ' ' n f : f 1 . 1 . -. - 92 1 if B' - 'T' 7 . A x ii' , ' :i w .M-1-H""?"" f , A , :lg!AE:fb1L,' H1 Y .iff 5 .,1 . "' 1 I 1 W - ., " W1 . V . , 1, 41..15u,,f -w 0,1 .lm 75 EL, 1.1 ,+.,,v2+ I1 I 5 Chemistry stude ACADEMICS Vikings realized the importance of a good education. This was a possible rea- son the Vikings excelled in academics. The students were truly at an advantage because of the varied selection of courses offered at Airline. Our Honor English program was offered in our sophomore class for the first time this year. The eleventh and twelfth grade Honor En- glish courses were continued, as well as the Honor American History course. In our academics world, we learned a bit more about life, especially how to compete with our fellow students and come out the best. Ricky Armstrong checked the bulletin board in his English class. my . nts used their time wisely by studying y vpn I y ,s lk, s s g M "Lvl T01'0mY Cornelius finished 3 lab QXQT- Patty Moore made the most of her time by studying a cise by cleaning up. 'WW Mrs. Rogers explained verb tenses to Sammy Stroope. i 5 I t school. ,hula The football team sat in their special place during pep rallies. Mike Linton cheered the offense on. The sophomore track team did an excellent job this year. A big crowd was always on hand in the new stadium to cheer the Vikings on. .Eu 5 fi' K E g gf up M E 59 A W X JW E '04 W. QQ bggwwli I 'ff' , . xl 52 I 7 " M' W Q ,wmv 'E kfgtmf 332' jig. P, '1Fs' V A .- , , N' k A 5 .. aw hw J 1' , ,i F U M fi f V in ,M ' gi Q' ' 'mulling "FA, 5 ' mr' A ' - ' ., N 'hp r Ml. ,I . X .w X ,, , . M , sggwa A ff 1 ,ea f ' A ' aw: ' ' ' 1 as - . ,VJ A 3 .. fi 5 M1 M w WE: lj ' Q I fi M 1 5 .fa Y' , af gig Wi' ,wiv f we-mf in he I Lynn Brubaker and Barbara Ferrell prepared final copy sheets for the yearbook. Skilled b a n d members Alan Morgan purchased a program from Sharon Dunlop. helped boost spirit with their playing. EXTRA C URRI C ULARS The ability to accept additional responsibil- ities Was really characteristic of the Vikings this year. In addition to our academic load, We participated avidly in extracurriculars. Vikings had many, varied clubs from which to choose. They ranged from service clubs to honor so- cieties. There Were possibly times that our hard work was to no avail, but as We look back We can see our rewards. Our main achievement was that our efforts upheld the Viking-World tradition of being Number One. Mike Seale looked over the pro- gram of the FCA summer camp he attended. ' -- H VIi IV Maureen G r a h a m served as NHS presi- dent. Key Clubber, Arthur Bernstein, u s h e r e d alumni, Lynn Chaf- fin, to his seat. m M Q: . 8 , M, 3.229 3 z :Q 4 1-if Cheerleaders boosted spirit at a spirit breakfast. SPIRIT Spirit Was the key to our success this year in our Viking World, Airline. Our spirit was a basic loyalty that could be traced back to each phase of our school life. It gave us the determination to keep Airline Number One as we strove to uphold the Viking traditions. Viking spirit was abundant and Airline seemed to come alive with the enthusiastic faculty and student body. We desired to learn in our classes and Worked hard in our clubs and organizations to prove that Air- line could be nothing but the best. LEFT: Sidelined football players cheered the Vikes on to victory The Viking ship was a symbol of our pride rally. The band proved their spirit as they presented a skit at a pep Mr. Horneman presented senior class president, Gary Smith, his senior ring. Through his studying, David Nogzilia achieved the honor of National Merit Semi-Finalist. This Viking was a symbol of achievement from the seniors of 1968. Awards were presented to Bob Jackson for his outstanding photography. A CHIE VEMEN T The one characteristic of a school that is most noticed by the community in which it is located is the number of outstanding students We claimed. Airline had many such students. There were two main reasons for this: the first was that there were so many different fields for a student to excel in at Airline, and the second was that Vikings excelled in everything that they undertook. In our Viking world, we ventured into each new challenge with stronger determination and more steadfast courage than before. For each reached goal, a higher one was set. Achievement was the key note for seniors on their graduation night. aff, -Fax! ii 144 2 W 4- 1 A R xv grfmisg g Q Q Y T ,Q S 2 4- Marilyn Coffey displayed her abilities during a pep rally. PARTI CIPA TIUN In our Viking world this year, there seemed to be opportunities on every hand for participation. Service and improvement to our school and community were the main goals of the participating individuals. At Air- line these goals were almost tra- ditional because for each preceding year there were new services per- formed and new improvements made. Our great, Viking participation was what helped keep Airline Num- ber One material. LEFT: Richard Wallesverd helped coun- selors by keeping the files in order. Seniors registered surprise as they learned that they had been selected for the senior play. 5--N K! v ,pew 1' vlfpz ADMINISTRATION Robert Horneman Principal Mr. Horneman varied his daily routine by walking the halls and relaxing with a cup of coffee. Mr. Robert D. Horneman has remained Airlines principal dur- the paslft six years. Expansion and progress have found him col- laborating with the school's new computer program and his re- sponsibilities have been furthered as he also presided as Dean of Airline Junior College. Of Airlines past six years of tradition and spirit, Mr. Horne- man has been extremely proud of such a changing and growing in- stitution. Mr. Horneman stood with Diane Barks- dale, homecoming queen, and his daughterg told freshmen of their duties at Airline, and read a yearbook in his office. Mr. Haynes' duties, though varied, were necessary to have a better school in dis- cipline and order. Earl Haynes Assistant Principal YR X. Q :Ep , X sas.. x. will Counselors Assisted Students in Subject Choices The counselors, Charles Anderson and Polly Stroud, helped students during the year to schedule subjects, solve problems, and plan future careers. i""'M Hill' MM... 352322341 L u.u.LU'l Z' ,,,..i Teachers Found Pleasure in Their Work MRS. MURLENE G. ADKINS Typewriting I, Shorthand I, College Typ-ewriting . . . Sponsors Valhalla Ad Staff MISS PATRICIA ANN ANDERSON Li- brary Science Sponsors Library Club MRS. BETTYE BARNES Health, Physical Education Sponsors Senior Y-Teens MR. KEN BASS . .. Distributive Education . . . Sponsors D.E.C.A. MISS SUSAN BEAUCHAMP Civics, Phys- ical Science Sponsors Freshman Y-Teens MRS. MARGARET BLACKADAR . . . English I MR. BILL BOWEN . . . General Science MR. JOHSHA E. BRYANT . .. Civics MRS. LULU M. BUCKLEW Spanish I, III, College Sponsors Sociedad Honoraria His- panica Teachers took a break in the lounge fabovejg Mrs. High, Mr. Nichols, and Mrs. Cox discussed the day's activities fabove rightjg and Miss Irby and Miss Mc- Callister looded over an assignment Crightj. MRS. LAVALLE BUSH Algebra I, Geome- try, Senior Arithmetic . . . Sponsors Future Teachers of America MRS. VICKY CALDWELL Typwriting I, Shorthand I, Clerical Practice . . . Sponsors Year- book fValhallaD MRS. MARGIE CARLETON . .. Typewriting I, General Business MR. TOMMY CARLETON World History, American History MRS. OVELIA A. CARLISLE . .. Library Sci- ence . . . Sponsors Beta Club, Library Club MRS. VIRGINIA S. CARNAHAN Civics, World History . . . Sponsors Student Council MRS. JANIE A. COLEMAN . . . Physical Educa- tion, Dance Sponsors Pep Squad ' MISS L. VIRGINIA CONNELL Physical Education MRS. BESSIE D. COX Algebra I MR. JERRY COX . . . Civics, American History MRS. MATTIE LOU COX . . . Algebra II, Busi- ness Math MRS. SUSAN GILLAN English I, II Sponsors Sophomore Y-Teens . - H i fisfxr is s ry. 12 xg ga - 5 WW - Q I 'f:.v:,,....vv.a,.-'swff 1- S: Ji' u -f 1 -A ' ffsffrifzszf.-5:2as2' - Y ' - ' ff 5- fr ' .. . -. -2 53 :HF -ii' YT? 'ERN-: 572' -. ' -I L S... 2 ,gk ..:'gQ.'- 1' 1-1 ,535 :Ms 221- z -Hg. v .-"T f- UN- ......affhQ.'-' -yr, vs- -ww? .3 ., Q--,P . .,. - ,ws :Sw fs .. : .-.'yQ.- -.N fp R sirffbi L, 55 ' "" i . ' , -- ""' K' c mg P. t ,.... G " , I - - I f iiiiiggifg - I - . Nw. 'RIF' X' . ' -s"' vii? 'air '72-'7 ."'v ' ,, .tv . i . .1 K c:.. 1f:s -t.1z- -f 1 - - w as-swWT"c'c ' . Mrs. Samuel's work piled up over the year Qabovejg Mrs. Stephens' student teacher, Mr. Stegal, was a hit with the girls fleftj. Teachers - Always Learning MR. KENNETH F. GRAVES . . . Biology MR. JACK GRAY . . . Physical Education MR. REDEN CLAY HARPER HI Health, Physical Education MR. ALBERT CAYNELL HAWKINS . . . Phys- ics, Biology MR. RON HENDRICKS . . . Health, Physical Education s MRS. MILDRED ANN HENRY . . . Typewriting I, English I . . . Sponsors French Club Mr Williams helped a student to learn music during the year fabovej Coaches Maples and Harper looked over roll during gym class Qabove rightj Mr Walden took up tickets at Airlines new football stadium this year frightl C Q K Q mf . MRS. NELWYN HIGH . . . Literature II, French II . . . Sponsors French Club MR. WILLIAM H. HINKIE . . . General Science . .. Sponsors Student Medical Assistance MR. J. C. HOWELL Drivers Education MR. WILLIAM M. HUMPHRIES Biology Sponsors Junior Medical League MRS. FRANCES JONES Home Economics . . . Sponsors Junior Class MR. L. PARNELL JONES . .. Chemistry MISS W. D. JONES . . . English III MRL ELIOT S. KNOWLES, JR. . . . Honors American History, Political Science, Economics . . . Sponsors Audio-Visual Aids, National Honor Society MR. J. R. MALMAY General Shop, Wood- Working Sponsors Industrial Arts MR. BILLY D. MAPLES . . . American Govern- ment, American History MISS KATHY MCCALLISTER English IV Sponsors Student Council, Senior Class MR. WILLIAM L. NICHOLS, JR. . . . American History, Geography Sponsors Key Club 91345 X sa? W is ,- wx ' ,sw , ' .. - s ' I ,. Mr. C. A. Walker didn't work all the time as shown at left but Mrs. Carnahan seemed to fabovej. Early morning symptoms were illustrated by' Mr. fabovejg Mr. Knowles got football games during the of late night activities Cox and Mr. Carleton a bird's eye view of all season frightj. 'Q Ili Ng ffl l MISS LINDA SUE NOLLEY Geometry, Business Math MRS. MARY NORVELL Health, Physical Education Sponsors Pep Squad MRS. LOIS NUGENT . .. Home Economics . .. Sponsors Future Homemakers of America MR. RICHARD PARNELL English II Sponsors Photo Club MRS. JEAN PHILYAW . .. Spanish . .. Spon- sors Sociedad Honoraria de Espana MR. M. D. RAY, JR. . . . Physical Education MRS. GLEN DA ROGERS . . . English I, IV MRS. VIRGINIA SHAROL ROMINE Eng- lish II, III IEVIR. LOUIS N. RUTTLE . . . Algebra II,,Geome- FY Teachers Participated Enthusiastically Teachers boosted spirit during one of Airline's great pep rallies!! Qleftjg Mrs. Caldwell, Mrs. Barnes, and Mr. Graves were among the faculty who chaperoned the senior prom fbelowj. 29 Junior Sponsors Planned Ring Ding MRS. EMELYN H. SAMUEL Algebra I Trigonometry, Advanced Math Sponsors Mu Alpha Theta MR. PAUL H. SEPULVADO Electronics College . . . Sponsors Industrial Arts Club MRS. IANTHA SMITH .. Bookkeeping Data Processing, Typewriting . Sponsors Askalada MR. W. LAMAR SMITH . Band MRS. RAMONA STEPHENS English III . . . Sponsors Junior Class MISS BETTY STUART . . Typewriting II Data Processing Sponsors FBLA Beta Club MRS. JERRY THURMAN Ar Sponsors National Honor Society MR. DAVID WALDEN . Civics World His tory MRS. ELAINE WALDEN English I Sponsors Cheerleaders Mrs. Carlisle and Miss Stuart enjoyed refreshments during the prom fabovejg Mrs. Ste- phens, Miss Hartsfield and Mrs. Jones took a break after the Junior Class Ring Ding Crightj. MR. JON R. WALDEN Gen- eral Math, Algebra I, Physical Education Sponsors Fellow- ship of Christian Athletes MR. C. A. WALKER Archi- tectural and Mechanical Drafting MRS. GLORIA A. WANDREY . . . French . . . Sponsors French Club MR. J ODIE WILLIAMS . . . Vocal Music, Music Appreciation Sponsors Choir Club MRS. CLAUDINE BOND Registrar MRS. THELMA PUGH Li- brarian Assistant MRS. HELEN LOUISE STAN- LEY . . . Secretary Mr. Graves ate many meals in our cafeteria fbelow leftjg Mr. Smith tooted his horn fbelow rightly the cafeteria ladies fixed many nutritious lunches this year Cbottomj. l 32 ACADEMICS English-Provided Challenges to All The English courses at Airline prove to help students with their every day life. Each English teacher puts forth his best effort to teach his students the importance that it brings. English courses are stressed very much and though only three years are required many stu- dents take the fourth year as it will help pre- pare them for college years. Mr. Parnell listened attentively as Sue Lovelady gave her book report frightj. Miss Jones daily displayed her "good-morning" smile. Mrs. Gillian often talked to her students about the im- portance of English ftop rightl. Students in Mrs. Stevens English class awaited their instructions for a test fmiddle rightj. Mrs. Rodgers' class listened closely as she reviewed the lesson for the day Cbottom rightl. Mrs. Blackadore locks her door at the end of a very busy day fbottom leftj. Students in Mrs. Wa1den's English class were always learning to do the correct things. E ,,.,.,,.....-----W athematics- Vital for the Future Problems, p roblem s every- where. That is the main reason Airline has math classes. These courses enable a student to solve these problems and prepare him for more to come. With the aid of good teachers, each student is given a chance to learn the importance of solving problems that occur in everyday life. " . Mr. Ruttle looks over very cautiously the papers of David Vaughn and Berry Shipp. Mrs. B. Cox assisted- Gail Sturdivart with her Algebra problem Ctop leftj. Come on Steve. is that the only place you could find to study . . . in the corner fbottom leftl. Mrs. Samuel observed the trig problem done by Pat Wyatt. Pat, Barbara, and Ken discuss their advance math problems fbottom leftj. Miss Nolley explains math to her students using the overhead projector Ctop righth. A Students are given time to get most of their math homework done in class Cbottom rightl. Mrs. M. Cox explained to Jill Freeman the correct Way to work her math problems. WXKWW xi Science-Todays Subject for Tomorrow Because We live in such an industrial World, our science courses set out to help the students understand what makes the World tick. The stu- dents are taught, lectured and do experiments that acquire the knowledge they gain through- out their science classes. Each teacher of science tries to give his stu- dents the opportunity to learn for himself what nature has given man. Because of the Wonder- ful equipment Airline has, this provides each student with a chance to find things out for himself. Fishing again, Mr. Humphries ? Mr. Jones looked through the Chemistry workbook for problems on his tests fleftb. Mr. Sepulvado and Paul Anderson constantly worked experiments with electronics Ctopj. Histor - A Look at the Past The past is always made interesting with Air- line's great history teachers. Looking back en- ables us to look forward with more knowledge. The history that is taught to students at Airline gives them the understanding of America, as Well as other countries and their backgrounds. The history department is made to keep the students interested in the past and from the past, we should look forward to the future and be able to solve most problems in this Vast world of ours. 5 A vlgz, ,, V nv 1. y A ysti per l Vtr, f' 'B , ' if -2' E "" 1 Q Sl V ,lstyssi ,, e f li' B A y l Q y itl l t,.yl y s H ,,t t A t it ' y - is ytiy syssiyy s . ti' s sto yy , 1 iji . ,tr, totti T Students paid strict attention as Mr. Bryant pointed out an important spot on the map. Mr. Carlton glanced up as he heard a smart remark from one of his students fleftj Coach Maples was always discussing government affairs to his students in American Government ftop rightl. Student teacher, Miss Pedula, often had her stu- dents take notes from the board fmiddle rightj. Business - The World o Tomorrow The business offered at Airline is one of the best found anywhere. These courses teach stu- dents the business life and how to live and sur- vive in it. With the equipment that has been set aside for their use, the students will leave Airline and be able to work in most business offices with the understanding and knowledge on how to run things properly. We are proud of the business courses offered at Airline and the teachers who work so hard to place knowledge into the minds of students. Typing, under Mrs. Adkins, developed skills that were once unknowing to students ftop leftj. Colleen Farley and Liz Hounsell worked hard to get their data processing cards in order fbottom lefti. Debbie Humphries talks to Mr. Jennings in a cler- ical practice interview fmiddle rightj. Booking students worked hard on their practice sets fbottom rightj. Mrs. Caldwell waited as she gave Cindy Silas and Barbara Ferrell a time-writing test in shorthand. mm Ma-rie Barnes was one of the many students in Mrs. Ph1lyaw's Spanish class to Write sentences on the board ftop rightj. Mrs. Wandry frequently discussed to her class the French dialogues in their books fmiddle rightj. Mrs. Bucklew tuned in to one of her students during a lab class Cbottom rightj. Students in lab were able to relax and listen to French records. Language - Communication With Uther Worlds Only French and Spanish language courses are offered at Airline. Any student may choose to study one. With the lab, books, and special records that are rnade especially for language study, students are able to learn the language in a Very short while. After a few years of language, any student should be able to speak the language very Well, and be able to listen and understand what is being said in their particular language. Airline has very qualified teachers who put forth their best to teach each student the correct Way to speak the foreign language that they have ma- jored in and are teaching students. Music - Enlightened the Viking's World The life of music plays a very big and im- portant part at Airline. Students that partici- pate in the band or choir are able to develop skills and talents more abruptly. Throughout the year, concerts are given for the enjoyment and relaxation of the students and faculty. Many hard hours are put into the music de- partment and every one is worth it when per- formances are given to the school, or social functions. Airline is very proud of her music de- partments and a big appreciation to all those who Work to make it successful is given. Band students awaited eagerly to Mr. Smith's next command ftop rightj. Mr. Williams directed the choir in one of their many songs Qtop leftj. Mr. Smith and Mr. Williams constantly chatted on their off periods. Physical Fitness Stressed at Airline Keeping everyone healthy at Airline is a very important task indeed. The many pro- grams of physical fitness that the P.E. de- partments have, enable the students to stay fit and enjoy themselves While they are doing it. Sportsmanship and team participation Were stressed and carried out throughout the year. With the friendly attitudes that were pres- ent by each student, the physical fitness program at Airline was made a very suc- cessful one. Students in Mrs. Coleman's modern dance class discuss new techniques to put into their dance. No one can tell these girls that square dancing isn't fun ftop leftl. Lt. Bolton talked to health classes about the dangers of drugs fbottom leftj. The basketball team constantly worked out during 6th period gym ftop rightj. ii' 4 , ,1 1 1 1 3 ' il Y T W .. - 5 lee.,-1 3 . "1-- A ii it we ,,s-MH., Electives Developed M an Talents There are so many electives to choose from at Airline that it is hard to believe classes are overcrowded. The purpose of these electives is to give each student his choice of courses to take that will develop his skills for the future years of his life. With the equipment that has been placed to help the students, their studies in these courses are made easier and more practical. Students' Work on electronic machines is never done, for there is so much to learn ftop leftj. The boys in shop often built undescribable things imid- dle leftj. Extra curricular activities in art classes was watering the plants fbottom leftl. Mrs. Jones and a few girls from Home Ec. gave fin- ishing touches to their Christmas decorations fbottom rightl. Debates were a common sight to see in Speech classes weekly. 1 ., I I ,al Mrs, Nugent demonstrated new sewing techniques to her students. Study hall provided students with an opportunity to gossip ftop leftb. Mr. Deblieux demonstrated to his "bright" students how to work the "idiot" boxes fmiddle leftj. Ben Gurganis seemed to have a problem with his mechanical drawing sketches ftop rightJ. Pat Outlaw pointed out that his opponents were at fault in their Speech debate Crightj. 46 ,,:.,,,,,A, ,. ....- , ,,,,..W, ..., , .,,.. ,la i.. r ., s M......,,.W.:. Q -- . .. ,,X, ,,.. 1 a-s.s--,I.41111iss:-N5-sizzix,wawa-sm: 2: - s .1-1. ' z""Wi Rrizriifg N NSW -- Lx :SLNQQ-5-,:1.S::S:" . -3'-I "LI:-.zi- Larry Petty and Linda Murry discuss landmarks on the globe in World History Qtop leftj. Students in history classes were always eager to learn fbottomj. There was always a need for studying in any history class fbottom rightb. Reading literature was a favorite pastime by many students. a , STUDENT LIFE Through various activities stu- dents s h o w e d their devotion to A i rl i n e High School. Among these activities were cheerlead- ing a n d band practice, s k it s a n d decorating f o r out-of-tovsm games. Spirit Formed a Bond Among Students Cheerleaders called a cheer at a game fabovej. Band did a good job on their half-time show Qabove rightj. Marilyn Coffey showed anxiety during a game frightj. Band member Dave Allen took a "break" during a game flower rightj. Pep Squad Colonel Cindy Smith kept her Viking spirit even in the rain. 225 if?" i , y r g j i -in ki vm z i ii ' epool te .EQ f? me i fl E K, ., C: . ,,..:,. 5 u N it Viking spirit and all Airline studen Vikes, Spirit - Always High pride formed a, bond among almost ts. Athletics gave a good vent for 3 much school spirit. s k,, In A Spirit Was Shown in Various Ways i Student participation was great among the Vikings this year. School functions were well attended. DU' erent Expressions Found at A.H.S Many students discovered that schooling at Airline was not all work and enjoyed themselves throughout the year. Throughout Airline, students were found mixing pleas ure with their work, making the days easier. Students and teachers alike gave up leisure time to serve Airline. Students Served Diligently X ' During and after school, Airline students showed devotion to their school through the services they chose to render. Exciting, hilarious, and successful were the words which would concisely have described this year's senior play, "Bachelor Bait." The determination and know-how of each person to portray his part was remarkable. There are times when a success is a must, and the two months preparation for the presentation of "Bachelor Bait" was such a time. The hours were long and the work was hard, but the pride, enthusiasm, and spirit of Vikings '70 ruled. RIGHT: Susan McHenry had David Vaughn snowed. BELOW: Donna Harris gave an excellent per- formance as "Shelia." Senior Pla , Bachelor Members of the cast were: SEATED: Karen Wheeler, Sharon Emert, Susan McHenry, Cindy Silas, Donna Harris. STANDING: Pam Ragsdale, Pat Outlaw, David Vaughn Kevin Luter, and Mike Bolint. Bait, Was Big Hit Throughout various times during the play, the cast members showed that they were enjoying every moment of the presentation. Contestants waited patiently for finalists to be an- nounced ftopj. Barbara Taylor, Queen 1969, crowned Queen Donna Harris 1970 Qrightj. Things were ex- citing back stage of the Beauty Pageant Qmiddlej. Maureen was excited as she became a finalist imid- dlej. Contestants waited anxiously for their number to be called faboveb. 69 Contestants Entered Beaut Pageant Winners and their escorts paused for pictures ftopj. Contestants enjoyed their dinner at Panchos fabovej. Lynn Brubaker squealed in amazement as her name is called for the top thirteen Cupper rihtj. Enter- tainment was provided by Sharon Adams, Walter Mitchell frightj and Debra Barksdale ffar rightl. l Judges examined the girls as they paused on the stage fbottomj. L ww gawk Nam Umm EBRASKA NS , ,WWW WWMWW M , ,ff-A ' ,,.-M A , . Mwwf W TM' i, 5 w z, wwf' WN Liv-We CLASSES 'ws- K The Senior Class officers were: Gary Smith, Presidentg Diane Barksdale, Secretaryg Pat Wyatt, Treasurer Vic Lanzillotti, Vice-President. SENIOR CLA SS Sandra Alcorn James Alford Cheryl Allen David Allen Penny Ambrose Paul Anderson Reginald Augsberger Becky Bale Gaye Barker Diane Barksdale Claudia Bartram Peggy Basham Nancy Beauford Kris Beckland Vickie Berger Leo Berroteran Christine Bice Bruce Bourgeois Linda Bowmen Bill Branan Brenda Brooks Weldon Brooks Lynn Brubaker Barbara Burkhard Linda Callahan John Carlisle Authur Carter Debbie Cassell Ken Chaffin Bill Chapman Dana Chrisley Tara Clancy Elizabeth Clark Hilda Cobb Marilyn Coffey Carl Combs Dianne Cook Ritchie Coulson Judy Covington Joyce Cozine Karen Crawford Beverly Cubley Carolyn Cubley Mike Daniels Seniors '70, Assisted Class 0 '69, Juniors '69 become Seniors '70 upon the reception of their rings. Roy Darnell Sue Davis Donald Davis Glenn Dehaberman 45332 , ff ,, Q P at Mary Doty Barney Dowden Gene Dubois Peggy Duncan Sharon Dunlop Ronald Durst Pat Wyatt and Gary Smith passed out programs for 1969 graduation. at the Prom were Gay Barker, Beverly Cubley and gt ,QE Class of '70' proved to be enthusiastic Vikings. Seniors '70 9 Promoted Spirit Ron Edilmen Glenda Elliott Wyane Elliott Gary Ely Sharon Emert Mike England Phil Fahey Cullen Farley Barbara Ferrell Kathy Festervan Mark Fletcher Ann Forbes Marsha Fountian Robert Franklin Debbie Freeman Carolyn Furr Celeste Gates Susan Gardner Rick Gentry Keith Gilbert Jimmy Gills Mike Gilmer Maureen Graham Jerry Gray To show support of Viking team, seniors rose early to attend Spirit Breakfast. Jerry Gray is assisted by Ken Graves in decorating for Homecoming. David panel f l Vaughn, Donna Harris, Gary Smith, Diane Barksdale, David Hudson, Pat Wyatt, Mike Seale headed or devotion. Joey Gray Wanda Greer Treasa Griffin Donna Grosjean Vickie Grosjean Jimmy Grotzinger Debbie Guess Linda Guillory Ben Gurganus Gary Hall Donna Harris Mike Hartman Carolyn Harville Judy Hawn Darlene Hayes James Hennen Jim Herring Rhonda Hightower Laura Hines Laura Hogan Senwrs Led Chrlstzan Spirit Liz Hounsell David Hudson Debbie Humphries Mike Ingram Barbara Jackson M. L. Jackson Pam Jackson Diana J iles Pat Johnson Mike Jones Colleen Jordan Patsy Kendrick Karen Kennington Kevin Koeppen Mary Kilgore Kay Kimbrough Seniors Led in Participation . A f f - 4 I i L IE4?'45E5EffffiSi1,,f."'ff5z5ff.f"'i?Z ,,,. , f--" .7 -wi?'o'1-V, - L .4 i,fggg,2::,ffg3'Z'Wf?'vi2k,gg1f,5Jf ' A.,, .,,.. ,.,,,.,. 9. ' i W .n,,,,.,.. .,,, , ,, ,, I f .. . ff-W W- ffm ' "" ' ffaffbsilggggss ggi" -Q1ffifisf'i:1f?55Ti,4 f - Q f: 12 :,5w, lM kgj wg, 331. A 5 G 5 ingpggggiiegiggfg-5,,rjgefffg:f1 H if 'ff i no Uhr . b4nc1e+,f,'.g , ..,,, .,,,, 2,ggkg,,,,, ,I H , -- -,":,""'i5fy . i,,.,,.. V ,. -gg, wfjq flfi3f'vsa?:e?f-Mei:7 " 1 -fff11f'K'e-1'fffw aff-sw ,,:,,.:'.f H V ' .M ,,.,. 4 , ,Mk my f ?:1-25: -'-',,1 f 54 ,. ' , , 55 2 I K .i ,ws : H . 1 . ,, V . -',- ??f7!!2Ef I Z ' s ' -1- Y f , wlmawawff . V A- Ay M, "H ' Mike Daniels showed his patriotism by raising the flag before school. 'Ss' f i Sisterly love radiated between Brenda Lewis and Liz Clark. James Kline Vic Lanzillotti Paul Laster Sally Lebsack Brenda Lewis Steve Lindsey Mike Linton Jim Livingston Kevin Luter George Markham Debbie McCardle Yvonne McElwee Susan McHenry Vivien McKenna Martha McKenzie Deborrah Meinscher Sandra Mizell Patty Moore Terry Moore John Nelson Paula Nixon David Nozigilia Sharon Ogle Bobby O'Neil Senior class members presented senior play, "Bachelor Ba1t." Myra Owens Dianne Parks Annie Payne Ronnie Pencek Elizabeth Pepin James Perdue Jamie Poor Frances Preble Pleasure Varied Among Students Mike Linton, Ray Phillips and Bob Ross clowned during lunch. Football games didn't always prove to be as interesting as the people fupper rightj. Sharon Dunlop, Karen Wheeler prepared posters for the West Monroe game. 74 Karen Previtt Roger Price Pam Ragsdale Glenn Rains Ben Rainwater Robert Richards Mary Pat Robinson Jimmy Rodgers S E ? a Glenn Dehaberman and Laura Yates conversed during Liz Pepin and Francis Preble proved that lockers lunch, weren't always used for books. Honora Rossley Gary Rostamo Gary Runa Ray Samuel Larry Sanders Robert Sanders Cynthia Scheen Gary Schweitzer Connie Scorsone Mike Seale Larry Sewell Jimmy Shows Cindy Silas Cindy Smith Debbie Smith Gary Smith Ken Smith Jim Stanley Sharon Stokley Sammy Stroope Sylvia Stumpf Robin Swanson Gary Swearingin Steve Sylvester Diane Teekell Cathy Thibodeaux Ken Thomas Richard Thompson as lf: is 'K w N? ll? X kb . .L x " slas a X, s ftf' N Y E B' lr 'iii 551 "' eg-:gag ..,. .5 , V. Senior football members showed underclassmen the happy way to enter pep rallies. Seniors Sailed Through Good Year Pat Turnage Lee Underwood Sharon Underwood David Vaughn Julia Vaughn Lili Walker Richard Wallesverd Robert Walls Steve Warner Charles Watson Paula Watson Beth Watts Pat Weisel Dana Wheeler Karen Wheeler Debra White Senior Pep Squad and band members led Pep rallies. Diane Wilkins John Williams Judy Williams Wanda Williams Thus Ended the Beginning Paula Williford Nancy Winham Bill Winkler Becky Wright Pat Wyatt Jack Zator ents before Powder-Puff game Senior Jimmy Gills got desperate when selling magazines. ,IU IOR CLASS ,, - WTI I -' I The Junior class officers were Cathy Hill, Presidentg Jeanie Allen, Vice-Presidentg Donna Harkey, Secretary and Cindy Jarrett, Treasurer. Curtis Adams Gary Albrecht Richard Aldrich Malcolm Alexander Arlen Allen Bruce Allen Jeanie Allen Karen Allen Fred Andrus Brad Arkle Ricky Armstrong Ken Baldwin Brenda Bamburg Jeff Bange Maria Barnes James Barrett Terry Beard Nanci Bell 'f ri I Ma MY? -a 1 4 5 4 W Mary Benner Mitch Beresko Judy Beveridge Douglas Beverly Floyd Bice Bob Birtman Beverly Black Alan Bohl Mike Boliew Bobby Boone Becky Bourgeois Josephine Bridges Karen Brigham Jerry Brubaker Terry Brubaker Carmen Bruner Wanda Bryant Debra Burkett Patty Bush ,.Iohn.Cannon Vicki Carter Don, Catalano Dawn Causey VMike Cavanaugh Josie Charchio Brooke Christy Keith Christy Janet Clayton Kevin Coggburn Diane Coleman 'Charles Colvin Dagdf Conner fDavid Cook ulhomas Cornelius Rexane Craig Neicy Darnell Cherie Davis Gary Davis Stephen Davitt Janet DeHart Randy Denmon Becky Denton Robert Doles Cindy Dowden Virginia Drew Kelvin Dunlop Kevin Duck Jeff Dyas Juniors discussed the "happenings" of the day at lunch. Marnie Hoover and Sharon Foster used their lunch time wisely frightj Theresa Elenburg Eddie Elliot Gail Elliot Connie Evans Jim Ewing David Faulkner Joe Ferlito Patti Ferriter Rickey Fetner Paula Flanders Linda Flowers Robert Flowers Robert Forbes Sharon Foster Debbie Franklin Rick Friesen David Fuller Robin Garlock Collette Gates Robin Gay Margaret Gaylon Sharon Gaylon Pam Gilbert Grace Gilley Eight junior girls served at the Ring Ding Kevin Gleason Brenda Graham Connie Graham Mary Grammer William Granger Charlotte Grant Jan Grant Linda Grappe Mary Grotzinger Lynndah Haley Kathy Hargrove Donna Harkey Ken Harris Daniel Harrison Terry Hawkins Spencer Hays Mona Hearn Nita Hedrick Leslie Heins Glenda Henry Steve Herkert Steve Herndon Jeff Hicks Cathy Hill Juniors Had Various Activities The concentration of Mike Steele and Janet DeHart was required in chemistry. Karen Allen smiled as she posed for her school picture fleftj. Junior Bob Jackson worked diligently as pho- tographer of the yearbook staff. Dannell Johnson Debbie Johnson Eric Johnson Robert Johnson Walter Johnson Donna Joyner Andy Kalnasy Debbie Karnes Terry Kellner Linda Kelly Donna Kendrick Phil Kennemer Mike Kennington Bill Kersh Randy Kilpatrick Mark Kimsey Rick Kirkman Dale Kleinertz Jim Knight Janice Landrum Boyce Langley Cindy Langley Ramona LaPlante Pat Larkin .gryaw Sharon Hoffpauir Janet Hoover Linda Horstmann Glen Horton Bob Jackson Beckie James Cindy Jarrett Gloria Jernigan Juniors Sponsored Powder Puff Game Debbie Larver Donna Lattier Scott Lebsack Carla Lehnertz Cindy Lewis Joey Lewis Brenda Lindsey Terry Long Steve Looney Gail Luckette Deborah Lunceford Peggy Maddux Cissi Magill Linda Marckres Neal Marion Mary Mase Joan McClelland Barry McKinney l Coaches Ken Chaffin and Gary Smith taught the junior girls the basic skills of a football player for the Powder Puff game. Debra McMillan Cathy Messier 1 James Miller l Gary Mills Anita Mitchell Mike Moore Alan Morgan Mel Morgan Kriste Morris Kathy Morrow Linda Murray Mike Navage Kathy Nelson Craig Nuckolls Randi Olson Karen Otto Pat Owens Debbie Parker Charles Parks Floyd Parton Paul Perdue Larry Petty Pat Piazza Ronnie Pilcher juniors Struggled With PSAT Tests Barry Shipp consulted Mr. Jones with a problem in chemistry Qrightj. Tickets to the Powder Puff game were sold by junior secretary, Donna Harkey. Juniors prepared for their future by taking aptitude tests. Juniors Paulette Santoro and Kathy Morrow contributed much to the newspaper fleftj. Keith Purvis Debbie Rainwater Randy Randall Tommy Ray Mike Reed Cynthia Reeves Marsha Reynolds Phil Revnolds David Riechman Mike Roberts Jimmy Jobinette Jo Rodgers Mike Rosalie Linda Ross Hoyt Sanford Paulette Santoro John Sarrett Eddie Sather Linda Scarborough Janet Scheen Anna Scott Dennis Scotto Gail Scroggins Lucille Serio P 5. Q -A QD Z' Q G to ll 5 Q U5 Cb 5 H ll F -A T cb 5 xx lla Pat Piazza's organ playing added to Our Viking spirit. Karen Otto enjoyed a snack while on her daily trip home. 88 Donnie Shackelford Betty Shatto Pam Sheley Barry Shipp Carolyn Simmons Mark Spataro Thomas Speed Arlene Spencer Rosalind Spruill Mike Steele Pam Stevens Jim Strange Gail Sturdivant Vickie Sweeney Judy Tatum Jerry Taylor John Taylor Mark Taylor Becky Thomas Randall Thomas Jodill Thomapon Bobby Tidwell Linda Todd John Tomarchio George Tracy Debbie Turner Virginia Vergo Greg Vinz Fred Wall Mike Walsh Bobby Watson Terry Watson Sherrie Weathersby Mary Weiss Glenda Welch Melanie Welch Debbie West Henry Wheeler Debbie White Juniors proved their spirit by attending weekly P0SteI' parties. Donnie Shackelford raised the score as he made a jump shot fleftj. Janice White John Wilhelm Joe Williams Judi Williams Diane Wilson Karen Wren SOPHOM ORE CLASS The Sophomore class officers were: Ellen Tippett, Presidentg Janet Caudle, Vice-Presidentg Lana Friesen, Secretaryg and Laura Mitchell, Treasurer. Shirley Alford Daryl Allen Kerry Allen Pug Almond William Altimus Terri Amazeen Stephanie Bachman Vicki Badgley Glenda Bailey Sandra Barksdale Bobbie Barnard Anita Barn es Cheryl Barrett Debbie Bartram Mike Bates Dixie Beasley Marty Bengoa Pat Bennett Arthur Bernstein Clarissa Berroteran Judy Bickham Diane Black Marie Boley Debbie Bond Susan Bourgeois Connie Boyd George Bradford Steve Bradley Deb Brooks Cindy Brown Nancy Brown Janet Caudle posed as scenery in a pep rally skit fupperj. Harvey Harrison waddled away his restlessness flowerj. Daniel Brunger Gary Buchanan Sheila Burkett Gary Byas Debbie Callahan Neil Campbell Becky Carr Becky Carter Scott Carter Judy Casciola Francisca Castilleja Linda Catalano Janet Caudle Bill Cavanaugh Pre-game activities kept Sophomores Dana Seal and Sherry Stoll amused. Spirit Played a Big Role With ophs Billy Chandler Donna Clemens Alfred Cloud Cindy Cochran Beverly Cockerham Vernon Cockrell Catherine Comb Marhie Cosier Jeff Coulson Larry Cumbie Terry Cunningham Margaret Davis Holli Davison Lucky Dees Tom Comfort Erin Diaz Vicky Digilormo Mike Doles Patricia Dollard Darrell Douglas Robert Dowler Tina Downs Katie Drew . Denise Duchemm Cecilia Duenas Robert Dumas School activities kept sophomore Laura Mitchell on the move constantly. Linda Dunlap Debbie Dykes Pam Edelman Jack Edwards Carol Egnor Ivy Elliot Emma Enlow Mindy Fair Terri Ferriter Linda Fleming Barbara Forbes Stan Ford John Foster Renee Foster Virgina Fowler Diane Fox Renee Frame Lana Friesen Beverly Furr Pam Gabriel Dennis Gaines Mike Grantham Cedilia Gates Carol Gay Sophs Found Time or Work and Pla 55 Carla Gill Robin Gill Linda Gilley Jeanine Gobin Denny Gordon Whitley Graves Gail Green Mike Green Karen Gregston James Griffin Joyce Guillory Diana Gurganis George Handley Merle Hanna Bev Harbaugh Cathy Harris Carolyn Harrison Harvey Harrison Roberta Hartman Dorthea Hasson Shauna Hawkins Chris Hayes Jan Hayes Charissa Haywood Mrs. Blackadar assisted new students on registration day Qleftj. Soph P.E. students exhibited their skill in performing a folk dance. Debbie Hearn Robbie Helms Linda Hoff Mary Hoff Thomas Howes Bill Hudson Marianne Jackson Philip Jackson Rhonda Johnson Debbie Jones Donna Henry Brenda Hines Kathy Holstead Tana Housden Edward Jackson John Jackson Lynn Johns Barry Johnson Denise Jones Carolyn Judkins Regina Morgan used library facilities to aid her in study fleftj. Soph Debbie Jones found time to chat with junior John Wilhelm. Mike Kendrick Robert Ketner Cindy Kirgis Liz Kline Linda Koeppen Bill Krasso Janet Kubas Bob Kuhlmeier Joe Lagman Dale Lane Leslie Langdon Colleen Larkin Ralph Lee James LePage Nan Lewis Mary Lindsey Glen Lockwood Bruce Lombardino Tony Longoria Susan Lovelady Nancy Lyons April Magill Marsha Manning Bob Marden Sophs Planned to Sophomore officers and senators often had meetings during homeroom. Alana Poole Bobbie Barnard Debbie Calahan Meet Future Donna Henry used the lunch break for a study period. Sophomores Debbie Bond and Steve Opperman en- joyed square dancing in P.E. Wayne Marion Vanessa Matthews Mike Mathis Robert Maxcy Kathy McBride Lynne McCommon Robbie McCormack Pat McCoy Danny McGowen Michelle McKenzie Leslie McKibben Diana McKinney Mike McMullen Lisa McQuary Jamie Miller Laura Mitchell Sylvia Montes Maria Moore Patty Moore Randy Morgan Regina Morgan Luther Morris Sharla Morris Mike Morrison Soph Tina Downs enjoyed a meal prepared in Home Ec fupperl. Patty Moore rented a stadium cushion from Mrs. Scott. Charlie Marsiglia Jimmy Moser Jane Mrozek Arlinda Nesbitt Bruce Nook Mike Nock Ellen Norton Ruby O'Neill Robert Ogletree Linda Olson Mike Outlaw Debbie Paine Rita Palmer Carol Parker Mike Pate Candy Patton Kay Donna Payne John Peck Joe Perez Janine Pierrelee Roland Pittman Danny Pizzolato Victor Pizzolato Ken Prince David Quickel Alana Poole Ken Pooler Mary Preble Sammie Ragsdale Debbie Raines Dale Raines New Doors Upened for ophs Vicki Rainwater Jackie Ratcliff Daviel Reese Donald Reese Lane Remedies Timothy Richards Pam Roberts Pat Roberts Pete Rovinson Linda Ruiz Dennis Runa Jeff Russell Jim Sandifer Larry Sandford Debbie Sather Randy Schavrien Debbie Scorsone Steve Scott Dana Seal William Seger Linda Serio Carl Shelton Mike Shirley Kay Skraback 99 Mark Slone Brad Smith Glen Smith Ken Smith James Smith Nelson Smith Sarah Smith Debbie Spataro Kay Spearman Novella Spencer Louis Stamm William Stengel Jim Stephens Sherry Stoll LaDonna Strickland Jerry Summeral Linda Swearengin Mark Syptak Lynne Talley Don Taylor Kathy Tennyson David Thames JoAnn Thibodeaux Angie Thomas Barbara Thomas Charlie Thomas Debbie Thomas Ellen Tippett Jim Toney Nicky Tooke Karen Traas Ron Tracey Cecilia Tullier Dickie Turman Lyndell Usrey Sharon VanLandingham Sherry Vaughn Cathy Veiga Jim Viola Ken Viola Barbara Viviano Brenda Wade I00 Sophs Strived to Meet the Test Connie Walker James Wallace Vanessa Wallace Larry Walsh Cindy Ward Carol Watson Ed Watson Randy Watkins Judy Weaver Susie Webb Georgia Wheeler Martha Whitaker Carroll Whitener Don Whitt Dusty Williams Marilyn Williams Ralph Williams John Winner Johnny Woodard Jerry'Woods David Wright Pam Yates Mark Young Stephanie Zimmer Sophomore Home Ec. students prepared the kitchen for their daily assignment. Cupperj. Studying was a struggle for Kenny Prince by 6th period Clowerj. FRE HMAN CLASS The Freshman class officers were: Norma Bale, Presidentg John Papageorge, Vice-Presidentg Johnny Gibbs Secretaryg Ginx Wren, Treasurer. Linda Abbitt Reginald Abrams Kenneth Adams Debbie Albright Alecia Alexander Cathy Alfred Tim Altimus Paul Arbogast Juanita Arroyo Steven Augsburger Katy Bailey Margie Baker Debbie Baldwin Norma Bale Ann Bamburg Betty Bamburg Jerilyn Barker David Basham Linda Beauford Karen Beck Dennis Bell Peggy Bell Alfred Beresko Vickie Bisset Debora Bissonnette Kathy Bookter Yuette Bourgeois Paul Bourque Chris Bowman Debbie Boyett Marilyn Bradford Sheilah Bradley Yvonne Bradley Kathy Bragg Glen Branch Susan Brandt Charles Bray Dejuanna Breland Connie Brigham Cheryl Brown Lord Bryant Janis Burkett James Burnette James Burnham Harry Burns Jerry Burrow Ron Calkins Daniel Callahan Darrell Camp Diane Cantu Phillip Caramia Melinda Carr Randy Carter Ed Chance Mary Chapman Becky Childs Cynthia Chrisma Beverly Cobb James Cobb Judy Coe I1 Art, Band - Popular Electives Roy Collier Denise Colvin Pain Conner Barbara Conrad Jack Cornelius Vicki Counts Tina Corvell Glen Craig Mary Crawford Kathy Crouch Robert Cruz Robert Cumbie Dale Sale molded a vase in Art I. Loretta Davis Beth Dees Wayne Denman Ruth Denton Tina Deville Mary Dillon Angie Dollard Beth Dowden Vicki Dubee Madelyn Durst Mary Dworczyk Gail Dykes Vicki Eagle Patti Edwards Sarah Elliot Glenda Emmons Marsha England Sharon Etheridge Eddie Faith Kathy Falkner Susan Felts Gwenddyy Flowers Clay Franklin George Frederick Jill Freeman Merri Freeman Jetf Fuller Thomas Furlow Jane Gauthey Johnny Gibbs Wayne Gibson Suzanne Gilbert Sita Gilmer Ralph Gipson Gayleen Goad Kathyleen Goad Kevin Golden Glenda Graham Lolis Grammer Charles Greer Connie Greer John Guyton Jim Burnham blew hard while playing the Sousa- phone in 6th period band. Mike Hall Mark Hammond Tim Hardy Debbie Hargrove Steve Harris Diane Hart Cherly Harville Glen Hawkins Splut Stuck New Goal or Frosh Travis Hayes Steve Haynes Faylyn Haywald Debbie Henry Debra Hines Linda Hobson Cheryl Hodges Karen Hoff Stan Hooney Gail Hornbeak Bob Hounsell Karen Howe Teresa Howington Debra Huckabee Janet Hochstep Janice Hochstep Cathy Humphrey Debbie Hyde Bobbie Irby Bruce Ivey Nadra Jackson Roxann Jett Bethany Johnson Bobby Johnson Freshmen strived for the Spirit Stick by boosting the spirit during the Captain Shreve pep rally. Brenda Johnson Gene Johnson Kay Johnson Bobby Jones Antonio Juarez Robyn Judkins Tommy Keith Mark Kelly Raul Kelly Richard Johnson Alan Jones Mike Katsock Denise Keahey Sally Kendall Debra Kendrick Janice Kennington Donna Kerr Y Marjorie Kilgore Ellie LaForest James Laird Mary Laird Robert Lesiker Gail Kubas Carliss Lafitte Terri Land Karen Lanham Barbara Lichtenhan Patricia Livingston Don Long Jerry Long Karl Long Brenda Love Kathy Lykes Pam Lyons Gail Lockwood Sandra Lodestro Margie Long Susan Loughner Robert Majo Jerry Mammarelli Stud Habits Changed for Man Frosh Ricky McClanahan gave Mr. Hinkie his undivided attention during General Science. Greg May Rickie Mayes Kathy McAllister Ricky McClanahan Mike McConathy Wayne McCormack Donald McCormel Jonny McCoy' Gary McDaniel Dale McGee Steve McGee Carol McGiluray Roger McKinney Laura McKnight Larry Mentenick Peter Menterick Stephen Meonier Debbie Mizell '5 David Mann Phil Marsiglia Sheri Martin Bob Massullo Cecelia Mathis Malorie Mathis David Monisrnith Steven Moore Charles Moran Mark Morgan Joe Morris Margaret Moser Sheri Mosley Ricky Mudd Robert Murray William Murray Terry Nelson Richard Nicolo Mark Nordin Joe Ogletree Freshmen realized that studying is a must, Jim Williams, Mark Nordin, Bennett Swanson, and Lonclell Benner studied electricity in Shop I fbottomj Peggy Oliver Charlotte Ouzts John Papageorge Donna Patrick Ronny Patton Kathryn Pepin Theresa Phelps Debra Phillips Zoronia Phillips Barry Pittman Tommy Pollard Julie Ponder Kris Poor Renee Pope Raymond Propst Jimmy Prothro Danny Purdue Sharon Quinn Betty Raines Mary Ralph Janice Ratcliff Nancy Reed Roberta Reed Barbara Reese Librar Urientation New or Frosh Madeline Durst expressed her feelings about being a freshman Ctopj. Miss Anderson taught the Freshman Library Orientation fbottomj. l Ernest Reeves Linda Reeves Carolyn Reno Debra Rich Karen Rich Rita Richardson Mike Riemer George Rodgers Mary Rohner Kirt Ryberg Dale Sale Cathy Riemer Charlie Santoro Charlotte Santoro Carmen Saucedo Kitty Sawyer Mike Schartman Steven Schavrien Kathy Schweilzer Dedra Seale Jerome Seitz Mike Sergeant Melinda Serwich Sandra Shackelford Dieten Shaw Jim Shaw Beckie Sholar Frank Shorie Leslie Simmons Terry Slack Freshmen discussed the day's events while eating Debra Bissonnette, Richard Langley, and Greg May used their lunch. their study hall wisely. Diana Smith Lula Smith Martin Smith Mary Smith Monica Smith Peggy Smith Sheila Smith Tom Smith Sally Snyder Robbie Sour Brady Spencer Conrad Spradling Linda Steele Michael Steele Libby Steger Kenny Stevens Leo Stevens Christa Stoll Sandra Stomski Debbie Strange Carolyn Stromatt Bobbie Stuwart Gay Sullican Gene Sullivan Judy Sullivan Cheryl Talley Jan Tarver Louise Tauzin Bruce Taylor Gary Taylor Michael Taylor Steve Taylor William Terrell Linda Thibodeaux Gary Thielmier Cathy Thomas Charles Tolleson Vicki Tolleson Kent Tonger Margie Tullier Terry Turner Wade Turner Ronnie Veal Jeff Vinz Sharon Voigtlander Julia Wachtel James Wade Tain Wade Kathy Walsh Mike Ward Mark Warner Charles Watson Charles Watson Susan Watson John Watts Tommy Weathersby Keith Weber Jeanette Weiss Tommy Welch Lois Wells Connie West James West George Whitaker Jerry Whitchard David White Frosh Showed True if 2 Sandra White Mary Ann Whorton Sherry Wilbanks Kathy Wilhelm Jim Williams Johnny Williams Randy Williford Robin Willis Pam Wilson Albert Windham Jan Winkler Theresia Woodrum James Woods Steve Wrege Ginx Wren Debbie Wright Judy Wright Patti Wright Cathy Young Jackie Young Tommy Zimmer Viking Spirit Janis Berkett strolled along to her next class fupper rightj. This is one of the many doors dec- orated for the Airline-Bossier football game flower leftj. II4 HONORS II6 Miss A.H.S. Diane Barksdale Miss A.H.S., Diane Barksdale, has proven herself to be Worthy of this title. She has been involved in student government here at Airline every year of her four years, topping it off by being the Senior Class Secretary this past year, Diane was a Freshman and Sophomore Homecoming Maid and this year reigned as the 1969 Homecoming Queen. She has been the editor of the yearbook for two consecutive years. Diane has been in the top thirteen in Airline's beauty pageant all four years and is also a member of the Na- tional Honor Society. She was a Pelican State delegate in 1969. She was an Outstanding Teenager of America nominee and was also one of the city's "Pat-Em-On-the-Back" Award recipients. Diane has proved herself worthy of the title of "Miss A.H.S.," through her ability, determination, and undying loyalty to Airline High School. Mr. A.H.S. Gary Smith Chosen as Mr. A.H.S. for 1970 was Gary Smith. Heading the list of Gary's responsi- bilities was Senior Class President. He rep- resented the Senior class on the Student Council as a senator. Gary was also Secre- tary-Treasurer of the Key Club and held membership in FCA and the yearbook staff. Among his other honors were Vice-President of National Honor Society, and a Quill and Scroll member. Gary's excellence in football won him much athletic fame. Some of his football awards included membership on all of these honorary teams: All-City, All-Dis- trict, All-State, and Prep All-American. His football career was climaxed by signing with Texas AKLM. Gary's worthiness of this title of Mr. A.H.S. Was seen in his outstanding leader- ship abilities and Viking pride. Most Likely to Succeed Pat Wyatt David Vaughn Viking Warriors Marilyn Coffey O Class Favorites Favorites are pictured from top row, seniors, to bottom row, freshmen. Vic Lanzillotti Eric Johnson Brad Smith Jarrett Mitchell Williams Bell Science Award Leadership Award David Hudson Mike Daniel 1 n E T Uptimist Club Award ale David Vaughn jamgoree Q z1ee12 Uzeke grokyean Zasfefgaf Queen 1 r omecomzln 19 69 Y Homecoming 1969 was a really special one-it was the first Homecoming to be held in Air- line's new stadium. There were many fans in attendance for the presentation of the court and the game. The theme for this year's Homecoming was "We Gotta All Get Together." A dance was held by the Student Council after the gameg the entertainment was by The Rogue Show. The students of Airline helped to make Home- coming 1969 the great success it was. Escort David Vaughn and her father James Barksdale watched as Mr. Horne- man crowned Diane Barksdale. The Homecoming Court watched the game from their special sideline platform. fDonna mrrzk Senior Maid Ggerze' CDGUIZS' Junior Maid First Homecoming Court ,Mmm JUUQ wzmams Senior Maid Qonna bjafber fbonzza grayean Junior Maid Band Sweetheart t ,W QM., o.o,,,, w..fw,.f M ,Sami qmyf 55,432 ,Q Wgwgv 5 at fwwfwwak , ' , A V ,. ' ,, , , I .,,. V gi V. V ff , .ia- l k,,Ah, ,,,., i .,,,h ,k,. ,H Q 4, . ,, ,Q,, ,,'. .,,.. ,..., ' "'i' ' S ' ' 'QP' 5' V " " " i""' " - W 9 .tw , .49 .V ff ' ,,.. - -Mx ww At A K fn? ,f , ' , ,,LL ' ', ,, ,Q-ff " " 1 " ' ".. - 1 I ' - n ' M S M A, A , , ,, -,KL J ,wM,N,,,fu ,Q I y , 5a,g:s:.:s ' ', Wi: 'iv 3:1 , i V51-3 'V wget ' ff t ' ' - -gg? ' ,, H Zjjiji QQ' " i """" ml A ,-ffiwjfsggvg ri td i ' . 1. f ' TY ' ' , '-ii- .' A X M, 1 S " ' 1, ' , .- 5 'Y , 'r f' E V , I Iai' iT,..Mt4,t .,,' M L . t t , 4 1 ,t ,, A,,A ' ' -a"- W ,',, I - A L E" !7,f'3h at aff, M, , ,if g Qfffgvf 93' 'Wy fhw at lPn,,, new ggwq V 1 ff! ,nga A345 fgyn vii' few? wfwgpf ww H3125 4, fi 'ff if if Aiatfgtifgw igiagff gjgfe lim? RQ' Y yirgffyiwi' ,EW ,high W M A fri an M3255 ff' fa W 1 EYE 1 W My .ta 'fag ,J 4 in ,W ,,A Akh, , A,,L, ,,,,., I .,,, :., ,,, W ,,,, U , 2 4 3 .. ,,.' ,,,o .,,, ,," 1 W'i' ii':: oy.. k,,,, ,, ,,,' -V ix 'S M ' ' ' 1 I Jw! ,-. - Q dh W " ' 1 r M M Q 2 fi The Court joined in singing the Alma Mater after their presentation. M V 423 2 ff' Pfkfws QW Ag Y gl' wifi' 2 ifgsgfi ' Jap 2 iw Presented in New Stadium EGUFG 77Z37C5ef csczrag 63112175 Sophomore Mald Sophomore Maid 512 MUHSGH csuzazme gage!! fbefafe Mnry Football Sweetheart Freshman Maid Freshman Maid The Valkyries gave an outstanding pre-game performance for Homecoming. K RM x X -. 4 xx x i f 1155 fps Jw? ZUIEGIZQS Zfsf Wunfzer-Qfp SDIUI2 e XZGFAS' OQQ CSQCOI2 of XWUIPIIGIV-wp , Q W 4 CDQHQQ qfirzyff Wzfflrze Zeaufzkes Gferzb 300113 gyflll XKFZI6-GAQQI' my ar16n My Uerrz' gerrzfer mad UFGGI2 QFQAGID jfzren jIQfff Q?ren0Q gewzk 32,09 Mwn pf 1970 jizz-Q12 Zdieekf Boys 9 State Delegates While at Boys' State, Ken Graves was his parish's nominee for Lt. Governor frightj. Delegates who attended Boys' State at Louisiana State University this summer were Jim Livingston, Jerry Gray, Kevin Luter, and Ken Graves fseatedlg alternates were Mike Ingram, David Vaughn, Ron- nie Pencek, Vic Lanzillotti, Gary Hall, and Gary Rana fstandingj. 134 U, ,5urs14,.,4 3 E . MRhNX'W'x Y? 5: Girls ' State Delegates While at Girls' State, Pat Wyatt was her party's nominee for Lt. Governor and was selected Outstanding Senator fleftl. Delegates who attended Girls' State at Louisiana State University this summer were Diane Barksdale, Lynn Brubaker, and Pat Wyatt fseatedjg alternates were Maureen Graham, Becky Bale, Marilyn Coffey, and Martha McKenzie fstandingj. New N 1 uill and Scroll Members included Lynn Brubaker, Cindy Silas, Sandra Mizell, Jeanie Allen, and Paulette Santoro ffront rowjg Sharon Dunlop, Pam Ragsdale, Diane Barksdale, and Kathy Morrow fsecond rowlg Bob Jackson, Brenda Ed- wards, Cindy Smith, Diane Wilson, and Mike Cavanaugh fback rowb. Diane Barksdale In the four years she has attended Air- line, Diane has proved herself to be one of Airline's most out- standing students. She has actively partici- pated in many extra- curricular activities, but she still found time to make excellent grades. Her job as Yearbook Editor took up most of her time, but she also held membership in Na- tional Honor Society, Forensic Club, and Quill and Scroll. Diane was a Pelican State Delegate, an Out- standing Teenager of America nominee, In- teract Club sponsor, Senior Class secretary, and received the Opti- mist Club "Pat-Em- On-the-Back" Award. Some of the biggest highlights of Diane's year were being elected "Miss AHS" and Homecoming Queen, being selected as second runner-up in the 1970 beauty pageant, and receiving the American Legion Award. Two Selected for 1970 Who 'S Who Mike Daniel Mike Daniel, Stu- dent Council Presi- dent, was one of Air-- 1ine's most active stu- dents. Throughout his high school career, Mike has been an ac- tive part of our stu- dent government. He was president of his sophomore class and was on the Executive Committee his junior year. Mike has shown outstanding leadership in the governing of our school, and the teachers have selected him for the Leader- ship Award this year. Football kept h im busy the first part of the year, but he still found time to carry out his duties as a member of Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Key Club, and Foren- sic Club. Because of his excellent grades and other qualifica- tions, his teachers se- lected him as a mem- ber of National Honor Society, one of the greatest honors that a student at Airline can receive. ational Honor Society Inducted 44 is-1 'N We Mary Pat Robinson spoke on one qualification of the honor society faboveb. Officers were Gary Smith, vice-presidentg Marilyn Coffey, sec- retaryg Maureen Graham, presidentg and Vic Lanzilotti, treasurer frightj. The students formed a receiving line for congratulations from friends and parents fbelowj. I 1.-We -'1 ,Q ,,,. w t, . , ' , :12z:::m4sfswaewzw can,sggggig-gg,m,gws , f cll ,,. - f ,,: t,,. ' "11 il- , snub? - ,. gy: .5 ,,,. ffisw tzzf , 45 ' 5 'wi i 5 : Maureen Graham welcomed the new members 3 fleftj. The new members received a yellow rose, the traditional flower of the society Qbelowj. 3 l 'N i f z a 1 3 Q 5 A 4 E E E I E The old members were Penny Ambrose, Debbie McCardle, Lili Walker, Maureen Graham, Mary Pat Robinson, and Becky Bale ffront rowj. Diane Cook, Carolyn Harville, Gaye Barker, Diane Barksdale, Yvonne McElwee, Marilyn Coffee, and Kay Kimbrough fsecond rowj. Ken Graves, Mike Ingram, Mike Seal, Terry Wright, David Vaughn, Gary Smith, and David Hudson fback rowj. Members Were Congratulated by Guests Handshakes and congratulations were given to the newly inducted members. Barbara Ferrell lighted the eternal flame of knowledge Qabovej. Richard Aldrich paused before receiving his candle fleftj. Formal Induction Held February 9 New members realized the honor bestowed upon them fabove leftj. Judy Tatum showed excitement as she walked down the aisle fabove rightl. Debbie Guess re- ceived a candle from Becky Wright for the candle light- ing ceremony fleftl. Refreshments were served after the ceremony fbelowj. I 2 A is R ia M- is 1- 5' -A 2 . f 4 's if W, S I44 ORGANIZATIONS Student Council During this year as president of the gov- erning body of Airline High School, the Stu- dent Council, I learned much about the school. I found that Airline's true strength lay in its people. The faculty seemed eager to cooperate with every Student Council endeavor. The class senators and representatives were al- Ways Willing to give up their free time to make the projects of our school work. The students pitched in and made what was good, great. No words can express my gratitude for the devotion and many hours of hard Work which the officers and our sponsors, Miss McCallister and Mrs. Carnahan gave. I want to thank everyone who gave me a chance to do my small part in keeping Air- 3 line Number One. i Mike Daniel Student Council President, Mike Daniel, welcomed students on the first day of school. Student Council Senators were Nan Lewis, Diane Cantu, Cherie Davis, Debbie Bond, Debbie Henry, Cahty Hill, Ellen Tipett, Susan McHenry, and Becky Wright ffront rowj. Charlotte Santoro, Linda Swearengin, Sarah Smith, Judy Wright, Norma Bale, Linda Serio, Ken Graves, Terry Brubaker, and Philip Caramia fmiddle rowj. Mary Hoff, Jerry Brubaker, Cindy Smith, Patti Ferriter, Janet Scheen, Pat Piazza, Walter Johnson, Gary Smith, David Vaughn, and David Hudson fback rowj. Executive Council members included Mike Daniel, Presidentg Janet Scheen, Treasurerg David Vaughn, Chaplaing Donna Grosjean, Vice Presidentg and Diane Wilson, Secre- tary fstandingj. Sandra Mizell, Parliamen- tarian fseated leftj. Homeroom representa- tives attended a meeting in the auditorium fmiddle leftl. Student Council members counted votes for school elections during the year fbottom left and rightj. Miss Mc- Callister, Council sponsor, checked the school calendar in preparation for the Homecoming Dance fbelowj. Diane Wilson puts up a poster publicizing Student Council's "Flower Hour" frightj. Airline's delegates to the NWLSC convention loaded the car in preparation for the trip, dele- gates were Donna Grosjean, Mike Daniel, Diane Wilson, and Janet Scheen. Debbie Mizell, Susan Brandt, Beverly Furr, Linda Gilley, Jeanie Allen, and Paulette Santoro Cfront rowj. Brooke Christy, Sharon Dunlop, Lynn Brubaker, Sherry Stoll, Debbie Thomas, Diane Barksdale, Colleen Farley, Angie Thomas, Terri Amazeen, Terry Moore, and Pat Weisel fmiddle rowl. Jim Williams, Steve Haynes, Mike Mc- Conathy, Bob Jackson, Tommy Welch, Ginx Wren, Kelvin Dunlop, Jerry Gray, John Papageorge, Dale McGee, and Neil Campbell fback rowj. Valhalla Staff JEANIE ALLEN DIANE BARKSDALE BARBARA FERRELL Associate Editor Editor-in-Chief Business Manager Bob Jackson, Gary Smith, David Hudson, and Vic Lanzillotti fseatedb. Sharon Dunlop, Sarah Smith, Jeanie Allen, Diane Wilson, Pam Ragsdale, Brenda Edwards, Lynn Brubaker, Vickie Grosjean, Cindy Silas, Mrs. Caldwell, sponsor, Diane Barksdale, and Barbara Ferrell fstandingj. One of the most versatile organizations at Airline this year was the yearbook staff. Some of their activities included collecting picture money, distributing school pictures, collecting locker fees, and sponsoring the annual beauty pageant. While doing all of this, they worked on the yearbook. The rnern- bers on the staff consisted of students who had a "C" average, staff approval, and a willingness to Work and interest in yearbook procedures. The Valhalla sponsor was Mrs. Caldwell. Brenda Edwards sorted flowers which were used in the beauty pageant ibottom lefty Diane Wilson checked the calendar for a deadline date fbelowl. Iv... i in X ffl' Mrs. Caldwell, sponsor, instructed Diane Barksdale, Sarah Smith, and Jeanie Allen in picture- cropping techniques fabovej. Sharon Dunlop, Lynn Brubaker, and Bob Jackson planned page layouts for their sections ftop rightl. Cindy Silas, Vickie Grosjean, and Pam Ragsdale worked jointly on the senior class section ftop, opposite pagej. Working together on the sports section were Vic Lanzillotti, David Hudson, and Gary Smith Qleft, opposite pageb. Askalada Sta if An extremely active organization at Air- line this year was the newspaper. This group printed a paper a month, which presented all the school news and happenings in an interesting way. At the beginning of school, they sold Freshman keys. Students on the Askalada staff had to have a "B" average Qin English, an overall "C" average, and sponsor approval. The Askalada staff, spon- sored by Mrs. Iantha Smith, had approxi- mately twenty members. ASKALADA's Editor-in-chief was Cindy Smith Ltop rightb. The Assistant editor was Donna Kendrick frightl. Bob Jackson, photographer, Karen Allen, Robin Swanson, Donna Kendrick, Debbie Sather, Carolyn Judkins, Peggy Oliver, and James Hennen Qfront rowj. Charlotte Santoro, Donna Henry, Diane Black, Dedra Seale, Kathy Morrow, Debbie Henry, Nan Lewis, and Paulette Santoro fsecond rowj. ' , Melanie Welch, Pat Weisel, Jimmy Shows, Mike Cavanaugh, Cindy Smith, Mary Hoff, and Sandra Mizell Qback rowj. Reporters Mary Hoff and Diane Black checked the files for story information fleftb. Mike Cavanaugh, Sandra Mizell, and Jimmy Shows got story ideas from another paper fbot- tom leftl. Business manager, James Hennen, figured ad re- ceipts for a forthcoming issue fbottom rightj. Staff mem- bers looked at an ASKALADA as they waited for buyers at lunch. 3 Key Club An active service organization this year was the Key Club. The m-embers ushered at football games, raised the flag, provided the tree for White Christmas, and operated the basketball concessions. There were 42 members in the club. Having a 2.5 grade av- erage and club approval were the main re- quirements for membership. Mr. Nichols was Key Club faculty advisor. Qfficers pictured were Richard Aldrich, Vice Pres- ldentg Gary Smith, Secretary-Treasurer, Mike Dan- iel, Parliamentarian. Dale Rains, Edward Sather, Bobby Birtman, Terry Cunningham, Mary Syptak, Glenn Smith, Arthur Bernstein, Dennis Gaines William Granger, Robert Dumas, Edward Jackson, Richard Aldrich ffront rowj. Mike Ingram Mike Daniel, Mike Seale, Rick Friesen, Keith Gilbert, Mike Outlaw, Gary Hall, Mike Cavanaugh, Walter John: son, Rick Gentry, Kelvin Dunlop fmiddle rowj. Mr. Nichols, sponsor, Joe Williams, Bill Branan, Kevin Luter David Vaughn, Gary Smith, Keith Christy, Jim Knight, Pat Outlaw, Steve Scott, Tom Comfort, Floyd Parton and Mike Reed fback rowj. r 1 Key Club President, Vic Lanzillotti, looked over suggested projects for the year fabovej. Rick Friesen helped new member, Dale Rains, with his vest frightj. Club faculty advisor was Mr. Nichols Cabove leftb. Key Club spon- sors were Pat Wyatt, Susan McHenry, and Maureen Graham fabove rightj. Officers were Malcolm Alexander, Reporter, Ken Graves, Presidentg Paul Laster, Parlia- mentariang and Carl Combs, Secretary. Greg Vinz and fellow Interact Club members listened attentively during a meeting. Ed Watson, Ken Graves, Whitley Graves, Tony Longoria, Spencer Hayes, Malcolm Alexander, Mark Fletcher, Phil Fahey, and Alan Bohl ffront rowj. Mr. Graves, sponsor, Paul Laster, Carl Combs, Terry Kellner, Alan Morgan, Terry Wright, Randy Watkins, David Wright, Marty Bengoa, Jim Stanley, and Greg Vinz fback rowj. Interact Club A group whose interest in school improvement Was evident this year was The Interact Club. Members of the club Worked the flower beds in front of the school, helped with the March of Dimes Campaign, and proposed clean-up posters for the school. Require- ments for membership were a 2.75 average for selection, main- taining a 2.5 average, and recom- mendation by the faculty. Mr. Graves was the faculty advisor for the Interact Club. rch of Dimes Drive fabovej Records had cked by Mr Graves before members could ed fabove leftl. Interact Club Sponsors ear were Diane Barksdale, Donna Grosjean, lgorla and. Alan Morgan signed up to help 21 . t . lyn Coffey fleftj. Forensic Club Doing some pep rally skits, advertising for the senior play and musical, and putting on plays after school were a few of the activities which kept the twenty- four-member Forensic Club busy this year. Requirements for membership in- cluded having an interest in speech and idramatics, having completed or being enrolled in a speech course, and club ap- proval. Miss Hartsfield was club sponsor. Jim Kline, Sergeant-at-Armsg Sharon Emert, President, Pat Outlaw, Treasurer fstandingj. Liz Hounsell, Secretary, Pam Ragsdale, Vice President Csittingj. Pam Roberts, Vickie Grosjean, Cherie Davis, Donna Harris, Liz Hounsell, Tara Clancy, Debbie Jones, and Karen Kennington ffront rowj. Susan McHenry, Diane Barksdale, Colleen Farley, Marsha Fountain, Pam Rags- dale, Jim Kline, Arthur Carter, Sharon Emert, Mike Daniel, and Keith Gilbert fmiddle rowj. Allan Bohl, Jack Zator, Roy Darnell, Terry Moore, Pat Weisel, Jan Hayes, Karen Wheeler, Cynthia Scheen, Pat Outlaw, David Vaughn, and Kenny Smith fback rowl. Distributive Education Club fs Airline had quite a large group of stu- dents Working in various stores in the Shreveport-Bossier area. These students held membership in the Distributive Ed- ucation Clubg the twenty-nine members left school at 12:00 every day to go to their respective jobs. Airline's DECA took part in the Creative Marketing proj- ect for the Community contest. Mr. Bass was the club's faculty advisor. Officers included Debbie Smith, Reporter, Lili Walker, Vice President ffront rowj. Clarke Put- man, Historiang Sharon Stokley, Treasurer, Patsy Kendrick, Secretary, and Gaye Barker, President fback rowj. Glenda Elliott, Sylvia Stumpf, Lili Walker, Peggy Basham, Tracy Taylor, and Gaye Barker Cfront rovvl. Marnie Hoover, Patsy Kendrick, Sharon Foster, Steve Herkert, John Sarrett, Brenda Brooks, Chris Bice, Debbie Cassell, Peggy Malone, and Jimmy Rodgers fmiddle rowj. Joe Ferlito, Debbie Smith, Linda Clark, .Sharon .Stokley Clarke Putman, Mike Hartman, Ray Phillips, Rickey Fetner, M. L. Jackson, Mike Broyles, Jim Herring, Mr Bass, sponsor Cback rowj. l Beta Club Posting honor rolls, selling candy, and participating in a Hobo Day were three activities which kept the Beta Club members busy this year. The seventy members were required to maintain a 3.2 grade average. Out- standing members included Kathy Morrow, Maureen Graham, Sharon Dunlop, Carla Lehnertz, and Pat Wyatt. Club sponsors were Mrs. Car- lisle and Miss Stuart. Officers were Teresa Elenburg, Historiang Richard Aldrich, Treasurer, Cindy Smith, Reporter fseatedj. Sharon Dunlop, Record- ing Secretary, Pat Wyatt, President, Kathy , Morrow, Vice President, and Carla Lehn- ertz, Corresponding Secretary Cstandingl. l Old' members included Betty Shatto, Becky Bourgeois, Dannell Johnson, and Debbie Turner ffront rowj. Nancy Winham, Barbara Ferrell, Jeanie Allen, Sharon Dunlop, Linda Marckres, Gloria Jernigen, Robin Gay, Carolyn Simmons, Donna Joyner, Kathy Morrow, Cindy Jarett, Cathy Hill, Cathy Messier, and Carla Lehnertz fsecond rowj. Patty Bush, Teresa Elenburg, Gary Runa, Yvonne McElwee, Paula Flanders, Gail Elliott, Colleen Farley, Maureen Graham, Pat Wyatt, -Sandra Mizell, Bill Granger, Edward Sather, Janice Landrum, and Dianne Cook fthird rowl. Carl Combs, David Nogzilia, Mike Walsh, Pat Piazza, Janet Scheen, Terry Kellner, Richard Aldrich, Gary Mills, Jerry Gray, Cindy Smith, Linda Bowman, Donna Grosjean, Donna Lattier, and Brooke Christy Qback row . Beta Club sponsors were'Miss Stuart and Mrs. Carlisle fleftj. Two members who took part in the Beta Club tutoring program were Jerry Gray and Roberta Hart- man. ,xx New members were Arthur Bernstein, Marsha Manning, Linda Serio, Debbie Sather, Roberta Hartman, and Mark Syptak ffront rowj. Carol Egnor, Vanessa Matthews, Holly Davidson, Rhonda Johnson, Tina Downs, Lana Friesen, Janet Candle, Laura Mitchell, and Dale Rains Cback rowh. 1' r Mu Alpha Theta The forty-two members of Mu Alpha Theta were students who had completed four se- mesters of college preparatory math and were enrolled in their fifth semester, a "B" average in these and all other courses was another requirement. Club sponsor was Mrs. Samuel. Two of the highlights of this year for Airline's Mu Alpha Theta were the at- tendance by representatives at the Mu Alpha Theta convention at Northwood early in the year, Airline's chapter sponsored the 1970 annual Math Exam in March. Becky Bale, Secretary-Treasurer, Pat Wyatt, Vice Presidentg Mike Ingram, President, Mrs. Samuel, Sponsor, Penny Ambrose, Reporter were the officers. l Carla Lehnertz, Penny Ambrose, Cathy Hill, Carolyn Simmons, Donna Joyner, Becky Bale, Brooke Christy, Ken Graves, Edward Sather, William Granger. and Linda Marckres ffront rowj. Cathy Messier, Debbie Guess, Maureen Graham, Dianne Cook, Carolyn Harville, Pat Wyatt, Gloria Jernigen, Maria Barnes, Theresa Elenburg, Gary Runa, and Mike Ingram fmiddle rowj. Rick Friesen, Gary Davis, Patty Bush, Mary Hoff, Pat Piazza, David Hudson, Bruce Allen, David Vaughn, David Noziglia, Mike Walsh, and Barry Shipp fback rowj. Yearbook Ad Staff Airline's Yearbook Ad Staff was the organization which Was responsible for selling all the ads for this year's book. The fifteen students on the staff Were students who desired to sell ads and to have an active part in the yearbook's publication. They had summer report meetings and finished their campaign with an outing to Bo1inger's Camp in July. Members who sold the most ads were Brenda Edwards and Vickie Berger. Yearbook business manager, Barbara Ferrell, discussed ad receipts with ad staff sponsor, Mrs. Adkins. Diane Teekell, Peggy Maddux, Donna Harris, and Vickie Carter ffront rowj. Barbara Ferrell, Paula Nixon, Mrs. Adkins, sponsor, Brenda Edwards, and Karen Otto fsecond rowj. Jeanie Allen, Karen Allen, Vickie Berger, Diane Wilson, and Patti Ferriter fthird rowj. Walter Johnson, Jimmy Strange, and Diane Barksdale fback rowj. Y- Teens The membership of the combined Y- Teen groups numbered 154 this year. P Some of the projects undertaken by this club were making Thanksgiving favors for shut-ins, selling Christmas candles and place mats, and assisting in a style show. Girls in this organization were ones who were interested in bettering themselves and their communities. An outstanding member this year was Caro- lyn Harville, she was the State Program Chairman. Another outstanding member was sophomore Kathy Holstead who served as the Caddo-Bossier Council Chaplain. Sponsors for the organizations were Mrs. Barnes, Mrs. Gillan, and Miss Beauchamp. Club officers for the Junior-Senior Y-Teens were Pat Piazza, Inter-Club Council, Dianne Cook, Treasurerg Patti Ferriter, Inter-Club Council Cseatedj. Janet Scheen, Secretaryg Carolyn Harville, Presidentg Diane Wilson, Vice President fstandingj. Mrs. Barnes, sponsor, Beverly Cubley, Karen Previtt, Linda Callahan, Roberta Fredenburg, Penny Ambrose, Diane Teekell, Vivien McKenna, Sandra Mizell, Paula Nixon, Debbie McCardle, and Dana Wheeler ifront rowj. Mary Kilgore, Joyce Cozine, Dianne Cook, Carolyn Harville, Colleen Jordan, Connie Scorsone, Judy Hawn, Nancy Winham, Debbie Guess, Laura Hogan, Linda Bowm T M ' an, erry oore, and Judy Covington fback rowj. Debbie Karnes, Arlene Spencer, Judy Tatum, Gail Sturdivant, Karen Otto, Cathy Hill, Linda Kelly, Cissi Mc- Gill, Paulette Santoro, Neicy Darnell, and Gail Scroggins ffront rowl. Mrs. Barnes, sponsor, Jeanie Allen, Jan Grant, Brooke Christy, Judy Beveridge, Donna Lattier, Mary Grotzinger, Patti Ferriter, Diane Wilson, Janet Scheen, and Pat Piazza fback rowl. Norvella Spencer. Donna Henry, Nan Lewis, Debbie Bond, Diane Black, Barbara Viviano, Debra Hearne, Bobbie Barnard, April Magill, Beverly Furr, Brenda Wade, Renee Frame, Debbie Spataro, Regina Morgan, and Becky Morgan Cfront rowj. Sandra Barksdale, Debbie Jones, Leslie Langdon, Beverly Cockerham, Cindy Ward, Cheryl Barrett, Debbie Raines, Linda Fleming, Ellen Norton, Cheri Seligman, Carol Gay, Sarah Smith, Angie Thomas, Erin Diaz, and Mrs. Gillan, sponsor fsecond rowj. Debbie Scorsone, Mindy Fair, Debbie Thomas, Georgia Wheel- er, Linda Dunlap, Vicki Badgley, Virginia Fowler, Ruby O'Neill, Linda Swearengin, Laura Mitchell, Alana Poole, Susie Webb, Janet Caudle, Liz Kline, Rhonda Johnson, Jamie Miller, and Janine Pierrelee fthird rowl. Terri Amazeen, Michelle McKenzie, Pug Almond, Cindy Cochran, Merle Hanna, Vanessa Mathews, Kathy McBride, Sherry Vaughn, Clarissa Berroteran, Debbie Paine, Colleen Larkin, Kathy Holstead, Dianna Gurganus, Margie Cosier, Dusty Williams, and Patty Moore Qback rowl. Glenda Emmons, Marhsa England, Debbie Henry, Merri Freeman, Vicki Bissett, Carliss Lafitte, Kris Poor, Denise Colvin, Jan Tarver, Kay Johnson, and Leeanne' Prentice Cfront rowl. Sharon Voightlander, Kathy Book- ter, Kathy Falker, Louise Tauzin, Sheri Moseley, Sandra Shar-kleford, Dedra Seale, Gail Lockwood, Suzanne Gil- bert, Charlotte Santoro, Karen Rich, and Julia Wachtel fmiddle rowl. Jill Freeman, Sharon Quinn, Karen Lykes, Tain Wade, Margie Baker, Sandra Lodestro, Judy Wright, Peggy Oliver, Debbie Albriht, Beckie Sholar, Cheryl Harville, and Renee Pope fback rowl FBLA A candy sale, a visit to a senior citizens home, and a Christmas din- ner party at a Bossier restaurant were three of the various activities held by the Future Business Leaders of America organization at Airline this year. The main requirement for membership in the club was that a student be enrolled in at least one business course. The thirteen mem- ber club was sponsored by Miss Stuart. Club officers were Ivey Elliott, Reporter, Brenda Edwards, Presidentg Cathy Harris, Treasurerg Paula Hixon, Secretaryg Dennis Gaines, Vice President. Glenda Bailey, Ivey Elliott, Jamie Poor, and Sharon Emert ffront rowj. Larrie Sewell, Paula Nixon, Cathy Harris, and Brenda Edwards fmiddle rowj. Debbie Humphries, Miss Stuart, sponsor, and Den- nis Gaines fback rowj were the club mem- bers. Brenda Edwards helped in the candy sale by selling some candy to Mrs. High fbelowj. E FHA An interest in home economics was the main requirement for membership in Future Homemakers of America. The thirty-member organization sponsored a Mother-Daughter banquet, bake sales, gave Christmas favors and a program for senior citizen's home, representatives were sent from Airline's chapter to the district convention at Louisiana Tech. An outstanding member of FHA was Marilyn Coffeyg she served as district president. FHA officers were Marilyn Coffey, Robin Swanson, Robin Gay, Pam Jackson Cseatedj. Sharon Dunlop, Beverly Black, Claudia Bartram, and Debbie Franklin fstandingj. Lucy Serio, Pam Stevens, Gail Luckett, Virginia Vergo, Linda Ross, Beckie Thomas, Janet Huckstep, Janice Huckstep, and Cecelia Tullier ffront rowl. Judy Williams, Cindy Silas, Mary Mase, Brenda Bamberg, Debbie Strange, Cathy McCallister, Peggy Duncan, and Wanda Greer fmiddle rowb. Mrs. Nugent, sponsor, Linda Dworczyk, Connie Brigham, Debra Hines, Karen Wren, Sharon Ogle, Celeste Gates, Sandra Alcorn, Diane Jiles, Ramona LaPlante, Ramona Hearne, Kriste Morris, Janet Clayton Cback rowj. FCA Another large club at Airline this year was the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, sponsored by Coach Walden. There were some seventy members. Out- standing members were Mike Seale, Dar- rel Douglas, Joe Williams, and Dennis Scottog these boys attended the summer FCA conference. The members had to be varsity athletes who want to serve Christ through sports and strive to set Christian examples in their lives. A highlight of their year was a City-Wide Meeting at which Terry Bradshaw spoke. Mike Seale, President, Phil Fahey, Vice Presi- dent, Ricky Gentry, Secretary-Treasurer, and Mark Flethcer, Bulletin Chairman were the officers this year. il! 4 R Mike McConathy, Jim Williams, Bob Ross, Arthur Carter, Gary Taylor, Steve Haynes, and Terry Slack ffront rowl. Coach Walden, sponsor, John Papageorge, Darrel Douglas, Mike Outlaw, Bob Marden, Don Catalano, Jim Kline, Mike Seale, Mike Daniel, Kelvin Dunlop, Phil Fahey, Chuck Watson, and Mel Morgan Qsecond rowj. Carl Cochran, Barry Shipp, Malcolm Alexander, Ken Harris, Eric Johnson, Mark Fletcher, Sammy Stroope, Darrell Guillory, Jack Zator, Dana Chrisley, Mike Johnson, Mark Warner, and Ritchie Coulson Cthird rowj. Rick Gentry, Steve Sylvester, Mike Navage, Keith Christy, Dennis Scotto, Bobby Tidwell, Joe Williams, Kenny Smith, Gary Smith, Steve Scott, Neil Campbell, Donnie Shackleford, Jim Stanley, David Hudson, and Steve Bradley iback rowj. .IML The Junior Medical League, spon- sored by Mr. Humphries, had a mem- bership of twenty-one students. Some of the club's special activities were a bake sale, a cake and candy sale, car wash, taking Christmas baskets to children in Willis-Knighton Hos- pital, and delivering valentines to shut-ins. Outstanding members in- cluded Glenda Henry, Diane Coleman, Vickie Eagle, Jo Rodgers, and Pam Sheley. Officers were Diane Coleman, Vice Presi- dent, Glenda Henry, President Qfront rowj. Virginia Drew, Treasurer, Ellen Tipett, N Secretary fsecond rowj. Jo Rodgers, Re- ! porter, Pam Sheley, Historian, and Katie Drew, Parliamentarian fback rowl. 4 5 f i Susan Gardner, Rexanne Craig, Donna Kerry, Diane Coleman, and Sammie Ragsdale ffront rowl. Mary Weiss, Dana Seal, Katie Drew, Ellen Tipett, Virginia Drew, Kate Bailey, Connie Walker, and Carol Watson fmiddle rowj. Vickie Eagle, Laura McKnight, Pat Larkin, Glenda Henry, Jo Rodgers, Pam Sheley, Linda Marckres, and Jeanet Kubas fback rowj. u S Visual Aids Club This year's Visual Aids Club consisted of twenty members, these were students Who were approved by the faculty and had an active interest in audio-visual aids. Their year was highlighted by a trip to the Media Center. The club, sponsored by Mr. Knowles, assisted teachers in the Visual Aids Room at various times during the year. Officers were: President, Leslie Heins, Vice Presi- dent, Billy Adkins, Secretary-Treasurer Ron Calkins. ,, s, John Cannon and Mark Taylor helped Members included: Mark Morgan, Randy Carter, Ron Calkins, in the Visual Aids Room by threading Mr. Knowles, sponsor ffront rowj. David Noziglia, Robert aprojector. Forbes, Dale McGee. Louis Stamm, Leslie Heins, Pat Larkin fmiddle rowj. Mike Rosalie, Gary Taylor, Stan Ford, Troy Hale, Joe Lagman, Billy Adkins fback rowj. Industrial Arts lub A newly-formed club 1:nis year was the Industrial Arts Club. The club was com- prised of twenty-six boys who were doing satisfactory work in an industrial arts course and had desires to improve them- selves. For a new club, it was extremely active. Some of its activities were the formation of a parliamentary procedure team within the club, sponsoring a vic- tory dance at the Bossier YMCA, and planning a campus clean-up campaign. Mr. Sepulvado was the sponsor. Kevin Koeppen, President, Sammy Stroope, Vice Presidentg Barney Dowden, Secretary, Steve Lindsey, Treasurer, John Williams, Ser- geant-at-Armsg and Jim Knight, Reporter, were the club's officers. Robert Flowers, David Monismith, Billy Stengel, Tom Smith, Barney Dowden, George Markham, John Car- lisle, Jimmy Grotzinger, and Gary Runa ffront rowj. Steve Lindsey, Robert Walls, Robert Franklin, Lee Under- wood, Roger Price, Mark Fletcher, Sammy Stroope, John Williams, Bruce Bourgeois, and Mike Jones Cmiddle rowj. Henry Wheeler, David Conner, Richard Burt, Tom Speed, Richard Wallesverd, David Falkner, Mark War- ner, Jack Martin, Jim Knight, and Kevin Koeppen fback rowj. Photo Club The Photo Club held classes for per- sons interested in photographic tech- niques this year. Membership was open to anyone Who had a "C" average and had an interest in photography. Of the twenty-five members, Ronald Durst, Carol Egnor, Barbara Forbes, Pat Mc- Coy, and Bob Jackson were outstanding. Mr. Parnell was the faculty advisor for the club. Officers were Ronald Durst, Presidentg John Wilhelm, Vice Presidentg Robert Johnson, Sec- retary, Mark Kimsey, Treasurerg Bob Jackson and Robert Sanders, Instructors Cfront to backj. Tommy Zimmer, Kathy Wilhelm, Denise Kehey ffront rowj. Barbara Forbes, Carol Egnor, Susan Loughner, Sharon Farrow fsecond rowj. Kitty Sawyar, Scott Carter, Ricky McClanahan, Mallorie Mathis Qthird rowl. Michael Mathis, David Allen, Bob Jackson ffourth rowj. Ronald Durst, Pat McCoy, Robert Johnson, Mark Kim- sey ffifth rowj. Robert Sanders, and Jim Strange fback rowj. FTA An organization that the teachers found especially helpful this year was the Future Teachers Association. Each mem- ber Was assigned to help a teacher grade papers, put up bulletin boards, and helped bu tutoring students. The club, sponsored by Mrs. Bessie Cox, was for any stu- dent Who maintained a "C" average, who was interested in exploring teaching as a career, and who had good character, personality, scholarship, and leadership. There were twenty-five club members this year. Officers were Carolyn Judkins, President, Deb- bie Sather, Vice President, Beth Watts, Secre- tary, Sally Kendall, Treasurer, and Beth Dees, Reporter ffront to backj. E Members were Zoronia Phillips, Mary Rohner, Terry Turner, Sally Kendall, Cherrie Brown ffront rowj. Gail Galyon, Bev Harbaugh, Kathy Walsh, Beth Dees, Melody Walker, Peggy Smith, Robyn Judkins lmlddle rowj. Carolyn Judkins, Debbie Sather, Beth Watts, Kim Harbaugh, Marianne Jackson, Patty Bush, and Teresa Elen- burg fback rowj. . French Club Bake sales, a car wash, and talks by people who had been to France were some of the high- lights for this year's French Club. Of the twenty-eight mem- bers, outstanding ones were Cindy Jarrett, Carla Lehnertz, and Carolyn Simmons. Members of the club had to be interested in French, officers Were required to have taken a French course. Club sponsors were Mrs. High and Mrs. Wandrey. President, Carolyn Simmons, Vice President, Cindy Jarrett ffront rowj. Secretary, Melanie Welch, Treasurer, Grace Gilley fmiddle rowl. Parliamen- , tarian, Carla Lahnertzg Reporter, Kathy , Morrow Cback rowj were the C1ub's j officers. L l Carla Lehnertz, Cindy Jarrett, Janet DeHart, Kathy Morrow, and George Frederick ffront rowj. James Miller, Donna Kendrick, Brooke Christy, David Cook, Carolyn Simmons, Grace Gilley, and Cathy Messier fmiddle rowj. Mrs. Wandrey, sponsor, Cindy Brown, Linda Olson, Connie Evans, Dale Lane, Melanie Welch, Debbie West, Gloria Jernigen, and Mrs. High, sponsor fback rowj. Library Club The two main requirements for membership in the Library Club were passing grades and a willingness to work, there were some thirty members in this year's club. Attendance at a state convention, a caroling party, and working in the li- brary were three of their main activities. Club sponsors were Miss Anderson and Mrs. Car- lisle. Club officers included Roberta Hartman, Vice President, Larry Sewell, Parliamentariang Cathrine Comb, Secretary, Marilyn Williams, President, Karen Gregston, Treas- urerg and Linda Catalano, Reporter. Club members were Miss Anderson, sponsor, Tommy Zimmer, Debbie Turner, Pat Roberts, Linda Catalano, Cathy Comb, Terry Cunningham, Mary Dillon, Mary Laird ffront rowj. Mrs. Carlisle, sponsor, Joyce Guillory, Janet Huckstep, Janice Ratcliff, Roberta Hartman, Maureen Graham, Karen Allen, Donna Kendrick, Emma Enlow, Robert Dumas fsecond rowj. Marilyn Williams, Vickie Sweeney, Liz Pepin, Mike Shores, Mary Preble, Jackie Young, Walter Johnson, Ricky Mudd, Larry Sewell fthird rowj. Airline. Choir Under the direction of Mr. Jodi Wil- liams, the choir contributed to Air1ine's many extracurricular activities by pre- senting various forms of musical enter- tainment this past year. Among the spe- cial activities undertaken by the choir were a musical Christmas program, a Spring concert, the District Music Fes- tival, and a musical play. Choir officers for 1969-'70 included Jimmy Shows, President, Sandra Mizell, Vice-Presi- dent fseatedj. Barbara Jackson, Secretary- Treasurerg Dana Chrisley, Social Chairman, Pat Weisel, Reporterg Billy Adkins, Social Chair- man Cstandingj. Concert Choir members included Karen Kennington, Donna Harris, Carol Egnor, Myra Owens, Barbara Jack- son, Connie Evans, Denise Jones, Sharon Emert, Sandra Mizell, Colleen Jordan, Renee Frame ffront rowl. Debbie Paine, Marilyn Coffey, Peggy Basham, Debbie White, Randi Olson, Patti Ferriter, Cindy Smith, Cindy Scheen, Pat Weisel, Yvone McElwee, Janet Candle, Debbie Humphries fsecond rowj. Robert Johnson, Alfred Cloud, Mike Outlaw, Bob Raley, Jimmy Shows, Billy Adkins, Dana Chrisley, Mark Fletcher, Jack Zator, Steve Herkert fback rowj. Mr. Williams directed the choir during the annual Christmas concert fleftl. Outstanding choir mem- bers who sang solos were Patti Ferriter and Jack Zator Qbelowl. Mixed Choir members included Robert Johnson, Alfred Cloud, Lester Simmons, Roger Price, Barney Dowden, Phil Marsiglia, Eddie Faith, Candy Patton, Judy Williams, Linda Hobson, Diane Cook, Linda Murray, Denise Jones, Paula Williford, Sharon Emert, Karen Previtt, Cissi Magill, Vickie Grosjean, Linda Callahan, Donna Harris, Lucille Serio, Barbara Jackson, Myra Owens, Loretta Davis, Carliss Lafitte, Julia Wachtel, Becky Car- ter ffront rowl. Jimmy Shows, Mike Outlaw, Billy Adkins, Steve Herkert, Mark Fletcher, Jack Zator, Terri Ferriter, Debra Humphries, Renee Frame, Colleen Farley, Sandra Mizell, Yvonne McElwee, Brenda Brooks, Connie Evans, Judy Hawn, Ramona Hearn, Karen Kennington, Liz Hounsell, Darlene Hayes, Marilyn Coffey, Claudia Bartram, Rhonda Hightower, Laura Hines, Carol Egnor, Debbie Callahan, Jeanette Weiss fsecond rowj. Mike Broyles, Robert Keller, Jimmy Rodgers, Ken Chaffin, Dana Chrisley, Paul Laster, Charles Marsiglia, Tommy Keith, Cheryl Hodges, Jan Hayes, Janet Caudle, Diane Teekell, Sandy Alcorn, Pat Weisel, Randi Olson, D. Franklin, Cindy Dowden, Patti Ferriter, Debbie White, Ann Forbes, Mary Weiss, Debbie Cassell, Carolyn Cubley, Ivy Elliott, Debbie Paine, Melinda Serwich, Brenda Lindsey, Ellie LaForest fthird rowj. Robert Sanders, Bob Raley, John Guyton, Ricky Armstrong, Lee Snead, Barry McKinney, Sharon Ogle, Debbie Freeman, Diane Jiles, Cynthia Scheen, Cindy Smith, Judy Covington, Colleen Jordan, Janet Clayton, Beverly Black, Ramona LaPlante, Kay Kimbrough, Janice White, Peggy Basham, Diane Parks, Peggy Davis, Lynda Haley, Anita Mitchell, Joan McClelland, Robin Swanson, Sylvia Stumpt, Charlotte Grant, Cynthia Lewis, Annie Payne fback rowj. Airline Choir Bob Raley played the double bass for the choir frightl. Choir members studied their new music for an up- coming concert fbelowj. Senior members included Jimmy Shows, Barney Dowden, Roger Price, Jack Zator, Colleen Farley, Debbie Humphries, Sandra Mizell, Paula Williford, Sharon Emert, Karen Previtt, Vickie Grosjean, Linda Callahan, Donna Harris, Barbara Jackson, Myra Owens ffront rowj. Billy Adkins, Paul Laster, Mark Fletcher, Dana Chrisley, Judy Williams, Diane Teekell, Yvonne McElwee, Brenda Brooks, Colleen Jordan, Judy Hawn, Liz Hounsell, Claudia Bartram, Rhonda Hightower, Laura Hines Qsecond rowj. Bob Raley, Mike Broyles, Ken Chaffin, Diane Cook, Sandy Alcorn, Diane Jiles, Cindy Smith, Judy Covington, Marilyn Coffey, Robin Swan- son, Karen Kennington, Debbie Cassell, Carolyn Cubley, Ann Forbes, Dana Wheeler fthird rowj. Robert San- ders, Lee Snead, Jimmy Rodgers, Robert Keller, Sharon Ogle, Debbie Freeman, Pat Weisel, Cindy Scheen, Kay Kimbrough, Peggy Basham, Diane Parks, Annie Payne, Darlene Hayes, Sylvia Stumpt, Mary Kilgore, Debbie McCardle fback rowj. With a talented voice, Renee Frame sang a solo during the Christmas concert frightj. The accompanists were Debbie Paine fseatedj. Debbie White, Renee Frame, Bobby Raley, and Julia Wechtel Qstand- ingj. The Ensemble included Marilyn Coffey, Patti Ferriter fseatedj. Karen Kenningto Dana Chrisley, Renee Frame, Janet Caudle, Mike Outlaw fstandingj. Pep Club Valkyries d e m 0 n - strated spirit in their cheering. ' Members of the Valkyries were Sandra Mizell, Cindy Smith, Lynn Brubaker, and Jerry Brubaker ffront rowj. Kathy Morrow, Janet Caudle, Donna Henry, Patti Ferriter, Diane Wilson, Terri Amazeen, Linda Marckres, Liz Pepin, and Frances Preble fsecond rowj. Carol Egnor, Kay Spearman, Lana Friesen, Gail Lockwood, Rexanne Craig, Linda Bowman, Debbie Humphries, Carolyn Simmons, and a zin er fthird rowj. Donna Harris, Linda Swearengin, Nan Lewis, Paulette Santoro, Terry Brubaker, aren ee er, Sharon Dunlop, Cynthia Scheen, and Laura Hogan ffourth rowj. Janet Huckstep, Rita Richardson, Jamie Poor, Diana Jiles, Debby Strange, Vickie Berger, Diane Teekell, Pat Weisel, and Brenda Edwards ffifth rowl. Janice Huckstep, Bobbie Barnard, April Magill, Dusty Williams, Christy Morris, Janice Landrum, Cindy Jarrett, Cissy Magill, and Ar- lene Spencer fsixth rowj. Jan Winkler, Denise Jones, Vanessa Matthews, Becky Thomas, Vickie Carter, Karen Otto, Donna Kendrick, Patty Bush, and Karen Traas fseventh rowj. Denise Jones, Karen Allen, Colleen Larken, Debbie Tarver, Karen Brigham, Neicy Darnell, Pam Stephens, Debbie Bartrum, and Novella Spencer feighth rowl. Sue Hasson, Marie Boley, Kathy Holstead, Frances Castilleya, Alana Poole, Susie Webb, Nancy Bell, Connie Brigham, and Carla Lehnertz fninth rowj. Kathy McCallister, Jan Hayes, Peggy Maddux, Suzanne Gil- bert, Margaret Moser, Kitty Sawyer, Diane Black, Jan Tarver, and Kris Poor ftenth rowj. Becky Carter, Merle Hanna, Rhonda Johnson, Dedra Seale, Debbie Henry, Kitty Sawyer, Erin Diaz, Connie Walker, Leslie Langdon, Carliss Lafitte, Sharon Quinn, and Denise Colvin feleventh rowj. Officers were Cindy Smith, Colonelg Lynn Brubaker, Lieu- tenant Colonel fstandingj. Jerry Brubaker, Second Majorg Sandra Mizell, First Major fsittingj Qleftj. Pep Club boosted spirit at a pep rally. N C L Linda Swearengin, Nan Lewis, Janet Caudle, Cynthia Scheen, and Karen Wheeler, lieutenantsg Terry Brubaker, Sharon Dunlop, Donna Harris, Patti Ferriter, Paulette Santoro, and Laura Hogan, captains fclockwise from left frontj. 1 L Drum Corps i One of the most active organizations at Airline this year was the Pep Club. A few of its activities were making presentations to athletic teams, attending all games, and making spirit posters. Some 125 girls held membership in Valkyries. These girls had to maintain a "C" average, have teacher approval, and a good at- titude. Teachers in charge of Valkyries were Mrs. Cole- man and Mrs. Norvell. Sponsors for the Valkyries were Mrs. Coleman and Mrs. Norvell flefty Valkyries sang a spirit song during a pep rally. rm .A.t- sa ' ISR' fair 5 . W ..-f,- f -5 ,.,, my , A . Drum corps members were Donna Henry, Debbie Humphries, Carolyn Simmons, Patti Ferriter, captain, Kathy Morrow, Linda Marckres, and Rexanne Craig ffront rowj. Liz Pepin, Frances Preble, Linda Bowman, M. , 21'g-ea Janet Caudle, Terri Amazeen, and Diane Wilson fback rowj. I asslQ M-H 0 ice Girls Some of the most active students at Airline this year were the office girls who worked during their study halls. They were seen picking up slips for ab- sentees, typing letters, filing student in- formation cards, and assisting the sec- retaries in both the faculty and student offices. Mrs. Bond and Mrs. Stanley were in charge of the girls. Sue Davis recorded absentees as Peggy Duncan and Diane Teekell checked a student's record fleftl. Nora Rossley filed a report card ftop eftj. 'ing Mrs. Bond, Sue Davis, Kristin Beckland, Vickie Carter, Cathy Messier, Grace Gilley, Peggy Maddux, and Mrs. Stanley ffront rowj. Cecila Tullier, Donna Harris, Cindy Silas, Neicy Darnell, Debbie McCardle, Diane Teekell, Linda Callahan, Colleen Jordan, Karen Allen, and Debbie Humphries Csecond rowj. Glenda Graham, Robin Gill, Karen Kennington, Pam Gilbert, Diane Wilkins, Paula Nixon, Dianne Cook, Carolyn I-Iarville, Carolyn Furr, and Peggy Duncan Qthird rowj. Barbara Jackson, Becki Wells, Kathy Nelson, Sheri Martin, Debbie White, Sandy Alcorn, Linda Scarborough, Patty Moore, Laura Hogan, Vicki Berger, Nora Rossley, and Judy Covington fback rowl. Cheerleaders Cheerleaders were Cherie Davis, assistant head, Martha McKenzie, head cheerleader ftopl. Mari- lyn Coffey, Judy Tatum, Becky Wrlht, and Beverly Cubley fbottomj. qw' Rain-soaked cheerleaders kept their "num- l ber one" spirit even at the wet, Center, Texas game fabovej. Martha McKenzie led a pompom routine in a pep rally frightj. Cheerleaders ran ahead of the team onto the field ffar rightj. l l A hard-working group of girls this year was the cheerleaders. These girls were responsible for the or- ganization of programs for the pep rallies, making spirit posters and presentations to athletic teams, and leading the student body in cheering. Last summer they attended a summer clinic at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. During the session, they won several awards for being outstanding cheerleaders. Their special abilities were evidenced in their perform- ances throughout the year. This year, Martha McKenzie served as head cheerleaderg Cherie Davis was assistant head cheerleader. Mrs. Walden was their sponsor. Coach Ray and Martha McKenzie awaited a penalty call ftop leftb. Others watched as Becky Wright introduced a Bossier High cheerleader fmiddle lefty Cheerleaders Martha McKenzie and Beverly Cubley readied a bus for an out-of-town game trip flower leftl. Dismay was shown by Marilyn Coffey as the Vikings dropped behind in a game fbottom leftj. Cheerleaders posed on the steps of Southern Methodist University where they attended a summer clinic. ,,.,1.--... ,,.--.-Q ,...--""-'i'-x 9 hug N..-..- -... X, . Airline Band Gary Hall served as Band Captain this year Qabovej. Mr. Lamar Smith was the director frightj. "A" band members included Renee Frame, Dale Rains, Cherie Davis, Diane Fox, Linda Fleming, Marsha Man- ning, Sheila Thorn ffirst rowj. Susan McHenry, Terry Wright, Donna Grosjean, Jerry Gray, Becky Bale, Linda Scarborough, Brooke Christy, Gail Scroggins, Donna Lattier, Theresa Ellenburg, Pam Shelley, Holly Davidson Qsecond rowj. Debbie Thomas, Beverly Furr, Sherry Stoll, Cindy Cochran, Mike Mathis, Richard Aldrich, David Allen, Nickie Tooke, Randy Schavrien, Margie Cosier, Ken Graves, Debbie Karnes fthird rowj. Robert Rich- ards, Spencer Hayes, Joey Lewis, Mike Shirley, Barry Shipp, Malcolm Alexander, Tom Comfort, Judy Bickham, Carolyn Harrison, Roberta Hartman, Emma Enlow, Sheila Burkett, Bruce Knock, Billy Chandler ffourth rowj. Dennis Scotto, Carl Combs, Laurel Alexander fstandingl. "A" band members were Debbie Bond, Janine Pierrelee, Josie Charchio, Randy Randall, Judy Tatum, Pat Wyatt, Martha McKenzie Cfront rowj. Pam Yates, Laura Almond, Carol Gay, Sarah Smith, Laura Mitchell, Regina Morgan, Virginia Fowler, Cathy Hill, Angie Thomas, Mindy Fair, Donna Harkey fsecond rowl. Roxann Wat- son, Pat Piazza, Whitley Graves, Ralph Lee, Debbie Brooks, Jack Zator, Gary Hall, Fred Andrus, Steve Scott, Tony Longoria, Boyce Langley, Terry Kellner, Mike Ingram fthird rowl. David Wright, Mike Doles, Jim Kline, Linda Kelley, Danny McGowen fback rowj. Alton Jordon, Ken Harris Cstandingj. Band officers were Mindy Fair, Pat Wyatt, Donna Grosjean, Donna Harkey, Sarah Smith, Susan McHenry Csit- tingb. Ken Graves, Joey Lewis, Danny Mc- Gowen, G a r y Hall fstandingj. Viking Band Had Outstanding Year Under the leadership of director Lamar Smith, the Airline High School Band has completed its sixth year. The band performed at pep rallies, bonfires, and football games during the foot- ball season, and the concert band performed sev- eral concerts this year. The band won the L.S.U. marching contest and marched at half-time during the L.S.U.-Tu- lane game. They also participated in the annual marching contest. Last June, the band traveled to Denver, Colorado, and was chosen as the honor band for the Central City Opera Associa- tion. The Viking band plans to represent Louisiana at the Lions' Club Convention in Atlantic City, New Jersey, this spring. Band members watched a football game attentively. Freshman band members were Laura McKnight, Louise Tauzin, Sheila Smith, Alecia Alexander, Kay Johnson, Theresa Howington, Judy Wright, Norma Bale Cfirst rowj. Marilyn Bradford, Donna Patrick, Gail Hornbeak, Diane Cantu, Jim Shaw, Brenda Love, Margie Baker, Karen Rich, Glenda Emmons, Georgie Rodgers, Yvonne Bradley, Marianne Whorton, Cecelia Mathis fsecond rowj. Leo Stevens, Monica Smith, Renee Pope, Sarah Elliott, Tain Wade, Vicki Dubee, Donna Kerry, Vickie Bissett, Malorie Mathis, Kathy Wilhelm, Charles Moran, Cathy Thomas, Sandra Lodestro, Gary McDaniel, Darryl Camp, Jeff Fuller, Mark Kelley, Frank Zator, Jack Cornelius fthird rowj. Albert Windham, Don Long, Sonny McCoy, Jeannie Grammar, Paul Kelley, Alan Jones, Robert Katsock, Debbie Mizell, Jimmy Prothro, John Watts, Charles Watson, Pat Watson, Randy Williford, James Burnham, Mike Ward, Sheilah Bradley, Bruce Taylor, Philip Caramia, Tommy Welch, Mike Hall, Donald McConnell ffourth rowj. Bobby Johnson, Greg Craig, Ronnie Patton, James Wade Qfifth rowj. PAT WYATT-Drum Majorette SUSAN McHENRY-Assistant Drum Major Majorettes were Debbie Karnes, Renee Frame, Susan McHenry, Becky Bale, Sarah Smith, Donna Grosjean Donna Lattier, Cindy Cochran. I90 A THLE TI CS Vikes Sail to Victory Throughout Airline High School's six year history, the Vikings have been making a name for them- selves. On the gridiron the Vikings have become known for their pride and desire. When a team came to Bossier City to play the Norsemen, they knew that they had to put forth a superlative effort to even wish for a victory. When they left, most of them wished they had stayed home. This year was no different. The Vikings compiled an 8-2 season record. They exhibited great ability and de- termination in playing against terrific odds. They gave up only two hard-fought decisions. Teams who fell in the Viking's march to a victorious season were Lake Charles, West Monroe, Center, Jesuit, Byrd, Ruston, Woodlawn, and Bossier. The Vikings of yesterday and today hope that the Norsemen of tomorrow will live up to this great tradition. 8-2 Season Coach Jack Gray 'IJ 1 if 'R FRONT ROW: Ed Watson, Chuck Colvin, Clarence Moor , D' 'd 'kl Alf ed C1 d B J h Mike Daniel, Charlie Marsiglia, Brad Smith, Darrel Do1fgla.s,avBob Qgd:ssei,SECCND BBW: lzldlilkxe lsolieiftg Darrell Guillory, Mike Seale, Steve Whit, Malcolm Alexander, Eric Johnson, Bobby Tidwell, Bill Winkler Mike Kavenough, Ken Harris, Mike Johnson, Jack Zator, Jim Kline, Pat Roberts. C. Anderson C. Harper R. Johnson M. D. Ray R. Walden Vikings like what they saw-Touchdown!! THIRD ROW: Dennis Scotto, Dana Chrisley, Phil Fahey, Jim Wallace, Mike Navage, Joe Williams, Steve Bachman, Steve Sylvester, Mike Outlaw, Pete Robinson, Mark Fletcher, Kelvin Dunlop. BACK ROW: Mike Linton, Rich Coulson, Kenny Smith, Steve Scott, Ken Baldwin, Tom Comfort, David Hudson, Mike Reed, Billy Hudson, Neil Cambell, Gary Smith, Bill Brannan, Barry Ship, Ken Chaffin. Airline's Stadium Christened Victory enlightened the dedication of the new Airline stadium as the "Iron Men" defeated the Lake Charles Wildcats, 14-7. Though close in score, statistics widened the margin of achievement as the Vikings sur- passed in the yardage gained. With 1:38 re- maining in the first half, Gary Smith sup- plied the first T.D. of the evening, bursting up the middle for 15 yards. The third period started with 10,000 fans "sitting close on edge," when a shattering 34 yard T.D. by Bobby Tidwell stunned the Wildcat defense. Not until late in the 4th quarter, did the Wildcats get on the scoreboard with a 5 yard rung their attempt failed to hinder the strength of the mighty Vikings. THE YARDSTICK Airline Lake Charles First Downs 17 11 Net Yards Pass 83 49 Net Yards Rush 205 94 Passes KA-CJ 10-5 15-4 Had Intercepted 1 1 Punt-Average 2-48.0 4-29.7 Fumbles-Lost 3-2 3-1 Penalties-Yds. 6-49 2-10 Jack Zator led the mighty Vikings onto the field. Bill Branan Ken Chaffin lt. , Dana Chrisly Richie Coulson f ----- mflateifzfsgf' ' rufsiyvzur Axe.-1551, ., ...., . M,,e,,,Q 8 Q : M 0 , rms gg Q5-Rei 'Wag .1 g. E A 'T , , '35 1 X -ii '-5231" if is Kelvin Dunlop phil Fahey 'Quinn'-'Wi Z iff? 7 - f -W 1 E -f 4 .6 2 i' .15 , Y Y rr if gpg , M, . gm- ff Y- ' 'sf Q .5,, I, V. , ' my ' .15-,J " Mark Fletcher Darrel Guillory Rebels Defeated by Norsemen The second game of the season found the Norsemen teeming with victory as the West Monroe Rebels sent home with a 41-14 loss. Tail back Gary Smith supplied the first T.D. of the evening with a 4 yard run. Ken Chaf- fi'n, the quarterback of the Vikings, blazed 30 yards for the second T.D., being closely followed by Gary Smithts 42 yard punt re- turn, Which took the spark out of the Rebels. The halftime score found Airline 20 and the Rebels 6, after defensive end Kenny Smith supplied a tackle which forwarded the Vik- ings a safety for another 2 points. The third period got under way with Chaffin bursting over for 5 yards and then within minutes, connected with Darrell Guillory for a touch- down of 26 yards. The fourth quarter ended with the Vikings second team in play, as Billy Hudson twisted his way for 6 more points. THE YARDSTICK Airline West Monroe First Downs 14 7 Net Yards Rush 289 101 Net Yards Pass 108 0 Passes QA-Cb 12-7 5-0' Had Intercepted 1 0 Punt-Average 9-35.7 Fumbles-Yost 6-4 7-6 Penalties-Yards 14-11 2-20 Airline's offensive teams worked its way toward the goal line. Vikings Stun Center A reservoir was the setting for the Vik- ing's 3rd win, as the "Iron Men" whipped the Rough Riders, 29-6. A torrential down- pour had emptied itself on the Center, Texas stadium some forty minutes prior to the first kick off but did not stop the advancement of the victorious "Norsemen." Gary Smith supplied the first three touchdowns of the evening, with Darrell Guillory closing the door with a scampering 21-yard run. Coach Jack Gray cleared the entire bench with the last half and brought the Airline Vikings home, taking a 3-0 record into the next Weeks game against the undefeated Captain Shreve Gators. THE YARDSTICK First Downs Net Yards Rush Net Yards Pass Passes CA-CJ Had Intercepted Punt Average Fumbles-Lost Penalties-Yds. Airline Center 20 1 367 -7 20 7 6-1 9-1 1 0 3-35 10-34.6 9-7 8-1 4-36 1-5 David Hudson Billy Hudson Eric Johnson ,ee s s yse k 11- ssgi iiiii C "ii ' is gees f . MQ' Y me M-Er eg Mig? T ' 1: L'gT?.,.1'.N.I,4 ' .. 'ef f' ri., ' ' ,,.. - ii..:.iii1-.1i::zi:zsi3.S'1:'.Hyip X ,Q ,g c"' mass' i.311f13ii:f,fg1tg:..i,z1Q,Ji1i. -- -f14---Y11- - 1 Qgxagwifff jj fr I ,see-we - fjggf.: K 5 1 rf: Y rs-mg Qs., K -I f , ,- 135+ .- 'if in 4 j ,--, - C , x ' t ' ii., - - if - 'WL 1 -- . ,,,, -. I V ' -3 -am -, A .F I, ,L 'fl Gary Smith evaded still another tackle fabovej Barry Shipp sprinted left for a long gain fleftj. Jim Kline 'fltsili'-f I :Z aa 'ff I-- 7' 2- W--- 22: S 1 1' if ' I we Q ' ,," - 5 ssg lv Us 'Z "QW, Q 1--?m,531-1, Q " wr i 5 1 .1 M- f if W 6- lf?W -4-Nexus-.uma--.N an E ,Wa Ax X 519.1 Q, ab fr 1- 1+ H v sin 0,21 al at L., y f Alvin ,lima y 3-., Q X is W mm 'H '15a65""5i'Z ai' 45 " so , it cw egg, H54 mir qw ,X 8576, Q Mmm sk R R wigs,-rm X fr A an-v A s 1, M X a K W M. , fa Y swf X , se A' 2 gjpfiw If ir , '2v!Qra,y,,-, ,gy " sway Q '5 S W 5 1+ f'fi"f l ' M M , ff 6 lf-g ttlfm + V' X fs- ' 2? f 'wi ff Qs N gf Mk 2,5 Y aw H' A W F , Q we 9 M P ff ' 'E ' fists Y 655' will 4' A .M J, v jilgtijlfeg, f , k lima , ceq we , Ma af 1, 5 P, xg djxggf 1- X -in-141331, ,Q 'Y A Q41 ev wx ,N K sm! 5, l I A ie!-ff H ,gif 'sg .1 as - xg 5 t 1 uyg slsl I W ' , .A ,, ..,N Mike Linton Pat R0bel'tS Bob Ross Steve Scott Vikings Fall to Gators The Captain Shreve Gators took home a difficult victory, 26-12, in spite of the strong come back of the Airline Vikings. The Gators dominated the play of the first half taking a THE YARDSTICK lead into the dressing room of 20-0. But Airline Capt. Shreve undying honor and pride, found the valiant First Downs 10 17 Vikings fighting back and almost success- Net Yards Rush 154 265 fully closing the gap in the 4th quarter. Net Yards Pass 47 35 Our defense being adjusted, clamped down Passes QA-CJ 6-2 6-3 on the potential Shreve offense allowing them Had II1'CG1'C9Df6d 1 1 only one other score in the last half. The Punt-Average 4-35.0 5-33.2 third quarter found a riled up Viking offense Fumbles-L0st 6-0 00 where Ken Chaffin and Gary Smith both Penalties-Yds. 4-20 5-35 managed to get across the goal line. Airline's last desperate charges were stifled late in the 4th period, when an interception and two fumbles annulled any more fireworks. Vikings l00ked OH as the game pr0g1'eSSed- .wx Wi Jesuit Flyers Crash Land The strong running attack of the Airline Vikings proved its omnipotent reputation as the Norsemen shot down the Jesuit Flyers, 29-6. Gary Smith, Airline's "Red Baron" in blue, effectively helped to send Snoopy and his crew homeg their efforts being limited to one T.D. and only six first downs. The first quarter found the Airline Vikings strik- ing the first hit as Ken Chaffin, admiral of the Viking fleet, connected with Bobby Tid- well for a 27 yard touchdown. Smith scored the other two touchdowns during the second half, while Darrell Guillory kicked two for three in the PAT department. A crash land- ing for the Flyers was the result of another joint effort by the Mighty Viking Warriors. THE YARDSTICK Airline Jesuit First Downs 12 6 Net Yards Pass 69 54 Net Yards Rush 181 64 Passes CA-Cl 10-3 12-4 Had Intercepted 0 1 Punt-Average 5-31.2 6-35.6 Fumbles-Lost 4-1 1-1 Penalties-Yds. 3-25 5-32 Jesuit Flyers tried to catch elusive Viking. Dennis Scotto Mike Seale Barry Shipp Gary Smith r l 11 ' reselrn .B ,. W.. ,- --VV L-if 4 F 3 an y y F' r ,, - V-1 ' I ' M V ', ' K St - Us f ,f f ,. , WM M 1 it , 5 ' MQW! f - -9 wQBM'5f ?QNm Ni A si ASQ gage Q sl-viii is Q,?i-,a ge + Wgswgdea -1 was 4 X iw? 1-sc fi we-Q gf 9 ,, 4 wa, s y N 1 :q -is - 1 'Q' Xia K W M if i -2 .. ,, - , g ' -' . -.Q 5"'iT,ff :grit - "im V A ' Q Nibwn - "gififf?3"i?if'f92f7S3i ,. -W - 1. . .f - ., , - i f Y 4, .. I . , a, Env: -1 f' L- - 1 . - . .au "MMT" 1, -'H -,ru v i' -Hs" N . 3 X " - . 1 1 'kai Kenny Smith Bobby Tidwell Joe Williams Bill Winkler Vikings Swat Jackets The Airline Vikings crushed the Byrd Yel- low Jackets, 55-21. Both Gary Smith and Darrell Guillory racked up 3 touchdowns a piece. Airline's great blocking system found the "Big Blue" running 303 yards and throw- ing for 69. Coach Jack Gray was able to play his second team with quarterback Kenny Shipp collaborating with Mike Outlaw and David Quickel for the last eight points of the game. Defensive back Bob Ross was injured slightly in the last quarter, but quickly re- covered to share the victory of the Vikings. THE YARDSTICK Airline First Downs 19 Net Yards Rush 303 Net Yards Pass 69 Passes CA-CJ 9-6 Had Intercepted 0 Punt-Average 3-24.5 Fumbles-Lost 4-2 Penalties-Yds. 4-40 Darrell Guillory was tackled after an unbelievable run. Byrd 13 5 186 30-13 2 4-25.7 2-1 1-15 Mwiswmakitxyy .3 V Vikings Caged Bearkats The efforts of Ken Smith, Mike Linton, 1 Joe Williams, Richie Coulson, Bill Winkler, 1 Mark Fletcher, Phil Fahey, Steve Scott, Kel- T vin Dunlop, Pat Roberts, Eric Johnson, and Ken Chaffin all greatly contributed to the stopping of the Ruston Bearkat offense. Air- line's opponent never managed to cross the goal line because of the mighty Viking de- fense. Gary Smith racked up both touch- downs of the eveningg one coming in the first quarter and the other in the third. The latter touchdown was set up by the contributing run of Darrell Guillory after which a fake field goal was passed from Chaffin to Smith which topped off the drive. THE YARDSTICK Airline Ruston Net Yards Rush 278 102 Net Yards Pass 60 0 Passes QA-CJ 10-5 7-0 Had Intercepted 0 1 Punt Average 3-44 7-34.7 Fumbles-Lost 2-1 2-1 Penalties-Yds. 8-80 6-60 Coach Johnson offered advice to junior Kelvin Dunlop. Steve Sylvester Jack Zator H? eg' w,.w , , .- f We . '- f g-rw-,,:q,:,ff: 'wwf ,K - m mf. 1 fi . .gl , f- W, V 435558 ' ff i M W t 'WY . sf 2 ' -sf, TW' , im , 'l 9 "" f,:,,: f ., 4 D 1 al " 1 ,V HM fe, , . " m e ,,., gf 9:4 f affix A 552,49 ' ,Q i 4 'A z A I i:"s.I:H 2 r Qi, k r v":'- K, W.,-if - l1,,1:,, 5. V f-f:Jiw,.-,.- , , ,ff W, ' 'f 'i""gi"'f . . f' , ' 'V . 4 , , ,, ,- . A i f ,, , , fr- " Q f - -,- , 1 1:3 e3gkm,3gj 4 J f fu Q Dedicated Managers Norsemen Lost Tough Une ,Homecoming found the Airline Vikings bolting into an early lead of 13-0 with only 5:36 ticked away in the first quarter. The Norsemen took to the air for their first T.D. with a 5 yard pass from Chaffin to Coulson. The second and last score for the Vikings came when Darrell Guillory broke loose on a 50 yard sprint to the goal line. But then the tables turned quickly on the Mighty Vik- ings and bad breaks and misfortune assisted the Fair Park Indians in surpassing with a final margin of 28-13. The second half found the Norsemen infantry continuously deep in enemy territory and the offense was unable to jell for the remainder of the game. The Vikings were successful though in setting up excellent defense which dominated from the beginning to the end. THE YARDSTICK Fair Park Airline First Downs 19 6 Net Yards Pass 156 20 Net Yards Rush 62 156 Had Intercepted 1 2 Punt Average 6-31.6 7-31.1 Fumbles-Lost 2-2 2-2 Penalties-Yds. 1-5 5-50 Woodlawn Defeated by Vengeful Vikings THE YARDSTICK Woodlawn Airline First Downs 14 11 Net Yards Rush -45 153 Net Yards Pass 265 43 Passes QA-CJ 38-24 5-2 Had Intercepted 2 0 Punt-Average 3-33.3 6-3015 Fumbles-Lost 4-3 6-4 Penalties-Yds. 1-5 5-67 A cold Halloween night at Viking Stadium was the setting for a 13-0 victory for the Norsemen. The combined efforts of Airline's front seven: Bill Winkler, Bill Branan, Phil Fahey, Ken Smith, Ritchie Coulson, Joe Wil- liams, and Mike Linton all contributed to a 113 yard rushing loss against the Knight's quarterback. The Viking defense slammed the door in the Woodlawn offense 5 times within the Airline 20 yard line. Airline's 13 points were afforded by a 47 yard run by Ken Chaffin, and a 3 yard plunge by Gary Smith. The Best Team Won The Airline Vikings wasted no time in getting on the scoreboard during the 21-7 victory over the Bossier Bearkats. The Norse- men took possession of the football early in the first quarter and before the Bossier de- fense could come to their senses, the ex- plosive offense of the Mighty Vikings had put six points on the scoreboard. The sudden touchdown came with Darrell Guillory break- ing through the right sides of the line and scampering some 78 yards after a tremend- ous display of second effort. Although The Bearkats managed to get on the scoreboard, their lead was only 7-6 over the Vikes at half-time. After a long and stagnant third quarter, a series of Bossier penalties set up the next two touchdowns for the Iron Men. A 13 yard touchdown pass from Chaffin to David Hudson and a low yard drive by Billy Hudson gained the 15 points for the Vikings which sent the Bearkats back across the tracks with their tail between their legs. Viking quarterback struggled for another first down fbelowj. Eric Johnson recovered a fumble for Vik- ing defense flower leftj. THE YARDSTICK Bossier Airline First Downs 10 8 Net Yards Rush 85 225 Net Yards Pass 168 18 Passes CA-CD 14-9 8-3 Had Intercepted 1 1 Punt-Average 5-35.8 5-38.6 Fumbles-Lost 2-2 5-3 Penalties 10-17 4-40 'Touchdown combination-Ken Chaffin to Darrell Gull ory. 47 Darrell Guillory sprinted around the right end for a touchdown ftopj. Vikings scored again fabovej. Gary Smith Sprinted around left end frightj. Freshman Vikings Showed Much Promise Coaches Hendricks and Maples led the freshman team through a successful season. ,,,f.,,f, -- '1W'i """"' i , va' ,...,.., "ws-Q-Wa ff it iiss cuiicc iiicciiisisii,si igii ci,,iciiiiiis,ic , , ssir ' o iui u J- , is ga -if f Q 1 V , n 5 . ,,., Q ,,,, ,,,.,, , H rf, fb-f 2' 'wggiiggf-g1.' , ..r,,,. me ,s:, QW, , . s-'- I- Vi F rrrr V' sicc "rrrr' uii, Q4',"Z,iLfMZ,,1f ii i,uc :iii cesi,c rrr'e sill is 'iis S "Q, " I ,bf - ff,,,,,,,a "" ,gm 'W fix" A A ,E1, , - 9 "'? w -f V 3 ',i, -'ei ,. ' -'- " Z' T is J 0 E3 rs J Q, 259 s Riagg li h s 5 : Y, ef, 1 i? '.', ,.,,, MQ. Aisiii egi is f ifgf? llw' H V' we ' -M-'., i "ri L A ri I in i i K V is Lfi I E '1, M J aw w ii " 4 5 Q V. -' is 2 iiii Q' H fi "2 ' .f n ,J :ii Freshman Football team members included: FIRST ROW: Mark Kelly, Tommy Furlow, Tony Juarez, Bob Mossullo, Steve Haynes, Jim Williams, Johnny Gibbs, Terry Stock, Randy Carter, Glen Branch, Paul Kelly, and Tommy Zimmer. MIDDLE ROW: Jim Prothro, Ron Calkins, Kenny Stevens, Robert Lesikar, Mike Tay- lor, Mike McConathy, Skip Breski, Alan Jones, Bobby Johnson, Ronnie Veal, Robert Majo. TOP ROW: Coach Maples, Robert Jones, Frank Shorie, Ernie Reeves, Les Stevens, Dale McGee, Dale Sale, Chris Bowmen, Mark Warner, James Burnette, John Papageorge, Ginx Wren, Clay Franklin, Coach Hendricks. George Whitaker a agers for the team. .ani Vim.. nd Mark Morgan were man- ""-vm., Steve Haynes and Jim Prothro served as captains for the freshman team. A W a H . , 3 . ,.,. ,, . -V 'W A Q i I I Q 9 5 Freshman team members practiced diligently every day after school. Vikes Never Laclced Fight and Spirit WE OPPONENTS THEY 68 Fair Park 69 85 Byrd 55 70 Captain Shreve 88 76 Bossier 86 74 Woodlawn 88 60 Fair Park 58 67 Byrd 60 60 Captain Shreve 90 57 Bossier 64 63 Woodlawn 84 Airline High School's basketball team again this year exhibited the determination, desire, and hustle which is characteristic of our athletic endeavors. Although the Vikings did not have an outstanding year, every team which they faced was aware of the caliber of the athletes which Airline pro- duces after their respective games with the Vikings. Seniors Wayne Elliott, Jimmy Gills, and Jim Stanley along with four outstand- ing underclassmen played their hearts out this year for the Vikings. The underclass- men were Eric Johnson, Barry Shipp, Don- nie Shackleford, and Larry Sandford. These seven boys did the majority of the playing for the Vikes. The Vikings played thirty- six games this year, among them ten District games and four area tournaments. They posted a better than average season with an 18-18 record. lleft to right! TOP: Neil Cambbell, Donnie Shackleford, Larry Petty, Jim Strange, Jimmy Gills, Steve Bradley and Jim Stanley. MIDDLE: Don Catalano, Eric Johnson, Berry Shipp, Steve Scott, Billy Hudson, Peter Robin- son, and Larry Sandford. FIRST ROW: Wayne Elliott. I . ,...,1,f N53 4 k -af X, ,J 4: K . .x , W., il? TOP LEFT: Donnie Shackleford guarded against an opponent to keep him from getting two points. BOT- TOM LEFT: Jim Stanley does his best and was able to get a basket. BOTTOM RIGHT: Eric Johnson shot high and was able to make two points. TOP LEFT: Jim Stanley went up for another basket. TOP RIGHT: Eric Johnson tried for two more points. BOTTOM: Donnie Shackleford dropped it in for two more points. Hard Working Vikes Strifved for a Goal TOP LEFT: Members of the other team stood by to watch as Donnie Shackleford made two. RIGHT: Larry Sandford jumped to catch a pass from an- other player. BOTTOM: Jimmy Gills caught other team off guard as he scored again. TOP LEFT: Larry Sandford showed his quick re- flexes and shot for two points. TOP RIGHT: Jim Stanley scored again! BOTTOM: Fellow team mem- bers awaited the results of Donnie Shacklefo1'd's fight for a jump-ball. Vikings Worked Hard All Season FIRST ROW Cleft to right, Chipper Hayes, Steve Haynes, Ron Calkins, Jim Williams, and Jack Cornelious BACK ROW: Coach Walden, Mike McConathy, John Guyton, Ronald Johnson, Mark Warner, and Terry Slack. Eric Johnson was able to raise his average once again. fbottom lefty Coach Johnson stretched for a rebound in a game against the Bossier coaches. Airline Dominated District Race EL QS W' 3 l l 'I Coach Johnson and Knowles led the baseball team to victory. Mike Timms warmed up in a practice session. Senior members grinned for their friendly photographer before a big game. Z ' lu 4 'fa f' ' f ,f , V . 1 g ,V ,, ' W ,IF 1 jim V, ,, , fi , ilk? ,, ,,,a, 3 ,,,f ,. Aa V ,',., , or , . f" 1- 'V M V,,, ,V nf W 1 1 :fu ww '-" -' , I i 1 ,ii , ',p,e,,. wg' - - W m ,, f., Im zen " ' ' 2 xxx ,H 4 we mg! Q Q Walff, fy, 7 5 ' f ' 5 if ,5 fi 1 L, Q 5 W mf' Q 151 S t E -wi ! ll gi 'F W? X 'av . aE,N S o iL , o W C ,o in ' -' """"2: "- . ig STANDING: Kyle Reece, Terry Long, Ken Chaffin, Richie Coulson, Don Scott, David Hudson, Kevin Luter, Randy Pizzuto, Mike Timms. KNEELING: Coach Johnson, Ben Sinor, Kelvin Dunlop, Cary Santoro, Dana Chris- ley, Bob Grosjean, Robert Pierrilee, Assistant Coach Knowles. sw-W' Bob Grosjean waited while the batter warmed up. Ken Chaffin stoops to conquer. hwmwww., Www-MM""ff'Mm,,,,,6mM "W-,WW 'MW-.,., '1 k'mWmN,,..,,, k . .Q- Don Scott proved his worth as a first base man. Catcher Bob Grosjean readied himself for a possible strike Golf Proved Stimulating Jeff Russell worked on his follow- through. ABOVE: Claude Bookter studies tee off. Golf team members included: Gary Rostamo, Claude Bookter, Joe Sullivan, Gary Fishburn, Jeff Russell, Bill Hutchison. Track Improved Agility Darrell Guillory, Melvin Morgan, Charles Watson and Gary Smith were star trackmen. BACK ROW: Coach Anderson, Charles Watson, Gary Smith, Andy Kalnasy, Ronnie Scott, Bobby Tidwell. FRONT ROW: Darrell Guillory, Tom Coppock, Joe Ferlito, Mel Morgan. A +A' l s Coach Anderson gave Ronnie Scott a few suggestions for improvement. Four of Airline's speedsters were Andy Kalnasy, Mel Morgan, Tom Coppock, Joe Ferlito. Experience Gained by Squad Cathy Hill calmly waits for a return in a practice session. "-ui' V, STANDING: Gary Hall, Jim Kline, Jerry Gray, Mike Ingram, Mike Daniels, Rick Gentry, and Coach Walden. KNEELING: Monica Otto, Cathy Hill, Kathe Cathey, Brenda Lodestro, Debbie Gibbs, Ginger McGee, Deedee Craig, Brooke Christy. lid-A ,. Mik o r ,M e Daniels and Jim Kline practiced diligently after school. ABOVE: Gloria Connors prepares to return. Debbie Gibbs concentrated on her return technique 22I X r 5 1,2 is , E mm is 2 , ' , , , 5, K 4 fm -3, , '-- .1 . V2 1 E 5 If I -Af 2 m E Y . - I g'1WWW ' ggi? E A 5 Q 3 Q if f M :WM ,,i,.,5H Wim VVVVA ' is A I 'E K I E f 5' E l i I ,Z in EMM -1 sy' WW:-fmwgm, VW,W T an 1, H ,Q T Am I, i- E si. "WI E' .anlgnunnq mmmm ' QE 2 s 5 . ' 5 5 ig E :Qi 1. 31' -Qg 5 5 ig .2 '35 fy! ' Ei 5 EA gg: 3 5 " 1 .fi AD VER TI SEMEN TS w Compliments and Best Wishes of YOUR CITY OFFICIALS George L. Na+I'in, Mayor Clycle W. Fowler, Commissioner of Finance ancl Public Ulililies I. C. Tinsley, Commissioner of Slreels ancl Parks PAUL'S DEPARTMENT 81 WESTERN STORE 5I0 Barlcsdale Blvd.-Phone 425-33I2 Bossier Ci+y, La. P. O. Box 5396 Bossier Cify, La. LOUISIANA INDUSTRIES Phone 422-032I SHREVEPORT ARMATURE AND ELECTRIC WORKS 804 Spring Sfreei MAC'S AUTO SUPPLY, INC. 2200 Benion Road Phone 422-9431 Ph- 746-4672 EIec'Iric Mo+ors Repaired and RebuiI+ OPen 8 AOM- +0 5 P-M- 'ffliw IE Iliff i ,ff zip-ra -- I gf?i,fg-Nia ip B o I. I N G wi ' " "THE BEST FOR LESS" R HXNAILE ' i,fA,..f':' 5- is" I870 Airline Drive If Bossier Ciiy, Louisiana 7IOI0 TEEKELL INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. LUM B E R General Insurance Service 6I4 BarIrSdaIe BIvcI. CO, Bossier Ciiy, La. Phone 423-2503 RC. BQX 'Hue ' David Hudson and Bobby Tidwell, co-capfains for siudenf body I603 BarIcsdaIe BIvd. PI1one 423-8382 Bossier Cify, La. NORTHSIDE FLOWER MART "Flowers For All Occasions I70O Benion Road Bossier Ciiy, Louisiana Phone 746-2756 8 I .... .g, 'X I I I ' ' ,L ,4 4' Foo+baII Team wafches senior slcii' during pep lly FB . Qwwj' ,f --ff--if-1 .issue - -- , , -A .m.L.mSx.fff.?'ES "Fashions for Ihe young in hear?" EMMY LOU'S FASHIONS 2I2O Benion Road Complimenfs of MR. AND MRS. GLEN A. COBB APPLIANCE SERVICE COMPANY Service Mosi' Maior Appliances NE FOOD MARKET 38I0 E. Texas S'I'. Bossier Cify, La. 746- I 324 O , in Q g E GD ik' Always aI' I . r co Your Service 'Ih efficieni' and low 'I' elecI'riciIy d ready Io help wifh every school program Uff7'Wf5'ffRlV Z7 ,wr Erwin lb A FRIEND MOSELEY'S WHEEL ALIGNMENT 2700 E. Texas Bossier Ci'Iy, La. 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GIFTS JERRY FENTON "YO Bom 746-860I Class , of Uhr Shrvuvpnrt Zifimva N95 '70 WAYNE KEITH BILL MCFARLAND BEASLEY-KEITH INS. AGENCY Plioiograpliy pl-,one 424-7779 720 Barlcsdale Blvd. 2927 Sfafford Telephone Bossier Cily, La. Bossier Ciiy, La. 742-l620 BLACWE 5 T'N SHOP BossIEB AUTOMOTIVE MACHINE Co. Anyihing in Slieel' Me'l'al, 409 Eosf Texas Sireei Healing and Air Condilioning Bvssief Cifv if S B E V . ' 0 ' 2406 B io I Bl a 4256429 Phone 742-203I Bossier Ciiy Engme Rebullclmg BQSSIER CENTER BARBER SI-IQP BOSSIER CENTER BEAUTY SALON I I2 Bossier Cenfer I02 Bossier Cenler Bossier CNY Phone 746-5582 CLAUDE O' WOODARD D' DAW5 "CaierirIq io iliose wlio Care" CONGRATULATIONS 'X BURTON REALTY COMPANY W. D. BURDlNE and R. C. BRIEHN Lei' Us Help You Willa Your Home Realiors-Builders 'P "" - " " I42o Airline Drive HQME5?-'s 7ZlQf,n3ef0 I357 Airline D,- Bosslef CNY 742-1112 Bossier Cify, La. 7I0l0 CAMPBELL AGENCY CAMP'S, AUTO SUPPLY Real Es+ai'e l930 E- Texas Is. L. CAMPBELL L. C. 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QualiTy Tor less: Shop and compare 2766 Barlcsdale Blvd. Bossier CiTy, Louisiana Loolcin' 'For a place To eaT aTTer The game, The 742'l62l dance or a laTe daTe? Then head Tor KELLY'S "I block from Barksdale wes+ eye" TRUCK TERMINAL. Don'T leT The name Throw ya' They have one of The mosT beauTiTul resTauranTs in The souTh .. . aT prices you can afford. And They're open 24 hours a day. lT's jusT a shorT drive on I-20 To . . . KlRKLAND'S KELLY'S GULF SERVICE TRUCK TERMINAL Where Hwys. 79 and 80 Cross I-20 23' EMT Texas I . Bossier CiTy, Louisiana WesT oT ShreveporT s AIrporT. LU FKIN KICKAPOO TRUCK TRAILERS ,magofgfg RES-'-AU RANT NEll':Al- MORRIS BossFi:?lEiTZ1T6LZiiTsliana 9 r5xN!7e , . gi , R2 Best Wishes ' 2l4l EasT Texas ST. and BenTon Road , Phone 746-3095 Bossier CiTy, Louisiana The Home oT Good Food 24 HOUR SERVICE CQ 7 "Where all 'Friends meeT" Ina .TITS shreve olty Jewelers Your Hom Phone ass-2a2I Sh 1255 1ShIreve.Ci1y SAMMY and T. J. SPATARO-MRS. ROSE VIOLA WIT, gymhfgf F?z'enafvMllI 2' A BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF TI-IE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY THE COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. OF SHREVEPORT, INC. Pho l ne 746-3906 "Where Qualify CourI+s" DARNELL CLEANERS 2 IO0 Shed Road Bossier Cify, Louisiana DRHKE OF SHREVEPORT, INC. P- A' DARNELL PRINTERS . STATIONERS . OFFICE DESIGNERS OI' Owner and Opera? P.O. Box l327 Shrevepor+, La. EDDY'S FLOWERLAND, INC. FRY'S GEMINI DRIVE INN 2050 Benfon Road 746-1523 HELLO VIKINGS! No. 35 Hearf O' Bossier Bossier Cify, La. 7IOI0 Phone: 746-2386 GENEVA'S BEAUTY SALON OF BEAUTY 9I2 Benfon Road Phone: 746-3527 Louise Collins: 22 Years Service ai' This Loca+ion 7 Operaiors +o Serve You FAIRWAY HARDWARE 2208 Benfon Road Bossier Cify, La. I i FIRST I i BAPTIST CHURCH Bossier Ciiy, Louisiana X DAMON V. VAUGI-IN. TI-I.D., PASTOR I FUOUA CYCLE CO. 2700 E. Texas Bossier Cify, Louisiana 7IOI0 YAMAHA BSA MOTORCYCLES NEW USED !?4lf5IAZU!2 zgs ii L I li 4 Iii: A ., , .II ff ,I-55' 1 I 1 Q ..-'rii A 1 fi '-. ,LX The Big Friendly Church Wi'I'h a WaII-'ro-Wall Welcome. HOLIDAY INN OFF BOSSIER I50 Hamilfon Lane Bossier Cify, La. GRANT'S GULF SERVICE 23OI Airiine aI' Douglas Drive Bossier Ci'ry 746-7850 "Ai rl ine Booster" P. O. Box 53 I 7 Ofc. Pho. 422-9564 FULLER-MORRISON INSURANCE SERVICE "General Insurance" eizvm L. FULLER 409 Traffic si. BILL MORRISON aosslsn CITY, LA. Res. Pho. 423-3097 Iv1cCULLOUGH SERVICE BAROID DIVISION OF THE NATIONAL LEAD CO. ELECTRIC WIRE LINE SERVICE CenI'raI Cas+ing Naiionwide MISTER LYNN'S, INC SCHOOLS INTERNATIONAL Charm-Modeling-Aciing Cover Girl and Esquire Guild Phone 422-9387 Town House Shreve porI', La . MEADOWVIEW DRUG, INC. 907 Meaciowview Drive Phone 746-0I67 W. M. McMAHEN, R.PI1. Giffs-Cosmefics-Free Delivery m!J'Q0f5S CGM df10f9iyQ5' I9 Hear? O' Bossier Hallmark-Giffs-Paperbacks-RusseII S'I'over MOSLEY'S GREENACRES DRUG 2202 Benion Road Bossier Ciiy, Louisiana 1,. ii Wi - for ' fi .1 tg V., . I ? I I, avi' xi 7 4 I' B , I I I E 3 ,r ig, A 2 .. If I 'W lr ni 5, 557 F534 as .2 re 22 I ,i Wai ,. , ...Ma I 'rf f .1 iiiizg gays 353 34.55 . . . , f5,,s, 5 ir, . ri Q Q LQIZIQ :QW mg wi '. Q. 'list'-if I I i PATTERSON INSURANCE I444 Air ine Drive Box 5382 Bossier CiI'y, Louisiana 7IOI0 TELEPHONE 746-5060 MONTGOMERY AGENCY. INC. Insurance HOME-AUTOMOBILE-BUSINESS N AREMORE: S me BANK wfrfl me open noon mon 9 ro 4 BOSSIER DRUG, INC. 2I Heari' of Bossier Bossier Cify, La. I G N I I R 425-74l3 P BAN K AN D TRUST CO Main Office: 333 Milam Member F. D. l.C Besi' Wishes ROY POWELL School Board Member 3I0 Minden Sireei, B. C. g30gdY W. Bud-1 jf t 5701? G ii d fif- gnshsd h A Sunset Acres 6205 H 8II Traffic S+.-Phone 422-3246 RICKEY'S CLEANERS AND QUEQBES LAUNDRY, INC. Bossier Cify, Louisiana Phone 423-524i 2I2-2 I4 Milam Sireei I Congraiulaiions pep rally wiih l me aais als f SCOTT TRUCK 8. TRACTOR Compnmemf CO. OF BOSSIER CITY, INC. KILPATRICICS ROSE-NEATH FUNERAL HOMES Old Minden Road 3385 . . Bossier Ciiy. Louisiana Bossier CIW' La' Coushaml La. Shreveport La' ubensteirfs THELMA'S BEAUTY SALON JOHNSON'S BARBER SHOP 2I09 Shed Road Bossier Ci+y, Louisiana SAM'S CORRALL 2I50 Easi Texas, B. C. CompIe'I'e Line of Wesiern Equipmeni Horse and S'I'ock Trailers GOOD RIDING HORSES SHREVEPORT TRUCK EQUIPMENT CO. INC. I050 Joseph Sfreei' P. O. Box 7799 Shreveporf, Louisiana Ceramic Supplies Ceramic Gifis si-iuRLiE's CERAMICS SGCIYS IS 2I00 Benion Road ' Bossier Cify, Louisiana WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Phone 746-4982 SIGMA PRINTERS AUBREY H.WRIGHT-Owner Telephone 424-78I8 We Specialize in Wedding lnviiaiions 330 Traffic S+. Bossier Ciiy, La. BUY-BUILD-BOOST BOSSIER WILL'S S'I'uden+s who know Sears, know Sears has 'Phe popular NOW looks a-I' prices +ha+ Fil' Iheir budgef. Make Sears YOUR headquar- I'ers 'For up-+0-dale sfyles in 'Fine 'Fashion apparel! SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO. HEART CTBQSSIER Saiisiaclion Guaranieed or Your Money Back 746-545 I SHREVEPORT BOSSIER CITY SOUTHERN MAID DONUTS mo Mdale M TEEKELL BROTHERS, INC. BOS5lel' Cify. LG- 525 Barlcsdale Blvd. 423-9222 Bossier Ciiy, Louisiana TERRAL NURSERY Boue-HT - SOLD - TRADE- BANK FINANCE AND LANDSCAPE Co. TONY LEWIS All Types of Landscaping MOBILE HOME SALES '-FREE ESTIMATES-1 We Specialize in Good Used and New Trailers NORMAN A. TERRAL aol Old Mi a R A Phone . S B. S. Agriculfure Phone 746-8I72 Boller Cify.nL:n7I8T0 Tolginljwls Home 865-8902 glwigiei gills, Lsal TRI STATE INSURANCE 2056 Easi' Texas Bossier Cify, Louisiana W. Harlan Beene Drilling Company T. W. A. INSURANCE AGENCX POPE'S T. w. ALLEY, JR. ' FINE DRY CLEANING Awhorized R1i?3n5SZLf2124ZfZJ45 'ifli.?ZJIE?SfLiZ?l?.?Jd Sanifone Service WADE POPE, owner WALTON'S LADIES ACCESSORIES 908 Benfon Rd. Bossier Ci1'y Iggsgrfigseclfr Phone 746-5852 BOSSIER BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Exiends CongraI'uIa+ions +o FacuII'y, S+uoIenI's, 'Ihe Siaff of 'I'he- Yearbook, and Airline High School. 635 BarIcscIaIe BIvd. OFFICES BarIcsdaIe Air Force Base Nor'I'h Bossier Office-860 Ben+on Road Heari' O'Bossier Office-Heari O'Bossier Cen'I'er E. 80 Office-Eighi' Miles Eas'I' of Bossier Cify on Hwy. 80 46 Years of Coniinuous Banking Service Io Our Communiiy Each Deposif Insured Up +o I5,000 Dollars Member F.D.I.C. THE ELIZABETH LINCOLN CHARM SCHOOL I 908 Cambridge Bossier Ci'ry 425-5633 McCOY'S AUTO REPAIR General Repairs 2700 E. Texas B ss'e C'I , La. R. E' MCCOY 0 I r 'Y PHONE en erfained sfudenfs ai' a pep raIIy. Transmission Specialisi' 742-0988 HWEDWGOODQ CO' G0 vlKlNGs SENIORS EMAG ,70 CORP. Q 6401101 yg ' ' QL 'ez 1 ,ffl , F'z?fC ...F Cl' ' ' x ro 2 yt Twwwww T1 jar Mwefwifgfgm' W EMM Md gm am WWW xr-mm afcmw gm, AQCUWM 4g1'ff2fMfS N3 WN STLQQJND KQLJMDQI Qdlluu Emma, cfL",,' Cach-A142 Cfwmi, 6MfFMn iy,'frQ"'U, HfUL6j'dwwt thwurfu Qvwvnww Y-fu-W...JU Sgt, , bg, at if Qi-N if-lffdf 1.2. rbwubwf N . A , I ,, CX . 14115325 kwa,-mini.-X fffxwui! i:Q56 UwWfNJmM' Q5 o-he Mx www fm, ' 'TU ,, .f , fy?" .f,w,,', MCM Umcg,J 4,,,W Jx.f:,,fJM NCZMIW I A, q 7 QQAIPJJ g?'C7C'Q4:'A I ,Hy qbvnlmmkfxa X K . Z DL00'Lf7'LQu .Uunqamtuo QJlJbQ,.--uYbc,v.,h,oJwN YI!-Q AJODIYMCD-fy 'la fwfr my , QXEAM ' ' falwv 0 ggbtk' , Almwfv wfwudvf, 'YW JfYN'lLg,f11, l, lx P CM Lmuv 6ANq,lm,,.W V, P - 042'-my 71722 Wie Qltlzliiz 9 S'1?2om.Q,v mu' L Vikes Are Fine in 969 W Wm ,fx LCwuw..pp fgdama, PM Geneva, 's Beauty College 926 Benton Road Bossier City 746-1 71 8 Let Geneva's Beauty College open the door to security, independence, and con- tidence in the world ot beauty culture. The training you receive at Geneva's gives you an unlimited opportunity tor advance- ment in today's fashion world. Visit our college and let us introduce you to our program ot learning in all phases ot hair and wig styling. We have modern classroom tacilities and the latest in slrill-teaching visual aids. Study with winners John Wyatt, artist, and Kay Wyatt, model: they are instructors at Geneva's. Geneva and l-lershel Wyatt are the owners and directors: they both have thirty-tive years ot experience in the tield ot Cosmetology. Airline Food Market 226 Airline High School Pep Squad 240 Appliance Service Co. 226 Arkla Gas 227 Arkla Service Center 227 Ark-La-Tex TV Service 227 Army Recruiting Station 229 Avery's Barber Shop 227 Azarue Flowers and Gifts 227 Barksdale Drug Store No. 2, Inc. 227 Beasley-Keith Insurance Agency .228 Bill McFarland Photography 228 Blackie's Tin Shop, Inc. 228 Bolinger Lumber and Supply 225 Bossier Automotive Machine Co. 228 Bossier Bank and Trust 238 Bossier Center Barber Shop 228 Bossier Center Beauty Salon 228 Bossier Federal Savings and Loan 229 The Brewster Co., Inc. 229 Burdine and Briehn 228 Burton Realty 228 Campbell Agency 228 Campbell and Grosjean, Inc. 229 Camp's Auto Supply 228 Carpet 'N Tile 229 Cascio's Food Mart 229 Charm School 238 City Officials 224 Clinic Pharmacy 229 Coca-Cola Bottling Co. 232 Darnell Cleaners 232 Drake Company 232 Eddy's Flowerland, Inc. 232 Adkins, Murlene CMrs.J 24, 41, 163 Anderson, Charles fMr.J 23, 193 Anderson, Patricia fMissl 24, 175 Barnes, Betty QMrs.J 24, 29, 164, 165 Bass, Ken fMr.J 24, 59 Beauchamp, Susan fMissJ 24 Blackadar, Margaret fMrs.J 24, 35 Bond, Claudine fMrs.J 31, 183 Bowen, Bill fMr.j 24 Bryant, Johsha fMr.J 24, 40 Bucklew, Lulu fMrs.J 24, 42 Bush, Lavalle fMrs.J 25 Caldwell, Vicky CMrs.J 25, 29, 41, 149, 151 Carleton, Margie fMrs.J 25, 160 Carleton Thomas Mr 25 28 40 , 6 -D , , Carlisle, Ovelia fMrs.J 25, 30, 161, 175 Carnahan, Virginia fMrs.l 25 Coleman, Janie fMrs.D 25, 44 Connell, Virginia fMissJ 25 Cox, Bessie fMrs.J 25 Cox, Jerry fMr.J 25, 28 Cox, Mattie Lou fMrs.l 25, 25 Gillian, Susan fMrs.J 25 -Ai Abbitt, Linda Sue 102 Abrams, Reginald W. 102 Adams, Curtis R. 80 Adams, Kenneth 102 Adkins, William H. 176, 177, 178, 170, 179 242 Advertisers ' Index Emmy Lou's Fashions 226 Fairway Hardware 232 First Baptist Church, Bossier 233 Fugua Cycle Co. 233 Fuller-Morrison Insurance Service 233 Gemini Drive Inn 232 Geneva's Beauty Salon 232, 241 Gibson's Products 225 Goldring's 230 Grant's Gulf 233 Harbuck Sporting Goods 230 H. D. Rogers and Sons 230 Hearne Dry Goods 239 Hearne's 230 Hi Fashion Wigs 233 Holiday Inn of Bossier 233 Homelite 230 Johnny Denmon's Garage 230 Johnson Furniture 231 Johnson's Barber Shop 236 Kelley's Truck Terminal 231 Kickapoo Restaurant 231 Kirkland Gulf Service 231 Landmark Realty 230 Louisiana Auto Supply 230 Louisiana Industries 225 Lufkin Trailers 231 Mac's Auto Supply, Inc. 225 McCary's Shreve City Jewelers 231 McCoy's Auto Repair 238 McCullough Tool Company 234 Meadowview Drug 234 Mildred's Cards and Gifts 234 Mister Ben Beauty Salon 226 Mister Lynn's, Inc. 234 Montgomery Agency 234 F acult Index Graves, Kenneth lMr.J 26, 29, 31, 156, 157 Gray, Jack fMr.J 26, 161, 192 Harper, Reden CMr.J 26, 193 Hartsfield, Susan fMissJ 30 Hawkins, Albert fMr.J 26, 38 Haynes, Earl CMr.J 22 Hendricks, Ron fMr.J 26, 204 Henry, Mildred fMrs.J 26 High Nelwyn fMrs.J 24, 27, 166, 174 Hinkie, William CMr.D 27, 38 Horneman, Robert fMr.J 20, 21, 14, 127 Howell, J. C. CMr.J 27 Humphries, William fMr.J 27, 39 Johnson, Randall fMr.J 193, 214, 200 Jones, Francis fMrs.J 27, 30, 45 Jones, Parnell fMr.J 27, 39, 86 Jones, W. D. CMissJ 27, 34 Kriowles, Eliot fMr.J 27, 28, 214, 70 Malmay, J. R. fMr.J 27 Maples, Billy fMr.J 26, 27, 204, 40 McCallister, Kathy fMissb 24, 27 Nichols, William fMr.j 24, 27, 154 Student Index Albrecht, Gary L. 80 Albright, Debra L. 165, 102, 132 Alcorn, Sandra K. 64, 167, 177, 178, 183 Aldrich, Richard J. 80, 154, 160, 168 186, 142 Alexander, Alecia C. 188, 102 Alexander, Laurel B. 186 Moseley's Wheel Alignment 226 Moseley's Greenacres Drug 234 Naremore's Drug 235 Neely Trailer Sales 226 North Benton Road Mobile 226 Northside Flower Mart 225 Patterson Insurance Agency 234 Paul's Western Store 225 Pioneer Bank and Trust Co. 235 Pope's Cleaners 238 Querbes and Bourquin 235 Rickey's Cleaners and Laundry 235 Rose Neath Funeral Home 235 Rubenstein's Inc. 236 Sam's Corrall 236 Scott Truck and Tractor Co. 235 Sears Roebuck and Co. 236 Shreveport Armature and Electric Works, Inc. 225 The Shreveport Times 227 Shreveport Truck Equipment Co. 236 Shurlie's Ceramics 236 Sigma Printers 236 Southern Maid Donuts 237 Southwestern Electric Power Co. 226 Teekell Brothers 237 Teekell Insurance 225 Terrall Landscape Co. 237 Thelma's Beauty Salon 236 Tony Lewis Mobile Home 237 Tri State General Agency 237 T. W. A. Insurance Agency 238 W. Harlan Beene Drilling Co. 237 Walton's 238 Williams Pressure Service Corp 239 Will's Appliance and TV 236 Nolley, Linda CMissJ 29, 37 Norvell, Mary fMrs.J 29 Nugent, Lois fMrs.D 29, 46,167 Parnell, Richard fMr.J 29, 34 Philyaw, Jean fMrs.J 29, 42 Pugh, Thelma fMrs.J 31 Ray, M. D. qMr.p 29, 185, 193 Rogers, Glenda fMrs.J 7, 29 Romine, Virginia CMrs.D 29 Ruttle, Louis CMr.J 29, 36 Samuel, Emelyn fMrs.J 25, 30, 36, 162 Sepulvado, Paul fMr.j 30, 39 Smith, Lamar QMr.J 30, 31, 43, 186 Stanley, Helen QMrs.J 31, 183 Stephens, Ramona fMrs.J 30, 35, Stroud, Polly 23 Stuart, Betty QMissJ 30, 160, 161, 166 Thurman, Jerry QMrs.J 30 Walden, David fMr.J 26, 30, 193 Walden, Elaine QMrs.J 30, 35 Walden, Richard CMr.J 31, 168 Walker, C. A. QMr.J 31 Wandrey, Gloria QMrs.l 31, 42, 174 Williams, Jodie fMr.J 26, 31, 43 Alexander, Malcolm 80, 156, 168, 186, 192 Alexander, Wayne Alford, James W. 64 Alford, Shirley 90 Alfred, Catherine 102 Allen, Arlen D. 80 Allen, Bruce W. 80, 163 Allen, Daryl 90 Allen, David S. 64, 172, 186, 51 Allen, Jeanie 80, 148, 149, 151, 160, 165, 163, 137 Allen, Cheryl 64 Allen, Karen B. 80, 83, 152, 163, 155, 175, 180, 183 Allen, Kerry D. 90 Allen, Paula 90 Allison, Lloyd R. Almond, Laura A. 90, 165, 187 Altimus, Tim J. 102 Altimus, William R. 90 Amazeen, Terri 90, 148, 165, 180, 182 Ambrose, Penny 64, 162, 164, 141 Anderson, Larry L. Anderson, Paul 39, 64 Anderson, William R. Andrews, Tommy Lee Andrews, Fred J. so, 187 Arbogast, Paul E. 102 Arehart. Carolyn R. Arkle, Brad 80 Armstrong, Richard 6, 80, 177 Arroyo, Juanita 102 Augsburger, Reginald 64 Augsburger, Steven E. 102 Aycock, Ralph 3. -B Bachman, Stephen H. 90, 193 Badgley, Vicki L. 90, 165 Baggs, Lion Bailey, Glenda 90, 166 Bailey, Katherine 169, 102 Baker, Margie Faye 165, 188, 102, -141 Baldwin, Deborah L. 102 Baldwin, Ken 80, 193 Bale, Becky 64, 165, 186, 189, 135, 141 Bale, Norma 146, 188, 102 Bamburg, Ann E. 102 Bamburg, Betty 102 Bamburg, Brenda 80, 167 Bamburg, Mary Bange, Jeffrey 80 Barker, Jerilyn 102 Barker, Venida 64, 67, 189 Barksdale, Barbara Diane 21, 64, 70, 126, 127, 148, 149, 151, 157, 158, 163, 116, 117, 137, 122, 131, 124, 138, 134, 141 Barksdale, Sandra M. 90, 165 Barnard, Bobbie Sue 90, 96, 165, 180 Barnes, Anita 90 Barnes, April Maria 80, 42, 162 Barnett, Karen Barrett, Cheryl Ann 90, 165 Barrett, James Ivy 80 Bartram, Claudia K. 64, 167, 177, 178 Bartram, Debra 90, 180 Basham, David C. 102 Basham, Peggy 64, 176, 177, 178 Bates, Mike W. 90 Beard, Terry Jean 80 Beasley, Dixie 91 Beauford, Linda 103 Beauford, Nancy 65 Beck, Karen 103 Becklund, Kristine 65, 183 Beham, Shirley Bill, Dennis 103 Bell, Nanci 80, 180 Bell, Peggy Louise 103 Bengoa, Martin 91, 156 Benner, Londell 109 Benner, Mary E. 81 Bennett, Patricia C. 91 Beresko, Alfred R. 103 Beresko, Mitch 81 Berger, Vicki 61, 163, 180, 183 Bernstein, Arthur 11, 91, 154, 161 Berroteran, Clarissa 91, 165 Berroteran, Leo 65 Beveridge, Judy 81, 165 Beverly, John Douglas 81 Bice, Christine 65 Bice, Floyd 81 Bickham, Judith 81, 186 Bertman, Bobby 81, 154 Bissett, Vicki 165, 188, 103 Bissonnette, Debora 103, 111 Blash, Beverly 81, 167, 177 Black, Dianne 91, 153, 155, 165, 180, 237 Blackwell, Annette Blackwell, Becky Bohl, Alan 81, 156, 158 Boley, Marie 91, 180 Bolieu, Mike 81 Bolint, Mike 58 Bond, Debra 91, 97, 146, 165, 187 Bookter, Kathy 165, 103 Boone, Bobby 81 Borders, Steven Bourgeois, Becky 81, 160 Bourgeois, Bruce 65, 171 Bourgeois, Susan 91 Bourgeois, Yvette 103 Bourque, Paul 103 Bowman, Christopher 204, 103 Bowman, Linda 65, 160, 164, 180, 182 Boyd, Antoine J. Boyd, Connie 91 Boyette, Debra 103 Bradford, George 91 Bradford, Marilyn 188, 103 Bradley, Shelia 188, 103 Bradley, Steven 91. 168, 206 Bradley, Yvonne 188, 103 Bragg, Kabhy 103 Branan, Bill 65, 154, 193, 194 Branch, Richard 204, 103 Brandt, Susan 148, 103 Brashaw, Debbi Bragg, Kathy 103 Bray, Steven Breland, Dejuana 103 Breski, Skip 204 Brigham, Connie 167, 180, 103 Brigham, Karen 81, 180 Brooks, Brenda 65, 177, 178 Brooks, Deborah 91, 187 Brown, Cheryl Lynn 173, 103 Brown, Cynthia 91, 174 Brown, Nancy 91 Broyles, Bill 178 Brubaker, Jerry 81, 146, 180, 181 Brubaker, Lynn 10, 65, 148, 149, 151, 181, 180, 137, 132, 135, 61 Brubaker, Terry 81, 146, 180, 181 Buiner, Paula 81 Buinger, Daniel 92 Bruton, Mike Bryant, Lloyd 103 Brynat, Wanda Buchanan, Gary 92 Bullard, Mac Burkhart, Barbara Burks, Patti Burkett, Shelia 92, 186, 103 Burnette, James 204, 103 Burnham, James 188, 103, 105 Burns, Harry 103 Burns, Richard Burns, Verna Burroughs, Debbie Burrow, Jerald 103 Burt, Richard 171 Bush, Patricia 81, 160, 162, 173, 180 Bustamento, Charles 81 Bustamento, Kim. Byas, Gary 92 -C- Calkins, Ronald 170, 204, 213, 103 Callahan, Daniel 103 Callahan, Deborah 92, 96, 177 Callahan, Linda Kay 65, 164, 177, 178, 183 Camp, Darrell 188, 103 Campbell, Neil 92, 148, 168, 193, 206 Cannon. John 81, 170 Cantu, David Cantu, Diane 146, 188, 103 Caramia, Philip 146, 188, 103 Carlisle, John 171, 65 Carmical, Arthur Carr, Melinda 103 Carr, Rebecca 92 Carrico, Steve Carter, Carter, Carter, Arthur 65, 168 Becky 92, 180 Janice Carter, Randolph 170, 204, 103 Carter, Vicki 81, 183, 180, 163 Carter, Scott 92, 172 Carter, William Casciola, Judy 92 Cassell, Deborah 65, 177, 178 Castillya, Francisca 92, 180 Catalano, Donald 81, 168, 206 Catalano, Linda 92, 175 Caudle, Janet 90, 91, 92, 165, 1 176, 177, 179, 180, 181, 182 61 Causey, Dawn 81 Cavanaugh, Michael 81, 152, 153, 137 Cavanaugh, William 92, 154 Chaffin, Kenneth 65, 85, 177, 178, 193, 194, 202, 120 Chalfant, Melvin 81 Chance, Edward 103 Chandler, Billy 92, 186 Chapman, Mary 103 Chapman, William 65 Charchio, Josie 81, 187 Childs, Becky 103 Childs, Robert Chrisley, Dana 65, 176, 177, 178, 179,168, 193, 194 Chrisley, Marilyn Chrisman, Cynthia 103 Christy, Brooke 81, 148, 168, 164, 165, 174 Christy, Gilbert, 81, 154, 168 Clancy, Tara 65, 158 Clark, Linda 65 Clarke, Elizabeth 65, 72 Clayton, Janet 81, 167, 177 Clemens, Donna 92 Cloud, Alfred 92, 176, 177, 179, 192 Cobb, Beverly 103 Cobb, Dilda Jane Cobb, James 103 Cochran, Care 81, 168 Cochran, Cynthia 92, 165, 186, 189 Cockerham, Beverly 92, 165 Cockrell, Vernon 92 Coe, Charles Cow, Judith 103 Coffey, Marilyn 17, 65, 157, 176, 176, 179, 184, 185, 172, 178, 120, 51, 132, 135, 140, 141 Coggburn, Clarence 81 Coleman, Brenda 81, 169 Collier, Roy 104 Colvin, Charles 81, 192 Colvin, Denise 165, 180, 104 Comb, Catherine Ann 92, 175 Combs, Carl 65, 156, 160, 186 Comfort, Thomas 92, 154, 186, 193 Conner, David 81, 171 Conner, Pamela 104, Conrad, Barbara 104 Connelius, Jack 104 Cook, David 81, 174 243 Cook, Donald Cook, Dianne 66, 162, 164, 178, 183, 141 Cornelius, Thomas 7, 81, 213 Cosier, Marjorie 92, 165, 186 Coulson, Jeff 92 Coulson, Ritchie 66, 168, 193, 194 Counts, Vickie 104 Coursey, Terry Covell, Tina 104, Covington, Judith 66, 83, 164, 177, 178 Cox, Joe Cozine, Joyce 66, 164 Craig, Gregory 188, 104 Craig, Rexane 81. 169, 180, 182 Crawford, Karen 66 Crawford, Mary 104 Crouch, Kathy 104 Cruz, Robert 104 Cubley, Beverly 66, 67, 164, 178 185 Cubley, Carolyn 66, 177 Cubley, William 81 Cumbie, Larry 92 Cumbie, Robert 104 Cunningham, Terry 92, 154, 175 -D- Davidson, Holly 161, 186 Daniel, Mike 66, 72, 154, 147, 158 148, 146, 168, 192, 139, 123 Darnell, Juanice 81, 165, 180, 183 Darnell, Roy 66, 158 Davis, Debbie Cherie 81, 128, 146 158, 184, 186, 132 Davis, Donald H. 66 Davis, Garry 81, 162 Davis, Georgie S. 66 Davis, Loretta 177, 104 Davis, Peggy 92, 177 Davis, Mike 66 Davison, Holly L. 92 Davitt, Stephen 81 Davis, Sue 66. 183, 229 Dees, Elizabeth Carol 173, 104 Dees, Lucius M. 92 Dehabermann, Glen D. 66, 75 Dehart, Janet 81, 83, 174 Denmon, Randy 81 Denmon, Wayne 104 Denton, Rebecca 81 Denton, Ruth Ann 104 Deville, Tina Marie 104 Diaz, Erin 92, 165, 180 Dick, Theresa Digilormo, Vicky 92 Dillon, Mary Ann 175, 104 Dolee, Mike 92, 187 Dollard, Angela M. 104 Dollard, Patricia 93 Doty, Mary 67 Douglas, James D. 93, 168, 192 Dowden, Barney 67, 171, 177, 178 Dowden, Cunthia 81, 177 Dowden, Eva E. 104 Dorvler, Robert M. 93 Downs, Tina 93, 98, 161 Drew, Margaret 93, 169 Drew, Virginia 81, 169 Dubee, Vicki 188, 104 Dubois, Eugene Carol 67 Duchemin, Denise 93 Duck, Kevin 81 Duenas, Cecilia 93 Dugan, John Dumas, Robert 93, 154, 175 Duncan, Peggy J. 67, 167, 183 Dunlop, Linda Kay 93, 165 Dunlop, Kelvin 81, 148, 154, 168 193, 195 Dunlop. Sharon 74, 67, 148, 149 D 151, 160, 167, 180, 181,125, 137 urst, Madelyn 104, 110 244 J Durst, Ronald C. 67, 172 Dworczyk, Mary Ellen 104 Dykes, Deborah Lynne 93, 167 Dykes, Gail Anne 104 Dyas, Jeffery 81 -E- Eagle, Vickie 169, 104 Edelman, Pam 93 Edelman, Ron L. 68 Edwards. Brenda 68, 149, 150, 163, 166, 180, 136.137 Edward, Jack G. 93 Edwards, Pattie 104 Ellenburg, Theresa 82, 160, 162, 173, 186 Elliott, Anita 82 Elliot, Glenda 68 Elliot, Ivy 93, 166, 177 Elliott. Mabry 82 Elliot, Sarah L. 188, 104 Elliott, Wayne 68, 206, 207 Ely, Garry 68 Emert, Sharon 68, 158, 166, 176, 177, 178, 136, 58 Emmons, Glenda 165, 184, 104 England, Marsha 165, 104 England, Michael 68 Enlow, Emma 93, 175, 186 Etheridge, Sharon 104 Evans, Connie D. 82, 174, 176, 177 -F- Fahey. Phil 68, 156, 168, 193, 195 Fair, Melinda 93, 165, 187 Faith, Eddie Ray 177, 105 Falkner, David 82, 171 Falkner Kath 165 105 . Y , Farley, Colleen 41, 68, 158, 148, 160, 177, 178 Farrell, Lilly Felts, Susan C. 105 Ferleto, Jo 82 Ferrell, Barbara 10, 68, 41, 149 160. 163, 142 Ferriter, Patti 82, 146, 163, 164, 165, 177, 176, 179, 180. 182 Ferriter, Terri 93, 177, 132 Festervan, Edith 68 Fetner, Rickey 82 Flanders, Paula 82, 160 Fleming, Linda 93, 165, 186 Fletcher, Mark 68, 156, 168, 171, 176, 178, 193, 195 Flowers, Linda Sue 82 Flowers, Givendolyn 105 Flowers, Robert 82, 171 Flowers, Robert Forbes, Barbara 93, 172 Forbes, Elizabeth 68, 178 Forbes, Robert 82, 170 Ford, Stanley 93, 170 Foster, Charlie Foster, Cheryl Foster, John 93 Foster, Sharon 82 Fountain, Marsha 69, 158 Fowler, Mary 187 Fox, Diane 93. 186 Fox, Maicia Yvonne 82 Frame, Pamela Renee 93, 165, 176, 177, 179, 186, 189 Franklin, Clay Owen 204, 105 Franklin, Debra 82, 167, 177 Franklin, Robert 69, 171 Fredevck, George 174, 105 Fredenburg, Roberta 69, 164 Free, Doug 69 Freed, Sandra Jean Freeman, Deborah 69, 177, 178 Freeman, Jill Marie 37, 165, 105 Freeman, Merri Beth 165, 105 Friday, Emilly 82 Friesen, Lana 90, 93, 161, 180 Y Friesen, Ricky 82, 154, 155, 162 Fuller, David 82 Fuller III, Jefferson 188, 105 Fuller, Patricia Furlow, John Thomas 204, 105 Furr, Beverly 93, 148, 165, 186 Furr, Carolyn 69, 183 G1 Gabriel, Pamela Lee 93 Gaines, Dennis M. 93, 154, 166 Galyon, Gail 173 Galyon, Margaret 82 Galyon, Sharon 82 Gardner, Susan 69, 169 Garlock, Robin 82 Garlock, Vickie 69 Gates, Cecilia 82 Gates, Celeste 69, 167 Gates, Nancy 93 Gautney, Jane 105 Gay, Carol 92, 165, 187 Gay, Robin 82, 160, 167 Gentry, Rickey 69, 154, 168 Gibbs, John 204, 102, 105 Gibson, Devonna Gibson, Wayne 105 Gilbert, Pam 82, 183 Gilbert, Robert Keith 69, 154 Gilbert, Suzanne 129, 165, 180, 105 Gill, Carla 94 Gill, Robin 94, 183 Gilley, Grace 82, 183, 174 Gilley, Linda 94, 148 Gills, James 69, 79, 206, 207, 208, 211 Gilmer, Mike 69 Gilmer, Sita 105 Gipson, Ralph 105 Gleason, Billy Gleason, Kevin 83 Goad, Kayleen 105 Gobin, Jeanine 94 Golden, Kevin 105 Gordon, Dennis 94 Graham, Brenda 83 Graham, Connie 83 Graham Gerald Graham Glenda 183, 105 Graham, Jo Ann Graham, Mavreen 11, 69, 154, 160, 162, 175, 133, 135,140, 141 Graham, Michael John Grammer, Lolis Jeanie 188, 105 Grammer, Mary 83 Granger, Bill 83, 154, 160, 162 Grant, Charlotte 83, 177 Grant, Jan 83, 165 Grantham, Bobby Grantham, Michael Grappe, Linda 83 Graves, Kenneth 37, 69, 146, 156, 162, 186, 187, 134, 141 Graves, Whitley 94, 156, 187 Gray, Barbara Gray, Jerry 69, 148, 160, 186, 134 Gray, Robert Green, Michael 94 Green, Charles Green, Wanda 70, 167 Gregston, Karen 94, 175 Griffin, James 94 Griffin, Teresa 70 Grosjean, Donna 70, 118, 148, 147, 128, 160, 186, 187, 189 Grosjean, Vickie 70, 149, 151, 158, 177, 178, 125 Grotzinger, James 70, 171 Grotzinger, Mary 83, 152, 165, 182, 180 Guess, Deborah 70, 162, 164, 143 Guillory, Darell 192, 195, 199, 202, 203, 168 Guillory, Joyce 94, 175 Guillory Linda 70 Gurganus, Ben 46, 70 Gurganus, Dianne 94, 165 Guyton, John Michael 177, 213, 105 Gwilt, Roma -H- Hae, Troy 170 Haley, Linda 83, 177 Hall, Gary 70, 154, 186, 187, 134 Hall, John 70 Hall, Michael 187, 188, 105 Hammond, Mark 105 Handley, George 94 Hanna, Merle 94, 165, 180 Harbaugh, Beverly 94, 173 Harbaugh, Kim 70, 173 Hardy, Timothy 105 Hargrove, Debbie 105 Hargrove, Kathy 83 Harkey, Donna 80, 83, 86, 187 Harnas, John Harris, Catherine 94, 166 Harris, Charles 105 Harris, Donna 70, 128, 158, 163, 176, 177, 178,180, 181, 183, 58, 130, 60 Harris, Ken 83, 168, 187, 192 Harris, Michael Harrison, Carolyn 94, 186 Harrison, Daniel 83 Harrison, Harvey 91, 94 Hzirgnan, Roberta 94, 161, 175, 186, Hartman, William '70 Hart, Billie Diane 105 Hziilgfille, Carolyn 70, 162, 164, 183, Harville, Cheryl 105 Hasson, Sue 94, 180 Hawkins, Glenn 105 Hawkins, Shauna 94 Hawkins, Terry 83 Hawn, Judy 70, 164, 177, 178,133 Hayes, Christine 94 Hayes, Darlene 70, 177, 178 Hayes, Jan 94, 177, 180 Hays, John 83, 156, 186 Hayes, Travis 213, 106 Haynes, Steve 148, 168, 204, 205, 213, 106 Haywald, Faylyn 106 Haywood, Charissa 94 Hearne, Debra 95, 165 Hearne, Ramona 83, 167, 177 Hedrick, Anita 83 Heins, Leslie 170 Helms, Robbie 95 Hennen, James 70, 152, 153 Henry, Debbie 129, 146, 152, 165 180, 106, 121 ' Hfirggy, Donna 95, 97, 152, 165, 180, Henry, Glenda 83, 169 Herkert, Steve 83, 176, 177 Herman, Henry Herndon, Steve 83 Heins, William 83 Herring, James 71 Hicks, David Hicks, Jeff 83 Hgghtower, Rhonna 71, 177, 178, Hill Catherine 80, 83, 146, 160, 162, 165, 187 Hill, Diane Hill, Eddie Hines, Brenda 95 Hines, Debra 167, 106 Hines, Laura 71, 177, 178 Hobson, Linda 177, 106 Hodges, Cheryl 177, 106 Hoff, Linda 95 Hoff, Mary 95, 146, 152, 153, 165 Hoff, Karen 106, 133 Holdsworth, David Hoffpauir, Sharon 84 Hogan, Laura 71, 164, 180, 181, 183 Holstead, Kathleen 95, 165, 180 Hoover, Janet 82, 84 Hernbeak, Glenda 106 Horne, Robert 71 Horslhnann, Linda 48 Horton, Glen 84 Horton, Randy Horton, Glen 84 Hounsell, Bob 106 Hounsel, Liz 41, 71, 129, 158, 177, 178 Housden, Kelly Housden, Tana 95 Howe, Karen 106 Howes, Thomas 95 Howington, Allie 188, 106 Huckabee, Debra 106 Huckstep, Janice 167, 180, 106 Huckstep, Janet 167, 175,180, 106 Hudson, David 2, 70, 71, 146, 149, 151, 162, 163, 193, 196, 225, 123, 141 Jordan, Colleen 71, 164, 176, 177, 178, 133 Jordan, Steve Jones, Patty Jordan, Alton 187 Joyner, Donna 84, 160, 162 Juarez, Antonio 204, 107 Judkins, Carol 95, 152, 173 Judkins, Robyn Jean 173, 107 -K- Kalnasy, Jr., Andy 84 Karnes, Debbie 84, 165, 186, 189 Katsock, Michael 107 Kavenough, Mike 192 Keahey, Denise 172, 107 Keith Thomas W. 177, 107 Keller, Robert 71, 177, '178 Kelley, Lamar Kellner, Terry 84, 156, 160, 187 Kelly, Linda 84, 165, 187 Kelly, Mark 188, 204, 107 Kelly, Paul 188, 204, 107 Kendall, Sara Jane 173, 107 Kendrick, Debbie 107 Hudson, William 95, 193, 196, 206 Huereca, Mary Humphrey, Cherie 106 Humphries, Debra 41, 71, 166, 176, 177, 178, 180, 182, 183 Hyde, Debra 106 ..1.. lngram, Mike 71, 154, 162, 187, 134, 141 Irby, Bobbie Jean 106 Ivey, Clyde 106 ..J.. Jackson, Barbara 71, 176, 177, 178, 183 Jackson, Edward 95, 154 Jackson, John 95 Jackson, Manuel 71 Jackson, Mauanne 95, 173 Jackson, Mike 71 Jackson, Narda 106 Jackson, Pam 71, 167 Jackson, Philip 95 Jackson Robert 15 84, 148, 149, 151, 152, 172, 137 James, Rebecca 84 Jarrett, Cindy 80, 84, 160, 174, 180, 121 Jernigan, Gloria 84, 162, 174 Jett, Roxann 106 Jiles, Diana 71, 167, 178, 177, 180 Johns, Lynn 95 Johnson Barry 95, 192 Johnson Bethany Jane 106 Johnson Brenda 107 Johnson Dannell 84, 160 Johnson Debbie 84 Johnson Eric 84, 168, 192, 196, 202, 106, 209, 121 Johnson, Johnnie Johnson, Johnny Johnson, Kay 165, 188, 107 Johnson Louis 107 Johnson Mike 168, 192 Johnson Johnson Rhonda 95, 161, 165, 180 Richard 107 Johnsoni Robert 172, 176,177, 188, 204 Johnson Robert 84, 106 Johnson Walter 84, 146, 154, 163, 175 Jones, Alan 188, 204, 107 Jones, Ave Denise 95, 176, 177, 180 Jones, Debbie 95, 165, 180 Jones, Steve 71, 171 Jones, Patricia 71 Jones, Jr., Robert 204 Jones, Robin 107 Kendrick, Donna 84, 152, 174, 175, 180 Kendrick, Mike 96 Kendrick, Patty 71, 189 Kennemer, Phil 84 Kennington, Janice 107 Kennington, Karen 71, 158, 177, 178, 179, 183, 176 Kennington, Mike 84 Kerry, Donna 88, 169, 107 Kersh, Bill 84 Ketner, Robert Kilgore, Marjorie 164, 178, 107 Kimbrough, Kay 71, 177, 178, 141 King, Mike Kilgore, Mary 71 Kilpatrick, Randy 84 Kimsey, Mark 84, 172 Kirgis, Cindy 96 Kirkman, Richard 84 Kleinertz, Dale 84 Kline, Liz 96, 165, Kline, James 72, 158, 168, 187, 192 196 Knight, Jim 84, 171,154 Knook, Bruce 186 Knox, Ruble Koeppen, Lynda 96 Krasso, Bill 96 Koeppen, Kelvin 71, 171 Kubas, Gail 107 Kubas, Janet 96, 169 Kuhlemeier, Bob 96 ..L.. Lacroix, Benny ' LaForest, Eloise 177, 107 Lafitte, Carliss 165, 177, 180, 107 Langley, Lagman, Robert 72 Joseph 96, 170 Laird, James 107 Laird, Mary 175, 107 Land, Terri 107 Land, James Landrum, Janice 84, 160, 180 Lane, Dale 96, 174 Langdon, Leslie 96, 165, 180 Langley, Jr., Boyce 84, 187 Langley, Cynthia 84 Langley, Glenda Langley, Richard 111 Lanham, Karen 107 Lanham, Pam Lanzillotti, Vic 64, 72, 149, 151, 155 134, 140, 121 LaPlante, Ramona 84, 167, 177 Larkin, Colleen 96, 165, 180 Larkin, Pat 84, 169, 170 Lawer, Debbie 85 Laster, Paul 72, 156, 177, 178 245 Lattier, Donna 85, 128, 186, 189 Lesilar, David 72 Lesikar, Robert 204, 107 Lebsack, Sally 72 Lebsack, Scott 85 Lee, Ralph 96, 187 Lehnertz, Carla 85, 160, 180 Lewis, Joey 186, 187 Linton, Mike 72, 8, 74, 193, 197 LePage, James 96 Lewis, Billy Lewis, Brenda 72, 133 Lewis, Cynthia 85, 177 Lewis, Nan 96, 146, 152, 180, 181 Lichtenhan, Barbara 107 Lindsey, Brenda 85 Lindsey, Mary 96 160, 165, 162, 174, McClelland, Joan 85, 177 McCommon, Lynne 97 McConathy, Mike 148, 168, 204 213, 108 McConnell, Don 188, 108 McCormack, Robert 97 McCormack, William 108 McCoy, Patrick David 97, 172 McCoy, Sonny 188, 108 McCreery, Debra McDoniel, Gary 188, 108 McElwee, Yvonne 72, 160, 176, 177, 178, 141 McFarland, Elaine McGee, Dale 148, 170, 204, 108 McGee, Steve 108 McGill, Ricky McGowen, Danny 97, 187 McHenry, Susan 73, 146, 155, 158, 186, 187, 189, 58 i Lindsey, Steve 72, 171 Livingston, James 72, 134 Livingston, Patty 107 Loockwood, Gail 165, 180, 107 Loockwood, Glen 96 Lodestro, Sandra 165, 188, 107 Lombardino, Bruce 96 Long, Don 188, 107 Long, Jerry 107 Long, Karl 107 Long, Terry 85 Long, Marquerite 107 Longer, Kent Longoria, Tony 96, 156, 157, 187 Looney, Bill Looney, Gary 85 Lovelady, Susan 96 Loughner, Susan 172, 107 Love, Brenda 34, 188, 107 Lykes, Karen 165, 107 Lowe, Barbara 37 Lyons, Gary Lyons, Pamela 107 Lyons, Nancy 96 Luckette, Gail 85, 167 Lunceford, Debbie 85 Luter, Kevin 16, 72, 154, 58, 134 -M- Maddux, Peggy 85, 163, 180, 183 Magill, April 85, 96, 180 Magil, Cissi, 85, 177, 180 Malone, Dennis Malone, Peggy 85 Mangham, Sammy 85 Mann, David 108 Manning, Marsha 96, 161, 86 Marckres, Linda 85, 160, 162, 169, 180, 182 Marden, Robert 96, 168 Marion, Neal James 85 Marion, Wayne Alan 97 Markham, George 72, 171 Marsiglia, Charles 98, 177, 192 Marsiglia, Philip 177, 108 Martim, Jack 72, 171 Martin, Larry Martin, Sheri 183, 108 M9-SG, Mary 85, 167 Massullo, Robert 108 Mathis, Mallorie 172, 188, 108 Mathis, Mary 108 Mathis, Mike 97, 172, 186 Mzitgtgiews, Vanessa 97, 161, 165, Mattingly, Jerry 85 Maxcy, Robert 97 May, James 108, 111 Mayes, Rickie 108 McBride, Kathy 97, 165 McCallister, Clyde McCallister, Kathy 167, 180, 108 McCardle, Debbie 72, 164, 178, 183 McCarl, Darrel McClanahan, Rick 172 1 246 y ' 08 McKenna, Vivien 73, 164 McKenzie 135 McKenzie, Michelle 97 , 165 McKibben, Leslie 97 McKinney, Barry 85, 177 McKinney, Dana 97 McKinney, Roger 108 McKnight, Laura 169, 188, 108 McMillan, Debra 86 McMullen, Robert 97 McQuary, Lisa 97 Meinscher, Debbie Mele, Daniel Mentencik, Lawrence 108 Mentencik, Peter 108 Merritt, Tommy Messier, Cathy 86, 160, 162, 174, 183 Meunier, Steve 108 Miller, Connie 86 Miller, James 86, 174 Miller, Jamie 97, 165 Miller, Maryanne Miller, Mike Mills, Gary 86, 160 Mitchell, Anita 86, 177 Mitchell, Denise 86 Mitchell, Laura 90, 93, 97, 129, 161, 165, 187 Mizell, Debbie 148, 188, 108 Mizell, Sandra 147, 152, 153, 160, 164, 176, 177, 178, 180, 183, 137 Monismith, David 171, 108 Montes, Sylvia 97 Moore, Clarence 86, 192 Moore, Howard Moore, Marvia 108 Moore, Mike 86 Moore, Patricia 7, 97 Moore Patty 98, 165, 183 7 Moore, Steve Moore, Terry 73, 148, 158, 164 Morgan, Alan 10, 86, 156, 157 Morgan, Mark 170, 205, 108 Morgan, Mel 86, 168 Morgan, Randy 97 Morgan, Regina 95, 97, 165, 187 Morgan, William Morris, Joe Morris, Kris 86, 167, 180 Morris, Lutlu 97 , 108 Morris, Sharla Beth 97 Morrison, Mike 97 Morrow, Cathy 86, 87, 15 180, 182, 137 Moser, Jim 98 Moser, Magaret 180, 108 Mosley, Sheri 165, 109 Mossullo, Bob 204 Mrozek, Jane 98 Mudd, Peggy Mudd, Ricky 175 Murphy, James 86 Murray, Kevin , Martha 73, 184, 185, 187, 2, 160, 174, Murray, Linda 47, 86, 177 Murray, Robert 109 Murray, William 109 -N.. Nattin, Rodney Navage, Mike 86, 168, 183 Neely, Kathy Nelson, John E. 73 Nelson, Kathy 86, 183 Nelson, Terry 109 Nesbitt, Arlinda 98 Nicolo, John 109 Nixon, Paula 73, 163, 164, 166, 183 Nock, Bruce 98 Nock, Mike 98 Nolan, Darryl Nordin, Mark 109 Norton, Ellen 98, 165 Noziglio, C. David 14, 73, 160, 162, 170 Nuckolls, Craig 86 .-0- O'Daniel, Ronald O'Neill, Bobby 73 O'Neill, Ruby 98 Ogle, Sharon 73, 167, 177, 178 Ogletree, Joe 109 Ogletree, Robert 98 Oliver, Peggy 152, 165, 109 Olson, Linda Jean 98, 174 Olson, Randene 86, 176, 177 Opperman, Don 86 Opperman, Steve 97 Orr, Kathy Otto, Karen 86, 88, 163, 165, 180 Outlaw, Mike 98, 154, 168, 176, 177, 179, 193 Outlaw, Pat 46, 154, 158, 58 Ouzts, Charlotte, 109 Owens, Garry 86 Owens, Myra E. 74, 176, 177, 178 Owens, Patricia S6 ...P- Paine, Deborah 179, 176, 177, 98, 165 Palmer, Rita 98 Papageorge, John 148, 168, 204, 102, 109 Parker, Pam 98 Parks, Brenda 177, 178 Parks, Charles 86 Parton, Floyd 86, 154 Pate, Mike 98 Patrick, Donna 188, 109 Patton, Candy 98, 177 Patton, Ronnie 188, 109 Payne, Ann 74, 177, 178 Payne, Kay Donna 99 Peck, John 99 Peddy, David Pencek, Ronald 74, 134 Pennington, Mike Pepin, Kathryn 109 Pepin, Liz 74, 75, 175, 180, 182 Perdue, Daniel Perdue, James 74 Perdue, Paul 86 Perez, Joe 99 Petty, Larry 47, 86, 206 Phelps, Theresa 109 Phillips, Debra 109 Phillips, Margaret Phillips, Ray 74 Phillips, Zoronia 173, 109 Piazza, Pat 86, 88, 146, 160, 164, 187, 165, 162 Pierrelee, Janine 99, 187, 165 ., 1 'th, Ragsdale, Sammie 75, 99, 169 Sather, Edvx ard 87, 160, 154,162 Sml Pilcher, Denise Pilcher, Ronnie 86 Pittman, Ken 99 Pittman, Barry 109 Pitts, Debbie Pizzolato, Danny 99 Pizzolato, Victor 99 Poland, Sammy Pollard, Thomas 109 Ponder, Julie 109 Pooler, Ken 99 Poole, Alana 96, 99, 165, 180 Poor, Jamie 74, 166, 180 Poor, Kristy 165, 180, 109 Pope, Sharon 109 Powell, Ricky Pratte, Donna Preble, Frances 74, 75, 180, 182 Preble, Mary 99, 175 Prentice, Lee 165 Prevett, Karen 75, 164, 177 Price, Roger 75, 171, 177, 178 Prince, Ken 99, 101 Propst, Raymond 109 Prothro, Jimmy 204, 205, 188, 109 Purvis, Keith 87 Putman, Clarke 159 -Q- Quickel, David 99, 192 Quinn, Sharon 165, 180, 109 -R- Ragsdale, Pam 149, 151, 158, 137, 58 Raines, Betty 109 Raines, Debra 99, 165 Raines, Dale 99, 154, 155, 161, 186 Raines, Glenn 75 Rainwater, Ben 75 Rainwater, Debbie 87 Rainwater, Vickie 99 Raley, Bob 176, 177, 178, 179 Ralph, Mary Ann 109 Rambo, Becky Randall, Randy 87, 187 Rankin, Edward Ratcliff, Jackie 99 Ratcliff, Janice 175, 109 Ray, Tommy 87 Reed, Mike 87, 154,193 Reed, Nancy 109 Reed, Roberta 109 Reese, Barbara 109 Reeves, Cynthia 87 Reese, Dan 99 Reese, Don 99 Reeves, Lamar Reeves, Linda 110 Reeyes, Ernes 204, 110 Remedies, Ted 99 Reno, Carolyn 110 Rew, Tom Reynolds, Marsha 87 Reynolds, Phillip 87 Rich, Debra 110 Rich, Karen 165, 188, 110 Richards, Robert 75, 186 Richards, Timothy 99 Richardson, Rita 180, 110 Riechman, David 87 Riemer, Mike 110 Roberts, Pam 99, 158 Roberts, Pat 99, 175, 192, 197 Roberts, Mike 192 Roberts, William 87 Robinette, Jimmy 87 Robinson, Mary 75, 140, 141 Robinson, Pete 99, 193, 206 Robinson, Tim Rodgers, Georgie 188, 110 Rodgers, Jimmy 75, 177, 178 Rodgers, Mary 87, 169 Rohner, Mary 173, 110 Rosalie, Mike 87, 170 Ross, Bob 74, 168, 192, 197 Ross, Linda 167 Rossley, Honora 75, 183 Rostamo, Gary 75 Rostamo, Wayne Rowland, Craig Ruff, Donnie Ruiz, Linda 99 Runa, Dennis 99 Runa, Gary 75, 160, 162, 171 Rushing, Charle Russell, Jeff 99 -S- Sale, Dale 204, 104, 110 Samuel, Ray 75 Sanders, Larry 76 Sanders, Robert 76, 172, 177, 178 Sandifer, James 99 Sanford, Cathy Sanford, Dalton 87 Sanford, Larry 99, 206, 208, 211, 212 Santoro, John 110 Santoro, Charlotte 146, 152, 165, 110 Santoro, Paulette 87, 148, 152, 165, 137, 180, 181 Sarrett, John 87 Sather, Debbie 99, 152, 161, 173, 178 Saucedo, Carman 110 Sawyer, Kitty 172, 180, 110 Scarborough, Linda 87, 183, 186 Schartman, Mike 110 Schavrien, Randy 99, 186 Scheen, Cynthia 76, 176, 158, 178, 180, 181 Scheen, Janet 87, 146, 147, 148, 160, 164, 165 Schwiezer, Kathy 110 Schweitzer, Gary 76 Scorsone, Connie 76, 164 Scoisone, Debbie 99, 165 Scott, Anna 87 Scott, Burtis 87 Scott, Debra Scott, Richard Scott, Steven 99, 154, 168, 187, 193, 197, 206 Scotto, Dennis 87, 168, 186, 193, 198 Scroggins, Karen G. 87, 165, 186 Scruggs, Jimmy Seal, Dana 99, 169 Seale, Dedra 152, 165, 180, 110 Seale, Paul Mike 11, 70, 76, 154, 168, 192, 198, 118, 122, 141 Seger, William 99 Seitz, Jerome 110 Selegman, Cheri 165 Sergeant, Deborah Sergeant, Mike 110 Serio, Linda 99, 146, 161 Serio, Lucille 87, 167, 177 Serwich, Susan 110 Sewell, Larrie 76, 116, 176 Shackelford, Eugene 89, 168, 206, 208, 209, 210, 211, 212 Shackelford, Sandra 165, 110 Shannon, Michael 88 Shatto, Betty 88, 160 Shavrien, Steven 110 Shaw, Dieter 110 Shaw, James 188, 110 Shelly, Pam 186, 169, 88 Shelton, Carl 99 Shepherd, Pam 88 Sherrer, John 88 Shipp, Barry 36, 86, 88, 162, 168, 186, 193, 196, 198 Shirley, Michael 99, 186 Sholar, Rebecca 165, 110 Shores, Michael 175 Shorie, Frank 204, 110 Shows, Jimmy 76, 152, 153, 176 1177, 178 Silas, Cindy 41, 76, 149, 151, 168, 183, 137, 58 Simmons, Carolyn 38, 88, 160, 162 174, 180, 182 Simmons, Lester 177, 110 Simpkins, Johathan Skraback, Kay 99 Slack, Terry 168, 113, 110 Slone, Smith, Smith, Mark 100 Brad 100, 192, 121 Cindy 152, 146, 160, 176, 177 178, 180, 181, 136, 137, 51 Smith, Deborah 76, 159 Smith, Diana 111 Smith, Diane 88 Smith, Gary 14, 64, 70, 76, 67, 85, 151, 149, 154, 193, 196, 198, 203 168, 146, 116, 117,140, 141 Smith, Greg Smith, Glenn 100, 154 Smith, James 100 Smith, Kenneth 100, 193, 199 Smith, Kenneth 76,158, 168 Smith, Lula 111 Smith, Martin 111 Smith, Mary 111 Smith, Monica 111 Nelson 100 ! 7 Smith, Peggy 173, 111 Smith, Sarah 100, 129, 146, 149, 151,165,187, 189 Smith, Sheila 188, 111 Snead, Lloyd Snyder, Sally 111 Sour, Robbie 111 Spataro, Debra 100, 165 Spataro, Mark 88 Spearman, Patti Kay 100, 180 Speed, Thomas 88, 171 Spence, Brady 111 Spencer, Lorah Arlene 88, 180 Spencer, Novella 100, 165, 180 Spradling, Conrad 111 Spradling, Thomas Spruill, Rosalind 88 Stamm, Louis 100, 170 Stanly, James 76, 156, 168, 209, 210, 212 Starnes, Wayne 88 Steele, Linda 111 Steele, Michael 83, 88, 111 Starks, Tim 100 Steele, Michael Steger, Elizabeth 111 Stengel, William 100, 171 Stephens, Jimmy 100 Stevens, John Stevens, Kenny 204, 111 Stevens, Pam 88, 167, 180 Stewart, Bobbie 111 Stewart, Carrie Stewart Leslie Stillwell, Becky . Stock, Terry 204 Stokley, Sharron 76, 159 Stoll, Christie 111 Stoll, Sherry 100, 148, 186 Stomski, Sandra 111 Strange, Debbie 180, 111 Strange, James 163, 88, 167, 172, 206 Strickland, LaDonna 100 Stromatt, Bobby Stromatt, Carolyn 111 Stromatt, Clifford Stroope, Samuel 7, 76, 168, 171 stumpf, Silvia 76, 177,178 247 Sturdivant, Denise 36, 88 Sullivan, Gay 111 Sullivan, Gene 111 Sullivan, Judy 111 Sumerall, Jerry 100 Summerlin, Betty Swanson, Bennett 109 Swanson, Robin 76, 152, 167, 177, 152, 178 Swearengin, Gary 76 Swearengin, Linda 100, 146, 165, 180, 181 Sweeney, Vicki 88, 175 Sylvester, Steve 76, 168, 193, 200 Syptak, Mark 100, 154, 161 -T- Talley, Cheryl 112 Talley, Lynne 100 Tarver, Debbie 88, 180 Tarver, Jan 165, 180, 112 Tatum, Judy 88, 165, 184, 187, 143 Tauzin, Taylor, Louise 165, 188, 112 Bruce Edward 112 Taylor, Donald W. 100 Taylor, Gary 168, 170, 112 Taylor, Jerry 88 Taylor, John 88 Taylor, Mark 88, 170 Taylor, Mike 188, 204, 112 Taylor, Shirley Jean 100 Taylor, Steve 112 Taylor, Tracy 88 Teekell, Diane 76, 163, 164, 177, 178, 180, 183 Tennyson, Kathy 100 Terrell, William D. 112 Thames, Ronald 100 Thibodeaux, Cathy 76 Thibodeaux, Jo 100 Thibodeaux, Linda 112 Thielmier, Gary 112 Thomas, Angie 100, 148, 165, 187 Thomas, Barbara 100 Thomas, Becky 88, 167, 180 Thomas, Charlie 100 Thomas, Debbie 100, 148, 165, 186 Thomas, Kenny 76 Thomas, Minnie C. 112 Underwood, Sharon 77 Underwood, Vicki 89 Usrey, Lyndell 100 -V- Vailes, Jimmy Valadez, Betty Vanlandingham, Sharon 100 Vara, Sharon Vaughn, David 36, 77, 70, 127, 146, 147, 154, 153, 162, 118,124, 58, 134, 141 Vaughn, Julia 77 Vaughn, Sherry 100, 165 Veal, Ronnie 204, 112 Veiga, Cathy 100 Vergo, Virginia 89, 167 Vinz, Gregory 89, 156, 112 Vinz, Jeffrey Viola, Jim 100 Viola, Kenny 100 Viviano, Barbara 100, 165 Voigtlander, Sharon 165, 112 -W- Wachtel, Julia 165, 177, 180, 112 Wade, Brenda 100, 165 Wade, Eugene T. 188, 112 Wade, James David 188, 122 Walker, Connie 100, 169, 180 Walker, Lili 77, 159, 141 Wall, Fred 89 Wallace, James 101, 193 Wallace, Vanessa 101 Wallesverd, Richard 7, 77, 171 Walls, Robert 77, 171, Walsh, Kathryn 173, 112 Walsh, Larry 101 Walsh, Mike 160, 162, 89 Ward, Cynthia 101, 165 Ward, Mike 188, 112 Warner, Mark Kendall 168, 171, 204, 213 Warner, Steve 77 Warner, Travis 101, 112 Watkins, Randy 101, 156 Wheeler, William R. 101 Whitaker, George 205, 112 Whitaker, Martha L. 101 Whitchard, Jerry 112 White, David 112 White, Debbie 78, 176, 177, 89, 179, 183 White, Janice 89, 177 White, Sandra 113 Whitener, Carroll 101 Whitesel, Fred 101 Whitesel, Robert 89 White, Don 101, 192 Whitten Jerry Whitten, John 89 Whitten, Marvin Whittington, Diane Whorton, Mary Ann 188, 113 Wilbanks, Sherry 113 Wilhelm, John 89, 172 Wilhelm, Mary 172, 113 Wilkerson, Jimmy 101 Wilkins, Diane 78, 133 William, Dusty 180 Williams, Jim 3, 204, 148, 168, 213, 109, 113, 121 Williams, Joe 89, 154, 168, 193, 199 Williams, John 78, 171 Williams, Johnny 113 Williams. Judy 78, 128, 167, 177, 178, 131, 121 Williams, Marilyn 101, 175 Williams, Martha 101 Williams, Ralph 101 Williams, Wanda 78 Williford, Paula 79, 177, 178 Williford, Randy 188, 113 Willis, Robin 113 Thomas, Randall 88 Thompson, Jody 88 Thompson, Richard 76 Thorn, Sheila 120, 186 Thornhill, Gary 89 Thornhill, Ronnie 89 Tidwell, Bobby 89, 168, 192, 199, 225 Tippett, Ellen 90, 100, 146, 169 Todd, Linda 89 Tollison, Charles D. 112 Tollison, Vicki 112 Tomarchio, John 89 Tomlinson, Dale Watson, Bobby 89 Watson, Carol 101, 169 Watson, Charles 77, 168, 188 Watson, Charles D. 112 Watson, Charles P. 112 Watson, Edward 101, 156, 192 Watson, John Watson, Paula 77 Watson, Roxann 101, 187 Watson, Susan 112 Watson, Terry 89 Wilson, Diane 89, 147, 148, 150, 163,164, 165, 182, 188, 137 Wilson, Kathy 101 Wilson, Pamela 113 Windham, Albert 188, 113 Windham, Mary S. 101 Winham, Nancy 79, 160, 164 Winkler, Bill 79, 192, 199 Winkler, Jan 180, 113 Winner, John 101 Woodard, Johnny 101 Wooden, Douglas 101 Woodrum, Theresia 113 Woods, James 113 Woods, Jerry 101 Wrege, Steven 113 Wren III, Charles Wren, Ginx 148, 204, 102, 113 Watts, Beth 12, 77, 173 Watts, John 188, 112 Weathersby, Sherrie 89 Weathersby, Tommy 112 Weaver, Judy 101 Webb, Susie 101, 180, 165 Wren, Karen 89, 167 Wright, Becky 67, 79, 146, 184, 185, 143 Wright, David 101, 156, 187 Wright, Debbie 113 Wright, Judith 146, 165, 188, 113 West, Toney, James 100 Tooke, Alva Nicky 100, 186 Traas, Tracy, Tracy, Karen 100, 180 George 89 Ronald 100 Tullier, Cecilia 100, 167, 183 Tullier, Margaret 112 Tuminello, Vince 100 Turman, Dickie.100 Turnage, Pat 89, 77 Turner, Debbie 89, 160, 175 Turner Turner , Patsy 89 , Terry 173, 112 Weber, Keith 112 Weisel, Pat 78, 148, 152, 158, 175, 177 178 7 Weiss, Betty 112 Weiss, Mary 89, 177, 169 Welch, Glenda 89 Welch, Melanie 89, 152, 174 Welch , Tommy 148, 188, 112 Wells, Becky 89, 183 Wells, West, Lois Elizabeth 112 Connie 112 West, Debbie 89, 174 James 122 Turner, Wade Moody 112 -U... Underwood, Marian Underwood, 0. L. 77, 171 248 Wheeler, Dana 78, 164, 178 Wheeler, Debbie D. 89 Wheeler, Georgia K. 101, 158, 180 Wheeler, Henry 89, 171 Wheeler, Karen 74, 78, 181, 58, 133 Wright, Patti 113 Wright, Terry 156, 186, 141 Wyatt, Pat 3, 37, 67, 64, 79, 119, 155, 160, 162, 187, 189, 134 Wynn, Dave 101 .Y- Yates, Pam 101, 187 Young, Cathy 175, 113 Young, Jacquette 113 Young, Joe Young, Mark 101 -Z- Zator, Franky 188 Zator, Jack 79, 158, 168, 176, 177, 178, 187, 192, 194, 200 Zimmer, Stephanie 101 Zimmer, Thomas 172, 175, 204, 113 Senior Activities SANDRA KAY ALCORN Pep Squad 1, 2, 33 Y-Teens 1, 25 Beauty Pageant 1, Future Homemakers of America 4, Choir 4. LAUREL BETH ALEXANDER Transfer Student CSeniorj Band 4. CHERYL ALLEN Transfer Student fSeniorJ. DAVID STEPHEN ALLEN . . . Transfer 3 Student fSophomoreJ Band 2, 3, 4, Photo Club 4. PENNY AMBROSE Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Reporter 3, Treasurer 1, Pep Squad 1, 2, 3, Drum Corps 33 Mu Alpha Theta 3, 4, Reporter 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Office Girl 4. PAUL WARREN ANDERSON Spanish Club 15 Basketball 3, 4. RUTH AREHART Y-Teens 1, Future Homemakers of America 2, 3, Historian 2, Secretary 3, Pep Squad 2, 3, DECA 4. DENISE ANNE AUCHTER . . Transfer Student CSeniorJ. BECKY SUE BALE Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, Secretary 3, Pep Squad 1, 2, 3, Drum Corps 33 Concert Choir Accompanistg Band 3, 4, Majorette 45 National Honor Society 3, 4, Mu Alpha Theta 3, 4, Secretary, Treas- urer 4, Alternate to Pelican State 4. VENIDA GAYE BARKER -... Band 1, 2, 3, Majorette 2, 3, Student Council 2, 3, Chaplain 3, President! of Junior Class, Na- tional Honor Society 3, 4g Pres- ident of DECA, 4, Pelican State Delegate 4: BARBARA DIANE BARKSDALE Freshman Class President, Freshman Favorite, Student Coun- cil Representative 1, 2, 3, Parlia- mentarian 3, Homecoming Maid 1, 2, Queen 45 Stage Band 1, Band lg Top 13 in Beauty Pageant 1, 2, 3, Second Runner-up 45 FBLA 2, Yearbook Staff 2, 3, 4, Editor 3, 4g Quill XL Scroll 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Concert Choir 'Pianist 33 Forensic Club 3, 4, Yearbook Ad Staff 3, 4, Pelican State Delegate 4, Outstanding Teenager of America Nominee 4, Senior Class Secretary, Interact Sponsor 4, Miss AHS 4, Optimist Club t'Pat-Em-On-The-Back" Award 4. CLAUDIA KAY BARTRAM . . . FHA 3, 4, Songleader 45 Pep Squad 3 5 Choir 4. VICKI BERGER Transfer Stu- dent fJuniorj Pep Squad 3, Y- Teens 3, 4, Yearbook Ad Staff 45 Office Girl 4. LINDA SUE BOWMAN Transfer Student fFreshmanj Pep Squad 3, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Drum Corps 4, Y-Teens 3, 4, Beta Club 3, 43 National Honor Society 3, 4. LYNN BRUBAKER . .. Student Council 1, 4, Pep Squad 2, 3, 4, Lt. Col. 45 Yearbook Staff 3, 4, Pelican State Delegate 45 Quill and Scroll 43 Top 13 in Beauty Pageant 4. BIL BRANAN Transfer Stu- dent fSeniorJ Foot'ball 1, 4, In- tramural Basketball 4. JOHN W. CARLISLE Trans- fer Student fFreshmanJ Interact Club 2, 35 3rd place in Craftsman Fair at Northwestern, Intramural Basketball 3, 4, Industrial Arts Club 4. DEBBIE CASSELL FHA 39 DECA 4. TARA LYNN CLANCY Transfer Student fJuniorJ French Club 2, Forensic Club 4, Beauty Pageant 4. CARL EDDIE COMBS Trans- fer Student CFreshmany Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Interact Club 2, 3, 4, Board of Directors 3, Secretary 4, Beta Club 3, 4, Stage Band 2, 3, 4, Junior Lieutenant in Band, Na- tional Honor Society 4. 249 DIANNE COOK Y-Teens 1, 3, 4, Treasurer 4, JML 2, Mu Alpha Theta 4, Pep Squad 2, 4, Choir 3, 4, Beta Club 3, 4, Sophomore Class Vice-President, Office Girl 4, Northwestern Rally 3, National Honor Society 3, 4. RITCHIE RONN COULSON . . . Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, Baseball 2, 3, 4, FCA 2, 3, 4. JUDITH ELAINE COVINGTON Transfer Student fFreshmanJ Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, Yearbook and Newspaper Ad Staff 2, 3, Beauty Pageant 2, Pep Squad 2, 3, Junior Achievement 3, 4, Treasurer of the Year 3, Choir 4, Office Girl 4. JOYCE COZINE Pep Squad 2, 3, Drum Corps 3, Y-Teens 2, 3, Treasurer 3, Chaplain 4. KAREN CRAWFORD . . . Pep Squad 1, Y-Teens 1, 3, 4, Choir 4. BEVERLY ANN CUBLEY . .. Student Council 1, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Beauty Pageant 1, Choir 3, 4, Pep Squad 3, Beta Club 3, Cheer- leader 4. MICHAEL E. DANIEL Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, 4, Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4, Key Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Parliamentar- ian 4, Student Council 1, 2, 4, Sophomore Class President, Sopho- more Class Favorite, FCA 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Basketball 3, 4, Forensic Club 3, 4, Outstanding Teenager Nominee 4, National Honor Society 4, Senior Play Stage Manager, Lead Musical 4. GEORGE SUE DAVIS . . . Trans- fer Student, Office Girl 4. MARY ELAINE DOTY . . . Y- Teens 1, Pep Squad 3, Choir 4. SHARON LYNN DUNLOP Y-Teens 1, Pep Squad 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 3, 4, FHA 3, 4, Historian 4, Beta Club 3, 4, Secretary of Beta Club 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Basket- ball Queen 4, Quill KL Scroll 4. RONALD DURST . . . Transfer Student fFreshmanl Photographic Club 3, 4, President 3, 4. 250 BRENDA LUTICIA EDWARDS Student Medical Association 1, Y-Teens 1, 3, Parliamentarian 1, Midsouth Delegate 1, Pep Squad 1, 2, 3, Program Committee 3, 4, JML 2, President, Yearbook Staff 3, 4, Leadership Delegate to LSU Baton Rouge 3, FBLA 3, 4, President 4, Quill Sz Scroll 4, Choir 4. SHARON EMERT FHA 1, Forensic Club 3, 4, President 4, Musical 3, 4, Pep Squad 3, Drum Corps 3, Concert Choir 4, Leader- ship Conference LBLA 4, Senior Play Cast, Leading Role. MICHAEL ENGLAND Band 1, 2, Tennis Club 2, Forensic Club 3, Intramural Basketball 3. PHILLIP DAVID FAHEY . . . Transfer Student fJuniorJ Foot- ball 1, 2, 4, Interact Club 2, 4. COLLEEN FARLEY Band 1, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, Chaplain 1, 2, Library Assistant 1, Spirit Chair- man 2, Beta Club 3, 4, Concert Choir 4, Forensic Club 4. BARBARA ANN FERRELL Transfer Student Uuniorj Beta Club 3, 4, National Honor Society 4, Business Manager of Yearbook Staff 4. KATHY FESTERVAN Cre- ative Writing Club 3. MARK EDWIN FLETCHER .. . Football 1, 2, 3, 4, FCA 1, 2, 3, 4, Bulletin Chairman 4, Track 1, Interact 2, 3, 4, Intramural Basket- ball 3, 4, Choir 4. ROB FRANKLIN . . . Transfer Student Industrial Arts Club 4, Intramural Basketball 4. ROBERTA FREDENBURG . . . Transfer Student Uuniorj Pep Squad 3, Y-Teens 4. DOUGLAS HARRY FREE . Newspaper 1, Band 1, 2, 3, 4. DEBORAH W. FREEMAN Transfer Student Choir 4. MARSHA JEAN FOUNTAIN Transfer Student Uuniorj Na- tional Honor Society 4, Forensic Club 4, Member of play "His and Hers" 4, Director of "Lottery" 4, Northwestern Rally 4. CAROLYN FURR . . . Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, Mu Alpha Theta 3, Office Girl 4, National Honor Society 4. SUSAN GARDNER French Club 1, 2, Pep Squad 1, 2, 3, JML 3, 4. RICKEY BRENT GENTRY . .. Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, Track 1, Tennis 1, 2, 3, FCA 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4, Student Coun- cil 3, Key Club 4. ROBERT KEITH GILBERT Football 1, 3, Intramural Basket- ball 4, Intramural Football 3, Forensic Club 4, Key Club 4. MAUREEN GRAHAM Trans- fer Student fSophomorej Beta Club 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, President of National Honor Society 4, Delegate to Pelican State 3, Mu Alpha Theta 4, Key Club Sponsor 4, Library Club 4, Top 13 in Beauty Pageant 4. KENNETH .FRANCISCO GRAVES, JR. . .. Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Lieutenant 4, Interact Club 2, 3, 4, President 4, Vice-President 3, Mu Alpha Theta 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Stage Band 4, Delegate to Boys' State 4, Student Council Senator 4. JERRY LYN GRAY . . . Band 1, , Library Club 1, Tennis , 4, Beta Club 3, 4, Delegate to Boys' State 4, Stage Band 4, and Intramural Basketball 4. 2, 3, 4 Team3 WANDA GREER Future Homemakers of America 1, 2, 3, 4, FHA Treasurer 2, FHA Vice- President 3, Pep Squad 2, 3, Miss Clerical Practice 4. DONNA KAY GROSJEAN Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Band Sweetheart 4, Senior Band Lieutenant 4, Student Council Rep- resentative 3, 4, Student Council Treasurer 43 Majorette 3, 43 Beta Club 3, 43 Best Citizen 43 Interact Sponsor 43 Beauty Pageant 4. VICKIE GROSJEAN Y-Teens 1, 2, 33 Band 1, 23 Forensic Club 43 Yearbook Staff 43 Office Girl 33 Pep Squad 33 Choir 43 Beauty Pageant 2, 43 Musical fChoirJ 43 Quill and Scroll 43 Class Favorite 33 Homecoming Maid3 Jamboree Queen 4. JAMES ANTHONY GROTZING- ER SMA lg Spanish Club 23 Photography Club 43 Industrial Arts Club 43 Intramural Basketball 4. DEBBIE GUESS Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 43 Choir 33 Band 13 Mu Alpha Theta Club 4, National Honor Society 4. DARRELL J . GUILLORY . . . Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 1, 33 Basketball lj FCA 1, 2, 3. LINDA FAY GUILLORY .. . Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 43 Beauty Pageant. GARY WAYNE HALL Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Lieutenant 1, 2, Wind Ensemble 3, Band Captain 43 Creative Writing Club 13 Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4g Key Club 2, 3, 43 Beta Club 33 Pelican State Delegate 3. DONNA KAY HARRIS . .. Choir 2, 43 Senior Play Cast3 Musical Cast 43 Forensic Club 43 Pep Squad 33 Year Book Ad Staff 43 Y-Teens 13 Homecoming Maid 1, 2, 3, 4g lst Runner-up Beauty Pageant 1, 3, Most! Beautiful 4. MIKE HARTMAN DECA Club 43 French Club 4. CAROLYN ELAINE HARVILLE Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-Presi-- dent, Outstanding Y-Teen 2, Presi- dent, Outstanding Y-Teen 3, Out- standing Senior High Y-Teen, 3, President of Y-Teens 4, Caddo- Bossier Vice-President 4, State Program Director 43 Northwestern Scholastic Rally 1, 23 Pep Squad 33 National Honor Society 3, 43 Mu Alpha Theta 43 Office Girl 4. JUDY ELAINE HAWN Y- Teens 1, 2, 3, 43 Office Girl ls Beauty Pageant 1, 2, 3, Top 13 Finalists 43 Dance Team 33 Choir 4. DARLENE LYNN HAYES Transfer Student Choir 4. JAMES WILLIAM HENNEN Newspaper Staff 43 FBLA 2, 3, Vice-President 3. JIM HERRING Newspaper Staff 1, Sports Reporter3 Spanish Club 23 DECCA Club 4. RHONDA G. HIGHTOWER Transfer Student fFreshmanJ Pep Squad 23 Northwestern Rally in American Literature 33 French 3. LAURA DIANE HOGAN Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 43 Choir 1, 2, 43 Office Girl 1, 2, 3, 43 Pep Squad 2, 33 Musical Cast 4. LIZ HOUN SELL . . . Transfer from Huntsville High Football Sweetheart3 Sec. of Forensic Club. DAVID WAYNE HUDSON FCA 1, 2, 3, 43 Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 33 Scholastic Award Football 3, 43 Baseball 2, 3, 43 Mu Alpha Theta 3, 43 Key Club 23 National Honor Society 3, 43 Student Council Senator 4g Track 2. DEBRA HUMPHRIES Trans- fer Student fSophomorej Pep Squad 2, 3, 43 Drum Corps 43 Choir 3, 413 FBLA 4, Miss FBLA 43 Office Gir 4. MICHAEL J. INGRAM Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Stage Band 2, 3, 43 Band Lieutenant 23 Tennis 2, 3, 43 Creative Writling Club 1, 23 Na- tional Honor Society 3, 43 Mu Alpha Theta 3, 43 President of Mu Alpha Theta 43 Louisiana Boys' State 33 Braniac 43 Key Club 2, 3, 4. BARBARA JACKSON . . . Trans- fer Student fFreshmanJ JML 23 Choir 3, 43 Office Girl 3, 4. PAMELA F. JACKSON FHA 3, 4, Treasurer 4. DIANA LOUISE JILES FHA 3, 43 Pep Squad 43 Choir 4. STEVEN MICHAEL JONES Band 1, 2, 33 Industrial Arts Club 4. COLLEEN JORDAN Transfer Student fJuniorJ Pep Squad 33 Y-Teens 4. KAREN J. KENNINGTON Pep Squad 1, 2, 33 Y-Teens 1, 2, 33 Girls Choir 1, 3, 43 Yearbook Ad Staff 33 Forensic Club 4. MARY L. KILGORE . . . Pep Squad 33 Choir 43 Y-Teens 4. JAMES KLINE . .. Track 13 Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Stage Band 1, 2, 33 Tennis 1, 2, 3, 43 Football 3, 43 Intramural Basketball 3, 43 FCA 3, 43 Forensic Club, Parliamentarian 4. KEVIN MICHAEL KOEPPEN .. . Basketball 1, 2, 3, Intramural Basketball 43 Football lg President Industrial Arts Club 4. VICTOR FRANCIS LANZILLOT- TI Track 1, 43 Baskebtall 1, 2, 33 Band 13 Key Club 2, 3, 4, President 3, 43 FCA 23 Student Council Representative 23 National Honor Society 3, 4, Treasurer 43 Mu Alpha Theta 33 Class Favorite 3, 4, Senior Class Vice-President. SALLY LESBACK . . . Transfer Student from Bossier High. MIKE LINTON Football 1, 2, 3, 43 FCA 2, 3, 43 Intramural Basketball 4. JIM LIVINGSTON . . . Transfer Student fFreshmanj Interact Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 43 Northwestlern Rally 2, 33 Beta Club 3, 43 Pelican State Delegate 3g Mu Alpha Theta 3, 43 National Honor Society 43 Intramural Basketball 4. BARBARA J OANNE LOWE . . . Transfer Student fFreshmanJ Iirench Club 1, 23 Mu Alpha Theta 25l KEVIN BRUCE LUTER Key Club 2, 3, 43 Baseball 2, 3, 43 Senior Play Cast3 Forensic Club 43 Stu- dent President PTSA 43 Homecom- ing Emcee 4. DEBBIE McCARDLE Trans- fer Student fSophomoreJ French Club 23 Pep Squad 33 Y-Teens 3, 43 National Honor Society 3, 43 Choir 4. JEWELL YVINNE McELWEE Y-Teens 1, 23 Choir 2, 3, 43 National Beta Club 3, 43 National Honor Society 3, 4. ELISABETH SUSAN MCHENRY Y-Teens 1, 23 Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Lieutenant 2, Majorette 3, 4, As- sistant Drum Majorette 43 Key Club Sponsor 43 Senior Play Cast 43 Student Council Senator 43 Forensic Club 43 Secretary of Sophomore Class3 Choir 4. VIVIEN MCKENNA Transfer Student fJuniorJ Y-Teens 43 Choir 4. MARTHA NELL McKENZIE Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, Vice President 1, 33 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Lieutenant 33 Head Cheerleader 43 Alternate Pelican State 43 Student Council 4. DEBORAH JOYCE MEINSCHER Transfer Student QSophomoreD Pep Squad 3. SANDRA DOYLENE MIZELL Student Council 1, 4, Vice-Presi- dent 43 Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-Presi- dent 43 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4. Reporter 23 Pep Squad 1, 2, 3, 4, Lieutenant 2, Captain 3, lst Major 43 Treas- urer of Sophomore Class3 Vice- President of Junior Classg National Beta Club 3, 43 Musical 33 National Honor Society 43 Quill and Scroll 43 Newspaper Staff 43 Beauty Pageant 4. PATTY MOORE Creative Wriving Club 33 L,SU, Baton Rouge, Representative 43 National Honor Society 43 Spanish Honor Society 4. TERRY MOORE Band 13 Y-Teens 1, 2, 33 Student Council 1, 4: JML 23 Forensic Club 43 Choir 4. 252 PAULA LUCILE NIXON Transfer Student fSophomoreJ French Club 23 Pep Squad 2, 33 Y-Teens 3, 43 Office Girl 3, 43 FBLA 4, Secretary 43 Beauty Pageant 43 Ad Staff 4. SHARON KAY OGLE JML 1, 2, 33 FHA 43 Choir 4. PATRICK WAYNE OUTLAW Football 13 Key Club 43 Forensic Club 43 Senior Play Cast3 Musical Play Cast 4. MYRA OWENS Choir 1, 2, 3, 4. BRENDA DIANNE PARKS . . Transfer Student Choir 3, 4. ELIZABETH JANE PEPIN French Club lg Junior Achieve- ment 2g Pep Squad 3, 43 Drum Corps 43 Library Club 43 Girls Basketball 43 Typing Award 4. RONALD PENCEK Interact Club 3, 43 National Honor Society 3, 43 Beta Club 3, 43 Mu Alpha Theta 43 Pelican State Alternate 4g Craftsman's Fair at Northwest- ern 4. TIM PERDUE RAY M. PHILLIPS Transfer Student fSophomoreJ Track 3, 43 FCA 3, 4. FRANCES ELIZABETH PREBLE . .. Pep Squad 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Drum Corps 43 Newspaper Staff 2, 33 National Honor Society 3, 4. KAREN SUE PREVETT Transfer Student Uuniorl Y-Teens 43 Beauty Pageant 4. CLARK PUTMAN . . . DECA Club 43 Historian DECA Club 4. PAMELA JEAN RAGSDALE Y-Teens 13 SMA 23 Forensic Club 4, Vice-President 43 Yearbook Staff 43 Quill Kr Scroll 43 Senior Play Director 43 Musical Cast 4. GLENN PAUL RAINS MARY PATRICIA ROBINSON Transfer Student Gymnastic Club 13 Spanish Club 23 Debate Club 23 French Club 33 Creative Writing Club 33 Beta Club 3, 43 National Honor Society 3, 43 Sera- toma Award 33 Forensic Club 4. HONORA JOAN ROSSLEY Transfer Student Choir 43 Office Girl 4. GARY A. ROSTAMO French Club 13 Key Club 2, 3, 43 Beta Club 3, 4g Golf Team 3. GARY RUNA Key Club 2, 33 Beta Club 3, 43 Mu Alpha Theta 2, 3, 4g National Honor Society 43 Invramural Basketball 3, 43 North- western State Rally 1, 2, 33 Craftsman Fair at NSC 3, 43 Industrial Arts Club 43 Pelican State Delegate 4. LARRY GENE SANDERS ROBERT SANDERS Transfer Student CSophomoreJ Photo Club 3, 4, Instructor 43 Newspaper Photographer 3, 43 Yearbook Pho- tographer 43 Choir 4. CONSTANCE SCORSONE Y- Teens 1, 2, 3, 43 Service Chairman 23 FHA 1, 2, 3, President 2, District Parliamentarian3 Beauty Pageant 1, 2, 43 Dance Team 33 National Honor Society 4. PAUL MICHAEL SEALE Football 1, 2, 3, 45 FCA 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3, 43 Key Club 2, 3, 43 Track 33 National Honor Society 3, 43 Best Citizen 4. LARRIE SEWELL Newspaper Staff 1, 23 Spanish Club 1, 2, 33 FBLA 3, 4l Library Club, Par- liamentarian 4. JAMES WILLIAM SHOWS Transfer Student fSophomorej Creative Writing Club 33 Concert Choir 3, 4, President 43 Musical Cast 33 Newspaper Staff, As. Sports Editor 43 Intramural Bas- ketball 4. CINDY SILAS Transfer fJun- iorj Pep Squad 3, Y-Teens 3, Office Girl 3, 4, Beauty Pageant 3, 4, FHA 4, Senior Play Cast, Betty Crocker Award, Quill Xt Scroll 4, Yearbook Staff 4. CINDY SMITH Pep Squad 1, 2, 3, 4, Drum Corps 2, lst Major 3, Colonel 4, Newspaper Staff 2, 3, 4, Grapevine Editor 3, As. Editor 3, Editor 4, Y-Teens 3, Beta Club 3, 4, Reporter 3, 4, Choir 4, Student Council 4 Quill Xt Scroll 3, 4, Outsanding Teenager of Ameri- ca 4, Leadership Conference 4. DEBORAH SUE SMITH . . . Transfer Student DECCA Club 4. GARY SMITH National Honor Society 3, 4, Vice-President 3, 4, FCA 1, 2, 3, 4, Key Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 2, 3, 4, Year- book Staff 4, Senior Class Pres- ident, Student Council 2, 3, 4, Bas- ketball 1, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, All-City 3, 4, All District 3, 4, All State 4, All Amercia 4, Mr. AHS 4. KENNETH RANDALL SMITH . . . Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Outstanding Defensive Lineman 3, All District 4, All City 3, 4, Student Council 1, French Club 1, Track 1, 2, 3, FCA 3, 4, Forensic Club 4, Choir 4. ROBERT WILLIAM ROSS Transfer Student Football 1, 2, 4, Basketball 1, Track 1, FCA 1, 2, 3, Interact Club 2, Intramural Basketball 2, 4. JIM STANLEY Transfer stu- dent Basketball 4, Interact Club 4, FCA 4. SAMUEL J. STROOPE . . . Trans- fer Student Industrial Arts Club 4, Vice-President 4, FCA 4. SYLVIA REYES STUMPF Transfer Student JML 3, Choir 3, 4, DE 4. ROBIN SWANSON Creative Writing Club 3, Vice-President, FHA 3, 4, Reporter 3, Vice-Presi- dent 4, Newspaper Staff, 4. GARY ROBERT SWEARENGIN . . . Football 3, Track 3. PATRICIA DIANE TEEKELL Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Squad 2, 3, Yearbook Ad Staff 3, 4, Office Girl 3, 4, Choir 3, 4, Newspaper Staff 4. KENNETH R. THOMAS Eransfer Student From Benton, a. LEE UNDERWOOD Industrial Arts Club 4, Intramural Basket- ball 4. SHARON L. UNDERWOOD Vice-President of Freshman Class, Y-Teens 1, 2, Presidenli, Creative Writing Club 1, Jr. Achievement 1, Student Council 1, 4, Beauty Pageant 2, National Honor Society 4, Library Club 4, Photo Club 4, Spanish Honor Society 4. DAVID MICHAEL VAUGHN Choir 1, Key Club 2, 3, 4, Pelican State 3, Student Council 3, Na- tional Honor Society 3, 4, Home- coming Escort 3, 4: Senior Play Lead, Most Likely To Succeed 4, Optimist "Pat 'em on the Back Award" 4, Chaplain of Student Council 4! Forensic Club 4, French Club 4, Intramural Basketball 4, Mu Alpha Theta 4. JULIA VAUGHAN Spanish Club 1, JML 2, 3, Treasurer 2, President 3, Choir 3, 4, Beauty Pageant 4. LILI WALKER Transfer Stu- dent fJuniorJ National Honor So- ciety 3, 4, Beta Club 3, DE 4, Vice- President 4, Beauty Pageant 4. ROBERT ANDREW WALLS 'fCampus Cutie" 3, Intramural Bas- ketball 3, 4, Industrial Art Club 4, Choir 4, Musical Cast, Leading Role 4. WARREN FILBURN WALKER . . . Transfer Student ALICIA BETH WATTS Transfer Student Creative Writing 1, Future Teacher of America 3, 4, Teachers Aide 4. PATRICIA ANNE WEISEL Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, Mid-South Leader- ship Conference 1, 2, Student Council 1, 4, Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Squad 2, 3, 4, Forensic Club 4, Reporter 4, Beauty Pageant 4, Newspaper Staff 4, Club Editor 4. KAREN WHEELER Transfer Student fFreshmanJ Pep Squad 3, 4, Lieutenant 4, Forensic Club 4, Senior Play Cast 4, Beauty Pag- eant 4, Top 13 4, Musical 4. JUDITH ANN WILLIAMS Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, FHA 2, 4, Pep Squad 3, Homecoming Maid 4, Class Favorite 4. WANDA LEA WILLIAMS .. Y-Teens 1, 2, FHA 2. PAULA MARIE WILLIFORD .. Choir 4. JUDITH DIANE WILKINS Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, Office Girl 3, 4, Choir 4. NANCY WINHAM Y-Teens 1, 3, 4, PML 2, Pep Squad 3, Beta Club 3, 4, Choir 3, 4. BILL WINKLER . .. Football 3, 4, FCA 3, 4. BECKY WRIGHT Pep Squad 1, 2, 3, Drum Corps 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, Secretary 3, National Honor Society 3, 4, Mu Alpha Theta 3, 4, Junior Class Treasurer, Cheer- leader 4, Student Council 4. PATRICIA JANE WYATT . .. Band 1, 2, 3, 4, DrumfMajorette 2, 3, 4, Forensic Club 2, 3, Student Council 1, 2, 3, Senior Class Treasurer, Creative Writing Club 1, Y-Teens 1, Beta Club 3, 4, President 3, 4, Mu Alpha Theta 3, 4, Vice-President 4, National Hon- or Society 4, Key Club Sponsor 4, Mostl Likely to Succeed 4, Pelican State Delegate 3. JACK WALTER ZATOR FCA 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, Band 2, 3, 4, Choir 3, 4, Musical Cast 3, 4, Baseball 4, Forensic Club 4. 253 f i 1 w s 1 254 M yy ., x,w,m.f-Ap 4-1ffM'h fr K'r i.' f A fix V N wfw N29 . 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Suggestions in the Airline High School - Valhalla Yearbook (Bossier City, LA) collection:

Airline High School - Valhalla Yearbook (Bossier City, LA) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


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Airline High School - Valhalla Yearbook (Bossier City, LA) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 261

1970, pg 261

Airline High School - Valhalla Yearbook (Bossier City, LA) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 176

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Airline High School - Valhalla Yearbook (Bossier City, LA) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 231

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Airline High School - Valhalla Yearbook (Bossier City, LA) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 41

1970, pg 41

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