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Agua Fria Union High School - Wickiup Yearbook (Avondale, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Cover

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, A - ,. Kam TWQDQQREX ' ZNQMLJB. LX 0 LL UUE X'XvX,fX,,CL. TV TDQCMQ La,QJU, UJUQU0 L DMA Ck QQ XWXQM .xCD.Q.,Qii3L fFQ,!X 5 M913 QDLLTJLLMQ , 3 5 xml QLmw w kQfwK5,Q,m AUM' K-fvYUUvx L MLM4 QYEJXXQJVX kL'vfsQMQfN CMD CJK. XGQ Kb ,f M AAIXCLQPE H NNW , Eng! x JJ MW V Wwwvgm 7 dlp JW few -M 5"'TN'NG ... . .. ...W ,..., . WT.. .,--4. ,W f , , ,,., A ' ': ' vx IL. " 1 1, W , Q wx Ml, N M ,V M+f.+..f fa ' Cjfkxlf-L ia,-Dau C, Q 1 3 5,3 I -V - WA? fl' DJ V Liu XX KSN Xxjxx gf P Lx O . . ..h. .,f-W-v Y wwf--v-H - xv- nf- ffwwwrwffv- ' r-' '1i'W7'4"'!W"'k'-:f- '---'-r- . f " 'M -. f - ,. -1, Q, 'Y ' .- - . . A I A N . 1,--New -- , , V ' s':-- A , - Y- - Q ' ' ' ' ' .1 ' V " - " . 'f ' , . -W, 1, .T 4" -v , J '----."" 5' 'R "X ' ' ' I Y ' W ' , 5 - .1-5 ' . '- I. A , 5 A , 1 If - K. AF- It Y . 1 - -3 l , -' - 1 ' 4 1 V, - -' , IV I X. A V.- . 1 A , 1: :N ziigign xi X. 1 iw pf, r 6ygW?20 Eg Sgpf jdiy RQ Q q359iYg?Qi5g5gT -ESSEEEQKA Q UQaQifg?gQdpx Qg3?Eigg3-2 .9JDg9QQ?Q9 C9 E5'12iii 5 gf XF AJMNOJ ugg?7Q 2 Q5f9 Q39 +R 36333 MSP NY 3 'f Si-Shi 23360 Q9 E Gif? Z1 Q C547 if 'J E H " wi ' A' w.. 1 . , Q i Lg '. ' 1 V. ,QFE 2 , EZ 4 QQ PMQJM Q iiiggxwfiif GH QUEHQEQ MM ,aww viA3 gmmj g2"3f?ZQ,: MSSNQQQ' Q05 3 BQQQW WJUEEQQQ Qiagiwv Sigeg5,wfUL v. -x-..-.. ----- -I 1986 Wickiup Vol. 29 Avondale Az 85323 'Thunder -N- Lightning' A Coptured Storm Dy Dio Jorgenson All's quier on rhe compuses of Aguo Frio High School in rhe eorly morning hours, Suddenly, DOOM! freshmen, sophomores, juniors, ond seniors, o rorol of 1451 sru- denrs, hir rhe grounds or AF vvirh on enormous roor of rhunder ond on enricing srrilse of lighrning, THUNDER? LIGHTNING? WHERE? Righr here. All rhrough our high school yeors vve've vvorlsed or be- coming rhe besr we con be, we've done rhe impressive worls of lighrning, ond creored the rrem- bling roor of rhunderl As AF srudenrs ond foculry, we go ro exrremes ro prove ro rhe communiry, our rivol schools, rhe srore, ond rhe norion rhor os o Norionol School of Excellence, Aguo Frio is THUNDER AND l.lGHT- NING. "S E N I O R S R U L El" rhundered rhroughour rhe sourh compus os seniors Kilse Hirrh, Todd Dorlxer, Kent McMillon, Evon Boyd, Eric Ellis, Sreve Dolser, Kevin Crowley, ond Chorlie Wolf show vvhor spirir really is, during homecoming weels. '2fOpening PM -- M diff, ,, ,, v' I , .Qi TQ ...figs ,, , A, 'git 1".,iK, ' is 1 ,,... L 115.5 ,,i pg," mr r ww-F-A Qiriiiir 'iz p - Sg r- 1-wil, rf ,mm-.-l l fi .- ' l , - ' il iff -vg..,,f. X A . I if x f' If 3 5 1 'iff i ,Jai an Q -A -.1 L, ., ser? 15, The class of 'BQ worked Nong hours on the-rr Hoof, "Un1versoI Srudrosf' whrch come an fourrh or rhe homecomrng gorne porode. Pommies Tonyo-Laos True, Yvonne Def Corr, Heorher Wmioms, ond Nrcole Ayerzo, show rherr org smrles on Cor' roon Chorocrer Doy. Showing rhor dozzlrng grin, Chrp Hor- drson, junior, poses for o oicrure be rween closses .7 s. 1 'sw' -vi Yr , , X rw ' 'I 1" -- as LW: sv T 81 91 .M -L I .vi 'A 1 1 K f' 'x -1- Wy! Seniors, Psochel Drocl-zey ond Evon Boyd prove frlends W -A 1 311' ' 1 1 lu, ' ro be close Oponungfll by Sharon Mosier Right: Diana Vasquez, Junior, holds on to this adorable little PUDDY- Center: Keith Germana and Terry Gathercole, seniors, sit patiently for the outdoor assembly to end Kick'n Bock Student life is the relaxation found, different trends and music makes the world go around, Homecoming and football games, meeting new people, learning new names. Decisions are to be made at a very young age, but pretend young friend as though you were on a stage. Dan't lose your dreams and turn them into illusions, hold strong and get by the canfusion Graduation is coming, the end is near, bad turns to good and hope into fear Thunder is the noise to help us stand out of the crowd our lightning is bright but never too loud Youth is our advantage, together we could change society, Student life is a part of everyone and everyone is a part of you and me, T here are times for studying but for junior Stephen Densford, "Lunch is my favorite time because it gives me a chance to see my friends." Most Agua Frians agree and savor those relaxing moments just ro kick back. Above: Stephen Densford and Kelli Johnston, juniors, mellow our during their classes in df" x "' ' Every Student Gets Attacked Dy The . , . Munchies hen the lunch bell rings, all W students get ready to rush for food. Their eating hab- its are disastrous and the auanities are incredible, but when those inevitable hunger pains begin there's no holding bacl-2, Taco Dell, Pizza Hut, and the cafeteria food is in demand, but McDonalds is the popular choice for stu- dents at Agua Fria, Jeff Larson, senior replies "Lunch is real rad, some people pig out while others just enjoy the time away," X, L-.1 l- ' .gf my , s 'f 7- if' ' A ., A' N , ixf .4 Ax -. 4 X VI, V A! KNX bi N 'X 4' ff fffj xx xl i f A High Noon he first doy of school begins with the onnuol outdoor ossembly, It introduces sports, pom, cheers, ond new teachers. Although ir is o nice ideo, it tends to be o very 'worm' welcome. Q Cortoon Doy week is the time for oil students to show off their spirit. One doy this yeor wos cortoon doy where costumes voried from Popeye to Berry Boop. Senior Timm Rogers stores, "l like homecoming be- couse it is the only time when the school reolly unites ond hos o good time doing ir." IH omecoming 62 Q ..V..msz-L ss , Above: Stocie Newell, junior, roces oround in her Mins nte Mouse costume Lower right: Gumby is brought to life by sonlor Timm Rogers on Corroon Doy , - A., il ,JL N . ..,, 'M . l. s situ' 'eh-' I Q V g W i i i ri is X i i i , M W-gg A V -'l X in ii i ' - A XiCD6,Z,pf5' i, M R ii ' ' is "1 ' d II ' h d d H i . , ul ,fair paffle O nlg f an . . .. NW Y 'i 'Q' V, iii: Y R mi. R .... , J.-if . i -Jennifer M olhofer, Junior- 7 V V A ' " i ' HF r V, U ' H i tl 4 y 5 1, L T , L ' i 3 fiiliix if X' 4" " Q ' K ' , Li' .. .if s w ' A , i ' i, r i ,. Q nn ii fi ' i 'Q- Tiff ! i i M. , fi ,ai W 'i in wx ,WL T i Ii 1 i iii . y X 1 A ,l M.: 1 -' xii, 'A i ir, -ii W ,'H:"N'i W X i Y' A V I , ,,V ,. V5 ' Q A I .V , 3- Below Right: Monica Vireri, senior, Rae Anne Carr, 85', Todd Barker, senior, Nuve, and In , V, A ""' A H,-Qri . 'QV Nina in Garringen, Wesr Germany Q -' fi A -' V V n 'A 1 L fr y Left: in Deriin Hive ' V' W '1"" 4, 5, if Q jf! gig-J'b'ea ww? 'Q Below: Cam MCCown, senior, and a friend ar Magic Mounrain, on the Roaring Rapids ride. ' W"5'i,2l "',f, ' A ir ' ,, "gig "" ' ' , ps- rl ef Above: Michelie Lamperr, iuniars, David Hasseihoff, and lina De-yle, junior, ar Phoenix inrernarional Raceway Right: Regina Wichman, Julie Wnire, and Jiil Hegedus ar San Diego, O X SUMMER Wood Ir oil begins when you find yourself home worching rhe soops. Turn offer chonnel, yer ir's oil rhe Deonno Duncon, sophomore, ond Cheri I-Ioldcrofr, sophomore, or The Uniyersol Srudios in Colifornio Moor up wirh Fronisensrein Soops, porfies, trove-I were port of 4 Zi gr: if zz: Q some. Then the phone rings, irs your friend, She soys were oII going ro rhe river ro porry. Some Aguo Frions porried o lor over rhe '85 summer in o differenr woy. Jen- nifer Moihoffer, junior, "I oorried oil nighr ond doy when my oorenrs were gone for o monrh, fun, fun, fun!". Melisso Emmerre, junior, "I sroyed wirh Jeni Moihoffer ond porrieoln Sreohoni Boyles, seniorusoio, "I need' ed ro ger owoy from rhis ploce, I wenr ro Texosf' From rroyeling oil over ro porrying Close ro home. Aguo Frion srudenrs hod fun. ix .ij ' "fi -jf ,7,. iii' wi.: .. lpiim . 41 34 fb-.s r V nf , ,. I ' K1 -72 Y ' , A -.I L4 .. A ,- as .fCx.A'LXJN -A -.fx 5 'g li '! I j fr 4" Ax! I X ' I' 1 Summerf7 i ll 3.1 Jr , 4' ,f W 4 p X . lf' Q I - l 1' 'QQQQQ -f, C if hd' ffm' 44,1 iQc5fCl fcrflf Xb? jfjvi X75 Kg-1, fvglbkfy ' uvi J QC x, lf-Q rr, Q.. LJ if 1- fl - JL .fi -jiri, lil wdfijh fo LA C311 QQ! L, X Q UQ! l " I X H ' 3 ', . ki j' LM l 'ij L j, taxi Q, , 4 . i i I A! -iq. fl 33 23 2 ovvo I .2 zz ' :fir oo " 96 if zz gg .. .. ,, oo oo N" 3 Q! ZINI' gi By Cori Johnson Sex, Drugs, ond Rock ond Roll, were blomed for the problems which led to the closing of Compton Terroce. After the Aer- osmith, Scorpions, Victory, ond Aurogroph concert, Compton Terroce wos closed to oll but religious functions ond cor shows. Psepogs of multiple ropes ond drug overe doses were heodlines, but in octuolity, there wos one overdose ond no reported ropes. Tom Rowe, senior, felt this wos not enough reoson to close down Compton, "lf you put oll the people in the school cofetee rio, you would hove more problems." Another problem wos occess, mony woited hours to get out of the porlsing lot. Joonne Dover, Englisxhfreoch r, ow no dif- ference from other Compton concerts. "The-y've been hoving concerts there for 20 yeorsf' For Aguo Frion's, the good outweighed the bod. "The closing of Compton Terroce wos o flogront woste of time, effort, ond imogry, on obsolute disgroce to the rocls communi- ty," soid Liz Lessord, senior. "l lilse open oir concerts more," it is not os hot, everyone is more comfortoble," soid Croig Albeldo. Only time will tell whether the decision sronds or not. If Compton Terroce is kept closed, it will truly be o woste in the eyes of most AF students. K, X' ' .i N' ty ps' At' l sv . v J - fi - Q lk x ' X' Y tile - fx, - xlt, .N . ,J N' Q , y 7 xv, 7 i, jr' 5 fs f' ,X ft, -I ' , 1 NV s me yi M Q ,bf s r K r- xr ' , ' -. kxl vw Xvl I J 5 YJ gy, XJ X3 if ' V, SX l up 77 J ' f f C, X r X Q., C3 x X4 'XY Y md, ,, V rx . , ,XX QJ YL 7 , jj .lv Fu Y, 'N .j i x Q 'fx ' 1 l . ' X' ' X fnvz gm F52 N CL xJ Q,I W NJ XXTJ R R xv! 1 X JN i XC' fel kg! . N xf xvt XX KK ' W x 0 X, f s U C 1 Top: Scorpions opening Compton s finol show FK J w . xy Vf 'J ,x Above: Some of Aguo Frio's biggest concert goers l D! JJ Q 1 , is ' 1 'K f Right: Tolsing music to the limit QQ .Xj ' gig .M A Lower Right: Motley Crue, one of metol s best ' R 1 X X. ' V 255 'lu Y f- JJ , ml Q fi is H fd - H Q - B! Compton Terroce Music Poll Fovorire Group - U2 Besr Album e The Unforgerroole Fire - U2 World Wide Live - Scorpions Purple Tkoin - Prince ond The Revolution Desi Single - And She Wos - Tollsing Heods Desi Concerr - U2 ond Scorpions Femole Singer - Modonno Mole Singer - Bruce Springsreen ond Bono CUQD TopAAO Group A Teors For Feors Heovy Merol Group A Morley Crue Punls Group A The Dornned Mod Group Y The English Deor Reggoe Group e UBAO Soul Group - Whirney Housron New Group - Teors For Feors Locol Bond - The Dirr Clods A f , x ,-f , gm . -.u...q-Qfmzzrxfwa ,,1,,,3,,.,,i,,,T,m,fc wig--,SQ sem rs- wil' ,1,5l,.c3 F.-.fx N5 if u. cf if P s El 1. T if 5 ,W ?ff'f'??rX:yw-WW F -QM W?3'W'WfT W' we-W, . . lik TLV YES-' 'if N1 Q Q'Q,wg-A i 4' , xr vw-m,,,,,. :few 04 zwffew wewf. ,J game, comp, 2 ,fsg.S.zP'.:Ji,-aA..ff'i2LZirw Z3 3.1 ll, Va fl Y .,k 1 gferg gt- e 4 P1-1+'fw.,,, .V wg5f,:1f,: , ,, ci,-,lah MJ if Ja... EE 1 ggi: z::w.Z...c ,.,: .J Compron Terrocefi? 5 , gej I 'U ,L N ., I , rr rx , N 'X 1.1 M a. 'ara.,.,f, .L 2" .Y uf, ,' SEV!-i"f - ww-3 'N Jam gg 'N rm .JV 2, ,W , r r ., ,, r r ,., ,..,. :EV 1 -ef J. . ,- 1 ' G ' r'M'WU2f1 3 4, inv' Y .54-:ge-'r!SL'15!5091W5'M 4 , 4' 4- A Wwww , . Q , . 4 .Sc Aj , X1 1 .1 x 1 wand' Top left: Aundre Anderson, sophomore, porrrcrporeg rn Left: Soon N ewcomor, sonror, ours srrrng through Jrrn me sock rose Hooo'5 SHIV! rn rne relay Homecomrng Week Top: Keren Muller ond Normon Horns Juniors pornopore Above- Sonrors porode rnrou rn rho rw II F , , . Q 0 f, rrdoy morn rn rne doughnur feed n 1 ' Q Q., Excitement, enthusiasm, ond spirit odded up to i 1 is By Monico Viteri Homecoming weel-Q this yeor showed tremendous spirit from oll four closses. Excitement ond enthusiosm went into the troditionol floor building ond noonf time octiyities. Dressrup doys during the weels olso odded to the excitement. Fri- doy morning during holl decoroting, wos when the most closs spirit wos shown, especiolly oy the seniors who poroded oround the school ond won the holl decoroting competion. "Homecoming wos o totolly new ex- perience for me, ond I thinls it's greot" soid Udo Vollse, senior from West Get, mony. "Homecoming vveels wos reolly fun, our closs reolly got involved. The only thing wos thot I didn't hoye ony time to get ony homeworls done oecouse of oll the octiyitiesf' soid Tommy Ologue, sen' lor. Any woy you lools ot it, Homecoming '85-86 wos definitely one of the high' lights of the yeor. Kevin Ritchey. sophomore, John Dull miller, sophomore, Juni Chilfeenee, iu nior, ond Kolsi Hont, senior, deoote over Homecoming royolty Tait Sorenson, senior, wotches noon time octivities on Cortoon Doy, Com McCown, ond Kenny Grohom, seniors, help decorote the Senior holl Fridoy morning U n. n. I - Agua Frion's Are Sfarsfruck 1 l LJ H111-su LJ U11 UTLI' In Hollywood-1 Dy Monico Vireri Homecoming nighr wos rhe highlighr of the entire Homecoming weels. The floor comperirion or hoif-rime wos won by rhe juniors, with rhe senior closs winning oyeroll. Alumni King Tom Bushong ond Queen Alicio Solis crowned rhe new King Morr Lo- pez, ond rhe new Queen Lisso Wollicls. The senior orrendonrs were Coro Moyers, Com McCown, Nicole Ayerzo, ond Kerry McDon- iel. The junior orrendonrs were Berh Muse, ond Jomie Self. Sophomore orrendonrs were Sreve Rogers ond Dino Esrorgo, Fresh- mon orrendonrs were Denise ond Seon Enri- quez. rffai f-'I If Top Left: The Closs of 86' presenred o colorful floor wirh rhe theme of, "The Wizoro Of OZ " Top Right: Sophomore cioss of 88, porode rheir "Gone Wirh The Wind" floor Lower Left: Erin Scorr sronds on rhe winning Junior floor whose rheme wos Lvwer Right: Freshmen closs presenred rheir "HoiIywood Clossics' floor Mory Poppins 12!Homccoming A Gyn! 'PV l Ulml-+1 1 Sophomore attendants: Steve Rogers and Dana Esrorga Freshman attendants: Denuse Enrnqoez and Sean Enruquez Senlor attendants: Kerry McDanneI, Nucole Ayerza, Cara Moyers, MCCown Kung Marr Lopez, and Queen Lissa Wotticls Cam .rw Junior attendants: I Bern Muse and Jamve Self b i f- 'Z .pi ur-QV, 4.1 'f Q Mm 1 N A - N if 'te . 'U' ,fi ,nf N 4 B Xxx Q5 vw. .I -.u ..,. .ji X I . - 5. wt Q ik. 'X x N 1 ,fefffyfi ,Lamaze 3f0c4 P 7 ffvfg fffffe' We ff yaud fy Zgfxffy ff sf-1 ffffffcwfqf ,fo me .lfffc 1 5 fcffffffffcff U,-.f'f'7 J-QUE f9 ,Il-EMC, ,uffwuf KC uf 5 9150!-yfcftffd' A1 csfzeffffigcftfveff- Zfb ff'-'S 765 ffff i fffv gryemfzfffffe ffffff HH: Rs be L-Qffff Svc-ffl? - fwf'-fffs VOM, 'fi f"'A"' X' ' ziffgkfg ff fxflv,-1x5 Zfiqjl-f 210 'I-fPf'ffe'77-'r?"'Qff54' 2 'T Yau!! Cie ' Cffgffi 'U . . . Lffre 'ff'7-'Veg hw 'ff'L'OfZ6'ff7'i3o4,17'9ffGf' GLFNJSV' 'f' Drmpy Chowlo, senior, is crowne J' gaze 7C5N MQ aff 4-.,gC,,-4 7 yor! 1 ypfbfg A fffffffofflfafe flcyfffp 4-fffrf five gf9fVD ,Qi J f f -It il ' fini ff V Denise Bell Crowned Miss Billy Moore of 1085-86 ros senior Dimpy Chowlo, notive of ln- o. The Pogeont wos held Soturdoy, Oct , in the AF ouditorium. "I wos reolly slsepticol obout the pog- nt becouse the competion wos so stiff. hink the girls oll deserve to be recog- zedg they oll did such o wonderfuljobf' nld Dirnpy. The fourteen other porticlponts were? 'Fw g l iii Llsso Wollicls, Reglno Wichrnon, Tonyo- Liso True, Srocey Boker, Coro Moyers, Melisso Fryrnon, Rondo Royner, Joclsie Kennedy, Christie Chotfield, Chrisrlono Poce, Louro Worthy, Nicole Ayerzo, Liz Lessord, ond Kelly Chondler. First runner-up Louro Worthy wos still hoppy, "Even if I hodn't won onyrhing I would hove been hoppy just to portlci- pore in it, Out oll the pogeonts Aguo Frlo hos hod since l've been here, I think this one wos the best!" Second runner-up wos Christie Chor- field, ond Miss Congeniolity wos o three woy tie oworded to Tonyo Liso True, Coro Moyers, ond Rondo Royner. Even to the non-winner, it wos o greor experience. Added Melisso Fry- mon, "I mode mony friends ond recon- ciled differences of old ones. I reolly en- joyed it oll." I I For Left: Chrisriono Poce presented o video presen- rorion ro 2O!2O Vison Left: Louro Worthy performed o piono solo Top Center: Tonyo-Liso True performed o iozz inrerprerorion of Porti LoDelle's "New Attirude " Above: Rondo Royner donced ro "lf My Friends Could See Me Now " 4' ,. A, V f , If f 1 X Uilly Moorr-X15 .! r X K 1 Erica Perkins, senior, Bill WolsI4i,junior, Joanne Towey, junior ond Shannon Arnold junior show their Agua Fria soirir. I I Seniors ond Juniors show rheir upperclossrnon sp r r pep assemblies. "Pep assemblies are a great way to show off our senior spirit and to Ier our aggression. " :if 'ii if N 'lbfpep Assembiies Q . T, r. .f-,ss eee eeeeeeeseess Dy Korlo Wood Cheerline coptoin, Jill Hegedus, colmed the students ond foculty down soying "Everyone, pleose be quiet." As she introduced Kerry McDoniels, who told how the teom wos going to vvin, the tension spreod through the bleachers, McDoniel's voice wos drowned out by the cheers. Closs competition become the next octivity for the pep ossemblies. From freshmon to seniors olrnost everyone vvos rowdy, Although, thot rernoined true to some, other students felt dif- ferently. Sherry Borney, junior, sold "Some of the students don't get en- thused enough from the coptoin of the cheerlinef' Tommy llieflsohl, sophomore, sold "Ir gets you out of closs, ond it gives you o chonce ro stress your spirit for this school," Kelly Chondler, senior, stored "I thinla they're greot, becouse they get the teom pepped ond ollow us to get out of clossf' Above: Kerry McDontel, senior, peps up the crowd Above Seniors show their spirit Right Sophomore: look oround in confusion. 4. f if Y l 5 l t H if Porty Life By Korlo Wood It's the weekend. It's potty time. School is there forwork on the broin ond to receixfei o good educotion. But when 2:30 pm hits on Fridoy, it's potty time for the weekend. mwhether the portys ore outdoors or indoors, they're olwoys ioods of fun," soys Joson Doe, 18fPorty Life i , , t i t t sophomore. i Most students of Aguo Frio seem to hove needs ond Wonts for some kind of portying oction. Every Fridoy ond Soturdoy night oil kinds of teens ore either out on the town orjust ploin portying or home. it's onxepidemic thot spreods in on eorly stoge of the odolecent iife spon. Although, some teens do potty, others tend to get out of hond. Dovid Betzhold, senioti f'They're oil right if I'm doing something I like o wont to, but things get out of hond some' times." AF graduate, Shonnon Jenkins, ond Melisso Emmett junior. ""t-..:'.':...."- Left: Morc Toui, senior, dressed up QD in costume for o Holioween porty. Above: Udo Volke, senior, Roche! Brockey, senior, ond AF grod Jerry Rose, toke time oi from serious portying to pose for o picture. 1 I 1 ft -'Q The Wonder Fomlly, H D Smnh, senior Chris Coke, '85 groduore, Rhonda Rayner, scmor, ond Joy Femow, senior, porries rogerher A con ond cm mime, Michelle Brennclse ond Srephonie Funke, rumors f -,, 1 . Q - . s -' s vs -,-I .f-. -3 3' 5 .J '-,. U,-he s ei,-sq , Q , , 5. i "Porty'n is the obilify to get owoy from the rot roce of schooi" Kent McMiIlon The shelk, Mike Hirrh, senior, relis obour his oil wells in Egypr. I . 4 2 X if , u 1' . L K f". as L. A, , -..-Q" I-fs J .N I 'li -x . X Surprised Eric Wohler, senior srores or rhe comero in disbelief! lr's 11-00 pm. ond Yoiorwdo Gonzoles ond Dems Porisi, Juniors, ore srill srorwdingl 1 i a I 1 Porry Life X 19 g it KM 1 ,--,wmg'fgA , , L. ,ff K " . ,H-f,,f'!'.!f, f U- wwf - ,Q ,- gn -,f,,.f" . iw, if J ffiid- ' " 5 1' . '11-fe w . -. '4-,ga ' :full . W. - ,1 R V, " 1 fd wg? . 1 g' sg: - Q A, , ..,,., , A W, ,f ' f , W, ,fi 1 1,7 if gf mfzmf fr tank, .'Y gm iw wp ' J ! f' 'X x, C! 5 3 , ix NS 'I' f . N, " Qgfg.. A . qw h . , EE f .qt m . X, 3 QQ sl , 5' X 1 ! 2 '5 4 X Q S, X 'isa x 1 f 3 W QQEJMQEQJ I The Post Returns By Monico Vireri This yeor sow mony new rrends in ryle ond foshion. The 'oO's psychedelic ols come bocls, ond so did lorge flow- r prinr ond poisley. , Blocls colored clorhing become rhe ihic, lorge loose sweorers sroyed in ryle, ond os olvvoys blue jeons, Colso loci-2, ond whirejeonsb os well osjocls- rs sroyed os populor os ever. Well nown celebriries like Modonno ond Don Johnson of Miomi Vice olso influ- enced rhe woy people dressed rhis yeor. When oslsed who influenced rhe vvoy rhey dress, AF srudenrs replied, "I dress ro rhe mood l'm in. When I shop, I shop for comforr ond whor corches my eye, nor whor everyone else is weoringf' Chrisriono Poce, sen- ior, exploined "The 20's ond 30's ero. Everyrhing wos so eosy ond corefree rhen, I soy ir's vinroge or norhingf' Kolsi Hunr, sen' ior sold. "For me, dressing is on expression of your personoliry ond ihdividuoliry. lr molses o sroremenr," Jim Bell, senior, odded Foshion or AF vories from person ro person, eoch one hoving o unique per' sonoliry ond sryle. Don'r be ofroid ro express your individuoliry or ro jusr be yourself!! Derels Mellon, ond Robbie Toinrer, Juniors, onxiously pose ro have rheir picrure Modonno influenced rhe woy people dressed. 'jf QNX J Seniors John Royner, ond Todd DorI4er's, sryle ore moinly Mod, Wendy Moldovin, junior, is Modonno for o doy, os Amy Tomlinson ond Shoron All-zire lool-2 on ,O-,f Ti 0 A-neg S pf ia is "After the first few minutes of the ploy you get into your chorocter." -John Munoz Seniors John Munoz ond Choriie Wolfe in o scene from the pioy, 12 Angry jurors Left to Right: Adorn Edes, senior, Cody Mock, freshmen, Christie Chorfieid, senior, Melisso Frynnon senior, Soro Cohen, junior, John Munoz, senior. .P ,,,, , ,ig , f ijt: X fi' 9 S' 5. 5 in - r 2 J iff- .'. ," .X . , Q, V .F"x. U 5,1 +- Accused Mon's Fote Decided By 72 Angry jurars' by Monico Vireri The dromo deportment produced os its onnuol oll-school ploy, 12 Angry JU- rors, The ploy, which tolses ploce in the present doy in summertime, wos obout 12 jurors considering the guilt or innocence of o mon occused of stob- bing his fother to deoth, As the testimony is examined, the true personolities of the jurors ore re- veoled. The ploy included 18 octors ond octresses thot ployed the chorocters of 12 jurors, o foremon, ond ci clerls, Ac- tors were Foremon Tim Rogers, senior, Juror No. 2, Soroh Cohen, junior, Juror No. 8, Melisso Frymon, senior, Juror No. 4 Christie Chotfield, senior, Juror No. 5, Adom Edes, senior, Juror No. o, Katie Mock, freshmon, Juror No, 7 , John Munoz, senior, Juror No. 8, Todd Dog- gord, senior, Juror No, Q, Tiri Chotfield, junior, Juror No. 10, Shonnon Wilson, junior, Juror No. 11, Mono Rivers, senior, Juror No. 12 Chorlie Wolfe, senior, Bye ron Judge commented on the octors soying thot they were o "smoll but extremely strong cost." Asked how he felt obour perform- ing, Senior John Munoz stored, "After the first few minutes of the ploy, you get into your chorocter ond the oudi- ence no longer hos ony effect on your concentration, It was hord to mointoin chorocter for thot length of time be- couse oil the octors were on stoge for the whole durotion ofthe ploy." Left: Cody Mocls, freshmen, Tiri Chotfield, junior, ond Adom Edes, senior, Below: Jurors Soro Cohen, junior, Charlie Wolfe, senior, Mono Piivero, senior, Christie Chorfield, sen- ior, Todd Doggorr, senior, ond Timm Rogers, senior, discuss the guilr or innocence of the mon convicted in the ploy. - Q 2 ,Q K -. fill .C J g. , 1 if' t, , Twelve Angry Jurors!23 f J M . ,K I Yr . ffffm..- I ,elf 4. J - 1' A K W Z, J ,ry MW '11 sg. .4 - I vii' , I .M .....n1,,,,m:T,l, Krfsren Mock, junior, poses wirh her 1965 Porshe, N, , r " -135W 4 'X M with N , ' ' J an ,..vs- , 5 - 1 . V V H V.. " ' 3' 1 ' ff" L ff 'l x 'jnli' ' K Smccy Boker, ond Dowd Berzhold, seniors, pose ID from of Dovid's Mozdo !3efowEddue Morron, senror, surs I0 me sunroof of hrs Celico 24 ""? Y I Derrick Mellons 1068 brrghr rurquolse Korman Gnlo IS 0 show cor Robbre Tofnrer, ond Derrick Meilon, juniors, slr I0 Robbie! converrible Vollsswogen x No longer do students have to depend on their parents or Q buses for rides, they've got By Karla Wood At Agua Fria it seems most students ' have their own transportation. Unlilse many years before, students don't have to depend on the bus for school. Tige Becls, sophomore, comments "lt's cool, you don't have to depend on HS patents or other people." No matter what lsind of car, from family station wagons to show cars, Agua Frian students love to drive. Rich- ard Garcia, sophomore, "lt's better than wallsing, l feel important, but what seems to scare me is like at a 4' P me Rachael Dradry, senior, sits inside her SE-5 trucls, John Rayner, senior, poses with his RX7 Mazda. Below, Nicole Ayetza, senior, gets into her 1- 'W way stop. I get confused, people get in a hurry and get mad, because I can't malse my mind up. Yet all in all I love to drive." Sophomore, Cindy Helderoft, said "I lilse to drive for one thing it gets me around, but it can be scary while its raining." garmin' 4 rv,,, rr ,lay wif- Susan Hansen, senior, in her Mustang GT, Above- This sporty red Triumph belongs to senior Dill Hallam Below: Senior Charlie Wolfe's vintage 'Vette is the envy of many. bright yellow Vollsswagon convertible, W K X Q . ,c,,,ll,ZL. ,,,, 7 Q M.,,, ., MM A - V-' - fam 'k. W" A -WJ -Q.--... t' , WM t be xl ' x M'-A-N---N ss sig ,X 4 'V , i w mv ,V , 45,5 H I ss, L . H bis, V :,:jynJj"f'r"'.f Q, it V . . tg. ' sss, s u s f -. .-4 A f1t'hl .t Niws is .,. , rf X. ,- QM t 'teh A H n:o:mW1m::'W - I 165' as , I i ws .. is A 4' H , ff' it if Qs Below: Supporr is o main focror of success in sports. Wayne DesCombes congroruiores Jesse Avena, sophomore, for his efforrs. Upper flighr: Buck Sirningron, sophomore, goes for rhe winning pin, he boys' swimming ream ended irs season 10 O. Marla Reese, junior, shows how fasr he junior vorsiry baslserball rearn gers ir rogerher for a team shar. This rhey iearn ro ger our of ihor cold warer. year rhe young Owls finished rheir season 8- . ef' A , Q r..i 9' 261 Sporrs . V 5.3, ,.k, 1 ,4 ....--neu.-..s...r,, 0, A ew 5 x I f i G w W ,.,,w?5V Jennifer Jarnogin, freshmon, shows off her forearm. The girls' tennis finished their season with o 4-8 season. Below: Arhleric Direcror OK, Fulron worches the game. Upper righrf Krisren Mock, Junior, 0. X :X A f ....- K .r 4 1 .,., ..... . g Wy, .w, H fees off. Lefr Cenrerf The vorsiry foorboll reonn K3 in ocrion. Lower Lefrf The vorsiry porn line or holf time Rrghr cenrerf The AF. girls cross coun' rry reom srorrs off. 1 l -..f f X . we .NN5::53g, .eg i , , 11 - fin... .ft .rw ..+,'g:,c ' . 31.7 . ik., S53 mama .4 V A SZ.. 5:1-uf-e,'v.+:es.' ,gg-r-. Q- Af ww., my- A ,,w,5a5.' . . X , ggiiaxx-3.5 ,A':, " '-ww, - '-.- ' . '-3, Mez? ffl?-fzzff A YZYV- K SX 'Fwg.h,g4 M- 1 , 's . - ,Q , "-Zfifg - ., xt' g.. .gf V 5,-, ' -1 ''??? ., 'Qzkfmre . f,?r?f. n.41w?8S.'s --1.1.4, r rokes o lor of work off rhe fie-Nd Os rlne guys show rn rhe weignr room. Dedwcorion, procrice ond efforr Ore me nnoin elernenrs in ony sporr H o I f T i G ..,..W...w..-.Mar 1 Ov rf ff -vw , A WL, .. A Afgur' , , y, 45 X Colerre Humphrey, sophomore, goes for rho bwrd The gurls' vursny budrnrnxun reom ended rheur season C 5 ond ine Junuor vmrgrry morn funnsned O5 -a...i..-I ,,, ,. 3 ug ,Ztfx ., .-TS-- -xx -, .. ' - . .- N- -'-is,-...Y 'V-a lannx A Sporrsf27 Se 'NO triking Seniors . IA ' "4 s 'iw ' I I , 1,1 Q I ,vu . re I . J. 0 m , N 4 - F ' S X si . rw 1 '-fr 1 ? 0 neu 49' X.: - 'ld -i ,. 'TT r' . Ii . : 1 '73 in Env: 'lx . Eric Wohler "Eric's seoson srorred slow bur ihrougn prociice he rurned his seoson inro o very respecroble resulr rrior he should be proud of The rc-om could olwoys count on o deceni score " H Kent Mc.MilIon Ken! McMillan "Kon: nos olwoys been srrong because hc's been conslsionr ond he helped Ihc' Ie-om mosr because of his experience ond leadership " W H D Smith Fronlx Soulley 'Tronly for the pos! rhree years he nos olwoys played his bear ond exceeded his expeciorions ond hes olwoys conrrrbured o lor io me reonn " - Ken! Hiner Kem Hiner 'Ile improved greorlv over the lost yeor ond ended up hoving ci successful season " - Eric Wohler H D Smirh "H D wos olwoys fun ro ploy wnh, he mode golf seem cosy because of his good ornvude He ployed well ond would have been berrer if he nod nor sloiwd so lore his junior yoor " -- Fronls Soulley Nicole Ayerso "The sc-oson seemed very shorr, with oll rhe ocnvines I wos involved in, I wish l could have speni more mme on my game " Slocey Bdlser "l'm glod I nod ine opporruniry ro ploy golf for Agua Fric Eoch yeor broughr new experiences ond new friends l've ocquired o rolenr which I will use for the rest of my lile " 28 X Golf v DOY5 GOLF' Fronr Row: Fronla Sufley, Doyung Kim, Milf-e BOYGNWOO, HD. Smifh. Kenr Hemel. AOCIY GUIIGVGZ. Ayerzo, Chris Vizzerro, Derek Mellon, Kevin Rirchey, John Rowlond, P-ich PEIGFSOFW. Jeff PGTGYS. Ken' MCMIIIOO. Durremiller, Seon Enriquez. Second Row: Cooch Woyne WOIWIGF, Mike I-INJQUISF, JD- DOG. xii -1. .L vim?-A 'ln fm I Inq ....,..,,AA ,-. :Ai- .,-' ,-,-.-.- ,...f-. rf-5 ,Av. J., in -.- ,fx , 4- c i.z.,, Derek Mellon gives his best in procrice ro ger reody for on upcoming meer. Molly Quinn swings, hoping ro get rhe boil in good position. 4 .4 . 5 ., ,.f--' , . A- f Avarlhb -217.2 Q.. W f' ni. ,ai M3 .14 ., I3 4' YW .W . . 2- .,v.W.,,NT, 'fr--.Y -Yvm -.-- YY- --W -- - .ef2F4V6Eil3I:lQ 'QTPWQQIAQ-,.:v Girls Finish 6-4, But Boys Golf Dominates Division ly Greg Huyck Anorher season has been complered and sguo Fria's dominarion of golf in rhe Merro livision has conrinued. The boys, who were coached by Wayne lareman, easily cruised through divisionals losr eason winning by 40 srrokes wirh all players nishing in rhe rap ren. The girls, who were goached by Carol Smirh, also played well in neir srare rournamenr and finished rhe year virh a 04 record. John Burremiller was rhe Owls mosr valuable ilayer for rhe boys ar divisionals wirh rounds of 55 and 77. Durremiller, who spenr rhe majority if rhe year playing number 1 and 2, reamed ip wirh Kenr McMillan ar rhe srare rournamenr o assure 11rh place for Agua Fria. For rhe girls rearn, Shannon Wilson ended virh rhe lowest rounds of 102 and O8 ro clinch 'rh place for rhe Owls in rhe srare rournamenr. Vilson's feelings about rhe year were de- fl - scribed as being a fun season. "Next year we'll have a lor of returning varsiry players and we should have a prerry good season," she said. The remaining four members of rhe girls varsiry ream were Sracey Baker, Julie Goodrich, Kris- ran Mack, and freshman Crisra Lair who was awarded mosr valuable player of rhe year. The other boys on rhe ream, who ended rhe season wirh a respecrable finish ar srare, were Kevin Rirchey, Eric Wohler, and Derrick Mellon. The remaining backup members of rhe ream consisred of Kris Vizzara, Frank Saufley, Kenr Hiner, JD. Bae, Scorr Marrin, Kelly Kleinschmidr, and Kim Duyong, For rhe girls, rhe backup members of rhe team consisred of freshman Jahala Smirh, Flor- ence Beebe, Terry Lemons, Melani Espil, and Marla Cooper. Sophomore players were Lisa Leonhardr and Diana Brinkehoff along wirh ju- niors and seniors Amy Tomilson, Jamie Maslin, Molly Quinn, and Nicole Ayerza. Girls Golf 6 4 OMS Cor O ang D Dpo , Mesa el SOI 246 mmm 276 lC1'1CClinrOdY 5342 281 OFCOS de N120 OO XOVlGr if Kofo 224 MGSQ 27 MCC"fifock 343 3 YUFTWO 266 Gilbert 363 FOVTVGII BOYS Goff Owls 85 280 c Oopo Ofongd fienrg Q o 32 Came-lbo I 220 214 Non Cf 226 fi l2 235 Qfjmofe S? 214 T Opoffof 195 C rem' 2 Omnodo Qooif 247 BFQWD 19 Uma 245 KOFQ 229 Cenrrgl 227 2:10 ClwQnd,E,, 550 230 50 QUO 513 peanoro 212 pliOenixC 14 Alhclffibra OUNWDOV 210 N' fl V s Kent McMillan, senior, TOHGS a break before going ra rhe nexr hole ar rhe Esrrella Park course. . . .,,,,.ew 1, W Golff29 Three points made the difference between State Run For Girls Upset By 3 Pts gg , Coach Clark sjg bl. 4 efsx 'Q "They had a goal, trained -5 ' hard, and gave their maxi mum effort," by John Munoz Junion Julie Leavario, strives for that extra bit of strength to keep going. For Rights Senior, Heather Pierre, flashes a smile as she charges through her vigourous run. 056 l 49 triking Seniors Her goal was , x., ,yu nskk I 36 Heather Peitte Just to make it throug the season " Elizabeth Reid "To support the team and make it to dtvisionals " going to the state meet and not going to the state meet for Agua Fria's girls cross country laws! X team. . i - . V Coached by Michele Hawkins and Dave . ' .C Clark, the girls placed sixth in the divisional ' meet held in Lake Havasu on Nov. 13. They battled it out but were short three points from making it to the state meet. "lt was somewhat disappointing, but really it was a success because every girl ran her best time of the season and l really couIdn't have , been happier with their performance," said "N Coach Hawkins. This was Coach Hawkins first year teaching and coaching. She ran competitively for four years in high school but felt she wanted to start running for the fun of it. She felt that by coach- ing, she could run and enjoy it, "I like the team C being small because it was easier to give them Crunnersl individual attention," Miss Hawkins said! Placing for AF were junior, Julie Levaria, ju- nior, Katy Rivera, senior, Elizabeth Reed, junior, Beth Muse, senior, Heather Pierre, and junior Colleen Adney. The girls ended the season with a 8-12 re- cord. as X QQKLH 6 is Cross Qauntvl Opponegts ll , Q5 Owls Udo forfeit no 55 Buclf-GY SOQ B P90 yoilell md S, N . N7 Q PM not it wckeve l 1 CNJPQO AQ Central ll X ey Al big ,D guca Q5 NYl?:xAi MONVOXQ No 'lo bo CotonoC5O 'I sl 2 C HOYGQO 35 Nom 2 'so Horizon 73 QQSNCN lotleit Cure Kneelngf Coach David Clark, Standthg left: Colleen Ad- ney, lsera Rivera, Liz Reid, Sarag Shears, Beth Muse, Julie Levaria, Heather Piette. 3O!Cross Country .4,1.voQ f ' ' ffl--5-In-,g,.,e.c Boys Cross Coumry foal OMS OPI-'JOnenr 32 p5:9uoro 20 X. ind. S. . is Choopofoi som peono 45 Buckeye no AlhOmbfO 29 53 Browne 15 Ce-nral 47 Dudse-ye Q8 32 Norm 33 MO 43 Coronado 15 Mole 65 Buckeye Os 25 Norm 81 64 Gfeenwo Y Ho ' C- Hayden 39 mon 42 i ' gt, A iv Q , ,- pu r .vfj 'j V, -. ,,: , -gf .4 u..,y'ix.iA1,m.f 1 ' l'Ji"5-u.,"r 'S' 1 - - as . . .. 1-. '71 L a , ,. 4 s ,uv f . 4 , .',i1'... 'R".4,'. 9 . A ,gf 4, if BOYS CROSS COUNTRY Kneeling Sam Lay Brad Mai Shawn Drirroin, David Epplin, Burl-ie Albelda, Coach David hoffer Jeff Schmalsi Dana Quass Sreve Durler Sranding ClOrl4, JOHN Munoz. DOO 5hillidOy, Mafwin Joe. N4 - .f 'af' ' First Time In 23 Yrs, Boys Run State. by John Munoz Agua Fria's boys cross counrry ream did ir for rhe firsr rime in the Iasr 23 years. They made ir pasr divisionols ro rhe srare meer. On Nov. 18 rhe Owls rraveled ro Lalse Ha- vasu ro compete in the divisional meer, Afrer losing rheir former No. 1 runner, Dale Sheeley, rhe Owls had almosr considered rhe srare meer our of reach. They were concenrraring on plac- ing fifrh as a ream since rhe rop five reams go ro rhe srare meer. They nor only qualified for rhe srare meer, bur rhey placed fourrh in rheir division. "I was delighred rhe boys qualified for srare. They wenr ro divisionals believing rhey were a long shor for rhe 5rh Clasrb qualifying posirion and ended up finishing 4rh. They had a goal, rrained hard and gave rheir maximum effort. You can'r asls for more rhan rhar," said Coach Dave Clark. Coming in firsr place for the Owls wasjunior, Shown Drirrain, who also qualified for srare as an individual by placing sixrh overall. They oth- er runners were in finishing order, junior Don Shilliday, seniors John Munoz and David Eppling juniors, Burke Albelda, Sieve Burler and Marwin Joe. 6 ,QQOS . . . triking Seniors His goal was K John Munoz 5 "Ar firsr our goal was ro ' - X , make srare rnen ir was ra :- 2 be me lirsi ream or AF, V. f l I cross counrry, ra make ir ro in 15 srare A -lx -' . if WJ, i -rf :2 ., Q :li 2- A 5-145 ' 1:-3 Eg ,Y David Eplin 3. , 'Fi J M f 'improve my rimes and ' ' ' be 0 recognized runner " Cross Counrryfibl I ss . .1 ., rv, J x , i , ,,,.,,, . . , s. , K ,. V. . M .. .vsgggdesgsw Metro League Title Captured: Division Champs! WOSQ triking seniors His goal was: 5-:1 ' L' 1 '1 i '- Q53 i if 11,5 fait.-ri .f-31 .me Hffll H, K vb F-. ' f k t Y k 1 Q r ' V 4 ,Ji ra il. ti' . .. x bs A R 1 ref J, gf i- he .A Ries 44 Ez . 4 l ri . X sifi . , i? ' " SEX . 5 1 as i , . 5' EE 5 Ji -. . V. S2 is- i - Clint Bradford "Doing the best I could in each game, to treat each one as if it was my last one." Kevin Galloway "To make all-league and to make it to the playeoffs. "To be division champs." John Smerecky To become the best at my position to benefit the team." Billy Bellford "To play every down 1002 and to be one of the hardest hitters around." Jon Mann "To be the best tight end in the state and to do my best on every play." Terry Gathercole "To win the state championship." Jessie Oviedo "To start on first string offense." Susie Lopez Although the Owls were one game short of competing in the stare championship game, they ended the season with a record of 10-8 and gained the Metro Region 2 title, Third year Coach Tom Wheatley was aided by two new assistants this year, Dan Hernandez and Howard White, both of whom contributed to the Owls's successful season, The coaching staff seemed to be the perfect combination that would lead the Owls to state, but the team was outsized and out played by a strong determined Gilbert team that would eventually capture the AAA Division 2 state championship. ' Ar the beginning of the season the players "lt was a great season re- gardless of the outcome." -Coach Hernandez decided, as a goal, to make the playoffs. Not only did the Owls make the playoffs, but they reached the final four in their division. The team left their marks in the football record books by breaking the Aguo.Fria record of eight wins in one season. Junior, T.C. Richmond made an individual accomplishment by running 105 yards on an interception return against Lake Havasu, breaking the Agua Fria football record of 108 yards set by Glenn Rogers in 1080, and tying the stare football records. Most of the Owls' victories were lead by their running game, said Coach Wheatley. With a total of 34 touchdowns, '25 were on the ground. Senior, James Hood lead the Owls in rushes goin- ing over 1,000 yards. The Owls' second leading rusher was junior Vern Rogers who ran for over l 1 The Wonder Dax! A display of Agua Fria pride. team all-league. A total of nine players made first team all- league, four made second team all-league and three were honorable mentions. With the ext ception of Lincoln Holcomb, three sophomores were brought up to Varsity in the latter part of the season. Agua Fria Varsity Football players loosen up beforj they take on Lake Havasu in the first round of th playoffs. A 0 ,- l X S. L it " n - K 3,,,,igi,,.f Xt--A Wersi.. Q' Q4 - 1-ig-gi v -pr. sa., Mi .9 'V .N et.. , X , Q sy, ,sv as V1.4 et: ,, G ,QA , t. X . I , w fl, s r i K 1 sf Q ' M. .Q r s-1 ,t . i :' 'af Q- fs s fi' t' N' . .t ., .. 1- 0 .5 ' xc N 'I ' 900 yeards. Hood and Rogers both mode first aiij ....o 'J .tl . 5. . L ,',,, . 1 - si o - its , ,, .ii ,i r T If is at JS I. w, ' 71 1 ' a in A - F I X V VARSITY FOOTBALL: 5 ' Front Row: Tam Bradly, Martin Cordova, Jason Sanders, Jessie Oveado Junior Gallvin Nick Gale, Greg Mammin Teri Gothercole, Gene Barton. Second Row: John Smereckey, Brett Yohe, Vern Rogers, Chad Rominauski, Marr,Lope Andrew Trumbel, Keith Germana, Shaman Arnold, Rich Scholtz, Brad Donahue, Manuel Cruz, Billy Bellford. Third Roi Coach Don Hernandez, Vic Avorne, Rich Thomas, Dove Yohe, Tom Williams, Gus Wihley, Coach Tom Wheatley, Pitts, Kevin Galloway, Jamie Self, Rodney Green, Tony Talavera, Mark Pullson, Coadw White. Fourth Row. Ja ' Hood, Mark Ellasondo, Gino Chisolm, Mike Hawthorne, Ron Randall, Jason Shelton, Bill Whalski, Tony Jones, TJ Richmond, Tom Cluff, Kerrie McDonlels, Clint Bradford, .lon Mann, Lincoln Holcomb. 1 Mathew Lopez, senior, shows he's in perfecr physical con' dirion. Players rolse o worer break ro revise rhernselves against Tolleson, For Vern Rogers, another fun day or practice. The Owls resr up for rheir vicrory ar Kingman, 21-O! vw" . . . 'X rriking seniors His goal was lloberr Pirrs is "To ger faster and 5 rv stronger and be V 'X divisional champs," Dave Yohe "To improve by speed in rhe 4Ofyard dash." Andrew Trumball "To improve my arhleric ability and ro condition myself," Nicls Gole "To berrer myself for ihe furoref' Tom Williams l'To become stronger and faster and be the besr player I can." Tom Bradlay "To worls on being a berrer player so as ro work rowards srare championship." Gus Wylie - l "To go ro srare ' i playoffs and ger physically berrer. " li - --ni nimie L -'A' fn-j.1lPf'?vU 's Arn. -.1 i - .w- if .. ,Q , . ir.. 1., . ?6 " l, nl , .'V.'.fi'-,Wi ,eq I f'??'?"'A"' 'SV' I .ig , i'-1' 'Q' ' 1 " ' 'im-' ' 'YM .J . - -M . 1 - ,Q ,ap 4 -Gi-, X s , 43 if J- .- , , fx . A ah iw 1, Q ,.i,,:.-1' ,V ,rf rl , . .. ' U .J'- 'L I1 .' L 1 .wl' Q - K K. -QNX .... .. f ,,... ,, -.v.. si li Varsiry poor ball Owls 13 Opponem 13 Cocrog 21 Tolleson 14 18 Case Grgmde 10 7 Trevor Drown 6 26 LC?" Hfvyden 27 Ole HQ . O gi iqifigmofimsu fir 12 N 28 orrh 18 MOhOV9 O 21 Peoria O 21 My Offsb M 21 l.Ol1e HOVOSU 6 pf9SCorr O Gilberr 8 21 . if ll is x . , 'Gong 'X triking Seniors His gool for rhe seoson wos Monuel Cruz Q yeor lerrermon "For Us ro offend srore, ond for the undercloss- men ro do os well or ber- rer " Morhevv Lopez 3 yeor Ierrermon "To work my hordesr ro hove rhe besr reom possi- ble " Geno Chlsolm 3 yeor lerrermon "To help rhe reom molae ir ro rhe ployoffsf' X Kerry McDoniel fc X 8 yeor lerrermon 'fy "To improve blocking on -if 5-' offense ond sroying low, 'W ' X, J olso improve on de- ms' ' fensef' Q , r ss Rodney Green D, 3 yeor lerrermon Q K "To help rhe reom mol-ze 'g, ' ir ro rhe ployoffs, To X molse oll srore, ro im- Q X prove on speed ond physicol conrocrf' Jim Hood 3 yeor Ierrermon "To win championship, ond ro molse oll srore full, pods." Ron llondoll 1 yeor lerrermon "To ploy the besr I con ond hove the reom's best seoson ever." F zxis . 'Nm Keirh Germono Q yeor lerrermon "Doing my besr on ond off rhe field." P Z' fu -,, ' 4 'ti'-K .1- 'F-. YL L - its Another fine lsicls for Drod Donohue, junior. Bill Wolski I-sidss off ro Norrh High ro open rhe second holf Jomie Self, John Smereclsy, ond Rodney Green Srorr dovvne field os Drod Donohue checks bocls for sofrey. s:5e,,,,i5,..i. V Q ak. fix, 1 K - l 4 l't,3"""'w..f.M ffw-fx-rlglhg W . 'z , ' , v,s.sciy1W. ." A Exim ,,..M, Sym- rim-..g13?,.i I, Mem.. '-+ ' .su wge-. A ...N N r A Geno Chisolm breolss owoy ro complere o 20-yard run ogoinsr Coso Grande. The Owls chorge inro onorher victory os rhey defeor Coso Gronde. High The toll mon, Lincoln Holcomb, rnrows off o roll our pore Quarterback Lincoln Holcomb comes our hrs folse after rern ogoxnsr Norrn Hugh, wnscn rhe Owls crushed 200. handing off ro on unidennfled Owl runnvng bocls. Voltage xl!! r, lm 'I I . : X 7, -M ' " V fwpwgqiu 4 ff r., ,,..,,,,.q f W lin-a...,.wM.....K W f w Q. M ff . W ' - BOD PWS hos 0 DGVSOVWO' Celebf0fiOf1 Center: Before rhe srorr of eocn gorne, rhe Owls join in os one ond monvore eochorher for rhe nignr ond gome. Vern Rogers srrikes ogoin. 4F Freshman Football 1 Y o t Owls Opponegjl 7 Casa Grande 6 0 T. Browne O Chaparrel 23 6 South Mountain 22 30 North O 15 Cactus 20 O Peoria 18 The mighty baby Owls join together in on attempt ro block a kick. ' t ' 1 .n v il I. - Despite Injuries, Young Owls Kept On Fighting by John Munoz and Udo Volke "The team's major problem was that they were unable to move the ball," said John Beecroft, this year's junior varsity football coach. "They could not sustain a drive, they had to kick the ball." The Owls finished their season with a 3.5 record, after the squad was able to defeat Casa Grande, North High, and its season final Peoria. "Only two teams were clearly better than we were," said Coach Beecroft. HI expected a better performance of the team as a whole," stated Beecroft, "but we had some key-injuries and o couple of drop- outs," The defense was the stranger part of the team, they gave up less than two touch- downs per game. The most outstanding junior varsity Owls were linebacker Steve Rogers and offensive tackle Pat Pape, according to Coach Beecroft. Quarterback Buck Simington said, "Our oth- letes are better than our record," "Approximately six players of this year's ' ' - ' a V vt - A ss' Sf ' .sir . l th . - Q Q ' gr, j' j 1' .J A, -- I sg C : N 'Sgt x..,, , ., My Q ry" X . 'iF G' " i j stit "1 J ' tvs 1240 J sir T ' ' , ' -7 "XD E 'r., . i- 'hs -it l"- si PL M. 3, is Q 51 4 h ' . ,, A S Y " g ilil m A . . is fr L- 1 K N., ge, QQ., . . Q i f -' ' - J. r ,, 1 ,-t .5 - , " at , - 1 fs . ssttt . . y , . K. J iff., K lvg ,..- , J Freshmen Football: Front Row: L-R Randy Day, Augie Favelo, Ron Hunter, Mike Lopez, Adrian Ballesterous, Jesse Rodrigues, Larry Gonzales, Sean Ahart, Manuel Morales, Ken Brown, Mike Munoz, Second Row: Shawn Latkins, Dave Rutherfurd, Sol Herrera, Steve Howell, Mike Webster, Dusty Kerr, Derrick Temple, Steve Miller, Anthony Jaurique, Pete Martin, Marty Gonzales, Third Raw: Coach Tom Cor- corran, Ricardo Moreno, Todd Rieb, Darian Mellon, Dan Qzuna, Jim Brumle, Mike Ozuna, Jim Baile-gas, Jim Sunder- land, Dale Koskinen, Steve Sahuaqui, Benji Castanada, Shane Porter, Coach Bob Trout, Fourth Raw: Sal Cruz, Greg Sims, Alfie Alvarez, Rene Sausedo, Tim Wylie, Sean Craw- ley, Eddie Solis, Greg Mesecher, Phil Boon, Shane Phillips, Dave Harms, Charlie Tonklinson, Larry Gardner, Travis Kisner. squad will play on the varsity team next year and do their part to keep the AF Owls suc- cessful," Beecroft thinks. After many irjuries and other set backs, the Baby Owls ended their football season with a io record. l'We've probably played the toughest schedule we've ever had," said Coach Bob Trout. The six teams who defeated the Owls had a combined loss record of nine. In their only victory, the Owls defeated North High 60 1 o. Throughout the season, the Owls lost three starters including their starting quarterback In their battle against Soutn Mountain, five Owls were injured, one who still hasn't been able to return to the field. "l think this year's team will compliment this years sophomores when they are juniors and seniors. The sophomores have what the freshmen lack and the freshmen have what the sophomores lack," said Coach Trout. Surrounded by opposing secondaries, freshmen Jim Gallogos, manages to break away. The J.V. Owls defense srrilses ogoinsr long rime rlvol N ond Ieoves o Wolverene in owe. Sreve Rogers srrilses like lighrning in on orrempr ro soc!-s 0 Wolverine, Som Webster rushes ro ossisr. 4. U-Q , ...l s -4-s. .Q .. xx i A Q Three Owls come rogerher ro ossure rhor rhis Wolverine goes no furrhur os Leroy Johnson jumps in ro complete rhe socls 52? 4'-C7 si,-u L--f.. iw-sift. , l ,ty fav. 1' 4' 1 , ,J . K, N fy' ' 1 ' . ' f f - f..-an - 3, if-' 139' i H-Ng, "" A -"fa ' fix' If '. YG.-5" 1 Yygha fd" L ev. s.. ' ' . S ' -, .bfi y ' ' f,- Han A gs A-ef -'+,r,ee' fi 5223, .L WI., ' . 1, - , 'NU 5 was .mai s Q K S ',.:-fr? ?g'z"T7,qL9lF' 7' ..Nl!2Y3.2v"f v- f , ' ff" .- sl "41..,.., ,. L Junlor Vorsfry Foorbaff 8-5 'N Ogws T Opponenr olleson 14 14 Coso Gronde 8 18 Trevor Browne 20 6 Choporrol 35 6 Sourh Mounroin 20 7 Norrh High 6 O Prescorr 14 18 Peorio 8 ,,kQ! I Bw -.fsssi ,Mtg .fx 51: ., P L-ei :!.,- V.-?.' 7-5-.yy J ' -ni 'fn....-:9'i"x'.i.:J Foorbollf Fronr Row: L ro R Robert Lirrer, Donny Aundre Anderson, Krls Germono, Leroy John- Tyrone Anderson, Sreve Richmond, Duck Syming- Second Row: Tlge Deck, Tim Phipps, Myron Villo- Jeff Mercy, Eric Conklin, Por Popo, Tony Wylie, Jock Iley, Rlchord Toylor, Third Row: Cooch Deelrofr, Roy aus ill' A ,Tp--y.'gA,v-..'-1 -1 H Y .,. ,ggvsef "'Af,L.' . , - sb ' 1 N .iff ' 4 Linofelrer, John Burrell, Jooouin Humphries, Richord Gor- cio, Aoron Romonowslsi, Dorby Brewer, Alex Sohuoqul, Cooch Alrnosy, Founh Row: Sreve Rogers, Porrick Hoklf, Roy Wilson, Steve Cosronedo, Som Websrer, Seon Forsvrhe, Morr Tumboll, Mike Silvio, James Dlxson Badminton Members Make State Meet by Jay Fernow 'il was really pleased, It was an improve- ment over last year," said Debbie Pina, head badminton coach, in reflection of the varsity and junior varsity seasons. The varsity squad ended up with a 6-6 re- cord helping them finish in fifth place out of 11 teams in their division. They also sent two ju- niors ta the state tournament. Vickie Densford and Jaclsie Mee bath earned spots in the state tournament. "lt's been awhile since two singles players from AF qualified for state," said Pina. Mee was not defeated until the fourth round of state, while Densford played successfully into the third round. Densford's opponent went on to finish second in state. With the points scored by Dens- ford and Mee, AF finished in a respectable 12th place in state. According to Coach Pina, the badminton team has been rebuilding for the last two or three years. She believes that "if AF is going to have a year for badminton it will be next year." Densford and Mee will be returning as seniors, to a solid team that will boast four returning letter winners. Also returning will be Ruth Grumbling, junior, and Juanita Miranda, sophomore. Varsity members who will be graduating are Kelly Chandler and Kristina Drawn. The junior varsity badminton team ended with a winning record of 6-5. "The potential for next year is there," said Pina, "there are some good workers wha are self motivated." The JV members were ranlsed as follows: Colette Humphrey, sophomore: Regina Wichman, sen- iar, Danna Montana, junior, Suzy Hitth, sapha- more, Lisa Rutherford, junior, and Rebecca Ozuna, sophomore. Senior, Kelly Chandler shows a bit of gracefullness as she awaits a return. Ruth Grumbling, junior, returns to her opponent with confi- dence. VARSITY UADMINTON: Front Row: Donna Montana, Lisa Chandler, Jackie Mee, Regina Wickman, Vicki Densford, Rutherford, Kristina Brown, Rebecca Ozanne, Rebecca Jaunita Miranda. Romero, Second Row: Suzi Hutth, Ruth Grumbling, Kelly 38!Dadminton svose 45? .."' it e . ft ' N , qnw, I Q.. x xt' Q i I 3 I friking Seniors Kelly Chondler "I nod o lot of fun, I'm go- ing to miss ir o lot To bod I tought other girls how to twirl their rocket, just for you Mrs Pino Klrstlno Drown "I wish it wosn't my lost yeor, the teom wos nice ond Mrs Pino wos gre-ot I wish next yeor's teorn the best of luck " Regina Wt-:kmon "To win more motches than I lost ond improve my skills " il NW' Lt V . orstty Dodmimon Owls 3 Westwoodgpponem O Chandler 8 Q HOrlZon 1 5 Centro! Q 4 SOUI-h O Q Cor' Hoyden 4 2 MO'VVOIe 5 1 COVOOOUO 8 5 ChOpF3OrQI 7 7 SOQUCVO 8 Comelbodi 3 Junior, Vicki Densford, enjoys o friendly proctice game Regina Wiclxmon, senior, tries for the birdie. Dodminronf O9 Frosh Tennis CBoysD Owls opponent O Saguaro Q Q T, Drown O O Saguaro Q 1 Maryvale 8 Q T. Brown O 0 Coronado Q 0 Saguaro Q 5 Chaparral 4 1 Maryvale 3 Q Browne 0 Q Coronado 7 Franls Ozuna raises rime our to pose for the camera. I ll-F m,,,, ., 1. Ai ' 15,4 cg-irgn' f , in ,hvwaku U , . , . A , I -, - , ' ' i Q V. vi l . , ',.s:g'.",g-L ,Q 1 1-,af.isnv,,f, T 1 Q milf' - ' ' I ' .. 1. 1 A are-1. '- 1 r . Q- . 1 ua-r,'.,s,. '1' T- 4 T,: , . . , , , , , . , . . - fvlwe--1 Frosh Season Ends 5-7, Confident A nd Improved. by Erin Scott As of the end of rhe season, the boys' freshman rennis team had a 5-7 record, and seems ro have improved. Coach Don Shllliday was confident the team would put forth grear effort in their marches, He expressed his delight with the team's improvement, "Grear! l am really pleased with the individual growth and pro- Gary Barnes returns the ball with determination. 1 , gressf' Mr. Shilliday said. He also descri the team as very "coachabIe" and refer ro them as "quick learners" and "hard w ers." Both Gary Barnes and Mike Minyard vi cired as most improved, and the recent n ber one-ranked player, Ted Beecroft, was valuable player wirh much porential. Ed Pennington reaches for the sky. X'-.e--.-nf - T yr , fl- ' w , -1' Q- M: rf. 1 'V x5:4K.1 I 55173 ' 1 i 59 5s'!Pff 4. KQLQCREJ If , - 4414':f:.' 'Q Ahgft' .?2kIf"s. ' ffaff- f7f 'rf '-ri lp 4" f 4 " f S' A . ' I- V. - ,V l k 'f 12, ffg.'j':kS7'.,J' Y ll? 'T f x: 1,1 . Shr i H M. 2 ij,-5 PET, :fi-igifw,,g1,.1s,2:', N ' ' . Fi- !-iii' "J, 5,1 'X' 534 . - ,. . -' 'L w.'ff,,fffJf,' 'v'3a?f-2'- in ,. 3, I, Q, 5... .I V, , .A ,QM I S -rf'-Q 'A 'i fx, -' ,. rrnlih hw ' . I 7777! ' 1' -M I 4 FRESHMAN TENNIS: Fronr Row: Curtis Wichers, Ryan Sutton, Steve Roehling, Frank Ozuna, Second Row: Coach Dan -N...4-un ' "" Shilliday, John Warlsomslsi, Ed Pennington, Gary Barnes, Don Slale, Don Onstad, Mike Minyard. Nor pictured Ted Beecroft. N 4O!Boys Freshman Tennis Freshmen Finish Season 7-5 -I 'Pleasing Season' By Erin Scorr 'll was generally pleased with rhe season rhis year," said Miss Nancy Carlson, coach of rhe girls freshman rennis ream. The girls' sea- son record was 7-5, The marches played close ro home, such as Trevor Browne and Maryvale, were won 7'O and Q-0 respecrively. The major losses were againsr Chaparral and Saguaro which, coach Carlson said, "were OK". She explains Robin Scarf perfecrs her forehand wirh dererminarian. rhar rhose schools are in Scorrsdale and "those lsids were barn wirh rennls raclseis in rheir hands." The besr individual record for rhe season was 6-3 in rhe singles' march, held by Tanya Hilbert, ranlsed number one. The orhers in rhe rap six ranls as follows: Laura Densford, Karen l-lendriclss, Jennifer Jarnigan, Sonya Hilberr, and Robin Scorr. Sonya Hilbert uses her bacis hand wirh ease Owls 1 7 1 1 O Forfeir Q 1 O Forfeir Forfeir Q Freshman Tennis opponenr Sauaro 8 T Brown O Saguaro 3 Chaparral 3 Maryvale O T Brown Coronado 0 Saguaro 5 Chaparral Q Maryvale Browne Corarndo O Q. 1 l f .Y ,rs I V "wp '-4 GIRLS FRESHMAN TENNLS- Fronr flow: Mischelle Templeron, Jana Srumpf, Robin Scarf, Cinda Rose, Lynn Jaclssan, Lucinda X Lopez, Second Row: Miss Carlson, Tanya Hilberr, Sonya Hilberr, Karen Hendricls, Laura' Densford, Jennifer Jarnigara, Wirh a lools of concenrrarion, Karen Hendricls uses an Karson Jorden, Nor Picrured- Karhleen Berger. upper back hand. Girls Freshman Tennisfcll -... Boys Swim Teom Does It Agoin Division by Krisron Mock The boys swim reom finished rhe 1985-86 seoson with on undefeored record of 11-O, while olso copruring rhe Merro Division chom- pionship for o second yeor in o row. The reom, cooched by Sonny Culbrerh, hod mony returning leirermen provide speed ond slsill, rhe necessory focrors for o winning seoson. "Ar firsr I wos nor sure obour how rhe yeor would rurn our, bur everyone wos reolly up ro winning ond so I lsnew we would do well," soid Co-coproin Com McCown. Ar rhe firsr diving meer Cooch Brion Spriggs encouroges rhe divers. Chomps ' Nor only did rhey do well in rheir regulor seoson, bur rhey olso did well in divisionols, sending rhe boys medley reloy reom ond orh- ers down ro rhe srore meer os rhe division chonnps. Ar rhe end of rhe meer, Com McCown wos srore chompion in rwo evenrs, rhe Q00 yord individuol medley ond rhe 100- yord breosrsrrolse, ond rhe reloy reom hod ploced fourth. Overoll, rhe reom finished seventh in rhe srore. McCown complered his greor coreer, hold- ing 1O school records "The only record he doesn'r hold is diving," Cooch Culbrerh soid. 1 1 Boys Swimming: Front Row: Ted Beecrofr Mori Pop' Eddie Morron, Toir Sorensen, Seon Newcomer, Com worrh, Rick Moys, John Prirchord, Tom Kennedy, Scoir McCowen, Normon Horris, Chorls Reid, Mori-i Reese. Not Core, Dovid Reese. Bock Row: Cooch Sonny Culbreih, pictured: John Tebbe. 42!Doys' Swimming ikeloxing before his nexr evenr, Seon Newcomer, rhinks obour rhe nexr roce, eswsssexwgf-wasifwvsswwi-We-ees WN.---,ies s - .ii SP W BOYS' Swimming 10 O AQUO Fria OFJDOnenr 124 Caron 124 Y ado 72 UfTiO 101 C eo 113 OUU5 67 I 50QUaro I 111 Kofo 53 92 G 43 ilberr 95Vz Ch 76 0DD0rrol 7 I Ch 5X2 Ondler 101 C oz 114 QSO Gmde oo Yuma O4 Coronod 50 O l . , i Divisionois O, Giend Stare at Tu Ole Couegemrsr Cson-Seventh -i it 1 .1 ' si? . . erformlng a front dive Eddie Morton shows the form rhot 0 'ins him another first place against Yuma. O9 1 Q0 triking Seniors was . K Cam McCawn Cam is o 3 year - s Ierterman, Division champ, - State champ, team captain XL X " 2 years fun to swim with a it x M " " real leader. F Q Q -Sean Necomer . 4 Sean Ne-comer "I think Sean really A wanted to perform well wiv- this year because he not gl ly I only went to high school X 1 5- Q practice at 6100 a m. he I . X also went to his private - -' club practice at 4:45 a,m then again or 4,00 p.m, all in one day, -Com McCown T, y- Tait Sorensen x R "Tait is one of the best N ' swimmers on the team, he AWB: G , 5- X gave 10056 in each event W 3, - I he was in. Tait is the most i'SC'h' 'J improved He is o valuable asset, I 'Coach Sonny Culbreth .8 , 1 S Q "Eddie is a four time . medalist in divisionols Ma- Csecond this year? o four , 3 R year state qualifier in dtving - b Swimming the 100 yard brestsrroke Cam McCown breaks ,L 'L Hlliaoligefoluo 'E pcm His own school record with a time of 61 seconds. " Coed, mon Spnggs Days' SwImmingf43 K I Y . X m I , mfr Combining Strength And Enthusiasm For A inning Season by Kristan Mack The 1985-86 season was a year for great improvement for the girls swim team. The team, coached by Laurie Davis, finished the season with an impressive record of 114. There were many new members that joined the team this year, including freshmen Aimee Drainard and Anne Shassetz. They, along with others, combined their strength and enthusiasm and joined together to produce a winning season. "l- had a great year," said Brainard, "and l had a lot of fun." After completing the regular season, four members of the team qualified for the state meer, which was held in Tucson on Nov. 15 and 16. The girls medley relay team, which consisted of members Julie White, Srefi Piosz- toczy, Aimee Brainard and Anne Shassetz, placed Sth statewide. K ,ewes . M vw' Tu- I' i - Owls 4 116 C ODDOnenr Of'OfjQd 8 123 Cactus O 1YUmQ 80 113 iOQUaro gg, ofa 7 lg arisen 6 Cefiffol 74 ChQppOr I 44 1:2 Z2 asa G :OG Yumo fOfide 50 12 Coronado I .xi fi n A 1 i 5' T65 AV .X ,. A if " jf- , ,V , ,,, A N, ,Q XYTXXY 'x , if-we .W A Us. in I- f ' ilindrea Amator posed for a picture before a practice. , , , . Swimming for needed points, Julie White won first place in wg, ' ' H '1 5 A. the 100 breosrsrrolse. 'gf V A 5 ' - ff ,. 1 - 4553 W-ifiliiz-5? W i HIP? fi ',,, ,, Q 'i fV fi:'.'rf ,s f , We - fi - , , M- ., ,.: s, W , W y. Q". -1. 0- fi" wi, if .sr....w . .. W g I O, ,.V 45,41-43, 1 was 'A A F. any A A ,aug A " , .W -gg, , .a ' fs t I Lev QQ' ii' .wa .1 IAA N , " . .. -.. 44!Giris' Swimming -Q 355 ' 'al gl V- will Ng fl 3 -.,-, , 5 meal' GIRLS SWIMMING: Fronr Row: Jody Kelley, Terri Russo, flefef MOIOUY. U50 COPS, KONG LOY, Thlfd ROWI MVS- Krisrin Moifeh, Alicio' Brockey, Srefi Rosroczy. Second Dovis, Andreo Am0f0l'. l-'20 WSYVOUCVM Polly Deoney, Row: Ann Shosserz, Julie White, Aimee Broinord, Jen! Wendy Moldovon, Liso Lorge, Brooke Green. 0 4005 friking Seniors , Q' ' Julie Whire fl VQQ23 , .F "She wos on agressive - , swimmer, one of rhe besr ff Q Aguo Frio nos ever hod. 5 mv: " She hoc! on excellent sen- V j ' , 'Ls ior yeor despire her ill' . V , , nesses " -Korie Loy K , . , I l ""'V"" 1 Korie Loy "Dedicored swimmer, .Y - goes ro oll rhe practices Y, 3 3- nord worker, never slacks V off, oiwoys our ro do her besr for herself ond the J reomf' -Julie Whire . i . Y ls!! Y. , Julie Whire, senior, rries ro ger worm or rhe srore meer In Tucson. Ann Shosserz, Srefi Rosroczy, And Julie Whire relox ofrer on ofrernoon of competition. work Take l .. .- Z C9 . . . ,oo triking Seniors , , , S Q W S IVISICDG S Her gool was, 1 l in . K is l Q - , 7 , I Erica Perkins ' t H . si tw- C 'fi ? --To ,,,,p,OVe my MS ind.. by Stefi Rosztoczy Mr. Mahon said, It wasa successful seosor ff"3i' "M vidwllv Grid to help im- After much hard work, the girls varsity other than the win - loss record, ond we'r .G , , DWG Mme 'em' O5 G volle ball team finished with o 4-14 record. lookin forward to next ear." Q - whole, U ' I Y 5 I pg, gg? Mike Mahon, head coach, was assisted by This year s volleyball season was a tim gi ,ju g new coaches, Arnott Duncan and Mike Grif- of learning and change," said one player up ' ' fin, who helped to reach the girls new skills, "We learned the basics and acquired ne Q R ", Senior, Erico Perkins, a varsity captain, said, Skills. We mode some new friends wh Qf . , A "The coaches have helped us a great deal taught us to laugh together, and to strive foi . c. ond Weive improved Q tor Sigce me begin. that extra strength within ourselves, Our r ' -' 9 ' Mick. Hott ning of the season. We learned new things in cord may not show it but they taught us r Qi L sit ix "TO Work OS Orffeem ind the beginning and started off badly, but it be Champs." V, 1 .. f.r sq SWE fo' te ECW really counted in the end." K Q Betta Gonzales K - .. "To make the playoffs." V . c. is : Elvo Cruz I "To work together as a K team," QC Y 2' K V .,,. ,. CA 'J C . Avg . .mt 5: I I A " iff: .Q 14 , YQ' if ' x Q Sara Nickolas XL f ' "F k n i ' ix ' ' . WSH igxghif Zijmfg Varsity Volleyball' Fronrf Joanne Tawey, Elva Cruz, Guthrie, Noreen Morales, Jennifer Rogers, Coach Arnort s X each one of Us ,O achieve Micky Hott, Derta Gonzales, Second Raw: Kris Andrews, Duncan, Sara Nicholas, Denise Parisi, Coach Mike Mahon, - our goals," Stacy Newell, Erica Perkins. Third Row: Coach Kathy Nor Pictured: Coach Mike Griffin gi, ' ,txt , :Ei-1 1 iff' -Q Q If I vhs. -mt K 1 s 1 'f - 'fx Xi. ,, , 5 . gs Age Q Noreen Morales L J E A ' Cpu? "For the team to have 4' , it 1, s I V better communication " C' t 4 . C, ., . X Junior, Kris Andrews, and Seniors, Erica Perkins and Sara 1 --e"'?" Nicholas, take a break before practice. lgi lil 55 4b!Volleyboll ,, u.....c . , .H . X , in Qpponenr 2 Varsiry Vollevbflll A13 glwls SOQUOIO Casa Grande E Giloerr Tolleson O Moryvale O Chandler cg swfwsloivff O Browne W Narrh O l4inQPfWOfl Peoria 2 Lalse Havasu 2, Norrh E5 Mohave Q Mohave O Peorl0 DlvlslOflOl5 O Peoria , x S 3 Assisranr coach, Milse Griffin, says goodnighr afrer an- orher long practice. 1085 Varsiry volleyball ream: exhausred bar srill jammin' Juniors, Denise Parisi, Srocey Newell, and Joanne Tawey afrer a hard pracrice. show rheir Owl spirlr 'NXQN QR O a, .f SUN 4 , c ,SV s A , I if xx Senior, Mickey Horr, dreams away on rhe 5-hour rrip ro Mohave. Valle-yboll!47 Challenging Seasons Puts Frosh 'IO-6 JV Ends 10-6 by Stefi Roszraczy After a challenging season the girls freshmen volleyball team finished with a 5-7 record, while the junior varsity team finished the sea- son with an excellent 10-o record. Head coach of rhejuniar varsity team, Kathy Guthrie, was assisted by Arnotr Duncan and Milse Griffin who taught the girls various new slsills. Freshman coach, Christine Paulina was not challenging, character building, and a learning experience, " Consistent freshman players were Kristi White and Andrea Armenta. Paulina also thought Julia Price, the team's main captain, was consistent and a strong competitor. The JV team finished the season Nov. 7, losing a hard-fought match against Peoria. In the third game the two teams were tied Owls Owls Owls Owls Owls Owls Owls Owls Owls Owls Owls Owls Freshmen Volleyball 2 1 '2 O 2 1 1 O 2 O O 2 5-7 Gilbert Tolleson Trevor Brown Saguaro Carl Haden North Alhambra Coronado Peoria Trevor Brown North Maryvale Krista Garber takes a second ro smile for the can aided by the rwo new coaches, however, she did well for her first year of coaching the AF team. Paulina said, "Overall it Crhe seasonb was --- yu ' D0 14-14, and then 19-19. Peoria then served and won the final rwo points, defeating the Owls 21-19. ,J - , .Jn i Kimi QP' FRESHMAN VOLLEYBALL- Front Raw: Krista Garber, Julie Price, Kristina White, Second Row: Nilslsi Whitehead, Antoinette Love, Coach Chris Paulina, Lorraine llanos, Yolanda Valdez. Nor Pictured: Samantha Contreras, Bridgette Harris, Olicia Bridgette Harris is ready for everything Perez, Erra Plass. 45 Junior Varsity Volleyball 1O'o Owls opponent I 2 Saguaro 1 2 Casa Grande 1 1 Gilbert 2 1 Tolleson Q 0 Maryvale Q 1 Browne Q Q North 1 1 Kingman Q 0 Kingman Q Q Peoria 1 Q Lalse Havasu O Q North 0 Q Mohave O Q Mohave 1 1 Peoria Q ophomore, Francine Ramos serves to opposing team, X N -K, s ieg e W me veg RS .ki ee . -rouge Q gf' i C QQEEC. . iz F151 ,L ..1i ,K se.. , f 'l 1' 4 ,, Q rx 1. in I The J,V. volleyball team shows many emotions during a Sophomore Gina Syverson dozes off offer on exausring rrip march. to Mohave. JUNIOR VARSITK Fronr Row: Dino Asrorga, Francie Ramos, Gurherie, Regina Johnson, Renae Wichmon, Coach Arnorr Yvonne De corr Second Row: Julie Hotr, Lix Lucas, Blanca Duncan, Tammy Morton, Gina Syverson. Coach Mike Ma- Villasana, Kathy Gage, Dina Cruz. Third raw: Coach Kathy hon. Nor picrured: Coach Milse Griffin, Suzi Lopez. 40 by Suzi The son vvirh rournornenr, rnolsing me Merro AAA 2 Cooch Woyne son os head coach, soid bener rhon expecred Expecroriona were four seniors were on According ro vorsiry berween me Andy Gurierrez soid, oioyers whether you Over rhe course proved in ing ro Cooch :earn improved in inrensiry well. TL.-om ployers e rheir succeas goes ro scribed him os o miilea. Senior Keiry mon os being o who 'Boremon wi!! smile once i iGrcienD ond I do Firsr year msisionr described of, Q friend ez' 0 I-Uh Seniors Rodney Green, Jon picmre. 'sv N is WUI PM " lA5KB3""W A is AAQHNYX mm ASQ 'BM M x Kasey ' .JAP is 5 , i' ix y ,V , -My . V 2- .brim V .M We -my y .,,y Nab, A I YHA F914 for gorne doy l 4 ghr. Vorsniy reom members make o mp shorr os rhey enjoy surf v ir xmusicl w x -M nn 'rMs A fwfe 106-I0,Semor.Joo. a x.cndJumo, choel. gzero kick back ond worch rhe junior kVOfSifY game. A - L 15' , ff I i 1 A V 5 .. ff K ' ' ',rNi,,L . Y f,f:5q+ f A X W W 7 ' -x mf 4, ,I rw? xi Y fifsse , 1 ,R K? x , . -C if 6 f V .. , 5 f LQ' ' , f' ' ' 3 x il' A f X I i F 'V V ,Q A,.1 If ,,4::.'zf::h 3 , i, nan: A nun: A 3: , A . at I 3 'Y V , 'Wx r. f H I. 3339 Ns 4 5 WWPI4 yWHPI4w 913314 M MAFPI4 135MFP1,4 xguarn ,ff 1. , A i W., Wm - . , ..-,. W' ll N ' 55 1 I gvmu niumlv Murph ,g.aru1AX LVAYPIA ,LWAFH14 'X' ' E3 -S s - ,K ll E1 1 lg BEF? 13 : 1 ' . 3 ' ' , 1 F 6:3 . K. .4-'P if V ,,. if K K' 1 kk kk RRSITY DAEKEWALL Fronl Rodguey 3 Tom Cluff Kerfy Mcfboniefl, Peter' Wand, Chris Sanchez, Dowd Derzhdd, Mike Vizzerrq idy Gurienrez, Mork Poqlson1CMonoger7 Backs Coach 500' Eff pews' Sreve Berzhdd' Jon Mom' Jerry GOOZOIGS' Sensor, Rich Pererson, manages ro keep me boil ond hoid Coach DOVQGOMO' back the Cocrus de-femswe C Vorsiry DoseboIIf51 QQ frlklng Seniors Has Goal Was' F3 ua , ff' N... Jon Mann To do rhe besr I could every game help the reom wan Kerry McDonleI To wan drvlslon and ro moke All Srore Rodney Green To wln rhe drvlsnon ond ro moke rhe fursr reom ln All Srore Thanks ro Kerry l couldnr breok rhe ossusr record Dovld Derzhold To ploy ro rhe be-sr of my oblhry have o good mme ond help our reom ro o successful seoson. Mark Paulson To make srore playoffs," Junior, Tony Moroles, puts rwo X, sK,"' more on rlwe scoreboard for me Owls. M he ' S- S...s,.., is. 'qi' x 3 SM' wow X gs 15 x 4 c 41. s,,- f , X 2, . X X 7 1 x if YQ f .J llrc Q Nia: .K N S .,m:r- s..jf'l ex... Junuor Michael Vizzero shoots for rwo, while juniors Jeff Kerry McDaniel, senior, jumps high ro score for rhe Owls ogoinsr Kingman: Agua Frio defeored Klngrnon 5 Peters and Tony Moroles owair the rebound. A 1 Y' Senior Rodney Green, drives rhe boil down court os Dovid Beszhoid, senior, husries ro ossisr. S3155 -A ' 7 1 ...A qwhw K K Win- v- ' P -N i ' 5, 4 f - I 1 W'f"n, Ag., b 9 ' sfafda. - Qrif ., A Qu mf aff thi . sux. 1, Xu Senior Kerry McDoniel shoors for 2 points ogoinsi Kingman, Senior Dovid Derzhoid, cirremprs ro score ogoinsr Cocrus, while seniors, Kerry McDaniel ond Rodney Green owoir to rebound. Vorsiiy DosI4erboilf5O Freshman Mark Lombrecht, shoots for two as he s Frosh End On Winning Streak, by "B K"'9'mn Opp0ne"" U 1 J.V. Outstanding 145 by Stefi Rosztoczy After a long, hard fought season, the AF boysjunior varsity basketball team finished with an outstanding 14-5 record. The team averaged 59.6 points per game, while .only allowing opponents an average of 58.2 points per game. "Patrick Hall has been our leading scorer, leading assist man, and second leading re- bounder, "He averaged 15.8 points per game and 54 assists for the season, said Coach Des- combes. "lt was a very good season and we im- proved a lot," said Lincoln Holcomb, sopho- more. Holcomb led the team in rebounds with 182 and he averaged 10.7 points per game. The third leading scorer and rebounder was Steve Rogers, sophomore, who averaged 10.1 points per game and 88 rebound. Next in scoring were Jesse Avena, sophomore, scoring an average of 64' points per game, Tom Pem- ingtor, junior, averaging 5.9 points per game, and Ryan Lee, sophomore, averaging 5.6 points per game. Other key players were sophomores, Rob- ert Statzer and Randy Duncan. Two other con- tributing players were juniors Fernando Arriola and Derick Bostic and sophomores, Jerry Cal- lands and Don Dew. Overcoming a troubled start, the freshman basketball team ended their season with a record of 8-7. A six game winning streak to finish out the year ended the season on a positive note, said Coach Rick Spears. Spears stressed fundamen- tals heavily to his member squad. mon Basketball Fresh 8-7 Oppofiefif 65 AF Cactus 53 02 ' Tolleson 5g 52 Gerard 63 64 Sogaoro 54 40 Central I 73 52 Soum Mountain 78 49 Loire Havasu 53 88 Kingman 61 52 Peoria 52 59 North 56 75 Mohave 55 04 Peoria 81 58 Lake Havasu 32 85 North 57 33 Mohave '1 54!Junior Varsity Basketball Emphasizing individual play, several players turned in commendable performances, Fresh- man J. D. Bae led all scoring by a wide margin of 140 points above Mark Lambrecht in second. J. D. Bae and John Graham combined to take top honors in the rebound category pull- ing down nearly 40 percent of all the reams boards. Freshman J.D. Bae, dribbles into the inside in an attempt to score. . iiii S QNX . Qgx it is . 15 i i " X w . sg . sw S . gg SQA: ,cs 3 kk' :S in s. K, C .l. .ow-' M, ' MQ? . ,,,,,,,.. -we--.-v - 5 . X. .. -X -H 'QQ J .. :Wing US AWL FRESHMANBASKETDALL Front Row:Ken Brown, Paul Luel- Alvarez, J.D. Bae, Mark Lombrecht, John Graham Iig, Frank Ozuna, Coach Spears, Shaugne Ahart, Bobby Slage, Gary Barnes, Larry Gardner, Benii Castenada Campbell, Jimmy Gallegos. Bock Row: Eddie Solis, Alfie L , .1 ...cs4r,,uaaRss. -W Q is JUNIOR VARSITYDASKETDALL TEAM:Fronr RowfFernondo Poolson, Don Dew, Dovid Peterson, Ryon Lee, Lincoln Arriolo, Robe-rr Srorzer, Porricls Holl, Derrick Dosrlc, Jesse Holcomb, Tom Penningron, Sreve Rogers, Rondy Duncon, Avena, ond Jerry Collonds. Bock Row: Monoger Mork ond Coach Woyne DesCombes, sw. ur N -I V Uoslrefboy 14 5 AF jg Glendale OPDOf7enf 51 Sunnyslope 31 48 Cocrus 50 63 Tolleson 45 60 Gerard 46 43 CO!! Hgyden 58 O6 5Oguoro 50 51 Cenrrol 62 BB Sourh 70 55 L Hovogu 50 70 Klngq-,On 60 42 Pe-one 53 61 Norm 53 72 Kmgmon 39 55 MOhov9 35 oo pE1Orlo 51 54 L Hovosu O2 83 Norrh 45 MOh0ve 50 65 Delowr Sophomore, Luocoln Holcomb srurrs the gonne rughr os me owls defeor Mohave 83 vo 65 llsghr Rouen Srorer, sophornore, orvemprs vo block I-us Knngmcn opp-onenv os sophomores Ryan Lee ond Lirscon Holcomb ond Junior, Fernando Arnolo, owoxr me rebound F ,figf New A.. 4, .paw-,W , 'P l W., ..,.,.,,, We , ., A... 5 Cooch DesCombes ond J.V. ployers relieve pre-gome ren- sion wlrh o cosuol locker room meeting, Junior Vorsiry Q Doslxerboll X 55 Varsity Softball 0PPO"'e'V 17 AF Paradise Vollel' 12 lf Peow 7 2 Gilbefl 0 3 cnopowl Q A All'1Ofl'lbf0 0 A Kola 8 1 Kota 3 0 gee-nway 1 B thunderbird 1, 1 Yurl't0 Q 3 Qygparal 10 M Central 11 0 YumO 11 0 YumO 4 Camelback 4 3 Central 4 2' Camelb0Ck 7 5 Camelback 12 7 Almmbw ,b 2 Chgparal 8 A Alhombfo d"'S'Zm'9 can HOYde"l 2 W North 7 5 peom Those 1 all li NNW' triking Seniors Her goal was: Jody Peirce "To make state dayoffs ond have a winning season " Erilsa Perkins "To improve my skills and ga to state " Helena Jonsson "Ta have fun while learning ra play softball " t l sf. Q L r .r I ' tx-:ig f .- se Top: Varsity Owls return to their Newell hir ln another run. 1085 'Bo Varsity Owls celebrate 561 Softball bench after Junior Stacy their victorious season. Varsity Owls Softball Divisionals Or Bust! by Erin Scott "The season has been interesting . . . Every- one played real well," said Coach Crystal Ste- phens, commenting on the girls varsity softball team. The girls ended with a 4-11 overall record and a A-7 league record, losing to Carl Hayden and defeating North High C17-59 in divisionals. However, they lost to Peoria, C7-OD, in the ninth inning. "There were so many injuries," said phens, "that affected the outcome of the son." Catherine Tonlxinson couldn't play most of the season due to a brol-:en foot Crystal Dale and Blanca Villasana had a P on collison during a game. Stephens said for the overall season they played all of the big-league schools Uno one our own size." It will be the situation next year also, said Stephens. "' ry f we rv EK A D JI x K 'L' . A VARSITY SOFTBALL Front Row: Crystal Dale, Joanne Towey, Dina Astrga, Julie Levario, Stacy Newell Second Row: Densford, Jody Peirce, Blanca Villasana, Kathy Gage. Daclv Row: Jennifer Rogers, Erlca Perkins, Coach Crystal Regina Johnson, Helena Janssen. JUNIOR VARSITY SOFTBALL Fronr Row: Gayle Washington, Sonyo Hilbert, Kristi Gorber, Yolondo Voldez, Tino Morton. Second Row: Tonyo Hilbert, Kathy Snyder, Rhondo Wiley, Elizobeth Luquos, Lorroine Ramos, Kelly Simmons. Back Row,- JV Softball Coach Cyndy Eshoo, Alicia Perez, Louro Densford, Tommy Moton, Coach Lindo Phillips. Opponent AF - Gllben Forfeg 1 Chopporol 17 3 Aihombro 0 O Moto 13 10 Kofo 1 Chopperol li 16 Centrol 2 2 Yumo 13 3 Yumo 19 Q Comelbocis 1 20 Centroi 8 8 Comelbocls 8 13 Comelbocls 10 7 Alhon'ibrO 15 5 Choppotol 10 N' sms-vnu . - is gy x ,- N ,si S U, lil, ,, y .-Qfjsos .s,s.1e,s, s A si tx IN A 'SX 3 O N5 f-s-..,"1.,,,.,Ig x X ' 1 "'s.,,' S l""" 1 at Q HI -is I -r ,..... Senior, Jody Pierce, full speed oheod on her woy to onorher Owl run. Freshman, Piegino Johnson, fires in onother strike. Sronclhg roll with pride, Cooch Crystol Stephens, watches her Vorsity Owls defeot the Choporrol Snowbirds. As Senior, Erico Perkins, puts the tog on, the Owls keep the Snowbirds ftom scoring. SofrboIl!57 S S i Q t ' 0 Hgrrwf-rfrffgff 5 r i ,, ,Af M-. is S' sc A,-5, ,v,,, W I I N.. .. l ,WVWN --4 .A :div 7. ,,,, ...',f..N -sf.-.,. 'ff'-35,5 . -.,3N,,,.:,,.g,Vf Y 'ML . A, ,l my V , . ,V, I I .. . M l. ,..., -,..,WsW.v .... . s... Owls Varsity Soccer: F ig hti n ' by Jay Fernow and Greg Huyck Varsity soccer team ended the season on a winning note, defeating Yuma by a score of 2- 0. With the win the Owls finished 5,6-1 overall, with a 4-8 record in league. "The best soccer we played this year was the second half of the Shadow Mountain game," said Mike Mahon, varsity soccer coach. ln the game against Shadow Mountain the Owls dominated the second half but still lost 1-O, "We learned that it took a whole game, not just one half, to win soccer games." The reams best overall game was against o5e To triking Seniors His goal was: Jay Fernow "To make all division and be a team r ., Eric Ellis z "Have a good time and help the team in every way I could " Q S M Mike Hirth , "To go as far as our team could go and make rhe beat of our ability." 5, Frank Saufley "Ta do as good or better as last years team and have fun while do- ing it " H.D. Smith . fl t "To make the playoffs and win as J ""' many games as possible " ' ' ' i F Y Manuel Cruz ' "Try and help the underclassmen for -'- 1 next year " 58!Soccer Till Finish Yuma. By defeating the Criminals, the Owls kept them out of the playoffs. "We proved to ourselves that by playing the whole game we could defeat very good teams," said Mahon. Offensively the team improved a great deal over the course of the season. "The offense went from taking zero shots in the first game to SO shots in the final game," said Mahon. The offense was led by seniors Jay Fernow and Kevin Crawley, who were voted the most valuable offensive players, and Peter Eichorn and Eric Ellis. With only returning starter from last years defense, senior Kent McMillan, they had many holes to fill. As the season progressed the de- fense improved, anchored by the play of H.D. Smith, senior, voted the most valuable defen- sive player. Danny Tucker was the most im- proved player. "The defense kept us in many games, especially with the play of H.D.," said Mahon. The potential for next years team is there according to Coach Mahon. "l think we have a good nucleus to build around for next year. We'll have seven returning Iettermen and 10 players who have seen some varsity action." The junior varsity soccer team played to a season ending record of 1-4-1. The JV is set up to be a feeder for the varsity team, and Coach Jay Horne believes that this years team will be able to contribute to next years varsity team. Varsir f-.wiv-EFI V 50Ccer 5.7. 1 Thunderbird Washington Carl Hoyden Washington Shadow Mr, South Mr, Corona del Sol Coronadg Chapparall Kofa Saguaro Yuma Sophomore, Kevin Ritchey, races with the ball on the way to another Agua Fria victory, 00,000 enf 5 O O 3 1 1 1 5 5 9 1 O rfttlffa MQ ntl' VARSITY SOCCER Dock Row: Manuel Cruz, Brad Donahue, Jay Fernow, Kevin Crawley, Eric Ellis, Neil Taylor, Second MNG. James Dixon, Frank Saufley, Emeric Gonzales, Kent McMillan, Craig Hans, H.D. Smith, Coach Mike Mahon, Third Mike l-lirth, Robert Morales, Pete Eichorn, David Babb, Donny Tucker, Alan Church. Front Row: Gene Barton, Jeff Shawn Britrian, Kevin Ritchey, Chris Hughes. Knot pictured: Coach Daryl Rigsbyb JUNIOR VARSITY SOCCER Dads Row: Alex Nicholas, Presron Wirhers, Andy Dooley, Coach Jay Horen, Bobbie Lirerri, Chris 056 Guess, Todd Rudolph. Second Row: Mike Ayeraa, Shawn Crowley, Danny Ozuno, Eric Gonzales. Fronr Row- Marr 'XV t .k. S . Popworrh, Curr Wichers, Mike Ozuno, Bobby Garcia, Sieve Howell. n 'ng enlors AEUR iisun FRIA FHM HB goalvvas - Kenr McMillan "To give my besr and have 0 good rime doing n " L Kevin Crawley "To do real good by making people larger abour lasr yoors ream " AQUA ASHA FRI! F A Pere Eichorn l'To score more goals lhan lasr year and be a ream player " ' fl fe-E'w..-.i" 5 .W-u-5.3. Y ...,, ,K L . Q . - "' 'Tfx"'1-9 N'-Q1'N-'e, , Junior Varsity Soccer 1-4-1 -Wah. 'N , llaberr Morales . "To make ir ra rhe playoffs and do rhe bear I could " Alan Church 1 x Y "To do rhe besr we could with wha! we had " 'E 0 W Danny Tucher , W ' "To ploy rhe besr game we could " as 1 A 5, , ,t , 4, AF Opponenr 0 Brophy Ii 1 Shadow Ml 1 2 Corona del 50' A -Ma. . 1 Brophy 3 A my Q Shadow Ml 1 Tempe 1 l ,, ,. .m. ' JK?" W' vw may -A 'Q I .tif W 1 in ppb., .7 kv?-.Www Togerher, sophomore, Kevin Rirchey, and Junior, Neil Tay- lor, keep rhe ball safely from rhe opposing Sajuaro ream, Senior, Eric Ellis, hangs on and malses anorher greor shar. Junior, Shawn Drirran, purs our all efforr ra ger the ball downefield, Soccer!5O Six Owl Wrestlers Make State Tournament by Suzi Lopez and Rhonda Wiley Trailing 18-4 with one minute left in his match for the state championship on the night of Feb. 15, senior Raul Castaneda appeared finished. But Castaneda took a neutral position, grabbed his opponent in a headlock and pinned him, thus becoming Agua Fria's first AAAQ heavyweight state champion. Castan- eda defeated last year's state champion, Eddie Valenzuela, of Independence High School who had defeated him earlier in the season, 15-O. First year Head Coach Dan Hernandez de- scribed the 5-O, 280 lb. senior as "a very excit- ing kid to watch as for as wrestling is con- cerned." Coach Hernandez added Castaneda had "a lot of dedication." According to Coach Hernandez, Castaneda is considered one of the best heavyweight wrestlers in Arizona, Castan- eda's overall record was 24-4. Castaneda's reaction to his victory: "l re- member looking up at the score, which was 12-4 at the time, thinking he was going to beat me," he added. "Before the match, I was outside psyching myself up listening to Rocky, then he walked up and stood two feet in front of me, he was pretty confident," remembers Castaneda. "He said, 'You're going to lose,"' he added. "I am happy to say that he did his best and that's what makes him the good champion that he is, Coach Hernandez concluded. Overall the team ended with a record of 2-5 and a 12th place ranking in the state tourna' ment, Other wrestlers who contributed to the team's tournament success were juniors Brett Yohe and Baron Payton and sophomore Sean Forsythe. Hrsr Rowf Tom Burger, Brett Yohe, Steve Richmond, David Wolfe, David Woodward, Renee Souceda. Second Row.- Roger Warner, Buck Simington, Jesse Ortiz, Sean Forsythe, Raul Castenada, Nick Hernandez, OO! Wrestling Y Q . I Junior, Torn Burger in deep concentration before a match. Sophomore, Sean Forsythe shows great strength on way to a pin, nf' lr' ,f f i. r ,M 344 V:,, , ,, , ,, 19052 triking Seniors His Goo! . . . 5 1 "" -N f i . W . ,ui .LL 2 435 W I ' - y ' J 5' J .rx - 1 Wie Roui Cosrenodo "To be srore chomp" .L N A f Jornes Hood ui gkf? "Jusr ro Heep in shope " M 1. u .-. E R. 'I xi' Il ff J If ' I i :kg .' K' Gus Wiley f" Q' "To do well in divisionolsn 4 , V- ' vu Wfesrling 26 :QLD F00 4 15 TOIIG-500 0DDonenf 12 Alhambra aa 36 gm' Hayden 45 38 T Omefboclf 02 24 5cgeV0f Brgwn 34 30 Y urh Moumom 30 20 CUWJO 44 Snrrql 30 O8 So homore Jesse Orriz is quick ro brin down his P Q opponenr. Junior, Dorron Poyron orremprs o rolse down ogoinsr his opponenr Junior, Bren Yohe, wins wirh o srrong heodloclx ogoinsr Trevor Browne. WresrIingfo1 5 al' 9 I The Aguo Frio Morching Bond porricipores in mony evenrs. Here rhey morch in rhe Dilly Moore Doys O . '60 5 X O sw O QQ Send In The Clowns One of rhe new clubs ro pop members in rheir orgonizorion, up this yeor wos the Clown Club. For Volenrines, rhe clowns sold Sponsored by Milse Mohon, dri- "Superloons," long losring bole vers ed, reocher, rhere ore 8 loons for 52.50 o piece. Above: The clown club spenr 4rh ond mode such o hir on compus, Srh hour lunch selling rhe bolloons rhor 4 The flog corps performs wirh rhe bond during pregome ond holf-rime shows Aguo Frio's donce make on "O" os they our OWLS or one of home foorboll gomes. donce olso known os Pom line, won the sricls or rheir summer p cheer comp. reose I The Word!!! .ny gm QI, 2 if 'ig' X fr 5 Above Dlversufled Occuporlons entered rhls floor from rhe movie "Grease," an the homecomlrwg porode Boo Who Every yeor rhe ROTL holds o holloween boll This yeor people were dressed os vomplres ond monsrers, of Course rhere were o few who come os rhemselves our oll I0 oll, mosr hod O good rlme, i rx W, '- .x r.i,,yw2,,. Tlm Rogers ond Jomle Moslyn worls rogerher on o sporrs loyour for rhe Deserr Howl whale Ben Cohen gels reody for o posre up Orgomzorrorws Dlvldorfoil YOUNG LIFE JUST HAVING FUN Skits, Smiles, Study by Christino Mumford Singing, skits, Bible study, ond smiles ore o few things one might see ot o Young Life! FCA meeting There ore opproximotely thirty members, who meet every Mondoy ot 7:80. Young Life moy not be known to oll ot Aguo Frio, but it's becoming quite populor. "You get o chonce to meet new friends ond worch them let loose," sold Roberto Fellows, senior. Sponsors Crystol Stephens ond Bob Sto- ples odd to the fun by creoting skits ond smoll ploys for the members. "We olwoys get o kick out of the things they come up with," soid Kristy Reeder, junior, "We oll just get crozyf' - Kris Andrews, Junior. Pot Poppo ond Bobbie Lireri eot quickly in Young Life's Christmos Olympics. FCAXYOUNG LIFE: Fronr Row: Bobbie Llteri, Andy Hillson, Roberto Fellows, April Stevens, Koren Miller, Lisa Lorge, Christy Reeder, Roy Linofelter, Lucy Cordenos, Diono Vasquez. Second Row: Jeff Mercy, Toit Sorenson, Mott Popworth, Chris Guess, John Prichord, Jody Kelly, Ruth Grumbling, Jill Moloney, Steve Richmond, Kris Andrews, Crystol Stephens, sponsor. Third Row. Pot Popo, 'Hmm Rogers, Steve Berzhold, Todd Rudolph, Kristin Mock, Bob Staples, sponsor, Liso Koppelman, Tish Roberson, Teri Mount, Scott Comocho, Reuben Maldonado. o4f Young Life 1 I l -I LETTER CLUB Letters Of Approval by Tony Jones Of all the honors given by AF to its athletes, ne of the highest is to gain a varsity letter. For an athlete to gain an AF letter and be ccepted in to the Letter Club, he can look orword to at least one and possibly two years f practice. On the freshman and junior varsity evels, an athlete is introduced to the funda- entals of the sport, The varsity level is a time refine and polish the skills into a more ad- style of play. To athletes, the letter worn on the Letter is the visible award given for many of practice and several sacrifices. Kristan junior, feels "the letter means you've something. The Letter is a re- for your efforts towards the team," The award given to the athlete sets him because of his efforts from the average student. Being primarily an honorary club, the AF Club is relatively inactive as far as activi- are concerned. It is hard to get the club 1 "i am proud to wear the letters to represent the school."Cam McCowan, senior. l Charlie Wolff, Eric Wohler, and David Yohe have fun while selling popcorn at the basketball game. together because ofthe nature of the club. lt is of find time for activities. The only real regular a club to honor the AF athletes, and because activity for the club is the selling of refreshments of the constant practice schedules, it is difficult at home basketball games. LETTER CLUB: FRONT ROW: Regina Wichman, Nicole Ayerza, Elvo Cruz, Debbie Temple, Jill Hegedus, Rachel Brockey, Joanne, Mickey Hott, Erica Perkins, Alberto Gonzales, Imelda Cochin, Dina Asrorgo SECOND ROW: John Smerecky, Frank Saufley, Joy Fernow, Donny Tucker, John Munoz, Poli Cochin, Brad Anderson, Terry Garhercole, Julie White, Celestine Rivera, Keith Ger- mana. THIRD ROXV: Gena Chisolm, Rodney Green, Tait Sorensen, Eric Wohler, David Yohe, Billy Beiford, Kent McMiiIin, Bob Pitts, Jim Hood, Jon Mann, Cam McCowan, Kevin Galiovvay 0 Letter Club!o5 - .MS cepfional Performance by Steve Levniz The National Honor Society exists to provide recognition for those high school students who demonstrate exceptional performance and motivation in schoolwork and various activities, A minimum grade point average and activity points are required for selection into the organi- zation, which is officialized by the annual induc- tion ceremony. Once inducted, members must maintain good grades, Special recognition is given to NHS members upon graduation, and funds are raised to provide chosen members with college scholarships. Since NHS membership is made most appar- ent upon graduation, it is the senior members who seem to have the most definite feelings regarding the organization and what it repre- Officers Jill Maloney, Jay Fernow, and Peter Eichorn seen here with sponsors Mike Smith, John Leach, and Trina Graziani, are proud to be NHS members. oo!National Honor Society "lt's a national honor." -Raju Zlnzuvadla sents. Kent McMillan said that NHS is an honor to be a part of because "it represents all the effort put into school and schoolwork." A Celestina Rivera said the honor was hi lighted by the fact that "no one can justjoi you're chosen for it for your talent." Mike Hirth noted that it "encourages ai recognizes superior students and complimer their scholastic record." Carrie Buttemiller cited a particular adva toge by adding, "lt makes colleges stand i and take notice of those students who strive f academic excellence." Piaju Zlnzuvadia said, "NHS is special becai. it is not a local honor but a notional honor Jill Hegedus offered a more immediate ci vantage. "lt makes you feel more important wear a collar with your cap and gown graduation. " NHS: Front Row: Jil Maloney, Carrie Butremiller, Dempy Chawla, Celestine Rivera, Kristina Drown, Jackie Kennedy, Molly Quinn, Crystal Dole, Kristin Naifeh, Tracy Newell, Michelle Osteriield, Deborah Temple. Secada' Row: Marrha Mcliinna, Peter Eichorn, Elizabeth Luquez, Rqu Zinzuvadio, Cora Moyers, Ruth Grumblingg Sharon Alkire, Tim Abraham, David Epplin, David Glorir, Tirl Chatfleld, Cinomon Conrad. Third ROM Todd Rudolph, Liz Lucas, Jill Hegedus, Kristin Mack, Jay Fernow, HD. Smith, Steve Schleszer, Tom Abraham' lkeglrb Xvichrnon, Soon Rich, Steve Liuniz, Fourrh Row: Pom Boorhmon, Mike Hirth, Kent McMillan, Toi: Sorensen, Dan Tucker, Pascal Drown, Stephanie Funke, Susan Condie, Sheffield Abella, Greg Pelly, Erik Ellis. John Rayner, David Derzhoicl. Student Council Y G Timm Rogers "This yeor's Student Council wos very octive, hich mode it o lot of fun", sold Mothevv pez, president. Composed of presidents, vice presidents, cretories, treosurers, ond four representotives m eoch class, the Student Council is the most tive if not the most tollsed about orgonizotion Aguo Frio. The council's responsibilities include the orgo- ing of Homecoming, student elections, royole during Homecoming, donces such os the get quointed donce ond Christmos Formal, Spring eek, Teocher Appretion Weels, The Aguo rop book and much more. It goes with- soying thot this yeor's Student Council did frustroting yet rewording jobs with flying Smith, Caro Moyers, Loura Worthy, Jill Moloney, ond Lopez, core obour school spirit. Did It All For You' "A better leader ls a berrer per- son. " -Tal! Sorenson. senior. The council selected "Winter Wonderland" os this yeor's theme for the Christmos Formol. Student body Vice-President Coro Moyers com- mented, the formol ond Homecoming octivities were, "extremely successful thonlss to the or- gonizotion ond hotd worls of the council." "Eoch member hos o deep responsibility, ond eoch and every member is o leoder," exploined South Compus Principol ond Student Council sponsor, Duone Given. Aslsed how being in the Student Council hos helped him during his yeors ot Aguo Frio, Toit Sorensen, senior, replied, "it hos mode me o better leoder, ond o better leader is 0 better person." 5-. STZDEJT CODNCL Front Row: Kotle Rivera, Seon Newcom- mer. Mise Hawthorne, Jil Moloney, Kely Smith, Louro Worthy, Caro Moyers, Mott Lopez. Second Row: Morrho Mdienno, Melissa Frymon, Mike XVHYEHQOG, Rachel Brockey, Stephanie Funlie, Charlie Wolff, Melanie Espi, Jennifer Jornlgln, Allcla Drockey, Kenny Grohom. Mmuel Moroles, Derek Harris. 7h1rd Row: Steve Sdieszer. Sherilyn Cook, Chris Vlzzero, Kevin Nt- chey, Kent McMlon, Mindy Lued4, Anne Lovoy, Anne Shos- setz, Nikki Whlreheod, Koren Mier, Toit Sorensen, Fourth Row: Suzi Hinh, Stefl Rosctoczy, Renae Wichmon, Jamie Nloslyn, Joy Fernow, Raju Zinzuvadlo, Regho Wldwmon, Celesrlno Rlvero, lulle White, Moria Rivera. Pete Eleharn, Almmee Drolrsord. John Munoz. Fifth Raw: Rhonda Wim, Suzie Lopez. Eva Cruz, Debbie Temple, Diana Vosquez, Kathy Goge, Elzobeth Reid, Timm Rogers. not pictured Dio Jorgensen, Liz Lessord, Andrea An'rotor,Arv1leBanastzok.lXuthGrurribling,llHegedus,Jod1le Kennedy, Tron Nguyen, Frondne Ramos, Soroh Shears. Student Council!o7 KEY CLUB elping The Community by Udo Volke This year's Key Club with its 177 members was the largest club at Agua Fria, and with its approxi- mately 50 prcjects also the most active Key club in years. "lt's been a great year," agreed Jay Fernow, Key Club President, and Mike Mahon, Key Club sponsor." "We've had fun and the Club served its purpose to help the community," said Mahon. Under the numerous activities in 1985 "the most outstanding and remarkable were the an- nual Christmas Food Drive, that brought over 500 cans, mostly provided by the senior class and the purchase and decoration of two Christ- mas trees for families in Avondale. The Kiwanis Barbeque and the Doswill Hospital Foundation Prqect, both receiving aid from 40 Key Club members, were a big success. Key Club's last project of 1985 took place on December 20 and 24. Approximately 45 STU- dents were involved and supported by a group of people from Sun City West that had asked the AF Key Club to do the job. The job was to build about o,O00 luminaries and put them out in the business areas of Sun City West. lt took the students an entire morning to fold the tops of the papetbags down. On Christmas Eve then, starting at 8100 a.m., again 45 students were needed to put the sand and candles in the bags and to ser them out. After five demanding hours they were finished. Although this project involved a lot of hard work, it also stood for something else- fun. The Key Club members agreed that they had a good time being around their friends. They had music, enjoyed free catering, and added excite- ment to the job by making it a competition between small groups. "A job is always what you make out of it," said one of the members at the post-project-party. The main reason for the Key Club to do this project was to raise money to support their cam- pout in New Mexico, in February. They received S400 from the organizers in Sun City West. "lt was terrific that we had so many people, espe- cially on Christmas Eve," said Fernow. l'We real- ly needed the money." ' The responsible group in Sun City West, that was just formed for this special project, really appreciated the help by the Key Club. "We could HOT have made it without them," said Chuck Owens, member of the group. The entire Key Gub members take time our of their Christmas time activities to pose for a picture. 3 434: Qf - - 325755 l 5 ' "We could not have made it without them"- Chuck Owen outcome was impressing- the whole town was filled with this smooth light coming from the luminaries. People from all over the area went down to see it. During the second semester there were four main events. It started with the club camp-out near Gallup, New Mexico in February, followed by the District Convention in Tucson and the International Convention in Phoenix. In between several club members held an So hour volleyball marathon to raise money for the Ronald Mc- Donald House Foundation. This year's Key Club was able to help others and make the job fun by producing a certain atmosphere of work. All the money raised will indirectly help all the members of the club to do more fun things. T-lr si - f ' 1' .. 59 ff Eff Agia,-M. -iv 3' 3 -- sz ' i .93 Key Club members pose after a river trip with Mike hon, sponsor, F KEY Clwf Fronr Row., Anne Dmngsly, Brian McCreary, Carlos Palma, Nicole Ayerza, Kristian Drown, Barbara Williams, Debbie Temple, Stacy Rose, Nancy Porra, Liso Ruihenord, Cindy Early, Melissa Wolfe, Susan Durlcr, Terri Russo, Rhonda Rayner, Crysral Dale, Mechelle Osrerfield, Second Row Aaron Tull, Jim Bell, Clauderre Kirlser, Srephanie Sims, Sherylyn Cook, Lisa Kappleman, Rurh Grurnbling, Srephanie Funlse, Mary ,KEY CLUB Kennedy, Shaan Wilson, Cinnamon Conrad, Bridgerre Opel, Julie Hon, Lori Sears, Sarah Shears, Lisa Large. Third Row: Kevin McAniff, Shannon Gorrells, Scan Firch, Sracy Lueds, Chip Hordison, Derndr Mellon, Caren Miller, Jody Keiliy, Monica Virren, Jill Maloney, Cindy Holdcrofr, David Derzhald, Srocey Dalser, Krisran Mads, Aclela Airman, Julie Goodrich, Helena Jonsson, Tracey Woolgor, Donna Monrona Fourm Row. Robbie Tainrer, Tim Ouslad, Jamie Self, Liz Lessard, Sieve Derzhoid, Todd Ru' dalph, Kevin Crawley, Norman Harris, Wes Rawlings, Todd Barker, John Durremilier, Mike Hirrh, Charlie Wolfe, Eric Wohler, David Yohe, John Rayner, Adam Edes, Kenr Heiner, Ray Denrley, Craig Dringrnon, Chip Jorgensen, KE Y CLUB' Fronr Row: Mona Rivera, Rachaei Droclsey, Laura Worthy, Caller Humphrey, Srephi Roszroczy, Krisran Nafeh, Jamie Maslyn, Amy Tomlinson, Sharon Allsier, Sarah Clayron, Christine Coffman, Carhy Arnold, Trang Nguyen Second flow: Gina Doubleday, Marr Lopez, Liz Reid, Julie Whire, Knssy Rayner, Celesrlna Rivera, Carrie Durremiller, Rqu Zinzuvadia, Dimpy Chawla, Chrislie Chorfield, Kirsten Barber, Corrie Barber, Regina Wichman, Don Schilliday Tl-llRD ROW Burlie Albeldo, Lisa Humphreys, Renae Wichrnan, Diane Gladhordr, Kelli Fine ney, Kirsren Johnson, Jill Hegedus, Evonne Decorr, Suzi Hirrh, Wendy Moldovan, Roberra Fellows, April Srevens, John Pm- chard, Chris Vazzerra, Frank Saufley Fourrh Row: Timm Rog- ers, Ken Graham, Danny Tuclser, John Munoz, Kevin Rirchey, HD. Smirh, Tair Sorenson, Kenr McMillian, Jay Fernaw, Marla Reese, Cam McCown, Erin Scorr, Caiherrne Toni-sinsan, Udo Vallse, Erik Ellis, Sieve Baker, Sean Newcomer. FROSH KEY CLLJB: FRONT ROW: Crista Lair, Julie Morrison, Melanie Espil, Kary Macls, Mindy Luecls, Debbie Coans, Srephanl Taylor, Steve Roehling SECOND ROW: Ronin Scan, Michelle Templeron, Tanya Albelda, Alicia Braclsey, Tammy Talebi, Pere Marlin, Elizabeth Nurz, ' Josh Mason, Crissy Kapenranalsls, Tim Wiley THIRD ROW: Poly Delaney, Heidi lhnar, Alicia McAnally, Lynn Jackson, Lisa Core, Danlra Villa, Kaylen Cons, Deanna Duncan, Bob Heiner, Da- vid Reese, Charlie Tonlsinson, Sean Crawley, FOURTH ROW: Laura Densford, Conrad Jordan, Ann Levoie, Jenny Holrhrop, Amee Brainard, Jennifer Jarnagin, Karen Hendricls, Nilslii While- head, Ann Shasserz, Annalsa Rae, Carolyn Priera, Jana Srrump, Cinda Rose, Milse Minyard, Dan Onsrad, John Warlsomski. Key Club X 69 - Desert Howl riting With Pride by Denise Dell Highlighting the year for the staff of The Desert Howl was the awarding of the Medalist rating from the Columbia Scholastic Press Associ- ation. This rating is the highest received from this organization. The staff of 1084-85 was rec- ognized for this achievement. Tait Sorensen, 1985-86 editor said, "I think the whole staff was surprised because we were very inexperienced and we did so well. It is a great honor that we won such a prestigious award from a university and press association known for it's excellence in journalism." The Desert How! was a large staff, It was mainly comprised of three classes, Journalism 1- 2, Journalism 3-4, and one student in Journal- ism 5-6. Journalism 8-A and 5-o students, also known as "The executive staff", were responsible for their own departments. They too wrote sto- ries, sold ads, edited copy, wrote headlines, and designed pages while working against a deadline, This class was mainly responsible for the outcome of each issue. Mostly making up the reporters on the staff were the Journalism 1-2 students. Although working on the paper took a lot of time, the staff did take time out for fun and relaxation. They participated in regular birth- day parties, paste-up parties, conventions, and the induction into the Quill and Scroll, DESERT HOWL: Front Row: Susie Lopez, Ruth Grum bling, Jamie Maslyn, Rachel Brockey, Dimpy Chawla Rqlu Zinzuvadia, Michelle Drenncke, Stacey Newell Kristina Brown, Mona Rivera, Second Row: Ben Cu hen, David French, David Gloret, Wendy Moldovan, Drlstan Mack, Michelle McKinney, Carrie Roberts, 7O!Desett Howl r "lr's a greal group." I to l Denise Bell, Rhonda Wiley, Laura Worthy, Sarah Co- hen. Third Row Joe Pfeiff, 'COdViS9fDg Timm Rogers, Jay Fernow, Tait Sorensen, Udo Valke, Erin Scott, Steve Leeinig, Suzanne Candie, Tony Jones, Greg Huyck. TOP: Michelle Drenncke thinks of story ideas. LEFT: Hmm Rogers helps Jamie Maslyn Udo Valke, Denke Bell, and Jamie Maslyn show talent. Clavn Club I Wifi .5 'Q I ' A d 5 ' T owntn roun Z E 5-5' T'+1-5' by Denise Bell Hoving fun is the moin object of o newly formed club ot AFUI-IS, lt's colled The Clown Club. Steve Scheizer, president, is the person who is responsible for the orgonizotion of this club. ln his spore time he is o professionol clown, so he hos hod experience with this type of group. He hos been in the Phoenix Clown Club ond he olso storted o clown club four yeors ogo ot his junior high school in Woshington Store. The club wos formed so students could Ieorn to become clowns. They leorned how to molse bolloon onimols, juggling ond mogic triclss. They olso leorned obout slsits, molee-up ond costumes. The only fee rojoin this club wos o five dollor coveroge chorge so the club could buy bolloons. , Q' "IVe just can't help clownlng around" I -Lanny Llghihlll, sophomore. Performing in slsits during ossemblies, portici- poting in porodes, cornivols, ond other festivi- Junior, Sherl Cools soles bolloons to her fellow clossmotes. l Clown Gubf Hrsr Row: Leonord Hopeon, Ken McCombs. Second row: Steve ties were some of the ocrivities they were in. Tolsing pictures with Sonto Clous before Christ- mos vocotion ond selling bolloons for Volen- tines doy wos o few of the club's money molsing prqects, "I hope thot the students in the club got some experience working with people ond enjoying whor they're doing, Also, I hope we brought some spirit ond entertoinment, to the school. I oppreciored the opportunity to hove o clown club here ot Aguo Frio," Scheizer soid. This yeors members include Liz Lessord, Lonny Lighthill, Christiono Poce, Debbie Cooper, Morilyn Trexler, Cheryl Cools, Leonord Hopson, Ken McCombs ond sponsoring the club wos Mr. Mil-ze Mohon, drivers educotion teocher. Tino Deyle ond Wilmo Freemyre, juniors, obove, ond Teroh Perry ond Corolyne Deyle, - , freshmon, be-low, join Sonro for lunch. Schieszer, Morilyn Trexler, Lonny Lighthill, Debbie Copper, Chrisriono Pace. Clown Club! 71 - MARCHING BAND ectic And Successful by David Glorit Hectic and successful are the words that best describe the year for the Band of Owls. One of the reasons for all this excitement in the fact that the AF football team made it to the semi-finals, thus adding aproximately four weeks to marching season. This extension re- quired the band to do some last-minute plan- ning and also allowed the band one week and a day to prepare for the Christmas concert. "lt put the band in a difficult situation," said John Faris director. Another problem that the band faced this year was their size-a mere 45 members. How- ever, despite this handicap, many students who saw the band perform at the games expressed their suprise at the power. "They're alot better than alot of other schools I've by Dave Glart There are only about a handful of groups like this one in the state of Arizona. They could be found in their corner of the gymnasum during a basketball game cheering on the team and playing various popular tunes. They're the Hoot 'n Dandies, the basket- ball pep band, and they were under the direction of Miss Leslie Anderson. The main purpose of the pep band, ace carding to Anderson, is to cheer an and modivate the team. "l think there is a direct correlation between the pep band and the morale of the team." The pep band itself if made up of volun- teers from the Band of Owls. The members of the Hoot 'n Dandies were present at every home game and as one student re- marked, 'll think they made the crowd rowdy." 72fDand "They're a lor better"- Suzi Lopez, Junior seen," commented Suzi Lopez, junior. Yet, the main thing students remembered about the band were the "cool" percusion features that were played during many of the half time game shows. "I think the percussion section is excellent," rememberd Doug Condie, senior. Besides doing all the halftime shows at the home football games as well as some of the pregome shows in many away games, the band also did its share of concerts and parades. These included the Phoenix Rodeo Parade, The Tucson Rodeo parade, add the spring and winter concerts. Overall, despite all the obstacles, the band had a successful year. lrs no wonder that the Band of Owls continues to be Agua Fria's pride. 'Pep em up' HOOTNDANDIES I-'ronr Row. Jill Maloney, Elizabeth Luquez, Edna Astorga, Angela Hall, Robin Harwood, Heather Pierre, Jackie Kennedy, Michelle Osterfeld, Imelda Cochin, Titi Chameld, Darren Anderson, Lisa Daldock, Toni Cabral, Leslie Anderson, Sponsor. Sec- ond Row: Tina Edwards, Barbara Crumley, David Giant, Marine Lambert, Valerie Eversoll, Scott Adams, Aaron Tull, Scotr Cote, Eugene Serrano, Tim Abra- ham, Denise Dell, Third Row: Melissa Fryman, Reggie Espinosa, Earl Spencer, David Epplin, Scott Fitch, Brian Shepard, Julio Martinez, Jason Shelton, Tin Onstod. MARCHING BAND PERCUSSION LWB Fronr Row: Heather Pierre, David Glorir, Barbara Crumley, Second Row: David Epplin, Mike Bell, Brian Shepard, Scarf Firch, Chris Reicharr, Earl Spencer, Milse Minniclss, The Band of Owls goes inro formarion ar a home game. Jill Maloney leads the bond wirh sryle. 1. 4. , rs - A , ' Q k x i y K, SWS r BAND OF OWL5: John Faris, sponsor, Mary Goodwin, sponsor, Yolanda Gonzales, Cara Moyers, Yvonne Dccourt, Tanya Lisa True, Kelly Chandler, Liz Lessard, Jill Maloney, Hearher Williams, Stacey Newell, Lissa Waal- lick, Rhonda Rayner, Nicole Ayerza, Shannon Garrels, Mess Anderson Csponsorb. Second Rowf Denise Dell, Sabrina Llghrhill, Tina Edwards, Elizabeth Luquez, Edna Asrora, Angela Hall, Robin Harwood, Hearher Pierre, Jackie Kennedy, Michelle Osrerfeld, Imelda Chachin, Tiri Charfield, Darren Anderson, Lisa Baldocls, Toni Cabral, Sarah Clayran, Maggie Vasquez, Third Row: Paual Arrelano, Barbara Crumley, David Glorir, Chris Reichorr, Marnie Lamberr, Valerie Eversoll, Scorr Adams, Aaron' Tull, Scorr Core, Eugene Serrano, Brad Anderson, Tim ' A. 'f -J Abraham, Melissa Fryman, Fourrh Row: Dawn Elberr, Reggie Espinosa, Earl Spencer, Mike Dell, Davels Epplin, Scorr Perch, Brian Shepard, Milse Minniclss, Julio Mor- rinez, Jason Shelton, Tim Onsrad, Franls DeLaRasa, Julie Darden. football i nmdfvs izozz With Eoch Ste l by Chrisrino Mumford includingq Bond Doy or ASU on October 12, ally, if - , P 1985, Homecoming ond Billy Moore Doy Po- 12 F Being in Flog Corps rol-ces rime ond dedico- rion. An overoge doy begins or 7 o.m. in the morning in fronr of rhe OK. Fulron gym, ond ends ofrer firsr hour on the foorboll field. The Flog Corps performed in mony events rodes. The Flog Corps olso oppeored every """ Fridoy nighr or rhe Vorsiry foorboll gomes. Flog Corps member Poulo Arrellono soys, "We've M 'ff' up. X w ,45- C xi m ,. 0 ,M is ,,, , , fzf X " V I ge' pf M f -M is i . , .. M E , .... : W V C "" ' "Wx Q X R x C l is E . , I "lr's been o greor " i ear." M 1 ' M Y Qgg F 3 ' .Pciulo Arrellono-Junior , gf? . ,. , :,,,Qff? Vg I I kk A 44 '--f ' 1 f 5' ' 'ah Z Denise Bell counrs our rourine steps, ' A l Q :. f , H C ,,ir Poulo Arrellono concenrrores on rhe routine. ""' mfriog l ' FLAG CORPS: Top Row: Poulo Arrellono, Sabrina Sarah Cloyron. Borrom Row: Melissa Frymon, Miss Lighrhill, Down Elbert, Julie Dorden, Maggie Vasquez, Leslie Anderson, 'sponsorg Denise Dell. l Julie Dorden ond Soroh Cloyron srrur rheir s been hoving o greor yeor ond I hope ir lseeps . Cl lOIRfl JANDDELLS restigious my Soroh Cohen Presrigious o word synonymous wirh Aguo Frio's Con- err Choir ond Componos Hondbells Led by direcror John oris, rhese precision groups hove performed over Q0 oncerrs eoch rhis yeor Their oudiences ronge from rhe roro copirol sroff ro rhe srudenrs of rhe locol Junior High Chool The oll girl bell choir rurns difficulr musicol inls srrolses on we poges inro sroriiingly beouriful music Dy procricing -very doy in closs, rhey mosrer rhe rhyrhms ond melodies Inf music The groups reperroire vories from Irish foils songs 3 Chrisrmos corols "Singing's prerry fun." -Chris Neols The Concerr Choir, clorhed in rheorricol blocls, is com' rised of the usuol soprono, olro, renor ond boss secrions oncerrs ore performed in rrodirionoll choir sryle. Sronding in risers, rhey deliver on impressive progrom of songs in our porr hormony The Modrigols, rhe creme de lo creme if rhe choir, ore on ensemble group. Arrenrion musr be given ro rhe up ond coming freshmon horoliers ond borh eorly bird morning bell choirs LAS CAMPANA5 DE AGUA FRlA,- Fronr Row: Jill Hege' Row: John Foris, sponsor, Lizo Weyrouch, Celesrlno dus, Krisrino Drown, Gino Doubledoy, Elizoberh Reid, Rivero, Kelly Simmons, Regino Wichmon, Kirsren Heorher Pierre, Melisso Woolf, Julie Whire. Second Johnson. DA YDREAKER5 HANDDELL CHOIR: Fronr Row: Annie ond Row: John Foris, direcror, Froncine Rornos, Co- Billingsly, Korhy Arnold, Kirsren Borber, Colerre Hume sey Goirher, Dione Glodhorr, Rebecco Romero, phrey, Tonyo Nolon, Kris Royner, Kerry Dorber. Secs TVOVHQ Nguyen- CONCER T CHOIR: Fronr Row: Lori Lewis, Moggie Vos- quez, Chris Nuels, Greg Hammond, Tonyo Nolon, Andreo Novorerre. Second Row: Tiri Chorfield, Liso Rurherford, Dorre Sonderguord, Tony Moroles, Steve Rogers, Coro Moyers, Rurh Grumbling, Jill Moloney, John Foris, sponsor, Third Row: Deidre Scorr, Donno Monrono, Korhy Gage, Mike Lindquisr, Mike Whire- heod, Julie Horr, Elizoberh Reid, Morie Kimbrel. Fourrh Row: Theresa Lighr, Sylvio Gorcio, Chrisrie Chorfield, Timm Rogers, Down Elberr, Viclsy Nelson, Romono Lohrmon. r I i - xi , ,, 1 N1 , A -' 7, l , J ,T - V :3-Qi H F v 4 i 3 Q N-fe' uw " vw' 'c , J "'7 ' HANDDELLS Cfreshmenbf Fronr Row: Liso Greer, Tohio Albeldo, Ann Shorrez, Melonie Espil, Sec- ond Row: Lucyndo Lopez, Koren l-lendriclss, Almo Dryonr, Joholc Smirh, Vonesso Hughes. Choirfl londbellsf75 p k Cf Sp' r 't Suzy Hitrh, Kris Rayner and Stefi Rasztoczy perform a by Liz Lessard Junior varsity cheer has seen an incredible active year. Unlike other years the 1985-86 JV. squad attended Cheer Camp at ASU. They had an excellent overall year and performed in the majority of games. They received higher ribbons each night and brought home the greatest honare a spirit sticls, The girls also shared the responsibility of be ing 'lHoorer" AF's famous mascot! Freshman cheerleaders were very active at the freshman football and basketball games. "I thinls cheering has been an excellent learning experience, and has helped me relate to people." said Julie Morrison, freshman, They helped to generate spirit and enthusi- asm at North Campus! JV. cheerleaders show sophomore spirit before the Home coming parade! FRESHMAN CHEER: Front Row: Christa Lair, Mindy Lueck, Carolyn Prieto, Stefani Taylor, Julie Morrison. Second Row: Koylen Cons, manager, Julie Roder- icls, Katy Mads, Melani Espil, Danita Villa, manager, Top: Debbie Coans. 761 Freshman X JV Cheer dance at the opening day assembly. "One of the most challenging parts of cheering was balancing on Suzy's airborn leg, and shooting a basket without falling off!"-Stefi Rosztoczy eg :QQ J 0 0 ' L T , I 5 JUNIOR VARSITY CHEER: Fronr Row: Kris Tayner, Sec- Thvd Row: Ste-fi Rasztoczy. ond Rowf Kelly Simmons, Cindy Early, Suzy Hirth. e're Cheering Them On by Suzi Lopez "Enthusiastic" ond "supporting" ore two words Kothy Crill, sponsor of the wtesrlerettes, used ro describe the ortitudes of the girls who were octiye this yeor. A totol of 20 girls porticipoted this yeor with 0 mojority of them being sophomores. Crill described the wrestlerettes os being "0 good group of girls" . . . "reoI enthusiostic ond sup' porting," Crill sold her position os o sponsor was "worthwhile" This yeor junior, Monico Soucedo wos choe sen os coptoin becouse of her experience. Sou- cedo described her position os coptoin os being "exciting but scory." Her fovorite ospecr of being 0 vvrestlerette is "seeing the guys ond being with my friends." Next yeor, Crill hopes to get more recogni- tion for the Wrestlerettes ond there ore olso high hopes to hove rry-outs to determine who will be next yeor's wrestlerettes. Junior, Monico Sousedo, coptoin, worlts on perfecting the group Sophomores, Michelle Wennington, Dono Dorney, Emmo Solono, ond Peggy Moore wotls on their moves "We kept the guys going"- Michelle Pennington, sophomore. Rochoel Gordo, Junior, cheers owoy l rv I , . 3 MRESIZERETTES: Front Row: Chnsrlne Coffman, Nellie Roche! Gorcio, Moneco Sousedo, Cheri Holdcroft, Lori SOVYUOQUL Shmel' 50fWCh9Z- LUCY Cordenos, Kim Sects, 7hird Row: Michelle Pennington, Doyno Dor- Boorh, Ammo Solono. Second Row: Peggy Moore, ney, Beth Cluff, Deonno Duncon. Wrosllorottosf77 I VARSITY POM Pom Pride by Pioju Zinzuvodio "We got olong reolly terrific this yeor ond Mrs Goodmon wos on excellent sponsor, which helped to bring our line close together in oll ospectsf' commented Coptoin Liz Lessord. The 12 members, who mode up the AF pom line hod on exciting yeor. Pom comp, bond doy ond divisionols were omong the highlights of this yeor, soid Senior Coro Moyers. The AF pom line wos oworded lst ploce tro- phies for the overoll number of blue ribbons they received ond for their outstonding home routine. Of course, being o pom member is not oll fun ond gomes. "lt tolses o lot of time ond you hove to be o dedicoted person," sold Junior Stocey Newell. All poms ogreed thot eorly morning proc! tices were the worst port of pom, but it oll poid off ond the result wos one of the stores finest pom lines! "Pom is o lot of fun, but also Q lot of hord work. Dur when we're oil together, ond we heor the opplouse of the audience, All the 11096 hord worls we give is worth itll"- Kelly Chondler VARSITY POM: Front flow: Yvonne Decorr, Stacey Newell, Nicole Moyers, Heather Williams, Liz Lessord, Kelly Chandler. Rondo Rayner, Ayefzo Second Row Yolanda Gonzales, Tonyollsa True, Caro Shannon Gorrels. Lisso Wolllds. Nicole Ayerzo 2nd Yeor Liz LessordOrd Yeor Rondo Royner'2nd Yeor Coro Moyers-Grd Yeor Tonyo Liso True Grd Yeor Kelly Chondlerilrd Yeor Lisso Wollicls 2nd Yeor 1 Kristina Drown This was a great year for the 1985-Bo cheer uodl At the National Cheerleading Associ- ion's summer camp at ASU, the line captured 1 award for accomplishment and enthusaism illed a spirit stick, every night for a weels. ecause they were one of the most spirited rams, they were able to tolse one home. iso, four superior ribbons and one excellent Jbon were won. The squad was nominated 3 one of the top five during the camp session wd competed to attend the national competi- on in Orlando, Fl. At the pep assemblies, the cheerleaders mo- fated crowd participation by popularizing the fave. Jill Hegedus, captain, said, "lt was a ew way to get the student body involved," In addition, they made many football play- rs, and their stomachs very happy by provid- .g snocl-zs. "We made a lot of food," Hegedus ommented, Turn About Night had them smiling to "Digi- nl Display" by Ready for the World, a dance we had fun putting together," said Deborah -emple, senior. The cheer squad consists of seniors Jill Hege- us, Deboroh Temple, Kelly Smith, and Erica erlsins, junior Diana Vasquez, and sophomores rin Marshall and Amber White. lash Cf Spirit "Things might get o little crazy at the games, but when it comes down to it, we're backing the teams all the way!"- Erica Perkins VARSITY CHEERf Splits: Deborah Temple, Hrst Row:Amber White, Erin Marshall, Erica Perkins. Second Row: Jil Hegedus. Third Row: Kelly Smith, Top: Diane Vasquez. swore cfismsf First Rowz Kelly Smith, Jill Hegedus, Erica Perkins, Second Row: Deborah Temple. VT-Qi-if Li lb -: -V.. -L v'it1ftff'f', ' 4 'JI' r' "fi if i Jill Hegedus Erica Perl-sins Grd Year 2nd Year SENIORS Deboroh Temple Kelly Smith 2nd Year 2nd Year ,N f ww ,W 1 . l --w-, nf X. gl. . . , , . t . -,gi -in .-v 1'i'f?: Q- mi vfw, ' 7' 141' 5: I U." 1 wr A va' ."'-if H-it IJ N. Varsity Cheer X70 Dramzl-Club-TEspia ns rama: Dead Gr Alive by Tino Deyle Lights dim, the audience folls silent, oll eyes are on the stoge. A casual "hello" explodes the soundless atmosphere. One of the most important aspects of drama is to capture the audience's attention. An octor must bring writing on a paper to life and molse you believe what he or she is to feel. If the actor is successful then the audience is loclsed in. "I enjoy malsing people laugh, ond laughing at others while they do their acting activities," sold Corolyne Deyle, freshmon. Thor is only one of the many things dramo teoches, and probobly, for some, the hardest to master. The Drama Club is like the Dromo Class' side lsicls. The Drama Club enobles members to go os o group to view plays by other schools, and critique them. lt also puts on its own ploys. This yeor the Dromo Club put on Twelve Angry Men, by Reginald Rose, and Up and Down the Sroircose, by Christopher Sergel. The money "Thats show bIz" -Jaime Session, Freshman. eorned from these ploys support the Drama Club, Hord work, dedication, and o weels of ridi- an initiotes con be spotted toword the eni school. They are the ones thot do crazy sti oround campus, like wollsing backwards, sl ing, and proposing morrioge to vorious olj and teachers. To raise money the Thes sell refreshments during intermission and the ploys. All the money eorned by the Dromo Cl and Thespions goes toward lseeping up stage and auditorium. During the summer liq- ond curtoins ore replaced, which uses up oll money made that yeor. Dromo Club in generol, hos o lot to offa gives students a chance to be creative out of closs. "You leorn to express yourself in dif ent woys," said Poul Luellig, freshmon. DRAMA CLUD.- Fronr Row: Sponsor, Byron Judge, Heather Williams, Elizabeth Ortiz, Tina Deyle, Tonya Nolan, Marie Kimbrell, Trang Nguyen, Sarah Colen, Cathy Arnold, Lissa Wallicl-2, Rhonda Rayner, Raju Zinzuvodia, Dimpy Chowla, Tiri Chor- 'U-wg., 4 ' 'P , - , , , L N. 1 ' ' ' V . - ' N ' 4 .X - i A hex.. L H ,l -. 1- A N t .- b ' I i ji ' ,s . si ei is :,.- R .lung s fy - f , 5,5 -f i S 54' -- .z lf -fr ,E 4, 'i X J 'f v' K K e 3 Nl! - I . ' t 'xg' - 1 L I, C 5 4 . .. f Q f-.f,.'1T:, 5' Ls , N...- cule go into becoming o Thespion. The Thespi- 'Nfvi H 'J N -:hp N JP 4' N se ' 'P 'G' ' 'S Y ' it , L .. Qi 5' J' 5 ' 5" R1 ' Sag' ' t l v X if " - in 1 5 'At ' sf ? 3 5 1 ,, Eg s r 1 , i i tl 1 Nw W ' GQ I ' ' 1 l f X gl 'irq is A Q fig' i A1 x K X I i field, Martha Mclsenna. Second flow: Timm Rogers, Melissa Fryman, Lanny Lighthe ill, Derels Harris, John Munoz, Julie Darden, Christiana Pace, Michael Whitehead, DRAMA CLUB: Fronr Row: Kim Newell, Shaugne Ahart, Dan Weidner, Pau C-'lsdvff 'I'xY Nick Gale, Terri Mount, Liz Lessard, Helena Jonoussen, Christie Chatfield, Regina Wichman, Craig Dringman, Chip Jorgenson, , Luellig, Tonya Kneil, Mendi Eckert, Colin Yohe Second Row: John Canfer Terri Lemons, Ann Shassetz, Lisa Cote, Deanna Titrle, Jamie Sessions Mischelle Templeton, Debbie Coans, Katie Newcomb. 77wrd Row: M 80!Drama Morales, Amy Whlrlington, Carolyn Deyle, Stefani Taylor, Laura Densford Aimee Brainard, Annelsa Ray, Laura Schaffer, Kim Price Fourrh Row: Ka Mock, Jenny Holtrup, Heidi lhnat, Karson Jordan, Den Mills, Carl Rush Jennifer Jarnigan, Ann Lauoie, Mindy Lueck, Shari Messerschmidt, Torn' Kennedy J THESPlAN.S,- Front Row: Tiri Chorfield, Martha McKenna, Christie Chatfield Second Row: Timm Rogers, Jon Munoz, Julie Darden, Christiana Pace, Mike Whitehead, Liz Lessard, Melissa Fryman, Regina Widwma, Nids Gale, Byron Judge, sponsor. Dromo . ,,,.. , , o,,,,.r., f..s,,z....,..,h,4.., b:r'.53-.-mf---1-w .,-q...v-.-amuuun.n-uq- AMX Aundre Anderson ond Goal Wosningron doz Tino Deyle, Junror, proves rhor rhere rs o cnrld in oll of Us the dromo closs wrrn rherr performonce Senior, Adom Edes, prepores nrmself for on oorsrondrng performonce , - f' J ' . "" , r .r..- rl ,. r - , r l 4 Lefr Sheri Cools, Junror, does her performonce wrrn true prude- Rrghr Byron Judge, loolss Upon rne cross ro frnd me nexr performer Lonny Lrgrwrnrll, sophomore, spends o reloxrng morning Under sroge Mgnrs Cnorlre Wolff ond Mrcls Normrngron, sensors, rolsrng o brook Dromof81 FBLA oing Their Share by Dave Glorit The future business leaders of America have certainly done their share in activities this year, both competitive and in community services. In the area of competition, the FBLA has competed at Glendale Community College, as vvell as at ASU for the 25th anniversary annual state leadership conference. According to Far- rell Cutler, sponsor, the FBLA may go to Wash- ington D.C. if all worlsed out well at ASU. The organization has also done a number of community services. They prepared three Thanlssgiving baslsets for needy families, and also provided Christmas gifts for underprivif leged children. Yet, the real purpose of the FBLA is to teach students about business. Mrs. Cutler sums up L i '7 .aj 'S w ,i if I it -,., I ,,. A' t+- 4 1 9 t...., swf- A ' . ' iifii 'g -, FBLA: Front Row: Debbie Estrada, Paul Luellig, Adeline Guerrero, Paulette Ensign. Second Row: Susie Dobbs, Barbara Allison, Nadine Smith, Stella Valdez. Third Row: Michael Min- yard, Kelly lsleinschmidt, BQXFBLA "An opportunity to demonstrate Business skills. " -Mrs. Farrell Cutler. the clubs oljectives "FBLA gives students an opportunity to demonstrate their business slsills in a wide variety of areas." Tracey Boling and Chris Sanchez help out with dc for the Thanksgiving Baslset . lk l FBLA: Front Row: Emma Solano, Luisa Luera, Tracey Baling, Sylvia Garcia, Chris Sanchez, Tammy Maron Andrea Scott, Cynthia Felix, Sandal Gaschler Csponsarl. Diversified Cooperative Education earning Responsibility :Sy Laura Worthy DCE- Diversified Cooperative Education- is a Lareer oriented classfclub sponsored by Mrs, -eannette Lewis. Students learn trade skills, how to prepare rjob interviews, and how ro create resumes the DCE class, then leave school the last half -if the day to attend a job. Mrs. Lewis, along with the school, places the udenrs in ajob that comes closest to meeting eir actual career goals. While studying skills of 'teir particular career choice, in the classroom, dey also read about, and hear from guest eakers on careers other than what they wish pursue. Mrs. Lewis said this, "widens their orizonsf' The DCE Club also has many fund raisers during the year. Money is raised to hold a tanquet for the employers participating in the irogram, at the end of the school year. Mrs. Lewis said that this program is good "Widening their horizons. " -Mrs. Lewis. +6 W' Patty Castillo and Milton Wood deliver flowers on Valen because, "the students get to put to use the meg DOY. skills they learn at school. They also learn re- sponsibility that they can't get out of a book." ...... , L l , .3 . i fs . , i i -Ng 'S i i E cg sob. g L X. f 1 1. D. O.: Front Row: Sarah Jinzo, Alyce Digman, Ange- lla Hall, Robin Harwood, Stephanie Bayles, Gloria Anoya, Marina Galindo, Parry Castillo, Maria Sal- dona, Gloria Bravo, Cindy Phillips, Romana Lohr- man. Second Row: Mrs. Lewis Csponsorb, Terry Hiety, Jeff Larson, Shannon Cisco, Corine Huckoby, Darla Watkins, Jerry Keele, Eeric Ahart, Lashella Folks, Lynn Jones, Christina Murillo, Michael White- head, Linda Cole, Lisa Humphreys, Milton Wood. Linda Cole, Stephanie Bayless, and Lisa Humphreys pose lor a Valentine portrait flowers Diversified Cooperative Educationf83 D O students sho ff their Valentines Day Spanish Club X et's Talk Spanish' by David French The Spanish Club sponsored and was involved in many activities this year. The Foreign Language dinner and the Christmas card sale in December were some ofthe acriviries in 1985. The highlight of the Spanish Club's activities '34 easy way to talk funny." . -Daniel Martinez, sophomore. was the seniors' trip ro Mazaralan, Mexico, in 1986, Elsa Solorzano, rhe Spanish Club's adviser com- mented that she felt the students really enjoyed being in rhe club this year. She is also loolsing for- ward ro next year which will hopefully bring new members into the club. SPAMSH CLLD: Kavid O'Neol, Raul Rodriguez, Sammy Rides, Daniel Martinez, Trang Neugen, Celesrlno Rivera, Renecca Ozuna, Barbara Wiliams, Gayle Washingvon, Sheryln Cook, Sabrina Lighrhm, Done Soerdergaurd, Annie Billingsley, Andrea Navarene, Debra Hordesty, Dino Asrorgo. Secondliow, ChrLs Sondwez, Chris Vizzerra, Salvador Penunuri, Bobby Lerieri, Derrick Dosric, Kristy Garber, Nancy Pano, Juanita Miranda, Rebecca Romero, Kerri Barber, Kirsten Barber, Leann Edwards, Molly'Auinn, Cinamln, Conrad, Liz Luquez, Toni Cabrai, Rodmel Oviedo, Mrs, Salorzano, sponsor, Yhrrd Row: Ned Taylor, Par Papa, John Durremiller, Steve Hinejosa, Kevin Hawkins, Todd Daggert, Sam Websrer, Andy Hllllson, Drisren Kuhn, Dedfy Rariff, Denise Tacy, Kim Keehn, Krisran Mock, Jaime Self, Don Shilliday, Esobei Arivlzu, Jesse Barron, Y-men Cunningham. - 84! Spanish Club Ler's dance. Lorian Ramos freshman and Sammy sophomore. "Reflexian": 5P""'S" Spice by Tina Beyle Isabel Anizu, Leticia Gonzalez, Toni Ca they liked to sing and dance lil-se 'Men received 10 awards. 'lWe hope to accom Cabral. ,l it t is ,, 14" ' 'bl "11f'i' ' - . ,. ' 'Q ' 'A' Q: "'5'i'.,,7-ive '-'L e- fa lvl: xt' ' vga' " ., TSE Sr ? .4 VJ z ' Xl nl 'Q' l fig, . I1kv,3'E!l7: if-I ' V . It 1 Q? A t--4 R - I .5 ,- K-Q U' -6 H .. It 0,4 S, Q , X ., P, ,' , rw- l Fo r ,i" 4 4 lf.-At , ft F . , .. SPAMSN CLLO from Row: Kay Mods, Yann Abeloa, Stephanie lleaxnen, Edna Young, Lau Diaz, Monica Ennquez, Curie Rush, Stacy Sucking, Tom Kennedy, Secondhavwlhly Dalaney, Karen Hendrick, Anneka Ray. Melani Espl, Alioa McAndy, Lynn Jackson, Crista Lair, Aida Dradxey, Ann Shasserz, Aimee Orchard, Jenriier Janagn. Thrd flow: Nm McQ1e, Janie KarsoriJordo1'i,ErkOwens,LmxoSchd1er,Jer1rilet Nardni,Cingal'kase,TanyaKnel,MNlo Peneunen, Danltc Vila, Kaylen Cam, Mr, Marquez Gpansorl Fourth Row. Dela Sanclrrez. Suzie Dobbs, Ce-rl Surton. Many Gonzales, Sonya Bums, Lisa Cody, Mischele Tempeuon, Mnay Lueds, Aida Perez, Mary Hernandez, Shari Meuenhmd, Stefani Taylor. Kim Price, Jon Warkomdsi, Sam Enrique: bral, Liz Luquez, and Rachel Oviedo started the group "Re-flexion" in 1985 because udof' Mrs. Salorzana saw them practice and convinced them to perform for the Foreign Language Fair. So far they have plish more things in the future," said Toni Academic Decathlon y Rhonda Wiley Agua Fria's first Academic Decathlon team als sixth place at the Maricopa County Acaf mic Decathlon meet and became one of 1a ams eligible for state competition at ASU on arch 11, 1986. Doug Condie, who participated at the varsi- level, won five medals: first in mathematics, t in science, and third places in economics, tory, and the ten-event individual competi- in. Charlie Wolff, who participated on the scho- stic level, won o first place in science and third economics, Heather Pierre tools rhird place in te interview at the scholastic level. Brigette few of the students waiting in the gym for the Super et's Learn "The students were com- peting far and above what I had expected " Jo Naehrbass. Opel also tools second in the interview at the varsity level. Others who competed were Gina Double day, Tood Darlser, and Don Shilliday Jr. There were three different levels on which the students could compete. These were hon- or, for students with an A average, scholastics, for students with a I3 average, and varsity, for students with a C average. Doubleday and S, Condie competed in the honor, Piette and Wolff competed in the scholastic, and D. Con- die competed in the varsity. Jo Naehrbass, social studies teacher, was in charge of the team. The students spent many hours being tutored by her and other teachers in preparation. Naehrbas said, "The students were excellent and were competing far and above what I had expected." Todd Darker, Don Shilliday, left, and Gina Doubleday, and Doug Candle, right at worls Ulz ACADEMIC DECA THLOM Hrsr Row: Heather Piette, Drigette Opel, Tood Darker, and Charlie Wolff. Second Row.- Suzanne Condie, Doug Candie, Gina Doubleday, and Don Shilliday. Academic Decarhlonf85 FRENCH CLUB llo! by Dimpy Chovvlo "You con goin French culrural experiences by joining French club," said Raju Zinzuvodia, French club presidenr. French club has had several acriviries rhis year, including o fund raiser and a rrip ro 0 Germon resrauranr wirh German club. The money earned by rhe fund raiser was used ro eirher orrend o French movie or go ro o French resrauranr, Zinzuvadio has made rhe club more active rhon in preceding years, but she hopes ro see ir become even more acrive in furure years. She olso hopes rhor membership will increase, os onyone is eligible ro join. To furure French club presidenrs, Zinzuvodia suggesrs molsing rhe club more active by plon- ning more field rrips. FRENCH CLUB: Fronr Row: Robin Scorr, Heather Wag- ner, Terah Perry, Joy Chonder, Laura Ladsey, Elizaberh Nurz, Srephanie Solis. Second Row: Eloine Billingsley, sponsor, Amy Whirringron, Michelle French, Nikki Whitehead, David Schilliday, Alli Srone, Terri Lemons, Cyndo Lopez. Third Row: Ryan Surron, Rene Espinosa, Veronico Baird, Sreve Demurh, Ann Lavoie, Steve Roehling, David Reese. 86fFrench Club ermon Culture y Kristino Brown Spring time meons spring breok, spring feels, ond gymmy beors. Yes, gummy beors. Those delicious colorful tle covity-cousing condies liked by everyone, very yeor, Germon Club members fronticolly "They're unlike American condy." -Stefi Funki ell until, os Lourie Dovis, sponsor, would soy, they're oll gummyed out." But vvhot mokes gummy beor monio such n onnuol event? Well, for one thing, they ste terrific. One con munch on o whole outhevvotering bog or sovor eoch one by ne. Devvore! Clossmotes will hound you vvith reedy honds ond pleoding expressions, Adelo Alimon, sophomore, is "oddicted" to gummies ond Kent McMiIIon, senior, soys, "You 'on't put them down," Also, they're fun to EOF. Mork Reese, junior, enjoys "biting the heods ff." Stefi Funke, senior ond president of Get' on Club feels everyone loves them becouse they're unlike Ameticon condyf' The sole of gummy beors brings tremendous rofits to the club. This yeor the club mode round S-400. Louro Worthy, senior ond vicee resident thinks its "o nice vvoy of bringing ermon culture to Aguo Friof' z i. .sw ,- lf .JS- Abovef Melisso Woolf, Stefi Funke, Lourie Dovid Csponsorb, ond Suzie Hirth discuss business os club officers " GERMAN CLUB: Front Rowf Liso Humphreys, Chorisso Newport, Jono Stumpf, Kerri Kinbock, Chris Hoessley, Steven Dempsey. Second Row: Michoel Minyord, Ted Beecroft, Clork McDonough, Seth Scott, Arlec Preuo, Lourie Dovis, sponsor. Third Row: James Smith, Andy Workins, Edword Pennington, Fred Hofner, Seon Crow- ley, John Horine, GERMAN CLUB., Front Row: Michciel Auerzo, Tim Mel- lody, Srefi ilosztoczy, Stephanie Funke, Liso Koppief mon, Shoron Alkire, Peggy Schellenberger, Brigitte Opel, Ruth Grumbiing, Kristino Brown. Second Row: Tom Pennington, Kent McMillon, Mike Hirth, Todd Dori-ser, Croig Dringmon, Chip Jorgenson, Melisso Woolf, Krissy Royner, Kelly Simmons, Toby Friedrich, Donne Glodhort, Jon Schvomm Morrinez, Julio Wune delidw, Axel Schneider, Krisron Mock, Germon Club!-87 FFA erving People by Srocey Newell Through rheir porriciporion in vorious ocrivie ries rhis yeor, ihe members of Furure Formers of Americo ond vocorionol ogriculrure hove goined knowledge ond experience, The ogriculrure deporrmenr plonred ond roised o gorden rhis yeor rhor supplied food ro hungry wesrside fomilies. The gorden enobled srudenrs ro porricipore in on inreresring leorning experience while providing communiry ser- vice, Their gool rhis yeor wos ro roise 1000 lbs. of vegerobles. A drip irrigorion system wos used ro irrigore rhe gorden. lr is on odvonced "lr's o fun closs." -Sophomore Michelle Roberrs sysrem rhor is commonly used our nor in pro! ducrion ogriculrure. So rhe ogriculrure deporr- menr uses oll rhe loresr merhods ond even does irs own experimenring, exploined Buddy Deimler, ogriculrure insrrucror. The leorning experiences rhor rhe ogriculrure srudenrs porricipore in help rhem ro goin rhe Isnowledge rhor enobles rhem ro excel in on ogriculrurol core-er. FFA: Fronr Row: Morry Morsumoro, Milse Grenger, Michele Tkoberrs, Gene Dorron, Heorher Worsnup, Morvin Joe, Andreo Amoror, Kelli Finney, Second Rowf Buddy Deimler, sponsor, Lorry Morley, Jerry 88!Agriculrure Hutchinson, Jooquin Humphreys, Wes Smirh, Bobby Srone, Vince Lopez, Scorr Monrgumery, Por Nelson, Jomes Quirrschreiber, Cody McGuire, Fronls Dedord, John Tebbe, Phillip Dourwel, Shoun Dochmon. Above Milse Grenger woirs for some insrrucrions Leff A few ogriculrure siudenrs worch Phillip D sheor his sheep, FFA: Fronr Row: Tim Cunninghom, Rene mon, Donny Weidner, Kim Corroll, Ramon quido, Dovid Price, Second Row: Eric Aniro Boir, Shelly Young, John Toylor, Roy Ron Hunrer, Krisri l-lorber, Dorbro Allison. Row: Dovid Plurherford, Reed Corson, F Denovldez, James Comeron, Joclsle McDc Mike Pliner, Kelly Kleinschmidr. Archeaology Club igging For Fun ay Rhonda Wiley The Archaeology Club has earned recogni' on borh srare and narionwide. lr is one of rhe few in rhe narion and rhe only :ne in rhe srare of Arizona. The club has also ieen menrioned in an arricle concerning a loholsam excayarion in rhe Narional Archaeo- gy Magazine lr has also been menrioned by e archaeologisr in charge of rhe Hoholsam -xcayarion, Sam Barr in his Field Research rudy. This year rhe club visired Pueblo Grande, xrizona Hisrorical, and Heard Museums. The lub has also visired Reevias Ranch Homesread, we Four Pealss area, Casa Grande ruins, Ron lix's Ghosr Town of 1880's and Salado cliff lwellings in rhe Supersririon Mounrains. The club is considering changing ir's name ro we Arizona Club. Sponsor Roger Warner said, I feel rhar rhe club should pur emphasis upon irchaeology, yer include all of Arizona." Sv, ov- EW' HZ X cardo Vasquez, Junior, poses for a picrure while ar Four " ' ' r . , , , , ' , -N. - sf, ,FL , ,. . . N M: 5 . ." , , 4 f ' i 4' .Y Z3 5" -l ., , f"l . .f - ': . . 4-5, . ' ... E 5 41 'hal 'V I A ,F-,,ifF13 ' re 3 A" f "'- 2 ',."'f. . " A 'kfi MT. 'ifs . 'w .ig ' X ' 7,5695 . g .X In gi 55331. It , L , -J' ,, L "fg,5"a. I ' 5-' L-f,,s't H 's N24 .S ' L ig, R , , , 6,1 .xX Q L A. . . . 1 Q -- ' f 1 --ef i X. is ales "I can dig lt" - Jeff Farris, Junior Juniors Fred Lorenz, Rhonda Wiley, and Sam Barr, senior, on one of rheir many digs, Derh Mullins, sophomore, and Naraly Cursinger, Junior, search for arrifacrs or rhe Hoholsam dig in Mesa NORIH CAMPUS AIZCHEAOLOGY CLUB: Fronr Raw: Jessica GiQllOTfl, Spencer Drawn, Reed Carson, Jason Nelson. Second Row: Anna Gar- cia, Lucinda Lopez, Kendra Srapler, Terrie Lem- ODS. ARCHEAOLOGY CLUB: Front Rowf Rhonda Wiley, Norolly Curslnger, Liza Weyrauch, Andreo.Nouorerre, Karhy Ar- nold, Kari Rivera, Sara Cahn, ,Sara Snools. Second Row: Traci Wlllgar, Denise Tacy, Nick Gayle, Helena Johnson, Richard Vasquez, David Chouez, Jeff Ferris, Fred Rodri- guez, Angelic Zerongue. Archeaalagy CIub!BO arn District Credit by Christina Mumford For the first time participants in the Aca- demic, Cultural, Enrichment, Seminar CACESD earn district credit. The program, open to all qualifying stu- dents in grades Q-12, continued Agua Fria's "fine tradition of offering advanced or ac- celerated classes for the academically ambi- tious," said Karen Kolacls, sponsor. The ACES members attend a series of cultural events which include lectures, musicals, drama, bal- let, lyric opera, symphony, and international touring companies. During the school year the ACES mem- bers have artended showings of "Kaleido- scope of Greece," "The Milsadi," per- formed by ASU Lyric Opera Company, "The Peking Acrobats," National Touring Company of China, "Coppelia," performed by The Tulsa Ballet Company, and "Pal Joey," performed by Phoenix Little Theatre Guild. "We have cr fine l tradition" -Karen Kotali, Sponsor, OO X Aces will Cl OBE UP t Whole Lot Cf Fun if Suzanne Condie A seven day trip to Washington D.C. and 'illiamsburg Va. was a highlight of the year r 15 participants of the Close-Up Program. The students left early Easter morning. Dur- Q their trip the students spent five days in ashington DC. and two days in Williamsburg 0. ln addition to viewing monuments and eeting political leaders, the participants at- nded a dinner play, several banquets, and Jmerous seminars, Milse Smith, the Close-Up trip co-ordinator id the program provides, "an overview of "An overview of Washington,"-Mike Smith the American government and gives the stu- dents an opportunity to meet politically influen- cial people." Vicki Franls, a two year participant of the program summed up her time in Washington os, "a whole lot of fun." Junior Angelique Zeringue agreed. She also added that she decided to go because, "I thought it would be the best way to see Wash- ington." One student summed up the experience when she said, "The schedule was really tight, but we really had a good time." CLOSE UR Front Row: Angelique Zerongue, Mr, Smith isponsorb, Henry Rousee, Bruce Word, Second Row: Imelda Cadwin, Rhonda Weilgh, Andrea Amotor. Third Row: Suzanne Condie, Vicki Frank. Close-Upf91 Art Club tudents Creating by Ruth Grumbling The art club allows students to do such activi- ties as drawing, pottery, ceramics, painting, print maleing, and jewelry malsing, and "it pro, "Drawing calms my nerves" -senior Nicole Ayerza vides the chance for srudents to be expressive in a different way," said art teacher David Claris. Most art students find art interesting, but they have different views of what drawls them personally to art. Katie Rivera, sophomore, said, "I personally lilse to draw, because it gives me more of an appreciation for art," Senior Jerry Koslsinen said, "l lilse art, be- cause it's creative and colorful, and it relieves my tensions and the pressures of my prob- lemsf' Nicole Ayerza, senior, shares the same view. She said, "lt calms my nerves and allows me to express myself." Right- Nicole Ayerza tries to concentrate on her sketching in art class. Keith Germana displays his latest att worls ART CLUB: Front Row: Tonya Nolan, Katie Rivera, Claudette Kirker, Sarah Cohen, Marilyn Trexler, Jeff Stephanie Sime, Tanya Carroll, Daphne Davis, Shelli Schmulsi, Christie Chatfield, Matthew Lopez, David Nelson, Sherry Barney, Dorte Soendergaard, Carrie Clark, sponsor. Buttemiller. Second Row: Axel Schneider, Sam Lay, Interact Rewarding Year y Steve Leuniz Membership and involvement were the wost significant improvements of interact this -ear. As a result, the club experienced o re- .farding year of both beneficial services and njoyable activities. Timm Rogers, president, explained that the 'st semester was devoted primarily to recruit- wg members and malsing people aware of the ub and its purpose. Second semester focused n fund raising and leisurely outings for fun, ogers added that while all these factors led to successful year, the best possible outcome is D "make a name for the club" for future ears, Prqects undertaken by interact were aimed t community involvement, with project re- "The tears of gratitude." -Karen Heprlng ports appearing in local newspapers. In addition to customary interact services, such as the Ca' INTERAC71 Front Row: Mona Rivera. Rachel Brockey, Laura Worthy, Celestina Rivera, Steh Rosztoczy, Kristen Naifeh, Jaime Masiyn, Sharon Aire, Christine Coffman, Charlie Wolff, Kathy Arnold, Kristen Barber, Kerri Barber, John Sarah Clayton. Second Row: Julie White, Darlene Kirk. Kris Rayner, Tonya Zarala, Liz Reid, Kirsten Johnson, Jill Hegedus, Carrie Butterniller, Rqu Zinzuvadia, Dlmpy Chawla, Peggy Moore, Kim Soto, Tina Zinzuvadlo, Julie Hott, Renae Wichman, Mrs. l-lepting Gponsorb. Third Row: John Munoz, Colette Humphrey, Diane. Gladhart, Melissa Frymon, Kelli Hnneyg Tom Abraham, Kevin Ritchey, Yvonne Decort, Suzy Hirth, Heather Williams, Chrisie Chotfield, Matt Lopez, Roberta Fellows, Aprn Stevens, Alan Church, Gina Doubleday. Fourth Row: Timm Rogers, Ken Graham, Ben Cohen, Danny Tucker, Tait Sorensen, Greg Pelley, H.D, Smith, Kent McMillan, Jay Fernow, Wendy Moldovan, Com McCown, Catherine Tonkinsan, Amy Tomlinson, Lisa Leonhart, Burke Albeldo. reer Day escort and brealsfast service and aid- ing runners in the 10 K run, the club helped Rotarians pacl-z food for the less fortunate at Christmas, which had the largest turnout in many years. Most noteworthy was the start of a new prqect, Operation Happiness, in which members wrapped and delivered Christmas presents for the needy. Karen Hepring, club sponsor, described this year's Interact members as "the most active, enjoyable, and cooperat- ive group to worls with." She added that, as a service club, the most rewarding part of the year was "the tears of gratitude of the moth- ers" upon delivery of the Christmas presents. Perhaps rhat's what community service is all about. Interact Members- Front: Stefi Rosztoczy, Kristie Rivera, Magdalena Rivera, Liz Reid, Dadr Timm Rogers, Lisa Lean' hardt, Danny Tucl-ser, Kristen Cinningham, Craig Alberta, Tait Sorensen, Ken Graham, Matt Lopez, Durlse Alblda, Renae Wechman, and April Stevens wrap Christmas gifts for the underprivileged children of the community. Interact X93 eorning The Bosics by Krisron Mocls Leorning obour ond fixing mechonicol porrs of o cor engine ore whor rhe AF ouro club is oll obour. The club, sponsored by Lloyd Purcell, hod obour 30-35 members rhis yeor. The moin purposes of rhe club ore ro leorn the bosics of ouro mechanics, whor rhe porrs of o cor ore, how rhey operore, ond how ro repolr rhem should they breols or molfuncrion. Mr. Posrernoclx congrorulores Joe Melody, on Coreer Doy for his occomplishmenrs, "Complerely bolonced Terry Gorhercole The club is olso meonr ro give member ploce ro go ond meer new people, ond hove fun while leorning voluoble slsills. Member Terry Gorhercole sold rhor rhe m gool of rhe club wos ro leorn how ro compl ly bolonce Cpur rogerherb on ouromobile ginef' One of rhe club's moin projecrs rhis yeor repoiring AF secretory, Susie 5uofley's cor replocing o brolsen worer pump in rhe engi AUTO CLUB: FRONT ROW: Tony Tolorero, Dovid Malik, Jerry Flercher, Jason Sonders, Soul Reyno, Gene Olivorez SECOND ROW4 Bill Wollei, Terry Gorhercole, Morrin Enrlquiz, Jim Colvin, Lee Decirhomer, Chi Nordison, Dovid Kessler, Tim Rose, Jeff Foris, Sreve Modrid 'nf 'W QQ ' Q95 'Q Q4fAuro Club Auro Club Members Dovid Kessler, Soul Reyna, Jeff Tony Toloverro, Mr. Purcell Csponsorl, Clinr Compbell, Bonlxs, John Dewey, Milse Mehon, Alfredo Zunego, TC Richmond pose in fronr of on enrire engine rhor r dismonrled. 'l'dllike ro see more parrlciporionf' - Ken ' l+Reed, Sponsor ,lrlllllw 1 xplorin History si F5 sn S 'Q ,K Ken Grohom rhinl-as of furure prqecrs ? ,,.,,t,7H XL. Sponsor Ken Reed goes over o posrer with some srudenrs W5-Q , N HISTORY CLUB: Top Row: Ken Graham, Melissa Fry- mon, Steve Berzhold, Com McCown, Llso Hum- phreys, Brain Sallins, Derr Moulton. Middle Row: Traycl Stephenson, Pfhonda Wiley. Jesse Barron, Kel- ley Finney, Cara Moyers, Sarah Cloyron, Morrho Mc- Kenna. Fronr Row: David Frenea, Angela Brooks, Rhando Rayner, Celesrlna Rivera, Aniro Lopez, April Srevens, Roberta Fellows. l-lisrory X95 :J Speech Club by Stefi Rosztoczy This yeor vvosjusr the beginning for the AF Speech Club, heoded by Jim Londuo. Londuo spent this yeor gerting the club orgo- nized, giving the club exposure, ond trying to "get the boil going ogoinf' He soid the club's purpose is "to ossist students in developing their public speolsing skills by porticipoting in speech contests throughout the Phoenix metropoliton oreo ond universities such os, the U of A, ASU, ond NAU." Storring o Freshmon speech progrom ond holding public speolsing forums on compus ore o couple of Londuo's ideos in order to improve the club. et's Tolk l , ','Ger the 'boll galng again" , i i i , 'Jim Landuo. l Next yeor the club is Ioolsing to expond ond otrend more to Umomems' Heleno Jonsson, junior, gives o speech on her persor' Q6 X Speech Club experiences on her trovels throughout Sweden SPEECH CLUB: Front Row: Corrie Roberts, Soryo Gorcio, Alex Memo, Aundre Anderson, Mott Popworrh, Fron- cine Ramos, John Boone. Second Row- Heleno John- , son, Som Upshow, Rick Mays, Jerry Collonds, Adam Edes, Poulo Arellano, Angie Robertson, Mike How-yf W thorne, Jeff Peters, Jim Londuo, sponsors Ski Club kiers Stoy Home .1 Mogdoleno Rivero "The student interest is whot is going to moke the no go, not me," sold Cheryl Zidow, sponsor of the i Club. The Ski Club skiing trip wos Concelled this eor due to o lock of interest, The moin gool of the club is its winter trip to oche Sunrise, The students compose the club ond Eir desire is to ski, But when it come time to put the oney up for the trip "no one wonted to." "I mode oll the orrongemenrs ond reservotions t the kids didn't wont to put up the money," soid rs. Zidow. The president of the Ski Club, Seon Newcomer, os olso disoppointed ot the concellotion. "lt wosn'r pensive ot oll. I don't know why everyone soid 'ey were going ond then didnt poyf' Seon felt or the only reoson the studentsioined wos to soy SKI CLUB: Simhgf H.D. Smith, Karen Miller, Kristen Noifeh, John Pritchard. Second Row: Frank Souf- fley, Kevin Goilowoy, Joy Fernow, Wendy Muldo- von, Jomie Moslyn, Amy Tomlinson. Bode Row: Toir Sorenson, Kenr Heiner, Udo Volke, Roger Rol- lond, Sean Newcomber, president, Dove Yohe. K "Too bad It was cancelled." -senior H.D. 'Smith v-use -f 4q,i',s-,..s,-Hn av ww W., . "L, 1-x thot they were in the club, "About 50 people signed up, there wos snow, oll the orrongemenrs were token core of, but no one gove us the money," stored Newcomer. Senior, Steve Boker, commented on the concello- tion in disoppoinrment. "l wos reolly upset to find out obout the concellotion. l hod plonned to go skiing ond I wos let down," H.D. Smith, senior, felt thot if there wos eorlier plonning ond more orgonizotion the trip would hove been successful. "Lost yeor the Ski Club hod storted osking for money in November ond they hod plenty of people signed up. This yeor, we hod three doys to hove our money in without previous notice." Overoll, the yeor ended in grove disoppointment for the Ski Club. The trip wos concelled ond so were the hopes of the students A .W A.. hr! 4' i , ' 1 in Q gh Qt' Ski Club X Q7 FET Proud To Weor A Uniform by Tino Beyle "You use oreospoce everydoy wheother you know it or not." sold Lt. Col. Borney Lor- enz. Lt. Col. Dorney Lorenz ond Chief Broomheod teoch the ROTC closses. They both feel they do o good job os do their students, "We troin people for the world," soid Chief Droomheod, Outside of ROTC, the members enjoy other octivities thot ROTC hos to offer. Ever Srorr, Junior, Drill Teom member, commented "l mostly like the extro ocriviries thot ROTC of' fers." Some of the mony ocrivities include donces, picnics, o trip to Colifornio, ond bowl- ing. Ever is the treosurer for the bowling leogue. 1 QSXROTC "lt's o greor woy to fly!" -Borney Boldero, sophomore ROTC is highly recommended by mony of the students. Wilmo Freemyer, Junior, sold, "I like the people ond some of the things we do. " Steve Morkowski, senior, Jockie lsenedy, senior, Christine Noirn, senior, ond Down Elbert working hord on the ROTC floot. She olso soid she recommends it bei "They might enjoy it like I do." Once o week, on Wednesdoy there mony people in uniforms, Obviously they in ROTC. Mony of them feel stronge ond comfortoble weoring uniforms, but not Word, Junior, who is o member of the Guord. "I feel proud to weor the uniform service thot grows in imporronce with shuttle flight," sold Bruce. There ore mony reosons why people ROTC. Some roke it becouse they enjoy c e compony of their friends in ROTC, ond in o few coses, ore required to roke it b they ore our of district. Chrissy Jenkins, soid she tokes ROTC, "becouse l plon o coreerf' Chrissy is o member of the Drill T Jockie Kenedy, senior, presents on oword to the ossociotton for helping ROTC RUTC 1 -- ,. ,U-49 .. 'hiya I Y - I' r 'I I Q' Ii -V F, A 5 W ROTC STAFF: FRONT ROW: Trocy Bernhord, Down Elberr, Henry Rouse, Brion Sullins, Ben Hernandez, Morgorer Vosquez, Jockie Kennedy SECOND ROW: Tom Rowe, Richord Thomas, Roy Denrley, Sreve Morkowski, Poscol Brown, Bruce Word, Tom Bradley 1 lg' ' I - - K-X N- ,gk Q sy: yi , ,1 ,Ju I Af A - " "H- I ,v ,, .. 1' V 4 ,K r 9 D lg - yrsg 7 A . - H 4 " - - --. Q ' . C Q 1 I ' 1. Q Ay A I ROTC FLIGHT A- FRONT ROW. Buck Simingron, Darby Brewer, Jeffrey Suckling, Anne Banaszok, Bobbie Jo Boir, Toby Sullivan, Denise Duniec, Becky Rorliff, Christy Marek SECOND ROW. Lr Col. Bernord C. Lorenz, Tom Rowe, Angelo Brown, James McElroy, Dona Quoss, Don Coe, Thomos Penningron, Jerry Gonzales, Chrisrine Jenkins THIRD ROW- Bruce Word, Fronk Clem, Gilberr Mesecher, Borney Boldorez, Andrew Borbo, Craig Dringmon, Chip Jorgenson, Tam Byrum, Mike Denninger 'R ? li ROTC FLIGHT B- FRONT ROW. Down Elberr, Phyliss Miller, Leroy Johnson, Nick Bonoszok, Trocy Bernhord, Amy Perers, Harlorer Vosquez, Phil Shulsky, Ryon Mason SECOND ROW- Lr Col. Bernord C. Lorenz, Olivo Fronklin, Juon Radcliffe, Michoel Teluisis, Juon Romos, Aoron Schinore, Chrisrine Noirn, Richord Thomas THIRD ROW: Kevin Kesrer, Sreve Richmond, Michael Bell, John Burrell, Bruce Srour, Dee Horine L Ex if? fl .4..J ROTC FLIGHT C- FRONT ROW. Tom Rowe, Tom Brodley, Phillip Sodler, Jockie Kennedy, Wilmo Freemeyer, Proynoon Lek-kong, Tom Bradley, Henry Rouse SECOND ROW- Lr Col. Bernord C. Lorenz, Scorr Ross, Jockie Mee, Sheffield Abella, Sreve Miller, J.T. Evrerr, Sreve Morkowski THIRD ROW- Poscal Brown, Ken McCombs, Burr Moulron, Brion Sullins, Ray Beniley, Dovid Sullins, Eric Usrey ROTC. FLIGHT D. FRONT ROW- Jennifer Burum, Gino Therrien, Sharon Torrez, Crysrol Brocken, Croig Dempsey, Edith Young, Brian Folk, Kim McClure, Chrisrine Hoyden SECOND ROW. Krisri Gorber, Sheldon Pino, Ron Hunier, John Jennings, Serh Scorr, Sheri Rogers, Chris Hoessley, Ricky Grey, Liso DeLos Sonras THIRD ROW: Lorry Gardner, Anita Boir, Kevin Grohom, Andy Workins, Trovis Kesner, John Horine, Mory Rogers, Elizabeth Nurs FOURTH ROW: Suson Bernhord, Dovid Giles, David Blythe, Shown Young, Michoel Websrer, Derrick Temple, Colin Yohe, Louro Lackey, Vishol Mehro ROTC. FLIGHT E1 FRONT ROW: Chief Droomheod, Trevor Brewer, Chrisry Whire, Jusrin Kourz, Muriel Evens, Sreve Veeropen, Porrica Snow, Juan Egeo, Joson Nelson, Tomi Tolebi. SECOND ROW Heidi lhnor, Denise Mirchell, Greg Mesecher, Greg Sims, Jesse Aguoyo, Jose Quinonez, Janer Worf, Mike Yborro, Jenny Holrrud, Andrew Walker. THIRD ROW. Phillip Gardener, David Cook, Tony Bolderoz, Jomes Tyra, Julie Price, Mark Huges, Jesse Adome, Mike Chavez, Leroy De La Poz, Mork Veeropen, Silver Smirh. norcfoo l DRILL TEAM! COLOR GUARD Promoting Agua F ria by Michelle Lamperr The Agua Fria Drill Team and Color Guard is a specialized section of the ROTC unit. These groups must always conduct themselves in o professional manner because they are much like ambassadors for Agua Frio, said Chief Earl Broomhead. The Drill Team, commanded by Pascal Brown, Junior, required hard work and dedica- tion to achieve the excellence expected of them. "The Drill Team is like on olympic team, they must perform with perfection," sold Chief Droomhead, one fo the teachers of ROTC. There were nine parades and four competi- tions that the Drill Team performs at yearly. Among the competitions, the team met at the UCLA Drill Meet and performed against all other western state teams. The Color Guard, commanded by Henry 7 :fx Q 1 v 1 , X . ., , . , , Y - ,. , , ., Y , ' r T f i rl 1 .. . LL ' ' 5 ' 5.2, 5 ii? 5 5 u rr M .22 "9 'T 52 7. .fi , If' - DRILL TEAM: CMSGT Earl C. Droornheacl, Bruce Stout, Steve Demsey, Sharon Torrez, Jennifer Byrum, Gina Therrien, Trevor Brewer, Kim Mc' Clure. 100 I ROTC "They're o strange breed of cat."-Chief Broomhead Rousse, Senior, is very similar to the Drill Teo but performs at more events, The Co Guard's job is to present the colors at functi such as football and basketball games. T members are very busy throughout the ye "People see them first and form their opinio around them, so they have to be sharp," s Chief Broomhead. This yeor's Color Guard h also been chosen to attend the Triple A Cha pionships. "We have a potential championship Team and I thinls this year's Color Guard is t best we've ever had," Chief Droomhead sa The Drill Team and Color Guard have spend at least an hour almost every weelsni practicing and improving. lt's difficult, but teaches them to be leaders and as Ch Droomhead said "That's what this is all obo leadership." fit s ,gg -L' 3 P V , . l qi . ,,.,, , . - , U xx' -'N' ' , lip, ,. 1 . v ' - ig rl x, E- V wiv DRILL TEAM: Franr Row: Amy Peters, Tom Rowe, Dee Horine, Dawn Elbert, Phil Shulslsy, Mike Cho- vez, Craig Dringmon, Roy Bentley Second Row: CMSGT Earl C. Broomhead, Steve Veerapen, Laura Lackey, Cristal Bracken, Edith Young, Joclsle Kenne- i W dy, Bobbie Jo Boir, 'Denise Dunlec, Pascal Drown 7711rdRow.' Ben Hernandez, Christine Haydon, An- gie Brown, Michael Dell, Christine Jenkins, Torn Rowe, Steve Markowski. DRILL TEAMXCOLOR GUARD COLOR GUARD: Brian Suilins, Burr Houlton, Andrew Barba, ,Henry Rouse, Ken McCombs, Bruce Ward, Gilbert Me- secher, Brian McQuoy, Amy Peters. Team Captures Field Day Trophy by Tony Jones ' Dy winning every event entered except for tvvo of the eleven, the AF ROTC captured the traveling trophy in the 7th annual ROTC Field Day held at the football field Saturday December 7, 1085. AF hosted five other Arizona high schools os the different ROTC programs competed in several types of informal competition Westwood, Cactus, Sunnys- lope, Peoria ond Deer Valley high schools met and lost to AF on Saturday, Dec. 7 in the AF stadium. "ROTC cadets were involved in activities used to strengthen social interaction between the groups," Chrissy Jenlsins, junior, said. In foct, the traveling trophy is riot the main course for the day, explained Robert Potts, senior, The activities will be used to bring the cadets of the several programs into contact with people of other schools. The annual Field Day is one of the many things ROTC does for its elite group of students, Jenlsins said. 3... . t A9110 Frlo gives Apache o tough fight in tugofwar. ROTC X 101 Making the grade is I Cr, the whole purpose of 66 school. As Ruth 60 Grumbllng. Junior, go shows. It's not oll Y. homework. Y x 5 nm. I-sauna-... Vk V mkig, ,we Upper lefr English reocher Lindo Wilkins mes o unique opprooch In reochlng ner closs Cenfer: Erin Scorr ond Kris Andrews, Juniors, srudy nord for psychology, Above: Coro- lyn Russo, Senior, rypes for rhe yeorbools. Rfghrf Deserr Howl sroff members loolr over their occornplishrnenrs wirh o feelung of prnde. For flQhf Soroh Cohen, Sophomore, corches up on some sleep during one of Mr. Pfe1ff's mony lectures 'FS' VH Woke Up NN. I 0 Sf D T. X Ni R X X89 .A 5? ai' Qlzfxi Q YQ' X Y v .pig Q F'.if"5g Q. W-no V 5 , f L f A 3 1 , .IV ' . - :VNY S v w- . r . i Qi: nS'm.4 ,mm ww ,nf-Jw 4 41 gQ 1 Letls by Rocheol Broclsey One ond two ond three ond four ond molse it burn, molse it burn. These common sounds con be heord when possing physicol educo- tion, modern donce, or weight troining closses. Physicol educotion, known commonly os P.E., is usuolly misrolsen for o lot of tired bodies ond exhousted foces, but here ot AF the closs is o little different. "The closses ore orronged so thot both the tolented ond the beginners con erjoy the octivity they ore doing." exploins Senior Lisso Wollicls. Modern Donce, on the other hond, is o closs where one's tolent is octuolly built. The closs I Senior Kelly Chondler does the jitterbug in modern donce closs. Fred Rodriguez demonstrates good form in o power cleon lift 104!Let's Get Physical Molse lt Burn Get Physicol l "The class is more or less o woy to ,keep your body in the best possible shope ond still eorn o credit hour ot school." -Joonne Towey Junior involves mony types of donces such os joz: bollet, step, ond modern donce routines. "Th closs is more thon o bunch of routines throw together becouse the teocher octuolly do the routines with us ond thot molses it eosi ond more fun to leorn." commented Elv Cruz, senior. Weight troining is the finol physicol oriente- closs on compus. Whether toning or building u strength, this closs offers the opportunity to sto fit. Junior Joonne Towey soid, "The closs more or less o woy to lseep your body in th best possible shope ond still eorn o credit hon ot school." 'ft' N ,YD N Q c L Y ' R T , , Q s si if Q se i Q a 3 ,mffa - Q U. 4" 'if Joanne Towev, junior, discovers rhe wrong side of her comero -maori Senior Errol Aiien uses rho eniorger ro prinr our phoro graphs TOO Academic , . I A 'I i I Senior ilocheoi Drocieev is busy developing her prinrs A Picture ls Worth A Thousond Words by Rocheol Broclsey The phoro sroff is 0 combinorion of slsill ond creoriviry. The sroff shoors ossignmenrs for borh rhe school nevvspoper ond yeorboois. "Theres o lor of vvorls ro be done, ond nor o lor of us ro do ir," expioins Seon I4uhn,junior. "Ir purs rhe pressure on." The sroff Ieorns bloclxfvvhire ond coior pro- cessing, olong vvirh prinring ond developing l dw g: 1 f 1 J ofrmp 'Agfa iw I - Z Q Q Q D rechhi ues. "I never rhou hr rolsin o ici ' i Could be so inrense, rhere ore so mony rh you con do ond Ieorn vvirh picruresf' cc menred Joonne Tovvey. This yeor's sroff did nor nneer os o closs may hove orhpie vvorlsing spoce The rorher on individuol periods in order rhor ri I c c ogreed this orrongemenr soved o lor of h rhe previous sroff's hove hod. :J Seon Kuhn inspecrs his negorives before enrering r room h I Psacheal Brockey Art class is one of many divisions in the fine as program. At the beginning of each year mdents choose the area of art that they wish study and excel in and are given assign- ents in that area. The orea's are classified as drawing and ninting, sculpting, pottery and jewelry-make he class is concentrating on their final touch ups. Academic RT I Art Class lndividualizes ing. At the semester, students may choose o new area of studying or continue in the area "I chose drawing because I feel my true feelings can be shown through my drawings."-Matthew Lopez which they are currently working in. Matthew Lopez. In the spring, the art classes put a show together for the public displaying their finest work for that year. "I enjoy showing off my work, it gives me a feeling of security when my friends appreciate my drawings," explained Nicole Ayerza, senior. "Art is an all "I chose drawing because I feel my true around fun class." feelings can be shown through my drawings," 1 - , t "W-664 ,du Y.. Q g n ge! A ,.:-f , Q rs , s .,. o 5 Q, I ,,..4- -nno Cosby, senior, works at shading her drawing Nicole Ayerza, senior, works better at bird's eye view. Christie Chotfield, senior, Puts seriousness into her pointing Artf107 Derrick Mellon Junior brushes off his completed mosterpiece. :TK Building is the Future by Joy Fernow "You get to thinls ond creote with your own mind,' soid Roger Psowlond, junior, when oslsed how orchitecture closs differed from other closses he tools during the 1085-86 school yeor. Architecture, ond industriol orts closs ot AF, is tought by Joe Almosy. Almosy ogrees with his students in thot his teochings drift owoy from just boolsworls. "We give them theoreticol lsnowl- edge ond hove them put it to use in o honds on opproochf' soid Almosy. "You hove to use more common sense ond your own ideos: notjust books." Erik Hellond Eric Hellond, junior, echoed his teochers stotee ment, "You hove to use more common sense ond your own ideos1 not just books." According to Mr. Almosy the bosic primory cone siderotions for building o home ond the terminole ogy used in todoy's industry ore omong the mony Thomos Dyrum, junior, stores off into orchitecture wonderlond John Royner, senior, designs the plons for his future home orchitecturol ospects tought in closs. " thinls we ore giving them o solid foundoti to help in their considerotion of future vo tionol gools," soid Almosy. This "foun tion" thot the students receive could b come helpful in o coreer field thot is ropi becoming lorger, "With Phoenix growi the woy it is, there ore limitless opportuniti for people thot hove orchitecturol ond col struction boclsgroundf' soid Almosy. Drivers E ducorion il-ie Mohon, drivers educorion reocher, gers reody orrernpr ro reoch onorher srudenr how ro drive. 1 A Codemics Is driving reolly such o big deol?????? by Wendy Moldovon "Hoving 0 drivers license is 0 big deol ro rnosr reenogersf' soid Mike Mohon, drivers educorion reocher for Af High School. Drivers educorion is o sernesrer closs which con- sisrs of normol closs boolsworls, "which covers ev- erything from rhe Iocorion of rhe gos perol ro how olcohol effecrs rhe body." The simuloror, o series of prerend ouromobiles, give you ocruoi locorions of rhe conrrols ond give rhe sruclenr more procrice in rnonuvering o vehicle. The srudenr con olso ger speciol orrenrion by enrolling in "behind rhe wheel", o progrorn which helps rhe srudenr feel more reloxed when driving. This progrom is S55 ond will reduce insuronce poyrnenrs for 0 begin- ning driver. Films ore shown in closs mony rimes during rhe semesrer ro give rhe srudenr some ideo of colli- sions rhor occur on rhe rood. "Nor only is drivers educorion on irnporronr Morlx Reese, junior, srudies hord for rornorrows big resr. 1 closs, ir enobles reens ro ger o reduced insuronce cosr if you reroin on "A" over- oge," Mr. Mohon soid. Mike Mohon, drivers educorion reocher, exploins rhe irnporronce of driving. MQ,- Free rime in driver's educorion closs. 3 1 N' L ie! i is 1 fx ..- X V. I Q I' ,. sf- M 99" Q Drivers Educorion!109 Billy Srour senior proudly shows off his Morely Crue shirt Looking around campus one can always see those special smiles and friendly faces or Agua Fria, Capturing those moments on film is not hard. Agua Frio isn't camera shys ,Bt i' -View Above Charlie Wolfe, senior, hurries to finish first, Po peyo is reincornoted as senior Danny Tucker, Kirsten Johnson, senior, puts her ears on for cartoon day. Lower Center Childhood memories are still vivid for senior Matthew Lopez Lower Right The "SENIOR" hall on hall decoration morning 110 I- - an 5. hm.. . idly 'V62 ' Upper Center: Derek Mellon, Stacie Lueke, and Scott Martin, juniors, demonstrate it's always fun with friends. Upper Right: Steve Baker, senior, experiencing a dreadful Monday. Lower Left: Carrie Buttemiller, senior, happily goes to class. Lower Right: Joy Fernow, senior, shys away while Jamie Maslyn, junior, peeks around him. Homecoming Attractions E Homecoming is always a special port of the year. As most students get involved in afternoon activities and contests, the Owl's School spirit is at its peak X v I ,. Tnnyn Lise True, senior, swings Ground in closs Conrw The Desert How! busy or worls Upper Kristin Mods, Junior, sits quietly . . . Lower Left Slocy Bolser smiles os closs is almost over ' ri? 4 . 1 r Il it ,qrw X Ik Toke Two Friends ore one of the most importont things obout school. At Agua Frio two or rnree is never Q crowd. ...Q X S T. Ui dm e X' Y Red ond Groy Lefr ro Right- Joe Serrano, Soro Nicholas, Dill Wolslci, Jomie Self , Mrke Howtnorne, Jason Shelton Second Row Miclsoy Hott, v Erico Perkins, Shannon Arnold, Dre-t Yohe Third Row. Terry Gorhercole, Kerry Mc Daniel, Rodney Green ' s TSE? ff. 2. J ,'w-wife? if . 5 K5 5541? ,Sw 2 km. 55 1 3 by - . . NSW Q E 3 l V5 X l X ' ks. a 3 ..x8,: . V N. Upper left: Scott, junior, Kotie Loy, Kelly Ger- mono, seniors srond for o quick pose. Above. Poy orrenrionl Udo Voile ond Seon Newcomer, seniors. Lefrf Stocy Nuele Junior ond Roche! Droclsey seniors friends forever. Dino Cruz ond Mrlee llowrnorne, juniotu, nct '.upri',vd 111 T l Seniors Like It WHAT DO YOU REMEMBER MOST ABOUT YEAR? FITOSI-I: Alwoys sneol-sing off for lunch, - Coren Srnoll SOPHOMOIIE My flor rop rhor loolsed like my he-od wos shoved - Sieve Boker. JUNIOR- Knowing rhor I hod one more yeor Iefr I wos mod cuz everyone who wos groduoring wos so excited. - Joy Fernow SENIOR' "I-love o lifesover Por , , . Ir'lI rnolse you feel berrerf' ond oll rhe friends I mode Cond losrl. - Dio Jorgenson SENIOR: Lunch or Jerry's. Meering new people ond porrying wirh Juniors. Also occounring wirh ihe Novy, Air Force, ond Morines, ond frying ro Qer Rich CScholzD ro join rhe Army! Y Porry Boorhmon Leff: Joy Fernow exercises his senior Spirir ond fociol muscles. You sold ro molse ir big Joy, so here ir is, Righrf Porry Doorhnnon ond Shoron Mosier srond oround rhe gym lobby during rhe Iosr few mo- menrs of fourrh hour lunch ,.L.. 'xv nu, , U' ..3hi . 9 . Tiff? 4 .. .ag Hg '95 ff' ish ina, - Eric Ahori Richord Alexonder Errol Alien Glorio Anoyo ' w i Nl Roy Anzor Reyno Aviiio 1' nnie Bonoszols Scori Bonlss -. Billy Delford Denise Dell 114 1 Seniors Alyce Bigmon Kim Bishop 1"-'si 'P Nicole Ayerzo Srocey Boker -'U' 'l '-'few Todd Dorlser Donold Dorron f Kim Benson Roy Denrley Shirley Bondi Poriy Boorhmon 3 fl Drod Anderson Srephen Boi 197 Srephonie Boyles fmigffs 4 ,sg ' 1 ii"i ,,,, 5 l,-fi :..'i:ig'- ' :Z - Y "9 2 an ' 'wb wi ' fi Q , 'Er' V if Q iz My W i 43: X M Q- Dovid Derzhold Evon Boyd pn. Cl . . Finally!!! When we firsr came ro Agua Fria Union High School, our adrenalin was flowing and our nerves rwirchecl. None of Us knew whar rhese "best years Cnrir Bradford of our Iives" held in srore, buf we did Isnaw rhey would be evenrful. worms Qfodle We had an 8-O Frosh foorball rearn, a 15-1 frosh baslserball rearn, and we Y Ep Rachel Droclsey Kristina Drown .V-,f,: builr rhe besr floor rhe school had ever seen Seniors wair impanenrly for rheir lasr openingday assembly ro end, Anbfx T' ' Angela Droolss Karen Durler H! I X Vicki I3ryanfLazaro Susan Durler Carrie Burremiller Poli Cachln Clinr Campbell X Q, I,, -, big: " tx , f isis is is -fr N ' , r .. .. , V ff X w Ill v 7 V X ' J 1 '. r' 1, 'rw ills-I . W Raul Casraneda Carhryn Cosrellow Kelly Chandler Chrisrle Charfield Dimpy Chawla Seniors X 115 . .... ,.:.. , . T Roberr Chilcoof r . f 9 Shonnon Cisco 3' v S Lee Cox i' 5 C1 Q Jon Derbyshire Mike Desmond 1161 Seniors K AAX Geno Chisolm Liao Morie Chong Korhleen Chubinslsy Alon Church '5 rw if W 4 Wy.. ff .SER r ,, I Soroh Cloyron Ben Cohen Lindo Cole Tommy Copeiond , . Angelo Crowforcl Kevin Crowley Eivo Cruz Monuel Cruz USO DOFCOHQEIO Julie Dorden Lee Deorhomer Michelle Delong ' 1 i AJ Gino Doubleday Veronico Duncon Scor Edgiey Perer Eichorn 'sax Down Elbert Erik Ellis Jodi Emmett Dovid Epplin Jewel Escobor 4 2: I Jonie Estrodo Roberto Fellows Joy Fernow Kelli Finney Scott Fitch Loshello Follss Melissa Frymon Becky Golindo We gove the pep ossemblies oll we could, ond in our Senior ye-or, we even won the closs competition with 267 students compored ro the freshman closs with 400 + students. lt tools ci lot but we did it. As the lost months brought us closer to grociuotion, they also brought us closer to eoch other. We storted counting . . . Rfghrf Steve Boker A the woy we will olwoys remember him, Borromf Erik Ellis - "Hey Erik!" 'W' nz' ,feig- -Fx 5 .' , A at ' fo 5 '5 xl' s , Q Y. vii A it ' - X 'Fd' V' iii Terell Folie 'Z . :v Nick Gole Kevin Gollowoy Seniors!117 'N F fel.. QQ' Ellse Gordner Terry Gorhercole Keirh Germono Kelly Germono Ddvid Glonr Albernno Gonzales Morgorer Gonzales Louro Gorcher Ken Grohom Mork Grorwr I. 5. , ,, Rodney Green Angelic Holl DereI4 Harris Robin Horvvood Jill I-legedus l r , Kenr Herner Roberr Henriclxson Ben Herndndez Vicky Hernandez Armondo Herrera 118 I Seniors 17:1 Mellsso Herrick Todd Herrlcl-2 Terry Hilry Fermin Hinqoso Milse Hlrrh ii 1 SM.- xi Jim Hood Michelle "Mickey" Horr Corine Huclsaby Lisa Humphreys lsalsi Hunr l Rx Top: Todd Barker erjoys a Sarurday nighr our wirh friends. Righff Dernie Shacls hangs around during break, The days unril we wallx "rhe line", The line we'd all been waiiing for V rhe end of "the best years of our lives". The losr few weeks will always remain a vivid memory in our minds as well os hearrs, They were a rime of sorrow, knowing we may nor see some of our friends again, and a rime ofjoy because we had finally achieved whar we were srriv- ing for: rrue senioriris and rhe end of an era. W ,B i- fsax., ' Yes, rhe end had come. We all said good- bye, promised ro keep in rouch, and "Give me a call somerime" could be heard by Jusr about anyone, The rime or AF seemed ro fly by so fasr, Deserr parries, going off campus for lunch, and raising wirhour gerring in rroubie are now memories, A ones we will rreasure forever. From the Class of 1080, .. Finally!ll" Anne Hurchinson Sofa Jinzo . rg Carl Johnson Kirsten Johnson 5 i Lynn Jones Helena Jonsson Dig Jgrgenggn jgclqg Kennedy Chorleg Kennon RUSSEII KGSSIGV MOHE' Ysimbfell Seniors!11Q 120 I Seniors ...,,,'.5 Corri Kirchens Jerry Koslsinen Marnie Lomberr Jeff Lorson Dorlene Lee ' , ,, 'fir ff f -4 ' ,, wwe, nr ., .vi 5, 4' vi A , , . ,MH ,, 'sw-asv "if: 'Q K, N-.f f fi Liz Lessord Stephen Leuniz Loro Lindsey Romono Lohrmon Aniro Lopez if L rl, ky sk -ase,,4' ly I A A L Freddue Lopez Jorge Lopez Morrhew Lopez Korhleen Loy Eleno Moldonodo Jrll Moloney Sreven Morlsowski Doro Morrinek Com McCown Kerry McDonieI ev- - N Q .,. x ZW' I x A y Morrho McKenna Kenr McMillan Corio Medlock Scorr Monrgomery Noreen Moroles Monica Viteri 'S Teresa Moreno Eddie Morton Burt Moulten Cora Moyers John Munoz 1:7 Christina Murillo Christine Nairn Sara Nicholas Tammy Ologue . i Brigitte Opel Shelli Nelson vb 0, What do you remember mosr abour year? Freshman: Steve Bakers pink hightops. - Kent McMillan Sophomore: Being with a lot of close friends and the fun of being a pom. l was able to meet a lot of new people. - Tanya Lisa True. Sophomore: Being on rhe floor at homecom- ing. - Kathleen Loy. Junior: The Senior Grad party and the prom, - Carrie Roberts Junior: Putting myself Victoria Nelson 590B Newcomer Clint Bradford and Gabe Vizzerra look on in disbelief as X . N Chris Nuels -r-f Kent McMillan proceeds to win the bubble-blowing conrest during Homecoming Week. through eighty hours of volleyball hell for Key Club. - Jon Munoz Freshman: Square dancing in PE. - Freshman: Scor Densford moaning the 7th hour gym class on Sept 28, 1982, Senior: All the things l participated in. year. - Mona Rivera Senior: Living like never before - the life of a SENlOR is a party. - Ronda Rayner Junior: Dropping my flag at the Tol- leson football game while on flag corps. - Julie Darden Senior: Homecoming week and all the fun N April Stevens Tim Onstad l had o lot more school spirit this x I in lu In Jesse Oviedo Seniors I 121 li i Jennifer Ozanne Chrisriana Pace Marla Paulson J V i Y" ,1 if I -nm 4 r X I 1:12 ew w I Sheri Pererson Cynrhia Phillips Jody Pierce Q' GV Joey Pompa John Rayner Ronda Rayner Magdalena "Mana" Rivera Corrie Robe-rrs Timm Rogers "sv Carolyn Russo Phillip Sadler Maria Saldana 122!5eniars Marvin Perez Hearher Pierre ,L fi if, Elizaberh Reid 195, he Henry Rouse Javier Sandoval ' v J L, f, ?i . , gig, ,4 H Q F -Qu.. Erica Perkins in-v ' if ' Roberr Piirs JJ Celesrina Rivera Thomas Rowe 'W ,i,.f5xl'f', viii " 2- ' Frank Soufley Sreve Sclwieszer . '.' x xv TOP: Jill l-legedus, Morr Lopez, Rodney Green, ond Cord Moyers: "Yeoh, ,Were BADl!l!" BOTTOM LEFT Kenny Gronom zoning our os usuol. BOTTOM RIGHT John Munoz ond Toir Sorensen demonsrrore rneir model- ing skills, Nino Scorr Coren Smoll Connie CDCIQQEYIYD Smlrh H D, Smirrw Kelly Smirh Joe Snyder 45X I f I 'N WM , W 3 A 4 If rg ' ,Wa - 5. I T 4 K ,, '-f ,f V , ' - I, 1 Y 7' " f ' '13 ' , - .B l Toir Sorensen Eorl Spencer Troyci Srepnenson Aprrl Srevens mr -""'1t1:r:fzf1':n9 Axel Schneider Drlon Snepord Z? Q LB, ! John Srnereclsy "1 'T Dorre Soendergoord Krmmie Srevens Seniorsf12O 124! Seniors na 'ig Q 7 Heorher Sroclsron William Srour Brion Suilins Morc Toul Deboroh Temple Noro Torres Chorieme Troy Tonya Liso True Andrew Trumbull Dori Tucker l fin iii ld 3 Aaron Tull Eric Usrey Morgorer Vasquez Sieve Velosrequi MOFWCO Vifefi 'Kimi , ., , ?lQJfg7f 5 7,1 Y 'e l i ke i A --N - K , N rf' ar 'E J .Mrk wi, .5 .Aki R164 U WN, Y 5 ,WN jg 5,431 .X M :mu :Q Yi ff 'ml L imsrlii 2 ,5w"'s is Gabriel Vizzero Udo Volice Violo Vowell Lisso Wolliclx Dorlo XVorl-:ins Mornie Wheoron Julie Whire Michoei Whireheod Regina Wichmon Thomas Williams pm-WW X , 5,57 -11. . ,. is ft- Eric Wolwler Charles Wolff Milron Wood Tammy Wood Hearner Worsnop nw Laura Worrhy Augustine Wylie David Yohe Alfredo Zuniga 5ENlORS NOT PICTURED Craig Albalda Jim Bell Tracey Doling Gloria Bravo Parry Castillo Marla Cisneros Doug Condie Frank DeLeRosa Scar Donsford Adam Edea Marrin Enrrquez Enrique Estrada Cleveland Folks Marina Galindo Kellie Geisr Ozzy Gonzales Bill Hallam David l-lonnilron Susan Hansen Creed Horine Dwawn Isaac Rick Johnson Phillip Jorgensen Jerry Keele Jens Kleine-lsunlo Billy Isindquisr Jon Mann Milso Meehan Joe Meliody Anronio Mendez Barbara Moody Roberr Morales 1"-s lirisren Zering Raid Zinzuvadia Sharon Mosier Pacer Mudor Kari Muse Ryan Pirrsel lion Randall Sreven Reza Ricardo Rodriguez Glen Sanders Gene Serrano Bernie- Sliocls Dale Shaeley David Srnirh Arr Valdez Richard Vallejo lloborl Williams Seniors 1,125 si S. iff? I 1 Q .L my f qs v K Q ik L 5 96 J! O' Nw Upper lefrf underclossmen get rowdy for 0 picture. Kelliei Johnston, junior, ond Joson Do, sophomore, show off their fovorite mogozine. Left: sophomores get together for o group shot ofter visiting McDonalds, k h Dfw h sf l r s r rt st ft' ' 'Q xi 2 X 'B . M L. K I t f ' A ,Oh rxgfk . A DX x X ' J I Haifa! D XL! ' ,w X x5V3 o 1 lt J 1 Y eq X 1' X VIN ' fx ,IDM , --Q XE' N If 'fy Q ffskff JJ form: ' U rye ' ff! t Q Q offt I GJ 1 ak ' 127 XM w wi M N N r x ,v!b rv 4, rw 'Z Above num Gmmb, lunch mme mg- KVISVG Mock, J Ohn Pnrchgfd and Nofmon Horns r PM dunng 5 1 , I L -v A ry-ga. 9 -. FooI'n Around Upper Rwghr Rach Scholz wously wnurs rn hrs occox floss Below Vlooouo T ond Cnrp Hordxson novo o culr mme nnnlsrng rr ro doss V+, .1 ' 1 iii? i ........n..i..........r , -nw'---.W-any-... lll1ill11lPN"K lliiiihlrxita inauamusnvnan-.Q utnwsulnn-axnnqnn g --M-.-4-----1 1---uns,-, :ns nuzuusvanunnqnnnnw- .'u....1.-um-uma--ya f..-I an-vnrruw.-4n.uA.M.1m...p.,u . nova-.nnooauw-1 s-umaxwmwf -- susan L - N 9-mnnaw wan vw nf ff M .M -vnamw 'W-N.'.MM. ,-f W an , .mm-zmw1T.w. K ,.,,,r. ...WJ M.. 1. .,. Jw. . ., vw f , - --f' -I , -,.-L .-U' W., fa, .x-. u N Ymij-as 'A v. M 3 xv '. 5 f , , M I. 34145 '21 4 J: 4: ey, 41. 128 Sheffieid Abello Tirn Abrohorn Torn Abrohorn Scorr Adonns Donny Adilses Morrho Aguoyo Durlse Albeldo Shoron All-:ire Andreo Amoror Morio Anoyo Kris Andrews Vnrgunro Anzor Poulo Areliono Shonnon Arnold Fernondo Arrrolo Isooe! Arvizu Debbie Arthur Sonio Avilo Q fi :S 'X -Xqrigrfs 'wig vga - k f vw. 1 . - A W ' ?: Q . K f A f S lfuf .. N 1 i A :gi - . QS I Q 3 A tv K X .. r YN X A 0 KN u Q f ,f X I A Q.. Q A 3'Esglf1 X Xi Q-S -1 " ' sis-wifi H .Q ggi 3 QQ 5 rf :,, -a 5 0 M , . . i 'K F be Q A N, x 9 .33 Q X 'Y ,- x..f I -is ea - .33 k.kk 5 . im , A .,.,.. X C , .--f-fi ii -, M, , X ' sagem , f ff in in ,, x f' -Z , , x xr af '41 i ' ir C , .gtkmm . 3. ,,,L ,equi B B B 1-WT' 'K , All . -, 1 V wx li xx ' L' L ' M 2 B I cl .H it X i . 'Nl , l ,Q L Z V A iif , ,lv , 23 UH, 1 '- ' ,H -f 1, q ' 'J . ' ' V -4 jf' X J 5.1 N ., I -. , ' X C I . 'Q IB B 6'- Y X - 1+ ll! X if , f I xnxx wif A . l 1 n M be H, , E'I?f17 if' .- N . ...., Lg - .I A A B iiee ' T' 524 ., - B 'A fe' I li i i - y ' 'N i Q ' N Q 7 152 f TP 1 l . 'Yi ' . iw -Q B B? 'Q Y ,E W Y . my K tl Q N K I 4 mi a . i 2, - is ,F X .T Q ' S . A' 'wA': 4 X o ,N H if V nm i W l 5 4 ' Y l B X X , Rene Avirio Liso Boldocls Hecror Bollesreros Sherry Borney Corrino Borry Rene Borrell Gene Borron Sondro Boum Michelle Beclser Wendell Becker Fronls Bedord Porricls Denton Trocy Bernhard Sieve Berzhold Tino Beyle Fronls Bocchini Richord Bogon Devon Borgrnon Misry Borum Michelle Brennclse Shown Brirroin Poscol Brown Tom Burger Terri Busros Sieve Butler Toni Cobrol lrneldo Cochin Scorr Cornocho Lucy Cordenos Tonyo Corroll Curr Correr Juni Choilseenee Tiri Chorfield Dovid Chovez Boberr Cisco Joson Clorls Tom Cluff Suzonne Condie Cinnomon Conrod Sherlynn Cook Scorr Core Dino Cruz Jose Cruz Krisren Cunningham Noroly Cursinger Srephony Cursinger Alon Doggerr Sobeno Doggerr I 4 i 130!Juniors Crysrol Dole Koren Dempsey Mike Denninger Stephen Densford Vicki Densford John Dewey Lorenzo Dioz Tonjo Dixon Drod Donohue Helen Drosher Croig Dringmon Willie Durst Yolonclo Eckerr Yvonne Eckert Leonn Edwords Tino Edwords Roy Eisenhurh Mork Elizondo Evo Elms Melissa Emmerre Reggie Espinoso Jeff Forris Dorin Foughn Cynrhio Felix Dovid Fellows Jerry Flercher Nicole Folks Vicki Fronk Olivio Franklin Wilma Freemyer Dovid French Shoun French Tobi Friedrich .lomes Fulbrighr Srephonie Funke Nancy Golindo Raymond Gallegos Junior Golvon Monuel Gorcio Rochel Gorcio Sylvio Gorcio Shonnon Gorrels Angelo Gorzo Corinne Gendron leon Gibbs Lenny Godsil Emeric Gonzoles Jerry Gonzoles L ix. ::. 2-i-si .iii 'L -iii M .., .we - ,, 2 -..f-ML. A G 1 39 1' gfalliifi M ii 1293 - ga' -f ' '5 Q if ka S K K i X . . ,I JIM? "3 --iv, . , 1 s,.,,f -fx H .V X.-wf1s+"'I"b' i'-.ii 2, gli, ' iffifi- 2 - f ,- i i . , , Qi. , ., ,kimaab H., f V Q ,Nilifl 'L X 514, .523 3, -.. I - ,,y,::,S?f5f,: I viii 'Z lil Q H il iRQ'l-Trims 2 X l. X , J, J. ,, :: '?', 4 ill., ZW3 - f' 3 K 54.0-H V11 F1 -' hQ, :1'i2' sw N' ful. s , ' K Q A Qin, ,fn . S 5 I 6 2 . 1' A P X.. ' Q 1 V D f 2 Q 'a X 5 ' sr FN , is X K gf e has . r-r'r ' ' ' WWF Y 1 XPS' , my J-fs F ig .,, A X is F l if' , Eff f"?'?"?Yw' A x -is, iff' if i E mis, :lei .L . My ,Il 524 ' J -o , . QE... r-1-ss L ,Q ig, .X , .9 f! if 'P , .gp 7:1-"" .I .X A I , I .J ' 12- 1 if SM 1 Q il XJ .ai is 'E i Leticia Gonzales Yolanda Gonzales Helen Goodson Beth Grainger Ruth Grumbling Chris Guckenheimer Andy Gutierrez Martina Gutierrez Sherry Hamilton Greg Hammond Dann Haford Craig Hans Chip Hardlson Norman Harres Mike Hawthorne Eric Helland Corina Hernandez Leonard Hopson Michelle Horner Chris Hughes Denise Hutchinson Tammy Hutchinson Warren lsaac Crissy Jenlsins Rebecca Jimenez Marwin Joe Kellii Johnston Lance Johnston Tony Janes Milse Jones Chip Jorgenson Sandra Juarez Linda Kelscy Mary Kennedy Kim Kenney David Kessler Claudette Kirlset Kathy Knight Lisa Koppelman Sean Kuhn Michelle Lampert John Lambert Katy Leedy Prayoon Lek-Kong Noel Lewis Shane Lewis Sabrina Lighthill Milse Lindquist W A Midnight Madness by Carl Johnson "The Midnight Movies are not just an escape from the movies normally shown, they are also an excuse to stay our Iater," Phil Jorgensen, senior, explained. Owls flock to the midnights weel-xly for such classics as The Song Remains The Same, The Rocky Horror Mcrure Show, and the allftime favorite rhe WALL, in Dolby stereo. The midnight movies are on escape to a land where people wear costumes and carry water pistols and buttered roasts "The lVall"is mainly a movie corolloting with the record. It is about the story of a young man's lifes His father dies in the war when he is real young, and is .5'i'iii"'i'1Qk3'5ff?Q1Q left with a very protective mother. His schooling is also very strict and the llll!ll' teachers are made out to be cruel and cold to the students. As he grows older he experiences the separa- ' 3 E UM -M' tion with his girlfriend Vera which adds ro his demented view of iife, He turns out to be a successful rocls star but X all the tragedies he goes through in life are too unbear- A abie and forces him to go insane. He feels that he can ' never breals through the woll which his past has built. ' The movie has a variety of special effects and also is partly a cartoon. It is not really appreciated by anyone y unless they listened to the woll and is familiar with its story. Nevertheless the people who do enjoy Pinls Floyd ir is one of the most awesome movies ever written. . . x Abovef Alfredo Zuniga, senior, gets caught by surprise. g4"- Left: Eric Woher tries to sneak out of class.. . t ll. 3' 9 QQ T Ramona Lopez Rose Lopez Suzi Lopez Lisa Lorge Elizabeth Lucas Stacie Luecls l ,f iw: , i W 'F L V 'Vis if fi Jg ,, W2 ir f 5 af m v. 1' Z? l g l if nf iv 1 ff- 'V ,Ai yy m y isii 3 We gi., ii sh zf wiv rs 1 vi g V ii 5 , 2 M ., i,., , .V T 'fri T' , i"i 7 3 was w 1-YA T' l S. ' ' , sf- ,Q ff ' 1 L4 . W X . 's i g , Ellmberh Luqwez , 2 Rilsron Macl-2 T S ' Z T 51? 9' teve Madrid .--sg A. E Q i- , Jennifer Maihofer Q ', r , T 'iosemofv Mnldmdo T T T Ruben Maldonado , -LV " i i L I s L is A Q 5 li 'T H Dovid Moiils , Jan MarrinezfSchramm Q ix 35, uw I U Nunez Martinez . ' -' ii T-25, - , , iiii 1 5 Terri Marvin 30173. I i Howard Mann . , i , fi i f jgfnig MQ5l fi , - ' ""'-' f . ' , Y .nice 1 Q ' L ,M "s:iiffii2i:1':rr is -l l : 'i' 143, fs i,,,, - H i " V.. i , TE! ,-- i L I "---- ,gr :fix 'iii i-. .i ni-,Q 5 2:77 ffl L i 'xi T ' s-'mi' 5. iii 1 Kill lhlli I-C hentai lilil ill lZ"K'l-I'!"- mmf' . yi Q B an . Nw 5 if V.- M X55 -.. 4 , i , , . . n A! A 6. 6 Qi. Q gf ' A 5 , if ! . .x 4 ' 4 X , xxx, - ' , - A ,A M Eu? ' ' -Q 1 f N is I .fy - - , 4 x . A x Mj ixig d X L x R A. K X - .. ,. xi x ogg ' 3 . Q Y 1 S ,gf he 5 L . :fm X 3? Q l . - X N ,Q Q . . , R sr gk? - ,S ag 13, Q33 Q i. ',. , ' , K vm A A 'War 1 Tia f as - n ' xg wx .1 3 .QRS if iii? Q-9 x. x Mx n if M --- sa I. f . ' f WQNQXS sg ,QS . ur h WY .Ll . Us 'Q El' iii, ww 'mt 1 Wwg 1 VM fly W , IQ, .x Aw hwy! an 1 ? ,gn ,. , ,7 . X 1 by Monica Viteri People who can't conform to what "everyone else is doing", always add individualism wherever they go. AF defi- nitely has some non-conformists on its campus, Although everyone is an individual in his own way, the ones who have the guts to dress or thinls differently than their peers always stand out from the crowd . . . One form of individuality, with a pur- pose, is punls. For some it'sjust a phase or trend, or just something cool to do for a while, But for others, it's the music, the opinions and viewpoints, and the idea that too many things are wrong in this world, and that other people have to realize that so that they can be changed. W Catherine Tonlsinson Joanne Towey Sheila Tyler Sam Upshaw Diana Vasquez Ricardo Vasquez Brent Via Blanca Villasana Katrina Vizzera Michael Vizzera Bruce Ward Melissa Weber Rhonda Wiley Barbara Williams Shannon Wilson Amy Windel-inecht Karla Wood Bill Wolslsi Julia Wunderlich Michelle Wyatt Cami Yoalsum Brett Yohe Angelique Zerinque Renee Zulsawslsi Doo Wollitz, senior, displays o mohawk Frank Bocchini, junior, is a regular around the Phoenix scene, The Harvest, left, and The Dirt Clads bot tom, are two local punk bands growing in popularity in Phoenix. Billy Idol and guitarist Steve. 5,-.., I ,X .- DIO 4' 1 X. - 4,7 ' ' . A if 'ff ,I .4 , 1 , - A fx, I i i ts t 0 M , A h -, , 1 -.A l xy' . ' -1,- ' Xi 'I hu In . A' .J ' '3 - Qs ,1 f 1' G X ' - si' " A ' YMGF by Sharon Mosier ln the homecoming Iunchrime ocrivirles rhe class of '88 showed impeccable srride. They ploced second overoll, The closs of '88 mode o bright srreok in rhe slsy this yeor. They odded 'sryle' ro ' the compus ond showed everyone rhor rhey were more rhon 'lirrle sophomores. "Sophomore yeor wos much more exciring rhon freshmen yeor becouse srudenrs ger more freedom, like going off compus for lunch. sal Lunchtime is onynme no morrer whor grode you re in os sophomores show Even rhough mosr sophomores ore nor old enough ro drive they still eryoy rhe Iunchroom freedom Sourh Campus hos ro offer Mike Acuno Colleen Adney Liso Aguilor Chris Albin 13o!'88 Merchy Alcoide Adelo Alimon Lori Alvorez Aundre Anderson rss ,Ll ,np Dorren Anderson Richard Anderson Q f Roberr Anderson ' Shown Anderson U eal 'L r l " Q. me A i x , 3 i 'QR Tyrone Anderson Korhy Arnold Kennerh Arnold Dino Asrorgo Edno Asrorgo Jesse Aveno r g o l , X 'Nl xl I lkaii nam K - A1957 LY' We X A Bi - :Wi ts . Q. A -rr W ' Q. ' ' " X fr. X '- .Q . 'K Ni X K is X 1 fi .sig P-Q Q ' QQ, Q, x . fr X K M .: E Lf.: . ., X E X r gg . rw N A X X 3 N A K AL.X Q 35- 'EIWQ x S x rr LX , X .re -- XX K A X ,ix SX gl X ses + is ew XE X ,x 55 i YS: A i . 'Wx NN J, X i , 5 x 1,,..:- , Q rf J Q Q X X s X , A X X as I Us il Q , X f xllir .. 5 . 0 " 1215. ,Q :Y .li ' fi Jigs wi. x Jllx"'i bf Y A A ..r ,yu 54.7 lsllll Vik 'J l fmuli Michael Ayerzo Jonorhon Ayres Dovid Bobb Shounn Bochmon Barney Bolderoz Nick Bonoszok Monuelo Bonuelos Andrew Borbo Kerri Borber Kirsten Dorber Doyno Barney Jesse Borron JoAnno Borry Jeff Boyles Tige Beck Mork Bebee Billy Beech Donny Belford Mike Bell Blonco Belrron Williom Benson Porrick Benron Korhy Berman Anne Billingsley Louro Blyrhe Joson Boe Bobbie Jo Boir John Boone Kim Booth Derrick Bosric Phillip Bourwell Dono Boyd Angelo Bravo Darby Brewer Dionno Brinkerhoff Morrho Brooks Angelo Brown Joson Buffingron Mort Burkerr John Burrell Jomes Dusso John Burremiller Joe Byossee Tom Byrurn Jerry Collonds Vicki Corr Suson Correr Steve Cosrenedo Sophomores!137 Mfg P" -+ if. Q QQ FT if ve. k' X-:Q my X, ,, Q, fm QS - pa-.... :GSE AN v A A 3:2 ,kv 6 5 gi ? . ag. X .n gi igwlxl .Q M. fig: 1 as 'XY N395 -524 1131 A QNX C9 Z 3 iwa 5 -., ' Q X' A Q' nr- xu. if ,gi Q, ...L mf' 'ijtmf wr 9' ' --4' 1 . M 9 .g, . .-1 M' . , .x , ns, R -f i ' K , . U E K . X P . W. ,Q EF' x I X .fi if WSF? Ya l 3? Q5 ,, QQ A ik ig.. xr -X, 1. 3? -.ME . 3, 464 Q my 'Fm ga .JM gf 4 i V 1, +5 ,... .zz if 'Ks -xr YN AQ 9, V Holly Hudson Chris Hughes Colette Humphrey Jooquin Humphreys Tommy Hutchinson Greg Huycls Cliff Irvin Sondro Joromillo Robert Jorosi Glen Johnson Leroy Johnson Crystol Jordon Lonnie Jordon Jeremy Jorgensen Kim Keehn Jock Kelly :Lf LfH,f?,fEiP ,: V JY , ,t ,Z 3 1, a j- 'f we My J 33,9115 , 9. iffy ,ffl-rc .22 , Qi, K, ,,,, S ,,, X V of? to - fm , J V ' -:9z2f' , . S M slyll,i , y, , V- 1 N. i i it W W ww Jody Kelly Anno Liso Keelo , 4 at I Cliques by Korlo Wood In the holls of the Aguo Frio compus stu- dents poss by one group, two group,-the cliques-reolizing thot eoch clique hos indivi- duols with different interests, ofritudes, ond beliefs. Mony students such os Alfredo Zunigo, senior, like the cliques. "I think they're cool, they should be thot woy, becouse not ev- eryone will be the sonne. Some people will hove different opinions on whot they lilse. Other students feel differently. Potty Swope, senior, "Cliques show close mind- ness ond inobility to communicate with peo- ple-" . Sherry Borney, junior, "I thinls it's totolly stupid for not ossocioting with other peo- ple." For Right: Jody Bulfer, Yolondo Gonzoles, ond Shonnon Singleton, juniors. Below: Melisso Emmette, Korlo Wood, Sherry Dorney, ond Jennifer Moihoffer, juniors, the best of friends, Steven Densford, Dill Wolslsi, ond Rich Schultz, juniors, wolls to closs, Above: Juniors ond Seniors show thot every- one con get olong. 1 i 'M--. . L .44 '34 sw' f nr . x 5 . Y A K J QQA , Q X wink gm, x 'sa . In WT WEL ., -M ag- Qu, ,K Ma ,r F. S Q- T T? sf is 3' i 2' 1 -N, O .VW 11? Q' QF' lg fi, 3 f x Q vw TY fr E :,Sq ' IW . 5, - fn :af :Avi Q. C 'Er :vm .59 ..a . .H-' WA -. .wf 49 1-H wwf f -fi? .Lf ? .- 'A f 9 Q9 'er mi 355 Av' ff? 2 -:Nw R., -26' Wxfffff "N-' N 5 is ig B af!! .4 A 5 1 'E 353 J. -ef 14" 31 If wit A. i .04 an-N 4 99' W 2' V . J 1 55. nt , Q: W. WF' U N, -My .V if ww Warning: The Surgeon Generol hos found rhor Heovy Merol is dangerous ro your eors. ' I I Heovy Merol merchonrs don'r believe rhor or Aguo Frio. lr is hord rock rhor some srudenrs oopreciore. "Heavy Mero! is rhe only music ro lisren ro," explions senior Corrie Kirchens. Mosr srudenrs ogree rhor ir isn'r rhe sroge shows our rhe rolenr rhese performers hove. A few of rhe pooulor groups ore Judos Priesr, iron Moiden, ond Merollico. lllllllll-llllill "The gods you worship ore sreel. Ar rhe olror of Rock-n-Roll you kneel." 'W ASP. i l l l T. - Upper Lefr Leod singer Judas Pncsr, Roo Halford. Dofrom Lefr. The Scorpions jom our in conceri Upper Cenrer Rorfs lead singer Srephen Peorcy shows off his moves. Dorrom Camer- Poul Sronley of Kiss demonsirores rhor rhey srill ore "rod" Upper Rzghr. Nikki Sixx, rhe backbone of Morley Crue. Above. Bruce Dickinson and Dove Murroy do ocrobciics in concert. Shonnon Royner Velmo Reed, Doug Reynolds Andy Richmond Sieve Richmond Sommy Rides Tomi Rieflsohl Kevin Rirchey Isorie Rivero Michelle Roberrs Sreve Roberrs Angie Roberrson Phil Roderick Mike Rodriguez Roul Rodriguez Jennifer Rogers Sieve Rogers Vern Rogers ' ' 3 N K ' E i P. 1. S R z .. - T N R i A X so E' S g i - ' X T f R T X R' i K Q ' X Q .. A rw 5 . is ssss 1 1:1- - --rr r -s.f . . .- X li. I X . c . ,, X 8 I o . . . . g. ,K .y.. Y N - .s ff? SQ?-XSRX. ' K . s X - . sf Q Q . r .Qs ' f 4 E 2 1- s .ss 1. - ' Y xs- s- NNW wir 1 QNX - sv NSN kesqxrehg s , z N 33 ie. V. 3 2 - w f Q.. y sf is were - -. . . ..,,is..f.:: To 1. X 2 ae:-mee-...1f:f 1-X 3 X ky 4 Q W QQ., A 11 3. 3 , X , .- 1 -55 ' if ., Q. . , A fi ,. Qs A if ' t- ,W - P A 1. I ,,,, 45 IMAN HIGIISEN N Foreign Students by Monico Viteri Every yeor, more ond more foreign students enter the AF compus, some from Germony, Switzerland, Denmotls, ond oth- er ports of Europe. They come from mony different countries ond they come forjust os mony different reosons. "There ore severol reosons for my being here. First l'm worlsing on my future Cjob reloted to Ameticon business? by improving my longuoge obilities, ond get- ting to lsnovv the country ond it's people. On the other hond I needed to get owoy from my old environment ond since I hod been here before ond I olreody lsnew the people I decided to go to PHX ogoin. I thought oll of this wos o chollenge, But then ogoin, PHX is the ploce to be- it's got the ultimote climote ond oction," ex- ploined Udo Vollse, West Ger- mony. "I come to the United Stores becouse they ore very influentiol here on every doy life in politics ond foshions in Europe, ond peo- ple heor obout them on TV ond the rodio ond in the popers, So I thought I could experience the people ond the country by stoy- ing with o host fomily for one yeor," commented Briggete Opol, West Germony. Whotever the reoson, foreign students give AF voriety, ond on oir of. inrernotionolism. 1 "PHX ls The Ploce To Be"-Udo Volke 'Cf v 5 5 4744 ff W f ' 1' . MW I v V X ffl Milfie Woddy Goyle wosningiof JR . M 57 Som Webster Lizo Weyrouch Amber White Renoe Wichmon Heother Willioms Trudy Wtllioms Roy Wilson Preston Withers Anno Wolfe Shannon Wood Shone Woodord Melisso Woolf Trocy Woolgor Tony Wylie Wendi Yocum Tony Zovolo Tino Zinzuvodno llondy Zuleger Jan Morr1nez5chrori, Toby Friee drich, Udo Vollse, Drigerre Opol, He- leno Jonsson, Dortes Soenderf goord, Axel Scheider, Denis Schel- lenberger. Below. Toby Freidrich CW. Ger- monyb, Drigette Opol CW. Ger- monyb, Denis Schellenberger CW. Germonyb, Jon Mortinez-Schron CW. Germonyb, Heleno Jonsson CSwedenD. Jessie Adome Jesse Adrion Jesse Aguoyo Shougne Ahorr Moroh Albeldo Tonic Albeldo Dorbro Allison Sondro Alromirono Alfie Alvorez Andreo Armenro Junior Avilo Roberro Avirio Becky Ayres Priscillo Coco Kim Doggerr Veronico Doird Tony Dolderoz Jo Ann Doles NS 11 SW?-'L' 'W' gf , . N V Ni A if gs w-8 N 5 'N--f-mf. w , fs ..,,. is A ,. ig' X W j 53-P54 - R do J 'rxbk . i 3 A f nl N . Jesus Brovo got ro ploy woirer or French Club porry or Norrh for Iefr Corrie Molino is corefully ed on by Sreve Psoehling. Doi Dovid Reese hos his monnenr os gets reody ro give his cusromers "meol" rhey'll never forger, Top SS E A 3 A wfgx N951 fi " I 'Ts 5 :vs , ' K . it , Q A,--sign I 9 - Q i use my A , . . if. lb je, Ll , L. so-if . C SE Xi- f fx ' n sg as 5 css . an ME' ii si i -Q ' i Q- K , -g-. 1 , - K , Nw S sis lips X LLL,L I T 1LLL " ' T A ' A11 ' A" ' C C ,cl . 'K .-1-:lun-Q Xa N' we -- we M ...AE, . L ei '- iss,-C ' 3, . i 2'-if ,. , 'Sli was ,. ka re f.. 1 s C is X Y X :E Qs K I 3 T i I JV ig as N XX x Q: ,, 5 5 W 39 L s W? i ' f i Y' S 'lil . mfs eeocl ,, - QL 'S X. l ., Q QS 5 A Adrian Ballesreros Eva Banuelos Gary Barnes John Baum Adam Becker Florence Bebee Ted Beecrafr Trisha Belford Frank Benavidez Karhy Berger Susan Bernhard Srephonie Berumen Roland Berancourr Carolyne Beyle Richard Blumer David Blyrhe J. D. Doe Anita Boir Phillip Boone Mike Brabec Crysral Bracken Brittany Bradford Aimee Brainard Jesse Bravo Trevor Brewer Terri Brock Alicia Brockey Kennerh Brown Spencer Brown Miguel Mora Enrique Bryan Alma Bryanr James Burnley Sonia Busros Jennifer Dyrum John Camacho Bobby Campbell Mike Canfield Audry Cardenas Kim Carroll Shari Carroll Todd Carroll Neala Carson Reed Carson John Carver Benji Casroneda Francisco Casraneda Susan Champion Freshmen X 147 148 X Freshmen Jay Chandet Bobby Chapa JoAnna Chappell Michael Chavez William Chubinslsy Cecilia Cisneros Tommy Conklin Kaylen Cons Chamie Contreras David Coals Wendi Cook Debbie Coons Marla Cooper Shannon Cooper Angel Cordero Renee Corlew Lisa Cote Jeff Craven Sean Crawley Ernie Cruz Jamie Cruz Sal Cruz Stacey Cumbie Tim Cunningham Scott Cunningham Jennifer Darcangelo Jennifer Davis LeAnne Davis Cheryl Deemer Polly Delaney Leroy De La Paz John Dellislcave Lisa De Los Santos Stanley De Los Santas Steve Dempsey Steve Demurh Laura Densfotd Jonathan Diaz Josie Diaz Laura Diaz Susie Dobbs Brenda Downing Mendi Eckert Juan Egea Lyn Ellis Monica Enriquez Sam Enriquez Sean Enriquez - is f sg -- ,se , sw- QZ " ' i' rr' ., -- Wprr 1 . ef , q ' ' r r ,f ..., ,,f , . I -ff' ,U r , I i - rm.-. 7' fi ""' - W 4 L, ,, Q ' A 4' ,5 Q 'IQ 1 ,il 7 Mine" ,, 5 K, , ' 4 - ,-J V ,r mu-',ve'w ,f , , 1 f ,, H, N.z..w,f,' zc?f'N" ' If 'f' ,,f:z,i,, ,, V , ,r ' C , ' V N H 1 A ' ' ,flag ff 4 ,, , 1 ,, ,W X , my 73, V ,, f, V, V ' f - fiiii ,, ' " ,, f J ,f ' ' 1 ,,,, .f eg, ,,,,, 4, , ,, , ""f" 1 X ' f ' , ,E r ' 'fi V 'N X V V Y ' 'V X J 'J , , , , , , 4, J 11 , , ,W ,Q b, J V ., I ',, , , 1 S f y , ff' f 1 'vu ., V ,, f" :ff "NN , , ' ,, -i , , N , , ,lv I sz" - " 'f ' ' Ei, ,,,, C , Q ,, I -'V' ' , ' H vw My :F , - ' ' , in 1 15 Q' 'W eu- fr: 1 , J L, , ' ,,,, . , , An Ju N. fi -X I , f, is ' i X .3 . ,. se , . sfi- -- -C 2 ,, ,f ,Z sv, is L iiifis- ll .41 L 9 . gl r . K kiisgff ,fe been TS. I., is Y ' S SSL ,aiu ' x s nf 1 X R X I i ' X ' 'X NY' x - ' . x N Pouferre Ensign Melon: Espnl Rene Espunozo Lupe Espuuvel Dowd Esrrodo Debbne- Esrrodo Clssy Evons Bob Forms Augusnne Fovelo Eluseo Felix Dnon Flols Sylvuo FOI!-as Mxche-Ne French Chris Gohndo Pony Goinndo Jsmmy Gollegos Yoh Golvon Knsn Gerber HEAD SHOTS Borrow lofi Udo Vohxo spocoa our un closs Union Jumov Fvovvkwo Dochwm shows W5 SGH Avncrmm WMV flsgfv' Em News famous 'AAD' Cwmv Somov Jam Doll srops for o quuclvo Comm' rfgrw' Kok: Huw, scmor, ns cough! by wrprwso uw Her Chou closs Lower lor! Aquo Funk ocdowmeo porcusswomsrs I "Sch Iebe und sterbe furs Wochen ende sn 1,0 4 150 X Freshmen Anna Garcia Eva Garcia Robert Garcia Shannon Garcia Bret Gardner Larry Gardner Phil Gardner Jessica Gigliotti David Giles Jay Gilman Delilah Gonzales Jimmy Gonzales Larry Gonzalez Laura Gonzalez Nobel Gonzalez Marty Gonzalez John Graham Kelly Graham Kevin Graham Riclsy Gray Lisa Greer Kim Griffith Lina Guerrero Rene Guzman Chris Haessley Fred Hafner Vanessa Haney David Harms Patrick Harnish Drigette Harris Christine Haydon Fred Heger Bob Heiner Karen Hendrick Vonya Hensley Katie Hernandez Mary Hernandez Roy Hernandez Sal Herrera Sonya Hilbert Tanya Hilbert Debbie Hill David Hof Jenny Holtrup John Hotine Erika House Steve Howell Marla Hughes sf L rx IX X. X 'LSA -we Q -sf :X-45 -53 W . My !,.i,Eg Jfli. Y L iff' r- 5 5 F V if , f I J t ff 2 315 -- - X X ,. .:Q . X Elf i E we :X Nw X - 3, .- LX ' k.i'2'fiE'fiL7! ii N X L NK My X we is :N lui? x N ,A aa. 15' .31 X .XX K. K ji. X. s - K 5, 8 5, , .Yi .. . sees-.s Nrilliffiz 5553 513 Qyihygw I q yuti, X if 9 . AE Q 1 X X Es--J' N, , Q is av X X " xxx X wi f New i Ni X ues J 'K ! rn if . xlf S Q P is 1. i wg 'i is sl. gg iii Qgiw LS is Mi' . x 2 3 , 1 E651 Xhkv I X, if Xw Q g 3-, X1 MX - Y sf -- l i lXXX '35 . L j 1'XXf e3 ,W . -sa ' fb -5 if. . :'." NY5:N,.:s ' DL S 1 3 , 5 I X' Xsaif i f l Nam GX NE il is x X Y ss X Q, A 5 1 E it x 4 ie X -.X : f - -1 I .. LX- w f 'r s 5 'E .2 :QX-Xvr 7 L A - X ff X , 'X . , , . , W E' it X .f u X KX X N -I , . J SX.. - Q -'W ag' .ski X -f N QS L .QXX ik QQXX Q: 1,-fn :s 5 .f .KE if .Vi .TSW y ,Ui -Xi: X is X 'X xi ms.. A - -3 X 'WS 1 si T 4 W. , is s 4? S sc fi st L is Y S ., Ni Kashi 3 Q.. L X, c is so 4 is is KN Q " ' 1-:iw gi! - , -. ff 'L' iz zfigis. 9 wx - i V X we . fxs :sr-X ii i 1 X iq? x 5 . ggi, A i we i I if S i , Q 45 gs 3 X k J , x i- s .ls Lisa Humphries Ronny Hunrer Don Hutchison Melissa lepperr Heidi lhnar Lynn Jackson Trena Jackson Jennifer Jarnagin Anrhaney Jaurique John Jennings Elizabeth Johnson Kirk Johnson Regina Johnson Karson Jordan Marry Jorgensen Chrissy Kaperanakis Jusrin Kaurz Shelly Keehn Wade Kelly Thomas Kennedy Kelly Kenney Dusry Kerr Jason Kileen Dohyung Kim Kerri Kinback Paul Kirker Travis Kisner Kelly Kleinschmidr Tonya Knees Dale Koskinen Laura Lackey Crisra Lair Mark Lambrechr Asia Landis Shawn Larkins Ann Lavoie Ray Lay Terri Lemons Roland Lewis Cyndo Lopez Anroinerre Love Laura Ludlow Mindy Lueck Paul Luellig Alicia McAnaIly Kim McClure Mike McCrae Jack McDonieI , 4 "I Couldn'f Believe It" by Krisran Macls On January 29, America was briefly brought together in grief due to the tragic loss of the space shuttle Challenger, and the seven courageous astronauts that perished. As the news of the accident spread, so did the tremendous shock that accompanied it, and AF students were not unlike the rest of the country in their reactions. The most common reaction was com- plete shock. "l couldn't believe it. I thought that it had to be a teal bigjolxe," said John Robinson, senior. Aundre An- derson, sophomore added, "lt was hard to think about ir, it was so surprising." After the initial shock had ser in, many students began to feel grief. "It was hard to watch the replays over and over again and know that there couldn't possibly be any chance of survival," said senior Kevin Galloway. Junior .lan M. Schramm felt "really bad for all of those families." Although the shuttle disaster has cre- ated many new questions that need an- swering, concerning the space program in general, the students feel that the Unit- ed States should continue ro work on the program and that mate civilians should definitely be sent into space. As junior Mark Elizondo believes, "lf we discontinue the space program, especially naw when we have come so far, then we defeat the purpose, and those seven people died in valn." sith, W - i , ..,.. , o ,,."' .."H.....L.2ll..1..H3. , r V 1 3 -gqrlnnnunptv ,-Jll lg . f.i. . um... I - i- ' ' ' - T... ,. ,,,,..-...,.--su.,.. Y W V- - y .-M... 5 1286. . , A ad ...., ' fACiI'Xs.,, ll' PM F X s sg f' X I ' f' - to l ' i ,wif ' - . i X x S .- .- .rex - . ' ' sy. ' ,gf-5,-A y ' '-'..wr '41 1 - " I s t" f . s fs ssss -- -4,-Sq i N. S I st . Above- Senior Kent McMillan N shows off his charming smile. W ., Xl ,f Upper left- Seniors Kelly Smith, -' ---c -c 1 ,f' Katie Loy, Yvonne Decourt, Ju- il I T I ,f niots Erica Perkins, Kenny .Q fi, Grahm, and Toby Vriedich, " jumps in the H1980-KN" Upper ffl. X left Seniors Charlie Wolfe and Steve Baker show their senior- try , Claris McDonough Drian MCQuay - Q . ' I , Q X ' ' 5 - -.ff X r S KOIY Mod- . Q i Yvonne Madrid "--i ,. Lupe Maldonado T K 1 M Dominguez Marcelino - 'it- . . I 3 I-S ' . . ..,. .-:. - t Declsy Marquez Epie Marquez Roy Marshall Pete Martin Den Martinez David Martinez Lydia Martinez Pete Martinez Joshua Mason .Y , is fi- .gi I N ' . X s x Lori Measel Vishal Mehta Darion Mellon USA. . ss . N., . Q r'-1i'1Nl -I' .5 LFS Y ' i :S TGS. 1 ' -. -..f.JTsr . yigisjgl A .. quits, , -sg: fm .sfv-1'-t - gf-,sf ss t M5 Q.-,sw sig? in I ' In .sv sei 3 ,E . .,., , ... ... , "" EQ . i ".:jtr-. QE-'ga "1 eggs--Nei .. . .. A ' F- 55 :N Q S X X N S t its X9 X 138 X E s 114 - -.-sex: K ...N . s 3 S S , 'Q - ss 'fr - 'X ,' 22173 . M, ' Q vs V ..', - N ' se . Wltlh lx my-Y -Wy P 2 X .N lg Q as ' 3 Xi i,.s 'Y 5 i K ' f Q me ss a X it X X , X X i 3 i A ' 1 X sf-'Si ' -Q "Iwi XZ l i , 1' c ki. , A ' fr .- . ua c. ' s 3? s e s o-P' - it vf fqxk 2,21 x 4 K 571-4 his sc c.f.k:sfi ' fri .ei Q-. ,iw g, V' 'M X 1 M - it -. f i t 'I ' .sg C X X , -xix 9 ., W-. , ff? S CIQ im QS .i N i it it f S V 'F 5215. i 5, J if 'RQ i Q 'wail Cristina Mendoza Greg Mesecher Shari Messerschmidt Steve Miller Dennett Mills Mike Minyard Raquel Miranda Denise Mitchell John Mitchell Carmen Molina Corrie Molina Yesenia Montonez Norma Mora Lori Morales Manuel Morales Brian Moreno Patrick Morgan Julie Morrison Robert Mosher Martha Muniz Mike Munoz Veronica Munoz Cecilia Murrieta Laura Murrieta Jennifer Nardini Jason Nelson Katie Newcomb Kim Newell Charissa Newport Alex Nicholas Jeff Nuels Elizabeth Nutz Dan Onstad Becky Osterfield Eric Owens Danny Ozuna Frank Ozuna Mike Ozuna Kendra Palmer Randy Pape Edward Pennington Mireyo Penunuri Alicia Perez Leslie Perkins Terah Perry Shane Phillips Sandy Pina Sheldon Pino Freshmen 1 153 BEC!! - STKE'-3? 4 fi! X ' far X nf' , K K J, A, Xf- I aff? Wuxi? ' ' Vsl' Upperllfghr-Simon Le Donond Andy Taylor of Duron Duron perfor rn me '84 concerv rour. Above. Wham members George Andrew Rrdgley in concerr Upper lefr Euryrlrvric Ieod vocolisr Anne Lennox, swings her Rure on sroge Dorzom Leif Duron Durorfs boss guirorisr performs hve rn Colrlornio S5 ,A 4 Q sv- 2 A 1 X X ,X x :Q reg :XI 'lx -W Q X Wlsri X51 . S - 5 , 9 N mi, . X S , fs A e -we wo.: . .Q V - or A Ni . A SX ss-if' r ,-A 5 A ' vs X , X X A N - ' 'Q ' Q .X i X 2 Xr Li X 5' ig! D -' . if ,xl-Sigel A x X- -X 'S EE- N x x 3. ," -s L X., WA, Q X 'S rl 3' . L L . i l 4 A e. sr ' l ' . .. .m,A A Le or S in , li .KX . , s fa 'Ss L L .. L 5 XxLb A T - Q Q, .... WIAQ X S r if '- W' Q R . ff Q ,fe X Q C' X A A X . , -fe ez: Q A s fel X,,, Q,, Q S viii ' X' M. I L .Qi 5 , gr L I A f' L X ' 1 7'-'ss X' fd: 5,-.3 1 ' i9Nw..o.. Rig A S A , S x X ix x Q-L .o we N , - .. 1 .N ., 1 2- lyse 1 ,rf xi S Cx P 3 X S 'S S X is sw N 5 lx, X giver N . Q, fs a. 'fi wx F .L I if V-xlk . Q I!! is Xing l!! . Q-.Na nf E7 .EL A.... ,S Q , ..Q. ,,,. LH .ml SFT A ik K , , A K ,W 2 LL . .,i S if . fx' ig U, 'R sg . yr. n -1 gk we A A W xQ ,N v l 1' L s Q" 1 K, L JL . " :W .f1v1',n'-Q56 i., 1 -11 15. , ..,,L M5 1 - 6 5- as N. lx, l R . 1' Yi 3 if A A fr I -. is A f ' 1 if 3 J L , X L , W . Q, , -.T sir ' I Fr f r' -i , .v X Q x is YN Eleno Rodriguez Jesse Rodriguez Jose Rodriguez Roul Rodriguez Sieve Roehling Mory Rogers Sheri Rogers Anronio Rosoles Cindo Rose Robyn Rumble Corrie Rush Dovid Rurherford Sreve Sohuoqui Andy Solozor Denise Sonchez Delio Sonchez Miguel Sonchez Chrisry Son Miguel April Sorrin Morne Soucedo Rene Sousedo Boron Schmidr Kim Schmirr Jill Schofield Serh Scoir Robin Scorr Jomie Session Louro Shoffer Ann Shosserz Jeremy Shelton Horry Shepord Dovid Shillidoy Down Simmons Greg Sims Kornjir Singh Don Slogle Tom Sloon Joholo Smirh Kem Smirh Nodine Smirh Silver Smith Porricls Snow Eddie Solis Srephonie Solis K C Sorem Down Steele Dole Sreworr Allison Stone Froshrnc-nf155 1561 Freshmen Jana Srumpf Stacy Suckling James Sunderland Cheryl Sutton Ryan Sutton Nick Talamontez Tari Talebi Harley Tonner Angie Tarango John Taylor Stefani Taylor Becky Tellez Derrick Temple Michelle Templeton Ramon Tequido Dobby Terry Paul Terry Gina Therrien Shawn Thompson Deanna Tittle Charlie Tonkinson Johnny Torres Sharon Torrez Lisa Tribbetr Annette Turner James Tyra Stella Valdez Yolanda Valdez Tracy Vondewoter Latonya Valley Rodney Van Dyke Roman Vasquez Mark Veerapen Steve Veeropen Danito Villa Manuel Villa Heather Wagner Detsy Waitr Andrew Walker Tommala Walker Shelia Walton Janet Warf John Warkonski Gary Waterman Andy Watkins Michael Webster Danny Weidner Mike West il X, X .Xi . i, l - f -:rw .rf ' 14, M" im Q- 5' V' un ffl, , . 2 32 , , ll s-iw sim' : ,g3'5fi5' 2 T T 1 ,,-i rw , . ,K , 4 S Xb' W A SS X s klXs . XX .., ,ij G3 W s , i it t fi, c ii ii. Q t i 51 1 - WSSSS ' 0 t . Q . if Stix lk , . c S it i I - :nd 4 A W , 11 as fs EM M CM QV, y , , if 5 ,ff 1 V 4 f , ,f fw X , , ' f ' in ' i 1 i , K c x .ix '- . N Q I ' Q 'N :Q c U v t ' S 14 'Q Rx I 1 i X X f R 1 fx . X- X .15 S l Q N. L xbbik, sz-Q g ki J S . ' c fliisr --..: i, 5 5 ' :xv-tix ws- it if lxsxu it N W. .L 'ee . . Y . Friends by Korlo Wood lt storts out when the lsids hit lsinder- gorten. They see other lsids their oge, compete ond brog ooout eoch othet's pet frogs, ond finolly become ffriends. Then, usuolly, they will be the best of friends oll throughout their high school yeors. Yet, os they grow older their inter' ests will be different ond both will port meeting new friends. Corrie Kitchens, senior, "Friends lseep yo going." Stephen Densford, junior, "l only hove two reol good friends, they help o lot," Monico Viteri, senior, "lt's greot to hove o lot of friends, but when it comes down to it, your reol friends sroy with you through everything," Sherry Botney, ond Kelii Johnson, Juniors, soying ..HeyI,, Kola: Hunt, senior, ond Stocey Lueclglunior, friends Buddies John Smereclsy, ond Ronold llondoll, sen' tor Denis Schellenberger, junior, Toby Friedrich, Junior, ond Jon Mortinez Schron, senior, friends from Got, tingen, Germany 4:- 6 l I I x ' ,r xxx, r xr' S 2 X - ik . f , an els, . 4 . c cf- in-sv 5' e 'Q-st Xl 1 S Jenny White Kristi White Ruth White Ntltlsi Whitehead Steve Whitmon Amy Whittington Curtts Wichets Tim Wiley Shorondo Willtoms Nono Wilson Billy Wingfield Dovid Wolff Dovid Woodword Morto Wydo Michoel Yborro Allen Yocum Collin Yohe Edith Young llse Young Shown Young Shelly Young Julie Ptodericls X. Q l i 1" ei 1 ' ' - 'fu "f. AGUA FRIA UNION HIGH SCHOOL BOARD OF EDUCATION Lawrence O, Fergus, Dr Ferene Rosztoczy, Herman F Moses, Ronald Rayner, Ronald Wood Porter Celebrates 20th Year , Superintendent Porter hugs his 5-year-old grandaughter Domin- ique during a visit to his son's home in San lose, California 158 X Board Of Education by Tait Sorensen "My main goal for Agua Fria is to maintain a strong faculty and good learning environment so that AF students are competitive with students from other high schools," said Superintendent Harald Porter Over the past 20 years as Superintendent, Porter believes he has accomplished this goal with the help ot the District staff "There is no question whether he has met his goal" Oli. Fulton' and the Board of Education. Others agree, "There is no question as to whether he has met his goal," said Assistant Principal Oh. Fulton. Porter, who was born in Higden, Arkansas, graduat- ed from Morenci High School in Morenci, Arizona. After high school he attended Arizona State University where he malored in Secondary Education Also at ASU, Porter played varsity baseball for three years, After graduation he acquired his Masters in School Administration and Joined the United States Air Force shortly thereafter. White on active duty, Porter was a Special Services Officer at Keeslet Air Force Base in Mississippi After twa years of active duty and facing the prospect of can- stant travel, he joined the Reserve program l-le retired after 25 years in the Reserve program after advancing to the ranls of colonel, Upon retirement, Colonel Porter was awarded the Air Farce Commendation Medal, ln 1966, after several years of teaching, coaching and administrative experiences in Phoenix and Tucson area schools, Porter was selected out of Oo applicants to become superintendent of AF. Due to "an outstand- ing Board and staff and very understanding and supe portive wife," Mr Porter stayed with the district and is presently celebrating his 20th year as superintendent, During Mr. Parter's 20-year tenure, currently the longest in the state, he has had a great impact on AF. Some of his major accomplishments include the devel' opment of a career center, o guidance program, com- ., UN -4 puter and science labs, a welltstoclsed library, ad- vanced courses, weighted grading, and a diploma with academic endorsement, l-le believes these have all contributed ro the success of the students and the faculty at AF. Several indicators of success are higher SAT and achievement test scares than the state and national average, a "School of Excellence Award" and the fact that members of the AF faculty hold leadership !'-nf? positions an both state and national educational organi zations. Mr. Porter spends his free time with his family - his wife June, two sons, Curtis and Darryl, both of whom graduated from AF, and his dog Bandit. Otherwise he worlcs on the classic cars he collects. He has acquired several over the years and thoroughly enjoys them. Mr, Porter enjoys his job as superintendent. Said Mr. Don Enz: Principal Clslorthb rector of Special Services Harold Porter: Superintendent Duane Given: Principal CSauthD O.K. Fulton: Assistant Principal, Athletic Di Nan Raine: Personnel Director Judy Jensen: Guidance Director, Director Fulton: "He is a superintendent who has thouroughly learned about his community, actively participated in a great numbe-r'of community activities, and through this association he has worked diligently and supplied the community a quality product, and hos fulfilled the expectations of the school." Superintendent Harold Porter relaxes on a trip to the Mountains, -,,p'fu'.' A White At their summer home near Pinetop, Mr. Porter poses with his wife June. Administration f 159 Teaeher : The Thunder Roar Robert Abbot: Trades and lndustry Joe Almasy: General Shop, Wood Shop, Technical Drawing, Architec- ture, Asst. Baseball Coach, JV Football Coach Leslie Anderson: Flag Corps, Hoot N' Dandies, Close Up, Arizona History and Government, Geography, Asst. Volleyball Coach John Alle: Biology 1-2, Biology 1-2A, Biology 3-4, Science Club Sponsor, Sophomore Class Sponsor, Varsity Tennis Coach Wayne Bateman: Adv, Geometry, Algebra C3-4!Trigonometry, Pre- Calculus, Chess Club Sponsor, Baseball Coach, Boy's Golf Coach Joanne Bauer: English 5-oA, English 7-BA, College Composition, Com- position 1, Senior Class Sponsor John Beecroft: American History, Free Enterprise Basic, American Government, JV Football Coach, Asst. Track Coach Elaine Billingsley: French 1-2, French 3-6, English Language Lab, French Club Sponsor Randi Brereton: Algebra 1-2, Adv. Algebra, Pre-Algebra Earl Btoomhead: Aerospace Education, ROTC Nancy Carlson: English 5-CJR, English 7-Blk, Girl's Freshman Tennis Coach, Advance Seminar Sponsor Louise Chlllog: School Psychologist David Clark: Photo 1-2, Fundamentals of Art, Arr 8-8, Art Club Sponsor, Photo Club Sponsor, Cross Country Coach, Asst. Tracls Coach Joe Cooper: General Shop, Theory of Engines, Body and Fender Wood 1-2, Junior Class Sponsor Debby Corcoran: Reading, Math 1-2 Tam Corcoran: Free Enterprise Resource, Arizona History and Govern- menr, Freshman Football Coach Kathy Crlll: Special Education, Key Club Sponsor, Wrestlerettes Sponsor Farrel Cutler: General Business, Beginning Typing, Accounting, Future Business Leaders of America Club Sponsor Laurie Davis: English 1-2Pi, English 5-6B, German 1-2, German C3-4, German 5-6, German Club Sponsor, GirI's Swim Coach Buddy Delmler: Vocational Agriculture 1-2, Agriculture Mechanics C3-4, Production Agriculture 5-6, Vocational Agriculture 7-8, FFA Advisor 160 I Faculty sill C X . X X s Ar o 7- . ' r Riga, X' ' I 4' -.1 5 I Li . 'iii all da techers at Aga J ' a ... from all da N, 'P dents , . . we tink N 'F ' ut very specal and H owe all our high pg Q 'adimic . . :amplischmints 2 f-5 J Y iii Tanks!!! gl . t 'sf Upper Left Coach Tom Wheatley poses in the weight roam Above Right Mrs Susie Soufley shows aff ner spirit on Billy Maorc- Days Above Crystal Stevens mes to round up her class Lower Right, Bob Traut and Don Shilltday compete in the time watch race ...,A 4. Wayne DesCombes: Applied Math, Regular Geometry, Algebra G' dll, Algebra C3-4fTtigonometry Advanced, Head Baseball Coach, JV Basketball Coach, Letter Club Sponsor Andre Dayon: Audio Visual, Introduction to Computers, Photo Club Sponsor, Hiking and Archeology Club Sponsor, Publicity Cyndy Eshoo: Special Skills English, Sectence, Math, Social Studies, Health, Asst Softball Coach John Faris: Marching Band of Owls, Concert Band, Concert Chair, Las Campanas de Agua Fria, Freshmen Band, Fine Arts Department Chair' man, Freshmen Handbells, Choralaires Vlckl Garber: World Geography, Basic, Regular, and Advanced Sandal Gaschler: Modern Office Skills, Beginning Typing, Introduction to Computers Dave Goitio: Special Skills English 12, Science, Varsity Basketball Coach, Freshman Class Sponsor Mary Goodwin: Earth Science, Freshman Chemistry and Physics, Varsi- ty Pam, Varsity Cheer, JV Cheer, Freshmen Class Sponsor Trinna Grazianl: English SAB, English O AR, Sophomore Class Sponsor, National Honor Society Sponsor Bob Grey: Bay's P E , Weight Training, Key Club Sponsor, Bay's Head Track Coach Gary Hagerman: Beginning Typing, Recordkeeping, Business Ma- j chines, Business Law, General Business, Future Business Lead r's America Sponsor , Michele Hawkins: English 5eaB, English 56 , J v r Cl onsor I f ' ' f ' 1 , I It I I . an I IA I I What has been the mast funny unusu al or embarrassing experience you ve had while teaching at AF7 Karen Hepnng English when Mr Fulton found a bottle of Jack Daniels in my desk and thought I was a hard core alcoholic 1 Lestle Anderson Social Studies when at a half time show the flag cor presented the school wtrh the National Sdwoal of Excellence flag upside down Mvke Mahon Dnver s Education f the rest of the day , Joanne Bauer English CJ? I went to go write something on the board an instead fell on my can Dick Schreiber Mathematics When my Calculus class went carollng to Mrs Hawkins room a student gave me a ple t the face John Ane Science An administrator caught me doing 0 TV CompiedbyKrlsrtnoBrown Faculty X 161 I 1 I , Y 1 f , ' I , , I l H . . .. . . ,I ' I 1 Z I . . S I' ' ' 1 I l I .J I whenlbentoverandrlpped my pantsll f - had to wear my jacket around my walst for J , I 3 I ' ' 1 I . H -H ' , 4 I A 1 I N Q I ' 'l. I 6 Guide crossword puzzle during a faculty meet- ing... Sonja Hendrick: English 5-oil, Composition 1, College Composition, English 3-dll, Junior Class Sponsor Karen Heptlng: English 6-AA, English 7-BR, English 7-BA, College Com- position, Interact Club Sponsor Daniel Hernandez: American History, Arizona History and Govern- ment, Asst. Varsity Football Coach, Wrestling Coach Dick Hlmebaugh: Junior Class Sponsor, Junior Counselor Jay Horen: Algebra 1-2, Algebra 3-4, Interact Club Sponsor, Asst, Soccer Coach Bill Jackson: English 1-2B, English 1-2R, Book Club Sponsor Byron Judge: English 1-2B, Drama 1-8, Drama Club Sponsor, Interna- tional Thespian Society Sponsor Scott Kardelz Freshman Chemistry and Physics, Freshman Class Spon- sor Gall Kendall: Department Chairperson for Reading, Book Club Spon- sor Patsy Koontz: Beginning Typing, Clerical-Secretarial Office Training Karen Kotallk: Chapter 1 Reading, Advanced Seminar Coordinator Jlm Landua: General English, English 1-2B, English 2-SR, Public Speak- ing, Speech Team Sponsor John Leach: Chemistry 1-2, Chemistry B-4, Physics, Senior Class Spon- sor, National Honor Society Sponsor Jeannette Lewis: Beginning Foods, Creative Foods, Child Develop- ment, Diversified Cooperative Education Sponsor Bernard Lorenz: Aerospace Education, AFJROTC, Drill Team, Color Guard Mike Mahon: Drivers Education, Health, Key Club Sponsor, Asst. Base- ball Coach, Soccer Coach, Volleyball Coach Art Marquez: Spanish 1-2, Spanish 3-4, Spanish Club Sponsor Cam Martin: Fundamenrals of Mathematics, Algebra 1-2B, Pre Alge- bra, Freshmen Class Sponsor Bill McMillan: Freshmen Chemistry and Physics Don McPeak: Freshmen Counselor, Freshmen Class Sponsor Jo Naehrbass: Free Enterprise, American Government, Senior Class Sponsor Chris Paullno: English 1-2B, English 1-2R, English 1-2A, Asst. Volleyball Coach Joe Pfelff: English, Journalism, Publications, Desert Hawi Mckiup 162 X Faculty X-XJ ,ii Qi 1 ui it WF V', V P' Tracy Pfeiffer: Human Relations, Beginning Foods, Creative Foods, World Foods, Beginning Clothing Llnda Phllllps: SSC Resource, SSC English, SSC American History Debbie Pina: Frosh Physical Education, Intramurals CNorth Campusb, Badminton Coach Lloyd Purcell: Tune-Up, Overhaul, Transmission, Auto Club Sponsor, Senior Class Sponsor Deborah Raffln: SSC Vocabulary 6-6, SSL English 3-8, Sophomore Class Sponsor Ken Reed: Psychology, World History, American History, History Club Sponsor, Junior Class Sponsor Tom Reeder: Freshman Chemistry, Chemistry 1-2 Kathy Rusch: Shorthand, Intermediate Typing, Junior Class Sponsor Alvin Schlreman: Freshman Boys' Physical Education Debbie Schlenslg: Human Relations, Child Development, Beginning Foods, Home Furnishing Richard Schrelber: Geometry, Algebra, Calculus, Senior Class Sponsor Don Shlllldoy: Sophomore Class Sponsor, Sophomore Counselor, Boys' Tennis Coach Clyde Shulsky: Pte-Algebra, Algebra 1-2, Fundamentals of Moth, Freshman Class Sponsor Guy Smlth: Sociology, American History, American Government, ln- teract Club Sponsor Mike Smith: American Government, American History, Arizona Histo- ry and Government, World Geography, Close-up Sponsor, National Honor Society, Senior Class Sponsor Elsa Solorzano: Spanish 1-2, 8-4, 5-o, Spanish Club Sponsor Rlck Spears: Theory Of Engines, Electronics, Welding, Frosh Boys' Basketball Coach, Girls' Baslxetball Coach Crystal Stephens: Biology 1-2, Asst, Girls' Basketball Coach, Softball Coach, Sophomore Class Sponsor Bob Trout: Senior Counselor, Senior Class Sponsor, Frosh Football Coach Farrell Turney: General Shop, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1-2, Applied Math, Junior Class Sponsor Roger Warner: Arizona History and Government, World History, Atch- ery Coach, Asst. Wrestling Coach, Hilsing and Archeology Sponsor Tom Wheatley: Physical Education, Weight Training, Head Football Coach, Letter Club Sponsor Howard White: Biology, Asst. Varsity Football Coach, Sophomore Class Sponsor Karen Whitney: Library Science, Library Club Sponsor, Publicity, Senior Class Sponsor Faculty 1163 Linda Wllklns: General English, English 8-4, English 5-o, Junior Closs Sponsor Mike Williams: Reg. Algebra 1-2, Geometry, Computer Programming Cheryl Zldowz Frosh Physical Education, Weight Training, Modern Dance, Girls Track Coach, Letter Club Sponsor Dora Aragon: Attendence Clerk Kay Beectot: Nurse Lynette Brandon: Special Education Aide Phyllls Brlnger: Registrar Margret Brough: Secretary to Special Services Rose Brown: Secretary to Associate Principal Shirley Campbell: Secretory to Personnel Connie Cooley: Special Education Aide Jim Dawson: Business Manager M S I . .s Mrs Naehrbass Close-Up 1 by Steve Leuniz "She's methodical," said Doug Condie, senior, who has been a student of hers as a junior and senior. He added that she is one of the few teachers he knows who'll give an "F" for a quarter grade if just one assignment is not com- pleted. Pete Eichorn, senior, noted that she likes to talk about her children, including what they eat for breakfast and minor accidents in which they are involved. He said, "Shes car- ing," and added that she is probably a good mother. He also described her as "really organized" when giving lec- tures. "She seems to know her government really well too," .lay Fernow, senior, concluded. At 35 years old, she is tall, willowy, and has a slender figure. She glides across the classroom, which is decorated with symmetrically arranged posters offering witty sayings and profound quotations. As she approaches her podium, 164 she folds her hands and clears her throat. She tosses her brown, shoulder-length hair, fixing her piercing blue eyes on the class. lt's time for another lecture in the life of social studies teacher Jo Naehrbass. Paperwork is one aspect of teaching Mrs. Naehrbass would rather do without, but she loves the enviroment and student activity. "lt keeps me young," she said with a grin. "I wouldn't want to work in administration," she continued. 'll enjoy the curriculum." As far as her personal and professional goals are concerned, she confesses that, at the mo' ment, raising her four childern, ages two, four, six, and seven, is a priority. Careerfwise, Mrs. Naehrbass tries to keep her classes interesting and demanding." She would like to see students treated more like adults, given more responsibile ities "more like the real world." When Mrs. Naehrbass is not busy, her children and her two and one-half-acre mini-farm, on which she and her husband built their own home, occupy much of her time. She also enjoys sewing, traveling around Arizona, hiking, and camping, "not in a Winnebago." There is no doubt Mrs. Naehrbass has been described by many people in many ways, and each student seems to have a distinct image of her. However, second-hand impressions can be misleading. After all, who would have thought . . . "a farm?" Mrs. Naehrbass has been teaching ar AF for 14 years, since 1971, when she was hired straight from college. She graduated from AF in 1968, obtained a bachelor's degree at NAU and a master's degree from ASU, and then "was very lucky" to be hired by AF. Regarding her occupation, she describes her- self as "extremely organized" and "consistent" This characteristic, she explained, is probably why Harold Porter, superintendent, asked her to organize the Academic Decathlon at AF. "l'm excited about it," she admitted, "though we're just now learning about it." Mrs. Naehrbass teaches American government and virtually all free enterprise classes, due to her background, including a minor in business. Teaching seniors is an advantage, she be- lieves, because seniors try harder in order to graduate since the courses are required. "They are more mature . . . I don't have to be baby- sitter," she added. She clashes, though, with "students who can take but not give, or meet me halfway." Mrs. Naehrbass relaxing in her classroom. f ynggglgnllhl nynwatmi-kliw dmuuuunn .tfssffiiiummn uh' X K., g..g l 'V' fi ,,. .4- Yvonne Espll: Daoksrore Clerk Marnie Force: Secretary ro Superinrendenr Shorty Gay: Norrh Campus Arrenclance Shlrley Hammltt: Library Clerk 74 Pot Henderson: Library Clerk Joyce Hogan: Audio'Visual Aide Shirley Johnson: Telephone lleceprionisr Carlene Kennedy: Dooksrore Manager Helen Knapp: Career Cenrer Loulse McBride: Reading Cenrer Aide Chrlstlno Mendez: Sourh Campus Arrendance Lucy Mlller: Library Clerk 5 James O'Brlen: Teacher Aide Carol Roy: Choprer I Reading Aide Cynthia Regalado: Teacher Aide Carole Rohla: Guidance Clerk Anthony Sanrurro: Teacher Aide Susie Saufley: Secrerary ro Principal Sandra Scheldt: Secretary ro Guidance Office Mary Solano: Business Office Clerk Pot Stevenson: Sourh Campus Nurse Sharon Wood: Booksrore Clerk Jean Zell: North Campus Secrerary ra Principal Faculry!1b5 .gsciioui il' all me , Q 1-'xr ' ' X QQ Q 1 Cf SOUTH CAMPUS MAINTENANCE? John Moson, Wdymon Ascocls, Tony Lizordo, Lorry Kemper, Lowell Gulicls, Don Roderick, director of moinrence, Roger Afldefsofil NOR IH CAMPUS MAINENCE- Albert Lszordo, Ruben Gorcio, Lou Hodge, More Ricjos. OS ska : 1? 3 5 in R , we - . ii in 5 X S Q' XRS A Q 1 NORTH CAMPUS CAFETERIA: Rosie Fisher, lmo Love, Elsie Summers. A' X . ' 'gi 7 A I L -3 A SOUTH CAMPUS CAFE7ERIA: Top, Louise Fullingron, Tobe Lindsey, Por Koseclsi. Dorrom, Bessie Lopez, Melvo Frazier, Rosemary Kusecki, Porry Solano. My Favorite Teacher ls "I don't have a favorite teacher because they re just doing their job and I dont like bus drivers either easier to learn Udo Volke SENIOR My favorite teacher is Mrs I-law ktns because l can sit in her class and not fall asleep she is the nnost exciting teacher Ive ever had Tonla Dixon Junior fort into English Mr Reed is real easy to get along with and hes a fun teacher Sean Newcomer SENIOR Mrs Rounds From Home Economics Graduate To T V Star To Substitute "My favorite teachers are Mr. Reed and Mr. Mahon because they relate to the students and it s Kris Andrews Junior Mrs Bauer because shes the first teacher that puts a lot of ef John Pritchard Junior None particularly because some need to put themselves in our chairs and see how boring some of their classes are Wendy Moldovan Junior 3 mt, is . ' gho- X si From there Mrs Rounds went into interior decorating for a number of years She then taught home economics and then moved to Arizona where she now is a substitute teacher at AF Considering her height of 411 and M inches many students wouldn r think she could goin the respect of a teacher I ve been small all my life she said with a smile but luckily I always had a loud voice l guess all my height went to brains she added laughtngly So the next time you see her walking down the halls or substituting for one of your teachers remember there s more to this lady than meets the eye I ' if .at ' .M 1 I I I I I I ,W . . . it t . ' . , ' . . . it , . . . , . . it . . it . . ' r . , . . it . ,. , - - , ' - .1 1 'J if o 4 . . ' . ' I ' - . - - - ix - H , I ' I 4, . c s - ' - t - 4 ' . t I " Above: Mrs. Katie Rounds helps out Ken Arnold, sophomore Center- Jan Henderson and by David Glorit You may have had her in any one of your classes. You may have towered over her as you passed her walking down the hall. Perhaps you have entered your class expecting to see your teacher, and instead saw a short, slightly plump, gray-haired woman sitting at the desk and reading a book behind her large glasses. This lady, it you haven't guessed by now, is Katie Rounds, and she's been'a substitute teacher at AF for 12 years. Erin Scott, junior remarked, "I think she's really cute. When she substi- tutes, she doesn't yell at you . . . She's cool and she laughs with you." Mrs. Rounds has substituted for virtually every class at AF. However, there's more to this lady than meets the eye. Mrs. Rounds graduated from Iowa State University, majoring in home economics, a in home economics, and minoring in art, .speech and drama. After Graduating she went to work decorating store windows. Soon after, until the time she got married, she had her own cooking show on television in order to promote beef for the "Cow Dells," then the female counterpart of the "Catrlemen." Asked why she left the show, Rounds chuckled, "You don't look the some on TV when you're preg- nanr." Joyce Henderson assistant librarian. Upper left- Sophomore counselor Don Shiliday coordt ' nares the afternoon activities. -nl .S . X 1 V , kr. c Ads I ,Rz- , vi :Y k , neoroy lolee provides o good home for these dudes ond their friend the coot. Hong Ten lsoreooording is one of the biggest trends thot hos hit the community. Kids of oll oges ore slsoting oround or build- ing romps, Slsoteboording hos become o new woy for tronsportotion or just for fun, U Ng' ... 'Q-1 5,58 he Goodyear Blimp comes home to porticipote in the Billy Moore Doys Porode. . 5 f , -W A ii kk ks is X In i ,Qi -. ,E K' gf? i A T v gk! Q - wo Litchfield residents sell lemon, ode to molse the ofternoon more interesting, ond to molse o little extro money for recreotion. X W K Q X X 4 , X N X . w , v 1' ' E 9 Q mf ' ,,. 'F .- o 62' 49 5 Buffet, All You Can E t! B eakfast A zlabl Open 7 days 1109 N. 8th Street 11 A.M. to 10 P.M. On Dysart Road Lunch 11:30 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. I Avondale, 85323 Dinner 5:00 P.M. to i --J 932 5711 RAY MURTUN Construction-Remodeling-Drywall Painting 1409 N. Sth St. Avondale Ariz. S5323 932-2216 T- Dnuc LOUIS R. SCAFURI, R.Ph. Phone: 932-2650 V 12 E. Western Avenue 0 Avondale, Arizona 85323 WHITE TANK Office Products , I Copyi kw i n -J. 9888888888 , eww 3 ARTMAN S J . 4"fxff g DA NNY MCG E :ig f 2 oFFlcE suPPLv, mc. UIR - , Li? 'I .Q , WA LLY Jusrlss X8 ' 2 932 0900 Ave. 8: Earl Dfa Q A East Van Buren 353-0691 A 'D ,, M Goodyear, AZ 85338 Karen H0 DICK WEBB , voe E WESTERN Ave Congratulatmns AVQNDALE. Az. Class of '86 9310870 Avoumun B4 "WED S I l .. va..-I..-,g-y--Q.. CROWN CARDS 8: GIFTS "When you care enough to send the very best." MARYVALE MALL surrs 10594 5220 W. INDIAN SCHOOL RD. PHOENIX, ARIZONA 85031 Doms l.AMAn'rlNo 247-0711 Metropolitan Insurance Companion Richard M. Delialle Sales Representative 745 East Maryland, Suite 104, Phoenix. AZ 85014 Telephone: 16021 277-1491 7,12 Z L Rd V35 2I Q Il3IIN'l3II'1AMi IIf'D'UIIIDMiIlfN1f 'IDUMKIDANW Good Tires Inc. TIRES A.T. KARSTETTER 710 N. 105rh Buclseye AZ 55826 150 EAST MAIN PHONE 932-3511 GOODYEAR, ARIZONA 85338 932-3630 C386 3259 247 7638 I P 932 OBAO V Richmond Chevron Lirchfield Rd C: Von Buren Goodyear, AZ 85388 . f Klflfsafircfa jzarzurztiuon 32 NORTH S ST 982-2460 o 3 PE fit. Z. 4:7 A 1 1 fb- N 1 WESTERN TRAVEL-as 55T 'mux Q .Q"j,f1-Ju 1- 1 . 238 West Western Ave. 932-9370 206 E. Western Ave. Owners fins A1 Wanda Session Avong1g3j12ig5323 "From Here-To There-With Care tune up Brakes corb Engine overhaul Arr condmong . .There is no additional charge for our services Adverrisin gf173 ASQQOQSD x ' wif! ff Xxjyyficb , VQMM bww? X. 531 Ck if QQ? wJ?Q3wVbW Qxjidcx fax JQJQQJJQX Xxx Q59 QQ, pf LQVLUQWH5 W 5? Ygjjil X C HiQAqVqLD QQX .O3pCjp9 VCV -fix WX' X03 O yLANCVLufX5 wr Q! OV U ,WL XQVJQJXJJ JXP P5330 CU QbQUgUfi59S VD 0345355 Q95 fi -b , G , O QCYNQF5 vb C390 ggi?-I Q O X FN f 6, 1 ' 5 QQSRO vi 972,21 3? JF E, .Sw K? PY fx ,U eg eff gf yifxisafag HLCUW' lm X 5V5?e,Qf?3fMQ5N-Q W?LQffOwad-flu I 5 Q C ig' 2 ,Q54Q?33?:fw'Mw0 Gm Fm 33569 awe Meier 'J"'x3'4'w?23AQRgQQAf3 5 Wg if L4Q'fw1qo'TQfW"15f0.,k,M, QQ? 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Western Av y 3 5 th Av nd 1 Az. 85323 'L 1: C ci Hglind Q32 3081 QV! 4458 n- 55' ave- 246-0422 Your Friends Ar Unidynomics, Phoenix 1000 N. Litchfield Rd. Goodyear AZ. 65338 932-8 100 KJ K J Q3 , Ew 3Q3 A Yfif - QQ , ng ulatlons Q5 RU 1 SANS! QW l Of U5 KJ 5- . S ' ,f ' X 3 F9491 QSQWWLE Q 4 SQ XF Q my md UCGQNEM xi 3? Q Upkyvlx Lvgfyyfj If F355 fg iii ii Mkwgwgfp 0939 "W x v my Wgjirvfqax 'U gfvewg C5195 -Tj Q JW 5 ' Q3 3 5 V312 WAQ, Ji N I V ,fx VQY 'gaww UQQQQQ DWO5 , xf , MQW XA i f YW, 6.2 QW 5' xy w f XJ QQKMQH QQYN QD ASQQW Q N My -.4 5 P4 W W ,L j ffgQff,0.?e,f'.'s':..Sf,5f,a Tow f d gbmgg yf 5?1 Plaza Circle 5 hf ld Pk., AZ. 85340 O09 Lntc le X6 V Q mf VX W QQ N K3 I 16021932-4220 ' Best of Luck Seniors! X 5 . 1: 1. from In. c. Locnsr-loPPE I E 7 B',1L?.Z3f3.?I.?.'iI:,,5Tr' I .J . S Restaurant c I dM a s ca I C 'NSW ,E ,Q :LMas,2ii'l,bQ:,2L,ms 310 W. 8th Street Phone: 121 N.Lll nu ldR aa oooaym,Aru na asasa Avondale AZ 85323 932-0309 C B D D S BINGHAM EQUIPMENT COMPANY , Fono ueunom Soles Porrs Service 1105 N. Litchfield Rd. Suite E CONGRATS! SENIORS Goodyear, From oll of Us or Binghom Equipment I 710 N sm Ave. me-Sad Jodqobbff Tron oozfoas-1115 93 Buckeye, AZ 85326 ' e 0021247-mae, 00213530 ILU'LVI.'5IfUI.P'UI3IlI.U lbw E l.iiIllI.'5'l.VUIJJ Wi WEEUEIILU CUDYEQ IPEUEEUIZ CUIFEIIUIDLUILE Q2 135335 923213259 WELLS PHARMACY Congratulates the Glass of 86 HOURS Monday - Saturday 9 AM til 8 PM Sunday 11 AM til 6 PM Discount Prescriptions Sickroom Supplies and Rentals Hallmark Cards ALPHA BETA CENTER Jim Well 239 N Litchfield Rd. G d AZ 85338 932 3040 BEST WESTERN CROSS ROADS INN . If, A - N A-1 x 1770 N DYSART PHONE Goodyear, AZ 932-9191 85338 Avondale Service Center A ,-gzffviggg' 4- nga, qggfq, vga' . . 1 - f - ' 5 g +9 Q . A 'qy,f, , - 5 ' - -gm ffl-fi,.f.llj T22 E. Western Ave. Avondale AZ 85323 Phone: 932-1190 x l SENSEMAN-MCKISSON-ROSS Insurance Inc. 1412 North Central Avenue ' Suite A Avondale, Arizona ' 85323 Call 932-4650 For All Your Insurance Needs! Life ' Auto 0 Business ' Homes 0 Mobil Homes Boats 0 Motorcycles 0 Farm 0 Health ' Bonds Motor Homes ' SR22'S RON ROSS JERRY MCCARRELL BRITI' RODGERS OWNER AGENT AGENT AGENT ga , AMERICAN RELIABLE .,,. , INSURANCE COMPANY THE HARTFORD - , - ry - Ne, ,:- I. -, .W-M' A ' The BAS! in Nlubile Home lusruwux mu "H You R ndependent ms W lnsulanre XAGEN1' UFE UAL SERVES YOU FIRST 223.159 f A A wc dry 7 ' A -Q5 A . .,' E ' Continental Federal Home Lite ' " F " mfagfv S jeg , Metropolitan ur ' mer K- ,ff Insurance x '- 326E Western Avenue A d Ie,Aruzona85323 I X i B Maryland gamma, Kapiez Phoenix, Arizona 85014 Margaret Wcgcneth Call At: 277-1491 I I ' Century 21 Western Congratulatlons 114 n. Litchfield RD. Class U , Of 1986! " LlfChfleld Pk., From The Staff of 1 we ma.-mf ,ffwz Alan l5'. ffwmm, 29.27.52 - -T'H31-116 01 the 5 ,CZIZD Footer" I 1 I .. .1 Qibh T a y N Ai , L1 L . ,.,, ,b 1 e 1 e I B843 West Glendale Ave. Robin Harwood, Angelo Holl - I corner gf Litchfield Rd 1105 Litchfield aa. PHONE and Glendale Ave sune A. Goodyear AZ asaaa 932.1300 935-567I -n -I -1 -III -I l I 1 -1--li--it-1-rl . SEBRING 6901, Q Q- vs . . O Talnter Construction c-en pw , Inc. I U I 501 W, van Buren Hoir Designers INT. Avondale, Arizona 85323 501 W VanBUren ' I suite 5 I Bus' 932-MIG Avondale, AZ 85323 WD' TAINTER Home 935-3624 f602J 932-4570 GARCIPCS MARKET Famous For Gur Meats gf e ssi A e Fpwmf . xl-wjf I v 'U i , ' 323 E.?v'iai ,oafxfwssve ,alle ' Avondal Q Us Aja ,wb f an W 'EF-'f' C Q-N M K! W .'Cl-'LJ pdddyy 'vu ' I H L wifi! Congratulations To Tliagglass of 1986! e4l667e4'5' 15,475 SHG? Sem 46 l6'ee xl I , 3eed a mah a fish, SK: Am! you feed him j 3 5... fvf ff me 309 e. mm .5 Ceaeh Him how to A wndalg' 'AZ' fish, and yah feed 85323 him fer iz lifetime. E7resh Hail dl Caekie fluhtihg ami .7ishihg fiseehses COMMUNITY BANK RIZONA PROQ Q! XPASERBX NG QUR AN ff 'Wk' Q50 w ,,, A iffglifiiiiff M NIM we A I lg? XD D151 ' 99 A QE? Www , 4 , A tc Q4 J . f53f'O , L OF X I f,NEf""f "' A F.In3.I.C. , ,A 800 , ,,, , ,, 1. X , ,,, ,, ' ' ' I N fic X , ,,,, f +3 55 , " Nga sm QRIENTAL J' mm " ' MENU on BUFFET ' ' 401 W. VAN BUREN - LA JOLLA PLAZA AVONDALE, AZ TAKE-OUT OPEN 7 DAYS - 11 AM - 9 PM SAT 81 SUN 12 NOON 9 PM PRICES INCLUDE TAX 3 QUART srza C ombmation - Smaller portion served with 'Fried Rice or Mushroom Chow Mein" cf: Eggroll You may choose 'Buffet Fried Rice or Chow Mein" I With Fried Shrimp di BBQ Rib or BBQ Pork slice, I .25 extra! Z DRUG NC A I fa 9 if af. 'lb' I I A Q V F4 g 4- ,,- I 'lim' J I F ' I 55 I N1 ,f I -I , 'Ir af ' ll T?-ix fniii PAID PIESCRIPTIOI IIE! 'B' MEDIMET 1 Q... "AL" HOLMAN 30 Yrs Exp W S Il O I Th G PRESCRIPTION SERVICE-INSURANCE CLAIMS SICKROOM NEEDS-SALES 84 RENTAL-SOUVENIRS PHOTO SERVICE-GIFTS-COSMETICS-LEGAL KITS KEYS MADE-PET SUPPLIES-SEWING NEEDS SODA FOUNTAIN-RESTAURANT "SERVING THIS .AREA 18 YEARS" Q I -, or Q 0325522226 I EMERGENCY AFT Has 93535901 188 N Litchfield RD, Litchfield PK " e e n y ose eneric I Q Drugs We Would Use 'For Our Family" In Tierra Verde Shopping Center just east of Litchfield Rd Bypass, 1 blk N of Indian Schl RD DISCOUNT PARTS SUPERMART STORE 432784 RUSTY SHERMAN Ph: 932-4366 Sfvfe Manager Open 8 a.m. - 9p.m. M-SA TSUNDA Y9 a.m. - " p.m. 136 N L tchlield - Goodyear, AZ 85338 C6023 252-1212 VVE'RE MORE THAN'JUST LOW PRICE C6021 932-1605 WE'RE HERE TO HELP C6021 969-7383 - ji JOSEPH P. WOLF ' - I Q :fe Mobile Homes r ' , XG. A Q fl 31,8339 PRESIDENT isure ' ' 6-O9 N. BTH STREET CDYSAFIT RDJ ' AVONDALE. AZ 85323 9 :W Q M5582 A-iff,-E Ph one: 602f932-1818 Phoenix Line: 6'02f26'.9-1818 ,S K 104 NORTH DYSART ROAD I f A VONDALE, ARIZONA 85323 tiny' -Q V W I ' I 1 'am' ..' 'T' Q..-5.1.1 ' I ,Af E. ?'Uf"fE11Ni""' EAI I M52 fum 1- 5 Tig 5 f-"S, W N A WI- all 3- I I ' I Instate Nationwide 800-821 -2524 800-821-7191 24 Hn. qsozy 932-0751 TERRY HARTWICK Res. I602I 935-3265 P.O. BOX 750 LITCHFIELD PARK ARIZONA 85340 HARTW1 K Ad gf185 . INC. P.O. BOX 750 ' LITCHFIELD PARK. ARIZONA 85340 - - .. ... ... ... .. M .... .. .........., Congratulations ,DUN 0, EDDIE MoRToN A We Lgve YQU! Western Dry Cleaners SOO W. Western Ave M Avondale, Arizona 85828 Phone: 982-8680 Hanrwrurc Liz Lessord and Stacey Lueck, ad managers - n I-X AVONDALE-GOODYEAR LITCHFIELD PARK CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 9322260 - A 501 W. VAN BUREN AVGNDALE I Hgh h ChnHld fr L Do glo Dlw. S Cly Mc Dona I d's 1720 N. Dysort Rd. Goodyear 932-2707 VI I nl: In L- W O 1 188 XA, 41 ,-3. XJ, .1 f ,FYR . A 1 ll l 5 l K - 4 Carrie Burremlller and Sean Newcomer are rhe rwo seniors of '86 - nicesr hair of all, Barring rhose "nlcesr eyes," are John Rayner and Srephanle Dayles -4: . K , L. rf .r 4 Y X 'Y Spirit "Go Dug Redll" con be heard comnng from rhe rnoorhs of Joy Frenow and Debble Temple, nor ro menrlon see-lng rhem pornclpore ln rho varloos speaal evenrs When you have rolenr, Il shows and Timm Rogers and Jill oloney are no exceprlon ro rhls role. Send I0 rhe clowns may be o good song far rhe class clowns Debble Temple and Kenny Graham "We ger o luck our of legs and ir shows" ls a good rheme phrose for rhese rwo leggy people Lissa Wolllck and Kevln Galloway When ll comes ro gerrnng looks from others rhese rwo sure ger rheir share Turning heads are Kelly Chandler ond Roberr Morales. "-'....i-an to 3 . t lv ,I served Thes Celesttno lltvero hove been quiet ond re' e quolttues ore whot gove them the honor ol H ".x 2, l succeed ore Dxrnpy Chowlo ond Totr wi V t VV 1 'X . 5 S or l If you ever needed to depend on someone, Coro Moyers ond Peter U Sorenson These two Etchorn ore definately - x S, Most populor people ore seen ond heord ond everyone I-snows who they ore. Kerry McDaniel ond Lisso Wolllcl-4 ore not going to defy thot piece of knowledge. reolly lxnow how to excel tn whor they try tn occornphsh Most hlsely to the ones to turn to Youll never be let down by them Floshlng those wlnning grins of thetrs, Nicole Ayerzo ond Rodney Green honn tt up for the cornero lf you need o flirt, just coll on Kirsten Johnson Evon Boyd and Ltso Humphreys ore our "best dressed " Do you Rotnonctng thenr woy or Morc Toulg either thlnls they through hugh school ts There is olwoys one person in sports thot stonds out, ond Kerry McDonnel ond Jody Plerce molse thetr presence known on the field or court 1-.4-..a..,.9f F vga.,-K ' . one of them would glodly help you out ln this department, ' -' 7 3' T' t,,t y. - t l I l ls X I 'T ' 4.- t l r N y Q ' 'xg n 15, fi I gg' 1' ' v ki t- k 'Q 'Q 2 be Lggf. K V, V' fl ,W,. L A .JB-Q rnolch9 your closs couple, Kenth Gerrnono ond Anne Hutchtnson Hwherever we go, whotever we do, whotever tt ns nts together " Best Frtends ore Mtchc-Ile Delong ond Tonyo Ltso True Best Duddtes ore Rodney Green ond Kerry McDaniel Superlottvesfldf? AAAAAA Oh no, donr do rhorlll 0 i 0 "Se Nun .l Abbott. Bob 160 Abella, Sheffield 66, 99, 128 Abraham, Timothy 66, 72, 73, 128 Abraham, Thomas 66, 93. 128 Acuna, Mike 136 Adams, David Scott 72, 73. 128 Adame. Jesse 99, 146 Adikes, Daniel 128 Adney, Colleen 30. 136 Adrian, Jessie 146 Aguayo, Jesus 86, 99, 146 Aguayo, Martha 128 Aguilar, Lisa leo Ahart, Eric 83, 114 Ahart. Shaugne 36, 54, 80, 146 Albelda, Craig 93, 125 Albelda, Burke 31, 93, 128 Albelda. Marah 146 Albelda. Tania 69. 75. 84. 146 Albin, Christopher 136 Alcaide. Mercedes 136 Alexander, Richard 114 Allman, Adela 69, 136 Alkire, Sharon 21. 66, 69, 87, 93, 128 Allen, ErroI106. 114 Allison, Barbra 82, 88. 146 Almasy. Joe 160 Altamirano, Sandra 146 Alvarez, Alfonso 36. 54, 146 Alverez. Lori 136 Amator, Andrea 44, 45. 88, 91. 128, 200 Anaya, Gloria 83. 114 Anaya. Maria 128 Anderson, Aundre 10, 37, 81, 96, 136. 152 Anderson, Bradley 65, 73 Anderson, Darren 72, 73, 136 Anderson, Leslie 72, 73, 74. 160, 161 Anderson, Richard 136 Anderson, Robert 136 Anderson, Roger 166 Anderson, Shawn 136 Anderson. Tyrone 37, 136 Andrews, Kristin 45, 64, 102, 128 Anzar. Ray 114 Anzar, Virginia 128 Aragon, Dora 164 Arellano. Paula 73, 96, 128 Arivizu, Isabel 84 Arle, John 160. 161 Armenta, Andrea 146 Arnold, Kathy 69, 75. 80, 89, 93, 136 Arnold, Kenneth 136 Arnold, Shannon 16, 11, 128 Arrendondo, Carlos 128 Arriola. Fernando 55, 128 Arthur. Deborah 128 Aruizu, Isabel 128 Ascock, Wayman 166 Astorga, Dina 65. 84. 136 Astorga, Edna 72, 73, 136 Avena, Jesse 26, 55, 136 Avila, Gustano Jr, 146 Avila, Sonia 128 Avitia, Rene 129 Avita, Reyna 114 Avitia, Roberto 146 Avorne, Vic 32 Ayerza, Nicole 3, 13. 25, 28. 29, 64, 69, 73. 78, 92, 107, 114. 189 Ayerza. Mike 28. 59, 87, 137 Ayres, Jonathan 137 Ayres, Rebecca 146 BBBBBB Babb, David 58, 137 Baca, Pricilla 146 Bachman, Shaunn 88, 137 l Index Badlock, Lisa 72, 73 Baggett, Kimberly 146 Baird, Veronica 86, 146 Baker, Stacey 24, 28, 29, 69, 114, 200 Baker. Stephen, 20, 69, 112, 114, 121, 152 Bolderaz, Barney 98, 99, 137 Balderaz. Tony 99, 146 Bales, Joann 146 Ballegos. Jim 36 Ballesteras, Adrian 37, 147 Ballesteros. Hector 129 Banaszak, Annie 21, 99, 114 Banaszak, Nick 137 Banks, Scott 94, 114 Banuelos, Evangellina 147 Banuelos, Manuela 137 Barba, Andrew 99, 101, 137 Barber, Kerri 69, 84, 93, 137 Barber, Kirsten 69, 75, 84, 93, 137 Barker, Todd 2, 3, 21, 69, 85, 87, 114 Barnes, Gary 40, 54, 147 Barney, Dana 77. 137 Barney, Sherry 11, 17, 52, 92. 129. 140, 157 196 Barr, Sam 89 Barron, Jesus 84. 95. 137 Barry, Corrina 129 Barry, Joanna 137 Barfell, Rene 129 Barton. Donald 114 Barton, Gene 32, 58, 88, 129 Bateman. Wayne 50, 160 Bauer, Joanne 160, 161 Baum, John 147 Baum, Sandra 129 Bayles. Jeftery 137 Bayles, Stephanie 83, 188 Bebee, Florence 29, 147 Bebee, Mark 137 Beck. Tige 25, 36, 126, 137 Becker. Adam 147 Becker, Michelle 129 Becker, Wendell 129 Bedard, Frank 88, 129 Beech, Billy 137 Beecraft, John 36, 160 Beecroft. J, Ted 40, 41, 87, 147 Beecroft, Kay 164 Belford, Billy 32, 65, 114 Belford, Danny 37. 137 Belfora, Patricia 147 Bell. Denise 70, 72, 73, 74. 114 Bell, James 21, 69, 125, 149 Bell, Michael 73, 100, 137 Beltran, Blanca 137 Benavldez, Frank 88, 147 Benson, Kimberly 114 Benson, William 137 Bentancourt, Roland 147 Bently, Ray 99, 100 Benton, Patrick 129, 137 Berger, Kathleen 41. 147 Berman. Katherine 137 Bernhard, Susan 99, 147 Bernhard, Tracy 99, 129 Berumen, Stephanie 84, 147 Betancourt. Roland 147 Betzhoid, David 18, 24, 50, 66, 69. 114. 189. 200 Betzhold. Steve 50, 64, 69, 95, 129 Beyle, Carolyne 71. 80, 147 Beyle, Tina 6, 71. 80, 81, 129, 198, 199 Bigman. Alyce 83. 114 Billingsly, Annette 69. 75, 84, 86, 137 Billingsly, Elaine 86. 160 Bishop, Kim 114 Blumer, Richard 90, 147 Blythe, David 99, 147 Blythe, Laura 137 Bocchini, Frank 20. 129. 135, 149 Boe, Jason 18, 28, 29, 127, 137, 197 Boe. JD, 29, 54, 147 Bogan, Richard 129 Boling, Tracy 82 Bolt, Anita 88, 99, 147 Bait, Bobbie Jo 99. 100, 137 Bolding, Tracy 125 Bolthrop, Jenny 69 Boone, John M. 96, 137 Boone, Phillip 36. 147 Baath, Kimberly 77, 137 Boothman. Patricia 66. 112, 114, 198, 199. 200 Borgman, Devon 129 Borum, Misty 86. 129 Bostic, Derrick 55, 84, 137 Boutwell, Phillip 88, 137 Boyd, Dana 137 ' Boyd, Evan 1, 2, 3, 108, 114, 189. 196 Brabec. Michel 147 Bracken. Crystal 99, 100, 147 Bradford, Britany 147 Bradford, Clint 115, 32 Bradley, Thomas 33. 99, 115 Brainard, Aimee 44. 67, 69, 80, 84, 147 Bravo, Angela 137 Bravo, Gloria 83. 125 Bravo, Jesus 146, 147 Brandon, Lynette 164 Brenncke, Michelle 19. 70. 86, 129 Brereton, Randi 160 Brewer, Darby 37, 99, 137 Brewer, Trevor 99, 147 Bringer, Phyllis 164 Brinkerhoff. Diana 29, 137 Brittain, Shawn 31, 58, 129 Brock, Theresa 147 Brockey. Alicia 45, 67, 69, 84. 147 Rockey, Rachel 3, 18, 25, 65, 67, 69, 70. 93. 106. 114, 198. 199 Brooks, Angelo 95, 115 Brooks, Martha 137 Broomhead, Earl 98, 99, 100 Brough, Margaret 164 .160 Brown, Angela 99, 100. 137 Brown, Kenneth 37. 54. 147 Brown, Kristina 38. 39, 66, 68, 69. 70. 75, 87. 103. 115 Brown, Pascal 66, 86, 99, 100, 129 Brown. Rose 164 Brown, Spencer 89. 147 Brumle, Jim 37 Bryan, Enrique 147 Bryant, Alma 75, 147 Buftintan, Jason 137 Bulfer, Jody 140 Burger, Thomas 60, 129 Burkett, Matthew 137 Burnley. James 147 Burum. J9l'Tl'Tif9T 99 Burrell, John 37, 137 Bushong, Tom 197 Bussa, James 137 Bustos. Bustos. Sonia 84, 147 Terri 129 BUTIST, KOl'6l'1 115 Butler, Stephen 31. 129 Butler, Susan 69. 115 Buttemiller, John 1, 11. 28, 29, 69, 84, 137 Buttemiller, Caroline 66. 69, 92. 93. 115, 188 196 Byassee. Joseph 137 Byrum, Jennifer 147 EEEEEE Fulbright. James 130 Byrum, Thomas 99. 108, 137 CCCCCC Cabral. Tony 72, 73, 84. 129 Cochin. Imelda 65, 72. 73, 91, 129 Cachln, Poll 65. 115 Callands. Gerald 55. 96. 137 Camacho, John 147 Camacho. Scott 64. 129 Cameron. James 88 Campbell, Bobby 54. 147 Campbell. Clinton 94. 115 Campbell, Shirley 164 Canfield. Mike 147 Cardenos. Adriana 147 Cardenos. Lucy 64, 77. 129 Carlson, Nancy 41. 90. 160 Carr. Vicki 137 Carroll. Kimberly 88, 147 Carroll. SKarl 147 Carroll, Tanya 92. 129 Carroll, Todd 147 Carson. Neald 147 Carson. Reed 88. 89, 147 Carter. Curt 129 Carter, Susan 137 Carver. John 147 Castaneda. Ben 36. 54. 147 Casteneda, Esteban Castaneda, Francisco 147 Casteneda. Raul 60. 115 Castenada. Steve 37. 60. 137 Castelaw. Cathryn 115 Castillo. Armando Jr. 138 Castillo. Patrlcla 83, 125 Castro. Mike 138 Celestlno, Alberto 138 Chalkeenee. Kongpaeng 129 Champion, Susan 147 Chander. Jay 86, 148 Chandler. Kelly 17, 38. 39. 73. 78. 104. 115. 188 Chapa, Robert 148 Chappell, Joanna 148 Chatfleld, Christi 14, 22. 23. 69, 75, BO, 92. 93. 107. 115 Chaltleld, Tlrl 23. 66. 72, 73, 75. 80, 129 Chavarln, Juana 138 Chavez, Michael 99. 100. 148 Chavarln, Margarita 138 Chavez. Davld 89. 129 Chawla. Dlmpy 14, 66, 69. 70. BO. 86. 93, 115. 189 Chenard. Janina 138 Chllcoal, Robert 116 Chlllog, Loulse 160 Chlsalm. Geno 32. 34. 65. 116 Chong, Llsa Marie 116 Chublnky, William 148 Chumblnsky, Kathleen 116 Church. Alan 58. 59. 93, 116 Cisco. Robert 129 Cisco. Shannon 83, 116 Cisneros. Cecilia 148 Cisneros. Marla 125 Clark. Davld 30. 31. 92, 160 Clark. Jason 129, 200 Clarke. Tim 40. 56. 87. 117, 138. 157. 12. 73. 39 Clay. DOnna 138 Clayton, Sarah 69, 73, 74, 93, 116 Clem. Front 99. 138 Cluff. Elizabeth 77. 138 Cluff. Thomas 32. 50, 129 Cody. Llsa 84 Coe. Don 99, 138 Coffman, Christine 69. 77, 93. 138 Cohene, Benlamen 63. 70. 103, 116 Cole. Linda 83. 116 Colvin. Jimmy 94 Colvin, Tlna 138 Condy. Douglas 85. 125 Condy, Suzanne 66, 70, 85, 91. 125 Conklin. Eric 37. 138 Conklin. Thomas 148 Conner. Barry 88 Conrad. Cinnamon 66. 69. 84. 129 Cons. Kalen 69, 76. 84. 148 Contreras, Samantha 148 Cook, Davld 90. 99. 148 Cook. Sherlynn 67. 69. 71. 81. 84, 129 Cook. Wendy 148 Cooley. Connie 164 Coons, Deborah 69. 76. 80, 148 Cooper. Deborah 71. 138 Cooper, Marla 29, 148 Cooper. Joe 160 Cooper. Shannon 148 Copeland, Joen 138 Copeland, Tammy 116 Corcoran. Debby 90 Corcoran. Tom 160 Cordero. Angel 148 Cordova. Martin 32 Cortrnan. Sarah 138 Corlew. Renee 148 Cote. Llsa 45, 80, 69. 148 Cote. Scott 42. 73, 129 Cox. Lee 116 Craven Jettery 148 Crawford, Angela 116 Crawley. Kevin 2, 59, 69, 87, 116 Crawley, Sean 36, 59. 69. 87. 90. 148 Cruff. Bobbi 138 Cruley. Barbara 72, 73. 138 Cruz. Cruz. Cruz. Cruz. Cruz. Cruz. Cruz. Cruz. Daniel 138 Dina 129. 138 Elva 46, 65. 67, 104. 116 Ernesto 148 Jaime 148 Jose 129 Manuel 32. 34. 56. 116 Sal 36. 148 Cruze, Deanna 138 Culbreth, Sonny 42. 43 Cumbie. Stacy 146 Cunningham. Eddie 138 Cunningham. Cunningham, Scott 148 Cunningham, Tim 88. 148 Cuskaden, R. Brian 138 Cutler, Farrel 82. 160 Cutsinger, Nataly 89, 129 Cutslnger. Stephany 129 DDDDDD Daggert, Todd 84. 138 Dagget. Alan 129 Kristen 84, 93. 129 in Gotcha!!! Dagget. Sabena 129 Dale. Crystal 56, 66, 69. 130 Darbyshire. Jon 116 Darcangela, Jennifer 148 Darcangelo, Lisa 116 Darden. Julie 73. 74. 80, 116. 200 5 Davis. Daphne 92, 138 Davis. Jennifer 148 Davis, Joseph 138 Davis, Laurie 45. 87. 160 Davis. Leann 148 Davis. Terrance 138 Dawson. Jim 164 Day, Randall 36 Dearhamer, B. Lee 94, 116 Decort. Vvonne 3, 69. 73. 78. 93, 138. 152 Deemer. Cheryl 148 Dees. Dole 138 Dellaan, Jeromy 138 Delmler. Buddy 88. 160 Dealney. Polly 45. 69. 84, 148 DeLaRosa. Frank 73, 125 DeLaPaZ. Leroy 99, 148 Deleon. Angel 138 Delliskave. John 148 DeLong. Michelle 116, 189 DeLong, Sandra 138 DeLosSantos. Alicia 99. 148 DeLosSantos. Stanley 148 Dempsey, Craig 90. 99 Dempsey. Karen 130 Dempsey. Steven 87, 148 Demuth. Steve 88, 148 Dennlnger. Michael 99. 130 Dennis. Jesse John 138 Densford, Laura 41, 57. 69, 80. 148 Densford, Scott 116, 121. 125 Densford, Stephen 130. 140, 157, 198, 199 Densford, Vicki 38, 39. 56 DesCombs, Wayne 26. 55 Desmond. Mike 116 Dew, Danny 55. 138 Dewey. Deborah 138 Dewey, John 94, 130 Dewey. Kim 138 Diaz, Jonathan 148 Diaz, Josie 148 Diaz, Laura 148 Diaz, Lorenzo 130 Dlaz, Marla 148 Dixon. James 37, 58. 138 Dixon, Tania 130 Dobbs, Sheila fSuslej 82, 84. 148 Daminquez. Margelln 148 Donahue. Brad 32. 34. 58. 130 Dooley. Andrew 59. 138 Doubleday. Gina 75, 85. 93, 116 Downing, Brenda 148 Doyon. Andre 161 Doyuna, Kim 28 Drasher, Helen 130 Dringman, Craig 69. 80. 87, 99, 200. 130 Duncan, Deanna 69. 77, 138 Duncan, Candy 55. 138 Duncan. Veronica 116 Duniec. Denise 99. 100, 138 Durst, Willie 130 Duyong, Kim 29 Early. Cynthia 69. 76, 138 Eckert. Melinda 80, 148 Eckert, Yolonda 69, 130 Eckert, Vvonne 129 Edes. Adam 22. 23, 81. 96. 125 Edgley. Scot 116 Edwards. Leann 84. 130 Edwards. Tlna 72, 73, 130 Egea. Juan 99. 148 Eichorn, Pete 58. 59. 116, 189 Elsenhuth. Ray 130 Elbert. Dawn 73. 74. 75. 98. 99, 100. 117 Ellis. Erik 2. 58. 66. 69. 117 Ellis, Lori Ann 138 Ellis. Lynn 148 Ellzondo. Marcos 32, 130, 152 Elms. Eva 130 Emmett. Jodi 117 Emmette. Melissa 18. 126, 130. 140 Enriquez. Denise 13 Enriquez. Enriquez. Enriquez. Enriquez. Martin 94, 125 Monica 84, 148 Sam 84, 148 Sean 13. 28. 148 Ensign. Paulette 82, 149 Enz. Don 159 Epplin, David 31, 66, 72, 73, 117 Escobar. Jewell 117 Eshoo. Cindy 57 Espil, Melanie 29. 67. 69. 75. 76, 84, 149 Espil. Yvonne 165 Espinoza. Monica 138 Espinoza. Reggie 72, 73, 130 Espinoza. Rene 86. 149 Esquivel, Lupe 149 Estarga, Dina 13. 56 Estrada. David 60, 149 Estrada. Debbie 149 Estrada. Elias 138 Estrada. Enrique 125 Estrada. Janie 117 Evans. Cissy 149 Evans, Muriel 99 Evens. Daniel 138 Everett. JOYTTSS 99 Eversoll. Valerie 72. 73. 138 Farris. Bill FFFFFF Farris. Jett 89, 94. 130 Farris. John 73. 73, 75. 161 Farris. Robert qBobj 149 Faughn. Darin 130 Faughn. Karin 139 Faulkner, Holly 139 Favela. Augustine 36. Felix. Cynthia 62, 130 Felix, Eliseo 149 Fellows. Davld 130 Fellows, Roberta 64. 69 93 95 113 117 Fergus, Lawrence 158 Fernow. Jay 19. 58. 65, 66. 67, 69, 70. 79. 93 97.112,117, 188 Finney. Kelli 69. 88, 93 95 117 Flschrup. Debbie 139 Fisher. Rosie 166 Fitch, Scott 66. 69. 72 Flam. Michael 139 Fletcher, Jerry 94, 130 Folk. Brian 99, 149 Folks. Clevland 125 Folks. Lashella 83, 117 Folks. Nicole 130 Folks. Sylvia 149 Folks. Terell 117 Force. Marnie 165 Ford. Ramona 139 Ford. Sherry 139 Forsythe. Sean 37. 60. 139 Frank, Vicki 91, 130 Franklin, Olivia 130 Freemyer, Wilma 71, 98. 99, 130 French, David 70, 84. 95. 130 French. Michelle 86. 149 French, Shaun 130 Friedrich, Toby 87. 130. 145. 152. 157 Fryman, Melissa 22. 67, 72, 73, 74, 80. 93, 95. 1 17 Fullington. Loulse 166 Fulton, O.K, 26, 159 Frazier. Melva 166 Funke, Stephanie 19. 66. 67, 69, 87, 130 GGGGGG Gage, Linda 56, 67. 75. 139 Gaither. Casey 75. 139 Gale. Nick 32. 33. 80. 117 Galindo, Chris 149 Galindo, Marina 83, 125 Galindo, Nancy 130 Gallnda, Patty 149 Galindo. Rebecca 117 Gallegos, Jimmy 54. 149 Gallegos, Raymond 130 Galloway. Kevin 32. 65. 79. 97, 100. 117. 152. 188 Galvan, Junior 130 , 191 , tr. erif. M?" f'V X . fn. . 4? ' .Rf V. ' 6 at . f if I 1 f 5 if al 15 I a,!3i, Fi Mgt? 149 1 . 73, 117 WW ia Galvin, Vole 149 Garber, Kristi 57, 84, 99, 149 Garber, Vicki 161 Garcia, Anna 89, 150 Garcia. Christopher 139 Garcia, Eva 150 Garcia, Manuel 130 Garcia, Rachel 77, 130 Garcia, Richard 25, 37, 139 Garcia, Robert 59, 150 Garcia, Ruben 166 Garcia, Robert 166 Garcia. Shannon 150 Garcia, Sonia 96 Garcia, Sylvia 75, 82, 86, 130, 139 Gardner, Bret 150 Gardner, Elke 118 Gardner, Larry 36, 54, 99, 150 Gardner, Phillip 99. 150 Garner, Christine 139 Garrels, Shannon 69, 73. 78, 130 Garrett, Paul 139 Garza, Angela 130 Gashler, Sandal 82 Gathercole, Terry 32, 65, 94, 111. 118 Gay. Shorty 165 Gayle, Nick 89 Gazda. Scott 139 Geist, Kellie 125 Gendron, Corinne 130 Germana. Keith 34, 65, 92. 118, 189 Germana. Kelly 118 Germana. Kris 37, 139 Gibbs, Odessa 130 Glgllottl, Jessica 89, 150 Giles, David 99, 150 Gllman, Anthony 150 Gilmore, SHeila 139 Given, Duane 159 Gladhart, Diane 69, 75, 87, 93. 139 Glorit, David 66, 70, 72. 73, 118 Godsill, Leonard 130 Goltia, Dave 50 Gonzales. Albertlna 65, 118 Gonzales, Albert 50. 99. 130 Gonzales, Berta 46 Gonzales, Dalilah 150 Gonzales, Eric 139 Gonzales, Emrlc 58, 59, 130 Gonzales. Leticia 84, 131 Gonzales, Margret 118 Gonzales, Oswaldo 125 Gonzales, Sophia 139 Gonzales, Tony 139 Gonzales, Vince 139 , Gonzales, Yolanda 19, 73, 78, 131, 140 Gonzalez, Laura 150 Gonzalez, Lawrence 150 Gonzalez, Mabel 150 Gonzalez, Martin 36, 73. 84, 150 Gonzalez, Santiago Ulmmyj 158 Goodson, Helen 131 - Gomez, Danny 139 Goodrich, Julie 139 Goodwin. Mary 73, 161 Gotcher, Laura 118 Graham. John 54, 150 Graham. Kelly 150 Graham, Kenneth 67, 69. 93. 95, 118, 152. 188 Graham, Kevin 99, 150 Grainger, Beth 131 Grant, Claude Grant, Mark 118 Gray. Ricky 99, 150 Grazlanl, Trina 161 Green. Brooke 45, 139 Greer, Lisa 75, 150 Green, Rodney 32. 34. 50. 65, 111. 118, 189, 197 Grenger, Mike 88, 139 Grey. Bob 161 Griffith. Kim 150 -s3asm-,- 1. - A X 1 Grumbling, Ruth 38. 64, 66, 69, 70, 75, 87, 102, 131, 154 Guckenheimer, Christine Guerrero, Adelina 82, 150 Gulick, Lowell 166 Guess, Chris 59, 64, 139 Gutierrez, Andy 28, 50, 131 Gutierrez, Martina 131 Guzman, Rene 88. 150 HHHHHH Haessley, Chris 87, 99, 150 Hafner, Fred 87 Hagerman, Gary 161 Hall, Angelia 72, 73, 83, 118 Hail, Patrick 37, 55, 139 Hallam, Bell 25. 125 Hallam, Sherry 139 Hamilton, David 125 Hamilton, Sherry 131 Hammltt, Shirley 165 Hammond, Greggory 32. 75, 131 Haney, Vanessa Hanford, Daniel 131 Hans, Graig 58, 131 Hansen. David ' Hansen, Susan 25, 125 Hansen, Wally 139 Harber, Kristi 88 Hardesty, Bebra 84, 139 Hardin, Lori 139 Hardison, Chip 20. 69, 94, 131, 196 Harms, David 36, 90, 150 Harnish, Patrick 150 Harris, Brigette 150 Harris, Derek 67, 80, 118 Harris, Norman 10, 20, 42, 69, 131 Harwood, Joseph 139 Harwood, Robin 1, 72, 73, 83, 118 Hawkins, Kevin 139 Hawkins, Michele 161 Hawthorne, Michael 32, 67. 96, 111, 131, 197 Haydon, Christine 99, 100, 150 Hegedus, Jill 6, 17, 65. 66, 69, 79, 93, 118 Heger, Fred 150 Heiner, Bob 69, 150 Helner, Kent 28, 69, 79, 97, 113, 118 Heftington, Edie 139 Heuonc, Eric 108, 131, 149 -' Henderson, Pat 165 Hendrick, Karen 41, 69, 75, 84, 150 Hendrick, Sonja 162 Henrickson, Robert 118 Hensley. Vanya 150 Hepring, Karen 161, 162 Hernandez, Ben 99, 100, 118 Hernandez, Carina 131 Hernandez. Daniel 32, 162 Hernandez, Katie 150 Hernandez, Felicitas 139 Hernandez, Mary 84, 150 Hernandez, Nick 60, 139 Hernandez, Roy 150 Hernandez, Sergito 139 Hernandez, Victoria 118 Herrera, Armonda 118 Herrera, Sal 36, 150 Hetrick, Melissa 118 Hettick, Todd 118 Hilbert, Sonya 41. 57, 90, 150 Hilbert, Tanya 41, 57, 90, 150 Hill, Deborah 150 Hillison, Andy 84, 139 Hilty, Terry 83, 118 Hlmebaugh. Dick 162 lHinojosa, Estevan 84, 139 Hinojosa, Fermin 118 Hirth, Mike 2, 19, 20, 58, 66, 69. 87, 118 Hirth, Suzy 38, 67, 69, 76, 93, 139 Hodge, Lou 166 Hof, David 150 Hogan, Joyce 165 Holcomb, Lincoln 32, 35. 55, 139 Holdcroft, Cheri 7, 77, 139 Holdcroft, Cindy 25, 139 Hott, Julie 69, 75, 93, 139 Holtrup, Jennifer 80. 99, 150 Hood, James 10, 32, 34, 60. 65, 119 Hopkins,Kevin 84 Hopson, Leonnard 71, 131 Horen, Jay 59, 162 Horine, Creed 125 Horine, Dee Anna 100, 139 Horine, John 87, 99. 150 Horner, Michelle 131 Hott, Michelle 46, 47, 65, 111, 119 House, Erika 150 Howell, Steven 36, 59, 150 Howlett, Richard 139 Huckaby, Corine 83, 119 Hudson, Holly 140 Hugher, Christopher 58 Hughes, Christopher 131, 140 Hughes, Mark 99, 150 Hughes, Vanessa 75 Humphrey, Colette 27, 69, 93, 140 Humphreys, Joaquin 37, 88, 140 Humphreys, Lisa 87. 95. 119. 189 Hunt, Kakl 21, 119, 149, 157 Hunter, Ronald 36, 88, 99, 151 Hutchinson, Anne 119, 189 Hutchison, Don 151 Hutchinson, Jerry 88 Hutchinson, Shirley Denise Hutchinson, Tammy 131, 140 Huych, Greg 70, 140 leppert, Avian 151 lhnat, Heidi 69, 99, 151 Irvin. Clifford 140 lsaac, Dwawn 125 Issac, Warren 131 JJJJJJ Jackson. Bill 162 Jackson, Lynn 69, 84, 151 Jackson, Trena 151 Jaramillo, Sandy 140 Jarnagin , Jennifer 26, 41, 67, 69. 80. 84, 151 Jarosi, Robert 140 Jaurique, Anthoney 36, 151 Jenkins. Christina 98, 99, 100, 131 Jennings, John 99, 151 Jensen, Judy 159 Jimeney, Rose 131 Jinzo, Sara 83, 119 Joe, Marwin 31, 88, 131 Johnson, Carl 119 Johnson. Elizabeth 151 Johnson, Glen 140 Johnson, Kirk 151 Johnson, Kirsten 69. 75, 93. 110, 119, 189 Johnson, LeRoy 37, 140 Johnson, Regina 56, 57, 151 Johnson, Richard 125 Johnson, Shirley 165 Johnston. Kelli 127, 131, 157 Johnston, Lance 131 Jones, Lynn 83. 119 Jones, Michael 131 Jon6S, Tony 32, 70, 131 Jonsson, Helena 56, 69, 80. 96. 119, 145 Jondan, Conrad 69 Jordan. Crystal 140 Jordan, Karson 41, 80, 84, 151 Jordan, Lonnie 140 Jorgenson, D'Andrea 112, 119, 198, 199, 200 Jorgenson, Douglas 69, 80, 87, 99, 131 Jorgensen, Jeremy 140 ,.,,...,..-J, Jorgensen, Marty 151 Jorgensen, Phillip 125, 132 Juarez, Sandra 131 Judge, Byron 80, 81, 162 KKKKKK Kapetanakis, Chrissy 69, 151 Kardel, Scott 162 Kaskinen, Dale Kautz, Justin 99, 151 Keehn, Kim Ann 84, 140 keenn. sneiiy 151 Kelle, Anna Lisa 140 Keele, Jerry 83, 125 Kelley. Jack 37, 140 Kelley, Jody 45, 64, 69, 140 Kelly, Wade 151 Kelsey, Linda 131 Kemper, Larry 166 Kendall, Gail 162 Kennedy. Carlene 165 Kennedy, Jackie 66, 72, 73, 98. Kennedy, John 42 Kennedy, Mary 69, 131 Kennedy, Thomas 80, 84, 90, 1 Kenney, Kelly 151 Kenny, Kimberly 131 Kennon, Charles 119 Keough, Lucy 162 Kerr, Dusty 36, 151 Kesner, Travis 99 Kessler, David 94, 131 Kessler, Russell 119 Kester, Kevin 141 Kileen, Jason 151 Kim, Dohyung 151 Kimbrell, Marie 75. 119 Kimback, Kerri 87, 151 Kindle, Kevin 141 Kirk, Darlene 93, 141 Kirker, Claudette 69, 92, 131 Kirker, Paul 151 Kisner, Travis 36. 151 Kitchens, Carri 120, 143, 157, 1 Kleinekuhle, Jens 125 Kleinschmidt, Kelly 29, 82, 88, 1 Knapp. Helen 165 Knell, Tanya 80, 84. 151 Knight, Kathy 131 Knox, Teri 141 Koontz, Patsy 162 Koppelman, Lisa 64, 69, 87, 13 Koskinen, Dale 151 Kaskinen, Jerry 92, 120 Kotalik, Karen 90, 162 Kraus, Melissia 141 Kuhn, Kristen 84, 141 Kuhn, Sean 106 131 Kusecki, Rosemary 166 LLLLLL Lackey, Laura 86, 99, 151 Lay, Ray 88, 151 99, 10 51 98, 199 25. 151 1 Lair. Christina 29, 69, 76, 84, 151 Lambert, John 131 Lambert 72, 73, 120 Lamberecht, Mark 54, 151 Lampert, Michelle 6, 131, 198. Landis, Asia 151 Landis, John 141 Landon, Krista 141 Landua, .lim 96, 162 Langley. Laura 141 Larson, Jeffery 83, 120, 200 199 Lavoie, Anne 67, 69. 80, 86. 151 Loy, Sam Jeffery 31, 92, 141 Leach, John 162 Lee, Darlene 120 Lee. Ryan 55, 141 0, 119 Leedy. Katherhe 131 Lette, Rdwdd 141 Lek-Kong, Proyoon 99, 131 Lemons, Terri 29. 80, 86, 89, 90. 151 Leonhddt. Lisa 29. 93, 141 Lesscid, Llz 14, 73, 69, 78, 80, 120, 198, 199 Lettlefl, Bobby 84, 141 Lemlz, Stephen 70, 120 Morton. Uloda. Aberto 166 Levcrlo, Vlctoda 141 Lewls, Lewls, Lewis. Lewls, , Shane 131 Lewls Llmt. Chrls 141 Jeannette 162 Lorl 75, 141 Noel 131 Teresa 75 Lldrthl. Lanny 71, 80, 81. 141 Lidltti, Srbrha 74. 84, 131 Lhatetter, Ray 37, 64. 141 Llndqulst. Bly 125 Lhdqdst, Mchoel 28, 75, 131 Lhdsey. Ddiel 141 Lhasey, Tobe 166 UTTBY. Robert 37, 59. 64 Mdtotfer. Brad 31, 141 Malhotter. Jennlter 140. 196, 198. 199 Elena 120 Lupe 152 Rosemary 132 Ruben 64 Mallck, Davld 94, 197, 126 Malody, Jennlter 45, 141 Mdoney. Jll 64. 66, 67, 69, 72, 73, 75, 120. 188 3555 Mcnn, Howard 132 Mann. Jon 32, 50. 65, 125 Mann. Mlcheal 141 Macelne, Domlnguez 152 Maek, Christy 141 Markowskl, Steve 98, 99, tw, 120 Mcxquez. Art 84, 62 Maquez, Eple 152 Marquez, Rebecca 152 Mdshd, Erh 79, 141 Mcrtln, Cam 162 Mfxshd, Roy 152 Matln, Peter 69. 152 Moth, Scott 29, 141 Montatez. Gesenla 153 Montcnez, Jose Montgomery, Dondd Scott 88, 120 Moody. Bdbcxa 125 Moody. Theaa Moe 133 Moore, Peggy 77, 93, 141 Mora, Mguel 147 Mora, Norma 153 Mordes, Anthony 75, 133 Mordes. Dcmlel 141 Mordes, Jorge Mordes, Lorl 153 Mordes. Mcnuel 67. 80, 153 Mordes, Noreen 46, 120 Mordes , Robert 58, 59, 125, 188 Moreno. Bdm 153 Moreno. Davld 141 Moreno, Mala Teresa 121 Morgar, Patrick 153 Morley, Lcrry 88, 142 Morris. Edga 142 Morrison. Jule 69. 76, 153 Edde 24, 42, 43, 121, 198, 199 Llzardo. Tony too Long. Ruth 141 Lopez. Lopez, Lopez. Anlta 95, 120 Bessle 166 Cynaa 41, 75. 86, 89. 151 Lopez. Joe Freade 120 Lopez. Jorge 120 Lopez. MOTTNBW 13. 32, 34. 36, 67, 69, 92. 93. 110. 120 Lopez. Mchael Lopez, Ramona 132 Lopez, Rose 132 Lopez, Suzanne 67, 70 Lopez. Vlncent 88 Lorenz, Barney 98. 162 Lorenz, Fred 89 Mdthek, Bdbda 120 Mcrtlnez Matlnez Arturo Ben 152 Mclthel, Ddtlel 84. 141 Mcrthes, David 152 MQ'fh9Z Mdthez Mdthel , .lullo 72, 73, 141 , Kely 132 Lyda 152 Mdthez. Pete 152 MGTHGZ-SYYGTYTT. JG1 87, 152, 157 25525 . Terri 132 Jarnle 29, 63. 67. 69. 70, 79. 93, 97 , Joshua 152 . Rym 141 , John 166 Motsunoto, Maty 88, 141 E Lorge, Llsa 45, 64, 69 Love, Antoinette 151 Love, hta 166 Lucas, Elzdbeth 66. 84 Ludow, Laura 151 Lueck, hktdy 67, 69, 76, 80. 151 Lueclr, Stacle 20, 69, 157. 198. 199 Luelg, Pad 54, 80. 82, 151 Luera, Luisa 82. 141 NUWNUWNUA McAndy, Allcla 69. 84. 151 McAnlf1, Kevln 69, 133 McArthur, Rlchard 133 McBride, Louise 165 McCh.l'e, Kim 84, 99. 100. 151 McComb, A-bet' 133 McCombs, Kenneth 71.99, 101, 133 McCown, Ccln 6, 13. 42. 43, 65. 69, 93, 95. 120 McCral. Mike 151 McCreary. Brlan 69. 141 McDanlel. Kerry 13. 17, 32, 34. 50, 120. 189. 197 McDonoudt.Clar1r 87, 151, 152 McEl'oy, Janes 99. 131. 133 McGulre. Cody 88. 131. 135 McKenna. Martha 66. 67, BO, 95. 120 McKinney. Dawn Mlchele 70, 133 McLeod. Karen 141 McMllan. Blll 162 McNlllon, Kent 2. 20, 28, 58. 59. 65. 66. 67, 69. 93, 120, 121, 152 McPedr, Don 162 . McQuory. Brlan 101, 152 Mack, Katy 22. 23, 69. 76, 80. 84, 152 Mock. Kristen 24. 26. 29, 64, 66. 69. 70. 84, 87 Mackld. Steve 94 Mad-la, Yvonne 152 Mdton, Mke 46. 58. 62. 68, 109. 162, 161 fe H 1.flsl4zlIllllllllllllllllllllllllllnuuml Q 4 - . ffl 1 'T l Y zilliri .-. ... Maxwel, Davld 141 Mays, Rlchord 42, 96. 133 Measel. Lorl 152 Medock, Cala 120 Mee. Jaclrle 38. 99 Meehm. Mchael 94. 125 Melia, Vlshd 99, 152 Melo. Rosdwda 133 Melendez. Mutha 141 Melody. Joe 94. 125 Melody, Tlrn 87, 141 Melon, Dalai 152 Melon. Derrlclr 21, 24. 28. 29, 69, 108. 133 Mena, Alex 96, 141 Mendez, Antonio 125 Mendez. Chrlstha 165 Mendez. Letlcla 141 Mendoza. Christine 153 Mercy. Jeff 58. 64. 141 Mesecher, Glbert 99. 101 Mesecher, Greg 99. 141, 153 Messershrnldt. Shari 84, 153 Kden 10. 64. 67, 69, 79, 97, 133 Morton, Tha 57. 142 Moses, Herman 158 Mosher. Marla 142 Mosher, Robert 153 Mosher. Sharon 112, 125, 198. 199 Mosley, Kelth 142 Moton, Tammy 57. 82, 142 Mouton, But 95. 99, 101, 121 Mount, Terl 142 Moyers, Cara 13, 14, 66. 67, 73, 75. 78. 95, 189. 121 Muder. Pacer 125 Mnlns, Beth 89 Nbrntord. Chrlstha 17. 133, 198, 199 Mlnoz, Martha 153 NAIIOZ. Johnathan 22, 31, 65. 67. 69. 80, 93, 121 Munoz. Mchael 153 Mnoz, Veronica 153 Mule. Chrlsthc 83, 121 Murphy, Mchoel 142 Mrrlta. Cecela 153 Mnteto. Laua 153 Mase, Beth 13, 30. 133 Muse. Brad 142 Vue, Korl 125 NNNNNN Noehrboss, Jo 162. 164 Nardnl, Jenntter 84, 153 Naelr, Chrlsty 99 Narln. Chrlsthe 98, 121 Navaette. Andea 75. 84. 89, 142 Nebeker. Charles 142 3 . Jason 89, 99,153 5552? Lucy 165 , Phyis 133 Steve 99, 133 Stephen 153 Theresa 141 hls, Bennett 80. 153 hltnlcks. hktnlcks. Nhycxd, Nlranda, NHCDGO. NHUTOG Nlchoel 141 Michael 73, 74, 141 Nlre 40, 69. 82, 87, 90. 153 Juanlta 38. 84. 141 Mortln 133 Raquel 153 mtcnelfoenrse 99, 153 Mtchel, J0hn153 Moldovan, Wendy 21, 45. 69, 70, 79. 93, 97. 133 Mollna, Carmen 153 Mollna. Ccrrle 146. 153 Mondtam. Choa 133 Monoco, Rocco 89 Monlma, Donna 38, 69. 75. 133 Nelson, Pat 88 Nelson, Shel 92. 121 Nelson, Stephen 142 Nelson, Vlckl 75, 121 Newcomb, Katle 80, 153 Newcomer. Sean 10, 20, 42, 43, 67, 69. 79. 97, 121, 188, 196, 200 Newel, KI'n 153 Newel, Stacy 46. 47, 58, 70. 73. 78, 13 Newport, Chatssa 87. 153 Ngryen, Phuongtratg 69, 75, 80, 84, 142 Ncholas, Alexcnder 59, 153 Ncholos. Sara 46, 111 Ntsche, KH 133 Nolan. Tonya 75. 80, 92 Novath, Evh Noyes, Kelth 133 Noyes. Llsa 133 Nuels, Christopher 75, 121 Nuels, Jeffery 153 Nuels, Kelvon 142 Nutz, Elzweth 69, 86, 99, 153 -,-WY 3- F -W,f-,-.,f.7- Yfvr W- -Y. ,Te-W w,,.,,,..- One ol the tovorne pm.-lmes ot reen- agerslscrusrng Inthepasl,Mer1oPdk- way ond now Cenrrol Avenue are the place robe onFndoyondSorurday nights The oqecrro dnve around and meer new people Asked whor she rhouytr obour crusng, senior Laura Worrhy sold, "I rtunk ns o good way ro have fun, but people vtoudrw have ro get so rowdy," .Q 2 + L l I , , LJ ' l OOOOOO O'Brlen, Jlm 165 Olague, Tammy 424 Ollvarez, Genaro 94 Onstad, Dan 69. 90. 153 Onstod. Tlmothy 69, 72 Opel, Brlgltte 69, 85. 87, 121. 145 O'Neal. Davld 83. 142 Onstad, Dan 40 Onstad. Tlm 73, 424 Ortlz. Ellzabeth 80 Ortlz. Jesse I, 60, 442 Ostertleld, Becky 453 Osterfeld. Mlchelle 66. 69, 72, 73. 133 Ovledo. Rachel 84 Ovledo, Jesus 32, 424 Owens, Christopher Owens. Erlc 84, 88. 453 Owens, Laura Ozanne, Jennlfer 122 Ozuna, Dan 59, 153 Ozuna, Frank 40. 54. 153 Ozuna. Mlchael 59, 453 Ozuna, Rebecca 38. 84. 142 PPPPPP Pace, Chrlstlana 45, 21. 74. BO. 422 Palma. Vlctor 69. 442 Palmer, Kendra 84, 453 Palmer, Klmberly 86 Papa. Pat 36, 60. 64. 84. 442 Pape, Randall 153 Papworth. Matthew 42, 59, 64. 96, 442 Parlgo. Marlo Lorl 133 Parlsl. Denlse 49. 46, 47. 433 Parra. Nancy 69, 84. 442 Patlno 142 Patlno. Lydla 442 Patton. Rlchard 142 Paullno. Chrls 48. 162 Paulson, Mark 32. 50. 55. 122 Payton, Baron 60. 433 Pedroza, Marla Lourdes Pelly, Greg 66. 93, 133 Pano, Adam 142 Pence. Chad 142 Pennlngton, Edward 40, 87. 153 Pennlngton, Mlchelle 77, 142 Pennington. Thomas 55. 87. 90, 99, 133 Penunurl. Mlreya 84. 153 Penunurl. Salvador Jr. 84. 142 Perales. Angellla 142 Pereda, Guadalupe Perez. Allcla 57, 84, 153 Perez, Ellzabeth 142 Perez, Franclsco 433 Perez, Javler 433 Perez. Luz 142 Perez. Martln 122 Perklns. Catherlne 442 Perkins, Erica 16. 46. 56. 57. 65. 79. 111. 152 Perklns. Leslle 153 Perry, Terah 74. 86, 153 Peters. Amy 100. 101, 142 Peters. Jeffrey 28, 50, 96, 133 Peterson 55, 200 Peterson 28. 50, 433 Peterson, Sherl 422 Pletft. Joe 70, 108. 162 Pfeltfer, Tracy 163 Phllllps, Cynthla 83, 422 Phlllips. Llnda 57. 163 Phlllps, Shane 153 Phlpps, Tlmothy 142 Plerce, Jody 56, 57. 122, 189 Plette. Heather 30, 72, 73. 75, 85, 122 422, Plna. Debble 38. 463 Plna. Norma 433 Plna. Sandra 453 Plno. Sheldon 99. 153 Plttman 433 Pltts, Robert 32. 33. 65. 422 Pless. Georgetta 154 Pompa, Joey 122 Porter, Harold 158, 159 Porter. Mark 433 Porter, Rlchard Porter. Shane 454 Porter. Shawnya 442 Prevo, Anee 87, 454 Prevo, Chrlsllm 442 Prez. Benll 154 Prlce. Davld 88. 454 Prlce. Julle 99. 154 Prlce. Klmberly 80, 84, 154 Prlce. Reggle 142 Prleto. Carolyn 69. 76. 154 Pritchard, John 42. 64. 69, 79. 97. 133, 197 Purcell. Lloyd 163 Pursel, Heath 142 Pursel, Ryan 125 QQQQQQ Quass, Dana 34. 99. 142 Qulnn, Mike 154 Quinn. Molly 28. 29. 66, 84. 133 Qulnones. Jose 99. 154 Qulttschrelber. James 88, 142 RRRRRR Radcliff. Juan 433 Ralne. Nan 459 Raffln. Debora 163 Ramlrez. Nlcholas 442 Ramos, Franclne 75. 96, 442 Ramos, Juan 133 Ramos. Lorralne 57. 84. 154 Ramos, Robert 154 Randall 32. 34, 125, 457 Ross, Scott 99 Ratlltt. Becky 84, 99, 142 Rawlings, James Wesley 69. 133 Ray, Anako 69. 80. 84. 454 Ray, Carol 465 Rayner, John 24, 25. 66. 69. 108. 122. 488 Rayner. Krissy 69. 76. 87, 93, 442 Rayner. Ronald 158 Rayner, Ronda 44, 45. 69. 78. 80. 95. 121. 122, 497 Rayner, Shannon 88, 143 Rector. Michael 433 Reed, Ken 163 Reed. Velma 143 Reeder, Christy 64. 133 Reeder, Tlm 163 Reese. Davld 86. 146. 454. 496 Reese, Mark 26. 42. 69, 109. 434 Regalado. Cynthla 165 Relb. Todd 154 Relchart. Christopher 73, 134 Reld, Charles 42, 134 Reld, Ellzabeth 30. 67. 69, 75. 93. 422 Reyna. Saul 94, 434 Reynolds, Douglas 443 Reynolds, Steven 434 Reza, Steven 125 Rlchmond. Andrew 443 Rlchmond. Steven 60. 64, 143 Rlchmond. Tlmothy 32, 94, 434 Rider, Samuel 84, 143 Reltkohl. Tamara 17, 143 Riga, Brook 434 Rlgg. Molly 454 Rlolas. Marcos 466 Ritchey, Kevln 11, 29. 58. 67. 69, 93, 443 Rltter, Mlke 88. 154 Rlvos, Rita 154 Rlvera. Celestlna 65. 66, 67. 69. 75. 84. 93. 95. 189. 422 Rlvera. Katle 30. 89. 92, 143 Rlvera. Magdalena 23, 67, 69. 70, 93. 424. 122 Roberts. Come 70. 96. 103. 121, 422 Roberts. Mlchelle 88, 443 Roberts. Stephen 143 l Robertson. Angle 96, 443 Robertson, Letlcla 64. 434 Roderlck, Donald 166 Roderlck. Julle 76. 157 Roderlck, Phllllp 443 ' Rodrlguez, Elena 155 1 Rodrlguez. Fred 89. 404 I Rodrlguez. Marla 134 Rodrlguez. Jesus 155 1 Rocklguez. Jose 155 Rodrlguez, Lorenzo Rodrlguez, Michael 143 3 Rodrlguez. Raul 455 Rodrlguez. Raul 83, 143 Rodrlguez. Rlcarao 425 Roehllng. Steve 40. 86, 146, 455 Rogers. Mary 99. 155 Rogers. Jennlfer 45. 46, 56. 143 Rogers, Sherl 99, 155 Rogers. Steven 43. 36. 55, 64, 75. 143 Rogers. Tlmothy 23. 63. 67. 69, 70, 75, 80, 93 122, 188 Rogers, Vemell 32, 35, 143 Rohla. Carole 465 Roles, Tlmothy 134 Roman, Luls 434 Romanowskl, Aaron 144 Romanowskl, Chad 32. 134 3 Romero. Rebecca 38, 75, 84. 444 . Rosales, Antonlo 155 Rose, Clndy 69. 84. 155 E Rose, Henry 99 Rose, Stacy 20. 69. 444 Rose. Tlmothy 94 ' Ross, Scott 144 Rosztoczy, Ferenc 458 Rosztoczy, Stephanie 20, 44. 45. 67. 69, 76, 87. 93. 144 Rounds, Katle 167 Rouse. Henry 91. 99. 104. 122 Rowe, Thomas 99. 100, 122 Rowland. Roger 28, 50. 79. 97, 134 Rudolph, Todd 59, 63, 66, 69. 134 Rumble. Robyn 155 Rusch, Kathy 163 Rush, Carrle 80, 84. 155 Russo, Carolyn 45, 102. 422, 198. 499 Russo. Theresa 69. 444 Rutherford, Davld 88, 155 Rutherford. Llsa 38. 69. 75. 134 SSSSSS Sadler, Phllllp 99. 422 Sahuaqul, Nelll 77, 144 Sahuaqul, Steve 155 Sallas. Juanlta 434 Solano. Emma 77, 82, 444 Salazar, Andrew 455 Soldona, Marla 83, 122 ' Sanchez, Chrls 50, 82. 84, 134 Sanchez, Della 84. 155 Sanchez, Denlse 155 Sanchez, Mlquel 155 Sanchez, Shirley 77 Sanders, Glen 125 Sandoval, AIICIO 144 Sandova, Javler 122 SonMlquel, Chrlsty 155 4-ms-sts 1 . it '7 , l 31, or - ,ffl Santurro. Tony 165 Sartln, Aprll 155 Sarzoza, Anna Marle 134 Sauceda. Mogdelena 155 Sautfley, Frankle 28, 29, 58, 65, 69. 79, 97. 113, 122 Sautley. Susle 165 Saunders. Jason 32, 94. 134 aunders, Sandra 144 ausedo. Monlca 77. 134 Sausedo, Rene 60, 155 Scheldt. Sandy 165 Schellenberger, Denls 145. 157 Schellenberger. Peggy 87, 134 Schleszer. Stephen 66. 67. 71. 123 Schllllday. Davld 86 Schlreman. Al 163 Schlenslg. Debble 163 Schmldt. Baron 155 Schmitt, Klm 155 Schmukal. A. Paul 144 Schmukl. Jett 31. 92. 144 Schnelder. Axel 87. 92. 123. 145 Schnore. Aaron 144 Schotleld. Jlll 155 Scholz. Richard 32. 112, 134. 140 Schrelber. Rlchard 161. 163 Scott. Andrea 82. 144 Scott, Bllly 144 Scott. Deldra 75. 134 Scott, Erln 12. 69. 70. 102 Scott. Nlna 123 Scott, Robln 41. 69. 86. 155 Scott. Seth 87. 90. 99. 155 Sears, Lorl 69. 77, 144 Self. Jamle 13. 32. 34. 69. 84. 111. 134 Semas. Joey 144 Serrano. Gene 72, 73, 125 Serrano, Joe 111. 134 Sesslan. Jamle 80. 84, 155 Shack, Bernle 125 Shaffer. Laura 84. 155 Shassetz. Anne 44. 45. 67. 69. 75. 80. 84. 155 Shears. Sarah 30. 69, 134 Sheeley, Dale 125 Shelton. Jason 32. 72. 73, 111. 134 Shelton, Jeremy 155 Shephard. Brlan 72. 73. 123 Shephard, Harry 155 5hlllldGY. Davld 155 Shllllday. Don 40, 161. 163 Shllllday. Don Jr. 69, 31. 84. 85. 134 Shulsky. Clyde 163 Shulsky. Phll 100, 144 Sllva. Mlke 134 Slmrnlngton. 8 uck 26. 60. 99. 144 Simmons. Dawn 155 Slmmons, Kelly 57. 75. 76. 87, 144 Slmon. Debra 144 Slmpson. Danlelle 144 Slms. Gregory 99. 155 Slms. Stephanle 69. 92. 134 Slngh. Karmllt 155 Slngleton, Meredlth 144 Singleton, Shannon 134, 140 Sklet, Danny 144 Slagle. Dan 54, 155 Sloan, Tom 155 Small. Caren 112. 123 Smerecky, John 32, 34. 65. 123. 157 Smlth. Andrew 134 Smlth. Carol 29 Smlth. Connle 123 Smlth. Davld 125 Smlth. Guy 163 Smlth. H.D. 19. 28, 58, 66, 69, 79, 93. 97, 123 Smlth. Jahala 29. 75. 155 Smlth. James 60. 87 Smlth. Kelly'67. 79, 123. 152 Smlth. Kem 155 Smlth. Nadlne 82. 155 Smlth. Sllver 99. 155 Smlth. W sterm 88, 134. 197 . o Snow. Patrick 99. 155 Snyder, Cathy 57, 200 Snyder. Joe 123 Soendergaard. Dorte 75. 84. 92, 123. 145 Solano. Mary 165 Smlth, Mlke 163 Solano, Patty 166 Solls, ALlcla 197 Solls, Edward 54, 155 Solls. Stephanie 86. 90. 155 Solorzano. Elsa 84, 163 Soren. K.C. 155 Sorensen. Talt 11, 42, 43. 64, 65, 66. 67. 69. 70. 79. 93. 97. 123. '181 Soto. Belen 144 Soto. Juan Dlego 134 Soto, Klm 93, 144 Spears. Rlck 54. 163 Spencers. Earl 72. 73. 123 Splcer, Chad 144 Sprlgs. Brlan 42 Staples, Bob 64 Starr, Evett 98. 134 Statzer. Robert 55. 144 Stephens. Crystal 56. 57. 64. 161, 163 Stevenson. Pat 165 Stlnson. Rlck 144 Steele. Dawn 155 Stephenson. Traycl 95. 123 Stevens, Aprll 64. 69. 93. 95. 113, 123 Stevens. Klm 123 Stewart. Dale 155 Stockton. Cllnt 144 Stockton. Heather 124 Stone. ALllson 86. 155 Stone, Robert 88. 134 Stout. Bruce 100 Stout, Wllllam 124 Stumpt. Jana 41. 69, 87, 156 Suckllng. Jeffrey 99. 134 Sucking. Stacy 84. 156 Sulllns, Brlan 95. 99, 101, '124 Sulllns, Davld 99, 144 Sulllvan. Toby 99. 144 Summers. Elsle 166 Sunderland. James 156 Sutton. Cheryl 84. 156 Sutton. Ryan 40. 86, 156 Sweeney. Mlchael 134 Wlndle. Christopher 144 Swope, Patrlcla 140 Syverson. Glna 144 TTTTTT Tacy. Denlse 84. 89. 144 Tagle. Anlta 144 Talnter. Robert 21, 24. 69, 134. 196 Talamentez, Nlcholas 156 Talarlco. Angela 144 Talanera. Tony 32. 94, 134 Talebl. Tamara 69. 99, 156 Tanner, Harley 156 Tarango, Angellca 156 Tarango, Freddle 134 Taul, Marc 18. 124. 189 Taylor, Amy 134 Taylor, John BB, 156 Taylor. Nell 58, 84. 144 Taylor. Rlchard 134 Taylor, Stetanle 69. 76. 80. 84. 156 Tebbe. John 12. 31, 42, 78, 88, 144 Tellez. Rebecca 156 Temple. Deborah 65. 66, 67. 69. 79. 103. 124. 188 Temple. Derrlck 99, 156 Templeton, Mlschelle 41. 69. 80. 84, 156 Tequlda. Ramon 88. 156 Terry. Paul 156 Terry, Robert 156 Therrlen. Glna 99. 100. 156 Thomas. Richard 32, 99. 134 Thompsln, Shawn 156 Thomson. Tammy 134 Tlttle. Deanna 80. 156 Tollusls, Mlchael 134 Tomllnson, Amy 29. 69. 79, 93. 97, 134 Tonklnson. Catherlne 69. 93, 135 Tonklnson. Charlle 69, 135. 156 Torres. Johnny 156 Torres. Nora 124 Torrez. Sharon 99. 100. 156 Towey. Joanne 16. 46, 47. 56. 65. 106, 135. 198. 199 Tray, Charlene 124 Trexler. Marllyn 71. 92. 144 Trlbbett. Llsa 156 Trout, Bob 36. 113. 161, 163 True, Tanya Llsa 3. 14. 15, 73. 78. 121. 124. 189 Trumbell, Andrew 32, 33, 124 Trumbell, Matt 144 Tseng, Yuan-Po 144 Tucker. Danlel 58. 59, 65. 66. 69, 93, 110, 124 Tull. John Aaron 69. 73. 73. 124 Tumer. Annette 156 Turney. Farrell 163 Tyler. snella 135 Tyra, James 99. 156 UUUUUU Upshaw. Sam 96, 135 Usrey. Erlc 99. 124 VVVVVV Valdez. Arturo 125 Valdez. Stella 82. 156 Valdez, Yolanda 57, 156 '.'allel0. Richard 125 Valley, Latanya 156 Vanderwater. Tracy 156 VanDyke. Rodney 156 Vasquez. Diana 64, 67. 79. 135. 200 WOOIQGI. Tracey 69 Worsnup. Heather 88. 125 Vasquez, Margaret 73, 74. 75, 99. 124 Vasquez. Rlcardo 89. 135 Vasquez. Roman 156 Vaught, Dennls 88. 144 Vauter. Ella Klm 144 Veerapen, Mark 99, 156 Veerapen, Steve 41, 99. 100. 156 Velastequl. Steven 124 Vla. Brent 135 Vllla. Donlta 69. 76. 84, 156 VIIIG. Manuel 156 Vlllasana. Blanca 56, 135 Vlllasana, Myron 144 Vlterl. Monlca 6. 7. 9, 11. 12. 15, 16. 17.20. 21, 23. Vlzzerra, 25. 69. 121. 124. 157. 198. 199 Chrltopher 28. 29. 67. 69. 84, 144 worthy. Laura 1. 15. 67, 69. 70. 83. 93. 125 Wundertlch. Julla 87. 135 2.334 Wyda. Mata 157 "4 Wylle. Augustine 125 Wylle. Tony 145 Ybarra. Mlchael 99, 157 Yoakum. Coml 135 Yocum, Allen 157 Vocum. Wendl 145 Vohe. Brett 32. 60. 111, 135 Vohe. Colln 80. 99, 157 Vohe. Davld 24. 32. 33. 69. 79. 97, 125 Vlzzera. John QGabrleD 113, 124 Vlzzera. Katrlna 135 Vlzzera. Mlchael 50. 135 Volke. Udo 18. 69. 79. 97. 124. 145, 149 Vowell. Vlola 124 VVVWWUNWVVI Waddy. Mlke 145 Wagner. Heather 86. 155. 156 Waltt, Betsy 155, 156 Walker. Andrew 99. 155. 156 Walker. Tammala 155. 156 Walllck. Llssa 13. 73. 78. 80, 104, 105, 124. 188, 189 Walton. SEella 155, 156 Ward, Bruce 98. 99. 101. 135. 91 Warf. Janet 99. 155. 156 Warkomskl, Jon 40, 69. 84. 155. 156 Warner. Roger 163 Washington, Gayle 57. 81, 84, 145 Waterman. Gary 155. 156 Watklns. Andy 87, 99. 155, 156 voung, sam aa. 99. 100. 157 Young Voung. ke 157 Voung. . Mlchele 88 Shawn 99. 157 voung. sneuy aa. 157 ZZZZZZ Zavala, Tony 93, 145 Zell, Jean 165 Zerlng. Krlsten 125 Zerlnque, Angellque 91, 135 Zldow. Cheryl 164 3. ZunZuvadls, Raju 66, 67, 69, 70. 80. 86, 9 125 Zlnzuvadla. Tlna 93, 145 Zukauskl, Janet Renea 135 Zuleger, Randy 145 Zunlga, ALtredo 94. 105. 125, 135 Watklns. Darls 83. 124 Weber. Melissa 135 Webster, Mlchael 99, 155, 156 Webster. Sam 84. 145 Weldner, Dan 80. 88. 155, 156 Wellgh, Rhonda 91 West. Mlchael 155. 156 Weyrauch, Llza 45. 75. 86. 89, 145 Wheatley. Tom 32. 161, 163 Wheaton. Marnie 124 Whlte. Amber 79, 145 Whlte. Howard 163 Whlte. Jenny 156 Whlte. Julle 6, 44, 45. 65, 67. 69. 75, 93. 124 Whlte. Krltlna 99. 157 Whlte. Ruth 157 Whitehead. Michael 67. 75, 80. 83, 124 Whltehead. Nlkkl 67, 69, 86, 90, 157 Whlman, Steven 157 Whltney, Karen 163 wnmlngton, Amy 80. 66, 157 Wlckers, Curt 40. 59, 90. 157 Wlchman. Renae 69. 93, 145 Wlchrnan, Reglna 6. 38. 39. 65, 66, 67, 69. 80. 124 Wlglngton, Mark Wlnley. Gus 32. 33 Wlley. Rhonda 57, 67, 70. 89. 95, 135 Wlley. Tlm 69, '157 Wllklns. Llnda 108. 164 Wlllgar. Tracl 89 Wllllams, Barbara 69, B4. 135 Wllllams, Heather 3, 73. 78. 80. 86, 93, 145 Wllllams, Mlke 164 Wllllams, Robert 125 Wllllams, Sharonda 157 Wllllams, Thomas 33, 124 Wllllams, Truoy 145 Wllson, Llsa Wllson, Nona 157 wilson. Ray 145 Wllson, Shannon 29. 69. 135 Wllson, Wendna Wlndeknecht, Amy 135 Wlngtield, BlHy 157 Wlthers. Preston 59. 145 Wohler. Erlc 19. 28. 29. 65. 69, 125 Woltt. Anna 145 Wolff. Charles 2. 22. 23. 25. 65. 67. 69, 91. 85, 93. 110, 152 Wolff, Davld 60. 157 Wollltz. Charles 135 Wolskl. Wllllam 16. 32. 34. 94, 111, 135, 140 Wood. Karla 135, 198, 199 Wood. Mltton 83. 125 Wood. Ronald 158 Wood. Shannon 145 Wood. Sharon 165 Wood, Tammy 125 Woodard. Shane 145 Woodward. Davld 60. 157 W00lf. Mellssa 69. 75. 87. 145 s x 196fCIos1ng , r Thunde' N Swiss Thunder and Lrghtnrng reflects the attr tude at Agua Frra Our thunder rs our school accomplrshments and the lrght nrng rs how vrbrant we stand Although rt rs known no matter how farnt one s norse or how bnght one stands together as one there will always be a storm on the horrzon ev-New sv-Sis Upper lefr Sensors Came Burremrller and Evan Doyd Low Lefr Freshman Dovud Reese thanks about groduanon C fer Chap Hardvson Sean Newcomer and Robbre Tornr durrng lunch Above Jennifer Marhofer and Sherry Barne Friends Forever Lefr Class Of Bo HOT' . . . I I, C 0 . l ' I ' . . ' 1 I . . 9- ul 'Q jg: V- -,-A' zv, :E ,,lA If I x A Awkyb Ljsrxy, W t, I ' 71 reees F err eerr . 44- . .r,,,Amr. .,,, ' 71 ' . ' I lf,-gligil A 1 A . . rv T N h ' s p we 2 rrrr e is I r I . . . b r 473 I kk I Q I 'li I. ' is : . ' . X f U ' . H f N ' I H 5 f, Lighfning 'Sf N i. x , 'ff 1 ,,, -il. ..,.-. ......., 3.1- , NV' A 34355 1' nl rw .Pkg ilu il FU l Upper Lefr.- Tom Dushong ond Alicio Solis rerurning royolry, Lefr cenrer: Wes Snnirh, junior, bocls from lunch. Above: Rondo Royner decorores the senior holl, Upper cenrerf Rodney Green, Mike lHowrhorne, ond Kerry McDonieli school flirrs. Upper righr: John .PrIrchord, junior, is coughr going ro class. Lower nghrf Joson Doe, sophomore, ond Dovid Molil-1, junior, coughr in the middle of o iloughing orrocls. Closing I 107 Wickiu Sfoff '85-'86 Stoff The sroff members were: Dio Jorgenson - Co-Ediror Shoron Mosier - Designs' Ediror Rochel Broclsey - Acodemics Ediror Liz Lessord Ads Ediror Srocey Luecls - Ads Jennifer Moihofer Ads! Business Monoger Chrisrino Mumford - Orgonizorion Ediror Tiny Boyle - Orgonizorions Michelle Lomperr - Orgonizorions Porry Boorhmen - Porrroirs Ediror Stephen Densford - Porrroirs Corri Kirchens - Porrroirs Joonne Towey - Sporrs Ediror Eddie Morron - Sporrs s Corolyn Russo - Sports Monico Vireri - Srudenr Life Ediror Cori Johnson - Srudenr Life Korlo Wood - Srudenr Life Phoro Sroff: Errol Allen Rochel Droclsey Doug Condie Kevin Crowley Seon Kuhn Joonne Towey Andre' J. Doyon - Adviser Phoro , Sroff Joe Pfeiff - Yeorbools Adviser The yeorbools sroff would like ro rhonlf rhe De-sen Howlsvoff lor oll ol rheir conrribunons, rhe phoro svoff for oil rheir coopera- non, ond Tony ond Kenny "cone" Grohom for oil of rheir phoro "expanse" And losr io Mr Pferff The 1986 Xviclsiup senior sroff members would like ro soy, in the words of Howls-eye Fherce, "Good bye, Forewell, ond AMENl" 1Q5fWlCliiUp Sroff xr vs :gf Y . 5' i P J x, X N . ' X N ' ,FXR I, g, , s, , ,X , i , ii 1 N . f- ,Wy J refs, 4 TQQLKLNXU Li., .lj f-X 9 ,sf XX 4 X 'Xe X4 lf. sa gd. L I.. D r Across: Tino Deyle, Eddie Morron, Michelle Lomperr, Dio Jorgenson, Corlo Wood, Corolyn Russo, Porry Boorhmon Sre hen Densford, Joonne Towey, Shoron Mosier, Liz Lessord, Monico Vireri, Srocey Luecls, ond Corri Kitchens. Top P Joe Pfeiff, Absent were Jennifer Moinofer ond Rochel Droclsey. 9 olophon Th 'lQ8oXVcI phos bl cl sso go co e rho ed ppl ll eloy Theedshees rb dhoeo o y b e op e 1000 boolas pr red o B! 11 ch pope Eo h bool co o ed 200 pog fglossy pcper hb cl p The copro 'W-s.. "N, doe Bpo r py drhebodyc py 1090 rAll Se f Go h rype eboolrools orsrooplr d d rhor hod ro be mer Along wrh :he bools rhe sroif olso produced o wenry poge supplemenr ovoloble n e o Bo The bools wos publshed by rhe JosIen's rnr ng ond Publ sh ng Div sion n in o orno Ar rhe ploni rhe represenror ve wos Susan George, ond ocol r e re resen onve was Bob Muller The :heme wos ThunderfN-Lighrning, on oppropnore iheme becouse everyone or AF is rhe roor of rhunder ond rhe of Iighrning I NZ.4:gL'2g,g,w.'' 4' m 55 , X Vfr, 51541 K N ' yy' 5L,yl,li!l 7' fi ,flfc cf Af'-Jia 1' , 3.177 Lifi,L,ui V, 7 i4if'f'l Q3C.4Ly.7ff,' 7f"5'7 57511 A vyigfifiij .,L1,'uf'ifH' mf rl - , , Vw- L37 UJYV TV ff' J- - Jggofff' N, ,' K, - u - 1,1 gg f"'fz'1l! if 9' if Ji Jiffy f'2,fLfo,.L ,g,,,,'L.,' Q,U7LUfZs7l1,ff Pifdlly -I 'aid l ,M flggll - . 4 , ,,,, J ,, A fwuf f-ffrcww fr - ' .J L mek i 24? fav M .OHMQ -1- i ou xpec . , . c plcture Dovid Detzhold ond Stocey Do' , 1 4 , 'ilfl - . . ' 1' af , Q L r 'Il ! , ' . f i ' J iv . wh ss ' , x ue, , f , xfx 31 QE Qi! - rf, V 5+ '45 1 ' . if 1 Lrfiii' is f xl . 200 At the top, Potty Doothmon, Dio Jorgen- son ond Jeff Lorson get together for Ret were up class couple We gorcho Amber' ' ' f 25 k l l 6 Q 1 ...V Middle of rhe page Timmy Clorls decided not to hide his foce this time so , . . Of course Julie Dorden never expected to see this one in the yeorboolx. Underneath the tree is o good ploce for shade, here we find o few sophomores relaxing during lunch, Andrea Amotor flushes one greor big grin "Put me in the yeorboolx, pleosel" Uust kidding Dreob. Cothy Snyder, sophomore, got cought during lunch breols, so she glodly smiled for the comero mv Above center, Dede Vosquez, we were looktng fov ongl nol shots' We got her too Surprlse, Now there's Seon Newcomer, how could anyone reset thot Voce of rhot hour , . . Cure, Sean, Congrats on nicest hour, you deserve it One hot or North Campus, we sported these two over by the drinking fountain np.-" ...Q E LLJSPW 53 2 22 Q E I in E 9525? 3 53 2 192 2 Se Eaiggiivgbiiy giigvjagpjg E Eyigiggfdg K E QE Lfif 5' E . if S5 . ,gi d J ibcfaig W fp iii? 2 ig Q ii E252 5 Q. - -' , - Q Q a E AE? Eagan AL ga 9 . , D: - if 5? if gpg Aff 5g,,9g2j: Q 25- Aid ti, 6 EK -. E 2 5 59 EEO 3 t QXFS ' 1 QQ' xp fVj2,OG.Q!OX3XiGj x 9 QQ ' A ' 1 Mwyewwww. QQQ? Q50 XJ QQ Xjkyvf 927 A 48 Axiw J Q VV Y OO OO F XX 93? LU? Sy XOX' xg! SJ VQQ! XXXN9 kj I 4 jQ6yf3CCCp7 5 QKPCQ X? O5 Q95 IVXQX my CW, 32516465 CQ : M QQ Mm W?wVWWg ,f XWMQWMQ J X J USFS Q X D if QQPQX D O50 5 XE? H NP ' " X V WK Qqmx, 'ff Eg! 0 X ff If Syqfbxx Sparta NX QL? 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Suggestions in the Agua Fria Union High School - Wickiup Yearbook (Avondale, AZ) collection:

Agua Fria Union High School - Wickiup Yearbook (Avondale, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 1


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Agua Fria Union High School - Wickiup Yearbook (Avondale, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 1


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