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Text from Pages 1 - 72 of the 1949 volume:

I I . ■ I f I cliooi AHOSKIE, NORTH CAROLINA THE CHIEF Published By The Student Body, Ahoskie High School, Ahoskie, North Carolina :]o 1,56 2)dorak W. E. rouuit We dedicate this, the first edition of “THE CHIEF.” She has endeared herself to the stu- dents of AHS both past and present by her cheer- fulness and understanding. Through her constaht help and keen wit she has made this school a pleasant memory to all. - R. A. MOBLEY Principal DEBORAH BROWN English MAUDE NEWSOME Languages KajjuJU 4 JACK YOUNG Physical Education INA JORDAN Piano Aos c 5 ma Of all the schools in Carolina Ahoskie High’s the best, It never shirks from any duty, Best in every test. Listen to our declaration From Ahoskie High, To our school in Carolina, Faithful till we die.” From the plains of Carolina, We come good and true. Best of all the country over. Best in all we do. Help us in our preparation To be loyal, too. Hail to thee, our Alma Mater, Ahoskie, here’s to you.” 1 % % 1 ■ 6 envoi ' s r ' " Aars ' na ' Ed ' r lo hi a- ’ Class Officers President JULIAN BUTLER Roxobel-Kelford 1,2,3 Varsity Club 4 Football 4 Basketball 3,4 Baseball 3,4 ovv-U ' nual 7 DOROTHY DILDAY 4-H 1,2,3 ELIZABETH CASTELOW 4-H 1,2 EULA MAE BURDEN Murfreesboro 1 ,2,3 Beta Club 4 CHARLES BOWEN Varsity Club 3,4 Football 3,4 Basketball 3 Annual 4 THOMAS BLOWE Beta Club 4 Band 4 LINWOOD ALEXANDER Suffolk 3 pootball 2,4 Varsity Club 3,4 Baseball 3,4 GENE EARLEY 4-H 1. 2, 3 LARRY EARLEY Varsity Club 3, 4 Football 3, 4 Beta Club 3, 4, Vice-President 4 Annual Editor 4 Marshal 3 GERALD JETER Cypress 1, Suffolk 2, 3 4-H 4 JACK HASSELL SHIRLEY HILL FHA 4 Glee Club 4 4-H 1 WILMA HILL 4-H 1 BURNETT JONES Ayden 1 , Aulander 2, 3 JOE JACOBS Football 3, 4 Varsity Club 3, 4 VIRGINIA HUGHES 4-H 1 VIRGINIA HOLLOMAN 4-H 1. 2. 3. 4 Varsity Club 3, 4 Glee Club 4 Pow-Wow 3, 4 Basketball io JIMMY MODLIN NORMA PAIGE MODLIN FHA 1, 2, 3. 4 Beta Club 3, 4 Pow-Wow 4 4-H 1 Marshal 3 EARLINE MORRIS 4-H 1 Varsity Club 4 Beta Club 3, 4 Clee Club 3, 4 Pow-Wow 2, 3, 4 Annual 4 JACK NEWSOME F FA 1 . 2 Varsity Club 3, 4 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 HOWARD NORVILLE Beta Club 3, 4, President JOHN POPE INA PERRY FHA 2, 3. Beta Club 4, Glee Club 4 LaVELLE PARKER Glee Club 4 Pow-Wow 3, 4 FHA 3 4-H 1 JOE PARKER Varsity Club 3. 4 Football 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4 Beta Club 3, 4 Pow-Wow 3, 4, Editor 4 Annual 4 3 I LOUISE TAYLOR 4-H 1, 2, 3. 4 DOROTHEA TERRY Scotland Neck 1 , 2 HEWITT TRAVIS Varsity Club 3, 4 Football 3, 4, Basketball 3,. 4 Annual 4 BOBBY WIGGINS FFA 1 JANICE WILLOUGHBY 4-H 1 Glee Club 4 Pow-Wow 3, 4 13 Hewitt Travis, best looking boy Mary Ann Godwin, prettiest girl Thomas Blowe, wittiest boy LaVelle Parker, best dressed girl Charles Bowen, best dressed boy Wilma Hill, sweetest girl Ernest Powell, quietest boy Dorothy Dilday, quietest girl I, Linwood “Bear” Alexander, will my hair to “Monk” Congleton. I, Thomas Blowe, will my bass drum to Willie Chamblee. I, Charles “Cigar” Bowen, will my pool shooting ability to Ray Vinson. I, Eula Mae Burden, will Joe Jacobs to the E.C.T.C. gurks. I, Julian “Budah” Butler, will all my girls to Henry Newsome. I, Elizabeth Castelow, will all my fond memories from AHS to all the class of ’50. I, Dorothy Dilday, will my quiet nature to Chris McKim. I, Gene Earley, will all my classes under Mrs. Newsome to Earnhardt Hughes. I, Larry “Lotus” Earley, will my blocking back position to Cillam Whedbee. I, Gerald Jeter, will my daily game of pool with Al Burden to Tommie Parra- more. 16 Mary Ann Godwin, will my sweet disposition to Jimmy Williamson, Shirley Hill, will my reputation as a lover to Lil Sumner. Wilma Hill, will my meekness to Pat Sessoms. Gertrude Holloman, will my laugh to the Ahoskie Fire Department for use in extinguishing fires. I, Virginia Holloman, will my cheer leading ability to Joyce Parker I, Virginia Hughes, will my shapely shape to Emilie Adams. I, Joe “Bradshaw” Jacobs, will my brains to anybody that wants them. I, Burnette Jones, will all my giggles to all the girls in the junior class; there should be enough to go around. I, Thomas “Joe Tight " Leary, will Jewel Jernigan to Lonnie Phelps. I, “Buck” Mathews will my school bus to someone that will show the same loving attention to it as I have. I, Norma Paige Modlin, will my ability for fast talking to Dickie Hoggard. I, Earline Morris, will keep my attraction for men, that has held Hewitt Travis spellbound for all these years. I, Barbara McGlaughon, dislike wills intensely. I, Jack Newsome, will my scoring punch on blocked kicks in football to some unlucky lineman of next year’s Indians. I, Howard Norville, will quit trying to find out who’s absent and skip a few periods myself. I, Joe “Poison” Parker, will, if you will. I, LaVelle Parker, will my little ’ole car to all female Juniors who have to walk. I, Ina Perry, will all the time I have been quiet on class to the faculty in hopes they can find ten minutes out of the four years. I, Ernest Powell, will leave, without persuasion, never to return again. I, Elizabeth Ann Sumner, will my ability to enjoy life after dark to Ellen Downs. I, Lawrence Sumner, will a foot or so of my height to Alphus Doughtie. I, Hersey Sumner, will graduate, maybe. I, Louise Taylor, will my seat in study hall to any studious Junior. I, Dorothea Terry, will leave, I hope. I, Hewitt Travis, would have, but public opinion was against me. I, Bobby Wiggins, will will nothing. I, Janice Willoughby, will keep as quiet in the future as I have in the past. 17 2 t MJ xV Class Officers yA ap Secretary Vice-President LONNIE L PHELPS THERESA RAYNOR WILLIAM ACH EM I LIE ADAM LUCILLf ALSTON i BAF RO a LAR (gRANTLEY EMILY Brantley ROPERT EARL BRINKLEY JO CLEATON WILLIE CHAMBLEE 2 ARCHIE CONCLETON GRACE COPELAND HENRY DILDAY MILTON DILDAY ALPHUS DOUCHTIE J EDITH HARRELL ADOLPH HARRELL JESSIE LEIGH HOLLOMAN RICHARD HOLLOMON ELLEN DOWNS ED EARLY MARY POWELL EURE CHARLES GODWIN ANN HARN ON i u ADA BAKER HARRELL JEWELL JERNICAN . ' JOHN KARANIKAS FANNIE LEARY f I n CONRAD LIVERMAN DORA LIVERMA I J)Q CHRIS McKIM ' - ' - ' DONALD MITCHELL( LARRY rCarCHt L HENRY NEWSOME LOU NEWSOME EVELYN OVERTON HUGH ODOM TOMMIE PARRAMORE » JOYCE PARKER ' WANDA PEEDE EUCtHli fERRY EAN PERRY ia£ u. LILA POWELL ALICE PRITCHARD-a. , 1, y JANET RAWLS-s A-iJ LINN OD RAWLS BARBARA RIDDICK y [• PAT SESSOI EUC£NEtelK7 MARY STRATTON LIL SUMNER ’ BOBBY TAYLOE CALVIN TOl Y VINSON GILL AM WHEDBEE V " " JIMMY WILLIAMSON ANN WILLOUGHBY J Jf . oplioniorcS ? Class Officers lOXT ' xj ‘ ' M- Secreta ry ALBERT TERRY JOHN ASKEW ANNE BENTHALL JESSIE BENTHALL -y ' V trVvU- ALBERT BURDEN MOTSIE BURDEN COMER CASTELOW EARLEY COBB CAROLYN EARLEY CHARLES EARLEY HANNAH EARLEY NANCY EARLEY DOROTHY EDWARDS NELL ELEY HELEN EQUILS ANDRE EVANS BETTY BRITTON y j6 y i BILL BRITTON J. P. BRITTON V {y J ANNIE LAURA ' SR WN - ' " - Ay Me CojA ' zM. Juz A-I •cB STANLEY HARRELL JENSEN HILL ELIZABETH HOCCARD FAYE HOLLOMAN ' -Z ' . - T 4 J j C 4 « I ' ' " IyNDON E. HOLLOMAN KATHLENE HURST ALTON JONES HARVEY JOYF v HILDA LASSITER J. E. LEWIS HILARY LIPSITZ ' CJo- . Kewi- Ci juad LAURA MT I okl " ri r A MrM-) i nnic 7 McCOY OVE raV noMAi n PARk ' PR ' . T DONALD PARKER WILLIAM POPE , H EDNA ROBERTSON WILLIAM TAYLOR CORA WATERS EDWARD ACH ESTHER BALLENTINE DORIS LEIGH BLOWE EDITH BRACY ARL BROWN EVELYN LOIS CHITTY JEAN CLARK STEVE COGGINS WILLIAM COPELAND REBECCA EARLY THOMAS EARL EDWARDS JAMES DUDLEY COBW BETTY JANE HARRIS GLADSTONE HARRELL RACHEL HARRELL « HILL IONA HILL HOLLOMAN JIMMIE HOLLOMAN BESSIE HORTON GILBERT HORTON BILLIE HUDSON PAULINE HURST ROBERT JENKINS ELMER JOHNSON JULIAN JOYNER 22 FRANKIE LASSITER WILLIAM LEARY DORIS REBECCA LEE CHARLES LIVERM ' BEN McKEEL MATTIE McKEEIi: GENEVA MILLER ' HAZEL MINTON JAMES MODUiN CAROLYN NEWSOME GENE NICHOLS DEWEY PARKER JULIA PARKER CAROL POPE CHARLES POWELL ALICE RHEA ELLA. RUFFIN CHARLIE SESSOMS . L, C. SMITH, JR. JIMMIE SULLIVAN LEN TAYLOR MARGIE TERRY BESSIE THOMAS MAC THOMAS ANN WHITE SIDNEY WHITLEY KENDRED WILLIAMS MELVIN ROBERTSON 23 Barbara McClaughon and Joe Parker. ...Co-Editors Virginia Hollomon News Editor Lou Newsome Business Manager Earline Morris Feature Editor Tom Parramore Sports Editor Janice Willoughby Circulation Manager 24 dl CUef Editor-in-Chief Associate Editor Associate Editor -Advertising Manager Circulation Manager ■Assistant Circulation Manager T reasurer Larry Earley Joe Parker Charles Bowen Christine McKim.. Hewitt Travis Earline Morris Mary Ann Godwin 2.5 J4S Band Practice 26 4-J4 The Workshop 29 Officers Thomas Leary, Treasurer; Julian Butler, President; Laura Dean Mathe son. Secretary; Jimmy Williamson, Vice-President. 30 Mary Ann Ccjdwin. Treasurer; Howard Norville, President; Barbara McGlaughon, Secretary; Larry Earley, Vice-President. 31 ■ 4 Ck eeriectdi 32 ? Coach Jack Young Asst. Coach Floyd “Dutch” Overton 34 1 FIRST ROW; Coach Jack Young, Tommy Umphlett, Jimmy Wil- liamson, Lawrence Sumner, Joe Jacobs, Thomas Leary, John Karanikas, Hilary Lipsitz, Jack Newsome, Hewitt Travis, Julian Butler, Larry Earley, assistant coach “Dutch” Overton. SECOND ROW: Bobby Tayloe, Lonnie Phelps, Buster Joyner, Charles Bowen. Dickie Hoggard, Andre Evans, Charlie Sessoms, Charles Powell. THIRD ROW: Cecil Dempsy, Joe Parker, Harding Wood, Albert Terry, Ben McKeel, William Leary, Calvin Toler, Alton Jones, Charles Liverman, Pat Jordan, Jimmy Holloman, Henry Newsome, Al Thorp, J. P. Britton, Charles Earley, Adolph Harrell, Linwood Alexander, Lonnie Smith, Charles Godwin. Pre-Game Instructions 35 jO- ' " - Co-captain Newsome, Coach Young, and Co-captain Williamson Ahoskie High School’s mighty 1948 gridiron Indians fought through their ten-game schedule as a determined unit with only one purpose in mind That purpose was to win the conference champion ship and to go through the regular season undefeated — the purpose was accomplished. The Indians won every game, turning in the most successful season since football began in Ahoskie back in 1926. They outshone their opponents in every contest and brought home the Albemarle Conference Championship with such fury that they left the other teams battling themselves apart for the runner-up places in the standings. The Indians finished the season as one of the top undefeated class B high school football teams in the state of North Carolina. From the mid-point of the season, the Indian’s defense didn’t yield a single point and the total points for the season were 248 scored by the Indians as against 3 1 by the opponents Leading the individual scoring for Ahoskie was Jimmy Williamson, line plunging fullback, who crossed the goal line 18 times during the season for a total of 108 points, beating his 1947 total of 103 points by five. Second in the scoring parade was Tommy Umph- lett, tailback, with a total of 79. Ten TD’s, 17 extra points place kicked out of 36 attempts and 2 points from a safety make up his total. Third in scoring and tops among the pass-catch- ing ends, Charles Bowen scored three touchdowns for 1 8 points. Following the first three were three boys with 12 points on two touchdowns each. They were Larry Earley, blocking back, Julian “Budah” Butler, wing- back, and Joe Jacobs, tackle. Others who shared in the scoring were Charles Godwin, reserve wingback, with a touchdown and Hewitt Travis, end, with an extra point. Before this high total of points could be scored and the games could be won came long hours and much work on the practice field by the coaches and players. The squad had many long and hard practices be- fore the opening game, two weeks of practice during the spring of 1 948 and four in the fall. During the spring practice weeks, all the boys out for the squad the first time were drilled in funda- mentals so that when fall came work on other things could begin. August on the practice field was the scene of many days of conditioning drills. Two weeks before the opening of school the practice uniforms were issued and twice a day the squad worked on its offense with the thought of winning the conference championship always uppermost. 36 The Indians opened the 1948 season on Septem her 17 with a home game against Central High School of Elizabeth City. This first game showed much promise for the season that followed, the Indians winning, 32-7. The offense was shaky at times but showed enough power to win handily. Next week, the Indians traveled to Robersonville where they smashed out a 33-0 victory. The second squad saw much action in this first conference win. On October 1, the Indians came home under the lights to eke out a 13-12 win over Scotland Neck for their second conference game, the first over the tougher members that had to be licked for the championship. Trailing at half time, 12-7, the team held down the visitors during the final quarter and mid-way the fourth scored again to pull the game from the fire. Charles Liverman Tackle James Travis Student Manager 37 Joe Parker End Jimmy Williamson Fullback Following the Scotland Neck tilt, the Indians met the Perquimans Indians in Ahoskie for their third conference game of the year. Seeking revenge for their poor showing the year before when they lost to Perquimans, 18-0, Ahoskie’s Indians turned six pass interceptions into a 26-6 rout. Starting very fast, the Perquimans team rolled to a score in six plays from the opening kick-off, but the Indians came roaring back in 13 plays from scrimmage to take a 7-6 lead and then pull out of the reach of the visitors. After two thrilling, hard fought games, the locals suffered from a letdown the next week in Columbia where they had a bad first half and were forced to come back in the second half with two TD’s for a 1 4-6 victory. Revenge was again in the minds of the Indians the next week when they handed the Plymouth Panthers a 6-0 defeat for their f jrtlj conference victory on a beautiful pass aajby Charles Bowen 38 I Two high scoring games followed the Plymouth game. On October 29. the Indians rolled over Weldon. 38-0, in the last game of the season played on a dry field. The next Friday they met Manteo and won 32-0 over a hard-fighting little squad from Dare county in the fourth consecutive home game. The most important game of the season for the Indians came on November 12 when the Ahoskians traveled to Williamston to meet the Green Wave in the game that was to decide the conference championship. After controlling the ball during the first half and threatening several times, the Indians got going in the third period for a 63-yard TD march, followed by another score in the fourth quarter to clinch the game and the conference championship title. The final score, 14- 0. In the final game of the season, the outclassed 39 Murfreesboro Red Devils were trimmed, 40-0. The reserves played much of the game, showing up well and giving promise for the seasons to come. The boys that shared the major part in winning the 10 game schedule and who both started and starred in the many games were: On the offensive team: Hewitt Travis and Joe Parker, left end; Joe Jacobs, left tackle; Thomas Leary, left guard; John Karanikas, center; Dickie Hoggard, right guard; Jack Newsome, right tackle; Charles Bowen, right end; Larry Earley, blocking back; “Budah” Butler, wingback; Tommy Umphlett, tailback; and Jimmy Williamson, fullback. The defensive team: Henry Dilday, left end; Jack Newsome, left tackle; Thomas Leary, left guard; Lonnie Phelps, center; Dickie Hoggard, right tackle; " Monk” Congleton, right tackle; Joe Jacobs, right end; “Budah” Butler and or Larry Earley, backer ups; Charles Bowen and Jimmy Williamson, half- backs; and Tommy Umphlett, safety. 40 Julian Butler Wingback vvingoacK Ur . ' Charles Bowen End AHOSKIE 32 CENTRAL 7 AHOSKIE 6 PLYMOUTH 0 AHOSKIE 33 ROBERSONVILLE 0 AHOSKIE 38 WELDON 0 AHOSKIE 13 SCOTLAND NECK 12 AHOSKIE 32 MANTEO 0 AHOSKIE 26 PERQUIMANS 6 AHOSKIE 14 WILLIAMSTON 0 AHOSKIE 14 COLUMBIA 6 AHOSKIE 40 MURFREESBORO ..... 0 41 43 45 46 State Class “B’’ Championship Jamestown 0 AHS 26 47 Perfect End to a Successful Season Coach Jack Young is awarded State Class B Championship Trophy by Mayor Carlton Cherry of Ahoskie. This was the climax to a season of hard work by the cheerful Ahoskie Indians. The Jamestown team was the western B Champions and was undefeated during their season. 48 KNEELING: Calvin Toler, Julian Butler, Jimmy Williamson, Dickey Hoggard, Tommy Umphlett. STANDING: Coach Jack Young, William Leary, Joe Jacobs, Thomas Leary, McCoy Briley, Hewitt Travis, Joe Parker, Assistant Coach “Dutch” Overton. EasLlUi -S eu on Ahoskie High School maintained its athletic supremacy as the 1948- 49 basketball teams brought more victories and trophies into the record books. These athletes fought on to prove the might of the proud Ahoskie Indians. As the season was brought to a successful completion, the boys’ team, champion of the Murfreesboro Invitational Tournament, was one of the strongest Class “B” cage teams in the state. Fighting an uphill battle because of the disadvantage of playing for the fourth straight season without the use of a home gymnasium, the Ahoskians proved that they could go into the home grounds of all the other teams and still be good enough to come off with a win. In the three pre-Christmas games the Indians licked Scotland Neck, 34-27; Woodland, 46-17; and Harrelsville, 42-23, for a three-game streak of victories to emerge before Christmas as one of the teams of this section that was going forth with ever developing power. After the holidays, the Indians came back stronger than ever and with more practice under their belts to start off with a bang in the new year by whipping Scotland Neck 41-29, for the second time. Playing in the home gym of the Williamston ' Green Wave, soon after playing had been resumed following the holidays, the Indians received their only setback of the season, going down on the short end of a 40-28 count. 49 ' I Guafl I Forvf ..1, c.-c.p .’” Following this Williamston game the team started the win streak that was not broken for the remainder of the season, by setting Weldon back 44-23; then rolled to a team win at Windsor over the Lions, 39-14. Then came the most exciting, hard-fought and determined game the Indians played all season when they met the Williamston team again on their home court. AHS took an early lead and held it at at least two to four points to get a 42-38 victory. Robersonville, 48-46, in an overtime game; Hobbsville, 68-16, and Windsor again, 40-26, fell in a row as the Indian steam roller moved on. At Littleton the Jayvees in their only game of the year netted a win before the varsity game, in which they had to fight all out in the final minutes to win 40-38, and close the regular season. In the first game of the Murfreesboro tournament the Indians played a close first half and then pulled away to win easily from Woodland, 44-21, and enter the semi-finals. In the second round of play Rich Square held the Indians until the final quarter when they pulled away to can the win at 50-41. In the finals the Indians took the game 46-39, to cap the tourna- ment trophy, even after three of the starters fouled out. Tommy Umphlett received the most valuable player trophy and a place on the all-tourna- ment team. The team laid down its basketballs at the end of the season, knowing that they were among the tops in the state and with the satisfaction of having brought AHS one of its best cage teams, even without the facilities of a home gym. 50 Individual Scoring Umphlett 208 Lipsitz 12 Butler 117 Parker 8 Hoggard 109 Travis 8 Toler 87 T. Leary 2 Williamson .... ...... 69 Jacobs 2 W. Leary 18 Alexander 1 Indians’ Total Points 630 Opponents’ Total Points 418 Guaf l 51 I Coaches “Dutch” Overton and Jack Young. ■ Dickey Hogga ' Guard Tomn y Umphiett Center. Co-Captai " 52 KNEELING: Jessie Leigh Holloman, Lou Newsome, Evelyn Overton, Lil Sumner, Ann Wil- loughby, Motsie Burden, Theresa Raynor. STANDING: Miss Ruth Parther, Annie Laura Brown, Betty Jane Harris, Jean Clark, Ann Hill, Nell Eley, Dora Liverman, Ellen Downs, Matha Pearson. forwar 53 oft ' ® 5 Miss Ruth Parker Coach Evelyn Overton Forward, Captain u 54 55 une unuur ¥ A Comedy Drama Presented By The Senior Class Cast Inez Shirley Hill Jack Lane Larry Earley Otis Oleander Thomas Leary Ona Ina Perry Oscar Larson Joe Parker Marmaduke Van Della Charles Bowen Jose Pietra Hewitt Travis Ethel Van Della Burnette Jones Hazel Barlow Barbara McClaughon June Day Mary Ann Godwin Cracie Norma Modlin Donna LaVelle Parker Jessie Janice Willoughby Alexis Gerald Jeter Miss Deborah Brown and ’ Mrs. Maude Newsome Faculty Directors 56 k wHPIEilkiB ' ■ It ' SUV 1 ii3, SSL ' Wia -K. aui . ■ 60 Home Appliance Co. Fine Quality Appliances Maola Ice Cream Co. A. S. GODWIN, PROPRIETOR One of the good Things in Life PHONE 142 WASHINGTON, N.C. AHOSKIE Most of the — Gracduates of The Class of ' 49 niMMIE ' S J PT A r R A Friend JT L f Sh Nextdoor to Richard Theatre Ahoskie, N.C. And . i . that is the way we would have it. We always make students feel “At Home, " and are invariably BOOSTERS for — AHOSKIE HIGH SCHOOL 61 Chas. H. Jenkins Company Paramount Cleaners Dealers For Fine Cars Since 1912 Buick-Oldsmobile-Pontiac Cadillac Promptness-Satisfaction GMC Trucks PHONE 7 AHOSKIE AHOSKIE AULANDER IN AHOSKIE IT ' S Famer ' s Hardware Co. Belk - Tyler AHOSKtE, N. C. Company Westinghouse ' The Shopping Center " Norge - Maytag Radios and Records PHONE 117 62 Sessoms Bros. Garrett ' s, Inc. Garage Fine Furniture Sales Service and AHOSKIE Jewelry AHOSKIE Always Remember The Fashion Shoe Store Copeland Drug Co. When you want Fine Footwear For Fine ladies apparel it ' s 164 E. Main St. THE FASHION SHOP Ahoskie, N. C. A Complete Drug Service PRESCRIPTIONS OUR SPECIALTY Phone 64 For Fine Quality Clothes and Furnishings for men Shop at THE MEN ' S SHOP AHOSKIE 63 Ahoskie Department Store AHOSKIE, N. C. Style Center of The Roanoke Chowan Section Bank of Ahoskie Ahoskie Aulander % DEPOSITS INSURED BY The Federal Deposit Insuraace Cerparalion WASHINGTON, D. C. finnn maximum insurance ccnnn UUUU for each depositor 9UUU KBBBMBBliiaMH There ' s a Ford in your Future Ahoskie Motor Co. Phone 69 SHOP AT Willougby ' s Fine Furniture And Jewelry PHONE 263 W AHOSKIE 64 i

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