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' p incij?o,. RRncis TIT RR ion . . . . with sincere appreciation and deep gratitude, we dedicate this, the second edition of " The Chief. " We honor and esteem him for his untiring efforts in every phase of school activity to make true the boast of our " Alma Mater " .... " Of all the schools in Carolina, Ahoskie High ' s the best! " OUR SUPfRinifODEOI The students in this county are deeply indebted to our Super¬ intendent, Mr. Brown, of Winton for his splendid and faithful work in molding the past, present and future of our schools and for his constant endeavor toward the betterment of our educational system. CHIEF SPOnSORS MISS DEBORAH MARY BROWN 12-D Woodland, N. C.;Corinth Academy, Ivor, Va.; English; A.B., Guilford Col¬ lege; Univ. of Virginia, Columbia Univ. MRS. LOIS HALL BRETT 11-L Ahoskie, N. C.; Franklin High School; Social Science, English; Campbell Col¬ lege; B.S., Wake Forest College. DL 3, acu MRS. MAUDE R. NEWSOME 9-N Ahoskie, N. C.; Ahoskie High School; Eng¬ lish, French, Latin; B.A., Chowan College, U.N.C. MRS. MARGIE H. MINTON Ahoskie, N. C.; Colerain High School; Home Economics; B.S.H.E, W.C.U.N.C. MISS MARY DIXON COX 10-M Mount Olive, N. C.; Mount Olive High School; English, French, Public Speaking; A.B., Duke University; Sigma Kappa. MR. JAKE M. SMITH 10-S Johnston, S. C.; Carlisle High School, Bam¬ berg, S. C.; Mathematics; A.B. Wofford College, Spartanburg, S. C. MR. JOHN WESLEY YOUNG, JR. 11- J Burnsville, N. C.; Tipton Hill High School; Social Science, Physical Ed. Science, Driver ' s Education; Brevard College; B.S., E.C.T.C.; Grad. Work, Northwestern U., Appalachian State T.C.; Veteran World War II. MRS. MARY AGNES HARRELL 12- H Danville, Va.; Schoolfield High School, Schoolfield, Va.; Biology, Chemistry, Sci¬ ence, Journalism; B.S. in Ed., Longwood College, Farmville, Va.; Grad. Work, U.N.C; Alpha Phi Sigma, Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Gamma Nu. 1949 ■ 1950 MR. FRANCIS MARION TUCKER Principal Woodruff, S. C.; Woodruff High School; Physics; Wofford College; A.B., U.N.C; Vet¬ eran World War I II. MISS CAROL ELVA PARKER Lasker, N. C.; Rich Square High School; Business Ed.; A.B., E.C.T.C. MISS MARTHA JEAN MODLIN Rich Square, N. C.; Rich Square High School; Public School Music; A.B., Meredith College; Astro Literary Society. MR. ROBERT WILSON BROWN Rich Square, N. C.; Rich Square High School; Band Director; Bachelor of Music; A.C.C., Wake Forest College, Catholic Uni¬ versity; Played with: Blue Baron, Bob Aster, Bob Chester. MR. LANSING C. PEACOCK Roper, N. C.; Roper High School; Agricul¬ ture; B.S., N.C. State. MISS MARY LOUISE BRITTON Ahoskie, N. C.; Ahoskie High School; 8th Grade English, Social Science; A.B., Guilford College. MISS CORNELIA COBB (Not Pictured) Private Piano Lessons; B.S., Meredith Col¬ lege, Juillard School of Music. Eleven years and ten months ago from this graduation—we, the Grad¬ uating Class of 1950, added our names to the enrollment records of Ahoskie School. On that day, the first of September, 1938, we were left to the care of Mrs. John Bozeman and Mrs. Orville Creech, our first grade teachers and under the supervision of Mr. F. M. Tucker, principal. Our first year was spent in adjusting ourselves to school work and yet we found time to put on a Tom Thumb Wedding which came off smoothly without a mishap. At Christmas both sections of the first grade came together in front of our play¬ house made from refrigerator boxes, to listen to Christmas programs on a borrowed radio. On June 1 we were dismissed for our first summer vacation, and how welcome it was! Back to school we went again and found two new teachers, Miss Marietta Picot and Miss Annette Darden. Not much happened on the lighter side of these school days, except a wiener roast at the Big Chimney, given to us by our Grademothers at the end of the year. This school year we were divided alphabetically into two sections in¬ stead of according to our grades as in the previous years. The first class was under Mrs. Bessye Harrell and the second half under Miss Eleanor Best. The first, second and fourth grades worked with us (the third grade) to produce an operetta— " Why The Flowers Grow " , in which we portrayed flowers in an enchanted garden. The fourth grade marked our graduation into Grammar School. This year our class won a book week poster contest and presented the prize—a painting to the school. Our teachers this year were Mrs. Sam Boyette and Mrs. Tripp. We also had our first taste of Geography. This year we saw the first effects of the war, our principal left to enlist in the Army. Our teachers were Mrs. Stevenson and Miss Sessoms. A The sixth grade and a new principal—Mr. Beale took charge. Miss Jose¬ phine Ambrose and Mr. A. L. Thompson were our teachers. Not much happened this year under Miss Mina Holloman and Mrs. Julian Brown, the school work kept us busy. In the eighth grade under Mrs. J. N. Rigby and Mrs. Robert Carter, ten students from Powellsville joined our class. We tried the Demerit System with little success and the Grademothers gave us a dance in the study hall. At the end of the year our class took a trip to Raleigh. The ninth grade was our first year in high school—we first changed classes and took part in sports. Nine students from Winton joined our class. Our teachers were Mr. A. W. Edwards and Mr. Pop Sams. This year Mr. R. A. Mobley became our principal. Our Sophomore year under Mrs. Percy Minton and Mrs. Deans Brett marked the first year of the Ahoskie Band. Also our Gymnasium was started. Our Junior year teachers were Miss Ruth Parker and Mr. Floyd Overton. This year we had an undefeated Football Season and our class rings came. The Senior year Mr. Tucker came back and Miss Deborah Brown and Mrs. Harrell were our teachers. This year our Grademothers gave us a Hallowe ' en Party and our teachers and principal accompanied us to Wash¬ ington. So we, the Seniors, take leave of Ahoskie High School. " Hail to thee—our Alma Mater, Ahoskie, here ' s to you. " R.V. the fifiu GymnflSium THE HflHlE Economics BUILDIRG THE AGRICULTURE BUILDIRG 8 flnnouncmo the sehiors o icerS ROBERT WILLIAM TAYLOE President Class Vice-President 2, President 4; F.F.A. President 1, Vice-President 2, 3, 4; Beta Club 3, 4; Marshal 3; Asst. Editor " Chief " 4; Football 3, 4; Basketball 4. CALVIN HENRY TOLER Vice-President Trans. Kitty Hawk High School 3; Class Vice-Presi¬ dent 4; Football 3; Basketball 3, 4; Baseball 4; Var¬ sity Club 3, 4. EVELYN GRAY OVERTON Secp-Treas. Class Secy.-Treas. 4; F.H.A. Vice-President 3, 4; Glee Club 3; 4-H Club 1, 2; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; Cheerleader 3, 4. WILLIAM ACH " BILL " French Club 1; 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Feature Staff 3, News Editor 4, Pow-Wow. LUCILLE ALSTON " SWEETIE " Class Secy.-Treas. 1; F.H.A. 1; 4-H Club 1; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; Li¬ brary Asst. 4; Feature Staff, Pow-Wow; Student Council Rep. 1. $ f n i o R $ SARAH MOORE BARNES F.H.A. 3, 4; Glee Club 3; 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Office Asst. 4. ROGER EUGENE BRACY " BRACY " F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4. CLARA LEE BRANTLEY " T-SHANK " 4-H Club 1, 2; Library Asst. 4. EMILY BRANTLEY President 1, 4-H Club; Library Asst. 4. 1 9 5 0 McCOY BRILEY " MAC " Trans. Maury High School 3; F.F.A. 3; Foot¬ ball 4; Basketball 3, 4; Baseball 4. ROBERT EARL BRINKLEY Treas. 1, 2, 3, 4, F.F.A.; 4 H Club I, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 1, 3. IO WILLIE WIGGINS CHAMBLEE " DEBECK " Secy. 1, 2, 3, 4, F.F.A.; Secy. 1, 2, 3, 4-H Club. MARY JOSEPHINE CLEATON " JO " Trans. Woodrow Wilson High School 3; Glee Club 3. $ £ 0 I 0 R $ ARCHIE CONGLETON, JR. " MONK " 4-H Club 2, 3, 4; Football 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4; Baseball 3; Var¬ sity Club 2, 3, 4 GRACE LEIGH COPELAND Glee Club 3, 4; 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Library Asst. 4. HENRY JACKSON DILDAY F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 3, 4; Varsity Club 3, 4. MILTON JAMES DILDAY " MICKEY " F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4. 1 9 5 0 ALPHUS TAYLOR DOUGHTIE " FOLLY " F.F.A. 2, 3. FREEMAN EDWARD EARLEY " ED " Class President 1; F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 1, Reporter 2, 3, 4; Beta Club 3, 4, Pres. 4; Chief Marshal 3; Varsity Club 4; Cheerleader 4; Annual Staff 4; Rep. Student Council 1; 4-H Club 1. M MARY POWELL EURE “POWELL " 4-H Club 1, 2; Beta Club 3, 4. CHARLES S. GODWIN " SPARK " F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; 4-H Club I, 2, 3, 4; Foot¬ ball 2, 3, 4; Baseball 4; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4. $ f n i o R $ ADA BAKER HARRELL " BECKY " 4-H Club 1, 2; Glee Club 3; Li¬ brary Asst. 1. ADOLPH MENJUE HARRELL " SWEET PEA " F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 3, 4; Varsity Club 4. EDITH MARIE HARRELL 4-H Club 1, 2, 3; Library Asst. 3; Office Asst. 4. RICHARD NORFLEET HOGGARD " HONEY " Trans. Durham High School 3; Class President 3; Beta Club 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 4, Sports Editor 4, Pow- Wow; Football 3, 4; Basketball 3, 4; Baseball 3, 4; Varsity Club 3, 4. 1 9 5 0 RICHARD VANN HOLLOMAN 4-H Club 1; French Club 1; Band 2, 3, 4; An¬ nual Staff 4; Feature Staff 3, Pow-Wow. JESSIE LEIGH HOLLOMAN " IKE " Glee Club 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3, 4, Manager 1; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4, Asst. Secy. 4; Library Asst. 4; Club Editor 4, Pow-Wow. 12 IVY JEAN JERNIGAN Trans. Lewiston 2; F.H.A. 2, 3, Treas. 3, Glee Club 3, Basketball 2; Varsity Club 4; Cheer¬ leader 4. JEWEL ANN JERNIGAN Trans. Lewiston 2; F.H.A. 2; Glee Club 3, 4; 4-H Club 2; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4, Librarfy Asst. 3, 4; Office Asst. 3, 4; Cheerleader 2, 3, 4; Feature Staff 2, 3, 4, Feature Editor 4, Pow-Wow. s f n i o R $ JOHN GEORGE KARANIKAS " GREEK " 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres 4; Student Council 1. FANNY MARIE LEARY F.H.A. 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 3, 4 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3. DORA ADAMS LIVERMAN Glee Club 3; 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Beta Club 3, 4; Marshal 3; Basket¬ ball 3, 4; Library Asst. 3. JONH CONRAD LIVERMAN " CONNIE " F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4. 1 9 5 0 DONALD EDWARD MITCHELL 4-H Club 1; French Club I; Beta Club 3, 4; Band 2, 3, 4; Annual Staff 4 LARRY BISMARCK MITCHELL 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4. 13 HENRY EDWARD NEWSOME 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 3, 4; Varsity Club 3, 4. VIRGINIA LOUIS NEWSOME " LUCIUS " 4-H Club 1; French Club 1; Beta Club 3, 4; Marshal 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; Band 3, 4; Businesss and Feature Staffs 2, 3, Business Mgr. 3, Pow-Wow; Stu¬ dent Council Rep. 1; Annual Staff 4. $ f II I 0 R $ FITZ HUGH ODOM " SAUSAGE " Beta Club 3, 4. JOYCE PARKER F.H.A. 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 3; 4-H Club 1, 2; Library Asst. 4. THOMAS CUSTIS PARRAMORE " T. C. " Football 3, 4; Feature Staff 1 . Sports Editor 3, Pow-Wow; An¬ nual Staff 4. WANDA LOUISE PEEDE F.H.A. 1; Glee Club 3, 4; 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secy. 4; Library Asst. 4. 1 9 5 0 JEAN FRANCES PERRY Glee Club 3, 4; 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4. LONNIE LUKE PHELPS " LUKE " Class Vice-President 3; 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 1; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4. 14 LILA RHEA POWELL 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4. ALICE JUANITA PRITCHARD F.H.A. 3; Glee Club 3, 4; 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Song Leader 4; Library Club 4. $ £ n i o ii $ JANET GAYNOR RAWLS Trans. Aulander 1; F.H.A. 1, 2; 4-H Club 4; Library Asst. 1; Of¬ fice Asst. 3. LINWOOD LEE RAWLES 4-H Club I, 2, 3, 4. JULIA THERESA RAYNOR Class Secy. 3; F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Home Ec. Award 3; Glee Club 3, 4; Beta Club 3, 4, Sect. 4; Mar¬ shal 3; Basketball I, 2, 3, 4; Var¬ sity Club 2, 3, 4; Library Asst. 1, 2; Annual Staff 4; Pow-Wow 2, 3. BARBARA JEAN RIDDICK " BOB " F.H.A. I, 2, 3; 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4; Basketball 3, 4; Var¬ sity Club 3, 4 I 9 5 9 P ATT IE COTTON SESSOMS " PAT " Glee Club 3, 4; 4-H Club 1, 2, Secy. 2; Library Asst. 1; Office Asst. 4; Feature Staff 3, Co- Editor 4. EUGENE JENNINGS SIMONS " SIMP " F.F.A. 2, 3. 15 MARY ELIZABETH STRATTON " ELIZ " F.H.A. 1, 2, 3; Glee Club 3, 4; Library Asst. 4. LELIA DARDEN SUMNER " UL " F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Secy. 3; Glee Club 3, 4; 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, Pres. 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; Library Asst. 1, Office Asst. 4; Cheerleader 4; Feature Staff 2, 3, Pow-Wow; Annual Staff 4. s £ n i o s THOMAS M. UMPHLETT " THE TOE " Class President 1; Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Capt. 3; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity 2, 3, 4; Student Council Rep. 1. RAPHAEL WILLIAMS VINSON " RAY " French Club 1; 4-H Club 1; Beta Club 3, 4; Marshal 3; Band 2, 3, 4; Annual Staff 4. THOMAS GILLAM WHEDBEE, JR. " WHEE-DEE " 4-H Club 1; French Club 1; Beta Club 3, 4; Basketball 4; Baseball 4; Band 2, 3, 4, Feature Staff 3, Pow-Wow; Annual 4 JAMES EDWARD WILLIAMSON " JIMMY " Class President 2; Pres. 1, 4-H Club; Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 3, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1. 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 2, 3, 4, Vice Pres. 2, 3, Pres. 4, Art Editor 4, Pow-Wow. I 9 5 0 ANN DELORES WILLOUGHBY F.H.A 1; Glee Club 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; Library Asst. I . 2; Office Asst. 4, Cheerleader 4. 16 OUR fDflSCOTS Joey Holloman and Linda Dean Barnes OUR ' GRADEIROTUtRS Left to right, Mrs. J. W. Raynor, Mrs. T. G. Whedbee, Mrs. G. L. Newsome. Mrs. L. A Williamson, Mrs. J. C. White, Mrs M. H. Mitchell, Mrs. I. P Storey Nut pictured: Mrs J. S. Vinson. The record of the Senior Class would not be complete without mentioning our grademothers, who have helped to make our last year in High School a most pleas¬ ant one. Entertaining us with parties, dances, and other social functions, they also suggested and helped us donate as our class gift, the lights for the front of the school building. 17 I H £ S f n i o ii s u p t fi l a i i V f $ MARY POWELL EURE Most Studious Girl ROBERT EARL BRINKLEY Wittiest Boy ALICE PRITCHARD Wittiest Girl LONNIE PHELPS Best Dancer (Boy) JEWEL JERNIGAN Best Dancer (Girl) JO CLEATON Sweetest Girl, Quietest Girl HUGH ODOM Nicest Boy, Cutest Boy, Quiet¬ est Boy EVELYN OVERTON Most Athletic Girl, Best All- Round Girl, JIMMY WILLIAMSON Most Personality (Boy), Best All-Round Boy, Most Talented Boy LIL SUMNER Most Personality (Girl), Biggest Flirt (Girl) 18 BOBBY TAYLOE Most Likely to Succeed (Boy) LOU NEWSOME Most Intelligent Girl, Most Tal¬ ented Girl, Most Likely to Suc¬ ceed (Girl). RAY VINSON Most Intelligent Boy, Most Stu¬ dious Boy DICKEY HOGGARD Best Lover (Boy) PAT SESSOMS Best Lover (Girl) ED EARLEY Biggest Flirt (Boy) JEAN JERNIGAN Cutest Girl TOMMY UMPHLETT Best Dressed Boy, Best Looking Boy, Most Athletic Boy. ANN WILLOUGHBY Best Dressed Girl, Best Looking Girl I H E $ E n i o « $ u p E P, L A T I V E $ 19 Bill Britton Colbert Dilday Cherry Wiggins Carolyn Earley President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer John Askew Anne Benthall Jesse Benthall Mildred Brinkley Betty Britton J. P. Britton Annie Laurie Brown Beecher Brown Albert Burden Motsie Burden Comer Castelow Earley Cobb Evelyn Cooke Cecil Dempsey Charles Earley Hannah Earley Dorothy Edwards Peggy Ellis Helen Equils Stanley Harrell Jensen Hill Elizabeth Hoggard Lyndon E. Holloman Earnhardt Hughes Kathlene Hurst Harvey Joyner Hilda Lassiter Helen Moore Eleanor Norris Richard Odom Donald Parker Nita Parker William Pope Edna Robertson William Taylor Albert Terry Al Thorne Cora L. Waters Louise Wiggins Katie Willoughby Nancy Earley J. E. Lewis NOT PICTURED Pauline Hurst McCoy Overton 21 omore CLASS OffICEAS Charlie Sessoms Jimmy Sullivan Gene Nichols President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Edward Ach Esther Ballentine Edith Bracy Carl Brown Charles Steve Coggins William Copeland Mary Lou Dilday Ray Doughtie Charles Dunn Rebecca Earley Thomas Earl Edward Lucille Felton Drexel Forsyth Dudley Godwin Gladstone Harrell Rachel Harrell Betty Jane Harris Ann Hill Iona Hill Charles Holloman David Holloman Jimmie Holloman Betiie Marie Horton Robert Jenkins Elmer Johnson Alton Jones Pat Jordan Julian Joyner Frankie Lassiter William Leary Doris Lee Ben McKeel Mattie McKe el Geneva Miller Hazel Minton James Modlin Carolyn Newsome Dewey Parker Julia Parker Martha Pearson Garnette Peede Jean Phelps Louise Pope Charles Powell Melvin Roberson Ella Mae Ruffin Arvis Sumner Margie Terry Albert Vaughan Ann White Kindred Williams NOT PICTURED: Billy Hudson Curtis Nichols McCoy Overton 2 3 Jredh reMimcin CLASS OffICfRS Lamar Dilday President Dee Hughes Harding Wood Vice-President Secretary Peggy Welch Treasurer Joseph Alston Maggie Alston Raleigh Baker Sallie Anne Barber Ella Mae Barnes David Bell Ranny Bracy Billy Bridgers Sally Briley M. T. Britton, Jr. Mildred Brown Thelma Burden Joyce Coker Betty Ann Conger Johnny Conner Florence Deans Bobby Dickenson Horace Downs Margaret Dukes Robert Earley Roy Francis Linda Futrell Ivan Godwin Joyce Godwin Billy Graham Betty Jane Greene Pat Greene Bobbie Guy Curtis Howard Eugene Hughson Robert Hyatt Shirley Johnson Donald Jones Dorothy Jones Frances Jones Betty Jo Kiff Shelton Lassiter Steve Lipsitz Louise Liverman Judie McKeel Harold Mitchell Louise Mizelle Bernice Norris Katherine Odom Myra Phelps Jernigan Powell Margie Pritchard Earl Raynor Kerrae Stallings Robert Stanley Margaret Summer Ann Taylor James Travis Thomas Williams Bobby Williford Sara Willoughby Ellen Wynns NOT PICTURED Cecil Dempsey Walter Jeffreys Betty Lou Outlaw Chester Rogerson Len Taylor 25 T reasurer Editor-in-Chief Assistant Circulation Manager Advertising Manager Associate Editor Associate Editor Research Staff . Research Staff Circulation Manager Advertising Assistant SEATED: Theresa Raynor Tom Parramore Lil Sumner Lou Newsome STANDING Bobby Tayloe Ray Vinson Richard Holloman Donald Mitchell Ed Earley Gillam Whedbee . This picture will be replaced by another one next year, but we, the staff of this, the 1950 " CHIEF, " have worked long and hard to per¬ petuate in pictures and print, the record of the ' 49- ' 50 school year. 26 DL P„ca - Wou, THE STflff SEATED: Martha Pearson Circulation Manager Motsie Burden Pat Sessoms Co-Editors Dicky Hoggard Sports Editor Jessie L Holloman Club Editor Bill Ach (transferred) News Editor STANDING: Mrs. Harrell Journalism teacher and sponsor Jimmy Williamson Art Editor Jewel Jernigan Feature Editor Al Thorne Business Manager Not Pictured: Helen Moore News Editor FRONT ROW: Cherrv Wiggins, Ann White, Lucille Alston, Emily Brantley, Jo Cleaton, Iona Hill, Ada Baker Harrell, Edith Harrell. SECOND ROW: Larry Mitchell, Clara Brantley, Dicky Hog¬ gard, Jimmv Williamson, Ann Willoughby. THIRD ROW: Pat Sessoms, Tommy Umphlett, Jewel Jernigan, Jessie Leigh Holloman, Mrs. Harrell, Teacher. B, rown led THt flHOSKIE HIGH SCHOOL BHHD FRONT ROW: Shirley Woodley, Snare Drums; Katherine O- dom, Snare Drums; Richard Holloman, Bass Drum; Janet Mitchell, Snare Drums. SECOND ROW: Joe Gaddy Matheson, Clarinet; Robert Lee Gatling, Alto Saxophone; Franny Welch, Flute; Stuart Wil¬ liams, Clarinet; Ralph Willoughby, Clarinet; Randolph Nic¬ hols, Clarinet; Harold Mitchell, Clarinet; Steve Lipsitz, Clar¬ inet; Douglas Earley, Trumpet. THIRD ROW: Jimmy Earley, Clarinet; Floyd Bryan, Baritone; Sophie Faison; Charlene Willoughby, Clarinet; Carole Whed- bee, Piccolo; Mildred Sexton, Mellophone; Charles Maddry, Trumpet; Jo An Sexton, Mellophone. FOURTH ROW: Billy Bridges, Baritone; Carlton Hall, Trum¬ pet; Tommy Faison, Baritone; Fred Miller, Alto Saxophone; " Pop " Harrison, Tenor Saxophone; Wayne Lilley, Trumpet; J. B. Beaman, Trumpet; T. J. Jernigan, Trumpet. FIFTH ROW: Al Thorne, Flute; Raleigh Baker, Clarinet; Lou Newsome, Alto Saxophone; Donald Mitchell, Alto Saxophone; Tommy Williamson, Trumpet; Gene Nichols, Trumpet; Charles Dunn, Trumpet; Richard Odom, Saxophone. SIXTH ROW: Don Parker, Bass; Charles Powell, Tenor Saxo¬ phone; Gillam Whedbee, Trombone; Charlie Sessoms, Trom¬ bone; Bill Britton, Clarinet; Ray Vinson, Trumpet; William Leary, Clarinet; Mark Terry, Bass. Congratulations should go to the band which is under the direction of Robert Brown, for a year of fine perform¬ ance. Starting off right, they attended football games both at and away from home. They were invited to parades in Enfield, Murfrees¬ boro, and Wilfiamston. Parents and friends enjoyed a con¬ cert by the versatile band on Dec. 15. The public spirited band spurred the March of Dimes on to a successful cam¬ paign. Several members of the band attended a band clinic in Greenville. Later, the climax of the year came when the band competed in the East Carolina High School Band Contest in Greenville. «« 1 pite ' c to» FRONT ROW: Anna Gatling; Joyce Earle Chitty; Betty Lou Brett; Paige Wood; Judy Miller; Sandra Hopkins. SECOND ROW: Betty Lou Creech; Jean Sherwood; Janice Austin; Barbara Jo Overton; Susanna Parker; Mary Ann Monk. THIRD ROW: Brenda Smith; Betsy Freeman; Penelope Freeman; Martha Hope Basnight, Drum Minorette: Gay Harrell; Carolyn Brett; Jackie Willoughby. FOURTH ROW: Linda Wiggins; Tommy Ann Hughes; Joan Overton; Emily Jernigan Diane Upchurch; Patsy Bennett Rice. BOTTOM TO TOP: Bobbie Guy, Drum Majorette; Julia Par¬ ker; Betty Harris; Dee Hughes; Pat Greene; Peggy Welch; Martha Pearson. }J jinorette3 -Appfi, Aor “ A” -Ain’ 1 29 KNEELING: Ed Earley, President; Theresa Raynor, Sect.-Treas.; Dicky Hoggard, Vice-Pres. FRONT ROW: Mary Powell Eure, Helen Moore, Ann Benthall, Dora Liverman, Mot- sie Burden, Lou Newsome, Hilda Lassiter. SECOND ROW: Miss Cox, Sponsor; Carolyn Earley, Gillam Whedbee. THIRD ROW: Hugh Odom, Donald Mitchell, Bobby Tayloe, Bill Britton, Colbert Dilday, Ray Vinson, Al Thorne. FRONT ROW; John Karanikas, Vice-Pres.; Coach Jack Young, Sponsor; Sam, Mascot; Jimmy Williamson, President. SECOND ROW: Jewel Jernigan, Exelyn Overton, Ann Willoughby, Jean Jernigan. THIRD ROW: Coach Jake Smith, Albert Terry, Alton Jones, Theresa Raynor, Motsie Burden, Dicky Hoggard. FOURTH ROW: Charles Powell, Henry Dilday, Bobby Tayloe, Dora Liverman, Lucille Alston, Barbara Riddick. FIFTH ROW: Charlie Sessoms, Jimmy Holloman, Harding Wood, Lou Newsome, Ann Hill, Li Sumner. SIXTH ROW: Albert Vaughn, Tommy Umphlett, Pat Jordan, Archie Congleton, Lonnie Phelps, Ed Earley, Buster Joyner. SEVENThi ROW: Charles S. Godwin, James Travis, Jensen Hill, Charles Dunn, Charles Earley, Henry Newsome, William Leary. FRONT ROW: James Travis, Vice-Pres. Sr. Boys; Wanda Peede, Sect. Sr. Girls; Linda- Futrell, Vice-Pres. Sr. Girls; Bar¬ bara Riddick, Pres. Sr. Girls; John Karanikas, Pres. Sr. Boys. SECOND ROW: Grace Copeland, Helen Moore, Hazel Min¬ ton, Mildred Brown, Ella Mae Barnes, Bernice Norris, David Holloman, Billy Graham, Harold Mitchell, Ivan Godwin, Rob¬ ert Earley, Ranny Bracy, Bobby Williford, Robert Storey. THIRD ROW: Sarah Barnes, Frances Jones, Ellen Wynns, ' Judy McKeel, Joyce Coker, Shirley Johnson, Bobby Dicken¬ son, Harding Wood, Charles Holloman, Jimmy Holloman, Eu¬ gene Simons, Horace Downs, Roy Francis. FOURTH ROW: Rachel Harrell, Elizabeth Stratton, Frankie Lassiter, Carolyn Newsome, Geneva Miller, Dora Liverman, Lonnie Phelps, Robert Earl Brinkley, Henry Dilday, Raleigh Baker, Charles Powell, Arvis Sumner, Curtis Nichols. FIFTH ROW: Ann Taylor, Jean Perry, Lila Powell, Alice Prit¬ chard, Peggy Ellis, Willie Chamblee, Milton Dilday, Archie Congleton, Joseph Alston, Donald Jones, David Bell, Cecil Dempsey, M. T. Britton, Eugene Hughson. SIXTH ROW: Rebecca Earley, Sara Willoughby, Thelma Bur¬ den, Cora Waters, Fanny Marie Leary, Margie Pritchard, Henry Newsome, Roger Bracy, Conrad Liverman, Linwood Rawls, Thomas Williams, Rudolph Harrell, Larry Mitchell. 2 , ' river 3 Education ajfc Wn m : m, Hnjl.XR. h) J w JSIgsalK ., r, ‘ ,4 w , mj wMi tt . m m i; k lfcm j ' Sm ' gLf z- Jean Perry, Jean Jernigan, Barbara Jean Riddick, Alice Pritchard, Jesse Benthall, Betty Britton, Li¬ la Powell, Helen Equils, John Askew, Coach Young (Instructor), Pat Jordan, David Holloman, Jimmy Holloman, Dewey Parker, Dudley Godwin, Charles Holloman, Charles Godwin, Peggy Ellis. KNEELING: Melvin Robertson, Stanley Harrell. FRONT ROW: Barbara Butler, Jackie Whedbee, Barbara Stal¬ lings, Joan Overton, Shirley Woodley, Gay Harrell, Betty Lou Brett, Mildred Sexton, Franny Welch, Janet Mitchell, Jo Anne Sexton, Barbara Ann Burden, Mary Louis Jones, Fay Lewis, Sidney Futrell, Douglas Earley. SECOND ROW: Thomas Minton, Iris Harrell, Peggy Bracy, Sylvia Horton, Agnes Perry, Virginia Smith, Jean Vaughn, Elbert Pritchard, Ray Ralph, Ray Lassiter, Richard Tillery, Mabel Vaughn, Elbert Pritchard, Ray Ralph, Ray Lassiter, RichardTillery, Erward McQuatters, Paul Jones. THIRD ROW: Billy Rose, Coben Liverman, Billy Rogerson, Tommy Trevathan, Betty Smith, Betty Williams, Nancy Over- ton, Mark Terry, Sidney Perry, Dicky Newsome, Tommy Wil¬ liamson, Mahlon Smith, Thomas Jones, Robert Copeland, Harvey Blowe, Annie King. FOURTH ROW: Fred Downs, Earl Perry, Johnny Johnson, Dicky Garrett, Billie Aswell, Earnestine Pritchard, Florence Warren, Evelyn Morris, Janet Sumner, Elizabeth Mathews, Virginia Newsome, Sadie Pritchard, Julia McQuatters, Char¬ lene Willoughby, Carolyn Riddick. FIFTH ROW: Godfrey Terry, Harrell Ruffin, Jean Willoughby, June Morris, Mary Jane Mathews, Lucille Parker, Tommy Mitchell, Richard McKeel, Billy Wiggins, Johnny Joyner, E- ley Newsome, Joseph Nichols, Eddie Lawrence, Jimmy Wil¬ loughby, Paul Lassiter. SIXTH ROW: John Perry, Otis Wall, Sylvia Jenkins, Barbara Doughtie, Celia Coltrain, Venice Blowe, Ethelane McKeel, Mary Ann Harrell, Anita Newsome, Margaret Newsome, Jackie Strickland, Jackie Stallings, Carole " Red " Whedbee Blanche Modlin, Mary Maxham. FRONT ROW: Evelyn Overton, Richard Holloman, Dicky Hoggard, Calvin Toler. SECOND ROW: Sarah Barnes (standing), Betty King Britton, Lil Sumner, Miss Cox, Instructor, (standing), Lonnie Phelps, Joyce Parker, (standing), Donald Mitchell. 33 future omemateerd L merica Home Ec. Department BOTTOM ROW: Louise Wiggins, Ann Taylor, Sara Willoughby, Carolyn Ear- ley, Hannah Earley. SECOND ROW: Annie Lau¬ ra ' Brown, Louise Mizelle, Linda Futrell, Joyce Coker, Theresa Raynor, Anne Ben- thaII, Mrs. Minton, spon¬ sor. THIRD ROW: Edith Bracy, Sally Ann Barber, Earl Ray¬ nor, Ella Mae Barnes, Sarah Barnes, Nita Parker, Ellen Wynns. FOURTH ROW: Evelyn Cooke, Joyce Parker, Peggy Ellis, Fannie Marie Leary, Lil Sumner. Home Ec. girls at work. (What ' s the matter, sleepy?) In the living room. (Watch the birdie, girls.) 34 STANDING: L. C. Peacock, Teacher and Advisor; Colbert Dilday, President; Willie Chamblee, Secretary; J. P. Britton, Watch Dog; Melvin, Robertson, Milton Dilday, Conrad Liver- man, Dewey Parker, Elmer Johnson, Rudolph Harrell, Billy Taylor, Thomas Williams, Charles Godwin, John Askew, Roger Bracy, Carl Brown, Julian Joyner, Robert Earl Brinkley, Trea¬ surer; Henry Dilday, Watch Dog; Bobby Tayloe, Vice-Presi¬ dent; Ed Earley, Reporter. KNEELING: Dudley Godwin, Alphus Doughtie, M. T. Britton, Cecil Dempsey, Arvis Sumner, David Bell, Curtis Howard, Robert Storey, Curtis Nichols. SITTING: Eugene Hughson, Bobby Williford, Kindred Wil¬ liams, Ranney Bracy, Robert Earley, Ray Doughtie, Ivan God¬ win, Joseph Alston, Donald Jones. 35 cjCiircin J j ta n td SEATED: Barbara Riddick, Grace Copeland, Alice Pritchard, Elizabeth Stratton. STANDING: Wanda Peede, Mrs. Newsome, Librarian. Those expressions!!!! ruueS on the Wo arpa What did he do?? ? ? 37 OUT FRONT: Jimmy and Johnny Young, Mascots. FRONT ROW: Tommy Mitchell (Manager), Albert Vaughn, Albert Terry, Tommy Umphlett, Bobby Tayloe, Lonnie Phelps, Dicky Hoggard, John Karanikas, Henry Newsome, Monk Con- gleton, Charlie Sessoms, Pat Jordan, Jimmy Williamson, Ray Ralph (Manager). SECOND ROW: Asst. Coach Jake Smith, Head Coach Jack Young, Harding Wood, Charles Godwin, Tommy Parramore, Charles Powell, Elmer Johnson, Harvey Joyner, Jimmy Hollo¬ man, William Leary, Jensen Hill, Alton Jones, Charles Hollo ' man, Henry Dilday, Cecil Dempsey, Charles Earley. THIRD ROW: Bobby Dickenson, James Travis, Dewey Parker, Robert Hyatt, Lamar Dilday, Raleigh Baker, Fred Downs, Charles Williford, Buddy Smith, Earley Cobb, Carl Brown, Gladstone Harrell, Dickey Newsome, Stanley Harrell, Bill Britton. 38 Qndi Land J4, aue s. eadon The legions of Ahoskie High came trooping out for practice in late August with high hopes of continuing the winning streak held over from the 1948 season, and of defending their Albe¬ marle Conference Championship. Prospects were bright for there were a large number of lettermen returning from the unbeaten 1948 squad including All-Conference standouts Tommy Umphlett and Jimmy Williamson. Once in shape, the Indians proceeded to win 8 straight games before losing to the Yellow Jac¬ kets of Elizabeth City by a crushing 19-0 score. Before this loss, the Indians had run up a string of 24 consecutive victories, and prior to the Wil- liamston game the week before, had established an even more impressive record of 13 straight games without being scored upon. Statistics show that Ahoskie scored 264 points to 32 for its op¬ ponents. The Indians, of course, won the Albemarle Conference Championship, Williamston being the only conference opponent to cross the Brave ' s goal line. All this was not accomplished in a day. The Indians were working out in light togs two weeks before school opened, and continued almost every week day until late November. The schedule, in order, included: Tarboro (Class A), Scotland Neck, Hertford, Greenville (Class A), Plymouth, Columbia, Littleton, Willi¬ amston, Elizabeth City (Class A), and Edenton (Class A). The top scoring honors for Ahoskie went to tailback Tommy Umphlett, who scored 120 points. Others who racked up points for Ahoskie were Jimmy Williamson, with 96 points; Pat Jordan, with 24 points; Albert Terry, 12 points; Harding Wood, 6 points; and Charles Earley, 6 points. Good candidates for All-Conference honors as the season ended were Fullback Jimmy Will¬ iamson, Tailback Tommy Umphlett, Glue-fingered End Charlie Sessoms, Dicky Hoggard, a standout at guard, and Ahoskie ' s behemoth tackles, Archie Congleton and Lonnie Phelps. The Indians were about the most stylish team anywhere in 1 949, going to out of town games on Trailway buses. They attended, as a group, the Duke-Wake Forest classic in Durham on Duke ' s invitation. They were outfitted in new black and gold uniform which they alternated frequently with the gold uniforms of the previous season. With the defense of our Conference Cham¬ pionship accomplished, the Indians of 1949 came out with a great season ' s record, a credit to the un¬ tiring efforts by our coaches, and to the best school in North Carolina-Ahoskie High. 39 Phelps TACKLE Karanikas CENTER Godwin BACK Dilday END vflusuy Williamson Umphlett BACK CO-CAPTAIN Wood BACK Terry BACK 40 GUARD Hoggard GUARD of 1343 Vaughn BACK Sessoms Congleton TACKLE CO-CAPTAIN Powell GUARD GUARD CENTER END Half-time of the Elizabeth City game. Wheeeee!! The season got under way in fine style as Ahoskie, playing at home, whitewashed Tarboro in downpour, 24-0. Tarboro was the first of four Class " A " teams which the Indians had scheduled. After two weeks rest, the Indians traveled to Scotland Neck, well " up” for the annual battle, but this time, it was all Ahoskie and the Braves walked away with a 33-0 win. Another Conference game followed, this one with arch-rival Hertford. Again the Indians found the going easy, and scalped the boys from Perqui¬ mans, 45-0. The next game was bally-hooed as the battle of the champions, both Ahoskie and Plymouth meeting in Plymouth undefeated, untied, and unscored upon. There was still no stopping the onslaught, however, Ahoskie winning 40-0. 0011 CH££RL£flD£fiS CENTER: Johnny Young, Mascot; Jewel Jemigan; Jimmy Young, Mascot. STANDING: Charles Dunn, Evelyn Overton, Betty Ann Conger, Ann Willoughby, Li I Sumner, Jean Jernigam, Ed Earley. The Green Wave was just a ripple. Allah, be praised!! (We won) Greenville, of class " A " status, came to Ahoskie the following week, but was late getting its defense together, and lost 26-0. The Indians had a breather scheduled for the next week against Littleton, but the Indians had to go all out to win by a 19-0 margin. Then the fireworks started. Williamston, the last conference foe of the season, came to Ahoskie and registered a score, the first against Ahoskie, in 43 Think you ' ll catch him? (Columbia) the first period. The Indians rallied later and won 14-6 but the magic spell was broken. f A week later Elizabeth City ' s Yellow Jackets, one of the better teams in the state, came to Ahoskie and knocked the props from under the Indians ' 24 game win-streak, winning 19-0. Finally, the Ahoskie spirit began to flame again, and in the closing game of the season a week later the Indians swept the grid-iron clean with Edenton, winning 30-7 to wind up a highly successful season. By the close of the season 18 players had amassed enough quarters to earn their varsity letter. The football banquet was held on February 1 1th and was greatly enjoyed by all the team. Don ' t hurt him, Jimmy! (Columbia) 44 (T0P) , Change that ball! (Elizabeth City) (MIDDLE) Watch it Terry, he ' ll hit you! (Be¬ fore) (RIGHT) I told you so. (Edenton) (After) 45 46 Mr. Young came here in 1 947 Being new to us, he started from scratch and promoted a sound athletic program, through which he brought the Braves out of the red. During the time that he has coached foot¬ ball here he has won 29 games in 32 starts. In championship for class " B " schools. 1948 his undefeated team won the N. C. state The past two years of basketball have brought 30 wins in 39 starts, and two tourna¬ ment championships to his teams. He also coached baseball his first year here. A graduate of Brevard Junior College and E.C.T.C., he put in 4 years of football and 5 years of basketball. He is planning to develop another football team next year despite a lack of lettermen. Mr. Smith, a new comer to Ahoskie, was an able assistant to Coach Young during the football season and is mentor for the girl ' s bas¬ ketball team and the baseball team. A native of Johnston, S. C., and a graduate of Carlisle High School, he received his A. B. degree in Math and Science at Wofford Col¬ lege. At the end of the season Co-Captains, one a lineman, the other a back, were elect¬ ed by the players. The two seniors receiving the honor are pictured here. Arch ie Congleton Tommy Umphlett CO-CAPTAIN CO-CAPTAIN For the 1 950 season the Ahoskie Indians were blessed with a group of talented veterans and pro¬ spects were bright from the start. After several weeks practice the Indians went to Colerain to face one of its best district rivals. The Indians showed off a highly polished offence and defense, winning handily 46-32. Next, the Indians ventured to Aulander which had been designated as the Indian ' s home court and thoroughly whipped Tarboro 40-22. Three days later the Indians began their quest of the Albemarle Conference Title. They went to Williamston and though they held an early lead, dropped behind and lost to the Green Wave 35-26. Then came Scotland Neck whom the Braves scalped 45-33. The hapless Harrelsville squad was next and went down easily 45-15. Hertford also proved to be slight opposition, A H S. winning 44- 25. The following week the Indians took on Wind¬ sor and led by Umphlett with 24 and Hoggard with 15, the Braves brought home the bacon. Only one game was scheduled for the next week, but this one was with the E.C.TJZ. Junior Varsity which outclassed Ahoskie 56-41. Then came Williamston again and sweet revenge. Fight¬ ing into overtime the Indians outlasted the Green Wave 43-41. Next, Hertford visited Ahoskie at Aulander and went down on the short end of 58-35. Umphlett with 22 and Leary with 10 sparked Ahoskie. Shortly after this the Indians met and con¬ quered Chowan College in a great game 38-35. An¬ other game with Harrelsville was no contest, Ahos¬ kie winning 65-22. The E.C.T.C. Junior Varsity visited Ahoskie after this and were hard put to win by 43-35. 49 CLOCKWISE FROM TOP; William Leary, Calvin Toler, Dickey Hoggard, Tom¬ my Umphlett, Albert Vaughn. Jimmy Williamson NOT PICTURED. The Indians then entered the Albemarle Con¬ ference Tourney and were matched with Columbia in the first round. Ahoskie advanced to the finals by swamping Columbia 52-23. Williamston met Ahoskie in the finals, but again the Indians would not be beaten and won 39-36 led by Umphlett with 24 and Toler with 7. Next Chowan College met the Indians 70-46. Regular season play was temporarily forgotten as the Indians entered the state Class " B " Tournament, and whipped Hobucken in the first round at Farmville by a score of 44-29. They advanced to the district semi-finals and edged out a talented Framville team 32-31. In the finals Ahos¬ kie cut down Vanceboro 39-31, to become District I Class " B " champs. Before its tournament play continued, the Indians beat Windsor again 42-33, to end the regular season. The Indians went to Rocky Mount next where they took on Franklinton and won 54-51 on the basis of a scoring surge by Tommy Umphlett, unchallenged in Ahoskie sports history. The 6 ' 2 " center dumped in 40 points that night, followed by Jimmy Williamson with 6. This earned Ahoskie a berth in the finals at Durham, ranked among the very best outfits of its class in the state, despite the fact that it had no home court on which to practice. No higher honor could go to such a fine group of athletes. Details of the contests at Durham will appear in the graduation supplement. 50 FRONT ROW—Left to Right—Calvin Toler, Wil¬ liam Leary, Tommy Umphlett, Dickey Hoggard, Al¬ bert Vaughn. BACK ROW—Gillam Whedbee, Bob¬ by, Tayloe, McCoy Briley, Harding Wood, Charles Earley, Lonnie Phelps, Albert Terry. Jimmy Willi¬ amson—Not Pictured. Umphlett goes up for two against Tarboro Player Points Umphlett 402 Hoggard 191 Toler 132 Leary 74 Williamson 72 Vaughn 17 Tayloe 7 SCORING Player Points Earley 7 Briley 7 Phelps 4 Whedbee 2 Dilday 2 Holloman - 2 Terry 1 52 Briley guard Leary forward Vaughn forward Ahoskie conquers Williamston in tournament finals 53 BOTTOM ROW (Left to Right): Dorai Livermon (F), Bar¬ bara Riddick (G), Lucille Alston(G), Ann Hill (F), Betty Conger (F), Ann Willoughby (F), Coach Jake Smith. MIDDLE ROW (Left to Right): Motsie Burden (G), Earl Raynor (F), Theresa Raynor (F), Jessie Leigh Holloman (G), Lil Sumner (G), Pat Green (F), Margie Pritchard (G). TOP ROW (Left to Right): Sara Wiloughby (F), Myra Phelps (G), Julia Parker (G), Betty Jane Harris (F), Joyce Godwin (G). S eaJon Ahoskie High ' s maidens turned out for bas¬ ketball practice in a big way in December, 1949. Some of them practicing without the facilities of a home gymnasium for the fifth straight season, Coach Jake Smith ' s girls ' first encounter of the year was against Colerain, AHS coming out on the long end of a hard fought game, 47-42. Soon after the holidays, play was resumed with a bounding victory over the Tarboro Sextet to the tune of 48-10. A journey to Williamston handed them their first defeat 44-39, a thrilling game de¬ spite the score! Then came retribution!! A score of 39-12 over Scotland Neck ' s " femmes-fatales " of the hardwood court. Having a schedule that ran in intermittent cycles, it was sheer bravery, in the face of circum¬ stances, to meet, from then on, some of the best teams in Eastern Carolina, several in return games. Losses were to Harrellsville, 57-14; Perqui¬ mans, 40-31; Windsor, 33-19; Williamston, (at " home " in Aulander), 43-35; Perquimans, (home) 43-29; Chowan College (home), 54-40; Harrells¬ ville (home), 52-38; Chowan College, 42-25; and Windsor (home), 40-23. Gone will be most of veterans when the next season rolls around, through graduation and other reasons, so here ' s Three Cheers to a group of girls who never said die, and The Hope that the teams of the future will show the same willingness and fight that the Girls of 1950 have. Ann Hill forward Betty Congei forward Helen Moore manager Alston Barbara Riddick guard Dora Livermon forward 55 Ann Hill tries a layup. inDIVIDUflL SCORIflG Name Points Conger 190 Hill 92 Willoughby 72 Livermon 38 Name Points Overton 19 Raynor 12 Green 3 Harris 1 Motsie Burden Guard 56 ikabu j£)a 4 s: emord - 0 — fg (5 V icj£s ctSl syS TiricL Dovo- lX - £ h 58 PHysics CLASS BUS DBIVffiS BUS DRIVERS (LEFT TO RIGHT) William Taylor, Henry Newsome, Willie Chamblee, Conrad Liver- man, J. P. Britton, Milton Dilday, Roger Bracey, Robert Earl Brink- ley, Henry Dilday, Linwood Rawls, Colbert Dilday. C thnilal TELEVISION STANDARD CHEVROLET COMPANY SALES and SERVICE AHOSKIE, NORTH CAROLINA Phone 47 WHEDBEE FURNITURE CO. Your Local Dealer " Everything for the Home " GARRETT ' S, INC. Fine Furniture and Jewelry RAY! RAH! AHOSKIE!! Here ' s a snappy salute to the entire SENIOR CLASS at AHS Our Heartiest Wishes to The CLASS OF ' 50 Ahoskie, N. C. Phone 17 and luck to you in your chosen fields of endeavor!! GARRETT HOTEL John Hawks, Mgr. Buy At MITCHELL ' S GROCERY Choice Meats — Frozen Foods HAROLD SESSOMS ' STORE Patent Medicines-Sodas-Sundries Pictures Framed Phone 28-J H. R. Sessnms, Prop. Harrison ' s Antique Shoppe 109 Main St. Furniture—China—Bric-A-Brac AHOSKIE, NORTH CAROLINA Office Phone 251-J Res. Phone 258-J Vinson ' s o c. Phone 88-J CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF ' 50 from " M " SYSTEM Phone 33 Ahoskie Ahoskie Motor Co. Phone 69 Ahoskie FARMER ' S HARDWARE COMPANY KaJiL Westinghouse — Maytag Radios Phonographs and Records Phone 117 PARKER BROTHERS, INC. Ahoskie, North Carolina Publishers and Printers North McGlohon Sts. Printers of the " POWWOW " Phone 26-27 Phone 1 8 in AHOSKIE it ' s We Don ' t Need A " Long TOM " to convince you that G Ahoskie BELK-TYLER COMPANY DICK HARRY ' S and " The Shopping Center " PARAMOUNT CLEANERS is best in Promptness and Satisfaction Phone 7 Ahoskie Best- Wishes To The Staff and Class of ' 50 AHOSKIE DEPARTMENT STORE Ahoskie, North Carolina Style Center of the Roanoke - Chowan Section BARNES-SAWYER GROCERY COMPANY Better Machines for Better Farming Whedbee Equipment Co. Ahoskie, North Carolina Whedbee Hardware Company Ahoskie Phone 112 Phone 120-121 Ahoskie CHAS. H. JENKINS AND COMPANY " Dealers for Fine Cars Since 1912 " " Of all the schools in Carolina Ahoskie High ' s the best, It never shirks from any duty, Best in every test. Listen to our declaration From Ahoskie High, To our school in Carolina, Faithful till we die. From the plains of Carolina, We come good and true. Best of all the country over. Best in all we do. Help us in our preparation To be loyal, too — Hail to thee, our Alma Mater, Ahoskie, here ' s to you. " m j|MYERS du -lHu YEARBOOKS THE PACEMAKERS OF QUALITV MYERS AND CO. INC. TOPEKA, KANSAS

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