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yi? W ■ 1-L HORNET AIKEN HIGH SCHOOL AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA The spirit of Aiken High School is symbolic of the varied activities of school and community which combine to make Aiken Hi unequalled. It lives in the heart of every student and the attraction it holds for him increases as days pass and memories multiply. Our town itself is unique. Its inhabitants vary as the seasons change, for winter brings the wealthy tourist to his secluded home on Whiskey Road. Regardless of social position, most of those who live in the “Sports Center of the South" are bound together by a common love of sports. . . . For the native citizen there is golf, tennis, and horseback riding. Polo, horse racing, trotting, and the "drag" come south with the winter. High school sports: football, baseball, and track blend in with these to make Aiken a sportsman’s paradise. The staff of the 1949 Hornet has attempted to combine these two elements— that of the school and that of the town and convert them into something tangible . . . your 1949 Hornet. If they have failed, their failure has not been caused by any lack of enthusiasm. The real task was that of arresting the two elements in the staff’s photographs and words. The staff will be amply repaid for its efforts, if, on some far distant day, this book brings back one pleasant memory or makes one heart swell with rapture as its owner recalls the times that were . . . 2"Aiken’s Most Familiar Landmark” 3A tree—a bird—a flower. The sun—the moon—the shower, God speaks to you in Aiken. A horse—a dog—a gun. Polo—a fox—and fun. Await you here in Aiken "Spring Brings Enchantment To The Gardens Of Aiken” 4The boy—the girl—the school. Good health and church—the rule. Bring peace of mind in Aiken. Could anything be clearer? Would you to God be nearer? The answer—Aiken—Aiken. —C. M. Hammond. "Century-old St Thaddeus stands a sentinel watch over the bustling city. ” 5n n Where rolling fairways meet velvet greens . . . 6Where modern architecture is dwarfed by Aiken s century old pines .... Here the light, filtering through perfect forms, arranges itself in lovely patterns for those who perceive beauty. 7Dedication To Our Superintendent of City Schools LOUIS K. HAGOOD Whose fifteen years of faithful service to Aiken High have made him very dear to all our hearts, we dedicate this volume as a token of our sincere gratitude and appreciation. • THE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL . . . Mellowed by time, the old buildings hold a charm of effective self-expression and beauty. 10MR. J. O. WILLIS, Principal The weisht of the problems of every individual and every group at Aiken High falls on the shoulders of our principal, Mr. J. O. Willis. He earns the devotion and respect of all by handling their problems adeptly and treating everyone with equality and fairness. Administration 11TRUSTEES MR. P. F. HENDERSON, Chairman; MR. J. R. McTEER, Secretary; DR. L. D. BOONE, MR. H. E. HOLLEY, MR. C. H. MARVIN, JR. 12FACULTY Top: MISS LeCLAIR ANDERSON, MISS FRANCEYS BEATY, MR. D. EUGENE CLEMONS, MR. CARROLL COURTNEY. Second: MISS JOSEPHINE CROUCH, MR. J. B. EUBANKS, MISS MARY GANDY, MR. QUINCY GREGORY. Third: MISS NORMA GUNTER, MRS. EDWIN HALLMAN, MR. A. H. HAWKINS, MISS MARY FRANCES McGILL. 13I ■ FACULTY Top: MISS FLORA BELL MclEOD, MISS ELIZABETH RAINSFORD, MRS. A. J. RUTLAND, MISS ELIZABETH TEAGUE. Second: MR. CARROLL WATSON, MISS THERESA WOODWARD, MISS DORIS LUCAS, Secretary; MR. WILLIAM T. SLAUGHTER. Third: MISS MAUDE WOODWARD, Lunch Room Manager; MISS KATHLEEN JUMPER. 14WOODWARD. WILLIS, FRANZBLAU. HUGHES HUBERT WOODWARD..................................................President ESTHER FRANZBLAU............................................Vice-President LIDA MAE WILLIS..................................................Secretary WILLIAM HUGHES...................................................Treasurer 16BENNIE JEAN CLARK "Jeanie”—helpful, good-natured Council Member. 45. 46. RICHARD BARRY COHEN "Tubby”—friendly, talkative Second Place in S. C. Public Speaking Contest. 47; Football. '48; Baseball. 47. '48. '49; National Honor Society. '48. '49; Cheerleader. 46. '47. PEGGY JOAN COLLUM friendly, good dancer, gets around May Queen, '47; Football Queen. '47; National Honor Society. 48. '49; Basketball. 47. 48. 49: Cheerleader. '46. '47. '48. BOBBY MERREL COOK "Cookie”—good student, easygoing, athletic President Student Council, '48; President National Honor Society, '48: Hornet Staff, '49; Football, Baseball, '45. '46. '47. '48. '49; Basketball, Track. 48. '49. LURIA ERASTUS CUMBEE “L. E."—slow, friendly, cute Basketball. 47, '48: Glee Club. CHARLES WILLIAM CUPP "Bo Diddy"—athletic, talkative, jokes Baseball. '44. '45. 46. '47 (Captain), '48 (Captain). '49; Football. '45. '46. 47, 48; Basketball, 48. '49. SENIORS 17 Student ( DUNCAN ELLIS "Dunk”—tall, sandy hair, talkative Student Council. 48; "Hi-Times" Business Manager. 48-'49; Block "A" Club; Football. 47. 48: Basketball Manager, 49. ALMA CHRISTINE EUBANKS “Chris”—cute, popular Block A" Club: Basketball. '49; Glee Club. ) LOUIE DELL FIELDS “Loafus”—funny, mechanical minded Track. '47. '48; Baseball. 47. '48: Basketball, 47. '48: Council Member, 48: President Student Council. 49. DAVID FORREST FRANKLIN tall, dark, and handsome Captain Marching Band. '47. '48, '49: President A. H. S. Band. '48, '49; Glee Club. ESTHER EVE FRANZBLAU “Es”—cute clothes, friendly, do3 lover Student Council. 47; Senior Class Vice-President, 48: National Honor Society. 47, 48 (Vice-President). 49: Hornet Staff, '49: "Hi-Times" Business Manager. '47-'48. BETTY LOUISE FULMER m “Sam”—cute, witty, pretty hair Hi-Times" Reporter. '46-'47; May Day Attendant. '46. '48: Captain Safety Patrol. ‘46-'47. SENIORS 18FRANCES JUNE GOSS "Green Eyes"—sweet, talkative BETTY JANE GREGORY "Betts"—studious, quiet, friendly JOSEPH TRACY HAIR '"Mule”—handsome, athletic President Block "A" Club, 49; Glee Club: Football, 45, '46, 47 (Captain), '48: Baseball. Track, '48. '49. BRIDGET IRENE HANLY "Britches”—cute, very likable May Day Attendant, '47: Block "A" Club: Basketball Manager, '48. '49; Glee Club Treasurer, '49. ELAINE JOYCE HARTLEY wonderful personality, dependable May Day Attendant, 46, '47. WYMAN DUNCAN HENDRIX “Tricky”—talkative, cute Cheerleader, '46, '47; Baseball, '47, '48. SENIORS 19RALPH OLIVER HOLLEY "Shorty”—quiet, friendly, cute Student Council: Basketball. '47; Football. '47. FRANCES VIRGINIA HORNE "Mouth"—wild and wooly, easycjoins National Honor Society. 48. 49: Glee Club Secretary. '48. Vice-President. 47. WILLIAM TILDEN HUGHES "Ford”—good student, dependable National Honor Society. 47. 48. '49; S. C. Mental Contests. English and History, '48; Senior Class Treasurer. '48- 49. BARBARA WOODWARD JOHNSON married, got around JAMES ALBERT KITCHINGS "Bimbo”—very popular, good dancer, musical Hornet Editor. 49; Student Council President. '47; National Honor Society Vice-President. '49: Band. '45. '46. '47, '48. 9 (Student Conductor): Basketball. '48. MARTHA ETTA LYONS "Tiger”—blonde, golden voice National Honor Society. 47. '48. '49 (Secretary and Treasurer); Glee Club. '47 (President). '48 (Secretary), '49 (Vice-President): Cheerleader. 48: Senior Sponsor, '49. V OA LU.W SENIORS ?ortf-, k 2 ..S ' v£ jo ann McCarty "Jo”—witty, golden hair, giggles ■ I t National Honor Society, 47. 48 (Vice-President), ’49; Glee Club Vice-President, '48. PENNY IRENE McCARTY "Red”—smart, quiet, friendly JENROSE McTEER serious minded, loyal, dependable Hi-Times" Assistant Editor. 47. Editor, 48: National Honor Society. '47. '48. 49: Miss Hi Miss. 49; Hornet Business Manager. 49: S. C. Mental Contest. History. ' WILBUR WHITLOCK MORRIS » "Will”—friendly, witty, tall F. F. A. MORDECAI PERSKY "Perk”—witty, "brilliant brain” "Hi-Times” Associate Editor. 47. Feature Editor. 48. Editor. 49: Student Council Vice-President, '47, Secretary. '46; Hornet Staff. 49; National Honor Society. 48. 49 (Secretary); Declamation Contest. Second Place. '45. First Place, '46. BETTY LEE PRINCE "Bunny”—nice complexion, sweet nature, eyes out of this world Football Guecn. '48: Cheerleader. '48: Basketball, '48. 49 (Captain): National Honor Society, 47, '48. '49 (Secretary); Hornet Staff. '49. SENIORS 21ROSA LEE SHEALY MILDRED FRANCES SLOAN "Red"—artistic, pretty hair National Honor Society, '47. 48. 49: May Day Attendant. 46: Cheerleader. 46: Block ’"A" Club: "Hi-Times Society Editor, 48. SARA ANN SMITH quiet, pretty, peaches and cream complexion Glee Club. 49: May Day Princess. 45. •'rT-C "Rose”—smart, friendly, cute Student Council. 45. 46. HERBERT SIZEMORE “Herb"—3ood-looking, smart, dependable F. F. A. THOMAS EARL WALKER "Tom"—amusing, tall Football, 45. 47, 48; Basketball. 47; Track. 46: Glee Club. '46. '47. 48: Student Council. ’47, ’48. EDGAR OWEN TAYLOR "Boot”—athletic, dependable, red hair Football. 46, ’47. 48, 49 (Captain): Basketball. ’46. 47, 48 (Captain): Track, 47; Glee Club. ’47, '48. ’49: Block "A ” Club. SENIORS 22LIDA MAE WILLIS “Squeaky"—athletic, friendly, cute Senior Class Secretary, 49; Hornet Staff, '49: Basketball, '47, 48 (Captain), 49: Block "A" Club. HUBERT RAY WOODWARD “Woody"—handsome, leader, dependable Senior Class President, 49; Football, 48. JAMIE LUTHER WORLEY quick tempered, quiet, friendly F. F. A. EDWARD ERNEST ZORN “Ed”—tall, dark, good-looking Band 45. '46, '47, '48. '49. SENIORS 23April days had come to Aiken again—and with the blooming of each flower, with each drop of rain, with each new green grass blade, with each ray of sun there was imprinted upon my heart the full realization that quite soon May, with all of its glorious color schemes, would turn our parks and campus into a fairyland of flowers and sunshine and then—within a very short time, one bright June day, there would dawn the hour for which through twelve colorful years, we had hoped, dreamed, lived— Graduation. As I meditated upon the last fleeting hours left to us as a class in Aiken High School there came the myriad memories of our school which will remain with us always. My memory moved swiftly back to that September morning in 1936 when Miss Jenny and Miss Emily stood at their respective doors welcoming the tiny individuals who, with a great deal of apprehension, were about to begin the slow tread up education’s hill. Grammar school where we grew from baby students of reading, writing, and arithmetic up through the years of workbooks, dairy units, assembly programs. May Day exercises, operettas, etc. Even the startling announcement that we would have to complete the twelfth grade failed to dampen our young spirits. What a day to remember? Alas, we had arrived. We felt that the estate of young manhood and womanhood had duly descended upon us as we entered Aiken High School for the first time. In spite of the confusion of registering and finding our way around the large, new building, we knew that a door had closed and a new one had opened. For the first day marked the beginning of Memory Lane with never to be forgotten experiences. Nor can we forget the thrill of the "Pep" meetings and the football games, our first dance, high school plays, basketball, Ma Day, baseball, and many other new adventures. With the swift passage of time sophomoric wisdom turned into jolly giggles and lo! We were juniors. Now the richness of high school life began to thrill us with the sheer joy of being alive. Many honors fell to our class for there was to be no senior class this year. The responsibility of winning honors for our school upon the athletic and scholastic fields fell to members of our class. The boys kept our banners flying high by winning many victories upon the gridiron, while other members tripped the light fantastic upon the basketball court and dusted home plate many times to add more luster to our record. We furnished the editor for ‘'Hi-Times", the Queen for the football banquet and May Day. Our debaters and mental contestants won places of honor in contests during the spring. All were not gay hours; however, for beneath the great pageant of fun and frolic, the students continued their work in the classroom, library and lab. In spite of the many events which crowded our days the serious pursuit of obtaining an education continued. Can we ever forget cramming for exams and the anxious faces waiting for reports. Senior days, oh, dignity, where art thou? Still vivid is the long lunch line; the mad scramble to get served in the canteen; long weary hours working on "The Hornet"; picture taking and more picture taking; "Hi-Times" takes on a new look: "Home Sweet Homicide", our class play; interviews for colleges; plans for commencement; receiving our rings; sending our invitations; the blue line forming in the gymnasium; these are but a few of the events in an eventful year. Each year has had its individual highlights and the entire four years present a kaleidoscope of tender, sweet memories, which the passage of time shall enshrine more permanently in our hearts. "O! Memories that bless and burn Link our heart with bonds both sweet and sure. Bring us back the well remembered ways To live again the unforgotten days To feel once more youth’s own sweet mystic spell To meet again the friends we used to know And live again the days of long ago . . . ”. 24CANDID CAMERA Myrtle Beach is wonderful . . . We ’re on our way . . . Down the strand . . . Say no more . . . Sho do, do you? . . . Ain’t it been grand ... I wish I knew . . . What about a ride . . . And that's the dope . . . The return of the villian . . . Locked out . . . I've had enough . . . Let’s pretend ... So you want to be an actor? 25CLECKLEY, MORRIS, RUTLAND JANE RUTLAND............................................President ANN CLECKLEY . 26 MARY ALICE MORRIS . . . . Vice-President Secretary and TreasurerTop Row: MARGARET ANDERSON, WILTON ALBERT ARTHUR, ELIZABETH ASHLEY, WILLIAM DANZLER BARTON, JUANITA BUTLER. Second Row: ANN CLECKLEY, ALEXANDER COCALIS, RICHARD COOK, BETTY DePEW, JAMES AARON FORD. Third Row: SUSAN HOYTENSE FORREST, JOHN MARK FULMER, PEGGY ERNESTINE GREENE, RALPH NELSON GREGORY, SALLIE MAE GRICE. 27 J U N O R STop Row: LOU ELLA GUNTER, ANNIE BLONDELL HALL, ELBERT HARLEY, ELEANOR VIRGINIA HEAD, BARBARA ANNE HENDRY. Second Row: JANET PICKENS HOLLEY, FRANCES VIRGINIA HOWARD, BILLY JACKSON, LOIS JACKSON, JAMES IRVIN JONES. Third Row: LAWRENCE WALLACE KEY, MIRIAM LYBRAND, THOMAS T. LYBRAND, JULIE ANNE MARSCHALK, MARY ELLEN McCRAVY. 28 J U N O R STop Row: NELL ROSE MOORE, MARY ALICE MORRIS, JESSE MOYER, CARRIE EDITH OWENS, HUBERT OSTEEN PLATT. Second Row: JAMES DONALD PRICE, JULIAN GLEN PROTHRO, JACQUELYN ANN RICKS, JANE KING RUTLAND, PHYLLIS COURTNEY SANDERSON. Third Row: GEORGE SANKO, PATRICIA ANN SEIGLER, VIRGINIA SNIPES, CHARLES DORCEY STANLEY, AND CHARLES ELLIOTT STEADMAN. 29 J U N O R SFirst Row: ELLA CORTELL STOKES, CLARENCE TRUMAN SUMMER, CARROLL JOSEPH TRAVELLE, ELIZABETH THOMPSON, MARGIE LUCILLE THOMPSON. Second Row: LAMAR WILLIAMS, JEAN CAROLYN WOODWARD, PATSY JANE WOODWARD, AND RETHA PENNINGTON. JUNIORS 30SOPHOMORES First Row: MARY BREELAND, ROSEMARY HENDRIX, ANN WOOD, PATRICIA JENNINGS, DORIS MOSELEY, PEGGY SMITH, JOSEPHINE MOORE, PATTY LOU PERMENTER, FLORENCE GALLOWAY. Second Row: BETTY TOOLE, PEGGY PARKER, JACKIE JOHANNSEN, EVELYN ROGERS, BETTY CROFT, EDITH WILLIAMS, VIRGINIA WILLIS, ANITA HALLMAN, CAROLYN McELMURRAY. Third Row: NORMAN CULLUM, BUSTER BROWNING, GENE NEILSON, PHILIP MOODY, JOHN HAPPERSETT, HENRY LOWE, EDMUND EUBANKS, CARL KEITH, LINDSEY SCOTT, BILLY SIMON. 31 SOPHOMORES First Row: MARJORIE GOODWIN, NELL KOON, BETTY MOSELEY, BETTY WALKER, NOMA DEAN REED, KATRENA MOSLEY, MARGARET BUTLER, DORIS BAKER. Second Row: HARRY WOODWARD, LUCILLE STALLINGS, ELEANOR BARTON, ANNIE LAURA CATO, MARY FRANCES WILLING, SARAH ELLEN DAVIS, VIRGINIA HUDSON, ADIE HERRON, JO HELEN ANSLEY. Third Row: BOBBY EMENEKER, CAROL BUSBEE, J. C. QUATTELBAUM, RAYFORD CARSWELL, HUNTER NEW, BOBBY ASHLEY, DAVID OSBON, HAROLD CHAPMAN, JAMES JAY, FRED PLUNKETT, FARREL RODGERS. 32FRESHMEN TOP PICTURE. First Row: Mildred Wingard. Fay Osbon. Betty Jean Atkinson. Charlotte Swanner. Marilyn Hartley, Polly Major. Gracie Stone, and Eloise Beck. Second Row: Jean George. Sylvia Williams. Julia Claire Johnson. Ruth “Jerry" Williams. Louise Piper. Ruth Gunter. Donnell Moseley, and Bili George. Third Row: Robert Fulmer. Louise Heath, Frank Willis, James Key, O'Neal Hudson, Clyde Summer. Wilbur Willing, and Ov cn Osbon. MIDDLE PICTURE, First Row: Lucille Melctte, Kitty Knight. Eva Smalley. Judy Ellison. Carolyn Sanderson. Matilee Howard. Carolyn Corley. Charlotte Woodward, and Helen Boyd. Second Row: Shirley Woodward. Shirley Rifkin, Jane Norman. Betty Scott, and Irene Sanko. Third Row: Howard Ellis. David Neilson, Bill Hair, Joe D. Halford. Marshall Cain, Jerry Freeman, John Woodard Hal Henderson. Ralph Muller. Marvin Hughes, and Wilbur Thompson. BOTTOM PICTURE. First Row: Maggie Lee Cook. Gracie Lybrand. Ellen Mundy. Betty New. Velma Posey. Elizabeth Broughton. June Baynham. Betty Sadler, Barbara Young, Sherry Hartley. Peggy Garvin. Second Row: Gary Hartley. Everett Baker. Leonard Yaun. Edward Moseley. Lester Richardson. Garvin Cullum. Dancel Temole Richard Gordon. Third Row: Carroll Heath. William Gregory. George Cook. Wil'iam Clark. Charlie Stringficld. Robert Patrick. Sidney Stanley ana Horace bnolar. ' •' 338th GRADE First Row: Constance Converse. Julia Henderson, Patsy Smalley, Shirley Franklin. Claire Courtney, Betty Sue Bradley. Shirley Woodward. Frances Cumbee. Elizabeth Anderson. Betty Jean Tesenier. Sylvia Stokes, Gloria Rumbley. Shirley Hancock, and Carol Woodard. Second Row: Tommy Griffin. Patsy Toole. Sylvia George, Virginia Fredcrickson. Alma Lybrand. Beth Tyler. Evelyn Herrin, Eleanor Cullum. Barbara Driver. Gail Sloan, Sylvia McElmurray. Barbara Chapman. Mary Ann Newcomer, Elizabeth Arthur, Ann Moore. Louise Heath, Dorothy Herron, and Joyce Whittle. Third Row: Edward Marschalk. J. L. Eitson. Lollice Courtney, Carl Young, Lorie Thompson. Virginia New, Louise Seigler, Shirley Sadler, Virginia Abney. Billy Sheppard. George Roe, Edward Metts. Sidney Clark. Philip Courtney, and Hyland Randall. Fourth Row: Laddie Williams, John Happersett. Hugh Forrest. Ronald Guattlebaum. Carl Carver. Sam Ouzts. Heyward Shealy. Rudolph Moseley. Bobby Gunnels. Jerry Rutland, George Lindell. Ronald Campbell, William Johnston. Robert Duncan, and John Woodard. Fifth Row: Tom Mixon. William Morris. Donnie Fulmer. Clarence Lowe. Tillman Johnson. Helen Widener, Mary Holsen-back. Margaret Wingard. Caroline Boyd. Grace Gantt. Cleo Key. Mary Ann Seigler, Nancy Carter, and Phillip Heath. Sixth Row: Ralph Smith. Nettie Ruth Kitchings. Cleo Renew, Betty Whittle, Nina Cooper, Martha Seigler. Betty Scott. Carey Jay. Ella Arthur. Zona Brown. Joyce New. Sarah Barefoot. Eleanor Fulmer, and Robert Quattlebaum. J U N O R 347th GRADE First Row: Mary Dell Robertson, Frances Willing, Patricia Paige, Mildred Summers. Arnold Garvin. Dot Corley, Betty Taylor, Bobby Osbon. Billy Holley, George Williamson. Ray Derrick, Boyce Bell. James Quattlebaum, Floyd Norman, James Anderson. Clyde Willing, Herbert Richardson, James Rhoden, Orville Wright, and Robert Wright. Second Row: Nancy Appel. Marjorie Herron. Shirley Hutto, Dottie Moyer, Grace Smith, Mary Lybrand. Robert Kneece, Martin Heath. Brantley Whittle. Vernon Parker. Jack Carter. Mary Elizabeth Scott, Elizabeth Grice, Barbara Goss, Bruce Snipes, Thelma Sadler, Nina Broughton. Donald Redd. Gussie Mae Sturkie. and Doris Butler. Third Row: Joyce Renew. Loraine Temple, Marjorie Tornquest, Babs Johnson. Patsy Gregory. Ray Davis. Richard Lindell, Marion Eubanks. Harold Willis, Peggy Jones. Edmund Cortez. Herman Thomas, Letha Horne, J. L. Fulmer, Roy Parrish, Richard Stokes. James Hall, Cecil Brown. L. C. Scott, and Henry Rankin. Fourth Row: Frances Fulmer. Barbara Raborn, Eunice Richardson. Rose Carol Gunter, Barbara Whittle. Ruth Owens Mary Ann Sprawls. Thomas New, Mildred Snipes. Bertha Renew. Claire Steed, Peggy Moseley. Peggy Holley, Shirley Moseley, Sadie Seigler, Joe Jowers. Teddy Gomillion, Clifford Barton. Fifth Row: Christine Richardson, Johanna Gibbs. Dorothy Turner, Wiley Rollins, Donald Rollins. Harry Widener, Robert Payton. James Fulmer, James Jackson, Gertrude Ready. Olivia Snipes. Jean Prosser, Barbara Mundy. Julian Bell. Henry Summerall. Danny Redd. Kenneth Fulghum. Grady Thomas, and Haskell Goodwin. HIGH 35September—and the beginning of a new school year — this publication being the chronicle of the students of Aiken High School—a glimpse of their deeds and outstanding activities throughout the year. Each day brings forth new and exciting activities, the responsibility of preparation shared by the students and faculty members. A program of worthwhile activities integrated with the academic curricula is pursued at Aiken High. The monotony of all work and no play is broken by these co-curricular activities. Football played on chilly fall nights at the Pine Bowl. Bon fires surrounding the field, no brighter however, than the hope and desire of the two teams—each to win. Basketball ushers in the winter sports for both boys and girls. Under bright lights, which make the hardwood floors fairly sparkle, the cagers meet their opponents with the sting of young hornets. Baseball, tennis, golf, and track—the big four, played on balmy spring days, round out a full year of sport activities. Afa». C Socially, there are dances—the programs and pressed corsages remaining in memory books forever; the dances themselves remaining in memory. Orchestras playing soft, dreamy music; the swirl of dresses, the boys in tuxedos, and the decorations—always remembered. 36 E. P. Parker Resigns As Principal et£s IT’S MUWOCB: SENIORS DRAMATIZE Oh ",Sr t jf “HOME SWEET HOMICIDE ’ Jf ff ■' - «,v c. I A Students tXt M»t.rP'occ , v M sf := 6. ",r»Ab« V Charles Cupp Nanwd By JC’aAs Most ValuaMs” 4r4 SEEN HERE AND [HERE Abo„t K %rS Homecoming Oame . , Tonight At 8:00 0 clock .tsif V Spiritually, there are visiting ministers and speakers who give inspirational messages and make a great contribution to student life and thought. Artistically, there are music classes, clubs, and courses. The school band, orchestra, and glee club offer encouragement to musical-minded students. Art courses, the school newspaper, and the annual give prospective journalists and artists an opportunity to cultivate their talents. An integrated program of activities is presented at Aiken High. It offers enjoyment for the present as well as preparation for the future.FIRST SEMESTER BOBBY COCK President ELLIOTT STEADMAN Vice-President HUNTER NEW Secretary SECOND SEMESTER LOUIE FIELDS President SANDY COCALIS Vice-President CAROLYN McELMURRAY Secretary Student The representative power of the student body at Aisen High is vested in the Student Council. The purpose of the organization is to maintain standards in a high school activities and student reationships, and to provide for the training and development of the students, through cooperative participation in all phases of school life. The council seels to have all students participate in the activities of the schoof and much of the administration of student affairs are planned and administered by them. Council The Student Council officers are elected at the beginning of each semester. Candidates for Student Council start their political campaigns a few days before the election. A soecial assembly is held at which time the candidates and their campaign managers present thei' platforms. The local council is a member of the state organization. Members of the loca' chapter have serveo as officers in the state organization. 35Student Council Members For 1948 -1949 First Row: CLEO RENEW. BOBBY COOK ARNOLD GARVIN MARSHALL CAIN. MARILYN HARTLEY. HUNTER NEW. MARY BREELAND. DUNCAN ELLIS. DORIS BAKER. ELLIOTT STEADMAN. Second Row: LOUIE FIELDS. BARBARA CHAPMAN. JESSE MOYER. BABS JOHNSON. RALPH GREGORY. PEGGY GARVIN. EARL WALKER. JEAN WOODWARD. MR. CARROLL COURTNEY. BETTY PRINCE. JAMES KITCHINGS Editor JENROSE McTEER Business Manaser 11 HORNET STAFF Left to Right. Seated: JANE HOLLEY, ANN CLECKLEY, ESTHER FRANZBLAU, JENROSE McTEER. JAMES KITCHINGS. SUSAN FORREST, MORDECAI PERSKY, BETTY PRINCE. Left to Right, Standing: SANDY COCALIS. BOBBY COOK. ELLIOTT STEADMAN, LIDA MAE WILLIS, Absent. 40HI-TIMES STAFF Standing: MARILYN HARTLEY. PHYLLIS SANDERSON. HENRY SUMMERALL. BETH TYLER. DUNCAN ELLIS. ELLIOTT STEADMAN. SANDY COCALIS. MISS LcCLAIR ANDERSON. Adviser; JULIE PROTHRO. SUSAN FORREST, and MARY BREELAND. Seated: CHRISTINE EUBANKS. MORDECAI PERSKY. LAMAR WILLIAMS. JEAN WOODWARD, and JANE HOLLEY. 41BOBBY COOK President KITCHINGS. COOK. HUGHES JAMES KITCHINGS Vice-President MORDECAI PERSKY Secretary WILLIAM HUGHES Treasurer Nationa Honor Society First Row: JENROSE McTEER. JO ANN McCARTY. WILLIAM HUGHES. VIRGINIA HEAD. PEGGY COLLUM. JEAN WOODWARD. RICHARD COHEN. Second Row: BOBBY COOK. LOU ELLA GUNTER. ESTHER FRANZBLAU. BETTY DePEW. SUSAN FORREST. Third Row. BETTY PRINCE. FRANCES SLOAN. JULIE PROTHRO. JAMES KITCHINGS. Fourth Row: RALPH GREGORY. MARTHA LYONS. FRANCES HORNE. HUBERT PLATT.JOE HAIR President DICK COOK Vice-President ANN CLECKLEY Secretary and Treasurer COOK. CLECKLEY. HAiR Block A Club First Row: JULIE PROTHRO. JANE RUTLAND, BRIDGET HANLY. PEGGY COLLUM. PEGGY GREENE. LIDA MAE WILLIS. VIRGINIA HOWARD. FRANCES SLOAN. BETTY PRINCE. JEAN WOODWARD. ANN CLECKLEY. BARBARA ANN HENDRY. Second Row: DICK COOK. JOE HAIR. JOE TAVELLE. ELLIOTT STEADMAN. J. M. FULMER. BILLY ARTHUR. GEORGE SANKO, RICHARD COHEN. BILLY BARTON. DUNCAN ELLIS. BOBBY COOK. CHARLES CUPP. Third Row: EARL WALKER. JAMES JAY. TOMMY LYBRAND, LAMAR WILLIAMS. EDGAR TAYLOR. JAMES KITCHINGS, WYMAN HENDRIX, ELBERT HARLEY. HUBERT WOODWARD. GENE NEILSON. RALPH GREGORY.MUSICALLY GIRLS' GLEE CLUB MAJORETTES JANE RUTLAND LUCII.E MELLETTE AIKEN HIGH REPRESENTATIVES Forrest Franklin. James Kitchings. Beth Tyler, Constance Converse, Jerry Rutland, George Williamson, Jane Rutland. Lucile Mellette, Whistle Platt, Eleanor Cullum, Lucille Major, Marshall Cain. 44AIKEN HIGH SCHOOL BAND Forrest Franklin, Lucille Major. Jane Norman, Eva Smalley. Gene Neilson, Jane Rutland. Philip Moody. Julia Henderson. Marshall Cain. Ronald Campbell. Hal Henderson. Kitty Knight, Billy Barton. Ed Zorn. James Kitchings. Wilbur Thompson. Eleanor Cullum. Betty Bradley. George Williamson, Whistle Platt. Beth Tyler. Jerry Rutland. Constance Converse. Lucile Mellette. Jerry Williams. Patsy Smalley. Evelyn Herrin, Billy Holley. Tom Mixon. Patsy Gregory, Charlotte Swanner, Charlotte Woodward. Richard Stokes, Tilman Johnson, Bobby Osbon. Teddy Gomillion, Richard Lindell, Mr. W. T. Slaughter. Director. BOYS GLEE CLUB L. E. Cumbee. Bobby Cook. Lamar Williams. Carol Busbee, James Kitchings. Joe Tavelie, J. M. Fulmer. Harold Chapman, David Osbon. Tom Moseley. Rayford Carswell. Edgar Taylor, Earl Walker. AIKEN HIGH ORCHESTRA First Row: Susan Forrest, Martha Lyons, Forrest Franklin, Jane Rutland. Gene Neilson. Second Row: “Whistle" Platt, James Kitchings, Billy Barton. Philip • Moody. 45CLUBS ■VyUt eljjL - POSTER CLUB Hubert Woodward. Matilee Howard. Judy Ellison. Shirley Rifkin. Miss Norma Gunter. TRAVEL CLUB First Row: Jesse Moyer. George Sanko, Edward Marshalk. J. L. Eidson, Hal Henderson. Billy Jackson. Second Row: Elliott Steadman. Richard Cohen. Ralph Gregory. Miss Mary Gandy, Norma Dean Reed, Katrina Moseley. Betty Jean Moseley. Leonard Yaun. Third Row: Irvin Jones, Bobby Emeneker, Everett Baker, Marvin Hughes, Lucile Mellette, Dick Cook, William Johnston. Bill Hair. J. H. A. CLUB First Row: Louise Piper, Betty Sadler. Eleanor Fulmer. Elizabeth Broughton. Cleo Renew, Velma Posey. Barbara Gunter. Katrina Moseley. Faye Osborn. Sherry Hartley, Betty Walker. Sylvia Williams. Second Row: Barbara Young, June Bayn-ham. Adie Herron. Helen Widner. Betty Scott, Joyce New, Doris Boker, Nell Koon. Maggie Lee Ccok. Charlotte Swanner. Eloise Beck. Betty Jean Moseley. Norma Dean Reed. Mary Willing. Third Row: Margaret Butler, Marjorie Goodwin, Jo Helen Ansley. Anita Hallman. Sarah Davis. Virginia Hudson, Annie Laurie Cato, Miss Elizabeth Rainsford. 46Fr A ID First Row: Richard Gordon. Danccl Temples. Philip Heath. Louis Heath. Melvin Lowe. Carl . I • . v LUD Keith. Jimmy Jay. Fred Pluncket. Farrell Rogers. William Clark. Second Row: Carroll Heath. Wilbur Willing. Tilman Johnson. James Key. Bobby Ashley. Hunter New. O Neal Hudson Charles Cupp George Cook. Sydney Stanley. Mr. A. H. Hawkins. Sponsor. AIDDI A ME MOnP Iklf Tl I |R Oliver Wright. Ray Derrick. Julian Bell. Hubert Richard AIInTLAINlI I I v Ls LlL I I N v l—UU son, Teddy Gomillion. Buster Browning. Gene Neilson, James Quottlcbaum, Robert Ouattlebaum, Ralph Smith. Clarence Lowe, Tom Mixon. Robert Patrick. Charlie Stringfield. George Williamson, Lindsey Scott. J. C. Stringfield. William Morris. Vernon Parker, Edmund Cortez. Jack Carter. HA nir I I I D Lida Mac Willis. Sandy Cocalis. Carol Heath. Jackie Ricks, Julie Prothro. Peggy Collum IxAALyl v l—v- D Norman Cullum. Jean Clark Mrs. A. J. Rutland, Sponsor. 47CLUBS At the beginning of each semester students select some club. These clubs meet on the first and third Thursdays in each month during the activity period. The purpose of these clubs is to stimulate interest in wholesome hobbies, to motivate and enrich school life, develop skills, broaden culture, to foster school spirit, and to bring about a friendly, cooperative spirit among students and between the faculty and students by learning to enjoy working and playing together. HANDICRAFT CLUB MUSIC APPRECIATION 48 NATURE CLUB ART APPRECIATIONWhile academic training is obviously an important factor in the development of the individual, co-curricular activities have their special place in molding character, developing leadership and preparing the student for complete living in our complex, modern civilization. - BOYS’ GLEE CLUB—'48 DEBATERS AIKEN HIGH BAND EXPRESSION CONTESTANTS MENTAL CONTESTANTS 49Rain or shine; win or lose; these six cheerleaders have helped carry on the Hornet spirit. Always cheering when victorious—always keeping up "the old pep”, even through defeat. It may be said that seldom has Aiken seen such loyal, hardworking cheerleaders, as head cheerleader Betty Prince, and her cohorts: Peggy Collum, Barbara Ann Hendry, Martha Lyons, Jane Rutland, and Harry Woodward. 50FOOTBALL First Row: E. Moscly, E. Taylor, H. Woodward. E. Wallccr, J. Tavelle. J. Hair. E. Steadman. D. Cook, and G. Lindell. Second Row: A. Cocalis, J. Fulmer, C. Carver. R. Cohen, J. Jay, E. Harley. W. Arthur, and H. Forrest. Third Row: L. Yaun. E. Baker, H. Chapman. D. Ellis. C. Cupp, B. Cook, and L. Williams. Fourth Row: W. Hair, J. Quattlebaum, R. Fulmer. R. Duncan, H. Ellis, and W. Clark. The Hornets of '49, following in the footsteps of other Aiken teams, did not depend on an impressive string of victories for their gridiron glory. Their glory was written with courage and fighting spirit on the football fields of South Carolina. Because of this they have never been belittled or jeered for a mediocre record, but always cheered by an enthusiastic home crowd and a large gallery of yelling students. J. M. Fulmer, Aiken’s versatile halfback, passed and kicked as he never had before. Joe Hair at fullback and Bobby Cook at quarterback bucked the line for many a yard. Edgar Taylor, Elliott Steadman, Charles Cupp, and Joe Tavelle were the mainstays of a Hornet line that could block and tackle with the best of them. After romping Irmo in the season opener and rolling over Edgefield's Bulldogs, the Hornets were defeated by the strong North Augusta Yellow Jackets. The following Friday, however, our green and white gridders came back to battle LBC to a scoreless standoff, prior to falling before Sumter's classy Gamecocks, who were given a heaping portion of bad moments before their victory was assured. A stinging defeat by Batesburg at Homecoming marked Aiken’s most dismal tilt. This was truly an off day, for seven days later the Hornets came back strong to defeat a highly touted Johnston team; and went on to chalk up a three touchdown shutout victory over the Graniteville Rocks. In the final games of the season Aiken faced Lexington and Saluda, schools that produce district powerhouses year after year. We fell before Lexington and bowed to Saluda but we were satisfied with a 4-5-) record. A total of seven letter men: Charles Cupp, “Boot” Taylor, Joe Hair, Duncan Ellis, Hubert Woodward, Richard Cohen, and Bobby Cook hung up their togs when the final whistle blew. However, other mono-grammed players return next year, and prospects for a more successful season are bright. The Aiken Green Hornets romped and they were romped upon, but under the able leadership of their coach, C. S. Watson, they blazed a trail of fiery spirit and traditional Hornet courage. 52L. E. "Boot" Taylor L. T. "Bubber” Ta elle L. G. Bob Fulmer C. Elliott Steadman R. G. Hubert Woodward R. T. Tom Walker R. E. Elbert Harley Q. B. Bobby Cook L. H. B. Lamar Williams R. H. B. J. M. Fulmer F. B. Joe Pete Hair 53BILLY ARTHUR JOE TAVELLE HUBERT WOODWARD EARL WALKER JIMMY JAY DUNCAN ELLIS LAMAR WILLIAMSACTION! 56JOE TAVELLE CHARLES CUPP DICK COOK GEORGE SANKO J. M. FULMER LOUIE FIELDS BILLY JACKSON Basketball 57BOYS’ BASKETBALL First Row: Duncan Ellis Manager J. M. Fulmer Charles Cupp Billy Jackson Joe Tavelle George Sanko Second Row: Dick Cook Bobby Cook Robert Fulmer Louie Fields James Price Leonard Yaun Edward Moseley Coach C. S. Watson Third Row: Billy Arthur David Neilson Ralph Gregory James Worley Gene Neilson Ronnie Quattlebaum Assistant Manager Overcoming a slow start, the 1949 Green Hornets under the coaching of Carroll Watson, pulled themselves from an early slump and climbed aboard a winning streak, which, to the amazement of the fans, carried Aiken to victory as one of the leaders in A class competition. Concentrating his efforts around a crop of juniors this season. Coach Watson worked to mold a quintet to equal the great Aiken hardwood teams of the past. This year's five consisted of only one senior, Charles Cupp, who held down one of the guard positions, and four juniors: Bubber" Tavelle. Guard: Billy Jackson. Center; ' Slew' Fulmer and "Dickie" Cook, Forwards. The other graduating cagers. Bobby Cook and Louie Fields were aided in backing up the first five by George Sanko. James Price. Philip Moody. Gene Neilson. and Boozy" Mosely. With everyone eyeing the junior team the battle cry heard around Aiken now is Wait Til Next year".GIRLS’ BASKETBALL CLECKLEY and PRINCE Captains The Green and White clad girls’ s tet that took the floor against Williston-Elko in the initial game of the season and came out on the big end of the score was one of the best girls’ aggregations ever to don an Aiken Hi uniform. After having gone through many mediocre seasons the girls were off to a very successful year. Although next year’s team will be minus the services of such stalwarts as Peggy Collum, Christine Eubanks, Lida Mae Willis, Betty Prince, and Jean Clark, the team will still have ample experience in “Tut” Howard, Jean Woodward, Ann Cleckley, Julie Prothro, Marilyn Hartley, and Jackie Ricks. Led by the heads up defensive play of co-captains Betty Prince and Ann Cleckley, and inspired by the coaching of Mrs. Edwin Hallman, the girls showed that they had finally come into their own. Aiken is proud of them. First Row: Mary Alice Morris. Matillc Howard. Carolyn Corley. Ann Cleckley. Betty Prince. Lida Mae Willis. Julie Prothro. Kitty Knight, and Christine Eubanks. Second Row: Mrs. Edwin Hallman. Coach: Doris Baker. Rosemary Hendrix. Patty Scigler, Marilyn Hartley. Jean Woodward. Virginia Head, Virginia Howard. Peggy Collum. Jo Helen Ansley. Barbara Ann Hendry, Sylvia Williams. Jackie Ricks. Luccile Melette, Jane Rutland, and Jean Clark.JULIE PROTHRO VIRGINIA HOWARD BETTY PRINCE PEGGY COLLUM BARBARA ANNE HENDRY LIDA MAE WILLIS CHRISTINE EUBANKS ANN CLECKLEY MARILYN HARTLEY JEAN WOODWARDFirst Row: Sanko, Second Row: Coach C. S. Watson. James Emeneker, Gene Steadman. Jimmy Hrwell, Lyle Yost. The Green Hornets, playing minus several of lasr year’s stars who carried the local nine to the state semi-finals, came back strong only to lose district honors in the playoff. The locals were aided by their All-State mounds-man, Bobby Cook. Cook was ably assisted by Co-Captains Charles Cupp and Hugh Ansley. Gene George. Marvin Hughes. Bobby Cook, George Neilson. Joe Hair. Charles Cupp. Hugh Ansley. Bobby Knight. Elliott The season’s record, while not outstanding, proved a successful one. Having gained valuable experience during the 1948 season the Hornets are looking forward to playing under the newly installed lights at the Eustis Park Stadium this spring. Hugh Forrest. Leonard Yaun, Robert Duncan. Billy Johnson. Richard Cohen. Dick Cook, George Lindell. J. C. Quattlebaum. BASEBALL This is how they did it . . .TRACK TEAM First Row: Dick Cook, Lamar W.lliams. Bobby Cook. L. E. Cumbee. Billy Barton, and Joe Hair. Second Row: Coach Watson. Sandy Cocalis Philip Moody. Everett Baker, and Louie Fields. Spring Sports Second to baseball the students interest turns to track and golf during the spring. Teams participate in the district eliminations and the annual state track and golf playoffs. RELAY TEAM HAIR. WILLIAMS. COOK. MOODY AIKEN GOLF TEAM Bucky Lybrand. Charles Stanley. Horace Sholar. Coach Gregory. Norman Cullum, John Woodard. Rayford Carswell, and Truman Summer. Lead-Off Man BUCKY LYBRAND INTRAMURAL HOCKEY TEAM 6263Best All-Round Best Looking Best Personality BETTY PRINCE PEGGY COLLUM BOBBY COOK JOE HAIR ELAINE HARTLEY PORREST FRANKLIN SENIOR Most Studious Best Dressed ESTHER FRANZBLAU ESTHER FRANZBLAU WILLIAM HUGHES JAMES KITCHINGS 64Most Dependable Most Popular Wittiest JENROSE McTEER WILLIAM HUGHES PEGGY COLLUM JAMES KITCHINGS JO ANN McCARTY MORDECAI PERSKY PERLATIVES Most Athletic Most Likely To Succeed LIDA MAE WILLIS EDGAR TAYLOR JENROSE McTEER BOBBY COOK67 tmce6970“to be or not to be" Junior Play Cast of “A Date With Judy" Oogie Makes "A Date With Judy" Mr. and Mrs. Foster Talk It Over Last Call, Curtain Going Up for "Home Sweet Homicide 7172C TD 1 1 i 1 1 i c I -) r JD ALMA MATER In the land of flowers and sunshine Is our Aiken High— There a tower of truth and learning Points to the sky. Aiken High, our Alma Mater, May our thanks be thus— We will ever love and cherish thee In our sacred trust! 78JU With the last line having been typed; every picture with its illustrative comments filed; the thought of the publisher now being satisfied; and the staff, as the clock strikes twelve midnight, saying anxiously but wearily “May we go now?” I begin writing . . . Last year when we were informed that Aiken High School for the first time was going to have an annual, the students immediately began saying, “Let’s get some pictures for the annual when we go to the beach”, “I sure would like to be on the staff”, “I’ve worked on annuals before”. Enthusiasm and anticipation were at the highest. The staff having been elected, the publisher and photographer chosen, we began work and have continued working faithfully and enthusiastically to make The Hornet of 1949 one which Aiken Hi can remember with pride. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Staff, the students and faculty of Aiken High School, The R. L. Bryan Company, Corday Studio, and our advertisers for their loyal support and cooperation, without which this book would have been impossible. —THE EDITOR. 79CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ’49 W. J. Platt Co. Druggists AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA COMMERCIAL PHARMACY Courtesy — Quality — Service Fok Prescriptions Phone 74 For Drugs and Sundries Phone 75 Free Delivery Anything — Anywhere — Anytime Aiken, S. C. Compliments ok THE ELITE BEAUTY SHOPPE Main Floor — Croft Building Telephone 19 Aiken, S. C. Compliments ok SOUTHAMPTON SADDLERY COMPANY FINE LUGGAGE LEATHER GIFTS Luggage Repairing Laurens St. Aiken, S. C Service DURBAN—LAIRD'S, INC. Courtesy AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA Goodwill | K PHONE 40 Insurance — Real Estate SOUTH CAROLINA POWER COMPANY Compliments of HOTEL COMMERCIAL “Aiken's Most Popular” HALL'S PHARMACY CO. Aiken, S. C. CULLUM MOTORS CHRYSLER — PLYMOUTH Sales — Service 1'om Are Invited To Fwif THE FLOWER SHOP 1026 Park Ave. Phone 625-R Aiken, S. C. 81Congratulations to the CLASS OF ’49 PERSKY'S CROFT GAS ELECTRIC CO. HOTPOIXT ELECTRIC APPLIANCES BOTTLED GAS SERVICE “MV Sell The and Sen-ice The” Compliments of NEILSON IMPLEMENT COMPANY FARM ALL TRACTORS AM) FARM IMPLEMENTS REDD'S FURNITURE CO. COMPLETE HOUSEHOLD FURNISHINGS EI.E(TRICAL APPLIANCES Aiken, S. C. L Established 1870 HUTSON-ETHERREDGE AGENCY C. M. Ethkrredgk, Manager Insurance — Real Estate — Loans AIKEN. S. C. 8’2AIKEN GOLF CLUB OPEN TO PUBLIC Lessons on Appointment Lucas and Lybrand WISE HARDWARE CO. HARDWARE — PAINT FEED — SEED 900 Laurens St. Phone 7J} Aiken, S. C. 83J. C. Pkacht, President WALTER C. PLUNKETT POWELL HARDWARE COMPANY Distributor, AMOCO PRODUCTS Norge Electrical Appliances Paints — China — Stoves — Ranges Phone Aikkn 56 Glassware — Budding Supplies Aiken, S. C. i — AIKEN STANDARD AND REVIEW Compliments of DEVOTED TO THE UPBUILDING OF AIKEN AND AIKEN IRA COWARD COUNTY JONES-GEORGE ELECTRIC COMPANY RECORD PLAYERS SMALL RADIOS RECORDS Aiken, S. C. Phone 98 r ............"! EULALIE SALLEY COMPANY Insurance and Heal Estate Telephone 94 Aiken, S. C. OWEN THOMAS “A Store for Men” HEADQUARTERS FOR AIKEN HIGH Laurens St. Phone 129 85R. w. McCreary co. Dry Goods — Notions — Shoes Ladies and Misses Ready-to-Wear Blankets — Linens — Draperies ‘II e Have Served the People of Aiken Counti) Over Sixti) Years” J. GASTON ALBEA JEWELER Aiken, S. C.SWINGLE CHEVROLET CO.. INC. CHEVROLET — CADILLAC Sales — Service AIKEN, S. C. 67 COMPLIMENTS OF HOLLEY MOTOR COMPANY Sales Service AIKEN, S. C. — THE I. W. ASHHURST AGENCY INSURANCE — REAL ESTATE Aik ex, S. C. ; ’honk. 34 Compliments of AIKEN PRODUCE COMPANY WHOLESALE FRUITS AND VEGETABLES JOHNSON-WILLIAMS INVESTMENT COMPANY Johnson Building Heal Estate and Insurance HOLLEY'S DAIRY FARM Pasteurized Dairy Products Phone 88 Aiken, S. C. Compliments ok AIKEN AUTO BAG CORPORATION SUPPLY APPLIANCE CO. 89 X Men, toiling in the depths, hew out granite, jor monuments to stand forever. Our part, in creating this 1949 Yearbook, has been with the hope that ive have built a monument oj happy memories of the students oj this great institution. UAMUL1NA ENUKAV1NU UUMPAiNY Yearbook ling ravers Columbia, South Carolina 7 te R. L. BRYAN (fymftnttu COLLEGE AND HIGH SCHOOL PRINTERS (?o-(um( ia. S' “The House ok na I i I “Whenever Ye nr1 9  • £Js • ify 'v rO

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