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•cxVfitSC " cm z wA Ifto; V ' « .■• 1 • ' ' V » • 1 X A ' ‘j ■ -T . . ri .. ,F . v •. v ' k - J ,x . ■ " %. c. ' : r i ■ . ' " ' - ' - ■ a Jr . ' i.S A% I " i ■: i - ' - v V " •4,7 Jf V, v I. ' -. ■ 1 , -f ,-f »«,- , Ai ' « .. V J f • .fV .« ?. 5. ' ■ v ' - U • T , ' rH ' 5 VvW. ‘ V ; ’.’ ' • , - ■ t-y ' j «4. ? .» ' ' vK ' ■ ■ , T ¥{ F » ••• -5 • " ' • • ; y»to ?£$ • - ••• to - ■ - v - -. ' v ' K ' J ' v-Kkvav- t -J ' 4 jO f V-4 : yCV‘ ,v Of rf v ;, ! •’ -V ' si W 4 7- - to 1 Xrt i .» .to a ti l t ' i i V. v • . ' Xf to to to ' X m ' W to to A-i 1 ' K Xff " , to-x to toto , V, , :. . ! v- ' ti«U ,! ‘» ' V • -7 7 rt •toto % ;-S »• ' . jj V 3 ‘ to A X i • ' u--» - t " ’. • •,•« •,■ Hw ' t . -sft s ,. }■ , V ifrS. :• -S- - - n .rr f.7 4 l XVr r V • u ty x 7% x - , 4 A ' - -i V y 5 V ‘» roo ; i sw; . i ..-: v " ■: :; ' ; : ; ; ' W%fe .... ••• - r x«v • • • 54 ' ' SvXVc-% C. £ ■ y? ' »■ ' • ' Wiv V „i ' ■ • " jr, « V v y • 1 r Y n v ' »J » ' V. .C Wrtt ' Kg r. -• ' ■ V ' ?;,,‘i ; . -n ' S;’■ , M v, l . v lty. Hyi ; J‘V . ' i mmr,sa -• ?« 5 ■p— ' I«« ug ’ - t ' 1 |b!if : 1 —ri dhi,!; Js ' i £a%H fc 3 ? ' • w 4CTMs« u if-. » 4 rKf |VH ' »W ' W K aw;-2 J • 11 w " ■ • n% V vf N . 1 fy : ’f " ' r -« - »ck f £ri w } fa Sr -iVt, t ntf V ;• . Ii|! MT ;( «f»? ■W M i, i - V; f§M v f®f v v ; SffiKy V MX 3 ' i. —Am ‘-Vii ' f » - t i V . 1 .a Ab ' fc « . C. J v y T v J V Y 4 4 .V’VwV ,»■ ' .• V f- v ‘ 7 M ' u -Xif-T Moskie High Schell liwskie, North Camin foreword The Student Council of Ahoskie High School started the school year 1960-61 fired with new ambition and high resolve. We hope and believe that we have been able to reach some of our goals of service to Ahoskie High School. What¬ ever success we may have attained we attribute to the wholehearted cooperation of the faculty and our fellow students. I have cherished the honor and privilege of serving as your Student Council President. I should like to extend my special thanks to Miss Tayloe, our faculty advisor, and to the individual council members for their untiring efforts in mak¬ ing this an outstanding year. Contents Administration damitcs Classes Clementary Athletics Organizations Advertisements We admire and respect this member of our fac¬ ulty for the high standard of work which she requires of her students. That she is a fine instructor is at¬ tested by the fact that students trained by her are able to meet college mathematics standards without great difficulty. In addition to her fine professional standards our dedicatee has a deep and genuine personal interest in her students, together with an unfailing willing¬ ness to help them with their problems, mathemat¬ ical or otherwise. She is their friend as well as their teacher. To Mrs. Harold B. Sessoms, we are honored to dedicate this yearbook ofAhoskie School for 1960-61. Snow, snow everywhere and how the boys did play. Snow, snow everywhere - oh, why didn’t it stay. Palm trees - imported from Beaman’s workshop for the ' 60 Jr. -Sr. Students visit Mr. French from UNC during College Day. " May I have your attention for the morning devotions. Posing for these pictures surely is a lot of work. " From the standpoint of . Hold it, donkey. I ' ve got to get that ball I Watch it - Massey and Dilday at work! Here she comes, Miss Ahoskie High. " I led two lives, " by an AHS Senior. Sold for $16. 75. The price of men has gone up these days. Hurray! No Algebra test today. AHS really rocks when the Roulettes make the scene. One of those frequent midnight parties at the Beta Convention. KAY HALL Sophomore A ttendant J BRENDA RIDDICK Senior Attendant f DIANNE COREY Junior Attendant MARY ANN NEWSOME F.H.A. Attendant JANE OVERTON Varsity Club Attendant JUDI STAR WILLIAMS POW WOW Attendant JOANNA HOUSTON Assistant Editor Mmial Staff JANE DILDAY BARBARA ANN BROOKSHIRE Editor-in -Chief DAVID MASSEY Photographer HAROLD BEAMAN Copy Editor MARY ANN AINSLEY Circulation Manager BOBBY VANDERBERRY Advertising Manager GARY FELTON Sports Editor BENNETT WILLIAMS Assistant Sports Editor MARY MARGRET HOLLOMAN ARLENE RAWLS GARY JOHNSON mm May I offer my congratulations, along with the other members of the Board, for the years of loyalty and cooperation to your school and faculty. It is not only what the school gives you, but what you give the school, because I believe you share with us the burden and joy of maintaining our fine school. You are like Educators in a very real sense, al¬ ways living three days at a time, yesterday, today, and tomorrow. We hope the yesterdays and todays in Ahoskie High School will reflect on your achieve¬ ment of success tomorrow. School Board SCHOOL BOARD - Mr. W. T. Greene, Mr. William Miller, Mr. Wallace T. Gray, Chairman; Mrs. J. Alden Housten, Secretary; Dr. J. L. Frank. m To the Graduating Class: Your graduation from Ahoskie High School is indicative of your ability, de¬ termination, and desire to achieve ex¬ cellence in every endeavor that you un¬ dertake. May this accomplishment serve to inspire you to attain the highest and noblest that life has to offer. You have earned the respect, admiration, and love of your family and friends as you have worked to reach your goal. May you al¬ ways have the wisdom to make the best decisions and the courage to do that which is just and right. Sincerely, Supt. R. P. Martin As your principal and your friend it affords me genuine pleasure to bring to the staff of the CHIEF and to the student body of Ahoskie High School greetings and sincere good wishes. I should like to take this opportu¬ nity to extend to you my congratulations on your success in high school work. Let me assure you of my continued support, and my deep and abiding interest in whatever contributes to your happiness and well-being. Sincerely, T sx 7 CyL - P.T.A. OFFICERS Mr. William Charles Mrs. John C. Blanton Mrs. W. F. Knight Miss Christine Brett Mr. Lloyd Nolan AHOSKIE HIGH SCHOOL SECRETARY Mrs. W. G. Barnes languages During our four years ' work in English we strive to instruct our students in the fundamentals of good English, both oral and written. We are in complete agreement with Shakespeare when he said. " Mend your speech lest it mar your fortune. " We believe that a command of one ' s mother tongue is a basic skill, upon which success in other fields largely depends. Toward a mastery of English as a tool of com¬ munication and self-expression we therefore direct our efforts. We attempt also to acquaint our pupils with the rich heritage of literature from which they can de¬ rive pleasure, profit, and a deeper understanding of, and appreciation for, the fine and beautiful things which life has to offer. Science In the modern high school of today, a good science course must serve the needs of two important groups of pupils: those who will continue their edu¬ cation and those who will not. In Ahoskie High School, we are attempting to train and teach the children the steps of a scientific method; a willing¬ ness to change an opinion if evidence shows it to be wrong; and a belief that TRUTH itself never changes, but that our ideas of what is truth are certain to change in many respects as our scientific knowledge becomes more exact and more complete. MR. J. W. YOUNG Physical Education General Science MR. T. R. GARRETT Biology, Math MR. CARROLL DANIELS Chemistry, Physics Physical Education, Math Physical Education We believe that athletics and physical education provide a wholesome medium for the development of courage, a sense of moral values, cooperation, loyalty, and perseverance. Therefore it behooves all of us to become interested in this or any program that provides such training. In these days of strong competition and high-tension living it is well to ponder General MacArthur ' s words when he said, " On the fields of friendly strife are sown the seeds that someday will reap a harvest for Victory” - Victory for our own lives and victory for our nation. Commercial Business Education courses are no longer taught solely to train for a vocation, but for their personal use values as well. However, many A.H.S. grad¬ uates without further business training have success¬ fully held jobs as bookkeepers, secretaries and typ¬ ists. This year the Business Education department includes courses in beginning and advanced typing and bookkeeping. MR. JULIAN FREEMAN Math, Geometry MRS. BILL TAYLOR Typing, Bookkeeping MRS. HAROLD SESSOMS Mathematics Algebra As teachers of mathematics our aims are to create and sustain interest in mathematics among the students of our school. We seek to broaden and deep¬ en basic mathematical concepts and to give the child the ability to perform the fundamental algebraic op¬ erations correctly in simplifying or solving equations. MRS DEANES BRETT Government, Geography MRS. HARRY SAMS History Social Studies History is a living and vital subject which records the successes and failures of man in his march through time. We attempt to recognize the needs of a changing world with the hope that children may be made more keenly aware of the fact that " man is no longer an island unto himself but that the shores of his concern have greatly expanded. " Our aims: to teach the facts as they are presented and to hope that through this knowledge, both of the past and present, we will build citizens whose understanding will grant them the privilege of being well-informed, tolerant, and responsible Americans of the future. MR. LANSING PEACOCK Agriculture Agriculture The aims of vocational agriculture are to develop the potential skills of the individual having a farm background and those who profess a keen inter¬ est in allied agriculture oc¬ cupations. Since about 4CPjo of our total work force is em¬ ployed in jobs directly or indi¬ rectly related to agriculture, we cover some of the large areas systematically. Since no one has devised a way of identifying people who will go into an occupation, it is bet¬ ter to try to give the individual something fundamental that he can use in helping him make future decisions. This we strive to do in vocational agriculture training. Cibrarn Next to knowledge is knowing where to find facts which are needed. With a collection of about 3, 000 volumes, a subscription list of 20 periodicals, the best encyclopedias and other reference books, and a full¬ time qualified Librarian, our library was one of the first departments in our school to meet the require¬ ments of the Southern Association of Secondary Schools. " No entertainment is so cheap as reading, nor any pleasure as lasting. " - Montague MRS. J. P. FREEMAN Home Economics i | MISS POLLY TAYLOE Librarian Home Economics Homemaking education is centered on home ac¬ tivities and relationships which enable the individ¬ ual to assume the responsibilities of homemaking. From instruction in this field, pupils are helped to understand that the home can provide an atmosphere in which an individual may develop a feeling of adequacy, thus enabling him to cope with the prob¬ lems of everyday living and grow increasingly inde¬ pendent in solving these problems to the satisfaction of himself as well as others. MR. ROBERT BROWN Band Director Music Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life. Although the spirit be not master of that which it creates through music, yet it is blessed in this creation, which, like every creation of art, is mightier than the artist. MRS. I. C. AINSLEY 8 Mars Hill High School; Chowan College, A.B. MR. WILLIAM FOWLER 8 Charlotte Central; North Carolina State College, B.S. ; E.C.C., M. A. MRS. MILDRED FERGUSON 7 Ahoskie High School; E.C.C., A.B. DONALD NEWSOME Principal Graded School, Oxford Orphanage; Wake Forest College, B.S. ; E.C.C., M. A. MRS. L. C. PEACOCK 6 Rockingham High School; E.C.C., A.B. MRS. J. J. GILBERT 8 Carthage, North Carolina; Flora MacDonald, B.S. MISS CHRISTINE BRETT 7 Murfreesboro High School; Chowan College, A.B.; E.C.C. , M.A. MRS. R. L. PERRY 7 Colerain High School; E.C.C., A.B. MRS. LOUISE HARDY 6 Aulander High School; E.C.C., B.S. MRS. C. H. WOOD 6 Needham Broughton High School; Meredith College, A.B. MRS. T. R. GARRETT 5 Lakeview High School; E.C.C., A.B. MISS ANNIE LAURIE SESSOMS 5 Ahoskie High School; E.C.C., A.B. MRS. B. A. PETERSON 4 Ahoskie High School; Meredith, A.B. MISS MARY WILLIFORD 4 Aulander High School; Peace College; Meredith, A.B. MRS. BILL HARRELL 3 Plymouth High School; W.C.U.N.C., A.B. MRS. JOHN HACKETT 5 Belhaven High School; E.C.C., A.B. MRS. LOCKHART DILDAY 4 Ahoskie High School; E.C.C., B.S. MRS. ANN PORTER 4 Covington High School; Radford College, B.S. MRS. H. G. DOWNS 3 Menola High School; E.C.C. ; Atlantic Christian College, A.B. MRS. LEE LASSITER 3 Windsor High School; E.C.C., A.B. MRS. BERNIE RICE 3 Windsor High School; E.C.C.. A.B. MISS MARIETTA PICOT 2 Como High School; Chowan College MRS. GLADYS BOZEMAN 1 Red Oak High School; E.C.C. ; A.C.C. ; A.b. MRS. GUY RUFFIN 1 Oxford High School; Primary, E.C.C. MRS. DONALD NEWSOME Secretary Ahoskle Graded School MISS ANN OUT LAND 2 Woodland-Olney High School; E.C.C., B.S. MRS. JACK YOUNG 2 Ahoskle High School; E.C.C., A.B. MRS. CLARENCE GODWIN 1 Gatesville High School; Chowan College. B.A. MISS AGNES SIMONS 1 Coleraln High School; W.C.U.N.C., A.B. mm xm mim ■ J - ? 55R • wl 81 fr mm kW« T mt wr f Sy v £ M ■- | 4 %? C ' j Mb Bara | M J • i f 19 - lirllk i 4 V J V iijsi V ' SA BBte [Hk : v IvfJH 1 : J Prettiest Qirl GONA DILDAY Pest-Cocking Peg JIMMY OVERTON Sweetest Qirl CAROLE WHITE Nicest Peg ALLAN TINKHAM SUE EAGLES ALLEN BEALE Most Popular BRENDA RIDDICK GARY FELTON Cutest DRIUt SAFELY’ CK-626 NORTH CAROLINA 61 m ' • Quietest EMMA JEAN PILAND GARY JOHNSON Best All-Bound BARBARA JO O ' BERRY BENNETT WILLIAMS Best Personality PEGGY BYRUM P. F. DARDEN m § mmm MM , % ' m 1 ffi 1 SK H.« I INI Most rCikely to Succeed ARLENE RAWLS BOBBY VANDERBERRY K. W. LACY GRADEMOTHERS - Mrs. Ralph O’Berry, Mrs. Nedra Vanderberry, Mrs. Chester Rawls, Mrs. J. Alden Houston, Mrs. Levie Dilday, Mrs. Lowell K. Powell, Mrs. W. H. McGee, Mrs. W. W. Felton, Mrs. Robert E. White, Mrs. Helen White, Mrs. Clayton Beard, Mrs. Haywood Dilday - not pictured. President - P. F. DARDEN Vice President - HAROLD BEAMON Secretary - SUE EAGLES Treasurer - BARBARA JO O ' BERRY MARY ANN AINSLEY Band 1,2,3,4; F.H.A. 1,2,3,4, Vice President 2,3, President 4, Delegate to F.H.A, Convention 1,2; Beta Club 3,4, Delegate to Beta Convention 3,4; Pow Wow 3,4, News Editor 4, Delegate to CSPA Convention 4, Quill and Scroll 4; Citizenship Award 3; Annual Staff 4, Circulation Manager. JOHN RICHARD ASBELL Football 1,2,3,4, Manager 2; Varsity Club 2,3,4; Basketball 1; Track 1,2,3,4; Glee Club; F.F.A. 2,3. FRANK WAYNE ASKEW F.F.A. 1,2,3,4; Bus Driver. JOYCE ANN ASKEW Glee Club 3; F.H.A. 4. LINDA KAY ASKEW F.H.A. 2,4; Glee Club 3; Perfect Attendance Award 2,3. PEGGY ANN BEACH F.H.A. 1,2,3,4, Homemaker and Chapter Degrees, Reporter 4; Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer 1; Glee Club 3; Substitute Bus Driver 3,4; Typing Contest 3; Annual Staff 4, Typist. ROBERT ALLEN BEALE Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1; Track 1,2,3; Varsity Club 2,3,4; Intramural Sports 2; Senior Superlative - Cutest. HAROLD MITCHELL BEAMAN Varsity Club 2,3,4; Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2, 3,4; Track 1,2,3,4; Class Vice President 3,4; An¬ nual Staff 4, Copy Editor; Intramural Captain 1; Citizenship Award 3; County Typing Contest 3, Finalist 3; Pow Wow Senior Personality 4; Senior Superlative - Most Athletic. CLAYTON LOFTON BEARD, JR. Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2, Manager 3,4; Track 1,2,3,4; Varsity Club 2,3,4; Senior Superla¬ tive - Best Dancer, JOYCE MARIE BELL F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; Glee Club 3. JOE MILLER BENTHALL Bus Driver 3,4; F.F.A. 1,2,3,4; Glee Club 4; 4-H 1,2. HENRIETTA BETHEA Beta Club 3,4; Class Treasurer 3. ANNIE RAE BLOWE Glee Club 2,3; Library 4, CHIP BOULDIN Band 1,2,4; Senior Superlative - Most Talented. HERBERT McGLAUGHAN BRETT Intramural Basketball 1; 4-H 1,2,4, President 1; Library Representative 2,3. BARBARA ANN BROOKSHIRE Latin Club 2; Student Council 2; Band 1,2,3,4; An¬ nual 4, Editor; Pow Wow 3, Personality 4; County Typing Contest 3, Finalist; Co-Chief Marshal 3; Beta Club 3,4, Delegate to Beta Convention 3,4; Jaycee Honor Roll 3. PEGGY ANN BYRUM F. H.A. 1,2,3,4, Delegate to F.H.A. Convention 2,3, Tri-County Parliamentarian 2, Songleader 4; Student Council 2; 4-H 1,2,3,4; Citizenship Award 2; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Varsity Club 2,3,4; Cheerleader 2,3,4, Co-Chief 4; Annual Staff 4; Office Assistant 4; Senior Superlative - Best Personality. GLORIA JEAN CARTER Glee Club 1; F.H.A. 1,2,3,4, Representative to State F.H.A. Convention 3 JOE CASSESE MARY ANN CASTELOW Home Room President 1; Citizenship Award 1; F.H. A. 1,2,3,4, Secretary 2, Second Vice President 3,4; Home Room Vice President 2; Beta Club 3,4; Glee Club 3,4; Perfect Attendance Award 3; Student Council 3; Annual Staff 4; Delegate to Beta Conven¬ tion 3,4; Marshal 3; Honor Roll Certificate. JANE WRIGHT CHAMBLEE F.H. A. 1,2,3, Pianist 3,4; Cheerleader 4; Band 1, 2,3; Glee Club 3; Annual Staff 4. MELVIN BENTHALL CHAMBLEE Football 1,2,4; Basketball 1; Glee Club 3,4; F.F.A. 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 . MICHAEL BOONE CHANDLER F.F.A. 1,2; Track 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1; Varsity Club 4. JERRY CHAPMAN F.F.A. 1. MARTHA WINGATE COOKE F.H.A. 1,2; Cheerleader 3,4; Valentine Representa¬ tive 3; Annual Staff 4; Harvest Festival Representa¬ tive 4; Senior Superlative - Best Dancer. PAUL FISHER DARDEN Class Vice President 2, President 4; Varsity Club 2,3, 4; Football 1,2,3,4; Student Council 4; Senior Super¬ lative - Best Personality; Pow Wow Personality 4. ALLIE JANE DILDAY F.H.A. 1,2,3, Song leader 1,2,3, Delegate to F.H.A. State Convention 1,2; Beta Club 3,4, Delegate to Beta Convention 3; Annual Staff 4, Business Manager 4; Class Secretary 3; Marshal 3; Pow Wow Senior Personality 4; Senior Superlative - Most Intelligent; Jaycee Honor Roll Certificate 3. GONA CLAIRE DILDAY Senior Superlative - Prettiest Girl; Student Council 1,2,3; Flagbearer 1,2,3, Head 3; Class Treasurer 2; F.H.A. 1,2; Homecoming Attendant 2, Queen 4; Annual 4; Halloween Representative 1, Queen 3; Pow Wow Personality 4. Basketball 1,2,3,4; Varsity Club 2,3,4; Football Manager 2; Track 1,2; County Typing Contest 2; Perfect Attendance Certificate 3; Intramural Sports 1; Annual Staff 4; Senior Superlative - Best Dressed. ROBERTA SUE EAGLES JIMMY EARLEY MELVIN THOMAS EARLEY 4-H 1; Student Council 3,4; State Student Council Congress 3; Beta Club 3,4, Delegate to Beta Conven¬ tion 3,4; Bus Driver 3,4, Captain 4; Annual Staff 4; County Typing Contest 2. ROBERT LEVY DILDAY Cheerleader 1,2,3,4; Varsity Club 2,3,4; 4-H 1, 2; F.H.A. 1; Beta Club 3,4, Delegate to Beta Con¬ vention 3,4; Homecoming Attendant 3; Class Sec¬ retary 4; Senior Superlative - Cutest. GARY WILSON FELTON Class Vice President 1, President 2; Student Council 2, Vice President 3; Varsity Club 2,3,4; Football 1, 2,3,4; Baseball 2, 3,4; 4-H 1, 2, 3, 4, President 1, Vice President 2, Secretary 3; Pow Wow 3,4, Sports Editor 4; Pow Wow Personality 4; Annual Staff 4, Sports Editor; Beta Club 3,4, President 4, Delegate to Beta Convention 3,4; Delegate to Science Sym¬ posium 2; Band 4; Senior Superlative - Most Popular ALICE FAYE GODWIN F.H.A. 3,4. EDNA MAE GODWIN F.H.A. 1,2,4. STANLEY SHERWOOD GODWIN F.F.A. 1,2,3,4; Glee Club 3; Bus Driver 3; Football 4; Track 4. MAC HARMON Football 1,2; Track 1,2; Varsity Club 2,3,4. ALBERT KOONCE HARRISON Beta Club 3; Student Council 2; Annual Staff 4. MARY MARGRET HOLLOMAN F.H.A. 1; 4-H 1; Band 1,2,3,4; Delegate to CSPA Convention 2,4; Beta Club 3,4, Delegate to Beta Convention 3,4; Pow Wow 2,3,4, Circulation Man¬ ager 3, Feature Editor 4, Quill and Scroll 3,4; An¬ nual Staff 4, Art Editor; Senior Superlative - Most Talented. JOANNA BAKER HOUSTON Band 1,2,3,4; Class Treasurer 1; State French Award 3; Co-Chief Marshal 3; Beta Club 3,4, Delegate to Beta Convention 3,4; Pow Wow 3,4, Circulation Manager 4, Delegate to CSPA Convention 4; Annual Staff 4, Assistant Editor; Quill and Scroll 4; Jaycee Honor Roll 3; Senior Superlative - Best Dressed. GARLAND WAYNE JERNIGAN Band 1,2,3,4. GENE JERNIGAN F.F.A. 1,2,3,4, Secretary 3; Bus Driver 4. GARY JOHNSON Annual Staff 4; Co-Art Editor; Art Club 1,2; Science Club; Senior Superlative - CXiietest. HERMAN WILSON KNIGHT Library Representative 1; County Typing Contest 2; Student Council 2; Glee Club 4. MARY LOIS KNIGHT Beta Club 3,4, Delegate to Beta Convention 3,4; Glee Club 1,2; Homecoming Representative 1; F.H.A, 1,2,3,4, Delegate to F.H.A. Convention 1, Histo¬ rian 1; Jaycee Honor Roll 3; Marshal 3; Typing Award 3; Varsity Club 4; Cheerleader 3; Annual Staff 4. KATHERINE LOUISE KRAUSE F.H.A. 3,4, Secretary 4; Intramural Captain 1; Varsity Club 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4, Co-Cap- tain 3, All-Conference 3; Annual Staff 4. KLUENTER WESLEY LACY, JR. Band 1,2; Beta Club 3,4, Delegate to Beta Conven¬ tion 3,4; Marshal 3; Annual Staff 4; Senior Super¬ lative - Most Intelligent. JON DAVID LINKOUS Football 1,2,3,4; Varsity Club 2,3,4; Track 1,2,3, 4; F.F.A. 1,2,3,4. DAVID EDWARD MASSEY Band 1,2,3,4; Annual Staff 4, Photographer; Senior Superlative - Wittiest. BETTY LOUISE MATHIAS F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; 4-H Club 1,2; Glee Club 1,2,3; Bus Driver 2,3,4. BILLIE JO MATTHEWS F. H. A. 1; Glee Club 2,3,4. ROSELYN MAXHAM F. H. A. 1; Bus Driver 2,3. ELIZABETH ANN McGEE F.H.A. 1,2, Delegate to F.H.A. Convention 1,2; Beta Club 3,4, Delegate to Beta Convention 3,4; Band 1,2, Flagbearer 3,4, Majorette 4; Pow Wow Staff 3, 4, Assistant Business Manager 3, Manager 4, Pow Wow Personality 4; Annual Staff 4; Delegate to CSPA Convention 4, Quill and Scroll 3,4; Marshal 3; Jaycee Honor Roll 3. LOIS ANN McKEEL Glee Club 2,3,4. THOMAS W. MERRITT Baseball 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1; Track 1; Varsity Club 3,4. BARBARA JO O ' BERRY Band 1,2,3,4; Class Secretary 1, Treasurer 4; Basket¬ ball 1,2,3,4; Varsity Club 2,3,4; 4-H Club 1,2,3; F.H.A. 1,2, Delegate to Convention 1; Pow Wow Staff 3,4; Annual Staff 4; Senior Superlative - Best All-Around. THOMAS M. OLIVER Football 1; Basketball 1; Track 3; F.F.A. 1,2,3,4. JUDITH GERTRUDE OUTLAW F. H.A. 1,2,3; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Varsity Club 2, 3,4, Secretary 3; Annual Staff 4; Cheerleader 2. JIMMY WILLIAMS OVERTON Football 1; Track 1; Basketball 1; Glee Club 4; 4-H 1; Senior Superlative - Best Looking. LINDA ANN PARKER F. H.A. 1; Beta Club 3,4, Delegate to Beta Conven¬ tion 3,4; Student Council 2; Flagbearer 3; Annual Staff 4. BRAXTON PERRY Band 1,2,3,4; Track 1; Football 2; County Typing Contest 2; Eastern District State Band 3; Basketball 1. EMMA JEAN PILAND F.H.A. 1,2,3; Senior Superlative - Quietest. CAROLE RAE PINNIX Basketball 1,2,3,4; Beta Club 3,4, Delegate to Beta Convention 3,4; Annual Staff 4. THOMAS LOWELL POWELL Student Council 1,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Annual Staff 4. EVELYN JEANNETTE RAWLS F.H.A. 1; Glee Club 1. JUDITH ARLENE RAWLS Student Council 2,3,4, Secretary-Treasurer 2; Beta Club 3,4, Delegate to Beta Convention 3,4, Secre¬ tary 3,4; Band 1,2,3; Varsity Club 2,3,4; Citizen¬ ship Award 3; Annual Staff 4, Feature Editor; Basket¬ ball 1,2,3,4; Typing Award 3; Jaycee Honor Roll 3; Delegate to Student Council Convention 2; Marshal 3; Good Neighbor Representative 4; Pow Wow Per¬ sonality 4; Senior Superlative - Most Likely to Suc¬ ceed . JUDY RAE RAWLS F.H.A. 1,2,4; Glee Club 3; 4-H 1. NORMAN EDWARD RAY, JR. 4-H 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2,3; Baseball 2; Basketball 1,2; Track 2,3; Varsity Club 2,3,4. BRENDA SPIVEY RIDDICK F.H.A. 1,2; Cheerleader 1,2,3,4, Co-Chief 4; Varsity Club 2,3,4; Annual Staff 4; Senior Superla¬ tive - Most Popular. ALAN WILLIAM RITTER Football Manager 2; Track 1,2,3,4; Varsity Club 2, 3,4; Intramurals 1; Annual Staff 4. VELMA KATHERINE ROBERTSON F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; Glee Club 2,3,4. MARY LOU SPIVEY F. H. A. 1,2,3; Glee Club 2,3; Cheerleader 1,2,3,4; Varsity Club 2,3,4. TOMMY TAYLOR Substitute Bus Driver 3, Bus Driver 4. ALLEN TEVIS TINKHAM Band 1,2,3,4; Student Council 2,3,4, Chaplain 4; Annual Staff 4; Senior Superlative - Nicest Boy. VIOLA ELIZABETH THOMPSON F. H. A. 1; Bus Driver 4; Glee Club 2,3,4; Perfect Attendance Award 1,2,3; Substitute Bus Driver 3. SHELBY LEE TODD Band 1,2,3,4; 4-H 1. ROBERT CARROLL VANDERBERRY Beta Club 3,4, Vice President 3, Delegate to Beta Convention 3,4, Bi-County Beta President 4; Student Council 1,3; Class President 3; Football 1,2,3,4, All-Conference 4; Basketball 2; Track 3,4; Delegate to Science Symposium 1; Citizenship Award 2; Band 1,2; Annual Staff 4, Advertising Manager; Pow Wow Staff 3,4, Delegate to CSPA Convention 3,4; Quill and Scroll 4, Pow Wow Personality 4; Jaycee Honor Roll 3; Marshal 3; Senior Superlative - Most Likely to Succeed. BRENDA KNIGHT VINSON F.H.A. 1,2; Office Assistant 4; Glee Club 3,4; Per¬ fect Attendance Award 2. EMILY LEE WARD Beta Club 3,4; 4-H 1; Glee Club 1,2. GENE WARD Class Vice President 1, President 2; Basketball 1,2; F.F.A. 1,2; Baseball 2. WILLIAM BARTLETT WARD 4-H 1,2. CAROLYN WEST F.H. A. 1; Glee Club 1. BETTY JANE WHEDBEE Band 1,2,3,4; Beta Club 3,4, Delegate to Beta Con¬ vention 3,4; Senior Superlative - Wittiest. CAROLE ELIZABETH WHITE F.H. A. 1,2,3, Historian 2; Varsity Club 2,3,4, Sec¬ retary 2; Cheerleader 1,2,3,4; Student Council 1,2, 4; Annual Staff 4; Senior Superlative - Sweetest Girl. SUSAN VIRGINIA WIGGINS Basketball 1,2,4; Beta Club 3,4; 4-H 1. BENNETT WAYNE WILLIAMS Class President 1, Secretary 2; Delegate to Science Symposium 1; Football 1,2,3,4, All-Conference 4, Most Valuable Player 3, Co-Captain 4, All-Confer¬ ence 4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4; Varsity Club 2,3,4, Vice President 3; Student Council 2,3, 4, President 4, Delegate to Student Council Conven¬ tion 2; Beta Club 3,4, Delegate to Beta Convention 3,4; Annual Staff 4, Assistant Sports Editor; Band 4; Citizenship Award 1; Pow Wow Personality 4; Senior Superlative - Best All-Around. JOHN BUXTON WILLIAMS Student Council 1, Delegate to Student Council Con¬ vention 1; Pow Wow 2,3,4, Assistant Editor 3, Editor 4, Quill and Scroll 3,4, Pow Wow Personality 4, Delegate to CSPA Convention 2,3; Charles Palmer Current Events Award 2; Jaycee Honor Roll 3. VICTOR LEE WILLIAMS Varsity Club 2,3,4; Football 1,2,3,4; F.F.A. 2,3,4; Glee Club 3; Track 1,2,3,4. President - JOHN YOUNG Vice President - C. E. ARMSTRONG Secretary - ANNETTE WILLIAMS Treasurer - EARL CAPPS mm mm m wmm wSKfot- " • AHm.xSiiv • !• Mi ± Jtp m mf M ML V . .r v,. i -•? v ! • |1F § I i mi j |ir ; P ' 4 9 • ’ m ••is.. i , 1 Iv, 1 , 4 ' -isf 4 ! 1 ip Si jaw I 1 ;; S9 hm i L 1 » pr j £ 1 fg !, | J life a» lid Bfc I C. E. Armstrong Charles Askew Priscilla Askew Mandy Baker Ray Barnes Shirley Benton Warren Blanchard Julian Blowe Luther Blowe Lloyd E. Bracy Stuart Brady Monty Brett Brenda Burkett Henry Byrd Linwood Byrum Judy Cannady Earl Capps Billy Cooksey Dianne Corey Lanny Cowan Linda Cowan Eddy Davis Jean Davis Teddy Davis Johnny Dilday Stuart Dunn Eugene Earley Jean Earley Oscar Edwards Steve Edwards Ernie Evans Judy Flowers Tom Fretwell Glenda Gordon Ervin Gupton James Harrell Joan Harrell Sharon Harrell Jimmy Harris Jesse Hawkins Ruth Jane Horton Betty Lou Hughson Larry Jacobs Dorothy Johnson Delores Jones Miriam Jones Ann Joyner Bill Kinlaw Charles Lowe Kae Miller Jimmy Minton Cleo Mitchell Lewis Modlin Helen Monk Hazel Mulder Linda Newbold Bobby Newsome Mary Ann Newsome Janice Nichols Ruffin Odom Ellen Parker Mary Alice Peede Ted Perry Charles Pierce Sandra Piland Keith Purvis Sarah Ann Raynor Lynda Robbins Gene Roberson Bobby Sparks Charles Taylor Tonya Taylor George Terry William Terry Brenda Thomas Betty Jean Todd Susan Vermilya Philip Vinson Woody Vinson Johnny Walston Charlie White Annette Williams Billy Williams Joe Williams Judy Williams Bobby Willoughby Johnny Young Dorothy Ayscue John Barnes Jimmy Brett Linwood Brinkley Nancy Byrum Ann Casper Ray Copeland Mary Lou Davis Horace Dilday Judy Dilday Joel Earley Raymond Felton Chris Gerry Sally Gilbert Spencer Barrow Royce Blowe Joyce Burgess Jean Byrd Larry Cooke Maggie Cooke Ben Dempsey Alice Dilday Doris Eagles Jane A. Earley Angela Futrell Jackie Futrell Ray Godwin Thomas Godwin Ellen Harrell Victor Harrell Patsy Jernigan Steve Jernigan Roy Joyner Larry Knight Claudett Lowell Alan Massey Pamela McSwain Patricia Mitchell Kaye Hall Bruce Harrell Danny Harris Joseph Holloman Amanda Jones Brenda Joyner Wiley Lee Merriel Liverman Kathy Maxham Alvin May Anne Moore Corothy Mosley Bobby Mulder Gail Nolan Joyce Anne Parker Murry Parker Bobby Odom Jane Overton Pamela Parker Gay Pearce Dianne Perry William Pettigrew Rebecca Rigby Lee Ritter Bitsy Taylor Ikie Terrell Bobby Vinson David West Douglas Peele Bobby Perry Bob Pridgen Carole Rhoads Elizabeth Rose Earle Ruffin Phyllis Tinkham Donna Vierson Jimmy Whaley Jordan White James Earl Williams Judy West Williams n Maxerosk President - BECKY COLLIER Vice President - BUTCH HOWERTON Secretary-Treasurer - DIANE ROSS Joe Askew Linda Baggett Danny Barnes Linda D. Barnes Linda P. Barnes Kay Blowe Lois Blowe Sandra Bostic Patricia Britton Beverly Brookshire Mary E. Brown Evelyn Burbage Mary A. Burden J. C. Burkett Jud Byrd Myrtle Byrum Patsy Byrum Charles Charter Tommy Carter Glenn Chitty Bucky Collier Ronald Cooper Betty J. Crawford Janice Daniels Sonja Davis Connie Dempsey Inell Dickens Brenda Edwards Dana Edwards Henry Felton Lee Frank Beth Freeman M. B. Fretwell Gladys Gardner Billy Gilbert Donnie Godwin Faye Harrell Richard Harrell Rose M. Harrell James Hatcher Shirley Hatcher Wanda Hawkins Dianne Hill Linda Hill Joyce Hopkins Butch Howerton Clyde Hughes Jimmy Hurdle Ann Johnson Sarah Jones Wesley Jones Tom King Dianne Knight Gwen Knight Julia Knight Steve Lassiter Charles Lewis Earl McGrew Freddy McKeel Francis Miller Yates Miller Donnie Mitchell Kenneth Mitchell Wilson Mitchell Doris Mizelle Jean Monk Betty Mulder Roy Mullen Hilda Nelson Anita Newsome Linda Newsome Barbara Nichols Jesse Nichols Melvin Nichols Sandra Nichols Don Overton Johnny Overton Linda Parker Mexie Parker Robert Perry Marsha Purvis Jane Robertson Wayne Robertson Zeb Rogerson Dianne Ross Sterling Ruffin Judy Savin Augie Schweers Kay Sullivan Ronnie Sunmer Nancy Swain Carroll Taylor Pleasant Taylor Phil Taylor Eddie Teaster Phyllis Terry Bobby Wall Bonnie Ward Mary Etta Ward Dorothy Williams Alton Willoughby Ritchie Wynns Bruce Vann BOZEMAN U. Bass, J. Blake, R. Cobb, S. Fuller, L. Grimes, J. Harmon, L. Hill. J. Jones, J. Langley, M. Langley, T. Mabry, S. Martin, J. Moore, C. Os¬ teen. L. Parker, D. Pierce, K. Renner, P. Sewell, E. Smith, T. Vann, K. White. GODWIN A. Baggett, B. Belch, S. Blowe, L. Boone, M. Bowers, D. Bryant, C. Corbett. N. Earley, D. Gordon, M. Hepner, J. Hoggard, T. Hunt, J. Lassiter, L. Liverman. S. Mizelle, D. Mustian, R. Perry, V. Tillery, C. Ward, E. Ward, K. Warren RUFFIN J. White, R. Wooten, J. Askew, D. Barnes, J. Chitty, M. Davidson, A. Feher. C. Harrell, D. Harrell, D. Lewis, C. Lowell, P. Mitchell, L. Mizelle, J. Newbern. M. Newsome, M. Nolan, B. Overton, P. Poplin, A. Price, W. Pritchard, J. Schubert. SIMONS P. Stead, J. Taylor, K. Viser, E. Waters, J. Alston, A. Brickhouse, J. Brinkley. J. Bryant, S. Byrum, C. Davenport, C. Dilday, M. Harris, L. Jarrett, C. Jones. G. Martin, B. McKim, J. Minton, S. Minton, M. Mitchum, B. Patton, R. Rawls. L. Sumner, J. Vaughan, T. Warren, C. Whitaker. OUTLAND V. Askew, K. Baker, A. Barnes, N. Blanton, C. Brinkley, P. Bunch, D. Callis. OUTLAND M. Clubb, B. Dilday, P. Dixon, M. Early, M. Ferro, S. Hewitt, K. Hog- gard. J. Hyatt, C. Jenkins, C. Jernigan, L. Jernigan, M. Kinlaw, J. Lassiter, S. Lewis. G. Morris, C. Murphy, R. Myers, B, Overton, L. Overton, B. Parker, L. Pierce. R. Sumner, A, Terry, T. Tinkham, J. White, J, Williford, D. Basnight, R. Best. PICOT J. Brittenham, K. Bryan, W. Byrum, D. Carter, J. Castelow, D. Chamblee, P. Chamblee. C. Cooper, D. Darden, M. Dilday, M. Dunn, T. Fornes, S. Gatling, J. Hill. S. Mabry, J. McKeel, A. Miller, L. Nichols, C. Parker, L. Perry, B. Pitt¬ man. T. Pritchard, L. Sadler, S. Smith, J. Steed, A. Thomas, A. Tillett, A. Ward. YOUNG S. Williams, V. Williams, D. Allen, J. Andrusia, M. Basnight, P. Bass, R. Bracy. J. Brinkley, D. Carter, S. Chanoine, P. Clark, R. Conner, E. Copeland, T. Doughtie. W. Gibson, C. Harrell, R. Harris, E. Johnson, L. Joyner, A. Liverman, T. Miller. M. Mustian, J. Newbern, V. Parker, K. Phelps, A. Schweers, S. Strand, E. Sumner. L. Sumner, D. Tinkham, D. Williams, J. Williams, R. Wimberly, L. Win- borne . DOWNS M. Alston, R. Baggette, J. Baker, N. Baker, J. Beale, B. Beard, L. Blowe. DOWNS S. Bryant, H. Burkett, R. Byrum, B. Davenport, D. Frank, B. Futrell, J. Harrell. C. Hughes, K. McKim, L. Mitchell, B. Pearce, S. Pearce, G. Purvis, C. Riddick. HARRELL S. Sharp, J. Smolen, G. Stanfield, J. Ward, L. Warren, J. Bass, C. Beaver. J. Belch, K. Brantley, W. Byrum, R. Cowan, D. Burnette, J. Earley, S. Foy. T. Fuller, C. Herring, S. Hill, B. Howard, T. Hughes, V. Hughes, R. Joyner. G. Lassiter, C. Magette, G. Morris, S. Morris, L. Overton, M. Peede, R. Perry. LASSITER S. Pierce, K. Poplin, A. Slade, N. Vaughn, W. Willoughby, P. Barnes, E. Best. G. Brickhouse, E. Brittenham, C. Callis, B. Castelow, J. Chamblee, M. Covington, S. Cowan. G. Davidson, A. Dilday, K. Hall, P. Harmon, D. Harris, J. Heath, W. Harrell. L. Keller, T. Langley, T. Miller, P. Mizelle, L. Mulder, K. Newsome, R. Outland. RICE G. Parker, N. Rawls, J. Terrell, T. White, W. Ayers, D. Bazemore, R. Coggin. J. Eure, R. Everette, W. Godwin, M. Harrell, S. Hatcher, G. Holloway, J. Holloman. L. Hulse, E. Jernigan, K. Martin, C. Mizelle, G. Murphy, J. Muse, A. Overton. R. Overton, L. Parkin, M. Pearce, D. Perry, D. Phelps, D. Pittman, B. Pritchard. M. Snyder, J. Taylor, B. Ward, R. Whaley DILDAY J. Blowe, S. Casper, A. Cooke, P. Cooper, J. Dilday, E. Ferro, C. Gib¬ son. P. Godwin, S. Hepner, B. Holloman, J. Holloman, B. Jarrett, R. Jernigan, E. Johnson. F. Jones, F. Joyner, W. King, L. Merritt, E. Mulder, T. Nichols, B. Outland. C. Parker, S. Parker, S. Sumner, S. Taylor, D. Waters, C. Allen, K. Blanchard. PETERSON D. Bracy, R. Byrum, B. Daniels, M. Doughtie, W. Edwards, J. Fuller, T. Green. R. Gregg, J. Hoggard, P. Mabry, C. Miller, J. Mitchell, J. Mitchell, J. Morris. J. Perry, D. Phelps, J. Poplin, L. Roundy, J. Slata, A. Slaughter, V. Stanfield. D. Turner, B. White, A. Wiggins, J. Williams, A. Wynns, D. Askew, J. Bracy. PORTER B. Brinkley, G. Britton, J. Clark, J. Covington, D. Dilday, P. Futrell, H. Harmon. E. Hatcher, T. Herring, J. Hewitt, G. Keel, B. Knight, R. Lewis, W. Lowell. W. McGraw, G. Mitchell, S. McSwain, B. Parker, R. Peele, W. Smith, C. Shubart. J. Stroud, C. Umphlett, L. Vierson, G. Waters, G. White, R. Askew, L. Baker. WILLIFORD J. Barnes, W. Benton, J. Blowe, D. Early, J. Ellis, J. Furmer, W. Fuller. BELOW - FOURTH mm ABOVE - FOURTH BELOW - FIFTH D. Godwin, D. Harris, J. Holloman, G. Jernigan, C. Liverman, P. New- bern, B. Newsome. J. Newsome, L. Nichols, G. Overton, A. Osteen, F. Peede, G. Rhodes, B. Sawyer. J. Taylor, J. Vann, S. Vaughn, M. Williams. GARRETT S. Anderson, R. Barnes, L. Beaman, S. Bell, D. Brantly, J. Britton, D. Brown. J. Evans, D. Garrett, R. Godwin, R. Harrell, J. Hepner, J. Horton, W. Johnson. B. Lassiter, P. Lewis, A. Lucas, S. Morris, C. Newsome, B. Nichols, D. Overton. P. Overton, R. Parker, M. Pearce, T. Price, S. Robertson, S. Rueb, B. Slaughter. D. Smith, G. Sullivan, M. Turner, H. Vann, P. White, A. Williford, J. Wynn. HACKETT W. Allen, A. Beddow, B. Brown, G. Burden, B. Byrum, N. Cannady, B. Carter. B. Chanoine, C. Cherry, A. Cooper, P. Dilday, S. Dilday, H. Edwards, D. Haddock. E. Harrell, T. Hewitt, H. Jernigan, R. Jernigan, P. Kirkland, T. Lowell, B. Miller. N. Minton, L. Mulder, J. Northcott, B. Newall, S. Overton, B. Pinnix, B. Pittman. P. Price, L. Rhodes, P. Taylor, K. Vaughn, D. Ward, R. Whitaker. SESSOMS G. Askew, D. Blowe, M. K. Boone, B. Boyette, M. Brickhouse, A. Brink- ley, S. Byrum, W. Chamblee. D. Charles, J. Cooke, J. Dunn, T, Godwin, M. Hawks, M. Herrin, A, Hewitt. M. Hill, B. Howerton, R. Johnson, C. Jones, J. Liverman, P. Newsome, M. Odom. D. Overton, M. Pierce, B. Peele, B. Pierce, L. Pierce, C. Robertson, M. Shue. M. Terry, S. Turner, R. White, G. Williams, V. Wimberly. HARDY B. Askew, R. Askew, A. Barnes, D. Barnes, E. Brantley, L. Brittenham, D. Brown. D. Byrum, A. Castello, C. Chandler, W. Darden, N. Davis, L. Dempsey, B. Doughtie. R. Dunn, J. Eagles, J. Eure, A. Farm¬ er, E. Felton, J. Harrell, M. Harrell. C. Hoggard, C. Joyner, T. Lassiter, J. Martin, D. Nichols, J. Nowell, J. Outland. K. Rawls, R. Roundy, P. Sharp, R. Shores, J. Smolen, E. Stroud, M. Taylor. W. Taylor, M. Tillery, G. Whedbee, J. White, C. Allen, E. Askew, W. Askew. PEACOCK R. Ayers, S. Brown, J. Burkette, M. Carter, G. Chamblee, C. Cherry, L. Davis. M. Earley, L. Edwards, D. Everette, T. Freeman, D. Fuller, J. Harrell, A. Hill. B. Jenkins, T. Jordan, A. Lassiter, J. Mitchell, L. Monty, E. Moore, J. Nichols. R. Nowell, S. Overton, R. Payne, M. Rawls, L. Sadler, T. Schweers, T. Slaughter. ABOVE - FIFTH BELOW - SIXTH ABOVE - SIXTH BELOW - SEVENTH PEACOCK B. Taylor, H. Taylor, T. Taylor, E. Vick, B. Ward, E. West, K. White- head . WOOD Z. Ambrose, J. Baggette, R. Baker, M. Bell, S. Barnes, B. Blanchard, J. Blanton. D. Bracy, L. Boone, J. Bunch, J. Covington, J. Chamblee, A. Crawford, L. Dilday. K. Dilday, S. Dilday, J. Dilday, J. Early, J. Edwards, D. Godwin, J. Hall. J. Herring, B. Horton, J. Humphries, D. Langdale, N. Liverman, C. Lucas, L. Miller. G. Overman, C. Overton, L. Parker, R. Riddick, T. Robertson, D. Ruffin, A. Snipes. B. Taylor, K. Terry, C. Vaughan, J. Williford. BRETT B. Bagette, D. Beale, R. Bland, R. Bouldin, D. Brown, E. Burbage, R. Burkette. J. Casper, B. Dunlowe, G. Frank, L. Freeman, R. Fuller, S. Godwin, L. Gray. L. Harrell, D. Hoggard, A. Holloman, H. Jenkins, C. Jernigan, B. Lassiter, N. Lassiter. H. McCoy, F. Mitchell, G. Padgett, L. Parker, J. Patton, T. Peede, M. Rowe. J. Snyder, B. Taylor, R. Terrell, S. Vinson, J. Wiggins, D. Anderson, N. Askew. FERGUSON J. Ayers, R. Baggetts, J. Benton, T. Bridgers, J. Burch, O. Burkette, J. Byrum. J. Capps, D. Connor, B. Edwards, L. Finley, C. Harrell, J. Harrell, J. Harris. FERGUSON E. Hoggard, L. Horton, E. Jernigan, M. Jernigan, R. Lassiter, H. Miller, M, Miller. B. Moore, D. Nichols, D. Parker, B. Perry, B. Sumner, J. Ward, E. Williams. PERRY J. Willoughby, D. Blow, A. Brinkley, A. Britton, C. Castello, L. Davis, A. Dempsey. W. Dilday, L. Edwards, S. Frank, T. Hawkins, D. Hill, J. Hora, J. Jernigan. Jones, J. Lassiter, P. Lewis, J. Martin, C. Minton, B. Mulder, C. Nolan. R. O ' Briant, S. Outlaw, C. Pierce, J. PierceR. Rose, P. Vann, J. War¬ ren. L. West, G. Wilroy, L. Wilroy. AINSLEY C. Askew, G. Allsbrook, P. Askew, W. Askew, J. Beale, J. Beard, J. Beaver. B. Boone, B. Boyette, L. Bracy, B. Brown, J. Brown, L. Bullock, L. Cameron. K. Chanoine, K. Chapman. B. Charles, G. Cowan, G. Daniels, R. Davidson, J. Dickens. B. Eure, T. Eure, J. J. Everett, D. Feher, L. Ferguson, C. Freeman, T Harris. FOWLER L. Hoggard, A. King, C. Mitchell, L. Corey, L. Fornes, L. Futrell, G. Godwin. P. Godwin, E. Hall, D. Harmon, M. Harrell, P. Heath, B. Hill, C. Hog¬ gard. M. Jeffreys, L. Johnson, G. Jones, A. Joyner, P. Kinlaw, C. Liverman, R. Miller. FOWLER B. Mizelle, S. Mizelle, R. Newsome, J, Nichols, G. Overton, W, Overton, C. Parker. M. Parker, M. Patton, T. Peede, A. Peterson, D. Pittman, S. Taylor, W. Taylor. GILBERT M. Askew, G. Bell, B. Earley, L. Hatcher, M. Holloman, S. Lee, S. Mitchell. J. Pinnix, G. Purvis, R. Raynor, C. Reilly, B. Sawyer, J. Schweers, N. Sessoms. C. Shue, P. Smolen, P. Stroud, A. Sumner, L. Vann, D. Whedbee, R. White. J. Whitehead, E. Wiggins, S. Wiggins, J. Williams, M. Willoughby. Principal, Donald Newsome, inspects project of elementary students, which is one of many done during the year. r STRONGER SCHOOLS IN THE GO S 15 OUR CAMPAIGN GOAL — t r ( ) V ff (li ) Miss Pauline Tayloe STUDENT COUNCIL Julian Freeman VARSITY MUSIC jL ' v [ » X As the service organization of Ahoskie High School, the Student Council promotes and directs the activities of the students. Its main purposes are to create opportuni¬ ties for closer cooperation between students and faculty, to provide opportunities for student self-di¬ rection, to provide a forum for discussion of questions of interest to the student body, and to create and maintain standards of good citizenship among students. Student Council atiqh —— IPOKTANT SINCeVine Rrr OFFICERS - President, Bennett Williams; Vice President, Johnny Young; Secretary-Treasurer, Dorothy Mosley; Chaplain, Allen Tinkham. L to R - FIRST ROW: C. White, B. Collier, S. Gilbert, J. Young, R. Sumner, J. Earley, J. Williams, Table - Dorothy Mosley, Bennett Williams, John Young. SECOND ROW: F. Miller, B. Vann, J. Wil¬ liams, A. Rawls, S. Bostic, V. Harrell, J. Savin, I. Terrell, J. Barnes, E. Evans, P. F. Darden, T. Earley, T. Powell, C. White, A. Massey, A. Williams, P. Tinkham. r t f (1 n - j . ft X, 1 kstts h ' 0 The Beta Club is a national scholastic organization for high school students. Its purpose is expressed in the motto, " Ducamus aliis serviendo” (Let us lead by serving others), and by the three words on the Beta shield - Achievement, Character, Leadership. Mrs. C. W. Hughes performs her usual task of carving ham for the Beta supper. SEATED AT TABLE - Annette Williams, Treasurer; Sarah Ann Raynor, Vice President; Gary Felton, Pres¬ ident; Arlene Rawls, Secretary; Mary Margret Holloman, Reporter. FRONT ROW - L. toR.; M. A. Cas- telow, M. Brett, B. Brookshire, J. Young, G. Robertson, C. Mitchell, G. Gordan, J. Dilday, E. Ward, . Houston, S. Eagles. SECOND ROW - L. toR.; C. Pinnix, S. Harrell, E. Evans, B. Williams, M. L. Knight, J. Williams, T. Earley, P. Vinson, S. Ed¬ wards, E. Parker, M. A. insley, K. W. Lacy, B. Vandeberry, A. McGee, B. J. Whedbee, L. Parker. Betas working on their annual chicken salad supper to earn money to go to the state con¬ vention. Beta Club SEATED- G. Johnson, M. Holloman, A. Rawls. B. Vandeberry, B. Brookshire, J. Houston, J. Dilday, M Ainsley D. Massey, G. Felton. B. Williams. STANDING: G. Dilday. J. Chamblee. C. Pinnix. M Spivey K. Krause, A. McGee, A. Beale. B. Whedbee, K. W. Lacy, A. Ritter. B. Vinson. P. Byrum. M. Castolow, A. Harrison, M. Knight. T. Powell. T. Earley. P. Beach. L. Parker. A. Tinkharn. B. O ' Berry, H. Beaman, S. Eagles, M. Cooke, C. White, B. Dilday. ■■—rro m fii 01 IK l 1 J ■HI! A P) y y pr A V SEATED - L. to R.: Gary Felton, Sports Editor; Joanna Houston, Exchange and Circulation; Mary Mar¬ garet Holloman, Feature Editor; John Williams, Editor; Mary Ann Ainsley, News Editor; Ann McGee, Business Manager. STANDING - L. toR.: G. Roberson, J. Young, B. Vandeberry, M. Brett, S. Raynor, B. Whedbee, J. Williams, B. O ' Berry. Pow Wow Bobby Vanderberry shows Judy Williams how the cave man made the first headline fit. THE POW WOW Volume 25, No. 3, December - 1960 Published six times a year by the students of Ahoskie High School. Entered as second-class matter in the post office at Ahoskie, N.C. CSPA First Place, 1957, 1958, 1960 Quill Scroll International Honor Rating, 1958, 1959 CSPA Medalist. 1959 Editor - -- Feature Editor - - - - — News Editor-- - • Sports Editor--- Assistant Sports Editor - - Exchange and Circulation Business Manager-- - Assistant Business Manager Photographer-- - - - - - John Williams M. Margaret Holloman - - - Mary Ann Ainsley ------ Gary Felton - - - - Gene Roberson - - - - Joanna Houston .- Ann McGee - - - - Judi Williams - - Sarah Ann Raynor From left to right: H. Beamon, C. Taylor, R. Odom, M. Chamblee, D. Linkous, B. Willoughby, J. Dilday, W. Blanchard, E. Capps, K. Purvis, J. Young. G. Felton, C. Beard, L. Brinkley, I. Gupton, B. Vanderberry, E. Evans. A. Ritter, J. Williams. B. Williams, A. Beale, C. White, B. Williams, R. Asbell, S. Godwin, P. F. Darden, B. Dilday, O. Edwards, A. Rawls, B. J. O ' Berry, K. Krause, C. Pinnix, S. Harrell, J. Overton, K. Miller, M. L Spivey, B. Riddick, M. A. Newsome, M. Cooke, P. Byrum, M. Knight, S. Eagles, C. White. Vice President JOE WILLIAMS President BOBBY VANDERBERRY Secretary-Treasurer ERNIE EVANS Concert Band Marching Band Band Director ROBERT W. BROWN FLAG BEARERS - Left to right: Helen Monk, Gail Nolan, Ann McGee - Head Flag Bearer, Frances Mil¬ ler, Judy Flowers. MAJORETTES - Left to right: Donna Viersen, Earle Ruffin, Judi Williams, Doris Eagles, Sally Gilbert, Jane Earley. Head Majorette - KAE MILLER AMS Co-Chief - BRENDA RIDDICK CHEERLEADERS - Left to right: Anita Newsome, Miriam Jones, Carole White, Mary Lou Spivey, Martha Cooke, Mary Ann Newsome, Jane Chamblee, Jackie Futrell, Cheerleaders 4 Left to right - FIRST ROW; B. Matthews, I. Dickens, K. Hall, D. Asycue, H. Nelson, V. Thompson, J. Dilday, A. Jones, B. Casper. SECOND ROW: M. A. Castelow, M. A. Newsome, P. Byrum, J. Cannaday, B. Vinson, L. Blowe, P. McSwain. THIRD ROW: B. Perry, L. Brinkley, T. Davis, T. Godwin, B. Ward, B. Thomas, B. Terry, J. Harris, R. Jernigan, J. Williams. FOURTH ROW; J. Overton, J. Benthall, J. Jenkins, T. Oliver, B. Harrell, T. Perry, D. Overton, G. Jernigan, E. Davis, R. Felton, B. Vinson. FIFTH ROW: T. Fretwell, E. Earley, M. Chamblee, L. Byrum, B. Williams, C. E. Armstrong, L. Blowe, J. White, W. Knight. Left to right - FIRST ROW: D. Ross, J. Monk, M. Purvis, F. Harrell, P. Mitchell, S. Hatcher, S. Nichols, D. Mizelle, B. Mulder, Beth Freeman. SECOND ROW: B. Hughson, J. Davis, D. Jones, M. Baker, W. Mitchell, A. Joyner, J. Earley, C. Eure, G. Felton, W. Robertson, B. Felton. THIRD ROW; P. Byrum, A. Jones, J. Dil¬ day, M. Davis, P. Jernigan, B. Thomas. FOURTH ROW: B. Williams, W. Vinson, P. Taylor, C. Gerry, J. J.M.J Marsha, Joyce, and Anita are enjoying their study of How does it taste, Jean? Left to right - FIRST ROW: M. A. Ainsley, A. Moore, M. A. Newsome, P. Byrum, M, A. Peede, P. Beach, K, Krause, M. A. Castelow, B. J. Todd, P. Tinkham, K. Hall, B. Joyner, S. Bostic, R. M. Harrell, L. Hill. SECOND ROW: J. Askew, A. Godwin, L. Askew, J. Rawls, M. L. Knight, B. Mathias, M. Jones, M. Baker, D. Jones, P. Jernigan, B. L. Hughson, J. Davis, Mrs. Freeman. THIRD ROW: J. Nichols, B. Nichols, G. Carter, E. Godwin, R. J. Horton, J. Early, D. Knight, B. J. Crawford, B. Ed¬ wards, E. Ruffin. FOURTH ROW: J. Robertson, B. Harris, S. Jones, B. Mulder, C. Rhodes, G. Knight, A. Dilday, D. Mosley, J. Early. FIFTH ROW: S. Nichols, D. Mizelle, S. Hatcher, B. Freeman, D. Hill, E. Burbage, J. Knight, L. Baggett, F. Harrell. SIXTH ROW: J. Burgess, P. Britton, W. Mitchell, P. Mitchell, D. Ross, J. Monk, B. Collier, W. Hawkins. SEVENTH ROW; J. Futrell, A. Newsome, K. Sullivan, L. Barnes, M. Purvis, J. Hopkins, J. Savin. Left to right - FIRST ROW: C. Askew, A, Willoughby, J. Young, Z. Rogerson, W. Jones, D. West, E, Earley, J. Blowe, L. Bryum, H. Dilday, G. Jernigan. SECOND ROW: B. Perry, J. Overton, R. Perry, J. Benthall, T. Fretwell, M. Chamblee, B. Williams, D. Linkous, D. Overton. THIRD ROW; R. Har¬ rell, J. Hatcher, C. Dempsey, P. Taylor, J. White, T. Oliver, P. Willoughby, W. Vinson, W. Askew, J. Hawkins. FOURTH ROW: B. Eure, K. Mitchell, H. Felton, E. McGraw, L. Blowe, D. Edwards, L. Brinkley, M. Nichols, M. Liverman, W. Roberson. FIFTH ROW: C. Taylor, F. McKeel, J. Nichols, J. Early, S. Jernigan, B. Dempsey, D. Mitchell, C. Lewis, W. Lassiter, D. Overton. SIXTH ROW; B. Harrell, T. Godwin. David West uses mechanical drawing in agriculture. t V « • m jm. 1 1 J WBk f i JL Left to right: T. Fretwell, B. Mathias, D. Overton, J. Earley, W. Askew, V. Thompson, M. Peede, R. Horton, T. Earley, T. Taylor, J. Benthall, I. Byrum. tins ;Drivers Left to right: D. Everett, D. Brown, J. Lassiter, K. Chanoine, G. Daniels, B. Boone, D. Fuller, T. Barnes, C. Nolan. SUMMARY OF FOOTBALL SEASON The 1960-61 football season at Ahoskie High School, though not posting a conference champion¬ ship, was nevertheless one to be remembered. Foot¬ ball camp at Burnsville started this season with a bang. All returned home with more skills, a better under¬ standing of the game of football, and the team unity for a successful year. The coaches, whose sense of humor kept the spir¬ its high and whose ideas of fair play sent our boys fighting, and the cheerleaders and fans who urged them on, are long to be remembered. The wonderful spirit, the determination on our boys ' part, the fun and the laughs - these will re¬ main in our memory as an important part of the 1960-61 football season. Assistant Coach - Carroll Daniels Left to right - FIRST ROW: D. Linkous, H. Beaman, B. Vanderberry, C. Beard, B. Williams, A. Beale, P. F. Darden, R. A shell, G. Felton, M. Chamblee. SECOND ROW: C, Taylor, S. Godwin, W. Blan¬ chard, J. Young, J. Dilday, D. Peele, S. Barrow, C. White, L. Cooke, B. Pritchard. THIRD ROW; B. Kinlayr, S. Dunn, O. Edwards, J. Williams, E. Capps, B. Williams, E. Evans, R. Odom, C. Lowe, K. Purvis, A. Massey. 1960 SEASON Ahoskie 0 Greenville 19 7 Roanoke Rapids 6 27 Hertford 0 20 Plymouth 0 28 Central 0 14 Scotland Neck 12 33 Norlina 0 0 Edenton 40 19 Williamston 0 6 Elizabeth City 0 Captain - Bennett Williams All-Conference, Shrine Bowl All-Eastern, and All-State Indians draw gear for training camp ’ in ' ml 3 |1 1 p u % m w ■ y ’ W- m 1 J f 1 Tackle - BOBBY VANDERBERRY All-Conference Harold Beaman clears the path as Joe Williams streaks to pay dirt. Guard - DAVID LINKOUS End - HAROLD BEAMAN Guard - ALLEN BEALE Back - CLAYTON BEARD Center - RICHARD ASBELL Back - MELVIN CHAMBLEE Take that - We got him anyway! Tackle - P. F. DARDEN Center - GARY FELTON Tackle - SHERWOOD GODWIN Maidens Rate Conference Championship Coach - JACK YOUNG 1960 SEASON Ahoskie 41 Seaboard 26 62 Central 32 46 Seaboard 48 36 Scotland Neck 34 49 Hertford 38 41 Edenton 40 66 Plymouth 49 43 Williamston 29 78 Scotland Neck 49 45 Hertford 35 41 Edenton 40 Left to right - FIRST ROW: J. Overton, J. Outlaw, C. Pinnix, K. Krause, A. Rawls, S. Harrell, SEC¬ OND ROW: K. Miller, D. Eagles, E. Ruffin, A. Futrell, A. Joyner, L. Cowan, Coach Young, B. O ' Berry, A. Williams, T. Taylor, S. Gilbert, J. Cannady, J. Earley. ARLENE RAWLS SHARON HARRELL Forward Forward KAY KRAUSE Forw ard CAROLE PINNIX Guard JANE OVERTON Guard JUDY OUTLAW Guard ' 61 INDIANS STANDING: E. Evans, B. Kinlaw, C. Taylor, B. Dilday, O. Edwards, H. Beamen, C. White, B. Wil¬ liams, S. Barrow, J. Williams, R. Odom, J, Brett. Ahoskie 1960-61 SEASON 55 Hertford 42 42 Plymouth 55 70 Scotland Neck 89 49 Edenton 50 54 E dent on 46 72 Williamston 57 72 Hertford 66 COACH JULIAN FREEMAN HAROLD BEAMAN JOE WILLIAMS SPENCER BARROW CHARLES TAYLOR BOBBY DILDAY Before the game conference RUFFIN ODOM ERNIE EVANS BENNETT WILLIAMS OSCAR EDWARDS BILL KINLAW CHARLIE WHITE JIMMY BRETT Ruffin Odom flips to Ernie Evans for a tally. Maiden forward, Sharon Harrell, chalks up 2 points Ernie Evans and Charles Taylor wait for a refound Ahoskie guard, Carole Pinnix, keeps a Williams- Ruffin Odom watches as Charlie White raises the score for ton forward from scoring. AHS. BOONE’S PHARMACY " Prescription Chemist on Duty " " Best of Luck " AHOSKIE BEAUTY SHOP Phone 3067 206 W. Main St. Ahoskie, North Carolina Phone 3374 109 W. Main St. " Congratulations " F rom DR. W. H. WYNNS Powellsville, N. C. ■ ' nfl? fearcw COPELAND DRUG CO. Drugs Sandwiches Prescriptions Toiletries Phone 3277 Ahoskie, N. C. " Best of Luck in the Future " F rom MODERNISTIC BEAUTY SHOP Dial 2733 Mitchell St. " May Your Future Be Successful " CITY MARKET " Where Good Foods Are Found " Colerain, North Carolina FARMERS WAREHOUSES Ahoskie, North Carolina The Place for Your Money Is PLANTERS NATIONAL BANK Phone Ahoskie, N. C. " Congratulations " F rom GARRETT ' S JEWELRY STORE 127 W. Main Street Ahoskie, N. C. " Wishing You Success " OFFICE SUPPLY STORE " Best Place to Find School Supplies " E. Main St. Phone 2214 " We Wish the Seniors Success " ETTA’S SHOP " The Finest in Ladies ' Apparel " " Congratulations to All in the Class of 1961 " THORNTON’S FURNITURE COMPANY INVESTIGATE " Where Fine Furniture Is Found at Low Prices " Main St. Murfreesboro, N. C. Main St. Phone 3359 " Retread Your Tires " at AHOSKIE TIRE SERVICE Highway 13 South Ahoskie, N. C. BEST POLICY O ' BERRY ' S SUNOCO Gas Oil Greas ing SUN0C(h Highway 13 Phone 3632 " Best of Luck " GREENE INSURANCE AGENCY " Insure Your Future With Our Reliable Plan " Main Street Ahoskie, N. C. ' Success in the Future FARMERS HARDWARE CO. " Hurry to Our Store for Appliance and Hardware Needs " WESTERN AUTO Main Street Ahoskie, N. C " Future Success " F rom Main Street Ahoskie, N. C. THE MEN ' S STORE Botany 500 Manhattan Shirts Clothes Knox Hats to AHOSKIE HARDWARE CO. " The Place to Save " Ahoskie, N. C. Dial 3733 Main St. YOUR TROUBLES VANISH POWELL’S MUTUAL INSURANCE AGENCY Ahoskie, North Carolina " We are proud of Oran Perry, re¬ cipient of the Belk Founda- tion Scholar¬ ship last year. " BELK-TYLER’S OF AHOSKIE Oran Perry " Insure Your Future With Us " Phone 2737 Memorial Drive " Headquarters for Jantzen Sportswear. " Main Street Ahoskie, N. C ESKIMO DRIVE-IN " Where Friends Meet Friends " Ahoskie, North Carolina JENITH Main St. " Best of Luck " GODWIN AND SAVIN RADIO-TV REPAIR Ahoskie, N. C POWELL’S TEXACO SERVICE Wash Grease Batteries Accessories Gasoline Academy St. Phone 2522 " We Wish You Success " BARNES SAWYER GROCERY CO. $-. |T . S A PLEASURE! Dial 2167 To Serve the Roanoke -Chowan Section Ahoskie, N. C. N. Railroad St. BRINKLEY MOTORS Genuine Parts Factory Trained Mechanics Ahoskie, North Carolina Phone 3723 U. S. 13, South " We Are Ready to Trade You " at CHARLES H. JENKINS Ahoskie - Aulander Ahoskie, N. C. Phone 2191 Aulander, N. C. Phone 2171 " The Place to Buy It " Is STANDARD AND MARSH CHEVROLET COMPANIES Ahoskie - Aulander Ahoskie, N. C. Railroad St. Aulander, N. C. Commerce St. ROANOKE -CHOWAN RECREATION CENTER " Fun for Everyone " Aulander Highway Ahoskie, N. C NATIONWIDE INSURANCE AGENCY CHESTER G. RAWLS Phone 3564 107 Main St. " Best of Luck " F rom CAPP’S DRUG STORE in the Roanoke Chowan Shopping Center Drugs Sandwiches Sodas Toiletries Cosmetics Peacock St. Ahoskie, N. C. " Congratulations to All " From FELD’S " Shop in Our Store for the Latest Fashions " Dial 3547 " Keep Your Car in Good Shape " at BRETT’S GULF STATION Prompt Service Washing Greasing y Ahoskie, N. C Academy Street Phone 2930 " Best of Luck " to the Class of 1961 AHOSKIE MANUFACTURING COMPANY Sunset Street Ahoskie, N. C HUGHES’ Wash Wax Batteries Tires ESSO AHOSKIE MEAT AND PROVISION COMPANY Meats Dial Z885 Frozen Foods C. C. Road WALKER-BOONE DRUG CO. ' fyocvi DEPENDABLE DRUGGIST YOUR SEARCH ENDS ■ " Congratulations " F rom WHEDBEE-BRITTON HARDWARE " Shop at Our Store for Household Necessities and Sporting Goods. " 117 E. Main St. Phone 3217 Phone 306l Main Street PLYMOUTH if " Your Chrysler and Plymouth Dealer " Is P R. G. COOKE MOTOR COMPANY ' Aulander, N. C. Phone 2251 " Best Wishes " F rom SERVICE BARBER SHOP Railroad St. Ahoskie, N. C. " Insure Your Future With Us " at BRYANT INSURANCE AGENCY Phone 287 1 115 W. Main St, " Congratulations to the Seniors " MINTON’S CLEANERS Main Street Ahoskie, N. C. COLUMBIAN PEANUT COMPANY South Street Ahoskie, N. C. " Congratulations " F rom TARHEEL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY " Service Is Our Only Commodity " Branches Located in Gatesville, Lewiston, Winton North Carolina " The Place to Buy Your New Dodge, Plymouth, Chrysler, or DeSoto. " SESSOMS BROTHERS in Ahoskie, North Carolina " Dependable Garage Service " Main Street Dial 2917 ' Congratulations " to the Class of ' 6 1 CAROLINA ALUMINUM PLANT " Future Success " F rom TOMAHAWK RESTAURANT " Finest Foods Served Anywhere " Phone 2907 Ahoskie, N. C " We Are Glad to Have Our Plant in the Roanoke-Chowan Section. " " Wishing Your Success " JOYNER ' S RADIO-TV REPAIR " Dependable Service at Low Cost " Winton. North Carolina 116 N. Mitchell St. Ahoskie, N. C. W. H. BASNIGHT AND COMPANY Always Have Plenty of CREAM FLOUR to Fill All Your Baking Needs. You ' re money ahead! When You Rely on ATLANTIC DISCOUNT CORPORATION Ahoskie, North Carolina 112 Mitchell St. Phone 2129 BASNIGHT TOBACCO WAREHOUSES " Here Our Concern Is Only the Welfare of the Farmer. " Ahoskie North Carolina " The Safest Place for Your Money and Important Papers " Is the BANK OF AHOSKIE Two Offices in Branch in Ahoskie, N. C. Aulander, N. C. Phone 2153 Main St I t Greater Savings " at DAVID ' S Ahoskie, N. C. " Congratulations " F rom AHOSKIE WHOLESALE COMPANY Railroad Street Ahoskie, N. C. TAYLOE AND EVANS TRANSFER SERVICE " Dependable Transfer Service " " For the Finest Footwear " Shop at RUSSELL-HOLMES Phone 2797 Ahoskie, N. C. Winton, N. C. Suffolk Virginia MAOLA MILK COMPANY Ahoskie, North Carolina AHOSKIE DEPARTMENT STOR Main Street Ahoskie, N. C. " We Are Happy to Serve the Teenagers of the Roanoke Chowan Section " AHOSKIE DEPARTMENT STORE A CAREER With A Future! If you like science and mathe¬ matics, consider engineering for your careerl Engineering is the field of today and tomorrow. Progress is fast. New jobs are opening up every day. Plan for a job with a future—plan to be an engineer! VIRGINIA ELECTRIC AND POWER COMPANY Shop and Save at I. O. HILL AND COMPANY Dealers in Quality F urnitur e 159 West Washington Street Suffolk. Va. Compliments of YOUNG MEN ' S SHOP Suffolk, Virginia " Future Success " to the Seniors AHOSKIE MEMORIAL WORKS TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY The World ' s Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made U. S. 13 South Phone 3723 Compliments of BALLARD AND SMITH, INC. your key . . . TO GREATER VALUES Sellers of Quality Clothing Suffolk, Virginia " Best Wishes and Future Success " FASHION SHOE STORE " Congratulations " to the Seniors C. W. BEASLEY OIL COMPANY " Keep Your Home Warm With Our Fuels " Main Street Aho skie, " Best of Luck " N. C. Colerain, North Carolina COLONY PINE F rom N. $. GODWIN AND SONS STORAGE COMPANY Railroad Street Ahoskie, N. C. " Buyers of the Finest Timber " Ahoskie, North Carolina Word From the Editor: The Annual Staff would like to take this opportunity to express its gratitude to everyone who has made possible this publication. The staff hopes that all the students and fac¬ ulty members will receive as much enjoyment from the 1 61 CHIEF as it has had in publishing it. Editor o 4 - iff . , ' ' ■ r ‘V " ' X •- •• : nV ' $$ V2V«p. " ' v- - vi- " v»S V ' V- . . J »■ f?,V.iSj»- r .j;» ,,-j ' , •x — • ; -- r - AL ; “ ' ' «».• ' •?.» • ' - xusiiV ■ • ' ••.w.7«l-: r ‘ .v W -|$ v A 13 i ’-P-.J - LifexW ' C - f» ' ' ,, rv yx v . n %-| } j JO »iV A i nny.t ‘lUVC Aiy; ; 4 2 a D M W$ Vis. 5 l yyy , m m%mmm-m - ir ' ' v t .. v$w —.t! ' — r± h «fr 0 .W v ' , : • l ■ i. B Z - o f r fca Af ci

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