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Agua Fria Union High School - Wickiup Yearbook (Avondale, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Cover

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x N X .J w A ff Q 6 ml' 514314,-ft"u s X I ' J Q99 5L2f7L!4!if7ff.f1+ 6 jp Sp-f Wjiyx C A,.fJ1,,.,f,1fMl Q gg' QQV X X, EoCVLK+ C5 A XQ ,mg1, 1Q VA f EN , ya j'Qf" 'WH A056 D . , E35 55q i XNQ5 L 5 ki' xx X 7:55-L5 N 'N .5 5 AT Jjx J,-'U QQ Jbfpd je, X 'gm N E2 KU iw? J , 1 vi I W J Q Xtv Q??b f L' ' W W QQZKWW qw - X an f ,, fd ,J Wi!! f - I 1' VI ff NWS, 'HAM-R vvdf 'Mx S N1 Q L ff? . Q n.Q?LO7QLf?Z f3V+,+Mo.5 C, vr 7 xf ,W IZXVZJA f Sf? You -f Yo W - K Q f f 7 Www WLWLQWW 9gM.f 'V XcAXQ56gkfv4XfN md fkflffg 7 3521.9 -f ' fx' 5 if ffgzfbv :Y P nisfq ep, 95077 if af Cf", W 0 O LQQN, Jwfxax 42, fp bi Q35 S of 0'-sz-B6 ,Q 7 0 Q 85? .ifwff 2' Qi Q QV 5,3 if iffffifi KV O L an 4X!f9r1?3sg3'5'ggLQ MMA xnwrf, K3 0 L! I 153 i -39 M cy" f , , R 3 J Li Q 3 ,. 1 vw M' ' 52 5 A N' S gg EQJVINSH N323 Q0 , W Q , 2 35 S" g -Qi: E is 1 PDX I v X 2 D4 5 22 yi ... 'E 2555: ? 'HEITH FRH1 UNIIEIN HIGH 2 :JS 5m2lg?Esl.Ifxlu2Y BR. fagle C0152 fHVElNIElfHbE,fHZ8 3 2 ,,, 1 fy' ,eflfffff 502-9 Ei-Q24 35 D11 ,9w2'51 PNREQ 55 M WQHY 2915 ,igfgidfvw Yip iw 2 2 R f , f '22' wwf? if YS! A may 2 fl03 2QqWWwW2QMww32QW ' K il 5 .ns .W mfr '95 2 2 XAE' M idrdw 12140 V 5 X ' ,220 wg? V X n ,Fig L49-2, X A 2 QW QQ 221 5 'Q 'gag' :M:?"x 2 " A gfffzggf' ' -pit . ,en ve- . ,c'w, 'Q 4. 2 My 22 - -gg 9 nr .ff 2 7 A 252'-uf 2222 'A 22222 -22,3 Wm f,:W 2 f we f wa AW'-'A ' ,vgQi5.a4fg?a5gqz+ , '92 2 i ,I U The opening day assembly, August 28, 1987. title page DOES r .. N TIT seem S0 LO GAGO 'C l ' 2 . ak I W 5 ... .. 1,4-we x W Mele fain-.A ew- - . . . . We all studied for tests? Working hard are Jaime Cruz, Andy Salazar and Ernie Cruz. . . . We all celebrated Homecoming? To the left: Mendi Eckert gloats over her capture o Reed Carson. W ,una ' m Wg' in ..v"""""- , . . The Pom Line performed on the opening day? Dancing was Stacy Rose, Lisa Leonhardt, Anita K Tagle and Stephani Taylor. opening . . . English students spun the Medieval Wheel of Fate? Alicia Sandoval say- POINTS, BIG POINTS." ' l We all sat through the opening day assembly? The football players shade themselves. r J vi . 3 ' l I",:," Q as 5' 5 5 is ak 1 . . . Socializing between classes seemed so short? We still had time to catch Anna Wolfe and Bobby Jo Boit. taxi t: .2 K- . . . Too many chefs spoiled the soup? Cooks Travis Klsner, Randy Zuleger, Alex Mena and Gary Waterman. . . . We all registered for school? Below Chris Guess, James Bussa and Tom Kuhn spent the long hours playing cards. x fi llil l UL' 4 , N .-S Qu-1 opening By, Cindy Holdcroft Tim Clarke, a senior here at Agua Fria High School, has practiced playing the drums since he was ten years old. He has always enjoyed the beat of the drums, but was never introduced to a set until he was in the fifth grade. When Tim first became interested in playing the drums, his father signed him up for a few lessons, but he had nothing to practice with when he gotthome. To keep his enthusiasm going, Tim gathered all of the bar stools from the kitchen, arranged them in a drum set and beat on the seats for practice, Soon Tim's dad brought home a drum set and finally Tim could practice on the real thing. When asked who is the most supportive of his play- ing, Tim replied "My mom, because she wants me to grow up and support her when she gets old. She listens to the same music I likeg Flotsam and Jetsam, Ozzy Osborne and her favorite, Metallica. She backs me up!" Tim is now playing in a band called Knights of Bloody Steel. They practice at his housethree nights a week. His drum set takes up half of his room so he has no choice but to sleep crowded on the floor at nights. Tim hopes to make a career in music some day. Playing in a band has always been his dream and he'll give it whatever it takes to succeed. Now that he has all the right connections, it's just a matter of time. After he graduates from High School, Tim plans to move to Hollywood and attend the Percussion Institute of Technology. He'll live there for one year and learn to become a professional drummer. Students in the Spotlight M z Tim Clarke divider X Barb Crumley, Tracy Woolgar and Kelvon Nuels take the garbage out! ,, 41' , ,Y in iauagigzw , A , 057 Mex" 4 5 X. - r' TQ 5 f ff. rrrrrrl iff ? ll ' , ,sf ' Todd Dagger! kicks back at the bowling alley. Eric Gonzales and Jesse Ortiz twist and turn their locks between classes. - ,L . 3 '-.f-,.sv.lJQ-J.. x.Lunuur-.Q-v 3 B. Stout, M. Brady, S. Ross, Z. Heda, C. Mock and Re Ann Myers sit through another day of school. X Rebecca Romero, Alicia Sandoval, Tammy Settle and Bobbi Jo Bolt group together in a class discussion. divider Jammer.. Jamie Session tours England with her N . ,.f 491A A N ik Robin Cons with a Kilted man in Scotland SUITIITICI' Our cheerleaders learned how to dress in style at the ASU cheer camp. Trang Nguyen enjoys a smokeless beach at Santa Cruz. Mike "Kahuna" Murphy shows off at Laguna Beach, The "Boys" went mudbogging at Woodleaf. the wonderful world cation, where your only worry is school in September! The summer had just begun and we had our itineraries carefully planned to escape the hustle and bustle of civilization, indulging in our fantasies. The summer beach bums packed their cars with surf- boards.. bikinis and suntan oil, and headed iyli w est to hit the beaches in Southefn'g.California. River Rats with inflated inner tubes and bulge ing ice chests floated down the Salt. On the West Coast, Micky Mouse, Goofy and gang greeted Owls with smiles as they entered "Wonderful World of Disney." While on the East Coast, other vacationers gaz- ed at the beauty of the Statue of Liberty. Mindy Lueck: "I went to Disneyland with some friends and had a oblast. We also got to eat lunch with Bruce Willis." Jennifer Jarnagin: "I went to California and learned how to surf. At night I went to bonfires on the beach and met lots of California dudes!" Betsy Waitt: "A group of us went tubing and played catch with the car keys and lost them." Christine Goodrich: f'Going to Canada was really Cool! The best was when Sarah Ellsworth and I went to shop and giving the bums on the corner loose change." Mike Acuna: "Uh, well, I saw the raddest concert ever. King Diaa mond! Long live the King! Stay HEAVY or ABIGAIL will get you!" litany Holtrup: "I went to California and watched the taping of the Brady Bunch." Beth Cluff: "I spent my summer in Illinois and Wisconsin with my boyfriend." Almost a tradition - Picnicking with Aunt Bessie, Fishing with Gramps, Playing baseball with Cousin Wilber, Sipping Suds at a party, Jamming out to cool tunes, Swimming and sunning, Cruising 'fCentral," And dreading the summer school blues, Our SUMMER of '87, unforget- table and ACTION packed. California. summer PEP ASSEMBLIES by Amber White The chant of "Seniors!" "Seniors!" roar above the noise of a thousand screaming teenagers in our gym. Just when it seems that the noise is unbearableg the team enters and the decibels rise! This is a typical scene at any one of Agua Fria's great pep assemblies. As you look around the gym, there is a definite variety of expressions on people's faces as they listen to Steve Rogers, one of the captains of the foot- ball team, talk about the team's desire to win. As he talks, the tension builds in anticipation of class competition. Alicia McAnally comments, "The pep assemblies are extremely loud, which obviously shows the entire school's sup- port for the football team." Agua Fria pep assemblies are certainly an enthusiastic way to pep up the team for the big game!! UDEUEW Ill 'U'U DDD .., . .55 e i l' K AT?l-f 33.41 Who's got the spirit? l 7,4 ' Senior spirit, who could ask for anything more? it - ll AN ' f r- , nxt il s I Jill! li X51 v Q H ls Exif frlllrl 'i 1- ' V ygq .si x , . Q ,f 'X A ' 'I' -2 ,- if Hey, Neil Taylor and Melissa Kraus, we can't hear you! Seniors Cari Shenandoah and Joanna Barry have fun showing their class spirit. ' pep assemblies " I5l.!'wQ Carolyne Beyle and Terah Perry jam to the music. Patricia Johnson, Shawn Young, and Etta Pless do the "w0p." Chamie Contreras and Michelle French enjoy the good looking scenery at the dances. Carl Shenandoah reaches out for that special person. Debra Simon and Timothy Reed Look, Mom, isn t hecute?l Dances by Amber White Loud D LOUD MUSIC!! FLASHING LIGI-ITS!! HUNDREDS OF TEENAGERS!! The scene is an after game dance at Agua Fria, sponsored by school clubs and organizations as fund raisers. The disc jockey this year is Western Arizona Music Machine, known as W.A.M.M. A wide variety of music is played along with requests for favorite songs. Dina Astorga comments "They're a great hangout for those without transportation to go somewhere else after the game." While Andy I-lillison and Steve Snavely say, "They've lost that lovin' feeling!" Whether you go with friends or with a date, you canlt help but have fun in the upbeat at- mosphere that keeps you jammin' all night long! dances L3 Sarah Snook and Debbie Hardesty walk like Egyptians. ul - ' QF'-54 . wa Suzy Hirth jumps the owlg Karen Hendrick. I W Jerry Callands hides himself behind the Senlor streamers. homecoming ,,,,r Amber White puts in her share for hall decorating ,, . M I N -N-ss.. ...., ,MNNH , David Blythe crosses the Delaware in the Homecoming parade. is written all over Adela Allman and Senior spirit Carl Shenandoah's face. Seniors: John Buttemlller, Renae Wlchman, Alfie Alvarez, Chris Vizzera, Brett Tornow, Sean Strickland and Neil Taylor. Events Gone By i"Great moments in history" was the theme for this year's ts s onsored by the Stu- dent Council stimulated class spirit, class unity, and a lot of 'th E tian craziness. The dress-up days began on Monday wi gyp the traditional Red and Grey Day. Day and ended on Friday with O h tivities included Caveman and Flihtstone Day, Cowboy t er ac and Indian Day, and the traditional noontime activities. Homeco- led with fun, excitement, and wildness. ing was truly a week fil - Jon Peebles ...-Aswan . Dan Wachtler says "Cowa Bunga, Baby!" to Melani Espil and Erin Marshall on Caveman Day. homecoming all alll Homecoming activities. The various even p we M W. f 5-'ldv-sefgg 4. .. Anka. mf. -C' Our Senior King and Queen: Steve Rogers and Yvonne Decort. Jfinfs w .A W 1:31.35 :gsm 1 ,fm-'25 ww .. aw Kfgigg-gggagiffe ,,,. 4 ,,kk ,,.. .fn.w,gse ,. 'Magix' 21.31255 5933254 gif fijgggggfgegff,,g,,g,gg,-3.,gn Elfixsxi? Xf2?fefs + Q 2a. .Q.3 '11, ,, iSl E51fi ?5: A 1 : :SZ xiii :fi-if-zssfzsQ,-,ffQ'2ii','-wi-vw-:fzfiwi .-iiw ff--- "sfv2fw-fzfvET.f- 212512 fi-L --w22'ff- 'f57fVi5K'T D'U9?f 73262 Q-iigii eiizf, ilfewpm ,mmm Jw -L ,5gsfl11 nf? 4 . ,, ewggi, E WQESZV .... Q W 'fl 155'5,15,gag-jggjgigfzk.g,3ff,.v:,:q:Szkg-ffff,-ffgngyg.'1-QggQi.-jv5,jgjj"f'ss'g7.-pf-g.+y11Iiflixisiiz'!?i.5sf?M?'liL63'-sfiw--,s.ffm,'5QST2-1 -.5iq,q.Q..z,1v1Kf asiff g-. ,,f hz- 5"'i f1,.. W fi, M 16556. , .M . 'W- f5M""'1e,, fax :Li EM R, .. ,,, M ,. flwvm- , V, ' w K 1 SLLH WSY H k ef' 1 2 I E53 ESM'-"' M "2 '--- V :W-2 .WW 1 A, V " "' 2 .3ff-LL:5,..,,.w.mfx...f --.M Wfff , f.. .W..7 Hf,W ,,i+f M ,J W. fejR?5ai. .Ley .M fegmmfeg .W S E e. -'FTW ,- . -, -W-H-W w 4 -!Pv'1f-- f'i.sfse'.-Si,.sv21"-1 :ULN::-f5??r.w..evTiM:- WZ-J: -lifmi wifw-:f..1411.-nfffsfie.w,g5afQgg,.wggp..-mfgFg.zg,:fw.g:,,.Eggs-1y,..,,.a263-.f,,g-iv1.,,,iqf,,Lfs M-ww., fjggzgix, ,,fy15,f ,k,,wgf, Aww., yggg, 3,1 mm l , -eww A.., HJ, M fm fig, ,ffxffifu y: " 5 i31f4f..Q -.g,.:sf"fff5':4s.s .vgaif-f:sigh--ww-':f:f21,g'Hai-f2:12iasw.'.-afffgiz-1405355-ff:wi5fW:.1:i2YQ'f2ff,.effQ-:W-:Aw 1,,fQ,.f1,sw1ftz..s:,-:Q,,..g-if-5f,2f,,-1-qqggiigfggggiggsiqzwggg.W meg, xgifm auf--3 f zff,.,Q. ,3 WX mpc 5I?, iq.. pw-,ig mfg? gl wg egg- ,..geH..,, Ava-Rig.. .mini ,V 1,4 gQyy,g4,7Q.. gU Z g55,,z,g zej5g...k 531555 f,55.,i z f 11235537 A -.......f e,,. My -xfmm f.,-we Xwfa ww fee 933 ,SM X,,,??g4g EA mf. .Mg ,MQ5 ,AQil,gl.,5,m,v.s .w,,w. KW, .1i.,,g,,,W.,f,k gg 5 waz gm, 5 W1 wx - ey A fin- f, ,...w,. we .nigga-S .E r a , m:, ..:f. : a,af -zm ,. 5Xm,x5g Qs.,..m-::ef.v:ff'4F' im we S. 6- -fm ,C Wa, ling ,gel fe--AQ" . . ---- ,--' ---"' M. M- f w2KJf2.1:-1'fiEess.1e2,gs ,SLR .V -f'v.--:QSM--1 Vflygirm-f.s145fw -'f5,igi5'z'f -13125: --12'wff5'ff--'QNg,3.,,gj5:.'54.fd--Zibgffw-9??rzg2sk.Mfg +V-fssi-.sf1..1films155.53gligifggfg,zfkwgggfgzgggg .M-.QZi.5ev,gS.,.,gq,,, 5555133 ,ziggy jeg-1 igwqmwxiigfg ,fax ,gl-5-. 5 ,mm -ww! pg: . .. ass-H -, . my A if Swv 1-f'e21,.:eugL:11:12111? ,.,,.. 5,1-,,.fwf-En:-f:-:fm,.m1.,1.f,..-1+uffaw wiffuxal vff--M-1' Qf,..f,,f.1 JIM X wg -i -L Wire: X mmf b. A -f , 7. :-1' me QM : melbi f5'Ys:wu ww- Pv::qg,. .m..!gf1'v - Kim f S le new fl we f ,I , W.. .ww ----- in f ELS . 5, ,A W --Legg 2 - in Q ' A MW Le gi'f":--film--lk-A 1 fzyfrz' ffm: 'f.'-Yrsvmfr-:JE-ifiwlw -:QQQM-is 1, ilk fig-'ff-Vamp:-IM:was-X 1. 593.1 im-..s 1211-...Q-. Wm-1 ,-.M m...w. mir H35 . . -,W me aes, ., My ep., ,m,,. 455, Q . -5511 X 5.155 .ww Q55 figs:-, fe-figs! we if gf, Q3mgQSg..fek gg Qms mig- r-fggsff 5,1 516 -511: ag' x, . fa QE, -1 .f ..., fm .,3M' M ---f MH- Vw WMWQ ,. fibxmamf - nga? we .refawawer if-www wwe?-H ,.... rr. - '- Senior Attendants: Bobby Lettleri and Cindy Early Junior Attendants: Josh Mason and Julie Morrison Freshman Attendants: Tammy Tamby and Sal Cruz Senior Attendants: Chris Vizzera and Dina Astorga i Sophomore Attendants: Phil Whitmore and Cindy Enriquez -.'x4 J. w . .K -xg: fwf Q , n X X X' ix AN G K 'fs - -5 , , H. . .4 fmt! :t J, Km an Qs m 'E 5 X m v' A . V ,..,x v 5. ' Q W fi i-4 NT I L, -K 'L .L ,T " , j, X X ,. B . D' "'5 Tracy Woolgar lip-synced to "One's On The Way." Kathy Arnold entertained the audience with her piano solo, "The Entertainer." , .M JP -ft5.,Vf,.miaJf"' Christine Coffman danced to "Silent Night" by BonJovl. K Heather Williams was a frisky kitty as she danced to "Old Gumby Cat." Kristin Kuhn lip-synced "Beautiful Dreamer." Parents, students, teachers and friends watched as Phuong "Trang" Nguyen's secret wish unfolded into reality at the Miss Billy Moore Pageant. As sixteen Agua Fria High School students competed for the title, Phuong Nguyen took the honors as she was selected by a panel of judges as "Miss Billy Moore" on Saturday Oc- tober 10, 1987. Miss Nguyen performed a vocal, "The Greatest Love of All" captivating her audience and judges. She is 18 years old, a member of the Student Coun- cil, the Future Business Leaders of America and the Key Club. She is also a student represen- tative to the Teachers Advisory Council and has won public speaking awards through the FBLA Club. First Runner-up was Heather Williams. She danced to "Old Gumbie Cat." Second Runner-up, Amber White, sang "Tomorrow" in the talent portion of the pageant. Yvonne Decort was named Miss Congeniality by the con- testants. She danced to "Dan- cin' in Heaven." Shannon Wilson, last year's Miss Billy Moore, was ill and unable to attend, Theresa Light, Miss Arizona, crowned the win- ners of the pageant. The other contestants were: Julie Hott, Melissia Anne Kraus, Erin Marshall, Kristin Kuhn, Christine Coffman, Sarah Cohen, Denise Tacy, Tracy Woolgar, Tonya Zavala, Kathy Arnold, Kathy Gage and Angela Talarico. Billy Moore Days T15 M ory an ... 'X 74 Sean Strickland - with friends Colette Humphrey - S-10 1984 rf 'via W 1 an Don Coe - Nova Troy J elinek - Toyota, with friend Julie Goodrich - fi? - Trudy Wmlliams Mustang 1987 with friend Cindy Holdcroft Mat Papworth - Nova, 1973 CUTS , . 313 Q l , if Vanessa Arnic - Sunbird, with friend Debbie Hardesty Heather Williams - Subaru XT, with friend Nancy Parra 2 .EY 6 I Debbie Hardesty - Camaro, with friend Vanessa Arnic Coleen Adney - Rabbit, with friend Sarah Snook -3-. rl' .sri .T K. I ., vw 11 11-- ,. Exit mv, :ig V Q. . K W Joaquin Humphreys - Mustang 1965, with friend Dan Porter Kris Rayner - Mustang 1966 EU CaI'S divider by Cindy Holdcroft 81 Tonya Knell Lanny Lighthill, a senior here at Agua Fria, is an active member in the Theatrica Arts. He currently is in the Drama Club and is president of the Thespians. Lanny firs' became interested in drama when his mother shared with him the fun and excitment o her past experiences in her involvement with the theatre. At the age of ten his fascina tion led him to enroll in a dramatic workshop where he portrayed the role of Fredericl in "The Sound of Music." His interests developed into a love for the theatre and hi found himself auditioning for a variety of plays. Lanny learned to speak a little Frencl when he portrayed a French man in his favorite play, "When Our Hearts Were Young and Gayf' He enjoyed the close relationship the cast developed and the laughs thej shared. Lanny's favorite role this far was Mr. Stanley in "Murder on Center Stage' He enjoyed enacting a strange old man which is the opposite of his true personality 'Stabbing the people on stage was the biggest thrill for me because the moment wa so intense," commented Lanny. He also enjoys the natural high he receives from thi audience's applause. Having the ability to change the onlooker's emotions also is 4 great sensation. Mr. Judge, the drama instructor, has been Lanny's main supporte through the years. His helping hand and encouraging words have taught Lanny ti always keep trying. His admiration for Mickey Rourke has kept Lanny always strivin for the best. Lanny's plans for the future consist of attending a college with a gooi Theatrical Arts program while studying business. He hopes to be well-known some day. He will do what it takes to come out on top. Students in the Spotlight . . . Lanny Lighthil 1- I ix X 155' Kaylen Cons walked like an Egyptian. ""!Ns-'QQ l ! I "ks XS B ? .5 I -3 X. ft 1-C W l x r ' f' fl Af 5 his Miki J' 9 5854 l -Q l , l f Josh Mason and David Woodward showed us their serious side. E Eddie Solis and Rene Saucedo were best friends. Mi 1 Mfg., Cindy Early smiled as she posed on a classic car. 1 Suddenly, Chris Swindle and Sal Cruz stopped in their tracks. divider 'UQ Concentration ls required. Choir by Kim Soto Surprisingly, this year's con- cert choir had no male members. However, the Ladies of the Ensemble continue to im- press their audiences with their talents. The 28 girls perform about 15 concerts a year, in- cluding the annual Christmas and Spring concerts for the stu- dent body. The group learns and practices songs in class everyday, worliing hard to im- prove their skills. The concert choir as well as the freshman choir, both directed by John Faris, must be given credit for bringing a bit of culture to our school. . And it has Excedrin written all over it, Are they paying homage to Mr. Faris? it 5 ,. :-r. aww' ii 1 The Agua Fria Concert Choir which is composed of many hardworking, talented students. The Freshman . Q ' 59? if ST F5 New 2,58 5' Q-Yay ' Q5 O Y QFWQQAQU fowl? WV SD ND Wide Gif They enjoy singing together. Hondbells f'l vi by Kim Soto Our handbell teams this year have been working hard to perfect their talents. The ad- vanced handbell team, Las Campanas, perform about 30 concerts a year for various com- muntiy organizations throughout Arizona. These 13 girls practic- Right: Bell Buddies. ed during second hour and enjoy travelling to their many perfor- mances. A trip to California is planned for the spring. The Earlybird and Daybreaker teams are made up of dedicated sophomores and freshmen who hope to be promoted to Las Campanas. Far left: Bear down! Bear down! Below: Bell packing time. Las Campanas and their director, John Faris. The Daybreaker Handbells The Earlybird Handbells Francine and Liza work in unison. you. 2- Let us entertain' handbells 2 sity he r Captain Amber White, senior Erin Marshall, senior 2 Q varsity cheer by Kim Dewey When looking for promotion of school spirit, most people look to our Varsity Cheerleaders. For four days last summer the girls attended a cheerleading camp at A.S.U. At camp, they were successful in obtaining all four possible superior ribbons. They were also one of three squads chosen to compete in the finals. ln the finals they were voted runners up. ln addition, Melani Espil was chosen to compete for the All- American Cheerleader Award. Karen Hendrick was the Owl mascot before her tragic death. Her outstanding spirit and dedication will be missed greatly. Left to right: Robin Cons, Suzy Hirth, Stefi Rocstoczy, Amber White, Erin Marshall, Melani Espil, Crista Lair. Melani Espil, junior Crista Lair, junior Robin Cons, sophomore Suzy Hirth, senior Stefi Rocstoczy, senior Above: A little high-steppin' with the Owl. One of the many mounts our cheerleaders have perfected. The cheerleaders worked hard on this banner for Parent Ap- preciation Night. Stefi led the crowd ata home game Go Big Red. varsity cheer 2 3 Right. Tyneiia and Cher Junior Vorsity Cheer Above: Susan has perfect balance. by Kim Dewey The junior varsity cheerleaders are a vital necessi- ty, not only to the JV football team, but for the spirit express- ed by the rest of the school as well. The girls worked hard at fund raisers to earn money for their uniforms. The fund raisers con- sisted of a carwash, a bake sale, and an auction held in l The girls show their stuff. November. The girls also put an enor- mous amount of effort into their practices and performances. They practiced everyday after school until 4:00 p.m. and also on Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Their hard work and dedica- tion rewareded them with a fun- filled and successful season. gifs- 0 sg'-. 'til 9' Tlfhgk Y-T',. Y :R 5 iiw . i fl, 234 ,E Y at ls, 4 A Liv: g it , gl tstty xJj,,.,,,,'y 1 The girls show their spirit. L to R: Tiffany Tucker, Jenny Bridges, Sara Ellsworth, T Cher Pecora, Tyneiia Russell, Collette Davi xCenter: Tawnya Naylor. Practice makes perfect! The girls take time out to pose for this one NYQ Q Lg, ' ' is 3 45" 'A T Xw X N fc' s 9 X T 8,5 0 S. U QQ J X 9 s to Q X233 Sw a gl Q Q 2 All junior varsity cheers If EJ h jf I -E . e..L Right: This move requires practice Freghmgn Cheer Bm i.y m.,.y uv ,I The girls rest before practice. by Kim Dewey Our freshmen cheerleaders should be credited for their outstanding efforts. The ten girls not only take on the responsibili- ty of being cheerleaders, they take on the responsibility of be- ing a dance corps as well. At the freshman football games they do their best to cheer the team to victory. At the basketball games, the girls cheer at the sidelines and perform a If fooling around. dance routine during half-time. The cheerleaders also received i the opportunity to direct their own pep assembly for the freshmen this year. In order to perfect their abilities, they 'prac- tice every Monday and Tuesday afternoons from 2:30 to 3:30. In addition to their other con- tributions, the girls also introduc- ed two new members to the spirit line. The Baby Owl and a baton twirler, Jennifer Rhoads. ,, ff- we . ,,c: bisss. . r ' T., .... I km kk K K wk V, f 'ffsv ' my . A ' , Q Frosh Cheerleaders keep the Owl spirit alive and kicking at North Campus. OOOOOOHHHHHHHH . . . Take the picture . . "iv Z' . ff.. ,. is l .g' ,,'f, ff. , S Goofin, off again. Heidi leads the others in a cheer. bk freshman cheer Q 5 QCD? Vorsity Pom :we :W Wi- V 5 -K r x ' g . - vi Lf .KA 5... Above: Anita Tagel, senior , I A . Q . 2, 1- . . fnrr-. Above: Cindy Early, senior Right: Stacy Rose, senior. Far right: Yvonne Decort, senior varsity pom by Kim Dewey Our pom line isn't just a glamour job, as everyone seems to think. The girls must work hard at what they do. Over the summer, the girls at- tended camp at A.S.U. for four days. ln these four days, the girls learned, practiced and per- formed several routines. Out of twenty-two possible could home award 'ribbons they receive, they brought R i g h t : L i s a Leonhardt, senior. nineteen superior and three ex- cellent. In addition, they also brought home a first place trophy, qualifying them to com- pete in national competition. The girls completed their winn- ings by bringing home three out of four possible spirit sticks. Co-Captain Yvonne DeCort, was chosen to represent Agua Fria in the Hula Bowl in December. Varsity Pom, Left to right: Stacy Rose, Cindy Early, Yvonne DeCort, Anita Tagel, Stephanie Daniels, Julie Morrison, Kaylen Cons, Kirsten Barber, Heather Williams, Stephanie Taylor, Lisa Leonhardt, Kerri Barber. A 'fr if' -. 3 ' rm . g.. f. w A . 3' ,Q 1 1 .,,,. Q my .tr 4.5116 . 'Un f,5,5,..,, . : 0 jk 'A 'l'- . 3- .. .,fg72fn3k T-,Q gl , ' - -.ff'f..Q,--rl sf - s V as. Above middle: Kerri Barber, senior. Above: Kirsten Barber, senior 3? :Ur Above: Even babies enjoy camp. The Poms practiced many hours to perfect their performance. 9' N Stephanie and her ever present cheez balls. Below and Bottom: The Pom line Julie and Stephanie enjoyed kicking back at Pom performed at pep assemblies and camp. games. "ww.w..,.,.Mg, Av-W , -emaomwf st, o 4 The whole gang enjoyed the time at camp. varsity pom 2? 2.3 Marching Bo d Above: Band members at rest. by Kim Dewey The Agua Fria Marching Band is an important part of our school. The band has two major responsibilities. One is marching and performing at football games. The other is performing for the student body. The band also attends away games and marches in two paradesg the Homecoming parade and the Billy Moore Days parade. In order to improve their per- formance, the band held many practices this year. This in turn helped to create a more balanc- ed band. Above: The band provided entertainment a half-time. Below: A serious saxophonist. The Marching Band of Owls is made up of these dedicated students. The Freshmen also contribute musically, The percussion line is a major part of the band. marching band W1 '4 A -'K Far left: The Marching Band, Middle: Andrea McElvain plays her , piccalo. 4' T Top:EEK! Above: The woodwinds provide a melodious sound. Above: The solo sax. Above: The half-time procession begins. Above: Band members stand at attention while playing. Above: Band members must keep in step while playing in tune. marching band 522.9 s..-Q... - Hoof N Doodles , 3 3 sf .. c by Jennifer Malody Hoot-n-Dandies, also known as the pep band, consists of members of the marching band who enjoy showing off their spirit and talent. Playing at Pep Assemblies, and basketball games this year were two of the main things these musicians did. Ms. Leslie Anderson gives help during practice. These talented musicians help to create spirit among the crowd while cheering our team to victory. Most members of the band participated this year to help create a spirit and pride that helped make this a successful year. The Agua Fria Hoot-n-Dandies. Members practice first hour. 1 Members also march at games and parades 3655 hoot-n-dandies Much time is spent listening to Mr. Faris, the band leader. Precision marching is the first responsibility of the members. Right: Ruth and Dana have worked hard to excel. a s r r r ,ii by Jennifer Malody you are doing," said sponsor, .5 W. 'mf This year's flag corps added Miss Leslie Anderson. "The l C the visual effects to the music members must be responsible .P played by the band at half time and willing to learn." s A r - and in the parades. Being in flag Given only about one week 4 corps required much persistance before the first football game, 1 and dedication. Often times, the the members must work members must arrive at school especially hard to memorize .45 as early as 7:00 a.m. to routines. Although the work is he if practice. very challenging, most members Flag Corps was open to choose return for a second anyone who wished to try out. season. l "All it takes, is a like for what 4 .f MQW, my... "i i Ruth keeps perfect timing. l l l , , 'Ti-K -enior Peggy Moore is one of the eturning members. I The South Campus Flag Corps. l 1 2 r 5 r f- f r V 5 . - The Flags show good form duringa game. , -1 A i . A ' Seniors Ruth Long and Dana Bfiyd 900f9d Off. GS all S0013 Senlofs did- One of the members jobs was to provide opi- nions onthe routines. flag corps 3 all A prayerful pose. W stl r et by Tonya Knell The Wrestlerettes are a cheerleading squad that cheer for the Freshmen, Varsity and Junior Varsity wrestling teams. The girls are very enthusiastic and had a very successful year. They made their own uniforms Lw,...,, in order to cut costs. This year's squad was made up of sixteen dedicated girls who worked hard at perfecting their routines and enjoyed supporting the wrestlers in their fight for victory. The Wrestlerettes practice long hard hours to acheive perfection. Christine and Billie cheer intensely. Quiet! We're thinking! Look, in the sky, it's a bird . . . wrestlerettes This takes concentration Dromo Thespi on by Mindy Lueck Agua Fria Drama Club is for those theatrically interested students who participate in and attend plays along with taking drama as a class. Some of the tasks of this year's members included: help- ing with the fall and spring plays, bake sales, making posters, and doing the make-up for those acting in the plays. The Drama Club members also at- tend other valley high school productions along with some professional productions. The Thespians are an elite group of Drama students. These students must meet re- quirements, and pass an initia- tion to belong to this group. ln- itiations were held in the spring. The Agua Fna South Campus Drama Club has many talented members. The Agua Fria North Campus Drama Club is very popular, The Thespians Byron Judge Sponsor Above: Lanny, you do beautiful work' Far left: Mr. Judge gets the worm s eye view I Archeology Club' e3m'2S2 Tanya rushes to a meeting. Archeology meeting in progress. by Kim Soto Agua Fria's Archeology Club, sponsored by Mr. Roger Warner, stayed busy by visiting various landmarks in hopes of recovering historical artifacts. Trips to places like Kitt Peak allowed members to learn more about the past while taking a break from their everyday routines. Members enjoyed the club because it is different from any other on campus and gave them the chance to ex- plore Arizona in a unique way. Jeff and Andi dig each other! Archeology Club--South Campus. We caught Chad off-guard this time . . in Nick Banazak and Mike Murphy, Sean's unique style. What an adorable bunch 3 gil archeology club A.C.E.S. .6 X -aUlm.wlU9bn 'ii' - by Kim Soto A.C.E.S. is a program that br- ings academically motivated students from both campuses together to participate in various cultural events throughout the year. The students show their creativity by designing a project to be worked on during the year. Some of the activities include trips to the opera, symphony, theater, and ballet. The program, for which the participants receive lk credit per year, closes with a banquet where projects are displayed. Above: Dan Onstad at the computer. South Campus - A.C.E.S. lSponsored by Ms. Carlsonl Eunice Taylor, Tom Kennedy and Aasma Maqbool Freshman A.C.E.S. - fSponsored by Ms, Kotalil-cl Mike Minyard studies hard. A.C.E.S. 5535 by Jennifer Malody "lt's been an overall suc- cess," said Kevin Ritchey, presi- dent of this year's Key Club. The service club participated in over twenty projects helping the community this year. These in- cluded "Christmas in the Park" where the members sold luminarias to raise money for the Karen Hendrick Memorial Fundg wrapping gifts for han- dicapped children at Christmas time, and building the Homecoming mascot which was burned at the bonfire. According to the club's vice- president, Tania Albelda, the most successful activity was the Convac program. The Convac program deals with substance abuse. This year's program was held in Gallup, New Mexico. The entire weekend was spent learning about substance abuse and how to deal with it. All in all this year was a very successful one for Agua Fria's Key Club. Key Club wrapped gifts at Christmas. Members Matt Eichorn and Jenmfe Jarnigan, South Campus Key Club. 3 6 key club North Campus Key Club. Top: Eunice Taylor, Aasma Maqbool Above: Yvonne Decort and Stefi Rosztoczy wig W Stefi Roszioczy and Susan Shassetz proudly displayed their accomplishments. Member Mindy Leuck. Renae and Suzy were very active Another typical Senior photo!!! Man gifts were wra ed because of V PP these Key Clubbers. 45 Members were busy at work wrapping Christmas gifts. Ryan Lee, a senior, was engrossed in wrapping. key club Inrerocr by Jennifer Malody Interact is a club for the ser- vice oriented student. This club participates in many community services. This year the club helped to feed the hungry of our communi- ty by sponsoring the annual Thanksgiving food drive. Far left: Mr. Bill Leinhardt, spon- sor, with his toy train. Right: Members Erin Marshall and Lincoln Holcomb. Along with the work, there were many fun-filled activities. The members participated in such enjoyable recreations as skiing, pizza parties and many club meetings. All in all, it was a pleasant and successful year for the Agua Fria Interact club. I , HW- 'W A ,, y i i c, South Campus Interact Club. Member Mike Minyard. S.. interact S-+1Qr'f 'Nl North Campus Interact Club. I Two very happy frosh lnterac: members. More happy Interact members. Brooke Green perched at a meeting. AME Kevin gave freely of his time for Interact. Tania Albelda was there, too. , L,,.f-..,W.,, . ,,,,, ,, ,, ,, , 1 MMV In 5 ,W ,,,,.e,,,,. s ' ' , , H A V t ,, wk 2 , H f"' W' K 1 , A 'K ,F f 2 1 M ,,g'?,f511,', ' , ,Qi-'Y'-fm I, ' ,gg f , V , A couple of members were holding the lockers up. Seniors Andy Hillison and Steve Snavely were good friends. Paul Luellig was an active member. Another fascinating meeting. Senior Jeff Mercy was camping out in the library. interact 33233 Spanish Club fe' ff.. 'VAL M ,fa r 4 3 xg Julie studies intently. by Jennifer Malody The Spanish Club at Agua Fria is involved in many ac- tivities. This year the club held its annual blood drive. The students were asked to volunteer to give blood to the Red Cross. Along with the blood drive, Spanish Club members also participated in many ac- I tivities with the French and Ger- man clubs. These activities in- cluded: dining out at different restaurants, a pot luck dinner at North Campus and also par- ticipation in Foreign Language Week. To culminate the year, the club also sold candy around the campus. Spanish made her smile ,Q , 3, i 9 .H . ..if I xi l , l' il 7 i ilbff W Kelli: South Campus Spanish Club has many members. North Campus Spanish Club. Ml spanish club ls it 2:45 yet? Andi and Jesse got in- volved in a group discussion. This senior is ready for a siesta. -Qf' Stop shooting those spitballsll! French Club by Jennifer Malody The French Club at Agua Fria had a great year. The club had mahy projects on which they worked. The longest hours were spent working on the club's en- try in the Homecoming parade. The float was titled "The French Revolution," It turned out to be a big success, especially the guillotine. The club took several trips this year. They journeyed to Phoenix to see the international Christmas tree display. They also ate at several different restaurants with the Spanish and German clubs. In the future, the club hopes to raise enough funds through candy sales and other fund raisers to travel as a group to Canada. Above: The finished float in the parade. Far left: Kim Dewey and Donna Clay stuffed chicken wire with paper napkins. Above: South Campus French Club. Above: North Campus French Club. float. Mr. Billingsley and Lori Hardin set their creative minds to work. Mrs. Billingsley does her part to contribute to the french club 4 all German Club L Students participated in discussions. by Jennifer Malody The German club at Agua Fria this year participated in many activities. They held a potluck along with the other language clubsg they sold advent calendarsg and they also attended several din- ners at which they sampled dif- ferent types of food from dif- ferent countries. This year the club also par- ticipated in Foreign Language Week. During this week they competed in a sports competi- tion with the other language clubs. The year was a busy and satisfying one with all the many activities this club participated in. Agua Frla South Campus German Club wi 1 f ip, 7 hs, 42 Qsrsnfaancflsb W i 'I Q27 'lfrf I af fi Paul Leuling thumbed his nose at Gerr class. Mrs. Laurie Davis, sponsor, had a far look in her eyes. ti, x Dawn was smiling but Paul wasn't. Students liked kicking back in German class with a good book. Letter Club by Jennifer Malody All varsity athletes should be interested in the Letter Club. The Letter Club is an honorary club for those students who have earned a varsity letter. Due to the hectic schedules of both coaches and athletes, this club held no meetings, and had Far left: Go Dallas! Right: Disappointed, Mike??? at all home basketball games. This helped to raise a little money for the club. The club is also in charge of the annual induction of one athlete to the Hall of Fame. This took place in February. The Letter club brought a sense of accomplishment and Y 1 no community fund raisers. They did however, sell popcorn pride for those who worked hard this year. wif' ,, ,4- :p.f1,, , 1 - ' fe i if The Letter Club of Agua Fria. Lettermen cheered at a basketball game 'dk David Shilliday and friend were busy selling popcorn. These lettermen sported distinctive jackets of red and grey. letter club 41 S.A Sponsor Kim Randall and President Rebecca Ozuna. D.D. by Jennifer Malody S.A.A.D., otherwise known as Students Against Drunk Drivers, is a new organization on cam- pus. Students participate in pro- grams designed to curb the in- cidence of students driving drunk and dying. Although there have been no fatal drunk driving accidents at Agua Fria, there is still a need for this organization to exist. The members of S.A.A. D. show their support by donating time and effort in making posters and placing them around campus. Sponsored by Ms. Kim Ran- dall, this organization is one of the most important and influen- tial clubs on campus. The effort put forth by this club's members greatly contributed to the suc- cess of their campaign for this school year. Agua Fria South campus S.A.A.D. members. all Zlill S.A.D.D. Agua Fria North campus S.A.A.U. members. Members listen to lectures on the good of not drinking. ? Members must meet at least once a month. wtf .,v -V ' A Members watch films for ideas. r F FBLA sponsor Mrs. Cutler. ne- V s A - .tk M ' - ' A Members choose their christmas wrapping paper. 1 ms?-Qevmwglk wx. .t..,.,.,..t... . . 'Lil' by Jennifer Malody F.B.L.A., Future Business Leaders of America, is an organization for the business carer bound student. This club has many activities. This year, the club sold candy and had a pizza party. The club also had a gift wrapping party at which members donated their time by wrapping gifts for the needy Q 3 5 .B .L A l children of the community. Members also participate in business practice competitions. In these competitions, the studetns compete in areas such as: speed drills, dictation and ac- counting. These are all skills that are needed to be successful in' business. This club is perfect for those students with these interests. FBLA South Campusg sponsored by Mrs. Cutler. f QP iffy.- "'x ...s.,.l,g -gun Busy future businessmen and business women. Mrs- Cutler directed traffic- ff . WTMIV Am 'Wi FBLA Wants You. gr .. QYRJN Are we having fun yet? 5 M is. f if e V' Q.. i 4 Santa's helpers wrapped children's gifts. F.B.L.A. J 5 Young Life E film' "Macho Mellon M i g h Mercy." Man by Kim Dewey ln addition to the other organizations, Agua Fria has its very own youth group . , . Young Life. Young Life enables students to get closer to God but in a fun way. The large group, directed by Bob and Lisa Staples, meets every Monday night from 7:30 to 8:30. Within this hour, Young Life members put on skits, sing songs, play games, and have a time-out for praying. The Young Life organization also went to camp where the members attended workshops and met other fellow Young Life members from around the state. Young Life members Kaylen Cons and Alicia McAnally sum it up by saying, "Young Life is a great way to have fun and learn about God." .fx Simon says, "Scratch your left ear Witt your right hand." VS. There are over one hundred members in Young Life. 46 Young Life members at North Campus. Our trash bag models came all the way from Cleveland. young life f .aaaa r W H ,- f. vw-2 Just the kind of guys you want your daughter to marry. Look out for falling eggs. No egg on my Alicia McAnally and Kaylen Cons are high steppers. E ibr' I---'J Cafeteria food makes me drool. face, just my shirt. Open Wide. younglue 457 Norionol Honor Socier at H Above: Kevin Ritchey by Jennifer Malody National Honor Society is an honorary organization for those students who excel academical- ly. To become a member, a stu- dent has to meet certain qualifications. A sophomore has to have a grade point average of 4.75. Juniors and Seniors must have an average of 4.5. Activity points must also be earned through leadership and service activities. At the end of the year, the club held its annual induction. This is a parent-student, candlelight ceremony which is designed to welcome the new members and congratulate them on their achievements. The next morning, AF teachers each took a new member to the NHS breakfast held in inductees honor at the North Campus din- ing hall. Above: South Cam' pus National Honor Society members. Right: Padma looked enthused and Brooke was meditating. Far Right: Liza talked and Brooke was meditating again . . ill "J1't ' ,wg wb "This is a calculator." "Can you say calculator, boys and girls?" Pat Papa could. Junior Laura Shaffer was caught off guard. Members-participated in many activities. Todd Daggert conferred with club sponsor, Mrs, Joanne Bauer. 'allllr Many members were ac- tive In service clubs such as lnteract. interact glil' Q SCD Student Council by Jennifer Malody Agua Fria Student Council is a very important organization. This year the students passed many petitions for dances, and candy sales along with other fund raisers. Besides fund raising issues, the council also broke up into committees to organize Far left: Everyone expressed their opinion at once. Homecoming, and Spring Week. The students also organized the Christmas Formal which was held at North Campus. The Student Council members worked closely with the administration in order to see that the student body had a voice in how the school was run. H I 7 t l, ,5 K' I , Qi gfgk I W fi I "lar if ' 9 ' , b I i f ff-" N' C' xg' iflwa H, Todd Daggert, Bobby Jo Bolt, ani Amber Whlteg seniors, discussed . proposition. South Campus Student Council consists of many students. North Campus Student Council class officers. fps. Are Jon Ayers, Kevin Ritchey, Todd Daggertt, and Nick Banaszak working hard? student council Mr. Cloud confers with Steve Snavely and Ryan Lee on an executive decision. Top: Trang listened intently. Far left: Chris Renae, John and Kevin enjoyed Student Council. Freshmen ventured their opinions. Melissa Ondo offered some ideas, gunw- ? aff!! Looks like Student Council was lots of fun. Ryan Lee and Steve Snavely made an executive decision. student council 51 52 , 'P' X fx' 1 V9 Q nf ROTC by Jennifer Malody ROTC is an organized class for those military minded students at Agua Fria. There were approximately 200 students enrolled in the class With numerous fund raising activities this year s class raised over one thousand dollars Along with fund raising students helped to relandscape the ROTC compound with materials donated by Luke Air Force Base This year s ROTC class work ed hard on many projects and made this year a rewarding and productive one Q I I i q"41e4'wJQ' The Agua Fria ROTC key staff ROTC "A" Flight R.O.T.C. ROTC "B" Flight ROTC "C" Flight 'T' " iLli'!,Af A. V .mf x," , f. ""' -. '13 "' .fl 5. l-lf: ' I L q x Klxxx l QL, ill' ,' l fi 4 i v, J , ii 9 4 1 I 1 f 4 v lk ROTC "E" Flight ROTC "D" Flight l ROTC "F" Flight R.O.T.C I Drill Team a jr' I by Jennifer Malody This year's Drill Team was expanded into two teams. In past years there had been only one varsity team. This year however, the Drill Team had a junior varsity and varsity squad. Because of the increase in in- terest ROTC members felt the change was necessary. The junior varsity team consisted of freshmen and sophomores while the varsity consisted of the more Right: The annual Halloween dance was a popular event. Bottom right: The Drill Team's march to victory. experienced juniors and seniors. In the Billy Moore Days com- petition, the varsity took third place. Along with marching in the Billy Moore parade, the teams also participated in a spr- ing semester competition. The overall success ofthe two teams was based upon the in- creased interest in students and the hard work put into perfec- ting routines. A freshman AFJROTC cadet and Chris McDonough. '-if Knit? aw' ,av 5 4 drill team AFJROTC Drill Team members. The Color Guard was presenting the fi 4 N lags. l' by Jennifer Malody The Color Guard was another activity that JROTC students could participate in. Marching in parades, presenting the flag at football and basketball games and ushering at banquets were a few of the responsibilities of the Color Guard. This year's Color Guard placed third in the Billy Moore Day's competition. Along with the Color Guard, Right: The other life of a Col- or Guard member. Bottom right: Members often visit Luke Air Base. many students were active in the Rocket Club. Rocket Club members built rockets which they entered in national com- petitions. In competitions the rockets are judged in four categories: highest, egg loft, closest to a target, and longest glide. The Rocket Club provides a challenging activity for ROTC students. F s Us . a ,Y - 1 I ' - 4 . 1 ,. . H11 , 45' hi -Su., nr Top: TheAFJROTC Rocket Club members Left: The AFJ ROTC Color Guard members color guard 5 5 Desert Howl Terrie Russo, Photographer Tanya McKinney, Reporter Greg Huyck, David Shilliday, Dan Wachtler 5 6 desert howl by Kim Dewey The Desert Howl, Agua Fria's school newspaper, is not easy to put together. The journalism students work very hard to pro- duce an exceptional newspaper. The newspaper staff consists of first, second, and third year journalism students. The first year students learn the basic principles of newswriting, while the second and third year students do the actual reporting and writing. Only later do the first year students get to ex- periencelreporting and writing. Because of their creativity and dedication, we are able to read an informative and en- joyable newspaper. Mrs. Yvonne Moulton, Adviser The 1987-1988 Desert Howl staff. I P it rrrfef Ann Shassetz, Renae Wichman, Tania Albelda Greg Huyck, Editor Ann Marie Wiley, Reporter Publicotions 'Er' yu. Rebecca Romero, staff member. Lori Sears was hard at work, Scott Wiggins said, "What is this?" Matt Papworth replied, "A dead one of this!" Right: Phil Roderick and Jennifer Malody in a staff meeting, by Jennifer Malody This yearls publications staff has done, as you can tell, a ter- rific job. Throughout the year staff members worked late into the night on holidays and even weekends to bring you this outstanding book. Besides the late hours spent meeting deadlines, the staff also had to surmount the problem of lack of funds. Some members donated their time to car washes, and selling balloons in Managing Editor Stacy Rose and Jon Peebles. order to help meet the demand for money. Congratulations is certainly in order for those students who spent many hours to the con- struction of this book. Jennifer Malody, senior, said, 'LThe sweat, blood and tears are all worth it when you see people enjoying the finished productf' The Wickiup staff sincerely hopes that you enjoy our "Look into the past." The Agua Fria Publications Staff Tonya Knell worked dilligently if ! "T, X in 'V' . al 1 wb Y if if-I 2 f ' u Julie tried to read the newspaper L by Stacy Rose From the age of five, Stefani Taylor was encouraged by her mother ti take dance. Under Mrs. Taylor's direction, Stefani began ballet and tal classes, and the lessons continued for six years. At the end of this perioc she moved on to take dance from Joann Blase, whom she has studiec with for the past five years. In the last two years Stefani's dancing in terests have widened to include jazz. She attends class three to four times a week, for two hours a day. Through the years her favorite type of danci has remained ballet. Since the age of eleven Stefani has been "on toe' The dancer she most admires is the world famous ballet star, Mikhai Baryshnikov. While she attended Litchfield Park Elementary School, Stefan choreographed dances for the school plays, along with her own perfof mances at recitals held by her teacher. As a sophomore her dancing ability earned her a spot on the pom line here at Agua Fria. She rehearsed at least ten hours a week to practice fo: the dances she performed at halftime during football and basketbal games. Stefani's future plans are to attend Brigham Young University in Utah where she hopes to obtain a degree to teach dance on a university level. Students in the Spotlight . Stefani Taylor E ...Zig What do we have here? Please tell us Mr. Clarke! YA , 5 Q ,IA M 5 he , , i Mu? 'f f . ' . I Q if i i f, g 7113, i Boy, am I excited! Love is in the air with David and Amy. f" Q' Qian Dave Pratt and his gang show their spirit. I ? ,,,, , V f X -X 1, , ,,,N', ww W V 'f' W" 'MW' W 7 , , fmfzfia' ' i' . u,Mzm,f,,,ff ww' of W ,W 1. , V me fr ,,,r, I ,V M Let's see here . . . divider My .fsggaaw -we Top left: Joe Ready, Kristi Sheppard, Susan Hunt, Kandi Sheppard, Reed Carson, Jaime Windburn, Jesse Moreno, Dennis Vaught, Mike Grenger, Trish Cuskaden, Michelle Willer, Brian Cuskaden, Dave Billingsley, Mat Grenger, Shelly Young, Ray Lay, Shaunn Bachman, Jackie McDaniel, Mr. Lewis, sponsor. Bottom row: Stacey Rayner, Kathryn Brown, Michele Roberts, Edie Helfington, Melissa Glover, Kurt Yarborough, Christy Balmbyea, Neala Carson, Renee Corlew, Tina Knicker, Trina Brucker, Scott Potter, Spencer Brown. F.F.H. IL r FFA stands for Future Farmers of ' America. Although there are many chapters throughopt, the state, Agua Fria has one of the largest in Arizona. The class begins at Freshman level where students learn leadership skills. One of the most important tests of these "C-reenhands" is to be able to iii! Q 1 T A - ' memorize the National FFA creed. .A X The upper class members begin the year by planting a vegetable garden. The produce is then harvested and given to the local Senior Center. A very important part of FFA is the purchase, raising, showing and sale of animals. Students show various livestock including steers, pigs, rabbits, and sheep. Q3 GJ F.F.A. Michele Robers and Shelly Young enjoy working on the computer North Campus FFA Members, "Greenhancls," learn how to recite the National FFA Creed in front of the class. Students also learn horticulture by planting organic bulbs, There are 28 North Campus Members, ll my 52 , 6 4409 rm iii., 4 rf , WI 40" Dave Billingsley enjoys raising his pig. F.F,A. il Clint Amator recites the National FFA Creed. "1 - A-...Us- , ' wtf "W - i E5 1 Kenny Brown concentrates on bench pressing. Approximately 300 students took a Weight Training class in the 1987,'88 school year. Instructors Mr. Bob Grey and Mr. Tom Wheately kept students in shape and interested in the course. The main emphasis of the course was to improve each person s strength and knowledge of the different muscles Strength and endurance were mcreas ed wzth the three mam lifts the bench the squat and the clean v I ' During May the boys competed in the Super Stars. Boys under 151 lbs. competed as lightweights while boys over 151 lbs. com- peted as heavyweights, in eight different events. Girls competed in a L'Miz Fitness" contest similar to the boy's competition. 6 Z weight training Ricardo Moreno, Jimmy Gallegos, and Troy Jehneli just love weight training!! Danny Dew puts all his strength into the clean lift Aan we ,. Eddie Solis looks up while performing the squat lift. 5? Mfg Hn! -.PX 151: ' 33- Cffffff Steve Vizzera can't wait to get started. David Rutherford, Danny Dew, Amador Alvarado and Raul Rodriguez know that the hard work pays off. Muscle Man Sam Webster poses for a q ween grunts. ui ck smile bet- P1 s ES Pictured: Phil Roderick, Terrie Russo, Jennifer Nardini, Kim Palmer, Anne Billingsley, Marilyn Trexler, Jill Schofield, Tim Clarke, Jon Peebles. V Photo Staff - A 'Y QW 4 iff, photo staff The Agua Fria Photo Staff is com- posed of juniors and seniors that have completed the first-year photo pre' requisite. Mr. Andre Doyon teaches this class which meets five hours each week. The students are given assignments for taking pictures for the yearbook and the newspaper. There were ten Photo Staff members this year, I -a 1, Er as - H 5 Tim Clark showed his technique for processing. sszfsitf Betsy Waitt shows a dance step she learned in class. These students danced their hearts out. Q ':,.,. Wifi 351168 ?g The Modern Dance Class is an elec- tive course offered to Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors. The course con- sists of Aerobicsy Country dancing, Jazz, Ballet, and Modern Dance. At the end of the first quarter, students choose one dancetand perform it in front of the crowd ata home basket- ball game. Miss' Kim Randall teaches this course during third and fifth hours. Modern Dance Class is a fun Way to meet people and get into shape at the same time. Michelle Pennington demonstrated a step in country dancing. d d , ' H10 GTD BDC? 65 66 Art Club, Top row: Tyrone Anderson, Leroy Johnson, Ken Pritchard, Marta Wiley, Kris Reinhart, Chris McAniff Sam Lay Jeff Schmuki Ann Lavoie Jason Mac Clure, Mr, Smith, sponsor. Bottom row: Susan Reinhart, Melissa Kraus, Edie I-leffington, Trang Ngyuen, Spencer Brown David Shocker Donn Ebarb Matt Eichorn Ann Shassetz, Jerry Callands. Art Class t The Art Class is an elective course offered to students in all four grades. Students learn how to make sterling silver jewelry, basic sketching techni- ques, claywork, and silkscreening. The students that show superior art skills may enter their projects in an ex- hibit. After completing two years ot art study, students receive their Art letter. The class is taught by Mr. David Clark. art class Kris Reinhart files her sterling silver ring Uv-.S X -N 1 XX. x .5 Steve Roberts displays one of his favorite art books. ,-f""K ,f"""""3 u E wif' is Q ,x Q: .DL 'V 1 QQ, 1 ,, ia ., Y W., rm it 5: , fi ff 9 U .K ff, ,If P 8 1 E ,fm Edie Heffington and Ken- Pritchard show fellow students their jewelry-making ? . Troy J elinek goofs off during class techniques. niggas .35 - if 1 Q!" I kgs, S I t if Marta Wiley does the final touches on her ring. Kris and Marta discuss 3 Painting- an class '11, if 2 , 7,33 at it it Wide .29 Maureen Murphy thinks for a moment while delivering her speech. Speech Class r A min , 'Q speech class The Agua Fria speech class is an elective course offered to students sophomore level and higher. During the one semester class students learn to research, write, and deliver speeches in front of their class. The class is taught by Mr. Ignacio Gutier- rez and is only offered during third hour during both semesters. - s ---' ta if fini Jodi Paroutka enjoys reciting her well-researched paper sf- t iff., -eff . Tammy Walker pauses during an impromptu speech. Top row: Mike Wilcox, Matt Burkett, James Dixon, Kim Palmer, Kim Keehn, Scott Gazda, Christine Garner, Tracy Woolgar, Randy Leite, Debra Simon Kathy Gage, Barbara Crumley, Bottom row: Mr. Hagerman, Richard Lopez, Kim, Manuela Baiuelos, Angela Bravo, Juanita Miranda, Trang Ngyuen Trudy Williams, Susan Carter, Lori Ellis, Andrea Navarrette. ln.. f .af I W 4'7" Lnfii, "Zh lg N5 ,a fi ,,,1z-yt: ff, f X swf f 1 -,- va f 92, ,M ,, ,-., f ry , 6 i Al, fi I Aifl ,'1'i' "L' And they're off to D.C.E.! -vii NV -,xi !7 D.C.E. Class -A f m gk 'XZ' ' ' 1-6 , ! ffhix fl I Q 1 X333 ,, . ' '-7 I job, but how to keep one. D.C.E. Class The D.C.E. or D.O. which stands for diversified occupation is a group of students that attend school in the mor ning and work in the afternoon Some students leave after fourth and others after fifth hour. This unique course of study is advised by Mr. Gary Hager man. Students enjoy this type of study-work day. This program is ideal , , if not only shows students how to get a divider by Scott Wiggins and Amber White Aimee Brainard started her swimming career at the age of 5, with the Parks anc Recreation program in her community. Recognizing her talent at such an early age enabled her to pursue better training with the Glendale Gauchos. Aimee gets up early every morning in order to arrive at swim practice by 5:00 am, where she swims for two and a half hours. She then returns, after school, for another two and a half hour workout at 4:00 pm. Aimee not only swims for the Gauchos, but also for the Agua Fria girls' swim team She has broken seven out of eight standing high school records. These include the honors of First in the 50 meter freestyle and Second in the 100 meter freestyle at the State meet. Along with an All-American award in 100 meter free-style and All- American Consideration for the 50 meter freestyle, Aimee enjoys swimming and frel quently attends meets in California, Texas, and many Midwestern states. Her goal this year is to achieve an award at the Nationals on March 20th. Along with the man i awards she has earned in high school and Junior Nationals, Aimee will be striving for 3 time of 23:59 seconds in the 50 meter freestyle, in Mission Viejo, California in March which will quality her for the Olympic time trials. To top off her exceptional physical talent, Aimee is also endowed with greal academic ability. She attends a full day of school, loaded with advanced classes. She currently holds an A+ grade average in her junior year. For this she has been recogniz ed as the only person from Arizona to win the Academic All-American award. After high school Aimee would like to attend college and continue swimming Although she has received letters from many outstanding colleges, her heart is set or Texas A8rM. Good luck Aimee in all you do! Students in the Spotlight . . . Aimee Brainarc i rr fr J 1 H r g I . J- h ' ff, ,rr rr A , we 'ff QQ 5 l I I , ,A4 is i .W viiv Meme ffwzafteaisisffffrir f is pairs i f2 ffwi ?f'iQHm3i , --E--.-V--. --.1-' ,, I i., 1 WVL' :sn-nv-1-I K' - 1 V f l 'I if ia X, , 'V 31 f.......x .QQ 5 v I L 5 4 lx, W.. Julie Price spiked one over the net! M? A, M.. on P5315 , ylgg . ' , - 4'0" I , M-. 'ff' ,, 4' David Schacher proudly stepped up to the diving block with a message to his fans! ws' 'J lt takes a lot of concentration and patience to play such a sport as golf. if 4 i i , 'W ill' E 1 , 49 ., 1 1, 4 . . , 1, 'I ,, i The state champs are proud to own this volleyball and set of knee pads! The Agua Fria football team watched the game from the sidelines. divider ? I . . i . i A 7 A l N l I A I 7 fTl'i A, Ar.A. ,1,4ei ii'E" M -9 M F A 'Wm' . A he 25- AA '- ,:W- -Xx. :zw ,,:,. fh: ' is .t A , g A, A, ' W nv T , Q A v ,A A, L ,K Through the eyes of a senior: , -A 4 -rg, A- wt.. not .---Q ' Y .l , ,j,g-- 1 -- :sg , WAAX ' - X it A, , ' -X 'L'2'?T""'.? new AA A - -' A if 1 A AA A A ,A 1 le A f if A AA - v is 'it 1 I f -... - is . g A , , A , - . V ,N .A ifvf--. K, ykwh , , 1 qi, -. ff . f , M"r""""""""i"' ' - W A " r- f '- , ,A 1 ,, .A A ,A Ag Gres Huvekl- "My 1. i si i -fi, A w H Q ,Q 'ffl Q9 at z first punt against Mar- 'ft' A",-. J ,. 5 X . :N ,Z ' ,gf X wt if -ew,,fa, ', we cos De Niza where I '5,1A'i"ir1 A -if ' A-,U ' .... H w ' gg, - ns A- " Q' 'S ,, wi ,A ' l is gi ev AA K got a yard , Gy xxx: wb W ,N fi x nit As., 1- , ..,,. Y sb turnover." ' iam, .A - Af, 7 ' ,-A ' 7 X A - f eeeee + . is 1 S Arai 1 1 A T J P J J igl ' 1 7 mai fb' -'. W., i i ca , , -- ,Q AY A. A. i f, V 3, rn x 'A -3, A A.. ,L , Leroy Johnson 'K ig, A X Q' A f ,A 1 1 A, ,ti ? -A it N ,A A, "Whenlalmostblock- 1 4 A S.. Q- in A 1 9 2 q 'is , ,-sri " pa- 52 v- ,f AF , . A 4 , - .N , f 5 r iw A A ed a punt at Flowing A by Q fir A ni .ss , N 6' 9 - 'M se A A i-7 fi s A - . 1- ,,-iw ,ff-P 1 A e . - I Wells. 'r' I F. -- 7' 5 wx g ,,"" , . . ,ss - ,, s ti 'A 4 .A A. 93, ' -,,,-,,, ,345 X Q ,M .1 .mal A ,1 . -t . 4.1 . 1 i V, I in if A ,A -5. 1 A A, A Q e sq, ie: A if-i ........ we . ' 3 . , , f F' Ax, ' 1, 5 it " ' ,iz oheA . ,. ' gp , Q, 1 , v 1 A , - A - . V - , A N I Aw . A ehfiiLew1i-'AShuf- es A A it if X M if 1 f .Ms X . i . Q .gf L-f,,A,w, -' - ,TT .,1'...r-i,g , g 'ffj ,jg H , 1: 55-2 , ,Q A iv .A, J, gs ,h ' , L, 5 J -, ting down the polecat , --W , ff A --e . . A ' QT. 4 .A,' ,gig z, - ...j toil, .,.- 25-i aj: :,g'3A.,,.,f,e, N fs "Q" .i , j ..3 .. ., 2.1 , L "'-P:-: , i .. ,es 1 'f' , i Play against Flowmg 5-ffitfgfiefi ,, H Q kr Lkk ...H WellS.,, AAA Q f re , . ,..',,,. , N M . 1... . A t .. . 4- H., .-,. .A --- V 1 .M . 7 A Fifth row: Steve Snavely, Matt Trumbull, Sam Webster, Van Eldridge, Steve Rogers, Dave Peterson, J. D. Boe, Brian Cuskaden, Pat Papa, Sean Forsythe, Ryan Lee, Lincoln Holcomb, Myron Villasana, Mike Chavez, Ken Brown, Patrick Hall, A Mat Trumbull - Darian Mellon, Larry Gardner, Todd Relb, Brian Moreno, Tim Wiley. Third row: Coach Reynaldo Peru, Ricardo Moreno, ' A H A "Breaking the school Christy Kraklio, Gayle Washington, Ted Beecroft, Jesse Avena, Marty Gonzales, Coach Tom Wheatley, Anthony Jaurique, , rj re co rd for Win Greg Huyck, Coach Ralfe Taylor, Coach Dan Hemandez, Vic Ayon, Aundre Anderson, Billy Merion, Chris Rogers. Second J A Q ,V streak." row: Mike Webster, Jesse Ortiz, Alfie Alvarez, Keith Huckaby, Leroy Johnson, Shane Porter, Eric Gonzales, Jesus Bravo, ' Mike Ozuna. First row: Sal Penunuri, Tim Phipps, Chris Lewis, Steve Lewis, Steve Richmond, Larry Gonzalez, Amador Alvarado, Buck Simington, Jeff Mercy. ' by: Matt Papworth A-F 0PP0nenf A "This team scored an average of 31 points per game, and gave up 14 Marcos 6 . . . . . 21 Prescott 6 an average of 6 points. To win 12 straight games is quite an ac- 35 Glendale 0 complishment against the caliber of our opponents." This statement 21 Tellesen 20 b Coach Wheatle describes the strength of the 1987-1988 Varsity 37 Sonn slo e 14 y y 34 W hy P football team to a tee. The Owl's total offense was 4,819 yards, as mgton O 34 Coconino 0 their opponents total was 2,310, with an average of 371 to 178 43 Independence 0 yards per game respectively. This was the first Agua Fria football 44 Goldwater 7 Cam O Wln QHITICS Ina l'0W. 9 Cam YO 2 OUT SC OO YQCOY S A 21C0'fe2 0 tt'12 - Tht bkf hl d Skyline Division Champs on their way to their third consecutive Division Championship. The ' immense amount of effort put forth by this year's team more than made up for their small physical size. 2 sports fax Through the eyes of a senior: J' 14,1 3 , ws 5 . ,S ai? 119 wi Il -fa 1 'S 0 W I 'i Myron Villasana - "All five intercep- tions, and the one taken away." Jeff Mercy - "Looks ing through tears in the final seconds of the Peoria game." Lincoln Holcomb - "Running out of time in the first half against Marcos." Patrick Hall - "When l scored a kickoff return against Prescott." Ryan Lee - "Getting to know J. D. and Kenny." Steve Richmond - "Beating Goldwater and having a perfect season." Sal Penunuri - "Our win over our rival team Tolleson." Jesse Avena - "Blocking Dusty Wieland on a 51'give." Sean Forsythe - "My one-handed catch for a touchdown against Cortez." Van Eldridge - "Getting a Knock- down on Dusty Weilandf' Sports I? 3 74 i1""N , , glue ,xg f 1 10 A Through the eyes of a senior: . X lic... 'lj iii- ,fi 1 If .1 Q .y.. , y X Zi we . . ig . an g D 'L ' CV' g r g et l " E A 1 s I? f M. 4 ., Steve Rogers - "The lockeroom after the Peoria game." Tim ,Phipps -- "My last high school touchdown." Steve Snavely - "My first tackle of the season against Marcos." Tyrone Anderson - "Thanking Coach Wheatley for 'teach- ing' me football." Dave Peterson - "The end." Buck Simington - ' 'When Peterson almost got kicked by coach." Sam Webster - "The missed field goal attempt at Tolleson." Jesse Ortiz - "Steve Rogers cussing out the ref at Flowing Wells." Pat Papa - f'When our guards asked which circles they were in the play- book." The Owls charge onto the field. Captains Lincoln l-lolomb and Dave Peterson greet their opponents. Patrick Hall sprints outside pushing for more yardage. -,wk 2, ,Lg flli wwf' 'i L 5 .5 ff V" 435: zfiavfmi ' of i ' '- .4 W ' A . ,M ,',' -1... -f ,. ., ,,,, 1 , f.,,. .,.,,.,M,w ,,, , , . ,ww .WW ygff' ,W M -. i'iev ftte "'. - Sp0I't5 ' ' "'.. f,.3,,,,:5-,,.Ler.,. ff . "'f' 3 ...M .ie fm. The seniors rise gracefully for another day of leadership camp. M K view 1 ' 'A 7 ' " vs 1--aaflfvtwww -af 1 f ' n fs' www? 5? it ! . s Ns- Ii- ---1-- 1 t msg f . im" 1 .- if - 'K' .iw A 'Y' 'K -f t A ilii 3 it b ,K ' o S W tt FT. .t ' 1 s ' il,, Q T 3, ' - " it El 1' ' -W 2 Lira-r i? 1 ,. , 1, T 'tr 1-2 A "TL f ff r if , lf lil' in 'ii will ' 'i'i' 1 ..r'- Al -fs! -- - -vii !! : s f. Qillifvw-si W-" Y , .-.: . , -3 gin 1. 35 Jig ' ,N V ' 'Q . b J V 2, Y..,,QL,i ' 5 s l 5' "i. Q .zi 'ti ,Q P 'ii r.'Q2 3 Vw! i V fill 1-ki X, A15 - 'sr ' it if 3 -r ov' ' T -'1' Ns., 1- Bw Q at-2 , 1 - i-'?4l-'S- ' il Q, i s Eg yp t , gx 'f f if M W Ahitiw Eff . jgffi: is f 7 , if - . my , ' Jill 5' ilk! 2 ff 1 r 3 T 'N iisfiwifmxss- r1-'i f . f Q. 55-- If i gli - T- ,-N - t '.T1:a,,,, 2.t,g.4 t 5 qi.. kfr- fs ! 1 J , ii " 1 ' ' ' '- M M - . U sl li! .r.. s ' ' l T 5 W flaw, Qt 'NF ,-. ,--s T s X ks' J ss M eggs' 1. xx Left: Tim Phipps struts his stuff as he prepares for the next play. w-un, --u " Manu- 0--fr ' ia 7. 3 li A5 Lincoln Holcomb hands off to Ken- ny Brown as Van Eldridge positions himself for the block. The team rallies before another victory. Sports I? 5 W6 M-I Kllllllflffl-ll ull-Y-IDI HlllIl-l1llVlI1l-1h- ml-llllII1li11lIlIll1lIlllIUj!ll1IQ!I!llIEI!l- I ,,ff ft , V, , i., nn I l I l - Chad Millette holds as Albon Gonzales kicks for three more. by Matt Papworth X The Junior Varsity football team had a very discouraging year, ending witt a record of 1-7-1, The boys put out a good effort, losing within a touchdowi in five games out of the nine games played. Head Coach Bob Trout stated "We were in seven out of eight games." The one game the team was out o became known as Black Wednesday, losing to Westwood 53-O. The team! only win was against Glendale 9-6. - . rg .9-. ,V .9 f.. af, 'sir , . an Top row: Coach Bob Trout, Lenny Perez, Tom Schoaf, Danny Chevalier, Chris Lettieri, Steve Sapp, Paul Sarzoza, Saul Salinas, Tony Clutf, Russ Ellis, Dave Foulke, Russ Bynum, I.. Coach John Beecroft. Middle row: Alban Gonzales, Joe Leon, Joe Vigil, Jess Moreno, Chad Millette, Manuel Morales, Ben Avitia, Pat Robinson, Ron Castillo, Jim Gallegos. Bottom row: Aaron Sanaski, Gabe Romero, Rene Rodriquez, Mike Holmes, Marvin Cook, Dana Crujido, Henry Escobar, Henry Laborin, John Larson, Abel Uriarte, Chris Puaa. Absent: Coach Pecora, Steve Vizzera, Ralph Garza, Mike Anderson. , l T l6rrLiii5 ' , . , V049 l rw '57 5+ '-7 "3" , r ragga 1 1 , i ,A A .. O9 rx, , v to , fr ...- ,Q , rf ,, 1 r er T vi T . 2 T rfb were Xe X i ' MIWSU' ' A -Wfi . rf 2- I' We GXGYKO 0 KL 'BJ H H V A ,A sf' 9 ,ioweso Xove 'Urn , . jg , ' 4, 6, is warg? wr , T . tk +' in K- . I T 1 SWOQ A 'L gpg, Vj1g,f.f', Q '.f.' V K ' ' X96 99100 909 x6 "" ' " ' r QQ XNQQQIQZQAQ W t n sm ,,,. K fry: , ' f " -." ,,,,' -"fi," r f iff 'W i3W'4i6f'v Q ' ' rf'W2i' I "ir " f r. . W XZOM ive f- ' W T' 1. 154 T Xt WCW . ff ' r T R V 'b . , , ' ' Q 4' " V f N l we r x was rrrra .-'- 1 , 'amp M 0 -ft' in an '62 43, -.rf" H r a 3,7 :I -4,5 5,3511 g Y! "' -,,, ' wa- i t t in f e., sports Danny Chevalier plows down field. l lliulilil al-TIE-'lIlQ1l'Il-fIlTIITIlIflKl I ' I I I A l l 'lfII I I?-I I-!l I-!I--lil-:I-:I-Elllil--Y l sse Perez runs toward the end zone, as Gabriel Rodriquez hurries to ike the block. by Matt Papworth The freshman football team had a great season ending with a record of 6-2-1. An excellent season like this is hard to come by, when most of the players were out for football for the first time in their lives. With a strong coaching staff and hard work, they made something out of this year. ii 'ia Y- T BB 'HK-4 if jfs "3 1 39 V I , A -, .'- . f - ,'- ja. h. , , T -q , , as aa 4' s if ar, ,T iq T 2 f IZ, aff I 55, I ,dk g, vp qi 9 If V - W , S' 4 ' X 4 4. fi, ff" 3"Qnaaf,g:,,,:ff" If' 'f' . V5 V ' N 21 5 55 BB 7 67',,1Q,,ae34f 33 B9 .5 ' Y 1 ' ' mi My XF? f ,r ,, V f, , ' 'E "'- ,". ' ' : ' .f" ' i ,,,, ,' , , , , , , i , W ,g , ' ,. r.'fff':.,-' 'ft' fflgb. f t.: ". ' I .K Q . y ' g A , V .S Bottom row: Brian Hawthorne, Shawn Vance, Mike McCulley, Shawn Parson, Jim Niesen, Aaron Sutton, Branden Husky, Okan Tezucar, Brian Vasiloff, Rafael Ortega, Matt Minshall, ' Chad Ashline, Coach Staples, Jason Albrand, Ryan Gray, Mike Halvorson, Fidel Estrada, Jesse Perez, Jim Clifton, Coach Howard White, Anthony Chavez, David Goitia, Matt Hillison, Erik Dean, Narciso Hernandez, Coach Bresnahan, Doug Shook, Gabriel Rodriquez, William Eisenhuth, Tom Baggett, Brandon Kreuger, Todd Ashline, Chris Tyler, Keith Shulsky, Kevin Withers, Tony Aguirre, Clint Amator, Tony Cruze. ent 1 1 09909 ,f"? ,I I A 0 A I .,,,, f ' . 1 ' pt? - BuCxae93 X5 K V, 6 Nolw 'l mf- N V x6 Toxxef-00 on 3 i if ,i - 'L'l xNasX'imf3Y 227 W A W , A1 Wmve dence ,I if i, A i, A95 wgeiien 9 , 3X ez , , 1 C06 X092 ' , '27 Sunlllfatei 'Q ' A A V A X , if , 1 Go ,V I, ' - V H V ,I ,. V fr fa, W. M ,, V ,if ,,1, ,r,, . ,, S W, ,ri ,,r- H . V. , l l Narciso Hernandez sprints for a touchdown. I? I? l l sports l'1llHIlQl-Qlllllii-A-ll-ll-1---111 295513 1'!"1'i' 1l!!lill ll llllll -Q I 1 ,usqf ff' 7 , Ov 52' . 'X -' " Through the eyes ofa senior: Debbie Hairy, ,v C E "Helping the team win." by Phil Roderick This year's girls Varsity cross country team had a remarkable season considering the inexperience of the runners. Coach Kim Randall displayed her thoughts for the season by saying, "It was a fun and enjoyable year. Each girl worked hard." The team concluded the year with a 3-5 record. This was outstanding considering the intense com- petition they faced throughout thexyear. The team was paced by the number one runner, Brenda Downing. The team received leadership from seniors Debbie Hilty and Colleen Adney. "It was a rebuilding year," remarked Coach Randall, "We built the foundations for a strong team in the future." E23 Mendi and Brenda Look on. Sports AGU 4 pm Record 3-5 Divisionals 5th No scores available Kneeling: Barbara Beebe, Melissa Hernandez. Standing: Coach Kim Randall, Brenda Downing, Mendi Eckert, Debbie Hilty, Deborah McCullough, Elsie Guerrero. Not Pictured: Colleen Adney. Brenda Downing paces herself for the finish. Colleen Adney, senior, prepares for the race 1l1lll1l1lll!!l-g Enlpilull- I i Ililllllllllllllfl ldIi1IllIlnQllln -l ,Amr KR Through the eyes of a senior: by Phil Roderick This year's varsity cross-country team accomplished many of their set goals, despite their team record. After losing the majority of the team last year, this season was a time to rebuild. "lt was a dif- ficult season,'l remarked Coach David Clark, 'ibut each runner came to the practices and worked t": ' "Going to state" hardy, l' Im ig, The team was led by the only returning runner and the number one runner, Chad Spicer. Spicer 5. '22 completed the season by placing 9th in divisionals. Other important runners were second year let- X. ' A " 2' termen Sam Lay and David Shilliday. g ji. . ,W ,Being involved Coach Clark summed up the season by saying, "One outstanding feature was their dedication. g with the mama Even though they were facing tough competition, they maintained a positive attitude." if f Sam Lay, senior, showed his excitement before the race. AGUA FRIA Kneeling, Left to right: David Shilliday, Sam Lay. Standing, Left to right: Coach Clark, Chad Spicer, Paul Veilleux, Dan Onstad, Sean Crawley, John Taylor, Bobby Rodriguez. c Q-,S-Co" 9 . 1 M95 -i K 'AA ovvo QA Wcvxw 11 10 OGWNQV do A, no Omg 'lf' W A 19' -is 9 9,191 512' A6 '7- 30 y, 0? 600109 97' 1916 35 at A W 5 to 1 xo xawsww 5mA0"'lA Ab Gun 25 gp gs x 9 plat' Q A 'N E 16 9.1 00 gzvuwi dependence wha -is W Chad Spicer led the pack. wi sq lu sports 79 ED J ll AA I-- 1 A ll A -EIEIIHLI--IQE1 lllllgllli:-lllllllllh ill A l 'I ' '-' 5 l g Ae.uA mp. KS xx one' Xl Nl Owegba X2 0 - o owls 600032 0, C 0 6 'L 5000109 0 X Xt 0, 'L 5 909 xk X ' o 22 VCE-iiwvie' 00 2 C0401 960900 0 ,L wgeiie' W 0 'L GNN? QW' ' X Nasxxm 0 govt o 'L S- escort 1 Q 2 ?C1oX5"'ale 0 74 oxxel 062092 0 2 'L 10631562 06 SXQKKQK Top row: Coach Mike Mahon, Chicky Johnson, Alicia Perez, Jennifer Rogers, Robin West, Gina Syverson, Manager - Shawna Young. Bottom row: Gloria Villasana, Jullitte Carrion, Julia Price, Yella Johnson. ' sports Hard work and determination paid off for the 1987 Var- sity volleyball team. After losing the division championshi match to Cortez, the Lady Owls proved themselves b defeating Cortez in the state championship 15-11,15-4. Mike Mahon, Varsity head coach, exclaimed, "Winnin the State Championship is obviously the most excitin thing that has happened in the three years l've coached. All the credit goes to the girls. They worked extremely hard throughout the year and played together as a team." "The girls who have been in the program all three years have seen a lot of changes and realize what hard work can do," he added. Mahon was also selected as Coach of the Year. All-State selections were first team, Jennifer Rogers, senior. She was also selected to the all-division first team and was named honorary captain of the team. Other all- division selections were Gina Syverson, senior, and Chicky Johnson, junior, receiving first team. Juniors, Robin Wesh and Julia Price were both named all-division honorable mention. i X XXX X 'X X mf C VZ 41 nifer Rogers, senior, Alicia Perez, and Chicky Johnson, juniors, show their pearly tes. l The Lady Owls wait with a look of determination. .wmwe , 1 I , ,fi xS Through the eyes of a senior: Jennifer Rogers 'N lpn, Q v,f T l Sisters Chicky and Yella Johnson wait attentively. "Beating Cortez at state, and setting at Divisionalsf' V, 'A Q., in G i n a S y v e r s o n "Beating Cortez at state." Jennifer Rogers and Alicia Perez work well together for the block. Chicky Johnson skys for the spike. Gina Syverson sets for another spike, sports 'Tl I I .l"'ll Ill - ll A - A I I Ply !':lll1Hl-Tll!1lI!l-ii ' 'TA Q-in if ref ' - ix? Kathryn Brown, sophomore, sets for a perfect hit. AQUA FPJPN an ONT' Cocows X oitzoxs 09? 7, 'L X 0 0 '74 Cjaff N006 7' 1 0 Voogxove 0 'L 5- 0 0,59 YK oxawfb 'L ox 6 ctw' aeftcp' sports C A2999 X 771, xbxeftw 10" me x x wt Qc X Q' 'L 9 'L XNBSXOQQ' X2 0 5- 5005 4 Q 91" N' 0 'L 1. Goa X Cotta 60 74 Q00 Q 66 an x 01, VEBWQD do' 2 N S 8 The Junior Varsity girls volleyball team ended their season with record of O-7. The girls were coached by Rick Spears. Coach Spear commented, "The team was made up of mostly freshmen an sophomores. We ended on a high note, defeating Washington o Parent's Night. Washington had only lost two games the entir season and were highly respectable." The girls are expected to d very well next year. Standing: Theresa Leulling, Andrea Orozco, Coach Rick Spears, Nyrene Scott, K Crouch. Kneeling: Hyun Jung Kim, Jakcie White, Sam Johnson, Kathryn Brown. 13 pictured: Davina Astorga, Maureen Murphy. l L L t V C F-1-gill!-!1-I-l!I-I-!I1l j-!II!f-!-1-I-!I-I-.! r '54 1 ' W Ai .W , '--co-....,,,-, Lisa Papa concentrates on a winning serve. oe lg?-X096 . SCO odd The freshman volleyball team ended their season with a record of 8-5. The girls were coached by first year Coach Jill Rowland. Coach Rowland is experienced, having played in high school and intramurally at Arizona State University. The team's goals for the year were for each player to get down three hits and to help each player improve enough to be on Junior Varsity or Varsity next year. Most Valuable Player award went to Sandy Cruz. Juanita Candelaria, Monica Flores, Lisa Papa, and Lisa Villeaux received the Most Improved Players awards. onelxx Top row: Sandy Cruz, Jennifer Rhodes, Coach Jill Rowland, Denise Whitehead, Ber- 09 nice Bustos. Bottom row: Juanita Candelaria, Lisa Villeux, Monica Flores, Lisa Papa. Sitting: Ginger Phillips, Vicki Gonzales. We W K .,,, . , , V ge K0 aw figs QXFJX . gwf' 3 ' 1 ax x0 IL ' 1 ' K, Qt ve , K .1 .90 Ou X , w ,- lax NN 6 ' If COKKQJL 9 ence ,V Q 92 J' V i' " X056 V N A-2 f r- - .vwfv 71 zqw ,, l"lWi iiiiwfii E22-bfi' iv - 'Kirin - 4,!Si?15a-li' eg,e" ,pffqQ -i,gw'?Tmg.?'.: I f. few- - H ' 4 'Q AGUA F'RlA Q K 2 o it 'L P45 wk X 'L av o X2 Cofwavieoce 22 0 96 x 'L xx 2 was x -5 so 0 VG A 29 l fL o Q 6 x , 51513. wtf" hum ' f .,,., Af, .w,,4,. ,, V gt .. , Yemws - 'Qiffif . ami 'Hx Win " 'fu "", 1 -ie..-' p:w'ff,fr"'b"f1,:r' .,,... jf. 4: ' 15' .4311 ' ' . , . img. f, C The tools of a winning team. sports 3 I Through the eyes of a senior: V ,: ,. Q Stefi Rosztoczy - 'Z i ' Vt . - "When Ann and l had RQ, J. a food fight before ' Divisionalsf' if .14 . NA 4 Liza Weyrauch - ,1 ,Eff "Breaking my 500 is I f' time barrier." Andrea McElain - V V "Winning my T Q' S61 backstrokef' 'F' qi? is fin ll i ., .gl 2 is ss? if 55.3 ff by Matt Papworth This year the Girls' Swim Team finished unexpectedly well against a tough Skyline division. Entering the Divisional tournament in eighth place, the team finished fourth. This is an amazing feat for a team this small in size. With only three seniors this year, this team will be even stronger next year. The talent and sheer determination of the girls really pulled them through, said Coach Lori Davis. Congratulations to the '87-'88 team, and Good Luck '88-'89 Girls' Varsity Swim Team. Bottom row: Polly Delaney, Kandi Shep- pard, Joy Mercy, Marian Wills, Liza Weyrauch, Karen Hendrick. Second row: Coach Lori Davis, Joanna Nickell, Emma Taylor, Anne Shassetz, Aimee Brainard. Top row: Daun Erierhart, D Brandi Balmer, Susan Shassetz, Jodi Peroutka, Jenny Braden, Stefi Rosztoczy. AGUA FRIA of shadow Wi" 82 Apollo 99 Deer Q ally so COM, 122 H 00109 88 Patadlse V' 107 X096 83 500095 bk d Vi em "T 66 WMV , ,,,, ,,,,.. is ., My ,, 63 . ,. 32 Jenny Braden 80 "' powers her way 63 T' ' through the wate 86 W r"- in the 100 yard 70 butterfly at divi- 474 sionals. 14 ae' 96 glflnwav All sports Stefi soared ofl the blocks half 1 body length in f r o n t o f h e r competition. iIlllllIl1li-LIIII-I11lllI I I I I I I F4 ' I ul-g'eg1ll--ll" - ll-, -lllllll ,f"'NN Through the eyes of a senior: -'f' ,,,., .,. ,.,...: A. at-1k5i:?l'-sis: ' - - .ve A . 5 .1 .iris F5 5 .L .. ..---W . Matt Papworth: The boy's Varsity swimming team, which was once again coached by Sonny Culbreth, ended their season with a record of 4-5. According to Culbreth, this team was the smallest Agua Fria has had in some years, with ten swimmers and four divers. The team competed exceptionally well in divisionals in which sophomore Phil Whitmore finish- ed fifth in the one hundred yard fly and senior John Tebbe Finished fourth in the one hundred yard back. Senior Donn Ebarb and sophomore Brian Eichler finished sixth in diving. The relay team, which included John Tebbe, Phil Whitmore, junior Ted Beecroft and sophomore Tom Delaney ended in third place. gi M "Swimming through Two divers, Brian Eichler and Donn Ebarb, made All-State in the one meter diving event while Iii th e L i r C h f i e 1 d John Tebbe ualified for State in the one hundred ard backstroke. rr ...- -f' . h - if q y ,,, Q Q ll ' umcane' Senior Matt Papworth said of the '87 swimming season, "With only four seniors this was cer- ' tainly a building season." Coach Culbreth also commented that this was his first losing season ever 'T' a V H HPI as a head coach but added that there should be a big improvement next year. filfgff David VM' 1 39 - 3 4- . A 14,1-.49 ing in the top ten in ' I .. D l f' diving divisionals." ' , , ' J1r.i new f 5 w ,' , 2 Q, K fr F31 'fi T Donn Ebarb: "Making W' Q L, ' L V ,,,g .1 r Smmmmmm 1 '?r.Ww5MLg wq.Qmwn?y mmm in diving." . M "f' rl' i M 21 W 1 ,-r ,L ,T ff, tw. c . . ... i W f R f' f' ' tt' f ' ' if f slll . S' E l l' John Tebbe: "Quali- rx.. 1 . if 3 2, If , 7 V- i L fying for State in the ' 4 -.X, " ,,,' ff g 75 ' if It fi S Q 100 d ' ,,,X, backfxokej' Top: Coach Sonny Culbreth, Phil Whitmore, Gregg Hansen, Tom X . Delaney, John Tebbe, Ken Pritchard, Matt Eichorn. Bottom: David Schacher, Robby Weyrauch, Matt Papworth, David Vasiloff, Ted Beecroft, Donn Ebarb, Brian Eichler, Chris Harms. goys Swimminil Opponexni 1 Owls shadow Mounmn 82 60 45 ll 82 QY,Z,ll1aiiev 62 Z9 Cortez 92 6 Horizon X 8 7 ParadiS0 val ev 100 90 Sunnv Slope X09 rllt Thundefblld 126 hy - hi? 43 Brogivision Champlons Metro 5th Pxace I Diver David Vasiloff preparing for take-off. Fasten your seat belts! Sports 5 -Iivllll-III-1-1llll-1lIl-l-lilll-l N Through the eyes of a senior: Francine Ramos: "Running up and down the stairs at North Campus for conditioning." Renae Wichman: "Be- ing banned from exer- cise leader." Suzy Hirth: "Having singing lessons with Re n a e a n d M i ss M c Pe a k not a p - preciating them." AGUA FRIA ov WDA vw' S :Gam Moo 99309 owe 90, K ami xo? n tw 'NS KNGSW 5 e 0 1. e ofw' . at afltseiygx TW? e Top: Nichole Adams, manager, Dakri Brondt, Suzy Hirth, Renae Wichman, Elise Doyle, Coach Diane McPeak, Assistant Coach Duey Buchannon. Middle: Julie Morrison, Kaylen Cons, April White, Laura Densford, Tania Albelda, Karen Koontz, Aasma Maqbool. Bottom: Amy Wheat, Jenni Hirth, Judy Cachln, Shannon Gongaware, Jamie Moore, Laurie Courtney. The varsity badminton team ended their season with a 6-7 record. The returning players included seniors Suzy Hirth, and Renae Wichman, juniors Kaylen Cons, Laura Densford, Julie Morrison and Tania Abelda and sophomore Jamie Moore. The varsity team's biggest win occurred at Glen- dale High School where the final score was 8-1. Those who competed in divisionals on Oc- tober 30 and 31 at Mountain View were singles Laura Densford and Julie Morrison and doubles Suzy Hirth and Renae Wichman, Kaylen Cons and April White. Laura Densford placed fourth in the Skyline division and went on to place in the top twelve and the state tournament held on November fifth and sixth. The junior varsity team also had a very rewarding season. The team consisted of eight sophomores, two freshmen, and one t V A 6 6 6 5 pi W3 3 ,lg 95 e X '5 Su go 92 X 6 GX vid B 3 viescou 'Z C QAXX 9 B 1 ? de 16 B X k 222:22 'l sports senior. They ended their season with a record of 7-5 with a win against tough Moon Valley 5-4. Coach Diane McPeak said of the team, "We were one of the youngest teams in the division and hope to have a very com- petitive team next year." Laura Densford waits impatiently to attack the birdie. 1 Mlij ' a l 'Ill 1 I I W sawn? 4 A ,,,,,........a-v-0""' W V,V,kVV WW Jamie Moore concentrates before a "deceptive" serve. Shannon Gongaware glldes across the court gracefully while trying to return a tough AGUA FRIA . 0 ' Badmmko often - O 'Z XJ-ew . X OWXS M 06913 9 Gxeenwa 9903! 3V BNN X09 Gteftdaxe Vrescox Coixefz. 006' kt wwf' 2' Yxotuoxj e 'Z M009 5 shot. A. Age WF s W Q .MW ,,t,r , F.. f W--.ML--W 5 i Renae Wlchman prepares to shake her opponent's hand after scoring the wlnnlng polnt. sports ll1...ll II lil 1lIlQ1I'l llll'-I-lll- il 1 A - ll g l--lil-!l-1--ii-I-lliilililli D Q D Patience Crista it"ll land soon. A604 Marcos De Niza Xavier Dodson Gilbert Koka Yuma Mesa Trever G. Browne Marcos De Niza Xavier Corona del Sol McClintock Opponent 336 210 296 267 283 236 271 344 312 262 forfeit forfeit F11 The 1987 girls golf team did exceptionally well with a 9-4 record, which qualified them for State. The Lady Owls placed 6th in the competition. The team was led by Crista Snider, a sophomore, who medaled five times for the Lady Owls. She was the top-ranked player on the team. Following in a close se cond were juniors Crista Lair and Teresa Snider. Coach Dick Schreiber feels very confident that the team will prosper next year with every player returning. -by: Scott Wiggins Kneeling: Melani Espil, Alison Conrad, Teresa Snider. Standing: Coach Dick Schreiber, Crista Lair and Crista Snider. off. girls golf S M Crista Snider shows good form as she te A 1 I W 5 I l A l Y A X l 'sr .ar -fr. - ' if . 35,1 r-W ..ef,L, 4 K X 9, I A 5 P3 44' 1 alll i' ..r -at , -5 'S Through the eyes of a senior: Jon Ayres - "My first 9 holes without losing at least 4 balls." Ray Linafelter - "l -ai- 1 5 -X . 4 fs wr 1' fri 1 A fi' John Buttemiller A "The ride home from Prescott and gestur- ing to people from the vanf' Kevin Ritchey - 215' it 'W Agua Fria's boys' golf team has had another victorious year. The team went to state again and placed fourth overall in the state championships. Coached by Wayne Bateman, the Owls' final team record was a respectable 22-3, losing by a very narrow margin. Senior John Buttemiller, ranking number one on the Agua Fria team, commented, "The season was very successful, but we never did really reach our full potential as a team. In- dividually, we each reached a high point in the season, but when two guys would play very well, the other two would do poorly. The season was rewarding nonetheless." X Pictured from Left to right, Standing: Baran Schimidt, Chris Vizzerra, Brett Potts, Neil Taylor, Shaugne Ahart, Coach Wayne Bateman. Kneeling: John Buttemiller, Brian West, V i y ,L 4,52 " ' don t remember The trip home from " " anything about golf." Yuma, Chris-99" l "laura ,Eg : V -r f - Neil Taylor-"Drop Brett Tornow - -- .,- tw I , A ping all my change in "Neil Taylor getting gi- the lake at Maryvale busted for smoking a fl ' Course." golf tee," A Chris Vizzerra - "Getting drenched while playing golf dur- ing the qualifying round." or ovvfff 'FDD' 252 H water! 51 zdzflh Qawbvie KLQXS P-QE ,Nafa-'So,, 123 'LQ ,B .YOXXGS Dwi qui 10 Gown. gmc' 'L51 1058 XR asktxlxoo 129 7907, fgokesaaw 'ZEJXX 'L Gran Qaxxvl 10 Q07 0 6 fb 900 SXOQQ :LX 'LQ 3 50009 109 'LO yrtoqvs rw! filo' A Xlb l 10 Quay 231 'LGA' JW qw 'LOD' lfoaet 126 'LGA' ,xtn90? wf' 7.51 i X92 wasktofiovz 204, 392 Suftrvis X555 qybfl 'LSL XXQYNAQ' Q00 792 Toxerwe 155 'Z-X20 6, 0131 wt s 1531 'L . 'L Q06 9 24.06 '51 ob V' 7' 'I 'L -I QAQG but 'L3 '19 GOXCW' um 'LM 10" aio' Wav' 'I ao 09' Q0 ad X5 5b ,Axe 'EDS Ggzznm 'N 'N- Brett Tornow, Tim Tomlinson, Jon Ayres, Kevin Ritchey. Not pictured: Ray Linafelter, Mike Bishop, Dan Slagle, Phil Zerinque. sports Q Q0 Jenny Randall displays a nice forehand. if ' ff t l l Owls Owls Owls Owls Owls girls, tennis By Phil Roderick When asked about his year's girls freshmen tennis team, coach Don Shilliday, Sr. replied, "lt was a 'very gratifying season, each girl showed growth and improvement throughout the seasonfl The team overcame two early season losses to beat Casa Grande and Maryvale. This is remarkable considering only one girl, Jennifer Wright, had ever played organized ten- nis before. Shilliday mainly centered on teaching the girls basic skills such as grip, forehand, and serves. Each girl improved tremendously in each of these areas, according to Shilliday. AGU I'-Q A PQIA Girls Tennis C2-2l 0-9 2-7 5-4 9-0 Opponents Saquaro Coronado Casa Grande Maryvale Kneeling, Left to right: Kim Burleson, Heather Grenyo. Standing, Left to right: Coach Don Shilliday, Jen nifer Wright, Cheri Rose, Sherri Caldwell, Jenny Randall, Linda Pennington, Mgr. Aaron Minyard. Lip t. Y f xp t xii. ,4 l3 we " ' ,, Linda Pennington. l Y Jennifer Wright displays beautiful form. Above: Kim Burleson returns the ball. f 1 Hx, Above: Sherri Caldwell follows through with her serve. girls' tennis S92 Fllllllflillll11l1XIiK11Llllllll-lil-llllllflll lillllllfllll-QI-1IIlYlIlllEIIl-I!lIE1 ilgl I!!l!!: 'dxkx 6 .M ,V-'Tx .ra E3 N Through the eyes of a senior: I ' mm in at ,www gqufwj 'f r f we 5 N Lincoln Holomb, "When Steve Rogers got taken out by a cheerleader at Goldwater." Steve Rogers, UFlying into the bleachers and h i t t i n g t w o A V cheerleaders during V M 2 the Goldwater Same." AQUA p Varsity Basketball 91,4 Steve Snavely, "Practicesl" S a m W e b s t e r, "Beating up Ryan Lee in practice." Patrick Hall, "When I hit the winning shot to beat Goldwater in overtimef' 12-10 Owls Opponent 45 Peoria 71 44 Washington 63 34 Prescott 60 52 Buckeye 65 49 Independence 55 42 Cactus 64 76 Independence 51 62 Tolleson 59 70 Glendale 46 52 Sunnyslope 70 67 Goldwater 66 68 Washington 44 62 Prescott 54 44 Buckeye 32 62 Independence 55 51 Cortez 65 59 Tolleson 52 80 Glendale 49 63 Sunnyslope 79 61 Goldwater 44 Sports by Robyn Rumble The game is in overtime. There are six seconds left. Goldwater High has just made the basket to take the lead. The score: 65 Owls, 66 Bulldogs. There seems to be no hope left for Agua Fria. J. D. Boe takes the ball out. He passes it to Kenny Brown. Brown passes it to Patrick Hall who is waiting at the free throw line. Hall takes the shot, makes it, and Agua Fria wins! This is just one example of the "go get em" spunk of the Varsity Basketball Team. The team is coached by Wayne Bateman and Assistant Coach Dave Goitia. The team practices everyday except game days and Sundays. They have had hard practices and played tough games. The team ended this season with a 12-10 record. Junior Kenny Brown said "On the better average I feel we have one of the better teams, but we should work more as a team, not just as individuals." Junior Gary Barnes agreed. Overall each individual played well. If they work together more as a team next year, Agua Fria should be invincible. Statisticians, Robyn Rumble, Cristal Rodriguez, Ashli Troeh, and Lay, take stats for the game with enthusiasm. ,sg I -f f f ..,,3f.. u .'. YPNQ Z ,. r 'S Z 3 . Q. , Q1 in ta ' . eff: '38 '1 57,1 , , Q. 'l ,x . ff s , M The Varsity Basketball Team displayed their trophy from the Cactus Christmas Tournament. Steve Rogers anticipates entering the game. Steve Snavely smiled as he watched the 'Pom and Top row: Coach Wayne Bateman, Steve Rogers, John Graham, Lincoln Holcomb, Gary Barnes, J. D. Boe, Cheer Warm up' Assistant Coach David Goitia. Bottom row: Patrick Hall, Kenny Brown, Steve Snavely, Mark Lambrecht, Eddie Solis, Sam Webster, Benji Castaneda. Sports Q 3 94 A ., X lim-A ",h . ,, I a ' Xf is M25 ig :S f .... " K A . , 'k'- x if is 'f Qi is ",- ,- 5 l x"' ffftsfi .13 ' - 'k."'. ifi ' -Vigwg , ..,, Mets.. gif- 2 1 "And one, and two . . . " Gary Barnes warms up before the game. ,fkifilfst Lincoln Holcomb, Benji Casteneda, an eff? ,ge',e't45YL A t A., 4355, ar ,w iv M . sf' 'Q fm :P is X 9 A J -V -wmgg S Ai ek ..,, S X W L d Kenny Brown watch the opponent warm up Benji Casteneda turns to watch his shot go through the hoop. Coach Wayne Bateman discusses the team's strategy. Sports tw. ,- il 2 Miilw-"e ""W3fV . ' " 92, :yr fr - fy , . r- H lfs apw-:f? 114- fir, - 's 1 . H 5 Q L' .1 ..a.f,.,f- ' g3,g3f,,aff: -1 q .E .. if R ' wr, 1 ' ,vs 1 ' ,ft ' 1: M ge, ,ir , rxg,. . K, -1, If wiv? Q , 343' ' Q .5 J-H T . -- if-f 1 R- ,E-gzr.---g,-g,:y-kf -B-3 gylfifg--5-em .42 W lyk . , V V4 - - fws..,,R,aw - 2.13 1 t r s - K s it -ii5fW4'f5iAtff54ff?Q ' . 's V I - Y L- Zix ,. , z Coach Bateman provided encouragement as the team's Wise Owl. Benji Casteneda did some more of his fancy foot work. Steve Rogers shot the winning shot. My Maybe Sam Webster and Steve Snavely talked about the cheerleaders on the other team Sports Q5 disfk whim n .awk by Scott Wiggins The J .V. basketball season started off slowly but ended with a 12-7 record. The team improved greatly from their slow start but made a strong comeback. Keith Huckaby, sophomore, was the leading player for the Owls. Coach Descombes said that all of his strong players will contribute greatly in next year's season. A.. Paul Sarazoza had good form as he shot for two. A ' L lst row: Tom Schoaf, Alban Gonzalez, Patrick Robinson, Keith Huckaby, Andy Ruiz. 2nd row: Paul Sarazoza, Ted Beecroft, James Pennington, Eddie Hager- A man, Dan Slagle, Tim Reid, and Coach Wayne Descombes. , b A A.F 46 Peoria Opponeg 44 Washington 49 48 Prescott 77 61 Buckeye 34 - A M- 69 Independence 31 59 Cortez 38 66 Tolleson 31 47 Glendale 41 56 Sunnyslope 49 34 Goldwater 52 66 Washington 41 57 Prescott 51 63 Buckeye 54 66 Independence 66 Cortez 63 65 Tolleson 36 55 Glendale 26 57 Sunnyslope 66 54 Goldwater 46 sports The Owls showed us a good version of their fancy footwork. . I Il l ill il 'fI'fl 'IYI'Iijfli-If I David Goitia asks that immortal question "What?" by Scott Wiggins The '87-'88 Freshmen basketball team finished with a 9-7 year. The team was led by David Goitia who averag- ed 14 points a game with a season high of 30 points against Tolleson. Bill Leinart, the coach, felt very proud of his team. The team's highest game was against Prescott. Even though they suffered a defeat, they scored their highest game with 67 points. Sitting: Erik Dean, Okan Tezucar. Kneeling: Jimmy Niesen, David Goitia, Antony Chavez, Matt Hillison, Ryan Gray. Standing: Jason Albrand, Brian West, Chris Perkins, Ramiro Sandoval, Tony Aguirre, Kevin Withers and Coach Bill Leinart. AQUA P 91,4 A.F. Opponents 67 Prescott 7Q 58 Buckeye 32 57 Independence 45 49 Cortez 70 66 Glendale 49 i 53 Tolleson 49 63 Sunnyslope 60 46 Washington 39 46 Prescott 42 36 Buckeye 36 54 Independence 59 40 Cortez 55 33 Tolleson 46 62 Glendale 49 52 Sunnyslope 56 26 Goldwater 44 sports 39? 9 l lfnl KI R ll ir ru I riur -'illl-TI--1-I-I--IHIK--QIHIQIH--I-I1 ulnlulm YYIIII lllld HI I 1-- .,- 'l Through the eyes of a senior: is . . Dina Astorga - "My first practice with coach Grey and mak- ing Varsity as a freshman." Bobbie Jo Boit - "Adjusting to the new coach." Sports The Varsity girls softball team end- ed their season with a record of 9-7. They were coached by first year Coach Mike Mahon. They were led by pitcher Chicky Johnson, junior, and right-fielder Laura Densford, junior. Seniors Dina Astorga, and Bobbie Jo Boit also contributed greatly. . The team should have an excep- tionally good season next year with E most of their starters returning for a Standing: Coach Mike Mahon, Kandi Sheppard, Chicky Johnson, Alicia Perez, Sheppard, Delia Sanchez. Kneeling: Yella Johnson, Alicia McAnally, Densford, Susan Hunt. Sitting: Bobbie Jo Boit, Susan Shassetz, and Dina Astorga -. shot at state. Q s - it as T "" i S! L: . 5 3 H 1 gsm. ss 'P ' A 'GUA L, . Q l Chicky Johnson, junior, fires for a strike. Agua Fria Opponents 3 Cortez 0 7 Glendale 4 V 11 Independence 10 wma . A 'WW W' "i' 'S' 5 S'Slope 6 10 Washington 2 4 St. Mary's 6 7 Xavier 6 6 Cortez 11 13 Glendale 11 1 Goldwater 3 17 S'Slope 6 2 Washington 6 8 St. Mary's 1 0 Xavier 2 The girls listen to Coach Mahon attentively. "' Yi ll! HIQI lllIlI1lI1lllI1lIl 1l!lIlll..lA ll.:ltlllll-llllllllihliilklllllilllll -J -'A' LIIQLQ 1ll ll iv ll-I-u-'::'v--:EIU-:-E Sitting: Tami Schmuki, Juliet Carrion, Ann Marie Wylie. Kneeling: Shawna Young, Leticia Orozco, Sam Johnson, Idalia Arjona, Bertha Guerrero. Standing: Patricia Johnson, Nyrene Scott, Coach Linda Phillips, Andrea Orozco, Elise Doyle. 465,14 ,TIA 1 Agua Frla Opponents 8 Cactus 22 7 Cortez 11 14 Glendale 23 13 Goldwater 16 8 Independence 9 6 S'Slope 17 6 Washington 21 35 St. Mary's 7 10 Xavier 13 7 Cortez 18 5 Glendale 10 8 Goldwater 22 5 Independence 12 22 S' Slope 5 9 Washington 14 13 St. Mary's 17 10 Xavier 6 The Junior Varsity softball team ended their season on an upnote by defeating Xavier 10-6. Although the team ended their season with a record of 3-14, they improved drastically from the beginning of the season. The record was also inaccurate because the softball program does not have a freshmen team. Junior Varsity has to com- pensate by placing freshmen on the Junior Varsity team, whereas they played teams usually with no freshmen. Coach Phillips com- mented, "We are looking forward to a much better season next year. sports Q Q EQ Through the eyes of a senior: 2 9 :Fit 4. ,. 'fl fl 2' 5 . -4 at as 0 Q.: 5 Pkwy X- .A,, in . - 5 if UCIDCID 5' - .-,. Jesse Ortiz - "Tak- ing first place at Dysart Invitationalsf' Eddie Cunningham - "Wrestling on varsity for four years." Nick Hernandez - "Wrestling at two levels higher than my regular level and innin " Huck gsimington - "Wrestling is a sport that when you win you get all the glory, but when you lose you can only blame yourself." AGGA P' l 9. , gall. In 5 Gigli E V. Wrestling A. F. 15 Cortez 66 Glendale 30 Independence 18 Washington 6 Prescott 40 Tolleson 15 Goldwater 37 Trevor Brown 60 Sunnyslope Divisionals sports Opponents 55 22 37 54 64 19 37 30 12 54 place u l I I n by Mendi Eckert l This year's 1987-88 Varsity wrestling team had a significant year. The wrestlers were great one on one, but as a team they lacked experience. Overall they found it to be a l challenging sport. Coach Roger Warner proudly said, "Not being an outstanding dual meet team, they were certainly an outstanding tournament team." l It was a very inspiring year for me, commented senior wrestler Eddie Cunningham. "I really enjoyed Mr. Warner as a coach. He helped me understand the sport better," he concluded. The three top varsity wrestlers were seniors Jesse Ortiz, Buck Simington, and Sean Forsythe. Jesse received a lst place at the Steve Richmond - "lt was fun while it lasted." Toby Sullivan - "Running to get into s h a p e I I h a t e runninglf' Sean Forsythe - alt was an Experience." Dysart Invitational, a lst place at Divisionals in his weight and I was 5th in state. Buck placed 3rd at Dysart, and placed lst in his weight class at Divisionals. Sean placed 2nd at Divisionals and placed 15th at state. Bottom row: Rene Rodr quez, Ramon Perez' Demetrius Hunter, Bucl Simington, Manue Salazar. Second row Amador Alvarado, Co rad Jaramillo, Steve Ric mond, Adam Becke Toby Sullivan, Billy Turner. Top row: Coacl Roger Warner, Ra Rodriquez, Jesse Ortlj Eddy Cunningham, Seal Forsythe, Coach Bil McMillian. Not picture Josh Mason, Nic Hernandez. Steve Richmond maneuvers his opponent for a pin at Sunnyslope. I .. I it AGU LT A PQIA Agua Fria Opponents 42 Independence 14 24 Cortez 32 50 Glendale 12 12 Greenway 36 15 Shadow Mt. 42 9 Prescott 62 48 Tolleson 18 36 Washington 30 15 Goldwater 34 42 Sunnyslope 15 by Mendi Eckert This year's 1987-88 J.V. Wrestling Team did well, having a good size squad. They were ambitious and whenever they were in doubt Coach McMillan would say "How bad do you want it?" Junior Adam Becker notes that Mr. McMillan would give them that extra drive. They had an outstanding season and worked hard. KEXWIA 7- A A Li, LIS-05 OWN! ima M11 ' wiv ah? .D X x, Left: Kiley Fellars reverses his opponent for two points. 5 .. . .rf .. f ' 2 .. , . , H. f 1 .. .. -1. .g. I.. Bottom row: Tony Ramirez, Chris Reynolds, Josh Becker, Billy Beach. Second row: Kiley Fellars, Keith Shulsky, Gene Garcia. Third row: Coach McMillan, Don Rohla, Dustin French, Rubin Levario. Missing: Tony Cluff, Tim Young, Jason Pina, Vincent Brown, Brandon Kruger, Eddie Rodriquez, Clint Amator, William Eisenhuth. Rubin Levario works for a pin as the ref watches with eagle eyes, '39 wrestling all wwrwer- nw iw - f F M11 ,.5w ,,Ae-e . Jose Perez, "When we played Brophy." Through the Eyes of a Senior: .Q .9 p- w.f:'o. 'ir B ' 1 far, ,- , 4 1 1 f viz " K 9 rr Z -f 1 Cr., ,1a32sf,,'152' Q iq ,M az Q c ol 'Q Q. W 5,52 111 ' mfr' Q. , a Bobby Letteiri, "Finishing the season." Kevin Ritchey, t'Mr. Mahon got thrown out of the game." Preston Withers, "Taking me four years to score." deff Mercy, "The game against Saguarof' Matt Papworth, "Scoring a goal in our last game." Neil Taylor, "Playing all 4 years on varsity." Eric Gonzalez, "Play- ing on a team with my brothers." A.F. Opponent 0 olleson 8 0 Brophy 2 1 Deer Valley 3 13 Dysart 0 6 Glendale 2 Moon Valley 1 Paradise Valley 3 3 Shadow Mountain 4 2 Thunderbird 1 4 washington 1 im? sports by Scott Wiggins The Varsity Soccer season ended on a good note for the '87-'88 team. The team, coached by Jay Horen ended with a 4-6 season and learned a valuable lesson from their defeats as well as their wins. The team was led by sophomore Alex Parada and senior Kevin Ritchie. The team was led on a good defensive effort by goalie and senior Bobby Letteiri and Neil Taylor. Coach Horen and Coach Kevin Boofman felt, that next year, with half of their starters returning, will result in a very strong team. Mickey Brady, "Timi has a way of taking time." 'fm - -' - ' frm w r ' l l QW K, I an-.K O lst row: Kevin Ritchey, Roman Vasquez, Alex Parada, Tom Ryan, Jeff Mercy. 2nd row: Preston Withers, Danny Azuna, Chris Tyler, Matt Papworth. 3rd row: Sean Crawley, Bobby Rodriguez, Brian Moreano, Bobby Letteirri, Eric Gonzalez, Jose Perez. 4th row: Coach Kevin Boofman, Brett Potts, Neil Taylor, Alex Nicholas, Trainer Christy Garber and Coach Jay Horen. A I. nn-ws . Kevin Ritchie dribbles with great skill. Neil shows great technique as Bobby watches with great interest. -111-l -lHl1llll1Kl-I-'lllk ll Q Q un'-l lllhlll lllKlli lll I I N I Q I 1 M l'lY I IY M :YIY Yl :Y ' I 1.: ,Nl 'W .Y. ff 0 . kg I Bobby Rodriguez dribbles around a Tolleson defender. GUAP Brophy Deer Valley Paradise Valley Horizon Tolleson Brophy Tolleson Opponent 2 OT .1 .A . F. 0 11 1 3 2 Shadow Mountain 16 2 ' 7 0 ' 4 3 1 10 3 4 By Scott Wiggins f The J.V. Soccer team learned a lot from a rough 1-7 season, but still had a great time. The team especially enjoyed their away games with Juniors Mike Mineyard and Scott Wiggins leading cheers to get the team in that fighting spirit. The team was led by freshmen Matt Mitchell and Devon Decort 1 with five goals by Matt and four by Devon. Freshman Bobby Rodriguez had two and Tom Ryan and Scott Wiggins each had one. ' Coach Stephens and Coach Britton feel that next year should be a much more successful season. AQUA 1 F1434 FQAA Milli with 1st row: Sam Azuna, Sonya Hilbert, Devon Decort, Brenda Downing, Andrew Fischrup, Keith Baldwin. 2nd row: Chad Mlllette, Robert Taylor, Matt Mit- chell, Bill Cole, Chad Allewine, Raul Perez, Bobby Rodriguez. 3rd row: John Larson, David Faulk, Mike Chavez, Tanya Hilbert, Coach Shaun Britton, Coach Tomm Britton. 4th row: Coach C. J. Stephens, Mike Mineyard, Scott Wiggins, Brady Chatfield, and Trainer Christy Garber. Tom Ryan passes the ball to get it open for an easy goal. Sports 1633 divider by Tonya Knell Shaun Kalos, a professional Motorcross Racer, is a student here at Agua Fria. Many of you probably recognize him from TV or in a Motorcross Magazine. Shaun got his first motorcycle, equipped with training wheels, at age three. He started his racing career here in Phoenix and Tucson at the age of five. Within two years he was travel- ing to Oklahoma and Tennessee. At seven he also raced his first sponsored ride with Suzuki, receiving trophies taller than he is now. The next five years brought him nothing but luck, taking him to ride his first professional race under a contract with Honda, Shaun is currently with Yamaha and has been with them for a number of years. As a Team Yamaha Factory, he is the youngest competing rider in the National Circuit. His Grandparents, Nora and Lloyd Meek, have been his biggest supporters. They got his racing career off the ground and started taking him to his races. Shaun said "lf it wasn't for my Grandfather, I wouldn't be in the position I am in right now." He also says his goal is to become National World Champion which will bring him to retirement in his mid-twenties. Shaun travels comfortably across the country in his bus especially designed for living quarters and to haul his equipment. His most remembered race was in 1985 when he won the Mini National Championship in Oklahoma. One of Shaun's most outstanding rides was in Hawaii at the Hawaiian Supercross. He lapped the whole field of racers five times which had never been done before in the Hawaiian Motorcross history. Shaun is currently racing .throughout the nation and is striving to meet his goal to become number one Motocross Racer. Students in the Spotlight . . . Shaun Kalos '3 , I Say, what's up cuz? Cat got your tongue, Kelly? if-. WVR ke. fl Andy, why the sad face? rw--Q, Students kick back in Drivers Ed. Juniors got rowdy during a pep assembly. divider 'MDS l I. 'Fl B8 Best Dressed: Stacy Rose and John Burrell definitely dress to impress! Q !..J l Best Bodies: Van Edlridge and Kris Rayner Oops, caught you in the act Van! Biggest Feet: Brooke Green and Lincoln Holcomb stomped all over the Y, competition. il CD 6 superlatives Best Looking: Yvonne Decort -and Sean Forsythe were "Lookin' good." N 1 c e s t H a 1 r Heather Williams n d r Callands fit the B5 Most Dependable: Todd Daggert and Renae Wichman were a pair anyone could depend on! fi-3 QE f-if Most School Spirited: Neil Taylor and Denise Tacy cheered their way into all our hearts! Most Talented: Julie Hott and Tim Clarke were portraying their hidden talent of standing! Class Flirts: Scott Gazda and Amber White "Hey you guys, you better cut that out! superlatives il ? Most Athletic: Steve Rogers and Jennifer Rogers were definitely scholarship material! D Best Personality: Cindy Early and Chris Vizzera could always cheer you up! 7 gf' . sf lx . . " Mfr ,S N E ., 3, , ill superlatives Top, Shyest: Kim Soto and Mike Ayerza, "lt took three tries just to take this picture." Above, Nicest Eyes: John Buttemiller and Kris Rayner batting those baby blues! ai K I - 1 I Below, Sexiest Legs: Anne Billingsley and Jeff Mercy, "Now there were two great pairs of legs! l l !! B mites 4 Most Likely to Succeed: Stefi Rosztoczy and Lincoln Holcomb, Looks really promising! Right, Best Buddies: Steve Rich- mond and Sean Forsythe, "Just call em' the Jolly Green Giant and son! , i Cutest Class Couple: Joaquin Humphreys and Cin- dy Holdcroft, together since 9th grade and still go- ing strong! Below, Class Clowns: David Babb and Charolette Staggs, "lt figures, David!" Nicest Smile: Dina Astorga and Andy Hillison could definitely brighten a room with those smiles! superlatives 1 l L xl I As seniors we will look back through our W high school years with lots of tears and I laughter. Memories of football games, Homecomings, Christmas Formals, the Prom, and homework will flood our minds I and keep us reminiscing. We have all become bonded together in close ties. Now as we all go our separate ways, the I memories we share together here at Agua Fria will stay in our hearts forever! by Cindy Early l l l l V Colleen Adney Lisa Aguilar rs., gferg, rf . it 5' i W W1 r Adela Aliman ' hen 't's lill1Buer . . . seniors ' -l l l l I s as s l 1 . 1 , l l l r ' "" . V l Y . 'J 1 l Lori Alvarez l l l l l 1 , l l 1 l Wm--v'5 wflazr X Aundre Anderson Shawn Anderson Tyrone Anderson Meng A M4 Vanessa Arnic Kathy Arnold Kenneth Arnold Dina Astorga Hey Lena, put that tongue back in your mouth! Jesse Avena :P 2 Mike Ayerza had a big grln on hls face Edna Astorga '37 X61 Mike A yerza Tl 'il 'il A A if M856 f ,Z ,w r If . ji? '2 , , 7 4,2 i r A 1 IA - ll ,li , , I I ,,L, ,.,, by y 62 1 f 3, ,V Jonathan Ayres iw, David Babb Shaun Bachman Nick Banazak Nw Manuela Banuelos Kerri Barber Kirsten Barber Dayna Bamey 112 seniors Joanna Barry 'D I Colette Humphrey said, "So take that Francine!" Mgrk Bebee Mike Bell Anne Billingsley Patrick Benton Laura Blythe "Gotcha Debbie!" Bobbie Jo Boit Derrick Bostic Oliver Boeger John Boone Kim Booth , 1X Dana Boyd Mickey Brady Becky Ratliff's serious side. seniors "Manny, Moe, and Jack" . . . Mike Acuna, Danny Dew, and Randy Duncan clowning around'in Auto Shop! Angela Bravo Dianna Brinkerhoff John Buttemiller Jerry Callands 'il 'Tl 45 h ,ww- 'TN ,Wax 'WLS' Martha Brooks John Burrell Susan Carter Juana Chavarin fl.. Y-uf L 1 af' Margarita Chauarin Tim Clarke Donna Clay Beth Cluff Don Coe Christine Coffman Sgrgh Cohen Sara Cohen got wild and crazy at her locker! Debbie Cogper 5x V -mo, , l ff Joen Copeland Sara Corfman Barb Crumley Eddie Cunningham seniors ' ' z. ,,, , my I Brian Cuskaden Nataly Cutsinger Aff Si, S' A r 5 jj fy? xl un S19 - V Q, Qpqfvvvf U i J JJ' S-,X .... fir' 4 W ' 5 I r ,fl v, 1 T' w gn I - :fn G' Q PQ , J' N 5 "ua Y g., F 5 .. , ,.f i,Ai Vx 15,3 goigvtfww. g -W.. 5 J t. J Lim ,g 11.1 '-Neff QRJFYYQ ,IQ is A-md Stefany Cutsinger l Todd Daggert 1 16 21 Zi? 4 ., , H J , ,4 5 H, 'Wai Joe Davis , ...., Terry Davis Yvonne Decort We 5 4, 6 3 , V XL I 4 H,-15, Q 1 ' 'E , . f 1 Q ' ' Ml!! 5 V if 1 'M I A 6 it Q01 .Y ,,' X K 0 gf .A 'f" ,vw 1 We 'C ' Brian Elliot Lori Ellis David Espinoza Miguel Espinoza Monica Espinoza Valerie Eversoll Bill Farris Jeff Finley Debbie F ischrup Teri Fontana Sean Forsythe Kathy Gage Dee Dee Cruze, Dana Boyd, and Randy Zuleger, enjoyed Mrs. Veon's Human Relations lectures. 'il 'il ,KN- isfff' I p Sonia Garcia Eric Gonzales 'wgllg T, Michael Grenger 'fb-O 'iltqnqf Sf-Lv 'har' Christine Garner Scott Gazda ,,..,,n 1, ,fy H , ,, . fy I is A , ' V ' 2 ' 1: A W, .,,, f- .W K :if 4 Tony Gonzalez Julie Goodrich Kristina Griffith V 32 f 'irfifif Q5 ' Q A 1 , mv. fff' W -" w N if , r r Q , N Nt G- - , 1' .rv i we : , vp fv A if are if . l N t ,W p ,Y --sf M 4 -. 1' if , M- ig 4. A "fm, A A Chris Guess is War' If ry 'ff ' - , r 'il 4' , ' , v .fl ' , Air I x i x Er' . ,, ,V Q , , , ., t, , 4,50 l 'ffl Amy Haisley ., ,. ,,. in -4 M y yn ,t 1 i o 4j Dianne Gladhart ,K iii nf 1 5 V 'F r Q A L t Q Q I Q f Q fra Brooke Green ,"I pledge allegiance to the flag . . ," chants James Bussa. Qt' seniors ,Q in Patrick Hall Mike Mlnnicks ready to take a dive! Sherri Hallam Debbie Hardesty Lori Hardin Ricky Harper Kevin Hawkins 115 Tgmmy Heaney How about these little rascals? Kerri and Kirsten Barber with Amber White. 12613 Zane Heda Nick Hemandez Lincoln Holcomb Cindy Early Edith Heffington Chris Henrickson Wer- Felice Hernandez Andy Hillison Debbie Hilty Suzy Hirth wfifswivsii Q at i fi 'Wife ilii L.kl - L K ' C ' I Sandy Delong, Angela Talerico, Tina Colvin, and Sarah Cohen take time out of their heavy discussion. Cheri Holdcroft seniors fd 1 Cindy Holdcroft Julie Hott Colette Humphrey Joaquin Humpherys Shaun didn 't look too happy fy 4305 Greg Huyck Sandra Jaramillo Troy Jelinek See Ya . . . Deanna! Stefanie Jeter Rob Johnson Crystal Jordan 'il 2 2 1 E. J. Jordan Jr. ,V . W My f, .725 A, 1 at Q uv 'S' We ' if 3' i , .. , ' V Q V K 'Q Kevin Kester ' Y " i "Ik 5 4 f . A H- ,,, Wg! ,,,,' I af, ,, f Q, 4 ' li ' iw 1 mn' ' 'E 35 w1isf"'f 'L ' I f 1 ' ' , 7'Yl ' . " Kristine Knick-er Romero shows us just how much he lovgs school! V Kathy Knight Christy Kraklio ff.. :r Lalenia Lanigan Tom Kuhn an iii' Sam Lay Should we trust the smiles of Todd Daggert, and Eric Conklin? Krista Landon Ryan Lee 11233 l Randall Leite y Chris Lewis W3 Y Vicky Leuario Ray Linafelter All seniors M7 Scarlet Lenouer Lisa Leonhardt Bobby Lettieri 2 lr 3 E Lori Lewis WO . IT'M"r i .... ' . , ,seas ' Anna Wolfe and Cheri Holdcroft took an afternoon stroll through campus. Lanny Lighfhill ZWWI Ruth Long Cass Lyle Andrea McEluain if J' get l be g-,ggi 4 . I. Tanya McKinney Jennifer Malody Mike Mann Erin Marshall i, , ' Rogttg, Mgixner Bobbie Jo Bolt displays her book 7 Alex Mena Jeff Mercy Gilbert Mesecher Christy Marek 49? Daniel Martinez Tim Mellody Juanita Miranda seniors Chris Mock Peggy Moore David Moreno Larry Morley ,f Debbie, she didn't mean it. Please don't hurt her. Ting Morton Katie MOSer Tammy Moton Mike Murphy Brad Muse ReAnn Myers A2 Andrea Nauarrette Leo Odle Nguyen Phuongtrung Say "Cheese," please 12.96 X fc- X N-CM YMT! A-rx Morie Okano David O'Neal NCCI? An Jesse Ortiz Rebecca Ozuna .M-P Brian Caskaden proposed to Christine Coffman as David waited for the answer. 14' Patrick Papa Mathew Papworth QQ3. Carlos Palma Shake it, Debra! 'N-wr. Kimberly Palmer 12? x aeei aiiea I TvQ1LQ,m. .. P wx NK Q! Q--vi'- Yu-f' Nancie Parra Jon Peebles Adam Pena Chad Pence Michelle Pennington Sal Penunuri Elizabeth Perez Jose Perez W 2 Uh OH , . . Spaghetti O's! seniors ci, rx.. Vs wx pi' 4 W. if Luz Perez Cathy Perkins Amy Peters Tim Phipps David Poore 4,47-., Krissy Rayner Rebecca Romero Francine Ramos Becky Ratliff 91" 'MV Shannon Rayner i. A 'W Z 'wwf' ' 'J i A I Steve Righmond Sammy Rides Tonya Zavala and Kristen Kuhn went into the money-making business seniors V ii... .lf Coleen Adney was just standing around. Stacy Rose Alicia Sandoval S8l'Ii0I'S '44""""if Kevin Ritchey Michele Roberts Phil Roderick Raul Rodriguez Jennifer Rogers Steve Rogers Scott Ross Stefi Rosztoczy Theresa Russo Sandra Saunders Jeff Schmuki Andrea Scott Lori Sears Daniel Seel Hi! My name is Ken Arnold and this is my happy sister Kathy! Tammy Settle Cari Shenandoah Phil Shulsky AF? Buck Simington Kelly Simmons Claire Smith JW? wr 1 3 t fe he -. - K f, - C 'Nfwf ' .. fmpgifl ' l -ffis M 1 Q 0 fl A 0 4 "What's the problem?" asked Michelle Pennington seniors 1 7' Steve Snavely Sarah Snook Emma Solano Kim Soto , 1 Jay: ix .,,, W A im W "Tina, did the tongue fall out of your mouth?" Amy said. 'af S Chad Spicer Charoltte Staggs Robert Statzer Bruce Stout seniors 7 1 .1 , gf? Sean Strickland f'w'Qf' , ,,,,, iz. 2 Q i r , Toby Sullivan Mickey Brady during his lunch hour. E Denice Tacy Anita Tagle Angela Talarico , I , John Tebbe Brett Tornow Marilyn Trexler 5, , David Sullins iw Gina Syuerson Neil Taylor David Vasiloff seniors Myron Villasana Daniel Wachtler Mickey Brady, Melissia Kraus and Zack Martinez struggled to keep Zane Ggil Washington Ruth Weber Heda up. Sam Webster Liza Weyrauch Amber White Renae Wichman Anna, calm down. Everything will be OK! 1334 1 sl. ve 'x Mike Wilcox Trudy Williams Preston Withers Anna' Wolfe NJ YQ .r K 1 1 Shannon Wood Melissa Woolf Wendy Yocum Tonya Zauala f 1-ftgy do SENIORS went crazy during Homecoming Week. 15235 A Look Through the Years A Look Into the Freshman Year The teacher I disliked the most My favorite cafeteria food was Did you enjoy your square dance partner? yes or no What did you think of being considered a baby owl? My fondest memory of Freshman year was A Look Into the Sophomore Year My favorite teacher was l.l.l. The teacher I disliked the most I likel-.i.better at South Campus, than North Campus. My fondest memory of Sophomore Year was A Look Into the Junior Year Did you still attend dances after the games? yes or no If you went to the prom, vvho did you go to your first prom with?-1.1 My fondest memory of Junior Year was A Look Into the Senior Year My favorite teacher was The teacher I disliked the most My most memorable year was Who was the love of your high school years? Who was your best friend through the years?- My favorite song f group was My most embarrassing moment through the years was My saddest memory was I'm going straight to Al college Bl trade school Cl straight to work or Dl undecided Tl 3 6 seniors ffewecaezek Zelee fx .A 5444 nn. Xb V' 44 N e e e Me e We can new We wife f W- M4540 'f e Standee? ffagetem e ' 70eafzecuee 76eeZaeea04775'X' 706ZZeeai5eaeet'eZe1ee.4f Ze Stacy faee Shaugne Ahart Marah Albelda Tania Aibeida Sandy Altamirano AUie Alvarez Noelle Anderson Andrea Armenta Junior Avila Roberto Avitia Becky Ayers Remember when we started high schoo as baby owls? We all had chips on our shoulders because we had to face what we thought was the enemy. Litchfield vs. Avon- dale. How about those times sliding down the banisters when we weren t supposed to? And all the fun we had square dancing ln P.E.? Remember all the good times? Then we started school at South Campus as mature owls. Have you forgotten how tall everybody looked to us little sophomores? How many times did you get lost on your way to class? Remember, the up- perclassmen called us "trendles?" We were flnally accepted when we became juniors. Now we have one more year as seniors. Keep making the memories! - Robyn Rumble ,, , all . , .Ai f Q' ' were xr l ,,rf , ' Hoare lllmost here . . 1553 F K is V X ' . to " QYf B ,l' i f fs -l I A gg 1 Q - ,lf W-fi q M4 f f gf The Agua Fria Totem Pole: Rene Sausedo, Steve 15, Vlzzera, and Manuel Villa , X? Qt 1- Q K ee .. A 5, 1 V? 51, , 9 . -SY 3 ix Kim Baggett Adrian Ballesteros Eva Banuelos Gary Bames John Baum Adam Becker - ' ce Beebe Ted Beecroft - eraz Cindy Belford Candy Bennetts Kathy Berger Stephanie Berumen Carolyne Beyle ml Richard Blumer David Blythe J. D. Boe Todo' Bogart Christy Bomyea Phillip Boone Micheal Brabec Jennifer Braden Aimee Brainard Jesus Bravo A Alicia Brockey Ken Brown 13 9 Velvet Browning James Brumley Alma Bryant Sonia Bustos John Camacho James Cameron Bobby Campbell Adriana Cardenas B Jason Carlsen J Neale Carson Reed Carson Jobn Carver Benji Castaneda Albert Celestino Bobby Chapa Mlcahel Chavez William Chubinsky Tommy Conklin WL-CCD GN115 l "DEJAVUE," said Junior Betsy Waitt, with boyfriend John Camacho. X. , I2 fm M 1. ,:,5fy, ' 1, Q. 1 li 7' W :.:: ' , f' . it f J V i k, :i4' , , g g, ,fa tw, Exe, ,z L A f 'Xl EW . V, .,-If , --.:1, ,,,, , , ' f jn ,YE ,, MW 4 'L 9 KW? 7' if Z dna, in af 41 ,wi , W, V 1 ,, xi ' 4 ,W . 45 , .6 1 f Qmw? A WW lk 5 4 Y ll-9'w"' fH . 2. ,mmm Z?-1 ! - am .5 fue f 42 Hezfseezz 5 1 A LQ 9 S fi , 'Tx I he W fe -5 . . ii . . ii ff We .. Annette Turner helped decorate a Homecoming float. 17 fi ew A Y my 1 , 4' 'Z Al? 'S' RW 9 ,,, X, 4,44 Q .vw an 3 f 2 wwf A 2? I 7 Kaylen Cons Chamie Contreras David Cook Marla Cooper .Renee Corlew Sean Crawley Shannon Crosby James Crowder Ernie Cruz C Jaime Cruz Sal Cruz D Deanna Cruze Richard Cunningham John Cearapata y Jennder Darcangelo John Davis Randy Dev Lisa DeLos Santos Dan Dearing Dianna Decker Heather DeHaven Polly Delaney Leroy Delapaz Laura Densford 1141 'il Joyce Deshazo John Diaz Laura Diaz Marcelina Dominguez Brenda Downing l Todd Eaton D D Mehdi Eolcert D , Monica Enriques . D Ellriques D Enffqves D DD Melani Espil D D LynDDEllis D D Rene Espinosa D D David Estrada D Heather Ewers f Holly Faulkner EliseolFelix no Toni Flucke 1 Brian Folk M SylaiaDFolksD al D Susan Fostef o Michelle French Patty Galindo Jimmy Gallegos '11 4312 mm 5 'Q pe -vu Becky Ayers found much to smile about!! .xx ma, f f NJ if ff. U , M fi I ng 6 Kristi Garber Anna Garcia Robert Garcia Shannon Garcia Larry Gardner Julie George Jessica Gigliotti David Giles Jimmy Gonzalez Laura Gonzalez Larry Gonzalez Martin Gonzales James Graham John Graham Kevin Graham Ricky Gray Kelli Green Lisa Greer Kim GrUfith Christina Haney Vanessa Haney David Harms Patrick Hamish Brigette Harris Fred Heger Bob Heiner il 41533 'Mlgl Karen Hendrick Vonya Hensley Katie Hernandez Mary Hernandez Sonya Hilbert Tanya Hilbert Jenny Holtrup Steve Howell Lisa Humphries Trena Jackson Lynn Jackson Jennifer Jarnagin Anthony Jaurigue John Jennings Brian Johnson Elizabeth Johnson Regina Johnson Angela Jones Synclee Jundt Justin Kautz Shelly Keehn ' Jack Kelly Wade Kelly Tom Kennedy juniors J ,-1 . V X x V E? as ' ,-, i f- We Yi e Y me Aairii fa g? Guess Who??? Tom Kennedy, and Todd Bogart gave us their fashion statement on ,VCAVEMAN DAY" during Homecoming ' Week. H z 'X P K M5 A i i Q fs- I fm. 4.32, -X 'aww 3 , ,V 4? 1 .1 ll X We , 5 Q ' W, fi 4 l . , , 752 f ,E 5, 'i if ' 6 f f 'Fl if 4-l Y A 1 E l . X fa if fl T' .. We X l ,,, , 'egg 535 as V if Kelly Kenney Chrissy Keperanakis Dusty Kerr Dohyung Kim Kevin Kindle Paul Kirker Trauia Kisner Kelly Kleinschmidt Tonya Knell K K Dale Koskinen M i Laura,I.ackey y CffSff1I-Gif K e in David Lake 2 M Mark Larnbrecht K Richard Larive ShawniLarkins K Ann Lavoie Ray Lay Melanie Lueck e Paul Luellig Alma Luk Yvonne Madrid Epimenio Marquez Becky Marquez 'il 415 Pete Martin Belen Martinez Benjamin Martinez Joshua Mason Chris May Jackie McDaniel Brian McQuay Alicia McAnally Kimberly McClure Brian McDaniel Clark McDonough David McGee Darian Mellon Michelle Menges Gregory Mesecher Shari Messerschmiclt Cassandra Milier Stephen Miller Theresa Miller Michael Minyard Raquel Miranda Candy Montiel Lori Morales Jose Morales Manuel Morales Brian Moreno 1416 - Q. 5 Q .sa s K .arf X X y crr. ,W W 1 W5 .QW vs. N Come on Mireya Penunuri and Stephanie Berumen you know you want your picture taken. J , A 1 wg, Q, ,, ' A V I' fr , as Lt if.. J.-v.,. A, M lr? as F if ,M ' i ' imfia f 7 , nf 'Y I X x ' Proud papas Paul Luellig and Tony Baldaraz were adoptive fathers for their Child Development class. A , 0s.f6v juniors J Ricardo Moreno Julie Morrison Martha Muniz Michael Munoz Veronica Munoz Jennifer Nardini Jason Nelson Spencer Neitch Katie Newcomb Kristy Newell Alex Nicholas Carol Ollendick Dan Onstad J Becky Osterfelcl Milton Owens Armando Ozuna Frank Ozuna Michael Ozuna Edward Pennington Rosa Pereda Alicia Perez Ramon Perez Terah Perry Sandy Pina 14? Georgette Pless Shane Porter 'Brett Potts Arlee Prevo Julie Price R Kimberly Price Carolyn Prieto James Quittschreiber Robert Ramos Padma Rao Toby Ray Todd Reib Suzanne Reinhart Rita Riuas Julie Roderrick Jesse Rodriguez Stephen Roehling s Mary Rogers 'il 4 gf me pt 2 sy ff , we Left: Kristi White: "What are you looking at BUD?" ' Right: Emmy Taylor: "Am I cute or what?" 41 1 If ,rf-f O QM? ik! 15 2 W f 2 Qu.. Z. 21 A , , Q i7Z,L 5 1 , X Kim Griffith went to HJUNQUE FOOD JUNCTION," am: A A ' :,EA ' 'f li: lssl One of the AF Lunch Bunch, Jenny White, ,Q- juniors Shawnya Rogers Sheri Rogers Cinda Rose Julie Rowe Robyn Rumble Tyneiiq Russell David Rutherford Andy Salazar John Salyers Delia Sanchez Christy Sanmiguel April Sartin Maria Sauceda Paul Sausedo Baran Schmidt Jill Schojleld Jamie Session Laura Shaffer Ann Shassetz Steve Sahuaqui David Shilliday James Showalter 1419 Gregory Sims Daniel Slagle Thomas Sloan Jahala Smith Teresa Snider Patrick Snow S S EddielSolIs Stephanie Solis Alejandro Sotelo Veronica Spencer Dawn Steele Todd Story r Stacy Suckling if me James Sunderland 'il SED Sherry Susi Cheryl Sutton Ryan Sutton Emmy Taylor John Taylor Stefani Taylor Paul Terry Charles Thomas Charles Tonkinson Johnny Torres Sharon Torrez Lisa Tribbett Ashli Troeh Shayla True Annette Turner James Tyra Stella Valdez Yolanda Valdez Rodney VanDyke Teri VanNort Tracy Vandewater Roman Vasquez W, Dennis Vaught Lisa Velez 11511 Danita Villa Manuel Villa Heather Wagner Deland Wait Elizabeth Waitt Robert Walker Tammy Walker Jon' Warkomslci Andrew Watkins Mike Weber Michael Webster Michael West Robin West Jenny White Ruth White Stevan Whitman Curtis Wichers 'TIS 2 P4 if Andrea Armenta, Sylvia Folks, and Etta Pless mingle at the planter. r . i I 1 Sean Larkins and his dudes say "Wordl Scott Wiggins Harley Wilcox Timothy Wiley Sharonda Williams Dave Woodburn 13 ,.. -, David Woodward f - Kyra Wray H,-v 1... Michael Ybarra in Maria Wyda' I f 'lrr I i .V , 1. ,VZ 5 NXNKX W Allen Yocum 'W Colin Yohe W W Edith Young Janna Young z out the Chicks' ll M reno and Roman Vasque Jimmy G0RZa1e5,B1'lan 032 Y l and Terah Perfv Check out the dudes' Caroiyne 9 ef Robyn Rumble, Michele Young Shawn Young 153 115131 Q A Nicole Adams Monica Allman A Natasha Allen A Steven Allen Barbara Allison Amador Alvarado MartaAnaya :Kelly Anderson Lance Anderson l Michael Anderson V sophomores . - 'M GS' ., Q, . . . ww .L M . l a, 3 , ' 5 .sa .QL Sm-W f - . A XJ' EQ. 1 , KN Ep? .l . ,X , rl ' ' if Hwxzllalzlw... . Qs 5 5 . - ,r V,-Q Tiff " .. -VQEET. ' 'I : A ' ,-Si tk X ' M ,Q W Q1 5 fr. we W' Q ff .1 nfs ,Q 3 il n h D rg 1, .nl 1. fy, -5' Q5 fn, .wh 3, gg, sw -214 -vs' Diana Corralejo shows us she loved schoul this much! 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Jack Repetro Jennifer Rhoads Kim Riddle Tara Robinson Brenda Roden '11 33 Eric Saunders Tamara Schares Tim Schofield Nyrene Scott Ted Scott Heidi Sears Micheal Sema Christina Serrano Craig Shaffer Jeff Sheppard 120949 S rr D07Tl"Vl1ShUQlS S rlat T 5.- iag r,a John Suslauage S Roger Sutton Aaron Sutton Brandon Taber TammyhTambe "U S freshmen Hari Shek Tsehg "Willidm Ttirriker i chris Tyfef 'L ' Lee'Ulinger J Jeisiqa Vaienzuqla 'W 5 Shelby Weber Michelle Webster Michelle Weedman Brian West Robert Weyrauch Amy Wheat Tammy White Denise Whitehead Shelly Whitworth Candy Williams Samantha Wllfs 'Seierih Willis Mariah Will? lil Thiiriiia Wilisofi flef!v'I?' Wfwh! Phillipleringue W freshmen l il I df. If A ff" ..-e 8 Ahxyyiwohduibrtli, Bfanajf Biilmir, Tammyigciareg, afld Jin-' nifer'Rho4desfarefcheertng forgood grades. - - Leslie Anderson and Jackie Peixa show us pearly whites. ' f ' ' i No 1'AMARA,iDoN'T Em'mu Freshmen Q Board of Education Ferenc Rosztoczy, Laurence Fergus, Ronald Raynes, Ronald Wood, Garry Taylor. Administration mi X. Harold Porter, Superintendent O. K. Fulton, Principal SC Don Cloud, Asst. Principal SC Don Enz, Principal NC Judy Jensen, Director of Guidance . , , ,H L 'ff P .d iff C , Nan Raine, Director of Personnel Art Crow, Director of Spec. Ed.f Voc. Ed. board X administration South Campus Cafeteria 44, fri If , , x, ,,,, I 'W E-J ff ff 2 1 l 1 I Rosemary Kosecki, Gert Buttes, Melva Frazier, Tobe Lindsey, Rosalie Giesegh, Wanda Malysa, Phyllis Smith, Louise Fullington. orth Campus Cafeteria April Banuelos, Joseph Brumley, Darnel Wassinger, Eddie Bonner, Ima Love, Elsie Summers, Rosie Fisher, Felipe Wainstein, Robbie Christopher, Frank Sankot, Holly St. Peter, Maintenance South Campus W F05 f'1 Mike Collier, Karen Adcock, Larry Kemper, Beth Kildoo, John Mason, Wayman Adcock, Les Price, Lee Small, Donald Roderick. cafeteria f maintenance ll l Y if in f - 1-553 -may 53: Mr. Hernandez takes time out to watch cartoons. 'QQ "Walt a minute. What were we talking about?" Mr. Reed queries. Z? Miss Rusch practicing her shorthand. Dora Aragon Andrew Baker Frank Balmer Wayne Bateman Elaine Billingsley Lori Veon Mike Bresnahan Phyllis Bringer. Rose Brown Shirley Campbell Nancy Carlson Joe Cooper 'il 91 Kathy Crill Jim Dawson Louis DeLoretta Wayne DesCombes Andre Doyan Yvonne Espil Marnie Force Dave Goitia Mary Goodwin Trirma Graziani Ignacio Gutierrez Gary Hagerman Pat Henderson Sonja Hendrick Joyce Hogan Jay Horen Shirley Johnson Robin Jones 192 . i , , N Qk f. -,J Mit.. t. K F Q W P 1 iv E 5115 A p ' G Q' A 1, ,Alf A Q .Ag 5 I ft- , " Q X155 fs fx fx. F ' swf. , 1, la 1' Jag -. Hey, Mrs. Schlensig, dld you eat too much today? as rs.f as 3 5 Mmgg. Mr. Leinart says, "Not my picture you won't!" .-91+ W 1 --Qu Ms. Nancy Carlson Ms. Lori Veon and Lyn Ellis Teachers By Anna Wolfe 8: Cindy Holdcroft l Do you ever have one of those days when your alarm doesn't work, you have nothing to wear, or your car,won't start? To top the morning off, you stumble into Mr. Mahon's room a W second late and he makes you stand the whole hour. Wouldn't you just love to throw his head into a steering wheel and pull a 360? Or how about when you have Mr. Reeder's Biology class right after lunch. Your sitting in your hard wooden chair and you've GOT to go to the bathroom. You squirm up to his desk only to find out he won't let you go? For a split second, wouldn't the thought of dissecting the man cross your mind? Last but not least, you're lucky enough to have Mr. Schreiber as a math teacher. He asks an apparently sim- ple question and you raise your hand to give a reply. Your answer is turned into the joke of the hour. Can't you just imagine taking your Algebra 3-4 book and beating him until he's red and grey. At last the dismissal bell rings, and you're more than ready to call it a day!!! Mr. Mike Mahon 77? . ,7 I ggy:- Mrs. Sonja Hendrick 'il 93 194 Kendall Justice Carlene Kennedy Helen Knapp Patricia Koontz Rondi Larson John Leach Bill Leinart Yvonne Moulton Nan Moses Mike Mahon Nancy Marshall Joyce Matthews Don McPeak Jo Naerbass James O'Brien Janet O'Brien Lloyd Purcell Linda Phillips teachers Take the bus and leave the driving to us. 'Qi 1 , Q in Q X F' NX gf ,.., ,xi 4 L 'RQ' 'iH"'i kv il Li? nn. 1. e '-' J ' . I Ann Price Kim Randall Ken Reed Tom Reeder Kathy Rusch Denise Salyers Debbie Schlensig Don Shilliday Guy Smith Mary Solano Crystal Stephens Patricia Steuenso Bob Trout Farrell Turney John Vickery Roger Warner Karen Whitney Linda Wilkins Michael Williams Sharon Wood Larry Wray fl 195 196 Shaunn Bachman and Mike Grenger are heading for the ramps. girls' Brett Tornow "All l thought about was girls, girls, around campus l K S. Vlzzerra, M. Morales, D. Ozuna, E. Solis, R. Sausedo, F. Ozuna l Sherlynn Cook' and Chlckle Johnson smile prettlly. ' Denise Tacy, Jeff Mercy and Aimee Brainard. l ! Tina Morton, Debbie Hardesty, Vanessa Arnie and Chris Sam Webste, hides hy, Potty pass ln shame. Hendrickson. nile, Mendi Eckert, you're i Candid Camera! - i Ann Lavole, April Sartin, Heron MacCormick she looks nice, huh Heron? "Trying not to fall asleep in class, AGAIN!" Joanna Barry Aundre Anderson sneaks a peek from beyond. Al'r1iy.lvllneklsintllvulnim' ' .5 Ryan Lee, QW - Y 'sv 3 Manuel Morales and Christine Goodrich strut their stuff, rg Q lt's 8:06 and 45 seconds as you pull into your parking space. While you are running to class you hear the final bell. OOPS! Late again. Trying to explain why to your first hour teacher isn't going to be easy. Thousands of excuses race through your mind. Do you say you woke up with a massive pimple on the tip of your nose or your favorite pair of jeans were still wet from the washer? Because you were late, you now have an extra assignment or two. As you go to your other classes, the thought of food enters your mind. Finally the lunch bell rings. The bright orange doors fly open as the hungry students run to their cars or the cafeteria. The biggest crowd is at McDonald's. Bic Mac's, large fries and large cokes are ordered one after the other. The booths are packed and the air is filled with wild chatter. For those students who can't drive or just wish to stay on campus, the cafeteria is a place to socialize. There are twenty minutes left in the lunch hour. Most of the students are talking at the planters, looking over notes, or playing Hacky Sac in the courtyard. As 2:44 rolls around, at last school is out. Some go out for an after school sport, or an evening job, while others rush home to watch Scooby-Doo. The memories will last forever as another day is fulfill- ed at Agua Fria. around campus Where's your thinking cap 'J Budd PASS A WITH ARE Who are those good looking guys in the shades? Ryan Lee and Lin- coln Holcomb A What are the two of you up to now? Andy Hillison and Bobby Lettieri Neat mek Quvs. now let's see vw Q21 OU' Of if! Tom Kuhn and Chns Guess 1 Q buddies and MB! and Clint Stockton. Kickin' back with the orignial party animals, Joaquin Humphreys, Tim Clarke, -A V David Shilliday: "He's my closest friend." Y CLQKI'-l-A David McGee: l'Close friends were never closer." mam legends like glow X . ' is K ' l 'V O O O ,Vid ' """" 'lj' l 9 - The "Three Stooges," live and unrehearsedl Danny Slagle, Out of all the comedians in the world, the sophomores Greg Huyck, and Darian Mellon got "stuck" with Danny Chevalier and Tom Delaney! v 1 buddies ...Q 4 ::.L..4.L..-1.-1 . 199 riencld Am What are you guys doing in there?! Kirsten Barber and Stacy Rose I P Frederick's or Sears? Deanna Duncan and Shannon Wood Q "Cinn-dy, leave me alone!" Cindy Holdcroft and Cindy Early 2 Q Q friends Pose pretty for the camera! Ann Lavoie, Jenny Holtrup, and Katie Newcomb 0l"9U2l" . . . Part-time car thieves, Jennifer Nardini and Jill Schofield. Mr. Hanginl around! Slefl ROSZYOCZS' and McPeak, that's your car!! Yvombe Decoft QI C, qu Don'f Fall!! Erin Marshall and Nancy Parra We all need someone to lean on. Cheri Holdcroft and Anna Wolfe. 2 Q0 'il '- A' i Brian McQuay Steve Roehling Below: Raw Steel - Dale Dees, Sean Crawly, Mike Tenn, and Alex Nichles 3? E? 2 ii 2 Mike Tean Below: Sean Crawley and Charlie Tonkinson 1 .'1d sr t Knights of Bloody Steel -- Tim Clarke, James Bussa, Chad Monahan and Manuel Chad Monahan and James Bussa Cruz, 4515 wi Tim Clarke if fa in E2 5' if 5 Q f E X 1944-4 Q'-J, Dan Onstad This year at Agua Fria there are three bands with great poten- tial. Knights of Bloody Steel is a four member band consisting of senior Tim Clarke on the drums, senior James Bussa, bass, A.F. graduate Manuel Cruz and A.F. graduate, Chad Monahan, lead guitar and vocals. "Our dream is to be able to support ourselves strictly from band profits," said Tim Clarke, senior. Knights of Bloody Steel, a thrash metal band, has been in con- tact with Phoenix's own Flotsam and Jetsom. Mike Spencer, bassist for Flotsam came and watched one of their practice ses- sions in October. "We can't wait to jump into the Phoenix cir- cuit!" Bussa exclaimed. Another band, The Vile Tors, "the morally corrupt," play pro- gressive rock. The Cure, The Damned, and Pink Floyd are the bands who have influenced them the most. This is an all-junior' band consisting of Sean Crawly on bass and guitar, Steve Roehl- ing on drums, Dan Onstad, rhythm guitar and keyboards, and Charlie Tonkinson, playing bass and guitar. The Vile Tors have been playing together for 3M years, and hope to soon hit the club scene. A newly formed band, Raw Steel, has only jammed together once, but plan to become more serious. Their band is made up of junior Brian McQuay, vocals, Alex Nichols, lead guitar and rhythm, Mike Tean, on drums, junior Dale Dees, lead guitar and rhythm, and Sean Crawley on bass. Their goal is to satisfy themselves in the music they write, "I think we're the most ver- satile band. We can play anything from thrash to jazz." stated Dees. bands J QD 3 M Q, wir- ,rf . V , J f u ll Q e 5 VJ -11' , xv K 3: 65319 h .L ' -, f,""" , Q i r 3 Q I , V i Q .R em X Q s . 3 Kris.. 3 . Q 4 A ga S x mr, 4.3! l X .I 4, ' '40 - . S 1 . 4 wr F :X V W K" . 'L - ' f . "i"7,.-Q . Q if f ' n - K 1 E E 755' N. 1 4 after hours Trudy Williams spends her evenings at work. Larry Morley was in a state of shock after a can of spaghetti exploded on him. WW 4 Charissa Newport, Jana Stumph and Michelle Templeton look "pretty" for the boys at the Devil House. Vanessa Arnie and Natasha Allen relax on a casual Friday night. Matt Eichorn, Susan Shassetz, Alicia McAnally show their school spirit at Sunnyslope. Laura Blythe, Holly Hudson and Debbie Dewey savor the taste of McDonald's food. Shannon Singleton and Cindy Holdcroft are "Happy Campers." tt A' I oa a1nn Matt Papworth has tun rooting for the owl s. FRN 5 Q I I l.ol r, 1 Hz 72 WA'-me I 'I' Billy Turner, Phil Collins, Bobby Fisher, Edie Heffington, Shaunn Bachman. Owls, nocturnal as we are, find after hours: exhilirating, warm, spicy and totally rad. We are forming lasting impressions as we are working, playing, cramming for ex- ams, hanging around, skateboarding, stuff- ing our faces, relaxing, partying, soloing or teaming up with friends, dancing, or just be- ing ourselves. David McGee IJuniorl "At night I like to go to football games, parties, and an occa- sional movie." Dianna Brinkerhoff ISeniorl "Night Life for me is working football games spending time with my friends and family." Brigette Harris IJuniorl "I go to dances, parties, football games, work, talking on the phone and spending time with my boyfriend." Ben Avitia ISophomorel "Fridays I usual- ly go to the midnight movies with Anna, Robert and Sandy." Charissa Newport IJuniorl "Night life for me is the best time of the day. All I need to be happy, is my friends." After Hours is a potpourri of personal tastes. 2 By Tonya Knell David Shilliday, Mindy Lueck, David McGee and Jennifer Jarnagin say "CHEESE!" after hours Jx ,if,,J'Lf'9fQj'f5'3"'H SCHOOL as 1 f' Q , Igflf Q, 'SH 'PPWQAIE 'Yoda Tv-wk THEY womb A EDBNG, HELD buck. AGAN Iv ME 1 , sides wen Ammaa wma To awe Fora MY Coulee ebuf..niQ,,r Q ARIES lMarch 21-April 191: Relationships may have come and gone, but luck is with you and the people you have met. Being yourself will get you what you want in life and excite the pleasures involved in it. However, think for yourself and much will happen. TAURUS fApril 20-May 201: There may have been a few changes over the past year which might have been hard to deal with. Don't rely on shattered dreams of the past, live on dreams of the future and things will get better. GEMINI fMay 21-June 201: Much has taken place during the course of this year. Friendships have grown stronger and some have become weaker. However, the future holds a brighter pathway for you to follow. CANCER Uune 21-July 221: What seemed to be a lost cause will soon come your way, A new relationship may build and satisfy your needs. lf there is something you've wanted, go out and get it. lt will only get better. LEO fJuly 23-Aug. 221: Any weaknesses you might have had, have become stronger and let you see life much clearer, Learn to "grab the bull by the horns" and take control of your life. VIRGO fAug. 23-Sept. 221: You have had a very busy year which may have more ventures in store for you, You may have met new people through unusual ways, which bring joy into your life. What seemed dim will become brighter and lead you down the right path in life. LIBRA tSept 23 Oct 221 Craziness has played a major role for you in the past year You may have been involved in something that can become very rewar ding You ve felt really good about yourself and the people around you You may start seeing life through a different perspective SCORPIO fOct 23 Nov 211 There were a few surprises in store for you which could have been confusing Through your willingness you re able to understand them much better Follow your heart and you will go far over the next few years SAGITTARIUS fNov 22 Dec 211 This may not have been your best year but things will change through the course of time Take things easy and drastic im provements are sure to come within the future CAPRICORN fDec 22 Jan 191 Things have gone fairly easy for you and will continue to do so if you use your intelligence Life will only get better if you lead yourself toward the right direction Know the difference between right and wrong AQUARIUS fJan 20 Feb 181 Good things have happened to you this year Exciting relationships build in love as well as in friendships old and new Luck has run wild in your veins and promises much more excitement in the future PISCES tFeb 19 March 201 Your ability to win people over has helped you but don t take it too seriously lt could mean trouble in the future Your life will be good if you let it fall into place Don t force anything Good things will come naturally y Cindy Early Many students have fantasies of ieeting famous rock stars They give :any students inspiration and a goal for ie future Concerts are a big part of high hool life giving students a chance to atch their favorite performers put on a mow If you are lucky you might have an pportunity to meet your idol. It was a al exciting experience being able to ieet Jack Blades lead vocalist and iitarist of Night Ranger This has been y dream since eighth grade com ented Cheri Holdcraft The band ight Ranger treated us as if we d known lem all our lives ' said Shannon ,ngleton. When I met Bryan Adams id his band it was a lot of fun! Mendi kert and I partied with them all night ng. They're just normal everyday peo e added Cindy Holdcroft 50.1 sf 5.5 'fl 1 1 Cheri Holdcroft Jack Blades Shannon Singleton and Julie Perry pose for a picture after the Night Ranger concert mini mag 2 fibeclzcafeo! to W juhon I have known you for many years and not once did you ever take that extra second to do what you thought was best. Some times I would walk into the office and get so frustrated because I would be in a hurry and you couldn t speak to me at that time. Then I would glance into your office filled with shiny plaques and medals and to see you working so hard made my frustra- tion vanish. Some people admire rock stars or big movie names but I ad- mire you because I know you are truly a dedicated worker. You are not a principal for the money or for the title but a principal for the students. This is my last chance to tell you how I feel as a student. This is not a farewell but a thank you for being a devoted and caring principal and friend!!! You will always be in my thoughts . . . Anna Wolfe ' r. make a decision that I knew deep-down was not fair. You would Q 0 dedicated .7, I ,, if w-it-nw ,Wm - x SPORTS Sugar Ray Leonard made the biggest comeback after a retina operation. He won the Middleweight Championship against Marvin Hagler. The Super Bowl '88, Denver Broncos vs. Washington Redskins. Minnesota Twins defeated St, Louis Cardinals in the World Series. POLITICS Vice President - George Bush President - Ronald Reagan The United States most well known governor was Evan Mecham. The Governor of Arizona. Dow Jones Industrial dropped 508 points for the single largest loss, The Pope visited the United States and Canada for the first time. Gary Hart dropped out of the race for the presidential nomination after being accused of having an affair with Donna Rice. Soviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev met with U.S. President Ronald Reagan to sign a treaty to eliminate intermediate range nuclear weapons in Europe. The Government tried to trade arms for hostages. Col. Oliver North testified t the Iran Contra Hearings. if 31-I '-ss.. ENTERTAINMENT U2 The Joshua Tree had record sales concerts and radio play They started fl nded their American tour in Arizona They ended their tour in Tempe AZ where they filmed a documentary at the Sun Devil Stadium Mary Hart hostess of Entertainment Tonight obviously agreed with the press concerning her title of hav ing the sexiest legs when she in sured them for S2 million The original PARTY ANIMAL Spuds MacKenzie howls in at 41 Eddie Murphy was DELIRIOUS when he was nominated Come dian of the Year. The officials told Michael Jackson to BEAT IT when he unsuccessful- ly offered them S1 million for the remains of the Elephant Man. Ex-heroin addict, Boy George, was banned from U.S, "Platoon" won an Oscar for Best Picture. "Beverly Hills Cop Il" grossed over S153 million. The Greatest Dancer in the World," Fred Astaire, died of a heart attack. Harry Hamlin of L.A. Law, voted "the sexiest man alive," won't cross exam the press verdict. T3- Mrs. Baster was trying to get things done with all the confusion going on. Sharon and Terry were arguing on the side. 2 Ei? ss ,,,,,i,.,- The depressed and mentally confused Jessica clutching he cleaning bucket. David was explaining to Terry that Miss Shotwell has been killed by Jessica. Mr. Stanley was trying to warn Mrs. Helen Baster about Jessica. 2163 T T l l lelen Baster and Miss Shotwell discussing a strange phone call Miss Shotwell eceived, aaron, David, Mike, and Alice trying to comfort Terry who is frightened by Mr. anley. Play Characters mf' - Tawnva Naylor Mike - Todd Dagger: 7 Stanley - Lanny I-lghfhill Terry - Jamie Session Sslca " Angela T5l3TiC0 David - David Shilliday ce - Roetta Miexner Miss Shotwell - Chamie Contreras Helen Baster - Emmy Taylor Murder on Center Stage Was there a real murder committed? You only know if you saw the murder-mystery, KMurder on Center Stage.' The play begins at a college theater with a half-finished f'Romeo and Juliet" set on stage. We see five college students and their in- structor Helen Baster, played by Emmy Taylor, practicing for the play "Romeo and Juliet." 5 A few moments later we are introduced to three new characters: The stage cleaning lady, Jessica lAnglea Talaricol, who is apparent- ly insane, Mr. Stanley, played by Lanny Lighthill, the school's janitor, and Miss Shotwell, one of the schools English teachers, played by Chamie Contreras. As the play unfolds, Mr. Stanley, a very misdirected man, locks the cast in the theater to get his revenge on the three "sisters', - Jessica, Miss Shotwell, and Helen Baster, who acted together in their college years. We find that Mr. Stanley was jealous, envious, and hateful to these "sisters" The play was excellent. The cast did a terrific job. Congratula- tions to Mr. Judge, the director and Marsha Bryan, the assistant director. Thanks to the technical staff. Good job to everybody in- volved with 'Murder on Center Stage.' - Robyn Rumble Mr. Stanley making an escape after attempting to kill his next victim. 2'il'il A ,I "" ' H ., , 'xxx ts M ,VJ e Couples arrive to enjoy the Christmas festivities. HPV' Steve Roberts and his date waited to have their photo taken Everyone appreciated the beautiful surroundings, transformed by holiday decorations. Dan Slagle, Heidi Jarniganj Erin Marshall, and Greg Huyck. is 1 , 4 if mm I , ,ar 1 Sonia Garcia and her date took pleasure in the night. Q an 2 TheS2 A-F. SfUd2HfS dal'1C9d the night away- Some Couples congregated to discuss the pleasant evening. ' ' inter ' nnrlerlaml . .. if Kim Dewey, Vanessa Haney and their dates enjoyed attending the Christmas Formal. X Victoria Kindle and Zane Heda. a .,,.,, .R ,, f s W-Wim I if ' Ai 1 1' fm ' ff' N , if 4 is ,f Kevin Kindle, Neala Carson, Victoria Kindle and Zane Heda. Lisa Leonhardt and Stefi Rosztoczy attended the refreshments, 0 1-Y . 54 ,gyms 2133 I Juniors displayed their school spirit. wx www? 5 x asv .f:s:1w, z1 k if 'X - .33 eff: 'Q X A af Blisg, s , - - at ,ve e- xr, for i,, k K 5.5. h ,,f5.:k, - -asset st.A..?'51x,,, , u Ulf ., N - T-4 ' P . 'sift - X6 gs W ., h -,qw A . .1 .,,,- ' ea jx,-j't'f k , 'SQ , ' - -W 1 K, K .ig . 1. g.,.i to T f ff.: ., N 1 gf, T , N, :V kVki - at iwf X .Q f 5 X t S it Q W ,i Qi ,MQW l -. kg X xx X X, Q 4... ' W ti Mk ' f in " V SR ,R G ,E M vm, rv' if e -Q nigga 5 Imax? Q 2- R as AY' ,iii t s 3 QQ, ,L .. i,i,,7gV Q is Q L M if i ' - -ffm. 4 Q W " he so N Y-ff, is , 5. X Y wi isii .iiii 1 if wfglgm, "1 Q idll .,sxfs.mkT Sara Stockstill just hated it when that happens! . 1 . A -,Q L gzy t Below: Theresa and Tony conversed during class. Tony seemed to be doing all the M . a K ,, ,. 9 . lj. K i K s K- ' .-1 - . -T talking' . 3 ' t Q t ' 4. i' Q e . " K . Q " .V ll t A' t -x.. -T53 Y fs iiima K - Tina Rose and Amy Woodward relaxed after a long day at North Campus. Below: Hey Sean, did that straw taste good? 21 ill S Left: What great studentsg we found is L them studying during lunch!! Below left: Oh! is this a private conversation Nu.: Antionette? 1 ? 1 i ,f 3 4 Nl 1 Q YN fx A X Q XS QQ? f' G Q5 'Q ...QW Ea- I as r W 'tg S f gy N1 K ll - i J Q These guys relaxed at the planters, a favorite campus hangout. A cup of hot chocolate got their motors running on a chilly morning. I ls this fun or what?! Girl watchers paradise! Did you say you wanted one or two flowers for Valentine's Day? Em .Q X if . ., .. V' WW' K W, Sita. f V fig E 'v V , mn , H fi? candids r N M 'K T .t. xw 1 1 9 Morie enjoys playing the flute. Jose Morales Morie Okaml r Jose plays soccer whenever he has time. Morie and Jose, AF exchange students. Z il 6 foreign exchange students Jose and Morie both love being in America. Foreign Exchange Students Cultural exchange and learning experiences are a few reasons for becoming an exchange student. 'ljhis year we had two new additions to AFHS Jose Morales, from Spain and Morie Okano, from Japan, who became "American l' teen-age students. Jose came to America to "meet new people and come to a dif- ferent country." Jose said that "America has more opportunities, more classes, and the classes are easier to pass." Jose especially misses the food from back home. "I miss my friends," says Morie lkano from Japan. Morie says the schools in Japan are really diferent from America. The teachers change rooms instead of the students changing classesg they have a 10 minute break in betweeng and they don't have a cafeteria. ln- stead they must bring their own lunch. When Morie leaves she will take with her the memory of the new friends she made at AF. - Rebecca Romero In memory of Karen Hendrick August 6, 1971- October 30, 1987 She was a member of the swim team and Young Life. She was the school mascot and a lifeguard at the Recreation Center in Litchfield Park. Karen will live in our memories forever. .0 217 s s U.. -is ' 8 1 l5 i e 1'b,,, Q, ., 3 . ri. as ,- . .K L wwww Leaders of the pack: Jennifer Malody, Anne Billingsly, Stacy Rose, Matt Papwortoh, Cin- . ' dy Holdcroft, Anna Wolfe, Robyn Rumble, Carolyn Beyle. , ' we g, F55 . g. elf I ' e,:, Portraits: Robyn Rumble fsectlon edltorl pgs. 146-153, 189-192, 194, 195, 210, 211. Mendi Eckert pgs. 138-145. Rebecca Romero pgs. 154-161, 216. Terah Perry pgs. 162-169. Lori Sears pgs. 170-179. Besty Waitt pgs. 180-188. Cindy Early pgs. 110-121. Cheri Holdcroft pgs. 122-137. ' .s - 5, i , 1 r ,. fa: Ads: Carolyn Beyle Qsection editorl, Sean Forsythe, Eddie Cunningham, Gretchen Hughes, and TOP SALESWOMEN Mindy Lueck and Jennifer Jarnigan. Art: Polly Delaney and Shannon Crosby Knot picturedl Organizations: Jennifer Malody lsection editorl pgs. 34, 35, 49, 47, 50-57. Kim Soto pgs. 20, 21, 32, 35-44. Kim Dewey pgs. 22-31, 46. 21 wickiup staff USUIEIGUIIIIY EULUIIII ,gi ki 1 Sports: Matt Papworth Ksection editorl pgs. 72-77, 84. Phil Roderick pgs. 78- 79, 90, 91. Alicia McAnally pgs. 80-83, i5, 98-101. Kaylen Cons pgs. 86, 87, 89. Scott Wiggins igs. 92-97, 102, 103. xi. -U x if Xf, 1 f .Af Student Life: Anna Wolfe Q lsectlon editorl pgs. 106-109, 193, 202, 203, 208. Tonya x- - M Knell pgs. 6, 7, 14, 15, 33, 68, 204, 205, 209. Julie ,I 2 Goodrich pgs. 9, 196, 197. 'fir , ,, Amber white pgs. 8, 198- 'i g' .-4 201.Jon Peebles pgs. 10-13. f 5 . 4 Left: Editor-in-Chief: Cindy Holdcroft, pgs. 1-5, 16-19, 58, 59, 70, 71, 104, 105, 137, 193, 202, 203, 206, 207, 212, 213, 240-248. Managing Editor: Stacy Rose, pgs. 1-3, 214, 215, 218, 219, 240-245. mmf.-f - Mrs. Yvonne Moulton, Wickiup adviser Academics: Anne Billingsley lsection editorl pgs. 60, 61, 64, 65. Mark Hansen pgs. 62, 63, 66, 67, 69. wickiup staff Q Haircutters 106 N. Litchfield Rd in the Park 935-9505 Litchfield Park, Arizona Office 935-9000 RON LAIR RON LAIR CONSTRUCTION CO. P.O. Box 385 0 Litchfield Park, AZ 85340 P ,Ax - QM' if :fc ,'i v 8 ', "xv, Una 5 .4'f'-,1i'-,f - -ge-l'i!'i-,IQ jnfsuou iqizz, Joan 935-5804 gg-crfngiigifev-gg shenisae-3969 5 risky PO BOX 425 1oE GAMBINO CHEVROLET 220 Litchfield Park, AZ 85340 "Corky" Summers New 8. Used Sales Notary Public Student Discounts 507 E. Van Buren Avondale, Arizona 85323 46023 932-4389 Phx it 245-2438 Buckeye if 386-4795 DULFEI2, JEWELRY "WHERE CUSTOMERS SEND THElR FRIENDS" Watch, 'Clock and lewelry Repair Custom Design and Appraisal All Done on Premises 513 W. Western Avondale, Arizona 85323 TONYS HAIR SALON 501 EAST PLAZA CIRCLE, STE. E LITCHFIELD PARK AZ B534O 602-935-3193 Goodyear, AZ WALT and NAN WEIHMULLER Franchised Store Owners CED BASKIN-ROBBINS ICE CREAM STORE 880 EAST VAN BUREN - SUITE F I GOODYEAR, AZ 85338 16021 932-4420 cngyggou RICHMOND CHEVRON Litchfield Rd. gl Van Buren Goodyear, AZ 85338 932-2460 -it-My-nXn0nW1z's REALTOR' TAINTER Q 935-isoo Res: 935-3624 NOTARY 505 E. Plaza Circle Suite .HA Litchfield Park, AZ 85340 more than reliable electricity Electricity is vital to keeping our lights on. our homes comfortable and our economy growing. But at APS. our responsibility goes beyond providing reliable and economical energy. Whether it's supporting high school year books. athletic teams. drug and alcohol abuse programs, Junior Achievement or other youth activities, we're committed to making Arizona a better place to live. Qfgfwwfifffflyfwf Arizona Public Service Company Litchfield C C ij TRAVEL SERVICE RONALD A. BERDOY MANAGER 551 Plaza cr. or. eoz 955-seas S-H' "gg suite 5 TELEX IST! 5 Lticnneid Pk. X668-595 'um -ii' Az. 35540 THE WEST VALLEY CAR CO. INC. DOUG PROCTOR l602l 932-1234 15 W. Van Buren Avondale, AZ 85323 -fxn Fifi: r Xxx A ...1 il" 1" , PQ A Q ag inf'- MX i - no . WESTERN TRAVEL '-. 238 West Western Ave. Avondale AZ, 85323 932-9370 Owners jim A1 Wanda Session "From Here-To There-With Care There is no additional charge for our services 221 i 222 WESTSIDE TRANSMISSION WELLS PHARMACY 32 NOI'll1 8th Stfeet Congratulates the Avondale, Ariz. 85323 Class of 88 Phone 16021 932-0340 Hours Monday-Saturday 9 AM till 8 PM 24 Sunday 11 AM til 6 PM Q00 SE Og- Discount Prescriptions W Sickroom Supplies and Rentals QUALITY 3 Hallmark Cards Alpha Beta Center JIM WELLS 1239 N. Litchfield Rd. Pharmacist WESTERN DRY CLEANER 353335, A285338 300 W. Western Ave. Avondale, Arizona 85323 Phone: 932-3680 fx A , A . Q-fell MK A QA + V N V A JIM Sc EVELYN FOUGHT, Owners fflyxlvv X Harlan Lambrecht 8: Gary Dennings, Manager 3 QV X XY 'MY-1 'N v i f Qt fi' GOODALE x 1 Qi, n 'W' 'NS X5 NAC, X l l 4. l X ,fl XXX I 9 Vx L XL If Epub NBBQJ' W so N W ARE ui WARD - TR 1,1 I I ,. - ll W.:-f I wif 129 E. Western - Goodyear, AZ 85338 Phone: 932-3080 ads Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8-6 Sat. 8-5 Sun. 9-3 SEIYSEMAIY-MCKISSOIY-ROSS INSURANCE INC. 1412 NORTII CENTRAL AVENUE 0 SUITE A AVONDALE, ARIZONA 0 851525 CALL 952-4650 FOR ALL YOUR MSURANCE NEEDS! LIHL 0 AUTO 0 BUSINESS ' HOMES ' MOBILE HOMES BOATS ' MOTOR CYCLES ' FARM ' HEALTH ' BONDS MOTOR HOMES ISU SR 22's RON ROSS Owml K JI ICIIYAILIFCQIQIQI I L BRITT KODGEKS ACFNT progressive CHSUa1t THE HARTFORD THE SPECIALTY CVOMPANY mm yoga ndependmf Ins Pl LIFE Is: CASUALTY ufffildo' AMERICAN RELIABLE Fm," INSURANCE COMPANY Y, 51 ? ' ' A -f -6 lA'. SM The Best in Mobile Home Insurance Federal Home UIC -T 'Q is 2233 5 Si gig ' giiisgs? E Exif buf' Mcngn 1720 N-D E EEQVXE E caoodxe-og v SEM If 931 O7 Q is W 55 SERS 555 ? SNL 3 Mis ads MDX l g Q L L Huw, A A A ' + Q v- Betts Body Shop LITCHFIELD PARK ART BETTS O L SERVICE 81 SUPPLY . Owner Q BART MITCHELL N G! ,L - 935-5121 l X 4Ol East n A Q1 N. Litchfield -bacas - Liichfield k. AZ a-. , Qu ' AVO d I x. N x N , X x X L X .. -V X x' X X I X X Phone: 932-3081 A X la ' ite Shears Flow W Si gl' L , For All Yo Floral Nee I Pl 3 1450 N 8 h s eet Avondale, Arizona 85323 CAROLE HELLAND - T C , U N Cnfillagllf X I V V I Phone: 93 X W. D, TAIN me: 93 Congratulauons to the graduates of Agua Frra Hrgh School and reach beyond them THE WIGWAM May you always set your goals high, 225 Q M555 SN? 04 VS x XY K5 wigs Q N Qi Q Uv ggi AVGNDALE X by A SAFETY Kgs SERVICE R5 Wx QQ K NW NCongratulat1ons KKK SEQ E Class of as DICK WEBB 7 E W t A d l 932 0870 ' N A Q I F ,X ' I ' XX A N A Cqx xl m N L vw N J E. 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Goodyear AZ 932 1625 501 East Plaza Circle Litchfield Park, Arizona 85340 16029 935-1313 or 16027 23341866 ,V3, Jan Williams ' Tnucxs -...:.i,. El ' " mass NW PLAZA SUITES I 3 "" wmeaeow- venue: ap, " wa Wav' """ X U H E4 C ?':qE,zxN V332 SM +3 I 3, 1 I w QM aww -NL wmv- W K- Si 3 X I -im' 2 wav 331+ 3 , MW MW , I ga S A wx: ,MR 'hx-lxw., ,xg .-2 -N-.N-1, f 'ff-. 4 4 9 ' 2 at " . - : 4' :.' I:4 '3. '.'.-v:..,,j-. 1.3 ld 1 Q, T T-ri 'iiwbta-sikw k - , -W.-M . A-wwf 1 ' X M X . ,ei 52333 -E Q' Noegie S3 2 Ni? -2-xx TM W' I - I , 2 3' Q? xg 5' .sg 3, 2? sg? 'XQQEM vs . THE FIRST LETTER IN AUTO PARTS CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OE 1988 FROM A S C PARTS AND SERVICE CENTER SEE US FOR ALL YOUR AUTO PARTS AND REPAIRS CONVENIENTLY LOCATED ON THE CORNER OF DYSART AND WESTERN 932 2450 932 1190 239 H Bicycles I Lawn Mowers W , Garden Equipment 0 """L'-'?5"' Cham saws WIGWAM 919 N. Dysart Suite C. . Avondale AZ. 85323 RengalsfEleiiS?fV1ce ROBERT s. KNAPP owner, Broker 00 uc em 602-932-4000 outside AZ 1-800-345-4671 838 Van Buren Goodyear, Ariz. 85338 932-0060 STEVEN L TULLIPANE MEL WELTZIN LTD 9329216 ' ' -no CARTMAN'S NAPA, Printing Co. il 880 East Van Buren Goodyear. AZ 85338 Auto supply - Machine shop - Farm supply Your F riends at CRANE UNIDYNAMICS, PHOENIX 1000 N. Litchfield Rd. Goodyear AZ. 85338 932-8 100 22.30 ADLERIAN ADVOCATES FAMILY COUNSELING CENTER INC. STEPHEN S. HANCOCK DIRECTOR Serving the Air Force Since 1955 Champus Provider lBase Referral Not Requiredl v h Most Insurance Plans Accepted Individual ' Family 0 Child ' Marriage 0 Divorce ' AlcoholfDrug Grief ' Clinical Hypnosis ' Stress 0 Pain ' Weight Smoking ' Psychological Testing Days - Evenings - House Calls 549 Plaza Circle Rd., Suite A lNear Post Officel 935-2090 Litchfield Park ' na ll -.- REALTY wona.o 'ii 2 COTTONWOOD mc:-:Fas LD PARK? ,W 35'-f3884 Eachofffa , 2931 1 - To Spanky talk you into theory of engines. You ll get dirt under your fingernails. Hope you have a better 2 years than I did! I m finally our of here forever! Love Ya Weezer Dear Kelly, lliellsterl Yes, I'm in California fFinalIyj 8: you're still stuck in Arizona! Even though we're apart, I just want you to know you remain 8: will always be my best friend. Tell Blue I love him, I know you'll be out here in a week or two. still love'Blue 8z miss you too, Monica LIJIELIIIDI-IIKUUIW IUIEHIMY IBILLUE I-UI3 lil! 'E BUBBY LE'l"l'lElll IFFF MFBPY AND! INIULLY WIA l 'l PAPN llll l ll PA l PAPA Congrazulazzons for makzng thzs years class the uglzesz ever '1' O 'U 0 'C O C D' D2 CL his CD O O D- P-4 UD FY 'C 0 DJ '1 QP I-0- U7 -O C I-1- P' U O C3 f-S' . 4? FF Sf' P1 ' Q Q 4 4 J , 7 z I r 1 1 7 r 1 ' RAY LlNAFEL'l'Ell 293932 Personal ads To my Mr. Peter! Oh how I love you so much! We had a great year! lI.ike Marsha s Valentines Day party.l I just want you to know that I ruv you soo much! hugs 8: kisses! . Jugie Dream of what could be Tell yourself how it would be Then make it as it should be. From day to day my feelings change. They are never quite the same They change in love pain and hate But no matter what my feelings are they always change with fate one day my heart may be in love and the next it s filled with pain. Is this a change of feelings or are they one in the same? We can never answer these many questions we so have Because our many feelings will change from good ones over to bad . . . written by Amber Leigh Ray N ,,f, f f V t'2'V - 'U,t fivffu.-f, j f , , ' f -' " , f f , , W I .f, jf , J K Q I f K 4 fl, ff , f - 4 J, ,r X 1 ,- ,ff-f as i f, , ,, ,. ffl' If X, f ff, ,f ', e V ,ff !,,,f X ., 1 if f ' ' "1 4 Z 7 I fy . X n ff f , A, , 1 ' N V V, j ff, 1,4 lr F ,I I fx , K 1 I fl I, , W V I K k, ,, ' , XC! ff V i ' ' - - 1 , ,, , 1 flf fl fir , X . , , 1, , , , , f , f f ,t A f I , fi 1 , y a , V f K I X -, X' A ! I , ,f f ,A f" f f f ,, J , X I Q A ff i ff' f ,ff iff ,,l!!,f,. f-,Z K.. 1 ,X ,--3,7f4x I, V z :Q-,ie ff ,xx - X, ,f Spectrtun Corsica ' ' , g ' . . Uwmmngisnotasometime girl '- V . :- ll m .-+-..'.' 0" 7 W QQY' I S-I0 Pickup Beretta thing. You don't win once in a while, you don't do things right once in a while, you do them right all the time. A , thing, it's an all-the-time Winning is a habit: Vince Lombardi I A unfortunately, so is losing., f " la' A A KX W The ob'ective is to win...fairly, , 1-www'-'U-4 sfhuarefy, decently, by the ,, - VW r es.,.but to win " Corvette S-lo Blazer -'V A '-.. ia ..., --.4 ,,'wv-. ,J . . I .2 b Ii, 2275, 'gan . UT. ern A - ""'?"F'g-E Whatever your dreams in 4.4513315142-'xfzwr-5? M J, ,.,, life, now is the time to begin 1" 'M 'XA' ' - ' A the habit of winning! 3S'?.'w ?.E.?lE GLEN DALE 9 X17 piafzff dw? '1 ff' few From the management team at... The Arizona! , dee, Q, tfCLL.1fL1fL-Q15 475 file ajawf loc ze ,611 ads BMW CIDNSTIQUCTIDN C0 Mimi womb CIHSS Df 88 Coneratuligaons WALLACE CPA JARNAGIN FARMS RONALD G' 7 435 Cercado Lane Lichfield Park AZ 10201 W. Camelback Rd. ' Phoenix, AZ 602 877 3914 4 personal a To the class of 1988 who will always have this as an un- and successful future. Yvonne Moulton forgettable "Look lnto the Past" Best wishes for a happy to the Class of 1988 Congratulations from Mr. Cloud Best wishes to all! I hope you've had a great year! O. K. Fulton :nounonnonooonosoooccanooosoooonososoooooooo:oneouosooooooooooognuooog ooounoo 0 sonaouoo 0 on 0 0 cocoa -l . ------- ':::::: ..27r2t............. . 2.':: .:: 2 2 21 To Cheri l I1 ': E H My dearest sister, even though at times V . X 13- E 0 33- things don't fall into place between the two ' ' ff' a E Of us, and even though at times we get so 33:5 2 If caught up in our own lives that we can't sit f Q 7' 22222 E down and share time together, and even , E 2 :gl though we often fight like there was no end, f , 5 4 121.2 2' ZZ. l love you, and l'm so glad God gave me a I' Wy' Q! 51122 2 Z1 twin as sweet as you! l hope our future plans 121222 E will cross and meet because it's hard to im- ,. fy- ' 3 15- agine my life without you! yi My L D 313: g " I love you very much! XL Eg, ' I Q ggyg 2 Your favorite sister, l' ' 122 2 3 Cindy ::. 2 0 H ... o IO " O CC nal. , ,...., :ii iaziuizziizzzzizzaziiiii ascii!!! OOO OOO! O O lil C000 I OOO Cl I O O O OOO l Cl I C I O OIOIIIU COOCOCIIIIOIIOIOIICIOOIOOOIOOOIIOOIIOO'IllIIOOOOOiOOIIOIOIOCOOOOCCOIOOIDIOO Tonya, l will always love you, You mean more to mc than Love, Danny Congrats to all senior Bell Players! Returning campanas keep up the crudeness. signed, S. S. W. tAnniel Best of Luck Class of 1991 From Mr. Enz. anything. We both have a long life to live together, " ' .7517 . fsiffmferrfwtii, -.7 " Joaquin Joaquin - l want you to know that you l have made my last four years very special to me. The days l find myself looking back on high N school, I will remember you! l 'i may recall the parties, the laughs, the talks, or just the special times - - 3 we shared together, but most of ,El l ' A all, hon, l will remember us, 'Q together as one! l don't know ' what the future holds for either of 'l L rl y ' l' us, but I sure hope it has us t' 2 together! ' I ' l love you, 2' Cindy A -, KJ . r . 1 ' ' ' V c i .,,.i Q36 . X 4 X at I X6 CQICSX mcfggfecxm I CEQA il cr-S oesns Q, Os itwfga Q 6, I 'NJ I I 05551 S" M55 STWIEOO ar uebylbhl 33? ggsfirtqf-QQffQ 'XC ' A Ck ro A QQ. hCT II of ss ' YO C XX Qgiebbrsnioliwgpg I V35 Mat A 19019 meters SS throu hgra5IiI?XX aff gf if ' A7 I tZIIQ9btTliC?6I'J1Q7bLIl'9z,L1C70tfO0lFQ?0L1'5 098 L W -r 'fr ' U :li ,M - su O. rm! -Phe, bc5+-Pffe,n0L Ng me for you graduate. 'QL 5. Vs ' Wan one could cue-f have 'Q Our Xb wishes to all and each lf . ,n 1 earded wonders, Smith and Leach. I c M' ,L Foam! S L7 D April, You're a great sister and I wish you the best of luck in the years to come! Agua Fria s the best ou Il never forget it! Love Ya! Amber Yo Baby Renan' This one s for you' We ve had so many fun times and we finally made 1t" who' your bud Suban I-Iay Joshua I mean hey' you re hot babe' What else can I say? Ex cept I love ya and you re the cutest and greatest" I love you Suzy Woo!!! Wonder twin power. From of . .. well, you know personal ads MMI 4 sweefaaff'ng,,+h0ag,h+4:..: Q Kar' exec' -fv- EKIA! 9' 1 cvu, 1011 amz mga cmzgay mmf! Tina! Hi hon! Good luck at South next year! Treat each person as a long lost friend because after high school you may never see them again. Cherish each day they pass all too quickly. A.F. has a lot to offer take advantage of it all. Enjoy yourself! Love Stacy Thank you so much for all the great memries. Y all are the best friends anyone could have! Keep in touch through the years. We ll have the best time in CA!! See ya! Love Stacy 7 Kirsten, Kerri, 81 Lisa: l 7 Y 1 'XX lv' 6? David, Charissa, and Jason make up the social scene before lunch. Q' X Susan Shassetz and Alicia McAnally "Heck Yeah!" .xi K M , A--nw we .J It .fig MOH my gosh, l don't have any lipstick on!" XX AW Agua Fria's food chain. NN. Dining at "The Oringinal Fast Food Restaurant." candids 2 3 ma Oh Jenny Holtrup, Ann Shassetz, and Jennifer Jarnagin hold on for dear life. The Four Dwarfs: Happy, Bashful, Dopey, and Doc. fi 'I X 'M Kathy Berger and Jason Nelson flash those pearly whites. Gretchen Hughes working hard on the Agua Frl Wickiup. 'Q fi in I ' is 1 - x ,u ' H, My all 1 Q 8 Some cheerful sophomores. Word! 3 8 candids "Fame! I wanna live forever," or, Jennifer Jarnigan and Mendi Lueck. The smiling and suprised Snider sisters. l Kim Newell and Eddie Richards enjoying the bus ride to Snow Bowl. s .J Danny Slagle diving for cotton balls at Young Life .nlvgk Scott Ross, making massive muscles. candids Abraham, Jean 170 Acostaf Maria 170 Acosta, Robert 170 Acuna, Mike 7, 114 Acuna, Sam 170 Adams, Nicole ' 86 Adney, Collen 17, 110, 130 117 Aguirreffony 72, 170 Aharl, Shaugne 35, 89. 138. 246 Albelda, Marah 138 Albelda, Tania Aguilar, Lisa 110, sp, 39, - sa, me Albrand, Jason 77, 170 Aliman, Adela 11, 110 Allen, Natasha . 204 170 Allen, Vickie 1 - Auxasanxaarbara' 150 Allamirano, Sandra 138 Alvarado, Amador 63 -K Alvarej,jgA1lle 38 'Alvardzifiori ' 'EK 1110 Alvarei, Mike 7 7 Amator, Clint 61, 70, . , 1 , ,. 77,31 79 Ander3bi1gffAund igifilf 33. 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K 139 K 131 Baines, Lisa 1717 Ary, Ryan 171 Bannes, Sean 171 Ashline, Chad 77, 171 , Barney, Dagyna 11 2 I Ashllneg Todd 37,1171 Astorgai, Davlna -'h: VE K 82, 155 Astorga,,D!na 13, 109, ,. .efil , Quill '1 1 1 Barry. Andrew 155 Barry, Joanna 8, 112, 197 Baum, John 139 K ' K 171 Bf"1'Ff f 7 2 0 3' ul,-ff R ,K Uwge 125132233 1 ,M aw ueeiefgeaeeeeigw X 13 19,1 .. ,, . 7 . 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Karen 159 Enriquez, Cindy 159 Enriquez, Monica 142 Enriquez, Sandra 159 Enriquez, Samuel 142 Enriquez, Sean 142 Ensign, Paulette 142 Escobar, Augustine 182 Escobar, Henry 76 Espil, Melani 7, 11, 22, 88, 140 Espinoza, David 118 Espinoza, Miguel 118 Espinoza, Monica 118 Espinosa, Rene 142 Estrada, David 142 Estrada, Debbie 65 Estrada, Miguel 77 Eversoll, Valerie 118 Ewers, Healher 142 1 Q Farris, Bill 118 Farris, Bobby 142 Faullt, David 76, 103 Faulkner, Holly 142 Feighan, Tonya 159 Felix, Eliseo 142 Fields, Ricky 159 Finley, Jeff 118 Fiore, Delphina 159 Fischrup, Andrew 103, 159 Fischrup, Debbie 6, 118 Flores, Monica 83 Fludke, Toni Folk, Brian Folks, Sylvia 142, Fontana, Teri Forsythe, Sean 100, 106,109,1l8, 218 Foster, Susana 142 Foulke, David 159 French, Dustin 159 142 159 142 142 152 118 French, Michelle 9, Friend, Tara G as 4. av- aw wsu. jx 7' ,,, , , . ,M Q-:aigfEi?.4i 1 SL -ei 1- ::sp:a-fame f 5 i as 1 ,id .V .557-,1:f1,,vg,I: 'i'--' g53,111i,1 e i? 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William 168 Van Dyke, Amber 186 Van Dyke, Rodney 151 Van Norl, Mike 168 Van Nort, Teri 151 Vance, Ian 186 Vance, Mathugh 186 Vance. Shawn 77 Vanderwaler, Tracy 151 Vasilofl, Brian 77, 186 Vasiloff, David 133 Vasquez, Roman 151, 153 Vaughn, Paul 168 Vaught, W, Dennis 60 Vaught, William 151 Veich, Chad 168 Veilleux, Lisa Marie 186 Veilleux. Paul 168 Velez, Lisa 151 Via, Melissa 168, 247 Vigil, Goergean 186 Vigil, Joe 76, 168 Villa, Danita 152 Villa, Manuel 139, 152 Villano, Anthony 168 Villasana, Gloria 80, 168 Villasana, Myron 134 Villeaux, Lisa 83 Vizzerra,Chris 11.51, 89 Vizzerra, Steven 13, 63, 76,139,168,196 Vogel-Hadley, Robyn 168 Q V U1 Wachtler, Dan 11,134 Wagner, Heather 152 Wainstein, Felipe 186 wan, Deland 152 want, Betsy 7, 57, ss, 140, 152, 218 Walker, Robert Jr. Waiker, Tammy Warkomski, Jon Washington, Gayle Wassinger, Darnel Waterman, Gary '3 Watkins, Andrew 152 Watkins, Anita 186 Weaver, John 186 152 68, 152 Wallin, Anthony 186 152 134 186 1 1 .3111mM1.1 ,11e11fa11::11.f 1,111- 11. 11 me11f11111 111311111 1 ,. ,,.. 11,1 .,1. 1, 1. of 1,1 1 1 1 "" 3' v 111111 1 111 1 1111191113 rat, 15111211 .,,,f 1111112111111 Wg 1 211 wg, Q 1,1111 ,-,.- -111111. 111111121111- 1 fffi . 1..11112511121114a114ss111s41f112:52 51,1,,,, 1 1 ,,,. ,,aws1a111,1g11ae1-1111111 1111151212111 11 fiexfwsg rem, 1,1111 11121121111 1 lf 1, 111 1 1 1a11a1S11- 11 11111-1511151121 fi 1 11,111 ,,,,,,,,11,,1, ..,,,,., .,,,,,,,n Ex-1, -111 A 1 11.1, .. - 5,11-1 - 1111111151 111- 44112-11.11. 1 1,,.1i1111m .-22,11 :',..,,1g1s::':,,, 1. 1 Wi, . ,,.., 1,,11,,,g, ,1.,,,,,,V1, 1-11 s sn Q X 5 1f1JK1Q1 111-11131111231 f--f 1.511553-11 11.51112 1 1 -fi, ,-',' ,,'- 2 i',, 313169' 31 1 114 ' iw '.-, 1-f,11J1w,:1 -i"1a'1-1,1 12w1'afa1 1" 1: " " is ,111511,,f1, 5,1,11,5,1111, 11,1-1,2111 1,.1,,1111,g1-111 1 A ' 1111 'g'1g1'-111115111-1111511121111-e11f1,5111555111-51- 1 1 1 Qeii 1 f111 -ze YS ' " - f'.l 1 ' ij 1 . 11' 11-11 15 g M 1 1111 1:37511 :ffl 'A 5111 ,,,. , zSiM,5QQ3re1,15k 1. 1.11. 1, 1. 1 1f:f1ffL21z 1?sf?11.z'1.s1f'L.15511135511 i5?1..l:'i5" " 9E7fUit?15'1l?Y 1 7 1g 1 ' 1 If 111111111 1 j 141 ..,, 1 ,,,, ,.,, ,,.,,,1,1, 11 . 1 111111111111 1:1 1, '11eme1fe11:1s1 512 ' 1 igdneff ,,,, , ,111 111 111s 11 ,1.. siile 1 ,,'l,, 1 ,1111 3 11. 11 11 ,,,,,..,, 1 ,,,- 's11 A Wim fi 'ij 12' ,,,111, 11e11 '11 1111115 1 if 11 11111 I '1 1,1 1 1 Sha 11 T ' 1 111331511155 1 ,,1l 11334111 1. ffl? 11 'i' ' ' ff11z:f11fQ1Q ,,,.. '1111z4111,':11,':Q11 1-1 1,111 .,1, 1 1 WiUmmf11fS0nga1,11, ,169 1 j 15513511294 1 1 11 .1181 ,,1. 1 187 1f11 7 1 1. ..,,, 33 1181 11l 1 9'x .Al V,L' X If 0.7-wwe-v"""""' W M w 2 1 ,. , . ',,,'Wwy V, A'-px , ' i I g ' WAKE UP!!! - Above left: Steve Snavley, Andy Hillisf Jesse Ortiz. Above: Vanessa Arnic. Left: Steve Hinejosa, and John Burrell. Below: Studs Marty Gonzales and Pete Martin waited baseball practice. Eddie Cunningham and Toby Sullivan, surrounded by their harem . . . StaceyRayner, and Maureen Murphy. "We're bad" say Danny Ozuna, Shawn Ahart, and Frank Ozuna. 2 441 6 April White, Kristi Sheppard, W .7lranLa fo U g O O I As Editor in Chief of the 1988 Wickiup I'd like to thank the following pi ple for their much needed and appreciated efforts. First I'd like to tha Kevin Tyler for the time he spent drawing and perfecting the cover of t year's annual, Shannon Crosby and Polly Delaney for all the creative a work put into this book, Marty Matsumoto for the time he spent drawing ' divider pages, Jan Johnson for all the help she gave us when we ran ii complications, Mrs. Moulton, as a first year publication's teacher, for putt up with such an ambitious staff - she did an outstanding job. I especiz want to thank the Agua Fria student body, without your help and operation this book wouldn't have been the same! Sincerely, Editor in Chief As we walked through the halls, We saw our ghosts of yesterday. A year has passed within these walls , For now we'll go our separate ways. it? it 'N 1 P- X Glance around and hold it dear :fi Next year is on its way but .F 4 Rf .. -5 an . Iiigjllit' And time will pull us apart. Let this book be known As a way to help them last, lt is a Look Past. For it will never come again. , It wonlt replace what has been. Time has brought us so closet r HfThese memories we will always They will be held deep within our The title has shown -f uv' "Hey, guys I'm sorry!" PH NNQ MJ' P-w ---r I4 Tanya McKinney enjoyed cramming before class. 31 X ,N Best of friends, Amy Lorenz and Melissa Via. Julie Roderick said "Oh, there he is!" Tammy Moton and Kathy Arnold fought to the death, as Nataly Cutsinger and Sonia Garcia watched. 'S-'Yi 247 g7gx-:.u g.-rg-u-fgg--rg-- .M Nm ENG ya: Cs V yyg ws U Q K LCJMPXO ew Q5 I Wx fgijgfw jjifjw qw fjZCv9l6fQvf9 DSX xX NO RDULQYECDKWJ SRM 'msn M W ' if We QQ WM gg, WE - Qfw 1 XXHJPGJQ UW. ff 33 Q ififjiik M6 C59 'XQLQQ QAJp Q A W5 fi iigx iw wwwfxw CM ve Q15 Q x H6 . W ' nd' QA MLW fy Tw fx eff-ff-PD OgOOx5NU,jAg'mi:,5 jf 'WU SCN PPA Xxvn Z 5 3 dm? 6'wJg,,.LQ-J Q3J'i3'iH1 5p Ng? 5mmV,yw'f'2 B ,W Jf rix gvfp 'f.NQf1LA'. Q vbwge Q? . Wg Sm? Sm M My MM 6fg?YL" D xkfgv M UBQW OX M, A A QQ' 3 mi-A-Aa

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