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in 9 LQQVEK5 -255 3? cuss BOOK R THE LIBRARY n". 4 5 1f144a. OF Q HAVERFORD COLLEGE THE GIFT OF' THE EDITORS Mess N...,.lQTZV75 z' l 1. P! me 1 Insigne copy riglzted by Disney Studios, Inc., for the exclusive use of the 72d Army Air Fo Training Detachment rces Technical ff EHHEW ii i Published by 72nd Army Air Forces Teclmnical Training Detachment Haverford College Haverford, Pennsylvania llll 5 'XIV A ,, Editors ROBERT S. ARONSON LEONARD KLOTZ Business Manager GEORGE R. KATZMANN, JR. . . In Echelon we carry on." V . WE WHOM IT CCNCERNS EN before our time were trained to enter the vast, complex system we call the World to, in some Way, be of use in the functioning of the system. Today our purpose is destruction. We are to become part of an almost completely enveloping chaos. Why is this happening? lVhat does it mean? We believe that we are fighting for a purpose, that we must fight, that we want to fight. We believe that more is at stake than the preservation of a life we enjoy. l'Ve feel that, as a nation, We are joined with other nations to resist and eventually destroy a powerful but baser philosophy. This philosophy does not recognize a beneficent God, the glory of man, or man's freedom. That is why we fight. Because we are right and believe in our tenets above all things, we are sure that some day We must win. When that day comes, We rvill at the same time finish and begin our great work. The destruction of what ive believe is evil will have been accomplished. Then it will be for us to firmly establish and Watch over a World directed toward the high and profound values for which many of us shall have perished. lVhen the great struggle fnally fades away and the moment when we must assert these things which are right and best comes, it will be our heavy responsibility to assert them truthfully and clearly. In this great beginning which it will be for us to make, there can be no narrozvness of spirit or of comprehension, for we shall not be charged with acting for ourselves but for civilization. I ll f fi? fx i ' Q v 'Iii ,ff WS? i ' 1 Major Willi.l111 G. Frey l DEDICATION HEN anyone has complete responsibility for a job, then most of the credit for its completion must go to him. To Major PVilliam G. Frey, upon whom has rested the com- mand of the training detachment, we respectfully dedicate this book. 4,,,,.,..t 63 su- Dr. Richard M. Sutton I I , .-.nan- Pres. lielix IVI. Nlurley IN APPRECIATION O four men thc unit takes this oppor- tunity to express its special apprecia- tion. By combining a deep personal interest in our welfare with his academic contribution, each of these men merited the special recognition accorded them in this, our book of memories of a year at Haverford. President Felix Nlorley not only arranged for the unit to come to Haverford, but also elfectively integrated it into the life of the college. Dr. C. B. Allendoerfer served both as an excellent teacher of Vectorial Nlechan- ics and as Academic Director, in which posi- tion he zealously guarded our interests. Dr. Richard Sutton will he remembered not only as a skillful Physics instructor and capable administrator as Academic Director, but also as a warm friend of the men. Dr. Albert H. NVilson, deservedly beloved member of the faculty, enriched his great teaching effective- ness with a warmth and sympathy which will long he remembered. For the presence, per- sonal interest and generosity of all four we are all deeply grateful. Dr. Albert H. Wilson Dr. Carl B. Allendoerler IN ECHELON Editors ROBERT S. ARONSON LEONARD KLOTZ Business Manager GEORGE R. KATZMANN, JR. Editorial Board ROBERT O. BRUMMER STANLEY R. ROSS THOMAS W. CHRISTIAN MICHAEL C. TULEVECH NORMAN KRANZ ARTHUR UNGER CHARLES G. PHILLIPS MARVIN Z. WALLEN FRANKLIN POUL RICHARD H. WARREN Art Board DONALD PITKOFF ROBERT PUSKAR WINTHROP M. TUTTLE WM- Fr ig PRE- M ols as las qv Q1 qv ga. Henry. tvaus, Glbb. Wllls, Drake, ,llLlJem.ln. Stone, Wllson. Ohl. Fllglwt. l.e Galley. Hepp, Snyder, Holmes Kikuchi, Benham, Vedova, Maclntosh, Allendoerfer. Oakley, La Fleur, Peplnsky, Klrk. Lockwood Missing from picture: Green, Herndon, Lurlt, Pancoast. Post. Sargent FACULTY .XNY of tlu- l1lL'll Ill Illlx lllllf ll-l-I Illglr rlu'y hllxrf lllulllglllu- .l ll.ll'll, Qlllk lllllL1 Xk'lll'. ,Xu Cllllllllf lllllulllt glsslglllllvllt uns tlu' llll lvl ilu- ll.lxl-lllllll lulllll. llu' llCllKlk'lT1lk'lLlllIw. llLllllllL'Qll5lN'll ln Ll sl-l'll+llN lll.lllINlNXl'lA Sllllll.lQ1, Vlllfl- fully Llllll Clllllllllf' nut tlu' llulllglluls lll.lLlk'1lll tlu-ll' tlnu' .lllkl f.llk'lll l-3 rlu xllllll IIIN ln this glcculcl':ltl'll, lllIl'I1slYl' lll'UQlA.llll. llu' lllsll'1lctl1l's lllllllll Illtll' Illllx' .llwwl'lu'll Ill tlu ,ll-lm nl l-l'g.llll,'l:lg llllll - - - . , , , llllllNlklll.Il L'Ulll5L'5 all tll.lI tlu ll-lllllllllullu slullluwl lm Q lllA.l1ll ll-lll.l lu l.l.. lll ilu- num k'XlN'klll'Illl.ll lll.llllu'l, lvl lk'k'llll'lllQI1lllln l,Xls.11l llzlllllg llu llusl ln .:l:ll sl-nllllls. .llltl lvl' glXlllg .lllllllllllhll .lNNlNf.IllCx' .ll ullllllg lull- ullwlx .lllll l-llx-lll.ll k'Ullll'l'k'I'lfL'b-. ln l'.lUl1 lulll ul slluly llllk'IllYl'lK'NN1ll',lll .llllllrlwll lu lllx flllullllug lllllzlx. ll'E1l' llullx rlu' l.lSlx lvllll'l1.lllllu-lll.ll lu.ul. lllx. Sllrl-ln, Xllllullllllllg lllllllx. 4.ll, .llul l..ll'lll-llr plwvxul l'.lp.llwll' .llllllllllxlulllllx llll flu llllmlllllulllx l-l l'l".vlN Xvk'L'llllAl.ll Xll-l'll.llluw. lllsrlvly .llltl lllgllxll, .lllll lullgl'.llllly llNlul'llxll'l, llu-w Qllk' rlu- lllbll lxlul ll.lxl glxllll llN .l Nl.lll llll llu l-nl-l ll- llxllzll-:A ll lwlll' L'0llIlIl'5. the hallowed halls of haverforcl have echoed loud and long, instead of alma mater tunes they've heard the air corps song l POST INSPECTION x mf N ' .Ali-.. .-TVX 'Q""5-2 ' w ' , .,:, 451 X ,J Wt , YAY..y 37,1-"" , :-V. ,Y-.. ' ,. .'.'7- J : .4 Sruwqcfffaf, . mf bn Q A 'E W' 'hx ' 1.,,.,fv ' 51-va A, x ' ,ix :' 'LK '-"S5.jf1'1.!5'i,P ,131 F" ...,.,f,' f' v m A Q 1 A v"'!3? 3 1, , f N ' "'f5'33A " . Q 'K ' ' -A 'f'1'i-Y' . .A 1 3 5'2" 7' 4' 'ch ' RTX -W- 1 E ,, x V-1 1' 3' 'K P ln- ..,,A 4,1 .-. -. ...xv- W XXXM gfgjff 'H H W-,-d an-,,.....,...-f , :milf -:Ill-1' U , H V' .' 1.- ' , ', L . 'J fd UE-' ,l A415 .-W -' . , LL-'v-a-QQ., 11. .TSI-532 Ti " iullvr' Xi! H' NN-. 4 K 1 ... Vr ff ,x. -.4 Q v'v.,'. W! , JI 1-'37 STRAWBRIDGE MEMORIAL OBSERVATORY ROBERTS HALL lv jfrugeisg ,Ji 1' s mr' asian.-w I FOUNDERS HALL LLOYD HALL hnuA..d-L fm:-rg . Q. '. --'x Q . x N . 'QA ax x. A VM. 'X-.- 'H ' " f I , W M -if .J Q. s , 1 '41 . Q K 'vu Q -, r""' Q ' W. ' A ' 54 I , A ,'. , . " A 1, L1f"'5i'1 , - N . '- ' f , W-' aymlg f, -.1. ' .V . Q 4 .- , I ,,... q..-, ' ,I 3- I rig..- :Av ' ,--v , . , . Q-1 K' ...- 4 ry'--' . , . . .'75f"f' '--Z ..Q3':-,,. '.-33-'-"'-'T-.-V, ,:. -, nr '-..- -f - A -A. S'5nn1nva.1w.4: , " -4, al 1. l I f - Lfal . b .,:. ,I- lsr? vfidfwg gl 'H' . -5:1 -0 1 'V ' ' ' V Y' , -. , ,am .1 'f 4 . ., D , .I - V I ,-0 . . - .,- . 5 ' P A. CNQ , :err ,fy V- 2 . .,,,- . 9 X V 1 1 A4 A , tn' vm - -- . A f -f ff ww ff - M" '.-T., .. AM U""" ' "' " 'ha ' .A .4 ,' ' N A ,-iz I4 -K X --- ,V , iutv-1 Q iv Q 'Q' 7 L 'ZA , 4. , ' ,L rf , -1 S if-+?'!'1-'T'YY 1 . . ,A 'Q ' iff 'l 'f N J I ' '. . , . 'br I5-,. . -if-.449 fl., ,f ,' ' "lm ' --'H-31 "1 jg'-il iff Q"', l X . ' , q 7 +1.- 1. .-- if-""d x .Z r. 'fl Y-ff' :Z f, -491 1 , ,'4. .- "-v 1... x -1 70 -. 'I 5 .N fm' 2 JG 4 v gf xv ' . ,... xj 1' Q-Q S:-1 Q- PAST PERFECT HIS is a task for which an fl. llcnry or Frank Stockton would be better suited than a class historian. For this is a story without an ending, at least the ending is a matter of conjecture. XYhile this "lady or the tiger" element is the strongest handicap which we face, it is not the only circum- stance which makes the task a dirlicult one. No one preceded our unit whose history might serve as a guide and, most assuredly, none will follow to take advantage of our experiences, mistakes and difficulties. It was a hrisk Saturday morning in early lfehruary when the advance guard of the :Xir Forces, consisting of l,t. Superko and Sgt. 0'llanlon, arrived at llaverford-a Quaker institution with an enviahle academic reputation which, under the progressive leadership of President lklorley, was undertaking the difficult accommodation of tradition and principle to the current demands of a world at war. 'lihe first members of the new unit hegan to arrive on February 9th. From then until lXlarch lst new arrivals contimied to make their appearance, until finally the unit was "all present and accounted for." 'lihe unit was typi- cally :Xmcrican in many respects--heing practically a small "melting-pot" in terms of regional, economic, educational, and social hackgrounds. About half of the men came from various .-Xir Corps Replacement Centers where they had acquired some training and an expressed sense of superiority over "jet-ps" fresh from civilian life. The remainder of the personnel came directly from civilian life-either as memhers of the IQRC or as civilians engaged in a wide variety of activities. Outhtted, more or less, as soldiers, and organized into a functioning unit, the men turned as with one mind to the task at hand. The men at Haverford soon learned that, despite their environment, they were not merely students. Nor were they to he exclusively regarded as sol- diers. Rather, their statins was a comhination of the two-clearly indicated hy the uniform they wore and the hooks they carried. 'lihe situation in which they found themselves prevented the rigorous training and strict discipline of the army camp, hut the exigencies of war necessitated conditioning and training in addition to the ahsorption ofa highly technical course. For twelve months their lives were to follow three distinct hut decidedly independent channels which, in order of increasing interest, were as follows: academic, military, and social. :Xcademically the men have undergone a rather strenuous schedule of some 44 hours of study each week. 'lihe studies undertaken included physics, mathematics ffroni algebra to calculus--it didn't make any differential to us J, vectorial mechanics, geography, and history and lfnglish. By means of an intensive hasic course in the scientific fields, rhe Air Force men who quali- fied would he prepared to undertake any field of advanced technical study wherein their services might he needed. 'lihe history of the academic program may he divided into the reigns of "Richard the Lion-llearted" and that of "King Carl." During the reigns of these men, the wind tore many leaves from our family tree and there was frequent precipitation from the tear-ducts. However, the henevolence of these rulers revealed their sincere concern for the welfare of their charges. For twelve months our lives hecame a nightmarish succession of quizzes, tests, and examinations. ,Xfter a period of Saturday local quizzes and na- tional uniform examinations from Chicago, it was not unusual for the he- wildered lfal to inquire of the medical of'l:icer in what quartile he had placed on a routine physical cht-t'k-up, 'I'Iit- "WH-tliit-stlziy Nut- C'luh" ht-t'anu- a regu- lar institution wht-n il was tliscovt-rt-tl that sonic ol tht- nu-n sullt-rt-tl lroni "last tluartilitis." 'l'ht- mt-inht-rship was not rt-sirit-it-tl In a lt-w aiul its coni- position varit-tl lirom wt-ck io wt-t-k. ln l"t-hruary tht-sc intcnsivt- t-llorts nl men and stall will comt- to a climax wht-n tht- unit dons t-ap and khaki In receive certilit-ales at ctimmt-uct-mt-nt. ilillk' military sitlt- ol our Iilt- at llavt-rlortl has consistt-tl ol a comhinalion of routine training and hotly-huiltling and mort- exciting and init-rt-sting t-vt-nts antl practises. Within lht- liniitt-tl time availahlt- t-at-h day tht- atliniiustratiou has producetl a unit wt-ll traint-tl in elost--ordt-r tlrill lSgt. L'lt-avt-land J. ilht- conscientious efforts ol Sgt. Sloinzui and l'vt. lfown have raised tht: gt-nt-ral level ol' physical litnt-ss ol tht- unit. Calisthcnics, regular hurtlling ol tht- obstacle course, cross-country runs, the pt-riotlic Air lforct- physical litut-ss tests, and a witlc variety ol sports have all het-n utilized in this prograui. 'lihc athletic program was marked hy a rivalry distinctly regional in flavor. The provincialism of tht- Chit-agoans and New Yorkers gave rist- to cries of "blind allegiance" and "indoctrinatiou." Apparently, dwelling near the stockyurds or lzbbets Fit-ld facilitates a lilootl transformation which al'- lects onc's sanity and creates a blatant candidate for the local chamher ol' commerce. Growing out ol thc squatlron's use of the college swimming "hole" was a program to tt-ach the men how to validate Archimedes' principle and to adapt their strokes, splashes, antl kicks to the conditions ol war. 'lihis functional swimming course was highlighted by a tleinonstration at the Haverford School. Along strictly military lines the unit received the henelit ol innumerable training hlms. l'he maneuvers of tht- lirst and third academic breaks con- tributed to the accumulated basic training ol' tht- men: tt-nt-pitching, chemi- cal warfare instruction, long antl arduous marcht-s Luo wonder XYashington's men were so ragged when they got to Valley lforgt-lj, overnight hivouacking, and instruction and practise Qlfort Dixj in the use of arms. Lt. Cummings and Sgt. Harding shared the task of instruction in this phase of our training. Wlieii tht: unit made its second trip to Fort Dix in November, nearly SU per cent of the men qualified on the M 1 Rifle. Major Frey, the able and respected commanding olhcer of the Haverford post, took merited pride in the appearance and marching etlicicncy ol' his men. Consequent parades oil post lthrough Ardmore and at the Merion Cricket Clubj helped make the unit more a part of the community and expressed the men's appreciation for the warmth with which the local townspeople received them. The parade through Ardmore was in support of a drive hy the .-NRC for blood donors. 'lihe large number of mt-n from this post who have served as donors on every drive during the past yt-ar is a record of which we art- all vt-ry proud. That first public parade was It-tl by the unit's newly organized hand led by Pvt. hlohnson. Since that timt- our musical organization has performed regularly at Retreat and Review, antl on invitation at Shihe Park. the Belle- vue-Stratford Hotel, and the Cricket Club. Inspections were regular evt-nts during our stay at llavt-rlord. Room and personal inspections were weekly occurrences on the basis of which indi- vidual merits were awarded. ln addition, tht-se inspections were tht- dt-vice used to qualify men for the tlrill competition to decide cadet orlict-rs for the week. l'eriodically, the post was inspected by a high ranking oflict-r. ilihest- inspection tours rt-vt-alt-tl that Haverford was one of the ht-st school posts under the liastern 'l'echnical 'l'raining Command. Rctrt-at and Rt-view wt-re two regular, hut meaningful. lt-aturt-s ol' the past year. lxvery evening, in the tradition ol the st-rvice, the unit marched on the quadrangle to pay their respects to the colors, which were slowly low- ered to the notes of the national anthem. Symbolic of an ever-renewed pledge of allegiance and of service, those few moments each sundown will long be rememliered. Review is another tradition of the service which we followed each Saturday afternoon. Un these occasions the unit, marching in dress parade, passed in review before the CO. Such is a brief review of our military life at Haverford. For twelve months we served here with the status and pay of privates lcadet patches notwithstandingJ. In addition to the broad regulations of the Articles of War, our command instituted a regulatory system of merits and demerits- with appropriate privileges and punishments. Ifor purposes of organization, both military and academic, the unit was originally divided into two "flights" of four "sections" each treminiscent of that poem about the vanishing red man, "il en Little Indian Boysml. ln charge of each section was a leader chosen from the ranks. Section leaders were changed periodically in order to give as many as possible the opportunity for experience in leadership, since the unit was composed of men regarded as "potential oflicersf' Despite the rigorous demands of the academic and military programs, ample opportunity for social pleasures was provided. On one week-day eve- ning, Xwlednesday, the men, with the exception of the staunch defenders of the Sharpless classrooms, were permitted to go to Ardmore for dates, movies, bowling, or dancing at the YIXICA. The "Irishman's" became a lrequented spot where Scotch was dispensed with a "rye" smile and the PMS either "ginned or beered it." The arrival in September of the ASTU gave evidence of the functioning of the law of supply and demand. Some friendly friction and rivalry did break out. CFor details see: "The Secret History of the Army at Haverford."j After review on Saturday the men were oil duty for some thirty hours. Some took advantage of 100-mile passes to go home for sightseeing in NY or at the shorejg others lconstituting a sectionb were restricted: and others just stayed here. Iihose week-ends were eagerly anticipated. Life wouldnlt have been the same without that mad Saturday afternoon rush for the Paoli Local. Undoubtedly, the highlight of the social year was the mid-year eight-day I 11,520-minutej furlough. On the VVednesday evening before the academic break the unit enjoyed a highly successful formal dance-entertainment and refreshments included-during which Pvt. Hubbard received from Major Frey the award of a loving cup for the best military record during the pre- ceding six months, A similar award was made to Pvt. Craven at the end of the third quarter. A few days later, the last of the uniform exams hurdled, the men were off, luggage in hand, to experience joyfully their first extended leave since entering the service. VVas it good? Ask them if they would like another one. So the story of our year at Haverford draws to a close. At various times during the year a question which aroused much interest was "Who was to be the last army man to leave Haverford?" If I said that the problem was purely academic, I might be misunderstood. Therefore, I will say that it is purely conventional larmy conventionj. lfither Sgt. U'Hanlon or Sgt. llesse will be the last to tread the hallowed floors of Barclay Hall. VVhen this rear guard has withdrawn from the scene this chapter of the history of the men in the unit will have been completed. 'Iihe word "chapter" is meaningful-for the year at Haverford was only the beginning of their preparation for service to their country. Xvhere they will go and what they will do cannot be predicted in detailed fashion. However, one thing is cer- tain-each and every man will continue to show the same conscientiousness and devotion to his assigned duty as he has shown at Haverford. ADMINISTRATIGN lst Licut. Jack S. Cummings. Adjulanl I Q ,.-, fech. Sgt. jamcs K. O'Hanlon Ts-ch. Sgt. Loren G. Harding Sgt. Ycrnc Hcssc Pfc. Murray Wfvinstein Pfc. Leonard Olsen Pfc. Smnlcx Bonn AIR FORCE--1944 The heavy bombers-the Forts, the well-named Liberators, Rise majestically from the earth, Splitting the night and shaking the ground with their power. Sleek, unbelierfably fast fighters go with them- A higher, more excited, droning. What purpose is theirs? . . . They will bring destruction to the great and desperate Caesars. They will comfulse the air and rock the earth, Showering thunder and flame out of the darkness . . . They are the Weapons of free people joined to defend their freedom, joined and determined-the pilot, the navigator, the bombardier, the technician, the gunner. v"+ Pvt. Matthew Kusmidor janet 'Il-tlow THE PERMANENT PARTY N our childhood we had nurses: in school life. proctors: and now that we are in the Army we have the Perma- nent Party. Yes, it is these little gremlins , of Barclay Hall that have taught us all about making left obliques, signing pay- ' rolls, changing sheets, and scrubbing Ma,-gan-t Mall rooms and halls on inspection days. They Ei-Q Nlareian were the instructors in Course VI-usually an evening subject-called G. I. 1. It was strictly a lecture class. At times it sounded like fatherly advice: then, again. there were slight traces of soft-hearted urging begun always by those famous words, "You will . . ." Aside from inspections usually labeled crappy. bed checks. tire drills. and training films. the Permanent Party performs a more important duty. That duty is the successful management of all office and administrative detail connected with our Army careers. To them goes all the paperwork that accompanies a detachment of two hundred men. The handling of the famous 110 file and the preparing of payrolls. insurance applications, and furlough papers are only a few of the duties of the personnel sergeant. Theirs is the never-ending problem of supply. The supply sergeants have done au excellent job. In their hands. too, is the execution of a physical education program that has to be crammed in after a day spent in classrooms. Our physical training directors have reached their goal when they succeeded in developing a spirit of sportsmanship among us. And. to them goes the often unpleasant chore of medical tests and of trips to Valley Forge Hospital. Every kind of job. great and small, from C. to rifle instructor. has come within their compass. They have had to com- plain. they have had to instruct. they have had to advise. and they have had to scold-all in a days week's, year's work: but, it was work essential, tedious. and well done. 1 'lop row-Pierson, Himmelman. La Barbera, Share, D'Uronio, Reynolds, Wright, Seiler, Corrie, Kasten, Lippman De Mocker. Lawrence. Second row-Caplin, Chamberlain, Ulmer, Tulevech, Jellema, Bauman, Gruninger, J. Noren, Deutsch, Epstein Deitrick. Vines. Martin. Third row-Schlesinger, Madden, Lemmon, Faynor, Unger, Berger. Settle. Powell, Di Phillipo, Armour, Davis. Fourth row-Sayre, Chapman, Singer, White, Friedman, Madison, Arthur, Hubbard, Lanin, Peck, Ross, Myers. Fifth row-Thau, Santimauro, Farrow, Wallen, Klotz, Ebner, Poul, Dodd, Hessman, Luber, Lindsey. Becker, La Cour Sixth row-Welty, Sheldon. Pitkoff, Aronson, Lempert, Elstun, Ftimby, Schaeffer. Murphy, E. Nelson, Warren. Seventh row-Hagopian, Berlin, Leiser, Allen, Urdang, Freeman, Bottom, Bender, E. Hirsch, Bierbaum, Sherwood Dudek. Eighth row-Musgrave, Gibbs, Kohn, Moroney, Weiner, Ettelstein, Greene, Stein, Schultz, Lutz, Puskar, Zackavitch Tuttle, R. Smith. l FLIGHT A "Flight A, 'ten hut! Report!" "One man absent, Sir." "Confound you, do you think this is the A. S. T. P.?,' No, the report retort did not come from the soldierly A. S. T. P. unit, but rather from the EM in charge of Flight A. In addition to the permanent fiight leader, Douglas La Cour, and then Leo Sayre, Flight A was headed by a cadet flight leader. The flight was divided into four sections of about equal strength each led by a section leader. Section leadership has been held by Lee Pierson, Len Klotz, and Roald Strutz fSec. lj: Leo Sayre, Tom Friedman, and Ed Gibbs fSec. Zjz Mort Lippman and Myron Lanin QSec. SJ: and Dave Musgrave, Fred Martin, Wallace White, and Stanley Ross fSec -ij. Members of the fiight have stamped it with unforgettable characteristics: Ernie , l Hubbard at attention: George Farrow late: Jerry Ebner out of step: Norm Becker at chow: Don Pitkoff the artist: the bitterness of Bob Foster: Al Myers, Hal Chapman, l and Bob Peck helping Flight A to monopolize the post of C. C. O.: Bob Aronson and Len Klotz the literary lites: Mark Luber the civilian prototype: and Lyle Settle- I Rivalry with "the other" fiight was engendered on the athletic field where inter- . sectional contests were waged in baseball, touch football, speed ball, soccer, and volley ball. This rivalry reached a peak at review each Saturday when Flight A l marched forth in competition with Flight B for the high-sounding title of "honor I fiightf' T The letter "A" is befitting of the men of this fiight. As men and buddies they have been "Aces," one and all. "Flight A, 'ten hutl Dismissed!" - 'w - uf-.vY',' U .4 .L ju..- H" ', 'J' 351 gn , , .nk-gf' M ' 1, ."pI'r' ,w'7 " ' ' :N v.'i?".. t , 'i' Q . Y I, ts. K Ii. . sh .Uri --P . J . D 2 I V I . . . Y - v, J . ,.. ., ,., 1 -N fu- !,.. . . 'lop row-Wood, Craven. Lewis, Postrel. Mummert, Woeslaw. Gronek. Dai-fler. Nagy, Glover, Reid. Vessels. Flaws Second row-Burgwald, Stoner, Jaffe. Bloom, Hope, Kranz. Rader, Castronovo, Aspis, Remlck. Leach. Thlrd row-Hazel. Christian. Wenske, Axon. Borkowski, McGrath, Russell. Johnson. Brummer, Hofiman. Phillips Katzmann. Leariza. Fourth row-Vande Sande, Collins, Brown, Tucker. Burnett, Moraczewski, Long. Blake. Bernsteen. Okun, Leader Fifth row-Kent, Eckerle, Miller. Zaniewski, Van Nostrand, Brooks. Scott. Roach. Oleskiewucz. Lormcz. Zimakowski Sixth row-Black, Hays, Noren. McKee. Hreczuch. Oleen. Scarchilli. Oliva. Balletta. Lari. Seventh row-Jones. Strutz. Stein. Seifert, Gary. Fahnestock, Hawkes. Slack, Hirsch. Berg. Bordow. Eighth row-Smith, Peake, Bryant, Nelson, Buran, Bomberger, Bookatz, Hammer. Kung, Noble. Pangborn. Bowers FLIGHT B Rudnick. "Flight B, 'ten hut! Report! "All present or accounted for, Sir." "Pass in reviewly' Led by permanent High: leader Ed Hazel and then John Bowers. the four sections which comprise Flight B present themselves for inspection. First. the fight- ing Fifth, headed by section leaders Royal Smith. Carl Flaws, Tom Axon. and Doug lVlcGrath. snaps to attention. From these ranks have come some of the unit's lead- ing scholars, finest athletes. ablest militarists, and biggest characters . . . that average raising trio of Charlie Phillips, George Vande Sande. and Bill Russell: that trio of muscle men, George Blackburn. Fred Siemert. and Tom Axon: that trio of who knows what. Bud Smith. john Burnett. and Tom Christian: bandmaster Archie l johnson. and Paul Smith, the "soap-box kid." l Nloving down the ranks, we come to section Six. led by Dummy Wood. Ernie . Nagy. and George "The Little Fuehrer" Katzmann. In these lines we find smiling Bill Craven, the slide-rule wizard. Next in line is section Seven. commanded bv "Shortv" l.ean7a. Rex Garv. and il Doc Stein. From this rugged section came the 'unit's championship football' ICIH11. i sparked by Gary. Ying jones. Roald Strutz. Wayne Fahnestock. and Al Eisemann. ' as well as a strong baseball team which almost overtook the lighting Fifth. And finally we come to section Eight. boasting of such well knoun characters l as "Sleeping Beauty" Scott. "Rocket" Rudnick. and "Bitter john" Black: the Eighth can certainly look back upon numerous amusing classroom incidents. These are the sections and these are some of the men who have enabled Flight B to make the fine record it has. academically. militarily. and athleticallv. "Flight B. 'ten hut! Dismissed!" ,,,b,,, , , they worked in the field and classroom: they had their good times, too: and now all dressed in parade ground best they pass in reviewf' PASS IN REVIEW John J. Allen George P. Armour john Allen Sec 2 Mt. Vernon, N. Y. Fordham University ,Iohn -Ioseph Christopher is the lull title . . . doesn't go to Mt. Vernon every week end just to see lVashing- ton's Homestead . . . writes poems ht-tween Calculus problems . . . :1 Ford- ham man with a name you can pro- nounce . . . mediator settles roommate squuhlmles. Robert S. Aronson Richard J. Arthur Robert S. Aronson Sec 1 Pittsburgh, Pa. Dickinson College Bob . . smudge from "Smoky City" . . . "women are fickle" . . . a civilian sacrificed on the altar of mili- tzirism . . . continually co-editing with Klotz . . . "capitalism is the backbone ol democracy." 'K' U ll 3 'A' E George P. Armour Sec 4 Bryn Mawr, Pa. Temple Uiiivcrsily ,X smooth apple . . . sweet on the chicks and Vice Versa . . . luoasts ll slick Spanish tongue-:ire you listen- ing AX. S. 'lf U.? . . . doesn't get home sick, thunk you , . . would like to take il trip :around the world-not imme- llllltk'l3'. Richard Arthur Sec 4 Springfield, Ohio Springfield High School Dick , . . member in good standing of Section 4's notorious clique . . . responsible for early phase of penny pitching sessions . . . mathematician 1nrtn1o1'tli11a1'r1' . . . once merited hy Mr. Holmes for unique solution . . . his heart helongs to science . . . chemi- cal engineer to he. Daniel Aspis John T. Axon James C. Bardsley Norman F. Buglffr lJilllil'l Aspis .Inlncs linrdslry Sec 0 Na-w York, N. Y. Src 5 N1-as York. N. Y Collage of flu' City of Ncn York Unirvrsilv of Nmlh Carolina llzlppy Dun . . . ont- ol tht- l5ronx's Silt-nt -lim . . . knows ll hvllnxgl lol hncst . . . thc hoy with tht- l'L'lll scnsc 1-vt-n though ht- clocsn't lnglkv an luv ol humor . . . cvn-rylwotly's lrlt-nd . . . uhont lf . . . :nn ccononnus mznor . . honor soclcty nn hugh school . . . un- :mtl no :tcm-nl . . . Slllllllllf tqxgnnplt other hhcrzll arts stutlt-nt lt-cononncsj that wt-n gnml l'lllll.LfS can umm- lrom slightly off tht- track. Brooklyn. ' I I I ,, I I 1 st . John Axon Nornmn Bcckcr Sec 5 Towson, Md. Svc 1 Holland. N. X Harvard Unifvrsitv Holland Central High School ,lhlllll . . . scholgn' . . . athlt-tc . . . Ht-ck or Shorty . . . lloll.nntl'a l-ig thplomzlt . . . hut nlon'l lt-t thosc horn- lIk'LlI'lk'kl lwro , . , conhl l1.n.- Im lllt'lllllN rnnmul glusscs lool you . . . .xt t-.msc ntrllcml mloxxn to nmlu .1 txnnnon . . with ll shalt' rulc or l5lgSl'illl . . . rch- gnulon k'lllAl'lt'l' o' llhght X . . . trot znlnhty cxclnpllhctl . . . "I tlon't know son ol tht- Noll . . . tlown'1 ntttl thu -youlwttc1'.1sk.Xxon." "hook l.n'nin"' lu rtll "txt-.xtlwru ll Xllll UI' UXXl'.llllk'l' ll' Nlllll . . . llllll the l'0.1nl too mlm.-p, -111.1 ,1 holltl' lu Lois' luonw. G-xy Arthur L. Berger Gerald F. Berlin Herbert L. Bernsteen William B. Bierbaum Arthur Berger Herbert L. Bernsteen Sec 4 Bellmorc, New York Sec 5 Shaker Heights. Ohio University of Pennsylvania Lewis School of Aeronautics Berg . . . varsity "Coon Squad" . . . ll good sport . . . receives his copy ol the lfflfnzorf' .Ywrzxv every week . . . his :imhition is to hum his way around the world .ifter the wair. Hoihyl the hoy who likes you in spite of yourself, even though we're :ill "hectic-hr:iins" to him . . . had his heart in the :Xir Corps he-fore he CIIINC here . . . pretends he's hitter. lx! A.- -f " Q Gerald F. Berlin Sec 2 Ramsey, N. Rutgers Uiiivcrsity .ledge . . . the Rock . . . Black-eyed Susgm . . . pretty hoy . . . "talk ol the toxin" . . , perpetual smile . . . laughs too . . . makes friends like Kaiser mzikes ships . . . :md his lriend-ships are just Lis segi-worthy. Williaili B. Bierbaum Sec 2 Louisville, Kentucky University of Louisville Bill from ulillll1ILlClin . . . slow- moying . . . loves the great outdoors and hzites to he eooped up constantly . . . wzmts to he an llgIAlClllIlIl'lil engi- neer or gi farmer . . . prefers going through windons to doors. ou, John O. Black George F. Blackburn Oscar J, Blake Lflww R Blum john O. Black Oscar .I. lilnkc Sec 8 lfixmmm. l'.1. Sec 5 F.1y1-111-villl-. VV. X'.1. Pv1111syl1'a11ia Stan' Cullvgv I'1dQ'4'Hl'7'iHI' High Sclmul Blacliic . . . still w:11v1' runs mlm-11 . . . 1I1-11l'1I11- S11111l1l:1111l . . . gglmxs 11l11-11 l11s :1tt1'1l111tcs lll'l' 1111 KllSI5lLly 111 ll1c lu- tolls ul l11s j,LIl'l . . . scluml wvrlg llCllClL'l11lk' UHICL' l1lus . . . l1g1clqlm111- nl 1'111111's lll'NI . . . 51111 Nllllll'8 ull 1l11' 111111' "c1gl1t's" h,Q,l1I111' 11-111115 . . . l111l1lc11 . . . IllI1'l'K'SIL'll . . . 4111 gnlu- . . .1x11111N Irv tIllL'IItS1llg0UKl,lllll shy l1111A11,11 x'111cv. lu- ll l:11111ly lllllll . , . 111.11111:1l :11'1s fL'ZlCllL'l' . . . 1'1H1- 1-xpcrr. ll ll f I l ' 1' 4' George F. Blackburn Lewis R. l5loo111 Sec 5 Northboro. Mass. Sec 0 N1-w York. N, Y. Tufts Collvgv lllli'l1'l'5ifj' of Nurlh Carulirm Big Blau-kiv . . . lVUl'll 111111 ll lmsl-lmll l7lo1w1' of New Yurlx , . . 1111r1'1-sts Ill l11s 11111utl1 . . . 1x'l11-1'1"s Uml s c111111- 1-xrvml lN'y'l1Illl Illm' c11111'w , . 1'1111m-1'- try? N:1ss11cl111s1-tts, ul u11111'sc . . . 11s s:1t11111 p111g11:111Ily SLll'C.lNIlC . . . sp1-1'1N- llll' 1x'o111c11: lou' 1111-, lou- -loc Ql0l'klUll 111.111 .11 cw1ll1-gc-11111-llrct11.1l .11 ll.1x1r- . . . wants tu lu- ll lug ltllgllk' 101' cu-11 Ioul . . . x1l11z 11'11l1 ll I1-115. lirmle lcngucl 111:11111gu1'. Robert L. Bomberger Donald P. Bookatz Robert L. Bomberger Sec 7 Lititz, Pd. Franklin and lllarshall College Bob . . . "Earthly friends may prove untrue hut Bomberger never fails" . . . tennis champ . . . has shone in ll few love games . . . future uncertain . . . may continue accounting. Burton W. Bordow Gordon B. Bottom Burton W. Bordow Sec 7 Hewlett, N. Y. Bucknell Uni-versity Burt . . . most conscientious of them all . . . intensely interested in whatever he's doing . . . extraordinary speaker . . . the lrientl-winning personality he was known for at Bucknell has served him well ut Hziverford. 'K ll ll 3 "' E Donald P. Bookatz Gordon Bottom Sec 7' Cleveland, Ohio Sec 2 Bridgeport, Conn. Glenville High School Lehigh University lion . . . tennis gintl ping pong sharp Clortly . . . "No Irish neetl apply" . . . . . . ngnnts to get his etlueattion :lt Ohio l:o.l1e's not ll szulorg he only walks like SIAM' llniyerslty . . . ll lover ol pipes that . . . that elztntlestlne nntltlle nxnne . . . he rates national honor society . . . rsssh . . . liishl . . . Connecticut H :tn- sports ll silly, likezthle grin. kee hulls the Stlllfllllllltl most lllterest- ing . . . isn't she, Gordy? X John M. Bowers, Jr. Phniup C. Brnndis Charles B. Brooks Mughilcl J, Brown john M. liowcrs Clmrlcs li. liroukx Sec 8 Nh. C.lrnn-I, Pa. Sw: 8 ll.lYCf5II'.lM'. N. Y. Pl"1ll5f'11'dllill Sluh' Cunvgc' lldlllilfllll ffanflvgv Slipsriuk slum' . . 5lllllll5 m-xt to lil-n...l1col rln-1.1IlM,l'u..n1-H .. llazcl lm' ln-lglmt . . . um- ol nhl- stall- Il rulmsl lqul xxltlm lfll'.IN In lIl.lIL'lI . . . warts nl suctmn S . . . nmrtyr lu lus .umtln-r lr1lstI'gntul l'lIQllll'l'l' x-.lm I5 work. lxmlmg an now un llll' nr llzucr- lurml . . . not lll ilu- class rufun. ul k'UllI'Sl' . . . l1l'lgl1I L'l'lUllQl1 tu lwgnl lllll must, rlmuglm. 'k , 1 I Il , 1 ' ' Q Philip Brnndis Michacl Al. Broun Sec 1 Ncw York. N. Y. Soc 5 Clmimgu. Ill. College of flu' Cils of New York lllirmix Inslimlv nj Tcclnmlugx lirumlls tln- llmln . . . curing mln- Nllkc . . . .IYTIXICIS ummm .lx .1 tl.1m1 llglmt ul Cl1k'Il1lSfl'f on ilu' sluulmxy .llllllfls nwtln . . . lvut Ink 1111 .1 g.1l mass llllil gn l1llhPl'll1Il ol Immun-wwlugy lwzxcla lwlm' .... :ml IIHI mln llllly . . . tlmt lnssllllclc is klk'k't'lXlllg,1 . . . lu- l..1m.m' Clllllkl lull' lmn lx'-vm lun . . . lncnm1'1m'ml rlu-lwml4s.1mls1ml1w xutlm- m xlrgulmnts ywu mlw um' mls-. lmfll out ilu-m . . . l'k'lUI'lllt'll l1llMlgjlll5f- mln- Illt' utlxcr. llll0ll1CI' guml man gum' xxrung. Robert D. Brummer Clifford M. Bryant Robert D. Brummer Sec 5 New York, N. Y. Universily of Chicago Boh confcsscdly likes "pic-ynnner inoosicf' "modcrn clrayinahf' British prosu, :ind Pliilaclclpliinl . . . with his tzistc fairly oozing ulilllICl1Il,N hc is olwiously Il triplc cross product of Ncw York, Chicago, and Philzidclphiu , . . Ll prolific hut illcgihlt- writer, he is his ty pcwi'itcr's soulinatc. Joseph E. Buran Glenn M. Burgwald Joseph E. Buran Sec 7 Endicott, N. Y. Union-Endicotl High School -loc . . . cm-rgctic . . . popular . . . plays ll wickt-cl sax in tht- detachment hand . . . has ll large corrcspondcncc with tht- liClU1llC population of Bing- hzunton . . . yt-:urns for ll fuller cclucn- tion, including ll tour of thc United States. l 1 I ll I I 1' 'f Clifford M. Bryant Glenn Burgwald Sec 7 Swarthmore, Pa. Svc 6 Chicago, Ill. Suarlhmore College Bowen High School Caine to llziw-i'l'ortl from its arch- lull, light, :intl lonesome . . . never l'llL'l1lj . . . inznkt-s up lor it hy I0fIlll'- know ht' is around except lor the ing us with his hugling . . . luzind incm- shadow . . . vcry zigrccznhlc . . . usually Iwi' to lioot . . . cirzitt-s pangs of envy wlicn ht- lwrings his girl around . . . :night lorsziliu music :mtl lovc lor cn- giiu-ciwiig, lwut thats not Qlifl. ltr-cps up thc hrightcr und ol' the con- vcrszition. NV. John G. Burnett Ray C. Burrus, Jr. Robert M. Caplan J,1f,1- T. 0.1-,xv N john G. li1l1'11s'tt Ruin-1'l Nl. Cfnplin Sec 5 Nlilwnukcv, Vfis. S1-1' S Ii.1x11111. l'1 P1'im'1'lm1 UlIi1'Q'D'Kil5' l,11fau-111' f,11ll1-151' .IUIIII . . .gix'1'11 rl11-1fI111111-1- I11-1-1111111 XYI1111 lvllll xx.1111x 111 my x11Ill1 1l11111 lnllx Hlllcr 111111511111-11111-1'111g,or Rmmsc- 1-x1-1'111111- llll 1'.1111p11x IN x111'1 111 I11 11 x'1'l1 11111 nf Ll hltl1 t1'1'111 . . , l11'1ll1:111t, llllll , , , F1111 gum! 11.11111'1'1l . . . 11111 1l k'llI1Slllk'IA1lIL'. 1-11Il111s1g1sI1c . . . 1'11l111l , , , .1r1111g .1lxx.11x , . . 11111 NI11.xx111.111 ,LfL'll,L1l'1llTI1y tlL'l12ll'Il1It'llI l1:11t1-1' . . , g1x'11l ...xx.1l1'1'11xl11l11111111 . ,.y1u11AI1-HIL , l'.11gl1sl1 Ill I't'Lllil'I' . . . I11- 15 1l1-f111111'Iy l1:1sL1-ll1:1ll . . . l1:11'L 111 1-I11-1111x111 11 not "l"111' thc l511'1ls." l,1ll.Ij1'II1' . . . II11-11 1111-1l x1-l11111l, ll ll , .. I I 1' 'f Ray C. Burrus. -luck T. ciil5ll'0l1UYU SCC 5 ,I-CHAIHY. N. Svc h til11x'.Igl0. AId5NIl'Illl5l'H5 Invlimlv of 'lwrcllrzulugx Slrinnrrlq Ilxgh 511111111 XYUVIQS Hllill' 11Il1L'l's Slvvp . , . Ilvuls lw.1ss11' .. .111l11l. NI1l1I11111N....1lXN.1 Ql 311 I111111' 11:11 to SLIIISIX all lm lllf1'I'- xx1H111g I111l1l.1 LIXIIIA . , . l1lN1x NI1111111 1-sts111111111111l11lIs1111-111111111-s ... p1'11111l 111 Ll 11111sw1l-11p l111l . . , I1111 1I11N IN 1111 111 llllllll I11LllL'l'. . . m11s11'1:111 . . . puli- xl'I11f , . . 1l1N11l11l 111 !11N I111111. 1-11111 11011111 . . . 541111111 . . , 1'1's11l1'111 .1111l .1111l kk.ll1 11-l1'1'.111 111- 111l111' 1 . UN. vg1g1'.111t of lllllllj status, 1l1v11'1 11.1Il I11111 171111 Harold W. Chapman Thomas W. Christian William G. Collins John D. Corrie Harold W. Chapman Sec 4 Windber, Pa. Leliigli University Sports loving. CCU-ing, exaggerat- ing Chzippie . . . his friends :ire inziny, :mtl :ill lezirnetl ol Vl'imlhei' . . . every- one gmail is ll uslllllf' t'YL'lAytl1lIlg gmail. "the lliingn . . . seliulzirsliip git I.t-Iiigli In gil lilleli tu. Williaili G. Collins Sec 5 New York, N. Y. Brooklyn College, Defense Training Insiitute llis expressions are graphic, hut un- printulvle . . . goes m'erlioni'tl for any- thing scientific . . . unseientihe inter- ests start with wuinen :mil eml with "lit-gin the lleguineu . . . tlrziltsinzin . . ziltei' war hack tu the lmzirtls. 'X ll ll B 'A' E Thomas W. Christian john D. Corrie Sec 5 Chicago. Ill. Sec S Philadelphia, Pa. l'l'riglil Citi' College University of Pennsylauiiia Chris , . . ezm't keep lroin nigilaing Strong, silent mlm . . . mul :iesthete ruriiy ergielis emieeriiiiig ezunpns en- -lilies Roliert l3lll'llS :mtl lfmily Dick- l.miities .mtl eli4ii':1etei's . . . lenils his mslm . . . perpetuzil hziritone of second spimtxiiieuiis wit to "l'm' the liirtlsu llimi' North llzirelziy lzitrine . . , "No- . , . l5k'I'SUllllllIy makes him gui ,X-l ren,ymiiespilliiigasheson the lloorlu 1.1.1, leillt-in Wllllam A. Craven. Jr. Wallnrd C. Dnrfler James C. D.nvus. Jr. Lyle B. Du Mocyer Williallll A. Craven, Jr. .IZIIINN C. Davix Sec 6 Maplewood, N. Sec 4 Clmrlrmi. PJ. Printvlmz University Lvlniglr l'niu'rsily Bill . . . l'1llSL'S flu' CXIIIN llYL'l'll21t'S lun 'lv lim . . . mmlws wnu- x u-rim t I . L' . I twcnty pmnts . . . lu' mrssccl gn qucs- all luul Alllllglk' lurlmgr-. mn . , . lux :ull tum Ill tlu' L'lllL'lllllS muw- . . . lug Ill Ilu' prwlwlrnm gnul vxpvrlnuntn -lun: Sl'llflll'l', l7lg.1LLl'l' lll mu-Ilr-cr . . . lvut . . . IS ,gl-nu-rum Ilun-xxnlm guul wtlur- tlu'rc IS llHSl,L1l1 ol wllcnlt an lum . . . msc . . , nfs num In wr lnm .lx plxm :uldlctul to tlul Xrfr' l'1:r'K'f1'. mann Ill Ll pgmulr- . . . rn' .ns luu'l41-r-up on llu' luu-. fk , ll ll ,- M.- 1 " Q Wlillard C. Darflcr Lyle B. Dvlxlockcr Svc 6 Blue Island. III. Svc 3 Fairport. New York Arnmur School of ,I-l'l'llll0!0gy Ifairporf High Scluml Dau' . . . tlu- luwy rumu' . . . ll snr- lifklm-I4 . . , gmul lmmfvrul . . . rzzstu' lgul xxluv gcls L'fIllL'Lll xxlu-11 lur- xx-ry ul-ll lxlwrl . . . QIXXII rnllu-r mglux. lvl' . . . nl ytillllk' lns lruwul, jlilllll' ln slr-ulu-r lm-rnlngs , . . xmnts In . . . lufs uluuwsu- . . . nvul party gurl' cwlmlpll-Iv lm ulluxatl-um glltll' Ilu XX.ll' . . . um llglmt up lllk' alullcst curxur . . . .uul Ilu-11 tr.1x'rl wnu- lu'lul'v Mttlmg not Ll llonuwv, lult Ctillltl lu' ll lu' rlmxn. wzumtcnl tu. Henry J. Deutsch Anthony J. Di Phnlipo Arthur V. Dodd James P. Dunn Henry Deutsch Arthur V. Dodd Sec 3 New York. N. Y. Sec 1 Swarthmore, Pa. Cornell University Pennsylvania State College Hunk . . . the body beautiful . . . :Xrt . . . :1 mctcorologist in meteor- wunts to hc Z1 hoss doctor . . . athlcti- ology , . . good-will ambassador . . . tnilh' inclmul . . . runs quick hkt- gi has lN'L'll st-cn pitching on tht- solt- huuuy . . . ilynzuniczilly alulzictii' upon hull kllillllillltl zuul othci' Slllflllllk' SIDUIS occziaioli , . . hh-sst-tl with Ll Klzicliigi- . . . Imxtlr, tml . . . rolls tht- girls to vt-llizm mincl. 'Hnovc :muy clost-11" ir ll ll B 'A' E Anthony Di Phillipo Sec 4 Clifton Heights. Pa. Tvmple University llig lu':ii'tvcl, uzisy going, lli'it-mlly lony . . , unc nl tht' ht-st . . . his scnsc ol lllllhlll'7l'k'l1l1ll'li1llWlL' . . . his Lllvlllty' In mutgili- tht- voicus :mil cl11ii'1ictt'i'1s- tux ul imuiniurzihlt' victims-iincziiiiiy guul gippiwcizitul . . . scliolgirmliip to lit-mplc . . . tgilting gi l.11w coursc that ht- xminu to minplt-tv. janws P. Dunn Sec 7 Findlay, Ohio Bonling GI'L'L'7l Slalc' Ulll1'E7'SlfQ' ,lim . . . 4llllL'I , . . h-it-ndly . . . PM -lgischzi llcihtx . . . il ht-'tl givc us :1 Cllllllfk' to lu-111' him . . . Lczulcfs l'UUl11- mutt- . . . wants to usc his musical laiumlcclgt- in souiul or clcctriczll vn- !LLIl1L'L'l'lIlg. Valerlo M. D'Uronio Gerald Ebner Nlckolns C. Eckcrlc Alexander Ensenmnn, Jr Vallcrio M. D'Uroni0 Niclxolala C. Eckvrlv Sec 3 Moncsscn, Pa. Roosevelt High School Carnegie lnslimtc of Technology Svc 8 St. Louis, Mu. Bill . . . out ol thc hills into Scicncc Nil-I4 . . . Ily, rlwrc, goocl looking . . . llnvcrloral sm mu-rludc mn ll lonely . . tru-s In make you rlmmla lufs rlmnl lllc . . . LllXX'1Ij'S qunct :md sulmnssnw . . , xslmo puts flu' pznxmongm' low lm- . . . thc CIDIIIITISIIIIQ clcmcnt ol Room It'l'S ol Ins up on ilu- luullvlm lmgmlf 52 llxlorrlml . . . oncc' L'1ll11L' out ol has . . . L'UllSL'lCl1IlUllS, lm! mln-s 'l lu' fanl- plwvaltv lull- to lu' Ll Lzlclct lJll'lCL'l' . . . vulus with ll grain ol snlr :xml gm :xs- pnrm . , . l I I I I . I I 1' 'C Gerald Ebncr Alvxnndcx' Eiscmann. Jr. Sec I New York. N. Y. Soc f New York. N. Y. Collvgm' of the Cin of Ncu' York Yale Uniwrsily hlcrry thc lflmn-r . . . plunsingly' ,Xl , . . clmllicnt . . . trhmlvrlul plump . . . lirooklyn lll ll lwulwlwlc . . . to llguwrlornl lrom lloxulom . . . vu.: lmomc ro lxlllffllil on we-ck vmls . Iwo months Ill .Xtlulmc Cnty. IMIIKI ol Sflllll' SIZIIISTICIZIII gona' astray . . Ilmc IIINL' :ls mlrlll corporal . . . VQIIIIN to IL-ndnng Illllfl'-Sli' w wr ol SLTTIUII l . . . llmslm collcgv, uct IN.lI'l'lk'tl, .mll Ntlllk' xxzml your ICSI Illllfli l'2llSCllf Iulmm-r lloxxn ro normal t'lX'lll.lII lllv . . . will mln- tln' cuss . . . Qs Hyman Epstein Morton S. Ettelstein Wayne G. Fahnestock, Jr. George W. Farrow Hyman Epstein Wayne G. Fahnestock, Jr. Sec 3 New York, N. Y. Sec 7 Lititz, Pa. College of the City of New York Franklin and Marshall High School Big lly . . . "Things are tough :ill Fahnny . . . the soulful one . . . likes over" . . . lmlly ol North Barclay . . . music and a bridge game-if it is fast geogruplier 1'xtmonl1'11uirr . . . with and hot . . . taste in women cliflers . . . uh-ns on economic theory . . . hut :in nnpetuous . . . alarming . . . hut always engineer withzil . . . puzzle contests? in the know . . . quick on the hounce, HCVCI' llglllll . . . :incl bounces often. ir ll ll 3 'Y' E Morton S. Ettelstein Sec 2 York, Pa. Pennsylvania State College Mo . . . enjoyment from the simple George W. Farrow Sec 1 New York, N. Y. College of the City of New York Red . . . Il12lf'S not Hreg IllllIlS lfzir- lhings in lile enlightens hidden sense row . . . :mother "numbers man" from ol' humor . . . generically speaking, City . . . Il hot licorice stick . . . one those glasses :nhl intellect . . . famous ol' fXl's wziter hzihies . . . hzippy-go- Canteen first nighter . . . lziys elziiin to lucky . . . :incl an zictiye memher ol' knowing the hest girls , . . let's throw Xvednescluy Nite Cluh . . . the "hull" to lry. q.. , Robert O. Ferguson Ruchnrd Nl. Fltzsimmons Carl L. Flaws. Jr. Robert E. Paste,- Robcrt O. Fcrguson Carl L. Flaws, jr. SCC 4 Pittsburgh, Pa. Sec 5 Clmimgu, lll. Carncgic Irlslilulc of Technology lllurgan Park funiur ffullvgr Bula . . . ll cunscicntious wurlccr . . . " "l'ouu, .Ik'llhl1lllllU . . . ilu' ulll ouc ul flu- lu-sr zntlmll-tus Ill tlu- squzul- lluunpvr lmm thc Xvllllll Cnty . . . mu . . . gl-rs umrc uuul tlmzlu :ull tlmc alul alum- ll vlllli :ns scctunu llunlvr ul rcsr ul lus SL'L'llUIl . . . 3'0llllf.LL'Sf lurc- tlmt nl'lgl1flllg,f l'llIl1u . . . xxguux tu -gn mam um an su-cl null lu-luru cutcrumg tln: uuu Du-srl k'lljllllL'CI'Illg. xlrnmy. I I ll -..- I I 1' 'f Richard M. Fitzsimmons Robert E. Foster Svc 8 Clinton, N. Y. Sec 2 Yvinthrnp. Mass. Hamilton College lllassaclxusulls Institute of Tvchnnlugy lfitz . . . glamour lmy . . . nmlc :I liig Holm . . . stgu' l1lL'l1llM'l' nl ll.1x- lutc start lluc tu Ll lzltc lll'l'lX'lll. lxut ns l-rlurll'a Nflulw ,xl'tllHlbI'L'-5 . . . lu-1-lu up mm' going grunt guns xutlm rln- Nlguu lus hk'L'IlUll-5 lmttxug gnu-Ixngv, nu mln l.llIL' XYOINVII . . . our uuxxs lluk xxltlm hulll :uul lu claus . . . Ll M-luv nl luxuwr, Nl, l. l. :unl lirmvu . . . LlL'l1llllk'lf um- almrp .ns glass :mal just .15 slllvlls. ul tlu- lmys . . . James B, Freeman Tom R. Friedman Rex I. Gar james B. Freeman Sec 2 Princeton University Akron, Ohio My IlIlll1ClS Freeman . . . romantic y, Jr. Edward H. Gibbs Rex I. Gary, Jr. Sec 7 Swarthmore, Pa. Smzrllzmore College Rex . . . king pin of South Bnrclny's intrigue set . . . son of an Army family . . . super truck mam, high school, Swzrrthmore, :mtl here . . . cloesnlt let his work interfere with hriclge except on week ends. nu 1 'A' Q hzzritone . . . first-rate 440 man . sings merely lor the risking . . . eorth.1l . . . hut hrm . . . Prineeton heekons him. Thonms R. Friedman Sec -I Evanston. Ill. Unirvrsilv of Illinois w 'llom . . . ll1CSI3Hl'ISll1lll1 . . . hopes tu pn lllkllllNl3IUfllLl'sl1ll ht noi ll TH Illt' DIN' LII lllk' ll'lSl1lUlllllS . . 'INK HX'- l Ieis loorlmgill tu lenriles hut only in t , , xnlternoon . . . lussy :ihout colleges hzis sznmpletl mzmy. the Edward H. Gibbs, Jr. Sec 2 Calumet City, Ill. Indiana University Clihlisy took time off from vectors to get mzirrietl this year . . . likes k'lllC1l,LLU pretty well . . . where he got his hohlmy: Sehlitz . . . knows his way :irouml Yzilley Forge hlinclfoltletl . . . gilt of gah . . . l3FfXlNl. PS N In Q01 Louis S. Glover James D. Greene John F. Gronck Erwm E, C,r1i111ngfr Louis S. Glover John F. Cironek S1-1: 6 Harpers 151-rry. N-'.1. Lane T1-clmival High Slklllllll Dickinson College Sec 6 Chicago. 111. 1,1111 ...11S11111111-1'11111-11111-1111111 111111 ,101Il1llj' . . . 11111 . . , 11111111 111111111111 :1 11-111 5111111111111 L1I'1lXX'1 . . . 111111 111- 1111s . . . :11111 :111 1111- I'L'51 . . .1'1111 llSlILl11j' 111- :1 S0llI11L'l'l1 I11-ll1- 11:1e14 11111111- . . . 11111111- 111111111 K'1111x'l'1.S111g XXI11l 1115 1111-:1111 ,Q111 s111111- IS :ls 11:11111s111111- 11111-s . . . 111-'11 1111 11ll'U1l'L111 1111- L'fllll'I1'5f 111 111111 11-11:- you ll 1z11'111' 11111' 111111' . . . "111, s111111'1" 111111111- . . . 11-11 L'1111':1g11 ll 11111 l'Ql1'1f' 1111 1115 1lIl'111llg1l . . . lf 1111151 111- 11111. -k , 'l'l Y, 3 " E James D. Greene Sec 2 New York. N. Y. Columbia U9li1'C!'5iff Grcenie . . . e:11ns11'111111i1' 1-11111'1usi1111 111 13L'll1g ll 14111111137 r11111111'1' . . . 1111111 1'1-11111-1' 111 "111:11 gm-111 X1-xx' N 111-11 111-11 s- 11:1111-1"' . . . 11z111- 15kll'L'1lll 1111'1111g11 111s 111111111-1 . . . 1111111 .'xl'l11j' 1111111 g11'1'1-s11-11 111' 1111- NAVY . . . "1111' 111.11111 11111 111 111TllIll1Su . . piping :111 1111- time 1111-1' his C0111-cti1111. Erwin E. Gruninger Sec 3 Chicago. 111. Illinois lnstilulv of 11-1'l1r1111og1 G1111111-1' . . . 11111 Sl'Ct1l711 11111-1-R glam- 11111- 11111 1111 L'.11111111a . . . 1141s 1Il'5I 111.111 111 111111 111 1-11l111.111- 111-1111111111g111e1- 111 IQ :11111 Ii gurls . . . 111.111-11 111s 1111-1-11111 1001111111 Ul1k'L1.1f ll11l1 511111 11. s Dale O. Hackett David A. Hawkes Donald Hayes Edwin P. Hazel Dale Hackett Donald Hayes Seq T New Port. YL. Sec 8 Collingdale, Pa. Syracuse University Cullingdalc High School llllcli . . . Sfvff Sp0liCl1. ffiClNll3' - . - IDU!! . . . l1:1ckl1o11c of dct:1cl1111c11t LlITlll'k'CllllUI' ol tl1c 11111 sux . . . ll1sl1li1'S l1:111cl . . . once llxltcll clel1 at lJl1llll8S' 11'111'l4, lllll ln- 11 gmts tu l'L'IllI'l1 tu HXIHI- llllllglllllk' XYllllL' 1l1u lmml plzlyccl 011 cusr .mal Mfllklllllfk' . . . xlctvlvfwl lvl , . . IllL'I'cl1y lg1111li11g Ill ll L'I1cs11111r KA ll' ' Illk' lb l7l'0gl'llI1l . . . Wlllllll lllik' In 51yin1111i11g I ml I' I rl-z1cl1 sciclwc 111 l11gl1 sclu . mol . . , 11l-vcr missed ir ll ll 3 'A' E David A. Hawkes Suu 7 lVl.mcl1cstcr, N. Y. Unircrsily of flliclligun lJ1lXl' . . . lust llllll-K' 1'uo111111g1tcs V141 fil'k'L'll5lNll'll tl11111 :my ntln-1' lullmx' 111 1l1u lllllf . . . 1w11'1'1cm zllmut l,l1ys1cs L'XITL'I'llllL'lllN . . . likm to llrgnw . . . u111c1'1.1i11111g zulwnys with stlwivs nl Xlichiggm U. Edwin P. Hazel Sm: 8 Wilkes Barrc, Pa. PCIlll5Q'l1'dIlld State College lfcl Nxvfllllfl' :lt :1ttc11tiu11 tlu-rc, sol- lllL'l'lH . . . lV1llu-s lgllIAl'L"S gllt to ll:1v- c1'lu1'1l . . . um- ul 1l1u lug tl11'cc l1L-rc . . . lllllllllg 11111' V143 wall' g1'm1111s . . . 11111115 141 l1111sl1 Cl1L'l1lISU'j' ut l,L'llll Stan- :1111l tl11-11 work Ill ll l'USL'1ll'Cl1 lZll1. S K ,9!au. George D. Hessnmum Clmrics Hemmelmmm Edwm P. I-in-SLI: Hf,c1m:,' G Hqflm Gcorgc Hvssman lfduin P. Hirxclm Svc I lladdolificld, N. Son' .Z Wluslminglmx. D, C. Rulgrrs Uniwrsily Urziwrwilx of P4-nnvslaunia lJ2lSlllllg Dam, tlu- lznly-lxlllvr . liig lull . . , Nm-Ill li1m'l4nyR mull- "C:1rry mc luck lu olml Mxclmlggnnf' . . . mm' mam . , . llkvs Ilu- mu xink In-sl vvcl' src Ins ":lllm1lm ol lkilllllllll :xml unly . . . glll.-rgw In lll'1'-k'l'.ll'lQl'fS WUHICIIN . . . QLUIIIIIQL tuuglm CUIIIITUII- :nl llillll , , . ll Ink flglll xx.-'ll xxin tlnq Ilflll lrum olllcr lmllwlws ol Illk' .mm-ll mu' qlxlckly -.nml luk M-lmlwm xxronu. lurccs . . . sup.-rlm plmyhiqul- ul an xxrusf l tlL'l'. if ., llll W- 3 " E Clmarlcs Himnlclman Rodncv G. l"Ioffm:m Sec l New York. N. Y. Ser 3 Ohm Cllllvgn' of IIIL' CHX of N615 YUYIC Rlluzlfs High 56,1001 llimmy . . . ll mn'l'ylwi11l . . . worn llml . . , lux lul .1 lull lull- . . . :xc- putlm 111 xllffll liglrulqly llglll xxllurc lu' x'Ulll1I.lIII may lmulg xxln-11 . . . g.nL- up pam-ll wlnlc CUIICCIIIIXIIIIIQ . . . ln-rn ru Xl.1y , , , :wr II1.ll'I'lk'll , . mglruu slm1't-slwctul so ultvn tlnnln lu- IS . . . l1.ll'Ll NXUl'lxl'I' .... lg1l'lk.ll'lk' . . . Gzlmllu . . . guml-lmgntlllully tgnlws :lll .lllkl xml' lm-lg In ul-rl. , . , l'.umlx wrls nl' pltnvticgxl julu-sflilw tlu- lsuilll- A mg ul :ln ulwstglclc coursc lll lm l'llUllI. Adam J. Hreczuch Ernest T. Hubbard Lewis L. Jaffe Dirk W. Jellema Adam Hreczuch Leonard L. Jaffe Sec 8 New York, N. Y. Sec 6 Butler, Pa. New York University Pennsylvania State College Chick . . . the name is formidable Jeep . . . he of the very broad "it" -1lZl'llCS all teachers . . . not 220-lh. . . . his con uests ol Phillv women are I 9' , , . . - . tackle on lorclhzim . . . ai blond, smil- legemlxiry . . . izincies himself the ing, guml-n1ittii'ecl lellmx' . . . success mmlel soldier . . . was nizijoring in xxith Sziturdziy might compguiions . . . -inurnzilism :md plains to cuntimie after xxurketl :is zi tool designer in Sperry the XYLII' . . . newspaper work his hope. Uyroscope . . . wants to he gi mechani- czil engineer. , i i I I ll I I 'Y ' if Ernest T. Hubbard Dirk W. Jellema Sec -4 San Francisco. Cal. Sec 5 Grand Rapids, Mich. Princclon University Calvin College Huh . . . lVest's ffift to the lfrist . . Olliet . . . vin I von 1' . . . lmnfwie V 1-5 ' i V N D l 5- lg is X :- the only one in step? thzits ltrme . . Woogie huuntl . . . likes l'i'etl Allen: stzir lllctlt ggrgilwlser :intl :ivernge raiser his puns prove it . . . Czisziiiovai of the . . . possibilities nl zissocizite colleague- lihrziry . . . hzls eight vzilets to serve . . . . , ship . , . qiizilihetl :is Hziverhml s rep- resentgitive lover in the SzlfIH'4fi1X' lfzwiiziilg Ihr! hy winning loving cup him . . . rumor hath it that he nt- tentletl l'. 'li. twice. Aaron H. Johnson Clnburn H. Jones Edward F. Knsten George R. Kfutzmrn Aaron H. Johnson Edward F. Knstvn Sec 5 Mount Kisco, N. Y. Su' 3 Milwnuku-, WB. New York Unirvrsiiy lllarquvllv Uniwrsily Arclmit- . . . tht- xlL'NlllT1LII'1I of tht' Iitl . . . sly' . . . gootl-ngnturvtl . . . nlll'l1t . . . lttpgcs :lt l'llL'Hfl0l1 ol Nut' lll'Sf nmn up Ill tllv IIIUIAIHIIQ . . . NX1llit'S Norls Cnty or Clncztgu . . . L'1lllll7lN'll up tlmt- lout-r rants . . . want lor mu, with gn Sl12ll'l1l'l' lilllglll' tlmn rltt' mann xlllftllt' . . . L-lt-t'tl'1c:nl k'l1LLllIt'L'l'IIlj.l :nltur who czlnu' to llllHlL'l' . . . :ts an l11llSlL'lZlll ilu- xxgnp lu' is ll XY0llllL'l'l'lll plmysicist . . . kilwitzt-S at good glllllt ol plllg pong. ir ll ll -W 3 " E Claburn H. jones George R. Katzmann. Jr. Sec 7 Highland Park, Ill. Svc' 6 Chifngv- Ul- Highland Park High School Uni! rriily of Chicago Ying . . . hotly of ll Gruclc God . . . Big Gcorgc . . . lu-E litrlv. ltlll xxitlt ll Sk'llll-YCIIIOYllltlt' arm . . . mln-n flu-rt"s nothing lu' mn't do or Htlllll mtgtt-t Ll vt-1-irgllslo 'lim 'l'l1o1'pt' . . , lm: try . . , lms SIIICCIK' tlmrtf to xxorla lor plays If strait , . , grgttlugtrt-tl from tlmt- lwt-rtt-rtncnr ul lllllllllllllf . . . pr--ml lngll school on tltlrml floor ul' Soutll gllllkltlll lwt-gmt ol l'llgl1I I5 . . pttlxtr- l:lIl'k'lQlY. tmn-I xngtnu-'ct' ol 111 l','t'lvf:ki7"'?. . 5 5 ll Leonard Klotz Erwin J. Kohn Leonard Klotz Svc 1 New York, N. Y. College of the City of New York Len . . . can talk for two hours without tirnwiiig hreuth . . . crstwhile iI1liZIl1fI'yl1lSlll , . . only mam to grzuiu- gltt- City 11111431111 JYIIIJ' 111'1'1'11l . . . cam you use 1111 1-ciiturf 1'cf1-1'c11ccs: l'1'1'- .il1'l. 111 lf1'l11'lf111,ctc.,111l1i11ji111111111 .. llllll ll If-X1't11g111111 with ll foil . . . Norman Kranz Myron A. Lanln Norman Kranz Sec 6 Chicago, Ill. Central Y. M. C. A. College Thu onc-man Cl1lll'l1l3Cl' of Commerce who giurihcs iX'lCLi0fl'l1iCii, Kelly and Uillingcl' . . . qtiick-1111-tlic-ciraw pun- stcr who 1't-1511-tiliily gihzimiont-ti culis- rhc11ics for PM pllhliciitimis . . . strict- ly j11'11vf11111 g1'11f11 :it li2lYL'l'iUl'll or Khi- czigo . . . hut not with l'ii111'clio. i ir I I I I I Ar 'i 4' Erwin Kohn Nlyron A. Lanin Sec l Chicago. Ill. Sec 4 Atlantic City, N. U'rigl1l limim' College UYIl1't'l'5lljf of Micliigarz Cunt' . . . ht- throwcth oil upon tht' troilhlt-tl u11tt'1's of romn I5 . . . ll l'1ll'k'iy st-cu, r:11't-ly ht-.u'1i i11ci1v11i11:1l . . . tht- ht-at 11111I1'1'ssc1l 1111111 111 South . . . tcm- pt-1'l1'ss, tircit-ss . . . :1lw:1ys on 1-ull :is 1'11us11ltg1ut on Physics L'XpL'I'1INL'llIS. A tnlcnt for Cil'lll'll1lflCS 111111 11 pcn- chzuit for iiI'L'llllL'l1I cxcitist' tl1c1't-of . . ll sut-ct siuilt' :uni ll hittnr tonguc . . . sinmmtli pt'1'so1111lity11111i ll l'0llgl1l5'Cl'ifi- 1':1l LlfIifllklL' 111wz11'1l pt-nplc . . . Nike XVL'lll'S rctl hzur and miuggs hlut- songs . . . ll study in contrasts :intl proud of it. Guido A. Larl John C. Lawrence Guido A. Lnri Svc 8 New York City. N. Y. Cullvgc of the City nf Nvu' York Guy .... 'Xl'tlI1l0l'L'fIt'Sl lmig gilt tlmu' up in :I little pziclizlgt' . . . was nn light tluty mu'c-Ilu- clay tlu- nrtlul' vzmu' lllftbllgll tlizlt' lust IIIIN' wmlltl lu- mzult' up on wcclt cluls . . . lns lnlv vxpvri- nu-nts :irc lrzmu-tl on Dr. Slllltltlllllllis walls. ,. y r Cu- a .- Q William J. Lunch Robert E.. Lfgytd 1 W'illimn 1.1-nth St-t' 6 Turtlt- Crrvlt. PJ. Turllt' ffrcvlt fligfl Sflluol Pistol p:u'l4in' puppy , . . tlt't4u'll- Iltvlllls t'Xpt'II will gllllx . . , lllllll. L.:- pgnlwlw . . . likt-5 Yznrgzz girls . . . tlwlft ut- gill?'l1:isl1:liult'tlml!Npiipirix tmxt-lx lu' at-us llu-in in lm slt-vp , . . nmylum ir ll II ,W a U ' E John C. Lawrence Svc 5 Cleveland. Oliio Uniu'rsih School 'l:u'li . . . SlTUI'ISll1llll , . . ll nlclluplmu- mst lxxl1:it'stl11nt,Ugultlyil in .lrclmu-R llliilliawmmnc . . . lt-ll ull at luwrst' xxlu'n ll1k'g1lI'l lu' was ruling xxltli lt-ll ull luis . . . cllivzllry is iuwt tlt-gul . . . supply rmun INLIQIILITU. Robert E. Lvadcr Su' h Findlay Ohio Uhiu Slate l'niu'rfilx Um' llolw . . . lu- of tlu' .irtixtiv tumf pt-rzinu-nt . . . likt-5 liia l11IlSlt' lwlur llmn lumt . . . small t-mn lu-3 uh-i ut-nt lor ilu' lug city in .1 l.lI'2t up . . . lilgli-spiritt-tl. xix.u'u-tix, lwirrti' xxluli 1't'5t1'ictt-tl, 3 . Frank R. Leanza Edmund A. Le Fevre Jack F. Leiser Edward J. Lemmon Frank R. Leanza Jack F. Leiser Sec 7 Lititz, Pa. Sec 2 Kenmore, N. Y. Lililz High School General Motors Institute Shorty . . . has a voice like :1 bird Some friends call him Boobie . . . n . . . Il crow . . . great big smile for the regular Vvetlnesday night "Y" eus- mite ol him . . . forsook Brooklyn :tt tomer . . . for special reasons, too . . . ann early :nge . . . a section lender who strietlv G. l. :is well :is G. M .... prac- hzites to take tlt-merit extrtls. tical .ioker in at Held hy himself . . . likes to have lun, hut when there's work to he done let blztekson tlo lt. i' ll ll B 'Y' E Edmund A. LeFevre Sec 4 Rochester, N. Y. Hamilton College Neil . . . favorite son of the liher'1l 1. airts . . . hopes to tezteh, hezttl ll "prep school "t1p1'f'.i' lil 4Qllt'I'l't'H . . . strxilght I'orw:n'tl with ll tinge ul' optimism ll l'Ul11Zll1flClST :lt hezlrt . . . lxivors pg naituretl humor over sztrexism. U01 Edward Lemmon Sec 4 New York, N. Y. Mariliatlari College "D'you think wt-'ll eateh the three o'cloek this Silfllfflllylu . . . :ietive in eollege, hztrtlly ohvious hel'e . . . B- lezigue home run king . . . stutlietl accounting . . . intends to resume. 0 Joseph H. Lempert Everett E. Lewis Morton A, Luppmnn Donald H. Long .losvph H. Lcmpcrt Nlurton A. ljppman Src I New York. N. Y. hcc 5 Ncwnrl-, N. C0114-gc of tht- Cilv uf Nan' York Culunrbia Uniacrsilp L'L'llS0l'L'll. Yussm-l tht- lxlussvl. l,il- Klum . . . :mtl llis plum, , , . um-fl tlc 'Im' . . . 'Wxlwmfs glltlil Nt-xx' N gmlt num Ignlt-nlul ut Culumlnqn . . . vu-n llt't'k'lll?'. . . . ltlt-mlm pan' t'XL'k'llL'IlL'L' lu-In-1' snmw lu- xwnr lu Ilmt tlgznu- .rr . . . luugglm X'Lll'll'S lnvt-rst'ly Hllll tht- liryn Xlgmr . . . puytry Ivy Xxxl"n . . . Sllllllll' nl tllt- lmunwr . . . lllllt' mam mllsglrmmg Slllllk' . . . gms zu ulglltllsu with lvig itlt-us . . . l'k'C0l'll-l1Ul1ll'I' lu PM Sumlny PMmtt-lmztclc-l1i11c lmurs I' ulll ul lllv. if l. ll ll -. 5 " E Everett E. Lewis Svc 6 New York. N. Y. Collvgv of flu' Cily of New York llu- voicc . . . om- of our commuters to tht- Cllj' . . . :1 lmrzun ul nu small lH'UI5UI'IlOllS . . . l1c's gut 3 lt-tr ul' uni Iurm Im' t'x't-ry mt-I1 ul lnm . . . Illlll Q'l':nx't-11-l.t-xxls l'l1y mfs lzllw p411'tm'rsl11p Donald H. Lung Svc S'illv. Ind. Crulral Normal 5clmol Dun . . . D."'r slxpfluml .Artist . . . CUll5L'll'llllUllS xxltlm an cgtpxtgal . . . lung lwurx ul stutlx In lIllLllllY .us tln- llgnwltlulul wl-lui' lll Iltt- .Nl1r.'.w'fM.fI . . . I11llllNItlI.Il 5l'l'IIll' . . . Ll fricml in nt-ul. Alexander L. Lorincz Mark H. Luber Alexander L. Lorincz Sec 6 Highland Park, Mich. University School Sandy . . . pet of Room 38 . . . tlucy love liim . . . he reminds you of Il kid lurotlici' . . . couldn't get mud il lic tried to . . . dt-votcd to lmmt- :ind country. ,- Robert Luedekmg Joseph E. Madden Robert Luedeking Sec 1 Lafayette, Ind. Purdue University Smiling Bob . . . slip-stick to slidc tromlwonc . . . gains lcss weight per rulwic foot of food :issimilntcd than any otllcr mzin in tht- outfit . . . "Pistol- pzlclcin' lXl0llllUll.S " bust fun. f ll Il 3 'M' E Mark H. Luber Sec I Philadclphia, Pu. Tvmple University-Univ. of Permsylafania Lczin :ind lanky Lulw . . . human dynamo-lwut itls :ill potcntizll . . . ziltt-1' lllllAl1ll'lIIgf in lvusint-ss zulministrgn- tion pulls Ll stogit' lilit' Illl cxpt-rt . . . super-clioxxliound . . . lfuitlilul to tlit' Iitrlt- womzm. joseph E. Madden Sec 4 New York, N. Y. Dcfensu Training Institute, Brooklyn Collage Silt-nt, zillzilvlc bloc , . . "Sure, the tl1co1'y's good, lwut will it work?" . . . lust out, hrst in :it rcvt-illc . . . SlllCCl'L', diligcnt worker . . , numlmui' ont- lt-tr lit-ld gnrdcncr . . . good cxpcriuncc for thc lllI'lllL'I'-I0-l3C. Frederick T. Martin Douglas D. McGrath Ralph D. McKee, Jr. John E. Nl-llcr Frcd 'l'. Martini Sec 4 Springlit-Id, Ohio Springfield High School Frccl . . . pretty, lxluc-t-yt-ml . . . hut tough whcu hc has to ht- . . . mzult- his uzunc as lour-mouth st-ctiou lvzult-1' ol tht- iuimitalwlt' -l . . . hc would lilu- lo hc 11 surgt-ou . . . works hguxl, lwut cuts up whcu off tluty. Ralph D. Mclicc Scc 8 Bellevue. Pa. Bvllcruc High School hlzu' . . . has most artistic srliltxilt iu hziucl's xxooclwiucl suction . . . xxax mzuuslgnx' ol liiglirk lootlwgill tuzuu . , . is lit-qtiuiitly st-cu ixiciiig otlivr l'. Xl. L'1lS1lllHX'ilS to Bryn Mau r. llll A... 1 " Q l Douglas D. McGratl1 Svc 5 Yonkers. N. Y. Hamiliou Collcgv lylllllly . . . Fightiu' Doug . . . it tool! ll scctiou lcxulcfs post to gut lum out lll tum- . . . tht- t-alum-sr lt-llou you 1-vt-r want to scc . . . il you llaivu rom- - 1 K, -- plguuts, yours ll tool . . . Slllltl' l1I'lLl"C hvml. 'O John E. Nlillcr Sci: 8 Philadelphia. Pa. University of Pcnnsylaania .lack . . . im'cstmt-ut iu ,Xriuy lill- at Ncu' L'llII1l3t'l'lLll1Ll1 rramltwt-tl mock to lfloritlgng clivitlvmla git llnu-rliortl . . . it-xrilt-s will suit his post-xml' .unlu- tious . . . :among thost' ol tht- Ntrouu. silt-ul It pt-. James E. Moroney Merrill E. Mumrnert Charles G. Murphy David E. Musgrave james E. Moroney Sec 2 Glendale, N. Y. New York University Big 'lim . . . mighty mite . . . those Violet shorts . . . chief bread-smuggler operating out ol Founders' llzill . . . who's thzit sliclc-rule pushing zirounilf J . . . GOI foreycr . . . :intl clon't criti- cize Delta Upsilon when this sculc- model tzul-gunner's zirouncl. Charles G. Murphy Sec 1 Haverford, Pa. University of Pennsylvania Szilubrious sinusoidal swimmer . . wondrous wizard of the "weetors" . czmny conqueror of the calculus . . yorzicious ynntlzll of the "yittlcs" . . . favorite saying, "Penn will hczit 'cmf' . . . ai lender in every sense. i 'K' ' I I I I 1 'i Q Merrill E. Nlummert David E. Nlusgrave Sec 6 Los Angeles. Calif. Sec 4 Connellsville, Pa. Norlliu'eslem Unirersily ,V shine for the windy city the city of ggrziyt-y:irtls thcrt-'s zi lot of him . . wumcn with his might get into something hig .. eil . . , gave up the lzincl ol sun- . . . thence to . . . lornly, . oycrpowcrs . . . wzints to hc'll have to. Carnegie Institute of Technology Little Dictator . . . studied electri- city . . . retains the spark . . . heats hziss clrum his own size in sell-clelensc . . . clislilces hanging noises nhove him . . . Il light sleeper . . . and he wants to stay in the Army. 1. Albert Myers Ernest A. Nagy Elmer T. Nelson, Jr. Robert H. Nui-,ur J Albert Nlycrs Elmer T. Nm-lwn. jr. SCC 4 Tillson, N. Y. Svc l Clmimgu. Ill. Kingston High School Wilson junior Collcgv llgnppy llzmrry . . . gn-ninl . . . good Clmznrtcr Il'lL'll1l1l'l'4lli ilu- L'k'lllt'l' linr- S0ltllL'l' . . . only man IH llctuclnncnt rlzny l':n'Iy . . . lu- .mrs shy, Inn 1lnn'r who rczllly llkcs tu want Ill lnnc lm' Il-r ll lunlynn...1l IIS nnmu is NL-Iwn, beans . . . Hrs! man In donlwlc :ns CCN If plays ilu- trumpct . . . has an lu-nrt . . . wants to lac gn lnrcst rzlngcr. Llll'llCUUl1 tlmt xxznts ll! Clxlcugu. k , ' I ' I YV., a U ' E Ernest A. Nagy Sec 6 Cleveland, Ohio lVr:sl Tech High l':l'l1lL' . . . tlllltf lull! lwlkzolilllwln' . . . vcrsuulc . . . stars nn lmrh ntlxlctlc :nnl sclmlzlstlc Hclnls . . . nmgxrclws :ls tlmuglx lu- IS lwnlnncmg ll tray nn lns lu-gul . . . lxkvs gll'lS-ull'0Il1 ll nlnstnnccu . . . lu' :ulals uS2llAL'n to thc prcvious qlltllc. Robert H. Nelson Sec T' Binglmnuon. N. Y. Binghamton Central High School llolw . . . pluguus South xxitlm his trumpvt tnnrnn' . . . purnngum-nt party' nn tlu' Llgny rnmn . . . mu-mls rn lu- .1 lnunx' an-wlmxnlltlcnl CIIQIIILTI' .... nnl IS pmml nl Ins PUSSUSSIUII nl rlglmtll-n pznrs ol socks. Donald Y. Noble Carl R. Noren Joseph D. Noren, Jr. Joshua Okura Donald I. Noble Joseph D. Noren Sec 7 Manlius, N. Y. Sec 3 New York, N. Y. Manlius High School Fordham University Likes to go fishing . . . got his mus- Joe . . . devoted to his hair and Duke cles milking cows . . . installation of hlhngton . . . an accountant not from the coke machine lll Barclay made him City . . . will make rt good hushnnd- happy . . . ping pong . . . he's got his just loves to sweep and dust . . . "Who head in the clouds and hopes to he has to study? lknow dat stuH cold." entirely up there someday . . . repre- sented us ut Valley Forge now :md then. -'V+ Carl R. Noren joshua Okun Sec 8 St. Croix Falls, Wis. Sec 5 New York, N. Y. University of W,lSCO1l5i11 Lafayelie College The Swede . . . take me hack to the josh . . . staunch defender of "New home town . . . another ol Section Yzzwkesen . . . VVlll1z1m lell with Chalk l'.1ght's intellectual nohlemen . . . hurd . . . "lt's llXVlllll3' quiet in hereg where's worker . . . Slll5SfllIltlllfCll the worth ol Ukunfn . . . LlLlS1lllUVl1 in khaki. Course IV :ind the physiogruphie diu- gram. Donald C. Olcen Matthew A. Oleszknewncz Donlm C. Panghorn Romer! A. Pegk Donald C. Olccn Dunlin C. Pan 'burn L Svc 8 Davisvillv, R. I. SCC 7 Nlunising. Mich. Nurtlmrstcrri University Northern hlicliigan Cullvgc of lltilllfdflllll Don . . . quict . . . inomly . . . hut Dominic . . . lm'crnlAlu1'i'. . . ul with Il sunsu nl humor . . . usually' his gang . . . thi- otlu-ix lun' gum' In km-ps to hlmsvll . . . hut li-rs limsc nfl 2l'CL'llL'l' pzistlircs . . . xniiitx In rnivli campus . , . his lmws .irc ciigiiivwiiig sclmnl in Nliulngxm . . . sum- ul and llj.1lI'l hawk :ir N. U. lmmur . . . partly rl-xpumilmlv lm thi mlziy rumn . . . hc lost his tclnpui' :mu-. llll --. 1 " r Matthew A. Oleszkiewicz Robert A. Pcck Sec 8 Schcnccmdy. N. Y. Sec 4 Ann Arbor. Mich. llluunl Plcasanl High Sclmul Prinfvlon l'ni1crsih Nlgitr . . . ll guml thing Ulm-sfkiuxicf limun-lmmn . . . gmul spurt . . , ix- nlncs not haul lrom Diiicpcti'upi'owlx pL'l'l "gvugi'.ipln-r" Illgllllfis In hu null . . . has gi stzimlgirml smilc rn gn-ct him rixiu-I .mil SflllllL'S . . . 1-ff-in-iiiuu m.ii-ir gittunipts to solu' his ngiim- . . . quietly with im qv un rln- f"ll5lll.ll 1-i' .hplin- nimlcsr .. . Lll1lgl1SL'l1UUlg,1I'llllllLlfL'XXlllv nigitic M-rvicr . . . um ii rum .mx ri-.illy plum-il his xxurth git llllYk4l'l1Hl'Kl. knmvn ping pong shut. Q Charles G. Phillips Leland S. Pierson, Jr. Charles G. Phillips Sec 5 Montclair, N. J. Williams College Gorham . . . a literary "0iler" any- where . . . and an ace fourth in a khaki suit . . . his outstanding feat was to ignite one of Dr. l'epinslcy's . . . is lascinated hy the intrieacies of a tossed coin and Dr. Lunt's commentary on the lllontclair-Bloomfield game. Leo Postrel Franklin Poul Leo Postrel Sec 6 Hewlett, N. Y. Pennsylvania State College He can really make dialect stories sound like something . . . easy to get along with . . . revels in "VVhodunits" . . . his laugh resounds long and often through South. ir ll Il 3 "' E Leland Pierson, Jr. Sec 1 Wilkes Barre, Pa. Lafayette College Lee . . tall, hut attracts short women . . . partial to sleeve length trousers . . . gets delicious cookies but won'r tell lroni whom . . . swell swim- nier . . . preserves the even tenure of his nay. Franklin Poul Sec 1 Philadelphia, Pa. Unirersily of Pennsylvania Frenehy . . . not really a wolf hut shows definite tendencies . . . will write anything upon order . . . quality guar- anteed . , . somewhat preparatory to a legal career . . . and he shaves every day. John F. Powell Robert Pusknr Charles H. Reud, Jr. Rua-,ull L. Remm john F. Powvll Charles H. R4-id, SCC -l Cheltrnllznn, Pa. Src 6 Atlantic City. N. Lvlligll Unircrsily fllunlfluir Stall' blVt'dL'lH'7'i ffullrgc Drumnu'r hwy . . . anal lu-:nts most Clmuck . . . mgnth-mgm lrnm Xlum- ul thc hU5'S lll ll I'LlCk' . . . mllllck un thc clam' . . . uxlllllllllll Krall" . . . Ll uglrriur COI11L'lH1lCli :ls well . . . lull ol Slll'pI'lSt'S Imlll, luv XNlllllilll.l hurt ll Hun . . . . . . Zlll CIIQIIICCI' with ll hmm . . . lilly ll-.num-ll nlmut lllv lrnm plrtlmlu hlnhn- hut lovnlwlc. sun . . . vanczxrlmlccl :nr l'l1ucn1xvullc. l I I I , I I 1' sf Robcrt Puskar Russell L. Re-mick Svc 2 Termeck. N. vl. Sec 6 Fall River. Mass. Nvu' York University Ohio Sldlc lfrliwniljn Roh . . . llllSlWL'CfI1ClllIlI' hut mliligunt Russ . . . zuninlwlf . . . cllwrlul . . . . . . artist .mml L'llglllCCl', hut his nrt, xxcll lllu-ll hy 1-wrylmlly , . . um- nl sclmulxuslup :xml L'llg1lllCCl'IllQ srualics Cn-l1In'1"s lwsr slumrl' lmrnrlmls . . . his only :ulgnu-ut lus mtcrcsts lll classical lguwwm' lurm nl glulrlnmg us gm Vlllllll- music . . . his l'n'-.llrf cartoons :xml SIQIBYIC "luyuh" . . . hr C1ll'l'lk'N .ull ol lllN cm'cl's . . . imlustrizll clmgilmccl'-tu-luv. cgnrm-srm-ss into lm spunlchlg. 6,1 Albert S. Rettig Charles H. Reynolds Ernest J. Roach Milton Rosenthal Albert S. Rettig Ernest Roach Sec 3 New York. N- Y- Sec 8 Stephentown. N. Y. College of the City of New York New London High School Al . . . one of 72's top students . . . He of the several earnest lirnie's . . . Cx-ciigiiicci' lrom C. C. N. Y .... emi- hlzick lizur, lug cycs,--the pretty hop' gt-tic, inclustrious, with Rzihelxus' sense ol South Bzirclgiy . . . lllziclc :incl Roach ul hiinmi' :incl 'Icllt-rsoii's optimistic like ifxfli' . . . tlt-wuts ll puff ol the clay vivw ul main . . . post-wail' plains ol ni to lit-ing quiet . . . entropy iwziclics an pnpulau' l'. Xl.: ill ht-comc ll civilizui, inziximum ut precisely tt-11-hltccii. :intl Q23 study cnginct-ring. I I ll I I 7' ' rf Charles Reynolds Nlilton Rosenthal Sec 3 Freehold, N. Sec 2 New York, N. Y. New jersey Stale Teachers College College of the City of New York Chzirlic . . . Yury consciciitimis and Rosy . . . gifted linguist KC. C. N. Y. serious . . . has xxorn out more pgurs nl '3Hl who usa-tl his hvc lztnguzigcs :is slim-s hy slnnuig than most have hy lllIk'l'lRil'L'IL'l' ol N. X. C.'s hlunicipul . . . likes to put xi lmimn in his Court in tlit- :inte-ht-llum ilziys . . . mnin night lwlfiim- iiispcctioii . . . guml lTlllt'gl1llllIL'PlIlASllL'l'Ul physics guul Vcc- slutlt-ut nl'sCiL'l1Ct'S. tors, m't'i'culniiig hoth with suse . . . slwrt in stziturc, hroaul in opinion, dump in thought. Stanley R. Ross Bernard H. Rudlllck Wlllinm H. Russell Joseph F. Snuloll Stanley R. Ross Willinlll H. Rumcll Sec 4 New York, N. Y. Svc 5 Chicngu. III. Columbia UYli1'6fSily Urlircrsily nf Chicago Stull, Slllll, ll college Hlllll . . . guoll Iilll . . . lllsflbflllll lvI'lllll Clllczlglfs :ls thcy mlm-, roll lllzls llls lXl..'X.p . . . llzllls . , . IllllllSIl'lllllS sun ul lllllslrllllls SClllllLll'Sllll1S hy thc scum- . . . Flfllllj' :lll lllflltl' . . . Pt'l'Slllllllllf' . . . lu-lpllll :lllll llISl0l'lIlll gum- llSIl'2ly . . . :ls ll scctloll ll'll'Illllj' . . . lll1llllSl'1lj' ul L'l2ll'lllL'K suc- lL'llllCl' llls l11ll'li IS wursc fllllll llls llltv flllll . . . Sfllllllll' llllllX'L' :lll clsc . . . hls- lllllt llc llltl-s ollcc lll ll wllllcl . . . tory llls pxlsslull . . . lL'llClllIll1ll llls zlilll. walllts to rcturn to Columbia llllll tL'2lCll. ir llll A 3 " E Bernard H. Rudnick joseph F. Saulon Svc 8 Philadelphia. P.l. Svc 3 Lowell. Mass. pl'NllSj'I1'd7lld Slate College Uniavrsirp of Iona lgL'l'lIlk' . . . wllcll l'lll an 0H:lCk'l' . . . ,loc . . . PlllyS ll SllllXY clglrllll-t glllll lllilllllllg lol' cllllllllll' llIlCgg . . . CXll- llulllllcs on "sux" . . . sollll sulllll-r :lr lltlllllf . . . llliL'S rllosu Pllllzlllclpllln Illlll-jL'1ll' ill rug 5lLlSl1lllg . . . llIlllll'- gll'lS . . . lmns llSl'L'llT0l'l1lll "lil-cp lllllhn l7llllLlL'l' lx-lol'c . . . lnlcli to girl llr lllvml- XX'llCll rhl- lights go on Llglllll. Leo V. Sayre Charles G. Schaefer Stanley Schlesinger Stanley A. Schles Leo V. Sayre Stanley Schlesinger Sec 2 Cortland, N. Y. Sec 4 Philadelphia, Pa. St. Marys High School University of Pemzsylvania LV . . . ladies' man . . . crack shot Stan . . . always promoting a big with ll tlzxrt . . . ace of the ll'lSl1l1121l'liS tlezll . . . great personality klcl . . . league . . . has hve pictures ol one girl proud possessor of ll BS. degree . . . . . . likes nature in the raw, lorestry, NMI wants to he ll reul lug-business etc. . . . Leo knows Ardmore hetter ulvl1lgllCf.u than any man on campus . . . has ln- vestlgutetl everything . . . pretty, too. I I I I l I I 1' ' 'f Charles G. Schaefer Stanley A. Schlesinger Sec 1 Richmond Hill, N. Y. Sec 8 New York, N. Y. Queens College Columbia Law School Charlie . . . junior memher ol' "Nel- Stun . . . lawyer of the detachment son, Sheldon, S Sehznelern . . . Ing hat . . . specializes in luhor lzlw . . . work- mznn on rhe solthzlll Klllllllllllll . . . :incl ing on Il hook on the suhject . . . quiet swings ll mean racket . . . post-wxlr . . . liknhle . . . his work here proves he Qunbitiou: join the Army. knows something hesicles lzlw. Inger Raymond R. Schrnmm Merle A. Schultz Raymond R. Schrannn Sec 8 Bloomfivld. N. Susqucllanna University Ray . . . vctcrzln Il'lII11pCtL'l' ol tht- -Iolmson lmuntl . . . wants to sm- .Numer- lczl, lwut llL'Yl'I' gt-ts west ol tln' Clin-lQ's III llryn lXl1lWl' . . . lnturc prolcssm' ul cltcmtstry . . . has nt-vcr but-n l4ntm'n to lmvc ll tlntc. Albert F. Scnorrn Rtchnrd NI. Scott Se-c 2 Al . . Qll2ll'fL'f . r5...g1 ln-'ll pull l,ucl4y ul Albert Sciurrzl Nc-w York. N. Y. Columbia Unimfvrsily . tcnnr nl' thc lrislnnznmk . . fltflllllll songs lns spcclnl- lw lmn tlmc rngln nmsw :mtl ll Sully' Rznnal . . . tht- Xlr. tlu- pt-nny' pltclnng clrcnlt. llll Y 4, " Q Merle A. Schultz Svc l Holly. Col. lVIu-atm: College Dutclty . . . quict :mtl good-nzntnrt-tl . . . I'L'1ll xxcstcrncr from fricmllint-ss In nnlel ncccnt . . . witlfly rrnvt-lt-tl lant yt-:trams to su' tnurv . . . llll-l'UlllNl zltll- It-tc. Richard M. Scott Soc 8 Johnstown. Pa. lulmstoun Higll School Scotty . . . t-vcr sec xi tlrt-.nn walli- ing? . . . rlmst- llX'C-lllllllllk' lwrcgllas lwctwccn naps :src ll lmtlwr . . . kcups up Ill lm Sl'lllllt'S LIIUXXLIX . . . slmttcx lung on tln' lu-nm, nxtl1 lm plwuwg xn In l:'rlxt'ln1:. Aurel M. Seifert Justin A. Seller Aurel Seifert Sec 7 Yonkers, N. Y. College of the City of New York Carries the biggest horn in the hand . . . also, ll great deal of grey matter upstairs-to judge by his nezulemie reeortl . . . ll cliljrerent laugh . . . inter- est in astronomy, mzithemzlties, zmcl elzissiezil music. Lyle G. Settle Irving H. Share Lyle G. Settle Sec 4 Syracuse, N. Y. Syracuse Central High School Set . . . determined to be an indi- yitluzilist, as English Department has lezirnetl . . . midnight organist . . . practices on ohstzlele course . . . one ol lew who really untlerstzmcl Courses I, II, and lll . . . got his BA. swimming :lt Bryn M ziwr. 'K ll ll 3 '4' E Justin A. Seiler Sec 3 Mansfield, Ohio Purdue University ,luiee . . . llgiverlord's gilt to the women . . . it's ll gootl thing telephone ezllls :ire only ll nickel . . . olel Section fs hest orziror . . . :is gi eiviligin eom- mutecl hetween lfloritlli :intl Ohio . . . good right entl in l'. 'lf games. Irving H. Share Sec 3 Salem, Mass. Rutgers University Hoihie . . . New lil1gl1lllLl'S "Share" of l'lllVL'l'lAUl'Ll . . . week-ends in New lirunswielc, weeks in No. 69 . . . low mam on the 'liotem Pole . . . l'Qhner's pet nemesis . . . elm sweep with only one type of broom . . . "Uh, you're 5110011 ClL'VL'l'.n Roger W. Sheldon Earl IVI. Sherwood Roger W. Shcldon Sca: I Granvillv. N. Y. Grarwillv High School on :my lmnsclmzzll aliumoml . . . L'VL'll il llls slmpccl lilac :I tromlmonu . . . olml lmzlml :lt Slll'YCXlllg-XvL'l'lllUllI moun- tzuns :xml lJCLlllllllll gll'lS . . . that our- cloors looli tlmt lmrmgs tlmcm lmloors. liogvr rlu- Lorlgcr . . . can slidr- homc -w Horace F. Suemert Arthur H, Smger Horace: F. Sicnu.-rt Sec 5 Avalon. Pa. Pvunsylnxnia Slalv C0114-gc l'll'L'llKlll' . . . lllslj' . . , Lltlllrllm' . . . w:1sl11:1-1ol'111,g1l1 lorvslry . . , spa-mlx lux l'rr-c time' xxitlm laooks on ilu- slllwjwt . . . .lllrr ln- guts tlmrouglm luis jolv lor llllvlv Sum lu- lmoprs to mlm- cam- ol l'ncll-'s lon-at rn-sclwcs. llll r 1 " Q Earl M. Sherwood Arthur H. Singer Sec Z Bcrwinsdnlc, Pa. Svc 4 Rivcrdalv. N. Y. Pcnnsylnznia Slate College Non York University' lfnrl . . . lricmlly, ctcrnzllly goonl- ll. 'll .... ll lworn Singvr . . . Iglllivr. l1lllll0l'L'Cl . . . will try lll1yll1ll1g1 worth too . . . lormcrly took honors lll :uc- mlomg :xml work l11lI'Ll :lt If . . , gooll Cllllllllllgl , , , lwut IIILIIILIQLVS In grt out cnouglm to rcxnclm lus goal ol 1lgl'lClIl- l11USl'xXQLlllK'SklIlX mglmu . . . l1.lN .n m.11l- Iurznl L'llglllL'Cl'. mg lm .ns long :ls N-urs lloululclfs . . . signs :ill lux lvttvrs "l.ox'u" ..,. :ml ol course yolfu' scum his slstulfs plcturc. Paul H. Smith Royal B. Smith Frederick P. Stein Robert E. Stoner Paul H. Smith Frederick P. Stein Sec 5 Clinton, N. Y. Sec 2 Sayville, N. Y. Clinton High School Sayville High School "Uuuuh, Georgeln . . . lean, lanky, Fred . . . 21 friend forever . . . one of allways smiling . . . Sm1ttv's one of the the few in the Army he-fore Haverford top men on that chxnnpionslnp See 5 Ll1lyS . . , living hy the fxfl1lllIlC gave Imll teznn . . . 1llS01I lwig four-letter nmn him ll love for the sen . . . football wlnz. .lt Clinton lligh . . . eivil servzlnt .lt :Xir Corps liaise lu-fore the xvzn' . . . nmlwition: l3llZll'lll1lCy :lt University of xllkjlllgllll. 'A' ll ll Q 'A' E Royal B. Smith Robert E. Stoner SCC 5 Cl1iCJgU, Ill- Sec 6 Massillon, Ohio Purdue Unirersily lllassillon High School llutl . . . tglll, goml-looking . . . Boli . , . :ulxvays helpful, never servile xxmnen nho pursue Inm are lns olwses- . . . gn lmzml norker with good lllL'IlS . . . sion . . . will rememlwer New York Ins feet on the gronnml, lns liezul lll the neelvenmls gnul lliellnestlgnv nights at eloncls . . . an przuctlenl meehzinie :mtl the fireeliis . , . one of our lirst smlnznl- electrician, generally' useful with his ron legnclers . . . eootl oflieer mnterixul. lizlncls . . . noren1I1l'lis,ple:1se. Roald W. Strut: Malcolm M. Swett Roald W. Strutz SOC 7 Chicago, Ill. Illinois lnsrirurv of Tvrlmology Roald . . . clclinitt-ly not thc typi- wlth mhihitions . . . lt-zulur of South l3zu'clz1y's morc nufgnious uctivitics . . . his smiling pun lnnkcs xxonwn swoon . . . known to Ins intinmtcs :is "Cud- dlcsn . . . hc is ht-p, hut good. ov. Paul Thau Arthur D. Tucker Paul 'lihau Sec l Ni-w York. N. Y. College of lllc City of Nvu York P. 'li .... haircut cninlnnvs mxitm- xxith shot- lwruslm , . . Ngipolvoniv It-nd l'lIL'll'S-Pl'Ul!1ll1lX from living with ml ll Nllkl.ll ln-:ulul ro:-iiiiiignu . . . nu - ' count-uriont . . . civilian in lllSj1lllSl'--- und disgust. .Thro- w " Q Malcolm M. Swett Sec 7 Middlebury. Vt. Alilllllfblllj' ffollvgv lllnc . . . this Ycrmont school tcncli- cr is our zuiswcr to llorgicc Nlgnnn . . . hc isn't lmviml vt-ry oltun hut xxhgnr Sonic guys XX'0lllKllliI gin' to suv his CXLIINS . . . Llllcl' lllt' Hill' liupvs In Cllll' tinut- cnliglut-ning the l1lt'l11lWL'l'S ol Kvllfs llill Sflltilll. Arthur D. Tuckcr Sec S hv'1.ll'-lll10l1. N. lflmira .-lxiarion Ground Sflmol luck . . . ll l'L'1ll hlond . . . tht- pun aiu- typt- . . , un olitdoor nun xx ho inndt- rlu- lxorsu luck rnlu .1 slltuw. Qlllkl lllt' Xuwli ' 4 tn la in .llullnorr nn in ul'.llllt' . , . k'l'lllY lor tht- Xu' korpx 5 i Michael C. Tulevech Winthrop M. Tuttle Raymond A. Ulmer Arthur Unger Michael C. Tulevech Ray Ulmer Sec 3 New York, N. Y. Sec 3 Chicago, Ill. New York University l'Vrigl1l junior College hlilcc thc tool . . . Il natural horn Ray . . . one of Mayor Kclly's rabid big-shot . . . lit major :it N. Y. U. . . . hut toolt cnough accounting to qualify for C. P. :X .... totcs ll Phi Beta Kappa lacy on thc sly . . . wants to write . . . sci: In Eclirlozi and Pm'-illrti!z1t1'o11,i'. New Dculcrs . . . rczids Poll., too . . . ll lihcrnl :irts disciple, hc found 'lihc Calculus hzirdcr than that we-ck cud restriction hc :ind the boys got when the Lynnbrook inspector unexpcctcdly showed up . . . Ray ncvcr walks . . . works hard. i 'Ill A 5 " E Winthrop Tuttle Sec 2 Oneida, N. Y. W'illiams College 'llut .... 'Xl'Cl1lt"S inziinstziy on tht- cowhidc . . . contrihutingg lllflst to thc .Yrzc Yorkrr' with hopcs . . . :also to 121 Effiuloiz . . . oh, thosc Sztturtlgiy nights spt-nt washing clothcs . . . ht- L'l'lll'lly inclincd . . . countt-rp1u't ol colllltt'1'p:1l'ts . . . Cllll scc ovcl' lllltl gihovt' t-vci'ytl1iiig, hut tlicrt-'s Lilwziys that vector. Arthur Unger Sec 4 New York, N. Y. College of Ilze City of New York 'l'ht- most litcmry-mindcd student rlmr thc qlriny cvcr zlttcmptcd to hh-- rt-orologizt -,.. his l'rr-.llrr column, conx'c1'sz1tion, :ind czipcrs consistcntly confound thosc unzicquziintcd with his intriczitc thought proccsscs . . . will hc an tcrrihc succt-ss il' hc can :icquirc ll spt-cific zimhition. Myron J. Urdnng George Vande Snnde John L. Vines Gvorgc Vandvsnndc Src 5 Rochester. N. Y. Unirvrsily of lllirhigan Ynmly . . . rlw tliinlccr . . . xi smili- tliznl twinlilus . . . rlwsi- clznly lcttcrs tu l'iu-clclic . . . ll wlnz ln an clurkrnmn lmlnn't gct us wrnngl . . . zinurlicr cn- j.LlllL'Cl' gone astray. if . ll ll 4,- 3 " E Nlyron Urdang John I.. Vines Sec 2 Shaker Heights. Ohio Soc 3 Fort Eduard. N. X University of Pennsylvania Furl lfdnaml High Scluml Bud . . . Smilin' N1-xxr . . . will lu-t Alulinniu . . . yuifu' xx.nm-il nn tln nn nnytlnng :incl gin- you txwnly tvlvplwm- . . . :lcv lwgislwrlvgillvl' . . . l points . . . sings CU!lIlI1llUllSlX1 no coin- S li cmxm-rlimis innlu- lnni Ling of tlu nu-nt . . . COHSL'lL'lIIIUllS worlxcl' . . . Xurrli lignrclgn um' .... :nil Iliff--1 .1 has lns L-5 c un thc lgnx . . . .ls ll cn- lwlnc funn girl . . . clinging X inu. I' C L' I' . Marvin Z. Wallen Richard H. Warren Ernest S. Weiner Richard R. Warreli Sec 1 Boston, Mass. Haverford College Back Bay Dick . . . Haverford to Haverford via the Army . . . Spike would like an introduction some lovely afternoon . . . is that hat G. l.? . . . yes, and it's awfully good looking . . . Bryn or Balti- . . . the Mawr the merrier. ll ll f I I 5' rf Nlarvin Z. Wallexm Ernest Weiiier Sec 1 Absecon. N. Sec 2 Clifton, N. Dickinson College Rutgers University rlihe Z . . . fails exams with 93's . . . lfrnie . . . current in room 69's high studles-lYfC:',i'fc'r4'lySutlrrfluyF'z't'11111g potential . . . consistent eapturer of l'o,vt, telephone directories, ete .... 'VX curious collections such as grades good soldier always gripes" . . . that ahove 90 . . . fllL'I'L'I1lf1ll1lI'lg.I ten divided smile goes to hed with him. in thoughts ol Brooklyn and Philly . . . quiet, with reserve . . . once of Spikos "Seasoning for the Staunch and Sturdvn . . . later retired to "Stand hy Your Guns." s- ,, .a Wnllnce F. White. Jr. Harry D. Wood Chester A, Znnuewsku Harry D. Wfoocl Svc 5 Chicago. Ill. Havvrfunl College Dummy . .. ll:nvcrlm'cl's gilr to Ilnv- crlorcl . . . sa-ctlnn Ivzulcr off :uul cm . . . rcmcmlwr "l:1H'r, Vlgllllw . . . SIIICKTL' . . . cririvnl . . . lllS1l,2l'k'Cl1lL'l1T lnrings :ls- lUllISl1I11Cl1I . . . ullSlL'I1 boy" Ins zulmo- llltloll. llll ,, w " Q Whllacc F. Wflmite, Jr. Chester A. Zanicwski Sec 4 Moumnin Lakes. N. Sec 8 Eric. Pa. Rutgers University Academy High School Xvzllly . . . gl-ninl, gmul-mltllrul . . . Kllllllhli . . . lust nun to lu- pgnill . . . hrst mgm to clan' to gcf ll 11-:ll GI llllll'- l1k'.S ll nlllllyu lull . . . gnlalxctul to gn'- cut by tlu' collugl- lTLlI'lN'I' . . . unc ol mg flllllllllg culn111v11I.1r1n un l1'fIlll'L'S flu' lllL'glllll'tlS Ill ilu- XXJIICI' cxllllvltlull .mal mln-n ln' runs, ln' pours . , . lllllllg . . . pust-wan' Lll11l5lIlUllI Ll1X'lllllll1UL'- Hnznlxst lll this M-ctxon-lux IN tlu' last Clllilillllll. SCL'Ulltl1lI'Y . . . "lull out ll! xxonl. . g2lSl111lSliS, snmvslmcs, :xml . . .' X. Q 055 these are shots of work and play in school and in the ranks, at four o'clock the physics drill turns into real right flanksf' ! AT EASE X, -N xxx' 'i-ex cr -ff fe he g Xi - - ,W f N g t, X S WE BEQUEATH 3, N Vx? 5 X li, the memhers ol the llaverlord College 'liechnical 'liraining lie- taelnnent, being ol reasonably sound mind, with earelul judgment. supreme good nature, and malice alorethought, do hereby proclann the lollowing to he the true Last Will and lestament of said lletaclnnentz Our favorite nickle-ilated :resumed vector, 'uaranteed not to shrink. . . . l . l , lr . , dissolve, burn, or interlere with the taking of derivatives, is to heeome the property of Mr. Kikuchi. X . , lo Baylor liierbaum we leave our glass cutter. lllardness ol edge-- 9.S320l.J For Charles Clements we provide the sum of ten l lOl dollars to he in- vested in safe securities at the discretion of the executor, the income lrom which Qthe securities, not the executorl shall be used to provide him 4Clem- ents, not the executor! with sustenance-stew and beans-for the rest of his QC, N il' li, of coursel "natural" life. Our treasured volume of Di l'fl'7lfl'!11Ef ll!lHiU7Lf for lligli Srl1r1olS!iuff11t.f I . we hereby leave to Dr. Allendoerfer. 'lihe executor of this estate, from the residue thereof. is to mrovide Archie . . , . ,, . I . lubend me to the lront where it s quiet! J johnson with a new pair of gold and blue earmulls. 'Q To Dr. Richard M. Sutton we leave our stainless steel lfrector Set as oui' contribution to the progress of scientihc research. S We take this opportunity to render the city of Philadelphia a half- X hearted apology for numerous invidious comparisons with various cities. XS towns, villages, hamlets, and farms. N Uur russet-hound, gold-trimmed copy of the Infantry Drill .llaniiaf as 'X well as our genuine first edition ol Pon Rfgillatimif we will to Sergeant Hesse. To Dr. Henry in his erstwhile capacity as representative ol the Nohle Urder ol Colleagues we leave one pair ol opera glasses, three 13D jars ol' Btlls lc whi 5 conditioner, and our liest climhin Y irons. P if S For the use of Sergeant Cleaveland we leave our meter sticks. vernier calipers, and micrometers, the hetter to measure hed cuffs with. From the residue of the estate is to lie set aside Slllll for the purchase of a ferry line across Cohlfs Creek, provided that the executor can persuade Dr. Le Galley to manage the enterprise, standing on the shore and exhorting people to "get on the boat." contributed to the Home for 'l'he proceeds from this business .ire to he .Xdiahatic Nleteorologists. lo Sergeant Sloman and Private Hown w e leave our iron lung and ont R X3 i 7.1 ,X NF X-iii-1-Q i K, XX S X X x 'Q li S+ X x X f half-crate of vitamins, including .-X, B, C, Dx 8 in-lj ln-21 -lx K! Our pocket book edition of Ho-rc' to Cure Stammuririg we leave to Dr Snyder. 'lio the Haverford College Library we leave whatever shall be the unex- pired part of our subscription to True Rorizfiizcrxv. Our supply of black chalk we leave to Dr. Oakley. XVe hereby relinquish all right in all libel suits pending against all or J any member of the 1 re-illvtitfztimi stall. 'lio Miss Beard we leave our jar of sulpha pills. Our collection of dead cats is to be sold at auction, the proceeds of which are to be devoted to the modernization ol Barclay Hall. 'lio Dr. llaviland we leave one carton of chalk-and matches. Our Siglzt,rm'r'.r Guide io NU-ze York we leave to Norman Kranz. lo Barber Nlisciagna we leave our prize non-magnetic, split-second, gyroscopic, sidereal stop watch and our old datebooks lor use in registering appointments. Our special Boa Constrictor Super-Chargo sound wave analyzer, syn- thesizer, and supervisor we leave to Dr. Pepinsky. Our vast accumulation of text books, pamphlets, handbooks, maps, and other academic implements ive leave to the aggressive intellectualism of Bryn Mawr. lo the gay metropolis ol Ardmore we leave our sport coats and pegged trousers. lo the Kilimanjaro lflectrical Company we leave our bell system, com- plete with vicious little button and nerve-paralyzing chimes. Our Kiddie Kolor Books are to be distributed among the children of .Xrdmore to give them a briel reconnaissance ol the situation that obtains in the great valley ol no major importance, the Great Valley. 'lio Sergeant U'Hanlon we leave one "unyoused" you. XVe leave the one to three and three to five guard shifts as a means of providing work lor unemployed night watchmen. All property not accounted for in this will is to be converted into cash and donated to Haverford College lor the erection ol a building devoted to the teaching ol vector mechanics. It is to he called Conlounder's Hall. nav QIDRD Pu- - ' t ,7-7x2f2" ' Xxx X X M liwlwd hid..-.-kly M thi' mx AAIf'l'l'lJ X f X N If .tzlvcrford Collvgv, Havcrford, l'1'l11uylv.1ni.l tm t tt t t gk t J X "WT do tht' ilupusslblc t"l'l'l'f' lun ncrlcs. XXX w 'flu' miraculous rulers a lilllc lnngvrf' , D EDITORS l.e-onard Klntz Ruin-rt ,Xronsa n ff! .XSSOCI.'t'l'HS L " I j Robert Brumnwr Nlyrnn Lzmnin X 6 .lohn Burnvtt Nlichzu-l 'l'uI4-xich I U Thomas t'hristian Arthur Singvr JH - ' I 4 Norman Kranz .Xrthur l'm:cr ,lx X . .KRT STA I-'I-' Xi V I Donald 1' lam-rn Puxkar tt ',,f JMR ,C go. 'I'I'll'HNll'.tl, V . X , X --IN ECHELON' f f" ll Matthew Kosmidnr N' 5. -:-15353 I X f " h the staff organizvd and the printin l! fl ' lik-,-u phutngraphy cnntractx signed. '- ' ff, A 4? x 3 X N M A at If I V ,MJ EXE! N t i Sf f fl - .i i s . ' . xx Wil l94l PEARL HARBOR -1943 KX NA X ff FEBRUARY 12, 1944 HAVERFORD WPRE-METUITATIONS Page 2 "PRE-MET" IN REVIEW REPORT T0 THE DETACHMENT After Bill Hope and LAST NEWS STORY Tom Friedman won 2- 1 GRADUATION PROGRAM two-2 dollars for the prize-winning misno- mer, Pre-Metitations, Y Editors Len Klotz and Bob Aronson paced their staffs through a biweekly deadline from April to Feb- ruary. Among others, Mort Lippman's nThe Ballad of Double A,n Bob Brummer's nHow I Got My Commission,n Mike Tulevech's dy- namic New York-Chic- ago feud with Norm Kranz, Art Unger's nStrictly From Hun- ger,n Art Singer's nln Cadence,n John Burnett and Tom Christian's nFor the Birds,n Mike Lanin's nThe Battle of the lsarithims,N and Don Pitkoff, Don Bender, and Bob Puskar's car- toons will long be remembered. In case you come back, a per- manently bound volume is on file in the library. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 1944 8.00 P. M. Basketball Game . . Gymnasium FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 1944 9.00 P.M.-l P.M. Military Ball . Gymnasium Howard Lanin and Orchestra SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 1944 2.30 P.M. Military Revue . Walton Field Military Awards 4.00 P.M. Musical Review .. Roberts Hall 'Stand By Your Guns' 6.00 P.M. Tea and Buffet Supper'.Gymnasium 8.00 P.M. Commencement Exercises Roberts Hall Presentation of Academic Certificates: Major General Joe N. Dalton Director of Personnel, Headquarters Army Service Forces Greetings: Felix Morley, President of Haverford College. Commencement Address: Major General Joe N. Dalton 9:30 P.M. Reception . . . Founders Hall I .."ii'i1f.e r 0 6' I iv'-u , j . I .au-Lu.:-F--rv,-.--l vt. N -Ah? ,.3i',' " .- .4 - 1 'N - -4 , Y . ' . ' E 4- .Z - . , IHCSH-vyg pwi'1Q'E'i1' . .5 gf, 'il-"".v:--gt." ' '.7'.""- AQ, A' . fe? ""'iNlll':lvl1i: 1 'CTV Z f 'fl Jai- 5 Y ' . '.,, ... g f' . , . juni.. . ,iff A ,1f"",' I, V Pic.:-E:,-.J S . ' Pi N. fi? ,5 L. . U . 'ff'-f7"w' ' .. " A ' fu-H l s P o R T s ' l' l lull we became used to the idea al attending college in olive drab aiul after the wintry blasts had slackened, our thoughts turned toward sports. Before an official sports program had been inaugurated numer- ous basketball and football games were held during off-duty hours. 'lihe first step toward an athletic program was the detachment basketball team organized by Sgt. Al Sloman. 'l'he team, consisting of Axon, Berlin, Ca ilin Deutsch "NlVll"Schlesin'er Vines lVlur uh' Gar' Cha man Black 1 , , , 7 7 Y Y and jones, in four scheduled games triumphed three times, being beaten by the Lower Merion Police, whom we had beaten in a previous game by an overwhelming score. 'lihe other victims were the Haverford College junior Varsity and an all-star intramural quintet. 'lihe next step was the introduction of football and soccer leagues, with each section represented by one team in each sport. After keen competition Section 7, comprised of jones, Gary, Strutz, Fahnestock, Bookatz, l,eanza, Pangborn, King, Noble, Dunn, and Bomberger, proved to be the champions of the football league as they beat Section 4 in a play-off game for the cham- pionship. Outstanding among the players in the league were jones, Gary, R. Smith, Axon, Madison, Faynor, Lutz, Pierson, Chapman, "NNN" Schles- inger, Glover, Welty', Nagy, and Darfler. Section 1 won the soccer cham- pionship, just outlasting Section 4, which won its last six games. 'lihe Section 1 team was made up of Klotz, Ebner, Aronson, VVallen, Dodd, Murphy, Becker, Hessman, Warren, Lempert, and Poul. As the Pennsylvania summer began to assert itself and we began to wonder why we had to wear neckties, the softball season got under way. Clad in shorts and 'li shirts we fought for the honor of our various sections. Soon after the start of the competition, it became evident that Section 5 would experience little difficulty in annexing the crown in the Class A League. After losing three out of their first sis games, they won 23 games in a row and breezed to the title. The combination which wrought such devastation was made up of Blackburn, Christian, Axon, Burnett, McGrath, Flaws, Seimert, R. Smith, P. Smith, and Collins. Foremost players in the squadron were: Axon, Seimert, Darfler, Nagy, jones, Gary, Strutz, Schultz, Lutz, Friedman, Madden, Faynor, Santimauro, Powell, Chapman, and "XMI" Schlesinger. Although the playing in rlie Class B league did not approximate Class A calibre, the competition was no less keen. Section -l ran rough-shotl over all competition to win. Section 3 had the dubious honor of ending the season with a large symmetrical goose-egg in the win column. K Q' During the hot days of summer we had the opportunity of swimming 5. ' in Haverford's Jool, which resembles an element of area "dvdx." Une da , i 1 , , y -3 -4' each week one section chased the wide variety of marine life found in the . N,-eg pool. Functional swimming was the name given to this activity. The high- Wl "V , light of the season was the functional swimming demonstration presented by rixtitii-K Sgt. Al Sloman and an all-star cast consisting of Farrow, Pierson, hlurphy, 7- "V Renuck, lxatzmann, Friedman, lYlcGrath, Hessmann, VVarren, Epstein, Caplin, Darfler, VVhite, Santimauro, Deutsch, Rettig, and Lutz. , -3 'lhrou hout the whole urofram a keen sectional rivalrv ersisted be- ,, V g i s . P H -B.-vijyf . tween the ltast and Midwest. Although many assertions of physical prowess j.: were made, the only competitive clash between the two factions came with i f '1 fs! " a softball game between two representative teams. 'lihe first contest resulted , in a 3-5 tie, and in a second game the East won 1-0. The East was repre- ':""..1.'ivf ,- ,B . . . - . . . . w7'5'ff""e"""' -" " sented by Sheldon, Schaefer, Santimauro, Blackburn, Seimert, Axon, Mad- den, Chapman, Ferguson, Pitkoff, and Pierson. The Midwest was repre- C, sented by the following: Friedman, Schultz, R. Smith, Christian, Flaws, f' 5 Strutz, Faynor, lf. Nelson, Gibbs, Lutz, and Darfler. Rx., LW- Last fall football once more claimed our attention. The close competi- r9i'-'-i3-- tion of the spring was duplicated, and the calibre of play did IlOt seem W , affected by the academic depletion of our ranks. Sections -1- and 7 once W K more shared the spotlight, with Section 7 proving itself a shade the better. At the time of this writing the basketball team has begun its second , 1'-E, I C, Q, season. 'lihe prospects for a highly successful court campaign are good. 5, -15" 'li'kl,'f'lq VVhile Manager Fahnestock's boys are short on height, they are long on 'll fffiyk'-i+'il'Y','1'W fight and their play has been marked by good shooting and ball handling. 'lr f 'lihus far the team has registered impressive victories over Haverford School, ' if Friends Central School, Haverford Collefe and Swarthmore Colle e. Black- -, t , g burn, jones, Axon, and Ferguson have provided the scoring punch, while Gary has functioned effectively on the defense and as a cohesive force. v 4' R. Smith, P. Smith, Burnett, Siemert, Collins, Deutsch, Black, and McGrath round out the s uad. fy-x . 74' q eff- 5"Pl,5kf' J . ' 'A' 1, All in all, we have had a full sports calendar. In many ways it has been """:m an essential part of our training program. It has helped to keep us up to w i-Armin' . . . . , ' Arm' hvsical standards, has yrovided the necessarv dailv breather from JS.. ,Mak 5 P - l t - hours of accelerated academic work, and, perhaps most important of all, has . contributed to that psychological state of mind associated with having fun. ' ' None of us will be verv much sur wrised if we remember some of the im or- , . i P Q ,,1,f'. tant games, close scores, and stand-out playing long after we've forgotten f b' -Eff, R -5 that -I' sing x dx : PHX - sin x cos xl + c. i 5 . ,I I ' I ' ' N',,'1'l l,..o il' 'h A.. , ff' PM -' 1 , , rm .: f 4 all 5' 4 f-3 -i -.. lv' 1 ---.N , ,- . we ef- ' -17.15 ' ' Sf "1 Qmiiix X nzF 1- Y x -?- j N GATHERING UMICONI-1 once saitl, "the truth is unas- sailablef' ln this prophet-y tht- trttth will be ztssailetl tnany tunt-s but wt- are striv- ing for entertainment rather than exactnt-ss. 'l'herefore, tlo not take all you rt-atl too st-rious- ly. After thorough analysis, tht- following rep- resents ottr findings withottt too much thought. As we gaze into tht- future ottr penetrating eyes discover the following: I,vt.ta SET'rt,ti is constructing bridges . . . with an erector set. PAUL SMl't'tt is nznnetl assistant to Harry Bridges as a new cry sweeps the country: "De- port Bridges antl Smith." Gtaotttsti l"Attttow with his "makes you wanta cotnmit suicide" music opens at tht- Congo Club in Greenwich Village. Gtaoktsts l31.At'KtstntN hits at homt--run with the bases Ioatletl to go aheatl of Charlie Keller in batting. At. Sctottrox opt-ns his fourth gam- bling casino on -l3rtl street in New York. 'l'oNY lJlPHII.I.lPU nominated for presitlent on tht- Republican ticket. His platform, "No twelfth term for Roosevelt." Mott-r Lu-t-1xtAN's smash hit, "'l'hret- U'Cloek slump," still first on the Hit Parade after 27 wet-ks. NICK licKEttt.ts is appointed weather-forecaster for the St. l,otu',v Clollc'-Drnzocrar. DICK SCOTT is modeling "Slumber-Sottntl" mattresses in Johnstown, Pa. BILL CttAvtaN wins tht- Nobel Prize for Science with his amazing Theory of Negligibil- ity. lin fiAS'l'l-IN named most prominent citi- zen in Thiensville, YVisc. as he wins eorn-httsk- ing titlt-. Senator lJoNAt.n Loma stages fiery 32-hour filibuster in U. S. St-nate. 'liotxt Fallin- MAN sets aside a ftmtl to buy cigarettes for servicemen who have lost their tnoney in crap games. lin Gurus succeeds Dr. Oakley as ht-atl of Department of hlatht-matics at Haverfortl Uollt-ge. .-Xkettti-' hlouxsow given tht- hot-dog eon- cession at liatlio City blustc llztll. blfxtttq l.t'lstitt resigns as military attaelit- to llt-ru. Ctmttttas Gtmttmt l'ntLt,u-s' book Gt'lIt'l'ft'tIff5' CLOUDS .S1n't1l't1l.g rt-avht-s tlit- fifth t-tlittou. l,tu ls fil.llNI-K ratt-tl a lit-ttt-r xiolnust than Yvlintli hlenuhiu by tht- once great lasrlia lltilt-tx. Citftittata lXlljKl'llY submits plan to the prtst- tlent which Xktlllltl provitlt- for retlistriliutiou of the national income. ,lofi Nottt-.N wins :NHC bowling ehguupion- ship for st-eontl consecutive yt-ar. lfktu Sit- txuattr nametl t-hit-f fort-stt-r for Yellow stout- Na- tional l'ark. hltxt lfttttt-At.-tx makes his tlt-but with tht- lXlt-tropolitan l.ife lusuranee Co. .Xiu UNC!-IR propost-s plan whereby ttnit vectors wotlltl be ust-tl on signs along roatls instt-atl of the conventional arrow. Nottxru Kttfxxz named Secretary of State in new cabinet shake- up. Nluqta Lasts tlt-signs Still ll. l'. engine which burns only moth-balls. Master-Sergeant lit-LN littootts celebrates his 25th anniversary in the army. S'r.ftNt.t1v A. Settttistxtstitt appointed to tht- Supreme Court bench. Ro.At.tJ STRLITZ intt-rrupts movie career to star in "Romeo :intl -lulit-t" in stage tour. lJoN BooKA'1'z indicted for monopoly of lflori- tla fruit trade. -lonx Vtxtis intliett-tl for income tax evasion. Gtiotttsu Kxrzxt.-xxx lt-ads twpetli- tion into the heart of Swaziland. -llkl Motto- Ntiv ritles "Scratch Sheet" to victory in Ken- tucky Derby. Dow Ptrttorr signs contract to paint murals for nt-w historical museum in Nfghan- istan. XVtx'ruttoP 'l't'TTt.H denounet-tl by Yon- lt't'r,r Utizfltr for his soeialistic tt-ntlt-ncies. BILL QRTLLINS named to play leading rolt- in "Frank Sinatra, the Klan." Dottg Kltfitt.-x't'tt voted the best tlressetl man in New York by I-'orrnm' tnagavine. lfitwtx Gttt'xtxt.t-tt gives flute concert in Carnegie Hall. hltittttv lilRl,lN t-let-tt-tl president of XYC'lil'. Rotarit Stu tnos nanit-tl Dean of Yvonten at Sweet Briar College. Cutt. Notttfx aseends Xlt. lfvt-rt-st on .i motor- cycle. Dos ll.xvt-'s aeelqiimt-tl new eowbot ht-ro of llollywootl. Klum: lhtow s shoots lfth m.ui for looking at his wife. Liss KLU'l'Z takes over editorship ol the newspaper Pall. CHIYI' ZANIEWSKI sets forth revolutionary rules lor liody development. "Bun" SIvII'rH clinches the Yardon trophy by his performance in the liam kfigllllllltl' open golf tournament. -IoHN CoR- Rlli elected president of Ainerican Steel lfoun- dry. Russ REINIICK acclaimed poet ol the peo- ple by the Rotary Club. Riax liARY completes eighth hitch in the Ariny and says the only thing wrong with army lite is that there is too much drilling aIId Illillllitylllg around between meals. Bois BRUMMER named caddy-master at lnverness Country ClIIb. lio HAZLIL named commandant of West Point. GLENN BURG- WALD reported safe in Russia after parachute jump from the Empire State building. RAY ULIXIER perfects his electronic potato-masher and jumps to the fore of American scientists. LEo SAYRI-Q petitions Congress to raise the al- coholic content of "GI beer" from 3.2 per cent to 75.2 per cent. Bois FOSTER wins the heavy- weight boxing championship in a slashing 3- round victory. BILL RUSSELL demands free- dom of speech for husbands. CARL FLAWS elected national commander of American Le- gion at annual convention in Libertyville, Ill. ART SINGER succeeds judge K. M. Landis as commissioner of baseball. IQRNIE HUBBARD completes design for a new B-IS-1 ten-engine bomber. VIACK LAWRENCE opens new riHe range on the Mall in Vklashington, D. C. DIRI-L slI:LLIiIXIA elected state's attorney for lX'lichigan. DR. l':RNliS'l' RUACH'S treatise, "The Signifi- cance of the Fifth Derivative in the Metabo- lism and Catabolism of the Cells of the Brain, astounds the scientific world. PAUL 'l'HAU he- lieved to be in 'lianna 'liouva in new ellort to cement world relations. an lxlllili ,llUl.lQVliL'H elected to board of direc- tors of Dull 'liool VVorks. Qillkllll-I l3o'I"I'oIvI ob- tains patent on revolutionary Inilk-bottle top. lxlllfl' RosENTHAL urges adoption of a resolu- tion which would provide a home for weather- beaten meteorologists. HAXNK DEUTscII runs flllll'-llllllllft' mile but fails to elude police. lgliRNlli RL'DNlL'K named to star in Nlihe Life of Superman." .lIIxI IJAVIS elected president of United hline Xvorkers Union iiI new effort to boost coal production. Ron lloIfIfIxIAN pro- poses plan to Cleveland City Council for tlIe erection of a statue of Dick 'liracy in the llllllll waslm-room ol the Statler Hotel. fJSL'AR BLARI-3 introduces new type of wheat to southern farmers. lX'lEliR1LL lVlUM- lX1l:R'I'lS attempt to cross the country on stilts ends at Cairo, Illinois. DR. ARTHUR BERGER reveals a new preventative for spinal meningi- tis. l3II.I. IDQURUNIU becomes chief stockholder in the Continental Corset, Sewerpipe, and Per- fume Co. Congress demands investigation of lJAYli lYlUSiiRAY1iqS cleaning and dyeing com- pany. .IIIYI DUNN takes over "The Singing Lady's" program. Bois LEADER wins Ohio State Chess Championship in thrilling four-day match. WAYNE FAHNESTOCK opens a glass-blow- ing school at Lititz, Pa. CHARLIE REID given honorary degree at impressive ceremonies at Montclair State 'lieachers College. "YING,' .IUNIQS coaches Highland Park High to Illinois State Debating Championship. JACK CASTRO- Novo named special envoy to Vatican City. Boisisiis lgUlX'lBliRllIiR wins North American Ski Championship as spectators sing ". . . Bom- berger never fails." FRANK LEANZA and his flea circus start international tour. "DoMINIC" PANoIzoRN reels in record muskie near Menomi- nee, Mich. ,IAcK lNlIl,l,ER reveals his month-old marriage to Shirley Temple. HARRX' VVooD starts chicken farm in Chi- cago's loop. RALPH McKEE assumes owner- ship of Pittsburgh Pirates. GUIDO LARI stars in new Broadway show. "Best Arm Upward." Bill Stern calls DANNY Asi-Is "the fastest hu- man." CLIFF BRYANT voted San Quentin's Inost industrious alIIInnus. BILL LEACH suc- ceeds Will Hays as moving-picture censor. Better times predicted. RAY BURRUS perfects plan for production of synthetic silk from dis- carded hottle-caps. Tom AXUN investigates decreasing birth-rate in eastern Nigeria. LOUIS glAlflfli opens Army-Navy store. LEo Pos'rREI,'s new quiz show "Rake It or Leave lt" receives NY2ll'lTl reception. EARL SIIERNVUUD starts plan to cut a picture of the Smith liros. on the Burlington lfscarpment. RAY ScIIRAIxIIyI offered a position with the Galesville Symphony Orchestra. Bois ARON- soN named New York's IHUSI personable taxi- rider by the .Yr-rc' Yorker. 'IIIXI GREENE be- comes new star of horror pictures. hloHNNY fillUNl'.K is sued lor divorce hy wile numher 5. llAL'Kli'I"I' ousted as head ol Vertnout l"armer's llssociation. littwm KIDIIN discusses proliletn ol oil shortage lielore a Senate cont- inittee. Dout: l,AL'otut soon to heeome na- tional leader ol' the lioy Scouts. .lute lVlAlJlHiN signs with the lirooklyn Dodgers lor an estimated Jl25,llUll. Don Ort-Ll-LN takes ovet' the tnanagersltip ol' llart, Scliallner, and lVlarx. lttvmta Sllitlili opens lfuller lirush branch in lfiji lslands. Noiuxmn litackiitt opens souvenir shoppe in Nome, Alaska. jouNNv BLACK hailed lor his hiting satire on ifktncricati customs in lltirpi-r'.r. liuier liotuiow ohtains contract to make harracks liags lot' U. S. Artny. JOHN BUitNie'r'r starts new revolution in lre- land. BILL lJARI-'l.liR replaces l,ionel liarry- more in Dr. Kildare pictures. lion lftiiuzuson swims lfnglish Channel in a strait-jacket. Ctmkttiv lltixituict.iuAN is teaching dancing in Cotton Valley, Louisiana. l'lvtaiuc'i"t' Ltawts de- livers greatest speech since Gettysburg :Xddress at opening of the Detroit World's lfair. lfinen lVlAR'rlN reported sale in Tahiti after a glider crash. ERNIE NACIY sued for liliel hy Mrs. Nagy. Lista Pnskson wins AAU weight-lifting title. lots SAul.oN perfects plastic ice-bag. Giaotuaii VANDE SANDIE named head of FBI. Gsoizoiz ARMOUR buys the famed Hope diamond. Dick l'il'l'ZSlMMONS named co-respondent as ,lackie Cooper sues for divorce. lXloR'r l':T'l'liLSTElN invents doleless houghnut. blouN HAt:ot'tAN appointed to stall at hlayo Clinic. Niin Lia- Flivkli returns from Alaskan trip with undis- closed amount ol' quantitative data. .IACK LIEISIER sets aside sinking fund for families of men lost in shipwrecks. lNlivr'r Ouiszktuwtcz elected national president of 'liom Mix Straight Shooters. ul"iRlENCllYi' Pout. helieved to he head of New York's numbers racket. MAC Swt-:TT replaces -lohn .I. .Xnthony on Good Will llour. lX'lvRoN Utumno sought for questioning in pin-hall scandals. Dick Wint- REN edits 'Ilritliology of Ri'flct'tetl lZi5.l'tIy.f. liitnssr Wismtatt gains attention in the Held ol child-psychology. 'lim B.-XRlJSl.liYlS recording of "GI jump" sells millionth copy. jonswv Bowsas undergoes lourth tonsilleetomy. Pun. BRANDIS lounds National Demerit Card Cor- poration. HARoi.o CHAVMAN recognized as Amcriea's foremost authority on earthwortns. lit1ttAl.n l'.ltNl-It t't-places l,on fostello in kli- lttitt-Qtislelltt ltittii. llv l'.l'NlI IN tllst ttsst s degenerate locus helore Rotary flult lit out I llt-,ssmtxx wins National Skeet Nlltuil llllt. .Xtmixt llttt-.ext tu makes guest zippeatpuitt- till llltl l'iashioned Revival llour. lion l.t Illl kim. poses lor pictures atlvcrtising Stittggies Hool- en liriels. .losll Ukt s wins llhotles scltolat- ship in a crap game. CllAIiI.l-,Y Sctmt-.iii-.n rt-stunt-s ellorts lu make lirooklyn a sovereign state. Xt, Rini tit. lotind panning lor gold in the Schuylkill Rivet. S'l'ANl.I-QY- Ross produces 3 ounces ol entropy as the sctentihc world gasps, "NMI" Stttl.i-s- lNt.l1lt rttns lor Congress hut stops at .-Xliertleen, hltl. rkttklil.'l' completes his much puli- licized "Piano 'liuner Suite." hlfuu W.itt.t.t-A returns from pearl-diving trip in .ilretie Sea. hlounivv Ai.i.tcN demands laws tu aid crippled jockeys. -lot: BURAN opens in llotel De 'laxz in -luneau, Alaska, with his new hand. l,Yl.l: Dli- lXl0L'KER denounced hy New York police as an "ungovernahle playboy." .-Xiu' Doon sparks New York Rangers to victory in Stanley Cup Playolls. Davis llfxwklis leaves civilization for a hermit's life in Nevada. lion NteI,soN opens lur-trading post in l,os Angeles, Calil. Bos Pt-:CK completes survey ol Pago Pago lor .National Grograpliir. BILL lillitttmttixi is doin' lns death-delvuif Sll-loot 5- . L plunge through a pane of glass with liarnum and Bailey. blcsrix bElI.liR returns from Yal- ley l'0rge alter years of wandering. L'iiAiti.iti RiivNo1.ns starts plan to raise the Lusttanta. XVALLY XX uma named to paint portrait of l'ope Pius XIII hy National Gallery ol .'Xrt. lion SToNtiR ierlorms successlul heart o veration on l l a tnan dead 35 hours. latin Sriiis takes over management ol lflorida nudist camp. Dos Notsui retires to New York farm alter ten years as stunt pilot lor NIGNI. l',l.NlliR Ntirsos natned corporation attorney lor O'Reilly, Goldberg, and Pryzalski. lnc. :XL Klisvmts travels to the Bahamas to popularize haked lweans there. Jxl. lftsrxtax acts as agent for his movie star sister. Rotsrar Cat-t.ts named athletic instructor at l3oy's iliown. lin lltascu inspires lloagy Carmichael to write the song, "l'm .lust a Crazy Fool." lost Ctttusrtss named director ol propagantla lor Chicago's Chamber ol- Connnerec. J ? . , n N.. ' ,Q 4 x . , - 1. L.. I 9 3 E . Lu. Ax ,ht A BAND "Are you ready Johnson?" is the cry on everyone's lips, from the Major to the Sergeant to the guy who makes the quips. 'l'he drums go bang, the cymbals elang, and the horns they blare away, and every pre-cadet knows that the band will save the day. Three times Shibe Park for the serv- ices of the band did call: could otir band be the reason for the Phillies' fall? 'lihe band has always won high praise wherever it marched or sat- at Cricket Club, big hotel, or meeting at the station some brass hat. But enough of such jocularity, the mem- bers of the band deserve more famili- arity. Despite limited opportunity for re- hearsal, the band has consistently per- formed well. 'lihe explanation of this seeming paradox is the extensive ex- perience of its members: piccolo-lir- win GruningerlChicago Catholic High Orchestralg clarinets-Richard Arthur fspringlield High Band, Ohiol, Ray Burrus t'l'enaHy High Orchestra, N. il., and blassachusetts Institute of Technology R. O. T. C. Band J, George Farrow tCity College R.O.'l'.C. Band, New Yorkj, Ralph blcliee tBelle- vue High Orchestra, Pa.l, William Russell tUniversity of Chicago Or- chestral, and Arthur 'liuckerg alto clarinet-Robert Stoner tvllashington High Band, Massillon, Ohiojg saxo- phone--loseph Buran tlfndicott High Orchestra, Pa.lg cornets and trum- pets -- Clifford Bryant t Swarthmore College Orchestral. .lohn Lawrence lClex'el.uitl lleiglits lligb Oreliestiap, l'illIlL'l' Nelson ff,Sll'lil'l' lllgh Urelies- tra, Chicago, and l'it. Custer C. Xl. il. C. liandl, Robert Nelson, lfretleriek l'eal4e, and Raymond Seliranim lSus- quehanna University liantl lg baritone -Donald llayes lColltngdale Orches- tra, l'a.Jg trombones-lDonald l,ong tllanville lligh liand, lnd.J, Robert l,uedelQing, and Roger Sheldon lfiran- ville High Orchestra, N. Y.lg basses -Vllilliam llope, Robert Ring, and Aurel Seifert KN. Y. lligh School of blusie and :Xrt Orchestra and N. Y. QX. Orchestrajg drums - .lohn Powell tCheltenham High Orchestra, Pa., and Lehigh liandl and Vllinthrop lut- tle flilair Academy and XYilliams Col- lege Bantlsjl eymbals-Bernard Rud- nick tPhiladelphia Central High liandjg and bass drum-David Mus- grave lConnellsville High Orchestra, Pa., and Carnegie 'liech Bandj. Now .-Xrchy has a silver baton, which Prexy blorley thought a fitting gift to a bunch of guys who should be playing on the swing shift. XVl1enever :Xrchie would suggest a march, the democratic spirit raised tip its head, and some bright potential bugler would exclaim, "Then play that tune. l'd rather stood in bed." .-Xml when at last the tune nas plated, doubt still persisted as to the decision made. ilihe elimination board cared Html for otir units rep-clearly its members weren't hep. For they eliminated good musicians too, you see, despite poor Xrehie's "they can't do this to ultxu STAND BY YOUR Ur. Qznnzfzzvz l.1f .'lH1vrr The illnjm' :llif Cfzurfii' Dr. Sfzullvy Til .llflf Dr. l'lffr':c'w' Sf'1'qt'u1zt CVIIIIVIIIIIZIII- Cmprmll 1XV1.HI.gI'l'CL' 14 Y v w- 51.x' l.llf,.l ffzrfer llt'l'HI1lIZt'IIf Party f,'f1w1'14,r ul Snfffipry Cast GUNS Anthony DiPhillipo George Farrow Stanley Schlesinger john Miller Arthur Singer James Dunn Charles Phillips Rodney Hoffman Hyman lfpstein john Burnett Alexander liisemann George Katzmann Philip Brandis Donald Hayes Aaron -lohnson Frank Leanza Leo Postrel Irving Share Louis Glover Russell Remiek lfrnest XVeiner Vllallace White Harry VVood George Armour Ray Burrus Wlayne Fahnestock Dale Hackett Dan Hessman lfverett Lewis Ralph McKee Lee Pierson Bernartl Rutlnick "So we'll light lor General :Xrnolil and ilu' good old lf. S. nl. VVhen the chips are down, lor our own renown, this is ilu- t-.ill we-'ll oh. y. liy the right Hank, harelig by the lelt flank, harcli. Columns of lwuls, stand fast. Squad one, lall outg squad two, fall out, liut stand by your gtins till the last." 'lihat was the way it endedg with gt handful of flourishes, ensemlvle-cliornses, and triple-octave major chords, Slum! Hy Your flinu, the detachmt-nt's own show, bowed itself oH' the stage and into eternity in time honored, nitisical comedy fashion. . . , lt all started when Myron l,anin and Richard Warren voltinteered to produce a musical for the detachment. 'lihe fruit of their labors appeared in something like finished form around December lllth. It turned otit to be the story of Mac, Charlie and Albert, three wistful P. lXl.'s stationed at llaverford College. 'liheir experience in the Army had been singularly disconcerting, since when the ctirtain opened on October l, Scene l, of Strom' lfy Your Gum, blac, Charlie and Albert were the only soldiers left at Haverford. 'l'heir buddies had all either washed otit or disappeared into "thc hills tip behind Valley Forge on that seventeen mile hike we took last summer." The story goes on to tell how the three soldiers sottr on the lonely life and hard work. By the end of the Hrst :ICI they, too, have resolved willfully to wash otit of the course and take their chances on the pot-lttck that a trip to Greensboro may offer. 'liltc plot winds tip in the second act with the boys' last fling at a party at the Ardmore Y. M. C. A. before they leave l'laverford. .-X timely appeal to the Academic Board on the following morning hy the distracted ladies of the Y. Xl. C. A. saves the three now repentant boys from the trip to Greensboro. Once more realizing that some riches accrue to the man who "stands by his guns," the boys are reinstated in the course, and the llorn ol Plenty runs over with a romantic abundance of good things when the rest of the detachment. long lost in the bills of Valley Forge, suddenly appears at one end ul the campus and marches onto the stage, tired, dirty, btit glad to be back. Of such stuff are musical comedies made. Giving the plot a helping hand all through the show were live good tunes by Mort l,ippman: "Stand By Your Guns." "'lihe Gloomiest Nlen In Town," "No Matter," "Come Down to the YMC.X," and "'s Have a Redealf' ln addition. the cast managed to hand otit a round measure of hairy-legged female impersona- tions, campus imitations and lively dancing. Designing the sets for the show xx as lYintln'op luttle. Xlyron Vrdang man- aged publiciry and business. TO THE FOUR WINDS In this sort of work men necessarily leave at every stage. They go from here into all the other phases of the war. During this in many ways singular and long to be remembered year, we've found many men with whom we've worked, had fun, and been over the inevitable rough spots in our personal lives. Now some of them are gone. But they are not forgotten, and take their rightful place in our directory. DIRECTORY MAJUR WII.I.lfKlNI G. Flu-JY. A. l'., fltlllllllllllllllilf . . ls'r LIEUT. JACK S. CuMivuNr:s, A. C. ..... . 2ND LiEu'r. JAMES E. FOSCUE, TXSGT. TXSGT. A . .l. ..... . JAMES K. O'IIANLON . IAIRI-JN G. HARDING . . SfSGT. ROBERT W. CLEAVELANU Sf SGT. SGT. SGT. PFC PvT. PVT. ALBERT SLOMAN . . Vi-3RNoN L. HESSE . . . CHARLES L. IVIONTGUMERY MURRAY' WEINSTEIN . . STANLEY A. BOVVN . . MATTHEW KOSMIDUR . . Tf5TH Woonnow W. CORNINE PFC. LEONARD 0. OLSUN . . AHLSTEN. ALLAN R. ALLEN, DAVID R. ALLEN, JOHN J. . MILITARY STAFF 211 Quaker Avenue, Vornwzill. N. Y. . SHN Sterling Street. Clinton. Mass. . . . . . . . . , llii-gh Point, N. C. . . 51111 Westminster Avenue. Philaclelphia. Pa. . . 84 East 27th Avenue. S. E.. Minneapolis. Minn. . . . . . . . . . . . La Grange. Ga. . . . 5015 Voluinhia Street, Hudson. N. Y. . 1940 Gaynor Street, Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. . . . . . . -10 Sayre Street. Elizabeth. N. .I. . 1454 Walton Avenue. Bronx. New York. N. Y. . . . . 16 D Street. Niagara Falls. N. Y. . 423 Main Street, Yorkville. N. Y. . . . R. D. No. 1, Newton, N. J. T15 Spruce Street. Wausau. Wis. CADETS 1025 Pine Street. Marquette. Mich. . 24 School Street. Luke Placid. N. Y. . 600 S. Sith Street. Mt. Vernon, N. Y. ALLEN, IIIORRIS I.. . ......... Hickory Corners. Mich. ARMOUR, GEORGE l'. . ...... 50 Roberts Road. Bryn Mawr, Pa. ARONSON, ROBERT S. . 1942 Wightman Street. Squirrel Hill. Pittsburgh. Pa. ARTHUR, RICHARD J. . Asris, DANIEL . . AXON, JOHN T. . . BALLETTA, RUBERT F. . BARDSLEY, JAMES C. BAUMAN, Roy B. . BECKER. NORMAN F. BENDER, DONALD B. . BERG, CARL T. . . BERGER, ARTm'R L. . . BERLIN, GERALD F. . . HERNSTEEN. HERB!-IR1' I.. . BIERBAUM, YYILLIAM R. . BLACK, JonN O. . . . . . . . 126 W. Euclid Avenue, Springfield. Ohio . . 21622 Valentine Avenue. Bronx. N. Y. . . . 29 Southland Court. Towson. Md. -IT-IIT Parsons Boulevard. Flushing. N. Y. . 222214 Clarendon Road. Brooklyn. N. Y. . . . R. R. No. -I. Sullivan. Ill. . . Canada Street. Holland. N. Y. . T0 Passaic Avenue. Cllllllllllll. N. .I. C3231 E. Chocolay Street. Munising. Mich. . . . 2217 Bedford Avenue. Bellmore. N. Y. . . . . . . Oak Street. Ramsey. N. .I. . 14341022 lll'llllllh0LIl'I1L' Road. Shaker lleiglits. Ohio . . 12-I1 I-I. Burnett Avenue. Louisville. Ky. . . . 143 Broad Street. Pittston. Pu. BLACKBFRN, GEORGE F. . BLAKE, OSCAR J. . . . BLOOM, LEWIS R. . . BOMBERGER, ROBERT L. . BOORATZ, DONALD P. . BORDOXV, BURTON W. . BURKOWSKI, JOI-IN J. . BOTTOM, GORDON B. . . BOWERS, JOHN M., JR. . BRANDIS, PHILIP G. . . BROOKS, CHARLES B. . BROWN, BIICHAEL JOHN A. BRUMMER, ROBERT D. . BRYANT, CLIFFORD M. . BURAN, JOSEPH E. . BURGWALD, GLENN M. . BURNETT, JOHN G. . . BURRUS, RAY COOKE, JR. CAPLIN, ROBERT M. . . CASTRONOVO, JACK T. . CIIAMBERLAIN, THOMAS R. CHAPMAN, HAROLD W. . CHRISTIAN, THOMAS W. CLUBB, ALBERT R. . COLLINS, JAMES W. . COLLINS, VVILLIAM G. . CORRIE, JOHN D. . . . CRAVEN, WILLIAM A., JR. DARELER, WILLARD C. . DAVIS, JAMES C., JR. . DEITRICH, RALPH W., JR. DE BIOCKER, LYLE B. . DEUTSCH, HENRY J. . . DI PHILLIPO, ANTHONY J. DODD, ARTHUR V. . . DUDER, EDMUND C. . DUNN, JAMES P. . . . D'URONIO, VALERIU M. . EBNER, GERALD . . . Ec'RERLE, NICHOLAS C. . EDVVARDS, CHARLES W. . EISEMANN, ALEXANDER, JR. . ELSTUN, WESLEY B. . . EPSTEIN, HYMAN . . ETTELSTEIN, IWIORTON S. FAHNESTOCK, WAYNE G., JR. . FARROW, GEORGE W. . FAYNOR, RAYMOND C. . FERGIISON, ROBERT O. . FITZSIMMONS, RICHARD M. l+'LAwS, CARL L., JR. . . 297 River Street, Northboro, Mass. . . . R. R. NO. 1, Fayetteville, W. Va. 262 Central Park West, New York, N. Y. . . . G04 S. Broad Street, Lititz, Pa. . 773 E. 103rd Street, Cleveland, Ohio . . 1379 Noel Avenue, Hewlett, N. Y. . 102 N. 19th Street, Wheeling, W. Va. . 482 Central Avenue, Bridgeport, Conn. . . 6233 E. 4th Street. Mount Carmel, Pa. . 79 E. 32nd Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. . 99 Hudson Avenue, Haverstraw, N. Y. . 3338 N. Lincoln Avenue. Chicago, Ill. . . 77 Park Avenue, New York, N. Y. . South Chester Road, Swarthmore, Pa. . 2107 Watson Boulevard, Endicott, N. Y. . . . . 10628 Avenue F, Chicago, Ill. 2527 N. Stowell Avenue, Milwaukee, Wis. . . 2346 N. Globe Road, Arlington, Va. . . . 11-28 Wood Street, Easton, Pa. . . 2653 N. Meade Avenue, Chicago, Ill. 42 Broadman Parkway, Jersey City, N. J. . . 3009 Graham Avenue, Windber, Pa. . . 4421 N. Kildare Avenue, Chicago, Ill. ..........Melvin,Ill. . . 425 Jefferson Street, Greenfield, Ohio 26-05 14th Street, Long Island City, N. Y. 3722 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. . . 26 Harding Street, Maplewood, N. J. 12802 Greenwood Avenue, Blue Island, Ill. . . . . . R. D. No. 1, Charleroi, Pa. 19711 Purnell Avenue, Rocky River, Ohio . . 8 Hulburt Avenue, Fairport, N. Y. . 4027 Bedford Avenue, B1'ooklyn, N. Y. 26 Edgemont Avenue, Clifton Heights, Pa. 205 Swarthmore Avenue, Swarthmore, Pa. . . 2142 W. Homer Street, Chicago, Ill. . 1116 N. Cory Street, Findlay, Ohio . . G01 3rd Street, Monessen, Pa. . 156 E. 91st Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. . 3129 Osage Street, St. Louis, Mo. . . . Box No. 14, Amsterdam, Ohio . 888 Park Avenue, New York, N. Y. . 6330 Forest Avenue, Hammond, Ind. . 209 Division Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y. . . 810 W. Poplar Street. York, Pa. . . . 518 S. Broad Street, Lititz, Pa. . . 150-54 117th Avenue, Jamaica, N, Y. . 5228 S. Emerald Avenue, Chicago, Ill. . 167333 Brownsville Road, Pittsburg, Pa. . . . Bristol Road, Clinton, N. Y. . 1310 W. 91st Street, Chicago, Ill. FOSTER, ROBERT E. . FREEMAN, JAMES B. FRIEDMAN, TOM R. . GARY, RI-:x I., JR. . Gusns, EDWARD H., JR. GLOVER, Louis S. . GREENE, JAMES D. . GRONEK, JOHN F. . GRUNINOER, ERWIN E. HACKE'I"l', DALE 0. . HAGOI-IAN, JOIIN HALPERN, JOSEPII . HAMMAR, ARTHUR T. HAWKES, DAVID A. . HAYES, DONALD . . HAZEL, EDWIN P. . HESSMANN, GEORGE D. HIMMELMAN, CHARLES HIRSCII, EDWIN P. . HIRSCI-I, Josi-:PII E. . HOFFMAN, RODNEY G. HOPE, WILLIAM F. . HRECZUCH, ADAM J. . HUBBARD, ERNEST T. JAFFE, LEWIS L. . . JELLEMA, DIRK W. . JOHNSON, AARON H. JONES, CLABURN H. . KASTEN, EDWARD F. KATZMANN, GEORGE R., KENT, JAMES, JR. . KING, ROBERT L. . KLOTZ, LEONARD . KOHN, ERWIN J. . KRANZ, NORMAN . LA BARBERA, JOSEPH J. . LA COUR, WESLEY D. LA DUE, JAMES J. . LANIN, MYRON A. . LARI, GUIDO A. . . LAWRENCE, JOHN C. LEACII, WILLIAM J. . LEADER, ROBERT E. . LEANZA, FRANK R. . LE FEVRE, EDMUND A. LEISER, JACK F. . . LEMMON, EDWARD J. LEMPERT, JOSEPII H. LEWIS, Evi-:RETT E. . LINDSEY, WILLIAM M. LIPPMAN, l1l0RTON A. . 41 Cutler Street, Winthrop, Blass. 751 llillsdale Avenue-, Akron, Ohio . 2040 Simpson Street, Evanston, lll. . 3100 Yale Avenue, Swarthmore, l'n. . . 20-1 150th Street, Calumet City, Ill. . . . . . . Harpers Ferry, W. Va. . 120 Manhattan Avenue, New York. N. Y. . . . 1842 VVhipple Street. Chicago. lll. . . 13405 Wolfram Street, Chit-ago. lll. . . . 15 Summer Street, Newport, Vt. . 6034 Walnut Street, Philadelphizi, l'a. . 810 Howard Avenue, Brooklyn. N. Y. . . 424 Oak Street, lshpeming. Mich. . 8 CentI'al Avenue. Manchester, N. Y. . . 1134 Sharon Avenue. Collingdale. l'a. . . 857 S. Main Street, Wilkes-Barre, Pa. . 505 Tavistock Boulevard. Haddonfield, N. J. . . . 104 W. 94th Street. New York, N. Y. . 21848 Porter Street, N. W., Washington, D. C. . . . . 581 Main Street, Poughkeepsie. N. Y. . 2252 S. Taylor Road, Cleveland Heights. Ohio . . 221V2 W. Exchange Street, Freeport, Ill. . . . 454 3rd Street, Brooklyn. N. Y. . 421 Montford Avenue, Mill Valley, Calif. . . . 228 W. Penn Street, Butler, Pa. . . 528 N. Jordan Street. Bloomington, Ind. . . . . 178 Grove Street, Mount Kisco, N. Y. 199 Roger Williams Avenue, Highland Park. lll. . . 2123 N. Bartlett Avenue, Milwaukee, Wis. . . 10515 Longwood Drive, Chicago, Ill. . . . . . 12 Elm Street, Norwich. N. Y. . . . . . R. D. No. 3, Chagrin Falls. Ohio . 45-08 40th Street, Sunnyside, New York. N. Y. . . . . 5102 Kenmore Avenue. Chicago, Ill. . 5250 Drexel Boulevard. Chicago. Ill. . . 83 E. Main Street. Cuba, N. Y. . . . Box No. 164, West Trenton, N. J. . . . . 7 Lawn Court. Poughkeepsie. N. Y. . . 16 S. Hillside Avenue, Ventnor City. N. J. 2-1-17 98th Street. East Elmhurst. New York. N. Y. . . . 3594 Cedarbrook Road. Cleveland. Ohio . 332 Charles Street. Turtle Creek. Pa. . 317 E. Lima Street. Findlay. Ohio . . 314 N. Water Street. Lititz. Pa. . 363 Canterbury Road. Rochester. N. Y. . . 103 McKinley Avenue. Kenmore. N. Y. . . 22218 23rd Street. Long Island City. N. Y. . 1707 Nelson Avenue. Bronx. New York. N. Y. . 2170 Central Park XVest. New York. N. Y. . 1118 Metropolis Street. Metropolis. Ill. . 200 Meeker Avenue. Newark. N. J. LONG, DONALD II. . . LORINQZ, ALEXANDER L. LUBER, MARK H. . . . LIIEDERINO, ROBERT . LUNDY, RICHARD D. . LUTZ, ROBERT W. . MADDEN, JOSEPH 15. . SIADISUN, JAMES L. . MARCUS, HAROLD . DIARTIN, FREDERIUK 1. IWICGRATH, DOUGLAS D. . DICKEE, RALPH D.. JR. BIILLER, JOHN E. . . -109 VV HIORACZEWSKI, THADDEIS H .... lll0RUNEY, JAMES E. . . MIJMMERT, BIERRILL E. . RIURPHY, CHARLES G. . BIUSGRAVE, DAVID E. DIYERS, ALBERT . . NAGY, ERNEST A. . . NELSON, ELMER T.. JR. . NELSON, ROBERT H., JR. NIRION, KENNETH R. . NOBI.E, DONALD Y. . NOREN, CARL R. . . . NOREN, JOSEPH D., JR. . OKUN, JOSHUA .... OLEEN, DONALD C. . . OLESZKIEWICZ, lWATTHEVl' A. . OLIVA, ODO ..... PAGE, LLOYD W. . . . PANGBORN, DONLIN C. . PEAKE, FREDERIC M. . PEUR, ROBERT A. . PHILLIPS, CHARLES G. . PIERSON, LELAND S.. JR. PITROEE, DONALD . . POSTREL, LEO . POUL, FRANKLIN . POWELL, .JOHN F. . PVSKAR, ROBERT . RADER, ORVILLE A. . REID, CIIARLES H.. JR. . KEMICK, RUSSELL L. . RETTIO. ALBERT S. . . REYNOLDS, CHARLES H. . RIAIBEY, DONALD H. . . ROAVII, ERNEST J. . . ROBBINS, WILLIAM H. . ROSENTIIAL RIILTUN ROSS, STANLEY R. . . 502 S. Tennessee Street, Danville, Ind. 109 Gerald Avenue, Highland PZlI'li, Mich. . . 5350 Locust Street, Philadelphia, Pa. . . 835 Highland Avenue, Lafayette, Ind. . 85 Knollwood Street. Springfield, Mass. . . 826 Michigan Avenue, Evanston, Ill. 34-28 43rd StI'eet, Long Island City, N. Y. . . 507 W. High Street, Delaware, Ohio . . . 1636 Park Place, Brooklyn, N. Y. 5335 E. Southern Avenue, Springfield, Ohio . . . 201 N. Broadway, Yonkers, N. Y. . . . 85 S. Euclid AveIIue. Bellevue, Pa. Price Street, Gerinantown, Philadelphia, Pa. . . . . 4832 Eddy Street, Chicago, Ill. . . . 78-39 81st Street. Glendale, N. Y. . 2328 Ridgeway Avenue. Evanston, Ill. . . . Haverford Manor, Haverford, Pa. . 2023 W. Fayette Street, Connellsville, Pa. . . . . Box No. 44, Tillson, N. Y. . 1944 W. 5-ith Street, Cleveland, Ohio . . 6944 Indiana Avenue, Chicago, Ill. . 222 Main StI'eet, Binghamton, N. Y. . . . 9 Erie Street, Albion, N. Y. . . . . R. D. No. 1. Manlius, N. Y. . . . . . Saint Croix Falls, Wis. . 560 W. 175th Street, New York, N. Y. . 100 Riverside Drive, New York, N. Y. . . . . . . . Davisville, R. I. . 1063 Pearl Street, Schenectady, N. Y. . . 178 Green Street, Lockport, N. Y. . . 547 La Valle Street, Readsburg, Wis. . 328 E. Chocolay Street, Munising, Mich. 3535 Townley Road, Shaker Heights, Ohio . 2021 Woodside Road, Ann Arbor, Mich. 171 Cooper Avenue. Upper Montclair, N. J. . 802 S. Main Street, Wilkes-Barre, Pa. . 324 E. 91st Street. Brooklyn, N. Y. . . 14 Franklin Avenue. Hewlett, N. Y. . 6204 Ellsworth Street, Philadelphia, Pa. . . . 316 Boyer Road, Cheltenham, Pa. . . . 202 Park Avenue, Teaneck, N. J. . 5118 S. Parkside Avenue, Chicago, Ill. . 8 N. ChelSea Avenue, Atlantic City, N. J. . 579 Valentine Street, Fall RiveI', Mass. . 2860 W. 25th Street. Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . . R. D. No. 33, Freehold, N. J. . 61-1 S. Bodin Street. Hinsdale, Ill. . . . . . Stephentown. N. Y. . . O15 William Street, Rome, N. Y. . . 1-100 Benson Street, New York, N. Y. . 1502 Mott Avenue, Far Rockaway, N. Y. RUDNIc'K, BERNARD ll. . ltUSSl'Il.I., WII.I.IAIvI ll. . SANT1, ALIII-:R'I' . . . SANTIMAURO, lVllt'lIAEl, .I. SAULON, .IOSEPI-I I". . . SAYRE, LEO V. . . SCARCIIILLI, ANGELII .I. . SCIIAEIEER, CIIARLI-:s G. . SCHLESINGER, STANLEY . SCI-ILESINGER, STANLEY A ScIIRAIvIIvI, RAYIVIOND R. SCI-IULTZ, MEIILE A. . . SCIORRA, ALBERT F. . SCOTT, RICHARD M. . SEIFERT, AUREL M. . SEILER, JUSTIN A. . SETTLE, LYLE G. . SHARE, IRVING H. SHELDON, ROGER W. . SHERWOOD, EARL M. SIEMERT, HORACE F. . SINGER, ARTHUR H. . SINGER, NORBERT A. . SLACK, KEITII V. SM1TH, PAUL H. . SMITH, ROYAL B. . . STEIN, FREDERICK P. . STEIN, STANLEY J., JR. . STONER, ROBERT E. . STRUTZ, ROALD W. . SWETT, NIALCOLM M. . THAU, PAUL .... TUCKER, ARTHUR D. . TULEVECI1, MICHAEL C. TUTTLE, WINTHROP M. . ULMER, RAYMOND A. . UNGER, ARTHUR . . URDANG, MYRON J. . . VANDE SANDE, GEORGE . VAN NOSTRAND, ROBERT J. . VENTLING, HAROLD D. . VESSELS, FRANK E. . . VINES, JOHN L. . . WALLEN, NIARVIN Z. . WALTER, ROGER W. . . WARREN, RICHARD H. WEBER, ROBERT J. . WEINER, ERNEST S. . YVELTY, ORRIN J. . WENSKE, FRANKLIN A. . YVHITE, WALLACE F.. JR. . 26434 N. Ilflrd Street, l'hil:ul4-lpliiai. l'zI. . 56332 Kenwood Avenue, f'hic':Igu. lll. . 135415 N. Ridgeway AVl'lllll', Chicago, Ill. . 2294 Crescent Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . fllfl High Street, Lowell, Musa. . . 145 Madison Street, Cortland, N. Y. . . 257 Worrall Avenue. Poughkeepsie, N. Y. . 111-28 112th Street, ltichinond llill. N. Y. 1004 W. Wyoming Avenue. llllllilflkllllllil, l'a. . . 10281 88th Avenue, Richmond llill, N. Y. . 378 Belleville Avenue, Bloomfield, N. J. . . . . Box No. 124, Holly, Colo. . 44 Bennett Avenue, New York, N. Y. . T22 Highland Avenue, Johnstown, Pa. . 162 Kimball Terrace, Yonkers, N. Y. . 109 Carpenter Road, Mansfield, Ohio . . 366 Beach Road, Syracuse, N. Y. . . 39 Leach Street, Salem, Mass. . . . 6 Pacific Street. Granville, N. Y. . . . . . . . . . Berwinsdale, Pa. . 201 Fisk Avenue, Avalon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 6100 Tyndall Avenue, Bronx, New York, N. Y. . . . . . . . R. R. No. 1, Ney, Ohio . 5623 Morrison Avenue, Louisville, Ky. . . . College Street, Clinton, N. Y. . 9514 S. Damen Avenue, Chicago, Ill. . 155 Foster Avenue, Sayville. N. Y. . . . . 16 Park Lane, Trenton, N. J. . 1004 17th St1'eet, S. W., Massillon, Ohio . . . 6139 S. Wood Street, Chicago, Ill. . . 49 South Street, Middlebury, Vt. . . . 1785 E. 22nd Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . . . R. D. No. 1, Marathon, N. Y. 1858 Watson Avenue, Bronx, New York. N. Y. . . . 202 E. Grove Street, Oneida. Y. . . . . 3310 Eastwood, Chicago, Ill. . . . . 258 E. 7th Street, Brooklyn. N. Y. . 3279 Chalfant Road, Shaker Heights, Ohio . 2024 W. Henrietta Road, Rochester, N. Y. . . . . Little Delaware, Delhi. N. Y. . . . . . . . Danville. Ohio . . 4214 W. 21st Place. Chicago. Ill. . . 7 Maple Avenue, Fort Edward. N. Y. . 255 Absecon Boulevard. Alisecon. N. J. . 3 W. Stanton Street. Baldwin, N. Y. . 115 Claremont Street. Newton. Mass. . 106 N. Elmwood Street. Peoria. lll. . 124 Madeline Avenue. Clifton. N. J. . . . 400 Arena Avenue, Lima. Ohio . 227 Franklin Street. Tonawanda. N. Y. . 110 Lake Drive. Mountain Lakes. N. J. XVOESLAW, XVILBVR A. . XVUUIJ, HARRY D. . . YVRIIEHT, XVILBYR E. ZACRAVITCH, EARL A. . . ZANIEVVSKI, CHESTER A. . . ZIMAIQOIVSKI, STANLEY F., .IR. . . 3746 S. Keclzie Avenue, Chicago, Ill. . . 43921 Ogleslmy Avenue, Chicago, Ill. 202 W. Crawford Street. Elkhart. Ind. 921 W. 33rd Place, Chicago. Ill. . 1938 Buffalo Road, Erie, Pa. 335324 E. 88th Street, Chicago, Ill. HAVERFORD COLLEGE ADMINISTRATION FELIX M. MORLEY, President uf flu- Collvge ARCHIBALD IVIACINTOSH, I'1.Ct'-Pl't'SlfIl'1Ii and Dirc'z'tor of Admissions WILLIAM NIINTZER WILLS, Cmnptmller and Registrar ROBERT J. JOHNSTON, Snpvrintcnflwzr HERBERT W. TAYLOR, Physician in Charge HOVVARD M. TEAE, JR. l'OO1-rlilzutm' Of Army Training Units nnfl Dean Of Army Sludvnls FACULTY ALLENDOERFER, CARL B.-Vcctgr Jlcclzanics BENHAIXI, THOMAS A.-Physics DRAKE, THOMAS E.-History and English EVANS, FRANCIS C.-Gvugrupliy FLIGHT, JOHN W.-History and English GIBB, THOMAS C.-History and English GREEN, LOUIS C.-fllullzeniulics HEPP, BIAYLON H.NHisfOry and English HERNDON, JOHN G.-History and English HOLMES, CLAYTON W.-.llarlicnzatics KIKUCHI, CHIHIRO- .l1uflzi'nmiivs, Vcvfur Illvchanics, Physics KIRK, DAVID B.-.llrrtlzmnufics LA FLEUR. ALBERT A.-Gmyrnplzy LOCKWOOD, DEAN P.-History and English LUNT, WILLIAM E.-Histnry and English OAKLEY, CLETUS O.-llluflzcnmlics OHL, RAYMOND A.-Hisfury and English PANCOAST, OMAR, JR.- Geogruphy, History and English, PEPINSKY, ABRAHAM- Physics, Vector Mecha nics POST, L. ARNOLD-History and English SARGENT, RALPH M.-History and English SHUDEMAN, CONRAD L. B.-Physics SNYDER, EDWARD D.-History and English SUTTON RICHARD M.-Physics VI-:DOVA GEORGE C.-Malh crnaiics WILSON, ALBERT H.- LE GALLEY, DONALD P.-Physic-s lI1llf1ll'HlllllCS, Vector Mechanics SECRETARIES MISS FRANVI-:S T. IIIGIIT, Rvgisfrar . B301 COncOril Arms. Haverford, Pa. MISS EVA L. NIARCIAN .... . . Garrett Avenue, Garrett Hill, Pa. MISS DIARGARE1' L. NIELL . . 121 Runnymc-Ile Avenue. Wayne, Pa. MISS JANET L. TETLOW . 229 Argyle Road, A1'CIll1Ol'E, Pa 1' 1 div 4'1"l?7-f . .iq -Q :ew-Hg Ar V I! U-Af': , -, . , 1833 W -. .J - .Q':-A K -vi 'C r- -ar . x - . 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K W , - ,lvl . fr xg ns 'JK -J i , Q.. f-J ' L: i qv Nl ,Q "I w x ir - .lk N A dggffy, ,, .ak ,Q Y, .J 1 it. c 23,-my x .11-affx':,r4-.- .... we -, Nd ,t V Aw X ,. -, ,J 2' 4 '-39 bVQ. N vw V xy s"QL.,P. e N xi - k ' , : L nl- W Q 'Y -.HWfgAl"'35fh"" 'yy . " ff . J, ggi mg ii , 9 .ic ,. ,G-V7 vu . x 1 ' f,aji"f:f'S . .3 V ,'x'v ' ' ' ,, . ,,g,. , . iii'-: V -1 , 4 'H W '- ' is If X ,4 W . x-., wx X 9 J 'fx Y .N 16683. ,":"n-fcfgl , Q is L., ' A-gili g, ' nf - uf N Aja A 1 Eli! . , Q-A xf 5 ' 'S Q 5 ' A A 1 Y : 5, X Q U 75 L , , I ' K2 0 Q 5 by 5 C-4 A 1 - S' "-' V :fn -V, V 3351 2 gwlkif Q . vx.'.v wi-' I .. "" ' 4 "w.u'-mags. .,,gQ .5 1- Qi' 4. ..5v3" nw? J- M mg-S-ti' ,,' SBE- M Y . . , A ,f ' -2 K... :l l V " " fj- i . VN ,.-Q., Q, M113 :I vi- , H i j ,, . ,, w gf" . " ,, A ,..grg:: V- " ' ' 5' H" ' A " 'S - 7 eau 'EF ' if V ' ' . -- 'uiggl ,' L . 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O'Neil's 'Kano I-lair Styling Compliments INVISIBLE MENDING SHOP Blackstone Sweater bllop Q l ll? South 69th Street Upper Darby, Pal. lct'll'L'l1'l'ilIg of llIotl1 lfoles and Burns Zipper Repairing Compliments of 9 E M E R I C K ' S SUBURBAN SQUARE. ARDNILURE . 5 and 7 SOUTH 69th STREET UPPER DARBY, PA. . Hours- Conlplnnenh of Daily: 0 to 5.50 Phone: Ardmore 6070 Friday: 9 to 'I Res. Saratoga 2193 M A Y ' s l 4 w BEA UTY SHOPPE l 20 3 Nlcclatchy Building l blltll and Nlarliet Streets y N Boulevard 1555 Llppgr Ijarby, PJ. 1 l l GERLACH'S Skilled Repairing Quality jewelry X l l 6015 Nlzlrliet Street l l UPPER IJARBY. PA. GOOD LUCK Your CDocTor Will Recommend L. E. WALLACE Corrective Shoes for Metz and Women Custom Work Arch Pads - I 8-.20 Ardmore Arcade 16 l In Mrlpuon work 44 W. Lancaster Avenue solicited Ardmore. Pa. Qporlraits of Service f7Vlcn "lJicsingvr's Qflrc Our Specially 0 i Inu-l1'rs Sinn' 1886 GORDON - LAMBERG R , l'H0'l'UfiRflPHERS R I-un W'.'XI.NUl sr. 1-' cm 1 llzll ur R mm .xmil vluxx ,wrmum-A. rx. 6950 Nlnrkct St l'1-n- t Upper llnrlvy. PJ. Kmgxlm HHH "I,'I"""'N SH" AUTCUXCAR 0 Ardmore IxlQlI1ll'1lL'Illl'l'l'5 uf lnznssixu, mx-xxlmwl trurks im' tlu- Navy ',.. Iiristling IIJIIIA-trucks har thu ,Xrmy . . . Ruggml mulwility for thc Nlllfilln' Uvrpx :uni tlmr .Xir l"m'u-5 .... XII csscnrignl. Xll fur lvnclc Sum. ' :XII training flu' I1lk'I1 :xml umm-n of Xutuczu' ru Imilml Ihr mum- arurnly, Qlcpcmlzxlwlv Xutuczu' 'Hunks that xwrc f-Lll110ll5 llk'1'Ul'k' l'cgu'l Hgwlmr guul will lu- nccdul gngzzm when rhv xxgu' lb won. Phone Bryn Nhur 00"U H NX .xynr 1093 Quality - - Service jAKE'S HARDWARE STORE LA CASA 1 Hair'Stj1i5t5 Hardnurc for Every Need 018 Lincoln Higlmwny '- ' ' : J BRYN MAXVR. P.-X. XX Ax NL' IA ARONSON -CAPLIN COMPANY 0 Makers of SEAMPRUFE SLIPS Specializing in Permancnts C? Wave Cutting A cyfINDRE'S BEAUTY SALON vom TERMINAL SQUARE UPPER DARBY, PA. I Open Thursday and A Friday Evenings Boulevard 9955 Warner CBros. Ardmore Theatre CBuy War Bonds at this Theatre Any Time Boulevard 2961 BEAUTY BOX ALMA TARBOSS, Prop. 6846 Market Street N0 flppoinlrnent Necessary Upper Darby, Pa. JAMES DEL PIZZO Groceries fo' Fruits A Carolyn B. Frieze o A Ardmore jeewelers Service A 9 A Appmwa Agency for A LoNG1NEs.w1TTNAUER WATCHES A l'VorIz1's Mos! Honored Watch A A 0 A AIR CORPS INSIGNIA JEVVELRY A WATCH AND JEVVELRY REPAIRING ' EXPERTLY DONE AND GUARANTEED o A A A A 0 300 XV. LANCASTER AVENUE 1 Ardmore Arcade ARDMORE, PA. ' 1 Ardmore 4560 Ardmore, Pa. '5""""""L' "W isuAcoN BOOK sromi THE COLLINS STORE 'Books --- Qltiblcs gifts N .Sunday .Srlmnl .Srapplnw 7050 fiill'l'1'll Rinui W U , , l , V , fllfliflllll fun-ling finals Ul'Pl:R IJARHN, PA. W I-ll fmrru-ll H4 i Novelty l"lll'lliHtl'l' Lamps mul fiiflzrurvw N Mnlwl Cf. Hurt l'ppn lmrhy. I FREDERICK H0 HER Photographer 0 851 LANCASTER AYENUE IEHYX NIOUNR Distinctive Permanent XV:ivin . Compliments of ROBERT --- French Hair Stylist COAST AUTO PARTS CO l,nm'aslcr Avcnuc and I.uucll.l Drive XVAYNE. PENNA. u'.n.m. 0509 Clmrlcx XXTIIICII. Prop. Abwcoim. N. I RENE - MARCEL French Hairdrvsscrs 853 LANCASTER AVE. BRYN MAVVR BRYN MAVVR 2060 Compliments of Main Line Pontiac, Inc. t SALES 6? SERVICE O 45 E. LANCASTER AVENUE ARDMORE, PA. "Hooray for Our Own Air Forceu Q KOSER BROS. - CRealtor5 ARDMORE EDWARD A. LYNCH MACHINERY COMPANY Mt'tal Working Machinery TIMES - MEDICAL BUILDING T ARDMORE, PA. i Suburb of Philadelphia PORTABLE STEEL OBSERVATION NARBERTH 2602 CYNWYD 0928 i and FIRE CONTROL TOWERS . . Q AIICIIZZI Brothers i Tails - Cleaners - Dycrs - Furriers XVAYNE- PA' 102 Forrest Avenue 228 Bala Avenue WAYNE 1124 Narbcrth Bala-Cynwyd I PIIOHLHI ARD. 1825 - L. I nwvwllara fall!! B Air Conalilsming ' Sl M 114' le a ery men l Afff.f ifZ'..1.,,fffZ Main Line Battery 6? Electric P11j"gffNf!jjgff"f Station ' Engineering , W Service "Wo V"AhfEI:,lCifAlfEr'fAAVENlTE no W. LANCASTER AVENUE ,. ,. . ,' ,, , ., I ARDMURE- PA- ,IUIOIVIUIII L ELECIRIKMAII, SER! ICE ARDMOEQL A. W. MfI.S'lL'l,l:'Y 0 .126 l,fXNffAS,l'lfll AVlfNl'lf XV,AYNlf. PA. 9 FORD 11'II1'R1fl7RY LINKUl,N-ll1l'llYR Srrviu- on All Mak.-s Main Line Golf Course Lancautvr Pikc. St. Davids. PJ. Daily Fcc Tcl. No. W'ayx1v 9877 Q Bus and P. G IV. 'I'v'arlspm'lali n Q Rcslaumnl and Bar Spccial Prices to Service Mm: 7 eannett 5 Bryn Mawr l"lower Shop Mus. N. s. 11 cmAmMrsn HRYN Nl.-XXYR 03"0 813 LANCASTER AVE. BRYN M.-XVVR. PA. A-T-T-E-N-T-I-O-N Q Wlmenm "U" Land in -1 Ardmore T Dfcar Ettinger's Military Type Shoes Compliments of THE OLD COVERED WAGON STRAFFORD. PA. lpper Darby Book Store 0 New and Used Books Hurrv Izwttingcr 5 YV. LAIIICRINUSX' AX't'l1llL 1 Ruliu -031 G.-XRRFTI ROAD .Hugaqin UPPER IT.-XRBY. P.-X. Ou 1' JOSEPH S. BALAITY Own Milk lied Poultry Dressed Daily Grm'm'ies, Fruit and Vegetables 18 E. LANCASTER AVENUE For Prompt Frei' Deliuwy, Phones .-1rzln1urelH -- 135 BUTTER. EGGS and CHEESE Congratulations and Best Wishes "THE PAPER SHOP' Haverford GUilla Concord elpartments 0 Gracious Living in "Old Plziladelplliau 20? 9 7- 115 MONTGOMERY AVENUE HAVERFORD. PA. A. VASSALLO BARBER Y. M. C. A. BUILDING ARDMORE Ifstablished 35 Years CI-'uerta CDe Ulflexico MARGARET PAUL gifts 69 ST. JAMES PLACE ARDMORE, PA. Compliments of QQBENQSQQ 4 W. LANCASTER AVENUE ARDMORE, PA. Ye Ladye Shoppe VOLLMEIVS Hosiery - Lingerie - Girdles A CHICKEN SPECIALTY SHOP 0 ' XV. LANCASTER AVENUE ARDMORE, PA. ffrllii' RL'IIl1'lISIlytlt'P' Alarllla Elzrlzurl .'Il'dlI10TC 1.289 O CHICKEN CROQUETTES O CHICKEN A LA KING 0 CHICKEN SALAD Q CHICKEN CUTLETS 1 42 E. LANCASTER AVE. ARDMORE PA Compliments N1-lsanfs 51' 8. l04- Stores, lm 1 ! 0 f NASI-I REALTY CO. 0 NARlSlfR'l'H - OVHRISRUUK 9 Ul'IgN Igl'lgRY I:l'Ig.'N'l,N'l, 0 Main Line Real Estate l frnmwffm, ' of OFFICES l r ffames CBulera WX'NNEWOOD - NARBERTH r Lawrence cvfdelberger 0 Florist and Greenhouses A' Q Cor. W. WH,'l1C Ave. and Conestoga Road Vlfaync, Delaware County, Pa. The Last Straw SANDWICH SHOP 4 I The lllccting Place uf Harcrfordiafzs 1 Tailors - Cleaners Q SINCE 1305 Q ARDMORE. PA. lllvd. 0061 Upper Darby. pl rDine and CDance dl Curtis' Lunclleonette Bids on Entire Household B'-ist P,-ju-5 Paid Furnishings or Individual Pieces 69th Street Furniture Exchange Used l"urniture Bought and Sold 703.2 West Garrett Road 1 Boulevard l"'70 Upp,-r Darby, Pa, vt. In-ing Share BRENTANWS X Bryn Mawr 1218 l Booksellers to the lVorld Tile Country CBOOIZ Shop 1716 Chestnut Street 1551 XValnut Street 31 West Lancaster Avenue ARDMQRE. PA. Bryn Mawr Avenue Bryn Mawr, Pa. , . Whitehall Hotel 6? oflpartments Compliments of Public Dining Room - Garage on Premises TRANSIENT ROOMS AND SUITES X A. K. Lindsley, Mgr. XVAYNE. PENNA. 410 Lancaster Avenue Haverford, Pa. Free Gift lfralppirlg DUSI-IEY'S Linens --- Infants' Wear 30 South 69th Street Open Evenings I. Compliments Of Haverford Court Eleanor Cotterell Knoxe SMEDLEY 81 MEHL CU. 9 Coal - Furl Oil - Lumlvvr - Building Matvrifils Insulation - flutormztic Hvuting lfquipmcnt O .200 W. MONTGOMERY AVENUE ?SiL1'?5E HQ? ARDMORE. PA. IVIICRIOIN M0'l'0I!S, INK. 'JS-' XY. l.ANffAS'l'liR AVliNl'I: ARIJMOIIIL PA. ARIDMURIS 4800 hRIiIiNNX'UUIJ H1441 EDWARD J. KICLLY Watclzmaker 6? feweler 30 E. I.ANCAS'I'fiR AVE. .-XRDMORE. P.-X. BLAIR Hair Stylists Q Two Salons for Your Convenience' Q 64 E. Lancaster Avc. 36" Lancaster Avu. Ardmore. Pa. Haverford. Pa. Ardmore 5660 ."lVfl77IOT4' 5566 Ardmore Printing lilompanv Printers and Engravers Purrmils lVcdding Groups 'N lxlial' yn Studios . of Pliotography Q 40 RITTENHOUSE PLACE ARDNIORE ISO E. Lancastvr Aw-. 5' XY. L.1m'.aslcr .-Xu: mmm, :xrdmmc 1-00 XX aync. pa. Ardmore. Pa. Dailx 0.50-5.50: fall. IU-U 0 Tll"Pl"""' fflllln Ewfuing- lw Scrving ilu' Alain Lim' Uvcr Fiftf Ycur. u """' his ANI' "wi 'lf'f"""""""" ESSEX BEAUTY SHOP 240 Haverford .'11'L'1I1ll NARBERTH. PA. Frank's for Qood CPipes O '50 W. LANCASTER AVENUE Next Door to Aulocar 9 ARDMORE Compliments of SHAPIRO 6? SONS, INC. C u r t a i n s EASTON. PA. BRILL - - Flowers 9 46 NV. LANCASTER AVENUE ARDMORE, PA. Q Non' Owned and Operated by MISS ANDERSON Cabofs gown Shop FASHION CENTER Dresses, Coats, Sportswear Nlillinery ARDMORE 4612 27 XV. LANCASTER AVE. A ARDMORE, PA. Meet Your Friends at THE CREEICS BRYN MAWR Tasty Samlxviclzes Refreshments Main Line Bowling Center 121.2 Lancaster Avenue Rosemont, Pu. ".'l'Iain I,ine's Newest Bowling .'lCdllt'H1y' SPECT.-XI. RATES TO SERVICE MEN Owned and Operated by I'lmne lirxn .Uanr 0150 NIARTY McMAHON v Courtesy of Room 38 1'1on1c of the BEST DAMN SOLDIERS in the Air Force ARTHUR BRANDIS LORINCZ KATZMANN LUEDEKING REMICK Conlplirmwls of ilu' SUBURBAN THEATRE ARDMORE and SEVILLE THEATRE BRYN MAWR jERRY BEAUTY SALON l'4'rm4lm'nl H"al'inx Hur .Spuiully For! , ly Y 1' l Lf I Til 'btl'flWlJl'Iflfll' df CI U IKHUV1 5 E A I F H Nl 1' RUF 5 E lkmrnwrlv with -42 Ylulrs' Exp:-rin J. E. fnlldwvll SL Qu.. Phila. William M. Zimmermann u'.'1'1'ciHM.-mme .md j1fH'l:'I.IiR OP'I'OME'I'RlS'l' and ov'rlci1AN PHONE Oli-1 XVAYNE. PA. The Suburban and Wayne Times WEEKLY NEWSPAPER WAYNE, PA. E. S. McCAWLEY 6? CO., INC. 'Booksellers 9 H AVERFORU, PA. 0 l"' STATION RO.-XD TEL. ARDMORE 211' Compliments Of WILLIAM J. IHLTOX PRINTERS IIE "fn gcfaefann I'nr tI1c 12ncI fxl'l11V fxir Forces VEECCEIIIICHE rliruining DctaxL'I1111Cnt at HZlX'Cl'E:0I'CE COIIcgc "Finc Printing by Skilled Craftsmen " WAYNE PRINTING CUMPI-INY WAYNE, PENNSYLVANIA I I I Hail and Farewell! I Fine Flying neu ' to the AHHUIY LINES 72nd Detclchment With Clem' Weather I Ahead! I I NYXYNIQ I'IlIX'l'lNl IHI llIfli!.liY UI IH V! lil UNI' NUI I I fi NOTES I 16' . I ,O nl' 'Q -J L N 4. V' QA" , 4 O f' ci' 'r'1 . 'W' gf 3. ' Q . Q V Q 5 -f-.. - 1,2 -1.1 U I buds' .hxmc .uf-'v 'I-wipgfmd 4" V' T9 ' F1 ,"' my 'wh' ww aww aww 1 U I 1 O ,I n I .R '1 v'. V L P i ' . A LAL.- ,S J .I In 155 UST. A' ' 33 I 5.9120 A

Suggestions in the Air Force Technical Training Detachment - Echelon Yearbook (Haverford, PA) collection:

Air Force Technical Training Detachment - Echelon Yearbook (Haverford, PA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 5

1944, pg 5

Air Force Technical Training Detachment - Echelon Yearbook (Haverford, PA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 14

1944, pg 14

Air Force Technical Training Detachment - Echelon Yearbook (Haverford, PA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 12

1944, pg 12

Air Force Technical Training Detachment - Echelon Yearbook (Haverford, PA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 63

1944, pg 63

Air Force Technical Training Detachment - Echelon Yearbook (Haverford, PA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 117

1944, pg 117

Air Force Technical Training Detachment - Echelon Yearbook (Haverford, PA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 118

1944, pg 118

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