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 • . - The beginning of another school Day . . . Until recently Aiken High School’s athletic teams were known by various names and it was not until 1948 that the “Green Hornet” was officially adopted as the school’s mascot. In these few years the students have learned to love this symbol while Aiken’s opponents have learned to respect the Hornet’s sting. The Hornet has become identified with many phases of our school activities. Early fall finds the beginning of the “Pig Skin” parade as the Hornets gird themselves to capture new honors for their Alma Mater. So it is throughout the year until May arrives and with the approach of June our annual. The Hornet, is issued and with it soon comes the end to another chapter in our school life. So come with us as The Hornet Flies . . . unfolding through the medium of words and pictures the various activities and accomplishments of the school year 1950-51. Natural beauty gives inspiration to young minds . . . 2Etched in our memories . . . the front entrance, the favorite meeting place 3Special observance of United Nations’ Datj . . . Annual Christmas Cantata . . .May Day at Aiken High . . . en Queen Sallie reigns for a day . . . DEDICATION To MR. P. F. HENDERSON Chairman of the Board of Trustees Since 1920 For his loyal and untiring efforts for the advancement of Aiken High School; For his competent guidance and sympathetic understanding of the problems and activities of onr school; For his unending patience and honest judgment; In expression of our sincerest appreciation and admiration, we dedicate this book.Time out for an early morning chat before school opens . . . 6. 9THE MR. LUTHER S. BEARD MISS SARA BOYCE MR. KENNETH COOPER MR. C. L. COURTNEY MISS JOSEPHINE CROUCH MR. J. B. EUBANKS MISS ANNELLE GANTT MISS NORMA GUNTER MR. A. H. HAWKINS MISS FLORA BELL NlcLEOD MISS SARA A. MURRAY MISS EMMA RISER NANCEFACULTY MRS. A. J. RUTLAND MR. WILLIAM T. SLAUGHTER MISS SARA SMITH, Secretary MISS EUNICE STEVENSON MRS. ESTELLE C. TILCHMAN MISS BEVERLY TURNER MRS. VIVIAN VERENES MR. C. S. WATSON MR. HENRY WHALEY II MISS THERESA WOODWARDTRUSTEES MR. F. F. HENDERSON Chairman MR. J. R. JOHNSON MR. C. H. MARVIN, JR. MR. J. R. McTEER 12 MR. GEDDINGS WILLING»Senior Class Officers PHILIP MOODY GENE NEILSON JO HELEN ANSLEY SARA TOOLE PHILIP MOODY..............................................President EUGENE NEILSON.......................................Vice-President JO HELEN ANSLEY...........................................Secretary SARA TOOLE . TreasurerSENIORS MARJORIE GOODWIN quiet and nice Junior Homemakers of America. ANITA IIALLMAN nice to know . . . fond of fun President of J. H. A.; Vice-President of Bi-County 49-50; President of Handicraft Club; Council Member 49-50; Glee Club. PATRICIA LOUISE JENNINGS talkative . . . gigles Council Member; Debating Team. FRANCES JACQUELYN JOHANNSEN petite and pretty . . . likeable to know May Day Attendant 48-50; Vice-President of Dramatics Club; Majorette 50-51; Hi-Times; Vice-President of Quill and Scroll; Senior Play. WILLIAM EARL JOHNSON campus casanova . . . happy go lucky nature President of Student Body; Hornet Staff; Business Manager of “Pine Needles”; Football 49-51; Block “A” Club; Junior and Senior Play. HUGH MUNRO LOVEJOY “Mike” wild and wooly . . . vivid sense of humor Sports Editor of Hi-Times; Quill and Scroll; Football 50-51; Baseball 51; Senior Play; “Pine Needles” 50-51; Manager of Basketball Team; Honors at.other schools. 9SENIORS RICHARD HENRY LOWE witty and .slow . . . friendly First Place in Local Declamation Contest 48-49; Second Place in Local Declamation Contest 49-50; Dramatics Club 49-50. CAROLYN McELMURRAY intellectual and steady . . . beaming smile Cheerleader 49-50; Secretary of Student Council; Girls’ State Representative; National Honor Society; Business Manager of Hornet 50-51; Block “A” Club; Majorette; Junior and Senior Play; American History Award. PHILIP MARION MOODY campus hero . . . athletic . . . dark brown eyes Editor of Hornet; President of Junior Class; President of Senior Class; National Honor Society; Football 49-51; Basketball 47-51; King Teen 50-51; Vice-President of Student Council. JOSEPHINE MOORE efficient and smart . . . dependable and quiet Secretary of Homeroom; Mental Contestant; National Honor Society; Hi-Times Staff; “Pine Needles”; Expression Contest; D. A. B. Award 50-51. BETTY JEAN MOSELEY quiet and reserved . . . nice President of Homeroom 49; Reporter for J. H. A. KATRINA MOSELEY lively and fun . . . Hornet Staff 49-50; Secretary of J. H. A.; Council Member. 20SENIORS HERBERT EUGENE NEILSON witty and unpredictable . . . personality plus and friendly Football 49-51; Basketball 48-51; Baseball 49-51; Vice-President of Senior Class; Junior and Senior Play; Block “A” Club; President of 11 omeroom 50-51. HUNTER NEW talented and versatile . . . musically inclined Secretary of Senior Council 47-48; Council Member 48-49; Cheerleader 50-51; President of Boys' Choir 50-51; Block “A" Club; F. F. A.; Senior Play. PEGGY JEAN PARKER witty and fun . . . persistent in argument Secretary of Dramatics Club 47-48; Winner of Expression Contest 49-50; Glee Club 50-51; Junior Play. PHYLLIS EFRON PASSINK gay . . . happy go lucky nature . . . brown eyes Hornet Staff; President of Dramatics Club; Treasurer of Quill and Scroll; Declamation and Expression 50-51; Junior and Senior Play; Honors in Savannah, Georgia. FAYE PENNINGTON cameo complexion . . . lovable disposition Dramatics Club; Vice-President J. H. A. 50-51. PATRICIA LOUISE PERMENTER dark hair and brown eyes . . . very good dancer National Honor Society 49-51; Treasurer of National Honor Society 50-51; Hornet Stall 51; Council Member 50-51; Member of Social Committee; Majorette 50-51; “Pine Needles” Staff 49-51; Business Manager of “Pine Needles” 50-51; Maid of Honor 51; Junior Play. 21SENIORS J. C. QUATTLEBAUM likes girls . . ■ football President of Block "A” Club; President of Homeroom 48-49; Secretary of Homeroom; Football 48-51; Co-Captain of Football Team 50; Junior and Senior Play; President of Music Appreciation. NORMA DEAN HEED willing aiul cooperative . . . winsom and sweet President of Handicraft Club 47-48; Council Member 48-49; May Day Attendant 50; National Honor Society 49-51; Senior Editor of Hornet. FARRELL RODGERS likeable and easy going President of F. F. A. 47-48; Vice-President of Junior Class 49-50. EVELYN ROGERS pretty dark hair and big fascinating eyes May Day Attendant 47-48; J. H. A. Reporter 50-51; Senior Class Sponsor 50-51; Sophomore Sponsor 48-49. PEGGIE ANN SMITH pretty blonde hair and cute . . . smiles and fun Secretary of Dramatics Club 49-50; Social Committee; Council Member; Majorette 50-51; President of National Honor Society. BETTY LOU TOOLE ready for fun . . . dependable and (poet National Honor Society 49-51; Vice-President of National Honor Society 50-51; State Mental Contestant; News Editor of Hi-Times 50-51; Editor of “Pine Needles” 50-51; Senior Play; President of Quill and Scroll 50-51. 22SENIORS MARY FRANCES WILLING modest and sweet . . . married President of J. H. A. 48-49; J. H. A. 48-50; President of Business Girls’ Club; Secretary of Soap Carving Club. SARA VIRGINIA WILLIS lovable disposition . . . witty and dependable Secretary of Homeroom 46-47; President of Homeroom 48-49; Hornet Staff. SARA LEE TOOLE short and quiet . . . gets around Hi-Times Staff 47-48; Assistant Editor of Hornet; Secretary of National Honor Society 50-51; Treasurer of Senior Class 50-51; Glee Club 49-50-51; Debating Team 48-49; Quill and Scroll 50-51; Hornet Sponsor 50-51. WILLIAM WENZEL athletic minded . . . neat and nice Football 49-51; Basketball 48-51; Baseball 49-51; Track 49; Block "A” Club. ANN WOOD always smiling . . . loves a good time Social Club; Dramatics Club; J. H. A. HARRY WOODWARD quiet and handsome . . ■ always late Declamation 47-48; Baseball 49-51; F. F. A. 23It Happened at Aiken Little did the Class of ’51 realize when it began school that it would be in on the excitement of the enormous H-bomb project with all of its accompanying confusion, both in community and school life. Time makes its changes and we were caught. But let’s go back to when it all began. Remember—all those little eager beavers who, in the fall of 1939, filtered into Miss Jennie’s first grade. We all had that scared look which told of our newness in the realm of education. Before we knew it, we had passed through our first six years of learning, but not without a few unforgettable events—telling ghost stories in the basement, boy-girl wars, and “Raindrops,” a dance given in our second year. Then came high school with its work, fun, and experiences. None of us will ever forget our first day. We felt as if we had made only a little splash in a big pond. What a big pond! We didn’t realize then how our next few years would be spent. From now on our class began to gain new members and lose some. We were joined by many members from the surrounding grammar schools. Now our class was beginning to take shane. In the seventh grade, we really found how little we knew. “Science is hard! Brother, those tests!” were echoes from Miss Leonard’s classes. Miss Leonard, Mrs. Etherredge, and M iss Miller were our teachers and we were struggling along under their guidance. Here we had our first attempt at basketball, volleyball, and the other games that come with Physical Education. Here also we took our first beating in the class basketball tournament. The eighth grade came and went and then we were officially freshmen of Aiken High. With this year came a great interest in elections and sports. The arrival of Mr. Willis started a new era in our high school life. However, we quickly caught on to the changes and even liked them. The rest of the year flew by and soon we began thinking about being “mighty sophomores.” And did we think we were a might bunch when we actually got our pictures in the newly started Hornet. It was the very first publication of our annual, as well as being the first time Aiken High had a twelfth grade. Our Dramatics Club presented “Here Comes the Doctor,” directed by Miss Josephine Crouch. That started our dramatic careers. We went on to present “Faith, Hope, and Flarity” in our Junior year. We were here at last! Juniors! Our class united for the first time and elected Philip Moody as its dictator. We squabbled and fussed about our Junior-Senior, but when our troubles were over, we all had fun. It was a tremendous success and later we decided it was well worth the effort. Also in this year the local chapter of the Quill and Scroll was established, “The Pine Needles,” a literary magazine, was begun, and we felt Aiken High was rising in prestige. We were rising in prestige, too, for soon we were classed as “Seniors.” We scarcely realized how much that one word was to mean but before long we recognized the word was magic. As seniors we gave “This Is The Life” as our Senior play, got our cherished rings, and Florence Galloway was elected our May Queen. And as May Day ended with our last Junior-Senior we knew that our days at Aiken High were numbered. Once again the “Blue Line” was forming and this time we were taking our places and would experience the same sadness mingled with the thrills which accompany graduation. The shadows of war made it difficult to read the crystal ball with any degree of assurance. But we realized as the strains of our Alma Mater faded that the memory of our stay at Aiken High would remain a constant source of pleasure regardless of what the future might hold for us. 24Junior Class Officers EDWARD MOSELEY MATILEE HOWARD LEONARD YAUN ROBERT FULMER EDWARD MOSELEY............................................President LEONARD YAUN.........................................Vice-President MATILEE HOWARD............................................Secretary ROBERT FULMER.............................................Treasurer 25JUNIOI BETTY JEAN ATKINSON JUNE CAROLYN BAYNHAM BETTY BECK HELEN BOYD MARJORIE ELIZABETH BROUGHTON WILLIAM BROUGHTON ANN CAROLYN BROWN MARSHALL CAIN WILLIAM EDWARD CLARK GEORGE COOK MAGGIE LEE COOK HOWARD ELLIS JUDITH ELIN ELLISON BOBBY EMENEKER JERRE DISQUE FREEMANCLASS ROBERT FULMER PEGGY SUE GARVIN WILLIAM HENRY GEORGE LESLIE EUGENE GEORGE RICHARD GORDON BARBARA OLENE GUNTER RUTH GUNTER WILLIAM TYLER HAIR JOE HALFORD MARILYN HARTLEY SHERRY JUNE HARTLEY BETTY JEAN HAWKINS 'll HAL HILL HENDERSON ROSEMARY HENDRIX MATILEE HOWARDJUNIOR MARVIN HUGHES HORACE JACKSON JULIA CLAIRE JOHNSON JAMES ALLEN KEY KATHERINE LEE KNIGHT LUCILLE GUNTER MELLETTE ANN MILLER DONNELL MOSELEY EDM RD MOSELEY EUZASETH MOSELEY" THOMAS TRUMAN MOSELEY David vetlsov JANE HADOOP NORMAN FATE DEAN OSBON »OBEKT CLARENCE PATOUCLASS LOUISE PIPER VELMA POSEY SHIRLEY RITA RIFKIN BETTY' NELL SADLER FRANCES CAROLINE SANDERSON IRENE CHRISTINE SANKO BETTY EVA SCOTT HORACE SCHOLAR EVA SMALLEY’ CHARLOTTE SWANXER CLYDE SUMMER DANIEL LEONARD TEMPLES DONALD SLAIN WENZEL SYLVIA WILLIAMS FRANK WILLISJUNIORS VtH« ifftU’C0t0)?VroiM r ifoAtkUilnnen. ft to taunt 0'tmi l MH lirtt1 taU wmiltA. lit kVboil TtHma x pfme Hmmmmmm, interesting . . . Dramatic jitters . . . The l are necessity . . . How are you supposed to look? My, my . . . Smile . . . Havin’ trouble . . . Just another picture . . . What a combo . . . J e 1 thing . . . Picnicing . . "Big Gene.” " ISOPHOMORES First Rote: ELIZABETH ARTHUR, ELLA ARTHUR, EVERETT BAKER, BOBBIE JEAX BLACKMAN, CAROLYN BOYD. Second Row. BETTY SUE BRADLEY, NANCY CARTER, CARL CARVER, JOHN SIDNEY CLARK, CONSTANCE CONVERSE. Third Row: NINA COOPER, CLAIRE COURTNEY, LOLLICE COURTNEY, PHILIP COURTNEY, ELEANOR CULLUM. Fourth Row: BARBARA DRIVER. ROBERT DUNCAN, JOHN EIDSON, HUGH FOREST, SHIRLEY FRANKLIN. Fifth Row: VIRGINIA FREDERICKSON, ELEANOR FULMER, DONNIE FULMER, GRACE GANTT, SYLVIA CEORGE.SOPHOMORES First How: TOMMY GRIFFIN, ROBERT GUNNELLS, LOUISE HEATH, JULIA HENDERSON, EVELYN HERRIN. Second Row: DOROTHY HERRON, MARY HOLSENBACK, CAREY JAY, TILLMAN JOHNSON, WILLIAM JOHNSTON. Third Row: CLEO KEY, ANN KIPPENBROCK, GEORGE LINDELL, TONI LOVEJOY, CLARENCE LOWE. Fourth Row: ALMA LYBRAND, BUDDY LYONS, SYLVIA McELMURRAY, WILLIAM MORRIS. RUDOLPH MOSELEY. Fifth Row: OWEN OSBORN, SAM OUTZ. NELLIE JO PATTERSON, ROBERT QUATTLEBAUM, JIMMY RAFFIELD.SOPHOMORES First Rote: IDA LEE REDD, GEORGE ROE, JERRY RUTLAND, SHIRLEY SADLER, HETTY SCOTT. Second Row: GARY SEIGLER, LORENE SEIGLER, MARTHA SEIGLER, MARY ANN SEIGLER, JUNIOR SHEALY. Third Row: GAIL SLOAN, PATSY SMALLEY, RALPH SMITH, SIDNEY STANLEY, SYLVIA STOKES. Fourth Row: HETTY JEAN TESENIAR, LORIE THOMPSON, PATSY TOOLE, BETH TYLER, CARROLL WEITZEL. Fifth Row: JOYCE WHITTLE, HELEN WIDENER, LADDIE WILLIAMS, CAROLYN WOODARD, SHIRLEY WOODWARD, CARL YOUNG. 34FRESHMEN First Rote: CLIFFORD BARTON, BOYCE BELL, JULIAN BELL, NINA BROUGHTON, CHARLES BUFFET. Second Row: WALTER BURCHALTER, BARBARA CHAPMAN, MICKEY CLERC, EDMUND CORTEZ, WRAY DAVIS. Third Row: RAY DERRICK, MARION EUBANKS, JAMES FULMER, J. L. FULMER, ARNOLD GARVIN. Fourth Row: JOHANNA GIBBS, TEDDY COMILLION, BARBARA GOSS, JOYCE GREGORY, PATSY GREGORY. -------------- Fifth Row: ELIZABETH GRICE, ROSE GUNTER, JAMES HALL, SHIRLEY HANCOCK, MARGIE HERRON.FRESHMEN First Ron: BILLY HOLLEY, PEGGY HOLLEY, LETHA HORNE, SHIRLEY HUTTO, PEGGY JONES. Second Row: JOE JOVVERS. HAROLD KNEECE, RICHARD LINDELL, MARY LYBRAND, DOLLY MOYER. Third Row: PEGGY MOSELEY, SHIRLEY MOSELEY, BARBARA MUNDY, FLOYD NORMAN, BOBBY OS BON. Fourth Row: RUTH OWENS, PATRICIA PAGE, VERNON PARKER, RAY PARRISH, JEAN PROSSER. Fifth Row: JAMES QUATTLEBAUM, RONNIE QUATTLEBAUM, BARBARA RABORN, SHELTON RANDALL, MARION RANKIN. 36First Row: GERTRUDE REDDY, DANNY REDD, JAMES RHODEN, CHRISTINE RICHARDSON, EUNICE RICHARDSON Second Row: HERBERT RICHARDSON, DONALD ROLLINS, WILEY ROLLINS, THELMA SADLER, SADDIE SEICLER. Third Ron : MARY SCOTT, BILLY SHEPPARD. LESLIE SMITH, BRUCE SNIPES, MILDRED SNIPES. Fourth Row: OLIVIA SNIPES, MARY ANN SPRAWLS, RICHARD STOKES, J. C. STRINGFIELD, HENRY SUMMER LL Fifth Row: MILDRED SUMMERS. BETTY TAYLOR, DOROTHY TURNER, GEORGE WILLIAMSON, CLYDE WILLING. Sixth Row: HAROLD WILLIS, LADSON WRIGHT, ROBERT WRIGHT, CATHERINE YOUNG, JUANIT YOUNG. 37First Row: GLADYS ANDERSON, MAVIS BAREFOOT, LOIS BARTLEY, LIBBY BAYNHAM, WILTON BEARDON. DUNBAR BOYD, DANNY BRADLEY. Second Row: SALLY BUSBEE, BILLY CARSWELL, JACK CARTER. LEROY CARVER. SHIRLEY CHAPMAN, ANN COBB. EUGENE COOK. Third Row: DON COOPER, GLYNN COURTNEY, LARRY COURTNEY, O’NEAL COURTNEY, MARY FRANCES DAY. CAROL DYCHES, GEORGE GREGORY. Fourth Row: CAROLYN GOODWIN, MARGY GORDON, ADDISON HALL, EMILY HALL, ANITA HAM-MET, FAYE HANCOCK, FREDDIE HEATH. Fifth Row: MARGIE HENDRIX, TOMMY HEYWARD, BETTY JEAN JAY, ANN JOHNSON, DENT JOHNSON, L. W. JOHNSON, BETTY KEY. Sixth Row: NEAL KEY, BENNIE KNIGHT, LEWIS KOON, LAMAR LOTT, EDWARD LYBRAND, PEGGY McDOUGALL. JAMES METTS.EIGHTH GRADE CHARTEE MUCKENFUSS, DAVID NEW, HELEN Third Row: GERALD RODGERS, WALTER ROGERS, AUSTIN ROLLINS, MARIE ROLLINS, MARTHA ANN RUSHTON, NORRIS SCOTT, ROSEMARY SEIGLER. Fourth Row: LAIRD SLADE, SYLVIA SLAYTON, JOE SMITH, ANNIE LOU SNIPES, ANNETTA SPRUELL, LUCY STANLEY, EDWARD STOKES. Fifth Row: BUDDY SULLIVAN, GAIL SWANNER, ANN THOMAS, MIRIAM TOGNERI, VIRGINIA ANN TREADAWAY, SANDRA VOIGT, PERRIN WELLS. Sixth Row: ALICE WILLING, ELISE WILLING, GEORGE WILSON, GLENDA WOOTEN, JEANETTE YOUNG.SEVENTH GRADE First Row: DAN ARTHUR, SHRILDIA ATKINSON, FF.TT, ELLEN BUSCH, RACHEL CLARK. Second Row: BILLY COOK. DELORES COOK, FANNIE COTHRAN, BO COWARD. Third Row: VIRGINIA CUMBEE, JACK DORN, BEVERLY DRIVER, JOYCE FLOYD, PETE FORREST, SAMMY FULMER. TOMMY GIBBS. Fourth Row: ALFRED GUNTER, MARTHA GYLES, EVELYN HALL, JUNE HALL, LANIS HARLEY. SHIRLEY HATCHER, JIMMY HATFIELD. Fifth Row: ALVIN HAWKINS, CHARLES HEATH, M. C. HEATH, FRANCES HERRIN, ALVIN IIOLSEN-BACK, JANE HOWARD, LINDA SUE HOWARD. Sixth Row: CARSON JACKSON, PAT JOHNSON, BEVERLY JONES, JERRY KAPLAN, GRACE KEYE, GLADYS LAMB, THOMAS LAMB. 40SEVENTH GRADE First Row: RUTH LINDELL, RONELL LOWE, DOROTHY MAYBERRY, HARRIET MCCARTHY, HERNDON McELMURRAY, PATSY McCEE, ROSANN McNAIR. Second Row: SYBIL McNEIL, WALTER McTEER, DORIS MORRIS, JACK MORTON, DANIEL MOSELEY, MELBA MUNDY, BETTY NEW. Third Row: JANIE NEW, JIMMIE OSBON, JERRY OWENS, EMILY PARKER, JOANNA PATTIS, GLADYS PORTER, LANIER POSEY. Fourth Row: HAROLD PRICE, MILES RAM, ANNIE RICHARDSON, JUANITA RICHARDSON, J. II. ROBERSON, SARAH ROGERS, PAUL ROE. Fifth Row: JOYCE ROLLINS, VIRGINIA SADLER, SYLVIA SANKO, ALBERT SCOTT, FRED SEEBY, ADAM SEIGLER, DAN SEIGLER. Sixth Row: JOHNNY SEIGLER. ROLAND SEIGLER. WYMAN SEIGLER, SANDRA SHANKER, PATSY SHEALEY, MILDRED SIZEMORE. DONALD SMITH. 41SEVENTH GRADE First Row: CHARLES SNIPES, MARY ANN SNIPES, SHIRLEY SNIPES, TOMMY STIEFIELD, CLEBURN STOKES. Second Row: ANN STUCKEY, MARIE STURKIE, PEGGY ANN TYLER, DONALD WATKINS, DORIS WEATHERSBEE. Third Row: ELIZABETH WEATHERSBEE, LOIS WIEDNER, EMORY WILLIAMS, AUSTIN WILLING, HELEN WILLING. Fourth Row: BOBBY WILLIS, MARY JANE WILLIS, SUE WILLIS, FRANCES WOODWARD. ERNEST WOODWARD. Fifth Row: HARRY WORLEY, BROOK IE WYMAN, WILLIAM YARBORO, BETTY JEAN YONCE, O’NEAL YOUNG. 42ACTIVITIES 43Student Council The Student Council is an organization of students, elected by students: to develop student responsibility, initiative, and school pride; to promote worthy citizenship training; to provide a means for youth expression; to promote school welfare and student cooperation. Aiken students learn to be good citizens by doing what good citizens do. Many school and community projects are undertaken by the student council which add to students’ knowledge and experiences. The local council was organized in 1936. It is a member of the state and national organization. WILLIAM JOHNSON......................President WILLIAM CLARK...................Vice-President JULIA HENDERSON......................Secretary First Row: Gail Sloan, William Clark. Julia Henderson, William Johnson, Carroll Weitzel. onnd Row: Edmund Cortez, Katrina Moseley, Patricia Permenter, Edmund Eubanks, Peggie Smith, Chartee M - 1 . '(uss, Don Wenzel, Arnold Garvin, Edward Moseley and Clyde Willing. 44National Honor Society PEGGIE SMITH...........President BETTY TOOLE .... Vice-President SARA TOOLE.............Secretary PATRICIA PERMENTER . . Treasurer The National Honor Society’s objectives are twofold: To stimulate scholarship in the high schools of the country; and to endeavor to place secondary education on higher levels. The National Honor Society recognizes character, service, leadership and scholarship as the most desirable qualities which students should attain. The society tries to impress on all members who are chosen and inducted into the organization the feeling, that when one is elected into the National Honor Society, it is not only for his career in the high school, but it is for life, and that he, as a student and a graduate of the high school going out into life, will be held to the pledge as a member of the National Honor Society, no matter where he goes, no matter what he becomes . . . And to endeavor always to try to raise himself and his fellowmen to higher and higher levels. First Row: Ann Brown, Eva Smalley, Sara Toole, Patricia Permenter, Peggie Smith, Betty Toole, Norma Dean Heed. Second Row: Marilyn Hartley, Elizabeth Broughton, Mary Breeland, Julia Claire Johnson, Josephine Moore, Jo Helen Ansley, Miss Eunice Stevenson, sponsor. third Row: Philip Moody, Hal Henderson, Carolyn MeElmurray, Lucille Mellette, Marvin Hughes, Marsl ,h Cain. 45First Row: Helen Boyd, Patricia Pcrnientcr, Norma Dean Reed, Sara Toole, Katrina Moseley, Betty Jean Hawkins, Phyllis Passink, Virginia Willis. Second Row: Lucille Mellette, Billy Johnson, Philip Moody, William Broughton, Carolyn McElmurray. When the 1951 Hornet was first discussed and then begun we were eager, enthusiastic, and thrilled. Soon the headaches begun and the real preparations got under way. From then on it was a race against a deadline which we were constantly changing. Finally the dummy was completed and we took it to Columbia with a sigh of relief. It has been the aim of the staff to publish an annual that would truly represent the students of Aiken High. We trust that the many hours spent in labor on this edition will provide an equal amount of enjoyment for those who meander through its pages in the years to come. CAROLYN McELMURRAY. Business Manager PHYLLIS PASSINK, KATRINA MOSELEY, WILLIAM SARA TOOLE, Assistant Editor BROUGHTON, CAROLYN McELMURRAY, NORMA DEAN PtHLIP MOODY, Editor REED give a few suggestions to EDITOR MOODY. 4 The Quill and Scroll The club is open to members of the staff of the school publications. The local chapter was organized in 1949. The Quill and Scroll attempts to encourage and reward individual achievement in journalism and raise the standards of the local publications. By participating in the work of the Quill and Scroll, students become familiar with the best methods and practices of journalism. They learn to report and interpretate the news intelligently. The local chapter is a member of the state and national organization. BETTY TOOLE.......................President JACKIE JOIIANNSEN . Vice-President JO HELEN ANSLEY .... Secretary PHYLLIS PASSINK .... Treasurer First Row: Betty Toole, Mary Breeland, Sara Toole, Jackie Johannsen, Phyllis Passink, Kitty Knight. Second Row Miss Annelle Gantt, Sponsor; Philip Moody, William Johnson, Carolyn McElinurray, Julia Clair-- lohnsoi Helen Ansley, Mike Lovejoy, Hal Henderson. 7Hulro fn Bomb Plunl I uuj. fWtw l«r«M I. AHS Knri.llm.til T ’,“ k mi MiiQm First Row: Shirley Rifkin, Hal Henderson, Joe Halford, Mary Breeland, Eleanor Cullum, Julia Henderson, Gail Sloan, Mike Lovejoy. Second Row: Sylvia George, Helen Boyd, Betty Toole, Julia Claire Johnson, Faye Rackley, Kitty Knight, Josephine Moore. Jane Norman, Jo Helen Ansley, Edmund Eubanks, Jackie Johannsen, James Quattlebaum. fcMIlkkoKi ».« ■ I. tt«| ItyUu: lo'4 Da febwifKlttj 1 1 • tW SmmmIiI itivn UWtw«M l wt Owut«»,C U IHI a»Mi InIM Ilt«l0 » »» Hi-Times, the oldest of the school’s literary publications, is printed once every six weeks and is distributed to over 500 students and subscribers. In keeping with the Aiken tradition, Hi-Times is strictly a product of the student body. The paper, financed independently by the students and by means of advertisements, offers a complete coverage of the news of the students and the school. HAL HENDERSON, Business Manager JOE HALFORD, Assistant Editor MARY BREELAND, Editor UAL HENDERSON, ELEANOR CULLUM, MIKE LOVE-JOY, JOE HALFORD get their assignments from EDITOR BREELAND. 48Pine Needles PATRICIA PERMENTER Business Manager “The Pine Needles’ was established in 1949 to provide an outlet for the creative talents of Aiken High School students in the literary fields. The magazine is published twice each school year. The staff and sponsor select the best materials turned in by the students. Poems, essays, short stories, plays, and illustrations are included in the magazine’s make up. As a brain child of the English Department, “The Pine Needles,” serves its purpose well and is fast becoming a success. BETTY TOOLE Editor Mike Lovejoy, Julia Claire Johnson, Norman Cullum, Betty Toole, Patricia Permenter, Marshall Cain, Carroll Weitzel.First Row: Carol Woodard, Florence Galloway, Matilee Howard, Lucille Mellette, Ann Brown, Carolyn McEl-murray, Marilyn Hartley, Kitty Knight, Jo Helen Ansiey, Sylvia Williams. Second Row: Ronnie Quattlebaum, Henry Summerall, Gary Seigler, Donnie Fulmer, Clyde Summers, Leonard Yaun, Tom Moseley, John Woodard, Bill Wenzel, Billy Johnson, Bill George, Vernon Parker. Third Row: Gene George, Edward Moseley, Ralph Smith, Robert Fulmer, Philip Moody, Harry Woodward, William Clark, Gene Neilson, Everett Baker, David Neilso.i, |. C. Quattlebaum, Harold Chapman, Robert Duncan, Bobby Ashley. Block A Club J. C. QUATTLEBAUM President EDWARD MOSELEY Vice-President FLORENCE GALLOWAY S ecretary-T reasu rer TRV;I KM ob ;h iU rr oU 50First Row: Sherry Hartley, Ruth Gunter, Betty Croft, Sylvia McElmurrav, Carolyn McElmurray, Eunice Richardson, Barbara Driver, Jo Helen Ansley, Peggy Parker, Sadie Seigler, Patsy Toole, Gail Sloan, Barbara Garvin, Marilyn Hartley, Julia Henderson, Carolyn Woodard, Sara Toole, Caroline Sanderson, Grace Gantt, Ann Miller, Miss Norma Gunter, Director. Second Row: Carroll Weitzel, Ella Arthur, Barbara Chapman, Irene Sanko, Mary Ann Sprawls, Lorine Seigler, Matilee Howard, Sylvia Williams, Evelyn Rogers, Peggy Garvin, Elizabeth Broughton, Patsy Gregory, Lucille Mellette, Accompanist. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB The Aiken High School choral groups were very active this year. The organizations would be a distinct credit to any high school. During the fall the Boys’ Choir under the direction of Miss Eunice Stevenson and the Girls’ Glee Club under the direction of Miss Norma Gunter presented several programs in connection with special assemblies. The Junior High School Chorus under the direction of Miss Theresa Woodward joined with the high school band and the two high school choral groups to present an impressive Christmas Cantata. The highlight of the year was the Spring Concert. The program consisted of selections from outstanding composers. BOYS' CHOIR hirst Row: Albert Scott, Lunis Harley, Walter McTeer, Tom Moseley, Joe D. Halford, Hal Henderson, Clcburn Stokes, Dan Seigler, Tommy Sticffel. Second Row: Lucille Mellette, Accompanist; Roland Seigler, Richard Lindell, Toni Lovejoy, Marvin Hngbc.' »wei. Osbon, Russell Shores, Daniel Fulmer, Miss Eunice Stevenson, Director. ’third Row: Mike Lovejoy, Norman Cullum, Marshall Cain, Danocl Temples, Pin ..' ' .ody, F . d »v. ’ V - 1 . New, Jimmy Ralfield, Beth T’ ler, At- mpanist, Absent. • . rVj j] jf, vHAL HENDERSON Student Conductor Majorettes PEGGIE SMITH PATRICIA PERMENTER, CAROLYN McELMURRAY, MARY RREELAND, JACKIE JOHANNSEN 52First Row: Peggie Smith, Teddy Gnmillion, Henry Summerall, Evelyn Herrin, Nellie Jo Patterson, Beth Tyler. Second Row: Patricia Permenter, Annetta Spruel 1, Kitty Knight, Irene Sanko, Eva Smalley, Constance Converse. Third Row: Carolyn McElmurray, Joe Jowers, Larry Courtney, Mary Anne Sprawls, Claire Courtney, Laird Slade, Miriam Togneri. Fourth Row: Mary Breeland, Shirley Franklin, Patsy Smalley, Lucille Mellette, Judy Ellison, Barbara Driver. Fifth Row: Jackie Johannsen, Betty Sue Bradley, Eleanor Cullum, Richard Lindell, Julia Henderson, Gail Sloan. Aiken High School Band Have you ever gone to a football game which was dull and lacked spirit? Then at halftime, a colorful band marched onto the field to play the fight songs and perform many intriguing maneuvers which brought life and interest to the occasion. Everyone enjoys this feature of the game, and feels that they can root for their team with keener interest when the band is performing. Other than performing in school activities, our band proved a grand sight in the Governor’s Inaugural Parade in Columbia on January 16, 1951. Chosen one of the three honor bands to march in this parade, the band made a good showing and upheld its reputation as one of South Carolina’s leading high school bands. The addition of the five majorettes and their colorful uniforms, boosted the spirit of the band, and with the sound guidance of the student director, Hal Henderson, the band had an unusually successful year. At all games the formation of the letters of the opposing team, and the “A” for Aiken were performed with the hugh crowds in the background, This made a picturesque setting long to be remembered. Mr. Slaughter, the man of steel nerves, accomplished a fine job this year. We hope our band will always serve Aiken High School as faithfully as in past years.J. H. A. Students who take Home Economies are eligible for membership in the J. H. A. The local chapter is a member of the state organization. It holds regular meetings twice each month. The chapter was host to the district convention in November. Debaters The local debaters won the third district title and competed in the state finals in Columbia. First Row: Carolyn McElmurray, Charlotte Woodward, Phyllis Passink. Second Row: Mike Lovejoy, Hal Henderson, Jane Norman. Dramatics Club The Aiken High School Dramatics Club presented two short plays during the first session and gave another comedy on May Day. First Row: Faye Pennington, Patricia Permen-ter, Mary Breeland. Judy Ellison, Kitty Knight. Eva Smalley, Ann Brown. Second Row: Shirley Bitkin. Phyllis Passink, Ann Wood, Peggie Smith, Josephine Moore, Betty Toole, Jackie Johannsen. 54F. F. A. The local chapter of the F. F. A. took an active interest in the state program this year. Its judging team won the district contest and participated in the state eliminations. First Row James Key, George Cook, Edward Moseley, Robert Fulmer, Clyde Summers, William Clark, Clifford Barton. Second Row: Ralph Smith, Robert Wright. James Rhoden, Bruce Snipes, J. L. Fulmer, Richard Lowe. Third Row: Clyde Willing, Philip Courtney, Richard Gordan, Owen Osbon, Vernon Parker, James Hall, Carl Carver, Robert Quattlebaum. Fourth How: A. II. Hawkins, Tom Moseley, Cary Seigler, Everett Baker, Frank Willis, Farrell Rodgers, Harry Woodward, Marion Eubanks, Carey Jay, William Broughton, Wiley Rollins, Donald Rollins. Declamation and Expression Aiken captured both Expression and Declamation titles in the district eliminations held in the local auditorium and placed in the state contest held at the University of South Carolina. Reading Right To Left: Phyllis Passink, Patricia Permenter, Jack Dorn, Nina Broughton, Elizabeth Broughton, Oleen Redd, Hal Henderson. Mental Contestants Aiken took fifteen places in the state Mental Contest last year. First Row: Lucille Mellette, Betty Toole, Julia Henderson, Gail Sloan, Beth Tyler, Tommy Griffin, Philip Moody. Second Row: Hal Henderson, Marvin Hughes, Carolyn MeElmurray, Mary Breeland. 55WILLIAM CLARK takes first place in state meet in the mile rttn. (Upper Left.) TOM MOSELEY scores on a thirty-five-yard jaunt against mighty Orangeburg. (Above.) CHEERLEADERS: SYLVIA WILLIAMS, CAROL WOODARD. JO HELEN ANSLEY, MATH.IE HOWARD, FLORENCE GALLOWAY, HUNTER NEW, JIMMY RAFFIELD. (Left.) Sponsors enjoy Homecoming game. Aiken the winner over Bateshurg 31 to 6. (Below.) 564 SPORTS 57TOM outdistances Saluda secondary for six points . . . SEIGLER stopped after short gain . . . BILL WENZEL fires to flankman ... An offensive threat in the making. FOOTBALLSCHEDULE Aiken . . 25 Williston 0 Aiken . . 0 North Augusta 6 Aiken . . 12 Langley-Bath . . 6 • Aiken . . 19 Graniteville . . . 6' Aiken . . 19 Orangeburg . . . 20 Aiken . . 52 Edgefield .... 6 - Aiken . . 44 Johnston .... 0 - Aiken . . 31 Batesburg . . . 6 Aiken . . 0 Lexington . . . 32 Aiken . . 31 Saluda .... 6 Aiken . 46 Abbeville . . . 7 Coach WATSON Coach WHALEY Row; Edward Moseley, Bill Hair, Robert Fulmer, Jerry Freeman, Marshall Cain, Billy Johnson, Bobby Ashley, William Clark, J. C. Quattlebaum, Carl Carver, Leonard Yaun, Everett Baker. Second Row: Tom Moseley, Robert Duncan, James Key, Tillman Johnson, Clyde Summers, Bill Wenzel, George Wilson, Benny Knight, Gene Neilson, Harold Chapman, Gary Seigler, Philip Moody. Third Row: George Roe, Mickey Clerc, Mike Lovejoy, James Fulmer. Hugh Forest, Donnie Fulmer, George Lindell, Bobby Gunnels, Vernon Parker, Buddy Lyons, Tommy Heyward, Rudolph Moseley. Fourth Row: Coach Watson, Laddie Williams, Tommy Griffin, Philip Courtney, Don Wenzel, Harold Knecce, Toni Lovejoy, Coach Whaley.Left, Top to liottotn: EVERETT BAKER, CARL CARVER. HAROLD CHAPMAN. WILLIAM CLARK. “Hurrah! For the Green and the White . . ” For the second consecutive year the Aiken High Green Hornets were rated among the top teams of the state. The Hornets emerged victorious in eight out of eleven outings. The largest crowds in the history of the school attended the games. Coach Carroll Watson, with able assistance of Mr. Henry Whaley, turned out another masterful machine. The season opened the first Friday in SeptemlHT against Williston-Elko. The Green Hornets stung hard and long as they soundly trounced the visitors 25 to 0. The next game teamed us with our arch rivals, North Augusta. Both teams were evenly matched but the lads from the banks of the Savannah intercepted a pass deep in the Hornets’ territory and succeeded in pushing the ball over for the winning tally. The Hornets regained their sting the next outing as they eked by a nigged Langley-Bath-Clearwater aggregation 12 to 6. The outcome was in doubt until the final whistle. This was followed by a 19 to 0 Cotton Festival victory over Graniteville. Then came a real test of strength as the Hornets ran up against the might of Orangeburg which was rated as a strong contender for the state title. The locals met the challenge with tremendous strength. They led the mighty Indians through the majority of the contest; but, due to the lack of an “educated toe” Aiken came out on the short end of a 20 to 19 ordeal. This game will be long remembered by Aiken fans as one of the best football tilts ever to be played in the local stadium. Edgefield and Johnston proved weak opponents as the Green Hornets had reached their season’s peak and soundly trounced both teams. The Hornets swamped Edgefield 52 to 6 and romped over Johnston 44 to 0. The rampaging Hornets satisfied a tremendous Homecoming crowd by routing Batesburg-Leesville 31 to 6. A sudden change in weather brought about a sudden change in scores as powerful Lexington outplayed Aiken 32 to 0 in a game played in freezing temperature on a wet field. The final road trip to Saluda saw the Hornets triumph and regain their momentarily misplaced winning ways. The score was a healthy 31 to 6 victory. The grand finale of the year, and for nine seniors, saw the entire bench exercise their football prowess as Aiken went on to annihilate Abbeville 46 to 7. Individually the Hornets also had a very successful year as may easily be seen in a synopsis of the stalwarts. BILLY JOHNSON PHILIP MOODY EDWARD MOSELEYBig Bobby Ashley, co-captain and right tackle, played bis last year at Aiken in history making style. He was a hard charger, a mean tackier, a vicious blocker, and a great leader. Ashley was the only player in the county to receive the “Lineman of the Week” award twice during the season. Then there was Len Yaun who put in his first year as a regular with an excellent record. Yaun was also honored with the “Lineman of the Week" award. Giving good support to these two regulars were James Key and Jerry Freeman. Out on the flanks were two excellent pass snatching and blocking artists in the persons of Everett Baker and Marshall Cain. Both were iron men on offense and defense with the former the better pass receiver. Giving able aid were Gene Neilson, Bill Johnson, and Don Wenzel. In toward the center of the line were Co-Captain J. C. Quattlebaum, Carl Carver, William Clark, and Robert Duncan. The first three made up the offensive team with the latter receiving heavy defensive duty. Backing up this group were Rudolph Moseley, George Lindell, Bill Hair, and Tillman Johnson. Holding down the quarterback position was Bill Wenzel who did a superb job of calling plays. His trusty passing arm, deceptive handling, and able field generalship were magnificent. His understudy was Hugh Forest. The brunt of the running attack was done by Tom and “Boozie” Moseley. Tom, who led the county scoring race with 116 points, was the fastest man on the team and was the man for the extra yards or the dazzling runs. “Boozie” was a consistent runner with dashes of spectacular runs here and there. “Boozie” also played defensive safety. Both were named “Back of the Week” during the season. Clyde Summers and Bob Fulmer afforded able assistance to the speedy Moseleys. The fullback slot was pretty evenly distributed between the line busting and blocking abilities of Philip Moody, Harold Chapman, and Gary Seigler. Towards the end of the season Moody ended up on top in offense but no two finer linebackers can lx found than Seigler and Chapman. As a team and as individuals, the 1950 Aiken High Green Hornets left a record that will have the townsfolk and students, alike, buzzing for a long, long time! TOM MOSELEY GENE NEILSON BILL WENZEL LEONARD YAUNFirst Row: Bill Wenzel, Robert Fulmer. Don Wenzel. Bill George, Gene Neilson, Philip Moody, David .Neilson, Edward Moseley, Second Row: Clyde Summers, Danny Redd. John Woodard. Everett Baker, Leonard Yaun. Gene George, Harold Kneece. BASKETBALL This year’s basketball team was formed around some of last season’s best players. The team played in the usual Aiken form by starting off slowly before Christmas and then really hitting their stride after the holidays. The first team was built around five experienced players. Perhaps the best of these belong in the same family, as Gene and David Neilson are brothers. Last season Gene was second string center but Coach Watson moved him to forward during the present campaign thus giving the team a better scoring punch. David is back in his old guard slot where his trickv ball handling, faking, and deadly long shots are. perhaps, his most outstanding contributions to a magnificent team. DAVID NEILSON EDWARD MOSELEY PHILIP MOODY DON WENZELSCHEDULE Aiken . . . 32 Dreher . . . . 46 Aiken . . . 40 Dreher . . . . 48 Aiken . . . 66 Graniteville . . . 28 Aiken . . . 63 Johnston . . . . 20 Aiken . . . 45 Catholic High . . 44 Aiken . . . 47 Johnston . . . . 21 Aiken . . . 51 Saluda . . . . 36 Aiken . . . 49 Batesburg . . . 25 Aiken . . . 48 Lexington . . . 34 Aiken . . . 45 Lexington . . . 42 Aiken . . . 81 Batesburg . . . 19 Aiken . . . 39 Graniteville . . . 23 Aiken . . . 53 Orangeburg . . . 44 Aiken . . . 55 Saluda . . . Aiken . . . 44 Orangeburg . . . 33 Aiken . . . 61 North Augusta . . 42 GENE NEILSON BILL WENZEL Teaming up with Gene at forward is Bill Wenzel, who is a sure shot in the corners and really scraps for the ball under wither basket. There is plenty of reserve depth with Gene George serving as understudy to either of the first stringers. John Woodard, Clyde Summers, and Harold Kneece split up the duties as the other substitutes. Adding spirit and speed, Edward Moseley teamed with David Neilson to fill the two guard positions. Moseley’s speed is used to good advantage as he works the ball off to his teammates from the pivot slot. Affording capable assistance at the guards are Don Wenzel and Bill George, both are good long-shot artists and crafty ball handlers. Rounding out the first five is Philip Moody, who operates from the center position. Philip’s height is very capably used for rebounding under either backboard. He is also one of the team’s nifty ball handlers. Providing support for Philip’s pivot duties is Everett Baker, who is a good shotmaker and a fine rebounder. The team made a good showing in the State Tournament as they did last year. This year’s aggregation worked from the fast break which found the ball moving quickly down the court where it is either set up or worked off the floating pivot position. Coach Watson instigated this method of play to build a more effective attack. A pressing or loose man-to-man defense was employed through the season to good advantage. Along with an improved team can larger crowds to make the 1951 season a highly successful one. GENE GEORGE EVERETT BAKER JOHN WOODARD BILL GEORGEThe First Five BILL WENZEL, PHILIP MOODY, GENE NEIL SON, DAVID NEILSON, EDWARD MOSELEY 64Another duel for the rebound as the game ends Aiken 45, Catholic High 44. MOODY intercepts a would-be goal while SUMMERS looks on. WENZEL and NEILSON brothers fight for the rebound. WOODARD and REDD scrap for the ball while KNEECE looks on. JOHNSTON takes it on the chin 63 to 20.First Row: Doris Baker, Jo Helen Ansley, Sylvia Williams, Marilyn Hartley, Nlatilee Howard, Ann Brown, Kitty Knight, Caroline Sanderson, Judy Ellison. Second Row: Charlotte Swanner, Carroll Dyches, Bobbie Jean Blackman, Virginia Fredrickson, Mary Elizabeth Scott, Julia Henderson and Carolyn Woodard. GIRLS' BASKETBALL A greatly improved and highly spirited girls’ basketball team experienced one of their most successful seasons under the able guidance of Coach Sara Boyce. The team started off the season with a bang and maintained this blistering pace throughout the schedule. Coach Boyce built her hardwood aspirants around a nucleus of eight returning lettermen. Perhaps the most outstanding was Matilee Howard, who was one of the three regular forwards. Matilee’s experience plus ample speed, illusiveness, tricky hall handling, and sharp shooting contributed much to the team’s success. Filling out the other two forward slots were Ann Brown and Kitty Knight. Ann’s speed made her convenient for snappy ball handling and a sure shot from close in while Kitty was relied upon for longer shots. These two plus Matilee comprised one of the better hall han- dling and shot-making combinations in the state. The reserve power at the forward positions was led by Carroll Dyches, who was one of Coach Boyce’s eight wonders. She was one of the craftiest shotmakers Miss Boyce has had the pleasure to coach. With more experience Carroll should provide good material for several years to come. Along with Carroll, Julia Henderson, Caroline Sanderson, Virginia Fredrickson, and Carolyn Woodard gave the first three ample hacking. Across the line three gifted guards in the persons of Bobbie Jean Blackman, Marilyn Hartley, and Sylvia Williams composed the efficient first unit. All three were capable hall stealers and work horses under the baskets. These three found competition from Mary Elizabeth Scott, Charlotte Swanner, Jo Helen Ansley, and Judy Ellison. 66First How: Matilee Howard, Kitty Knight, Ann Brown. Second Row: Marilyn Hartley, Sylvia Williams, Julia Henderson. Third How: Carolyn Woodard, Mary Elizabeth Scott, Virginia Fredrickson. The team lacked the desired height but made up for this minor deficiency in speed, plenty of experience, and depth in the reserve strength. With only one member of the team graduating next year's outlook is very bright. What with a good coach, good luck, plenty of speed, experience, and much more team spirit than last season this year's sextet proved to be one of Aiken High’s most successful. JO HELEN’ ANSLEYDONALD McDOUGAL, LEONARD YAUN. JOHN WOODARD, BILLY JOHNSON GOLF The Aiken High School golf team took up where last year’s left off and again found themselves among the top contenders for the state “A” title. The local combination won matches from Orangeburg, Dreher, Columbia, Catholic High and Richmond Academy. JOHN WOODARD LEONARD YAUN DONALD McDOUGAL BILLY JOHNSONFirst How: Melvin Lowe, Gene George, Hugh Forrest, Benny Knight, George Lindell, Marvin Hughes, Robert Duncan, Ralph Gregory. Second How: Billy Arthur, Bill Wenzel, Gene Neilson, David Neilson, Edmund Cortez, George Sanko, Bill George, Coach Buddy Neel. BASEBALL The 1950 baseball team did not live up to expectations as it lost more games than it won. The locals ran into stiff opposition in Richmond Academy, Batesburg, Saluda, Barnwell, Edge-field and Graniteville. Coach Watson had just called his boys out for the opening practice when The Hornet went to press. The 1951 team should be much better as Bill Wenzel, last year’s ace pitcher, is back and most of the players have had experience. The Hornets will play their home games at Eustis Park under the lights. Large crowds are anticipated as the H-Bomb plant is now in full swing and there are many new comers in town.TRACK TEAM OF 1950 First Row: Tom Moseley, Edward Moseley, Robert Fulmer, William Clark, Bobbie Gunnels. Second Row: Laddie Williams, Donnie Fulmer, Gary Seigler. Philip Moody, Clyde Summers, James Quattle-baum. Coach Watson. Big things have happened to Aiken’s cindermen. The local trackmen took almost every first place, individually, but were forced to accept second place honors in the annual state meet held in Columbia, due mainly to the fact that the squad was small numerically. It is common talk among the track aspirants that the first place in the state meet is no obstacle and they are out to get it this spring. Coach Watson is expecting a lot from the following: Philip Moody, last year's state high jumper and a member of the winning 440 relay team; William Clark, who captured first place in the state mile race in 1950; Clyde Summers, who pole-vaulted himself to the top of the heap in Columbia in the same meet; and Tom Moseley, who coped the 100-yard dash, the javelin event and was also a member of the 440 relay team. Along with these are Donnie Fulmer, Boozie Moseley, Everett Baker, Bob Fulmer and Gary Seigler. This group comprises Aiken high's hopes for a successful season in track, one all Aiken students feel confident will bring home the Class “A” title. TRACK MOSELEY sets district 100-yard dash record Aiken Captures State Relay, 1950FEATURES 71SENIOR "«■ "mA DEAN REEO HUNTER NEW AN,. NO' B« breeland ,p MOODY and MAli A osf Popular Best Dressed J. C. QUATTLEBAUM and FLORENCE GALLOWAY BILLY JOHNSON and PHYLLIS PASSINK 72Most Dependable HAROLD CHAPMAN and VIRGINIA WILLIS Most Studious EDMUND EUBANKS and JOSEPHINE MOORI SUPERLATIVES Best Looking Best Personality HARRY WOODWARD and PATRICIA PERMENTER NORMAN CULLUM and BARBARA GARVINSUPERLATIVES Most Likely To Succeed Most Athletic MIKE LOVE JOY and CAROLYN McELMURRAY BILL WENZEL and JO HELEN ANSLEY 74 Wittiest GENE NEILSON and PEGGY PARKER Most Ambitious HENRY LOWE and BETTY TOOLE75 f iayer, 1950 PHILIP MOODY BILL WENZELTHE 1951 MAY QUEEN 7bFOOTBALL QUEEN 777879 SPONSOR FOR SOPHOMORE CLASS8081Baker closes in for the kill . . . You name it. . . Talent Show icinners . . . “We’re for Aiken High School” . . . Court entertainer . . . May Day at Eustis Park ... K. P. duty . . . Jump center ... A oirdieP . . Heads up .. . Take me out to the ball game . . . Line forms at the rear . . . We beat the Z'ah fl. 1la . . Homecoming thrills . . . “Seek and thou shall find.” 82All yours . . . Who handed this in . . . Practice makes perfect . . . Oink, Oink . . . Brother David . . . This is the life . . . Timber . . . Casey at the bat . . . Your guess is as good as mine . . . Which is mine? . . . Fore ... It happens once a year . . . Throw 'em coach . . . This is getting monotonous . . Am • to the occasion . . . Lasty but not least. 83Alma Mater In the land of flowers and sunshine Is our Aiken High— There a tower of truth and learning Points to the sky. Chorus Hail to Aiken, Alma Mater Tender, fair, and true, Grateful we with love unfailing All our vows renew. Let our voices loudly ringing. Echo far and near; Songs of praise thy children singing, To thy mem’ry dear. Years may dim our recollection Time its change may bring, Still thy name in fond affection Evermore we sing. 84Living up to the old adage, “Better late than never,” this edition of the The Hornet was taken hurriedly to the printers in the exhausting minutes of the deadline date. It is a pleasant thought to know that in just a few short months all of the staffs efforts, its many nights of labor, and in my case many sleepless nights, will appear in what we think rates as one of the best annuals Aiken High School has sponsored; in other words, we are proud of the 1951 Hornet and we sincerely hope that it will bring back to you many memories in the years to come. I would also like to extend to Mr. Willis, on behalf of the Staff, our most sincere appreciation for the time and effort he has spent in helping us “over the humps.” Due thanks is also accredited to Mike Lovejoy for his untiring help and interest. Too, I would like to thank and congratulate the Staff for a job well done. The Editor. 85rfc Relre ...AM Zest fo (Ns =r f 1 i ip WJ — a—— st - Compliments of HOTEL HENDERSON BEAUTY SALON Chesterfield St. Telephone 1033 Congratulations HITE FLORAL COMPANY “Everything in Flowers” STATIONERY TOYS GREETING CARDS GIFTS THE BOOK SHOP School and Office Supplies Lending Library MARVIN'S DINING ROOM “Fine Foods” U. S. Highway Number 1 North of Aik ex ESSO PRODUCTS Phoxe 9100 J. GASTON ALBEA JEWELRY Aikex, S. C. OWEN THOMAS “A Friendly Store for Men” HEADQUARTERS FOR AIKEN-HIGH Laurens St. Phone 129 87... on the successful completion of your classroom studies. May they be of much value in your future education and assist in meeting and solving the new problems that now confront you and your Country and its system of free enterprise. We shall be at your command in any way our services can aid you. Our heartiest felicitations and best wishes go with you. 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A. A. H. A. HOTEL HENDERSON Aiken’s Finest Year ’Round Hotel Famous for good Food Charles E. Todd, Owner and Manager HALL'S PHARMACY CO. Aiken, S. C. POWELL HARDWARE COMPANY Norge Electrical Appliances Paints — China — Stoves — Ranges Glassware — Building Supplies Aiken, S. C. EULALIE SALLEY COMPANY INSURANCE AM) REAL ESTATE Telephone 94 Aiken, S. C. COMPLIMENTS OF HOLLEY MOTOR COMPANY Sales Service AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA 91 : McELMURRAY PONTIAC DURBAN—LAIRD'S, INC. "We Use Genuine Pontiac Parts” 700 Block of Park Ave. AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA Phone 781 Aiken. S. C. PHONE 40 Compliments of Insurance — Real Estate HOLLEY HARDWARE r. w. McCreary co. GEN ERAL El,ECTRIC Dry Goods — Notions — Shoes APPLIANCES Ladies’ and Misses’ Kkady-to-Wkar Blankets — Linens — Draperies GRIFFIN TIRE SERVICE "We Have Served the People of Aiken County Over Sixty Years” r : ■ I THE J. W. ASHURST AGENCY AIKEN BAG CORPORATION INSURANCE — REAL ESTATE Aiken, S. C. Phone 34 92SUGGESTING YOUR HEADQUARTERS IN AUGUSTA FOR THE FINEST IN FOODS GREENE'S “South's Finest Drive-In” Home ok the Original “Thing” JONES-GEORGE ROGERS ELECTRIC COMPANY TIRE AND BATTERY SERVICE BAND INSTRUMENTS DISTRIBUTOH OF U. S. TIRES, RECORD PLAYERS BATTERIES AND ACCESSORIES SMALL RADIOS PHII.CO AND WESTINGHOUSE RECORDS APPLIANCES J Aiken, S. C. Phone 598 911 Laurens St. Aiken, S. C. AUTO SUPPLY APPLIANCE COMPANY MURPHY STATIONERY COMPANY D. M. MacMillan, Oioner Social and Commercial Stationery 814 Laurens Street 718 Broad St. Diai. 2-2122 I . 0. Box (580 Phone 127 Augusta, Georgia j RABORN BROTHERS JOHNSON'S PAINT AND BODY SHOP SERVICE STATION Columbia Hwy. Aiken, S. C. Cor. York St. and Richland Ave. Phone 415-J Phone 124 93Compliments of CROFT GAS AND ELECTRIC CO. Congratulations to THE Graduating Class of 1951 JOHNSON BUILDING BUCHANAN HOME AUTO SUPPLY Firestone Products 837 Laurens St. Phone 1306 Aiken, S. C. 9495j Established 1876 HUTSON-ETHERREDGE AGENCY C. M. Etherredge, Manager Insurance — Real Estate — Loans AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA AUGUSTA SPORTING GOODS COMPANY. INC. “Equipment For Every Sport” 210-212 Eighth St. Augusta, Ga. PARKER MOTORS Sales • Service 826 Pendleton St. Aiken, S. C. THOMPSON REDD-McCLAIN FURNITURE CO. MOTOR SUPPLY CO.. INC. Aiken, S. C. COMPLETE HOUSEHOLD FURNISHINGS Hayne Ave. Phone .300 ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES Aiken, S. C. 96AIKEN TRACTOR IMPLEMENT COMPANY JOHN DEERE FARM MACHINERY WELDING — PRESS WORK Aiken, S. C. r )8 Park Avk. Telephone 734 J Compliments ok AIKEN LUMBER COMPANY Aiken, S. C. DORIS JEWELERS Augusta, Georgia THE RIGHT STYLES AT THE RIGHT PRICES For the Ladies — For the Men B. M. SURASKY'S Your “P” and “Q” Stork! (Prices) and (Quality) In Aiken COMPLIMENTS OF PATRICIA AND ROSEMARY THEATERS “The finest in entertainment“ 97Compliments of DAIRY QUEEN Compliments ok AIKEN PETROLEUM COMPANY Distributors Gulf Oil Corporation Products Aiken, S. C. Compliments of RUDNICK FURNITURE CO. COWARD SEED CO., INC. SEED — FEED — FERTILIZER INSECTICIDES Seed Cleaning, Treating and Delimiting Phone 1260 Compliments of GEORGE FUNERAL HOMECULLUM MOTORS STUDEBAKEIi AND INTERNATIONAL Sales • Seri'ice Compliments of S. H. DRY CLEANERS Aiken, S. C. +Ht( , 99%%

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