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AIKEN HIGH SCHOOL AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA Aiken High School ... a landmark of beauty in spring . . . a fortress of security in fraternity and spirit ... a place of formal learning . . . these are the ideas the 1969 HORNET presents in words and pictures.The Aiken High School seal . . . the seal . . . always the seal . . . constantly reminding us of the principles of Aiken High ... of the scholarship we attain through efforts . . . the character we mold through our relationships with others. . . . character we mold through our relationships with others . . .. . . the seal is a daily reminder . . . ... we study from the 'greats' . . . . . . the togetherness of conversation . . . the joy of displaying and judging beauty . . . whatever the occasion, we learn . . . for some of us the seal is a daily reminder . . . our life at Aiken High is never static ... we play ... we think and sift ... we study from the greats . . . . . . we think and sift . . . 5. . . we challenge ideas ... we experiment with life ... we experiment with materials . . . always curious . . . always learning . . . . . . challenge ideas . . .Table of Contents Faculty Features Athletics Organizations Special People y-' V.v 'C y V ' w • 26 no 126 158 101. . . remembering the hours we spend preparing . . . learning the tools of labor . . . the symbols of work . . . the guidance and direction we receive . . . the security of authority . . . ever remembering that we belong . . . and WE ARE AIKEN HIGH SCHOOL. ... the tools of labor. . . . . . the symbols of work . . . security of authority the guidance and direction Aiken HighADMINISTRATION FACULTY. . . and more papers. Guess that number was too difficult for them. No, this is not Free Fine day. What did you say? No, she married John and . . . Anger? Does it write? Hurry, Coach, I've gotta study. What time is assembly?  Too hot in C-6 and C-9; too cold in C-15. Just right in C-14. Light burned out in B-4. Water running in A-4. Lown mower won't start. Problems, problems. What, Buck? Ready to start the day. Mme. Butler Well, thot's where those term papers belong! Just say that once more! MR. CLARENCE E ASBILL A.B., Mercer University M.Ed., Auburn University English III; Speech MISS MARY LOU BARLOW A.B., Coker College M.A., Appolochion State University Psychology MR ROBERT H. BARNWELL MRS. ROSE H BLESSING B S., South Carolina State College B.S., Winthrop College Industrial Arts; Mechanical Drawing English II; German I MRS. MARGARET C BOBO AB., Newberry College M.A., Appolochion Stote University English IV MISS HAZEL A. BOURNE B.A., Winthrop College German I; English II MRS. HELEN P. BRADLEY B.S., Winthrop College Assistant Librarian MRS FLORENCE M. BRYAN B.A., University of South Corolina English IIIMR ROBERT G. BRYANT B.A., Livingstone College Economics; World History MRS HELEN P BUTLER A.B., Erskine College M.A., Emory University French III, IV MRS. ANN H BYRD B.S., Winthrop College Typing I; Business English MRS. LILLIAN S. CARR A B., Wilmington College M.A., Miomi University German I, II Now just look here — faculty meeting has been called off for this afternoon! MISS MARY JOYCE CARTER B.A., Winthrop College English III MISS MARGARET E. CATO MR. PHILLIP M. CHEWNING B S Winthrop College B.A., Furman University M S., University of Tennessee U. S. History; Civilization- Bookkeeping; Business Law; Assistant Coach Distributive Education; Office Practice MRS. EDITH C. CHRISTMAN A.B., Meredith College Plane Geometry; Algebra IIMR CARROLL L. COURTNEY A.B., Wofford College Biology MRS. LILLIAN R. DUNCAN A.B., University of South Carolina English IV MRS. VIRGINIA W. ELKIN B.A., Winthrop College English IV; World History MR. DONALD F. FRYE B.A., Furman University M.A., Appalachian State University World History; Assistant Coach MRS. JEAN W FRYE B.A., Furman University M.A., Furmon University English II MISS CHARLOTTE V. GIBBS A.B., University of South Carolina U. S. History; U. S. Government MR. ALVIN H. HAWKINS B.S., Clemson University M.S., Clemson University Vocational Agriculture; Horticulture I'll bet I get through before he does! MRS. MARY D. HILBORN B A., Centre College Chemistry; PhysicsMRS. CLERNA E. HILL B.S., Framinghom Stote College English ||; English III MRS. SARAH R HITE A.B., Winthrop College French II MR. BOBBY K. HUSKEY B.S., Georgia Southern College Diversified Occupations; Industrial Arts; Mechanical Drawing MRS JESSIE LEE W. HUTTO B.A., Furman University Librarian MR. LELAND A. JACKSON A.B., Wofford College Plane Geometry; Algebra II MRS. JOHANNA G. JACKSON B.A., University of South Carolina Girls' Physical Education; Girls' Coach MRS. BETTY J. JOHNSON B A., University of South Corolina U. S. History; World Geography MRS CHARLENE G. JOYNER B.A., Newberry College World History; ChorusMR. JAMES A. KITCHINGS A.B., University of South Corolino Bond Director MRS PEGGY S. LAMBERT A B., Londer College Art I, II MR. SIMON S. LEWIS, JR A.B., University of South Corolino M.A., University of South Corolino Physical Educotion; World History; Assistant Coach MRS. VIRGINIA J. LYON B.A., University of Georgia U. S. History MRS. JAN Q. MARTIN MRS. MARLYN G. MEINCKE MRS. CLARE S. MEYER MRS. TANJA M. MOORE B.S.. W.nthrop College AB, Glenville Stote College A.8., William Jewell College A.B. University of Jeno Biology; Home Economics I, II Home Economics I, III; Family Living yP'n9 ■ •• German II, IIIMRS. KATHE H NELSON B.A., Andrews University Chemistry MRS. DOROTHY S. POORE B.A., Clemson University Algebra I; General Math II MRS. ELIZABETH H. NUZUM MR. JERRY C ORR A.B ., Fairmont State Teachers B.S., University of South Corolino College Plane Geometry; Algebra II M.A., West Virginia University Algebra II, III; Trigonometry MRS BETTY T OWEN A B . Coker College Algebra III; Trigonometry; Senior Math; Calculus MRS. JO ANN B PRICE B.A., Limestone College Shorthand I, II MRS CARROLL C RHODEN A.B., Lander College French I; English II MRS BLANCHE K RUTLAND B.A., Columbia College CivilizationMISS LONA A. RUTLAND A.B., Newberry College M.Ed., University of South Corolina English II MRS. JEAN A. SIMPSON B.A., Columbia College English II, III MR. WILLIAM T. SLAUGHTER B. Mus. Ed., West Chester State College M. Mus. Ed., Florida Stote University Symphonic Band Director MR. LARRY J. SMITH B.S., Clemson University M.S., Clemson University Ornamental Horticulture MR JOHN SOCHA B.A., Furman University Physical Education; Driver Education; Head Cooch MRS MARY J. SPRINGER A B., University of Michigan A M., Stanford University U. S. History; World Geography MR JACK D. THOMPSON B.S., Concord College BiologyMRS. SANDRA M UMBERHANDT B.S., Berry College Advanced Chemistry; Chemistry Those smiles indicate 3:05 P.M MRS. EDITH T. WALLENBURG B.A., Wesleyan College Algebra II, III; Trigonometry MR. PHILLIP R. WAYBRIGHT A.B., Asbury College Biology; Physical Science MRS. BERTHA H. WILLIAMS A.B., South Carolina State College M S., South Carolina State College General Math I, II MR. CURTIS E WILLIAMS B.S., University of South Carolina Algebra I; General Math II w MRS. VIRGINIA W WINTER B S., Beaver College U. S. History; World GeographyMISS NORMA GUNTER B.S., Winthrop College M.Ed., University of South Carolina Guidance Counselor MR. JAMES O. MARTIN A.B., University of South Carolina Guidance Counselor Assistant Principal and Guidance MR. LEWIS C. JONES, JR. B.S., University of South Caroline Guidance Director MR. JAMES A. WILLIAMS A.B., University of South Carolina M.A., Appalachian State University Assistant Principal Try this ear; the bus drivers have already bent the left one. 22Office, Canteen and Lunchroom Personnel MR. JOHN B. EUBANKS B.S., Clemson University Canteen Manager MRS. HAZEL D. McNEIL Lincoln Memorial University Secretary to the Principal MRS. MARIAN H. LEWIS University of South Carolina Secretary Yes, we'll have hamburgers again next week. MRS. VIVIAN H. McCARTY Dietician But Mr. Willis, we don't like the menu you typed for today. Superintendent and Board of Trustees MR. PERCY E. BEASLEY A.B., Furman University Ed.M., University of South Carolina Area Superintendent AREA COUNCIL Mr. James C. Cato, Mr. Robert L. Buchanan, Mr. James E. Conaway, Mr. Arthur S. Croll, Mr. Percy E. Beasley, Mr. Rey J. Worley, Mr. Gary Hoyes, Mr. Albert M. Goggans. 24MR. JAMES O. WILLIS B.A., University of South Carolina M.A., University of South Carolina Principal Principal There are many tangible and intangible things which bind all Aiken High students to their alma mater. The school seal, which appears on oil Aiken High rings and graduation announcements, is the most tangible of these things. The polo player as the crest of the seal represents Aiken as the sports center of the south ; the pine cones, lapping the outer edges, represent the beauty of our city and of our campus; the open book represents knowledge; the arm and hammer represents the dignity of labor; the triangle represents the three areas to be developed if one is to become truly educated: the spiritual, the physical, and the mental. The word character is ot the bottom of the seal and it supports all of the other emblems. Every student — past or present — who owes his loyalty to Aiken High has a constant reminder of all that his alma mater stands for in the seal he wears on his ring. The alumni are proud of the fine record which Aiken has made in the area of athletics and in the academic world. Aiken high school constantly strives to live up to the high standards set forth in the make-up of the school's seal, ond she hopes that the seal will serve as a continuous reminder to its wearer of these high goals and standards. A principal's job has no limit. 2526CLASSESClass of 1969 JANET LEE JOHNSON VICE-PRESIDENT MINNIE CHRISTINE KEY TREASURER PATRICIA ANNE PINKARD SECRETARYPAMELA JEAN ABBOTT SHIRLEY ANN ABNEY CARMAN LUCIA ADAMS JAMES MONROE ADAMS, JR. LINDA EILEEN ADKINSON MILTON DANIEL ALEXANDER WILLIE MANESA ALEXANDER CHARLES HOLMAN ALLEN CAROL JEANNE ANDERSONROBERT ALLEN ANDERSON, JR. CATHLEEN MARGARET ARMOUR KAREN JANIS BABB CHRISTOPHER BAILEY ROBERT EDWARD BALDWIN ALICE CATHERINE BARKER REUSHE ELIZABETH BARRETT LARRY STEPHEN BARTLEY STEVEN KERRY BASDEN Seniors 31 SANDRA ESTELLE BATES DONNA SUE BAXTER GENE ARTHUR BELLPEGGY DIANE BELL SANDRA ANNE BEST JAMES BOYD BLEDSOE JAMES EDWIN BODIE, JR CARLA REBECCA BOLT PAUL RICHARD BOOKSTAVER WILLIAM HAMILTON BOUKNIGHT II JACK RANDALL BOWLES CAROLYN RUTH BOYLEN Seniors 32 JAMES MICHAEL BRADHAM TAFFY JO BRADHAM JOAN VERNELL BRADSHAWESTHER CARLENE BRANTLEY WILLIAM THOMAS BRASWELL KATHLEEN LOUISE BRELSFORD RONALD KANE BRISSEY MICHAEL JOSEPH BRODIE ANNE ELIZABETH BROWN MARGUERITE ELIZABETH BROWN JOSEPH BENJAMIN BRUNSON, JR. ROBERT LEE BUCHANAN, JR. LLEWELLYN JARRETTE BURCKHALTER IV PHILIP GEORGE BURCKHALTER RICHARD GRAYSON BURDETTE 33JAMES NORMAN BURLESON, JR. NANCY ELLEN BURTON DONNA KLAIN BUSBEE RALPH GEORGE BUSBEE GENEVA BUSH WALLIS EDWARD BYARS KENNETH DEWEY BYRUM ROBERT ARTHUR CALLAHAN ALEXIS JOAN CALLAS Seniors 34 MARY JANE CAMP SHARON ANN CAMPBELL JAMES PATRICK CARROLL, JR.KATHY LYNETTE CARTER RALPH EUGENE CATO, JR. PATRICIA ANN CHARLTON CATHERINE BEATRICE CHICK RONALD DEAN CONNELLY BEVERLY ANN COOK JACK KEITH COOK, JR. JAMES EDWARD COOK ROBERT LAFON COOK C'mon, Hershey, this is o Virginia Slim—and it's come a long way. 35ELIZABETH CLAIRE COONEY BONNIE LOU CORDER RICCARDO ROYE COR NETT I BRENDA ELAINE COUCH JAMES RANDALL COUNTS JAMES EDWARD COURTNEY DENISE LYNNE COVINGTON PATRICIA COWAN WILLIAM LOMAX COWARD MARGARET SUE CRAWFORD SUSAN MARIE CREED GEORGE MICHAEL CRUMPLER, JR. 36JAMES ARIEL CUSHMAN, JR. RANDALL JUDSON DAILEY CURTIS NATHANIEL DALEY, JR. CRAIG MARLEY DAVIS DANA ELIZABETH DAVIS JAMES ALEXANDER DAY SARAH ANN DAY MARGARET VIRGINIA DEANS BRUCE GREGORY DEW BARBARA ANNETTE DICKS BARRY BISHOP DICKSON HAPPY DILLARD 37 SeniorsGARY ROSS DIXON MARY ANN DORMAN ELIZABETH JANE DOUGLAS PATRICIA ANN DOWNHOUR KATHY LOUISE DUFFIE VIRGINIA DUNBAR JOHN EARL DUNCAN SHELIA JOHNSON RICHARD WILLIAM ELLINGTON DUNCAN GLORIA JEAN ENLOW SHARON LEIGH DUNN VIVIEN ESDORNWILLIE JAMES EVANS DANNY RAY FINCHER DAVID JOSEPH JANICE FLEETWOOD FABRICK MARGARET ANNE JUDY BELINDA FLIPPIN FENTERS CARY LAWRENCE FRIEDMAN RANDOLPH FRANCIS FULK WILLIAM GUY GALARDI PAMELA KAYE GARVIN SHEILA DIANE GARVIN DOROTHY ANNE GEORGEEVELYN REBECCA GEORGE JAMES RICHARD GIBBONS SHEILA YVONNE GILBERT THOMAS CONRAD GILLIAM JAMES ALLAN GOODWIN PHILLIP ORSON GOSSETT SHERRY ANN GRANADE MARIA DESPINA GREGORY WILLIAM HASTINGS GRICE, JR. MARTHA EARVINE GROVER MELVIN BLUETT GUNTER WESLEY MILTON GUNTER Seniors 40EDWARD EMMETT HAGINS GEORGIALEE HALLMAN PERRY WENDELL HALL LISA HALLMAN ROGER ALPHANUEL HALL SHERI LYNN HALLMAN JAMES LUTHER HALLFORD EDWARD RUSSELL HAMILTON 41THERON EARL DANIEL ROBERT VALERIE ANNE HART, JR. HART HAMMACK ARTHUR LYNWOOD HANNA ROBERT EWALD HARDT DEBORAH IRENE HARRELL 42LINDA DEBORAH HARTLEY ANNE CLEMENT HAY CHERYL ANN HEDRICK VICKI DIANE HEILIG CLAIR HARLEY HENKES, JR. JANICE DELORESE HERRON ROBERT DAVID HERSHEY ROBERT MICHAEL HICKS LOIS JUANITA HIGINGBOTTOM CHARLES BRUCE HILBORN SHERYL LYNN HILL willie McDonald holder Seniors 43MARTHA CYNTHIA HOLLEY CAROL ANN HORRES DAVID JOSEPH HOSANG VIRGINIA LEE HOUSER NORMAN JONES HOWARD, JR. PATRICIA ANN HUCKABEE JOSEPH CARL HUDGINS WILLIAM RICHARD HUNT, JR. VIVIAN ADLENE INABINET JAMES EDWARD JACKSON JANE HOPE JACKSON JAMES ROGER JAY Seniors 44MICHAEL WAYNE JENKINS JUDITH DIANE JENNINGS DAVID LEE JENNINGS MARSHA ALICE JETT BARBARA CAROLYN JOHNSON DAN LEROY JOHNSON, JR. DAVID BEN JOHNSON JANET LEE JOHNSON JOSEPH ANDREW JOHNSTON DEBORAH LEE JONES 45ELIZABETH MONTS JONES JULIA JONES WILLIAM CLAY JONES ARCHIE PAUL JORDAN DEBORAH ANN JORDAN MARK HARRELD KARRAKER LINDA ZOLA KEATON PATSY JANE KEEN DOROTHY KELLY BRUCE ROBERT KEY MILDRED ANN KEY MINNIE CHRISTINE KEY PATRICK MICHAEL KEY BRENDA KAY KIGHT WILLIAM HUNTER KILBURN ROXANNA SUE KIRK 46JOHNNIE WAYNE LISA TAYLOR KUHN RAYMOND LEE LAIN KISSIAH JOHN DANIEL KITCHINGS BEULAH LEE KNEECE CAROL JEAN KRUESI 47BRENDA RAE LEE GEORGE DAVID LEWIS, JR. ROBERT BRUCE LEWIS BARBARA GAIL LIVINGSTON CAROLYN WALLIS LOGUE KATHY BELINDA LONGSHORE 48 EDITH ELLEN LOTT HARRY ANDREW LOWE KATHLEEN VIRGINIA LOWERWARREN CARROLL LUCAS JOHNNY OTIS LUNDY SHERYL ANN LYBRAND JAMES LARRY LYNN RONALD VICTOR MACE WILBUR FRANKLIN MADDOX, JR. THELMA STARR MAGNESS DOUGLAS KENYON MANTER CHARLES THOMAS MARSH, JR. Seniors 49 YVONNE IRENE MARTIN LYDIA LOUISA MARVIN JANE PARKER MASSEYFearless Fosdicks. RICHARD CHARLES ROBERT FREDERICK MATHIS McCLEAREN BOBBY LEE DONALD LEROY MATTHEWS, JR. McCLOUGH CATHERINE INEZ WILLIAM NELSON McCALL McCROSKY DEBRA LYNNE JOHN KIBLER McClain McCulloughLARRY JOSEPH McKENNEY vernon McKinney PATSY ANN McMICHAEL ELIZABETH ANN McMURRY VIRGINIA PROTHRO McNAIR STEPHEN NATHANIEL MERRIETT, JR. JOAN KATHERYN MERRITT ELIZABETH ANN MILLER MATTHEW DAVID MILLER MICHAEL WAYNE MITCHELL MARIAN MELVINA MIZELL Seniors 51MARGARET ANNE MOBLEY ANTHONY CLIFFORD MOORE WARREN FRANCIS MOORE JAMES TARLETON MORGAN JOSEPH ANDERSON MORRELL CAROLYN IDETTE MORRIS JOSEPH DANIEL MORRIS ROBERT JACKSON MORRIS STEVE ALAN MORRIS LEE WAYNE MORRISSET KITTIE ANN MORTON PAMELA LOUISE MORTON MARIANNE EVELYN MOWRY BEVERLY ANNETTE MOYER LAURA ANN MUCKENFUSS FREDDIE LEE MULDROW 5253MARGARET ANNE NEWMAN NANCY LEE NEWMAN KAREN ARLENE NEWTON ROGERT EDWARD NICHOLS, JR. JOHN THOMAS NILAND, JR. DARAN ANN NIXON MICHAEL EDWARD NUSSBAUMER SARA ANN ODOM 54SANDRA JEAN OLIGNEY MYRA DIANNE O'SHIELDS BEVERLY ANNE OWENS JUDY ELIZABETH PADGETT THOMAS CARL PADGETT FRANCES ANN PAGE DAVID CHRISTOPHER PATTERSON NORWOOD ERNEST PAUKERT, JR. RICHARD PALMER PERKINS JAMES ROBERT PETRINA CHARLIE WILLIE PHINIZY, JR. PATRICIA ANNE PINKARD Seniors 55 Come on, Billy, eot your shy burger.' Seniors JOHN EDWARD PINSON STEPHEN EDWARD PIPER DENNIS MICHAEL PLUNKETT DEBORAH ANN PODA PATRICIA LYNN POLLARD WILLIAM PATRICK POLSON III 56MARILYN MARIE POOLE LOTTIE LYNN PRAWD2IK CAROLYN ANN PRICE DORA JANE PRICE JAMES KEITH PRICE, JR. JOE FRANCIS PRICE, JR. MARILYN JO PRICE LINDA CAROLINE PRIOR MICHAEL BRUCE RAINS ESTHER ELAINE RANDALL DONALD PATRICK REED DEAN ARNOLD REESE JAMES TERRY REYNOLDS PATRICIA GAIL REYNOLDS BRENDA KAY RICHARDSON MARGIE LORETTA RICHARDSON 57 SHARON LOUISE RIDEOUT RUTH BODIE RIDGEWAY SCOTT DANIEL RILES III VICKI CAROL RINEHART PATRICIA DIANA ROBERTS GERALD DEAN ROBISON, JR. REBECCA LYNN ROBINSON BETTY JO ROSE PATRICIA ANN ROUSE 58SHIRLEY DIANA ROUSE ANDY LOUIS ROYAL WANDA EDITH SALES MARGARET JOS IE SALTERS CHARLES HUDSON SAMPSON DANIEL OWEN SANDBERG DEBORAH CHARLENE SANDERS ROY SUMNER SAPOUGH, JR. PATRICIA ANN SATCHER 59TERESA MILDRED SCHILLING ROSALIND VELMA SEIGLER JENNIFER LEE SELMAN STANLEY ROY SHARPE MACKEY SCOTT III SARAH ELAINE SEIGLER JEFFREY SHAFER LINDA LEE SHEA REDA RUTH SCOTT DORA MARIE SEIGLER 60VIRGINIA LEE SOFGE DAVID LYNN SOLOMON ELSTON LEROY SHEALY WILLIE FRANKLIN SIMKINS, JR. JOHNNY PRESTON SLICE, JR. ALICE VICKIE SHELLHOUSE CHARLES GORDON CHARLOTTE FAYE SMITH SIMMONS, JR. HARRY ENOCH SMITH JESSIE MAE SMITH DAVID GIST SMOOT SUSAN JANE SNOWDIANE SOX RANDALL EUGENE STEWART BETTY JEAN SPEED CHARLES EVAN STOKES SUSAN LOUISE SPRINGER JAKE STONE JAMES EDWARD STEWART, JR. FOREST SYLVESTER STOREY, JR.PATRICIA NADINE STOW DONALD EARL STOWE HARRY AUGUSTUS LEE STRIBLING, JR. BONNIE VICTORIA SULLIVAN TERESSA LYNN SUMMER CHARLES WINFIELD SURASKY MARY ELIZABETH SWANNER SHULER DAVID SWINT TONY WAYNE TEMPLE 63 NANCY JANE TEWKESBURY BRENDA JEAN THOMAS MARK EDWARD THOMASJUDITH ANN THOMPSON LARRY TEAL THORNE GAIL ELLEN THORNTON MICHAEL DON THORNTON SYLVIA LORENE TILL SHIRLEY MAE TINDALL CHARLES ANTHONY TOOLE GASPER LOREN TOOLE IV NITA ANN TOWNSEND THAYTON MERYL TRAUGHBER JULIA ANNE TRUITT KATHY SUE TURNER 64 SeniorsWendell really studying? MICHEAL RAYE TWITTY HARRY HASTING TYLER III MARY MARGARET TYLER WILLIAM OLIVER VANCE MARTIN ALLEN VANDERVELDE MICHEAL ALAN VICKERS RONALD HAHN WADE PHILLIP EDWIN WADDELL 65Seniors SANDRA WALL WAGONER JOAN ELIZABETH WALKER DERRIAL LYNN WALLING SAMUEL GRADY WALLING WILLIAM EDWARD WALSH WILLIAM ROBERT WALTERS GEORGE JOSEPH WARREN GLORIA JEAN WASHBURN STEPHEN ROGER WATERHOUSE KENNETH ANDREW WEAVER JAMES RANDALL WEEKS, JR. PRESTON HOWARD WEEKS, JR. 66LENDON EARL WEISNER III DEE JAY WELTON DELWIN NICHOLAS WESTMORELAND CATHY DIANN WHITE RANDY JOE WHITLOCK SHERI JEAN WICKER BEVERLY ANN WILLIAMS EDDIE DEAN WILLIAMS 67JAMES TILLMAN WILLIAMS LARRY RAY WILLIAMSON PAULA ANN WILSON JAMES WOFFORD WISE DAVID ALEXANDER FABIAN ERNEST WILLIS LOLA BARBARA WINTER HELEN FRANCES WOOD WILLIAMSONJAMES EDWARD WOODWARD KESLER EDWARD WOODWARD ROSS BYERS WRAY WARREN BRADLEY WRAY CATHERINE LORRAINE WRIGHT SUSAN WYMAN DAVID LEGRAND YOUNG ERBY OLIN YOUNGBLOOD, JR. IRIS ESTELLE YOUNGBLOOD Seniors 69 WILLIAM ARTHUR ZION, JR.We returned not the oldest . . . not the youngest. More respected . . . more prepared . . . the routine was familiar, but there were new teachers . . . new freshmen. Work resumed . . graduation was closer . . . so was the future. Mrs. Lambert pushed us on . . . excitement mounted ... we sold beanies . . . introduced those wonderful baby elephants . . then intramurals . . . College Boards . . . finally, our own Junior-Senior. Yesterday, Freshmen; tomorrow. Seniors; today the Class of 1970 SPENCER PHILLIPS ALLEN PRESIDENT ROSALYN HARRISON SECRETARY LAURA JEANNE SOMERS TREASURER MARY KAREN SAMPSON VICE-PRESIDENT MRS. PEGGY JO LAMBERT ADVISOR 70RONNIE CHARLES ABNEY MYRTLENE ABSTANCE JUAN DA FAY ADAMS LINDA SUE ADAMS BELINDA KAY AKINS DEBORAH LYNN ALLEN DOROTHY LOUISE ALLEN JANICE ALLEN SPENCER PHILLIPS ALLEN VAUGHN ALLEN JOHNNY SUE ALTMAN CHARLES MARION ALVANOS RICHARD LOUIS ALVANOS JOHN FRANKLIN ANDERSON ROBERT EDWARD ANDERSON JAMES GUS ANGELOS BARBARA LEE ARTHUR DEBRA KATINA BAKER LYNN MARIE BAKER RONALD EVAN BARAB LINDA LOUISE BAREFOOT WALLACE LAMAR BAREFOOT JEANNINE BARNETT LINDA BARNETT THOMAS CARROLL BATES BOBBIE JOANNE BAYNHAM TONY ALBERT BEARDEN STEVEN CRAIG BEHELER NORMAN SAVILLE BELCHER BEVERLY UNITA BELK 71JOYCE ANN BELL LOIS ANNE BELL MARON FRANCIS BELL JANE ANN BERENDSEN JERRY DAN BLACKWELL MARY ANN BLACKWELL NITA MAE BOATRIGHT JERRY LYNN BOATWRIGHT WAYNE EDWARD BODIE JUDITH ELAINE BONDS JOSEPH STUART BOOKER JAMES MICHAEL BOOTH MARY SUSAN BOROP STANLEY JORDAN BOUKNIGHT LARRY BRUCE BOWMAN JOAN MARIE BOYD DELORES JANE BOYLEN KENNETH ALLEN BRASWELL CHRISTINE BRELAND REBECCA BRINKLEY KYLE MOORE BRITT BOBBY RAY BRITTAIN LON A MAE BROCK CHARLES DENNIS BROCK 72 PellogranGEORGE McCOY BRODIE MARK DAVID BRODIE DEBORAH ROYAL BROWN LEX CLARK BURBURY SUSAN RHEA BURGESS ANNA RUTH BURLESON DAVID JENNINGS BURTON BEATRICE BUSH DORIS RUSSIELL BUSH MARGARET BUSH WILLIE EVA BUSH MARTA REMBERT BUTLER PAMELA GRACE BYRD ROBERT THEODORE CAIN EDWIN BRELAND CALDWELL JOSEPH BERNARD CAMP JULIUS EUGENE CAMPBELL MICHAEL WESLEY CAMPBELL JENNIFER LYNNE CAREY CAROLYN MARIE CARITHERS Come on Lindsay, the girls ore busy now. 73BOBBY EARL CARPENTER CYNTHIA CAROL CARPENTER PATRICIA LYNN CARROLL JAMES FRANKLIN CARTER, JR. JUDY DIANE CARTER BRENDA JOYCE CARVER ELIZABETH COLEMAN CATES THOMAS RAY CHAMBERS SARAH JANE CHAVIS FREDERIK HOLMES CHRISTENSEN PATRICK NEAL CLANTON BRENDA COBBS CHRISTINE ELIZABETH COFFEY CYNTHIA ELAINE COLLIE RUSSELL EVERETTE COLLINS JAMES EARL CONAWAY JAMES ALSTON COOK ANNE MARGUERITE COONEY WANDA MAE COOPER ELIZABETH HUNT COPLEY WILLIAM CARLYLE COPLEY, JR. GAIL JOYCE CORLEY FRANK HAROLD CORMANY, JR. GORDON HOWARD COURTNEY, JR. MARY ANN COWARD JAMES WILLIAM CRAWFORD DONNA LYNN CROSLAND LLOYD JERRELL CROW CARL HOWARD CULPEPPER, JR. LINDA CAROLE DANIEL 74Eric, do you hove flu too? Juniors FELICIA ANN DAVIS MARK STEWART DAVIS SUSAN MARY DAY VICKIE DALE DAY KEVIN MARTIN DEILY EUGENIA THERESA DELOACHE ROBERT MACK DEMPSEY PAULA LUCINDA DESSAUER JOHN PAUL DEXTER MARY JANE DICKSON DAVID CLARK DIETZ PHILLIP EUGENE DIXON DEBORAH ANN DOMINICK MARILYN ERNESTINE DONNAN NANCY ANN DONOVAN 75CHERISSA LYNN DRAKE SYLVIA LEE DRAWDY DEBORAH ANN DUKES ALICE MALINDA DUNCAN RICHARD LIVINGSTON DUNCAN KAREN LUCINDA DURST EARL JEFFREY EDEBURN JANE ALICE EDWARDS JOHN ANDY EDWARDS STEPHEN WAYNE EDWARDS SCOTT ANDERSON ELLIOTT MARVIN WILLIAM EMENEKER RICHARD DENNIS ERGLE ROBERT WAYNE ERGLE THOMAS RUSSELL ERGLE CRAIG HUDSON EUBANKS JOEL STEVEN EUBANKS JUDY SANDRA EUBANKS DORETHA EVANS ISABEL MARJORY EWING KAREN ANN FAIR RACHEL ELIZABETH FANT WILLIAM RICHARD FEATHERSTONE KAREAN CLAIRE FELDER LINDA JOY FIELDS HELEN MARIE FLOWERS MICHAEL DEAN FORD LESLIE JO FOSTER KIMBERLY GENE FOWLER DENNIS ALVIN FRASER 76Checkmate PAMELA GAIL FRAZIER HARVEY RAYMOND FULMER, JR. FRANCES JEANETTE FURR REBECCA ANN GALLEGOS BILLY EUGENE GARLAND, JR. SANDY FRANCES GARNER WILLIAM FRANKLIN GARVIN MELINDA ANNE GENTRY PATRICIA MARGARET GENTRY GEORGE TIMOTHY GIAFFIS THARON KAYE GIVEN DIANE ROLANDE GODARD GAIL ANNE GODLA WILLIAM FRANKLIN GOODE MICHAEL BURKE GOSLINE Cornin' through LUCKY RODGER GRAY LINDA SUE GREEN PATRICIA EVE GREGORY THOMAS HENRY GRESHAM CHARLES OLIN GRICE PATRICIA ANN GROVER JOHN CHARLES GROVES RUBY BERTINE GUNTER WILLIAM DAVID HAGINS TERRY GLENN HAIR BETTIE LORAIN HALL DEBBIE FARRIS HALL JUNE HALL GWENDOLYN MERIEL HANKINSON TERESA DIANE HANNA JUDY LYNN HARRIGAL RONALD LEVERN HARRIS ROSALYN HARRISON HILLIARD GREGORY HARVEY DENNIS EVINS HAYES PHYLLIS KAY HAYNES BARRY ARLEN HAZARD HARRY GENE HEATH SANDRA DENISE HEATH SANDRA KAY HEDRICK CHARLOTTE JEAN HENDRIX JAMES ISAIAH HENDRIX CHARLES LEONARD HENSHAW JENNIFER JANE HENSON PAMELA LAYNE HENSON 78MARY ELLEN HERBERT MARCIA YVONNE HERLONG ILONA ELIZABETH HERRON JANICE CAROL HERRON MARGARET DARLEEN HERRON WILLIAM JULIUS HEWITT, JR. EVE ANNE HITCHMAN CAROL DEE HOFFMEIER RUBY TATSU HOGEBOOM BARBARA JEAN HOLLEY THOMAS DELLENEY HOLLEY CYNTHIA LYNNE HOLLIDAY CHARLES WILLIAM HOLTON THOMAS HAMILTON HORTON SHIRLEY ANN HOUGH Trigonometric SymphonyELLIOTT PRESTON HOUSER DARYEL GLENN HUBBS NORMA SUE HUBBS HENRY EDWARD HUDAK LARRY WAYNE HUDSON DAVID HARLEY HUGHEY WADE ANTHONY HUNT JUDY ANN HUNTER MELISSA JEAN HUNTER ELIZABETH JANE HUNTOON DONALD O'NEAL HUTTO JERRY LLOYD HUTTO MARY LOUISA HYDRICK DAVID VERNON HYMAN MARGARET ANNE ICE EDWARD CHESTER INABINET SANDRA GWEN ISAACS ANNIE MAE JACKSON Come on string beon, let's get with it.JACQUELYN ANN JACKSON DEBRA SUE JAMES JEFFREY JAMES JAY SUSAN LYNN JENNINGS PAUL ERMAN JOHNS JAMES VAUGHN JOHNSON, JR. JAMIE GERTRUDE JOHNSON JERILYN RUTH JOHNSON MALCOLM DEAN JOLLY, JR. CALVIN JONES, JR. HELEN GAYLE JONES JUDITH KAREN JONES LOIS JEAN JONES THOMAS EUGENE JONES ERNEST LEE JOSEY, JR. LINDA ANN KAPINOS EUGENE LENWOOD KELLY GARY DEAN KENDRICK CHARLES RICARDO KEY CYNTHIA ANN KIRBY LISA IRWIN KIRK FRED CHARLES KRUESI CLYDIA JOHNETTE LAMB JEWEL ELAINE LAMB VICTOR MARSHALL LANCASTER WILLIAM LEWIS LANCE CHARLES HOWELL LANGDALE KATHY ANN LANGDON ERNEST LAW JOHN WALTER LAWHEAD 81Transcendental meditation? PEGGY LOU LEGRAND DARRYL BRIAN LEWIS KAREN LINDA LEWIS LANCE LOWELL LEWIS MARILYN AUDRIE LEWIS DEBBIE JEAN LILES VAN SIDNEY LILLY WILLIAM LACY LINDSAY DON TERRY LUTON CARL LESLIE LYBRAND WILLIAM EDWARD MALSON DEBORAH ANN MANESS BARBARA GIBBS MANN MARY HOPE MARONEY KATHRYN ANNE MARTIN Ah me, such flattery. 82KENNETH CONE MARTIN LESLIE DECIA MARTIN TERESA ANN MARTIN KAREN JEAN MAXWELL ROBERT DAVID McCALL PAUL GARY McCOLLUM RICHARD GLENN McCOY WILLIAM BRENT McCullough EARL ARCH McFERRIN ARTHUR DONALD McGEE SUZANNE RUTH McNAIR NANCY LOUISE MEADOWS RONALD HUBERT MEELER GREGORY MELTON SUSAN LONGMIRE MESSlCK BEVERLY ANN MEYER ROGER DALE MILLER MICHAEL ALAN MINER MICHAEL LEON MIXON CLIFFORD WAYNE MOORE DIANNE JUNE MOORE ELAINE MARIA MOORE JAMES LEE MORRIS LANNY DENNIS MORRIS NELLIE RUTH MORRIS SUSAN MARGRET MORRISSET BEVERLY DIANNE MOSELEY GLEN WILSON MOSELEY DAVID BRUCE MOYER GARY LELAND MOYER 83VIANE MARIE MULDROW JOHN DOUGLAS MULLER JANICE IRENE MUNDY JOYCE MYRICK DEBRA MAE NASH LINDA CLAIRE NELSON RICHARD WILSON NEWSOME, JR. MARY KATHRYN NEWTON MARY ANN ODOM DEANNA GAIL OLIGNEY SANDRA DIANNE ORR DAVID VERNON OSTEEN SUSAN JEAN OVERMAN DEBORAH MACCARTNEY OWEN SHARON SUE OWENS DOROTHY LOUISE PAGE WAYNE GARLAND PAGE RICHARD DALE PARADISE WANDA JEAN PARRISH JILL MICHELLE PELLARIN JEANNIE BARCLAY PERRY ALBERT HENRY PETERS GLEN EDWARD PETERSON JERRIL DONALD PETTIS 84Whot's your answer for number 5? Juniors DONNA MARIE PHILLIPS DEBORAH GAYLE PICKETT JANET MARIE PIECH DAVID ARTHUR PILLINGER DOREEN ANN PINSON JOHN WAYNE PLESS JOHN EGGER PLEXICO, JR. LEON WILSON PLUNKETT DAN WILLIAMS PLYLER PHILLIP VAUGHN POE JOYCE MARIE POLSON CURTIS EUGENE POOLE JEROME EDWARD POPE WILLIE CHARLES POPE PHILIP HENDERSON PORTER VICTORIA LEE POSEY SUSAN ROCHELLE POUND DEBORAH ELAINE POWELL WILLIAM RICHARD PREACHERS 85Shine on Harvest Moon King Kong returns MARTHA BELL REDD MARY IRENE REEVES INEZ OZETTA RICHARDSON KAREN ELIZABETH ROBBINS CHARLES LARRY ROBERTS, JR. WILLIAM MIKE ROBINSON CHARLES DAN ROGERS NANCY CATHERINE ROPP PEGGY JEAN ROSE VICKIE JEANNETTE ROSE JOHNNY RAY PRICE MARGARET ELIZABETH PRICE GEORGE LAWTON RABORN KENNETH EARL RAY KENT McCLAIN REDD 86TIMOTHY DANIEL ROSS BARNEY LEVERN ROUSE PENNY EARLINE RUSSELL MARY KAREN SAMPSON GENE MARGUERITE SAND KAREY MAE SANDERS KATHY ANNE SARGENT JULIA MARIE SATCHER DAVID ALLEN SAUM REBECCA SUE SCHILLING DIANE SEABOLT MARY LYNN SEBJANICS REBECCA LYNN SECRIST CARON MAX SEIGLER STEPHEN FOY SHARPE STEVEN DAVID SHARPE DAVID LAWRENCE SHEA LEXINGTON RANDOLPH SHELLEY, JR. DENNIS MARION SHEPARD REBENER SHUMATE LARRY O'JEAN SIDES GARY SIMMONS EVA LINDA SMITH RICHARD LYNN SMITH RICHARD WAYNE SMITH RONALD DOUGLAS SMITH TONY LEE SMITH VICTORIA FORD SMITH GARY HERMAN SNIPES LAURA JEANNE SOMERS 87JUDITH CATHERINE SPRINGER CYNTHIA ANN STACEY THOMAS JEROME STAFFORD II IRIS JOAN STANDRIDGE WINSTON TIMOTHY STEELE STEPHEN STEIN SUZANNE STEPHENS VIVIAN DEBORAH STEPHENS BRENDA LOU STIGALL BERTHA MAE STOKES DALE LEONARD STONE NEIL ELLIOT STRIESFELD BEVERLY LYNN STRINGFIELD DERWOOD WADE STUBBS JAMES DONALD SUDLOW CHARLES FLAY SUMNER BARBARA ANN SWINT DEBORAH LYNN SYKES CHERYL ANN SYMONDS MYRON RODNEY TANNER MICHAEL SMITH TARRANT PATRICIA LYNN TATUM BRENDA FRANCES TAYLOR LILLIAN FAYE TAYLOR MICHAEL OWEN TAYLOR ROGER ALAN TAYLOR STEPHEN DOUGLAS TAYLOR DANNY BRUCE TEMPLES JAMES EDWARD THOMAS, JR. PAULETTE THOMAS 88ELIZABETH WALBRIDGE THURLOW MARY RUTH TICE JERRY TINDALL DAVIS LEROY TOOLE FRANCES PERRIN TOOLE DANIEL EVERETT TOWERY ELLEN PATRICE TOWLER PAUL BERNARD TOWNES MARTHA FREDERICA TREADAWAY KATHRYN DENISE TREADWAY RICHARD ALLEN TULLIS MARTHA ELIZABETH TUMBLIN LAURA LEE TURNER PAMELA ETHELENE TURNER PATRICIA ANN TURNER By George, I'll get through here Juniors Those darn mosquitoes. 89Juniors Parked. KATHERINE ANNE TWOMBLY PATRICIA DIANE UNDERWOOD THOMAS ANTHONY VANCE DENO NICK VERENES HUGH LEAMAN VERENES WYNDHAM PATTESON WALKE III STEVE DALE WALLING THOMAS RICHARD WALTON ROBERT ALAN WARNER MARK WARTHER DONALD LEE WATERS REBECCA ANN WATERS DEBORAH ANNETTE WATSON DON CARL WEATHERSBEE DONNIE WEBB DEBORAH JEAN WEEKS MARSHA ELAINE WEEKS THOMAS KEITH WEEKS TOMMIE LOUIS WELCH JOHN HUBERT WELLS 90ELIZABETH JEAN WRIGHT JOHN MELVIN YOUNGBLOOD, JR. JERRY DOYLE WESTALL DEBORAH SUE WHITE GAIL DIANE WHITMIRE CYNTHIA ANN WHITTLE WADE ANTHONY WHITTLE JACOB WIDENER LOIS EUNICE WIDENER HENRY MICHAEL WILLIAMS HERBERT ARTHUR WILLIAMS, JR. PHYLLIS LOUISE WILLIAMS JOAN MELANIE WILLING LARRY FRANKLIN WILLING BRENDA GAIL WILLIS JENNIE LOU WILLIS KATHY ANNA WILLIS JOHN WILLIAM WINANS LUCINDA RUTH WINDHAM EVELYN WISE JOEL WOLF ROBERT EUGENE WOOD JEREMY PAUL WOODOFF MARY VICTORIA WOODWARD JAMES GRANT WOOTEN PEGGY RUTH WOOTEN JOHN VICTOR WORKMAN 91It began with a Coke party ... we wandered around . . . stared at everything . . . excited . . . expectant . . . a new world of Morning Bulletins, shrieking bells, strange faces, responsibility, hard work . . . life at Aiken High. With Mrs. Winter pointing the way we achieved . . . elected our leaders . . . bought a bulletin board for the gym . . . joined teams . . . raised money . . . studied. Our year rose to a climax ... we hosted our own Freshmen Assembly . . . here we are . . . confident because we belong. Yesterday, Snips; tomorrow, Juniors; today, the Class of 1971 MRS. VIRGINIA W WINTER, ADVISOR; DEBORAH LVNN LYBRAND, SECRETARY; THERESA CATHERINE PARKS, TREASURER; WILLIAM FREDERICK RINEHART, VICE-PRESIDENT; EDWARD PALMER TEWKESBURY, PRESIDENT. 92KENNETH MICHAEL ADAIR CHARLOTTE FAYE ALEXANDER MICHAEL AVERY ALEXANDER GAYLE ALLEN VICKI LEIGH ALLEN PONDA ARLEEN ALVANOS SHEILA DIANE ANDERSON RONNIE HARVEY ARBAUGH HELEN FRANCES ASBILL BETTY JANE ASHLEY JOHN CHARLES AUBREY TIMOTHY ALLAN AUSTIN MARCIA JOYCE BABB BRENDA FAYE BAKER JAMES ELLIS BAKER KATHY ELIZABETH BALDWIN GLENN EDWIN BARBER, JR. WILLIAM BYRON BARBER DEBRA ANN BARDEN DAVID BRUCE BAREFOOT ELLEN MARIE BARKER JOSEPH BENJAMIN BARSH, JR. JUDI ANN BARTLEY JOHN EMORY BATES MARY DELORES BAUGHMAN ROBERT McVEY BAXTER DEBBIE JO BAYNHAM SHERRIE LOUELLA BEAM GILDA DARLENE BEATTIE JAMES FREDERICK BELL KENNETH ARNOLD BELL WILLIE ROMAYO BELL SHERRI LYNN BENNETT PAULA MARIA BERRIE DEBRA KAY BEST DEBORAH LYNN BLACKMON MICHAEL RAY BLOHM ELEANOR YEVONN BOATWRIGHT FRED MICHAEL BODENDORF MARY JEAN BOGGS ALVIN SCOTT BOLT AIKEN EUGENE BOWERS 93LARRY LINWOOD BOWMAN DEBRA ANN BRADHAM CHARLES LEONARD BRADSHAW JACQUELINE ELIZABETH BRANTLEY TERI VIOLET BRITT GEORGE EVERETT BROWN, JR. MARSHA LOUISE BROWN JAMES WILLIAM BURCH JANET CAROLE BURCKHALTER THOMAS ANDERSON BURCKHALTER KAREN LEE BURDETTE PAMELA ELIZABETH BURGESS THADDEUS SIDNEY BURLESON DONNA KAY BURNETTE JAMES DOUGLAS BURNS MEERHIS LYNN BURROWS STEPHEN LEWIS BURTON JAMES CARROL BUSBEE LLOYD RUSSELL BUSBEE RONALD BUSH SULLIVAN BUSH, JR. SAMUEL BUSSEY THOMAS NEAL BUTLER KIM CRAIG BYRNE DONNA JEAN BYRUM WILLIAM JAMES CALDON, JR. ELIZABETH CATHERINE CALLOWAY DORIS CANNON THOMAS EDWIN CAREY, JR. GARY TAYLOR CARGILE PATRICIA RAE CARLETON 94CATHERINE MARIE CAROTHERS CALVIN WAYNE CARR LINDA BLANCHE CARTER AUDREY FELICIA CATO KEITH LAMAR CATO SHARON GAIL CATO DENNIS GRANT CHAMBERS KAREN VERLYN CHAPMAN MONICA ANN CHAPMAN WILLIAM GIBBS CHARLTON SANDRA CAROL CHILDERS TED LOWERY CLARK LINDA ARTELLA CLARKE PAMELA ANN CLAYTON DAVID REYNOLDS CLERC SHARON KATHLEEN COCKRELL NERO BROOKER COLEMAN CLIFFORD NEAL COLLIE FRANCES DEBRA COLLIE MARILYN RUTH COOK WILLIAM CONRAD COOKE MARGARET ANN COOPER JIM RICHARD CORMANY LAURA DIANE CORNELISON 95Miss World? DALE LEON COUCH GEORGE MICHAEL COUNTS DON HOWARD COURTNEY MARY ALICE COURTNEY NANCY ELAINE COURTNEY PAUL JEFFREY COURTNEY DAVID LEO COVINGTON EDGAR ALLAN COWARD JAMES CLAUDE CRABTREE JUDY KAY CRAFT BONNIE LERAE CRAWFORD DORIS KATHERINE CRIDER JERRY WAYNE CRIDER GLENN DAVID CROTTS JIMMY LAMOUR CUE WILLIE BRYANT CULLUM CHARLES WILLIAM CUPP SANDRA KAY CURRY CATHERINE ELAINE CUSHMAN JAMES EVERETT CUSHMAN MARY CHRISTINE DANIELS BILLIE WEEKS DAVIS DONNA ANN DAVIS KATHERINE ALLISON DAVIS 96MICHAEL DEWEY DAY RUTH ELIZABETH DAY WILLIAM EDWARD DAY CATHERINE EDGEWORTH DEANS LINDA DELORIS DEDMON NICOLE MARIE DELOACHE I ALAN MORGAN DENNIS BENNIE NORMAN DICKS SANDRA ANN DIXON LINDA MARIE DOMINICK ANN MARIE DOSCHER BARBARA WEEKS DOUGLAS RICHARD LAMAR DRIGGERS WILLIAM TERRELL DUGAS LUCIA ELIZABETH DUNCAN MARY FRANCES DURYEA NANCY JANE DYER ALFRED SHAWN EDEBURN STEVE RANDOLPH EDEBURN LINDA DENISE EDGARJACKIE BAY ELLIOT LARRY DEWITT ELLIOT JANET LEE ELLIOTT PAMELA ANNE ELLIOTT RANDY CARL ENLOW JOHN MICHAEL ERGLE THOMAS WALKER ESDORN KATHIE JEAN EUBANKS TERRY LYNN EUBANKS LAWRENCE WILLIAM FEASTER RHONDA ELAINE FENTERS DONNIE RALPH FINCHER GLINDA DALE FINCHER JAMES RUSSELL FINDLEY DANIEL FLUD FISHBURNE ANNA JEANNETTE FLOWERS MARTIN DOUGLAS FLOWERS JOYCE ANN FLOYD AMY LEE FOLK DONALD ROBERT FORD MILFRED TYRON FOREMAN DAWN FRANCINE FOWLER RHONDA JAN FOX CHARLES ANTHONY FRANKLIN FreshmenLYNDA LYANNE FRANKLIN EDWARD SHARP FRANTZ II MARGARET LYNN FRASER GORDON ELREA FULMER LINDA LOUISE FULMER SANDRA YVONNE FULMER FRANCES ABBIE GARDNER JESSICA ELIZABETH GEORGE MARY LESLIE GEORGE ROSE ANNE GEORGE JOHN ARTHUR GIBBONS MICHAEL MARION GIBSON SUSAN LINDA GILMAN LILLIE BELL GLOVER THOMAS EVANS GLOVER, JR. LYNDA GAIL GODBEE CATHERINE ANN GODWIN DALE ROGER GODWIN PATRICIA ANN GOFF JARONE MILTON GOLDEN MARGARET ELAINE GOLDMAN DEBORAH JANE GOODSON LIANNE CAROLINE GOOSEY ELLIOTT WAYNE GORDON JONATHAN RHYMER GRACEY PAUL AUGUSTUS GRANT PHILLIS FAYE GRAVES LINDA ANNE GREENE STEVEN ARTHUR GRICE BOBBY RAY GRIFFIN MARY KATHY GRIFFIN LINDA DIANE GRIFFITH MICHAEL JOHN GROH 99ROBERT LEWIS GROVER ANDREW HOYT GUNTER BARBARA LYNN GUNTER DALE GORDON GUNTER MARTIN WILLIAM GUNTER VIRGINIA CELESTE GUNTER DEBBIE ROSE HALL DEBRA ANN HALL JESSICA SHERRY HALL ROBERT NATHANIEL HALL SHARON LEE HALL JOHNNIE ERVIN HALLMAN THOMAS BRYAN HALLMAN LYNN HAMILTON RONNIE ALLAN HANNA NANCY THERESA HARGROVE DAVID MICHAEL HARMAN QUENTIN ERIC HARPER DONNA KAREN HARRIS STEVEN STYLES HART NANCY HARVEY MARION TONY HAWKINS CLAUDE DAVID HAYES JAMES MICHEAL HEATH 100JOHN BUSBY HEATON RONALD HUGH HEATON PAMELA SUZANNE HEILIG MICHAEL ALAN HEINRICH DANIEL ARTHUR HENDERSON PAMELA ATHLEEN HENSLEY PATRICIA JEAN HENSLEY GAYLE PATRICIA HERRIN JAMES DONALD HERRING MARCIA WRENN HERRING JANICE HERRON OWEN FREDERICK HERRON, JR. BECKY ANN HESS BRUCE MARSHALL HEWSTON FLORENCE LYNN HIGHTOWER LINDA CAROL HILBORN PATRICIA EVELYN HILL SUSAN RICE HILL TRACY HOWARD HITE, JR SHARON GAIL HOGSED RALPH OLIVER HOLLEY SARAH REBECCA HOLLEY BERYL ELAINE HOLSTON PATTI LYNN HONEA LOIS CONSTANCE HORRES LOUISE FERGUSON HORTON SUSAN HOWARD MICHAEL BENJAMIN HUDNALL MICHAEL ARNO HUFF REBECCA DIANE HUGHES WILLIAM DAVID HUGHES PAMELA JEAN HUNT IDA KATHLEEN HUTTO CATHERINE SUE ICE LESLEY MICHAEL INABINET ZEKE DANIEL INGRAM LEONARD WAYNE JACKSON RICKY JAMES JACKSON ROBERT TAYLOR JACKSON DONALD ALFRED JENNINGS TERESA JANE JENNINGS KATHRYN JERNBERG 101TIMOTHY JOHN JOHANN HERBERT JOHNSON HERBERT WAYNE JOHNSON JOHNELLE JOHNSON SANDRA JEAN JOHNSON KEVIN RICHARD JOHNSTON RICHARD DEAN JOLLEY JOHN CHARLES JORDAN EMILY BARTLETT KARRAKER LEONARD RAY KELLY RAYMON DARRELL KENNEDY DALE EDWARD KEY RONALD LENWOOD KEY DEE ROSE KIGER GLORIA JEAN KINARD JOHN MICHAEL KILPATRICK JOSEPH BARRON KIRBY KAREN ABIGAIL KIRKLAND MARION ANTHONY KIRVEN JAMES DAVID KITCHINGS VICKIE LYNN KNOWLES RICHARD EARL LAFFODAY PATRICIA ANN LAWSON JOHN KURT LEDERHAUS LARRY RANDALL LEDFORD ARTHUR ST. CLAIR LEE THOMAS HOWARD LEE RONALD LYN LEGRAND CONSTANCE LENORA LEWIS ROBERT TERRY LEWIS TONI TAMARA LEWIS 102PHYLLIS EUGINIA LINDSEY JERRY ROBERT LOGUE KENNETH WAYNE LOKEY LEON LAWSON LOTT NANCY DARLENE LOTT PATRICIA ANNE LOVE JIMMIE JOHN LOWE DEBORAH LYNN LYBRAND KENNETH LEE LYBRAND BRENDA KAY LYNN WILLIAM LEE MADDOX WILLIAM BRUCE MALOY RICHARD DEAN MANTER CYNTHIA KAY MARKS DEBORAH LYNN MARTIN NYLE HAMPTON MARTIN SARA ELIZABETH MARVIN KERRY ALAN MARX TERRY DOUGLAS MATHIS KIFFIN MAURICE DALE LEE MAYES LEE MONROE McCALL JAMES BYRON McCOLLUM MAC IE KIMBALL McCOY SHELLEY JEAN McFEE TERRY LEE McLANE KATHY MARCELLE McLEAN JOE ALLEN McMURRY CHAYNE McNAIR HAROLD EDWARD MERRIET 103CHARLES FORTSON MILLER WANDA DIANE MILLER HELEN LOU MINTON PATRICK LLOYD MIXON MARY FRANCES MOBLEY MIRIAM MOLER CATHERINE VELMA MOODY CAROLYN DIANE MOORE DEBRA LYNN MOORE MARVIN BRUCE MOORE BENNY ALLEN MORRIS KEITH MORRIS MARY KATHRYN MORRIS MITCHELL RAMEY MORRIS CYNTHIA MARIE MORTON DEBRA ELAINE MORTON WANDA FAYE MOSELEY PHILLIP ALLEN MOYER MELISSA MUCKENFUSS JOHN STAPLETON MURDOCK ANDREW GILLIAM MURPHY DAVID CARTER NELSON BRUCE CLYDE NEUENFELDT JOHN MICHAEL NEWMAN LAURA JEAN NORTON PETER ANTHONEY NUSSBAUMER JULIE ANNA OLCOTT JAMES FRANKLIN OVERSTREET LARRY EUGENE OWENS LINDA LEVELLE OWENS PATRICK WILLIAM OWENS SUSAN DEBRA PADGETT THERESA CATHERINE PARKS ERNEST LEE PARNELL ERNEST BERNARD PATTERSON AMY SUSAN PAYNE CONNIE ANN PENDLETON JEANNE BERNADETTE PENNINGTON JANET REEVES PERCLE JAYNE LEONE PETERMAN NANCY ELLEN PETERSON MARY LOUISE PETRINA 104FRESHMEN RICHARD ANDREW PHILIPP BRENT DOUGLAS PHILLIPS PAULA DIANE PHILLIPS EMILY KAYE PLEXICO BILLIE JEAN POSTON HARRY OLIVER POSTON MARVIN BURT POSTON MAXINE ELAINE PRATHER STEVEN LAVERN PRICE ADELAIDE LEE PRIESTER MARGARET ELIZABETH PRINCE PAMELA ANNE PROCTOR BETTY ANN PUCKETT DANNY SHELTON QUATTLEBAUM 105WILLIAM LIVINGSTON RAHNER LINDA LOUISE RAIFORD CYNTHIA RUTH RANDALL JAMES CLEOPHUS RANDALL LARRY CORNELLL RANDOLPH NANCY RANKIN JAMES DAVID RAY, JR. CLAUDE DALE REEVES FLOSSIE REDD WALLACE LANELLE REDD MARK EDWARD RIAL DAVID THOMAS RICHARDSON SANDRA PAULINE RICHARDSON JENNY ANN RIDEOUT DARRYL KEVIN RILES WILLIAM FREDERICK RINEHART GARY MICHAEL ROBERTS DONNA LYNN ROBINSON TERRY MARTIN ROBINSON DOROTHY ANN ROGERS VIRGINIA CARTER ROGERS ROBERT CARL ROMINE MARY ANN RUDNICK REBECCA SUE RUSHTON GLORIA WILLETT RYANS DAVID ROBERT SAFFORD DEMPSEY RAY SANDERS SUSAN ANN SAWILOWSKY 106MICHAEL JOSEPH SCHRODER BARBARA JOANNE SCHWARTZ JANET CAROLE SEDELL DOUGLAS STEWART SEELY DAVID FELDER SEIGLER RUTHIE GAIL SEIGLER DENISE NANCY SELLERS JOHN STANLEY SEXTON RICHARD ERIC SHIRLEY DENISE DIANE SIEGMUND GARY SIMMONS SYLVIA ANN SIMPKINS RICHARD REED SMALL GEORGE WENDELL SMITH SANDRA LOVE SNOW MARSHA ELIZABETH SOMERS VICKI TERESA SPEED SARAH ELIZABETH SPENCER JAMES MICHAEL SPIVEY PAUL LEBARON SPRINGER SUSAN MOORE STALLWORTH JENNY SUE STANDRIDGE GREGORY SUMNER STANFORD STEPHEN WAYNE STAPLETON i'll try putting this pumpkin here. JANET KAREN STEPHENS ROGER WADE STEPHENS BOBBY STONE LOUIS GUILFORD STOREY LEE IRENE SULLIVAN PAUL ALBERT SUMNER, JR. 107Freshmen ANNE SARAH SURASKY GEORGE HAROLD SYKES ALAN CLARK TAYLOR DOUGLAS EARL TAYLOR HAROLD ALLEN TAYLOR MITCHELL LEE TEAGUE SCOTTY LEE TEMPLE KENNETH JAMES TEMPLES EDWARD PALMER TEWKESBURY MARY SUE TEWKESBURY DIANA ELIZABETH THEODOSIS DANIEL BRIEN THOMAS DEBORAH ANN THOMAS JUDY ANN THOMPSON PAULETTE THORNE THOMAS NEAL THORNTON GLINDA GAYNELL TINSLEY GLENDA JEAN TODD KIMBERLY SUE TOWLER CYNTHIA MAYO TOWNSEND JOYCE ELAINE TURNER MARILYN ELIZABETH USRY STEVEN BENNETT VANDERVELDE LAURA VERENES SHARON RAE VERNER MARY ALICE VICKERS CATHY MAE WALL BRIAN FORRY WALLACE ROBERT RICHARD WALLING, JR. JEANETTE CHERIE WALLS JAMES RANDLE WARD KAY LYNN WARNEKE LINDA JEAN WARNER 108 Just like o twoJOSEPH SPARCE WATSON PHILLIP WALLACE WATSON RANDY DALE WATSON RONNIE LEE WEBSTER ALTON WILLIE WEEKS HARRY WYMAN WEEKS LINDA ARLENE WESTMORELAND LARRY PHIL WHISENANT CHARLES BOLLIN WHITAKER JUDY DIANE WHITE DAVID ARTHIE WHITSON DARRELL MONROE WICKER DOROTHY LOUISE WIDENER CHARLES KILGO WILKES DEBRA LYNNE WILLIAMS GLENDA GAYLE WILLIAMS MARK AUBREY WILLIAMS ROCKY LANE WILLIAMS CAROL WILLIS ELDRED STEVEN WILLIS RICHARD EDWARD WILLIS RONNIE LEE WILLIS STEVE EVANS WILMER MAURICE CHARLES WIMBERLY BLANCHE ALICE WINDHAM CHARLES EVERETT WOODWARD MARTHA ANN WOODWARD FARRELL EUGENE WOOLEY MARGARET KAY WORLEY GEORGETTE ALEXANDRA WRIGHT MARION HAY WYMAN GEORGE DANIEL YARBROUGH BARBARA ANN YON CONNIE SUE YOUNG TONY EDWARD YOUNG PATRICIA ANN ZACHRY timer 109110112orrts 100 4rre0hmanSusan Burgess for Ronnie Wade. Starr Magness for Rick Perkins. Homecoming Sponsors. . Cathy Chick for Roger Jay. Sandra Best for David Fabrick, Tish Charlton for Mike Crumpler, Virginia McNair for Tim Hart. Vicki Heilig for David Swint.Cheryl Hedrick for Nicky Westmoreland. Pat Rouse for John Lundy. Cathy Armour for Lee Stribling, Carolyn Price for Martin Vandervelde. Beverly Moyer for Bill Walsh. . . For 1968 Bonnie Corder for Bobby Buchanan.Frances Page for Jim Stewart. Dee Dee Sox for Phil Burckhalter. Sharon Dunn for Bill Zion. Cindy Windham for David Lewis. Carolyn Johnson for Buddy Brunson.MAY COURT CATHY ARMOUR, PAM ABBOTT, BONNIE Senior CORDER, BEVERLY MOYER, CAROLYN JOHNSON, MINNIE KEY. Junior Court MELISSA HUNTER, JEANNIE PERRY, HOPE MARONEY, LAURA SOMERS LYNN HARRISON, KAY SANDERS, SUSAN BURGESS, SUSAN BOROP.1969 LAURA VERENES, DEBBY LYBRAND, JANET SEDELL, ABBIE GARDNER, BARBARA SCHWARTZ, KEITH MORRIS. Court JANE MASSEY, REDA SCOTT, ELLEN LOTT, JANET JOHNSON, PAT PINKARD, SHARON DUNN. Freshmen CourtMinnie Carolyn 126127Managers: Charles Miller, Terry Eubanks, Steve Edeburn. Football season 1968 — high hopes, many apprehensions. Three new coaches to direct the fortunes of the Green Hornets. Inexperienced line worked with returnees Burckhalter, Strib-ling, and Plunkett. First year of play in the newly formed Region I AAAA with eleven tough games to play. Three new teams on the Hornet schedule — Butler, Richmond Academy, and Airport, but the traditional rivals Greenwood and Lancaster had to be faced also. With new coaches, new uniforms and new spirits, the 1968 fighting Hornets opened their season. s Coach John Socha First row: David Fabrick, Tommy Horton, Tim Hart, Ronold Wade, David Lewis, Mike Crumpler, Rick Perkins, Lee Stribling, Jim Stewart, Jimmy Angelos. Second row: Jerry Stafford, David Swmt, Phil Burckhalter, Gory Kendrick, Spence Allen, Ted Cam, David Hagins, Lorry Hudson, Jeff Jay, Roger Jay, Third row: Billy Hewitt, Tony Smith, Dennis Fraser, Wilson Plunkett, Dan Plyler, Randy Shelley, David Shea, Dcno Vercnes, Jimmy Wooten Fourth row: Dennis Sheppard, Ronnie Abney, Buddy Brunson, Mike Mixon, James Thomos, Dean Jolley, Bob Buchanan, Lonce Lewis Fifth row: Bill Walsh, Nick Westmorelond, George Brodie, Roger Taylor, Tom Ergle, Keith Weeks, John Lundy, Don Weothcrsbce, Neil Striesfeld. Sixth row: Steve Sharpe, Vernon McKinney, Jimmy Carter, Dan Rogers, Dick Gibbons, Bob Dempsey, Billy Grice, Jacob Widcner. Seventh row: John Groves. 128Aiken 6 A.R.C. 20 Lack of experience hurt the Hornets as they took on the Musketeers in the Richmond Academy stadium. The Musketeers struck for three touchdowns before Billy Hewitt scored in the fourth quarter to save the Hornets from a whitewash. Phil Burckhalter Lee Stribling Most Valuable Player Outstanding Senior Back 1968 Co-Captain Aiken 13 Airport 7 The Hornets showed improvement against Airport. Phil Burckhalter got the offense rolling for two touchdowns before the Eagles' quarterback took off on a seventy-yard ramble in the fourth quarter. David Lewis Rick Perkins Outstanding Senior Sportsmanship Award Linesman 129Mike Crumpler 1968 Co-Captain Aiken 25 Florence 26 At half-time the Hornets found themselves trailing the Yellow Jackets by 20. Coach Socha drew it on the board and the Hornet offense buzzed into the 3rd quarter to pick up 6. Lancaster retaliated with another 6 points. The final 4 minutes of the game found the Hornets scoring 3 TD's but 2 PAT's short of victory. Aiken 12 Lancaster 13 The Hornet defense played a strong game against Lancaster, and led 12-6 in the final minutes. A long pass set up the Hurricanes' second touchdown, and the final PAT squeezed out the Hornets for a one point Lancaster victory. Ronnie Wade Bob Buchanan Buddy BrunsonAiken 30 Graniteville 20 With the Hornet backfield completely adjusted to Coach Socha's high-powered offense, and a rugged week of practice, the Aiken boys racked up a sizeable 39 points to crush the Rocks into 20 pebbles. Jim Stewart David Fabrick Aiken 25 Brookland-Cayce O Hogood Stadium was cold as the Hornets took on the Bearcats of Cayce, but the Hornet offense worked smoothly even in the cold. Plunkett and Stribling led the fighting offense, and Perkins led the stubborn defense only to leave the BC offense scoreless. David Swint Nick WestmorelandAiken. 20 Butler 7 The Hornets teamed up against the highly touted Bulldogs from Augusta. The Butler boys seemed befuddled when the Hornets forgot to roll over and hand up the win, but the Hornet offensive line had a great night as Aiken reached the 20 point mark for the fourth straight game. Tim Hart Roger Jay Aiken 33 Columbia 14 The Hornets took full advantage of 2 untimely Columbia fumbles to please the Homecoming crowd with another big offensive show. The Capitals racked up 14 points, but the home team meant to impress the crowd — and they did. Martin Vandervelde Bill Zion 132Aiken 7 Greenwood 56 Aiken 6 Bill Walsh The Hornets were still smarting from the Greenwood game as they took on highly underrated Dreher. The Hornets struck first when Crumpler scored from the two yard stripe, but the Blue Devils began to move. The Aiken stars were hanging low in the sky one week before the all-important North Augusta game. Dreher 21 The Hornets, elated by their four-game winning streak, faced the Greenville Emeralds skeptically. After a courageous battle, the Hornets' skepticism was realized in the final score. 133Aiken 39 North Augusta 20 The North Augusta gome was the best possible finish for a somewhat frustrating season for the Hornets. Lee Stribling broke loose on two long scampers to spark the Hornets to the victory over arch-rivals, the Yellow Jackets. End of the season — 6-5; a winning season for Coach Socha's first year with the Hornets. Great games to remember for a long time to come. Bad experiences to forget at the earliest moment. Finished second in the region 4-1, losing only to Greenwood. With experience to boost them, the 1969 Hornets should be a lively nest to watch. End of the season.t Kneeling: Carol Ridenour, Pot Pinkard, Janet Johnson. Standing: Bonnie Corder, Sandra Best, Maria Gregory. Oh yeah? Kneeling: Susan Burgess, Kay Sanders. Standing: Susan Borop, Karen Robbins. Mascot: Craig Eubanks. Help! Something's caught. 135J V s if55S3 a raanBBHi First row: Willie Bell, Tony Young, Milford Foreman, Lorry Owens, Ronald Key, Tom Burckholter, Stanley Sexton, Gary Simmons, Mike Kil-potrick, Ted Tewkesbury, Terry McClane, Coach Frye. Second row: James Crabtree, Nero Coleman, Herbie Johnson, Leon Lott, Phillip Watson, Bobby Grover, Jerry Crider, Pat Mixon, Richard Driggers, Nyle Martin. Third row: Bobby Baxter, John Newman, Larry Rondolph, Gary Corgile, Hayboy Wyman, Paul Sumner, Dale Mayes, Tommy Carey, Steve Hart, George Counts. A scrappy and determined crew with o lot of potential. As the score-board indicates, the breaks just were not in favor of the J.V. team this season. Practice and more practice should see this group buzz with spirit in the 1969 season. Scoreboard AIKEN 0 SPRINGFIELD 21 AIKEN 0 GREENWOOD 7 AIKEN 0 ST. ANGELA 34 AIKEN 0 A. C. FLORA 32 AIKEN 0 DREHER 18 AIKEN 0 NORTH AUGUSTA 0 AIKEN 26 L.B.C. 0 Coach Don Frye 136Can't be JV Cheerleaders First Row: Amy Payne, Abbie Gardner, Anne Surasky. Second Row: Keith Morris, Connie Pendleton, Carol Willis, Debbie Lybrand.Basketball David Fabrick Coach Don Frye Charles Surasky Robert Hershey, Richard Burdette, Chuck Hilborn, Charlie Sampson, Ted Cain, John Lundy, Darryl Lewis, Don Stowe, David Pillinger, Wilson Plunkett, Billy Hewitt, Coach Frye. 138Reach, Charlie, Reach. Just hold still, Plunkett; the ball's coming. Hold it, Burdette, we aren't under the basket yet- ALL - Ayp ,A 139Here's the woy to do it. Aiken 80, 70 Schofield 88, 87 Aiken 46, 57 Orangeburg 55, 43 Aiken 28, 50 Bornwell 48, 36 Aiken 74, 58 North Augusta 67, 56 Aiken 59, 67 Florence 63, 47 Aiken 63, 49 Graniteville 42, 26 Aiken 65, 59 Airport 60, 76 Aiken 55, 49 Columbia 70, 64 Aiken 60, 53 . Brooklond-Coyce 74, 66 Aiken 69, 58 Greenwood 68, 61 141Robert Hershey Richard Burdette 1969Tournament. Chuck Hilborn Senior Players Charles Sampson John Lundy Don Stowe 143JV Basketball Aiken 24, 31 Orangeburg 21, 50 Aiken 54, 44 North Augusta 46, 36 Aiken 50, 47 Graniteville 41, 35 Aiken 48, 26 Airport 43, 38 Aiken 30, 36 Columbia 40, 38 Aiken 33, 42 Brooklond-Cayce 54, 41 Aiken 34 Barnwell 20 Aiken Greenwood 38 Coach John Socha Barry Kirby, Manager, Cliff Collie, Tom Burckholter, Willie Bell, Horry Poston, Fred Edeburn, Manager. Second row: Jimmy Cue, Stanley Sexton, Ted Tewkesbury, Terry Lewis, Terry McLane. Third row: Phillip Watson, Kevin Johnston, Paul Sumner, Jack Murdock, Mike Schroder. 144For gosh sokes, Noncy, don't just stand there! Nice jump.Come on team, you can do better. Where's the ball? 146 Aiken 36, 33 Schofield 60, 33 Aiken 32, 42 Orangeburg 25, 38 Aiken 33, 31 Barnwell 25, 35 Aiken 40, 61 North Augusta 32, 46 Aiken 41, 33 Florence 26, 35 Aiken 39, 39 Graniteville 21, 36 Aiken 17, 23 Camden 27, 28 Aiken 31, 27 Orangeburg 40, 27 Aiken 26, 27 Dorman 26, 41 ORANGEBURG INVITATIONAL RESULTS Aiken 17 Camden 15 Aiken 25 St. Andrews 43 Aiken 20 Dorman 23 Wow! What a s-t-r-e-t-c-h.Seated: Morie Barker, Chane McNair, Mary Sue Tewkesbury, Connie Pendleton, Lynn Gunter. Kneeling: Becky Schilling, Kay Sanders, Susan Day, Marilyn Lewis, Suzanne McNair, Cindy Holliday, Chris Coffey. Standing: Sandra Wagoner, Terry Schilling, Kathy Barker, Nancy Tewkesbury, Sandra Best, Mario Gregory. Now girl, get that one. 147Coach Jockson Catherine Barker Maria Gregory Sandra Best Sandy Wagoner Nancy Tewkesbury Co-Captain Terry Schilling Co-Captain 148Coach Jerry Orr Soccer 'A k “ ». . Joh„?„ Scores Aiken 2, 0 A. C. Floro 1, 2 Aiken 0, 6 Augusta Prep 2, 2 Aiken 2 1 . Greenwood 1, 3 Aiken 1, 1 Columbia 3, 2 Aiken 4, 2 Porter-Gaud 3, 1 Aiken 2, 1 Dreher 0, 0 Aiken 1 St. John 8 Aiken 1 . Episcopal 0 Kneeling: Ken Weaver, Cary Friedman, Dan Plyler, Evan Stokes, Jim Ste wart, David Johnson, Mike Williams, John Aubrey. Leaning: Jay Lawheac Heyboy Wyman, Warren Moore, Buddy Weeks, George Brodie, Gar’ Cargile, James Thomas, Ray Fulmer. Standing: John Niland, Jim Carroll Mike Mixon, Pete Peters, Paul Johns, Alan Taylor. 14 91969 Senior Buddy Weeks Warren Moore Pete Peters Ken Weaver Manager 150Soccer Players Sharon can't help now, Jim. 151Track First row: John Heaton, Claude Reeves, Coach Lewis, Johnnie Hallman, Steven Edwords. Second row: William Holton, Jerry Crider, Donald Jennings, Caron Seigler, Tony Young, Darryl Lewis, Gary Kendricks, Phil Burckhalter, Don Plyer. Third row: Brian Walloce, Doug Taylor, David Whitson, Gary Snipes, Dan Rogers, Phillip Dixon, Gene Garland, Phil Watson, Bernard Patterson, Pat Owens. Fourth row: Joe Watson, Dole Mayes, John Aubrey, Ronald Key, Ken Weaver, Richard Burdette, Fred Edeburn, James Crabtree. Fifth row: David Nelson, Neil Striesfeld Paul Sumner, Eric Horper, Jomes Counts, Phil Waddell, Danny Fishburne, Tony Hawkins. Sixth row: Frank Garvin, Bill MolsonKneeling: Cindy Hollidoy, Becky Schilling, Susan Day. Standing: Kay Sanders, Suzanne McNair, Mary Sampson, Chris Coffey. University of S. C. Invitotionol Track Meet held in April of 1968 with 300 girls participating from over South Corolina, sent Aiken home with these results: Koy Sanders—1st place—high jump; 100 yd. dash; qualified for reloy team Susan Doy—2nd place—high jump; 220 yd. dash Suzanne McNair—3rd place—high jump; 4th place—broad jump; 75 yd. dash Chris Coffey—100 yd. dosh; softboll throw; relay team Cindy Hollidoy—Broad jump Becky Schilling—50 yd. dosh; 100 yd. dash; Shot Put Mary Sampson—Shot Put; Softball throw Hee! Hee! eeeeekkk. 1-2-3-4-5-ready.Baseball First row: Gory Roberts, Leon Lott, Robert Hershey, Rob Callahan, Evan Stokes, Gary McCollum, Ronnie Abney, David Shea, Roger Taylor, Bruce Bowman. Second row: John Groves, Rick Perkins, David Lewis, Wilson Plunkett, Ted Cain, Norman Belcher, Billy Hewitt, Pat Poison, Billy Jones, Mike Crumpler, Tim Hart, Coach Chewning. Now when you hit the ball, throw the bat and ruuunnnn. Pitchers tryout. Manager Tim Hart Coach Phil Chewning 154Gosh, what o pitch! Now, what's wrong? Catch it, Robert. Pot pitches. 155Boys Tennis Kneeling: Robert Boldwin, Charles Henshaw, David Williamson, Jimmy Morris, Donald Jennings, Michael Tarrant. Standing: Norman Howard, John Aubrey, John Plexico, Pete Peters, David Pillinger, Bruce Malloy, Carl Copley, Skip Paukert. Girls Tennis Kneeling: Jeanette Furr, Nancy Harvey, Debbie Moore, Jane Massey, Marsha Jett, Dee Joy Welton, Susan Howard. Standing: Mary Hanock, Coach, Laura Norton, Helen Minton, Jeon Perry, Shelio Ellington, Kay Twombly, Vaughn Allen, Kathy Brelsford, Isabelle Ewing. Mrs. Tonya Moore, Sponsor. 156Golf Kneeling: Chip Hanna, Honk Cor-mandy, Mark Davis. Standing: Gary Dixon, Vernon Hyman, Jimmy Wise, Charles Simmons. Gary Dixon Coach John Socha Kneeling: Ronnie Hanna, Scotty Temple, Tom Burckhalter. Standing: Jim Cormandy, Mike Schroder, Terry Mathis. 157ORGANIZATIONS 159Student Council Aunt Betty's Helpers . . . directing traffic . . . ushering during assemblies . . . P.T.A. membership salesmen . . . rules and regulations makers . . . breaking in lunch lines . . . lunch duties . . . Stay out of this hall until 8:20 . . . Do you have o pass to be in B-wing now? . . . Lot of work . . . Lot of fun . . . My, oh my, that, to us, is Aiken High. COUNCIL MEMBERS AT LARGE SECOND SEMESTER Cathey Armour, Ken Weaver, Ronnie Abney Kathy Sargent, Minnie Key, Evan Stokes COUNCIL MEMBERS AT LARGE FIRST SEMESTER Vice-president Jeff Joy takes over for President Rick Perkins who has other duties to perform.STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS Mrs. Betty Owen, Advisor; Pam Henson, Treasurer; Julie Truitt, Secretary; Jeff Jay, Vice-President; Ricky Perkins, President. Mr. Jerry Orr, Advisor; Joe Price, Phil Waddell, Tarleton Morgan, Gerald Robison. “Sorry, but fender riding is out!“ Safety PatrolSENIOR COUNCIL MEMBERS First row: Catherine Barker, Sandra Best, Terry Schilling, Maria Gregory, Starr Mag-ness, Pat Pinkard. Second row: Buddy Brunson, Archie Jordan, Bill Zion, David Swint, Ricky Mathis, Ken Weaver, Richard Burdette, John Niland, Andy Johnston, Evan Stokes, James Goodwin, Sherry Gran-ade. Third row: Beverly Moyer, Jane Massey, Susan Creed, Debbie Jones, Iris Lamb, Reda Scott, Laura Muckenfuss, Carolyn Logue, Tish Charlton, Carolyn Price, Patsy McMichael, Rick Perkins. Fourth row: Geneva Bush, Minnie Key, Jo Ellen Newman, Cynthia Holley, Pam Abbott, Mary Tyler, Shelia Ellington, Ann Hay, Susan Wyman, Carolyn Johnson, Virginia Sofge, Marilyn Price. Senior Council Members JUNIOR COUNCIL MEMBERS First row: Dan Rodgers, Wilson Plunkett, Mary Sampson, Jerry Stafford, Jimmy Wooten, Becky Schilling, Mike Williams, Kaye Sanders, Bobby McCall, Susan Burgess, Ronnie Abbney, Susan Borop, Greg Harvey, Susonne McNair, Scott Elliott, Susan Day, John Plexico, Dennis Shepard. Second row: Jimmy Cook, Karen Felder, Patricio Gentry, Peggy LeGrande, Lindy Duncan, Sheryl Simons, Melissa Hunter, Janet Piech, Becky Secrist, Dotty Page, Libby Wright, Susan Messick, Joan Willing, Barbara Mann, Sandy Garner. Third row: Louisa Hydrick, Karen Maxwell, Vicki Smith, Barbara Holley, Kathy Sargeant, Nancy Donovon, Martha Tumblin, Jeonnie Perry, Nancy Ropp, Marilyn Lewis, Jennifer Carey, Lynn Sebjanics, Peggy Wooten, Kathy Martin, Lauro Somers. Fourth row: John Winans, Vernon Hymon, Ted Cain, David Pillinger, Joey Booker, Caron Seigler. Junior Council Members First row: Mike Day, Rocky Williams, Anne Surosky, Ronnie LeGrande, Jim Busbee, Abbie Gardner, Bobby Romine, John Aubrey, Carol Willis, Jim Cormany, Connie Pendleton, Ted Tewkesbury, David Kitch-ings, Keith Morris, Ken Lokey, Stanley Sexton, Amy Payne, Byron Barber, Bernard Patterson. Second row: Debbie Morton, Pam Hunt, Rose Anne George, Fran Asbill, Abby Kirkland, Louise Horton, Sarah Holley, Kothy Hutto, Barbara Schwartz, Theresa Parks, Janet Sedell, Debbie Moore, Linda Dominick, Becky Rushton, Karen Burdette, Kay Warneke, Pam Elliott, Chayne McNair. Third row: Pam Heilig, Pat Hensley, Mary Petrina, Cynthio Marx, Dee Kiger, Wanda Moseley, Betsy Spencer, Kathy Cushman, Wanda Miller, Marsha Babb, Sondy Curry, Pam Procter, Jenny Rideout, Laura Norton, Sandy Snow, Denise Seigmund, Laura Verenes. Fourth row: George Counts, Rusty Finley, Dale Mayes, Freddy Edeburn, Larry Feaster, Kevin Johnston, George Sykes. Freshman Council MembersFIRST SEMESTER CABINET First row: Skip Poukert, Jomes Goodwin, Ted Tewkesbury, Chorles Henshaw, Buddy Brunson, Phil Waddell, David Jennings, Ken Weover. Second row: Cheryl Hedrick, Esther Randall, Mory Jane Dickson, Karen Newton, Barbie Winter, Corol Ridenour, Pat Pinkord, Chris Coffey, Virginia Sofge, Georgialee Hallman. Third row: David Johnson, Lee Stribling, Alice Shellhouse, Julie Truitt, Kes Woodward, Richard Burdette, Bill Bouknight, John McCullough Fourth row: Ricky Perkins, Jeff Joy, Pom Henson, Andy Johnston, Spence Allen, Steve Morris, Gerald Robison. Cabinet Meetings once a month . . . All clubs, classes, and organizations must be represented . . Good coordino- understanding of clubs . . Cooperative spirit . . Why, Mr. Willis, I know we don't have a treasurer . . we don't even hove a treasury yet Mr. James O. Willis, Advisor and Principal. SECOND SEMESTER CABINET First row: Cheryl Hedrick, Alice Shellhouse, Georgialee Hallman, Sherri Hallman, Julie Truitt, Karen Newton, Margaret Newman, Suzanne McNair, Pat Pinkard, Barbie Winter. Second row: Skip Paukert, Ted Tewkesbury, Rick Perkins, Jeff Jay, Spence Allen, Ken Weaver, David Johnson, Mark Brodie. Third row: Wren Toole, Phil Waddell, Kes Woodward, Bill Bouknight, Charles Henshaw, Dan Sandberg, Gerald Robison, Mike Plunkett. 163First row: Margoret Anne Newman, Barbie Winter, Sherry Granade, Gene Sand, Mary Jane Dickson, Lisa Kuhn, Cynthia Collie, Mary Sompson, Carolyn Price, Cynthia Holley, Jo Ellen Newman. Second row: Marianne Mowry, Carolyn Logue, Jane Massey, Linda Nelson, Jennifer Henson, Kay Twombly, Marta Butler, Sandra Isaacs, Deborah Wotson, Taffy Jo Bradhom, Elizabeth Cates, Kathy Brelsford. Third row: Chorles Surasky, Jack Duncan, Norman Howard, Van Lilly, Jeremy Woodoff, Jimmy Morris. Fourth row: Richard Newsome, Jim Carroll, Mike Thornton. National Honor Society James Goodwin, President; Redo Scott, Treasurer; Mrs. Morgaret Bobo, Kes and Robert proctor the Tuesdoy ond Thursday moke-up session. Advisor; Kathy Brelsford, Secretary; Kes Woodward, Vice-President. First row: Shoron Rideout, Trish Cowan, Sherry Neff, Pat Sotcher, Linda Hartley, Ginny Houser, Joan Merritt, Cathy White, Virginia Sofge, Reda Scott, Tish Charlton. Second row: James Goodwin, Sheri Hallman, Bethe Douglas, Julie Truitt, Geneva Bush, Yvonne Martin, Cathy Chick, Pat Pinkord, Janet Johnson, Kes Woodward. Third row: Rob Callahan, Bruce Dew, Bill McCrosky, Ken Weaver, Skip Paukert, David Jennings. Fourth row: Robert Lewis, Ronnie Barab, Tony Moore, Robert Hershey, Buzz Scott, Ricky Mathis, Tarleton Morgan. 164Beta Club Minnie Key, Secretary; Janet Johnson, Treasurer; Robert Hershey, Vice-President; Lee Stribling, President; Mr. Jim Martin, Advisor. Ken, wake up boy—the meeting's over. First row: Sherry Gronade, Chorles Surasky, Jimmy Petrine, Rick Perkins, Phil Burck-halter, Wilson Plunkett, Jeff Jay, Redo Scott. Second row: Archie Jordon, Julie Truitt, Esther Randall, Barbie Winter, Terry Schilling, Cynthia Holley, Sandra Hedrick, Robert Hershey, Lee Stribling. Third row: Janet Johnson, Maria Gregory, Sandra Best, Geneva Bush, Tony Temple, Craig Eubanks, James Courtney. Fourth row: Pat Pinkord, Ken Weaver, Minnie Key, Doran Nixon. Seated: Becky Schilling, Laura Muck-enfuss, Linda Prior, Cindy Windham, Mary Sampson, Kay Sanders, Pam Abbott. Standing: Spence Allen, Ronnie Abney, Jerry Stofford, Ted Cain, Borbora Mann, Dovid Lewi, Margaret Newman, Nancy Tewkesbury, Bobby Buchanan, Kes Woodward, Starr Mag-ness, Mike Plunkett, Evon Stokes, Richard Burdette. Absent: Skip Pauk-crL Bill McCrosky. 165First row: Wilson Plunkett, Phil Burckholter, Ricky Perkins, David Lewis. Second row: Roy Sapough, Bill Zion, Lee Stribling, Mike Crumpler. Third row: Andy Morrell, David Swint. Order of Green And White Future Farmers of America First row: Ronald Harris, Joe McMurry, Monroe McCall, Marvin Moore, Jimmy Randall, Martin Gunter, Leonard Kelly Second row: Lonny Morris, Marvin Emeneker, Bobby Griffin, William Maddox, Hoyt Gunter, Dennis Brock, Chuck Chambers, Don Seigler Third row: Wayne Smith, Michael Twitty, Robert Cook, Richard Anderson, Eddie Williams, Deon Reese, Kenneth Mortin. Horticulture Club First row: Robert Cook, Kenneth Martin, Mr. Alvin Howkins, Advisor; Dean Reese, Wayne Smith. Second row: Lonny Morris, Richard Anderson, Billy Jones, Byars Wray. Third row: Bradley Wray, Michoel Twitty, David Young.Sitting: Lisa Hollman, Beth Douglas, Frances Page, Cathy Chick, Pam Burgess, Jane Massey, Judy Padgett. Standing: Sheri Hallman, Shoron Campbell, Carlene Brontley, Sandra Hedrick, Beverly Stringfield, Geneva Bush, Patricia Huckabee, Judy Thompson, Susan Creed, Bonnie Corder. Office Assistants Mrs. McNeil, Advisor to Office Assistants, ond Mrs. Lewis count the day's lunch money . . . but pause for a quick smile at the photographer. Cafeteria Staff Randy Weeks, Beulah Kneece, Lex Bur-bury, Vickie Rose, Mrs. Vivian McCarty, Dietician; Edward Pinson. First row: Nancy Hargrove, Phyllis Lindsey, Martha Grover, Linda Smith, Viane Muldrow, Becky Rushton, Linda Edgar. Second row: Margaret Salters, Sondra Bates, Jane Jackson, Doro Scigler, Koy Kight, Mary Ann Rudnick, Debra Morton, Elaine Goldman. Third row: Vicky Knowles, Ellen Barker, Rhonda Fox, Sharon Hog-shed, Marcia Babb, Donna Bus-bee, Pam Heilig, Pat Hensley. Future Homemakers of America FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OFFICERS Janet Piech, Reporter; Betty Jo Rose, Secrctory-Trcosurer; Barbara Monn, Vice-President; Pam Morton, President; Mrs. Jon Martin, Advisor. First row: Debbie Barden, Marcia Herlong, Lindo Green, Sherri Bennett, Paula Phillips, Jerilyn Johnson, Teresa Martin, Carolyn Ca-rithers, Dorothy Allen, Brendo Taylor. Second row: Mary Boggs, Betty Puckett, Vicki Woodward, Jackie Jockson, Jeonine Barnett, Jamie Johnson, Diane Whitmire, Gaynell Tinsley. Third row: Betty Hall, Brenda Cobbs, Diane Hanna, Frances Wood, Sharon Cato, Peggy Rose, Debbie Allen, Rachael Font. 168Quill And Scroll First row: Bob Worner, Pete Peters, Bill McCrosky, Chorles Surosky, Spence Allen, David Pillinger, Ed Hogins. Second row: Margaret Anne Newman, Barbie Winter, Kathy Lower, Marianne Mowry, Richard Dun-con, Phil Porter, Borbaro Arthur. Third row: Jane Edwards, Cathy Chick, Kathy Brelsford, Debbie Poda, Margaret Ann Cooper, Tarleton Morgan, Mark Brodie. Fourth row: Kathy Treadway, Gene Sand, Martha Redd, Joy Fields. QUILL AND SCROLL OFFICERS Pam Burgess, Frcshmon Editor; Marta Butler Junior Editor; Pixie Baxter, Senior Editor; Charles Henshaw, Editor; Mrs. Florence Bryan, Advisor. TEEN TIMES EDITORS Cathy Chick, Marianne Mowry, Margaret Anne Newman, Barbie Winter. Kneeling: Douglas Burns, Jimmy Morris, Bob Worner, Dovid Pillinger, Charles Surosky, Lendon Weisner, Bill McCrosky. Standing: Barbie Winter, Tut Frantz, Esther Randall, Linda Edgar, Marsha Jett, Cothy Chick, Sherry Grenade, Joan Standridge, Dee Kiger, Kathy Brelsford, Susan Burgess, Yvonne Martin, Melissa Muckenfuss, Linda Hilborn, Linda Prior, Gene Sand, Spence Allen, Margaret Anne Newman. Teen Times Staff 169Hornet Helpers Club First row: Jerry Stafford, John Wells, Joy Lawhead, Jimmy Wooten, Danny Alexander, Butch Storey, Roger Taylor, Gene Heath, Carl Copley. Second row: Reushe Barrett, Mike Crumpler, Teri Britt, Pat Hill, Peggy Mobley, Annette Dicks, Debra Owens, Diane Moore, Scott Elliott, Fred Bodenorf. Third row: Susan Wyman, Virginia Dunbar, Anne Hay, Kathy Jernberg, Connie Lewis, Vicki Rinehart, Lynn Sebjonics, Susan Sawilowsky, Borboro Schwartz, Mary Jane Dickson. Fourth row: Craig Eubanks, Cathy Ice, Morcia Bobb, Linda Warner, Mory Ann Rud-nick, Susan Gilman, Lyanne Franklin, Virginia Sofge, Sandra Hedrick, Amy Folk, Joe Barsh. Honorary Musicians Club Seated: Jo Ellen Newman, Cynthia Holley, Cathy Langdon, Kay Twombly, Cheryl Hedrick, Cheryl Lybrond, Jane Edwards, Reushe Barrett. Standing: Susan Overmon, Bill Lance, Georgiolee Hallman, Tarleton Morgan, Nancy Burton, Mike Plunkett, Terry Schilling, Archie Jordan, Pam Henson, Bill McCrosky, Melissa Hunter, Kathy Sargent, Gary Simmons, Louisa Marvin, Jomes Courtney, Pat Reynolds, Mary Ellen Herbert, Johnny Price, Karen Foir, Laura Somers, Craig Eubanks, Ellen Towler. 170First row: Joy Lowhead Mark Dovis, Jimmy Wise, Spence Allen, Bobby McCall, Erik Christensen, Mike Tarrant. Second row: Kothy Brelsford Ronnie Borah! Charles Henshaw, Mario Gregory, Tim Hart, Nancy Tewkesbury, Chris Coffey, Cindy Hollidoy Third row: David Swint David Lewis Wilson Plunkett, Don Rogers, Chuck Hilborn, Kay Sanders. Fourth row: Evon Stokes, Rob Callahan, Richard Burdette, Andy Morrell Pat Poison Marilyn Lewis, Suzanne McNair. Fifth row: Charles Sampson, Robert Hershey, Dennis Shepard, David Hagins, Mike Mixon, Pete Peters. Mrs. Johanna Jackson, Advisor. Block A First row: Jack Duncan, Bobby Dempsey, Darryl Lewis, Charles Surasky, Bill Wolsh, Bill Zion, Jerry Stafford. Second row: Gary Kendrick, Susan Burgess, Susan Borop, Janet Johnson, Pat Pink-ard, Carol Ridenour, Sandra Best, Karen Robbins, Shelia Ellington. Third row: Ronnie Abney, Ronnie Wade, Jimmy Morris, Georgiolee Hallman, Terry Schilling, Starr Magness, Rick Perkins, Bonnie Corder. Fourth row: Jeff Joy, Larry Hudson, Bob Buchanan, Ken Weaver, Buddy Weeks, Don Stowe, Warren Moore, Kes Woodward. Fifth row: Dean Jolly, Jimmy Wooten, Lee Stribling, Mike Crumpler, Phil Burckholter, Ted Cain, Roger Taylor.Pep Band First row: Bruce Neuenfeldt, Rick Newsome, Corolyn Corithers, Andy Phillips, Bill Lance, Bill McCrosky. Second row: Kay Twombly, Jayne Petermon, Ellen Towler, Laura Somers, Tarleton Morgan. Third row: Lucky Groy, Jennifer Selman, Terry Schilling, Susan Overman. Fourth row: Ronnie Barab, George Sykes, Douglas Burns, Bob Warner, Judy Jones. STUDENT CONDUCTOR Bill McCrosky BAND STAFF Front row: Terry Schilling, Jennifer Selmon, Lynn Baker, Georgialee Hallman, Patricia Reynolds. Second row: Ronnie Borob, James Courtney, Bill McCrosky, Steve Morris, Butch McFerrin, Bill Lance.NANCY BURTON JANE EDWARDS PAM HENSON REUSHE BARRETT SHERYL LYBRAND PATRICIA REYNOLDS HEAD MAJORETTE Band And Majorettes band members Norman Howard, Kay Twombly, Jayne Peterman, Paula Dessauer, Kim Towler, Jane Edwards, Nikki DeLoache, Emily Karraker, Donna Dovis, Mickey Teague, Susan Howord, Ricky Willis, Cynthia Randall, Paul Grant, Don Courtney, Mary George, Andy Phillips, Torleton Morgan, Steve Morris, Ellen Towler, Dovid Nelson, Lauro Somers, Lynn Baker, Marie Doscher, Katherine Dovis, Georgialee Hallman, June Hall, Linda Westmoreland, Johnelle Johnson, Lee Sullivan, Susan Overman, Debra Bradham, Terry Schilling, Jennifer Selman, Lucky Gray, Paula Berrie Butch McFerrin, William McCrosky, James Courtney, Kathy Langdon, Bob Warner, Dovid Covington, Judy Jones, Ronald Barab Mike Hudnall, Greg Stanford, Wayne Jackson, George Sykes, Patsy Keen, Thoyton Traughber, Douglas Burns, Gene Cato, Bill Lance, Jimmy Ray, Bruce Neuenfeldt, Mike Gibson, David Kitchings, Ricky Laffoday, Rick Newsome, David Jennings, Dale Key, Robert Jackson, Carolyn Carithers, Mark Rial, Mike Mitchell. KAREN FAIR First row: Mrs. Lillian Carr, Advisor; Harry Tyler, Andy Johnston, Tommy Gilliam, Roger Taylor, Rick Perkins, Chorles Simmons, Bill Walsh, Phil Waddell. Second row: Poulo Dessauer, Betsy Thur-low, Eve Hitchman, Shirley Abney, Pat Sotcher, Fred Kruesi, Becky Robinson, Minnie Key. Third row: Hugh Verenes, Jeff Joy, Gory Kendrick, Willie Pope, Susan Pound, Debby Sykes, Foye Taylor, Kothy Sargent. Fourth row: John Groves, Susan Burgess, Beverly Meyers, Clydia Lamb, Pat Stow, Iris Lomb, Kathy Duf-fie, Carol Anderson, Morilyn Price Fifth row: Cindy Kirby, Donald Pettis, Linda Daniels, Louisa Hydrick, Terry Luton, Ted Cain, Felicio Davis, Judy Eubanks. DER Deutsche Kries Germon Club members prepare for Christmas party. First row: Bill Lindsay, Larry Sides, Bill Coward, Dovid Johnson, Warren Moore, Chuck Marsh, David Jennings, Mrs. Tanjo Moore, Advisor. Second row: Judy Fenters, Carolyn Price, Sherry Neff, Morgaret Anne Newman, Barbie Winter, Elizabeth Cooney, Corol Kruesi, Pam Fraser, Teresa Martin. Third row: Linda Barnett, Georgialee Hollman, Sandra Isaacs, Jenni Henson, Linda Nelson, Dorothy George, Frances Wood, Pam Turner, Jean Speed. Fourth row: Peggy Brown, Julie Truitt, James Counts, Suzanne Stephens, Judy Jones, Mark Kar-raker. Wren Toole. Fifth row: Vernon Osteen, John Winans, Gregg Harvey, Tommy Holley, Gene Heath, Andy Edwards, Lucky Gray, Mike Thornton. First row: Mrs. Rose Blessing, Advisor; Brion Wallace. Ken Weaver, Farrell Wooley, Donald Jennings, Darryl Lewis, Jim Busbee, Steve Price, John Newman. Second row: Rhonda Renters, Lynn Fraser, Linda Hilborn, Katherine Davis, Rose Anne George, Betty Calloway, Fran Asbill, Beth Duncan, Deborah Williams, Dole Fincher. Third row: Denise Sicgmund. Denise Sellers, Kathy Baldwin, Blonche Windham, Janet Burck-holter, Marilyn Usry, Sherri Wicker, Ann Rogers, Toni Lewis, Debby Lybrand. Fourth row: Teri Britt, Brian Hallman, Mark Davis, Susan Messick, Jay Lawhead, Pat Hensley, Cindy Stacey, Debbie Thomas. Brenda Baker, Doris Crider. Fifth row: Steve Vander-velde, Bruce Moloy, Jim Day, Pam Hunt, Pam Hensley, Bobby Dempsey, John Anderson, Virginia Houser, Steve Sharpe Sixth row: Allen Taylor, Curtis Poole, Glen Moseley, Steve Sharpe, Ed-word Pinson, Steve Stapleton, Mike Heinrich, James Ward, Tom Thornton. The Germans celebrate Christ-mos with a ploy. PJV Jl First row: Larry Hudson, Donny Alexander, Arthur Lee, Bill Rinehart, Larry Randolph, Terry Robinson, Tony Hawkins, Danny Fish-burne, Mike Groh. Second row: Betsy George, Paula Phillips, Vicki Speed, Conrad Cooke, George Sykes, Randy Wotson, Donald Sudlow, Paul Townes, Ed Coward. Third row: Mrs. Lillian Carr, Advisor; Barbara Arthur, Deanno Oligney, Deborah White, Brenda Taylor, Andy Phillip, John Murdock, Allen Morris. Fourth row: Maurice Wimberly, Shirley Rouse, Bobby Anderson, Lisa Hallman, Donna Baxter, Pam Burgess, Jan Walls. Fifth row: Phyllis Lindsay, Susan Creed, Dee Dee Sox, Jan Fleetwood, Cindy Townsend, Cindy Randall. Sixth row: David Covington, Johnny Wells, James Crabtree, Dole Mayes.X-Ponents Club First row: Roger Taylor, Kes Woodward, Gerald Robison, David Pillinger, Ken Weaver, John Nilond, Jimmy Morris, Donald Jennings, Tom Thornton. Second row: Dennis Hayes, Mike Thornton, Pete Peters, Linda Hortley, Virginia Houser, Joon Merritt, Betsy Miller, Cathy White, Bill Coward Third row: Mrs. Betty Nuzum, Advisor; Judy Croft, Betsy George, Phyllis Lindsey, Iris Lamb, Pot Tatum, Carol Hoffmeier, Johnelle Johnson, Sharon Rideout Fourth row: John Plexico, Paul Townes, Patti Carroll, Cory Friedman, Billy Galardi, Gail Godlo, Leslie Foster, Susan Borop, Trish Cowan Fifth row: Myra O'Sheilds, Karen Newton, Jorrette Burckhalter, Ricky Mathis, Jock Duncan, Rob Callohon, Buzz Scott, Jimmy Wise, Scott Riles. Sixth row: Charles Henshaw, Ernest Law, Donald Sudlow. Canteen Staff First row: Stephen Edwards, Robert Mullins, Gerald Robison, Torleton Morgon, Bob McCleoren, Mr. John Eubanks, Advisor; Jim Hendrix, Bill Lindsay, Bruce Hewston, Danny Fincher Second row: Debbie Jordon, Patricio Reynolds, Linda Green, Dorothy Kelly, Joon Boyd, Margie Richordson, Inez Richardson, Diane Honno, Debbie Mitchell, Teresa Martin. Third row: Myrtle Abstance, Cynthia Corpenter, Shirley Tindoll, Lona Brock, Judy Corter, Doreen Pinson, Annette Dicks, Jean Speed, Brenda Snipes. Fourth row: Lois Widener, Vivian Inabinet, Diane Seobolt, Sue Kirk, Korean Felder, Jane Price, Gayle Jones, Martho Redd, Margaret Crawford. Fifth row: Gail Livingston, Decio Martin, Beverly Cook, Lorene Till, Vicki Rinehart, Joon Bradshaw, Alice Powers, Susan Messick, Dorothy Allen. Sixth row: Elaine Seigler, Peggy Bell, Julia Jones, Becky Bolt, Karen Durst, Joy Fields, Valerie Hommock, Carolyn Carithers. 176Chorus p Seated: Cynthia Holley, Pom Fraser, Sharon Vernon, Gloria Ryans, Lois Higgingbottom, Judy Bonds, Debbie Hall, Marilyn Cook, Doreen Pinson, Connie Lewis. Standing: Miss Charlene Joyner, Advisor; Cheryl Hedrick, Margaret Crawford, Linda Roiford, Mary Ann Dorman, Roy Sapough, Virginia Leaphart, Charlie Phinizy, Johnny Price, William Vance, Tommy Botes, Willie Simkins, James Rowlond, Eddie Williams, Mary Tice, James Johnson, Jane Camp, Audrey Cato, Geneva Bush, Beryl Holston. Bus Drivers Club First row: Tony Bearden, Joe Price, Bill McCrosky, Warren Moore, James Goodwin, Buzz Scott, Rob Callahan, Mr. James Williams, Advisor. Second row: Pam Morten, Cloir Henkes, Ronnie Connelly, Jimmy Petrino, Danny Fincher, Bob McClearen, Roy Sapough, David Jennings. Third row: Ronnie Wade, Lee Stribling, Jeff Jay, Gordon Courtney, Andy Lowe, John McCullough, James Hallford, Barry Dickson. Fourth Row: Betty Jean Speed, Buddy Weeks, Don Stowe, Gory Dixon, Billy Galardi, Andy Morell Fifth row: Edward Inabinet, David Osteen, Mike Bradham, Eugene Kelly, Raymond Lain, Buddy Brunson, Hal Smith, David Johnson. Sixth row: Eddie Williams, Morgaret Crawford, Joan Bradshaw, Kothy Duffie, Chuck Hilborn, Robert Hershey, Bob Buchanan, Butch Storey. 177Audio-Visuals Club First row: Joe Price, Phil Wod-dell, Roy Sopough, Jim Day, Robert Anderson, Donald Jennings. Second row: David Johnson, Chuck Morsh, Paul Johns, Dean Jolly, Fred Kruesi. Third row: Borry Dickson, Phil Porter, Charles Surasky, Mike Bradham, Ed Hagins, Jordon Bouknight. Fourth row: Tony Temple, Mike Vickers, Vaughn Poe, Scotty Bolt, James Crowford. Fifth row: Gory Dixon, Andy Lowe, Kyle Britt, Bobby Motthews, Pot Clanton. A-V CLUB OFFICERS Bill Bouknight, David Jennings, Mrs. Helen Bradley, Advisor. LIBRARY CLUB OFFICERS Karen Newton, Mrs. Jessie Lee Hutto, Advisor; Joon Standridge, Mary Ann Rudnick. Library Club Seotcd: Julie Olcott, Mary Ann Rudnick, Debbie Collie, Susan Jennings, Joan Standridge, Debra Thomas, Mrs. Jessie Lee Hutto, Librarian; Koren Newton, Mary Boggs, Mary Vickers, Bonnie Crowford, Kathy Ice. Standing: Dan Sandberg, Beuloh Kneece, James Overstreet, Dee Kiger, Brian Wallace, Sandro Bates, Roe Corlton, Randy Weeks, Deborah James, Tony Fronklin, Judy Craft, Mike Twitty, Phyllis Haynes, Dale Couch.Chess Club Seated: Jill Pellarin, Marilyn Donnan, Janie Huntoon, Pixie Baxter, Wren Herring, Julie Olcott, Cindy Collie. Standing: John Niland, Mark Karraker, Wren Toole, David Jennings, Bill McCrosky, Charles Henshaw, Joe Price, Terry Dugas, David Nelson, John Dexter, Donald Jennings, Stephen Waterhouse. CHESS CLUB OFFICERS Seated: Kay Twombly, Dick Duncan, Marta Butler. Standing: Phil Porter, Mr. Jerry Orr, Advisor; Mark Brodie Distributive Education D.E. CLUB OFFICERS Dean Reese, Treasurer; Carolyn Johnson, President; Beulah Kneece, Vice-President; Miss Margaret Cato, Advisor. Larry McKenney, Kathy Griffin, Carolyn Johnson, Cliff Evanson, Brenda Snipes, Lynn Prowdzik, Viane Muldrow. 179First row: Ernest Low, John Plexico, Pete Peters, Don Sudlow, Paul Townes, Donald Jennings, James Ward, Tom Thornton, Bill Coward, Mark Riles. Second row: Mike Thornton, Gerold Robison, Gail Godla, Scott Riles, Leslie Foster, Iris Lamb, Tim Ross, Bobby McCall, Greg Melton. Third row: Janet Piech, Kes Woodword, John Niland, Trish Cowan, Sharon Rideout, Betsy Miller, Roger Taylor, Judy Craft, Bill Lance. Fourth row: Mike Heinrick, Jack Duncan, Rob Callahan, Cary Friedmon, Billy Galardi, Buddy Weeks, Bobby Morris, Kevin Deily, Betsy George. Fifth row: Ken Weaver, Jimmy Wise, Jarrefte Burckholter, Kathy Brelsford, Buzz Scott, Billy Charlton, Fred Bodendorf, James Crabtree, Mike Doy, Terry Dugas. Sixth row: Ellen Towler, Kay Twombly, Tarleton Morgan, Micky Teague, James Courtney, David Nelson, David Jennings, Randy Wotson. Science Club SCIENCE CLUB OFFICERS Susan Jennings, Treasurer; Janie Huntoon, Secretary; Jimmy Morris, Vice-President; Andy Johnston, President; Mrs. Mary Hil-born, Advisor. Jimmy Ray, Phil Porter, Bruce Ma-loy, Brian Wallace, Fred Kruesi, Bill Calden, Tommy Vance. Second row: Helen Minton, Amy Payne, Sandy Snow, Nancy Horvey, Kenneth Ray, Dale Stone, Peggy Le-Grand, Hunt Copley, Deborah Owen, Debra Jomes, Mark Karra-ker. Third row: Phil Waddell, Dale Mayes, Dee Kiger, Kathy McLean, Laura Norton, Jenni Henson, Sandra Isaacs, Linda Nelson, Kathy Treadway, Cothy Ice, Debbie Wotson. Fourth row: John Newman, Sue Hill, Kim Towler, Chuck Marsh, Don Stowe, Chuck Hilborn, Dan Sandberg, Jeremy Woodoff, Barbara Arthur. Fifth row: David Johnson, Rolph Busbee, Tony Moore, Joe Price, Paul Bookstaver, Wren Toole, Bill Lindsay, Willie Holder. Sixth row: Pot Stow, Ann Owens, John Winans, Butch McFerrin, Charles Simmons, Joe Booker, Gory Simmons, Gordon Courtney, Tommy Holley.First row: Calvin Jones, Charles Phinizy, Willie Pope, Bernard Patterson, Gene Bell, Robert Nichols, Tommy Vance Second row: Brendo Cobbs, Brenda Thomas, Patricia Rouse, Sarah Odom, Bettie Hall, Doretha Evans, Virginia Sofge, Jan Walls, Dot George. Third row: Beulah Kneece, Myrtlene Abstance, Annette Dicks, Vicki Speed, Betty Jean Speed, Denise Sellers, Sandra Hedrick, Kothy McCoy, Sharon Owens. Fourth row: Korean Felder, Jeannette Furr, Susan Borop, Pat Gentry, Linda Hartley, Johnelle Johnson, Joyce Myrick Fifth row: Cheryl Hedrick, Donna Horris, Gaynelle Tinsley, Sharon Hogshed, Judy Bends, Linda Barefoot, Dianne Hanna, Frances Wood. Sixth row: Betty Jeon Smith, Jessie Smith, Carolyn Boylen, Geneva Bush, Mary Ann Odom. Future Teachers of America Robert Nichols, President, conducts the Future Teachers district meeting in October. First row: Sherry Grenade, Thad Burleson, Darryl Lewis, Andy Royal, William Vance, Roy Sapough, Carl Hudgins, Evan Stokes, Dale Couch Second row: Mrs. Virginia Elkin, Advisor; Karen Newton, Myra O'Shields, Deborah Owen, Peggy Deans, Connie Lewis, Audry Cato, Beryl Holston, Robert Wood. Third row: Lois Higingbottom, Virginia Lcaphort, Kathy Carter, Judy Padgett, Wanda Moseley, Debbie Thomas, Doris Cannon, Shirley Abney. Fourth row: Sarah Day, Georgette Wright, Rose Anne George, Toni Lewis, Lynn Frazier, Betsy George, Carol Horres, Becky Bolt, Linda Barefoot. Fifth row: Catherine Wright, Margaret Salters, Doris Seigler, Macie McCoy, Linda Edgar, Betty Calloway, Beth Duncan, Fran Asbill, Willie Eva Bush, Rebener Shumate, Shirley Rouse. Sixth row: Beth McMurry, Cathy McCall, Sandra Bates, Jane Jackson, Beatrice Bush, Delores Boylen, Doris Bush.Horse Masters Club First row: Don Sandberg, Ed Hagins, Kevin Deily, Paul Johns Second row: Roe Corleton, Mary Jane Dickson, Pixie Baxter, Betsy Miller, Jamie Johnson. Third row: Korean Felder, Pat Gentry, Sandra Hedrick, Deborah James. Hornet Highlights Radio Club First row: Lendon Weisner, Mark Karraker, John Nilond, Wren Toole, Charles Marsh Second row: Judy Harrigal, Bethe Douglas, Kathy Brelsford, Isobel Ewing, Gail Godla, Judy Thompson. 182First row: John Pless, Vernon McKinney, Tony Temple, Bobby Nol-ley, Mike Williams, Jeff Joy, Mike Plunkett Second row: Denise Siegmund, K i m Towler, Ann Owens, Alice Powers, Wanda Miller, Amy Payne, Dee Kiger, Marsha Somers, Abbie Kirkland. Third row: Sara Marvin, Shirley Rouse, Lisa Kuhn, Linda Prior, Marianne Mowry, Sherry Neff, Kathy Springer, Rosalind Seigler. Fourth row: Pat Poison, Jill Pello-rin, Vicky Posey, Noncy Ropp, Linda Warner, Sondy Snow, Susan Springer, Yvonne Martin. Fifth row: Kathy Martin, Joyce Poison, Betsy Thurlow, Debbie Thomas, Pot Zocker, Louisa Marvin. Art Club ART CLUB OFFICERS Mary Jone Dickson, Reporter; Lisa Kuhn, Treasurer; Carol Hoffmeier, Vice-President; Esther Randall, President; Lisa Kirk, Secretary; Mrs. Peggy Lambert, Advisor. First row: Sherry Gronade, Mark Davis, Danny Hart, Craig Davis, Danny Alexander, John Anderson, Susan Doy, Catherine Deans. Second row: Debby Goodson, Brenda Baker, Janet Burckhalter, Nancy Burton, Pat Hill, Wren Herring, Sue Hill, Susan Howard, Peggy Deans. Third row: Lianne Goosey, Norma Hubbs, Sandra Fulmer, Judy Bartley, Cathy Cush-mon, Pixie Baxter, Lisa Hallman, Carol Anderson, Shelio Ellington. Fourth row: Bill Calden, Pam Hunt, Jeanette Furr, Lynn Baker, Anna Burleson, Leslie Foster, Eve Hitchmon, Anne Hoy. Fifth row: Gail Seigler, Nancy Donovan, Edward Hudok, Pam Hensley, Janie Huntoon, Catherine Davis, Fran Asbill, Linda Hilborn, Terri Summer. Sixth row: Carol Kruesi, Pat Tatum, Susan Morrisset, Jimmy Lowe, B. J. Rose, Wanda Sales, Dee Joy Welton, Diane Seobolt.Les Frelon Verts First row: Ted Tewkesbury, Bill Rinehart, Wayne Jackson, Ricky Key Second row: Cathy Ice, Helen Minton, Karen Newton, Myro O'Shields, Joyce Myrick, Johnelle Johnson. Third row: Kiffin Mourice, Jean Poston, Nan Peterson, Laura Norton, Kathy McLean, Debbie Pickett, Elaine Lamb. Fourth row: Kathy Longdon, Jamie Johnson, Kathy Jern-berg, Carolyn Moore, Mary Petriro, Connie Pendleton, Theresa Porks. First row: Mrs. Sarah Hite, Advisor; John Nilond, John Dexter, Bob Hardt, Corl Copley, Lendon Weisner, Scotty Bolt, Pot Clanton. Second row: Dorothy Page, Marilyn Lewis, Ben Posten, Craig Eubanks, Jerry Stafford, Fred Edeburn, Kevin Johnston, Tony Kirven, Leon Lott. Third row: Suzanne McNair, Bobby McColl, Kathy Eubanks, Lianne Goosey, Rochoel Font, Tut Fronz, Nikki DeLoache, Ginger Gunter. Fourth row: Deno Verenes, Debra Goodson, Tom Burckhalter, Ken Adair, Lyonne Franklin, Cindy Holliday, Chris Coffey, Pom Elliot, Sondra Heath. Fifth row: Vickie Knowles, Sherri Hall, Beth Day, Catherine Deans, Rusty Finley, Abbie Gardner, Louise Horton, Sarah Holley, Jayne Peterman. Sixth row: Mary George, Nancy Harvey, Susan Gilmon, Donnie Fincher, Billy Charlton, Mike Hudnall, Judy Padgett, Buddy Brunson, Jan Percle. First row: Paul Springer, Jeff Shafer, Roger Toylor, Jimmy Wooten, Paul Sumner, Ricky Shirley, Jimmy Roy, Mark Riles Second row: Georgette Wright, Kim Towler, Susan Snow, Becky Spencer, Sandy Snow, Lindo Warner, Martha Tumblin, Libby Wright, Becky Secrist, Karen Maxwell. Third row: Glenda Todd, Laura Verenes, Anne Sura-sky, Janet Siddell, Sue Sowilowsky, Barbara Schwortz, Becky Schilling, Kothy Treadway Fourth row: Unita Belk, Kothy Carithers, Karen Burdette, Fred Bodendorf, Debbie Baker, Ponda Al-vanos, Debra Bradhom, Frances Toole, Penny Russell. Fifth row: Douglas Burns, Rae Carleton, Sandra Childers, Marie Barker, Kothy Barker, Mike Williams, Dan Towery. Sixth row: Debra Moore, Melisso Muckenfuss, Keith Morris, Debra Morton, Charles Miller, Kathy Martin, Debby Nosh, Mode McCoy.First row: Mary Jane Dickson, Lynn Baker, Sherry Granode, Jimmy Conaway, Phil Porter, Greg Melton, Mott Miller, David Deitz. Second row: Cathy Ice, Koy Akins, Anne Brown, Carolyn Logue, Janice Herron, Pete Peters, Barry Dickson, Margaret Anne Newman, Bill Mc-Crosky. Third row: Joan Stondridge, Susan Jennings, Debra Owens, Peggy LeGrand, Ronnie Barob, Diane Moore, Jimmy Morris, Joan Merritt, Betsy Miller Fourth row: Jo Ellen Newman, Debbie Dukes, Mike Tarrant, John Plexico, David Pillinger, Poulo Dessauer, Ernest Law, Cindy Collie, Marta Butler. Fifth row: Van, Lilly, Jeremy Woodoff, Joe Price, Anne Cooney, Norman Howard, Bruce Dew, Charles Grice, Lindy Duncan, Danny Fincher. Le Cercle Francais Cory Friedmon, Jorrette Burckholter, Kes Woodward, Rob Callahan, Ricky Mathis, Jack Duncan, Skip Paukert, Charles Surosky. Second row: Kathy Lower, Kathy Brelsford, Cynthia Holley, Gail Thornton, Cathy White, Virginia Sofge, Terry Schilling, Ruth Ridgeway, Ellen Towler, Debbie Watson. Third row: Elizabeth Cooney, Bethe Douglas, Judy Thompson, Redo Scott, Mrs. Helen Butler, Advisor; Susan Springer, Goil Godlo, Cindy Windham, Kay Sanders, Susan Day Fourth row: Jone Edwards, Reushe Barrett, Carol Hoffmeier, Pat Tatum, Kathy Springer, Dennis Hayes, Dole Stone, Sandra Hedrick, Leslie Foster. Fifth row: Bonnie Corder, Virginia Dunbar, Edward Hudok, Susan Borop, Melissa Hunter, Pam Henson, Bob Warner, Tommy Horton, Jenni Henson, Patti Carroll Sixth row: Marsha Jett, Diane Godard, Pam Abbott, Cathy Chick, Buzz Scott, Jimmy Wise, Ken Weaver, Marianne Mowry.First row: Peggy Mobley, Corlene Brantley, Sandra Best, Sheri Hallman, Sue Kirk, Mary Tyler, Carol Ridenour, Karen Lewis. Second row: Ruby Hogeboom, Linda Kapi-nos, Charlotte Smith, Rosalind Seigler, Barbara Swint, Cynthia Carpenter, Marcia Herlong, Vicki Woodward. Third row: Ruth Ridgeway, Sharon Campbell, Janet Johnson, Jackie Jackson, Alexis Collos, Donna Busbee, Pat Hucka-bee, Linda Adkinson, Linda Shea. Fourth row: Marilyn Price, Carolyn Price, Clydia Lamb, Debby Nash, Sharon Owens, Diane Whitmire. Fifth row: Judy Carter, Cathy Chick, Jane Massey, Beverly Moyer, Kathy Willis, Brenda Willis, Karen Durst. Future Secretaries Club FUTURE SECRETARIES OFFICERS Carol Ridenour, President; Mary Tyler, Vice-President; Mrs. Jo Ann Price, Advisor; Carlene Brantley, Treasurer; Carolyn Johnson, Secretary. Medical Careers Club MEDICAL CAREERS OFFICERS Judy Podgett, Vice-President; Mary Tice, Secretary; Alice Shellhouse, President; Pot Satcher, Program Chairman; Miss Joyce Carter Advisor First row: Tommy Vance, James Courtney, Ken Weover, Bobby Stone. Second row: Betsy Miller, Pat Satcher, Judy Podgett, Debbie Jordon, Marsha Jett, Dee Joy Welton, Martha Tumblin, Jean Perry, Jeonnette Furr, Miss Joyce Carter, Advisor Third row: Geneva Bush, Cynthia Randall, Carolyn Logue, Alice Shellhouse, Pom Fraser, Mary Tice, Janet Elliott, Linda Barnett, Doreen Pinson, Shirley Tindall Fourth row: Dione Goddard, Ruby Hogeboom, Miriam Moler, Mary Odom, Jane Berend-sen, Wanda Parrish, Debby Nash, Laura Somers, Iris Youngblood. Fifth row: Linda Barefoot, Virginia Leophart, Lois Higingbot-tom, Deonne Oligney, Sarah Odom, Kathie Eubonks, Jenni Henson, Debbie Watson, Susan Overman, Johnelle Johnson.Pep Club First row: Miss Joyce Carter, Advisor; Jimmy Wooten, Jeff Jay, Tim Hort, Stanley Sexton, Mary Tyler, Frances Page, Ted Tewkesbury, Dovid Hagins, Phil Waddell, Gerald Robison, Doran Nixon, Buddy Brunson, Miss Charlotte Gibbs, Advisor Second row: Shelia Ellington, Ricky Perkins, Starr Magness, Virginia McNair, Katherine Deans, Debbie Moore, Pat Hill, Wren Herring, Sue Hill, Denise Sellers, Teresa Martin. Third row: Deno Verenes, Bill Zion, Joy Fields, Kathy Godwin, Barbara Schwartz, Louise Horton, Theresa Parks, Melissa Muckenfuss, Jennifer Carey, Sandy Curry, Theresa Jennings, Jon Percle, Karen Newton. Fourth row: Ken Weover, John Nilond, Lee Stribling, Cathy Armour, Betty Jo Rose, Debbie Owens, Anne Hay, Dorothy Page, Isabel Ewing, Mark Davis, Debra McClain, Kittie Morton, Vicki Heilig. Fifth row: Patricia Huckabee, Sharon Campbell, Dorothy Allen, Dee Jay Welton, Kathy Baldwin, Dianne Jennings, Carol Hoffmeier, Peggy Deans, Jan Fleetwood, Reushe Barrett, Craig Davis, Chorles Simmons. Sixth row: Carolyn Corithers, Corolyn Johnson, Laura Muckenfuss, Marsha Jett, Jone Massey, Sandra Best, Janet Johnson, Maria Gregory, Susan Borop, Susan Burgess, Kay Sanders, Carol Ridenour, Pat Pinkard. Seventh row: Mike Mixon, David Lewis, Wilson Plunkett, Deon Jolly, Phil Burckholtcr, Mike Crumplcr, Bobby McCall, Spence Allen, David Swint, David Hosang. Science Lab Assistants Seated: Robert Hershey, Donold Sudlow, Dennis Hayes, Andy Johnston, Bill Lance, John Plexico, Phil Porter Second row; Janie Huntoon, Susan Jennings, Lindy Duncan, Kathy Treadway, Gene Sand, Jane Edwards, Susan Borop, Bethe Douglas, Kathy Brelsford. Third row: Jimmy Conoway, John Winans, Don Stowe, James Goodwin, Bill Lindsay, Kes Woodward, Paul Townes. 187Hornet Staff BUSINESS MANAGER Gerald Robison EDITORIAL STAFF First row: Chuck Hilborn, Chorles Surosky, Buzz Scott. Second row: Margaret Anne Newman, Yvonne Martin, Linda Hartley Marilyn Price, Peggy Mobley Tish Charlton, Cathy Armour. Third row: Mary Jane Dickson, Esther Randall, Suson Day. Peggy LeGrand, Carolyn Price, Mary Tyler, Vicki Rinehart. Fourth row: Jo Ellen Newmon, Bonnie Corder, Cathy Chick, Sharon Dunn, Kothy Brelsford, Sandro Best.BUSINESS STAFF First row: Buddy Weeks, Gerald Robison, Business Manager; Mike Tarront. Second row: Janet Johnson, Anne Brown, Redo Scott, Susan Creed, Wando Sales. Third row: Cathy White, Kothy Longshore, Paula Wilson, Sheila Garvin, Sheri Hallman. TYPIST Linda Hortley Yvonne Martin, Peggy Mobley, Sharon Dunn work on senior layout for 1969. Cathy Armour, Tish Charlton, Mary Jane Dickson, Carolyn Price prepare to count HORNET money. Ad sellers really raked it in for 1969.Professional Sponsors of the Hornets DR. JAMES R. BARHAM Medical College of South Carolina DR. CHARLES W. McGAHEE Medical College of Virginia School of Dentistry DR. MACK BONNER Medical College of Georgia DR. WALLACE D. McNAIR Medical College of South Carolina DR. NILES R. BOROP Medical College of South Carolina DR. ALBERT B. MILES Meharry Medical College DR. WILLIAM J. BOYKIN University of Alabama School of Dentistry DR. KENNETH N. OWENS University of Colorado DR. WILLIAM S. CARR Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine DR. CLOVIS H. PIERCE Vanderbilt University DR. JAMES F. DeLOACH Medical College of South Carolina DR. JAMES E. ROUNTREE Medical College of Virginia DR. PATRICK H. SHEEHAN Loyolla University of New Orleans DR. GUY C. HEYL University of Virginia DR. JAMES E. SIMONS University of Tennessee School of Dentistry DR. F. A. KENNEDY Jefferson Medical College DR. ROBERT E. TALBERT Emory University School of Dentistry DR. THOMAS J. LATTIMORE Medical College of Georgia DR. JOHN W. TUCKER University of Alabama and Georgetown School of Dentistry DR. ROBERT 0. LI PE Duke Medical School DR. WILLIAM A. WEBB Medical College of Virginia School of Dentistry LYEBRAND, RICH, CAIN, LAW FIRM Mr. Dorsey Lybrand, Mr. Arthur Rich, Mr. Marshall Coin DR. H. DIBBS WYMAN Medical College of South CarolinaJ- Junior Follies ’68193GIRL OF THE MONTH REPRESENTATIVES Seated: Sheri Hallman, Barbie Winter, Minnie Key, Margaret Newman. Standing: Janet Johnson, Sherri Grenade, Kathy Brelsford, Terry Schilling, Pot Pinkard. KING TEEN MISS D.A.R. AMONG TOP TEN Ken Weaver Redo Scott AMERICAN BANDMASTERS Mr. William T. Slaughter ALL-STATE CHORUS MEMBERS Johnny Price, Cynthia Holley ALL STATE BAND MEMBERS David Nelson, Steve Morris, Louro Somers, Micky Teague, Kay Twombly, Norman Howard, Ellen Towler, Jimmy Ray, David Kitchings. NATIONAL MERIT SEMI-FINALISTS Borry Dickson, David Jennings, Chorles Surasky, Mike Thornton, Skip Paukert, Elizabeth Cooney, Jack Duncan, Robert Lewis, Kes Woodward, Tarleton Morgan. AIKEN HIGH'S DRUM MAJOR James Courtney NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY SCHOLARSHIP SEMI-FINALISTS Tarleton Morgan, Kes Woodward, Mike Thornton. SCHOLASTIC ART AWARD WINNER Linda Prior STUDENT ROTARIANS Ken Weaver, Rick Perkins, Skip Paukert, Kes Woodward, Bob Buchanan, Phil Burckhalter, Chuck Marsh, Wren Toole.PILOT CLUB REPRESENTATIVES Front: Virginio Sofge, Julie Truitt, Redo Scott. Back: Morio Gregory, Sandro Best, Cathey Armour, Tish Charlton. MISS JUNIOR MISS Suzanne Stephens TALENT CONTEST WINNERS .., . Fronces Toole, Nita Belk ATHLETIC BANQUET AWARDS Lee Stribling, Rick Perkins, Coach Socha, Phil Burkhalter, David Lewis. DIRECTOR OF CLASS PRODUCTIONS Miss Joyce Carter, Senior Ploy; Mr. Buck Asbill ond Mrs. Charlene Joyner, Junior Follies. DRIVER ED AUTOMOBILE PRESENTATION Mr. John Socha, Mr. Bill Burgess, and Mr. Willis pose beside the 1969 Plymouth to be used in Driver Ed.FRENCH CLUB PRESENTATION Mrs. Hutto receives a portrait of Mr. Willis from to be hung in the library. Mr. Willis watches the presentation. UNITED FUND CAMPAIGN AWARD Mr. Hormon Burbury presents Mr. Williams with the United Fund Award Plaque for excellence. HORSEMASTERS SHOW WINNERS Debra James, Kevin Deily, Donna Baxter, Paul Jones, Karen Felder. AIKEN HIGH'S FAITHFUL CUSTODIANS MISS TEEN TOWN Lisa HallmanWEEKS FARM AND GARDEN SUPPLY Feed and Seed for Every Need Complete Line of Lown ond Garden Supplies Phone 649-9683 Aiken, S. C. GILERA KAWASAKI BENELLI PARELLA AIKEN MOTORCYCLE SALES AND SERVICE 1057 Whiskey Road Aiken, S. C. Owners GARY P. HUNTER GRAY R. HUNTER MARVIN TUMBLIN 198Serving the Aiken Area Since 1874 AIKEN BEVERAGE CO. Supplies the 10-2-4 Drink DR. PEPPER 254 Williamsburg Street BEAM'S TEXACO AND TIRE SERVICE Bear Alignment and Wheel Balancing YOUR B F. GOODRICH DEALER Mitchell Shopping Center 199OFFICE FURNITURE BOOKS STATIONERY OFFICE SUPPLIES 106 Park Avenue, S.W., Aiken, S. C. PHONE 648-8339 OFFICE MACHINES ARTIST SUPPLIES GREETING CARDS SCHOOL SUPPLIES ‘-Distinctive o ppazeC The Store With the Gold Awning JUNIOR AND JUNIOR PETITE • DRESSES • SPORTSWEAR JOHNSON AUTO PARTS 337 Hayne Avenue, S.W. Aiken, S. C. JACK'S PAINT AND WALL COVERING FEATURING BENJAMIN MOORE PAINTS Office Residence 200 Pork Ave. JACK CAMPBELL Aiken, S. C. 649-6233 648-1949 200YOUR HANDS HOLD tuf fiitiidf South Carolina has given you a priceless heritage. Stand Tall for her; the future is in your hands. Owned By Those They Serve AIKEN ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE, INC. Congratulations Class of '69 From SNO-CAP DRIVE-IN 520 York Street Aiken, S. C. AIKEN DRUG CO. Prescription Druggists COSMETICS — DRUGS — GIFTS Phone 649-6286 Aiken, S. C. GENERAL ELECTRIC FEDDERS GEORGE ELECTRIC CO. 220 Park Avenue, S.E. Aiken, S. C. APPLIANCE SALES AND SERVICE 649-4541 KITCHEN AID ZENITH 201Cold and Crisp...Never too sweet things go better,! with Coke BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY AIKEN COCA COLA BOTTLING COMPANY THE ENTIRE STAFF OF THE 1969 HORNET IS APPRECIATIVE OF THE COOPERATION AND ENCOURAGEMENT GIVEN US BY OUR ADVERTISERS. WITHOUT THEM THIS BOOK COULD NOT HAVE BEEN PRINTED, SO SUPPORT THEM-THEY SUPPORT HORNETS 202MUTUAL A FINANCE A MUTUAL FIXAXCE dr THRIFT CORPORATIOX OF AIK EX 222 PARK AVENUE. S. W. AIKEN. SOUTH CAROLINA 29801 ERVIN RAY SMITH. MANAGER TELEPHONE .649-7244 NATIONAL KAOLIN PRODUCTS CO. Columbia Road Aiken, S. C. COME SEE US . . . YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU DID! MID WAY MOBILE HOMES, INC. 3540 Rugusta Rood Phone 649-7551 203HUTSON-ETHERREDGE AGENCY All Types of Real Estate 129 Park Avenue 649-7283 HOLMES JEWELERS Certified Gemologist Registered Jeweler, American Gem Society 151 Laurens St., S.W. Phone 649-6781 THE HOME OF SOUTHERN SERVICE 3)tm |Jonttac rOMTlkC (3)nc. PONTIAC 1014 Park Ave., S.E. Aiken Aiken Phone Augusta Phone 648-8306 722-2025 204graniteville company MAKERS OF COTTON SINCE 1845 GRANITEVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA AND AUGUSTA, GEORGIA Groniteville Company is the oldest Southern cotton mill operating under its original charter; and Graniteville, South Carolina was one of the first communities in the notion to enforce compulsory school attendance. In addition, it was the first in the South and one of the first in the nation to provide free textbooks for school children. The textile industry provides employment for more people and pays more dollars in salaries and wages than any other industry in South Carolina. YOUR FUTURE MIGHT BE WOVEN IN TEXTILES Graniteville, Warrenville, Vaucluse, South Carolina and Augusta, Georgia 205MARVIN PETE” CADDELL Your South Carolina Representative for STAR ENGRAVING COMPANY • Rings • Diplomas • Medals • Invitations • Diploma Covers • Awards OSTWALD, INC. Band Uniforms Blazers C. E. WARD CO. Caps and Gowns Choir Robes Lexington, S. C. Compliments of SOUTHERN MORTGAGE COMPANY 136 Laurens Street Aiken, South Carolina 648-3412 THEO'S PAINT BODY SHOP WE WELCOME FOREIGN CARS Theo Raborn Owner 1003-1005 Whiskey Rd. Aiken, S. C. CARRIER YOUR DEALER COMFOR 1 EDWARD M. BROWN CO. PARK AVE. EXT. 206PIGGLY WIGGLY • Quality Groceries • Reasonable Prices • Greenbox Stamps New Ellenton, South Carolina The Store For All Men FRANK'S MEN'S SHOP 106 Laurens Street The Forward Look in Men's Fashions If You Care Enough to Send Flowers— COOPER AND GOODYEAR TIRES Send the Best GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES THE FLOWER SHOP GRIFFIN TIRE SERVICE 649-7991 126 Park Ave., S.E. Aiken, S.C. Recapping — Batteries — Accessories 648-1331 126 Lauren St., N.W. Aiken, S.C. Should you be an ENGINEER? Every year more and more young men and women graduate from South Carolina high schools. It is an event which poses this important question: What is the next step after graduation? If you are searching tor the right career, and have an inquiring mind, an interest in math and want a satisfying life, a rewarding career in engineering can be yours. The time to start is now! Talk to your parents and school counselor today. SOUTH CAROLINA ELECTRIC GAS CO. 207WHERE PEOPLE WHO DO GOOD WORK WORK FOR PEOPLE WHO APPRECIATE GOOD WORK OVV liXS-CORXINU Fiberglas AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINAAIKEN INSURANCE AGENCY J Representing THE TRAVELERS Aiken First Federal Building BARSH ELECTRIC SERVICE Automotive Starter, Generator, Voltage Regulator, and Electric Motor Repairing 412 Hayne Ave., S.W. Phone 649-9531 Aiken, S. C. PET DAIRY PRODUCTS Wagener Road Phone 649-2558 Compliments of ALEXANDER OIL CO. Main Street New Ellenton, S. C. CULLER'S HALF ACRE 3611 Augusta Road Aiken, S. C. DURBAN-LAIRD, INC. INSURANCE-REAL ESTATE Phone 649-2561 Aiken, S. C. Congratulations Class '69 209 Compliments of SMITH'S DRUG STORE 652-2721 Main Street New Ellenton, S. C. FARMALL TRACTORS NEILSON IMPLEMENT CO. Phone 649-2518 U ko n LAUNDRY CLEANERS 812 Pendleton Street, S.W Aiken SINGER SEWING CENTER What's New For Tomorrow Is At Singer Today 10 Mitchell Shopping Center 210Kolmio Plaza ELLIOTT OFFICE SUPPLY “Everything for the Office 115 Laurens and Kalmia Plaza Shopping Center Aiken Dyches Gilding Supply Co. Hardware • Plywood • Roofing Wallboard • Bricks • Lumber “We Deliver Promptly 649-4131 Eg»Cp DAILEY OIL CO. 230 Marlboro Phone 649-7181 Aiken, S. C. PARK AVENUE SHELL SERVICENTER Shell! W 'W Your Complete Service Center 123 Park Ave., S W. 649-9263 CHARLOTTE'S LADIES APPAREL 110 Laurens Aiken, S. C. Aikens Finest in Ladies Fashions TASTY PASTRY 110 Whiskey Road 211Corsages — A Specialty of •Jr PATIO FLORIST lp$ 1042 Whiskey Road Aiken 649-9651 649-2911 WIGS • PERMANENTS {laz’ eMail aifiioni. MITCHELL. SHOPPING CENTER Phone: 648-3118 JEAN EMENEKER SUSAN MEADOWS Owner Operator Operator RESIDENTIAL — COMMERCIAL SURANCE — MORTGAGE BROKER CRUMPLER REALTY 101 Mitchell Shopping Center Business 648-8324 Residence 648-5624 RED'S STATION TIRES • BATTERIES • TUNE UPS Wheel Balancing New Ellenton, S. C. COWARD - CORLEY The Garden Center Seed - Feed - Fertilizer - Insecticides - Farm and Garden Supplies 914 Park Ave., S.E. Aiken, S. C. PHOTOCRAFT CAMERA SHOP We honor C S and BankAmeriCard 141 Laurens Street 649-4941 Aiken 212CINEMA THEATRE DOWNTOWN AIKEN CITY BILLIARDS 649-6257 308 Richland Ave. FOX DRIVE-IN THEATRE Aiken Whiskey Rood 649-6963 A. R. Edwards A. J. Rondall NEW GIANT SCREEN VIRGINIA ACRES LAUNDROMAT Coin Operated • Washers FLORENCE LAIRD AGENCY • Dryers LAIRD — Aiken's Oldest Name • Hair Dryers In Real Estate • 9x 12 Shag Rug Cleaners Self Service Dry Cleaning 1054 Whiskey Road 217 Park Ave. 648-8304 Compliments of CASUAL HUT The Finest in Foshions 1 19 Laurens Aiken, S. C. 648-5009 O. L. BECK SONS WELL DRILLING WELL DRILLING PUMP SERVICE Aiken, S. C. Calvin L. Beck J Olin Beck 648-1989 649-7373 213 THOMAS CHESTERFIELD COURT CLEANING LAUNDRY Hairstyling • Cosmetics HARPER METHOD 649-2781 Aiken, S. C. 123 Laurens Street Aiken, S. C. 124 Chesterfield Street 649-4441 A W ROOT BEER BATH PURE OIL • Papa Burgers • Mama Burgers (pure) • Teen Burgers • Baby Burgers 727 Richland Ave., E. Highway 1 Bath, S. C. TASTEE FREEZ HYDRICK'S APPLIANCES Whiskey Road, S. 325 Hayne Ave. Just Call . . . FULMER'S SUPERMARKET EL' NORS 303 Charleston St. FLORIST AND GIFTS For the Best Ardent HORNET Supporters Richland Ave. 2M AIKEN BUILDERS SUPPLY Building Supplies for All Your Needs 156 Williamsburg, N.E. Try Us First For Supplies BUCHANAN HOME AND AUTO SUPPLIES 329 Laurens Street Compliments AIKEN AUTO PARTS Pendleton Street Aiken, S. C. HILL TOP SHELL 3607 Augusta Road Next to Culler's Half Acre 649-9359 NOW, NOW, YOU WEREN'T THE ONLY ONE WHO GOT STALE COOKIES TODAY. 215AIKEN THRIFT-I-MATIC ALVANOS CAR WASH We Feed the Hornets Automatic Car Wash $1.00 Wax .25 A Place to Clean-up 326 S. Whiskey Road Laurens Street Aiken, S. C. For The Realtor's Answer To The $64,000 Question PHONE C48-SGS9 Dial 64 W-Y-M-A-N WYMAN Lamb’s Gulf Service lOI WHISKEY ROAD. SOUTH REALTY COMPANY 141 Chesterfield S. Aiken, S.C. AIKEN. S C THE CREST CAROUSEL Mats - Framing Dresses - Gifts The Crest Travel Agency Aiken, South Carolina Compliments of GEORGE FUNERAL HOME 216EULALIE SALLEY CO. Realtors — Insurers Phone 649-6571 111 Park Ave., S.W. DR. C. C. JOHNSON'S pharmacy Free Delivery Aiken, South Carolina 217SATCHER'S FORD PLANTATION 3510 Augusta Road Aiken, S. C. Phone 648-1310 PALMETTO FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF AIKEN Where Thousands Save Millions A Citadel of Security at Civic Center 107 Chesterfield Street S. Aiken, South Carolina 2)8MR. At UIK GEORGE'S SOC STATION QUIK-BURGER 3721 Augusta Road Aiken, S. C. Home of the Quickburger J. W. BYRNE, MANAGER INCORPORATED MKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA 29801 ENROLL NOW AIKEN BUSINESS SCHOOL • IBM Keypunch • Medical Assistant • Nurses Aides • PBX Receptionist • Cashiers — Checkers • Secretarial • ABC Shorthand • Typing I and II • Dictaphone Student Loans Available No Age Limit. Day or Evening Classes. Air Conditioned Classes. 525 Richland Ave., Aiken, S. C. 219Y O U N G S MOBILE H O M E S Hwy. 1 Compliments of EDWARD'S Mitchell Shopping Center OWENS GULF SERVICE New Ellenton, S. C. 652-2394 Y O USED NEW G S CARS Richland Ave. Extension Aiken AIKEN L U M B E R COMPANY 649-4146 Park Ave. WHITTLE BROS. INC. MERCURY COMET 812 Richland Ave. Aiken Behind the Scenes' WALTER P L U N K E T T FUEL OIL USED FURNITURESOUTHEASTERN TOOL CO., INC. Hwy. 215 Aiken, S. C. J W CAFETERIA AND COFFEE SHOP 117 Newberry St. GOOD FOOD BRINK'S IN NEW ELLENTON, S. C. MONTGOMERY-CRAWFORD ELECTRIC SUPPLIES BRUNING PAINTS 201 Old Airport Road 649-4144 ELLINGTON BUICK INC. BUjgK 419 PARK AVE., S.W. 648-3271CENTRAL HEATING CO., INC ESTIMATES SCN BANK Finance Up To 5 Years —We Specialize In Comfort— VISIT OUR SHOWROOM Richland Ave. Ext. Phone: 648-5376 LENNOX 24 Hour Service Radio Dispatched • Insulation Sales, Service • Air Conditioning • Oil, Gas, Electric We Take A Personal Interest In Your Car. ROBERT'S GULF SERVICE 350 Park Ave. 648-8461 May I Introduce HORTON S JANITORIAL SERVICE Phone 648-8034 Rte. 2, Box 452 Free Estimates Aiken, S. C. MADDOX SUPER MARKET MAIN STREET NEW ELLENTON, S. C. SUPPORT YOUR ADVERTISERSAndy Johnston did it.... So can you. Andy learned to fly at Eagle Aviation. In the process, he got the best possible instruction. From highly qualified, professional pilots, in brand new airplanes. Andy, like every Eagle student, was taught at his own pace. Away from congested airspace. And how much does it cost? You can learn to fly at Eagle for as little as $39.34 a month. Come learn the thrill, the challenge, the unmatched freedom of soaring above the earth, while things crawl below you. Come Fly With the Eagle! Andy did it. So can you! (Just ask him) |v»C. Aiken Municipal Airport Flight lnstruction--Charter-Air Freight Let Us Save Your Sole THE J. W. ASHURST At AGENCY, INC. LEVERETTE SHOE 157 LAURENS SERVICE J. W. Ashurst 649-2916 649-6259 222 Hayne Ave., S.W. Your Independent Insurance Agent BUTLER'S 66 ROAD SERVICE MECHANIC ON DUTY Augusto Highway Across From Clearwater Finishing Plant 593-9162 223Shop Phone 649-2556 Phone 224-5637 RX-VIM DRUGS 649-4115 Aiken, S. C. TIMMERMAN MOTOR CO. 1103 Richlond Avenue East AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA 29801 Sales Service What We Sell JOHNSON - TYLER Open 6 A.M. to 12 M. m 125 Richland Ave., W. GROCERIES — MEATS BIRDSEY'S Groceries Meats Produce Feeds 139 Newberry St. S. W. THE SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CO. Super Kem-tone® Kem Glo® THE EASY WAY TO LOVELY ROOMS Wall Paper — Art Supplies 100 Mitchell Shopping Center Aiken, S. C. 648-1176 Need Real Estate? See WARNEKE CLEANERS LYON - CROFT - WEEKS 113 Newberry Street Aiken, South Carolina 224 220 Richland Ave. Aiken, S. C.THE FARMERS AND MERCHANTS BANK Aiken Groniteville . North Augusta Clearwater South Aiken Since 1906 YOUR HOME OWNED BANK 63 Years of Service AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA Member F.D.I.C. BROWDER MARINE SALES BOATS — MOTORS — TRAILERS Main St. New Ellenton 652-2270 MIDLAND VALLEY COUNTRY CLUB Augusta Hwy. Aiken, S. C. 225STEPHENSON FINANCE AUTOMOBILE AND CONSUMER FINANCING 303 Richland Ave., E. Aiken, S. C. Phone Ml 9-2155 BRADLEY PLUMBING HEATING CO. Plumbing — Heating — Air Conditioning Walter J. Bradley, Owner 127 Williamsburg St., S.E. Aiken, South Carolina Perpetual Care For Those Who Care AIKEN MEMORIAL PARK Highway 19, North — Phone 649-2225 Aiken, South Carolina Lenwood Cushman HELP INCORPORATED Specializing In Janitorial Service 825 Brandy Road Phones 648-5725, 648-8521 Aiken, S. C. JACKSON TRANSFER AND STORAGE AGENT NORTH AMERICAN VAN LINES 102 Marlboro 226PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER K A L M I A Cedar Development, Inc., Developers P. O. Box Aiken, South Carolina 29801 C. L. COUCH SUPERETTE Couchton Hwy. 215 COMMERCIAL HOTEL COFFEE SHOP and PINE ROOM PATIO 8. POOL BOYKIN ANTIQUES 963 Jefferson Davis Highway P and R ELECTRIC Electrical Contracting Electric Motors Repaired 648-3253 Aiken, S. C. AIKEN SPORTING GOODS 120 Laurens Street Behind You All The Way Walt M. Burckhalter Gifts Hobby Supplies 227TEEN TOWN COUNCIL Virginia Heath AUTO SUPPLY BEST WISHES AND APPLIANCE CO. WILMAC, INC. Westinghouse — Magnavox 225 Barnwell Street Aiken, S. C. Kitchen Aid 129 Newberry St. Aiken, S. C. Compliments of the KIMBERLY CLARK CORPORATION Beech Island, S. C. 228LOMINICK PHARMACY Across from Hospital 839 Richland, W. 648-8328 ALLEN'S NEW USED CARS 757 Hampton Ave., N.W. — 649-7878 PAINT AND BODY SHOP 657 York St., N.W. — 648-1316 Gary Allen, Prop. Cleo Allen, Manager Gary Allen, Jr., Salesman Carol E. Allen, Secretary Night 649-7070 Aiken, South Carolina TOMMIE MATHIS WHOLESALE CANDIES “I Sweeten The Hornet Canteen Fabrics Notions Trims Ordering Service For Drapery JACKIE'S FABRICS Upholstering and Clothing Fabric 1104 Whiskey Rd. 648-8325 DUNLOP Tom Hallman, Owner HALLMAN TIRE RECAPPING 530 Rutland Dr., N.E. Phone 649-7077 Aiken, S. C. 29801 A World Organization RICHLAND AVENUE AMERICAN Congratulations, '69 Seniors 1335 Richland Ave. Aiken, S. C. 229LES INGENUES 649-6944 KIRBY CARPET JAMES E. STEWART AND BUILDING CONTRACTOR DRAPERY SHOP, INC. Quality Homes 649-7605 Hwy. 1 Aiken, S. C. Complete Truck Repairs AIKEN TRUCK AND EQUIPMENT CO. 866 York St. 649-2317 PIZZA HOUSE Open 7 Days A Week Kalmia Plaza Quick Dining and Take Out Service 11 a.m. - 11 p.m. Weekday 648-8890 JACKSON KAR-KARE INC. Otis Jackson, Jr., Owner WHOLESALE RECAPPERS RETAIL MOTOROLA T.V. SPEED EQUIPMENT 417 Hayne Avenue, S.W. Aiken, S. C. 230BEST WISHES CLASS OF '69 WAKN AM 990 KC FM 99.3 MC AIKEN, S. C. iken j tandard and JRrimfoCLEARWATER FINISHING PLANT CLEARWATER, S. C. A DIVISION OF UNITED MERCHANTS AND MANUFACTURERS, INC. 232Campaign ’69 Not pictured: our new Secretory, Cothy Sargent. A campaigner. Vice President Ted Tewkesbury. Treasurer Toni (the Tiger) Lewis.. . . parting 234shots . . . 235The Staff of the 1969 HORNET has strived to produce something more than a capsule review of this year at Aiken High. We hope that these words and pictures convey to you something of the panorama of events, people, and spirit that comprised the Best of All Times In 69. The Staff wishes to thank our principal, Mr. J. O. Willis, and our advisor. Miss Mary Lou Barlow, for the cooperation and guidance that they readily provided when it was needed. An unvascillatory dedication is evident in every faculty member at Aiken High, and the feeling of pride and accomplishment that is shared at the end of each year would not exist but for the mutual respect between the students and the faculty. As you turn through the pages of this volume and see the Aiken High School seol, may you be reminded of the responsibility that is yours. To the underclassmen, moy it serve as a challenge. To the graduating Seniors may the seal remind you that you have the responsibility to live up to the standards of character that have guided you through these three meaningful years. — Skip Paukert, Editor 236

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