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Table of Contents ADMINISTRATION PAGE 4 SENIORS PAGE 16 BEAUTIES PAGE 52 SPORTS PAGE 62 ACTIVITIES PAGE 88 UNDERCLASSMEN PAGE 122 STUDENT LIFE PAGE 144 SENIOR HONORS PAGE 160 ADVERTISEMENTS PAGE 166We Grow and Change . . .HORNET AIKEN yiQH SCHOOL Yeors moy dim our recollection Time its change moy bring. Still thy name in fond affection Evermore we sing. Truly the years will dim our recollection of the overall events we experienced at Aiken High, and 1963-1964 again brought changes to our Alma Mater, but there ore specific events of the three years that all of us will hold in fond offection. The proud reflection of warmth the school silhouettes at the dusk of a clear fall day . . . the 'pretty, pointed freshmen their first day here . . . 1200 students in Aiken High . . . Vanwood Extension . . . the lonely, freshmen (Snips, if you please) . . . Hagood Stadium . . . filled with yells, yet full of memories . . . freshmen attending their first pep rallies . . . football season, the most colorful, with and without the tears or smiles . . . our Four . . . Jungle Jim Fraser, Bull Lee, Shorty Sounders and Snip teacher Lowrimore ... all devoted, and always with room for warmth ... the gaiety during bosketboll games . . . but then, the middle closs . . . juniors . . .picked on by teachers, frowned upon by seniors, copied by Snips, but at lost, bent with responsibility . . . juniors doing almost onything frantically, desperately, to raise $$$ . . . Student Council Talent Show, among the best of assemblies ... of course, Mr. Johnny ... os much o foundation of the school as the cement lying beneath ... the reserved senior seats in the gymnatorium . . . whatever happened to senior study halls? . . . Now class, it's gonno take just obout 2 Volume XV . Aiken High School . Aiken, South Carolina 30 seconds of thot ond I'm gonna be very unhappy . . . (Mrs. Owen?) . . . Miss Gunter with her meticulous debits and credits columns . . . English with Mrs. Bobo . . . Miss Barlow, applying the principles of psychology to her students . . . Mr. Willis, Well, I shouldn't tell you this, but I had o former Aiken High student in my office not so long ago, and Mr. Courtney, his warm ond happy stories . . . Mrs. Butler's French tapes . . . Professor Slaughter and his music . . . the bulletin boards (twisting of arms to have one put up, but always successful) . . . freedom of the press . . . TEEN TIMES . . . Archie, Elliot, Lena . . . always helpful, always friendly . . . Will Mrs. Hutto ever hove a quiet library? . . . Miss Cato's graduation list . . . Junior-Senior Prom dozens of happy couples ... but then, clean-up the next morning ... the school beauties . . . senior superlatives? . . . awards day . . . individual achievements . . . induction assembly of the National Honor Society . . . quiet, beautiful, remembered . . . Mrs. Rutland's pride . . . The Little Dog Laughed ... a reflection of class spirit and unity . . . May Day, Junior-Senior, senior rings, yearbooks ... oil on the some big doy . . . but, if any one moment in the course of life can be both happy and sod, filled with goiety and solemness, quiet and noisy, yet full of smiles, tears, and prayers, it is, in all hearts, graduation day. Let our voices loudly ringing. Echo far ond near; Songs of praise thy children singing. To thy mem'ry dear. 3 O EI3SriSTR TI03SrArea Superintendent MR. A. J. RUTLAND B.S. Newberry College M. Ed. University of South Carolina Superintendent of Aiken Attendance Areo Aiken Attendance Area Board Mr. Robert Buchanan, Mr. Don Kennedy, Mr. Charles Marvin, CHAIRMAN, Mr. Arthur Croll, Mr. Geddings Willing.PRINCIPAL JAMES O. WILLIS A.B. University of South Carolina M.A. University of South Carolina He who does not advance falls back; likewise he who ceases to grow greater becomes smaller . . . These philosophical words taken from Henri Amiel, can serve only to remind Aiken High faculty and students that we have neither fallen back nor have we become smaller. Insteod we have united our efforts to expand not only our curriculum and our physical plant but our entire philosophy of education. For the third time in ten years Aiken High School has grown to the point of splitting at the seams. And for the third time in ten years we have had to let the seams out first by building a school then by adding a new wing and now we have built on additional unit composed of nineteen classrooms. We ore dimensional. Our curriculum has been changed to include four areas of studies which leod to a diploma in each area. Likewise our student activity program has grown in keeping with the school. Regardless of where a student's interest may lie, he will more than likely find some club, organization, or project sponsored by the school to further his interest. The athletic program has been enlarged to include football, basketball, track, soccer, golf, baseball, tennis, and a comprehensive intramural program designed to meet the spiritual, morol, social and esthetic needs of youth. Yes, os the theme of the 1964 HORNET implies, Aiken High School has odvonced further ond grown larger in the past ten years than in any other decade of her history. I, J. O. Willis, should like to offer congratulations and thanks to the students and faculty who have helped to moke this a successful year. You have lived up to your slogan, Never before like '64. 7 JAMES 0. WILLISMR. JOHN B. EUBANKS B.S. Clemson College School Treasurer, Mathematics MISS NORMA GUNTER B.S. Winthrop College M. Ed. University of South Carolina Assistant Guidonce Director, Bookkeeping MRS. J. C. McNEIL Lincoln Memorial University Secretory to Principal MR. JOHN SAUNDERS B.S. Western Carolina Assistant Principal MR. NORMAN E. WOODWARD B.S. Clemson College M.A. Appalachian State Teochers College Guidance DirectorMR. JOHN G. AKINS, JR. B.A. Horvord University English MISS MARY LOU BARLOW A.B. Coker College M.A. Appolochion Stote Teachers College Biology, Psychology MRS. FRANCES M. BEACH Winthrop College Home Economics, Biology, Physical Education MR. WILLIAM L. BELL B.S. Berry College Mechanical Drawing, Woodworking MRS. ELEANOR K. BLACK B.S.S.A. University of North Carolina at Greensboro Business English, Typing MRS. MARGARET C. BOBO A.B. Newberry College M.A. Appalachian State Teachers College English, French MRS. JUANITA BRAUN A.B. Erskine College EnglishMRS. HELEN P. BUTLER MRS- LILLIAN S CARR A.B. Erskine College A B. Wilmington College M.A. Emory University M Miomi University French English, German MISS MARGARET E. CATO B.S. Winthrop College Distributive Educotion, Office Practice, Business Law, Typing MISS MARIAN I. CHURCH B.S. University of South Carolina Biology, Plane Geometry t MRS. ALICE W. CLONTZ B.A. Presbyterian College English, French MRS. JOHNNIE C. COLSEN A.B. Women's College of Georgia M.A. University of Georgia English MR. RICHARD W. COOK B.S. Clemson College M B A. University of South Carolina AlgebraMR. CARROLL L. COURTNEY A.B. Wofford College Mathematics MRS. BARBARA JEAN S. CUDE A.B. University of South Carolina Assistant Librarian MRS. MARY B. DONALDSON A.B. University of Delaware Chemistry MRS. VIRGINIA W. ELKIN A.B. Winthrop College World Geography, English, History MR. EARL L. DUNCAN B.S. University of Southern Mississippi History MR. JAMES C. FRASER B.S. Newberry College Head Coach MISS JOHANNA V. GIBBS A.B. University of South Carolina Physical Education, Girls' CoachMISS MATILDA I. HARPER A.B. University of South Caroline Biology, Chemistry MR. ALVIN H. HAWKINS B.S. Clemson College M.A. Clemson College Agriculture MRS. JESSIE LEE W. HUTTO B.A. Furmon University Librarian MR. VAINO O. JOHNSON B.S. Coast Guard Academy M.S. University of Southern Mississippi English MRS. MARY D. HILBORN Centre College Biology, Physical Science MRS. JEAN A. KLING B.A. Columbia College EnglishMRS. PEGGY S. LAMBERT A.B. Londer College Art, Government, Economics MR. MARION W. LEE B.S. Newberry College Physical Education, Assistant Coach MR. W. PIERCE LILES B.S. University of South Carolina Physics, Plane Geometry ■ MR. WILLIAM J. LOWRIMORE B.S. Newberry College Physical Education, Assistant Coach MISS RUTH S. MAXWELL B.A. Furman University French MR. CARLTON S. McDANIEL A.B. Mercer University History MRS. ERMA L. McGEE Dietician MR. WESLEY S. MURPH, JR. B.S. Clemson College Mathematics MRS. ELIZABETH H. NUZUM A.B. Fairmont State Teachers College M.A. West Virginio University Plane Geometry MRS. BETTY T. OWEN A.B. Coker College Algebra, Advanced Mathematics MRS. BLANCHE K. RUTLAND A.B. Columbia College Civilization, History MRS. NAOMI H. SATTERFIELD B.S. Winthrop College Home Economics, Family Living MR WILLIAM T. SLAUGHTER B.Mus. Ed. Westchester State Teachers College M.Mus.Ed. Florida State University Band Director MR. JOHN D. TERRY B.S. Clemson College Mechanical Drawing, Electricity MR. MICHAEL G. TOOLE B.F.A. University of Georgia M.M. Westminster Choir College ChorusMISS SHIRLEY VAUGHN B.S. Erskine College Shorthand MRS VIVIAN S. VERENES A.B. Limestone College English MR. PHILIP P. WAYBRIGHT A.B. Ashbury College Chemistry MRS. JUDY W. WHITE A.B. Winthrop College Area Dietician MISS MARY T. WILLIAMS A.B. Newberry College English MRS. VIRGINIA W. WINTER B.S. Beaver College U.S. History MISS MARY E. WREN A.B. Winthrop College English MR. MOTTE J. YARBROUGH A.B. Wofford College World HistorySenior Class Officers Jeon Hedrick, SECRETARY; Claude Stokes, TREASURER; Nick Jeancake, PRESIDENT; David Mayes, VICE-PRESIDENT. SeniorsPAT ABBOTT JACK ADAMS JANE ALLEN JACQUE ALLISON PATRICIA ANNE ABBOTT horseback rider . . . talker . . . boy fancier JACK GIRARD ADAMS braver of the wilds . . . constructor of ideas . . . philosopher GLORIA SUE ALLEN seamstress . . . bookworm . . . bowler JAN WADDEY ALLEN creative writer . . . prospective math major . . . great talker and teller of jokes JACQUELENE ALLISON office assistant . . . future legal secretary . . . proud and active senior JUDITH KAY ANDERSON future math major . . . basketball and softball enthusiast . . . cook and seamstress SUE ALLEN JUDY ANDERSON Never before like '64 . . . MARY ANNE ARNETT BEN BANCROFT VICKI ARNOTT NED BANCROFT MARY ANNE ARNETT avid sailor and folksinger . . . camper . . . future biologist VICKI LYNN ARNOTT great reader . . . agile water skier and swimmer DEE ANN BAKER prospective occupational therapist . . . ballerina . . . cook and seamstress BENJAMIN BANCROFT swimmer . . . sound sleeper . . . basketball player EDWARD BANCROFT golfer . . . bookworm . . . basketball player FRANCES ANN BARRETT avid basketball player . . . swimmer . . . pianist DEE ANN BAKER FRANCES BARRETTOLIS DAVIS BARTON, JR. anticipator of college degree and morriage license PETER NEVIUS BARTRAM woodworker . . . mod glazer . . .amateur scientist CHARLES CROCKETT BEASON, JR. car mechanic . . . hunter . . . all day basketball player BETTY MARGUERITE BEATY future painter . . . playwright . . . rare steak fancier EARL LEWIS BELCHER, JR. outdoorsman . . . math whiz . . . trackman LOUISE ELAINE BELL pianist . . . painter . . . hunter and fisherman DAVIS BARTON PETER BARTRAM BETTY BEATY EARL BELCHER CHARLES BEASON LOUISE BELL We bragged about . . . AILEEN BELLEFEUILLE GERALD BENNETT JERRY BLACKWELL BRUCE BOATWRIGHT ■I MARY BERRY PATRICIA BOATWRIGHT AILEEN NALANI BELLEFEUILLE welcome newcomer from Hawaii . . . volleyball player . . . Young Life hula dancer GERALD ALLEN BENNETT golfer . . . Citadel material . . . girl watcher MARY FRANCES BERRY swimmer . . . softball fan . . . dancer GERALD BLACKWELL hunter . . . fisherman . . . football and baseball fan BRUCE WILSON BOATWRIGHT outdoor sportsman . . . car enthusiast . . . bowler PATRICIA JANE BOATWRIGHT nonfiction fan . . . gardener . . . swimmer and boaterJUD1E ANNETTE BOYD piano player . . . horseback rider . . . movie goer WALLACE BOYD fisher . . . sports fan . . . car mechanic JILL PAULETTE BOYLSTON ort lover . . . sports fan . . . dress designer NORMAN SCOTT BRACKETT sports fon . . . English opponent . . . hunter KENNETH FRANKLIN BROCKINGTON track star . . . Romeo . . . maverick GWENDOLYN MATTIE BROUGHTON swimmer . . . diversified reader . . . home economist JUDIE BOYD SCOTT BRACKETT WALLACE BOYD KENNY BROCKINGTON JILL BOYLESTON MATTIE BROUGHTON 14 merit finalists MAXINE BROWN LARRY BURCH SARAH MAXINE BROWN horseback rider . . . swimmer . . . sports car racer THOMAS HAROLD BROWN horseback rider . . . hunter . . . penny collector JAMES ALLAN BUNCH gardener . . . woodworker . . . coin collector LARRY KENT BURCH athlete . . . model car collector ... go kart trophy winner WILLIAM MORGAN BURCKHALTER guitarist . . . Winthrop weekender . . . music lover LYNN KATHRYN BURGESS daydreamer and marathon telephoner . . . blue sports-car addict TOM BROWN BILL BURCKHALTER JIMMY BUNCH LYNN BURGESSMICHAEL WADE BUSCH football spectator . . . car fon . . . history hoter DAVID BRIAN BUTLER car builder . . . soccer player . . . skier . . . Friday fan WALTER ELLIOT BUTLER traveler . . . baseball player . . . English specialist BEVERLY JEAN BYARS outdoor gal . . . reader . . . basketball enthusiast GARY DOUGLAS CABBAGE tropical fish fancier . . . sports fan . . . Mr. Chou JUDY MARIAN CADDEN numismatist . . . seamstress ... oil painter MIKE BUSCH JEAN BYARS DAVID BUTLER WALTER BUTLER GARY CABBAGE JUDY CADDEN We filled college forms . . . REBA CAGLE LINDA CAMPBELLE THOMAS CALLAHAN LARRY CALLAHAN RICHARD CAMPBELL JIMMY CARLISLE REBA EVELYN CAGLE bowler . . . volleyball player . . . bookkeeper JAMES THOMAS CALLAHAN novelist . . . outdoorman . . . student of parapsychology LARRY EDWARD CALLAHAN advocate of weekends . . . pocket billiard player LINDA FAYE CAMPBELLE skater and water skier . . . reader . . . flower arranger RICHARD BRUCE CAMPBELL chess player . . . baiter of teachers . . . scientist JAMES HENRY CARLISLE sportscar fanatic . . . marine biologist . . . Jimmy Clark fanWILLIAM EDWARD CAROTHERS, JR. coin collector . . . future accountant . . . jazz lover DAVID BRIAN CARR civil, civil engineer . . . math brain . . . basketball player EARL EVANS CARTER world traveler . . . swimmer . . . record player FRED C. CARTER driver of cars . . . sports enthusiast ROBERT LEWIS CARTER car tinkerer. . . hard-working senior . . . future teacher BEVERLEY DARLENE CAUDLE record collector . . . promising nurses' aid or secretary BILLY CAROTHERS FRED CARTER DAVID CARR BOBBY CARTER EARL CARTER DARLENE CAUDLE and applied for jobs SHARLENE CAUDLE CHARLES CAUSEY JOHN PAT COFFEY BEVERLY COLALUCCI FRANKIE SHARLENE CAUDLE swimmer . . . dancer . . . singer ROBERT CHARLES CAUSEY materialist . . . clock watcher . . electrical engineer KITTY CHAFIN seamstress . . . cook . . . singer JOHN PATRICK COFFEY abolisher of six weeks' tests . . . sportsman BEVERLY RAY COLALUCCI White's ''Seventeen' representative . . . Candy-striper . . . possible pharmacist MARGARET ANN COOK horn blower . . . opponent of high heels . . . fan of sweatshirts KITTY CHAFIN ANN COOKLINDA COURSEY SAMMIE COX LINDA GAYE COURSEY artist . . . secretary-to-be . . . dancer and bowler JOHN MAC COX car tinkerer . . . baseball and basketball player . . . skier JUDITH SUZANNE COX collector of stamps and stuffed animals . . . great talker . . . prospective nurse SAMMIE RAY COX water skier . . . baseball player . . . butcher JOHNNY EDWIN CRAWFORD, JR. car enthusiast . . . hunter . . avid fisherman LONNIE VICTOR CREED ready, willing, and able fellow . . . wrestler . . . fisher and swimmer JOHNNY COX JUDY COX JOHNNY CRAWFORD VICTOR CREED We ran touchdowns . . . ANGELA CROSBY BURT DAHLEN ROBERT CROSSON JUDY DAILEY FRANKIE CUSHMAN PHYLLIS DAVIDSON MILDRED ANGELA CROSBY future IBM operator ... future homemaker ROBERT JOHN CROSSON, JR. flier and sailor . . . stamp collector . . . radio ham FRANKLIN LEE CUSHMAN enthusiastic mechanic . . . fisherman . . . hunter BURTON LEIGH DAHLEN busy band member . . . tennis and soccer player . . . admirer of light classical music JUDITH FAYE DAILEY musicial . . . avid basketball player . . . football spectator PHYLLIS ANN DAVIDSON patron of the dance . . . hysterical historian . . . gourmet cookCECIL RAY DAY hunter . . . fisherman . . . football fan CECIL RAY DENTON football player . . . dancer . . . college-bound LESLIE ELIZABETH DESSAUER artist . . . non-conformist . . . philosopher BRENDA EVELYN DRAWDY bowling enthusiast . . . swimmer . . . canteen staff worker RONALD CLIFFORD DYER fan of Kingston Trio . . . singer . . . prospective advertising exec DAVID GRAGG EBENHACK restorer of Model A Fords . . . soccer player . . . hunter CECIL DAY BRENDA DRAWDY CECIL DENTON LESLIE DESSAUER RONNIE DYER DAVID EBENHACK and leapt for baskets JEANENE EDWARDS VICKEY ELLIS JEANENE MARIE EDWARDS art buff . . . water skier JERRY LEE EDWARDS swimmer . . . football fan . . . car racer JAMES WILEY ELLETT Explorer scout . . . tennis and golf player . . . philosopher JERRY EDWARDS JIM ELLETT BURMA EUBANKS MARGIE EUBANKS VICKEY JOLINE ELLIS flower arranger . . . record collector . . . dancer and bowler EDWIN BURMA EUBANKS swimmer . . . hunter . . . party goer MARGIE LYNN EUBANKS proud senior . . . Palmer applicantDAN MAINLAND FABRICK eager reader . . . specialist in chemistry . . . church worker RICHARD LEWIS FELDER vigorous surfboarder . . . radio ham . . . photographer RANDOLPH BOURNE FENNINGER, JR. great soccer fan . . . admirer of fine clothes and food . . . folk music fanatic DAN FABRICK RICHARD FELDER DAVID FERRITER JOANTHAN FLETCHER DAVID MICHAEL FERRITER college aspirant . . . basketball player . . . occasional golfer JONATHAN STURTEVANT FLETCHER philatelist . . . chemical experimenter . . . knife tosser MARTHA ELIZABETH FLOYD business woman . . . homemaker . . . willing graduate RANDY FENNINGER MARTHA FLOYD We pounded typewriters . . . JAMES FORD MARGARET FOREMAN BETTY ANN FREEMAN MIKE FRENCH JAMES BERKELY FORD model car tycoon . . . radio bug . . . hunter MARGARET JEANNETTE FOREMAN foreign ambassador . . . peacemaker . . . lover of green WILMOT DALE FREAR future engineer . . music lover . . . silence seeker BETTY ANN FREEMAN collector of silver dollars . . . eager student JOHN MICHAEL FRENCH hunter . . . fisherman . . . beater of dashboards over broken radios NANCY LOUISE GADDY enthusiastic camper . . . busy seamstress . . . future social worker BILLY FREAR NANCY GADDY BARBARA GASSETT TOMMY GIBSON LYNN GOODWIN JOEL GOSSETT BARBARA ANN GASSETT library aide . . . booster of Future Teachers JAMES THOMAS GIBSON trackman . . . girl fan . . . gnat gnasher EMILY JANET GOODWIN typist . . reader . . . business school applicant LYNN ELLEN GOODWIN pianist . . . Candy-striper . . . swimmer JOEL BLAINE GOSSETT ardent worker . . . football fan . . . future electrical engineer TIMOTHY CHARLES GRACE renowned deer hunter . . . fine grid player . . . future veterinarian EMILY GOODWIN TIM GRACE and constructed cabinets CHARLES GRAHAM JUDY GREEN BETTY GRAVES EARL GREGORY JACK GRAY JOHNNY GREGORY CHARLES MELVIN GRAHAM marine enthusiast . . . camper . . . golfer BETTY GRAVES hobbyist . . .television fan . . . museum tourer JACK KELLY GRAY, JR. fisherman . . . car doctor JUDITH ANN GREEN secretarial worker. . . guidance counselor . . . church supporter EARL KEEL GREGORY car pilot . . . roller skater . . . swimmer JOHN DEMETRIUS GREGORY Mr. Student Government . . . Foots . . . football starLILLIAN CORDELE GUNTER eager librarian . . . pianist . . . singer ROBERT ELLIS HADDEN water sportsman . . deer hun- ter . . . fisherman EUGENE STAFFORD HALFORD auto-mechanic . . . water skier . . . draftsman JIMMY GRIFFIN LILLIAN GUNTER DELORES GRIFFIN ROBERT HADDEN RONNIE GUINN GENE HALFORD We passed in the halls with . . . SHERRY HAMMACK MALCOLM HARMSTAD CYNTHIA HAMRICK PAT HART SHARON HARLEY ALAN HAY SHARRILYN YVETTE HAMMACK composer of essays . . . songstress . . . water skier CYNTHIA SUSANNA HAMRICK math and sports fan . . . vetoer of term papers and cheaters . . . beagle admirer SHARON ROSE HARLEY stamp collector . . . sports fan . . . martyr to literature ROBERT MALCOLM HARMSTAD soccer player . . .tennis enthusiast . . . fast mover BRUCE PATRICK HART cool man . . . bulletin board contestant . . . actor WILLIAM ALAN HAY sports fan . . . booster of Student Council . . . canteen customer JAMES WILLIAM GRIFFIN collector of old coins . . . auto designer . . . agile eager RUBY DOLORES GRIFFIN organ grinder . . . people-pleaser CHARLES RONALD GUINN water skier . . . dancer . . . swimmerHUGER HEATH BETTY JEAN HENDERSON Bonjour and DON HENSLEY DEBBIE HIGGENBOTTOM HUGER HEATH, JR. car doctor . . . golf and tennis player . . . school fan except on test days REDMOND QUINTON HEATH sports fan . . . car racer . . . water sportsman JEAN ABEE HEDRICK Miss Aiken . . . singer . . . the cheerleaders' cheerleader BETTY JEAN HENDERSON picture tinter . . . future artist . . . skater GEORGE ALBERT HENDERSON penny collector . . . student of mechanics x.- IRENE JANIS HENDRIX clothes-maker . . . avid sports fan REDMOND HEATH JEAN HEDRICK GEORGE HENDERSON JANIS HENDRIX Auf Wiedersehn HELEN HERRE HEBER HERRON JOE HITCHMAN VICKIE HODGES WELDON CECIL HENSLEY, JR. electronics engineer . . . water skier . . . folk singer HELEN HERRE reader of Zen . . . political debater with history teachers . . . future language major HEBER TRUMAN HERRON horseback rider . . . F.F.A. . . . worker on cars DEBBIE ROSE HIGGENBOTTOM future civil servant . . . patron of the dance . . . business woman JOSEPH MICHAEL HITCHMAN disputer and procrastinator . . . guitar player . . . possible dentist VICKIE ESTELLE HODGES creator of modern dances . . . reader . . . bowlerDANIEL JASPER HOGAN III follower of Civil War history . . . football fan CAROLINE HOLLEY easy-going girl . . . party goer . . . collector of horse statues TIMOTHY LEE HOLTZENDORFF new student ot A.H.S. . . . former Spanish clubber . . . tenor sax harmonizer LINDA LOU HUDSON worker with children . . . picture collector . . . skater JOHN MORTON HUNTER, JR. famed cage player . . . summer camper . . . swimmer DENNIS FRANKLIN HYDRICK highway employee this summer . . . father's assistant in store . . . advocate of neater campus DAN HOGAN LINDA HUDSON CAROLINE HOLLEY TIM HOLTSENDORFF JACK HUNTER DENNIS HYDRICK We traded elephant jokes . . . CYNTHIA INGRAM JEAN JOHNSON CYNTHIA ELLEN INGRAM future nurse . . . conversationalist . . . horseback rider CHARLOTTE ANN JACKSON water-skier . . . sharp dresser . . . bowling enthusiast NICHOLAS GEORGE JEANCAKE football lover . . . the Greek . . . music devotee GLORIA JEAN JOHNSON enthusiastic Candy-striper . . . radio listener . . . traveler JAMES PHILIP JOHNSON college hopeful . . . blissful driver . . . kind fisherman PAMELA NORTHE JOHNSON “the voice . . . photographer . . . loyal Aiken High-er CHARLOTTE JACKSON NICK JEANCAKE JIMMY JOHNSON PAM JOHNSONRYNTHA JOHNSON LINDA JONES ROBBIE JOHNSTON RICHARD JORDAN JOHN JONES CHARLOTTE JOSEPH JOSEPH WILLIAM LANGDALE orbiter . . . hunter and fisherman . . . history fiend GEORGE NELSON LAWRENCE bibliophile . . . soccer and trackman MARINA LEAPHART cat keeper . . . worker with people . . . music fan LINDA ELIZABETH JONES horseback rider . . . active student RICHARD EDGAR JORDAN sportscar fanatic . . . fisher . . . hunter CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH JOSEPH horseback rider . . . water skier . . . traveler and wore madras shirts LORETTA KEITH JOE LANGDALE BRENDA KIDD GEORGE LAWRENCE LORETTA CAROL KEITH pizza eater . . . needle worker . . . true-blue friend BRENDA SUE KIDD chef . . . avid reader . . . football and basketball spectator CHRISTOPHER THOMAS KUNEMAN physics fan . . . water sportsman . . . girl watcher CHRIS KUNEMAN MARINA LEAPHART RYNTHA JOHNSON rock-hound . . . folksong dreamer . . . traveler to strange places ROBERT LECHE JOHNSTON Mr. Mayor of Teen Town USA . . . movie-goer. . . basketballer JOHN DARGAN JONES III electronic future . . . trackman . . . hi-fierPATRICIA ANNA LEE Young Lifer. . . lover of droma . . . ardent Aiken High rooter JAMES WILLIAM LEINART, JR. electric guitar twanger . . . fisherman . . . tropical fish collector DAVID KERMIT LINDOW carrier of the ball . . . for tennis, soccer . . . and as HORNET class editor FRED GUION LOCKEY, JR. deep thinker . . . competitive golfer . . . friend to all JAMES KELLY LOCKHART eye for soccer . . . English translator . . . bright future at UNC TONY MICHAEL LOVE friend of Fridays . . . senior class supporter . . . fun lover PATSY LEE FRED LOCKEY JIMMY LEINART DAVID LINDOW JIM LOCKHART TONY LOVE We plotted graphs . . . DONNA LOWE ANNA MACKLEN LINDA LOWE PHYLLIS MANGUM BRENDA LYBRAND PRESTON MARONEY DONNA JEANNE LOWE future seamstress . . . preparer of fine delicacies . . . musical dreamer LINDA LEE LOWE dancer . . . business major . . . secretarial prospect BRENDA LORIS LYBRAND ceramist . . . folksong devotee . . . future secretary ANNA LOUISE MACKLEN baton twirler . . . sunlamp addict . . . possible medical secretary PHYLLIS ANN MANGUM horseback rider. . . seamstress . . . chef JOHN PRESTON MARONEY, JR. modern music fan . . . active school participant . . . agreeable fellowJOHN FRASER MARTIN, JR. Explorer scout . . . cor mechanic . . . skier SHARON FOWLER MAURICE English scholar . . . sweater-knitter deluxe . . . tennis player and swimmer STEWART DURAND MAURICE soccer player . . . etudiant en francais . . . car tinkerer DAVID WADE MAYES extracurricular operator . . . soccer team . . . Beta Club LARRY MONROE McCOY football team . . . swimmer . . . basketball SHARYN LYNN McDONALD archaeologist . . . mad Beatle . . . skilled artist and rider FRASER MARTIN DAVID MAYES SHARON MAURICE STEWART MAURICE LARRY McCOY LYNN McDONALD and exploded theories sandra McFarland PATTY McMAHON SANDRA ELLEN McFarland jazz lover . . . future airline hostess . . . singer ANN ELIZABETH McKANE reluctant Vanwood commuter . . . gifted wit . . . prospective medical technologist KATHERINE ANN McKinney decorator . . . skater . . . reading hater PATRICIA ANNE McMAHON zealous horsewoman . . . skier . . . swimmer JOHN CHARLES McMICHAEL, JR wide-ranging stamp collector . . . pop music fan . . . historian paula McMillan enthusiastic sports spectator . . . optimist . . . lover of wide-open spaces ANN McKANE JOHN McMICHAEL katy McKinney paula McMillanMYRA McNAIR BOB MELLON TOM MILLER ASHFORD MILNER MYRA ANN McNAIR bibliophile . . . tennis player . . . golfer ROBERT MELLON famed traveler of the links . . . skier . . . bowler JOSEPH WILLIAM MESSICK future accountant . . . sports expert . . . disclaimer of freshman year ELWOOD THOMAS MILLER future math or science teacher . . . school booster . . . big snowman GEORGE ASHFORD MILNER III avid sports fan . . . able hunter . . . traveler NICKI MARIE MITCHELL writer-to-be . . . part mermaid . . . master of lines and edges JOE MESSICK NICKI MITCHELL We researched term papers . . . MARSHA MOATES BILL MOBLEY NANCY MOORE TED MORTON MARSHA LEE MOATES horseback rider . . . water skier . . . talkative seamstress WILLIAM CHAFEE MOBLEY master of the links . . . basket-bailer DOUGLAS FOSTER MOODY Student Council pro . . . former miser . . . ever-ready help NANCY JANICE MOORE band enthusiast and leader . . . Duke applicant . . . future nurse THEODORE WARREN MORTON flounder fisherman . . . coin collector . . . dreamer of stock car racing FRANK DAVID MOSELEY math expert . . . baseball player .. . hunter DOUG MOODY DAVID MOSELEYNANCY MOYER DANNY MURPHY RICHARD MUSICK KATHY NELSON NANCY INEZ MOYER swimmer . . . seamstress . . . dancer DANIEL JOSEPH MURPHY future history major . . . ardent arguer . . . great sports fan EDWARD FONDIE MURRILL bowling expert . . . model builder . . . swimmer RICHARD MUSICK electronics engineer . . . dance enthusiast . . . non-city hall fighter KATHLEEN ANNE NELSON commercial artist . . . Steinbeck reader . . . fan of light classical music MARGARET EDDIE NEWTON pianist . . . artist . . . babysitter FONDIE MURRILL MARGARET NEWTON and hoarded library passes DIANNE NUNN RICKY NUZUM BOB O'REAR MIKE PADGETT MARJORIE DIANNE NUNN fancy cook . . . seamstress . . . swimmer JOHN RICHARD NUZUM chess master . . . learned numismatist . . . stamp collector CARL EDWARD OPPERMANN model car hobbyist . . . football player . . . trackman ROBERT STEPHEN O'REAR hunter . . . catcher of fish . . . admirer of physics and civilization courses MICHAEL ALONZO PADGETT football player . . . avid skier . . . swimmer CAROL TREJEAN PARRISH reader . . . bowiing fan . . . modern dancer CARL OPPERMANN CAROL PARRISHROBERT MAURICE PATTERSON big dancer . . . soccer player . . . aero-space engineer BILLIE CATHERINE PEARSON expert cook . . . Emory student . . . organist and drummer LEO LEONARD PEARSON III horse breeder . . . baseball player . . . football fan MARGARET LYNN PERMAR outdoor girl . . . happy senior . . . Hornet booster RONNIE DALE PHILLIPS sincere type . . . car driver . . . hunting fan LOUISE ELIZABETH PLUMLEY future executive secretary . . . swimmer . . . dancer ROBERT PATTERSON CATHY PEARSON MARGARET PERMAR RONNIE PHILLIPS LEO PEARSON LOUISE PLUMLEY We delighted audiences with . . . WENDY POPE BILLY PRICE WENDY QUARLES LEE QUINN WENDY LYNN POPE pizza chef . . . Fred Astaire partner . . . contented senior BILLY NEAL PRICE expert swimmer . . . ardent angler . . . hunter ROY HOMER PROFFITT arrowhead collector . . . future forest ranger . . . skilled loafer WENDY L. QUARLES cook . . . needleworker . . . swimmer LEELLEN VIRGINIA QUINN swimmer . . . dancer . . . great rain walker GLENN ROSSER RABORN dreamer of eternal youth . , . happy girl watcher ROY PROFFITT GLENN RABORNSANDRA LEE RADFORD careful selector of mood music . . . clothes shopper . . . painter MEREDITH TROTTER RANEY, JR. peruser of comics . . . jazz fan . . . tropical fish buff CORNELIA CLAIBORNE RAY flutist . . . movie and book admirer . . . objector to jazzed-up classics ROY EMORY REARDEN future school teacher . . . girl ponderer . . . sports fan GLENN ALFORD REDD outdoorsman . . . future car salesman . . . proud senior RALPH GEORGE REDD hunter . . . work-hater . . . fisherman . . . busdriver SANDRA RADFORD ROY REARDEN MEREDITH RANEY CLAIBORNE RAY GLENN REDD RALPH REDD “The Little Dog Laughed’’ CALVIN RICHARDSON NORMA JEAN RICHARDSON CALVIN THOMAS RICHARDSON bowler . . . football and basketball . . . Vanwood picket CAROLYN JEANNETTE RICHARDSON business college candidate . . . basketball fan . . . reader CHARLES RAYMOND RICHARDSON numismatist . . . bird hunter . . . bowler NORMA JEAN RICHARDSON fan of sewing and skating . . . proud senior . . . bowler RONNIE GENE RIDENOUR fixer of engines . . . seeker of arrowheads . . . future mind-reader JERALDINE SUE RIVENBARK future in medicine . . . sports fan . . . enthusiastic cheerleader CAROLYN RICHARDSON CHARLES RICHARDSON RONNIE RIDENOUR JERI SUE RIVENBARKCLAUDE CARROLL ROBBINS, JR. water skier . . . cage competitor .. . math whiz DALE CHARLES ROBINSON famed baseball pitcher . . . medical prospects . . . foe of superfluous homework WYNEZ ELIZABETH ROE canteen staffer . . . student council . . . future teacher SANDRA ROREX cosmetician . . . boy-watcher . . . optimist DOUGLAS EVERETT ROWLAND longtime fisherman . . . scientist . . . folksinger GLORIA CELESTE ROYAL folksong dreamer . . . aquatic sports . . . rider DALE ROBINSON DOUG ROWLAND WYNEZ ROE GLORIA ROYAL We lunched on campus . LARRY RUSSELL LESLIE SAUNDERSON RICHARD RUSSELL ELAINE SCOTT ROBERT REESE RUDDER basketball and baseball player . . . F.F.A . . . T. l. Club LARRY WILLIAM RUSSELL gun collector . . . mechanic . . . hunter and fisherman RICHARD THOMAS RUSSELL bus driver . . . car collector . . . coin collector ROBBIE ROBBINS SANDRA ROREX ROBERT RUDDER BRENDA RUTLEDGE BRENDA JOYCE RUTLEDGE rider of horses . . . cook . . . dancer LESLIE MARY SAUNDERSON Civil Air Patrol . . . rider . . . flyer ROY ELAINE SCOTT horseback rider . . . canteener . . . basketball and volleyball fanMELODY K. SEIERSEN future social worker . . . master of baton . . . handcrafter ELEANOR LORIE SEIGLER sports fan . . . badminton player .. . future secretary MELVIN EUGENE SEIGLER picnicker . . . deep sea fisherman . . . disliker of flat tires BARBARA ALLEN SETZER basketball . . . choral singer . . . possible nurse MARY ALICE SHATLOCK artist . . . college aspirant . . . mermaid NANCY BYRON SHAW Candy-striper. . . artist of lines and edges . . . lover of fires MELODY SEIERSEN ELEANOR SEIGLER BARBARA SETZER ALICE SHATLOCK and watched the construction ROY SHEARS LINDA SIMS LYDIA SMILEY ANNETTE SMOOT ROY FRANKLIN SHEARS, JR. patient fisherman . . . canteen staffer . . . happy freshman LINDA RAE SIMS sightseeing specialist. . . movie fan . . . dancer JAMES ALLEN SKIDMORE model plane maker . . . swimmer . . . work dodger LYDIA RUFFNER SMILEY algebra champ . . . happy driver . . . literary student ANNETTE HAMMOND SMOOT ballet fan . . . lover of children . . . future teacher LOLA KAY SNIPES bowler . . . traveler . . . cosmopolite MELVIN SEIGLER NANCY SHAW JIM SKIDMORE KAY SNIPESMARY LOUISE SNIPES picture collector . . . ort and science student . . . good friend SANDRA REBECCA SPIRES aspiring actress . . . jazz hound . . . album collector GREGORY JAY STARK Univ. of Wisconsin candidate . . . scientist . . . newcomer in junior year GLORIA ALLYSON STARNES dancer and folksinger . . . blissful shopper . . . future X-ray technician LYNN GAY STEELE admirer of education . . . devoted Aiken High booster HENRY HUTCHINSON STEVENS future metallurgist . . . folk-singer . . . rock polisher MARY SNIPES GLORIA STARNES GREGORY STARK HENRY STEVENS SANDY SPIRES LYNN STEELE grew as we BECKY STEVENS CLAUDE STOKES CHERYL ST. JOHN CATHERINE STOKES MARY LOU ST. JOHN BETTY JEAN STONE REBECCA RUTH STEVENS sports fan . . . innovator . . . clothes admirer CHERYL LYNN ST. JOHN reader . . . reluctant Vanwood stroller . . . proud senior MARY LOU ST JOHN card player . . . fireside dreamer .. . expert with children CLAUDE FARMER STOKES golf enthusiast . . . gregarious student . . . hot little-car driver MARY CATHERINE STOKES softball player . . . bike rider . . . active gal BETTY JEAN STONE fond traveler . . . TV watcher . . . future nurseJOHN CHARLES TALYOR car mechanic . . . hunter . . . fisherman SUSAN MILLICENT TAVLOR future oceanographer . . . architectural sketcher . . . boy hater SUSAN LYNN THOMPSON future secretary . . . clothes shopper . . . dancer and swimmer KAY STRICKLAND JOHNNY TAYLOR and changed as we grew BILL THOMPSON TRECIA TURNER WILLIAM ALDEN THOMPSON fine art student . . . hardhitting football player . . . hunter DADRE DEANNE TRAUGHBER hopeful novelist ... or auto mechanic . . . molder and shaper of ideas LINDA ELAINE TULLIS artist . . . fast pacer . . . librarian DADRE TRAUGHBER LINDA TULLIS RICHARD VISCONTE SANDRA WALDROP HAL TALLMAN SUSAN TAYLOR HELEN TAYLOR SUSAN THOMPSON GLORIA KAY STRICKLAND stamp collector . . . skier . . . Pep Band HAROLD BRADLEY TALLMAN star jumper . . . numismatist . . . golf and chess fan HELEN EMMALINE TAYLOR tennis champion . . . outdoor gal . . . animal lover TRECIA FAYE TURNER basketball player . . . swimmer . . . reader SANDRA CAROLE WALDROP swimmer and rider . . . advocate of short discussions . . . businesswoman RICHARD MURRAY VISCONTE, JR. candidate for Bible college . . . music lover . . . organ music fanCLYDE CLINTON WALLACE football player . . . hearty hunter . . . trackman FRANCIS MYRLE WALTERS reader of mystery and serious stories . . . carefree youth FREDERICK ELLSWORTH WARREN, JR. chessplayer . . . boatman . . . delver in Greek and Roman mythology SANDRA KAY WARREN eager student . . . filler of hope chests VIRGINIA LEE WALTERS serious student . . . enemy of chalk squeakers . . . smart dresser BILLY HUE WATKINS fisherman . . . hunter . . . auto mechanic CLYDE WALLACE SANDRA KAY WARREN FRANKIE WALTERS GINNY WATERS FRED WARREN BILLY WATKINS We tried on caps and gowns . . . DIANNE WATSON EUGENE WEEKS ELAINE WEST GARY WESTBROOK LAUREL WEHLER PETE WHITFIELD CHERYL DIANNE WATSON horseback rider . . . tennis player ... art clubber EUGENE WATERS WEEKS anxious graduate . . . jobseeker . . . fisherman LAUREL ANDREA WEHLER opponent of loud people, sitting still, and tough math courses . . . seamstress ELAINE ADA WEST crazy joker . . . future doctor . . . dreamy record fan GARY GRAFTON WESTBROOK hunter . . . car tinkerer . . . football and baseball fan FARRELL ESCO WHITFIELD avid boseballer . . . sports fanED WHITTLE DORIS WILLIAMS DONNA WIDENER MARY WILLIAMSON GEORGE EDWARD WHITTLE trade school applicant . . . watcher of stock car races . . . hunter and fisherman DONNA MARIE WIDENER worker with small children . . . poetry reader SARAH KATHLEEN WILKIE painter . . . short story writer . . . sketcher DORIS ANNE WILLIAMS jazz lover . . . sports car enthusiast . . . football spectator MARY DEAN WILLIAMSON reader . . .future world tourist . . . splurger on expensive shoes CLYDE EDWARD WILSON bowler . . . mathematician and yearned for graduation SHEILA WOLF JOHN WRIGHT SHEILA KAY WOLFE lover of horses . . . excited basketball player . . . happy date GRACE LILLIAN WOODHEAD Tinsy .... avid Young Lifer . . . controller of ad world for HORNET JOHN DARWIN WRIGHT baseball player . . . life guard . . . hard worker in history JOE DANIEL WYATT fine cage player . . . hunter . . . bus driver KATHY WILKIE CLYDE WILSON GRACE WOODHEAD JOE WYATTBoys’ State Representatives Jim Lockhart, Randy Fenninger, Jim El left. Student Council Members-at-Large Preston Moroney, Alan Hoy. National Merit Scholarship Finalists First Row: Elaine West, Grace Woodhead, Nancy Gaddy, Cofhy Pearson. Second Row: Pete Bartram, Randy Fenninger, Richard Campbell, Jim Ellett, Robert Crosson, Tom Callahan, Tom Miller George Lawrence, Henry Stevens.King Teen Johnny Gregory Girls’ State Representative Miss DAR Ginny Waters Certificates of Merit Winners First Row: Jim Lockhart, Ryntha Johnson, Judy Anderson, Judy Dailey. Second Row: Dan Fobrick, Burt Dahlen, Jack Hunter, Robert Patterson.Summer Science Institute Participants Pete Bortrom, Henry Stevens, Ryntho Johnson, Mary Williamson. Furman Scholars First Row: Groce Woodhead, Ann Cook, Cathy Pearson. Second Row: Dovid Lindow, Tom Miller, Dovid Carr. “Teen Times’’ Leslie DessouerCafeteria Staff Jimmy Griffin, Calvin Richordson, Chris Kuneman, Joe Hitchmon, Tom Miller. Student Rotarians Randy Fenninger, David Carr, Jim Lockhart, Jack Hunter, Nick Jeoncake, Robbie Johnston, David Moyes, Jim Ellet, Johnny Gregory.MOST POPULAR Jeri Sue Rivenbork and Nick JeancakeWITTIEST Lee Quinn and Froser MortinMOST AMBITIOUS Robbie Johnston and Margaret Permar MOST DEPENDABLE Claude Stokes and Grace Woodheod FRIENDLIEST Judy Green and Alan Hay 50BEST ALL AROUND Johnny Gregory and Wendy Pope BEST DRESSED Larry Burch and Susan Thompson BEST PERSONALITY David Mayes and Jean HedrickLeft to right: Jan Royal, Harriet Hough, Linda Valley, Geri ue R'dge, Connie Jones, Pam McClain, Linda Curry, 52The Smothers Brothers have made their decision and present to you Miss Dee Ann Baker, Miss Hornet and Miss Sheila Wolf, Miss SeniorMiss SeniorMiss Junior MISS CONNIE JONES MISS CLAUDIA JOHNSON Miss Freshman 57MISS BECKY EVANS Miss Freshman Contestant MISS CHERYL BIBLE Miss Freshman ContestantSenior May Court MISS JERI SUE RIVENBARK MISS SHEILA WOLF MISS BECKY STEVENS MISS CYNTHIA INGRAM MISS NANCY MOORE MISS JUDY DAILEY MISS FRANKIE WALTERS MISS ANNA MACKLEN MISS JUDY GREEN MISS LYNN GOODWIN Versatile and powerful grid team . . . 1963 RECORD Aiken 0 Richmond 21 Aiken 20 Brookland-Cayce 0 Aiken 7 L.B.C. 0 Aiken 0 Sumter 27 Aiken 0 Lancaster 32 Aiken 14 Columbia 0 Aiken 19 Graniteville 6 Aiken 0 Greenwood 28 Aiken 20 Florence 7 Aiken 14 Dreher 7 Aiken 6 North Augusta 7 H a, t T f t f f J .f t C= 30. s v'-i r u:-’ S« « First Row: Cecil Denton, Bill Thompson, Nick Jeoncoke, Jimmy Rowland, Tim Coffey, Donnie Martin, Wayne Slaughter, Larry Burch, Preston Maroney. Second Row: Ernie Compton, Ted Scott, Billy Howard, Mike Padgett, Mitchell Ross, Tim Grace, Danny Love, Lee Gamble, Pat Bosi, Glenn Gentry, Wallace Dunbar. Third Row: Louis Schulhofer, Larry McCoy, Roy Horton, Charles Tope, Clyde Wallace, David Meadow, Bobby Robertson, Johnny Gregory, Austin Woodward, Dan Busbee, Sammy Timms. The Hornets under Coach Jim Froser pounded their way into o winning season. Earnest desire together with high spirits and much experience accounted for their success. They were able to compile a 6-5 record. The Hornets began the season with a loss to the Musketeers of Richmond Academy with a score of 21-0. The Hornets hosted the L.B.C. Lions for the second gome. Via a 31-yard Timms-to-Gregory toss, the teom hit paydirt and scored a 7-0 victory. Traveling to Lancaster the home team was defeated by the Blue Hurricanes in a 32-0 loss. Spirit remained high however as they came back to crush the Granite-ville Rocks in a 19-6 rival win—after trailing 6-0 in the first half. The first Hornet AAA victory came at the expense of Florence. Hosting the Yellow Jackets, the Aiken offensive eleven took to the ground—then to the air —and went all the way to a 20-7 win. Many felt this game proved the Hornets to be a versatile and powerful team. The next week the Green Hornets journeyed to Columbia to meet the Brookland-Coyce Bearcats. After taking advantage of penalities, the Aiken eleven pushed their way to o 20-0 AAA victory. Again hitting the road, the Hornets traveled to meet the Sumter Gamecocks in o 27-0 loss. In the Homecoming game the following week, the Hornets welcomed the Columbio High Caps. Following on impressive halftime ceremony and the crowning of the queen, the Hornets overtook the High Caps with a 14-0 victory to chalk up a third AAA win. The mighty Emeralds of Greenwood bombed Aiken in a 28-0 setback. The next week the Blue Devils of Dreher hosted the Aiken Hornets in Columbia. The Hornets went to work on the Blue Devils in the second game of the two-night action. The Blue Devils scored first, but the Hornets came back with one also. The Hornets plunged over in the last 35 seconds of the game to rally a 14-7 AAA victory. All through the next week, spirits were high in hopes of putting down the mighty North Augusta Yellow Jackets. After scoring early in the third quarter, the crucial extra point attempt was missed wide to the left. The final score was 7-6.—to favor North Augusta.paves way to four AAA victories Coach Marion Lee and Coach Jim Fraser. David Meadow, Johnny Gregory, Preston Maroney, and Tim Grace pave way for Ted Scott. Billy, watch out for Tim's big feet!!! 65Ten speedy seniors TIM GRACE JOHNNY GREGORY, CO-CAPTAIN MOST VALUABLE LINEMAN LARRY BURCH, CO-CAPTAIN MOST VALUABLE BACK CECIL DENTON What are you tackling for, Bobby? 66 NICK JEANCAKE MOST VALUABLE PLAYERspark smash season Come on Sammy, let them play with that pumpkin for a while. PRESTON MARONEY LARRY Me COY MIKE PADGETT BILL THOMPSON CLYDE WALLACEJACQUE ALLISON and MIKE PADGETT MARY GREEN and PRESTON MARONEY Twelve JERI SUE RIVENBARK and LARRY BURCH ff BEVERLY COLALUCCI and ROY REARDEN MARGARET FOREMAN and RICHARD FELDER JEAN HEDRICK and JOHNNY GREGORY PAULA McMILLIAN and TIM GRACE hopeful candidates compete . . . CHERYL ST. JOHN and LARRY McCOY PATSY TAYLOR and CLYDE WALLACE 68FRANKIE WALTERS and CECIL DENTON DORIS WILLIAMS and BILL THOMPSON Mr. Willis crowns the lovely Homecoming Queen, Miss Cheryl St. John. Cheryl wins cherished crown 69Dovid, don't be so boshful. Just tell him to get out of your way! MANAGERS Richard Felder, Roy Reardon, Jimmy Brown, and Jimmy Smith. 70experience from J. V.’S The J-V team, under the direction of Coaches John Saunders and Dub Lowrimore, played fine ball and ended the season with a 5-3-1 record. Through the experience of the J-V's, the '64 Hornet season should be a good one. First Row: Billy Keeter, Mike Timms, Nick McElmurray, Kenneth Hill, Ricky Sumner, Glen Petrino, Allen Brodie, Buddy Cowon, Ken Webb, Bruce Frank. Second Row: Horry Kight, Ted Key, Greg Price, Jimmy Rushton, Bobby Usher, David Driver, Johnny Seomster, Ken McKellar. Third Row: Tex Peterson, Chuck Porks, Greg Ross, Jack Coin, Bruce Manter, Rodger Font, Ed Vinson, Tom Coffey. Cooch Saunders and Coach Lowrimore. Aiken Aiken Aiken Aiken Aiken Aiken Aiken Aiken Aiken 0 7 14 0 23 13 26 13 14 North Augusta 18 Thurmond 7 L.B.C. 6 Dreher 26 North 0 Springfield Varsity 12 L.B.C. 0 Thurmond 33 Junior Highs 0Varsity cage team . . . Aiken 59 Aiken 44 Aiken 65 Aiken 56 Aiken 47 Aiken 46 Aiken 63 Aiken 59 Aiken 53 Aiken 54 Aiken 55 Aiken 38 Aiken 76 Aiken 64 Aiken 62 Aiken 70 Aiken 59 Aiken 63 Aiken 63 Aiken 55 1963-64 RECORD Airport 25 Camden 39 Orangeburg 64 Graniteville 51 Brookland-Cayce 56 Lancaster 47 Greenwood 51 Columbia 76 Airport 47 A. C. Flora 50 A. C. Flora 54 Sumter 58 Graniteville 53 Lancaster 39 Brookland-Cayce 63 Greenwood 54 Columbia 97 North Augusta 43 North Augusta 47 Sumter 47 Kneeling Tim Coffey, Robbie Johnston, John Pat Coffey, Alon Hay, Dovid Carr. Stonding: Joe Wyott, Johnny Canady, Joe Messick, Jock Hunter, Roy Horton, John McCoy, Harold Gurley, Reggie Broy, Duncon Holliday, Jimmy Beasley, Pete Whitfield.displays great finesse The Aiken High School varsity basketball team had a spectacular 1963-'64 season. Lead by Coach Jim Fraser, the team showed fine form as they battled the boards with the top teams of the state including Greenwood, A. C. Flora, and North Augusta. Substitute players were an active part in the team's success. The team was never at a loss when a replacement was needed. The Aiken Green Hornets gave as thrilling a season as any audience could ask for. Many of the games provided both excitement and thrills plus numerous nerve stretching scenes. The team, better known as the second half team, exhibited great finesse in Don't worry, John Pot. Robbie knows that it's going in. many of the close victories. Their technique of come-from-behind wins was demonstrated on many separate occasions. Again this year, Aiken hosted the Aiken Invitational Tournament during the Christmas holidays. For the first time in the tournament's history Aiken won in the final game against Orangeburg. The game's having gone into double overtime, proved this match to be the most exciting game of the year. The final score was 65-64. The team ended a very exciting season with a winning 14-6 record. 73 Aiken has Hot Coffee tonight.DAVID CARR JOHN PAT COFFEY ALAN HAY Senior cagers bolster team JACK HUNTER Yipes, he's taller than I had realized! ROBBIE JOHNSTONJOE MESSICK PETE WHITFIELD JOE WYATT capture a 14-6 winning seasonMANAGERS James Liles and Chuck Parks Reggie, take your eyes off the camera and go and help Robbie!for vigorous J-V team Kneeling: Horry Kight, Frosty Davis, Charles Lowery, Ted Scott, Kenneth Hill, Rodney Gosnell. Standing: Jerry King, Nicky Perkins, Mike Campbell, Donnie Eubanks, Billy Keeter. 1963-64 RECORD Aiken 30 Airport 34 Aiken 39 Graniteville 36 Aiken 64 Brookland-Cayce 54 Aiken 52 Butler 54 Aiken 40 Greenwood 44 Aiken 49 Columbia 43 Aiken 61 Airport 26 Aiken 60 Flora 59 Aiken 33 Flora 69 Aiken 47 Sumter 61 Aiken 40 Graniteville 42 Aiken 55 Brookland-Cayce 37 Aiken 38 Greenwood 60 Aiken 53 Richmond 56 Aiken 54 Columbia 58 Aiken 53 Sumter 42 JV's stretch for another basket. 77Gibbs’ girls have enviable record First Row: Louro Lynn Martin, Brenda Mogness, Joyce Hendrix, Mary Green, Donna Larson, Judy Hedrick, Carol Burkhardt, Melva Welton, Patricia Hoir, Linda Grey, Jean Pope. Second Row: Gail Plunkett, Modie Joyner, Jean Hedrick, Dianne Cool, Sheila Wolf, Pam McClain, Frances Barrett, Judy Green. 1963-1964 RECORD Aiken 32 North Greenville Junior College 57 Aiken 46 Orangeburg 30 Aiken 36 Orangeburg 45 Aiken 44 Graniteville 28 Aiken 43 Lancaster 42 Aiken 45 Butler 42 Aiken 54 Florence 32 Aiken 29 Butler 31 Aiken 32 Richmond 43 Aiken 20 Sumter 35 Aiken 36 Graniteville 29 Aiken 28 Lancaster 25 Aiken 56 Florence 45 Aiken 29 Richmond 37 Aiken 32 North Augusta 46 Aiken 52 North Augusta 46 Aiken 38 Sumter 31 Aiken 35 North Greenville Junior College 28 78 Coach Johanna GibbsMadie the masked Hornette puts another one in. SCOREKEEPER Becky Stevens Fine shot Pam but uhh- Girls capture . . . 80state AAA championship crown 81Soccer team slashes to eleven victories First Row: Jonothan Fletcher, Malcolm Harmstad, David Mayes, David Ebenhack, Jim Lockhort, Pat Hart, Mr. Liles. Second Row: William Howers, Don McAninch, Robert Cunninghom, Bill Baxter, David Driver, Gory Fleetwood. Third Row: David Lindow, George Lawrence, Tex Peterson, Randy Fenninger, David Butler, Steve Scotten, Jim Ellet. Fourth Row: Kenny McKellor, Steve Driver, Chip Cunningham, Tom Miller, Burt Dohlen, Robert Patterson, Edwin Seigler. Fifth Row: Managers Jimmy Adoir, Lorry Sparks. Aiken 2 Aiken 3 Aiken 3 Aiken 1 Aiken 3 Aiken 3 Aiken 2 Aiken 1 Aiken 1 Aiken 1 Aiken 3 Aiken 4 Aiken 4 Aiken 3 1963-64 RECORD Augusta Prep 1 Aquinas 1 Gaud 0 Savannah 3 Aiken Prep 2 Guad 0 Aquinas 0 Savannah 6 Christ School 2 St. John 0 St. John 0 Aiken Prep 1 Augusta Prep 0 Christ School 2 The Aiken High School Soccer Team, although accident-prone, ended their winning season with eleven victories and only three losses. Under the coaching of Mr. Pierce Liles, the team travelled over a thousand miles during the season to bring back many out-of-state victories. The team had the desire to win and proved it with their fine season. Next year looks like a fine one with much of the team's potential returning. COACH PIERCE LILES ►'64 Golf team dominates the links Many members of the golf team hove returned this year with much experience that they gained last year. The team has many matches on tap this year, and as the HORNET goes to press the team has scored seven straight wins. First Row: Jimmy Jackson, Jim Ellett, Dove Robinson, Claude Stokes. Second Row: Hoi Tollman, Billy Mobley, David Bradberry, Mike Sparks, Ted Howington. Senior player BILLY MOBLEY Senior player CLAUDE STOKES Senior ployer HAL TALLMANBaseball and Track Dole ond John Pat, the team pitchers. The Aiken High Baseball Team, ranked as one of the best in the state, is looking forward to its best season yet. The team this year under Coach William Lowrimore has burst into its season with 1 win. With many experienced players back, the team looks to be strong. As the HORNET goes to press the team has a promising 5-4-1 record with several games left to play. Let's go Pete, hit thot ole apple. First Row: Jerry King, Larry Burch, Mike Padgett, Robbie Johnston, John Pat Coffey, Dale Robinson. Second Row: Cooch Lowrimore, Leonard Lewis, Tim Coffey, Jimmy Beasley, Austin Woodward, Chorles Tope, Dan Hogan, Johnny Morrison. Third Row: Joe Smith, Pete Whitfield, Joe Messick, Lee Pearson, Charles Lowery, Preston Moroney, Gregg Ross. Fourth Row: Joe Wyatt, Ted Scott, Frosty Davis, Ricky Burns, Gregg Price. 84teams looking forward to successful seasons The track team didn t start their season the way that they would have liked, but they are looking forward to a winning season. Under the coaching of Marion Lee, the team this year, as in past years, has chances of playing in state competition. As the HORNET goes to press the team has a 1-3 record having participated in 2 triangle meets. First Row: Jimmy Brinkley, Billy Howard, Jock Adams, Harry Kight, Tommy Gibson, Donnie Eubanks, Leland Kelly, Gary Cabbage, Richard Sumner, Steve Milkereit, Pete Scott, Fraser Mortin, Danford Meischen. Second Row: David Wallace, Johnny Gregory, Ben Yon, Ken Webb, Jimmy Rushton, Robert Newton, Billy Keeter, Avery Snipes, Wolloce Dunbar, Ronnie Ridenour, Bryan Allison, Ken Hill, Hold it! You're on candid camera! Steve Buckmiller, Steve Driver. Third Row: Bobby Payton, Johnny Seamster, Mike Timms, Joel Gossett, Johnny Cannady, Tom Coffey, David Weems, John McColl, Mike Ridge, Earl Belcher, Gregg McCullough, Jimmy Carlisle, Bruce Manter, Bill Thompson, David Meadow. 85CHEERLEADERS Vertical Row from Top: Jeon Hedrick, Frances Barrett, Judy Green, St. John. Right Side: Pam McClain, Jeri Sue Rivenbark, Judy Carol Burkhordt. Left Side: Sheila Wolf, Claudia Johnson, Cheryl Hedrick.chalk up wins TENNIS TEAM First Row: Jock Hunter, Joe Hitchmon, Jim Lockhart. Second Row: Malcolm Harmstad, Burt Dahlen. Jonothon is in fine form for the tennis season. Our soccer team ploys hard to bring in history-breaking record. JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Left to right: Janice Wolf, Becky Evans, Lindo Valley, Cheryl Bible, Leslie Campbell, Connie Jones. 87 All right, my children, let's clear this hall immediately so saith Mrs. Betty Owen, Advisor . . . President Johnny at the gavel every Wednesday . . League of Student Vote Counters . . . weekly homeroom reporters . . . faithful morning chaplains . . . beautiful bulletin boards herald the Christmas holidays . . . where did I put my badge? Johnny Gregory, President Student Council administers % FIRST SEMESTER COUNCIL First Row: Joe Tyler, Horry Kite, Charles Lowery, Gory Hunter, Mike Warren, Jack Cain, J. D. Ford, Donnie Eubanks, Jimmy Brown, Rodney Gosnell, Nicky Perkins, Robbie Johnston. Second Row: Donno Larson, Judy Caldwell, Melvo Welton, Gail Plunkett, Mary Sue Bates, Carolyn Willis, Janice Simpson. Pam McClain, Carol Cowan, Jean Pope, Judy Hedrick, Mary Green, Brenda Jones, Ann Moffitt, Millie McKeown. Third Row: Angela Crosby, Mitchell Ross, Grace Woodhead, Carl McCrosky, Sandy Radford, Richard Calloway, Jac-que Allison, Robert Cunningham, Leah Dale Johnson, Jimmy Beasley, Betts Hunter, Larry McCoy.Revised Student Handbook . . . required reading, mode best-seller lists . . . annual talent show presented drums, guitar, toe dancer, and folk singers . . . lots of locker locks unloaded . . . ' every litter bit bit hurts campaign ... all officers, except major school officers, reelected for the second semester . . . Now return to third period class. Jeri Sue Rivenbark, Secretary; David Meadow, Vice-President; Kathy Urban, Treasurer. AHS growth and change FIRST SEMESTER COUNCIL First Row: Billy Freor, Tony Love, Claude Stokes, Jack Hunter, George Lawrence, Paul Pinson, Billy Howard, Mike Mojors, Earl Belcher, Lana Lybrand, Judy Moseley. Second Row: Cynthia Ingram, Nancy Moore, Beverly Colalucci, Patsy Jones, Sandra Carter, Becky Stevens, Ann Thomas, Marjorie Toylor, Susan Lower, Madie Joyner, Becky Stevens, Becky Evans, Collette Evons, Geri Sue Ridge, Mrs. Betty Owen. Third Row: Alan Hay, Dovid Carr, Preston Maroney, Candice Edwords, Sammy Timms, Dianne Mace, Sherry Jenkins, Gretchen Van Zile, Roy Horton, Wendy Pope, Ronnie Martin, Diane Hanna, Bobby Wade.Council members Groce Woodheod ond Beverly Cololucci sell locks. Council member Sondro Reeves regulates boll traffic. » Student Council promotes SECOND SEMESTER COUNCIL First Row: Cheryl Boyce, Linda Valley, Judy Green, Wendy Pope, Dee Ann Baker, Markie Hennelly. Second Row: Jonothan Fletcher, Scot Willis, Glynn Gentry, Bobby Rhoden, Gary Hunter, Edwin Seigler, Gory Fleetwood, Dovid Weigle, Jerry King. Third Row: David Mayes, Mike Campbell, Joe Lain, Robbie Johnston, Chorles Causey, Gregory Stark. Fourth Row: Ken McKellar, Jack Snipes, John Pat Coffey, Dovid Carr, Donnie Gregg, Dan Hogan.Council members Wendy Pope, David Weigle, ond Susan Thompson help to sell student handbooks. Council members J. D. Ford and Patsy Jones prepare to give the morning devotion. leadership through service SECOND SEMESTER COUNCIL First Row: Rodney Gosnell, Gwendolyn Miller, Pom Moore, Pom Johnson, Peggy Robbins, Billy Redd. Second Row: Pom Durban, Connie Shaw, Pot Cook, Gloria Cox, Sondra Cox, Cheryl St. John, Ann Shiedler. Third Row: Cheryl Flemming, Barbara Morris, Becky Poyton, Pam Evans, Nancy Magee, Carol Cowon, Delores Hallman, Cissy Talbert, Judy Caldwell. Fourth Row: Margaret Permor, J. D. Ford, Claude Stokes, Billy Simpson, Jimmy Rushton, Linda Curry, Resel Gosnell, Jane Zion.Worn out shoe leather pounding pavements . . . Surely you will wont a full-page ad . . . Grace-ful budget balancing . . . Largest advance sale of 1,100 yearbooks . . . lunchtime cigar boxes full of monthly installments . . . blessings on the advertisers who helped provide the growing and changing annual . . . Miss Barlow keeping a keen eye on all phases. Hornet staff presents BUSINESS STAFF Cheryl White, Tubby Mattocks, Kathy Lockhart, Randy Fennin-ger, Diane Wolf, Kenny Mc-Kellar, Helen Herre, Bobby Tarrant, Berkeley Hoynesworth.Margaret Permar, Editor. Surely we could have done SOME of this last summer! . . . theme decision: We Grow and Change . . . both as students and as a school . . . pounds of layout pages and 8-point copy sheets . . . midnight conference on new cover . . . doesn't anyone know a celebrity? . . . crash program when photographer comes . . . daily Peg-ging away at the layout . . . marvelous staff cooperation . . . present their pride and joy. growing and changing year EDITORIAL STAFF First Row: Tommy Moore, Claude Stokes, Joon Herre. Second Row: David Lindow, Joy Elliot, Nancy Moore, Susan Taylor, Diane Seymour, Lynn McDonald, Leslie Dessouer, Cecelia Thomas, Sandy Radford.Nancy Moore, Jan Royal, Bonnie Smith, Susan Smith, Gretchen Van Zile, Carol Reynolds, Geri Sue Ridge, Diane Burckhalter. Officers Director, Mr. William T. Slaughter, President, Burt Dahlen, Vice-President, Ann Shideler, Secretary-Treasurer, Claiborne Ray, Head Drum Majorette, Nancy Moore, Assistant Drum Majorette, Jan Royal, Publicity Chairman, Jay Gross. Band performs for football, Marching MARCHING BAND First Row: Barbara Scott, Mike McMannaway, Ernie Shuler, Betts Hunter, Claiborne Roy, Ion Montenyohl. Second Row: Jay Gross, Durana Farrar, Robert Potterson, Burt Dahlen, Melody Seierson, Ray Jockson, Marianne Towler. Third Row: Cindy Fox, Charlotte Joseph, Henry Stevens, Carl McCrosky, Diane Watson, Denny Christine, Mickey Cline.Head Librarian: Melody Seiersen, Assistant Librarians: Kay Strickland, Karen Olsen, hAonanne Towler, Student Director: Jonathan Fletcher, Assistant Publicity Chairman: Billy Carothers, Manager: Denny Christine, Assistant Manager: Steve Milkereit. Betts Hunter, Soloist. Noncy Moore, Head Drum Majorette parades, and school assemblies Band MARCHING BAND First Row: Solly Syphrit, Cissy Tolbert, Ann Shideler, Richard Dorey, Billy Carothers, Gory Anderson. Second Row: Tim Holtzendorff, Larry Lovell, Jonathan Fletcher, Kay Strickland, Paul Smoland, Virginia Jones, James McClearen, Bill Carroll, Ray Cardinal. Third Row: John Seorle, Steve Milkereit, Teddy Stone, Bill Ashmore, Benny Bartley.Jonathan Fletcher, Student Conductor. Mr. William T. Slaughter, Director Half-time maneuvers thrill crowds . . . hours in summer sun to perfect drills . . . dashing new uniforms convert to tuxedos for symphonic concert in spring . . . parades for Christmas, Fire Prevention Week, Boy Scouts, Masters Golf Tournament, and Miss Aiken . . . late pizzas at Shimmys . . . home in wee hours from out-of-town games. Bands play in Pep Band PEP BAND First Row: Poul Smoland, Kay Strickland, Lorry Lovell, Cissy Tolbert, Bill Carroll, Melody Seiersen, Ernie Shuler, Henry Stevens, Tim Holtzendorff. Second Row: Carl McCrosky, Ian Montenyohl, Denny Christine, Steve Milkereit, Barbara Scott, JQy Gross, Billy Carothers, Robert Patterson, Burt Dahlen, Ray Cardinal, Bill Ashmore, Jonathan Fletcher. 98Carolina Band Day as USC . . . surely you can subscribe to a new magazine or let me renew your old ones ... In February it was candy, all for the travel fund . . . chocolate-covered almonds anyone? . . . four members who achieve All-State Band . . . rousing pep band played for rallies and home basketball games. new uniforms Symphonic Band SYMPHONIC BAND First Row: Mike McManawoy, Ann Shideler, Billy Carothers, Betts Dahlen, Solly Syphrit, Tim Holtzendorff, Henry Stevens, Marianne Hunter, Ernie Shuler, Cloiborne Ray. Second Row: Ion Montenyohl, Towler. Third Row: Bill Ashmore, John Searle, Barbara Scott, Joy Denny Christine, Cissy Talbert, Larry Lovell, Bill Carroll, Burt Gross, Robert Patterson, Ray Cardinal, Virginia Jones, Paul Smolond, Kay Strickland, Jonathan Fletcher. ALL-STATE BAND MEMBERS Ray Cardinal, Marianne Towler, Cloiborne Ray, and Ann Shideler. 99First Row: Morilyn Marx, Cloiborne Roy, Bob Forstner, David Meadow, Margaret Permar, Gayle Rockow. Second Row: Robert Crosson, David Carr, Robert Patterson, Ryntha Johnson, Henry Stevens, David Lindow, Jim El left, Robert Johnston, Gin-ny Waters, George Lawrence. Third Row: Cathy Pearson, Judy Dailey, Grace Wood-head, Vickie Hodges, Nancy Gaddy, Leslie Dessauer, Steve Scotten. National Honor Society President: Jim Ellett, Vice-Presidents: David Carr, George Lawrence, Secretaries: Ann Cook, Sharon Maurice, Treasurers: Judy Dailey, Sandy Radford, Advisor: Mrs. Margaret C. Bobo. Senior induction in fall . . . Junior induction on Valentine's Day . . . impressive talks . . . gowns and candles ... an excited tear or two . . . sale of ads for Student Directory . . . four delegates to Charleston convention . . . candlelabra confabulation . . . monitors for Wednesday afternoon test make-up . . . early morning instruction offered. First Row: Tom Miller, Helen Herre, Cheryl White, Dovid English, Elaine West, Sondy Radford, Dianne Cool, Tom Callohon. Second Row: Dee Ann Baker, Nancy Moore, Judy Anderson, Susan Taylor, Ann McKane, Ann Cook. Third Row: Wendy Pope, Diane Wolf, Ann Shideler, B a r b o r a Scott, Kathy Urban, Donno Ar-rants.First Row: Larry Burch, Jonothan Fletcher, Margaret Permor, Kathy U r b o n , Claudia Johnson, Judy Green, Fronces Barrett, Laurel Wehler, Nancy Moore, Jeon Hedrick, Jeri Sue Rivenbark, S o m m y Timms, Tim Coffey. Second Row: Nick Jeancake, Jimmy Roberts, David Mayes, David Ebenhack, John Searle, Robert Johnston, Roy Rearden, John Gregory, Dovid English, Coach W. Pierce Liles. Third Row: Preston Maroney, John Coffey, Bill Howard, David Meadow, Chorles Tope. Beta Newly reorganized at Aiken High . . . motto: Let us lead by serving others . . . two inductions at school assemblies . . . sale of Aiken High decals . . . safe driving campaign . . . club threatens to sing official song . . . committee for forming committees . . . jokes in Beta Club magazine . . . emphasis on school service. Club President: Robbie Johnston, Vice-President: David Meadow, Secretary: Claudia Johnson, Treasurer: David Ebenhack, Advisor: Mr. Pierce Liles. First Row: Tom Miller, Pam McClain, Millie McKeown, Diane Cool, Jimmy Beosley, Cheryl St. John, Paul Pinson. Second Row: Randy Fenninger, Dale Johnson, Modie Joyner, Jim Lockhart, Claude Stokes, Ginny Waters. Third Row: Wendy Pope, Diane Wolf, Betts Hunter. M First Row: Mary Eckhort, Pam Durban, Dianne Coal, Kathy Wollenburg, Susan Bond, Pam Johnson, Mary Anne Arnett, Ryntho Johnson, Lynn McDonald, Helen Herre. Second Row: Bobby Conn, Alec Hobbs, Bob Forstncr, Robert Cunning-horn, Dadre Traughber, Pat Abbot, Lynn Burgess, Lindo Curry, Gayle Rockow, Barbara Scott, Joe Herbert. Third Row: Ronnie Dyer, Buddy Cowon, Tom Callahan, Jim Leinort, Henry Stevens, Randy Fenninger, Dovid Graham. Folksinging Club One of newest and most popular clubs . • better known os Yogi's Local Yokels . . . meets bi-weekly with guitars, banjos, and ukuleles . . . Ballad of Sam Hall and Shady Grove . . . moonshine mooning with Copper Kettle and Rye Whisky . . . Guest speaker taught basic guitar chords . . . trip to Columbia to hear Peter, Paul, and Mary . . . hootenanny here to stay. Presidents: Henry Stevens, Ronnie Dyer, Vice-Presidents: Pam Durban, Henry Stevens, Secretaries: Helen Herre, Alyson Beach, Treasurers: Tom Callahan, Helen Herre, Advisor: Mr. Motte J. Yarbrough. First Row: Alberta Phillips Alyson Beach, Mickey Mellon, Lee Quinn, Joan Herre, Susan Kern, Elaine West, Faye Bright, Teri Robinson, Hilda Sapaugh, Carol Ly-brand, Betsy Siddall, Nancy Davis. Second Row: Melody Seiersen, Melindo Glasgow, Bonnie Dietz, Doug Rowland, Jonathan Fletcher, Al Hope, Tony Recupido, Eddie Mann, Alan Alexander, Chip Cunningham, Lily McCullough, Alice Niesemann, Sorah Borop, Mr. Yorbrough. Third Row: Lee Gamble, Jimmy Beosley, Steve Scot-ten.First Row: Cloude Stokes, Peggy Permor, Ginny Waters, Leslie Dessauer, Claiborne Ray, Morianne Tow-ler, Fay Bright, Paul Pinson. Second Row: Tommy Moore, Grace Woodhead, Priscilla St. John, Durana Farrar, Bill Carroll, Jan Allen, Mike Warren, Cindy Nilond, Jack Hunter, Tom Callahan, David Lindow. Quill and Scroll Presidents: Jon Allen, Randy Fenninger, Vice-Presidents: David Lindow, Nancy Moore, Secretaries: Ginny Waters, Marianne Towler, Treasurers: Bill Carroll, Tom Callahan, Advisor: Mrs. Erik Kling. Sponsored second annual literary contest . . . winners in essay, short story, and poetry divisions . . . weekly Teen Times deadline . . . get your TYPED articles in by Wednesday . . . begging Potpourri tidbits . . . Wednesday nights' vigil over newspaper layout . . . USC journalism teacher guest at meeting . . . encouraging contributions to AHS literary magazine Pine Needles. First Row: Deedy Kenney, Nancy Moore, Beverly Col-alucci, Nancy Gaddy, Suson Toylor, Elaine West, Susan Bond, Teresa Timmons, Sandy Piech, Judy Dailey, Margaret Foreman, Ann Cook. Second Row: David Carr, Barbara Scott, Randy Fenninger, Dale Evans, Jim El left, Kathy Urban, Robbie Johnston, Helen Herre, Mrs. Kling.First Row: Norma Lybrand, Sandro Reese, Kay Jolley, Dolores Hallman, Mary Green, Sondy Gilmer, Ann Cranford, Missy Bowman, Mary Combs, Sandra Tucker, Karen Johnson. Second Row: Beth Johnson, Brenda Grice, Frances Morton, Frances DeWitt, Barbaro Gossett, Katy McKinney, Thelma Martin, Carolyn Willis, Mary Berry, Elizabeth Summerall. Betty Roland. Third Row: Aileen Bellefeuille, Jeon Bunn, Linda Hodges, Mortha Floyd, Rosa Lee Heath, Louise Cox, Koy Nunn, Janis Hendrix, Dolores Wright, Donna Sumner. Future Secretaries Presidents: Wendy Pope, Frankie Walters, Vice-Presidents: Nancy Moyer, Becky Stevens, Secretaries: Jac-que Allison, Treasurers: Frankie Walters, Linda Lowe, Social Chairman: Patsy Lee, Program Chairmen: Susan Thompson, Wendy Pope, Advisor: Miss Shirley Vaughn. Tips on modern business world . . . legal secretary told of her specialized duties and vocabulary . . . Let's type 60 words a minute and forget about spelling . . . movies to increase our efficiency . . . Gregg is great for secret communiques. First Row: Lynn Eubanks, Becky Stevens, Susan Thompson, Jocque Allison, Linda Lowe, Anno Macklen, Vicki Arnott, Judy Green, Dolores Griffin, Sandro Hudak, Karen Borup. Second Row: Frankie Walters, Nancy Moyer, Reba Cagle, Sandro McFarland, Frances Barrett, Gail Plunkett, Melvo Welton. Third Row: Brenda Rutledge, Louise Plumley, Vicki Hodges, Joyce Hendrix, Brenda Rawl, Sandra Waldrop, Phillis Davidson, Judy Cadden, Debbie Etter, Alice Johnson, Carol Lybrond, Miss Vaughn. Fourth Row: Ann Freeman, Judy Brewer. Fifth Row: Pam Gunter, Diane Callas, Gail Coursey, Emily Goodwin, Wendy Pope, Beth Wilson, Potsy Lee, Sandro DeWitt.First Row: Millie McKeown, Nancy Davis, Cindy Niland, Linda Hudson, Jean Byors, Koren Borup, Pom Gunter. Second Row: Myra McNoir, Patricia Lee, Charles Causey, Qathy Pearson, Diane Watson, Caroline Holley, Trecia Turner, Phyllis Davidson, Sandra Tucker, Debbie Hig-genbottom, Ann Freemon. Tihird Row: Norma Lybrand, l ay Jolley, Sandra Reese, Judy Boyd, Gayle Coursey, Dadre Traughber, Pat Abbot, Lynn Burgess, Sandra Warren, Donna Lowe, Sue Allen, Diane Callas, Frances Morton, Hildo Sapough, Mrs. Elkin. Fourth Row: Melody Seiersen, Judith Burgess, Mary Jane Page, Resel Gos-nell, Susan Bond, Billy Freor, Bobby Carter, John Pat Coffey, David Higgenbottom, Dale Edwards, Betty Rinehart. Future Teachers Especially active year with 105 members . . . official charter and shiney new pins . . Horace Mann honored at National Education Week assembly . . . tour of USC campus and homecoming game . . . guest speaker on teaching handicapped children . . . helped in furnishing teachers' lounge in the new wing . . . members assigned to assist teachers in correcting papers, typing, or teaching. Presidents: Cheryl St. John, Laurel Wehler, Vice-Presidents: Cynthia Hammrick, Jan Allen, Secretaries: Dale Johnson, Betts Hunter, Treasurers: Donna Lowe, Cheryl St. John, Historian: Judy Dailey, Advisor: Mrs. Virginia W. Elkin. First Row: Jeanette Smith, Paulette Corley, Collette Evans, Joyce Bane, Eloine Melcolm, Sharon Maurice, Jan Allen, Brenda Lybrand, Pam Johnson. Second Row: Linda Curry, Cynthia Hamrick, Becky Jo Marvin, Barbara Gassett, Doug Collins, Gerald Bennett, Fred Lockey, Bill Boggs, Allen Parker, Sandra McFarland, Judy Dailey, Suson Corley. Third Row: Morkie Hennelly, Betts Hunter, Sally Syphrit, Priscilla St. John, Morgaret Newton, Violet Lindow, Angela Crosby, Anna Macklen, Paula McMillan, Marsha Moa-tes, Grace Woodhead, Gloria Starnes. Fourth Row: Leah Dale Johnson, Dottie Owens, Leslie Saunderson, Scherry Mitchell, Nicki Mitchell, Marilyn Marx, Cheryl St. John, Laurel Wehler, Sandy Agee, Peggy Leinhart, Linda Creed, Patty Houwers, Jean-nie Edwords.First Row: Potty Studinko, Pat Cook, Diane Wolf, Mar-kie Hennelly, Ann Lattimore, Leslie Dessauer, Susan Taylor, Donno Arronts, Cathy Owens, Cathy Wallenburg, Alyson Beach. Second Row: Alan Wible, Gary Burleson, Limuel Norris, Jimmy Rowland, Danford Meischen, Jimmy Johnson, David Butler, Charles Causey. German Club Der Deutsche Kreis, if you please . . . meetings in students' homes with authentic German refreshments . . . guests tell of ballads arid the Lorelei . . . skits and songs auf Deutsche . . . purchase of German language tape recordings . . . Atlanta Consulate sent colorful films . . . presented skit at USC Language Day and competed in comprehension test with other German students and won all top honors . . . spring fling at a polka party. Presidents: Sandy Radford, Joe Hitchman Vice-Presidents: Leslie Dessauer, Jimmy Rowland Secretaries: Donna Arrants, Betsy Siddall Treasurers: Helen Herre, Cathy Wallenburg Advisor: Mrs. Lillian Carr First Row: Eleanor Roop, Sandy Radford, Sandy Piech, Betsy Siddall, Lily Grace McCullough, Pat Nordeen, Pam Moore, Grace Woodhead, Helen Herre, Mrs. Carr. Second Row: Ray Cook, Andrea Clark, Cheryl White, Gregg McCullough, Danny Belcher, David Weigle, David Weems, Richard Dorey, Mary Williamson, Claiborne Roy, Buddy Coward.First Row: Jon Boone, Judy Cox, Mory Williomson, Elaine West, Saro Borop, Donna Arrants, Midge Newton, Dianne Cool, Gayle Rockow, Grace Woodheod, Sharon Maurice, Cothy Pearson. Second Row: Cheryl White, Barbara Scott, Missy Smoot, Mary Lou St. John, Butch Rachal, Beverly Griggs, Suson Bond, Madie Joyner, Betts Hunter, Solly Syphrit, Alec Hobbs, Joe Herbert, Paul Smoland, Mrs. Butler. Third Row: David English, David Carr, Dovid Lindow, Tom Callahon, Randy Fen-ninger, Joe Hitchman, Meredith Raney, Dovid Graham, Pete Bertram, Gary Cabbage, John Seorle, Poul Pinson. Le Cercle Francais Presidents: Ann Cook, July Dailey Vice-Presidents: Steve Scotten, Lily Grace McCullough Secretaries: Millie McKeown, Gayle Rockow Treasurers: Grace Woodhead, Sharon Maurice Advisor. Mrs. Helen Butler Third and fourth year French students . . . films and records en francais . . . Christmas collection of clothes for needy . . . fifteen francs offered for best drama in French . . . guest speaker told of French youth attended Language Day at USC, entered competitive exam and won honors . Dominique, encore! First Row: Lynn Burgess, Paula McMillon, Jean Hedrick, Nancy Davis, Ann Cook, Becky Jo Marvin, Judy Dailey, Susan Corley, Millie McKeown, Nancy Moore, Barbara Chase, Jon Allen. Second Row: Nancy Johnson, Ann Shideler, Pom Evans, Kathy Urban, Markie Hennelly, Beth Wilson, Betsy Siddall, Margaret Foreman, Judy Anderson, Sandy Rod-ford, Dee Ann Baker, Helen Herre. Third Row: Steve Scotten, Jimmy Beasley, Bob Fortsner, Danny Murphy, Stewart Maurice, Jimmy Roberts, Earl Carter.First Row: Robert Cunningham, Joe Herbert, Beverly Griggs, Ann Lottimore, Mary Eckardt, Dadre Traughber, Pat Abbot, Judy Anderson, Elaine West, Mary Williamson, Ryntha Johnson, Lynn Burgess, Bob Forstner. Second Row: John McMich-ael, Burt Dahlen, David Eb-enhack, Pat Hart, Jim El-let, Chub Hormstod, Bob Patterson, Mickey Cline, Jimmy Johnson, David Graham, Alec Hobbs, Chip Cunningham, John Schilling, Earl Corter. Third Row: Tony Recupido, Tex Peterson, Jimmy Rowland, Ben Bancroft, Fred Corter, Fraser Martin, Ned Bancroft, Skip Brother-ton, Meredith Roney, David English, David Lindlow, Mike French, Tom Callahan, Bob Tarrant, Randy Fenninger, Don Hensley, Gregory Stark, Rick Nuzum. Science Club Presidents: Pete Bartram, David Graham Vice-Presidents: Steve Scotten, Paul Smoland Secretaries: Bob Forstner, Cheryl St. John Treasurers: Joe Herbert, Jack Hunter Advisor: Mrs. Mary Donaldson Guest speakers on chromatography, geology, nuclear metallurgy . . . question and answer sessions . . . tour through the Savannah River Plant . . . urged projects for annual Central Savannah River Area Science Fair in March. First Row: Steve Scotten, Alice Niesemann, Gayle Rockow, Sora Borop, Beverly Colalucci, Cheryl St. John, Norma Golden, Barbara Johnson, Ellen Johnson, Linda Makohon, Groce Hit-chman, Pete Bortram. Second Row: Frankie Hayes, Lee Pearson, Earl Belcher, Jack Hunter, Doug Roland, Ed Brown, Danford Meisch-en, Alan Alexander, Bill Rodes, Hal Tollman, Chuck Gresham, Alan Wible, Mrs. Donaldson. Third Row: Robert Miller, Al Hope, Roy Shears, Billy Jumper, Joe Hitchman, Billy Price, Fondi Murrill, Richard Campbell, Paul Smoland, John Searle, David Weems.First Row: Lindy Morrell, Brenda McElroy, Diane Mace, Connie Ferrell, Bobby Tarrant, Ricky Ellington, Bill Carroll, Ernie Compton, Teresa Timmons, Missy Bowman, Ann Cranford, Sandy Gilmer, Mary Hotcher. Second Row: Lynn Burgess, Pat Abbot, Dadre Traugh-ber, Diane Watson, Phyllis Davis, Trecia Turner, Linda Lowe, Dolores Griffin, Gretc-hen Van Zile, Cissy Tolbert, Lenore Randall, Sherry Jenkins, Miss Harper. Third Row: Linda Makahon, Mary Ann Herron, Kay Letbetter, Alberta Phillips, Sandy Burleson, Dee Lott, Gwynn Willis, Reset Gosnell, Cindy Niland, Dianne Cool, Pam Durban, Betsy Adams, Marilyn Marx, Barboro Morris. Dramateers Members of Aiken Community Ployhouse lectured on staging, acting, directing . . . spring declamation contest . . . Dramateer dramatics at spring assembly . . theatrical make-up demonstration. Presidents: Becky Stevens, Cynthia Hamrick Vice-Presidents: Cissy Talbert, Susan Lower Secretaries: Dale Johnson, Diane Wolf Treasurers: Teresa Timmons, Lydia Smiley Advisor. Miss Tilly Harper First Row: Lily McCullough, Judy Anderson, Frances Walton, Donna Buchanan, Becky Stevens, Susan Thompson, Anno Mocklen, Betty Beaty, Carol Lybrand, Beverly Col-olucci, Cheryl St. John, Ann McKane, Nancy Gaddy. Second Row: Beth Wilson, Pam Evans, Carolyn Willis, Keith Smiley, Cheryl White, Peggy Leinart, Linda Creed, Kitty Chafin, Hilda Sopough, Karen Borup, Myra McNair, Cynthio Hamrick, Melody Seiersen. Third Row: Virginia Jones, Hyo Laurel, Sally Syphrit, Charlotte Jackson, Lydia Smiley, Leah Dale Johnson, Mary Lou St. John, Missy Smoot, Susan Lower, Diane Wolf, Deedy Kenney, Sarah Borop, Jon Allen, Patricia McNair.First Row: David Mayes, David Ebenhock, Jean Hedrick, Judy Green, Sheila Wolf, Judy Anderson, Melvo Welton, Gail Plunkett, Diane Cool, Robbie Johnston, Nick Jeancake. Second Row: Tim Coffey, Pot Hart, Larry McCoy, Mike Padgett, Johnny Crawford, Johnny Canady, David Lindow, George Lawrence, Glenn Gentry, Ashford Milner, Bill Thompson, Coach Fraser. Third Row: Sammy Timms, Dale Robinson, Roy Rearden, Mitchell Ross, Donnie Martin, Claude Stokes, Gary Cabbage, Charles Tope, Bobby Robertson, David Meadow, Tony Love. Block Honorary organization for students who lettered in varsity sports and for the cheerleaders . . . source of great school spirit and service . . . trophies agleam in their cases . . . concession stands during football season . . . cheerleaders selling slogan ribbons during basketball season . . . Here's to the Green Hornets, They won't give in. Fight to the finish boys, We're out to win. “A President: Pete Whitfield Vice-President: Robbie Johnston Secretary: Jean Hedrick Treasurer: David Ebenhack Advisors: Miss Johanna Gibbs, Mr. James C. Fraser ‘ - Y' • Yk- - w ■ % V - “ j.-- — - Front Row: Larry Burch, John Pat Coffey, Jeri Sue Rivenbark, Carol Burkhardt, Judy Hedrick, Claudio Johnson, Pam McClain, Modie Joyner, Cynthia Hamrick, Mary Green, Fran Barrett, Miss Gibbs. Second Row: Jim Ellet, Richord Felder, Roy Horton, Billy Howard, David Carr, Tom Miller, Jim Lockhart, Wallace Dunbar, Preston Moroney. Third Row: Steve Scotten, David Butler, Eddie Fowler, Austin Woodward, Lee Gamble, Alon Hay, Johnny Gregory, Tim Grace, Malcolm Hormstod. s — - First Row: Margaret Permar, Wendy Pope, Becky Stevens, Jeri Sue Rivenbark, Jean Hedrick, Lillian Gunter, Kathy Urban, Betts Hunter, Gwynn Willis, Elise Deloach, Cheryl St. John, Ann Cook. Second Row: Ted Eubanks, Jerry Wolker, Tim Coffey, Jim Ellett, Henry Stevens, Claude Stokes, Robert Cunningham, Bill Burckhalter, John Searle, Jimmy Roberts, Mr. Willis. Third Row: Johnny Gregory, Nick Jeancake, Robbie Johnston, Sandy Radford, David Meadow, Lydia Smiley, Charles Tope, Leslie Dessouer, Jan Allen, Bob Forstner, Claiborne Ray, Nancy Show, Pete Bartram, Burt Dahlen. Cabinet Composed of heods of all clubs and organizations approved by the Council . . . club roll call at monthly meetings in library . . . Mr. Willis guides coordination of club calendar . . . four new clubs represented this year . . . advisory rather than legislative power . . . what has your club accomplished this year? First Row: Chip Cunningham, Linda Curry, Judy Dailey, Leslie Dessauer, Claiborne Ray, Jim Ellett. Second Row: David Graham, Frankie Walters, Lillian Gunter, Kathy Nelson, Myra McNair, Cynthia Hamrick, Margaret Permar, Robbie Johnston. Third Row: Bob Forstner, Johnny Gregory, Nick Jeancake, Claude Stokes, Burt Dahlen, Tony Love, Ronnie Dyer.First Row: Judy Caldwell, Susan Bodie, Patsy Jones, Sandra Agee, Sandro Carter, Ann Smith, Nancy Lefler, Donna Larson, Teresa Timmons, Lenore Randall, Beth Hershey. Second Row: Carol Cowan, Goyle Evans, Brenda Rawl, Peggy Leinhart, Allison Beach, Becky Stevens, Patty Hodges, Marilyn Ice, Debbie Gayhort, Mary Ec-kordt, Cindy Niland, Cheryl Boyce. Third Row: Tex Peterson, Kenny Hill, Ricky Morton, Tony Recupido, Ernie Compton, Betsy Adams, Re-sel Gosnell, Linda Curry, Bill Carroll, Marilyn Marx, Johnny Schilling, Judith Burgess, Gwynn Willis, Sandy Burleson, Joanne Fisher. Les Frelons Verts Presidents: Elise Deloach, Linda Curry Vice-Presidents: Mary Beth Taylor, Berkeley Haynesworth Secretaries: Pat Hall, Dave Robinson Treasurers: Carol Cowan, Resel Gosnell Advisor: Mrs. Alice Clontz Brand new club for second year French students . . . Les Frelons Verts or Green Hornets if you ne parlez pas le francais . . . former French resident, now AHS student, showed breathtaking slides . . . French movie, ooh la la . . . spring Language Day at USC. Mary Beth Taylor, Berkeley Hoynesworth, Cathy Sampson, Mary Townes, Eula Boy-Iston, Durona Farrar, Elise Deloach, Mary Dietz, Donno Buchanan, Linda Creed, Beverly Colalucci, Cynthia Ingram, Lee Quinn, Mickie Mellon. Second Row: Robert Miller, Sandra Hudak, Karen Borup, Vickie Hodges, Priscilla St. John, Hya Laurel, Kathy Lockhart, Anne Eden-field, Pat Hall, Grace Hitch-man, Noncy Raney, Dee Lott, Joon Herre. Third Row: Tommy Moore, Jeffery Wallace, Skipper Brotherton, Shonnon Kirk, Billy Jumper, Stephen Surosky, Chip Cunningham, Gregory Stork, Robert Cunningham, Mrs. Clontz.First Row: Jomie Wise, Jenny Ritchie, Joyce Bane, Nancy Johnson, Laura Lynn Martin, Judy Holliday, Mary Jane Page, Pom Johnson, Joye Busch, June George, Grace Dewitt, Becky Evans. Second Row: Janet Trollin-ger, Sherrie Phillips, Linda Mokohon, Brenda McElroy, Diane Mace, Sherry Jenkins, Carol Peake, Carol Warner, Linda Gray, Mary Ann Herron, Karen Johnson, Colette Evans. Les Novices First year French club . . . nous porlons le francais —un peu . . . program on educational system in France . . . French Christmas customs . . . French spelling match with numbered pictures to identify . . . sporting fleur-de-lis pins . . . French banquet. Presidents: Nancy Johnson, Pam Moore Vice-Presidents: Pam Moore, Joyce Tuer Secretary: Pam Johnson Treasurer: Laura Lynn Martin Program Chairman: June George Advisor: Miss Ruth Maxwell First Row: Foy Bright, Pam Moore, Margoret Escoffier, Susan Frommer, Majorie Taylor, Sandra Merritt, Connie Ferrell, Donna Miller, Joyce Tuer, Miss Maxwell. Second Row: Mike McMana-way, Johnny Graham, Ernie Shuler, Glenn Albea, Vernon Massingale, Steve Pickett, Alan Alexander, Chuck Gresham, John Simpson, Mike Wright, Billy Simpson, Eddie Blanchard.First Row: Jerry Blockwell, Danny Magness, Victor Creed, Ted Eubanks, Jerry Wolker, Lorry Moyer, Jimmy Kelly, Richard Felder, Ricky Green, George Henderson, Earl Gregory, Frank Kitch-ings. Second Row: Richard Russell, Bobbie Hodden, Fronklin Cushman, Gary Westbrook, Jomes Bell, Groy Bowery, Myers Porter, Billy Watkins, Jack Groy, Ed Whittle. Glenn Royborn, Roy Day. Third Row: O'Neal Holsenbock, Richard Day, Larry Key, Ricky Bonnett, Garland Toole, Ralph Redd, Larry Mills, Junior Doy, William Salters, Roford Johnson, Dan Busbee. Future Farmers Vocational agriculture students entitled to join FFA . . . many contests . . . public speaking, parliamentary procedure, forestry-judging, livestock-judging . . . programs on improving farm and home . . . emphasis on character, leadership, thrift . . . radio programs . . . sold PROGRESSIVE FARMERS. President: Ted Eubanks Vice-President Jerry Walker Secretary: Larry Moyer Treasurer: Victor Creed Advisor: Mr. Alvin H. Hawkins First Row: Wayne Ussery, Larry Evons, Bobby Seabolt, David Wallace, Wallace Dunbar, Chip Mullins, Robert Rudder, Henry Berry, Jimmy Rorex, Norris Mosley, Ray Woodward, Horvey Fox, Lar-ris Franklin. Second Row: Albert Emeneker, William Boxter, Ray Hanna, Tommy Galordi, James Behan, Lorry Smith Benny Yon, Roy Richardson, Don Herrin, Tommy Gray, John Hall. Third Row: Larry Smith, Glenn Day, Donnie Herron, Jack Snipes, Pot Kaney, Ted Scott, Teddy Stone, Sammie Rogers, Dovid Gunter, Donny Rogers, Mike Sparks.First Row: Betty Sue Downing, Lindy Morrell, Gail Plunkett, Morisue Botes, Brenda Grice, Mory Beth Ellington, LaVerne Cote, Linda Simms, Linda Jones, Lindo Brantley, Myra Best, Lana Lybrand, Janice Hall, Loretta Keith, Roy Lee Boyd. Second Row: Cathy Goldman, Norma Lybrond, Gail Cour-sey, Mary Seobolt, Elaine Melcolm, Sandro DeWitt, Bernice Prater, Linda Gregory, Vickie Adams, Carolyn Reynolds, Sandro Tucker, Gwinette McNeol, Joanne Quinn, Idella Jennings. Third Row: Marie Agerton, Trudy Belcher, Pam Nelson, Lynette Hegler, Emily Goodwin, Bonnie Hatcher, Leslie Saunderson, Barbara Lowe, Brenda Turner, Bobbie Jeon Butler, Brenda Young, Diane Cellos, Jeanne Edwards. Future Homemakers President: Judie Boyd Vice-Presidents: Becky Payton, Gayle Coursey Secretary: Ann Freeman Treasurer: Brenda Grice Advisor. Mrs. Naomi Satterfield Emphasis on education and skill in running orderly home . . . versatile role of homemaker . . . sent useful articles overseas as a main project . . . Student Council President and the Principal addressed group on citizenship . . . films present summer camp possibilities. First Row: Janice Hendrix, Catherine Stokes, Ann Freeman, Mary Snipes, Gloria Stornes, Mary Berry, Maxine Brown, Mattie Broughton, Brenda Kidd, Sylvia Camp, Connie Ferrell, Martha Sherrill, Kathy Stewart, Karen Davis, Potricia Howers. Second Row: Betty Rinehart, Betty Rowland, Alice Johnson, Potsy Taylor, Brenda Lybrand, Brenda Drawdy, Minnie Lee Atkinson, Donna Widener, Betty Graves, Linda Mizell, Mary Pleoconis, Judy Jumper, Ann Bell. Third Row: Martha Floyd, Judy Boyd, Debbie Higgenbottom, Diane Parker, Charlotte Rowland, Lindo Hudson, Mary Lou Huddleston, Katie McKinney, Charlotte Jack-son, Catherine Owens, Gretc-hen VanZile.First Row: Millie McKeown, Nancy Davis, Susan Bond, Barbara McAninch, Andrea Clarke, Tommy Moore, Tommy Gibson, Ben Bancroft, Joy Elliot, Koy Jolley, Ann Lattimore, Linda Curry, Teresa Timmons. Second Row: Joyce Bane, Pam Evans, Melindo Glasgow, Keith Smiley, Lily McCullough, Cindy Nilond, Priscilla St. John, Mory Anne Arnett, Lynn McDonald, Judy Siler, Morilyn Ice, Pat Cook, Kathy Wallenburg, Mrs. Lambert. Third Row: Lydia Smiley, Lynn Burgess, Gail Coursey, Ann Freemon, Elaine Lawrence, Pam Moore, Myra McNoir, Ann McKane, Patty Studinka. Art Club Presidents: Lydia Smiley, Kathy Nelson Vice-Presidents: Lynn Burgess, Ann McKane Secretaries: Mary Beth Taylor, Mary Lou St. John Treasurers: Dale Johnson, Lydia Smiley Publicity Chairman: Linda Curry Advisor: Mrs. Peggy Lambert Guest speakers and modern art . . . what's the difference between surrealism and impressionism? . . . chicken wire and styrofoam lead to beautiful Christmas decorations . . . volunteers for the library showcase this month? . . . handmade ceramics . . . handsome murals for main lobby . . . bulletin boards . . . Mardi Gras dance. First Row: Mory Beth Toylor, Alyson Beach, Kathy Nelson, Kothy Wilkie, Nicki Mitchell, Sheilo Nelson, Mar-goret Newton, Betty Beoty, Kitty Chofin, Gloria Starnes, Brenda Lybrand. Second Row: Diane Watson, Pat Abbot, Dadre Traughber, Caroline Holley, Mory Lou St. John, Missy Smoot, Missy Bowman, Cecelia Thomas, Noncy Shaw, Cynthia Hamrick, Jeonie Edwords. Third Row: Fondie Murrill, Jimmy Carlisle, Roy Shears, Leah Dale Johnson, Fraser Martin, Ned Bancroft, Bill Carroll, Ricky Ellington.Don Fobrick, Henry Stevens, Meredith Roney, Bob Thomson, David English, Kenny Brockington, Bill Burckhal-ter, Jim Lockhort, Edward Seigler, Malcolm Hormstad, Bob O'Rear Happy Jones. Second Row: Dole Robinson, Mitchell Ross, Joe Lain, Joe Hifchmon, Larry Burch, Alan Hoy, Jimmy Bunch, Dan Busbee, Don Magness. Bus Drivers Each driver has a student route in the Aiken At- President: Wallace Boyd tendance Area . . . excellent safety record . . . monthly Vice-President: Bill Burckhalter bus inspections by State Highway Department . . . dis- Secretary-Treasurer: Billy Watkins cipline problems . . . new Vanwood station on rainy Advisor: Mr. William L. Bell days. First Row: Richard Jordan, Franklin Cushman, Joel Golden, Bobby Hadden, Maxine Brown, Frankie Walters, Kathy McKinney, Billy Watkins, Wallace Boyd, Charles Causey. Second Row: Richard Fox, Bucky Ford, Larry Russell, Sammy Cox, Joe Wyatt, Robert Rudder, Henry Berry, Jonothan Fletcher, Mr. Bell.First Row: Paul Pinson, Carlton Hendrix, Joel Golden, Donald Orr, Chipper Mullins. Second Row: Bobby Usher, Gerald Owen, Jimmy Boxter, Robert Worley, Steve Driver, Douglos Rowland, Mrs. Hutto. Third Row: Michael Graham, Eorl Carter, Bill Rodes, Henry Garvin, Robert Newton, John Searle, Jimmy Roberts. AUDIO VISUAL CLUB . . . busy maintaining school audio and visual equipment . . . provide lighting and sound effects for plays and assemblies . . . operate movie projectors, recorders, and film strip machines . . . handle PA system for daily devotional . . . advise on purchase of new equipment . . . Presidents: Jimmy Roberts, John Seorle Vice-Presidents: John Searle, Earl Carter Secretary-Treasurers: Bill Rodes, Donald Orr Advisors: Mrs. Jesse Lee Hutto, Mrs. Barbara S. Cude Audio Visual and Library Clubs President: Lillian Gunter Vice Presidents: Faye Lancaster, Carolyn Willis Secretory-Treasurers: Reba Cagle, Reba Martin Social Chairman: Margaret Newton Program Chairmen: Carol Richardson, Barbara Gossett Advisor: Mrs. Jessie Lee Hutto LIBRARY CLUB . . . promotion of wider reading interests . . . bulletin board and poster contests for Notional Education Week and National Library Week cookie party for teachers during Library Week . . . Annual District meeting in Denmark, S.C. ... we do Dewey, of course. First Row: Reba Cagle, Lindo Tullis, Corol Willis, Patricia Nordeen, Elaine West, Judy Anderson, Melvo Welton, Leah Dale Johnson, Debbie Collins, Corol Richardson, Mrs. Hutto. Second Row: Barbara Gossett, Margaret Newton, Billy Freor, Larry Moyer, Scotty Brackett, Tre-cia Martin, Faye Lancaster, Lillian Gunter, Frances Walton.First Row: James Boatright, James Behan, Patty McMahon, Maxine Brown, Darlene Caudle, Shorlene Caudle, Linda Hudson, Sandro Rorex, Carol Parrish, Linda Campbell, Clyde Wilson, Johnny Crowford. Second Row: O'Neal Holsenbock, Mike Padgett, Paul Moshburn, Chorles Beason, Lorry Whittle, Paul Gary, Joe Johnson, Ted Eubanks, Victor Creed, Lynn Steele, Miss Cato. President: Johnny Crawford Vice-President: Paul Mashburn Secretary: Carol Parrish Treasurer: Charles Beason Editor: Linda Campbell Advisor: Miss Margaret Cato DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION CLUB . . . state meetings in October and February . . . group discussions on free enterprise system, job interviewig, employer-employee relationships . . . Christmas wrapping contest . . . manuals prepared for state contest in February. Distributive Ed and T and I Clubs TRADES AND INDUSTRIAL CLUB helps maintain and increase school facilities . . . painted new partition between D. O. Room and the Shop . . . constructed stands for the Halloween carnival . . . actively helping this growing and changing year. President: Glenn Redd Vice-President: Billy Watkins Secretary: Joel Gossett Treasurer: Bruce Boatwright Advisor: Mr. William L. Bell First Row: Pot Koney, Ronnie Hamilton, Glenn Gentry, Joe Loin, Doug Gregory, Robert Rudder, Wallace Boyd, Billy Watkins, Richard Felder, Joel Gossett, Bruce Boatwright, Glenn Redd. Second Row: Glenn Jackson, David Keel, John Wright, Joe Langdale, Chorles Graham, Glenn Robom, Richard Russell, John Hall, Mr. Bell. Third Row: Paul Mashburn, Clyde Wallace, Richard Jordan.First Row: Eloine Scott, Betty Graves, Brendo Drowdy, Violet Lindow, Jonis Hendrix, Lillion Gunter, Patricia Lee, Ann Moffitt, Sandra DeWitt, Delores Wright, Faye Lancaster, Jean Bunn, Linda Seigler. Second Row: Richard Felder, Roy Shears, Donna Widener, Patricia Boatwright, Linda Jones, Donna Lowe, Carolyn Willis, Judy Brewer, Joyce Jones, Mr. Eubanks. Third Row: Henry Salley, Charles Beason, Bucky Ford, Benny Yon, Lorry Moyer, Eddie Brown, Dennis Hydrick, Pete Bartrom. CANTEEN STAFF helps operate the canteen during lunch hours . . . can you change c five? . . . chips, coke, and a Buttercup, please . . . profits assist major school enterprises. Canteen and Office Assistants OFFICE ASSISTANTS . . . serve in main school offices . . telephone answering service . . . collect daily absentee slips . . . filers of awesome student records . . . occasional nurse to the stricken student . . . deliver absentee reports. First Row: Katy McKinney, Sandra Woldrop, Sandra McFarland, Judy Dailey, Sharon Maurice, Cathy Pearson. Second Row: Pam Johnson, Paula McMillon, Anno Macklen, Margaret Foreman, Judy Green, Jacque Allison, Mrs. McNeil. Third Row: Grace Woodhead.•First Row: Nancy Lefler, Bonnie Dietz, Lee Quinn, Cynthio Ingram, Vickie Adorns, Noncy Johnson. Ann Seigler, Barbara Setzer, Bar-bora Koon, Carolyn Willis, Mrs. Hilborn. Second Row: Nancy Green, Jane Zion, Carol Cowan, Diane Burck-halter, Alice Niesemann, Koy Lewis, Connie Shaw, Myra McNoir, Nancy Shaw, Cynthia Hamrick, Donna Larson, Elise Deloach. Third Row: Lydia Hay, Norma Jean Richardson, Mary Miller, Judy Holliday, Lauro Martin, Louise Bedenbaugh, Marilyn Robinson, Ann Shi-deler, Eleanor Roop, Debbie Gayhart, Teri Robinson. FUTURE NURSES CLUB . . . promote interest in nursing and other phases of medical work . . . guidance on future schooling . . . visit Aiken County Hospital . . . spring trip to Augusta Medical College . • visiting speakers. Presidents: Nancy Shaw, Myra McNair Vice-Presidents: Nancy Johnson, Ann Shideler Secretaries: Myra McNair, Nancy Johnson Treasurers: Nancy Johnson, Nancy Shaw Reporters: Ann Thomas, Elise Deloach Advisor: Mrs. Howard Hilborn Future Nurses and Exponents President: Bob Forstner Vice-President: Laurel Wehler Secretary-Treasurer: Beverly Colalucci Advisor: Mr. Richard Cook EXPONENTS CLUB . . . expanding interest in and understanding of mathematics ... all right, so it's a commutative property of addition . . . guest speakers about the natural number theorem, modern mathematics, and sidelights on traditonal principles. First Row: Noncy Raney, Debbie Goyhort, Nancy God-dy, Ginny Waters, Laurel Wehler, Beverly Colalucci, Eloine West, Myra McNair, Ann Cook, Virginia Jones, Anne Edenfield, Lenore Randall, Morianne Towler. Second Row: Ann McKone, Cheryl St. John, Sharon Maurice, Dave Robinson, Skipper Brotherton, Mike Mc-Manawoy, Larry Lovell, Earl Belcher, Ricky Nuzum, Cindy Niland, Gayle Rockow. Third Row: Paul Smoland, Bob Forstner, David Lindow, Philip Gee, Robert Patterson, Henry Stevens, Thomos Cal-lohan, Peter Bartrom, George Lawrence, Mickey Cline. 1124 Junior Class Officers Gwynn Willis, TREASURER; Betts Hunter, SECRETARY; Tim Coffey, VICE-PRESIDENT, Chorles Tope, PRESIDENT. JuniorsAbney, Faye Adair, Jimmy Adams, Betsy Arrants, Donna Ashmore, Bill Augustine, Murl Beosley, Jimmy Beck, Larry Behan, James Adkinson, Minnie Alexander, Alan Anderson, Gory Ballard, Nancy Baughman, Larry Baxter, Jimmy Berry, Henry Blackmon, Albert Blackwell, Harry Our class of ’65 . . . Bloss, Steven Boatright, James Boatwright, Dean Boatwright, Wallace Boggs, Bill Boland, Gary Borop, Sara Borup, Karen Bosi, Pat Bradberry, David Brantley, James Brantley, Linda 125 Bond, Susan Bonnett, Ricky Boone, Jan Bowen, Bobby Bowery, Carolyn Bowman, Missie Bray, Reggie Brewer, Judy Britton, MarionBrotherton, Skipper Brown, Gerald Brown, James Burckhalter, Diane Burdette, Wayne Burgess, Judith Collos, Diane Calloway, Richard Campbell, James Brown, Joe Buchanan, Donna Bunn, Jean Burkhordt, Carol Burleson, Sandy Busbee, Dan Canody, John Carroll, Bill Carroll, Sandra peddled football pennants . . . Cato, Judy Cavonough, Mary Anne Chafin, Carol Chase, Barbara Chewning, Ted Christine, Denny Clark, Ricky Clark, Andrea Cline, Mickey Cockrell, Linda Coffey, Tim Collins, Douglas Combs, Mary Cook, Carl Cook, Jerry Cool, Dianne Cowan, Carol Cox, Johnnie Cox, Louise Compton, Ernie Conn, Bobby Conner, Charles Corley, Susan Cote, LoVerne Covington, Mike Cranford, Ann Crawford, David Creasman, Roger 126Creed, Linda Cunningham, Chip Curry, Linda DeLooch, Elise DeWitt, Frances DeWitt, Sandra Dunbar, Wallace Durban, Pam Eckhardt, Mary Cushman, Bill Cushman, Virginia Davis, Nancy Diamond, Connie Dietz, Carl Driver, Steve Eckles, Tom Edwards, Dale Ellington, Rick sponsored homecoming dance English, David Ennis, Mike Ergle, Martha Etter, Debbie Eubanks, Ted Evans, Goyle Evans, Larry Evans, Pom Farrar, Durana Fisher, Joanne Fleetwood, Gary Fleischman, Marsha Fleming, Sherril Forstner, Bob Fowler, Edward Fox, Cindy Fox, Dwight Fox, Richard Frommer, Rick Galloway, Barbara Gambl'd, Ronnie Gamble. Lee Gee, Phillip Gentry, Glenn Gilmer, Sondy Golden, Joel Gomillion, Julie Goodin, Faye 127Gosnell, Resel Grahom, David Gray, Paul Greer, Joan Greer, Judy Gregg, Ronnie Grice, Jimmy Griffin, Vie Della Griggs, Beverly Green, Mary Green, Ricky Greer, Alvin Gregorie, Doug Gregory, Peggy Grice, Brenda Gross, Joy Gullion, Drucilla Gunter, Pam dazzled all with “Stage Door” . . . Gurley, Harold Haines, Jane Hale, Tom Hall, Chris Hall, Janice Hall, Pat Hallman, Delores Hamilton, Ronnie Hanna, Diane Horris, Dean Hart, Cheryl Horton, Roy Hayes, Frankie Heath, Rosa Lee Heaton, Dan Hedrick, Bob Hedrick, Judy Hendrix, Carlton Hendrix, Joyce Henkes, Harley Hennelly, Markie Herbert, Joe Herron, Sandro Hickman, Paul Higingbottom, David Hobbs, Alec Hodges, Linda Hodges, Patti 128Holliday, Duncan Holsonbock, O'Neol Hoover, Jack Howington, Ted Hudak, Sandra Huffman, John Hyman, Paul Jackson, Donald Jackson, Jimmy Hope, Al Houwers, Bill Howard, Billy Hunt, Betty Hunter, Betts Hunter, Gory Jackson, Roger Johnson, Alice Johnson, Beth fought mightily in intramurals Johnson, Claudia Johnson, Frank Johnson, Joe Johnson, Karen Johnson, Leah Dale Johnson, Noncy Johnson, Roger Johnt, Jimmy Jolley, Kay Jones, Brenda Jones, Doug Jones, Joyce Joyner, Madie Keely, Lewis Kendrick, Ronald Kenney, Deedy Koon, Barbara Kuntz, Carol Lain, Joe 129 Jumper, Billy Kaney, Pat Keel, William Kirby, Buddy Kirk, Shannon Kitchings, Frank Lancaster, Faye Lane, Dennis Lottimore, AnneLeophart, Linda Leaphart, Woyne LeBert, Bobby Loftin, Sandy Lott, Dee Love, Danny Magness, Dan Martin, Donnie Martin, Thelma Leinart, Peggy Lewis, Leonard Lindow, Violet Lower, Susan Lybrand, Carol Lybrand, Norma Marvin, Becky Marx, Marilyn Mashburn, Paul Mathis, Jimmy Matlock, Brenda Mattocks, Tubby McAbee, Janis McAninch, Barbara McClain, Pam McCoy, Jon McCullough, Lily McGee, Dale McGee, Nancy ordered school rings . . . McKeown, Millie McNoir, Patricia McNeal, Gwinette Miller, Robert Mitchell, Scherry Mizell, Linda Morton, Frances Morton, Ricky Moyer, Larry Meadow, David Meischen, Danford Milkereit, Steve Moffitt, Anne Moody, Wade Morris, Barbara Mundy, Gordon Mundy, Henry Neisemann, Alice 130Nilond, Cindy Nordeen, Patricio Norris, Wayne Nunn, Cynthia Olsen, Karen Orr, Donald Owen, Gerald Parker, Allen Patrick, Rita Payton, Rebecca Peake, Carol Perry, Williom Piech, Sandy Pinckney, Ricky Pinson, Paul Plunkett, Gail Porter, Myers Powell, Shelbo Jeon tackled first SAT Quick, Lanier Rachal, Butch Rowl, Brenda Recupido, Tony Redd, Daphne Reeves, Sandra Rhoden, Bobby Rickenbaker, Lewis Riedel, Karlene Rinehart, Betty Roberts, Jimmy Robertson, Bob Robinson, Dave Robinson, Memory Rockow, Gayle Rodes, Bill Rogers, Dickie Roland, Betty Roop, Eleanor Ross, Mitchell Rowland, Jimmy Royal, Jan Sol ley, Henry Sampson, Harry Schulhofer, Louis Scott, Barbaro Scott, Richard Scotten, Steve 131Seorle, John Seigler, Ann Seigler, Edwin Shideler, Ann Shores, Christine Siddoll, Betsy Skidmore, Steve Slaughter, Woyne Smiley, Keith Seigler, Linda Seymour, Diane Shafer, Doug Simpson, Janyce Sizemore, Bob Sizemore, Judy Smith, Ann Smith, Bonny Smith, James worked in thirty clubs . . . Smith, Kenneth Smith, Susan Smolond, Paul Snyder, Jimmy Sparks, Charles Stephens, Wyanett Stevens, Becky Stevens, Neal St. John, Priscilla Stone, Ted Storey, Linda Summerall, Margaret Sumner, Donna Surosky, Steve Swanner, John Syphrit, Sally Szosz, Richard Talbert, Cissy Tor rant, Bobby Tatum, Mike Toylor, Mary Beth Taylor, Potsy Terwilliger, Paulo Thomas, Cecelia Thomas, Frankie Thomas, Terry Thomson, Bob Till, Eddie 132Timmons, Teresa Timms, Sammy Tolcher, Barbara Turner, Linda Urban, Kothy Ussery, Sammy Wade, Bobby Waits, Johnny Walker, Jerry Tope, Charles Tounes, Mike Tucker, Sandra Vaughan, Jo Ann Verner, Bryce Vinson, Jeon Wollenburg, Cathy Walters, Bubbo Wolton, Frances and basked in perfect prom Warren, Floyd Warren, Mike Waters, Jerry Weems, David Weigle, Dovid Welton, Melva White, Cheryl Whittle, Larry Wilkie, Woody Willis, Andy Willis, Butch Willis, Carolyn Willis, Earl Wilson, Jomes Wilson, Marion Wilson, Robert Woodward, Austin Worley, Robert Wrenn, David 133 Willis, Eddie Willis, Gwynn Wilson, Beth Wilson, Sherry Wolf, Diane Wood, Hilda Wright, Delores Yon, Benny Zion, JaneFreshman Class Officers Harriet Hough, SECRETARY; Becky Evans, VICE-PRESIDENT; Robert Cunningham, PRESIDENT; Ann Thomas, TREASURER. 134 FreshmenAbstonce, Julia Adams, Vickie Adkinson, James Agee, Sandy Agerton, Morie Aiken, Mike Albea, Glenn Alexander, Kenneth Allison, Bryan Altman, Linda Arbaugh, Donnie Bane, Joyce Barrett, Mary Jane Bartley, Benny Bates, Marisue Baughman, Eyvonne Baughman, Sheila Baxley, Robert Beach, Alyson We the class of ’66 . . . Beck, Wayne Bedenbaugh, Louise Beheler, Danny Belcher, Cleaburne Belcher, Trudy Bell, Ann Bell, James Bell, Linda Bell, Roger Bessinger, Bobbie Jean Best, Myra Bible, Cheryl Blanchard, Roy Blessing, Ronald Boatwright, Wanda Bodie, Patricia Bodie, Suzanne Bowery, Gary Boyce, Cherry Boyd, Leomer Boyd, Rae Lee Boylston, Eula Brewer, Joseph Bright, Foy Brinkley, Jimmy Brock, Eugene Brodie, Allen Brooks, Johnny Brown, Alice Bryant, HarryBuchmiller, Steve Burckholter, Charles Burleson, Gory Busbee, Eva Lee Busbee, Norma Busbee, Williom Busch, Joye Butler, Bobbie Jean Byars, Smith Byrd, Dorothy Byrne, Ricky Cadden, Troy Cain, Jack Caldwell, Judy Camp, Sylvia Campbell, Leslie Compbell, Mike Cardinal, Ray Carter, Ginny Carter, Ricky Carter, Sandra Cato, Tony Chapman, Carl Cherry, Ronnie burst B-wing doors . . . Cockrell, Glenn Coffey, Tom Cole, Terry Collins, Debbie Combs, Linda Connaughton, Tony Cooke, Margaret Cook, Patricia Cook, Ray Cooper, David Cooper, Frank Corley, Morie Cowan, Buddy Coward, Buddy Cox, Gloria Craddock, John Croft, Walter Crosby, Charles Cunningham, Robert Cushman, Rosolyn Dailey, Brandon Dance, Nancy Davis, Frosty Davis, Koren Day, BobbyDoy, Glenn Day, Junior Dedmon, Bill Denton, Rosemary DeWitt, Grocey Dietz, Bonnie Dietz, Mary Dillard, Kenneth Dixon, Gibbs Dixon, Sherie Dorey, Richord Downing, Betty Sue Drowdy, Shirley Driggers, Jimmy Driver, David Durden, Ann Eaton, David Edenfield, Anne Edmundson, Robert Edwards, Candice overflowed into Vanwood Ellington, Beth Elliot, Joy Elrod, Scott Emeneker, Albert Enlow, Felton Ergle, Judy Ergle, Mary Escoffier, Margaret Eubanks, Dennie Eubanks, Tommy Evans, Becky Evans, Collette Font, Rodger Ferrell, Connie Ford, J. D. Frady, Linda Frank, Bruce Franklin, Edward Frommer, Suzanne Gabriel, Dickie Golardi, Tommy Gombrell, Ann Gardner, Carol Gardner, Nancy Garvin, Henry Gayhart, Debbi George, June Glasgow, Melinda Goff, Ann Golden, NormaGoldman, Kathy Gosnell, Rodney Graham, Johnny Graham, Michael Gray, Linda Gray, Tommy Green, Nancy Gregg, Donnie Gregory, Gloria Gregory, Linda Gresham, Charles Gullion, Johnny Gunter, David Gunter, Lynda Hagan, George Hohn, Susan Hair, Potricia Hall, Brenda Hall Garland Hall, Patsy Hallman, Mack Handy, Don Honhinson, James Hanna, Ray prompted nineteen new classrooms . . . Harden, John Hatcher, Mary Hoy, Lebby Haynsworth, Berkeley Heath, Shelby Hegler, Lynette Herde, Gary Herre, Joan Herrin, Donnie Herron, Jeonnette Herron, Mary Ann Hershey, Beth Higgenbottom, Danny Hill, Harry Hill, Kenneth Hitchman, Groce Hobbs, Jock Hodges, Eric Holliday, Judy Hough, Harriett Houwers, Patty Huddleston, Mary Lou Hughey, Linda Hurt, Shirley Hutto, JenellIce, Morilyn Inabinet, Jeanette Jackson, Ray Jenkins, Sherry Jennings, Idella Johnson, Barbara Johnson, Chuck Johnson, Ellen Johnson, Karen Johnson, Nancy Johnson, Pam Johnson, Raeford Johnson, Vicki Jones, Connie Jones, Patsy Jones, Robert Jones, Virginia Joy, Groyson Jumper, Judy Keeter, Billy an auditorium and a larger cafeteria Kelley, Lelond Kelly, Jimmy Kelly, Larry Kern, Susan Key, Elouise Key, Lorry Key, Ted Kight, Horry King, Jerry Larson, Donna LaRusso, Sherry Laurel, Hya Low, McDonald Lawrence, Elaine Leaphart, Carolyn Lee, Laura Lefler, Nancy Letbetter, Kaye Lockhart, Kathy Lott, Lindy Lovell, Larry Lowe, Barbara Lowe, Gerald Lowery, Charles Lybrand, Lana Lyell, Philip Lyle, James Mace, Diane Magness, Brenda Majors, MikeMaKohon, Linda Mann, Eddie Manter, Bruce Martin, Louro Martin, Reto Massee, Becky Massengale, Barbara Massengale, Vernon Mouldin, Steve McAninch, Don McCall, John McCall, Ronnie McCarty, Romo Jean McClearen, Jim McCrosky, Carl McCullough, Greg McElmurray, Nick McElroy, Brenda McKellar, Ken McManaway, Mike Melcolm, Elaine Mellon, Mickey Merritt, Sondra Metts, Jerry 450 strong we added Miller, Donno Miller, Gwen Miller, Mary Mills, Lorry Mondy, Carolyn Montenyohl, Ian Montjoy, Myra Moore, Leslie Moore, Pamela Moore, Tommy Morgan, Harold Morrell, Lindy Morris, Johnny Morris, Racheol Moseley, Judy Moseley, Norris Mullins, Sammy Mundy, Bonnie Nelson, Pam Nelson, Sheila Newton, Pat Newton, Robert Nordeen, Rex O'Neal, Patricia Owen, Dottie ■Owenby, Lindo Owens, Harry Owens, Kathryn Padgett, Borbara Page, Mary Jane Parker, Diane Porks, Chuck Payton, Bobby Pearson, Ralph Penland, Audrey Perkins, Nicky Perry, Billy Peterson, Tex Patrina, Glenn Phillips, Alberta Phillips, Sandra Phillips, Sherie Philpott, Drema Pickett, Steve Pinson, Perry our brawn and brain power Pleoconis, Mary Plumley, Thelma Plunkett, Ann Pope, Jean Powell, Stanley Prater, Bernice Price, Greg Purvis, Kenney Quarles, Bill Quarles, Tommy Quinn, Jo Ann Radford, Mike Raloff, Tereso Randall, Lenore Roney, Nancy Rankin, Michael Redd, Billy Reynolds, Carolyn Rial, Peter Rich, Arthur Richardson, Faye Richardson, Ray Richardson, Sammy Ricks, Larry Ridge, Geri Sue Riley, Tracey Ritchie, Jenny Robbins, Peggy Ann Robinson, Teri Rodgers, DannyRodgers, Sammy Rollison, Marvin Rorex, Jimmy Rosbach, Phil Ross, Greg Rowland, Charlotte Rushton, Jimmy Salters, Robert Sampson, Kathy Sopough, Jane Sawyer, Bob Schilling, John Scott, Marion Scott, Ted Seabolt, Lewis Seabolt, Mary Seamster, Johnny Sharpe, Coy Shaw, Connie Shaw, Sharon Sherrill, Martha Shuler, Ernie Siler, Judy Simons, Elaine to the study, athletics and . . . Simpson, Billy Simpson, John Skeen, David Skipper, Louise Slayton, Drew Smith, Cheryl Smith, Jeanette Smith, Joe Smith, Larry Snipes, Avery Snipes, Jack Snyder, Wayne Solomon, Dale Solomon, Gale Sparks, Larry Spivey, Judy Splawn, James Stapleton, Terry Stephens, Lynn Stevens, Jerry Stewart, Kathy Stringer, Chorlie Studinka, Patti Sumner, Richard Swanner, JimmyToylor, Charles Taylor, Diane Taylor, Marie Thomas, Ann Thompson, Scotty Thorne, Jackie Timms, Mike Tinsley, Lynn Towler, Marianne Townes, Mary Trogdon, Charlotte Trollinger, Janet Tuer, Joyce Turner, Brenda Turner, David Turner, Lorry Tyler, Joe Usher, Bobby Ussery, Wayne Valley, Linda growth of our AHS Van Zile, Gretchen Vinson, Edward Waites, David Walker, Donna Wallace, David Wolloce, Jeffrey Ward, Richard Warner, Carol Washburn, Yvonne Watson, Ann Webb, Kenneth Westall, Daney Whitson, Zona Whitt, Dean Wible, Alan Widener, Joan Widener, Martha Widener, Wade Williams, J. R. Wilson, Bruce Wise, Jomie Wolf, Janice Wood, Jane Wood, Joan Wright, Bucky Wright, Mike Yates, Lorene Young, Brenda Young, Judy Youngblood, GeorgeSTTUDEISTT LIFEI hope we haven't forgotten any senior football player . . . But y' all, I just can't be dignified in the N.H.S. assembly . . . Just 'cause I'm a junior, you big seniors can't push me around . . . Wake up, Richard before Tim really puts you to sleep.Exodus of physically fit students to the main campus . . . Wait until Mr. Bell sees his new chair . . . Bill upsets Mrs. Lambert by telling her that he has decided to drop art in order to take Business English . . . Double bubble toil and trouble.  Now Sheila, this is a basketball and There she is—our Miss High Miss, the object of the gome is . . . Watch out, boys, there's an ant hill up and holler . . . Presenting Miss . . . The music man and his seventy Frankie Walters, six trombones . . . All for Aiken standEighth period ot AHS . . . Now we Doesn't that moke you happy. Stew? will return to third period class. How about doing your own work, Nancy . . . Well, girls, I don't think this arrangement will look good in the center of the table. It will look best if we sorta move it to the right . . . Hey, Austin, are some of your teeth loose from football? . . . Now let's see, one fruit chewy, one mint paddy, and one Reese cup—that will be 51 $.I can type 50 words ... in two minutes . . . Shut up, face the wall, and start studying ... I surely thought the Council member would have caught me by this time ... We always enjoy the snowflake buttered potatoes and thick, vegetable soup.I am the king; I am the greatest . . . Pam is so much fun to hold . . . We call ourselves the Kennedy Jets . . . Have you ever seen such a leg? . . . Isn't it beautiful?Swing your partner . . We only get this close for a picture. Is it that funny, Berkeley? . . . Now, honey, pay attention to me . . . Instead of cat calls raise your right hand . . . My only problem is teaching those seniors psychology.Kate throws it down after a long morning of passing out absentee lists ... It sure will be nice when the new cafeteria opens . . . But I don't have another penny . . . Why did you give us a test like this? . . . Danny dreams about the Civil War and his history assignment for tomorrow . . . The other team still hasn't shown up yet, Doc.The annual funeral and lamentation for the Graniteville pebbles . . . Yell, Hornets, veil . . . The Dixieland band swings with the South . . . Get together girls, 1,2,3,4, . . . Jimmy takes a nap while Bobby and Chris shuck and jive . . . He was a fine upcoming citizen of Graniteville . . . Charles and John Pat fly the new Victory Flag for AHS honors. Mrs. Butler's homeroom takes top honors in the Christmas bulletin board contest . . . O.K., I admit I stole your boyfriend, whot can you do about it? . . . Don't cry Mary I was only kidding when I said he was with her . . . Spirited students whip the snake at an evening pep rally . . . Tubby goes over the books for HORNET payments . . . Earl, I think it rather amusing that you're failing senior English . . . But, Grace, I only sold the man an ad. How was I to know that he didn't work there?What s cooking, Henry . . . Lena, Elliot, Frances, Archie, and Alma take a break from their daily chores . . . But you can't go, I need you to help me cheer! . . . Ann desperately rereads Beowulf before the English test which counts four grades. — What's the matter, Cissy, can't you talk with your mouth full? . . . The buses crawl home after a long day at school . . . Can you believe these kids are almost on their own? . . . Don't you dare put me last in the Student Life section.“Stage Door” In December the junior closs presented Stage Door by Edna Ferber and George Kaufman. It was a successful play on Broadway — and it brought success to the juniors . . . But Stage Door, with its cast of thirty, was a difficult play ... so the cast worked hard . . . It all started in October with hectic try-outs . . . Who do you think will get it? . . . then dozens of long, hot, stuffy, hilarious rehearsals . . . trying to become members of the fictitious Footlights Club . . . student actors and actresses trying to act like actors and actresses not acting . . . Linda Turner, leading lady, lying in a hospital bed . . . Mr. Akins, distracted director, rushing from class to rehearsal to hospital . . . a barrage of orders — Sell tickets to the play . . . Cheryl White pleads learn your lines . . . Many lines, more unlearned ones . . . gloomy, stricken faces at a relentless rehearsal on November 22 . . . dress rehearsals .. . hard-working committees . . . It's tough, it's tough, it is ... a green-faced David Graham smoking cigars . . . critical seniors . . . Mike Warren struggling with a tuxedo in total darkness . . . cast parties . . . record-breaking ticket sales . . . and the wonderful magic of applause as full compensation for hours of labor, tears, laughter, and panic. 158and “The Little Dog Laughed” March 20 and 21 at the Junior High auditorium ... it happened! . . . the seniors put on a great play, The Little Dog Laughed . . . seniors braved a measle epidemic to produce this delightful play . . . Bill Burckhalter and his Mighty Carousel Radio kick . . . Beverly's makeshift dressing room and those quick changes ... all of Mrs. Rutland's prompting and threats . . . Joe's shaving cream . . . yum . . . the menthol kind . . . Claude's pipe and stinging face . . . Ryntha's white arms and all that make-up . . . How about another saltine? . . . Roy's long hours spent with the dog . . . Laurel and her burmudas . . . Y.M.C.A., no that's wrong, Y.W.C.A. is it? . . . lots of red dots between the eyes as the make-up crew tackles its victims . . . the abundance of silver hair . . . bird call practices . . . It's only a dead bird! ... A filthy dead bird! . . . the dog trying on the Beatle wig, just for size of course . . . Mrs. Rutland's lovely but heavy silver box . . . You weren't expecting those roses the second night, were you Laurel? . . . the cast party . . . Comfort? Martha! . . . Now why don't you sit down and have a nice little talk about business? . . . impossible blocking . . . lines never quite right . . . but complete success at the end when the audience laughs heartily along with the little dog. 159Senior Directory ABBOTT, PATRICIA ANNE H. R. Officer 1; Dromoteers 2,3, Student Council 2; Future Teachers Club 3; Art Club 3; Science Club 3; Folksinging Club 3. ADAMS, JACK GIRARD Track 3. ALLEN, GLORIA SUE Les Novices 1; Future Teachers Club 2; Officer 3; H.R. Officer 3. ALLEN, JAN WADDEY Dromoteers 1,2; French Club 1,3; Quill and Scroll Club 1, Sec. 2, Pres. 3; 3rd place American Legion Essay Contest 1; H.R. Officer 2, Junior Play; Future Teachers Club, Vice-Pres. 3; Cabinet 3; Senior Play; Assistant Editor Pine Needless 3. ALLISON, JACQUELENE Student Council 1,3; H.R. Officer 1,2; May Day Attendant 1; Future Secretaries Club 2; Sec. 3; Office Assistant 3; Homecoming Sponsor 3; Chorus 3. ANDERSON, JUDITH KAY Basketball Team 1,2; Dromoteers 1,2,3; Science Club 1,2, 3; X-Ponents Club 1,2,3; H.R. Officer 1,2, French Club 2,3; Block A 2,3; National Honor Society 2,3; National Merit Commendation 3; Senior Play; Library Club Officer 3; Alternate for Girls' State 2. ARNETT. MARY ANNE Art Club 1,2,3; H.R. Officer 1,2; Science Club 2; May Doy Attendant 2; Folksinging Club 3. ARNOTT, VICKI LYNN Dromoteers 2; Chorus 2; Future Secretaries Club 2,3. BAKER, DEE ANN Student Council 1,2,3; H.R. Officer 1,3; Dromoteers 1; Miss Hi Miss 2; Moy Doy Attendant 2; National Honor Society 3; Senior Superlative; French Club 3; Miss HORNET. BANCROFT, BENJAMIN H.R. Officer 1; Photography Club 2; Science Club 3; Art Club 3. BANCROFT EDWARD Photography Club 2; Art Club 3; Science Club 3; Soccer. BARRETT, FRANCES ANN Basketball Team 1,2, Co-Captain 3; Student Council 1,2; Block A Club 2,3, X-Ponents Club 2; Future Secretaries Club 2,3; Beta Club 3; Cheerleader 3; Senior Superlative. BARTON, OLIS DAVIS JR. Football I; H.R. Officer 1,2; Student Council 2; Audio-Visual Club 3. BARTRAM, PETER NEVIUS Science Club 1,2, Pres. 3; Le Circle Francois 1,3; Canteen Staff 2, Cashier 3; X-Ponents 2,3; Cabinet 3; Merit Finalist; National Science Foundation Summer Program in 1961 and 1963. BEASON, CHARLES CROCKETT JR. Canteen Staff 1,2,3; Audio-Visual Club 1,2; D.E. Club Treas. 3. BEATY, BETTY MARGUERITE Student Council 1; Future Homemakers Club 1; Art Club 2,3; Librory Club 2; Dromoteers 3. BELCHER, EARL LEWIS JR. JV Basketball 1; Track 1,2,3; H. R. Officer 1,2; French Club 2; Science Club 2,3; X-Ponents Club 2,3; Student Council 3. BELL, LOUISE ELAINE Future Nurses Club 1,2; Science Club 1,2; Les Novices 1. BELLEFEUILLE, AILEEN NALANI Honors at Leilehua High School, Wahiawa, Hawaii 1,2; Future Secretaries Club 3. BENNETT, GERALD ALLEN Golf 1,2,3; Future Teachers 3. BERRY, MARY FRANCES F.H.A. 1,2,3; Future Secretaries Club 3; Chorus 3. BLACKWELL, GERALD F F A. 1,2,3. BOATWRIGHT, BRUCE WILSON F.F.A. 1; T I Club, Treas. 3. BOATWRIGHT, PATRICIA JANE Canteen Staff 2,3. BOYD, JUDIE ANNETTE F.H.A. 1,2, Pres. 3; Chorus 1,2; Future Teachers Club 3. BOYD, WALLACE Bus Drivers Club 1,2, Pres. 3; T I Club 2,3. BOYLSTON, JILL PAULETTE Canteen Staff 2,3. BRACKETT, NORMAN SCOTT Library Club 1,3; Track 1. BROCKINGTON, KENNETH FRANKLIN Track 1; French Club 1,2,3; X Poncnts Club 1,2; Science Club 1,2; Block A Club 1, H.R. Officer 1,2, Bus Drivers Club 3. BROUGHTON, GWENDOLYN MATTIE F.H.A. 1,3; Future Secretaries Club 2. BROWN, SARAH MAXINE F.H.A. 1,2,3; Bus Drivers Club 3; D.E. Club 3. BROWN, THOMAS HAROLD F.H.A. 1,2,3; D.E. Club 2. BUNCH, JAMES ALLAN T I Club 2; Bus Drivers Club 2,3. BURCH, LARRY KENT H.R. Officer 1; Football 1,2,3; Baseball 1,2,3; Bus Drivers Club 1,2,3; Student Council 1,2; Block A Club 2,3; Beta Club 3; Senior Superlative. BURCKHALTER, WILLIAM MORGAN JV Football 1; Footboll 2; Library Club 1,2; H R. Officer 2,3; Tennis 1; Block A Club 2; Photography Club 2; Bus Drivers Club, Vice-Pres. 3; Senior Play. BURGESS, LYNN KATHRYN Art Club 1, Vice-Pres.2,3; Future Nurses Club 1; Science Club 1,2,3; French Club 1,3; Library Club, Sec.-Treas 2; Future Teachers Club 2,3; Dromoteers 3; Folksinging Club 3. BUSCH, MICHAEL WADE BUTLER, DAVID BRIAN Track 1,2; H.R. Officer 1,2,3; French Club 1; Soccer 2,3; Audio-Visual Club 2; Block A Club 2,3; German Club 3. BUTLER, WALTER ELLIOT Baseball 2; Future Teachers Club 2. BYARS, BEVERLY JEAN F.H.A. 1; Future Teachers Club 2,3. CABBAGE, GARY DOUGLAS Soccer 1,2; Track 1,2,3; Block A Club 2,3, Le Cercle Francois 3; Tropical Fish Club, Pres. 3. CADDEN, JUDY MARIAN Student Council 1; H.R. Officer 1,3; May Day Attendant 1 ; Future Secretaries Club 2,3; F.H.A. 2; Future Teachers Club 3; Drama tee rs 3. CAGLE, REBA EVELYN Library Club 1,2, Sec. 3; Chorus 2; Future Secretaries 3. CALLAHAN, JAMES THOMAS H.R. Officer 1,2,3; Science Club 1,2,3; X-Ponents 2,3; Le Cercle Francois 2,3, Junior Play; Quill and Scroll, Treas. 3; Folksinging Club, Treas. 3; National Honor Society 3; National Merit Finolist; Nationol Honor Society Semifinals. CALLAHAN, LARRY EDWARD D.E. Club 2; Bus Drivers Club 2,3. CAMPBELLE, LINDA FAYE F.H.A. 1,2; Future Secretaries Club 2; D.E. Club, Officer 3. CAMPBELL, RICHARD BRUCE Science Club 1,2,3; X-Ponents Club 2; Photography Club 2; Merit Finalist. CARLISLE, JAMES HENRY Art Club 3; Track 3. CAROTHERS, WILLIAM EDWARD JR. Band 1,2,3; Band Staff 2,3; Pep Band 2,3. CARR, DAVID BRIAN Student Council 1,2,3; French Club 1,2,3; Basketball 1,2,3; H.R. Officer 1; Quill and Scroll Club 2,3; Notional Honor Society 3, Student Rotarian; Senior Superlative; Furman Scholar; Block A Club 3. CARTER, EARL EVANS Honors at Leilehua High School, Wahiawa, Hawaii 1,2; French Club 3; Science Club 3; Audio-Visual Club, Vice-Pres. 3. 160CARTER, FRED C. Science Club 3. CARTER, ROBERT LEWIS H.R. Officer 1,2; Bus Drivers Club 2; Future Teachers Club 3. CAUDLE, BEVERLY DARLENE D.E. Club 3. CAUDLE, FRANKIE SHARLENE Chorus 2; D.E. Club 3. CAUSEY, ROBERT CHARLES Honors at Leesville High School, Leesville, La.; Bus Drivers Club 3; German Club 3; Future Teachers Club 3; Student Council 3. CHAFIN, KITTY Art Club 2,3; Library Club 2; Dramateers 3; H.R. Officer 3. COFFEY, JOHN PATRICK Football 1; Bosketboll 1,2,3; Baseball 1,2,3; H.R. Officer 2; Student Council Member-at-Large 2,3; Block A Club 3; Beta Club 3. COLALUCCI, BEVERLY RAY Honors at St. Angela Academy, Aiken, 1; Junior Ploy, Quill and Scroll 2,3; French Club 2,3; Dramateers 2,3; H.R. Officer 2; Senior Ploy; Student Council 3; X-Ponents Club, Sec.-Treas. 3; Science Club 3, Homecoming Sponsor 3. COOK, MARGARET ANN Sec. of Freshman Class; Dramateers 1; French Club 1,2, Pres. 3; H.R. Officer 1,2;3; X-Ponents Club 2,3; Student Council 2; National Honor Society 2, Sec. 3; Quill and Scroll 3; Furman Scholar; Cabinet 3. COURSEY, LINDA GAYLE Future Secretaries Club 2,3; Art Club 3; Future Teachers Club 3; F.H.A. 2, Vice-President 3. COX, JOHN MAC H.R. Officer 1,2. COX, JUDITH SUZANNE French Club 1,3; H.R. Officer 1,2. COX, SAMMIE RAY H.R. Officer 1,3; Bus Drivers Club 2,3. CRAWFORD, JOHNNY EDWIN JR. Track 2; Block A Club 2,3; D.E. Club, Pres. 3; Cabinet 3. CREED, LONNIE VICTOR F.F.A. Club 2,3; D.E. Club 3. CROSBY, MILDRED ANGELA F.H.A. 1,2; H.R. Officer 1,2,3; Future Teachers Club 2,3; May Day Attendant 2; Future Secretaries Club 2,3; Student Council 3; Betty Crocker Homemaker Aword. CROSSON, ROBERT JOHN JR. National Honor Society 3; Merit Finalist. CUSHMAN, FRANKLIN LEE F.F.A. 1,2,3; Bus Drivers Club, Vice-Pres. 3, Reporter 3. DAHLEN, BURTON LEIGH Marching Band 1,2,3; Symphonic Band 1,2,3; Pep Band 1,2,3; 1st Place American Legion Essay Contest 1; Bond Staff, Vice-Pres. 2, Pres. 3; H.R. Officer 1,2,3; X-Ponents Club 1,2; Science Club 1,2,3; Track 2; National Merit Commendation 3; Soccer 3; Cabinet 3. DAILEY, JUDITH FAYE Dramoteers 1; H.R. Officer 1,2,3; Quill ond Scroll 1,2,3; Notional Honor Society 2, Treas. 3; Student Director Junior Ploy; French Club 2, Pres. 3; Homecoming Sponsor 2, Future Teachers Club, Officer 3; Office Assistant 3; Notionol Merit Commendation; May Day Attendant; Production Manager, Senior Play. DAVIDSON, PHYLLIS ANN Honors at Union High School, Union, S. Car.; Dramateers 3; Future Teachers Club 3; Future Secretaries Club 3. DAY, CECIL RAY F.F.A. 2,3. DENTON, CECIL RAY Football 1,2,3; H.R. Officer 2; Block A Club 3. DESSAUER, LESLIE ELIZABETH Hornet Staff 1,2,3; Art Club 1,2; Library Club 1; National Honor Society 2,3; Quill and Scroll 2,3; Co-Editor of Teen Times 3; German Club, Treas. 2, Vice-Pres. 3; H.R. Officer 2; Senior Play. DRAWDY, BRENDA EVELYN F.H.A. 1,3; H.R. Officer 1; Canteen Staff 2,3; Future Secretaries Club 3. DYER, RONALD CLIFFORD JV Footboll 1; Art Club 1; Science Club 1,2; H.R. Officer 2; Folksinging Club Pres. 3. EBENHACK, DAVID GRAGG Soccer 1,2,3, Block A Club 1,2,3; French Club Vice-Pres. 1; H.R. Officer 1,3; Student Council 1; Treasurer of Junior Class; Science Club 3; Beta Club, Treas. 3. EDWARDS, JEANENE MARIE Chorus 1,2; Future Teachers Club 3; F.H.A. 3; Art Club 3. EDWARDS, JERRY LEE Football 1,2; Track 1,2,3. ELLETT, JAMES WILEY H.R. Officer 1,2; Science Club 1,2,3; Student Council 1,2; Quill and Scroll Club 1,2,3; Boys' State 2; National Honor Society 2, President 3; Soccer 2,3; Merit Finalist; Senior Superlative; Cabinet 3. ELLIS, VICKEY JOUNE Honors at Edgefield High School, Edgefield, S. Corolina. EUBANKS, EDWIN BURMA EUBANKS, MARGIE LYNN H.R. Officer 1; Future Teachers Club 1,2; Future Secretaries Club 2,3. FABRICK, DAN MAINLAND Science Club 1,2; H.R. Officer 2; Bus Drivers Club 3; National Merit Commendation. FELDER, RICHARD LEWIS Audio-Visual Club 1; Canteen Stoff 1,2,3; F.F.A. 1,2,3; Football Manager 2,3; Track Manager 2,3; Block A Club 2,3; T I Club 3. FENNINGER, RANDOLPH BOURNE, JR. H.R. Officer 1,3; Soccer 1,2,3; French Club 2,3; Science Club 2,3; Boys' State 2; Hornet Staff 3; Beta Club 3; Merit Finalist; Student Rotarion; Folksinging Club 3; Quill and Scroll, Pres. 3; Editor of Pine Needles. FERRITER, DAVID MICHAEL Bus Drivers Club 3. FLETCHER, JONATHAN STURTEVANT Marching Band 1,2,3; Synphonic Bond 1,2,3; Pep Band 1,2,3; Band Staff 1, Manager 2, Student Conductor 3; Soccer 2,3; X-Ponents Club 2; H.R. Officer 2,3; Beta Club 3; Bus Drivers Club 3; Folksinging Club 3; Block A Club 3; Student Council 3. FLOYD, MARTHA ELIZABETH Student Council 1,2; Chorus 2; Future Secretaries Club 3; F.H.A. 3. FORD, JAMES BERKELY Canteen Staff 1,2,3; Audio-Visual Club 1,2; Bus Drivers Club 3; T ond I Club 3. FOREMAN, MARGARET JEANETTE French Club 1, Trees. 2,3; Dramateers 1; H.R. Officer 2,3; Junior-Senior Steering Committee; X-Ponents Club 2; Quill ond Scroll 3; National Honor Society 3; Office Assistant 3; Homecoming Sponsor 3; Senior Ploy; Teen Times Staff. FREAR, WILMOT DALE Library Club 2,3; Student Council 3; Future Teachers Club 3. FREEMAN, BETTY ANN F.H.A. 1,2, Sec. 3; Art Club 3; Future Secretaries Club 3; Future Teachers Club 3. FRENCH, JOHN MICHAEL Science Club 2,3. GADDY, NANCY LOUISE Future Nurses Club 1; X-Ponents 2,3; French Club 2; Student Council 2; Stage Manager Junior Play; Science Club 2; Quill and Scroll 3; H.R. Officer 3; National Honor Society 3; National Merit Finalist; Dramoteers 3. GASSETT, BARBARA ANN Library Club, Program Chairman 3; Future Secretaries Club 3; Future Teachers Club 3. GIBSON, JAMES THOMAS Track 1,2,3; Art Club 3, Dramateers 3. GOODWIN, EMILY JANET Canteen Staff 1, F.H.A. 1,3; Future Secretaries 3. 161GOODWIN, LYNN ELLEN H.R. Officer 1,2,3; Future Nurses Club 1; Student Council 1; French Club 2; Senior Play; Moy Doy Attendant. GOSSETT, JOEL BLAINE H.R. Officer 1; Bus Drivers Club 3; F.F.A. 2; T I Club, Secretory 3; Track 3. GRACE, TIMOTHY CHARLES Football 1,2,3; Boseboll 1,2; H.R. Officer 1; Block A Club 2,3. GRAHAM, CHARLES MELVIN JV Football 1; T I Club 3. GRAVES, BETTY GRAY, JACK KELLY, JR. F.F.A. 1,2, Vice-Pres. 3; Bus Drivers Club 2,3. GREEN, JUDITH ANN Basketboll 1,2,3; Dramateers 1; Student Council 1,2,3; H.R. Officer 1,3; Future Secretaries Club 2,3; Office Assistant; Cheerleader 3; Maid of Honor. GREGORY, EARL KEEL F.F.A. 1,2,3; Bus Drivers Club 2. GREGORY, JOHN DEMETRIUS Football 1,2, Co-Captain 3; Student Council 1, Vice-Pres. 2; Pres. 3; Golf 1; Track 2,3; Junior-Senior Steering Committee; Cabinet 2,3; Block A Club 2,3; Beta Club 3; King Teen 3; Senior Superlative; Student Rotarion. GRIFFIN, JAMES WILLIAM Soccer Manager 1. GRIFFIN, RUBY DOLORES H.R. Officer 1; Future Teachers Club 2; Chorus 2; Future Secretaries Club 3; Dromateers 3. GUINN, CHARLES RONALD GUNTER, LILLIAN CORDELE F.H.A. 1; Library Club 2, Pres. 3, Canteen Staff 2,3. HADDEN, ROBERT ELLIS F.F.A. 1,2,3; Bus Drivers Club 3. HALFORD, EUGENE STAFFORD JV Footboll 1; H.R. Officer 1; Student Council 2. HAMMACK, SHARRILYN YVETTE F.H.A. 1,3; Chorus 1,2,3; Future Secretaries 3. HAMRICK, CYNTHIA SUSANNE Student Council 1; Basketball 1,2; Les Novices 1; Future Teachers Club 2, Vice-Pres Historian 3; Future Nurses 2,3; X-Ponents Club 2,3; Dramateers, Pres. 3; Quill and Scroll 3; Block A Club 3; H.R. Officer 3; Art Club 3. HARLEY, SHARON ROSE Future Secretaries 2; F.H.A. 2; Dromateers 3; Future Teachers 3; Library Club 3. HARMSTAD, ROBERT MALCOLM Science Club 1,2,3; Soccer 1,2,3; Audio-Visuol Club 2; Tennis 2,3, French Club 2; Bus Drivers Club 3; Block A Club 3; Student Council 3. HART, BRUCE PATRICK H. R. Officer 1, Student Council 1; Chorus 1,2; Cheerleader 1; Junior Ploy; Block A Club 2,3; Soccer 3; Science Club 3. HAY, WILLIAM ALAN Basketball 1,2,3; Student Council 1,2; Member-at-Large 3; H.R. Officer 1; Footboll 1; Block A Club 2,3; Bus Drivers Club 3, Science Club 3, Senior Superlative; Beta Club 3. HEATH, HUGER, JR. Honors at Corlisle Military School, Bamberg, S. Cor. HEATH, REDMOND QUINTON F.F.A. 1,2; Bus Drivers Club 1,2,3. HEDRICK, JEAN ABEE Basketboll 1,2,3; Student Council 1,2; Band 1; Cheerleader 2, Head Cheerleader 3; Miss Junior; Moy Day Attendant 2; H.R. Officer 2,3; Junior Ploy; Sec. of Junior Class; Block A Club 2, Sec. 3; Beta Club 3; Football Sponsor 3; Sec. of Senior Class; Senior Superlative; French Club 3. HENDERSON, BETTY JEAN Honors at Longley-Both-Clearwater High School HENDERSON, GEORGE ALBERT F.F.A. 1,2,3. HENDRIX, IRENE JANIS F.H.A 1,2,3, Canteen Staff 2,3; Future Secretaries Club 3. HENSLEY, WELDON CECIL, JR. Football 1,2; Audio-Visuol Club 1; H.R. Officer 2; Science Club 2,3. HERRE, HELEN Junior Play, Quill and Scroll 2,3; German Club 2, Treas. 3; French Club 2,3; H.R. Officer 2; Junior-Senior Steering committee; Hornet Staff 3; Folksinging Club, Sec. Treos. 3; National Honor Society 3; Teen Times Stoff 3. HERRON, HEBER TRUMAN HIGGENBOTTOM, DEBBIE ROSE F.H.A. 1,2,3; Future Teachers Club 3. HITCHMAN, JOSEPH MICHAEL Student Council 1; Junior Play; Science Club 2,3; Bus Drivers Club 2,3; H.R. Officer 3; Senior Play; German Club, Pres. 3; Cafeterio Stoff 3; Cabinet 3. HODGES, VICKIE ESTELLE Art Club 2; Les Novices 2; Les Frelons Verts 3; Future Secretaries Club 3; National Honor Society 3; H.R. Officer 3. HOGAN, DANIEL JASPER III JV Football 1, H.R, Officer 2,3; Baseball Manager 2; Student Council 3; Baseball 3. HOLLEY, CAROLINE F.H.A. 1,2,3; Future Teachers Club 3; Art Club 3. HOLTZENDORFF, TIMOTHY LEE Honors at Orangeburg High School, Orangeburg, S. Carolina 1,2; Marching Band 3; Concert Bond 3; Pep Band 3. HUDSON, LINDA LOU Chorus 1,3; Future Secretaries 2; F.H.A. 2,3; Future Teachers Club 3; Dramateers 3; D.E. Club. HUNTER, JOHN MORTON JR. Basketball 1,2,3; H.R. Officer 1,2,3; Student Council 1,2,3; Quill and Scoll 1,2,3; French Club 1,2; Audio-Visuol Club 1; Track 2; Science Club 2, Treos. 3; Alternate for Boys' State 2; X-Ponents Club 2; National Merit Commendation; Student Rotorian; Tennis 3. HYDRICK, DENNIS FRANKLIN President of Freshman Class, Cabinet 1; Student Council 1,2; Les Novices, 1; H.R. Officer 1,2; Canteen Staff 3; Senior Play; Dromateers 3. INGRAM, CYNTHIA ELLEN Student Council 2,3; Future Nurses Club 2,3; French Club 2,3; Dramateers 3; Future Teachers 3; Moy Day Attendant; H.R. Officer 3; Senior Play. JACKSON, CHARLOTTE ANN Dramateers 1,2,3; H.R. Officer 1; Student Council 2; F.H.A. 2,3. JEANCAKE, NICHOLAS GEORGE Football 1,2,3; H.R, Officer 1; Block A Club 1,2,3; Junior Class President; Senior Closs President; Baseball 2; Cabinet 2,3; Beta Club 3; Student Rotarion; Senior Superlative. JOHNSON, GLORIA JEAN Future Nurses Club 2; F.H.A. 2. JOHNSON, JAMES PHILIP Student Council 1,2; Science Club 1,2,3; H.R. Officer 1; X-Ponents Club 2,3; German Club 3. JOHNSON, PAMELA NORTHE Student Council 1,2; French Club 1; H.R. Officer 2; Phto-graphy Club, Sec. 3; Folksinging Club 3; Future Teachers Club 3; Office Assistant 3. JOHNSON, RYNTHA Honors at Hattiesburg High School, Hattiesburg, Miss.; Junior Ploy; Dramoteers 2; Notional Science Foundation Summer Program in 1963; Nationol Merit Commendation; Science Club 3; Folksinging Club 3; Senior Play; National Honor Society 3. JOHNSTON, ROBERT LECHE H.R Officer 1; Vice-Pres. of Freshman Class French Club 1, 2; Basketball 1,2,3, Boseboll 1,2,3; Student Council, Treos. 1, 2; Cabinet 2,3; Block A Club 2,3; Quill and Scroll 2; National Honor Society 2,3; Senior Superlative; Student Rotorian; Beta Club, Pres. 3. JONES, JOHN DARGAN III Bus Driver Club 1,2,3; Science Club 1; H R. Officer 1; X-Ponents Club 2. JONES, LINDA ELIZABETH F.H.A. 1,2,3; Canteen Staff 3; H R. Officer 3. 162JORDAN, RICHARD EDGAR F.F.A. 2,3; T I Club 3; Bus Drivers Club 3. JOSEPH, CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH Marching Band 1,2,3; Symphonic Band 1,2. KEITH, LORETTA CAROL Honors at Strom Thurmond High School, Edgefield, S. Cor.; F.H.A. 3; H R. Officer 3. KIDD, BRENDA SUE Future Secretaries Club 2; F.H.A. 3; Chorus 3. KUNEMAN, CHRISTOPHER THOMAS Baseboll Manager 1; Canteen Staff 1; Bus Drivers Club 2,3; H.R. Officer 2. LANGDALE, JOSEPH WILLIAM Football 1,2; T I Club Sec. 3. LAWRENCE, GEORGE NELSON Science Club 1,2,3; Track 1,2; Soccer 2,3; National Honor Society, Vice-Pres. 3; Student Council 3; Merit Finalist; X-Ponents 3; Notional Honor Society Scholarship Semifialist. LEAPHART, MARINA LEE, PATRICIA ANNA F.H.A. 2,2,3; Chorus 1; Dramateers 2; Future Teachers Club 3; Future Secretaries Club 3; Canteen Staff 3. LEINART, JAMES WILLIAM, JR. Track 1, Soccer 1,2; Science Club 2; Folksinging Club 3; Tropical Fish Club 3. LINDOW, DAVID KERMIT National Honor Society 2,3; Quill ond Scroll 2,3; X-Ponents Club 2,3; Soccer 2,3; Le Cercle Francois 2,3; Science Club 2,3; Senior Ploy; Hornet Staff 3; Furman Scholar. LOCKEY, FRED GUION, JR Baseboll 1,2; H.R. Officer 1,3; Future Teachers Club 3. LOCKHART, JAMES KELLY Student Council 1; Hornet Stoff 1,2; Basketball 1,2; French Club 1; Science Club 1; H.R. Officer 1,2; Bus Drivers Club 2,3, Boys' State 2; Block A Club 2,3; Soccer 3; Student Rotorian; National Merit Commendation; Beta Club 3. LOVE, TONY MICHAEL Football 1,2; Baseball 1; H.R. Officer 1,2,3; Block A Club 2,3; Student Council 3; Cabinet 3. LOWE, DONNA JEANNE Future Teachers Club 2, Treos. 3; Canteen Staff 3. LOWE, LINDA LEE Student Council 1; H R. Officer 1,2,3; Future Secretaries Club 2, Treos. 3; Dramateers 2,3. LYBRAND, BRENDA LORIS F.H.A. 3; Future Secretaries Club 3; Art Club 3; Future Teachers Club 3. MACKLEN, ANNA LOUISE Student Council 1,2; H.R. Officer 1,2,3; May Day Attendant 1,3; Dramaters Officer 1,3; Future Teachers Club 3; Future Secretaries Club 3; Office Assistant 3. MANGUM, PHYLLIS ANN F.H.A. 1,2, Chorus 1,3. MARONEY, JOHN PRESTON, JR. H.R. Officer 1,2; Student Council 1,2; Member-ot-Large 3; Football 1,2,3; Block A Club 2,3; Track 2; Beta Club 3; Baseball 3. MARTIN, JOHN FRASER, JR. H.R. Officer 1,2,3; Science Club 3; Art Club 3; Senior Superlative; Track 3. MAURICE, SHARON FOWLER French Club 1; Vice-Pres. 2; Treos. 3; Art Club 2; H. R. Officer 2,3; Junior-Senior Steering Committee; Nafionol Honor Society, Sec. 3; Future Teachers Club 3; Office Assistant; X-Ponents Club 3. MAURICE, STEWART DURAND H.R. Officer 2; Soccer 2; French Club 3. MAYES, DAVID WADE H.R. Officer 1; JV Football 1; Bosketboll 1; Baseball 1,2; Soccer 2,3; Vice-Pres Junior Closs; Beta Club 3; Block A Club 3; Senior Superlative; Student Rotorian; Student Council 3; Vice-Pres. Senior Class. McCOY. LARRY MONROE H.R. Officer 1,2; Football 1,2,3; Track 2; Block A Club 2,3; Student Council 3; Baseball 3. McDonald, sharyn lynn Art Club 1,2,3; Folksinging Club 3; Hornet Art Editor 3. McFarland, sandra ellen H.R. Officer 1,2,3; Future Nurses Club 1; Future Secretaries Club 2,3; Future Teachers Club 3; Office Assistant. McKANE, ANN ELIZABETH Honors at St. Angela Academy, Aiken, S. Cor 1; Art Club 2, Vice Pres. 3; French Club 2; Nationol Honor Society 2,3; Junior-Senior Steering Committee; Dramoteers 3; X-Ponents 3; H. R. Officer 3. McKinney, katherine ann Library Club 1,2; F.H.A. 1,2,3; H.R. Officer 1,2; Chorus 1,2; Future Secretaries Club 2,3; Office Assistant 3; Bus Drivers Club 3. McMAHON, PATRICIA ANNE F.H.A. 1,3; Chorus 1; Future Secretaries Club 2; D.E. Club 3. McMICHAEL, JOHN CHARLES, JR. JV Football 1; Science Club 2,3; Photography Club 3. McMillan, paula May Day Attendant 1; Student Council 1; French Club 1,3; H R. Officer 2; Future Teachers Club 2,3; Football Sponsor 3; Office Assistant. McNAIR, MYRA ANN Future Nurses Club, Sec. 2; Sec. Pres. 3; Art Club 3; Dramoteers 3, Future Teochers Club 3; Cabinet 3; X-Ponents 3. MELLON, ROBERT Honors at Severn High School, Baltimore, Morylond 1; Science Club 2; X-Ponents Club 2; Future Teachers Club 2; H.R. Officer 3. MESSICK, JOSEPH WILLIAM H R. Officer 2,3; Basketball 2,3; Boseboll 2,3. MILLER, ELWOOD THOMAS JV Football 1; JV Basketball 1; Boseboll 1,2; H R. Officer I, 3; Football 2; Soccer 2, 3; Block A Club 2,3; Furman Scholar; Nationol Honor Society 3; Cofeteria Staff 3; Nationol Merit Finalist; Beta Club 3. MILNER, GEORGE ASHFORD III H.R. Officer 1,2,3; Block A Club 1,2,3; Soccer 1,2; Bus Drivers Club 2. MITCHELL, NICKI MARIE Honors ot St. Angela Academy, Aiken, S. Cor. 1; Future Teachers Club 3; Art Club 3; H.R. Officer 3. MOATES, MARSH LEE H. R. Officer 2; Future Teachers Club 3. MOBLEY, WILLIAM CHAFEE Golf Team 1,2,3; Bosketboll 1; H.R. Officer 1,2; Student Council 2. MOODY, DOUGLAS FOSTER Student Council 1; H R. Officer 2; Science Club 2. MOORE, NANCY JANICE French Club 1,2,3; Future Nurses Club 1; Quill and Scroll I, 2; Vice-Pres. 3; 1st Place American Legion Essay Contest 1; Art Club 1; Student Council 2,3; Majorette 2; Head Drum Majorette 3; Nationol Honor Society 3; Beta Club 3; Hornet Stoff 3: Band Staff 3; Senior Superlative; H R. Officer 3; May Day Attendant 3. MORTON, THEODORE WARREN Audio-Visual Club 1; F.F A. 1; H.R. Officer 1; T I Club 2,3. MOSELEY, FRANK DAVID MOYER, NANCY INEZ Future Secretaries Club 2, Vice-Pres. 3. MURPHY, DANIEL JOSEPH JV Football 1, Track Manoger 1; Science Club 2; X-Ponents Club 2; French Club 3; Tropical Fish Club 3. MURRILL, EDWARD FONDlE Science Club 3, Art Club 3. MUSICK, RICHARD Future Teachers Club 3. NELSON, KATHLEEN ANNE Art Club, Pres. 3. NEWTON, MARGARET EDDIE Library Club 1,2,3, Sociol Choirrpon; French Club 1,3; Future Teachers Club 2,3; Art Club 3. 163NUNN, MARJORIE DIANNE Chorus 1,2,3; H R. Officer 1. NUZUM. JOHN RICHARD X-Ponents Club 1,2,3; Science Club 2,3; H.R. Officer 2; Tropicol Fish Club 3. OPPERMANN, CARL EDWARD Wrestling 1; Track 3. O'REAR, ROBERT STEPHEN H R. Officer 1,3; Soccer 1; Science Club 1,2,3; Tennis 3; Bus Drivers Club 3. PADGETT, MICHAEL ALONZO JV Footboll 1; Baseball 1,3, H R. Officer 1,2,3; F.F.A. 1,2; Football 2,3; Block A Club 2,3; D. E. Club 3. PARRISH, CAROL TREJEAN French Club, Sec. 1; Library Club 1; Future Secretaries Club 2; Chorus 2; D.E. Club Sec. 3. PATTERSON, ROBERT MAURICE Science Club 1,2,3; French Club 1,2; Marching Bond 1,2,3; Symphonic Band 1,2,3; Pep Band 1,2,3; X-Ponents Club 2,3; National Honor Society 3; National Merit Commendotion; Soccer 3. PEARSON, BILLIE CATHERINE Student Council 1,2; H.R. Officer 1,2,3; Band 1,2; May Day Attendant 1; Future Nurses Club 2,3; French Club 2,3; National Honor Society 3; Furman Scholor; Nationol Merit Finalist; Office Assistant; Future Teachers Club 3. PEARSON, LEO LEONARD III Student Council 1; H.R. Officer 2; Boseboll 2,3; Science Club 3; Chorus 3; Senior Play. PERMAR, MARGARET LYNN French Club 2; Science Club 2; Notional Honor Society 2,3; Hornet Staff 2; Editor 3; Quill and Scroll 2,3; Beta Club 3; Cabinet 3; Student Council 3. PHILLIPS, RONNIE DALE Chorus 3. PLUMLEY, LOUISE ELIZABETH Chorus 1,2; Future Secretaries 2,3. POPE, WENDY LYNN Student Council 1,3; French Club 1; Basketball 1; H.R. Officer 1,2; National Honor Society 2,3; Future Secretaries Club 2, Pres. 3; Senior Superlative; Cabinet 3; Beta Club 3. PRICE, BILLY NEAL JV Footboll 1; Science Club 3. PROFFITT, ROY HOMER QUARLES, WENDY L. Future Nurses Club 1; F.H.A. 1. QUINN, LEELLEN VIRGINIA H.R. Officer 1,2; French Club 1,3; May Day Attendant 1; Dramoteers 2,3; Future Teochers Club 2; Future Nurses Club 3; Folksinging Club 3; Senior Superlative. RABORN, GLENN ROSSER T I Club 2,3; F.F.A. 2,3. RADFORD, SANDRA LEE H.R. Officer 1,2; May Day Attendant 1; French Club 1,2,3; Dramoteers 1; Germon Club 2,3; Junior-Senior Steering Committee; Student Council 3; Cabinet 3; Hornet Staff 3; Notional Honor Society 3. RANEY, MEREDITH TROTTER, JR. Science Club 1,2,3; French Club 2,3; Soccer 2; Junior Play; Tracks 3; Tropicol Fish Club Sec. 3; Cafeteria Staff 3. RAY, CORNELIA CLAIBORNE Quill ond Scroll 1,2,3; Marching Band 1,2,3; Symphonic Bond 1,2,3; All-State Band 1,3; Band Staff 2; Sec Treas. 3; Dramoteers 1; Junior Play; German Club 2,3; National Honor Society 2,3; H.R. Officer 2; 1st prize Quill and Scroll Literary Contest in Poety 2; 1st place in State French Comprehension Contest 2; Co-Editor Teen Times; Senior Play; National Merit Finolist; Notional Honor Society Scholarship Semifinalist. REARDEN, ROY EMORY Football Manager 1,2,3; Basketball manager 1,2; Canteen Stoff 1,2; Beta Club 3. REDD GLENN ALFORD F.F.A. 1,2; T I Club 2; Pres. 3; Bus Drivers Club 2; Canteen Stoff 2. REDD, RALPH GEORGE F F A. 1,2,3; Bus Drivers Club 2. RICHARDSON, CALVIN THOMAS Cofeterio Staff 3; H.R. Officer 3. RICHARDSON, CAROLYN JEANNETTE Future Nurses Club 1; Library Club 2,3; Future Secretaries Club 2. RICHARDSON, CHARLES RAYMOND Canteen Stoff 2. RICHARDSON, NORMA JEAN Honors at Eau Claire High School, Columbia, S. Car., 1. RIDENOUR, RONNIE GENE Track 3. RIVENBARK, JERALDINE SUE Student Council 1,2, Sec. 3; H.R. Officer 1,2; Basketball 1,2; Moy Day Attendant 1,2; Homecoming Sponsor 1,3; French Club 1,2,3; Art Club 1,2,3; Block A Club 1,2,3; Cheerleader 2, Co-Captoin 3; Beto Club 3; Senior Play; Senior Superlative; Cabinet 3; May Queen 3. ROBBINS, CLAUDE CARROLL, JR. ROBINSON, DALE CHARLES Baseball 1,2,3; H.R. Officer 1,2,3; Block A Club 2,3; Bus Drivers Club 3. ROE, WYNEZ ELIZABETH Future Teachers Club 3. ROREX, SANDRA F.H.A. 1,2; H.R. Officer 1,3; Chorus 2; D.E. Club 3. ROWLAND, DOUGLAS EVERETT Audio-Visual Club 3; Science Club 3; Folksinging Club 3. ROYAL, GLORIA CELESTE H.R. Officer 1,3; Chorus 1,2,3; May Day Attendant 1,2; Dramoteers 1; Future Teochers Club 2. RUDDER, ROBERT REESE Bus Drivers Club 3; F.F.A. 3; T I Club 3. RUSSELL, LARRY WILLIAM Band 1,2; Track 1; X-Ponents Club 2; Science Club 2; Bus Drivers Club 2,3. RUSSELL, RICHARD THOMAS Bus Drivers Club 1,2,3; F.F.A. 1,2,3. T. I 3. RUTLEDGE, BRENDA JOYCE F.H.A. 1,2,3; Future Secretaries Club 3; Future Teachers Club 3. SAUNDERSON, LESLIE MARY French Club 1; Future Teochers Club 3; F.H.A. 3. SCOTT, ROY ELAINE SEIERSEN, MELODY K. Dramoteers 1,3; Pep Bond 1,2; Librarian 3; H.R. Officer 2; Junior-Senior Steering Committee; Art Club 2; Future Teachers Club 2,3; X-Ponents Club 2; Girls Trock 2; Folksinging Club 3. SEIGLER, ELEANOR LOR IE Future Secretaries Club 2. SEIGLER, MELVIN EUGENE F.F.A 1,2,3; H.R Officer 1; D.E. Club 2; Bus Drivers Club 2; Chorus 2; T I Club 3. SETZER, BARBARA ALLEN Honors Batesburg-Leesville High School, Batesburg, S. Car. 1; honors ot Canton High School, Canton, North Corolina 2; Future Nurses Club 3. SHATLOCK, MARY ALICE Chorus 1; F.H.A. 2; Future Teachers Club 3; Future Secretaries Club 3. SHAW, NANCY BYRON H.R. Officer 1,3; Future Nurses, Vice-Pres. 2, Pres Treas. 3, Art Club 3; Cobinet 3. SHEARS, ROY FRANKLIN, JR. H.R Officer 1; Science Club 3; Art Club 3; Canteen Staff 3; Student Council 3. SIMS, LINDA RAE F.H.A. 2,3; Art Club 2. SKIDMORE, JAMES ALLEN SMILEY, LYDIA RUFFNER Student Council 1; Art Club 1, Treos. 2, Pres. Treas. 3; M R. Officer 2,3; Dramoteers, Treas. 3. SMOOT, ANNETTE HAMMOND Student Council 2; Future Teachers Club 2; French Club 2,3; Dramoteers 3; Art Club 3. 164SNIPES, LOLA KAY F.H.A. 2. SNIPES, MARY LOUISE SPIRES, SANDRA REBECCA Chorus 1; Dromoteers 1; Future Secretories Club 2; F.H.A. 3. STARK, GREGORY JAY Science Club 3; French Club H.R. Officer 3; Student Council 3. STARNES, GLORIA ALLYSON H.R. Officer 2,3; Future Teachers Club 3; Art Club 3; F.H.A. 3. STEELE, LYNN GAY D.E. Club 3. STEVENS, HENRY HUTCHINSON Marching Band 1,2,3, Symphonic Band 1,2,3; National Science Foundation Summer Program 1,2; Pep Band 2,3; X-Ponents Club 2; 4th place Regional Science Fair 2; National Honor Society 2,3; Bus Drivers Club 3; Folksinging Club, Pres. V. Pres. 3; Cabinet 3; Merit Finolist. STEVENS, REBECCA RUTH Student Council 1,3; Dramateers 1, Vice-Pres. 2, Pres. 3; H.R. Officer 1,2,3; Quill ond Scroll 2,3; Future Secretaries Club 2, Vice-Pres. 3; Scorekeeper Girls' Bosketball 2,3; Chorus 2; Cabinet 3; Block A Club 3; Moy Day Attendant 3. St. JOHN, CHERYL LYNN Honors at Lutcher Stork High School. Orange, Texas, 1; Moy Doy Attendant 2; French Club 2; Future Teachers Club, Pres. Treos. 3; Cheerleader 3; Science Club, Sec. 3; Senior Superlative; Cabinet 3; Block A Club 3; Dromoteers 3; H.R. Officer 3; Homecoming Queen; X-Ponents 3; Beta Club 3; Student Council 3. ST. JOHN, MARY LOU H.R. Officer 1,2,3; Chorus 1; Dromoteers 2,3; Future Teachers Club 2; Art Club Sec. 3; French Club 3. STOKES, CLAUDE FARMER Student Council 1,2,3; Quill and Scroll 1,2,3; Golf 1,2,3; Treos. Freshman Class; Cabinet 1,3; Block A Club 1,2,3; Junior Ploy; Junior-Senior Steering Committee; Senior Play; Hornet Staff 3; Senior Superlative; Treos. Senior Class; Beta Club 3. STOKES, MARY CATHERINE F.H.A. 3. STONE, BETTY JEAN Honors at Academy of Richmond County, Augusta, Go., 1; Chorus 2. STRICKLAND, GLORIA KAY Marching Band 1,2,3; Symphonic Bond 1,2; Pep Band 2,3; Future Nurses Club 2. TALLMAN, HAROLD BRADLY Track 1,2; Golf 3; Science Club 3. TAYLOR, HELEN EMMALINE H R. Officer 1,2,3; F.H.A. 1; French Club 2. TAYLOR, JOHN CHARLES F.F.A. 1,2,3. TAYLOR, SUSAN MILLICENT Hornet Staff 1,2,3; Art Club 1,2; Science Club 1, Sec. 2; Dramateers 1; Quill and Scroll 2,3; German Club 2,3; French Club 2; Junior-Senior Steering Committee; Notional Honor Society 3. THOMPSON, SUSAN LYNN H.R. Officer 1,2,3; Basketball 1; Dramateers 1,2,3; Chorus 2; Future Secretories Club 2,3; May Doy Attendant 2; Senior Superlative; Student Council 3. THOMPSON, WILLIAM ALDEN Football 1,2,3; Block A Club 1,2,3; Track 1,3; Student Council 2; Art Editor Pine Needles 3, Art Club 3; Senior Superlative. TRAUGHBER, DADRE DEANNE H.R. Officer 1; Marching Band 1,2; Symphonic Band 1,2; French Club 1,2; Science Club 2,3; Art Club 3; Future Teachers Club 3; Dramateers 3; Folksinging Club 3. TULLIS, LINDA ELAINE Library Club 2,3. TURNER, TRECIA FAYE Bosketball 1; Dramateers 2,3; H.R. Officer 2; May Day Attendant 2; Future Teachers Club 3. VISCONTE, RICHARD MURRAY, JR. WALDROP, SANDRA CAROLE Student Council 2; Future Secretaries 2,3; Office Assistant 3; H. R. Officer 3. WALLACE, CLYDE CLINTON Bus Drivers Club 1,2; F.F.A. 1,2,3; Block A Club 1,2,3; Football 1,2,3; Baseball 1; Track 2. WALTERS, FRANCIS MYRLE F.H.A. 1,2,3; Chorus 1,2; H.R. Officer 1,2,3; Bus Drivers Club 2,3; Future Secretories Club 2, Pres. Trees. 3; Homecoming Sponsor 3; May Doy Attendant 3. WARREN, FREDERICK ELLSWORTH, Jr. WARREN, SANDRA KAY Honors at Batesburg-Leesville High School, Batesburg, S. Car. I, 2; Future Teachers Club 3. WATERS, VIRGINIA LEE Library Club 1; H.R. Officer 1,3; French Club 1,2; X-Ponents Sec. Treas. 2,3; Quill ond Scroll 2; Sec. 3; National Honor Society 2,3; Miss D.A.R.; Senior Ploy; Girls State Representative 2; Beta Club 3. WATKINS, BILLY HUE F.F.A. 1,2,3; T I Club 2, Vice-Pres. 3; Bus Drivers Club 2, Sec. Treas. 3. WATSON, CHERYL DIANNE Band 1,2,3; H.R. Officer 1; Art Club 3; Dromoteers 3; Future Teachers Club 3. WEEKS, EUGENE WATERS T I Club 2. WEHLER, LAUREL ANDREA French Club, Pres. 1, H.R. Officer 1; X-Ponents 2, Vice-Pres. 3; Beto Club 3; Future Teochers, Pres 3; Student Director, Senior Play. WEST, ELAINE ADA Dramateers 1; Science Club 1,2,3; French Club 1,2,3; H.R. Officer 1,3; Quill and Scroll 1,2,3; Notional Honor Society 2,3; X-Ponents 3; Photography Club 3; National Merit Finolist; Folksinging Club 3; Library Club 3. WESTBROOK, GARY GRAFTON F.F.A. 1,3; Bus Drivers Club 2,3. WHITFIELD, FARRELL ESCO Baseball 1,2,3; Basketball 1,2,3; Football 1; Student Council 1,2,3; H.R. Officer 1,2; Block A Club 2; Pres. 3; Bus Drivers Club 3; Beta Club 3; Senior Superlative. WHITTLE, GEORGE EDWARD WIDENER, DONNA MARIE Conteen Staff 3; F.H.A. 3. WILKIE, SARAH KATHLEEN Future Nurses Club 2,3; Art Club 2,3. WILLIAMS, DORIS ANNE Honors at Arundel High School, Gambrills, Maryland 1,2; Homecoming Sponsor 3. WILLIAMSON, MARY DEAN Student Council 1; Dramateers 1; French Club 1,2,3; Science Club 1,2,3; German Club 2,3; National Science Foundation Summer Program 2. WILSON, CLYDE EDWARD Bus Drivers Club 1,2; T I Club 3; D. E. Club 3. WOLF, SHEILA KAY Block A Club 1,2,3; Student Council 1,2,3; H.R. Officer 1,2,3; Bosketball 1, Capt 2, Copt 3; Dromoteers 1,2; May Day Attendant 1,2,3; Future Secretaries 2; Junior Ploy; Cheerleader 3; Homecoming Sponsor 3; Miss Senior. WOODHEAD, GRACE LILLIAN H.R. Officer 1,2; French Club 1, Sec. 2, Treos. 3; Dramateers 1; X-Ponents, Vice-Pres. 2; German Club, Treas. 2,3; National Honor Society 2,3; Hornet Business bAonagcr 3; Furman Scholar; Student Council 3, Notional Merit Finalist; Senior Superlative, Future Teachers Club 3; Quill and Scroll 3. WRIGHT, JOHN DARWIN Honors at Fayetteville High School, Fayetteville, N. Car. 1; T I Club 2,3. WYATT, JOE DANIEL Baseball 1,2,3; Bosketball 1,2,3; Football 1; H.R. Officer 1,3; T I Club 1,2,3; Block A Club 1,2,3; Bus Drivers Club 2,3. 165fv f - X X ' ' - ■• y.r % u it if a i u i u u u u u ii u i is i Wt S SZ ,; ■‘i1 i j , . I “ 'Sr 4 V • v» - - . • . - v' v'BE REALLY REFRESHED! ....PAUSE FOR COKE! BIG 12 OZ. KING SIZE lomic wmcci author c thi coca-cow comaanv »y AIKEN COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY CLOUD 7 gifts DAILEY OIL COMPANY TEXACO PRODUCTS We Deliver Fuel Chief Heating Oil Phone 649-7181 P. 0. Box 662 230 Marlboro St., S.E. HYDRICK APPLIANCE PIANO CO. FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES PIANOS — TV — RADIOS Phones Bus. 648-8600 — Res. 649-7689 325 Hayne Ave., S.W. Aiken, S. C. 167BIRDSEY'S STORE GROCERIES — MEATS PRODUCE — FEEDS 139 Newberry St. Aiken, S. C. B. W. WRECKING COMPANY We Buy Wrecked Cars and Trucks We Sell Parts for Cars and Trucks All Makes and Models Graniteville, S. C. Augusta, Ga. 663-7259 722-2414 Ed Willing, Owner Ralph Dixon, Manager BARSH ELECTRIC SERVICE AUTOMOTIVE STARTER Generator, Voltage Regulator and Electric Motor Repairing 412 Hoyne Ave., S.W. Phone 649-9531 Aiken, S. C. PHOTOCRAFT CAMERA SHOP 141 Laruens Street, S.W. AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA THE BOOK SHOP School Supplies — Games — Cards Books — Gifts — Art Supplies Aiken, South Carolina EL'NORS FLORIST — GIFTS Phone 648-1738 526 Richland Ave., W. Aiken, S. C. combs, McDonald PARKS BUILDERS AND DEVELOPERS OF FINE RESIDENTIAL PROPERTIES 229 Richland Phone 649-7256 AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA 168YOUNG'S NEW USED CARS McELMURRAY PONTIAC “You hove tried the rest; now try the best. 649-6615 William Young, owner SALES and SERVICE Superior to Many and Good as Any Phone 648-8306 1014 Park Ave. AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA THE CREST-THE CAROUSEL MATS-FRAMING DRESSES - GIFTS THE CREST TRAVEL AGENCY Aiken, South Carolina WARNEKE CLEANERS 113 Newberry Street AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA GRIFFIN TIRE SERVICE GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES RECAPPING — BATTERIES — ACCESSORIES GOODYEAR TIRES 126 Laurens St., MW. Aiken, S. C. the j. w. ashhurst agency Your Independent Insurance Agent 157 Laurens Street 649-2281 Aiken, S. C. J. W. Ashhurst 649-2916 Mrs. M. F. Weadon J. R. Thomas 649-4419 648-8504 NATIONAL KAOLIN PRODUCTS COMPANY Highway Number 1 AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA 169EUBANKS ESSO SERVICENTER Compliments of TUNE-UPS WHEEL BALANCING BOYLSTON BROTHERS 652-9931 TRANSPORTATION, INC. MAIN STREET NEW ELLENTON, S. C. Compliments of AIKEN BUILDERS SUPPLY Quality and Service ECONOMY SUPPLY CO. T. E. Ferguson, Manager 652-2775 C. B. Anderson Jr., President 156 Williamsburg St., N.E. Aiken, S. C. MAIN STREET NEW ELLENTON, S. C. Phone 649-2641 B. C. MOORE SONS Compliments of INCORPORATED ANNE ABBOTT REAL ESTATE Buy from MOORE and Save MORE 120 Newberry St., S. W. 649-6343 Compliments of LAUREL HARDWARE, INC. TOOLS, PAINT, ELECTRICAL AND THE LETTER SHOP PLUMBING SUPPLIES 134 Laurens St., N.W. Phone 649-6113 318 Richland Ave. 649-2991 Aiken, South Carolina 170Congratulations Class of ’64 WHERE PEOPLE WHO DO GOOD WORK WORK FOR PEOPLE WHO APPRECIATE GOOD WORK r------------- ' O W E N S - C O R X 1 N G Fl HK KG LAS - Aiken, South Carolina 171SINCE 1834 THE BANK FOR EVERYONE South Carolina National COWARD SEED CO., INC. SEEDS - FEEDS INSECTICIDES POULTRY SUPPLIES FERTILIZERS 914 Park Ave., S.E., Aiken, S. C. LYON - CROFT-WEEKS REAL ESTATE — INSURANCE AUTO LOANS 220 Richland Avenue Phone 64-8301 Aiken, S. C. JONES MURPH ENGINEERS — SURVEYORS Aiken, South Carolina HOBBY HOUSE MARINE Phone 649-2742 1032 Whiskey Road AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA 172JULIA'S DRESS SHOP AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA ELLIOTT Everything for the Office School and Drawing Supplies Complete Book Deportment 115 Laurens Street, N.W. Aiken, South Carolina WOODRUFF REXALL DRUG STORE Reliable Prescription Service Mitchell Shopping Center Phone 649-4166 Aiken, S. C. CINEMA THEATER Aiken, South Carolina Portraits by Lista Studio of Photography 236 Richland Avenue Telephone 649-4321 AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA 173HOLMES Certified Gemologist AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY 151 Laurens Street, S.W. Aiken, S. C. AIKEN DRUG Prescription Druggists COSMETICS — DRUGS — GIFTS Phone 649-6286 Aiken, South Carolina CHESTERFIELD COURT Hairstyling — Cosmetics HARPER METHOD 120 Chesterfield Street Aiken, South Carolina MAXWELL BROTHERS Aiken's Leading Furniture Store 122-24 Laurens St., S.E. Phone 648-8348 Aiken, S. C. DURBAN'S INSURANCE — REAL ESTATE Phone 649-2561 AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA 174 For the Best in Listening RX DRUGS WAKN 157 Lourens Street 1000 Wotts 990 Kilocycles Aiken, S. C. AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA DYCHES BUILDING SUPPLY COMPANY LUMBER AND BUILDING MATERIALS QUALITY AND SERVICE AT LOWEST PRICES 138 Fairfield Street Phone 649-4131 AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA D. M. GEORGE FUNERAL HOME Since 1920 — Aiken, South Carolina WALTER PLUNKETT FUEL OILS Aiken, S. C. 649-6531 MILNER SUPER GAS WHOLESALE RETAIL GAS OIL Highway Number 1 Phone 649-9293 175 Aiken, South CarolinaBelk’s Department Store 121 Laurens Street AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA DIXON'S ESSO SERVICE CENTER AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA S. R. SKINNER, INC. Manufacturer of CAROL ROGERS PAT PERKINS DRESSES Main Street New Ellenton, S. C. BUCHANAN'S HOME AND AUTO SUPPLY STEPHENSON FINANCE COMPANY AUTO LOANS 131 Laurens Street FINANCE REFINANCING 176 AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA 215 Richland Ave. 648-5419THE PATIO FLORIST “The House of Artistic ond Original Floral Design CORSAGES —A SPECIALTY 1042 Whiskey Road Aiken, S. C. Phone 649-9651 WHITE'S A GREAT STORE AIKEN AUGUSTA SATCHER MOTOR CO. SALES - SERVICE Phone 649-4148 Aiken, S. C. WYMAN REALTY COMPANY 141 Chesterfield St., S. Phone 649-9626 AIKEN, S. C. CONGRATULATIONS to this term's graduates and all good wishes for success in the field they hove chosen in which to carve out their careers. In searching for o higher education, we hope they will remember the fine colleges in our state; if entering business or industry immediately, we hope they will find their careers here in South Carolina. CAROLINA GAS COMPANY 177 SOUTH ELECTRIC THE PYLE-NATIONAL COMPANY Manufacturers of Electrical Products 178FULMER'S FOR FLOWERS 303 Charleston Street, S.W. 649-7223 LANDSCAPING GARDEN SUPPLIES Aiken, South Carolina CAROLINA LANES Where the Hornets bowl 3560 Augusta Road Aiken, S. C. 649-2221 HUTSON - ETHERREDGE AGENCY INSURANCE — REAL ESTATE — LOANS Phone 649-7283 129 Park Ave., S.W. Aiken, S. C. Compliments of NEILSON IMPLEMENT CO. FARMALL TRACTORS STATE BANK AND TRUST COMPANY MEMBER OF F. D. I. C. AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA BURGESS MOTOR COMPANY Aiken, S. C. PLYMOUTH VALIANT Bill Burgess, Owner Bus. — 649-7001 Res. — 649-6608 ALVANOS TOWN GRILL YOUR PATRONAGE IS APPRECIATED 179FLORENCE LAIRD AGENCY REAL ESTATE — INSURANCE 304 Park Avenue Aiken, South Carolina BEASON'S ALIGNMENT SERVICE WHEELS STRAIGHTENED AND BRAKE WORK 132 Pendleton St., S.W. 649-7761 Aiken, S. C. Coiffures by TWO SISTERS 112 Whiskey Rd. Phone 648-8765 Aiken, S. C. JACKSON TRANSFER STORAGE NORTH AMERICAN VAN LINES Local and Long Distance Moving 102 Marlboro, S.E. Aiken, S. C. JOHNSON AUTO PARTS COMPANY 337 Hayne Ave., S.W. Phone 649-7209 Aiken, South Carolina SECURITY FEDERAL SAVINGS LOANS ASSOCIATIONS Organized 1922 AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA 180SOUTHEASTERN CLAY COMPANY AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA JOHNSON'S SERVICE STATION 125 Richland Avenue Dial 649-2771 Aiken, S. C. SLOTIN'S THE SHOP FOR WOMEN Aiken, S. C. PLATT REXALL DRUGS Aiken, South Carolina OYSTER BAY RESTAURANT GOOD FOOD — SERVICE RIGHT 205 Richland Avenue AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA AIKEN SPORTING GOODS 200 Park Avenue “Behind You All the Way Walt M. Burckhalter GIFTS HOBBY SUPPLIES 181GRANITE VILLE COMPANY MAKERS OF COTTON SINCE 1845 GRANITEVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA AND AUGUSTA, GEORGIA Graniteville Company is the oldest Southern cotton mill operating under original charter; and Graniteville, South Carolina was one of the first communities in the nation to enforce compulsory school attendance. In addition, it was the first in the South and one of the first in the nation to provide free textbooks for school children. The textile industry provides employment for more people and pays more dollars in salaries and wages than any other industry in South Carolina. Your Future Might Be Woven in Textiles Graniteville, Warrenville, Vaucluse, South Carolina and Augusta, Georgia 182WESTERN AUTO DAVIS PHARMACY CO FAMILY STORE G. E. Chelton, Dealer Aiken, South Carolina 226 Park Ave., S.W. Phones 649-7247 649-7248 AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA BRADLEY PLUMBING HEATING COMPANY plumbing — heating — air-conditioning Walter J. Bradley, Owner 127 Williamsburg St. Aiken, South Carolina DEATON'S RED WHITE FOOD STORE 3110 Vaucluse Road Aiken, South Carolina SNO-CAP BATES INSURANCE AGENCY Six Points Box 273 Aiken, S. C. Phone 648-8792 SAVE WITH BATES PERSKY'S DEPARTMENT STORE ROOT BEER DRIVE-IN AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINACongratulations to Class of '64 AIKEN ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE, INC. Owned by Those It Serves Aiken, S. C. HIGHLAND PARK COUNTRY CLUB ROGERS TIRE AND BATTERY SERVICE Serving the Aiken County Motorist For the Past Twenty-one Years AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA 1019 Richland Ave., W. 649-6511 Aiken, South Carolina Congratulations JORDAN'S SINCLAIR SERVICE Class of '64 Service Our Specialty BUTLER-ROBERTS, INC. 327 Richland Ave., W. Phone 648-8125 Aiken, S. C. THE VILLAGE CORNER Headquarters for Natural Shoulders 160 Laurens St., S.W. Aiken, S. C. CHURCH AND SCHOOL SUPPLY 3843 Augusta Road Phone 649-4063 Aiken, South Carolina 184Compliments of FEAGLE BUICK COMPANY Oldest Buick Dealer in the CSRA Phone 593-2211 Johnston, South Carolina We Keep You Trim BREWER ZORN BARBER SHOP 214 Park Ave. Aiken, S. C. WILMAC, INC. REAL ESTATE — INSURANCE 138 Laurens St, N.W. Aiken, South Carolina EDWARDS 5c-10c-$1 STORE The Store of the Thrifty Mitchell Shopping Center Aiken, S. C. FOREMAN CHEVROLET COMPLETE SALES AND SERVICE New Ellenton, S. C. Phone 652-2233 AIKEN FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS LOANS ASSOCIATION A MUTUAL SAVINGS AND HOME FINANCING INSTITUTION A CITADEL OF SECURITY AT CIVIC CENTER 107 Chesterfield Street, S. Aiken, S. C. 185FARMERS MERCHANT'S BANK Your Home Owned Bonk BIG enough to serve you . . . SMALL enough to know you. AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA Member F. D. I. C. HITE'S FINER FLOWERS CORSAGES A SPECIALTY QUIK-BURGER 142 North Chesterfield Home of the 15c Hamburger' Aiken, South Carolina Compliments of SHERWIN - WILLIAMS COMPANY SMITH'S DRUG STORE Main Street Phone 652-2721 100 Mitchell Shopping Center Phone 648-1176 186 New Ellenton, S. C. For more beautiful homes use Shewin-Willioms Point ROBERTS GULF SERVICE HORNET'S NEST We Take Personal Interest In Your Car 350 Park Avenue Aiken, S. C. Phone 648-8461 Your Prescription Comes First at LOFGREN'S DRUG MART Bob Gayle Lofgren, Reg. Ph. Mitchell Shopping Center Aiken, S. C. Phone 649-2501 THOMAS CLEANING LAUNDRY Phone 649-2781 123 Lourens Street Aiken, S. C. (AiiatWs GIFTS AND ACCESSORIES 101 Pork Avenue, S.W. AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA Compliments of AIKEN BRANCH OFFICE OF LIBERTY LIFE INSURANCE CO. John Molony Murray Chitty Ben Davis — Representatives — Bob Shelton William DeWitt Harold Morris 187TOMMIE MATHIS WHOLESALE CANDIES C. H. COWN, INC GULF OIL PRODUCTS PHONE 649-7211 H. J. BLOUNT STATE FARM INSURANCE 648-1269 120 Newberry St., S.W. We thank the business people of the Aiken area for their generous support in our advertising campaign. HORNET Business Staff 188CLEARWATER FINISHING PLANT Clearwater, S. C. A DIVISION OF UNITED MERCHANTS AND MANUFACTURERS, INC. 189ReservedReserved Autographs A PRODUCT Of linter vubumiim COMPANY J ))) H sAHA AV|M w aton VAlfV H C HHHH mil - mil ihu,

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