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•••••• • •We watched it grow throughoi student body had grown year ir Alma icture of steel and ... a new Aiken High School. Sti of specifications . . . first visualized by the blueprints . . . the building rose. Foundation . . . walls . . . the finishing touches . . . part of the bv . . part of a school. As the years come and go our recollection . . . may this volume . . . pains-• constructed of other materials . . . recall pleas-: memories of Aiken High . . . old . . . and new. Gw As a tribute to the outstanding work he has done as County Superintendent of Education for the past eight years and in appreciation for the untiring efforts which made possible the new building we now enjoy—we proudly dedicate this, the 1954 Wr. J. Jutland Hornet. Fivein mmoriam BOYCE BERRY BELL 1936 - 1953 JAMES DANIEL RIIODEN 1935 - 1952» • • The most important parts of a well-constructed building are the foundation and steel framework around which it is built . . . forming a major part of the structure just as the faculty and students form a major part of a school. In this, the first of three books, are presented these elements of the . . . school Sevenarchitects administration county board Mr. J. B. Byars, Mr. U. E. Hutto, Mr. A. A. Webb, Mr. E. W. Clamp, Mrs. E. P. Kennedy, Chairman; Mr. A. J. Rutland, County Superintendent of Education; Mr. J. A. Keel, Mr. S. H. Moody, Mr. J. B. Reel, Mr. R. A. Brinkley. MR. A. J. RUTLAND County Superintendent of Education MR. L. K. HAGOOD Superintendent advisory board Mr. J. R. Johnson, Mr. J. R. McTeer, Mr. L. K. Hagood, Mr. P. F. Henderson, Chairman; Mr. C. II. Marvin, Jr., Mr. Geddings Willing. Eightsupervisors . faculty Laying a firm foundation for the .school, Mr. Willis has greatly influenced Aiken High in the seven years he has been principal. Although he does the work that would he expected of several men at any other school of the same size, he always has time for a student with a problem and does his best to make each student feel at home” at Aiken High. Each student at Aiken High is deeply indebted to the teachers who have made his education possible. They form the foundation of the school. They build a strong base of learning in each student; this base becomes a guide for meeting new problems and situations arising in the with the mortar of generous understanding, they have worked hard to lay the ground work for worthy and valuable citizens of tomorrow. student’s future life. Cementing the bricks of language, science, social studies, English, and mathematics We, hoping as finished products to prove a credit to our builders, extend our heartfelt thanks to these—our teachers. NineHALLMAN WEEMS DUKES CLAUSSEN WEBSTER GENERAL CONTRACTORS AUGUSTA. GEORGIA PHONE 2 0266MRS. MADELINE ABATH..............Librarian MR. ROBERT B. BADERSTC11ER .... Shop MISS MARY LOU BARLOW...............Biology MRS. JENNIE BERGKAMP...............English MRS. MARGARET BOBO.....................English MR. WILLIAM BRISSEY . . Physical Education MRS. HELEN BUTLER.....................Language MISS PEGGY CANTRELL . . Physical Education MRS. ANN CASEY.....................English MISS MARGARET CATO................Commerce MRS. GERALDINE CUSHING— —Secretary to Superintendent MRS. HELEN DAWSON . . . Home Economics MR. PAUL DOBSON '...................Speech MR. JOHN B. EUBANKS .... Mathematics MRS. CHRISTINE FORRESTER . . . English MISS NORMA GUNTER.................Commerce MR. ALVIN H. HAWKINS .... Agriculture MISS MARY HELEN HILTON .... Science MRS. ABBIE KNEECE.............Mathematics MRS. ELAINE LOCKE................................Art MRS. JUDY McKNIGHT.............Dietitian MRS. HAZEL McNEIL . . Secretary to Principal MRS. FLORA MEADOWS..............English MISS LOUISE MOONEY..............Science MRS. HELEN MORRIS..................Mathematics MR. BURNEST NEEL . . . Physical Education MRS. BETTE OWEN....................Mathematics MRS. LU ROSS...........................English MRS. BLANCHE RUTLAND...................History MR. WILLIAM T. SLAUGHTER .... Music MRS. REBECCA SMITH . . . Home Economics MR. JOHN A. WRENN .... Social Studies Elevenforemen seniors . . . ROGERS, SANDERS, OSBON, FREED class officers HOBBY OSBON KENNETH BOGEBS WAYNE FBEED DOT SANDERS president vice-president secretary treasurer Twelveclass history years of building Progress . . . Years in Aiken since 1950 have been years marked with progress in the fields of education and science. Thousands have watched the development of the atomic energy plant in our area and even more recently the rising structure of our new high school. We have seen the formation of these physical structures of brick and steel, but had we stopped to think, we would have realized that other construction has been taking place —the development of character in the students of Aiken High. As typical Freshmen we considered ourselves quite grown up. Our first class meeting was held to elect Mary Elizabeth Scott to sponsor us in the yearbook. In November of this same year the coming of the bomb-plant brought many new students to our class. We entered our Sophomore year with the feeling that we were at last in the upperclassmen bracket. Many of our members were now entering the extra-curricular activities of the high school. Then too we were starting activities of our own—our class was the first to hold Sophomore Dance, and several members of our class organized the “Dixie Rebels,” now recognized as the Aiken High dance band. Juniors at last! Bobby Osbon, our newly elected president, together with the class as a whole, began the year with plans for financing our Senior trip; most of all we were working toward putting on the best Junior-Senior ever. The highlight of all our plans was the Junior Play, “House for Sale—Haunted,” directed by Mrs. A. J. Rutland. Playing to a packed house both nights brought us closer to our goal. We shall always remember May Day of our Junior year and the fun we had making our prom a wonderful success. “Springtime in Paris” with its side-walk cafes, art shops, and gardens won the admiration of all who attended. We ended our Junior year with campaigns and elections for many high offices for the coming year. Our Senior year was all we expected it to be. Members of our class were now the leaders in our school. As the year progressed, honors in scholarship, beauty, and service were awarded to our classmates. Planning and orientation committees were chosen in November to aid the faculty with the job of moving into our new school. The committees, composed mainly of Seniors, helped the students acquaint themselves with the new building. In December we presented our Senior Play, “The Perfect Idiot,” directed by Mrs. Christine Forrester. Then we knew that our plans for a trip would be a reality. The few days we spent in Washington were the climax of our Senior year. We realized it was one of the last times our class would be together. We returned to Aiken looking forward to Junior-Senior and graduation. May Day came again with a change of scenery—a new school—and new queen, Mary Elizabeth Scott. The banquet and dance given to us by the Juniors were a reminder that we were nearing our graduation. The first of June ended our high school career. To some it is but a pause in our formal education; to others, the end. Although our years in high school are now completed, the progress in the moulding of our character will never stop. We now know that there has been an important factor in our development—our school—Aiken High. -A. C. ThirteenCURLY ANDERSON JIM BECKMAN NCY APPEL JULIAN HELL PAUL BALLAH CAROL BERRY FAYE BANE DOLLI BLAKE JERRY CLAUDE ANDERSON “Back of the brawn, the brain” Football 4. Co-Capt.; National Honor Society 4; Block “A” Club 4; Superlative; Hi-Time 4; H. R. Pm. 4: Beit Blocker Award; Honors at Russell High, Atlanta. Ca. NANCY RUTH APPEL “To hurry and worry is not my creed: Things will happen, so what’s the need.” Basketball 3. 4; FHA 1, 2. 3, 4; May Attend. 3. PAUL EMERSON BALL AH “Clothes make the man hut personality helps.” Football 3; FFA 4; Superlative. ALICE FAYE BANE “Always smiling, always neat: Tor ever nice, forever sweet.” Honors at Jordan High, Columbus, Ga. JAMES ROBERT BARNES “Everything comes if a man will only wait.” Honors at Gifford Hiub. Gifford. Iowa. fifty-four seniors . PATSY BOWMAN LEON BO’ Fourteen JACK BARNES BILLIE JO BLANTON jerry anderson Most Valuable Player Award JAMES FREDRICK BECKMAN Determination is the master key to success. National Honor Society 1; Student Council 4; Hi-Times 4; Track 3. 4; Block A Club 4; Orientation Comm.; Honors at Fort Smith High, Fort Smith, Ark. JULIAN ALBERT BELL “Not a word he spoke more than was necessary” FFA 2. 3, 4. CAROLDIENE JO BERRY A bit heart always wishing to do right and to be friends with everyone.” Honors at Williston-Elko High, Williston, S. C. DOLLI MAE BLAKE For the eye is so modestly beaming, you ne’er think of the mischief she’s dreaming.” Ili-Times 3, 4; Sponsor 4; May Attend. 3; Superlative; Speech Club 3; French Club 4; H. R. Treas. 3. 4; Honors at New Hanover High, Wilmington, N. C. BILLIE JO BLANTON “Music is said to be the speech of the angels” Chorus 3, 4; Superlative; Spanish Club 4. Pres.; Honors at Shelby High, Shelby, N. C. PATSY SUE BOWMAN A girl that’s willing to do her share when any work comes her way” Honors at Wilmington High. Wilmington. Del. LEON SAMUEL BOYD “An easy-minded soul, and always was one.” FFA 4; Honors at Clinton High, Clinton, S. C. JERRY ANN BRAY In her we find beauty, grace, charm, and most of all, faithfulness.” FHA 3, 4; Library Club 4; Honors at Central High, Phoenix City, Ala. CLARCY ALICE BRITT “ . . . of disposition sweet and manner mild.” FHA 4; Spanish Club 4; Honors at Happy Valley High, Johnson City, Tenn. NINA JEAN BROUGHTON Content is happiness.” JHA 1. 2; Ch.mis 1. 2. . . . foremen RAY VERNON BROWDER “Sir, uour wit ambles well; It goes easily.” Sr. Play; Superlative; H. R. Vice-Pres. 4. JERRY BRAY ALICE BRITT NINA BROUGHTON RAY BROWDER FifteenMIKE BURKETT JEANE BURRELL FARXHAM CANEY ALLEN CATHEY MICHAEL JEFFERSON BURKETT “He came, he saw, he conquered ” Student Council 3, 4; Jr. Play; H. R. Pres. 3; Sr. Play; Orientation Connn., Chair. JEANE LORETTA BURRELL “She is friendly and sincere” H. R. Sec.-Treas. 3; Chorus 3; Honors at Old Fort High. Old Fort, N. C. foremen . . . FARXHAM WHEELER CANEY, JR. “Always laughing, always gay. Hates to work, loves to play ” Football 3, 4; Block “A Club 4; Chorus 3, 4; Honors at Paris High, Paris, 111. ARCHIE ALLEN CATHEY “Silence is golden ” Basketball 4. ANITA LOVE CHANDLER “Being gifted with a tongue, use it. National Honor Society 4; Hornet 4, Sr. Class Ed.; Jr. Play; Stage Mgr., Sr. Plav; Superlative; May Attend. 3; Chorus 3; Orientation Comm., Sec. 4; H. R. Sec. 4. SAMUEL GAY CHRISTINE “lie is six foot a man-A-1.” Basketball 4; Honors at Paris High, Paris, CINDY COURTNEY WRAY DAVIS ted gomillion, paid cude, bobby osbon Boys' State CYNTHIA SUE COURTNEY “Tall, stately, and fair to behold, a wonderful girl if all be told.” Student Council 2, 3, 4; Hornet 4; H. R. Vice-Pres. 3; Chorus 2; Basketball 2, 3; Majorette 4; Block “A” Club 3, 4; Planning Comm. CHARLES EDMUND CORTEZ “My mind lets go a thousand things. Like dates of wars and deaths of kings” Baseball 1. 2. 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Football 3; Block A” Club 2, 3, 4; H. R. Pres. 2. GENE PAUL CUDE “Happy am I, from care am free; why aren't they all as happy as mer Basketball 2. 3. 4; Block “A Club 4; Boys’ State 3; H. R. Pres. 4; Honors at DuPont High, Old Hickory, Tenn. DON ASHLEY DAMEWOOD “lies not lazy, he's just conserving his energy” Jr. Play: Chorus 4; Honors at Mt. Pleasant High, Wilmington, Del. SixteenNITA CHANDLER SAM CHRISTINE CAROLE DANCE “A sight to make an old man young” Hi-Times 4; Sr. Class Sponsor; Soph. Class Sponsor; Sr. Play, Prompter; Superlative; II. R. Vice-Pres. 3. RUTH WRAY DAVIS “She has a friendly way and smile that make us like her all the while.” National Honor Society 3, 4, Sec. 4; Mental Contestant 2; Hi-Times 3, 4. Asst. Ed. 3, News Ed. 4; Quill and Scroll 3, 4; “Pine Needles” 2, 3, Asst. Art Ed. 2, Bus. Mgr. 3; Jr. Class Sec.; Planning Conun.; May Attend. 3; French Club 4. HIRAM RAY DERRICK “I am myself my own commander ” ARTHUR CHARLES ELLISON “Little angel, little devil.” Band 4. fifty-four . . seniors MARION EUBANKS “What a fine fellotv is he.” Student Council 2; Band 2, 3. 4; Track 3; FFA 1, 2, 3, Sec. 4. CELESTINE EUSTIS “It's my life—I live it, and love it.” Quill and Scroll 4, Vice-Pres. 4; lli-Timcs 3, Cir. Mgr. 4; Honors at Aiken Day School, Aiken, S. C. ED CORTEZ RAY DERRICK PAUL CUDE CHARLES ELLISON DON DA ME WOOD MARION EUBANKS CAROLE DANCE TINA EUSTIS SeventeenBILL FARMER JO GIBBS FAY FERGUSON FAT GILMER VIVIAN FOX TEI) COMILLION WAYNE FREED FATSY GREGORY WILLIAM ARTHUR FARMER “Not deceived but fondly overcome by female charm.” Basketball 3, 4, Co-Capt. 3, 4; II. R. Pres. 3; H. R. Vice-Pres. 4; Block “A” Club 3, 4. VIRGINIA FAY FERGUSON “Wise to resolve and patient to perform.” VIVIAN JEANETTE FOX A winning smile has a winning way” JHA 2; Honors at Ninety Six High, Ninety Six, S. C. WALTER WAYNE FREED “The surest way not to fail is to determine to succeed.” Mental Contestant 3; Sr. Class Sec.; Student Council 3; Football 3, 4; Block “A” Club 3, 4; Council Rep. 4; H. R. Pres. 3; Honors at DuPont High, Old Hickory, Tenn. MARY ARNOLD GARVIN “She’d rather talk with a man than an angel any day.” National Honor Society 3, 4. Pres. 4; Cheerleader 4; Hornet 3, 4, Class Ed. 4; Superlative; Basketball 1, 2. 3; Block “A” Club 2. 3, 4; Sr. Play; Planning Comm., Sec. EighteenARNOLD GARVIN HAPPY GRICE JOHANNA VIRGINIA GIBBS Laugh and the world laughs with you; weep and you weep alone. Basketball I. 2, 3, 4, Capt. 4; Block A Club 2. 3. 4, Sec.-Trcas. 4; Hoknkt 4; Band 1. 2. 3, 4, Treas. 4; Student Council 3. 4; Superlative; DAR Award; Orientation Comm. PATRICIA ANN GILMER A cheerful heart, a cheerful smile, and charm of friendship all the while. Hoknkt 4; II. R. Sec. 3; Chorus 2; Honors at Chapel Hill Hiub, Chapel Hill, N. C. TED BRANWELL COMILLION “He has done the work of a true man— Crown him, honor him, love him. Student Body Pres.; Student Council 2; Quill and Scroll 3, 4; Hi-Times 3, 4; Baud 1. 2, 3. 4; Chorus 2. 3, 4; Jr. Play; Sr. Play; Superlative; Boys’ State 3. PATSY LOUISE GREGORY “She has touched the height of human happiness National Honor Society 3, 4; Quill and Scroll 3, 4; Ili-Times 3, 4. Asst. Business Mur. 4; Basketball 2. 3; May Attend. 1; Band 1, 2, 3; Majorette 2, 3; Chorus 2. johanna gibbs I). A. R. Award ELIZABETH ANN GRICE “A merry heart goes (M the day Student Council I; Hi-Times 1. 2, 3, 4; May Attend. 2; H. R. Pres. 2; H. R. Sec.-Treas. 3. BETTY LOUISE HALL “Her heart is tike a moon; there is alwmjs a man in it. Majorette 2, 3, 4; Student Council 3; Jr. Play; May Attend. 2; H. R. Sec. 2; Chorus. NANCY ANN HAMILTON “A pleasant girl with a pleasant way. Honors at Eli .ahcthtou Hiub. Elizabeth-ton, Tenn. HENRY LEON HAYES “No sinner nor saint perhaps, But-well the best of chaps. JO LENOR HALL “Well done is better than well said. Ill A 4; Library Club 4; Honors at Dreher High, Columbia, t C. THOMAS STEWART HILL “A confirmed yankee, will argue to death, Imt is a friend to all Student Council 4; Basketball 3, 4; Block A” Club 4; Jr. Play; Sr. Play; Superlative; French Club 4, Pres. 4; Chorus 4. . . . foremen HENRY WILLIAM HOLLEY, JR. “My happiness and my art is to live. Basketball 3, 4; Chorus 4. NANCY HAMILTON LEON HAYES TOMMY HILL BILLY HOLLEY NineteenJERRY HOLLYFIELD PAUL JOHNSON KAY JONES B. A. KELLY JERRY NORMAN HOLLYFIELD “Oh! That shu look!” Honors at Fairfield High, Birmingham, Ala. PAUL THOMAS JOHNSON “I’m sorta bashful, but just let me get started” Honors at East Hempstead High, East Hempstead, Pa. KAY FRANCES JONES “Charming, gay, frieiully Kay” Chorus 4; Honors at North Charleston High. North Charleston, S. C. BERN ACE AVERY KELLY, JR. “Why take life seriously—You II never get out alive” Honors at Natchez High, Natchez, Miss. hobby osbon King Teen foremen . . . RICHARD EARL LINDELL “Musick is the thing of the world that I love most” Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Band Mgr. 3, Student Conductor. 4; Track 2; Superlative; Chorus 2. 3. 4; Planning Comm.; H. R. Treas. 3; Dixie Rebels 2, 3. 4; All-State Band 4. MARY HELEN LYBRAND “Of all our parts, the eyes express the sweetest kind of bash fulness. THA 2. AQUILLA FRANKLEN McCATHERN “A father's pride— A mothers joy— A great big bouncing baby boy” FFA 2, 3. 4; Honors at Kingstree High, Kingstree, S. C. EDGAR CODY MOORE “My memory is the thing I forget with.” JEANETTE MOORE “The mildest manner and the kindest heart.” National Honor Society 4; Jr. Play; H. R. Pres. 3; Honors at Lenoir City High, Lenoir City, Tenn. LARRY PAUL MUHLBAUER “His heart is his own.” BARBARA FAY MUNDY “It's nice to be natural if you're naturally nice.” JHA 1; Library 4. AQUILLA McCATHERN FLOYD NORMAN Twenty1)ICK LI S PELL MARY LYBRAND FLOYD MILTON NORMAN. JR. “Better happy than wise” Baseball 1. 2, 3; Block “A” Club 2, 3, 4. ROBERT EDISON OSBON “If women interfere with work; quit work” National Honor Society 3, 4; Mental Contestant 2; Pres, of Sr. Class; Pres, of Jr. Class; Boys’ State 3; Student Council 2. 3; Hornet 2, 3, 4, Photo. Ed. 2, 3, 4; Jr. Play; Sr. Play; PlanninK Comm. PHILIP THOMAS OWENS “In everu run, great or small, Tis industry supports us all. Honors at Hatton Hi'kIi. Town Creek, Ala. VIRGINIA RUTH OWENS “Those eyes, affectionate and glad.” JHA 2, 3. fifty-four . . . seniors PATRICIA ANN PAGE “Small of stature, full of fun, Makes her loved by everyone” National Honor Society 3, 4, iTeas. 4; Ill-Times 2, 3, 4; Quill and Scroll 3, 4; JHA I, 2, 3; H. R. Sec. 2. JED MOORE b°BBY OSBON JEANETTE MOORE PHILIP OWENS LARRY MUHLBAUER RUTH OWENS BARBARA MUNDY PATSY PAGE T wenty-oneTERRY PALMER SHELTON RANDALL CLAUDETTE PLOTT HENRY RANKIN JUNIOR POITEVINT OLEEN REDD J A M ES QUATTLEBAU M BETTY REVIS LOREN TERRY PALMER II “He started to sing as he tackled the thing which couldnt he done and he did it” Ed. of Hornet 4; National Honor Society 4; Quill and Scroll 4; Dixie Rebels 3, 4; Sr. Play; H. H. Vice-Pres. 3. 4; Planning Conun.; Honors at Southwest High, Kansas City, Mo. fifty-four seniors . . . CLAUDETTE MARLENE PLOTT “A sweet disposition is the very sotd of success” Hi-Timcs 4; Chorus 4; Spanish Club 4; Honors at Stark High, Orange, Texas. SLATE POITEVINT. JR. “I believe in work hut Vm not in favor of it.” Basketball 2. 3, 4. Co-Capt. 3; Baseball 3. 4; Football Mgr. 4; Block A” Club 3, 4. Pres. 4. JAMES CLEVELAND QUATTLEBAUM “Modesty becomes a young man” Student Council Vice-Pres. 3; National Honor Society 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 4; Track 2, 3; Block “A” Club 2, 3, 4; Chorus 3, 4. CHRISTINE RICHARDSON JUDY RIEFSTAIIL Twenty-twoBARBARA ANN RABORN “Be there a will and wisdom finds a wau. National Honor Society 3, 4; Student Council 3; JHA 2. DAVID SHELTON RANDALL “Modest and shy, hut me, oh, my!” FFA 4. MARION HENRY RANKIN, JR. “A cheerful disposition is a friend of ready capital .” TALLIE OLEEN REDD “She is little, she is wise She’s a great girl for her size.” II. R. Sec.-Treas. 2; Speech Club 4. BETTY J. RE VIS “And one should give a gleam of happiness whenever it is possible. ’ JHA 2: Honors at Saluda High. Saluda. X. C. HERBERT MARTIN RICHARDSON “lie has the ability to do things.” FFA 1. 2. 3, 4. MARY CHRISTINE RICHARDSON “Faithful she is to each task; small, competent, steady, a friend to all ” JHA 2. 3. 4. BARBARA RABORN HERBERT RICHARDSON JUDITH ANN RIEFSTAHL “If love and music exist, let me live on” Ili-Timcs 3. 4. Business Mur. 4; National Honor Society 4; Band 2. 3, 4. Vice-Pres. 4; Jr. Play; Sr. Play; Quill and Scroll 4, Treas. 4; Pine Needles” 2; Chorus 2; French Club 4; Speech Club 4; Honors at Coley High, Detroit, Mich. ROGER WILLIAM RODDA “Never trouble trouble until trouble troubles you.” Student Council 3. . . . foremen terry palmer ronnie royal Editors of Hornet and Hi-Times KENNETH ALDEN ROGERS “Every man is a volume if you know how to read him.” Vice-Pres. Sr. Class; Superlative; II. R. Pres. 3. Treas. 4. JAMES CLEOPIIUS ROWE “He who shows courtesy reaps friendship.” Honors at Winterboro High, Taladega, Ala. LEE ANNETTE ROWLAND “For she was the quiet kind whose natures were admired.” H. R. Treas. 3; Honors at Columbia High, Richland, Wash. ROGER RODDA KENNETH ROGERS CLEOPHUS ROWE LEE ROWLAND Twetity-threeRONNIE ROYAL JANE RYON DOT SANDERS MARY ELIZABETH SCOTT RONALD DAVID ROYAL “Take my advice don't let your studies interfere with your social affairs.” Hi-Time 3, 4, Ed. 4; Quill and Scroll 3, I. Firs. I; National Honor Society 4; Student Council 3; Basketball 3; Planning Comm., Chr.; Mental Contestant 3. JANE HENRY RYON “For men may come and men may go, but I go on forever .” Hi-Timcs 3. 4, Asst. Ed. 4; Band 3. 4, Sec. 4; Quill and Scroll 3, 4; French Club 3, 4; H. R. Sec. 3; All-State Band 4. DOROTHY LOIS SANDERS Good things come in small packages.” Cheerleader 3, 4, Head Cheerleader 4; Student Council 3; Jr. Play; Block “A” Club -3, 4; Hi-Time 4; Sec. of Sr. Class; Superlative; Chorus 3, 4; Orientation Comm. mary elizabeth scott Miss Hi-Miss, May Queen foremen . . . MARY ELIZABETH SCOTT “There's no cosmetic for beauty like happiness .” May Queen; Miss Hi-Miss; National Honor Society 3. 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Block “A” Club 1, 2, 3. 4; Cheerleader 2. 3. 4; Sr. Play; Fresh. Class Sponsor; Jr. Class Sponsor; Mental Contestant. SHIRLEY SMITH CARROLL SPERRY TOM ESTLE SHELTON ‘7 take life as it comes and enjoy it” Block A” Club 2, 3, 4; Track 4; Basketball 2. 3; Baseball 2, 3, 4; H. R. Vice-Pres. 3. JERRY EARL SIDES O why must life all labor be?” SHIRLEY ANN SMITH “Here is a girl with a friend-loving heart.” Superlative; Block A” Club 3, 4; Basket-bail Mgr. 3; Speech Club 3, 4; Hi-Timcs 4; Honors at Camden High. Camden, Tenn. BRUCE STONEWALL SNIPES “What a cute baby he must have been.” Football 3; FFA 3, 4. LUCIA OLIVIA SNIPES “All is safe, she blushes.” JHA 2. 3. MILDRED LORENE SNIPES “The mildest manners; the gentlest heart.” JHA 1, 2; 11. R. Pres. 2; National Honor Society 4. LOUIS EDWARD SNYDER, JR. “A man is as old as he's feeling, A woman as old as she looks, How old are uou?” Hi-Timcs 4; Spanish Club 3; Honors at Excelsior Springs High, Excelsior Springs, Mo. Twenty-fourTOM SHELTON JERKY SIDES CARROLL HORTON SPERRY 7 can resist everything except temptation” Quill and Scroll 3, 4, See. 4; Mental Contestant 3; “Pine Needles” 2; Jr. Piny; f i-Times 3; Chorus 2; Hornet 4; Sr. Play; Student Council 2. MARY ANN SPRAWLS “The heart to conceive, the understanding to direct, and the hand to execute” Hornet 3. Asst. Ed. 4; Band 1, 2. 3, 4. Librarian 4; “Pine Needles” 1; Superlative; Chorus 2; H. R. Pres. 3, Sec.-Treas 4. MARQUETTE STONEKING “As full of spirit as the month of May.n Honors at Nash High, Nash, Texas. fifty-four . . . seniors MARGEL ANNETTE SULLIVAN A happy wit and an independent spirit Chorus 4; Honors at Hickory High, Hickory, N. C. JOANNE ELIZABETH SUMMER “A peace above all earthly dignities. A still and (piict conscience” Honors at Granitevillc High, Graniteville. S. C. BRUCE SNIPES OLIVIA SNIPES MILDRED SNIPES LOUIS SNYDER MARY ANN SPRAWLS MARQUETTE STONEKING MARGEL SULLIVAN JOANNE SUMMER Twenty-fiveDONALD WAYNE SUMNER “Sigh no more, ladies, sigh no more; am here .” Sr. Play; Superlative; Honors at Jones Valley High, Birmingham, Ala. DAVID STUART TARBOX “To hurry and worry is not my creed; Things will happen, so what’s the need.” Honors at Mauldin High, Greenville, S. C. HAROLD WAYNE THOMPSON, JR. “So much is a man worth as he esteems himself.” Basketball 4; Chorus 4; Honors at Bangor High, Bangor, Me. JUNE ROWENA TROLLINC £R “Here’s a smile for those who love me, and a tear for those who hate »• me. Hornet 4, Bus. Mgr. 4; Majorette 4: lli-Times 3; Superlative; Jr. Play Student Dir.; Spanish Club 3; H. R. Vice-Pres. 4. DORIS GENE TWITTY “Let come what may, I will do my best.” JHA 4, Pres. 4; Honors at Loris High, Loris, S. C. fifty-four seniors . . . HAROLD WILLIS Twenty-six I DORIS TWITTY PATSY WILLIAMSON BETTYJOAN WEAVER Gay, mischievous, and laughing all the while; one ever remembers her Jr. Play; Sr. Play; Honors at Wilson Memorial High, Fishervillc, Va. JIMMIE RUTH WESSINGER “Not too somber, not to gay, But a good friend in every way. ANNIE LAURA WHITTLE “A certain dignity of manners . . . J11A 1, 4; Chorus 1; H. R. Vice-Pres. 2. DON LEROY WILLIAMS “A handful of common sense is worth a bushel of learning. Football 3; Track 2, 3; Superlative; Honors at Leon High, Tallahassee, Fla. PATSY ELLEN WILLIAMSON “Her value is her worth, not her • 99 size. Chorus -I; Honors at Orangeburg High, Orangeburg, S. C. dot sanders Head Cheerleader, Maid of Honor HAROLD RAY WILLIS “Silence is the mirror of the soul; as a man speaks, so is he. FFA 1, 4. PEGGY JANE WINGFIELD “The red-gold cataract of her hair. National Honor Society 4; Sr. Play; lli-Times 4; Speech Club 4; Honors at East Bank High, East Bank, W. Y’a. MAXINE LOUISE WRIGHT “Not too serious, not too gay. ROBERT EDWARD WRIGHT Time is but the stream I go a-fishin in FFA 1. 4. LADSON WRIGHT In quietness and confidence shall be your strength. Honors at Richmond Academy, Augusta, Ga. . . . foremen ALFRED LESTER DRUM Difficulties are things that show what men are ROBERT PRICE ELLIOTT “A merry heart doeth good like medicine. Student Council 3; Jr. Play; Speech Club 3, Pres. 3; Pres, of II. R. 3; Honors at Soddy-Daisy High, Soddy, Tenn. MAXINE WRIGHT LADSON WRIGHT ROBERT WRIGHT ALFRED DRUM T wenty-sevensub-foremen |umors SLADE, RACKLEY, WILSON, BAIRD class officers LAIRD SLADE GEORGE WILSON JANICE RAIRl) FAYE RACKLEY president dcc-presidcnt secretary treasurer Twenty-eightsub-foremen juniors JERRY ADAMS BETTY JEAN ALDRIDGE JANICE BAIRD BARBARA BAKER JANET BAKER BARBARA BLAIR WILLARD BOND DUNBAR BOYD DANNY BRADLEY CHARLES BURCH SALLY BUSBEE SARA BUTLER BILLY CARSWELL JACK CARTER FRED CAVANAUGH DONALD CHANDLER SHIRLEY CHAPMAN MAX COLEMAN MIKE COLLINS JOHN CONWAY EUGENE COOK GI E NN COURTNEY LARRY COURTNEY O'NEIL COURTNEY Twenty-ninejuniors sub-foremen DONNA CRADDOCK J. L. DAVIS MARY DAY FREDA DORMAN PATSY DUKE CARROLL DYCHES BARBARA ECKEL SANDRA EDWARDS CECIL ETHERREDGE EDWARD EUBANKS MARY FOLEY JOHN FORRESTER HARRY FOSTER JEAN FRANK TOM FREIDAY JAMES FULMER CAROLYN GOODWIN MARGIE GORDON JAMES GREEN GEORGE GREGORY DALE HAGEN EMILIE HALL KAREN ll tNSEN TERRY HARDEN Thirtysub-foremen juniors PEGGY HARRIS MARTHA ANN HARRISON FREDDIE HEATH SHEILA HEY GARY HELMS MARGIE HENDRIX TOMMY HEYWARD PEGGY HOLLEY PEGGY HOLLYFIELD MY JAMES JOHNSON DENT JOHNSON L. W. JOHNSON JAMES JONES EDWARD KEEL KAY KENNEDY EARL KEY JESSIE LEA KEY HAROLD KNEECE MARY KNOPH S A RITA LaCAZE ION LACKED RICHARD LANGDON JOYCE LeGRANDE Thirty-onejuniors sub-foremen JEANNETTE LINDSEY LAMAR LOTT EDWARD LYBRAND GENE MAHAN LOUISE MALLETTE FRED MAXWELL ROBERT M FARLAND ANNE McGHEE YVONNE McTAGGART JAMES METTS SHARI JO MELKEREIT JOYCE MOSELEY PATTY MOSELEY CHARTER MUCKENFUSS BOBBY JEAN MURPHY DAVID NEW BEVERLY NEWM W HELEN OWENS JOELLEN OWENS SANDY PARDEE JON PATTIS RAMONA PIERCE DEWEY PLUNKETT JOHN POPE Thirty-twosub-foremen juniors ANITA PRINCE GARY PROFFITT NANCY PUTMAN FAYE RACKLEY DALE RAY DONALD REDD JENNY REDD LOUISE REVIS BETTY LOUISE RICHARDSON BETTY LYNELL RICHARDSON GERTRUDE RIDGELL NELLEE ROBERTS TOM ROBERTSON WALTER ROGERS AUSTIN ROLLINS MARIE ROLLINS CHESTER ROSE ELIZABETH RUSH MARTHA ANN RUSIITON DRAYTON SANDERS JACK SCOCIN ROSE MARY SEIGLER MARIE SHELTON GERALD SHUFORD Thirty-threejuniors..................sub foremen VV. R. SHU FORD GAYLE SIMPSON LAIRD SLADE SYLVIA SLAYTON ANN SMITH CHARLES SMITH JOE SMITH ROSE SMITH ANNETTA SPRUELL HELEN STEWART LEWIS SULLIVAN GAIL SWANNER TOMMY THOMAS JOE THOMPSON JOHN TODD ANNE TREADAWAY JERRY TUTEN SANDRA VANDIVER LANNIE VARNEY HELEN VOGT SANDY VOIGT PETE WALLACE JANICE WARLICK MAX WARLICK Thirty-foursub-foremen juniors RONALD WEEKLEY PERRIN WELLS DONALD WHEELER SYDNEY WHITE M RVI W ILLI MS MARY WILLIAMS PEARL WILLIAMS DON WILLIAMSON ALICE WILLING I .USE WILLING GEORGE WILSON JEAN WOMACK BETTY JEAN WOOD JOAN WOOD BARBARA WRIGHT JANE YORK JEANETTE YOUNG Thirty-fivesophomores............craftsmen Top How: PATRICIA ABEL, LES AHRENS, JACK ALLEN, GLADYS ANDERSON, DAN ARTHUR, BETTY BANE, JOYCE BARBER, ROGER BARNES. Second Row: BILL BECKMAN, KAY BEERS, BETTYE BENTLEY, ROSALEE BERGER, JAMES BINNI-CKER, DIANE BLAKE, ROBERT BLAKE, ALLEN BOLAND. Third How: EDNA BOSLER, HOWARD BOYD, JOYCE BRADLEY, KENNETH BRAGG, LEE BRETT. JACKIE BROWN, TOMMY MAE BRUCE, ELEANOR BUFORD. Fourth How: HELEN BUSCH, BILL CARROLL, MARGARET CATE, RUSSELL CEJDA, DALE CHANCE. DEE CHANDLER, JOAN CHASSEREAU, CHARLES CHAPETON. Fifth Row: ZELN1A CHRISAWN, JIMMY CLARK, YVONNE CLARK, DELORISE COOK, INEZ COOK, SISSY COTHRAN, JUDY COTTER, BO COWARD. Thirty-sixcraftsmen sophomores Top How: DAVID CROUCH, SARA CROWE, VIRCINA CUMBEE, CLYDE DAVIS, PHILLIP DILTZ, JACK DORN, BEVERLY DRIVER. MARTHA DRUM. Second How: DON ELLIOTT, CAROLE EVANS, THOMAS FOCLE, DOUGLAS FOSTER, RONALD FOSTER. EVELYN FROST, JAMES FUCHS, STEVE FULLER. Third How: GAYE GALLOWAY. FRED GENTRY, TOMMY GIBBS, BILL GILLUM. SYLVIA GLASS, ELAINE GODSHALL, ANNA GOING, LEWIS GOODWIN. Fourth How: WILBURN GRAVES, BILLIE GREEN, ALFRED GUNTER. MARTHA GYLES, WAYNE HACKEL, CARL HAHN, EVELYN HALL, MARY HALL. Fifth How: BILLY HAMILTON, DONALD HAMMONDS, ALLEN HARDEN, RAYMOND HARRIS, SHIRLEY HATCHER, JIMMY HATFIELD, ALVIN HAWKINS, JIMMY HAYNES. Thirtu-scvcnsophomores.............craftsmen Top Row: NORMAN HENDERSON, PHYLLIS HENDERSON, TONY HENSON, CLIFF HERRICK, FRANCES HERRIN, SALLIE HERRMANN, JUDY HIGGINS, SARAH HOLDEN. Second Row: JANET HOLLEY, LONNIE HOPEWELL, LINDA HOWARD, RILL HUGHES, PAT JOHNSON, VERA JOHNSON, ALLEN JONES, BEVERLY JONES. Third Row: JERRY KAPLAN, GLORIA KESTERSON, BETTY KEY, DANIEL KEY, DIXON KILBOURNE, GLADYS LAMB, JOD LANNING, LARRY LARSEN. Fourth Row: MARY LASK, BETTY JOYCE LEDFORD, PIERCE LILES, RUTH LINDELL, LEONARD LUTHER, ED MALLARD, SUE MARKLAND, LINDA MARTIN. Fifth Row: JOE MAXWELL, HARRIETT McCARTY, BOMAR McCOMBS, JUDY McCORMACK, HERNDON McELMURRAY, PATSY Me GEE, JEANNE McGBFE, ROSANN McNAIR.craftsmen.............sophomores Top How: SYBIL McNEIL, WALTER McTEER, LUCIE MEGARO, ANITA MELCOLM. BILL MICHELS, JIMMY MILLER, BILLY MOLONY, KATHY MONK. Second Row: IRIS MORRIS, LEE MORRISON, JACK MORTON, TOM MOSELEY, TOMMY MUHLBAUER, MELBA MUNDY, STUART MURPHY, R. E. MUSSLEWHITE. Third Row: JANIE NEW, JIMMY OSBON, JIMMY OVERBECK, IRMA LEE PARKER, EMILY PARKER, JOANNA PATTIS, JIMMY PAYNE, DAVID PENIX. Fourth Row: LORETTA PLOTT, RANDY PORIER, MARY POWELL, HAROLD PRICE, WILLIE PRINCE, BOBBY RATLIFF, RONNY RATHER. MARCIA RECTOR. Fifth Row: BOBBIE REID, ANNIE RICHARDSON, JUANITA RICHARDSON, JUDY RICKS, JOHN ROBERTS, SARAH RODGERS. PAUL ROE. JOYCE ROLLINS. Thirty-ninesophomores.............craftsmen Ton Row: CHARLES ROYSTEN, VIRGINIA SADLER. JOHN SAMPLES, FRANK SAMPSON, ROBERT SANDERS, SYLVIA SANCO, HERMAN SCHOCHLER, HARRY SCHULTZ. Second Row: ANN SCHWERTFEGER, DAN SEIGLER, ROLAND SEIGLER, SANDRA SHANKER, JAMES SHUFORD, PENNY SINCLAIR, RHODA SINGER, MILDRED SIZEMORE. Third Row: DONNA SMITH, DONALD SMITH, LINDA SMITH, MARCIA SMITH, MARY ANN SNIPES, SHIRLEY SNIPES, ROBERT SOLESBEE, JIM SPEED. Fourth Row: GENE STAPLES, CARL STEAKLEY, JOE STEPHEN, TOMMY STIEFEL, CLEBURN STOKES, HARRY STUBBLEFIELD, ANN SUMMERS, BETTY TAFT. Fifth Row: CHARLES TANKERSLEY, LEON TAYLOR, ELAINE THOMPSON, FAYE THOMPSON, FOLEY THORNTON, IIERMEINE TOVEY, JERRY TROLLINGER, FAYE TURNER. Fortycraftsmen.............sophomores Top Row: PEGGIE TYLER. RONNIE UPTON. JOYCE VanKEUREN, PHILLIS WAGNER, DON WALDRON. BARBARA WALKER, CARROLL WALTER, CLAYTON WALTER. Second Row: LARRY WARLICK, MARY ANN WARREN, SALLIE WEBER, ROSALYN WEICLE, KENNETH WHEELER, BRUCE WILLIAMS, FAYE WILLIAMS, RANDY WILLIAMS. Third Row: MARY JANE WILLIS, SUE WILLIS. MARJORIE WINEY, JOHNNY WINGFIELD. JAMES WITHROW, ERNEST WOODWARD, FRANCES WOODWARD, RUTH WORLEY. Fourth Row: BROOKIE WYMAN, BILL YARBOROUGH, BETTY YONCE, O’NEAL YOUNG, MILDRED YOUNG. Forty-onefreshmen laborers HERSCHEL ALDRIDGE GLENDA l.i: WDER DAVID ARNOLD CONNIE ASHLEY SONJA ASKEW JAMES BABB BILL BAKER PENN? BAKER TEDDY BARRETT BARBARA BARNES TOM BARTON SARA BAUGHMAN JIMMY BELL LYNN BIGGS AMY BLANTON JO ANN BOLAND ALETHA BOND DANIEL BOONE TOMMY BOONE HARRY BOWER EDNA BOYD EDWARD BROWDER BOBBY BB )WN JERRY BR NSON ERIN BRYnNT MARY BURCH JIMMY BURRELL RICKEY BURKHALTER ELLIS BUSBEE TOMMY BUSH GENE BUSSELL PATSY CARTER EDDIE CAUDLE GERALDINE CAUTHEN MARY ANN CIIANLER PATSY CHAPETON JANE CHRISTINE DICKY CLIFFORD JERRY COKER BONNIE COLE BUDDY COLEMAN DAVID CORN LOUISE COULSON PAUL CROWNOVER BEN GUNNINGII M Forty-twolaborers freshmen TOMMY DANCE SANDRA DAVIS BILLY DAY DEMPSLEY DAY DORIS DAY DELOREASE DERRISO KENNETH DRUM BARBARA DUKES SHELVIE DURDEN JEAN EDENFIELD JUDY EDENFIELD CECIL EDWARDS DONNIE ELLISON ARTHUR EMRICH MARY EVANS ANN LYNN FAN NON JANE FERGUSON GENELLE FLOWERS LORENE FOX ELIZABETH FRANKLIN EVERETT FRANKLIN MYRTLE FRANKLIN ELLEN FREDERICKSON OLIVER FREEMAN JAMES GALLIHUCII DOUGLAS GARVIN EDWARD GEORGE ANN GIBONEY JOHNNY COSHORN JULIA ANN GOSS JEAN GREENE KAl GREENE ION GRIFFIN I ALANE GRIFFITH SHIRLEY GRIGGS BARBARA HALL JOANNE HALL THOMAS HAHN ALICE HARRIS SANDRA KAY HARRIS EDWARD HAWKINS LARRY HAYES HARRY HEATH GENE HENDRIX JAMES HICKS Forty-threefreshmen laborers ROXIE HICKS SARA HILL BUDDY HOLLEY JACKIE HOLSENBACK CAROL HOWINCTON PEGGY HUGHES WENDELL HUNT HAROLD HUTTO NE L IRVIN DRUCILLA JACKSON BOB JOHNSON DICK JOHNSON BARBARA JONES CHARLES JONES LYNNA MAE JONES FREDDY KAUFMAN MARY KELLY MILDRED KELLY TOMMY KELLY TOM KENNEDY JACKIE KESTERSON JOHN KEY WESLEY KEY ELLEN KNIGHT TOMMY LANGDALE KENNETH LEDFORD BOBBY LEE GARY LEGATE LINDA LOTT DORIS LOWE JAMES LOWE DONNA LUCAS PATRICIA LYBRAND BRIDGET MARTIN JAMES MARVIN ALAN MASON JOHN MASSEY BETTY MATHIS JIMMY MAYENSCHEIN ADA McCATHERN warren McFarland ANNIE LAURA McTAGGART CAREY McTAGGART CAMILLE MEGARO ANNE MeSHAW Forty-fourlaborers freshmen DEE MILAM JANE MILLER ELOUISE MO k JOHNNY MOLONY JUNE MONTGOMERY WILLIAM MONTJOY CLYDE MORRIS ANITA MORTON ROBERT MOSRIE WESLEY MUCKENFUSS WESLEY MURPII JAMES NEW RONNIE NEW MERRIT NIMMONS TOMMY OLIVER JAMES OWENS CURTIS PACE BILL PARRISH DALE PAYTON BETTY LOU POWELL JIM PURCELL J. R. QUICK ROSEMARY RAM TH ETTA RAMEY CARROLL RAY CARY RAY SUSAN REGISTER MIKE RICHEY CHARLES RICKS NOOKIE RIFKIN WENDY RIVEN BARK MARY LOU ROBERTSON WILLIAM RODGERS FRANK ROE TOMMY RODGERS CAROL SAMPSON BARBARA SCOGIN CECILE SEICLER CLELA MAE SHUFORD PANATHEASHUFORD SUSAN SIMPSON LUCY SLOAN BARBARA SMITH J ANNETTE SMITH Forty-fivefreshmen laborers JEAN SMITH JUDY SMITH OTIS SMITH ROXIE SMITH SANDRA SMITH BERNIK SNIPES LINDA S I PLKTON DAVID STEWART WAYNE STERTS JIMMY ST. JOHN TED STRINGFIELD MARGARET THOMAS DICK THOMPSON FAYE THORNTON JACKIE TILL PATRA TINSLEY RILL TOWNSEND MARY SUE TRUCKS JUDY TURNER BILL TYSON DIANNE VANDER VOORT VIRGINIA VENNING JIMMY VOYLES KENNETH WAGNER DUDLEY WARDER BERNARD WATKINS TOMMY WATSON SARA ALICE WEATHERFORD ODELL WEEKS JOSIE WELLS ROBERT WHITE CAROLYN WHITTLE BARRY WHITLOCK LARRY WIDENER SHELBY JEAN WIDENER BOBBY WILKINS MARTHA WILLIAMS JUDY WILLI NCI I W1 BOBBY WILSON DEWAYNE WILSON LINDA WILSON DAVID WOOD GENE WOODWARD DICKIE WORKMAN ROBERT YOUNG Forty-sixAfter the foundation is poured, the framework erected and firmly rivited in place, the masons move in and begin the work of constructing the walls, strong, yet attractive as they are visible to all. This second book presents a parallel portion of school life, that of . . . sports Forty-sevenThough they donned white jerseys, the traditional green seems better to describe the lot of the 1953 Hornet football team. Yes, green’s the word, for it seemed as if inexperience and fate were working against the Aiken team, made up almost entirely of Junior s. Sophomores, and Freshmen. Just four upper classmen played the varsity. Seniors Vernon Parker —tackle, James Ilall—offensive and defensive end, Farnham Caney—center, and Jerry Anderson—guard, served the Aiken fans well. football ANDERSON PARKER Co-Captains A TEAM-Knee fng: Wayne Freed, James Fulmer, Ronnie Upton, Coach Neel, James Hall, Vernon Parker, Jerry Anderson, John Don Williamson, Benny Knight. Second Row: Richard Langdon, Junior Poitevint, and Jon Pattis, Managers; Benny Ross, George Wilson, Ernest Woodward, Eustis Jimmy Osbon, Lannie Varney, Fred Maxwell, Billy Molony, Doug Galloway.NEEL BRISSEY Coaches Todd, James Green, Cliff Herrick, Billy Carswell, Williams, Foley Thornton, Farnham Caney. A record of one win in eleven attempts is certainly not one to brag about, but there is a brighter side; valuable experience was gained by both the coaches and the players, and Aiken can look forward to brighter seasons in the future. The entire Hornet backfield will return for another try next year in the persons of Junior George Wilson and Sophomore Jimmy Osborn, both experienced ball handlers, working from the quarterback post. Scat-backs James Fulmer, who won the Most Valuable Player Award for 1953, Don Williamson, and Ronnie Upton will return with greater confidence under their belts. Most of the 53 line, which held men much larger than themselves in every contest, will again take the field for Aiken in ’54; great things will be expected of guards James Green and Cliff Herrick, ends Ernest Woodward, Fred Maxwell, and Billy Carswell, and tackles Foley Thornton and Eustis Williams.B TEAM—Kneeling: Bobby Wilson, Herndon McElmurray, Don Wheeler, Tom Robertson, Neal Inin, Tommy Heyward, Tom Freiday. Ken Wagner, Allen Smith, John Wingfield. Second Row: Don Elliott, Wesley Murph, Jimmy Payne, Johnny Molony, Dickie Workman, Bryan Murphy, Jim Purcell, Wesley Key, Harold Price, Tommy Mnhlbauer. Rack Row: Tom Langdale, Pierce Liles, Merle Davis, Allen Cathey, Jimmy Clark, Gilbert Paysinger, Ken Wheeler, Gary Helms, Coach Bill Brissey. JERRY ANDERSON—Playing his first year for Aiken High, “Curly” was a definite asset to this year’s eleven as a result of his hard blocking and jarring tackling. For his outstanding play he received the Best Blocker Award for 1953. FARNHAM CANEY—Hard-c h a r g i n g but steady at the center slot, Famham could be depended on to pull through in the clutches. JAMES HALL—James, playing both offensive and defensive, showed lots of hustle and good all-round performance at the end position. VERNON PARKER—Vernon took every advantage of his weight and size and was a stout man at tackle who could always be counted on for a key block. JUNIOR POITEVINT, RICHARD LANGDON, JON PATTIS, Managers JERRY ANDERSON VERNON PARKER i '■! Aiken rolls off yardage around end against Eau Claire. Eau C lair e capitalizes on a Aiken fumble on the Aiken 32-yard line. Leading the cheers for the Hornets were-S t a n d i n g: Sissy Cothran, Arnold Garvin, Rose Mary Seigler, Head Cheerleader Dot Sanders, Mary Elizabeth Scott, Chartee Muckenfuss. Kneeling: Tommy Gibbs, Larry Courtney. Cotton Festival-second-half and Aiken takes the field against Granitecille. Captain Jerry Anderson extends the traditional pre-game handshake to opposing Williston.B T E A i—Kneeling: Willard Bond, Frank Sampson, Bill Tyson, Herndon McElmurray, Neil Irvin, Lewis Goodwin. Stan (I i n g: Dale Chance, Bill Gillum, John Roberts, Lannie Vamey, Bill Moloney, Tommy Gibbs. Fifty-two XV c 46 41 35 49 52 47 39 58 40 66 62 59 61 75 57 49 62 53 64 53 53 52 Bamberg Dreher .... Bamberg Newberry Richmond Acad. Richmond Acad. Brookland-Cavce Batesburg-Leesville St. Angela Graniteville X. Augusta Batesburg-Leesville Graniteville Carlisle M. A. X. Augusta Carlisle M. A. Barnwell Catholic High L-B-C .... Barnwell Dreher .... Brookland-Cayce . They 67 52 49 38 67 52 49 39 31 50 47 23 47 52 25 33 30 57 41 38 55 48A TEAM—Kneeling: Roddy Cathey, Donald Smith, Fred Maxwell, Bill Farmer, Junior Poitevint, Paul Cude, Pete Wallace, George Wilson. Standing: Jon Pattis, Manager; Ed Cortez, Bill Baker, Sam Christine, Jimmy Osbon, Billy Holley, Richard Langdon. basketball Fifty-three Aiken High students and local supporters, turning out in record crowds at the Aiken High gymnasium, witnessed many thrilling hoys' basketball games in '53 and '54. Though they dropped their first three games, the Hornet enthusiasm was revived in time for a better than average season. The squad elected its two driving forwards, lefty Junior Poitevint and Bill Farmer, captains. These two boys showed outstanding sportsmanship and fine play as they led the Hornets on the courts. Backing up Poitevint and Farmer at the forward positions were Billy Holley, Paul Cude, and Roddy Cathey, three very capable players. The center position was shared by two towering rebounders in the persons of Sam Christine and Jim Osbon. The guard posts were well taken care of by the alternating of five Hornet men. The ball-handling ability of Ed Cortez and Wayne Thompson, the sharpshooting of George Wilson and Pete Wallace, and the fine play of Fred Maxwell were invaluable to the team. The fact that Coach Neel had so many well-rounded players trying for starting berths accounted for a well-balanced first five and a strong bench. Co-Captains FARMER, POITEVINT. Coach NEELgirls' basketball At the beginning of basketball season last fall the Hornettes were found drilling on the hardwood in preseason scrimmages. They developed the skill and precision to carry them through a victorious season. Victory was the by-word for the Hornettes. With Miss Peggy Cantrell as coach, the girls' team definitely s h o w e d themselves worthy of the name they had created for themselves. Taking their place as first-string forwards were the high scoring trio Barbara Wright, Carroll Dyches, and Rose Mary Seigler. But not to be outranked were the capable guards Johanna Gibbs, Mary Elizabeth Scott, and Barbara Blair, who maintained the defense lineup. To back up the first team were a number of girls who also played hard to make the season a successful one. Nancy Appel. Beverly Driver, Pat Johnson, and Bobbie Reid were second string forwards; Karen Hansen, Phyllis Henderson, Barbara Eckel, Gail Swanner, and Libby Franklin served as guards. Co-Captains GIBBS. WRIGHT Coach CANTRELL Front How: Rose Mary Seigler, Mary Elizabeth Scott, Barbara Blair, Barbara Wright, Johanna Gibbs, Karen Hansen, Carroll Dyches. Second Flow: Gail Swanner, Mary Elizabeth Franklin, Patricia Johnson, Phyllis Henderson, Barbara Eekel, Beverly Jones, Beverly Driver, Bobbie Reid, Nancy Appel, Patsy McGee, Manager. Fifty-fourWe SCHEDULE The i 40 . . Bamberg . 31 39 . . Bamberg . 30 49 . . Newberry 18 . . Batesburg-Leesville . . 23 31 . . St. Angela 30 . . Graniteville . 25 39 . . Batesburg-Leesville . . 27 47 . . Graniteville 41 . . North Augusta . . . . 32 35 . . Barnwell 42 . . L-B-C Above: A Batesburg-Leesville guard attempt to stop a pass by Dyches, Above Right: Wright hooks in for two points Bight: Dyches dribbles toward the Aiken goal. Below Bight: Seigler drives in to score agains Graniteville.Kneeling: Don Wheeler, Junior Poitevint, Bill)’ Molony, Richard Langdon, Don Smith, George Wilson. Standing: Tommy Hill, Ed Cortez, Jimmy Osbon, Cliff Herrick, Dale Chance, Drayton Sanders, Coach Bill Brissey. SCHEDULE We 13 ... . 4 . . . . . . . L. B. C . . . L. B. C They . 1 1 12 ... . . 5 8 . . . . . 6 5 . . . . . 4 7 . . . . , . . . Bovs’ Catholic . . . . i .... 9 . . . . . . 5 16 . . . 3 ... . . 10 10 . . . 6 ... 0 10 . . . 6 ... 3 ... At the close of the 1953 baseball season, enthusiasm for baseball among Aiken High students was growing rapidly. With each game the crowds grew larger. The fine attendance is easily accounted for by the fine 12-3 record piled up by the Hornet team during their regular season. Because of this fine record, the most impressive in recent years, Aiken, recognized as one of the top baseball powers in South Carolina, competed in the state play-offs to lose only to a strong Honea Path nine in the lower state semi-finals. Keeping in mind the fact that only two of the team graduated last year, Aiken should field a team equally as fine as, or perhaps better than, in 1953. This year the squad will be coached by Mr. Brissey who is a very able coach, having a great deal of baseball experience behind him. Everyone is anticipating a fine season. If the team is given proper support, Aiken should be a very potent contender in the state double-A circles. 1953 baseball Fifty-six1953 golf BILLY MICHELS, GEORGE GREGORY, TOMMY HEYWARD, HAROLD KNEECE. Once again the outstanding Aiken High School Golf Team captured many laurels for the school. The 1953 team again won the State High School Golf Tournament on the Fort Jackson course in Columbia. They won seven out of eight matches and also placed second in the sixteenth annual Kiwanis Tournament. Teams from both North and South Carolina competed in this contest. Harold “Catfish” Kneece, Tommy Heyward, George Gregory, and Billy Michels, by their fine playing, are expected to do equally as well this year. Call it Mr. Smith . . . Is he out?? Heyward sinks a put: Kneece, Gregory and Michels look on. Fifty-sevenKneeling: Tom Shelton, Tom Freiday, W. K. Shuford, Don Williamson, Billy Moloney, Ernest Woodward. Standing: Jon Pattis, Manager; Foley Thornton, John Todd, Billy Carswell, Willard Bond, James Fulmer, Jim Beckman, Cliff Herrick, Larry Muhlbauer. and Coach Neel. Aiken has always Intel a very fine track team and this past year Aiken High won four places in the South Carolina “AA” High School Track Meet. Placing in the meet were James Fulmer, with first place in the shot put; Jint Beckman, with a tie for first place in the pole vault and also a tie for the South Carolina High School pole vault record; Ernest Woodward, with third place in the javelin toss; and Willard Bond, with fourth place in the pole vault contest. Rounding out Coach Neel's team last year were Bill Farmer, Billy Carswell, Billy Molonv, Tommy Muhlbauer, Tom Frieday, Don Williamson, Marion Eubanks, and Foley Thornton. This year Coach Neel is looking forward to an even better season as all lettermen are returning with much new material. Aiken High is again hoping to win the South Carolina High School “AA” Track Meet as they did several years ago. WILLARD BOND ERNEST WOODWARD JAMES FULMER JIM BECKMAN . . . 1953 Fifty-eight trackblock a” club The Block “A” Club of Aiken High is an organization composed of students who have earned a block letter for outstanding participation in sports. During the year the Block “A” Club sponsors concession stands at the football and baseball games. They use the proceeds from these projects to buy the awards for members of the various teams and sweaters for the varsity football team. Advised by Mr. Burnest Neel, head coach, the Block “A” Club does much toward the improvement of sports at Aiken High. ED CORTEZ, Sergeant-at-Arms; BILLY MOLONY, Treasurer; GEORGE WILSON, Vice-President; Coach NEEL, Coach CANTRELL, JUNIOR POITEVINT, President; JOHANNA GIBBS. Secretary. First Row: George Wilson, Gertrude Ridgell, Carroll Dyches, Barbara Wright, Cindy Courtney, Arnold Garvin, Shirley Smith, Mary Elizabeth Scott, Johanna Gibbs, Rose Maty Seigler, Drayton Sanders. Second Row: Pete Wallace, Willard Bond, Dale Chance, George Gregory, Fred Maxwell. Sissy Cothran, Chartce Muck-enfuss. Dot Sanders. Billy Molony, Don Wheeler, Vernon Parker, Marion Eubanks, Ernest Woodward. Third Row: James Fulmer, Don Williamson, Billy Carswell John Todd, Farnham Caney, Jim Beckman, James Greene, Benny Ross, Foley Thornton, Tommy Heyward, Cliff Herrick, Eustis Williams. Fourth Row: Jerry Anderson, Tom Shelton, Jimmy Osbon, Junior Poitevint, Ed Cortez, Paul Cude, Richard Langdon, Tommy Hill, Bill Farmer, Tommy Gibbs, Larry Courtney, Jon Pattis. Fifty-nineO.K. Boys, let’s have two lines over here in front of the camera . . . homecoming assembly . . . the big moment-queen is crowned . . . Queen Max . . . come on yall—yell!! . . . Sponsors Arnold, Patsy, I donna, Gaye, Anita, Max, Beverly . . . Those are cheerleaders??? • SixtyAfter the walls are up, a building, from its outside appearance, seems complete; but much work is yet to be done on the inside . . . little finishing touches that complete the structure. “Finishing touches,” perhaps not visible on the outside, that complete the student’s day are the school . . .student council GOMILLIOX The Student Council is composed of officers elected by the student body for one year and representatives elected each semester from the homerooms. The council represents the interests of the students in all school activities and is a democratic lawmaking body. Although the council’s main function is to formulate and enforce student regulations, this year it had the added responsibility of planning and supervising the moving of the entire student body to a new building. Under the leadership of President Ted Gomillion, the council performed this task with the competence characteristic of its normal school duties. SANDERS GOMILLION LANNING TED GOMILLION DRAYTON SANDERS JOE LANNING . president vice-president . . secretary Connie Ashley. Jim Beckman, Lvmi Biggs, Jackie Brown, Mike Burkett, Cynthia Gourtney, Mary Foley, Johanna Gibbs. James Greene. Kay Greene, George Gregory, Tommy Hill, Lonnie Hopewell, Dent Johnson, Jon Lackey, Emily Parker, Dale Payton, Claudette Plott, Gary Ray, Cecile Seigler, Rose Mary Seigler. Helen Stewart, Dick Thompson, Ed Mallard, Ken Wheeler, Jack Morton, Tom Moseley, Miss Hilton, Sponsor. Sixty-twocommittees orientation committee Standing: Jimmy Beckman, Ken Wheeler, Joe Lanning. Sitting: Johanna Gibbs, Anita Chandler, Mike Burkett, Chairman; Dot Sanders, Ceeile Seigler. The Planning and Orientation Committees were organized by Mr. Willis this year to help plan and supervise the move to the new school. Members of the Planning Committee thoroughly studied the new building before the move was made. They decided what new policies would have to be made and what old ones would no longer be needed. The committee advised the faculty and student council and helped solve many problems which came up during the move. The Orientation Committee took charge of helping every student become familiar with the new building. Each student was given a booklet published by the committee; this booklet contained data and maps of the new school. Both committees were made up entirely of students and worked without faculty supervision. Sixty-tliree planning committee Standing: Richard Lindell, George Wilson, Drayton Sanders, Bobby Osbon, Terry Palmer. Sitting: Wray Davis, Arnold Garvin, Ronnie Royal, Chairman; Cynthia Courtney, Laird Slade.Sitting: Barbara Rabom, Mary Elizabeth Scott, Jeanette Moore, Peggy Wingfield, Arnold Garvin, Anita Chandler, Patsy Gregory, Wray Davis. Standing: Terry Palmer, Ronnie Royal, James Quattlebaum, Jerry Anderson, Bobby Osbon. JAMES QUATTLEBAUM, Vice-President; ARNOLD GARVIN, President; PATSY PAGE, Secretary; WRAY DAVIS, Treasurer. The object of the Aiken High School Chapter of the National Honor Society is to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote worthy leadership, and to encourage the development of character in pupils of Aiken High. To be a candidate for election in this chapter, a student must maintain a “B” average throughout his school years, must have spent at least one year in Aiken High, and must be a member of either the Junior or the Senior class. In a formal, impressive ceremony the chosen members are inducted into the society. They repeat the pledge of membership and promise to keep the standards set by the society. Mrs. Margaret Bobo serves as sponsor of the chapter. national honor society Sixty-fourquill and scroll RONNIE ROYAL .....................president TINA EUSTIS ................vice-president CARROLL SPERRY .................... secretary JUDY RIEFSTAHL .....................treasurer SPERRY, ROYAL, RIEFSTAHL Quill and Scroll, the international honorary society for high school journalists, is an organization which encourages individual achievement in journalism. The local chapter, organized since 1949, is a member of the state and national organizations. Students ranking in the upper third of the Junior and Senior class and having shown outstanding endeavor in some phrase of journalistic work are chosen as members of the Quill and Scroll. Miss Mary Lou Barlow and Mrs. Margaret Bobo serve as faculty sponsors of the society. Jim Beckman, Dolli Blake, Anita Chandler, Wray Davis, Tina Eustis, Arnold Garvin, Ted Comillion, Patsy Gregory. Bobby Osbon, Patsy Page, Terry Palmer, Faye Rackley, Judy Riefstahl, Ronald Royal. Jane Ryon, Drayton Sanders. Laird Slade, Carroll Sperry , Mary Ann Sprawls, June Trollinger, Pete Wallace, Peggy Wingfield, Miss Barlow, Mrs. Bobo. Sixty-fiveSeated: Chandler, Palmer, Trollinger, Sprawls, Garvin. Standing: Osbon, Sanders, Slade. PALMER the hornet NEVER BEFORE LIKE ’54! With this thought in mind, we the annual staff set forth our objective—to publish an annual that was the best ever! TERRY PALMER editor MARY ANN SPRAWLS JUNE TROLLINGER LAIRD SLADE asst, business manager ARNOLD GARVIN ANITA CHANDLER BOBBY OSBON . photography editor DRAYTON SANDERS staff members Cynthia Courtney Pat Gilmer Carroll Sperry Johanna Gibbs Kay Kennedy Chartee Muckenfuss Sixty-sixI’- — Under the direction of our faculty advisor Miss Mary Lou Barlow, much time and energy were devoted to making this Hornet one of which we could he proud. We have treated it with loving care ever since it was just a mere thought. Many an hour was spent arranging pictures and typing copy. Many changes were made throughout the book—from the traditionally green The staff hard at work at the Palmers’. and white cover to the finale. Here is the result, a pictorial record of a year at Aiken High. For us it was an important year—a new school, a new yearbook. Seeing the finished book, we have had our reward, but an even greater reward for us will be its popularity with you. We hope that the 1954 Hornet will furnish you enjoyment now and in vears to come. STAFF MEMBERS Seated: Muckenfuss, Kennedy, Gilmer, Sperry. Standing: G i b l s, Courtney, Miss Barlow, Advisor. trolunger -Zo, 'lo I S I JlF' Sixty-sevenhi-times Hi-Timcs is the Aiken High School student newspaper. First published in 1925. it has striven to help students interested in future work and study of journalism. Valuable journalistic experience is gained through the gathering and writing of news, the selling of ads, and the general make-up of the paper. All Aiken High students are eligible to apply for positions on the staff. Hi-Times also furnishes important pub-licitx for student activities and endeavors to reflect and uphold the highest standards of the school through its editorial policy. Tins past year, under the firm hand of editor Ronnie Royal and the supervision of Mrs. Margaret Bobo, Hi-Times Iras done an excellent job in accomplishing these objectives. Its traditional conservatism was broken, at least in make- up, by a totally different arrangement of the front page, which, along with a number of fresh, humorous features, increased the interest of the paper considerably. The editorials were good and several members of the staff received recognition in the Story-of-the-Month contest sponsored by the Winthrop College Journalism Department. Hi-Times is a member of Quill and Scroll and the South Carolina Scholastic Press .Association. 'SlviWifiitteditorial stafi RONALD ROYAL JANE RYON WRAY DAMS FAYE RACKLEY fcwsroesa. JUDY RIEFSTAHL .. bmimem mrvnmsxr PATSY' GREGORY m-mtamt hrmmem mrmm Tt TINA EUST15 cimcwlkltum wwm gev PEGGY WINGFIELD DOLLI SLAKE ....................society editor PETE WALLACE ..........................editor MIKE COLLINS ....... assistant spent editor MRS. MARGARET BOBO . . ........... adr.isor staff REPORTERS: GU»ai4( lHte Pftottt Aiwi ttU'. Spww-«rfDL. AHfee WiJDirag:. Lrai Hansem Rwlwi Rliiiiu.. Jim® Oc. r1W;fe. He enfa Driroev. SylwJ McNeil Fate Pa ?e TmJ G e» «w ii 1I i o w,. Jim® Beefcatani.. Sfcfafe Struflv Lwcy SI Worn and Etet! SandeKK- TWISTS:: Twu Elisas. Jm9j RrefefcaM, Ownfe DtaKe Piiwv Page. Wrara DwiHv Lawk Siw-dies Gregory. P«jjg?y WinafeM. BUSCH, GIBBS, SPRAWLS, LINDELL RIEFSTAHL, GOMIL- LION, RYON, ROGERS, JOHNSON. officers DENT JOHNSON JUDY RIEFSTAHL JANE RYON JOHANNA GIBBS MARY ANN SPRAWLS ELLEN BUSCH . assistant librarian WALTER ROGERS RICHARD LINDELL members BARITONE SAXOPHONE Annetta Spruell CLARINETS Janet Baker Fred Gentry Jon Griffin Terry Harden Janet Holley I)ent Johnson Beverly Jones Patsy McGee Mary Powell Ronny Rather Judy Riefstahl Lucy Sloan Donna Smith Mary Jane Willis FLUTES Oliver Freeman Julia Ann Goss Nookic Rifkin Jane Ryon OBOE Laird Slade ALTO CLARINET Anna Going BASS CLARINET Freda Dorman ALTO SAXOPHONES Janice Baird Patsy Carter Johanna Gibbs Merrit Nimmons TENOR SAXOPHONES Ellen Busch Charles Ellison TRUMPETS Larry Courtney Virginia Cumbee Donnie Ellison Jimmy Hatfield Jerry Kaplan jimmy Miller Tom Moseley Charles Ricks John Samples Roland Scigier TROMBONES Ted Condition Jack Morton Walter Rogers FRENCH HORNS Bo Coward Buddy Holley SOUSA- PHONES lack Dorn Marion Eubanks John Pope BARITONE HORNS Cecil Etherredge Jon Lackey Iris Morris PERCUSSION Beverly Driver Tommy Kelly Richard Linden Sandra Shnnker Mary Ann Sprawls Marjorie Winey Seventymajorettes IBBBHIMBI nrr Standing: Patsy McGee, June Trollinger, Cynthia Courtney, Beverly Driver, Betty Hall, Jean Frank, Juanita Richardson. Kneeling: Judy McCormick, Dee Chandler. SLAUGHTER LINDELL The colorful half-time exhibitions and stirring music of the Aiken High School Rand form a large part of every student’s football game memories. Football season would hardly be complete without “Tiger Rag” and other fight’songs drifting out over the stands. The Marching Band, with its intricate formations in multicolored lights on a darkened field, is one of the best in the state. In addition to the school football games, the band this year played for the Clem-son-University of Georgia Freshman game. During the Christmas season, the Concert Band, under the direction of Mr. William T. Slaughter, presented a program of Yuletide music in the Christmas Cantata. In May the band presented its annual Spring Concert. This year the Aiken High Band sent two members, Jane Ryon and Richard Lindell, to play in the All-State band. The band participated and won honors in the sight-reading, concert, and marching contests at Williston, South Carolina. They went on to receive a “first” rating in the state contest at Rock Hill. Seventy-oneThe chorus, under the direction of Mr. William T. Slaughter, has become an outstanding organization in the school. The members are highly trained in sight-singing and the theory of music. They have a knowledge of the chromatic scales and of the major and minor keys. This foundation enables them to sing not only in the choral work at the school but also in the church and community. Among the many outstanding choral works presented this year were those in the Christmas cantata and the Spring Concert. Barbara Barnes Barbara Blair Diane Blake Billie Jo Blanton Aletha Bond Edna Bosler iackie Brown 'amham Caney Shirley Chapman !onn Chassereau nez Cook Louise Coulson Don Damewood Ann Fannon Gaye Galloway Sylvia Glass Elaine Godshall Margie Gordon James Green Carl Hahn Mary Hall Nancy Hamilton Karen HttUCD Gary Helms Thomas Hill Billy Holley Linda Sue Howard Carol Tepsen Pat Johnson Barbara Jones Kay Jones Edward Keel Betty Key Jessie Lea Key members Bennie Knight Joe Lanning Richard Lindell Linda Martin Lucille Megaro Ada McCathem Herndon McElmurray Camille Megaro Ann MeShaw Joyce Moseley Patty Moseley Janie New Bobby Osbon Joellen Owens Sandy Pardee Inna Lee Parker Claudette Plott Loretta Plott James Quattlebaum Faye Kackley Susan Register Betty Louise Richardson Walter Rogers Elizabeth Ann Rush Dot Sanders Robert Sanders Gayle Simpson Svlvia Slayton Shirley Ann Smith Margel Sullivan Margaret Thomas Joe Thompson Wayne Thompson Faye Turner Peggie Tyler Sandra Vandiver Helen Vogt Sandra Voigt Eustis Williams Patsy Williamson Alice Willing Elsie Willing Sydney White Maxine Wright William Yarborough Betty Yonce Jane York Marjorie Winey Accompanist Accompanist, MARJORIE WINEY, seated at piano; Director, MR. SLAUGHTER, standing. chorus Seventy-twomental contestants Each year Aiken High School sends fifteen students to Columbia to compete in the state mental contests. These students are selected from names submitted by the faculty and must have excelled scholastically in two or more subjects. In the contest, to place in a subject, the student must rank in the top ten to twenty-five per cent of those taking the tests. In the past Aiken High School students have done very well in the contest. Last year’s students placed in 22 test s, an exceptionally Sitting: Mary Elizabeth Scott, Emily Parker, Ann Schwertfeger, Faye Rackley, Carroll good record for the school. Sperry. Standing: Jim Overbeck, Fred Maxwell, Chartee Muckenfuss, Wayne Freed, Jim Beckman. Terry Palmer, Billie Jo Blanton, Ted Gomillion, Larry Courtney, Richard Lindell, Drumx; Earl Key, Tommy Hill. Shortly after school started in the fall of 1951 several ambitious students, who were meeting after school to discuss the need for a student dance band, decided to organize one themselves. Named the “Dixie Rebels,” it has furnished music for student dances and community activities ever since. It is composed entirely of students. dixie rebels Seventy-threejunior homemakers of america Sitting: Geneva Graham, Jerry Ann Bray, Doris Twitty, Jeanette Graham, Janie New, Yvonne McTaggart, Peggy Tyler. Standing: Anne Treadaway, Mary Hall, Linda Smith, Betty Bane, Jessie Lea Key, Nancy Appel, Mary Foley, Jean Green, Annie McTaggart, Eldora Lawter, Laura Whittle, Lenor Hall, Mrs. Smith, Sponsor. Girls who are members of home economics classes at Aiken High support a local chapter of the Junior Homemakers of America. Sponsored by Mrs. Smith, home economics teacher, the club in many ways helps girls interested in home economics. The J11A took part in several activities during the year; a formal induction of members in an assembly program was held. The library club is composed of members of the library staff who are interested in the advancement of their school library in all phases of work. Members help in general library work. In addition to its normal activities, this year the library club, under the direction of Mrs. Madeline Abath, librarian, assumed the responsibility of moving the entire library to the new school. The club is a member of the South Carolina High School Library Association. Sitting: Phyllis Wagner, Patricia Murphy, Sara Alice Weatherford, Gladys Land), Lenor Hall, Barbara Mundv. Standing: Lois Widener, Judy Cotter, Peggy Hughes, Carol Howington, Delorise Cook. Mike Kichey, Don Hedd, Jerry' Aim Bray. library club Seventy-fourspeech club During the second semester of 1953, Aiken High’s first speech club was organized. Since then it has been one of the most active clubs in the school. The members of the club attempt to improve their speech and to bring to other students their results through chapel programs and tape recordings. Speech teacher at Aiken High, Mr. Paul Dobson is faculty advisor of the club. Sifting; Oleen Redd. Shirley Smith, Anita Chandler, Connie Ashley, Carole Dance, Judy Hiefstahl. Standing: Sheila Hey, Ted Moore, Jim Beckman, Dale Hagen, President; Terry Palmer, Peggy Wingfield, Jack Dorn, Mr. Dobson. The Future Farmers of America, or “FFA” as it is commonly known, is the national organization for boys studying vocational agriculture in public secondary schools. Organized in 1928, it has served to motivate and vitalize the instruction offered to students of vocational agriculture and to provide further training in farmer-citizenship. For the past eleven years Mr. A. II. Hawkins, advisor and agriculture teacher, has successfully guided the Aiken chapter of the FFA through its activities and projects. First Bote: Bo Coward, O’Neil Courtney, Marion Eubanks, John Conway, James New, Shelton Handall, Charles Jones. Eugene Cook, Vernon Parker, James Green, Jack Carter. Second Row: Advisor A. H. Hawkins, Bmce Snipes. Paul Roe. Daniel Key, Kenneth Bragg, Tommy Thomas. Wesley Key, Leon Boyd, Ernest Woodwurd. Cary McTaggart, Frank Roe. Third Bow: William Yarborough, Lanier Posey, Johnny Seigler, Foley Thornton. Julian Bell, Aquila McCathem, Freddie Heath, James Fulmer, David New, Dudley Warder. future farmers of america Seventy-fivefrench club La gaite c’est une forme tin courage. (Gaiety is a form of courage.) This is the motto of the French Club, one of the newer organizations of our school. The main purpose of the club is to instill in the students a better understanding of the French people through a study of music, literature, art, and history. This year the club has been sponsored by Mrs. Helen Butler and Mrs. Margaret Bobo. Front Row: Louise Mallette, Donna Craddock, Dee Chandler, Jane Ryon, Judy Riefstahl, Annetta Spniell, Chartee Muckenfuss, Kay Kennedy. Second Row: Tina Eustis, Dolli Blake, Ann McGhee, Sandra Voigt, Beverly Newman, Sidney White, Martha Gyles, Joyce Barber, Elaine Thompson. Third Row: Mrs. Bobo, Sponsor; Wray Davis, Lewis Sullivan, Paul Johnson, Jack Allen, Tom Robertson, Barbara Blair, Mrs. Butler, Sponsor. Fourth Row: Roger Barnes, Jerry Trollinger, Bill Beckman, Dale Hagen, Laird Slade, Max Warlick, Tommy Hill. First Row: Kenneth Wheeler, Billie Jo Blanton, June Trollinger, Fred Maxwell, Bobby Osbon, Mrs. Christine Forrester, Sponsor. Second Row: John Pope, Dent Johnson, Larry Courtney, Tommy Heyward. Third Row: Mary Lask, Claudette Plott, llermeine Tovey, Loretta Plott, Janet Baker. The Spanish Club, one of the newest clubs at Aiken High, was organized to further knowledge of our Spanish-speaking neighbors. By more fully understanding their language and customs, we help strengthen the bond of friendship between them and us. The name Circulo Espanol signifies a willingness to work together in reaching our goal. Since its organization this year by Mrs. Christine Forrester, faculty advisor, the club has been very active. Spanish club S eventij-six“Puff, have you read your English book?” “Gof a carrot, bub?” “Aunt Aggie always used to chetv rubber bands” “Look! De house is haunted!” Aiken High students roared at the antics of Dan Tennyson, “The Perfect Idiot,” in the Senior play. Dan, directing a radio program for Latherby, resigned from his many school activities. This disturbed Mr. Barnard and Miss Baker, who went to Dan’s parents. Several students agreed to help Dan become popular, to reassure his worried parents, if he would tutor Puff. During this campaign to become popular, Dan and Linda fell in love. Convincing his parents, Dan was given per- mission to go to college, but he purposely failed the entrance exam to stay at home with Linda. Dan answered every question wrong, scoring a perfect zero, and was declared an idiot by Von Barf, who, however, soon realized his actual mentality. To bring the play to a happy close, Dan won the friendship of the gang and went to college with Linda. Credit is due to Director Mrs. Christine Forrester and Stage Managers Anita Chandler and Jane Ryon for a very successful play. cast MARGARET TENNYSON, Dan’s mother . . Dotli Blake JACKIE TENNYSON, Dan's brother . . . Bobby Osbou nllODORA, the maid...................Arnold Garvin RODGER TENNYSON, Dan's father . . . Ted GomWion WALTER P. LATHERBY, wealthy soap magnate— Jim Beckman DAN TENNYSON, young genius.............Mike Burkett ARTHUR BARNARD, school principal Terry Palmer MISS BAKER, teacher—Dan’s faculty advisor . Carroll Sperry LINDA BERNARD, principal’s daughter- Mary Elisabeth Scott JEANNIE WILSON, Jackie’s girl .... Bette Weaver ALOYSIUS (PUFF) WITOMSKY, not-to-bright athlete- Don Sumner CARLA CARLSON, Puff’s girl .... Peggy Wingfield POLICEMAN.....................................Bay Broader DR. VON BARF, psychology expert .... Tommy Hill MISS BOOTH, newspaper reporter Judy Reifstahl LINDA and DAN VON BARF, JACKIE LATHERBY MR. and MRS. TENNYSON the perfect idiot'' Seventy-seven miss anita chandler miss cynthia courtney miss wray davis miss june trollinger for the Georgia tec fd presenting for 1954 miss hornet Seventy-eight0uiti- ijuj.ijgmay queen Eightyfootball queen Eighty-onefinis miss carole dance Eighty-two FRESHMAN CLASS SPONSORmiss chartee muckenfuss JUNIOR CLASS SPONSOR hing miss beverly driver SOPHOMORE CLASS SPONSOR miss doili blake 111-TIMES SPONSOR Eighty-threeSMIUI EH SMITH PAUI GUIDE senior class IfmXVVA GX»0 THRO toW XiU fumti hhojit srtuanHaMK sjrxxji'iiTffl utoiciim Wi xW BtiipUhn ttiWlUirJtrtiisuperlatives ANITA CHANDLER JERRY ANDERSON f(rt Ambitum. JDQ WflULMW. Most fDtffyutuiithit' m W D AAV US' ifQBttV (r)SRO v Wuslf Likchj To $11 com ft Eighty jm MARY ELIZABETH SCOTT VERNON PARKER Most Athletic BILLIE JO BLANTON RICHARD LINDELL Most Talentedsuperlatives POLLI BLAKE pAUL BALLAH Heat Dressed ( AHOLK DANCE DON SUMNER Best Looking JUNE TROLLINGER TOMMY HILL Friendliest Eighty-sevenmiss anita chandler miss wray davis miss june trollinger contestants for miss hornet Bring refreshment into play Coke ave e mi ©ojcajocua whw sr AIKEN COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY T atr-npta0 Tko Stores To Sen e You BLAKE'S PHARMACY 866 LAURENS STREET THE PRESCRIPTION SHOP 525 WHISKEY ROAI) Owned and Operated by The Herman' Beaker AIKEN BEVERAGE COMPANY Aikex, S. C. Bottler» of J ORANGE CRUSH 5 GRAPETTE I CoXSKATFLATIOXS FRANK I. HOLMES JEWELER CERTIFIED GEMOLOGIST 909 LtrtEM St. Phoxe 9-6781 Aikex, S. C. 5 THE J. W. ASHHURST AGENCY ; INSURANCE • REAL ESTATE g Aikex, S. CL Phoxe 9-2281 Com fum extx of AIKEN LUMBER COMPANY Aikex, S. G. I ■ W THE HUT DRIVE-IN CotrMKIA Ar»(w» fkom Aikex, S. CL GREENE'S “Qimlitec” Grade A Mii.k Homogenized — Pasteurized DIAL 2-1836 AUGUSTA, GA. Kooooov »X300X oooocx fc'xcxx BELK'S DEPARTMENT STORE Aiken, S. C. 000 )0 0 )!( « fi BUCHANAN HOME AUTO SUPPLY Firestone Products 837 Laurens St. Phone 9-1711 Aiken, S. C. CHARON SHOP 5 LADIES’ AND CHILDREN’S APPAREL $ 5 l 932 Laurens Ram Building Aiken, S. C. $ XC7XX3XXO wr?9i3tL 9Bki' 'r ■ r President of Student Body upholding the Principal of the school— Vinning snapshot submitted by John Pope. Compliments ok DR. WM. C. BUSCH OPTOMETRIST Aiken, S. C. Ninety ;0 0 0 0 CN 0 0)0)0 0 0 KSUGGESTING YOUR HEADQUARTERS IN AUGUSTA FOIt THE FINEST IN FOODS GREENE'S ‘'South's Finest Drive-In” Home of the Original “Thing” LYON-CROFT-WEEKS REAL ESTATE • AUTO LOANS 1814 Highland Avk. Aiken, S. C. FRANZBLAU'S SMART APPAREL FOR WOMEN AND CHILDREN HENKE'S BODY SHOP 24-Hour Wrecker Service Phone 9-3391 Aiken, S. C. Compliments of FREEMAN'S GROCERY Corner of Hampton and Laurens Aiken, S. C. 3 5 . . treated it with loving care . . How ’bout that? Compliments of HOTEL HENDERSON BEAUTY SALON Chesterfield St. Telephone 9-4441 Ninety-one L CX)0 X 0(0 )0 CK)0 )0 )0 )0 XAUGUST 25 Work begins on ’54 Hornet 28 Band practice starts 30 Everybody registered SEPTEMBER 3 School starts 4 Aiken vs Denmark at Eustis Park 7 Labor Day—a holiday already 10 Eau Claire vs Aiken; the band got lost on the way to Columbia 16 Teen Squurcs begin the winter 18 Aiken vs North Augusta at home 22 Teen-Age canteen committee chosen 24 Aiken vs Graniteville; another Cotton Festival with all the trimmings 25 Aiken High celebrated the Cotton Festival at the canteen, and what celebrating! ! 26 Cotton Festival Ball at the armory; the hurricane “Florence” passes 29 Out of school today—Senior movie OCTOBER 2 Aiken vs Carlisle on the gridiron; the Senior girls bad a brawl calk'd a spend the night party at Jane’s 3 The Hornet begins the new school year right, the first dance 7 The squares meet for the bi-weekly Teen Squares 9 Aiken vs Boy’s Catholic High 10 Camp Gravatt welcomed a group of excited Aiken High students on one of the first hayrides of the year 12 The long awaited Senior rings arrive 14 The first six weeks finally over 16 College Emphasis Day sponsored by the National Honor Society; Aiken vs Brookland-Cayce there; Dixie Rebels play in chapel 17 Presbyterian Youth Fellowship sponsors another exciting hayridc chaperoned by a group of “innocent” parents; also a very inviting progressive supper by the Baptist youth 19 Mrs. Forrester announced the Senior Play try-outs; South Carolina State Fair Week begins 21 Report cards out again 22 Big Thursday at last; Carolina beat Clemson 23 Aiken vs Batesburg-Leesville 26 Congratulations to the lucky Seniors who made the play 28 Girls’ Basketball team chosen; Senior Superlative's chosen 29 Halloween Carnival; the Girlie Show starring Kay, Cissy, and many others NOVEMBER 1 These new teachers sure are rough! ! 4 Miss Mooney organizes the Ground Observer Corps at Aiken High 5 Homecoming festivities tomorrow 6 Aiken vs Williston for Homecoming; Max Coleman elected ’54 Football Ouecn; Council sponsors talent show, won by Wendy Rivenbark 7 St. Thaddeus Youth sponsors a supper-dance 9 Seniors begin Macbeth; “. . is this a dagger which I see before me? . . . 12 Junior chemists blow up lab in spectacular experiment—? ? ? ? 13 Aiken vs Saluda there 16 Johanna Gibbs, Barbara Wright elected Girls B.B. Captains 18 The Dust Bowl again; the Seniors broke and going to Washington; sponsor Aiken “B” vs Edgefield—made $60! 20 The Baptist youth sponsor another great hayride 23 A nimor around Aiken High says that the nc w school will be ready in January- 25 The Seniors again money crazy sponsor the Harvest Carnival 26 Aiken High students celebrate Thanksgiving at church, family dinners, and gay parties 27 Another holiday and school just started 28 Congratulations to Famham Caney and Fred Cavanaugh OB their birthday 30 It rained all week; which one this time—not “Florence ” again! ! ! ! -----—---—oocxg 5 5 $ r 5 jj Compliments of 5 : HALLMAN FUEL COMPANY : I I « FUEL OIL, COAL, COKE, STOKER x 0 COAL 5 . 5 jj 71 i Williamsburg St. Dial 9-2661 (j 5 0 5 5 j Q Compliments of 0 5 0 $ GILMAN HEATING CO. $ $ 0 $ I $ 5 5 8 x=x x=x x=x xrx x=x x=x x=x x=x xrx x=x o x=x x=x xix ox o 5 $ 0 STATIONERY 5 5 5 $ GIFTS jj 5 5 THE BOOK SHOP 1704 PARK AVENUE 0 I 5 SCHOOL AND OFFICE SUPPLIES TOYS Lending Library 5 I | 5 5 5 GREETING CARDS jj 5 5 Ninety-two x x= x»cx x: OOOOOOCX » 0 0 )0 0 CX CX 0 C XCXXD 0 0 0 0 3C( 5 ! S ! 5 JOHNSON'S I j JONES ELECTRIC CO. jj SERVICE STATION ! J RECORDS, TELEVISION SETS, jj : 1 ! PIANOS, MUSICAL INSTRU- 5 5 ! jj Cor. York St. and Richland Ave. j 1 i j ! MENTS, AND SUPPLIES j 5 jj Phone 9-2771 1 ! “The Consonata Organs j) 5 Aiken, S. C. I 1 ‘ 5 5 5 1 i ! ! j IIayne Ave. Aiken, S. C. $ 1 5 x=x x=x X= )CX o x=x x=xx=x xzx xrx XZX XIX O K=X XZX XZX 8 p:r,-«-,-r-,r»-n ' ! f OWEN. THOMAS McCreary • 5 “A Friendly Store for Men jj 5 5 5 5 5 HEADQUARTERS FOR AIKEN 5 5 5 HIGH MEN 5 5 5 5 5 5 Laurens St. Dial 9-2711 jj jj McELMURRAY PONTIAC GMC • PONTIAC Pontiac Sales and Sendee 700 Block ok Park Ave. Phone 9-2504 Aiken, S. C. Ninety-threeCompliments of PINE GRILL WAYNE LAVENDER--ROY BADGER Columbia Highway Aiken, S. C. J. N. BANE GULF PRODUCTS U. S. Highway No. 2 and 78 Phone 9-3751 Aiken, S. C 5 EULALIE SALLEY COMPANY INSURANCE AND HEAT. ESTATE $ Telephone 9-6571 Aiken, S. C. 3 So you want to go to Citadel eh? Wing D under construction. OWENS SEED COMPANY 3 “EVERYTHING FOR THE 5 GARDEN” ft Phone 9-2911 Aiken, S. C. : j Compliments of 3 REDD FURNITURE CO. 3 3 Laurens Street Aiken, S. C. 3 0 3 5 Complements of | OWENS MOTOR COMPANY BUICK Sales • Service Phone 9-2421 Aikf.n, S. C. Ninety-four =XXCX yii C Z G 0 ZXXZXX G C X t zxx xxzxxzx PHILLIPS SHOE STORE SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY 851 Laurens Street Phone 9-6641 Aiken, S. C. Q 5 SLADE-ARNOLD SUPPLY BUILDING MATERIAL PITTSBURGH PAINT $ Columbia Highway 5 5 Aiken, S. C. Dial 9-6201 jj WALLACE D. BRADLEY PLUMBING AND HEATING CO. PHONE 9-31.81 816 GREENVILLE ST. AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA NEW YORK CLEANERS “Your Friendly Bank” Mitchell Shopping Center BANK OF GREENWOOD $ Phone 9-9475 Aiken, S. 0 yjtxzxx=xxzxx=x Compliments of LEVINER BROTHERS SS 5 jj FURNITURE jj GENERAL ELECTRIE APPLIANCES jj jj jj “First in Quality, Low in Price” | jj New Ellenton, S. C. jj 5 8 k o x= oo £ jj Air conditioned for your comfort jj 0 5 5 0 5 v « r 5 jj a,kkn s- c- jj 1 PHONES 9-3276-9-3277 f Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Ninety-five ox c»c»o:x CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF T 4 W. J. PLATT CO. Druggists AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA A wing—three stages of construction Ninety-sixMILLBROOK J GOLF DRIVING RANGE HIGHWAY 19 SOUTH AIKEN, S. C. WISE HARDWARE CO. SPORTING GOODS HARDWARE • PAINT 900 Laurens St. Phone 9-6621 Aiken, S. C. 'Practice Makes Perfect’ GOLF AT ITS REST Congratulations HITE FLORAL COMPANY EVERYTHING IN FLOWERS’ “Our 9th Year” Aiken, S. C. BEST WISHES W A K N — 990 on your dial Local Interest — News — Music 1000 WATTS Compliments of JOE'S DRIVE-IN GRILL Meet Your Friends at Joe's Augusta Highway Aiken, S. C. KNIGHT'S CUT-RATE MARKET 2707 Vaucluse Road Aiken, S. C. -J Ninety-sevenCOMPLIMENTS FARMERS AND MERCHANTS BANK AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA Member F. 1). I. C. IDioxxcxoix HUTSON-ETHERREDGE AGENCY INSURANCE • REAL ESTATE Aiken, S. C. Compliments of MILLBROOK CLEANERS Whiskey Road Aiken, S. C. Phone 9-6947 HOLLEY'S DAIRY FARM “Aiken's Local Milk■” TATE REALTY REAL ESTATE • INSURANCE Building New Ellenton, S. C. Ninety-eightDECEMBER 1 Basketball season on its way with Aiken vs Bamberg 2 Delmar photos returned, swap me one, huh? ? 3 Senior Play a grand success •1 Senior Play packed again and celebrated after at the Palmers' 7 Planning and Orientation Committees appointed by Student Council president and Mr. Willis 8 Burkett, Royal elected Chairmen planning and orientation; Mary ’Liz Scott elected May Queen 9 Report cards, need I say more ? 10 Band concert—another Aiken High hit 12 Annetta Spruell —sweet sixteen and never been kissed( ???)—”, but she celebrated with a formal 14 Jo” Gibbs wins Daughter of the American Revolution Award 17 Term papers due—what did Ted Moore make? 18 Those long awaited Christmas Holidays begin— 22 The long planned Christmas Formal finally here; with music by the Picknev Trio and the antics of “Cemetary and pictures taken by Flash” Os bon and Laird Slade 24 St. Thaddeus Youth Fellowship goes caroling followed by a party at Laird’s 25 And a very merry Christmas from the Hornet staff 26 What’d Santa bring you? ? ? ?—an electric train? ? 29 Judy Riefstahl has a few for supper (at midnight) to entertain a friend from up NAWrH 30 Good old Teen Squares 31 Hi-Time New Year’s Eve Dance—did you know that the clock was set up an hour—we celebrated twice! ! ! JANUARY 1-2 A grand New Year’s Eve party at Ronnie's—and what a party—(did I say PARTY??) 4 Oh, no! school again—need I say more? 6 Bill Fanner, Junior Poitevint elected Boys’ B.B. Captains 8 Speech class sponsors chapel programs and the famous DRAGNET team (from Aiken High) — 9 Miss Mooney shows the Senior girls W.C.—rumored they had a gay time! 11 Copy due for the Hornet—due but that’s all 12 Delmar here again—click, click, and more clicks—watch the birdie! 14 355 shopping days ’til Christmas 18 Aiken vs Batesburg-Leesville; more B.B. games 20 James Fulmer and Jerry Anderson win football awards 21 The long awaited Football Supper 24 Another Sunday—church, big dinner, and sleep—precious sleep—just ask the Hornet staff. 25 Exams—just exams 26 Exams—yea! 1 27 More exams but relieved by Teen Squares 28 Jerry Anderson elected secretary of the Senior Class because Wayne Freed moved FEBRUARY 1 More school, second semester on its way 3 Latest word—Bobo’s Hobos to win B.B. Tournament 5 Panel Discussion in Chapel about the new school 6 Jane and Dick go to Winthrop for the weekend, as members of the South Carolina All State Band 8 It is rumored that Lam.’ Courtney tries to type 90 words per minute, how about that? ? ? 12 Quill and Scroll installation in chapel 13 Valentine celebrations—who kissed who? ? ? 14 Sunday—and a great Valentine’s Day 15 The A.H.S. Majorettes now are taking study hall until later spring 19 More gossip in Jane’s Column in the Chronicle 22 Junior play practice is about to kill all of us 23 Mr. Wrenn sure gives impossible tests—ask the democracy students 26 Did you hear Arnold on Hornet Highlights? ? ? BURGESS MOTOR COMPANY New and Used Cars 1 .'{07 YORK ST PHONE 9-8001 AIKEN HOME BAKERY Laurens Street Aiken, S. C. i AMERICAN REALTY CO. REAL ESTATE FIDELITY HOME INSURANCE CO. A X Aiken, S. C. X Ninety-nineco o x= 30( CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ’54 oj 4iLen MAYOR AXI) COUNCIL MEMBERS =xx=xx=xjCC 3C( o ' c . o =x o = kz c o ox o zx ox oxJK MONTGOMERY CRAWFORD CO., INC. WHOLESAI.E HARDWARE PLUMBING • ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES Compliments of ; ; 0 5 MARVIN'S DINING ROOM jj 3 5 fl 1708 Coli’mbia Road Q 5 3 x Phone 9-9111 ;; 712 Wiu.iamsm rg St. Aiken, S. C. j) jj Ci r i Service Dining Room jj 3 Compliments of NATIONAL KAOLIN PRODUCTS CO. Y ON MY OWN 5 | SELLING THE BEST (j GASOLINE AND OIL KNOWN jj 5 I 3 MILNER SUPER GAS No. 1 Highway Aiken, S. C. 5 i Highway 19 Aiken, S. C. One HundredDavison's ► or MXN The talked-ahout store of fashions for teen-tigers. Girls lore our Deb Shop for the latest in fashions. Hogs flock to our Prep Shop for smart-wear. Complete selection from sports to formats. 2)t avL6opi 6 The Store For Everybody 8(54 BROAD STREET AUGUSTA, GA. THOMPSON MOTOR SUPPLY CO., INC. 0 5 5 3 3 3 Aiken, S. C. jj 3 5 jj Havne Ave. Phone 9-3921 § 3 3 5 DAIRY QUEEN SHAKES « HAMBURGERS SUNDAES jj • HOT DOGS jj Whiskey Road Aiken, S. C. Dial 9-9511 Archie and Lee . . . That bottomless pit-nuiy I have seconds, Mr. Slaughter? . . . Happy birthday, Mr. Willis . . . Senior girls, no less . . . Looks like this from the gym roof . . . Typical January HORNET staff meeting. One Hundred One£ 000 0.x MURPHY STATIONERY COMPANY SOCIAL AND COMMERCIAL STATIONERY 718 Broad St. Diai. 2-2122 Augusta, Ga. 5 BOATNER'S DRUG STORE FOREMAN CHEVROLET COMPANY g 5 “More People Huy Chevrolet Than Any jj | Other Car” | $ I A New Ellknton, S. C. a OSBON AUTO SUPPLY CO. New Ellknton, S. C. 1258-55 IJkoad Street Augusta, Ga. BRADLEY PLUMBING AND HEATING CO. CONTRACTORS Oil Burner Sales and Sendee 815 Pendleton St. Phone 9-2155 x o o cx xzx cx cx xzx xzx 0 THE PALACE MARKET 8 Aiken's Oldest Market jj $ QUALITY • SERVICE ECONOMY 5 Phone 9-2651 Aiken, S. C. OOOOOOX Compliments of RUDNICK FURNITURE CO. Dial 9-3691 Aikf.n, S. C. jj jj y y 5 GRAHAM MOTORS. INC. 1959 IIayne Avenue PACKARD Sales • Service Aiken, S. C. One Hundred Two o ooo xrxxo o o o ooo o o x AIKEN BUILDING SUPPLY CO. Quality Materials and Sendee 5 $ Aiken, S. C. $ ft C. H. ANDERSON PlIONE 9-2(541 BARSH ELECTRIC SERVICE 1 Automotive Starter, Generator, Voltage $ Regulator and Electric Motor Repairing | I Phone 9-9531 2008 Hayne Ave. It’s this way. Clean . . . Four of a kind . . . This is business managing? . . . Editor at tvork—gulp, gulp . . . ]. B. Elliott—barely made it ... A HORNET informal. One Hundred ThreeFLORENCE M. LAIRD REAL ESTATE • INSURANCE 1910 Park Avk. Aiken, S. ('. COWAN AND ROBINSON GULF OIL CORPORATION DEALERS Aiken, S. C. ooooo CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES THOMAS LAUNDRY AND CLEANING COMPANY AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA CompujiENTS OK SMALLEY'S SERVICE STATION B Sfiooc-)- 0 5 0 5 Compliments of STILL'S MARKET Aiken, S. C. 1432 Park Ave. 0)0' 0 .ooocx Aiken. S. C. GRIFFIN TIRE SERVICE 916 LAURENS STREET AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA Your Goodyear and General Electric Dealer PHONE 9-4761 One Hundred FourCompliments of Compliments ok B. T. DYCHES SON CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATES AND STUDENT BODY OF AIKEN HIGH SCHOOL THE AUGUSTA CHRONICLE THE AUGUSTA HERALD Ahhhlioooooeeeee!!! cried Tarzan as he swung through the jungle . . . Look what the tide brought in . . . “And now, students . . (Dr. Whatzit's seven-day diet, or just correcting exanus??) . . . How 'bout a date, honey? . . . Now who could have done that??? . . . Ain’t that cute! One Hundred FiveMARCH 5 The first ten rows are for the Seniors to he seated. But to the underclassmen, how many times must this be repeated?? 16 Junior play dress rehearsal—everybody still nervous 18 Junior Play makes another smashing hit for Aiken High and Junior Class—Sure like Chartee for my wife!!! [Cum who wrote this—Ed.] 19 Junior Play makes last stand; terrific party after 21 The first day of spring at last 26 Another terrific chapel program sponsored by A.H.S. Student Council 30 Dolli Blake’s column out in the Aiken Astonisher,, APRIL 1 Nlr. Willis proclaims no more school—APRIL FOOLS! ! All of you! 2 The Junior Dance—a Bunny Hop yet! 7 59 days ’til school is out—count them! if you dare! 13 The Seniors are off (aren’t they always?) to Washington 14 Saw the Washington Monument 15 Saw Mount Vernon, after a delightful (?) bus ride! 16 Went through Congress—many Bills don’t! ! 17 Seniors welcomed home after a few days in the big city. 21 Well, the big day’s here-into the NEW SCHOOL 22 Mrs. BoIn , not a test already??? 23 Anita's column out as usual with Green and White and how she praises the school—I like it, too! 26 Figured out how to ring the bells yet, Mr. Willis?? 27 Boy, those are sun- great lunches in the new cafeteria 28 Student Council meets in new council room 30 Well, this month is just about up, see you in May MAY 1 Here already? ? ? 4 PROM MOTTO: A hundred years ago a man with powder and gun went forth to hunt a DEEK, but now DEAR with powder and paint goes forth to hunt a man! 7 Jr.-Sr. Banquet and Dance finally here—with a grand march to boot! Cheers for the Junior class—it was great, and boy, the night that followed! And, to l oot, we had May Day lnffore hand 10 Hohket out! ! ! ! ! we hope 1 1 Everyl»ody slept late, wonder why—or did you just get in? ? Not out late again with Jr. Sr. only a week gone? ? 14 Back to the old grind and the threat of mid-term exams 21 What did you think of the standardized tests?? 28 Senior Class Day 30 Baccalaureate Sermon JUNE 1 School seems good without the Seniors around for a while 3 Graduation, now we want them back 4 Vacation begins for three whole months 21 What’ll 1 do, summer is so boring -L. S. $ 0 Compliments of W. HERBERT STIEFEL 3d cx)o cx o 5 B. M. SURASKY'S 5 : ‘Aiken's Style Center for the ladies jj 'The Home of Good Clothes for men : $ 000000X30 5 5 DEBBIE SHOP Fashion Center for Women Next Door to Rank of Greenwood 831 Laurens Dial 9-4962 $ o I SOUTHEASTERN CLAY CO Aiken, S. C. One Hundred SixJ5 LAMB'S SERVICE STATION ... on the successful completion of your studies. Our best wishes f o with you in whatever career you may select to carve out your future. We will always he glad to serve you and welcome you as a customer. 193-1 Park Ave. Phone 9-9271 Aiken, S. C. XOXOOCX SWINGLE CHEVROLET CO., INC. CHEVROLET • CADILLAC Aiken, S. C. AUDLEEN GOLD BEAUTY SALON Phone 9-3311 Wn.i.cox Hotel DURBAN—LAIRD'S, INC. Aiken, S. C. AIKEN, S. C. PHONE 9-2561 FRANKLIN CLEANERS AND LAUNDRY 1830 Park Ave. Phone 9-3151 Insurance — Real Estate One Hundred SevenHOLLEY FUEL COMPANY Best Grades Bituminous and Anthracite Coal, Coke, Wood and Kindling Fuel Oil for Your Furnace QUALITY — SERVICE Day Phone 9-6551 Night Phone 9-4253 Aiken, S. C. x 8 •G: cx o o xrx xo xzx xzx | 0 $ FOREST HEIGHTS AGENCY 8 | SALES AND RENTALS 8 HOUSES AND LOTS r00 Pai,m Drive I’hoxe 9-3752 Compliments of HOLLEY TRACTOR EQUIPMENT CO.. INC. Your Ford Tractor Dealer 8 Richland Ave. Ext. Aiken, S. C. jj 8 =xx=a JSt 8 8 GEORGE ELECTRIC CO. GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING AND REPAIRS Telephone 9-4541 1500 Park Ave. One Hundred EightB. C. MOORE SONS Incorporated lint from Moore and Save More TED GOMILLION and BOBBY OSBON 0 0 jj Presenting the liest in Movies and (j | Photography f Congratulations to the CLASS OF '54 PERSKY'S Aiken. S. C. RAM REALTY COMPANY HERBERT RAM, MANAGER Aiken, S. C. Dial 9-30(52 5 5 0 5 8 Q PARKER MOTORS DODGE • PLYMOUTH Pendleton Street Aiken, S. C. Compliments of LAUNDRY-RITE 5 5 0 Jf.5 Minutes Self-Service $ 824 Pendleton Dial 9-2518 GOMILLION PEST CONTROL “We Control All Household Pests Aiken, S. C. Dial 9-2707 One Hundred SineDAVIS PHARMACY CO 1500 1»AHK AVE. AIKEN, S. C. PHONE 9-3322 ooocxo T. G. CARPENTER GENERAL MERCHANDISE Fresh Meats • Groceries 825 Park Avenue $xrx o c . c cr o o z crx o This book cost five dollars to print jj EFRON'S SUPER MARKET jj Finest in Food 1428 Park Avenue Phones 9-2576-9-2577 5 Free Delivery Service 8 000 000 000 0 0 x , . . ads paid for what you didn't •oooooSf «IC»O.IOOO ELITE BEAUTY SHOPPE Croft Building Phone 9-2291 Aiken, S. C. 8 5 Compliments of COWARD SEED CO. Aiken, S. C. Compliments ok GEORGE FUNERAL HOME 2 4.-Hour Ambulance Aiken, S. C. SAM'S SUPERETTE 5 8 FANCY AND STAPLE 8 8 GROCERIES $8 jj jj Xeighborhood Delivery $ 8 jj jj 1232 York Street 5 8 Dial 9-9221 One Hundred Ten [ © cx 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 '0 )!(5 5 CROFT GAS and ELECTRIC 1918 Hayxk Avenue Aiken, S. C. I. D. CARPENTER Corner of Hampton and York Aiken, S. C. Dial 9-9186 5 3 WARNEKE CLEANERS Newberry Street Aiken, S. C. Dial 9-2191 CULLUM MOTORS Studebaker Aiken, S. C. Dial 9-4161 F. F. CULLUM, OWNER Support our advertisers . . . they helped you . . . mention the HORNET K 00000 0 0 0 8 AIKEN K-F MOTOR CO. Dial 9-6711 or 9-6913 1930 Hayxk Ave. Aiken, S. C. CLIFFORD L. COURTNEY HOTEL COMMERCIAL “Aiken's Largest and Most Popular'' FIREPROOF EXCELLENT FOOD L. R. HOLLEY, MANAGER 5 S’ 0 3 J : : 5 I | : : ; : : ; : : : : j ; 3 3 1 3 3 5 3 ; : 3 I : : : : 5 ; : 3 ; : 5 3 K CX 0 X=8 C8« C8 CX)0 0 0 0 COMPANY sill Typen Of Loans -- 4 • ) - DIAL 9-4173 RAM BUILDING AIKEN, S. C. One Hundred Eleven t CZX ZX rx ' ZX SWe also wondere naie . . . and now we come to the end of another year—and another HORNET; a HORNET opening (as the year did) wj tht hj old, familiar building, and closing (as I hope the year is (with a new, modern building. Now I think you can RNET staff and I were so eager to move see w the new ool. For several agonizing months we won |?“,a ■’' iPlPflSS ----------- -- annual- 3ls,lyet conventional enou 'to cooperate with iinronpey Pc£zSnSbi ?Tm 50zr to make all the teachers m tical merchants that an ad rZ ■ - v.,5 W investment . . . And now, now that the boo printer, now that the staff 5R3FT can reh take a little sp here to thank a few people who ha ve ca ntributed much to this book. First thanks, ol course, go to the staff—whose hard work made this book possible. Both the staff and I extend a hearty thank you to faculty sponsor Miss Barlow for the many hours she spent working with us. I would like to thank Mrs. Bobo ior proofreading all our copy, and also Mr. Willis, who patiently endured our constant ques tions, requests, and disturbances for nearly the whole school year. Thank you, Mr. O Cain, our printer, for also being patient with us (as holding this page two months after the dead- L oHrrte for a picture of the completed school); and, Mr. Small, H our photographer, for yof r pxfellent work. I greatly appreciate the help given to a completely green editor and to the rest of the staff by former HORNET editor Beth Tyler . . . . . . and thanks, too, to you—for you have placed your faith in us by buying a HORNET I sincerely hope that it has lived up to your expectations and, in looking back over it, you will remember our Aiken High . . . both old and new ... as I will. TERRY PALMER, Editor.

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