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Text from Pages 1 - 88 of the 1990 volume:

2 ' c,can -»- Jjy: ' — iff. v,. « » ; L ; 4 - I 1 • ■ ■f: m n ' - ditcrran tea Wi T y : S R USS AINSWORTH (FF-1090) MEDITERRANEAN CRUISEBOOK PLUS APRIL 1989 - MAY 1990 EDITOR: LTJG ERIC WARNER CONTRIBUTORS: STG2 JAMES HATTAWAY, YN2 DAVE MCCLEAN, DCFN FREDERICK ROY, STG2 FRANKLIN ASHE, HTl ERIC FLO- RES, DCFN JAMES BROWN, LTJG ALEX BAX- TER, LTJG ERIC WARNER, LTJG ANICETO ALONZO PUBLISHER: JOSTENS USS AINSWORTH (FF-1090) The mission of USS AINSWORTH is to conduct prompt and sustained combat operations at sea, worldwide, in support of national interests. She contributes to accomplishing the functions of sea control through her specialized configuration as an anti-submarine frigate, mounting a variety of electronic and acoustic sensors and weapons. AINSWORTH was named in honor of Vice Admiral Walden Lee Ainsworth, U.S. Navy. It is the first ship ever to bear the name. Vice Admiral Ainsworth was a distinguished task force commander in the South Pacific Campaign of World War II and known as " a destroyerman ' s destroyerman. " AINSWORTH was built by Avondale Shipyards, Inc., of Westwego, Louisiana. She is the thirteenth ship of the JOSEPH HEWES class of frigates. AINSWORTH was commis- sioned 31 March 1973 and is manned by 18 officers and more than 260 enlisted personnel. The ship is especially designed for locating and destroying enemy submarines, but is also capable of performing such other missions as patrols, search and rescue, blockade, surveillance, shore bombardment, anti-surface warfare, and anti-air warfare. AINSWORTH is outfitted with some of the most modern electronic equipment for detecting ships, submarines, and aircraft. Main features include the ship ' s three sonar (underwater sound detection) systems. One, mounted in the hull at the bow is capable of gaining surface or subsur- face contacts at extremely long ranges. The other two have variable depth capability and are towed astern. AINSWORTH ' s principle armanent is the homing torpedo. Placed in the general vicinity of an enemy submarine, the torpedo will seek out and destroy its target. The three systems installed on the ship to deliver the torpedo to the target area include: over-the-side torpedo tubes, the ASROC (Anti-Submarine Rocket) launcher, and the LAMPS (Light Airborne Multi-purpose System), a manned helicopter. Other major armanent includes the 5 ' 754 rapid fire gun, having a primary purpose of anti-air and anti-surface warfare. It is also effective for shore bombard- ment in support of forces of beachheads to several miles inland. In August 1976, AINSWORTH became the first ship in the Atlantic Fleet to receive the production version of the Harpoon missile. The Harpoon missile, with beyond-the-horizon ranges in excess of 50 nautical miles, adds significantly to AINSWORTH ' s fighting capability. In addition to these systems, AINSWORTH has the most up-to-date point defense system, the MK 15 Close-in Weapons System, designed to shoot down incoming missies. AINSWORTH is powered by a single, five bladed propeller driven by steam turbines develop- ing 35,000 shaft horsepower. Featuring automatic combustion control of her two boilers, which operate at steam pressures of approximately 1200 pounds per square inch, she is capable of speeds in excess of 27 knots (more than 30 miles per hour). The ship is 438 feet long — 47 feet wide, with a Navigation Draft (deepest point below the waterline) — of 27 feet. AINSWORTH is assigned to Destroyer Squadron Two and is homeported in Norfolk, Virginia. Hi the irce id ' s D8. dIs- The (Of lore WH lud lur- are (ai lied (be ard- m )Oon idds m id 10 flop- bicb I leof feet NEW BEGINNINGS CHANGE OF COMMAND COMMANDING OFFICER CDR ROBERT P. PERRY UNITED STATES NAVY l. lana. Commander Perry was born in Norfolk, Virginia and grew up in Norfolk and Jeffersonville, India He graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1972 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in History. Commander Perry attended Nuclear Power Training and served on board USS CALIFORNIA (CGN-36) and USS EISENHOWER (CVN-69). He served as Engineer Officer on board USS ARKANSAS (CGN 41) from September 1981 until December 1984. Commander Perry ' s shore assignments include serving as Naval Science Instructor at Cornell Uni- versity where he earned a Masters Degree in Business Administration in the Navy ' s Advanced Educa- tion Program. He also served as Assistant to the Deputy Director of the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Directorate (Naval Sea Systems Command Code 08) for surface ship. His most recent tour was as Executive Officer on board USS BIDDLE (CG 34). Commander Perry is married to the former Denise Fogleman of Norfolk, Virginia. They have two children, a son, Brent age 14, and a daughter, Whitney age 12. ALGIERS, ALGERIA A BIT OF DIPLOMACY THE " CASBAH " o •jh 1; STEEL BEACH PICNICS BURGERS, HOT DOGS, BAKED BEANS, POTATO SALAD, CHOCOLATE COOKIES, SODA, ETC. hT i .- v J 4 t ' o :«. ' IHM POMP AND CIRCUMSTANCE PHYSIC AT READINESS TRAINING ppl M MEALTIME 13 AIRCRAFT il SF.A SPRTTF SEA SPRITE CH-46 CARRIER t - 17 MARSEILLE FRANCE UNDERWAY REPLENISHMENT FUELS STORES FORT LAUDERDALE MARSEILLE FRANCE SEA OF GALLILEE PUERTO RICO ITALY DEPENDENTS ' CRUISE FAMILY FRIENDS STEEL BEACH PICNIC !%(i»( »(i0( N . 25 r % POST MED DEPLOYMENTS POST LEO OPS ' . ' IT ' ' " -- ' •i t 28 d Wlia iC rT — T irp ' --.3A ,.. ' ' W MAI GREGORY CHURCH LT VINCENT COLLINS LTJG KARLEYRON NCI CHRISTOPHER EVANS HUNNEWELL i li U , YN2 MCCLEAN MM3 CORRY LTJG DOUG MALIE PN3 SHERRIL YNl PATRICK 33 DEPARTMENT STOREKEEPERS MS3 NELSON BREAZEALE LT JOHN COYNE MSI RAYMOND FRICKE SK3 ROBERT GALLAGHER SKI (SKC) LEO JONES SK2 ROBERT KIRBY SKC (SKCS) NOLASCO LTJT STEVEN MORGAN MANARANG SN (SK3) PETER RYNISH ■ 36 MSSA (MS3) DAVE GILMORE MSI LOUIS SILVA 37 SH2 THOMPSON SK3 GALLAGHER DKl DRIGGERS SK2 COBBLE SKC JONES MSSN GILMORE SN BURNS SH3 SIMPSON MS3 BREAZEALE OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT RADIO COMBAT SIGNALMEN 3 ELECTRONIC WARFARE ELECTRONIC TECHNICIANS :: ' n? EW3 CHIP BILLBREY OSl ANTHONY BOLDS RMSN NATHAN CANTY OSl DEAN CHAPMAN i U EW2 (EWl) DERRICK CHILDS OSS WARREN COLBY RM3 PATRICK COLLINS RMSA ANDRE COPELAND ' 40 1 VMAN I RM2 RICK FACHLER SM3 NORM FERLAND SMI FITZPATRICK ET3 (ET2) JERRY HURD )RE LTJG MICHAEL KOPPENHAVER EW3 RODERICK LEONARD QMSN JONATHAN LEWINSON ET2 DALE LONG i 41 ET2 KEITH JONES OS3 MARK MADDOCK OSSA (OSS) ANTHONY OSSA (OS3) MATTHEW MASI MCPAUL OSSA (OS3) DARYL MISTRIC ENS JOHATHAN MURPHY OSSA (OSSN) THOMAS EW2 JAMES RAYMOND PRALL OSSA JOHN ROULEAU 42 ■ HEW II OSSA (OS3) TIMOTHY SWANSON RMl FREDERICK ULLMAN SM3 CHRISTOPHER EWC KEVIN WILLIAMS WIMMERS L to R: 0S3 MISTRIC, OSSN DENTON, 0S3 PRALL, OS2 SCHAFER, OS2 MASI, OS3 McPAUL, OS2 COLBY, OSl CHAPMAN I f OS2 HENDERSON ET3 DILLMAN 44 SN GAITHER OSSN PRICE 1- LTJG ALEX BAXTER LTJG JIM BEGGS Hp V J ■■j BHI m s f iJM pptzi T yjB 1 ' . 1 1 P n « HH « M .i fli 3 1 1 1 L H Ht RM2 MACIVER OSCS GOULD LTJG MIKE KOPPENHAVER OS2 JACOBS, RMl MEEKS, CO 45 f 46 GUNNERY STGl (STGC) ERIC BM3 (BM2) FRANKLIN ADAMS ARD STG3 (STG2) FRANK ASHE SA (SN) KEITH ASPENLEITER STGJ (STG2) DENNIS FC3 (FC2) EDWARD BELL BERGSTROM STG2 MATTHEW BISHOP BMC PAUL BREDLAU SA TH SR TERRY CANTIELLO SN NICHOLAS CAREY FC3 JOHN CARROL A T ?, ,, ' CHILDERS SA (SN) TOUSSAINT STGSN ROBERT iEDLAl CRADDOLPH DAVIA LTJG JERRY DISMUKE GMM3 LORENZA EADY FC3 ROBERT FRANKLIN 51 52 SN RON HOLDEN STGSN MICHAEL HUDSON FC3 (FC2) THOMAS GMG2 WILL ISAROON HUNTER FCSN JEFF ISOLA BM3 (BM2) KERRY JONES SN ERIC JOSHUA BM2 (BMl) WILLIAM JORGENSON STG3 ROBERT LAYTON 53 SN IVAN LLEWELYN, JR FC3 DARREN LOGOZZO BMl CARMINE MARRA GMG3 MARK MCCOY TMl SCOTT MODINE STG2 WILLIAM MORRIS FC3 TOM MOYES STGl (STGC) JOHN NIELSEN 1 . STG3 PATRICK NOLAN SN. 54 t ICCOY SN JOSEPH PAYLOR STGSN DOUGLAS PEATROSS STGSN WILLIAM RAWSTROM STG2 BERNARD SCHERR STGC STEVEN SEPPALA STGl CLAYTON SIETSEMA STG3 JOHN REYNOLDS SN DAVID SPAULDING LT JOHN STEVENS 55 FC3 PAUL STIMSON SR BERNABE TORRES SR (SN) CHESTER TURKO SR (SN) JASON WILSON STGl ROBERT WISE FCl CARL WOOD FCC CHRISTOPHER WRIGHT SN DESROCHERS SN KOLLEDA GMMl MUELLER GMGl WLOCZEWSKI SN CAITLETT GMM3 LAWN T lOHWi ' i STG2 TROWBRIDGE STGl KOZERA SN JOHNSON k. SN AUSTIN BM3 BUYD FC2 HUNTER FC3 FOGLE GMG2 SKAGGS S8 SN GOODRIDGE STG 3 NOLAN STG3 REYNOLDS STGSN PEATROSS STG3 SENDROWSKI TMMl MODINE HELO FIREFIGHTING TEAM ? v3 STG3 SCHAEFER SMALL BOATS CAPTAIN ' S GIG MOTOR WHALEBOAT - It V fl ; H H ' 1 62 fcl. ' ■ ' " • ENGINEERING MAIN MACHINERY DAMAGE CONTROL DEPARTMENT AUXILIARIES BOILERS ELECTRICAL i Ml MM3 (MM2) IVAN ALEXANDER LTJG ANICETO ALONZO BTl CURTIS AMBROSE BTFA (BT3) CLYDE ARMSTRONG MM2 (MMl) TIM BAKER LTJG JAMES BEGGS BT3 TERRY BRYANT BT3 ROCKY CADMAN MMl (MMC) WILLIAM COPELAND 65 MMFN GERALD CRAWFORD MMFA (MM3) VICTOR MM3 VINCENT DAVIS BTFN (BT3) DAVIS RODERICK DENNIS MM3 DARRYL EVANS IC3 KURT FEAIRHELLER HTl ERIC FLORES BT2 (BT3) MARK FUHRY MMFA TIMOTHY GIBBONS 66 a IC3 WILLIAM GLEN LVXIS BTl MCKINLEY GOODWIN EM3 (EM2) ZHONG GUAN DCFA JEFF GUYETTE MR2 SCOTT HALL FN JOAL HARE I D Mi 5 EMI MARIO GUTIERREZ MM2 MICHAEL HASKINS 67 i DCC GARY HOLMES MMFN (MM3) FRED HUNZIKER BT2 JOHNNY JOHNSON BT2 LARRY KELLY LT TIMOTHY KIEL HT3 (HT2) JOHN KISKR BT3 ALLEN KOEBEL HT3 ERIC KRAUCH BT2 THEODORE LAWYER 68 t ILLY MM3 BRIAN LEFFLER BTFN (BT3) KELLY MARTIN DCFN RADE MIKOLICH BTCS PETER MOCKAPETRIS MM3 HERBERT MORROW III MM3 PONCIANO BT2 ROGER MURPHY LTJG JOHN MEYERS MOTIL HTFN DAVID PARKS 69 MMl WILLIAM PERKINS P BTFA (BT3) JOE REGNIER EMC FRANCISCO RAYMUNDO n BT2 RALPH PLATT MM3 JOHN POORE MMM CFA FREDERICK BT2 PHILLIP MRFN LINWOOD ROY SHIRL EY SIROI lOE FR (FN) JAMES SPRINGER EMFA (EMFN) DAVID IC3 ROBERT STOUTER MMS MICHAEL WARD STEPHENS LTJG ERIC WARNER IC2 NORRIS WHITE MMFN SHAWN WHITE HTl TIMOTHY WHITE I 71 MM3 PAULDING fi LT ROWLEY MOLINA (CHENG) 72 I 11 ENl MARKERINK ENS SHARKEY MMl HEIL 73 DCFN GUETHLEIN BTFN JOHNSON MMFN BITTNER MM3 LEFFLER MMFN HARRIS BT3 KOEBEL BT2 SHIRLEY V ?: ' • ■- M M MM3 KLEPPINGER ICFN MOSHER 74 1 MMl THOMAS HT2 KAISER SOMEONE WITH BIG FEET ICFN WHITE BTl GOODWIN 75 H LD ' ORAHQe . THE SHIPS INSIGNE The arms of AINSWORTH, designed from the ideas of the ship ' s company, reflects elements symbolic of the life of Vice Admiral Walden Lee Ainsworth as well as values inherent in American and Naval tradition. The concept of a knight brandishing a battle axe, togeth- er with the colors red and silver, derive directly from the Ainsworth family coat-of-arms. In concert, they represent strength, fortitude and nobility in persuit of peace. The seahorse represents prowess and fortitude. In addi- tion to the connotation of vigilance at sea, the seahorse symbolizes the forces of science and industry, vital ele- ments in design, construction and operation of the ship. The motto Parata Pugnare meaning " Prepared to Fight " , stresses the primary goal of readiness to act to further the values which have become our heritage. The motto also encompasses the nickname of the fighting destroyerman who was " Pug " Ainsworth. The continuous line highlighting the border of the crest, signifies the unity and the continuity of the ship ' s crew. May that line be a strong one. May it never part. May this crest inspire those who comprise that line to act in the persuit of excellence throughout the life of a proud ship bearing a proud name and proud heritage. . 79 USS CORAL SEA USS AMERICA BATTLEGROUP 80 ,i iri« '

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