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Text from Pages 1 - 80 of the 1983 volume:

1 USS AINSWORTH FF 1090 MEDITERRANEAN INDIAN OCEAN DEPLOYMENT 1983 TABLE OF CONTEN I OPENING WEAPONS OPERATIONS ENGINEERING SUPPLY AIR UNDERWAY OPS NEW YORK CITY LEBANON THE MALDIVES KENYA CROSSING THE LINE SUEZ TRANSIT CLOSING 5 Inc., I desig m ouliil aroi of an ttieti W liavii tea prod tang by a com she o»e[ lielic has has i UNITED STATES SHIP AINSWORTH (FF — 1090) USS AINSWORTH is named in honor of Vice Admiral Walden Lee Ainsworth, U.S. Navy, and is the first ship ever to bear his name. Vice Admiral Ainsworth was a distinguished task force commander in the South Pacific Campaign of World War II and was known as " A destroyerman ' s destroyerman " AINSWORTH was built by Avondale Shipyards, Inc., of Westwego, Louisiana. She is the thirteenth ship of the JOSEPH HEWES class of frigates. The ship is especially designed for locating and destorying enemy submarines but is also capable of performing such other missions as patrol, search, rescue, blockade, surveillance, shore bombardment, anti-surface warfare, and anti-air warfare. AINSWORTH is outfitted with the most recent electronic equipment for detecting and or communicating with ships, submarines, and aircraft. Main features include the ship ' s two sonar (underwater sound detection) systems. One, mounted in the hull of the bow, is capable of gaining surface or subsurface contacts at extremely long ranges. The other has a variable debth capability and is towed astern. AINSWORTH ' S principle armament is the homing torpedo. Placed in the general vicinity of an enemy submarine, the torpedo will seek out and destroy its target. The three systems installed in the ship to deliver the torpedo to the target area include: torpedo tubes, the ASROC (Anit-submarine Rocket) launcher and the LAMPS (Light Airborne Multi-Purpose System), a manned helicopter. Other major armament inlcudes the 5 " 54 rapid fire gun, having a primary purpose of anti-air and anti-surface warefare. It is also effective for shore bombardment in support of forces on beachheads to several miles inland. In August 1976, AINSWORTH became the first ship to receive a production version of the HARPOON Missile Launch System. The HARPOON anti-ship missile, with beyond-the-horizon ranges in excess of 50 nautical miles, adds significantly to AINSWORTH ' S fighting capability. AINSWORTH is powered by a single five-bladed propeller driven by a steam turbine developing 35,000 shaft horsepower. Featuring automatic combustion control of her two boilers, which operate at steam pressures of approximately 1 200 pounds per square inch, she is capable of speeds in excess of 27 knots (more than 30 miles per hour). The ships characteristics are; Length overall — 438 feet; Beam (width) — 47 feet; Navigational Draft (deepest point below waterline) — 26 feet; Full Load Displacement — 4,200 tons. AINSWORTH was commissioned 31 March 1973 and is manned by 18 officers and more than 260 enlisted personnel. The ship has facilities for embarking the squadron commander and his staff and a LAMPS helicopter detachment. In additions to operations in the Western Atlantic and the Caribbean operating areas, the ship has completed six extended deployments in her brief history. AINSWORTH has steamed over 600,000 miles. The ship has served as flagship for Destroyer Squadron Commanders Six, Ten, and Twenty-Two. Homeported in Norfolk, Virginia, AINSWORTH is presently a unit of Destroyer Squadron Ten. CAPTAIN G.J. ELLIS U.S. NAVY Captain Ellis was born in Dallas, Texas. He graduated from the University of Notre Danne in 1960 and attended graduate school at the University of Texas. Commissioned at the Officer Candidate School in 1962, he was assigned as Communications Officer aboard USS O ' BANNON (DD-450). Other sea service has included tours as Engineer Officer aboard USS ROBERT K. HUNTINGTON (DD-781) following completion of Destroyer School; Operations Officer with the recommissioning crew of USS LUCE (DDG-38); and Executive Officer of USS RICHARD E. KRAUS (DD-849), USS BORDELON (DD-881), and USS JOSEPHUS DANIELS (CG- 27). Captain Ellis commanded River Division 573 and River Division 532 while in the Republic of Vietnam from August 1969 to August 1970. Shore assignments have included duty with the Military Sealift Command area headquarters in Bremerhaven, Germany; with the Fleet Combat Direction Training Center, Dam Neck, Virginia; and most recently as the Director of Department Head Training at Surface Warfare Officers School Command, Newport, Rhode Island. Captain Ellis has been awarded the Bronze Star Medal with Combat " V " , the Navy Commendation Medal, the Army Commendation Medal, the Navy Achievement Medal, the Republic of Vietnam Cross of Gallantry, and the Republic of Vietnam Staff Service Medal First Class. Captain Ellis is married to the former Susan Carolyn Haines of East Moriches, New York. They have two sons, Michael and Andrew, and three daughters. Karen, Anne, and Rebecca. Co wa Scl me Exf Poi h Op, 0,( Co fei f COMMANDER JOHN W. BEARDSLEY U.S. NAVY Commander Beardsley was commissioned in June 1964 upon graduation from the Naval Academy. His initial sea tour was on board USS JOHN W. THOMASON (DD 760) as 1st LT Gunnery Officer. Following graduation from Destroyer School in 1967, he reported aboard USS STODDARD (DD 566) as Weapons Officer. In 1969-70, he served as a member of the Naval Advisor Group, Republic of Vietnam. From 1970-73, Commander Beardsley was assigned to the Executive Department, U.S. Naval Academy. In March 1976, he completed the course of instruction at the Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California and received a Master ' s degree in Oceanography. From 1976-77, he was Executive Officer on board USS MEREDITH (DD 890). From 1978-1981, he served on the staff of the Chief of Naval Operations (OP-095) and from 1981-82 he was a student at the Industrial College of the Armed Forces in Washington, D.C. Commander Beardsley is married to former Barbara Bocskay of Huntington, New York, and they have three children, Karen, Michael and Megan. ' CHANGE OF COMMAND THE PRESTIGE, PRIVELEGE, AND THE BURDEN OF COMMAND Only a seaman realizes to what extent an entire ship re- flects the personality and ability of one individual, her Commanding Officer. To a landsman this is not understan- dable, and sometimes it is even difficult for us to compre- hend, but it is so. A ship at sea is a distant world in herself and in consider- ation of the protracted and distant operations of the fleet units the Navy must place great power, responsibility, and trust in the hands of those leaders chosen for command. In each ship there is one man who, in the hou r of emergen- cy or peril at sea, can turn to no other man. There is one who alone is ultimately responsible for the safe navigation, engineering performance, accurate gunfiring and morale of his ship. He is the Commanding Officer. He is the ship. This is the most difficult and demanding assignment in the Navy. There is not an instant during his tour of duty as Commanding Officer that he can escape the grasp of command responsibility. His privileges in view of his obli- gations are most ludicrously small; nevertheless command is the spur which has given the Navy its great leaders. It is a duty which most richly deserves the highest, time- honored title of the seafaring world — " CAPTAIN " . Joseph Conrad READING OF ORDERS ACCEPTING THE CHALLENGE A JOB WELL DONE TURNOVER HANDSHAKE THE SHIP ' S INSIGNE The arms of AINSWORTH, designed from ideas of the ship ' s company, reflects elements symbolic of the life of Vice Admiral Walden Lee AINSWORTH as well as values inherent in American and naval tradition. i The concept of the knight brandishing a battle axe, together with the colors red and silver, derive directly from the Ainsworth family coat-of-arms. In concert, they represent strength, fortitude, and nobility in pursuit nf peace. The seahorse represents prowess and fortitude. In addition to the connotation of vigilance at sea, the seahorse symbolizes the forces of science and industry, vital elements in design, construction, and operation of the ship. The knight astride the seahorse, then, indicates seapower strengthened by the marriage of man and technology, of crew and ship. The full color version adds special meaning to the AINSWORTH arms. The traditional Navy blue and gold signify loyalty, fidelity, truth, and excellence. In addition to reflecting our national colors, the red, white, and blue shield is highlighted by a central ermine band, symbolic of leadership and justice. The green charger represents youth, strength, and freshness, particularly appropriate to the Navy of today and tomorrow. The motto " PARATA PUGNARE " meaning " Prepared to Fight " stresses the primary goal of readiness to act to further the values which have become our heritage. The motto also encompasses the nickname of the fighting destroyerman who was " Pug " Ainsworth. The peripheral stars are marks of honor and achievement, characterizing both the life of Vice Admiral Ainsworth and the aspirations of those who proudly carry his standard to sea. The continuous line highlighting the border of the crest, signifies the unity and continuity of the ship ' s crew. May that line be a strong one. May it never part. May this crest inspire those who comprise that line to act in pursuit of excellence throughout the life of a proud ship bearing a proud name and proud heritage. ;; 1ST DIVISION h f I. I n % ' m. f- f jF Front Row: SN James Gregory, SA Cesar Perez. SA Benjamin Blake, SN Howard Williams, SA Bob Zimdahl, SN Gregory McKnight, BM3 Kevin Evans, BMSN Anthony Partin. BMSN Jerry Axteil Back Row; BMC Robert Preston, BM3 Scott Toth, SN Mike Chambers, BMSN Paul Feldman, SA Brian Grosz, SN Tim White, SN John Pursell, SA John Beyer. BM2 Charles Dameron, BM1 Percy Manning. Not Pictured: ENS Jim Eaton, BM2 John Keith, BMSN Jeft Molliere. Just another day The painting never ends 2ND DIVISION Front Row: FTG3 William Chapman, GMG1 Richard Vantuyl, FTG3 Robert Elliott, FTG2 Jeffery Abel, GMGSN Steven Houk. Back Row: LTJG Harvey Jones, GMGSN Joseph Selby, GMG3 Jeffery Dougherty, GMG3 Daniel McGregor, FTG2 Larry Friess, FTG3 Randall Warman, GMG2 Norman Haynes, GMGC Sherman Wilkinson. 3RD DIVISION Front Row: STGSN Brian Fadorsen, TMSN Dave Bott, STG3 Mike Hamnnond, STG3 Tim Starnes, STGSN Rick Postiewalte, STG2 Robert Meleady, STGSN Dale Flowers, STG2 Dan Kehl, STGSN Mark Bryant. Second Row: GMTSA Mike Taylor, STG3 Rick Alsept, GMT2 Chris Milam GMT3 Sam Barbagallo, STG2 Joshua Lamb, STG2 Tommy Myatt, STG3 Jeff Kelly, Back Row: LTJG Robert Coriasco, LT Frank Garcia, STG2 Paul Yeomans, GMT2 Rick Miller. STG2 John Nielson, STGSN Steve Nichols, STGSA John Jacobs, GMTSN Marc Crossgrove. STG2 Rocky Robbins, STGSA Dave (RED) Crenshaw, STG2 Jack Bonner, STGC Mike Kuzan, STG2 Cliff Bailey. Not Pictured: TMSN Dale Halliwill. 01 DIVISION Front Row: OSSA Dennis Gary, OS2 Larry Clauser, 0S2 Samuel Brilliant, 0S3 David Nance, 0S3 Thomas Ewing, 083 William Barrow, OSSA Charles Linker, OSSN Steven Trullard, OSSA Kenneth Jimenez. Back Row: LTJG Leonard Duffy, 0S1 James Shortridge, 0S3 William Rodgers, 0S2 John Wizner, OSSN Vincent Pope, OSSN Robert Remel, OSSN Les Boswak, OSSA Jeff Danforth, 0S3 Griffin Powell, 083 Thomas Hession, 081 Scott Schildwaster, OSCS Larry Kazense. Front Row: RMSN John Williams, RM3 Curtis Pollard, RMSN Shawn Harris, RMSN Jerry Fucci, RMSN Vernon Morgan, RMSN Umiller Pritchett, RM2 Glen Kopanski. Back Row: ENS Michael Crum, SMI John Strater, SM3 Ronnie Telle, SMSN Kevin Smith, SM2 Danny Wright, RM2 Stephen Herbert, RM2 Mark Cawthon. RM3 Duke Take, RM1 Frank Varner. RMC William Green. i Front Row: E V3 Bill Fenn, ET3 Mark Small. E W2 Joseph Brana, ET3 Naeem Johnson, ET3 Kenneth Billings Back Row: ENS L.R. Magner Jr., ET2 Terry Heath. ET3 Lee Revell, ET1 Carl Lewis, EW2 Paul Gramstorf, EW2 Rick Lowrie, EW2 David Shrader, ETCS N.K. Normandin. Not Pictured: ET3 Audie Walker. ?71 H J T B B j «■ C ■ 1 I ML " H v i s 1B| hf9 ,HlB fff s ♦ Enjoying the sights and some fresh air. Front Row: QM1 Gary Landry. PC3 Frank Lininger, YN3 Michael Cooper, HM3 Brian McManus, PNSN Todd Miller, QM2 Mark Palo. Back Row: LT Hale Freeland, QMSN Bob Uhland, HN Mark Cashion, YNSA Jeff Odonn, QMSA John Granger, PNSR Melvin Jones, QMSN Daniel Wheless, QMS Scott Paddock, PNC Danny Dixon. i The Line-Up: MA1 Thad Winchester, NC1 John Kubricky. EMCS R. Seeley. The Watchful Eye ' 15 R DIVISION Front Row: MR2 John Begley, HT1 Leon Mead, HTFN Daivd DeBord, MRFA Richard Ice: Back Row: HT1 Leo Reed, HTFN Kenneth Crowley, FN Loy Becherer, HT3 Thomas Putman, HTFN John Phibbs, HT3 Richard Steele; Not Pictured: HTC Jannes Ellis. E DIVISION Front Row: IC2 Vaughn Sewell, EM3 Larry Hudson, FN Leonard Thorne, EMFN Leonidas Evans, EM2 John Falchetti, FN Samuel Monroe, Back Row: EMI Arron Hamlyn, IC3 Herve Lara, IC1 Gregory Herendeen, EM2 Randy Evans, EM1 James Adair, EM3 Waverly Evans, FN Andrew Nemes: Not Pictured: LTJG William Martin. 17 Front Row: MM1 Kavin Scarbrough, MM3 Mark Antoine, FA Raymond Headspeth, MM3 Harold Sasser, MM3 Pedro Ramos, MM2 Keith Turner, Back Row: ENS Robert Schetky, MMFA Clinton Powell, MM3 Donald Forrester, MM3 Keith Woodard, MM3 William Long, MM3 Jeffery Capatch, MMFN Stephen Wunder. MM3 David Walker. MMC William Bradley. L to R: MMFN Phillip Weber, MM3 Douglas Odell. MM3 Leon Goolsby, MM : Christopher Mahoney, MM3 Brooks Wilson. Taking a break. 18 B DIVISION A s pw . , e: a3 : ; .:f UU3 )oflaid Front Row: BT2 Michael Brown, BTFA Laurence Barr, BTFN Robert Michel, BTFN Michael Mills, BT3 Scott Heinrich, BT2 Jim Washington, BT1 Elbert Parks; Middle Row: ENS Robert Schetky, BT3 Alen Housely, BTFN Louis Simon, BT2 Jeffery Mania, BT2 Joseph Lemmer, BTFN Timothy Conner, BT3 Michael Bauguess, BT2 Kenneth Engman, BTC William Owens; Back Row: BTFA Wesley Brooks, BT3 Jeffery Clark, BT3 Steven Mattingly, BT3 Donald Soldo, BTFN Joseph Hoffman. Clockwise: BTFN George Robinson, BTFN Danny Boydston, BT3 Richard Shaw, BTFN Glenn Drexler. On watch in main control — BTFN Walter Bonit and BT3 Scott Heinrich. 19 Front Row: MM3 Paul Belcher, MM3 Michael Avery, ENS Arthur Soucy, MM2 James Hester; Back Row: MM1 Jack Duke, MM3 Roger Kite, MMFN Robert Caliri, ENS Steven Iteen, MM2 James Redfern, MMC James McRaft; Not Pictured: ENS Kevin Smathers. All Smiles li Taking a soda break. i 20 ALL IN A DAYS WORK IN THE HOLES MMt 21 22 1 23 SUPPLY SUPPLY DIVISION t «» yj )f f Front Row: SH3 Porter Williams. DK1 William Kirton. SK3 Randolph Humphrey. SH3 Allister Browne, SKSN Steven Adams; Back Row: SKC (SW) William Brown, SKSN Bernard Smith, SHI Curtis White, SH1 David Porter, SHSN Robert Blaylock, DK3 Leslie Brown, SHSN Dewayne Brenston. SK3 Michael McLaughlin, LTJG Russ Grice FIRST TEAM ALL THE WAY SK2 Humphrey 21 Vi5 FOODSERVICE DIVISION Front Row; MSC Charito Fontanilla, MSSN Steve Clayton, MS2 David O ' Hara, MS3 Robert Coury, SN Mark Walton: Middle Row: MS1 Robert Fullenwider, MSI Juanito Aquino, MS3 Glyn Ott. MS2 Jessie Frazier, MSI Julianlto Dahuya, MMFA Richard Kennedy; Back Row: MS3 Craig Hebert, MSSN Karl Chisholm, MSSN Andre Proulx, MS2 Dan Fockler. MS3 CRAIG HEBERT CHIEF CHARLIE 26 1 M ixlre u ILIE m Front Row: LCDR Michael Avery, LT Bill Hession, AT3 Wayne Brothers. AW3 Bill Dixon, AX2 Williann Holmes, AW2 Mike Hopkins, ATC George Southworth. Back Row: AE3 Andre Wakefield, AD1 Craig Comfort, AE2 Scott Brooks, AMS3 Mike White, AMS2 John Lyies, ADAN Glenn Adkins, LT Mitch Ackley, LT Jim Connors. HSL34, DET 1 — " THE RIGHT STUFF " The endless job of upkeep on HARVEY 29 HELO OPS STANDBY TOWER — INVESTIGATING CHIP LIGHT ROTORS ENGAGED — READY TO LAUNCH HOORAY — HARVEY HAS LIFTED GEAR COMING UP — NO CHIP LIGHTS YET 1 l; ■ i-.-T. CLEAR TO PORT NORMAL — OPS INBOUND FOR THE BEACH 30 AMERICA AIR OPS • ■ .a. • 8 FORMATION FLYOVER CLOSE-UP SHOT FOLDED UP FOR A REST THE ISLAND TOWER STANDING READY F-14 TOMCAT 31 r, t J: M . UNDERWAY REPLENISHMENT ' E " i II p VERTREP UP, UP, AND AWAY BATTLEGROUPS THE BIG BOY ON THE BLOCK READY TO FIRE MISSILES SLIDING PAST A SPRU DIVTACS — WHAT FUN 35 DC OLYMPICS HEAVE HO WHEN IT LEAKS — IT FLOODS LOOKS LIKE A WINNING TEAM SIX HT ' S FOR ONE PIPE? WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS — PILE ON 36 • r V. " ' ■ - ■( ' » USS AINSWORTH ' . ' 4 FLEET ' S FINEST FRIGATE « ' " ' -itts r ' DEPARTURE 2 ri:? -3t : ALMOST y r 7 ' " TiAi I PORT OF CALL NWS EARLE, N.J 42 • ; SEA DETAIL — NYC liUi i U w- a i? « THE MANHATTAN SKYLINE 44 I it UP ON THE BLOCKS I THE BIG APPLE I ON STATION — BEIRUT m MULTI-NATIONAL PEACE-KEEPING FORCE PROVIDING STANDBY NAVAL GUNFIRE SUPPORT SERVICES GOING ASHORE : MILITARY CHECKPOINTS 1 THE BEAUTY - THE PEOPLE THE WAR 49 EXPLORING HISTORY IN BYBLOS I ! SIDE TRIP TO JUNIYAH RETURN TO BEIRUT THE MALDIVES i 1 1 i 1 1 4 5 K i 3- W M B : ' .Urn ► .- ' " ' ' ' -- ■ g 52 t ALMOST LIKE FANTASY ISLAND IjkSfit : ' ' iSm »:i.-. .--. riEi - -, •: v 53 - y ' ' LIBERTY CALL LIBERTY CALL I CHAMPIONSHIP VOLLEYBALL KICK BACK AND RELAX JUST SOME FRIENDLY FOREIGN i I Il T H E F B K E E A N U Y T A Y 57 LIBERTY CALL ! IIJI MOMBASA KENYA Buffalo Waterbuck THE GREAT SAFARI MAKE TRACKS TO Elephant Rhinoceros Leopard Cheetah Hippopotamus Bushbuck Impale fi ' 16 , • Grant ' s Gazelle Giraffe it Thomion ' i Gazelle Baboon Wlldebeeit Hartebent ebra I i Ej .. i K ju j 1 M yHH E 61 , CROSSING THE LINE R 250500Z FEB 83 FM USS AINSWORTH TO NEPTUNUS REX INFO ALL TRUSTY SHELLBACKS ABOARD AINSWORTH BT UNaAS N00000 SU3J. ENTERING THE ROYAL DOIAIN OF NEPTUNUS REX A. YOUR 250300Z FEB 83 1. ALAS, IT IS TRUE, 1 A l AGHAST POLLYWOGS SLITHER BENEATH MY rtASTIIlI aEANING MACHINERY IS NOW IN MOTION TO aEANSE THESE CREATURES FOR YOUR OCEAN. MY JOLLY ROGER WILL BE FLYING, POLLYWOGS HUMBLE AND NO SPYING, READY TO RECEIVE YOUR ROYAL COURT BEFCRE ARRIVING AT YCUR PORT. I WILL BE WAITING FC« YOUR REPLY, AS NEARER YOUR SEA OUR SHIP DOES FLY, EYE FRQI AFAR THE WOGS ACT BRAVE, WE ' LL DO OUR BEST TO MAKE THEM BEHAVE. WHEN THEY EMERGE, SHELLBACKS PURE, A THOROUGH aEANSING THEY DID ENDURE. THEY WILL REMEMBER NEPTUNUS REX AS THE RULER WITH POWER TO THE EQUAT CR REX. BT MISS AINSWORTH AND THE ROYAL COURT i I Il s THE FESTIVITIES BEGIN GETTING THE ROYAL TREATMENT AND FINALLY, WORTHY ENOUGH TO BE CALLED SHELLBACK 69 S T U H E E Z G S R A E F A A T R I 70 CATCHING A GLIMPSE OF EGYPT ALONG THE SUEZ CANAL PARTING SHOT sr if CRUISEBOOK CONTRIBUTORS EDITOR: LTJG MCELROY PHOTOS, COPY, AND ARTWORK: MM3 BELCHER LT CONNORS FT3 CHAPMAN LTJG JENNINGS PC3 LININGER LTJG MARTIN YN3 COOPER FNS CRUM STGSN NICHOLS H 11

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