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FOREWORD... As we enter the W orld of Tomorrow with its jet air travel, atomic energy, satellites. and space exploration, it is apparent that increased emphasis will have to he placed on international co-operation. I he ■ program of the current International Geophysical Year, which involves scientists from many nations ol the world, is one example of such co-operation. I o take our place as citizens or leaders in this fast-moving and competitive age. we must be well equipped in the field of our choice. I his HORNE I depicts some of the scenes and activities at Aiken High School during 1958 as we prepared ourselves for the World ol I omorrow. 3 CONTENTS ACADEMICS PAGE 12 ★ ORGANIZATIONS PAGE 70LOREN TERRY PALMER II 1936-1957 Editor of the 1954 HORNET tn mptttnrtam TERRY, MY SON The world seldom finds a man so true A real friend to each one that he knew. To the things that are right he always held fast Even when doubters his beliefs would blast. He was never a prude nor felt himself great Just a real good fellow who played it straight. He considered himself average, no brain” was he But those who knew said that this was modesty. He wanted to help others, he felt himself blest When a friend he could aid, this was his quest. His talents were many and he used them abound To enhance the life of those he was around. A smile so sincere, a handshake so firm, Conversation so witty, his friends all confirm. Imagination so keen and the ability too, To express his ideas with words or hue. He loved the good things with all his heart, Good music, good books of him were a part. His painting, drawings and models may never achieve fame But they were his work, that is all he would claim. He must have been more than we mortals should be Because God called him Home to help Him, you see. Humans do not understand or envision God’s Plan So we find it difficult to give up this fine man. We will forever miss him and his character so fine But so glad that God gave him to us for a short time. —Loren T. Palmer. 5. . V V . STUDENT throughout the 1957-58 school year, the students of Aiken High School participated in various activities on or near the A. H. S. campus. In creating a student life section. the HORNET staff lias attempted to depict, through candid snapshots, some of the typical 6LIFE scenes portrayed by high school lives of some of the teen-agers of students. I he purpose of this sec- Aiken High, lion of the yearbook is to present a natural, informal aspect of the 7Tlie Aiken High basketball team nervously waits for the game to get under way. Seniors Kennie Gaver, Paul Moore. Charlie Underwood, Everett Summerall. Pony McCreight, Don Freiday, Kay Coffey, and Arthur Gregory represent Aiken I ligh us student Rotarians this year.LIFE During llic 57- 58 school year a variety of rock and roll music was played. Among the favorites heard at the youth center after football games were Searching. “Chances Are. and “Tammy. Many dances in the form ol the “shag.” “bop.” and “chicken” were created by the students. During the fall, however, entertainment was not confined solely to the football field. Available for the students enjoyment were the local theaters, featuring such films as Pal Joey. “The Ten Commandments. “Sayonara. and “Raintree County. After shows many students headed for favorite drive-ins for a snack, while others took the long way home. November found students looking forward to the Thanksgiving holidays. One of the events during this vacation was the canteen dance with Willie Wilson and his Combo furnishing the music. I he merry month of December heralded the coming of another vacation . . . two weeks of Christmas festivities, parties, informal get-togethers, and extra lime with families and friends. At one of its regular meetings in the hand room, the student council discusses ways to better Aiken High. I he t ainera catches seniors Bobby Spivey. Skipper Perry, and Irvin Summer on the hack campus during lunch | eriod.STUDENT January 1958. came in with celebration, song, and many resolutions for the new year. Following close on the heels of this jovial season were the dreaded mid-term examinations. While the students crammed for the exams, they were also anticipating the coming basketball season. Snow in Aiken, February 13. 1958! Surprised students awoke to find their usually green surroundings enveloped in a dazzling blanket of white. I lovvever by 3:05 old Sol Seniors and sophomores prepare for tlie jump which will start the intramural game. Mike McMillan practices as announcer for the Junior Pollies. Dick Caney records Don I reiday s and Barry Booths orders for invitations as I ony Hamilton. Paul Moore, ( arolyn Holly, Luannc Sanders and Mary Virginia W ahl chat and study and Skipper Perry sleeps.The pep hand, led by Kcnnie Gaver. plavs during the half while the cheering sec tion keeps time by chipping. I he heerleaders. hoping to win, wale I with interest as the team warms up Indore the game. LIFE had resumed his place in llie shy. and I lie snow had disappeared. Nothing remained hut a few half-melted snowmen. By March the juniors had ordered their class rings and were looking forward to the ring-robe ceremony in May. I he seniors, meanwhile, were burning the midnight oil to prepare term papers to meet the requirements of exacting faculty members. April ... a time when spring is in the air and a young man s fancy turns to love. On many days study halls were held on the back campus beneath the pines, where students could escape from the sweltering heat of the classrooms. A gay and festive May Day and the much anticipated Junior-Senior were the major events ol May. I he juniors, alter much work and planning, were very proud of their decorations and the grand orchestra ol I ony lorry. On June 2 I lonor Day was held. I he seniors who had won scholarships and other outstanding students were recognized. Hnally the day ol graduation arrived . . . June 3. 1958. 1 hose who had studied so hard, who had entered the brand new building as freshmen, who had participated in the various school activities, and who had brought honors to the school were leaving the halls ol Aiken I ligh. some to further their education in the many colleges available to them and others to obtain jobs. Before llic boll rings some of llio boys gather on tbe back campus lo talk alnnil tlirir activities an l llic happenings ol llie day. Industrious juniors, Jennie l‘osier and Pal Beatty, work on a Valentine bulletin lx ard for their homeroom.ACADEMICS Although the successful launching of satellites has focused attention on the need for more and better trained scientists, the problems faced in the world today require well-trained people in all fields. Both the students and faculty of Aiken High are working toward this goal.AIKEN COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION Seated: Mr. Charles I . Kncece. ( ounly Superinlerulent; Mr. J. G. McElmurray. Mr. J. B. Byars. Mr. C. I Gantt. Mr. I. A. Keel. Mrs. I.. I Kennedy. Chairman. Standing: Mr. IF. W. Rislier, Mr. I’.. W. C Limp. Mr. S. II. Moody. Absent When Picture Was Taken: Mr. I’. I . Iliitto and Mr. W. I. Phillips. ADMINISTRATION AIKEN ATTENDANCE AREA NO. I BOARD Mr. Geddings Willing. Mr. F. L. Eaves. Mr. P. F. Henderson. Chairman: Mr. J. R. McTeer, Mr. C. H. Marvin. Mr. James O. Willis, principal of Aiken Mrs. Hazel McNeil, secretary to Mr. Willis. High S chool. has done much in developing also contributed much to the well-being of the both school pride and school spirit in the stu- students and school. She not only did the dents of Aiken High. Acting as a guidance ordinary duties of a secretary but also arranged counselor, a friend, and a parent. Mr. Willis schedules and on many occasions soothed irri- helped many students overcome the everyday tated parents, obstacles which confronted them. Mr. James O. Willis Principal 15Miss Katherine Anthony WORLD HISTORY A.B.. University of South Carolina F AC U Mrs. Margaret Boho SENIOR ENGLISH and FRENCH A.B.. Newberry College M.A., Appalachian State Teachers College Mrs. I lelen Butler LATIN and FRENCH A.IV. Erskine College M.A.. Emory University Mr. I homos Patrick PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY B.S., Wofford College Mrs. Mary An. Wheat ALGEBRA I VS.. Miami I diversity ■ v I : Jal I 'A Mrs. Jean Simpson ENGLISH A.IV. Columbia College Mr. Bettis Herlong PHYSICAL EDUCATION and AMERICAN HISTORY A.IV. Duke University Miss Norma Gunter BOOKKEEPING. Bl JSINESS ENGLISH, and SHORTHAND B.S.. Winthrop College M.Ecl.. University of South CarolinaLTY r. Gcwd Runager AM! RICAN HISTORY, CIVICS and PHYSICAL EDUCATION .S I rskino Coll ego • 1.1 1.. University of South Carolina Hr Betty Owen , GEOMETRY and TRIGONOMETRY -A.K.. Coker College Mrs. Peggy Lambert art and aVICS A.B.. Lander College Mr. Norman Woodward ALGEBRA B.S.. C lemson CollegeMr. Lullier Board BIOLOGY B.S., Furman University Mrs. Ann Casey ENGLISH B.S.. Bob Jones I ’niversity Miss Peggy Cantrell PHYSICAL EDUCATION A.B.. Furman University Mr. William Slaughter BAND and CHORUS B.Mus.Ed.. West Chester State Teachers College M.Mus.Ed.. Florida State University FACUi AMERICAN HISTORY and ENGLISH B.S., Pennsylvania Stale I eai hers Colie Miss Margaret Cato Bl SINI.SS MATH. TYPING ani» BUSINESS LAW B.S.. Winthrop College Mr. John Eubanks GENERAL MATH B.S.. Clemson College Miss Telle Crisp PLANE GEOMETRY A.B., Winthrop CollegeLTY Ifs. Mary-dale lulvvards BUSINESS ENGLISH and TYPING S.. Winllirop College Mr . Joirn Gunnels CIVICS A.IV. I niversily of Soulli Carolina Mrs. Marjorie Crosland English B.A., Bol» Jones University Mr W illiam Kniglit economics and d. e. B.S., ( lemson College Mrs. Virginia Elkin ENGLISH am» BUSINESS I NGUSH A.IV. Winllirop ( allege Mr. Carl Sloan MECHANICAL DRAWING and SI K)P B.S. ( lemson College Mrs. Martlia Blakewood C.I M RAL SCIENCE and HOME ECONOMICS I VS.. I urman University Mr. Carroll Courtnev (.1 l RAI m ll « I A.IV. Wofford CollegeMrs. Melvinn Jordon English and french A.B.. I Inivorsity « f Soulli Carolina Mr. Alvin I Inwkins AGRICULTl JRE B.S., ( lomson College M.S., Clemson College FACULTY Tlie I liinker’1. One. two. ready play! 2. Sliaggintf to Ricky Nelson nyonc for canasta?Charles Underwood. TREASURER: Tony McCrefckt. VICE-PRESIDENT; Joan Crawford SECRETARY Don I rciday. PRESIDENT. CLASS In its Iasi year at Aiken High this class produced the annual senior play, had themselves measured for caps and gowns, and participated in the Ring and Rohe ceremony. The members of the Class of 58 will probably cherish the pleasant memories and lasting friendships instilled in them during their four years in Aiken High School. 22 SENIOR As the members ol the senior class mature and enter the realm of adults, they begin to understand and accept the duties and responsibilities they must fulfill in this changing world. By meeting these responsibilities which confronted them, the seniors feel successful in achieving jobs well done.SENIORS '58 Stephen Wilson Abercrombie Latin Clul) 3; Natural History Club I. Willa Mae Barefoot Clinic Staff 3, -1: Honors at Lanflley-Bnth-Clearwater High School. Bath, S. C. Betty Leola Arthur Selected Senior. Jacquelyn Barton F. H. A. 4; D. E. Club 4. Secretary 4. James Arthur Austin Natural History ( lul' 4. President 4. William Ben Bates. Jr. T.SI. Club 3: F.F.A. 4. Patricia Jane Ball F. H. A. 1. 2. Nancy Jeanne Berry Band 3: Pep Band 3: French C lull 3: Student Council 4: Belly Crocker Homemaker Award 4: Honors at Dreher I lie'll School, Columbia. S. C. 23Blessing Bodie Gary Millard Blessing I lomeroom President I : Student Council I; Bus Drivers Club 3, 4: Cborus 4. Mamie Elizabeth Bodie Student Council 1, 4: May Day Attendant 1: Homeroom Secretary I: Dramateers I. 2. 3. I. treasurer 4: Homeroom Vice-President 2: Junior Class Play: Homeroom Secretary 3; Junior Class Vice-President: Majorette 4: Student Council 4: Represented Aiken High School on McCall’s Fashion Board: Junior Follies. Norma Gail Bonnett Band 1. 2: Homeroom Secretary 1, 2: French Club 3; F. T. A. 3; May Day Attendant 4. John I homas Boone D. E. Club 4; T. I. Club 3; Bus Drivers Club 2. Bonnett Boone Barry Lee Booth Dramateers 3. 4: Baseball J. I; Bus Drivers Club 4: Student Council 4: Honors at Stonewall Jackson High School. Charleston. W. Vn. I oby Callahan Bradshaw I lomeroom President 3: Homeroom Vice-President 3: Band J: Student C ouncil I: Honors at Saint Angela Academy. Aiken. s. c. Richard Carol Bragg T. 1 Club 1. 2. 3. President 3: Homeroom President I: Homeroom Vice-President 2: Sophomore Class Vice-President: Canteen Staff 2. 3; D. E. C lub 4: F. F. A. 4: Bus Drivers Club 4. Daniel Jackson Breazealc T. l Club I. 2: Track Team 3: D. E. Club 4; Library Club 4. Bragg Breazeale SENIORS '58 244 SENIORS '58 Patsy Marie Broughton F. 11. A. I. 2. 4; 4-H Club 1. 2. 3. Judith Lee C avanaugh Drama leers 2; Homeroom Freasurer 3: I . 11. A. I; Block A” Club 2. 3. 4; Cheerleader I. 2. 3. 4: Selected Senior; May Day Attendant 4; Junior Follies 4. Bruggeman Byars Broughton Broughton Annie Gayle Broughton F. H. A. I. 2. 4. Chorus 4; 4-H Club 1. 2. Kay Young Coffey Band 1. 2. 3. 4: Basketball 2. 3, 4: National Honor I raek 3. 4; F ootball 3, 4; Block A Club 4. 3, 4; Homeroom President 1. 2. 3; Band President State Band 3. 4; Student Council 4; Dramaleers 2: Student Roturian 4. I'Jspye I ee Byars Chorus 3, 4. Society 4: All- James Arthur Bruggeman Richard Maitland Caney Homeroom Vice-President I; Student Council 2; Basketball 2, 3: Swimming 3; Block A Club 3, 4. CJester I errell Coleman. Jr. Dramateers I: Student Council 2. 3: I). F. Club 3.. 4; Homeroom President 3: Junior C lass Play; Senior Class Play; Homeroom Reporter 2: Selected Senior. Caney Cavanaugh Coffey SENIORS '58 Joan Elizabeth Crawford Band I. 2. 3. 4. Assistant Librarian 2. Secretary 3; Pep Band 3. I: Homeroom Secretary 3: Student C ounc il I; Senior Class Secretary. Margaret Scott Dickerson Latin C lub I. 2: French C lub 3.4: I . I. A. 2. 3. 4: Vice-President 4: Hi Times 3: Homeroom Kejxrrter 3; Homeroom Vice-President 3: Chorus 4. Catherine Louise Cullum Band I. 2. 3. 4; Library Club I: Homeroom I reasurer 3, 4: Selected Senior. Sabri A nn Dodenhoff Chorus I. 2: French Club 3; F. I. A. 3: May Day Attendant 4. Betty June DeHaven Library Club I. 2: l atin Club 2. 3; May Day Attendant 4. John I imothy Donahue Football I. 2. 3. 4: Block A Club 3. 4: track 3: Student Council 4. Doris Diane deWitt Art C lub 3. 4: French Club 3. 4; Homeroom Reporter 3: Hi Times 3: Senior Play 4: Dramateers 4: Junior hollies 4. Nancy Elizabeth Dorman 4-H Club 1. 2: Band 1. 2: F. H. A. 4; I lomeroom Secretary 1. 26SENIORS '58 Douglas Bay Edmundson T. I. ( lub I; Art Club 2. 3. 1. President 3. 4: Track 3: Chorus 3. 4. Manager 4: Block “A” Club 3. 4; Selected Senior. John Clark Faust Bus Drivers Club 4; Natural History ( lub 4; Homeroom President I: Honors at Georgia Military Academy. Atlanta, Georgia. Ceeille Y vonne Edwards Draroat' ers 4; I'. I. A. 3. 4: Basketball 1 earn 3, 4. Richard Hugh Foster Homeroom Vice-President I. 4: I7. F. A. Club 3. 4. Vice-President 3: D. P. Club 3. 4: Bus Drivers C lub 3. 4: Block “A” Club 3. 4: Track 3: Toolball 3. 4: Order of Green and White 4. Robert E vans Honors at Anderson Bovs High. Anderson. s. c. Sherrill A nn Frantz F. I. A. 3. 4; Dramateers 4; f'oothall Sponsor 3. Jenny Jeannette Farrell Homeroom Vice-President 1. 2: F. I . A. 2. 4; F.H. A. I. 2. 3. 4; Majorette 3. 4. Donald Robert Freiday Football I. 2. 3. 4: Track I. 2. 3. 4: Student Rotarian 4: Student Council 3: Senior ( lass President: King Teen 4: Homeroom President 2: Block “A” Club 3. 4. Vice-President 3: Selected Senior.Kathleen Lippincott French May Day Attendant I. 2: Latin Club I. 2; Dramateers 2; Mental Contestant 3: Quill and Scroll 3: I-. I A. 2. 3. 4. Secretary -1: French ( lab 3. 4. Secretary 4: HORN!'. I Staff. Junior Class I alitor 3. S nior Class I alitor I; National Honor Society 4: Homeroom Secretary I: Matli C lub I: Contestant lor MISS HORNin : Junior Follies. Iris Adnlcne Fulmer Library Club I; Homeroom Vice-President 2: Art Club 3. Greta Neal C »arvin F. II. A. I. 2. 3. 4. Secretary I. Vice-President 2. Secretary 3. Kenneth Merlyn Gaver Band 1. 2. 3. 4. Manager 2. 3. Student Director 4: Student Council 2. 4: Homeroom President 3; Pep Band 3. 4; All State Band 1. 2. 3. 4: Student Kotarian 4. Rose Filly Gomillion Hi Times I. 2. 3; Library C lub I: Student Council I. 4: Homeroom Secretary I: Band I. 2: Dramateers 2: Cheerleader 3. I. Head Cheerleader I: Block A Club 3. 4; May Day Attendant 3; Homeroom Secretary 3; Miss I li Miss 4; Selected Senior. Nina Ruth Green Student Council I. 4: Dramateers I; Basketball 4. Co-Captain 4: Honors at Central lligb School, McMinnville. Ienn. Arthur Gregory Student Council I. 2. 3. 4. Vice-President 3. President 4; Football 2. 3. 4. Captain 4: I-atin C lub 1: Boys Stale, Secretary of Stale: Junior Play: Block A Club 3, 4: Selected S nior: Student Kotarian 4: All C ounty. All Area. All Slate Football Teams, First learn. Daniel ( ooper Guy loot ball 2. 3: Basketball Manager 2; Bus Drivers Club 3. 4; Band I. 2. 3. 4: Homeroom President I. SENIORS '58 28SENIORS '58 Johnnie Moore Gyles Library Club 1; Chorus 2. 3: Latin C lub I. 2: Dramateers I. 4: Homeroom Vice-President 3; I . I. A. 2. 3; Homeroom Reporter 3; Junior Pollies 4. Brenda Lee I lammer Honors at North Mecklenburg High School, Charlotte. N. C. Jerry Alan I larding O. E. Club 4: T. . I. Club 3. I lelen Christene Hay F. H. A. 3. 4; Chorus I. 2. 3: III (lub I. 2: Homeroom Vice-President 3; Student Council 3. 4: Pootball S| onsor I blossie Elizabeth Heath Homeroom Nice-President I: P. H. A. 1, 3. 4; 111 Club I. 2: Clinic Staff 4; D. E. Club 4; Chorus 4. I larry Manford I leath Golf 2. 3; Block A” (lub 2. 3. 4: Student Council 4: I lomeroom Secretary 3. Lila Mae Heath ( linic Staff I; Library ( lub I. I lerhert Reid Heilig Homeroom President I; Library (lub 2. 4. Secretary 2. Vice-President 3: Art ( lub 2. 3. 4: French Club 2. 3, 4: First Alternate to State Conservation Camp 2. Heath Heath Heath HeiligSENIORS '58 Charles w ayne 1 lickman Honors ul Middlesboro I ligli School, Mid-(llislmro. Ky. Mary Ethel I lovas Library Club 1.2. 3. I. President 2: Latin ( lub I. 2: French Club 3. 4: Order of (ireen and White 4; National Honor Society I; Voice of Democracy I, ( arolyn Gwenette Holly I . F. A. Sweetheart I: Drumnlccrs 2. 3; ( horns 2: I'oothall Sponsor 2. -I: Homeroom ice-Presidenl 3: Majorette 3. I. Head Majorette 4; National Honor Society 3. I: HORNP. I Staff 3. I. Advertising Manager 3. Business Manager 4: French Club 3: Quill and Scroll 3; Junior Play: Senior Play; Maid of Honor: Contestant for MISS HORNLI: Junior Lollies. Constance Georgia Jeancake Band I. 2. 3. 1. Majorette 3, 4: May Day Mtendan 3. 4: Junior Pollies: Pootball Sponsor 3. ( denn Adair Holley Band I. 2: P.T. A. 3: French Club 3: I lomeroom Secretary 4. Bessie Faye Jones I lomeroom President 3; Clinic Staff 3: Basketball I ram 3. 4: Selected Senior. Doris Eleanor Hook P. H. A. I: Library' Club 2. Charles Wil son Jones Band 1.2. 3. 4: Bus Drivers C lub 2. 3. 4; Natural History C lub 4. 30SENIORS '58 I erry Neal Joyner Baseball 2. 5. 4: Football 3. 4; Order of Green and White 3. 4; Student Council 4: I rack 4; Block A ( lub 2. 3. 4. David Allen Kilbourne Homeroom Vice-President 4: C heerleader 4; Senior Play: Block “A Club 2: Bus Drivers Club 4. Charles Milton Kaplan Band 1. 2. 3. 4: Pep Band 3. 4: Baseball 3. 4: Block “A” C lub Bus Drivers Club 4. Joseph Howard Lawton Football 2. 3. 4: Baseball 2; I rack I. 2. 4: Homeroom President I. 2: Natural History Club 4: Block A Club 4: D. E. Club 4. Harvey Monroe Key Homeroom President I: Bus Drivers ( lub 2. 3. 4. President 4: F. P. A. 2. 3. 4. President 3: Homeroom Vice-President 2: D. h. C lub 4. Vice-President 4: Boys State 3. William Robert Leeson Homeroom Vice-President 3. 4: Natural History Club 4; Bus Drivers Club 2. 3. 4: Homeroom President 4: Honors at Union I hull School. Yuba. California. Margaret Ann Kidd Library Club 1; Canteen Staff 2: Chorus 3. I Jnda M ay Leifermann Latin C lub 1. 2: lit limes Stall I: Student Council I; F.T.A. 2. 3. 4; HORNET Staff. Art Fditor 2. Features and Activities Lditor 3. Senior ( lass Editor 4: Quill and Scroll 3: French Club 3. 4; Dramateers 4. Secretary 4: Homeroom President 3: Homeroom Secretary 4: lunior F ollies I: I'ootball Sponsor 4: Contestant for MISS HORN!'. I k 31Antliony Ryan McCreight Basketball 2. 3. 4; I'ootball 2. 3. 4: Baseball 2, 3; Most Valuable Player Award in Basketball: All State 'beam in Basketball: Student Rotarian I; Vice-President of Senior C lass: Block “A Club 3. 4: Track 3, 4; Student Council 3; Selec ted Senior. Robert Ilmmett McGeary Homeroom President 3: Student Council 4; Senior Play; Selected Senior. Patricia Ann McTeer I Tench Club 3: Student Council 4: May Day Attendant 4. Raymond Andrew Marks, Jr. D. E. Club I: F. F. A. 1. 2: Homeroom Reporter 2: 4-H Club I. Julia Marshall Latin Club I. 2: French C lub 3. 4; F. T. A. 2: May Day Attendant 2: Ill-Times Staff J: Swimming learn 3: Block A Club 4: National Honor Society I. Secretory I: Home room President 3: C horus 4. Alice Jeannette Marlin J. I I. A. 2, 3, 1. Honors at Blackville I ligh School, Black-ville, S. C. Roger Lei ton Martin Chorus I: 4-H Club I. 2: Track I: CA P. I. 2. 3: Baseball Manager 3: Bus Drivers Club 3, 4; Block A C lub 3: Natural History Club I. Billie Louise Miller Dramateers I: Homeroom Secretary 1. 2: Homeroom Vice-President 3; Canteen Staff 3, 4; Student Council 4. Marshall Martin Martin Miller SENIORS '58SENIORS '58 Miller Miller I )«»le Alberta Miller Library Club I. 2. 3. Cynthia Ann Miller HORNIT Staff. Art Rditor 3. 1: Quill arul Scroll 3; Art Achievement Award 2. 3: Art ( lub 3. I. Vice-President 4: French Club 3. I: Homeroom Secretary I. 2. 3: hirst Award in Annual Art Lxhihit 3: Seh cted Senior: Order ol Green and White. Ingeborg MoIIath F. H. A. 4; Honors at Geneva High School, Gene 'n, N. Y. Paul Robinson Moore, Jr. Latin Club I. 2: Homeroom President I: Homeroom Secretary 2: basketball 2. 3: Swimming Team 3: National Honor Society 3. 4; First in Talent Show 3; Mental Contestant 3: Bus Drivers Club 3, 4; French Club 3. 4: HORNET Staff 4. Subscription Manager: Junior Follies. Morton Mote Mollath Moore Bernice I higher Morton Homeroom Vice-President I: band I. 2; Majoreltr 2: Homeroom Reporter 3: Mav Day Attendant 3: Homeroom President 3. June Wilene Mote Homeroom Secretary 1: Canteen Staff I. 2. 4: Football Sjxmsor 3; Clinic Staff 4: National Honor Society 4. Lilly Mundy F IFA. 3. 4. Alpha Omega Newberry, III Dramateers. President 4: Senior Play: Latin Club 1: Honors at Newark I ligli School. Newark. N. J. Mundy NewberrySENIORS '58 Martha Ann Nunn 4-H Club 1. Gayle Carmen Pardue Mnv Day Attendant 1. 2; Library Club I. 2. 3. 1. Secretary 2; Homeroom Secretary 2: 4-H Club 1. Secretary I; Clinic Staff 3. Joseph Richard Osbon Ibis Drivers Club 4. Greta I laynes Parker I loners at Old Fort I ligh School. Old Fort. N. C. Julian YViIcher Osbon Basketball I. 2. 3. 4; Block -A Club 2. 3. 4: Football 1. 2. 3. Manager 2; Quill and Scroll 3: Hi limes 2. 3: Bus Drivers Club 2. 3; Homeroom President 1; Homeroom Vice-President 3: I ennis I earn 2. 3. Phyllis Ann Parker F. H. A. 1.2. 3, Secretary 1. 2. Mildred Claire Owens Chorus 1: Art Club 2. 3. 4. Secretary 4; Art Award 3. Alice Faye Patterson Dramatecrs 1. 2. 3. 4; Canteen Staff 1. 2, 3. 4: Library Club 1. 2: Junior Play; Chorus 4. 34SENIORS '58 Jane Louise Patterson Arl ('lul 1: Dramateers 2; I . I . A. 2. 3. I: Latin Club 1. 2. Vice-President 2: Hi limes 2. 3: Quill and Scroll 3; National Honor Society 4: Junior lollies 1. Wyman Lester Powell Bus Drivers Club 2. 3. 4: 1 11 Club I. 2. 3: I). E. Club 4: F. F A. 2. 3. Secretary 3. Robert Spence Perry. Jr. Latin Club I; Homeroom Secretary 2: Dramateers 2; Football Manager 3. I: Block A” C lub 3. 4: Student Council 4: D. E. Club 3. 4: Bus Drivers Club 3: Selected Senior; Junior Follies 4. I iurward Boye Pridgen Band I. 3. I; 11 State Band F I reneb Club 3: Junior Flay; Homeroom Vice-President 2: Bus Drivers Club 4; Art Club 2. Diane Louise Plott Band I. 2. 3; Dramateers 2: I . I I. A. 2; Art Hub 2. Sallie Mae Rankin Chorus I, 2. 3: Clinic Staff 3. 4. Douglas l eslie Porter Homeroom Vice-President 2. 3; Football 2. 3: 1 rack 2. 4: Bus Drivers C lub 2. 3. I. Treasurer 4: Block A Club 2. 3. 4; Natural History Club 4: Honors at Yuba City I liuli School. uba City. Calilornia. William Yon Rast, Jr. Football 2. 3: Basketball 2; Track 2. 3; Block ”A ( tub 3: Homeroom Vice-President 1; Student Council 4. 35 Ray Redd Martha Ann Ray Library ( lub 1. 2; Canteen Staff I; Homeroom Reporter 2: May Day Attendant 3: I . 11. A. 4. Judy livelyn Richardson Latin Club 1. 2: 4-1 I Club I: Canteen Staff I: Hi-Timea Staff 2. 3: I . II. A. I. 2: National Honor Society 4. Catherine Margaret Redd May Day Attendant I : Basketball 2. 3. I. Captain 4i C lass Sponsor 3: Homeroom President 3: Football Sponsor 2. 3: Block A Club 3. I; Homeroom Vice-President 4; Selected Senior: Contestant for MISS IIORNKT. John Will iam Renner I lelen Juanita Rodgers Dramatccrs 2: F. H. A. 1, 2. Leslie Ruth Sanders Latin Club 1, 2: Band I. 2. 3. 4. Librarian 4: Pep Band 3. I; Homeroom I reasurer 2: May Day Attendant 2. Cliorus 2: Football Sponsor 4: Art Club 4: Junior l ollies 4: Selected Senior. I rack 3: Natural History Club I. I.uanne Hawthorne Sanders Sarah Frances Rhoden Homeroom President I. 2; Band I, 2: Homeroom Reporter 3; May Day Attendant 3: French ( lub 3: Homeroom Secretary 4: National Honor Society 4: May Queen 4. Richardson Rodgers Fresbman Class Sponsor; Student Council Representative L 2. 3: Homeroom President 3. I: Homeroom Secretary I. 2: Frond Club 3. I; Latin Club I. 2: Cliorus I. 2. 3. 4. Secretary 3. I; Junior ( lass Play: HORNTT Staff 3. I. Feature I ditor I: Quill and Scroll 3; May Day Attendant 3: Selected Senior; Junior Follies 4. Sanders Sanders SENIORS '58 36SENIORS '58 Sara Elizabeth Scoggins Honors at S. M. Ward I iigh School, Columbia, S. ( Mary Elizabeth Seitfler I . II A. I. 1. Library C lub I. Philip Edward Shidcler Latin Club 1: Band I. 2. 4: Audio-Visual Aids Club I, 2. 3. 4. Vice-President 3, 4: Basketball 3; Block A Club 3. 4: Swimming 3: Chorus 3. 4. President 4: Bus Drivers Club 4; Order of Green and White 4. Joyce Christine Sizemore James Watson Smiley, III Homeroom President 1. 4: Homeroom Secretary 3: President of Junior Class: Boys State 3: Football 2. 3, 4: Track 3. 4; Basketball Manager 3: Block A Club 3, 4. Eva Dell Smith Student Council 1. 2. 3: Library Club 1: (Torus 1. 2. 3: Latin Club 1. 2: French Club 3: Senior Play: Homeroom President 4: Homeroom Secretary 2; May Day Attendant 4: Junior Follies. Mackie Raymond Snipes Bus Drivers Club 3, 4. Vice-President 4: Chorus 3: F. F. A. 3. 4. Lucie Randolph Sparkman Latin Club 1, 2, Vice-President 1; Homeroom Secretary 2, 4: Chorus L 2. 3. 4: F. T. A. 2. 3. 4: French Club 3. 4: Junior Play: National Honor Society 3. 4. President 4: Hi Times Staff 3: Homeroom Vice-President 3; Senior Play; Drama leers 4: May Day Attendant 4: Selected Senior.SENIORS '58 I larrv Calhoun Spires, Jr. Baseball 2; Football 2. 3. Sandra Lee Stumpf I lomeroom President 1; Latin Club 1: I. 11. A. I; C'liorus I. 2; Student Council 2: French Cluh 3. I; Secretary of Junior Class: F. T. A. 2: Homeroom Secretary. Bobby Raymond Spivey Track 1. 2. 4: Block A Club 3. 4: Base-hall 2. 3. 4: I). I .. C'luh 3: Natural History Cluh 4; I'oothall 2. 3, 4. An na Ethel Stutts D. E. Cluh 4. Sandra Dicks Sprawls I .din Cluh I. 2: French Cluh 3. 4. Vice President 3. President I: HORN! .I Start 3. 4. Assistant heatures Editor 4: Quill and Scroll 3; Mental Contestant 2: Homeroom Secretary 3: Student Council Secretary 2; Curls’ State 3: Selected Senior: National I lonor Society 3, 4: Junior Follies 4. James Irvin Summer Football 2. 3. 4: Block ’A” Cluh 3. 4: D. E. C luh 3. 4: Track 3. 4. Michael Taylor Stanfield Homeroom President 4: I'oothall 4: Honors at Columbia High School. Richland. Wash. Everett Tyler Summerall. Jr. Assistant Chorus Accompanist I : C horus Accompanist 2. 3. 4: Band 1. 2. 3. 4. Band Staff 2. 4: School Organist 3. 4: I'rench Cluh 3. 4: I’. I. A. 3, 4, treasurer 4: Homeroom President 3: All State Band 2. 3. 4: Stage Manager Senior Play: Order of Green and White 3. 4; Student Rotar-ian: Junior Follies 4; Selected Senior. 38SENIORS '58 1 homas Michael Summerall (’floras I. 2: I’ootball Manager 3; Student Council 3. 4: Bus Drivers Club 4: Block A Club 4: Homeroom I reasurer 1. Kendall Eugene I uten Natural History Club 4: I-atin Club 3, 4. Margaret Camellia Swanner Clinic Staff 3; Library Staff 1. Charles Wilburn Underwood Mental Contest 2. 3; Latin Club 2; French (lub J. 4: Student Council 3: Homeroom Vice-President 4: I reasurer of Senior C lass; Selected Senior; Student Rotarian; National Honor Society 4: Honors at Clinton I ligb School, C linton. S. C. Janet Marie Swope Chorus I. 2. 3. 4; F. II. A. 4; Dramateers 1. Eleanor Ruth Vickers Drainateeres 4; Library Club I. 2: Chorus 1 I . H. A. I, 4: Clinic Staff 3. 4: Senior Play. V irginia I allman I II. A. 4; Honors at Clinton High School. Clinton. Ind. Mary Virginia Wahl Barn! I. 2. 3. 4. Assistant Librarian 4: C horns 2: Student Council 2; Quill and Scroll 3; HORNET Staff 1.2. 3. 4. Editor 4: Mental Contestant 3: All State Band 4; Selected Senior; f rench Club 3. 4; luitin C lub 1. 2; Math Club 4; Pep Band 3; Junior Eollies 4: National I lonor Society 3, 4. 39SENIORS '58 % Waters Jo Ann Waters KM. A. 1. 2: Library Club I. 2. James Shubert Watson, Jr. Latin Club 2; Lrench ( lub 3; Bus Drivers Club 4; Mental Contestant 2: Junior May: track I: Selected Senior: I lonors at E. C. Glass High School, L yiuhburg. Va. Fredrick Samuel Wells Homeroom President 1: Student Council 1, 2; Latin Club 1, 2: President Sophomore Class; Senior Play. Josie Laura Wells Kay Frances Wells Homeroom President I. 2; Homeroom Vice-President I, 3: Band I. 2. 3: Latin C lub I; Library ( lub I. 2: Chorus 3. 4: Idotball Sponsor 3; Homeroom Treasurer 4: Sophomore Class treasurer: Junior Class treasurer. Stephanie Ann Wei ton Art Club 2, 3, 4: Homeroom Reporter 3. William Wayne Williams F. F. A. 2. 3. 4. Peggy Jean Wood Library Club I. 2. 3. 4, Vice-President 2, President 3, 4: Order of Green and White 4. WcltonWright Workman Young Lynn Ram age Workman F. H. A. I. 2: Student C ouncil 3: Homeroom treasurer 4: National Honor Society I. I reasurer 4. Mary Frances Wright National Honor Society 4, Vice-President 4: F.T. A. 2. 3. •I. President 4: Sophomore Class Secretary; Drama leers 1; I rencli Club 3. I; Latin Club 1. 2, President 2; Chorus I, 2. Librarian 2; Hi-7 imes Staff 3; Student Council I. 3: Homeroom President 3: Junior Play; X-ponents Club I. Robert Vernon Yonce F. F. A. I. 2. 3. treasurer 2. 3: Bus Drivers Club 2, 3. 4; D. L. ( lub 4: Student Council 4. Wilson Hallman Young Bus Drivers Club 2, 3. 4.MOST AMBITIOUS Jim Watson and Sc prawls BEST DRESSED I oby Bradshaw ipper errv anci'' OVR f' MOMF Sg vj ♦ » • iSr iS BEST LOOKINC Doug Eclimin(ls .uanne , BEST ALL AROUND Don Freiday and Rose ( lOinill MOST ATHLETIC I ony McCreight and CatliSeated: I larvey Key. Boys Slate; Sandra Sprawls. Oirls State; Wilene Mole. D. A. R. Award. Standing: Arthur Gregory. Boys' State; Jim Smiley. Boys' Slate. SELECTED SENIORS Miss lli Miss. Rose Gomillion: King Teen. Don hreiaay. 461. Mass production on a small scale 2. Senior totem pole. 3. 1 lie big three. 4. Isn’t tin bntli bouse open. loby? i. March winds. (). Waiting for someone? 7. Cbin up! 47JUNIOR CLASS Proving themselves worthy to he called juniors. the class ol 1959 has sponsored several projects during the past school year. Two of these were the selling of chrysanthemums at the I lomecoming game and the presentation of a variety show called J he Junior 58 Follies.’’ I he profits from these undertakings were used for the Junior-Senior prom. One of the main highlights of the year was the Ring-Robe ceremony in which the juniors received their class rings from the seniors. I his impressive ceremony was held in the amphitheater in the spring. Jack Adams Lynn Allen Charlene Alibi Dale Bailes Diane Barber Jack Barton Jimmie Baughman Ruth Baughman Pat Beatty Sherri Ann Beaty Raymond Bedenbaugh Bonnie Bomba l.ane Brown I lelen Bryant Bobby Butler Doug Callalian Bobby Caudle Barbara Clark Bob Conrad Lydia C ook Billy ( .00 per I toward ( oprlund Charles Copley Janet Cornwell JUNIORS Boots Cothran Meredith Cozart Norman Cunningham Margarette I )a me wood Diane Davis Paul Davis Ridiard Downing Charles Day Ollie Mae Day I eddie Jean Day I ommy Day Reginald Derrick 49£ ti 7 Kenneth I'rench Sandra (readings Mary ( lolliluigh I .(Tir Gosliorn Clone Greene l.dwin (»recr I iveretle Gregory Nina Belli Groover Mac I lanna I'rank I larmstad I illy Harper Jolin I late her Martha Jean Heath Peggy Heilig Pat I Jenson Della Horde Margie Herron James Herzog eslev Hilton Vrnlrf Holley Tollie Holsenkack Nona Howard Annie Lynne Howell Becky Hutto lk» wlv t A W I t h»vjt K Aw t ‘tuyloo I i ill t , , Inl,t I nh.ioh Ni v I ahanh PmI I nhhon 1 ufinyit I • rgiJ w l mil I • ! r I imii I f d JUNIORSI larriel Johnson I ed Johnson Barl aro Ann Jordan Pot Kennedy Sally King Andrew Kitrliings C denda Lackey Dale Loscy Morris Macklin Barrie Mason Pat Massingale Carolyn Matthews JUNIORS Pam May Morence MclJmurray Mike McMillan Norma McNair l ave Mcloggart John Mia no Pat Miller Jimmy Mills Judy Morris David Moseley Patty Mountain Frances New Velma Newell lackie Nordeen Man ia Norman Phil Orsini I ony Oshon I lelen Owens I Joyd Perry Bill Prichard Henry Rnhorn Jane Ramsey ( Ivde Rat( hlord Betty Redd 51Richard Richardson Wade Richardson Charlotte Roberson (irady Roc June Rollins Bill Rorex Sandra Royal Salley Rutledge Kenneth Salley Linda Sampson Geneva Satterlield Bills Scott Carolyn Scott Ldward Scott Alice Seiglcr George Seigler (hris Shearouse Betty Jean Shuler Virginia Sinclair James Sitterson Sarah Slade I .ois Slayton I-red Smith Sandra Smith JUNIORS t Joan Spivey Jimmie Stephens Barbara Stokes I heresa Stokes Sara Stone George Stump! Brenna Surasky Carolyn I aylor Sharon I edrow I homas Gladys Turner Jack Urban 52Carolyn Vendor Voort Belly Vinson Roberta Wagar Jimmy Wniles Michael Walker John Wallcnburg Sieve Wallers Ri hard Waugh Sam Weigle Delores Wells Gerry While Janet Whitfield Lewis Whittle Pauline Widener Wayne Williams Louise Willis Gerald Wilson David Wood Ronnie Wood Rey Worley Barbara Wright Belly Wyman Elaine Yonce Allen Yorls Evelyn Young Susan Zimmerman JUNIORS t I here’s no business like show business!!! 53Mike Lannin . PRESIDENT; Barbara Watkins. TREASURER: Thomas Weeks. VICE-PRESIDENT; Terry Giboney. SECRETARY. SOPHOMORE CLASS I his year the sophomore class took pride in introducing to Aiken High the National Beta Club. Into this organization, the membership of which is open only to tenth grade students, were inducted those students having an “A” or “B ’ average. Many sophomores participated in the extra- curricular activities; some played on the intramural ball teams. Others from the class of 60 shared with the school their art talents and hobbies. Still others participated in the Junior hollies, bulletin board contests, clean-up campaigns, and varsity sports.(irraldine Adams Rayburn Adcock Jeanne Aiken Bill Allen James Anderson I .inda Austin David Bail cs Relieecn Barnes Joann Barton Charles Bateman Buddy Baynliam Myrlie Bell Leonard Berry Prentiss Booth ( Jmrlene Boyd I .inda Boyd Patsy Boyd Joe Brackett Betty Breazeale I lionias Brewer Ed Brunson Lloyd Bunting LaDoll Burroughs lolin Butler SOPHOMORES Myra Byars ludy Callahan llani| lon Carter Linda Carter Loutricia Carter Betty Cato Roma Jean ( liapman Mary Ann C havis Gene C hrislensen Nell Dean ( lark Mel vin ( oilman C harles Coleman Heyward Couch Walter Courtney I iiiiiniy Coward Rita Creasy June Creed Norma Crisco 55Jane Davenport I lank Davis SI irl ey Day Roberta D eon am Virginia Do I laven Marilyn Drawdy Sarah Dyrhes Shevy Jean Dyches Karen Economos Carole Edgar Brooks Ellington Beverly Emrich Donia Enlow I .inda Eubanks Philip Ewing Ronald Flowers Jessie Eee box Mozell Eox Brenda Fowler Ired Frederickson Dixie f'uliuer Harvey Calloway Brenda Gantt Margie Eou Caver SOPHOMORES I erry ( iihoney I filda Gilmer Pat Gollihugh Robert (irate Alma Green Yvonne Greer Patsy Gregg lames Gregory Steve Griffin Del Grossman June (iroves Betsy I lair Bunny I lair Iris Dale Hall Nanrv Hall Sylvia Hall I ony I lomilton Judy Harding 56Sue I late her I lay Barbara Herron Ixittie Herron L. V. Herron I ilri« ici I lerron Ed Mirks Gloria I loll, y Olivia I lolley Virginia I lollingsworlli Voneille He lse nl ack Judy I toward I Jnda I toward I . • ( irnnele Johnson Phillip Jolmston Brenela Jonos Douglas Jones Mary Jones William Jordan Betty Kane Kathleen Kelley Maij Kej C ollren Kight Barbara Kiteliings SOPHOMORES Loretta Kitrhings Gene' Kneeee brands Knight LuAnne Lail Buc k Diirel Mike Dinning Rhea I .ask Hank l.eilerniann Betty Lott Ronahl Lye'll Bill Me Call Archie McClure SheTielan McCoy Donna McCready Ranelell McF’arland Carl Mc( ee Julie McGraw Linda McIntosh 57Charles Marvin Dave Marvin Donna Matlock Llizabeth Matthews James Maxwell Dave Mayberry (onnie M essick Roy Mills Karla Mollatli Rodney Montgomery James Moore Lang Moore Beverly Morgan Nelson Morris Stan Moseley Wickey Moseley Marsha Mullens Della Mundy SOPHOMORES Glenda Mundy Mac Mundy Ginny Lou Murphy Joe Murray Sharon Murrill Barry Nelson Mary King Nightingale Robert Norton Melinda N uessle Richard Odum Pat Ogletrec Crystal Olst in ( arolyn Osbon W iley Ouzts l.sther Owens Barbara Pack Ann Parker Kenneth Parrish Richard Payton Shirley Payton Nancy Penix Richard Penland Mary Ann Perry Samuel Piercy 58Vicky Pool 1 Linda Price Robert Props! Russell Redd Jimmy Richardson Mike- Ross Judy Rorex Nanc y Royal Pat Russell Allan Snssar Jane Seigler Mike Shanker I )ouglas Shawn I liomas Shealy Albert Sheeley f .mily Shuler Brian Siegmund Charles Simons SOPHOMORES Brc'iida Simmons Allen Smith Dianne Smith I )orothy Snipes Patricia Snipes Vera Snipes Bobby Snyder (leorge Spruell Leida Sternberg Jon Stevens I'velyn Stone Allen Sturkie Bob St. John Duke Sue!low ( urtis Ann Swanner Dottie Sylvia I'rank I avlor Barbara I cseniar Martina Hiweatt Barr ' I bumpkins Carl 1 humpson Lli aheth Ann Toole Pitner T raughher Arley Trent 59Kay I ygard IVanXilc Charlecn enning I )el orah W alker Beverly Wallace Barlmra W atkins Jan Wralson Eliso Wealherford Barham Weeks I homos Wrecks Dally W’liitfield Roger Wiese I uirrv Wiles Charles Wilkie Elaine W illi John Willis C Jeorgie w ilson hidy Wingfield Pally Winler Belli Wise Palric ia WiH I aye w ood I lenry Woodhead Sonny W'oolcn John Yearwood Geraldine Yoncc SOPHOMORES A typical biology class. 601. Lillie players— remember i 2. Tench lliem how, Sharon. 3. “The great pretender. 4. Gab session. 5. Musi bo nice!!! 6. Class must be over. 7. W ondor whoso car? 61FRESHMAN CLASS The class of ’61. the largest yet to enter Aiken High School, was recorded as the last group to enroll under the term Freshmen. They made a notable adjustment in academics as they set out to find their places in the world These freshmen found the curriculum at Aiken High both challenging and interesting. Quickly lilting in with the extra-curricular activities around the campus, the freshman boys went out for football, basketball, baseball, and track. Members of the lass of ’61 attended the many games, where they supported the Green I lornets with enthusiasm and participated in many of the c lubs. 62FRESHMEN 63FRESHMEN ornon ( bilders Pat Coffey Judy Coker Bulrli Collie C »eorge ( 'ole Patricia Coliins Leonard Cook Bonnie Corson Albert ( oik li Juditli ( ourtney Randy Daly Ronnie I )ance Boli Davis Bulrli Du ■is Jeff Davis Jimmie Davis Robert Day Glen Del lari Jane Dickerson Barbara Delilippo V irginia I )elili[ |x Donna Doyle Jean Drawdy William I )unbar C Jeorge Dunn Gary DuVall Jimmie Dye lies Barbara Lckurdt Eleanor Eckel Watson Elkin Sarah Emeneker Mary Lois Eubanks Jean Mowers Marvin Move! Sumy l ord James Eowler Larry Low lor Billv I ranklin Barbara I rear Anne Ereeman Gerald I ulmer Linda I ulmer I lielma I'underburg Harry Galloway Charles Gardner I Jndu Gardner Annette Garvin Olivia Garvin % 64J FRESHMEN Frances Gault Jo Anne Gibbons Dan Gilman Mary Kleanor Gingrey Henry Goldman Sandra Golliliugb ( irneva ( modwin I larry ( Goodwin Bonnie Goshorn Robert (ioss Audra (lossett Carolyn Grace Milton Gray Robert Gregory Rutli Gregorio Sandra Gregory Lewis Groover ( )ene ( ninter Janice Gunter Lois Gunter Sliaron I labn Edward I lair Beilina Hall Henry Hall I .indsey I bill Marv Hall Phyllis Hall Frank I Inllman Shelia Hanna Bill Harden Charwin I larinstad Lewis Hartley Wayne I lartley I oiii I larton Ann I larvey I lope I bitfield Dale Hawks Douglas Hayes Albert Heath Carol Heath Larline I lentil Bill I leaton I im I lelms Charles Hepburn I'rank Hepburn Jimmie I lerron Judy I lerron I ielen I lite 65FRESHMEN Martha Hobbs I )on I logon Sandra I lolley Lvangeline Hourdas Courtney I (ownrd Millard I lowinglon I ommy I lubbard Gerald Hudson Barbara I I nut Maun ne I lulto Phil I I Iri« k w illiam I lyinan Patricia Jackson Belva Jean Johnson Connie Johnson Marie Johnson Uohhy Johnson Ronald Johnson Susan Johnson I lall Jones Mary Jordan Stephanie Kaufman I iambi Kelley Charles Key Benny Kidd James King George Kimball Brenda Koon John Knox Mary Ann Langdale (»retcben Lawrence Brenda Leach VVeyland Leech Katherine Lewis Gail Lindell Barbara Livingston I )aniel I .owe Jackey Lowe Alice Lybrand James Macklin Marcia Markland Sue Marshall Anne Martin Catherine Massey John Mathis Roberta Mathis Larry McClain Jack McCraney 66FRESHMEN Nikki M Conley Ikirbatii McMillan . I oiiuiiy McMillan Suiulrn, McNair ’Connie Mellon Mart in Lee Miles Bremla Miller Russell Miller Danny Mills Joann Milcliell Ann Moody Ardenn Moore Ray Moore William Morion Bruce Murray I'.dward Myers Donna Newberry Jerry Noble ( ilenn Nordeen ( ieorge Randall Olcolt Slewarl O’Rear Naomi Osbon Catherine Owens Eddie Patrick I larold Peacock Brenda Perry Jeff Pied. I red Pierce Peggy Pickncy Lynda Piper I ed Pricliard I inda Prince Roberta Props! Bonnie Rabon Jolinnie Ray Arnold Redd Ponnie Redd Pallie Reeves C ieorge Renew inrent Richardson Marlin Rol erson ( ireg Roberts Marjean Robinson Bin k Rodgers Lulalic Rodgers ('I enient Rogers Allen Roland Ann Roundtree 67FRESHMEN Pam Royal Judy Rutledge Linda Salley Maiise Satterfield ('•rrald Scott Katherine Scott Sue Scott Judy Seymour Sammy Shores Arthur Slayton f'.nimie Smalley Dick Smiley Mtrline Smith Marilyn Smith Merilyn Smith Chris Smoot Davis Snipes Gene Snipes Arlene Snitker Maine Speed Jimmy Spencer Jane Spivey Martha Sprawls Jane Stacey Billy Stewart I jirry Stewart (liarles Stevens Ross Stevens I ranees Stiefel Charles Stiles Frankie Stone Harold Stone W. I-.. Stone Pamela Ann Striesfield l ari Sturkey Carolyn Syphrit I .ester I aylor Mary Elizabeth I hompson Bohhy I immerman Johnny 1 immerman I homes I odd Nancy I omer George I ownes Margaret I urner Rudy I urner I homas I ylcr Charlotte Tyson Judy Tyson 68FRESHMEN I lenry VnnJ« oort Elaine Vincent Miniver Waldrop Pamela Wallace Eddie Wulton Francis Warren Judy Watson Virginia Waugh Andy Weadon Belly Jean Weldi I ommy Wells Nan Werner Mar are! West Robert Wlialen Polly Wheat Bad »ara Wiland Emily Wilkie Palsy Wilkins Jimmy Williams Margaret Will iamson Stanley Williams Dennis Willing Linda Willing I ielen Willis Jimmy Willis Sandy W illis Alan Wolf Arthur Wood Jimmy Wood I ony W;ood Lafayc Woodward Marvin Woodward Drew Wright Donna Yelverton Wyman Young Kathleen Youngblood Paula Ann .umhrunnen ORGANIZATIONS The training and experience which young people get in extra-curricular activities better equip them for their future life, whether it be in a small community or in international affairs. ORDER ON % First Row: Charlotte Tyson. Judy Tyson. Billie Louise Miller. Helen Hay. Ann Freeman. Florence McElmurray. Sarah Slade. Pat Henson. Barbara Watkins. Margarette Damewood. Lynn Allen, Glenda Lackey, Fran Freed. Rkhard Penland, Charles Bateman. Ginny Lou Murphy. Carolyn Vander Voort. Rose Gomillion. Virginia Waugh, Olivia Garvin. Mary Ann Perry, Jane Davenport. Rocky Bright. John Butler. James Hay. Secoiul Row Terry Joyner. Kennie Gaver. Tim Donahue. Skipper Perry. F red Wells. Alex Beasley, Gene Kneece. William Jordon. I lenry Busch. George Seigler, Bobby Snyder. Toby Bradshaw. 1 homas Weeks, Bobby McGeary, Barbara Hunt. Joan Crawford. Mike Summerall. 72THE CAMPUS First Row: Lang Moore. Colleen Kight. Nina Ruth Green. Drew Wright. Jeannie Berry. Lynn Workman. Margie Herron, Bettina Hall. Emily Shuler. Linda Boyd. Secorul Row: Dale Bailes, Chris Smoot. Llaine Yonce. Brenna Sura sky. Helen Hay. Tommy Hubbard. Prentiss Booth. Jimmy Ric hardson. I li alx'th Ann Toole. Judy Tyson. Gerry W hite, Sandra Smith. I hird Row: Jimmy Mills. Alex Beasley. Tony Osbon, lliomas Weeks. Doug Hayes, Duke Sudlow, Billy Rast. Buddy Coleman. Kay Coffey, Charles Bateman. Harry Heath. Francis Knight. Mike Stanfield. Barry Booth, Archie McClure, Marvin Woodward. Robert Yonce, Steve Luhanks, Ross Stevens, Mrs. Betty Owen, ADVISER. Directing students in the halls before school and during recess, planning varied assemblies, and suggesting new ideas lor use in the school composed the duties ol the members of I lie Aiken High Student Council. Advised by Mrs. Betty Owen, the members of this organization sponsored the following projects: selling pens and desk sets, directing the annual talent show, holding the C hristmas bulletin board contest, and organizing a parking lot which added greatly to the appearance of the school. Arthur (Gregory PRESIDENTStanding: Mary I'ranees right. IC I .-PRI .SIDI .N I ; Lynn them l»y Rannie Sparkman. prcsidonl. Workman. 1 RFASt RI'.R: Julie Marshall, SI.( Rl.IARY Seated: Rannie Sparkman. PR I SIDl .N I : Mrs. Margaret Bobo. ADVISER. COURT OF HONOR C I hi racier, scholarship, leadership, and service —these are the principles upheld by the National I lonor Society, which strives to develop these traits in the students of Aiken High. Organizing the program on College Fmphasis Day. making and selling copies ol the student directory, sometimes substituting for absent faculty members, acting as hosts on Parents’ Night, and assisting in the office were but a few of their projects in the past year. On October 16. 1657. nine members of the senior class were inducted into the Aiken I ligh Chapter in an impressive service led by last year s members. I he second induction, in which seniors and juniors were included, took place on February 28. 1658: nine more students were inducted into the chapter. Under the advisership of Mrs. Margaret Bobo, the society accomplished much for the good of Aiken High School. Seated: Richard Waugb, Lynn Allen, Bools Cothran. Joanne Fckardt. Judy Morris. Margie Herron. Jack Urban, Carolyn Vander Yoort. Standing: Mary Hovas. Julie Marshall. Wilene Mote. Sarah Rhoden, lane Patterson. Rannie Sparkman. Charles Underwood. Kay Coffey. Paul Moore. Sandra Sprawls. Mary Virginia Wahl, Kathy French. Lynn Workman. Mary Frances Wright. Carolyn Holly.i'irsl Roir Myra Byars. Joan Fhompson, Brcnd.i Leach, Sharon Murrill. ( liarlene Allan. Lmily Smalley, Sandra Gregory. lane! Swope. Carolyn Syphrit. Cliarlren Venning. Second Row Imp Seigler. Pal Herron. Georgia W ilson. Lmily Shuler. Mnrslia Norman. Sharon I eelrow. Nancy Hall. Ann Harvey. Pam Wallace. Ruth Vickers, third Row: loyce Carter. Sylvia Hall. Ioann Barton, Belva Jean Johnson. Rachel Blackman. Velma Newell. Barbara ( lark. Kay Wells, l aye Patterson. I'onrth Row: Linda Thomas. Rannie Sparkman, lulie Marshall. I .uanne Sanders. La I aye Woodward, ( indy Propst. Lynn Allen. Margarette Damewood. Ann Dunbar. Roberta Dcbnam. l iflh Row: Gary Blessing. Larry Lowler, Rudy I urner. Annie Lynn Howell. Henry Vander Voort, James Herron. George Spruell, Jimmy Mills, Philip Shideler. MUSIC - UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE Striving lo develop both a knowledge ol the making of music and a love lor the art ol music itself, the chorus did much to further the general appreciation of rhythm and melody. Another of its accomplishments was the becoming skilled in sight-reading. I lighlighting its activities this year were the Christmas Festival and the annual spring concert in May. It also participated in May Day. commencement exercises, and various assembly programs. I he chorus was under the direction of ]V]r Will iam I . Slaughter. Mr. William I Slaughte r. DIRLC I OR. gives Kverctt Sum-m oral I. ACT OMPANISI. a few pointers on how to play a cliflici.ilt passage. Students listen intently as Mr. Slaughter prepares to gjVe oral lest to his chorus class. HORNET Mary Virginia Wahl EDITOR Carolyn I lolly BUSINESS MANAGER Buzzing around Aiken almost as fast as the satellites speed around earth, the Aiken High HORNLI Stall began its yearly drive for advertisements early in August. As the campaign progressed and the money began coming in. I lie staff busily dragged out its idea box in search of more ways to pay for I he yearbook. During October an informal dance was held in the cafeteria. At the last football game of the year pom-poms were sold. I he subscription drive with the new pay-as-you-go plan got under way about this time. However, all was not idle in the yearbook workshop, Lor many weeks the members o I the staff discussed and planned the theme, hoping the students would be pleased with their final decision. As M iss Mary Lou Barlow, the faculty adviser. helped the stall members in their many hours of work, the book began to take shape. After the annual went to press early in March, the I IORNET Stall eagerly awaited the return of the combined pictures and copy which the stafl hoped would compose a book long to be remembered by the students ol Aiken High School. Seated: l ave Wood. SOPHOMORE CLASS EDITOR: Linda Leifermann. SENIOR CIASS EDITOR: Kathy French. SENIOR CLASS EDITOR. Standing: Susan Zimmerman. Il’NIOR CLASS EDITOR: Pele Van Zile. SOPHOMORE Cl ASS EDITOR: Carolyn Vander Voort. JUNIOR CIASS EDI I OR; Henry Vander Voort, FRESHMAN CLASS EDITOR.STAFF Bill Prichard. PHOTOGRAPHIC: Paul Moore. SUBSCRIITION EDITOR: Judy Morris, ASSISI -ANT COPY EDITOR: and JoAnn Eckardt. COPY EDITOR. view the results of the subscription drive as shown by Carolyn I lolly. BUSINESS MANAGER. I .uannc Sanders. I I.A I LJRE.S El )l TOR: Rfcbaid Waugh. SPORTS EDFrOR: Sandra Sprawls. ASSISTANT FEATURES EDITOR: and Tony I lamilton. ASSISI AN I SPORTS EDITOR. search lor novel ideas for tin )H MORN I I Miss Mary Lou Barlow. ADY ISI .R ; Mary Virginia Wahl. EDITOR; Cynthia Miller. ART EDITOR; and Jack I rhan. ASSISI AN I EDITOR, look over the schedule for picture-taking.A BAND Flutes: Linda I homos, Margie Lou Gaver, Julianne McGraw. Annie Lynn Howell. Mary Eleanor Gingrey. Bassoon: Mary Virginia Wahl. Oboe: Polly Wheat. Clarinets: Kay Coffey, Dale Losev. Drew Wright. Joan Crawford. Pal Coffey. Kay Cullum. Patty Winter. Lliza I) eth Ann I oole. Barbara Kitchings, Lffie Goshorn. Pam Koval. I'ranees Stielel. Horns: Kennic Gaver. Billy Cooper. John Yearwood. Trumpets: Bobby Conrad. I lank Davis. Richard Waugh. Robert Propst. Cooper Guy. Tympani: Leslie Sanders. Percussions: Buck Laird. Pat Kennedy, Ginger Hollingsworth. Saxophones: Charh en Venning. Meredith Cozarl. Nina Beth Groover. I enor Saxophone: Jeff Davis. Baritone Saxophone: Lverott Summerall. From hones: Chuck Simons. Henry Woodhead, Pitner Traugbber. Baritone: Crystal Olsen, Boye Pridgen. Bass: John Wallenburg. MAJORETTESMr. William I. Slaughter. DIRP.C FOR: Konnie Gavcr. SYi'DENrl DIRECFOR: ami Kav Coffey. PRESIDENT. B BAND lane Ramsey. MAJORKFIT.; Martina Miwcatt. HEAD MAIOREFTE: Beth Bodic. MAJORETTE. Flute: Camilla Brooks. Clarinets: Francis Knight. Donna McC ready. Susan Johnson. Carolyn Grace. Alto Saxophones: Catherine Owens, Martha Sprawls. Hope I bitfield. Tenor Saxophones: Dan Gilman. Eddie Walton. French Horns: Philip Shideler. Ross Stevens. Sue Scott. Trumpets: Mike McMillan. John Knox. Phillip Johnston. Linda McIntosh, Philip Hydrick. Kathryn Busch. Fromhones: C lement Rogers. Robert Grace. Bill Baxter. Paula Zumhrunnen. Bob Davis. Tuba: Barrie Mason, Drums: Charles Jones. Bonnie Goshorn. Guil Lindell.Kneeling: Judy Harding. Beverly Enrich. Margie Uu Caver. Ginger Hnlliugsworll,. Vickey Paole. Patty Winter. Sworn Rare Crystal 1 any Hamilton. Linda Aiutin. Lang Moore. Barbara Weeks. Colleen Kiglit, Nancy Penis. Melinda Nuessle. June Groves. ( l.arleen Venning Third Kora. Mrs. Mary An. Wheal. ADVISI.R: Chuck Simon . Waller Courtney. IJiomas Weeks. I .trier Traughl ert Sieve Griffin. Peler Van ile, Robert Props I. I.arry Wiles. ( )l I K I RS: Julianne M« (Jraw. I JBRARIAN: Belli Bodie. TREASl ’RI.R: Lynn Allen. MCI PRI SII )l AT; Brooks I .llington, PARI IA Ml ATARI AN; Linda I .eilermann. SECRE I ARY: Al New berry. PRESIDI AT SERVICE TO THE SCHOOL I he Aiken Chapter of the National Beta Club, organized for the lirst time by Mrs. Mary An. Wheat, had its induction early in Oc tober I he keys to this club are achievement. leadership, character, and service. 1 his organization, composed only ol sophomores, engendered many projects this year, inc luding a cleanup c ampaign contested by the homerooms and an attempt to raise the average attendance ol each grade through the use ol charts. I js IS i| OFFICERS Thomas Weeks. VICE ITU SII )l AT: June ( ir. . « v. IRKA St RI.R : Virginia I lollingsworth. PRESIDI A” I: ( harleen Venning. RL('ORI) INC SECRETARY: Crystal Olsen. COR RESPONDING SECRETARY. AND THE CURTAIN ROSE Developing character and personality. providing p I e a s i n g. lighthearted entertainment, and molding the good character of the Aiken I ligh School student were all part of the aims ol the Dramateers Club. Led by Mrs. Ann Casey, these amateur actors and actresses accomplished the following: a special Christmas play, numerous skits in various assemblies, and a spring play. In addition to acting, the many members of this organization helped with such things as make-up. background. sound, and directing. first Row: Mrs. Ann Casey. ADVISER: Ijnda I Inward. Stephanie Kaufman. Frames Gault. Drew Wright. I'aye Patterson. Beth Bodie. Julie Kane. Second Row: Crystal Olsen. Judy I larding, land ( ornwell, Colleen Kiglit. Brenda Simmons. Julianne McGraw, I )iane de Witt. I illy I larper. Betty Breazeale. Third Row: W. L. Slone. Deborah Walker. Dale Brown. Brenna Surasky. Linda I liomas. Meredith Cozart. Alfred Boyd. Ruth Vickers. Janet Swope. Elizabeth I oole. Linda Leifer-niann. I'onrth Row: Helen llile. Betty Wyman. Sharon 1 edrow. Pam Royal. C onnie leant ake. Karen Dowling. Brooks Ellington. Rannie Sparkman. Barry Booth, f ifth Row: Donna McC ready. Sue Hotelier. Lynn Allen. Pat Kennedy. Ann Dunbar, Nona Howard. (Tiris Shearouse. Ken Parrish. Jane Ramsey. Steve Watters, C harles C opley, brands Knight. Ken Lrench, Bob St. John.SEARCH FOR BEAUTY Entering its third year at A. I I. S.. the Art Club accomplished much in promoting art appreciation. I his . organization, contributing its time ind talent lor the betterment ol our hool. undertook many new projects this year. Among them were the davving ol murals to be placed in Mhe office foyer, participating in the art exhibit, and sponsoring themes for the display cases. 1 lie Art C lull was under the guidance ol Mrs. Peggy Lambert. I lie oflirors of the Arl Clul . Karon Dowling. SECRPTTARY; Claire Owens. I RKASl RER: Douglas Edmundson. PRESIDI'.N I : and Cyn-lliia Miller. VICE-PRESIDENT, look at one of llie pieces ol art work done by a student. Silling: I rank Hallman. Douglas Hayes. Wickv Moseley. Rodney Montgomery. Douglas Edmund-son. Jimmy Bruggeman. Kneeling: Barbara Jordan. Stephanie Welton. Brenda Simmons. Virginia DeHaven, Patricia Witt. Evelyn Young. Dianne deWilt. Ann Rountree. Bettina Hall. Judy Tyson. Charlotte Tyson. Diane Davis. Slaiuling: Pat l annon. Pamela Striesfield. Hilda Gilmer. Janet C ornwell, Kav Tyffard. C urtiss Ann Swanner. Ding Moore. Delores Wells. Barbara Week , Lu Ann I .ail. Karen Dowling. Ardean Moore. Virginia Waugh. Sheridan McCoy. Brenda Jones. Claire Owens, Marilyn Smith, Cynthia Miller. Ann Bunch. Crete lien Lawreive. The F. T. A. officers. Mary Frances Wright. PRESIDENT: Everett Summerall I REAS-LJRER: Margaret Dickerson. VICE-PRESIDENT: Kathy French. SECRETARY. Silting: Margaret Dickerson. Linda Leifermann. Jeanette Farrell. Diane Davis. Susan Zimmerman. Standing: Everett Summerall. Rannie Sparkman, lane Patterson. Kathy French. Mary Prances Wright. Sherrill Langdale. Carolyn Terguson. Donald Choate, and Mrs. Helen Butler. ADVISER. STUDENT BEHIND THE DESK In serving as a stubstitute teacher for an absent faculty member, a member of the Future! eachers Club gains much practical experience in the lield of teaching. In obtaining a teacher s view of pupils, an F. T. A. member may soon comprehend the trials and tribulations, rewards and intrigues ol a most interesting career. In its third year at Aiken High, the buture Teachers Club contributed much to the spirit and wellbeing ol Aiken High School. I he club, organized and advised by Mrs. I lelen Butler, is composed of members of both the junior and senior classes.I’irst Row: ulie Marsh- Cynthia Mill er. Diane Witt. Luanne Sanders. ond Row: M irgaret Dk V son. Sandra S prawJs. Sunri Stiimpf. Bool s C o I h r it Brenna Stiroskv. Flore 1 Mr LI murray. Mary Virg ■ Wahl. Thin Row: Ka 1 rent h. C arolyn Vand j, oort. ( denda 1 uiekey. Si. Zimmerman. Fran Ire j Sarah Slade. Diane Bar fourth Row: Mrs. Melvi lordon. Mrs. Margaret l» ADVISTRS; Jack Urbil Paul Moore. Mary 1 ran. Wright. .1 a n c Pattersor' Nonna McNair. Linda Lcl crnuinn. Ronnie Sparkman Nancy Pcnix, I erry Giliuntj, Watson. Annie I .ynr I lowell. Barry Mason. Prln Van ile. Everett Bob Conrad. PARLEZ-VOUS FRANCAIS? ESSE QUAM VIDERI Seeking knowledge ol French ideas and cusloms. listening to the history ol I ranee as related hv a noted Lrenchman. and promoting greater interest in the brench language were some ol the goals and activities ol the brench Club this year. Under the supervision ol Mrs. Helen Butler. Mrs. Margaret Bobo, and Mrs. Melvina Jordan, the club planned interesting programs, among which were a French exhibit, containing pamphlets and pictures, and a play. I he organization is composed of members ol the sophomore, junior, and senior classes. As it entered its filth year at Aiken I ligh School, the Latin Club entertained many new ideas for the coming year. During the Christmas season the members contributed used toys and clothing to make the hoi idays joyous ones for an unfortunate family. Early in the spring the club attended the annual Latin Forum held at Rock Hill. South Carolina. I his organization, composed of first-year Latin students, was under the advisership of Mrs. Helen Butler. I’irst Roil': Charlotte tv-son. Crystal Olsen. Julie Butler. Carolyn C more. Marsha Markland. Sec ond Row: Catherine Scott. Elea n o r Eckel. Judy Coker. Mary Jordon. Hope Hatfield. Martha Sprawls. Camilla Brooks. Third Row: John Wal-lenhurg. Betty Boyd. Earline Smith. Ardean Moore. Land Moore, Bob Davis. Alan Wolfe. Fourth Row: Mrs. Helen Rutter. AD VISI.R: Emily Shuler. Ginger I lollingsworth. Charwin Harmstad. Arlene Snitker. S t e w a r t O’Rear. Bobbie Burnham. Donna I )oyle. irginia Waugh. Fern Caney. Polly W h e a I. I larold Kelly. Ted Prichard. Alex Beasley. Chris S III o o t. Tom I odd. Marilyn Smith. Orel hen Law rence, Beilina Hall. Judy 1 yson, Pat Ogletrce. Kenneth Guver. 7 L'DI.XI DIRECTOR. first Row: I lenrv w dodheml. Muruie Uu (Inver. Pitner I rnughber. St'coiiil Ron Annie- Lynn Hoxye-ll. Hale- Losev. Pally Winter. Jonn ( rnwford. I hint Row Linda I liomas. Cliar- IltTii Venning. Jeff Davis. Jolin V p a r w o o 1. f ourth Row: Bohhy Conrael. I lank Davis. R i r li a r d VV nugh. Polly Wheat. I'iflh Row: ( finger Hollingsworth. Pal Kennedy. I eslie Senders. John Wallen-hurg. SPIRIT AT GAMES NABS AND SWEETS I x cl by student director Kennie C »aver. the Pep Band, a smaller version ol I be regular band, played a large part in pep rallies, sports events, and assembly exercises. I be goal ol this organization was to stimulate more school spirit through the medium ol music. olunteering its services during t lie I unch periods, the C anteen Stall has become a popular organization at Aiken High School. I he profits from the canteen are used to help buy some of the necessities for the extracurricular activities at A. II. S. In recent years athletic equipment, shrubbery, and new band uniforms have been purchased from canteen profits. Aiding in the construction of the loot-ball field was another major project. The Canteen Stall was advised and directed by Mr. John Eubanks. Mr. Luhnnks, ADVISER: Billie Louise Miller. Ken Salley. Faye Palterson. I )nvid Bail e s. I heresa Slokes, Llnine one e, lames Barton. Gary Du-Vnll, Rodney Montgomery. Clement Rogers. Ed-win Greer. Nelson Morris.1 I irst Row: Peggy W oor'x Nell Dean ( lari. Moy, l ox, Marilyn Smilli. R«l»« ij Wagnr. Mrs Jessie Lee Hi| to. ADVISER: MflVy Nova Ray Moore. (teneva Saif field. Rehecra Barnes. Seron Row: Peggy Meilig. Me Lou A.xelluiri!. Reid I leili Linda Luhonks. Slinron Cynthia Miller, harliu Smilli. Linda Salley. Barl ar Wriglit. Chari ene Allin. Iri: Johnson. Shirley Day, Gcn ( umler. I Men Ow ens. REALM OF BOOKS ANYONE FOR MOVIES? Among the many activities ol the Library Club, a member of the South Carolina High School I ibrary Association, were the organizing ol displays in I heir showcase and the keeping of projects in the library. Another outstanding idea this year was the holding of a contest in the library for Christmas displays. Under the supervision of Mrs. Jessie Lee I iutto this organization has done much for Aiken 1 ligh in creating wider interests in reading and expanding knowledge in the use ol the library. Cataloging phonograph records and lilms in the library, operating the public address system for football and basketball games and assemblies, and improving the audio-visual supplies and equipment of Aiken High School were some of the activities ol the Audio-Visual Club at A. H. S. The main purposes of this organization were to operate movie projectors, tape recorders, and phonographs for the school and to provide extra-curricular activities lor students interested in electronics. I he group was advised by Mrs. Jessie Lee Hutto. James Sitterson, Allen York. Frank Harmstad. Roller Wiese, George Slumpf. Steve Griffin. Greg Roberts. Billy Whitfield. Hank Davis. Pliil-lip Sliidelcr. Peter Van Zile.iirsl Row: ( vnthia Miller. ood, Mary I lovas. skv I'osier. Second Row: Spcrett Summorall. Tony Jc Creitflit. Philip Shideler. if rank I larmstad. THE GREEN AND WHITE In order lo recognize certain students who had given much of their time and service to Aiken High School, Mr. J. O. Willis, principal. initiated last year an honorary organization known as I he Order of the Green and White. The main purpose of this society is to boost school spirit by recognizing those who have worked for its improvement. New members are appointed by the recommendation ol a majority of the club to Mr. Willis. Comprising this organization are students who have given their talent to Aiken I ligh in the form of sports, music, art. and electronics. I o promote interest in the study of nature and to provide opportunities for further study of nature for those with such an interest were the aims and purposes of the newly organized Natural History Club. Under the advisership of Mr. Luther S. Beard, the Natural History Club undertook many projects. Some of the members visited the Sa vannah Wildlife Range in November. A field trip was scheduled once a month, and it was planned to establish a nature trail in Hitchcock Woods and to begin a natural history museum at Aiken High School. Composed of twenty members, this organization meets twice a month. The only requirement for membership is a genuine interest in nature. ORDER OF THE STUDY OF NATURE First Row: Doug Porter. Secorul Row: James Austin, Joe Brackett. Barrie Mason. Bobby Spivey. Third Row: Richie Ellis. Bill Leeson. Steve Walter . Randell I uton. Mr. Beard. ADVISER. Fourth Row: Robert (rrare, I'rank Taylor. Steve Abercrombie. Leonard Berry. Fifth Row: Peter Van Zilc. Bill McCall. Philip Moore. Irvin Summer.Kneeling John .111« «il «-r( Glenda I .«n key. II i li a r Waugh. I'irst Rnir Kall, I-rent l». JoAnn P.ekardl. ludx Morris. Susan -Zimmerman Diane Davis. Mary I rant tf right. .lane Patterson. Sara) Slade. Second Row: Mar-Virginia W’alil, Sun WYiglc. Ken I rencli. Mrs. Wheat .U) ISI.R, Boh C on rati, lack Urban. I ran P'reed. THE X-PONENTS I lie Math Club was introduced ibis year to Aiken High Sc hool lor the first time. Its aims were to keep members of the junior and senior c lasses in touch with the basics ol algebra and to prepare them for algebra on the college level. Meeting after school on the second and fourth I uesdays of each month, the group, later known as the X-ponents, learned much about the intricacies of square roots, logarithms, and equations. The X-ponents was organized and supervised by Mrs. Mary An. Wheat. NEITHER RAIN NOR SLEET NOR ... I his ear the school buses transported nearly 1.600 students to and from school daily. From ®his. one may easily see the importance ol the work of the Hus Drivers Club. Its main objective is the attainment of a sale and well-organized school transportation system. To further this aim the Bus Drivers Club presented a Bus-Driver-of-the-Year award to the driver with the most outstanding record and held weekly inspections. I he group was advised by Mr. Billy Knight. Kneeling: Jim Watson, Cooper C Juy. Robert Yonce. Wilson Young, I ommy Day. Barry Booth, Phil Shideler. Boye Pridgen, Sherman Noe. I lamp-ton C arter. Second Row: o r in a n Cunningham. Mackie Snipes, Frank I larmstad, Grady Roe, Hayward Couch. Steve Eubanks. Mike Summer-all. Bill Leeson, Gary Blessing. Charles Jones, Ricky Poster. bird Ron’: Wyman Powell. Wayne Gunter. Sherman Cockrell. I i m hi i e Stephens, Roger Martin. Jolm Paust. Doug Porter. R o n a I 1 F I o w e r s, Paul Moore. I larvey Key.fyhii Rotr: Barbara Wright. J|..iiih Yonce. Kay Barlxair. , die Kane. Curti Ann Swan ’al (lollilmgh. Judy | .in.niuli. Andre I lollcy. ■ .kI.i Eubanks. Second Row: K eraldine Yonce. S li i r I e y arver. lean Drawdv. Linda • Lies. Knimie Smalley. Pat-toe Reeves. Alice Lybrand. ird Row: Pal I lerron. Jane f edgier. K (illi Nickers. Jean- Oe I arrell. Ann Berry. I Line inrenl. Evelyn Slone. Jane kiivey, B r e n d a Briltian, finely McNair. Pliyllis Mall. iNindra (•nlliliiifdi. Virginia ‘ allnian. Noami Oslion. Mrs. Joyce Holley. ADVISER: Sara Lmenccker. lonrth Row: land Swope. I lelen Rodgers, Ann Harvey. Elizabeth Ann Foole. Nancy Dorman. Mau-rene Hullo. Jackey Lowe. D» I )ell Burroughs, Elizabeth l leatli. Marilyn D r a w d y. A n n i e Broughton. Brenda Fowler, Pal Broughton. Jerry Adams. Mary Todd. ANYONE FOR TEA? LIVING TO SERVE Striving to develop competent leadership, stimulate well-rounded personalities among its members, and interest girls in the improvement ol homes and communities were some of the aims of the Aiken Chapter of the Future I lome-makers ol America. I his group was advised and directed by Mrs. Joyce Holley. Among the many projects of tlie Future f armers of America Club this year were such things as planting a small nursery on the hack campus, placing trees and shrubs around the school building, and beautifying the front campus through the use of grass and numerous small plants. I his organization has strived toward helping boys in the study of agriculture and improvement in methods ol farming. I he K I . A. is under the supervision ol Mr. Alvin 11. Hawkins. Kneeling: Jack Barton. Billy Scott. Steve Eubanks. limmy Baughman. I om I yler. Nelson Morris. Edward Blackwell. Wayne (runter. Second Row: Benny Bates. Gene (iunter. Edward Scott. I oininy Coward. Lester I aylor. Watson Likin. Everett Gregory. Janies Gregory'. Robert Yonce. lohnny Parker. Mr. Alvin II. Hawkins. ADVISER I liinl Roil': loin Ander-son. Nelson I late her. Mac Mundy. Carl M c G e e. G r a 1 y Roe. Heyward ( ouch. W illiam Jordon. Ric hard Brag g. James Garvin. Rey W orlev. N lac kie Snipes. A I I e n Sturkie J. T. Scott. Iliomas Sheelv. Richard Richards o n. W’ilson Young. Fourth Row: Leonard C ook. R. A. Marks. Robert Boone, Sherman Cockrall. Rolx-rt Day.Top: Calalpo. daughter of Bildad; Belly, shy as usual; Dick, llie idiot: and Ma Brannigan compose the hillbilly family. Bottom: The Brannigans and Cyrus watch ns Kay announces the breaking of her engagement to Jeffrey Scudder. Bildad and Cyrus fight over Mu Brannigan us Kingston and Augusta C amphell look on. THE CAMPBELLS ARE COMING CAST Ma Brannigan..........................Kannic Sparkman Catalpa Tapp...........................Ruth Vickers Betty Brannigan..........................Carolyn Holly Dick Brannigan..........................Buddy Coleman Bildad.............................................Bob McGeary Cyrus Scudder..........................Donald Choate Jeffrey Scudder........................David Kilhourne Kay Brannigan...........................Eva Dell Smith Kingston Campbell.................................Fred Wells Augusta Campbell..........................Diane deWitt One can easily understand why the Ozark Mountains would provide the background for the successful comedy by the senior class. The coming of the Campbells threw this peaceful area into a state of comical confusion. The actors showed great skill in portraying the changes of personality in one character. November 21 and 22 will long be remembered as star performances which were made possible by the direction of Mrs. Ann Casey and student director. Al Newberry. Mrs. Ann Casey. DIRECTOR AI Newberry, STUDENT DIRECTOR 88S. S. JUNIOR FOLLIES By having a variety show instead of the traditional play, the junior class hoped to get more enthusiasm into its annual money-making project, to enable more people to have a part in their show, and to present a spectacular show long to be remembered as the original idea of the class of 1959. Supervised by faculty adviser. Miss Miriam MacArthur. practice for the cast of eighty-five was held almost constantly during the few weeks immediately preceding the show. I he participants, who were chosen from any age group, worked frantically to prepare themselves for the big night. Miss Marian MacArthur. DIREOI OR; Sam Weigle, STUDENT DIRECTOR; and Norma McNair. STUDENT DIRECTOR, look at one of the posters advertising the Junior Follies. On February 27 and 28. 1958, the S. S. Junior Follies was presented in the Aiken Junior High Auditorium. 1 he wide variety of talent included in I his show was well received Top Below: The junior girls chorus line opens the show with their song and dance routine. Bottom: Meredith Cozarl and Jerry entertain the [Messengers on the ocean cruiser and meml»ers of the Bee Hive Five with their jokes and songs. FEATURES Just as space stations will observe the secrets and beauties of space, so Aiken High students surveyed the beauties that frequent their campus. Their selections are portrayed on the following pages.M CaJun Mott, J i A Chosen By fMiss Pam Royal Miss Pat Henson Freshman Class Sponsor Miss Leslie Sanders Junior Class Sponsor Miss Nancy Royal CAMPUS Senior Class Sponsor Sophomore Class Sponsor v % v Miss Catherine Redd Contestant for MISS HORNET Miss C arolyn Holly Maid of Honor BEAUTIES Miss Kathy trench Contestant for MISS HORNET Miss Linda Leifermann Contestant for MISS HORNET V 97SPORTS By teaching young people teamwork and sportsmanship, athletics help to train the future citizens and leaders of the world. International sports are one way of achieving cooperation and understanding among nations.FOOTBALL . . . Mr. Billy Knight. ASSISTANT COACH: Mr Bdlis Hcrlong. HRAD COACH; Mr. Id) Runager. ASSISI AN I COACH. T he Aiken High School loot l i 11 team met on August 15. 1017. to begin working out lor the tough season that lay ahead. Under the supervision of its new coach. Mr. Bettis Her long, the team trained with much enthusiasm and at the end of three weeks was prepared to meet its lirst opponent. On Friday, September 6. the boys met their first scheduled opposition. Eau C laire I fifth School of Columbia. Although Eau Claire was the first to take the lead, the Hornets found a weakness in the middle ol the Eau C laire line and bounced back to take an easy victory. The following Friday. Aiken played Langley-Bath-Clearwater at Hagood Stadium. In this thrill-packed game both teams (ought hard, but the Lions recovered a blocked punt in the end zone and ended up on top. First Row: Tim Donahue, Jim Bruggcman. Tony McCreiglit. Mike Stanfield. Arthur Gregory. Jim Smiley. Howard Lawton. Ricky Foster. Second Row: Thomas Weeks. Phil Orsini. Bobby Butler. Billy Morton. Tony Osl on. Mac Hanna, terry Joyner. Irvin Summer.  . . . VARSITY Aiken s next clash was in Graniteville with tlie Graniteville Rocks. In an exciting game which greatly boosted the morale of the Aiken High students, the Hornets scored a thrilling triumph over their opponents. On September 27 the Hornets met the Aquinas High School Shamrocks of Augusta. Georgia, in a game which was somewhat hampered by rain and a wet held. Both teams played well but the rain kept the score down to a tie. In the next game, played at Hagood Stadium. Aiken was matched against the Lancaster Blue I lurricanes. This turned out to be one of the most rousing games of the season as the Hornets played powerful ball against a team ranked seventh in the state. The score, ending in a tie. proved to be a great moral victory’ for Aiken. On October 11 the Hornets traveled to Cayce. where they played Brookland-Cayce. Although the Bearcats won the game on a long run and a long-pass play. Aiken outscored them statistically in every field. On October 18 Aiken played its annual homecoming game against Carlisle Military Academy. Aiken stopped the Cyclones’ every attempt to make a touchdown and scored a winning victory. SCORES H V Eau Claire . ............................12 B.-C....................................0 2 Graniteville..............................39 0 Aquinas....................................6 6 Lancaster.................................13 13 Brookland-Cayce............................0 14 Carlisle..................................27 0 Greenwood..................................6 14 Jolinston.................................34 6 North Augusta..............................0 14 Top: CO-CAPTAIN'S: Arthur Gregory. Tony McCreight. Bottom: MANAGERS; Don I reiday, Skip| or Perry. John Hatcher. Oshon makes a leaping catch in the game with Lancaster.Tim Donahue Ricky Foster Arthur Gregory SENIOR Two weeks later Aiken played the powerful Emeralds at Greenwood. Aiken fought bravely, but Greenwood used its effective pass play to perfection on two occasions, and Aiken had to settle for an eight-point loss. The following Friday, Aiken met the Johnston Bears in another contest which proved to be outstanding for the Hornets. The Hornets completely dominated the ball game and won by a large margin. 102PLAYERS During ihe next week the I lornets prepared for a tough game vvi tli North Augusta. On Friday they were ready for the much-anticipated game with the ellow Jackets. Although Aiken fought hard. North Augusta won a deserved victory. With the season s end. the team began thinking of the season that lay ahead. I loping to he victorious in the eleven games scheduled by Coach Herlong for next year, the team ended a satisfactory year. Mike Stanfield Irvin Summer JUNIOR VARSITY I irsl Rotr: Charles Bateman. Andrew Kitrhings. Wayne Williams. Gene Kn-ece. I )ouglas C allahan. Dale Bailes. Second Row: Ruliard Downing. Sam Weigle. Bill Rorex. Jimmy Mills. Billy Whitfield. Mike I.aiming. Roger Galloway. Third Row: Ronald Mowers, James Hay. Barry I ompkins, Joe Murray. Wicky Moseley. Mr. Bettis Herlong. C oach.  l» Mr. Job R imager COACH SCORES 11 V Columbia .... 47 73 ( iranitcvillc 16 49 Rock Mill . . . 12 55 Richmond .... 37 87 Bntcshurg 1 .crsvillc . 49 53 Brooklnnd-Caycc -II 51 Gronileville II 54 L.-B.-C 12 Z1 Bntcshurg-Lccsvilh . 44 35 C vreenwood 43 63 L-B.-C 44 47 North Augusta 17 67 Rock Hill 32 36 buirn$lor .... 52 56 North Augusta 17 45 Brookland-Cnyce . . 53 63 Richmond 65 90 l incnstor .... 13 37 Columbia .... 57 65 BOYS' BASKETBALL Dous Sbawn. Mac Hanna, Tony Osbon, Kay Coffey, Bob Norton. Ed Hicks. Julian Osbon. Tony McCreigbl. Alex Beasley. Doug Jones.Alex Beasley. Kay Coffey, and Julian Osbon go up for a Alex Beasley drives in for a lay-up. rebound against Graniteville. MANAGERS: Richard Waugh, Mike Walker. The ( reen Hornets, plowing into the 58 season with vim, vigor, and vitality, again proved to the Aiken students what remarkable sportsmen they were. Losing all games but three, the Aiken boys threw their efforts into some line charity line attempts, deadly outside jump shots, and a number of short drives, taps, and hooks. I nder the line leadership of Coach Oerald kunager and paced by Pony McCreight, tlie 58 I lornets averaged about forty-six points per game. McCreight alone scored thirty-seven points in the last game with Richmond, thus breaking the thirty-one point record set here in 1951. Other high scorers lor this season were Kay Colfey and Bobby Norton. One ol the most exciting games ol the season was the one in which Aiken matched wits with North Augusta. When time was called at the end of four quarters, the score was tied. Having been given a three-minute overtime. Aiken froze the ball for over two minutes. It was not until the last live seconds of the allotted time that Alex Beasley made a spectacular long-shot held goal. I he Aiken fans went wild. With another season behind them, the Aiken ( »reen I lornets anticipate another year with more wins to their credit and ever-spirited support ol the Aiken High students. 105Miss Peggy Canlrell COACH SCORES II V Granite vine 32 Richmond .... 37 24 Bateshurg-Loesvillo . ... 48 35 Wagener .... 25 10 Graniteville 31 1 -B.-C .... 37 40 Batesburg-Leesvi!le ... .... 51 22 (rreenwood ...... .... 44 25 St. Angela .... 38 13 48 North Augusta . ... 3() 50 L.-B.-C .... 38 34 Richmond .... 38 31 GIRLS' BASKETBALL First Row: loan Spivey, Hilda Gilmer, Jan Watson. Boots Cothran. June Groves, Cccille Edwards. Bessie Faye Jones. Second Row: Nina Green. Sandra Smith. Deanna DuVall. Shelia Hanna. Brooks Ellington. Catherine Redd, Carolyn Osbon. Janet hitfield, Roberta Debnam. Linda Sampson, Ann Parker.Entering another basketball season al Aiken High School, the Hornettes again proved that winning a game and good sportsmanship go hand in hand. Ol the thirteen games they played, eight were won, lour were lost, and one ended in a draw. After their first loss, handed to them by the Wagener girls, they kept on lighting, gaining ground in every game. In the two games with North Augusta, the I iornettes. though playing gallantly, were dealt their second and third defeats. The season was ended with more wins, one more defeat, and one tie. Paced by high scorer. Catherine Redd, the Aiken girls team racked up points Irom the charity line and from field goals. Other outstanding players for the Hornettes were Nina Greene. Boots Cothran, and Brooks Ellington. Led by Coach Peggy Cantrell, the Hornettes ended a winning season with the firm support of the Aiken High fans. MANAGERS: I ran I'rced. Sandra Royal 107TRACK First Row: Ricky Foster. Irvin Sum mers. Lloyd Perry. Second Row: Wayne Williams, Charles Bateman. Bill Rorex. Third Row: Andrew Kitcliings. lim Bruggeman. John Renner. Don I reiday, Bill Prichard, Jimmy Mills. Winning most of its meets, the 195 Aiken 1 ligh School track team had a very good season. Although the team lacked the needed depth, fine records were turned in by many senior cindermen. I he team's lirst contest was a tri-meet with Richmond Academy in North Augusta in which Aiken took second-place honors. Its next meet, which was lost, was with Greenwood. In another tri-meet wi th Drel ler and Brookland Gayce, the Green Hornets again settled lor second place. I he last two meets, however, were more successful. I he team took lirst place in the contest wi th North Augusta and the annual Knights of Columbus meet. Although many ol the Hornet cindermen were seniors last year, a line turnout is expected this year. I he tracksters returning will be Don Freiaay in the 440 and 220. Bill Rorex in the broad jump, high jump, and the 880. and Jim Smiley in the shot put. discus, and javelin. BASEBALL I'irst Roir: Mai llanna. I )annv Mills. I omniv Day, Jim Anderson. Stnorul Row: Roy Mills. Terry Joyner. Pliil Orsini. Doug Jones. Joint Butler. Barry Booth. Third Row: Alex Beasley. Doug Shawn. Ld Hicks. Bob Davis, I ony Osbon. I he 1957 A. H. S. baseball team, mainly because of poor turnout and lack of experience, lost all their games. The team, composed mostly of Ireshmen and sophomores, was led by the hitting and pitching of Bobby Butler and Doug Shawn. I hese two boys did much toward helping the team gain confidence and display good sportsmanship. Other boys who turned in good performances were right fielder I o m m y Day. shortstop John Butler, and catchers Charles Kaplan. 1 ony Osbon, and Richard Downing. I he team with all underclassmen who lettered returning is anticipating a winning season in 58.I'irst Row: Julie Marshall. Deanna DuVall. Catherine Redd. Rose Gomillioa. Horcnce McLlmurray. Vicky Poole. Judy Cavanaugh. I ran breed. Bools Cothran. Secoiul Row: Ruliard Downing. Bobby Butler, Marry Heath. IJoyd Perry. Phil Orsini. Paul Moore. Mike Suniinerull, Wayne Williams. Irvin Summers. Doug Edward . Charles Kaplan. David Killxmrne. Andrew Kitrhings. Third Row: Roy Mills. Billy Hast, Wayne Hickman. Tim Donahue. Kay Coffey. Ricky hosier, Philip Shideler. Butch McGee. Don breiday. Harry Moore. Mike Dinning. Thomas Weeks. Howard Diwton. Doug Porter. Bobby Spivey. Sum Weigle, Bill Rorex, Jim Bruggeman. C oac h Hcrlong. f'onrtlt Row: I Bernard Berry. I erry Joyner, (diaries Bateman. John Butler. Tommy Day. Doug Shawn. John Hatcher, Billy Morton. Julian Osbon. Skipper Perry. Richard Caney. Roger Martin. Fifth Row: Tony McCreight. Jim Smiley. Mike Stanfield. Tony Osbon. Mac Hanna. Arthur Gregory. BLOCK A CHEERLEADERS The A. H. S. cheerleaders, enthusiastically leading the cheering section at football games, basketball games, and assemblies, have proved themselves to be an indispensable part of the sports program at A. II. S. Faithfully attending all football and basketball games, this group has accomplished much in boosting school spirit and in placing confidence in the teams. Practicing through the long, hot summer months, the cheerleaders, headed by Rose Gomillion, renewed many old cheers and also succeeded in perfecting some new ones. I he latter were often presented to the students at the pep rallies in the fall. Rose Gomillion. HEAD CHEERLEADER; David Kilboumc. Catherine Redd. Deanna DuVall. Vicky Poole. Florence Mc-Elmurray. Judy Cavanaugh. Leonard Berry. J’inale . . . We hope we have impressed you with the challenges that the World of I omorrow presents. I his 1058 HORNE I records the progress we have made during the school year toward meeting and accepting these challenges. With the closing of this year, many students will continue their education either in high school or in college, while others will seek positions in the fields ol their choice. As you proceed along the next stage of the journey into the World ol I omorrow, we hope you will be inspired to make your best con-tribut ion to society. Without the help ol many people the making of this yearbook would have been most difficult. On behalf of the entire HORNET staff I should like to express sincere appreciation to Miss Mary Lou Barlow, our ad viser. who helped us resolve many of our problems; to M rs. Margaret Bobo. who helped proofread our yearbook: to Mr. Will is and the faculty for tolerating our picture-taking and announcements; and to the student body for its co-operation. I. personally, want to thank the 1958 HORNET staff lor its untiring efforts and effective contributions, and also Mr. E. T. O Cain, our printer, for his patience and kind help. I he stall hopes that in future years when the students look at this, the 1958 HORNET they will have fond recollections of the happy and profitable times experienced at Aiken High School. II this be so, then we have attained our goal. no —Mary Virginia Wahl, Editor.Now here is a fine bunch of fellas . . . Our Miss Belly? Has ihe Charleston returned? Nothing does it like Seven-Up! Baxter and Davis. School Days. Aiken Coca-Cola Bottling, Co.CONTRACTING REPAIRING OIL BURNER SERVICE HALL ELECTRIC CO. 1904 RICHLAND AVENUE REFRIGERATION — RADIO SERVICE APPLIANCES BENDIX HOME LAUNDRY SALES SERVICE Stuart’s Dress Shop 86 Whiskey Hoad Phone 9-2206 Aiken, S. C. GEO. W. HALL DAY PHONE 9-6521 NIGHT PHONE 9-3472 Cut-Rate MARKET 0 McElmurray Pontiac 0 0 2707 Vaucluse Rd. jj A Aiken, S. C. A A 5 Phone 9-2504 5 0 Sales Service 710 Park Ave. V V 5 5 JOHNSON'S SERVICE jj 1(501 Richland Ave. 5 5 A jj jj John M. Hunter Elric S. Pinckney jj 0 5 0 S1AIIOX 0 0 Aiken Insurance Agency 5 I 7 I 0 0 , . 0 Farmers Merchants Bank Building iken, S. C. jj jj jj j 0 A A AIKEN. S. C. PHONE 8-5256 The Hornet's Nest “Snacks That Are Deliriously Different” 1733 York St. Phone 9-9286 : : 0 o o 5 o : : Aiken, South CarolinaAiken Memorial Park INCORPORATED The Cemetery Beautified with Perpetual Care Park—3 Miles North on Highway 19 y y y | | Aiken Flowers and Gifts § 5 5 (Blue House) 5 5 5 5 “For the Finest in Flowers and Gifts” 5 5 5 5 PHONE 8-1738 f 724 York St. 5 Aiken, S. C. Aiken Sporting Goods 1836 PARK AYE. Behind You WALT M. BURCKHALTER 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 jj 1402 BREWER and ZORN BARBER SHOP We Keep You in Trim CULLUM MOTORS, INC. New and Used Cars 5 I 5 5 5 5 (j jj FOREIGN CARS $ 5 5 I D Phone 8-5951 1301 Richland Ave. Park Ave. Aiken, S. C. Aiken, S. C. X X I 0 'ft Waiting for the boll. Seniors’ Liberace. Our Sophomore Girls. 114y y Lyon-Croft-Weeks jj jj LAMB'S SHELL SERVICE STATION REAL ESTATE • AUTO LOANS 1814 Richland Ave. Aiken, S. C. jj The best of service on all makes and all jj 8 model automobiles 8 TRY US 102 Whiskey Rd. Aiken, S. C. A ‘y v NATIONAL KAOLIN PRODUCTS COMPANY McGee Brothers General Contractors jj $ Aiken, S. C. jj 5 Residential and Commercial Repairs and Remodeling 504 Park Ave. jj Platt Rexall Drugs W. J. Platt Co. Aiken’s Most Complete Line of Drugs, Cosmetics, and Photography Equipment” 857 Laurens Aiken, S. C. j C5llO )OI)0 0 CX CXIO lCX OI)C l 0 IO(010llO(OtX3(IC) 0 ICXK 10l 0 0 IO IO OIIO 10 » )0 0 0 y y PERRY'S ESSO SERVICENTER Park and York Streets Phone 9-9121 Home of Happy Motoring 5 THOMPSON $ MOTOR SUPPLY CO. 5 5 5 B | Hayne Ave. Aikex, S. C. jj 5 5 jj Phone 8-5 76 A A A MSi 5 5 0 I I f Suggesting Your Headquarters in Augusta For The Finest In Foods ----- South’s Finest I)rive-In’ Home of the Original “Thing” CALENDAR AUGUST I HORNET staff I egon to create 58 annual!!! 5 Football practice l ogan -sweat began to pour, and Mr. Runagcr, Mr. I Icrlong. and Mr. Kniglit showed no mercy. 26 Band practice started—wliy cun t it rain? SEPTEMBER 5 Students rushed eagerly (?) hack to the halls of AHS. 6 hirst football game of the season . . . Aiken vs. Fau Claire. 10 First assembly with Arthur Gregory presiding as new President of Student Body. 13 Aiken clashed on the gridiron with L.-B.-C. HORNET! staff sponsored a dance in the amphitheater ... a real hang! 19 Aiken vs. Graniteville . . . football again! 20 AHS seniors began to consider different colleges . Que sera, sera? ’ 27 Clash between Aiken Hornets and Catholic High. OCTOBER A Aiken kicked off against Lancaster. Carolyn Holly, new head majorette, led terrific band show. 7 Hayriders began with the Methodist Youth Fellowship to State Park . . . about 35 ‘moonlighters’’ went. 11 Aiken clashed on the gridiron with Brookland-Cayce. 15 Announcement of sponsors for senior football players . . . some pretty gals, too! 16 National Honor Society inducts senior members. Ram Realty Company HERBERT RAM —MANAGER 5 I $ : ) I I Dial 9-3062 Aiken, S. C. RICKS’ Wholesale Meats Quality Products Aiken, S. C. Phone 8-1324 : : A v I I I 5 : : : A Band and Orchestra Instruments Expert Instrument Repairing Sheet Music and Teaching Material Schneider s Music Center “Instrument Rental Plan” 312 8th Street. Augusta, Ga. Phone 4-8947 SPECIALTY FOOD MARKET Neighborhood Deliveries Open Wednesdays Whiskey Road I 5 Phone 8-5291 jj 0 5 AIKEN LUMBER COMPANY Phonk 9-4146 Aiken, S. C. 'lOOOOOOOOOOOOCXOOOOOO' ! Auto Supply and Appliance 5 Company D. M. MACMILLAN, OWNER HOTPOINT • RCA HI-FI REM I N'GTON PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS KIMBALL’S HEATING AND METAL WORKS 1931 Hayne Ave. G. G. Kimball Owner Phone 9-3301 WALKER - SWINGLE, Ltd. FARMERS AND MERCHANTS BANK BUILDING AIKEN. S. C. It caltors—I nsu rers Jfiooocx AIKEN L. P. GAS CO., INC. GULFTANE X xzx xcx O CX XZX CK o xcx 5 AIKEN DRUG STORE, INC. 3 3 Prescription Druggists 3 Cigars - Drugs - Medicine - Cosmetics jj Phones Aiken, S. C. jj jj 9-6286 9-6287 x $ 3 x o o o o x $ CALENDAR—('on tin tied 18 Homecoming game—Aiken vs. Carlisle Military Acade my. Sharon I edrow was crowned the 1958 Football Queen. 20 College Emphasis Day sponsored by NHS—16 boys applied to Coker! 23 Aiken met Barnwell on the football field. 31 Halloween . . . Margarette Damewood bod several spooks calling on her. NOVEMBER 1 Greenwood vs. Aiken. Meredith Cozait won the talent show with Sophomore girls and I ang Moore taking second and third place, respectively. Senior girls danced the Charleston in roaring twenties costumes. 8 Bateshurg-Leesville vs. Aiken. 13 Say Cheese.” was the phrase of Don Kinsey of Delmar Studios, who came to take the school pictures. 15 Aiken vs. North Augusta. MISS HORNET contestants chosen. 21 Senior play, a hugh success despite Bobby's slippery overall strap. 22 Senior play cast party at the Outing Club . . . how many cars got stuck in the mud? 25 Aiken I ligh School Band won second place at the Augusta Santa Parade. DECEMBER 16 Christmas Band Concert. 19 School out for the holidays . . . yipee! I’irst party of the holidays given by Diane Barber and and Brenna Surasky.AIKEN ROOT BEER DRIVE-IN Aiken, S. C : 5 ; : | o 0 $ 820 Williamsburg St. X Compliments of Jackson-Plunkett Oil Co. AMOCO PRODUCTS V 5 : : I j o 6 8 Aiken, S. C. 5 0 T ; | : 8 JONES ELECTRIC CO. TELEVISION SETS PIANOS (New Used) BAND MUSIC FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES 2016 Hayne Aiken, S. C. £ cx o o o xo o o o cxxcx o o ix o q o CALENDARr-Continued 20 Open Mouse given by seniors for alumnae of AHS. 25 Merry Christmas! 26 Julie Kane became Mrs. John Smith. Clemson Club held big Christmas Dance which many AHS students attended ot the Bon Air Hotel. 27 Oh. what a beautiful night for Leg Coquettes Christmas Formal. Filled with scrumptious food from the Debu-tcens’ banquet before the dance, some members of AHS student body danced all night to the music of Willy Wilson. JANUARY 1 Happy New Year—just three more days and nights left for parties and sleep. 15 Classes elect sponsors—congrats to Leslie, Pat, Nancy and Pam. 17 First Semester Exams! Why didn’t I study? 20 Johnny Mathis is all the rage. FEBRUARY 1 Senior selections chosen. 2 Graduation invitations ordered . . . true optimism. 8 Farewell party given for Karen Dowling by Diane deWitt. slumber party afterwards. 12 Intramural basketball games began. 14 Romantic glances were exchanged between certain members of the opposite sex after Diane Davis’ Valentine party at Lions Club. 16 Senior girls wore red to celebrate intramural victory over the sophomore boys. 18 Juniors victorious—now new champs at AHS. )X 0 CX 0 0 )0)0 0 CX 0 )CX 0 0 )0 0 0 0 h y JULIA'S DRESS SHOP AIKEN, S. C. 5 8 5 X A ]{( 0 )0( 0 C )0 )0 0 0 CX CX 0 0 0 CK 0 0 K XDOCX c k= =x o o JC( ft v Holley’s Dairy Farm Grade A “Farm Fresh” Dairy Products Whiskey Road Aiken, S. C. 18AUGUSTA CONCRETE BLOCK COMPANY Plant Location PERMA STONE Hamburg, S. C. at CONCRETE BLOCKS 5th Street Bridge MORTAR MIX Phone 5-5524 DRAIN TILE THE FINEST . . . CONCRETE BLOCK Compliments of Aiken Roofing Company 1804. HAYNE AVE. AIKEN, S. C X X y y THE BOOK SHOP School Supplies Aiken, S. C. BUCHANAN HOME AUTO SUPPLY 5 $ 5 Firestone Products x 837 Laurens St. Phone 8-S451 Aiken, S. C. DAY PHONE 8-1271 NIGHT 9-9567 L. T. REDD’S GARAGE REPAIRS ON ALL CARS AND TRUCKS TUNE-UP SPECIALISTS 1935 HAYNE AVE. AIKEN, S. C. Y V ■ Barsh E’ectric Service jj B Aiken Coffee Shop Automotive Starter, Generator, Voltage Regulator and Electric Motor jj Repairing | | ? Phone 9-9531 2008 Hayne Ave. D S o fl. X Come One, Come All, to the Coffee jj Shop for a Ilome-Cooked Meal $ 809 CHESTERFIELD X x PHONE 9-9368 AIKEN, S. C. x X XGRADE A MILK HOMOGENIZED PASTEURIZED Greene’s— ‘Qualitee +00 E. BOUNDARY AUGUSTA, GA. DIAL 2-1886 TOMMIE MATHIS XX x 5 5 $ 5 5 Carolina Butane Gas Co. $ Candies and Crackers jj We Sen-ice and Sell Gas Appliances jj 113 Georgia Avenue N. Augusta, S. C. Distributed by Carolina Butane Gas Co., Inc. Phone 9-4571 1924 Hayne Ave. Aiken, S. C. X X )CX)0()CX)0 »0 JO«»0 )0 )Oj!( D. M. GEORGE FUNERAL HOME Since 1920 « » Aiken, S. C. The Beehive Five minus one! Daydreaming. 120 The loyal . . . Archie, Lena, and Edgar.= « «» -4 1500 PARK AYE. AIKEN, S. C. PHONE 9-3322 Griffin Tire Service 2)cwii IPliarmacy C.-?o. | 0 916 Laurens Street Phone 8-1331 Aiken, South Carolina HUTSON - ETHERREDGE AGENCY INSURANCE—REAL ESTATE AUTO LOANS Aiken, S. C. X V V I FRANK J. HOLMES f Jeweler 5 . 5 Registered Jeweler 5 American Gem Society I HOTEL COMMERCIAL 5 I | $ “Aiken's Largest and Most Popular” jj 5 ' n x 909 Laurens St. Phone 9-6781 v Aiken, S. C. I « X Aiken, S. C. Holley Fuel Company BEST GRADES BITUMINOUS AND ANTHRACITE COAL, COKE, WOOD AND KINDLING, FUEL OIL FOR YOUR FURNACE Quality Service Day Phone 9-6551 Night Phone 9-4253 910 Union Street MURPHY AND ROBINSON Prescription Opticians SOUTHERN FINANCE BUILDING 2-5641 1451 HARPER STREET 4-2729 AUGUSTA, GA. 121Aikkn, South Carolina ’or Generations to Come Merry Brothers Brick Tile Co. Augusta, Georgia Highest Quality for Over ITalf a Century B. C. MOORE SONS, INCORPORATED liny from Moore and Save More Friedman’s Jewelers 864 LAURENS ST. AIKEN, S. C. Holland Watches Hearts Desire Diamonds 122YEARWOOD'S TILE LINOLEUM CO. jj jj Warrenville Drug Store WARRENVILLE, S. C. Aiken, S. C. Just a few minutes drive from busy Aiken A Complete Line of Drugs $X=X 0 000 X=X 0 C300 e3 0! 0 0 K=XXZX CX C3 ;K STATE BANK AND TRUST CO. The Friendly Bank Branches in Aiken County AIKEN • SOUTH AIKEN • NEW ELLENTON WAGENER • LANGLEY WARNEKE CLEANERS H. L. GREEN GO. Newberry Street Aiken, S. C. Dial 9-2191 Corner Broad, 9th and Ellis HOLLEY MOTOR COMPANY ‘Your Ford Dealer Since 1922' Sales Service PHONE 9-4148 AIKEN, S. C. 123 crx O CX O )CX o O XZX O X LAMB’S GULF STATION AIKEN WELDING CO. 2 jj | q I We Specialize in Good Service” g 5 iron AND ORNAMENTAL 5 1934 Park Ave. Aiken, S. C. Phone 8-5659 AIKEN, S. C. Farmers and Merchants Bank AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA Member F. D. I. C. 1001 Whiskey Rd. Aiken, S. C. Phone 9-9318 CUSHMAN FOOD COMPANY 0 c= K 124 jj Devoted to the Upbuilding of Aiken and Aiken County 864 Broad St. Augusta, Georgia V YOUNG'S : NEW AND USED CARS 5 jj RICHLAND AVE. EXT. I HIGHWAYS 78 and 215 | PHONE 9-6615 jj Aiken, S. C. 5 Coble Dairy Products, Inc. 5 I EGGS • MILK • BUTTER WALT’S SHELL SERVICE 1601 RICHLAND AVE. “The Best Service in Town” Aiken, South Carolina COWARD SEED COMPANY AIKEN, S. C. AMOUS FOR GOOD FOOD g s 125:x cx ox o o o o cx o 3K SOUTHERN MORTGAGE COMPANY Southeastern Clay Co. | § ! $ AIKEN AUTO PARTS $ | Parts for All Makes of Cars and 5 IS Trucks a GEORGE ELECTRIC COMPANY General Electric Appliances Electrical Contracting and Repairs CONGRATULATIONS to this term’s graduates and all good wishes for success in the field they have chosen in which to carve out their careers. In searching for a higher education we hope they will remember the fine colleges in our State; if entering business or industry immediately we hope they will find their careers here in South Carolina. Aiken, South Carolina !Ctx=x ex cxx=xx=x e 126» = v xjoooooocsooooooooocxa I MURPHY STATIONERY 5 I COMPANY fi Since 1916 9 Social and Commercial Stationery jj A 9 9 718 Broad St. Dial 2-2122 jj jj Augusta, Ga. 5 KooooaoooK 9 Osbon Auto Supply Co. 5 | 1253-55 Broad Street jj Augusta, Ga. § Phone No. 2-0238 | » 9 OWEN, THOMAS McCreary 9 “A Friendly Store for Men” 9 5 HEADQUARTERS FOR AIKEN 9 HIGH MEN 9 Laurens St. Dial 9-2711 x o czx ox o o x o o o x o ooo $ -------— c» c» c cx » =x c» = =x c» » g = 30£ 9 9 We can help you get your Home—built jj or to be built | See our homes and plans jj Let us talk and advise with you 9 PRICE BROS., INC. jj (Weeks Buijjmxg) | 9-4042 8-5418 9 SKOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCaOOOeSOOOOOOOCaOeaOex JOfxoooooooooooooooooocxioocaocsoooooexB 8 8 MAXWELL BROS. FURNITURE 838 LAURENS ST. PHONE 8-1090 T.V., Frigidaires Radios B c» c Gx c» Gx rx c c cx Gx z «cx o ci c? G jj 9 | OWENS’ NURSERY 9 GARDEN SHOP I 9 jj “Everything for the Garden” } Phone 8-1221 Whiskey Road a o K=x o =X CX XX CZX )000 0 x=x x=x x=x x=x x=x xzx VVlicrr tlu fire. Senior Flappers! . . . FFA officers. 127 8 o o gx o gxx cx cx cx cx 'Compliments Hollingsworth Chevrolet Company CADILLAC • CHEVROLET 1932 PARK AVE. PHONE 9-6237 »X=X 0 jj HOME FOLKS WHOLESALE CO. 0 Distributors of Cigars, Cigarettes, 5 Candies, Gum, Drugs, Paper | Products and Lily Cups jj MARION HAMILTON PHONE 9-9988 jj Aiken, S. C. Tygard Buick Company 601 Richland Drive Phone 9-2421 SALES — SERVICE AIKEN, S. C. MILLER’S SKATELAND The Finest In Clean Entertainment! FOR HEALTH’S SAKE ROLLER SKATE Aiken, S. C. 128PHONE 9-4683 —9-2077 CX 0 0 0 0 0 )0 )C oooocx)!( y EULALIE SALLEY CO. 1916 Park Ave. P. O. Box 622 Phone 9-6571 I $ 5 3 3 3 5 y 3 I 3 SERVICE ELECTRIC COMPANY 3 3 $ KELVINATOR APPLIANCES 3 INDUSTRIAL—MAINTENANCE | AND HOUSE WIRING jj J. L. Mathis - Owner X 1NH N. Whiskey Ud. Aiken, S. C. Snowball fight, anyone? Now, I -wouldn’t say that! Who's birthday? Say, who s posing for this picture anyway? I onv and Bobby, camera shy? Ouess who? 129PERRY MINERALS COMPANY INC. CLEARWATER. SOUTH CAROLINA Specification Sand and Qnaoel 00110 10 10 jef K JfiCXICXIOllOOOOCXIOOOOOOOOOOOOCSIOOOIOI x x x 5 RAY'S GULF SERVICE 0 5 rudnick furniture CO. ROAD SERVICE 914 Park Ave. Phone 9-9255 Aiken, S. C. 820 Laurens St. Phone 9-6391 AIKEN, S. C. $ GX GX X=X X=X X K0 cx 0 0 000 0 0 c»0 0«»0 0 0 0 0 )0«»cx0 0 0 0 0 )!( Quattlebaum Studio 1926 Hayne Ave. Phone 9-2391 Photographer of Your Beauty Section Best Wishes to the Class of 1958 Fred W. Scott County Supervisor But it due tomorrow? . . . Put and Kay. 130 K X 36( o o o cx c o oxk=x o ox ox ooo k=xk=xx=x%Chesterfield Court Beauty Salon “Exclusive Hair Styling” Congratulations and Best Wishes i 820 Chesterfield Street y Phone 9-4441 5 K J{(X»)0 X»0 X £ CX = CX 0 0 CX 0 0 CX 0 0 0 )0 0( 0 )0 ){( y v FOREST HEIGHTS AGENCY 5 Thomas Laundry And Cleaners Company Real Estate W. A. Sanders 700 PALM DR. AIKEN, S. C. Aiken, South Carolina » o s o(ia»= a o1»(o o o, o 1ol o 10(o jj 1 $ 0 5 CULLER'S HALF ACRE 0 ( XCX CX X2X XZX CX 0 GX =X JOOOOCM X=X X=K X=X 0 K3X » 0 1 FULMER'S $ 5 R x j RED AND WHITE Highway No. 1 605 Charleston Street | Aiken, S. C. jj ( 8 8 Aiken, S. C. X X j y Fine Furniture — Low Prices f I 8 5 j X X 1 30( cx c» = x= = c =x c» c» = ( c» c o ox = 30( j ! We Deliver Phone 9-4521 jj ifx= c = x=x o ex o = e ( = = ye c» =j ) Canady’s Texaco Co. One-stop Service RICHLAND AND YORK PHONE 9-9189 131 C AI-ENDAR—Continued 20 Mr. Willis coos to St. Louis . . . while the cat was away . . . the mice did??? 22 F.vcrott Siimmorall wins scholarship to I'urinan University. Dcmolay Dance a hie success! Jane Dickerson was crowned 1958 Dcmolay Queen. 27 Junior hollies’ first night . . . What a large cast! 28 Last night of the Follies! Did you notice the moon reflecting upon the lake at the Outing Club during the cast party? If you didn I, you missed something. National 1 lonor Society inducts junior members. Beta Club goes to convention at Columbia. S. C. MARCH 1 Jeannie Berry wins the Betty Crocker Award . . . didn’t know she was domestic! Juniors cop a big profit from Junior Follies. 3 Plans begin for Senior Party. 5 National 1 lonor Society goes to convention in Columbia. 8 Brooks Ellington celebrates 16th birthday with formal at St. Angela Gym. Everybody was hiding from the cameras!!! 14 Junior Class held a dance in the cafeteria to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Sixth period psychology term papers due—ugh! 15 Aiken students again face College Boards. 17 St. Patrick s Day. Where is your green? Mine’s around the gills. Senior girls begin do-nut sale. Various clubs plan beach trips. National I .ibrary Week. 21 Holiday! Teachers’ meeting in Columbia . . . why not more of these? 28 Seniors have last dance in the cafeteria. APRIL I No more school. April Fool. 6 (faster and sunrise services. 10 First period psychology term papers due—beware of the 2 BY’ who correct them. 21 Aiken High School is four years old today. 27 All for study halls out under the pines—say aye. MAY 1 Sarah and Carolyn looked lovely reigning over the May Court! 2 The big event—Junior-Senior. What a great orchestra! 21 Seniors begin practice for the big day ns Miss Gunter turns gray. JUNE 1 Baccalaureate Sermon at AHS Gym. 3 Finally the big moment . . . Graduation! I made it! 4—9 Beach parties galore. 10 Wish there were more school—I’m lonesome!!! OSBON'S LAUNDRY CLEANERS Complete Family Service 812 Pendleton and Mitchell Shopping Center Aiken, S. C. 132GRANITEVILLE COMPANY MAKERS OF COTTON CLOTH SINCE 1845 Graniteville, South Carolina and Augusta, Georgia Graniteville Company is the oldest Southern cotton mill operating under its original charter and Graniteville, South Carolina was one of the first communities in the nation to enforce compulsory school attendance. In addition, it was the first in the South and one of the first in the nation to provide free textbooks for school children. The textile industry provides employment for more people and pays more dollars in salaries and wages than any other industry in South Carolina. Your future might be woven in textiles. GRANITEVILLE, WARRENVILLE, VAUCLUSE, SOUTH CAROLINA AND AUGUSTA, GEORGIA 133YOUR YEARBOOK IN PRODUCTION... OUR YEARBOOK represents the work of many craftsmen, ew of which are shown above. They wish for you many years pleasure as you recall memories of your school life. THE R. L. BRYAN COMPANY COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA1311 S U m T t R STREET V C 0 L U ID B I R I, SOUTH C A R 0 LI fl fl

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