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PAGE 26 BEAUTIES PAGE 66 SPORTS PAGE 76 UNDERCLASSMEN PAGE 98 - ACTIVITIES E 118 Sj VTHTISEMENTS ;A - isHornet 1963 Volume XIV Aiken Senior High Aiken, South CarolinaForeword These are the people of Aiken High. From the first days of school until the night of graduation, these people are interested in every phase of school life. They participate in many ways-as industrious students, as faculty members, as team members, or as leaders. This book is the story of these people—all of the people at Aiken High. — Katherine Hogan, EditorIn Memoriam ANDREW H. KITCHINGS 1940- 1962 Class of 1959 MICHAEL W. KITCHINGS 1944-1962 Class of 1963 Our Lord has written the promise of the resurrection not in books alone, but in every leaf in springtime. — Martin LutherThese are theAREA SUPERINTENDENT MR. A. J. RUTLAND B.S. Newberry College M. Ed. University of South Carolina Superintendent of Aiken Attendance Area. AIKEN ATTENDANCE AREA BOARD Mr. Ceddings Willing, Mr. Don Kennedy, Mr. Charles Marvin, Chairman, Mr. Thomas Marsh, Mr. Robert Buchanan.PRINCIPAL JAMES O. WILLIS A.B. University of South Carolina MA. University of South CarolinaMR. AKINS MRS. BOBO MISS BARLOW MR. BELL MR. JOHN G. AKINS, JR. B.A. Harvard University English MRS. HELEN P. BUTLER A.B. Ersklne College MA. Emory University French MISS MARY LOU BARLOW A. B. Coker College NLA. Appalachian State Teachers College- Biology, Psychology MR. WILLIAM L BELL B. S. Berry College Industrial Arts MRS. MARGARET C. BOBO A.B. Newberry College NLA. Appalachian State Teachers College English, French MRS. LILLIAN S. CARR A.B. Wilmington College NLA. Miami University English, German MISS MARGARET CATO B.S. Winthrop College Typing, Distributive Education, Business Law, Office PracticeMR. CLARK MR. COOK MR. COURTNEY MRS. ELEANOR C. EDWARDS A.B. Ersklne College Chorus MRS. VIRGINIA W. ELKIN A. B. Winthrop College English, World Ceography MR. JOHN B. EUBANKS B. S. Clemson College Mathematics MR. RICHARD S. CLARK, JR. B.S. Newberry College English MR. RICHARD W. COOK B.S. Clemson College NLA. University of South Carolina Ceography, Mathematics MR. CARROLL L. COURTNEY A.B. Wofford College Mathematics. Biology MRS. GWENDOLYN W. DuBOSE A.B. Furman University American History, World History MRS. DuBOSE MRS. EDWARDS MRS. ELKIN MR. EUBANKSMR. JAMES C. FRASER B.S. Newberry College Physical Education MISS ARNOLD GARVIN A.B. University of North Carolina English, French MISS JOHANNA GIBBS A.B. University of South Carolina Physical Education MISS NORMA GUNTER B.S. Winthrop College M Ed. University of South Carolina Bookkeeping, Business English, Typing MR. ALVIN H. HAWKINS B.S. Clcmson College M.A. Clemson College Agriculture MRS. MELLIE H. HICKEY A.B. Mary Baldwin College French, English MRS. MARY 1). HILBORN Centre College Biology, Physical Education MISS GUNTER MR. HAWKINS MRS. HICKEY MRS. HILBORNMRS. HUTTO MRS. HUTTO MRS. PEGGY S. LAMBERT A.B. Lander College Economics, American Government, Art MR. MARION W. LEE B.S. Newberry College American History, Physical Education MR. W. PIERCE LILES B.S. University of South Carolina Chemistry, Mathematics MRS. EVELYN S. HUTTO Coker College School Dietician MRS. JESSIE LEE HUTTO B.A. Furman University librarian MRS. SUE H. HUTTO B.A. Columbia College English MR. VIANO O. JOHNSON B.S. U.S. Coast Guard Academy M.S. University of Southern Mississippi English MRS. HUTTO MR. JOHNSON MRS. LAMBERT MR. LEE MR. LILESMRS. OWEN MISS ROWE MR. CARLTON S. McDANIEL A.B. Mercer University American History, English MRS. BETTY T. OWEN A.B. Coker College Mathematics MISS ROWENA ROWE B.S. Ouachita Baptist College Home Economics MRS. BLANCHE K. RUTLAND A.B. Columbia College American History, Civilization MR. JOHN L SAUNDERS B.S. Western Carolina Bio log)’ MR. WILLIAM T. SLAUGHTER B. Mus. Ed. Westchester State Teachers College M. Mus. Ed. Florida State University Band MRS. MARILYN II. SMITH B.S. Columbia College Sho rthand. Typing MR. SLAUGHTER MRS. SMITHMR. WAYBRIGHT MISS WEIGLE MRS. OLGA II. WILSON B.S. Auburn University Mathematics MR. PHILIP P. WAYBRICHT A.B. Asbury College Chemistry MR. NORMAN E. WOODWARD B.S. Clemson College LA. Appalachian State Teachers College Guidance MR. MOTTEJ. YARBROUGH A.B. Wofford College World History MISS ROSALYN WEIGLE A. B. Lander College Chemistry, Mathematics MRS. PHYLLIS N. WEYERTS B.S. University of Denver Chemistry, Physics MRS. JUDITH W. WHITE B. S. Winthrop College Area Dietician MRS. WEYERTS MRS. WILSON MRS. WHITE MR. WOODWARD MR. YARBROUGH14Active PeopleWe are the People . . . 4 We are the people ... we are the people at Aiken High ... My name's Jane. Wnat's yours?' ... we are not all equal ... I'm a big Senior, Rat, and don't you forget it. ... Seniors, Juniors, Freshmen ... we are amoebae, crowding, pushing, finding our place ... No, you don’t belong there, you in the green with the glasses. Exchange with the girl in the white with ... 16We work here . . . We work here—8:30-3:00 ... and then some ... Monday and Tuesday and on and on and on ... we scratch with a pencil and take some more notes ... we observe phenomena ... and cram it all in for an exam that lasts two hours ... then we laugh it all off ... we forget the F's remember the A's ... we think we are intellectuals ... Did I read The Iliad,? Are you kidding T ... The line of English kings that you will learn for tomorrow... ... Je parle francais ... ”Ich spreche Deutsch ... Mrs. Bobo is teaching me to speak English ... How many angels can stand on a pinpoint, assuming ... If one line is parallel to another line, and ... A's, C's, F's ... maybe I'll graduate sans laude ... laugh it all off... 17we listen . . . and learn . . . We listen and look ... we never stop ... we listen tolearn ... listen for enjoyment... listen to hear ourselves talk ... We come to bury Graniteville, not to praise it ... listen to hear what we want to hear ... I think we have a fine team this year ... listen to authority ... A boy came into my office just the other day ... listen and remember ... listen and learn ...and do . . . everything. We learn to do ... everything. We participate overtly ... we publish a Hornet ... Now I think THIS is the way to do it ... we give chairs to teachers' lounges and mark a check by club projects ... we learn to be social ... to display our talent in a winning way ... we learn to get another line under our names ... and when we’re sick and tired of it all, we decide to get out of the rat race ... so we evacuate ...Juniors go dramatic . . . The Juniors said, Let's try something new ... and they tried drama ... Something serious. It'll never go over. ... But it did ... it made it ... The acting carried it over ... But you aren't my brother! Who are you? ... the crowds were attentive ... the dialogue was great ... It was lonely there. He was my friend. I didn't want him to die ... I cried and cried ... Don't you understand?1 ... the Juniors had a success on their hands.Seniors soar into space age . . The Seniors took to the air ... in a rocket. The setting ... a classroom ... the actors...students and teachers ... the action ... rockets taking off ... hypersonic telemetering ... fingers stuck in desks ... I always wanted to go steady with a desk. ... record-breaking crowds ... sonic-barrier-breaking lines ... all added up to make the Senior Play a BLAST!We find excitement . . . We find excitement... in everything we do... we run our legs off, laughing, screaming, pulling ... around, around, around ... we clap our hands rhythmically to the band's fast beat ... We're from Aiken High School ... when we can’t find excitement, we make it up ... we hold funerals and parades ... and goof off ... and laugh some more ... when we're tired of that, we try something else ... we hang stars in place ... we're the stars of the whole show ... Smiles and frowns ... the laughter of a crowd ... we are the people, and we want to laugh now ... we are the people, and we want to emote with some silly pretended sniffles ... a laugh ... carefree ... happy ... happy, happy, happy ... and the dejected look ... Aiken lost a game tonight ... . . . in smiles and frowns. 23We have IT ... we're ambitious— so wesell HORNETS by the dozen ... we are proud and beautiful ... I don't know, John, maybe I'm better looking than you are ... We're smug ... and happy we're us ... we're going somewhere ... we'reyoung... and dependable... When are you going to turn your homewoork in on time? ... and we’re ridiculous ... quite ridiculous ... we're going somewhere ... somewhere ... 24. . . and we are ready. And we're ready. Ready for anything ... for more study, more books, more exams ... ready for something new ... somebody different ... something unusual that we've never seen before ... we're ready to capture the world ... and we just might do it ... ready to stand all alone in the middle of nowhere and TRY ... we are the people ... we are the people, 1963.Senior PeopleClass Officers Billy Monk, President; Beth Mattocks, Secretary; Jackie Meadow, Treasurer; Denny Royal, Vice President. Seniors 28CHERYL ADAMS KAY ADLER SHIRLEY AGER70N SUE AHRENS CHERYL ANN ADAMS Freshman Class Sponsor; H.R. Officer 1; Sec. of Freshman Class; F.H.A. 1,3. CHARLES RODNEY ASHLEY Band 1,2,3, Pep Band 2,3; Art Club 1,2, Pres. 3; French Club 1,2,3; H.R. Officer 1; Chairman of Junior-Senior 2; Order of Green and White 2; A.II.S. Cabinet 2,3; Junior Class Play; Quill and Scroll Club 2,3; X-ponents Club 3; Science Club 3; National Honor Society 3; Senior Superlative; Senior Class Play. JUANITA KAY ADLER Chorus 2,3. SHIRLEY JEAN ACERTON H.R. Officer 1. SUSAN CAROL AHRENS Student Council 1; Basketball Team 1,2,3; H.R. Officer 1; F.H.A. 1; Office Assistant2,3; May Day Attendant2; Majorette 2, Assistant Drum Majorette 3; Block A Club 3; Sec. of National Honor Society 3; H.R. Officer 3. CAROLYN MARIE ANDERSON F.H.A. 1,3; H.R. Officer 1; Canteen Staff 2,3; Treas. of D.E. Club 3. MARLENE JOANNE ARTHUR Dramateers 2; Future Nurses Club 2,3; Future Teachers Club 3; F.H.A. 3; French Club 3. RIENDA MARIE ANDERSON Future Nurses Club 2; H.R. Officer 2; Library Club 3; Future Secretaries Club 3; Sec. of F.H.A. 3. 29 CA ROLYN AN DE RSON MARLENE ARTHUR RIENDA ANDERSON RODNEY ASHLEYJANE AUSTIN TOM BAII.EY CISSIE AXELBERG JOHN BANCROFr JANE ELIZABETH AUSTIN F.H.A. 1; Future Nurses Club 1,3; Future Secretaries Club 2,3; H.R. Officer 2; Canteen Staff 2,3; Student Council 3. THOMAS LOWRY BAILEY Beta Club 1; H.R. Officer 2; junior Class Play 2; Drama leers 2,3; Block A Club 2,3; National Honor Society 3; French Club 3; Winner of Talent Show 3; Soccer 2,3; Senior Class Play. CECELIA ELIZABETH AXELBERG Chorus 1; Science Club 1,3; H.R. Officer 1; French Club 1; Future Teachers Club 2; Dramateers 2,3; Future Nurses Club 2; Student Council 2; Art Club 2; Junior Class Play 2; Senior Class Play; May Day Attendant 3. JOHN NIELDS BANCROFT, JR. Student Council 2; Soccer 2; Block A Club 2,3; Pres, of Bus Drivers Club. DAVID ROGERS BARBER French Club 1; H.R. Officer 1; Basketball 1,2; Baseball 1,2,3; Block A Club 2,3; Science Club 3; H.R. Pres. 3. JOHN DOUGLAS BARRETT Manager of Football Team 1; H.R. Officer 1; Basketball 1; Block A Club 2,3; T I Club 2; F.F.A. 2; D.E. Club 3; Treas. of Bus Drivers Club 3. CHARLES TRUMAN BARTON Manager of Baseball Team 1; Audio-Visual Club 2; T I Club 3; F.F.A. 1,2,3. JOANNE MARIE BASS H.R. Officer 1,2,3; May Day Attendant 1,3; Dramateers 1,2,3; Future Secretaries 3; Football Sponsor 3; Office Assistant 3; May Day Attendant 3.MARY BASS CHARLES BAYNHAM AL BEASLEY BILL BEBBINGTON MARY FRANCES BASS F.H.A. 1; Art Club 1. TOMMIE BLACKWELL F.F.A. 1,2,3; Bus Drivers Club 2; T. 1. Club 3. CHARLES HENRY BAYNHAM CLYDE BELL RICHARD BIBLE ANNE BERRY TOMMIE BLACKWELL ALTON McCOY BEASLEY H.R. Officer 1; Science Club 133; Audio-Visual Club 133; X-ponents Club 2,3. WILLIAM PEARSON BEBBINGTON, JR. H.R. Officer2; Basketball 2; Student Council 3; Soccer 3. CLYDE BELL Football 1; Dramateers 1. RICHARD KEITH BIBLE Football 133; H.R. Officer 13; Track 13; Student Council 2, Audio-Visual Club 2,3; Block A Club 2,3. PATRICIA ANNE BERRY Dramateers 1; F.H.A. 1,23; Manager of Basketball Team 2,3.MARILYN BOONE JACKSON BOWMAN FREDDIE BOYD SHERRIE BOYD CLARICE MARILYN BOONE KATHLEEN REBECCA BROCK Honor at Claremore High School, Claremore, Okla. Band 1,2,3; French Club 3; Future Teachers Club 3. HAROLD JACKSON BOWMAN French Club 1,2; Student Council 1,3; Science Club 2,3; X-ponents Club 2,3; Soccer 2,3; Treas. of Dramateers 3. JILL BOYLSTON EDWARD BRADBERRY CHARLES BRACKETT BECKY BROCK FREDDIE RAYMOND BOYD Bus Drivers Club 2,3; Sec. of T. I. Club 3. SHERRIE JANE BOYD F.H.A. 2,3. JILL PAULETTE BOYLSTON Canteen Staff 2,3. EDWARD SWINT BRADBERRY T. I. Club 1,2; Bus Drivers Club 1,2; D.O. Club 1,2, Sec. 2; F.F.A. 1,2,3; D.E. Club 3. CHARLFIS LeROY BRACKETT, JR. Basketball 1; Band 1,2,3; Band Staff 1,2,3; Pep Band 2,3; Director of Junior Play 2; Dramateers 2; Bus DriversClub 3; Audio-Visual Club 3; Block A Club 3.HOWARD GRAY BROTHERTON Baseball 1,2,3; Basketball 1,2,3; Beta Club 1; Student Council 2,3; National Honor Society 2,3, Treas. 3; Block A Club 2,3, Vice-Pres. 3; Block A Club 2,3, Vice-Pres. 3; X-ponents Club 2,3, Pres. 3; Senior Superlative. SANDRA ELIZABETH BRYIE Chorus 3; F.H.A. 3. CARL EMENEKER BROWN, JR. H.R. Officer 1; Audio-Visual Club 1,2,3, Vice-Pres. 2, Pres. 3; Boys' State2; Bus Drivers Club 3: Science Club 3; Student Rotarian 3. JAMES FRANKLIN BURKHARDT Football 1. MARVIN WESLEY CADDEN H.R. Officer 1,2; T. I. Club 2,3, Pres. 3; A.H.S. Cabinet 3. CHARLOTTE JOANNE CALDWELL H.R. Officer 1; Basketball 1,2; Block A Club 2,3; Dramateers 3; Vice-Pres. of Future Teachers Club 3; Office Assistant 3. HOWARD BROTHERTON SANDRA BRYIE CARI. BROWN JEFF BURKHARDT NANCY LUCILLE CALDWELL H.R. Officer 1,3; Student Council 1; Future Nurses 1; Dramateers 3; Vice-Pres. of Future Teachers Club 3; Office Assistant 3; H.R. Officer 3. ROBERT BLEASE CARPENTER H.R. Officer 1; French Club 1; Student Council 1; Honors at Carlisle Military School, Bamberg, South Carolina 2; T. I. Club 3. MARVIN CADDEN JOANNE CALDWELL NANCY CALDWELL BLEASE CARPENTERGARY CHRISTENSEN LEE CARUTHERS GENE CAUDLE CAROLINE TRESCOTT CARSWELL Student Council 1; H.R. Officer 1; Basketball 1; Future Teachers Club 2; Dramateers 2; HORNET Staff 3. KENNETH ALLEN CLARKE Honors at McMinn County High School, Athens, Tennessee 1; Band 1,2,3; Pep Band 2; Band Staff 2; H.R. Officer 3. ROBERT LEE CARUTHERS Beta Club 1; H.R. Officer 1,2; French Club 1,2, Pres. 3; National Honor Society 2,3; HORNET Staff 1,2, Business Manager 3; A.H.S. Cabinet; Student Council 3; Student Rotarian 3. AMELIA CHRISTOPHER LAWRENCE CI-ARK BARBARA CL RK KENNETH CLARKE DONALD GENE CAUDLE F.F.A. 2. GARY ROBERT CHRISTENSEN H.R. Officer 1,2,3; Golf 1,2,3; Basketball 1; Block AH Club 3. AMELIA ANN CHRISTOPHER Honors at Chester High School, Chester, South Carolina 1; Football Sponsor 2; Dramateers 2,3; H R. Officer 2,3; Treas. of Quill and Scroll Club 3; Miss HORNET Contestant; May Day Attendant 3. LAWRENCE ARTHUR CLARK Beta Club 1; Science Club 1,3; National Honor Society 2,3; X-ponents Club 2,3; H.R. Officer 3. BARBARA ALICE CLARK Beta Club 1; Art Club 1, Vice-Pres. 2; French Club 2; National Honor Society 2,3; Student Council2;JuniorClass Play; HORNET Staff 2,3; German Club 3; Future Teachers Club 3; Merit Finalist 3; Senior Class Play.SANDRA LEIGH CONNAUGHTON H.R. Officer 1,2; May Day Attendant 1; F.H.A. 1; Future Secretaries Club 2,3; Chorus 2,3. LULA ANN COOK F.H.A. 2,3; Photography Club 3; D.E. Club 3, Promotion Manager 3. JAMES WILSON CONWAY French Club T; Science Club 1,2,3; Track 1,2; Block A Club 2; Order of the Green and White 2; Manager of Football Team 2; Art Club 2,3; German Club 3; Audio Visual Club 3. CARLA SPEED COOPER H.R. Officer 1,2; French Club 1; Debutante 1; Future Teachers Club, Vice-Pres. 2, Sec. 3; May Day Attendant 3. TIMOTHY JERRY CORDER Student Council 1; Football 1; H.R. Officer 1,2,3; Art Club 3; Senior Class Play. MARIE VIRGINIA CORNWELL Canteen Staff 2. WAYNE REYNOLDS COURTNEY Audio-Visual Club 1,2; Science Club 1; Track 1,2,3; Block A Club 2,3; Student Council 3. SANDRA CONNAUGHTON JAMES CONWAY ANN C(X)K CARLA COOPER JOHN HENRY COX Science Club 1,2,3; X-ponents Club 2; Junior Play; Dramateers 2,3; Art Club 2,3. TIM CORDER MARIE CORNWELL WAYNE COURTNEY JOHNNY COXWILLIAM EARL CREASMAN, JR. ELLEN MARGUERITE CUSHMAN Art Club 2. RACHEL ANN CROSLAND H.R. Officer 1,2; French Club 1; Dramateers 2,3; Future Secretaries Club 3; Future Teachers Club 3; May Day Attendant 3. GLORIA ANN DAVIS F.H.A. 1,2,3; Future Nurses Club 1,3; Dramateers 2; Future Secretaries Club 2,3. HARRIET PAULINE DERRICK Chorus 2,3; Future Secretaries Club 3. BILL CREASMAN KLLKN CUSHMAN RACHEL CROSLAND C LOR IA DAVIS THOMAS JOSEPH DIDGEON Track 2,3; Soccer 3; Science Club 3. NELSON EVERT DONAHUE Band 1,2,3; Pep Band 1,2,3; German Club 3. JULIUS BRYAN DORMAN, II Student Council 1,2; H.R. officer 1,2,3. HARRIET DERRICK TOMMY DIDGEON NELSON DONAHUE BUTCH DORMANWAYNE DOUGLAS JEAN DRAWDY BR1CITTA DUKE BEN DYCHES RICHARD WAYNE DOUGLAS T. I. Club 1; F.F.A. 1,2,3; Forestry Team 3. LARRY GLENN EUBANKS Student Council 1; F.F.A. 2,3. JEAN RAE DRAWDY F.H.A. 1, 2; Future Secretaries Club 1, 2, 3; H. R. Officer 3. BRIGITTA HEDI DUKE Art Club 2. BEN TILLMAN DYCHES, III Football 1; Golf 1,2,3. DONNIE RAY EDMUNDSON Art Club 1,2. JOY NANCY EUBANKS H.R. Officer 1; Beta Club 1; National Honor Society 3. JERRY LAMAR ELLIS EF.A. 1,2,3; Bus Drivers Club 2; D.E. Club, Vice-Pres. 2, Vice-Pres. 3. DONNIE EDMUNDSON JOY EUBANKS JERKY El.I.IS LARRY EUBANKS 37LEONARD KDWARI) FINCHER Track 1,2; Student Council 2; Block A Club 2,3; II.R. Officer 3; F.F.A. 3. DELL REE FROST Future Nurses Club 1,2; Chorus 1,2. ROBERT WAYNE FORD Dramateers 1; Art Club 1; Audio-Visual Club 1; T. I. Club 1,2,3; Science Club 2. JAMES HAROLD GAMBRELL, JR. H.R. Officer 1,2. ARTHUR RAY GARDNER Science Club 1,2; X-ponents Club 2; H.R. Officer 2; Bus Drivers Club 3; Student Council 3. HDD FINCHER DELL REE FROST BOBBY FORD JIMMY GAMBRELL MARGIE ANN GOOD Dramateers 2; Future Nurses Club 3; F.H.A. 2, Vice-Pres. 3. BONNIE YVONNE GORDON Honors at Saint Angela Academy, Aiken, South Carolina. FAYE ELLEN GREENE RAY GARDNER MARGIE GOOD BONNIE GORDON FAYE GREENBRENDA GREGORY MILDRED GREGORY DEVOYET GRIFFIN KENT HAGGERTY BRENDA FAYE GREGORY F.H.A. 2.3. CHAR IT A BETH HALLIBURTON H.R. Officer 1,2; Future Secretaries Club 2; Future Teachers Club 3; F.H.A. 1,2, Reporter 3. MILDRED LOUISE GREGORY May Day Attendant 2, Future Secretaries Club 3. JUNE HAIR WARREN HAIR SYLVIA HALL CHERRY HALLIBURTON JIMMIE DEVOYET GRIFFIN NORMAN KENT HAGGERTY Track 1; Science Club 1,2; X-ponents Club 2; Basketball 2; Bus Drivers Club 3. JUNE ELIZABETH HAIR H.R. Officer 1; Chorus 1,2,3. SYLVIA JANETTE HALL May Day Attendant 1; Student Council 1; H.R. Officer 1; Future Nurses Club 2; Library Club 3; F.H.A. 3; Future Secretaries Club 3. WARREN WALKER HAIR Honors at Carlisle Military School, Bamberg, South Carolina 1; Future Teachers Club 3.JOE HAMILTON ELLEN HAMMOND DOLORES HARKINS JANE HARPER JOSEPH EUGENE HAMILTON D.E. Club 3. HOSE ELLIS HAY Honors at James Island High School, Charleston, South Carolina 1; German Club 3; Future Teachers Club 3; Dramateers 3. MARY ELLEN HAMMOND H.R. Officer 1,2; F.H. A. 1,2; Asst. Student Organist 2; Student Organist 3. JOHN HARRINGTON MIKE HART JOHN HARTE ROSE HAY DOLORES MARIE HARKINS Honors at St. Angela Academy, Aiken, South Carolina; H.R. Officer 2; Dramateers 2; Future Secretaries Club 2, Pres. 3; A.H.S. Cabinet 3. JANE ADAIR HARPER Student Council 1, 2; H.R. Officer 1, 2; Dramateers 2; Future Teachers Club 3; Manager of Basketball Team 3. JOHN ROYCE HARRINGTON H.R. Officer 1; Science Club 1; Bus Drivers Club 2,3; F.F.A. 3. JOHN WILLIAMS HARTE, JR. French Club 1; Band 1,2,3; Pep Band 1,2,3; Manager of Band Staff 2; Junior Class Play; Boys' State 2; Band Staff 3; Student Director 3; Senior Superlative; Student Rotarian 3; All-State Band Representative 3; Order of Green and White 3; Senior Class Play 3. MICHAEL RICHARD HART H. R. Officer 1,2; Basketball 1; Baseball 1,2,3; Block ”A Club I, 2,3; X-ponents Club 2,3; French Club 2,3; Student Council 3.DWIGHT GEORGE HAYES JOSEPH CLARENCE HEDRICK, JR. Band 1; H.R. Officer 1; Basketball 1; Science Club 1,2,3; X-ponents Club 1,2,3; Football 2,3; French Club 2,3; Audio-Visual Club 2,3; Block A Club 2,3; Bus Drivers Club 3; Cafeteria Staff 3. RICHARD WALKER HEATH Student Council 1,2; Science Club 1; French Club 1; H.R. Officer 1; Golf 1,2; Junior Class Vice-Pres. LINDA TEX IE HEILIG Future Secretaries Club 2; May Day Attendant 2; Junior Play Usherette; Future Nurses Club 3. RICHARD HUTTON HERSHEY Baseball 1,2,3; Basketball 1,2,3; Student Council 1,2; Pres, of Beta Club 1; French Club 1; H.R. Officer 1,3; National Honor Society 2,3; Block A Club 2, Pres. 3; X-ponents Club 2,3, Vice-Pres. 2; A.H.S. Cabinet 3; Senior Superlative. MELLIE HANKS HICKEY H.R. Officer 1,2; French Club 1,2,3; Treas. of Beta Club 1; Student Director of Junior Class Play; May Day Attendant 2; Student Council 2, Sec. 3; National Honor Society 3: X-ponents Club 3; A.H.S. Cabinet 3; Senior Superlative; May Day Attendant 3. DWIGHT HAYES RICKY HEATH JOE HEDRICK LINDA HEILIG DALE ALLEN HICKS H.R. Officer 1,2; Student Council 1,2,3; Science Club 1; Basketball 1; Bus Drivers Club 2,3; Art Club 3; Senior Superlative. PAMELA RAE HILTON H.R. Officer 1; Debutante 1; Dramateers 1,2,3; F.H.A. 2,3; Student Council 3; Quill and Scroll Club 3: Homecoming Sponsor 3; Art Club 2, Sec. 3; H.R. Officer 3; May Day Attendant. RICKY HERSHEY MELLIE HICKEY DALE HICKS PAM HILTONKATHERINE HOGAN LARRY HOLLEY CHARLES HOLLY EARLINE HOLSENBACK ROBERT ANDREW HUDSON Student Council 1; Science Club 1; Bus Drivers Club 2; Boys' State 3; H.R. Officer 3; Block A Club 3; German Club 3; Cheerleader 3. PAULA HOPKINS CAROLYN HOVAS KATHERINE VIRGINIA HOGAN Beta Club 1; Student Council 1; French Club 1,2; Library Club 1; H.R. Officer 1,2; Debutante 1; HORNET Staff 1,2, Editor 3; National Honor Society 2,3; Miss Hi Miss; A.H.S. Cabinet 3; Senior Superlative, May Day Attendant 3. CHARLES MARION HOLLY, JR. Football 1,2,3; Library Club, Sec. Treas. 1, Pres. 2, District Pres. 3, District Treas. 2; A.H.S. Cabinet 2; Student Council 2; French Club 2,3; H.R. Officer 3. FERRELL LARRY HOLLEY, JR. Football 1; H.R. Officer 1,3; Track 2,3; Soccer 3; Vice-Pres. of German Club 3; Science Club 3. EARLINE HOLSENBACK Science Club 1; Art Club 2; F.H.A. 1,2. PAULA DEANE HOPKINS Student Council 1; French Club 1; H.R. Officer 1,2; Dramateers 2,3; Future Secretaries Club 3; Future Teachers Club 3. CAROLYN HOVAS French Club 1,2,3; Band 1,2,3; Future Teachers Club 2,3, Treas. 2; Quill and Scroll Club 2,3; H.R. Officer 2,3; Pep Band 3; Sec. of Band Staff; May Day Attendant 3; Student Council 3. CARL HALLER HUFFMAN Band 1; Manager of Soccer Team 3; German Club 3, Vice-Pres 3; Block A Club 3. ROBERT HUDSON CARL HUFFMANBARRY JOHNSON BETSY JOHNSON JOHNNIE JOHNSON SONNIE JOHNSON BARRY HOUSTON JOHNSON Football 1,2,3; Basketball 1; H.R. Officer 1,2; Track 2; Junior JOANNE JORDON Class Treas.; Block A Club 2,3; Student Council 3; Bus Drivers Club 3; Senior Superlative. BETSY ELIZABETH JOHNSON F.H.A. 1,2; Chorus 2. CLAUD RYSON JOHNSON, III Football 1; H.R. Officer 1,2,3; Future Teachers Club 3. EDMOND SAMMIE JOHNSON F.H.A. 1,2,3; T. I. Club 3. LEWIS DANIEL JONES WILLIE RAY JONES Manager of Basketball Team 2,3; Manager of Football Team 3. RONALD GEORGE JONES Football 1; H.R. Officer 1,2; Student Council 3; Bus Drivers Club 3; Senior Superlative. DAN JONES WILLIE JONES RONNIE JONES JOANNE JORDONJACKIE JORDAN PAT JOYNER BETTY KEENAN HAROLD KEY LILLIE JACQUELINE JORDAN Basketball 1,2; Canteen Staff 2; Future Nurses Club 2; Block A Club 3; Future Secretaries Club 3. ROBERT MICHAEL KIMES Honors at Waverly High School, Waverly, Ohio and Paradise High School, Paradise, California; Football 3; Block A Club 3. HELEN PATRICIA JOYNER French Club 1; Student Council 1,2; H.R. Officer 2; F.H.A. 2,3; Future Secretaries Club 2, Sec. 3; Future Teachers Club 3. BETTY JEAN KEENAN Canteen Staff 1,2,3; F.H.A. 1,2; Future Nurses Club 1,2; H.R. Officer 1; Dramateers 2; Sec. of D.E. Club 3. G. W. HAROLD KEY F.F.A. 1,2,3, Treas. 2; D.E. Club Treas. 2, Pres. 3. WILLIAM LARRY KEY F.F.A. 1,2,3; T. I. Club 2,3. WILLIAM KEY SCOTTY KIDD WAYNE KIMBALL MIKE KIMES WAYNE THOMAS KIMBALL Chorus 1,2,3; Canteen Staff 2; H.R. Officer 2; Audio-Y’isual Club 3; Dramateers 3; X-ponents Club 3; Science Club 3; Finalist in Talent Show 3. GEORGE SCOTT KIDD Football 1.JAMES ELLINGTON KIRKLAND BRADFORD DEAN KUHN, III Tennis 1,2; X-ponents Club 2,3; Student Council 2; Soccer 2,3; Block A Club 2,3; Science Club 3; Quill and Scroll Club 3. JEWEL ANN KNIGHT Student Council 1,2; H.R. Officer 1,2; May Day Attendant 2; Future Secretaries Club 3; Dramateers 3. WALTER SCOTT LACHER, II French Club 1,3; H.R. Officer 3; ScicnceClub3; X-ponents Club 3. SANDRA LYNN LARUSSO F.H.A. 2,3; Future Secretaries Club 3. JEANNETTE LEBOUTILLIER H.R. Officer 1,2; Art Club 2; French Club 2,3. JAMES KIRKLAND BRAI) KUHN ANN KNIGHT SCOTT LACHER PETER RALPH LEE Dramateers 1,2,3; Band Staff 3. WILLIAM BENJAMIN LEWIS Dramateers 1,2; Canteen Staff 2,3; T. I. Club 2; Bus Drivers Club 3; Audio-Visual Club, Sec. 1, Sec. 2, Sec. 3. SANDRA LaRUSSO JEANNETTE LeBOUTILUER PETER LEE WILLIAM LEWISLARRY LOWE DIVVER MARTIN BILL MARX JOHN MASSEY LARRY FINLEY LOWE WILLIAM CONROY MARX Student Council 1; Tennis 1,2; Basketball 1,2,3; French Club 1,2,3; X-ponents Club 2,3; HORNET Staff 2,3; National Honor Society 2,3; H.R. Officer 2; Science Club 3. ALBERT DIVVER MARTIN, III Football 1,2,3; Basketball 1; Baseball 1,2,3; French Club 1,2,3; Block A Club 1,2, Treas. 3; H.R. Officer 1; Student Council 1, Treas. 2, Pres. 3; Science Club 3; Student Rotarian 3; A.H.S. Cabinet 2,3; Senior Superlative. JOHN CHARLES MASSEY Track 1; H.R. Officer 1,2,3; Student Council 2; Bus Drivers Club 3; Soccer 2,3; Block A Club 2,3. BENNY DEE MATLOCK H.R. Officer 1,2. CHRISTINE ELIZABETH MATTOCKS H.R. Officer 1,2; Student Council 1,3; French Club 1,2, Treas. 1; Junior Class Sponsor; Future Secretaries Club 2; Dramateers 2,3; Cheerleader 2,3; Block A Club 2, Sec. 3; Homecoming Queen 3; Sec. of Senior Class; Future Teachers Club 3; Senior Superlative; Mardi Gra Queen. MARY EILEEN McCRANEY Art Club 1,2; Library Club 1; Science Club 1; H.R. Officer 1; French Club 1,3; Dramateers 2,3; Future Teachers Club 2,3,Treas’. 3; German Club 3; Student Council 3. JANE WOLCOTT McCROSKY H.R. Officer 1; French Club 1,2, Sec. 1; Art Club 1; Student Council 2; Quill and Scroll Club 2, Vice-Pres. 3; Band 2,3; Band Staff 3; Pep Band 3; Co-Editor of Teen Times 3; National Honor Society 3; Order of the Green and White 3; Senior Superlative. BENNY MATLOCK BETH MATTOCKS EILEEN McCRANEY JANIE McCROSKYLaVERN McCULLOUCH LARRY McGEE GEORGE NlcTACGART JACKIE MEADOW JETT LaVERN McCULLOUGH FRANCES MAE MIZELL H.R. Officer 1,2; Student Council 1,2,3; Football 1,2,3; Track Chorus 2- Future Secretaries Club 2. 2; Block A Club 2,3. LARRY DONALD McGEE Art Club 1; Dramateers 1; Manager of Football Team 2. SANDRA MEISCHEN LARRY MILLS BILL MILLETT FRANCES MIZELL GEORGE LEWIS McTAGGART T. I. Club 3. JACQUELINE MEADOW StudentCouncil 1,2,3; H.R.Officer l,3;Debutante 1; Future Nurse Club 1,2,3; Dramateers 2, 3; Homecoming Sponsor 3; Miss HORNET 3; Treas. of Senior Class; Senior Superlative; May Day Attendant 3. SANDRA JAN MEISCHEN French Club 2,3; Student Council 2,3; Science Club 3; Future Teachers Club 3. LARRY WAYNE MILLS H.R. Officer 1,2; Student Council 1; Basketball 1; D.E. Club 3; Bus Drivers Club 3. WILLIAM SHELDON MILLETT Science Club 1,2, Pres. 3; X-ponents Club 2,3; Student Council 2; Quill and Scroll Club 3; A.H.S. Cabinet 3; H.R. Officer 3.BILLY MONK SAMMY MOORE NEOMIA MORRIS JANE MOYER JOHN WILLIAM MONK, JR. Football 1,2,3; Block A Club 1,2,3; Student Council 1,2; H.R. Officer 1; Pres, of Junior Class; Pres, of Senior Class; Science Club 3; A.H.S. Cabinet 2,3. SAMUEL WESLEY MOORE Manager of Football Team 1,2,3; Manager of Baseball Team 1,2,3; F.F.A. 1,2, Vice-Pres. 3; H.R. Officer 1; Canteen Staff 2; Art Club 3; Forestry Team 3; Block A Club 2,3. NEOMIA EFFIE LEE MORRIS Student Council 1; Future Nurses Club 2; Future Secretaries Club 3; Canteen Staff 3; F.H.A. 2,3; Miss FHA 1963 3. JUDY MURPH JOHNNY NEWTON JEAN NEW PETER NUESSLE JANE ELIZABETH MOYER F.H.A. 2; Library Club, Vice-Pres. 2, Pres. 3; A.H.S. Cabinet. JUDY LOYLESS MURPH Beta Club 1; Band 1,2,3; National Honor Society 2,3; French Club 2,3; Future Teachers Club 3; H.R. Officer 3. JOHN OSBORNE NEWTON, JR. Track 2,3; Block A Club 2,3; Bus Drivers Club 3. IMA JEAN NEW F.H.A. 1,2; Chorus 2. PETER RAYMOND NUESSLE, JR. Student Council 1,2; H.R. Officer 1; Football 1,2,3; Track 2; Xjxments 2; Quill and Scroll Club 2, Pres. 3; Block A Club 2,3; Student Rotarian; Science Club 3; Vice-Pres. of National Honor Society 3; A.H.S. Cabinet.JERRY CLAUD ORR Art Club 1,2,3; Canteen Staff 1; Science Club 2,3; X ponents Club 2; H.R. Officer 2; Cafeteria Staff 3. JEWEL LYNETTE OSBON Chorus 1; Future Secretaries Club 2, V'ice-Pres. 3; Canteen Staff 3. EFFIE ISABELLE OWENS Future Nurses Club 1,2,3; F.H.A. 2,3. GEORGIA LYNN OWENS Art Club 1,2; Future Nurses Club 1,2; D.E. Club 3; H.R. Officer 1,3; Office Assistant 3. MYRON WILLIAM PAYNE Science Club 1,2; Track 3. HOLLY LORRAINE PLACE F.H.A. 1,2,3; Chorus 2. JF.RRY ORR ISABELLE OWENS JEWEL OSBON GEORGIA OWENS MARY TEMPLE PORTER Beta Club 1; Art Club 1,2,3; Girls’ State 2; Science Club 1,2,3; Junior Class Play; National Honor Society 2,3; HORNET Staff 3; Senior Class Play; Merit Finalist 3. THOMAS EDWARD PHILBECK, II Order of the Green and White 2; Audio-Visual Club 2, Vice-Pres. 3; Senior Superlatives. MICKEY PAYNE HOLLY PLACE MARY PORTER EDDIE PHILBECKWILLIAM MICHAEL PICKETT, III Football 2; Science Club 3; Bus Drivers Club 3; Track 3. ROBERT CHARLES PLUNKETT Student Council 1,2,3; Football 1,2,3; Track 1; F.F.A. 1; H.R. Officer 2; Block A Club 2,3; Senior Superlative. JOHN WILLIAM PIPER, JR. F.F.A. 1,2,3. DAVID FRANKLIN PLYLER Student Council 1,2; H.R. Officer 1,2; Dramateers 2; Bus Drivers Club 3. ROBERT WILLIAM PRATER Dramateers 1,2; Soccer 2; H.R. Officer 2; Bus Drivers Club 3. MIKE PICKETT CHARLES PLUNKETT JOHN PIPER DAVID PLYLER SYLVIA ELIZABETH PRIDGEN H.R. Officer 1,2,3; Dramateers 1; Vice-Pres. of Freshman Class; Sec. of Beta Club 1; American Legion Citation 1; Debutante 1; Band 1,2; Quill and Scroll Club 2,3; National Honor Society 2, Pres. 3; French Club 2; American legion Award 2; Junior-Senior Committee 2; German Club3;Co-Editor oPTeen Times ; HORNET Staff 3; Order of the Green and White 3; Miss DAR; A.H.S. Cabinet 3; Senior Superlative; Student Director of Senior Play. MARY ANN RACHAL H.R. Officer 1,2; Art Club 1; F.H.A. 1,3; Dramateers 1; Student Council 2. HARRY BENEDICT RAHNER, III Bus Drivers Club 3. BOB PRATER SYLVIA PRIDGEN MARY ANN RACHAL HARRY RAHNERTERRY REBOZO LEE RECTOR LEONARD REDD IjOUISE REDD THERESA ANN REBOZO Honors at Coral Gables High School, Miami, Florida. JAMES LEE RECTOR LEONARD VENTLY REDD F.F.A. 1. LOUISE ELIZABETH REDD F.H.A. 2,3; Chorus 2,3. GLENN ELLIOT REED, JR. Basketball 1,2,3; Student Council 2; Baseball 2,3; Quill and Scroll Club 2,3; X-ponents Club 3; Science Club 3; French Club 3. ESTHER ANN RICHARDSON F.H.A. 1; Future Nurses Club 2; Canteen Staff 2; Future Secretaries Club 3. GLENN REED JUDY RHODEN ESTHER RICHARDSON SHIRLEY RICKS JUDY ANN RHODEN Canteen Staff 1,2,3; H.R. Officer 2; Future Teachers Club 3; F.H.A. 1,2, Pres. 3; District Vice-Pres. of F.H.A. 3. SHIRLEY ANNE RICKS Honors at Escanlua High School, Pensacola, Florida.LINDA ROBERTSON DARCEY ROGERS RHONDA ROGERS DENNY ROYAL LINDA SUE ROBERTSON DARCEY EARL ROGERS Audio-Visual Club 3; Soccer 3; Science Club 3. SUE ROYAL MIKE ROYAL ANN SABOL EDWARD SALTERS HELEN RHONDA ROGERS French Club 1; Dramateers 1,2; Future Teachers Club 2,3; Band 1,2,3; Pep Band 2,3. DENNISON AUGUSTINE ROYAL Pres, of Freshman Class; H.R. Officer 1,3; Science Club 1,2,3; French Club 1,2,3; Football 1; Student Council 1, Vice-Pres. 2; Boys' State 2; Junior Class Play; A.H.S. Cabinet 1,2; Vice-Pres. of Senior Class; X-ponents Club 3; Quill and Scroll Club 3; Student Rotarian; Senior Superlative; Senior Class Play. LORETTA SUE ROYAL Art Club 1,2,3, Sec. 2; F.H.A. 1,3; Dramateers 1; Cheerleader 2; H.R. Officer 2; Mardi Gras Queen 2; Block A Club 2,3; Homecoming Sponsor 3; Miss HORNET Contestant; May Day Attendant 3. GRETA ANN SABOL MICHAEL FUSSELL ROYAL Dramateers 1; Student Council 1,2; H.R. Officer 1,2,3; Soccer 3; Senior Superlative. EDWARD HAROLD SALTERS F.F.A. 1,2,3; T. I. Club 3; Bus Drivers Club 3. 52LINDA CAROL SANDERS H.R. Officer 1,2,3; Dramateers 1; Art Club 1,3; Student Council 1; Debutante 1; May Day Attendant 2; Usherette at Junior Play; Future Teachers Club 3; Homecoming Sponsor 3; Senior Superlative; May Day Attendant 3. SANDRA JEAN SCOTT Chorus 2,3; Future Secretaries Club 2; F.H.A. 3. GAYLE OPHELIA SCOTT Chorus 3. BOBBY WAYNE SEIGLER H.R. Officer 1; Bus Drivers Club 2,3; D.E. Club 3; T. I. Club 3; F.F.A. 1,2, Pres. 3. RAMONA DIANE SELBY Chorus 3. LINDA JANE SHAWN H.R. Officer 1,2,3; French Club 1,2,3, Vice-Pres. l;Student Council 2; Dramateers 2; German Club 3; Future Teachers Club 2, Pres. 3; A.H.S. Cabinet 3. ANNA LEE SHEALY Basketball 1,2,3; Future Nurses 1,2; F.H.A. 1,2,3; Dramateers 2,3; H.R. Officer 3; Future Secretaries Club 3; Future Teachers Club 3; Block Art Club 3. LINDA SANDERS GAYLE SCOTT SANDRA SCOTT BOBBY SEICI.ER PATRICIA MAXINE SHELTON H.R. Officer 1,2,3; May Day Attendant 1,2; Basketball 1,2,3; F.H.A. 2; Cheerleader 3; Future Secretaries Club 3; Block “A Club 3; May Day Attendant 3. DIANE SELBY LINDA SHANVN ANNA SHEALY MAXINE SHELTONFLORENCE ELLEN SHORES Future Secretaries Club 2; Canteen Staff 3. DONNA SUE SIMMONS Honors at West Jefferson High School, New Orleans, Louisiana; Homecoming Sponsor 3; Future Secretaries Club 3. SHERRILL JEAN SIEGMUND Art Club 1; Science Club 1; Dramateers 1,2; Junior Class Flay; H.R. Officer 2; Future Secretaries Club2,Treas. 3; Future Teachers Club 3; National Honor Society 3; Senior Class Flay. BARBARA HELEN SIMS Honors at Lakenheath High School, England 1; Chorus 3. JAMES SIZEMORE, III F.F.A. 1,2,3; T. I. Club 3. FLORENCE SHORES SHERRY SIEGMUND DONNA SIMMONS BARBARA SIMS PATRICIA ELIZABETH SLAUGHTER Student Council 1,2; H.R. Officer 1; Dramateers 2; French Club 2; Treas. of Future Teachers Club 3; Band 1,2,3; Band Staff 2,3; Drum Majorette 3; Senior Class Flay. ELIZABETH FATTI SMITH H.R. Officer 1,2,3; Usherette for Junior Flay; Senior Superlative; Senior Class Play. WILLIAM ANDREW SMITH, JR. H.R. Officer 1,2; X-ponents Club 1,2,3; French Club 1,2,3; Science Club 1,2, Treas. 3; Senior Class Play. JIMMY SIZEMORE PATRICIA SLAUGHTER FATTI SMITH ANDY SMITHRODNKY SMOAK JAN SNELL EDWARD SNIPES WAYNE SNITKER RODNEY JEFFCOAT SMOAK Dramateers 1,2; Football 1; H.R. Officer 2. BRENDA JOYE STEELE D.E. Club 3; Future Secretaries Club 3. JANIS LYN SNELL Basketball 1,2,3; Chorus 1,2; Student Council 1,2,3; Football Sponsor 1,3; Dramateers 2; Future Secretaries Club 2,3; Block A Club 2,3; Cheerleader 2,3; Future Teachers Club 3; Miss HORNET Contestant; Senior Superlative; May Queen. BUCK SPARKMAN JOE SPEARS DON STEAKLEY BRENDA STEELE EDWARD LEE SNIPES F. F. A. 1, 2, Treas. 3; Bus Drivers Club 2,3; T. I. Club 3. ORLAN WAYNE SNITKER Track 1,2; Science Club 3. WILLIAM BUCK SPARKMAN, III Football 1; Honors at Patterson School for Boys, Lenior, North Carolina. GARY DON STEAKLEY D.E. Club 2,3. JOSEPH HARVEY SPEARS H.R. Officer 1,2; Student Council 2; Canteen Staff 2,3; X-ponents Club 3; Science Club 3; Audio-Visual Club 3.JOHNNIE STEPHENS MARY HELEN STEWART JERKY STONE CHARLES STUM PE JOHN CANNON STEPHENS, JR. JAMES SHELTON WALKER Football 1,2,3; Block A Club 2,3. F.F.A. 1,2,3. MARY HELEN STEWART JERRY STONE D.E. Club 2,3. CHARLES EDWARD STUMPF Audio-Visual Club 1; Dramateers 1; T. I. Club 2, Vice-Pres. 3. ELIZABETH LEE SULLIVAN H.R. Officer 1; Canteen Staff 1,2; F.H.A. 1,2. LIBBY SULLIVAN SUSAN THOMAS CERELIA VINSON JIMMY WALKER LUCY CERELIA VINSON Future Nurses Club 1,2, Pres. 3; Dramateers 1; May Day Attendant 1,2,3; Usherette at Junior Play; A.H.S. Cabinet. SUSAN MARIE THOMAS H.R. Officer 1,2,3; Art Club 1,2,3; French Club 1; Future Nurses Club 3.MARK JONATHAN WALKER Football 1; Sec. of Junior Class; Science Club 3; T. I. Club 3; Basketball 3; Baseball 3. EDITH TARVER WALLENBURG Beta Club 1; H.R. Officer 1,2; HORNET Staff 1,2,3; French Club 1; Bank 1, Pres., Vice-Pres. 2, Pres. 3; National Honor Society 2,3; X-ponents Club 2; A.H.S. Cabinet 2,3; Quill and Scroll Club 3; Dramateers 3. DAVID WALLACE Track 2; X-ponents Club 2; Science Club 3; Cafeteria Staff 3; Track 3. RAMONA CARMEN WALTERS Honors at Tullahoma High School, Tullahoma, Tennessee; H.R. Officer 1,3; Dramateers, Treas. 2, Pres. 3; Block A Club 3; Cheerleader 3; Quill and Scroll Club 3; National Honor Society 3; Student Council 3; Miss HORNET Contestant 3; German Club 3; A.H.S. Cabinet 3; Senior Superlative; Senior Class Play; Maid of Honor; Miss Senior. THOMAS ROBINSON WALTON Science Club 1,3; Track 2,3; H.R. Officer 3; Sec. of German Club 3; Block A Club 3. SHEILA ANNE WARREN May Day Attendant 1; H.R. Officer 1,2; Student Council 2; Dram-teers 2; D.E. Club 2; Office Assistant 3; Future Secretaries Club 3; Senior Class Play. DORA JANE WEEKS H. R. Officer 1,2; Future Nurses Club 1,2; Band 1,2,3; Band Staff I, 2,3. MARK WALKER DAVID WALLACE EDIE WALLENBURG RAMONA WALTERS ROBERT SAMUEL WELLS, JR. HORNET Staff 1,2,3; Science Club 1,2, Vice-Pres. 3; Track 1,2; Art Club 2,3; H.R. Officer 2; Pres, of German Club 3; A.H.S. Cabinet 3; Block A Club 3; Student Council 3.SUSAN ELIZABETH WELLS French Club 1; Junior Class Play; Library Club 2,3; Sec. of District Library Club 3; Future Teachers Club 2,3; F.H.A. 3. CYNTHIA LEIGH WHITE H.R. Officer 1,2; Dramateers 2,3; Office Assistant 3. MAX ALFRED WERNER, III Winner of Talent Show 1; Student Council 1,2; Track 2; HORNET Staff 2,3; Mascot 2,3; French Club 2,3; Soccer 3; Block A Club 2,3; Cafeteria Staff 3; Senior Class Play; H.R. Officer. SARA ANN WHITE Future Teachers Club 3. MAUREENA CATHRINE WHITTLE F.H.A. 1,2,3; Chorus 2,3. SUSAN WELLS CINDY WHITE MAX WERNER SALLY WHITE MARTHA JEANNE WILANI) H.R. Officer 1; Debutant 1; Dramateers 2,3; Future Teachers Club 3; Future Secretaries Club 3; Majorette 3. JESSIE DAVID WILLIAMS F.F.A. 1,2,3. STANLEY AARON WILLIAMSON, JR. H.R. Officer 1; Audio-Visual Club 1,2,3; T. I. Club 3; Publicity Chairman 3; H.R. Officer 3. MAUREENA WHITTLE JEANNE WILAND DAVID WILLIAMS STANLEY WILLIAMSONANCKLLE WILLING JOYCE WILLING MKLISSA WILSON ROGER WOLF ANGELLE WILLING JERRY WILSON YONCE F.H.A. 1; Library Club 1; Future Teachers Club 2; Art Club 3; F.F.A. 1,2,3; T. I. Club 3; Bus Drivers Club 3. Future Secretaries Club 3; Dramateers 3. JOYCE ELIZABETH WILLING Beta Club 1; French Club 1; H.R. Officer 1,2; Future Teachers Club 2,3; National Honor Society 3; Dramateers 3; Student Council 3; Library Club 3. FRED WRIGHT NANCY WYMAN LEWIS WYMAN JERRY YONCE MELISSA GILL WILSON Band 1,2; H.R. Officer 1,2,3; Art Club 1,2; French Club 1,2; National Honor Society 2,3; HORNET Staff 2,3; Quill and Scroll Club 3; Layout Editor of Teen Times 3; Senior Superlative. ROGER ANTHONY WOLF FRED PITTS WRIGHT, JR. Audio-Visual Club 1,2,3; H.R. Officer 2,3. NANCY ADA WYMAN May Day Attendant 1; French Club 1; Football Sponsor 2; Future Teachers Club 2; H.R. Officer 3; Senior Superlative; May Day Attendant 3. LEWIS DYE WYMAN Science Club 3; X-ponents Club 3.MARY YOUNG NANCY YOUNG FAYE YOUNGBLOOD KATHRYN YONCE CAROL ZIMMERMAN KATHRYN ANN YONCE F.H.A. 1; H.R. Officer 2,3; Future Secretaries Club2,3; Art Club 3. MARY LOU YOUNG Future Secretaries Club 2,3. NANCY RAY YOUNG F.H.A. 2, Treas. 3; Future Teachers Club 3; Future Secretaries Club 3. A LITE LaFAYE YOUNGBLOOD D.E. Club 2; Chorus 2,3; Canteen Staff 2,3. CAROL JANE ZIMMERMAN F.H.A. 1; Student Council 1,2; H.R. Officer 2; Future Secretaries Club 2,3; Cheerleader3; Block A Club 3.Mary Porter, Girls Stale Representative; Sylvia Pridgen, Miss DA.R.; Katherine Hogan, Miss Hi Miss. MOST ATHLETIC Janis Snell and Charles Plunkett STUDENT ROTA RIANS Lee Caruthers, Rick Hershey, Rodney Ashley, Peter Nuesslc, Carl Brown, Denny Royal, Divver Martin, Billy Monk John Hartc. JMOS T POPULAR Berth Matlocks and Barry Johnson MOST TALENTED Rodney Ashley and Melissa Wilson MOST DEPENDABLE Janie McCrosky and Eddie Philbeck miBEST LOOKING Linda Sanders and Ronnie Jones BEST ALL AROUND Dtvver Martin and Katherine Hogan FRIENDLIEST Ramona Walters and Denny RoyalBEST PERSONALITY Mike Royal and Patti Smith BEST DRESSED These are the M ELL IE HICKEY NANCY WYMAN JOANNE BASS RACHEL CROSLAND CAROLYN HOVAS SUF. ROYAL MAXINE SHELTON CERELIA VINSON SHELIA WARREN 66People of Beauty RAMONA WALTERS JAMS SNELL LINDA SANDERS JACKIE MEADOW KATHERINE HOGAN AMELIA CHRISTOPHER CISSIE AXELBURC PAM HILTON CARLA COOPERMR. BURT LANCASTER Presents Miss Hornet Miss Jacqueline Meadow and Miss Senior Miss Romana WaltersMiss Junior MISS JEAN HEDRICKAMELIA CHRISTOPHER Miss HORNETand .Miss Senior Contestant Contestants LINDA WHITE Miss Junior Contestant SANDY RADFORD Miss Junior Contestant DONNA ARRANTS Miss Freshman Contest SUE ROYAL Miss HORNET and Miss Senior Contestant  May Queen MISS JAN IS SNELL Homecoming Queen MISS BETH MATTOCKS76Athletic PeopleGrid team sees much action Seated: Bill Thompson, Charles Holly, Johnny Stevens, Tim Grace, Tony Love, Charles Plunkett, Preston Nlaroney, Mike Padgett, Billy Howard, Johnny Gregory, Tim Coffey. Second row: Joe Langdalc, Cecil Denton, Don Hensley, Bob Robertson, Wade Moody, Joe Hedrick, Richard Bible, Dlvver Martin, LaVern McCullough, Barry Johnson, Larry Burch. Standing: Bill Burckhalter, Tom Miller, Larry McCoy, David Meadow, Billy Monk, Peter Nuessle, Charles Tope, Roy Harton, Austin Woodard, Sammy Timms, David Mayes. The 1962 Aiken grid team, lacking much in experience, played excellent ball—although their 3-6-1 record does not show it. Under the new head coach Jim Fraser the team was hit hard by the 1962 graduating class. Hornets' statistics outdid nearly all opponents in every department except scoring. The team had a difficult time getting rolling inside the twenty yard line. Aiken kicked off the season with a promising 14-0 victory over county rival L.B.C. The team showed a lot of hustle and determination, but the Lancaster Blue Hurricanes blew into town the next week and stunned the Hornets 27-0 in a AAA victory. The following week the Hornets built up a seemingly substantial lead, but some defensive lapses enabled the Granite-ville Rocks to come from behind and secure a 25-25 tie. In the second AAA conference game Florence ambushed the Aiken team 20-0 only to see the Hornets edge by the Bearcats of Brookland-Caycc with an 8-0 AAA victory the following week. Then the Sumter Gamecocks flew into town and left Aiken smarting from a 13-0 loss. The second AAA victory came at the expense of the Columbia High Caps as the home team stung them 13-0. The powerful Greenwood Emeralds proved to be strong, and their excellent passing and hard-nosed defense gave them a smashing 35-0 victory. The Dreher Blue Devils touched off the Hornet Homecoming festivities with a 21-0 revenge victory over Aiken. Although spirits were high for the North Augusta game, the Hornets proved to be not a strong match for the Yellow Jackets as North Augusta claimed a 33-7 victory. The Hornets have several young prospects for next season and are looking forward to a fruitful season in '63. 781962 RECORD Aiken 14.................................................L.B.C. 0 Aiken 0..............................................Lancaster 27 Aiken 25.............................................Graniteville 25 Aiken 0...............................................Florence 20 Aiken 8........................................Brookland-Cayce 0 Aiken 0....................................................Sumter 13 Aiken 13...............................................Columbia 0 Aiken 0..............................................Greenwood 35 Aiken 0..................................................Dreher21 Aiken 7..........................................North Augusta 33 Oh, Charles, give 'em the ball.Tim closes in on a Sumter man.CHARLES HOLLY BARRY JOHNSON MIKE KLMES Co-Captain Most Valuable Player Senior Players Sad to See Season end . . . LaVERN McCULLOUGH M • BILLY MONK DIVVER MARTIN PETER NUESSLE CHARLES PLUNKETT Co-Cap tain Most Valuable Back Co-Cap tain Most Valuable Linesman JOHNNY STEVENSMARY ANNE CAVANAUGH and BILLY MONK. CHARLES HOLLY and JUDY DAILEY. BARRY JOHNSON and JOANNE BASS. PAM HILTON and DIVVER MARTIN. JOE HEDRICK and LINDA SANDERS. LaVERN McCULLOUGH and SUE ROYAL Homecoming Sponsors vie for Queen. . . MIKE KIMESandSUE SIMMONS. JACKIE MEADOW and PETER NUESSLE. MELVA WELTON and RICHARD BIBLE. 82Beth Mattocks was crowned Homecoming Queen by Mr. Willis at halftime. BETH MATTOCKS and CHARLES PLUNKETT. I'm coming, boys—wait for me.Managers help team spirit . . . MANAGERS Roy Reardon, Sammy Moore, Richard Felder, Jimmy Brown, Jimmy Fowler. 84fVrs row: Jimmy Mathis, Danny Love, Jimmy Beasley, Glenn Gentry, Timmy Roberts, Lee Gamble, Mike Ennis. Second row: Wallace Dunbar, David Higgen-bottom, Dave Robinson, Johnny Waits, Mitchell Ross.MyarsPorter. Thirdrow Ronnie Kendrick, Ricky Leep, Wayne Slaughter, Richard Calloway, Dan Bushee, l-ouis Schulhofer, Cary Boland. J.V. team shows promise . . . The J-V team played enthusiastically and came in with a 4-5 record this year. These boys played mainly for experience. Coach John Saunders, a newcomer to the Hornet club, led these boys through the season and he hopes that with some added weight and speed, the '63 Hornet season will profit by the experience of the J-V's. 85 COACH JOHN SAUNDERSBoys’ Basketball team has great season Kneeling: Robbie Johnston, Mark Walker, Joe Messlck, Pete Whitfield, Ioe Wyatt. Standing: Rick Hershey, Howard Brotherton, Bill Marx, John Pat Coffey, Allen Hay, Jim Lockhart, Jack Hunter, David Carr. Alan and John Pat seem to have those boys 'snowed.' 1962-63 RECORD Aiken 52............................................L.B.C. 28 Aiken 61...........................................Airport 27 Aiken 46.........................................Greenwood 53 Aiken 52.........................................Lancaster 48 Aiken 64...........................................Airport 32 Aiken 64..........................................Columbia 81 Aiken 71............................................L.B.C. 22 Aiken 68................................. Graniteville 57 Aiken 51.....................................A.C. Flora 43 Aiken 63.........................................Greenwood 35 Aiken 71.....................................A.C. Flora 63 Aiken 44............................................Sumter 35 Aiken 45......................................Graniteville 41 Aiken 38............................................Sumter 48 Aiken 45..........................................Columbia 43 Aiken 33.................................North Augusta 48 Aiken Invitational Tournament Aiken 67.....................................St. Angela 44 Aiken 69..........................................Newberry 45 Aiken 42.....................................Orangeburg 55. . . best in years . . . The Aiken High School varsity basketball team had an outstanding record during the 1962-’63 season. Having played such powerful teams as Columbia, North Augusta, and A.C. Flora, Aiken was never beaten twice by the same team. In addition to being a winning team, Aiken's basketball team was a well balanced one. This was demonstrated on numerous occasions, when a substitute was needed for a starting player, by the ability of that substitute to do an excellent job for the team. All of the starting players and one substitute player were on one occasion high and on another low man in scoring in a game during the season. Outstanding also was the amount of excitement the team provided for the spectators. Two games in particular provided great excitement. One was the game with A.C. Flora of Columbia there. The team, having trailed considerably at the half, came back in the second half to turn defeat into victory. Unparalled for thrills though was the final game of the season with North Augusta there. Showing great spirit and determination, the Aiken team battled on to defeat North Augusta after having lost to them in a previous game. Again this year, Aiken sponsored the Aiken Invitational Tournament during the Christmas holidays. Aiken finished second in the tournament after losing a hard fought game with Orangeburg in the final round. MANAGERS Doug Shafer, Jimmy Rowland, Roy Reardon, Willie Jones, Rill Nightingale. 87 Rick tries for a high one.RICK HERSHEY HOWARD BROTHERTON BILL MARX Senior players reluctantly give way . . . Hurry Rick, before Robbie grabs the honor. MARK WALKERKneeling: Roy Harton, Donald Martin, Duncan Holiday, Jimmy Beasley, Richard Calloway, David Meadow, Charles Tope, Reggie Bray, Harold Gurley, Johnny Canady, Steven Milkerett. Standtog. Coach John Saunders, Tim Coffey, John McCoy. to a scrappy little J. V. Club Aiken Aiken Aiken Aiken Aiken Aiken Aiken Aiken Aiken Aiken Aiken Aiken Aiken Aiken Aiken Aiken Aiken Aiken Aiken Aiken Aiken Aiken Come on boys, fight for it! 25 53 36 43 25 33 42 43 49 31 33 30 51 46 25 33 32 71 49 44 46 42 1962-63 RECORD .............................Butler 33 .............................L.B.C. 19 .........................Orangeburg 42 ............................Airport 37 ......................... Richmond 33 ..........................Greenwood 31 .............................Butler 54 ............................Airport 26 ...........................Columbia 54 .............................L.B.C. 21 .......................Graniteville 31 .............................Butler 46 ........................A.C. Flora 62 .........................Greenwood 34 .........................A.C. Flora 32 .............................Sumter 27 ......................Graniteville 21 ....................Aiken Jr. High 30 .............................Sumter 39 ..........................Columbia 36 ....................North Augusta 31 ........................Orangeburg 28 S9MISS JOHANNA GIBBS Girls' Coach 1962-1963 RECORD Aiken 36............................................Butler 11 Aiken 37..........................................L.B.C.21 Aiken 24.....................................Orangeburg 44 Aiken 21..........................................Richmond 33 Aiken 41.............................................Buder 17 Aiken 39.........................................Lancaster 51 Aiken 41............................................L.B.C. 30 Aiken 28.....................'.............Graniteville 39 Aiken 28.....................North Greenville Jr. College 43 Aiken 31.....................................Orangeburg 38 Aiken 40............................................Sumter 39 Aiken 35......................................Graniteville 26 Aiken 29.........................................Lancaster 27 Aiken 27.................................North Greenville31 Aiken 28.............................................Buder 30 Aiken 37.................................North Augusta 30 Gibbs’ girls show winning First row:Anna Shealy, Judy Green, M ad ie Joyner. Jan is Snell, Cynthia Hamrick. Second row: Maxine Shelton, Melva Welton. Frances Barrett, Shiela Wolf, Sue 90 Ahrens, Dianne Cool, Jean Hedrick, Pam McClain. Third row: Gall Plunkett, Mary Green, Carol Burkhardt, Judy Hedrick, Judy Anderson.Madie shoots for 2 against North Augusta. MANAGERS Anne Berry, Jane Harper, Becky Stevens. streak . . . Frances gets off with a Jump shot. CO-CAPTAINS Janls Snell and Shelia Wolf 91First row: Dlvver Martin, Rick Hershey, Henry Roberts, Mike Hart, David Barber, Kenny Right, Dickie Edwards, Steve Zelnace, Dale Robinson, Sammy Moore, manager, Chris Kunncman, manager. Second row: Larry Burch, Mike Padgett, Joe Wyatt, Don Wakefield, Morris Faber, Pete Whitfield, Howard Brotherton, Tim Grace, Tony Love. Third row: Alan Kaplan, Glen Reed, Billy Smoot, Fred Lockey, Tom MUler.’Chub'Morris, John Pat Coffey, David Mayes. New B aseball Coach Saunders joins The Hornet baseball team of 1962 had perhaps the finest record and the finest team in Aiken High history. The team finished at 13-1 under coach Jim Fraser. Coach John Saunders heading the team, says this year a great bulk of last year's team is back and if the pitching staff comes through, there is no reason why they can not duplicate that feat this year. As the HORNET goes to press the team has played 4 games and the record looks promising with a 3-1 record. Run, Howard, run!! 92First row: Earl Belcher, James Conway, Bobby Wells, Wayne Courtney, Max Werner, Tom Walton, John Cooper, Mickey Vickers, Jimmy Renfro, Jimmy Letnart, David Butler. Second row: Hal Tallman, George Lawrence, Ronnie Guinn, Kenny Brocklngton, John Lavender, Peter Nuessle, Richard Bible, Billy Monk, Bill Thompson, Danny Murphy. Third row: LaVern McCullough, Charles Plunkett, Tommy Gibson, Larry Russell, Scotty Brackett, Edward Fincher, Gary Cabbage, David Wallace, Barry Johnson. Johnny Newton. New track Coach Lee with high hopes . . . The 1962 track team, headed by coach Don Shearer, performed admirably and had a winning season. The clndermen, this year under coach Marion Lee, are looking forward to a finer season this year because they have more depth and experience. As the HORNET goes to press the team has participated in 2 triangle meets with a 2-2 record. COACH SAUNDERS COACH LEE 93First row: Harry Sampson, Carl Huffman, Jimmy Brown, Ashie Milner, George David Ebenback, Mike Royal, Larry Holley, Jackson bowman, Randy Kennlngcr, Lawrence, Jonathan Fletcher, Gary Fleetwood, Coach Liles. Second row: Tom Meredith Raney, Mike Townes. Fourth row: Jim Ellett, Brad Kuhn, David Bailey, Malcolm Harmsted, David Lindow, Stew Maurice, Gary Cabbage, Butler, Steve Scotten, Bill Bebbington. Darcy Rogers, Tom Miller, Jim Leinart. Thirdroa . Max Werner, David Mayes, Coach Liles Joins Soccer Club . . . COACH PIERCE LILES Aiken 4 Aiken 0 Aiken 0 Aiken 4 Aiken 2 Aiken 0 Aiken 6 1963 RECORD ...................Augusta Prep 0 ......................Savannah 1 ...............Christ's School 5 .......................Savannah 2 ......................St. John's 1 ...............Christ's School 3 .....................Aiken Prep 0The 1962 golf team had a 7-3 record, and the boys played low steady golf. The team upheld the school's fine tradition and placed a very respectable 4th in the state tournament. Every one of the boys was low man in at least one of the matches. GARY CHRISTENSEN Golf team hoping for success First row: Ted Howington, Reggie Bray, Paul Hyman,Gary Christensen. Second row: Gerald Bennett, Billy Howard, Mike Sparks, Ben Dyches, David Bradbcrry, Jimmy Jackson. 95Cheerleaders boost school spirit . . . Carol Zimmerman, Maxine Shelton, Ramona Walters, Janls Snell, Beth Mattocks, Linda White, Jean Hedrick, Jerl Sue Rivenbark. CARY FLEETWOOD and MAX WERNER Mascots JAN IS SNELL Head Cheerleader 96. . . While Pep Band Sets the Mood . . . PEP BAND First row: Janie McCrosky, Carolyn Hovas, John Harte, Edle Wallenbura, Melody Selrson, Bill Ashmore, Bill Nightingale, Henry Stevens, Larry Russell. Second row: Kay Strickland, Rhonda Rogers, Sandy Donahue, Gary Anderson, Burt Dahlen, Charles Brackett, Denny Christine, Jonathan Fletcher, Billy Carothers, Robert Patterson. Cheerleaders whooping it up at the pep rally. J.V. Cheerleaders Gail Plunkett, Sandy Burleson, Betts Hunter, Carol Burkhardt, Claudia Johnson, Becky Stevens. 97Class Officers Nick Jcancake, President; Jean Hedrick 'Secretary; David Mayes, Vice PresidentDavid Kbenhack, Treasurer. Juniors 100Abbott, Pat Adams, Jack Allen, Jan Allen, Sue Allison, Jacque Anderson, Judy Arnett, Mary Anne Amott, Vickie Baker, Dee Ann Bancroft, Ben Bancroft, Ned Barefoot, Vicky Barrett, Frances Barton, Davis Bartram, Pete Beason, Charles Beaty, Betty Beckman, Ingrid These are the Juniors . . . Belcher, Karl Bell, Louise Bennett, Connie Bennett, Gerald Berry, Mar)’ Blackwell, Gerald Boatwright, Bruce Boatwright, Patricia Boyd,Judy Boyd, Wallace Brackett, Scott Brewer, Kathryn Brockington, Kenny Broughton, Mattie Brown, Maxine Brown, Tom Burckhalter, Bill Bunch, Jimmy Burch, Larry Burgess, Lynn Busch, Mike Butler, David Byars, Jean Cabbage, Gary Cadden,Judy Callahan, Larry Callahan, Tom Campbell, Unda Campbell, Richard Carlisle, JamesMr. Akins tells the cast how its done. Carothers, Billy Carr, David Carter, Bob Carter, Karl Carter, Fred Caudle, Darlene Caudle, Sharlene Chafin, Kitty Coffey, John Pat Who sold pennants Colalucd, Beverly Conner, Charles Cook, Ann Cook, Carl Coursey, Gall Coursey, Charles Cox, John Cox,Judy Cox, Sammy Crawford, John Creed, Victor Crosby, Angela Crossen, Robert Cushman, Frank Dabney, Pat Dahlen, Burt Dailey, Judy Day, Grace Day, Ray Denton, Cedi Dessauer, Leslie Drawdy, Brenda Dyer, Ronnie Kbenhack, David Edwards, Jeannle Kdwards, Jerry Elkin, Virginia KUetL im Eubanks, Burma Eubanks, LynnFabrick, Dan Felder, Richard Fenninger, Randy Ferriter, David Fletcher, Jonathan Floyd, Martha Ford, James Foreman, Margaret Frear, Billy Freeman, Ann French, Mike Funderburg, Jennie Gaddy, Nancy Gassett, Barbara (beddings, Reba Gibson, Tom (k ing, Barbara Goodwin, Lynn and held a dance on November 2 . . . Gossett, Joel Grace, Tim Graham, Charles Graves, Betty Gray, Jack Green, Judy Gregory, Earl Gregory, Johnny Griffin, Dolores Griffin, Jimmy Guinn, Ronnie Gunter, Iilllan Hadden, Bobby Halford, Gene Hammack, Sharri Hamrick, Cynthia Harmstad, Malcolm Harris, Charles Hart, Pat Hay, Allen Heath, Redmond Hedrick, Jean Henderson, Betty Jean Hendrix, Janis Hensley, Don Herrc, Helen Higgenbottom, Debbie Hitchman, Joe Hodges, Vickie Hogan, DanDec Ann Baker the first Junior Miss Hi Miss at Aiken High. Holley, Caroline Holley, Joe Hudson, Linda Hunter, Jack Hydrick, Dennis Ingram, Cynthia Jackson, Charlotte Jeancake, Nick Johnson, Gloria Who produced Johnson, Jimmy Johnson, Pam Johnson, Ryntha Johnston, Robert Jones, Fllaine Jones, Happy Jones, Linda Jordan, Richard Joseph, Charlotte Keel, Mary Keith, lx retta Kidd, Brenda Kunneman, Chris Lawrence, George I aphart, Marina Lee, Patsy I inart, Jimmy Lindow, David Lockey, Fred Lockhart, Jim Love, Tony Lowe, Donna Ix wc, Iinda Lybrand, Brenda Macklen, Anna Maroney, Preston Maurice, Sharon Maurice, Stewart Mayes, David McBroom, NancyMcCarty, Iradell McCoy, Larry McDonald, Lynn McFarland, Sandra McKane, Ann McKinney, Katie McMlchael, John McMillan, Paula McNair, Myra McNair, Tommy Mellon, Robert Messlck, Joe Miller, Tom Milner, Ashford Mitchell, Marie Moates, Marsha Mobley, Billy Moody, Douglas a new type of Junior Class Moore, Nancy Morton, Ted Moseley, David Moyer, Nancy Murphy, Dan Murrlll, Fondle Nease, Carole Nelson, Kathy Newton, Margaret Nunn, Diane Nuzum, Ricky O'Rear, Bob Padgett, Mike Parrish, Carol Patterson, Bob Payton, Pam Pearson, Cathy Pearson, Lee 1'ermar, Margaret Phillips, Delano Phillips, Ronnie Plumley, Louise Pope, Wendy Price, Billy Proffitt, Roy Quinn, I,ee Rabom, Glenn Radford, Sandy Raney, Meredith Ray, ClaiborneReardon, Roy Redd, Glenn Reese, Gall Richardson, Calvin Richardson, Carolyn Richardson, Charles Jeri and David—what a way to come to school! Richardson, Norma Ridenour, Ronnie Ridge, Mike Who worked hard Rivenbark, Jeri Sue Robbins, Robbie Robinson, Dale Roe, Wynez Rogers, Jerry Rorex, Sandra Rowland, Doug Royal, Gloria Rudder, Robert Russell, Larry Russell, Thomas Rutledge, Brenda Saunderson, Leslie St. John, Cheryl St. John, Mary Lou Scott, Ann Scott, Elaine Seigler, Eleanor Scigler, Melvin Seirson, Melody Shatlock, Mice Shaw, Nancy Shears, Roy Sims, Linda Skeen, Dicky Skidmore, James Smiley, Lydia Smoot, Missy Snipes, Lola Snipes, MarySpires, Sandy Stark, Greg Starnes, Gloria Steele, Lynn Stevens, Becky Stevens, Henry Stokes, Claude Stokes, Katherine Stone, Hoy Strickland, Kay Tallman, Hal Taylor, Helen Taylor, John Taylor, Susan Thompson, Bill Thompson, Susan Traughbcr, Dadre Tullis, Linda on the Junior-Senior. Turner, Trecla Visconte, Richard Waldrop, Sandra Walters, Frances Waters, Ginny Watkins, Billy Watson, Diane Watson, Robert Weeks, Eugene Wehler, laurel West, Elaine Westbrook, Gary White, Linda Whitfield, Pete Whittle, Ed Widner, Donna Williamson, Mar)’ Wilson, Clyde . 107Class Officers Kathy Urban, Secretary; Donnie Martin, l resident; Tim Coffey, Vice President; Gwynn Willis, Treasurer. Freshmen 108Abney, Faye Adair, James Adams, Betsy Adkinson, Minnie Alexander, Alan Anderson, Gary Arrants, Donna Ashmore, Bill Ballard, Nancy Baston, Clair Baughman, Larry Baxter, James Beasley, James Beck, Larry Behan, James Blackwell, Harry Bloss, Steven Boatwright, Dean These are Freshmen . . . Boatwright, James Boatwright, Walter Boggs, Bill Boland, Gary Bond,Susan Bonnett, Ricky Boone, Jan Borop, Sara Borup, Karen Bowery, Carolyn Bowman, Elissa Boyd, Oswald Bradberry, David Brantley, Lewis Brantley, Linda Bray, Reggie Brewer, Judy Britton, Marion Brotherton, Skipper Brown, Gerald Brown, Jimmy Buchanan, Donna Bunn, Jean Burckhalter, Diane Burdette, Wayne Burgess, Judy Burkhardt, Carol Burleson, Sandy Busbee, Dan Callis, Diane Calloway, Richard Canady, John Carroll, Bill Cato, Judy Cavanaugh, Mary Anne 109These freshman boys haven't changed much, have they? Chafin, Carol Chelton, Chris Chewning, Ted Christine, Denny Clark, Ricky Clarke, Andrea Cline, David Coffey, Tim Collins, Douglas the largest class ever . . . Combs, Mary Compton, Bill Cook, Jerry Cool, Dianne Cooper, Frank Corley, Susan Cote, Laverne Covington, Mike Cowan, Carol Cox, Ix uisc Cranford, Anne Crawford, David Creasman, Roger Creed, Linda Cunningham, Chip Currie, Betty Jo Curry, Linda Cushman, Billy Cushman, Dewit Cushman, Virginia Davis, Nancy Day, Bobby DeLoach, Elsie DeWltt, Frances DeWltt, Sandra Diamond, Connie Diet , Carl Driggers, Pat Driver, Steve Dunbar, Wallace Durban, Pam Kckardt, Mary Eckles, Tom Edwards, Dale Ellington, Rick noKlrod, Scott Knglish, David Knlow, Felton Ennis, Mike Krglc, Martha Etter, Debbie Eubanks, Ted Evans, Barbara Evans, Gayle Evans, Larry Evans, Pam Farrar, Du rana Fincher, Harmon Fisher, Jo Anne Fleetwood, Gary Fleischman, Marsha Fleming, Shcrril Forstner, Robert Who joined the clubs . . . Fowler, F'dward Fox, Cindy Fox, Harvey Fox, Richard Frommer, Rick Fulmer, Billy Ray Galloway, Barbara Gamble, Lee Gardner, Henry Gee, Philip Gentry, Glenn Giles, Deanna Gilmer, Sandra Golden, Joel Golding, David Gomillion, Judy Gosnell, Resel Goodin, Faye Goss, Ronnie Graham, Archie Gregg, Ronnie Green, Mary Green, Richard Greer, Alvin Greer, Joan Greer, Judy Gregorie, Doug Gregory, Peggy Grice, Brenda Grice, Jimmy Griffin, Della Griffith, Donald Griggs, Beverly Gross, Jay Guliion, Drucilc 111Studious Freshmen—they'll learn. Gunter, Lillian Gunter, Pamela Gurley. Harold Haines, Jane Hail, Chris Hall, Garland Hall, Janice Hall. Johnny Hall. Pat’ and helped the teams. Hallman, Delores Hallman, Mack Hamilton, Ronnie Hanna, Diane Harris, Lynne llarton, Roy Hayes, Frankie Heath, Rosa Lee Heaton, Dan Hedrick, Judy Hedrick, Robert Henderson, George Hendrix, Carlton Hendrix, Joyce Henkes, Harley Herbert, Joe Herron, Hebcr Herron, Riley Herron, Sandra Higgenbottom, David Hobbs, Alec Hodges, Linda Holliday, Duncan Holsenback, O'Neal Hoover, Jack Hope, Al Howard, Billy Howers, William Howington, Ted Hudak, Sandra Huffman, John Hunt, Betty Hunter, Betts Hunter, Gary Hurst, Gary 112Hutto, Paul Hyman, Paul Jackson. Donald Jackson, Jimmy Jackson. Shirley Jackson, Roger Jay, David Johnson, Alice Johnson, Beth Johnson, Claudia Johnson, Frank Johnson, Joe Johnson, Karen Johnson, Leah Dale Johnson, Nancy Johnson, Roger Johnt, James Jolley, Kay They worked hard on their March Dance . . . ✓ Jones, Brenda Jones, Cynthia Jones, Doug Jones, Joyce Joyner, Madie Jumper, Billy Kaney, Pat Keel, David Kelly, Andy Kendrick, Ronald Kenny, Dede Key, Jackie Keys, Ralph Kirby, Buddy Kirk, Shannon Kitchen, Frank Koon, Barbara Lain, Joe I Lancaster, Faye I-ane, Dennis I eaphart, Linda LeBert, Robert Leep, Richard Ixrinart, Peggy Lewis. Leonard iJndow, Violet Ix ftin. Sandra Lott, Dee Loudermilk, Barbara Love, Danny Lower, Susan Lybrand, Carol Lybrand, Norma Magness, Danny Martin, Donald 113Donna, Betts, and Kathy sing 'Moon River. Martin, Fred Marvin, Becky lo Mashburn, Paul Mathis, Jimmy Matlock, Brenda Mattocks, Homer McAbec, Janis McAnlnch, Barbara McClain, Pam bought their first yearbooks . . . McCoy, Jon McCullough, Lily McGee, Dale McGee, Nancy McKeown, Millie McNeal, Gwlnettc Meadow, David Melschen, Dan Milkcreit, Steve Miller, Robert Mills, Betty Mills, Steven Mitchell, Scherry Mi ell, Linda Moffitt, Ann Moody, Wade Morris, Barbara Morton, Frances Morton, Richard Moyer, Larry Muilins, Chip Mundy, Billy Nease, Nena Nightingale, Bill Niland, Cindy Nordeen, Pat Norris, Limuel Nunn, Kay Olsen, Karen Orr, Donald Owens, Gerald Owens, Louise Parker, Allen Patrick, Rita Payton, Becky 114Rabon, Harry Rachal, Ernest Randall, Lewis Rawl, Brenda Rector, Larry Recupido, Tony and studied Julius Caesar and Silas Marner . . . Redd, Daphne Redd, Ralph Reeves, Sandra Rhoden, Bobby Rickenbakcr, Lewis Riedel, Karlene Rinehart, Betty Roberts, James Robertson, Bob Robinson, Dave Robinson, Memory Rockow, Gayle Rodes, Bill Rogers, Dickie Rogers, Ginger Roland, Betty Roop, Eleanor Ross, David Ross, Mitchell Rowland, Jimmy Royal, Jan Salle)-, Henry Sampson, Harry Schulhofer, Louis Scott, Barbara Scott, Marion Scott, Pete Scotten, Steve Searle, John Seigler, Ann Seigler, Edwin Seigler, Linda Seymour, Diane Shafer, Doug Shldeler, Ann Penland, Audrey Perry, Evelyn Perry, William Piech, Sandy Pinckney, Ricky Pinson, Paul Plunkett, Gail Pollard, Mike Porter, Myars Powell, Shelby Jean Quarles, Wendy Quick, Lanier 115Karen—a fine example of what a year as a Freshman can do. Shi rm an, Jay Shores, Christine Siddall, Betsy Simpson, Janycc Sizemore, Bob Sizemore, Judy Skidmore, Steve Slaton, Murl Slaughter, Wayne the ingenues . . . Smiley, Keith Smith. Ann Smith, Bonny Smith, James Smith, Susan Smoland, Paul Snyder, James Sparks, Mike St. John, Priscilla Steifel, Karl Stephens, Wyanette Stevens, Becky Stevens, Neal Stone, Ted Storey, Linda Summerall, Elizabeth Sumner, Donna Surasky, Steve Swanner, John Syphrit, Sally Talbert, Martha Tarrant, Bobby Tatum, Mike Taylor, Mary Beth Taylor, Patsy Thomas, Cecelia Thomas, Frank Thompson, Bob Till, Eddie Timmons, Teresa Timms, Sammy Toole, Garland Tope, Charles 'Townes, M ike Tucker, Sandra 116Urban, Kathy Ussery, Sammy Varner, Carol Vaughan, Jo Ann Vinson, Jean Wade, Bobby Waits, Johnny Walker. Jerry Wallenburg, Cathy Walters, Frank Walton, Frances Warren, Mike Waters, Jerry Weems, David Wcigle, David Wei ton, Nlelva White, Cheryl Whittle, I.arry New members of a great school. Wilkie, Woody Willis, Andrew Willis, Carolyn Willis, FLarl Willis, Edward Willis, Cwynn Willis, Scott Wilson, Beth Wilson, James Wilson, Marion Wilson, Robert Wilson, Sherry Wolf, Diane Wood, Hilda Woodward, Austin Worley, Robert Wrenn, Dave Wright, Dolores Wright, John Yon, Benny Young, Jennie Young, Nathan Youngblood, Shirley Zion, Jane 117These are theFirst row: Bill Bcbblngton, Davis Barton, Bobby Robertson, Dennis Christine, Dale Hicks,Ronnie Gregg, Bobby Wells, Billy Mobley, Sammy Timms, Larry Burch. Second row: Ronnie Jones, Charles Plunkett, Lee Gamble, Jackson Bowman, Wayne Courtney, Claude Stokes, Ronnie Hamilton, Howard Brothcrton, Billy Howard. Third row: Charlotte Jackson, Brenda Rawl, Ann Shideler, Pam Hilton, Cathy Pearson, Dee Ann Baker, Ann Moffitt, Jean Hedrick, Claudia Johnson, Mary Eckardt, Sandra Waldrop, Pam Rector, Janis Snell, Beth Mattocks. Student Council has another Divver Martin, President; Mrs. Betty Owen, Advisor. Johnny Gregory, Vice President; Mellle Hickey, Secretary; Robbie Johnston, Treasurer. Seated: Mike Hart, Pete Whitfield, Barry Johnson, LaVern McCullough, Bill Thompson, Richard Bible, Jack Hunter, Tommy McNair, John Pat Coffey, David Carr, Dennis Hydrick, David Graham, David Meadow, Frankie Thomas. Standing: Eileen McCraney, Susan Corley, Kathy Urban, Betsy Sidd-all, Gayle Evans, Pat Abbott, Beth Wilson, Diane Cool, Donna Arrants, Gall Plunkett, Pam McClain, Judy Green, Ramona Walters, Nancy Gaddy, Jackie Meadow, Sandra Meischen.First row: Claude Stokes, tarry Burch, Charles Plunkett, Gary Christensen, Pete Bebblngton, Glenn Redd. Second row: Linda White, Memory Robinson, Becky Stevens, Bonnie Smith, Diane Seymour, Janyce Simpson, Mary Green. Third row: Missy Smoot, Jan Boone, Dale Johnson, Jean Hedrick, Cynthia Johnson, Nancy Moore, Dee Ann Baker, Sandra Waldrop. Fourth row: Patricia Slaughter, Carolyn Hovas, Charles Tope, Lee Caruthers, Jimmy Johnt, Steven Surasky, Bobby Rhoden. Fifth row: Charlotte Jackson, Linda Sanders, Joyce Willing. successful year . . . The Aiken High Student Council, led by Divver Martin, president, and advised by Mrs. Betty Owen, provided housing facilities for basketball players during the 1962 Aiken Invitational Basketball Tournament held at the high school gymnatorium on December 27, 28, and 29. The players were housed by parents of Aiken High School students. The Student Council sponsored the annual Christmas bulletin board contest, was responsible for the daily morning devotionals, regulated school elections, kept traffic in the halls at a minimum during lunch periods, and kept homerooms informed of existing and newly made school rules. This year council members have discussed in homerooms the possibility of clubs adhering more strictly to the student handbook requiring all organizations to elect new officers each semester. First row: Jack Hunter, Malcolm Harm-stad, Lewis Brantley, Wayne Slaughter, Richard Bible, Jim Kllett, Preston Mar-oney. Second row: Beth Wilson, Sarah Borop, Donna Arrants, Diane Cool, Linda Curry, Shirley Ricks, Dolores Hallman, Ann Cook. Third row: Danny Love, Jane Austin, Alan Hay, Bill Marx, Jackie Meadow, Barry Johnson, Frankie Thomas, Jimmy Jackson. Fourth row: Chip Cunningham, Susan Corley, Anna Macklen, Pete Whitfield, Frances Barrett, LaVern McCullough, Charles Holly. Bob Tarrant, Leslie Dessauer, Susan Taylor, Mike Warren, Barbara Clark, Mary Porter, Margaret Per mar. Wot Pictured: Trescott Carswell and BUI Marx. More to see In '63“ has been the promise of the 1963 Hornet staff. The reader Is now on page 122 of the finished product of this promise. Though the 1963 Hornet is complete now the book required hours of endless planning, re-planning, drawing, re-drawing, photographing, rephotographing, writing, re-writing then hoping and rehoping the students would like this book of the people of Aiken High. The Hornet Staff presents Kneeling: Max Werner, Jim Lockhart, Bob Wells, Sylvia Pridgen. Standing: Diane Wolf, Edit Wallenburg, Melissa Wilson, Diane Seymour.Lee Caruthers, Business Manager and Miss Mary Lou Barlow, Adviser. more to see in ’63 Katherine Hogan, who edited this edition of the HORNET was morally and financially supported by Lee Caruthers who kept the records of the monies involved in this undertaking. Keeping a close tab on all and offering assistance when needed was the adviser, Miss Mary Lou Barlow. Planning the 1963 HORNET began last May 4 when the editor and business manager were announced. Bermuda shorts were the order of the day for many of the meetings which were held during the summer. When school opened, the staff was ready to get in full swing and begin to make the 1963 book a reality. So here it is and we are the people who did it.First row: Henry Stevens, Bill Thompson, Melody Selrson, Jane Weeks, Duana Farrar, Kathy Pearson, John Harte, Janie McCrosky, Sally Syphrit. Second row: Betts Hunter, Sissy TaJbert, Barbara Going, Judy Hedrick, Larry Russell, Kenneth Clarke, David Ross, Charles Brackett, BillyCarothers. Third row: John Searle, Judy Sizemore, Bill Nightingale, Edie Wallenburg, Kay Strickland, Paul Smoland, Bill Carroll, Cary Anderson. Band Members entertain at halftime . . . PATRICIA SLAUCHTER Drum Major The Aiken High School Band, under the direction of Mr. William T. Slaughter, presented a half-time show of precision drill at all home football games, and traveled to Columbia to play during the Columbia-Aiken Football game. The band also presented a half-hour concert at the Future Farmers and Future Homemakers of America convention held at Carolina Stadium In Columbia. Persons attending the Aiken Christmas First row: Khonda Rogers, Denny Christine, Teddy Scott, Steve M iJkereit, Becky Brock, Diane Watson, Sandy Donahue. Second row: Judy Murph, Virginia Elkin, Claiborne Ray, Charlotte Joseph, Carolyn Hovas, Dadre Traughber, Anne Shideler. Third row: Burt Dahlen, Jay Cross, Jonathan Fletcher, Robert Patterson, Barbara Scott, Jan Boone, Bill Ashmore. . . . Yet strike it serious for concerts . . . BAND STAFF First row: Nina Kneece, Carolyn Hovas, John Harte, Patricia Slaughter, Janie McCrosky, Edle Wallen burg, Claiborne Ray. Second row: Jane Weeks, Billy Carothers, Burt Dahlen, Sue Ahrens, Charles Brackett, Jonathan Fletcher, Melody Seirson, Peter Lee. Parade, the Augusta Christmas Parade and the New Ellenton Christmas Parade witnessed the marching of this organization as they participated in these events. The Pep Band was invited to play dinner music for the local REA banquet, held November 17. They also furnished pep music for basketball games. JOHN HARTE Student Conductor MR. WILLIAM T. SLAUGHTER ConductorFirst row: Bill Marx, Katherine Hogan, Ramona Walters, Sue Ahrens, Melissa Wilson, Sylvia Pridgen, Edle Wallen-Bailey. Second row: Law-rence Clark, Rodney Ashley, Jan c Mc-Crosky, Sherry Siegmund, Barbara Clark, Peter Nuessle, Rick Hershey, Howard Brotherton. Third row: Mary Porter, Judy Murphy, Lee Caruthers, Joyce Willing, Joy Eubanks, Mellie Hickey. National Honor Society School . . . The National Honor Society Inducts students who have exhibited outstandingly the qualities ofleadership, scholarship, character, and service to the school. Recognizing these students and encouraging them to work to achieve the best of which they are capable are the purposes of this organization. The society, advised by Mrs. Margaret Bobo, sent delegates to the State Convention In March and published Student Directories. As a new project the Society instituted the plan of supervising a class one hour each Wednesday after school in which make up work from any subject could be done. This releived the teachers of the added time burden of make up work. holds make up tests after Sylvia Pridgen, President; Peter Nuessle, Vice-President; Mrs. Margaret Bobo, Advisor; Howard Brotherton, Treasurer; Sue Ahrens, Secretary. First row: Henry Stevens, Robbie Johnston, Elaine West, Judy Dally, Grace Woodhead, Jim Eilett, David Llndow. Second row: Wendy Pope, Claiborne Ray, Judy Anderson, Peggy Permar, Ann McKane, Ginny Waters, Ann Cook.First row Pam Hilton, Beth Mattocks, Margaret Permar, Nancy Moore, Irslle Dessauer, Janie McCrosky, Carolyn Hovas, Amelia Christopher, Claiborne Kay, Sylvia Pridgen..'Second row: David I.lndow, lack Hunter, Jim EUett, David Carr, Robert Johnston. Quill and scroll publishes Teen Times. Jan Allen, Secretary; Janie McCrosky, Vice ‘resident; Mrs. Sue Hutto, Adviser; Peter Xuessle, ‘resident; Amelia Christopher, Treasurer. The Quill and Scroll, a literary society composed of students with a B average In English and an Interest In journalism, published a student page— Teen- Times— In the local newspaper, THE AIKEN STANDARD AND REVIEW. Co-editors Sylvia Pridgen and Janie McCrosky, and layout editor Melissa Wilson assigned, proofread, and had published articles written by members of Quill and Scroll concerning student life and activities of the school. Peter Neussle, president of Quill and Scroll, and Mrs. Sue Hutto, Adviser, arranged for speakers at the monthly meetings, one of whom was Mr. George McMillan, well-known writer for such magazines as LIFE, HOLIDAY, and SATURDAY EVENING POST. First row: Edle Wallenburg, Diane Watson, Elaine West, Ramona Walters, Cinnv Waters. Melissa Wilson, Judy Dally. Second row: Rodney Ashley, Glen Reed, Peter Xuessle, Bill Millett. Claude Stokes, Brad Kuhn.First row: Howard Brotherton, John Bancroft, George Lawrence. Peter Xuessle, Brad Kuhn, John Massey, David Barber, Kenneth Brockington, Gary Cabbage. Edward Fincher. Second row Billy Monk, Barry Johnson. Frances Barrett, Judy Green, Linda White, Beth Mattocks, Carol Zimmer man. Jean Hedrick, Jcri Sue Rivenbark, Anna Shealy. Bobby Wells, Tom Walt6n. Black A” limits its membership . . . The Block A Club voted this year to limit membership in the club to varsity athletes. This decision resulted from the fact dial Aiken High now enrolls over one thousand students and has enough varsity athletes to operate the Block A Club alone. Members of the Pep Band and the Bus Drivers' Club, who had previously received block A letters, were ruled ineligible for membership in the athletic organization. Activities of the Block A Club this year included the responsibility for the concessions at several of the varsity football games, the Aiken Invitational Basketball Tournament, and all of the home basketball games. Kneeling Howard Brotherton, Vice 'resident,; Rick Hershev, President; Beth Mattocks, Secretary; Divvcr Martin. Treasurer. Standing Coach Saunders, Coach I e, Coach Fraser, Advisers. First row Johnny Stephens, Cha Brackett, Roy Bearden, Cary Ch ensen, Pat Han, Max Werner, San Moore, Mike Hart, Rick Hershcy,’ Bailey, LaVem McCullough, BarTett, Nlckle Jeancakc. Second Richard Bible, Wayne Courtney Berry, Maxine Shelton, Jackie Jc Sheila Wolf, Ramona Walter Royal, Kdlth Wallenburg, Joann well, Jan Snell, David V.bcnhack row: Johnny Newton, Divvcr Pete Whitfield, Roben Hudson. £Future teachers give rocker to Faculty During National Education Week this year, the Future Teachers of America Club bought and placed a rocking chair in the faculty lounge for the use of the faculty members. The membership of the Future Teachers' Club is open to any student who may be interested in the field of teaching as a career or to any student who would like to investigate the field of teaching. Meetings are held once a month and often guest speakers lecture. A future teacher is assigned to each member of the faculty to assist him in the routine of correcting papers and typing assignments. First row: Lynn Burgess. Donna Lowe. Angela Crosby, Melody Scierson, Cynthia Hamrick, Mary lx u St. John, Missy Smoot, Margaret Newton, Sheila Wolf, Paula McMillan, ax Quinn. Second row: Cherry St. ]ohn, ('.aria Cooper, Patricia Joyner, Cherry Halliburton, Anna Shealy, Judy Rhoden, Jeanne Wlland, Paula Hopkins, l.inda Sanders, Angelic Willing, Susan Wells, Dolores Griffin. Third row: Gloria Royal, Linda Shawn, Sherry Siegmund, Becky Brock, Eileen McCraney, Rose Ellis Hay, Marleen Arthur. Nancy Caldwell, Jane Harper, Carolyn llovas, Joanne Caldwell, Patricia Slaughter, Judy Murph. Fourth row Virginia Elkin, Joyce Willing, Rhonda Rogers, Sara Ann White, Sandra Meischcn.Bob Mellon, Warren Hair, Johnny Johnson, Barbara Clark, Nancy Young. Lynn Eubanks, Jean Byars. Jeanne Caldwell, Vice 'resident; Trisha Slaughter, Treasurer; Carla Cooper, Secretary; Mrs. Virginia Elkin, .1 dviser; Linda Shawn, 'resident. First row: Linda Hrantlcv, Carolyn Willis, Dale Johnson, Beth Wilson, Judy Hedrick, Nancy Davis, Hcscl Cosncli, Judith Burgess, Sally Syphrit, Linda Curry, Sandy Piech, Drucic Gullion. Second row Carol Cowan, Cynthia Jones, Beth Johnson, Susan Bond, Priscilla St. John, Durana Farrar, Cindy Xiland, Judy Brewer, Teresa Timmons, Patricia Nordeen, Violet Lindow, Cheryl White.Cabinet co-ordinates clubs . . The Cabinet is composed of the leaders of each organization in Aiken High School. Although it has no legislative power, its purpose is to discuss the problems of the organizations with Mr. Willis. Often discussing problems leads to their solution or, at least, to better understanding of the problems confronting the organizations. The Cabinet also serves to co-ordinate the organizations with each other, the faculty, and the administration. The office assistants have proved valuable in their assistance to the faculty and Mrs. McNeil. Answering phones, relaying messages, and assisting in general office routine compose the majority of the services of these voluntary assistants. Office Assistants andhirst row: Carol Parrish, Louise Redd, Sandra Scott, Kay Adler, Sandra Hudak, Carol I.ybrand, Barbara Sims, Sandra l ucker, Becky Stevens, Martha Floyd, Sandra Connaughton, Sandra Rorex, Elaine Jones, Judy Boyd. Second row Sharlenc Caudle, Betty Jo Cut-Tie, I.inda Story, Kathy Urban, Ix ulse Plum ley, Jean New, Kaye Youngblood, Reba Ceddings, Delores CrifTin, Cynthia Hammack, Diane Selby, Harriet Derrick, Brenda Kudcdge, Gloria Royal. Third row Maurerun Whittle, Becky Jo Rutherford, Betty Jean Stone, Karen Borop, Henry Mundy, Wayne Kimball, Katy McKlnnv, Brenda Gregory, Peggy Gregory. Judy Cato. Vickie Arnott, Gail Scott, June Hair. . . . , and Chorus co-ordinates voices The Chorus is composed of those students who wish to further their experience in choral music. They present talented assemblies at various times during the year—including the Christmas assembly and Raster assembly. Under the direction of Mrs. Eleanor Edwards, the chorus meets during sixth and seventh periods each day. The Canteen Staff is composed of students who volunteer to help Mr. John Eubanks run the canteen during lunchtime. Profits from the canteen are used for such student activity purposes as helping to finance the bleachers and ticket booths in Hagood Stadium, helping to pay for the organ in the gymnatorium, and helping to pay for the costs of maintaining the stadium. Canteen Staff offers valuable services . . . First row: Betty Keenan, Jewel Osbon, Jane Austin, Faye Youngblood, NeomLa Morris, Marlene Arthur, Judy Rhoden, Elaine Scott, Carolyn Anderson, Ann Cook, Florence Shores, Lillian Gunter, Betty Graves. Second row. Charles Richardson, Eddie Fowler, Roy Reardon, Charles Beason, Bucky Ford, Cherry Halliburton. Glenn Redd, Joe Spears, William Ixwis, Peter Bartram, Richard Felder.First row Nancy Davis, Rcsel Gosnell, Frank Walters, Krnic Compton, Wayne Kimball, Johnny Cox, Kathy Urban. Second rou• Betts Hunter, Betsy Slddall, Dec Lett, Carol Varner, Sherrill White, Sally Syphrit. Third rou• Donna Arrants, Beth Wilson. Kyntha Johnson, Diane Cool, Janvce Simpson, Jan Allen, Pam McClain. Fourth row Charlotte Jackson, Mary I.ou St. John, Judy Hedrick. Mary Creen. Beth Mattocks. Fifth rou Barbara McAnlnch, Karen Olson, Shelia Wolf, Jeanne Caldwell. IiCc Quinn. Dramateers have exciting year . . . Dramateers, sponsored by Mr. John Akins, is an organization which promotes interest in dramatics. Program meetings include discussions concerning the fine details of acting, makeup work, and set construction. During the year the club sponsored the visit of two make-up artists from the Community Playhouse and produced a comedy for the benefit of interested students. Mr. John Akins, Adviser; Ramona Walters, ‘resident; Nancy Caldwell, Secretary; Becky Stevens, IVcc ‘resident; Jackson Bowman, Treasurer. First row Becky Stevens, Patti Smith, Jackie Meadow, Nancy Caldwell, Ramona Walters, Pam Hilton, Angelic Willing. Second rou Rose Hay, Susan Bond, Ann Moffitt, Kilecn McCraney, Joyce Willing, Clssie Axclbcrg, Jackson Bowman. Third row Amelia Christopher. Trecia Turner, Anna Shealy, Pat Driggers, Linda Creed, Peggy Leinart, Uah Dale Johnson, Dee Dee Kenny. Fourth row Mike Warren, Beverly Colalucci, Grace Woodhead, Barbara Morris, Sandy Gilmer, Teresa Timmons, Paula Hopkins, Homer Mattocks.kneeling: I ini l.ockhart, Harry Rahner, Ray Gardner, Ashford Milner, Mike Pickett. David Plylcr, Dale Hicks, Johnny Newton, Burma Kubanks. Standing: Joe llitchman, Redmond Heath, Frank Cushman, Wallace Boyd, Billy Watkins, Kent Haggerty, John Bancroft. Sammy Cox. Freddie Boyd. Joe Wyatt. . . . And Bus Drivers have another Safety Record Aiken High School bus drivers have reason to be proud not only of their efficiency as drivers but also of their almost perfect safety record. The club holds regular meetings to discuss transportation problems and to work out the problems involved in maintaining their buses and their transportation of students. Monthly inspections are conducted by the State Highway Department to be certain that the buses are in safe and clean condition. Mr. William Bell, dviser; Franklin Cushman, Vice ‘resident; John Bancroft, ‘resident; John Barrett, Treasurer; Billy Watkins, Secretary. Kneeling John Jones, Jerry Yoncc, F.dward Salters, Thomas Russell, Larry Burch, Joe Hedrick. John Barrett, John Hodges. Clyde Wilson, Bob Prater. Standing Glenn Redd. F.dward Snipes, Bobby Seigler, Charles Brackett, Bobby Carter. Barry Johnson, Ronnie Jones, John Massey, Larry Mills, Carl Brown, William Lewis.First run Susan Bond. Barbara Scott, Beverly Griggs, Sherrill White. Duanna Farrar, Prissy St. John. Karen Olson. Second row Ann Shldeler, Mary Kck-hardt. Diane Wolf, Nancy Johnson. Betsy Siddall, Lily Grace McCullough, Gayle Rockow. Third row David Graham, Sara Borop, Paul Smoland. Les Novice Club learns about French Culture . . . The main purpose of Les Soviets, the first and second year French club of Aiken High School, is to further knowledge of French customs and traditions and to help students appreciate the contributions of the French people to the world. Miss Arnold Garvin, Adviser: Betsy Siddall. ’residentDiane Wolf, Treas nrer; Ann Shidelcr, Secretary: Gayle Evans, Vice Tresident. Mary Beth Taylor, Betsy Adams, Brenda Rawl, Gayle Evans, Nanc ' Davis, Frank Walters. Second row Klsic DeLoach, Keith Smiley. Missy Smoot, Linda Durry, Sandra Piech, Joe Herbert. Ilmd rot Dee !) ■ • Kenny, Deanna Giles, Becky Jo Marvin, Ann McKane, Ralph Keys, Bill Ashmore.first ran Divver Martin, Denny Koyal, David Lindow, Mike Hart, David Carr, Kenny Brocklngton, Thomas Callahan, Robert Patterson, Randy Fenninger, Karl Belcher. Standing Mary Williamson, Grace Woodhead, Helen Hcrre, Cheryl St. John, Marlene Arthur, Kathy Pearson, Ann Cook, Judy Anderson, Margaret Foreman, I.ynn Coodwin, Mellie Hickey. Le Cercle Francais increase their knowledge of French . . . Le Cercle Francais is a club through which the third and fourth year French students derive pleasure in increasing their knowledge of the French language by means of films, skits, records, and guest speakers. The Club is under the leadership of Mrs. Helen Buder. Le Cercle Francais has monthly meetings and the members can look forward to enjoyable and informative meetings. Sharon Maurice, Vice ‘resident; Grace Woodhead, Secretary; Mrs. Helen Butler, Adviser; l ee Caruthcrs, ‘resident. first rob Tom Bailey. Rodney Ashley, jimmy Ixinart, Jim F.llctt. Bill Marx, Bill Miliett, Caruthcrs, Scott Lacher, Glenn Reed. Max Werner. Second row Sandy Radford, Margaret Permar, Susan Taylor, Nancy Moore, Eileen McCrancv. Sandra Meischen, Linda Shawn, Glnny Waters, Nancy Gaddy, Sharon Maurice, Elaine West, Judy Daily.James Conway. Sylvia Pridgen, Kddie Phil beck. Janie McCrosky, Rodney Ashley. Order of Green and White ORDER OF THE GREEN AND WHITE Those students who are interested in nursing find valuable guidance and advice in this club. The club has had this year many speakers not only in the nursing field but also in other fields of medicine. Miss Rosalyn Weigle advises the organization and keeps the members aware of the many scholarships available to prospective nurses. FUTURE NURSES Students who have been outstanding in their contribution to Aiken High School are honored by their being selected for membership into the Order of the Green and White. New members are appointed by Mr. Willis after a recommendation by a group of students or faculty. School spirit is boosted by the recognition of these students who have given of their talent in the form of sports, art, music, electronics, and service. Future Nurses Club hirst row Gloria Davis, Kay Strickland, Nancy Johnson. Ann Scigler, Marlene Arthur, Cerelia Vinson, Pam Kvans, Susan Thomas, Ann Shidclcr, Jane Zion, Isubell Owens. Second row Ixmisc Bell, Jane Austin, Cathy Pearson, Cynthia Ingram, Myra McNair, Jean Johnson, Becky Payton, Susan Corley, Lynn Goodwin, Klcanor Roop, Cynthia Hamrick.Kddic Philbeck, Vice ‘resident; Carl Brown, President; William Lewis, Treasurer; Mrs. Jessie l,ee Hullo, Adviser. Cerelia Vinson, ‘resident; Myra McNair. Secretary; Ann Shideler, Recording Secretary; Nancy Shaw, Vice ‘resident; Nancy Johnson, Treasurer; Miss Kosalyn Weigle, Adviser. AUDIO VISUAL CLUB Operating the public address system for football and basketball games, assemblies, and daily devotionals are some of the activities of the Audio Visual Club. In addition, the members are available each period to operate the tape recorders, phonographs, and projectors for teachers. Under the supervision of Mrs. Jessie Lee Hutto, they also provide the cafeteria with popular recorded music during lunch time each day. Seated Joe Spears, Joe Hedrick, William Lewis, Carl Brown, Kddle Philbeck, Stanley Williamson. Richard Bible, James Conway, Charles Brackett. Standing Wayne Kimball, Joel Colden, Jimmie Roberts, Don Orr, Jimmy Baxter, David Weems, Ricky Plckney, A1 Beasley, Chub Harmstad.hirst row Cecelia Thomas, Sylvia Hall, Neomla Morris, Kicnda Anderson, Brenda Rutledge, Linda Campbell, Judy Rhoden, Marlene Arthur, Margie Good, Patsy Ixxr, Pat Hall, Jean Johnson, Faye Lmcaster. Second rote Cheryl Adams, Linda Brantley. Nancy Young, Sandra (.aKusso, Carol Chafin, Diane Callas, Mary Ann Radial, Sue Royal, Ann Smith, Maureena Whittle, Sandra Scott, Dale Kdwards, Judy Brewer. Third row: Judy Burgess, Dolores Hallman, Linda Sims, Deanna Ciles, Ann Cook, Betty Roland, Betty Rinehart, Barbara Ixiudermilk, Judy Caddcn, Alice Shat lock, Rita Patrick, Barbara Morris, Gail Plunkett, Jeanne Cushman. Future Homemakers spo nsor Fashion Show • • • The Future Homemakers of America, Aiken chapter, sponsored a fashion show for all home economics students in March. The girls entering the show modeled garments made during their home economics classes. They were judged according to seamstresship, fit and general appearance of the garment, and poise. The winner of the fashion show traveled to Columbia to be judged at the district fashion show. Judy Rhoden, President of the Aiken chapter and also 1962-63 district vice-president, traveled to Winthrop College in Rock Hill to attend the state executive meeting where activities were planned for all state chapters for the coming year. Judy Rhoden, ‘resident; Cherry Halliburton, He torter; Miss Rowe, Adviser; Margie Good, 1 'ice ‘resident; Kicnda Anderson, Secretory. Nancy Young, Treasurer. hirst row Connie Bennett, Caroline Holley, Ann Scott, Kay McDonald, Jean Vinson, Alice Johnson, Sandra Tucker, Gwinctte McNeal, Judy Comillion, Ann Freeman, Gail Coursey, Judy Boyd, Debbie i I iggenbottom. Second row Charlotte Jackson, Minnie Adkinson, Sandra DeWitt, Sandra Bryie, Linda White, Wendy Quarles, Barbara Galloway, Louise Redd, Gloria Davis, Isabelle Owens, Sherry Boyd, Holly Place, Faye Goodin. Third row Pam Hilton, Eliza beth Summerall, Carolyn Willis, Vickie Rodgers, Nancy McGee, Anna Shealy. Pam Gunter, Jeanne Young. Donna Sumner, Carolyn Anderson, Katie Me Kinnery, Brenda Gregory, Pam Payton, Klainc Jones. Fourth row Clair Baston, 1 Verne Cote, Ann Byrd, Maxine Brown, Mary Snipes, Faye Abney, Linda Selgler, Ix la Snipes, Brenda Matlock, Nancy Ballard, Nancy McBroom, Diane Nunn, Janice Hendrix, Susan Wells, Peggy Gregory, Judy Cato, Sandra Rorex.First row: James Cook. Larry Evans, Mike Sparks. Thomas Russell, Edward Fincher, Thomas Brown, Harold Curley. Second row. Larry Moyer, Victor Creed, Ted K.ubanks, Jerry Walker, Wayne Douglas, Sonny Johnson, Cecil Denton, Joel Cossett, Billy Watkins, Bob Sizemore, Willie Jones, Sammy Moore. Future Farmers Keep AHS Campus in bloom Under the leadership of Mr. Alvin Hawkins, the Future Farmers of America encourages the development of agricultural leadership, co-operation and citizenship. This club, designed to create interest in the choice of farming as an occupation, participates in worthy undertakings for the improvement of agriculture. The members plant and maintain shrubbery on the Aiken High School grounds, thus adding to the attractiveness of the campus. Edward Snipes, Treasurer; Jerry Yonce, Secretary; David Williams, Reporter; Bobby Scigler, ‘resident; Sainmv Moore, Vice ‘resident. First row Edward Salters, Jerry Yonce, David Williams, Heber Herron. Burma Eubanks, Bobby Hadden. Second row George Henderson. Sammy Ussery, Franklin Cushman, Iradcll McCarty, Jack Hoover, Harold Key, Billy Key, Hoy Proflfit, Dean Harris. Edward Blackwell, Robert Watson. Third row Earl Gregory, Henry Gardner, Richard Felder, Jim Sizemore, Jack Cray, Redmond Head), Ted Morton, Mike l’ad-gctt, Louis Rickenbackcr, Clyde Bell, Frank Morton, Mike Padgett, I-ouls Rickenbackcr. Clyde Bell, Frank Kitchens, Melvin Scigler, Edward Whittle. Fourth row Andy Willis. Ray Day, Richard Jordan, Bobby Scigler, Edward Snipes, John Piper, Billy Ray Fulmer, Ronnie Goss, Charles Barton, Glenn Redd, Tommie Blackwell.First row George Lawrence, Kenny Brocklngton. Nancy Gaddy, Lynn Burgess, Susan Taylor, Mary Ann Arnett, Mary Williamson, Margaret Permar, Judy Anderson, Wayne Kimball, Bob O'Hear. Second row Paul Smoland, Bill Kodes, Joe Herbert, Bob Mellon, David Weems, John Cox, Joe Hedrick, Bob Wells, Jerry Orr, Bill Boggs. Standing Carl Brown, Danny Fabrick, Alex Hobbs, David Wallace, Jack Hunter, Richard Campbell, Joe Spears. Peter Bartram. A1 Beasley. Science Club tours S R P The Science Club holds regular monthly meetings at which time the members are informed of new scientific developments by guest speakers. The club, under the supervision of Mrs. Phyllis Weyerts, took a tour of the Savannah River Plant. The members are encouraged to participate in the annual Central Savannah River Area Science Fair held in March of each year. Bobby Wells, Vice 'resident; Andy Smith, Treasurer; Bill Mlllett, resident; Susan Taylor, Secretary; Mrs. Phyllis Weyerts, Adviser. First row Danny Murphy, Bob Korts-ncr, Peter Nuessle,Jimmy Ixinart, F.lainc West, Mary Porter, Louise Bell, Sandra Mcischen, Cissie Axelbcrg, Jackson Bowman, Rodney Ashley, Lawrence Clark. Second row: Jim Klleu, Bob Patterson, Randy Fennlnger, Joe Hitch-man, Thomas Callahan, Stephen Scotten, M ike Pickett, Larry Holley,Tom Walton, Brad Kuhn, Scott lecher, Karl Belcher. Third row: Denny Royal, Andy Smith, Mark Walker, David Llndow, Burt Dahlen, Meredith Raney, Ricky Nuzum, I.arry Russell, Wayne Snitkcr, James Conway, Bill Mlllett, Chub Harm-stad. Bill Marx.hirst row: Denny Royal, Rodney Ashley, Karl Belcher, Slargaret Foreman, Pat Abbott, Cynthia Hamrick, Ann Cook, Virginia Elkin, Dan Fabrick, Larry Russell, Jimmy Johnson. Second row: Jim Kliett, Henry Stevens, Bill Milieu, Kenny Brockington, Ricky Xuzum, Bob Mellon, Wayne Kimball, Joe Spears, Burt Dahlen, Rick Hcrshcy, Bill Marx, Brad Kuhn. X-Ponents Learn the New Math The X-Ponents Club, under the supervision of Mr. Richard Cook, meets monthly. The members have an opportunity to increase their knowledge of mathematics and to learn of recent advances in this field. The club has guest speakers several times during the year and the members profit from these talks. They learn new ways ofworking math problems and acceptable short cuts in problem solving. Mr. Richard Cook, Adviser; Howard Brothcrton, President; Ginny Waters, Secretary- Treasurer; Grace Woodhead, I 'ice President. First row: Lawrence Clark, Jackson Bowman, Melody Seirson, Sheila Wolf. Fran Barrett, Melite Hickey, Laurel Wchler, (Jinny Waters, Grace Woodhead, Scott 1-acher, Richard Campbell. Second row: Robert Patterson, Danny Murphy, Mike Hart, David Lindow, Thomas Callahan, Howard Brothcrton, Joe Hedrick, Jonathan Fletcher, Andy Smith, Peter Bartram.hirst row Sharon Maurice, KittyChafln, Martha McKcown, Susan Lower, Dale Johnson, I slle Dessaeur, Jerl Sue Kivenbark, Cindy Nlland, Mary Beth Taylor, Keith Smiley, Angelle Willing, Pam Hilton, Vicki Hodges. Second row Susan Thomas, Barbara McAninch, I.ydla Smiley, John Cox, Jerry Orr, James Conway, Bobby Wells, Linda Curry, Sandy Piech, Betty Beaty, Barbara Scott, Linda Sanders. Art Club promotes artistic culture . . . The Art Club has accomplished much in promoting art appreciation at Aiken High and in striving to increase the interest in art and its importance in society today. The organization, under the supervision of Mrs. Peggy Lambert, has contributed its time and talents to improve the internal appearance of Aiken High School. Among its activities are placing murals in the main lobby, displaying unusual bulletin boards and interesting showcase attractions. I slie Dessaur, ublkity Chairman; Mrs. Peggy Lambert. Adviser; Rod Ashley, 'resident; Lynn Burgess, Vice 'resident; Pam Hilton, Secretary; Lydia Smiley, Treasurer. First row: Melody Selrson, Anne Mc-Kane, Claiborne Ray, Susan Bond, Sue Royal, Cathy Yonce, Lynn McDonald, Susan Taylor, Cecelia Thomas, Durana Farrar. Second row. Linda Sims, Teresa Timmons. Tim Corder, Sam Moore, Dale Hicks, Rodney Ashley, Mary Anne Arnett, Mary Porter.Library Club remodels conference room Members of the Library Club, in addition to their usual work of checking and selling books, began remodeling the first conference room of the library into a history reading room. Mrs. Jesse Lee Hutto, Aiken High School librarian, directed this activity. The plans of the club include the eventual remodeling of all six conference rooms. The Library Club also participated in the district Library Club convention, where Charles Holley was elected district president, and Susan Wells was elected district corresponding secretary.Seated Sandy Radford, Helen Her re, Mary Williamson, Ixrslle Dessauer, Susan Taylor, Linda Shawn, Barbara ('lark. Standing Dan Meischen, Robert Hudson, Larry Holley. Tom Walton, Carl Huffman, Nelson Donahue, Bobby Wells. German Club organized this year Those students who have been studying German—the newly offered foreign language in Aiken High—have an excellent opportunity to increase their knowledge and pronunciation of the language. Under the advisorship of Mrs. Lillian Carr, the members learn a great deal about the culture of German people and their contributions to civilization. At the meetings they have guest speakers, films, and recores. Tom Walton, Secretary; Leslie Dessauer, Treasurer; Larry Holley, Vice Resident; Mrs. Lillian Carr, Adviser; Bobby Wells, IWsident. First row. Grace Woodhead, Rose Ellis Hay, Sherri! Fleming, Eileen McCraney, Claiborne Ray, Donna Arrants, Ramona Walters, Sylvia Pridgen. Second row Ronnie Guinn, James Conway, Jimmy Rowland, James Merchant, Jay Shirman.Distributive Ed Club attends State Meets The members of the Distributive Education Club are members of the DE class. The club holds its meetings during Activity Period or during class periods. The main purpose of the club is to help its members in retail merchandising and in general store management. The club is affiliated with the state and national DE Clubs and attends regional, state, and national meetings. Kdward Bradberry, Historian; Betty Keenan, Secretary, Mbs Margaret Cato, Adviser; Jerry Kills, I ice Resident; Harold Key, Resident; Ann Cook, Editor and Publications Manager; Carolyn Anderson, Treasurer.Seated Charles Barton. Oswald Boyd, Gene Weeks. Mark Walker, Freddie Boyd, Glenn Reed. Standing: Tommy Blackwell, Cooler Snipes, Sonny Johnson, Jimmy Sizemore, Jerry Yonce, Joe Wyatt, Edward Salters. Tand I Club builds new soccer goals . . . The main objectives of the Trades and Industrial Club are to develop leadership and citizenship; to foster the best possible spirit between employer, trainer, parent, and school; to encourage worthy projects of benefit to school and community; to promote wholesome recreation and the dignity of honest labor. The members of the club took as their projects this year to construct the soccer goals and to build storage cabinets for the gym. Mr. William Bell, Adviser; Fred Boyd, Secretary; Marvin Cadden, 'resident; Charles Stumpf, Vice 'resident; Jerry Yonce, Treasurer. Seated: Glenn Kaborn, Billy Key, Billy Watkins, Stanley Williamson, Jimmy Bunch, Marvin Cadden, Charles Stumpf. Second row: Dean Harris, Bobby Ford, Ted Morton, Blease Carpenter, Richard Wright, George Me-Taggart.First row: Sue Simmons, Sylvia Hall, Sandra Connaughton, Connie Bennet, Dolores Harkins, Gail Coursey, Nancy Young, Lynn Kubanks, Xaomie Morris, Rienda Anderson. Second row Kath-eryn Yonce, Jean Drawdy, Carol Zimmerman, Angelle Willing, Sandra McFarland, Frances Barrett, Becky Stevens, Linda Lowe, Susan Thompson, Vickie Amott, Wendy Pope, Angela Crosby, Sandy Spires. Third row Sherry Sicg-mund, Paula Hopkins. Janis Snell, Rachel Crosland, Ann Knight, Jeanne Wiland, Shelia Warren, Joanne Bass. Future Secretaries help local charity . . . Dolores Harkins, residentPat Joyner, Secretary; Mrs. Marilyn Smith, Adviser, Sherry Slegmund, Treasurer-Reporter. The purpose of Future Secretaries Club is to provide an organization to supplement the commercial courses offered at Aiken High School. It stimulates more interest in the field of business and acquaints the members with the duties of secretaries. The club dressed dolls at Christmas for the Salvation Army. First row Mary Youngblood, Linda Hudson, Frankie Walters, Ann Scott, Katie McKinney. Pat Joyner, Jewel Osbon, Florence Shores, iJnda Campbell, Harriet Derrick, Esther Richardson. Second row Fllaine Jones, Carol Parrish, Jane Austin, Gloria Davis, Sheila Wolf, Anna Shealy, Jackie Jordan, Brenda Steele, Sandra Waldrop, Jacque Allison, Judy Green.Supporting PeopleBE REALLY REFRESHED! THE McGUIRE SISTERS PAUSE FOR KING SIZE COCA-COLA BIG 12 OZ. •OTTlfO INOH AUTHOWTY Of IHC COCA COtA COMPANY IT AIKEN COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY CINEMA THEATRE AIKEN, S. C. SCHNEIDER'S MUSIC CENTER HEADQUARTERS FOR SCHOOL BAND RENTAL PROGRAM Band Orchestra Instruments Expert Instrument Repairing 312 8th St. Augusta, Ca. PA 4-8947 RABORN BROS. BODY SHOP STRAIGHTENING - ALIGNING - BALANCING Columbia Road Aiken, S. C. Day Phone MI 8-1316-Night Phone MI 9-9793 BELL TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH CO. AIKEN, S. C. 149EULALIE SALLEY AND CO DIXON'S ESSO SERVICE CENTER AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA REALTORS - INSURERS “You Will Like Our Service FREE CUSTOMER PARKING 111 Park Ave., S.W. MI 9-6571 Aiken, S. C. STEPHENSON FINANCE COMPANY AUTO LOANS FINANCING - REFINANCING 116 Laurens St., N.W. MI 8-5419 HOTEL COMMERCIAL “Always the Best Food AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA DAVIS PHARMACY COMPANY 226 Park Ave., S.E. Phone MI 9-7322 AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA AIKEN L P GAS CO., INC. “Service You Will Like 208 Park Ave. AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA 150 RICKS' Tenderbite Meat Products RICK'S PACKING COMPANY AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINAAIKEN FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION A MUTUAL SAVINGS AND HOME FINANCING INSTITUTION A “CITADEL OF SECURITY” AT CIVIC CENTER 107 Chesterfield StTeet, S. Aiken, S. C. WYMAN REALTY COMPANY 141 Chesterfield St., S. MI 9-9626 AIKEN, S. C. combs, McDonald PARKS BUILDERS AND DEVELOPERS of FINE RESIDENTIAL PROPERTIES 229 Richland MI 9-7256 AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA HITE'S FINER FLOWERS SLOTINS CORSAGES A SPECIALTY 142 North Chesterfield Aiken, S. C. SHOP FOR WOMEN Aiken, S. C. AIKEN SPORTING GOODS 200 Park Avenue “Behind You All the Way” Walt M. Burkhalter GIFTS HOBBY SUPPLIES 151MAIN OFFICE FARMERS MERCHANTS BANK EVERY BANKING SERVICE SERVING AIKEN AND AIKEN COUNTY SINCE 1906 MEMBER F.D.I.C. DRIVE-IN BRANCH 152E and G FABRICS AIKEN BUILDERS SUPPLY “Quality and Service” 107 Laurens St. AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA T. E. Ferguson, Mgr. C. B. Anderson, Jr., Pres. 156 Williamsburg St., N. E. Aiken, S. C. Phone MI 9-2641 Durban’s INSURANCE - REAL ESTATE Phone MI 9-2561 AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA CULLER'S HALF ACRE 3611 Augusta Road AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA BARSH ELECTRIC SERVICE AUTOMOTIVE STARTER Generator, Voltage Regulator and Electric Motor Repairing 412 Mayne Ave., S.W. Phone MI 9-9531 Aiken, S. C. AIKEN FERTILIZER COMPANY Manufacturers and Distributors of HIGH GRADE FERTILIZERS AND RAW MATERIALS Aiken, S. C. AIKEN LUMBER COMPANY AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA MI 9-4146 MI 9-4147 153WHITE'S A GREAT STORE AIKEN AUGUSTA Compliments of FRED W. SCOTT COUNTY SUPERVISOR Aiken, S. C. HYDRICK APPLIANCE PIANO CO. FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES PIANOS-TV-RADIOS Phones: Bus. MI 8-8600 - Res. MI 9-7689 325 Hoyne Ave., S.W. Aiken, S. C. SATCHER MOTOR CO. SALES - SERVICE Phone MI 9-4148 Aiken, S. C. THE BOOK SHOP School Supplies — Games — Cards — Books Gift — Art Supplies Aiken, S. C. ALVANO S TOWN GRILL YOUR PATRONAGE IS APPRECIATED DAILY OIL COMPANY TEXACO PRODUCTS We Deliver Fuel Chief Heating Oil MI 9-7181 P. O. Box 662 230 Marlboro St., S.E. Aiken, S. C. 154BEAM'S TEXACO SERVICE RAM REALTY CO ‘Have No Forbearance—See Clarence” Laurens Street Whiskey Road Aiken, S. C. MI 9-9251 Aiken, S. C. EL'NORS FLORIST GIFTS Phone MI 8-1738 526 Richland Ave., W. Aiken, S. C. Compliments of MR. and MRS. J. B. YELTON Aiken, S. C. WRIGHT PEST CONTROL AUGUSTA - MACON - AIKEN “Do It the Right Way” THOMPSON MOTOR SUPPLY COMPANY 447 Hayne Ave., S.W. Aiken, S. C. ROGERS TIRE AND BATTERY SERVICE TIRES - BATTERIES - ACCESSORIES APPLIANCES 155 MI 8-5476 Your B. F. Goodrich DealerDyches Building Supply Company LUMBER AND BUILDING MATERIALS QUALITY AND SERVICE AT LOWEST PRICE 138 Fairfield Street Phone MI 9-4131 AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA BEASON'S ALIGNMENT SERVICE WHEELS STRAIGHTENED AND BRAKE WORK 132 Pendleton St., S.W. MI 9-7761 Aiken, S. C. H. D. PRIDGEN, INC. Marketer SINCLAIR REFINING CO. Distributor GOODYEAR TIRES BATTERIES 110 Williamsburg St., S.E. P.O. Box 932 Phone MI 9-7511 or MI 8-1234 Aiken, S. C. YOUR MONEY BUYS MORE AT AIKEN AUTO PARTS ELEANOR 126 Pendleton St., S.W. 127 Laurens Street Aiken, S. C. MI 9-2566 Aiken, S. C. ELLIOTT “Everything for the Office” School and Drawing Supplies Complete Book Department 321 Richland Ave., W. Aiken, S. C. 156HOLMES JEWELERS Certified Gemologist AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY JONES MURPH 151 Laurens Street, S.W. Aiken, S. C. ENGINEERS - SURVEYORS AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA MILNER SUPER GAS SOUTHAMPTON SADDELRY CO. Highway No. 1 Phone MI 9-9293 LUGGACE FINE LEATHER GOODS Aiken, S. C. Riding Clothes Roots Aiken, S. C. OYSTER BAY RESTAURANT WALTER PLUNKETT GOOD FOOD-SERVICE RIGHT FUEL OILS 205 Richland Ave. Aiken, S. C. Aiken, S. C. MI 9-6531 HUTSON-ETHERREDGE AGENCY INSURANCE - REAL ESTATE - LOANS THE PATIO FLORIST “The House of Artistic and Original Floral Design” CORSAGES-A SPECIALTY 157 Phone MI 9-7284 Aiken, S. C. 1042 Whiskey Rd. MI 9-9651 Aiken, S. C.Belk’s Department Store 121 Laurens Street AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA HARTE REALTY COMPANY COMMERCIAL - RESIDENTIAL - RURAL 137 Laurens Street, S.W. MI 8-1343 MI 8-5352 WILLIAMS-HERNDON GUNNELS PROFESSIONAL INSURANCE SERVICE 159 Laurens St., S.W. MI 8-8391 Aiken, S. C. ROBERTS GULF SERVICE “We Take Personal Interest in Your Car” 350 Park Avenue Aiken, S. C. MI 8-8461 WOODRUFF REXALL DRUG STORE Reliable Prescription Service” Mitchell’s Shopping Center MI 9-4166 Aiken, S. C. 158Compliments of NEILSON IMPLEMENT CO. FARMALL TRACTORS CAROLINA LANES 'Where the Hornets bowl” 3560 Augusta Road MI 9-2221 Aiken, S. C. ECONOMY AUTO STORE 102 Laurens St., N.W. AUTO PARTS AND ACCESSORIES APPLIANCES COMPLETE LINE OF SPORTINC GOODS HUNTING AND FISHING EQUIPMENT HOLLINGSWORTH CHEVROLET CO. AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA FULMER'S FOR FLOWERS 303 Charleston Street, S.W. MI 9-7223 LANDSCAPINC CARDEN SUPPLIES CHESTERFIELD COURT HAIRSTYLING - COSMETICS HARPER METHOD 120 Chesterfield Street Aiken, S. C. WARNEKE CLEANERS 113 Newberry Street 159 AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINABURGESS MOTOR COMPANY Aiken, S. C. AUTO SUPPLY APPLIANCE CO. PLYMOUTH Bill Burgess, Owner VALIANT Bus.—MI 9-7001 Res.—MI 9-6608 Dewey M. MacMillan, Owner MAGNAVOX, WESTINGHOUSE, AND MAYTAG 129 Newberry Street Aiken, S. C. BIRDSEY'S STORE GROCERIES - MEATS PRODUCE - FEEDS 139 Newberry St. Aiken, S. C. AIKEN GULF SERVICE 226 Richland Avenue Aiken, S. C. JOHN MARTIN, proprietor MI 8-8781 OWENS NURSERY GARDEN SHOP “Serving the Aiken Area Over 30 Years” Whiskey Road MI 8-1322 Aiken, S. C. THE J. W. ASHHURST AGENCY Your Independent Insurance Agent 157 Laurens Street MI 9-2281 Aiken, S. C. J. W. Ashhurst MI 9-2916 Mrs. M. F. Weadon J. R. Thomas MI 9-4419 MI 8-8504Congratulations To The Class Of 1963 ---------------- OWENS-CORNING Fiberglas L AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA 161 For the Best in Listening’’ WAKN CLOUD 7 1000 Watts 990 Kilocycles Aiken, S. C. gifts D. M. George Funeral Home SINCE 1920 - AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA Compliments of JULIA'S DRESS SHOP AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA NATIONAL KAOLIN PRODUCTS COMPANY Highway Number 1 AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA SANDHURST STABLES WALTER C. NEWMAN, Instructor 253 Dupree Street AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA 162'Smart Set” Shoes for the Smart Set at PHILLIPS SHOES 117 Laurens Street Aiken PHOTOCRAFT CAMERA SHOP 141 Laurens Street, S.W. AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA LAUREL HARDWARE, INC. LYON-CROFT-WEEKS TOOLS, PAINT, ELECTRICAL AND PLUMPING SUPPLIES 318 Richland Ave. MI 9-2991 Aiken, S. C. REAL ESTATE - INSURANCE AUTO LOANS 220 Richland Avenue MI 8-8301 Aiken, S. C. W. C. JACKSON, JR. AMERICAN OIL PRODUCTS B. C. MOORE SONS INCORPORATED 114 Williamsburg Street Aiken, S. C. Buy from MOORE and Save MORE SECURITY FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION 163 organized 1922 AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA Laurens and RichlandBRADLEY PLUMBING HEATING COMPANY plumbing — heating — air-conditioning Walter J. Bradley, Owner 127 Williamsburg St. Aiken, S. C. AIKEN TIRE RETREADING CO. 329 Hayne Avenue MI 9-7457 BUCHANAN'S HOME AND AUTO SUPPLY 131 Laurens Street AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA JOHNSON'S SERVICE STATION 125 Richland Avenue Dial MI 9-2771 Aiken, S. C. MONTGOMERY CRAWFORD OF S. C., INC. Wholesalers of BUILDING ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES PAINT HARDWARE P. O. Box 770 240 Williamsburg St. MI 9-4144 Aiken, S. C. PERSKY'S DEPARTMENT STORE AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA JACKSON TRANSFER STORAGE NORTH AMERICAN VAN LINES Local and Long Distance Moving 705 Richland Avenue Aiken, S. C. 164Portraits bv Lista Studio Of Photography AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA DRUG MART Mitchell Shopping Center PLATT REXALL DRUGS 111 Laurens Street RX DRUGS 157 Laurens Street CONGRATULATIONS to this term's graduates and all good wishes for success in the field they have chosen in which to carve out their careers. In searching for a higher education, we hope they will remember the fine colleges in our state; if entering business or industry immediately, we hope they will find their careers here in South Carolina. SOUTH CAROLINA ELECTRIC GAS COMPANY 16.5W. P. WILLIAMS AGENCY REALTORS Twenty five years experience with courteous and thoughtful consideration when it comes to buying or selling: REAL ESTATE 159 Laurens St., S.W. Phone MI 8-8392 P. W. WATSON TV SERVICE 317 Hayne Avenue, S.W. AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA AIKEN INSURANCE AGENCY “All Forms of Insurance”. Aiken First Federal Building MI 8-5256 Aiken, S. C. YOUNG'S NEW USED CARS “You have tried the rest; now try the best ” MI 9-6615 William Young, owner AIKEN PAINT BODY SHOP 642 York St., N.E. MI 8-1489 AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA AIKEN DRUG STORE Prescription Druggists COSMETICS - DRUGS - GIFTS MI 9-6286 Aiken, S. C. MIDLAND VALLEY One of the South’s Finest Golf Courses HIGHWAY NO. 1 Between Aiken and Augusta 166The Crest - The Carousel THE CREST MATS - FRAMES CAROUSEL DRESSES - GIFTS THE CREST TRAVEL AGENCY AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA WESTERN AUTO FAMILY STORE 117 Laurens Street Phone 9-7522 Jerry Chelton, Owner GRIFFIN TIRE SERVICE GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES RECAPPING - BATTERIES - ACCESSORIES GOODYEAR TIRES 126 Laurens St., N.W. Aiken, S. C. Phone MI 8-1331 TOMMIE MATHIS WHOLESALE CANDIES FLORENCE LAIRD AGENCY REAL ESTATE - INSURANCE 304 Park Avenue Aiken, S. C. 167PARADISE DAIRY COMPANY Aiken’s Only Local Dairy WHISKEY ROAD Aiken, South Carolina Harold F. Holley Aiken Branch Manager One hour m W DTIII171nt?' in HR 1 IIIIlIII b@ CERTIFIES THE MOST IN DRY CLEANING The Cafeteria Staff—Max, David, Jerry and Joe. The Three Faithfuls—Archie, Lena, and Elliot. 168McELMURRAY PONTIAC SALES and SERVICE Superior to Many and Good as Any Phone MI 9-2504 1014 Park Ave. AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA AIKEN TRACTOR AND IMPLEMENT CO. JOHN DEARE FARM MACHINES 1026 Park Ave., S.E. MI 9-4251 AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA AUTOMOTIVE PARTS AND EQUIPMENT MAXWELL BROTHERS Complete Parts and Engine Service Aiken's Leading Furniture Store Highway No. 1 — Columbia Rd. Phone MI 9-9517 Aiken, S. C. 122-24 Laurens St., S.E. MI 8-8348 Aiken, S. C. Park Avenue Lanes YOUR FAMILY BOWLING CENTER Park Avenue Lanes Concession AIKEN HIGH STUDENTS WELCOME 169 1100 Park Avnue Aiken, South CarolinaTHE PYLE-NATIONAL CO. a growing manufacturer of electrical products COMES TO AIKEN a growing community To Grow And Prosper Together 170CLEARWATER FINISHING PLANT Clearwater, S. C. A DIVISION OF UNITED MERCHANTS AND MANUFACTURERS, INC. 171GRANITEVILLE COMPANY MAKERS OF COTTON SINCE 1845 GRANITEVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA AND AUGUSTA, GEORGIA Graniteville Company is the oldest Southern cotton mill operating under its original charter; and Graniteville, South Carolina was one of the first communities in the nation to enforce compulsory school attendance. In addition, it was the first in the South and one of the first in the nation to provide free textbooks for school children. The textile industry provides employment for more people and pays more dollars in salaries and wages than any other industry in South Carolina. Your Future Might Be Woven in Textiles Graniteville, Warrenville, Vaucluse, South Carolina and Augusta, Georgia 172173174175A PRODUCT OF JM ‘ AVfMJI WW6T0N.iAt.fAI. N C 176— ■’•••' -■ A yigHv 'J. ' Y%£ - M ' H ■■■ “ . A' RWg ' ' ' '- v 5-.-;. . S % - 2z •- • -• ‘ • . 1 ; • s .. ' 1 . -• . ’’vx ■•• ' - ' v % • •• . » . , - v. •' ; ' i , - ; k -r. • i -XT . v T . N . -

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