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3i ' MM ' »» ' Y - ' - - ' yo ' V« . :i y4 9 -can ego % V ' - ' ' M- Mift ' - Pr ) )5 1 LSF THE SHIP ,- «-. . , OFFICERS i . T CHIEF PETTY OFFICERS m WEAPONS DEPARTMENT OPERATIONS DEPARTME JT NAVIGATION i V ADMINISTRATION ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT SUPPY DEPARTMENT l AIR DEPARTMENT .jL DEPARTURE WSk, ?- » f UNDERWAY REPLENISHMENT PALERMO, SICILY NAPLES, ITALY CATANIA, SICILY DUBROVNIK, YUGOSLAVIA DOD OVERSEAS SHOW " ENCOUNTER " jr RETURN TO NORFOLK I ' k}, ff .k AINSWOl ■Hi e mission of USS AINSWORTH is to conduct prompt and sustained combat operations at sea, worldwide, in support of national interest. She acconnjlished the functions of sea control through her specialized configuration as an anti-submarine frigate, mounting a aricty of electronic and acoustic sensors and weapons. MNSWORTH was named in hdridr of Vice Admiral Waidcn first ship ever to bear the name. Vice Admiral Ainsworth was a distinguished task force commander in the South Pacific Campaign of World War Two and was known as the deslroyerman ' s destroyerman. AINSWORTH was built by Avondale Shipyards Inc., of Westwego, Louisiana. She is the thirteenth ship of the Joseph Hews class of frigates. AINSWORTH was 4iw Sffirrffssioi ' lM ' . ' »» iviarcn i is manned by 19 Officers and over 260 enlisted personnel. AINSWORTH is outfitted with some of the most modern electronic equipment for detecting ships, submarines and aircraft. Main features include three sonar systems. One, mounted on the bow of the ship is capable of gaining surface and subsurface contacts at extremely long ranges. The other two have variable depth 4 1 ORTH capabiTi!y " and are towed astern. AINSWORTH ' S principal armament is the homing torpeedo. Placed in the general vicinity of an enemy submarine, the torpeedo will seek out and destroy it ' s target. The ship can deliver the torpedo by one of three ways; over the side launching, helocopter drop or the anti- submarine rocket (ASROC). Other major armament includes providing the ship with anti-air and anti-surface capability. It is also effective for shore bombardment. The ship is also armed with the Harpoon anti-ship missile with a range of over 50 nautical miles, and the MK 15 Close in Weapons System (CIWS), designed to shoot down incoming missiles. AINSWORTH is powered by a single, five bladed propeller, driven by steam turbines developing 35,000 shaft horsepower. With automatic combustion controlled boilers producing steam pressures in excess of 1200 PSI, she is capable of speeds in excess of 27 knots. The ship is 440ft long 47ft wide, with a navigational draft of 27 feet. OFFICIAL U.S. NAVY PHOTOGRAPH VICE ADMIRAL WALDEN LEE AINSWORTH Walden Lee Ainswroth was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on November 10, 1886. He graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in June 1910 and was commissioned Ensign on 7 March 1912. Selected to Flag Rank early in World War II, he was transferred to the Retired List and concurrently promoted to the rank of Vice Admiral on the basis of combat awards in 1948. Although much of his time at sea was spent in battleships and cruisers. Vice Admiral Ainsworth ' s " first love was destroyers. " These he commanded in various capacities throughout his distinguished career — as ship ' s Captain, Squadron Commander, Flotilla Commander, Task Force Commander, and Type Commander. Aptly described as a " destroyerman ' s destroyerman " by Theodore Roscoe in De- stroyer Operations in World War II, he was one of the outstanding bombardment task force command- ers of the war in the Far East. " He was new to the South Pacific, " wrote historian Samuel Eliot Morison, " but he entered the arena as if he had been fighting ... all his life. " His exploits are written in the history of the Solomons, Marianas, Palous, and Leyte Campaigns. For these he was awarded the Navy Cross, Distingished Service Medal, and Legion of Merit, and many of his ships received Navy Unit Commendations and Presidential Unit Creations. From 1945 until 1948 Vice Admiral Ainsworth served concurrently as Commandant Fifth Naval District and Commander Naval Operating Base, Norfolk, Virginia. He retired December, 1948 and died August 7, 1960. He is buried at Arlington National Cemetery. COMMANDING OFFICER CDR DANIEL T. SHERRANGE RTH Iirchl511 iincurrently ■:b ' s ., aeii niDder.anil M fititnin FifibNi«l Commander Sherrange was born in Erie. Pennsylvania in January 1948. He was graduated from Gannon University in 1969 and was Commissioned through participation in the Reserve Officer Candidate Program in September 1969. Commander Sherrange ' s initial sea duty assignments were in USS GREAT SITKIN (AE-17) as Navigator and USS CALCATERRA (DER-390) as Weapons Officer. Following SWOS Department Head Training, he reported onboard USS BAUSELL (DD-845) forward deployed to the Western Pacific and homeported in Yokosuka, Japan, as Engineer Officer. In March 1976, he reported to Commander Naval Sea Systems Command and was assigned to the 1200 600 psi Steam Propulsion Plant Improvement Program where he served as the Director for Engineering Personnel and Train- ing. Following his first Washington, DC tour, he returned to sea duty as Damage Control Assistant in USS AMERICA (CV-66). While on AMERICA he made a Mediterranean deployment and completed a year-long complex overhaul. After graduation from the Armed Forces Staff College in Norfolk, Commander Sherrange was assigned in October 1981 to the USS MCCANDLESS (FF-1084) as Executive Officer. He completed deployments to the Mediterranean Sea and Northern Europe. Leaving MCCANDLESS, Commander Sherrange received his Master ' s Degree in Business Administration and Finance from Old Dominion University in the fall of 1984. After the completion of his academic studies, he returned to Washington, DC serving as the Assistant Program and Budget Coordinator on the Staff of the DCNO for Surface Warfare (OP-03). Among his various awards. Commander Sherrange wears the Meritorious Service Medal (second award) and the Navy Commendation Medal. Commander Sherrange is married to the former Linda Rogala of Erie, Pennsylvania. They reside with their two children, daughter Dianne and son Joseph Daniel in Virgin- ia Beach, Virginia. EXECUTIVE OFFICER LCDR RODNEY TIMM Lieutenant Commander Timm was born in Springfield, Minnesota in March, 1947. He graduated from Bemidji, State College in 1969 and enlisted in the Navy that July. After several years of service, he decided to attend Officer Candidate School in Oc- tober, 1974 and received his commission in March 1975. Before commissioning, LCDR Timm at- tended Electronic ' s Technician School, was assigned to Mine Squadron Ten, at- tended Nuclear Power School and re- ceived instruction at the Navy Nuclear Power Prototype (S3G) at Wilmington, New York. After he received his commis- sion, LCDR Timm served aboard USS Dewey as CIC Officer, and went on to attend Naval Post-Graduate School in Monteray, CA where he received his mas- ters degree in Weapons Systems Science with an MS in Physics. Following SWOS Department Head Training, he reported aboard USS Koelsch (FF-1045) to serve as Weapons Officer and then on to USS Coontz (DDG-40) as Operations Officer. Upon completion of his department head tours, LCDR Timm reported to the U.S. Naval Academy as an instructor of Physics. After Annapolis, he attended the Prospective Executive Officer course in Newport RI and reported to USS Ains- worth (FF-1090) in November, 1987. Among his various awards, LCDR Timm wears the Navy Achievement Med- al (second award) and the Good Conduct Medal. LCDR Timm is married to the former Carolyn Marshal of Rising Sun, MD. They reside with their two children, daughters Lori Ann and Jennifer, in Nor- folk Virginia. i I i V i Left CDI ENS OFFICERS Left to right: CDR Sherrange, ENS Warner, LTJG Miller, LT Cameron, LTJG McGrath, LCDR Warren, LT Haines, ENS Beggs, LTJG Cushen, LT Coyne, LT Hunt, ENS Koppenhaver, ENS Baxter, LT Collins, ENS Murphy, LCDR Timm. CHIEF PETTY OFFICERS Left to right: RMCS Emde, OSCS Gould, STCM Brown MSC Briones, STC Seppola, SKC Manarang, FCC Wright, NCC Ray, HTC Holmes, QMC Johnson, PNCM Palermo. 10 OFFICERS CHIEFS WEAPONS DEPi UAHK 711 MOD I linn 7» «l« tail nvvr, 74n vj a kif iMf ( I 17 VtNlll ATION IVIIEM t)Ali 74BUI»4 II II t}li}ll lOII lONNf riINO PAR ]C( U«VO 4«UI»4 12 DEPARTMENT GUN BAHHll.. MARK IIMOO) DWG ;b8UI60 101 ](IIUI60I teetHEEi4 Gun mount conIhoi MK 114 UUU f Omk. 8I« ' Bi (lDt. ;8b3 ' i) CUN MOUNT t UN IBOL MK 1 4 MlKl CJ»n. ' l6l070(l ObO ' io) 141 or 4SUI«1 S «T v i [1 1 VAI KM POmtH OMiwI «U«l It MOO t t ' CAU CJnrOU MAM ;MC9i ) ' 0 » iJtCfOM MJUM DMOOO 13 FIRST DIVISION First Row BM2 Taylor, SN Rynish, BM3 Carton, SN Kol- leda, SN Joshua, SN Herbert, SN Holden, ENS Evans. Second Row CMC Whorral, BMl Marra, SN Carey, BM3 Ard, SN Roach, BM2 Jorgenson, SN Wimmers, BM3 Clarke, SN Hopkins, BM2 Hayes, SN Gib- son, BM2 Hammonds, SN Pless 14 V, BM3 immeR. iNGib- First Division is where the traditional sailors work. The Boatswain ' s Mates are the guys you probably think of when you imagine " a Sailor. " They work out on the main decks, handle lines, keep the ship looking great, and generally do what has to be done to keep everything going smoothly on the main decks. They can do a little bit of everything. 15 SECOND DIVISION FIRST ROW FC3 Bergstrom, FC3 Blanchette, FC3 Carroll, FCSN Isola, FC3 Hunter, GMG2 Changar, FC3 Logozzo, FC3 Franklin SECOND ROW FCC Wright, FC3 Moore. GMG3 Wiseman. GMGl Fryberger. FCl Regan. FCl Walton. GMG3 Bush. FC3 Haack. GMGSN Garcia, FC Moves, ENS Warner. 16 Second Division is comprised of the ship ' s gunners. The Gunners Mates and Fire Controllmen maintain and operate the ship ' s 5 ' 54cal rapid fire gun and the MKII Close in Weapons System (CIWS). Together, these men search out enemy targets, track them and stand ready to engage them if proven to be hostile. The task requires mastery of a variety of skills and these guys know what they ' re doing. FC X GMG 17 THIRD DIVISION | First Ro ' sTGSN T BRi e ST TM 18 V GMT First Row: TMl Tayer, GMMSN Eady, STG3 Hattaway, STGSN Hudson, STG3 (SW) Lonsford, STG3 Reynolds, TM3 Renaud, STGSN Greek Second Row: GMMSN Dearing, STG3 Rawstrom. STG3 Doyle. STG3 Layton. GMM2 (SW) Thompson. STG3 Cuddihy, STG3 Morris. STG2 Wise. STG2 Haynes, STG2 (SW) Richardson Third Row: LT Havnes, GMC (SW) Baley. STGC (SW) Seppola, STCM (SW) Brown. STGl Clabby. STG3 Bell. STGSN Davia. STG2 (SW) Seitsema. STG3 (SW) Nelson. STG3 Bishop. STG2 Hall. STGSN Pappinaue. STG2 Trow- bridge, STG2 Scherr. The men of Third Division are the Anit- Submarine Warfare specialists of the ship. The Sonar Technicians do the listening to find the subs. Once they have been found, the Tor- pedomen may engage them with a " fish " launched over the side, or the Gunners Mates may fire an Anti-Submarine Rocket (AS- ROC) to get the target. Whether it ' s practice or the real thing, the men of Third Division will get the subs every time. 19 OPERATIONS DEP I l NlT IS MANUAL CONTROLLER SWITCH (2-1-3lal FRAH£10 NO. UNIT t4 ANT€NNA SMITCm CONTPOl SHIPS KMER OVAC. 60HZ 3 Phase OFf on;k n (l Off J 1 15VAC FROW SYNCHRO SIGNAL y AMPLIFIER UNIT 11 VOlTaOE regulator UNIT 1 RADAR OOULATOR UNIT 6 RF LINE BAND SUPPRESSION Filter SHIPS POWER n WAC 60HZ j SINGLE Phase External synchronization f ROM AN SPA-4: (j - UNIT 6 BEARING SLECTOR SWITCH 101 j pioi ' V- iwTTi j- J103J P103J- FlaG NOTES mS two SEPARATE »»CA-7CA aS TO $YNC WO SIGNAL AMPLIFIER [2 FIVE ItPARATt fc«CA 1« CABLES TO PlAN POSITION 20 OSGA-3 OHFA3 OSGA-3 ' OHFA-3 TRiGGt -K TO IFF €au- )fPARTMENT -t CONNECTING V . - SYNCHRO ■ (j SIGNAL 7 AMPLIFIER y f Plan position ' ■» indicators A UNIT J POWER SOPPL ' ' n UNITS INDICATOR ADAPTER ANCE MARKERS WM V.VCM AtA I ■•rw-wwwM-xMWJdrjr-TV (2-l-3lb) FRAME ID NO. UNtT 19 30 21 ANTENNA ASSEMBLY AS-4361 l SPS-lOe AiaobJt ) PI - -( P7 J7 -S AN SPSSai 1 671 UNIT i: SLOTTED LINE WAVEGUIDE no-49 u RGWUfWlJO ■SI UNtT 3 RADAR RECEIVER TR C UNITS RADAR SET CONTROL I l£ y 21 OC DIVISION RMCS Emde, SMSN Little, SMSN Ferland, ENS Baxter. SM2 Ivy, SM2 Castle. Signalmen (SM) are the visual communicators aboard ship. They send messages and information by way of signal flags, flashing light or semaphore. These men arc also excellent lookouts with a keen eye to assist the Officer of the Deck. If you need something visual, the SM can help. 22 b RMSN Collins, RM3 Mize, RMCS Emde, RM3 Mayfield, RM2 Bishop, RMl Richard, RM3 Steward, RMl Park, RM2 Fackler, RMl Sankey, RM3 Luster, ENS Baxter 1 The other, half of OC Division are the Radiomen (RM). All electronic communications are handled by the Radiomen. From coded voice to teletype or satellite transmissions, the Radiomen will get the message through. OI OW DIVISIONS Left to Right: ENS Koppenhaver, OSSN Magee. OSl Meyers, OSl Bolds, OS2 Sheffield, SN Masi, SN Colby, SN Schafer, SN DeMuth, OS2 Robinson, SN Johnson, OS3 Vega, 0S3 Caspoli, SN Crull, OS3 Ferryman. OSl Chapman, OSl Prima vera, OS2 Maddock. it Left 10 Left to Right: ENS Koppenhaver, EWC Williams, EW2 Santiago, EW2 Childs, EW3 Nichols, EW3 Anthony, EW2 Raymond, EWSN Koester EW OW and OI Divisions are partners in the Combat Information Center. OW Division is made up of Elec- tronic Warfare Specialists (EW ' s). EW " s specialize in listening to other people ' s radios and radars to see who they are. 01 Division is composed of Operation ' s Specialists (OS ' s). The job of an OS is very broad. They can act as air traffic controllers, navigators, gunnery spotters . . . the list goes on. Together, OW ' s and OS ' s make a dynamite team. If we ever see ac- tion, these men will pull us through it. 25 OE DIVISION ETC Cross, ET2 Marcum, ET3 Stevens, ET2 Naroth, ET3 Hurd, ET3 Long, ETSN Dalcour, ET2 Wright, ET3 Jones. ET Electronic Technicans (ET ' s) are the equivalent of shipboard, TV repairmen. Ex- cept, for these guys, the TV ' s they fix are super-sophisticated radar sets. The ET ' s are experts at any kind of electronic repair. From secret code machines to hand-held radios, they keep it all in top working order. 26 o O rS ' . 28 V NAVIGATION Left to Right: QMSN D ' Ambrosio, QM2 Oliveria, QMC Johnson. QM3 Howell, LTJG Hurley The Navigation Division is made up of Quartermasters (Qm ' s). The QM ' s tell us where we are going and where we need to go. With skills in Meteorology, they also tell us the weather and what sea conditions to expect. On the bridge, the QM on watch is an indispensable assistant to the officer of the Deck. They help to keep us all safe at sea. 29 ADMINISTRATION ajw — ii ' T YNl Patric, YNSN Frank, YNSN Sherrill PN2 Mcnair, PCSN Lopez, YNSN Harvey. 30 PN YN PC MA T HM NC Apart from the QM ' s, the Executive Department has quite a variety of rat- ings. Yeomen (YN) and Personnelmen (PN) take care of the admmistrative workings of the ship. A Poastal Clerk (PC) is onhand to handle the mails and deliver those precious letters from home. The ships Career Counselor (NCC) as- sists shipmates with decisions about their futures. And, finally, the Master at Arms Force (MAA) helps to maintain order and ensure that liberty parties make it back to the ship safely after a night of relaxation in a foreign port. MAA FORCE Back Row: GMGl Fryberger STG2 Hayse, GMMC Bailey. SM2 Ivy, BMl Marra. Front Row: SH2 Thompson, TMl Tayer, MAI Church 31 ENGINEERING TEM COMNECTlOt " THBOTTLE v ' Ai.VE OPER OL LP. LEAKOffN M .P. LEAXOFF V UNSTRAINED fcTRXIVjeO s vh N I .HftTO cxykiKi fCiC OH. Pump IElEC COKiM TO MTRCONT LjCV BRG CXL P«EtS AiAPv CONTA.CT OuPr.£»6rB T 1-1 It I -t« ' 1 ,t.i 1 — Jt ( vy (V){n] ' f P1NIOM t - 1 1 } s: -75 H1! i " t ' ' T P TuneuKie 12 D -(I. G DEPARTMENT MUMMT STCAM INLET STtA-M CHEST START seoueNcs SLAVE VML-Vt. - V VAJ-VS J - ACUJMUUkTOR |- -Y ' VAJ.VS H.P. OIL PRt S GA1X £ LOW BFbOIL WEiS TWP MANUAL TWP IftOPTBlP Ri eaT -I TuRBIkjE EXH P«EVWJKE 33 AUXILIARIES ELECTRICAL DIVISION Auxiliaries Division are the jacks of ail trades. It is made up of two ratings, Machinist Mates and Enginemen. Be- tween the two of them, they maintain the Diesel Generator, the boat engines, the hot water hearters, two air compressors, three air conditioners ... the list never seems to end. If it ' s mechanical and you ' re not sure who owns it A-Gang probably does. These guys work as a team to keep all their gear running smoothly. Electrical Division com- prises the ship ' s Electricians Mates and Internal Communi- cationsmen. If it has wires, and is not electronic, these guys will be able to fix it. If your phone doesn ' t work, they can help you with that. On a larger scale, the men of E Division maintain the electrical power distribution system aboard ship. You could call them Ainsworth Power Light or Ainsworth Telephone Tele- graph. " Because they think ev- ery call is important, " AT T. i Left to Right LT Collins, MMl Copelans, FN Layell, MM2 Thomas, FN Dinwiddie, MM3 Alexander, EN3 Booker, MM3 Proctor, EN 1 Hotmer, MMl Kennedy, MMFM Motil. - . » •• 3 -i 34 Left to Right LT Collins, ICFN Stouter. iCl Humphreys. IC3 White, ICFN Glenn, EM2 Davis. EM 0% MM IC EN BOILERS DIVISION FIRST ROW: BT2 Fuhry, BT3 Bryant, BTl Huttig SECOND ROW: BT2 Smith, BT2 Kelly, BTl Fahey, FN Cadman THIRD ROW: BT2 Murphy. BT3 Lawver, BT2 Soltyisk FOURTH ROW: BT3 Perkins, BT2 Shirley. BT3 Emory (hat), BT3 Johnson, BT2 Sadler FIFTH ROW: BTCS Mockapetris, ENS Rishel. BTC Pruitt. BTl Herbert Boilers Division is comprised of Boiler Technicians. They are the guys who keep the steam up for the engines, generators, cooking, hot water and even the ship ' s whistle. BT ' s ae experts at all sorts of maintenance and repair work, putting in long hours to keep the boilers steaming. These masters on 1200 lb steam genera- tion are among the finest in the fleet. .:•.■ ' ! 36 , 1 is MAIN MACHINERY DIVISION ENGINE ROOM First Row FN Robins, MM3 Brown, MM3 Davis, MM3 Evans, MM3 Sampson Second Row MM3 Haskins, MM2 Baker, MM3 Poore, MMl Todd, FN Hunziker, MMl Eriksen, MM3 Sokira, MMC Castle AUX ONE First Row FA Lecales, FN Crawford, FN Wilsher Second Row ENS Rishel, MMC Castle, MMl Perkins, MM3 Ward, MM3 Morrow f • I MM 0% Main Machinery Division runs the ship ' s en- gine. Of course, they also operate the ship ' s gen- erators, rough weather stabilizers and other as- sorted gear. These Machinist Mates maintain two of the three major engineering spaces aboard the ship. The work is never boring and seemingly never done, but these propulsion experts ensure we will always be ready to " answer all bells. " 38 REPAIR DIVISION I i hirst Row HTFN Meyer, HT2 Morgan, HT3 Lapp, MRFN Stock, HTl Flores, LTJG Miller Second Row DCC Holmes, HTFN Krauch, HTFN Riser, HT2 DeBrodie, HTFN Parks i2r HT MR Repair Division is made up of men from three ratings. Hull Technicians (HT ' s) are the structural repairmen. If some part of the ship breaks, they ' ll fix it. Damage Controlmen (DC) take care of the Damage Control and Fircfighting equipment. They are the experts in an emergency. Finally, Machin- ery Repairmen (MR ' s) wil make new steel parts to fix broken equipment. Between these three rates, these guys can fix nearly anything. Us •4(1 ? !i i DC OLYMICS TARANTO, ITALY OCTOBER 1987 DC OLYMPICS 5 I SUPPLY ALLOWANCE P EQUIPMENT COMPONENT NOMENCLATURE CHARACTERISTICS OJ-446B SL0-32(V) , CONSOLE . DI SPLAY 979592-1 17 979592-1 18 979592- 1 19 979592-12 979592-120 979592-122 979592-123 979592-124 979592-127 979592-13 979592-14 979592-17 979592-18 979592-19 979592-2 979592-20 979592-201 979592-22 979592-23 979592-24 979592-27 979592-28 979592-3 979592-4 979592-5 979592-6 979592-7 979592-8 979592-9 979615-1 979723-1 97973 -1 979867-1 979868-1 9961 17-1 996143-1 TECHNICAL DOCUMENT NUMBER 49956 LENS CAP 49956 SWITCH SUBASSEMBLY 49956 LENS CAP 49956 SWITCH. PUSH 49956 SWITCH SUBASSEMBLY 49956 SWITCH SUBASSEMBLY 49956 SWITCH SUBASSEMBLY 49956 SWITCH SUBASSEMBLY 49956 SWITCH SUBASSEMBLY 49956 SWITCH. PUSH 49956 SWITCH. PUSH 49956 SWITCH. PUSH 49956 SWITCH. PUSH 49956 SWITCH. PUSH 49956 SWITCH. PUSH 49956 SWITCH. PUSH 49956 SWITCH. PUSH. ILLUMIN 49956 SWITCH. PUSH 49956 SWITCH. PUSH 49956 SWITCH. PUSH 49956 SWITCH. PUSH 49956 SWITCH SUBASSEMBLY 49956 SWITCH. PUSH 49956 SWITCH, PUSH 49956 SWITCH. PUSH 49956 SWITCH PUSH 49956 SWITCH PUSH 49956 SWITCH. PUSH 49956 SWITCH, PUSH 49956 JOYSTICK 49956 TRANSFORMER. POWER 49956 CLOCK OSCILLATOR 49956 CONNECTOR. RECEPTACL 49956 CONNECTOR. RECEPTACL 49956 MODULE. CATHODE RAY 49956 BEARING. LINEAR REFERENCE SVMBOL NUMBER 44 Ship type hull no PAGE ITEM NAME M. PI ,RTS «ii»i FLSIP .25 ALLOWANCE PARTS LIS NCEP DER RTS LIST (APL) R 1 T V I E 1 J. J ' r UAL intNIIFICAIION NO DAIF PAGE • ' • ' JVEH ' HjMesfl ' N 00010604 02-28-88 16 « s r c ? IN ONE ,„, ; 1 » n I EQPr T I ' " COMP. ■ ON BOARD AILOWANCE TABLE 1 NUMBER OF FQUIPMENI COMPONENIS N 5930-01 -188-2683 C 1 2 3 4 5-819 20 2 1-50 1PA2ZZ 1EAC •01 ♦01 LK IN 5930-01 •N 5930-01 -176-1597 - 176- 1598 1PA2ZZ 1EAC 1PA2ZZ 1EAC •01 •01 •01 •01 IN 5930-01 -228-6909 iPA222 1EAC •01 ♦01 ♦01 •01 uy !iN 5930-01 - 176-0055 1PA2ZZ 1EAC ♦01 •01 LK IN 5930-01 -176-0056 1PA2ZZ 8EAC 01 01 •01 ♦01 ♦01 3 H N 5930-01 -176-0057 1PA2ZZ 1EAC ♦01 ♦01 Ly N 5930-01 - 176-1599 1PA2ZZ lEAC ♦01 ♦01 L N 5930-01 -176-1600 1PA2ZZ 1EAG ♦01 ♦01 iN 5930-01 -228-9787 1PA222 1EAC •01 •01 •01 ♦01 N 5930-01 -228-8720 1PA222 1EAC •01 ♦01 ♦01 ♦01 N 5930-01 -229-0771 1PA222 1EAC •01 ♦01 ♦01 ♦01 n 5930-01 -228-8722 1PA222 1EAC •01 ♦01 ♦01 •01 N 5930-01 -228-9788 1PA222 1EAC •01 •01 ♦01 ♦01 N 5930-01 -228-6910 1PA222 1EAC •01 ♦01 •01 ♦01 N 5930-01 -228-691 1 1PA222 1EAC •01 ♦01 ♦01 ♦01 NIN N 5930-01 - 167-8177 1PA2ZZ 37EAC »01 01 01 •01 3 6 12 N 5930-01 -228-8723 1PA222 1EAC ♦01 •01 ♦01 ♦01 U 5930-01 -229-5596 1PA222 8EAC 01 01 •01 •01 3 4 9 ;N 5930-01- -228-6912 1PA222 1EAC ♦01 •01 ♦01 ♦01 n 5930-01 -228-6913 1PA222 1EAC •01 ♦01 •01 ♦01 LV M 5930-01- -176-0058 1PA22Z 2EAC •01 ♦01 •01 NJ 5930-01- -228-6914 1PA222 1EAC ♦01 ♦01 ♦01 •01 NJ 5930-01- -229-7246 tPA222 1EAC ♦01 •01 •01 ♦01 M 5930-01 -229-1441 1PA222 1EAC ♦01 ♦01 ♦01 •01 - 5930-01 -236-8149 1PA222 1EAC •01 ♦01 ♦01 •01 •M 5930-01- ■236-8150 1PA222 1EAC 01 ♦01 •01 ♦01 •M 5930-01- -236-8151 1PA222 6EAC ♦01 01 »01 01 ♦01 4 7 vi 5930-01- •229- 1442 1PA222 1EAC »01 •01 ♦01 •01 HH5865-01- -167-8896 1PA2DD 1EAC ►01 »01 01 ♦01 ♦01 R N 5950-01- -157-6306 1PA2ZZ 1EAC t J 5955-01- -249-0269 1PADZZ 1EAC JCL 5935-01- -229-6988 1PA2ZZ 2EAC 01 »01 ♦01 JCL 5935-01- -157-6253 1PA2ZZ 5EAC ♦01 jiy HM5963-01- ■170-9886 1PA2ZZ 1EAC ►01 ♦01 01 »01 •01 RTS LIS ' Z 3120-01- -183-5561 1PA2ZZ 1EAC •01 01 •01 ♦01 r SIOCK NUMBER Ull I 2 i 4 5 8 9 20 2 1 -so 1 (APL) PROVISIONING , O M « N QTY. T u ' Jin ONf T V S COMP C OOO 10604 02-28-88 16 IDFNIIF iCAriON N 1 DAIF t ' AGF ■ 45 SXOl First Row: LT Coyne, SKI Trejo, DK2 Driggers, SH3 Rattelle, SHI Cox, LTJG McGrath Second Row: SKC Manarang, SK3 Santiago, SH2 Thompson, SHSR Simpson, SK3 Kirby DK SH SK 46 SX02 The Supply Department aboard Ainsworth is a self contained sup- port activity. The SK ' s (Storekeep- ers) provide our parts support for everything aboard. Ships Service- men (SH ' s) provide all the services the crew needs. From laundry to barber services, the SH ' s are there. Mess Management Specialists (MS ' s) prepare and serve the food for all our daily meals. They deserve a special thanks for those holiday meals; it made being away from home a little easier. Finally, but by no means the least important, the Disbursing Clerk (DK) makes sure we all have a little money to send home or enjoy on liberty. Supply does a difficult job very well. We all agree that we would not do anything very long without the support of Supply. First Row: MS2 Sanford, MSSR Miller, MSSN BreazeaJe, MSSA Trotter. Second Row: MS2 Harris, MSI Silva, MS3 Nagle The editor apologizes for the omission of the following men from the above picture, due to technical problems: MSC Briones, MSI Fricke, MS3 Edwards, MSSA Campbell, MS3 Rickardson. AIR DEPARTMENT Front Row LT Babcock, AE2 McCartney, ADAN Morales. LT Robinson, LT McGrath, AMSl Koch. Second Row AZ2 Grimes, ADAN Heinsen, AE3 Cumpton, AW3 Birdseye, AMMAN Deal, ATI Linlon, LT Beaudrol. AW2 Markiewicz, AD2 Henderson, AMS2 Shiver, ATC Anderson, AX2 Gailher. •I AD AE AMS AT 46 - - ' AW AX . . AZ i s The Air Department gives Ainsworth a host of additional capabilities. With their SH-2 " Sea Sprite " helocopter they assist the Sonar Techs in the location and tracking of submarines. The helo is also very useful with emer- gency rescue operations, personnel transfers and of course, mail pickup. They are a great asset while embarked and enable Ainsworth to perform her mission to it ' s utmost. HSL36, DET One was embarked for the MED 87-88 deployment. Hope you guys enjoyed Ainsworth as much as we enjoyed having you aboard. 49 DEPARTURE 29 SEPTEMBER 1987 1 ■HH Boi Hm l IFHBj H R V l W kVB Ebmbiiw F jM k ' v H B ' ' ' - ' - ' 4j ■B im AGUSTA BAY — INCHOP «l TI UNDERWAY REPLENISHMENT ±- Underway Replenishment is an American invention designed to keep her fleets on station without the cost and loss of time required to stop at ports to get supplies. An UNREP, as the Navy calls it, enables a warship to drive alongside a supply ship or oiler and pickup supplies and fuel while still on patrol. As these pictures indicate, an UNREP is a difficult and dangerous evolution. Our navies ' perfection of this evolution has enabled it to be as strong as it is. Ainsworth ' s UNREP team can hang with the best of them. ' iK l ' - ' ' - OCTOBER ' 87 TARANTO WHO WON ANYWAY? (NEVER MIND) 61 UNDERWAY AGAIN « t OVERSEAS DIPLOMACY W PALERMO NAPLES ITALY " BELLA NAPOLI " OCT 87 DEC 87 FEB 88 MAR 88 66 mm mtm Ti! CATANIA SICILY DECEMBER 1987 71 CHRISTMAS 1987 CATANIA, SICILY DUBROVNIK, YUGOSLOVIA dec 87 jan 88 kl. HIP1 . ■ H D.O.D. SHOW " ENCOUNTER " NAPLES ROTA, SPAIN MARCH 1988 NEXT STOP NORFOLK COMING HOME 29 MARCH 1988 tt This book is dedi- cated to the Men of Ainsworth and their families. Together, we are all dedicated, to protection of our rights and freediiins. The editoi Avould like to thank the lowing for their con- ribution of photo- graphs: STGSN Davia, STG3 Trowbridge ENS Warner ET3 Hurd GMGSN Garcia f. ljr i i 1 t-

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