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1961 garnet AIKEN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Aiken, South Carolina 3lntrotiuction Examine a hand—any hand. It may be large and brawny; it may be small and dainty. The size of the hand does not matter. It remains a wondrously constructed, marvelously engineered mechanism. Rough and untrained, the hand can do little. But train it, guide it; it becomes the instrument by which man’s thoughts arc trained into deeds. You will be led through this, the 1961 HORNET, with the hands of Aiken High. The hands that teach and guide, the hands that play, the hands that coach, and the hands that work.(Administration Together the hands of teachers and students work to try to make Aiken High one of the best schools in the state. Under the energetic leadership of Mr. Willis and Mr. Rutland, Aiken High continues to produce well-trained students, ready to seek jobs or continue their education in colleges. Outside school hours, the teachers work with classes, individuals or organizations. Thus student-teacher relations are improved and give the students a chance to feel that they have an active part in trying to improve their school.AIKEN ATTENDANCE AREA NO. 1 BOARD Mr. F. F. Henderson, Chairman; Mr. J. R. MeTeer, Mr. D. D. Kennedy, Mr. Geddings Willing, Mr. C. H. Marvin.Always ready to help work out any problem is our principal, Mr. James O. Willis. He meets with students, parents, and teachers to advise them and smooth over any difficulties. Making Aiken High a better school and building school spirit are his constant aims. Mrs. Hazel McNeil is one of the main cogs in the machinery of Aiken High. As secretary to Mr. Willis, she not only performs her secretarial duties but also does many other bothersome but necessary tasks. MR. JAMES O. WILLIS Principal MRS. HAZEL McNEIL Secretary to the Principal 7MRS. PAULA ATWELL B. A. Moravian College English and World Geography MISS MARY LOU BARLOW A. B. Coker College M. A. Appalachian State MR. ROBERT BELL B. S. Catawba College M. A. Appalachian State Teachers College Physical Education and World History MR. WILLIAM BELL B. S. Berry College Mechanical Drawing and Industrial Arts ifi-A MRS. MARGARET BOBO A. B. Newberry College M. A. Appalachian State Teachers College English and French MRS. HELEN BUTLER B. A. Erskine College M. A. Emory University French MR. IRVIN BUTLER A. B. Wofford College B. Physics and Plane Geometry MRS. CHRISTINE CALDWELL S Appalachian State Teachers College English MRS. LILLIAN CARR A. B. Wilmington College M. A. Miami University English MISS MARGARET CATO B. S. Winthrop Typing, Distributive Education, and Office Practice MRS. VIRGINIA ELKIN A. B. Winthrop College English ami World Geography MR. JOHN EUBANKS B. S. Clemson College Business Math MR. JAMES FRASER B. S. Newberry College Physical Education and History MISS NORMA GUNTER B. S. Winthrop College M. Ed. University of South Carolina Bookkeeping, T t ping and Business Engilsh MR. CARROLL COURTNEY A. B. Wofford College Algebra and Biology MR. ALVIN HAWKINS M. S. Clemson College Vocational Agriculture MISS ALICE DAVIS B. S. Wintrop College Chorus MRS. JOYCE HOLLEY B. S. Winthrop Home EconomicsMRS. JESSIE LEE MRS. PEGGY LAMBERT MRS. VIRGINIA HU rTO A. B. Lander College McMILLAN B. A. Furman University American Democracy B. A. Wellesley College Librarian and Art English and French MRS. BETTY OWEN A. B. Coker College Algebra and Trigonometry MR. THOMAS PATRICK B. S. Wofford College Chemistry f MRS. BLANCHE RUTLAND B. A. Columbia College History and Civilization MRS. PEGGY SEICLER A. B. Furman University Physical Education MRS. JO ANN PRICE B. A. Limestone College Shorthand and Typing MR. DON SHEARER A. B. Catawba College BiologyMRS. JEAN SIMPSON B. A. Columbia College English MR. WILLIAM SLAUGHTER B. Mus. Ed. West Chester State Teachers College M. Mus. Ed. Florida State University Band MR. FRANK SULLIVAN A. B. Wake Forest M. A. Peabody University Guidance Counselor MRS. FRIEDA WAYBRIGHT A. B. Marshall College History MISS ROSALYN WEIC.LE B. A. Lander College Chemistry and Pla tie Geometry MRS. GLORIA WOOD MRS. JUDITH WHITE B. S. B. S. Winthrop College Area Dietician Southern Illinois University English MR. NORMAN WOODWARD B. S. Clemson College Algebra and Assistant Principalj tucbni Jixit A record on the turntable, a hand on the needle-arm, and one phase of the varied student-life activities begins to whirl. Sounds and teenagers seem to go hand in hand—sounds of laughter at an amusing yam; sounds of dancing to a lovely tune; sounds of pencils as they scratch answers on test papers; sounds of sadness as each year ends. These are some of the sounds that record the student life of Aiken High from September to June. These are some of the sounds that help to kindle true friendships and sparkle lasting memories.Student Xtft Is everybody ready?—Let's go! Henry Hornet our “live mascot. Majorettes stand at attention during our National Anthem Sr' Jim joins in the team’s joy over making “pebbles” out of the “Rocks.” Calendar AUGUST 1 What happened to tradition? HORNET Staff failed to start! 15 Football Practice starts-are you sure that is not an oasis? 22 Band practice—hit the line on 8, not 9! 31 Once more the portals of A.H.S. are opened wide. Assembly this morning—in the middle Freshmen! SEPTEMBER 1 Johnny Knox—Rotation. Student Council “advises” parking cars in straight lines. 2 Aiken students staged grand march down Laurens Street to boast school spirit for season’s first game with Aquinas-must have worked 0-0. But Mrs. Owen, my name is Maynard! insists Chuck. 5 First Holiday-how many days until Thanksgiving? 6 Catting up in Study Hall? Don’t be embarrassed Little J. O.y Mr. J. O. Won’t bite. Nancy Gray places 2nd in REA Beauty Contest. Please rent a lock. Mary Lott, you know Student Council needs the money. 9 Who says 13 is unlucky? Aiken 13—L.B.C. 6. 12 One more lap to go, Barrie. Trying to hide that red again, Jerry? Keep that line on the field. 14 Come on Juniors, show Judge Piech what Scholastic Aptitude really is. “Lipstick on Your Collar,” Fred, told a tale on you. 15 But Mom, Mrs. Bobo won’t have time to talk to everyone at the reception. 16 Congratulations Pam for Miss Hi-Miss. Great start “B” team—Aiken 27—Graniteville O. 19 Only 118 more shopping days until Judy Tyson’s birthday. Roberta Propst, Pat Hart, Jane Stacey, Cynthia Evans, and Marcia Markland give of their time to help in the office.The team is in a huddle—You've got to F-I-G-H-T-! 1623 1 3 4 .5 6 10 11 13 14 17 15 20 21 26 27 28 2 9 31 1 2 2 4 6 10 11 12 13 16 17 (Calendar “Rocks today, pebbles tomorrow. Dummies are flying everywhere, including on the school flag pole. Aiken 12; Graniteville O. OCTOBER Alex Beasley-guess what-you'rc Student Rotarian this month. Looks as if your car has Monday troubles Uv , Sally—stalled fourteen times on the way to school. 1. JW Won’t someone please buy a magazine subscription to help the band? Six weeks tests Unlay. Juniors begin fdans for Homecoming. Oh, those lucky football sponsors-just look at those players. The M. P.’s don’t dig Fred’s little arm do they, Steve? Aiken loses to Brookland-Cayce 14-0. Everyone iust loves 44Henry Hornet Senior Play tryouts. Snow flakes for lunch—potato type, that is—not the real kind. Congratulations to all our Merit Semi-Finalists. (Too many to name.) Second six weeks tests started today. At least English teas first. Homecoming! Congratulations. Sue. First time we have ever beaten Sumter—Aiken 26—Sumter 13. Report Cards-Please let me iust go to the Newberry game. FFA O FHA attend State Fair. Halloween Carnival-I like the ride on the fire engine best! That’s the way to show them, Hornets Aiken 39— Newberry 6. Moose strikes again—pictures for HORNET were taken. Get well, Archie! What’s that Ted? Aiken 7-Greenwood 29. Miss HORNET contestants chosen—Whom will it be? Student Directors on sale-Already knowing Beth’s number was Jim’s excuse not to buy. NOVEMBER We have a Student Rotarian this month, too—Bob Davis. An addition was made to the HORNET Staff-congratulations Eddie, Katherine, and Robbie. Freshmen elect officers. Last home game with Dreher—Mary Eleanor did a fine job; iust ask you-know-who. Jimmy fell out of orbit—Ginger had to leave. Things” came off iust fine in French class, didn’t they Charlotte? Ice cream at lunch to celebrate Max’s winning the Talent Show. Beta Club held a tea . What do you mean a tie? Just wait till next year. North Augusta. Second six weeks tests started today. At least English was first.’’ Nan nominated for Order of Green and White. What an exclusive club-4 members. Senior play a huge success—“What are we going to do with the money?” Stephanie and Beth show the enthusiasm of everyone when Sue is crowned Homecoming Queen. What a line of beauties! Our Homecoming sponsors were Peggy Bane, Drew Wright, Ruthie Gregorie, Sue Marshall, Sylvia McNair, Janis Snell, Linda Willing, Kay Patrick, LaFayc Woodward, Sherry Brewer, Donna Bryant, Diane Sawyer, Roberta Mathis, Marilyn Torchio, Donna Doyle, JoAnne Gibbons, and Mary Eleanor Gingrey. WmmR 17The annual Talent Contest was a bin success. Standing are the “Shirells,” Tim Helms, Jim Robertson, George Cole, Henry Hall who received Honorable Mention. Seated are Max Werner, first place winner, Patsy Collins, third place winner, and Sherry Brewer, second place winner. Geneva Goodwin, Aiken County Voice of Democracy winner, talks over her speech with Mrs. Lambert.More beautiful girls—May Queen Contestants this time. Bottom row: Judy Courtney, Cathy Owens, Jane Dickerson, Pam Royal, Judy Tyson, Ann Rountree, Camilla Brooks, Marilyn Torchio, Top rote: Nikki McGinley, Mary Eleanor Cingrey, Pat Coffey, Barbara Frear, Drew Wright, Olivia Garvin, Sue Marshall. (Salendar 23 24 1 2 3 5 8 9 12 16 18 21 25 26 30 1 2 9 10 13 17 18 19 20 25 26 27 28 30 1 2 Nan chosen Miss D.A.R. “Hut what is it?” says Nan. Thanksgiving holidays—turkey ’n dressing! DECEMBER Hill Baxter fitially made it—Student Rotation. ImsI call for HORNET buyers! Meta, you’d better make Judy return those books to the library, they were due in September. “Hear those sleigh bells ringing.” The band gave annual Christmas Concert. Eddie was great on the oboe. Henry and Jeff enter Order of the Green O White. Basketball season opens tonight. Lancaster 49-Aiken 47. If you look close enough that “little green man” walking around is Jack painting picnic tables for Beta Club. “Mrs. Elkin,” explains. Nancy, “People iust can’t remember everything.” I Hobdays begin—Yipee. I’m bored. REST! Basketball tournament Orangeburg takes first place. Hornets just miss by one point. Merry Christmas! Christmas Formal Good band; who heard the music? Ever body prepared to greet the New Year? Helen and Charwin are at those parties again. JANUARY Best wishes for the New Year! Gordon Nichols Rotarian. But it's after Christmas Gordon. Hurrah! Pam and Camilla. Cheryl added to HORNET beauty section. Otto E? !; : (Eisenschinl) spoke on ‘After Graduation, What?’ What? James Barton nominated for membership in Order of Green and White. Exams started! How wonderful 1 get to sleep tomor- row morning. Guess I’d better get up and study. The Story Hour” test was a cinch-to fail! Coach Bell, I don’t need muscles except enough to carry my books around. Report Cards!!! April Showers came early—hut in the form of ice. School buses weren’t operating; neither was anything else. Reports-next day. The ice is still covering the campus. Miss Davis has caught a bug. Hope you get well soon. Parking lot—all slush! Need boots for wading to school. Juniors order rings! Hey, can anyone lend me SI 7.00? FEBRUARY George Townes Student Rotarian. Congratulations to Miss Gunter’s homeroom for collecting t!u- largest amount of money for the March of Dimes. The Student Council held the elections for May Queen. Can’t you make up your mind, Julia?3 9 10 13 14 15 16 20 23 27 1 6 9 15 17 IS 20 21 28 1 2 10 14 21 25 5 12 21 28 1 (Calendar Juniors, hurry and order your rings Since all nine of them arc Finalists, ice’ll name them. Congratulations Bill, Jeff D., Ardean, Gordon, Jeff Greg, George. .Van, and Jimmy. One of the B’s is missing—Get well soon Mrs. Bobo. Induction of Second Semester Student Council. Greg blew his whistle, and the “Cubs marched into school. Miss Orr, the assistant Home Economics teacher, arrived today. The Hornets topped off Valentines Day with a 55 to 36 victory over North Augusta. Great team, Mr. Bell. “A Tale of Three Sleepy Heads —refers to Judy, Nan, and Fern. But it was the complete set, Mrs. McMillan” explains Larry. Lee and Bobby ioin HORNET Staff. Judy wins Betty Crocker Award- Didn't he call my name?” Intramural Basketball-Will the Juniors win again? MARCH In like a lion? No use to comb those curls, girls. May attendants selected. Great going Juniors! The play raked in the profits! This was a bad day for Caesar. St. Patricks Day. Green is a restful color??? Yes, State Thcachcrs Convention! College Boards? What are they? The Itand is getting nervous over state contest! we’re all behind you! Start swinging worry bats, boys. Science Fair. Is love a science? Beta Club inducts Freshman— — to sec paper with.” Don’t those all the more eyes APRIL Everyone will graduate. April Foot! Easter Bunny, please bring me some good English grades. Masters Toumoment-Playing was Henry’s excuse. Debutante Dance. Aiken High School’s Birthday-seven candles this year. Report Card-Again!! MAY May Day was lovely and the entertainment was great. '61 HORNET out! Junior-Senior. Awards Day. Baccalaureate Sermon. JUNE Commencemn t-Hip, hip-hoorayH! They started construction on the new wing in January. What is it going to be, F-wing? Student Merit Semi-finalists and then finalists: Jeff Piech, Ardean Moore, Jeff Davis, Gordon Nichols, George Townes, Greg Roberts, Bill Baxter, Nan Werner, and Jimmy Willis. 20Come on girls-S-T-R-E-T-C-H! Mr. Patrick and Jeff leave for the “Youth Conference on Atoms” in Chicago.What’s that hot gossip girls?$ member 333 hen No, you can't have a bite.” ‘ I might look helpless but Ready for the oven!Back when we “wuz” in Texas . . . With those legs, Dan, you’re gonna put all the models out of business. Bentember Sisters! Quite a trick; But what about the ones on the bottom? Play me “Hearts and Flowers.” 24Poodles Pewee? 25j ports A pair of hands swinging a baseball bat, reaching for a forward pass, putting a shot, or swinging a golf club; following through a tennis swing or dribbling a basketball—these, supported by the clapping hands of the spectators, join to form a major part of the athletic program in Aiken High School. Man, as a player or spectator, seems to find satisfaction in well-played athletic events. It is this aim that Hornet sportsmen work to coordinate the body and mind, sports and honesty, competition and fairness.hirst row: N. W. Stone, Dun Wakefield , Jim Barber . Jim Robertson, John Weigle . Frank Hepburn, Alex Beasley, Ray Moore. Second row: Billy Brockington, Buddy Purcell . Tommy Wells. Butch Shivers , Craybill McElmurray®. Glen Nordeen. Gene Greene, Ted Prichard. I bird row: Rayner Handley . Jim Morris . Terry Chance . Billy Smoot . Glen Slaughter . Bob Davis, Chris Smoot. Tom Todd, Billy Monk Fourth row: Steve Carlisle, Richard Byrd . Billv Winter , Woody Woodward, Bob Farmer , Dick Smiley, Harrv Bray , Bobby Burch , Tony Corder . ’ Returning Flayers. Sfaotball WON 1961 RECORD 5, LOST 4, TIED 1 Aiken 0 Aquinas 0 Aiken 13 L. B. C. .6 Aiken 12 Graniteville 0 Aiken 25 Lancaster 0 Aiken 0 Brookland-Cayce 14 Aiken 26 Sumter 13 Aiken 39 Newberry 6 Aiken 6 Greenwood 29 .Aiken 7 .... Dreher 14 Aiken 7 North Augusta 21 283[ootball bounces right foao for ’60 Jfornrts As the 1960 Hornets started off the season, nothing seemed in their favor. Coach Bell said in many interviews that he did not have the depth or the material needed. But he started working. With the help and the spirit, hustle, and teamwork of the players, Aiken High had the first winning season in eight years. The Hornets began the season slowly, tying Aquinas of Augusta, 0-0. The defensive team was sharp, but the offensive squad seemed not to get rolling. The second game, September 9, was the best spirited game of the season—Aiken 13, L.B.C. 6. Everyone played a fine game and hit harder than in any other game. After a week’s rest Aiken faced Graniteville who had not been beaten or even scored upon. Aiken’s spirit came through with a 12 to 0 victory. Next in line was Lancaster. Aiken showed them what a passing game really was by defeating them 25-0. Next Brookland-Cayce sneaked by with a 14-0 win. Many Aiken fans followed the Hornets to Newberry, and the trip was well rewarded as Aiken triumphed 39-6. Aiken entered the Sumter game with high spirits, and came out with a 26-13 Homecoming victory. Greenwood was a tough group and the powerful Emeralds were too much for the Hornets. The score—29-0. In the Dreher game Aiken played well, but a penalty brought back one Hornet touchdown, contributing to the 14-7 loss. The first half Aiken held North Augusta to a 7-7 tie. But in the second half N. A. pulled ahead 21-7. Alex Beasley makes “pebbles” out of rocks, Graniteville type, wi th Bob Davis (72) and Steve Carlisle (31) helping in the melee.An unlucky Greenwood player is pounced on by Bob Davis as Billy Monk, Ted Prichard, Bob Farmer, and Alex Beasley come in for the “kill”. Hard work by Jim Macklen, James Barton, John Barrett, and Sammy Moore contributed greatly to the success of the Hornets.junior |3lager8 ALEX BEASLEY 9 BOB DAVIS CO-CAPTAINS FRANK HEPBURN CHRIS SMOOT BILLY BROCKINCTON TOMMY WELLS TOM TODD DICK SMILEY CLEN NORDEEN CORDON NICHOLS TED PRICHARD GLEN DeHART WOODY WOODWARD RAY MOORE 31Sue Marshall was crowned Homecoming Queen by Mr. Willis at halftime. With Homecoming spirits high Alex Beasley charges off end and Bob Fanner prepares to throw a block.MR. ROBERT BELL MR. DONALD SHEARER MR. JAMES FRASER IWs’ (Enaches Aiken High School sports season began with three coaches new to the Aiken Area. Mr. Jim Fraser served as line coach of football, Junior Varsity basketball coach and baseball coach, Mr. Bob Bell served as head football and basketball coach and as Athletic Director of all sports while Mr. Don Sherer served as Junior Varsity football coach and track coach. Mr. Bell holds the distinction of having been chosen “Football Coach of the Year” from the Central Savannah River Area. 3.3 Basketball Blake Meadows, Steve Carlisle, Glen DeHarL Kennv Kitrht. Harry Bray, Billy Franklin, Greg Roberts, Bob Davis, Alex Beasley, Terry Chance, Danny Mills, gtanley Selby} W. E. Stone, MANAGER; Tim Helms, SCORE KEEPER; Watson Elkin, MANAGER. 34BOYS' RECORD WON-15 LOST—9 Aiken 47 Lancaster 49 Aiken 59 A. C. Flora 34 Aiken 29 Greenwood 37 Aiken 47 Orangeburg 59 Aiken 64 Lancaster 36 Aiken 61 A. C. Flora 43 Aiken 45 Aquinas 27 Aiken 63 Graniteville 37 Aiken 41 Aquinas 21 Aiken 55 North Augusta 36 Aiken 47 Graniteville 45 Aiken 42 North Augusta 31 Aiken 36 Greenwood 48 Aiken 52 Brookland Cavce 53 Aiken 40 Orangeburg 43 Aiken 72 Brookland Cayce 47 Aiken 49 Anderson 58 Aiken 59 Anderson 46 Georgia-Carolina Tournament State Tournament Aiken 45 Clinton 38 Aiken 40 Columbia 31 Aiken 41 Aquinas 23 Aiken 34 Dreher 49 Aiken 42 Orangeburg 43 Aiken 59 Florence 44 asBilly Franklin Captain Senior |I lagers JUNIOR VARSITY, Kneeling: Barry Johnson, Divver Martin, Scotty Kidd, Larry Mills. Standing: Bill Marx, Dale Hicks, Gary Christensen, Rick Hershey, Howard Brotherton. The J-V’s played for experience this year. Teamed with the Juniors on the Varsity, they will comprise Aiken’s team next year. Although the team won only four of their 10 games, they usually lost by a small margin. The teams they beat were A. C. Flora, Graniteville, North Augusta, and Brookland Cayce.Glen DeHart Bob Davis Greg Roberts Senior |Jlagers The Hornets were led by a sextet of seniors to a 15-9 season. Each of the men contributed to the Hornet cause with his own particular basketball talent. Alex Beasley was the steadying influence for the Hornets with a cool head in tough situations. He held Glen Gaskin, Graniteville’s high-scoring star, to a mere twenty-seven points in two games. Aiken’s front court men, 67” Greg Roberts, 6’3” Bob Davis, and 6’2” Billy Franklin were responsible for much of the team's scoring, as each of them averaged in the double figures. Roberts and Davis led the club in rebounding and Franklin was the most outstanding shooter. All three had many good nights; Franklin scored 21 against Brookland-Cayce here, Roberts scored 21 in the first Graniteville game, and Davis tallied 19 against Florence in the state tournament. Danny Mills and Glen DeHart were members, along with Beasley, of the Aiken guard corps. Mills started the year slowly, doing most of the work on defense, but mid-way througn the season his shots began hitting and he gained confidence on the floor. His strength was driving, and he scored many of his points on fancy lay-ups. DeHart showed himself in the first half of the year as a great dribbler, ball-handler in general, and plav-maker. In the latter part of the season he was hampered by the recurrence of an old ailment, but until that time he led the Hornets in assists. Glen DeHart, dribbling ace, exhibits his special talent. 37Kneeling: Roberta Mathis. Carolyn Grace, Pain Royal. Sandra Gregory, Linda Willing, Ann Rountree. Sheila Hanna. Standing: Boo Kruger, Kay McGee, Dinah Flyer, Trescott Carswell, Joanne Caldwell, Susan Ahrens, Anna Shealy, Jackie Jordon, Maxine Shelton. Janice Snell. GIRLS' RECORD WON-5 LOST—5 Aiken 37 Aquinas 27 Aiken 38 Aquinas 19 Aiken 32 Graniteville 29 Aiken 39 Orangeburg 40 Aiken 22 Orangeburg 45 Aiken 41 Graniteville 45 Aiken 29 North Augusta 43 Aiken 28 North Augusta 47 Aiken 34 Lancaster 32 Aiken 27 Lancaster 15 Joanne Caldwell fights to ring up two points. Judy Rorex, MANAGER; Linda Bennett, MANAGER. 39 Returning |3lauere GOLF Some years ago the Golf team was first in the state. Now they are striving to obtain this position again. This year’s team looks very promising with some returning players and several hopefuls among the underclassmen. Jeff Davis, Henry Busch, Martin Redd, George Cole. TRACK In 1961 the Hornet track team faces the best year in its career. With most of the outstanding players from 1960 returning, the prospects for a successful year are bright. Kneeling: Johnny Knox, Jimmy Wilkins, Woody Woodward, Ted Prichard, Ronnie Johnson, Billy Winter. Standing: Dale Blessing, Wayne Hartley, James Barton, Billy Brockington, Jimmy Willis, Tommy Wells, Clinton Fulmer, Buddy King. BASEBALL The outlook for the 1961 team is good. With increased power at the plate, reliable pitching on the mound, and improved fielding on the diamond, the club should present an excellent outfit in the Triple-A circles. Sitting: Bill Baxter, Madison Canaday, Boh Davis, Alex Beasley. Kneeling: Henry Roberts, Bobby Burch, Kenio Kight, Danny Mills. Standing: Craig Burgess, Dickey Edwards, Morris Fairer, Tam Burgess, Dick Simons. 40First row: Charles Gamble, Arthur Slayton. Second row: Drew Wright, Stephanie Kaufman, Sue Marshall. Third row: Ann Rountree, Beth Tompkins, Fourth row: Sherry Brewer. (Cheer leaders v Whooping it up (luring a pep song at a football game. eaut iez “. . . and lovely is the rose.” Wordsworth’s sentiments might be changed to also lovely is the rose” at Aiken High. For the hands that gently hold and care for the rose have cared for paintings of art, strains of music, myriads of evergreens and loveliness of the body. The students of Aiken High select the most outstanding beauties and they are presented in formal attire to enhance the beauty of the school.presenting 1961 Miss Hornet JHtss JMartlgn Corchio Chosen by Carry Moore and the Panel of the Carry Moore Show “I’ve Got A Secret” 44MISS JANE DICKERSON Senior Class Sponsor MISS MARILYN TORCHIO Mins HORNET Contestant MISS COURTNEY HOWARD Miss HORNET Contestant MISS CAMILLA BROOKS Miss HORNET Contestant Maul of llon JRMAY QUEEN Miss Pam Royal 48HOMECOMING QUEEN Miss Sue Marshall 49JVciilntteg The fingerwork involved in playing a flute is comparable to the students involved in school activities. One finger without the help of others does not play a well-coordinated melody, nor does one student without the help of others compose a well coordinated club, just as each finger contributes its talents to the hand, so each student contributes his talents to the school. The activities at Aiken High are varied; it is the philosophy of the school that each student be allowed to participate actively and display his abilities in any activity of his choice.OFFICERS Standing: Alex Beasley, president; Blake Meadows, treasurer. Sitting: Mac Johnston, vice-president; Mary Lou Axelberg, secretary. 52The Student Council is the students’ main representation in Aiken High School. Council endeavors to provide for student participation in all phases of student-school relations. Included in its many activities the Council plans assembly programs, maintains orderly halls, conducts the annual talent show, sponsors annual bulletin board contests at Christmas time and honors alumni with a drop-in. FIRST SEMESTER COUNCIL First row: Pat Coffey, Gayle Wise, Katherine Hogan, Pat Joyner, Alice Sullivan, Sheila Stumpf, Mac Johnston, Alex Beasley, Blake Meadows, Boo Kruger, Jane Harper, Judy Coker, Nancy Carroll, Mrs. Owen, Advisor. Second row: Beth Tompkins, Beth Mattocks, Patsy Wilkins, Donna Doyle, JoAnne Gibbons, Bobbie Bailey, Drew Wright, Kay Coward, Sylvia McNair, Nancy Caldwell, Sue Creed, Sherry Brewer, Roberta Mathis. Third row: Janis Snell, Ann Knight, Patricia Slaughter, Susan Johnson, Norma Melcolm, Sue Marshall, Pam Royal, Trescott Car-swell, Stephanie Kaufman, Linda Sanders, Peter Nuessle, Max Werner. Fourth row: George Townes, LaVem McCullough, Charles Plunkett, Michael Royal, Danny Mills, Billy Franklin, Terry Chance, Bob Davis, Clayton Valley, Butch Shivers, Joe £hewning. Fifth row: Frank Hepburn, Bill Marx, Ricky Heath, Jack Mayensch-ien, Ross Stevens, Henry Busch, Richard Byrd, Jerry Schwertfeger, Larry Helms. SECOND SEMESTER COUNCIL First row: David Plyler, John Harte, Buddy King, Ted Prichard, Harry Goodwin, Peter Griffin, Billy Winter, J i m Morris. John Wcigle, Dale Blessing, David Ratchford, Rick Hershey, Divver Martin, Tommy Hubbard, Phil Hydrick. Second row: Kay Robinson, Judy Moore, Kathryn Kalos, John Mathis, Charles Rodes, Hall Jones, Ronnie Johnsoji, Larry Helms, Joe Chewning, Susan .Ahrens, Billy Monk, Gayle Wise, Judy Lackey, John Bebbington. Third row: Naomi Morris, Sylvia Hall, Paula Hopkins, Anne Freeman, Jean Groves, Mary Eleanor Gingrey, JoAnne Gibbons, Olivia Garvin, Peggy Pinckney, Sylvia McNair, Carol Zimmerman, Sue Marshall, Stephanie Kaufman, Ross Stevens, Jackson Bowman. Fourth row: George Townes, Tim Corder, Glen Slaughter, John Barrett, Terry-Chance, Denny Royal, Becky Rutherford, Beth Marvin, Beth Tompkins. 1‘irst row: Nikki McGinley, Bobbie Jean Bailey, Mary Eleanor Gingrey, Camilla Brooks, Cathy Owens, Pat Coffey. Second row: Jane Weeks, Mary Chadwick, Gayle Wise, John Harte, Ruth Cushman, Rhonda Rodgers, Sylvia Pridgen, Bonnie Goshorn, Joe Hedrick, Henry Barrett, Rodger Arnett, Becky Brock. Third row: Paula Zumbrunnen, Sue Scott, Ross Stevens, Barry Stevens, Dale Blessing, Steward O’Rear, Phil Hydrick, Donald Lyle, Jerry Carter, Edic Wallenburg, Judy Murph, Melissa Wilson, Kathryn Busch, Carl Huffman, James Snellson, Marie Fabrick. Fourth row: Alan Weeks. Susan Johnson, Gayle Roberts, Beth Marvin, Patricia Slaughter, Carolyn Hovas, Meta Willis, Charles Brackett, Eddie Walton, Hope Hatfield, Pete Griffin, Jerry Swertfcger, Carolyn Grace, Jeanne Martin, Margaret Shideler, Nelson Donahue. JVtken j chaal J and BAND STAFF jane Weeks, Jeanne Martin, Beth Marvin, Jerry Swertfeger, Pete Griffin, Marie Fabrick, Gayle Wise, Nikki McGinley, Pat Coffey, Cathy Owens, Mary Eleanor Gingrey.The A.H.S. Band is rated among the best bands in the state. Under the direction of William T. Slaughter, Aiken High actually has two-bands—symphonic and marching. The symphonic band provides music in special assemblies while the marching band provides entertainment in parades and football game half-times. MARY ELEANOR GINGREY Head Majorette MAJORETTESCast: Henry Barrett, Granins; Mary Lou Axel berg, Gert Truitt; Helen Hite, First Lady Buffalo; Jane Dickerson, Jackie; Anne Martin, Lady Buffalo, Drew Wright, Student Director; Olivia Garvin, Lady Buffalo; Bettina Hall, Third Lady Buffalo; Charlotte Tyson, Second Lady Buffalo; Mrs. Blanche Rutland, Director; Lewie Hartley, Hugo Nogginocker; Sue Marshall, Maggie Truitt; Patsy Wilkins, Gladys Truitt; Jeff Piech, Elmer Trutt; Henry Goldman, Lighting Director; Henry VanderVoort, Clarence Truitt; Julia Butler, Poodles; Arthur Wood, Roscoe Blipj); Greg Roberts. Pewee; Arthur Slayton, Beanie. ,31n jAtr Drew Wright, Student Director; Mrs. Blanche Rutland, Director. This year on November 17 and 18 the Senior Class carried their audience away to Hope Springs. There they were introduced to Elmer Truitt and his family. Flitting through this average American family was the ol’ love bug. Even Maggie, the youngest Truitt, was out to get a beau. The delightful antics of Cramps and Hugo helped make LOVE IS IN THE AIR a play to be remembered. .56CAST: Standing: Kaye Larson, Passenger; Eric Berry, Passenger; Jerry Schwertfeger, Slim; Morris Faber, Tim; Bob Farmer, Passenger; John Weigle, Joe Nash; Mac Johnston, Bill Trent; Fred Post, Dick Moore; Kay Coward, Miss Cruikshank; Jack Gosnell, Herbert Hooley; Richard Wallace, Butch; Doug Waters, Albert Maxey; James Wilkins, Captain O’Shea; Charles Gamble, Mr. Henry Van Clcve; Pete Griffin, Honey-boy Brown; James Barber, George Lawrence; Martha Lockhart, Louise Carson; Blake Meadows, Passenger; Seated: Nancy Van Zile, Arlena Dusenberry; Judy Coker, Jackie Allen; Ruth Cushman, Miss Hannah Blair; Beth Tompkins, Katsy Prew; Dolores Rowe, Connie Nelson; Linda Bennett, Melanie Leroy. JHan OfWboard! Suspense gripped everyone until the end of the Juniors play, MAN OVERBOARD. What had happened to Mr. Van Cleve, and what did Herbert Hooley, the detective know about his disappearance? Comic “relief” was provided in the persons of Arlena Dusenberry and Honey-Boy Brown who tried to force their attentions on everyone else on board the S.S. Columbia. The play was presented March 9 and 10 at the Aiken Junior High Auditorium. Had your “Crunchy, Munchy Krispies”? Steve Geddes, Student Director; Sylvia McNair, Student Director; Mrs. Glori Wood, Director. 57First row: Billy Brockington, Nan Werner, Jimmy Willis. Second row: Watson Elkin, Henry Goldman, Jeff Piech. (Drder of (6rmt Sc 3$lhite The honorary organization of the Order of the Green and White was formed to give recognition and appreciation to those students who have given much of their time and service to Aiken High School. The main purpose of this order is to boost school spirit by recognizing those who have worked for its improvement. New members are appointed by Mr. Willis after a recommendation of a group of people. Comprising the Order of the Green and White are students who have given their talent to Aiken High in the form of art, music, sports, electronics, and service. First row: Denny Royal, Bill Baxter, Bob Davis, Gordon Nichols, Alex Beasley, Jeff Piech, Peter Griffin, Richard Byrd. Second row: John Knox, Barbara Frear, Sharon Hahn, Charlotte Tyson, Stephana Kaufman, Helen Hite, Pam Royal, Nan Werner, Blake Meadows. Third row: Mr. J. O. Willis. Advisor, Louis Helms, Kay Coward, Martha Sprawls, Greg Roberts, George Townes, Jack Gosnell, Mac Johnston, Harry Galloway, Joe Kneecc. Cabinet The Aiken High School Cabinet is composed of all the heads of clubs and organizations in the school. The purpose of the cabinet is to provide the heads of the high school organizations an opportunity to discuss the problems and plans they hold in common. This cabinet is advisory and has no legislative power. First row: Jerry Schwertfegcr, Tommy Hubbard, Steward O'Rear, John Harte. Second row: Sue Scott, Beth Marvin, Gayle Wise, Marie Fabrick, Katherine Bush, Bonnie Gos-hom. Third row: Dickie Edwards, Eddie Walton, Bill Baxter, Phil Hydrick. Jpp J anA Ollub The A.H.S. Pep Band adds “a little extra zip” to the already spirited students. It is composed of representative members selected from the Aiken High School Band, and is under the direction of Tommy Hubbard. The Pep Band is always ready to play at ball games and pep rallies or to accompany the student body as they sing the Alma Mater. The purpose of the Beta Club is to serve the school and community through the active participation of its members. The club is composed of students displaying outstanding qualities of honesty, service, and leadership. An important accomplishment as service to the school this year is rebuilding and painting the picnic tables on the back campus. The monthly room inspections create competition among the classes while stressing the importance of neatness. First row: Antoinette Sidall, Lynn Hill, Joy Eubanks, Sylvia Pridgen, Alary Fran Gee, Patsy Baughman, Mellie Hicky, Mrs. Caldwell advisor, Beth Marvin, Meta Willis, Martha Lockhart, Marie Fabrick, Joyce Willing, Jerry Schwertfeger, Billy Winter. Second row: Lee Caruthers, Barbara Clark, Mary Porter, Becky Rutherford, Norma Jean Melcome, Judy Lackey, Sheila Stumpf, Linda Nuzum, Ruth Cushman, Faye Green, Katherine Hogan, Edie Wallenburg, Tom Bailey, Peter Griffin, Billy Smoot. Third row: Bill Williams, David Ellett, Lawrence Clark, Douglas Waters, Barry Stevens, Charles Gamble, Jack Gosnell, Steve Zelnak, Richard Emslie, Howard Brotherton, Rick Her-shey, Robert McBride, Alan Weeks. '■-■u.'n.wai First row: Gordon Nichols, Jimmy Willis, Teff Piech. Second row: Henry Goldman, Carl Brown, Greg Roberts, Bob Davis, Charles Stumpf, Ray Moore. Third row: Cary DuY'all, Thomas New Buddy Purcell, Joe Kneece, Pat Braddy, William Lewis. Audio-Jlieiial (Club Operating the public address system for football and basketball games, assemblies, and daily devotions are some of the activities of the Audio-Visual Club at A.H.S. Maintaining and provid- Henry Goldman, vice-president of the Audio-Visual Club, ing equipment such as projectors, tape recorders, record players, and amplifiers for the school are the main purposes of the organization. is showing two plebcs” how to operate a tape recorder.First row: Sue Marshall, Connie Mellon, Beth Boyd, Earlene Smith, Lucy Vinson, Sherry Seigmund, Ann Berry, Brenda Brown, Tinx Cushman, Gail Cozart, Linda Bennett, Judy Tyson, Elaine Vincent, Nancy Carroll, Julia Butler. Second row: Marlene Creech, Geneva Goodwin, Beckie Derrick, Marilyn Kaney, Elizabeth Eubanks, Dana Jackson, Mary . Fran-jGees Helen Hite, Bobbie Bailey, Sylvia McNair, Lydia Kaney, Sue Scott, Roberta Mathis, Nancy Caldwell. Third row: Mary Eleanor Gingrev, Judy Coker, Sherry O’Neill, Nancy Van Zile, Billy Cool, Henry Vander Voort, Linda Sanders, George Townes, Alex Beasley, David Ratchford, Barbara Frear, Brenda Fowler, Mary Ann Rachel, Bettina Hall, Charlotte Tyson, Patsy Collins. Fourth row: Camilla Brooks, Bill Baxter, Christine Brown, Brenda Bunting, Henry iDramatctrs iFutur? Ceachcre Providing light-hearted entertainment at the Christmas play and several special skits in assembly, the Dramateers approach their aim of developing their personality and character. In addition to acting, the members increase their knowledge of lighting, sound effects, make-up, scenery, and student directing. This year, for the first time, the Dramateers provided, under Mrs. Elkin’s direction, entertainment for the May Day. The purpose of the Future Teachers Club is to inspire young people to become teachers. The club members present programs which show some of the aspects of teaching. Thus the “future teacher” student learns more about the profession of teaching. This year the club has provided its members with a better understanding of the teaching profession, and has had several speakers and teas to promote better teacher-student relationship. First row: Jack McCraney, Judy Courtney, Emmie Smalley, Gail Cozart, Kay McGee, Delores Rowe, Judy Moore. Second row: Mrs. Carr, Advisor, Marilyn Kaney, Earlene Smith, Nancy Van Zile, Sandra Gregory, Carolyn Grace, Linda Bennett, Nikki McGinley, Fern Caney, Drew Wright, Ruthie Gregorie. Third row: Linda Bailey, Beth Boyd, Mary JEran Gee, Alice Sullivan, Brenda Leech, Roberta Mathis, Pam Royal, Jane Dickerson, Sue Marshall. Fourth row: Christine Brown, Brenda Bunting, Linda Piper, Geneva Goodwin, Jean. Groves, Barbara Eckardt, Barbara Friedman, Barbara MacMillan, Linda Prince, Jud(y McNeil, Bonnie Stec, Virginia Beckman, Linda Graham. ■ First row: Susan Thomas, Edit Wallenburg, Katherine Hogan, Sandy Sturkey, Nancy Wyman, Carolyn Hovas, Rhonda Rodgers, Joyce Willing, Mrs. McMillian, Advisor. Second row: Beth Mattocks, Susan Wells, Dorothy Scott, Rodney Ashley, Marie Fabrick, Judy Moore, Linda Shawm, Cissy Axelburg, Melissa Wilson, Eileen McCranev. Third row: Rick Hershey, David Barber, Bill Marx, Blease Carpenter, Richard Heath, l arry Helms, Louis Helms, James Conway, Rob McBride, Andy Smith, Jackson Bowman, John Harte. lies ctnices (Club As the name LES NOVICES implies, this club was formed for students studying first-year French. Through programs on France, its customs, people, and ideals, the members of this club hope to learn more about the language which they are studying. One of the main purposes of this club is to help the students speak French. JCe (Ccrcle SJrancais To supplement the endless grammar lessons and the tedious translation in class, LE CERCLE FRANCAIS meets monthly and offers more enjoyable ways to learn the French language and to understand the French people. Skits in French, people expert in French conversation, French visitors, and individual work on pronunciation are included in the years program. First row: Sherry O’Neill, Jeanne Martin, Patricia Joyner, Ardean Moore, Marilyn Smith, Faye Greene, Brenda Leech, Carla Cooper, Mellie Hickey, NJayv Fran Gee. Mrs. Butler, Advisor. Second row: Geneva Goodwin, Cindy Propst, Mary Eleanor Gingrey, Drew Wright, Eleanor Eckel, Martha Sprawls, Linda Nuzum, Judy Lackey, Sheila Stumpf, Ruth Cushman, Lynn Hill, Helen Hite, Billy Winter. Third row: Denny Royal, Lee Caruthers, Peter Griffin, Charles Gamble, Morris Faber, Jerry' Schwert-feger, Barry Stevens, Dale Blessing, Jack Gosnell, Richard Emslie, Steve Geddese, Billy Smoot, Jim Morris. First row: Charles Holley, Buddy King, James Barton, Chuck Jones, Douglas Waters, Butch Davis. Second row: Patsy Wilkins, Donna Yelverton, Angelle Willing, Glenda Hall, Earlene Smith, Mary Fincher, Lois Seigler, Sharon Hahn. Third row: Georgcan Steuben, Penny Lancaster, Beth Boyd, Jean Groves, Gail Lindell, Faye Roberts, Helen Willis, Diane Gossett, Linda Bailey, Mrs. Hutto, Advisor. jCtbraru (Club Under the supervision of Mrs. Jessie Lee Hutto, the Library Club, through its numerous displays in its showcase and in the library, has attempted to create a wider interest in reading and use of the library. This year the club sold paper-back books to supplement its hard-back collection. The Library Club is a member of the South Carolina High School Library Association. Charles and Beth shelve books as part of their Library Club duties. 3First row: Beckie Derrick, Sherry O’Neill, Mary Ann Rachel, Sue Royal, Mrs. Lambert, Advisor, Charlotte Tyson, Marie Fabrick, Barbara Clark, Nancy Van Zile, Bobbie Bomba. Second row: Mellissa Wilson, Mary Porter, Eileen McCraney, Susan Thomas, Linda Sanders, Judy Tyson, Bettina Hall, Georgia Owes, Janie McCrosky, Helen Hite, Larry MeGee. Third row: Sherry Siegmund, Sandra Holley, Linda Bailey, Ardean Moore, Kay Robinson, Martha Lockhart, Marilyn Torchio, Marilyn Smith, Harry Goodwin, Ronnie Wright, James Spillsbury, Jerry Orr. Art (Club Striving to increase the interests of its members in art and its importance to society today, the Art Club, under Mrs. Lambert’s supervision, has accomplished much in promoting art appreciation. This organization has contributed its time and talents to improve the appearance of A.H.S. Among its activities are placing murals in the main lobby and displaying unusual bulletin boards and showcase attractions. Marilyn Smith proudly displays two examples of the Art Club’s fine work to James Spillsbury. 64First row: Carol Heath, Donna Yelverton, Helen Willis, Charles Allin, Bobby Hallford, Luther Derrick, Butch Collie, Grady Cato, Maureen Hutto, Brenda Perry. Second row: James Barton, Fred Lowery, Broa-dus Cato, Don Hogan, Roger Williamson, Johnny Lane, Tommie Baughman, James Cook, Hansford Temples, Dan Lowe, Roger Mason. HjE. Club The members of the Distributive Education Club, under Miss Margaret Cato’s supervision, strive to learn more about salesmanship, display, advertising, credits, collections, and public relations. Four members of the Aiken D. E. Club attended the S. C. Leadership Conference in Columbia and entered several contests. Donna Yelverton won an all-expense-paid trip to Chicago to the National Leadership Conference as a result of her being a first place winner for her Manual of Fashions. Brenda Perry and Lester Taylor, also members of the Aike Club, accompanied Donna to Chicago, April 20-23. JS’ciencc Club The Science Club holds regular meetings in which the members are encouraged to enter projects in the annual science fair. This year Ardean Moore won first prize in Physical science for her exhibit on The Fuel Cell which she entered in the C.S.R.A. Science Fair. Jeff Piech took a trip to Chicago to the National “Youth Conference on the Atom’ as a delegate from Aiken; he was accompanied to Chicago by the club advisor, Mr. Thomas Patrick. First row: Beth Tompkins, Ardean Moore. Faye Cardinal, Mary Porter, Becky Rutherford, Cissy Axelburg, Sherry Siegmund, Eileen McCraney, Jimmy Willis, Dale Blessing. Jimmy Barber, Derve Tyler. Jim Morris. Craig Burgess. Glenn Slaughter. Second rote: Janie McCrosky, Judy Coker. Martha Sprawls. Lynn Hill. Joe Hedrick, Tommy Walton, Bobby Wells, Mickey Payne, Billy Dunbar, Bill Heaton, Pat Braddy, Joe Chewning. Clair Montjoy. Third rote: Shelia Stumpf, Jeannic Martin, Mary Eleanor Gingrev, Linda Nuzum, Henry Barrett. Louis Helms, Buddy Purcell. Jerry Schwertfegcr, Judson Brodie, Jack Gosncll, Billy Winter, Richard Emslie, Larry Helms, Peter Griffin. Fourth rote: Jeff Davis, Dale Hicks. James Conway, Gordon Nichols, Robert McBride, Henry Vander Voort, Morris Faber. Billy Smoot, Jimmy Wilkins. Roger Arnett, Jay Jones, David Ellett, Ricky Wallace, Bobby Miller. Fifth row: Mr. Patrick, Advisor, John Cox. Lee Rector, Ray Gardner. Denny Royal, Bill Millett, J. J. Trinkl, Steve Geddes, Bill McCall, Billy Hyman, Law-rence Clark. Butch Davis, George Townes, Kenny Kight, Barry Stevens.First row: Mary Jordon, Marjean Robinson, Becki - Derrick, Naomi Osbon, Marilyn Kaney, Virginia Edgar, Lyndia Kaney, Alice Lybrand, Arlene Snitker, Gail Cozart, Linda Bennett, Kay McGee. Judy Coker, Dinah Plyler, Janice Miller,, Ann Hall. Second rote: Sabra Boyleston. Kay Salley, Judy Rutledge, Ann Moyer, Sandy Hoyer, Jean Moore, Dorothy Scott, Louise Satterfield, Hope Hatfield, Pam Wallace, Sandra Mercer. Sheila Collins, Carol Heath. Susan Redd. Third row. Linda Piper, Dottie Barton, Wanda Matlock, Amanda Johnson, Nancy Heilig, Sarah Emeneker, Amelia Cotis, Sue Scott, Ann Harvey. Elizabeth Eubanks. Patsy Baughman, Paula Zum-brunnen. Fourth row: Pat Harte, Elaine Vincent, Linda Fulmer, Brenda Bunting, Christine Brown, Maureen Hutto Audra Gossett, Jane Spivey, Margaret Williams, Earlene Heath, Brenda Wood, Ann Martin, Roberta Mathis, Mrs. Price, Advisor. Ifuturc jS’fcretarifs iFuture Jlontemakers Helping the faculty with jobs involving commercial work of all types, such as typing tests and mimeographing tehm, are included in the activities of this club. The members help Mrs. McNeil in the office by collecting the absentee slips, typing the absentee list, answering the telephone, and running office errands. Speakers are invited to club meetings to give members a more complete view of commercial vocations. Mrs. Jo Ann Price sponsors the group. The Future Homemakers of America have aimed to further the interests of its members in home economics and to promote the growing appreciation of the joys and the satisfaction of homemaking. The purpose of this organization, under the supervision of Mrs. Joyce Holley, is to emphasize the importance of a worthy home membership and to encourage democracy in the home and the community. First row: Hazel Wilson. Jean New, Charlotte Tyson, Marilyn Torchio, Judy Tyson. Bettina Hall, Kay Coward, Linda Willing. Jane Spivey, Sharon Hahn, Alice Sullivan. Norma Jean Malcolm. Libby Sullivan, Mrs. Holley, Advisor. Second row: Brenda Gordon. Mary Ann Rachal, Marlene Creech, Shirle Ann Jones. Ann Berry. Earline Holsenback, Frances Mullins, Kathryn Younce, Carolyn Anderson, Mary Fincher, Eulalie Rodgers. Naomi Osbon, Jean Rowers. Catherine Busch. Third row: Glenda Hall, Carol Zimmerman, Angelic Willing, Sue Royal, Maureena Whittle, Holly Place, Diane Gossett, Judy Rhoden, Patsy Collins, Betsy Johnson, Cherry Halliburton, Diane Allin, Dixie Lee Ellington, Audra Gossett. Fourth row: Cheryl Adams, Diane Sawyer, Donna Bryant. Dorothy Jean Fox, Donna Creasey, Mary Bass, Virginia De-Filippo, Brenda Fowler. Mary Ann Kruger, Sandra Holley, Emmie Smalley. Sarah Emeneker, Gloria Davis. Fifth row: Sue Ahrens, Carolyn Syphrit, Pam Striesfield, Patsy Lee, Anna Shealey, Shirley Stallings, Jane Austin, Betty Keenan.First row: Stephcnic Kaufman, Sue Marshall. Beth Tompkins, Linda Bennett, Ann Rountree. Drew Wright. Pam Royal Sandra Gregory, Carolyn Grace, Sheila Hanna, Sherry Brewer, Judy Ro-rex, Roberta Mathis, Katheryne Busch. Second row: Frank Hep-bum, Billy Winter, Jim Barber, Dale Blessing, Tommy Wells. Henry Busch, Ted Prichard, Ronnie Johnson. Jimmy Macklen, Wayne Hartley. Robbie Johnson. Buddy King, Bill Baxter, Linda Willing, Alex Beasley. Third row: John Weigle, Graybill McElmur-ray, Dickie Edwards. Martin Redd, Charles Gamble, Henry Roberts, Kenny Kight, Greg Roberts, Jimmy Willis, Billy Brock-ington, Craig Burgess, Arthur Slayton. Fourth row. Bobb Burch, Tony Cottier, Jim Robertson, Dick Smiley, Morris Faber. John Knox. Watson Elkin, Glen deHart, W. E. Stone, Glen Nor-decn, Tam Burgess. Fifth row: Bob Davis, Henry Hall. Woody Woodward, Billy Monk, Tom Todd, Chris Smoot. James Barton, Madison Canady. Glen Slaughter, Steve Carlisle. Billy Franklin, Richard Byrd, Coach Bell, Advisor. «lock A” Club v. L With a new staff of coaches at A.H.S., the Block “A” Club started out with new vigor and a new constitution. The purpose of the club is to be one of athletic honor and service to the school. The members meet once a month to discuss problems, or to hold regular meetings of athletic nature that pertains to the group. Each week the Block “A” Club selects a player of the week in each seasonal sporting event. Student Bn tar tans N. Cordon Nichols, George Townes, Johnny Knox, Bill Baxter, Alex Beasley, Bob Davis.First row: Linda Nuzum, Marie Fabrick, Patsy Wilkins, Anne Freeman, Marilyn Smith, Gretchen Lawrence, Ardean Moore, Earlene Smith, Connie Johnson, Sheila Stumpf. Second row: Pam Wallace, Arlene Snitker, Judy Rutledge, Charlotte Tyson, Mary Eleanor Gingrey, S t e w a r d O’Rear George Townes, Gordon Nichols, Jimmy Willis, Drew Wright, Nancy Van Zile, Ruth Cushman, Joyce Carter, Bill Williams, Charles Gamble. Third row: Doc- Simons, Judy Lackey, Sandra Gregory, Hall Jones, Ross Stevens, Alex Beasley, Bob Davis, Greg Roberts, Doug Hayes, Peter Griffin, Richard Emslie, Jeff Piech, David Ellett, Bill Baxter, Billy Smoot, Billy Winter. - atumal Jlonar iS’ncis'tg The National Honor Society inducts students who have exhibited outstandingly the qualities of leadership, scholarship, character, and service to the school. Recognizing these students and encouraging them to work to achieve the best of which tney are capable are the purposes of this organization. The society, advised by Mrs. Margaret Bobo, sent delegates to the State Convention in March.First row: Gloria Davis, Isa-bell Owen, Mary Allen Wood-head, Sherry O’Neill, Bcttina Hall, Judy Tyson, Marilyn Smith, Charlotte Tyson, Kathryn Kalos, Martha Sprawls, Sandra Holley, Brenda Leach, Boo Kruger. Second row: Jo Anne Gibbons, Nancy Gray, Cindy Propst, Dell Ree Frost, Lucy Vinson, Pam Royal, Nancy Caldwell, Kay Mills, Shelia Collins, Christine Brown, Margaret Shideler, Emily Wilkie, Pam Newberry. Third row: Mary Eleanor Gingrey, Peggy Pinckney, Marcia Mark-land, Jean Groves, Anna She-aly, Norma Jean Melcolm, Penny Lancaster, Belva Johnson, Carolyn Syphrit, Bonnie Stec. if lit lire Nurses The purpose of the Future Nurses Club is to familiarize those students interested in nursing with the various aspects of the medical field. The club has many speakers not only in the nursing profession, but also speakers in all vocations suited for the medical field. The members also become acquainted with the many types of scholarships available to them. A newly-formed club this year, the “future nurses” are under the supervision of Mrs. Jean Simpson. (Canteen js taff The Canteen Staff is a service organization. “Mr. Johnny” says, “The purpose of the canteen is to supplement the school lunches. The work-done by the Canteen Staff is completely voluntary, and the profits of this organization are used for student activity purposes.” First row: Marcia Markland, Naomi Osbon, Betty Keenan, Emmie Smalley, Linda Bates. Second row: Mr. Eubanks, Advisor, Linda Fulmer, Patty Reeves, Mary Jordon, Elizabeth Eubanks, Mary Allen Woodhead, Cherry Halliburton, Judy Rhoden, Kay Salley, Sabre Boylston. Third row: Geneva Goodwin, Lester Taylor, W. E. Stone, Junior Fowler, Jimmie Herron, Clement Rogers, Jerry Orr, James Barton, Ronald Shipman.4 First row: Jimmy Walker, Wayne Douglas, Glenn Jackson, Bill Williams, Rudy Bell, Butch Day, David Williams. Second row: Grady Yonce, Martin Roberson, Austin W illing, Dennis Willing, Jimmy Sizemore, Billy Key, Johnnie Johnson, Glyde Bell, Ricky Montgomery, Henry Hutto, Edward Salters. Third row: Mr. Hawkins, Advisor, Fred Ritz, Dan Lowe, Charles Key, Donnie Baker, Charles Mathews, Don Wakefield, Mickey Vickers. Leonard Plunkett, Tommie Baughman, Gary DuVall, John Piper, Alan Gregory, Jerry Yonce. Fourth row: Jerry Ellis, Kenneth Lain, Charles Plunkett, Joe Kneece, James Barton, Wayne Byars, Grayson Still, Rodney Boatwright, Edward Snipes, Harold Janrett, Paul Denton. iFuture 3[armors of America To encourage the development of agricultural leadership, co-operation, and citizenship is the primary goal of the Future Farmers of America. This club, under the supervision of Mr. Alvin H. Hawkins, tries to create more interest in the choice of farming occupations and to participate in worthy undertakings for the improvement of agriculture. One of its activities this year was that of adding to the attractiveness of A.H.S. by planting and maintaining shrubbery on the back campus. Mr. Hawkins is explaining the usefulness of modern equipment to several “future farmers. First row: James Covar, Clement Rogers, Paul Denton, Renny Shanks. Second row: Rodney Boatwright, W. E. Stone, Millard Howington, Johnny Evans, Tom Tyler, Ronnie Johnson, Harry Galloway, Larry McClain, Henry Hutto. Third row: Bill Harden, Charles Key, Danny Graves, John Lowery, C Jerald Hudson, Buck Rodgers, Billy Stewart, Larry Rushton, Sonny Ford, Arnold Redd. Sc ,3. Club The T. and I. Club works to promote an interest in industry and trade among its members. Fellowship in the vocational classes is encouraged. Whenever possible, the members try to serve the school and community. A special project for the club this year was to build a number of picnic tables for the back campus. Its membership is affiliated with the South Carolina State Trade and Industrial Club. JriUfra Club The members of the Bus Drivers Club work to promote safety on the busses and highways, and to instill the meaning of safety in their passengers. This organization gives the bus drivers a chance to help one another with their problems and to work out solutions to these problems. Mr. Norman Woodward coordinates the school busses for the Aiken area. “stHrf» miff ■snn First row: Butch Collie, Billy Ray Franklin, Jim Macklen, Bobby Rast, Mac Johnston, Billy Stewart, Morris Faber, Lester Taylor, Ricky Montgomery, Millard Howington, Edward Blackwell. Second row: Earl Sturkey, Donald Lyell, Jerry Carter, James Covar, Gary Du Vail. Leonard Cook, Tom Tyler, Kenny Lail, Larry McClain, Harry Galloway, Bobby Hallford. Harold Jar-ret. Third row: Thomas New, Butch Day, (Jerald Hudson, Jimmy Herron, Douglas Hayes, Steward O’Rear, Tom Harton, Sonny Ford, Larry Rushton, Don Hogan.First row: Mr. Woodward, Advisor, Judy Lackey, David El-lett, J. J. Trinkl, Geneva Goodwin, Betty Henson, Faye Cardinal, Virginia Beckman, Bonnie Stec, Anthony Boatwright, Jay Jones, Barry Stevens. Second row: Linda Nuzum, Sheila Stumpf, Judy Coker, Solly Urbam Gretchen Lawrence, Earlene Smith, George Townes, Ardean Moore, Judy Courtney, Connie Johnson, Julia Butler, Tojo Turner. Third row: Dickie Edwards, Charles Rodes. Hall Jones, Bobby Miller, Kenny Kight, Jimmy Willis, Greg Roberts, Bill Heaton, Henry Vander Voort, Richard Emslie, Jack Cosnell, Jimmy Wilkins, Dale Blessing, Butch Davis. intents Chorus The X-Ponents is a club for mathematics students to increase their interest and further their knowledge in mathematics. It is composed of juniors and seniors, but freshmen may be members upon invitation. The meetings are divided into two types: activity meetings in which members usually give the program, and program meetings at which guest speakers may talk to the group on careers in the field of mathematics. The Chorus is composed of those students who wish to further their talents in the field of choral music. Miss Davis, the advisor, has tried this year to encourage her students toward this goal. The Chorus presented many productions in assembly including not only the music for the annual Thanksgiving and Christmas assemblies, but also the traditional Easter music. They also provide music at the Baccalaureate Sermon services. First row: Nancy Widencr, Jean Stockhausen, Betty Jean Powell, Patricia Ard, Marlene Creech, Jewel Osbon, Florence Shores, Katheryn Kalos, Bessie Pennington, Ann Hall, Mary Ann Rachal. Second row: Mary Lois Eubanks, Janis Snell, Paula Hopkins, Daisy Stokes, Cissy Axelberg, Kay Coward, Sylvia McNair, Lois Scig-ler, Patsy Lee, Miss Davis, Advisor. Third row: Margaret Shideler, Peggy Kinniard, Judy McNeil, Carolyn Syphrit, Pam Wallace, Dell Ree Frost, June Hair, Sybil Austin, Joy Hamilton, Sarah Toole, Delores Widcncr. Fourth row: Wayne Kimball, W. E. Stone, Jack McCraney, John Mathis, Loren Blackmon, George Dunn, Watson Elkin, Billy Garrison, Pat Braddy, Jimmie Herron, Robert Comillion. Fifth row: Wayne Byars, Thomas New, Rudy Bell, Eddie Hair, Junior Fowler, Danny Kimball, Roger Williamson.The HORNET Staff was as busy as a hornet from early in August until the deadline! Many weeks were spent selling advertisements, discussing and planning the theme, and working everything out in minute detail. Miss Mary Lou Barlow was always available to advise the staff members. After the annual went to press in February, the HORNET Staff eagerly awaited the return of the combined pictures and copy, because an all out effort had been put forth to make this 1961 HORNET the best ever!!! First row: David Ratchford, Henry Vander Voort, Ted Prichard, Henry Barrett. Second row: Ruth Cushman, Fern Caney, Courtney Howard, Nancy Carroll, Katherine Hogan, Sheila Hanna, Marilyn Smith, Miss Barlow, Advisor, Kay Coward, Edie Wallenburg, Cay Blanchard, Olivia Garvin. NAN WERNER Editor JUDY SEYMOUR Business Manager Graduation—the diploma—the firm handshake and off into a world of confusion and problems. But prepared well are they, for at Aiken High the students are trained to meet the needs of the modem universe. The Seniors will never forget all the events, instructions, people, and fun they have encountered, and these times will be remembered as the best years of their lives. As their hands, hearts, and minds have been molded, so will their hands, hearts, and minds mold the future.jj'minrs GEORGE ALEXANDER “Desire not to live long, but to live well.” SCOTT ANDERSON “One thing you can be sure about a silent partner-it won’t be a woman.” TOM ANDERSON And more than wisdom, more than wealth -a merry heart that laughs at care.” CHUCK ARMOUR “Hang sorrow! Care will hill a cat. MARY LOU AXELBURG All greatness is unconscious, or it is little and naught.” MARCELLA BAKER “Friendship is a sheltering tree.” LINDA BAILEY “Joy rises in me like a summer’s mom.” HENRY BARRETT Turn night-time into day-time with the sunlight of good cheer. DOTTIE BARTON “She’s here, I hear her giggle. LYNDA BATES The best way to be understood is to be understanding.” BILL BAXTER Comedy is the fountain of sound sense. LOUIS BEARDEN If a man never contradicts himself, it is because he never says anything.”Claes of ’61 ALEX BEASLEY “Greatness is a two-faced coin-and its reverse is humility.’’ JACQUE BERGER “Nothing succeeds like success.’’ EDWARD BLACKWELL Thoughts left unsaid are never wasted. ANTHONY BOATWRIGHT “The mystery of mysteries is to view machines making machines. BONNIE BOVEE I haven't heard of anybody who wants to stop living on account of the cost. BETH BOYD “A friend is a present you give yourself. CLASS OFFICERS Tim Helms, vice-president; Henry Barrett, treasurer; Johnny Knox, president; Judy Tyson, secretary.Sm turs PAT BRADDY “While I am busy with little things, I am not required to do greater things” ELGIN BRIDGFORTH “The doer alone learneth.” ROY BROCK “Everything comes to those who wait—so don't hurry.” CAMILLA BROOKS “She moves like a goddess, and she looks like a queen” BILLY BROCKINGTON “A man pulling his own weight never has any left over to throw around.” DALE BROWN 7 desire neither to rule nor to be ruled.” TAM BURGESS 7 like work; it fascinates me.” HENRY BUSCH “My golf is finally improving. Today 1 hit a ball-in-one.” KATHRYN BUSCH “There are times when silence is the best way to yell at the top of your voice.” JULIA BUTLER “It is through the cracks of our brains that ecstasy creeps in.” FERN CANEY “Women are wiser than men because they know less and understand more.” STEVE CARLISLE “My thoughts and I were of another world.”Class of ’61 JOYCE CARTER “Silence brings friendship. BROADUS CATO Be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath.” CRADY CATO “Live for something.” PAT COFFEY Good taste is the flower of good sense.” JUDY COKER “Personality has the power to open many (loors, lint character must keep them open.' GEORGE COLE “Mankind had rather susi ect something than to know it.  Seniors BUTCH COLLIE “Thinking is the hardest work there is.' PATSY COLLINS “The smile that won't come off. SHELIA COLLINS Never cut what you can untie. LEONARD COOK “It matters not what you are thought to he, but what you are. JUDY COURTNEY “We know some persons who can speak several languages hut can’t keep silent in one!’ RONNIE DANCE There was nothing more fun than a man.” BOB DAVIS “His limbs were cast in manly mold for hardy sjrorts or contest hold. BUTCH DAVIS “Wise except when otherwise; Good except when bad.” JEFF DAVIS “Don’t take life too seriously, you’ll never get out of it alive.” ROBERT DAY “Work for some good. GLEN DeHART “He had occasiotwl flashes of silence that made his conversation perfectly delightful.” JANE DICKERSON “The reason why the gents like blonds.”QJiase of ’61 BARBARA DiFILIPPO Everything is worth talking about. VIRGINIA DiFILIPPO The reward of a thing well done, is to have done it. DONNA DOYLE “How easy to he amiable in the midst of happiness and success. BILLY DUNBAR “A good man does good merely by living. GARY DuVALL “The only books were woman's looks, and folly's all they’ve taught me. BARBARA ECKARDT Vo kin hide de fire, but what yo gwine do wid de smoke? MISS HI MISS KING TEEN PAM ROYAL TOMMY HUBBARDJuniors ELEANOR ECKEL “Quiet, but we suspect quite gay. WATSON ELKIN They are never alone that are accompanied. SARAH EMENEKER “Good nature is the very air of a good mind. JOHN EVANS “Ideas control the world. JEAN FLOWERS A good conscience is a continual Christmas. SONNY FORD ‘Humility is to make a right estimate of one’s self. JAMES FOWLER “A gentleman makes no noise.” LARRY FOWLER Nothing ages like laziness. BILLY RAY FRANKLIN “I think I am better than the people who are trying to reform me. BARBARA FREAR “Like the bee, we should make our industry our amusement.” ANNE FREEMAN “AU I mean by truth is the way I can’t help traveling. BARBARA FRIEDMAN Born with the gift of laughter and a sense that the world is mad. (Class of ’61 CLINTON FULMER He only is great who has the habits of greatness. LINDA FULMER “A loving heart is the truest wisdom. THELMA FUNDERBURG Silence is the perfectest herald of ioy. HARRY CALLOWAY “We make our habits and our habits make us. CHARLES GARDNER “The secret of happiness is curiosity. LINDA GARDNER We attract hearts by the qualities we display. j entor j§ uperlatilie BEST ALL AROUND ALEX BEASLEY MARY LOU AXELBERGjuniors OLIVIA GARVIN “The world is like a mirror, reflecting what you do. If you face it smiling, it’ll smile right hack at you. “PEACHES” GAULT “They do not love that do not show their love. JO ANNE GIBBONS 1 have the simplest tastes. 1 am always satisfied with the best.” DAN GILMAN “I do not mind lying, but I hate inaccuracy. MARY ELEANOR GINGREY “She is little, she is wise. She’s a great girl for her size. HENRY GOLDMAN “There can be no mischief sure where there is music.’ GENEVA GOODWIN “Silence is one art of conversation.' HARRY GOODWIN A mothers pride; a father's joy; A great big bouncing baby boy. BONNIE GOSHORN Meekness is love at school. ROBERT GOSS No person is either so happy or so unhappy as he imagines. AUDRA GOSSETT Manners are stronger than laws. CAROLYN GRACE “Do not wish to be anything but what you are, and try to be that perfectly. Class of ’61 DANIEL GRAVES No man is hurl but by himself. MILTON GRAY The business of life is to go forward. GENE GREENE The first thing to do, let's kill all ten lawyers. RUTHIE CREGORIE Good things, when short, are twice as good. ROBERT GREGORY “The sciences are beneficient: they keep men from thinking. SANDRA GREGORY True generosity gives recognition. juniors SHARON HAHN Laugh and be well. EDWARD HAIR “I hate nobody. I am in charity with the world. BETTINA HALL “The very pink of perfection. HENRY HALL I am a great friend to amusements. PHYLLIS HALL A fair exterior is a silent recommendation.' BOBBY HALLFORD “I am always content with what happens.' FRANK HALLMAN “Innocence and mystery never dwell long together.” SHELIA HANNA ‘“Tis not my talent to conceal my thoughts. BILL HARDEN I'll not budge an inch.” CHARWIN HARMSTAD A merry heart doeth good like medicine.” LEWIE HARTLEY As merry as the day is long. TOM HARTON To know how to use knowledge is to have wisdom. Class nf ’61 ANN HARVEY “The radiance of her sunny smile brightens many a gloomy day DOUG HAYES A good mind possesses a kingdom.” HOPE HATFIELD “A sweet disposition is the very soul of success” PATRICIA HART “Love is love’s reward.” ALBERT HEATH “A rolling stone can gather no moss.' CAROL HEATH “Manners are minor morals.” junior J uperlathie BEST PERSONALITY SUE MARSHALL TIM HELMSJstninrs EARLENE HEATH “She is a courtesy of the heart. BILL HEATON “A handful of common sense is worth a bushel of learning. TIM HELMS “I mean to make myself a man, and if 1 succeed in that, I shall succeed in everything else. CHARLES HEPBURN “Words are women, deeds are men. FRANK HEPBURN Conscience is the root of all true courage.1 JIMMIE HERRON “One enemy is too much. JUDY HERRON Never say more than is necessary. HELEN HITE Bright gem; instinct with music. DON HOGAN Mind is the partial side of man; the heart is everything. SANDRA HOLLEY “A good heart is worth gold. COURTNEY HOWARD Beauty is a fine utility whose end we do not see. MILLARD HOWINGTON Our own heart, and not other men's opinions, forms our true honor. Class of ’61 SANDRA HOYER Hope is but the dream of those who wake. TOMMY HUBBARD He who mixes reason with pleasure and wisdom with mirth. GERALD HUDSON He is a friend to those who know him.1 BARBARA HUNT What you are to be, you are becoming. MAUREEN HUTTO “Fate’s a fiddler, life’s a dance. PHIL HYDRICK Each mind hath its own method. j ertior jsupprlatilie FRIENDLIEST OLIVIA GARVIN ARTHUR SLAYTONJswiors BILLY HYMAN To think is an ideal waste of time.” BELVA JEAN JOHNSON “The unspoken word never does harm. CONNIE JOHNSON “Neatness is the crowning grace of womanhood. ROBBIE JOHNSON “He who is firm in will molds the world to himself. RONNIE JOHNSON Here is a man with a contented view of life. SUSAN JOHNSON Be silent and soft—silence never betrays you. HALL JONES “What ever his mind ordains for itself, it will accomplish. MARY JORDAN Being gifted with a tongue; use it. LYDIA KANEY Sensibility is the power of women. STEPHANIE KAUFMAN It’s better to be little and shine than to be big and cast a shadow HAROLD KELLEY “He who knows most, doubts most. CHARLES KEY He who chooses the beginning of a road, also chooses its destination. BENNY KIDD Make no enemies.' DANNY KIMBALL 'His only labor was to kill time. BUDDY KING Class of ’61 Senior j uperlatiUe MOST AMBITIOUS GREG ROBERTS JUDY TYSONSeniors GRETCHEN LAWRENCE “With quiet dignity, she goes silently about her work. BRENDA LEACH A golden heart is better than a silent tongue. GAIL L1NDELL A happy wit and an independent spirit. DANIEL LOWE Nothing is more trouble than the effort of thinking. FRED LOWERY “A fine sturdy fellow. ALICE LYBRAND “The small courtesies sweeten life. JIM MACKLEN “The dull drudge of books will never burden me. MARCIA MARKLAND “Leave silence to the saints; I'm but human. SUE MARSHALL A witty girl is a treasurer; a witty beauty is a power. ANNE MARTIN The most natural beauty in the world is honesty and moral truth. CATHERINE MASSEY “She that will enter into Paradise, must have a good key. JOHN MATHIS Every man’s affairs, however little are important to him. (Class of ’61 ROBERTA MATHIS “Happy am 1, from care I am free.” JACK MAYENSCHEIN “I take life as it comes atul enjoy it. BILL McCALL “Time is but the stream I go a-fishing in.' LARRY McCLAIN ‘He who knows courtesy reaps friendship.' JACK McCRANEY ‘Be there a will and wisdom finds its way.' NIKKI McGINLEY ‘‘Always smiling, always neat; Forever nice, forever sweet Senior J uperlatfoe MOST TALENTED HELEN HITE TOMMY HUBBARD mtors BARBARA McMILLAN An idle mind is the devil's workshop.” SANDRA McNAIR The smallest good deed is better than the greatest intention.” CONNIE MELLON “Here’s a smile for those who love me, and a tear for those who hate me. SANDRA MERCER Be your own self and leave custom to those who need it. RUSSELL MILLER Push on—keep moving. DANNY MILLS The great end of life is not knowledge but action.” ARDEAN MOORE If she can she will and she usually can.” RAY MOORE A man of honor knows no false pride.” JEAN MOORE “It is a friendly heart that has plenty of friends. BILLY MORTON An artist—he draws girls. JIMMY MOSELEY Just to know him makes us glad. JERRY MOUNTAIN He makes a lot of friends by being one.’(Class of ’61 BRUCE MURRAY “So much is a man worth as he esteems himself. IRENE NELSON “Woman are the mothers of all mischief GORDON NICHOLS Sincere in all he undertakes; Always a great success he makes. GLEN NORDEEN “He is a hoy whom we all know; He gets the best of his gridiron foe. STEWARD O’REAR The surest way not to fail is to determine to succeed. NAOMI OSBON A quiet dignity marks her way.’Seniors CATHERINE OWENS She’s pretty to walk with, witty to talk with and pleasant to think of.” EDDIE PATRICK He gains no enemies and loses no friends. HAROLD PEACOCK “Determination is the master of success.” BRENDA PERRY As full of st irit as the month of May. JEFF PIECH “A progeny of learning. FRED PIERCE High erected thoughts seated in the heart of courtesy. PEGGY PINCKNEY “A friendly voice, a pretty face. LYNDA PIPER A loyal heart, a peacful mind; A better friend you’ll never find. TED PRICHARD ‘He tackled the thing which couldn’t be done and he did it. LINDA PRINCE Full of laughter, full of fun; With a smile for everyone.” CINDY PROPST A big heart wishing to do right and be friends with everyone. ’ ARNOLD REDD I’ve spent my time studying pleasure.Class of ’61 PONNIE REDD Small of stature, full of fun. PATTIE REEVES She is gentle, she is shy, But there’s mischief in her eyes. VINCENT RICHARDSON “A real pleasant fellow and a good, con-panion. MARTIN ROBERSON “He could whip his weight in wildcats. GREG ROBERTS “Nimble thoughts can jump both sea and land. JIMMY ROBERTSON “To hurry and worry is not my creed. Senior Super latte BEST LOOKING CHUCK ARMOUR CAMILLA BROOKSSeniors MARGEAN ROBINSON “An inexhaustible good nature is one of the most precious gifts of heaven. BUCK RODGERS No man is happy who does not think himself so.” EULALIE RODGERS A pleasant girl with a pleasant way.” CLEMENT ROGERS Happiness is speechless. JUDY ROREX The world’s no better if we worry; Life’s not longer if we hurry.” ANN ROUNTREE I was born for fun; so let it come my way.” PAM ROYAL “Too lovely for day, too sweet for night.’ JUDY RUTLEDGE “A girl that has a merry sincere heart.' LOUISE SATTERFIELD She’s full of worth and goodness too.' GERALD SCOTT He who shows Courtesy reaps friendship. SUE SCOTT 'Happiness is cheaper than worry, so why pay the high price. JUDY SEYMOUR Such an air, such a grace. Such a form, such a face. (Slase of ’61 ARTHUR SLAYTON “Not that I like to work less, hut that I love fun more.” EMMIE SMALLEY “A winning smile has a winning way ” DICK SMILEY “Among men, reject tione; among things, reject nothing” EARLENE SMITH “The love of learning, the sequestered nooks, And all the sweet serenity of books” MARILYN SMITH “Performed to a T ” CHRIS SMOOT “Whoever loves much, does much.” Senior Superlative MOST DEPENDABLE DREW WRIGHT JIMMY WILLISJ entors DAVIS SNIPES The greatest pleasure of life is love. GENE SNIPES Never trouble trouble until trouble troubles you. ARLENE SNITKER The society of women is the element of good manners. CHARLES SNYDER Learning makes a man fit company for himself. JIMMY SPENCER He shall make buildings. JANE SPIVEY She has a heart with room for every ioy. MARTHA SPRAWLS All good things which exist are the fruits or originality. JANE STACEY Happiness adds and mulitiplies if we divide it with others. JAN STEUBEN It’s nice to be natural if you’re naturally nice. CHARLES STEVENS Mind is the lever of all things. ROSS STEVENS Class of ’61 W. E. STONE The best hearts are ever the bravest.” EARL STURKEY • Little friends may prove great friends.” CAROLYN SYPHR1T I expect to pass through life but once. LESTER TAYLOR It seems to me 'tis only noble to be good. TOM TODD “I do not like work even when another person does it. MARILYN TORCHIO Gentlemen always seem to remember blonds. Senior Superlative WITTIEST HENRY VANDER VOORT ANN ROUNTREEJS’rntnrB GEORGE TOWNES Knowledge, love, power,—there is the complete life. RUDY TURNER Life is short, hut sweet. TOM TYLER The silent hear no witness against themselves. CHARLOTTE TYSON Not the longest life is the best, but the weU-s} ent one. JUDY TYSON “To rest is to rust. HENRY VANDER VOORT He is a wonderful talker, who has the art of telling you nothing in a great harangue. ELAINE VINCENT Life’s a pleasant institution. Let us take it as it comes. PAM WALLACE Fine manners are a stronger bond than a pretty face. EDDIE WALTON Little he says, but much he knows. JUDY WATSON A multitude of small delights constitutes happiness. ANDY WEADON “Life is a jest, and all things show it. TOMMY WELLS Do not learn more than you absolutely need to get through life.”Class of ’61 NAN WERNER “Knowledge is but folly unless it is guided by grace. BOBBY YVHALEN Senior SuPer af 'JE MOST ATHLETIC GLEN DeHART SHELIA HANNA There’s a good time coming, Boys! BARBARA WILAND Laughter holding its sides.' EMILY WILKIE ’Twas her thinking of others made you think of her.” 103 rnttttm mind mjuniors PATSY WILKINS Joking set aside.” MARGARET WILLIAMS A woman would rather marry a poor provider than a poor listener. JIMMY WILLIAMS Thou art to me a delicious torment.' ROGER WILLIAMSON Good nature, like a bee, collects honey from every herb. DENNIS WILLING Fortune is ever seen accompanying industry. LINDA WILLING We hoil at different degrees.' HELEN WILLIS “Strew gladness in the paths of men— You will not pass this way again. JIMMY WILLIS Life’s race well run. ALAN WOLF Happiness for me is largely a matter of digestion. ARTHUR WOOD 1 find all books too long. BRENDA WOOD Who lives content with little, imssesses everything. JIMMY WOOD We can do more good by being good than in any other way. DREW WRIGHT The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.” DONNA YELVERTON “We cannot always oblige, but we can always speak obligingly PAULA ZUMBRUNNEN I am my world.” Senior uperlatiHe BEST DRESSED PEGGY PINCKNEY HARRY GOODWIN junior Sonars GEORGE FETTEROL ALEXANDER, II Honors at Mead Hall. Aiken, South Carolina. JOHN SCOTT ANDERSON Home room Officer 3, President 1, 2; Cheerleader 3; Block A” Club 3; A.V. Club 3. TOM LAMAR ANDERSON F.F.A. 1. 2. 3. 4. CHARLES MAYNARD ARMOUR, JR. Homeroom Officer 2; Jr. Class Steering Committee 3; Art Club 4; Senior Superlative. MARY LOUISE AXELBERC Homeroom Officer 1, 2; Library Club 1. 2; Latin Club 1, 2; Basketball. Jr. Varsity 1, Varsity 2, 3; Student Council 2, 3, Secretary 4; Beta Club 2; May Day Attendant 2. 3; Future Teachers 3, 4; Vice-President of Junior Class 3; Girls State 3; Order of Green and White 4; French Club 4; Senior Superlative. DOROTHY MARCELLA BAKER Future Teachers 3; Future Homemakers 4; Art Chib 4; Dramateers; Honors at Sault St. Marie High School, Michigan and A. L. Brown High School; Kannapolis, N. C. LINDA MARSHA BAILEY Homeroom Officer 1, 3; French Club 2; Dramateers 3; Art Club 4; Library Club 4; Future Teachers 4. HENRY DORSEY BARRETT Dramateers 3. 4. French Club 3, 4; X-Ponents 3, 4; Science Club 3, 4; Band 4; Junior Play 3; Senior Play 4; Treasurer of Senior Class 4; HORNET Staff 4; Honors at Druid Hills High School, Atlanta. Ga. DOROTHY ANN BARTON Homeroom Officer 1, 3; Chorus 1, 3; F.H.A. 2; Future Secretaries 3, 4, Secretary 4. LYNDA ELIZABETH BATES F.H.A. 1, 2. 3; Canteen 3, 4; Student Organist 4. WILLIAM VALENTINE BAXTER, JR. Homeroom President 1, 3. 4; Student Council 2; Junior Play 1, 2, 3; Baseball 3. 4; Basketball 4; Band 1. 2, 3, 4, President 4. Pep Band 2 3, 4. A.H.S. Cabinet 4; Teen Times” Editor 4; National Honor Society 4, National Merit Finalist 4; X-Ponents 2, 3. 4; French Club 3; Dramateers 3, 4; Student Rotarian 4; Latin Club 1. 2; Block A” Club 4; HORNET Staff 3. FREDERICK ALEXANDER BEASLEY Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Baskteball 1, 2, 3. 4; Football 2, 3, 4, Co-captain 4; Block “A” Club 1, 2. 3, 4; Latin Club 1, 2. President 2; A.H.S. 2, 3, 4; Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 2, Vice-President 3. President 4; Vice-President of State Student Council 3; Dramateers 4. Beta Club 2, 3; National Honor Society 3, 4; Student Rotarian 4; Senior Superlative. JACQUELINE MARCIA BERGER Homeroom Officer 1; Junior Follies French Club 2; Future Teachers 2, 3, 4; Dramateers 2. EDWARD LEWIS BLACKWELL F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Bus Drivers Club 3, 4. DAVID ANTHONY BOATWRIGHT A.V. Club 2; Science Club 3; X-Ponents 4. BONNIE BOVEE Dramateers 3, 4; French Club 3, 4; Honors at Mead Hall, Aiken, S.C. ELIZABETH MAE BOYD Library Club 2fc 3, 4; Dramateers 4; Future Teachers 3, 4; Latin Club 1; French Club 2. 3, 4; Homeroom Officer 2. PATRICK DAY BRADDY A.V. Club 3. 4; Science Club 3, 4; Chorus 3. 4. DAVID ELGIN BRIDGFORTH Homeroom Officer 2; X-Ponents 3; Science Club 3; Cafeteria Assistant 4. CAMILLA DANFORTH BROOKS Band 1, 2. 3. 4; Majorette 4; Homeroom Officer 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Council 2; Dramateers 3, 4. Treasurer 4; Latin Club 1; X-Ponents 3; May Day Attendant 3, 4, Maid of Honor 4; Sophomore Class Sponsor 2; Contestant for Miss HORNET 4; Football Sponsor 3; Senior Superlative. SELVEST EDWARD BROCKINCTON, JR. Football 2, 3, 4; Basketball 3; Track 1, 2. 3, 4; Block “A” Club 1. 2. 3, 4; Homeroom Officer 1, 2, 3, 4; Order of the Green and White 3, 4. Junior Play 2. FRANCIS DALE BROWN Junior Play 1, 2; Dramateers 1; French Club 2. 4; Library Club 2. 3; X-Ponents 3. TOM MITCHELL BURGESS Homeroom Officer 2, 3; President 1; Track 1; Baseball 2, 3. 4; Football 3; French Club 3, Block “A” Club 4. HENRY RUDOLF BUSCH Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4; French Club, Treasurer 2; Golf 2, 3. 4; X-Ponents 4; Science Club 4; Block A” Club 4. KATHRYN ELAINE BUSCH Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Band 3, 4; F.H.A. 4; Block A” Club 4. JULIA ELAINE BUTLER Latin Club 1. 2; French Club 2, 3, 4; Dramateers 4. Future Teachers 4. Homeroom Officer 2, 3, President 2; Senior Play 4; May Day Attendant 2; Student Council 2. SUSAN FERN CANEY Latin Club 1. 2; French Cluh 2. 3. 4; Dramateers 4; Future Teachers 4. Homeroom Officer 1, 3, President 2; May Day Attendant 2; Student Council 2; HORNET Staff 3, 4; Beta Club 2. 3. JOHN STEPHEN CARLISLE Football 3. 4; Basketball 3, 4; Block “A” Club 3, 4, Vice-President 4. Homeroom President 3; (.'horns 3; Honors at Anderson High School, Anderson, S. C. MARY JOYCE CARTER Future Secretaries 3; National Honor Society 4; Student Council 3; Latin Club 2; Chorus. CHARLES BROADUS CATO D.E. Club 4. GRADY WILSON CATO D.E. Club 4. PATRICIA LEE COFFEY Band 1. 2, 3. 4. Band Staff 2. 3, 4. Majorette 3 4; Homeroom Officer 3; May Day Attendant 1. JUDITH ALLEN COKER Dramateers 1, 3. 4. Vice-President 4; Latin Club 1; X-Ponents 3,4; Junior Play 3; French Club 3; Science Club 4; Homeroom Officer 3. GEORGE WILSON COLE Homeroom Officer 1, 2, 3; Golf 2; Baseball 1. ALEX GARFIELD COLLIE, JR. Homeroom Officer 1. 2, 3; Student Council 2; D.E. Club 3, 4, Treasurer 4; Baseball 4; Bus Drivers Club 4. PATRICIA ANN COLLINS Homeroom Officer 1, 2, 3, President 1, 2; French Club 2, 3; May Day Attendant 3; F.H.A. 4; Dramateers 4. SHEILA KATHLEEN COLLINS Chorus 2, 3; Future Secretaries 4; Future Nurses 4; Homeroom Officer 4. LEONARD COOK F.F.A. 1, 2, 3; T. I. Club 4; Bus Drivers Club 3. 4. JUDITH ELAINE COURTNEY Latin Club 1; Student Council 2, 3; French Club 2, 3, 4; Future Teachers 3. 4; Dramateers 4; X-Ponents 4; Homeroom Officer 3. RONALD LANE DANCE Latin Club 1; Student Council 3; Homeroom Officer 4. JEFFREY EDWARD DAVIS Band 1. 2, 3; (.'lass Officer 1, 2; Junior Follies 2; Tennis 1; Pep Band 2, 3; Golf 2. 3. 4; Science Club 3. 4; National Merit Finalist 4. ORION WOODS DAVIS. JR. Homeroom Officer 1 2, 3, President 4; HORNET Staff 2, 3; Student Council 2; French Club 3, 4, Treasurer 3; Science Club 3, 4; Library Club 4. X-Ponents 3. ROBERT ERROL DAVIS Science Club 3; X-Ponents 3; Latin Club 1, 2; Dramateers 3; Junior Play 1, 2; Football 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1. 2, 3; Block A” Club 2, 3, 4. President 4; A.H.S. Cabinet 4; Student Council 3, 4; Student Rotarian 4; Homeroom Officer 2, President 2; A.V. Club 2. 3, 4; Band 1; National Honor Society 4. National Merit Letter of Commendation 4. GLEN EDWARD Dell ART Senior Superlative; Homeroom President 1; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Football 2, 3, 4; Track 3. 4, Block “A” Club 3, 4. JANE ADDISON DICKERSON Student Council 2, 3; May Day Attendant 1, 2, 3, 4; Vice-President of Sophomore Class; Secretary of Junior Class; French Club 2, 3; Future Teachers 3, 4, Treasurer 4; Dramateers 4; Senior Play; Homeroom Officer 1, 2. 4. BARBARA ANN DIFILIPPO Future Secretaries 3; Homeroom Officer 3. VIRGINIA LEE DIFILIPPO F.H.A. 1, 2, 3. 4; Future Secretaries 3, 4; Future Teachers 4. DONNA DOYLE Latin Club 1; Homeroom Officer 2; Art Club 3; Dramateers 3; Student Council 3, 4. Future Teachers 3. Football Sponsor 4. JEAN RAE DRAWDY F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Future Secretaries 3, 4; Future Teachers 4. WILLIAM JONES DUNBAR, JR. Homeroom Officer 3, President 4; Football 3; Science Club 4. GEORGE THADDUS DUNN Baseball 2; Track 1; Football 1. 2; Homeroom Officer 1; Chonis 3, 4; Bus Drivers Club 3, 4. GARY ROLAND DUVALL Bus Drivers Club 3, 4; A.V. Club 3; Future Farmers 3; Dramateers 4. BARBARA JEAN ECKARDT Latin Club 1; French Club 2; Junior Play; Football Sponsor 3; Future Teachers 3, 4; Dramateers 3; Senior Play. ELEANORF. JEAN ECKEL Latin Club 1. 2; Student Council 2; French Club 3, 4. Homeroom Officer 3, 4; Future Teachers 3. EDGAR WATSON ELKIN D.E. Club 3; F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. Dramateers 3, 4; Order of Green and White 4; Basketball Manager 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; T. Ct I. Club 3. Vice-President 3. SARAH FRANCES EMENEKER F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3; Homeroom President 3; Debutante 3; Future Secretaries 4. JEAN ELIZABETH FLOWERS F.H.A. 1. 2. 3. 4. HURTCHELL HUDNALI. FORD, JR. Bus Drivers Club 4. JAMES WILLIAM FOWLER, JR. Chorus 3 4; Canteen Staff 3. 4; Football Manager 3. LARRY FURMAN FOWLER Chorus 1, 2, 3; Bus Drivers Club 3; Junior Play. BILLY RAY FRANKLIN Basketball 2. 3. 4; Student Council 3, 4; Bus Drivers Cluh 3, 4. BARBARA ANNE FREAR Chorus 2; Homeroom Officer 3. President 4; Future Secretaries 3, 4, President 4; Dramateers 4; May Day Attendant 4. 106 BARBARA ANNE FREEMAN Latin Club 1; French Club 2; Student Council 1, 2, 3; Homeroom President 1; Beta Club 2, 3; National Honor Society 4. BARBARA SUSAN FRIEDMAN Homeroom Officer 3; Chorus 3. Future Teachers 4; French Club 4; Honors at Walton High School, New York, N. Y. CLINTON CLAUDE FULMER Track 3. HARRY CALLOWAY Bus Drivers Club 3, President 4; F.F.A. 4; T. I. Cluh 3, President 4. CHARLES WELLINGTON GARDNER, JR. Chorus 2, 3. LINDA MARIE GARDNER May Day Attendant 1; Honors at Camden High School, Camden, S. C. OLIVIA CARVIN Student Council 1, 2. 4; May Day Attendant 1; Homeroom Officer 3, President 3; Future Teachers 3, Senior Play; Science Cluh 4; Debutante 2; HORNET Staff 3. 4; Senior Superlative. FRANCES JOAN GAULT French Cluh 1; Dramateers 1, 2; Junior Play. JO ANNE GIBBONS Future Teachers 2, 3; Future Nurses 4; Debutante 2. 3; Student Council 4; Homeroom Officer 3; French Club 2, 3; Football Sponsor 4. DANTON GILMAN Junior Follies 1; Homeroom President 1; Band 1. 2; Pep Band 2; French Cluh 2; Student Council 3; X-Ponents 3. MARY ELEANOR GINGREY Homeroom Officer 1, 2. 4; Student Council 1. 2, 3; Latin Club 1, 2; Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Majorette 3, Head Majorette 4; May Day Attendant 1; French Club 4, President 3; Dramateers 4; A.H.S. Cabinet 3; Football Sponsor 3, 4; Future Nurses 4; Science Club Secretary- 4; X-Ponents 2, 3, 4; Debutante 3; National Honor Society 4. HENRY LEE GOLDMAN A. V. Club 2, President 3, 4. Junior Play; Senior Play; Order of the Green and White 4. GENEVA DeMARIS GOODWIN Dramateers 1, 2, 3, 4; French Club 2, 3, 4; Future Teachers 3, 4; Student Council 3; X-Ponents 4; Canteen Staff 3, 4; “I Speak for Democracy” school and county winner 4; Homeroom Officer 2. HARRY LELAND GOODWIN May Day 3; Student Council 4; Homeroom officer 3,4; Art Award Winner 3; Track 4. BONNIE FAYE GOSHORN Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Band 3, 4. ROBERT CLARENCE GOSS D.E. Club 4; Chorus 4; D.O. Club 3. AUDRA ADELLE GOSSETT May Day Attendant 2; Chorus 2; Student Council 3; Future Secretaries 4; F.H.A. 4. CAROLYN BERNICE GRACE Band 1, 2, 3. 4; Secretary 1; Latin Club 1, 2; Pep Band 2; Block A” Club 2, 3, 4; Basketball, Junior Varsity 2, Varsity 3. 4. Homeroom President 3; French Club 4; Future Teachers 4. DANIEL LEE GRAVES T. I. Club 3, 4. CHARLES MILTON GRAY T. I. Club 1. HAROLD EUGENE GREENE Football 3. 4; Block “A” Club 4. RUTH PROTHRO GREGORIE Future Teachers Treasurer 3, Vice-President 4; Junior Play; Senior Play. LLOYD ROBERT GREGORY Bus Drivers Club 2, 3, 4; Homeroom President 3. SANDRA KAYE GREGORY Chorus 1; Homeroom Officer 1, 2, Basketball, Junior Varsity 2. Varsity 3, 4; French Club 2, 3, 4;Future Teachers 3, 4; National Honor Society 4; Junior Play. SHARON JEAN HAHN Homeroom Officer 1; Art Cluh 1; Library Club 1, 2. Reporter 3, President 4; Future Secretaries 3; A.H.S. Cabinet 4; F.H.A. 4. HENRY EDWARD HAIR Choms 3, 4. BETTINA LOUISE HALL Art Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Latin Club 1; French Club 2. 3; Future Teachers 3; Future Nurses. Reporter 4; F.H.A. Treasurer 4; Dramateers 4. Senior Play; Student Council 1. May Day 3; Homeroom Officer 1. HENRY ALDRICH HALL Track 1; Block “A” Club 1, 2. 3, 4; Student Council 2; Chorus 3; Talent Show Finnlist 4. PHYLLIS ELAINE HALL F.H.A. 1. 2. 3. ROBERT LOWREY HALLFORD F.F.A. 3; Bus Drivers Club 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 4; D.E. Club 4. FRANK CURTIS HALLMAN Art Club 1; Chorus 3. SHEILA CHERIF HANNA Basketball 1. 2, 3. 4. Block “A” Club 2. 3, 4; Student Council 2; Homeroom Officer 3. 4; HORNET Staff 3, 4; Senior Superlative. WILLIAM BYRD HARDEN Homeroom Officer 2; Chorus 2; T. I. Club 4. CHARWIN IIARMSTAD Latin Club 1; Art Club 1; Dramateers 1 2; French Club 2; Future Teachers 3, 4; Junior Play; X-Ponents 2; Homeroom Officer 3. CHARLIE LEWIE HARTLEY, JR. Student Council 2; Homeroom Officer 3; X-Ponents 3; Senior Play. WAYNE TITUS HARTLEY T. I. Club 2; Block ”A” Club 3; Track 2. 3. 4. THOMAS BAXTER HARTON, III Homeroom Officer 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 4; Football 2; Bus Drivers Club 3, 4; Dramateers 4. SYLVIA ANN HARVEY F.H.A. 1. 2. 3; French Club 2; Student Council 2. 3; Future Secretaries 4. DOUGLAS WILFORD HAYES Art Chib 1; Beta Club 2. Vice-President 2. President 3; Bus Drivers Club 4; National Honor Society 4; A.H.S. Cabinet 3; Homeroom Officer 4, President 3; Student Council 1. HARRIETT HOPE HATFIELD Latin Club 1. Band 1. 2, 3, 4. Pep Band 2, 3; Homeroom Officer 4. Future Secretaries 4; Block “A” Club 4. PATRIGIA THELMA HART Office Assistant 4; Honors at Travelers Rest High School. Travelers Rest. S. C. ALBERT HOLLBROOK HEATH Football 2. 3; T. I. Club 3; F.F.A. 2. CAROL VIOLA HEATH Chorus 2; F.H.A. 2; Future Secretaries 3, 4; D.E. Club 4. EARLENE HEATH Chorus 3; Future Secretaries 4. WILLIAM ROY HEATON Homeroom Officer 2. 3, President 1; French Club 2; Student Council 2; X-Ponents 4; Dramateers 4; Science Club 4. TIMOTHY ROBERT HELMS Homeroom Officer 1. 2, 3. 4. Student Council 3; Block ”A” Club 3. 4; Basketball Manager 3, 4; Senior Class Vice-President; Junior Play 2; May Day 2; Talent Show Winner 4; Senior Superlative. CHARLES DABNEY HEPBURN Basketball. Junior Varsity 3. FRANK NORMAN HEPBURN, JR. Homeroom Officer 1. President 1, 2. 3; Block “A” Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3. 4; May Day 2; Student Council 4. JUDY JENETTE HERRON Library Club 1, 2, 3; Chorus 1. JIMMIE HERRON F.F.A. 1; Chorus 1. 3; Bus Drivers Club 3. 4; Canteen Staff 3, 4. DOROTHY LELA HELEN HITE Art Club 1, 3, 4. Secretary 3; Dramateers 1, 3, 4, President 4; French Club 2 3, 4; Future Teachers 2; Junior Production 1. 2; Junior Play; Senior Play; May Day Attendant 2; Homeroom Officer 1. 2. President 3; Senior Superlative; Talent Show Winner 2; A.H.S. Cabinet 4. DONALD WILLIAM HOGAN Football 2; Bus Drivers Club 3, 4; D.E. Club 4; T. I. Club 4. SANDRA ELAINE HOLLEY Art Club 4; Dramateers 4; Future Nurses, Treasurer 4; Future Teachers 4; F.H.A. 3; Treasurer 4. ANNABEL COURTNEY HOWARD Student Council 2; Homeroom Officer 1, 3, 4, French Club 2; May Day Attendant 3; Miss HORNET Contestant 4; HORNET Staff 4; Debutante 3. MILLARD RAY HOWINGTON Homeroom Officer 1; Chorus 2; Bus Drivers Club 4; T. I. Club, Secretary 4. SANDRA MARIE HOYER Future Secretaries 3; Honors at Chanute High School, Chanute, Kansas. THOMAS CROMWELL HUBBARD Pep Band 1. 2. 3. 4. Band 1. 2, 3. 4, Assistant Manager 2, 3, Student Conductor 4. Student Assistant 3, 4; Student Council 1, 2, 3; Latin Club 1. GERALD GLENN HUDSON Librarv Club 1, 2, Canteen Staff 2, 3, 4; T. 1. Club 4; Bus Drivers Club 4. BARBARA DORIS HUNT Student Council 1; Homeroom Officer 1; Office Assistant 4. MAUREEN CAROL HUTTO F.H.A. 1. 2; Chorus 2. 3; D.E. Club 4; Future Secretaries 4. PHILIP RAY HYDRICK Band 1. 2. 3. 4, Assistant Manager 2; Pep Band 2, 3, 4; Latin Club 1; Homeroom Officer 1. Track 4. WILLIAM DURHAM HYMAN Nature Club 1; Science Club 4. BELVA JEAN JOHNSON Chorus 2, 3. 4; Future Nurses 4. CONNIE LYNN JOHNSON Latin Club 1. 2; French Club 2. 3, 4; Future Teachers 3, 4; National Honor Societv 4; Homeroom Officer 2; X-Ponents 3 4. ROBERT LEWIS JOHNSON Homeroom Officer 1, 2; Track 2, 3; Basketball 3, 4; Block “A” Club 3, 4. SUSAN CAROL JOHNSON Band 1. 2. 3, 4; Student Council 3. 4. WILLIAM RONALD JOHNSON Football 1, 2. 3; Block A” Cluh 3, 4; Basketball, Junior Vanity 3; T. I. Cluh Treasurer 4, Track 3, 4. HALL LEWIS JONES, JR. Homeroom Officer 1. Latin Club 1; French Club 2, 3; X-Ponents 4; Science Club 4; National Honor Society 4. MARY ELIZABETH JORDAN Latin Club 1, 2; Debutante 1; Dramateers 2; Future Secretaries 3, 4; Canteen Staff 4. LYDIA DIANNE KANEY Future Secretaries 4; Dramateers 4; Honors at St. Angela Academy, Aiken, S. C. 107STEPHANIE CRAIG KAUFMAN A.H.S. Cabinet 4; Block “A” Club 3, 4, Dramateers 1; Student Council 3. 4. Future Teachers 3; May Attendant 1; Cheerleader 3, Head Cheerleader 4. Homeroom Officer 1, 2, 3; Senior Superlative. HAROLD MAXWELL KELLEY, JR. Latin Club 1, 2; Science Club 3; X-Ponents 1, 2, 3, 4. CHARLES EDWARD KEY A.V. Club 1; Football 2; F.F.A. 3.4; T. I. Club 4. GEORGE DANNY KIMBALL Bus Drivers Club 2. 3, 4; Chorus 2, 3. 4. JAMES CRAIG KING Track 1. 2. 3. 4; Football 2; Block “A” Club 4; Library Club 2 3; Vice-President 4. JOHN EDWARD KNOX, JR. Homeroom President 1. 2. 3; Band 1, 2; Sophomore Class President; Junior Class President; Senior Class President; A.H.S. Cabinet 2. 3. 4; Student Rotarian 4; Baseball 2; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 2. 3; Bus Drivers Club 3, 4; Pep Band 2; Block A’' Club 2, 3, 4; Senior Superlative. GRETCHEN LYNN LAWRENCE X-Ponents 3. 4. National Honor Society 4; Art Club 1. 3; French Club 3; Latin Club 1, 2. BRENDA GALE LEACH Chorus 1; Future Teachers 3, 4; Future Nurses 4; French Club 4; Honors at Walter Williams High School. Burlington, N. C. GAIL ANN LINDELL Future Secretaries 3; Library Club 4. DANIEL LOWE F.F.A. 2. 3, 4, Officer 4; D.E. Club 4. FRED LYNN LOWERY Student Council 3; D.E. Club 4; Bus Drivers Club 4. ALICE FAYE LYBRAND F.H.A. 2. 3, 4. French Club 2; Future Secretaries 3, 4; Chorus 4. JAMES BERNARD MACKLEN Football 2. Manager 4; Bus Drivers Club 3. 4; Jr. Varsity Basketball 2, Varsity 4. MARCIA LOUISE MARKLAND Homeroom Officer 1, 2; Latin Club 1. Dramateers 1, 3. 4; Student Council 2; Canteen Staff 2, 3, 4; Junior Play 3; Future Nurses 4, Office Assistant 4. SUE SANFORD MARSHALL May Day Attendant 1, 2. 4; Student Council 3, 4; Future Teachers 3, 4; French Club 2. 3; Dramateers 3, 4; Junior Play, Student Director 3; Senior Play 4; Cheerleader 4; Junior Class Sponsor 3; Homecoming Queen 4; Senior Superlative; Football Sponsor 3, 4; Homeroom Officer 2, 3. ANNE RUTLEDGE MARTIN Homeroom Officer 1, 2; Dramateers 1; Future Teachers 1, 2; Art Club 3; Future Secretaries 3, 4; Senior Plav. CATHERINE GRAY MASSEY Homeroom Officer 1; May Day Attendant 4. JOHN DICKS MATHIS Chorus 4, Football 2, 3; Homeroom Officer 1. 3. ROBERTA FAYE MATHIS May Day Attendant 2; Homeroom Officer 3; Student Council 4; Football Sponsor 4; Basketball 3, 4, Jr. Varsity 2; F.H.A. 2; Future Teachers 3. 4; Dramateers 4; Future Secretaries 4. JOHN DOUGLAS MAYENSCHEIN Football 2; Student Council 4; Bus Drivers Club 3, 4; Honors at St. Angela Academy, Aiken, S. C. WILLIAM FRANKLIN McCALL, JR. Chorus 2. 3; Science Club 1, 4; Bus Drivers Club 3. HENRY LAWRENCE McCLAIN A.H.S. Cabinet 4; T. fit I. Club 3. 4, Secretary 3, President 4; Bus Drivers Club 2, 3. 4, Vice-President 4; Homeroom Officer 3. JACK LOCKWOOD McGRANEY, JR. Chorus 1, 3, 4; French Club 1; Future Teachers Club 3, 4; Science Club 3. NIKKI ANN McCINLEY F.H.A. Club 1, X-Ponents Club 2; Student Council 1, French Club 2, 3. 4, Homeroom Officer 2. 4, President 3; Majorette 3, 4, Assistant Head Majorette 4; Future Teachers 3, 4; Homecoming Sponsor 3. BARBARA ANN McMILLAN Homeroom Officer 1, 2; French Club 2; Future Teachers 4. SANDRA LYNN McNAIR F.H.A. 1, 2; Art Club 1; French Club 2. CONSTANCE CHALLENGER MELLON Future Teachers 3; Homeroom Officer 3, President 4; Dramateers 4. SANDRA VIRGINIA MERCER Future Secretaries 4; Honors at duPont High School, Jacksonville, Fla. RUSSELL HIRAM MILLER Latin Club 1; French Club 2; Honors at Columbia Military Academy. Columbia, Tenn. DANNY DOUGLAS MILLS Homeroom Officer 1. 2, President 1; Baseball 1, 2, 3. 4. Block A” Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Basketball, Jr. Varsity 2, Varsity 3, 4; Student Council 3, 4. ARDEAN CAROL MOORE Latin Club 1, 2; Art Club 1, 3, 4; French Club 2, 3, 4; Science Club 3, 4. National Honor Society 3, 4; X-Ponents 2. 3; Mental Contestant 1; Student Council 2; Homeroom President 2; National Merit Finalist. EDWARD RAYMOND MOORE French Club 2; Library Club 1. 2; A.V. Club 2. 3. 4. Football 2. 4; Homeroom Officer 2, 4; Junior Play. SHIRLEY JEAN MOORE Future Secretaries 3, 4; Honors at Mead Hall, Aiken, S. C. WILLIAM EUGENE MORTON Football 1, 2; Student Council 3, Student Council at Large 3; Homeroom Officer 4. JIMMY CARROLL MOSELEY D.E. Club 2. GERALD WAYNE MOUNTAIN Football 3; Intramural Basketball and Soccer 3; Honors at Monangahela High School, Monongahela, Pa. BRUCE ALAN MURRAY D.E. Club 3; F.F.A. 2; Homeroom Officer 1. IRENE NELSON Honors at Miller Sr. High School, Macon. Ga. GORDON McGLOHON NICHOLS, JR. Beta Club 3; Football, Jr. Varsity 4; National Honor Society 3, 4, President 4; Student Rotarian 4; National Merit Finalist. GLENN EDWARD NORDEEN Homeroom President 3; Football 2, 3, 4; Jr. Varsity Basketball 3; Block ••A” Club 3, 4. STEWARD WILLIAM O’REAR, JR. Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Band Staff 2, 3; Student Council 3; Junior Class Treasurer; Bus Drivers Club 4; Pep Band 2, 4; Homeroom Officer 1, 4; Beta Club 2, 3. National Honor Society 4; All-State Band 2, 3, 4; X-Ponents 2, 3; Science Club 3. NAOMI BELL OSBON F.H.A. 1, 3, 4; Future Secretaries 3, 4. Chonis 3; Librarian 3; Canteen Staff 4. MILDRED CATHERINE OWENS Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Majorette 4; Jr. Varsity Basketball 2. EDWARD CASSIE PATRICK Student Council 1; Homeroom President 2; Art Club 2; D.E. Club 3; T. fit I. Club 4. EDGAR HAROLD PEACOCK, JR. Latin Club 1; French Club 2, 3; Future Teachers 3, 4; Science Club 3, 4. BRENDA JOYCE PERRY Chonis 1. 2, 3; D.E. Club 4. JEFFREY LAWRENCE PIECH A.V. Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 2, President 3, 4; Beta Club 2, 3; National Honor Society 3, 4; X-Ponents 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2; Mental Contestant 1; Junior Play 3; Senior Play 4; Latin Club 1; Order of Green and White 4; Science Club 4; Woodman of the World Award 3; Delegate to Youth Conference on the Atom 4, Nationul Merit Finalist 4; A.H.S. Cabinet 3, 4. JAMES FRED PIERCE F.F.A. 3; T. fit I. Club 3; Library Club 1. MARGARET ALLAN PINCKNEY X-Ponents 3; Future Teachers 3, Student Council 2, 3; May Day Attendant 3; Future Nurses 4; Senior Superlative. LYNDA KAREN PIPER French Club 2; Future Teachers 3, 4; Future Secreatries 4. THEODORE TARVER PRICHARD Homeroom President 1; Latin Club 1; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 2, 3, 4; Student Council 2, 4; Block A Club 2, 3, 4. LINDA ANN PRINCE Homeroom Officer 1. Football Sponsor 1; Student Council 2, 3; Future Teachers 4. ROBERTA LUCILE PROPST Chorus 1. 3; Latin Club 1; French Club 4; Office Assistant 4; Future Nurses 4. ELLIS ARNOLD REDD T. fic I. Club 4; Track 1. PONNIE PATRICIA REDD Cheerleader 2; Block “A” Club 2; Future Secretaries 3. PATRICIA LOUISE REEVES F.H.A. 1, 3; Dramateers 4; Cateen Staff 4; Usher for Senior Play 4. VINCENT O'NEAL RICHARDSON F.F.A. 1. 2, 3; T. fic I. Club 3, 4; Art Club 3. MARTIN WILLIAM ROBERSON Track 2. 3; F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Treasurer 4. GREGORY DENNY ROBERTS Mental Contestant 1. A.V. Club 1, 4; Latin Club 1, 2; French Club 2; Block “A” Club 2. 3, 4, Secretary 4; Basketball 2, 3. 4; X-Ponents 2, 3, 4. President 4. Beta Club 2. 3; Homeroom Officer 2; Science Club 3. 4; National Honor Society 3, 4, Treasurer 4; National Merit Finalist 4; A.H.S. Cabinet 4. JAMES LOUIS ROBERTSON Football 4. Block A” Club 4; Homeroom President 3; Talent Show Finalist 4. KATY MARGEAN ROBINSON Student Council 3; French Club 3; Future Secretaries 3, 4, Program Chairman 4; Debutante 3. BUCK EUGENE RODGERS T. fic I. Club 2. 3; D.E. Club 3; Track 2; Football 3. EULALIE CLEO RODGERS F.H.A. 1. 2. 3, 4; Future Secretaries 3; Chonis 3. PATRICK CLEMENTS ROGERS Canteen Staff 1, 2, 3. 4; Band 1, 2. 3, 4. Band Staff 3. JUDITH KAY ROREX F.H.A. 1. 2, Reporter 2; Basketball 2, 3, Manager 4; Block A” Club 3, 4. VIRGINIA ANN ROUNTREE Art Club 1; Basketball. Jr. Varsity 1. 2, Varsity 3, 4; Dramateers 3; Student Council 3; Cheerleader 4; Block A’' Club 4; Future Nurses 4; May Day Attendant 4. 108ALICE PAMELA ROYAL Basketball I, 2, 3, 4; Student Council 1, 4; Freshman Class Sponsor; French Club 2. 3; Future Teachers 3. 4. President 4. Block “A Club 3. 4, X-Ponents 3; Dramateers I. 2, 3. 4. May Day Attendant 2. May Queen; Future Nurses 4; Miss HORNET Contestant 4; Latin Club 1. JUDY VALERIE RUTLEDGE Latin Club 1, 2; Future Teachers 3; Future Secretaries Club 3. 4, Treasurer 4; National Honor Society 4; Homeroom Officer 3; X-Ponents 3. MILDRED LOUISE SATTERFIELD F.H.A. 1, 2, 3; Future Secretaries 3, 4; Vice-President 4. JOHN GERALD SCOTT F.F.A. 2. 3; T. I. Club 3; Library Club 3. HENRIETTA SUE SCOTT Band 1. 2. 3. 4. Pep Band 2, 4; Art Club 3; Jr. Play 1, 3; French Club 2; Future Teachers 3; Dramateers 3, 4; Future Secretaries 4; Homeroom Officer 4. JUDITH ANN SEYMOUR Student Council 2, 3; Homeroom Officer 1; HORNET Staff 3, 4. Assistant Features Editor 3, Business Manager 4; Future Teachers 2, 3; French Club 2; Debutante 2. ARTHUR JOSEPH SLAYTON Cheerleader 4; Chorus 3; Block “A” Club 4; Student Council 3; Senior Play 4; Senior Superlative; Honors at Capitol Page School, Washington, D. C. EMMIE WISE SMALLEY Chorus 1; F.H.A. 1. 2. 3, 4. County Secretary 3; Canteen Staff 3, 4. Drama-teers 4; Future Teachers 4. SAMUEL DIXON SMILEY, JR. Football 2, 3, 4. Block “A” Club 3, 4; Homeroom Officer 2, 3; Latin Club 1. SHIRLEY EARLENE SMITH Homeroom President 1. Latin Club 1, 2; Library Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Beta Club 2, 3; Future Teachers 3, 4, French Club 2. 3, 4; Dramateers 4, X-Ponents 4; National Honor Society 4; Junior Class Play 3; Science Club 3. DALE MARILYN SMITH Latin Club 1, 2. Treasurer 2; French Club 3, 4; Beta Club 2, 3; Homeroom Officer 1; Art Club 1. 3, 4; Student Council 3; Future Teachers 3; Future Nurses 4; National Honor Society 3. 4. HORNET Staff, Art Editor 4. NELSON CHRISTIAN SMOOT. JR. Latin Club 1: French Club 2. 3; X-Ponents 3; Student Council 1. 2; Football 3, 4; Jr. Varsity Basketball 2; Block “A” Club 3, 4; Science Club 3; Homeroom Officer 3, 4. DAVIS FINLY SNIPES F.F.A. 1. 2. 3; Bus Drivers Club 2, 3; T. 1. Club 3. GENE SANFORD SNIPES Homeroom Officer 2. F.F.A. 3; D.E. Club 3. ROSE ARLENE SNITKER Latin Club 1, 2; Beta Club 2, 3; Future Secretaries 4; National Honor Society 4. CHARLES RUSSEL SNYDER. JR. Bus Drivers Club 3. SYLVIA JANE SPIVEY F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, 4, County Secretary 2, Representative to Winthrop 3; Future Secretaries 3. 4. MARTHA LESTER SPRAWLS Band 1, 2, 3; Latin Club 1, 2; Homeroom President 2; X-Ponents 2; French Club 3, 4. Vice-President 4. Future Nurses. President 4; Dramateers 4; Science Club 4. JANE DOUGLAS STACEY F.H.A. 1, 3; Future Secretaries 3; Bus Drivers Club 4; Office Staff 4. JANICE MARIE STEUBEN Honors at Sculthorpe Dependents’ School, Sculthorpe, England; Central High, Bushy Park, London, England. WILLIAM ROSS STEVENS, III Band 1, 2. 3, 4; Student Council 1, 4. Basketball. Junior Varsity 3. 4; X-Ponents 3. Vice-President 4; Science Club. President 3; Beta Club 2, 3; A.H.S. Cabinet 3; National Honor Society 3, 4; Mental Contestant 1; Latin Club 1. LAWRENCE PAUL STEWART Homeroom Officer 2. 4; Basketball. Junior Varsity 2, 3. WILLIAM EVERETT STONE T. I. Club 3, 4; Canteen Staff 4; Basketball Manager 4; Block A” Club 4; Dramateers 1; Honors at Chicora High School, Charleston. S. C. EARL LORENZO STURKEY Bus Drivers Club 3, 4; Library Club 1, 2; Homeroom Officer 1, 2; Student Council 1; Art Club 1. CAROLYN MARIE SYPHRIT ‘ Chorus 1, 2, 4; F.H.A. 1, 2. 4; Future Secretaries 3; Future Nurses 4. LESTER RAY TAYLOR Bus Drivers Club 3, 4. F.F.A. 1. 2. 3. 4; D.E. Club 4. Canteen Staff 3. 4. THOMAS DAVID TODD Latin Club 1; Student Council 1; Block “A” Club 3. 4; Football 1. 2, 3. 4. MARILYN ELIZABETH TORCHIO Future Teachers 2. 3; Dramateers 3; Student Council 3; Football Sponsor 3, 4; Art Club 4. F.H.A. 4; Miss HORNET Contestant 4. GEORGE ANDERSON TOWNES, III Mental Contestant 1. Homeroom Officer 2. 4. X-Ponents 2, 4. A.H.S. Cabinet 3, 4; Latin Club 2; French Club 2; Dramateers 4; Beta Club 2, 3, President 3; National Honor Society 3, 4. Vice-President 4; Student Council 3, 4; Science Cluli President 4; National Merit Finalist 4; Senior Superlative. BENJAMIN RUDOLPH TURNER, JR. Chorus 1. THOMAS ERSKIN TYLER F.F.A. 1. 2. 3, Seal Judging Team 2. Secretary 2, Treasurer 3; T. I. Club 3, 4. Bus Drivers Club 3, 4. CHARLOTTE LOUISE TYSON French Club 2. 3: Art Club 1. 3. President 4; Beta Club 2, 3; Future Nurses. Secretary 4. Future Teachers. Secretary 3; Dramateers 4; F.fJ.A. 4; Latin Club 1;’ Student Council I. 2. Junior Play 1; Homeroom Officer 1, President 3; A.H.S. Cabinet 4; Senior Play; National Honor Society 4. JUDITH ANN TYSON Student Council 1. 2, 3; Art Club 1, 3; Latin Club 1; French Club 2. 3; Junior Play 1. May Day Attendant 2, 4 Beta Club 2. 3; Secretary of Sophomore Class, Secretary of Senior Class; Homeroom Officer 4. President 3; Future Teachers, Vice-President 3; Dramateers 4; F.H.A. 4. Superlative. BARBARA ELAINE VINCENT F.H.A. 1. 2. 3; Future Teachers 3. Dramateers 3, 4; Future Nurses 4; Future Secretaries 4. HENRY CHARLES VANDER VOORT HORNET Staff 1. 2, 3. 4. French Club 2, 4; X-Ponents 2, 4. Vice-President 2. Senior Play 4; Chorus 1; Beta Club 2, 3; Dramateers 4; C.S.R.A. Science Fair Winner 2; Homeroom Officer 1. 4; School Mascot Hornet” 4; Science Club 4; Senior Superlative. PAMELA JEAN WALLACE Chorus 1.4. French Club 3; Future Secretaries 3, 4; National Honor Society 4; X-Ponents 3. WILLIAM EDWARD WALTON, III Band 1. 2, 3. 4. Manager 3, 4; Art Club 3; Science Club 3; Junior Play. JUDY DIANE WATSON Chorus 2. lunior-Senior Committee. LUTHER ANDERSON WEADON Homeroom Officer 1; F.F.A. 2; D.E. Club 3; Bus Drivers Club 3, 4. THOMAS GERALD WELLS Homeroom President 2; Football 2, 3, 4; Track 3, 4; Block A” Club 3, 4. NAN STAN DISH WERNER A.H.S. Cabinet 4; HORNET Staff. Art Editor 3, Editor 4; Voice of Democracy Semi-Finalist 4, Alternate to Girls State 3; Homeroom Officer 2, President 3; Student Council 3: National Merit Scholarship Finalist 4; X-Ponents 2, 3; Senior Superlative; Order of the Green and White 4; Miss D.A.R. Award 4. ROBERT LEE YVHALEN, JR. Library Club 1, 2; Art Club 1. Dramateers 2; Honors at Elmont Memorial High School. Long Island. N. Y. BARBARA ANN WILAND Homeroom Officer 3, 4, President I; Dramateers 4. EMILY ELIZABETH WILKIE Student Council 1; Latin Club 1. 2; Future Teachers 3, 4; Future Nurses 4; Homeroom Officer 1; X-Ponents 3. PATRICIA GAIL WILKINS French Club 1, 2, 3. Secretary 3; Homeroom Officer 1; Beta Club 2, 3; X-Ponents 3; National Honor Society, Secretary 4; Art Club 4; Library Club 4; Student Council 1. ANNA MARGARET WILLIAMS F.H.A. 1, 2; Future Secretaries 4. JAMES DILLARD WILLIAMS, JR. T. I. Club 3. ROGER LEE WILLIAMSON Baseball 2, 3; Homeroom President 4. DENNIS EARL WILLING LINDAF’i6ne’ WILLING Basketball. Junior Varsity 1. 2. Varsity 3. 4; Library Club 1, 2, 3; F.H.A. Club. Reporter 3, Vice-President 4; Homeroom Officer 1, 3, 4, President 2; May Day Attendant 3; Junior Play. HELEN WILLIS F.H.A. 2; Chorus 2; Library Club 4; D.E. Club 4. JAMES OTIS WILLIS, JR. Beta Club 2, 3; National Honor Society 3, 4; A.H.S. Cabinet 3; Homeroom President 4; X-Ponents 2, 3, 4; Science Club 3, 4; French Club 2, 4; Treasurer of Freshman Class; Treasurer of Student Council 3. Student Council 2; Order of the Green and White 3. 4; Library Club 1; A.V. Club 3,4; Science Fair 2; Track 3. ALAN WAYNE WOLF Latin Club 1. 2; French Club 3, 4; Dramateers 4; Homeroom Officer 2, President 2, 3; Junior Play. ARTHUR MURRAY WOOD Chorus 2, 3; Junior Play; Senior Play. BRENDA SAYE WOOD Future Secretaries 4. JIMMY DALE WOOD D.E. Club 3. MAE LaFAYE WOODWARD Chorus 1, 2. 3; Future Teachers 2; French Club 2; Homeroom Officer 1, 2, 3, 4; Football Sponsor 4; Miss HORNET Contestant. MARVIN ARTHUR WOODWARD, JR. Student Council 1; Homeroom Officer 1. 3; Block A” Club 3, 4; Football 2. 3. 4; Track 3, 4. ETHYL DREW' WRIGHT Student Council 1. 2. 4; Art Club 3; Future Teachers 3. 4; Librarian 4; Dramateers 1; Homeroom President 1; Homeroom Officer 3; French Club 2, 3, 4; Band 1; Senior Play, Student Director; X-Ponents 1, 2; Block “A” Club 3, 4; Football Sponsor 3. 4; Cheerleader 3. 4; Senior Superlative; National Honor Society 4. DONNA ELIZABETH YELVERTON F.H.A. 2; Library Club 3, 4; D.E. Club 4. PAULA ANN ZUMBRUNNEN Band 1. 2, 3. 4; May Day Attendant 2. 3; Dramateers 3; Homeroom Officer 3; Art Club 3; Future Secretaries 4. 109Puderclassmen And of course the hands that strive— juniors striving to be seniors, freshmen to be juniors—with one common goal: preparedness. The hand that leafs pages and the hand that writes is the hand that seeks knowledge, but not without pausing to plan. It is during these pauses that Aiken High underclassmen find time to particiate in class projects. For juniors, the junior play, the junior dance and the Junior-Senior. For freshmen, the freshmen dance. These are the activities that unite work and play, loyalty and spirit.CLASS OFFICERS Standing: Richard Byrd, president; Kay Coward, vice-president. Seated: Sherry Brewer, secretary; Billy Winter, treasurer. juniors 112The Junior Class has been very busy this year. They sponsored the annual Homecoming Dance, they sold peanuts at football games and they worked the refreshment stands. These were some ways they made money for the Junior-Senior. The Junior Play, Man Overboard, was presented in March, with Mrs. Wood as director. Basketball was a main interest of the Junior Class. After last year’s intramural victory they fought hard to stay champs. Everyone will remember the Junior-Senior-espe-cially the fine music and the beautiful decorations. John Adcock Charles Allin Diane Allin Patricia Ard Roger Amett Bobbie Bailey Donald Baker Peggy Bane Jim Barber James Barton STaryBass Jeanette Baughman Patsy Baughman Tommie Baughman John Bebbington 113Virginia Beckman Rudolph Bell Eric Berry Loren Blackman Gay Blanchard Dale Blessing Barbara Boatwright Rodney Boatwright Donnie Bowers Harry Bray Sherry Brewer Judson Brodic Brenda Brown Christine Brown Donna Bryant Brenda Bunting Bobby Burch Craig Burgess Juniors Stanley Burroughs Wayne Byars Richard Byrd Madison Canady Faye Cardinal Steve Carr Nancy Carroll Jerry Carter Ronnie Carter Terry Chance Joe Chewning Judy Coker Starlyn Cook William Cool Charles Cooper Harold Cooper Johnny Cooper Tony Corder Amelia Cotis James Covar Kay Coward Gail Cozart Donna Creasey Billy Creed 114Larry Hall Pete Hall Joy Hamilton Nield Hay Dolly Heath Nancy Heilig Larry Helms Louis Helms Betty Henson Lynn Hill James Hollar Henry Hutto Dana Jackson Glenn Jackson Harold Jarrett Amanda Johnson Mac Johnston Russ Johnt Chuck Jones Jdy Jones Katheryn Kalos Marilyn Kaney Tim Keel Kenny Kight Peggy Kinnaird Wallace Kitchings Joe Knccce Boo Kruger Judy Lackey Kenny Lail Penny Lancaster Kaye Larson Ann Lee Martha Lockhart Annette Lowe John Lowery Donald Lyell Jeanne Martin Wayman Martin Beth Marvin Roger Mason Charles Mathews 115Sue Creed Pearl Currie Charles Cushman Ruth Cushman Butch Day Becky Derrick Luther Derrick Sue Dillard Virginia Edgar Dick Edwards Dixie Ellington David Ellett Richard Emslie Elizabeth Eubanks Cynthia Evans Morris Faber Marie Fabrick Bob Farmer JJumnrs Fincher MarylElftli Fi Bunny prowler DortAm jdkn Fox HejH Franklin RdtUn Freeman Gamble Billy Garrison Steve Geddes Mary Fran Gee Robert Gomillion Brenda Gordon Jack Gosnell Dianne Gossett Linda Graham Nancy Gray Faye Greene Shirley Greer Alan Gregory Woody Gregory Diane Grice Pete Griffin June Groves Anne Hall Glenda Hall 116Wanda Matlock Graybill McElmurray Donna McFarland Kay McGee Janies McMahon Sylvia McNair Judy McNeil Blake Meadows Norma Jean Melcolm Betsy Moloney Jackie Mergler Bobby Miller Janice Miller Kay Mills Ricky Montgomery Judith Moore Jim Morris Mary Ann Moyer (Class of ’62 Linda Xuzum Thomas New Pam Newberry Judy Nightingale Thomas Olsen Sherry O’Neill Mattie Lou Parrott Kay Patrick Ellen Pattis Dickie Penix Patsy Penland Bessie Pennington Leonard Plunkett Dinah Plyler Fred Post Larry Posten Wayne Posten Betty Powell Buddy Purcell Bobby Rast David Ratchford Dwain Rector Martin Redd Susan Redd 117J ane Reese Jimmy Renfro Charles Rodes Mitchell Rifkin Kaye Roberts Gail Roberts Henry Roberts Kay Robinson Delores Roe RoT ert Rollins Larry Rushton Rusty Russell Kay Salley Kathy Sampson Dianne Sawyer Jerry Schwertfeger Dorothy Scott Linda Seigler HJmttflrs ■Lydi?. Sejgjet Etanlev Selby) Benny Shaftks Margaret Shideler Ronald Shipman Butch Shivers • Antionette Siddall Dick Simons Doc Simons Kenneth Skeen Glen Slaughter Jackie Smith Karen Smith Billy Smoot James Spillsbury Shirley Stallings Bonnie Stec Barry Stevens Billy Stewart Charles Stiles Penny St. John N. W. Stone Sheila Stumpf Jean Swancey 118Hansford Temples Beth Thompkins Jimmy Todd Billy Toole Sarah Ann Toole J. J. Trinkle To jo Turner Derve Tyler Don Wakefield Ricky Wallace Douglas Waters Diane Watts Alan Weeks John Wefglc (Hlass of ’62 Chris West Eugene Widener Eunice Widener Nancy Widener Jim Wilkins Bill Williams George Williams Stan Williamson Austin Willing James Willing Vertina Willis Meta Willis Hazel Wilson Billy Winter Gail Wise Mary Allen Woodhead Caroldean Wooten Fred Wright Ronnie Wright Grady Yonce Carolyn Young Mary Young Faye Youngblood Steve Zelnak 119ifreshnmt CLASS OFFICERS Katherine Hogan, treasurer; Sylvia Pridgen, vice-president; Denny Royal, president; Cheryl Adams, secretary’. 120Cheryl Adams Shirley Agerton Sue Ahrens Carolyn Anderson Rienda Anderson Rodney Ashley Kay Adler Marline Arthur Jane Austin Cissy Axelberg Tom Bailey John Bancroft Class of ’63 David Barber John Barrett Charles Barton Joanne Bass Charles Baynham Al Beasley Bill Bobbington Clyde Bell Anne Berry Richard Bible Tommy Blackwell Jackson Bowman Sherrie Boyd Freddie Boyd Jill Boylston Charles Brackett John Bradberry Becky Brock Howard Brotherton Carl Brown Irene Brown Sandra Bryie I off Burkhardt Marvin Cadden Nancy Caldwell Joanne Caldwell Blease Carpenter Trescott Carswell Lee Caruthers Gene Caudle 121Mary Chadwick Gary Christensen Barbara Clark Lawrence Clark Kenny Clarke oandra Connaughton James Conway Ann Cook Carolyn Cook James Cook Carla Cooper Tim Corder ifrpshnmt Marie Cornwell Mary Cotton Wayne Courtney John Cox Marlene Creech Rachel Crosland Ellen Cushman Gloria Davis Paul Denton Harriet Derrick Elaine Derriso Tommy Didgeon Nelson Donahue Butch Dorman Wayne Douglas Brigetta Duke Ben Dyches Sophia Economos Donnie Edmundson Jerry Ellis Joy Eubanks Larry Eubanks Donnie Ferguson Edward Fincher Bob Ford Dell Ree Frost Jimmie Gambell Ray Gardner Margie Good Fay Green 122Wilson Green Brenda Gregory Mildred Gregory Devoyct Griffin Kent Haggerty June Hair Sylvia Hall Cherry Halliburton Joe Hamilton Ellen Hammond Rayner Handley Jane Harper (Class of ’63 Mike Hart John Harte Dwight Hayes Ricky Heath Toe Hedrick. Onaa Heilig Rick Hershey Mellie Hickey Dale Hicks Pam Hilton Frank Hodge John Hodges Katherine Hogan Charles Holley Joe Holley Larry Holley Earlene Holsenback Paula Hopkins Carolyn Hovas Robert Hudson Carl Huffman Barry Johnson Betsy Johnson Johnny Johnson Sonny Johnson Ronnie Jones Jackie Jordan Joanne Jordan Patricja Joyner Mary Keel 123Betty Keenan Harold Key Larry Key Scotty Kidd Wayne Kimball Mae Kirby William Kirkland Mike Kitchings Ann Knight Jimmie Koon Brad Kuhn Doris Lacey if resli men Walter Lacher Kennetli Lain Ray Landon Sandra LaRusso Jeannette LeBoutillier Patsy Lee Peter Lee William Lewis Larry Lowe Beth Mattocks Divver Martin Bill Marx John Massey Benny Matlock Brenda McCall Eileen MeCraney Janie McCrosky La Vem McCullough Larry McGee Ceorge McTaggart Jackie Meadow Sandra Meischen Bill Millet Larry Mills Frances Mize 11 Sammy Moore Billy Monk Naomi Morris Elmer Moseley Jane Moyer 124Frances Mullens Judy Murph Peter Nuessle Jean New John Newton Jerry Orr Jewel Osbon Georgia Owens Isabelle Owens Tommy Page Mickey Payne Eddie Philbeck flllase erf ’63 Mike Pickett Jolin Piper Holly Place Charles Plunkett David Plyler Mary Porter Sylvia Pridgen Mary Anne Rachal Harry Rahner Glen Reed Leonard Redd Louise Redd Judy Rhoden Ester Richardson Linda Robertson Darcey Rodgers Rhonda Rogers Denny Royal Michael Royal Sue Royal Becky Rutherford Helen Salley Kay Salley Edward Salters Linda Sanders Gayle Scott Sandra Scott Bobby Seigler Diane Selby Linda Shawn 125Anna Shealy Maxine Shelton Florence Shores Sherry Siegmund Jimmy Sizemore Patricia Slaughter James Snellson Andy Smith Patti Smith Rodney Smoak Janis Snell Edward Snipes ifreshmen Wayne Snitker Buck Sparkman Joe Spears Don Steakely Brenda Steele Grayson Still Johnnie Stephens Georgene Stueben Jean Stockhausen Daisy Mae Stokes Jerry Stone Mary Ellen Stuart Charles Stumph Sandy Sturky Libby Sullivan Becky Tate Susan Thomas Lucy Vinson Jimmy Walker Mark Walker David Wallace Edie Wallenburg Tom Walton Sheila Warren Jane Weeks Bob Wells Susan Wells Max Werner Cindy White Maurene Whittle 126Delores Widener Jeannie Wiland Angelic W illing Joyce Willing Melissa Wilson Roger Wolf F red Wright Nancy Wyman Jerry Yonce Kathryn Yonce Nancy Young Faye Youngblood Carol Zimmerman 127Nitwit Throughout life the hand plays an important role. Whether it is used in the building of a home, a school, or a nation, it is the hand which must lay the foundations of strength and raise the walls of unity. But it is not possible to divorce the hand from the rest of the body. The body is a union of coordinate parts; no part is a subordinate. The counterpart, then, to the skilled, trained hand is a keen, disciplined mind, a mind which guides and directs the hand in its varied, complex movements. A salute to the hands of Aiken High. And to Aiken High-an institution that is dedicated to the wedding of the human mind and the hand. -1961 HORNET StaffMcElmurray Pontiac Sales and Service SUPERIOR TO MANY AND GOOD AS ANY Phone MI 9-2504 1014 Park Ave. Aiken, South Carolina FRANKLIN CLEANERS LAUNDRY 230 Park Ave., S.W. Phone MI 9-7151 NATIONAL KAOLIN PRODUCTS COMPANY No. 1 Highway Aiken, S. C. BE REALLY REFRESHED! THE McGUIRE SISTERS PAUSE FOR KING SIZE COCA-COLA BIG 12 OZ. tOTTUD UNOCt AUTHORITY Of THt COCA-CCXA COMPANY IY AIKEN COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY 129‘A Friendly Store for Men STEPHENSON FINANCE COMPANY AUTO LOANS M M SUPPLY Everything for the Builder OWEN, THOMAS McCREARY Financing — Refinancing Aiken, S. C. JACKSON TRANSFER STORAGE North American Van Lines Local Long Distance Moving 701 Richland Ave. Aiken, S. C. Compliments of SKINNER AUTO SUPPLY Augusta, Georgia 130SATCHER MOTOR CO. Compliments of “Your Ford Dealer Since 1922 Sales Service Phone MI 9-4148 Aiken, S. C. ALVANOS TOWN GRILL Aiken, S. C. THE FLOWER SHOP Weddings Corsages Funeral Designs Shrubbery of All Kinds CITY WIDE DELIVERY MI 9-7991 126 Park Ave., S. E. Compliments of CASUAL HUT 103 Laurens St. Daniel Village Aiken, S. C. Augusta, Ga. SOUTHERN MORTGAGE COMPANY Aiken, South CarolinaAIKEN BEVERAGE COMPANY 254 YVillimsburg St., S. E. Aiken, South Carolina Bottlers of ORANGE CRUSH GRAPETTE - DR. PEPPER EULALIE SALLEY AND CO. REALTORS INSURANCE “You Will Like Our Service” 308 Park Ave., S. YV. MI 9-6571 RICK'S Tenderbite Meat Products RICKS' PACKINC COMPANY Aiken, S. C. DURBAN'S INSURANCE - REAL ESTATE Phone MI 9-2561 Aiken, S. C. HOBBY HOUSE MARINE Aiken’s Only Complete Marine Center” 1032 YVhiskey Road Aiken, S. C. Phone MI 9-2742 BIRDSEY'S STORE GROCERIES - MEATS PRODUCE - FEEDS 139 Newberry St., S.YV. Aiken, S. C. WOODRUFF DRUG STORE Mitchell Shopping Center Aiken, S. C. 132AIKEN FIRST FEDERAL LOAN ASSOCIATION A MUTUAL SAVINGS AND HOME FINANCING INSTITUTION A “Citadel of Security” at Civic Center 107 Chesterfield Street Aiken, S. C. Compliments of “Smart Set” Shoes for the Smart Set at COBLE DAIRIES PHILLIPS SHOES 117 Laurens St., S. W. Aiken BELL TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH CO. Compliments of HOLLINGSWORTH CHEVROLET CO. Aiken, S. C. 340 Park Avenue Aiken, South Carolina D. M. GEORGE FUNERAL HOME Since 1920 — Aiken, S. C. 133DEATON'S SUPER MARKET 3110 Vaucluse Road KNIGHT'S SUPER MARKET Phone MI 8-1532 2707 Vaucluse Road Aiken, S. C. Aiken, S. C. VIRGINIA ACRES CLOTH SHOP Gifts, Cloth, Sewing Needs, Cards. 1052 Whiskey Road Aiken, S. C. Mr. and Mrs. John Marins MI 8-8736 AIKEN CANDY TOBACCO CO. Distributors of Cigars—Cigarettes—Candies—Gum—Drugs Paper Products—Lily Cups 118 Pendleton St., S. W. Phone MI 8-5011 Aiken, S. C. Belk’s Department Store 121 Laurens Street Aiken, S. C. 134THOMPSON MOTOR SUPPLY CO. 337 Hayne Ave. AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA WARRENVILLE DRUG STORE Warrenville, S. C. Just a Few Minutes Drive From Busy Aiken A COMPLETE LINE OF DRUGS B. T. DYCHES SON, INC. LUMBER BUILDING MATERIAL Quality and Service AT LOWEST PRICE 138 Fairfield Street Phone MI 9-4131 AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA Compliments of DINNER BELL “Where Friends Meet Friends” AIKEN DRUG STORE PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS Cosmetics — Drugs — Gifts Phone MI 9-6286 Aiken, S. C. RAM REALTY CO. LAURENS STREET Aiken, S. C. 135HOLMES JEWELERS 151 Laurens Street, S. W. Aiken, S. C. HUTSON-ETHERREDGE AGENCY 129 Park Avenue Aiken, South Carolina GRIFFIN TIRE SERVICE General Electric Appliances RECAPPING, BATTERIES ACCESSORIES 126 Laurens Street, N. W. Aiken, S. C. PLATT Rexall Drugs 111 Laurens St., S. W. Phone MI 8-8321 Aiken, S. C. H. L. GREEN CO. Corner Broad, 9th and Ellis AUGUSTA, GEORGIA HOLLEY'S HARDWARE - FURNITURE PAINTS - GIFTS Phone MI 9-7371 Laurens St. AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA YOUR MONEY BUYS MORE at ELEANOR 127 Laurens St. 136 AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINAAIKEN FERTILIZER COMPANY Manufacturers and Distributors of HIGH GRADE FERTILIZERS AND RAW MATERIALS Aiken, S. C. B. C. MOORE SONS INCORPORATED Buy from MOORE and Save MORE Compliments of E. A. BURKHALTER ACCOUNTANT 314 Newberry St. Aiken, S. C. WILLIAMS-HERNDON GUNNELS PROFESSIONAL INSURANCE SERVICE 159 Laurens St., S. W. Aiken, S. C. Phone MI 8-8391 RADIO LAB and RECORD SHOP 109 Laurens St., N. VV. Phone MI 9-2471 AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA BREWER ZORN BARBER SHOP ‘We Need Your Head In Our Business” Aiken, S. C. LYON-CROFT-WEEKS REAL ESTATE - INSURANCE AUTO LOANS 220 Richland Avenue, W. MI 8-8301 Aiken, S. C. 137CONGRATULATIONS to this term’s graduates and all good wishes for success in the field they have chosen in which to carve out their careers. In searching for a higher education, we hope they will remember the fine college in our state; if entering business or industry immediately, we hope they will find their careers here in South Carolina. South Carolina Electric Gas Company PHOTOCRAFT CAMERA SHOP 141 Laments Street Aiken, S. C. THE HORNET'S NEST “SNACKS THAT ARE DELICIOUSLY DIFFERENT” 1733 Columbia Rd. Phone MI 9-9236 Aiken, South Carolina BRADDY'S LITHOGRAPHING Aiken, South Carolina SMART'S DRESS SHOP LADIES’ DRESSES AND SPORTSWEAR Aiken, South Carolina 138BARSH ELECTRIC SERVICE Automotive Starter Generator, Voltage Regulator and Electric Motor Repairing 412 Hayne Ave., S. W. Phone MI 9-9531 Aiken, S. C. Compliments of AIKEN ROOFING WATERPROOFING COMPANY 210 Hayne Ave., S. W. Aiken, S. C. THE BOOK SHOP SCHOOL SUPPLIES GAMES CARDS BOOKS GIFTS ART SUPPLIES Aiken, S. C. Compliments of NEILSON IMPLEMENT COMPANY Aiken, S. C. HOLLEY FUEL COMPANY Union Street, N. E. DAY MI 9-6551 - NICHT MI 9-4253 “We Specialize in 24 Hour Service” 139FARMERS AND MERCHANTS BANK IN CONTINUOUS OPERATION Since 1906 AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA Member of the F.D.I.C. SLOTINS DRESS SHOP DAVIS PHARMACY CO. “THE SHOP ALL WOMEN KNOW” Aiken, South Carolina Compliments of FRED W. SCOTT + + + 226 Park Ave., S. E. ROAD COMMISSIONER Phone MI 9-7322 140 Aiken, S. C. Aiken, S. C.READ “TEEN TIMES” in AIKEN STANDARD AND REVIEW MI 9-9651 Night MI 8-1236 FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS THE PATIO FLORIST “The House of Artistic and Original Floral Design” 3102 Augusta Rd. Aiken, S. C. DAN J. HAMANN VIC JOHNSON We Wire Flowers TOMMIE MATHIS DIXON'S ESSO SERVICE CENTER “OPEN 24 HOURS DAILY” Aiken, S. C. CANDIES and CRACKERS 113 Georgia Avenue North Augusta, South Carolina BLUE HOUSE Carousel Dresses — Gifts Oxford Corner — Men's Clothing The Crest Mats —Frames CREST TRAVEL AGENCY 141PARK AVENUE LANES TIMMERMAN OLDSMOBILE Comer of Park Orangeburg Phone Ml 9-9520 1103 RICHLAND AVENUE AIKEN’S FIRST AND FINEST Aiken s c AUTOMATIC PIN SETTING B. M. SURASKY'S Serving Aiken and Aiken County for Over 60 Years MERRY BROTHERS BRICK TILE COMPANY Augusta, Georgia Highest Quality for Over Half a Century 142Portraits By JjM Studio AIKEN SPORTING GOODS 200 PARK AVENUE “Behind You All the Way” “WALT” M. BURKHALTER Gifts Hobby Supplies ELLIOTT Everything for the Office’ FULMER'S SCHOOL AND drawing Red and White SUPPLIES 603 Charleston Street 321 Richland Ave., W. Aiken, S. C. Aiken, S. C. 143(Having Fun Fred?) EL'NORS FLORIST GIFTS Phone MI 8-1738 - MI 9-6585 154 Laurens Street Aiken, S. C. GO GULF! HOTEL COMMERCIAL at LAMBS GULF STATION Always the Best Food 101 Whiskey Rd. MI 8-5659 AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA THOMAS Cleaners Laundry Aiken, South Carolina CHESTERFIELD COURT HAIR STYLING - CIFTS COSMETICS - JEWELRY 120 Chesterficd St., S. Aiken, S. C. Compliments of TURNER'S AMOCO STATION COWARD SEED COMPANY 914 Park Ave., S. E. Aiken, S. C. 144 Aiken, South Carolina Phone MI 8-5433WARNEKE CLEANERS CULLER'S HALF ACRE 3611 Augusta Road AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA 113 Newberry Street AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA EDGEWOOD FLORIST “The Finest in All FLORAL WORK” AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA For the Best in Listening 1000 WATTS 990 KILOCYCLES A K As Aiken South Carolina W T H B “Radio With The Heart Beat” 1550 K.C. Serving Augusta, North Augusta and “AIKEN” JULIA'S DRESS SHOP Aiken, South Carolina SUNSET MEMORY GARDENS INC. “A Shrine of Beautiful Cardens” Immediate Perpetual Care for All Faiths LY 3-3611 MI 8-861 145CLEARWATER FINISHING PLANT CLEARWATER, S. C. A Division of United Merchants and Manufacturers, Inc. 146GRANITEVILLE COMPANY MAKERS OF COTTON CLOTH SINCE 1845 Graniteville, South Carolina and Augusta, Georgia Graniteville Company is the oldest Southern cotton mill operating under its original charter and Graniteville, South Carolina was one of the first communities in the nation to enforce compulsory school attendance. In addition, it was the first in the South and one of the first in the nation to provide free textbooks for school children. The textile industry provides employment for more people and pays more dollars in salaries and wages than any other industry in South Carolina. Your future might he woven in textiles. GRANITEVILLE, VVARRENVILLE ,VAUCLUSE, SOUTH CAROLINA and AUGUSTA, GEORGIA 147 uiographs uiographs uiographs uiographsAutngraphs cA CProduct of WINSTON-SAUM. N.CMsm; W’ wS? ■ mmmm ?mm

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