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AN OFFERING To Mrs. Deanes Brett we gratefully dedicate this, the 1952-53 edition of the The Chief , with sincere appre¬ ciation for her quiet understanding and faithful service as a teacher to our young braves for so many moons. MRS. DEANES BRETT: 12-H; Kerr, N. C. Franklin High School; Social Science, English, Campbell Col¬ lege; B. S., Wake Forest. GREAT WHITE FATHER IN WINTON RUSSELL P. MARTIN, SUPERINTENDENT Jamesville High School, Jamesville, North Carolina; A. B. Duke University; M. A. Wake Forest; World War II Veteran; Principal of Seaboard High School; Prin¬ cipal of Windsor High School; Superintendent of Hert - ford County Schools. INDIAN AGENT FRANCIS MARION TUCKER PRINCIPAL Woodruff High School, Woodruff, South Carolina; Wofford College, Spartanburg, South Carolina; A. B. University of NorthCarolina; Graduate Student of Uni¬ versity of NorthCarolina; Veteran of World War I and II; 11 years Principal and Superintendent of Scotland Neck High School; Completing 12th year as Principal of Ahoskie High School. 3 WISE MEN MISS DEBORAH MARY BROWN 12-D; Woodland, N. C.; Corinth Academy, Ivor, Va.; English; A.B., Guilford College; Univ.of Virginia; Columbia Univ. MRS. R. P. MARTIN 11-D; Marshville, N. C.; Marshville High School; French, English, Win¬ gate Junior College; A. B., E.C.C.; Wake Forest Coll. MRS. ALLAN T. POWELL 11-H; Tillery, N. C.; Scotland Neck High School; English, History; A.B., W. C. U. N. C. MISS FRANCES GRAY 10-D; Trenton, N.C.; Trenton High School; Library, Social Studies; Peace College; B. S., E. C. C. MR. DONALD NEWSOME 10-H; Coleraine, N. C.; Oxford High School; Science, Math; B. S. Wake Forest College. MR. JOSEPH J. LASSITER 9-L; Conway, N. C.; Conway High School; Science, Algebra, Physics; M. A., E. C. C. MR. JULIAN PITTMAN FREEMAN 9-J; Gates, N. C.; Gates High School; Algebra, Geometry; Campbell Col¬ lege; A. B., A. C. C 4 WISE MEN MISS FRANCES ELIZABETH NEWBY 9-J; Hertford, N. C.; Perquimans County High School; Home Econom¬ ics; E. C. C.; Winthrop College, Rock Hill, S. C.; A. B. MR. JOHN WESLEY YOUNG, JR. Burnsville, N. C.; Tipton Hill High School; Social Science, Phys. Ed.; Brevard College; B. S., E. C. C.; Northwestern Univ.; Appalachian State Teachers College. MISS MILDRED SMITH Kittrell, N. C.; Zeb Vance High School; Typing, Book-keeping; W. C. U. N. C.; B. S. S. A. MR. LANSING C. PEACOCK Roper, N. C.; Roper High School; Agriculture; B. S., N. C. State Col¬ lege. MISS MARTHA JEAN MODLIN Rich Square, N.C.; Rich Square High School; Public School Music; A. B. Meredith College. MRS. W. B. CURTISS High Point, N. C.; High Point High School; B. M. (Music Theory), W. C. U. N. C. MR. W. B. CURTISS Detroit, Mich.; Radnor High School; A. B. (Music), U. N. C. 5 Left: A Latin Left: Mr. Lassiter explains the theory of gravitation. Right: Mrs. Brett expounds historical the¬ ories of Europe. Left: Miss Gray reclassifies the Dewey Decimal System. Right: Mr. Newsome tells a joke. 6 BIG CHIEFS CHESTER DUNN ROGERS ON: Chet Football 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3, 4; Varsity Club2,3,4; Beta Club 3,4, Vice-Pres. 3; Class Pres. 3,4; 4-H Club 1,2,3,4; Marshal 3; Student Council 4. . .LACY LAMAR DILDAY: Student Council 1,2,3,4; Varsity Club 1,2,3,4, Vice-Pres. 4; LatinClub 3,4; Beta Club3,4, Vice-Pres. 4; Football 1,2,3,4; Annual Staff 4; 4-H Club 1.2,3,4; Class Pres. 1,2; Class Vice-Pres. 4. . .BETTY JO KIFF; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Latin Club3,4, Pres. 3; Flag Bearer 2,3,4; Povv Wow Staff2; Beta Club3,4; Basketball 3; Class Sec. 4; Annual Staff 4; Stu¬ dent Council 4. . .FRANCES PATTERSON GREENE: Pat ; Student Council 2,3,4, Vice-Pres. 3; Beta Club 3,4, Sec. 4; Class Treas. 3,4; Pow-Wow Staff 1, Editor 4; Majorette 1,2,4; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Var¬ sity Club 2,3,4, Sec. 4; Cheerleader 3; May Court Attendant 1; Latin Club 3,4; Basketball 1,2; Chief Marshall 3; Miss Alma Mater 4. 7 Maggie Alston Raleigh Baker Sallie Anne Barber Ella Mae Barnes MAGGIE C. ALSTON: F.H.A. 1,2,3,4, Parlimentarian 3; 4-H 1. . .RALEIGH JAMES BAKER: Class Vice- Pres. 2,3; Football 1,2,3,4; Baseball 3,4; Basketball2,4; Varsity Club 2,3,4; Band 1,2,3; 4-H 1,2,3,4, Vice- Pres. 1; Annual Staff 4 . . . SALLIE ANN BARBER: F.H.A. 1,2,3,4, Program Chairman 3,4, Bi-county So¬ cial Chairman4; Glee Club 1,2,3; 4-H2.3; Band 2,3,4; Beta Club 3,4; Marshal 3 . . . ELLA MAE BARNES: F.H.A. 1,2,3,4, Vice-Pres. 4; 4-H 1,2,3,4, Program Chairman 4; Library Asst. 4. BIG CHIEFS ROBERT BAZEMORE: Transferred from Harrellsville 4; F.F.A. 4; Bus Driver 4; 4-H 4 . . . ALBERT RAN¬ DOLPH BRACY: Ranny ; 4-H Club 1,2,3,4, Sgt. of Arms 1,2,3,4; F.F.A. 1,2,3,4, Pres. 1,2, Sec. 3; Bus Driver 4; . . . WILLIAM CLYDE BRIDGERS: Billy”; Band 1,2,3,4; 4-H Club 1,2,3,4; Pow Wow 4; Annual Staff Photographer 4 . . . DOROTHY ANN BRITT: Transferred from Aulander 1; Basketball 2,3,4; Cheer¬ leader 2,3,4; Pow Wow 2,3,4; Glee Club 2,3,4; Office Asst. 3,4; Beta Club 3,4; Varsity Club 2,3,4; Latin Club 3,4; Class Reporter. Bobby Bazemore Ranny Bracy Billy Bridgers Dottie Britt 8 M. T. Britton Carroll Credle Howard Dilday Horace Downs MARVIN THOMAS BRITTON: F.F.A. 1,2,3,4; 4-H 1,2,3,4; Bus Driver 2,3,4 . . .CARROLL SPENCER CREDLE: Transferred from Colerainl; Basketball 2,3,4; Football 3,4; Varsity Club 3,4; Latin Club 4; Pow Wow 4; Annual Staff 4, Art Editor 4 . . . HOWARD RAY DILDAY: Transferred from Harrelsville 4; Bus Driver 4; F.F.A. 4 . . . HORACE T. DOWNS: 4-H 1,2,3,4, Band 2,3; Latin Club 2,3,4. BIG CHIEFS MARGARET ROSALIE DUKES: Library Asst. 1; Cheerleader 2,4; Flagbearer 1,2; Beta Club 3,4; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Latin Club 2,3,4; Pow Wow 2, Asst. Business Mgr. 2; Varsity Club 2,3,4; Basketball 2,3,4; Office Asst. 2,3,4; Annual Staff 4, Business Mgr. 4 . . . ROBERT E. EARLY: 4-H 1,2,3,4; F.F.A. 1,2,3,4, Sec. 2 . . . THOMAS EARL EDWARDS: Cat ; 4-H 1,2,3,4, Vice-Pres. 3; Baseball 2,3,4, Varsity Club 3,4 .. . LINDA FUTRELL: 4-H 1,2,3,4, Vice-Pres. 1, Sec. 2, Reporter 4, Asst. Program Chairman 4; F.H.A. 1,2,3, 4, Program Co-chairman 3, Sec. 4; Pow Wow 3,4. Margaret Dukes Robert Early Thomas Edwards Linda Futrell 9 Ivan Godwin Joyce Godwin Betty Green Bobbie Guy IVAN ROWE GODWIN: 4-H 1,2,3,4, Pres, 4; F.F.A. 1,2,4; Bus Driver 4 . . . JOYCE FERNE GODWIN: Bas¬ ketball 1; Beta Club 3,4; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Latin Club 2,3,4, Reporter 4; Band 4; Annual Staff 4 . . . BETTY JANE GREEN: 4-H 2; F.H.A.l; . . . MAE LYNETTE GUY; Bobbie Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Beta Club 3,4; Majorette 1,2,3,4; Latin Club2,3,4, Program Chairman 2,4; Pow Wow 4, Business Mgr. 4; Annual Staff 4; Student Council 3; May Court Attendant 2; Marshal 3. BIG CHIEFS ALYCE RACHEL HARRELL: 4-H 1,2,3,4; F.H.A. 3; Glee Club 1,2; Library Asst. 3,4 . . . GARNETTE DEFORD HUGHES: Dee ; Student Council2,4, Sec.2, Pres.4; Glee Club 1,2,3,4, Class Vice-Pres. 1, Sec. 3; Beta Club 3,4, Treas. 3,4; Latin Club2,3,4, Sec. 2, Program Chairman 3; Marshal 3; Pow Wow 1,2, Asst. Busi¬ ness Mgr. 1, Business Mgr. 2; Annual Staff 3,4, Junior Editor 3, Associate Editor 4; Majorette 1,2,3,4; Homecoming Attendant3; Harvest Princess 4 . . . ROBERT S. HYATT: Football 1,2,3; Baseball 1; Mgr. 3; Football Mgr.4; 4-H 1,2,3,4; Varsity Club 3,4; Bus Driver 4 . . . FRANCES JONES: 4-H 1,2; Glee Club 1; Library Asst. 1,3; Beta Club 3,4. Rachel Harrell Dee Hughes Robert Hyatt Frances Jones 10 Julian Joyner Shelton Lassiter Steve Lipsitz Louise Liverman JULIAN JOYNER: F.F.A. 1,2,3,4 . . . SHELTON LASSITER . . . STEVEN HUGH LIPSITZ: Basketball Mgr. 1; Varsity Club 2,3,4, Sec. 3; Latin Club 3,4, Vice-Pres. 3; Beta Club 3,4, Pres. 4; Marshal 3; Annual Staff 4, Editor 4; Band 1,2,3,4; Student Council 1,2,3; 4-H Club 1 . . . LILLIE LOUISE LIVERMAN. BIG CHIEFS JUDY ANN McKEEL: 4-H Club 1,2,3,4; Library Asst. 1,2; Glee Club 2,3,4; Office Asst. 3,4 .. . HAROLD ALLEN MITCHELL: Baseball Mgr. 1; Student Council 1,2; Varsity Club 2,3,4; Beta Club 3,4; Band 1,2,3, 4; Annual Staff 4; Pow-Wow Staff 1,4, Sports Editor 4; 4-H Club 1,2,3,4 . . . SIDNEY RICHARD MITCHELL: F.F.A. . . . B. PAGE MOSELEY. Judy McKeel Harold Mitchell Sidney Mitchell Page Moseley 11 Jimmy Oakley Katherine Odom Myra Phelps Margie Pritchard JAMES RAY OAKLEY: Jimmy ; Transfer from Chase City, Va. 4; Beta Club 4 . . . KATHERINE WINNI- FRED ODOM: Beta Club 3,4; Glee Club 1,2; Latin Club 2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Pow-Wow Staff 4 . . . MYRA LAYNE PHELPS: Basketball 1,2,3,4; Varsity Club 2,3,4; Latin Club 2,3,4; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Cheerleader 4; Pow-Wow 4 . . . MARGIE LEIGH PRITCHARD: Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Varsity Club 1,2,3,4; 4-H Club 1,2; Intramural Pres. 3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Flag Bearer 2,3,4; Pow-Wow Staff 1,2; Annual Staff 4. BIG CHIEFS ANNIE EARL RAYNOR: F.H.A. 1,4; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Varsity Club 2,3,4; Cheerleader 2,3,4, Chief 3,4; Library Asst.l . . . RUTH KERRAE STALLINGS: Glee Club 1,2,3,4 . . . ROBERT STORY; Sonny ; F.F.A. 1; 4-H Club 1,2,3,4; Latin Club 2,3,4,; Band 1,2,3,4; Pow-Wow Staff4; School Projec¬ tionist 4, Asst. 2,3 . . . MARGARET SUMNER: Office Asst. 2,3; Bus Driver 4. Earl Raynor Kerrae Stallings Robert Story Margaret Sumner 12 Ann Taylor James Travis Shirley Ward Bobby Williford ANN CARLOYN TAYLOR: F.H.A. 1,2,3,4, Program Chairman 1, Sec. 2, Reporter 3, Pres. 4; Beta Club 3, 4; Student Council 3; Library Asst. 4; 4-H 1,2,3,4, Program Chairman 2, Pres. 3, Sec. 4; Marshal 3 . . . JAMES ARNOLD TRAVIS: 4-H 1,2,3,4, Vice-Pres. 2,3; Varsity Club 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Bus Driver 4 . . . SHIRLEY WARD: Transferred from Lewiston 1; Basketball 2; Beta Club 3,4; F. H.A. 2; Glee Club 2 . . . ROBERT WILLIFORD: 4-H Club 1,2,3,4; F.F.A. 1,2,3,4; Football 4. BIG CHIEFS SARA MAITLAND WILLOUGHBY: F.H.A. 1,2,3,4, Treas. 1,4, Parlimentarian 2, Pres. 3; 4-H 1,2,3,4, Sec. 1, Pres. 2, Vice-Pres. 3,4; Beta Club3,4; Basketball 1 . . . CALVIN HARDING WOOD: Class Sec. 1; Foot¬ ball 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Varsity Club 1,2,3,4, Pres. 4; Intramural Class President 2,3 .. . ELLEN WYNN: F.H.A. 1; 4-H 1,2,3. Sara Willoughby Harding Wood Ellen Wynn 13 LITTLE BIG CHIEFS HARVEST PRINCESS Dee Hughes 14 .§rm Best Lovers Raleigh and Margaret Most Athletic Harding and Margie Most Intelligent Pat and Steve Best Looking Chet and Bobbie Quietest Shelton and Kerrae Most Popular Dee and Lamar Nicest Carroll and Betty Jo 15 Best All-Around Pat and Chet Wittiest Frances and Jimmy Most Likely to Succeed Steve and Ann Cutest Ranny and Betty Jo Most Talented Dee and Raleigh Best Dancers Harding and Shirley 16 JEAN VAUGHAN Secretary WARRIORS ELBERT PRITCHARD Treasurer DICKIE NEWSOME President LINWOOD DANIELS Vice-President JESSE RAY ASBEL BETTY ANNE ASKEW J. B. BEAMAN BOBBY BELCH SHIRLEY BLOWE A. T. BYRUM JAMES CONNER THELMA COPELAND JACKIE DAVIDSON BOBBY DICKINSON SHIRLEY DILDAY BILL DUNN PENELOPE FREEMAN ROBERT GATLING JULIA GODWIN ANNE GRAY A. J. HARRELL BUCKY HARRIS ELVA JEAN HARRIS CURTIS HOWARD EUGENE HUGHSON WALTER JEFFERIES BILLY JENKINS T. J. JERNIGAN MARY ANN JETER 17 JOE KEININGHAM DAVID LEARY BILLY LIVERMAN ELIZABETH MATTHEWS RICHARD McKEEL JANET MITCHELL TOMMY MITCHELL DOROTHY MIZELLE BLANCHE MODLIN EVELYN MORRIS BARBARA MOSELEY HARRY PARKER JOHN PERRY AL PIERCE MILTON ROBERTSON HARRELL RUFFIN JO ANN SEXTON MILDRED SEXTON BOBBY SMITH JOANNE SPARKS JANE STORY MAURICE SULLIVAN JANET SUMNER JANICE SWAIN CAROLE WHEDBEE ADA WHITE CHARLENE WILLOUGHBY SHIRLEY WILLOUGHBY RANDY WHITLEY CHARLES WILLIFORD 18 RICHARD ODOM President PETE WILLOUGHBY Vice-President PAIGE WOOD Sec.-Treas. BRAVES JANICE ALSTON BILLY ARRINGTON FRANK ASHFIELD TOMMY BARNES MERRILL BELCH JEANETTE BELL FRANCIS BENTHALL CORA MAE BLOWE JOE BLOWE McCOY BRITTON SHIRLEY BROWN BILLY BURCH AGNES BYRUM CRAIG CASTELLOW DOROTHY COBB RAY COOKE GERALD DAVIS RICHARD DAVIS CLARICE DILDAY IMOGENE DILDAY MARY ANN DILDAY ELLIS DONALDSON JUDSON EURE MERRILL EVANS PATSY FAISON 19 SOPHIE FAISON THOMAS FAISON GLORIA FRETWELL JANE FRETWELL WILLIAM GREENE KATHRYN GODWIN LEORA GODWIN CARLTON HALL RAMON HARMON JIMMY HILL LIBBY HOBBS KAY HOLDER ARTHUR HORTON JOHN HUGHSON EMILY JERNIGAN RANDOLPH JERNIGAN KENNETH JOHNSON BARBARA ANN JONES BERNIE JONES J. C. LASSITER RAY LASSITER THOMAS LEWIS CHARLES MADDREY MARY ELIZABETH MAXIM JANE McGEE FRED MILLER THOMAS MINTON ELSIE MIZELLE JAMES MODLIN SALLY MOORE RANDOLPH NICHOLS NELDA NORTHCOTT JUANITA PHELPS BETTY POWELL LARRY POWELL 20 CAROLYN RIDDICK SARAH ROBERTSON BILLY ROGERSON BILL ROSS JOHN SMITH ALBERT SUMNER JACKIE SUTTON JERRY UNDERWOOD BILLY WIGGINS MILDRED WILLIAMS JACKIE WILLOUGHBY JIMMY WILLOUGHBY ESTHER LEE WINSLOW LARRY WYNNS WINTER COMES TO A.H.S. 21 PAPOOSES BOBBY BLAYLOCK BETTY LOU BRETT President Vice-President SHIRLEY WOODLEY Secretary FRANCES KNIGHT Treasurer BILLY ASBEL DUKE ASKEW EMILY ASKEW HUGH BOZEMAN RUBY LOU BAZEMORE MOLLY BELCH AL BENTHALL RAY BRABBLE BILLY BRACY FRED BRACY PEGGY BRACY PAT BRITTON JACK BUNCH BILLY CLARK DURWOOD COKER BERNIE CREDLE BARBARA ANN DOUGHTIE SIDNEY FUTRELL DICKIE GARRETT ALICE PAIGE GODWIN BARBARA HARRELL GAY HARRELL IRIS P. HARRELL LAURENCE HARRIS PATRICA HARRIS HENRY HORTON SYVILLA HORTON PAUL JONES JAMES JORDAN JAYE LEWIS 22 JO LINKOUS BETTY ANN LIVERMAN HAL LIVERMAN NANCY LIVERMAN FRANCIS MALLISON JOE MATHESON SHIRLEY MATTHEWS MITCHELL McKEEL LENORA MITCHELL JUNE MORRIS ELEY NEWSOME EUGENE NORTHCOTT RONNIE NORTHCOTT BARBARA OVERTON JOAN OVERTON OLIVER PROCTER DAN ROSS JAMES ROUNTREE BILL SMOAK BILLY SPARKS EDNA SPEIGHT DELORES SPIVEY JOANNE SPIVEY MARY ROSE SULLIVAN RICHARD TILLERY MARION TURNER AGNES UNDERWOOD JACKIE WHEDBEE TOMMY WHEELER STUART WILLIAMS JEAN WILLOUGHBY RALPH WILLOUGHBY NOT PICTURED: CLARENCE BARNES VENICE MAE BLOWE DELIA BURGESS BOBBY COFIELD ROBERT COPELAND BILL EARLEY FRED GODWIN MYRTLE HARRELL NELLY IRIS HARRELL WILLIAM HARRELL MARIE JACKSON SYLVIA JENKINS JAMES JOYNER TOMMY LASSITER BARBARA MORRIS MARGARET NEWSOME 23 P 0 w wow VOLUME 16, NO. 1 AHOSKIE HIGH SCHOOL, AHOSKIE, N. C. SEPTEMBER—1952 High School Classes Select Leaders for ' 52- 53 Pow Wow Staff Is Announced Twenty-two students interested in the publication of the POW¬ WOW, the Ahoskie school news¬ paper, met Friday and elec ted officers for the coming year. Pat Greene was named editor and Charlene Willoughby was chosen her associate. Their staff will be: Wayne Lilley, news editor; Ann Gray, feature editor; Katherine Godwin, assist¬ ant feature editor; Robert Storey, sports editor; Carole Whedbee and Mary Ann Jeter, art editors. Bobby Guy was elected business manager. Shirley Woodley and Harold Mitchell were named as¬ sistant busines managers. Billy Bridgers will serve as chief photographer for the POW-WOW this year and will have as assis¬ tants, Julia Godwin, Janet Mitch¬ ell, and Harold Mitchell. Dottie Britt is the circulation manager. Robert Lee Gatling and Carroll Credle will assist her. The group was commended for their interest by sponsoring teach¬ er, Mrs. Allan Powell, and senio- class sponsor, Miss Debora! Brown. STAFF Seniors Elect Rogerson Pres. | A “brand-new” Senior Class held its first class meeting Mon¬ day morning, September 15. Of¬ ficers chusen for the coming year were Chester Rogerson, Pres¬ ident; Lamar Dilday, Vice-Pres¬ ident; Betty Jo Kiff, Secretary; Pat Greene, Treasurer; and Dot- tie Britt, Reporter. Following the election of of¬ ficers, members of the class chose Dee Hughes to represent Ahoskie High School at the Harvest Fes¬ tival in Williamston on October 22 . Finances assumed an important ipiace in the business discussion ihe class then discussed ways to anance a spring trip to Washing¬ ton or New York. By popular vote, little Diane Howell, daughter of Sergeant and Mrs. L. B. Howell and Wil¬ liam Darden, son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Darden, were chosen as mas¬ cots. During the same week, the other three high school classes neid elections for officers. Students chosen to lead the Junior Class this year were: Dickie Newsome, President; Lin- wood Daniles, Vice-President; Elbert Pritchard, Treasurer; and Jean Vaughan, Secretary and Re¬ porter. Class officers for the Sopho¬ mores in 1952-53 are Richard Odom, President; Robert Will¬ oughby, Vice-President; Paige Wood, Secretary and Treasurer. The Freshman Class made the following choices: Bobby Blay- iOck, President; Betty Britt, Vice- President; Shirley Woodley, Sec¬ retary and Reporter; Frances ivnignt, Treasurer. Betas Fete Frosh, New Students Ahoskie High School freshmen and new students were entertained by the Beta Club in the form of a party, given at the Municipal Building on Wednesday evening, September 23, 1952. An admission of two bobby pins was charged honored guests, who in turn received a green hat to signify his status in A. H. S. Steve Lipsitz, President of the Beta Club, welcomed the students and gave a short talk concerning the ideals, standards, and the re¬ quirements for membership. Early in the evening the group enjoyed games and square danc¬ ing. Refreshments of cookies and punch were served to approxi¬ mately 100 guests. Steve Lipsitz To Edit Chief Steve Lipsitz was chosen Edi- tor-in-Chief of the “CHIEF,” high school yearbook, at a meeting of the senior class on September 17. Other students who will serve on the staff are: Associate Editor. Dee Hughes; Junior Editor, Mau¬ rice Sullivan; Circulation Manager, Ann Taylor; Business Manager, Margaret Dukes; Sports Editor, La Mar Dilday; Associate Sports Edi¬ tors, Margie Pritchard and Raleigh Baker; Art Editor, Carroll Credle; Circulation Staff, Bettye Jo Kiff and Joyce Godwin; and Business Staff, Harold Mitchell and Bobbie Guy. Lipsitz announced at assembly on September 22 that annual sub¬ scriptions are now on sale for $1.50. He urged that students pay for subscriptions now in order that the staff may make definite plans. Dee Hughes to Represent A.H.S. At Williamston Dee Hughes, popular Ahoskie High School Senior, has been chosen by her Senior classmates to represent the school in the lnth annual Harvest Festival to be held in Williamston on October 22 . Dee, who will reign as Princess Ahoskie, will ride in a convertible in a parade of the candidates for Harvest Festival Queen. The winner will be awarded a valuable gift and will reign as queen of the dance to be held following the afternoon activities. Being president of the Student Council takes up a lot of Dee’s time, but she still finds time to be a majorette for the high school band, a member of the Latin Club, Glee Club, and Associate Editor of the annual. As you can see, be¬ sides being a very attractive girl, Dee is also quite busy with school activities. The high school wishes Dee “best of luck” as she competes with the other princesses for the title. Seated: Bobbie Guy, Business Mgr.; Dottie Britt, Circulation Mgr., Pat Greene, Editor-in-Chief, Mary Ann Jeter, Art Editor; Charlene Willoughby, Associate Editor; Julia Godwin, Jokes, Standing: Harold Mitchell, Sports Editor; Carole Whedbee, Art Editor; Ann Gray, Feature Editor, Robert Gatling, Exchange Editor. REPORTERS Seated: Imogene Dilday, Sally Moore, Paul Jones, A1 Bent- hall, Janet Mitchell. Standing: Harold Mitchell, Blanche Modlin, Joyce Godwin, Myra Phelps, Jean Vaughan, Shirley Woodley, Kathryn Godwin, Carroll Credle. Princess DEE HUGHES THE “CHIEF” STAFF Seated: Raleigh Baker, Dee Hughes, Steve Lipsitz, Harold Mitchell, Carroll Credle, La Mar Dilday. Standing: Miss Brown, Mrs. Brett, Joyce Godwin, Bobbie Guy, Bettye Jo Kiff, Ann Tayloe, Margie Pritchard, Maurice Sullivan. Insert: Margaret Dukes. Editor-in-Chief Associate Editor Junior Editor Business Manager Business Staff Circulation Manager Circulation Staff Sports Editor Sports Staff Art Editor Advisors Steve Lipsitz Dee Hughes Maurice Sullivan Margaret Dukes Bobbie Guy Harold Mitchell Ann Tayloe Joyce Godwin Bettye Jo Kiff La Mar Dilday Margie Pritchard Raleigh Baker Carroll Credle Miss Deborah Brown Mrs. Deanes Brett STAFF AT WORK 25 GLEE CLUB First Row: Myra Phelps, Betty Jo Kiff, Margaret Dukes, Sallie Moore, Miss Martha Mod- lin, Director; Margie Pritchard, Bobbie Guy, Dee Hughes, Jo Ann Sparks, Juanita Phelps, Kerrae Stallings, Julia Godwin. Second Row: Jackie Whedbee, Carolyn Riddick, Pat Greene,. Earle Raynor, Kathryn Godwin, Dottie Britt, Imogene Dilday; Third Row: Edna Speight, Paige Wood, Jane McGee, Janet Sumner, Joyce Godwin, Joan Overton, Judy Mc- Keel, Mary Dilday, Shirley Woodley, Betty Lou Brett, Gay Harrell, Barbara Overton. LATIN CLUB First Row: Miss Brown, Advisor; Dickie Newsome, Pres.; Carole Whedbee, Vice-Pres.; Mildred Sexton, Sec.; Barbara Moseley, Treas.; Myra Phelps, Ann Gray, Dottie Britt, Janet Mitchell, Blanche Modlin, Pat Greene, Dee Hughes. Second Row: Nell Freeman, Jesse Ray Asbell, Joanne Sexton, Charlene Willoughby, Joyce Godwin, Bobbie Guy, Jane Story, Mary Ann Jeter, Sally Moore, Jane McGee. Third Row: Fred Miller, Robert Gat¬ ling, Katherine Odom, Joe Keiningham, Shirley Willoughby, Paige Wood, Kathryn God¬ win, Bill Dunn, T. J. Jernigan. Fourth Row: Steve Lipsitz, Randy Whitley, Carroll Credle, Frank Ashfield, Richard Odom, Charles Maddrey,(J. B. Beaman) Margaret Dukes, Lamar Dilday. 26 STUDENT COUNCIL Kneeling: Imogene Dilday, Frances Knight, Nancy Liverman, Bettye Jo Kiff, Pat Greene, Kathryn Godwin, Secretary; Dee Hughes, President, Shirley Woodley, Jane McGee, Betty Lou Brett. Standing: Mr. Joe Lassiter, Advisor; A1 Benthall; Merrill Evans, James Mod- lin, Bobby Blaylock, Dickie Newsome, Vice-President; Tommy Mitchell, La Mar Dil¬ day, Miss Deborah Brown, Advisor; Billy Liverman. Not Pictured: Chester Rogerson, Betty Ann Askew, Richard McKeel. BUS DRIVERS Robert Hyatt, Margaret Sumner, Wayne Lilley, Robert Earley, James Conner, Francis Benthall, Ivan Godwin, Curtis Howard. Bobby Dickinson, Harrell Ruffin, James Travis, John Perry, M. T. Britton, Bobby Bazemore, Ranny Bracy, Howard Dilday. 27 rnmrn mm CHEERLEADERS First Row: Harding Wood, President; Harold Mitchell, La Mar Dilday, Vice-President; Robert Hyatt, Linwood Daniels, Dickie Newsome, Raleigh Baker, Tommy Mitchell. Sec¬ ond Row: Pat Greene, Secretary;Carroll Credle, James Travis, Jean Vaughan, Treasurer; Margaret Dukes, Joe Keiningham, David Leary, Steve Lipsitz. Third Row: Jack Young, Coach; T. J. Jernigan, A1 Pierce, Vice-President; Bobby Dickinson, Margie Pritchard, Myra Phelps, Bobby Belch. VARSITY CLUB Clockwise: Margaret Dukes, Dottie Britt, Billy Wiggins, Myra Phelps, Earle Raynor, Chief; Ann Gray, Jean Vaughan., 28 WINNING BETA CLUB AMU, Bottom Row: Mrs. R. P. Martin, Sponsor, Steve Lipsitz, President La Mar Dilday Vice- President Pat Greene, Secretary, Dee Hughes, Treasurer. Second Row: Bettye Jo Kiff, ' arole Whedbee, Katherine Odom, Jo Anne Sexton, Mary Ann Jeter, Joyce Godwin, Jane Story Dottie Britt. Third Row: Sara Willoughby, Betty Ann Askew, Shirley Willough¬ by Sally Ann Barber, Bobbie Guy. Harold Mitchell, Chester Rogerson Fourth Row: Shirley Ward, Frances jones, Ann Tayloe, Richard McKeel, Elbert Pritchard, Jean Vaug¬ han, Margaret Dukes, Jimmy Oakley. SKIT IN RALEIGH THE MAJORETTES Margie Pritchard Bettye Jo Kiff Imogene Dilday Mildred Williams Bobbie Guy, Chief Dee Hughes Shirley Woodley Pat Greene Kathryn Godwin Paige Wood Jackie Willoughby THE FLAGBEARERS 30 THE AHOSKIE HIGH SCHOOL BAND Bottom Row; Bobbie Guy, Robert Story, Mildred Sexton, Jo Anne Sexton, Janet Mitchell, Katherine Odom, Joyce Godwin, Gay Harrell, Sterling Ruffin, Mascot, Mr. William B. Curtiss, Director. Second Row: Dee Hughes, Billy Bridgers, J. B. Beaman, Floyd Bryan, Steve Lipsitz, Joe Gaddy Matheson, Betty Lou Brett, Margie Pritchard. Third Row: Shirley Woodley, Carole Whedbee, Douglas White, Ralph Willoughby, Harold Mitchell, Stuart Williams, Charlene Willoughby, Edna Speight, Barbara Moseley. Fourth Row: Pat Greene, Sophie Faison, Mary Ann Jeter, Dennis Nichols, Joan Overton, Barbara Overton, Margaret Cowan, Mildred Williams. Fifth Row: Kathryn Godwin, John Ormond,C .C. Rowe, Chuck Edwards, Arthur Brown, Jo Linkous, Bettye Jo Kiff. Sixth Row: Paige Wood, Graf¬ ton Beaman, Randolph Nichols, Jimmy Earley, Lloyd Alston, Jennings Ruffin, Imogene Dilday. Top Row: Jackie Willoughby, Bobby Smith, L, K. Godwin, Hal Liverman, Dwight Kirkland, Charles Maddrey, Sallie Ann Barber. 31 FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA First Row: Mr. L. C. Peacock, Bobby Williford, Robert Early, Milton Robertson, Ranny Bracy, Tommy Wheeler, John Perry, A. T. Byrum, Francis Benthall, James Conner, Ber- nie Jones, Ronnie Northcott, Sidney Futrell. Second Row: Eugene Hughson, Curtis How¬ ard, Howard Dilday, M. T. Britton, John Hughson, Billy Jenkins, Billy Rose, Billy Roger- son, Ray Harmon, William Green, Billy Bracy, A. J. Harrell. Third Row: James Joyner, Ivan Godwin, Bobby Bazemore, McCoy Britton, Billy Asbell, Ray Brabble, Eugene North¬ cott, Jackie Davidson, Billy Wiggins, William Harrell, Hugh Bazemore, Paul Jones. Third Row: Duke Askew, Walter Jeffries, Craig Castellow, Merle Belch, Eley Newsome, James Rountree, Joseph Nichols, Billy Burch, Thomas Lewis, Arthur Horton, Tommy Barnes. IN THE SHOP 32 FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA l mmm: Bottom row: Miss Frances Newby, Sponsor; Ann Taylor, President; Linda Futrell, Secretary; Agnes Byrum, Vice- President; Shirley Dilday, Elizabeth Matthews, Social Chairmen; Sara Willoughby, Treasurer; Dorothy Cobb, Juan¬ ita Phelps, Jeanette Bell, Kay Holder. Second row: Sallie Ann Barber, Frances Knight, Marion Turner, Jane Fret- well, Maggie Alston, Jessie Rae Asbell, Gloria Fretwell, Mary Ann Dilday, Betty Ann Liverman, Sophia Faison, Elsie Mizelle. Third row: Janice Alston, Lenora Mitchell, Frances Mallison, Emily Jernigan, Barbara Doughtie, Sylvia Jenkins, Peggy Bracy, Earle Raynor, Sally Moore, Cora Mae Blowe, Esther Winslow. Fourth row: Imogene Dilday, Jean Willoughby, Molly Belch, Patsy Faison, Jane McGee, Nelda Northcott, Leora Godwin, Mildred Wil¬ liams, Sara Robertson, Agnes Underwood, Ella Mae Barnes. At work 31 THE CHAMPIONS THE BIG MOMENT On November 28, 1952, the Ahoskie High School Indians, by defeating Bessemer City 48-6, won for the second consecutive year the North Carolina High School Athletic Association Class A Championship. Through hard work, excellent coaching and team spirit above all, our boys proved once again that they were tops in the state. In addition to being state champions the fighting Indians also did a repeat performance by capturing the 1952 Albemarle Conference crown. They were undefeatedin the regular eight-game season and in the two post season games. To no one person go the honors which the achievement of these championships represents. The credit goes jointly to Coaches Jack Young and Julian Freeman, who instilled in the boys the spirit of fair play and the desire to win, as well as the basic knowledge of the game; to the boys as individuals who forgot self and combined their talents to build the strong co-operative unit they became; and to the team as a whole, whose unceasing desire for victory brought them the fame and glory they deserved. At the end of the season, an Ahoskie fan stated, If a team wins a championship once, they ' re good; but if they win it two years in a row, you know they ' re the best. This statement expresses exactly the pride which all Ahoskians feel for our mighty Ahoskie High School Indians. 34 THE 1952 INDIANS Left to Right, Bottom row: Coach Jack Young, Bobby Belch, Dickie Newsome, Carroll Credle, Wimpy Daniels, Raleigh Baker, James Travis, Bobby Dickinson, Chester Rogerson, LaMar Dilday, Harding Wood, A1 Pierce, Coach JulianFreeman. Second row: Bill Dunn, Carlton Hall, David Leary, Tommy Mitchell, T. J. Jernigan, John Perry, Judson Eure, Pete Willoughby, Richard Odom, Bobby Blaylock, Joe Keiningham. Third row: Mgrs. Robert Wil¬ liams and Billy Dilday, Billy Rogerson, Bobby Williford, Pat Britton, Kenneth Johnson, Jack Bunch, Fred Miller, Larry Wynns, Mgr. Robert Hyatt. Managers Robert Williams. Robert Hyatt, and Coaches Jack Young and Julian Freeman Billy Dilday. Tommy Mitchell, Back WAITUM UP RED CHECK THAT HOLE! DEVIL! YOU GOT 28 KNOCKS A COMING. RICH SQUARE Harding Wood, Back, All- Eastern, All-Conference, Co-Captain The fighting Indians of Ahoskie traveled to Rich Square Friday, September 12, to open the 1952 season with flying colors by defeating the Red Devils 28-0. YOU ' LL NEVER GET AWAY ! NO HOPE FOR SPRING HOPE! HERE COMES THE MAILMAN! SPRING HOPE The second victory was gained on the home field when they Scalped the Spring Hope Raiders 42-6. Bill Dunn, Back Chester Rogerson, Tack¬ le, Co-Captain, All- Conference, A11-Eastern, Honorable Mention, Lit¬ tle All-American, Shrine Bowl Player, Alternate for East-West All-Star Game I FEEL A BLOCK COMING ON! 37 GOOD FOR SIX! ME GETUM HERTFORD ' S SCALP! HAVE MERCY, OH AHOSKIE BROTHER! John Perry, Center HERTFORD The Indians picked up their third successive victory in a win over the Perquimans Indians from Hertford by a score of 33-12. Dickie Newsome, Back, Most Valuable Player, All-Conference 38 CHANCE OF A LIFETIME! TARBORO The Indians invaded the Taboro Tigers ' home terri¬ tory for their fourth scalping of the season. Final score: 32-0. La Mar Dilday, End, All-Eastern, All-Conference, Alternate for East- West All-star Game COLUMBIA The Indians swamped the Columbia Tater Bugs by a score of 27-0. WHO ' S AFTER WHO? Bobby Dickinson, Guard 39 PLYMOUTH PANTHER RUN HEAP FAST! Carroll Credle, End WHAT ' S COMING OFF? PLYMOUTH Ahoskie defeat¬ ed a strong Ply¬ mouth Club 20-6 to gain their sixth victory to the de¬ light of a large Homecoming Game crowd. Raleigh Baker, Guard, All-Conference LOOK, MAMA! I’M A BOID! 40 A CLEAN SWEEP! James Travis, Center All-Conference, Appointee for East-West All-Star Game WILLIAMSTON The Indians cut the Green Wave of William- ston down to a ripple 40-7, clinching the Al- bermarle Conference Championship. SCOTLAND NECK The Indians displayed their traditional winning style when they defeated Scotland Neck here Oct. 24 by a score of 33-13. A1 Pierce, Back All-Conference FAIRMONT The hardest-fought game, and the victory of which the Indians were mostproud was the 14-0 win over a strong Fair¬ mont eleven. This vic¬ tory made Ahoskie the Eastern State Class A Champions, and eligible to meet a Western team for the State Champion¬ ship. 41 GOT A BITE? GOT HIM CORNERED! BESSEMER CITY The mighty Ahoskie High Indians easily over¬ powered Bessemer City, the Western Champions, by a score of 48-6 to finish their triumphant season and retain the North Carolina Class A Championship. Bobby Belch, Back ALL-AMERICAN, 1966! 42 1952 NORTHEASTERN DISTRICT CHAMPIONS Bottom row: T. J. Jernigan, Biddie Odom, James Travis, Carroll Credle, Harding Wood, Harold Mitchell. Second row: Pete Willoughby, Bobby Belch, Dickie New- some, Al Pierce, David Leary. Third row: Fred Miller, Wimpy Daniels, Carlton Hall. The Ahoskie Indians, due to a winning football team, entered their first game with only three days of practice and were defeated by Rox- boro 36-32. The following Tuesday the Indians were overcome by Wash¬ ington by a score of 52-44. Then the Indians started the scalps rolling by winning seventeen out of eighteen regular scheduled games: A. 61 Roxboro 36 A. 66 Tarboro 33 A. 56 W ashington 54 A. 45 Elizabeth City 48 A. 55 Elizabeth City 44 A. 74 Gates ville 37 A. 68 W indsor 43 A. 46 Roanoke Rapids 44 A. 66 Roanoke Rapids 49 A. 48 W illiamston 46 A. 70 Murf ree sbor o 43 A. 82 Tarboro 53 A. 65 Colerain ' 35 A. 58 Gates ville 45 A. 70 Murf ree sboro 50 A. 73 E.C.C. Freshmen 53 A. 83 W indsor 43 A. 63 W illiamston 47 After the regular season the Ahoskie Indians entered the District One Class A playoffs and again were victorious in three straight wins. The Indians defeated West Edgecombe 79-51, Jamesville 53-43 and in the finals they defeated Weldon by a score of 77 to 49. The Indians then traveled to Winston-Salem for the state playoffs where they were de¬ feated by Haw River. The Indians totaled 1,487 points for a 62 point average, while their opponents totaled 1,105 points for a 46 point aver¬ age. Thus the Ahoskie High Basketball Team ended a successful and highly victorious season. 41 He sure is tall, ain ' t he? Biddie Odom, Forward Carroll Credle, Guard Harding Wood, Forward 44 Bobby Belch, Guard Good for two! Dickie Newsome, Guard James Travis, Center Nice Shot! 45 1952 MAIDENS Bottom row: Earle Raynor, Margaret Dukes, Margie Pritchard, Myra Phelps, Carolyn Riddick. Second row: Betty Ann Liverman, Agnes Underwood, Mildred Williams, Ruby Lou Bazemore, Alice Paige God¬ win. Third row; Ann Gray, Frances Mallison, Joe Linkous. SEASON REVIEWED The Ahoskie High Maidens began the 1952-53 basketball season in high spirits. After many hours of practice with Coach Julian Freeman, they were ready to take on their first opponent on December 9. In spite of the strong determination, Washington defeated Ahoskie with a score of 48 to 26. Ahoskie then traveled to Washington for the return game, which they hoped would be their first win, but luck was not with them. The 38 to 30 loss showed the maidens had made some improvement. The next game was rather slow, and Ahoskie lost to Murfreesboro 45 to 25. The following game with Windsor stirred much determination, and this spirit lasted until the game was over. This game was marked as Ahoskie ' s highest scoring night, but Windsor took the 62 to 48 win. Roanoke Rapids was the next opponent, and they defeated Ahoskie 37 to 23. After five defeats, the Maidens were still looking for a victory. They found it on January 16 with Murfreesboro. Although they won with only a two-point lead, they were congratulated for their strong spirit, as well as the good game they had played. Again Ahoskie fell behind with 37 to 23 loss to Colerain and a big win over Tarboro on Ahoskie ' s home court. Ahoskie defeated Tarboro 43 to 31. The next game was in Roanoke Rapids, where they met a 56 to 47 defeat. The Maidens were determined to make their defeats a thing of the past, and they continued the season winning three consecutive games. Ahoskie defeated Williamston 27 to 25, and struggled to win over Tarboro 38 to 37. Williamston ' s return game on the Ahoskie court meant another 36 to 35 win for Ahoskie which closed the season for the Maidens. 47 SENIOR LETTERMEN Margaret Dukes, Forward; Earle Raynor, Guard; Margie Pritchard; Guard; Myra Phelps, Guard. Frances Mallison, Forward Ann Gray, Forward 48 HOMECOMING THE COURT Left to right: Jean Vaughan, Junior Attendant; Greta Hill, Sophomore Attendant; Pat Greene, Home¬ coming Queen; Bettye Jo Kiff, Senior Attendant; Jackie Whedbee, Freshman Attendant. THE CROWNING Homecoming Queen Pat Greene and Co-Captain La Mar Dilday. THE BIG DAY Cheerleaders Earle Raynor, Myra Phelps, Margaret Dukes, Ann Gray, and Dottie Britt. 49 What! What! You don ' t know who I am, do you? v„ ■ f i|v ? J George ' s Baseball Team Guess Who? Class of ' 53 Lost Something? 0 £ Mraa Manr L r-y-i m ( ♦ m ——— 1 — —r -—-- - I . ? »♦ (7 | 7 » 1 I 0 A ZJ—W - I A m. V J w w n- n r - if —c 1 ' ? ■ — : Of all the schools ' in Car - 0 — Li - KiE Hiet+s the best-, FroM tke plains of CAR - 0-Li — Hi., We Cone c ooA 3r«l tRUE, — wn — »- m — —a —1 ■ ■■ ■ A - ■= 9 — — l r -P J--J d• L --■p ■ P- - r It Ne-veR shiRKs ff?0M AN-y do - by , 3est iu ev-CRy testr. Best of all -the couN-tRy 0 -Ve Best 1 ail we do. - w ‘ - IF - - - — f - p “ w— i 7 p a a in p r r r r d - Jl r t 1 4 ---- Lis-tew to ouw dec - I -Ra-tiow Fr 4 h A- ho s-k»e Help us iw oor pRep - cl - R -t o To be ley—3 p- -f -»- — w — u c (L i. - d P WT-J-Zt ?. P « d m f r r I i school in Car - o - l - fa t v-ful till we die. thee t outi l - n f M -te Aios-Kie, Attfe ' s -60 yei . To OUR Had to 52 Compliments of RALPH L. BASNIGHT Congratulations to the Ahoskie High Sch ool Graduates SNYDER’S Ahoskie, North Carolina Compliments of AHOSKIE SHOE REPAIR DAVID’S 241 East Main Street Ahoskie, N. C. “It’s easy to pay the David way” STANDARD CHEVROLET COMPANY FARMERS’ HARDWARE COMPANY W e s t n Norge 9 h o u s e Maytag Radios and Records Phone 2036 Ahoskie, N.C. MERVIN’S MARKET Choice Meats Dressed Poultry Phone 2210 Sales and Service Ahoskie, N. C. Phone 2050 Compliments of PURE FOOD MARKET PARAMOUNT CLEANERS “As near as your phone” Phone 2911 Ahoskie, N. C. Dick Newsome Harry Copeland For a delicious treat Stop at the R. LEE GATLING CHAS. 1. PIERCE ESKIMO DRIVE-IN GATLING PIERCE Compliments of DAN BOYETTE Commercial Printers INSURANCE AGENCY 331 East Main Phono 2579 Compliments Ahoskie, North Carolina WHEDBEE EQUIPMENT COMPANY Always Shop at THE AHOSKIE DEPARTMENT STORE For Best in Styles and Values Ahoskie, N. C. AHOSKIE TRACTOR CO., COMPLETE LINE OF JOHN DEERE FARM IMPLEMENTS AND PARTS Phone 2744 Ahoskie, N. C. “SERVICE with a SMILE” In Ahoskie It’s QUICK SERVICE STORE BELK-TYLER We pull for COMPANY - — AHOSKIE SESSOMS BROS. Sales — Service The Main Street Shopping AHOSKIE, N.C. Center Compliments of HAROLD SESSOMS’ STORE Patent Medicines-Sodas-Sundries The Fashion Shop Pictures Framed 131 W. Main Street Phone 2922 Smart Apparel Compliments of FRANCIS COFFEE SHOP Compliments of For Quality and Fit in Shoes For the Whole Family, Visit HOTEL BARBER SHOP THE FASHION SHOE STORE OFFICE SUPPLY STORE “Everything in school supplies” AHOSKIE, NORTH CAROLINA Phone 2282 ' O ' N ' 9 ! | S °HV CORNER GROCERY SHOTS Meats 31V DOSS V and Groceries OinV NH31S3A 200 E. Main Street Phone 3019 Ahoskie, N.C. sjaijiD-j puD sjaijioyy ajnjnj asdiji 04 ijioduiX ijtjM- Compliments of GODWIN HOME APPLIANCE Compliments COMPANY of GODWIN-SAVIN RADIO AND TELEVISION COMPANY JOHNSON’S STUDIO Sales and Service Zenith Motorola LAWRENCE AND HARRIS LUMBER COMPANY WILLOUGHBY BROTHERS Quick Service Service with a Smile Retail and Compliments of Di stribution JERNIGAN SHELL STATION Y ard Rough- Compliments of Lumber Dressed DARRUS DUNLOWE Compliments of Phone 124-J Ahoskie, N.C. SETTLE’S SERVICE STATION EASTERN FARM SUPPLIERS, INC. Ahoskie Aulander Roxobel Trap Compliments of Compliments McKEEL’S JEWELRY of Congratulate with Flower s KIFF’S FLOWER SHOP Ahoskie, N. C. Phone 2561 A FRIEND Compliments of AHOSKIE FISH AND PRODUCE COMPANY AHOSKIE LAUNDRY Comp 1 iments “The Laundry Does It Best Phone 286 Ahoskie, N.C. of Compliments of THORNTON-JAFFE HARRELLSVILLE ‘‘Suffolk’s Great Furniture Center” LUMBER BENNETT BROTHERS Plumbing and Heating Electrical Contractors CO. INC. Phone 2273 Ahoskie, North Carolina jA« » ftjs’ —SUFFOLK.VA. Leading Jewelers Since 1878 Compliments of BANK OF AHOSKIE Compliments BALLARD AND of SMITH, INC. BARROW MANUFACTURING Suffolk, Virginia COMPANY Suffolk’s Quality Department Store Since 1880” Compliments Compliments of of BASNIGHT TOBACCO BARNES-SAWYER WAREHOUSES GROCERY COMPANY ‘‘Where Service Sells — Prices Tell Ahoskie, N. C. WALKER.BOONE DRUG CO. We welcome YOUR business. PINEVIEW DAIRIES Your Home-owned Dairy’’ Phone 2333 Ahoskie, N. C. AND SUNDRIES QUALITY DRUGS Compliments Hail to the BEN’S GULF SERVICE Champions Dr. C. S. Credle YOUR HOME NEWSPAPER . . . Compliments of THE EARLEY COMPANY Have the folks give you a gift subscription, when you go away to school . . . keep up with all the activities of your community, your friends and neighbors. Compliments of THE LEO’S BILLIARD PARLOR HERTFORD COUNTY BROWN MOTOR COMPANY HERALD STUDEBAKER Sales Service Ahoskie, N. C.

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