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hoRnet • Aiken high schooL Aiken, south carolinA 1965 voLume 16tABle ofcontents fORGWORp 4 ye. R of Activity 5 AOministRAtion 25 senioRs 37 BCAUtieS 75 spoRts 85 ORQAPIZAtlOnS 113 junioRs 149 fReshmen 159 sen ior OiRectORy 169 APveRtisements 179fORCWORd Today specialists are exploring many worlds-some within, some on, and some far outside our planet. Oceanographers and marine biologists explore the depths of the ocean; space technicians and astronomers probe the heovens; medical specialists and researchers study man’s body; psychiatrists and psychologists analyze man’s inner world of action and reaction; physicists study the tiniest of all worlds-the atom. It has been the purpose of the 1965 HORNET staff to study ond present our own world-Aiken High. Many thonks to the staff, Miss Barlow, and Mr. Willis for helping build the world of the ”65” HORNET. There are many kinds of people in AHS, ond each has his own memories ond reactions. To the freshman this is a new, bewildering, sometimes frightening world. The junior is more confident; he knows he must plan a ploy, Homecoming, ond Junior-Senior. Somewhere between the first day of school and graduation the Senior sees his world as gloomy. The world outside is inviting but the road there seems Impossibly long ond steep. "If I ever get out of here, I’ll never even think of this ploce.” But he will. Even those with the least "rah-rah” spirit will remember. And graduation will bring o flood of memories and an indescribable final feeling. He, like everyone else, will have a world of memories —Cheryl White, Editorvcar of activity 5naids Sl(V 3AVl|French Lob at work. No Comment!8“Yes, Sandy, I soid we’ll write now—A TEST!" Bull session in progress.We Do Things. 10The Long Foce—"Maybe someday I'll get lunch." The Long Way—"How in tarnation did you get in there?" The Long Pole—"Your keys are where. Tub?"Test time.umt Mfntm ¥ H 1 I ' : loveI b¥ I Pi ;EP ewrcmi % EINED TO LOVE . nODERN LOVtl GRAND PASSION s Unusual—but true. "There's no one In there."Hurrah, Seniors! Beat those Juniors! Hurrah, Elliot! Beat those chi I lun! Hurrah, Dale! Beat those guitar strings!He goes Ape! No-run fashions!The Dog! A Dog. Bull Dog? The Jerk!We ployed. We go to press—and here is the 1965 HORNET before you. n Campaign time. Full of sound and fury—signifying nothing.Ernie flatters all the girls ...wake up Stewart and sing ... Waltzing Matilda ... junioR foLLies the juniors form the "Back Porch Majority" ... and they wouldn’t let Pom sing about that little house in New Orleans ... "Night Train ..."close your mouth Ronnie, or you’ll catch o fly ... and the Seniors win again ... intRAmuRAl the Senior Class "Ballet” ... 22Here comes the leaders of the pock ... BAsketBAll 1,2,3 oil together now ... juniors top the Seniors. Only in the girls game. those fighting Seniors ...First Place in Woodworking Dan Busbee Declamation and Oral Interpretation Contest Winners Marianne Towler and Jay Elliott Miss Junior Miss Carol Kuntze First Place, Dramatic Division, CSRA Spotlight on Youth Faye Bright Second Place in CSRA Science Fair Tommy VernonuouvaasiuiiuQV S3Mr. Robert Buchonan, Mr. Don Kennedy, Mr. Chorles Marvin, Chairman, Mr. Arthur Croll, Mr. Geddings Willing. Aiken Attendance ARCA BOARd arca supeRintendent MR. ABRAM J. RUTLAND B.S. Newberry College M. Ed. University of South Carolino One of my favorite sports. 26As you students enter the doors of Aiken High, you immediately become conscious of the fact that here is ‘‘a world within a world.” It is a miniature world in which each student strives to find his place. In this world you are a small part of a big wheel, but the wheel exists for the parts. Outside these school walls, an ever-changing world of conflict awaits. Your generation is entering a world that will offer you a challenge which only hard work and on honest effort can conquer. You may look back with pride at your ambitions and achievements in Aiken High, for you have certainly made your ’65 slogan a reality better than ever. As this school year comes to a close, you must now look to the future. A future that presents the challenge of what the world has to offer you, or whot you have to offer the world. JAMES 0. WILLIS mR. jAmes o. willis, pRincipal A.B. University of Sooth Carolina M.A. University of South Carolina Anyone for a snowball fight? My favorite postime ... travel. 27MR. JOHN B. EUBANKS B.S. Clemson College School Treasurer, Mathematics MISS NORMA GUNTER B.S. Winthrop College M. Ed. University of South Carolina Counselor MRS. J.C. McNEIL Lincoln Memorial University Secretary to Principal MR. JOHN SAUNDERS B.S. Western Carolina College Assistant Principal MR. NORMAN E. WOODWARD B.S. Clemson College M.A. Appalachian State Teachers College Guidance DirectorMR. CLARENCE E. ASBILL A.B. Mercer University English III MISS MARY LOU BARLOW A.B. Coker College M.A. Appalachian State Teachers College Biology, Psychology MRS. ROSALYN W. BARTON A.B. Lander College Algebra I, Geometry MRS. FRANCES M. BEACH B.S. Winthrop College Home Economics, Physical Education MRS. MARGARET C. BOBO A.B. Newberry College M.A. Appalachian State Teachers College English IVMRS. JUANITA B. BRAUN A.B. Erskine College English IV MR. EDWIN C. BUICE B.S. Berry College Mechanical Drawing, Basic Electricity MRS. HELEN P. BUTLER A.B. Erskine College M.A. Emory University French I, III, IV MR. DOUGLAS C. CLAMP B.S. Clemson College Biology MRS. LILLIAN S. CARR A.B. Wilmington College M.A. Miami University English III, German MISS MARGARET E. CATO B.S. Winthrop College M.A. University of Tennessee Distributive Education, Office Practice, Business Law, Typing MR. CARROLL L.COURTNEY A.B. Wofford College Algebra II, Business Math MRS. BARBARA JEAN S. CUDE A.B. University of South Carolina Assistant LibrarianMR. JAMES A. DAWSEY B.S. University of South Corolina Physical Education, Coach MR. EARL L. DUNCAN B.S. University of Southern Mississippi U.S. Government, U.S. History MR. JAMES C. FRASER B.S. Newberry College Head Coach, Physical Education MISS JOHANNA V. GIBBS A.B. University of South Carolina Physical Education, Girls' Coach MRS. VIRGINIA W. ELKIN A.B. Winthrop College World Geography, English IV, Business English MR. ALVIN H. HAWKINS B.S. Clemson College Vocational Agriculture MRS. MARY D. HILBORN B.A. Centre College Biology MRS. JESSIE LEE W. HUTTO B.A. Furman University LibrarianMR. LELAND A. JACKSON A.B. Wofford College Algebra II MR. VAINO 0. JOHNSON B.S. Coast Guard Academy M.S. University of Southern Mississippi English III MRS. JEAN A. KLING B.A. Columbia College English II MRS. TILLY H. LILES B.S. University of South Carolina Chemistry MR. WILLIAM J. LOWRIMORE B.S. Newberry College Physical Education, Coach MISS RUTH S. MAXWELL B.A. Furman University French IMRS. ELIZABETH H. NUZUM A.B. Fairmont State Teachers College M.A. West Virginia University Algebra II, Trigonometry MRS. BETTY T. OWEN A.B. Coker College Advanced Mathematics, Trigonometry MISS EDITH C. PARKE B.S. Kansas State University American History, World History MRS. JO ANN B. PRICE B.A. Limestone College Shorthand I, II MISS JO ANN B. PADGET A.B. Newberry College Typing I, II MRS. BETTY B. REYNER B.A. University of South Carolina French II MRS. BARBARA H. RICHARDSON B.S. Newberry College English II, III MRS. BLANCHE K. RUTLAND B.A. Columbia College Civilization, American HistoryMRS. NAOMI H. SATTERFIELD B.S. Winthrop College Home Economics, Family Living MR. WILLIAM T. SLAUGHTER B. Mus. Ed. Westchester State Teachers College M. Mus. Ed. Florida State University Band Director MRS. MARY E. STOCKS B.S. East Carolina College Business Arithmetic, General Mathematics, Typing MRS. JANIE P. STILLING A.B. University of South Carolina English II, III MR. EVERETT T. SUMMERALL A.B. University of South Carolina Chorus MR. JACK D. THOMPSON B.S. Concord College Biology, Economics MR. LEONEL R. TOLLERSON B.S. Berry College Industrial Arts, Woodwork, Welding, Diversified OccupationsMRS. VIVIAN S. VERENES A.B. Limestone College English II MRS. EDITH T. WALLENBURG B.A. Wesleyan College Geometry, Business Math MRS. JUDY W. WHITE A.B. Winthrop College Area Dietician MR. PHILIP R. WAYBRIGHT A.B. Asbury College Chemistry MRS. MARY E. WILLIAMS University of South Carolina Cafeteria Manager MRS. VIRGINIA W. WINTER B.S. Beaver College U.S. History MR. MOTTE J. YARBROUGH A.B. Wofford College World HistoryWednesday afternoon faculty meeting. "Now those Democrats ..." Junior play directors. "This is the way it goes ... " The cook and the banquet "No I never get Angry just mad." 'Yeah I’m a Junior!senioRsCharles Tope, President seniop class Tim Coffey, Vice-President 38 Gwynn Willis, Treasurer Diane Hanna, SecretaryJAMES WILLIAM ADAIR LARRY WEBB ADAMS ALAN WAYNE ALEXANDER HENRY GARY ANDERSON, III DONNA MARIA ARRANTS WILLIAM FORREST ASHMORE MURL ELVIN AUGUSTINE NANCY MARIE BALLARD LELIA JAYNE BARTON LARRY VETRON BAUGHMAN JAMES EDWIN BAXTER JAMES FENNELL BEASLEYJAMES LARRY BECK JAMES LOUIS BEHAN, JR. HENRY GARY BERRY, JR. ALBERT LEVERN BLACKMON HARRY SPRINGFIELD BLACKWELL.JR. STEVEN CRAIG BLOSS CHARLES LEVERNE BLYSTONE JAMES ROBERT BOATRIGHT LARSON DEAN BOATWRIGHT WALLACE EUGENE BOATWRIGHT Best All Around: Betts Hunter and David Meadow 40WILLIAM MARVIN BOGGS GARY ALAN BOLAND SUSAN GRAHAM BOND JANICE KAY BOONE SARA CATHERINE BOROP KAREN JOY BORUP ROBERT EARL BOWEN CAROLYN ANN BOWERY MARY ELISSA BOWMAN DAVID CARLTON BRADBERRY JAMES LEWIS BRANTLEY LINDA DIANNE BRANTLEYREGINALD PAYTON BRAY MARY JUDY BREWER FRANCIS MARION BRITTON WILLYS HOWARD BROTHERTON,JR. GERALD EDWARD BROWN, JR. JAMES RUSSELL BROWN, JR. DONNA GAYLE BUCHANAN BARBARA JEAN BUNN OLIVIA DIANE BURCKHALTER WAYNE LEE BURDETTE JUDITH DIANE BURGESS SANDRA KAYE BURLESON DANTZLER ALVIN BUSBEE DIANE ELOISE CALLAS FLOYD RICHARD CALLOWAY JAMES EDWARD CALLOWAY, JR. JAMES JOHNSON CAMPBELL JOHN VANCE CANADYCHRISTOPHER ARNOLD CHELTON LOUIS THEADORE CHEWNING DENNIS BRION CHRISTINE, JR. ANDREA DEVONNE CLARKE DAVID MICHAEL CLINE WILLARD ERNEST COMPTON WILLIAM TIMOTHY COFFEY DOUGLAS HAMPTON COLLINS, JR. GERALD WAYNE COOK DIANNE LEE COOL Most Attractive: Claudia Johnson and Sammy Timms 44SUSAN FRANCES CORLEY LAVERNE MAY COTE CAROL LYNN COWAN EFFIE LOUISE COX ANNA LEE CRANFORD SYLVIE DAVID CRAWFORD LINDA ANNE CREED DONNA JEAN CRENSHAW WILLIAM CURRY CUNNINGHAM, JR LINDA JEAN CURRY BILLY FRANKLIN CUSHMAN VIRGINIA LIND CUSHMAN NANCY HUGHES DAVISPAWNEE ELISE DELOACH MARGARET ANNE DENNIS SANDRA VERITA DEWITT CARL FREDRIC DIETZ, II JANE PATRICIA DRIGGERS WILLIAM STEVENSON DRIVER WALLACE McNAIR DUNBAR ROSA PALMER DURBAN MARY KATHLEEN ECKHARDT THOMAS GEORGE ECKLES DALE DIANNE EDWARDS RICHARD DEAN ELLINGTONDAVID EDWARD ENGLISH MARTHA ELIZABETH ERGLE DEBORAH ANN ETTER EDWIN BURMA EUBANKS TED EVERETT EUBANKS KITTIE GAYLE EVANSJOANNE MONROE FISHER CARLTON GARY FLEETWOOD MARSHA CAROLENE FLEISCHMAN SHERRILDEAN FLEMING JAMES ROBERT FORSTNER EDWARD ALVIN FOWLERBARBARA ANN GALLOWAY WILLIAM RONALD GAMBILL ROBERT LEE GAMBLE LARRY EDWARD GAY PHILLIP EBERT GEE, JR. GLENN GRANT GENTRY DORIS FAYE GOODIN RESEL ANN GOSNELL DAVID ARCHIE GRAHAM SANDRA LEE GILMER JOEL MATTERSON GOLDEN DAVID WILLIAM GOLDING JULIA ELIZABETH GOMILLIONMARY HELEN GREEN RICHARD ALLEN GREEN ALVIN DOWNES GREER WILLIAM DOUGLAS GREGORIE, III PEGGY VIRGINIA GREGORY BRENDA ANN GRICE JAMES DAVID GRICE, JR. JUDY VIEDELLA GRIFFIN BEVERLY ANN GRIGGSJAY ALLEN GROSS DRUCILLA ANN GULLION PAMELA ELAINE GUNTER ROBERT HAROLD GURLEY WARREN WALKER HAIR THOMAS FLOYD HALE, JR. Most Athletic: Pom McCloin ond Tim Coffey 51 GARLAND RONALD HALL HERMAN CHRISTOPHER HALL, JR. JANICE ELAINE HALL PATRICIA MARIE HALLDELORIS ANN HALLMAN RONALD EDWARD HAMILTON FRANCES DIANE HANNA DEAN CHARLES HARRIS ROY HIXON HARTON WILLIAM FRANKLIN HAYESJOYCE ELIZABETH HENDRIX ROBERT CARLTON HENDRIX HARLEY GENE HENKES MARY CATHERINE HENNELLY JOSEPH HENRY HERBERT, III SANDRA MATTIE HERRON ERNEST PAUL HICKMAN DAVID MARION HIGINGBOTTOM ALEXANDER OWENS HOBBS LINDA GAIL HODGES PATRICIA SHARON HODGES DUNCAN DUBOSE HOLLIDAY, JR.IRA ONEAL HOLSONBACK JACK HOOVER ALVAN ROBERT HOPE WILLIAM RAYMON HOUWERS WILLIAM FRANKLIN HOWARD, JR. TED ARTHUR HOWINGTON SANDRA JEANNE HUDAK JOHN ANDREW HUFFMAN BETTY REMONIA HUNT GARY PRESTON HUNTER SARAH BETTS HUNTER RUSSELL HUTTOPAUL MARTIN HYMAN DONALD FLETCHER JACKSON JAMES ALLEN JACKSON, JR. ROGER BRYCE JACKSON ALFRED FRANKLIN JOHNSON ALICE KATHRYN JOHNSONMARY ELIZABETH JOHNSON NANCY ALICE JOHNSON ROGER SEWARD JOHNSON JAMES WOODROW JOHNT PRISCILLA JO JOLLEY BRENDA ANN JONESPATRICK ANDREW KANEY LOUIS ANDREW KELLY RONALD EDWARD KENDRICK MARY DYCHES KENNEY RALPH EMERSON KEYS, JR. FOREST LEE KIRBY, III EMERY SHANNON KIRK FRANK KITCHINGS BARBARA ANN KOON CAROL ANN KUNTZE JOE DONALD LAIN JENNY FAYE LANCASTERDENNIS WADE LANE LINDA FAYE LEAPHART WAYNE CORDELL LEAPHART SANDRA LEE LOFTIN D’ARCY DUNCAN LOTT DANNY LEE LOVE SUSAN ELIZABETH LOWER CAROL JEAN LYBRAND NORMA JEAN LYBRAND DANIEL DAVID MAGNESS, JR. DONALD RICHARDSON AAARTIN THELMA DIANE MARTIN REBECCA JOSEPHINE MARVIN MARILYN CONROY MARX PAUL DENNIS MASHBURN JAMES ELBERT MATHIS BRENDA FAYE MATLOCK HOMER HERBERT MATTOCKS MARTHA JANIS McABEE PAMELA McCLAIN Boys' State Representatives: Bob Forstner, Ernie Co npton, David Graham, David Meadow. 59JON THOMAS McCOY LILY GRACE McCULLOUGH HORACE DALE McGEE NANCY LAURA McGEE ROBERT WRIGHT McKELLAR MARTHA MILLER McKEOWNSTEPHEN MOX MILKEREIT ROBERT ALLEN MILLER STEVEN VICTOR MILLS SCHERRY JO MITCHELL LINDA GRACE MIZELL WADE HAMPTON MOODY LARRY ALFRED MOYER WILLIAM HUBERT MULLINS GORDON VERNON MUNDY, JR.WILLIAM HENRY MUNDY ALICE MARIETTA NIESEMANN WILLIAM NIGHTINGALE, III LUCINDA JANE NILAND PATRICIA SUE NORDEEN LIMUEL WAYNE NORRIS CYNTHIA KAY NUNN KAREN ANDREA OLSEN DONALD EUGENE ORR GERALD LESTER OWEN, JR. ALLEN BYRNES PARKER, JR. REBECCA JEAN PAYTONWILLIAM WARDLAW PERRY SANDRA JEAN PIECH ELRIC SIMONS PINCKNEY, JR. PAUL HAROLD PINSON, JR. WILMA GAIL PLUNKETT ANCIL MYERS PORTER, JR. Summer Science Institute Porticiponts: Bob Forstner, Steve Scotten, Paul Smoland. 63 WENDY LOUISE QUARLES ERNEST ALBERT RACHAL, III BRENDA KAYE RAWL ANTHONY EMIL RECUPIDODAPHNE JEWELL REDD SANDRA KAY REEVES ROBERT HARRY RHODEN ROBERT EDWARD ROBERTSON, JR. DAVE STEWART ROBINSON, JR. MEMORY ALICE ROBINSON WILLIAM LEE RODES SHERRON DICKENS ROGERS SUSAN GAYLE ROCKOW BETTY JANE ROLAND National Merit Scholarship Semifinalists: Kathy Urban, Cheryl White. Susan Lower, Dianne Cool, Bob Forstner, David Weems, David Graham, Steve Scotten, Danford Meischen, Paul Pinson, David Weigle. 64ELEANOR RAE ROOP MITCHEL WESLEY ROSS JAMES COLEMAN ROWLAND, II JAN MEREDITH ROYAL JOHN VICTOR RUSSELL HENRY FELDER SALLEY HARRY WINNER SAMPSON FRANCIS LOUIS SCHULHOFER BARBARA ANN SCOTT RICHARD HAMPTON SCOTT STEPHEN LEE SCOTTEN JOHN RANDOLPH SEARLEEDWIN HODGES SEIGLER HAZEL ANN SEIGLER LINDA DARNELL SEIGLER DIANE MARY SEYMOUR LESTER DOUGLAS SHAFER ANN ELIZABETH SHIDELER ALMA CHRISTINE SHORES ELIZABETH CHARLES SIDDALL JANYCE LEIGH SIMPSON LINDA LOU SITTERSON BOB LEAMON SIZEMORE JUDY DIANNE SIZEMORETIMOTHY WAYNE SLAUGHTER KEITH QUARRIER SMILEY JAMES CROMER SMITH, III KENNETH LAWRENCE SMITH SUSAN SMITH ZELMA ANN SMITH Certificate of Merit Winners: Dovid English, Barbara Scott, Paul Smolond. 67 PAUL NORMAN SMOLAND JAMES OLIVER SNYDER CHARLES MICHAEL SPARKS SUSAN LOUISE SPROTTREBECCA LYNN STEVENS LINDA TERRY STOREY MARGARET ELIZABETH SUMMERALL DONNA FRANCIS SUMNER STEPHEN KENT SURASKY JOHN THOMAS SWANNERMICHAEL SHERWIN TATUM MARY ELIZABETH TAYLOR PATRICIA ANN TAYLOR PAULA ANNE TERWILLIGER FRANCIS MARION THOMAS, JR. SARAH CECELIA THOMAS ROBERT EDWARD THOMSON, JR. HARVEY EDWARD TILL TERESA CHERYL TIMMONS SAMUEL JAROD TIMMS BARBARA JUNE TOLCHER CHARLES ROBERT TOPEKATHLEEN JOAN URBAN SAMMY EUGENE USSERY JO ANN VAUGHAN BRYCE BONELL VERNER ROBERT DEXTER WADE JERRY BLANCHARD WALKERJERRY WAYNE WATERS DAVID WILLIAM WEEMS DAVID AUGUSTUS WEIGLE MELVA MAE WELTON CHERYL DIANE WHITE CYNTHIA ANN WHITEHURST WOODROW WILSON WILKIE, JR. CAROLYN MAUDE WILLIS ANDY WINTHROP WILLIS EDWARD LAMAR WILLIS National Honor Society Scholarship Finalists; National Council of Teachers of English Writing Award: Steve Scotten and Bob Forstner. 71GWYNN WILLIS HERBERT EARL WILLIS MELMOUTH SCOTT WILLIS, JR. ELIZABETH GORDON WILSON JAMES RANCE WILSON MARION CLYDE WILSON ROBERT WOODROW WILSON SHERRY LYNN WILSON HARRIET DIANE WOLF HILDA MAE WOOD "Teen Times" Co-Editors: Dione Wolf and Kathy Urban 72LEONARD AUSTIN WOODWARD ROBERT FRED WORLEY, JR. DAVID THOMAS WRENN DELORES JANELLE WRIGHT BENNY AUTRY YON STELLA JANE ZION Girls of the Month: First row: Gwynn Willis, Betts Hunter, Susan Corley. Second row: Leah Dale Johnson, Pam McClain, Jan Royal, Kathy Urban. Beth Wilson, absent. 73Student Rotarions, First row: Bobby Wade, Bobby Robertson, Sammy Timms, Billy Howard. Second row: Bob Forstner, Charles Tope, Tim Coffey, David Meadow, David Weems. Student Council Talent Contest Winners: Dovid Graham and Joe Herbert. cLass of 65 ... brought honors by the dozens to ourselves and our school ... eleven National Merit Finalists ... two Notional Honor Society scholarship finalists ... two winners in the National Council of Teachers of English writing contest ... racked up more honors in the Student Council Talent Show ... were chosen Student Rotarians ... saw a new honor, Girl of the Month, instituted ... saw our football teams present a record-breaking season ... just for us, of course ... attended our last Homecoming game ... sat back and watched the Juniors plon Homecoming, Junior-Senior, Follies ... “Isn’t there anything for Seniors to do?” ... so the boys grew long hair ... “That’s OK; you look good all shaggy” ... had the first Senior Class party ... a great success ... presented a musical comedy, “Hearts and Gowns” ... “But Mrs. Rutland, I can’t sing!” ... dodged homework ... “I’m two days behind in math and four behind in English, so if I don’t study civilization this week. I'll break even” ... report card day and graduation gets farther and farther away ... campaigns, programs, meetings, suggestions ... “I’ve got this petition, see, and I thought maybe you’d like to sign it” ... a world of worry ... college applications ... doesn’t anybody want us? ... and laughter ... "Him? At West Point? You're kidding!" ... caps and gowns ... diplomas ... invitations ... tired of the same old faces? ... they won’t be here next year ... June 3, 1965 ... the end of our AHS world. 7475 Beauties T( f JIM CARROLL, NOTRE DAME FOOTBALL CAPTAIN c Ly £ « +y yui+gg, 7i « . JdLJ s 7X1-. T oJ-y y ” Jim CARROll PResents miss jAnyce simpson AS miss hoRnet AnO miss mARy QReen AS miss senioR 76MISS MARY GREEN miss seniopcontestants MISS BECKY EVANS Miss Junior Contestont MISS JAN ROYAL Miss Hornet and Miss Senior Contestant MISS BETH THOMAS Miss Freshman Contestant MISS CONNIE JONES Miss Junior Contestant MISS CHRIS HUSKY Miss Freshman Contestant 81MISS PAM McCLAIN may queen tMm m' £$may couRt Left to right: Leslie Campbell, Susan Corley, Beth Thomas, Mary Anne Cavanaugh, Chris Huskey, Mary Green, Patty Studinka, Claudia Johnson, Cherry Boyce, Linda Curry, Cheryl Nodine, Betts Hunter, Mary Jane Page, Pam McClain, Ann Thomos, Judy Hedrick, Penny Flanders, Gail Plunkett, Marilyn Lewis, Jan Royal, Morri Powel I, Jonyce Simpson, Janice Wolf, Dione Seymour, Pam Johnson, Betty Kennedy. ■t 85 SpORtSFirst row: Sammy Timms, Kenneth Hill, Frosty Davis, Roy Harton, row: Mike Timms, Glenn Petrina, Ted Scott, David Meadow, Bobby Charles Tope, Ricky Sumner, Wayne Slaughter, Tim Coffey. Second Robertson, Austin Woodward, Horry Kight, Billy Keeter, Chick Warner,hopnets’ footBAll team Billy Howord. Third row: Allen Brodie, Gregg Ross, Wo 11 ace Dunbar, Glenn Gentry, Danny Love, Tom Galordi, Tom Coffey, Mitch Ross. gave school the greatest season ever ... coaches ... Mr. Dawsey and Mr. Fraser ... Coach Fraser named South Carolina’s coach of the year for 1964 - 1965 ... eight AAA wins ... only three losses ... unprecedented wins ever Greenwood ... beat North Augusta for the first time since 1949 ... when most of our players were under two years old! ... funny warm-up exercises ... lots of practice ... bad start with a loss to Richmond Academy ... but no loss of spirit ... cheerful prospects when we won the LBC game ... then Lancaster’s Blue Hurricanes blew us around ... then victory over Granitevilie ... started a winning streak ... lasted for six consecutive games ... homecoming game against Columbia Caps ... a victory of course ... then a little later our great North Augusta victory ... perfect climax to a wonderful season ... players welcomed on the field ... tense moments ... then the touchdown in the third quarter ... rugged team ... good team-work ... fourth place in the South Carolina AAA standings ... one of the finest seasons Aiken High has ever seen ... truly a wonderful contribution to the world of AHS. Hornets ore welcomed on field at North Augusta. TIM COFFEY BILLY HOWARD MOST VALUABLE BACK WALLACE DUNBAR DANNY LOVE ROY HARTON GLENN GENTRY DAVID MEADOW BEST SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD BOBBY ROBERTSON MOST VALUABLE LINEMAN 88 MITCHEL ROSS WAYNE SLAUGHTER “Pass go and you collect 200 dollars."senioR pLAyeRs mainstay of the football team ... get into shape ... summer training camp ... early to bed and early to rise ... unusual haircuts ... almost no hair ... “Will it grow back?" ... great players ... with plenty of practice ... and patience ... started in grammar school days ... out on the field ... a great season ... what about next year’s team? ... records to break ... good luck. SAMMY TIMMS MOST VALUABLE PLAYER Bobby waltzes down the field. CHARLES TOPE 89Aiken 7 64-65 Football Record Richmond 26 Aiken 26 L.B.C. 0 Aiken 18 Lancaster 39 Aiken 20 Graniteville 6 Aiken 14 Florence 12 Aiken 28 Brookland-Cayce 7 Aiken 19 Sumter 13 Aiken 26 Columbia 0 Aiken 19 Greenwood 7 Aiken 2 Dreher 14 Aiken 6 North Augusta 0Mascot: David Turner Head Cheerleader: Pam McClain cheeRLeAdeps Kneeling: Janyce Simpson Mary Green, Madie Joyner, Judy Pam McClain, Becky Evans, Leslie Campbell. Hedrick, Gail Plunkett. Standing: Cheryl Bible, Geri Sue Ridge, 91jgm jv footBaLL team Aiken 7 North Augusta 7 Aiken 26 Thurmond 14 Aiken 6 Airport 0 Aiken 13 Dreher 6 Aiken 6 Airport 0 Aiken 19 Thurmond 0 Aiken 6 Richmond 19 Aiken 42 Jr. High All Stars 12 J.V. Managers: Skeeter Townsend, Tom Sontomaure, Terry First row: Ricky Cooper, Ronnie Stone, Nicky Alvanos, Bud Williams. Second row: Mike Kirkpatrick, Mike Stewart, Eddie Sheppard, Mike Keeter, George Tice. Third row: James Jennings, Richard Freeman, Jimmy Geddes, Billy Pierce, David Byrd, Gil Royal. Fourth row: Wayne Eubanks, Dennis Lundy, Bobby Hansen, Richard Murtha, Tommy Adams. Fifth row: Jim Farmer, Robert Heilig, Mike Graham, Tom Ewing. 92Aiken makes another first down. J.V. Cheerleaders: Emmie Scott, Linda Moody, Donna McElroy, Susan Campbell, Kathy Hurst, Penny Flanders, Beth Thomas. Bn J.V. Coaches: Mr. Dub Lowrimore and Mr. John Saunders. 93V Jim Brown and Nancy Davis Charles Tope and Pam Evans David Meadow and Millie McKeown Wayne Slaughter and Claudia Danny Love and Deedy Kenny Johnson Roy Horton and Barbara Morris Blenn Gentry and Gail Plunkett Sammy Timms and Pam McClain 94homecoming Claudia Johnson is crowned queen by Mr. Willis. Austin Woodward and Jan Tim Coffey and Diane Seymour Royal Mitchell Ross and Janyce Bobby Robertson and Simpson Becky Stevens 95Coach Dub Lowrimore B sketBAll tec m broke even ... won ten and lost ten ... coach ... Mr. Lowrimore ... a real slave-driver ... got good results ... good start away from home against Newberry ... lost two in a row ... came back against North Augusta ... tough schedule all season ... Columbia ... one of the toughest teams ever played ... seemed to win every other game ... hard-fought games ... plenty of exciting moments ... good spirit ... Jon McCoy’s dunking ... Beasley's jumping against Lancaster’s 6'6" center ... plenty of action on the floor ... "Don't anybody move; I’ve lost my contacts!” ... referees on hands and knees ... Charles' contacts still missing ... finished season strong ... wins over Lancaster and North Augusta ... added to efforts to moke '65 better than ever. First row: Jerry King, Charles Lowery, Jimmy Beasley, Duncan Holliday, Nicky Perkins, Billy Keeter. Second row: Frosty Davis, Roy Horton, Reggie Bray, John McCoy, Harold Gurley, Tim Coffey, Kenneth Hill.97Duncan Holliday Jon McCoy Tim Coffey Managers: Skeeter Townsend, Terry Redd. Aiken 42.................................Newberry 55 Aiken 37.............................Brookland-Cayce 58 Aiken 60............................North Augusta 46 Aiken 56...............................Orangeburg 64 Aiken 83...................................L.B.C. 52 Aiken 77................................Greenwood 58 Aiken 59.................................Columbia 72 Aiken 50.................................AC Flora 78 Aiken 71...................................L.B.C. 57 Aiken 25.................................AC Flora 43 Aiken 49...................................Sumter 41 Aiken 56.............................Brookland-Cayce 57 Aiken 75................................Lancaster 86 . Aiken 52................................Greenwood 42 Aiken 55.................................Columbia 72 Aiken 67..................................Orangeburg 82 Aiken 71.................................... Sumter 79 Aiken 58............................North Augusta 62 Aiken 36.................................. Columbia 58 98Run! Reggie, Run! Jimmy Beasley Harold Gurley Roy HortonHalf time huddle. Kneeling: Bobby Jones, Bud Williams, Charles Jeancoke, Gary Pressnell, Mickv dbhnson. Ket Whitson. Standing: Wayne West, Wayne Johnson, Andy Scherffius, Don Smoland, Neal Flannagan,l DavicTByr3, Chick Warner. 100 „]v BAsketBAll team Coach Jim Dawsey. Managers: Ricky Cooper, Mark Crawford. 101 Dunk it? 1964-65 RECORD Aiken 40......................................Newberry 30 Aiken 29......................................Newberry 31 Aiken 57.................................North Augusta 29 Aiken 57....................................Orangeburg 32 Aiken 41........................................L.B.C. 33 Aiken 70.........................................Evons 47 Aiken 46........................................Butler 44 Aiken 59........................................L.B.C. 37 Aiken 36........................................Butler 26 Aiken 18........................................Sumter 8 Aiken 62.....................................Lancaster 35 Aiken 37.......................................Aquinas 29 Aiken 30....................................Orangeburg 37 Aiken 37........................................Sumter 34 Aiken 37.....................................Lancaster 27 Aiken 57.................................North Augusta 42First row: Joyce Hendrix, Goil Plunkett, Modie Joyner, D.onne Cool, Pom McCloin, Judy Hedrick, Mory Green. Second row: Jeanne Baxter, Susan Lea Campbell, Jeonnette Hudgins, Mary Tope, Dione Best, Tricia Hair, Kothy Hurst. Third row: Beth Hershey, Brenda Mogness, Judy White, Donna Lorson, Linda Groy, DonnaMcElroy, Becky Stevens, Absent: Joye Brotherton. qirIs BASketBAll team 14-2 ... What a season! ... even after all that work it’s worth it ... “All right - line up for wind sprints” ... “What? 13 laps a day! Oooh” ... practice New Year's Day?! ... black eyes ... strained backs ... broken noses ... “Oh, why did we have to lose those two?” ... "If we could only play them again, we’d show’em” ... the bus trip to Lancaster - our picnic lunches ... the Jolly Green Giant ... “Turtle,” “Stump,” “Moose” ... “Zone defense - what’s that?” ... chalk talks in the dressing room ... pep talks in A-8 ... Freshmen in the showers ... managers - Nancy, Becky, Paulette - what would the team have done without them? ... hurried conferences ... Aiken 70, Evans 46 ... they know we would have won that C-H Tournament ... disappointment over proposed tournament ... champs anyway ... Miss Gibbs, the greatest coach ever! ... a great year altogether! Coach Johanna Gibbs 102Pam McClain Madie Joyner Dianne Cool Becky Stevens Gail Plunkett Managers: Nancy Davis, Paulette Corley, Becky Stevens,I ■■I Joyce Hendrix Judy Hedrick Aiken 40.................Newberry 30 Aiken 29.................Newberry 31 Aiken 57............North Augusta 29 Aiken 57...............Orangeburg 32 Aiken 41...................L.B.C. 33 Aiken 70....................Evans 47 Aiken 46...................Butler 44 Aiken 59...................L.B.C. 37 Aiken 36...................Butler 26 Aiken 15...................Sumter 8 Aiken 62................Lancaster 35 Aiken 37..................Aquinas 29 Aiken 30...............Orangeburg 37 Aiken 37...................Sumter 34 Aiken 38................Lancaster 27 Aiken 52............North Augusta 42Kneeling: Brenda Magness, Lynn Tinsley. Standing: Margaret Dennis, Paulette Corley, Marie Agerton, Diane Taylor, Nancy Davis, Marilyn Marx. United Fund Relay Team: Brenda Magness, Margaret Dennis, Marie Agerton, Mary Jane Barrett. qirIs tRACk teAtn participated in several local meets ... big event in April each year ... Junior Olympic Track and Field Meet for Girls ... held at USC ... sponsored by local clubs and Amateur Athletic Union ... twelve girls from Aiken High there last year ... our biggest success, Mary Jane Barrett ... set new record for 50 yard low hurdles ... 0:8.8 ... also qualified first in the 100 yard dash ... 12.1 ... Margaret Dennis - first place in running high jump ... jumped 4’9” ... hard-working ... some of the gastest girls around ... hours spent loping around the track ... clearing hurdles - most of the time, anyway ... setting new records in our world, coached by Miss Gibbs. '05First row: Bruce Martter, Marion Rector, Doug Shofer, Tex row: Jimmy Johnt, Donford Meischen, Chip Cunningham, Doug Peterson, James Baxter, Mike Totum. Second row: Gary Gregorie, Tom Eckles, Danny Price. Fifth row: Steve Scotten, Fleetwood, Bob LeBert, Jimmy Campbell, Gil Royal, Mark. Shannon Kirk, Arthur Rich, Trocy Riley, Doug Terrell. Sixth Warner, Grady Sizemore. Third row: Ricky Byrnes, Bill row: Greg Robinett, Mike Taylor, Carl McCrosky. Seventh row: Boggs, Edwin Seigler, Greg Price, Robert Cunningham. Fourth Bruce Frank, Coach Liles, Tom Ewing. socceR team 1964-65 RECORD Aiken 10.................................Aiken Prep 4 Aiken 4...............................Augusta Prep 2 Aiken 3.............................Augusta Prep 2 Aiken 5....................................Aquinas 1 Aiken 1................................Porter-Gaud 0 Aiken 2....................................Aquinas 1 Aiken 5.................................Aiken Prep 0 Aiken 0...................................St. John 1 Aiken 2................................Porter-Gaud 1 Aiken 1...................................Savannah 2 Aiken 2....................................A.C. Flora 1 Aiken 2................................Christ School 0 Aiken 3....................................A.C. Flora 0 Aiken 0...................................St. John 1 Aiken 0...................................Savannah 3 Aiken 2................................Porter-Gaud 2 106 Managers: Nick McElmurray, David Eaton.Charge! one of the best records at AHS ... and one of the newest ... Coach Liles ... afternoon games ... lots of practice necessary ... hard-working players ... "Tex has mono” ... so Bruce Manter takes his place in the goalie box ... nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon ... "When is Christ School going to get here?” ... a couple of hours late ... increasing crowds of spectators ... long trips to Wrong side of the goal? Savannah to meet St. John's of Jacksonville ... and to play Savannah Country Day School ... sudden deaths ... good team spirit ... Ken, the built-in cheerleader ... boys with fast feet ... half-time honey ... for energy ... AAA champs after defeating A.C. Flora ... a busy season ... exciting sport gaining popularity ... fine record for our world. 107Shannon Kirk, James Baxter Bobby LeBert, Jimmy Campbell Doug Shafer, Jimmy Johnt 1965 seniou Coach Pierce LilesTom Eckles, Steve Scotten Doug Gregorie, Edwin Seigler socceu pL ye.Rs Chip Cunningham, Gary Fleetwood Danford Meischen 109tRACk Coach: Mr. James Dawsey Another winning team ... dedicated group of boys ... “I believe, Coach Dawsey, that your watch is not keeping correct time” ... five triangle meets ... team won seven county meets for the tenth consecutive year ... “The hurdles aren’t that high, Hill” ... team gives spectators thrilling finishes ... six wins and three defeats ... excellent season ... First row: Bud Williams, Mike Keeter, Leland Kelley, Wayne Eubanks; Ken Hill, David Meadow, Robert Newton, Mike Graham, Jim Brinkley, Robert Heilig, Mike Timms. Second row: Gary Aaron, Tom Ewing, Wayne Fulmer, Nich Alvanos, Bobby Payton, Morsholl Lomb, Scott Willis, Ricky Cooper, Sammy Timms, Greg Robinett, Tom Golordi. Third row: James Jennings, Donnie Eubanks, Gil Royal, Danford Mischen, Ted Key, Billy Pearson, Ken Webb, Frosty Davis, Jim Farmer, Dale Booth. Fourth row: Tom Coffey, David Weems, Danny Price, Pete Scott, Benny Yon, Mike Kirkpatrick, Wayne Beck, Steve Aaron, Jack Snipes, Charles Jeancoke. Fifth row: Sammy Rogers, Ricky Murtha, Jimmy Gilliam, Horry Kight, Eddie Shepard, Jim Geddings, Billy Pierce, Billy Chopman, Bill Keeter. noCoach: Mr. Douglas Clamp QOlf Won the regional tournament ... highly probable that the team will take first in the state tournament last year's outstanding golfers returned this year ... best year yet ... won 8, lost 1, tied 1 ... “Four" ... but I made nine ... try to get that little ball in that little hole and you 11 be doing good ... a new coach ... Coach Clamp ... “Now fellows don't use your wood to putt with!" ... Congratulations on a great and winning season ... Kneeling: Jimmy Rushton, Ronnie Reynolds, Mark Crawford, Ricky Morton, Steven Bloss, Mike Suggs. Standing: Shannon Kirk, Paul Hyman, David Bradberry, Gary Anderson, Reggie Broy, Dave Robinson, Mike Sparks, Billy Howard.First row: Chick Warner, Jimmy Brown, Charles Lowery, Ted Woodward, Myers Porter, David Crawford, Bruce Manter. Third Scott, Jimmy Beasley, Greg Price, Ronnie Stone, Roy Hanna. row: Johnny Morris, mgr. Jimmy Smith, mgr. Jerry King, Alan Second row: Tim Coffey, Sammy Timms, Charles Tope, Austin George, Mickey Johnson. BAS6BALL Winning season ... Seven wins ... Five loses ... coached by Mr. Fraser ... “But Mr. Fraser, We've Been Running for the past hour!" ... Hit the ball hard enough and you will rack up a homerun ... Trot on the field Charles don't walk ...Stand up Ted, you're not playing marbles ...theyells from the stands ... many experienced players w'ill be back next year ... Congratulations on a great season ... Coach: Mr. James Froser 112suouvziuvbaoDavid Meadow, President. student counciL held elections ... “Everybody vote during lunch period” ... “Homerooms voting 100% are” ... lunch duties ... "See here, you can’t break in line here -go over there to do it” ... "Uh-oh, my duty!” ... presented gifts ot Christmas assembly ... weekly meetings ... reports to homerooms ... “Now, my children, tell your homerooms that" ... planned assemblies ... excellent Talent Show ... “I want to go to Morrow and come back tomorrow night” ... scheduled daily devotions ... revised constitution ... “Mr. Willis, do we really have to do all that to change the constitution?” ... sent delegates to state convention and regional rally ... “I want a couple of you boys to help with the chairs, and tables” ... “Dovid Meadow has an announcement to make” ... led AHS in making ’65 better than ever. 114 Becky Evans, Treasurer; Betts Hunter, Secretary. Regulating the lunch line is another job for council members.FIRST SEMESTER COUNCIL First row: Sommy Timms, Pam McClain, Jan Royal, Duncan Holliday, Austin Woodward, Bobby Robertson, Second row: Nancy Davis, Diane Hanna, Donna Arrants, Ann Cranford, Gary Hunter, Jane Zion, Durana Farror. Third row: Bobby Wade, Andrea Clorke, Dan Heaton, Donford Meischen, Jimmy Beasley, Chip Cunningham, Linda Curry, Mary Green. Fourth row: Jimmy Jockson, Ernie Compton, Carl McCrosky, Tom Galardi, Harry Kight, Charles Lowery, Kenny Hill, Jack Snipes, Glenn Petrino. Fifth row: Robert Cunningham, Kenneth Dillard, Tony Connaughton, Billy Simpson, Mickey Mellon, Geri Sue Ridge, Patti Studinko, Becky Stevens, Modie Joyner, Richard Calloway. FIRST SEMESTER COUNCIL First row: Bonnie Dietz, Carol Gardner, Brenda Mogness, Collette Evans, Pom Johnson, Nancy Johnson. Second row: Beth Hershey, Cherry Boyce, Mary Carol Miller, Gretchen VanZile, Berkeley Hoynsworth, Buddy Coward, Sandy Agee. Third row: Brendo Turner, Marie Agerton, Donnie Gregg, Tommy Truitt, Johnny Roop, Mary Tope, Linda Hart, Beth Thomas. Fourth row: Lindo Moody, Cappy McCullough, Roger Ridenour, Mike McCorthy, Bobbie Bruder, Ellen Cote, Danna Yelton, Kathy Hart, Ricky Cooper. Fifth row: Penny Flonders, Gory Presnell, Mike Taylor, Bree McKellor, Don Smoland, Teresa Robbins, Chris Thorngate, Tommy Adams, Bobby Yancey, Gil Royal. Sixth row: Jan Stafford, Linda Lance, Jim Farmer, Chris Huskey, Wayne West, Marilyn Lewis, David Byrd, Charles Holley, Danny Smith. 115Student Council members clear halls at lunch. student counciL second semester ... same duties ... different people ... except for officers, of course ... convention ... campaign debates discussion group ... convention here next year ... hardworking council members ... warmer weather ... easier to keep students out of the halls ... “Stay out! It’s warm outside. So what if it’s raining?" ... canteen and lunchroom duties ... patrolling halls in the morning ... “I'm sorry, you have to walk around to get to the library" ... warning: not a word in the library today or else ... privileged characters ... breaking into lunch and canteen lines ... “May I borrow your badge?" ... “I haven't moved an inch in five minutes!" ... “Hurry, I’m starving" ... “Hey, get off the canteen steps" ... council meetings during Activity Period ... service to our world. Second Semester Council Members at-Large: Beth Thomos, Gary Hunter, Gwynn Willis.SECOND SEMESTER COUNCIL First row: Cheryl Bible, Judy Holliday, Karen Johnson, Pom Johnson, Mary Jane Poge, Kathy Sampson. Second row: Bruce Monter, Glenn Petrina, Patti Studinka, Cheryl Nadine, Linda Horte, Ann Barton, Barry Solomon. Third row: Linda Moody, Morris Powell, Betty Hudok, Cindy Baxter, Carol Barsh, Claudia Coplon, Donna McElroy, Beth First row: Glenn Gentry, Gail Plunkett, Cindy Fox, Mary Beth Taylor, Jimmy Jackson, Donnie Martin. Second row: Leah Dale Johnson, Ernie Compton, Dan Hoston, Bobby Rhoden, Jimmy Mathis, Gory Anderson, Henry Salley. Third row: Jon McCoy, Billy Jumper, Fronkie Thomas, Donford Meischen, Reggie Bray, Cissy Talbert, Pam Durbon, Gardner, Gory Presnell, Colleen Kneese, Geri Lynn Thomson, Barbara Britton, Neal Flonnogan. Fifth row: Ronnie Sfieoly, Mork Crawford, David Byrd, Andy Scheffius, Gil Royal, Jim Farmer, Stewart Harris, Bonnie Seigler, Eddie Shepard, Bob Harte. Sixth row: Donald Graham, Chip Long. Beth Wilson. Fourth row: Don Busbee, Joe Tyler, Kenny Purvis, Robert Cunningham, Billy Keeter, Susan Hahn, Susan Kern, Nancy Green, Nancy Johnson. Fifth row: Jack Snipes, Jimmy Rushton, Tom Coffey, Ralph Pearson, Eula Boylston, Nancy Raney, Ann Durban, Brenda Mogness, Mary Ann Herron, Nicky Perkins. SECOND SEMESTER COUNCIL 117 hoRnet staff EDITORIAL STAFF Sitting: Millie McKeown, Mary Beth Taylor, Peggy Ann Robbins, Fay Bright. Standing: Ann Seigler, Tom Moore, Elaine Lawrence, Sally Syphrit, Ken McKellor, Anne Edenfield. Dovid Graham, Leah Dale Johnson, Marionne Towler, Mike Warren, Diane Seymour. BUSINESS STAFF Bob Tarrant, Dianne Cool, Nancy Raney, Don Nandy. worked hard to produce the 1965 HORNET ... “Oh, this looks pretty easy” ... tons of copy sheets ... “Let's see, do the club identifications go on the pink or the yellow?” ... “ALLHORNET staff members report to C-14” ... missing pictures ... “Where’s the picture of that Club - you know, the funny one where Ernie was grinning?” ... tiptoe to the workroom ... “This job is impossible” ... nameless faces ... stacks of pictures ... small editor with a big whip ... “Hey, look! The sun’s coming up!” ... not a bad EDITORIAL STAFF Alison Beach, Cecelia Thomas, Kathy Lockhort, Diane Wolf.Cheryl White, Editor Tub Mattocks, Business Manager; Miss Mary Lou Barlow, Advisor. job ... “Oh, my aching feet!” ... remember to smile -that’s how to get money ... “Now I want every single one of you to bring me at least $200 in ads tomorrow” ... order for 1275 books ... colorful job ... yellow advertising contracts ... pink subscription slips in green filing cabinets ... “Oh, THOSE little pinks slips! Have you looked in the trash and on the floor?” ... “Miss Barlow wants to see Tub” ... checks ... bills ... “I thought I sent him a bill last month” ... Tubs of money ... blessings on the advertisers! Seoted: Bob Harte, Susan Bell, Kathy Hart, Ellen Cote. Standing: Elizabeth Doy, Gordon Butler. BUSINESS STAFF Judy Caldwell, Jay Elliott, Barbara Morris, Berkeley Hoynsworth, Tracy Riley.BAnO long hot summer marching sessions ... oh my aching feet ... one more step and I'll drop ... “But please Mr. Slaughter, can’t we stop now?” ... delighted all by “Portraits in the Moonlight.” ... “magazines anyone?” ... BandDayatUSC ... All-State Tryouts ... “Faster does Not mean better!” Painted bleachers ... long trips ... parades galore ... criticized ... IMPROVED ... many surprises ... enlightened by the freshmen who, for once, could keep in step ... Practice,’ Practice,’ Practice! ... The best band ever! A swinging group! First row: Mike McManoway, Becky Jo Marvin, Jan Montenyohl, Cindy Fox, Dennis Christine, Steve Miikereit, David Cline, Ronnie Zorn, John Gardener, Solly Syphrit, Don Arrants. Second row: Jackie Barab, Morrianne Towler, John Roop, Charles Holley, Doug Hawthrone, Richard Dorey, Carol Barsh, Shello Farrell, Phoebe Willis, Ann Shideler, Judy Sizemore, Ernie Shuler. Third row: John Craddock, Barbara Scott, Charles Jackson, Bill Carroll, Gory Anderson, Joe Boster, Larry Lovell, Joy Gross, Steve Mauldin, Bobby Harte, Alon George. Fourth row: Karen Olsen, James McCleoren, Bennis Bortiey, Sissy Talbert, Paul Smolond, Bill Nightingale, Virginia Jones. Fifth row: John Searle, Bill Ashmore, Rodney Judy, Carl McCrosky, Absent: Christy Dixon, Bruce Hitchman, Larry Akins, Charles Blystone. 120 I Carolyn Reynolds, Susan Smith, Jan Royal, Bobbie Jean Currence, Sharon Luallen. Diane Burckhalter, Solo TwirlerFirst row: Ronnie Zorn, Ernie Schuler, Jackie Barob, Phoebe Willis, Betts Hunter, Christy Dixon. Second row: Sheila Farrell, Carol Barsh, Richard Dorey, John Roop, Doug Hawthorn, Judy Sizemore, Ann Shideler. Third row: Bruce Hitchman, Sally Syphrit, Mike McManowoy, Larry Lovell, Bill Corroll, Morrionne Towler, Sissy Tolbery. Fourth row: Gory Anderson, Joe Baxter, Bobby Harte, Alan George, Barbara Scott, Steve Mauldin, Ray Jackson, Jay Gross. Fifth row: Cindy Fox, Carl McCrosky, Bennie Bartley, Paul Smoland, Virginia Jones, John Searle, Karen Olsen, James McClearen, Bill Nightingale, Bill Ashmore. Sixth row: John Gardener, Steve Milkereit, Denny Christine, Jan Montenyohl, Micky Cline, Becky Jo Marvin. 122First row: Judy Sizemore, Ann Shideler, Doug Howthorn, Corl McCrosky, John Croddock, Borboro Scott, Joy Gross, Bill Corral I, Lorry Lovell, Micky Cline, Steve Milkereit, Phoebe Willis, Jockie Borob, Christy Bill Ashmore, Mike McMonowoy, Virginio Jones, Bill Nightingole, Dixon. Second row: Student Director, Denny Christine, Bruce Hitchmon, James McClearen, Bennie Bartley. 123 First row: Ann Shideler, Virginio Jones, Cissy Talbert, Joy Gross, Denny Christine, Jon Montenyohl, Judy Sizemore. Second row . Karen Olsen, Bill Ashmore, Corl McCrosky, James McClearen, Betts Hunter, Bill Nightinga|e Fir t row: Modie Joyner, Ann SHideler, Nancy Johnson, Mrs. Margaret Bobo, advisor; Donna Arrants, Cheryl White. Second row: Marilyn Marx, Deloris Hallman, Kathy Lockhort, Diane Wolf, Susan Lower, Betts Hunter, Linda Curry. Third row: Resel Gosnell, Steve Scotten, Paul Pinson, Betsy Siddall, Dianne Cool, Gayle Rockow, Lily McCullough, Jimmy Beasley. Fourth row: Joe Herbert, Nicky Perkins, David Graham, Bob Forstner, David Meadow. recognition of outstanding students ... character, leadership, scholarship, and service ... inductions twice each school year ... "I think we should put the flowers sorta over here” ... “As your nome is called please come forward” ... shaky hands lighting a candle ... the first meeting ... then the worries ... To B or not to B ... informal tea ... it tastes different from formal tea ... student directories ... “Did anyone go to Sidney Glopp's?” pages of typewritten names, addresses, and phone numbers ... Wednesday afternoon make-up sessions ... “Listen, kid, I think that ear pulling is a signal, so cut it out” ... teaching classes ... “No, I am not a future teacher” ... Columbia convention in March ... hard work for every member ... fun, too ... and an honor. First row: Lenore Randall, P®99y Ann Robbins, Virginia Jones, Hya Laurel, Marianne Towler, Billy Perry. Second row: Kathy Urban, Sondy Piech, Mary Dietz, Berkeley Haynsworth, Alyson Beach, Cheryl Boyce, Keith Smiley. Third row: Becky Jo Marvin, Carol Kuntze, Barbara Scott, Billy Jumper, Skipper Brotherton, Debbie Gayhart, Anne Eden-field, Beverly Griggs. 124Beta cIub First row: Corolyn Willis, Claudio Johnson, Cecelia Thomas, Betts Hunter, Susan Lower, Kathy Urban. Second row: Bill Rodes, Beth Her-shey, Linda Sitterson, Pam Moore, Becky Evans, Nancy Johnson, John Searle. Third row: Eddie Fowler, Larry Smith, Robert Cunningham, Ken McKellar, Kenneth Hill, Frosty Davis, Paul Pinson, Denny Christine. Fourth row: Billy Keeter, Mr. Pierce Liles, advisor. goes to work ... Jimmy, I’m freezing! Do I have to sell any more programs?" ... project committee ... "No, I do not think we should sell Beta Club sweatshirts to the National Honor Society members" ... inductions first semester ... hot chocolate in 80 degree weather? ... second semester inductions ... "Hey! Wait a minute! I want to pin her too!" ... careful with those pins ... happy smiles of new members ... convention in Columbia ... "Did you say there would be only 900 boys and 1200 girls? Let’s go, boys!" ... hotel reservations ... "Tim, if you value your position as president of our club, I suggest you quit slinging mud on cars in the parking lot" ... memories of hard work ... fun ... and the honor of being a member. First row: Susan Corley, Madie Joyner, Pam McClain, Mary Green, Gwynn Willis, Diane Wolf. Second row: Mary Beth Taylor, Millie McKeown, Dionne Cool, Gail Plunkett, Judy Hedrick, Jane Zion, Leah Dale Johnson. Third row: Jimmy Brown, Bobby Robertson, Billy Howard, Charles Tope, Dovid Meadow, Jimmy Beasley, Tim Coffey, Sammy Timms. 125First row: Tom Moore, Suson Bond, Evelyn Rish, Hyo Laurel, Marianne Towler, Mrs. Jean Kling, Advisor. Second row: Kathy Urban, Cheryl White, Susan Corley, Beverly Griggs, Fay Bright, Durano Farrar, Christy Dickson. Third row: David Graham, Linda Curry, Cindy Nilond, Mike Warren, Deedy Kenny, Bill Carroll, Teresa Timmons. Borbora Scott. Fourth row: Sandy Piech, Judy Caldwell, Diane Wolf, Teri Robinson, Carl McCrosky. quill And scroII new members of National Scholastic Press Association and International Honorary Society for High School Journalists, Quill and Scroll ... “Teen Times ’ giving the latest AHS news ... “David, this is Kathy. Diane and I are at the newspaper office. Where’s your article?’’ ... “Y’al I, count those words, please!’’ ... “Potpourri” gives the latest gossip ... “Why didn’t I get in “Potpourri” this week, Teresa?” ... “Linda, what are you trying to do — ruin me?” ... Charlie, the editorial eavesdropper ... “The next time I see that cockroach, I’ll kill him” ... “Pine Needles,” Aiken High’s literary magazine ... an outlet for literary expression ... or expulsion ... “Everyone buy “Pine Needles” ... everything better this year. Standing: Cindy Nilond, Assistant art editor, Mike Worren, and Suson Corley, Literary Advisors, Joy Gross, Staff coordinator, Suson Lower, Art editor. Seated: Hyo Laurel and Bill Carroll, Co-editors.FIRST SEMESTER CABINET First row: Gwynn Willis, Pom McClain, Cheryl White, Corolyn Willis, Bill Rodes, Virginia Jones. Second row: Diane Wolf, Mike Warren, Lily McCullough, Ronnie McCall, Ken McKellor, Michelle Maurice, Becky Evans. Third row: Mary Beth Taylor, Suson Lower, Kathy Urban, Steve Scotten, Leah Dole Johnson, Pam Durbon, Lenore Randall, Alice Johnson. Fourth row: Teresa Timmons, Charles Tope, Betts Hunter, Diane Honna, Ann Shideler, Noncy Johnson, Deloris Hallman, mon, Woody Wilkie, David Crawford. Fifth row: Ronnie Homilton, Mr. James Willis, Advisor, David Meadow, Donford Meischen, Joe Herbert. cab i net Coordinates activities of clubs ... “If we let you have the gym February 12, you have to give us Thursday evening meetings but only if they let you have Tuesdays, because Jimmy wants Wednesdays unless" ... has no official power ... acts as advisory board ... “Mr. Willis, may we fly the Victory Flag in honor of Steve’snot wanting to fly the Victory Flag?" ... presidents of clubs report on club activities ... “Our club is saving old stockings and used stamps" ... Monday night sessions for fun and profit ... “Now my club challenges the rest of you to top us" ... “We’re going to win the trophy for best club" ... “All right, let’s wind up this discussion so we can be out of here by 8:00 — so you can study." First row: Ken McKellor, Charles Tope, Bruce Monter, Bill Rodes, Paul Pinson, Dovid Grohom. Second row: Pam McClain, Susan Corley, Kothy Urban, Diane Hanna, Sandy Piech, David Byrd. Third row: Lily McCullough, Cheryl White, Catherine Wollenburg, Diane Wolf, Jane Zion, Brendo Rowl, Alice Johnson, Gayle Rockow. Fourth row: Tim Coffey, Gwynn Willis.dec Deutsche kueis Firet row: Jimmy Rowlond, Donno Arrants, Eleanor Roop, Julia Gomillion, Alison Beach, Tommy Moore. Second row: Joe Brewer, Cindy Niland, Sondy Burleson, Joan Herre, Grace Hitchman, Ellen Johnson, Margaret Augustine. Third row: Anne Edenfield, Kathy Lockhart, Berkeley Hoynsworth, John Schilling, Larry Jolley, Robert Frody, Teresa Timmons, Barry Solomon. Fourth row: Tex Peterson, Dave Robinson, Bruce Hitchmon, Billy Simpson, Robert Newton, Patsy Jones, Joyce Tuer, Drucilla Gull ion, Christy Dickson. Fifth row: Paul Pinson, Richard Dorey, Mike Stoubes, Gordon Butler, Irihn Simp inn Ray Stevens, Mike McCarthy, George Tice, Harvey Driggers, Karen Olsen. ist ein Klub, in welchem die Studenten der verschie-denen deutschen Klassen zusammentreffen, um ihre Kentnisse der Sprache zu uben und erweitern ... Gemutlichkeit und Kameradschaft wird gepflegt ... die Programme finden jeden Monat statt ... hochst interessant gestaltet ... “ich bin der Wolf, und Sie sind Rotkappchen” ... historische Filme werden gezeigt ... der Mauseturm ... Vertrage Ciber beruhmte deutsche Manner ... Viel Spass machen die raren Kostproben der deutschen Bdckereien ... “Wenn essen wir?” ... das Singen der deutschen Lieder ... amusierten Sie sich. First row: Danford Meischen, Chip Cunningham, Bobby Wade, Tommy Truitt, Joy Thompson, Frosty Davis, Second row: Tommy Galardi, Robert Wilson, Diane Wolf, Teri Robinson, Betty Johnson, James Mashburn, John Harden. Third row: Ronnie Blessing, Gary Burleson, Richard Felder, Leland Kelley, Jimmy Brinkley, Vickie Adams, Mickey Cline, Buddy Coward. Fourth row: Betsy Siddall, Borbora Morris, Judy Hedrick, Markie Hennelly, Aian Wible, Myra Montiay, Sylvia Gross, Susan Bentley, Nancy Hicks. Fifth row: Pat Cook, Pom Moore, Ronnie Cherry, Wayne Snyder, Patti Studinka, Ray Cook, Danny Smith, Eddie Mann, Lily McCullough, Bruce Manter. Sixth row: Wayne Norris, Peter Rial, Sondy Piech, Patti Hodges, Charles Johnson, Cathy Wallerv burg, Jo Ann Quinn, Cheryl White, Bob Forstner, David Weems. Mrs. Lillian, Advisor. Seventh row: Dale Solomon. 128Le ceccle fRAncais First row: John Segrle, Lorry Lovell, Bill Ashmore, Billy Jumper, Tom Moore, Mrs. Helen Butler, Advisor. Second row: Joan Herre, Pom Durbon, Mary Eckardt, Steve Scotten, Susan Bond, Deedy Kenny, Hyo Laurel. Third row: Marilyn Marx, Beth Hershey, Cheryl White, Durana Farror, Cindy Fox, Mike Warren, Linda Curry, Paul Pinson. Fourth row: Robert Cunningham, Kenneth Hill, Elise DeLooch, Becky Stevens, Ann Seigler, Gayle Evans, Pat Driggers, Ginny Jones, Steve Surasky. Fifth row: Pam Evans, David Grohom, David Eaton, Ellen Johnson, Marianne Towler, Lenore Randall, Patsy Jones, Skipper Brotherton, Suson Corley, Judith Burgess. Sixth row: Peggy Ann Robbins, Bob Forstner, Mickey Mellon, Patty Donovan, Nancy Raney, Cherry Boyce, Berkeley Haynesworth, Cindy Aubrey, Bobby Johnson, Barbara Scott, Ann Shideler. est pour les etudiants qui suivent le troisieme et le quatrieme annee de francais ... “Souvenez vous de notre reunion cet apres-midi" ... Mile Elizabeth Combier ... la vie en France ... ses pensees de la vie aux Etats-Unis ... “En France, nous mangeons beacoup de fromage" ... I'histoire de la langue francaise ... “Neeparlez pasd’allemand en ma classe - c'est une langue de cochons!“ ... Pam et Mary chantent les chansons en franjais ... “skits" ... “Vous avez le dindon? Mais c'etait notre oiseau national, imbecile!" ... soiree de Noel ... " Merci de tout mon coeur.". First row: Billy Perry, Doug Shafer, Paul Smoland, David English, Ray Jackson, Tony Recupido. Second row: Barbaro Chase, Donna Larson, Sara Borop, Marilyn Ice, Deborah Goyhart, Nancy Lefler, Kathy Sampson. Third row: Sandy Agee, Sandra Carter, Alison Beach, Beth Wilson, Eulc Boylston, Kathy Lockhart, Nancy Davis, Betsy Siddall. Fourth row: Mary Beth Taylor, Elaine Lawrence, Mary Dietz, Grace Hitchman, Diane Wolf, Diane Wolf, Gayle Rockow, Sandy Piech, Lily McCullough, Anne Edenfield. Fifth row: Cleaburne Belcher, Jeffrey Wallace, John Schilling, Harold Morgan, MillieMcKeown, Morkie Hennelly, Betts Hunter, Carol Cowan, Diane Hanna, Resel Gosnell. 129First row: Leah Date Johnson, Markie Hennelly, Tim Coffey, Sandy Burleson, Suson Bond, Mrs, Virginia Elkin, Advisor. Second row: Susan Sprott, Pot Hall, Judith Burgess, Deloris Hallman, Sherrie Phillips, Carol Kuntze, Bftcky Jo Morvln. Third row: David Higingbottom, Mary Ann Herron, Susan Hahn, Connie Ferrell, Cindy Whitehurst, Drucilla Gull ion, Sandro Tucker, Julia Gomlllion. Fourth row: Woody Wilkie, Dan Heaton, Diane Burckolter, Betts Hunter, Claudia Coplon, Beth LeGrand, Ellen Ebenbock, Kaye Mathis, Susan Corley. Fifth row: Jon McCoy, Myers Porter, Bonnie Hatcher, Sqndy Agee, Morilyn Ice, Kathy Sampson, Peggy Ann Robbins, Nancy Roney, Jeryl Wilkins, Solly Syphrit. Sixth row: Diane Best, Gerry Lynn Thompson, Judy Croft, Nancy Thomas, Marilyn Marx, Ellen Cote, Carol Lybrand, Karen Borup, Jona Greer, Judy Greer, Charles Wallace. futuce teACheRs First row: Jackie Barab, Millie McKeown, Nancy Davis, Resel Gosnell, Rosa Lee Heath, Jane Barton. Second row: Shelby Heath, Missie Bowmon, Ann Cranford, Sandy Gilmer, Alice Johnson, Debbie Etter, Betty Johnson. Third row: La Verne Cote, Janis McAbee, Hilda Jane Sopough, Brenda Rawl, Carol Cowon, Goyle Evans, Karen Johnson, Linda Seigler. Fourth row: Bree McKellar, Nancy Herndon, Beth Callahan, Barbara Tolcher, Joyce Tuer, Brenda Jones, Melva Wei ton, Judy Sizemore, Beth Johnson. Fifth row: Barbara Morris, Roy Horton, Jack Hunter, Scherry Mitchell, Nancy McGee, Hilda Wood, Sandro Dewitt, Linda Hodges, Louise Cox, Myra Best. Sixth row: Harry Blackwell, Pam Gunter, Diane Cal las, Foye Goodin, Linda Leophart, Patsy Daniels, Diane Zion, Donna Sumner, Jimmy Grice, Kaye Golden, Poul Mashburn. Seventh row: Cecelia Thomas, Chuck Blystone, Danny Mag-ness, Brenda Grice, Frances Morton, Sandro Reeves, Kaye Jolley, Pat Kaney. trip to a football game ... attended State Band Day ... large announcements on bulletin board outside Mrs. Elkin’s door ... “Members of F.T.A. are asked to” ... emphasized Teacher Appreciation Day ... “‘Thank you is a short sentence” ... big red apples for all the teachers ... a Little Red Schoolhouse float in the parade at Homecoming ... has largest membership ever ... guest speakers ... AHS teachers as guests ... kindergarten teaching lecture ... served tea at P-TA open-house ... teachers’ assistants ... grading papers ... checking homework fall program ... “Reach for the Stars” ... “Will you be lost in the 21st century?” ... “But, Dad, I don’t want to go into business with you” ... “Son, your poor mother is prostrate!” ... toured USC campus ...First row: Sondro Hudak, GoiI Plunkett, Deloris Hollmon, Brendo Rowl, Beth Johnson, Mrs. Jo Ann Price, Advisor. Second row: Faye Goodin, Missie Bowman, Ann Cranford, Sandy Gilmer, Elizabeth Summeroll, Sherry Wilson, Koren Borup. Third row: Elouise Key, Jody Jumper, Linda Frady, Lenora Randall, Brendo Turner, Lana Foye Lybrond, Normo Jeon Lybrand, Dottie Owen. futuce secRetARies forms better and more efficient secretaries ... members learn secretarial skills ... typing ... “I can type 40 words a minute with 8 mistakes or 65 words a minute with 21 mistakes or” ... increase speed and accuracy each day ... “Gregg spoken here” ... at the rate of 120 words per minute ... specialized secretaries ... legal ... learn a whole new vocabulary ... “Is it habeas corpus or habeas corpse?” ... medical ... technical ... “I’m trained in the atomic-orbital theory, but not the molecular-orbital, so you’ll have to change either secretaries or theories” ... pencil-in-hairdo, practicing looking harried ... pins or charms signify activities throughout the year. First row: Shelvia Heath, Mary Beth Ellington, Margaret Escoffier, Lebby Hay, Terry Cole, Alice Johnson. Second row: Debbie Etter, Kay Jolly, Sandra Reeves, Linda Brantley, Myra Best, Ginny Carter, Roso Lee Heath. Third row: Jane Barton, Louise Cox, Linda Hodges, Ann Smith, JoAnn Vaughn, Marie Agerton, Idella Jennings, Karen Johnson.BLock “a” First row: Austin Woodward, Bobby Robertson, Duncan Holiday, Jon McCoy, Reggie Bray, Horrv Kighr. Second row: Donnie Martin, Claudia Johnson, Jonyce Simpson, Geri Sue Ridge, Suson Leo Campbell, Glenn Gentry, Lee Gambell. Third row: Charles Tope, Mitch Ross, Ernie Compton, Wayne Slaughter, Steve Scotten, Danny Love, Paul Hyman, Chuck Porks. Fourth row: David Meadow, Jimmy Beasley, Sammy Timms, Harold Gurley, Jimmy Brown, Mike Timms, Johnny Canady. honorary organization for students who lettered in varsity sports ... cheerleaders, too ... give spirit and service to school ... concession stand at football games ... “Somebody give me three Cokes, two packs of peanuts, one bag of potato chips, and change for a ten” ... “Someone just dropped a case of Cokes basketball season ... “Anyone want to buy a ‘Bottle the Caps1?” ... trophies gleaming in their cases ... by the dozens ... best athletes in school ... most school spirit ... “Everybody yell” ... active participation in all sports and pep rallies ... “Go, Hornets, go!" back there” ... cheerleaders sell ribbons during First row: Frosty Dovis, Kenneth Hill, Richard Felder, Eddie Fowler, Edwin Seigler, Charles Lowery. Second row: Dovid Driver, Ken McKellor, Pom McClain, Judy Hedrick, Mary Green, Cheryl Bible, Becky Evans. Third row: Glen Petrina, Gregg Ross, Ted Scott, Dionne Cool, Chip Cunningham, Gail Plunkett, Madie Joyner, Robert Cunningham. Fourth row: Kenneth Webb, Jimmy Rowland, Tom Golardi, Greg Price, Billy Keeter, Bruce Frank, Tracy Riley, Carl McCroskey, Rex Nordeen. Fifth row: Tom Coffey, Gory Fleetwood.First row: Carol Cowan, Melvo Welton, Bonnie Dietz, Sara Borop, Nancy Davis, Susan Corley. Second row: Mr. Motte Yarbrough, Advisor, Andrea Clarke, Alison Beach, Linda Creed, Joan Herre, Becky Stevens. Third row: Christy Dickson, Sherie Phillips, Brenda Burnette, Ellen Braddy, Judy Hedrick. Fourth row: Susan Bentley, Bud Williams, Melinda Glasgow, Mary Elizo beth Townes, Stewart Harris. Fifth row: Eula Boylston, Patsy Jones, Coleen Kneece, Teri Robinson. Sixth row: Bob Tarrant, Don Smoland, Neil Flannigon, Rickie Thornton. folksinqinq cLub is the club for ethnic young folk singers ... programs ... ? ... realnameof club ... Yogi’s Local Yokels? ... flight to Sno-Cap ... Bob Dylan would be proud of us ... banjos ... guitars ... that should have been a G chord ... “Black is the color of my true love’s hair’’ ... Smothers Brothers imitators ... “Quack, Quack ’ ... “Quack” ... these are the leaders of tomorrow? ... young neurotics? ... hardly ... “Everybody sing” ... unusual, unexpected guests ... Senator Cushman ... meetings every other Wednesday nigh ... “Bring your physics book and let’s go to Folksinging.” First row: Ellen Johnson, Jo Ann Quinn, Cindy Niland, Gayle Rockow, Ann Thomas, Beth Johnson, Marilyn Morx. Second row: Mike McMonowoy, Jim Farmer, Pom Durban, Chuck Porks, Jimmy Beasley, Paul Smoland, David Graham. Third row: Larry Lovell, Chip Cunningham, Mary Eckardt, Jay Elliott, Ernie Compton, Jimmy Jackson, Bob Forstner. Fourth row: Steve Scotten, Lee Gomble, Alec Hobbs, Lily McCullough, Betsy Siddoll, Cissy Talbert. Fifth row: Jimmy Rowland, Cathy Wollenburg, Woody Wilkie, Linda Curry, Tony Recupido, Robert Cunningham, Ed Mann, Sandy Agee, Joe Herbert. Sixth row: Tom Eckles, Donford Meischen, Nick McElmurroy, Ralph Keys, Bruce Frank, Bob Thomson, Ricky Pinckney. 133First row: Leah Dole Johnson, Susan Bond, Dianne Sanders, LoVerne Cote, Missie Bowman, Cecelia Thomos, Joyce Bane. Second row: Becky Evans, Cindy Niland, Kaye Minton, Cindy Whitehurst, Patti Hodges, Jessica Sumner, Sharon Luallen, Mrs. Peggy Lambert, Advisor. Third row: Mike Aiken, Ricky Ellington, Mary Beth Taylor, Charles Wallace, Bill Carroll. ARt ClUB for artistically inclined students ... responsible for mural in office lobby ... fill showcases ... “I hate to say this, but I think our sign is crooked” ... ceramic display ... “That’s mine back there” ... Christmas party ... masked ball ... speakers at meetings ... tea in class ... trip to museum in Columbia ... “Are you sure that one is mounted right?” ... room full of art supplies and “things” ... annual art show ... awards to the best ... drawings of Beatles ... abstracts ... ceramics ... oils ... bulletin boards,... “Has anybody seen my glass of tempera?” Mrs. Lambert does lettering on NHS certificates ... make posters to keep up school spirit, emphasize projects ... “Please return all supplies to art room” ... effects of club seen everywhere in the school. First row: Nancy Davis, Brendo T urner, Donna Buchanan, Melinda Glasgow, Judy Greer, Janis McAbee, Joon Greer. Second row: Norma Golden, Teresa Raloff, Pam Moore, Teresa Timmons, Millie McKeown, Keith Smiley. Third row: Jane Zion, Sally Syphrit, Pot Cook, Alberta Phillips, Cindy Fox.First row: Joe Herbert, Susan Bond, Jim Thompson, Tommy Truitt, Morionne Towler, Mr. Pierce Liles, Advisor. Second row: Bill Rodes, David Eaton, Roy Jackson, Joy Thompson, John Searle, Bill Ashmore, Sara Borop. Third row: David Graham, David English, Robert Cunningham, Carl Dietz, Lorry Lovell, Ian Montenyohl, Steve Scotten, Dianne Cool. Fourth row: Jimmy Rowland, Bob Forstner, Paul Smoland, Alec Hobbs, Tony Recupido, Teri Robinson, Carl McCrosky, John Graham, Danford Meischen. Fifth row: Chip Cunningham, Steve Driver, Bob Tarrant. science cIub acquaints members with different branches of science ... annual visit to S.R.P. ... glass-blowing exhibition ... nothing explosive about physics ... guest speakers ... lectures ... chemistry ... metallurgy ... physics ... geology ... nuclear physics ... plastic covers on shoes at S.R.P. ... film badges ... bi-monthly meetings ... elections ... “Where is everybody?11 ... “Some- body say something printable" ... “The basic foundation of the atomic-orbital theory is" ... more guest speakers ... “Has anyone seen Mr. Liles?" ... broken equipment ... “Honest, it just slipped right outof my hand" ... “Gee, Mr. Wizard" ... encouraged participation in Science Fair. First row: Ralph Pearson, Greg McCullough, Kenny Hill, Dove Robinson, Skipper Brotherton, Billy Jumper. Second row: Tommy Vernon, Jimmy Jokes, Don Smoland, Lenore Randall, Kaye Golden, Norma Golden, Cothy Wallenburg. Third row: Tex Peterson, Marc Werner, Bobby Yancey, Poul Pinson, Carol Lawheod, David Crawford, Ann Seigler, Eleanor Roop. Fourth row: Billy Simpson, Jim McClearen, Lake Wise.Cmrmteeps First row: Dee Lott, Ricky Ellington, Woody Wilkie, Ernie Compton, Poulo Terwilliger, Mrs. Mory Stocks, Advisor. Second row: Suson Corley, Susan Bond, Sara Borop, Missie Bowmon, Karen Olsen, Teresa Timmons, Solly Syphrit. Third row: Nancy Herndon, Sandy Burleson, Linda Curry, Beth Wilson, Dianne Cool, Beverly Griggs, Karen Borup, Carol Lybrond. Fourth row: Margie Mills, Beth Callahan, Ann Cranford, Deedy Kenny, Diane Wolf, Lily McCullough, Evelyn Rish, Judith Burgess, Suson Lower. makes acting more popular among students ... presented Christmas play ... “No, no! Not “Ba-go's Christmas,” ‘‘BangGoes Christmas” ... speakers from Community playhouse ... make-up demonstration ... “and the sticky gunk goes here, but not until you put on the sweet-smelling stuff and rub it in with your little finger” ... spring play ... more guest speakers ... all phases of stage work ... problems with sets -sometimes they didn’t show up ... lighting ... costuming ... properties ... sound effects ... directing ... even a little acting ... “No, Joe, you don’t hit the ball with these cues” ... new sponsors, Mrs. Stocks and Miss Padgett. First row: Lindy Morrell, Judy Emslie, Gretchen VanZile. Linda Volley, Beth Percle, Miss Jo Ann Padgett. Second row: Debbie Taylor, Betty Hudok, Donna Me Elroy, Carol Lawhead Gayle Clork, Kathy Hayes, Diane Mace. Third row: Fay Bright, Jeanette Hudgins, Delio Wilson, Hilda Jane Sopough, Chris Thorngate, Cindy Baker, Ellen Ebenhack, Catherine Ice. Fourth row: Alberta Phillips, Pot Cook, Teri Robinson.pep cLub First row: Doug Jones, Jimmy Brontley, Rick Ellington, Missie Bowman, Ann Cronford, Paula Terwilliger. Second row: Stephen Surasky, Ricky Pinckney, Sandy Gilmer, Gary Hunter, Scherry Mitchell, Judy Brewer, Donno Buchanon. Third row: George Hogan, Mike Townes, Sketter Townsend, Raymond Tolcher, Gerald Owen, Skipper Brotherton, Tommy Truitt, Tommy Vernon. Fourth row: Barbara Tolcher, Ellen Cote, LoVerne Cote, Tricia McNair, Cindy Whitehurst, Richard Szasz, Robert Wilson, Diane Burckhalter, Dan Heaton. Fifth row: Joyce Bane, Karen Johnson, Laura Lynn Martin, Pam Johnson, Jonice Wolf, Noncy Herndon, Margie Mills, Nick McElmurroy, Ellen Eben-hock, Elizabeth Day. promotes school spirit ... organized this year ... “All right, let’s get our spirit organized” ... members by the hundreds ... “This isn’t a meeting, it’s a mob’’ ... revival of the Homecoming parade ... “Now, everybody get in the right position and STAY there!” ... honorable mention for their float ... make posters by the millions ... card section at ball games ... “Yell, y’all, YELL!" ... “Wear green and white or else” ... motorcade to North Augusta game ... everybody out on the field to greet the players ... “Yell for the school, not the class” ... “It’s your school, don’t paper it” ... intramural sports plaque ... “Be at the game tonight — and bring your spirit!” First row: Mary Beth Taylor, Keith Smiley, Cindy Fox, Teresa Timmons, Gary Fleetwood, Mrs. Virginio Winter, Advisor. Second row: Sally Syphrit, Beth Wilson, Cindy Niland, Markie Hennelly, Resel Gosnell, Deedy Kenny, Jimmy Calloway. Third row: Mark Crawford, Susan Holmes, Jonis Johnson, Cheryl Eggert, Amy Szasz, Judy Emslie. Fourth row: Myra Best, Gerry Lynn Thompson, Michelle Maurice, Pat Ropp, Mary Griffin, Ellen Braddy, Lily McCullough, Ronnie Shealy, Karen Olsen. Fifth row: Eveiyn Rish, Buzzy Johnson, Andy Scherffius, Janyce Simpson, Cloudio John-Alice Niesemann, Diane Wolf, Mike Warren, Stephen Surosky. 137First row: Bobby Rhoden, Don Hondy, Ken McKellor, David English, Edwin Seigler, Mr. John Saunders, Advisor. Second row: Glenn Petrina, Glen Gentry, Lee Gamble, Donnie Martin, Phil Gee, Eddie Till, David Crawford. Third row: Bob Thomson, Joe Johnson, Mike Majors, Kenneth Dillard, Danny Mogness, Jnli|| "jini|I Tni Joe Tyler, Charles Taylor. BUS 6RIV6RS must be reliable ... “nor rain, nor snow, nor dark of morn, shall stay these faithful couriers’ ... excellent safety record ... bus inspections ... “Edwin, my child, if you don't hurry back I'll fail you on this test” ... “Do I have to drive a late bus?” ... “I give up, how do you keep them quiet?' “These junior high kids are a pain in the neck!” ... long routes ... short routes ... “Why does this bus always have to get to school on time?” ... Somebody please tell Philip that reverse is no help in climbing a hill ... “You mean your bus has an electric starter, Wow!” ... Too bad: Only three girls in the entire club ... First row: Ricky Morton, Joe Lain, Mitch Ross, Henry Berry, Joel Golden, Ralph Keys. Second row: Denny Christine, Steve Milkereit, Pam Gunter, Diane Taylor, Donna Arrants, Gary Anderson, Bobby LeBert. Third row: Phillip LyelI, Lorvis Franklin, Jerry Mens, Richard Fox, Bob Sawyer, Jerry Waters, Stanley Powell, Gregg Ross. Fourth row: Richard Calloway, Leonard Lewis, Al Hope.First row: Jan Woodward, Linda Porter, Ira Withers, Ann Blackwell, Elaine Hall, Mrs. Frances Beach, Advisor. Second row: Bobbie Jeon Bessinger, Barbara Vassengole, Karen Duncan, Helen Selby, Kathy Henderson, Thelma Martin, Linda Brantley. Third row: Emmie Scott, Alice Lain, Lynda Owens, Diane Millwood, Susan Perry, Rosalyn Cushman, Cheryl Smith, Ginny Carter. Fourth row: Irene Johnson, Jeanett Hudgins, Debbie Causey, Dawn Johnson, Mari sue Botes. Putupe homemAkeRs Off to the fair ... Mrs. Fleetwood, the welfare speaker, “and that’s why teenagers and parents disagree’’ ... the Homecoming float - “faster girls, faster” ... a Christmas speaker ... cancer pads and trash can liners for the hospital ... Projects for the mentally retarded — buttons, records, empty spools, more money ... Officers and sponsor to leadership workshop. First row: Betty Roland, Marsha Fleischman, Joanne Fisher, Patsy Taylor, Alice Johnson, Mrs. Noomi Satterfield, Advisor. Second row: Terry Francis, Linda Whitt, Betty Johnson, Patsy Daniel, Corol Ford, Diane Thomas, Sherry Wilson. Third row: Mary Pleaconis, Linda Volley, Vondo Proctor, Lana Fair, Judy Croft, Delia Wilson, Peggy Gregory, Patricia Couch. ■row: Margaret Escoffler, Gardner, Becky Evans, Wise, Leslie Campbell, Betty Reyner, Advisor. Second row: Ronnie Robinson, Mike Taylor, Donna Miller, Sberie Phillips, Pam Moore, Tricio McNair, Ernie Shuler. Third row: Nancy Johnson, Carol Warner, Mary Hatcher, Collettee Evans, Joan Wood, Sherry Jenkins, Chris Thomgote, Beth Percle. Fourth row: Gloria Cox, Kaye Letbetter, June George, Pam Johnson, Judy Holliday, Loura Lynn Martin, Vicki Johnson, Janice Wolf, Jan Stofford. Fifth row: Linda Gray, Mary Griffin, Teri Robinson, Ellen Broddy, Jeff Wolf, Andy Scherffius, Linda Wood, Pam Nelson. Suson Isaacs, Fay Bright. Les fuelons VeRts estpour ceux qui suivent French II ... Mile Elizabeth Combier ... parle encore ... grammaire francaise ... les ecoles francais ... “fads" en France ... livres de tissue verte et blanche ... pour leur dans Home- coming ... "Comment dit-on ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas en francais?” ... usage du subjonctif ... correspondence avec “pen pals” en France. First row: Mike Wright, David Miller, Eric Hodges, Donnie Eubanks, Charles Lowery, Ronnie McCall. Second row: Jockie Barab, Alec Stevens, Becky Johnson, Elizabeth Day, Sandro Merritt, Betty Kennedy, Linda Hughey. Third row: Glenn Petrina, Marc Jerry King, Ann Thomas, Ritchie, Karen Johnson, Shealy, Bob Harte. Fourth row: Tommy Vernon, Bobby Yoncey, Vernon Mossingale, Charles Greshom, Tom Eckles, Linda Lance, Carol Lawheod, Susan Hahn, Connie Ferrell. Fifth row: Mary Tope, Glenn Albeo, Don Smoland, Lake Wise, Brendo Burnette, Tony Con-noughton, Suson Lea Campbell, Phoebe Willis, Judy Emslie, Mickey Johnson, Jimmy Jakes. 140First row: Mike Suggs, Karen Davis, Cheryl Smith, Evelyn Rlsh, Rickie Thornton, Miss Ruth Maxwell, Advisor. Second row: Kaye Mathis Jonis Johnson, Michelle Maurice, Pamela Brown, Betty Hudak, Susan Bell, Ellen Fisher. Third row: Claudio Johnson, Neil Flannagan, Pot Ropp, Kathy Hart, Butch Stallings, Bonnie Seigler, Debbie Taylor, Beth Callahan. Fourth row: Steve Kern, Gale Solomon, Cheryl Bible, Nancy Herndon, Joyce Reorden, Cappy McCullough, Jeanlne Baxter, Trlno Wilson, Diana Matthews. Les novices etrange et etrangere ... “la figure ne veut pas dire figure, mois face" les tableaux ... les mots ... “Ecrivez les phrases suivantes” ... “Amusez yous bien!M est pour ceux qui suivent leur premiere annee de francais ... “Nous parlons franjais” ... Almost ... “Je m’appelle” ... “Je suis, tu es, il est, nous sommes, vous etes, ils sont“ ... C’est une langue First row: LoVeme Cote, Hilda Jane Sopough, Bryan Allison, Morris Powell, Phoebe Millett, Mary Beth Ussery. Second row: Chris Oglesby, Sharon Bloss, Diane Corpenter, Doug James, Jack Snipes, Chuck Parks, Lindy Morrell. Third row: Claudia Coplon, Colleen Kneece Yvonne Woshbum, Kathy Hayes, Kathy Hurst, Cheryl Eggert, Judy Baughman, Delia Wilson. Fourth row: Carol Barsh, Priscilla Wilson, Danna Yelton. MlFirst row: Kathy Goldman, Larry Akins, Allen Denson, , Susan Bell, Ann Cranford, Memory Robinson. Second row: Ket Whitson, Donnie Arbough, L JesseCorleton, Grady Sizemore, Larry Smith, Jimmy Brown, Mary Anne Cavanaugh. Third row: Sammy Ussery, Diane Zion, Penny Flanders, Pom Luton, Mickey Johnson, Alan George, Sammy Lancaster, Darryl Hickman. Fourth row: Keith Smiley, Sandy Burleson, Koye Mathis, Trina Wilson, Cindy Baxter, Robert Heillg, Debbie Cousey, Gordon Butler, Mike Kirkpatrick. Fifth row: Robert Wilson, Butch Willis, Dave Robinson, Bob Hedrick, Elizabeth Day, Terry Francis, Linda Wood, Jim Farmer, Harry Sampson, David Droke. Sixth row: Mike Rodford, Bob McKellar, Morion Rector, Bob Harte, Bud Williams, Stewart Harris, Joy Gross. 3-h ClUB office Assistants Hornet Homeroom Helpers ... brand new club ... homeroom representatives sell HORNET subscriptions ... collect picture money ... “Miss Barlow, I have an extra penny, and I don’t know where I got it” ... sold bag lunches during exams ... stacks of cigar boxes, full of money ... “I should have a quarter in my box, but I don’t, but Penny has fifty cents and she should have only a quarter, so it’s OK” ... won first place in the Homecoming float contest ... right hand of HORNET staff. help Mrs. McNeil, Mr. Willis, Mr. Saunders, Miss Gunter, and Mr. Woodward ... “Hello, Aiken High School” ... sort mail ... remember the names are over the boxes, not under them ... absentee reports ... phone numbers ... schedule cards ... “But he isn’t in C-5 - oh, I see, it’s A-5” ... guidance office work ... “Sir, your daughter SAYS she’s sick. Is it all right if she comes home?” ... “Mr. Woodward is in, but I’m afraid he won’t let you drop Senior English” ... free aspirin and cheerful assistance. First row: Brenda Grice, Frances Morton, Linda Brantley, Ann Goff, Mrs. Hazel McNeil, Advisor. Second row: Gwynn Willis, Susan Bond, Donna Arrant s, Ann Smith, Barbara Morris. Third row: Joyce Hendrix, Kathy Urban, Susan Corley, Beth Wilson. Fourth row: Gayle Rockow, Lily McCullough, Linda Curry. Fifth row: Jane Zion, Sondra Herron, Judy Brewer, Sara Borop.First row: Billy Perry, Cleo-burne Belcher Alon Wlble, Dove Robinson, Shannon Kirk, Mr. Motte Yarbrough, Advisor. Second row: Linda Volley, Mory Ann Herron, Sherle Phillips, Betty Sue Downing, Joyce Tuer, Joy Elliott, Mike Warren. Third row: Woody Wilkie, Alison Beoch, Gory Hunter, Myers Porter, Paul Moshbum, Jon McCoy, Jimmy Mothls, Ricky Morton. Fourth row: Loke Wise. Jeffrey Wolf, Virginia Jones, Mickey Cline, Carl Dietz, Tommy Moore, Harold Morgan, Mary Dietz, Melinda Glasgow. Fifth row: Andy Scherffius, Steve Driver, Jimmy Rushton, Mike Townes, Lenore Randall, Teri Robinson, Lindo Hughey, Susan Kern, Marlonne Towler, John Seorle. Sixth row: Harry Yonce, Chuck Johnson, Rlchord Dorey, Ralph Pearson, Mike Radford. young pAtRiots exponents new club just organized this September ... encourage and promote patriotism and a better understanding of govermental procedures ... Chief of Police spoke about teenage crime and accidents in Aiken County ... Senator Cushman spoke on politics and political leaders ... FBI agent from Savannah spoke ... won honorable mention in Homecoming Parade ... plan to sponsor debates for the AHS students. math club of AHS ... guest speakers ... topography ... “What happens to iced tea in a Klein Bottle?” ... “But I still say it has two sides!” ... modern math ... sets, elements, Greek letters ... computers ... “No, don’t push that button because-oh, never mind ... bivousy system ... 1,10,11,100 ... math help sessions ... visit to bank ... and remember sports fans, H 1 2, usually ... First row: Cleabume Belcher, Gory Hunter, Shannon Kirk, Dave Robinson, Larry Lovell, Mrs. Betty Nuzum, Advisor. Second row: Jimmy Beasley, Mary Dietz, Jeffrey Wallace, Roy Jackson, Jim Thompson, Tommy Truitt, Bill Ashmore. Third row: Mickey Cline, Peggy Ann Robbins, Susan Bond, Cherry Boyce, Susanne Bodie, Donno Larson, Boroara Tolcher, Christy Dickson. Fourth row: Bob Forstner, Bobby Wade, Tex Peterson, Jackie Borob, Jon Stafford, Hyo Laurel, Lenore Randall, Virginia Jones, David Crawford. Fifth row: David Eaton, Ian Montenyohl, Marianne Towler, Sherle Phillips, John Seorle, Ellen Johnson, Skipper Brotherton.First row: Mr. Alvin Hawkins, Advisor, Horry Yonce, David Gunter, Lawton Bryant, Albert Emeneker, Johnny Morris. Second row: Ray Honno, Stanley Powell, Larry Hair, Kenneth Heath, Roy Johnson, Jerry Hatcher, Ted Eubonks. Third row: Norris Moseley, David Wrenn, David Wallace, Eddie Grice, Roger Key, Harvey Fox, Dennis Lane, Drew Lewis. Fourth row: Harry Blackwell, Jimmy Kelly, Lorry Smith, Glenn Day, Wayne Ussery, Larry Evans, William Salters, J.R. Williams, Vic Russell, Fifth row: Roger Jackson, William Baxter, Charles Walloce, Bobby Seabolt, Paul Mashburn, Jimmy Webster, Jerry Metts, Jimmy Brooks, Ted Key, Steve Milkereit. Sixth row: Lewis Kelly, Lorry Key, Sammy Rogers, Albert Blockman, Donny Rogers, Larry Mills, Gerald Cook. futupe fARmeps placed first and third in the Forestry Field Day contest ... shrubbery — planting and upkeep ... soil judging ... plans to re-landscape school grounds ... open to students of vocational ag ... “No, John, we've gone a little beyond putting a fish with each corn seed, at least with hybrids” ... “Why does the grass grow greener on the other side of the fence?” “Because the AHSFFA lives there.” ChORUS has variety in repertoire ... classical ... religious ... pop ... “For the last time, we are NOT going to sing 'Leader of the Pack'” ... Thanksgiving assembly ... Christmas music ... spring presentations ... “No, Susan, Wagner is a little advanced for us” ... planned trip to South Carolina Spring Music Festival ... ‘Mr. Summerall, may we stick the music in our sleeves?” ... “Please stay in a group this time — OK, everybody up.” First row: Mr. Everette Summer all. Director, Karen Borup, Gwlnette NcNeal, Brenda Jones, Connie Jones, Joe Brewer, Rosemary Denton, Fay Bright, Ann English, Vernon Mosslngale. Second row: Henry Mundy, Norma Busbee, Wayne Leaphort, Linda Hurt, Mary Sue Jordon, Janis McAboe, Johnny Gullion, Felton Enlow, Lynda Owens. Third row: Carolyn Leaphart, Sandra Hudak, Dickie Rogers, Wayne Fulmer, Carol Lybrand, Hilda Jane Sapough, Idella Jennings, Barbara Patterson, Imogene Boatwright, Linda Porter, Jan Woodward. 144First row: Ann Seigler, Vickie Adorns, Ann Shideler, Bobbie Bruder, Dickie Rogers, Kay Minton, Lyndo Owens, Jessica Sumner, Sharon Luallen, Mary Hatcher, Mrs. Mory Hilborn, Advisor. Second row: Nancy Butler, Betty Sue Downing, Pam Johnson, Judy Holliday, Nancy Johnson, Cindy Aubrey. Third row: Eleanor Roop, Janet Trollinger, Jon ice Wolf, Lauro Lynn Martin, Barbara Koon, Janice Meeler, Mary Carol Miller, Nancy Hicks, Lindy 'Morrell, Jenny Ritchie, Nancy Johnson. Fourth row: Pot Cook, Jane Zion, Connie Heider, Betty Hudak. futupe nuRses stresses the importance of nursing as a career ... services to others ... emphasis on opportunity ... informationon techniques ... “This is a hypodermic” ... float in Homecoming parade ... party at the home of Mrs. Hilborn, their sponsor ... spring trip ... work at hospital ... Candy Stripers ... serve meals ... play with children ... cheer for patients. llBRARy ClUB broaden horizons through books ... great help in “term paper panic” ... “What do you mean, Mrs. Bobo has that book?” ... cosponsor of bulletin board contest for National Education Week ... “May I speak to Dewey, please?” ... “All these passes have my name on them” ... attended district meetings in Graniteville and state convention in Columbia ... “Where are the 800 5?” ... sshhh! First row: Leland Keley, Shelley Striesfold, Donna Buchanon, Bonnie Dietz, Janice Bell, Mrs. Jessie Lee Hutto, Advisor. Second row: Susan Wilkie, Carolyn Willis, Dickie Rogers, Patricio Nordeen, Margoret Denhis, Rita Martin, Faye Lancaster. Third row: Melinda Glasgow, Melva Welton, Frances Walton, Yvonne Washburn, Drucie Gull ion, Rebecca Mossee, Mary Beth Ussery, Lorene Yates. Fourth row: Cecelia Thomas, Debbie Collins, Mortha Huckabee. 145First row: Gory Boland, Douglos Ferrell, Lonny Day, Joe Harden, Mr. Edwin Buice, Advisor, Mr. Roy Tollerson. Second row: Donnie Adoir, Jimmy Grice, Donald Jackson, Richard Hunter, Jerry Metts, Joe Johnson, David Crawford. Third row: William Salters, Larry Mills, Felton Enlow, Gibbs Dixon, James Boatright, Allen Parker, Coy Shorpe, Dennis Lone. Fourth row: Jim Gray, Gory Aaron, Dean Boatwright, Ronnie Gambill, Lorry Key, Pot Kaney. t And i plans beautification projects for the school ... construct useful facilities ... plans for concrete tables and benches in the quadrangle ... better speaker’s podium ... (for the same speakers) ... exercising benches for the Junior Varsity ... training in mechanics and carpentry. 6istRiButive ed provides general background for understanding of American free enterprise system ... practice for job interviews ... “Hello, sirmy name is” ... business relationships ... how to get a job ... and keep it ... ways to advance ... active member of state-wide organization ... conventions ... conventions ... conventions. First row: Sondra Dewit, Janice Holl, Linda Leophort, Linda Seigler, Ann Berry. Second row: Ronnie Hamilton, Linda Mizell, Larry Beck, Gary Hunter, Dione Seymour, Miss Morgoret, Coto, Advisor. Third row: Carl Cook, Johnny Hough, Ted Eubanks, Dovid Wallace, Larry Moyer, Wallace Boatwright, Jerry Walker.First row: Chipper Mullins, Richord Collowoy, Don Orr, Steve Driver, Bryan Allison, Robert Newton. Second row: Gerald Cook, Harvey Driggers, Vernon Moss ingale, Larry Smith, Wayne Burdette, Charles Wallace, Mike Graham. Third row: Woody Wilkie, Bill Nightingale, Henry Garvin, Robert Worley, Richard Felder, Jimmy Johnt, David Eaton, Bill Rodes. Fourth row: Mrs. Barbara Cude, Advisor, John Searle, Marianne Towler, Paul Pinsort, Al Hope. AUdlO-VISUAL cLub members gain experience with technical equipment ... operate projectors and phonographs in classes ... “OK, who put the M M in the projector?” ... quest speakers give tips on modern sound and film equipment ... special lighting effects for Junior Follies and Senior Play ... provides devotions faithfully ... gives lunchroom music ... everything from Bartok to Beatles ... music to yell louder by ... supplies audio-visual aids for teachers ... maintain sound equipment for assemblies ... “Testing 12,3.” CAmeRA ClUB learn various techniques and skills ... “No, Donna, you don’t move the camera to take moving pictures’ ... darkroom techniques ... “When you were back there you washed your hands in what9” ... “Maybe it’s upside down’’ ... “What does this little button do?" ... “First we remove the lens cover ’ ... “Filter? I didn’t know it was dirty, sir” ... “Really, Mr. Waybright, I think some double exposures are interesting” ... Pirst row: Ernie Shuler, Harold Gurley, Cecelia Thomas, Donna Buchanan, Woody Wilkie, Mr. Waybright, Advisor. Second row: Lorry Smith, Don Orr, Harry Hill, Myers Porter, Philip Rosbach. Third row: Robert Worley, Frank Dunbar. First row: Cookie Jones, Kothy Goldman, Joyce Jones, Mary Seabolt, Frances Dewitt, Linda Altman, Mr. John Eubanks, Advisor. Second row: Ann Goff, Lana Faye Lybrand, Normc Jeon Lybrand, Linda Seigler, Linda Hodges, Sandro Tucker, Linda Leaphart, Imogenc Fronklin. Third row: Faye Richardson, Faye Lancaster, J.D. Ford, Jonice Hoi I, Dickie Rogers, Judy Brewer, Corolyn Willis. Fourth row: Jimmy Adair, Jerry Metts, Wayne Fulmer, Gory Boland. Fifth row: Ben Yon, Richard Felder, Harry Blackwell, Henry Salley. canteen staff work behind counter during lunch' hour ... help Mr. Eubanks ... and hungry students ... “I want two Reese cups, three packs of Cheez Doodles, one pack of cheese crackers with peanut butter, three Cokes and’ ... ‘‘Somebody give the child a box to carry all that ... delivery day chores ... packing and unpacking and arranging ... “That will be twenty-six cents’ ... to help pay for athletic equipment and uniforms for AHS teams. cafetepia staff take students’ money ... guardians of the lunch counter ... “No, you can’t have two rolls’ ... “Change for a ten? Ten what?’’ ... “You forgot your fork” ... “Twenty-five cartons of milk — that will be seventy-five cents’’ ... dropped butter ... spilled milk ... trays, silverware ... change ... “I owe you ten cents from Tuesday, but you didn’t have my change’’ ... only a little for a good meal.149 junioRsBruce Manter, President JliniOR ClASS 150 Ann Thomas, Treasurer Beth Hershey, SecretaryAdams, Vickie Alexander, Kenneth Aubrey, Cindy Agee, Sandy Allison, Bryan Bane, Joyce Agerton, Marie Albeo, Glenn Altman, Linda Arbaugh, Donnie Barrett, Mary Jane Bates, Marisue Aiken, Mike Aque, Rosemary Bartley, Benny Beach, Alison Beck, Wayne Beheler, Danny Belcher, Cleaburne Belcher, Trudy Bell, Linda Bell, Roger Berry, Louann Bossinger, Bobbie Jean Best, Myra Bible, Cheryl Blanchard Eddie Blessing, Ronald Boatwright, Imogene Bodie, Pot Bodie, Susanne Bowery, Gary Boyce, Cherry Boyd, Potsy Boylston, Eula Brewer, Joe Bright, Fay Brinkley, Jimmy Brock, Eugene Brodie, Allen Brown, Alice Bryant, Carl is Bryant, Harry Buchmiller, Steve Burckhalter, Charles Burleson, Gory Busbee, Eva Lee Busbee, Normo Jean Busbee, William Busch, Joye 151Butler, Roberto Byrne, Ricky Codden, Troy Coin, Jock Caldwell, Judy Comp, Sylvia Campbell, Leslie Campbell, Mike Carter, Ricky Carter, Sandra Carter, Ginny Cato, Tony Cherry, Ronnie Cockrell, Glenn Coffey, Priscilla Coffey, Thomas Cole, Terry Collins, Debbie Connaughton, Tony Cook, Carl Cook, Pat Cook, Roy Cooke, Margaret Ann Cooper, Frank Corley, Paulette Cowan, Buddy Coward, Buddy Cox, Gloria Craddock, John Croft, Walter Crosby, Charles Cunningham, Robert Dailey, Brandon Davis Frosty Davis, Karen Day, Junior Dedmon, Bill Dietz, Mary Dixon, Gibbs Downing, Betty Driver, David Day, Glenn Doy, Bobby Denton, Rosemary Dietz, Bonnie Dillard, Kenneth Donovan, Potty Dorey, Richard Driggers, Jimmy Dunbar, Frank 152Durden, Ann Eaton, David Edenfield, Anne Edmundson, Robert Edwards, Candice Ellington, Beth Elliott, Joy Elrod, Scotty Emeneker, Albert Enlow, Felton Ergle, Judy Ergle, Mary Escoffier, Margaret Eubanks, Donnie Evans, Collette Evans, Becky Font, Rodger Ferrell, Connie Frody, Linda Frank, Bruce Ford, J.D. Frommer, Suzanne Gabriel, Dickie Golardi, Tommy Gambrel I, Ann Gardner, Carol Gardner, Nancy Garvin, Henry Gay hart, Debbie George, June Glasgow, Melinda Goff, Ann Golden, Norma Goldman, Kathy Gosnell, Rodney Graham, Mike Gray, Tommy Gregory, Gloria Gresham, Charles Gunter, Lynn Hahn, Susan Graham, John Gray, Linda Green, Nancy Gregg, Donnie Gregory, Linda Gull ion, Jimmy Gunter, David Hogon, George Hair, Tricia 153Homrick, Wayne Hanno, Ray Hatcher, Bonnie Hatcher, Mory Haynsworth, Berkeley Hegler, Lynette Herde, Gory Herre, Joon Herron, Mory Ann Hondy, Don Harden, John Hay, Lebby Heath, Shelby Herndon, Nancy Herrin, Donnie Hershey, Beth Higgenbottom, Sammy High, Bill Hill, Horry Hill, Kenneth Hitchmon, Groce Hobbs, Jock Hodges, Eric Holliday, Judy Hough, Horriett Hough, John Howard, Eddie Hughey, Linda Hughey, Linda Hurst, Gary Hurt, Shirley Hutto, Jenell Ice, Marilyn Inobinet, Jeanette Jockson, Roy Jenkins, Sherry Jennings, Idello Johnson, Bobby Johnson, Chuck Johnson, Ellen Johnson, Karen Johnson, Nancy Johnson, Pom Johnson, Vicki Jones, Connie Jones, Robert Jones, Patsy Jones, Virginia Joy, Grayson Jumper, Judy 154Keeter, Billy Kelly, Jimmy Kelly, Larry Kelley, Lelond Kern, Susan Key, Elouise Key, Lorry Kight, Harry King, Jerry Larson, Donna LaRusso, Sherry Laurel, Hyo Low, McDonald Lawrence, Eloine Leophort, Carolyn Lee, Laura Lefler, Nancy Letbetter, Kaye Lockhart, Kathy Lovell, Lorry Lowery, Charles Lowe, Barbara Lybrand, Lona Lyle, James Lyell, Phillip Mace, Dione Mogness, Brenda Majors, Mike Makohon, Linda Mann, Eddie Manter, Bruce Martin, Laura Lynn Martin, Reta Massee, Becky Mas sen gale, Barbara Mauldin, James McCall, Ronnie McCullough, Greq McKellar, Ken Meadows, Stanley Merritt, Sondra Massingale, Vernon McCall, John McCarty, Roma Jean McCrosky, Corl McElmurroy, Nick McLeoren, JimMiller, Donno Moore, Pom Miller, Gwen Moore, Tommy Miller, Mory Corol Morgan, Harold Mundy, Bonnie Mondy, Carolyn Morris, Johnny Nelson, Sheila Mills, Larry Morrell, Lindy Nelson, Pom Mont joy, Myra Moss, Gerald Newton, Robert Montenyohl, Ion Moseley, Judy Newton, Patsy Nichols, Kathy Nodine, Cheryl Nordeen, Rex O’Neal, Patricia Owen, Dottie Owenby, Linda Owens, Harry Padgett, Barbara Poge, Mary Jane Parks, Chuck Patterson, Janet Payton, Bobby Pearson, Ralph Perkins, Nicky Perry, Billy Peterson, Tex Petrina, Glen Phillips, Alberta Phillips, Sherry Phi I pot t, Drema Pickett, Steve Pleaconis, Mary Plunkett, Mary Ann Powell, Stanley Prater, Bernice Price, Greg Purvis, Kenny Quinn, JoAnn Radford, Mike Raloff, Teresa Randal I, Lenore Raney, Nancy Rankin, Mike Redd, Billy Reeves, Wayne 156Reynolds, Carolyn Rial, Peter Rich, Arthur Richardson, Foye Richardson, Sammy Ricks, Larry Ridge, Geri Sue Riley, Tracy Ritchie, Jenny Robbins, Peggy Ann Robinson, Teri Rodgers, Sammy Rorex, Jimmy Rosbach, Phil Ross, Greg Rowland, Charlotte Rushton, Jimmy Salters, William Sampson, Kathy Sapough, Hilda Jane Sawyer, Bob Schilling, John Scott, Ted Seabolt, Bobby Seobolt, Mary Seamster, Johnny Sharpe, Coy Show, Connie Shuler, Ernie Simpson, Billy Simpson, John. Smith, Cheryl Smith, Joe Smith, Larry Snipes, Jack Spivey, Judy Sumner, Richard Solomon, Dale Stapleton, Terry Taylor, Charles Snipes, Avery Sparks, Larry Studinka, Potty Snyder, Wayne Splawn, Jimmy Swanner, Jimmy Solomon, Gale Stevens, Jerry Taylor, Diane Stevens, Neal Thomas, Ann Stringer, Chuck Thompson, Scott 157Thorne, Jackie Timms, Mike Tinsley, Linda Tofte, Peggy Towler, Marianne Townes, Mary Elizabeth Trogdon, Charlotte Trollinger, Janet Tuer, Joyce Turner, Brenda Turner, David Turner, Larry Tyler, Joe Usher, Bobby Ussery, Wayne Ussery, Wyman Volley, Linda VonZile, Gretchen Vinson, Edward Waites, David Walker, Donna Wallace, David Wallace, Jeffrey Warner, Carol Washburn, Yvonne Webb, Kenneth Whitson, Zona Wible, Alan Widener, Joe Widener, Martha Wilhoit, Betty Williams, J.R. Wilson, Bruce Wise, Jamie Wolf, Janice JumoRs .. . were a busy class ... sold Aiken High penants ... worked our heads off on a Homecoming Dance ... “Be sure to bring the stuff to go in the punch” ... homeroom treasurers the busiest in school ... almost daily trip to Mrs. Lambert's room ... “But Mrs. Lambert, I can’t find the tickets!” ... Junior Follies ... cooperation from all the classes ... “Come on, Seniors! No tickets now, no Junior-Senior in May” ... Mr. As bill and Mrs. Stilling direct the proceedings ... a world of fun ... and work ... club officers ... committee members ... concerned about grades ... homework ... classes ... “Today we’re going to write” ... our first experience in the language lab ... a busy year ... a rich class ... began the uphill climb to Senior-hood ... chose a new slogan ... took College Boards ... National Honor Society and Beta Club inductions ... looked up to Seniors and down to Freshmen ... sure of positions as the next leaders of our world. Wood, Joon Wright, Foster Wright, Mike Young, Aaron Young, Brenda Zorn, Ronny Woodward, Ray Yates, Lorene Wood, Jane Youngblood, George 158159 fReshmenDavid Byrd, President Charles Holley, Vice-President fReshman class 160We arc the Class of ’67 Aoron, Gory Aoron, Steve Adair, Donnie Adorns, Tommy Adkinson, Brenda Agerton, Fronklin Akins, Larry Alexander, Koy Alexander, Susan Allen, Johnny Allen, Larry Alvanos, Nicky Arrants, Don Ashley, Eva Augustine, Morgoret Baggott, Lamar Baker, Cindy Baldwin, Linda Jo Barab, Jackie Barsh, Carol Barton, Ann Baughman, Judy Baxter, Bill Baxter, Cindy Baxter, Jeanine Baxter, Joe Bell, Janice Bell, Lenwood Bell, Susan Bentley, Susan Berry, Rebec co Bessinger, Robert Best, Diane Blackwell, Anne Bloss, Sharon Bonnette, Edward Boothe, Dale Boyd, Drue ilia Braddy, Ellen Brewer, Jerry Brittain, Randy Britton, Barbara Brotherton, Joye Broughton, George Brown, Cor I Brown, Pomelo Brown, Steve Bruder, Bobbie Burnette, Brenda Busbee, Wolloce Butler, Gordon Butler, Nancy Byors, John Byrd, David Callohan, Beth 161Comp, Pot Campbell, Gory Campbell, Susan Lea Corleton, Jesse Carpenter, Diane Causey, Debbie Chafin, Borbora Chambers, Cheryl Chapman, Billy Chapman, Dean Chapman, Elsie Chapman, Richard Chapman, Sharon Clark, Gayle Cook, Cheryl Cook, Gary Cooper, Ricky Coplon, Claudia Cote, Ellen Couch, Patricio Cox, Charles Crenshaw, Poul Crenshow, Paulo Crawford, Mark Croft, Judy We AR6 Crosby, Jimmy Currence, Bobby Jean Daniel, Patsy Dawson, Sammy Day, Elizabeth Day, Lanny Denson, Allen DeWitt, Joyce Dicks, Faye Dickson, Christy Dixon, Gordon Down hour, Ronda Drake, David Driggers, Harvey Dukes, Pete Duncan, Karen Dyches, Faye Dyer, Greg Eaves, Frampton Edwards, Ray Ebenhack, Ellen Eggert, Cheryl Emslie, Judy English, Ann Enlow, Rudy Eubanks, Orbie Eubanks, Wayne Ewing, Tom Fair, Lana 162Farmer, Jim Farrell, Sheila Farrell, Doug Fisher, Ellon Flanders, Penny Flannogon, Neel Flippin, Melvin Flowers, Neil Ford, Carol Frody, Robert the fpeshmen ... Fronds, Terry Franklin, Earlene Franklin, Imogene Fraser, Denny Freeman, Linda Freeman, Richord Fridley, Tommy Fulmer, Bobbie Jeon Fulmer, Wayne Fulmer, Wyman Gardner, Johnny Garvin, Hoi lie Sue Garvin, Patricio Geddes, Jimmy George, Alan Gilliam, Jimmy Golden, Kaye Godwin, Henry Goodwin, Thomas Grahom, Donald Gray, Jimmy Gregg, Betty Sue Grice Andy Griffin, Mary Gross, Sylvia Gunter, Ricky Hodden, Morion Hodden, Morris Hoy good, Virgil Hair, Larry Hall, Elaine Hall, James Hall, Patsy Hall, Steve Hall, Thomas Hallman, Marli Jo Hallman, Wyman Hammock, Jayne Harden, Joe Harrell, Frances Harris, Stewart Hart, Kathy Hort, Linda Horte, Bob Hatcher, Jerry 163Hawthorne, Doug Hayes, Kothy Hazard, Douglas Heath, Kenneth Heider, Connie Heilig, Robert Henderson, Kathy Herron, Collins Herron, Robert Hickman, Darryl We enteped the Hicks, Noncy Higingbottom, Patsy Hill, Threso Hitchman, Bruce Holley, Charles Holmes, Susan Howell, Bill Huckabee, Mortha Hudak, Betty Hudgins, Duetto Hudgins, Jeanette Hunt, Jimmy Hunt, Linda Hurst, Kathy Hurt, Linda Huskey, Chris Ice, Catherine Isaacs, Susan Jakes, Jimmy James, Douglas Jeancake, Charles Jennings, James Johnson, Becky Johnson, Betty Johnson, Brenda Johnson, Dawn Johnson, Donna Johnson, Irene Johnson, Janis Johnson, Lenwood Johnson, Mickey Johnson, Wayne Jolley, Jane Jolley, Lorry Jones, Bobby Jones, Mary Frances Jones, Mike Jordon, Albert Jordon, Mary Sue Joseph, Buzzy Judy, Rodney Keenan, Vaughn Keeter, Mike Kelly, Borbara Kelly, Brenda 164WORL6 Of Aiken high Kennedy, Beity Kern, Steve Key, Lorry Key, Nettie Key, Roger Key, Shirley Key, Ted Kirkpotrick, Mike Kissioh, Billy Kneece, Colleen Loin, Alice Lomb, Morsholl Loncoster, Sammy Lonce, Linda Lowhead, Carol Leophart, Donald Leaphart, Terrell Lee, Derrick LeGrond, Beth Lewis, Drew Lewis, Marilyn Long, Chip Lowe, Gerold Loyd, Robert Luallen, Sharon tit! , iiKi ft ft ft Lucky, Jerald-Deen Lundy, Dennis Luton, Pam MacKendree, Rhett Maness, Coolidge Martin, Danny Moshburn, James Mathis, Kaye Matthews, Diana Maurice, Michelle McCall, Irvin McCarthy, Mike McCarty, Borboro McCullough, Coppy McCutcheon, Brenda Me Elroy, Donna McGrow, Myra MeKeliar, Bree McNair, Kit Meeler, Janice Miano, Phillip Miller, David Miller, Mary Millett, Phoebe Mills, Marjorie Millwood, Diane Miner, Gory Minton, Janice Mizell, Frank Moody, Linda 165Morgon, Dovid Moseley, Mickey Moseley, Norris Mullins, Sommy Mundy, Sherry Murtho, Ricky Nunn, Bryon Oglesby, Chris Owens, Diane Owens, Lenora Owens, Lynda Owens, Lynda Page, Larry Percle, Beth Perry, Susan Pettis, Jerry Pierce, Billy Piercy, Billy Piper, George Pope, Charles Porter, Linda Powell, Morris Pressnell, Gory Price, Donny Proctor, Vonda We Attended CUsses... Quarles, Tommy Rearden, Joyce Rector, Marion Redd, Terry Reynolds, Ronnie Rhoden, Tommy Richordson, Ray Ricks, Lynda Ridenour, Roger Rish, Evelyn Robbins, Teresa Roberson, Joy Robinett, Greg Robinson, Ronnie Rogers, Danny Roop, Johnny Ropp, Pat Royal, Gil Sonders, Diane Sontomouro, Tommy Saum, Ricky Scherfflus, Andy Scott, Emmie Scott, Marion Scott, William Seamster, Bonnie Seiersen, Eric Seigler, Betty Sue Seigler, Bonnie Seigler, Don 166 Seigler, Elaine Selby, Helen Shealy, Ronnie Shellhouse, Robert Shepard, Eddie . And Sizemore, Charles Sizemore, Grady Skeen, David Smith, Danny Smoland, Don leARned... Snider, Barry Solomon, Barry Spires, Janice Stacey, Lynn Stafford, Jan Stallings, Butch Stoubes, Mike Stevens, Alex Stevens, Ray Stewart, Mike Stiles, Scott Stone, Ronnie Story, Bonnie Striesfeld, Shelley Suggs, Mike Sumner, Jessico Szosz, Amy Toylor, Debbie Taylor, Mike Taylor, Shirley Toylor, Steve Thomas, Beth Thomas, Dione Thomas, Glenn Thomas, Nancy Lu Thompson, Gerry Lynn Thompson, Jay Thomson, Jim Thorngote, Chris Thornton, Rickie Tice, George Tindall, Larry Tinsley, Charles Tolcher, Raymond Toole, Tim Tope, Mary Tronsou, Steve Truitt, Tommy Turner, Ida Tyler, Lisle Ussery, Mary Vernon, Tommy Wallace, Charles Walton, Nancy Warner, Chick 167Washington, Ernest Wells, Anne Werner, More West, Wayne Westmoreland, Mike White, Judy White, Pat Whitson, Ket Whitt, Linda Whittle, Stanley Widener, Lorry Wilkie, Susan Wilkins, Jeryl Williams, Bud Williams, Robert Willioms, Sondro Willis, Judi Willis, Lonnie Willis, Phoebe Wilson, Delia Wilson, Kelly Sue Wilson, Priscilla Wilson, Trina Wise, Lake Withers, Iro Wolf, Jeff Wood, Linda Woodword, Jon Woods, Brenda Wyatt, Judy Wyman, Solly Yancey, Bobby Yelton, Donna Yonce, Harry Youngblood, Don Zeller, Elizabeth ... an6 with the tuRninq of the wor16, new at first ... submerged in a new and different world ... “It takes forever to get from the gym to C-wing’’ ... from top grade to lowest in three short summer months ... from rival schools, each with its own prides and traditions ... “She’s really kind of nice. Too bad she’s not from our school’’ ... we came, at first, lonely and frightened ... and sometimes brash to hide our loneliness ... “Of course I know where the lunchroom is. Just because you're a Junior and I’m a Freshman is no reason to assume I don’t know where things are ... Hey, George, have you seen the cafeteria anywhere? ’ ... trying to prove ourselves ... learning to function as a class under the pressures of mocking Juniors and indifferent Seniors ... we grew in responsibility as we took on new duties ... joined clubs ... attended classes ... “That looks hard. What is it?” ... made Aiken High's traditions ours ... developed class pride ... and pride in the school ... discussed class projects ... contributed to sports with great JV teams ... showed off our brains and brawn ... as maturity caught up with us we were accepted ... finally ... we ceased to be lowly snips ... made the others understand that Freshman are people ... prepared to give the same treatment to next year’s Freshmen ... an integral, necessary part of the world of Aiken High ... our school, our world, at last. 168senioR diRectoRy 169semoR diRectORy JAMES WILLIAM ADAIR LARRY WEBB ADAMS ALAN WAYNE ALEXANDER HR Officer 2,3; Science Club 2; Folksinging Club 2; French Club 2. HENRY GARY ANDERSON, III Student Council 3; HR Officer 1,2; Bond 1,2,3; Pep Bond 1; Bus Driver 3. DONNA MARIA ARRANTS Student Counci I 1.3; Notionol Honor Society 2,3; Dromoteers 1; French Club 1: German Club 1, Sec. 2. Vice Pres. 3; Bus Driver, Vice Pres. 3; Office Assistant 3; Senior Ploy. WILLIAM FORREST ASHMORE Band 1 2,3; Pep Band 1,2,3; All-State Band 3; French Club 1,2,3; Science Club 1,2; Exponents 2,3. MURL ELVIN AUGUSTINE NANCY MARIE BALLARD FHA 1. LELIA JAYNE BARTON LARRY VETRON BAUGHMAN JAMES EDWIN BAXTER Audio-Visual Club 1,2; Camero Club 2; Soccer 2 3. JAMES FENNELL BEASLEY Student Council 2; Member-at-Large 3; HR Officer 1,2; National Honor Society, Vice Pres. 3; Beta Club 2, Pres. 3; JV Football; JV Basketball; Baseball 1,2,3; Basketball 2,3; Block "A' Club 3; Cabinet 3; Folksi nging Club 2,3. JAMES LARRY BECK DE Club 3. JAMES LOUIS BEHAN, JR. DE Club 2; FFA 2. HENRY GARY BERRY, JR. Honors at Thurmond High School, Johnston, S.C.; Bus Driver 2,3. ALBERT LEVERN BLACKMON FFA 3. HARRY SPRINGFIELD BLACKWELL, JR. JV Football FFA 2,3; Future Teachers Club 3; Canteen Staff 3. STEVEN CRAIG BLOSS Golf 3; French Club 2; Folksinging Club 2. CHARLES LAVERNE BLYSTONE Honors at Bolboa High School, Bolboo Canal Zone; Future Teachers Club 3. JAMES ROBERT BOATRIGHT DE Club 2; T I Club 3. LARSON DEAN BOATWRIGHT FFA 1,2; Camera Club 1; T I Club 3. WALLACE EUGENE BOATWRIGHT Student Council 2; HR Officer 1,2; Future Teachers Club 1,2.3; Science Club 1; French Club 1,2; Dramateers 2; Cafeteria Staff 3. WILLIAM MARVIN BOGGS Soccer Team 3; Dramateers 2, Trees. 3; Future Teochers 1,2,3; Senior Class Ploy; Cafeteria Staff 3; French Club 2,3; HR Officer 1,2; Basketball 1, Science Club 1; Student Council 1. GARY ALAN BOLAND Canteen Staff 3; T I Club 3; JV Football; French Club SUSAN GRAHAM BOND "Pine Needles," Business Manager 3; Quill and Scroll and Scroll 2,3; French Club 1, Trees. 2,3; Art Club 1,2,3; Pep Club 3; Future Teachers Club 1,2,3; Folksinging Club 2; Exponents 2,3; Office Assistant 3; Dramateers 1,3; Senior Play. JANICE KAY BOONE Student Council 1; HR Officer 2,3; Band .1; French Club 2. SARA CATHERINE BOROP Student Council 1 HR Officer 2,3; Office Assistant 3; Folksinging Club 2,3; Dromoteers 2,3; French Club 1,2.3; Science Club 2,3. KAREN JOY BORUP Chorus 1,3; Future Teachers Club 2,3; Future Secretaries Club 2,3; Dramateers 2,3; French Club 2; Senior Ploy. ROBERT EARL BOWEN Honors at Carlisle Military Academy, Bamberg, S.C.; French Club 2. CAROLYN ANN BOWERY Future Teochers Club 1,2; Future Secretaries Club 2,3; Dramateers 2.3; Pep Club 3; Art C‘ub 2,3. MARY ELISSA BOWMAN Future Secretaries Club 2,3; Future Teachers Club 1,2; Dramateers 2,3; Art Club 2,3; Senior Play. DAVID CARLTON BRADBERRY HR Officer 1,2; Golf 1,2,3. JAMES LEWIS BRANTLEY HR Officer 1,2; Student Council 1. LINDA DIANNE BRANTLEY HR Officer 1; Future Teachers Club 1; FHA 1,2,3; Future Secretaries Club 3; Office Assistant 3. REGINALD PAYTON BRAY Student Council 1; HR Officer 1,2; JV Basketball; JV Golf; Basketball 2,3; Golf 2,3; Block "A" Club 3; Pep Club 3; Cofeterio Staff 3. MARY JUDY BREWER Student Council 1; French Club 1; FHA 1; Dramateers 1; Future Secretaries Club 2; Office Assistant 3; Pep Club 3; Canteen Staff 3; Assistant Organist 2,3. FRANCIS MARION BRITTON JV Football; Track 1; Future Teachers Club 3. WILLYS HOWARD BROTHERTON Notional Honor Society 3; Pep Club 3; Exponents 2,3; French Club 2,3; Science Club 2,3. GERALD EDWARD BROWN,JR. JAMES RUSSELL BROWN, JR. Student Council 2; HR Officer 2.3; Beta Club 3; Block "A" Club 3; Football Manager 1,2,3; 3-H Club 3; Baseball 3. DONNA GAYLE BUCHANAN HR Officrr 3; Art Club, Sec. 3; Camera Club 3; Pep Club 3; Library Club 3; French Club 2; Dromoteers 2. BARBARA JEAN BUNN Canteen Staff 1,2; Future Secretaries Club 2. OLIVIA DIANE BURCKHALTER HR Officer 1,2; Solo Majorette 2,3; Pep Club 3; Future Nurses Club 2; Future Teachers Club 3. WAYNE LEE BURDETTE Audio-Visual Club, Treas. 3. JUDITH DIANE BURGESS HR Officer 1,2,3; French Club 1,2,3; Future Teachers Club 1,2,3; FRA 1; Junior-Senior Steering Committee; Dromoteers 3. SANDRA KAYE BURLESON Dramateers 1.2.3; French Club 1,2; May Day Attendant 1; HR Officer 1,2; JV Cheerleader; Future Teachers Club. Vice Pres. 3; Pep Club 3. DANTZLER ALVIN BUSBEE Student Council 3; JV Football; FFA 2; Bus Driver 2; T I Club 3. DIANE ELOISE CALLAS FHA 1,2,3; Future Secretaries Club 1,2,3; Future Teachers Club 1,2,3. FLOYD RICHARD CALLOWAY Student Council 1,2; HR Officer 1,2,3; JV Football; Bus Driver 2,3. JAMES EDWARD CALLOWAY, JR. Honors at Rancho Alanitos High School, Garden Grove Calif.; Pep Club 3. JAMES JOHNSON CAMPBELL Soccer 2,3; Bus Driver 2,3; Cafeteria Staff 3. JOHN VANCE CANADY Student Council 1; Track 2; JV Basketball. WILLIAM REYNOLDS CARROLL, III HR Officer 1; "Pine Needles" Co-editor 3; Quill and Scroll 1, Treas. 2; Vice Pres. 3; Pep Band 2,3; Art Club 2,3; Dramateers 2; French Club 2. 170JUDY MAE CATO Chorus 1; FHA 1,2. MARY ANNE CAVANAUGH HR Officer 1; 3-H Club 3; French Club 1; Homecoming Sponsor 1,3; Miss HORNET and Miss Senior Contestant; May Doy Attendant 3. BARBARA JEAN CHASE Honors at West Senior High School, Rhode Island; French Club 2,3. CHRISTOPHER ARNOLD CHELTON Honors at St. Angelo Academy, Aiken, S.C. LOUIS THEADORE CHEWNING DENNIS BRION CHRISTINE, JR. Student Council 1; HR Officer 1,2; Band 1,2,3; Pep Band 1,2, Student Director 3; Beta Club 3; Bus Driver, Pres. 3; Cabinet 3; Senior Superlative. ROY ALFRED CLARK, III Football Manager 1. ANDREA DEVONNE CLARKE Student Council 3; Folksinging Club 3; German Club 2; Art Club 2. DAVID MICHAEL CLINE HR Officer 2; Band 2,3; Pep Band 2; German Club 3; Exponents 2,3; Science Club 2; Camera Club 1; Junior Play. WILLIAM TIMOTHY COFFEY Student Council 1; Freshman Class Vice Pres.; Junior Class Vice Pres.; Senior Class Vice Pres.; JV Football-Football 2,3; JV Basketball; Basketball 2,3; Baseball 1,2,3; Beta Club, Vice Pres. 2, Pres. 3; Block "A” Club 1,2,3; Junior-Senior Steering Committee; Future Teachers Club 3; Cabinet 3; Track 3. DOUGLAS HAMPTON COLLINS, JR. Camera Club 1,2; Future Teachers Club 2. WILLARD ERNEST COMPTON, JR. Senior Ploy; Dromateers 1 2,3; Student Council 1,2,3; Pep Club 3; Block "A" Club 3; French Club 1,2; .MR Officer 1,2; Football 1,2; Boys' State King of Mardi Gras. GERALD WAYNE COOK DIANNE LEE COOL Student Council 1,2; HR Officer 1,2,3; National Honor Society 2,3; Beta Club 2,3; HORNET Staff 3; Basketball 1,2, Captain 3; Block “A" Club 1,2,3; Dromateers 1,2; French Club 1,2; Folksinging Club 2; Pep Club 3; Science Club, Sec. 3; Junior-Senior Steering Committee; Nationol Merit Finalist; Girls' State: Senior Play-Student Director. SUSAN FRANCES CORLEY Student Council 1; HR Officer 1,2,3; Notional Honor Society 3; Beta Club 3; "Pine Needles" Copy Editor 3; Quill and Scroll 3; Office Assistant 3; Folksinging Club 3; Cabinet 3; Dromateers, Sec. 3; French Club 2,3; Future Teachers Club 2, Treos. 3, Pres. 3; Junior-Senior Steering Committee; Girl of the Month; May Day Attendant 1; Senior Play. LAVERNE MAY COTE Pep Club 3; Art Club 3; FHA 1,2; French Club 3; Future Teachers Club 3; Camera Club 2. CAROL LYNN COWAN Student Council 2; HR Officer 1,3; Future Teachers Club h French Club, Trees. 2,3; Folksinging Club 3; Senior Ploy. EFFIE LOUISE COX Future Secretaries Club 2,3; Future Teachers Club 3. ANNA LEE CRANFORD Student Council 2,3; HR Officer 1; Pep Club 3; Future Secretaries Club 2,3; Future Teachers Club 3; Dromateers 1,2,3. SILVIE DAVID CRAWFORD Baseball 1; Cabinet 3; T I Club 2, Pres. 3; Bus Driver 2,3; French Club 1; Science Club 3; Exponents 3; Folksinging Club 3. LINDA ANNE CREED HR Officer 3; French Club 1,2; Future Teachers Club 2; Dromateers 1,2; Folksinging Oub 3. DONNA JEAN CRENSHAW Honors at Wi I liston-E Iko High School, Williston, S.C. WILLIAM CURRY CUNNINGHAM, JR. Student Council 1,3; HR Officer 1,2; Soccer 2,3; Block "A" Club 2,3; German Club 3; French Club 1,2; Science Club 1,2,3; Folksinging Club 2,3. LINDA JEAN CURRY Student Council 1,2,3; HR Officer 1.3; Quill and Scroll 3; Dromateers 3; Folksinging Club 2,3; French Club 1, Pres. 2,3; Future Teachers Club 1,2; Art Club 1,2; Cabinet 2; Junior Ploy; Miss Junior Contestant; May Doy Attendant 1,2,3; Girls Track 1; National Honor Society 3; Office Assistant 3; Senior Play. BILLY FRANKLIN CUSHMAN VIRGINIA LIND CUSHMAN HR Officer 1; FHA 1,2. NANCY HUGHES DAVIS Student Council 3; HR Officer 1,2; Future Teachers Club 1,2,3; Dromateers 1,2; Basketball Manager 3; French Club 1,2,3; Girls' Track 1,2; Art Club 2,3; Folksinging Club 2,3; Junior Play; Homecoming Sponsor 3. PAWNEE ELISE DeLOACH Dr. Officer 2; Girls Track 1; Cabinet 2; French Club 1,3, Pres. 2; Dromateers 1; Art Club 1; Future Nurses Club 2; Exponents 2,3. MARGARET ANNE DENNIS Honors at Minot High School, Minot, N.D.; Library Club 3; Girls’ Track 3. SANDRA VERITA DEWITT Canteen Staff 2,3; FHA 2; Future Secretaries Club 3. CARL FREDERIC DIETZ, II Science Club 2,3; Young Patriots 3. JANE PATRICIA DRIGGERS Honors ot Mackenzie High School, Deep River, Ont., Canada; French Club 1,3; Dromateers 1. WILLIAM STEVENSON DRIVER Audio-Visual Club 1,2,3; Track 2,3; Soccer 2; Science Club 2,3; Pep Club 3; Young Patriots 3. WALLACE McNAIR DUNBAR Football 2,3; JV Football; Track 1,2,3; Block "A" Club 1,2,3. ROSA PALMER DURBAN Student Council 2,3; HR Officer 1,2; Junior Play; Junior Play; Junior Follies; Folksinging Club, Vice Pres. 2,3; Dromateers 2; French Club 3. MARY KATHLEEN ECKARDT Student Council 1, HR Officer 1,2,3; French Club 1,2,3; Science Club 1,2; Folksinging Club, Trees 2,3; Junior Play; Junior Senior Steering Committee; Senior Play. THOMAS GEORGE ECKLES Track 1; Tennis 1; Soccer 3; French Club 3; Folksinging Club 3; Junior Play. DALE DIANNE EDWARDS Quill and Scroll 2; FHA 1,3; Future Teachers Club 1. RICHARD DEAN ELLINGTON HR Officer 2; Dromateers 1.2,3; Science Club 1; Art Club 2,3; Pep Club 3; Senior Ploy. DAVID EDWARD ENGLISH MARTHA ELIZABETH ERGLE DEBORAH ANN ETTER FHA 1,2,3; Future Secretaries Club 2,3; Future Teachers Club 3. EDWIN BURMA EUBANKS Bus Driver 2; Future Teachers Club 2,3. TED EVERETT EUBANKS 171K ITT IE GAYLE EVANS Student Council 1; HR Officer 1,2,3; Future Teachers Club 3; Pep Club 3; French Club 1,2,3; Senior Play. PAMELLA DEE EVANS Student Council 2; HR Officer 1,3; Future Nurses Club 1; French Club 2,3; Art Club 2; Dramateers 2; Junior-Senior Steering Committee; American Legion Essay Winner; Homecoming Sponsor 3; Senior Play. PAUL LARRY EVANS FFA 1,2,3; Forestry Judging 1,2,3. DURANA LYNN FARRAR Student Council 3; Quill and Scroll 2,3; Band 1,2; Art Club 1; French Club 1,2,3; Senior Play. RICHARD LEWIS FELDER Football Manager 2,3; Track 2,3; Audio-Visual Club 1,2; Conteen Staff 1,2,3; FFA 1,2,3; Block "A" Club 2,3; T I Club 3; Senior Play. JO ANNE MONROE FISHER HR Officer 13; Dramateers 1,2.3; FHA 1,2; French Club 2,3; Junior Play; Student Council 1; Pep Club 3. CARLTON GARY FLEETWOOD Student Council 2; HR Officer 1,2,3; HORNET Mascot 1,2,3; Block "A” Club 2,3; Tropical Fish Club 2; Pep Pep Club 3; Senior Superlative. MARSHA CAROLENE FLEISCHMAN HR Officer 1,33; FHA 2, Sec. 3; Co-Ed Correspondent 3. SHERRIL DEAN FLEMING Student Council 2; HR Officer 2; German Club 1,2. JAMES ROBERT FORSTNER HR Officer 2,3; Nationol Honor Society 2,3; German Club 3; Folksinging Club 2,3; French Club 1,2,3; Exponents 1,2,3; Cabinet 2; Science Club, Sec. 2; NCCTE Finalist; Summer Science Institute; National Honor Society Scholarship Finalist; National Merit Finalist; Boys’ State; Student Rotarian. EDWIN ALVIN FOWLER HR Officer 1; Football Manager 12; Science Club Conteen Staff 1,2,3; Block "A” Club 2; Beta Club 3. DWIGHT HARVEY FOX FFA 2, Pres.-3; Cabinet 3. 1,2; JAMES RICHARD FOX FFA 2; Bus Driver 2,3. LUCINDA ANN FOX Band 1.2,3; Student Council 2; French Club 1.2,3; HR Officer 1,2; Senior Play. PAUL RICHARD FROMMER, II BARBARA ANN GALLOWAY Library Club 1; FHA 1. WILLIAM RONALD GAMBILL ROBERT LEE GAMBLE Student Council 1; HR Officer 1,3; JV Football; Track 1; Block "A" Club 1,2; Folksinging Club 2,3; Bus Driver 3; Junior Play; Senior Play. LARRY EDWARD GAY Honors at Jenkins High School, Sovonnah, Go. PHILLIP EBERT GEE JR. HR Office' ,2; Exponents 1,2,3; Science Club 1; Pep Club 3; Bus Driver 3. GLENN GRANT GENTRY Student Council 2,3; HR Officer 1,2,3; JV Footbcll; Football 2,3; Track 1; Block "A" Club 1,2,3; Bus Driver 1,2, Trees. 3; T I Club 2. SANDRA LEE GILMER HR Officer 1,3; French Club 1,2; Pep Club 3; Future Teachers Club 2; Future Secretaries Club 2,3; Dramateers 1,3; Library Club 1; May Day Attendant 1. DAVID WILLIAM GOLDING JULIA ELIZABETH GOMILLION DORIS FAYE GOODIN HR Officer 3; FHA 1; Bus Driver 2,3; Future Teachers Club 3; Future Secretaries Club 3; Office Assistant 3; Cafeteria Staff 3. RESEL ANN GOSNELL Student Council 2; HR Officer 2,3; National Honor Society 3; Dramateers Club 1,2; Future Teachers Club 1,2,3; French Club 1,2,3; Pep Club 3; Junior-Senior Steering Commi ttee. DAVID ARCHIE GRAHAM Science Club 1,2, Pres. 3; French Club 1,2,3; Student Council 1; Cabinet 2,3; Quill and Scroll, Pres. 3; HORNET Staff 3; Boys’ State; Junior Play; National Honor Society 3; Folksinging Club 2,3; Talent Show Winner 3; National Merit Finalist. MARY HELEN GREEN Student Council 1,2,3; HR Officer 1,2; Beta Club 2, Sec. 3; Basketball 1,2; Block "A” Club 2,3; Future Secretaries Club 2; Cheerleader 3; Pep Club 3; Dramateers 1,2; May Day Attendant 1,2; Maid of Honor 3; Miss Senior; Homecoming Sponsor 2,3. RICHARD ALLEN GREEN FFA 1,2; T I Club 3. ALVIN DOWNES GREER FFA 1,2. JOAN A. GREER Art Club 3; Future Teachers Club 3. JUDY B. GREER Art Club 3; Future Teochers Club 3. RONALD CLAYTON GREGG Student Council 1,2; HR Officer 1,2. WILLIAM DOUGLAS GREGORIE, III HR Officer 1,2; T I Club 2; Soccer 3. PEGGY VIRGINIA GREGORY FHA 1,3; Chorus 1,2. BRENDA ANN GRICE FHA 1,2; Future Secretaries Club 2; Future Teochers Club 3; Office Assistant 3. JAMES DAVID GRICE, JR. HR Officer 2; Dramateers 3; Science Club 1,2; French Club 1,2. JUDY VIDELLA GRIFFIN BEVERLY ANN GRIGGS French Club 1,2; Science Club 1,2; Junior Play; HR Officer 2; National Honor Society 3; Dramateers 3; Quill and Scroll 3. JAY ALLEN GROSS “Pine Needles” Staff 3; 3-H Club 3; Band 1,2,3; Chorus 1. DRUCILLA ANN GULLION Future Teachers 1,2,3; Library Club 3. PAMELA ELAINE GUNTER FHA 1; Future Teachers 2,3; Bus Drivers Sec. 3. ROBERT HAROLD GURLEY HR Officer 3; JV Football; Track 1; Basketball 2,3; Block ''A” Club 2,3; FFA 1; Camera Club 3. WARREN WALKER HAIR THOMAS FLOYD HALE. JR. GARLAND RONALD HALL HERMAN CHRISTOPHER HALL, JR. T I Club 1,2; HR Officer 1,2; Talent Show Winner 2. JANICE ELAINE HALL FHA 2; Canteen Staff 2,3; DE Club 3. P RICIA MARIE HALL FHA 1; HR Officer 2,3; French Club Sec. 2; Future Teachers Club 3; Pep Club 3. DELORIS ANN HALLMAN Student Council 1,2; HR Officer 2,3; National Honor Society 3; FHA 1; Co-Ed Correspondent 1; Future Secretaries Club 2,Pres. 3; Cabinet 3; Senior Play. RONALD EDWARD HAMILTON FRANCES DIANE HANNA Student Council 1,2; HR Officer 1,2; Senior Class Sec.; Pep Club 3; Senior Superlative; Cabinet 3; Future Teachers 2; Junior-Senior Steering Committee; Dramateers 1. DEAN CHARLES HARRIS ROY HIXON HARTON Student Council 2; Football 1,2,3; Basketball 1,2,3; Block "A” Club 1,2,3; HR Officer 1; Track 1. WILLIAM FRANKLIN HAYES HR Officer 2,3; Science Club 1. ROSA LEE HEATH Future Secretaries Club 2,3; Future Teachers 3. DANIEL JESSE HEATON Student Council 3; HR Officer 1; Pep Club 3; Future Teachers 3. JUDY ESTER HEDRICK Student Council 1; HR Officer 1,2,3; Beta Club 3; Basketball 1,2,3; Cheerleader 2,3; Block “A” Club 1,2,3; German Club 3; Folksinging Club 2,3; Track 1; French Club 1; Miss Freshman Contestant 1; Homecoming Sponsor 3; May Day Attendant 2,3. ROBERT ERNEST HEDRICK 3-H Club 3; Track 1,3; Camera Club 2. JOYCE ELIZABETH HENDRIX Student Council 2; HR Officer 1,3; Basketball 2,3; Future Secretaries Club 2; Office Assistant 3. 172ROBERT CARLTON HENDRIX Audio-Visuol Club 2. HARLEY GENE HENKES HR Officer 1,3. MARY CATHERINE HENNEI-LY Honors at Saint Angela Academy, Aiken, S.C.; Student Council 2; HROfficer 2,3; French Club 2,3; German Club 2,3; Future Teachers Club 2, Sec. 3; Junior-Senior Steering Committee, Pep Club 3; Junior Ploy; Senior Ploy; Student Director of Homecoming Activities. JOSEPH HENRY HERBERT, III HR Officer 1,2,3; National Honor Society 3; Junior Play; Talent Show Winner; Cabinet 3; Science Club 1,2,3; French Club 1,2; Folksinging Club 2,3. SANDRA MATTIE HERRON HR Officer 1,2,3; Office Assistant 3; French Club 1,2. ERNEST PAUL HICKMAN Honors at Onondago Valley Academy; Band 2. DAVID MARION HIGINGBOTTOM Student Counci I 3; Football 1; HR Officer 2; Future Teachers 2,3. ALEXANDER OWENS HOBBS HR Officer 3; Science Club 1,2,3; French Club 1,2; Folksinging Club 2,3. LINDA GAIL HODGES HR Officer 1,2; French Club 2; Art Club 3; German Club PATRICIA SHARON HODGES HR Officer 1,2; French Club 2; Art Club 3; German Club 3. DUNCAN DUBOSE HOLLIDAY, JR. Student Council 3; HR Officer 1,2,3; Bosketball 1 2 3; Block "A ' Club3. IRA ONEAL HOLSONBACK FFA 1,2; Bus Driver 2; DE Club 2; DO Club 3. JACK HOOVER ALVAN ROBERT HOPE Audio-Visual Club, Trees. 3; Bus Driver 2; Science Club 2; Folksinging Club 2. WILLIAM RAYMON HOUWERS HR Officer 2; Soccer 2; Camero Club 1 WILLIAM FRANKLIN HOWARD, JR. Student Council 1,2; HR Officer 1,2; 1; Football 1,2,3; Track 1; Block ' 'A Rotorian 3. ,2. Beta Club 2,3; Golf Club 1,2,3; Student TED ARTHUR HOWINGTON Golf 1,2. SANDRA JEANNE HUDAK HR Officer 3; Pep Club 3; Future Secretaries Club 2 3-French Club 1,2; Chorus 1,2,3; Senior Play. ' ' JOHN ANDREW HUFFMAN Baseball Manager 1. BETTY REMONIA HUNT GARY PRESTON HUNTER Student Council 2. Member-at-Large 3; HR Officer 1-Club 3; Future TWhers Club 3® Exponents 3;DE Club 3; Young Patriots 3; Baseball 3. SARAH BETTS HUNTER Student Council 2. Sec. 3; HR Officer 1; Nationol Honor Society 3; Beta Club 2,3; Junior Class; Sec. Band 1,2,3; Teachers 2,3; Cabinet 2,3; Miss Hi Miss; Senior Superlative; Office Assistant 3; Miss Junior Contestant; May Day Attendant 1,2,3; Girl of the Month; Senior Ploy. RUSSELL HUTTO PAUL MARTIN HYMAN Student Council 1,2; HR Officer 2,3; JV Basketball; Golf 1,2,3; French Club 2; Pep Club 3. DONALD FLETCHER JACKSON DO Club 2,3; Future Teachers 3. JAMES ALLEN JACKSON Student Council 1,2,3; HR Officer 1; Science Club 1 Folksinging Club 3; Pep Club 3. ROGER BRICE JACKSON .2; T I Club 3; Future Teachers 3; FFA 3. ALFRED FRANKLIN JOHNSON ALICE KATHRYN JOHNSON HR Officer 1; FHA 12, Pres. 3; Future Secretaries Club 2,3; Future Teachers Club 3; Cabinet 3. CLAUDIA DELANE JOHNSON Student Council 1; HR Officer 1,2,3; JV Cheerleader 1; Cheerleader 2; Beta Club 2,3; Block '‘A" Club 2,3; Pep Club Sec. 3; Senior Superlative; Moy Day Attendant 1,3; Homecoming Queen 3; Miss Junior; Miss Freshman. JOE DAVID JOHNSON DE Club 2; FFA 2; Bus Driver 3; T I Club 3. KAREN ROBERTA JOHNSON Future Secretaries Club 2,3; Future Teachers Club 3. LEAH DALE JOHNSON Student Council 1,2.3; HR Officer 1,2,3; Future Teachers Club 1,2, Pres. 3; Art Club 1,2,3; Dramoteers 1,2; Library Club 3; Beta Club 2,3; Girls’ State; Junior Ploy; Girl of the Month; Junior Follies; Senior Play. MARY ELIZABETH JOHNSON Future Teachers Club 1,3; Future Secretaries Club 2,3; HR Officer 2; Office Assistant 3. NANCY ALICE JOHNSON French Club 1,2: HR Officer 1,2; Future Nurses Club 1,2, Pres. 3; Notional Honor Society, Vice Pres. 3; Cabinet 3. ROGER SEWARD JOHNSON JAMES WOODROW JOHNT Student Council 1; HR Officer 3; Audio-Visual Club 3; Soccer 3. PRISCILLA JO JOLLEY HR Officer 1; Future Teachers Club 2,3; Future Secretaries Club 2,3; Art Club 2. BRENDA ANN JONES HR Officer 1,2; Student Council 1,2; Future Teachers 2,3; Chorus 3. BRENDA JOYCE JONES Canteen Staff 1,2,3. DOUGLAS RICHARDSON JONES HR Officer 1,2; Soccer Manager 1; Pep Club 3. MADIE JANE JOYNER Student Council 2,3; HR Officer 1,2,3; National Honor Society 3; Beta Club 2, Sec. 3; Basketball 1,2,3; Block “A” Club 1,2,3; French Club 2; Cheerleader 3; Moy Day Attendant 1; Pep Club 3. BILLY CRANSTON JUMPER, JR. National Honor Society 3; French Club 1,2,3; Track 1,2; Camera Club I; Science Club 2,3; Student Council 3. PATRICK ANDREW KANEY Baseball 1; FFA 2,3; T I Club 2,3. LOUIS ANDREW KELLY RONALD EDWARD KENDRICK HR Officer 1; Quill and Scroll 1,2,3; French Club 2,3; Pep Club 3; Junior Play; Dramoteers 1; "Pine Needles" Staff 3; Senior Play. MARY DYCHES KENNEY Dramoteers 1,2,; French Club 1,2,3; Quill and Scroll 1,2,3; Pine Needles 3; Junior Play; Senior Play; Pep Club 3. RALPH EMERSON KEYS, JR. French Club 1,2; Folksinging Club 2,3; Bus Driver 3. FOREST LEE KIRBY. Ill EMERY SHANNON KIRK HR Officer 3; Soccer 3; French Club 2; Science Club 3; Young Patriots 3; Exponents 3. FRANK KITCHINGS FFA 1,2; T I Club 3. BARBARA ANN KOON Future Nurses 2,3. CAROL ANN KUNTZE Honors at Caldwell High School, West Coldwell, N.J.; National Honor Society 3; Pep Club Sec. 3; Future Teachers Club Vice Pres. 3; Dramoteers 3; HR Officer 3. 173JOE DONALD LAIN HR Officer 2; Student Council 2; Bus Driver 2; T I Club 2. JENNY FAYE LANCASTER FHA 1,3; Library Club 1, V'ce Pres. 2, Sec. 3; Canteen Stoff 2,3. DENNIS WADE LANE JV Football; FFA 1,2,3; Forestry Team 1,2,3; T I Club 1 2 3. LINDA FAYE LEAPHART Canteen Staff 2,3; Future Teachers 3; DE Club 2. WAYNE CORDELL LEAPHART ROBERT FRANCIS LeBERT Football Manoger 1; Basketball Manoger 1; Soccer 3; Bus Drivers Club 3. PEGGY ELIZABETH LEINART Dramateers 1,2; French Club 1,2; Future Teachers 2; Camera Club 3. LEONARD CALVIN LEWIS Baseball 1.2; FFA 1,2; Bus Driver 1,2,3; Future Teachers Club 3; T i I Club 3. SANDRA LEE LOFTIN HR Officer 1; Future Secretaries 3. D'ARCY DUNCAN LOTT HR Officer 1,2; French Club 1,2; Dramateers 1,2,3. KANNY LEE LOVE HR Officer 1,2,3; Student Council 1; Track 1,2; Football 1,2,3; Block "A" Club 3. SUSAN ELIZABETH LOWER Student Council 2; HR Officer 12; Art Club 1; Dramateers, Vice Pres. 2, Pres. 3; Notional Honor Society 3; Cabinet 3; "Pine Needles" Staff 3; Notionol Merit Finalist 3; Junior Senior Steering Committee; Beta Club 3; Senior Play. CAROL JEAN LYBRAND Future Secretaries 2,3; Future Teachers Club 2; FHA 2; HR Officer 2; Canteen Staff 3; Senior Play. NORMA JEAN LYBRAND Chorus 1,2,3; Dramateers 2,3; Future Secretaries Club 2; Folksinging Club 2; Future Teachers Club 3. DANIEL DAVID MAGNESS, JR. Bus Driver 3; T I 1; FFA 1. THELMA DIANE MARTIN Honors at Norway High School, Norway, S.C Future Sec. 3; FHA 3. DONALD RICHARD MARTIN Student Council 2,3; HR Officer 3; Freshman C’ass Pres.; JV Football; Cabinet 1; Track 2; Block "A" Club 2,3; Football 2; Bus Driver Treas 3. REBECCA JOSEPHINE MARVIN National Honor Society 3; Band 3; Future Teachers Club 2,3; French Club 1,2; Chorus 1; Senior Play. MARILYN CONROY MARX Honors at Saint Angela Academy, Aiken, S.C.; National Honor Society 2,3; French Club 2,3; Dramateers 2; Future Teachers Club 3; Folksinging Club 3. PAUL DENNIS MASHBURN DE Club, Vice Pres. 2,3; Art Club 3; FFA 3; Future Teachers Club 3. JAMES ALBERT MATHIS Student Council 3; HR Officer 3; JV Football; Young Patriots 3. BRENDA FAYE MATLOCK Art Club 3; Chorus 3; Future Teachers 3. HOMER HERBERT MATTOCKS Dramateers 3,2; HR Officer 1; HORNET Staff 2, Business Manager 3; Pep Club 3; Senior Play. MARTHA JANIS McABEE Art Club 3; Future Teachers 3. PAMELA McCLAIN Studdnt Council 1,3, Member-at-Large 2; Beta Club 2,3; Basketball 1,2, Capt. 3; Cheerleader 2, Head Cheerleader 3; Block "A" Club 1.2.3; Dramateers 1; Senior Superlative; May Day Attendant 1,2; May Queen 3; Girl of the Month; Homecoming Sponsor. JON THOMAS McCOY HR Officer 1,2,3; Basketball 1,2,3; Block "A" Club 2,3; T I Club 3; Future T eachers 3; Student Council 3. LILY GRACE McCULLOUGH HR Officer 3; Notional Honor Society 3; Office Assistant 3; C°hinet 3; Junior Ploy; French Club 1, Vice Pres. 2, Pres. 3; Art Club 2; German Club;2,3; Folksinging Club 2,3; Dramateers 2. HORACE DALE McGEE Chorus 2. MANY LAURA McGEE Student Council 2; HR Officer 3; FHA 3. ROBERT WRIGHT McKELLAR MARTHA MILLER McKEOWN Student Counci I 1; HR Officer 1,2,3; Beta Club 2,3; HORNET Staff 3; Junior-Senior Steering Committee; Art Club 1,2,3; Future Nurses 1; French Club 2,3; Future Teachers 2,3; Homecoming Sponsor 3. PATRICIA TODD McNAIR Honors at Saint Angela Academy, Aiken, S.C.; HR Officer 2,3; Dramateers 2; French 2,3; Pep Club 3. GWINETTE NcNEAL Chorus 1,2,3; FHA 2. DAVID JACKSON MEADOW Student Council 1, Vice Pres. 2, Pres. 3; HR Officer 1; National Honor Society 2,3; Beto Club 2,3; Foofbol I 1,2,3; JV Basketball; Track 1,2.3; Block "A" Club 1 2,3; Cabinet 2,3; Boys' State Governor; Boys' Nation Rep.; Student Rotarion; Senior Superlative. DANFORD RYAN MEISCHEN HR Officer 2,3; Soccer 3; Track 1,2,3; Science Club 1,2,3; German Club 1,2,3. STEPHEN MOX MILKEREIT Bond 1,2,3; Pep Band 2,3; Basketball 1; Trock 1,2; FFA 3; Bus Driver 3. ROBERT ALLEN MILLER Audio-Visual Club 2; Science Club 2; French Club 2. STEVEN VICTOR MILLS SCHERRY JO MITCHELL HR Officer 3; Future Teachers Club 2,3; Pep Club 3. LINDA GRACE MIZELL FHA 2; DE Club 3. WADE HAMPTON MOODY JV Football; Boseboll 2; Future Teachers 3; Pep Club 3. BARBARA ALLEN MORRIS Student Council 2; HR Officer 1,2,3; HORNET Staff 3; Future Teachers 3; Pep Club 3; German Club 3; Homecoming Sponsor 3; Dramateers 1,2; FHA 1; Office Assistant 3. FRANCES FAYE MORTON Future Teachers 1,2,3; Future Secretaries Club 2. RICHARD RUTLEDGE-MORTON FFA 1,2, Sec. 3; Canteen Staff 2; DE Club 3; Librory Club 2; Senior Play. LARRY ALFRED MOYER WILLIAM HUBERT MULLINS FFA 2; Audio-Visual Club 2,3. GORDON VERNON MUNDY, JR. WILLIAM HENRY MUNDY Golf 3; Chorus 1,2,3; Cafeteria Staff 3. ALICE MARIETTA NIESEMANN Folksingina Club 2; Student Council 3; Quill Scroll Treas. 3; Young Patriots 3; Dramateers 3; French Club 3; Future Nurses 2,3; Science Club 2. WILLIAM NIGHTINGALE, III Honors at Georgia Military College; Pep Band 1,2,3; Bond 1,2,3; Band Manoger 2,3; Camera Club 2,: Pep Club 3; Audio-Visual Club 3; Bus Driver 3. LUCINDA JANE NILAND HR Officer 2; Quill and Scroll 2,3; "Pine Needles" Staff; Girls' Track 1; Junior Play; Future Teachers 1,2; Dramateers 1; French Club 1,2; Art Club 1,2; Folksinging Club 2,3; German Club 3. 174PATRICIA SUE NORDEEN Future Teachers Club 1; German Club 2; Library Club 2,3. LIMUEL WAYNE NORRIS German Club 1,2,3. CYNTHIA KAY NUNN Future Secretaries Club 2; Future Teachers Club 3. KAREN ANDREA OLSEN HR Officer 1 2,3; Band 1,2,3; Pep Band 2.3; French Club 1; Dramoteers 1,2,3; Junior Play; German Club 3. DONALD EUGENE ORR HR Officer 1,2,3; Audio-Visual Club 1,2,3; Camera Club 1,2,3; Pep Club 3; Young Patriots 3. GERALD LESTER OWEN, JR. HR Officer 3; Audio-Visual Club 1,2; Pep Club 3. ALLEN BYRNES PARKER, JR. Future Teochers 2,3; DE Club 3; T I Club 3. REBECCA JEAN PAYTON HR Officer 1,2,3; Girls' Basketball Manager 3; Future Nurses 1; FHA Vice Pres. 2. WILLIAM WARDLAW PERRY SANDRA JEAN PIECH National Honor Society 3; Quill and Scroll 2.3; German Club 2, Pres. 3; Cabinet 3; French Club 2,3; Future Teachers 1; Art Club 1; Senior Ploy. ELRIC SIMONS PINCKNEY, JR Audio-Visual Club 1; Folksinging Club 3; Pep Club 3; Senior Ploy. PAUL HAROLD PINSON, JR. Student Council 2; National Honor Society 3; Beta Club 2,3; Camera Oub 1; French Club 2,3; Audio-Visual Club 2,3; Quill and Scroll 2; Junior Play; Science Club, Pres. 3; German Club 3; Cabinet 3; Young Patriots 3; Notional Merit Finalist. WILMA GAIL PLUNKETT Basketball 1,2,3; Student Council 1,2,3; HR Officer 1,2,3; Future Secretaries 1,2,3; FHA 1,2; Moy Day Attendant 1,2,3; Beta Club 3; Block "A” Club 1,2,3; Senior Superlative; Homecoming Sponsor 3; Cheerleader 3. MICHAEL LEWIS POLLARD ANCIL MYERS PORTER, JR. Student Council 3; Football 1; Baseball 1,3; FFA 1,2; Future Teachers Club 2,3; Young Patriots 3; Camera Club-WENDY QUARLES ERNEST ALBERT RACHAL, III HR Officer 1; French Club 2. BRENDA KAYE RAWL Student Council 1; HR Officer 1,2,3; French Club 1,2; Future Secretaries Club 2, Pres. 3; Future Teachers Club 3; May Doy Attendant 1; Senior Play; Cabinet 3. ANTHONY EMIL RECUPIDO HR Officer 3; Folksinging Club 2,3; Science Club 2,3; French Club 2,3. DAPHNE JEWELL REDD HR Officer 2. SANDRA KAY REEVES Student Council 2; HR Officer 2; Future Teachers Club 2,3; Future Secretaries Club 2,3. ROBERT HARRY RHODEN Student Council 1,2,3; Bus Driver 3. DAVE STEWART ROBINSON HR Officer 3; JV Football; Golf 2,3; German Club 3; Young Patriots 3; Science Club 3; Exponents 2,3; French Club 2, Sec. 3. MEMORY ALICE ROBINSON HR Officer 1; Student Council 1; 3-H Club 3; Future Teachers Club 3. ROBERT EDWARD ROBERTSON, JR. Student Council 1, Member-ot-Lorge 3; HR Officer 1,2,3; Football 1,2,3; Block "A” Club 1,2,3; Senior Superlative; Beta Club 3. SUSAN GAYLE ROCKOW HR Officer 2,3; National Honor Society 2,3; French Club 1,2, Pres. 3; Science Club 2; Folksinging Club 2,3; Exponents Club 2; Cabinet 3; Office Assistant. WILLIAM LEE RODES Beta Club 3, Science Club 1,2,3; Audio-Visual Club 1, Sec. 2, Pres. 3; Cabinet 3. SHERRON DICKENS ROGERS FHA 1; Future Nurses Club 2,3; Canteen Staff 2,3; Library Club 3; Chorus 3. BETTY JANE ROLAND FHA 1,2,3; Future Secretaries Club 2. ELEANOR RAE ROOP HR Officer 2,3; Future Nurses 1,2,3; German Club 2,3; Science Club 3; Senior Play. MITCHEL WESLEY ROSS HR Officer 1,2,3; Student Council 2; JV Football; Baseball 1,2; Block "A” Club 2,3; Bus Driver 3, Pres. 3. JAMES COLEMAN ROWLAND, III HR Officer 1,2; JV Football; Football 2; Track 1; Basketball Manager 1; German Club 1,3; Block "A" Club 2,3; Science Club 2,3; Folksinging Club 2,3. JAN MEREDITH ROYAL Student Council 1; HR Officer 1,2; Majorette 1,2,3; Head Majorette 2,3; Track 1,2; May Day Attendant 3; Homecoming Sponsor 3; Girl of the Month; Miss HORNET and Miss Senior Contestant; Senior Play. JOHN VICTOR RUSSELL HENRY FELDER SALLEY Student Council 3; HR Officer 1,2; Canteen Staff 2,3. HARRY WINNER SAMPSON 3-H Club 3; Soccer Manager 1; Trock 3. FRANCIS LOUIS SCHULHOFER JV Football; Football 2; French Club 2. BARBARA ANN SCOTT National Honor Society 2,3; Quill and Scroll 1,2,3; Pep Band 2,3; Bond 1,2,3; French Club 1.2,3; All State Band 1; Woodmen of the World American History Award 2; Art Club 1; National Merit Certificate Winner. RICHARD HAMPTON SCOTT HR Officer 2; Soccer 3; Track 1,2,3; Audio-Visual Club 1,2; Pep Club 3. STEPHEN LEE SCOTTEN National Honor Society 2, Pres. 3; Soccer 1,2,3; Folksinging Club 2,3; Science Club 1. Vice Pres. 2; Block "Ar’ Club 2,3; National Merit Finalist; Cabinet 3; Summer Science Institute; NCTE Finalist; National Honor Society Scholarship Finalist. JOHN RANDOLPH SEARLE Beta Club 2,3; Band 1,2,3; Audio-Visual Club 1,2,3, Pres 2,3; French Club 2,3; Science Club 2,3; Young Patriots 3. EDWIN HODGES SEIGLER Student Council 2; HR Officer 2,3; Bus Driver 2,3; Soccer 2,3; Block "A" Club 2,3. HAZEL ANN SEIGLER HORNET Staff 3; Future Nurses 1,2,3; French Club 2 3; Pep Club 3; Science Club 3; Senior Ploy. LINDA DARNELL SEIGLER FHA 1; HR Officer 1; Conteen Staff 2; Future Teachers Club 3; DE Club 3. DIANE MARY SEYMOUR HR Officer 1,2,3; Student Council 1; HORNET Staff 1,2,3, May Attendant 2,3; DE Club, Sec. 3; Homecoming Sponsor 3; Steering Committee 2,3. LESTER DOUGLAS SHAFER HR Officer 2,3; Soccer 3; Baseball 1; French Club 3. 1; Basketball Manager ANN ELIZABETH SHIDELER Student Council 1,2; Notional Honor Society 2,3; French Club 1,2,3; Future Nurses Club 2,3, Sec. 1,3; HR Officer 1,2,3; Bond 1, Vice Pres. 2, Pres. 3; All State Bond 1; Pep Bond 2,3; Cabinet 3. ALMA CHRISTINE SHORES Chorus 1. 175ELIZABETH CHARLES SIDOALL Student Council 1; HR Officer 1,2,3; French Club 1,2,3, Pres. 1, Vice Pres. 3; Junior Ploy; National Honor Society 3; Folksinging Club 2,3; German Club 2,3; Dramoteers 1. JANYCE LEIGH SIMPSON Student Council 1,2; HR Officer 1,2,3; Manager Girls’ Basketball 2; Dramoteers 1,2.3; Future Teachers Club 3; Folksinging Club 2; Block A" Club 2.3; Cheerleader 3; Junior-Senior Steering Committee; Pep Club, Vice Pres. 3; Homecoming Sponsor 3; May Day Attendant 1,3; Miss HORNET. LINDA LOU SITTERSON Honors at Forest Pork Senior High, Forest Park, Georgia; Beta Club 3. JUDY DIANNE SIZEMORE Student Council 3; HR Officer 1; Band 1,2.3; Pep Band 3; Office Assistant 3; Future Teachers Club 3. BOB LEAMON SIZEMORE FFA 1. TIMOTHY WAYNE SLAUGHTER Student Council 1,2; JV Football; Footboll 2,3; Track 1,2; Block “A” Club 1,2,3; Pep Club 3. KEITH QUARRIER SMILEY Art Club 1,2, Vice Pres. 3, Pres. 3; French Club 1; Dramoteers 2;|Pep Club 3; Cabinet 3. JAMES CROMER SMITH, III HR Officer 2; Beta Club 3; Track Manager 1,2; Football Manager 2,3; Block “A” Club 2, Treos. 3; Baseball Manager 3. KENNETH LAWRENCE SMITH FFA 1,2; Chorus 1,2; 3-H Club 3; Audio-Visual Club, Vice Pres. 3. SUSAN SMITH HR Officer 1,2,3; Majorette 1,2,3; Folksinging Club 3; French Club 2; Future Secretaries Club 2; Senior Ploy. ZELMA ANN SMITH HR Officer 1,2; FHA 1,2; French Club 1,2; Canteen Staff 2; Future Secretaries Club 2,3; Office Assistant 3. PAUL NORMAN SMOLAND National Honor Society, Trees. 3; Band 1,2,3; Pep Band 2; French Club 1,2; Science Club 1,2,3, Vice Pres. 2,3; Exponents 2; Junior Play; Folksinging Club 3. JAMES OLIVER SNYDER Baseball 1. CHARLES MICHAEL SPARKS FFA 1,2; Golf 1,2,3; Forestry Team 2. SUSAN LOUISE SPROTT Honors at Springfield High, Springfield, S.C.; Future Teachers Club 3. REBECCA LYNN STEVENS Student Council 1,2,3; HR Officer 1,2; JV Cheerleader; French Club 1,2,3; Pep Club 3; Basketball 3; Art Club 3. LINDA TERRY STOREY Chorus 1; Future Secretaries 2. MARGARET ELIZABETH SUMMERALL FHA 1; Exponents 2; Future Secretaries Club 2,3. DONNA FRANCES SUMNER FHA 1; Future Secretaries Club 2; Future Teachers Club 3. STEPHEN KENT SURASKY Student Council 1; HR Officer 1,2,3; French Club 1,2,3; Soccer 1. JOHN THOMAS SWANNER SALLY JANE SYPHRIT Band 1,2,3; Future Teachers 1,2,3; Dramoteers 1,2; French Club 2; Exponents 2; HORNET Staff 3; HR Officer 3; Art Club 3; Pep Club 3. RICHARD MARTIN SZASZ Honors at Carlisle Military School, Bomburg, S.C.; Pep Club 3; Future Teachers Club 3. MARTHA CAROLYN TALBERT Student Council 2,3; HR Officer 1,2; Band 1,2,3; All-State Bond 1,2; Dramoteers, Vice Pres. 2. ROBERT THEODORE TARRANT,JR. HR Officer 2; HORNET Stoff 1,2,3; Dramoteers 2; Science Club 2,3; Folksinging Club 3. MICHAEL SHERWIN TATUM Soccer 3. MARY ELIZABETH TAYLOR Student Council 3; HR Officer 2,3; Beta Club 3; HORNET Staff 3; Cabinet 3; Senior Superlative; Junior Senior Steering Committee; Student Director of Junior-Senior; Art Club 1, Sec. 2, Pres. 3; French Club 1, Vice Pres. 2; Pep Club 3. PATRICIA ANN TAYLOR PAULA ANNE TERWILLIGER Honors at Miami Norland Senior High School, Miami, Florida; Pep Club 3; Dramoteers 3. FRANCIS MARION THOMAS Student Council 1,3; HR Officer 2; Junior-Senior Steering Committee. SARAH CECELIA THOMAS HR Officer 1,2; HORNET Staff 2 3; Pep Club, Pres. 3; Future Teachers Club 3; Art Club 1,2; Treas. 3; Beta Club 3; FHA 1; French Club 1,2; Junior-Senior Steering Committee; Homecoming Dance Committee; Library Club 3; Camera Club 3; Cabinet 3; Young Patriots 3. ROBERT EDWARD THOMSON Bus Driver 2,3; Folksinging fl,3. HARVEY EDWARD TILL Bus Driver 3. TERESA CHERYL TIMMONS HR Officer 1,3; Quill and Scroll 1,2,3; Potpourri Co-Editor 3; Future Teachers 1; Art Club 1,2,3; French Club 1,2; Dramoteers 1,2,3; Junior Play; Pep Club, Pres. 3; German Club, Treas. 3; Cabinet 3; Senior Play. SAMUEL JAROD TIMMS Student Council 1,2,3; HR Officer 1,2; Block "A” Club 1,2,3; Footboll 1,2,3; Track 1,2; Beta Club 2,3; Senior Superlative; Student Rotarian; All State Footboll. BARBARA JUNE TOLCHER Honors at Concord High School, Concord, N.C.; Future Teachers 3; Pep Club 3; Exponents Club 3; Senior Play. CHARLES ROBERT TOPE Student Council 1; HR Officer 1; Block "A” Club 1,2,3; Football 1,2,3; JV Basketball; Baseball 1,3; Junior Class Pres.; Senior Class Pres.; Cabinet 2,3; Beta Club 2,3; Junior-Senior Steering Committee. MICHAEL LLOYD TOWNES Soccer 1; Pep Club 3; Young Patriots 3. PERRY WILLIAM TOWNSEND, III Honors at Norland Senior Hiah School, Miami, Florida; Football Manager 3; Basketball Manoger 3; Pep Club 3; Senior Play. SANDRA DIANE TUCKER Chorus 1; FHA 1,2; Future Secretaries Club 2; Future Teachers Club 2,3; Canteen Staff 3. KATHLEEN JOAN URBAN Student Council 1, Treas. 2; HR Officer 1,3; Freshman Class Sec.; National Honor Society 2.3; Beta Club 2,3; Senior Superlative; Dramoteers 1; Quill and Scroll 1,2,3; Co-Editor Teen Times 3; Chorus Accompanist 1; VFW Easy Contest Winner 1; French Club 2; Junior-Senior Steering Committee; Cabinet 3; Senior Play Music Director 3; Miss DAR 3; Girl of the Month. 176CHERYL DIANE WHITE HR Officer 1, French Club Junior Ploy; Finalist 3; National Honor Society 2,3; Quill and Scroll 3; Cabinet 3; 1st place in State German I comprehension Test. 2; Dramoteers 1,2; Future Teachers Club 1; 1,2,3; German Club 2,3; Student Director HORNET Staff 2, Editor 3; National Merit CYNTHIA ANN WHITEHURST Future Teachers Club 3; Pep Club 3. WOODROW WILSON WILKIE. JR. Audio-Visual Club 3; Camera Club 3; HR Officer 3; Pep Club 3; Dramoteers 3; Future Teachers Club 3; Cabinet 3. ANDREW WINTHROP WILLIS CAROLYN MAUDE WILLIS Student Council 2; Future Teachers 1; FHA 1; Canteen Staff 2,3; Junior Play; Future Secretaries Club 2; Dromo-teers 2; Library Club 2, Pres. 3; Future Nurses Club 2; Cabinet 3; Pep Club 3; Beta Club 3. EDWARD LAMAR WILLIS Student Council 2; HR Officer 1,2; Camera Club 1,2; T I Club, Vice Pres. 3. GWYNN WILLIS Student Council 2; Freshman Class Treas.; HR Officer 1,2,3; Cabinet 1,2,3; FVench Club 1,2; future Teachers Club 1; Dramoteers 1,2,3; Future Secretaries 1; Junior Class Treas.; Junior-Senior Steering Committee; Senior Class Treas.; Folksinging Club 2; Beta Club 3; Pep Club 3; Office Assistant 3; Senior Superlative; Student Council Member-at-Large 3; Girl of the Month. HERBERT EARL WILLIS MELMOUTH SCOTT WILLIS, JR Student Council 3; HR Officer 1,2; Track 1; Junior Ploy-Bus Driver 2,3; Cafeteria Staff 3; 3-H Club 3. JAMES RANCE WILSON SAMUEL EUGENE USSERY FFA 1,2; 3-H Club 3. JO ANN VAUGHAN Future Secretaries Club, Vice Pres. 3. BRYCE BONELL VERNER Honors at Lockport Central High, LockpoH. MARION CLYDE WILSON ELIZABETH GORDON WILSON Student Council 1,3; HROfficer3; Dramoteers 1,2,3; French Club 1,2,3; Future Secretaries Club 2; Pep Club 3; Girl of the Month; Office Assistant 3; Senior Play. ROBERT DEXTER WADE Student Council 1,2,3; HR Officer 1,2; Club 3; Exponents 3; King Teen 3; Student Rotarian. pep Club 3; German Senior Superlative; JERRY BLANCHARD WALKER FFA 1, Vice Pres. 2; DE Club 3. ROBERT WOODROW WILSON Student Council 3; German Club 3; 3-H Club 3; Pep Club 3. SHERRY LYNN WILSON HR Officer 3; Future Secretaries 3; FHA 3. CATHERINE LAWTON WALLENBURG o German Club 1,3, Treas. 2; Art Club 2; HR Officer 2,3; Science Club 3; Folksinging Club 2, Pres. 3; Dramoteers 3; Cabinet 3. FRANCES ELIZABETH WALTON Library Club 1,2,3; Dramoteers 1. MICHAEL JAMES WARREN , iiAniirT Student Council 2; HR Officer 13; Pep Club 3; HORNET Stoff 1,2,3; French Club 1,2,3; Quill and Scroll 1 2 Pres. 3; Cabinet 3; Pep Club 3; "Pine Needles Staff 3; Young Patriots 3; Junior Ploy; Dramoteers 1,2. JERRY WAYNE WATERS Bus Driver 2,3. DAVID WILLIAM WEEMS Audio-Visual Club 1; Science Club 1,2,3; Track 1,2; German Club 2,3; Notional Merit Finalist; Student Rotarian. DAVID AUGUSTUS WEIGLE Student Council 2; HR Officer 3; Bus Driver 3; Football Manager 1; German Club 2; National Merit Finalist 3. MELVA MAE WELTON HR Officer 3; Student Council 2; Library Club 1,2,3, District Officer 2; Homecoming Sponsor 1; Basketball L2; Block ".A" Club 2; Future Secretaries Club 2; Folksinging Club 3; Future Teachers Club 3. HARRIET DIANE WOLF HR Officer 1,2; HORNET Staff 1,2,3; Beto Club 2,3; Quill and Scroll 3; Co-Editor Teen Times 3; Pep Club 3; Cabinet 3; German Club 2,3; Dramoteers, Sec. 2,3; National Honor Society 2,3; French Club 2, Treas. 1. HILDA MAE WOOD Future Secretaries 2; Future Teachers 3. LEONARD AUSTIN WOODWARD Student Council 3; HR Officer 1,2; Football 1,2,3; Baseball 1,2,3; Block "A" Club 1,2,3; Pep Club 3. ROBERT FRED WORLEY. JR. Library Club 1; Comero Club 2,3; Audio-Visual Club 3. DAVID THOMAS WRENN FFA 3. DELORES JANELLE WRIGHT Canteen Staff 1,2,3; Future Secretaries Club 2. BENNY AUTRY YON Canteen Staff 1,2,3; Track 2,3; FFA 2,3. STELLA JANE ZION Student Council 2,3; HR Officer 1,2,3; 1,2, Pres. 3; Art Club, Treas. 3; Cabinet 3; Beta Club 3. Future Nurses Club Office Assistant 3; 177may CUy 1965 advertisements 179BE REALLY REFRESHED! •OTTUO UNOM AUTHO«TY O TMI COCA COiA COMfAMY IT AIKEN COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY COWARD-CORLEY SEED CO., INC. SEEDS—FEEDS INSECTICIDES POULTRY SUPPLIES FERTILIZERS CHURCH AND SCHOOL SUPPLY 3843 Augusta Road Phone 649-4063 914 Park Ave., S.E., Aiken, S. C. Aiken, South Carolina LAUREL HARDWARE, INC. BIRDSEY'S STORE TOOLS, PAINT, ELECTRICAL AND PLUMBING SUPPLIES 318 Richland Ave. 649-2991 Aiken, South Carolina GROCERIES — MEATS PRODUCE — FEEDS 180 139 Newberry St. Aiken, S. C.Ml. . 8-1343 Ml 8-5352 ELLINGTON BUICK CADILLAC, INC. 108 Laurens St. Aiken, South Carolina HARTE REALTY COMPANY Commercial — Residential — Rural Phone 648-5489 137 Laurens St. Aiken, South Carolina CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '65 AIKEN LUMBER CO. JAY'S RECORD CENTER Large Stock of Records Jazz — Popular Country — Classical Rock Roll Musical Instruments Mitchell Shopping Center 649-4676 CONGRATULATIONS to this term's graduates and all good wishes for success in the field they have chosen in which to corve out their careers. In searching for a higher education, we hope they will remember the fine colleges in our state; if entering business or industry immediately, we hope they will find their careers here in South Carolina.DURBAN'S INSURANCE — REAL ESTATE Phone 649-2561 AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA Your Prescription Comes First ot ROBERTS GULF SERVICE LOFGREN'S DRUG MART "We Take Personal Interest Bob Goyle Lofgren, Reg. Ph. In Your Car" Mitchell Shopping Center 350 Park Avenue Aiken, S. C. Phone 649-2501 Aiken, S. C. Phone 648-8461 FULMER'S FOR FLOWERS EDWARDS 303, Charleston Street, S.W. 5c - 10c -$1 STORE 649-7223 "The Store of the Thrifty" LANDSCAPING GARDEN SUPPLIES Mitchell Shopping Center Aiken, South Carolina Aiken, S. C.SNO-CAP ROOT BEER DRIVE-IN THOMAS CLEANING LAUNDRY Phone 649-2781 123 Laurens Street Aiken, S. C. JULIA'S DRESS SHOP AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA jAbafe Exquisite Gifts and Accessories 101 Parlj Avenue, S.W. 648-1655 Aiken, South Carolina AIKEN BUILDERS SUPPLY "Quality and Service" T. E. Ferguson, Manager C. B. Anderson Jr.( President 156 Williamsburg St., N.E. Aiken, S. C. Phone 649-2641CLOUD 7 gifts YOUNG'S NEW USED CARS "You hove tried the rest; now try the best." 649-6615 William Young, owner ALVANOS TOWN GRILL YOUR PATRONAGE IS APPRECIATED CAROLINA LANES V v0 C" i ® ’'Where the Hornets bowl" V 3560 Augusta Road Aiken, S. C. 649-2221 WARNEKE CLEANERS 113 Newberry Street AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA PERSKY'S DEPARTMENT STORE AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINACongratulations Class of '65 WHERE PEOPLE WHO DO GOOD WORK WORK FOR PEOPLE WHO APPRECIATE GOOD WORK r--------------' () V E X S - C O K X I N O Fiberglas It Aiken, South Carolina 185THE PATIO FLORIST "The House of Artistic ond Original Floral Design" CORSAGES —A SPECIALTY 1042 Whiskey Road Aiken, S. C. Phone 649-9651 SATCHER MOTOR CO. SALES - SERVICE Phone 649-4148 Aiken, S. C. HYDRICK APPLIANCE PIANO CO. FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES PIANOS — TV — RADIOS RX DRUGS 157 Lourens Street Phones Bus. 648-8600 — Res. 649-7689 325 Hoyne Ave., S.W. Aiken, S. C. AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA MEMBER F.D.I.C. 186BELK'S DEPARTMENT STORE 121 Laurens Street AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA HOLMES Certified Gemologist AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY 151 Laurens Street, S.W. Aiken, S. C. MAXWELL BROTHERS Aiken's Leading Furniture Store 122-24 Laurens St., S.E. Phone 648-8348 Aiken, S. C. RAM REALTY CO. Laurens Street "For the Best in Listening" WAKN 1000 Watts 990 Kilocycles Aiken, S. C. 187 Aiken, S. C.NATIONAL KAOLIN hobby HOUSE MARINE PRODUCTS COMPANY Highway Number 1 AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA phone 649-2742 1032 Whiskey Road AiKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA D. M. GEORGE FUNERAL HOME Since 1920 — Aiken, South Carolina EL'NORS FLORIST — GIFTS Phone 648-1738 526 Richland Ave., W. Aiken, S. C. combs, McDonald PARKS BUILDERS AND DEVELOPERS OF FINE RESIDENTIAL PROPERTIES 229 Richland Phone 649-7256 AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINATHE J. W. ASHHURST AGENCY Your Independent Insurance Agent 157 Laurens Street 649-6259 Aiken, S. C. J. W. Ashhurst 649-2916 Mrs. M. F. Weadon J. R. Thomas 649-4419 648-8504 PHOTOCRAFT CAMERA SHOP 141 Laruens Street, S.W. AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA AIKEN FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS LOANS ASSOCIATION A MUTUAL SAVINGS AND HOME FINANCING INSTITUTION A "CITADEL OF SECURITY" AT CIVIC CENTER 107 Chesterfield Street, S. Aiken, S. C. THE BOOK SHOP School Supplies — Games — Cards Books — Gifts — Art Supplies Aiken, South CarolinaE and G FABRICS Dress Fabrics — Sewing Notions Drapery Materials Custom Made Drapes 107 Laurens St. Aiken, S. C. WOODRUFF DRUG STORES "Two friendly drug stores to serve you better." Mitchell Shopping Center 649-4166 Augusta Road 648-1307 Free Delivery Aiken, S. C. TIMMERMAN MOTOR CO 1103 RICHLAND AVENUE AIKEN SOUTH CAROLINA For the Realtors Answer to — the $64 Question Dial 64— W-Y-M-A-N 141 Chesterfield St. 649-9626 VISIT OUR NEW LOCATION SLOTIN'S AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA Young Ideas for Young WomenSTATE BANK AND TRUST COMPANY MEMBER OF F. D. I. C. AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA HUTSON - ETHERREDGE AGENCY INSURANCE — REAL ESTATE — LOANS Phone 649-7283 129 Pork Ave., S.W. Aiken, S. C. DEATON'S RED WHITE FOOD STORE 3110 Vaucluse Road Aiken, South Carolina Compliments of NEILSON IMPLEMENT CO. FARMALL TRACTORS BARSH ELECTRIC SERVICE AUTOMOTIVE STARTER Generator, Voltage Regulator and Electric Motor Repairing 412 Hayne Ave., S.W. Phone 649-9531 Aiken, S. C. 191 Congratulations to Class of '65 V f AIKEN ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE, INC. i “ T JjL "Owned by Those It Serves" m3 Aiken, S. C. Compliments of SMITH'S DRUG STORE Main Street Phone 652-2721 New Ellenton, S. C. WILMAC, INC. REAL ESTATE — INSURANCE 138 Laurens St.( N.W. Aiken, South Carolina FOREMAN CHEVROLET COMPLETE SALES AND SERVICE New Ellenton, S. C. Phone 652-2233 Day Ml 9-6551 Night Ml 9-4253 HOLLEY FUEL CO., INC. 112 Union Street, N. E. We Specialize in 24 Hour Service 192EUBANKS ESSO SERVICENTER TUNE-UPS WHEEL BALANCING 652-9931 MAIN STREET NEW ELLENTON, S. C. JIM POSEY 133 Laurens St.( N. W. 648-8713 tyeuiel Sfayfr Expert Watch and Jewelry Repair Diamonds, Watches, Radios COMPLETE JEWELRY LINE Across From Cinema Theatre Vl LISTA'S STUDIO OF PHOTOGRAPHY 236 RICHLAND AVENUE SINCE 1874 YOUR QUALITY STORE AIKEN, S. C. AIKEN — AUGUSTABEASON'S ALIGNMENT SERVICE WHEELS STRAIGHTENED AND BRAKE WORK 132 Pendleton St., S.W. 649-7761 Aiken, S. C. S. R. SKINNER, INC. Manufacturer of CAROL ROGERS PAT PERKINS DRESSES Main Street New Ellenton, S. C. BATES INSURANCE AGENCY "Save With Bates" AUTO—LIABILITY — SR-22 FILING FIRE — LIFE — HOSPITALIZATION HOMEOWNERS 648-8792 NIGHTS Ml 9-6770 WHITTLE BROS. MOTOR CO. 812 RICHLAND AVE. AIKEN, S. C. 649-7241GRANITEVILLE COMPANY MAKERS OF COTTON SINCE 1845 GRANITEVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA AND AUGUSTA, GEORGIA Graniteville Company is the oldest Southern cotton mill operating under original charter; and Graniteville, South Carolina was one of the first communities in the notion to enforce compulsory school attendance. In addition, it was the first in the South and one of the first in the nation to provide free textbooks for school children. The textile industry provides employment for more people and pays more dollars in salaries and wages than any other industry in South Carolina. Your Future Might Be Woven in Textiles Graniteville, Warrenville, Vaucluse, South Carolina and Augusta, Georgia 195SECURITY FEDERAL SAVINGS LOANS ASSOCIATIONS Organized 1922 AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA FIRST LADY BEAUTY SALON 3108 Vaucluse Rd. 648-5529 Dee Alexander Wanda Smith Owners AIKEN DRUG Prescription Druggists COSMETICS — DRUGS — GIFTS Phone 649-6286 Aiken, South Carolina EULALIE SALLEY CO. REALTORS JONES MURPH COMPLETE REAL ESTATE SERVICE SINCE 1916 111 Park Ave., S. W. 649-6571 ENGINEERS — SURVEYORS Aiken, South Carolina WESTERN AUTO FAMILY STORE Jerry Chelton, Dealer QUIK-BURGER 196 Aiken, South Carolina Home of the 15c Hamburger"McELMURRAY PONTIAC SALES and SERVICE Superior to Many ond Good as Any Phone 648-8306 1014 Park Ave. AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA BRADLEY PLUMBING HEATING COMPANY plumbing — heating — air-conditioning Walter J. Bradley, Owner 127 Williamsburg St. Aiken, S. C. CULLER'S HALF ACRE 3611 Augusta Road Aiken, South Carolina CINEMA THEATER Aiken, South Carolina JOHNSON AUTO PARTS COMPANY 337 Hayne Ave., S.W. Phone 649-7209 Aiken, South CarolinaCong rotu lotions Class of '65 BUTLER-ROBERTS, INC. Horses Boarded, Trained, Schooled RIDING INSTRUCTIONS Walter C. Newman Riding Master 649-7598 C. H. COWAN, INC. GULF OIL PRODUCTS Phone 649-7211 f

Suggestions in the Aiken High School - Hornet Yearbook (Aiken, SC) collection:

Aiken High School - Hornet Yearbook (Aiken, SC) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Aiken High School - Hornet Yearbook (Aiken, SC) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Aiken High School - Hornet Yearbook (Aiken, SC) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


Aiken High School - Hornet Yearbook (Aiken, SC) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Aiken High School - Hornet Yearbook (Aiken, SC) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Aiken High School - Hornet Yearbook (Aiken, SC) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


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